Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 19, 1841, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 19, 1841 Page 1
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- WOT THE GLORY OP C . S A Rt BUT THE W X. r A H OP BOMB, BY 11 B. STACY. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 1841. VOL. XIV....No. 37. l'arm lor For Sale. THE subscriber offer for sale a Farm one and a half miles frum the College on ths Winooski turnpike, containing 50, 100. ISO, or 200 acres of lanil ns the pur- thaier may chouse. The buildings with little ex pense may he put in good condition for a tavern, and there is not a better location for such an establishment between Burlington and Mnntpcliet. Tetins of pay ment easy, and any enterprising industrious man with small capital may own a good establishment in a few years by purchasing this property. CHAUNCEY GOODRICH. Burlington, Jan. 14, 1841. (it bush. Seed llye, free from all other seeds, for U r 1'earl-st. Sept. 16. sale by C. UENN3. C1AU1N 1ST WAH12. Thcsubscriber has rcsum J -i the Cabinet business at the old shop on Church etrect, formerly occupied by Nichols & H'rrick, and recently bv U. 11. Walker, where he intends to manu facture and keep constantly on hand all kinds of CABINET FURNITURE, of a style and quality not inferior , to any manufactured in this vicinity. He hopes his long experience, together with a strict atten tion to the busincsss, will secure him a share of the public patronage. rt-WA.VTKO in exchange for Cabinet Work, Birch tnaManle Scantlct, suitable for bedsteads; basswoud plank, and boards from 1 inch to J inch j white Pine boards. Most fcinas ol country produce received in payment, (but cash would be very acceptable.) Burlington, Jan. 1,1311. SAMUEL NICHOLS. , UWiliVo tvasMHl,. UK Lit I-.. A Valuable L" Medicine, which, if riehllv applied, will Le the means uf saving thousand. from an untimely grave- it na been sold aim n-cd tor tinny year?, succer, and found very cilicaciou in the following di-eac, viz. ConMi.npiion, Whooping Cough-, com mon t-oiign-, to iniiK'iin ure.iiuintr. inuucuxa, Quin-y, A-lhina, Phihiic, Spilling of Blood, Flatu lency, Indigestion, Loo-eness of ihe Bowel-, Fits of every kind, Cramp., Rieket, Colic, Catarrh, Dy-en-lary," Fainting, Hypochondriac Aileeuon, Headache, SicknCsat Sionuch, Mea-le-, a preventive of Con tagion di-case-, uoin anu line nnaii.-m. t" I he above Medicine is prepared ny uenry sey mour, of Hadley, Ma. from the Original Recipe, I y liicdireeiii.ii ot -aid Moore, and sold by hun and the principal lritggitsin the United Slate... l. i i . i. i. li.. i i i.. i . f 11 n t. .. oow wituie-Hn; itiui remit, ny a. ufc. a. 11. i cch yu ami hen. A. Peck it Co.. D.nlinirton. and bv ihe dealers.'!' generally throughout the country III" STAIRS. THE subscriber would remind his friends and the public that he occupies a room in Church ttrcet, over Kern and Walker's store, where lie will give his personal at' fnntmn tn It txinirinr. ( llnclr a nf fVOTV Hru cription. Those wTiich have been in use many years lilted up in good style and made to have the appearance of new. He would also civc notice that he has. re sumed his former business of repairing Watches j all entrusted to his care will be carefully rcuaircdand warranted, tiav ins; been engaged for twenty years past in inakmcas we 1 as renairwn lime Keep. ers,he tru ts his experience in the business will enable him togivesatisfaction to those wno lavor mm witn a can. e..K few Clocks for sale, on commission. J. A, DLU.MiU Burlington, Dec 23, IS SO. r. NOTICE. J. TRVON, Merchant Tailor, would respectfully announce to the public and his old customeisin particular, that he continues to accom modate all who call, with the latest improved fashions and work not inferior to any, on reasonable notice, at his old stand ou St. Paul street. On hand and for sale cheap for cash a choice assortment of superior liroadciotliH, uassuneres, vesungs, anu trimmings. i. li. uoais cut lor 5U cents, cash. P. S. Those indebted will please sill nnl u ppny Jta TT011 SALE, The House and Lot now a -L occupied by E. J. Sliinson. For l!s!i terms, inquire of the subscriber at No. "J, JjJUU Strong's building. Also, Boots, Shoes and Leather for sale low for cash, to close a concern All those indebted to II. Stimson are requested to mint payment betorc the 1st ol ! c-ltruary next. E. J. STIMSON", Agent Burlington, Jan. II, 1841. ISAAC WAItEIt. TTAS received and keeps cotirUutlv on hand a lame JUL and full vssortment ot GROCERIES, among wnicn are COGNAC BRANDY", I St. CROIX RUM HOLLAND (..IN, A variety of WINES, ..nd slmust every article in the Grocery line, all i which he will s.-ll on tha trust leasomble terms. He would also iut'ui.n Tavern keepers in pirticnlar thai he v;., s-ll rijin, b )y sad ran for 63 cents a callon. which ho will warrant of a better quality than some wnicn nave laieiy ocen nawKcd auoul the country by a certain New Yolk pedlar, and if not adiudrcd bv the best judges to be bttter, he will not ask any pay tor them. lie invites them to call and compare. Ilurlingtiin, Oct. 1640. if. LIVGltV TABLE. TTAVINO maileextt nsivere XT. pairs by addition of new DuildiriL'9. Hursts, Uarriazes, Harnesses, Saddles, etc. the subscriber is tirenared to accom modate the public in good style and on short notice. Single, Tcndem, four or six Horse Tu,..a ... 1 k. fx... cV.n.l ... P rss-aCssvw- ties of u ensure. A man may be found mtbe Barn at any hour, day or night, to at fend calls. Cash paid for Oats and Hiv, 3 doors F.aM cf the rog Uaotn, or at my mop . ucors west ou. j. ii reck ar. ijo. a store. SAMUEL S. SKINNER, Burlingtcft, Dec. 12, 1540. m "rTOTICEThe sebsenbers havinc formed J.1 partnership under the name and firmof Staiih& Dow, ic tlieTin, ShectlronandStovebuMiiess, would respectlully inlorm me public mat tney keep constant' It on hand a complete assortment in the above line They have now on hand a variety of Parlour, Box and Cocking Stoves, trimings dec, which they will disDSse of at the verv lowest prices in market. All orders will be executed on short notice and in the best style of workmanship. Church st, opposite the jail. Burlington, Oct 30, 1840. ( J. J. STARR, ISAAC DOW. a"HE Burlington BREWERY has . now commenced business, and will have new Beer in a few d . when all orders will be punctual attended to. Burlington, Sept. 1840. GEO. PETERSON. IV KWtMlNTSIIOI,...SI'Ai;LI)IN0ltMlt.l A! have tJiened a new Paint hnrif on Churt.h-.-t. tia.t ilnfir. .ruith r.f II. Latins Sloi-e. where ihtv w do all Uini. of HOUSE, SHIP, S:G.N and CAKlllAGE r AIM I.NU, in Km I e-t puvible manner and on lernii 10 iiiittho-e who may favour thein wrh their natron xe- C?Painl", Oil, arnish and Puny, cmi-iantly on har.ctami lor aie. jt.i. &i-AUL.Lii.t. Bnrhneton, April 9, 1810. C. B. MILLS. ENGLISH POWDER. Pigons & Wilkes anu Burton scclcbrated rifle powder, in pound canis by, H. M. GIDD1NGS &, Co. OOK1NG GLASSES, mahogany framed, at the lowest prices, by H. M. GIDDINGS ci Co. LOAF. Lumpand Brown Sugar, Teas, ColTec, eperm candles, winter strained lamp oil, molasses, rice, nutmegs, Eng. currants, soda crackers, cloves, cinna mon, aaleratus, brooms &c. for aaleb & LVMAN A COIjE, have on hand nn extensive assortment of Burlington Mill Co. BROAD CLOTHS and BEAVER CLOTHS. Atso.-A great assortment of English Broad Cloths, Beaver Cloths and Cassimeres, which they will sell at reduced prices. WANTED. A few thousand lbs good Fleece Wool or which cash will be paid. Oct. 23. 1840. MT. VRIINON HEADER, Polyghitt Bibles of diilcrent M'xes and Lining', Pocket ifiMe. and Te.nment and a general a'-ortment of stationa ry in-t received from N. York and for -ale '.y 'College vt. ,ie:25. S. HUNTINGTON. MORE NEW BOOKS, Ju-t received at the Book Siore, A New Home. Who 'II follow. Yo ing Ladic-Companion. Counlc-s Ida. Hayward's New England Gazcivcr. Mitchell's Geographical Header, a sy-tein ol Geography, ceinpri-ing a Dr-rn'ption ol the World with th-i grand division", ile-igned for instruction-in schools and f.unilie-. Wonders of the Heaven-. D. A. UUAMAN. CUKE OF A SWELLING IN THE SIDE. Tho following letter has been forwarded to Mr. Morison, President of the British College of Health, from his Agent for Dorset and Somerset, the truth of which is attested by the Rev. C. W. H. Evcred, Rector of Exton. "Crewkerne, May 30th, 1839. "Sis I have much pleasure in forwarding to you, for publication, at the express wish of the undersigned, the follow ing most extraordinary proof of the efficacy of your Medicines, in the cure of a case of Scrofula, which, undet the usual treatment being deemed incu rable, had defied all probability of ever being eradicated. "I beg leave to observe that the writer, Henry IInwi. is nn entire stranoer to me. that he hns sent me this, his own statement, quite unsolicited, written CHEAPER and better for Ready Pay. Thcsub scriber would inform his customers and the nub- 1IU lliai Oil BCCUUIH Ul 1113 III1B Ui UUUU8 IIY 111 U HIIU U1U , ' li L ir , ..... 1 1 .. t. . . ..I damaged ones selling oil" so cheap, his present B. signed by himself, and as it is attr stcd by thcresi stock is principally made fresh and select, and the dent Clergyman of the vil age, I humbly presume that l,i. !,, i,Aifi m i,t. nrlu h .1 i,,n , its an t hen t ici t y cannot, and will not be doubted. I aii i.:,,,i.. ,.Y ,. .,.i,, ,.,!., ., ,i. .1. ..,.,;.. Cutting done as usual. All kinds of clothes cleaned of paint, gieasc, Sic, and dressed, pressed and repaired in the neatest manner and brought as near as possible to their original beauty, and warranted without dam age. Also on hand, (no waiting until New Years or running all day after Trimmings etc.,) Top Coats, Cloaked, Dress and Frock Coats, Pantaloons, Waist coats, Sailor Jackets, Boys Clothes, Flannell and other shirts, Drawers, Stocks, ic. Also all kinds of secondhand Clothes, Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoes, Travelling uags, rrunKs, ! urmturc and all other ar ticles common and uncommon. Clothes or produce taken for pay. C. BENNS. t'carl St., Sept. lb, laiu. LK AT II Kit iWc.The subtcriber has received and is now rectiving trom New York, a large as sortment ol Leather, Boots and Shoes in addition to his lormer stock, consisting of the following articles in part: 100 Sides Sole Leather, a superior ariicle,free from 3u Heavy Cow Hides, water, 1U Sides Harness Leather, 10 " Black Bridle do 10 Doz. Sliccp linings, 2 " South Sea seal Skins, 1 " Grained Leather, I Case Men's Snpciiur Calf Boots sewed, war anted, 3 " Thick Boots, heavy at S2.30 per pair. 1 " Boy's 1,87, " 1 " Small Uovs " " 1.22 " rocclhcr witn Kids. Kips. Shoe Thread. Prunella Cotton and Linen Webbing, Blacking, Shoo Brushes, Ladies French Kid slips, mid a general assoi imcnt 01 .iiissis anu innurens sups and W alking snoes, all of which will b sold low for cash. 11. C. STIMSON. N. B. Wanted, a few bushels of Buckwheat, live aim i.orn. t. j. s riiMSU.M, nxcni, ICH pUln black and blue black gro dc Swiss silks - V lor drcsscss: changeable uro de New York, nro deAfric and repp silks, assorted colo:t for bonnets; plain and tig d puull de sol silks, dark and light colors, black, blue black and colored silk vclvus. A large assoitmcnt of ribands of all kinds i chmella cord, .ilk cord, itc. Tasstls, lace veils, workc 1 collars, Thread Kin ,. tuiiiii luiiuii, uiu.rv uti 111111 i.ivi. .jiiii and dark kid gloves, black lilUt do. Black silk and mohair milts, oy 1M. l.tni.1,1 tv. uu PiRUGS, Medicne, Perfumery, Paiuts, Dye Stull's, XJ Oils, Varnishes, Brushes, oic. The subscriber is' now receiving Ins fall supplies of the above goods; selected with reat care, which he will di-pose of at tne lowest market prices. kuukiit iiiuuuv SALT. 4.000 Minots Coarse Packing Salt, 6,000 Mmots L vcrpool Salt, For sale, in nuantities to suit purchasers and dcliv ercd at any Port on Lake Champloin, by JASON C. PIERCE &. SON. St. Johns, L. C, Sept. 4,1840. Jl'y WINDOW SASII Jnsl received 15,20 an I 247 by Oci.cmeut- ul -ash, a first ra c article at 31 and 3i cent- per light j al-n all kind- an I sue,-, furm-hcd j to or.lcr. Ticondcroga I lack lead, a fir-t rale arlielr, fur sale very low, together w ith a rrrcat variety of other am- cWiai thnp a can Le lound at any ulber t'-ialli-h-mtnt in I be plaee. Geo. Pcterson. H LAST ARRIVAL. NEW GOODS just received by the subscriber i and it is of but little conseuuencc to the purchaser how they came. I will only say they were mostly purchased on a credit and will have to be old at ome price to pay my dtbts as I will convince any ni who w ill call at my store on Pearl street. SIDNEY BARLOW. CONFECTIONARIES-Just received, a selected variety of Stuart's celebrated confectionaries Mttly put up for retail trade. Also at wholesale. THEO. A. PECK, &. CO JKNQLE. DOUBLE. UMBILICAL. JUST ree'd a supply of Marh ceUbratcd Tru-se, of every de cription, for alo by thedozen oringl Oet. 10, 1810. THEO. A. PECK & CO. Sign of ihe Mormr. B ALSOM OF LI VER WORT for Ci..,imp,lc,n Dv.-pep-ia, Asthma, and all ofihe Lun-. mnA Liver. These di.ea.c- nrevail lo a irreat evti-i,, ereating much di-tre.s and sorne fatality, Allthe.ecan be remedied 1 y the use of Dr. Taylor's Balom ol Liverwort. Th'i- medicine is Vegilnlle, ami from it necnliar action upon the Liver ia wavsfiiind radical remedy for ihe,e di-ea-es. For Females and men in a very weak state, no medicine can I e so grateful re-lnrative, an it not only strenglhenp, hut purine and (rive a healthy action to ibr whole sv lem. Constantly lor sale by N. LOVELY & Co. u'ho kae iut received a fro h supply nfrea-nnahle Good (tom New York, all very cheap for ca-h. Hurhnuton, inly 30, 1810. MOFFAT'S VEGETABLE LIFE MEDICINES. The-e medicine, arc indel Ic.l fi r their name to their manife-t and sen-ihle action in purifying tbf -pring- and channels of life, and enduing ih'em wuh lencwed tone and vigor. In many h indred certified e.-c-which have I ecu made pulli", and in almo-t every secie. i4di;ea-e to which the h'iman trauie is lial le, the happy e ccts ofMorrAt's Life Pill- and Piixnix BirTr.U'. have lecn Ereatfullyand publiclv acnowledgcd by the iier-ons lenctincd, and who were ptcvinu-ly iniaeq tainted wi'h ibcbeaiilifiillypbi lo.oplncal priricipe- upon vvhi. hlhey areetmpound ed. and imiin wbiih ibi'ycun'eii'.enily act. 'Ihe LIFEMELKINES recominend ihcinclve-in di-cue. of every form and tlc-eripliun. rbeir first ni.eration is to 'oo-en from ihe coals of the stnniai h and I ovtt. the various impurilic- and crudities con -tantlv seitlms around them: and to remove Ihe har deuel fate- w bu'h collect in the convolutions of the inalle-l intc.-tine-. O her medicine only nnrtiallv clean ethc-r, and leave such cillecleil masses I ehind a- to produte In I itnal co-livcncss, Willi all its train ol evils, or-uddtn diarrhoea, with its imminent dagers.n I In- Met i- well known to all regular anatomi.t- who examine the h iinan I owels af er death ; and hence Ihe iireimbi col ibosuwcil luloritictl men aenin-to'iac . medicine or medicine prepared and heralded to ihcnul licby ignt'iaul per-on-. 'Ihe second eircct ol the Life Medicine-i-to clcan-e the kidneys mid the lilaiKk-r, ami by t In- means, the liver ami inciiin;-, the healihliilaciioii ol iv men culireiy depends upon the re sularilv of the iirniart- orcan-. The blood, twhitl lal csit- red color from i lie asteney of llic liver and ihe lunir- lefure it pa-'C into the heart, I eing tin- purified by ihcin, anil nouri-hctt by fuud coming from a ile.ui stomach, coire- freely through the vein-, renew.. every part of the -v-tein, and triumphantly mounts ine l annrr ol neauu in llic i.ioouiiu curcK, Mo tai' Vceetal le Life Medicine- have Uen thor niigldy le-teil, and pronounced a sovereicn lemcilyfor Dvpep-ia, Flatulency, Palpitation of llic llearl, Lo-s ol'Apcirc', Heart-I urn and Head-ache, Ile-tle-sne-s, Ill-lemper, Anxiety, Languor and Melancholy, Cos-nvenes-, Diarrhoea, Cholera, Fevers of all' kinds, Itltcumati-m, (Join, Drop-ies ol all kinds, Gravel, Worm-, Asthma and Con-iunption, Scurvy' Ulcers, Inve'eraie Sores, .Scorbutic Eruptions and Bad Com plexion", f.ruptive complaint-, sallow, I., and oiherdi-agreeahle Complexion, Sail Ithuum, Erysip ela, Common Cold- and Influenza, and various other complaint" which nfibct Ihe human frame. In I' and Aour, particularly, Ihe Life Medicine, have I ecu most eminently sucte-sfnl j so much so that in ihe Fever and Aime districts, Physicians almost universally pre-cril e tbcin. All that Mr. MnTat require" of hi patients is to lie particular in taking the Life Medicines strictly accor ding' to the directions It is not a newspaper notice, or by anything ihct hehim-elfmaysay in their favor, that ho hopes lo gam credit. It is alone ly the results of a fair Irial. MOFFAT'S MEDICAL MANUAL', de-iencd a a domestic guide to health This little pamphlet, ed'lt-d by Mo lat,275 Uroailway, fvcw ork, ha Uen iiullished forlhe purpose of explaining moicfdly Mr. Mo lai's theory of diseases, and will le lound highly interesting to pereon" seeking health. Il treats upon prevalent di-ea-e-, and the causes thereof. Price, 25 cent. for salel y Mr Moilat's Agents generally. lhe-e valuable Medicine are for rale l.y liolcrl Moody Drutrgi-l, if" General agent, (to whom all ap plications for acciuue should I e addressed, po.-t paid) Burlington, Vt. Jan. 4, 1811. remain, sir, yours, ever faithfully Hadrit Beaniiam. Henri Howe's Statcmcnnt of his own Cast. 1 first had a swelling in my side in the latter part of February, 1S30, and applied to Dr. Welbank, of Lon don, w hoso prescriptions I took for many weeks, and in the month of June following he lanced my side and thumb. I left London, July 1st, and came home to Orchard, when I dronk, as I was ordeted, sassafras, sarsaparilla, and root liquorice. during a long time ; after which I drank dandelion and dock roots several weeks. In AugustI removed to llalseomhc, where 1 took medicines for six or seven weeks, which were nroQcrihrrl in mn hv Mr. Collins. Iii tho latter part of September I returned to Orchard, and finding my- Ftll 110 oeiter was iiiuueeu iu a'i. v.iv.i.11 a io'. and consulted Mr. Titticutt, who put a seton into my knee; this wasa httlebcfore Christinas. AfiersulTcr- ing a long tune, 1 was persuauea 10 try nircnurciiiii s Medicines, and applied his Ointment to my wounds sixteen weeks. Finding no benefit, I applied to Dr. Choi Icy, ond took his prescriptions. March lOih, 1S31, came home to Halscombe, and was ordered to drink lime water, and apply fresh butler lo my wounds. Aftrr rrvimr this in vain. I consulted Dr. Baker, taking his prescriptions, and applying mercurial ointment to ..... ... 1.. . . .1 I...I. nm.l.In.B (n my VVOUUtl", Willi lOHUIIS uuu unu jiuuiihib, ,u ili twffllmiTs. Mv increased Fiifierin!rs ltd me to apply ngain'to Dr. Collins and Dr. Sully ; I look their prescriptions ten weeks, applying poulliccs, Poor Man s i;iieiid, anu caustic to ine wuuuus, uui wunuui any benefit. Altervvarns nau recourse again ro Lr. Green's Drops, with poulticesand Poor Man's Friend, hut these and many other remedies, were all in vain. I dcspairi.rt or ever finding reuei iroin my Ruuenngs, when at Christmas, 1332, Mobison's U.stvr-nsAL McoictNEs were recommended to me, and I look them in doses fioin four to twenty-two pills each day after taking them about three weeks my pains were greatly abated, and I wns enabled to turn in my bed and change fiom side to side, which I had not been able 1 1 do during twenty monins oeiorc, ironi ine nrcaoiui stati- nf mv wounds. Bv continuing these mils cverv day during twelve months, I was able to get up and wain udoui vvnn my crutcnes a oiLssing vvmcn it wns never cxncctcd 1 should cniov I had tried every doctor within many miles, and it had cost, pie scorrs of pounds lo no good purpose! they all said no medi cine coil Id no me any goon, t uo ueucve u i uau known tlicseU.NivrR3AL Mrnicises rTyear and a half before, I should never have been a cripple i hut I am thankful to God that I now know thorn, and that I have experienced such unexpected pood from his -J!-;. - Y 1 1 l n.H,:i.wln 1 MArlenn tn ..ICUICUies, 1 lllll Umillll 111 I'.l ilillWUl. lu ,'ll, .'tuiijuii ,u make this as public as possible. It is well known that a person must not be afraid to take any number of these pills the more they take, in such a case as mine, Ihe. more good they will do. They hue not cost mt during ine nine i nave t.U,.n them. I am now without any pain, have a good appetite, and sleep well, being in theenjoymcnt ofper feet health, and have been for the Inst eighteen months. All mv wounds are healed, nut ine scars em testify what I have suffered, these still remain, but I need neither crutch nor stick, and am mile to work n mv garden and at my various employments. I send this to Mrs. Bcanham, General Agent for Som erset and Dorset, and request her to publish iLfor the Eood of the afflicted. Witness my hand, Landlord of the Rock Inn, Exton, Somerset. Witnessed by the Rev. C. W. H. Evebed, Rector of E.Uon, and by James Yocno. April 21th, 1839." r;i:itMAN coucai hyhui. A Few dozens of this famous medicine, for the cure J .Olds and Coughs, are for side by the subscri be..' Recommendations from many of our citizenB tn bstven- THEO. A. PECK A. CO. BOSTON and TROY IRON CO.MPAN Y.-The public .ire hereby notified, thai the business ol ca.ting in every branch nnd variety, is done to order, on iheshorte-t notice, at Troy, Vt. 'Theconipany have much enlarged their foundry, and are now prepared to do all kinds of work done at any foundry in ihe country. Milbgeariug, Put Ash Keitles, Stove-, Plough-, Axletrec, etc., on hand, or furnished lo order. All WllO Wl-ll UlCOlllracI fnpslnvv lilmr. ns in nnr. cha-ealargequaniiiy ofhollow-vvarc, fur ihe purpose of retailing, will I e furnished at whole-ale price and all who may favor tis wuh iheir calls or orJcr-, will I e dealt by as literally as at any establishment in the country. Orders should be addressed to E. H. Cross- man, Superintendanl. or A. J oung, Agent, Troy, Vt. to secure an early reply, an J prompt aiienticn. Trey, Vt.,Jjae 1610, jyrp Tt.,,1 llrrnlh Tlndl'irsniralion. Bolll these dis cover without disguise, Ihe corrupt source from which they proceed. How few pay attention to them or their conseqnenccs, or have turned their thoughts to radically prevent llicml Some odoriferous palliatives are the whole length that science has gone in this re spect ! yet some weeks' use nf the Vegetable Univer sal Jledicinet, would remove ine cause. ConntennnctPcttishncssDad Humour. The countenance is tho dial-plate of our interior, and our being master of it, the. sure sign of composure and itv the most enviable and desirable of oil stalls, and may claim Divine extraction. With composure and serenity, life glides pleasantly on, like unto a pure nnnbetrui-tnd stream. Intellect, imacination. compo sure, serenity, may be termed the fruit, the essence of the whole body, it ny ine management oi our uuuip, wnlinvi. not attained to and nerfeclcd these high in- irllnntnrtl fVti-ulii, s. wf have done but little. In them resides all ihe strength of man and of the world; they arc the true fruit of the tree the fruit of this body, winch wo have been nurturin" and taking care of from infancy up i certainly, then, oil physical assistance aunnmsicrcu ionic uuuy .vmi-u t.,i.-iinnciMaiio.i.Hi us, andean be proved, ueyonn n uouui 10 oc msiru mental in iiromotinff and perfecting these high func tions of our intellectual part or beintr, must bo accor ding to nature, and provided by her for that purpose ; that ani-b U ibn rsr nf the Vegetable Universal Medi cines, and their effects lasting, no man who has tried thorn will nttemnt lo deny or disnute. The reason why the world has never yet reaped the benefit from purging, expectoration, etc., which are all only modes ill eitiiiisiiiK, ii i'. I'-.'- in nnd in siimcieni Rtrenpth i nconle not havinc lust idcasas to their true cffccis, ihey expected that some days' use of either wassufTicient. Has not every one of us, however, experienced, after a cold or slutted head, tho enormous quantity of matter that is blown out and spit, sometimes lasting for weeks and months; nnd An nm wn nlwuvs cxDcriencc the beneficial result of it. Nature, in such cases, from causes which we cannot investigate, lias had the power to bring about this cleansing hcrseir; and it Bhe nad not none so, we maviavell imagine that tho patient would have fallen a victim to such a moss of humors accumulating in the head. They did not consider the body a moss im brued with corrupt humours, and that consequently it miiKi h.. tlm u-oilt or nine to radically Irce it 01 tnem. Do not thev see by n cut or drain made in a field do not nil ilinniniriinnt iuiecs from the back, remoteparts of the field flow townrds this drain; and must not Ihe borders of the drain be somewhat niiectco ny uicir bad quality, till they are nil run ofll So it is with ihe wholo internal tube of the human body, towhicli it is the drain ; and if it is kept in order, all the other functions regulate themselves, and the juices flow in their proper state. In vain, as to the nenem ot man kind, has science made researches, and by anatomy pryed into our most inward parts; having once stray ed from the path of nature, like a man rntcring a for est, the more they have advanced, the more (hey have found themselves ncwuueri'o nnu lost, nuu grasiuim ui every Ihingthcy could Iny hold of. By their inven tions ihey have tortured man. and left him more mis erable than they found him. Let chemistry and man ual dexterity direct themselves towards their proper field, where Ihey can do no harm; but do not attempt lo improve human nature by them. Hair. The hair is the great ornament of tho fjee, and comparable to the leaves of the trees; and like nnln ill nilir, nurla nflls. its crOW'tlt. StrCnttlh. Ohll duration depends on the health and proper stale of the body i and it remains as yet very doubtful whether oils, greaRcs, or any exterior applications can have nnv pffpi-l in nrimntinir ifa rrrnw ih and tienutv. But we know with certainty, that it grows luxuriantly when the body is in apropcr healthy state, and that it diminishes and actually falls off. when the body is neglected and full ofdiscare; ond that corpulenro is itiv no maansa nreventivo 01 ii. out rattier luuuie. m consider the hair as plants drawing their nourishment from oil and grease. No; the hair is nourished ond supported by its appropriate juices drawn from pure blood, like unto every other part of the animal frame ; as the nails, for cxamplc. I can, from experience in my own family inform my readers and fair country women, that some months' experience with the Vcg ciable Universal Medicine will cure and prevent all such mishaos. by imnrovinf the stain nftlm .kin nm juices, where the hair has its roots, and is nourished. My daughter, at the age of sixteen, being at boarding- acnooi, ana 01 n curonic, uiseascd, neglected state 01 body, the hair all dropped off; the head was of course shaved, and a wig made use of for a long, time. The hair grew again, but weakly, and continued in this Slate till she was near twenty, and then it grew weak, and fell offrgain, and in places, for the size of a ctown piece, became bare, without n hair upon them. She wns, too, though full of flesh, in a very diseased, chronic state. This went on for a length of tim, she using the many insignificant prescriptions in use, and noi Knowing in tool tunc now 10 remeay ii, or ao oei ter. About this period, I myself began the u?e of the Vegetable Universal Medicine: andlier statcofhcalth had grown so bad with an attack of erysipelas, that she saw the necessity ol doing something to alter her situation, and began with the same medicines, which have had such a beneficial effect, as to restore her to perfect health in every respect. The hair of the head has re-appeared, and grows with great luxuriance; and the erysipelas, which had even caused lamencssin one leg, has been radica'ly cured. If grief and afflic tion, ns it is said, will turn the hairs grey, and that in a short time, why should not keeping the body and mind in a healthy, composed, serene slate, produce the contrary, and prevent their falling off, and turning grey, at least so rapidly as we often witness? and mat ine vecetatue universal medic nes really produce this effect, I am convinced, from what has happened to mv own i as m y hair has improved in thickness and colour within these four years. Organic Mstasi. The proper application of words and their meaning, is the first step towards kno wledge and science: without that you arc only butieting the air, or what the French call giving a coup d'epttdans I'eau. One would understand by organic disease such a want or defect in the part or organ, as to pre vent it ever acting right; nsin the wheel of a machine, a part broken off, or so twisted or otherwise deranged, as never to I e remedied. Such seems to be the mean ing ottaehed lo organic disease, and any cure thereof is regarded as hopeless. Hut has the world ever re flected, that if ever this individual, or any organi7cd being, had this organ in a proper state at or since his birth, any morbid statcor disease happening to it af terwards is only owing to the gradual incrtaso of an humour settling upon this organ, and thus altering and preventing its proper action. All disease, and finally death, may in like manner, and with equal propriety be called organic disease; for in nil, some organ is first altered and injured, and finally destroyed, which causes death. In acute disease (which arises folely from neglect and want of precaution to purge the body occasionally by the Vegetable Universni Medicine) this rapidly takes place. In chronic disease it pro ceeds ny slow degrees and imperceptibly, but the cause is Hie same in both, and tending to the same result the destructii n in one way or other of some organ. The term oreanic disease should only opply to defects taken place at or previous to birth. Do notwc see in cuts, sores, wounds, that nature (that is the pure blood m man and nil animals) has the power oi regenerating and lormuigaircsn inai wnicn is reap ly wanting, torn and broken even in bones themselves, and in a still oreater decree that of cleansing and re storing to its proper action an organ which we have- only allowed to become dirty f What has dissection profittcd to mankind 1 its processes may be termed a system oi crueiiy io mnn anu titast, iiiaKing cxpcri mcnts to prolong life after d Driving them of sonic in tcrnal orcan. the spleen, the kidneys, and thus en couraging making incisions into the abdomen of the numan unoy. iveaa tncmcoicai reports in ineirrnap. sodies. One would think the human mind had deliv ered itFclf ur bound hand and foot, to ignorance and infatuation. Countrymen, fellow-citizens, read these reports ol what lakes place in our hospitals, and open your eves after treating a patient ond druecine him for several months, trvinr one thinrrand then another ,), ,;..n. .i:D i,;. i.A.t., ;s nnnnni mini found tint which every man but a doctor, with half ins senses, knows nciore-nano must Deiounu ; nameiy, s m.M ttC linrnau.. of vn.iAtia kind... -1-Flil.ll-1 I i 1 1 etc. which have first obstructed, and finally destroyed some organ either of the head or trunk and if they do not alter their theory and treatment, ihey will go on from now to eternity, as they have been doing, with out benefitting mankind, but injuring them: and all this is covered with the appearance of science and knowledge to the surroundinp multitude, who Bland aghast and amazed at the prodigies of their art, and of the miseries that they themselves are threatened with. All this misery and suffering would have been easily and modestlv prevented nnu cured in some weeks uy the Vegetable Universal Medicines. Let nature work, and when assisted by them, she has the power of thorough vc causing and rccenetatinc too, mat winch is wauling, they will do that which no other power on ear'h can do. Advantages attending the Use of the Vegetable unv xersal Medicines. 1st Sound sleep, if it be already wanting. 2nd Regular oppcttte and enjoyment of meals. 3rd Cheerfulness, contentment. 4th Agility, free use of body ond limhs. Bth Prevents melancbollv and suicide. Cth Prevents sudden death, angina pectoris, apo- nlexv. 7th Causes no restraint : cat and drink what you please. mi ii I n vir-ornies ine in i u ni u lanev. Oth Fifty per cent, pecuniary saving throughout the year. . . t nil Pnturiirlntilen it imp. Mtli Corrects all bodily deformities, and improves .Usft.tmrnt. 12th IvOnvtction, wnicn you soon icei mm juu are doing the best that ( on be done for your health. Disadvantages attending Vie Use oj the vegetable liurersal Medicines. A minute's renugnance at bed-time on swallowin from four to fiflcim small pills: this repugnance di minishes as you become better, and your health im , , fCplMPORTANT CAUTI0NlaC3 It isa singular fact and one much lu lie regretted lhat aluable medicines, as soon as they I ecome pop iilar, and have received the lct and approval of a discriminating public, are Mire to be counterfeited, and thus a bad andspiiriou article is immediately palmed upon Ihe unsuspecting fur ihe genuine. This ha lieen notoriously the ease vviih all popular tried and tr.ily valuable medicne fur years pat, and will probably conlinucto I e ihe case fur vcar to come. Thcla-cand contemptible counterfeit in this way advantage ol all the c lbrl and adver tising used by Ihe proprietors of the genuine article, to gel their me licines intoinc and dc-erved popluan- . iiisiiicienircnut ic lucuiity man it communes Ihe safely of every honc-l individual in Ihe com- .inillllnu.nn.. I...... .1 I I. f t.fc- i .in. . ii ui, ii uuwii, t. tin nire.crai eri.iio rKULT all ilKAin'LKSsS INGltATKSwholhuiirre. spoiriMv tnflo with liealih and life. I'C'IiiKItKFOKE TAKK lSOTiCRrtr3 I here a person l.y (lie name of J. B. KOCHE FOKT. now cneneed "in f-cllmr a Pill tlnn nn in r,ir ftio.xacl ami perfect imitaiioij ofthe genuine INDIAN Vi'XJKTAOLE PILLS, with the omission ofonlyonc wonl on the tioxe vi. WmcHT.RfThe Pill s-oUU.y tin Roehcfort are evidently intended a a fraud and imposition tipon the community, or ihey would not have teen done up in sue!, exact imitation of thr gen uine. 1 his person i tall MiMering with a great the atrical swagger. He wa recently known ia very pour piaycr in uainmore. unuer tne musical cognomen of Jim Brown, and i al out twenty five yearofape It i" almost Ityonda doult that neis supplied with the PjIU irom a UriipRi-t firm in this city, who have heretofore 1 een notoriou-ly connccled with counter feit medicine-.. As soon as proof is obtained the foun- n head of this ncfarioiH bu.-one-M will l,e enmcJ. that the community may shun the. n as they would a serpent. IN THE MEAN TIME TH PUBLIC ARE CAU TIONED aiVt Luvinz WRIGHTS Indian Vcr.r.TAaLr. Pills of anrone who due nut exhibit a certificate of aren- cv Mpned by the acnt for the New England State anu .eannt oaioiiice January 1 ill. AL-o take par ticular notice lhat the following wording it on lh box es Wright's Indian VeietnblePi'l (Ind. Purgative) of the North American Col'ese cf Health. Ihe Indian I tz'tabte Pitli ate w rerimi. curt fur itPAtt in Hi ef-iy idtipiv nf lot in. bt-cuKP iliry lint loitgltl) clenne itip ft'oniM-li and hiittel, indnre h put per diM'lMief In (he l(in(S km Htnl kidney, hiiiI iH miil.ite Hie ttliHjil iu piii lit ileir. In oilier wmil ilit ttpen ull i hp miiiral drnip, and lp,ie fi A 1 U K F. ( the l r ana f'nyfttfiani nee lo utue .vrAn limn the ind) I lie Hljote oiiileif, or tl.m, uir ilieromniuu uen iif imp ImiH i l hi ouei! hit h nil iuoi bid .ind ( or rupl hiMnniH (ihe raun nl dinit-r) hip ntri ipiI nlT; 'ind o long nn MiPy ate ull kepi open, mid itif-rtMiKP Itr-et) Mi ii .illuMcu iinrtnjiin nf impni iiv. iIip uuih will run. iiimip in hp4 bli : liui hIipii fioni e;iiuit imprnppt fiind, hir.iihine impute hit, imldpn lMninun! liuin litMi a ro!d, iet pxh-iuyiion r hii; other rpuce, the bow rN heroine rmMitP, ihe poie ol the rkiu becmue clourd, nr iliektdne Mil ft i.pifuriii I ben Innriiuni ihoijciiv line iinntiiilitn nhirli ilniiild be drained Itmu the bud by ihpfO ouileti' ill be retained, nnd continue tu e ctimutrfie itniil ihe bod brrmnri litrnill) lo.ideil with dnte. II ihe clunnH nt our mifhtv rerp plimud become blocked up, wunlj not (he trtmuUurd H.ttfrp nj new nttilf ti. ur Ihe cnunlrv lierome inund.ile'.l tut fo with the 11111114 1 b'idv : if the u.itmal di.iim- be come cloned, ihe n-nt iid coitunt hiiuinri will find vent 111 (lie nrions loimp oi nn-e.ife nxvt un tttcr, ftmill Pnx, Mei'lp', Iiliemnrtiiin, ftoi, Apoplexy, Ate. or Demlh will irl our sullViinjft Therefjte, when (.irkueii m ihe ptnin.tch, p-iin 111 he iMtk hih! tde, ninrk iiie, uuiinntf i-kin, 01 am oner oni.le.i Haul rvinpHimsi, itnjirrfip unit nne nr mine ol nip ni. 1 unit 111 me not dnrlMiginj heety, nnd ihe rutwii lulion i t)oui to etiittmenrp m Hiii'itsle fui I lit- rei'iofa lion of hejlilt no time rhuiild be luitt in ndmiui'Prinit fe brtfk dnfiei f the IihImu rmin'tie Inutun t gttablt Pilh ) By o dumg, nil ihe h-nrnoiH -f (lit? huilv ill le ifsjiorrn o Older, rnd ihe Pnil liiininip (ihe rtieif eveiv iufl.tinntinti nr nun we fffei ) will he mnoted in tn tAy niirul tn.tnner, (ImI ihe body will It iPinnicd if by n ehrtn. The aboie rnii nuy ue ihXen ni all iiimpk ami uniipr ai.lcii riinuuncpn. with nenepi 1 piy. 1 hey tun ati com plain .ind nil .upp, .tnd nie In ihe hum m rniHli'Uitnn m i..(m1 : ronnrrpteiiily ihrrun nener injui t eten ihe moal delirwe. Like our food, ihry hip d-eenble ; iheiefure they enter imn (he rimihiiiun tiud imp.irt hii energy 10 ihe blood, wnirh enabled it in (1 m wnlt fire dotn quite to lite extiemii.r mid rourfpienMy tn keep the pure of ihe kin oj en. They ure 11 uc and peiferi purifier 1- nf ihe blund : br-ctittp ihey drain all l oiiMpi humort fioni thai life eivnw fluid. Ihey imparl itireniith and VtOt to ihe whxlp eyoirin, nnd their ef feci aiealuHV bpnefi(dal : because ihey Oitlr remote liocp luimori wIi'h h aie npniied 10 heahli, I Iiey it id and rmptotP d.fcPiMi.m, and iouiid deep futlnwii their Mie : becaop iliev clennne dip. Diomrirh and bowel nt hoiieelimv hnuimiri which mil milt oriiaip amlexeiif iIip neioiM eyttriii, hut pauilyxe undp;iken iliedi geinte org tin. In cliori ihey pots-Pii m they goo ft piopenien lhat 0111 be rlaimed for any medii'inp ; and wtiat I nit veiy lemaikaufe, it u unci IV tuiputiu e lo uie them without bene6i. Price 25 cents ikt Box. with full directions. Oince an J General Depot for ihe New England State-, No. PJ3 1 remont street, near court Mreei, uos.ion. The reijular appointed Apent? can receive their ?op nlie of the above popular Pills a hcrciofure. from the only ofTiceand general depot fur ihe New England State-, "l 93 Tremoiit rec(, Bo-ton. Pedlars or trav elling asent are not allowed toi-cll the genuine indian vee-ahle Pill, lhcrefure never pnrchae from them, for If you do von will Lc Mire to obtain a dancerou and coun'LTteit article. si 1 Tiif.o. A. Pkck A: Co, ARcnWin Bnrlinpicn, fcr the aloof the Indian Veretal le Pills alo, W. H. Hoi.lft. Viiiiton, vt. and A. unnmaiti, unrJingtun. LYMAN A C4)LHt have received their ui I"!"' FAMILY PILLS, tor remo- extcn-ive asoriment of fall and wintei goods' vinjj flymplomsi oftrrration an-ing from foul nmnri-ini? a great variety of ligured faxouS Uonlic nomacn anu i.owei ; aicnas io-ss tt appetite or " n.i rtrsn'ITIVf- sT. Tl.lln litnli .h nimnn 1 I1C lir.iMJli T. Iiurisuil S I ilia, nuiui 01c s-utiu mnrnsirlc nponle than anv other medicine and which continue more and more to be called for, whilst many other medicines retire to just obscurity, can be obtained in this town, 0NLY oi PANGOonn p iirinsmaid, iaime ziL'e us. i?Vopt nnrlcrt nnrl bnx sold In the state is DUt ld with Pink labels and signed on the outside, "Pnngborn and Brinsmaid," if not so .SIGNED do not buy them. Tlippall for tills invaluable purifier of the Blood and rcnovaliTof the whole system, continues to increase ,u;u. fin.lic miiTn valnnd the in re it is known. Hooks and Pamphlets explaining the Morisonian theory of disease and its cure, can be had ofall the Apents. GEO T.VYLOIL HvceiM, 91 Broadway New York, soleU. S. Agent, for the Brit loll fJl((TO nfllpnlih. London. Wo have the Hooks losell nr lend ns pcrpons may wish. l'AiNUiiUllis tT- HKiisjiiHi. and ingle wiJih. PrinleJ Crape Mcrinn, Moueline uei-aine, p. 1-ignri.u Alepine, li?nrei anu piai Kngli.-h Merino, Gro de Naple ami French do. Worlcl Cnmle en. Alpaeca Cloih, Thil el Merino, ice. Icauiif il article for ladie cloak. Krminettr, Salis'inry Flannel, figured Cma-sians ic. Goals Hair and imiiation Canileis Dro hrlla, Per-ian cloth &c. Ilaavy duulile milled lroad t'lnili-, Ucarer and Pilot Cloths. Rich Diamond Clmh, a new ar ticle for Gentlemen over Coa's. A large nnmlcr of heavy wor-tcd shawl, a few Lupins I e-t Merino and C.'h'mcre do, Netlinr, I'alaline and Kdcnl-oro, do. Ilich Chally, Mo-iseline dc Laine end Cheneal lldf-. SILKS. Heavy Canion, Gro de Naple and oilier Silk-, rich figured liiuc Black, Drown and other colorr, Glove. and Hosiery. DOVtSTIC GOODS. Cotton theetinr, fhirtintr, firkin?, waddine and cotton yarn, superior I ri;h Linen. TAILORS TH1MINGS. Sewine Silk. Tvvi-t and Thread, Padding, Canvas., Sclecias col'd Jean-, nrown anu mack Linen, riaiu wors'cd r neine, n ur.-- ted Surge, Si k do., Silk Binding, Silk Cord;, Wors ted llinilinir &e. &c. " VESTING. Woo n Velvet. S Ik Velvet. Valentia. Silk Satin Sic. Silk Velvet for trimmings assorted colors. Ito.-lyn checks for children, wear. SHKIUIAN'S WUItAI I,OZi'M;KS. "HILDREN or adulls can take medicine in this form without diOlcully. It is the only way to make it pica-ant. These Loienges arc the grcal ct di-covery ever made, for dispelling Ihe v rions kinds of worm lhat so frequently and distress singly annoy hoth children and adults. They are an infallible re nedy, and so pleasant to the taste that children will take them as readily as a common pep permint lozenge. .Manydi'ea-es arise from worm-, without ils I cing su-pecicd. Sometimes a very trouble ioine cough, pain in the joint or limb", bleeding at the nose, 6:c. arc occa-ioncil ly worms, and can be easily cured by lhicelebrated medicine. The follow ing ympioms inuicaic me presence oi worm, viz: headache, vcriizn, torpor, di-tnrled dream., sleep broken oir bv fright and screaming, convulsion, fe verishnes,thirt, pallid hue, bad tasle in the mouth, ul'en-ive breaih, cough, difficult breathing, itching at the no'e, pain in ihe stomach, nausea, sqiieanu-h-nes-. voracilv. leanne.p, itching at the anus towards mglii, and at length, deiection and films and mucus One i a Jo-e lor a child two year oiu two fur one four year old hrcc fur eight year, and Ihe fur an adult, and should 1 e repealed every morning, or cverv other morning until relieved. in5- Sold at the Vanctv store bv PANG BORN A. BUINSMAll), Jecelltn, II irlington, Vt. wholcale Agent. A libera! discount to merchant wno ouy 10 sell again. iii:itic K 1.1X111, A CELEBRATED remedy fur comiilaints arising from a di-eased state ofilic LIVER and its Secre tions: the followinr are a few of its symptoms weakness of ihe-tomach, Indigestion, loss of appetite lowne.s ol Spirils anil Headache; it will nc lounu a sure remedy for Eruptions on the Face. In cou-e-niience of tneir lemr manv nostrums circulating in this part of the country, the-ubscribcr are authorised to warrant its benclicial cfect. This article is juU received, and oilered to the public a one well worth the attention ofthosc who are nmVied by complaints from the aboe di-ea-e; it bring from an eminent physician we feel confident in thn recommending it. f 1 i. C 1 R.lfl. TU EO. A. PECK Ao Co.. Sicn c f t h- Mortar, oneii)orea-t ofJ & J H Peck II Co morbid cravings tot fuott, suknc-s or vomitiioB, pain or an uuea-y sen-alion al the pit of stomach. wun suurncss, uuu n co-ue siam oi lue oowei-, nam lence iih fulness of tbce parts, and pain on pressure, with fainlne-s, jaundice, dy enlary, pain in either siJc, and piles. AtlL-cnons of the bead,dizzine, stu por, weakne-s,depre.ion of spirits, hy-lena, hypo chondria, and often di.-turlcd sleep, sick head at ha so common with feelle, delicate person, especially females, diarrhcea, or loosene-s of the bowel-, and dv seniary, di-ca-es of ihe skin, and worm sofiequent with thildren, allcclionsof'tlie che.-t, such as cough, or difficulty of breaihing, occasioned very frcqcenilf by a disordered state of ihe -tomach. Monthly a:Iec lion of females, when checked by general debility wiih loss ofappetue, attended wiih cold feel, etc., agre rind fe.rr, iniuenra, rheumatic a''ectKins of ihe joints, scr.ifu'a,ttcdoloroujt, or painlul alltxtion of ihe nerves of ihe face, neck and shoulder. 1 have found them useful in removing chronic catarrh, it per.-evered la for some time, in smaller do-e. They ore accommo dated lo all age-, (children of s year old may safely use thein,) and toany climate, and under all circiim lanccs. Thev contain no merenrv nornther mineral. They are purely vegetal le. Dosr.. '1 wo to four mav iCiai.enaia tune, and repealed every other nignt, until ihe tongue I clean, and the di.-charge from th bowels. intcad of I cnitr Irahl colored or dark and of fensive, I ecomes free aud full and healthy, with a re- irn oi appetite. CERTIFICATES. The nndcrsiincd has had the pleasure clan acquainlancc wiih l)f S. Phinney fo some year pa-l, curing his re-idencc in thi villag. , where he has attained a high character a a physician He bahadan opportunity aUoin repeated in-tancs, oftcslingthe value ol the ''Family Pills," and from bis own experience of Iheir eilieacy, a well as from a kliowieugc oi meir goou c.iecis in uuicr case-, mi no lic-uaiicn in rccommenlmg them to le ju-t what they profess to be, a very valnal le Family Medicino. ' ' iriimi iu Kf .sSLf 11-11 IUU.11AH 1U. OIUI 1 II. Pastor of the Presbyierian church, Catskill N.Tf I feel il to 1 e a nrivilere and dutv to sav. thai to th extent of my oh-ervaiion and expsrience, which is very coii-iu.-rai'ie u ring several years, mc uuuiy 'he anicle both for Dy.-pep-y and as a niot ellicacious Family Medicine, far excteded my anticipations. .More man ininy year. I navenot enjoyeu neann, uui siitlcred much from ick head-ache, and from billioun lections. J have bad the advice ol many re-pcctaij;e hvM'eian. but neierfound anv e lectual relief from my complaints uutil a trial of l)r Phinney'. Pills had Uen made. Samit.l Ciicrchili. Ilarmonsliurg. Crawford I.O., I'a., July, IS38. Catskill, Greene Co.,N. Y., April, 1SJ5 To all whi.m it mav concern : This cenifie. that Dr S. Phinney ia Phy-icianof the tir-t sianding in thit vlliaze, naving rcceivcu wis nauivai nc;i at bridge fniver-ity, andu eniiiloJ to the highest rejpesl from the public. llcv. Jiavid roncr, u. u.j ncv. josepn i recu-s, n. M.; Thoma B. Cooke, President of Cat. kill Bank l!ev. 'I honia M Smith; Jacob Haight : Rolen Dor Ion, Cuun-ellor ; John Adams, do; M. Wat-rn, do. Ifihese mll.du not eive -atisfacuon afiera fair trial they may I e returned, and the mo.icy will be reludded. Agents are trereliy aiiinonzeu io uo so. jicenir. n. Moody, Burlington i UJane-, Georgia; T.W Smiib, Alhan , l. urak, si ..iiuun anu ai uiw. WilllMS, Vllt.IS. Dn. M. Hitchcock' unrivalled and unequalled WORM TEA, a .nv.T.-lpti rpmeAly for Worm. Slransre and incrisli- 1,1c are the e lects of the e delegable vermin; few nerson-. and it I thought none arc free Irom them, par licnlarly female and children. Many per.-cn go Ihrough a course ef medicine without a benefit, when llay might be relieved by using the Worm Tea. This invaluable medi. inc ha ln.en tested by ihe exM-rience of more lhan ten year ue, and administered to more than 16,000 persons cf various age-, and not one solitary complaint ; on ineconirary hnnilr. 1 have called, and un-oliciled. civen their de cided preference to it. uficr trying the di lerent ar"0'?'- sent lorin 10 tne punic, anu pronouncru r. .... uu- u' ihe mo.i safe, cllertual. and con venient reimsly that can I obtained ; for in no one of ine inousanu. oi in-iancrs wuere u u i u airrecablc to the primed direction has it ever failed, N.H. Ask for Dr. M. Hitchcock' WoumTe. alhere nre many noslrums abroad for the de-trnctionof worm. For sale whole-ale and retail by A. HITCHCOCK & CO., so'e proprietor, 117 Gene-ec street, Ltica, and hv their agent inrougno tune i nion. in uuriuigiuu hv J. & J. II. Peck & Co.. and Tlico. A. Peck &. Co In vcrgenncs, Dy j. ti. nowiuan. in ..iiiiun, uy Burnet St Sawvcr. In Georgia, by Lorenzo Janes. aur; snnnMAN'S POOR MAN'S PLASTER sTtNI. til cent each. Each plaster ha primed on Ihe back of il, "Sherman's roor man nia-ier, i. : . .... i sin'ii"llieiiiii" nla-ier in the world, and .....; ri-mnlc fi r nam or weakness in ihe back i .7.I- i.r...i.i. neck. limb-, joints, rlieumati-m. luinbiigo, A.&c. Oneinillion a year will not supply .t....i......i They reniiirca little warminir before ap plication. Warranied iiK-rinr to all others, and for mo quarier Ihe iwial price, making not only the be-t. but Hie ciicape! i";"''" "-- " " in a few hoiir, and makes astoni-hing curia. Inlner complaint and dy-pep.-ia, it should I e worn over ihe region ofihe liver or stomach, and il will aMurd great and atoni-hing relief. In cough-.cold., a.thina.diili cully of breaihiiv.', oppreion ofilu- che-t or stomach, Ihey will immediately ooth, and Krcally I enciil ihe natient Per-on ol sedentary habits, or lho-e obliged lo ,iand much, will receive decided supporl from one .,f.i....,,K- kin'nslhemnz iila-lcr.-. Physicians gu- '.i t recouimcnu iniiu.ui .reivis-i n. cau-e Iney hi ";....r -. - p relief In their operation Ihey are stimulant, tonic, and anodyne. They are composed ofenlirely di lerent ii.gre.lcntlrmauy uuicr, " ,H-7icn.s; of millions, who have n-c-d them as well as he nniicd te-timony, cf all ihe celebra ted and ditin uhvsician. to Icthc most and highly mislicat.slnlater,cver invented or o"erl .V.i.n n.ii:',... Several person havecallc.1 at the ware hoii-u to expros iheir snrpri-.; an I thanks at ihe almo-t niirac dou cure, ihce pla-ter have elected, One man who had bis-n so alhiciod with rheiimati-m, ... , ,-i,i.. in dre him-ilf wilhoul asisiaii(r, wa-tfiial led afler wearing one, only one ni,-ht li. get i- iS, mnrlllll '. lull Oil hii. ClOMlc mill Cal at our olhcc wuh eye I eaiiiing wiih joy and hi tongue r,niirin lorth the gladness nf hi heart, al the Midden " "?.-! 'flic had received from tin, I e-t of all '"" ' w. It !..- Tit- .... remedic. A-k fur ur.f nerinan's ruor ?wn s lasier. Il i so called, ntvau-c i" i" Si I . ,,rnl in tiurcha-e, oeuii; muv ij n- .---. nn . u(3! V'"it. PANItlHJKN ii UUINSMAID. I.7.T-U..,. Iliirlinctoii, Vt. wholc-al eagenls. A lite- .1 .i.uruif merchantst who Uoonryu sell again. DISKASES OF THE l,U.NnS...llrride.ll) I lie inul iinpnUr remdt eter k mitt n in Aiu-iie4 Vegetable Pulmonary Balsam it ihr musi t.iliuble eiui-dt iiuw in use f,l cui'li,eulils, lliu.rf or, cnii-iiinpiion. itliouping rot'gli snd piilmnn-iit MrT,riiu,is nfetert kind. Ils M'e is sipaddv I es'ing, nd ihe piiipiieinis are rmtiiuiillt .eeeiting die must fstnirfhle rfreniini tif in efTerir. 'I lie fnlliiwing new ceriificte. sue ofTHred fur ptitil e essiiiiiMtiiiii, AN iNTtlitsriss our.. cxirari ni a lenrr Irmn Mr U fi Cls, Kinj-uin, lUsier ru., N. V. in ihe nrnprieiius. M unit ot ihe ydi inn, ttns tlult ire d A rem it k-ilile cure ttns etl.-r.ieil uy Hie . egmlJe l ul. munr llls-fiin in ibe ttinier -ind -pi ing nf 1S35, The persi.ii, Mr. -Mofidt, been sirk a luuz lime ttuh ihe cutis itiniti inn. Ilu ihtirUn li,d citrn Imn un lie ttss ledureil in luw s io be unable in liefp him-elf, 4iiil r Ming a urge ijiMntnv nl IiIikk; ttlien lie coimiipnc.'d using ilie ILiIimiii, wliiili hss rfTeeied a complete cure, and be is nnw as It ite and henrit as eter be ttus. Mr. Mnodt Ii is irmoted fioni this intt n, bill he h is premised me mure druilrd iircnnni of hii e,ipe. ttliiih I will bit tv-ird t Ii,h CUV Kumstnn. N. Y. June 23. 1838. Exirari uf leiier from Dr. Mjers The Vegeuble. Puliniiii.ii) llrfls.nn li.n been sold in ihii euiiiii) for Itvojeri, and ihe me.heine Imi gained an unrummnii celehrii), tor it srairel) In nne infiunce ftilrd uf liatinz die desiied effect. I am ht no mctni in f ivur cf ihe many nnsirums, moil ol ttliirh aie im linvilimi- upuil a crediituus publie, hill ilim wliieh I know by ne in be, I rrfiinoi help bul giti-iny appiohilinii therein, A rounteifeii pceinrhlion ln been here by a ir.itelling Agent, nfCoinnuck, N. V. rfiid there ii anoihrr arnrle vended here dial is .strongly suipecied lu beipui iutin. JACOB SirrRS. SI, II, Mifilinclon, Jtini.H.i co. Penn. Mat 3. 1837. Kisni Dr. Ssmnel Morrell. In ihe I'niniieinis of ihe Vese Isltle Pulmnnsry ItsUatn I am saiipBed llisl llio Vc cet.ihlc Piilinnnsfrv lUljitn is- h win ili'e medreiiie Il Im been used in litis pt.iee wiih cuinpleie surress in in ob.iiniie cumpUini nf the lung, intended ttith a setrie, luss uf tuiee, and lite raiting nf much bluud, ttlnclihwd pietiutisly tei-ied iimii) appruteil ptesi'ripiiuns. Alter umg the one week, the pstirni's tnice remrned and he wamble lu ipesk audi lily. I'liii case ocrurird some lime linre, and ibe msn is now engaged noi only in acute l.cii lalmrioui biisineii. Resiiecifiilly, tee. H, MonRll.t. Il is now more iImu lix tesri since I Hrfi luuunlii ver luu by an nlTection of lite lungs, and mt emuptaim tv-ti tlerlaie.l lo be inrtirHbie b a council nl three pli- sirtsiii. I was Mien reiioied lu hi gnu I heatih a I enjujeil fur tn4ny )enrs, liy tiding ibe Vegpuble Pu'- ntnnsry naissin. Mure my reciitery I hte recnm nieiuled lite DtUain in a gre-l insny easei of 'nng ciintpbiints, and 90 far as 1 can learn, in use It is in. VHrutdy been fullnvted bv much benrfii, andinmtit Imiaucei it Itai efTecied cures ultirh wete .tlmtly uneX. peried. .StuotL EvtKtrr, Ituncm, March 2, 1837. Fur sale, tthulriste and retail, lt 1. V " PECK & Cu., and THEO, A. PECK & Co., Ilur linglnn, Vl. TNOIHUI -ASK CllOsr. WHO KNOW M. I'liore nnlt tthu know ht luslnr iinmedisie oluer taiinn.cnu fuitn aut idea ufthe rfleeis. ufllie peifeel re'irf, uf ihe ulmiis' charm. like ernes efferted in ras- uf ihe I'lLCS, RlItl'MiTisM, all SwiLLtsss, and all external Pains, no mailer hutv severe, by ihe use of II I)"' Liiiiinenl. Find one ttltn Itai tiled it that tt ill nui latul it aliute all inings etet uni, anu jnn win unit vs. lost cannni be luuitil. CJai or Hie teiielnl rimer iuz human hemes ttlin mat be i.faiccd, I beg tint in ark uf iltnse ttltn knntt k i lie Hun. Atmiti (,'ONKLIN, U. .S Judge for lllal dutrirl, tesiding near Aitliiirn , ark ,M ATTH lit J. MrrKI, E-tj. Alliens, N. V ; a-k Gen. Durr Gsr.cs, late ul Y .trunnion cilt, eacliuf llie-egeiilieiiien kimw ul cares iiiieiinipiei. utile lit M l oilier i pitted es or plitririans, iiujheu ttiei, Icr manv tear, thai bate been em ed bt the ue uf ihe g Mtuine Hay's Liniment. Tit niraml of oilier pr-isunr know similar ruier. e appeal in ilieir reuse nl jnr, lire iheir litiinan feelings. JCyit n but a i!hi yn ttwe In t"ttr riifW-rtne telluts-lieinjir In Ifl Higgle' remedt le knntvu. Mpeak nl il llien luall jiiin lueadi This will rave miirh pain ulteie lite ueurpapeir aie n il read, or where teaderr aie inc editions, heeatisen mailt tumbles' articles ute udterilreil fur lite same ,,i,ri.nF. Tn liiiverr MP rat. if all tthu have U'-d il d nm ray il t iietoun an prsirr, men tin nui u.-- . I'be pttipiiemr 'will nut nlluw It is atiicle to be piiilfnr iiiileis il enter, tt ben nil ihr direennni ate full) fill, it, ed. Will any nne suffering refme nnw In it) ii ? Kin dlier, be uujrtt lu lie pilied mole l-.r Ins ohllinary than Itirrufleiiitg. ICP'r. Ila wniil I neter eunr. ni In nlTer Ihis article, were he not compelled b) hir lenrenf moral nl rel'giitu dill) lo do all in his putter lor be viriitni of dinterr and mirerv. For ibis puip-re be wutl'd snuner ilevnie a fotlitne. lhan secure a dollar fur any wuriltlei ariicle. l3I.OOK OUT.- Hume iwindleis hate ruiinieifeiied ilui Hriicle, and put it up wiilt t.iri iii deticri. Ilj nni he imposed upon. One lliirg nnl) tt ill proierl oti it Is the name of Cumifui k ty Co 1 thai name tmnU be alwa)l on the mapper, ut )hu tne che-nrd. Do uol fttgei il. Take ibudnrr. lion null tun, and lerl h) never but ; for il ir iiunonible for any other lo he Irne nr genuine. 1 (SOLOMON IIAVS. Sold by Comttock & Co. ? Fletcher riiem, N. Yotk. THEO A. PECK & Oj. WhdleMie Agenu fit ibe Stale uf Vetmonl. St. Ihe Stores in the slate. o30.3m LOTION, LOTION. OR. EVANS' BEAUTI FYING LOTION. Iliahlv e-lecmcd for curing all Eruptions Cuarcnes-, Rcdnes and Pimples cn the Face Neck or hand-, and ed'ecmally cleaning tli9 comolexion, and removing all disca-es ofihe i-kin- nothing c(.ntrit)UleSO niUCIl IO uur general sill-re. in lite, as an engaging hrt appearante. inis iotioa i admired a mo-t fragrant, mild, afe wash and great' ly esteemed funis virlnesm cleaningr, softening, ana purifying the skin' of all eruption, so injurious to fe male teauiv, anu rc-ioring u tu n mnu f" rity. A heautiful compleiion is the pride of all who ;iOsc-s it, anu inc envy ot tnu-c wuu mvvtiuiiwi w. ... What i so ailecimg to a leautiful whose fsce nature hasdi-played herpowcr,alohnd her complex ion di-coloured wiih disgusting pimplc, which mar her 1 A good appearance is trrs I e.-t recom mendation ; and a the Heaulifvnig Lotion purifies the skin, and remove all Pimple, Blotches, Tan, S.mburn and UcJne..-, and proJnce a I eauiiful hue, it is ihe only cosmetic a ladv should u-o at her toilet. Gentlemen will allal-o find tin a delightful lemedy, to remov. all Rughne-s, Pimple-, Ringwctin-, Spots, Redness, Soreness of theface and no-c, and every kind of emo tion on the surface of the human tody. It is particu larly reci'imnemled to gentlemen to I e u.-cu aner sna ving, as it will prevent the otherwise ctnain elect cl all common soap, in turning the reard prematurelf grey. For sale Who'e-olc aud retail 1 v A. HITCH COCK Sc Co., Nn. 1 17 Gene-ee trcet, Ulica. In Bur lington, by J.tfc J.H.Peck & Co.,nndTheo. A. Peck it Co. In Vergcnnu-, by J. H, Bowman. In.Milton, by Btirnett & Sawer. Jn ucoreia, oy urcnio Janca actg 20 1 I A I li I IIAIKI JUL taut IHscovcry- :adi:i.v oi iiicith 30 T"RWJ PinC "'"tVETERH1.:.. ji. BLESSING u Mother. American SoMhing j. Ayrup lor children euiting icein. Ihe timely if t Vi I . n n !!. ...ill l l l'i l,,l lp.., r. a I cvrruiid ihe painful operation of lancing the Gum, ivhu'tiauf Atw price ruliH'uil o 37J cts. Godfrey's Cordhl nn excel-1 . fun. t.. .v.-......... im .... i.. .u .1.-. ' . ai i-tili" 1 -' , Itui a.iiviv rtl at i!k- rill) THE II.YL.U-HK m. 11 mi; Wniiw a neililmr or a fiienil who ln been lliild. Mild ttbure bead Ti nnweuteied willi fine haii? One wltore was eotried wiih dan IturT. ilmuili bruihed esert hour wlnrii n.ti tin t-in tilted eniiielj I Or one ttho.e halts ul eail) age weir lur ling grey, who nntv lias noi a gtej tiatr i iinuirn whure heads Here, coteied wiilt rciitf, wlime htir would nnl grow, ate imtt growing the fuller! riopr nfliair I Motne carer muri be knnwn lo muri pctriim. A-k litem lite eattre, anu J Oil tt III He loin mat turr hing lute been tlune by l ore ui tne jiutm vj ;..-fniT f If 20 .-jn tfinwih tr i lur at I tele, in iieni-inii incieariiie Miiniiall) lome bundled pet ceni. though when direttvnetl mil itppusetiny antinui. t"r '" "ue puipnie, now arrailed b) almorl lliillibei lerl niiirlllniin will rnin lite hair if tired lo hiij eateni. mure m.m mere iw "c i.u-iu, i to ihe cecominendaiioni by a nn oi nmes oi terpeci.t. hiliit, unequalled In anj oilier ariicle. I.nuk lo ilteee ,i.;n... but tliir ariicle. Stay and pte.-tite tour b .ir bt us iif , or if bald restore Ii. Ladiei, allend lo lltir huu.lreili in farbianshle life are uiing il ai ihe only article leall) (il for the loilel. Lung hair is tety s t lo fall out. I. s lier, ure the ISaltn nf Columbia in lime to ave tourre'vei the disgrace ol baldne'i by negterl of your prisons. It" jour duly, ai mniulins lo pre- erte llle ueatlltei OI naiure, tvnn nint-ii ihiuuiiiui Creator hairndnwedyou ; ureihc Balmuril will do ii. CAUTION IO BE llE.IEMUEltEf). Setetal moal ftagr.iiit atiempU hate been insJe lu oumei feu the Hue Balm of Columbia. Home ofihe a tpoiteri have gone io lar ai lu eounierfeil llie iplen III wrappen, and the Falls of Niagara, and etery ex. rmal inaikexcepi ihe name of Cumnock, which ihey Jare noi forge. To atoi.l iinpnriiinnn iberefure, al tvats look fui the name uf Cumnock Co. or !.. S. rv..i.,rk. nn 1 never huv the article naif is il has that name tinn il Sold wlu.leiHle and mail, only ai No, I'lnc iif litest, s. i it-", i r.uis cv x-u, let ine nlato ol eininni le - HAI,UNi:ss.--Imior- -lltn flrrat Mvsterv fnlllld ....... - j out at lait.DR. STERRY S HAIR REGENE RATOR. Or. Sterry, after much attention to tho important nubjcct of preserving the hair, has, after many experiments chemical and physical been able, to discover and article which is now offered with the greatest confidence for the toilet as the best thingcter discovered, lor, for its softening and penetrating miahty to produce a good head of hair lo prevent it from falling off when baldness is apprehended to restor e it when baldness nas taken place, and lo prevcm it from turning gray. It ii is inure nourishing than po matum, antique oil, or Cologne water. It is a beauti ful article for ladies curls it makes the hair soft and livtly. and produces uncommon brilliancy. Thous inds have tested its superior virtues and excellence, and in every instance it stands unrivalled. It is an infallible euro in all allcctions of the s' in on the head as dandruff, &c. &c. E.cry family should be sup plied with a bottle of this oil, that by its application to the head and hsir of children, the beautiful and or nnmcmsl appendage ofa fine head of hnie, which ns tun. bi!t simnlied us mav be preserved. From the numerous certificates a nd recommendations received of its salutary influence, the Doctor feels firmly tier snarled he has succeeded in producing an article which will meet the desired wishes and approbation of tho dubhc. For sale wholesale and retail by A. HITCH COCK A Co. 117 Gcnecest. Utics, N. Y. In Bur hnaton, by J. & J. II. PECK & Co. and TIIF.O. A. PECK &. Co. In Vergennes bv J.H. Bowman. In Milton, by Burnet & Saw) er. In Georgia, by Loren zo Janes' rilllE LION OF THE DAY. NO CURE NO JL PlY! The Genuine old Hutch or Ger man Vegetable -ills.--Highly recommended ly IWt Valentine Molt, M. D. of N. V, and others. The-e- are ihe order ! Any one that docs not find re 'icf from these pd!s ihe iruc i refinded lack, these 'are ihe iio-mve order- ofihe Proprietor to agents and ethers. In t iering these pills lo ihe public, 1 appeal u, iheir intelligence. If pills are not what they recommended, you arc in dmy I ound rut cf respect lo yourself and community io reject them, and pnbli.-n iheni to ihe world a an imposition, humbug and m-a.'I.erv. Tbcpitblic may lea-ured ihey sre purely v e-cta! le, thev ure composts! of nine incredints, part i, the medicine is only found m Aia nnu in me val ley of Germany. For convenience ibe-e extracts . iim.l.. intn mil and will I e found a sure cure or re lief for all billiou, complaint-, yedmv and billions, fever and aiue-. jaundice, scarlet ra-h, Ulliou. cholic .h-pep-ii. Ac. It i not preiendul lhat this mcdicinci a cure f"r all di-cae to which the hur.-ait -y-tem i liable. Ten thcu.nnd ii-e!e- e.lorls have lecn pitJc to draw from the region of unknown fancy seme Icng-'p in ihecry of maiic art, which would cute each and every Good medicine is not found in ihe fire or tthir'wml. lleallh and happmc-. hang upon chance wind lime i the herald lit truth. The pa-t at least i. scx-nrr; they hate alreacv rai-ul a inonuiiicni ol iheir greatne-s hich wpl tlery the corroding looih cftnue. None can le Genuine without n wrapper and dirtviion on each I ox cn winch my iiamv i. wrilici al length. Sold who csale a nd re-tai by ,he sub-crtl er at Glen'. Fall. I y A . B. & l Sand :?. A00. ," "n.J . L' w.p2.93Sl.L 't IMI A l rail , - fi' V 1 Troy, General Agents ronhc A. For ale hv Wm. Rhodes and E. B. Green, Rich mond! Morton & Clark, and D. &. D. I.aibrop, Willi on; Hasai'sVConistock, Shell urn; ii..anion, F-'ex ; H. Oake, and Allen Barney, Jericho; j! R. llurlbut, Weifortl; J. H. llsrne-, Cbar.t.tie; K Mcssiy and tiro, 1'elcrsOH, niiriingmn , . IIRIliG?, Burlington, Agent for Chittenden I o., where Siiu-Agentscan le iinuiii at wiif-"' i-....-. I1SFRVF, lliai Ibe genuine Cough and Worm Lo- J i -it m-iilr v Dr. A. Sherman. are sold in boxe-, up and hat ihe name of "A. Sm kman, M. D." on the Boxe, will please re nriule I. s a the popularity of these article.,, ha, Kmiiy individual- to make an article, far infe- fZr ManV Plaster-mu! Sherman's Lozengcrs, are K3J il the vVrietStocoiioriK & Uhinsmaid. IIKOWNUEETINGS, 3,0ft0 )srd9. 150 piece :le for the nursey ujci th those article, SmCAX ALMANACS f-.r HJI. , l,r -ale at X" Cali.-o ; ie Variety Sirt.' ptyci.-n:tt IhassMttrt. ' J the btsi "nt I A PH IM.UJ 'Wut mui.wu,

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