Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 5, 1841, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 5, 1841 Page 1
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-Mimmmm-m, WOT T II B GLORY O F OJESAH, BUT THE WELFARE OF tToTw. nv 11. n s t a n v ssssss MKLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, MARCH 5, 1841. JbmJaK IF lltll II Farm for For Sate. THE subscriber oilers for sale a Farm one mid n half miles from theColleue on me vvmoosici lurnpiKe, containing 5U, 100. 150. tir 200 acres of land as the nur. chaser may choose. The buildings with little ex pense may be put in good condition for a tavern, and there is not a better location for such an establishment between Burlington and Montpclici. Terms of pay ment easy, and any enterprising industrious man with a small capital may own n good establishment in a few years by purchasing this property. CflAUNCEY GOODRICH. Burlington, Jan. 14, 1811. CAIUXET WAH Kt Tliesiibscriber has resum ed the Cabinet business at the old shop on Church street, formerly occupied by Nichols Merrick, and recently by B. R. Walker, where he intends to manu facture and keep constantly on hand all kinds of CABINET FURNITURE, of a style and quality not inferior to any manufactured in this vicinity. He hopes his long experience, together with a strict atten tion to the business?, will secure him a share of the public patronage. CrW'ANTKD in exchange Tor Cabinet Work, llirch and Maple Scantlct, suitublc for bedsteads; bnsswood plank, and boards from 1 inch to J inch ; white Pine boards. Most kinds of country produce receied in payment, (but cash would be very acceptable.) Burlington, Jan. 1,1311. SAMUEL NICHOLS. i 9 UP STAIKS. THE subsci iliei would remind his friends and the public that he occupies a room in Church street, over Kern and Walker's store, where, he n ill give his personal at tention to Repairim: Clocks of every des cription. Those which line hem in use in my ve irs mini up m "vod style anil mn' U i ivc I a, ,v:irui e if t. vv Ho would also (jivu notice that lie hasic sumed his former business of repairing I Watches; all entrusted to his care will be I carefully repaired and warranted. Hav ing been engaged for twenty years past in makinzas well as repairing Time keep- ers.he tru-ls his experience in the business will enable Hun togivc.ntil.iction to muse who favor him with a call. V. S. A few Clocks for sale, on commission. J. N, DUNNING. Burlington, Doc SI, IS 10. Mk. "17011 SALE, The House and Lot now wn JL occupied by I". J. Slimson. 1'or IJJSI terms, iniuirc of the subscriber at No. 3, ISlasUHa Strong's building. Also, Roots, Shoes and Leather for sale low for cash, to close a concern All those indebted to H. Stimson are requested to mike payment before the 1st of February next. 1".. J. STIMSON, Agent, llurlington, Jan. '.'I, 1311. ISAAC WAItiVCIt. HAS received and keeps constantly on hnnd a largo and full imortmenl ot GROCERIES, among which arc COGNAC BRANDY, ! St. CROIX RUM HOLLAND UN, 1 A variety of WINES, and almost every article in the Groctry line, all of which he will sell on the most itasonable" terms. He would nIo inform Tavern keepers in particular that he will sell rum, brandy and gin for 03 cents a gallon, which he will warrant of a Utter quality than some which have lately been hawUd ubout the country by a certain New Yoik pedlar, and if not adjudged by the best judges to be better, he w ill not a.-k any pay for them, lie invites thrm to call and compare. Hurlingon, Oct. 1810. tf. hi I i o Uyc' frcc from other seeds, for " .-ni-Bh oepi. to. sale Dy y. IJISNNs. ENGLISH POWDER. Pigons & Wilkes ana uuriun sceieoratca rule powder, in pound cams crs "V. H. M. GIDDINGS & Co. T OOKING GLASSES, mahogany framed, at the " iiiiaJi uy ii. m. UlUUIINUS Oi Co. VOL. XlV,...No. 39. MWjlllM ESSENCE, OF LIFE. A Valuable Medicine, whieh, if rightly applied, will Lu the ineausof saving thousands (rum un untimely prate. It has been sold and ii-ed for thirty years, success, and found very cificucious its the following disease, vig. CiuiMi.nption, Whooping Cough., com mon Cough', Cu.cj, difficult. Ureal binir. Fnlhienz.i, v.-mii-j, (..nun,,, l muiMC, opilIIUg HI DlOOU, 1'laltl I'-ney, nulige-tion, Laio-encs or the Uowel-, Fits ol every kind, Cramps, Rickets, Colic, Catarrh, Dvseii lary, Fainting, Hypochondriac Alli-clion", Headaches, Sickncssa! Sloinaeh. Mea.le. a nrevcniivi' nfrtnu. tiisrtotls d.ea.e. Grinl unit lllieum:.! i.m ley! lie above Mo lieine is prepared by Henrv Sey mour, ol'Hadley, Mn. from the Original Recipe, f.y the direction of -aid Moore, and sold by him and the principal Druggi.tsin the UnitedStalcs. Sold whole-ale andrciail, by J.cV. J. H. Peck Co Dlidheo. A. Peck Al I!,,.. Il:.,l,,,.,, .. ,l l dealers!' generally throughout the country NOTICE. J. TRVON, Merchant Tailor, would respectfully nnnounco to the nublic and his old customers in particular, that ho continues to accom modate all who call, with the latestimprovcd fashions and Work not inferior In anv. nn reiienn-d-l. hni!i.n at his old stand ou St. Paul stieet. On hand and for sale cheap for cash a choice assortment of superior llr.eili.l..,l... f- 1 ...: 1 ir. . , u?ff,,llt,tB' eauug-j, uuu i riiuiiiings. N. II. Coats cut lor 50 cents, cash. 1'. S. Tli iso indebted will please call and uppay ( UIF.APER and better for Ready Pay. The sub- SCllber Wllllld inriirm liis ruslfimprt nnit tli mii!. lie that on account of his loss of Goods by fuennd the damaged ones selling oh" so cheap, his present stock is principally made fresh nnd select, and the cloths being bought ai low prices can he sold cheap. u imiius ui eiouung mauc on inc suortest notice, Cuttinir done as usual. All kinds of rlnilicn rl..nin,l of paint, grease, ccc, and dressed, pressed and repaired m iiie ucaiesi manner anu urougui as near as possible to their original beauty, and warranted without dam age. Also on hand, (no waitinc until New Years or running all day after Trimmings &c.,) Top Coat", Cloaltcs, Dress and Frock Coats, Pantaloons, Waist coats, Sailor Jackets, ilovs Clothes, Flanncll and other shirts. Drawers, Stocks, &c. Also all kinds of second ham! Clothes, Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoes, Traudliiig Bags, Trunks, Furniture and all other ar ticles common and uncommon. Clothes or produce taken for pay. C. BENNS. t'earl St., Sept. 1S-10. ir I.IVEHY STAHliE. AVING made c.xt' iisie re pairs by addition of new buildings, Horses, Carriages, Harnesses, Saddles, etc. the subs riber is Drenared to accom modate the public in good style ana on short notice, single, Tcndcm. four or fix Horse IVim. will e furnished 10 nar- TilO.o ties of pleasure. A man may be found in the Barn at any hour, day or night, to at- Cash tnid for Oats vid Hay, 3 doors East ( f the Log Cabin, or at my shop 2 doors West of J. cfc J. II, reck & uo. s store. ..... SAMUEL S. SKINNER, Burlington, Dec. 12, 15-10. TTivrir'.rJ...Tii si-liscriWrs haviti" formed ll partnership under the name and firm of STAiin& Dow, in the Tin, ShcellronandStovebusincss, would respectluiiy iniormincpuoucinai uiey kvhuhuih' lvnn lisnd a eomolete adsortnient in the above line Th.v lim- nnw mi hand a variety of Parlour. Box and Cooking Stoves, trimings etc., which they will timn nfni thp very lowest nriccs in market. AH orders will be executed on short notice and in the best Btylc of workmanship. ISAAC DOW. Church St., opposite the jail. ) Burlington, Oct 30, 1810. 5 rpiIE Burlington BREWERY has I X now commenced business, and will hae new Beer ri a few das, . when all orders will be punctually I attended to. Burlington, Sept. 1S10. GEO. PKTKUSUIS ii 1 1 1 i Wl I IV KWPAINTSIIOP.-SPAULDI.NG&MII.L.S 1 kncM ni.nWl a nrw I'aivt Shop nn Chun h iwo door- south of II. Lane' Store, where they will do all kind- of HOUSE, SHIP, SIGN and CARRIAGE PAINTING, in tlie!-t pos-inieiiunncr ami on imn tn ilir,.'hn mnt f.wour thein wilh their nairun .w. IrT-PauiK. Oil. arnis, and Putty, eon-ianlly c.n hand and for -ale. II. G. SPAI'LUIM llurlinelon, April 9, 1840. C. II. MILLS. T Ii.AIIII Jt n.c. The subscriber has received J-and is LOAF, Ltimpand Brown Sugar, Teas, Coflec, sperm candles, winter strained lamp oil, molasses, rice, nutmegs, ling, currants.sooa crackers, cloves, cinna' mon, saleratus, brooms etc. for sale by n5 N. LOVELY, & CO. T YMAJf & COIjU, liavoon hand an extensie J- assortment of llurlington Mill Co. BROAD CLOTHS nnd BEAVER CLOTHS. vtso.-Agrcot assortment of English Broad Cloths, Beaver Cloths anu Vyussuneres, which they will sell at reduced prices. WANTED. A few thousand lbs good Fleece Wool or which cash will be paid. Oct. 'a, 1810. MT. VEKNOX ItUADKH, Bibles ot diilerent sixes and binding", Pocket Bible's auo lesiamenis ami a general tis.oitment ol stntiona ryjiist rocencd I'romN. York and for sale by Colleges!. jC:25. S. HUNTINGTON. MORE NEW HOOKS, Just iccencd at the Book Store-, A New Home-. Who 'II follow. Young Ladies Companion. Countess Ida. Hnywdrd's New England Gazeierr. Mitchell's Geographical Header, a system ot Geography, comprising n De-rpptinii ol the World wilh llw grand divisions, dc-igncd for in structions in schools and i'.unilie. Wonders of the Heavens. I). A. BltAMAN. CUUU OF A SWELLING IN THE SIDE. The following letter has been forwarded to Mr. Morison, President of the British College of Health, from his Agent for Dorset and Somerset, the truth of which is attested by the Rev. C. W. II. Eercd, Rector of Exton. "Crcwkcrne, May 30th, 1839. " Sir I have much pleasure in forwarding to you, for publication, at the express wish of the undersigned, the follow ing most extraordinary proof of the cllicacy of your Medicines, in the cure of a case of Scrofula, which, undci the usual treatment being deemed incu rable, had defied all probability ol ever being eradicated. "I beg leaee to obscro that the wnter, Henry Howe, is an entire stranger toi inc, that he has sent me this, his own statement, quite unsolicited, written and signed by himself, and as it is attested bv the resi dent Clergyman of the village, I humbly presume that its authenticity cannot, and will not be doubted. 1 remain, sir, yours, ever faithfully IIaiiiiiet IIeaniiam. Henry aire's Slatancnut of hit oicn Case. I first had a swelling in my side in the latter part of February. 1330. and anulied to Dr. Wclbank. of Lon don, whose prescriptions I took for many weeks, and in tiie montti ol June following lie lanced my side and thumb. I left London, July 1st, and came home to Orchard, when 1 drank, as I was ordered, sassafras, saisanarilla. and root liouorico duriiiL' a loni? time: after which I drank dandelion and dock roots several weeks. In August I removed to Halscombe, where 1 look medicines for six or seven weeks, which were prescribed to me by Mr. Collins. In tho latter part of September I returned to Orchard, and finding my self no better was induced to try Dr. Green's Drops, now reccKintr from New York, a birieas- ?"" coiisuitcu jir. i it icrni, w no put a sctmi into iny sortmetit of Leather, Boots and Shoes in addition to . nee 111,3 w-asa littieoctorc onristinas . ersuller his formerstock, consisting of the following articles "" ?. '.onS llmlT 1 Persuaded to try MrChurclull s in puit: .iieiiirmes, ana nppncu ms eimunciii to my wouuos IlliJ Sides SO e Leather, a inner or art rli. frra from I "Aiei-n weenti. r loouig ou ueoein, i umincei . 10 l.r- consider the hair as plants drawing their nourishment from oil and grease. Not tho Inir is nourished and supported by its appropriate juiess drawn from pure blood, like unto every other partjf the animal frame! as the nails, for example. lean, from experience in my own famiiy inform my rcaden and fair country women, that some months' experience with the Veg etable Uniiersal Medicine will euro and prevent all such mishaps, by improving tho Mate of the skin and juices, where the hair has its root!, and is nourished. My daughter, at the age of sixteen, being at boarding school, and of neuronic, diseased, neglected state of body, the hair all dropped offi tin head was of course snaveu, and a wig made use of fur a long lime. The a simeriar &r oij neavj-uow inues, 1U Sides Harness Leather, 10 niacK uriuie uu 10 Doz. Sheep linings, " " Soulh Sea Seal Skin., 1 " Grained Leather, 1 Case Men's Superior Calf Boots sewed, war anted, 1 ' " Thick Boots, heavy at S2.50 per pair. 1 " Boy's " " " 1.87J " 1 " Small Boys " " 1.22 " Together with Kid, Kips, Shoo Thread, Prunella Cotton and Linen Webbing, Blacking, Shoe Brnshes, Ladies French Kid Slips, and a general assortment of Missrs and Children? Slips and Walking Shoe's, all ol wnicn will oe sold low tor casn. II. C. STIMSON. N. B. Wanted, a few bushels of Buckwheat, Rye and Corn. K.J. STIMSON, .lffciK. RICH plain black and blue black grade swUs silks fordressessi changeable gro de New York, gro de Afiic and repp silks, assorted colors for bonnets; plain and lig'd poult de soi silks, dark and light colors, black, blue black und colored silk velvets. A large assortment of ribands of all kinds ) chiuelle cord, -ilk cord, etc. Tassels, lace veils, worked collars, Thread laces, working cotton, black trimming lace. Light and dark kid glou's, black fillet do. Blaek silk and nioliairniitts, by in. LUVliLY ct uu. DRUGS, Medicine, Perfumery, Paiuts, Dyo Stuffs, Oils. Varnishes. Brushes, etc. The subscriber is now receiving his fall supplies of the above goods; selected Willi great care, wnicn lie win dispose ol at thelowest market prices. ROBERT MOODY. SALT. 4,000 Minots Coarse Packing Salt, 6.000 M mots I .ivernool Salt. For sale, in quantities to suit purchasers and deliv ered at any 1'ort on i.aiec uiianipiom, uv JASON C. PIERCE et SON St. Johns,!.. C, Sept. -1, 1810. MOFFAT'S VEGETABLE LIFE MEDICINES. Tbec niediWnes are indebted fur their name to T Just reeeiveJ 15, 20 anl 217 by 9ca-ements ol ash, a lirst rale article at 3J and 3J cents per light i al-t) all kinds andsizes, fnruishesl to order. Tieonderoga blaek le.vl, a fir-t rate arliele, fur sale very low, together wilh a irrt-ai variety of other arti cles i cheap a can be lound at any other estal li-h-inent in the plai e. Geo. Pktckson, LAST ARRIVAL. NEW GOODS just received by the subscriber t and it is of but little consequence to tho purchaser how they came. I will only say they were mostly purchased on a credit and will have to be 6old at some price to pay my debts as I will convince any one who will call at my store on Pearl street. SIDNEY BARLOW. CONFECTIONARIES Just received, a selected variety of Stuart's celebrated confectionaries neatly put up for retail trade. Also at wholesale. THEO. A. PECK, ct CO SINGLE. DOUBLE. UMBILICAL. ncr ..,.',1 ,,nlv of Marsh's celebrated Trusc. $ of every de-enption, for sale by tbeilozen or single Oct. 10, 1810. THEO. A. PECK et CO. ' Kitm if i tit Morlar. "o" HALSOM nv i.ivi-:nwoiiTroi Consiimnlion Dyspepsia, Asthma, and all diseases oftho Lung. and Liver. The di-ea,e. prevail to a great rimn, ..,.v, nl some fatality. All these can li remediel by the use of Dr. Taylor's Balsom ol Liverwort. This medicine is puroly', nnd from its peculiar action upon the Liver is al ways found .. nmnlv fur iIick diseases, lor females and men in a very weak state, no medicine can be so grateful a retoralive, as it not only strengthens, but SiinCeanel gives a healthy action to the whole sys. tern. Constantly tor sale by N. LOVELY et Co. who hive lost received a frc-h supply ol seasonable Goods from New orK,uu itiinra nuieuu. Burlington, luly 30, 1810 their inaiiife-t and en-iblt: action in purifying the springs and channels ol life, ana enduing them wilh renewed tone and vigor. In many h.indred certified c.t-c-wluVh hao Icon made pullii', and in abnu-t every speeu's cfdi-a-e to w bieh the human flame is liable, the hannr elects of Moffat s Lin; Pills anu Pllo.NIx 111 iters have leeu grealfullyaud publicly aCnnovvledgi'd bv the per.-ous lencfuied, and who were pieviou-ly iiuaequainle'd wilh the beanli fully phi-lo-ophica! prmeip't's upon wbi- htbey are compound' cl, and upon which ibey eon-e'q lently act. Ilie urJ. .vicnie-liM-.o levoinmenu incm-cives in disease, of every form and dc-crinlion. Their first operation i to oo-en fiom die coats of the stomach nnJ bowel., tnu various inipurilitfs ami ciuuiiies eon st. inlly seilling around tbcmtanil to remove the bar dciied face, which collect in the convolutions of ibu .-inalle-l inte.-tine-. O.ber inediciiie's only naitiallv leau-etbe-, and leave such eolkv!tl luas-es ehiu'd s to produce luibitiiul co.-tivem'ss, with all its train of evil-, or sudden diarrhecj, with its iinniincnt dagcr-.n this fact is welt known to all regular unulouiKt lioexainmo the human bowels aficrelcdlh : and bene. Hie prejudice1 ol Uiose well interuicd men uain-t riuacl, meiiie'ine or nie'iiciue. prepared and lieralded to tne pniiiie ny igiicraul per-ou-. I nu second cllect ol the Life McJiciiics is to i the kidneys and llie bladder, and by this mean-, the liver and the lungs, the liealihfulaeiioii of which entirelydepciuUiipon the re gularity of the urinary organ-. The blood, wbieh lake- its red color from the agency of the liver and the lungs 1 efore it into the hctrt, being thus purified by them, and lionri-ljcJ l.y food coming from a clean stoniaeb, courses freely through the vein-, renews every part of the system, and triumphantly mount.. luu i.auncr ui maim ill luc uiooinuiu uiicck. .Mo lal's eectiil le Life Medicine, have I een ihor oughly tested, and proneiiuu eel a sovereign renie'dvfor Dy-pep.ia, Flatulency, Palpitation of the Heart, Lo-s of Appetile-, He-art-bu'rn and Head-ache, Re.llcnc-., Ill-temper. Anxiety, Languor and Melancholy, Co.. Iivencs-, Diarrbcca, Cholera, Fevers of ull kind., Rheumatism, bum, Urop.ics ol ull kinds. Giave . Worm-, Asthma and Consumption, Scurvy' Ulcer.. Inveterate Sore, Scorbutic Eruptions and Bad Coin-nle-xion.s. Erintive comnlamls, sallow. Cloudy, ami oiberih-agreeable Complexion., Sail, Erysip ela , Common Cold, nnd Influenza, and various other complaints w hieh allhct theli'iinan frame. In Fever and AouF., pariieuiariy, me i.iie .ueoieiues nave 1 een most eminently successful j to much so that in the Fctrr and Ague districts, Physicians almost universally pre.cril e them. an mat .nr. .no iat rcnuircoi ui. pauenis is to uu particular in taking the Life Molicine. strieily accor ding to the direction.. It is not a newspaper notice, or by anything Ihet heliim.-cllinaysay intheir lavor, that he hopes to gain credit. It is alone by ihc results of a fair trial. MOFFAT'S MEDICAL MANUAL; dciened as a lome-tic iruidetohe-alih. Thislillle pamphlet, edited V w.u. .Mo'lat,27S Broadway, .'sew orV, lias I een piiUisbol lor llie purpose ol explaining morelully -nr. MollalV thee.ry of ihseases, and will le louud highly interesting to ocrsons seeking health. It treats imtm prevalent di-ease", and llie causes thereof, Priec, 25 cenl-for sale bv Mr MotlUt's Aetentsaenerallv. Tl l' llf ..I.. oic luiuaoio .icuicmes ru lur sue oy ivoi,c!l Mil. IV. : . rn.....l n ........j uoiouiaiin, w lion, Ull Up- plieutioiis for agencies should I.e addressed, post paid) .'iiiiuigtwii, ,, jun. i, ion. . r r sixteen weeks, r inninir no ocneiii. i u n un ' r...... . ' Ohorlcv. and took his nrcscrintions. March 10th, ' I ei"t I pnin linm,. to llntspnnitip. nnrl wn nrilnrnft In drink lime w atcr, and apply fresh butter to my wounds. Alter trying tins in vain, I consulted Dr. liakcr, taking his prescriptions, and applying mercurial ointment to my wounds, wilh lotions and herb poultices, to the swellings. My increased sufferings led mo to apply again to Dr. Collins and Dr. Sully; I took their prescriptions ten weeks, applying poultices, Poor Mali's Eticnd, and caustic to the wounds, but without any benefit. Afterwards had recourse again to Dr. Urccn s Drops, witn poulticesnnd rour Alan s Friend, but these nnd many other remedies, were all in vain. I despaired or ever finding rebel irom my suflermgs, when at Christmas, 1832, Momsos's Universal Mroiciscs were recommended to me, and I took them in doses from four to twenty-two pills each day after taKing tnem nuoui tnree wccks my pains were greatly abated, and I was enabled to turn in my bed and clnngefiom side to side, which I had not been able 1 1 do during twenty months before, from the dreadful state of iny wounds. By continuing these pills every day during twelve months, I was able to get up nnd wane about witn my crutciics a blessing winch it was never e.xnectcd I should cnioy I had tried every doctor within many miles, and it had cost me scores of pounds to no good purpose ; they all said no medi cine could do mc any good. I do believe if I had known theseUsivEBSAL Medicines a year nnd a half before, I should never have been a cripple; but I am thankful toOod tnatl now Know tnem, and that I have experienced such unexpected good from his Medicines, I am bound in gratitude to Mr. Morison to make this as public as possible. It iswcll known that a person must not be alraid to take anv number of these pills tho more thev take. in such a case as mine, the more good they will do. They have not cost mejCj, during the time I have taktnthem. Iain now without any pain, haveagood appetite, and sleep well, beingin theenjoyment ofper- fect health, and nave been lor tne last iigntecn months. All my wounds are healed, but the scars can testify what I have suffered, these still remain, but I nied neither crutch nor slick, and am able to work n my garden and at my various employments. I send this to Mrs. Beanham. General Attent for Som erset and Dorset, and request her to publish it for the good of the allucted. itness my hand, (Signed) IIenuv Howe. Landlord oftho Rock Inn, Exton, Somerset. Witnessed by the Rev. C. W. II. EvEaED, Rector of L.xton, and by James l ocno. April21lh, 1S39. nrnMAV COUCH SYI1UP. A Few dozens of this famous medicine, for thocure sij ,a r"niii?hs. ore for sale by tho tubscri- tr. rucomm.ndations from many of our citizens BOSTON and TROY IRON COMPAN Y.-Tho public are hereby untitled, that the biisine. ol casting in every branch and variety, is done to order, on iheshorte-t notice. atTrov. Vl. 'Thernmnanc hai l. I........1 e, i . ' ' iiiucu cinwifcs., oicn luiiitury aiiu are now prepared lo do all kind, of work done at any foundry in the country. Mill-gearing, Pot A.h Keltles, Stove.. nougli', AMeiree-, eve., on nand, or lurnistied to orde-r. All who wish to contract lor stove-plates, or to pur cbasealarsenuaniilv ol hollow-ware, for tho of retailing, will If furnished at w holesale prieesand all who may favor us with theircallsor orders, will i. dealt by as liberally as al any establishment in the country. Orders should be addressed to E. R. Cro.s. man, ouperinlendant. or A. Young, Agent, Iroy, l, to secure an early reply, and prompt attention. Had firtathlJadJ'ersjnration.liolh these dis cover without disguise, the corrupt souiccfiom which they proceed. How few pay attention to them or their conseqnences, or have turned their thoughts to radically prevent them! Somcodoriferous palliatives arc the whole length mat science lias gone in this re spect ; yet some weeks' use of the Vegetable Univcr sal Medicines would remove the cause. CoiMfenance Peevishness Jlad Humour. The countenance is the dial-plalc of our interior, and our being master of it, the sure sign of composure and serenity the most enviable and desirable of all states, and may claim Diyinc'cxtraction. With composure and serenity, life glides pleasantly on, like unto a pure unobstructed stream. Intellect, imagination, compo sure, serenity, may be termed the fruit, the essence of the vv nolo buoy, it uy tne management oi our bodies, we have not attained to and perfected these high in tellectual faculties, we have done but little. In them resides all'lhe strength of man and of the world; they arc the true fruit of the tree llie fruit of this body, which we have been nurturinn and takinc care of from infancy up; certainly, then, all physical assistance administered to the body which experience has taught us, and can be proved beyond a doubt to ho mstru mental ill promoting and perfecting these hi'di func tionsof our intellectual part or being, must be accor ding to nature, and provided by her for that purpose; that such is the case of the Vegetable Universal Mi di. cincs, and their edicts lasting, no man who has tried them will attempt to deny or dispute. The reason why the world has never vet renncd the benefit from purging, expectoration, etc., which are all only modes of cleansing, is, that they have never been persevered in, nnu in sunicicui sirenziu : nconiu not naviuer lust idcasas to their true effects, they expected that some days' use of either wassufficicnt. Has not every one oi us, nowever, expericnceo, auer a cold or smiled head, the enormous quantity of matter that is blown out nnd spit, sometimes lasting for we'eks and months; and do not we ulvvavs c.xnericnco the beneficial result of it. Nature, in such cases, from causes which wc cannot investigate, has had the power to bring about this cleansing herself; and if she had not done so, we may well imagine that the patient would have fallen a victim iu sucu a mass oi numors accumulating in tin head. They did not consider the body n inns. m brucd with corrupt humours, and that consequently it .....o l.n tl.n ....t. r . 1: ll.. r :. r .i ' .uu., v iiiu uii ui iium iu luuiiuii)- ireu iv ui litem. Do not they see by a cut or drain made in a field do not all the stagnant juices from the back, remote parts of the field flow towards this drain : and must nm tl,n borders of tho drain be somewhat ofiected by their t i i :n .1. . ii n i ... ' . . uau ijuiiuiy, uu nicy uiuuii iuu uu I oa h is Willi tho whole internal tube of the human body, tn utnrl. it is the drain; and if it is kept in order, all the other functions regulate themselves, and the juices How in tneir proper siuie. ,u mm, us iu me ueueni oi man kind, lias scienco mode researches, and by anatomy pryciiiuiuouiiooa. iimftiM i'tno, outing unco siray. il from the nath of nature, like a man entering n f.,r. est, the more they have advoiiccd, the more they have found themselves ncwitoercii aim iusi, anu grasping at every thing they count lay noiu oi. uy tneir inven' tions they have tortureu man, anu icu mm moro mis ernblo than thev found him. Let chemistry and man uai dexterity d'rect themselves towards their proper neld, where tney can no nu narni; uuiuo not attempt to imnrovn human nature bv them. dir. The the great ornament of tho face, nnd comparable to tho leaves of the trees; mid like unto all other parts of us, its growth, strcnglh, and duration drpetids on the health and proper state oftho iiodv! ana it remains as vet very ciouuuui w neiner uus, greases, ui anjr i-aiciiui upimiauuiis tun iin.c any effect in promoting its growth and beauty. But we Know Willi e-cuuiiiiy, mm it giuvvi luxiiuaiioy wnen inc ooqy is m n proper iieiiiiuy sinie, ami mat diminishes ond actually iniia on, wncn llie body neglected and full of disease and that corpulence J)r9 hair crew nirain. but weak! v. and enntmuidin this state till sho was near twenty, mil then it grew weak, and fell ofl'rgain,nnd in places, fir the siie of a crown piece, became bare, without a hiir upon thein. She was, too, though full of flesh, in a very diseased, chronic state. This went on for a length of tims, she using the many insignificant prescriptions in use, and not knowing nt that lime how to remedy it, or do bet ter. About this period, I myself began the use of the Vegetable Universal Medicine; and her state of health had grown so bad with an attack of erysipelas, that she saw the necessity of doing something to alter her situation, and began wilh the same medicines, which have had such abeneficial effect, ns to restore her to perfect health in every respect. Thehair of the head has re-annearcd. and nrows with nrcat luxuriance: and llie erysipelas, which had even caused lameness in one leg, lias been radically cured. If grief and nlllic lion, ns it is said, will turn the hairs giey, and that in n short lime, why should not keeping the body and mind in a healthy, composed, serenestate,producethc contrary, and prevent their falling ofll and turning grey, nt least so rapidly ns wc often witness? and that the Vegetable Universal Medicines really produce this eiTect, I am convinced, from what has happened tomvown: as mv hair hasinmrovrd in tbicknesn nnd colour within these four years. Organic Disease. The proper application of words and their meaning, is the first step towards knowledge and science! without thai you are only buffeting the air, or what the French call giving a coup tTcpicduus I'cau. One would understand by organic disease such a want or defect in tho part or c-gan, ns to pre vent it ever acting right; nsin the wheel of a machine, a part broken oil) or so twisted or otherwise deranged, as never to I o remedied. Such seems to be the mean ing attached to organic disease, and any cuie thereof is regarded as hopeless. Bui has the world ever re flected, that if ever this individual, or any organized being, had this organ in a proper state at or since his birth, any morbid sttitoor disease happi ning lo it af- ivifliiiuan uuiy unmiz iu i lie grnuuni increase oi an humour scttlingupon thisorgan, and thusalteringnnd preventing its proper action. All disease, and finally death, may in like manner, nnd with equal propriety be called organic disease; for in all, some organ is first altered and injured, and finally destroyed, which causes death. In acute disease (which arises solely from ncghctnnd want of nrccaution tonurra the bode occasionally by Iho Vegetable Universal Medicine) this rapidly takes place. In chronic disease it pro ceeds by slow degrees and imperceptibly, but tho cause is the same in both, and tending to the same result the destruction in one way or other of some organ. Ihc term organic disease should nnlvannlv to defects taken place at or previous to birth. Do not wc sec in cuts, sores, wounds, that nature (that is the pure blood in man mid all animals) has the power of regenerating nnd forming afresh that which is real ly wanting, tornand broken evenin bones themselves, and in a still greater degree that of clcansinp and re storing to its proper action an organ which' we have only allowed to become dirty I What has dissection profitled to mankind ! its processes may be termed a system of cruelty to man mid beast, making experi ments to prolong life after depriving them of some in ternal organ, the spleen, the kidneys, and thus en couraging making incisions into the abdomen of the numan body, tiead the medical reports in their rhap sodies. One would think the human mind hud iMiv. etred itself up bound hond and foot, to ignorance and infatuation. Countrymen, fellow-citizens, read these reports of what takes place in our hospitals, and open your eyes after treating a patient and drugging him fur scvurnl months, trying one tinner nnd then another the patient dies, his body is opened, and what is found that which every man hut a doctor, with half his senses, Knows bclorc-hnnd must be found ; namely, a mass of humours of various kinds, coagulated blood, etc. which have first obstructed, and finally destroyed some organ tuner oi ineneauor trunit anu n tney do not alter their theory and treatment, they will go on from now to eternity, os they have been doing, with out benefitting mankind, but injuring them: and all this is covered with the appearance of science and knowledge lo the surrounding multitude, who stand aghast and amazed at the prodigies of their art, and of mo miseries mat tney incinseivcs are inreatenenwitn. All this misery and suffering would have been easily and modestly prevented nnd cured in some weeks by tue eneiauie universal .ucuiqncs. i.ei nniurc worie, and when assisted by them, she has the powe'r of thoroughly cleansing nnd n-gcierating too, that which is wanting. thev will do that which no other novver on enr'h enn do. Adcantagcs attending the IhtoJ the Vegetable Uni versal SWidicines. 1st Sound sleep, if it be already wanting. 2nd Regular appetite and enjoyment of meals. 3rd Cheerfulness, contentment, lib Agility, free use of body and limbs. 5th Prevents nielancliolly and suicide. Cth Prevents sudden death, angina pectoris, apo plexy. 7th Causes no restraint: eat and drink what vou please. bill invigorates t nc nnurl and lancv. Dth Fifty per cent, necuniarv saving throughout tne year. 10th Comfortable old age. 11th Corrects nil bodily deformities, and improves deportment. 12th Conviction, which you soon feci thnt you are doing the best mat can be done tor your iicaitn, Disadvantages attending the Let of the I egetable unxrcrsai Militants, A minute's repugnance at bed-time on swallowing from four to fifteen small pills: this repugnance di nnmsucs as you oecomc better, nnu your iieaiui mi frrTWMPOltTA.Vl ruininN ,i It is a singular fact and one much to be regrctled ...ui .iiKiiii.iv Hiuuicmcs, as soon as tney become pop ttlar. and have received llm nn.t nnnrmul .,fn di-criminaling public, arc sure to be counterfeited, and I..... u uu mm spurious urueie is immediately panned upon lliciiiisitspcetingforlhc genuine. This'has been notonoo-ly the case wilh all popular tried nnd truly valuable niuhenes for earpa.t, and will probably continue lolu llie for years lo conic. The lui-c and coniemptlble counterfeit in this way meanly takes advantage of all i!,e c.lbrt. and ndver-li-ing used by the proprietors of the genuine article, to get their me hemes into use and deserved poplnari ly. Ills therefore not less ibcduiy than it contribute to the safety of every honet indiv idual in the coin munity to e.xno.c, fruwn down, and forever nficrDIS Tltl'LT all HEARTLESS lNGRATESwho thus irre sponsibly trifle with health ond life. IC-THEREFOHE TAKE There is a (icr.-on by Ihc name of J, 11. "llOCHE FORT. now engaged in -filing a Pill doiioupni boxes inexact and perfect imitation of the genuine INDIAN VEGETABLE PILL-s, wilh the omission ofonly one word on llie- Boxes v iz. Wnrniir. Tin' PilN sold by Ibis Rochelorl are evidently inlcndc.1 as a fraud nail imposition upon the coiuinuiiiiy, or ihey would net have l.mi done up in such e'vaet 'imii.Hion of the gen uine. This per-on is Hill MiNcring wilh a gri-at the atrical swagger. He was recently known a a very prior plavcr in Baltimore, under the inu.ical cognomen eif'Jim Brown, and i. about twenty live year, of ago It i almost lieyonda doubt that lie is supplied with the Pills from a Drujgi-t firm iu this city, who have heretofore been notoriously comxvliil with e-ounler-feit medicine-. Assoon asproof is obi. unci ihc foun tain head of this nefarious business will I e exposed, that the ce,nimuni.y may shun them a they would a serpent. IN 'HIE MEAN TIME I'HK PUBLIC ARE CAU TIONED again.! buying VRIGHTS Indian Vegetadlv. Pills of anyone who joes not exhibit a ccrliticalcof aj-cn-cy signed by Ihragetit for the New England Slate, and bearing dan since January 1810. Al-u lake par ticular notice tint the followiiu' wording i. on tbubox-l-s Wright's Lilian Vegetable Pi'l (Ind. Purgative) of the North Atierican College of Health. 77ie Indian i'tgtlabtt Villi aie a eriuln cure for disej-e in its ceiy tMnciyuf lorni, hi'c.iui.e llie) 1I111 loiiglit) cleaust the (loiilach and liunel., iudnre a piu per di-rluree 1) ihe lungs, skin und kulnej, and mi. mill. He llie blind 10 pin ify itself. In oilier wind ih.-v open all ibe niniMl iba'iiM, and re s a i Ull 1: the Grand 1'hyncian) nee to drive du.fje fiuin llie body. 'I be tbuve oiuleis, or ibatii-, nre llie riiniiimn sew eis of ihr bodv , tin out; b Hhirh 11 mm Ind .mil rm -rttpl htiiiiurt'f.ilve ciu-e ol ilise.He) Hie earned utr; and so long as 1 ley ate rfll kppl open, and di.i h.oc lirely their allotiel portions of iinpiii iiv, (lie bud) will emu tiniie iu liejih : bill when fiom Citlini impiopei lood, bipthhi Lupine ail, sudden nan-iiiuiii Horn in culd, overexb.iiisiion or an) oilier rpti.e, lite bowid.. become cisiive, 1 lie porei ol llie skin hsriuiie rkmeil, or iliekiilne f.iil to peiform then buu-iiun pmppilv, the impurities which should be drained lioin llie bodv by these euilrtr. w ill be 1 eiaiiied, and cmitimip 10 tr. ciiiiilllHIeilnlil llie bud) bprumes lilerall-, liMited wilh disuse. If the clLinneU of our inwlitv riverp sbtudd bpcome b'urked up, would not llie acci imilaipd w.neis fitul new ouib'ts, or llip couniry becnuie inundatpd 7 J 111 so u'th ihe IniiiM'i body ; ifihe imiiiihI druiiis hp cuiiip cloied, llie sUeiMni and cot nipt Iniuinrs will find vent in die inrious fonns ol disease sut-li mi Fpipi, Small Pox, Mealc, Rlieiiiii4iiim, (.out. Apoplexy. &c. or Death will eu l our etiflei nigs Then fuie, when sickness at Ihe siniiiacli, pami m ihe bark himI ride, epmk pulse, buttling skin, or an) oilier unplfa flam symploins, indieaie that one or ninrt of lite ns. rural iltuiini me nol dist li.4rging fieetv", snd die cmisii. Union i. about 10 coimnenre a stiugi-ie lor lhr relora lion lirne stioiltd bp lost in adininioertiif. afeA brisk tlosi nf the Imbau PuiK-.'ive (Jndittn Vt gttuble Pith.) By o dnnig, all ihe Inncuon. of ibe body will bp resUifd to oulpr, ind die foul bunion (llie cause ol eveiv or psui we stdipr) tsill be teill'.ved in so ea.y and naiutal a itiamtPr, llial 1 lit- winy wiuue rriaicii as ,1 iiv a cImiiii. imp above 1 ills may bp ttiLtui al ALL IVm and liiidfr All. rir. cum. lances, wilh neifcpi tfetv. TIipv un all torn jmitnisaitu all, andaielo Hip Iminaii roa-niiuioii as lood : conseniieiitly ibe ran ntntr imui t even llie most drbcaie. Like our food, ihcv aie iIkpsiiIiIp: llipiefore ihey enter into llie circiilaii'un and imjiart an energy 10 I lie blood, which enables ii Iu flow nli fire. doni quite in Hie extienuites nnd cuii.euiiPnily iu Kppi Hip pnrrt ufilie skin open. Thpy are line arid pptfpci pin liters oi 111e1.l1.ou; orcame uiey dram all rotritpl humors fiom llial life ijitiny; fluid I'lipy imparl slicnih and vigoi lo llip whale rysieni, and llieii ef feels arealHlty : hcranp lltpy only iriuuvp thusp luitnora which arc oppused 10 beallh. I'lipy aid pind impiove digestion, and sound sleep fulluws llieir iipc : beratiiie ihey cleanse die siuuiarh and bowels of iliua? slimy huinours wltiebnot onlv uiiiaie and excite llie neivou sysiem, bin painlyse uiulwetkrn ihedis CPslivpoig.ou. Iu shnn 1 Ley" posesa all ihey (ood propciiies llial can be claime'd lot any medicinr : and what his very remarkable, it is ulieily inipoaiib'e lu u-e them vviihout bpnefit. Price 25 cents Per Box. with full dirts-tions. Oilice and General Depot for the New England State-, No. IDS 1 rcinoutsjirect, near Court sire-et, Uoston. Tho regular appointed Agents can receive their sun- plie. of tho alsuve popular Pill-, as hereioforc, from the only olbceand general tlepot for the New England States. 'PJjTreinont street. Bo.ton. Ptsll.irs or trav elling agents are not allowed to sell ibe genuine unban vegetable Pills, therefore never purehs-e from them, for if vou do vou will le sure to obtain a dangerou. and counterfeit arliele. sll Tnro. A. Pick o: Co, ArenKin Burlinglnn, for the ale of ihu Indian Vegetable PilK al-o, W. II. lioLLt'T. Williston, Vt. and A. Brin.inuid, Uurlmglon. proves. TheOENUINE Morison's Pills, which arc curing more sick people than anv other medicine and which continue more and more to he called for, whilst many other medicines retire to just obscurity, can be obtained in this town, ONLY of P.NoaoiiN if- Biunsmaip, iaio .vgenis. Every packet and box sold in thestatois put up with Pink labels and signed on the outside, "Pangbornand Brinsmaid," if not so SIONED do not buy them. Tho call for this in valuable purifier oftho Blood and renovator of tho whole system, continues to iiv rense dailvandis more valued the mure it is known. Books ami Pamphlets explaining the Morisoniati theory of disease and its cure, can be had otall the Agents. uuu T.v i.i m, iiygeisi, 91 Broadway New York, soleU, S, Agent, for the Brit ish College of Hcaltli. London. Wchavc the Books to sell nr lend os persons may Wish. l'ANUIIURN tf- UUlN'sj.llAIll Li MAN St COIjK, have received llieir tisun extensive asvirtineut of fall and winter cond. omnrising a great variety of figured saxony, double and single width. Primal Crape Merino, Mou-cline tleLaine, See. Figured Alepine, fignriil and plain Liigli.h Merino., Cro tie Naples and French do. WiiMed Caniluleen.. Alpace-u Cloth, Tbil el Merino, Sc. Icaiitiful nrticle. for ladies cloaks. Ernnnetit, Salisbury Flannel, figured Circassians ete-. Goals nair and imiiaiiou Uamlels. Droeliclla, Persian cloth Sec. Ilnavy double milled Broad Cloihs, Beaver and Pilot Chillis Rich Diamond Beaver Cloth, a new nr I iclu for lienllemens ovor Coals. A larsre nmnlpr of heavy woMed .havvl., a fvv Lupins I c-t Merino and Ca.lnneie tlo, Netting, P.tlaiine nnd Edeuboro, do. Rich Ckally, Mousebne tie Laino and Clioneal lldlf-. SILKS. Heavy Canton, Oro do Naples and other Sill;., neb figured Blue Black, Brown and other colors, Olove. nnd Hosiery. . DOMESTIC (lOOl)S.--Collon .heeling, shining, tit'king, wadding and et.linn yarn, superior lrih Linen. TAILORS THI.MlNtJS.-.Sewmg S.Ik, Twi-t and Ibread, Padding. C.inva... Seleci,!-, col'd Jean., Brown and Blnek Linen, l'luid Wor.'-d F u'ing, Wor 1 1 2."rf-silk ,,u-. 1 1 Is Hunting, Silk Cord.-, Wor.- o. .011.1014 eve-, exc. j;sriN(J, Silk coior.. uo.iyn fiii'ci; lor eliildrens vvcir. -Woo'en Vilvel. Sill; Vcitol. Vnli'iui.i. Satin &c. .Silk Velvet for trimming-, a..orlcd jVT ATIIHK'S (iltANI) RESTORATIVE. 'I hi. XI valuable- Vegetable Medicine unrivalled lor the following cniiipla'nf., viz;, or Indi ce.ion,elise"t.tsl Liver, biliou-di-or !e;r-, Mroii-y, A-lli-ina. Co-iivene-s. Worm, .mil lo.. i.c.v : ..t 1... clean. in- the stomach and bow-el., con-. i,f.,'. .,, it,:. ide, stoni.ich and I re.i.l. cold, ami cni.l.. ,.r in. slanding, lioar-en.:... .hortne-s of 1 rcalh, Nervous i-ompl.iint.,etc, vvlii.-h urffrcineully llie flirt oldi.- c.isc. I' or 1 ever nnd Ague, it 1. a mo.i v.ln .1 1.. ,... vt'ulHtivv a. well a. m .ovcieign rnop.1). li virtue, sitrpa.s any Ihing bcrcitdore known in removing Si. v litis' Dame, Iwti 1 utile, bav.- 1 een known to cure Ibi.attliclins'di.t'a.c, nf'i-r having l --very exer tion lor four ll b.t. a tno-t poueifnl uiiliience in removing nrrvo...'i mpluints. ll 1. plt.i.anl H-iake-and .0 easy in its oprra'ion, it may 1 emhnmi.icicd lo the miaul with sale! v. The al ovc'.Me-liciiie i. veiv highly recommt tided 'l v nianv .eicntitic .'uih-incu. 1 a lar-e iimiiiUt of'ladie-,' who h ue proved ibe virli'e- of the Medicine by personal use and thai of tbcir families. A bill of. erliliea'e.aceompanieseaehbolilr, Willi direction., ll may 1 e bad whole-ale or remit ni Britain. Barre. and J. C. Farnatn. lV,li;..m.. Itiwn, .so'c propnelir-. I'repared from llieoriem al recipe; for sale by E. II. l'renli.., Monlpcbcr, and J. II. Pick et Co, and Tiif.o. A. Pick Co., Bur lington, and in Hit- 1, m'-nial town, m 1 1,.- .1 , 1.. nit diicctioii. signed 111 t,p bund writing ofilie proprietor-. HPJ II I! I ATI C ELIXIR, ACW.I'.BRATEI) remolv for complain! from it di-cu'cl .tale of ihe LIVER audi Hon.; the toUovving are a few of it. symptom-, weakness nt ihciomacb, InJige-tion, o-s' c.f appetite loiTiie.s t.f'Silris and lle.vl.iclie; it will be fuuikl a sun: remedy for Eruption. 011 ihc Face. Incomc rpienet' of Ineir lemg many nostrum, circulating in Ihis part of the country, ihe'.iibscribcr arc aulhonzcd lo warrant it. lenedcnl elect-. 'I In. arliele is ju-t received, and ei'lcred to the public a. one well wonh the atlpiiilou oflho-e who are allhe-ieil bv complaint. Irom Ibe above di-ea.pj u I eing from' an einincni physician we feel confident 111 thus recommending it. O.l. 6.1S10. THEO. A. PECK tV Co., ' Sign oft he Mortar, one eloorca-t of J iV J II Peck S; Co Dlt, PIIINNEY'S FAMILY PII.L, lor remo ving symptoms of irri'ation ari-ing fiom foul Btnnl'ach nnd bowels ; suth ns loss of appetite, or morbid cravings for food, sicklies or votnitting, pains or an unca-v sen-ation at tho pit of stomach, with sourness, inula eo-tivc state of the bowel-, Until lener with fulness of hee parts, and pain on jirc-inca with fnintne-s, jaundi'c, tly-entary, pain, in cither side, and pile's. Alliclious of the beud,di7ziiies., tu por, weaklic, tleprciou of spirit., by.leria, hypo chondria, and eften tb-turled sleep, sick bead iubo socomnion with feeble, elelicate person, e'.pcctally females, diarrliita, or looseness of the 1 ovvels, and dy .ciliary, dt-ease. tf the skin, and worms solre.uent Willi children, ulU'clions ol'llie chest, such u touch.a or dilllcully of l.rvailnnc, occasioned very ficqcemly by adisorderesl .tins i.f the stomach. Monthly alloc" Hon.. ctt feuiuli's, whin ebecked by general debility with loss tjfitppetile, allnided wilh cold feel, etc., ngi e nnd fever, intluenra, rheumalio nl!c lions of the joint.; scrofula, ticelolortii.x, orpainlul alll'etions oft be nerves of the face, neck and shoulder-. I have found them iieful in removing ehronin catarrh, if persevered in for some time, n smaller do.e.. '1 he-y oie accommo elattsl to all ago-, (childitn of e ) car' old may sufely 11-0 ibeiii,) and to.iiiyeltiiiiite, uiill under ull cironm siatKcs. i'bey cotitain no niercury nor other mineral. They tire purely vegetal le. 1'osc. Two tulour may betaken atn time, and repeated eveiy oilier night", until the tongue is clean, nnd the di-i baree from iho bowel., m.lead 1 f Icing light colored or daik nnd of fensive, 1 coine. free and full and healthy,, wilh a 1 e tiiin ofappelile. CKHTIFICAT1S.Tl,e undersigned has had the pica. lire olan iiciiuamtance wilh Dr S. Pbuincv Iu some year, pn-l, tluring h'i. le-ide-iKC in ibis villag., where be busaltaiued a high character a. .1 phy.ician He has had an opportunily also in repeated in-tane-t:-v ol ti'sitngibe vabictf Iho'd'uuiily Pnl.," und fiom hn o, - n I'Xpcrieui c of their cilk'acy', a-well a. from 11 know ledge nf their good eilect. 111 other ca-e-, be ha. 110 iu recommending them 10 teju-t what they prelc-s toll', 11 very wihmhle Family Medicine. tiiomas m. ".sjtrin, Pastor of the Presl ytenan church, Cat-lill N.Y. I feel it to 1 e a privi'egt: and duty to .ay, thai to tLe extent of iny ob-ervatiou and exptrienec, which is v cry coii-idci able el ring several vcar-, llie utility of ibearticlt: loth for l)y-pepy nnd'a. a nin-t edicacioiia Family Medicine, lir excicdeel my anlicnuiticn-. More than thirty years 1 have not cnjoyetl lieal'b, but siit'crcd lunch fioiii suk head-ache, and fiom bullous a''is'iions, 1 have had the advice of many re-peciab!-;, but never found tiny eleclual reheffrom iny" complaint, until a llial of Dr I'hinney's Pill, had lecn made. Samitl CiicnliULL. Iliiruion-biirg. Crawford Co., Pa., July, IS3S. Cat-ktll, tiree-ne Co., N. Y., April, 1S2.".. To all w tu.iii it may e'f.tuern : This certifies that Dr S. Pliiniicy i-a Phy-tcMii of the lir-l standing in tin-, village, t-uviug re--etved bi mc-Jie-al e'cgie-e at Cam bridge I uiver-ity, and is entitled 10 the highest respejt fiom I lie public. Rev. David Por'er, D. I).; Rev. Joseph Pr-nti-, A. M.j Thoma. H. Cooke, Pre-ident of Cal-kl Bank; Rev. Tlioma. M Smith; Jacob Haisht ; Rol en Dor lou, Coun-ellor ; John Adam-, do; M., do. Ifllieo pill. do not give satisfaction altera fair trial they may I c returnee!, and the money w ill be teludded. Agent. arc hereby authorized lo do so. Agent.. R. Moody, Burlington ; L.Jane-, Ceorgiaj T. W Smiib, St. Allans ; fj. L. Diake, Wc-t Mdion and at mo-i if llicstore. 111 llie sta'e. e.30.3in "TVOCT. MAIISIIAMS Aromatic, Catarrh and J lle'iurjehe h.M If. I Ins sniitl is superior to any thing vet known, for removing llial troublesome dis ease, the Caiarrh, nnd abo a e'old in the head, and the headache. It opens and purges out till ob-tiiie'lion., strengthen the gland-, and give, a healthy actum to Ihc parts aMccled. It i perfectly free from nny Ihingtlcle teriou. in it. composition has u ple'a-ant flavor, nnJ its iniiiiesdialce:!i'ei, after being usi-d, is abgrccaLIc - Price a i cents per bottle. Doit. Marshall's, Vegetable Indian Black, This Plaster is unrivalled for curing scrofulous swel ling., Scurvy Sores, Lame Back, and Frc-h Wounds pains in the side,-, Hip. and Limbs; ami seldom fails to give relief in local Rheumatisms. If applied to the will cure many of ihc common Liver Complaints.; and is i-ipial, if not superior, to any ilimg in use for corns on the feel ; ihe virtues of this Plaster have 1 een witnessed by thousand. 01 individual, in the tinned States, who jel itatc., who have te.ted its etlicucy. Sold by Ihe pro prietor ; Cha. Bowe'ii, Mieldlel.ury, I., and I nco, A '.fir A? f'o It.,, ini.lon. Vt. tel LOOK AT THIS. HAVE YCU A COUlillt TO.fXIO die or CKS'sUMrTloN every vcar 111 the United Stall", and million, sutler feom troublesome couch and colds, that can ba e urud by Dr. M. cock's vegeinble v iigin I re-am Lough Drop-, n sale luoiheal prescription, e'onlanig no poisonoiistlriigs,uud n-is 1111 .111 t xien. ve prueiicu ior several vcur. win most positively ullord relief, and save you from thai awful ihseaec. pultnonaiv con.iiniiiiiou. which usually weei ps 11110 llie grave iiuunrcd-, et llie young, llie old, Ihe (air. the lovely and the gay. Have 'vou aeouab? Be persuaded 10 purchase a liottlc ot the Cough Drops 10-ilav! To-morrow limy le too late. Have x-ou n coughl Dr, Iliicevok's Vegetable Virgin Creaint'omrh 1. lucotii)- reuieiv yon snouiu tasc iu cure you. For thi.plaig reusou. 'I'liat in nooncoributhausand case, vv here 11 has 1 ceil u-ed has It tailed lo relieve Price 75eenl per bottle. For sale, wholesale and Re tail, bv A. HITCHCOCK & CO. No. 117 ( st., I'llca, N, Y. And by their pgenls throughout the imiicii r-iuics. in iiuriingiori, by J, e .1, 11. reCK ev Co., T hco. A, Peck & Co. In Vergcnues, by J. 11 DISMASKS OF TIIK LUNGS...Ipndedl) Ilia iiiol puputar reuiPil) ever knutvn in AniPiiea Vegetable Pulmonarv Balsam is imp moil valuable remedv now in use fi.r cot,L:hs,colda, luihiiiti or pbilu.ic. con.iiuiption. whooping rough and pnlnionar) afT,ciiuiin of ever) kind, lis sale is sieaddy iucreaing, and llip projuieiors are eoiHianilv iccPivnig lie iiiu.i lavmable accutini uf its effen. 'Hip fulluwing new ceriilicaiei aie oflVred fur pubbe exaininiilian. AN ISTKlitJTlso Usr. bxiraci ol a Ipiier lirun Mr I." S Cla), King. ion, Uhuer cu,, N. Y, lo lbs proprietors. 1 uuit of ihe U1I1 111st. w.ti ilutvircd. A rematkable cure waa elfrcied I.) ihe Vpgjtut.le I'td. minary Babain inihewimet unds!piiiiof 1835. The peraon, Mr. Moudt, had been sttk a long lime wiih Ihe cunsuiiipiiun. Ilia phyirian had giveii htm up. He was reduced su luw as iu be unabls in lipln him-elf. anil wafl raisins u tarcn iiuaniiiv of bluod when he coinnienctd tifing Hie lialaain, wiiieli nan ellecied a complete cure, anil lie la now a Hale and hpartv aa pver be waa, Mr. Mnotlv has leniotpil fiuin ihisioHii, bid he his premised tne a mote delailrd urcmtnl of his caap, uhtch I vv ill lui ward vtm. U, o L.L.i Kiniiinn; N, V. June 2j. 1S3S. Extract tif a lener fiom Dr. Jacob Mjers. The VegPtahle I' llNlsitin tl is hen sold in tliia cniiniv for Iwo veais, and the medicine I1.11 eaiitpil an uncommon celebril), fur it rcaicely, in one itislauce failed of having the desiied effeci. I am by no means 111 ftvor of llie nianv iinsiiuma. morl ol vvhirh aie 1 posiiiuui upon a cipiIuIoui public, bin dial which I knofr by uae In be effectual. I cannui help but eivpinv anpiub tiiun ibereio. A counterfeit pieparation has been offered here by a travelling Agent, of Coinnork, N. Y. aiidtbeieia anuihcr article vended bete lhat ia ilrongl) scipected lo be spur iuu. Jacob aiirrits, 11. 11 . Penn. Mil) 3, 1837. Plum Dr. Sauiuel Moirell, 10 llie Piopiieinin of the Vpsp table I'tibiioiiarv Bala tin. I am aalirfled llnlllu-Vc teiable Pulinunarrv Baliun is it valuable meilpcine Ii has been uaed in una place with complete aurceaa In air eoinplaiui ni lite longs, uiien led wilh a severe cuiigli. loaa ui voire, mid ibe raiaing of iiiucli blood, which bad previously le.iated many approved prearnpiiona. AHer uaing llie lialaain one weea, ine paiiem's voice leitiined and lip waa able in speak itndi. til v. I'liia cut ocrmred aiiine lime since, and ihe man ii now engaged nol only in active lull labnrioui buaineaa. Resnecilully, tec. O. ftiOKiir.LL. ll is now mure than six vears since I was lnotiglii tery low by an aflertion of llie lunga, and mv cniiiplainl was deciaieu lo oe inctnauit' ny a cuuncn ut -e iniv aictaiii, I n ihen lesltiieil lo aaguo I lieallll a I Had enjoyed for many vests, by tiaing the Vegetable rul lllun.irv IValaain. lnre ...v tpetitprv 1 ttavu tet-uiu inentlet1, 1 tin Hal, am in 11 great many caaei uf lung Cumo'iainia. and an far Ha 1 can leain. Ila use I, -11 111 vartnlil) been followed Iv nnirli HPilflli, aim 111 man) Hlatuiict-su lias ellecua cuies winm wpip iiuj intra peeled. Samokl LTKRETT, llnalAn. Sl.irrli z. tnjr. For aalr. wholeiale and retail, by J. 5) J. II PECK & Co., und THEO. A. PECK & Co., Bur linglon, VI. WUHJIS, V)R.s,lli,, M. HiTrncoiK'. unrivalled and niie.iualled WORM TEA, a .overeigu rcncly for Worm.. Strange and inere'Ji ble are tLe e.lects of Ihc e tV'.e.iable vermin ; few person., and it i.lhoulit none are free from il.ein, par ticularly fcinxle. and children. Many per-ou. go through a di-tres.iug cour.-e of niedjcine w ilboiit a benefit, when they intslit le relieved by ti.iug the Worm Tea. This invaluable medieine ha-1 ecu lesttsl by Iht: experience of more than leu vear. ii.e,?nd aduiuiistcrcJ to more than I G.OlRJ per.on. of various age-, and no! one -olitsrv eoiiiiilainl ; on tbecoiiifarv hundred, have called, ann uu-i.iii nco. uittu mi, jj cided prefe'rence to it. after trying ihe di lerent arliele. sent forth to ibe pubic, and pronounced Dr. M. Hitch e'oek'.. Worm Tea the mn.t .afe, elhsiual, and con venient remedy lhat can be obtained ; for in 110 une of the thou-and- of 111-tatuc. w here it his I ivn ii-cd agreeable 10 the pruned dire lions has it ever failed. N. U. Ask for Dr. M. Hitchcock'. Worm Tea, a- there are many uo-,truiu. abroad for ihedestnictionof worm. Forsale'wbole.ale and l,y A. HI'ICHCOCK 4: CO., .hV proprietor-, 1 17 l.t'iie-n: .trect, L'tica, and by iheir aieni. Ihre'Ugboul the Union. In Burlington, by J. & J. H. Peck .V Co., and Theo. A. Peck & Co., Ill Veigennes, by J. II. Bow man. In Milton, by Burnet et Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lorenzo Janes. aug20 I NO, HI HI ASK TIIOSP. WHO KNOW. I'lio-e tin!) wbu know bv lililni iinmi'di.ile ubarr valtnn, ran futln ail) idea uf t lie sflecl. uf llie ptifeel elirl, ol llie alinnai curea 1 tb-ctrd lit cases of llie I'lLtl, RllKUMATISM, all Swi.l.l isr.t, and 11 evrmai 1'Aiss. no miller lum srveip, bv the use sf Haj a' Liniiuenl. Kind nur. wtiu has uai tl il lhat will nut laud it above all ihinga eve. u.ed, and )nn will find what e.illiint Ue lulliid. ,IJ luir Hip ipIipIo! aiiirri. ing human brings vvbu uiav be utllicied, I beg vou lu a.k ask of llin.e vvbu know Hsk llip Hun, Al.Kltlt) CoSKLIN, U. S. Jndgp fur llial ibsltirl, ir.itbng np.ll Auburn, ask MATrilfiv J, Mri:ni, E.i). Alliens, N. Y ; a:k (I' n. Durr ( a r. KK, Ine ui V a.hingion cil), each uf ilip.p gt uilemrn know ufcases uueuiiipipr. hie b) all miiei leuiptl ra nr plivairiana, lluinvli itied ferinaii) veai.,lltal have been etiii'il by the use of llie inline 7ay'f Liniment. Tli iHauds ofother prianns know similar cities, vv e .ipppal 10 ilirir spii-p nl jus. lire llieir liuuian Ireluigs CZi la-I.tii ttiii) )en nvvp 10 )uur sunenng tPllow-lit'His to IpI litis rrtneiL be known. Speak of it iben iu all vr.ur fiieatla I'liia will save itiurll pain -tlipte llir era ate .1 rrail, or wl.ere re.idpia aie tnereiliiluiia, brcaiHeso m mv wutilile.s ariirlrs ate .nlvprii-ed fur ibe s.iuie ptttposP. Tt. bii)pr we sa) , if all who Ii.ivp u.pd 11 tb not aay it i. bt'vnnd all praie, ibtui tlu not lake ii I Iip 111 opt teioi will nut alluiv tins article 10 lp pv id lur iinlpss 11 rmes, when all the iHieciiuus aie hill) lullovv. ed. Will anv one stifTn ine' ipftisp n .vv lu ir) il ? If hp .lops, Iip oi.j'Iii in bp piiistl inuie I r his ohsiiiiary 1I1.111 hiastifleiiiig. ilJvlr. Havs would never rioisi 111 lu ofli r ibis at liclp, m pip I,,, nm rnmprltrit b) his apnie uf moral ot religious ibu v iu tlu all in Ins pnwei lur ihe victims of tlistirss and mistrv. Fur ilua pnrpuse he wuu 'el sonnri ilevuie a Int iuiip, lb in rrui e a dull tr fur an) arliclp. ilJ IsUUJi UI i ,- annip awimllers It tve ri.tinipi frilrd lloa al Help, and pnl il up wilh t trioiia dpvicts. Dn nut br imputed upon. One thing tint) w ill pro'erl vou il is Ihr name nf O'omsfoi'; if Lo ; dial iiamp miisl lip alwai on Hie wiapprr, 01 )hii oie rhptied. Dn lint f.iget 11. Take lliia dure linn wiih ton, 'ind te.i bv ihti, ur nrvpt buv ; for il is iuipossibh fur ail) ulliri lu be tine fit gennuip. 111J.X ii.x 1 Sol'l bv Cometoek &' Co. ? Flelcher sltrrl, il. Yotk, llll.t) A I'ljun. .V U... Whales tie Ag'iits lur Ihe a tale ol pi iniiiii. by nomaansa prevcnlivo of it, but rather indiiocs it ; 1 Bowman, In Milton, by BuinetiV Sjwyer. In Oeor whs.B.tMwctr, eticuld notw t! Ct, u wc art to gia, by Lorcnw Janes. u lb BLISSI.NG to Mothers z. Syrup for children rutting American Soothing Svrun for children ratlins teeth. The timely use ol this arliele will save eniliiren much pain, oneu a Fe ver nnd tho painful operation of lancing the (111111, nncrt risliicod ii) 17 cts. titnlfrcv's Cordial an excel lent article tor the nurscy I2J ci., both tho-e articles old at the Variciv; Stotc, Panciiohm vx l'in.tsitp, LOTION. LOTION. DR. EVAN'S' BEAUTI FYING LOTION Highly esteemed for curing all Eruptions ('oar-cue.., ltcdiie-s and Pimple, on the Faee Neck or hand., and e.Iefluilly cleaning the complexion, nnd removing all dr-ca-c. of llie skin' Nothing contribute- so n.uvh to our general su(ve.-j 111 lile", a. an engaging fir-t appcaram e. Tbi. Lotion isadiimeI a ino.t flagrant, mild, safe wa.h and great ly esteemed fur its virtues 111 clean. inga softening, and purifying ihe .kin of all eruption-, .oinjuriou. to fe marc'liMHiy, and restoring it to u high ilegrei: of pu rity. A beautiful complexion 1'. the pride of all who posse-s il, and the envy oflho-e who nre deprived of it. What 1. so a lining lei a Leautifiil t'emale,in vv ho-e lae-e nature ii-a.di.playe.i herpovver,ni""u "trcoinj'ie.x- nn ili-coiu'ired Willi ui.gii.nn puej,..-,, mm :ier chat ins : A gos-t -.ectranve is luo It-si metidaiion ; nud u. ihe li-auiifvnig I.olion purifie. the sWn.and remove, all Piiup!u-,'l)lotehc-, Tan, Sunburn and Itedne.., and produce, a leautiful . the only cosmetic a lady should 11-u at her toi'ct. Cicntlemen will all also bud tht. n delightful renicLly, to icinove all Rwiighnc.., Pimjilc., Rmgwerm-, Spots, Kednes, Sorenc of ibefaee and no-e', nud every kind of erup tion oil the .urf'aee of the human l-tly. It i.. inme'u- larl) recommended to gentlemen to leu-eM alter .Ha ving, a; it will prevent the otherwise cerlain e.ltct ol all common -oap, 111 turning the teard'.y grev. For -aV Who'e-ole and retail by A. 1II1C11 COi.'K .V Co., No. 1 1" (iiiH'-ev street, Vlica. In Bur lington, by J. & J. II. Peck et Co., and Theo. A. Pee!: it Co. Iti Vergcimc-, by J. H, Bowman. In Milton, by Burnett .t Savvver". In Georgia, by Lrcnzo Janes ' aug 20 H.VI,1N1.S. Impor tant Dlscovcrx -Hie Crcat Slvstcrv I'ouinl out nt last. DR. STERRY'S HAIR REGENE RATOR. Dr. Stcrry, after iiiucli attention to tho important subject of preserving the hair, has, after many eipcrinieiits chemical and physical betn ahlo to discover and article which is now ofl'ercd with the creates l confidence for the toilet as ihe best thingever eiHCovcied, tor, forilssofieningand pi-nitrating quality to nrodiut a good head of hair to prevent it fiom falling oil' when baldness is apprehended- to rcsfoio it when baldness nas taken place, and to preveiii it from turning gray. It hi-more nourishing than poa malum, nnlinuc oil, or Cologne water. It is a beauti ful article fur ladies curls il makes the hair soft and lively, and produces uncommon brilliancy. Thous ands' have tc-ted its superior irtues and excellence-, nnd in every instance it stands unrivalled. It is an infallible cure in all alle-ciioiis of ihe s'.in on the head as dondriill! etc. etc. Every family should be sup plied willi a bottle of this oil, ihat by its application to the bend and hair of children, the beiutifal and or nament tl appendage of a fine head of haic, which in line hxs supplied us innv be preserved. Fiom ihe twitiHTuusctrlificntes a ml re-commcndations received of iis salutary influence, ihc Doctor feels firmly per suaded he has succeeded in producing an article which will liioct the di'.ircd wishes and approbation of the dubhe. For sale wholesale and retail by A. HITCH COCK et Co. 117 Genes, e-st. Utic.1, N. Y. In Bur lington, by J, .X .1. II. PECK et Co. nnd THEO. A PF.CKA Co. Ill Vergennes bv J. II. Bowman. In Milton, by Burnet vt Sawyer. In Georgia, by Loren zo Janes' TTAIH! 1 1 A 1 11 ! i L t J rilO TIIK HALD-III. AIM 1.V OTIIIlltS M. ail; know a nrishhnr ur a fiiend who has bppn Bald, and whosp bp id is uuvvrnvpird wnlitiiip haiif One wh'ise ruai rullar was eoveiedwiih tlati Iruff. though hiu-liptl eveiv hour which has now van labed eulliel) ! Or tine whose hairs al e.trl) ace wpie lui ling rliey. who now has uul a gre) nan l.lulilien wliop lietil. wete euveied wihi acini, wiiosp nan wnuld uul glow, ill 41 aie now ciowiug iIip fullesi of hair I Some eases imt-i bp known In must pptsout, Alk IIPIll IIP C.tu.e. and VOU Will Iip luld llial Hlrsf ilting hive been dune h) ibe iisp nf ibe Halm of Co lumbia, Of 20 ) pais gum ill is ibis .mills, ila dril. Hid iitcieasing iimiuall) annip InmdiPd ppt cpui. ibntigb tvlien disruvi red nui opposed b) anything lot iIip samp putpi.te, now .issailtd b) alinosl minibrtlers intixtti uim trash pieparanui). uiai win rum tur m n-m o. an) extent. Can mote these facia be warned irlei 10 ihe recoinui.'B.laliona by a lisl ofnaiupa nf icprrla. bilii),une(ualled I.) ail) oiliei article, Limk lo these ihinga bit) Ibis arliele. Sla) .Hid pte.-ei ve )our by Ha ue, or 11 nam lesiore 11. i. iuii's, nut' mi iu Hits hundreds in fashionable life aie using il as the uul) ailit le irally fit lor llie luilei. Long hair is vei) apt 111 fall uul. 1.4 lies, use the 11 aim nf Cnbtinbt 1 in lime 10 save )Oitrsptves the tbsgraee td baklae.a b) npgleel of your peisnita, Ills )tiut duly, as multilists 10 pie- serve die oe.tutiea til naiore, wiin wniai a inuniiiiui Crealoi has eudnvved )Oit ; use Ibe Balm, lur il w tlldu 11, CAUTION TO BE lUHlEUBEKED. Seveinl niol flagrant mieinpts huve been nude In tninipifeii il-eiiue Balm ol Columbia, Home id ihr 'a ipmdera have gone so lar as In ciiunieifeil ibe splen. . , . t - L-..II . f SJ !.... nH, ... II I wrappers, nnu tltr r ana i""R""n" -. , . - cmal mat k except llie namp ofComsiock, iililrli llip) Jaie 111 futge. To avoid mipnsii' iheiefuie, ul o.a,. I....I fur the nam uf Oomnork U Cu, or L, S. Comslnrk, nnJ never buv the arliele unless il ha 1h.11 name upon 11 .-sunt slulr""c oi,,T 2 Kleichpr siieei, N. Y. t IIEO. A. PECK & Co Who'esale Agpnia fur ihe.Slaio of Vetingni le 4 iiKlllPIN' AI.MANlCS for 1S11. for sale nt A' tin book store. P. A. BUAMAN t HIE LION OF TIIE DAY. NO (T'RE NO PAY! The- Gclllllne old Dlitcli or CJcr- man Vegetable I'll!-. Highly recommended 1 y I loci V.tlciiHnc Mott, M. 1. of N. Y., and others These tic the order-! Anv one that dc e.. not find re 'iff from tbc-c pill, the pritc I- rcf Hided lack, the-e an- the po.inve order.- of ibe Proprietor to acenl. and others. In iid'cringlhe.e pills 10 ibe public, 1 appeal lo their intelligence. If these pill, me not what they revouiii.eiiilcvl, vuu nt. 111 duty 1 ound otll of rc-pest 10 vour.e'll'andconununity lo reiect ihem, and pu'-li-lr tbiin to the world a. uu iiupo.itioii, bunibug nnd ijiiai-kerv. Tbcpullic may I e assured ihey lire pi-rely vcaetal le, they tire composed of nine mere-dint-, part ol ihc medicine 1. only found 111 Asia rrnd in llie wl- lcv t'f tie't'lii.iiiy. for convenient c lbcc c.Mracts r inndcinto pd. and win I c luuml a sure cure or re lief tor all billiou. coinpl.tiiils, yclle-w and I illicus fever., lever an I aixiic, jaundice, scarlet ra-h, 1 iliu is holio tb-pcpsia, c. It I- not prett'inied ili-st Mu mclicmei. .1 chic for all di cases te vv Inch ihc human 111 . liable. Icn tlK'U-and n-ile-s c.lorts have Icen uuJe to draw fiom the regions vvn fancy oine le-ug-spun llicorv 01 inasie an, vv men i cme cacli anJ every'. l.oe.l medicine i b"t Ibundiu the fire or wlur'vvuid. Health and haipine.s hang upon chance wind -unit! 1. the herald of Ir nh The past at lea. I i. uvure; they have already rai.eel a monument ol their greunc-. w hu b wid tle-f) the corroihng tooth i f tune. None can I eLc'Riiine wuhoiit a w tapper nud dirccnou. on eaen ii on wuu n tny iiaiiieis wrilltii uileiiglh. Sold wholesale and reiinl by ihe sub.crdcrnt (.len. J- -ill-, IV A. I. cv 11. Sand U, and 100 Eultoii si. and i(. .11. .vieig.-, ;;. Mi n Maikel st. Albany. Ilaiiiu c. Hswlcy. 2PJ Sivcr st. Trov. General Agents lor Ihe stale ol New 1 ork. '' MERR1TT GRIFFIN. For sale by Win. RhoeVs und E. B. Green, Rich mond ; Morion et Clark, and l. it D. S Laibrop, Willi-ton ; Hacar eV. Coin-iock, Shell urn ; II. Sinnum, ; Geo. B. O.ikt-., and All 1 rt Itaniey. Jinclu . J. It. Hurlbiit, Vc.I'oid; J, H. llurtie-, C'harlol'e; R Vlrnaly and Inn. frtersou, Itiirlniflt n ; and ly I. BRIG'GS, BurlingtoiV, Agent for Chittenden Co., vv here Sub-Aenu viin I e riipplml nt wnolc-alc price. 3 1,000,000 lloe. riMIERF. bas never bivn a medicine discovered A which has aeeaiircd and sustained tho reputation for tho same length of time, ns Morrison's Pdls. niado nt the College of Heallh, London. Wc aro selling some thousands of boxes yearly in, Vermont, and it takes some millions to supply the Lnited States. The genuine nriicle can be obtained in this town onl) at the Vnticty Store, and all sold in the state ate sujti at llie A.0.,c,r,v r. niHNSMAID.

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