Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, January 15, 1841, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated January 15, 1841 Page 3
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CABINET WARE. The subscriber has rcsum- "pO RENT Hooms for a small family, near tha d Ihe Cabinet business al the old shop on Church A square. H. LEAVENWORTH. utreet, formerly occupied by Nichols A llcrricK, ana ucc. u, 1B4U. recently oy u. k. walker, wnero no intends to manu facture and keep constantly on hand all kinds of T"; attention or tho afflicted is called to tho article 1 THRO. A. PECK & CO. PintVPT Pf llltff'Tltnt? ...... r. nnnlilu inferior to any manufactured in this vicinity. He ail hopes his long experience, together with a strict atten tion to the busincsss, will secure him a share of the public patronage. CfWANTED in exchange for Cabinet Work, Birch na ai clank, boards. oavmenL (hut cash would be vcrv acceptable. l Burlington, Jan. 1, 1941. SAMUEL NICHOLS. Valuable nooks for Holiday Gifts S. WALKER ON FEMALE BEAUTV. as preserved and improved by regimen, cleanliness i i j apie scantier., suitable tor oedsicadsi onsswooa r,r i": . j T " ..Zi -ii. rv...l . . , and boards from 1 inch to i ncht w rite P no , ' ,'uuu,l',',u"""1'. ,'.u"u" "i."'ii1,.u . Most kinds of country nroduce received in ""simns, cw i earsanu u.rinuay preseni, jor toil. I I HE tOKEttl F RIENDSHIP S UFrEMNO I KOSE Or Sharon t A Girr rnott FAinv land. A so a gener al assortment oi juvenile works, EVISED STATUTES of Vermont, for sals by Jan. 8. C. GOODRICH. T1..1...1. llAh. Rollo's Publications. Parley's Universal History, 2 CANDLES, by the box or sinele lb, for sate by d!8. GEO. PETERSON. V ALTON'S VERMONT REGISTER AND V FARMER'S ALMANACK for 1841, for ale at the Book Store. D. A. BRAJIAN. Dec. 24, 1840. vols., cVc. &c, for sale by wee. a. D. A. BRAMAN. REMOVAIi J. LEWIS, the Mechanical Den tist, has removed his office to his dwelling on Pcail St., nearly opposite J. K. Gray's Carriage Shop, where he will be able to attend to calls at nil hours of the day or night. Burlington, Oct. 30, 1BI0. OOODS. The subscribers have ree'd and are now WAMWS VERMONT REGISTER for sale opF'" V i , . kyif A a' of every variety, rich plain, figured and changeable Also for sale at the Paper Mill in Milton. Dec. 9. SlKSi Mouschne do Laines, Alpacca Cloths, Tnglionia iifnn nmvr.Dc. Shawls, Hdkfs.. Ribbons. &c. We will onlvsav that II uni'i ivf.i.nuuu, , , - , j HIS valuable article is daily establishing itself as we have ? larger assortment of goods of every variety the best medicine for the extcrnaliori and relief of 'wel have ever kept before, rms in children. Notwithstanding that there are Oct. 29, 1B10. N. LOVELY & Co, WORM LOZENGES T Wnrm other loienges cried up for this complaint, purchasers are warranted in the good efficiency of these. At Wholesale and Retail by T. A. PECK it CO. Sign of the Mortar. T TODINE SPRING WATER. A recently discover X cd fountain at Saratoga and contains properties known in no other Spring its freedom from Iron tenders it sate to bo drunlt by a certain class of mva HE sale at AUCTION at Mayo and Wait's, will ''is mm whom iron proves injurious-thc quantity of ,.mn,r,.- .i 9 n'rinrk. hy n(r,.rlnif Iodine contained in this water renders it the most val- commence to-morrow at 2 o clock, bv offering first, some first rate SLEIGHS, which will be sold without reserve. Burlington, Jan. 8, 1911. uable mineral water for every species of Scrofula yet discovered, for sale by J. & J. II. PECK & Co. At? It. I C or 20 tons HAY for sale hv G. PETERSON. XO Burlington, Jan. 8, 1941. Oi"i Thousand good pine Shingles for sale by OvJ Jan. 8, 1341. G. PETERSON. OCHOOl, BOOKS A general assortment of WJ School Books for sale at wholesale or retail, by Jan. a. u. uuuuitiuit, 1 LOBES. A pair of 12 inch Globes on liiah stands VJT fur sale at two thirds of tho manufacturers price Jan. 7. by C. GODRICH. PUBLIC LAWS OK VERMONT FOR 18 IO, to bo continued yearly so as to form a regular volume, lor saie ny u. uwunn-n. TUCK WHEAT FLOWER, froth ground nfsu- nerior quality, for sale bv January 7, 1941. C. GOODRICH. SHAKER'S YARN, at Theo. A, Jan. 8, IS41. Peck & Co's. UP STAIRS. THE subscriber would remind his friends and the public that he occupies n room in Church street, over Kern and Walker's store, where he uill give his personal at tention to Repairing Clocks of every des cription. Those which have been in use many years tilted up in good style and inaue to nave me nppearonce oi new. He would also give notice that he has re sumed his former business of repairing . Watches j all entrusted to his care will bo I carefully repaired and warranted. Hav ing been engaged for twenty years past in inakingas well as repairing Time keep ! crs,he tru-ts his experience in the business win enable mm to give satisfaction to those who favor him with a call. -A few Clocks for sale, on commission. J. N. DUNNING. Burlington, Dec 23, 1S40. 11 P. s.- TO .MERCHANTS & FARMERS. THE undersigned, continuing to be the only manu facturer of what is known as Indian Pond Scythe Stones, would respeclfully inform Merchants that his Pedlars will, if encouraged, call in the course oi ine present winter, at most oi mc atorcs in Ver mont, iow Hampshire, nn'i in l-,ssex and Clinton Counties in New York, and will, if required, furnish Indian l'o.ND stones, on a credit till October next. Farmers can, by obtaining the said Scythe Stones, hove sharp 6c thes with little labor. A fellow bv' the name of Isaac Pike, who hails from Haverhill, N. II., prclends to sell Indian Pond Mones j but he sells an inferior counterfeit assuming the name of "Indian Pond," no doubt, to marko merchandizewhichis known to be of inferior aualitv. Molasses, verv heavy and fine 0ber persons in Haverhill and vicinty, make Seville H. M. GID'DINGS & Co. ?.,onIc,s n"d lcf.1 tl,c:Lr Pedlars represent them of In- uian Pond quality, Merchants arc requested to notice DRY GOODS. Silk and worsted Crape, Cam blets, Merinos, fine Cirrassinn and printed Sax onv, very cheap bv H. M. GIDDINGS & Co., Jan. 6. Corner College-st. and the Square. BROAD CLOTHS. Wool-dvcd Black, Blue, Bro'-.n and Green, nlain and Fancy Cassimere. Farnum's sup. Oxford and Steel mixed 'Satinetts, by Jan. a, isji. 11. ji. utuutAUS 6i uo. ylANADA SALT. Coarse and fine, nlso, fine sack V; Salt, Jan. 8. by H. M. GIDDINGS & Co. TJINE TEA. Hvson Skin and Young Hyson jl ILflb, of superior quality, warranted. Also, i-orto kico syrup, flavor, by ASH Daid for OATS bv Jan 3, 1511. H . M. GIDDINGS &. Co. O.STON A OA DE.M Y'S ree'd nl iheBtiokure ll.n Jl 9 Jay and for sale at wliole.ale ,y I) A BRAMAN THEO.A.PECK&Co:a,,hesig,,of the Mortar SrX DisI'oVciSi En,a7,ioa? Jn, y K nmtsdc!0" U',d' c f UnJ" and Ohio Turmerics, ic. &c. Sept. 16, 1S40. LOOK AT THIS. HAVE VCU A COUOI1 1 TOtOOO bit or CNNSUttrrioM every year in the United Siaie, and millions jufler feom troublesome conshs and colds, that can ba curud by Dr. M. Hiii.h rock' Venciable Virgin Cream Cough Drops, a tale medical prescription, containg no poisonoiidn)gs, and itied in an extensive practira for tcvernl years will niot positively allbrd relief, and save yon from that awful diteace, pulmonary consumption, which usually sweeeps Into ihe grave hunnreds eflhe yonnp, the old, Ihe fair, the lovely and the gay. Have yon a cough 7 Be persuaded to purchasu a bottle oi the Cough Drops to-doy I To-morrow may 1 e loo laic. Have you a coughl Dr. HilcccoL's Vegetable Virgin Cream Cough Crops i the only remedy you should take to cure you. For iblsplaig rcaon. That in nooncoflhelhausand casc where it ha Icen u-ed has it failed lo relieve Price 75 cenN per bottle. For ale, wholetale and Re tail, by A. HITCHCOCK it CO. No. 117 Geneec St., Utica, N. Y. And by their agents throughout the United Stales. In Burlington, by J. 4V. J. H. Peck & Co., Theo. A. Peck & Co. In Vergennes, by J. II. Bowman. In Milton, by Burnet & Sawyer. In Geor gia, by Lorenzo Janes. au.2 Clarissa Holllstcr's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, JrTWIE Honorable District or CurTTENDEN, ss. ( X the Probate Court for tho District of Chittenden i To all persons concern ed in thcostate of Clarissa Holltstcr, late of Burlington, in said District, deceased, Greetinci: Whereas Henry Leavenworth, admin'r of tho estate of said deceased, proposes to render an account of his administration, and present his account against said estate for examination and allowance ?l n session of the Court of Probate, to be holden at the Register's office in Burlington, on the second Wednesday of Jan uary next. Therefore, You are hereby notified to appear before said court at the time and place aforesaid, and shew cause, if any you have, why the account aforesaid should not be allowed. Given under my hand at Burlington, thisseventccnth day of December, A. D. 1940. Wm. WESTON, Register. NOTICE is hereby given that the copartnership heretofore existing between the subscribers under the firm of "S. Tilley &. Co.," is this day dissolved by mutual consent. Thebooksand demands of the firm are in the hands of John R. Tilley for collection. Hinesbursh, STEPHEN TILLEY. Dec. 17, 1910. JOHN R. TILLEY. that every box of Indian Pond Stones is marked in printed letters O. R. FYLER, 3w ISradfurd. VI. Itciibcn Il'ind's rMnfr. STATE OF VERMONT, ) T H K Honorable X. Hip Prohatt tlouri for the District of Chittenden : To nil persons con- S if?"J?' '".fH?. late e'Six'of ' Z ,1 'MtTr S3 deceased, proposes lo render an account of her admin istration, and nrcsent her account against said estate for examination and allowance at a session of the Court of Probate, to beholden at the Register's office in Burlington, on the third Wednesday of January TJOTICF..--l deem il my duly to inform the pub- ccnt, from ilirce ump'e vegetable-, that cntiroly perceile'. a spant'htly l'lalt r, whu h givesrnlire re- lui in all inllamatory a ettion oritur li iman l.ndy in rtM.-r I 1 ..- i . , cause, if any you have, why the account aforesaid should not be allowed. Given under my hand, at Burlington, this seven teenth day of December, A. D. 1840. Wm. WKSTON, Register. nun i. by absorption ami evaporation, it ili"o!e a rnrn from t lie ftet eniirclyand without pain, counter acts lire in a bum or ca!J in 15 min itc- nfic-r is an p'i.'ation. Apply il loihe side on apicre ('foil nil; or tlresred heep skin, forinllamalion of the liver orbing and it extracts all cx'itfinent from tho.-c organs. ti Brranivu iu Kiw rc,ii u rbeuiiiuictiueo. A. MARR, Sole proprietor, 119 Broome street. New Yor! The trade supplied at ihe Proprietor' price by onriingtcn, lfeo. ibiu. J. &J. II. PECK it Co. Nathaniel Blood 3 Chittenden Bounty Court. An- vs V gut Term, A. D. 1810. JUTVS IltlRDICK. 1 WAKREAS Nathaniel Blood of B.irlington, in said coinly, at ihe March Term of said Court, A. I). Ifi40. commend.! hi action nirnin.! .Ti,,K UlIKF.ISOI.Or; The Ladies and Gentlemen llurdic';, late ofakl Burl nzton, now of Kalamazoo oi n.iningion are re.pceuoiiy iniornico tnar j. In the State ol Michigan, therein declaring in a pica HALTER, Practical Pitnr.NOLoaisT, will remain a of the case, for that whereas the 'aid Ilunlirk hereto- lore, 10 wit ; on ine l-inayu J.inn.lry leas, was in debted lo ihe -aid lllood inlhesum of S25000, for t: 1 I ,- - 1 , . , . ' hort time at the American Hotel where he will receive Yi-itor- tor the EXAMINATION OF HEADS, or will wait upon iho-c wno preter it, attneir re-iiiencc"-. m divM.ialor parties who avail them-elves of his pro' fesional service-, are guaranteed a correct delineation al their various prevailing di-nriMttons anil peeuliari ties of larcnt, accompanied with directions that may inein in iiiipruviii uicir i cucr quaiiii,aiions and correcting tneir uciicieneie-. ItTP.Mr. S. will deliver n cour-e of Lectures on thi inlercsting science in ihe Court llou-e, parliculars of whtcti will be nnnoun.! in a tu'.ure advertisement. B.irlington, Jan'iary I, 1811. Hi Alls ui' VMiiMU.M, I riiu an persons, in- . L ten liver- good-, ware', merchandise and lumber, leforr hat nine by ihe 'aid Bloisl sol I and delivered lo the said U irdick, at ihe rcqne-t of the, and for winch he then and there promi-e I to pay when re O'lcstcl, Al-o, that the said defendant on the l-t March, I8J5, was inrichtel lotheplainlnl in other sum of 25000, for -o m ich money I eture that tune laid out, and expended by the Plainlt'l for and at the rcqne-t cl uic (icienuant; anu wmcn ceicn;iaii proini-el to pay when requeued. Al .o, for oibcr sum ol 85000; I efore said lt .March. 183s. lent and a lyancel bv n ami I to defendant at hi- reqi el, and which he promised to pay lo the plainti.l'when rcq e.icd. And, al-o, for that theilefenilant on the l-t .March 1S3S was indebt ed to the plaint 1 1 in other sum of f35000 for somnch bistbict or ciiittenden. ss. S J. tcrc-ited in the es tate of Barnabas 1. liarnuin, L.U llarnum and Ju ta A Bamum.of Milton in said district, infants and minor money had and rcceivkd, and which defendant prom cnnaren oi K.U uarnuin, laieoi saia.uiiion acccaseu, iseu ti; pay wncn req'ie-ieu. .i-o lor esuuu money Arthur Hunting, guardian ol tiarnabas r. Uarnum, due lor niicre.-l on diver- large sum of money 1 efore Ell Barnum and Julia A. llarnum, minors having lent an I advance), and which -aid several snnr, the made application to the Probate Court within and for said Defendant though ofien req' eie.l, has not pail aaid District, setting forth that the said Barnabas P., to the damage of Ihe said Blood $25000 j which said TO TEACHERS OF ACADEMIES AND SCHOOLS NUTTING'S NEW CRA.1I.HAR. EP. WALTON &SONS, Montpelier, have rc- ccntly publi-hed a new grammar by the Rev. Rnfus Nulling, Prole-sor of Languages in Western Rc-erve College! this work is an enlargement and improvement ol the excellent and highly popular grammar by thesamc author, first publi-hed in 1826 and exten-'ivcly u-ed in Vermont. The following testimonials lo the excellence of this book have al ready 1 cen received. NUTnNG'S NEW GRAMMAR To the Publish ers or Nutting's New (Jiiammaii: Having attentively examined the New Grammar of Rufns Nulling, now publishing by yon, I can trnly say that I am happy to ncuiiiMii-uu ii, uvc-au-c in uuinso i i ciivei suo-ervc as far as my opinion may have weight, ihe intere-t of popular education in our slate. 1 had always consid ered the former Grammar by the same author equal, and in many rc-pects superior, toany iniisc; and on comparing toe present worn with the old one, I lind all scuuui uiiii-siuu .nppiicu, anu a large mass or ghly intcre-ting and useful matter added, which, m y opinion, now it a work better adapted lo the em our common senoois man any grammar extant. Montpelier, Sept. 24 1910. D P THOMPSON. I have for several vear- ndonteJ NuinWasv.ti.rn r,r DigiiMi uiuiiimar, uuu am prepared io say, ihat in ly upmiou, ins greauy superior to any now in u-e, ot only as correct in ihe nrincinles ol ih Inn but as being adaptel to the capacity of learner.-. After ing most of the Engh-h Grammars now in use, I ave lunnd that seiis.iurs maUe much more rapid progrc-s in following this system than any other. The improvements which distingiii-h it should not le considered bold and injudicious innovations; they ac- iru witii ine opinions ol learned men in England inland, an I France, who have written on il.iv il iect. This svtem has aUo 1 cen rerv,min,.n,i.. i nd adopted lor many years in the schools of some ol he N. K State--, and has been approved by many sluig'ii.hc I l'role.-or-in Ihe College-. ES SIU.PARD, Teacher of the Model School of the 401lto ' Ohio University, (Athen-,) Sept, ISIO. (rrom an exnerienceJ Teacher in De:roii. Mieh. Prof. I!. Nutting: I am cxceedinelv anxiois ihni our Grammar sho ild I e univer-ally Known. The nore I iie it the belter I like it. I have never seen a orl ofthc km I which I think can 1 e comnared nb . i nave iicj an oi ine oiner mo,i popular sys:em-, it without being ab'e to inlcre-t mv schrol in the iiiPiect.asl U'l-heJ. uiitdurinilie nut w mi.s. tvith only one of Ncitting's grammar!, I had no difficulty in exciting such an intere-t as has led to the happie-t tMiii, uo u iic.i-cri aru mv class w n ine wnrL-. hat they have written several copies of it in a fair iiiiim, atr.t iiacii di uicir luiuc. IV. A. UACyU.S. Extract of a letter from Zadock Thompson, dated It. .-I.- ... K .h .n.n ' uuroiiKion, i.ov. if, ioici. Being engaged in leaching, at the lime Mr. Nut- ins' Grammar was first publi-hed, in 1626, and wing salisficJ by a careful examination of the work, iai ii pos-e.-sej uceiucu advantages over Ine Oram ars then in u-e, 1 introduced it into mv school inl ine hately : and af er using iiconstanlly'for more than :hl year', I found no reason to change my opinion it. The copy of ihe Grammar, in its new form. men you pin into my nanus, has received only a rsory examination, out suiheientto satisfymethat is a decided iinnrmcmcnl on the orieinal work. The introductory les.on are on a plan, which I have te-ieii oy my own pracucc, and 1 can say rrom expe rience that 1 know it toleexcellent, particularly lor young scholar'. Thechange. and addition, in other rctiecls, are tiidicious, and such as lo render ihe wort; decidedly superior lo any other Grammar with which ainacquain'ej ; anuiinmu it might le introduced ivanlageouslv in all ihe schools m the S'n'e. Forsalebv E V Walton ami Suns. Mnntt,pli.r, Haskell and Palmer, WooJsicck j I) A Braman, rlmgton ; iiemicr-on and Ward, KutlinJ; Jona. agar, .uijcileluiry, itu-scll andSkeeles, St. All ans! -cphb eene, iirattleburu'j i.U. CoJdard, W indsor. Ell and Julia A. arc seized as tcnats in common m their ownricht in fee of three equal undivided fifteenth parts of two certain parcel of land, situated in South Hero in the county of Grand Isle and State of Ver mont, described as follows, to wit! Lot No. 07 of the first division of Samuel Ilosford, supposed to contain 17 acres of land, alio 19 acres on Lot No. D3 of the action wa enters! on the uoet,ct or sail Court at their said .Maich term, A. I. ISiO, nnd the plaintiil appeared by Maeck and Smallei. his attorme-. and the said B.irdink being absent from this Slate at the tmc ol t lie service or the plainnlls said writ, the said cause was by order of faid Court continued to the August lerm ihereef, A. I). IS 10 ; at which la-t said 1st division of Joseph Smith, and is that nart of said '.uvm ihenlaimi I' again anneared by his sai I attomie I.otNo.99 of which Milo Adams late of said South and it not being made to appear to said Court, that Hero died seized, and representing that a sain of the lie said Uurdick has had ner.-onal notice of the ser- taid' lands of his said wards would be conducive to vice of the plainlil said writ and the pendeiiry of their best interest, and praying said court toauthori7e thi suit, (he same wa again ly order of said court "and empa-wer him, the said guardian to sell the said continued to the March term (hereof A. I). 1S1I. And three equal undivided fifteenth parts of said two par- the -aid court al-o ordered that further notice of the eelsofland agrecable'to ihcstatulein such case made pendency of this suit I e given, by publishing the andprovidoa. i musiunce oi ine piainu i ueciaranou, in the "bur WhereiiDon'the couft aforesaid doth order that the lington Free I're-s,"a new-napcr printed in said Bur. said application bo heard liefore said court at a session Ihislon, three weeks succe-sively, ihe lad of which 'thereof to be held at the Register's office in Burling- pul licalions tolc thirty days efore the sitting ol 'tontn said county oi unuten'en on tne l'Jtli clay of -aiu couri, wiiirn nau le neeincu sniiicicm notice to January A. D. loll, and that notice thereof be given le said tJurdick to appear and answer lo said sun. to all persons interested by publication of this order Dated at B irlingion aforesaid, this 2Jtt day of Dc comaimng ine buj-iuikc oi oaiu appucauoii inrce '""""-'i tow. weeks successively in the Burlington Free Press, the M25 W.M. NOBI.i", Clerk. issi oi wnicn puuiitaiions iu oc previous io ine saiu NOTICE. THE members of the Volunteer Engine Co. No. 1, arc hereby notified that their annual meeting for the purpose of choosing officers for the year ensuing, will be holden at tho Pearl St. Houe, on Tuesday evening next at G o'clock. A punctual attendance is requested. By order of the Captain, Dec. IB. 11. HYDE, Secretary. "19th day of Janusry, 1841. Given under my hand al iXT11; EDITOR, Sir will you notify all creation IBurlinston. this 30th day of Deccmbr. A. D. 1S40. JL that the subscriber hasfor sale, Buck's improved UHAKLKS RUSSELL, Judge. BURLTNGTON HIGH SCHOOL. Ti HI. Trustees oi tne iiurlington High School arc X notified to meet at John Howard's, on Monday . r r . - no i .I..I.-I. ' evening, ucc. 3, ac f u c-iock, Dec 24, 1840. N. 11. HASWELL, Scc'y. Hot Air Cooking Stove, at the new I rick store. Col lege street, also at Jesse Gay's foundry. This is one of the latest patterns and the first nf ih limrl r-v..r introduced into this State: they havcbicn rcctmlvin- irouuccu lino inc oiaics oi ruinsyivama and .cw York with crcat success: and suffice il lo sav. thev are the most convenient and will do more business with less fuel than ony other stove. A preamble to patticularizcitsnualiticsor Dricesisustlcsss. Jnsi rnll ;n, small favors aro'thankfully received and great ones , jitwwi ,lvtl) m,u u iMwui-y cuiioiiues acaice i inienu rriOCT. MARSIIAI.IS Arc mitic, Catarrh and XJ Headache SNUFF. This Snuff is superior to any chilly vet known, for removing ibni tronl.lvmM ,li'w we. the Catarrh, and also a cold in the Lead, and the 10 u"e 'he less of it, so it will be useless to go without headache. Il opens and iiurges out all obstructions, on that account. S. W. TAYLOR. nrcnginensinegianu,anu gie a neaiiny acnon tolhe uuuihbiuii, i, ioiu. inarts a'lectej. It i r rftctlvlree from anv ihin-dele- nerious In its composition ha a lea-ant flavor, and I "X7ANTED, a few bushels of pood clean white its immediate eitec, anerteing used, is algrecalfe. iieans,iorwincnaiairpricewillbepaidincood! friceSOfenls per bottle. Doct. Marshall's Vegetable Indian Black PLASTER, 7hiPltter i unrivalled for curing scrofulous swel Dec.18. GEO. PETERSON. TVTEW TAILORING KSTAIII.ISHMP.vt lings, Scurvy'Sores, Lame Bark, and Fresh Wounds j 1 1 Al Wmooski Village. The subscriber has com nains in the sides, Hips and Limbs: and seldom fads lo menced the tailoring business in this nlai-n. and w.ll five relief in local Rheumatism;. If applied to the do all kinds of work in his lino in as good style as it is ide,it will cure many of ihecommon Liver Complaints; done at any Bhop in this section of country. Cutting nd is equal, if not superior, to any thing in ne for done at all times, on short notice. corns on the feet i the virtue of this Plaster have leen witnessed by thousands of individuals in the United Klaie, who have te-sled its etiitacy, Sold by the pro y, t., ana l mo. A jel nrietor ; Chat. Bowen, Middlebury, 1 I'rca at uo., unriingion, i. WANTED An apprentice at the above business, JEREMIAH HARRINGTON. Nov. 10, 1840. N CIIAMPL.AIN TRANS PORTATION Oo-irANv The stockholders nf the Cham plain Tiansportation Company are nereDy nouned mat the an ATURE'S GUAM) HrATORAI I VE. This valuable Vegetable Medicine stands unrivalled for the following complaints, vir ! Hvsnensia. irr Indi. wf t inn. disease.! Liver, bilious disorder, A sit,. ma. Coslivenes.'W'6rm and loss of Appetite, and bv nual meeting of said company will beholden at How cleansing the stomach and bowels, cures pains in th rd s Hotel in Builington, niiThrusday the 7th day of aide, stomach and breast, colds and coughs of long January, 1841, at one oclock, P. 51., for tho purpose of standing, Iloarsene-s, rhorlnes of breath, JVervous cnoosmg directors tor ine year ensuing, complaints, etc., which are frequently the ellect of dts- By order, etc. PH1LO DOOLITfLE, Clerk. ease, tor feveranu Ague, il is a moi valuable pre I .uiriingion, ucc. o, uuu, 'Tentative as well a a stuereign leniedy, lis virtues surpass any ll'ing heretofore known in removing Sl TITOODnN CLOCKS, for sale at the Variety 'Vitus' Dane, iwu botlle have leen known Id cure I V Store, warranted; one or two wooden or Brass tnisatllieiingaisease, aiiernavmg i anted every exer- liocks win oo sold tor good Hcccli and Maple Wood, 'lion lor four .years. It has a mo-t powerful inlliience the Clock to be delivered when the wood is delivered, in removing nervous, complaints, it is pleasant lotake iee. IB. l'ANOUORN Ai BRINSMAID. 'nclsooiisy m ilkoiwralion, ihat il rnav I emlministered I imman CLUCKS small german time-pieces tfi las lafanl with salety. 1 he ul oic Medicine is very l 8j, German striking CIockB at 6 B0, German Titaniy recommenueci i,y many scicnlilic genllcmrn, Alarm i;iocks at n BU. I'ANoaoaSr & IIbinsMaiii. and a large numt er ofladie-, who have proved the QJH-VER ALARM WATCHES, at $18,820, 23. virtuei of Ihe Medicine ly personal uteandlhat ofiheir O Dec 18. Panobobn tfc Hsinsmaid. lamilies, Abilioiceriiiicaicsaccoinpaniescachhottle, wilhdireetions. It may le hail wholesale or retail of AT HOWARDS, Dec. 1, 18 IO, B, Hriiam, Harre, and J. U tarnain, East William. OH.K SHIRTS AND DRAWERS. forLadieaa v "V iirpjirn-tor-. Prepared from tho origins Q Gentlemen. Articles that arc said if not quite Lit 3. II. Pick 4k. Co. aud Theo. A. Peck Co.. Bur acton, and in U'fi principal towns in Ihe state all --..!Cns .ll-ntsl IC ILf I.SCf! li riMnc rsf,!,., isrnnii. tort. to cure will greatly alleviate Rheumatic pains. Al the Genuine Brandrcth s Pills, which with the use of I the above articles u taken will eradicate Rheumatism from any person recently afflicted, if not t". men lor nit piiii" rtiuncjra NnTinR. TltS rents and interest, payable to ttu town of Burlington, will fall due on the first day of Jan uary next. The lessees and debtors of the town are requested to make prompt payment, without further notice. GEO. B. SHAW. Dee. 11, 1840. Tbicn Treaturtr. BOTANICAL MEDICINES. T h c subscribers have received a cotntdetn assortment nf th nbnve articles! among which are, extra flowered baylerry nnd barberry barks; ginger, pleurisy, tumeric and uni- . ' . ' I rFFs-i vi many rwiiua, ill jiuuanilu 'unr dcrj gum myrrh, and peach kernels. 111L.U. A. fblUK, oi uu. SAVE COST. All poisons having unsettled ac counts with Lathrop, Potwin cfc Wait or with tho Subscribers are hereby notified that all accounts not settled in some way, before the 15th December will be left with an attorneyforcollection. nov. xo. ma tu dew All, -trututi. SHEET ZINC AND SHEET LEAD. ichcj wide, STRONGS & CO. Q Casks Sheet Zinc 24 to 4G inches wide, j rons sncci L.ead, by Nov. 19, 1840. SLEIQH SHOES, &c. 1 KC Pair Steel plated, Cutter and Sleigh Shoes, 1 OVJ Cast Iron do. finished Crow Bars. Anvills. Vices, Waggon Boxes, Shovels, Spades, Dung Fotks, Sheet Lead, Sheet Zinc,Hollow ware in great variety, iov. iy. a iiiu.xua u y,u. QOn Canada Plates, Tin &c. OUv Boxes Canada Plates. 100 do Tin plates X with extra sites, 60 bundles Iron Wire assorted, 60 do assorted Nos, English Sheet Iron, a 10 Packs Russia Sheet Iron, together with tinned and black Rivets, Copper do, Kettle Ears, Wire Vellum, Sheet Lead and Zinc &c. by NOV, 18. STRONGS & Co. NEW ESTAnt.ISIlMENT.-The subscri bers would inform the public that they have formed a conartnershinunder the firm of MITCHELL & BARNES, and established the Cabinet business in tho Brick Shop formerly occupied by Abbott nnd Wood, where they arc manufacturing and intend to keep constantly on hand an assortment of Sofas nnd Furniture, of various kinds and prices to suit custom ers; also, a few splendid Brass Clocks cheap for cash. All kinds of lumber used in Cabinet Making received in exchange for Furnitnre. uurnngton, uec. z laiu. -r. ai. mituhell. A. BARNES. Tin Plate, Sheet Iron, &c. BOXES Tin Plate 1-3 X. 6 bun lies ltus- sialron. 100 bundles wire. 3(10 lh i!nni-,1 copper, pist received and for sale by fiov. 23. VILAS, Co. 250 A ( BALES brown sheetings. 2 do. power loom QyJ ticks. 2 cases York do. 1 bale 40 inch Bur lap". 1 bale canvass, just received and for sale by Anr.gsf, 1H1U. V1L.AS, I.UU.VllSci i;o. UNBLEACHED Cotton Shirting and Shaoting, cotton yarn, batting, wicking, black and white wadding, Russia diaper, crash table diapers, padding horse blankets, bleached cottons, bleached and un bleached cotton flannels, English, French and Amer ican prints, as cheap as the cheapest, by "B N. LOVELY tfc CO. STOVES A PIPE.-Sthonos it Co. have re ceived and offer to purchasers COOKING STOVES of a great variety of sizes and most approved patterns, which will be sold at whole sale or retail, with or without trimmings, to suit purchasers. Alto, PARLOR AND BOX STOVES m great vatiety of sizes and patterns. Canada single and double Stoves 24 to 36 inches, together with 000 JOINTS STOVE PIPEof Canada, English and Russia sheet Iton. Dumb Stoves, stove furni tureof Copper, Copper bottom, and Tin. Connected with this establishment is a manufactory of Stove Trimmings, Sheet Iron work and Tin Ware, which can supply at short notice any article not on hand, on reasonable terms and in a style inferior to none. The attention of purchasers is respectfully solicited. Nov. 23, 1340 ItY GOODS AT AUCTION...The tub scribers give that they will oiler lor sale at Public Auction, on the 8th day of December next, at the Store, corner of Church and College streets, ihe entire and extensive assortment of Dry Goods, not previously disposed ofat private sale. The sale will Le positive and the terms very III eralto tho-e wi-hing to buy large amounts. Sale will commence al 9 o' clock in the morning and continue every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday until the whole is disposed of. We invite the attention of Merchant in the adioining towns in particular to this sale. MAYOcV, WAfT, Burlingion, Noy.27, 1840. TVusftri. C)f CASES Fancy prints. 2 do. bleeched sheet W J ings. 1 do. Damask table cover, just receiv ed nnJ for ale. n28 VILAS, LOOM IS, & Co. riMIKEADS, etc. 300 lb. while and colored cotlon J. thread.. 50 lbs. linen do. 500 bun lies 100 skein thread. 20 lbs. Italian sewing.. 10 II. Italian twist, for sale by VILAS, LOOMIS, il Co. Wlnooskl Iron Foundry. THIS concern is yet in operation, and ready to execute all orders for castings, in good order, and of good metal, for various purposes. The subscriber is now ready lo contract or otherwise for the building of mills of nil descriptions, being in a situation to fur nish all the materials at short notice. Contracts will bo taken very low. Plansof all kinds of mills made on application to the subscriber, and warrontcd cor rect t which will save cost in building, and also many blunders. An assortment of castings such as kettles, ploughs, wagon boxes, wagon arms, s'ciph shoes, box and coolting stoves, a very superb i , ttcle, for doing a large business with little work and fuel, all of which can be found at all times, at this concern. Patterns made to order on reasonable terms. Also the subscriber offers for sale one first rate high pressure steam engine, of four horse power, a good article, built from Liecester's plan, nnd has been in use, which will he sold reasona ble, nnd on credit. All orders to the subscriber, Bur lington, Vt. will receive attention. JESSE GAY. Winooski Village, Nov. 10. TTARD WARE, SADDLERY WARE, GUNS,- Hollow ware, u-c. "i ne subscriber has tust re ceived and is now opening a large and general assort ment of the above goods; comprising nearly every article in the line, and which will be sold on very rea sonable terms for cash or short credit, at the hard ware store, corner ol church street and Ihe square. UUUKKT MOODY. Burlington, Nov. 20, 1S40. TVf AO NFCTIO ODONTICA. THE TEETH I Treasurer o ths iVX THE TEETH 1 1 Tnr. Incommld Tooril PficrARVTiOM. The fact is proved, and the mo: in credulous ad doubting are filly convinced, as we have he evidence from the sale of 20.000 lioxea of theOilon 1ea, within the past year, that Ihe Utopion dreams ol ine aienyini! are reanzeu, anu a remedy utucurcruu for nre-erving lhoc Important and useful appendage: of the human system, hylhe use of thoMagnelicOdou lico. which bv ft attractive, and ttrenffthcninir miali llf-, IslllUILltlil CAIinils'U BUIm,v?,lvli ,.s- ,vs-.u and preserves them in thelrnaturni brilliancy, and the gums in soundness anu ocaui) il is nscuriaiui.-u ijjii experience, that when used, the teeih will never de cay, but remain till the latest age ol man, with their natural wear. When they are decayed, its progress will be arrested, and the teeth precrvcn and prevented and preserved from aching all this has Icon done in a multitude of instances i and more in thousands ol caes, nervous toothache, (that climax of pain) has at once I ecu eHcctually cured by popular dentrifrice In America. And in conclusion, where, or who is Ibe young lady or gentleman, aye, the individual thai values a beamlful set of teeih, sound gums and a ivwel breath il.'ore than fifty cents, that will le longer desti tute of a box of Dr. M. Hitchetek's Magnetic OJontica. Forsnewhrle-aleandrcail, by A. HITCHCOCK & Co., No. H7Ucnc'ceri. Uticn, N. Y., and by their agctit throuahoiit the United Sln'cs. In Burlinstnn, by J. & J. H. Peck it Co., nnd Theo. A. Peck ct Co. In Vergennes by J. II. Bowman. In Milton, by Bur nett ct Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lorenzo Janes, aug2 2 CASES London Pins. 1 ca-ewood pocket combs. 200 dozen suspenders. 50 sro-s corset laects. 50 sro-s hooks and eves. 200 M drille 1 eyed needles for sale bv VILAS, LOOMIS, it Co. NOTICE. My wife, Sophia Poxtell, has left my bed and board, without any justification, and I therefore forbid all persons harboring or trusting her on my account. JAMES POWELL. ueorgia, uec. I, isiu. PORK. LYMAN ct COLE will pay cash for Heavy Pork, well fattened and in good order Hogs should be allowed to hang and drain one full day after butchering before taken to market. None will bo boughtbyus without suitable allowance for shrink age unless in merchantable order. Cosh paid for slaughtered Sheep's Pelts. Uurhugton, Dec. 4, 1840. CLOTHS V CASSIMEHES. BEAVER Cloths, Loa- Calin Cassimere?, Black, Blue Black, Blue Brown Dallva, Olive Green. Invisible Green nnd Gicen, S.ccl Oxford nnd colored mixed Broad Coth. MERINOES. Engli-h, French and German Mcri- oc-: r rench and tierman Unlet an 1 barony Cloths: Taglioni and Allipines; Black, Brown, Piirp'e, Blue Black and lisrht colored Allanacca Cloth-! Moiseline dc Laincs, all wool, wool anl cotton, & silk anJ wool, black jrrcunds very line, 1 eautif il. Shaker larn, all colours and white very fine: Ger man Cruel., all colours ; Friiice-and Binding", heavy Silk, Mohair and worried Fringe for Drcs-es and Maniillas very rich, bv II. W. CATI.I.V ct Co. 10,000 Copal flnihe, PAINTS A OILS, lb. dry white Leal iuu casus ground do uo 15 bbl-.cnciian Red 10 ca-ks Erench ye'low 50 htl. American Linseed Oil, 25 do Spirit Turpentine Varnish, Gold Leal, Sand paper, Smalts, Glue, Gum Copal, by .1. ct J. 1 1. Peck ct Co. NEW GOODS At E. T. Englesbv't corner Brick Stort near Mr. fhito UooUllle s. npHE subscribers arc receiving an entire new sciec- x tion ot BANK OF BURLINGTON. Notice is hereby given that a meeting of the Stockholders of the Bank of B irlington will be holden at their Banking House, on the 2d Tuesday of January next, at 11 o'clock, A. M. for the purpose of choosing seven di rectors for the year ensuing. By order of the President and Directors. Dec. 2, 1840. R. G. COLE, Cashier. DON'T MISTAKE the sign of the Red Ledoeb, if you wonld buy Common School Books, Blank Booksor Stationery on littlethe bestterms, I saytfon'. nii.nte the Red Ledger, College st. Dec. 4. S. HUNTINGTON. nn combs. JUVf doz. Cap and Twist Combs, 3000 ' Wide and Narrow Side do 50 " Coarse and Fine do 400 " Ivory do For sale by Vilas, Loomis & Co. Nov. 23, 1840. H THOMAS has just received at his new Store, - U tu.S UUtllllllj UI I . U - . k HVUliU, I' Ul CAPS, GLOVES, &c. etc., which will be sold much lower than any r UJw of tho like quality have been sold in this market for years. He will pay the highest market price in cash for Fox Skins. Raccoon, Musk rat, Otter, Bear, Mink, Sable, and the highest price in cash for Sheep'sPelts. Also, cash paid for freshPotk uuruneton, uec. 15, ituu. DL.OAP SUGAR, OUBLE REFINED LOAF SUGAR, also an excellent article of Molasses for familv use, for sale cheap by J. P. WHALING & Co. ucc. io, Ibiu. TOBACCO. JP. WHALING & CO. inform the public that t thev are Azents for Sarnent. Snracue if. Co. Tobacconists, Albany, N. Y., who manufracture a very superior asticle ot 1'aper Tobacco in every va riety of size. GrocerB and others will find it to their advantage to call and examine the article. Also Plug Tobacco of different qualities, all of which will bo asld cheap for cash. Also SnulT of difTerentkinds. Laws or Vermont, 1810, FOR tho several towns in the County of Chittenden arc ready for delivery, Town Clerks or Constables will please can or send tor them, ihoso entitled to them in the town of Burlington will be supplied by calling on the subscriber. C. GOODRICH. Dec. 15 Iw IVcw Establishment. T P. WHALING sf- CO. inform the public that J thev have located themselves in the village of Burlington, and have fitted up a store on the east side of Church street, which may well be denominated "Cheap-side," nearly opposite the bank of Burling, ton. and are recciiiniT from New York a choice selec tion of goods well suited to the season, which they offer for sale o loxc as can be purchased in thecountnj. for ready pay. Among their goods may be found beaver and broadcloths, cassimercs, satinets, flannels, merinos, mousline tic mines q-c. A choice selection, also of French, English and American prints, ecuaf, at least, to any m isnrunglon. A general assort' incnt of cambrics, muslins, main and figured, edcinss, insertings, blond laces, if-c. A great variety of shawls, and dress handkerchiefs, ladies' gloves and hose, with a eood suodIv of bleached and unbleached domestic goods. Also a good supply oi crocnery, oi ineinicst patterns, with a few elegant astral parior lamps ; anu nuaiiy, a lew cnoice lamuy gioceric-s, buch us icas, sugars, molasses, coffee, rice, raisins, dry fish, tobac cos, latnn oils. if.c. We do not pretend to specify all the kinds, to say nothing of the numerous articles of whicli each kind is composed; but suffice it to say, that the assortment will be found to contain most of the articles wanted in the country; and those that favor us with their cusiom win oc entirely reiicveu ituma ine c.taiuiiiuucui of old noods. or remnants. Our entire stock is new. and fresh from the market, andhasbcen selected with the greatest possible care, with reference to the wants, comforts and benefit of the people. But we do not wish the public to take our word in this matter, but most cordially invite them to call and examine for il,.m.,l. Iliirlinnlnn . Tlnv ?fi IBM ATEEDLES. Hemmings f- Sons', Warren's, nnd 11 other fino sewing necntes, ground downs, dc tweens and sharps, Sadlers, Harness, Milliners, Glnvfrn. Darn'mir. Kniilinrr. Tane. Neltinir and Tarn bour Needles. Those wish good needlca can depend upon finding them at all times at the variety aiore. PINS. Paper and ounce pins, black pins, hait pins, very long, largo pins, very small, short pins, a the Variety Store, by Pangborn if- Brinsmaio, BRASS CLOCKS. Persons wishing good brass stiiking Clocks in beautiful finished cases, can find them on favorable terms, at the Variety Store. Also, Bank and Office Clocks, for sale; these Clocks are warranted to keep correct time, and they will per- lorm as well as any oiner ciocks. Uec. IB. I'AAUIlUKiN H HKIiNSMAIU. LOST. Eight fat sheep, marked with tar, T. M. Whoever will rive information, shall be suitably rewarded. FOR SALE. A superior new milch cow and calf. Also, for sale, or to exchange for cattle, sheen or perk, a genteel chaise and harness. U, KlMUAbb, MJ. Burlington, Nov. 24, 1840. NOTICE. J. TRYON, Merchant Tailor, would respectfully announce to the public and his old customers in particular, inni uu continues io dcuuiii mnd.ite all who call, wilh the latestimnrovcd fashion! and work not inferior to any. on reasonable notice, at his old stand ou St. Paul street. On hand and for sale cheap for cash a choice assortment of superior Broadcloths, Caseuneres, Vesting, and Trimmings, N. 11. Roan cut for 50 cents, cash. P. S. Thoso indebted will please call and pay-up COD FISH, MACKERELL and SHAD of supe rior quality for salo by N. LOVELY ct Co. Dec. 10, 1940. CANADA STOCKINGS, Gentlemen and Ladies Buck skin and Indian Moccasins, Fur Gloves Ruck skin Mittens, Wol en Tippets, Ladic-s and Gen tlcmens Merino Lambs wool and Worsted Wrap, pers, just received and for sale by Dec. 10, 1840. N. LOVELY & Co. I HON, ST Hi; I., AC. Tons assorted sites, English Tire Iron, 4iJ 3 " " Swedes Iron, 5 " Russia Old Sable do 25 " Peru minufacturcd Iran, consisting of all tho various sizes of round from i inch to S inch square do., Band, Scroll, Hame. and Horse Shoo Iron &c.&c. ST EL. Sandebsom & BnoTiiEa's Cast Steel, all sizes, do Greaves' German do English Blistered anil American do. Also, a full and general assortment of fall descriptions of goods con nected with the above trade. Nov. 19, 1810. STRONGS & CO. lv A. BRAMAN. Bookselleu and Stationes Ut Burlington, respectfully informs his friends and the public, mat neis sun constantly maiciug auuiuuni tn his assortment of Law. Medical. Classical, fisor ical, and lfiiecfaneou H'orA-n, from most of the prominent publishing houses in the country. He will endeavor to have it at all times embrace the most popular publications in every branch or literature and science. His stock Of School Books, in every depart ment of Itarning, of the most popular editions now in nsr. eomorises all that are used in this section of the country. Blank Books of all sizes and, descriptions, of superior ruling and paper, and bound in a ciibstsn- uni manner, naosianiiv un uauci. sdii anu liciot Psner of every quality and description, as well as irncvini-ami r ancv iianer ui an toiuiu aim vaucucs, together with a general assortment of STATIONERY and. almost every arucic-u&uauy uaiiuu iui in a uuun mrp. nlwavs for sale. All of which were purchased at Very low prices, and will be sold at a small advance rrom cost. Jj-Ho respectfully invites the attention of Parent Teachers and Merchants, in his stock and prices. Burlington, Nov. 19, 1840. ALPACCA CLOTHS for cloaks; crapes, camh. lets, cambletcens, goats' hair and common wors ted camblets. nrinted Saxonvs. nlain and figured al pines, plain and printed tr.ushndelaints, sll wool, now RUSSKM.'S STOMACH BITTERS, may le U'ed in Wine or water. These celebrated Liners are composed purely of vere aLles of the most Inno cent yet specific virtue". They arc recommended par ticularly for ru-toring weak constitutions, clean; in? and strengthening the stomach, nnd increasing Ihe appetite also a preventative against ihe cholera mor bn, fever and ague, removing nausea, vomiling, heart burning, weakness in ihe breast, pain fn the stomach and other symptoms offialiilcncc and indiges tion. One box will tincture one gallon. Pri(c25cts. a box. Kvssell's Itch Ointment. This choice and safe ointment is said tol e superior to any now in u-e, for that disagreeable and loath. cine disease, the ITCH. ThisOinunentisso ccartain in its operation that no per-on linuuect wnn the ahove disorder ought to be without it. It is a remedy lor cutaneous, emotion. scorbutic aTcclionsof the head, or any other breaking out which ari-es from sharp humors in the blood. iTice Z'j ci. a uox. Res ell's ecetasle BiLLiocs Pills, or family physic, tur general ue, in cacs of Jaundice, mc rl id scn-il iliiy of the stomac h and bowel, loj of appetite, fie id I rcath, eostivencs, Piles, and all diieases ariV nz irom bilMrv dcrnnzements. al-o fiir torrectuiL' the state of the blood, and cleansing the system cf foul nnd viscid humour-. The-e lulls are a mild ca thartic, producing neither pains nor gnpinr, and are tnereiore a vatuai le and iiigniy approve! medicine, and are pronounced as such by the most distinguished physicians. Each box containing 33 Pilis. Price 37 J uts.a box Kusscll 1 celebrated salt Kiiei'm OlNTMrs7 I his s tinntie.tionably the lest and safest remedy pvrrcet otTercd to Ihe p iblic for that obstinate disorder SA LT RHEUM. Wheic other means have failed, it h.issnc cceJel, and the fact lhat il has leen sxten-ively n-ed ly eminent rraciuioners speas volumes in its prnue. Il is eotiallv eXicacious in all di-eases of the skin. scahl head, ring worms, and the most inveterate Itch, etc. &c. iNumerois cerlili'.aie. might le ol lamed, I e the acy. Price 50 cents a box. For sale by J. it J. II. Peck 4; Co., 'I bendore A. Tech i: Co., sign of the Mortar, and liol erl Moody, Builington ; Dr. C. E. Mile, and II II U Cook. limes bureh: S. II. llarne., Chrrlotte; L. Janes, Georgia; L. Tyler, Essex ; Fuller ct Hi uitington, Klshmond. Also, by ihe druiuisis and merchants ceneradv throughout the. state. 2.'Jui I ut the proprilor choose-s that a fair Trial should I only evidence ofits superior elltcacy. Price 50ci DRY GOODS HARDWARE, DRY GHOCERIES, CROCKERY, GLASSWARE, LAMP OIL, FINE SACK SALT, Coarse gnd Fine CAN', ADA SALT, CODFISH, NAILS. GLASS, etc. nd respectfully invite the attention of purchasers to the new prices. 11. .11J UlLIUi.NLiS ct UO. Burlington, Nov. 20, 1B10. LAST ARRIVAL. 1VTEW GOODS just received by the subscriber : and 1 1 it is of but little consccucnce to the nurehascr how they came. I will only say they were mostly purchased on a credit and will have to be sold nt some price to pay my dtbts as I will convince any one wno wui can ai my store on rcari street. S1U.KV BARLOW. WOltMS, unrivailc WOKMS.-Dn. M. Hitchcock's led and uneonalled WORM TEA. a overeigu remejy lor orm. nlrangu anl le are the elects ol tne.e delc-iablc vermin; few person., and it is tho ight none are free from ihem, par ticularly lemaies and children. Jiany pcr-on go tnrougn a uiiressing course oi inciicinc without a enefit, when Ihey mirht le relieve! rv usinff thc WormTea. This invaluable medu inc has lucti tested by the experience of more than ten years ne, and administered to more than 10,000 per-ons of vnuuus ajrc-, anu not one solitary complaint ; on the contrary h'lndred have called, and unsolicited, .riven tl.cir de cided preference to it. alter Irving the di lerent article sent forth to the pubic, an pronounce I Dr. JL Hitch cook's Worm Tr a the most safe, effectual, and fun venient remedy that can lie obtained : lor in no one ol the thim-ands cf instaiues where it has leen ti-ed agreeable to the printed directions has it ecerfai'ed. is. Asic lorL'r. M. Hitchcock' cum I f.a, a there are many nostrums abroad for Ihe de-tmctionof worms For sale' whole-ale and mail 1 v A. HITCHCOCK t CO., so e proprietors, 117 Cene-ce strce'. I'lien, and by their ajents ihrouzhuui the Union. In Burlington, by J. & J. II. Peck &. Co., and Theo. A. Peck ct Co., in v ergennes, oy j. il. iiowman. In Milton, by uurnet cc sawyer, in ueorgia, Dy L.orenzo Janes aug LEATHER etc. The subscriber has received and is now reccivinc from New York, a larreas- sortmentof Leather. Boots and Shoes in addition to his fornur stock, consisting of tho following articles in pare,. IUJ t,des bole Leather, a superior article,frre from in ucivy cow lilacs, I water, .ft ii t '.! 1 I ij or.ics Harness ccainer, 10 " Block Bridle do 10 Doz. Sheep linings, 2 " South Sea Seal Skins, 1 " Grained Leather. 1 Case Men's Snpcrior Calf Boots sewed, war, anted. 3 ' " Thick Boots, heavy at 82,30 per pair, l " rw " " " I an " 1 " Small Kjvs " " 1.12 " Together with Kids; Kips, Shoe Thread, Prunella emotion ana unen Weooing, lilacKing, &hoo lirnshes, Ladies French Kid Slips, and a general assortment oi .Hisses anu uniidrens sups ana warning allocs. allot which win Desna low tor cash. II. C. STI.MSON. N. B. Wanted, a few bushels of Buckwheat. Rv and Corn. E. J. STEM SON, .lrrriii. Burlington, Oct. 22, 1310. T YMAN St COLE, have on hand an cxtcnsiv XU assortment of Burhncton Mill Co. BROAD CLOTHS and BEAVER CLOTHS. Also. A great assortment of Lnghsh Broad Cloths, Heaver Clollu and Cassimercs. which thev will sell at reduced nricte wain l I.U. A lew thousand lbs good I- leccc ool or wmcn casn win nepnid. net. a. inm. SHERMAN'S COUGH I.OZE.NGES. HIS lozenges are lenlitl, and have "A. Sher man, JL It." on the side of the box, Ihey are the safe-!, most sure and ciYctual remedy lor Cotgh-, Cold-, Consumptions, whooping Cough, Asthma, 1 iclitnc-s ol the l.ungs or chct, cVc. cVc I he proprietor has never Knoccii nn instance where they did not give perfect -aiisficuon. Several thous and boxes have I cen sold within the last tlircemtnih restoring to health, pcr.-ons m almost every stage ot consumption, and lliosc lai cring tincvr tic most dis tt ifSltic cold and cough". They do not check and chy uu the; couch, 1 ut render it easy, promote ex pee- loraiicn, an ey ine ticunng ur irriuuion, nni rcuiuve the proximate or exciting cau-e. Il.ty are inaue Irom a combination ol the most valuable expeciorauf, or cough medicines, and are undo, ibtediy superior lo every thing in ore for those complaint. Hundred upon hnidreJs of certificates have I een ofiered of their won tcrlul virtue., Irom those who have leen saved from an untimely grave, and restored to perfect health by using them. Dor. One lozenge is a do.e for an aJ lit, aud may I e repeated from three to six tunes a day, as required. Children, eight jears )cdr old. ha 1 ct cue: lour years a nuarter. and so in pro portion. Very small children or infants will take them best dissolved in a little water. Should they act a nn emetic, or produce nausea, Ihe do-e miistl'e les-cned to what Ihe stomach will I Half of one will gen erally I e suii'tcient to take I efore lreal.f.t-t, us the toniach is then niore ea-ily sickened. o ill elects can ari.-e from an ovcrdo-c, as it will cause the sto mach to reject it ; and although not a pleasant sensa tion, wnl Le found to give relief. Where there is m ich nam in the breast or side, one ol Sherman Poor Jinn's Plasters sho'il I I c applied over the part, an 1 worn till relieved. Ifnttcnded wilh eostivene-s, a few cathartic or laxative Lozenges, or any mild ca thartic medicine, should le used ns occasion requires. Sold at the Variety Store, bv 1'ANGHOUN sV BRINSMAID, Jcwe'ler-, B.irlingl'on, Vt. wholesale agents. A liLeral discount to merchant- who luy to 1 again. SlAlE or VEKM9.fl', vs. John Williams, Jacob Rolte,& JlENay Hand. Ciiittenden County Court, A gust Term, A. D. 1340. ,Xl J HEREAS, th TraaiiifV VV of the State of Vermont, at ths March Term of laid courL A. D. 1P4C1 Mtnm.n-Nl his action ol debt on iccornizsnco mnt the tAkt John Williams of Burlington, and Jacob Rolfs and Henry Hand, of Colchester, all In saidcouaty, therein declaring, that on the lth day of September A. D. 193?, before said court then sitting, at Burlington aforesaid, the said John Williams &j principal anatha said Jacob Rolf and Henry Hand as sureties, jointly and severally acknowledged themselves indebted to the Treasurer of the State of Vermont in the sum of four hundred dollars, lobe levied of their and each of their (roods and i battels, lands and tenements and far want thereof on their bodies, if default thereof betnada m ine condition lonowing : to wit, mat 11 the said jonn Williams, who was then in custody nn an indiclmtal before said court for keeping a house of ill fame, and a common nuisance, shall maliehis personal appearanea before the said court then sitting as aforesaid, and re main from time to time and from day today, and shall thru and there answer to such mat ers and things aa should then and thec be objected to htm in ttst ba half, and should abide such order and decree of said coutt, as the said court should make in the premises, and not depart without leave of said court, then thf said recoemzamc should be void and of no effect, but otherwise it should remain in full force and efiict. And tho said John Williams afterwords, during said term of said court, was publicly called in said cduil to make his personal nppenrnnce before said court nd answer to such matters and things as should be ob jected to him in that behalf, and although the i-id jacoo icon anu iicnry nana vcerc, Dy oraer ot said court three times publicly called in sntd court, to hsv the said Williams before said court, according to tha condition ofthc said recognizance, yet the said John Williams did not appearand answer, nor did the said Rolf nnd Hand appear or have the said Williams in said court, to make answer, but neglected nnd refusad so to do, and suffered said rccogn zancetobecoraefor feilcd against them. And the said defendants ar thereupon called to show cause if any they have why the said Treasurer should not have his execution against them fur thesaid sum of S400, and his costs of tutt i wmcn action was entered on the docket or said court at their JIarch Term. A. D. 1S-10, and the said plainiifTnppearcd by David French his attorney, and the said John Williams being absent from this state al the time of the service of the plaintiffs said wtit, tha said cause was by order of said court, continued to th August Term A. D. 1810, of said court, at which term theplaintiffaoain appeared bv his said attorney. And it not beini' made to appear to the said court that th saio jonn ti iiunrns nasuau personal nonce oi tne sor vice of said writ and the pendency of this suit, tha same was again continued by order of said court, to tho March Term thereof A. D. 1311. And the said court olso ordered that further notice of the pendency of this suit be riven bv nublihim tho substance of ths plaintiff's declaration m' The Burlington Fret Prut,' a newspaper pnnico in said liurungion, tnree weexa successively, the last of which publications to be at eat thirty days before the sitting of said court, svnich shall be deemed sufficient notice to the said William to appear and answer to said suit. Dated at Burlington, nforesnid this 4th day of De cember A. D. 1310. Wm. NOBLE, Clerk. UtNMMIN IlEWES, . VS. Levi IlAnnis. Sherman's Itrrnst Ointment, If annlied Droreily and in due lime, will cure the most paintul cases of swelled breasts, and prevent the for mation of abscesses Even where tho swelling has pointed and shown every appesrance of breaking, this ointment has entirely dispelled it, and restored the parts to a healthy condition. In applying it, a smooth and soft covering' to the breast shouldbo made of soft leather, or fine compact Iinin, with a hole in the cen tre to admit the niple. When so made, put acotting of the ointment over the inner surface and apply it closely ana smootniy over inc wnoie urcasi, leaving the nipple protruding through the hole, so that Ihe child can nurse, which it should do as lone aa'lhe mother can bear it. Caro should be taken to have the breast drawn by the child or otherwise, so as to pre vc-it an accumulation of milk. Whenever the phs ter gets rinklcd, and thereby uncomfortable, a newone should be applied, and constantly worn until a cure is affected. Ii is sometimes necessary to slit the sides so they will conform to the shape of the breast, and r. i i.. c.l. e cc ,i l.PnA . COVer 11 ClOSCI). vaiv IU1 diiuim.ii . uiiu.,u.ii,iiiciu, and see that his signature thus, "A. Sherman, M. D.." is on the wrapper, none other can be genuine. SHERMAN'S PAPILLARY OIL Is the onlv infallible remedy for sore nipples ever d's- covcrcd. It will cure the most troublesome cases in n f.-iv dac s. w.thout delirium? the infant of the breast- wnrrnnted snnerior to all other remidics when applied according to tho directions on the bottle. See that the signature of "A. Sherman, M. 17." is on the wrapper, none other is genuine. Be pariicnlar or you will be deceived and disappointed, bold at the vatic ty store. PANGtSORN efc BRINSMAID. Chittenden county court, August Term, A. D. 1840. YyHEREAS, Benjamin Hewcs, of Milton, in said V county at the March Term of said court A. D. 1339. comincmedhis action against Levi Harris for. merly of said Milton, then of South Berlin in the coun ty of'Chenangoin the State of New York, in a plea of the case, in an action on notedated April 16, 1837, for S1C0, payable one day after dale. A'so, further da clarinz, that on tho same 16th day of April 1837 th ueienonni as jusuy inacDica to inc piainiui in ma sum of S300 00, for a certain piece of land in said Md ton, before that lime sold and conveyed by the plain ttfl'to the defendant, nnd in consideration the defendant executed and delivered to the plaintiff his order or rtiattin writingot that date to and on one toward smitn lor eight hundred copiesot the 'Irish Rebellion," printed bv said Smiih, which were then of the value of SC00 00, which said Older was presented to said Smith who reiusca 1 1 accept or pay the same, the defendant having before withdrawn said copies and all his funda from said Smiih, whereupon the defendant becama liable to pay to thcplainlifithercasonable value of said 800 copies at tlictimo of the presentation of saidorder, and on the 13th of October 1833 promised to pay such said sum on demand. Also further declaring that ths defendantnn the 13th of October 1833 wasindebted to the plamtiffm the further sum of 8500 00 before that time had and icccived. Also for nfurthersum ofSIOO for a piece of land before that time Bold and conveyed by plaintiff to defendant lying in Milton aforesaid, being the whole of Lot No. 63 4th division of the right of James Wilmot, except 40 acres from the east end thereof, to the damage of the plaintifTSlOOO 00 which action w as entered on the docket of said court at said JIarch Term 1839, and theplnintiffappcared by A. O. Whittctuore his Attorney, and the defendant being ab sent from this slate at the time of the service of said writ, the s-iid cause was continued to the August Term 1S30 of said court, at whicli Term the plaintiff again ,nn.,r,l I,,. 1,1c ,.l.t n ,V, ...... . again continued by said court to the March Term thereof A. D. 1340,'atid the nlaintiffngain appearing by his said attorney, the said cause was further con tinued by said court to the August Term thereof A. D. 1310, at which term the plaintiffajain appeared by hia said attorney. And it not being made to appear to the court that Ihe defendant has had Dersonal notiea of the said service and pendency of this suit, the sama is againcontinued by said court to the March Term tnercot a u. i: h. mm the said court also orcor that further notice ofthc service and pendency of said suit be given, hy publishing the substance of the plain, tiff's declaration three weeks nercrsively in the"Bur linston Free Press," a newspaper prin'edin said Bur lington, the last of which to be at least thirty days be- lorc tne fining oi sa'a couri, snau oe deemed sufficient notice to thesaid Levi to appear and answer io siui sun. MT. VERNON HEADER, Polvifl.ut lu ie.. of diilerent sixes and linJing-, I'oeiet Bibles and Tes.aments and a general as-onment of stationa must received from N. York and for sale 'y Collcsest. je:55. S. HUNTINGTON. MORE NEW BOOKS, Just received at the Book Store, A New Home. Who Ml follow. Young Ladies Companion. Countess Ida, Havward's New England Gazeteer. .Mitchell's Geographical Reader, a system ot Geography, comprising a De-cpption ol the World with llw grand divisions, designed for in structions in schools and families Wonders of the Heaven". D. A. BRAMAN. 1 f) GKOCEICIES. 1 W Hhds St. Croix and N. O, Sugars, 20 Hbls. do do 10 Boxes refined and Loaf do 6 Bbls Crushed do 5 do Powdered do 60 Chests IL S., Y. H. and O. H. Teas, 20 Bags Java & Laguira Coffee, Pepper & Spice. NEW SCHOOL GICOG ICA I'll Y AND ATLAS WITH OIJTLINE.MAPS, ly a Accis TVS JIlTCiitLL. The author ot the alovc works has teen professionally devoted to the science of Geo'y and the p iblhhingnf. Maps, during many years and his former production, e-pectally his Jfap ol ihe World for Academies, I car ample te-timonony of his ahun danl resources, upon which he has so III erally drawn, in producing the above school works The following extract of Ihe GeoV and At!a, is from a joint recom mendation of the Teacher in the city of New York. "Their merits are numerous the definitions remark ably p'ain andconcne. Ihe exercises are copious and important, and Ihude-criptiveis luminous and correct. The divisions of ihe American continent, are repre sented and ilesCriled as they really cxit at the . resent time. And the gross misstatements generally lound in sctool geographies ate corrected. Tho typographi cal execution is uncommonly neat and distinct, indeed the atlas is a model of the kind, and actually teems with inlormation." The outline .Maps are peculiarly calculated lo exercise ihe student in his siudr, and to nil up at his leisure. 1-or sale by U. UUOUItlCII. r I", 1 L .. 1 ...... O svBBlCD oaicmiu-. 20 .kegs if- boxcsTobacco 30 boxes Bar Soap, 10 boxes Pipe s, 30 bbls Lorillards Snuff and Tobtcco. Nov. 10. 10 Boxes Starch, 10 kega Ginger, 50 malts Cassia, 1 cask Cloves, 1 do Nutmegs, de. if c. oj-e., hy 6TRG.NG? cf-CO Dated at Burlington aforesaid this 25th day of Not. ,. D. 13-10. W.m. NOBLE, Clerk. ) Chittenden county Court, Au gust Term, A. D. 1840. NI.O VEIiY df Co. are now opening and of fering for sale a more extensive assortment o seasonable Goods than they have ever before offered in this market amongst which is a gtcat variety of FURS and Fur Trimmings all of which are offered extremely low for Ready CASH. Oct. 22. LOAI-, Lump and Brown Sugar, Teas, Coffee, sperm candles, winter strained lamp oil, molasses, rice, nutmegs, Eng. currants, soda crackers, cloves, cinna mon, fsltrotus, brooms daft for sals by nf N LOVELY, 1 CO. TMPORTANT TO .MOTHERS it YOUNC. X FEJIALiES. DOCTS. HeVNCLDS ttPAR-MELEl'v celebrated PILLS, or HEALTH RESTORATIVE for complaints peculiarity incident to the Female Sex. This article is now brought before the public, under sanction of tlie strongest testimony, from those who havealikeuicd it, and also witnessed its unequalled powers, in tho removal of Female obstructions of the most aggravated and desperate character. These testimonials arc not bronchi fiom the iznorant and illiterate but from Physicians and other Scientific 1'crsons, wno nave tcsieu lis great virtues, ana now recommend it in their practice and lend to it the sane tion of their names. Itis not intended as many medi rint-s ronerallv aie for all the varieties of disease ...ur.t.?. .1...1-. ..nv. ii... i. :. ..,.nr,u.i wnicn ii is lilt: lui let ouiivi umtii. uu. i, ia itittiiuv.,, simply for one class of complaints, and those only rc lating to one sex. These being of rather a delicate na ture. there would be more than an ordidary degree ot diffidence in coming with this article before the public were it not tho fact that thousands arc continually passing from tho stage of action, victims to disccte, which this medicine has never failed to prevent or cure. Such has been the provision of Nature, that nearly all the complaints of Females, areconncctedin some degree, with the habits allied to their trx. Ami many can bear witness, where n mere cold at a par ticular stage, has produced checks, lhat the hand of sj;.ne nd skill, never has been able to disrcl or alleviate. At first, the irregularity and suppression of the natural habits products no very aininung symp toms, and is treated generally with neglect. And proper attention is procrasiiaated until the hollow eve, sallow complexion and great bodily debility indicate that either rapid consumption, or some other fatal disease has fastened its rcsistlct s grasp on the sufferer which soon terminates existence, by a lingering hul certain death. For complaints inevitably productive of such results this invaluable medicine is nowbroughl before the public. It invariably removes obstructions and regulates a too profuse mcnstruralion, and cute! by its unequalled qualities, all the variety of derange ment connected with the Female habit. Thf eminent and difctineuithed Doct. J. Morrison, who has prac tised medicine at Oneida, N. York, with the most tig. nl sui-pss for '20 vears. savs "It is the best medicine now in use. In eases of retention, or supression of the Menses, 1 think it will sustain tho appelation of n specific. 1 have tried it in tho orst cases with mtwl ndmirahle success, and I wish for the good of sulUrinji remaies, mat an pnysiciaus wuuui uurnmico it in their practice, as I have found it answers beyond my most snmiine expectations." In itsell'ccl it is kind may be taken without the least inconvenience, as it is not cathartic, nut tonic ana aperient, r or ample par ticulars respecting its efficiency, certificates of Pysi. rinns who nave witnessed its effects, and of others who have been most signally bonefited and restored bv its virtues reference is now offered lo tho pam phlets accompanying the medicine, nnd to the more particular evidences, in the hands of the subscriber sole Agent lor tne .sew fcnsiann stairs. EDWARD BRINLEY. Who!a! Dealer In Dnica, Medicines, Paintaand I rwCaaPa, No 3 & rth, fe-M nr.s I'sll AaTiiva Bostwick, vs. Amakiaii Elmet,. WHEREAS, Arthur Bostwick of Jerico in said county, nt the JIarch Term A. D. 15-10, of said court, commenced his action of ejectment against Am ariah Elmer late in said count v, declaring in a plea, lhat to the said Arthur, the said Amanah render the seizure and peaceable possession of a certain tract or parcel of land with the appurtenances lying and being in Underbill aforesaid, ond described as fol lows, to wit : Lot No. 63, in the 2d division, and drawn to the original right of V illlam Allen, of which tract of land ihe said Arthur on the 13lh Oct. 1833, was wall seized and posfCFscd in his own right in fee, and so continued thereof possessed until the 18th Oct. 1633, when thesaid Amaiiah without jaw or right, and con trary to the will of the said Arthur, thereinto entered, ejected and expelled and amoved tho said Arthur therefrom, .and ever since haili nnd still doth keep out thesaid Arthur from the premises, taking the whola profits to hmiscit, to tho damage of the said Arthur al he says SiOO, to recover which ond the quiet and peaceable possession of the said premises, and just costs, he brings ihis s.tit i which was entered on tha docket ofi aid court nt said JIarch Term thereof A. D. 1810, and the plaintiff appeared hy Wm. S. Hawkins his nttomey And the ncfc-ndant being absent from this State at the time of ihcseiuce of ihe plainrff'a said writ, the said cause was continued to the August Term 1S-10, of said court, at which Term the plaintiff again appeared by snidaliorncy, and it not being nude to appear to the court, that the defendant has had per sona) notice of the scrvico and pendency of this suit, the s'ameisi again ronlinuedby raid court to the March Term lliercol A. D. 1811. And tho said court, also, order that furthrr notice of ihe service and pendency of this suit be given, by publishing the substance of ihe plninml's declaration three weeks successively, in the "Burlington Free Press," a newspaper printed in said Burlington, the last of which to be at least thittr daysbefore the sitting of said court, which shall b" deemed sufficient notice to the said Amariah, to ap pear and answer to said suit. Dated at Burlington aforesaid this !6lh day of Not. A. D.1B10. Wm. NOBLE, Clerk. 1 1OOTS, SHOl S it LEATHER. The subscriber JL) having taken the stoic fotmcrly occupied by Messrs. Bishop cf- Whipple, is now openings general assortment of Boots, Shoes and Leather, which hare all been boucht for cash and will be sold for the sama at the lowest prices, and as thearticles are too numer ous to mention in an advertisement, although Mr Sta. cy has enlarged his paper, I would simply invite all to call and examine the goods and prices before purchas ing elsewhere. Burlington, July 1, 1640. HENRY C. STIMSON, bv E. J. Stimsom, Agent. SNITF ONLV VE CFNTS.-H. M. Hitchcock's ncwlv invented Snnfl'ihe li e'e ever discovered 1 y scientific men, in Europe er aiucrun, ii r -ur sure n lei m soiiue ri-nei oi i atarrh. Dizziness of ihe Head, Weak Fycs, Nervous Head- acnes, rnnen sii-Knr-r, rus, and Inlants troutled wilh Snuffle-, partial shocks of Pal, v. e. Fn, ..u whole-n'e and retail, ly A. HITCHCOCK 4. Co., cl Proprietor, No. 117 Gene-eest. I'tica, and hy ihr'r agrni inrousuuui inc union, in liurhngtrn, J. ct, . IL Peck U Co. In Vergenne, 1 y J. H. Bowman. In Jlihon, ly B irnett it Sawyer. In Georgia, ly Lo renzo Janes. BLAt KSMITII.-The ntbscriler having re cently moved from Albany, and commence tfc. all its forms, in the hni on Jladiscn strwl, near Follett ct Bradley's Stor" would re-peotfiilly invite the mhal iiants of Burlington anu vii-uiny to rivc nun a can, as ne is lolly prepared 10 do all kindsi work in Ins line, on the sbor'e.t no. ticv, 1 e'sl manner, nnd most fayoral le terms. He has lor many years pa-t given In, particular attenth n tr the Horse shooing lisines, and Farritrv in all its branches. From the long exni-ric-nce which he hat had, and the genvral information he has derived boih from theory and practice, he feels fully confident in re commending himelfi) the pul tic. He will le pre pared at all times mgive his personal attention to all kinds of work in hi Hue such as Ironinc Wargon and Sleighs, Slopwork, All kinds ol edge tools made in ibe 1 est manner an 1 iiut approved style. Ha trusts that l y giving business his undivided attention and the low prices at which he will le enabled to fur nish work, to receive a share of the public! pairc-nsc. , , JOHN pOHAGEN, Per rr".n,Apri' 10 1810,

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