Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 26, 1841, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 26, 1841 Page 3
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Jewelry, Ac. T,TOS.UC, Cameo, Emerald, Topas, Jel Pearl, Cor 1.L nehati, mid plain Gold Pins. Ilroaehcrs, Fin- gcr Kings, Ivirornniiicuts, Head ornaments, etc., at unusually low prices. l'ANaiion-, et UmssMAiD. LOlMvHTS, for tho neck, and for miniatures Gold Heart. Crosses, Stats, etc. Hold Chains. Gold Heeds, Gobi Pencil", Gold Snaps, etc. Wu will bcII these articles at such prices as cannot but be satis factory to our friends and customers as wo wish to close them oll'befora navigation opens. Feb. 19. PAXGllORX et HRIXSMAID. PLATFD SPOON'S. Wo inform those who wish to get a good and cheap article of Plated Spoons, that wo aro prepared to show, and sell llieui an article which will wear well and give tlicm satisfaction, as cheap as llio cheapest. Pan-odors et Hnise.MAin. ItOAItDSnn I SIIIXGLI Oil Shingle. y mi I0M feet spruce Clap Hoards, by .1 iV. J 11 I'l.UK it uo llurlington, Will. If, 1811. G'i FR.MAX SPOOXS. Those who wish r L'cruian silver aro inforuied that wo will sell them Dixon and Sons best article ami mark than, us low as any person sells them without marking, Feb. ILL PA'XOnORX ..t HRIXSMAID. Cf.OC'ICS. Wc are selling the brt quality Wooilcn Clocks for cash at Hi, barter SI j. Heauiifiil Ma hogany cased brass sinking Clock for cash S15, bar ters'..), l'cb. 19. PAXGHORNit Hltn.'SMAID. A CCOHDUONS. Do von wish a nice Accordcon cliean ! Call at llio Vnriily Stoic and net it. Feb. 19. PAXGllORX & HRIXSMAID. Wll A 1 I! It ) V PM .xic-IIonnct and dress wlialcbone J whaltboncbiass, slctl,and wo. den, Husks, Fythl, Lacing, spool stands, F.incrics. pcrl'n mc I cushion", seizors, shell combs Hrusliesanel a great variety of goods. Panodoiin et HiiiNs.vAm. Closes Ittuglcs' I'-slatc. ST ATI"! OK VF.RMOXT, ) rp II 1! Honorable nisTiiicT or ciiittknpi-.n, s-s. ) J. the probate court lor the District of Chiltuulcn : "To all persons con cerned in the etnto of .Moses Rugglcs, Into of West ford, in said district, deceased, GKKF.TIXG, Uiikiika", I'.liliu 11. Haggles, administrator of llio 'istato of Haul deceased, proposes to render an account of bis administration, and present his account against said esute for examination andnllovvanceata session oflhe Com t of Probate, to bo boldcn at llio Ri Ulster's office ill llurlington on the second Wednesday of March next. Therefore, you arc hereby notified to appear before said court at the time and plaoeaforcsaid, and shew cause if any you have, why the account aforesaid should not bo allowed, (liven under my At HurlingU-ii, this eleventh dnv of Febrtnrv, A. D. 1611 W.-t. WLSTON, Register. Xabby lutes' Hslatr. STATK OF VERMONT, r pill! Hon. the Pro niSTaicT or ciiittesucs, s. ? .1. bate court for the District of rliiticmlcn; To all persons concerned in the estate of Xabby Rates, late of Charlotte, in said District, deceased, GlllX.TING. Wunanx, Win. Dean, Fxecutor of the last will and testanicnlof sa-d deceased, proposes to render !Tu account uf Ins adiiiiiii'tiatiou, and present hi? account against nd estate for examination and allowance at a sjssiuii of the Court of Probate, to bo holdin at the Reamer's eiflicc ir. llurlington, on the lClh day of March next. Tbctffore, you arc hereby notified to appearb"foiesni eoiirtat the time am place aforesaid and shew enuse1, if nnv you have, whv the. account aforesaid should not fx- nlloweel. Givii under inv Inn 1 at Ue', i : .-!"ili ,'iv nfM uci'V, . D". 1E11. r-ii IttlMir. Itctibcn Itntul's Instate. STATU OP Vr.ll.MOXT, ) 'pill! Prubate court MSTKICT Of CIIITTESD1.N-, s. X for the Disllict of ('hittiiiiden, Tu all persons- interested in the estate tf Reuben l'uud, late of Undcrhill, in said district, deceas ed, testate. W. Church, nilmir.isisttator, tic bonis mm with the will annexed, of the estate of the -aid Reuben Rand having tiled in said court his petition in writing, si'ttuii foi til that the personal estate of said deceased, asinventoiicd, amount to&lu!) 00, anil the leal estate to 00 j that fe-ftGO of the personal estate has hern assignc I lo tho widow of said deceased, and the balance thereof has been i pi tided in the administration ofsaid estate: that there ts due In. Me linde Rogers lale widow, and lite cxccutii.x of the hit will, ofsaid deceased, 8"3 s; as appears from her administration account allowi I by sail I couit; lhal thuelainis iiIIomciI bv llio ! comuusMJiii'is asanist aiel (stale amount lo.M'l,3j wlneli remain unpaid; that the real f stale of said de- 1 ceased eonsis's of about sixteen acres of lanil Ivin' ill laid rndi'ibill, on bolli suits of the hill mail lending I from Underbill illniro to Cannlridi'o. lioiiiid, il on ilm nerth, caat, and lands owned by Reuben Par ker and on the south by land oe-curvd by Judson Clark, on which said sixteen aciisis a luiuc and barn; that the widow ofsaid deceased has a life estate in ono eoual undmdid third part of said land, and that asabof said land, together with the rcwrsion of the widow's dower llipriin, is neccssaiy for the payment of the: del ts i(;aiu-t said estate anil the expenses of administration, and pinyinc said court to (.'lanl him ltcrn-e to si ll said land and the ruersion of ihc wid ow's dower therein. Vv'hercupon tho court uforcsaid doth appoint the l'iili ehv of .March, lRll.for luarin an J dcridms on said petition, at theollieu ortlicRei.iis ler ofsaid court in ISurlmgton and dotii order tbafall persons interested in said estate be notified thencnf, bv puhlication of this ordi r, cnntainins; ibu suhstanco of bjiiI petition, three; wui k siicccs-ivcly in the Hurling ton I-'rce Press, a newspaper printed in lliirlinstnn, in llio county of Chittenden, ibe last of which pnblica tuiis tobe previous to said Ifiih day of Jlareli, 1FI1. (iiven under my liandai l!urlinton, ibis Kjili dav of 1 cbruaiy, Mil. Vji. WCSTOX, Register. "jVOTIC!!. rt-jMedicine1 is lt known I y the 1 1 cures it peilbrnis.-j I. .Newton's l'unaiea, eir Peiriner ol the llli.oel. 'I he nnparalleli'il and -nil increa-inz lepiiianon which this iiiudie'ine1 ba-ae'qair-,sl thro'iaho it the New laieland siaie.-., and the1 m. iny c.ires it his nerfi itiusl. and ibe cieal e'einand ipae',1 feint by Ihe'adiii'e eifpliysieuens well ae'ip'aintfie ivilb it- preparntiun, has indue cd the propr.e-te r to cxtenel Hi cirjul ilion to almo-t every town in the cistern S'ates and the principal tnwiis m ibe I "until Siales. This I'.in.wcH warrantee! pinely vegetal leand is not si! Iv any eiiher iiiedii-iiu1 ever e creel te) tl.e .i lifted as its cxte'iisiee' sglo and popularry pi.tiniy prove turclus tin u ye. It witluu the bi-l ei-.b'ie ii menlhs j i uan Isiifihe- iiui.t ol stina:e eli-iM-es, as nesl by e'ciliiiiMli's, and is prouo'lne es! lyi en Le iirnu1, f.'iuneni aivl repe' puysie-ians mc i esi ineiiie ir.i-1 inns,1 r.,.fiil nifi rinnlion iiue' 1 1! foiini) i it firrii!i, r cinlaininir e-ertifieali'A ot cures ami eli.Lviie ns lor ta Kins iho inclieine. I lie lolleiwins aiipi.-nled aeni Norih I'errisl iirgb. II. C. Wicker G'eoreri.i. A. Il'li Willi, ton,; S. Chitli'iideii Itn bmond, Green ei. l(heio Je bn-uii, ('. I.. Warner an I C' Monkton, Klhai K in h Hakcrslicldj Aru.ui'i'ii and Woeidwar I I'mr CcW, ll imct and I arusworlh.'J cATAititu sxirrr. MAKfll U.'S SM'FI', is .till curinsthe Catarrh and ihcvarioiis iIisctcs ol'ihs hex I, as well. is soreeyes, In all parts of the country ; and sustaining the reputation which it lias long nun' trained, e f i Icing ab-ol.iledy llio I ct article; of ihe kind in the mirket. ' 1 utile e'emtnin" three tine- ibeiuinliiy of one e.ftho'e which are e fferesl il "ONI.V TWIiNTY-, f'lVi: t'K.'l-," And is tlicrcfi re a much ehiape-r, us well as I elter article. or aic nv J. &, J. ii.'pi:ck & Ci TIIFO. A. PF-CK" & Co and Da. RUlU'. MOODV. Tlurltnglon, Jan. 22, 1811. ly.l.IS MAHSIIAlil.'-i i-onlnc'cs unriMillisI as a slieiigllieuing Pl.ASTI I! : Abo, fe r fihciiH a lisrn, Lamcni'ss or pains in the1 side", liml s (,r 1 ack : for -cri fulo is svyclliiiss, se-urvy eire, l-'rch wemuds ; and Inra ge-neral (-'.iiirly Pla-teror salve1. Pnr('om, mrircoiei try it j paie close, pertevere in the n'f I y mnkinga new-application oevasionally, and in time, yonrcorns will I e cuicd. For sale bv ' J. et J. II. Pi:CK et Co. TIIKO. A. PIX'K e- Co. an 1 Dr. liODT. MOODV. llurlington, Jan. 22, IS 11 . Jy.f.lS B"cr T TOILS' I. I'anie ashore on ihesubscri- ers oremi-i1, at Co e-hester point in 'ei cinl cr last, a cluiM'r limit yawl IIUAI, 2., feel long ami painted reel. The owiier is requested to pay liarge- sanl la'le II away. iil.u. .. fl l. All's. Coli'hestev Point, tel.. 8, 1811. . Vnliialilc1 lloolis fell' Holiday V.fU. "TV TP-n. -lilvlilV U N 1 i-tAi.l. lili.tu I V, IV 1 prcsi-nvcti anu unproveu oy r. gi and dres, Ofustrn'' I by 12 cofon ,1 men, cleinliness I plates and clc- ,i t i . .1 . '. t ' r .iii ' ' I n'ct-T .in vnr. n f .r.suna3.Xe. ) cawaud l.i.lii .'ij p.'... i.i, f !3l. The Tokens FnlENnsuir s OrrEniNat Rose or Sharon i A Girr rnOM taiiiv lnh. Alsongener- nl assortment of Juvenile Tories, rar ev's UooU, Hollo's Publications, Parleys Umursal in voIs.,stc, ice, for sale liy Dec. 2'J. D. A tit ,oVI'.l,V A 'Co. are now opening nnd of 1 t fcring for silo a more e.xteiinc nssoriincni o .no,,,, ,l,lo ii.nilu itinii liave cur before ollercil intlusnnrkelj amongst which is a great ariciy of l'L'RS and FurTriiniiiings all of winch are ollercil extremely lo for Ready CASH. Oct. 21, A,TH- STACY, Dear Sir Reaeling nn article in n JL late paper of yours, tettm tiller forth thu utility frequent and regular ndvenising, with your own tllus- trS'ions in connexion, lias "brought us over to the faith" ',vCfcliail try tun experiment. ' Truly yours, II. M. GIDDIXGS ct Co. . sTmliTTTi- AI M i-Ts: m ' ,'jf 1R '. f'" "-ale at the, MP&tvnm , i, A. HUA.MAN, liurlington, J. & J. If. Pec!, and Co., It. Moody ' V - " " "'"""'.'-' y St Alia,.., Curtis an! Ro-sel-Milion C. DralV 'wth 1-1 acre or more of land if desired (or a garden, Mdton I'all-, ll.irn. t and SawM-r-WalerMlle, F.l, ."" "s i 'L?' "', possession given the and llrown, Ilim'sliurah, Hull and Cook-Fairfax, I lstol-M'' "m- 'MW to .Mvn, Parker and Mailii-I.l Vcrgriino-, Adams and Murray , ,,;, ,,,,,,, ,,,, ' -Cam! ndse. M. Wire rneYrhill. M. C. Ilarn. v- "urlington, I-cb 11. loll. e lory, 2 IR MAX. LOOK AT THIS. rpilK copartnership of X. I.OV1SI.Y& Co. by its n. uVII ItlllllUllUll, IVlll L.,liIU Oil IOU Olll Ol 4lHll next. HauiiR by recent arrivals added to our fall purchases, enables us to oiler an assortment of sea sonable and well selected GOODS, as largo ami of ns qreat n variety as was ever offered In tins market at such prices, as will tnako it for tho interest of r,vsnv purchaser, to buy at this- well known establishment, or better known as the Cheap Cash Store, "on cheap sine-.- o cannot enumerate, out wouiu incrtiy say, wc havo Dry Goods, of every variety and quality, Carpctimrs, Knglish, Scotcli and American, Oil Cloths, a beautiful assortment. Rugs, Halts, Drugget tot l'loor Cloths, Crockery and Glass Ware, l.nokimr-Olasscs direct from llio manufacturer, Paper Haiii'iugs, 1 DRV GROCI'.IMHS. DryCodfish, Shad ami Mackerel, liiiltcr, Cheese, elrieel Apples, and Lard, for family use. liurlington, Tebruary 10, 1SI1. X. II. Xccd wo say any thing to those indebted to this lirm 1 wc shall sec. .leilltl Abbott's I'.stntc. STATU Ob' VKRMOXT. rp II H Honorable DismtcT op CiirTTKNDEN. ss. S X tho Probate Court for tho District of Chittenden t Toall persons conecrii- en in inecsiato oi jonn .iuuoii, late oj iiuruugion, in said District, eleceasi'il. OnEKTivoi WiiEums, I.ucy Aim Abbott, executrix of the last will and Tewtntnent of said deceased, )roiocs to ren der an account of her administration, anil present her it-count againt said estate for examination and allow ance at a session of the Court of Probate, to lm hoi elennt the Register's office in Hurl'muton on the, se cond Wnlncsdav eif March next. Therefore. You arc hereby uolificet to appear before said court at tho tune anil place aloicsani, aiu! shew cause, it any you have1, why the account aforesaid should not be allowed. (liven under my hand at llurlington, tliis,lltli day of February, A. D. 1S11. W.M. WKSTOX, lleqislcr. ICIijali lm ell's IMatc. STATK Ol-' VERMONT, ) At a Prol ate e-oiirl IltSl RtCT OF ClltTTIAUCN, ss. t held at Hurlinglou, witliiu and fur -aid district on tin; eighth day ol l'cb ruary, A.I). 1811. Sabrina Ann Hewitt, one of the heirs of Kb'iab Pow ell, late of Charlotte, in said district, deceased, bavins lilcd in! court heT petition in writiu;, settios lorib llut sjiu holds a part ofsaid estate1, viz. the recriin of the wielow's elower therein, jointly with tho either heir? to said estate, and prayinir ,ii'd e'ourt to order a division thereof and to appoint ceiminis.ieuie'r.s fen that purpose., tliocourt ufoie-aid dotb tinier the heirs to said date and all other persons nVlefic-li'el llieiein, le notiliul to appear I Core snid I'emrt at a si- ion thereof to be he'd at tliedflVuofllii' Iteaister ofsaid e-ourt in said Hurhnerton on the sei'ond Weilnesil.iy ol .March, IS II, and show caflse; if any tbey Inve why the prayer of said petition should not bo j:r.iutisl, by publieaiioii ol this order three weeks siii'eiivuly ni tin" lliirlinertnn I'liv Picss, a newspa per printed in said Hiirliiitou. the last cf which ptib ic.itions to I e previous to saul scuond We'due-tltiy of March, 111. Wm. W1MTOX, Resistur. John VnnslrMcii's Instate. statj: or vi'.hmunt, ) i t a puohati: ntsrutcT of intiTi:MM.N'tss I Court holilon at H'lrlinlnii, witbm and ('or the District nforc-aid on tho lifih day of iVbriiary, A. I). 1S11, an Iiislrjiiiient ii'irpeirlimr'lol e I lie lust will and toslauie'iit of John Van .icMi'ii. lale of llurlington, in said ilist net diHvail. wu- pio-eiitod to the' here lor Prol ate, by Jedin V.insii:!,!i'n, jr. the Jee'iitor tbere'in name '. llu'ri'tun' it is onicie.l by saul Court, that public not lev 1 1' iriicn to all persons uiii'ieMed llieiein to ap peal' Lelbie sanJ Ceiurt, at a sea-inn ibereof to l.e liolelen at the lli'i-ler's O Hee' in Ibulnnrton on ibe se- ron I Weslnc-el.iy of March, A. I). 1SI1, and enntest the oroliule'olsai. ill, ami it is lurt her rnlereel thai this orele'r I c published tlue-e weeks sueev-sivcly in Ibe II irlitiLrlou I'lee Pre-s a newspaper priutes'l at II. iilinalon, in the Slate-, the; lust of which shall I piew ion-.' lo ibe day as-ipne.l, .is aleiii'-anl for liearius. (iiven under my baud ai I ho Iiciristcr's Olllce, tins Sllid.iy ofKebruaiy, A. I). 1811. " Wm. WUSTOX, !e?i"ser. Buim,in:ton high sciiooi,. riie unile'rsiLrned, Tnisiees of " Huiiiington llloil Piltoci.," would inform ibe inhabitants t,l tins village ami vicinity, lli.U the next ipiarler in said institution will e-ounne'iice on Thur-elay ibe IStli day ol Pebruarv. Ili'l'e' mer that a stiool ofilu, character is criMlly nceJeJ, and lliat the palronaso of iliis town alone1, if coneeuiiaiel upon it, is amply sutlie'icut to sustain it, and '.riven n place ainoiis the le-t in-tiliilions of the kin !, we would n;spo"tfiily and cariie-tly se,lictt ibe palronaue1 ami co-eiperalion eif all paieut and sur e!ian, wbohae)oiilb eif a proper aero lo send. The iiiiileTSuruiit, J ru-tee1-, liae no tmOlie minis at llieir elisitosat in m.iiutitmiutr the sohoei! ; jet, we have ou.leavOKM, lor llee p-mlio erexitl, in coiiueMou with the patrons of the school to sustain a Teae-ber and ke-ep the huildmer in rep lir. The latter we have done to some t'xte-n', at our own e'Xpe-me. Neitliiuir i- wnnt iinr Inn the hearty co-operation and patronise eifeiur lellow citizens of the vilbiie and vicinity, to niahe1 thisinstitiitieu an ornament In our Town, aii important ai I to our College1 ami a scene ofiocfn! and siicee'ssful study lo all our youth. Wc hne lull conlu'enf'e in llieabililv and ardent wishes of the Principal to make tlit sedioe'il, in all re-pee-ts, it ouslil lei be. The Tru-n e-, after lull examination, lind that scholars in constant anemia ue-e, liave made soejel preisie-s; tint ihoylnve I ecu conccily moslit as appears Peith from examinations and from iliele'siimonynf Collem1 0.licerto wli'i'ecare they hae paesl. They liud that lliflscbool is Roncially still and orderly ami the biiildinu is l,epl in soil! and be.iltlifiil order. Iln ciniraui"! by the co-eipeiation of our fellow I'l'lizou--, we will spare no pains m inakins tlie iiilitution wer Ihv oflheir palrouace and ol ibu patronasc ol parents d soaruiansabroail. Ihe rriui'ipal is prepare I to leveivea lew vouns mn or laus nun m. taiiiiiy as l I ' I I' l I'lSfYI-I1 S eutiriisrc. ,n,..s i s'v i , , JNO. K. CONVIlltsr, x.ii. iiawi:i.i (i. G. IMiKItSOI.L, STruHees TI.MO. roi.l.l.TT, HUMAN Ald.n.N, (iixutiu: .Mooitr, llurlington, IVb. S, 1811. TO HUNT. AND possession given iiuinnliatcly,tlic Store at Winoo-ki rails, lately o iu- i!i'' fsjjEi pieel liy l.atlirop Oc rotwin. Also the sccnnel story of tlie same finished sui ably for A family, possession gicn the lfith of . . ' . ". . ineurocervani 1'rovisiou r ore ta eiv occupied by I.atbron iSr Peitwiiiiu this villacc. posses- i sion gien the 20ih ofl'eb'y hist. The Houso now -. ..i ... xi... i1.... r. i. TVTOTICK is hereby eien that llioso who are in IN debtee! to us, anil whoso notes and accounts have beconiedue, that payment must be maile innnciliately, I or such demands will be lodged wilh nil attorney for I e-ollccfwn. His boned that this will be n timely no- 1 tire to all those interested, who wish to sue cost. At all events wcnm-thaie our eluis, noil if cost is ' niiiLe, eloulitlcss an attorney will inist upon Ins cost. 1'iD. a, isll. S TUll.MiQ ip LU. Cabinet Slion on t.'nlfiii's l.anc. DF.AR Silt: Permit me lo inform you and others ni your vicinity that I am still engaged in the fMiuvr'p misi vi-sjsj .t ,i,. Z. s.. l..,,u.j .Hill HUH l.t.Llll, 111-11,111, i any thing in inv line may lie bought of moon as cooi' terms as any where in this market. I am now from I before; and all paying customers whether old or new I smil no nippy to see at tlie .New Shop, where no puns will be spared to give satisfaction. Lumber anil Produce) rcc'el as usual and a iiitix cash, (if there is . any left in the country,) will bo found to do wonders a lew rous cist ol unurcii-st. u. iv. rA.MJliUll.', llurlington, January 11, IS 11. "ITntAPIMXG PAPKIt.-.lSOO reams assort V cd qualities mid si.cs for sale for Rags, country proinicc, or gooeis oy jan. ii, u, euuiiKiuii. Merchants bupplied with paper and books for Rags. TTOOTS, SHOKS & I.KATIIF.R. The subscriber .1J having lakcn tho store formerly occupieel by Messrs. Iliihun d- Whiiwle, isnow openinga ucneral assoitnunt of Hoots, Shorn and I.cailier, which have all been bought for cash ami will lie sold for the same at llie tuucMt prices, anil ns lliearlielcs are too niunrr oils to mention in an adverlisi incni, although Mr Sn . cv iiiscnlargeel us nane-r. 1 won el sinui v iiiMloa in i call anil examine the goods and prices befe forctiuri'lias. ing eisew ucre1. l!urling.tou, July 1, 1810. IIFXRV C. STIMSOX, by !:. J. Stimson, Agent, TTAI.I.F.CK'S I1R1TISII POr.TS, which hare J X just been published, were received 1 ast week. anil ire now for sn o nt tho Hook Stare. I.ikewisa inanv nuscellancous publications, among which are llio fol low mgi Soutligatc s Life of Wyehhe. Fun nont I rench writers, by Mrs. Shelley. Court of i:ngland, 2 veds. Jolinsou's Life and Works. Keighllcy s I.nglaud. l eeleral Government from 1789 tnl939. Hook for tho Sabbath, Confessionsof Harry I.orreepier. Iloswell Johnson. Rowdier Family Shakspeare. Kirk's Sermon. Kingsbury uii iiiu is.euiiiieo. .scmioh on uiu I ropuecics. l,ry anl'n American Poels. Coleridge's Poetical Works Jan. 20. I). A. IIRAMAX TTr.AI)OW'.S l-'rcnch Diciiomry, containing more L I. words than Roger's, at half tho price. I'eir sale oy C. GOODRICH. NOTICE. Tho subscriber having purchased the houso and premises formerly occupied by Guy Cnlbn. neailv onnosiin ,1,,. 11,,1;.,,. u... :.. of. Hiirbniiton. has oncneil a IKVviHif vr- r,iiiT(ji' whichbo will be hapjiy tn nceoiuinodale geiitle'i'nen 1 and ladies with the ucsl atlentions, anil imon reason. able, terms, Cw JOSHUA DOAXK. BROWN SHF.KTIXGS, 3,000 yards. UO pieces Colico : also wadding, hatting, nnd wiekinc. for wWetl WHALING -f-Co's ............! I... xi... i1.... e. i.. i... ii n1 ii BltOWN Table Cloth., 8 by 10-ltlu, warrauled all linen. Also line bird's eye eliapor j crush, iiiissm eua.itri oonoii )nru oiaei. nun wnuu wan dine; j huuiiiir and wickimt for jnle by II. M.GIDDINGS &, Co. S'ALOO.V OP FASHION, at the head of Pearl ' iliirliugton, VI. JOHN THOMAS, fashionable Hair Culler, and Knight of ibej Razor, eliallciises ihe whole barbn.ous fraternity throughout the! worlel, to cut hair ne'iiler, or shave smoother nrelo-erllinn linn tell. Also, ladies' false hair dressed m the best stile. At bis saloon in eleanie arrayed, Dame Fashion waits upon imperial blade) And sciene'0 teaches where to cut or spare, Shaping each leiek- in beauty lo a hair. iMauhooil has vigor age renew it prime, And brightly beams tlie human facedixine) His chin is smooth, his hair cut ii-la-ninde, And bou Ion notice is on him bestowed. Ye who scift smiles from bi-auly would obtain, Ye who to ages would bring back youth again, Ye learned who sacious loeiks would wear, To Thomas come, and you'll besiiiteil Ihoie. i:is!ia Itcytiold'a llsfale. STATU OP VKKMONT, ? T n Probate Court, DisT. or GnAND Isle, ss. ) XI holdcn at my dwel ling bouse in North Hero m said district, on llie'J3d day of January, A. D. 1311, present the Hon. Joel Allen Judge, All instrument purporting lo be ihe last will and testainenl of Klisba Reynolds, laic of Isle I.a Mott, in said District, deceased, being presented lo tho court hero by I'.liznbclh Reynolds, oncof the ex ecutors therein named, fur probate, it fa ordered by said court that all persons concerned therein, bo noti fied to appear at a session of saiel court to be holelen at the dwelling house ofJcdeiliah P. Ladd, in North Hero on the 27 ill elay of February next, nt 1 o'clock, P.M. and show cause if any tbey have, against tho piobato of said will, for which purpose, il is further ordered that n copy of llic word of this order be pub lished three weeks successively in the llurlington Free. Press, a pnper primed at llurlington, in the county of Chittenden as soon as may be A true copy of record. f.3 Attest JOr.L AI.I.EX, Judge. WK, the subscribers, having been appointed by the honorable tho probata court for tho district of Grand Isle, commissioners to receive, examine ami adjust the claims and demands of all persons against the estate of Azubali Wadsworlli, Into or South Hero in said district, deceased, represented insolvent, and also all claims and dcitnnds exhibited in offset thereto, and six months fiom the day of the date hereof being allowed by said court for that purpose, wo do therefore hereby give notice that wo will attend lo tlie business uf our appointment, at the dwelling house of the said Azubali Wadsworlli, elecaseel, in South Hero, on llio first Monday of March next at 10 o'clock, A. M. Dated at South Here), January 23d. IR 11. f.3 FRANKI.IX HOII1XSOX, ) Commis ORRIXGI'! PlllXPS, sionors. I'.llslia A. Hyde's Kstatc. STATK OF VntMONT, 1 mill: Probate Court Dist, of CniTTENDr.x. i A within and for the district of Chitleudi'ii, to tho creditors and others eeinecrne'd in thec-iale of Klisba A. Hyde, late of IN-C.X, in said district, elee cased. Wm.iiEAs, Lucy X. Hyele, administratrix of the es tate ol said ele'e'ejscd lias maile application lo ibis court lo I'.xtend the tune limited for making payment of the elcbts of -aiil eleeeaseil, turlvu months from the 2il elay of March IS 1 1, and tlie second Weilnes il.iy of March next, being assigned for a hearing in the premise- at llie oilieu of the register of this court, and il having 1 e-e-n ere!crcd notice thereof I e giv en, by publishing I his electee tlnee weeks nictesively in tin'1 tl iilinglou 1'iee Pie-s, a newspaper prinliil at II irlineilou, Li'feire the lone tixeel lur hearing ; Thcrefeue', yem arc hetebv notuieel to appear before said eemrl, at the time; and place nfore-aid, then and there lo make' objection if any you havi1, to tlie saiel lime of payment I emir further e"xteneled as afoie-nid (tiveu iiiule'r my band at liiirliuirlou this 23l li elay of January, A. I." IS ft. Wm. WILTON, Heg'r. ' STATH Ob' VKRMOXT, ; rp l U Honorable DisTiiieT orCuiTTEsiiEN, ss. ( X the Probate Court for the District of Chittenden : To all persons con- crtW in the estate of Dh-ha ,. Hyde, lale of Ksscx, in said District, deceased, ' Greeting. v ncrcas, i.ucy il. nyeie, aenni .x en inceilate ol saiel leceased. nroooscs to render an account of her admin istration, and present her account against said estate for examination and allowance at n session of the Court of Probate, to beholden at the Register's office in liurlington, on tho second Wednesday of March next. Therefore l ou are hereby notified to annear beforo said ceiurt at the time and nlae-e aforesaiet. and shew cause, if any you have, why the account aforesaid i i o e 1 1 ei no e 'jo aiiowen. Given iinib-r niv hand, at llurlington. this twenty. eighth day of Januari, A. D. 1811. ' tv.. vi'e'UTnv n :... i. j.j i w.s , ie.'isee;i xotici:. NOTHS and accounts elue the subscriber, must be paid by the lGth of February next or they will iin.e: eo sen ie won borne cii'cr jierson. Jan. 41, ion. I:, u. l.UUAHH. tVAXTKI). BY ihe 1st of April next, two pood Journeymen Tanners, who will receive gooel wages in cash by applying to K. C. f.OOMIS. l . rs. Harness Leather constantly on band. January 27, 1811. NU'I ICK. II. II. KKI.I.OCiG.T.idor, would respect fully inform the inhabitants of lliirliiiirtou ihat be hasi'omiiiene.ed llie above business in the buildtner hree-lly opposite the old Slcne factory at the KalD, ni l would Lo happy to wail on all who may favor him wilh their patronage. N, l. ( ntliugeloiiL1 lo order. .l.23:lt xorici:. r"pili: Trtislcssof the llurlington High School will Hum mi nil uiiineu nieeiiiii- ems eve 1 ni'. ai nan asj six o ciocii, at 1 low aril s Hotel. As important iiibiocss eiciii;ioiis ine eiiiciiiiou oi mc lioare . u c members aio requested to attend. Jan. ai, IM1. NF.W HOOICS-Hlake's Iliographical Dictionary 100(3 pages large imjicrial octavo; Johnson's complete works new edition, Hyron's works, Hlake's Letters on confirmation, Illalee s evidences of Chris tianity, just received by jy23 C GOODRICH P HF.TOHICAL Ri:ADi:it-200 just rcc'el for sale XV at Anelovcr prices by C GOODRICH Meadows' l-'rcnch Dictionary, 0J 2.1 Fosdick's I'rcncli Introduction, 3 Grnv s Chemistry. 50 Young Oralor. iust received nnd for ssln nt publishers wholesale prices teachers are rcqiicsleei 10 examine tlicm. u GOODRICH ADII'.S' fine Kid, Merino, llerlin, anil black silk Jt Gloves ; while and colored Merino Hose, bl.nclt weirstcd and wbi c e-oiton do. Gentlemen's blick Kid Gloves, heavy black do. I'inc el ilic and webb suspenilcrslorsalctiy 11. M. GIDDIXGS ,f. Co. T r.TTKRS of Mrs. Adams, the wife of John Ad lJ ams, for saleat tho book store, bv Jan. D. A. IIRAMAX. TWRWr.LL'S SHOI'.S Ladies' kid Walkin X Shoes, spring heel and French Kiel Slips, caller Hoots, Gentlemen's Punius. nnd Childiens Hoots of 1'arwell sniaKejU'trvc el anil for sale by January 2H, 1810. II M GIDDIXGS .p Co QH.KS-Realblack Italian Silk, blue black gro el O Swiss, Silk, Colored riorances, also, Silk Yilveti worsted Surge and sup. Hlae k Lasting for sile by January .y, idiu. 11 .11 e.ii)i)i.(is Lo DOWN'S Vegetable llalsiinic Khxir! for sale by TIIFO. A. PFCK .-Co. Apothecaries. to Tin: uxroitrrxATi:. rillll! subscribers have reccfyeel the well known m. nrtii-le-, . Ulooelrrooet's Elixir of Health, for the e-iiio ol elneare-s nri-uig tre.iii ni, ill slate of Ihe Slomai h, such as ty Hcaelache,ii Lo-s of appclitc r.ilpiiatiou ol ihe He-art, epe1. It has give n health and energy 10 muliitiide-s afflic ted with habitual, The price t f this valuable medicine is so establish cd that all may le enabled to obtain il. At wholesale and retail by TIIFO. A. PKCK ,f. Co. Apothecaries, Court House Square. IJ'OIl SALF, About ten tons of Hay, of good quality and in good condition. Apply to u Jan, lsn. II1CKOK it CATLIX. AXFS. .Simmons' Cat Steel Axes, for salobi 11. M. GIDDIXGS, ,t Co. 1 G-sl H I that the gcnuiiieCeiugb and Worm Lo Vjr zi-ngesniul nil other-, ma le1 by Dr. A. Sherman, arc sold in boxe , -eale-d up and have the noiue of "A SUMIMAN, at. D."i.ii ihe lloxcs, Piire hii.ers will plea-c re-'i.ein er tins a5 u.e po.iiilamv e-ftlie-c article; , ,a iiuiueesi iii.iuy ineiivieiuais lomaue an nrticle, far info nor, in sell, when these erlicli'snree-nepiireelfor. The poer Man's J'la-ters and Mie'rinan's Loe-ngirs, are noiei at uii- 1 ariciy nore, i-anruoi.n it IIiuns.maih. II ARD VARi:.-Hiitcher's heavy I'des. Ibbol I L sou's no. niul ra'ns. 11. mil taw l iles. Hulls, Screws, Norfolk Latclics, hand and imnncl s.n,-a' east steed Wood Saws: knives and forks, bono nml buck handles) Tea Servers, Sad Irons, Shovels anil longs, wool cards, horse cards, augers, trace chains, manure folks, Anns' shovels, etc. by 11. .11. liilJIU.MiS, it CO, nMIRFADS, ete-. 300 lbs, while ami e-oloresl cotton X thread,. 51)11,.. linen do. 600 bundles 100 skein Ibre-ad. 20 lbs, Italian sewing-. 10 lbs, Italian twist, e,r sale l,y VILAS, I.OOMIS, .V Co, A ( HALiy brown she-e-lings. 2 dei, power loom -j'w iic-hs. -i cases iorw uo. 1 naic w inch tiur lap,. I 1 ale canvi!, just n-f dived and for a!e bv N'v,2, VILA'S, yxj.MI S, Co, 1 OlIA'Ell I.ovors, of auperior workmanship, made KJ to our order and we warinnt them to give sails faction. Also good Levers which wo purchased in New York nnd Hostou, nf fina quality, nt lower prices. PAXGllORX HRlXSMAII), tvateii itcpairers. GJ.OI.D WATCIIFS. We iu.ito those who are r wishing geioel fine finished Levers or I.cpincs, lo c.xntnine some brautifiilones, which areaecuialu tune keepers, at llie Variety Store. Wo sell watches of ooon quality as low ns they are aold in llosloti or X. York. PAXGllORX & HRIXSMAID. WATCH and Clock Cleaning ami Repairing. Walchcsanel clocks cleaned and repaired in the same stylo as usual. Persons sending their watches, should semi word if they stop, how oficn, and in what position. This will sometimes enable them to get the watch returned regulated, sooner than if they neglect to do so. PAXGllORX it HRIX.SMA1D. Watch Repairers. HAYS' UXIMF.XT. Tor Ihe euro of tho Piles. .Wcinform those who nie tioublcel with this dis tressing complaint, that wo have sold n great number of bottles of this article, and that wa tain refer lo tier. sons in this town who hao been cured by the use of "i.e ncui wnicu wo som tneni. Jt can uejiscel Willi all confidence j we do not bclieVit will fad to cure one caso in 100. Tho genuine is signed "Coin stock ef- Co." We have the article directly from tlicm and will sell it by the gross, doen or singlo bottle. Remember bow it is signed, as counterfeits are abroad. Variety Store. PAXGllORX & HRIXSMAID. BOSTON Almanacs and Harrison Almanacs for 1311, at the Variety store. . PAXGHORX f- HRIXSMAID. AT 110VAltlS,lHc. 1, 1810. QlkK SHIRTS AXI) DRA'WKRS, for Ladies and Gentlemen. Articles that are said if not quite to euro will greatly alleviate Rheumatic pains. Also the Genuine llrandrelli'a Pills, which with tho use of tho above articles if taken will eradicate Rheumatism from any person recently alllictcd, if not so, money for the pills refunded. SLEIGH SHOES, &c. 1 5f) 1air StC1' lla,cii Cutler and Sleigh Shoes, -j. -"-7 Cast lion do. finished Crow liars, Anvills, Vices, Waggon Poxes, Shovels, Spades, Dung rorks, Sheet Lead, Sheet Zinc,Hollow wire in great variety, Nv. 10. STRONGS & CO. SNFFF ONI, V TWI'.N I'V-ri VI! ClINTSl). M. Hitclicoi'k'.s newly iinented Sniilfiho Le.stnrli e'le ever discovered by sefentifii! "men, in i.'urope or Amtrii'ii, fur the nire and abediile relief of Catarrh, I)izuiess.of ihe Head, Weak Kj es, Nervous Ileael avhe, Fallen Siekue-s, l'it, mid Infants troubled with Snullles, partial shock's of Palsy, ccc. For sale wholesale and iclail, by A. HITCHCOCK &. Co., sole Proprietor, No. 117 Gene-ce st. Unci, and by their agents ihroiighout the I'uion. In lliirlniglon, J. & J. II. Peck f Co. In Vcrgciinevhy J. II. Ilowinan. In Milton, bylliirnett stS.uvjer. lit Georgia, by Lo renzo Jane-. Anthony Rhodes' i:tatc, STATK OF VERMONT, ) The Probate Court for District of Cu iTTENOEN, ss. S the District of Chit tenden : To nil persons interested in the estate of An thonv Rhodes', lale of Richmond, in ssid District deceased. WiinnEes, Win. Rhodes, jr., adminis'rof the estate of said elece'ased, has maile application lo this Court, to i'.xtend the time limited for making payment of the debts of said deceased, twelve months from the Eth nay ol January, 1841, and the thud Monday of I'ebruaiy next, being assigned for a hearing in tho premises, at the I'.sgle Hall in Wdliston, and it having been oreleicel that notice thereof be given, by publishing Ibis decree three weeks successively in the Free Press, a news paper printed at llur lington, before the lime fixed for hearing. Therefore, you are hereby notified, to appear before said Court, at tho time anil place aforesaid, then and there', to make objection if any you have, lo the said time of payment be'ing further extenelrd as aforesaid. (iiven under my hand at liiirlingtnn, this B tit day of January, A, D. 1810. W.M. WF.STON, Register. VrOK3I I.OZi:N(.'i:s!...''1,1 valuable article T T isil.iilycsl.iblisliiugitselQa-lliel.esl mcdii'ine for that painful and sometimes fatal complaint in elnl elien, Ihe worms. Al whole-ale and retail I y Jan. 1, IS 11. 'illlXi. A.PiX'K ec Co. WO(H)i:X CLOCKS, for sale at the Variety Store, warranted; ono or two wooden or Hrass Clocks will be sold for good Hcechand Maple Wood, the Clock to bo deliicri'd when the wnoel is deliverec!. Dec. 18. PANGHORNeX- IIRINSMAID. G( FRMAN CLOCKS snnll german time-pieces at T iJ, German striking Clocks at 6 50, German Alarm Clocks atfi 50. Panocokn & Hoinsuaid. OILVF.R ALARM WATCHKS, at SIR, S20, S25. J Dee. 13. Pangboiin it Hsinbmaid. F.DITOR. Sir will vou notify all creation that the subscriber has for sale. Ruck's inmroved Hot Air Cooking Stove, nt the new I rick store, Col lege street, also at Jesse Gay's foundry. This is one of the latest patterns and the first of the kind ever introduced into this Stale; they have been recently in troduced into the States of Pennsylvania and New York with ureal success: and suffice il to sav. tbev are the most convenient and will do more business with less fuel than any other stove. A preamble! to pnttiiu1nrS7iMt8queilifu-et r prices iius'-tcsss. Just call in, small favors are received ami gicitotics ill proportion, and if money continues scarce I intend to use the less of il, so It will be useless tn go without on that account. S. W. TAYLOR, llurlington, Dec. 17, 1S70. WANTFD, a few bushels of good clem white Hcans, for which a fair price- will be paid in goods. LICCIS. Itl.U. I'l. TliRSOTv. NHW TAILORING K S T A II 1. 1 S II M V. X T At Winooski Village. The subscriber has com menced the tailoring business in ibis place, and will .1 . il 1.:..., . ,.r ?' I.,- 1 . ' 1 iii iiii iviiius 111 woei. 111 111s uue 111 as gooei styio as 11 is loncat any slion in ibis section of country. Guttim, done nt all times, on short notice. .n appreuitice1 at the above business. JF.Ri:.MIAH HARRINGTON. Nov. 10, 1810. jVrO'lTCF. is hereby given that the copartnership J-x heretofore existing between the snbsciibe rsumkr the firm of 'I'lllevit Co.," is this day dissolved by mutual consent. The booksnud demands of llio firm are in the hinds of John R. Tillev for collection. Ilinesburab, STF.PIir.N TII.LKY, Dec. 17, 1810. JOIINR. TILI.FY. 'i'iA IH1 1. riAIir.RF. has been an 131 ycats business done A ill the "up and elonir. otiick and cheap for cash. and no imprisonment for debt" siore; and has been no dun, nor dun, never 1I0110 yet. Information is hereby civ en that this same store has now oncof the best stocks of merchandize for the season, and Ihat cost may be sive-el em any gooels pur chaseel over ordinary prices, bv applviug tn the peo plc' ' HOWARD'S. riROCCFKV AND GLASS WARK.l-'ull setts W of granite China ware. Tea and Dining setts, together with a general assortment nf crockery ami glassware; also limps, patent top, screw top nml astral lamps. Lanterns, tumblers, &e, all of which will be solel cheap for cash, as wo will convince any Ihnl favor us with a call. Church st. J. P. WHALING it Co. BROAD CLOTHS. Please cill at the new cash stole on Church street, nnd examine the broad cloths, beaver cloths, cassiincres and ealinelts, before purclinsingilscwlicre, anil miicli ohuge j. r. ivu.u.i.vej ix e,o. Goods shown with pleasure, ) whether purchased or not. J ATOTICF. The Hoard of Commissioner for the XX inslructiuii oflhe Deaf and Diinib ami the HIiiul, will convene nt the Pavilion House in Montnclicr. 011 Thursday. Ihe 18th dav of February next, for the pur pose eif elesignatmg lieneticntics who are to receive am 1 runt Uiu state 01 Vermont, nnu tor llie transic- lion of nnv other ii'ismcss appcrlaining to llie legn dunes of the board. County Clerks and the civil authority of (owns arc referred tolilloOth.chap. lUlli.ofthcRcvise'el Statutes, loucuuig llieir respective iniiieseiu 1111s suojcci. Jan. ), 1311. JOHN COLHV,' l fj HF.NRY STOWF.L, S 6,0nc" P. S. Publishers of newspapers in ihu state of Vermont will confer a favor on llie unfortunate by giving tlie above notice a place in tticirrespcctivcjour- 11.118, jVTOTICI!. All note-s anil accounts due llio subscri 1 her, must be paid by the first elay of February :i ;,, - , . i. - i , ' e : UCXI, or llicy will oei'lieoil 111 100 iiauos 01 no nieurncy. iv-Sf i einvsov 11.11, k. iieu.iuu,,, NI'AV i:sT.VIJI,ISIlMr.XT, Tho subscri bers vvnulel inform the public that thev have formed ncoparlnershipuiidir llio firm of MITCHKLI, it HARXLS, and established tho (Vi'-iffinsi.icj.sin tho Hrick Shop fntmcrly occupieel iy Abbolt n"l Wood, where they are luaniifae'" vj anil i-itcnd t.. kiep eoustantiy 011 baud an assortment of Snin and I'll r ni Hire-, of vatious kinds ami prices to suit custom ers) also, n few splendid Haxss Clocks cheap for cash. All kiiuls of lumber uscel in Cabinet Makui: received m exchange. for l urnilnrc. llurlington, Dec. 2 1810. T. M. MITCHF.LL. A. HARXLS. QPKR.M CAXDLF.S. Kinglanil's clarified sperm VJ canities, No. 1. Also, mourn cnmiics lor saloliy J. P. WHALING .f Co. TTl X'X mcnl, suitable fui a family consisting of tlnee persons, linpiiro nt this ullice1. Jan, 10. BROWN Sim-lings, very cheap by tho piece or yarel, nt LOVLLV and Co's cheap store. fr" N. II. Also, a clioicunssottineiil of Notes and Accounts adapted to tho present se ason, which not. wilbslauirui" hivr be-cii 011 handsome lime, arc not llie jess desirable, and arc nlTercd nt private) sale until the firs) of February next-purchasers will sec the "tirnej i eiiort, ' fJiiriinjum, j-srruory ii, is-o. IVvw UstnliHslimciit. T P. WHALING .f. CO. inform tho public that ',! ',. lley have located themselves in the village of r I.',"81","1 llavo "'cd up it store on tho east side V' ' t-lmrch slreel, which may well bo denominated Chcap-side," nearly opposite the leank of Hurling ton, ami are receiving from New York a choice selec tion of goods well suited to llie season, which Ihey oiler for sale nWois asennbtvurchased in tht country, lor ready tMy, Among their goods may bo found heaver and broadcloths, cassimcres, satinets, flannels, ni,er"10?', moushno do laincs if-c. A choico selection, also uff rench, Fnglish nnd Ainctican prints, 171111, at least, to any in. lturlinirton. A general assort ment orciimbrics. muslins, plain and figured, edgings, inscrtings, blond laces, ef-c. A great variety of shawls, ami elress handkerchiefs, ladies' gloves ami hose, with a good supply of bleached ami unbleached domestic goods. Also a good supply of crockery, of tlio latest patterns, Willi a few elegant astral parlor lamps ; and finally, a few choico family groceries, sucli as leas, sugare", molasses, collie, rice, raisins, dry fish, tobac cos, lamp oils, ef'C. Wp do not pretend to specify all tho kinds, to sav nothing of the numerous articles of which e-ach kind is composed; but suffice it lo say, liml the assortment will bo found to contain most of the articles wanted in the country) anil those that favor us with their custom will bo entirely relievcil from the examination or old goods, or remnants. Our entire stock is new, and fresh from llio market, and has been selected wilh the greatest possible ciro. with reference to the wants, conirorts and benefit nf the people. Hut wo do not wish Hie public lo take our word in this mailer, but most cordially invito them to call and examine for themselves. llurlington, Nov. 26, 1810. J ADII.V India Rubier Shoe., Gaiter Hoots, walk--i ins Shoes, French and spring Heel Slips-, lice'. 31, 1810. JnstrccMby X. LOVf.LV &Cei. WORM I.O.r.XGlIs. THIS valiiablearliclcisilailycstabhshingitself as the best niciliciiio for tho exterpation and relief of Worms in children. Notwithstanding that there are other lozenges cried up for this complaint, purchasers aro warranted in the good efficiency of these. At Wholesale and Retail by T. A. PF.CK A. CO. sS'ign of the Moilar. Till! saleat AUCTION' at Maye, and Wail's, will commence to-morrow at 2 o'clock, by olllrim' first, somo first rate SLlilGIIS, which will be tol3 without reserve. Hurhiigtoii, Jan. S, 1811. 1 X or 20 tons HAY for sale bv G. PF.TF.RSOX. -L O llurlington, Jan. 8, lul'l. OCIIOOL 1IOOKS.-A general assortment of KJ School Hooks for sale at wholes lie or retail, by Jan.S. C. GOODRICH. rt LOHKS . pair of 12 inch Globes on high stands V-l for sale at tw o thirds of the nianufactmers 10 mauuiactiiiers price by C. GODRICIl. Jan. ' BUCK WHFAT FLOWFR, fresh ground of su perior quality, for sale by C. GOODRICH. muuiiey 1S1I. SHAKKlt'S YAIIX, at Tiieo. A. Jan. 8, 1S41. Pecs & Co's. DRY (iOOI)S. Silk and worsted Cmpc, Cam bids. Merinos, fine Circassion nnd nrintril S.n. ony,ery cheap by H. M.GIDDINGS e&Co., Jan. a. corner uoiiege-nt. unelthe Sejuare. BROAD CLOTHS. Wool-dved Hlack, Blue, Drown and Green, plain anil Fancy Cassinicre, Farnuin's sup. Oxford and Strel mixed Satinctts, bv Jan. 8, 1S41. II. M. GIDD1NGS & Co. CAXADA S.tLT.Coari.e and fine, also, fiuesack Salt, Jan. 8. by H. M. GIDDIXGS A: Co. 11X1! TI!A Hyson Skin anil Young Hy.oti TFAS, of superior quality, warranted. Also, Porto Rico Syrup, .Molasses, very heavy and fine flavor, by II. M. GIDDIXGS et Co. "(ASH paid far OATS by V- Jan 8, 1811. II. M. G IDDIXGS et Co. BOS'l OX A FA IIFII V'sS ree'd at the Uookstore tins day and for sale at whole-sale by D A UKA.MAN MMII'.O. A. PF.CK it Co. at tbcsign of the .Mortar X have just rcc'el a quantity of Cayenne l'cp cr, of r.nghsh importation. Constanllv unhand, Honibay Gum .Myrrli, genuine Haybctry Hark, do. do. in Pow der, Jamaica Ginger Root, do. do. ill Powder, Hcngal and Ohio Turmerics, etc. etc. Sept. 1(1, IS 10. rVTOTICIC. I deem il my duty to iulorm the pub l.i liethat I have invcste.1 a salve, perfectly iiiuo cent, from three simple- vegetable, lb it entirely s.i nere'tsles a spanisli fly Plaster, which give, entire re lict 111 all iiillamatory allee lions of the- human l.o )y 10 21 10 ii hours-, and needs bin one application. Its ac tion is by absorption and evaporation, it dissolves a e-e,rii froiei the feel entirely and vviiboul pain, ceiunter aelslire m a bum or scald in la niiii'itcs ufi, r it-ap plication. Apply it to tin- side on a piece of nil silk or dressed sheep skin, fi-nnllainalioii of the liver or lungs and it extracts all excitement from tho.e organs Warranted 10 give rebefas recommended. A. MARK, Sole proprietor, 113 Hrooine street, New Vtirk. The trade supplied nt the Proprieior's prn cs bv niirhngtoii.Dec. 1810. J. iV J. II. l'CCK it Co. II It CXOI.OG Y I he La.hV, and Gentlem.u of H.irliuglon are resnevllully inlormesl thai J. SAl.TLIi, Piucrie-iL Piiiir.Noi.i olsT, will remain a short lime at the- American Hotel where he will receive visitor- tor the I.AAMIX ATIO.N OF H LA I w, or will wait upon tlio-e who prefer it, al llieir residences. In divi lualsir parlies who avail iheui-elvcs of his pm service1-, arc geiarantes-d a e-einevt elcliue 111011 oflheir various pievailing dispositions and pee'iibari ties e.f'eeiinpanicil with ibrcctious that may assit them 111 improving their letter qualifications an li-e rre-ciing llieir ilcliciencie-s. iCTMr. S. will deliver a course of Lei-leies on tlii- inteix-slin se-ience 111 the ( curl House, particulars of vvliu h will be anniiuiiei'd in a lulure a lverli'enient, Uiirliugion, January I, 1811. stati: or vr.RMOXT. r Mil) all persons, 111- PISTniCT Or ClIITTENOCS', S'S. S J tcrosled 111 the es- lale of Hamabas p. H'triium, Fll Harnum and Julia A Harnum, of M litem in saiel dUti'tcl, infants ami minor children of 1.11 llarmim, itcofsaul Milton elee-eascel. Arthur Hunting, guardian of Haniabas P. lliruuui, F.ll Harnum and Julia A, Hirnuui, minors having made application lo the Probnlet 'our t vviiluu and fur said District, setting forth that the said Haniabas P., i:il nml Julia A. are seized as tenals in common in their ow 11 right in fee of three equal unilividielliftcpiuh partsof two certain parcels of land, situated in South Hero in the county of Grand Isle and Slate of Ver- ntont, described ns follow , In wit ; Lot N o. 07 of the hrst dlVHlon of Samuel Ho'forel, supposed tu contain sncresu! lanel, ni.o I'J acres on Lot ,Xo. Mi ol the 1st division of Joseph Smiili, ami is that part ofsaid LolNn. P-i of which Milo Adams lam eif said South Hero elie el sc-ieel, and representing that a sale of the said lauils eif his said warda would be conducive to Ihe-ir best interest, ami praying .aid court tu nnthoriy.u ami empower bun, tho said guardian to sedl the said three equal undivided fifteenth partsof said two par cels nf land agiceable to theslatiilein such caso made and proviele-el. Whereupon llie courl aforesaid doth order that the said application bo licarel hi fore said court at a session thereof to be held at the Register s olllce in Hiirhn ton in said county of Chitti-ne'cn on the lClh day January A. D. 1S11, and ihat notice thereof be given lo all persons interested bv publication of ibis order containing tho substance of said application three weeks succcisively in the llurlington Free Press, the last 01 wnicu puoiicauous tu ne previous to the saul 19th elay of Janiinry, 1811. Given tinilcr my band at nuruugion, mis auiu 11.1 v 01 nee-enine r, .v. I. 1-iiy. CHARLFS RUSSKLL, Judge. DA. IIRAMAX, HooKsntLrn and Statiovrii liurltugtoii, respcclfullv informs bis friends am; the public, thai he is still constantly making additions lo his assortment of .mf, AUdieal, Classical, Histor ical, and Miscellaneous iVarks. from most of the prominent publishing houes in the country. He will Kiieleavor to have it at all tunes eintiraee ihe most popular publications in every blanch of literature and unlnni-x 1 1 1 j c I . , , f si 1, , , .. , . I ,,,.. .,.. . nieiilof Irarning, of thu most popular eslitions now ii use, coinpitses nil that are used in this section of ihc country. liianK hooks oi nil ami descriptions, of superior ruling and paper, nnd bound in a substati. tial manner, constantly em liaiul. l ap and Letter Paper of every epiabty and description, as well as Drawingand Fancy paper of all colors and varieties. io?eiuer wiiiiageiierai.issorimeiii ol Dl.VHll.M.HV and almost every article usually called for in a Honk store, always for sab1. All of which were nurclisus,! at very low prices, nnd will besoid at a small aelvnnce iroui cost. 5j-Hc respectfully invites the nltenlion of Parents 1 e.icners nun .vierclniits, to n3 stocle and prices. Uurlington, Nov. 19, 1810. I7IXF, HROAD CLOTHS and C XSSIMFRFS. X Tho subscribers would solicit tho attention of all who are 111 waul of any very fine Cloths or Cassp lucres ns they have a geiod assortment of almost every sliadcnud color which will be sold very cheap for cash, Jan. 1 1, trill. by X. LOVI'.LV and Co. 10 iitoci:itii:s. Ilhds St. Croix nnd X. O. Su-nrs. '.'0 elo ,o 10 Huxes refined and Loaf elo 5 Hbls Crusbeel elo 5 eln Powdered do 50 Chest II. S Y. II. nnd O. II. Tens, 10 Hags Java fe Laguira Codec, Popper it Spice, r. f..d. . sl.,i.,rn,... , in ,i. .... 1. fi Casks Saloratti 10 lleixes Starch, 20 kcgsi lioxcsTobacco 30 boxes liar Soap, SO boxes Pipes, 10 bbls Lunllards Smill' mid Tobacco. Nov. 10. 10 ke'gs Ginger, ,r0 mails ('ussin, 1 ensk Cloves, 1 do Nuluicgs, .l-c. -PC .-c, by STRONGS .(.CO. OAVF. COST. All peisous having unsettled ac O counts with l.atlirop, Polvvin it Wait or with the Subscribers are hen by nolified ihat all accounts not settled in some way, before llio loth Deccmbsr will bo left vviihan attorntyfor collectinni jSvY, J?) MA VO h WAIT, Trg.feT.. rVTKW CHUItCH MUSIC Oils, Iltoiden et . "iiiavopuoiniieei unucr llioelireclloiiaiiil sanc tion of thoHoston -Musical institute, n horde of Church Music of every variety for dcotional exercises, called thn Morton . VuucalfniUtutc'i, Collection of Chunk .......1. . u """lo iiuviiig otcn compofcit, seticleu and arranged by llioinas Comer, l!sq., Orgamsl at King's Chapel. l''or a long time wo have known that Mr Comer has been industriously preparing this work for tho press. Within his resources-am! no man in this country has greater nothing has bee'll left untouched which would aid in the composition of Sacred .Music, Ho lias hail Knglish, German and Italian musiu nt Ins command, and has used thi in freely. Mr Comer is tho most lintsicinn. in ajl Ihc departments of the science nnd practice of thai ilivmo ail, that wohavo known in liostun and his namen n warrant that llie often repented humbug of iiiaiiinga new ooon out ol opt limes, spolleil liy llie absurd nllernlions of an ignorntnus, Tns nut been lirnctiseel. His knowlcdgo of liarmony is profound) Ins tasto imroand highly ciillivnledin thcVst schools; his acquaintance with authors of sacred, operatic, vocal and instrumental music is uncaqualcd by any other incinberof Ihc profession among us. As 11 per former 011 the violin, piano forte, anil cspccilv upon tho organ, lie has acquired a reputation in Hostou, that is truly enviable a reputation which neither ho nor tho Insitute would saerificeby publishing a poor book. , From a cursory examination of this collection, we arc satisfied it is the best ever published in Ibis country, it snfar ns it is new, rich, appropriate1, nnd adapted to the popular tasto and the slate nf musical knowlcelgc. The melodii s nro choice, tho harmonics simple', cay and eorteel ) tho varieties of Minos anil anllieins are suited locury occasion; mid such is the tone of feeling which generally ncnatlcs ilm bonk. ihnT wc feel confident that all who iles'uc. improvement will .introduce, it into their choirs iiutneeliatclv. People may, If they p!eao, adhere to Ihe dull music of old times; but wo advise them lo follow the example of tho Institute, niul keep pace with the improved tasto of modern days, and better music lloston Daily Veiafs. All lovers of muic oro reniiested to call and ex amine tho above book nt D. A. ISR UMAX'S Jan. 20, 1811. Hook Store. SCPHH. GOUDAK'.S flll!DH'IM:s.r3t Dlt (JOltDAK'H Jelly of Pomegranate nnd 1 Wi nn Pills for Dyspcpsy, Nervous Headache', Pal p union ul ihc Heart, Internal and Fxlerual Humors, nnd all impurities oflhe lllood, Iceland Jelly for Ihe relief and cure ofeousnn plion. Pulmonary Jelly for eoiiih', eolil-, spilling of Hleienl, IIiiarM'uo-'A.v., I'm sian Lnnini'iit and l.niaineut O.ioi'elducfor l.'hiMiua lism, Physical Drops, Colombei Drops, Satt Klienni Oinime'iit, Pile Oiniuieitl, Stienglheuiiig Plaster, and Corn and Warl Piaster. 'I he abenu eelel.rntesl medicine, prepared entirely friini vegetable, l.y'Dr. Wm. Gonial;, ne-vel no oilier ive'e'e.lnmi u lal ion ili.iu lhal they have 1 e'en 1 1'forethe liublie fuurteeii Jfir", giving s.ili-r.n-iii'ii to all who have used iheui,-iuay I e had of Danv it Raimonii, Woel.ioek, Vt. IGen'l A'.'i nls. Sold Uo, by. I P Strong, Qucvhec: J C HreieAs. While River) Win. II Sieel Se Co., We.t llartlord Wor,ttr Deiwner Sharon: Downer efc Xevcus, lioy alton ) J Wheat. Ueiln-I, ll C Holme-, West Randolpli', J II Danforih, llrauanl ; S Ilcll.11.1p. Ka-t Huruar.l; .N Snow, Poinfrciil': M U A .SStncl-crand (iovcecsih.m, Ifarllau!; Shedd it Uarne-, Pcil,inville; llrown it Aiusilen, IVIehville; A it II Wnrlncr, Windsor, A .Marsh, lbidai'watcr,SSet I'T Whee-ler, I'lynioilh; nd ul Ilaiiileiel., Koebester, (iranelt die', NiirthfeM, Monlpi'lier, Mnldlel ury, Verircnues, and in most of the principle-towns 111 the Suite. A Supply of Ihe above medicine1, put receives! and lor sale by, HOMIIKT MOODV, February, IS f I (Cm) Druggist, U irlington, Vt BOTANICAL MF.DICINFS. The subscribers hive received a complete assortment of ibu above articles; among which arc, extra (lowered baylerry and barberry barks; ginger, pleurisy, tumeric anil uni corn roots; pepper of niiuv kinds, 111 pe,ds and pow der) gum uijrrh, ami peach kernels. Til KO. A. PF.CK, & CO. VLRMONT Drawing Hook of Landscapes, con taiuuiLf rules and instructions fur Lmdsemm drawing. 4 Nos. containing 20 plates-, pubhshcel bv Jan. 21. C. GOODRICH. ' O CASFS l.eiiiili.n Pius. I e-a-evv-i e,d iioe'i.etconib-. 2CHJ dozen siispiMi Iitk. 51.1 gross eor.ct lai e:. .",0 gross hoeiks an I eve-s. 200 M drilled ,-veJ nee lies for sale by ' MLAS, LOOM IS it Co. I (i (inn FAINTS ,V OILS. ll,UxJl lb-, dry wb.'.e la-ad ej i-nsi.s eiroiiudiiu elo 15 bills. Vcnctiai) Resl 10 i-.i-!.s French je- low 50 bbls. American LimecJ Oil, 'Ja 110 .-spirit iiirpcntine Copal sh, (ieilil l.c.i I, S.iiul .1 , 1 ... 1 ... .... 1 . . paper, Smalts llri-Lc, Glue, Gum Copal, by J. II. 1't.ekitCei. DON'T MlMTAKi: tho sign of thu Rkd Lcncus, if vou would huv Common School l!,ol:s. Illnnk Hooks or SlJlioin rv em little the best terms, 1 bay dun' I intsiat:e 111c ivcei i.eugcr, i.uuegc st. IJeC. 1. s,. llt.MUMiKI.X Slictuiaii's Gic.isl Oliitineiit. If applied properly and indue lime, will cuic the most ia:nlul cases uf swelled breasts, anil prevent llie fur iiiatiuii of abscesses I'.ven where the swelling has pointed and shown e.verv appeaiance of bieaking, this ointment has entirely dispelled it, and lesteireel the pans to a healthy condition. In applviug it, asmooih anil soft covering to tlie breast shoulef be inaele of soil leather, or line compact limn, with a hole 111 the 11 li tre In admit the niple. Wlnu su I mile1, put a coaling of the ointment ovi r tlie inner surface and apply 11 cln-clv nnd smooth y over tlie whole breast, le'ti.n-g the nipple protruding through the hole1, so that the child can nurse1, wlmli it should do as long as the mother can hear 11. 1 are slioulil ne talie 11 lo hav c Ihe tireast iiravvu uv tin1 ciniei or olliei vv isc, so as to pre vent an accunudat'on of nulk. WlieueveT the plas ter "cts rmkled. anil thereby uncomfortable1, a new one sliould be applied, nu I consiamly worn until a cine is nUcctid. li is sometimes iie-e'essary to slit the sidc- sj tliev will cuiilorm 10 1 c shape ol the breast, anil cover it closely. Aste lur siitrniau s lircast ointment and see that ins signaurc tlnis, ".1, Merman, M. 11., is on tin wrapper, nunc oilier can no genuine. SHF.RMA.VS PAPILLARY OIL Is tlie only infilhlde leinedy for sore nipples ever dis covered. "Il will cine llie most troublesome eases ir a few days, without depriving Ihe infant of tlie breast warranted superior to all other rcinielies when applied according tu the directions mi the bottle. Seo that tlie sninalure ol ".1. .Vieimem, .1. IK. is 011 the wrapper, none other is ginumc. He particular or you will heileceivi'd anil ilis.ippoinie'il. .-sniii at the V arie ty store. PANGlJORN & HRIXSMAID. I .Ml'OltTAXT TO .MOTH I'.ltS ei VOUXf X AI,i:S."DOCTS. RlIV'NlLDs eV P.XIlMKLEl's cilebraleil PILLS, or 11F.ALT1I Rl'.&TOR.VI IVL- for complaints peculiarity tncieli nt lo the 1 emale Sex. This article is now broujdil before the public, uiiilci sancliou of the strongest testiiuuiiy, I'runi those who have alike used it. and also wiinesse'el us tinenua id powers, ill tlie removal eif female oairrucliuiH of (he most aggravated anil desperate Character. lliese Icsiinion'al.s are, nut breiughl from llie igimrant and llliteiale but liom Plijsiciaus anil other Scientific Persons , who have' tested its gun virtues, and now rce-oniiueiid It ill their practice and leliel lo it the rnnc tiou of their names. It is not iiitcueleel as many medi eines generally aro for all the varieties of iliseac which it is llie lot tu biilli r uiulci. Hut it is inn tilled sininlv fur one clai-s ol complaints, and those em v re latiiig'lu one sex. The se being of rather a elebcale 11a, turc. then- would be more than an ordidarv de-errec ei elillidcuce in coming wilh this ailicle be feue Ibe public were it not tin1 tact inai inousaniis are continually pa-sing iroiu ine siage 01 nciiuu, victims 10 eiiseave winch this inciiie-inc lias never laileel 10 jirevuu or cure. Siieh has been llio provision of Nut lire, that nearly all the complaints ot Females nrc online ctidm some'ehgrex1 with Ihc habits alkcel to llie-ir se.. And mntiv can bear wit ties, where aim re cold at a Par tieular stage, lias pieidueeel check", that the hand of Science and Skill, never has been able to dispel or alleviate. Ai first, the irregularity and suppression of 1 10 natural halms produces no very alarming symp loins, and i' treatcel generally with neglect. And nroner attention is procrastinated until the hollow eve. i!low complexion and great bodily elebdily indicate that either raptd consumption, or some o'lher fatal dienc has fastencel its rcsistUss fiasp on llie sufil rer which sonn terminates existence, by a lingering but certain death. I or comnlainls inevitably nrndiielive of such results ibis invaluable nicdie-ine is now brought hrfnrclhc public. It invariably remove substruction anil rc'gulates a loo profuse menstruration, and cures liy Us uncqualleil euahlie, all Ihc variety ol tlcrangi' luent connected with the female habit. Tlii-eiiimint nml ihsimgiiisbed Duct, J. Morrison, who has prac liscd me-ehcine nt Oneida. N. Voik. with ihe mosi sil' nal sitccss for '.'0 years, says "ll is the lust medicine now in use. In e-oscs of retention, or suprcssion of the Menses, I think it will sustain llio nppe latum of a specific. I have tiiesl it in the worst cases with most admirable success, and I wish for tlie geieid of sullcring Females, that all physicians vvnulel introduce it m their practice-, ns 1 have found it answers be yeinel my most sanguine expectation." In its cllict it is kind may be taken without the least lnciuivenu lice1, ns it is not iMthartu-, hut Ionic ami npeiicni. 1 or nmpiepir li. nlir,. r.'sneetini' il cllicictlCV. cirtillcaKS of Pvsi. ciansvvlin havo witnessed its cuee'ls, anil eif others, who Inve been most signally iieiiel, teet and rcstnrcel bv it virtues reference is now; ollcrid to the pain, plilets accompanying the medicine, niul to ibe more particular rvieicoce's m mo iinnns 01 ine suuscriocr Sole Agent for llie New I'.inlaiu! Sialrs. I'. 1) WARD lllilXI.KY. Wholesale Dealer in Drugs, Mi'dicincs, Paints nnd DveSlulls, Xo. S it 4 smith sale old Fnewel Hall RF.PORT rphi,ileniaiid oil the Cheap Cash Store has been nn .1 usually great for the past week, it the principle f si llmg Cheap strictly adbcrcel tn. The only c implaiul is that Ibo Tea, Sugar, Molasses, Spice. Oik Cnrpe lings, Sheeting, Cnlie-oes, Mennoc. Silks, Muslins, Laces, Ribbons, ,(-c. vtc. with Crockery, Glass ware, Looking Glass,-, A c, etc. me not lo be solel oli by the Chcsi.Hli'il.Rale, Package, Case-, or Crate .f-c lliaf would be contrary to the nonce ef so'.limj ofl Cheap, last weikt but no Guoels lin-tc been or wi I be rcfucel 10 ihorn vvisinnr (0 Ny (.it their own or fnmilv ue. Feb. II, Ktf, HOWtHD. SCftOPtMms Itviinii-: oT bat portion of the t'ouiiV. m. ,i"n,,! nUa'!. ' " with eiilani'i .is cr iplie ir, sui7, V' ',. ''C'-'f'-l Aiilboiiv'sl'ircorl rvsiieln.,Scn '" ,' ' r '"' Sl any of llieir kindled ili-ense, is dircetil ' li 1 f npplic.iliiin which was di'i'ovcresl 11! out lnlt'ruul sun u by Mr. Charles Jones, tf ( lain .out, N.""," is iheresiilt iifii longcooro e.f nxpi rune' it ope n " own person, he having had ibo di-e a'e in a most ag gravaling from aboul II jear-. I'rniu g, wnn'cif 1 eilecls upon liini-elfaiiil several other iiieml ers c f lm laniily, many fn Ihnt ectiin of the e irinlry have lien induccil te, inake trial of it and ill noe a-e a- jel has it fallen! ofsue'ee-s vvhete Ihe dire'Clioiis have ' ecu ic'bo leslteivvithti.lelity, and a slillieie-iit timu elap.ed tu know ihe re-ult. 'I he Inoilicinu can bo obtained tf Kol ert Moody ilruggil. llurlington, and with Miiitin W lies iwi. C.iinl.rielee Vt, jYrATijRIVS ORAM) IIl-.S'IORATirKr'lir XI valuable iSClblu Medieiue .lands'vai'eJ lor there, lowing complaint., viz! Dy.i.cp.ia, e r Indj geslioii.diM'.i.e'd layer, bilious di-e r.'cr. Dioi.'y, A'tl,. ma, ( pstiveiiess, i.rins and lo.. i.r v J.,...i 1 ''ea ig Ihe stomach ami bowel-, cures pains in tlo sidi1, sioninch an 1 1 roast, colds nnd cnucli, of le,u" sljiidiug, lloarsciic-s sliortne.s of I ri'inh, .Nnvouj eoinplmiits.eie,, which ure fii'inicmlv the c L, 1 ,, ,1,,. eae-. I or I evcrand Ague1, it is a tmt vn'U.r le pio ventntive us we'll as u (ovcreigu rcmcdj, lis vir. ,u iirpa-s any thing lieretnfoie known 111 relic vmg Si, Hits' Dame', two bottles havo 1 con known P euro tliisallbiim,ili.e'ai-, lifer having lall'cd every exer tion lor four jour-. Il ha.. u mo.t powerful nillueni a in removing nervisisci inplainl-. In- pleasant t' ta' ej and n easy in its 0i.ration, that it In.iy I i-ailnun stt.ri,l lo the.- infant Willi safely. Tho al ovii'Mcdn ,.it- 1, very ImWy recomirieir'e-d by many sujoniuii' inck'nicu, nnd n large nimil er oflael.e-s, vvlio lnc 1 . veil the virtue, of the Meslii ine l.ypt rsemal 1 ie audi bat 1 f du-ir families. , lull ofccriiiii.alcsaeeiJinpaii.i'seai hi ,tlc, with directions. It may le: bad who!i-nle e.r rein 1 tf S. Ilrilaiu, I'atre', uiid'J. C. Farnani, l'a-t W ainj. town, Vi.solu propricters. I'ri'pnicl ll.e-nrgiu-al rce-ipc ; for sale by K. II. Prciin.s, Mnntpclier, and J.1I. it Cei.nnd T111.11. A. Pick I'm., llur lington, and in tho lirincinnl towns in .Int.. nil direction signed m the band writing of ibe pre ,irie'orjt Jim JOCT. .MAKMIAMAS Are in .-, Catarrh and ' Headai-he SXI fr. Tins Smitl ts smi,.,,, r 10 nm Ilinig yet known, for icinoving that troul le-oino ehs- ca,e, llie Lnlarr 1. ami a .0 a esihl 111 il-1 en I. nn.l ilm iilvlie1. Il oi'i'iis and nurses nut all ol stnii tnins. stie'iigihi-iis ihe gliinJ.,and Kim- a lualthj actu 11 tnha pans mlee-tesl. It is n. rk.-t v Iree fn,u y lb n-. .,.U- tcrio is in 11, composiin n has a 1 Itti.nni llsvrir. nu.l in immediate1 0'ieci, after I eimr u-eel, is abtreca! lei Price ,'1 T emits per I utile1. Doct. Marshall's. Vejetale'e Indian Ulaek Pl.ASTf.K. 'I his Plaster is tinriwillisl for curini' .eroful u 5wel lings, Scurvy Soie, Lame Hai-1;, and l'ie-li Wounels pains 111 the1 siele-, I lips and Liml t and ti-hb no fails te. give relief in liical Riieninan-iu-. If uppliel to Ibu siehyt will I'ure many oflhe common Liver l.i.i.mln nt.e and is c p al, if not superior, to any thing m u.-e for ceirns on the feet , the v cf Ibis Piaster have le-.u witnessed 1 y thousands uf individuals, in the I'oitexl Slate-, vv be," ha vo teste 1 its eiheacy. Sold I ylbe pro- prielor; i.liak. llowen, .Mul.liebiiry, 1 1., and Iuro. A rixie e ue)., llurlington, 1. jel IOOIv AT 1 II1S. J " 0,000 dik or -HA VI-! YCTA toiuiu cnnsi-jii'tios: evev ve-ar m thel.'niteil Slate", anil millions tuner feuHi tr.'o'"lesriinu eouahs and colds, that eiin I a uiriid by J r. M. HiK.h- 'Oek's e'uctable Vir 11 Cream Cornell Drrms. a saf-a pre-e'riplion, eontamj no poisonous ilr u-,and ueil 111 an e-xleusive piacticej for several jcai's wed inot positively nllord telief, nnd save you' fiom that awful ebseaee, pulmonary 0011-11111)111011, w li en eisiia ly sWCfcps into ihe grave- I'liinnieds el'the V'.uui., the e. d, the lair, the lovely and the gay. Have "vo 1 a enugli lie oeTsuadei tu ourehae u 1 eilllo ol the Cm . n It inn to-day! To-meirrow may 1 e too la'e1. llavo ye.u a eaigiu nr. lliti-ecok's vegetal lo V iri.ui Ci earn Cough rops 1., tin-only reineov ve 11 smeilil laue- te, e re yen. . - .1.. ..1 . i, e . . . ., 3 , r iiiispi.111- i,.;,su,i. iiilii in iioouei i u.e uiatisanii ae-s where it has Leen n-i-tl has it la.lesl tu rel e-vu TSeeuts per I oi'le. For -ale-, win le-n'e-nu - Ro- tail, I y A. III I ' lit-(K'K & CO. No. UTOcieesi 1., Llu-a, .n. 1 . And I v their agents this . ' m iha I iiite'd States. In liitrhugton, bv J. it J. IL Peck et '0., Thro. A, Peek it Co. In Vcrgeiines, bv J. II, owmnn. In Milton, bv Hurnct et Sawver. InGcir 'ta, by Lorenzo Janes. " cu.2 M-Yii M'C'l'IC OlIOXTICA. Till. TfL'IH fill; 'llii.'in'.'-Tltl-. INI I MPA11.V1.I.D ToiTII i.Li-ar.VTu N. I he fact is pri'Vc.l, and thu inns 111-le-diiluus ael doubtine are filly e-unvinee-d.ns v.e have. he eyidene-o from the sale uf JO.Ot-U I oxc, of the O.! ui- lies, within the- pa-t ye-ar, that the I'tnpica ..reams ol the ale-hrmist are lealii'd, and u reme- !y d.-i ,e-ied for preserving llm-e imni rant ai:-l 11-1 f 1 11, -..en 'a.-es of tin- human system, I y ihu n-c nf ihc Mamn O.1011- ut-si, wiiii-u i.y ns uiiiaeiivc, ami srenir;ijcn 11-' quau t it., temovcsal! extraneous siibsiaiii e-s from ihe tcuth aul pre'scrves tbe-ui in Iheiiniitural I rillian v, and iho ruins m soundness und leauiy. Il is aseir 1 fr ra xperii-ncc, w hen u-cel. 'ike teeth will never do cay, bin remain 1 II the la'.e.t a-.e eil man, vi nh tl.e r natural xve-ar. vv hi'ii tliev are e'ecaye-ii, it- r.-ress will If aric-tcd, and ihi'te-cih pri-ervedati ! piencutevl and pr-scrveil from 1n.l1.11g all this lues I eeli deme in a niiilii-.ueie ed inst.iiie'e-s : and more 111 th amis tl e-a e-, nervous looihache, (that c! max eif pa. n) has at onee 1 ecu e .ciuaiiv euresi iv popular oen-nir -o 111 .xnicne-a. And m ce nciusion, where, e.r v. i.n i, lue veiling lady er L-cntleinan, nye, ihe mdiT 1 ,al lint value's a I cnuliful te-t e f n eth, su did gums and a wtet brcaih inure than fifty cent-, thai will lo luiucr e'e-ti-1'itee fa b.' if Dr. M. Hitchce .-'.'- Mavrnet. O.'. n .-a. win !e-a!e-and reiad. 1 y A.lll'KIItOLK s Cel., Xo. 117 llenc-ce-si. (tiiii. N. V.. ail ly their cuts tliroinilio 11 the I'm'tel sjiate.. In Ihrrniicton. by J. & J. II. Peck ,t Co., and Then. A. P. ck it Co, In by J. II. Hmv mill. InMil'i n, by Hur nett .t Saw ycr. In Georgia, by Lorenzo Janes', augj " USS'M.I.'S STOMACH Hl lTi:i:. may le - u-e-.l 111 Witieur water. Thi--e'ie'!cl ia-c I bitters arc cotupo-esl puiily of Ve't-c al !e-s of ll.e- in. -t mno- enl yi't ipceiiee virtue.--. 1 nic ice uniuisin'ed par- ni'.i'arly fi r retunn weak is ustitui.uns, clean-in:; and s-rengtheuuig the sttiuacli, nn I in-icasiiv 'Is ap elite aliei a preventative avevuisi il.cciu lena ninr Ijiis, fever anil ague', removing nai.-e-i, v tinting, heart burning, weakness, in I lit 1 rei-i, pa 11 111 ll.o ste mai'b and other sviuptums ofllat'iietie'cai, ' -ti cs tii.n. Oae hex will tincture cm-gallon. Pr. c3ji.ii. leu. 1'ussrt i.'s Itch Oix-tipnt. 'lliisibenc and sa' ouiinicnl is saiel tol c sitpcrier 10 any now :n 10c, f, r thai eli-aeiceal !e and loaih-oiuv e! .-eae, tie II 111. This O nime'iil I-so ei-artain in Us ope-nun .11 that no pcr-im Dual-led wi'h tlie alove di-on'ci- 01 i.lit it la wehejut 11. It is a remedy lur e'litane-ucs e-ieipnein-, scorbutic al'e'e-lie us e f the l.eael, or any o-.hei ' rea' ing mil which an-cs from sbarji luin.ors 111 ibe Llotnl, Price 25 eM-. a 1 e-x. Hcs-iu.'s Vloktaei r. Iltl 1 lot-s Puis, er family phi sic, for gcncial ti-i, in ci'i1, t f Jannili e1, tin rl id eiisil iliiy 1 1 ilw stomai-h and 1 ovveU, In- - I nppcire, lie-id I relilh, e-ostive-m- , Pile-, nml ll ih-cise- arm ing Ire in biliary 'eiaueii-im'iits, al-e, li.r eurre'i line llie- state e f the 1 loo.!, and cle-an-.tig tliesieni et liud and viscid buuuair-. 'I hc-e p.ils me- n'n ud tu-thartie-, proelue ine ne-iihi-r j-ams 1,1 r gnpiner, aiul aro llie-ie-fenc a vnl-ialle- and highly approve-il inedicine. and are pronouneee! nssiudi 1 v the- must tlisi'iigmsh,,! pliysici.-ii-. Faeh Los e-ou-.-aimn.' 3i Pi"-. Pr .0 374 o Russell's cele! ra'e-d Sei.T RnrfM Cintmi n"t 1 li 1 is i.iiii.e-stinnal Iv li e- I e si und iieli-t 111. n'y recr yet o'lere-d 10 the pnl lie- for that ubsiina'c eli-e t r SA LT Rill. I'M. hcie r nu ins have lailid, ,t Jia,sut 1 tei'esl, and ihe fact that it has I ecu sx'cn-ive-y i.el by euuncni Pracmn per, .ieaks ine-s 111 pi.u-c. It is cqe-ally e-iiiiacioiis in all di-i.i-es 1 f 'l.e k i, scald l.eael, ring worm-, am! llie on -i inve'e.ii'e llib, ,e-. Ae. Numcre-us ecrtui' ,n's 1.1 jhi le t'laintsl, lunhc pri.rUC'ri booses that a luir s' 1 iilelLu only e-v ule 111 e- "1 Us snpt ne r e ihe acy. Pi u e ."0 enta a box. For sale Iv J. et .1. II. Pevk'st l.., qheoder A . Pevh A. Cti., sign nf the Mortar, and Hi I ert Mi. !y, Heiilington; Dr. C, F. M.le., am1 Hi I! fc l I., II n i lurgli; S, 11, llarncs, t I-ar'uile ) L.Jaut-, de. ria) I.. Tyler, Kscx ; Fuller ,t Iluntincu 11, 1!:. huie nd. Also," ly the druggists and n.e'u hauts e.ciii"m y llirougliiiul tl.e state, e' smiit.MAx'.s corcii i.o.i:m;i:s. r l l l.ozinsi-s me sialetl, anil have "A. Mier iJ man, M. D." i ll the .n'e ef the 1 1 .x. Tin y aie llie safest, must sure and e-t'es-ti ai rctut 'j, ( 1 el.-, ('ensiiniiiiuiis, xvlu png Le igh, Asthma, Tightness nf lie laities urehe'-t, Osi-.,te. The lire pricier has never Uneven an instance v here tlie-y did in -I give pcrli-ci -an-liii-iie 11. eieial it . o. and be-xe-s have I icii sold witIiiu the lasi Ihie-e- an 11 ht rcionng In bealih, )n-r-e in in aliue sl every liue 1 1 eonsumpliop, and those la! ring inner the niest i!is-ti.-.sing cold and 11 iigh. 'I ley elo not e lies 1, and eby up the cuiiph, 1 ul n ni'cr 11 ', preliule expev ti ration, allay the t'cUuig er imtutum, and re 11 v the proximate or exciting iau-e. 'Ihey .nc mn'w Iri'iu nVoiul ination ol the mosi vnhial le ex; e ' rani, or e-oiigh luesbeincs,aml air oniloub-esl'v si 1 e 1 11 r 10 every tinner in use for ihuse e-omplaai't,. D-d' ee . upon' liunelresl. nfeertife a:es have I eeli e p 11 .1 c 1 1.1 r wnneVrful virlui's, freiin Iheise who have Inn . id Iroin an iimiiiiely guive-, and res'e ris! tu t'lle-it lii-allh 1 y using tbem. De ,1, One le zeii.e s a e'u.e fe.r an ad ilt.auel may I e-ie- e ales! l'u in ihuc to nn luces n elay, n.-re-qiuresl. Chili're 11, e l hi ve irs je-ars ukl, luilfe f one: lour jeara epiariei-, .en. , ., . r, -portion. Very small children eir inlanis w i'l ta'.elliviii U-st iii-solves! in a liille wati-r. I-hci Id tin y ai t a. 1111 enieiii-, or lireKluci1 uaiisca, ibe do e inustle Ics-ct.eil lo w hat llie slomai h will I ear. Half e f e ue vv i" s en-er-ally 1 e suiliceiit tu teele Irture liea!l.i-t, as il sii lu'a.'h is then nunc ea-ily s(cl eiusl. No. ill c can aiie liiiinnn ovtri'i'-e, a. n vv.ll in sc'dlic le niacli 10 reievt 11 ; and ultliemgh not a pk'ii aul n'ns. lion, will (e fund 10 give lei id. Winn' thcte is iiineb paui in the I rcost it side-, 1 ce i t .-he-nuaira Pour Man's Pla-:ers she' Id le applied over the- part, nndweiin nil iiiii'vcl, Ifattetu'esl v 1 h e n-iui ne, n few i-ath.irtii-1 r laxative Li xciigcs, or any 11 " d eu tbarlie niisbcim1, sin uld I e luixl as ihs o-i. ii re' pure , Sold at the Var.eiy Siore, ly PA.MillCK.N it niilXS.MAII, Jowi'llcr-, llurhugton, Vt. wh .e-a'e agents. A li! era! dnim nt 10 merchant-, who luj 'o sell again. OUPF.RITXF. blue laid cap and letter poicr, for O snleni tuannfaeluri-rs' prius, by Jan, II. C. GOODRICH.

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