Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 26, 1841, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 26, 1841 Page 2
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CASH OP L'AMISTAl). In the .Senate, on Friday Inst, a message was recoiled from the President of the United States, transmitting ropies uf correspondence between the Statu Department and the representatives of foreign (iovcrnmonts, relative to tho negroes taken on hoard 1,'Aiiiislud, which has nrcurrcd since his message of tlic '.'1st March, 1811. l'roni the correspondence we extract a letter of Mr. To.':, tho Minister of (iroat llritain, nnd the reply thereto nf Mr. l'onsyth: Washington, .lan. 'JO, 1810. Sir. : I nin instructed to represent to J'"" the attention of her Majesty's (lovernnicnt has li 11 seriously directed to the case of certain African no toos-, found on hoard the spanieli ship " m 'nd," tli'.- sanio pen-em whore cause Inn toon brought before the courts of law of tho 1 1 , "d H:aii'-, andforuliom a powerful and liu liiano interest appears to ho felt in this country as v.t'1 iim in r.iiglniul. ll Known to her Majesty's floverniner.l Ik"! theeo negroes wcro imported into '.'.i'u.i direct from the cor-st of Africa, in i Portuguese slave vessel called the Tenorn, in the summer of 1 Still, and hat shortly after their arrival, ihcv were purchased as slaves at the llava.-.ahy two Spin, nr.lti of the names of Jo.,o lltm and Pedro M nl . Huiz and Montoz then placed these nn rr-i's en hoard the schooner Ami-tad, intend. inn to convey tli"m to anothor-port in Cuba. It .almcai-s th it during the voyage, the nnurae?, with a view of recovering their liberty, seined p i'sc-sion t'X tlin vessel, put the mailer to 'mi'i, and jri1ered the remaining white' to nav, 1 ite 'lie versol to tho coast of Africa. Tho wh 'c , however, directed 1 heir co'urse towards Nn h America, until tl.ey were fallen in witl hy the I nited Mates brig cd war, Washington, when the Ainistad was linallv brought Into the port ol Now London, in Connecticut. The pro ccd'na which liavo place subscrpioiilly to the arrival of tho nagrni'sin the I'liited States are i- llHentty well Known to you. nun, her Maiesly's (jiivcrniiicut iiavotooh Mine ih.r, since the ear ISO, it has become uii'iniiil accord'ii'' to the law of Spain, to im port notices from Afr.ra as slaves into the .iii.iii h iioin, mono, and tlia', ns tin: negroes lini ' icl'i'iTO I to had been newly imported from Africa, into Culm, and could not by law bo mi nor.. 1 a. slaves-, they mii't in the eve of the law be cnns.dered a-i free person?. ' Ore-it ISritiin is al. o bound to remember , V1 which fullv prohibited the slave 'ratio throughout tlie rp.,lr,M .lomiiiion from I he date of llm .'Kllli or May, 1 :(), (llm pn v ,oi.sof which law are contained in the K tig nf .Spain's iti.yal Cedilla uf the 19:h of Pcembcr, 161?,) was pa.'scd in compliance with a 'roa'y obligation to that efibrt, by which the erov. n of Spain h id hound ifr-elf to the crown of Urit-i it, and for which a valuable coinpona t ip, m return, was given by (iicat liritnin to Sdtii, a-' in.-.y be soon by lV'erence to the 'id, !IJ, and I'll article.) of a p'.ihl.c treaty concluded brtu ccii Croat Ili-itaiu and Spain on the t-'oM of of .-' t i .'ier, 1-I 7. It r M ije ty'i (iovo"niii"rif, therefore, arc ino' I hy special reasons to tike an interest in ra" of these iinf.iiUiinto AfrVtii", who are l.'iow.j to have been illegally and feloniously re duce 1 .-lavery bv subjec's of Spain". It is net to be unserved that Great lir.tain Mil the I lilted .Slates have mutually engage llieinscivs tneacli other, by the 10 h article of j tho treaty of (liionl, to usc'thcir bo.-t endeavor for the entire abolition of the .African slave, trade. And thoie can bo no doubt of tho tirm in- j tculion-if both partic.-i religiously to fullil the I tonus of engap;ciiioiit. 2 -w'lie tinfortumito Africans whoso is the suV, t ol the present representation, bavn ' pe- n 'ii- i'.vi by aci'ideiitnl circinnstanres into the K-i-i'; ol tho aiilhoritiesoftlie United States; and il in-iV probably depend upon tho action of the rnl'rd Slates Government, whether they mo emilleil, or whether they shall bo reduced to slavery, in violation of known laws and con tracts publicly passed, prohibiting the conti nuance ol the African .slave iradu by Spanish MlbjPl-13. It is U'lderthco circumstances that Ilor Ma jet ty's Government ausiously hope that tho Pre sident of the I'niti'il Slates vvill lind hiiiL-elf em powered lo take such tnc.-iMires in behalf of tho af iresaul Africans as shall secure' lo them tho possion of their libcrt, to which, without doubt, they are by law entitled. I avail myself, of this occasion to renew to von tho assunncos of mv distiniiisiied cousidera Hon. it. S. FOX. Tho Hon. John ronsnir, iVc. Ac. ecc. I)r.r.u;-r,;rNT or Statf, ) Wa.-linigton, fobi-uaiy I, Hll.j Sir: I h.ivc tho honor to acknowledge the re ceipt ol ) iur letter of the 'JOih ultimo, in which you .state that you are instructed to represent tn ine that tho attention of Her Majesty's Govern ment has been seriously directed to tho case of the S.iani.-h hip "AiniMad," with the anxious hope- that the President of tho United Stales will feel himself empowered to take such meas ures in their behalf ns will secure to them the pos'-e -mil of their liberty. Viewing this communication as an evidence of the heiirvii'ence of her Majesty's Gov eminent, under wh eb a'-pect alono it cciu'd bo entertained by the Government of the United Slates, I pr-icord !,y the direction of tho President, lo ml.", in K',.Iy, a few observations niggci-tcd by the'ip e your letter. The narrativuprct-cut-oil T" 11, oftho i'irrumstauco.3 which brought ceyrocfi to run-siitires, is satisfactuay evi rlenc that llor Majesty's Government is'awaro tb-t thcr introduction 'did not proceed from tho W uhes en-directions of tho Government of the Un. led States. A formal demand Invino-been tnaele by , he SnanM . Minister for the delivery of j IlII' 11' -f'l I.Ilfl lirft'inri,'. I,l(. I in , l,r tnrrvnrtu ' - . I'lllll'l. OJiuo won 11 ll lb IKl-eil have heci mo tho subject of investigation before tho j nil ml tribunals of the country, which have nit yet preroiinct'd their final decision th"rc uj.e i. ..,ii mt pt ba aware, sir, thil tho Eo c '.'o has tiuithor the power nor tho di'jm eiii -i to contiol the proceedings of tho legal tri luu 's when acting within their appropriate ju ns I on. ''Ii regard to other considerations present ed by you in behnll of tho negroes oftho "Ami. s'i'," I have toioiuark that it is not understood tl ,1.. r. !.:..!. ., . f , t ii, . iiu op. ii wiue ii nicy are loiiu.ieu are .iii.iuncii ny uio .iiiuicier oi tier i atlioiic Ala J 'y ; and this Gov eminent would, with great io. net .iu r, croct itself into a tribunal to invcs' l.g"c (i.cli questions between two friondly snv cit g' Jf, however, theso facts arc establish, r 1, they cannot be without their force aud elfect m the proper time and place. You have doubt-Jessob.-i rved, from tlte correspondence publish, cd in a Congressional document, that it is the intention ol the Spanish Minister to restore thr-r negroes, should their delivery to his Gov eruneut bo ordered, to the Island of Cuba, whence the vessels in which they were found, sa led; where they vvill be placed under iho pro. tcct I tho Government tl',S'pain. U is there that ip. -shops ar.sing under the Spanish laws tho treaties of Spain with Great llritain, may be appropriately disclosed and decided ; and where a lull opportunity v i ! 1 ho presented to tlie Government ol her .Majesty the Queen of Grout Pt.ta o, to appeal to the treaty stipulations ap pheablo totho subjetl of your letter. I avail myself ol this occasion to renew toyou the a.-'-iirances of my distinguished rnn-idcra-t-nn. ' JOHN KOU.SVTJI. Jr.T.v STrnir.N Uox, &c Cvc. &e Mlt. IMCKKNs- UEl'OKT. S'xTrtinVV, I Ml. 13, 1 Bl I. In llm House. Vr rirUe. -, fr in lire (Joininiller un I-'onum Allinrs. cd'eciiially overthrow, and upon n vital point! iho sep nn'1 lln to lowing rcpoi I, which was ordered in L.TI urate Bovereienily and indepeiuleneo ofiliiso Si,n, tf. nri'iti d Th- Co'iunitlee on foreign Alliilra, to vvhoiii was rferid the Missago oftho l'rcsulmt, trnusniiuinj; n r ir- .lonilenoo w ith the Hrilish Minister in rehuion lo Hi I. riii'iB of tho sii nuihont Caroline, and ih0 ilenmi. n.ajo fur iim liberation of Mr. Alexander M ' a 1, r-speclfully uporl i It -,.,1'tn thai iho sleamboat "Cnri.lino' was z d and desnoyeil in llm month of December, 1837. Tim C3iri.uli.iei nie induced In believe that iho lacla of iho cssesirn ns folj&wei The brat un owned by, sr. 1 1. p3rfr:en cl t'.t'.ztr. cl Jfw Vork Shewn. cleared from the city of lluffiilo, nnd un tho morning of tlio Mill of December, 1837, sholift the pott of iiiiiiiiio, noiiiui ior ocmosscr, upon uie American sine of tho iXragararivi-r, and vviihm tho territory nf the I'niiui amies, i no original inicnliuii sccmcil tone, to run Ihu boat between lliilliilo nnd Schlosscr. or. perhaps, from lll.iek Hock dam to Schlosscr, and, should it seem profitable, it was intended to run her also to Navy Island, nnd touch nt Grand lslnnd nnd Tunawanda. Her owner was Mr. Welts, said to ho a respectable cilicn of llulhilo, nnd it Is obvious, his intention of pntlinjr up the boat, was one of specula tion and profit entirely. Tlia excitement upon that portion of llic frontier, nt tins period, had collected a L'reai many m urn neigliiwriiooii sonic lrom cimoii' IV siiiiin Iroin tdlrnr!. nnd olbers from laKiim an interest in llieiinn'nl and extraordinary collection of ndvilitnrers on .nvv island. Anvy ltlatul wns "niitiiinally in Iliu Ilnti'h "territory." Tho owner of the Caroline took advantage nftheso circumstances to make some money with his boat, by r ii ti i ii ii u her ns a firry boat, over to Navy Island. AH these lacs nppcnr tiom testimony rcindnrly taken (fee It. II. Doc. No SO'', piiRc Hi and 3'J '.'d Session. Solh Cotimess,) and the ciiinniitiio know of no legal evidence to contradict them. Tlnrc is no proof tint nil v nuns or munitions of war vvcrn enrru'd m tl'1 boat, c.veipt, pel Imps one small si-poulidtt field piece bcloiiEMiu to a pasun?er. 'I'bo piineipat object vi to tun tho boat as feiry boat from Schlos'erou Inu Ameiieali side. toXavv Island, on llie llrilisb side. It is Im lievut tluit. even in war. n ncnlrnl power has Iko rij-ht lo trade in contraband article!, subject, of eoiiiso lo siiure anil coi lication it talieii williin mo jurisdiction of cither of tlieconlending parties. What is contraband at war is not always cirlniii. Treaty stipulations irciruenily include ome articles, ami c.v elude otheis neoL'iiised in tho law of nations. Trn iIiiii,' ill contraband nrtieles is no excuse for inrndini; the Icriitorv and soil of a neulial and independent power, whoso private eitiziiis may cboo'c to run tho hazards of such a trade. In llus instance theic were no two forciiin powers engaged in wart but nil emiieilieil ill llm oiithnak or eseili'iiu nt williin the llritHh iiiridielion, elainied lo be llntish subjects, in rcfistaui'e of the niithorilus in i niruia, aprovinee ol the isritisli etnpire. J.ven iidmlltiiiL'. then, thnt IhoCaioline w asent'aircd ill eon trained irade. vet it was with eili7ens who elainied to beuhectsoi'ihe same empire willi tho'-e who wero styled the bailiinalo ollicirs o! tin- province. Ah slt.ieily spi akinir, how was a private citizen to decide who were riiiht and who wroiif.', in ihcseloealdispntis? And which portion of citizens of the. sanio province iinifi our nuriis reuio 10 uuve nov eoiiiuniiui -auuo wiih ! Hut the boat was luerelv used one day ns i ferry boat! and on the niirht of llie d.iv she com iik need ruunim, bhe w ns nu.ed, w lule niooied at the vv barf in .SilihAser, and burnt. Several men were assassinated i certain v one. who fe (lead imnn the dock. Now the insinuation of the !!nli-h Minitcr I lint fc'ehloser was 'iiomuiallv within the li-rnlorv ol the I'nited Slates may well bo retoi led, as vvc can Willi eiiiial truth 1) thai iiavv Island was "nomin ally ' within llie "tcnitory" of the l!riuli Oovernincntj for at llie period to which we allude, lbs people rolled- ed a" iU'ectinllv eleliid f'aliada niilbrrilie" nsanv iioilion of our pcoi Iwind uisrexarilf d ours. Vet limi-li auiliority llioujiht inoper to paby Navy 1'ianii, nun in us noiiunai leriuory, nun in mo pb niliule of it power, lo the a''isof 1'iili'h juri' ilietlonovir Aliicrirnn soil. Iluswas Irulv exi-minii' over u that kind "iiaidianshin which Ihcv had not the nbihlv at thai lime to extend Ion poiliouof ihfir own lerritorv. mill v hie h eoiimu in s Use I lo u. full a nmi'liYioiii its auinpiion asfiom ils lovo of I 1111 1 Ul IllW. The Uiitish Jlniiilcr is pleaded alo lo call the Cniulinen "piratical steamboat." The loocc cpi bets of any one, no mailer how' hiuh in place, cannot make tint niracv whieh the law of nation" does not rcrnjTnj. n such. Pirates arc fieilioolers, enemies of iho huiiian race j and enunint jurists drM'ribe llieni ih ravajin every st i and coast vvilh no line nnd no lionu'. 1'iraey coiiicsinilcr lliu concurrent jurijdie- tion oiall ivitious. 1. veil m the wor.-t point ol view th it ileanlio I'oiioiji led, tlioc conneele.l with the C aniline wire but aid' is and ab. tiers of oilier- inTjed in rebillion. And llie iMinmillee are totally al ii lo" lo know upon what -ulhurily rein kon is leeoLOiii d as praey. .'Siieli coiifoiindinir'of terms is n itni" the caM upon rjuilu-N, instead of miiiikI law or fuels. Hut even supp-i-iiu it lo be a "piratical boat" a tli-i 'liniPr n--rtsit to be; yet the. iiioniint ll lonebed our sod n f, II under our sovereignty, and no power on earth eon' I iiyhtfully invade il. I lien- is no iloetrine more i-onceeraiul m nil"!!--!! history, than that every human being who loiu.hes the soil of (treat Hiiiam ii iuimcili.iiely covered by 'odi'-h. law. .ii isr one of Ur vessels were out liiitnh law. Sim 1 one of hir fiom the h-inks ol llie Thames and biiinl hv l-'reneh men. nn. I Ornish eiiieni were assassinated at niedit. and the Trench .Mmi-ter were to avow that they acted uii'l. r lln: olde-rs of his Covernmiul, and thai iho less, 1 was "puatie-il," and tho cinzins munlercd weir out laws lln 11 ilu-reis not an lmiilishiniin whose heart woi.ld not heat high tnnveng,' the wroiiL', and vindicate ilu iiiiH"I'1ii-country." Thlaw there is the law hei. And lliuc is no international law con-'i-tciit -.Mill the si penile md'pcn 'euro of nations, lint sanctions the pm suits ol eve n urates to nuitder and aron over the ,nl and juiisi.'ieiioii of one of the Slates ol bis confederacy. No crcatcr wrong caii bo done lo a country llian invasion of soil. Il it can be done with iiiipuiiily at one point, and 011 one occasion, it rnn be done nt nnollier, nnd lln nnpou ilnl sulunilsto il finally sinks down 111I0 drivelling inibreilily. If a n presiiilnlioii nflho siatcofihingsat Si-hlosVr. and the conduct uf tho-c vvho bad theeonirol ot'tbe Cartiline, had bun lirst made to ilu proper nuthoiitiesof ?.'r.w Vork, or of the United .Sinn", iben lluio would Imvu he-en some show at lui't of rcpeci for our soven iguty and indepeuil-me, and a dis;ios ii-ni to treat us an equal. liiiiiu in.s c.-i-e, us n 10 11. nf our niillioriucs Willi coniinipi, in- re was no pr- iiiiiiuaiy iiemanu or lepre senlalion made. It was hoped ihal tic cul'age was perff trated by aparty iusiiJdtu hint .mil evc.lcmenl, upon llu-ir own ii'piiiisilnliiy. liut iho Hiiiish .Minister now avows that "tin act was iho public act of persons obeying llic commuted autliorilifs of her Mijcs-ly's I'rownce," nnd auiin 'ill'ir.ns ihnt "it was 11 publioact ofpersonsin her .M;i"-ty'y service, obeyuii; the orders of tluir superior aiiil'oniirs." If ihislnd hcen llie first and only point of collision with (ileal llritain, it luitdit not have ewcited sueh iu lerest I but there is an assumption in most of our In tel course with tint crent power, revolting to ihopiulc and spirit of nidi peuib lice in a fne people. If it bo her desire lo pr seivc peace, her true policy would ho to do jusliee, and show thai courtesy to equals which she has always dtinande-il fiom other. The coin mitlce do noi'desue 10 prtfcs view s on this pail of llie suhji rt, pulia.I.iily as a 1I1 maud has been made by our eiiverniui ul upon of ( treat Hrilainfor explanaiioii as lln-oiinage cniiiiiiitie'J, llie answer to which it is bopid will prove saliFfaeloiy. As to iheoilierpoinlsjircscnteilmllieitemaiiil nnde lyibe Hiiiish minister lor llie "liberation" of Alcvan- dir.Mcl end, ihecoiuiuillce belli vo llie facts of the case to b", ihat the steamboat was and burnt, as staled bcfnii1, and that a iti?c 11 or rilizin of .Vew Vork wi re iiiurdcnd in llie all'rav. And ihcre weie reasonsio induce' n belief thai .Me-I.eod was jwrienw rriwinit:. lie was at litst nrre-st d, and upon various testimony being takm, was ihcn disebaiged. lie was ni'ierwnnls arrrsii d n seennd lime. Upon the rviji ncc iben piefentcd, be was imprisoned lo nwait bis trial. There was no invasion of liritish territory to seieor lake him. Hut upon bis be-in" vohmtnrilv rK' 'C? williin our leirilory, be wan arreted, nsnny citi7cri rliarsrcd Willi a similar oflenre. might have been. Wrknowof no taw nf nation lint would exempt a map fiom arrest and niipriMinuieni for ofli nces charred to be commiltul against the "peace and dignity" of a stale, bceaiisi he is subject of Great Ibitain, or brraiiscliecommittid a crime at the instil-anon or under hr aulhorily of Hiiiish provincial ofiieers! miiclili "sdo weknnwofnny law that would justify the I'lisidi nt to deliver him up without trial at the demand, nnd upon the assertion ns tofacts, ofany n?i nt nf the Hrilish (iovcimucnt. If wo had bern atopen war vvilh ft rent llritain, and Mel.eoilhad coinuiiiled theoll! nccs charged, then ho might have fallen under iho rules and regulations ol war, and been triated as a prisoner of tlic United 1 Slates (a'ovcrnmrnl, and would have been ubjert to llie laws of irilionsiu war. 1 1 tit as tlie alb ged crimi nal acts, in vvhii-h Jlel.eod is charged tnbciinnlicaled vv-ure committal in profouml peace, it is a crime, as f iras be mny be concerned, solely against Iho 'peace nnd dignity' oftho state ofXcvv ork, and her ciiini nal jiitidielioii is e-ouiplelc and conclusive. If llie crimes coiiiiuiilid bo sueh ns lo make n man hoseis humnntj tremts -and outlaw a pirate, ill tho legal aeci plalion of the term, iben, under llie law of nalio'us the United Stales courts and tribunals would have Jurisdiction. Hut the offence charged in this cac, commititd as it was in lime of peace, ns far as this in dm hi.d was concerned, "was one purely ngainst the lee hci, nnd coming exclusively within the criminal jiirisuiction of tho tribunals of Xcw Vork. Tho Minister, in his letter of the 13ih December, lsltl. siivs " Il is eiiiile noiorious ihal Mr. was not one of the parly engaged in the destruction of the hicajneont i ai-uincj anil Hint trie pretended ch irgc upon which he has been imprisoned rests only upon tho perjured testimony of certain Canadians. outlaws, and ilicir !ibellor.s,"ile. This may perchance nil be so j but it would bo asking a great deal lo re quire 1111 Amciican Court to yield jurisdiclion, and surrender mi a iirit-oni r cbarccd with ofli nces orainst the law, upon llic mere ipse diril of any man. no matter how high in aulhorily. Whether MrI.eod bo guiliy or not guilty, is the very point ujion which an Ann lieau nirv alone h ive a ritdit lo decide. Jurisdic lion in Stale tribunals over criminal cases, nnd tnnl ny n jury 01 the venue, nrr essential points in Amen ran nillsnrillb-nce. And il mn lolnl niisatiorrtirnsinti ns 10 the nature nfi-mr system, lo supporo ihnt lliero is any righlm the Ue-dernl I'.xeeulivc lo arrest iheve r e bet of the one. or thwart ilu inriLi;..iinn ,r ,l,n .,il, (fsiicll II OOWer existed, and ivrrrvnrric.l 0 ...... I.i ' ' ,n I '.u nr. I ' . i li.-o .n .. ..1. In i!e bver up flU'llives from nisnecfor o lenee s commit . . u.ili ..... n.i.i. ..u ,ii,y,, ,iin jiowrr led nsainstn foreiin state, but even it iiiislu not Im obligatory lodo bo, unless il weie mndo mailer of Irealy supination, I his duly nml right in nn Iaccii live has irrnernllv been coiisideicd ns dormant, until innde binding hv treaty ariaugcmcnl. Hut when llic mailer is re versed, nnd demand is madi not of fti"i lives from jiisnce for offences rnuuuilinl ngnimt n foreign power. hut for the liberation ofn man rbnruod wnh e ffrnres ocsinst the peace nnd ihf nily of one of v-. -.mi.r, ll?n ll IS (LAI IDC UtinVIIH I'SCUllI.- nrrnosterous in the rxlienie. lliu fact thnt th olt'ences were conilnitteil under the fcanclion of pro vincial nutliorilie'S ilocs not alter tlic tusc, unlosd wu wi io lit n state of war. In such cases as tho present, tho power to deliver up could not bo conferred upon tho I'eelcral Kxcculivo by treaty slipiilalion. It could only bo conferred in those cases over which jurisdiction is clearly delegated ny uio icderal (;onstiiiiiiun. ucii, lor instance, as treason which is an olle-nce against thoconjoitiuil sov ereignty of llie slides, as defined in tlia Constitution. Ol cr nil cases except those defined in tho Constitution, and tbnsu coming clearly under tlic laws of nations, tho stales have exclusive jurisdiction, nnd the trial nml puniliuuiit for olle-nces against them nro incident to lliiirse'painlcsovereiguty. It is not prclcmliil in tins case that Iberoisiiny treaty stipulation under which tho demand is made) and tho fedirnl lCxecutivc, under our system, has no power but what is conferred hy l ie L uns million, or iv s ici.i aw ol Lone ess. in the former it is declared that "the Executive power is vested in a l'riidcnt of the United .Slates," nml that power is then to be pointed out and defined by special laws passed from time lo time, iiiipoint; such duties us -iiu million, Mi'J'ei hiiii l ii'iuihi, uj vuni Your Committee deem il ilanucrous for the F.xecu tive lo exercise any power over n siibjecl'inatlir not conferred hv trealv or bv law I and to cxcrcio it in any cast in ronllict willi statu jurisdiction, would be worsolhan ilangeroiisj it would bo usurpation. , Hut your coiiiiiiitlco fotbear to press these points fiirlher nt prescnl, nnd they would not have saill ns much on such clear questions of international law, but thai in this case, the demand for liberation has been made by ajjent of a great power, and uiuiercircuinstaiiccsol peculiar aggravation ami excue inent. Wo have oilier noinis of difference with Great Hut- nin, wbicli add interest lo every o,uelion that arises Petwccn us at iirescnt. iseitlierour isormeasicrii rrr Norlhweslern boundaries are vet sett cd with tier, nml the subject is not entirely" free from dilliciillv. She has recently sered our vessel1", nnd exercised n power intolrine the riht qfstanli, under the pretext of siiiuirc"sinr iho forcinn slave trade, which if pcrsc- vcieil in, will sweep our commerce from the eoast of Africa, and which is incoinpilihle with mir rights as n lnarilinicpowcr. .Sbelasrecenllv, in her intercourse vvilh u, refiicd indemnity and denied our rights to property, on a subject-matter vital lo near (ino h:lfllic Stales of this confederacy, nnd which, considering her military position nt Herninda nnd her glowing power m ins vM'.-t mines, isoi inc last importance io our na lional indeiiendencc. All these subjects make every question between us nt this peculiar juncture, of llie deepest interest. Hcsidisthi, wo nre both perninnently destined to have, perhaps, the most extensive commerce ol moo- cm nations, llur Hags iioat sulo by side, over every sea. ami liny, ami inlet ol the Known glolie. .She moves steadily upon her obieots with an ambi tion that knows no bounds; and vvhercver she has had a conflict of interest, she lias' rarely yielded to snv rower. At this moment she Presents lo tho civilized world the spectacle of the grc-alet military and commercial power m combination ever known. I-'roui her vast pos-e-sous in every quarter "of Iho' globe, and her peculiar commercial system, she lias been made the ucrvoir ol me. wi ami ot naiions. Her internal resources, 'Kill, labor, and machinery, vvilh her capital, arc hevondi'alculalioti. Ilcr natural portion beni!: nbout midway the coast of r.urope, givisher great control over the outlets and currents of commerce. Her military occupation of Cibraltcr, Malta, tho Ionian islands, and recently of St Jean el' Acre, givisher ascendancy on llic .Mcdilcrianean and the I.evanl, w-lii'c .St Helena nnd the Cape of (3ood hope give her possession over the currents of trade along llioseextensve coasts. Then lloinhav, Calcutta, and her immense possesions in llie Last Indies, logethrr willi her recent movements in the (.'lima seas and i.-laiids, enable her lo extend her power over those vast regions that have -luiiuicieil lor ages in solitary and enervated inannilieence. She possesses Falk land isj. mil but to control the eoinnurce that passes around Cnpe Horn, while Trinidad givi3 her nil she desires i it the Cui ibhcan .-Vu. .ii'ii.i-at one iutnt and lltrmmla at nnulher, stand out in great force over our ow n coast tiom orio cMreiiulv lo me oilier, iter nosiiions all over tint world arc at this mo ment, m a nnhlaiy point of view, equal loa million of nun under arms. Her cunliuiial coullicts in iho i mighty rcinons oi in? i.asi oniy enauio neromcers io Ol coilllMvlliiil iinu lu uiqmiiu in urn ti 1 1 .'I , u , 11 iiiiu her great armies and extensive Meets draw their sup port fiom the iiimiinse countries sei'cdaud occupied. mine pri seui juncture en auaus, no siaiisuian can overlook these things. Steam iower has leceully brought us o near together that, in lliu event of any fiiturcroullicl, trar, ln'.'i ii rjl'icls, will hoprecipilal rd upon us with much more rapidity than formerly. Avarice and ambition nrclhc ruling pas-ious uf mod em liinis, and ins vain to shut our eves lo the state of things around us. It remains to bo seen vv bat ef fect stc-ini power is to have upon changing and modi fving Iho whole ait of defence and war. It may be a treat engine for again levelling mankind, and reduc ing every thing to a contest of mere physical force In that event il might be dillieiilt lo conjecture what sy stem of natiunnl dijence witl slant! the teil of limn ami experience. We h.nea deep slake in peace, and fondly hope the repose, of the world will not he disturbed. We have certainly not the least dcsiicfornny rupture. I'irin ness, niid a wise ptcpatation, will long preserve us fiom ueb a ca'asirophe. lhit while no temptation should ever prompt us lodo injiisiieeon tho one band so no consideration, 011 the oilier hand, should ever indiie-c us lo submit to permanent wrong from nny power on earth, no inatlcr what ll-c consequences may be. Your romuiiltee would conclude, by cxprcssinga firm In lief that nil out poinls of dillicully mny be honornbly and amicably adjusted, and that harmony may Ions be preserved, hy both governments pur suing a liberal and generous policy, concenial lo llic interests and fie lincs of both people, nnd compatible with llie spirit and genius of and cnhghleiie'd ago. rum a v m o it n i n g, ri-.nuuAUV k, ish. Till-: iVl-lW C'AHIXKT. Tho Xational Intelligencer, which docs not usually speak at random, mentions tho follovvinj; naruos as geiiorally understood to bo designated for tho new cabinet. It is known that all will accept but Mr. Itadcrof Raleigh, X. C, who is not vet heard from. lelnry of Sialo Daniel Wcbsirr of Mass. Timlin U.wingof Ohio. John Hell of Tenn. Cico. I'.. Hadger of JS. C. rraneis fiisnger, X. Y. John .1, Crittenden, Ky. Secretary ofTieasury, Seeielary of War, Secielary of rsavy, Host Master deinrn', Attorney (ieneral, there arc all men nf great ability, integrity and experience in public life, with the exception of Mr. ll.ulgcr, who is not known much out of X C. but is paid lo bo a firt rate man. The commencement of General Harrison's Administration dawns most auspiciously. Tho mop whom ho has called around him as his con stitutional advisors-, will form the ablest cabinet that has strengthened any administration since tint of Washington. While the selection gives tinniingled satisfaction tn the friends of the now administration, it leaves no cause of complaint to its opponents-, llvorv one feels, whether willing or not to confess it, that in such hands-, the great interests of tho country are safe. No Cabinet could bo otherwise than one of groat strength, with Daniki. Wr.nsTnr. at its head, and when the other high places are filled by such men as aio announced for his colleague?, tho people feel that their cfibrts to rescue tho country from the hands of faction and misrule, have not been unsuccessful. Well may we congratulate cadi other upon this auspicious commencement oftho great work of reform ; and proudly may wo challenge a comparison be tween the new cabinet and that which it will succeed. Mil. I'lCKK.WS' KIU'OUT. The committee on Foreign Allans, to whom was referred the correspondence between .Mr. Fox- and Mr. Forsyth in reference to the arrest of McLcod, havo made this reference the occa- sion for a detailed report upon tlio goncral as- pect of our relations with dreat llritain. This report, it cannot ho denied, is very warlike ; and were wo seeking reasons to justify an imme diate declaration of war, this report would furnish them, and set forth in a way too, to "stir men's blood to mutiny and rage." Tho factF, wo bo lievo aru substantially true, as set foith ; nor is tins all : they havo been iqurtlltj true fur a hum ferial. These aggressions upon our north-east, cm and north. western boundaries havo been going on during the wholo period of tho lalu ad. ministration: and what has been ilane about it ! Tho Caroline outrage is a matter of mora than two yoars standing j and what has this adminis trationoiua(ieiuiV.' Our Imdon irutructcciticircrrfjjM sutytet! fnterfeitncft with our vessels on tlie coast of Africa is no now thing; and what lias the administration done about oW Nothing whatever I It was not even alluded to in tho President's message ; nor have any of these subjects been deemed of stillicient importance to extort from the President any communication lo Congress I lwo years ago Congress made an appropriation to send n special minister to Kngland to settle the holm dary dillicully ; hut Mr. Van Huron omitted to appoint one. Ten millions was placed at the discretion of the President to prevent aggrcssVi in Maine ; hut the President heeded it not, ai.i tho British proceeded to erect barracks and station their troops upon the disputed territory I And of so little consequence was all this regard ed, that it hardly received a passing notice in the annual message. Hut noir; after sleeping over these outrages for years just as the ad ministration is retiring in disgrace, those griev ances arc hunched together aud put forth in an itillainatory report, amounting, in ellcct to little lesn than an embryo proposition for a tear The object cannot bo mistaken. It is to preju dice the adjustment of these questions hy the new administration. Can any thing appear more contemptible 1 But as we before remarked, tho facts set forth in tho report are substantially correct. Serious dillicullics exist, which it will require the ut most prudence and firmness on the part of our government to adjust satisfactorily. The ques tions must and vvill he promptly met hy tho new administration, and it is hut just that they should have the opportunity to adjust them without a resort to arms. This done, the nation will he prepared, if need be for the last resort ; and in that event, wc shall have but one party. We olijcct, however, to this imbecile, cow ardly and corrupt administration, covering their retreat from power by so dishonest an attempt to embarrass the adjustment of important epics tions, which they had neither the patriotism, ability, nor moral courage to meet like men. war movi-:mi:nts in maine. OntlieoM instant resolutions on tho subject of repelling liritish agression, were olTercd in the liutisc of Representatives, and referred to the committee on the North Eastern boundary Wc loam from the Portland Argus of tho loth iust. that those resolutions were taken up by the Senate on the l!)th, and after being amended by inserting 81,000,000, instead of 6 100,000, for the defence of the state, wcro referred to the same committc. 'Mr. Davis then offered the following resolve, which was also referred to tho committee on tho North Eastern boundary : " Resolve for repelling foreign invasion and providing lor tlio protection oftho state. lie it llfsotcctl, That tho President of the United States bo requested and uracil to causo the immediate removal of iho foreign armed force, by which our state isiuvnueu, siaiioiie-u upon the upper va ley ol t ie .St John's, and that the Gov emmem of iho United States bo earnestly hivelied to relieve this state from the present lieavy needless burthen of its own defence." DltiTISII MODKSTV Wo take the following extract from the Colonial Magazine, for January, published in louden. If, as is thought, it expressed the views of Lord Ilahuorston, it is important. We arc now, it seems, to ho intimidated into conces oion to tho entire claims of the liritish. l'os sibly tho delay in tho negociation of the lloun- dary epicstion is improved in tho preparation of the squadron alluded to. Shall wo sec only when tho licet is in view ! Washington Madi sonion. l-'runi llic Colonial Magazine for Jan. IS11. Article AMKKICA. "It is our duty to settle at once the boundary question. We are now maintaining a largo and - .in. i itB iuiB u , , expensive army in Canada and Aovv llrum-wick ; lei a povveilul tqiiailriiii of i-hips of the lino, he.'.vy trigates, steaim-hips, and houib-vessols-, be ordered to rendezvous in Halifax at tho opening of tho navigation in spring, and uieas ures taken, in the mean time through our Minis, tor at Washington, to declare, peremptorily, that the boundary must ho fixed within a given time. As tho Americans are always so ready to take advantage oftho imagined di'lliculties o'f Kngland, let us not lose the present opportune period for the claiming and establishing of rights which have beenreniieoi withheld." V1UIV I.IKi: A TlHtl'.AT. We copy llic following from the Montreal Herald. The language used is pretty strong and is of a nature not calculated lo allay iho excitement on lliofronlicrs: "Tlio revolutionary cut-throats in the United Stales have rece mly shown iheinselves in their piopcr char acters. Mr. Mcl.eod, who was airested and confined in I.oekport for alleged participation m tho burning of the steamer Cirolinent Schlos-er, having been admit ted in bail hy the legal authorities, of the Slate of New Vork, in the sum oflivo thousand dollars, the Sover eigns uf I.ockport determined that llie omnipotence of lliu law should be subject lo them. Willi drums and inihiaiyi-n-iuns there was a tumultuous gathering lu prevent Mr Mcl.eod's gaining his liberty, the miserable Judge who bad sanclioutil tho bail, was forced to leave his bid nnd give nn account of his conduct to the omnipotent rnlihlc. hiirhhiliauornslliis io Hril-i-h subjects is ically carrying the joke loo far, nnd Americans may yet find thai forbearance hag its piopcr limit, lrifn tiny see their frontier vilic in atlies, as the i' moi.t assuredly irill eo flUeyeontinuc their mad tarter. Tho American government must, hkeevcry other, benuiinablr lo the law of nations-, and the time is now about gone by, when the disre pulablc mid dis honest plea will be recognized, that the general gov ernment is nol liable for the olleliee commuted by individual States. Thollnitid Stales nrisenl a most extraordinary speclaelrof a living libel on freedom of -peechiiil ptrsou anil ot proper te y a disgrace lo hu man kind. It has been matter of notoriety that tlie liritish Government t cio building vessels uf war on tho Upper Lakes. We aro now credibly informed that materials have been prepared, and aro now in a considerable state of forwardness, for a war steamer on Lake Cbamplaiii. Information to this ef fect lias been forwarded to Washington, and wo doubt not it will arrest the early altoiition oftho new administration. 37" The Itichniond Whig gives a minor as current in that city, which it devoutly hopes may prove true, that Air. Clay vvill bo despatched forthwith to Imdon on a special mission to open negotiations for the final adjustment of diflicul. ties. Tho occurrences at l,ckiort seem to ro. (iiiiro immediate action lo avert so direful a ca lamity as war. Tho aggregate number of the regular army is 12,000 men, Tho number of militia is estimated at 1 ,rKlH,r,.) J. Tho regular army is in good con. dition,' well ollirored, and well disciplined. Tlio militia, with the exception of the volunteer com. panics, is unprepared for service of any kind. Tun Navy. The attention of tlio public is naturally attracted to tho necessity of a very great increase in tlio Navv. The extent of our commerce is altogeatlier disproportionate to the degree of ivival piotectiou which the government is nblo to extend to it j nnd tho relative- condition nnd extent oftho navies of tho principal maritime nations is such as to niiiko an incronso of tlio American Navy, a mutterof but ordinary prudence. In addition to tho Einallncsi of our naval forcu, gicat abuses have crept into tho discipline nnd gon raj management, until n reform is called for front nil quarters. Tlio present delicate sit- tmtiun of our foreign relations, renders an in crensu and an improvement of tlio Navy, a matter that should engage tlio nnnicuiiite and earnest altoiition of the guvrnmcnt. AitttiVAt, of CJiiN. llAitutsoN. The Rich mond Compiler of Thursday says, General Harrison arrivetl yesterday evening in tho Fredericksburg mail train. An immense con course of citizens assembled to greet It'tiii nt tlio Depot, mid escorted him to lliu I'ovv linttuu House, whither bo was conducted lodgings haying been prepared thern for him. Ilu appeared in' the hnlcbtiy ol the Hotel, and bowed to the assembly, nfter which Mr. Lyons, at bis instance, stated that in conse quence of liis fatigue from travelling, bo was unable to address bis fellow citizens ; lint as liointctided to remain until lhc22d,lio hoped to liavc frequent opportunities of mingling with thcni. On Tuesday, in tho Senate, tho bill lo establish n uniform system of bankruptcy was taken up the question being on Mr Hubbard's motion to amend by including incorporated companies within Us provis ions. Mr Tuonan, Mr Nicholas, Mr I.inn, and Mr Cal houn severally addressed llic Senate on tho amend ments. In tho House, Mr rillnioro asked tho unanimous consent oftho House to enable him to submit a resolu tion requiring tho Committee on Military Affairs lo leportnhill making appropriations for defence of Iho Northern frontier. Mr Thompson objected, and a motion was made to suspend tho rules which was carried by a vote of 127 to 31. Tho resolution was finally amend to so as to require the committee to in quireinto thce-xpcdieiicyofrcpottingabillfor the de fence of the country, and in that shape it was adopted almost unanimously. Tlio general appropriation bill was then taken up nnd discussed until tho hour of niljourninent. In the Senate, on Thursday, Mr Clay gave notice that he should call up his resolution for the repeal of tho sub-Treasury bill on I- nday. Mr Williams presented his instructions from the Legislature of Maine lo vote for a repeal oftho sub Treasury, thoestnblisbinent of a national bank and a revision of the tarilV. Hut he did not say whether ho should obey or resign. A bill was reported, authorizing iclcginpbic experi ments to bo made. Mr Norvcll called up bis resolution, proposing tho admission of ladies lu the floor of the Senate, fur Iho remainder of tlie session, and spoke warmly and chi valrously in its favor, but tho ungallant Senators twenty-one of them laid tho resolution on the table, at the instance of Mr. Henton. Twenty Senators vo'cd ngainst hying on llic tabic most of them good Whigs. The resolution to elect a printer for tho next Con gress was debated by .Mr Hubbard and Mr Hunting ton then laid over lo llie next day and Mr Henton thundered in opposition to tlie bankrupt bill until tho adjournment. In llic House there was along debate on thogenctal appropriation bill or rather on a motion lo strike of it an item of GUOOdollnrs for llie branch mint in (Jeor lia. Tho debate was still in progress whin dinner lime arrived, and the Hou?c adjourned, lo meet again at 1 o'clock. l-'iiiii.vv, 19ih inst. In llic Senat the resolution to proceed lo the election of a public printer was again debated, the motion pending being to postpone, its fur ther consideration until the lib of March next. The motion was negatived by a volo'iti to 10. The election was to lake place on Saturday. Mr Ce.vv then moved tlic considci.atiun of bis reso lution for the repeal of the sub-treasury law. The motion was sustained by a vote of 23 lo Ilefurc any question was taken on the lesolulion the Senate adjourned. The House was engaged until the usual hour of ad journment willi iho "Pensions lo Widows" bill. -Mr. Woodbury has presented to the .Senate a ii i r ., report iar e.xceeuing an ins lormer eueiris mine protouiul. I lo lias gaven an estimate ol the los- cs sustained by the country through the banks. Amongst the items which enter into the ac count and which Mr. Woodbury ertimatcs to a dollar, arc the amount of bills accidentally des trnyed, sacrifices of property, extravagance in living, sVjc The amount ol bills lost and des--troyed since the foundation of the banking .sys tem, -Mr. Woodbury says is $1,111,11 1. The whole amount of loss he puts at $:j(i., l.ll.lOT. Tho odd cents aro not given, and omission for which we are at loss to account. Sun-atou nio.M Vikoima. On Wednesday the Virginia Senate, after six days of debate, agreed to the resolution of the House, appointing a day for going into an election of Senator. Tlie House had named Friday tlio 18th inst., the Senate substituted the ,Id of March, and to this substitution the House agreed. New Jr.RsEY .SnxATin:. The Hon. Jacoii W. Mn.LCit, of Morristown, was, on I-'riday last, elected U. S. .Senator from New Jersey, in place of (Jarrit 1). Wall, whoso term of ser vice expires on !ld of .March next. Mr. Webster having resigned his seat in the Senate, in order to accept the ollico of Secretary of Slate tho Hon. liiifus Chole. has been elected lo supply the vacaiu'y. Mr Clay's resolution for tho repeal oftho sub-treasury, has been defeated in the Sen ile, by a votu of to i!7 , Fiai.M tiii: Coast or Akhica. Intelligence has been icccivi.'d from (lalhnas, n' Havana and New Orleans-, that the twogreal slave fac tories of Don l'e'ilro lllaiicnand Don IVilrn Mar tine, had been broken up by Iho new of a liiitish m.iii-iif-war. (iui'ds to the amount ol half a million of dollars hadlu'im di'i.trovt'd, and Hit 10 negroes sol at hbeily. Tlu'so tigiups aio no doubt e.xager.iti'il, hut it is by no mr.nih un probable, wo think, that a Hide hand has been laid upon tho skiving establishments m Martini'?. mil lllonci). They havo lung been looked upon with a hostile e o by the1 liritish giivoriiiiie'nl, Wasiiimi i ov, Feb l."i. General ll.u i ion this illuming visited the two Houses of Con giess, and was irceivi'd with marked atten tion in both. 1 liu Administration members vv cie foremost in their attention to the distin guished man so soon to ho at the head oftho nation. IS veil Mr. Ileiiloucaiuc forward with many otheis but not tho Ohio senators. 'I'bo Vice President received his old com mander with great cordiality; and tho Pres ident elect remained some time in tlie private room of the Vice Piesident. Canadian- vuv Kouci:. There nro 20,000 regulars in tho two provinces. In addition, each regiment of militia is reipiired to havo two Hunk companies in constant readiness. As theronro 1 l.'I llogimcnts in tlio Upper Province, this will give 1G,00() men. A forco ofelti.OOO would thus bo called into the field at u moment's notice. Johnson, Vt,, Fob. 20. A couplo of young Canadians, (one 15 and tho other 18,) who bad been but n short tinin in our village, thinking honest labor too slow a process to amass tho desiro amount of this world's gear, resolved upon what ihey thought to be n speedier method. Accordingly, last Sab- bath evening, after making tlio necessary pre parations, tlmy helped themselves toaliuise and harness from tho barn of one uf our citi zens, a cutter and tiiipurtenanco from anoth er not forgetting to furnish themselves with change from the money drawer of uno ofour vvnre-houses aiiu set oil lor lliu tiueen s no nunions. Thus fur, alt was fair weather. Hut alasl how dilTereiit the serittol from what their imaginations bad painted I Taking the route through f5t. Albans, Iiy the way ol Cambridiro, they stopped nt the latter nhico to obtain refreshment, and on resuming their journey, possessed iiieinseivcs oi mo lanti- lord's Pools, llicso wore iiiisseei in mo morning, as a inatlcr of course, and the r renclimoii liomg strongly suspected, uio landlord set oil' in pursuit: passing them on tho road, bo was prepared to give them a hearty reception on their arrival at .St. Albans. Our villagers, in tho mean nine, wero not idle. Karly on Monday morning, as soon ns tho theft was (liscoveicd, they started in all directions. Fortunately, two ol'thcm arrived in St. Albans soon alter tho arrest ol the rogues. In tho evening lltuy returned with their prisoners, who worn examined and bound over lor trial at the next term ol the court. Whig. j Seniors Accident. Wo arc sorry to learn that the coachman of Iho Hon. John (liuncy Adams, very valuable domestic) was very seriously injured jestcrday at the Capitol Vard, fronting tho eastern portico. It appears that, just alter Mr Adams bad stepped out olliis carriage and gone up the steps oftho i-astiru front, tho horses took fright nt tlio tiring nf Colt's rille, which was being Hied ill llic presence of a number of gentlemen in lliu grounds opposite the east ern portico. Tho coachman and footman weie both throw n Irom their scats on tho carriage, anil the for mer was iammcil between tlio carriage wheel and one of llic posis in tho yard, so that his side, back, and loins wero sorely liriuscd ami injured. 1 or more man lwo hours after tho accident tho poor man's situation was thought by tho attending phvsi-ian to ho very critical j but late last night the siilll-rcr recovered so much ns to allbrd reasonable hope of bis recovery. Tho footman was also considerably injured. Xal. Inlclligcnccr. As oi.n S.mi.oii's vov.WJt: Tiiitoce.'ii The following is an extract from tho log book of Mr. Thomas Parker, a naval oflicer in the revolutionary war, who died some time since at Huston, aged fifty years. "First part of the voyage, pleasant, with line breezes and free winds all sails set spoke many rcselsin want uf provisions supplied llioni freely. Middle passage : Weather va riiiblo short of provisions spoke several of the vessels our supply bad enabled to refit made signals ol distress they up helm and boru away. Latter part : Uuiaturous, with contrary winds current of adversity setting haul to leeward toward the end of the passage cleared up with the quadrant of honesty had an observation corrected and made up my reckoning and, alter a passage of fifty years came to ill Mortality Koail, with tho calm imriillled sttrlacc ol the Ocean uf Cteniitv in view." Ilr.r.n'.s a Ciiaxci:. The following ad vertisement under the head of Wile Wanted, is in the llatesville (Ark) News: "Any gal what's got a bed, Calico dress, colliic pot and skillet, knows how, to make a liuntin' shirt, and knows bow to take care of children, can havo my services till death parts both on us." lliinr.iiii.i:. A few days ago, in the jail of Pike county, III, a man named Williams, who had been confuted for murder, sent fur his wife and children, under a pretence ol'a de sire to see them. Thoy came, and shortly after entering the prisun, he cut bis wife's throat and then his own, each surviving but a few minutes. The chilren were not injured. Wo copy tho following mathematical puzzle from the Huston livening Git.t-ttc, and will next week publish the three or four answeis given in that paper, together with tho true one, if some of our correspondents vvill furnish it. A Shopkeeper sold a shawl price seven dollars. A titty dollar bill was offered in payment, not being able to chango it, ho scut tn it neighbour for that purpose. The day following tho neighbour brought back the fifty dollar bill sajitnr it was a couiitcrfoitand received l'ooi! money fur it. (lucre How much did tlio Shopkeeper lose bv tlio transaction. .s-1 ; v...v;X'irv: " FOURTH OF 31 AKCII. It will bo recollected by tho Whigs of Bur lington that the meeting of their Club stands adjourned to TJL'ltklUV, 77,' 177 o'f Jl MICH A'JLYT. The Committee have dii ei'li'd the meeting to bo held at the Com t House,1, at (J, o'clock in tlio afternoon, when it is expected that resolutions and iiic.iMiies of a public nature may bo discus sed. It is nriiiiosed to have a mcetim: in tho evening at John Howard's hog Cabin, w heron supper vvill bo prepared for rirrv ri. is each, and every one to furnish his own Cider. Our friends from till tlio other pints of the county aio invited to join us, and p.iitii'tikuly all the hutd-hamkd fieemen who have labored in the good cause and wish to give the Administration a lair start. 1-Vbr.i.iry '-'(i, IS 11. pa a In Wcsuordon the 23d inst. the venerable Simeon hooker, mint 101 yenrs. lu Coli'hotir.oii S.uurdiv I'venrng lat, Henry I'lankhn, only Son of Charles and Sarah Collins, aged IT. months und'-J dajs. TVTtlTll'U. This ccrldies that 1 have given my i i son r.noch Johns, Ins lime lo trade and act for himself, nnJ thai 1 shall'mulier claim any of his earn ings nor pay any of bis debts nfter tins date. JUHlliL JOHN'S. Allen, Xocce I.. Joiix-s. Huntington, lb. '.'!, 1S11. rpo l-VVie.ll i:i(S. 0. KIMltAI.L, Jr. will pay 1. C S 11, for from sixty to one hundred live HOtiS lliirliiiglon, I'ebruary 25, 1811. 3vv Tal.e P.artlculiir Xotlrr. AS I contemplate a change in business tins spring, 11 is desirable that all persons indihii'ifti.i me call nnd telllo by ihc'.'Olb ol Mnrch next, or ollicr vuscnll notes nnd necounU Ihal havo becoiuu due will bolefi in ibuhandsof an nttmnry for collrction. I hope no ono will complain of this explicit call, nor fail tacivoimmedialrnllcnliou. i:, II. KVAXS. ltiulinplon, l'eb, 2J, ISH. N OTICK. Know vo nlliucu that I llie said Joshua ltenuncton.lJr. Iiabocivtn lnvson. IlliMlv II. KI'.MlNdTOX, his tiinr, and ull debts contracted by mv san Hcnrv IL Iteininaton nfie-r tbisdnv. I elo not consider my.sclf holdeu for, neither do I claim nnV of Cr .tV-f.s.. s'. J- XJC. ?sKVVJ Rir-eanrnps JUBIIUA KP .xn.U I OX, Jr. Hinsbuij'i rhiu5iv IL lr-tl 3w MI.SSI13. .'tVUIlOHN & llltl VSMA1I), gent. J.1 I he four 1 o.x. a of S heriiiau', Cough I.iAcnoes ad of von cured me e-i.tire lyofn vera nt.njk 1 1 1 ' e iimif 'ever accompanied by a Ilnnl ( ouri. i ci-ni tlieinhii-lily,,,,,) recommend thin, ,',, wi;u have n ( , m ,,p iAm Kt, cr, ,;u ."IOVpVI 1U I.-se.x, VI. July 13, 1810. "U1 '' I aiiu iorn it nrui.iniud solo agents for Sherman'. ( oiighnnd ,ori,i I., tngcsnnd Poor Man's Plasters Ins Um nge s nil have A. Sherman, M I) on tho box. STATr.Ob' VI'.llMONT, rrpiIIM'rbato Coiut nisaiMtTorOiiiTTKNticv. J I. for the district or Clntleiiileii, to all persons niuresie-d m tho cstnto of Uirncha l.yon a Rmalu nilaiit, of Detroit in the Siatu of.iliehiijnn. I law-ley M. Ciiddings of Ihirlingion in the county of J Inltendi n. t;uardi,m of Iho said Cornelia I. yon, having filed in said mint prlil'on, in writing, selling jorlh the said Cornelia isseiod in her own right in fee rifthefollowingdcscnbrdtraclsof land, situate in said Hurliiigton. to vvil. the m rib half of ejuarler nerc lot No q I, nnd thevvho'o of quarter ncre lot No. 0. 1, vvhii-b sa.d lands are puhp-et to an ineuinbranco of tvveiilydolliiispirauniiin, n.aablo to .Mrs Olaiissa 1. ymati, oKud Hiirlmglon, during her nalural life, and also to n hie estate cd T.dwnrd I.von therein, which the sunt Lilvvard holds us P riant bv the curtesy! that a sale of said winds uiti rest in said lands, for the pur pose of putting the pron ,-ds of sueh sale at interest, would be conducive tn the hid rrntof said ward, anil prnj injr said court to licence lb" said guardian to sell the said ward's interest 111 said lands. Whereupon iho court nforesaid doth nssi-jn tl(! 13d, day of .Match next for having sanWpi upon nnd dead ing thereon at llie Iteirisicr's ollico ii said Huriingloli and dolh older ihat all persons interested be notified thereof, hy publication of this order, containinir tho substance, of said petition, three weeks successively in the Huihiigton l-'rrc I'less, a newspaper printed 111 Hiulimrlou, in the county of ('bilteiuli n, die last of vv huh publications to be previous to said 13th dayof March next. riiveu under 1 11 v hand at Hurlington in said district, this 2jthdny of t'cbruarv, If 11. W.M. WESTON, Register. PAXAIU IN 1 Hill :if, showing, by hij- J lorical f ids, Ibe onuses of the late attempted Revolution, nnd of 113 f iiluro. The presi nt condition of the people nnd their future prospects, together with the personal ad ventures of the Author.aiiil others who were connected with the Itevobition, by Ik A. TiiKt.Lcn, Itrig. Hen. in the Canadian llcnullican service. This day le-ceive-d and for salo at tho Hook H lore of I). A, IlllAMAN', IVb. 13, 1911. xotici: to mm, nr. us. rjlli: -eriler will flinch 111 !" 11 tuition and .1 viemuy, tiltAMTt; window ' aji., -oil., nnde'r piiminir, Tlire-linld-uii'l Dour -leps 1 f any descrip tion, ed llie hr t ipialuy. A I ill ul any stouu w-anleil w'll I o n'tc'i led 10, utid nil uifi. run-inn lirni'lied by Mrs r-. t'olli It & llra.l'cv, IV U .V Co., and Hradlcy U Hyde. Any pi-r-e 11 earn Meilicqi-nliiyoftlio toiie, I y tfiuse 1" 11111 hi', 1 lor Judge I'..l!e-e i' lii-u cor I'reM denl Wheeler's lu 11 e 111 Hiii-lui-'loii. ll is nre-umed that ihr quality and pru e I'llu- c-twtu will warrant ., L'l-iirrn! ti-e if IniiMe-rs will la'-e the troii1 lo lo ux- I n,i,i,.,.il,i- onm.nml unci-. lil.fl. W. COI .1. V t kl!. Hirri',Vl. IVIrn.iry Hll. fin C'TOItK TOR H The subsciibcrbcinL' nbout O lo ie-linqiiisli tho inercantiio business oilers his Store and remaining slock of GOODS for sale. Tlu Store is -fl by 3'i feel, two stones high and well finish ed vvilh a wood house, and hor-o shed '3S feet long attaclu d. The- location is a desnable one for business and will bo sold low. A credit will hetuveii if desired. Al.llXANDr.Il Kn.'GL'SO.N. Huntington, South Village, .Ian. 'iO, 1S11. AyOL'.Vf! MAN, (not a Crnllcmnn we think,) passed a S2 Counterfeit St. Albans bill to a small liny in our store yesterday, the l?lh inst. The lull is Xo. 2!)l, I.i tier I, sicncd' A. Plimpton, Cashier, U. Swifi, Piesident. The bill is much worn and has bun turn and mended m two plans and part of thu lull stone. Some one mav reeolh 1 1 of eeing sueh a bill in the hands of iho SCOL M)I! IU. who passod it mid cull aid us in hiinain' linn We pub. It--1 1 llus hoping to detect him in this way. feb. H, I'll. PA.VliUOIlN it IlItlNSMAID. felllnc oil' (heap Continued. rpi!AI)i: two pist weeks great, greal. great. Dif J. feieiice m selling low oi Cheap vis. blc. Assart incut yet lare'r, beautiful, useful X dcsireabb at tho r.iriiu-rs, ip Peoples Cheap Cash Store, by their agent, HOWARD. Tlmr-day Morning-, ) H Feb. t-tl, MH.f.r.ll WA.VIT.I), to lend the enst mill at fl llulili.ll's Falls, l'.se, by the fust uf May next, who is will arru"mtcd witli tho business, and can cue sar-iiaeiory reference. Jan. H, Hll. if. JAMT..S I. CUTI.F.Il. T I' THOMAS has just received at his new Store, rJ abuse quantity of r.LTI'.U.l) ItOHI'.S, I'LTt CAPS, (il.OVI-.S, ,'c'c. cic, which will be sold much lower than any rt'Ilsi of the like quality have been sold in this market for years. He will pay the lushest market pure in cash for Fox Skins, ltaceoon, Musk rat, Otter, Hear, Mink, .Sable', and tlie burliest price m cash for Sh-ep'sp, Its. lso, cash pa.d for fresh Potk I'.i.rhiigt in, Dec. 1 ", 1540. I.OAK St'CAlt. oriit.r. itr.iTNF.ti l.nur sro.ut. also nn rx'-e-lleni article-of Molass. s ti.r fam I v use, for salo c!uap bv J. P. WHAl.I.VC; .Xv Co. Dee. lit, 1 10. '1015.U ft). J P. WH H.INfi .X CO. inform the public that ihey are Awnts for Sargent, Spr-. ;ue if- Co. Tob.are-omsts, Albany. X. V., who man'ifracturc a vi i v super.or aslii-le ijfl'.aper Tobacio m uvcry va rn ly of bi'.r. (irocers nml olhers will find it to their n Ivautau'c to c-ill and examine the ar u-le. Also Plug Tobacco ol'i'ilierent q-iahtics, all of which w d be sold cheap for cash. Also Snuff of dull-rent kinds. ""ihliTv of Vermont, isio, lOIl the cvvrnl t wnsin the County of Ciiittcndin L nirreadv for il. livery, Town Clerksor Constables xv .11 pi i-' call or -end fir ill -in. Those entitled to l!n in in llii'Uwn of I'urlingioi! will he supplied by ennuis .-ii iin- c ujaei luei . e. e.uueJlltut I. D.v. 13 lvv "O I'A'sS Cl.OCIvS. Persons wishing good brass I ) sinking ( licks in beautiful fiiusheil cases, can find Ilu in on fav'iiiiih'e leriii', nt the Wanety Store. so. Punk and OiTiee Clocks, for sale; these f'l cks ar.- wai rained io keep coire-l nnv, ami ibev will per forin as vvcllns anv oilier clocks. Dec. K PA(ii:OK.V fc ni!I.SMAID. IOST. Kight fat sheep, marked with tar. T M. A Whoever will give inl'orinaiioii, shall be suitably rewarded. FOR MAI.rc.A superior new m.lrh eovv and calf. Also, for sale, or to rxrbango for eattl-. sheep or perk, a rente-el chaise .and harness. I). KIMBALL, to. Itiirhnston, Xoy. 21, IP !0. rvoi) rnn, M.cicr.iir.Lr and SUA!) of sune- x.-" riurquahiv iur kale bv Der. 10, 1? 10. .. I.OVLLV it Co. pAXADA STOCkMN(.S rienilemcn and Ladus V' l!ii,-U skin and Indian Moccasins, I'ur Cloves Ijui-I; sK-n Miuens, Wol en Tippets, I.adus nnd (ion tleniuis Merino Lambs wool and Worsted Wrap, pers, just reived an 1 for snh- hv Pic. 10, HIQ, .. I.OVLLV .x Co (MOODS. The subscribers have reM and are now opening .a very large assortments Wollrn Cloths of every v am ty, neb plain, tiguree) and changeable Silks, Mousehne de Laincs.'Alp.acea Chubs Tnghonia Shawls, lldkfs., Pubbous, .X:c. We will euilysay thai we have a larger a.sorlio.-iu of roods ofenrj variety than we have ever kept before. " Oct. 1 1810. X. I.OVr.I.V ci Co, lODLN'P: SJ!I(; WATI'.K.-A recently discover. I cd fountain nt Narnioga nml contnins properties known m no other Spniiu its freedom from Iron lenders ii .safe to be drunk class of mm. lids with whom Iron provi s miiirious the epianlily of Iodine contained m this water renders it the nioti v ni mble mineral wuiir firevrrv species nf Scrofula ?ei Wovcrril.fnrs.alrbv.'. II. l'KCK&C'o. Ar"t,, O I'.VIsr.D STATLTKS of Vermont, for sals hy IV Jan. 8. C OOODH1CH. ATOTICI .My wife, Sophia I'ovell, has left my I.N bed and board, w-ilhotit any iti.tittt,,,.,,. i therefore forbid all persons harborim; or trutins her un iu -.ii-coiini. JA.IIKS l'OWKLI. neorgi.i, Dec. I, lSIO. I ,!,. ! 1''nr - Lovely A CoV Store, a fig i ..n. WOltIC ltAO. rniilnmln.i, ...... il. or ilireciWIarsm change, and oilier nrlieics. The iiuuiT who.' suuauiy i cvva-relW on leaving it at this olico. lb. 15, 1511. IJIJf'J'TAXIA TI'.A VOVri. Tumblers. Ten nnd I ' I able Spoonsi glass Lanterns, Lamps, Preserve! Dishes, Plates, Wines, Sails, Peppers. -Mustards nnd t ruels. rmu pen and pocket Knives, Scissors .Shears,, ir for ta'cby IL M. GIDDINCS it Co. ' l'eb. 10, 1811. "P A'.OItH. Joseph Ho Igefeiiiiil Sons sirjerior, IV- ulso Pomirov s fine SiropsTmul ihewhue Wind sor Soap, for vne by H. M. GIDD1XGS iS. Co. I eb. 10, lPdJ. 1 .f CJ ;,AV N 1', frlinl for medical purpo.Z t 'b. 10. lorsule by 11. M. WDDIXOS Co. tine tVut Itrvvuiil. " I ? rllx AWAV from iliu subseiil,fr,an a,pr(.ntlcc b IV- ihr iiatue nf 1 Itavle l-'onnl.-, I,,.' 'in .. ' " arr furbul li.iibonng or tru-dmc lum .-, " ''""l .shall pay no .Ubis ,' hl. ,V Tho said Charles abc ......1...1 ., .... "i , . property, llic.cfora nnv person w Ikj vv il I r i pretty or ,e sa.d Charles shal, .-iiii.i i.aMiig eioiiung not

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