Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, January 22, 1841, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated January 22, 1841 Page 1
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iiw fvtt fte BY II. B. STACY. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, JANUARY 22, 1841. VOL. XIV....No. 33. NOT TUB Q L 0 n T OP O H I A 1 BUT TUB W B L P A K or BOMB. New Establishment. J P. WHALING .f- CO. inform the public that thcyliavo located themselves in the village of Burlington, and have fitted up a store on the east side of Church street, which may well be denominated "Cheap-side," nearly opposite the bank of .Burling ton, and are receiving from New York a choice selec tion of goods well suited to the season, which they offer for sale as low as can be purchased in the country, fir ready pay. Anions their Roods may be found leaver and broadcloths, cassimt res, satinets, flannels, merinos, mouslinc do laincs il'-c. A choice selection, also of French, English nnd American prints, equal, at least, to any m uiirlinran. A general assort a good supply of bleached and unbleached domestic goods. Also a good supply of crockery, of the latest patterns, with a few elegant astral parlor lamps ; and finally, a few choice family groceries, such as teas, ugars, molasses, coffee, rice, raisins, dry fish, tobac cat, lamp oils, ij-c. We do not pretend to specify all the kinds, to say nothing of the numerous articles of which each kind is composed! but suffice it to say, that the assortment will bo found to contain most of the articles wanted in the country! and those tint favor us with their custom will be entirely relieved fruin the examination of old goods, or remnants. Our entire stock is new, nd fresh from the market, and has been selected with the greatest possible care, with reference to the wants, comforts and benefit of the people.. Hut wo do not wish the public to take our word in this matter, but most cordially invito them to call and examine fur thfmsclves. Burlington, Nov. 26, 1810. 2 do. hlccched sheet- i i - :.. . SK 1UHIL- nun, iim mm VILAS, LOOMIS, cfc Co. CtiX CASES Fancy print.. U ins. 1 Jo. Damask tuble cover-, i. receiv ed and for .ale. n23 T IVK AND LKT 1,IVK." The subscril.or JLi would re-ncetfiillv return his thanks to his former natrons fur the "many favors received, mid would a no inform ibem that he continue? Hook Bind in- and Blank Book manufacturings his old stand nd that he will .-ell Blank Book, common school looks, Bible-, Alliums and stationery on as cood itrns a any one. Blank Book, made to any pattern on shorl notice. The patronanc of the publm is rc- r ll.. .i 1 c-.Vit.l'l tlllVt'IViiTnV "pvtciiuiiy soiicoeo. nAMULiU iiu;ui.iuiu.i, Sign of th Eedld2er, ( collcge-st. Nov. 20, 1810. ( AMERICAN ALMANACS for 1911, for sale a the bookstore. p. A. BRAMAN. BUFFALO ROUES, single, by 10 bales for sale by the bale I1ICKOK & CATLIN. CHINA, Glassware, Crockery nnd Looking Glas ses, justrce'd nnd for sale by N. & Co. DnUGS AND MEDICINES. A large supply pist ree'd I v June 19. J. Sr. .1. II. PF.OK l!n. ENGLISH Currants, Family Groceries, Salmon, emoaked Herring, for sale by N. Lovely & Co. FAIIUIANK'S SCALES, by July 10. J. & & J. II. PECK & Co. GIjAS. Hurling ton, Vermont, and Essex, Cylin der Glass, made at the Champlain Glass vork, nnd very much improved in quality c ompared with the .'ate brnhds, (or sale by J. &. J.'H. PECK & Co. 135 boxes Canada Iron. 50 bundle K. O. English do. just ree'd and for Oct. 10. sale by Vilas, Loom is k Co. GENTIiUMKN'S OVEIt AM.S.-G dozen pairs Gentlemen's Over Alls, (long stockings.) just received and for sale by the dozen or single pair at Montreal prices by JAMES H. PLATT. P. S He will foot them to order. Ilutbngton, Oct. 13, 18-10. CJ ALT. 1,000 Minots Coarse Packing Salt, O 6,000 Minots Liverpool Salt, For sale, in quantities to suit purchasers and deliv ered at any Port on Lake Chainploiii, by JASON C. PIERCE t SON. St. Johns, L. C, Sept. -1, 1840. HW. CATLIN & CO. have one piece of blue . black Heaver Cloth, n match for which, has not been, and cannot bo found in this market. They have also two pices cassiincrc, which very far surpass the beaver cloth. Nov. 12. QfVVI Yards super fine, fino and common vvool 1CJJJ en Carpctings, just opened. Also, plain Venetian nnd damask stair carpeting, Turkey and Brussels Hugs, Oilcloths for tables and stoves, lush matting, printed floor cloths, &c. by na n. l.wvi.l.y, oi, uu. 1CASE G-4 English Merinos. 1 cac French do. I case black bombazines. 1 cac colored do. Just ree'd nnd for sale by VILAS, LOOMIS & CO. DRUGS, Medicine, Perfumery, Paiuts, Dye Stuffs, Oils, Varnishes, Brushes, dec. The subscriber is now receiving his fall supplies of the above goods; selected with great care, which ho will dispose of at uiciuwcsi iituriict prices. Kuur.tvi iUUULii. LAMP OIL ofthcverybestqunlitv.nlso2dniid3d quality, by GEO. PETERSON. MAYNAlit) et NOYS' line Black Writing Ink, which has stood lest for more thirty years. A cask ,iu-t received and lor ate by 11 Auir. 1810. C, GOODRICH. BOOTS & SHOES. The subscriber has now on baud a general assortment of BOOTS and &IIOES, ul'llieinust fashionable .style, and thorough workiiiauship, which be oilers very low for CASH. E. J. KAY. N. U. All kinds of measure work done ul shorl uo ticc. Burlington, Lutirch-st -May 38, 1810. NEW GOODS. Sidney Barlow ha received a general assortment of goods at his old store on Pearl street, which will be sold cheap cnoush. N. B. Wool received for coods Burlington May 28. furs. rfkTTE!tSea1 and Nutria Cans; Linx and Coney Mull's- Boas, natural colour, Swan, Coney and Nutria Irimnnngs, Unllalo unties, lor sale la Dee. 2, IS (0. II. W. CATLIN & Co, TiAl'Klt. C. GOODRICH has just received MT from the manufacturers in Massachusetts, a full supply of linen haud-madc, royal, meduim, Demy, cap, letter, folio-post and billet paper, of various qual ities, as wove, satin, laid, gilt, dec. dec. for sale at man ufactures prices. June 30. P OW I) EH. 100 kegs by JnncUI. J. & J. H. Peck & Co. ISAAC WAKIVKB. HAS received and keeps constantly on hand a large and full cssortmcnt ot GROCERIES, among winch are COGNAC BRANDY, I St. CROIX RUM HOLLAND GIN, A variety of WIN ES nd almost every article in the Grocrry line, all of wnicn ne win sen on uie most rcasonaiue terms, lie would also inform Tavern keepers in particular that he will sell rum, brandy and gin for 03 cents a gallon, which he will wariant of a better quality ihan some which have lately been hawked about the country by a certain New Yotk pedlar, ami if not adjudged by the best judges to he bcller, he will not ask any pay for them. Tic invites them to call and compare. liurlineton, Oct. 1810. tf. nnit ROY Hclvidier. 8-4ths, JLt broidercd Thibet Shawls j black, white, and scar let merino do. and Saxonv do. just received by ilrocha lck. white, and scar G-4th raw silk, chally, muslin de laino Woolen, I mbct and tancy scans, IV. LUVKLV, tX.vJU. "ID ICH plain black and blue black gro dc swiss silks J. loruressess; cnangcauicgro ac icw xorK, gro dc Afric and repp silks, assorted colors for bonnets; plain and fig'd poult de soi silks, dark and light colors, black, blue black ami colored silk velvets, a large assortment of ribands of all kinds ; chinclle cord, silk cord, &c. TasscU, lace veils, worked collars, Thread laces, working cotton, black trimming lace, Lughi and dark kid gloves, black fillet do. Black silk and mohair milts, by N. LOVELY & CO. CJKALS, Log Cabin letter Seals; plain do. do. mot to letter Seals. PNODORN & lilUNSMAlD. IvIVKUY TAIII.E. f.VVING made extensive re- imirs by addition of new buildings, Horses, Carriages, Harnes-seSj Saddles, etc. the subse nber is prepared to accom modate the public in good style and on short notice. Single, Tendem, four or six Horse T. a u di i. r,,r.,;0i.,i , "s-vj.evi ties of pleasure. A man may be found in the Barn at any hour, day or night, to at tend calls. Cash paid for Oats and Hay, 3 doors East cf the Log Cabin, or at my shop 2 doors West of J. cfc J. II, Prck or, Co.'a ttore. SAMUEL S. SKINNER. Burlington, Pec. 12, IS 10. T'EN cases Prints, I case col'd Cambrics, just ree'd X and for sale by VILAS, LOOM IS te Co, TTNCOI.ORED BOAS, otter, seal and cloth caps, V- mutls, collars, capes; aown, anguui aim uir iiiin mings, silk and mohair fringes, fur gloves, cheap, by N. LOVELY et CO. VKUIir.X.V CHEAM forshaving.clarilie'dltos. in, War rm's l e-t Needles. Silver Thimbles and lots of new Goods, opcnius at the Variety Store. .May23. PANOBOUN & BKINS.MAID. triSI)SOK HllfI,l:S. for sale at the variety store. I'A.MilllJK.N U liltl.S.UAHA Rnrc enhance Tor n Rnrain. 'I ui.vr Dcautuui I' Aii.u, oc- X cunied until tuoxAlnlUcto- bcr last, by Jutluun II. Hall, deceased, lying in Williston, about live miles from the village, ' and about six miles from the vilhiL'cof Burlinsrton, containing 418 acres of land, 375 of which is under first rate cul tivation, and fence. The buildings are not surpassed .i any farm in this state. They consist of a brick House, 33 by 19, two stories high, thoroughly finished, ndof lh best materials; a Cellar for potatoes, with kettle and areh for boiling Corn Bam and Work Shon above the Cellar ; a Horse Ham, 30 by 40 -all of which are new and in good repair. The Barns near the house, consist of one 43 by 53, and one 30 by 40. with 150 feet of shed, with water running in a trough in the vard. There is, on said farm, two nous cs for tenants, one of which was the former residence of the deceased. The house is in good repair, and fit for the residence of any small farmer. Near said house, is ope barn 2(3 by 30, and one 20 by 30, with B0 feet of shed abo onc excellent building for corn hum and fcoi stv with nood wells of water adioinine.'. On other parts of said farm arc i other barns, suffi ciently large to contain from 75 to 100 tons of hay. saia larm is watcrea ny nrooKs aim springs in in most every lot, and will be sold, together with the farming tools, if wished, on the most reasonable tcrms.- Reference may be had to Thomas D.ilammond of 'Orwell, Luther Loomis, of Burlington, ILL. Nichols, 'of Williston, or to LYDIA HALL, Adminisi'x, on the premises. Williston, Dec. 16, 1810. tf. WRAPPING PAPER. -iust rcu'd Nov. 20. 200 reams various' sizes hyC. GOODRICH VIA HAITI. Mi PAPKK. lOO Hcjih- Winning v Paper, and n lurgcsppplynf writinsr, l oihC'ap .ill I Letter, lor sine iiy F D. A. BUAMA.N. ' lit) UH. Troy, Ohio and Michigan, constantly J. ct J. II. I' ev fit bush. Seed Rye, flee from all other seeds, for Ul Pearl-st. Sept. 10. sale by C. BC.NS. OPUIIS, Hiding whip O Store. June 1 1. . aii.i Cams, ,ti the Variety 1'ANCCOn.S it UUINSMAID. rklA.MO.NI) CEMENT, fcr mending Glass, China and eartuem are sold at Ilic ariely stoic Ocio'pcr 3. PaNOUOUH iSC Dill N IMA ID. T "V lis. Kreneh. American. Satin nnd common KJJJ House Paper, some very rich pattern., for OC'JH. auie 11 .y . l. i.ui ev.vo. 2 CASES ICnglish Merinoe", 1 case French am; German Merinos. 1 ease fui'd Bombazines, ills ec ii and lor sale by vii..a, i.uu.uis oc i;o 7TACKEREL, on consignment, in half barrels just JLTX received and lor sale ny J. it J. II. I'liUK ttuo I COTTON Wrapping Twine, agood article; just ree'd aept. ti. uy .s. i.tivh.ij ev, ejo. IT LOUR. A few Hbls. of Family Flour, of superior JL quality, just recel and lor sale at iuiivauus. GUINDSTO.VllS, by June 7. J. & J. II. PECK et Co. WOOL TWINE fur salt- at HOWARD'S. m2S POTASH KETTLES constantly on hand by June 19 J. & J. 11. PECK & Co. riONCillKSS WATER, ju-t rcevivcd a frt y mi May supply olCongresswa'.cr,and fur sale I y l' it,, itr.u. I l.l r.iersw.s. piOUS BROOMS et PAILS. lOOdoz. corn broom v sudiiz. putcni rails, June l'J. J. Sc. J- II- Peck &; Co, NOTICE. The sebsenbers having formed a partnership under the name and firmof STAnnet Dow, in the Tin, Sheet Ironand Stove business, would respectfully inform the public that they keep constant ly on Kin a complete assortment in the above line. (h-v linvi. now on band a variety of Parlour, Box and Cooking Stoves, triming Ac, which they wil ii'poseofatthevery lowest prices in market. All orders will be executed on short notice and in the best nyle of workmanship. ISAAC DOW. Church t, opposite the jail. J Burlington, Oct 30, 1840. J C?i HOSTON N. i:. HUM. JVJ IIIid. fiardmer brewer-, by June 19. J.etJ. II. PECK et Co, OHO BOSTON Academy and Harmonists, for JJ sale at tne hook store-, u. A. UH.i.UAiH. BOSTON and TROY IRON COMPANY.-Thc public are hereby notilicd. that the business ol easting in every branch and variety. Is done to order, on incsnone-i nonce, ai iroy, vi. i lie company have much enlarged their foundry, and are now prepared to do all kinds of work done at any foundry in the country. Mill-gearing, Pot Ash Kettles, Stoves, rioiign, AXieirees, at., on Hand, or furnished to order. All who wish to contract for stove-plates, or to pur chase a large quantity of hollovv-vvarc, for the purpose of retailing, will lie furnished al wholesale prices and all who may favor us with their calls or orders, will I dealt by as Micrally as al any establishment in the country. Orders should be addressed to E. H. Cross- man, Superintendent, or A. oung, Agent, Troy, Vl. to secure an early reply, and prompt attention. iroy, june ioiu. jy: FALL patterns of Merinos. Taglionia, brownbl'k and purple, fine qualities. Allipincs, brown, bl'k and light colors. Mousclin dc laincs, all woo), cotton nnd wool, and silk and wool. French, German, and English Merinos. Alpacca cloths, and black ground mouselin dc laincs, very fine and beautiful, for sale by WVi M. W. U.V1L.K CC lyU, LOWS Writing Paper, wholesale and retail, at the Manufacturers prices, and the best assort ment ever before oll'ercd at the Bookstore of the sub scriber, consisting of the following kinds. ij reams sup. rot Ktueu. 15 do fine Letter do. 20 do sup. do plain. 15 do cap ruled. 10 do fine pot do 8 do do billet do Likewise, a lame sunnly of wrapping paper at rc- luced prices. Oct. 30. D. A. BltAMAN. Xf prs. Ladies oil d. and black French Slips, JJ 20 do do. Gaiter Boots, 20 do Misses col'd Slins. DO do Gent's Pumps, 4 cases .Hi n a seal Boots. Burlington, July 14. II. C. STIMSON. 30 TOIIACCO. kei- olug Tohnivo, 40 boits Cavendish do CO packages sheep do 2000 lbs. Leaf do. do. by J. & J. II. PECK -t Co. XISEASKS OF THE LUNnStlecidadly tj ihe ino.i iopulr remedy eer known in America Vegetable Pulmonary Balsam is the most valunble rrnisrl) now in uie fui cough ,cold, atthma or phthi.ic, con'ttmpiion. whoopina cough and pulntomiry aflrclioiif of every kind, lit tale is steadily iiicieminn. and the proptieiors are constantly receiving Die ni'itt favorable accnunt of iiieffern. 'I he following new certificates are oflered fur public examination. A Intekkstino Case. Eatraci of a letter from Mr C S Clay, Kingiton, Ultier Co., N. Y, to the proprietors. "Yours of the 9ih inst. was duly irc'd. A remarkable cure wAselTecieil by i lie Vegjinule Pul. mvnary Balsam inibewinier and fprinj of 1835. The person, Mr. Moody, ImI been sick a long time wiih ilia consumption. Ilit 'nbvriciani had eiten him un. He was reduced to low hi io be unable to help liim-ell", and was uiaing a larte quaniity of blood when be commenced using ills, which has elTecied a eomplela cure, and he is now as hale and hearty as ever he was. Mr, Moody has removed from this town, but he Ims premised ine a more detailed account of his case, which I will loiward von. C. S. CLAY Kingston. N. Y. June 23. 1838. Extract of letter from Dr. Jacob Myen. The Vegetable Pulmonary Baliam has been sold in this county for two years, and the medicine has gained an uncommon celebrity, for it ecarcelv in one inrlance fulled of having the deiired eflecl. I am by no meant in l.ivor or the many nostrums, most ol which are tm position! upon a creduloui public, but that which I know by uae In be efleciual. I cannot heln but tire mv approhiiion thereto. A counterfeit preparation has been offered here by a travelling Agent, ofComitock, Pi. i. and there is another article vended here tlialis strongly suspected to berpurious. JACOB niTEiti, ai. l) Miffliniion. JuiiMla co. Penn. May 3. 1837. From nr. Samuel Aiorreii. to the rronrietois ol me vete tHbte Pulmonary Balaam. I am satipfied that tha Ve tetable I'ulnionajrv B.illiin is a valuable mcdecine li has been used in lhi place with complete sticcena in an ohflinaie cninpUint nl ih lungs, aitemled with a severe cough, tosa of voice, and the raising of much mood, which had previuutw reflated many approved preemptions. Alter using ihe Baluui one week, ihe Miiem svoice reiurned and he wm utile to speak audi bly. I'll i cane oerurrrd some lime since, and the man is now engaged nol only in active but IhImmous bueinem. Rreprcifully, &c. 8. MoinELL, Ii is now more tluu six vears since I was brought vcr) low b) an afleciion of ihe lungs, and mv complaint was declared to be incurable by a council oflhiee phy c'nui. I was then restnred 10 aigoolheahli a I had rnjoved for many vears, by uaing the Vegetable Pul monary Balaam. Since ray recovery I have recom- mendril the lialeam in u greal many ol lung coinpUinn, and so far hi I can learn, its uie Ins in variably been followed by murh benefit, and in inauv iiirtaiicei it hii effected cures which were nholly unex peeled. SAMUEL EvKRITT, Uoiioii, March Wil. For rale, whuleiale and retail, bv J. J. II PECK U Co., and TllEO. A. PECK ic Co., Bur lingion, Vl. 45 OILS. bbls. American Linsccel Oil, 10 Tierces fall sperm do 5 do winler do do 35 bbls. rclincl do do J.& J- H. Peck dc Co. OA HALT. OU bush, solar Salt 3000 do steam do 1500 do tine do 1000 do Turks Island do 1000 bl.N. lino do 100 do dairy do 2.10 do coar-e do 200 acks dairy do by J. et J. H. PECK &. Co. Ctrrf Nails, llrads Amerlcau Iron. ,UUU kegs Nails from 31 to 001 250 do Brads Irom C.i io20j Ilor-c shot- Iron Scroll and llnme do all sizes Band Ironlroin li to 4) inch Round do do 111 do Sqtiart-5-6 to J3do J. et H. Pece cV Co. CROCKERY, Glass and China ware) largo and small looking glasses, a good assortment, by US 1. l.UV 1.1,1 CV. LU, pHE Burlington BREWERY has I J. nOW COIllincnC v-U I'lirimoo, will have new Beer in a few days. .when all orders will be punctually I attended to. Burlington, Sept. 1840. GEO. PETERSON. JXi riff PAI.TSII01.SPAITLI)I.NG&MILUS ll have opened a new Paint Shop on Church", two doors south of H. Lane's Store-, whr-re jhey will do all kinds of IIOL'SK, Sllir, n-. ami Aiuuaor PAINTING, in the pns-lble manner and on term: .i.. .i, mnu fnvour them with iheir patron' age. ICp-Pauits, Oil, Varnish and lmv, consiantly on hand and for ate. . H. SPALI;I).N&. Burlington, April 9, 1810. v. i. w i i,u-s. eles as ment in the vsriMiow sash IT Just rceeiveil 15,20 and 217 by 9 casement ol sash, a first rate article at 31 and 31 cents per light ; also all hinds and sizes, fiirnishtsl to order. Tioondcroga black le-ad, a firt rale article, for sale very low, together with a great variety cu oiner am cheap as can be found at any other establish the place. Geo. Peteiisom. NEW nUUC. ESTAUlilSHMRXT. At the sign of the MORTAR one door cast of J. f J. H. Peck rf Co. The bubscribcra have opened an Apothecary Store, and intend to confine themselves strictly to that business. They now olfer to the public a, general assortment ol genuine .vicuccmes, including all new Chemicals, nn i ino sianuureu-aiciiiiucuieiiies; constant attendance, wilt no given, ana particular ui tcntion paid to prescriptions. Burlington, Aug. 20. TIIEO. A. PECK ct Co. eimClLE. DOUBLE. UMBILICAL. n!2 A large assortment, comprising nearly II. W. CATLINcVCO. OH AWLS, O every variety of ciuahly and style, for sale by 1 nn GHOCEKIES. lUU ehets young Hyson Tea, 75 do HysonsUin, do. 20 bags popper, 20 do Pimento, 40 do Coilce 50 boxes Pipes 100 do Bar Soap 200 do Raisins 50 kegs do 40 do Pure ginger -100 Mats Cassia St. Croix Rum. Holland Gin. SiVnette Brandy. Bal litnore Gin, American Brandy, Champaiene. Brown and Pale Sherry, Madeira nnd Sicily Madeira, Mar seill.s Madeira and .ualaga wine, y June 7. J. & J. H. PECK & Co. INQMltl'-. VSK THOSE WHO KNOW. I'lioee only who know by (rial nr immediate obier- vaiion. ran luim anv idea ut Hie ellecii. ol Hie nerieei relief, ofllie ulni.iei cure. .fTecied in cute, of ihe Pilii, Rheumatism, all SwtLtiass, and all caiern.l 1'aiki. no ui.ller huw icvere, by the ue of llavi' Liiiimrni. Kiml one bo hat nird it thai will not bind il above all things ever lined, and )un will find what cannot be fuund. ICJTor the reliefol iufft:r ine human beincs who uiav be afilicied, I beg ton in ak ark of llioce whn know ask ibe Hon, ALrHEb CoNKLIM, U. S. Judge for llul district, residing near Auburn j ark Matthew J .ITERS, bin. Athens, N. Y :a-k Gen. Durr Greek, laia of Waihiiigiun city, each of iliese geuiteinen know ofca-rs uncoiupter. able bv all oilier remed es or iihviicmns. lliough tried for many veais, ihai have been cured by ihe use of ihe g.'nuiue Hay's Liniment. 'I'll lu.ands afoiber persom kuuw cuien. vve appeal to lueir eeuie ol jui Hie iheir human feelings. ICyit is but a dut) )un owe lo )0iir sutlering leiiow-iieings lo let this great rcinedt be known, Sneak of il then lo all vour fneadi 'I'll is will lave much pain where the nevviuaiieii are ii'ii read, or where readers are incredulous, became so many worthies articlei are advenleed (or the same purpoie. I o utijeri we say, il all wno have uieu n eio not lay it ii beyond all praiie, then do nol lake it. hie propricior will nol allow ihii article to be paid for un eu il curei. when nlllliedireciiooi are fully fullow- cd, Will any one suftering refuse now to try it J If lie does, lie ought to be pitied mote nr hn obiiiuacy than hiiiunerinz. ICJMr. Ilava would never ruairnt to offer this article, w ere he nol compelled by hii leme of moral ul religious dntv lo do all in Ins puvver lor i lie viciinu of distreis and m'uery. For ihii purpose lie would eonner devole a fortune, man secure a dollar fur worthiest article. CF-LOOK OUT.-Somt OLOTHS and Cassimeres. The attention of nur. J chasers is specially invited to tho a6oortmcnt of ctotus, cassime-rcs, aim vesungs oi tlli II. . OA l L.I.. CC CO, A very large assoriincut of all sizes and pri.'cs from 50 et?, to 815 each. Jutt ree'd and for talu ut ihe Book Store. I). A. BRA MAN. "Diui.ns.- U ol Bible., "13AltNlii' new (Ji.sigr.tph), on the Cla-sification u fv-tcni : a vcrv ii-cltil woru lor scltoo s. tti.t rcc'i mid for alc at the Book-toru 'cl9 I) A BRAMAN" Of Bales brown sheetings and shirtings. 8 do, OU York, power loom, and Dorchester Ticks, for salebv Is'jO) VILAS, LOOMIS & CO. 100 200 250 250 200 40 25 30 I1YE STUFFS. bbls. Cam Wool elo Log Wood St. Domingo do Log Wood Canpeachy do Fustic do Nicaragua do Alum do Blue Vitriol do Madder wind'eit liaveeounieifeited lli'l article, and pul it up wiih various devicei. Do nol be imputed upon. One thing only will protect jou il It llienauieof t'ornifoc fy Co ; thai name must be alwaja on the wrapper, or tnu ore cheaied. Do nol forget il. Take I tils doec lion with VUII, anu text oy inai, mr never uuy , lor ll I. impouible lur any other to be Hue or jemima. ' SOLOMON IIAVS. Snt.l t,i' Camstock e Co. 2 Fletcher ttretl. N. York TIIEO. A. PECK & Co. Wholeitde Agenli for Ihe State of Vermont. ICPIMPORTANT CAUTION,3 It Isa singular fact and one much to The regretted that valuable medicines, as soon as they become pop. ular, and have receivnl and approval of a discriminating public,nrcsurelo be counterfeited, and thus a bad and spurious article is immediately palnml upon Ihe unsuspecting for the genuine. This has been notoriously the case with all popular tried and truly valuable inudicnes for years past, and will probably continue to be the ce for years to come. The bae and contemptible counterfeit in this wav meanly takes ndvantaee ol all the c.forti and adver tising used by the proprietors of the genuine article, to gc-i ineir nioiiicincs iiiiuusv anu ucserveu populari ty. Ill's therefore not less Iheduty than it contributes to the safety of every honest individual in the com- In f 1 I r.. C. lIC! iiimtiiv iuvai'u-i-. iiuvvii uowii, hiio lorevtr uiie'r oi.t TIUILT all HEARTLESS LNURATtS who thus irre sponsibly trifle with health and life. IUJ-llir.ul.tUKl-. TAK.K INWI IU1-.J)J There is a person bv the name of J. B. ItOCHE- FORT. now enzaged inscllimr a Pill doneini in boxes in exact and perfect imitation of the genuine INDIAN VEGETABLE PILLS, with the omission of only one word on the Boxes vie. Wright. The Pills sold by this Kochefort arc evidently intended as a fraud anil imposition upon the community, or tliey would not have been done up iu such exact imitation of the gen uine. This person is tall blustering with a great the atrical swagger. He was recently known nsa very poor player in Baltimore, under the musical cognomen of Jim Brown, and is about twenty five years of age1 His almost ocyonua uouui mat ncis stippiicit wun the Pills from a Druggist firm in this City, w-ho have heretofore len notoriously connects with counter feit medicines. As soonasproof isobtaincd the foun tain head of ibis nefarious business will be exposed, that the community may shun them as they would a serpent. IN THE MEAN TIME THE PUBLIC ARE CAU TIONED against buying WRIGH TS Indian Vegetable Puts of anyone who does not exhibit a certiticate of agen cy signed by the agent for Ihe New England States and bearing date since January 1840. Also lake par ticular notice that Ihcfollowing wording is on tha box esWright's Indian Vegetal lePt'l (ind. Purgative) of the North American College of Health. The Indian Vegetable Pills are a certain cure for diieaxe in its every variety of form, because they tho roughly cleame the iioniach and bowels, induce a pro- per ducnarge uy the lungt, .Kin and kidnev, anu in mulate ihe bluod 10 outifv ittelf. In other wotrlt thev open all the natural drain, and leave NATURE the Grand Physician) free to diive dueaie from Ihe body. The above ouilctt, or diains, are ihe common tevvert of the body, tin ouch which all mot bid and cor rupt liumori (the cauie ol diaeaec) are canted off; and to long at they are all kept open, and dircharge Ireei) their allotted portions of impurity, Ihe body will con. Hliue, inhealih : bui when fioin eating improper loud, breathing impure air, sudden irnoiitioni fruui heat lo cold, over exhaustion or any oilier rpune, the bovveln become coilive, the pore, ol the ekin become cloied, or Hiektdncvi tail lo perform Uieu luncin.ns prope.ilv.l lite Hiipuriltet which iliutild be drained lioin the body j by there oullel", will be retained, and continue lo ac cumulate until the body becomes literally loaded with dilate. If ihe cltann'll f our mighty nvert should become blocked up, would not lh; accetnuluird wmert find new outlets, or the country become inundated 7 Junto wiih the human body; if ihe natuiuldraini be come doted, l lie stagnant and corrupt huinort w HI find vent ill uie various loinn oi uncase bucii h. rein, Small Pox, Meatlet, lllieuinniMin, Gout, Apoplexy, tic. or Death will eu-J our sufl'eiings. Theicfute, when tickiieti hi the ttnmach. paint in the back nnd tide, quirk pulie, burning skin, or any oilier unplea sant tymptoint, indicate that one or more of ibe na. luraldraint me nol diirhnrging lieely, niiuiiie roiitti tution is about lucoiumenceaitiuggle lor theresiora lion ofheahb, no lime thnuld lie lotl in adininii'rring a fe brisk dotev of ihe Indian Putaatite (Jmlian Ve getable Pills.) By so doing, nil Ihe liinctiont of ihe body will be resturea to order, mil ine taut uumori (the cauicof every iiirldtnatioii or pain we suffer) will be removed in so easy and natural a manner, thai iIih body will be retloied at if by a charm. The above run maybe laKrnai all timet anu miner iu en cum. lancet, with peiferi i.iletv. I liey nun alt com painttaud all aget, anditreto the luiinancniHtiiuiirm at lood : conierpieiuiy ine can nrnrr nyurr even ine mutt deliCHte. Like our food, ihey are digestible; therefore Ihey enter into I lie circulation and imparl an energy lo the blood, which enabtrt it to flow with fice- doin quite In the exiremitiei and cunitruenily to keep lie pnret orilie iktn open. I hey are true and pel led purifieri of the blood ; breaurethey drain all coirupi humor from thai lifa giving fluid. 1'hey imparl trength and Vigor lo the whale tv.iein, and Ibair ef. fern arealways beneficial : because they only remove lbo?e huniora which ate opposed to lieahh. I'hey aid nnd improve digestion, und sound eteep folluvvt their use : becau.e tliey cleame the stumsrh and bowrlsol those slimy huuiourt which not only irritate andexrue the tieivous iyteiii, I in I paialyte and weaken the dis gejliveoreant. In ihnn ihey imifefi all they good properties thai can be rlaimed for any medicine : and what hit very rrmaikable, it it ulteily inipomb'e lo use Hiem without benehl. Price 25 cents per Box, with full direction.. Oltieo and General Depot for the New England Slates, No. la3TrcmontSircct,near Court street, Boton. The regular appointed Agents can rccei vat heir sup plies of ihe above popular PilN, as heretofore, from the only oifiee and general depot for ihe New England State., 198 Treinont str.-t, Boston. Pedlars or trav- iling agents are not allovvedtosr-ll ihe genuine Indian cgciable Pills, therefore never nurchate from them, for If you do vein will lai sure to obtain a dangerous mid cuuirurlVil article. si 1 Into. A. Peck Co. Acenlsin Burlington, for the sale of the Indian Vegetable Pills, ulso W. 11. IloLLET, Williston. t. nnd A. lirinstnuid, uurlington. LYMAN St COLT have received Jhcir usiib extensive assortment of fall and winter good omprising a great variety of figured saxony, double and sincle width. Printed Crape Merino, Moitsehne deLaine, &c. Figured Alepine, figured and plnin r.ngltsh Merinos, uro do i-tapies ami rrcncii ou. Worsted Camlcteens. Alpncca Cloth, Thibet Merino, cVo. Iicautiful articles for ladies cloaks. Erminctte, Salisbury Flannel, figured Circassians Sic. Goats Hair nnd Imitation Uamlcts, Hrncnena, rer-ian ciotu tie. Heavy dtuble milled Broad Uloths, Ueavcr nnd 1'ilnt n nth. Kich Dimnond Heaver 1.10111. a new ar ticle for Genllcinens over Coals. A large number of heavy worsted shawls, a wvv Lupins liesi merino ana Cahmcrc do, Netting, Palatine and Edenboro, do. Rich Chally, Mousclinc tie Laine and Chcneal lldlifs. SILKS. Heavy Canton, Grode Naples nnd other Silk., rich figured Blue Black, Brown aud other colors, Gloves and Hosiery. DOMESTIC GOODS. Cotton sheeting,, shirting, ticking, wadding and cotton yarn, superior I ri.h Linen. TAILORS TRIMINGS.-Scwuis Silk, Twi;t and Thread, Padding, Cnuvas., SulcciR., col'd Jcan, Hrown and HiacK uncn, rinm numen rra., teil Surge, Silk do., Silk Bmding, Silk Cords, Wors- tul Binding &e. &c. , VESTING. Woo'en Velvet, Silk civet, a1entm. Silk Satin ic. Silk Velvet for trimmings assorted colors. Hoslyn checks for children.s wear. G Ell MAN" COUGH SYIlUP. A Few dozens of this famous medicine, for the cure Colds and Coughs, are fur sale by tho subscri bers. Recommendations from many of our citizens can bo given. TIIEO. A. PECK Sc CO. Apothecaries, Court House Square. HEPATIC ELIXIR, A .CELEBRATED remedy for complaints arising from a diseased stale of ihe Ll VKK and its Secre tions J the following arc a few of its symptoms, weakness ol tbostomach, Indigestion, loss of appetite lowness of Spirits and Headache; it will lie found a sure remedy lor Eruptions on Ihe Face. Inconse quence of tneir being many nostrums circulating in this part of the country, the subscrtliers arc authorized to warrant its lienelieial cil'eets. This article is just received, and ollered to the public as one well worth the intention ofthose who are afflicted by complaints from the above disease; it being from an eminent phvsician wc feel confident in thus recommending.!. Oct. 0,1840. THEO. A. PECK &i Co., Sign of the Mortar, one door easi ofJ -t J II Peek Si Co 50 carboys Oil Vitriol rPO THE llALiD.Ilt; AUfcl) .V OTI1KHS J. Dft any know a neighbor or a friend who hat been Bald, and whnie head it now rovered wiih tine hair7 One whore roal collar wat roveied wiih dan dinff. though lirurhed every hour which bat nuw van ithed entire!) I Jr one whoie liairi ul early age wete tuning grev. whu now has nol a grev hair I Clnldien PINK LU .11 HE It, for sale. 80.000 feel 2 in' h plank inch l oanl. H inch flooriii'.', and snsb stuii; clear and common apply lo STRONGS tk Co. SCO A It. -II llhds. B. Sugar for sale by Sept. 25, 1840. H. WHEELER. rPHE Pcoide's Presidential Candidate, or the life of x win. licnry Harrison, uy lucnaru iiiitiieiii, tor 6iileat the Book Store, price '20 cts. Burlington, Sept.23, 1810. D. A. BRAMAN. FAKWrci.IAS HIIO rce-'d nnd for sale by KIIOES. II, w, a full assortment just CATLI.N - U-o SALHHATUS. June 19. 40 casks, by J. & J. PECK 4. Co. rHOWN GLASS. Rctlloril,SaranacuiiilClinton KJ crown by J. cv. J. n. ll.;ocv;o. Atn-lniir. A..i,f An'trt Furlis. Nilri A pi.!. Careiima. UnrWnn.l. IVach Wci.l. Oner Citron Bark. Soani-h whoie Iteadt were cuvered with scurf, whole hair Flotaiit and Bengal Indigo, Lac Dje, Nuittialls, press! would nol grow, thai are now growing the fulleti ciopt Papers, Jacks, Tenter Hooks, CrcamTarlnr and Agal lof l.air I sjome eaict muit be known to mott perron i. June 19. bv J. & J. II. PECK & Co. I A.k ihfiniliecau.e, and toil will ba told that there ' 1 thing, have lieen done by ihe uie of ihe Balm of Co riHEAPER and belter for Ready Pay. Tho sub-tumbia. Of20 veati growth it ihii article, in demand VJ acriber would inform his customers and the nub-1 annuallv tome hundred ner cent. though lie that on account of his loss of Goods by fire and the I w,en discovered not oppoiedby anvihing lor ihe tame damaged ones selling off so cheap, his present I purpoie , now atniled by almoil numberleat muihroun slolis ib luiiivipnu inuuu mvi. un. dviv., ut.u i trath pteparaiion. in at win ruin ine nair it uvru to hii- cioiiis pcins uougm ni low prices can oc soiu encap. I extent. Can more than Hiete faen be wanted rele All Kinds oi doming inane- on ine snoncsi nonce. lo ,i.e ,ecoiniuendaiioni by a liti ufnamei of retpecia Cutting done ns usual. All kinds of clothes cleaned i,;illu. uneiiuji,d bv anv other article. Look lo ihete f paint, crease, esc, and dressctt, pressed and repaired i.., ,i,t. r,,rte. Ria. and nieini. mm i,,.ii in iho neatest manner and liroupht as near as possible b u,ei or ,r bald restore It. Ladiet, attend to tltit to their original beauty, and warranted without dam- JiluUlire,!, j fa.hlunablt life are uting it ai ihe only age. Also piihand, (no waiting until New 'V ears or .rl;cie ...h, fi, fur ,le ,0ilei. Long hair it veiv apt running all day n Her uimnimgs atc.,l lop t.oats, . - , La,llet.uia the Balm of Columbia to time Cloakca, Dress and h rock Coats, l'antaloons, Y atst- ,0ure'vet Ihe ditgrace ol baldne.t by neglect coats, Sailor Jackets, Iloya Clothes, Wanntll and I ,v,, r ' ... i.i, soar dulv. ai iDoialitlt lo .ire- other shirts. Drawers, Mocks, (Sc. Also all kinds of I r'fj beal;N 0f nature, with which a bouutiful iswiim iiuiiu saloon's, iiuib, t.uuiii aim .-itue?, Trnvcllini? Bacs. Trunks. Furniture and nil other ar ticles common ana uncommon. uiotneB or produce taken for pay. C. HENNS. rean .-!., sept. It, ibid. t ROCKET, Comic and People's Alinanics, for IS 10. J 4000 for sale at publishers prices, ny Sep. 30. VILAS, LOOMIS & CO, 1 nf. ll'ixes Tin Plate, X. 30 bundles English 1 UU and American Sheet Iron. 50 do. do. do. Wire, copper and brass wire Vellum, for fdc by Sep. 2i. yi!iA3.J92,JL&J;2i. IK Hlids. New Orleans SiiL-ar, on consignment, O Aug. 6. for sale by X. LOVELY & Co. 17AREWi:i.L'S Gailcr boots, vvalking shoes and 1 .lint., n full n.Hnrtmcnt : Ladies liucn'd India rub ber shoes ; plain do. Umbrellas, fancy vvurk baskets, buck gloves and mittens. JN. l.uvi.t.i cc Vyu. 2 CASES white nnd col'd Spool Thread, 1 tlo Pins, 300 lbs. white nnd assorted Thread, 500 gross gilt and fancy Horn Buttons, 20 do Fancy Suaps, just Sent. 21. rtc u and lor salo by Vilas, I.oomis ev. Co, 711ST ree'd a supply of Marsh's celebrated Trusses, J ofevery description, for sale by thodoienor single TJ Ot.l0.1S10 THF-O.A, PECK ftCo. 3J S'gn oi tUf Mortar TT'URS. Otter, seal and nutria rnpsi lynx and coney 1 niniVsi lions i snuirrel. natural collaret await. coney, and nutru trimniinga buflhlo robes; for euluby ni l II. f . s.i i w. ROAD CLOTHS, Beaver and Pilot coths, cassi meres. colored and white Flannels, a full assort' merit, very cheep tV caau ny IM. Ljuvf , yy SUKH.11 AN'S WOICW I.OZ.' NGICS. HILDHKN or tululls can lake medicine in this ' form without ditll.-ully. His the only way lo make it plea-anl. The.-c Lozenges arc the great est discovery ever made, for dispelling the va rious kinds of worms lluit so frequently and distress- singly unnoy both children ami auuits. nicy arc nn infallible remedy, and so pleasant to the taste that children will take ihciii as readily as a common pep permint lozenge, .viany iiiscn-cs arise iroin worm-, without its being suspected. Sometimes a very trouble some coueb. oains in the loints or limbs. I lot-ding nt iheiiOM-, cVc are occasioned by worms, and can le easily cured by this cclebratcil medicine. The follow ing symptoms inuicuic ine presence oi worms, viz: headache, vertigo, torpor, tli-turl-e-l dreams, slivp broken oi by riKIU and vrcuiiung, convulsions, n- veriihuess, thirst, pallid hue, bad tasie m the mouth, n ctisivo brea 111. conirn. uiuicuii oreaiiiinr. ucuinir al Ihe nose. Pains in the stomuch, nanscn, Kiue-ainish- ncss, voracity, leannos, leiiomus, itching at tue anus towards night, and at Icngih, dc cctions and films nnd mncu. One is a dose lor a cliiid two years out two for one lour vears old litres) lor eight years, and live for an adult, and should be repealed every morning, or every olhcr morning until relieved. cy Sold at ihe Variety store by PA.NGBORN At BRINS.MAID. Jenellers. Burlington. Vl. wholesale Agents. A liberal discount 10 merchants who buy to sell again. HUMORS ! t Notwithstanding the public jour nals of tha day, are ulready crowded with noti ces of Medicines, in which the public have very little confidence, I have concluded to say to those afflicted wiih Salt Rheum, St. Anthony's fire, (or Erysipelas,) -s,...i.1.HcaJ. Lenrosv. or any oilier cutaneous emotion also hastt been found a remedy for Sick-Iltadadic which arises from humors in the stomach. That I hai-o funnel n sale and e.lcctual remedy bv an internal application, without altering the diet or bal its (it tuinncratel and without injuring Uie constitution issiVl.t. 1 have been most seriously afflicted with ' l'..l I ......... trt- r,vipi.s,n .r.- tfl.i!.. a COIIipiullll cuiiexi iitjitu-),.". ........ ,.-, ....... ihe ablest Physician- could give me but little eneonr accment or relief, calling it an incurubledi-easc. Afler innny years experimenting on myself, a! ihe hazard nf my life. I have, by the blc.sinc of God made this .7 ' ' t l.. r..ll.. . f.,1. discovery, anu ant now rcauj mo- iu vuu.ui' my ,vi- IOW Sllllercrs OI ine luci ju my own oct-oii, lino a-sis, ikninm a like remedy, for a reasonablecoiuiiensation. Yell am not insensilleof ihediilioulty to call public altcntion, so ofien deceived, lo a new compound, utn (mm its beneficial eli'ects upon my niy-elt, and ,nmn rakers also who L'ivcn it a trial, I am in duccdlo oil'erit to ihe public, with lull directions for Usiusr, naries) jone-,iu uiy own nniiu writing lobe" genuine, and for their accotmxlalion it will be Jelt Willi IllOsl Ol ine principal iyii.i-is , lu v-u. ted States as soon as convenient, Willi n fewcerli ficatcs of its cllicacv. such ns may loilow mis no. ticsL-. Also, may be found with it, n sale, easy and in' fallible (internal) remedy for the Pile-, prepared by t sL.lir,,! bnnd of the medical callel 'i'cs or morhoidi, which if Used will surely recommend it-elf. CfAU coniniiinicattons respecting ihese .Medicine mu-t I postage paid, to receive attention. Clarcmont, N. H.Scpt.2G, 1810. Ciuklei Jones. 7V(rit PuMic 1 hereby certify lliat my wife has lieen severely allbctesl for the la-t two years with a scrofulas humor the Saltrheumu, or something uf that nature) having applictl tu several Physicians and trutl nltnosi every thine which is recomti ended for such complaintv, out to no purpose-. At I it hearing ol : in.. I ..ii rcnansl bv Mr. Ciiahli.s Jo.s'rs, of llii town, she resolved to try it, and in six weeks after she licgan to ne it, was coinplelrly cured. I would, therefore, rccoinincnd this medicine lo all v. ho are af ilicinl with scroilnlas hninors. such as have lecn pro nounced by nearly all Physicians incurable, and am uonhdentmat tney win nun iiuniceuaic m-i. Clarcmont, Aug. 4, 1810. Wm. Roiutlr, A Card. Theundersicneil takes this method to sn; in ilin.. vrhr. arc allbelcil wil l humor-ol .my knit that he has leen mo-l seriously nllhctcd for ten or twelve years with a cutaneous complaint called Sill- rncttmoor u;insy wiiilii - u-i iv,, j-iHum,, . incurable. And knowing mat tnc same m ncrcuii ary in our family I had de-painil of ever lindiiig relief, Having laueu in an ' ion. .pi- ... Unu . spring I learneil that mv brother Lliarle,who had I cc for fiinnccn vears in ihe same shuation had found safe and cllW lual renusly, withoul altering the diet or habit-, tor which 1 applieil, and was turni-iicM with a phial of drop-, and lean now say thai uficr using one htilf lilt immnru'a. completely cradicaiesl without in- jiirinsr my health, nnd 1 have nodoubi but oihers may liud, the saint; in this powerful medicine, as 1 under stand somealrcadv have. He has declined tnakina il very public at pre-enl, yet I think others may also find ll by applying at his residence in Wc-t Clarcmoiit lor iiiHorpscui. -.w..-v.,fcj. Clarcmont, August i, ioiu. Dlt. niIMJEY'S FAMILY PILLS,lor rcinc ving ayinploins of irn'otiou ari-ing from foul stomach and liowcls) Such as loss of nppelile, or morbid cravings for food, sickness or vornitling, pains or an uneasy sensation at the pit of stomach, wiih sourness, and a costive slaleof ihebowcl, flatu lence wiih fulness of these tinrts, nnd pain on pressure, with fuinlncss, jaundice, uycntnry, pains in cnhor side, nnd piles. Alleciious of 1 lie hcad,dizzincs-, stu por, weakness, depression of spirits, hy-tenti, hypo chondria, and ofien disturHsl sleep, rick head acho socommon with feeble, delicate persons, csa-cially females, diarrhrea. or looseness of the bowels, und dy- senlary, diseases of the skin, and worms to frequent ith children, nilections ol the ciicM, sucn as cougns, diiricnllv- of brcathini.''. occasioned very frcnccnily by a disordered state of the stomach. Monthly niieo tionsof females, when checked by general debility with hiss ofappctitc, attended with cold feet, etc., ague and fever, intluenz.i, rheumatic, a'lectioua cf tho joints scrofula, ticduloroiix, or painlul allnclions of the nerves of the face, neck and shoulders. 1 have found I hern ii-cliil in removing chronic catarrli, it pcr-everou in for sonic time, in smaller doe. They ore accommo dated to all age., (children of b year old may safely iisellicin,) nnd to any climate, nnd under nil circum- stances, lhev contain no mercury nor edher mineral. Thcyare purely vegetal le. Dose. Two to four may be taken at a nine, nnd repeated every other night, until the tongue is clean, and the di-chaige from tha bowels, instead of I cing Inilit colored or elark and of fensive, 1 ecoines free and full and healthy, with a re turn of appetite. CERTIFICATES. The nndcrsirncd has had the ca-ureofan acnuaintance with Dr S. Phiiincv for some years pa-t, tliirinir his residence in ibis Village, where He has attained a mgii cnaracicr a a ptiysicisa He hashatlan oppcrliiuiiy also in repealed instanceL ol testing the value ol the "Family Pills," and from hi own experience of their e.licacy, as well as from a. Ktiowie-uie oi nieir goooe.ies-isiu oiner in-e-., oc ua no he-ilalion m rccommendiiii them to le ju-t what they profess tolc, a very valuable Family Medicine. iiio.uao .' i ii, Pastor of Ihe Presbyterian church, Calskill X.Y. I feel it lo I c a privilege and duty to say. that lo th extern of my observation and experience, which is very considerable el inng several years, the utility of the article loth for Dyspe-p-y and as a mo-tetTicacioua family .vicuiciiie, lar exceeueet my anticipation. More than thirty years I have not enjoyed health, but sitilcrcd much from icU head-ache, and from billions lections. 1 have had tho advice of many re-pectal. physician-, but never foind any cfeetual relief from my complaints until a irial of Dr Phinncy's Pill- had been made. Samuel ChcrciiILl. Ilarmonshiirg. Crawford Co., I.i., July, 1833. Catskill, Greene Co., N. Y April, 1S23. To all whom it may concern : This certifies that Dr Phinnev isa rhv-ictan of the hrsl standing In this Hinge, having received his medical elesree at Cam ridge L'nivcr-iiy, and is entitled lo the highest re-pet from the public. . .1,-1 l. r-i . ti I. , n A Itcv. iraviu 1', v. I'., iiev. josepn i reuiisp, n. M.j Thomas B. Cooke, President of Cat-kill Bank J Rev. Thomas M Smith j Jacob H.iitrht ; Rol crt Dor Ion, Coun-ellor J John Adint, do; M. Watson, do. If these mil" do not give satisfaction aliera fair trial they may 1 e returned, and the money will be retudded, Aecnlsare Hereby auinorueu to uo so, Arenis. n. Moody, Burlinzton ! UJanc-, Gcorgiaj T.W Smith, St. Albans i fj. L. Drake, West Milton and at most of the stores in the .-talc. o30.3m Creator hat endowed )ou ; uietheBalin.for il will do il CAUTION TO BE REMEMBERED. Seieral moil flagrant altainpit have been made lo ounierfeit Ihe true Balm of Columbia. Home of the '.i ipoitert have gone in lar ai lo counterfeit ihe tplrn HI (Kill 1- tsisjrvi'i.- riK ije.' i Vf.t.,t.i., I, I wrannert. and ihe r allt of Niagara, and eveiv ex ItJ. Mishcinc, which, if rightly applieil! will I the tit maik exceni the name or Cointiock, which ihey means of saving thousands from an untimely grave. not forge, fo avoid impoiitiont therefore, al lt has leen sold and used for thirty years, with great success, nnu disease-, viz IIIOII VyVfll.l-, v.f -, IMUIslIll I'liaiiiiui;, lllllliciiza Ouinsy. A'llinn. PhthUic. Snittins of Illnisl. Fbiiu l I,,.l,.. ,,.. Ijia ,.r ll... It,.,....!. I'... . I ':. '. ' li, ..t...; ,.! r..,.e'i TIA1.SUM OF LIVEHWORl'-li.i Ciin-iimplion inrv,' Famimsr, II yp Khoiidri'ac Allevnons, Ilea lichc-, "v-pen-ia, Asthma, nnd all of the Lungs sAncssnt Sioimicli. Mea..h-. a nrevenlivo of Co,., and Liver. I hese di-ea.e.. prevail tii a great extent, I e, .i,b.,n,i.nniiiiui. ,t A ll I i-n n ...t... linnl nn.l K i.-.oriMl i.m. 1 crcui UK iinivn ,ll-l- ".. r..... ...I...... . . wavt look for ihe name of Cotnitock li Co. or L. 8, I found very efficacious in the following Cotnitock, and never buy ihe article unlets il hat that . Consumption, Whooping Coughs, com- name upon il Sold wholesale and mail, only at No, IS Co'ds, thtricnlt Breathing, Influenza, 2 Fleirher ttreci, N. Y. TIIEO. A. PECK 4, Co. H'holeiale Agenn for the Sttto of Vermont le Gout and Rlicitnatfm. ICTPThcabovu Miilicincisprciisresl bv Henry Key mour, of Hudlcy, Mus-. from Ihe Original Recipe, by Ihediiociion of rmd Moore, and sold by him and the principal Druggists in the United States. rsoiii wuoiesiiic nnurctau, tiy j, ex, j, 11, reck Uo and hco, A. Peck et Cu,, lluilington, and bv ihe dcnleriT generally throughout the counlrv NOTICE. J. TRYOX, Mcrchaul Tailor, would respectfully announce to Ihe public nnd his old customers in particular, that he continues to accom- 1 . VI ...I... ..1l ...t.t. . : I f-.A llioonvo nil mho ' no, wun inu luee oi iiupiiii cu lasiliotm and work not inf nor to any, on reasonable notice, at nts old stand o i m. raui strcci. un nana anil lor sale cheap for cash a choice assortment of superior Broadcloths, Caaaimeres, Votings, and Trimmin. N. B, Coats cut for 50 cents, cash, P, b, 1 bo'ie indcbifi will f Iimiki call Ac py trp l.. n.tni- lust by the use of Dr. Tailor's ol . ff,.: i n : v :.,t,l- a ...I LlVCrWori. litis iiusnvinv: la ihii i ru.ii ir, nn. from its iiccnliaraciioii iinon the Liver is n'wavs found a radical remcuy lor ine-i- iiici.cs. r or i-cinnics uici men in a very weak slate, no medicine can le to .,.i,.r,,l n n..oiratiiiv ns il not only strengthens, but purifies mid givus a healthy action u the whole sys cm. Constantly lor salo by N. LOVELY Co. who have jusi rt-stvived a fresh supply olrcusonablc oood: from New York, all vcrv cheap for oath. Iliirluicten, I'liy l?m. A Syrup fur children cutting teeth. The timely ..... ..r.hi. uni. lH vuill .nve children much pain, often a Fever and Iho painful operation of lancing the Own, : ...i,,civl in ill cts. Gndlrcv's Cordial an excel lent article for tha nurtey 121 ctt., both those articles SBBBMAN'S POOH MAN'S PLASTER. ON lY 121 cenls each. Each plaster has printed on the back of it, "Sherman's Poor man's plaster," It is the lsl strengthening pla.lerin Ihe world, and a sovereign remedy it r pain or weakness in mo pact., bun., side, breast, neck, limbs, joints, rheumatism, lumbago, otc.&c. One million a year will not ittpply ihedetnand. 1 hey renm re a little warming oeiore ap plication. Warrantesl superior to all others, and lor one rjuarter tho usual prut", muking not only Ihe !M, but the cneapei piaster in ine woriu. ii auorus rebel in a few hour?, und makes astonishing cures. In liver complaint and dyspepsia, it should be worn over ihe ...-.i. i:....- ... .,,.... ...v. n region IN lur Hill i.iv,mvii, unu ll win uiiuiii f;irai auuastonisnin? renci. in congn-, cuius, nstuiun,uini cultv of lircathing. oppresiciii of the chc-t or slotnach, .: ...:n :.....i i l --.i .-.t.. i......:. .1... llieywill niiiiirviiaiii, sui'iii, aiiu tirvtioy iiv-iieiii ine: patient. Persons ol sedenlary habits, or those obllgml to stand much, will ifceive devidcvl support from one of lhce irttly, sirengthcning plasters. Physicians gen erally recommend ihem. in preference in till otliers.le- cau. incy sitei. or auncre ueiicr anu a loru greater i.-.r i .t...:- . ... .i. .: rClll l. IU invir '(v-rni i.'ii utv-s niv: riii. nun in. ilmih, and iintslync. They are composed of entirely di'lcrcnt ingrislicntsirom any other j and known irom inccX' nenenreof inillioii". who have tfcl Ihem. as well a th iinsl testimony, of all ihet celcl rated and di.tin iri.hisl dcrirv an I tihv-iciuus. iti I c the most useful aud highly inclicatel plaster, ever invented or oilcrtsl ii,ili..i.iililic. Several persons haveoullisl al the vvnrc houre lo express Iheir surprise and Ihanls nt the almost miraculous cures tnese puiste-rs nvvc c.iccnsi. linn man who bad Ut n so with rheiiniati-m, as to la: unable lo dress himsell wilhoul asM.ianie, wa enable I after wianne one. only onu night to eel on nlonu in Ihe moinitiL'. put on his clotheis and call al our ouicti wun eyes ocauiiiiK wnu joy nun ms loiisTiie pouring lorlh the gladness of Ins heart, al thosuiklen nn 1 signal relief he had received from (his lest of all remedies. Ak for Dr. Sherman's Poor Man's Plaster. ll is so called, I ecau.e the pri.v places il m the power of all to purchase, leingnnlv 121 cs. -hoiil at lha a rietvuero by PANGBORN it BRIN5MAIP, Jewellers. Purlington, Vt. wholesale acents. A lil' I fa) djacoariito Bcrohinta who luy o i-ll ajratn. A Card. The tindcrsig neil feels a dumtence in llui r..;n In. testimony in favor of a "new Mtslecine i.i- hi. men Father, and cannot hone lor the ' . '.t i ...V....1. iiriiutil I,., mil in nm echo would seem Clillliuvin. r . in. .. more d .intcre-stcit. mil lie ivus leave io say, in r. be hml been iroul Icil Willi a humor ...,.,.' .silbsl lenrosv. which had of late lecoine .crious alllietion: and knowing that his Father and others had in vain tnetl every rcmeny, nc nati 1101 IhC PlOsl Ul-tunt vxpreiniiuii in ever nii'iiii): i CUrC. llCing inU'lCCMlo try u jhoui Ul ins . niuvr 9 mesr ..,n.. he 1.1. indces loumiii nil necoiuu wish, a saic ' .. . ,. . 1 ir...i .I...H ..n.. i. nnd 111! is-i eves c ecu at cure, ii uiurr- su.iii bo iniltis-eJ by this 10 nd ihcm-elves of a loaih.omc . I. .,..,) ...,IIUni,.ii'r..l s'-n. .Ins'rc ompiaitii, ms vi." ... - - UlUVCrsliy 01 veriooui, imiihii&iuii, mic, ioiu. A Cord. Hearing of a Medeoine prcparcl by Mr. 1 1.. . nf ikii Iriti'n for linninr. nml imc'ini- swn its lneficialefiVcls, I applieil fi r 11 for my little daughter 4 years of ase, much allbctesl with Sail Rheum, auppused to l e an hcreibtary complaint. I can now say that after Using it six wivks my hopes are folly reapzisl in a cure without injuring Uiecniiu s heallll, anu e ail ueiw 1 cvoiiiiiieini 11 iu uiiins am inn and infallible remedy forsiu'hcomplainls. Clarcmont, N. IL Sept. 15, IS 10. Mart E. Tirkt. LOTH I.N. LOTION. DR. EV'A.NS' BEAUTi FYING LOTION. Iliehlv esteemed for curina- nil Eniitions Coarseness, Redness and Pimples on Ihe Face Neck or hand-, aud ellcctually cleaning lis complexion, and removing nil eii-eac-s 01 ine -Kin- rvoihmg conlributes so mucn 10 our general succesa ill lite?, a. an engai:inz first nppearatuc. This Lottos isadinired .1 inosi fragrant, mild, safe wash and great- esteemed fur its virtue in clcaiisintr, sMicning, and purifyina the skin of alt eruption-, so injurious 10 fi male la-Muiy, and re.torinz it to a high degree ol pu rity. A 1 caiitifu! complexion is the pride of all who nossc-sit, anu inecnvyoiiiiusewnci uierocprivvioiiu rt'hat i so allecling to a beautiful femalep'n whose facet naliirc has displayed her power, as to find her complex ion discoloured with disgusting pimple, which mat heridiaitnsl A irood appearance is the 1 el recom mendation ; nnd a'sihc llcaiitifymg Lotion purifies tha skin, and removes all Pimple-, Bloiche-, Tan, Sunburn and lteilncss, and produces a leauiiful hue, it 1- the only eostnciic a lady should 11.11 at bcr toilet. Gentlemen will allal-u lind tin. a delnrhtlul remedy, to reitiova all Rwiishnc.-, Pimple-, Rinirwoini., Spots, llcdiicvs Sorcncs of ihe face and nose, and every kind of erup tion on the surface of the human rody. It i partial" larly recommended logcnllcmen to le ueM alter na ving, a- it will prevent the- otherwi-e certain c.lecl ol all conitiiou soap, in luruiug ihe tcard prematcre'r grey, l or sale ho!e-olc and retail 1 v A. Ill 11.11 CO('K i Co., No. 1 170enesif street, Utu-a. In Bur lington, by J. & J. H. Peck & Co., and Theo. A. Peck &C0. In Vergcnnc-, by J. II, Bowman. InMtlton, by Burnett &. Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lrcma Janes aug 2l) 1 hereby certify that 1 have Icon intimately ac ..u;ni..l wit!. Mr. Charles Joiic-. of Clarcmont. N. II.. fcranumUr of ears last past, and have U-cn consul ted by and prescribed for bun, for a very obstinate disease ol the skin, well known bv the name of Leprosy bid could tlo no more than mitigate ine weave ur .1 time. Since lie has a'lected a radical cure by mcanv of his Drops for Humors, I have examines! him and am happy to say thai in. skin is pcricctiy m -ii-free from the disease. James Ckoudie, Physician. Francestown, IS. H., Sept. 15, 1810. 1 have been acquainted with Mr. Charles Jones for a number of years, have practices! 111 nisi.imuy, anu administers! mevheine for hi ditacof the skin, more or less, for ten or twe ve car. ,, , , u ....... cure. lie now apprnrs iuuv ..,1...... drops w hich ho prepare-, and w hich so far as I am ' .!.... i .....v. Jt..... ...nmi.a in be ol srcal un uy IU Sthscases: Moses Cobb, M. D. Springfield, Vt. Sept- , IS-"- I havnpre-eribcl remcsbes, and administered mtsli- cines for C. Jouc.'s h imor whicn 1 laucu wpr. -, ....... 1...- lor fiiuneen vcar-. without n compute cure (his being un u.icoinnion cn-c.) He now arPf' lo have a unaicurc irinn uise.n .1... ....., what I see of U e lects upon others ol.o, I an; ol iiu- nion it may beol intu-n pencui tiniii-e;oi.ii.iiiioi. Timothy S. ULtuso., M. D. Chremonl, Sept. 15, lftlO. trrTThismoilicinc makes no vain prc'cnsions nor j nn.. ii.mcs which will not Iclully rcalizol. rs... I , , n, , Come anJ try lor yourseivr.-, uu ii..u.iu wiih disease of this kind. Itmay be found ut ihe TVTOTICE to GROCERS & HOTEL KEEPERS, Xv Uie auuscripcrs Keep ccuiptniiuyou iiiiiu exten sive assortincntsof Essenccaand Syrups, also Slough lon'a Bitters, Wine do. Soda and Scidlitx PowiIcrs, Snices of all kinds. Purchasers will find it not for heir disadvantage to coll upon us.. 1 Octobers! TIIEQ A, PECK St Co HAllt: 1IA1K I!--HAl.lIN l-S Impor tant Hlscovcrv IlicCitat Mjslcry found nut al lanlDll. hTERRY S HAIR REGENE RATOR. Dr. Sterry, after iniicli atleunon to tha important subject of preserving the hair, has, after maHy expeilincnts citctmcai ami puysicai ueen suia to discover and article vvltich is now oflered with the greatest confideiicc for tho toilet as the bcstlhingover discovered, for, fur its softening and penetrating quality to produce a god licul ol nair to prevent it irom falling oll'when baldness is apprehended 10 rcstora it when baldness lias liken place, and 10 preveni it from lurtuni'gray. It ii is more nourishing than po matum, antique oil, or Cologne water. It is a beauti ful article for ltdics cutis it makes ihe hair soft and lively, and pi ounces uncommon brtllnncy. I nous amis have tested its superior virtues and excellence, and in every instance it stands unrivalled. It is an infallible cure in all nilections of the skin on the head as d.itidrntr, &c cie. Every family should be sup plied with a bottle of this oil, that by its application to the head and hair of children, the bc-iutiful and or namental appcndaire of a line head ot liaie, which nv lure Ins supplied us may be prt served, l'lom tha numerous certificate a nil recommendations rt-ceiveJ of its silutary influence, tho Doctor feels firmly per suaded lie has succeeded 111 producing an article which will meet the desired wi-hes and approbation of tha dublic. For sale wholesale and retail by A. HITCH COCK it Co. 117 Gene-rest. Unci, N. Y. In Bur lington, by J. eV J. II. PECK A; Co. and THF.O. A PECK. Co. In Bowman. In Milton, by Burnet & Sawyer. In Gcnrg.a, by Loren zo janes- "ri'MfiT lion ok Tin; hay. no ltiik no X PAY! The Genuine old Dutch or Ger man Vegetable Pills. -Highly recommended ly Dm. Valentine Molt. M. D, of N. Y and others. The-e nrc ihe oplcr-! Any one lint dt t-s not find ru- lift' from tncse puis the pruc is reunite! tack-, lt.e..o arc the positive order- of the Proprietor 10 arcnls and ethers. In tillering these pills lo the pul lie, 1 appeal lo their intelligence. If these pill- are not what ihey recommended, you are 111 duly 1 oun l out of respect lo voitrsclf aiidconiinunily to rcect them, and pill !ih them 10 the world a- an imposition, hum! ul. and nnackerv. The public may I e assured ihey are purely ycceial Ic, they are couipo'-eil cf nine incrcdints, part oi the niishctno is only found 111 Asia and in (he val leys of Germany. Fur convenient the-e extract nrc matic mm puis auu win 1 c touuu n snrecorc it ic lief for all bdlious complaints, jellow and 1 ocui fever-, lever and ague, jaundice, scarlet rash, unions cholic di-pcp.-ia. A.c. It is not preiemlcd that this mwhcincis a cure f.r all disease's. 10 which Ihe human system tv liable. Ten thousand ttselc-s cilorts h.iva iecn to draw front the region ol unknown fancy some long-pun theory of mnuie an, which would tine each and every disease. Good medicine is not found ill tin- lire or whirlwind. Health and happiness hang upon chance wind lime Is the herald of truth. The past nl lea-t is secure; ihey have alicady raised a monument cl iheir greatness wlu'h will th ly the t'orriHhiigtooth of lime. N'onccjvn I Genuine without n wrapper and direction, on each box 011 which my name is written at length. Sold wholcsnlc nnd retail by ihe subscriber nl lileii's Falls, by A . B. iV I), Sand VJ, and 100 Fulton st. audi!. M. Meig., 33 Soltlh Maikcl si. Albany. Baum et llavvlcv, 2IU .Siversu Troy, Genera. Agcuis Smimmy. For "ale by Wm. Rhode, nnd E. B. Green, Rich mond; Morion & Ciark, unl D. et l. S. I a'hrrp, Wi'lision ; lltigar ek. Com.tix'k, !-hcl' urn I II. Stan'on, E.-cx i Ceo. B. O.tkc, unit All crt Barncv, Jirulin; J. R. Htirlbiit. Wctford; J. II. Ilarnc.-, Chitrlorfj 11. .Moony nnd lieo. IVlcr-CH, llnrliiigtcn j und by L BR1GGS, Burlington, Agent for ( liiiicin'cn Co., where Sii'j-Aercn'scan l e supplusl nl wiiolcalcprnv.. OBsHIVE, ibat the genuine Cough and Worm Lo zenges and all o'ln-r-, m 1 Ic l y Dr. A. Sherman, arc sold tn I oxc--, sca'cd up and have 1 he name 01 "A. Slil'iiM.VN, M. II." 011 Ihe Boxes, Purcha-e r- will plensu rcticinl cr this as tho popularuv ol'lhfC articles, has in luced many individual, in make nn rirlicli', lar infe rior, to tell, when these article, nrcenuuircil for. llio :',' Mnn'J Pl.-i.ters nnd Sherman's laizenccr-, ate Sold al the Varirly Stou'. PASnions- tV IIbissmaip. CONFECTll)..llii'-s7-,usi 1 n""'. variety of Stuail'a celebrated coiifociwnarea ncntly rutV for mail tr.lso

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