Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, January 22, 1841, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated January 22, 1841 Page 3
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il lit THE PROGRESS OF TEMPERANCE. It will be pleasing to the public, there is no doubt to hear of the happy progress which temperance, lias made among the Irish Catholics of this town. They had last July formed themselves into an Association, and taken the pledge expressed in the following card which is given them : "BURLINGTON BRANCH or inn MONTREAL CATHOLIC TntllM'.ltAXCU ASSO CIATION. A. D. wat admitted on the --. 1SI1, by the Ilec. J. O'Callaghan, and made the, f Moving pledge i "I do sotenily promise to avoid intemperance, and "should it bo necessary in order to attain this object " to abstain totally from all intoxicating litpiors, 1 do hereby pledge itiysrlf to abstain from everyone of " them. I also promise by my advice and e.ainplo to " induce others to do the same." They take the pledge on Sunday with bended knees before the altar inprc-enco of the whole congregation. The revolution in morals and condition, which il has already produced among them in the short Fpacc ol six months, is truly astonishing. Almost all the Irish, men and women, in the town arecniolled and lake spiritual pride in fulfilling their vow: there is hardly one instance of a relapse. On tho contrary, they all declare that they never toulc a step in tho whole eoursc of their life that gave them half the delight, c-r that brought half the comfort and happiness into their families that this does. Tho contrast between their former and present condition is really lnot fortunate. Then were their houses scenes of biutal drunkenness and profane swearing, now they present calm, quiet ness and comfort then were tho wife and children on half allowance and poor dress, huddled together in a hovel with scarcely piovision enough for one week, now the same families are well fed, well clothed, in the snug cottage with plenty of provision, beef, pork, flour, and fiicwood already laid in for tho whole winter. Then tho men were crazy over tho bottle every Satuiday and Sunday, and were sick in bed Monday and Tuesday now they are sober, stout and strong, and able to woik cut the whole week. Sever al who through languor and want of decent attiio used to keep from the worship of God, now appear plump and rosy and decently dressed every Sunday at divine worship. I had like to forget it, the grog shop that was then crowded with tiplers and card players, is now totally abandoned, and tho 'grocer" is alone, meditating on tho haul times, and brooding hard feelings against tcmpeiance men; and perhaps he meets but little companion amongst those whom his poison-like glasses had kept in misery. Indeed something mysterious is bible in the whole movement; some extraordinary grace s lrom heaven sscnitooccompany il. Womtisl asci.'-o to heaven's influence the fact that a whole population passes all at once lrom vice to virtue, nut showing as yet the least inclination to relapse, even they who were so addicted and far gone in intemperance that they have the poisonous glass to their bps at the first dawn of day and very often before night, declare that since the moment they took the pledge tho tho't of rum never occurs to thein, and that they cannot bear the smell or sight of it, or of the gi - hop. Is not the finger of Goi. . isiblc in all this? 'I ho prodi gal son would fain have filled his belly with the husks the swine ' J cat, but returning to himself bo arose and went to hi- Father, and said to him: I'athcr, I have sinned against heaven, and before thee. And when ho was yet a great way oft" his rather saw him and was moved with e'oi ipass'.on and running to him fell upon hi" ' -k anc. nis-cd him, andhc ordered the first robe to bo put on him, and a ring to be put on his Inn'', and shoes upon his feet and killed the fatted calf to make i..erry. So, w hen the the sin ncrs move themselves to le turn to God thev receive additional Unlit and help from heaven to enable them to proceeds the virtue that formerly appeared bitter and disagreeable, now appears to them sweet and pleasant. May our temperance men persevere to tho end. The man who after putting his hand to the plough looks back is not worthy of the kingdom of God. a 'ilid January, 1811. rTiHERE has been an lBj years business done in tho "up and dong, quick and cheap for cush, and no imprisonment for debt" store and has been no dun, nor dun, never done yet. Information is hereby given that this same store has now one of the best stocks of merchandize for the season, and that cost may be saved on any goods pur chased over ordinarv prices, by applying to tho peo ple's agent, at HOWARD'S. C EOCCERY AM) GLASS WARE.-Fult setts ' of granite China ware. Tea and Dining setts, together with a general assortment of crockery and glassware) also lamps, patent top, screw top and astral lamps. Lantern", tumblers, itc. all of which will lie sold cheap for rash, as wo will convince any that favor us witli n call. Church st. J. P. WHALING St. Co. G1LASS WARE. Plain and cut Tumblers, cut I Wines and Champagne Glasses, plain and cut i.euiuuauu masses, nam aim eui w nip v-iasscs, com mon and cut Lamps, etc. cheap by N. Lovely & Co. Jan. 11. I ENGLISH POWDER. Pigons it Wilkes nnu J Burton'sceUbrated rillo powder, in pound canis ters, by II. M. GIDDINGS & Co. LOOKING GLASSES, ninhognnv framed, nt the lowest prices, by IL M. GIDDINGS et Co. 17INE IIROAD CLOTHS and CASSIMERES. JL The subscribers would solicit the attention of all whouroin want of any very fine Cloths or Cassi mernsns thnv have n rood nssorlmentnf almost ni'iru IOU SALE, About ton Ions of liny, of good quality and in good condition. Apply to 12 Jan. 1811. ItlOKOK et CATLIN. Ares, for sale by GIDDINGS, et. To. IJHOW;, Sheetings, very cheap by tho pieco or 2 I.OOO.OOO ltnxcs. JJ yard, at LOVELY and Co s cheap store. ri 111 ERE has never been a medicine discovered 5zr N. 11. Also, a choice assortment of Notes and J. ul,il, t,i ncnulred mid ei,im.-,l i!,n rmutniinn Accounts adapted to the present season, which not- for tho same length of time, as Morrison's Pills, inado siiiiieuug nine uecii on iiauusuine nine, nre noi nt tile Illltisn College ol Health, London, vve aro l ie ies3 tlesirnulc, ami aro ollercel at private sale until selling some thousands of boxes yearly in Vermont, HorniBLn Aifair. vc Irani lint two negrnis were t.ikcn out of the jail of Duplin county, in ibis state, a few days ago, hyagnngnt armed men, and deliberately shot at night, by torch-light I The cause of tlrs outrage was that the nigioes wcie churgid with a cruel inuidcr, and doubts were entertained from the previous escape of an accomplice, whether iho jail was sufficiently strong to keep the othei s safily until Court ! This utlic first instance wo have ever known in our law abiding state, of so gioss a violation of all law, human and divine, and wo pray it may be the lasi. Kaicigii (..,. c,.) iciguicr. Wcarenleased to hear of a piece of pood fori nit which has happened to somebody in Wilmington. We hope it may be Mia. Janvier, late of thi city, the occupant of the picniises. In clearing out out the wall, a vessel was found containing gold coins to tho value, of about six- hundred dollars, which, for aught that is known, may have have been deposited there in the revolutionary war. Phil. Xorth Amcricon. BROAD CLOTHS. Please call at tho new cash slotc on Church street, and examine the broad cloths, beaver cloths, cassiincres and satinctts, before nui chasing elscw here, and much obligo .1. P. WHALING it Co. Goods shown with plcasutc, ) whether purchased or not. ) S'v MAKERS' am at YARN. White and mixed Shakers' WHALING et Co.'s STATE Ob' VERMONT, ? rp DisTmcVoi CnrTTKSDEN-, ss. S X llieProbaleCoiirt for thcDistiict of Chittenden : To all persons concern ed in thecstatc of Nabby Hates, lale of Charlotte, in said District, deceased, GacnTiNo: Whkrkaf, William Dean, executor of tho last w ill and Testament of said deceased, proposes to ren der an account of jiis adminisiiation, and present his account against said estate forexaminalion and allow ance at a session of the Court of Preibatc, lo bo bed den at the Register's office in Ihuhnglon on the se cond Wednesday of February next, Thciefote, You are licreoy nonned lo appear oetoro sain court at the lime ami place aforesaid, and shew cause, if any you have, why tho account aforesaid should not be allowed. Given under my hand at liurlington, this lGth day of Jauuaiy, A. D. 1SU. "jVir.U" CHURCH MUSIC Oiis, Rtonderset i Co, have published under the direction and sanc tion of the Huston Musical institute, a book of Church Musicof every variety for devotional exercises, colled tho Huston : Musical Institute's Collection of Church Afasic. The whole having been compo;cd, selected and arranged by Thomas Comer, Esq., Organist at King's Chapel. ' For a long lime wc have known that Mr Comer has been industriously preparing this work for Iho press. Within his resources and no ln.inin this country has greater nothing has becnb ft untouched which would end m the composition ol feacicd Music, He has bail English, German and music at his command, and has used llieni freely. .Mr Comer i the most accomplished musician, in all the department" of the science and practice of that tliwnc art. that wehave known in lioston : and his namois n wirrant that the often repeated humbug of making a new tioole out ol out tunes, spoiled by the absurd alterations of an ignoiamus, has not'been iraclisctl. ins knowledge il Harmony is prolound; lis taste nine and highly cultivated in thebest schools; his ai eiuaintaueo with authors of sacred, operatic. vocal and instrumental music is uninoualcel bv any other member of the pr-! rsioii among us. As'a pcr- tormcr on the violin, piano lortc, and cspccilv upon the organ, he lias ocquuiu a lepuiation in lioston, thalis truly enviable a reputation which neither hu nor the Insittitc would sacrifice by publishing a poor bonk. From a cursory examination of 1 us cnlleciion. we rue satisfied it is Hie bcl ever puuiislu din this country, m solar as it is new, rich, appropriate, and adapted lo the ponnlar laste oiidthe state of musical knowledge. Tin a, lodiee arc choice, the harmonies simple, ea-y and coricct ; the varieiicsof tunes and anthems are suited to every occasion; and such is the tone of freluiL' which cencra y pervades the book, that we feel confident ihat all vvho desne improvement will introduce it into nuir choirs innnchately. rcnpie may, if ihey please, adhere to the dull music of old tiincs;lmt woadvise them lo follow the example of the Institute, and keep pace with the improved tasto of modern days, and better music. lioston Daily i imc. All lovers of music are requested to call and ex amine the above book at I). A. ISItAMAN'S Jan. 20, 1SU. Hook Store. ATOTICE. Tho Hoard of Commissioners for the li instrii' lion of the Deaf and Dumb and the I! and will convene at ihel'avil.on House in Montp' licr, on Thursday, the lPth day of "ebruary next, for the pur- pn-e ol designating bencliciaiies who aro to receive aid lioin the Mate ot vcimont, and lor t lie transi tion of any other business appci taming lo the legal duties ot the board. County Clerks and tho civil authority of towns are refoi red to title Dili, chap. 19th, of the Rev icil Statutes, toucning ineir respective (nines on tins simioci. I.. SARGEANT, Jan. 1,1811. JOHN COL11V. V; ' "l1-9 HENRY STOWEL, S sl0,"-r3' P. S. Publisheis of newspapers ill the state of V ermont will confer a favor on ilie uiilortunale by giv nig me auuve nonce a iiaec m ineir lcspecuvcjour nals. the first of I'cbruary next purchasers will see tho titno is snori. iiiriincron, .lanuary 1 1, inn. MR. STACY, Dear Sir Reading an arliclo in a late paper ofvours. scttmir foiththc utility of frequent and regular advertising, with your own illus trations in connexion, has "brought us over to tho faith." We shall try the experiment. Truly yours, II. M. GIDDINGS & Co. A ( HALL'S brown Oicctiugs. 2 do. power loom iMJ 1iel;. 2 caos York do. 1 bale -1U inch Uur lap. 1 bale canvass, Just received nnd for ale by .Mty.'JS, mill. II.AS, I.UO.MIS & L'o. riMlKIJAlJS.ctc, X llncaiN. COM iread. 20 lh. twil, for sale by 30U lb, wlnli and eoloicd cotton . linen do. 500 bundle 100 -kein Italian sewings, 10 lbs. Ilnliau VILAS, I.OOMIS, V Co. nnd ittakcssotnc millions to suniilv thoUnitcd Slates. The genuine arliclo can bo obtained in Ibis town einly nt the Variety Store, nnd all sold in the stale nro sign ed PANG110RN .( HUINSMA1D, taio Agenis, HARD WARE. Uutcher's heavy Kdes. Ibbol son's do. and rasps. Hand ssw Eiles. liutts, Screws, Norfolk Latches, hand and panncl Saws, cast steel Wood Saws ; knives and forks, bone and buck handles; Tea Servers, Sad Irons, Shovels and tongs, wool cards, horse cards, augers, trace chains, manure forks, Ames' shovels, etc. by II. Jl. ItllJUIiMiW, . JO. riMIOSE troubled with coughs or colds, will do A well lo call ul THEO. A. PECK et Co. Apothecaries. r GASIX i.,t.i,, I'm. ir9siur,lnr.l.i..r,miu CULVER Levers, of superior workmanship, made 200 dozen sii-pcivlers. 50 grosn cor-cl Ineets. O to our order and we warrant them to give satis 50 gross hook, anJejes. lor sine ny 200 -M drilled i-yed needles VILAS, LOO.MH, et Co. jVTOTICi:. My wife, Sophia l'oir'.tl, has left my 1 bed and board, without any iulilication. anil I therefore forbid all persons harboring or misting her on my account. JAMES POWELL. ucorgi.1, Uee. I, IB 10. faction. Also good Levers which wc purchased in New York and HoMon. of fine quality, at lower prices. l'AiNUIiOlUN Cfc IlKliNS.VlAlU, Watch Repairers. 10,000 PAINTS & OILS. lbs. dry while Lead 100 cal;s irrotmd do do 15 bbl-. Vcneliau Red 10 casks Krench ye low 50 b!il. American Linced Oil, 25 do Spirits Turpentine Copal Varnili, ttold Leal, Sand iapcr. Snnll.7 llru-hes, Glue, G-ini Copal, by .1. II. I'rcK et Co. CtOLD WATCHES. We invito those who are T wishinz nood I'no finished Levers or Lctiines, to examine somo beautiful ones, which aroaccurate timo keepers, at the Variety Store. We sell watches of coon quality as low as they are sold in lioston or N. York. PANGHORN & URINSMA1D. I5ANK 01-' BURLINGTON. Notice is hereby J given that a meeting of the Stockholders of the Rank of Burlington will be holden at their Hanking House, on the 2d Tuesday of January next, at 11 o'clock, A. M. for tho purpose of choosing seven di rectors for the year ensuing. Ily order ot tho President and Directors. Dec. 2, 1810. R. G. COLE, Cashier. WATCH and Clock Cleaning nnd Repairing. Watchcsnnd clocks cleaned and repaired in the same style as usual. Persons sending their watches, should send word if they stop, bow often, and in what position. 1 Ins wilt sometimes cnanio litem lo gel the watch returned regulated, sooner than if Ihev neglect to do so. PANGHORN et HRINSMAID. Watch Repairers, DON'T MISTAKE the sign of the Rr.n Lr.por:a, if vou would buy Common School Hooks. Hlnnlt Hooksor .Stationery on little the buttcrms,l baydon't mhtake the Red Ledger, College M. Dec. l. n. iiu. i i.vei iu.v, cflfi roMiis. rjyjyj doi. Cap and Twist Combs, 3000 " Wide nnd Narrow bide do 50 " Coarse and Fine do 1H0 " Ivory do Eor sale by Vilas, Loomis it Co. Nov. 23,' 18 10. 20 ys" Tons assorted si-zes, lhighsli Tire Iron, " Swedes linn. 5 " Ilussia O i Sab o do 2' " Peru manufactured Iron, consisting of all thovaiioiis sizes of round fioni 4 inch to 2 inch sqinio do., Hand, Scroll, Haiuc. and Horse Shoe Iron e;c. eVC. I l.l'.l.. SAMjrnso.N & Ilr.oTiinn's Cast Steed, all sizes, ilo Greaves' Ge-rtnan do English Rlistered a,. American do. Also, a full and general assortment of 'all descr ptious oi goods con nected with the above trade. Nov. 19, 1510. STRONGS & CO. A I.PACCA CLOTHS for cloaks; crapes. camb- Icls. cantbloteens. coals' hair and common wors- leil cambli Is. primed Saxonvs. plain and figured nl- pine-s, plain and printed muslin do hint's, all woo, now openingby N. LOVIU.Y & CO. Itiii'liiigloii Fire Society. NOTICE is hereby given to iho members of the Hurhnglon Tiro Society, that the annual meeting of said Soeicly will he holden at the hotel of John Howard, on the 27 ill instant, at" o'clock, P. M. Jan. 11, 1811. li. II. SIIAIY, UIC1K. IYS' LINIMENT, For iho euro of the Piles. W'einfi fm those, who are troubled with this dis tressing complaint, that we have sold a great number of bottles of this article, and that wo can refer to per sons m this town who have been cured ny tin? use oi the liniment which we sold them, it can be ue i with all confidences we do not believe it will fail 1. cure one case in 100. The genuine is signed "Corn stock if Co." Wehave the article dire clly from them nnd ,-ill sell it by tho gross, do.en or single bottle. Remember how it is signed, nseoiinteileitsarcaliroad. Variety Store. PANGHORN Ccliltl.N BOSTON Almanacs and Harrison Almanacs for 1811, at tlic Variety store. PANGHORN if HIUNS.VI.MP. SCROFULOUS HUMOUS.' Iho attention ot that pornon of tho eouimunity who an; aHliclcd with e'ulaiu'oiis eruption-, sueli a r-all Klienin, !-t. Anthony's lire or hrysipela,calti ncao, u-piiisy, ur anyot their uinureo oic.ises, nuiinmiwuu application wliieh vva-discovered about 12 niontn s iKclv Mr. Charles Jones, of Clarcmont, N. II. It is the result of a longcoiir-c of cxperimenls upon his own person, he hayimr nan tno uiwe- in a mu- T.ivnlmir from annul 1 1 ye'ars. I'l-omiisw .11101 lefts upon hiinc;i and several oilier memi n 01 111s family, many in thai s,-etion of the country have teen in.l iecd to make trial of it and in nocase as yet lias n failed of success where the directions have been adhe red lo with fidelity, and a Mifliciont lime elapsed 10 know llie result. . , The medicine can lo obtained e,i 1101 ert .woouy ilriiL-erist. HnrlinT'on. and Willi Martin Wiresl.'q. Cambridge Vl. CAIIIN ET n'AU K.-Thesubscriber has resum ed the Cabinet business at the old shop on Church street, formerly occupied by Nichols & llerrick, and leccntly by 1J. R. Walker, where ho intends to manu facture and keep constantly on hand all kinds of CABINET FURNITURE, of a style and quality not inferior to any manufactured in this vicinity. Ilo hopes Ins long experience, together with a strict atten tion to the busincsss, will secure liiui a share of the public patronage. j-WANTED in exchange for Cabinet Work, Birch and Maple Scantlct, suitable for bedsteads; basswood plank, and boards from 1 inch to J incli j while Pino boards. Most kinds of country produce received in payment, (but cash would bo very acceptable.) liurlington, Jan. 1,1811. SAMUEL NICHOLS. p EVISED STATUTES of Vermont, forsalv by jlv Jan. a. C. GOODRICH. CAUDLES, by tho box or single lb, for sale by dl8. GEO. PETERSON. t "ALTON'S VERMONT REGISTER AND V FARMER'S ALMANACK for IN II. fur sale at the Book Store. Dec. 21, 1310. D. A. BRAMAN. WAIjTON'fi VERMONT REGISTER, for sale by C. GOODRICH, Also for sale at the Paper Mill in Milton. Dec. 0. WORM l,07.ENi;US. THIS valuable article is daily establishing itself as tho best medicine for the externation and relief cf Worms in children. Notwithstanding that there aro other lozenges cried iqi for this complaint, purchasers nro warranted in the good efficiency of these. At Wholesale and Retail by T. A. PECK et CO. Sign of the Mortar. rpiIE sale at AUCTION at Mayo and Wait's, will L commence to-morrow at 2 o clock, by offering first, some first rate SLEIGHS, which will bo sold without reserve. Burlington, Jan. 8, 1811. 1 Cor 20 tons HAY for sale by G. PETERSON. lO Burlington, Jan. 8, 1811. Qf Thousand good pine Shingles for sale by U-' Jan. 8, 1311. G. PE'I "PERSON. SCHOOL BOOKS. A general assortment of School Books for sale at wholesale or retail, bv Jan. 8. P. GOODRICH. ILOIIES VJT for sa0 at Wo thirds of tin Jan. 7. A pair of 12 inch Globes on high stands luanul.iclurers price by C. GODRlClI. PUBLIC LAWS OF VERMONT FOR lHtO, to bo continued yearly so as to form a regular volume, for sale by C. GOODRICH. BUCKWHEAT FLOWER, fresh ground ofsu peiior quality, for sale by C. GOODRICH. January 7, 1811. SHAKER'S YARN, atTiiEO. A. Peck&Co's. Jan. 8, 1SI1. DRY C.OODS.-Silk and worsted Crape, Cam blets, Merinos, tine Circassion and primed Sax ony, very cheap by II. M. GIDDINGS it Co., Jan. 8. Corner Collcge-st. and the Square. 1 f GSCOC'EIEIES. 1 W Mlids St. Croix and N. O. Sugars, 20 Bbls. do do 10 Boxes refilled and Loaf do - 0 Hbls Cruhcd do 5 do Powdered do B0 Chests II. S.. V. II. and O. II. Tens. 20 Hags Java & LaguiraCol. Pepper et Spice. H a r? ir fi 3 3 In Fairfax, on the 17th hut., by II. E. Hubbell, Esq. Mr. JamisII. Hills to Miss Mllissa I). Willev both of Colchester. Bsc sl In Williston, on the 17th inst. Lydia, wife of Hiram Murray, aged 27 year'. Through her dlncss, she pos sessed a calm resignation 10 the divine will, and we trust she has gone where the weary arc at rest. Hut one short year has nast since death snatrlied finm the parent and husband, a flower in the spring tide of life. " First our flowers die and then Our hopes, nnd then Oj f. ars ; and when These are tlcad, the debt is due, Dust claims dust, and wo die loo." At Schenectady, on the 5th inst., Mrs. GcBTncpc, wife of the Rev. DrE. Nott, in the 70 th jear of her age. Cabinet lion 011 Cattin's 1.11111. DEAR SIR: Permit 1110 to inform jouand others in your vicinity that I am still engaged in the i ai!I,m;t ui'SlNLKS, and that needing custom, any thing in my line uiav be bought of moon as good terms as any wherein this market. I am now lrom various caues making work cheaper lhan 1 ever did lefoic; and all paying customers whether old or new snail Pe nappy to sec at the .New hnop, where no ains will bo spared to give satisfaction. Lumber and 'induce rccM as utnland a little cash, (if there is any left in the country,)- will bo found to do wonders lew rods cast ol (Jliurch-st. u. Iv. iM.NLilJOKN. Buihngton, January 11, IP 11. Casks Saleratu-, 20 kegsi lioxciTobacco 30 boxes H ir Soap, 30 boxes Pipe0, 10 bids Lorillards Snuff and Tobacco. Nov. 10. 10 Boxes Starch, 10 Kegs Ginger, 50 malts Cassia, 1 cask Cloves, 1 do Nutmegs, .c. .fc. .fc, by STlllSNGsj .1- CO. rTNBLEACHI'.I) Cotton Shirting J cotton v am, batting, ""0 ("ICE. All notes and accounts due the suhscri 1 " ber, must be paid by tho first day of February next, or they will bo found in tho hands of an attorney. vvxi 11 -vriivsinv Wit AIM INC. 1A1UU. :00 reams assort ed qualities and si.csfor sale for Rag, country produce, or poods by Jan. 11. C. GOODRICH. .uerchants supplied with paper and Poous lor nags. ptlOTS, 1 ) having SHOES et LEATHER. The subsciibcr taken tho stole formerly occupied bv Mi ssrs. iiishon ,1 IVhimdc. lsuow oncnimrn cencral assortment of Hoots, Shoes and Leather, which have all been bought for cash and will be sold for the same at Iho lowest price, and as tbearliclts aic loo numer ous to mention in an advet lisemenl, although Air Sla- A MILLER WANTED, to lend tho gristmill at Hubbeli's Falls, Esex, by the first of .May next, who is vvcll acquainted with the business, and can cive satisfactory reference. Jan. 19, 1H 11. tf. J MES I. CUTLER, cy Ins enlarged his paper, 1 would simply invite all to nnu examine me goods and prices he ciscwhcre. lyjOTICU.. The subscriber having purchased the it house and premises loriucrlv occupied by liny j.atun, i'.q. nearly opposite me Heading Koom, in liurlington, lias opened a HUAltUl.Mi I101.SI-;, nt which he will be lnppy to accommodate gentlemen and ladies witli the hest attentions, and upon reason able terms. Cw JOSHUA DOANE. "ITT-EllSTER'S SPELLING VV sale by ROOKS. 2000 for C. GOODRICH. SUPERFINE blue laid cap mid letter paper, for sale at manufacturers' prices, by (J. GOODRICH Jan, 21. Tf KADOW'S French Dictionary, cuiitauiiuginoic words than lloger s, nt hall the price. by O. For salo GOODRICH. X7ERMONT Drawing Book of Landscape, con V taining rules and instructions fur landscape draw ug, -i ;xos. containing m plans, puuiished uy Jan. n. v... enjuiiiiiv. Jl. HALLECK'S BRITISH POETS, which have just been published, were received last week, and are now fur sale at Ibo Book Store. Likewise many miscellaneous publications, nmong winch arc the fol lowing: Southgato s l our. Life of W yc die. Emi ncnt French writers, by Mrs. Shelley, Court of England, 2 vols. Johnson's Life nnd Works. Keightley's England. Federal Government from 1789 to 1 ?!). Hook for tho Sabbalh. Confessions of Harry Lorrequcr. lloswcll s Johnson. Bowdl Family Shakspcare. Kirk's Sermons. Kingsbury on ine ouuuuui. ixewion on ine riopnecies nry anl's American Pods, Coleridge's Poetical Works Jan. xu. It, A. HKAJIAN, NOTICE is hereby given that a meeting of the Corporation of the Trustees of tl.e liurlington Female Seminary, win he holden at Iho dwelling house of D. A. Hraman, in said Burlington, on Mom day. the fir?t day of Februaly next! at 0 o'cloek P. M for the purposo of electing tho necessary officers of said (vorporanoiij nna 10 irnnsari sji 11 omer business ns may nu iiioul-'ii, iivi-is,,, y uvj, o , By older of ti, 2 President. WM. A. GRLSWOLD, Clerk. Burlington, Jan. 20, 1811. 2vy. T70R SALE, The House and Lot now J. occupied by E. J. Slimson. For Icrms. inquire of tho subscriber at No. IJLJLflL. Strong's building, Also, Boots, Shoes and Leather for sale kw for cash, to close a concern All thoso I d 1 H. Slimson nro rcfucsted make payment before the 1st of February next. E. J. ST1MSON, Agent, Burlington, Jan s'l.JBH. TTOl'SE WANTED, A small convenient tene. XI uient, suitable foi n family consisting of tlucc persons, inquire ai 1111s oincc. Jan. iy. EDICAI. ALMANAC for 1I1, for sale at li hook store, imcc u-j rts, 11, A. lilt ymaa M and Slice ti' wicking, black and white ,-adding, Russn diaper, rash table ilia 1, padelhif anvasy. mei.s, i es. (nuns, eouniet aiues, rose ant horse blankets, bleached cottons, bleached and un bleached cotton flannel, High-h, French and Amer ican prints, ua cheap as the cheapest, liy lis; !. L.UV 1.1,1 ev ULI. Builington, July 1, IS 10. HENRY C. STIMSON, by E. .1, Stimsov, Atrent. CJXFIT OSl.Y TWENTY-FIVE CENTS 1). M. U Hitehi'oek's new y mu'iile.l Sniill'ibo lesiarii lo ever ili-coveicd by seieniule nun. in E'lropi or Atneriea, for the ctne and ab-olute u-lief of Calarrli. wi7itie-s 01 ttie tieao, vvcaic i.ycs. Ae'rvous llead l", I alien Siel iie.s 1 11.-, nnd Infants troubles) with Sinilll.-, partial -hocks of I'.il.y, ttc. For sale whol.-ale and, I v A. HITCHCOCK & Co., sole Proprietor, No. 117 Genc-i-e l. I'lii-.i, and by their neeuts throtigliom the I 111011. In I'urlingliiii. J. ct ,1. If. Peek J; Co. In V. reeimu.. 1 y .1. 11. Ilowinau. In .Milton, I v lliirneii it tsawver. ill Oeorgia. by Lo renzn .l-ines L( KS 'I IT 1 1. ."Tin" siib'culcr having re ' eenilv ninved Iri ni llany, and coimneiu'e'd the !iael.sinitn liiisim ss, 111 nil Us lorins, m the new sbo; on siiee-t, near 1 one-it ec iir:uiit's More wottlil re-pcetlully uivue the iiiliabilants of It.irliiigtou and vicinuy to give him a call, a hu is fully pie-part, todoall kinds cl work- in his line, on the-shoilcsi no tit e, 1 est mr oie-r, and 1110-1 favorable term-. lie ha for many jc.trs pat given ht particular aitcnltt n to the Horse ems busines, and Farriery in all its branebcs, 1 10111 the Ion experience which be ha b,eil, and the general inlormation he has derive.1 1 nth from theory ami praetiee, be fee!, tullv e-onhilent in coinmcnding hinisi-lfio the ml be-. Hi; will lo pr- Kiriil at all limes 10 give his personal nilentiou to all i.ui'ls of work in his line such as Jroninir Waesoiift and Sleigbs, Nnpwork, Civ. All I.uul ill edge tneil made in the I est manner and most approvixl style. He Irusls that by giving business Ins undivided attention and tin low prices at which In will I 0 enabled m fur nish work, luieceircn shaieol the public nalionacc, JUI1. SUKAUBN. Hurlinginn, April 10 IS 10. OTOVIW et 1III:.Stkonos et Co. have ic- O ceived and olUr 10 purchasers COOKING STOVES of a ureal vurietvof srzi s and most approved patterns, Inch will ho sold nt wnoie sale or retail, witu or lthout trimmings to siet purchasers. Also, PARLOR AN - OX STOVES in creat variety of sizes and patterns. Canada smcf and double Sto"es 21 to 3d inches, together with OOO JOINTS STOVE PIPE of Canada, Eiigli-li and Russia sheet Iron. Dumb Stoves, stove furiil tureof Copper, Copper bottom, and 1 111, Conne'cted nil mis esi.ioiisiiuie 01 is a mi j oi oiuoj iiinmings, Sliecl Iron work and 1 111 Ware, which can simply al short notice any ai lic it not on baud, on reasonable terms and 111 a stj le 11111 nor 10 none. 1 11c attention of purchasers is respectfully solicited. Nov. 2-. H O "TARD WARE, SADDLERY WAR):, GUNS, X Hollow ware, 1! c. 1 he subscriber has just re. ceived and is now opening a large and general assort ment of the above goods; comprising nearly every article m the line, and which will be sold on very rea sonable Icrms lor cash or snort credit, at 1110 hard ware store, comer of church street and tho square. Ti-iirt'p vinniu' Brndington, Nov. 20, 1510. CLOTHS At CASSIMEKES. T EA VER Cloths, Los Calin Cassimere-, Hlaek, MJ lllue H ack. II tie lliowu Dalhia, Olive Urcen Invisible Giien and Gicen, Slcel Oxford and colored imxiii moa 1 ' .otus JIERINOES I nglisb, French and German Men noes 1 leneli and (lerman I ltd ft and saxony c,ntn; Tai! bonis and Allinincs; lllael;, Hrown. ruriile. lllue Hlaek nnd light eoloied Allapaee.i Cloth-; Mo iseliuo ilel.aiiii'-, nil wool, wool and cniton, cc silt, and wool, b acu "rounds very hue, le' Shaker arn, all colours and vv lute very fine; Ger man tree., a Ilea ours: r rniKCsand llindtn;-, heavy Silk, .Mediair and worsftd Frmires for l)iesc.s and Mantillas very rich, by II. W. CATLIN et Co. 1"fcltY Ct)Ol)S AT AUCTIOX.The sul K-f scrdcr.s mve that they will nller lor sale at Public Auction, on the bin day 01 I'ccetuier next, ., . t-.. ..-.. ei 1. e,.o rt.. lit llie r-iort , 1 e-l I'll 01 vinin 11 aim tiiiiv" nivvii-i the cntiiu and cxleiisivc n-.-rrliiient of Dry GocI-, not iirevion- y disposed cl at nriyale sale. 1 he salu w I c positive and the terms cry literal lo tlio-e wi-lnu to buy lar-ie amount-. Sale will commence at tlj t,1 loci; in the inornina and continue every Tuewkiv Thui-i-ikivaud Saturday until Pie wholo is di.posuj of Wc invito the attention of .Merchant, in the lulioining lowns tn parlicular to this sale, .via J u ic vv ,i 1 , 'lurlinglon, Nov. 27, 1810. Trustees. OPERM CV DLES. Kinclantl's clarified sperm caudles. No, 1. Also, mould c .tidies for sale by .1, I . IVIlAl.l.Mi if. Co. B ROWN SHF.ETINGJs 3,000 yards. 160 ptcTcl Cohco , also wadding, balling, und wiekintr, for Bal, at WIULING Co'.., AYiiKioslii Iron I'oiinilrv. THIS concern is yd in operation, and ready 10 execute all orders for castings, in good order, and of good mclal, for various purposes. Tho subscriber is now ready to contract or other-,, iso for tho building of mills of all descriptions, hi ing in a sitintiou lo fur nish all ihu materials nt short notice. Contracts will be taken very low. Flans of nil kinds of mills made on application to the subscriber, and warranted cor rect 1 which will save cost in budding, and also many iiiunucis. An asurtmcnt of cabtimis such as kettles, tdnuidi: waeon boves, wagon arms, s'cigh shoe3, box nnd ooouing stoves, a very supcrbi .iiclc, for doing a largo 'lusin s wiiii n"ie wnrK anu luci, all of which can be found at all times, at this concern, Patterns inado to order o' reasonable terms. Also the mbrenber offers for sale ono first ralo high pressure steam engine, of four horsepower, u good article, built from I.iecester 1 nbin. and has hern in use. which will he sold reasons Wc, and on credit All orders to the subscriber, Hur lington, v 1 win receive uiieniion, JESSE GAY. W mooski Vdlagf, Nov 10, BROAD CLOTHS. Wool-dyed Black, Blue, Brown and Green, plain and Fancy Casshncre, Farnum's sup. Oxford and Slesl mixed Satinetls, by jau.s, Ian. 11. .vi. uiujji.v us et co. C1ANAD.V SALT. Coarse and line, also, finesack ' Sail, Jan. 8. by II. M. GIDDINGS et Co. JIVC TI2A. Hyson Skin and Young TEAS, of superior mnlitv. warranted. II j son Also. Porto Rico Syrup, Molasses, very Inavy and fine llavor, by ' H. M. GIDDINGS. t Co. CASH paid for OATS bv Jan 8, 1S41. H. M. GIDDINGS Co. BOSTON A C. DEMY'S ree'd at the Hook-stt,,-,. tin day and for sale al whole-ale by D A HIIA.MAN TMIEO. A. PECK et Co. at tbcsiL'ii of the Moitar X have inst ree'd a ouantityof Cayenne Pepticr, of English importation. Constantly oil hand, Bombay Gum Mvrrh. ireninno Bavberrv- Hark. do. t o. 11 Pow der, Jamaica Ginger Root, do. elo. in Powder, Hengal and Ohio Turmerics, etc. etc. Sept. 1G, 1310. '"po HUNT Rooms for a small family, near the K. aPa; n EEAVEN WORTH. Dec. 21, 1810. rpiIE atlemionof iho nlllictedis called to tho article X "Hay's Liliimcnl,"ndvertisedin another eolumti. d21 THEO. A. PECK et CO. Valuable Hooki for Holiday Gills. jTRS. WALKER ON FEMALE BEAUTY, as ItX preserved and improved by tegimcit, cleanliness and dress, illustrated by 12 colored plates and tie ganily bound in morrocco gill. FonauT an not, a Christmas, New Years nnd Birthday present, for 1811. The Token; Fninsnsiuc's Rosn or SiiAno.Nj A Girr ri,oM r'Atnv land. Also a gener al assortment of Juvenile Works, Parley's llejoks, Hollo's Publications. Parley's Universal History, 2 vols., etc. etc., fur sa ucc. -a. by D. A. BRAMAN. pUMOVAI.. J. LEWIS, the Mechanical Den iX tist, hasremoved Jiis ofiice to his dwelling on Pearl St., nearly opposite J. K. Gray's Carriage Shop, where he will be able to attend lo calls at all hours of the day or night. Burlington, Oct. 30, 1810. GtOODS. The subscribers have ree'd nnd are now I opening n very large assortment of Wollcn Cloths of every variety, rich plain, figured and chanaeablo Silks, Mouschne do Lames, Alpacca Cloths, Taghoiua Shawls, Mdkfs., Ribbons, etc. Wo will only 1'y that wo havo a larger assort tnent of goods of every variety than wc have ever kept before. Oct. 2!), 18 10. N. LOVELY et Co, 1 ODINE SPRING WATER. A recently discover X ed fountain nt Saratoga and contains properties known in 110 other Spring its freedom lrom Iron renders it safe to be drunk by a certain class of inva lids with whom lion proves injurious the quantity of Iodine contained in this water lenders it the most val uable mineral water fir every species of Scrofula vet discovered, for sale by J. it.'. 11. PECK it Co. Ags. vv sTAirra. THE subscriber v. , Id remind his friends and the public llir.i he occupies a room in Church street, over Kcin and Walker's store, where ho vvill give his personal at tention to Repairing Clocks of every des cription. Those which havo been in use many yean lilted up in good style and made to have the appearance of new. Ho would also give notice that ho hasre- u Hione-u ins loiioer ous.ncss 01 repairing leTO- XV., I, .1. -Il .,.,. 1.. 1.1.. ...111 l carclully repaired and warranted. Gav ins been engaged for twenty years past in tnakingas well as repairing Timo keep- iz-sAygga ers.ueiru is ins experience m the business lr Will enablnbiln tnfriienitlsf-ietinii In timer. V who favor him with a call. P. S. A few Clocks for sale, on commission. J. N. DUNNING. Burlington, Deo 23, 1910. if .M. Si'lUlLl 300 Canada I'latcs. Tin .xc. Boxes Canada Plates, 100 do Tin plates 5 X with extra sizes, 60 bundles Iron Wne assorted, .'i0 do assorted Nos. Enulish Sheet Iron 10 Packs Russia Sheet Iron, together with tinned and black Rivets, Copper do. Kettle Ears, Wire vellum, snccl and ,111c cc. ny jNOV, is. is riiu.MiS & CO. MOFFAT'S VEGiri'ADLE LIFE MLDRLM-S. 'l'he-e lueibeiiics uie indebtfil for their name to their naiiife'si and seti-ille action in purifying the spriu" and channels ol lile. and enduing uiein wun renew, lone anu viuor. inor.oiv uuuun.-,i uiinkh cu-ewliieh have I ceii mai'o pull. , and in almost oveiv species ofdhea-e to which tin: human frame is liable. the happy c 'eels of.McirAr s I.iik 1 ili.s and I'm. ..iv 1 ittf-iis have ecu iricallidlvaim puniiiiy ne:.-noveleilLevl by iho ner.-oiis lenel'uieil, and who were pievioiisly'iiiincq'i.iiulod with the beautifully phi- losopliical prmeipVs upon wlii-hlhey arc compoiinu ..,1 un,l,nvM ,,'lneli they enn-enuenlly act. The .xil.l)li;t.M.S ree'eimiiicnu tneiiieiie-s 111 1, ,i,n,v. 1, f even- form and I'e-cription. I heir tirsl operation Is to ooen Iromllie eoatsoi uie Mcin.ieii and bowel-, llic v.'rionsinipiiritie. an I crudities con- tantly settling mound them; and loreinovo uie uur- lene.l face, vv Inch collect in llie convolutions 01 tut ,niil,..t inie.toie.-. Oihcr mclieinc. only parlially elean.elhe-e, nnd leave Mich cellce-le-J ine.s'Cs 1 1 Hind ai to produce, with an us train 01 ee-ils. or siid.len di.irrhici. with its imminent This fact i-, well kiiuwn to all tegular nna(oniit.t .i.l.oe.nininei m human bowe sillier I'eani ;auu pence i,.. ,, .,. 1 those w-e I in oiiiicd men auainsi 1 uaci; iiiedicini't or me.hciiics prcpaied and beralde-d 10 ihupublieby igiioiaul per-oiif. 'I lie second elice-tol the Life -Medicines is to cleaipe the kidneys ami the bladlcr, and bythis nican-, the liver and tholun?, the lic.ilihliilaeiif 11 01 iviiiciieniiieiyui-)i'utiii.., n.. ,c- .il.irily of iho urinnr.' oriiaii'. Iho nioou, xviiien take, us re.l color Iroiuilu 11 211117 ol the liver and 1110 lungs lefore il pa-scs into llie liearl, lieinu' thus piirifieel l.y Uiein, an. I nourt-nest uv luoei ruiunm o."" 1. .. . siumae-h, conr-es freely through the vein-, renews every part of iho sy.-iem, and triumphantly mounts . 1 . , ,.t ... . 1 1 ...... llie 1 aniier 01 iie'aou in ine-oioouiiii- .h.-i,. Mntlai' vegelal lo .Medicines nave ueu inor- oiiehly It'sted, and prontiunce-il a -oveieicn rcnu-iivior n - ,,: . , .. It. I ..f .1... 1 1.. . 1 I .r. Ityspep-ia, 1 lattiicucv, i-.uiiuiiioii "i u.v. . ot'Apiictile, Heart-burn and llead-aehc, Re.le.Mic-, ... ' ' . 1 1 XI. .1 1 ,,,.i,..t, 1 . s. lil-ieiuper, .vu.xiciy, i..iui:iioi 1 in tiyenesr, Uiari-luu.i, liioilm, 1 vi-r- -n mi Kheumali-in, lioin, iropsiei 01 .10 mini., ..m.i, Wnnn.. Aslhina and CouMitnptloit, .--e-urvy- ini-r-, Inveterate Sou, Scorbutic Eruptions and Had C0111 p'esious, Ei-uptivc complainls, rnllow, Cloudy, and oiherih-aLTceable Ceimplexinn-, Salt Rbeum, l.rym- a-. Common Cold- nnd inuuenza, iiuu .ino,is complaint, which alllict tbehnman Iramc. In I iiikh .1. 1 1 . 1 .. 1 M I .... i. li , , , 1 1.1.,, and Acer., particularly, ine i.u- ...... .... mo-t emincniiysuciesfiui ; so r .... Fever and Aguceh-triet.-, Physicians almo-l universally All ili:nMr. Mn'liii renuirt's ( f his palicnts is to U particular in taking the Life Medicine,, strictly accor ding lo llie directions It is not a newspaper nonce, .... 1... ,i,,nii,..i 1, .. 1,1m. elfni.iv.-av intheir l.ivor. Ihat he hopes "0 gain credit. It i-'alcnel yihc results e f a fair , , . , Mn .'L' ,'r's xinm-vi. xt ,M' xu; lie.-sne-ei a- u loine-no guide to health This little painphlei, cd'ico I.,. XV It Xlnir.t 07i llrnmlwav. New orl.', Has I ecu ,., .. .... --v.'.,.,, , ,- . c.ll.. Mr. iiiiilisiiediurine purpose uu-i i ' , - .Io!Iallhcoryol diseases, and will U lound highly interesting lo persons ,1 eking health. It treat- upon tirey.ilentih.-eascs and the causes thcriol. 1 rice, .j ci-nl. for sale l.y Mr Mollal's Agents gencinlly. 1 ii-e valuable .viedicnics an 101 i-"-. ") ...-. Mooily Druggi-t, ! Gcneial agent, (to whom all application- for neeiieies should I e nddiested, po.t paid) iitiriincioii, i. j.iu. -i icui NOTICE..I deem ii my duly to iiilorm llio pub liellial I have inve'sti-tl a .'ahc, perfeelly inno cent, from three simple vegetable, that I'lilirely n peieeilcs n .pain'shlly Plaste-r, which gives entire re lict in all lntlainatory al!tion of the h'im.111 Inly in 21 to -IS hour., and iiccd. but one application. Iii ac tion is by absorption und evaporation, it dissolve's a corn from the feet cntirelyan I wilhoiit pain, eounler aelshre 111 a bum 0 scald in 15 nuii'ite- afie-r Us ap pli 'anon. Apply it to the side on a piece of oil sill: or dre-s-cl .beep -k'111, forinll.tniation e.f the liver or lungs and il extracts all cxeilemeiit from those ore-ails Warranted lo give relief a- iceoimiieink'd. A. M.MIR, Sole proprietor, 1 13 Ilroomc striei, New York. Tliu traelcsuppbcl al the 1'ropneioi'- priis bv Burlington, Dec. 1 - 10. J. it J. II. PECK it 'Co. TO .MliltCIIAVrS iXi I Al!.Mi:itS. r"PIIE undersigned, continuing to be tlieonly manu X faclurer of what is known as Indian 111111! Seville Sloncs, would respectfully inform Merchants that his I'cdl irs will, if encouraged, call in the course ol llie pie-sent wintii, at most of the Stores in Ver mont, .cvv 1 lamp-lure, nnd 111 i.ssex and Clinton Counties in New York, and will, if inquired, furnish Indian Ponii Sionej, on a credit till Oetohct next. Farmets call, by obtaining the said Scythe Stones, have -harp Scv thes with little labor. A fellow by" llm name of Isaac Pile, who hails from Haveilnll, N. II., pietcnds to sell Indian Pond Stones; hut he scllsan mfeiior counterfeit asummg the mint 'if "Inpian Ponp," no doubt, to marko merch-iuilrc which is known to be of inferior quality. Other persons 111 Haverhill and vicintyj make Scythe Stones, and k-st tin ir Pedl.ns represent them of In dian Pond quality, Merchants are requested to notice tint every box oi'I.n-pian Pond Stone. i inarkid 111 printed letters-- O.K. FYLER, 3w Ilnulford, VI. Reuben It mil's Estate. STATE OF, ) rr H E Honorable DisTuier OKCufF.N-niiN, -s. X the Probate Court for the Di5lrici 1 'lutlenden : To all persons con cerned ill the estate of Reuben Bund, late of Fit'.'cr said Di-triel, elecea-ed, Giieetjno. Whcieas, Melind'i Rogers, late Melind-i Bond and late e.xccutiix of the last will and testament of said deceased, propose- to render an aceounl of her ndinin-i-tialion, i.d present her account agaiu.-t said estate for examination and allowance at a session of the Court of Probate, to be holden al tho Register's office in liurlington, on the third Wednesday of January next. Theiefore, You nre hereby notified to appear befoic said court at the tune and place aforesaid, and shew cause, if any you have, why the account aforesaid should not be allowed, Given under my hand, at Builington, this seven teenth dav of December. . 1). 1 10. Wm. WESTON, Register. T OOK AT TIIIH. HAB YCU A CUCGHl lj 7 0,000 cm op cnnsu.mptIo.n every yesr 111 the tinned Sinlc, and millions sutler feotn I ron bl use me coughs and colds, that can I a curiid by Dr. M. Hitch-cex-k's egciable Vir0iu Cic.ini Cough Drops, n suit medical!ption,contamg no poionoiistlrjR,ninl used in an extensive praelie-u for icvcrnl years will most positively ti.l'ord relief, and savn you from that nwfid disiMcc, puliti' nary ciiiisiiinpiion, wind! usually sweecps intotliu grave I'liiunrcds cl'ibe voting, Ike o'd, Ibe fair, the lovely and the gay. Have yo 1 a cough t Ho ncrsua'lcd 10 piireha-en be'ittlce,! the Cough Drops to-day I To-morrow may 1 11 too la'c. Have you n cough! Dr. Hitcerok'.s ccelnblc irgin Cough Crop. i. (he only remedy vou -hould lake lo euro you. For thi plaig rea-on 'I'fial in 110 oneof the tliausand eases where il has 1 een iim.iI has it laded to relieve Prue "3 mils per bottle. For sale, wliole-ale and Hu lad, by A. HI ICHCOUIC it CO. No. 1 1 7 Geno ert -1., Ulica, N. Y. And by llieir agents thro'-glioul tho Cnilcd Stale.. In liurlington, bv J. & J. II. Peck it Co., Theo. A. Peek it Co. In Vcrt'eiincs, by J. II. Bowman. In Milton, by Burnet it Sawyer. In Geor gia, by Loreiuo Janes. tu 1 NOTICE is hereby given that the copartnership heretofore existing between the subscribi rsundsr the firm of "S. Tdloy it Co.," is this day dissolved by mutual consent. The booksand demands of the liru'i arc in thi hands of John R. Tilley for cojlceiion. Ilinesbiirjli, STEPHEN TILLF.Y, Die. 17, 1310. JOHN P.. TILLLY. 1J1IU HNOI.OCJY. The Ladie. and Geiitleinen of liurlington are rcspevtlully informe-d tint J. SALTER, Pi; Piiui.N-oiocisr, will remain 11 shirt tiniciUlhi Anieriean Hotel when he will retcivc vi.-itor- lorthe EXAMINATION OF 1 1 1 U I IS, r.r will wait upon thoo w ho prefer it, al their tesidences ln divi l ial-or panic- who avail ihem-elve- of bis pro fessional se'rvie-cs, an guarantee'd a eorre'ct ileliiicatifui ol llieir various picvailing ili-iosiiinii- and pe-euban-ties of talent, accompanied w nil dncclioiis that may assj.t ibcni 111 impioyin llieir I otter qiialil'u aliens and cornvling llieir defieieni'ie-, 'jCjMr. P. will deliver a cour-e of Lecltiie- on tln inieresling seieneo 111 the Court House, particular- of w Inch will be announced in a Imuio advent-cincnt. Hiirluigtcn, January I, 1-11. Natiianii.i. Dixon Jr w An- STATE OF VF.RMONT, ) MIO all persons, in pistrict or ciiittrnpen, ss. ) I terc'stcd in the es tate of Barnabas P. Barnuin, Ell Barnum and Julia A Barnuin, of .Milton in saiddistri -t, infants and minor children of Ell Barnum, late of said Milton deceased, Arthur Hunting, guardian ot iijnuuas 1. liiriiuin, Ell Hainuin and Julia A. Barnuin, minors hiving made application 10 the Probate Court within and for said District, setting forth that the said Barnabas P., Elland Julia A. arc teizi d as lenats in common in their own right in fee of three equal undivided fifteenth parisof two certain parcel- of land, situated in South Hero in iho count) of Grand Isle and State of Ver mont, described as follows, to win Lot No. 97 of the fust division of Samuel Ilosford, supposed to contain 67 acre of land, also 19 acres 011 Lot No. 93 of the 1st division of Joseph Smith, and is that part of said Lot No. 93 of which M1I0 Adams late of said South Hero died, and representing that a sale of the said lauds of his said wards would be conducive to the'ir best interest, and praying said court to nuthori7u ami empower him, tho said guardiin to sell the said threeequal undivided fifteenth parisof said two par cels of land agreeable to the statute in such case made anil nrovided. Whereupon tho court aforesaid doth order that the said application bo heard before said court at a session thereof 10 bo held at tho Reuister's office in Biirhmr ton in said county of Chittenden on the 19th day of January A. D. 1SU, and that notice Ihereol bo given to all persons interested by publication of this order eontnininir the substance of said annlication three weeks successively m the Burlington Free Press, the last of which publications to he previous 10 111c said 19th day ol January, isii. inveu uiiuer my uanu ai liurlington, this dOlli da) ot DeceinhT, A. I), lbiu, ivii.xtei.i.a ivun.-si.i.i,, .mug. t hilienden Bounty Court, cu-i Ti-rnt, A, 1). 1-3 10. TL's lie-unit k. 5 r.U KKA- Na.han t-t Hloo.l f Burltmr'on, 111 aid eo -lily, nt the March I citn ol said I nurl, A. D. 1810, couuneiiei'd I, is a uon at-.tuist Justus liur.hck, late 1 fai 1 H ul n.'lon, now of ICilamaroo in the Suite ot .Mu-Iiuan, iheiein de-elaring 111 a plex tif the ea-c, for ihat wherea-the aid Hurdi k heie-to-fnre. to u it : 011 'he 1-t ilav cf .lanu irv Hjj. was 111- deltid to tl.e said Hloil m the sum 1 f tfjjOOO, llr ibver- l'oi d-, ware-, merelian use and lutiiber, lelore that tui.e by the -aid Illoud -i 1 1 an I delivcie.l to the -aid II ,rdie, al the rep:e-i ot' the tleleii'lant, and fi r vvh, h be then and therepronii-el to pay when re- 'lies'.ei. Also, tha' the aid ili-leiniant on tl.e 1-t 11 ch. 1 was in :e' tc I In lliepiaiiiti 1 111 other. sum J jOfji), fir -o ni'ieli money 1 ei'oi-e- tint Him laid out, and exoen 'ed by I In Piaimi 1 1' r and at the req-u.-t e I he dL-leudanl; and w men iieicnd.111 pronn-ed 10 pay hen reu ic-liil. Al-o, lor" Ihcr sum of SOOO; I aid 1-t, 1S:!3, lent a i.l alvaii'-clbv nUuiiit to di-!enilant at hi. icq est, and wlui-li lie pretnisetl 1 pay to the tuauili.l w lieu riip-c ten. .xivi, al-o, 1. 1 I it t loocieuuaui t n ine 1-1 .unreu ,is mui-,,. I to the plainn I in other -11111 of s3.iUO0 l',.r oinneb moin'v had an I ri''eiVi,i!, an 1 w-liieli iteten lain p.otu- il; nay vv hen ici'te ted. Al-o l,.r -jlilltl money I e for inicie-t eat iliverslari sums ot'mone-y lefore lenl and advance I, and whu h said se'vernl sums, the aid Dek-iulaiil IliOjgn oln 11 rtii'ic-'ed, t,as not pai 1 to the daniace of the said Blood SSSOl'O ; whu h aid lion wa- eiiler.-1 on the 1'oe.ct et -aid Loun al ll.cir -aid Match 'lerni, A. D. IS 10, and the pliiuii.l ippearc.l bv -Maeck and Sinale,, hi- a'tonue-, and the .aid b.ird e'e 1 e-inu absent Horn this Suile al llie nine of the of 1 lie p!-iuitiii' said writ, the sai.l au-e by order ol said ( ourt coiiturit-l to the August Term thercul', A. 1). 1310; al which lat sunt nu tin olainii.t again appeared 1 y hh sal I atlnrnie. 111J it not I einer male 10 a.ipear to said Court, thai aid U irJict u.i b-id personal noino id the -cr- K-c of tin plauiti I-said win and lite pe'ii-letiry ol tin. .-ml, the saini w as again I y ou'er ol said court oiitiuuetlo the .'lare-n ,erni tncrcoi .v. i. isu. .xn.i llie -nid court wl-o 1 r lcu-1 that f utl'er noiicc ol the penJfney ol tin- tun It given, by pui'li-hiiiir tin lljsiance OI tut- p.aillll.l nil-l.iraiiei., in uur iiiu- netoi, Fico Pii..," a new-paper pruned in .sidllur- TVTinV lTAItl,ISIIMi:T. The su 1 bers would inform the public that thev formed a conartncrshiiuinder the linn of MITCilf- it HARNl.S, and established the Cabinet business m iho Brick Shop formerly occupied by Abbott and Wood, where they nre manufacturing and intend to keep constantly 011 hand an assortment of Sofas nnd t- urmture. 01 various Kinds nnd Prices 10 suit custom ers; also, a lew splendid Iln.vss Clocks cheap lor cash. All kinds of lumber used in Cabinet Making rce-eiveit 111 exchange lor l-urnunre. Burlington, Dec '.' 1310. T. AI. MITCHELL A. BARNES. Farm fur I'oi Salt. rnllF. subsciibcr oilers for sale a Farm X one and a half miles from tho College on the Wmooski turnpike, containing DO, 100, 150, or 200 acre? -f land as the pur- fdinser now ebonse. The builibnps with little CX- have penso may be put in good condition for a tavern, and ELL tlnre is not a better location fur such ar. establishment between Burlington and Montpcltct. le'iinsoi pay ment easy, anil any enterprising industrious man nun a small capital may own n cood establishment in a few ) cars by purchasinglhisprnperty. 1 viiwi'iim Burlington, Jan. II, 1811. Tin Plate. Sheet Iron. &- BOXES Tin plate 1-3 X. G bundle. Rus sia lion. 100 bundles wire. 300 Ibsliuned cooper, ni-l received nnd lor sale bv Miv. ti. VILAS, l.UU.XIF",it Co. 250 TDORK.--LY.MAN it COLE will pay cash for J. Heavy Pork, well fattened and ill good order ilogs snoiiid neaiiowcd to Hang ana dram nnelull day niter bulcherin" beforo taken to market. None will bo bought by us unbuilt suitable allowance for shrink- ngc unless 111 uie'ieiiuiuuuieoruer. Cnsh paiuiorsiauenicreu onccps fells. Burhugtoii, Dec. 1, 1810. Anthony Hlnnlcs' l.'.stntc. STATE OF VERMONT. ) The Probate Cotir' for DisTnicTOi-CiiiT-iE.NPiiN, ss. ) llie District of "lit tenden : To nil persons interested in the estate o. An thony Rhodes, late of Richmond, in said District, deceased. Wnracvs, Win. Rhodes, jr., adminis rof the estate of said deceased, has made application 10 this Com I, to cxlend the time limited for making payment of the .1. 1, tu 1. f .nid deceased, turli-n months fiom tho Sill day of January, Hill, and tho thnil .vionuay 01 February next, liemg assigned lor a hearing mi tic premises, at tho F.aglo Hall in Williston, and it Iiniioii been ordered that notice thereof be civen, by publishing Ibis elecreo thrco w-evks successively in the Frco Press, a news paper printed at Bur lington, lulorc the timo nxed lor Hearing. 1 nereiorc, e-oti ,ir hrrrhv noldied. to notienr before said Cottrl. at the lime and pjaco aforesaid, then and there, to . ..... ..(..i, .,1 , .., , nl iho limn anil lilaco at S'';. h '1 IT: J 'ii ; T. v'5.K' f,c: make obieclion ,f any you have, to tl.e said time of Subscribers Z hcrcily iKt ill acnu no '1?, sclllcdin sonic wiy, before tho I5th December will be c ft with an atu . leyiorcoiicciiou. Nov. 'JO M A VP it WAIT. Trustees. n-irvfATvhcAt. MEDICINES. Tho subscribers lr have received n complelc assortment of iho above articles) among which are, exira uowercd uayierry nml bnr berrv bnrks: LMnirer. nleurisv, tumeric nnd uni corn roots; pepper of many kinds, in pods and pow- , , nl-,;i dcr ; gum myrrh, and peael. kernels. t, J." w, 1 11I.O. A. 1 I.CK, t CO. Ju , g Given under mv hand at Huil'moton, this Bth day of January, A, D. 1810. W.M. WEST! N, Register. , Gailer Hoots, walk' Dee. 31, 1810. Jn-l ree'd by N. I.Ovl.IA it Co. r AD1F.S' India Rnl.lcr Shoe M-J ma Shots, French kid and spring Heel Slip, lirolIJI I.OZEN(J-:y.Tlus valuable article 1 T is d.ulv establishing itn-ll, as Ihe best ineihcine 1 and siiini-tuues l.itHI compiaini 111 ciiii Al whole-Milo hnd remit ny TIIEO.A "KCKitCo. SLEIGH SHOES, &c. 1 jZf Pair Steel plated, Cutter and Sleigh Shoe, I Ol J rtu.i Iron rio. finished Crow Burs. Anvdls. Vices, Waggon Boxm, Shovels, Spades, Dung Forks, Sheet Lend, Sheet Zinc.Hol' vv ware in great variety, Nov 19. eTU0NfS d CO. 1 APS, CAPS. W I. SEYAlOUllollers lor sale '.V Black und Brown Otter. Hair and fur seal and MuskralCAPS-darkandlght coloured FURS for iff and trimminsp. Boas, best and coninon !Val Cx ilars, Russiti Lamb, Black nnt G'roy for Collari Burlingtou Nov 5, 18I0. lU'IlLlNGTON HIGH SCHOOL. mllE Trustees of the Buihngton Hmh School aie X notified In meet at John Howard s, on Monday evening, Dec. 'ii, at 7 0 clone. Dec. '21, 1S10. N. II. IIASW ELL, Sec y. 1OCT. .tlAHSIIAIJS Arcmitie, Calanh ain 1J llcail.iehe SM I r. I hi-ftnull 1- -uperior lo nuv thin' vet known, for rcniovmir ihat troul le-ome eh ease, the Calarrli, und also a cold 111 tin Lead, and the headache. II opens and purges out all oii-uiu-iion sticngllieustiigaiid.,audqivca hiallhy action to llie naris a 'levied. It is tn rfiet.v tree from any thniir dele terious in its composition lias a pleasant Haver, and us iiiuiieiiiaie e'.tee't, nner icing ii-cu, is ui'grceaoic. I rice j 1 ct'nls per Ijeittle. Doct. Marshall's Vegetable Indian Hlaek l'l.ASU-.H Tbi.PI-i.u-r is i,nnv-.illeil for curiiiff serofulou- swel ling-, S -urv y Sore-, Lame Hack) and Fic-h Woitnd nainsinibe ide. Ilia- and Limbs; anihddoin fad- 11 give relief in local Khcumalistn.. If appluxl In llie wi euro man vol Uiccoinmon 1.1 vert omniuint and is enual, if not superior, to any iliiug in u-e for corn on the feel; the virtue- of llu- Pla-lcr have I icn withc'sH'd bv 1 mil-anil- ol individuals in Hit I'nilcd Slalc, who haveicstisl its cifieaey. old by llie pro prictor ; cnas. iiovvcn, .iinioienury, 11., aim 1111.0, I'rcK .t Co., Iliirlinsion, t. ji 1 ATATUUIVS (IKA.M) Rl-VIORATIVK. ,i li x'aluable VcgiUnlle Medicine stand- iiurivallexl for lliclollovyins compl.i'nls, viz ! I'y.pi'psia, or Indi ccstion.discued Ltvi r. bilioitsdiserJeri., Drop. v. Aslli ma,, Worms and los of Appe-tiit-. and 1 V e-ieansing ine. stoiuacu anu tuivvi-is, eiue-s pains 111 ine side, siotnat 11 and Prcasl, cold- and e'ouph- ol lou sUr-dum, lloarscucss, shorlnes- 01 lucath, .xcrvcu I'Oinplainls, elc, which arclroqnenily ihe e:!eet of dis i-ase. 1 or revcrnnu vguc, 11 i.,t ino-i pre ve-nlivlivc wel a- a suvcieisn rctnedy. 11. virtue siirna-s nnv lliinj heretofore known in removina St Vitus' Dance, two bullies have lee-n known tn emu t Ins allhctingititcaie, nuir navmg 1 allied every exer lion lor tour ) cars. 11 11.1s u niosi povvi riui iiiiiiie iu iii leiiiovine nervous cuiniihiinls. Il j plcnsanl loial and easy 111 il-operation, that it may I o administered to the infant with safely, Tho al ove .Mcjieiiu is. yen' luulilv rt-eonimindeil bv many scicin nu lhiiiIi men. and 11 large- number ol ladie-, who have proved the virtue., m trie .new. men) pera uai use and Ihat ofibci families. A bill eifeertilUate-aeeoinpaiiiceach 1 onlc vvillidue'Ctions. It ninv be bail w holesalp nr ret., 1 S. Britain, Harre, and J, C. Fain.iin, La-t Williani- town, I. sole propnett r. rit-parid from t he orij hi recipe ; lorfan iy 1.. 11. rrcniiss, .vionlpelicr, J. it J. II. Feck it Co, and Tiieo. A. Pr.n; Co., Iinelon, and in the prinraial towns lu the stnte directions t igno-l .n the hiuJ v rilinj cfiheprcpnrtor , an Hur all TO TEACHERS OF A CA I) EM IT'S AM) SCI1UOI3 NUTTING'S NEW GHAMMAIt. P. WALTON it SONS, Montptbcr, have ro- -i ccutly pu' li-hed n new crainuiar b) llie Rev. Ruins Nuitiii, Prolt-scr of Language, ni Western Re-ervo College; this work is nil enlargement nnj inipiovement ol the ex client ti.i I Icjlily pi polar grammar ly llie-ainu author, hr.-l pul li hud 111 1B2G and exlen-'ively u.-ed in crinont. The tohowiuif le-limoiuals to ilie excellence Of this boo., have a, rea Ivl e-cn re'eeiyed. Nt.'IT I NO'S NEW GRAMMA R.-To rnr. PcnLtjn r.KoF Nuttint.'s Ni.iv GitASiMAi.i Having nttititivc'y e'.xauiuicd the New (jramtiiar of Ruf is Nutim', no.V ptibli-hiug I yyou, I can truly -ay thai I am happy te re-eotntneiiil it, beeau-e 111 doing -o I I e'lvel subserve, aslarasmy opinion may have wcubt, Ihe inleret of popular edii' al.'-n In 0 ir s'ate. 1 badal.vayseoitiid. ere! the former Grammar bv the -aine a ithor eons, nid 111 luanv res,i;ei- superior, tonny ui u e; and em coiiiparuur the pic-cut work wi h the old one, 1 lind all e-seniial unu-tion- -nppl'ej, and u large mass of highly inieie.ting and u-cfil ma'iur riddel, which, in my opinion, now ma'.c- it a woik I utter adapted to thu ue' of common - lonls than any grammar extant,,Sevt. .1 1510. D P 'I HOMPoON. I year, a lop'ed Nutlinz's system of English Grammar ; and am prepare! 10 say,' that 111 my opinion, it is greatly supenor 10 any now m me, ii, t only a-corre" t in the principles of 'the language,, but a, being ndiple'l lo tliocapac.ty of learners. Alier it-ing mo-t of ihe English Grammars now 111 use, I have fbiuil that seli,lars make much moru rapid progress 111 following this sy-tem than anv oiher. The iniproveinenls which distingiii-h it should not l. con-iilercd bold and injudicious innovations they ac cord with the opinions of learned men in England -' ,'land, an I France, who have written on this su. tjt. This system has nisei keen id i.m.iionuVd nnd adtptevl lor many war- in the sch 's of some ot the N. L. Slate., and lias been approvej bv many disluig'u-hc I Professor i in the Collf.-t-. I'.S SsIILPARD, Teacher of the Mtxlel School of ihe 'Ohio University.' Ohio University, (Athens,) Sept, I S 10. (From an experience! Teacher in De'lroit, Mich.) Prof. I!. NultinL-: I am exceedingly anxious ihat your Grammar should le universally known. Tho more I n-t it the better I like it. I b.ive never -een a work of the kind which I think can lu compared vilh it. 1 have ti.od all of the other mo-t popular system-, but without leiugab'e. to inici-e-t my scln ol" 111 iho -lib." -t,a-I xvi-'iel. 1! il during the past yy ner, with on!) une of Nutting's granunars I had no tl ilcully in cxeiiuig -uch on iutere-t n- has led to the happie.t rt'Mili; and s,, ple-a-cJ arc my cla-s with the vvork, Ihat they have written several cojiii's of it in a fair hand, a'.i I use 11 a; tbeir guide. W. A. PA CON. Extract of a letter from Zvdoci: T11 jjirso-j, dates! Huilingtoii, Nov. 17, IS10. Being engaged 111 teaching, at llie time Mr. Nut- Img'.s wa- nrsl published, 111 Ib-JC, and 1 e-mg -nti-lie I by a caret' il examination of the work, thai it pu cs-cd decided a-lv anta jc oyer llie Gram- 111 trs iiien 1,1 tt-c, 1 introduced it nlo my sen 11.1 iin-tni-lialelv : an I af-er 11-iiig iteon-taiillv'tor more than eighl, I found 110 reutui to change mv opiuli n ol 11. llie eopyofibi! (irammar, 111 Us new form, which you put' into my band-, has rcceive'J only a cur-ory exaininalion, but sutfieient to satnfyu.ethat it is a decides! impie'vcinenl 011 ibe orrginal work. Themtrol 'lory !es. on-are on a plan, which 1 havo to.'e-I I y my tn. 11 praeli.'c, nnd I can say lrom expo nenee 1f1.1t 1 know it to I ee.cellint, paiticnlarly for young scholar-. 'I he ch luge, and addition., in other 10. pec., are judicious, and -nob n toienderlho w-orlc divi ledly -upenor to any oilier Grammar wilh winch I am aequa n'cl ; and I think it might ! introduced advantageously 111 all 'he-cboul. in the S'aie. For sale by E P Walini and Son, Muntpelier i Haskell and Palmer, WVod-n ck ; I) A Hraman, liurlington; Heiuler-t.n and Ward, Rutliud; Jona. Hagar, Mi k'tebcry, Ru-.i'll and !-!.ei'le, St. AH nils; J -eph S ifii'', Hi-aulcl oro'j N. C, Coddard, Win leor. Nov. 27, 1510. notici:. rPHE me'iiibcraof tho Volunteer Engine Co. No. 1, JL an hereby notified that their annual meeting for the pnipoM- of cltu miuir olficers for the year ensuing, will behuldii! at the I'eail St. IIoue,'cn Tuesday evening next al 0 o'clock. A punctual attendance is rctpiested. Bv order of the Captain. Dec. IS. ' II. HYDE, Secretary. H THOMAS has just received at Ins new Storn, . a large miantitv of BUFFALO ROBES, FUR CAPS, GLOVES, it'e. etc., winch will be sold much lower thin anv FURS ol the like duality have been -old 111 this market for years. He Will pay the highest inaikitpii cm cash for I-o.x Skins, Raccoon, Musk rat, On, r, Ik ar, Mink, Sable, and the h.glicst pi'ce m cash for SIiclp'-Pi lis. Also, cash paid for ficshPork Bi.iliuntjn, Dec. 13, IS 10. line iuigtoii, three wec'.s Mietc-ively, Ihe last tf which pul licaiiou- to lo lliuty days Ii. fore Ihe silting of ai I court, w hi'-h -lull I e deemed stiilieicul m In e to the ai I Bur hid. 10 appear and aii-wcT to said suit. Du'tM at II iiuniti 11 aioresam, litis .'1-1 nay ei i'o ember. A. D. 1:10. d-.5 'M. NOBLE, Clerk: l.o.vr!. OUIILF, REFINED LOAF SUGAR, nlso an iweelleut article of Molasses for family use, for sala cheai bv J. P. WHALING .t Co. Dee. 'IB, 1510. TOHACCO. 1 P. WHALING it CO. inform (ho public that t) thev nro Agents for Sargent, Spraeue if Co. Tobaee-ini.-t-, AUnny, N. Y., vvho mauufracture a very sup. nor asiicle of Paper Tobacco in cveiy va riety of size. Grocers and others will find it to their adv ullage to call and examine the article. Also I'Iuj Tobacco of diill-iciit qnaliiu s, all of which will bo sold cheap f jr cash. Also Snuff of difiircnt kinds. LlHVS Ol V(M'tIS011t, IS 10, TOR the several tt wns in the C junty of Chmendn aic ready for delivery, Tow 11 Clciks or Constables will please call or send for them. Tluse cnmlcd to llieni in llu town of Burlington will! suppi I ly callingon thesubsci.lier, C GOODRICH. Dee. 15 Iw THtA.S CI.OC IJ fluking ,R. EDITOR, Sir wd vou notify nil creation It L ihat llie subscriber has fur sale, Bin k's improved Hot Air Cooking S love, at die new I nek stole", Ct I- lege street, nlso nl Jt -so Gay's foundry. This is one of the latest patterns and the first ol the kutd ever introduced into Ibis State; thev have been recently in troduced into the States of IViins)lvama and .xew York with great rue-cos; and sull'ico il lo say, they are tho most convenient anil will do more business with less fuel than any other stove. A preamble to pattrulari.eitsipialiticsor puces is 11M sss. just can HI, small ravers uic iiiaiiiiiiiny 11 1 film am, litis uouu in pioporlion, and if money eoniiuues scarce I intend louse the less of it, so it will bo useless 10 go without 011 that account. S. W. TAYLOR. Burlington, Dec, li, laiO. IC"1. P.rsons wishm!: cood brass Clocks m beautiful finished ca-es. can fin-i t'lem on favorable term., nt the Vanity Stors. I Also, Bank iindOfliee Clockf,, for sjIcj 1I1, fe Clock I nre vvairantcd to kcp cirri, t time, and ihey will por- torm n- well as anv oiner ciocks. Dec. K PANGHORN & HRINSMAID. 1" 0.-)T. l'.ght fat sheip, marked with tar. T. M. .J Whoever will give mfoi matron, shall be suitably rewarded. FOR S LE. A superior new nidch cow nnd calf. Also, fur sale, or to cxeinnge for cattle, sheep or perk, a genteel and harness. D. KIMBALL, .f CO. Builington, N.v. Il, 1S40. -ANTED, a fi vv bushels of pood clean white 111 ans, for which a fair price will be paid in roods. )ee.19. GEO. PETERSON. AJEW TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT 1 At HiiiousAt Vitlaire. The subscriber has com- menetd lltn mloritiL' liu'smess ill this place, and will do all kinds of work 111 his hue in as good stjle as it is doneat any shop 111 Hits section ul country. (' lone at all linics, 011 sliorl notice. WANTED An apprentice at the above business, JEREMIAH HARRINGTON. Nov. 10, 1R10. pOP ITS'!, MACKEHF.I.L and SII D of siipo vV nortiuai -v for salvibv N. LOVELY t Co. Dec. 10, 1?0. CANADA STOCKING', Gentlemen an I Buck skin and huh in Moccasins, l'ur Gloves Buck skin Mitten-. Wol en Tippets, Ladies nnd Gen ilemens .Merino I.ainlis wool and Worsted Wrap, pcrs, just revived all I for sale by Dec. 10, 1-310, N. LOVELY it Co. D. oAJiriix .J PORTATION TRANS- CoMrAsv. The stockholders of the Chain- -iplniii Tintisporiatiiin Company nil. llll.oj lloioitll 'IM1 IIIU 1111 nual meelintiof said company will bo holden nt How ard's Hotel in Builinglon, i n Thrusday the 7lh day of January, 1P11, nt one oelock, P. M., for the puipose of cliimsmg directors lor ine year (limine By oidcr, itc. PHII.O DOOL1TTLE, Clcik. Burlington, Dec. 5, IS 10. WOODUX CLOCKS, for salo nt the Variety Store warranted; one or two wooden or Brass Clocks v 1 sold for good Beech and .Maple Wood, the Clock 10 be delivered when the w nnd is delivered. Dec. Its. PANGHORN it HRINSMAID. OVERMAN CLOCKS small gcrnrin time-pieces al I S), German striking Clocks nt fi 50, German Alarm Clocks alfi .IP. P vvohobn it Hi.insmaId SI 1 VER ALARM WATCHES, ulSltV.O, Dec. IS, Pakquoiin et BnisbMAin, A. BRAMAN, Bootesm eii and Hurhn'ilon. respectfully informs his friends and ihe public, that he is still con-tanllv making additions lu Ins assortment of .air, AAciVu '"laswal, Histor ical, and .ifiVW.-iiicouit Works, ft.un most of the prominent publishing houses 111 the country. He will endeavor lo hnve il at all times embrace ihe most popular publications in every brnnch of literature and science. His stock of School Books, in every depart uient oflraruing, of llu most popular editions now in use, conipuscs all that aro used in this section of tha country. Blank Books of all sizes nnd descriptions, of superior ruling and paper, and bound in a substan tial manner, con-tnntly on hand. Cap and Letter Paper of every quality and description, as well as Drawingn-nd I ancy paper of all colors and varieties, ogether with a genefal assortment of STATIONER V and aliinst every article usually called for m a Hook store, always for sale. All of which were purchasuel nl very low prices, and will be sold at a small advanca from cost. VHc rc-p.ctfully invites tho ntlcntion of Patents Teachers and Merchants, to his stock and prices. Huthngton, Nov. 10, Is (0. AT IIOlVAHD-.Dec. 1. 18 H. Q,K SHIRTS AND DRUVFRS. for Lad os nud O Gentlemen, tiie' that are sa. 1 if 1101 qmi to cure wiil prea'ly allcvtato Rluut'iatic punr. Wsn, the f if mime llrandrc th's Pills, which with iho use of the above nr' Vs ,f taken will eradicate Kheumtcsm from anv nersin rerent'v atllictcd, if net SiMnoncy j-'l'J j for the pill ' refunded. NLLDLI-.-IIeiiiimngs .f. Sons', Warren's, and other fine sewing mvitlcs, ground downs, bo twecus nnd sharps. Sadh , Harness, Milliners, Glovers, narninu, Knitting, Tape, Nettu.j and Tain hour Ntcll-'s. Those wisii gewd needles can depend upon fndiiig them al all times at the Variety tt, re V NS Paprr ,01 1 ounce, bin -le pms, hair pins, ver) lung large pm, verv small, sh. rt pms, at "e a ic'j Si ire, by I'sao-ui-! ,. BuiNfixto, V p L FOl'ND -Piek -d up ln the sircet, a V. davs s.iee, n Sro'-h Pla.d Cl ak, xvhifS the ivvnercan 3btainbva?r ) g at tl"s cilice Jan. J

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