Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 26, 1841, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 26, 1841 Page 1
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JNOT THE GLORY OF C JB S A R BUT T H B W X. F A R E OF ROME. HT IB I " rn HI n UYII. B. STACY. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 1841. VOL. XIV....N0. us. m cliascr may co ?: "Vni,., ., n,l ticnso may bit put in goon ; "',. " 'litre 1 is not a better location for such nil I cstabh. hincnt between l.orlmst'i" am .""'"l"-'"1 . i i';. mcnt easy, ami any enterprising iiidu-.rious man with n MtiiaU c-i mini Riay own a good establishment in a ft w years Ly P""tft:V SoODlUCII. Burlington, Jan. JJ, 18H 1 VIlTlfTlT WAN IC The subscriber has rcsuiii Vj'cl tti c Cabinet business at the old lion on Church street formerly occupied by Nichols et Ilcrtick, and recently bv B. K. Walker, whcic hp intends to main, ficiuro and keep constantly on hand nil Kind? of C HIXr.T KUllMTlUlU, of a style nnd tpiahty not inferior to any manufactured in this icimty. He hope- his lona experience, together with a strict nttcn uoii tu the busines-s, will secure hnu a share of the ' rWAN'TCl) incchaiigcfor Cabinet Work, Birch ondMaplc Scantlct, suitable for hed?lendsj biiswood nl-ink, and hoards fioui 1 inch to 5 inch , white l'mo board. Must kinds of country pioducc received m nivmcnt. (butca-h would be very acceptable.) '7lu"linon,.lan,l, 19 II. SAMUEL X1CI1Q1.S, Ul STA1US. . , Till; subscriber would remind liistnenus nnd the public that he occupies a room in Church stioet.over Kern and Walker s store, where he "ill fine his peisonal at tention to Repairing Clocks of every des cnpiion. Tho-c which have been in use. lilted up m good st)lo and undo to have the nppcaram c of new. Ho would al-o give notice that he has re sained his foimcr business of repairing Watches s all entrusted lo hiscuro. will be carefully repaired and w.urantul. Hav ing been engaged for twenty oars pad in tiiahingns w ell as repairing Time hecp ci s,hc tru ts his experience in tho business will enableliiiu logivesnii-i.icnoii 10 uiosu L"'ariii loe l'or pmic-. rplin subscriber odcr forrsalca Farm L one and nhalfinilcsfrom the College on tho Winooski turnpike, containing 60, 100, 131), or '..UUaorisoi lann nsino pur--i... 'PI... I, millions with littlu ex bush. Herd Rye, lrcc troin nil oilier situs, lor PU I'enrl-st. Sept. 16. sale by C. BENNS. I7NGMSH POWDER. I'igons & Wilkes one, xjt lliirton'scelebratcd title powder, in pound ennis tcrsjiy, H. at. G1DDINGS & Co. LOOKING GLASSES, tnahoganv rrnined, at the lowest prices, by H. ill. GIDD'INOS & Co. 1 W uliu favor hioi with a call r m r,.,i-iHoetts for sale, on commission. Bttilhiglon, Dec 2J, IS 10. J. N. DUNNING. OR SALE, The House and Lot now 1 bv I!. J. Stun-on. l or l!i 2l-3 term-, in'tpiiie o"f the sub-enber at No. 3, liiAiffl- Strong's building. Alto, Hoots, Shoe- tud J.cithcrfor silo low for cash, to ilo-e :i concern All those indebted to II. Stun-on are rc.pitslcd to make payment before the 1st of F, hruary next. ' I-.. J. STIMSON. Agent. B.irlington, Jan. 21, IS 11. ISAAC W.U6XI.K. , , HAS received and keep- eoii-lnntlv on hand a large and full toaortiiimt ot GROCERIES, among COGNAC BRANDY, I St. CROIX ltlM HOLLAND GIN, I A variety of WENES, atidnlmo-t every ailicle in the Grocery line, all of winch he will s II oil the most reasonable terms. He wouM also inform Taut u keepers m particular that he will -ill rum, brandy and gin for (i'i cents a gallon, which he will wariaul of a belli r ipiahty than soniu which have latclvbecn hawkul about the eouiilry by :i certain New Voik p- (liar, and if not adjudged by ihe bi-t judges to belli tn r, he will not ask any pay lor tlieiu. He iimi' s tin in to lall and lomparo. Jlurlhu'hn, O-l. r 10. tf. LIVKHY JI itaiii.i: AVIXG inadecMcii-ivere pair: bv ndditiuii ot new lloiscs. Carriages, (iailillcs, ivc. the buililm subs Tiber is pi i pared luaccoin iiimlnii- ibe nublic in goud stvl' and on -lioit notiie. .Snmle Tenilem, four or n Ho.-n 'l ia'ns will lie i.irni-nni v tar- (..ia.cV t,rs ot plensiiie. A linn may be 1 nnd in tlie l!-irn ai any hour, day or night, to al- ti'iiil cal -. , , sii pail O.r.- and P v,-J ' ( . , i .' d 1. s W s ii J s J 11 Luiupauu urown aus-ifi'l'cnsi Collet', sperm candles, winter strained lamp ?;l.i molasses, rice, nutmegs, Kng. currants, soda crackers, cloves, cinna mon, salcratus, brooms etc. for sale by n5 N. LOVKI.V, & CO. MODKK'ri l.-jlNUK OP JJKK A Valuable .MiJieine, whii h, if rinhtly uppliwl, will be the nieausof -living thou-and- Iroin an iinlimily gr.ue. It has lieeu sold nud ii-ed lor thirty years, with great Mieee-s. and Ibiiud verv eltiiyeioo- ill the following di-e.i-e-, viz. Con-ii.iipiiou, Whooping Cough', eom- nion vougii-, v,o o-f tiillienll Jin'attiiii', lulloeuz.i, Ojiiu-y, A-lluna, I'hlhi-ie, Spitjmg nf Ulood, Klaio leurv, ludige-lion. I.oo-ene-s of llie llowtl-. Kitsol. every kind, Cramp-, Itieket-, Cobe, Calairb, l)y-eo-lary," I'.liuling, llypnelioudriac Alh'clious, Headache-, Siekne at Sioinaeh, .Mea-lc, u preventive of Con tagion-di-ca-c-, (.tout ami lthe.iiuali-lii. iCj" I liealiove MeJieino i prepared hv Ili'nrv Sev- moiir, of Hadley, .Ma--, from the Original lteeipe, I'y the direeiion ot .-aid .Mooie, and sold by hiiuandthe priueipaj Druggists in the L'uileilKiate-. oniii wiioie-me unn renin, py J. -.. j. ii, reek' i;o uiidlieo. A. 1'eek it Co., Uill'lnlglo", and by llie lealersT gener.illv llirooglioiil llie country LYMAN Si COIjB, have on hand nn extensive assortment of Uiirhngton Mill Co. llltOAD CLOTHS nnd HKAVEll CLOTHS. AUo.A great assortment of Knglish Itroad Cloths, Denver Cloths nnd Ca.siincrcs, which they will sell at reduced prices. WANTKD. A few thousand lbs good Fleece Wool or which cash will be paid. Oct. '23, 1810. NOTICR-.I. TRVON, Merchant Tailor, would respectfully nnnounce to the public and his old customers in particular, that he continues to accom modate all who call, with the lateslininroved fashions nnd work not inferior to any, on reasonable notice, at his old stand ou St. Paul street. On hand nnd for sale cheap for cash n choice assortment of superior uroaucioius, oassnncrcs, Nestings, aim Trimmings. i. i. i.oats cut lor ou cents, casti. 1. S. Those indthtcd will please call nnd u ppay MT. VEIl.NOS HEADER, l'olyglott Diblcs of diilerent sixes nnd bindings, I'ocket ilihles iimi Testaments and a general aorlinent of siatioua ryjiisl received from IS. York and for sale by Colleges!. je:25. S. HUNTINGTON. MOKK NEW HOOKS, Just received at the Hook Store, A New Home. Who 'II follow. Young Ladies Companion. Countess Ida. Hny ward's New England Gazeieer. Mitchell's Geographical Header, a .sy-ieni ot Geography, comprising a Description ol the World w ith the grand divisions, designed for in structions in schools and families. Wonders of the Heavens. D. A. llltA.M AN. pHEAl'Ell and better for Heady Pay. The sub sender would inform his customers and the pub lic that on account of his loss of Goods by lire ana the damaged ones selling oil" so cheap, his present slock is principally made fresh nnd select, and the cloths being bought at low prices can be sold cheap. Ill kinds of clothing made on the shortest notice. Cutting done ns usual. All kinds of clothes cleaned of paint, greac, &c, anddrcsscd, pressed and repaired in uic neatesi manner onu nrougnt as near as possmic to their original beauty, and warranted without dam age. Also on hand, (no waiting until New Years or running all day after Trimmings &c.,) Top Coats, Cloakes, IJressand l'rock Coals, Pantaloons, Waist coats, Sailor Jackets, Hoys Clothes, Flanncll and other shirts, Drawers, Stocks, Ac. Also all kinds of secondhand Clothes, Hats, Caps, Hoots and Shoes, Trav tiling lJag, Trunks, Furniture anil all other ar ticles common and uncommon. Clothes or produce taken for pay. C. HKNNS. I'earl St., Sept. lo, IB1U. EAT1IKK A.C. The subscriber has received -iand is now receiving from New York, n largo as- sortmcutof Leather, Hoots and Shoes in addition to Ins foriuerslock, consisting of tho following articles in pari : 1UU iucs sole Leather, a superior article.irec rrom 3o Heavy Cow Hides, water, 10 Sides Harness Leather, 10 " Hlack Hridlo do 10 Do. Miecp linings, 2 " .South Sea Seal Skins, 1 " Grained Liather, 1 Case .Men's Superior Culf llools -ewed, war amed, 3 ' " Thick Hoots, hcavv at 82,50 per pair. 1 " Hov's " " " ' I,S7j " 1 " Suiall Hoys " " l,'.-2 " Together with Kids, Kips, Shoe Thread, Prunella Cotton and Linen Webbing, lilacking, Shoe Hnishcs, Ladies 1'iencli Kid Slips, and a general assortment of Misses and Childrcns Slips and Walking Shoes, all of which will be sold low for ea-h. II. C. STIMSON. N. H. Wanted, a few bu-hels of lluckwhcat, 11 ye and Corn. K. J. STIMSON, Agent. M : i . sK i NN 1.) ICH plain black nnd blue black gro de Swiss silks C for drcssess i ch.ingcablcgio de New York, gro de Atric and ri pp silks, ,n--orttd eolo.s for bonnets; plain and fig'd poult desoi silks, dark and light colors, black, blue black and colored silk velvets. A large assortment of ribmdsofall kinds; cliinelle cord, ilk cold, iScc. Tassels, lace veil-, oike I collais, Thread in.-, w liking cotton, black iiimmiiig laie. Light .il b'U lud "loves, black llllct do. Hlack silk and , .Us. bv N. LOVELY & CO. iV i'i' V.-.-l.. ....iJ. J .1.-, 1' 11' -si i partnership under the name and (inn of Sr.u:a& Dow, m lb.- 'I'm, Shret Iron and Sloo hu-iiiess, would respectfully inform the pubhethat llicy Utcp constant lv on band a complete as-oitineiit in the nbove line. Thev have now on hand a variety of Parlour, Lox and Cooking Stove-, minings iVc, which they wa dispose ofat the very lowest prices ill inarket. All ordirs will bo e.eciited on shoil notice and m the best ityleofwoikman-hip. f y STxnl ISAAC DOW. rhurcli st., opposite the jail. Burlington, Oct 30, 1310. S THEHurlingtonlllir.WEia has now coiiimenced business, and will have new liccr m n lew uays, when all orders will be punctually I attended to. Iturlimiton. Scut. 1BI0. CV.O. Pr.Tr.RMJA. Ai KXV PAlNTSIIOl'.-.siPAI LDIMi&.MILLS JLl have cpened a new Pain r Sum- on nrjrer.--t. two lr- -iih ( f II. Line'- Sio.e, when; J'V'"'.' io all I.IU.I- of llOl-SE, SHIP, rflG.N and CAIJIII Al.L P VIN'I'I.MI, ill I he KM possible in iinier and on trims to .nit who iii.iv favour them with ih'-'ir palnni age. iLT-l-aii.t-, U.I, arnl-h and P.jtiy, f1""-' .c and and for sal.-. It.". M'A' L1N- liurbngton, April 9, 1810. C. II. MII.L. I ii t-'i-s M . -itie, IV luinerv Paints, Dye Stuns, I ' . s, V h s. Hriishcs, iN-c. The is now receiving his fall nu tdies of thfiaboie goods; seheled with great care, w Inch he will di-pn-e of at thclouesi market price. iiuillilll' Aiuuuv SALT. s.OOO Minots Coarse Packing Salt, (5,000 .Muiots Liverpool Sail, For sale, in quantities to suit purchasers and Jcltv. ered at any Port on Lake Chaniploin, hv JASON C. PIERCE & SON. St. Johns, L. C, Sept. 1, 1S40. r3t, TlSliOW SASII- 11 Just received 13, 20 B an I 217 by yeaseiiieuis ol I .ash, .uirsl raie article ai 3J P and Si cents per light; al-u . aiuisize-, iuri..siii.ii . Ticouderoga black , iir-l rate article, for ; very low, logetlier with -i. .it variety of other arti cles n us can !.- louud al any oilier e-idi..i-u-li.eul in the place. Glu. PkteriOsi. n-s;r-rri P and Si ei 2 nil kinds B to orJer. H load, a til I sale very rrmaml great v .N1 r VST AltniVAL. EW GOODS just received by the subscriber ; and I it is of but little consciiucnce to the purchaser tlw.v i nion. 1 wi onlv sav they were niosuy purchased on a credit nnd will have to bo sold nl .some price lo pay my debts as 1 will convince nny ..1 11 .Llnrunn Pf-nrl Si ri I'I . " ' SIDNEY HARLOW. "IONFECTIONARIES Ju-t received, a selected Vyvanety ol siuari ciieuiauu iuiujui. n.i. neatly put up for retail 'fjij' jj-jj'0 iVcK & CO SINGLE. DOUBLE. UMBILICAU .)w-n n ,.U. of M.irsb's eib'tirated Trt.sse. .1 , V I. ...ti, m. ,i. fur al" bvll.edozen or single Oct. 10, 'IS 10. TI1LU. A. PEl'K &. CO. Sign of tho Moriur. w-l-nl ()! I.IVEItWOUT toi ( J3' Dv-i eo-ia. Anhiiia.andall ih-i n-i s oflbe Lung- nnd Liver. These ib.ea es prevail to u extent, creating inuclidi-lres, ami .nine fa'ahty. Allllie-caii be remedied by -tho use of Dr. Taylor's IMI-om ol t ,,...r.nri rI'bi- inedtc.ue is nuridv Wzitalle, nnd from iik peculiar action upon the Liver is n' ways found , -f,ii, n.inislvfortlic-eil.M'a-c'i. For Females n. id ini-ii oi a erv weak tale, no Piisheine ran bo o grateful a re-toralie, as it not only ttiengthens, hi .....I niei-s n beallhv ni lion in .lie whole 'cm. Cou.lantly lor mlo by N. LOVI'.LY t Co. who have iut reieived a f.e-l. upiily oiM-a-onable (ioods frtim New York, all vervcucap lor casn. Hurlingion, Inly 3(1, 1810. jlf OI'KA'l'S VEGETAHLE LIFE .MEDICl.ShS. 1J- Tlie-e ineiheiue-are indebled for their name to llieir'est nnd sen-. I le action m punfvuig the -piing-and ihannels of life, nnd enduing them w.lh renewed lone und vigor. In inanv huiidreil ee-itilusl e.i-es which have I ecu made pnl lie, nnd in nhnost every spine- otili-eaoto wti.eii tlie i.uinan irame 1: liable. the bappv elects ol .Moifat's MikI'ii.1.- and I'iiikkiv IlirTi'.i.s have lieu gre.ilfullvand piibliclv !ie.,iiowled'.,i''l bv the per-on- I eneliitiil, nnd who wi'K" p.ev.oo-ly nnaeipia illicit will. I tie beaut itully ptu hisophiea! piiiioip'es upon whii I. they ureeoinpoiind hI.ii.hI noon vi hii I. theveon-enuenilv act. The LIFE .MEDICINES leeoni.ueud ll.em.elve-in diseases of every form and description. 1 heir firs oin-ratiou Is to 'oo-ei. f.oiiulie I'oats of the stomach mm, I l.imol-. the various iiiiniirilie- and crudities eon st , mlv settling urouud them; nnd to remove the har dened faie- w I. .eli cullect in ihe eonvohitioiis of ilie -uial!et iuto-liuc-. Oiher niedieincs only partially cleau-ellii'sp, and leave -iich eollectixl inn-e- l i'hiu'd a to prodi.i e halatiiul riistiveness, with all its iram ol I'V tl- III Sill Men ilia., i.ea. with its iintmnent oagers. This f.i.M .. well known to all leg.ilar anatomist who examine the human bow el alterileatl. ; anil heme ih until i" of those we 1 mtoiincd men against nunc . luedieine or medieines prepared and heralded 10 the pul lie I y igno.anl per-on. 'Ihe -cvond ell'ect ol the Life .Medicines i. to .ha. oe the kidneys and the ladder, and by this mean-, llieliie. anil tlie lung., the leablifolaeiioi. ofwhiehentiielvdependsiiion the re- t. .iriiv ot ihe urinary organ-, i lie i-ioou. iw ue u ike-Us icdcolor liuin the agency of the livirand the i eluie u pusses .no , is-m .ni.s iurmts. Iiv tlieiu, uiiil noiirilieii ny loon coining ironi a eienn lomacll, eoiirres nceiv uironyu .no veins, renew very iarl of the system, anil triumphantly mounts he banner ol heahh in Ihe blooming cheek. Moilal's Vegetable Life Medicine, have lien ihor oughly tested, and proiioimud a soveieian leiiieilvfor UV-pep-ia, l-lilliilcncy, l-.lipiiaiiouoi ineiieart, L.oi ol Appeinv, llci.ll-n.iril anil iieau-acue, iie-nessiies; Ill-teiiiner. Anxiety, Languor and .MeUncholy. Co tivenes-, Diarrluca, Cholera, Fever- of all kinds, ltlieiiiuati-iii, (linn, D.op-ies ol all kind. Gravel Worm-, Asthma mid Con-umptiou, Senrvy' Uher-, Invetei ate Sole-, Seorbut.e l.rui'tious nnd Had Coin piexion-, J-.rnptive complaint-, sallow, uoudy, anil oilier nisagrccawe s-oiupiexion-, sail Hiieuin, fcrysn. flu-, Common Colds and Inllnenza, and various other complaint- which afihet thehiiman frame. In IV.lKn nnd Ar.L'i:. parlieular V. Il.u Life .Medicines have been most eminently miitc-miii ; so iiiucu so m me Fei er and A gtieditrielsi Physicians nhno-t universally pre-cnle tlieiu. All reiiuiresof his patients is to be particular ill tuning uie i.uc .ueiiiciiii.-s imniy aee-or ding to the directions. It is not a newmapcr nutiec or hv anvlhiiig lhet he hiin.-elfmaysav in their favor, that ho hopes to gam ciedit. It is alone by the results 01 a lair i rial. MOFFAT'S MEDICAL MANUAL! ile-tgniil a In. nest.o .?iiidetobe..Itli Tlnslilllu tiau inldet. eihtiil by W.H. Modal, 273 llroadway, New York, has I ecu pul lishod for the purpo-e of explaining nioie fully Mr. Moilal's theory ol di-eases, nnd w ill l louud highly interesting topersotis seeking health. It treats upon prevalent di-cues, nnd llie causes thereof. Price, 25 cents for stile by Mr Moilal's A gent-generally. I hive vapiatiie ."leiiieuies nre lor hale ny uoi ert .Mo!ly Druggist, if" Ginernl ngenl, (to whom all ap plications for agencies should I e addre-siil, pot tuiid) II I . . I". 1 ... I I O I I ' l. r'uiii'i!f 1 1. iiaii, '., tail. CtUlli: OF A SWELLING IN THE SIDE. ' The following letter has been forwarded to Mr. Morison, President of tlie Hrilish Collcgo of Health, from his Agent for Dorset nnd Somerset, the truth of w hich is attested by the Rev. C. W. H. Evercd, Hector of Exton. " CrewUcrnc, May 30ih, 1839. " Sin I have much pleasure in forwarding to you, for publication, at the express wish ol" the undersigned, the following most extraordinary proof of the efheacy of your Medicines, in the euro ot a case of Scrofula, which, undci the usual treatment being deemed incu rable, had defied nil probability of ever being eradicated. "I beg leave to observe that the. writer, Henry Howe, is nn entire stranger to uic, that he has sent me this, his own statement, quite unsolicited, written and signed by himself, and as His attested by the resi dent Clergyman of the village, I humbly presume that its authenticity cannot, antl will not be doubted. I remain, sir, yours, ever faithfully HauriktHeamiam. Henry utre's Statcmcnnl of hi oirn Case. I first had a swelling in my side in the latter part of February, 1930, and applied to Dr. Wclbank, of Lon don, whose prescriptions I took for many weeks, and in the month of June fullowinir he lanced tuv side and thumb. I left London, July 1st, and came homo lo Orchard, when 1 drank, ns I was ordeicd, sassafras, saraparilla, and root liquorice during a long time; after which I drank dandelion and dock roots scvtral weeks. In August I removed lo Halscombe, where 1 took medicines for six or seven weeks, which were prescribed to inc by Mr. Collins. In tho latter part of September I returned to Orchard, and finding my self nubcttir was induced to try Dr. Green's Drops, and consulted Mr. Titticutt, who put a scion into my knee; this was a littlebeforc Christmas. After stilTcr ing a long time, I was persuaded to try Mr Churchill's Medicines, and applied his Ointment to my wounds sixteen weeks. Finding no benefit, I applied to Dr. Choiley, and look his prescriptions. March 10th, Icil, C'linclionie to liaiseomoc, ami was oiucrtu lo ilnnl: lime w atcr, anil apply ircsn miner to my wounus. After trying this in vain, 1 consulted Dr. Maker, taking his prescriptions, and applying mercurial ointment to my wounds, with lotions and herb poultices, to the swellings. My mcrca-ed sullermgs led ine to ply again to Dr. Collins and Dr. Sully; I took their prescriptions ten weeks, applying poultices, i"oor Mao's Em nil, and caustic to tlie wounds, but without any benefit. Afterwards had recourse again to Dr. lirecn s urops, Willi pouiucesaun i-our.uan srrienu, but these and tuanv other remedies, were all in vain. despaired of ever finding relief from my sullenngs, hen at Christinas. i?j .Momsos s Lsirai'AL Meiucises were recommended to inc, and I took them in doses from four to twenty-twopillsench day after taking llicni about three wecKsmy pains were greatly abated, nnd I was tnalilcu. to turn m my bed ana change from side lo side, which I had not been able t do during twenty months tietore, lroni llie tlrcaulul state or my wounus. ii y continuing these pills every lav .luring twiivc nionuis, i was nolo to uet up aim nalk about wilh niv crutches a blessing which it was never expected I should enioy I had tried every doctor within many miles, nnd it had cost me scores to no gooil purpose ; iheynll said no incili cine could do uic tiny good. I do believe if 1 had oowi. tnrseUMv r.tisM .-ikiiicinhs n year nnu u nan i fore. I stioulil never Have Pf en a cripple: out 1 am thankful to God that I now know them, and that I have experienced smh unevpectcil food from his Medicines, i am noiinu m "rntnuue to .ur. -iiortson io make this as public ns possible. It is well known that it person must not be afraid to take any number of these pills the more they take, in sorb n ease as mine, the more good thev will do. Thev have not cost me JJ3, during the tune I have taKcn tnem. i am now wiinouiaiiy pun., nuvu u goon appetite, and slerp well, l.eingin the enjoyment olpcr f,.ri benlib. and have been for the last lighteen months. All my wounds arc healed, but the scars can testify what I have sullered, these still remain, but 1 need nciincr cruicn nor sjiici., attu un. iiiue io woik n my garden nnn at my various employment, i si"ml (bis to Mrs. Ileanham. General Agent for Som crset and Dorset, and request her to publish it for the . i . i..i isi:.a wl...Aa ..... l,o.,.t gOOU OI l.lU Ulliu leu. iinisa ill iiuiiu, n ii,' 1 11 1T...... IrHgUKl. l.KMO I.UHl.1 Landlord of the Rock Inn, Exton, .Somerset Witnessed by the Rev. C. W. II. EvenKii, Rector of ..toii, ana uy james ipru.itu, ibov. CMMtMAN COIKill SYltUP. A Few doens of ih'u fumoua medicine, for the euro A Colds and Coughs, uro for tnlo by tho subscri- llecommcndations from many ol our citieni liven. THKO. A. PECK & CO. s1 l.,ii..7rii.. f.our fr.ui' Sftirrr "I ' " i BOSTON and TltOY IKON COMPANY. The oubl.e tire herebv not.l.etl. ihat thu business ol eatiug in every branch and variety, is done to order. .... .1... '.".... v. ".....,.. ...i..... Wll lll Plll'l Its, ,Vl , , I,, t,,f, 1), I llv VI,,,,JI,lllJ lllll. iitiicn ciargeu uieir lounury, tutu are now prepare io no u.t Linus ot wori. iiono at nuyiouiiury in tti country. Mill-gear. ng. I'm Ah Kettles. Stove, riongii, Axieirces, etc., on I. ami, or lurnisliiM loonier. ah who wi-. . io contract lor siovu-piiiies, or io pur chasoalurgoq-'auiiiv tifl.ollow-ware. lor the of relnding, will be furnished ut w holesali price atnl lilt W'l.O II. aV f.lVIT us will, llieir culls or i,r,l,T. will I c dealt by ns liberally ns at nny establish.. lent in ihe I'tiuniryi vruers m.uoh. i u uouresMii to i(. t;ro-. mail, iSuperinteudant. or A. Young, Agent, Troy, Yt, to secure an early reply, am prompt nttrntion. troy, t.,...juc jyt3 1 7rVw tlrmlh Had lJersn!rat!on.lolh these dis cover without disguise, the corrupt source from which i lev proceed. Ilow lew r.av a lent o 1 io i nciu or their conseqninecs, or have turned their thoughts to radically prevent llicni ! Someodorifirous palliatives are the whole length that science lias gone m tins re. speet ; yet some weeks use ot tlie Vegetable uinver sal Medicines would remove the cause. ntunlenancel'tcTlshnest Had Humour. The countenance hi the dial-plate of our interior, and our being master of it, the sure sign of composure and serenitv the most enviable and desirable of all states, and may elaiiu Divine extraction. Wilh composure and serenity, life glides pleasantly on, like unto a pure ono istnicted stream, lute ict. linaginaiion. compo sure, serenity, may bo termed the fruit, the essence of Hie wliole bony, ii oy ine management en our oouics, we linve not attained to and perfected these high in. tellcctual faculties, we have done hut little. In ihem n siites nll'ihe sin iinlh of man and of the world: thev are llie truo fruit of tho tree the fruit of this body, which wo have been nurturing and taking care of from infancy not certainly, then, all physical assistance administered to the body which experience Ins taught us, and can be proved beyond a doubt to be mstrii mental m proinonng anu pcriccimg iiieso tugii luue tions of our intellectual part or being, must bo accor ding to nature, and provided by her for that purpose: that such is the case of the Vegetable Universal Midi cines, and their ellects lasting, no man who lias tried them will attempt to ueny or inspiiie. i no reasoii why tho world lias never vet rcaned tho benefit from purging, expectoration, etc., which nre all only modes of cleansing, is, that they have never been persevered in. nnd in sufficient strength : people not having iust idcasas to their truo eflecls, they expected that some days' use of cither wassulficicnt. lias not every one ot us, however, experienced, alter a com or siuticu nead, Hie enormous qunuiiiy ui matter uiiii is uiuw.i ontnnd snil. sometimes lasting for weeks and mouths: and do not we always experience the beneficial result ofit. Nature, in such cases, from couses which we cannot investigate, has had ihe power to bring about this cleansing herself ; and if the had not done so, we may well imagine that the patient would have (alien a victim to such a mass of humors accumulating in the head. They did not consider tho body a mass im hrucd will, corrupt humour, and lhat consequently i most be tlin wink of to radically free it of them, DO not thev sec ny n cut or drain mauo in a nciu no not all ihnstaLMitinliuiccsfroni the back, remote parts ofthc field Ilow towards this drain; and must not the borders of tho drain be somewhat nflectci! by their bad quality, till they arc all run od'1 So it is with .i V -i . f ' i .... r.i.-i t...,t., ...i.;.,t. mi! nil ii lniui nui nine, ui till; iiiiiiiuii mini, iu iimvii It is ihe drain : nnd if it is kept in order, nil tho other functions regulato themselves, and the juices Ilow in iheir nroner state. In vain, as to the benefit of man kind, has fceience inado researches, and by anatomy pryedmto our most inward pans; nnving once stray. i ,l rrom the nnth of nature, like a man entering n for est, the inoro they have advanced, the more they have round tliemsclvcB bewiiucrcdnnu iosi, nun grasping ai every thing they could lay bold ot. uy their invcn tiona they have tortured man, and left him inoro mis nrnMit thin tbev found lii tn . Lit clicinistrv nnd man uai dexterity direct themselves towards their proper tietd, where ttiey cauuo no iui...i uu.uj In imnrnve tinman nature bv them. f r.iiv Tim hair is tho great ornament of the fiee. and cninpnrabio to tho leaves of tho trees; and like unto nil other pans of us, its growth, strength, nnd duration depends on ltieiieaiiii aim p.upcr state ut me I nut ci ninl it rr.i.nit.9 ns vet very doubtful whether oils, greases, or nny exterior applications con have anyefTcctin promoting its growth nnd beauty, Hut wo know wilh certainty, that it grows luxuriantly when ibebodv is in anronor health v state, nnd that it diminishes nnd actually falls off. when tho body is neglected nun mil oioiscnej nnu inai eurpuicucu is by no niaansn preventive of it, but rather induces it t which, however, shouH not be the case, If wo are to consider the hair us plants drawing their nourishment from nil nnd grease. No; the hair is nourished nnd supported by its npproprinto juices drawn from pure utood, liRe unto every otner part or the animal irame; as the nails, for example. I can, from experience in my own fatniiy inform my readers and fair country women, that some months' experience with the Veg etable Universal Medicine will euro nnd prevent nil such mishaps, by improving tho Btato of the skin nnd juices, where the hair has its roots, and is nourished. My daughter, at the ago of sixteen, being at boarding school, and of O chronic, diseased, neglected stale of body, the hair nil u'ropped oH'; tho head was of course shaved, and a wig mad'o use of for a long time. The hair grew again, hut weakly, and continued in this state till she was near twenty, nnd then it grew weak, and fell offrgain, and in places, for tho size of a crown piece, became bare, without a hair upon them. She was, too, though full of flesh, in a very diseased, chronic state. This went on for a length of tini, she usin tho many insignificant prescriptions in use, and not knowing at that time how to remedy it, or do bet ter. About this period, I myself began tho use of the Vegetable Universal Medicine; and her state ofhealth had grown so had wilh an attack of erysipelas, that shn saw the necessity of doing something to alter her situation, and began with the same medicines, which have had such n beneficial cllcct, ns to restore her to perfect health in every respect. The hair of the head has re-appeared, antl grows with great luxuriance; and the erysipelas, which had even caused lameiiessiu one leg. has been radically cured. If grief and alllie- tion, as it is said, will turn the hairs g.ey, and that iiv a snori nine, wny siioiuu not Keeping the. bony and mind in n healthy, composed, serene state, produce the contrary, and prcicnt their falling oil", and turning grey, at least so rapidly as we olten witness nnd that the Vegetable Universal Medicines really produce litis elPeet, I am convinced, from what has Itnppcned to m v own; as ill v hair has improved in thickness and colour within these four years. Urpnnw liseaie. Hie proper application ot woros nnd their tneatunrr. is tbn first strn tnwardsktlowlcdire and science: without that you are only buffeting the air, or what the French call giving a coup H'tpec dtms .'toil. Ono would understand by organic disease such a want or defect in the part or organ, as to pre, icntitcver acting right; asin the wheel of a machine, a tart broken ofi or so twisted or otherwise deranged, as never to I c remedied. Such seems to he the mean ing uttaehed to organic disease, and any cure thereof is ri-garded as hopeless. Hut has the world ever rc- nccted, that u ever this individual, or any organized being, had this organ in a proper state at or since Ins birth, any morbid stateor disease happening to it af terwards is only owing to tho gradual increase of an humour settling upon tliijorgan, and thus altering and preventing its proper action. All disease, anil finally death, may iti like manner, and with equal propriety be called organic disease ; for in nil, some organ is first altered nnd injured, and finaliy destroyed, which causes dcotn. in acute disease (which arises solely from neglect nnd waul of precaution to purge the body occasionally by the Vegetable Universal Medicine) this rapidly takes place. In chronic disease it pro ceeds by slow degrees and imperceptibly, hut the cause is the same in both, and tending to the same rcs.iii inc ucstruciion m one way or otner oi some organ. I no term organic disease should onlyopply to defects taken place at ur previous to birth. Do not we see in cuts, sores, wounds, that nature (that is the pure blood in man and all animals) has the pow cr ! ' .: i s c t. .i.. ..i.:-i. : i o. regciierniing aim ii.rmiug a.resn lliaivv.uci. is real ly wanting, torn and broken even in hones themselves, and in nstdlgrcatcr degree that of cleansing and re storing to its proper action an organ which we have only allowed to tieeome dirty I What has dissection profitled to mankind J its processes may be termed n system of cruelty lo man nnd beast, making experi ments to prolong me niter uipriving tnem oi so.ncut ternnl organ, the spleen, the kidneys, nnd thus en couraging making incisions into the abdomen of the human body. Head tlie medical reports in their rhap sodies. One would think the human mind had deliv ered itself up bound hand and foot, to ignorance and infatuation. Countrymen, fellow-citizens, read these reports oi w tint takes place in our Hospitals, and open vour eves after treating a patient and drugging him for fccvcral months, trying one thing and then another the patient dies, his hodv is opened, and what is found that which every man but a doctor, with half ms senses, iinowsi.tlore.ianunuisiuciouu.i ; namely, a mass of humours of v arious kinds, coagulated blood, etc. which have first obstructed, and finally destroyed son. o organ either of l he limit or trunk and irtbey do not alter their theory and treatment, they win go on from now to eternity, as they have been doing, with out benefitting mankind, hut injuring them: and fill this is covered with the appearance of sciince and knowledge to the surrounding multitude, who stand aghast and amazed at the prodigies of their art, and of the miseries that they ihemstives are threatened with. in .i.:.. : I '..r n . i ;i.. .ill tins in.ser) nnu suiieTli.g wouie. uuie oeeu cn-ny and modestly prevented nnd cured in some weeks by the. Vegetable Universal Medicines. Let nature work, nnd when nssisted by thini, she has the power of tlioroughiycienn-ingand regenerating too, that wliiclt is wanting, they will do that winch no other power on eartn can uo. Idcanlagct attending the Ue of the I cgctabU On rersnl tilcdicinrs. 1st Sound sleep, if it be already wanting. 2nd Regular appetite and enjoyment of meals. 3rd Cheerfulness, contentment. 4th Agility, free use of body and limbs. 5th Prevents mclanchollv and suicide. 6th Prevents sudden death, angina pectoris, apo plexy. 7lh Causes no restraint : eat end drink what you please. Hi t invigorates t ie nunu nno lancv. 9th Fifty per cent, pecuniary saving throughout the year. iti uomioriauieo o age. 1 1 tii Corrects all bodily deformities, and improves deportment. . . 12th Conviction, which you soon led mat you arc doing the best that can be done for your heallh. DUadtanlagcs attindine the I'se of the Vegetable tllllCldlll .IllUdllH., A minute's repugnance at bed-time on swallow ing tromiour to ntieen small puis: mis repugnance in mintshes as you become better, and your ncaiiu mi mnws. 1 tleltr..Ul.M'. JlOriSOn P l HIS, WHICH uic eui.llg mum sick people than nnv other medicine and which continue more and more to he called for, whilst many other medicines retire to just obscurity, can ho obtained in this town, u.m.v ot I'anodorn imiksmaid, state Agents. P.verc nnrkpt nnd box sold in the state is nut un wilh Pink iabeis and signed on the outside, "Pangborn and Ilriiismaid," if not so SIGNED do not buy them. Tim call for this invaluable purifier of the Blood and renovator of the whole syslcm, continues to increase ilnik'nndi more valued the more itiskllOWII. Hooks ami Pamphlets explaining the Morisonian theory of disease and Its cure, can be had ot an tne Agents., U ai. r.i i.uii. iiygeist, 94 Broadway New York, solo U. S, Agent, for the Brit isb Cnlleiie of Health. London. W o have the Hooks to sell or lend as persons may wish. PANGHORN i- HK.VMA.. , iGM.MPOIIT.l.VI CAUTION,, It istj singular Tact nnd onu lunch to bt; regretted that valuable luedii ines, ns f0on ns they become pop iihir, nnd luuc leocived the test and npproval nfn diserinimnting public, urc sure to be counterfeited, urn! thus n bad nnd spurious article is immediately palmul upon theunsuspeeiiiigfortlie genuine. This has been noloriou-ly the ease with all popular tried nnd truly valuable iniihenes for years past, and will probably continue to be the c.ts,. for years to eotne. The ba-i" und contemptible cnunterleil in this way meanly advantage ol all the eilort. ami ndier tlsing used by the proprietors 'ofiho genuine article, ID gel their medicines iiilonse mid deserved popluari ly. It is therefore not e- thedutv than it contribole. to the salety of every honest individiuil mil,,.,.,,,,,. mmiily lo expose, frown down, nnd forever utter DIS TKULT nil HEARTLESS INORATESwho thus irre sponsibly trine with heahh and life. tCKHIKUEFOHE TAKE NOTICE.' There is n lierson bv thu name of J. II "Iltiitltt'. FORT, now engaged in selling a Pill donu up in I oxe in exact and pet loot imitation of the genuine. INDIAN VEGETAHLE PILLS, with the. omission ofonlyone word on the Boxes viz. Wright. The Pills sold by this Roclieforl are evidcnlly iiili-nded as a fraud and imposition upon the eoiuiuuuuy, or tlit"' would not have bivit done up lu -Mehexiu t imitation of the gen uine. This piT-on is tall Mustering with a great the alni'al swagger. He was recently known nn very poor player ill Baltimore, under thei mn-iVnl I'liguouieii of Jim Brown, and I-about twenty live vearsofaae" Ill's almost lioyoiidii doubt that he i- soppliesl wilh tliePdls Iroin a Drnggi-t linn in this city, who have heretofore U'cu notoriously connected with counter foil medicines. As soon as prool is obtained the foun tain head ofthis nefarious business will l u expo-oil, that the community may -hun them as they would a serpent. IN THE MEAN TIME THfi PUBLIC ARE CAU TIONED ngaint buying WRIGHTS IvniAN Vkcktaih f. I'd l.s of any one who doe- not exhibit u ceililiente of aeen cy signed by the agent for the New England Stales nnd bearing date imr January 1810. Abo Like pai ticular notice that the following wording i- on Ihu box v: Wright's Indian Vegetable Pill (lud. Purgative) of thu North American College of Health. The Indian Vtzetablt I'illi ate a ectlain cure fur disease in its every variety of Id. in, becuisr they ilia , rougi.l) cleanse I lie s.onucl. ami hotvel-, induce a pi o per disclMigeby the longs, skin and ki.l..e, andsti mutate the blood 10 put ify itself. It. oilier no. .Is . 1. 1 open all lite natural drains, and leave NA1UKE (Me Grand Pliyiician) lire to d.ive di-e;e l.oiu the body. The above outlets, or ihnins, ate llie common sewers of llie bod, iliiough which all nioibid cor rupt h.unuts (the came nl disease) are cartied nlf ; and eo Ion!?, as tl.ey a.e all kept open, and ettsc-li,irgc f.ecl) their allotted portions of imp. irlly, It. e body will con. tint., in heallh : but hIipi. fioui eating iiuprope. local, breathing in. pure air, sudden Iran-itioas hum heal lo cold, over exhaustion or anj oilier cpu-c, the bowels become costive, the pores ot the skin beniine closed, or iliekidueis fail In perform ll-cit binciiuns prnpeil). lite impuriltes which should be drained hotn I lie body by lhee outlet", will be retained, and co. . linn p lo nc. cumulate until the body becomes liipr.illy loaded will, dliase. If. lie channel, of our mighty rivers should bpcome blocked up, wonld t.ot ihe ace. midntPtl wate.s find new nutlets, or llie cnnntiy become in.i.ulaipd J list so wilh the l.iuna t body ; i'l the uai be come clorsd, the stagnant and eui nipt In. mors will liud vein in inc viiiiiins loii.iK ui oisr,i-e I'm n us rrin, Small Pox. Measles, Rlipiiiiuii..!, Gout, Apoplexy, &c. or Death will end our sulTeiini Tl.e.efo.e. sickness al llie stutn.ich. natiH in i lie back and side, epiitk pulse, burning skin, or any oilier iinple... svu.plouts, indicate thai one or mote ol Hie an. tural drains are not dischaiging fieely, und the conidi titlion is about locoiutnrneeastiiii!iip (oi llu' renorti tion of heahh, no tune slmuld be luitl in adininijierii.n a fev brisk dosei ofthc liidi.tu (Indian I'e getabtt I'illi.) By so doing, all I lie Iiiiiciioih of llie body will be lestorcu to order, ml Hie Ion) litunors (the camp of every,ini.ilio.i ur pain vie sc-lTer) will beietnoied in so eaiiy and uaiuial a in.iniipr, dial .he body will be restoted as if by a chaim. The ahoie l'.li may be laKen at all i.tacs and under Ai.Lctr cum'tancc. with perlect s.ileiy. I Iiey suit all com pmintiand all ages, andarelo the roust n ut iun as loud : the can i.ou.e even (lie moil delicate. Like our lood, they a.e digestible; tl.eiefore they cuter ia.o il.c circulation and imparl an energy lo Hie blood, Hit.rl. eioibtes ii to flow will. r. ce. dom ip.ilp lo llie exlietuiiie and cuii-eipipnlty lo keep toe porei oi tne skiii npen. i ney ate ttue and pet ircl nuriliere of llie blnod : became drain all cor.upi humors fiom that life givini fluiei. 1'ltey ittiMrt Ircngth and vior lu the whale system, and their ef feels ate always beneficial : because they onlv remove those litunors 'which ate opposed lo health. I'lipy aid and itnprote digest ion, and sound slieii Pillows "llieir use : because llipy clp.i.ise the stomach and bowels ol .hnsft slimy which not onlv i.ii.a.e nnj the netiotis system, bid p.nnlyze and wp.iksi. ihe dis gestive organs. In si. orl lliey pos-ess all they good ptoperlies that can hp claiine'd lor any medicine : and wliat ins veiy remarkable, it to use ll.ftn without br-nffit. Price 25 cents per Box, w ith full dueetioiis. Oilice and General Depot for llie New England State-, No. lya I reiuouiMroetteMr vouri stu-.j, iiosion. The regular appointed Agents can lis el ve their sup plies of lho above popular Pills, as hi ictolbre". from tin." only othce and general depot for the New England Slate-, 11)3 Trcinout reel, llo-lnn. Pcill.trs or trav elling ngents are not allow ed to sell ihe genuine iudian vegetat.le rill-, ttierelore never purcli.i-e Iroin then., for If you do you will be -oie to ol.laiu a dangerous and eoun:erl'eit article. " Ml llir.o. A. I l K ix Co, Agents in Huibnglon, for ihe sale of the Indian Vegetal le Pills nNo, W. II. Hollei, Willi.ton, t. and A. llruisiiiaiil, Hurlingion. LV.1IAN Jk COIii:, have received their ti'iiii exten-ive ii9ortinent of lull and w-vntet goods Dlt. l'llIN.NKV'S FAMILY p LI ,,, vmg ol nn hiioii ai. ing u reo.ti. : I ll oiuprising n vartcly of ligiuisl -nxoiiy. doobo stomal It and bowel-: smlia- b,s if Tn, ,e e. er nnd single wullh Prinleil Ciape .Merino, .Moit.e'ind morbid cravings (or food, mi kne ur n, it i, ileLatne, tte. Figured Alepini", ligiutsl and plain pam-ornu unea-y eu-aiion at Ihe pit ol -Inn u, English Ivlermos, Gro de .Naples und Fieueh do. with sourness, illcfucu-tivc simeol ihebuwe1-, lla'-f Worsted Caiuleteeif. Alpnccit Cloth, Tin! et Merino, lenc" with billies, ol these parls.niid pnm on pre - e, ivc. iieauiiii.i articles tor l.i.he- cloaks. Lrminetle, : w ith Mintne , jaundice, dyemniv, luons in t her SIIEIt.MA.N'.S WOUM I.OZ E.NCiKS. HllillKL.N or ndults can take tntsheine in this lorm without dillli'i.lty. ll is the only way to make it plea-ant. These Loenges a.e Hie gre.H- t di-eoiery ever made, lor dispelling the va rious Mint ol worms Ihat st) tiertticntly and distress- singly annoy both children and adults. They are nn infallible remedy, and so nlca-ant lo the ta-te lint children will taf.e them a- leadily as a common pe'ii- pei .unit loyenge. Many ih-eases nri-e fiom worms. without Us I Soiiictuues a ve. y trouble, some cough, pain- in 0 joint- ui limb-, lilcedm" , the no-e, sv:e. nr.: is'cisieuisl ly worm-, and can oe easily cnnil by tl.iee!ebtated tiitsheiue. The fol.iiw- sv mploius imlieate Hie iirc-i'iico ol worm-, v i : liead.iehe, verltgo, torpor, eh-iurlsl dream-, sleep broken oil" by frigid and screaming, convulsions, u verislincss, thirst, pallid hue, bad taste m the mouth, olleiisivo breath, eirigh, ihllicult 1 ,ri".ll ll ill'-', Itching it tlie no-e, im ins in tlie stoinacii, nan-e.i, s.i.ic.iiiitsii- ness, voracity, Icniiue-s, le uclotig ..t the anus towards niglii, and ut length, dens lions uud lihiis and iniiou-. Onei- ii do-e torn child twu vears old two lor one lour yi ar old three lor eight jear-, nnd live for an adult, and should I e teci'.ttisl every punning, ur every other luoriung until relieved. itTP Sold at the Variety note by PANGIIOUN . I1KI.NS.MAID, Je Billets, ll iilington, Vt. whole-ale Agents. A III er.ll discount to who buy to ell imam. Salisbury Manuel, li'unil ( 'irca-sMiis iVr". Goat Hair nnd imitation Camlet.s, Ilrm heila, Pcr-ian cloth &e. Iluavy ilotihle milled llroad Cloths, Doaver nnd Pilot Cloth-, Rid, Diamond Heaver Cloth, n new nr liele for Gentlemen over Coats. A large itiiinl er of heavy wor-ied -hawN, a lvy Lupins I t-t Merino and Cashineie do, .Netting, P.tlntine and lilenboin, do. Rich Clially, .Mouscliiie de Lame nnd Clieueal lldkf-. SILKS. Heavy Canton, Naples nnd other Silk, rich tigureillliiie Ulaek, Brown and other colors, Gloves and llostcrv. DOMESTIC GfiODS.-Collon sheeting, -hirting, ticking, wadding nnd cotton yarn, superior I ii"h Linen. 1A1LUHS TIllMINGS. Sewing Silk, Twi-t nnd i k", nnd pile-. Atlix'tioiis oftlie heud. dizuu s , por, weakness, ilrpiessjoii ofspird-, h'ii ,i, h , i cliondria, nnd t.fien di-turled sleep, sill; head at ho socoimuou with fiebh", delicate person-, especially females, eharrhira, orlofisene-s oftlie bun els, anj ly--entary, di-ea-es e,f the -kin, and worm- -o fi. , ,et with chililre-n, n lections of the chest, such a- tousle, or iliihuliy ofhreathitig, occa-n nod very lrc cn'ly by a disi rdertsl stale of the stcir.aeh. Month v a e lions ofTeo.a'c", when checked by general del i w It his. ol'nppetile, utleudi-l wilh cold fcit, etc, iii e nnd fever, inilucii7n, rlicumatie a'les tit us of tlie n'-, .scriifu'n, tiedoloioiix, or painlul tillesiioiisof'lic ni ye. ot ine t.tce, nceu ami -miiiie'cr-. I have P uno mchi thread. Pudding. Clllivas. Selis-i.-ls. col'd .Tenn-. t.-cfnl in i ei. cee i c 1 llrovvn and lllaek Linen, I'laid orsied facing, or. lor soine time, ut smaller do-es. They ore ie, sjui.e, ?i K nn., Olll. lHUUIIlg, fsill, lUIUS, V OTs- ttd llinding fte. Sir, ESTIMJ. Woo'cn Vellel. .S.Ik Velvet. Valentin. Silk Satin eVe. Silk Velvet fur tiiinmiiig- it ortcd color. Ri.slyu chi'ck.s for elnldren- wear." IIKl'ATIC EI.IXIH, A CELEBRATED ictnedy for complaint- ari-ing fiom a di-ea-iil slate oft he LIVER nod it- Socio- turns; the lollowini' ate a lew oi it- symptom-, we.ikiie-siit ilie-tomach, Indigestion, loss ot appetite lovvui'ss ol Spirits and Headache; dwdlte loitiul a sine remedy for Eruptions on tin; Face. Income- pienee ot tncir I eiug many no.iriuiis e-iieuianng in this patt oftlie eonmry, the -uh-crili'r- are aiituoritil to warrant its e.levl-. '1 hi-.iriu h" is ju-t received, nud o''cnst tu tlie ul.lie" a- one well worth the intention ofiho-e who are iilliicicd by coniplaiui finni the above di-ea-e ; H I euig from' an eninn'iil hvsieiau we Icel conhdent in thu- ris-oininendiiig it. 0 "1.0,16 ID. TIIEO. A. PEl'K .N' Co., ign ol'lhe .Mortar, onedoiireast of.l it J II IV, k A Cn T OTION, LOTION. Li FVING LOTION.. WOIMIS, WOKJIS. Dr.. M. Iltn tieoi unrivalled and tuieipia'Nsl WORM TLA, a sovereign remedy for Worms, -sitaic.c and iti 'itsli blu ate llieeles't- of ilu-e le vuniin; few person-, und it is i bought m me iiiei.een unit hem, par ticularly female- and ihiidicn. .Many pei"-nu go througha distressing lOur-eef mii' with ut a lenclil, when thev might be tcl.eved by ti- ng the Worm Tea. This'invaluable medicine ha- ln-en by the expericnte ofinoic than ten etr- use, nnd administered to more lino 1G,01) pei -ous if various age-, and uoi one solitary c"i'i,laiut ; i ii tlieeoiiti.try huiidreil- have calhsl, and unsolicited, given their i'i cidesi preference to it. aliei trying the ilulcient uiti'-le. cut forth to the publo. and pt'onuonced I'i. M. Hitch cock'. Worm T'cm the lllosl, .-old eoll- venicnt remedy lb H c.tu I e ubiaiue-l : l.u m no one o! the thousands of m-iuin is v here it 1. 1" lien ti-iil agieeable to tho printisl i', recti, us h i- it evei iaihsl. N.H. Ask for Dr. M. Ilitehc.iek'- WoimTi v, a-tlieie aie many no-iriiiiisubioail I'm t.' .k-tiuct'oi. For sale whoh-alennd ril.iil I y . Ill'lt lll'OCK CO., f.'epriipriclor, 1 17 lie ic-ee -licet, 1 , a, and by tlieir agents throu. bout ll,' I ' .1. lu lb ' luigion, hv J. ex J, II. Peek A. Co.. ii'i.l T In J. . Pi v "n . In vergciin.s, ny j. u. i.ovviouii. in .Hut u. uj Burnet et Sawjir. Inti.orgia, I.) Lnten.o J s. ang'-li tmRMAN'!) POOR MAN'S PLASTER ONU 121 cents eat h. Each plaster has printed n.. it,..i I: nf it. "Sherni.i.i's Poor man's plaster." It is the best strengthening plaster in the world, nnd a sovereign remedy Ii r pant or weakness m the back, loin., side, brea-i, neeu, iimi.-, join.-, i ..., lumbago, tv-e.ste. One million a year will not supply ,i....i... Thee- risnuren little warming before ati- plieation. Warranted superior to nil others, and lor ..n ines .he prkv. making not only tho ls"t, ' : i. .";.. ., i. nii,.L but Hie clieape-t piasier ut ine worm, u nuui... i. ..e. in a fov hours, nud makes a-toni-hing. cures. In liver complaint and dy-pep-ia, it should Is; worn over the re-ion of ihe liver or stomach, and it will allure! great nnda-toni-hing relief. In eough-.eold-, a-lhina.diilj-culty of breathing, oppression of ihe chest or stomach, they will immediately sooth, and gieatly I eneht the patient. Peisons ot sisleiitnry habit-, or I hn-e obliged to stand much, will rei-eive decided support from one of the.e truly, strengthening pl.t-icr-. Pliysiei.ins gen r.ilU rreouimend them, in prelereitee to nil olhers.lic- eiiu-e Ihey stick or ndhere belter and a'lord greater relief. In llieir operation they are sti.nuhiiit. tome, nnd unudyne. They are eomposesl ol'enlirely dillerenl ir-reelientsfrom nny other; und known Iroin theex- is'rienceoi luunous, wi.u ...ive- n- n.s..., hu uniusllcliiuony, of nil the celebrated and ib-tui, .. i . i ..i... ,.t .,t....i,.,!.,is ii. In" the nio-t n-efi. ij.sni-i 1-11:1:1 iiiiu .... . ..... and meslicatt.lpla-ler, ever inveimjl or ollercd to the pub'ie. Several persons huvecallcd Ihe w are .hoii-e tu express their sttrpri.-i; and thanks ut the ... . .1,,.. ere. ll.ese I, asters IlltVl" elllllisl. Oneinaii who had been so ailiieioj w ith rheumatism, nslule unable to nre.s inin-eii wit. .s..., us.,,,..,.-., a our othce with eyes I .-.,in,g wilh joy nnd Ins longuv pouring lorth ihegladne.. rh.s heart, at the soiMen hud signal lelief he bad received Ironi lh s best ol all .... a.i. r.,s Mr. Sl.eriii.iii's Poor Man's Plaster. It is so e'.illixl. lavau-e the price plu.fs it in the power Wyr- "'H.HU'Nsi-Ai. ,u V," " on Vt w olesal eagents. A III- ul diseout tnerchantst who btoonryu sell ngain. TT I J Ihe most popular retni-dy ever known in Amend Vegetable Pulmonary Balsam is die must valushlc remedy now in ue fur coughs, colds, asiliiiia or phthisic, co.wi.mptioii, whooping cough and ptilmuuaiy HlTreliuus ofever) kind. Its sale is steadily incieasing, and the proprietors are cniisiaiuiv .eceiving the tuo-i lavmable arcount of iiaetTecis. 'Hie fullovving new certilicatei are ouVredfur examination. An Interesting Cask. bxiraci ol .i leiterfiom Mr I S Clay, King'tnn, Co., N. V, to the propi.etnis. i ours oftlte Uih inst. was duly iec d. A remarkable cure was effected by the Vegetable Pul. menary Balsam in the winier and sp. ing of 1835, The person, Air, Aluodv, had been sick a long nine vvttli thu cunsuinpiion. His ph)siei.ins had given him up He was reduced so low as to be unable to help him-eir, 4tid was raising a Lire iiuamity of blood when he eomnienerd using the Balsam, whiih has elTeeied a complete cute, and he is now ashiteand hearty as ever he was, air. Mood) has lemove.l l.o.n litis town, hut he his premised ine a more tlelaileil account of his case, which I will fin ward vou, C. S CLAY. Kingsion, N. V. June 23. lSdS. Extract of a letter from Dr. Jacob Alters The Vegetable I'uhnonaiy Halsain has been sold in this ci.oiii) for Ivvu veair, and ihe nieJici.te It is g.iined an uncommon celebrity, for it scaicel) in one in-laiice failed ufhaving the desi.ed eflVct, I an. hv nn mens in fivor of the many i.nstiuins, mostol which ate im positions upon a credulous public, hut thai which I know by uc lo be rlTt'Oual, I caiiaoi help but give inj approbnion llieielo, A counterfeit preparation his been ofTered here by a travelling Agent, of Cumstock, N. Y. ami there is anoihcr ariicle vended hete ihat is strongly suspected to bespuriuiil. Jacob Mrr.fts, M. D. Mihlingtoii, Juniata co. Penn. Ma) 3, 1S37 Fiom Dr. Samuel Morrell, lo the Prop, ietoti of llie Yege table Pulmonary Balsam. I am satisfied ihal the Ve getable Pulinoioiuv Ilaliiin is a v. limine medeciue ll has been used in ibis place with cuinplete success in an obstinate complaint o( the lungs, attended with a severe cough, luss ut voice, and Ihe rj.s.ttg ol iiiucli blood, which had previously resisted many approved prescriptions. Alter using the Dals-iin one week, the paliem's voice returned and he was able to speak audi, bly. This case occurred some lime since, and the man is now engaged not outy in active but laborious business. Ilespeciloliy, sc. a, ntoHKEI.L. Ii Is now more ii lean since I wai biuuiilil very law b) an aflVction of die lungs, and tuv eoiiipkiim was declared to be incurable b) a council ofiluee pli. icians. I wasihen rr-loied lo aignol beahl. I had niiojedfnr many vears, b) using the tegeialile Pnl inoa-iry Balsam. Since my recoiery I have leeoin mrndeil Hie Ititsaui in many casei ol tung coinplninis, and so Car ai I can learn, in use h.ii in. variably been followed by much benefit, and in nuiii Instances it lias enecieu cuiei wu.r.i wrre wiiouy uuex peeted, Samull EvtutTr, Buiion. March 3. 1837 For sale, wholesale and rriail, bv J. V J H PECK & Co., ami TIIEO. A. I'ECK & Co., Bur linglon, Vl. INQUIKI'ASK TUOn WHO KSllW'i ITioie onl) who know bv t.l.ilnl iinmcdi.tle ob-fi - ; valion, Cittt lot ut mi) idea of. he eflec.s. oftlie pe teit relief, of ll.e .il.nos1 1 1, sffccled in e.i-es oftlie Piles, RiltuviATliM, all Sw li.limss, and all Pains, no tinner huw scveie, bv ihe n-e of ll.i)s t.ini.ueni. I-md one vv tin has used wilt not l.tud it abnve all things eve. .oed, and )tm will ton! whit cam. ut be found. ttT-J'1 or .he reliefol mlTri ing liu.nan beings who iimv be nfilic'ed, I beg )un ... a.k afk of those who know ask the llu... Al.FltKl) CoMv'Lls, U. S Judge for ibsiriel. lesiding nen Auburn , ask ,M ATTH t w J. MrKKS, Emj. Alliens, ,. V ; ak Gen. Dokk Gh kks, late ol .uliiugiou eitv, each of lhee geul'euieu know nfc..-e tincoii.pte.. able b) all oilier leiued es oi physicians, ihougl. niei! fiirtn.ii.) vea.s, iIm! hsve been cmed b) llie use oftlie g "..uiiie Iluy's finimcnt. T'h iii-aiiil pp.snns know siinit.ii tines. We n. ll.eir seine of ju., lire their I. un... n fielingl. iCr'U is but a din) )on owe lo )imr mflVi nig feltow-he.ngs to lei I Ii i - g. e.n rented v be know... Sp ,ik ol it I lien I o all vou. f. e,ida This w ill save in. .eh p .m wl.Pte ll.e neivrp ipeis a.e mil read, oi where te.iders ate inc edntoi., bee..u.eso mar.) wot liile-u articles aie .idverli-ed b.r the samp pmpo-e. To bit vers we s.t) , if all who have use. I .. da nmsayil is beviiad all piai-e, then do no. ..ike ii The p.opiieiur'willnil alluw ibis ailicle io be paid for unless H rmcs, nhen nil the ate full) f illnvv. ed. Willanv one suffering refine nivv lu ..) it 1 I f lie does, he ought to he mote nr Ins ubsliuacy His suite, lug. ii rMr. uas woinu never cuiisriii o, olTi r this at tide, wete he not compelled h) ht sense of moral ul leligions dn.v lo do .illin Ids powei lor i he vicliun of disiiess and iniseiv. For this purpnse he would sooner devu'e a lu. tune, lit in serine a fur wuiil.iess ailicle. ILJ-J.UUh. UL I. Muiie swindlers have cuuaiei feiied ilns ariicle, and pin ii up isiiti ous devices. Do nol lie tinposeil upon, tiiir thing out) willpto'ed veu it is the name uf Comttock Co t name inu-i be alw.tjs on the wrapper, oi v 1 , ii ... . e i. l'..l - ..... .i )ll ore in. uoi ntijici n. im' mire lion with )tm, and lesi by lint, or nevei bu) ; lor il is impossible fur ail) other lo be Hue oi genuine. ' ' L'nl nilMV 11 ll'V! old hi Comttock i- Co. 2 I'ioiclici siieel, N. Yntk. TIIEO A I'I'.CK eV Co. hulesale Agnus lur llie Stale of veininni. It .V OTHEltS Qi Thousand good rinc Shingles i for sale i by QJ Jau.9,lSl. G. I'hTtBsiON. Alll.r'SSl.NG to .Mothers. Anierman Sooihing Syrup for children rutting teeth. The timely use ol this nrlicle will save elulJien iiiiiehpaui, often u Fevernnd the painful operation of lancing the Gum, nsi.x nsliH'ixi lo 371 cts. Gullrcv's, Conlial un ems I. lent article tor tho nurscy 12) cts., both those articles Old at tbe aricty.tiori". l A.NKItops," Oi I'ni.SrjMAH'. lateil lo all age-, feloldrcn t,fl" venr old tnav safely n-e them,) and lo.iny climate, anil under all c .011111--taiiccs. ITiey contain no inercurynor other m ncia They are purely vegeinl le. Dn-c. Twotnl . ir r ay be lai en at .1 tinie,aud repealed eveiy ottier n.'ui tuitil the tongue is 1 leun, and tlie tlt-i b'ni go b ho bowel-, itisie'iid of bi ing light coloiisl or darl; md of I'ensive, I issnnes fILV and full and healthy, wilu a te turn e.1 .ippe'i'i'. CERT IITCATE-'. The undersigned has hid the plea-uie ol an Hctinanitnuro with Dr S. Phuiiiev f 1 ooie) ear pa-', during Ins re-nlenio 111 lh s v 1 . .e, where he alt.iincd t h-gh oharneter as a pu) -ic a 1 lie lia-h.tdnn opportunity al-o in.iepeatcd m 'ancCs olti-'ingtlio vnlue of the ''Funuly Pill-," andfn .11 1; s own expel icnie of Iheir edieuey, to well as fr ma iiiiiivv ie-.i. in ineii gouo o .e-i .- in outer eae-, lie; is no lii -caiioii 01 tts-ominending the... lo lejn-t . thev proie-- to l.e, a very valoal le Family Meili'ine. ' THOMAS M. s-MIT II. Pa-tor 1. 1'thc Pu sl.ytiriun ehuicli, Catski.i N V I feel it to 1 e a pr vdegeni-'dnty I" 'ny, that " l.o extent ol mi' '-i'rvatioii and expeuenie, vli rt is .s.,yeon-iile'riible il ring several year-, the un y cl ll.e 111 tide bulb fur Dy-pcp-y and'a-a tno-t eilieat mils Family Medicine, far exceeded my nnn .i n. Mnii." limit thiiiy year.-I havennt enjoyeil he.ii'li, but sttlleie.l titiieh I'.oiii -n'is head-ache, and Iroin h. liotts ii'lii'timis. I have had li.e.idvno of many re-,es ia' !e o.iv-i'-mii-. but never to n I anv e'i'etual iclieti. an my "..i.i..' nuts until ofb'r Pliinniy's P i - had 1 es'll tin '.. SvMCl I. ClICIKItlLL. llerniou-b.'r'.'. Crawlbrd Co., Pa., July, lSi-. I ' ttsUill, tiieene Co., N. Y., Apr I, l"-2j. To all v-hoiu it tint) eoiicerii : Thuceriilie-ihat l'r S. Phinni'y 1-.1 l'hy-ieiait of the tir-t s and,ng in this village, having 11. mi eel his medical degree at Cam bridge I'niver uy. and is entitled to the higlie-t respect fiom the public. Rev. David i'or'er, D. D.; Rev. Jn-eph Prent A. M.; Thom.i- II. Cooke, Pre.-ie'eut of Cai-I , I Bam. ; Re, . T M Sin. lh 1 Jiicol. H. light : Ru' ert L jr , n. f ,' i-cllor ; Ji'lin Aduin-, do; M. Wa' ll iiieso pill-do h"t -ivesatisl.tction altera 1 1 1 'rial 'hey nijy I e tetiii neil, and the money wi lbe rel tied. Aient-.'ie lu'iel.y antic ir..ed 10 do so. Agent-. I!. Muisly, IJo.lin-'i n ; I.. .lam-, Georgia; T. W .-nn'h, St. Al1 .ms ; L'. 1. 1 uike, West Md on and al tu -1 t f thesti te- 111 tin -1, ue. i'jU.3ni -DR. EVANS IU..UTI igh.'y esieetued lor curing I li nn! Kin-, Coar-eness. Rexlne-s and Piuudes 011 the 1'..' e Neck or hand-, and e.lcetually cleainu, thu comtilexieiii, and icmoviug all ih-eii-e'- of the skur Noihuig contribute- -o much to our general su. ce-s m bp", an engaging lir-t Tin- Lou n i- a hu.ied .1 nn -t flagrant, mild, safe wa-h and e-p cmed P 1 11- virtue- 111 i'leantng, solri'tiiit'-, nil J piiri'yiiigthe -l.uiof all eruptius, so injurious to le tn.ile'lc.'i'tv, and re-toring it lo h high de.rte id pu rity. A leant ful complexion is ihe pnde of a ' ho possess 11, nud theenv voftho-o who are de'pnve lol'it. hat 1- -i a lei'linrliia I eautiiid re.iiale.m wh' ef.ue nature ha-di-played her power, a-to find hen ui lex tun tliscoloiuevl vvilh di-gu-tmg .iinpli-, w In h mar her i-Ii.tiiii- 1 A good appe.iriue is ihe le-l re m mendation ; and a- the Itcanlif) mg Lotion pur ue- me skin, end lenitive- all l'iiiiple-,'lll'itehe-,T an,"i n1" m nnd licit, te, nud prolnees a I eaunlnl hue, it i-lhe -1 y eosiueti 11 lady should 11-" at her toilet, l-eiitletnea will all Iiu.1 llu-a tlcli.'lnf .1 reiuesly, to re "t all lirfii.-'iin , Pimple., liingwi im-, S,io"s, Re Ine s( Soreness 1 1 1I11 Lii e and no-e, and eiciy , ., , or . ten ou the -u.l.n e ot the human rody, ' It ar1 1 lai!) re iiiiu "ndesl lngenlleiiieit to I e n-e 1 .1 - -Laying, a it w i'l prevent Hie o'herw i-e icfa it e . t d all coinnu 11 -oai'. 111 tiirniug the leard pre n" re y gi.v. l,r -ale Who'e-ole an I fc.ail I y . HITCH C'C'i'K eV Co.. .. 1 lTGmi f - ei" , I ' a . In Hur l.ngti.n, bv .Wi .1. H. Peck ex. Ce . "ii d Theo. A P. vk Xt'n. Iti i , n nne-, b J. II, llownian. InJI n bv Biii.iclt sV Sawvci'. In Georgia, by Li 7i J atii s a 1 '.'I) HA I III lt.VIlt 1 1 -- ll.M.ON lS.--!inpoi-tnnt Discoierv the (ill al .tlx -Im loitiul out at STERRY'S HAIR REGF.NF. RATOR. Dr. Sterry, after much attciit on to the important subj"ci of pn-erving the hair, iias, after many experiments chemical ami physical b, 1 ' 1 to disctn. r and article which is nowolll.-ed w 'n he gi 1 alest confidence for the tod' t n the In - til 1 i r discovered, for, fur its softening. md penctrat ul, 1 ty to produce a good head of hair to picvnt ' til falling oU'evlu 11 I1.1ldnt.-s is ai'prehended to '1- t, and to 1 1 1 it fro. 'i iiii'.. ng gray. It n is more nourish ng 1 ..po matum, antiipic oil, or Cologne water. It is a ..' 'i fttl article for ladies curls it makes the ha.r 5 'f' a J hvily, and produces itneoniiuon brilliancy. T' 1.--andsi have ti sted its sujienor virtues ami ri 1, -e and oi 1 m ry instance it stands unrivallid. I' i- 011 lnf.ili.'d' cure in all alli etions of the s in on H. nil a- d'.o'lriitT Vc. etc. Every family -ho. !. I l - u plied with a hottleof tin- oil, thai by Us .11 ( . . 11 to the head and hairof elnldren, the beaut. :'ul a 1 ur namctilal appendage of a fine head of ban, win. v. . lure ha- snipplictl us may be preserved. IVn ' " niiiittrouscerliticnlcs n ml reeontineiidatiotts tt'i vnl of its, salutary iniluence tlie Doctor fciis 11, mil r sindid he has ncceedeil in producing an arhele w , il will meet the desirul wishes anil approbate.: of , duhl,-. For sale whoIcKile and retail bv . IIITC II COCIC A- Co. 117 Gone-cest. Ftica, N. Y. In P " J. & J. II. PECK e Co. nnd TIIEO. PECICeV'Co. In Vergcrini s bv J. H. Bowu.nn. Ill Milton, by Burnet v". Suwyn. In Georgia, by L ir 7.0 Janes' run nn: 11 VLD-lii: a m L I) .es any kni.vv a i.eigl.bur or .1 fiiend who lias lipii It.ilil. .mil vvhuse heul is nnvvroveied with line I1.n1 One whose coat collar was rovetp.l vvnli il.i.i- dii.IT, llionjl. b.tislied eiery hour wliiclt ims now van ished rnliiel) ! Or one whose bails al rail) .ie weir lur ting giev, wiiu now u.i uui gir) mn - ' ' whuse heads we.e cuvrmUwiHi seuil, wi.nse tint would nut glow, that are now gruwing the fullest ctop. of l.air I Some iniiil be known 10 tii'isl primus. ,.k them the raiisp, ami ) oil will ne low 111.11 tuesf lungs lieen done b) ll.e use ufthe Halm of Co lumbia, Of20)C.iisruvvlh is ibis article, lis ilrm.nid increasing anuuall) some lu.nd.ed per cent. ilmugh when disrovnrd .nil orposed by a.i)thing lur ihe same purpose, now assaili-d b) alinoil inunbeilesi iii.kIh. p. epaiiitiiuis 1I..11 will mill the h nr if used 10 anv .v.eni. Cdi. titnie lh 1.1 there fie. s be wanted 11 let 10 Ihe recoimneii.lAlions by a list of names of iesprci.1. bility, unequalled by an) other article. Look to ihe.e iliingi-buy iliisiirnclc. Sl.i) and pifsPtie )our Imii by in tne, or if bald rcsioie it. L.ul.ei, alteud lo ll.ts hundreds in fa.hioii.ihle life nre using .1 as the onlv arlirle le.tlly Hi for the lo'.let. Long hair is vet) apt lo fall out. I.a.ties, llie Bshil of Colu.ubi.i In lime in save )ourseles the ibsgr.irc ol bahh.e.i b) neglect ofyonr perioni. tin nur dui), as mni.ilisis to pie serve the be.iuiie of n... tire, wilh which .1 bountiful Creator hai endow ed)ou ; use llie Bahn.for il will do il. CAUTION TO BE REM EM BEKED. Several most aiteinpis b ive been made lu eiuiiipifeti the line Balm ol Columbia. Some of llie a iposiri I1.1t i gone so lar as in euiniie. fen ihe rplen. Ill wrappers, and llie Falls of Niagara, and evetv ex nnl in.i.kexcep. 1l.en-.n1e of Cmnsioik, whicli ll.e) lint forge. To moid iinpusilimw tlietf fure, al w ivs look for ilm inline of Coins. nek fc Co. or L. . Com.lurk, and never bin lbe arl.i 'le unless 11 has lit 41 n4tne upon il Sold wl.iiles.lle (tud Ida. '.""'-. ' N". 3 Fletcher ineel, N. V. 'i IIEO. A. PLCK et Lo. Whole-Mil Agents for ll.e Smui of eiinnnl le ritin: lion or T.11: ha. no cire no .1. PAY! The Geiiiiiiie old Dutch or (Jer 'cietable 1111-.--Highly iicmi ieu '. v Do I Valeutme Molt, M, 1). of N. Y., .111 I 1 ,s. Thc-e are the oiik'rs I Au) one that ih is 11 '1. 'lel'floiri tin -e pills tin" in'e is icfindiM Ii , r a ute the io-itive orders ol the Pi'oprietoi-1' a.i ,"-'n 1 ethers. In o'lcring ilie'-e pill-10 ihe pul lie, 1 j a. to tin r ii.ti-lbgeine. If thc-e pill, are 11,1 w 1 ,. risvinincinloi', ton aie ui duty I onnd mt it 1. ; t 1 nerse'l and eominundv 10 ie ce-t tliem, and p 1 1 llu ill in the vvoi Id 11- all llliiio-Mlon, iiuiin 1 I nmi kerv. 'Thepul In lua) I e aiuxtl lhev nre , it vegi '.il le, llu-y me I'onipo'-iHl of nine ingrco ' -, f ' t ol the niesheiiie is only foi.ud 111 Asia and in tin- lev - i f Genu in) . For cuiiveuieiue the e t s aiv made into pill- and wdl I e found a s.ue . ire" 1 r re lief lor all billiou- co.npla.nt-, yellow and I 1 levers, lever .111 1 11-" e, 1,1, seurlet rasit, I . " enii'ii" ih-pep"ia. Ae. ll 1- IM iri"iindeil I, .i i inoliciiiei. a erne f'T all di-ease- to vv Ineii Ine , n ,111 sv-tein I-liable. Ten lluu-aud ti'elt- e ml- 1 ., 1 ecu made to draw from the legion- ot. nil. now 11 .1 . some long-spun thcoiy of nugie art, win, h w, I e"uie each and every ih-en-i". Good tiiedii-iiie" i- 11 t found 111 the tin" or w lur'w in I. Health nnd hup ne -li.inr- iinoii chance w md-. -nine is the herald 1 1 11 h. The pa-t at lea. I 1- .ex-ore; they bale .iliea 'y r n iniiniiment ol their greMiiie Im h w ul defy I crneliii' tooth ot tt -None can 1 e Ge. nunc v 'm :i ii.r.nioer und due -i et on each I ox e .1 vi In, 11 niv iiaiuei- wiilten in length. , 1 lho A MKKICAN AL.MANACS for 1911. for sale ut 'XX. the Ijook iwrc, Si, 1,1 w-holi'siile anvt by Ihe s.ibsi rd er at Lien- Fall-, I y A. D. A D 7U, and 100 Fulton '' and J!" l'"sr Sl u ,l -1. Albany. Ha llawlev.Sia ..' t. Troy, Gcneial Agents IN For sale ' Wm. Rhode, and F. B. , li h uiotid; Morton & Chirk, and I', it U. I ,i, Wilttston; llasar-N I oni-tis ,,Miel turn t II , , ,1, Es.ex t Gi'o. B. Oak."-, und Allen lljrmv, Jtr tc ; j! II. Iliuiboli i-Honli J. H H.11111-, t Inn 1 1 ; It Moony and G.s. Peter on. But linglon ; 111. 1 V E HlliUG.-, Ilurlm-'le it, tor ITiM'e.nlen I ., m i.e.e Sub-Agents can le'so, , md al wtinles.i'epr e P. ,. BKAMAN. I l.OOO.OOtl Hove-. tlll'RI" ha- neter been a ninlieina diseotcrcd which has neuuitcil nnd sustained the runitulioii for the fame length of tune, as Morrison's Pills, madti al lho British Collego ot Health, London. We arc selling some thousand- of boxer, yearly in Vermin, and it take-1.01110 millions to Mipply the United Sta. ., The gi nume onielocuu be obtained m this towntuilv m the Variety Store, nnd all fold in ihe state nre cigii "1 ' PANGBC'UN l" BRINSJl AID, Slate Ajen's-, . t

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