Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 19, 1841, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 19, 1841 Page 3
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t.nriK at this. rpilK copartnership of N. LOVELY & Co. by its ju. own iuiiuaiion, win cxpou u "j om ui jiimi noil.". Having by recent arrivals added to our fall purchases, enables us to ofTer tin assortment of sea sonable and well selected GOODS, as largo nndof ns groat a variety as was ever offered in this market at luch prices, as will make it fur tbo interest of svebv purchaser, to (u' at this well known establishment, or better known as thcChcop Cash Store, "on cheap ide." Wc cannot enumerate, but would incrcly.iy, wahavo if. Dry Goods, of every variety and quality, Carpctings, English, Scotch and American, Oil Cloths, a beautiful assortment. Rugs. Matts, Drugget for Floor Cloths, Crockery and Glass Ware, Lnoking-Glasscs direct from the manufacturer, Taper Mannings, 1 nitv groceries. Dry Codfish, Shad and Mackerel, Butter, Cheese, dried Apples, and Lard, for family use. Burlington, February 10, 1911. N. II. Need we -ny any thing to those indebted to this firm 7 wo shall see. John Abbott's Instate. STATE OF VERMONT, rp II I? Honorable District or CnrTTRSDEs, as. ? X the Probate Court for the District ofChiltcndrn : Toall persons concern ed in thecstate of John Abbott, late of Burlington, m said District, deceased, GnEr.TisJ! Whereas, Lucy Ann Abbott, executrix of the last will and Testament of said deceased, proposes to ren der an account of her administration, and present her account against said estate for examination and allow ance at a session of the Court of Probate, to bo hoi den at the Register's office in Burlington on the se cond Wednesday of March next. Therefore, You arc hereby notified to appear before said court at the time and phco aforesaid, and shew ranse, if any you have, why the accountaforesaid should not benllowed. Given under mv hand at Burlington, this 1 1 tit day of February, A. D. 1511. WJt. WESTON, tleghtir. Elijah Powell's Estate. STATE OK VERMONT, j At a Prol ate court riJTntcT or Chittenden, ss. I held at Hurlinilon, within an I for aul district on the eighth day ot Fcb rusrv, A.D. 1811. Sal-rina Ann llewiM, oneofihehcir.nfnijah Pow ell, late of Charlotte, in said district, ilecca-cd, having nica in sain court ner pennon in wrinnir, selling loriu that she hold a part of said estate, viz. tin- retcr-ion of the widow's dower therein, Jointly with the other heir losnid e-tate, and praying s,,id court to order a division thereof and to appoint commissioner, fur that purpose, w, tiieco-irl alore-nul ttoin order that the heirs to saide-late and all other persons interested therein, Ic nntilicd to appear lfrore uid court at a elon thereof to be he'd at theofUceof the Registi-r of .-aid court in -aid Ilurlinglon on the second Wednesday nt March, 1841. ami show cause if any they have why the prayer of said petition should not be granted, by publicaimn ol this order three weeks successively in Hie ilurlinglon r ree 1 re., a new-pa . .. :.. . ..i ri i ..... .i.-i i...i....i. .. .i. pir priuti: i iti -niii mil ii iinm, nit in-i i u 1111:11 (iiiii- ications to he priviousln -aid n-cond WeJuc-day of March, 1S11. nit, vvivs i u., Jicgi-ter. Tolin Vaiislcklen's Instate. STATE OF VKKMONT, 1 A T A PRORATE mitmct or tiiiTTF.NDF.N, -s I XX Court holden at turlm-.rton, within uiul for the District aforesaid on the fifih day of February, A. D. 1811, an In-tr cut purporting'tobc the la-twill and le lament of John Van-icUen, late of Burlington, in sai I district ekvca-e.1, was pre-entcd to the Court here for Probate, by John YanstcMcn, jr. the Executor therein name '. Therefore it is ordeiel by said Court, that publiu notice I c given toall persons imeie-ted therein to ap- Eear lefore -aid On tri, at a -e.-ion theic-of to le olden at the Hegi-'er'- O lice in llurlniirtnn mi the -e-con I We luellay of M ir Ii, A. I). IStl, and i-nnte-t the pro1 a'eot-ai' Will, and it i- furllier i rderc.l that this or !cr I c p il li-be.l three wec-'is -ticee ively in tli Uirlingtun Free Prc-s a I' prui'eil at I) irlinslon, in the S.n'e-, the Inst if which -hull le prevm I- l'o I In- day a ..ignu I, a - nfoie-ai I fur hearing. Given n'eriny hind a' tin- I!e-ie-r'.s Olllv, this!ayofFi-!.raiy, A. D. mi. W.m. WILTON, ltcgister. Burlington high s(;m)oi,....Ti,c undersigned, Tru-lic- of " Bl-riinoton High School," would inform I lie inhabitant- ol tin's village and vicinity, that llie next quarter in -aid in-tilution will comme'ni-e onTh irsday the lSlh day il February. Del ex in: that a st-hunl of this harae-icr i- grcMtlv neisle I, an 1 that the patronage of this town alone, it concentrated npuu it, i- amply sufficient to sii-taiu it, and give it a place amo.ig the 1 e-t institutions of the kin I, we would re-peclf.illy and carne-tly solicit the patronage and co-operation of all pnrcuis and guar dians, who have voulli of a proper aae lo -civl. The li.iJersiiriK.-J, Trustees, have- no public fund- at their rlirinal in nuim.ninnc the school; jet, we have ruleavoreJ, for the p ibho irood, in connexion with the patrons of the school to sit-tani a Teacher and i eep the hiiildiug in rvp-iir. The latter we hae iloiio to some extent, nt our ow n expen-e. N'olliinc i- want ing but the heitrtv eo-otieration and patronngo of our (Mow citizen-of the illage ami vicinity, to make tln ill-linn ion an ornament too ir Town, aii important bid lo o ir College and a scene of u-eful and -uecc till Undy to all our youth. We luivu I ill confidence in the ability and ardent wishes of the Principal to make the school, in all re-pects, it ought lo be. The Tru-tee-, afier tull ex.immuliun, find tbatscbolars in constant attendaiu-c, have made gi od'progrc j they have been corre.-tly taught as appear- both from examination-and from iliulc-tiinoiiyof College O.Ticer lo w bo-ecarc they have pa i-l.' They liud that the school i generally -till and oiderly nu'd that the building I- Kept in good au l healthful order. Hi eourapod by the co-operation of our fellow citizen-, we will spare no pains in making the institution wor thy of their patronage and ot the patronage ot parunt- nd guardian-abroad. The Principal is prepared to iseive a Ijw young men or lad- into his family as ictr-icri. ai..i. ruuir, JNO. K. CONVUtSE, N. B. HASWKI.U G. ti. INC.i:it.SOI,L, y Trustees 'I I. MO. KOI. LI-. IT, IIKMA.N ALI.n.N, GFOItUK MOOH1.-, Durlington, Feb. S, 13 II. TO It ISN'T. AND possess'on given Immediately the Store at Winooski Falls, lately occu pied by I.alhrop & Potwin. Also the ffcecond story Of the sanie finished sui ably 'for n fimilv. possession civen the 10th of April next. The Grocery- and Provision Store lately occupied by Lalhrop it Pot win in this ullage, posses sion given the 20lli of Ftb'y hist. The Hou-e now occupied by Moses, Furrar, foiinely by II. W. Potwin, with acre or more of land if desirul for a garden, being a most desirable residence, posscssiuii ctvui ibe 1 st of May liLxt, Apply to MAYO ,S. WAIT. Burlington, Feb 11. 1311. "jOTlCE is bciebv given that those who are hi ll debtcd tons, and whose notes and accounts have bacomeilue, thai payment must be made immediately, or such diiiniids will be lodged with an attorney fur collection. It is hoped that this will be a linitly no tice to all those intirtslul, who wish 10 save cost. At all events we must have our duis, 11 ml if cost is made, dniibthss an attorney will insist upon bis cost. Fib. 5, 1311. STRONGS CO. Cabinet Slion 011 CatlinN I.ane. "PY.EAII SIR: Permit inn lo inform vouand others J in vour vicinity that I am still engaged in the i-!AI!I'r.T HIIMIVI.'y-! . nnit rutlnm. nv thine in 111 v line may be buuiiht of ineon as gooi terms as anv where in tlu3 market. I am now from various causes making work cheaper than I ever did before; and all paying customers whether old or new I shall bo happy to sje at the New Shop, wheie no f ains will be spared to give satisfaction. Lumber and 'rodueerce'd as usual and n luti-e cash, (if there is any left in the country,) will bo found to do wonders a lew rmts east 01 utiurrii-si. u. tv. r.UMjiiUK.v Jliirlington, January 11, 1SH, WHAITING l'AI'EltaOO reams assort ed qualities and sizes for sale for Rags, country produce, or goods by Jan. 14. C. GOODRICH. Merchants supplied with paper and books for Rags. B OOTS, SHOES & LEATHER. The subscriber havinr taken iho storo formerly occupied by Messrs. JJithnp if- MViiryie, is now opening a general assortment of Boots, Shoes and Leather, which have nil been bought for cash and will be sold for the same at the lowest prices, and as the'articlcs arc too numer ous to mention in an advertisement, although Mr Sta cy has enlarged his paper, I would simply invite all to call and examine the goods and prices beforepurchas inr elsewhere. Burlington, July !, 1810. HENRY C. STIMSON, by E. J. Stimson, Agent. HALLECK'S BRITISH POETS, which have just been published, were received last week, and arc now for sale at the Book Slore. l.ikcvviss many miscellaneous .publications, among which arc the fol lowing: Southgato'sTour. Life of WchlTe. Emi nent French writers, by Mrs. Shelley, t'ourl of F.ngland, 2 vols. Johnson's Life nnd Works. Keightley's England. Federal Government from 178910 1939. Book for tho Sabbath. Confessions or Harry Lorreqner. BosweU's Johnson. Bowdler's Family Sbakspcarc. Kirk's Sermons. Kingsbury on the Sabbath. Newton on the Prophecies. Bry. ant's American Poets. Coleridge's Poetical Works Jan. 20. I). A. BR A MAN. MEADOW'S French Dictionary, containing more words than linger , at hair the price. Fur salo by C. GOODRICH. NOTICE. The subscriber having purchased ihe house nnd premises formerly occupied by Guy ".n';.- F.sq. nearly opposite the Reading Room, in Uu r gton ha opened a HOARDING HOUSE , li lorl lia will bo Imppy ""onimodatc gentle men "i i" I ,, with the best attentions, and upon reason- 17 . w JuailUA 1IUAKK, PDIC ICI III.- fTnOWSS SHEETINGS, , 3,000 yare,;. 15 Ctlko i ilw wadding, bailing, undwicking, for' . ii ni.i.e. .) i.X)-. r-ii. IlLIIADITII BlOELOW. 1 In Chtneorv. PtihtAniUti s.uiuisLuw i county, January b, a. u, v. U1VILUW) f 1Q41, vs. ITrttriiiMi: r .u, Henbt W.PoTwiN.tiat.J if renco G. liigelow and V. bzabcth Itioolnw t.i. ...:r.. i..l r :r.i... , . f,-' ",..1. i.iiv, wirill ll vui-IMIIUIIUlll i n the provinco of Lower Canada, and George Henry liigclowoftho same place, an infant under the age of .1 jtn, who comes tiy tits rather and natural guar dian Lawienen G. It;r.tnv l. 1.0 .n1i.Vin.. Shaw and Weston, filed their bill' In chancery, before the chancellor of the third judicial circuit in the State ui Trillium, anu 10 oe ncaru at tne session of saw couri ot ctianccry next to be lioldcn at Butbngton, within and for tho county of Chittenden, on the last Tuesday save one of March next, against Henry W. Potwin, late of Burlington aforesaid, nowofZancs villc, in tbo stale of Ohio, Edward E. Evans, Henry Mayo and Oliver O. Sweetzcr, all of Burlington afore said, and Joseph R. Williams and Lucrelia S. French, uoin 01 i.cnincrsiiciu, in the county of Windsor, and state of Vermont, therein stating that the said Henry W. Potwm on 1 10 31st dav of Or-lnW A n I BIO being justly Indebted to the said Elizabeth nnd George living, ui iiiu sum ui iwciiiy-nve nunurcu dollars, specified in a iironussorv noinnr ilmi .Inn r.,r ;A sum of tweuty-fivo hundred ilollars, signed by said Potwin and made payable in four years from its date, with annual interest j and in order to secure the pay- o..m Hum ui iiiuney nuu me inicrcst iiiercot, ho the said Potwin. bv Ins r ..i signed with Ins hand, scaled with his seal, and ack nowledged and recorded in due form of law, on the same 31st day of October, 1S39, aforesaid, did give, grant, bargain, sell, alien, ronvev and confirm unto the said Elizabeth and George Ifenry, the following described pieces, or parcels of land situated in said Burlington, to wit 1 Lots No. 09 and 70 in the 81I1 divi sion or said town, contatnins 23 acres wch-Also one tract or land containing about 3 ncrcs, being part of ot -So. 19, of the 23 acre 'ols, and being the same .urn wi icu was convcyeil by tlteltcv. Daniel Haskell to .Stephen Mix Mitchell, liv deed rccoidcd in tlioGth i.uuMur rccnimiigoi-cost.i f-a-ij town of Burlington, pages fil nnd 62-AN the north half of 103 ncie lot INo. 40, being tiart ortbe risht or land which was re served in the charter of said Hitiliimton, .iv the first sctlled iitiniatcr Also the who'o ofthat pntt of the undivided land in the town of Be bivlon which lies ui 1110 mouiii 01 union r.ucr, and iioundcd asfollows, to wit ! beginning at the north west cornerof hundred acre tot No. 40. in sniit im-sn !l.nn.a easterly in the line of said lot No. !0, to the corner of the westerly line of twenly-thico acre lots No. 19, 09 and ,0, to the bank of Onion River thence along the 1 hi 1 ui ivvuiiiv-iiiri'r nrrn ni ii' i in.-M nn uiimioi natu river to its mout'i thence on tboshoie or lake Chnmplain to the bound begun nt; tiio v.lio'e or said last described tract of land containing two hun dred acres, more or less, excepting from said rbovo suumu luioc. w, nuoui seven ocici thcreo , licre toforo conveyed bv James S. Blin to John L-it'nop, on the rat side oflhcroad-Also, all therfM Henry v Sfwiln " n,1,a'ul "l,oto the south ba'f of sa!d lot No. 40, derived from the town of Builinpton thtough a lease lo Ebenczer T. Englcsby, and -ubsequent ns siguiiicnts to said Potwin, the said Potwin covenant ing for himself, Ins executors, administrators and liejrH, that the rents reserved by said haso were all paid up to the date of his said deed, and tint lc would thereafter nay the same as they should fall due, wlnle said deed of mortgage should remain in force, said rent being six ilollars annually ? f"! Ulltl'vil,lcl liaf of a certain parcel of land 111 Colchester, in said Chittenden countv, desi'-nated upon a certain survey bill of lands in said Colcficstcr, adopted by the Burlinpton Mill Company, by a vote to that effect on the 19th day of March, A. D. 1S33, ns budding lots eight west and twenty three west, nnd being the same lots deeded bv said company to La Ihrop and Potwin on the 2d day of May A. 'D. 1939. To liaic and to hold the -aid grantid nnd bargained nanuses with all the privileges and appurtenances thereunto belonging to the said Elizabeth and George Henry, their heirs and assigns to them nnd their own proper use, benefit nnd behoof forever j with a proviso or condition to said deed annexed, that if the said Henry Y. Potwm, his heirs and assigns should well mid truly pay or eaus-c to be paid unto the said I'.lia-b-th and (.eorgc Henry the said sum of twenty five ............. uuiwm rjLimu 111 sum promissory note with the annual interest, according to the tenor ond ifleet of said note by the time therein set and limited fur the linymeiit thereof, then the said deed of conveyance to be void, otherwi-c to be and remain in r.i'I r.ira .,..,1 virtue. And furllier stating that the said sum of twenty five hundred ilollars lias not been paid, nor any part thereof, nor the said rents been paid. And further stating, that on the 15th day of November 1339 thesaid II. IV. I'mu-,. ...m.,i -..,.. 11 1 of said premises situated in said Burlington, to secure to said l.vans, the payment ofa debt in said mortgage stated, to said I-.vans from said Potwin, nnd condi tioned that said Evans, among other things should pay to said Elizabeth and George Henrv said sum of twenty five hundred dollars. And furi'hcrktatingihat on the same ljth day of November, A..I). 1839, the said Potwin executed a like mortgage deed of said intiiiois in miriiiimon 10 .'oscpn 11. Williams afore said, conditioned that the said Williams should pay to the said Elizabeth and George Henry said Mini of twelitv-fivc bundled doll.irn uiul I, :.! .1. 1.1 the said Evans, ns they should fall due. And further slating that on tho 27th day of Jauuary, A. D. 18-10, m.-.-..,-. ..iiiiniii-iuvcu mesiiiiu preinisii to l.ucrctia !i. 1 reiicli, coiiilii unci! 1I1. n -1,.. !... 1. 1 ...1.1 sums and debts last aforesaid. And further station. that Hie saiu Potwm by deed on the dav of A. I). , conveyed said premises in Col heater, to luc sail Henry Mayo, which last mentioned deed, il niade before the date of said Potwin's deed to said Elizabeth and George Henry, was, by said Potwin and Mayo kept secret, and was not recorded until aftir the execution, delivery and recording of said Potwin's deed to said Elizabeth and George Henrv, and of the existence of any such deed the said Elizabeth and George Henry had 110 knowledcc whatever. And further stating that after theexecution by said Potwin of bis said deed to said Elizabeth and Geort-c Henrv, the said Potwin put the said Oliver G. Swcctzet into the posses ion of (I c said premises, in said Burlington, as his tennit, and the said Sweetzcr has ever since remained in possession, and mil is 111 possession of the snmc. And further stating and tiravinc that the said Potwin, Evans, Williams, French, Mayo and Sweetzcr miv be decreed to pay to the said Elizabeth and George Henry the said several sums and interest in said note specified and the rents unpaid, by some short day or bo forever foreclosed of and from all tight and title to the said premises and all equity of redemp tion inereoi. i.pori mo consideration ot all wlneli, the said Chancellor of the said court of chancery, on the Tin day of January, A. D. IS II, at Burlington afnrceaid. issued n snlino-na. coiinnandinrr the said defendants anil each of them to make their personal appearance before the said court of chancery next lo In- holden ni Burlington within and fur said county of 1 lulicnden, on the last Ii-.cfday save one of March, a. u. 1011, men snei there to maue answer to the foregoing complaint of tho said Elizabeth, George Henry, and Lawrencofi., and abide sueli order, direc tion and decree therein, as to the said court shall seem meet, under tho penalty of ten thousand dollars. Ami wtie'reasii is made to appear, that the saul Henry W. Potwin resides out of this state, so that a subon-na cannot be served upon him, it is ordered that the said Henry W. Potwin appear and make his answer iu uicsaiti compiainaiii s.saiu mil, in sain court, so 10 be holden as aforesaid, on the last Tuesday sap one of March, A. I). 1911. And it is further ordered that the foregoing statement of the substance of the said bill together with the above order for the appearance of the said Henrv W. Potwin, be published in the Burlington Free Press, a newspaper printed in Bur lington aforesaid, three weeks successively, the last of which publications to bo at least twenty days pre vious to the last Tuesday save one of March next, A. D. 1811, w hich shall be deemed sufficient notice to ihe said Henrv W. Potwin to appear and make an swer to said bill. Given under my band at Burlington aforesaid, this 23th day of January, A. D. IB41. WM. NOI1LE, Clerk of said Court of Chancery. Ti EAIi ESTATE FOB SALE, At a cheat iniifb in ihe 1Ha20 of Hurlinnton, now occunictrhv II. II Stlir ln n 1 n-r.1 1 1 t-. I ' . 3 . u ' ""vtimi; uuuai, )llll III1C OI1JCC mm rcatlinirroom Tlic premises nrc convenient for .. le,..,,,, u, nuuwur mr unices oi nimost niiy clesrripiion, and nrc snuateJ in the centre of the most IlllCinpCS nrtrl nf tin m.n For terms of sale and payment, inquire ofCharlcs Vi "'iiiuiuiuu, ur a. i Tallin, ot ur well V t. npiIE New England Gaietecr, containing deserin- a. tionsorall Ihe states, counties and towns in New i-.ngianii, aisoiicscriptions ot me principal mountains, rivers, lakes, capes, harbors, islands and fni.l,;n,.v,t resorts within that territory Alpbabelically arranged. i-or saieai me uooKsiore. u. A. UKAMAN IXTOURNINO GOODS F.nelisb mniirnmrf nrim. 1VJ. very . choice patterns, plain gauro and Thibet nanaKerchicls. large sues, wacle filet lace for veils j s-iperfine book muslm; Italian silk French crape ; black silk glovest heavy worstesl hose; gentlemen's black gloves and Italian cravats, fur sale by II. M. GIDDINGS, if- Co. A Grand move fur Ihe People. Preparatory to an A arraugeinnnt llie whole entire nock of goods, warc and merchandize of the People's e heap ca-h store by their agent, Howard, is thrown into the market tor sale, nl greatly reiluceil pnecs ; nnd that I line shall I cno monopolizing the I n renin-, andihai every individual nnd family may be accommodated, the goods will not l e srild, for a time, iu any other "yiu.iu ui ici.iu, inn iii wiiiiic-tuv prices Asa furllier accnmineHlalion to the people, each nmim will le waiti-d upon in their thru. To thoie who have seen the nook of good- no liine taking nume ration isncee-sary. But to oiheri. I c it said.that it is iiwi a. i hcti ill iiricly or t xi -u tin r ui ii Main y ny nny establishment. S. EAItL HOWARD. Thursilay morning, Feb. -I, 1811, NOTICE, is hereby given that a meeting of the Corporation Of the Truslres nf llin Itnrlmnlnn Female Seminary, will li l,nl,l.. .l. .1..." house or D . A. Braman, in said Burlington, on Mou. day, the fir.t day or FebrUaiy next! at G o'clock P M ror the purpose or decline tho necessary offieers'of said Corporation and to Transact such other lutinesa UJ may be thought necessary when mcl. uuwns" Ur oidir or the Presidsnt W.M A, ORJUTVOU.), CTijk. BUOWN TableCloths, 8 by I0-4th., warranted nil linen. Also line bird's eye diaper crash, iiustia umpcr) cotton yarn) black and white wad- tlitlir t liftllini. nnit uir-bii-n f fn .lj 1... If. M. GIDBINOS & Co. s ii uuu.i ui noinv.'. bi mi; HG.U! UI I 1'Bri SI. Uurllnirlon. Vt. JOHN THOMAS, fii.liinnnhtn A I nnu rip Pictflnu -. . i . i j . r n , II.!. i..i. IT..1..1.I ..r l It. - ..i. .11 .t... vin ivi, hiiu i-iiiuv -'i i lie naiur, iiidiiviiKi;, Ills whole barba.ous fraternity throughout tho world, to cut nair neater, or r nave smoother or closer than him self. Also, ladies' false hair dressed m the best style. At his saloon 1.1 elegance arrayed, Dame Fashion waits upon imperial blade And science teaches where to cut or spare, Shaping each lock in beauty to a hair. Manhood has vigor age renews its prinvf, And brightly bi-amj the human face divine) His chin is smooth, his hair cut a-la-tnodc, And bun Ion notice is on linn bestowed. Ve who soft smiles from beauty would obtain, Ye who to age would bring back youth again, Ve learned who sncious looks would we'ar, To Thomas come, and you'll be suited there. Ullslin Reynold'! Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, j AT i Probate Court, Dist. or GbandWlc, ss. ) XX holden at my dwel ling house in North Hero in said district, on the 23d day of January, A. D. 1911, present the Hon. Joel Allen Judge, An instrument purporting to be the last will and testament of Elisha Reynolds, late of Isle La Mott, in said District, deceased, being presented to tho court here by Elizabeth Reynolds, one of the ex ecutors therein named, fur probate, it is ordered by said court that all persons concerned therein, bo noti fied to appear at a session of said court to bo holden at tho dwelling house ofJedediah P. Ladd, in North Hero on the 27th day of February next, at 1 o'clock, P.M. nnd show cause if anv ther have, strains! the probate of said will, for which purpose it is further ordered that a copy of tho word of this order be pub lished three weeks successively in the Burlington Fre Press, n paper prinled nt Burlington, in the county of Chittenden as coon as may be. a true copy ot rccoru. f.3 Attest JOEL ALLEN, Judge. WE, the subscribers, having been appointed by tho honorable the probate court for the district of uiiiiiu is'c, commissioners 10 receive, examine anel adjust the claims and demands of nil persons against ibn estate nf Wn.t.u-ni-il. Ui nr IX in said district, deceased, represented insolvent, and n c. nil ..).:... .1 ... l' l.:i ! nr . .1 ' "ii i.i.iiinnniiu uciiiiiius cxiuuitcu in ousel inercto, and six months from the day of the date hereof being ...... ..u.vuuiui mm fiuifiusc, mu uu tiie-ieiurc hereby give notice that v.-e will attend to the business of our appointment, at the dwelling houscof the said Azubah Wadsvvorlh, decased, in South Hero, on the first MnncW of March next at 10 o'clock, A, M. Asaicu ai oouiii ncro, January sa, 1S11. 1.3 FRANKLIN ROBINSON, Commis ORRINGE PHELPS, sioncrs. Elisha A. Hyde's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, j npiIE Probate Court Dist. of Chittenden, t A within and for the district of Chittenden, to the creditors nnd others conccrne-d in the estate ofKlisha A. Hyde, late of Es-ex, in said di-trict, deceased. Whereas, L ie-v N. Hvde. ndmini-tratrir of the pi lule' of said de-cca-ed has made application to thh court to extend the time limited for making payment of the debts of -aid deceased, twelve mouth-fiom the 221 dav of March 184!. ami (he second Wiilne day of March next, be-ing a-signed for n hctrinj in me prcnii-c.uiiic ouice oi me register ot this court, nnd ithavingleen ordered that notlcelhereofl e civ- en, by publishing this decree three weeks siteccivelv in Ihe lliirlington l-iee Pre--, a newspaper limited at II irlington, I cfore the time fixed for hcarinjr ) i iicmurc, yuu are nerci y noimeti to appear ue'oiu said courl, at the time and nlace afore-aid. then and thereto make eb;cciion if any you have, to the -aid lime of payment I elug further e-'xtciulcd ns afoie-nid Given iin ler my hand at lliirlington tin- 2Slh day of January, A. 1). ISII. Wm. WESTON, Itcg'r. STATE OF VERMONT, ; rp H r Honorable Distihct orCniTTEsnr.N. ss. S X the Probate Court for the District of Chittenden : To nil persons con cerned in the estate of E'l-ha A. Hyde-, late of Essex, in said District, decensed, Gbeetino. Whereas. I.ucv II. Ilcde. admi'x ot ihcc-t.-iic nf snid deceased, proposes to render an account of her admin istration, and present her account against said estate for examination and allowance at a session of the Courl of Probate, to be holden at the Rcmster's office in Burlington, on the second Wednesday of March next. Therefore. You are hereby notified to nonpar uFnrt said court at the time and place aforesaid, and shew cause, if any you have-, why the account aforesaid should not be allowed. Given under my band, at Burlington, this twenty eighth day of Jan iar;, A. D. 1 5 1 1 . N. ivhslTO, Register VnTlr-r TV"OTUS and accounts due llie subscriber, must be 1 paid by the 16lh of February next or they will have to settle with some other person. Jan. 27, 1911. E. C. LOOMIS. A 't . TJY the 1st of Anril next, two pood Jnnrnevmn JL Tanners, who will receive good wages in cash by aptdyniR r.. c. i.uomih. i-. o. Harness i.eaincr constantly on hand. Janiary27, 1811. NOTICE. R. II. KELLOGG, Tailor, v.ouU ru-pecl-(ullv- inform the inh.ibit.ins of lliirlington that liebasconunciu-cJ the alsive bu-ine-s in the ImilHinr- directly opposite the old Sitne Factory at the Fall-, n nu wuinu in: iiiiij,y io wan on an wno may tavor him with their patronage. II. t uttingilone io enter. i.28ilt NOTICE. THE Trustessof tho lliirlington High School will hold an adjuurned meeting this evening, at half past six o'clock, at Howard's Hotel. As important business demands the attcntiun of the Board, all its members are requested to attend. Jan. 29, 1811. NEW BOOKS-Blake's Biographical Dictionary 1096 pages large imperial oclavoj Johnson's complete works new edition, Byron's works, Blake's Letters on confirmation, Blake's Evidences of Chris tianity, just received by jy23 C GOODRICH RHETORICAL READER 200 just ree'd for sale at Andovcr prices by C GOODRICH Meadows' French Dictionary, OKJ 25 Fosdick's French Introduction. 33 Gray's Chemistry, 50 Young Orator, iuet received nnd for sub- at publishers wholesale prices teachers are requested io exaniuie intiu. u OLKJUUIU11 I A DIES' fine Kid, Merino, Berlin, and black silk i Gloves ; white and colored Merino Hose, black worsted and vvhic cotton do. Gentlemen's black Kid Gloves, heavy black do. Fine elastic and webb suspenders for sale by H. M. GIDDINGS if- Co. LETTERS of Mrs. Adams, the wife of John Ad ams, for ealeat the bookstore, by Inn. 29. D. A. BRAMAN. T AH WELL'S Kuril's T i;.' tt.i t.n,; .Shoes, stirtnrr I.....1 r.,.,1 E-r..nAl. I t.l l!IU. h ..v.. u.iu niu uii,i'-, (;iiiii;i Iloots, Gentlemen'b pumps, and Childrens Boots of i- in en b inline just rcc a anu tor sale hy January29, 1310. II M GIDDINGS if-Co S1 1LKS Realblack Italian Silk, blue black gro dc Swiss, Silk. Colored Flornnees. also. Silk WI nuiatvu uui i;c nuu eup. UlacK L.nsiing IOT Sale by January 29, 1810. 11 M GIDDINGS .f- Co DOWN'S Vegetable Balsamic Elixir ! for sale by THEO. A. PECK .f- Co. Apothecaries. TO THE UNFORTUNATE. rilHK subscribers have received the well known - article, Bloodtrood'i Elixir of Hoalth. for the cure ot doeaic an-ing from an ill state of the Stomach, such a- CP Headache, iCl! Lo-s of appe-lile- falpilation ot Ihe Heart, .-c. It has given health and energy to multitudes afllic led with habitual Cojtivcnc . The price of ibis valuable medicine is so establish ed that all may le enabled loobtain il. Al wholesale and retail by THEO. A. PECK ,f. Co. Apoibecarie-, Courl House Square-. IJ'OR SALE, About ten tons of Hay, of good quality and in good condition. Apply to 12 Jan. 18H. H1CKOK & CATLIN. , XES. Simmons' Cast Steel Axes, for sale hi H. M. GIDDINGS, & Co. 11 l-OIIII (inii ltnToc. riHKRE has never been a medicine discovered A which has acquired and sustained the reputation for the same length of time, as Morrison's Pills, made at the British College of Health, London. We are selling sonic thousands of boxes yearly in Vermont, iiiiuuo iu supply me uniieu aiates. The genuine article can be obtoincd in this town onlj niv i anvij mi'iuniiu nu Bum in me state are smii' id l'ANGBORN if- BUINSMAII), State Agents. ARD WARE. Butcher's heavy Kiln. Ibbol tiln'i (In niwl rocno Iln.,,1 .).. it iuiii4Bi. rut". I1UUB, iui.uir, i.auius, nana una panncl biws, cast steel Wood Saws; kniven and forki,, bono ind liltrL- lmnillfse. U . t,l l i . .... ..-.,w,v0( M . a v hip, oau iiuno, iTJnuveii anu tong, wool cards, horse cards, augers, trace chains. mnnui-A fTi-irlf a A .1 .1 - i ' ....... v.. , ivino 4UHVO riiuiiD fie;, uy H, 31. GIDDINGS, eV Co 'TMinr.Alii,,,- 300l.wlllU,ani, et,wJi coiioh .1 "r-a- .-1011,"-"Inen do. SOObun-lles 100 skein thread. 80 lbs. Italian sewings. 10 lw; tAi twist, for sale by VILAS, LOOMIS, & Co. 40 !ar. iM LIN lirnu-n tlsrttinn- o .ln i - -. wont -jv- iu.-u iiur i i-nir runva-5, .u5T reviuc.l inJ fur e c hv i)B iGlfl fil if t wvin., . . ' e VS. If 0. ni AS, LOOM'? Co millLINOTON I'EMAI.K HBMINAItV. 'iMih, next term or this Institution commencea a oiarcn m. i bbmi Hoard 830 per quarter, in cluding Washing, fire and lights. Tuition in English 85, French S3, Drawing 85, Music 813, including t.Hw.tvv.. uuiKiiift vi iv iiiubic ncnuinrs, io uincia or admittance apply to the Principal, Burlington, Feb. 10, 1841. M. C. GREEN. Hl. . COMHS. UXtvr doz. Cap and Twist Combs, 3000 " Wide and Narrow Side do B0 " Coarse and Fine do 400 " Ivory do For sale by Vilas, Looms & Co. Nov. 28, 1840. UNBLEACHED Cotton Shirting and Sheeting, cotton yarn, batting, wicking, black and white wadding. Russia diaper, crash taldn dianois. nsddimr canvass, mcrsedlcs, quilts, eounternaincs, rose and horse blankets, bleached cottons, blenched and un bleached cotton flannels, English, French and Amer ican prints, as cheap as the cheapest, by no n, L.uviil.Y e. uu. WEBSTER'S SPELLING BOOKS. 2000 for sale by C. GOODRICH. REMOVAL. J. LEWIS, the Mechanical Den tist. hasremoved his officii in hi iliwllinir nn Pearl St.. nearly opposite J. K. Cray's Carriage Shon. where ho. will I : he will be able to attend to calls at ell hours of the day or night. Burlington, Oct. 30, 1840. STOVES tb 1MI'E...Stbonss it Co. hare re ceived and ofler to purchasers COOKING STOVF.K of a great variety of sites and most approved nattcrns. Inch will be sold at whole sale, or retail, with nr without trimmings, to suit purchasers. Alto, PARLOR AND BOX STOVES in great variety of sires and patterns. Canada single and double Stoves 24 to 3G inches, together with SOOO JOINTS STOVE PIPE or Canada, English nnd Russia sheet Iron. Dumb Stoves, slovo furni ture of Copper, Copper bottom, and Tin. Connected with this establishment is a mnnufsrtnrv nf Kinv Trimmings, Sheet Iron work and Tin Ware, which can supply at short notice anv article not on hand, on reasonable terms and in a stvlc inferior to none. Tim attention of purchasers is respectfully solicited. lVn.. oa loin 1 ' imii Id'IU HARD WARE, SADDLERY WARE, GUNS, Hollow ware. if-e. The subscriber lia ins! re ceived and is now opening a large and general assort ment or the above goods; comprising nearly every article in the line, and which will be sold on very rea- sonaoie terms tor easn or short credit, at the hard ware store, corner or church street and tha square. KUIIKKT MOODY. Burlington, Nov. 20, 1840. IKON. STEEL. Ac. S)( Tons assorted sizes, English Tire Iron, iCJ 3 " " Swedes Iron. 5 " Russia Old Sable do 25 ' Peru manufactured Irnn. r-nnaicdntr nf nil the various sizes of round from 4 inch to 1 inch squan do., Band, Scroll, Hamr. and Horse Shoe Iron &c.&c. STIEL. Saxderson V BnoTiir.n's Cast Steel, all sizes, do Greavci German do English Blistered and American do. A7o. a full nnd gcnernl assortment of 'all descriptions of goods con- necicu wno me aoovc irauc. Nov. 19, 1SI0. STRONGS & CO. LPACCA CLOTHS for cloaks; crapes, camb- ibis, i.u,iiwii;ii.i;ii?, u,iib liail .1IIU tUIIIIHUIl Wors ted camblcls, printed Saxonys, plain and figured nl pines, plain and printed muslin do laini-s, all wool, now nneninrrliv M r n'L'f V X. fn -1 a J . .-l. 1 w. v.v. TO MERCHANTS & FARMERS. HHE undcrniuncd, continuing to be tbeonly manu X f.icturer of what is known as li'-'.lan I'ond Scythe Stones, v.-o.i'ilrespeclfiillyinror.n Merchants that his Pedlars will, if encouraged, c. M in t'-e couise ortbe present winter, et most of tic S'ore !n Ver monl. New Hanns'iire, and in Rvj' nnd Clinton Conn ' New York, and will, if lencncd, furnish Indian Pond Stones, oh a ciei' t ,:ll October next. Farmers can, by obta-'nuTT (he sa:d .Scythe Stones, have sharp Scythes with little lebor. A fellow bv the name of .-tine I'ile. v.-bnbsllq from Haverhill, N. IL, pretends to sell lne'ia.i Pord Stones j bet i-o sells an infcrioi-counterfeit rssumiii" the name or "Indian Pond," no doubt, to market merchandize which s known to be nflnferiiiminlltH Other persons in Hnveihdl and vic'nty,makc Scythe Stones, nnd le.M their Pedlars represent them or In dian Pond quality, Merchants ore requested to notice that every box ot Indian Pond Stones is marked in printed letters O. R. FVLER, 3w liradrord. Vt. 1VKW 8CIIOOI. GKOGHAIMIY AND ll ATLAS WITH OITLINK.MAI'S, by S. Aieus tcs Mitchell. The author ot the above works has lt-en professionally eleiotnl to the science ofGeo'y and Ihe publishing of Map., during many year.- and his former production-, especially hi. Map ot the World for Academic, bear ample le-liinonony of Ins abun dant resources, upon which he has so lil irnllydrawn, in prod-irine the above s-hoeil works. The itillowing extract of the Geo'y and Alia-, is from a jo'nt revom mendatioii or the Teachers in the city of New York. "Their merits are nnmcrou ihe deliuilions remark ably plain and concise. 'I'heexen-isc. ari-eopinit. mid important, and llie de-enpli vols luminous and correct. The divi-ion of the American continent, arc lepre senled and ilt-seril e-d as they really exist at the f resent time-. And the gross misstatements eeneially lnund in .se.ioul geographies are eone.-led. The lvpogr.idii enl exeeittiun is tin e-einiuii..ily neat and distinct, ii-deed me him is u niooei in tne urn1, anil nelually teems with inlormation." The outline Mnos an-nee-nlinilv calculated lo e-xi-rcise the kttidrnt in bis nudy, and to till up at his leisure. For side by C. GOODRICH. BI.A KSIIITH.Tlie Mibseriler having re eenlly inoeed from ARany, and coiiiuienee-il the lllaeksinilli business, in ell its Iur, us. in tbo new hon on Madison street, near Folle-it &. llradle-yV Store would rcspeellully iimle the luhaluiants ol Liiiiltugton and vieiniiy to give him a i all, as In- -s fully prepared lo do all kinds ot work in Ins line, on the shor'i'-t no tice, I e-t manner, and mo-t laudable le-ims. He has for many years past given his particular mention to the Horse shoeing business, nnd Farriery in nil its branches. From the long expe'-iem-e which be has bad, and the geuvial information he lies th-ritcd both from theory and practice-, he fee's fully 1 1 re- ciimnieiidin-; himself to l-o piiblii-. He will le pie- pared at nil tui'i-s to give in. personal atte-itiou toall kinds of work in bis line- such a lionin'.' Wasgon and Sleighs, Sln'pwoil., cw , All kinds o ede tools made in ihe l.cst manner and most appioee.l style, lie trusts that by pivin? busini-.s bis i-niiividvd alli-iition and the low price's ct which he v.-ill beciiab'eJ to fur nish work, to receive a shutc of the iiub'ii- paiionage. juu.s iauiiAeu., lliirlington, April 10 1340. DRY GOODS AT AUCTION.-.The sub scribers gue not e e that ll e-y will Oiler for sale at Publie- Auction, ontlcS.h day of Deceinli r next, at the Stun-, corner o'' Churi-h and College streets, the entire and extensive assortment of Dry Goods, not previously di-po-ed of at pnvc e tale. The sale will lie posiiivcaud the terms very lil e-irl io tho-e wishing to buy largo ninotints. Sale will coiniue-ncc nt 9 o' clock in llie inoruuig and continue eeery Tiie-day, Thursday and Saturday until the who'e is ili-po?i-d ol. we invite tne aiii-utiiin ot . ii-iciianis ui j siiinining towns in to tin's sale. MAYO& WAIT, Ilurliuglon, Noe.27, IS 10. Ti usleci. Winooslii Iron rou ml ry. THIS concern is yet in operation, anil ready to execute all orders for eastings, ui good order, and of good mela' for various purpose's. The subscriber is now ready o contract or otherwise for the building of mills of all descriptions, being in a situation to fur nish nil the u-atcrials at sbort notice. Contracts will be taken very low. Planaof all kinds of nulls made on application to the subscriber, and warranted cor rect) which will save cost in building, and also many blunders. An assortment of castings such as kettles, ploughs, wagon boxes, wagon arms, s'cigh shoes, box nnd cooking stoves, a very superb i . tide, for doing a large business with little work and fuel, all nf which can be found at all limes, at this concern. Pallerns made lo order on reasonable terms. Also the subscriber otVera for sale one first rate high pressure steam engine, or four horsepower, a good article, built fiom I.ieecster's Clan, and has been in use-, which will be sold reasons-le-, and on credit. All orders to the subscriber, llur liiigton, Vt. will receive attention. JESSE GAY. Winooski Village, Nov. 10. TO RUNTllooms for a small family, near the square. H. LEAVENWORTH. Dec. 21, 1840. THE attention of the alllictcilia called to the article "Hay's Liniment," advertisedin another column. d24 THEO. A. PECK ot CO. Valuable Hooks fur Holiday Gifts. M RS. WALKER ON FEMALE UEAliTY. as . nrineni'd and improved by regimen, cleanliness and dress, illustrated by 12 colored plates and ele gantly bound in morrocco gilt. I'onr.tT me not, a Christmas, New Years and llirlhday pri-sent, for 1811. The TokinI Fttir.NnsinrV Oitebinoi Rose or Sharon i A Gtrr iiom tairv ianh. Also a gener al assortment of Juvenile Works, Parley's Hooks, Hollo's Publications, Parley's Universal History, 2 vols., 4c. &c, for sale by Dec. 23. D. A. I1RAMAN. TVT I,tVKIY AfCo. arc now opening and of i.1 frring tor sate a more extensive assortment n e Goods than thev have ever before oil'ered in this market amongst which is a great variety of FURS and Kur I winnings all or whicli are ottered extremely Io for Ready CASH. Oct. 22. IVTR. STACY, Deaf Sir-Reading an atticlc in a 11 latcpspcr of yours, setting forth the utility of frequent and regular admtisilib, "i'tl Vwr own illus tiationa in contirxion, has "brought us over iu the faith.'' Wc shall try the experiment. Truly yours, H. M. GIDDINGS iV Co: MEDICAL" ALMANAC for Jill, for se at the bevnX.xjij. Ptref-iU' D. AHR1MAN CULVER Levari, of aupcrior workmanship, mado f io uur oruer ana we warrant tnem to giro latn faction Also good Levers which wo purchased in iTow i orie anu uosion, or fine quality, al lower prices. PANGBORN & BRINSMAID, , Watch Repairers. OOLD WATCHES. We invito those who arc v- wishing good fino finished Levers or Lcplnes, lo examine some beautiful nn. u.i,:.ti keepers, at the Variety Store. We sell watches of juuii quniuy as low as they nrc sold in Boston or N, ork. PANGBORN et BRINSMAtn 11TATCH nnd Clock Cleaning nnd Repairing. Walchesand clocks cloancd and repaired in the same style as usual. Persons sending their watches, should send word if they stop, how often, and in what position. This will sometimes cnahlo them to get the Watch returned rnmil.tA.l .nA..l..M If-il J? 1... -.. ...v..tu,l,l,-,InlFlrl ,. ii iiii-t nc;icci todoao. PANOP.ORN& RRINSMAtn ft- TI iui;n iicpmrcrs. T-AVS; LINIMENT. Vor the cure of thelMet trcssing complaint, that we have sold a great number - iiiivi ui ii u-m win, urn irniin en Willi trua.i... uuiutia ui hub unicie, ana mat we can rr-rer to per sons in this town who have been cured by thauso of the liniment which we sold them. It can be used with all confidence) wedonot believe it will fail to cure one case in 100. The gonuino is signed "Com- i T, ' ,We lllve l,,c a'ticlo directly from them and will , scl it by the gross, dozen or single bottle. Kememhcr how it is signed, as counterfeits are abroad. anety Store. PANGBORN & BRINSMAID. l-iITi0 'V?""?" and Hll"'son Almanaoa for w.i,i inn t arie-iv store. insejnuKi i- muiNsaiAIu ' - - ,w nee, a, io aii. SILK SHIRTS AND DRAWERS, for Ladies and 1 Jnn t li-iTii-,n Aci;..1A .1 i.i .... A 'I' llfltvmrtu . .i m.. s...s.w..v... iitnii-s mai ore Biuu u noi nuilo to euro will grcalljr alleviate llhemiiatic pains. Also t ic Genuine IJrandretli's Pills, which with the use of I hP flhnvii rl lr1na if t.A, ....II 1! Ill : "--'viii luni-M win urauicaiv ivncuniaiisni from any person recently alUiclotl, if not so. money for tha m a t-ffiinrlru, ' ' ' SLEIQU SHOES. Ac. 1 50 nair ?tct1 1)lstcJ Cuttcr B"J s1c'kH Shoes. - - miioiiwj iiu "uto, IIT1IIS. ancet Lead, bheet Zinc.Hollow ware in great variety. ?k iiutua at uu. SNUFF OSLY TWKN TV-FIVE CK.NTS.-D.M. Hitf1irrL('I. ;n -.1 1 . . - ......wws..s, .j ii4t.uii 7IIH1I iuu aril cle ever UicierLi: I y scientific hivn, in Kuropu vr iur nu-iiim nnci ttijs-oiuit! rciit'i oi taiarrf), I)ivtiu. rtC tho 1 1.. i,l W. L'... . V . ti athu, fallen hicknes,?, Fit-, uiid Infanta troul-led whole&ale ami reiail, l.y A. HITCHCOCK it Co., o!i; Proprietor, No. 117 Genuecst. Ctka, .ind l.y their n.inl. il..r.i,.Tl. l... I .. I, . ' . T"tt i. i ."Ii i i .. "urnngion, J. CC J. H. Peek & Co. In ergcnne-, by J. II. Uowmiin. i ...mull, ,jj uuiuvii okaawyer. in veurgta. oy Lo renzo Jane's. Anthony Wliodcs' Jistntc. STATE OI.' vr.l(Ain-.-'r - ti,., n...i....ri.....r.. . - ' . . , r II I IUIIIIIU I.UUI I lUr the District of Chit tenden i To all persons interested in the estate of An thnnv Hlmite lttn .,r if I.e......... I :.. :.i iv-. . , v4 ...vnniwiiu, ill BJ1U lyiaujci, decensed. iiercak, Win. Rliodes.jr., adniinis'rof the estate of said deceased, has made application lo this Court, to extend the time limited for making payment of the Hrlitu iifii.iirl ileeec.l l.ui.l.n ...n...l.. . L .. f.. .. . ubvu.,su, ,. VI 1 1. iiiiyiiuis iiiiiii iuu CO, day of January, 1311, nnd the thiid Monday or e-elimnrii h.,.1 knl ! If I . . . . ' -su.uuij nv.i, uuin ussiuueu iur a iiisiring in tne premises, at the Kagle Hall in Willislou, nnd il : ii- , . .ni.ii.ui uu l;itiii, by publishing ibis decree three wcets successively in (hi. I.'riin .. ..... .... ... ...v vv km,, o iimn ijiet jiriiiien ai imr- iiiigiun, ociorc ino nine nxeu tor Hearing, rlierefore, vnn firr. rnrr.l,i. nr.ilnn.l n ..... nu tr.J:. 11 at the time and place aforesaid, then and there, to make objection if any you have, to the naiJ time of fu Mum living iui uicr L-xiemieu as nioreyui. Given under my hand at lluilinglon, tliis fith day of January, A. D. 1610. W.M. WKSTON, Regis-er. VlORM LOZI2.N(.ES... l,,s valuable article- is daily establishing itself, a the be.t inulii-iiii-for dot painful and sometimes f.ital complaint in chil li' ,, the worms. At whole-ale-and retail by Jan. I, ISII. TIIEO. A. PECK'oi Co. WOODEN CLOCKS, for sale at the Variety Store, warranted ; one or two wooden or llrass Clocks will be Bold for pood lljech and Maple Wood, the Clock to be delivered when the wood is delivered. Dec. 19. PANO110RN& I1RINSMAII). GJ.ERMAN CLOCKS small gcrman timc-pie-ccsat l S3, German striking Cioc'es nt 6 59, German Alarm Clocks atG 30. PAsccons &, Hkinsmaiij. SILVER ALARM WATCHES, ul 918,320, Sr.. -J Dec. 13. PASosons et Hei.vsmaid. M R. EDITOR, Sir will you noi'fy all creation . that the subscriber baa for sale, l'uck Hot Air Cooking Stove, at ihe new I rick store, Col lege street, also at Jesse Gay's foundry. This is one r,t.ain,...i,. i ..r .i. i ... i ... ui iuw Ian., j.uii;iii uuu uiu iiii ui me Mini ever i inlrodueed into thi3 States they hac been recently in troduced imo the States of Pennsylvania anil New I York with Ricel sue-ccssi and sulFice il to say, they I are the inoitcoincnient ond will do uiore business with less fuel than any other stove. A preamble to oeitieu'.rrizeitsnualiiies or tii!ee'i ii eselettfis Tn.i ..ill ' in, small favori i-re iliankfully received and gron ones til proportion, p-J it nnnev ontiiu'cs sc.srco I intend to use the les3ofit, suit will be useless lo without on thrlr-ccount. S. W. TAYLOR. Uurbiigton, Dec. 17, 1S70. WANTED, a few bushels of good clean white Deans, for which afairpriee will be paid in !Mods. NEW T A I L O R I N G EST A II LIS II M E N T Al IlinooTii Villaat. The subscriber has com- lllCnetsl the tnillirilin llllsilie.d in tine ,,U..rt ....11 do all kinds of work in lii line in nu L'i..l., :. doneat any shop in this section of country. Cutiin done st nil times, on short notice. i AIMED All apprenlice at the nhove business ,n JEREMIAH HARRINGTON. Nov. 10, 1810. NOTICE is hereby given that the copartnership heretofore existing bet ween tbo subscribers under the firm of "S. Tdley et Co.," is thi . day dissolved by mutt, nt enncenf .....I I 1 .. .i-.i ' ............ ....... . ,jV,j,va.iiiu Ul-lllilllllS 111 IPC Iinil are in the hands of John R.Til'ev for collection. jiincsourcn, s TKI'IIKN ill.LEY, Dee. 17. 1SI0. JOHN R. TII.LEV. !i 3d January, 1811. THERE has been an 13i vears busine-.s done in the "up and dong, quicli and cheap ror cash, and no imprisonmcntforelibi" store; and has been no dun, nor dun, never done yet. Information is hereby given that this same store has now one of the bet stocks of iiii-. e-liaiid:7e for the season, and flirt cost may be saved on any goods pur chased over ordinary prices, by upplvini' niil-siieo-plc'sagent,nt HOWARD'S. CROCCERY AND GLASS WA'tE.-Full sells or granite China ware. Tea and Dining sctls, together with a general oisortment of crockery nnd glassware; also lamps, patent top, screw top and astral lamps. Laute'iir, tumblers, etc. nU of which will be sold cheap for cash, as wc will convince any that favor us with a call. Church st. J. P. WHALING it Co. BROAD CI.OTHS.-Plcasecall at the new cosh stoic on Church street, and examine the broad cloths, beaver elolhs, cassbiicrcs and natinctts, before purchasing elsewhere, and much oblige J. P. WHALING & Co. Goods shown with pleasure, ) whether purchased or not. ( NOTICE. Tho Hoard of Commissioners for the instruction of the Deaf and Dumb and tho lllind, will convene at the Pavilion House in Motilpebcr, on Thursday, the lSlhihy of February next, for the pur pose or designating beneficiaries who are to receive aid from the state of Vermont, and for the transac tion of anv other business appertaining to the legal duties of the board. County Clerks and tb civil rutbority ci'lowm ate rcrcrred to title Dili, chap, "lib, of tho Reiijed Statutes, touching their respecl've dul-es on this subject, L. SIROEANT, ) ' Jan. 4, 1811. JOHN COL IIY, ? Cpniuu,. HENRY STOWEL, "unem. P. S. Publishers or newspapers in the state of Vermont will confer a favor on the unfortunate by giving the above notice a place in their rcspectivojour nals. NOTICE. All notes and accounts due the subscri ber, must be paid by the first day of February next, or they will be found in the hands of an attorney. WM. II. MUNSON. NEW llST A 1 1 1 ,1 S 1 1 M ft X T. The subscri bers would inform the public that they have formed a eopartnershipunder the firm orMlTCHF.LL 4 KARNES, and established the Cubincf outnrst in the Ilrick Shop fotincrly occupied by Abbott and Wood, where they arc manufacturing and intend to keep constantly em baud an assortment of Sofas and Furniture, of various kinds and prices to suit custom ersi also, a few splendid Ilnsn Clocks cheap for cash. All kinds or lumber used in Cabinet Making received in exchange for Furniture Ilurlington, Dec. 2 1810. T. M. MITCIIELi.. A. IIARNES. SJ'F.RM CANDLES. Kinglnnd'i clarified sperm randies, No, 1. Alio,- mould candles for sale by J. P. WHALING if- Co. HOUSE WANTED... A ,,,,-H conirnicnt tene monl, suitable foi a family consisting of flirts persons. Inquire at this office, Jan. 19. B ROWN Sheetip 9, very elu5i y tin1 piece ur 1 vnrJ. at I.OVKLV nnd Co's rln nil sl.ire ! ,- ; l,"i a '-noire assortment or Notes and Aeepiitlis auauled to the present .season, which dot withslandina litre Isrcn on bindsontc iltne, are noil the Irks desirable, and arc otlcrril at private sale until thrfirstnf Februarv nctt purchase rs mil .. thu1 "iur .rsfetijr" Itorlrieinr Jiminirj- It I A' LADIES' India Rubber Shoes, Gailcr Uoots, walk Inn Shoes, French Lid and spring Heel Slips Dcc.31, 1810. Jn.t ree'd by N. LOVf.l.V cfcCo. IVnllW THl-vn i. THIS valuable article Is daily establishing itself as the. best medicine for the cxlerpation and relief of .. w..i. ... v.niuivii. .-..miiiisiaiiuiiig iiiai uiere arc other lozenges cried up for this complaint, purchasers " "WIUIIIVU .11 ...i. nwvu s.iisir.u.y ui musi-, ll Wholesale nnd Retail hy T. A. 1T.CK cV. CO. V,'.n f I - Tf I nKi iy ma .uilllir mllK saloat AUCTION nt Mayo nnd Wait's, will .a. viiiiiiui;iivi; lu-iiiuriuiv in I u eiuiK, iiy onenng first, some (ir! rnl KI.L'lrlllU . u.-ifl ,- .M Ufilhnn II. ,.ll I.n O loll tiiiiuu,i,di.ii. lllll IIIIU1U1I, .1 llll. O, 111 1 C or 20 tons HAY for sale hy G. 1'KTliRSON. X.O lliirlington, Jan. 8, 1911. OC1IOOI, llOOKS.-A general assortment of aciiool lloolts ror sale at wholesale or rctnil, by Jan. 8. c. GOODRICH. GLOnnS. A pair or 12 inch Globes on high stands for sale at two thirds of the manufacturers price Jan. 7. by C. GODIHCH DUCK WHEAT KLOWKR, fresh ground nfsu- lienor quality, tor sale iv u. tiiuiii (leu January 7, 131 1 SHAKER'S YARN, at Tiieo. A. I'kck i Co's, Jan. 8. 1911. DHY GOODS. Silk and worsted Crape, Cam- , .... . .,,-.1. i.iu (tiiti iiiiuii;ti uu- ony, very cheap by H. M. GIDDINGS A- Co., Jan,a. torner Uolle-ge-st. and the Square. B ROAD CLOTHS. Woobdved lllack. Hlue. ,, , X . ."'' ",, . niui- u,.u, plum uuu i-.iuuv easnnere, harmiin's Oxford and Stcil mixed 'Satinetts, by jun.o, ion, n. uiliui.nus ev. Uo. CANADA SALT. Coarse and fine, also, finosack Salt. Jan. 8. bv H. M. GIDDINGS ,K- r I?13 J,,iA, Hyson Skin and Young Hyson . TEAS, nf Biinerinf nnnlili I . ;;. -,..... ..UHUII1I.-U. vilu, I'OrtO RlCO Svrun. fnlnsurs viru l.rnt-i. llavor, by II. M. GIDDINGS & Co. CASH paid Tor OATS by Jan 3, 1811. H. M. GIDDINGS it Co. B OSTOX ACADEMY'S ree'd at ihe Hi,oUn,re this nay anil Iur sale at wholesale by I) A llltAMA.N rTMIEO. A. PECK A- Gn t il,e;,.nr .hn m -L have just ree'd a quantity of Cayenne l'epper, of l-.nghsh importation. Constantly on hand, liombay Gum Myrrh, genuine tiayberry Pow der. Jamaica Ginger Root, do. do. in Powder, Reitgal and Ohio Turmerics, etc. cVc. Sent. IR. IS4fl. NOTICE. I deem il my duly lo inform llie pub lioiball have inves'ed a snhc. in-rfii-ile inmi- ccnl, from three siinp'e vezetable, that entirely s.i nereesles a spamsh ly Piaster, which gives entire re lief in all inflainatory a ,'eetiuns of the Ii b(ly m 21 to 46 hours, and need but oue application. It. ae tion i by al'sorptiou and evaporation, it dn-oKe- a corn from the feet entirely and without pant, eounlcr acishre in a bum or M-al'd in 13 inm-ites afier it ap-nli-ation. Annly it to the sj,l.. t,n n i..ei. r.l" uit silk or dre-s-eJ sheep skin, fnrinflamation of the lie er or filings ami il extract all cx-ileiuciit from llio-e organs. Warrauledto give iclisfas reeoiiiiueii'li-1. A. J1ARR, Sole proprietor, 1 13 Uroome lres-l, -New York. The Ira Ir sujtplieil at the Proj.neiur's prices by Uurlin,'tuii, Dev. IcilO. J. & J. II. PECK ec Co. Pll IIKiNOI.OnY.Tbe Ladies and Gentlemen of It irhilTtein are resiieeifullv iufurnu-d ihal J. SALTER, PiiAtTu-il. PiittKS-el.oe.IjT, will remain a sin rl time an nc Aiui rican iio-i i ni-re lie will receive- vi.itor- lurlhe i:AHLNATIO.N OF HEADS, or will wail upon iho-e who piofcr II, at I heir rcsidcni-e'.. In- ilieijualscir parties ho mail Iheiu,clve-s ol his pro fcssituvil -ervi-.-e-, are-ffiiaranlt eil a ci rrei-t ili-liue-.ilion of their various preluding dispositions and peciiliari lie (jj taleiil, ae-eiiopnintsl wnb direeliou that limy a-siit tlii'in in itiipriiving their I viler qualili. uiion's aiidi-oriivliii j lln-ir dt licieiu-ie. !LjPMr. S. Mill delner a coiir-e of l.eoliires on this inie-resling M-iene-e in the Court Ilon-v, pai-ieuliir of whiebwill be aniiuuneed in a lu'urc adverli-einciit. Uiirlinton, January 1, IS. STATE OF VERMONT, ) mo all persons, in distbict or ciiittendek, ss. J 1 te-rcsted ill tlic es tate of l'arnalns P. ISarnum, Ell llarnum and Julia A llarnum, of Milton in said district, infants and minor children of Ell llarnum, late of said Milton dccciscd, Arthur Hunting, guardian of DartnbasP. llarnum, Ell Itanium and Julia A. llarnum, minors having made application to tlic Probate Court within and for said District, setting forth that the said 1'arnabas P., Ell and Julia A. arc seized at, tennis in common in their own right in fee or three equal undivided fifteenth partsof two certain parol of laud, situated in South Hero in the county of Grand Isle and State of Ver mont, described as follows, to wit : Lot No. D7 of tho first division of. Samuel Hosford, supposed to contain 17 acres of land, also 1!1 acres on Lot No. 93 of the 1st division of Joseph Smith, and is that pari of said Lot No. 93 of which Milo Adams latu of said South Hero died seized, and representing that a sa n of the said liuils of his said wards would be conducive to their best mte-iest, and praying snid court to authorize and empower bun, lliu slid guardnn to sell the said three eoual undivided fifteenth narls of snid tun nnr. eels of land agreeable to thcstaluteiu sueli case made anu provulcil. Whereupon the court aforesaid doth order that tbo said application bo heard before mid court at a session thereof to be he'd at the Register's office in lliirling ton in .aid county nf Cbiltcn 'en on the 19ih day of January A. D. IB11, and that notice tlu-reor be given to all persons interested by publication of this order contahiing the substance of said application three weeks sueeeiiivilv in tho Rurlington Free Press, the lastofwlrch publications to be previous lo tin; said 19th day of Januirv, 1311. Given under my hand at lliirlington, this aOtb dav nfD.-cenib -r, . D. 1310. CHARLES RUSSELL, Judge. A MILLER WANTED, to lend the gristmill at Hubbell's Falls, I .ssex, by the- first of May next, who is well acquainted with the business, and can give satisfactory reference. JamjgjSll. tf. JAMES I. CUTLER. H THOMAS hasj'usl received at his new Store, . a large quantity of I1UFFALO ROUES, FUR CAPS, GLOVES. &e. Ac., which will c sold much lower man any FURS of the like quality have been sold in Ibis market for years. He will pay the liiihest market price in cash for Fox Skins. Raccoon, Musk rat, Otter, Hear, Mink, Sable, and the highest price in cash for Sheep's pt.t,. .,0 ca.h paid for fresh Pork Burlington, Dec. 15, 1310. DI.OAK SUGAR. OUI1I.E REFINED LOAF SUGAR, also nn rxrellctit article of Molasses for family use, for sale cheap by J. p. WHALING & Co. Dee. 16, IS40. TOIIA1CO. T P. WHALING &. CO. inform the public that they arc Agents for Sargent, Spragtte if- Co. Tobacconists, Albany. N. Y., who iipim'fracluio a very superior astiele of Paper Tobacco in every va riety or bizc. Grocers and others will flnel it to their advantage to call and examine the article. Also Plug Tobacco of diHetcnt qualities, nllnf whicli will be sold cheap for cash. Also Snufl'of different kimU. Iitiu s. of Vermont, IN SO, IJ"OR the several tewns in the County of Chittenden are ready for delivery, Ton n Clerk's or Constables will please call or tend for them. Those entitled to them in the town of Ilurlington will be supplied by calling on the subscriber. C. GOODRICH. Dec.U iw BHAs'S CI lOCKsi. Persons wishing good brass stiiking Clocks in beautiful finished cases, call find them on favorable' terms, at the Variety Store. Also, Rank and Office Clocks, for sale; these. Clocks are warranted to keep correct time, and they will per forin as well as anv other clocks. Dec. 19. PANG HORN & URINSMAID. JOST. Eight fat sheep, marked with tar, T. M. J Whoever will give information, shall be suitably rewarded. FOR SALE. A superior new- milch cow and calf. Also, for sale, or lo exchange for cuttle, sheep or pctk, a genteel chaise and harness. D. KIMI1ALL, if- CO. Ilurlington, N''L?I, 1P40. COD FISH, MACKERELI. and SHAD of supe rior quality for sale by N. LOVELY it Co. Dec. 10, 1340. CANADA STOCKING.!,, Gentlemen nnd Lulus Ruck skin and Indian Moccasins, Fur Gloves Ruck skin Mittens, Wol en Tippets-, Ladies and Gcn tlemens Merino Lambs wool and Worsted Wrap, pers, just reiaived and for sab- by Dec. 10, 1840. N. LOVELY Co. GOODS. The subscribers have ree'd and am now opening a very large assortment or Wollen Cloths of every variety, neb plain, figurtsl and changeable Silks, Mouseline de Lames. Alpaeea Clolhs. Tiudionia Shawls, Hilkfs., Ribbons, Ac. We will only say that we havun larger assortment of goods of every variety than we have ever ki'pl K'fure Oct.29, 1310. N, l.OVELY A. Co, TO D I NE .MRI.NG WATER. A reci-iilly discover. I ed fountain at Saratoga and contain! protriii known fit no other Spring -its frei-dnni fiom .Iron tenders it safe lo lie drunk bv a ci rtaiu class of inin lids with whom Iron pru'ves injurious tho quantity of Iodine contained in this w ate r rentier it the most v al liable mineral water f w every species nf Scrofula vet it.iiroerel.f .1. A J. H. PECK A Cn. Ae'ls. REVISl'.l) STATI.'TlJSof Vrnnont, fur sals bv Jan.S. C GOODRICH. i NOT I (III Mvuife, .Vdiiiii) lift mv lied and board, without nn pi-tifii-alliin. und I therefore forbid all persons hatborinir or lrtitinr ln-r on m s-nvinl KW I'OH'I'f I In- j- Dk t ffi jVriJ'V CHURCH MUSIC.-Otis, liroadors A XI Co, have published under the direction nnd sano tion or the Huston Musical institute, a hook of Church. .Music of every variety for devotional cicrciars, called Ihrl InrfSM .iff..!.!., t. t . ... Muiic. The wliole having been compofcd, selecltil and arranged by Thomas Comer, Esq, Organist at King s Chnpcl. For a lon lime we have known that Mr Comer litis been industriously preparing tins wot k for the press. Within bis resources nnd no man in this country has greater nothitjfrliasbeciilcft untouched which would mil in the composition of Sacred Music. He lias had English, German ond Italian music at his command, and has used tlietit freely. , Comer is tho most accomplished musician, in nil tho departments or the science nnd practice ofthat divine att, that welmvo known in Huston ; and his namois a warrant that tho often repealed humbug of mnkiiignnevr book out of old tunes, spoiled by tho absurd nilernlions of nn ignoramus, has not been ptnetiscd. His knowledge of harmony is profound j Ins tnstcpiirentidhiglily cultivate dm thehctt schools) his acquaintance witli authors of sacred, operatic, vocfil and instrumental music is unenipiatcd by any other member of the piofession among us. Asa per former on the violin, piano forte, ond especdv upon, the organ, helms acquired a reputation m lioston, that is truly enviable a reputation Im-h neither hu nor theliisititte would sacrifice by piibli.lunga poor book. L-rrill1 11 n.n..,!n. linn nt it!. .nlt..A.: . - 'J l..silllllliuiiyn III inn llllll-l IIIJJI, arc satisfied it is the best ever published m tins country, u. it n nun, niu, iipiiiujiiiiiii', null UUEipil II IO- the popular taste and the state of musical knuultdgn, nu mimouii iiiuliiuiiv, iiiu ion iiiuiiius simple, eai and correct ; the varieties of tunes and anthems ar suiic.ii iu every ocension ( anil sucn is tne tono ot ssi"'a 111.1 11 1 1 J JII.I1IIU1.3 niu UUUIl, lll.ll ni feci confident that all who desire improvement Will ii in,,., uu ii inuu.? iiiiiiiiiii,nes, i lopia may, if they plcnse, adhere lo Iho dull music of old :...,...! .l .1 r. ll 1.. , i .i iiiin..i,i'ub iii:iiiiiim.. iiicui luiiuiow uiucxniupicoi ina Institute, and keep pace with tho improved lasto of modern days, and belter music Uosion Uiily All IllVerS nf tntlele .re rnntlnale.1 tn enll nn.t ... amine the above book at D. A. RRAMAN'S Jan. '.'0, 1911. RookSlor. ia"!)!!. OOltDAK'S iIUI)I(' DR GORDAK'S Jelly of Poinejrannte and Peru -an Pills for l)y.pepsy,Nt-no-is Hua laelie, Pa. p lalion ol the Heart, lulernal and Exie-rnal llumori, and all impurities of the lllood, leelan-1 Jelly f r thia relief and cure of consumption. Pulmonary Jcllv fur cmtirhs, cold-, spitting of lllood, Ilnar-e-iie-s A-T., I'm siau Luiaiueul and Linnmcnt Opoteldoefur Illiunma tism, Physical Drops, Colombo Drtips, Salt Rheum Ointment, Pile O utuienl, Slien jtlicniug Pia-ler, and Com ami Wart Plaster. The above e-clel ra'ed medicine prepared enlirely from veje ablci by Dr. Win. Gonial;, need no othor ree-t-oniiiie-nilation ihan tint they have I ee-n lifore tho pul lie fonriis-ii years, civtng satisfaction to all who have u u 1 them,-may le had of Dana & Raimono, Woenl-loe!., Vt. ' Oen'l Agents. Sold iilso, l,y J P Sirons-, Qiiecbce; JU Urooks, White I'lv-Lr Win. II Snel i: Co., We-t Ilarltord Worster Downer Aharon: Downer i .Neven-. fi iv- alton ; J Wheat, lleibe-l, E C Holme-, We-t Randolph; J I! Danlbrih, I'rannrd j S Hell.uap. lla-i ISarnanl; .N Snow, I'oinfru ;E M & A S Strieker and GoveiV "hiv. ii i ,. -i .lit. n. ,, i ii . . iiaruan , .iie-uu ex iiiirne--, I i-ri.insvuie, lirown l Ainselt-ii, l-'eh-bvilli- j A et II War.liie-r, Winder, A Marsh, liri.laevvater, S S et I' T Wheeler, Plymo-ithj and at Handex-l, RiA-be-ter, Grandville, .Norlhlie'il, Moulpel er, .M -Idlel ury, Ve-rennes, nnd in most ct the principle towns m the Siale. A Supply of the above medicine, fust rcvrived anj lor .ale l.y ROlSEIiT .MOODY, ri-ur.iary, isii. (b n) i'ru-'git, u irlingam, VI OTANICAL MEDICINES. The subser.btra ) have received a cumulctcnssortincntof tha ubova articles; among which are, extra flowered bay erry and barberry barks; iringcr, pleurisy, tumeric and uni corn roots; pepper of many kind', in pods and pow- iie-r; giuu iiivriu, anu pencil Kernels. THEO. A, PECK, et CO. "V VERMONT Drawing Rook of Landscapes, con- taining rules nnd 'nstructions fjr landscapa drawing. 4 Nos. containing 20 plates, published by mil. si. e,. uweJiniivll. 2CASI'iS London Pins. 1 case wood pocket ci mbs. 200 dozen sii-pi'iiiler.. 50 cro-s cor.-et la-et-. 50 gross hook anJ eve. 200 M drilled i-ved ne-eJIa for -alt- bv VILAS, l.OOMlS, ct fa 1 (ll (IHO I'AINTS .V OILS. lU-UUv' lb-, dry white LeaJ 100 casks g'rouiiddo ilu 15 bb., encliun Red 10 cask French jc low 50 bbl. Aincrieau LintecJ Oil, 25 ilo urits Turpentine Copal Varnish, Gold Leaf, Sand paper, Smalls, Uruslie., Glue, Gum Copal, by .Let .1. Ii. 1'r.cs A Co. DON'T MISTAKE the sign of the Red Li:r.ots, if you would buy Common School Hooks, lilank Uooks or Stationery o-i UllUlht bet terms, I say don't niistaLc the Red Ledger, College st. Dec. -1. S. IIUNTINOTON. Shermans ltreast Ointment, If apiihed propei ly and indue time, will cure tho molt paintul cases ol" swelled brcatts, and pievcnt the for mation of abscesses Even wheie the swelling hn pointed and shown every apicarance of breaking, th:i oititme-nt lias enlirely ilispellt-d it, and restored th parts to a healthy condition. In npplyingit, a smooth and soft cov e-riiig to the breast should be made of soft leather, or fine compact hnin, with a hole in the cen tre to admit the niple. Whin so made, put a coating of the ointment over the inner surface and apply it closely and smoothly over llie wliole breast, leaving the nipple protruding through the hole, so that tha child can nurse, which it should do as long as tho mother can bear it. Care should be take n to hav c tho breast drawn by the child or otherwise, so as to pre vent an accumulation of milk. Whcr:et.r the plas ter gets r n lis U 1, and thereby uncomfortable-, a tiewons should be applied, mid constantly worn until a cum is alllcted. It is some-unics necessary to slit the sidsa so they will conform to the shape ot the breast, nnd cover it closely. Ask for SheTiiinn's breast ointment, and see that "his signature tints, .S'irrmuii, .1, IJ.," is on ihe- winppcr, none other can be genuine. SHERMAN'S PAPILLARY OIL fc Is llie only infallible remedy for sore nipples ever dis covered. It will cure the most troublesome ease m a few days, withuut depriving iheml.aut of the brcast-wairaiite-d .superior lo all other rcuudie when applied according to the directions on the bottle. Sic that the signature of ".1. .i-Viirmnii, .1. IK" is on tbo wrapper, nunc other is genuine. Ilu particular or oj will bcdcce-hcd and disappointed. Sold nt the Varie ty store. PANGPORN A URINSMAID. IMPORTANT TO .1IOTlli:RS Xi YOITNO l''U.iIAIil. Doer. Revnouis- etPAnsiEtur's celebrated PILLS, or HEALTH RESTORATIVE for complaints peculianly incident to the Female Sex. This artie-lc is now brought be-lorc the public, i-ntter sanction of the stron.e-st tesluiioiiy, from those who liavenhUe used it, uiul also witnessed its unequalled powers, in the removal of Female obstructions ot the most aggravated and desperate character. Tlicsa testimonials arc not brought from the ignorant and illiterate but Iiom Ph sicians and other Scientific Persons, who have tested its great virluis, and now ii'e'oninieud il iu their practice and lend to it the sanc tion of thctr muni's. It U not mtimit d us man; medi cines generally nrc for all the vane-ties of disenss, winch it is tlic lilt to sulllTimdel. I'ut it is iiili-ndtd, siuijily for one class of coiiiphiiiiis, and those only to biting to one sex. Tin si- bung of tatber a dihcnle nal lure, there woi Id be more than an ordidary degree of diffidence ill coming Willi ibis article before the public wercil not the- tact that thousands are continually passing from ihe ta?u ofuction, victims ta u.s'caiu, whicli tins iiied.i-me has never failed to prcvint or cure. Such has been the provision of Niitun, that nearly all the- complaints ot lVmnlcs, arc connected in soine-'degri-e with the habits allied tolheirsix. And mnii) can bear witness, where a mere cold at a par ticular staL-e, has priiilucid cliecks, that the hand of Science and Skill, liner has been able lo dispel or alleviate. At first, the irregularity and suppression of the natural h ibits produces- no ury alarming symp loins, and is treated generally with neglect. 'And prepcratttntiuiiis pri-crasliaateel until the hollow eve, sallow complexion mid great bodily debility indiciito that tidier rapid consumption, or some o'thir fatal disease lias fuste-ncd iu resisih ss grasp on the sutliter which soon terminates existence, b) a lingering bui certain death. For comilainls inevitably prnduclivg of sui li results thisiuvnluabli'tutalicineis now bronchi hi fore tin-publie. It invariably re muxes obstructions nnd ngulntes a too proline uiriistriiration, ai J cine hy in uiieqiiiilhsl qualities, all ihe variety of de-ranre menl coiiiiii-ted with the Female habit. Theeiiiiiunt and dislincuishisl Duct. J. .Mnriisoii. who has prnc tised medicine nl Out ida, N. York, with the most us ual siice-ss for 20 tars, s:i "It is the best medicine now in use. Incases of retention, or stiprcssion of the Menses, I think it will sustain the appihiimn of n upe-e-ific, 1 have tried il in llie worst cans w uh inoi admirable' suceeos, and I wish for the good of suHirii'g Females, lluit all phjsii-ians would intrndui-c it in their pine-Uiv, as I have found it answers bi-yond mv most sanguine expecmiions." In its cllict il is kind may be taken without the least inconvenience, ns it is not cathartic, but Ionic nnd uperiuil. For ample pnr ticulars respecting its efficiency, certificates of Pjw. cianswho liaee vvilnessisl its iiUcts, and of othets, who liaee been must signally benefited nnd restored bv it virtues refill me is now ofTi-rcd lo llie pam phlcts aecouipauying the iindii'iiie, and to llie more particular i-viilcnci s, in the hands of the sub-cribcr Side Agent for the New Finland Slates. EDWARD HRIM.l'.Y. Wholesale Dealer in Drugs, Medicines, Paints and DveS'lufi's No. 3 A 4 sonlli side old I'aniiiel llnll ltF.l'OH'l' rPhcdi inatidou the, Cheap Cosh Stmc has been un. J usinillygicntfor the psr.t wcik. A the principleof selling Cheap strictly adhered lo. Tbeonly i-onipla.r.t it ill. i il-ii Ten. SiiiiiiK Atnlas. s. Spices Oil. Gaum lues, Miceiings, Cnhci-is. Mi-rumm, Silk., Miislui, 1 I.aees.RlMMins, if-e.Ac. wilb Croikety. Glass vvnte, I laiokiiii" Glasses, Ac. Ac. an-not to besoldoll by tha I flies', Hli'd, Rale, Package, Cn. or ('rale ,f-c Ibm 1 would bo limitary in th" iioh'-o of se lini! nlF Cheiip. I.a-t week t but no Gmsls bsbis ii nr wi I be rc'nma tn those wishine to but-for 'h c vn ir fiopjlv u, i, ' i i'o ,ina

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