Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 5, 1841, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 5, 1841 Page 3
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t - 7 In Milton, on tlio 2d insl., by Rev. Mr. Dougherty. Mr. HoiiAtE Lane, Merchant, of this place, to V.lcc tA A. Pt.-.TT, daughter of the, laic Lcinul l'iatt, Esq. of Milton. In Jericho Feb. 12. by ire Rev. Mr. Wrw, Mr Har ity Ward of Underbill, to Miss Eh-a Hood, of the former place. In F.sscx on (ho 21t ull- Ot- Trumna Powell, gln Slfetb'u'rn, on the 22d tilt. Mrs. Sarah, wife of Ezekicl Tracy, id tears. , , In Detroit, on Thursday evening, IStli Hist, Mrs. JancC. wife of Mr. George W. Rodger, lato of Vcr geiincs, Vt. (ind daughter of Adonijah Emmons, Esq. of ttiit'city, aged H2 years. In Wcstfnrtl, on the 23th tilt. Col. Ava Woodruff, seed I 43. lie bad lingered nbout four years with n most painful disease in his throat, which terminated in consumption! and for the Inst three months bo remained in bis cha'n b"iit" unihltT'i lio down, or to tslio nn hoar's natural sleep, Hut in tho midt of these sufferings bo was greatly comforted with thu prospect of n better world. A MER1CAN DICTIONARY OF Till-: F.NG JA. LISH LANGUAGE. Fits! edition in Octayn, containing tha whole vocabulary of the Uunrto with eorrcc ions, impioicmmts and several thousand ad ditional words, to which is prefixed mi introductory dissertation on tho origin, history nnd connection of the languages of western Ash nnd Europe, with nn explanation of the principles on which languages are formed i in two vols. Hy Noah Websttr, I.. I.. I). Forsaleatthebookstoie. I). A. IIRAMAN. March 2, 1911. PICTORIAL Illustrations of the Hiblc, consisting of 200 engravings, with views in the Holy I.titul, together with niniv of tho remarkable objects nun- tioned in the Old and New Testaments, representing sacred historical events just icceivcd and for sale at .. .. 1 ,t, St S.- we iiooie siorc. u. .v. iiu.e.u.iix March 2, 1911. A MILLER WANTKD, to tend tho grist null nt Hubbc l a Fa Is. Cssnt-. Im the rimi of trvh.Ti. who Is well acquainted with the bushuss, and can giro satisfactory reference. Jan. 13, isil. tr. JAMES I, CUTLER. H THOMAS has just received at bis now Store, . a large quantity of BUFFALO MODES. FUR n l'K nr nv'p .t.- ...t.;..i. ..;n i. ...i. lower than any FURS of the hko quality bavu been sold in this market for year?. 1 1 u will pay the. highest market price in cash for Fox Skins, Raccoon, Musk rat, Otter, Hear, Mink, Sable, and tho highest price in cash for Sheep's Felts. Also, cash paid lor fresh Pork lle.rlington, Dec. 15, 1910. I.OAI'' SIKiAlt. OUIIt.r. REFINED LOAF SUGAR, also nn excellent article of Molasses for faniilv use, for sale cheap by J. 1'. WHALING & Co. Dec lo, 1S10. TOIIACCO. T 1'. WHALING & CO. inform the public that they aru Aleuts for Sargent, Sprague if- Co. 'lobacconists, Albany, N. V., who lnanufracturc a v ery superior tisticlu of Paper Tobacco in every va riety of size. Grocers and others will find it to their advantage to call and examine the article. Also Plug Tobacco ofdillcrcnt qualities, all of which will bo sold cheap for cash. Also Snull'of different kinds. IIKW HOOKS. Tim subscriber lias received the li present week n new supply of book?, among which.ate the following : A pictorial Geogrnphv', bv S. C. Goodrich, 1000 engravings. Ilural Lire nl l.iilntnl, tiy in. llowilt, from tliosccond London edition, corrected ri"d n vind. Day's Examination of I'.dwards on tho Willi Mc-, ehanics Own Hook ; Hall i i Hnptisiu , A Green Hand's First Cruise-1 Visit to Rciuiirk-ib!" Places, 2 j vols.; Munis Uistoiy on Ini-t : lllunt s llistorvot Elisha : The Table of the L'ird, by the auibor of The I.istncrt Sacred Melodies; Rmrdniati on Rnimnism; Young Lidics' Companion ; Young Lubes' Fiicnd. March 2. 1). A. HliAM VN. TAKK NOTICi:. A LL those indebted to tho subscriber whose notes A or accounts have been du six months or more, re requested to make immediate payment if tbey woull save themselves rest, for I will have my pay pcacsblv if I can, fotciblytf I mu-i J, WUN'WRIGHT. But!.iielon, March 3, 1S11. jLhws of Vi-intouf, 1S10, IOR the several towns in the County of Chittenden are ready tor delivery, Town Clerks or Constables will please call or fcndlor them. Those entitled to them in the lown of llurhnglon will bo supplied by calling 011 the subscriber. C GOODK1C1I. Dec. 13 iw BHASfj 1l.OClvS. l'ersons wishing good biass stiikiug Clucks in beaiililul liuishcd cases, can I'n id them 011 favorable terms, at the Variety Store. AUo, Hank and Ollice Clocks, for sale, these Clucks ale wairauted to keep coi reel time, and they will pel lorui as well as any other clocks. Dec. 19. I'ANGIJOILV & H1UXSMAID. I' OST. r.mht fat sheep, marked with tar. T. M J- Whoever will ;;uo laiorinatioii, shall be suitably icwuiucu. FOR SALU. A suneiior new milch cow and calf. Also, fur sale, or to exchange lor cattle, sheep or pith,, a gtuicci cuaiscauei Harness. D. KIMIJALL, .f- CO, Hurhiigton, Xov. 21, IS 10. f'lOD FISH, MAC'KI'.RKLL an I S11AI) of stipt riorcpriliiv I'jr salcbv N. LUVKLV iV Co. Dec. 10, ISiO. CANADA STOCKIXH.V. Gentlemen and Ladies V- liuck skin uiiil Indian 31occasius, I'ur Gloes liueK sl.iu .viittens, w 01 eu 1 ippel.-, l.uilu s and ueu tlcinens .Merino Lambs wool and Worsted Wrap, pers, just ie- eived and for salt' by Dec. 10, IS 10. X. LOVF.LY &. Co. CODFISH, of superior quality for si'e by II. M. GIDDIXtiS et Si CO. IJMtKSH RICK, for sale bv II. M. GIDDIXCS .x; CO. SXHI'K AM) TOIIACCO. LOHILI.ARD'S Mac-oboy Snuli; do Scotch do in small bladders, do Sniokint and rbewmi; Tobacco, Aha No. 1 Plug and Cavendish do, far sale bv II. M. GIDDIXGS & CO. IIIJXIK! Vr:rt:UiIc Ii:il:tiiit: byTIIF.O. A. IT.CK iX; C O. Tavcni Mand 1'orSalt. riTlIi; subsciibci olbis for X sali'ln. Tnvirn lanil, best know n as ihe ICMridce place two miles fimn the College, 011 thu Wmooski Tumpikc, with 11 acres of trood lalitt. Tlip house is -10 feet square, two stoiics Inch j onobam -10 by 50 feet, horse-shed and good stables, wood shed snd srnnary. The stand being on the comer where the Uinosbureli road intersects the turnpike, tliuio n not, hotter location for a tsvem stand between ISur lington ind Montpeher. Any critcrpriinir man with a small capital may own a 'good 1 Mabb-hnn nt by pnrchasing tins propirtv. LLWIS HIGI!!'.!'.. Hutlington, March 1st, 1311. Comiinuutl Syrup of Icclnutl ?loss. ''PHIS cclebiatrd medicine for COXSL Ml'TIO.V, x l wholesale or retail, by T. A. I'rck- Co. rRnaORV'S HII.UOUS PILLS, wholesilc and V.r retail by m'h.l Tiiko. A. Pctie A. Co. .Jchiel Johns i'stalc. "1171, the subb-cribcrs, liaviii;' b'-en appoint' d bv the honorable the probate rourt for the district of l.tiittcmien, ronmii'".uinrs to receive, cxaiuuio and adjust ilio ci-iims anil rieinaiuls or all persons against the estate of Jeliiel John", late of lluiititigtun, 111 lid distiiet, dep.'asid, repre'entnl ineoUrnt, and also all ilcunliJs c.lilliitul in olls t tbcrrto, and ix months fioin the day of ihodatc boreot lcine nllowe Ihys.nd couit fjr that purpo-e. we do thi ieforc hereby give notice that we will attend to the Imrimss of our sppomtmcnt, at the dwelling house of the wid ow, IZIUihrth .lohns, in Hnniingtuii, in vnid District, on the si-cmU M mdiys of.Mav and Vuj'Uil nevt, at 10 o'clock, A. M. on ca h of said da) . Dted tins Ki'h day ol'l-Vbruarv, I). 1811. AMOS H.', ' J R SXYDl'.R Conmrrs. 1IHMA.V GII.I.IHT, ) TOTIcr,. Thii certifus that 1 have (riven my tOODS. The subscribers have ree'd and are now V opening a very largcassjilnicnt of Wolle 11 Cloths uf every vaiiUy, rich plain, liguied mid changeable Silks, Mouselmc de Lames, Alpacca Cloths, Taglionia Shawls, Hdkl's., Ribbons, e.c. We will only say that we have a larger assortnunt of goods of euiy variety uian we nave ever ucpi ociure. Oct. 20, 1S10. X. LOVELY et Co, 1 ODIXi: SPRIXG WATER. A lecentlv discover x id fountain at Saratoga and comains properties known in no oilier Spiing its freedom Iront Iron renders it safe 10 be drunk bv u certain class of inva lids with whom lion proves injurious the quantity of toiiiue eoiitnineu in tins water lenucrs it tlie mnst val uable mincial water fir every .-pecies of Scrofula yet i',scovired,forh,ileby .1. & J. 11. PUC'ICvtCo. Ag'lt. ) ! t'.vt LTl.So: Vermont, torsal'. tiy xv. Jan. 8. C. GOODRICH. "jTOTiCi:.My wife, "ii;iAfa 1'oircll, Irisleft my i.i bed mid 1'oaid. without any iil'lilicalion. and 'I therefore foibid all jiersons harlmiing or inisinig her on iiiv account. j..vii;s l'uvvi;i,i, Georgia, Dec. I, 1 10. T OsT. near X. Lovely .x. CoV. Stoic, a fig'd silk WORK HAG, containing a purse with some two or three dollars in change, nnd other articles. The finder willbe1 suitably rewarded on leaving it at this oflice. Feb. 13, 1911. devvciry, ixc, jlTOSAlC, Cameo, Emerald. Topas, Jet Pearl, Cor lx tiehan, and plain Gold Pins, llroachcrs, Fin-' ger Rings, Ear or nam juts, Head ornaments, etc., at unusually low prices. Pahcuorm & HnissMAin. IOCIvMTS, for the neck, and for miniatures -t Gold Heart Crosses, Stars, etc. Gold Chains. Gold Heeds, Gold Pencils, Gold Snaps, etc. Wo will sell these articles at such nriecs as cannot hutbcfintia. factory to our friends and customers as we wish to closetucm oil beforo navigation opens. f eu. rj. i,.uiiuiw cc iiiu.s.M.uu. PLATED SPOOXS.-Wo inform those who wish to -ret a irood and chean article of Plated Snoons. that wo are prepared to show, and sell them an article which will wear Well, and givo them satisfaction, as cheap as the cheapest. PANanons et Hrinamaid. CIjAI HOAHl)SmidSIllNGLE,50M Shingle, -1031 feet spruce Clap Hoards, by j u j it riiUK. cfc uo Hutlington, Feb. 10, 1811. GERMAN' SILVER SPOOXS. Thoso who wish german silver are informed that wo will sell them Dixon nnd Sons best article and mark them, as low 11s any person sells them without marking. l'CU. 1'J. I'.UMJIiUll.N iXv lltlliXS.MAIU. CLOCKS. We are selling the best quality Wooden Clocks for cash at S3, barter SI . Hcauiiful .Ma hogany eased brass striking Clocks for cash S15, bar ter SJj. Feb. 10. PAXGHORXet I11UXSMAID. ACCORDF.OXS. Do von wish a nice Accordcon cheap? Call at the Variety Store and vd it. Feb. 19. PAXGIIOUX & HRIXSMAID. Wll A Ii IS II O X 13, iVc.-Hnnnet and dress whalebone 5 whalebone, brass, steel, nnd wood den, Husks, Eyelits, Lacings, spool stand", Emeries, peifiimed cushions, scissors, shell combs. Hrushesanu a great variety of goods. PANOcon.vit Hrinsmaiu. Moses liturgies' IXatc. STATE OF VERMOXT, ) n II E Honorable nmnicT or ciiittendck, ss. j J. theprobato court for thu District of Chittenden : To all nelsons con cerned in therstato of .Moses Ruggles, late of West ford, in said district, deceased, GREETING. Wiinncvs, Elihu 11. Ruggles, administrator of the cstatu of snd deceased, proposes to render an account of his administration, anil picsrnt bis account against said estate for examination and allowance at a session of the Court of Probate, to be holdcn at the Rcpislcr's office in Burlington on the second Wednesday of .n ircli next. 1 ncrclorr, you are ncreliy notified to appear before said court at the lime and plaeeaforesaid, and shew causo if any you have, why the arcount nfnrrsnd should not bo allowed. Given under my at Hurhngtun, this eleventh day of February, A. D. IS 1 1 . W.m. WESTON, Register. Nattliy Hates' Ustatc. STATE OF VERMONT, I mllE Hon. the Pro district or ciiiTTr..s-nEs-, ts. S x bate court for the District of Chittenden s To nil persons concerned in the cslate of Nabby Hates, lato of Charlotte, in said DHrict, deceased, GREETING. Whereas, Win. Dean, Executor of the last will and testament of ?aid deceased, nronoscs to render an account uf his administiation, and present his aee-ount against said estate for examination nnd allowance nt a session of the Court of Pi olnte. to bo holdtn at the Register's office in Hutlington, on tho lClh day of .iiarcu uci. 1 neiciore, von are iiercnv nonncii to appear before said court at the time and plaeeaforesaid and shew cause, if anv you have, why the nceounl aforesaid should not he allowed. Given under iny hand at liurliiigton, ibis IT1I1 dav-of Fibruary, A. 1). isii. w.m. vvi-.siu.n, ucgistcr. 131MTTANI.V Tl'.A POTS, Tumblers. Tea mid X- Table Spoonhj glassl.anteins, Lamps, Preserve IJisbes, Plates, Wines, Salts, Peppers, Mustards and ducts. I'mo pen and nocket Knives. Seianr Reuben Iland's Kstatr STATE OF VERMONT, ? HHF. Probate court iiisrRieT or cniTTESDFis, ss. ) X lor the District of Chittenden, To till persons interested in the estate f Keuiieii lionet, late ot L 'netirliill, in saicl district, deceas ed, tcstaie. Zib-i W. Church, ndniiuisistrator, ilc bonis non viith tne will annexed, 01 the estate ol tlio said Jlcuucn Hond Invinc tiled in said court bis petition in writui", setliiiL' forth that the personal estate of said deceased. as inventoried, amounts to159 00, and the real estate to S30O Oil t that S3 3 00 or tho persona estate las been assigned to the widow of said deceased, and the balance thereof lias been expended 111 the administration ofsaid estate: that there is duo toMclinda Roe-ers late widow. nnd late executrix of the last will, ofsaid deceased, .Vi3 82, as appears from her administration account allowed by said com t : that the claimu allowed bv-ths commissioners against said estate amount to SI 15 33 which remain unpaid ; that the real estatcofsaid de- cea-en eotiMs-s 01 oeiuui sixteen acres ot land tving 111 said Lndctlull, on both sales of tho lull road leading lrom Underbill village to Camdridgc, bounded on the north, east, and west, by lunds owned by Reuben Par ker and on thu soulh bv land orcunml In- Jinknn Clark, on which said sixteen acres is a house and barn; that the widow of said deceased has n life estate in one equal undivided third part of said land, and that a sal of said land, tugether with the reversion of the widow's dower therein, is necessary for the payment of tho del Is against paid cslate nnd tlie expenses of administration, nnd prayinc said court to grnnt him liceu-c to sell said land and the reversion of the wid- ow s dower therein. hereupon the court aforesaid are forbid Unboriiig or tiustir.g him 0.1 my account as I "oth appoint tne 10 h day 01 .March, lis 1 1, tor hearing 1 shall pay no de-bl.s of In- coiiti.ictnii alter ibis dale. I "ccioing on saiope 111011, ai incomcc n uieiveis Thc said Charles abscond 1 taking 'clothing not his ! ofsaid coutt in 1 Hurhngton and doth order that nil propel tj-, thereloio any p, rson who wilt return thu I r- -j:""."'"-'"';" " nuum-u uninn, oy property or tile sat 1 inane snail ri-ce-ive tlioanove Sh 'arSttc for sa'eby 1 eu. 1'J, i& 11. II. M. GIDDINCiS , Co. LOOK AT THIS. TUB copartnership of N. LOVELY cV Co. by its own limitation, will expire on the 8th of April next. Having hy recent arrivals ndded to our fall purchases, enables us to offer an nssorlmont of sea sonableand well selected GOODS, aslargc nnd of as grent a variety as was ever ofleied in this market at such prices, as will make it for tho interest of every purchaser, to buy at this Well known establishment, or better known as the Cheap Cash Store, "on cheap side. vo cannot enumerate, but would merely say, we have Dry Goods, of every variety and quality, Carpetings, English, Scotch and American, Oil Cloths, a beautiful assortment, Rugs, Mails, Drugget for Floorcloths, Crockery and G!as Ware', Looking-Glasscs direct from the manufacturer, Paper Hangings, DRY GROCERIES. Dry Codfish, Shad and Mackerel, Iiuttcr, Cheese, dried Apples, and Lard, for family use. Burlington, February 10, 1911. N. H. Need we-avanv thine to those indebted to this firm? we shall sec. .lohn Abbott's IXatc. Honorablo STATE OF VERMONT. ) Tt H I- DiTnirT or CnrTTENDKN. ss. S X thu Probato Court for the District of Chittenden t To all persons concern ed in thoestatc of John Abbott, late of Hurlington, in said District, deceased, Greetiso: XViierevr, Lucy Ann .xeiuott, executrix 01 tne last will nnil Testament of said deceased, nronoscs to ren der an account of her administration, and present her account against said estate lor examination and allow ance nt a session of tho Court of Probate, lo bo hol dcn nt 1I10 Register's office in Hurlington on the se cond Wednesday of March next. Therefore. You are hereby n,)tili"d to anpear before said court at the time and place aforesaid, and( show cause, if any you have, why tho account aforcsaiJ should not be allowed. Given under my hand at Hurlington, this 11th day ot February, A. u. i-.ti., v .ii. iv i-.rj iu., ntgisitr. Klljali Powell's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, J At a Pro' ale eourl iimtMct or eniTTi-.Mtir.v. ss. 1 hunt at Jmrlinitnn willini an I lor -aid district on the eighth day 01 1 eh- ruarv, A.D. ISII. Sal.rma Ann Hewitt, one of the. heir of Elunli Pow ell, 1 lie of Chirlolte-, in s.u-1 diMrict, dueca-nl, having tile I in aid co in her petition in writing, melting forth thai heboid-, a part of aid e-ta!e', viz. the reter-ii'ii of the widow's ilowcrthe-rcin, jointly with tho other he-ir to -aid i-ltt'e-. mi l praying -Jid e-o-irt to order a diyi.iun Ihere-orand to appoint commissioner-" for nornoM'. W, ibeco-irt afore-aid dolli order the heirs to -aide. tale nnd all oilier ptr-on- inture-tcd therein, 1c notiliol to nppear I e ore aid co-irt at a -uion Ipe-rc-orm lie he d at tlie olli.-o cl tlie Uem-lrr of -aid cmiit in -aid Uiirlington on Ihe fivond Wislne-day ol March. ISII. nu I show came if anv they have why the prayer of said petition should n t he trranti'd, I y pill malion cl tuts order three v.-e-ei ucee.-sively in the II irluigton Flee Pres, a newipa ncr nrmtc.l in -aid llailiiiirtoii, the last rf which pub icaiioas to 1 e previous to'-aid seeon 1 Wc.lne-ilny of March, ISII. Wa. WESTON, Reiri-ler. Inlin Vanslcklcii's Kstatc. STATE OF VERMONT, ( ATA PltOIIATE plsTnici-or eiHTir.Nni-.v,.'S l Court holden at ll-irliiiJton, M-ilhiu mil lor the District nfort'eaid tin Ihe lif b day of I-Vbr lary, A. I). ISII, an lu.-tr imcni pirporliuc'iol e the la-twill ami le tainent of John Van.if!,len,lalut.l'll-irliiiglon,in -ai Idislnctde-ce-aie 1, wa pre-entisl in ihe- Court here for Prolate, I. y John Vansieklcn. ir. ihe I'xeeuior therein name.1. Therefore 11 is cinlcrol ly said Co-irl, that public notice-1 c given loan person- iniere-te.i 1 herein 10 ap pear liforo -aul Court, nt a -e-ion thereof tu Ii nolelen nl tin: HesistcrVOTie-e in lliirlinslon 011 the e rou I Westne-dav of March, A. 1). ISII, and eonle-t the probate o(sai-) Will, and it i liirlher rdered that Ibis order I e p iblMicd three weeks siiccv-ivelv 111 the H.irlinglon Free Pre-s a newspaper priuled .it elur ini-'ton. in l ie State', tlie last 1.1 unieii man 1 previous to the day as'iuiied, as aforc-aid for hoarin,'. liive-n lui'ier my iiami 111 tne lee-juier s um.-u, tin SlheUvuf Ftibrua'rv, A. I. 1311. Wm. WEsTON, Register. Ullsba ttrvtinlit's ll.tale. STATE OF VERMONT, ) T a Probata Court, Dirt, or Guasd Isle, es. ) xL holden at my dwel- lllll! llOUSC in North I fern in sniil ilUlriet i,n ll, Old (lay of January, A. D. 1311, present tho Hon. Joel Alien Jtiuge, An instrument purporting to bo the last will and testament of Elisba Reynolds, late of Isle La Molt, in s-ud District, deceased, being prscnted to the court here by Elirnbeth Reynolds, one of tho ex ecutors therein named, for probate, it is ordered by said court that all persons concerned therein, be nidi fied to nppear at a session of said court to bo holden at the dwelling house of Jedcdiah P. Ladd, in Xortli 1 1 cro on the 27th day of Fcbruiry next, nt 1 o'clock, P.M. and show cause if any they have, against the probate of said will, for which purpose it is further ordered that a copy of llm word of this order bo pub lished liirce weens successively m the lluiliiigtnn I reo Press, a paper printed nt Hurlington, in the county of Chittenden as soon as may bo. ji iruu copy 01 record. f.3 Attest JOEL ALLEN, Judge. SUA Ell Levors, of superior workmanship, made to our order and wo warrant them to givo satis faction. Also good Lovers which wo putchased in New York and l!olon, of fine quality, ntlowcrprices. PANGllOHN et HRINSMAID, Walch Repairers. GOLD WATCHES. Wo invito those who are wishing L'ood fine finished Levcts or LcDines. in examino somo beautiful ones, which nrenccutato timo keepers, nt the Variety Store. Wc sell watches of noon quality as low as thev nre sold in I to M 011 or N, YorK. rAiUISOili IIRINSJIAIIJ. WATCH and Clock Cleaning and Repairing. Watches and clocks cleaned and repaired in tho same style as usual, Persons sending their watches, should sand w;ord 11 they slop, hownrten, and in what position. This will sometimes enablo them to get the watch returned regulated, sooner than if thev neglect to do so. PANGHORN et HRINSMAID. Watch Repairers. Ullsba A. Hyde's Estate. STATE OK VERMONT, mllE Probaie Court Dist. tir Ciiittevdem. 1 A within and for the district of Cliillenilen, to the creditors and others concerned in the estate of Elitha A. Hytle, Inle of l-.s-cx, in tali! district, deerateil. WitERCAS. Lucy X. Ilvele. ndininlslratrlx of ibe es tate ol said il!cca-ctl has nindc aDnlicalion 10 this court to extend the time limited for making payment of the debts ofsaid deccasesl, twelve inonlhs from the 221 day of March 1811, nnd the second Wednes day of March next, being ns-igued for a hearing in me premises annu ouicc 01 ihe regisier 01 tins court, and it having been ordered that notice thereof I.e giv en, by publi-bing Ibis decree three weeks sue-ccssivcly ill the H irlmgloii Free Pie--, a newspaper printed at Hurlington, lefori; the lime li.xed for liearius ; I uereiure, you arc net el y noiiMed to appear Liroie tnid court, nt Ihe lime nnd plnce aforcnid, then and theie to make eb.eciion if any you have, nnlie -aid time of payment i eiug fiirlber ex'rndtsl as afon-aid (tiven niide-r iny hand nt Huilmi'liin this 2S'h day e t . 1,, an tt... t, . - ui .junuiii), .h. 1. 1011 ?i, it 1.11 o.. iiri r. STATE OF Vi:RMONTJ 'ImT IT Honorable DlSTfllCT orClllTTCVDEN. ss. V X llm Iidialp Conn for the District of Chittenden 1 To all persons con- ; ned in the estate ol i.'isha A. Hyde, laic or I. -ex, in sain uisirici, ueccaseu, tiatcTiso. Whereas. I.ucv II. Hyde, ndmi'x ol ihci-la'e ofsaid deceased, proposes to render an account of her admin istration, and present her account against said estate for examination nnd allowance at a c"sion of tho Court of Probate, to be holden at tho Htgistt-r's office in Hurlington, tmtnateconu munisaay 01 .viarcli next. Therefore. You nre hereby notified to arnear brfore said court at tho lima and place nfiucsaiei, nnd shew caimc, 11 any you nave, wuy tne accuunt aforeiaid should not he allowed. (liven under my hand, nt Hutlington, this twe-r.'y-eighth day of Jan inn , A. D. ISII. ' Wm. WESTON, Register HAYS; LINIMENT. For the euro of the Piles. Wemform those who aro troubled with thisdis. tressine-cninolaint. that We have sntit n rrri-nl linintirr of botllcsof this article, and that wn run refer tn t.. r. sons in this town who have been cured by the use of uie iioiniciu wiiicii we soiu mem. it can tie used with all confidence j wo do not believe it will fail to cure one case in toe). Tlie genuine is signed "Com stock if- Co." We have thoarticladircctlyfrom them and will sell It bv the cross, dozen or omnln ImtiL. iicincniocr now 11 is smneii, nscountcrieilsnieahroad. vnncty wtorc. rANGHORN v HRINSMAID "I50STOX Almanacs and Harrison Almanacs for x 1311, at tne varirtv store. PANGHORN .f. HRINSMAID. NOTICK. NOTF.S and accounts due -he subscriber, must b pa.d bv the lClh of February next ur they will nave e 1 scute wiiu some wiper person. Jan.27, 1841. E.C.LOOMIS. WANTUI). J) Y the 1st of April next, two good Journeymen J Tanners, who will receive good wages in cihby nppiimgto 1;. u. I.OU.Mlsj P. S. Harni-ss Leather constantly on hand. Jan ary27, 164 1. V O TICE. 1!. II. KEl.l.OJG, Tailor, wn ,) I rc-pc i- i s nniy miorni too innai iianis 1,1 11 iniugion thai heliasconiincitce.l the a'ove b'i-ine- in tlHtunldin? dirvlly opiio-ite the n I Sieno 1 aci( rv nt the I j'l an-l would I e happy to wait on all who may favor hun Willi llieir paironaze, N. H. Ciittimrdone to order. t.2Silt I ) AZOH). --Joseph Rodgcre and Sons siqieiior, Li. also Pouieioy's tine Stiops, and ihewhitc Wind sor Soap, for saie by l-Vh. I" 1911. II. M. GIDDINGS & Co. ( 'HOICK W1N1.S, selected foi medical purpose., V Feb. 10. for sale by II. M. GIDDINGS & Co. One Cent 'lie ward. "J FX AWAY fiom the subsciil-cr. nn apprentice by I.L the name ot l.linrlcs l'oiiiituln. All persons rewmd. Wiuooski Villag I'.b. 15,1 11. JF.SSE GAY. N hiins'-lf, and that I shall n il'icr claim any of hi earn ings nor pav any of nii debts after this date. JEHIKL JOHNS. Altc"t, N'octx L. Jciin-s. Huntington, tU. 2-, 1 11. rpo F.tltMI',ltS.-l). KIM HALL, Jr. will pay X CASH, for from sixty to one hundred live HOGS Hurlington, Fcbiuary 23, ISII. 3w- Take Particular Notice. AS I contemplated -iiangc in bu. ii.-sa this spring, it is de-sirahle tint all persor.b indebted to me call and settle by tlie 20th ol March next, or other wiseall notes and accounts that have become due will be kft in the hands of mi attorney for collection. 1 hope no one will complain of this ex'pheit cull, nor fsil ta giveimmcdiate attention. E. E. EVANS. Burlington, Feb. 23, 1311. NOTICE. Know e all men that I the said Joshua Remington, Jr. babe given my son, HENRY II. REM1NG 1 ON, his tune, ami all debts contracted by my sou Henry II. Remington after this day, I do not eonsidir in) sjlf holden for, neither do I claim any of b:s earnings. JUSiiL'A KKMINU 1 U., Jr. Hiuesbiirgh, February 19, 1S41. 3w MESSRS. PANGHORN it HRINSMAID, gent. The four Itoxcs of Sherman's Cough I.ortnges bad of vou cured mc nitirelv of a severe nltack of the Lung Fever accompanied by a Hard Counh. I es teem tbeni highly and recommend litem to all who have a Cough or the l.ung Fecr. EZRA IIOl T, Essex, Vt. July 13, IBiO. Pangbarn & lirinsuiaid solo agents for Sherman's Cough and Worm Lezenge-sand Poor Man's Plastirs, his Lurcngcs all have A. Sherman, M 1) on the box. "1.VXA1IA IN IS31 3H. showine'. bv I J torical facts, the causes ol the late attempted Revolution, nnd of its future. Tne present condition of the people and their future, prospects, togcth. r with the personal adventures of the .uihor.andoiliers who were connected with the Revolution, by E, A. Tjieller, llrlff. (Ten. in Hie Canndinn hhublican timet. This day received and for silent the Hook Store of D.A, IIRAMAN, Feb. 13, IS 11. yL'PKHFINK blue laid cup and letter paper, ti V J sale nt mjiiuf-ictuiers' pric-e-tf, by Jan. 21. C. GOODRICH. woit.ti i,o.i:c;r.s. publication of ibis order, containing the substance of paid petition, three weeks successively in the Hurling ton Free Press, a newspaper printed in Hurliuston, in the county of Chittenden, the last of which publica tions tobe pre ions to said l'ilh day of March, 181L (iiven under my hand at Hurliuelon.this lfith day of February, 1811. W.m. WESTON, Register. rPIIIS valuable article is daily establishing itself ns 1 IVO'I'ICE. -CPMe-dicine is I est known by Ihe J. the best medicine for the I'xlcrpation and ri lief ef 1" cnie it perform-. TtlJ I. Newton's Panace-a, Worms in childieii. Notwithstanding that there are or Purifier ul'tlie Hlotkl. 'Ihe luinnrallcled and sill other lozenges cried up for this complaint, purchusrrs iiie-rc-nn,'rcpiiialic.ii which this medicine hasacqair- are. wairantcd 111 tlie good efficiency nl ihe-c. At led throughout mc.vmr i.nsland States, and ihemany Wholesale and Retail by T. A. Pl.CK ev CO. 1 e-uie it has pcrle-micd, and the grent demand made .Sikh of Mi Mirtur. font by tlieadyiic ol physicians well aeniiaintoe, nub 7", .. its preparation, has in-l iced the prnpricter to extend its circulation to mmosi every lown in me eastern 1" 1 .1 :.. .1... 11 1 o. ...... first, some first rate SLEIGHS, which will bo sold h-u,.,. v.-nrranle.l pnrele- v.-etnl le. nii.l i. nr.l' rpiIE saleat AUCTION at Mayo nnd Wait's, wi L coiuinence tn-iiiorimv at i o cloeK, hy ollermg TIini.INTON HIGH SCHOOL. The JJ undersigned, Trustees of " Hcrlingtos Hibii School," would nfonn ihe nihabitanis ol ihis yillatio and vicinity, tnat ine next quarter 111 sani iiisuiiuiiiii will coin mciice on 1 nur-nay ine 10111 nay 01 r ei ruarv. Ilel'ee in-'- lliat a school of this ehaiacter is creallv nee-Jed, and ibat the patronazc oftlus lown alone', if pi.,.l .(..nn I, . 11 II'., In .tiLl.tln it ' an 1 live it a place unions.' the le-t institutions of the kind, we would iope-clfully and earne-tly solicit Ihe li.ilronaze and co-operation of all parents and guar dian, who have v outh of a proper aire to send. The iniJersigucil, Trustee-, have no public funds at their di-posal in maintaining the school j vet, vie have ondcavoreil, for the public irood, in connexion with the patrons of the school to mm.h'ii a Teacher and keep the building in repair. The latter we have! done to some extrnl, at our own expense. Nothing is want ing but the hearty co-operation and patronage of our Mlow citizens of the vilhiitt and vicinily, to make this institution an ornament 10 tt.irTown, an inipoiiant aid 10 ojr Colleiie and a scene of 11-efiil mid successful study 10 all our youth. We bale till confidence in the ability and ardent vvi-hes of the Principal to make Ihe school, 111 all repeet-, what it ought to I e. The Trustee-, after lull examination, find that scholars in constant attendance, have mailo gooel progress; that they have I ecu correctly lauqht as appears both lrom ex'aiuin.ilious and from tli-jte-liinonvof College Odice-rslo wlio-ccare the-y have pas-esl. They find that the school is generally still and orderly anil 1 1i nt Ihi-buildins s kept 111 got I and healthful order. E11 coiimsixI by the co-operation of n-ir fellow i-nicii", we will snare no na.ns ill lnnk 111 er the 111-litiilioli wor- thy of their patronage and of the palruuage ol parunls Jill guardians abroad. The Principal is prepared to receive a lew vouug men or la-Is into his family as Loarders. ALVAN FOOl'F, JNO. K. CONVERSE, N. It. IlASWEl.l.. G. G. l.(Ji:i!SOl,L, Vfrujlees TIMO. I-OI.I.KIT, 1 1 KM AN A 1.1. EN, (iEORGK MOOUK, Uurliiiglon, Feb. 8, 1811. N OTIC 12. TMIK Trustessof the Hurliiii'ton Hieh School will X hold an adjourned meeting this evening, at half past six o ciock, at Howard s Hotel. As important business demands the attention of the Hoard, all its members are requested to attend. Jan. 29, 1811. HOOKS Blake's Hioiranhical Dictionary 103G pneres larce imperial octavo: Johnson's complete works new edition, ISyron's works, Hlakc's tianity, just received by Hlake s Evidencf s of ehns j-23 C (iOODRlCH T) HETOIUCAL RF.ADER-200 just ree'd for sale ii at Andover prices by U UOUUKICH Meadows French Dictionary, JV- 25 Fosdick's l-'rcnch liitrudeiclion, 3 Grav s Chemistry. 50 Younir Orator, iu'bt received and for sole at publishers wholesale prices teachers nre requested to examine them. u uuui intuit T AD1ES' fine Kid, Merino, Herlin, and black silk X-i Gloves : white and colored .llerino lloso, Ida worsted and w-hi e coiton do. Geullemen's black Kid Gloves, heavy black do. I-me elastic anil webb suspenders fur ealcby II. M. GIDDINGS Co, without resorvv. 1 X or 20 tons HAY for sale by G 1 'J Hurlington, Jan. 8, IS II. Hurlington, Jan. 8, 1911. PETERSON." SCHOOL HOOKS. A general assortment of School Hooks for sale at wholesale or retail, by Jui.a C. GOODRICH. G( LORES. A pair of 12 inch Glebes on high stands T fjr sale at two thirds of the manufacturers price by C. GOD111CIL Jan. 7. PUCK Will 1 AT FLOWER, fresh ground ofsu l i perior quality, for sale by C. GOODRICH. January 7, IS 11. QUAKER'S YARN, at Timo. A. Pcen ex. Co's. O Jan. 8, 1S41. DHY GOOD-.. Silk and worsted Crape, Cam blets, Merinos, line (irenssion nndpiintcd Sax ouv, very cheap by H. M. GlDDING.j .V. Co., Jan. 8. Corner Cullcge-st. and the Square. CLOTHS. Wool-dved HlackT Hluc. Hrown and Green, plain and Fancy Cassimere. Famum's sup. Oxford and Sic. I mixed Satiuctts, by .ian. 3, isii. 11. .11. uiuiii.M.s t co. P ROAD JJ NOTICE TO I! CM llldK T11L luitcriler will f rni-h in Kurhnztcn an I vicinry, tiRA.M'I E window aos, t-t'e-r-pinning, Th're ho!i-and Door -te-ps if any de i-rqi-tion, e.1 the- lir-t q -aiiiy. A 1 1I1 nl any sinne wnn'evl will In a teui'.e.l in, nu ill infiirina ion t inn I.e I lv Me. t & llralV), IV- eVtr. anJ lira "fi le Hyde. Any pi-rtrn can i-cibeq-.aldy ol'ibe none-, l,v those fiirni bed (or Jud.-c Fulleii'n bou eor Pre I-dt-nt Wheeler's ln.u e in Uurliiiglon, It 1. pre-umeil that the quality and pruc of ihe stone w,l warrant a pi ncral n-e if builders will talo I lie tronl le to ex amine the stone and price. C, i:o. W. COI.LA M l ilt. Uarre,V. 1'elruary I.sll. Cm STORE FOR SALE. The subscriber being nbout to relinquish tho mercantile business oilers bis Store and remaining stock of GOODS for sale. The Store is 25 bv3G feet, two stories high and well finish. -d with a wood house, nnd horse shed 33 feet iong attachrd. The location is a desirable one for Im-imss and will bo sold low. A credit will hccircn if desired, ALEXANDER FERGUSON. Huntington, South Village, Jan. 20, 1811. A YOUNG MAN, (not a Gentleman we think,) p-i9sodni Counterfeit St. Alli'i 11s bill tonsmnll Hoy 111 our storj yesterday, the 17lh insl. The bill is No, 291, Letter 1, signed A. Plimpton, Cashier, H. Swift, President. Tha bill is much worn end has been torn and mended in two places nnd part of the bill cone. Somo one may rei-olbct of seeing nich a till in tho hnnds of the SCOUNDREL who passed it and can aid us in bringing bini to justice. Wopub lish this hoping to detect him in ibis way. Feb. 18, 1811. PANGHORN eV HRINSMAID. flANADA SALT. Coarse and fine, also, fine sack j Salt, Jan, 8. by H..M. GIDDINGS ex. Co. TJMNH Tl!.i-Hysou Skin and Young Hyson TEAS, of superior qua ity, warranted. Also, Porto Rico Syrup, Molasses, very heavy and fine flavor, liy II. M. GIDDINGS et Co, CtASII paid for OATS by ' Jan S, isu. n. M. GIDDINGS & Co. surpas-ed ly any other medicine ever ollered to the auucie-j .is us i-.mi-ny -.tie: miv, pe-piil iiri, y nlamly prove. It has within the la-t eii'h'ecn months curcil us thousands of ihe 1110-t ol-tinae dj.ea.e-, ns can le proved by e-erliticates, and is pronotine-ed Ly emincui auu rc-pe-i-iaoie piiysiei.ins me 1 e-t iiieiiume in use. U.-e-ful infi Miation inay 1 o found in circulars containing ecrlificati-s of cures and direclions for ta king ihe medicine. I he lollowing appointed agents. Hurlington, J. &. J. II. Peek and Co., R. Moody St Albans, Corti-ml Ru-sel Milton, C, Dral't- Milton Fall", H irnct nnd Sawyer Waleiville, Fisk nnd lliown, Hiiie bursh, Hull and Cook Fairfax, Parker and Matlield Vcrpciine-, Adjnis an 1 Murray Cain1 ridge, M. Wue- Fiii'ci hill, M. C. Harney North 1'errisl tirah, II. C. Wirier Georgia, A. Illi-s Willislon, N. Chiltendcii Richmond, Green it Rhode- Juliiisiui, G. 1.. Waincraud C Meuillon, Lilian Snirh Hal crsliehl, Aimingioii and Woeslwar ! Fair-lie-Id, lliirnci nnd I arnsworlh. e.o.p.l.IIIS C.VTAHItll SMfFP. MARSHALL'S SM FF, is still enrinstlif Catarrh nnd ihe vano-is di-ease. ofih w I, nsvvedl as sore eyes, In all pnrts of the country ; and sii-ininin? Ihe reputation which it has long since e'.iiuel, of Icing absol itcly the Lest article of the I. ind in the market. Each 1 otile contnins Ihreetimes ihequaniiiy of one of those whi.-li are 1 fTcml nt "ONLY TWENTY FIVE CENTS." And is therefore a much cheaper, as well as Letter article. For tale l v .1. it J. II. PECK & Co. TIIEO. A. PECK it Co. and i'n. ROH I'. MOODY. H irlington, Jan. 22, ISII. TO in; N'T, AND possession given immediatcly,thc Stoic at Winooski Falls, lately occu pied hy Lathrop &. Potwin. Also the second storv of the same finished sui'ablv for a family, possession given the 16th of April next. 1 he liroccry and t;rovision .-store lately occupied by Lathrop et t'otwin in tins village, posses. ston gnen tho 20th of I-elry 111st. 1 lie House now occupied bv .Moses 1'arrar. lornielv bv II. W. Potwiu. with 1-1 acre or more of laud if desired for a Garden. being a most desirable residence, possession given the lbtolAlay next. Apply to MAYO 4 WAIT. Hurlington, Feb 11. 1811. ""VIOTICE is hereby niven that those who are in 1 debted to us, nnd whose notes and nccountslme become. duo. that navment must bo made immediately or such demands will be lodged with an attorney for milleeiion. It is honed tint this will be a thinly no tice to all those interested, who with 10 save cost. At all events we must have our dues, and 11 cost is made, doubtless an attorney will mist upon Ins cost, Feb. 5, ISII. STRONGS .) CO, rOs.TON day ACADEMY'S ree'd at the llncrV.inre tin. ind for sale atwhole'iile l y I) A IIRAMAN 'piIF.O.A. PECK .t Co. at thesignof tho .Mortar X have just ree'd a quantity of Cayenne Pepper, of English importation. Constantly on hand, Hoinbay Gum Myrrh, genuine llaybcrryllark, do. Pow der, Jamaica Ginger Root, do. do. in i'owder, llcngal and Ohio Turmciics, iVc. eVc. Sept. 16, IS 10. NOTICI'.-.l de-cm 11 my d ity to inlorni I he pul -liulhat I have invcs'e-l a s'alir, pt-rfce-ily iniin cent, from ihrce simp'o vegetal le, that entirely 1 pcnexlcs a Spanish fly Plas'i r, winch suc-ciilire re bel 111 all iiilUmalory a 'is lions oflhe h 1 run 11 I ody in 21 to 13 hour-, nn 1 iice Is but one application. lis ac tion i I y iihsorption nnd i-vaiiorntion, it ib-.olves a corn from the feci entirely and without pain, rounter-ae-s (ire in a I111111 or scald in 15 liun i'.c. nf:i r its ap p!i -.itiou. Apply it in the side 011 a piece of oil silk or ilressi'J sheep skin,fi,rmllamalion of the live r or lungs and it extracts nil cxciie-ini-ni from lho,c organs Warranted to give rehefds reeoinnie.idexl. A. MARK, .Snluproiirielor, I IS Jlroonie street. New York. The at the PiopnelorV pnee-s by il.irbii-iu.n, Dee. 1310. J. iV J. 11, PECK it Co. HT A lis A 1.1.' s eonliir 111 .tienclhcunig PI.ASTi R : unrivalled a a Al-o. fi r Ithenn a- li-m, Lameness or pains 111 the side-, nnd s or I acl, i forscri I do is swe'linff-, m- -rvy sore-. Fresh wound- ; .ml for a cencral Family Piaster (r salve. For Corn-, moreover try it! paie; (lo.-e, penevcre ill iheu-e I y ma ',111 ii new np.ilic.itmn ois-a-ionally, and in time', your corn.- w ill le cured. For tale by ' J. et J. II. PECK & Co. THEO. A. PICK et Co. an! Dk. I10I1T. MOODY. H.irlinston, Jan. 22, 1311. ly.f.18 C.iliioct Shot) 011 Catlln's l.anc. DEVR SIR; IV-riuit tne tu inform vouand ntlurs in vour vieuiiiv that 1 am still engaged in the CAIUNET HUslNESS, nnd that needinu custom, any thing in my hue may he bought of iiieon as food ter'niQ nq nnv where in this lllirkl t. 1 mil HOW fiom various causes m iking work clieapi r than I eicr did before; and all paying customers wlu lher old or new 1 shall ba happy u sro at the New Shop, where no p-uns will be spared to give satisfaction. Lumber and Printline rrc'il ns usual mid a eilTIX rash, (if there is ly.f.18 any left in the country,). will be found to do wonders ! a few rods east of Church-st. 1). K. PANGHORN. Hurlington, January II, ISII. Si lling off Cheap Continued. rpilADE two past weeks great, great, gnat. Dif J fcrenco in selling low or Cheap vis.blc. Assort ment yet larsre, beautiful, useful it desire able nl the Farmers, Mechanics d Peoples Cheap Cash Store, by their ngent, HOWARD. Thursday Morning, ) WW, ISII, $ Illll'.NO,()GV..-,liel.a,l,c and Genllciueii , . '.'IQ'l,rliiigunare ri--pe-ctlully informed that J. SALl 1-11, Pricticxi. PiiRKS-oi.or.IST, will reinaui a short time at ihe American Hon I w here he will res-i-ive visitor lorthe EXAMINATION OK HEADS, or will wait upon those who prefer their residents-.. In-dii-idiinlsor parlies who avail themselves oflus pro fessional scrvievs, nre giiaranteeil a coriect delineation ol their various prevailing ,li.pi,t iimn, and ptvuliari lies of talent, ae-coinpaniesl with direction ihat may assist tht-min improving their letter qiialill.-atii-ns andi-orrci tin? their ileliciencies. ltP.Mr. S. will deliver a eourie of lectures n,i il.i. intcrrsiiiig scieii(s) in Ibo Court llou-e, parlienlnri of wiiicii win in- nnnounctvi in a luture a ivcrthcincnt Hurlington, January I, 1811. LADIES' India Rubber Shoo, Gaiter Hoots, walk ma Shoe, French kid and spring Heel Shn, -e.l lftin I. ..I .IJ 1... V 1 nvPl X' - I. ' s-i-uri; iy,vi ilov. '7 -rwvi.ui KWi BOAT roUVP. Came ashore on thesiibscri 1 e-rs nt Cob-hcsti-r point ill Dree-mler last, a clui'.er built yawl IIOAT, 23 feet long and ininled reil. Tho owner is reque-icl lo pnv eharce, .mil tali it nw-ty. GliO. N. SPEARS. Colche.tev Point, r ep, 8, IK II. Valuable Monks for Holiday Gilts. TVTRS. WALKER ON FEMALE HEAl'TV, ns 1 I preserved and improved hviriiinrn. rlc.mlin.-ss ami dress, illustrated by 12 colored plates and ele gantly bound in niorrocco gilt. Foiicet JtE not, a Christmas, New Years and Hittbday present, for 1311. Tub Token i FatENPsuir's Ofirmso; Rose or Sii.vnosi A Gin- rno.M r-UEY umu. Also'a cener nl assortment of Juvenilis Works, Parley's Hooks, Hollo s Publications, rarley s universal History, 2 vols., Ac. etc., for sale by .. Dec. it. wwi. iiiv i.u.v.s. TVT IiOVI3lY &rt'o. are now; opening and of J-l fcring ror sale a inoro extensive assoruncnt o Kp.ininnMp Goods than thcvhavecvcr before offered in this market amongst which is a grent varieiv of FURS and Fur Trimmings all of which are offered extremely lo for Ready GAtslt. net. 3;, lTTllAPIMNG l'AlUH.SO( reams assort V cd niialdies and si.cs for sale for Rags, country produce, or goods by Jan. 11. C. GOODRICH. Alerclialils siippucii wiiu paper ami uoois jor nays, BOOTS, SHOKS et LEATHER. The 311'' .Tiber having taken the store formerly occupied by Mi.aursi 01 .f. M'hiimtr. is now oiH-ninifa L'cncral nMSiirlnir lit ( Itoots. Shoes and Leather, which have all been bought for cash ami will be sold for Ihe same nt the lowest prices, aim ns tne-articles are mo niiiucr mi. 1,1 mention in an advertisement. nlthotli!!l Mr Sl'l cy has enlarged Ins paper, I would simply unite an 10 call and examine ine yooeis 111111 prices wjuu j-uiow. Huilfngtoih July 1, 1810. HENRY C. ST1MSON, by E. J. Stimsos, Agent. ITALLF.CK'S HR1TISH POETS, which ham O. iust been published, were received last week, and nre now for sale at the Hook Store. I.uewiso many miscellaneous, publications, among which ato llie fob Inee inv ! SoutliBHte'sTour. Life of Wvchlie'. Emi nent I'rencli writers, by Mrs. Shelley. Court of Ennland. 2 vols. Johnson's Lifu and Works. k'nnrlitlnv'n Eiifflnnd. Federal Gove-tnment from 1789 to 1839. Hook for the Sabbath. Confessions of irrru r.nrreniier. Boswell s Johnson. Rowdier 1 Family Shakpeare. Kirk's Sermons, Kingsbury on Ihe Sabbath. Newton on the rropnccics. nry. ant's American Poets. Coleridge's Poetical Works, Jan, 20. U. A. HllA-xiA, i Tr-innw'S Frncb Dictionary, containing inoTC 1V1 words than Roger's, at half the price. For sale by C. GOODRICH, T ETTERS of Mrs. Adams, the wife of John Ad j-i auis, ior saicnl tlie bookstore, bv Jan. 28. D. A. IIRAMAN". I HARWELL'S SHOES I.adhs' kid Walking Shoes, Miring heel and French kid Slips, Esite-r Hoots, Gentlcincii's Pinups, mid Chlldlcns Hoots ot I-arwe-M smakc just rec d and for salebv January 2'J, 1S1U. II .11 GIDDINGS .f- Co AT IIOWAHDS.DcC. I, IHIO. OILK SHIRTS AND DRAWERS, for Ladies and si nciiiicine-ll. jt c cs l int nre. sni,l ir nni n,n lo cure will grea'ly alleviate Rbcuinnlic bains. Aim the Genuine llrundrtth's Pills, which with thu use of inonDovo articles 11 tanen will ernihcatc Rheumatism irom any person recently altlicted, if not so, money ior ine puis ri'iuiiueo. SLEIGH SHOES, &.c. 1 K() Pair Steel plated, Cutter end Sleigh Slim s, ' VJ Cast Iron do. finished Crow liars. Aniilts v ices, Waggon Hoxis, Shoiels.tSpuiles, Dung I'orks, .sue-e-i i.eau, ancci .uic,iioiiow ware in great variety. exflv. 1 a. STRONGS ft CO. fiNWl' ONLlVfWJ'-X I'V-F l E CI'N I'S.-l'. M '3 Hitehcoe-Vs newly nm-ii'eil S l'lhe lu-tnrle c.'e ever ili-eAiere.l I v scientilic men, in Europe 01 Ann npa, fer ihe cure and nb-olun relief of Ca'arrb ll.ullead, VVe.ik Lvc, Nervous Head- ji-he-. Fallen Sielne,, Fits, and Infants Iroullel wi:li Siiufik-'', partial shocks of I'.il-v, it-s I'ur inle wholesale and iciiid, I y A. Hi I CIICOCK it Co., sole l-'ropnen r, Nr. 11 (icue-ee-v'. Etn a, an I by their acents the I111011. In IJurhn-.ton, J. et J. H. Peel; & Co. In Verge-one", bv J. II. Ilowiuiiii. In Milir.n, by Uurmtt ix.Sa.vjcr. In Ueoigia. by Lo rciwo Jane-. Anthony Rhodes' Kstatc. STATE OF VERMONT. The Probate Court for Distiiiltoi CiimEMir.s, 6. 5 the District of Chit tenden : To all persons interested in the estate of ,. ihonv Rhodes, late of Riclr.nonJ. in sa.d deceased. Where vs. W in. Rhodes, ir.. adtniuis'rof ihe estate of deceased, has made application to this Court. 10 cxicno ine umu intuitu lor making payment ut the debts of said deceased, twelve months from the Slh day of January, 1911, and the, third .Monday of i-eoruary ncxi, neing assumed tor a neanng 111 the iremises. at the I.aule. Hall in Wilhstun, and 11 lavina been ordered that notice thereof he ''iveii by publishing this decree three weelm successively in the Free Prtss, n news paper printed nt Hur lington, i-ciore me nine tixed lor hearing. 1 heretorc, vou are hereby notified, to appear before sa'd Court. at the tune and place afun said, then and there, to nial-e objec'ioliif any you have, lo the said time of payment bung lurtbir ( xtetuicd as aforesaid. Given under niv band at Hurlington. this 5th day 01 January, a, i. isiu. iv.u, vti.siu.x, ucgis'er l.t).'. i;.t;i:..- l h s valuable article is daily establishing itself, a- ihe I et inuhcinc lor that pauilel an I sometimes lata complaint in e 11 dren, the worm,. At whole-ale and rcind ly Jan. 1, Ibll. 1IU.O. A.I'LLW iV; C- Tiuw EstaiIIs)limt-nt. T P. WHALING .f- CO. inform the public that J ' they have located themsdus In th vdlsjaof liurlinstun, mid have filled up a store oil the cast aido of Church .street, which may well Lei d. notn.rnitud. e;heai.iele, neatly opposite too bailie 01 nulling ton, and arc receiving from New York a choice selec tion of goods well cuitcel to the, staion, which they oiler for s tie aslow asiaiiLcpurc'iaseit in tlictaiti.try, fur ready im ij. Among their goods may bo found beaver and broadcloths, cassinieres, , llonnel j, oiermos, niuuiino do Iain, s ipc. A clioico sele-Cllon, also of French, English nnd American prints, 17110!, ntlenst, t an' in llitrlineton. A e'encrsl ai-sort- Hunt of cambrics, muslins, plain and fitnircd. edL'inia. iusertingv blnml laces, f-c. A great variety of shawls, and dresa handkerchief, ladies' glove3 and hose, with a good supply of bleached nnd unbleached doniestio goods. Also a good mpply of crockerj-, of tho latest patterns, w mi a tew oicgint natrnl pai lor lamps and linallj-, a few clioico family groceries, such a3 teas, sugars, mohsscs, colric, nee, raisins, dry fub, tobas cos, lamp oils, if.c. Wei do not pretend to specify Ml tho kinds, to say nothing of the numerous articles of which each kind is composed) but suffice It to say, that th nssorlmont will be found to contain most of the articles wanted in the country i and iho'o that favor us with ilicir custom will be entirely relieved fioin the examination of old goods, or remnants. Our cr.tuo stock is new, and iresti lrom llm matlicl, mid has been selected with the crealest possible care, with reference 10 the wants. comforts nnd benefit of the peopl". Hut wo do not wish inopniiiie to inno our woru in in.s mai'er, nut most rordi.illy initio them In cull and examine, for themselves. Iluililigtoli, Nov. 26, IS 10. STATE Ob1 VERMONT, ) rpO all persons, in- distiiict or euiTiEMiEN, ss. 5 I ti rested in the es tate 01 tiiirnabas r. mrir.iui. 1 n nuui and jui-.a A H-irnuin. of Milton in saiddistn t. iiilautsf.nd minor children of Ell liarnum, late of u. J Milton deceased, Arthur ll.intui", nl liarnaoasr. liarnum. Ell Hamuli nn I Juln A. llnrnum, tumors having undea'inlkMtiui to the Piohate Court 11 ithin and for and Distriet, betting forth lint the saul llarnabns P., l.lland Juln A. aie sc,7ed as lenats 111 common in then- own right in fee of three equal undivided filtoentli partsof two certain parcels of land, sit iatcd m S mth Hero in me cotiiiiy 01 tuanit is;c ana .flit nt Ver mont. dee-ri'-C(i r.s follows, to will Lot No 07 of tha fi t division ofSamu'l llosford, supposed to conln-a !? a-M-s of land, all 1 19 aereson Lot No. 9-1 of tha 1st division of Joseph Smith, mid islhatpait ofsaid Lot No. !)' of winch M1I0 Adams late of saiJ South Hero died tci.ed. and rcr ri scntui'' that a sile of th said lands of his said wards would be conducive lo their best mten st. and nravmu said court to mil iums. and empower hun, the said guardian to sell the said thrc-ocqtiil undivided tilteeu'.h farts - t s'nd two par eels of land nirrciablj to the. statut . ... ... '1 csss mads and pioiiJcd. . s -M .1.1 .1... .1. i iicrc-ipua me conn niorcsniu 1101:1 orucr enai ine slid application belienrd before said court at a ses'ua thereof to he In Id at the Register's ofitce in Hurling ton 111 isid couiiiy of Cliitteii''cn on the 10th day ot January A. D. 1311, and that notice thereof he given to nil pei sons interested by puMirnt, in 01 ll s order containing the s-i. stance of paid npnli -niton thr weeks successively 1 1 the' Hutlington I ,1' Fn ss, th lat of wlue'i publications to be prei.-- s 10 thcsa.d llllh tl-iy ol Jamnry, Hll. Given und.-r ry hand at Uurliiiglon, this 30th tin- of Dccomh-r, A. D. PlfJ CHARLES RCSSF.l.L, Judge. TfOODlJX CLOCKS, for sale at the Variety Store, warranted; 0110 or two wooden or Hiass Clocks will be sold tor good Heech and Maple Wood, the Clock 10 be- delivered when the wood is (If hvercd. Dec. R PANGHORN et HRINS.YI UD. DA. P.RAMAN, HoOKsELLitR .vs-n St Tio.izn. I'lulington, respectfully informs b.s fuends and the public, tint he is still constantly making addition to Ins assortment of jiiir, .V.rfka!, Cus. ii-ti, A.tor iral, and MLvdinncms Work, from most of tha piomment rubhsliini'liu-jji sin the country. Ho will endeavor to hair it at nil tunes embrace the most pop.dar publications m every brunch of literature and science. 1 1 is Mock of School lljoks, 111 every depart ment of liai ning, of the must popular c btions now m use', compitsi s all tliat arc used m this sec'ion of th country. Hhnk Hooks of nil si7e-s mil descriptions, of superior ruling and paper, and bound 111 a subslan ii.d manner, consiamly on band. Cap and Letter Papir of every qualnj' and e'recription, ps Well a Drawingand Fmicv paper of all colors nnd 1 ,-lette. torctiier v. itli a gen'-ral assortnie-nt of SPATIONFRY and almost every article usunlly culled far in a Hook st ire', always for ".ilc. AH of which wcie. p'tn-hasud at very I jw prices, and will be sold at a small adva.'io from cn-t, T'r Hercspretfullv invites tha altcnlion of Tarentt Te'acheisand Morcliints, to ln stock and prices, liurhnplon, Nov. 10, 1310. Gl ERMAN CLOCKS small gr-rman lime-pieces at I" S3, German striking Clucks at G 30, German Alarm Clocks ut G 50. Pa.xi,2oos: it HniNjMAtD. SH.VF.R ALARM WATCHES, at S1,SJ0, S23. De-c. 13. PAs'eiuons -x: Hkinsmaio. MR. EDITOR, Sir will you notify nil creation that the subscriber has for sale, Huek's improved Hot Air Cooking Stove, nt the nw I rick stom, Ci 1 lege street, also at Jesse Gay's foundry. This is one of the latest patterns and the first of' the kind over introduced into this St-iie-j lli?v have be-cn rcccntlv in troduced into ihe States ot rciiua-linma nnd New York with great surer ss; and sutlice it to say, they are the most convenient and will do more business with less fuel than any other stove-. A preamble to particularize its qualities or prices isusclesss. Jun call in, small fivers arc thankfully received snd greiiones in proportion, and if monev continues scarce I intend tousc the less of it, sou mil be useless to ro without on that account. S. W. TAYLOR. Hurlington, Dec. 17, 1570. C'lI.KS-Real black Italian Silk, blue black lto d O Swiss, Silk, Colored Florances, also, Silk Veil eta, worsted Surge and sup. lilack Lasting tor salebv January 29, 1310. II M GIDDINGS 'Co DOWN'S Vegetable Balsamic Elixir ! for sale TIIEO. A. PECK d-Co. by Apothecatics. TO THE FN FOR I'L'NATE. ITXHE subscribers have icceived the well Laown 1. article. Dloodrrood's Elixir of Health, for the cure ot di-eates Hri-nia from .111 ill -la'c of the Slomach, such as SCf1" Hea.lae-he, OJ Lon of appetite 1 alpiiation ol the llearl, O"-. It has given health and energy to nmllituJei afflic ted with habitual The prie-ecf this valuable nuslicine is so etabliu- ed that all may I e enabled lo ol Iain it. At wholesale and retail 1 y TIIEO. A. PECK if. Co. Apothecaries, Court Hoiitc Sipiaie. IOR SALE, About ten tons of Hi j-, of good quality . and in good condition. Apply to 12 Jan. 1341. 111CKOK. eV C.V11.1.X. A5 XES. Simmons' Cast Steel Axes, for sale bj H. M. GIDDINGS, et Co. HARD WARE. Ilutclicr's heavy Files. Ihbol son's do. and rasps. Hand saw Files. Hulls, Screws, Norfolk Latches, hand and paiinel Saws, cast sucl Wood Saws; knives, and forks, bone and buck handles! Tea Servers, Sad Irons, Shovels and tongs, wool cards, burse enrds, augers, truce chains, manure forks, Ames' shovel, etc. by 11. .11. uiiJiJi.xua, cx 1.0. ANTED, a few bushels of sjood clean white Hems, for w Inch a fair price will be piid 111 mods. Dec.lS. GEO. PETERSON. I?1NE HROAD CLOTHS and CASSIMKRES. X The s'lbscnbers would solicit the attention of all who arc in want of any very fine Cloths or Cassi-me-resas they have a good nssorttnentof almost ever shade and color n hich wi'l be sold very cheap for cash, Jan. 14. 13-11. by N. LOVELY and Co. 10 llhiis St. Croix and N. O. Sugars, CO Ilbls. do do 10 II )c refined and Loaf do 5 lllds Crushed do 5 do Powdered do to Chests II. S., Y. II. and O. II. Tens 20 Hags Jam k Laguira Coffee. Pe pper iSc Sci. 5 Casks Sab-ratns, 10 Roves Starch, 20 keg3d- bo.xesTohacco 10 kecs Ginger, 30 boxes Hat Soap, 1 50 milts Cassia, 30 boxes Pipes, 1 Cnk Cloves, 10 bbls Lorillards S.iuff 1 do Nutmegs, and Tobacco. 0'C de. if-c, by Nov. 10. STRONGS ,, CO. NJKW TAILORING EST A I! LIS II M F.NT I At N'mooiki Village. The Mibcrihcr has com menccil the tailoring business in tliii. place, and will do all kinds of work in his hue in a. gon.l style ns it is done at any shop in this section uf country. Cutting done at alftime-s, on short notice. WANTED All apprentice nl ihe above business. JEREMIAH HARRINGTON. Nov. 10, 1310; "VTOTICE is hereby given tint the copirtuciship ii heretofore existing between the subscribers under the firm of "S. Tillev ex. Co.," is ihis day dissolved by mutual consent. The books nnd demands nf the firm rre 111 tho hands of John R. Tillev for collection. Iliiieshurjh, STEPHEN TII.I.EY, Dec 17, 1S10. JOHN R. TILLEV. rpilRKAHS, &i 3W) II-. white and coiton L Ihre-ab. JOIIw. linen ib. 500 bun lit-100 -l.e-m thread. 211 P. Italian scwiin.-. 10 II Italian twist, fi,r sale I y VILAS, I.OO.MIS, Co. A HALLS I rown sheetings. sjtw ticlss. 2 ca es nr elo. 2 tlo. power loom 2 ca e 1 or eio. 1 i-ate 111 men 11 ir- lap-. 1 I ale canvass, just received and for a'e I y .xov.v-i, is-It!. VILA?, i.uu.iiin t. e-o, lO-l'.hs, warranted ei e eh hut 1 crash. Russia ihd.KTi coitt ii vurii! black and w hi'.e wad ding : baiting and vvieking i lor sale I v II. M. (.HIDINGS et Co. T) ROWN Table Cloth., 8 I y 1 J all linen. Also hue I iru Winooski Icon round ry. THIS concern is yet in operation, and ready to ciecuteallordcrs for castings, in good oirier, and nf food 1net.1l.f1ir various nuiposcs. The subscriber is now reatly 10 contract or otherwise for the budding OI IlltllS OI Ull UCSCUIIIIOIIS, lie-lilt; ill a eniiauoii lu lui- nish alt the mitetiils nt short notice. Contracts will be taken very low. Plansol'all kinds of mills made on application to the subscriber, and warranted cor rect! which willsavo cost in building, and also ninny blunders. An assortment of castinm such as kettle's, ploughs, wagon boxc", wagon arm, s'e-igh shoes, box and cooking stoves, n very superb .tide, lor doing a large business with little workand furl, nil of whit h can be found at nil times, nt Ibis concern. Patterns made to older on reasonable terms. Also the subscriber offers for sale 0110 first rate lush pressure steam engine, of four horsepower, a good art.cle-, built from l.ieccstcr's plan, and has been in use, w Inch w sH be sold reasona ble, nnd 011 credit. All orders to the subscriber, Hur lington, Vt. will receive attention. JESSE GAY. Winooski Village, Nov. 10. i'id January, ISII. rilHERE has been an ISi vents business done A in the "up and dong, quick and cheap for cash, and no imprisonment for debt" store j and has been no dun, nor dun, never done yet. Information is hereby given thnt this same store has now one of the best stocks of merchandize for the season, and that cost may be -ivul 011 any goods pur chased ou-r ordinary prices, by applying to the poo ple.Vmem,at ' HOWARD'S. C1ROCCERY AND GLASS WARE -Full setts of granite China ware. Tea nnd Dining setts. together with a. general assortment of croc, try and glass ware i also lamps, patent tup. screw top ami astral lamps. Lanterns, tuuihle-rs, Ac all of which will be sold cheap for rash, as we will convince any lint favor us with a call. Clnne-hst. J. P. WHALING .t Co. R- ROAD CLOTHS. Please call at the new cash stoic on Church street, and examine the broad cloths, beaver cloths, cassancrcs nnd sattnetts, before purchasing elsewhere-, and much oblige J. P. WHALING A Co. Goods sho-rrn with pleasure, whether pnrcliascd or not, 5 TVJOTICE. The Ooird of Commissioners for the IN instruction of the Deaf nnd Dumband the Hluid, will eoiivenc nt llm Pavilion House 111 Monipelicr, on Thursday, the IStli diy of February next, for the pur pose of designating b-.-ncficniie-s who are 10 receive aid fiom the stale of Vermont, and for ihe transac tion of any other business appertaining to the Icj-al duties of the board. County Clerks and the civil authority of towns arc referred l'.nh.of the Reused Statutes, touching their respective duties on this subjict. L. S UtGEANT, J Com mis Jan. 4, ISII. JOHN" COl.HY. C ; " " HENRY STOWEL, S ""er'' P. S. Publishers of newspapers 111 the state of Vermont will confer a favor on the unfortunate by giving llieubovc notice a place in thcrrrispcctivejour tials N'OTICE. All notes mid accounts tluethe subscri ber, must ha paid by the first day of Fcbruiry next, or tnev wiitbeiounu in ;ne nanus ui iiiiinuiev. I - ,,MI 1 f S, I S s.-fs-,- 11. ,' SAVE COST. All poisons Iriv.ti" unsettled ao conntsj with l.sthrop, Potwiu et Win or with the SnWribcrs are hereby notified that all accounts not settled in some wav-, bctore the 1 jth Dcceiub.r will b left 11j1 an attorney for collcciion. Nov. V,. ' MVYO stW.UT, Tmttnt. STATE 01' VERMONT, 1 rjHIE Probate Court T or Cis-tesdes. S 1. for the district of t 'hilt, ndrn. to aHiiirsuns interested m tbj cstato of C v, in I 1 1.jca s leu.ab l'ifaut. of De'.rcit tn the Stslo of .Mte hisan. Ilawlcj JI. G.ddmgsi.t lluilington in the county of Chittrnd' n, guaithaii of the s.ud Cnnrh.t Ljon, having tilcel in said court pcnt.on, in vvnting, senilis forth tint i'io snd Cornell 1 is seized in h.-r own right in fee of ilie'fcllowiiigdesciibcdirr.ctscf hnd, siiuat in sail lluilington. to wit, the in nh half of caiartor nrre lot No 91, and the wbo'e of quarter ncre lot No. Ki, which said lauds are subject to nn incumbrance of twenty dollar" per annum, payable to Mrs Clarissa I I.J mail, ol sain liurnumuu, uttritig tier nuiunu i,ir, nuu ! also to a life estate of Edward Lvuti therein, which the said Edward holds as tcnint bv the curtesy t that a sa'e ofsaid wards interest in saul lands-, for the pur pose of putting the proceeds of such sab at interest, would be conducive lo the interest ofsaid ward, and praj in;' f aid court to licence tb"sanl guardian to sell the snd ward's interest in said lands. When upon the court aforesaid dolh n;?n the 13th day of Match next for helling nid petition nud deci ding thereon nt the Register's oRico in Hurlington mid tlo'h order that all prfons interest' d be notified thereof, by pub1 ication of this order, containing th s-.bstance ofsaid petition, three weeks successively in ihe niirlitigton Free Press, a new-papir printed in Hurhngton, in the county of Chittenden, 'helist of which publications to oe previous :o saiei ma ujv ui March next Given under mv band r.t Itnrhiig: m :n sa.d etutriet. this 2ath einv of 1 cbruary, li. V M. WCtTON. r.rgftsr. "l.TIt. STACY. Dear Sir Readine an article in a ll late pnper of yours, selling forth tho utility of frequent nnd regular advertising, with our own illus trations in connexion, has "brought us over to the fuith." Wc shall try the experiment. Truly yours, II. M. GIDDINGS et Co. MEDICAL ALMANAC for 1641, for salo at the bock note Pii62Jet9. IVA.DRA..MAN. NOTICE. The subscriber having purchased the house nnd premises formerly occupied by Guy Callin, Est, neatly opposite the Reading Room, in Uurlingtnn, has opened a HOARDING HOFSE, at which he will be happy to accommodate gcnllsmr n and ladies with llm best alteiiuons, and upon reason nblo terms, Cw JOSHUA DOANK. BROWN SHEETINGS, 3,000 yards. 150 pieces Calico i also wadding, bntting, nnd vvieking, for rale si mi.'.LlXQ t'o . e'sLOOX OF FASHION", nt the head of Pearl l. Ibirliiigtt.ii, Vt. JOHN THOMAS, fashionable llntr Cutter, and Kni'.-ht ot ihe Raror, eh il'cnges ihe whole bnrba.nn, Iratrrnily ihrouglioot th" woild, ip cut hair neater, or shave smoother on lon-r than bini fell. Alo, lathes' fabe hair I in the lest Kyle. At his saloon 1.1 elf gams- arrsyixl, Dame Fashion wain upon imperial Made ( And n'ii-nce leaches w here to rut or spare, .chnpin? each lock in liduty Ina hair. Manhood has virnr ago rrnewi its prime, And brightly beams the human fare divine; Ills chin is sinoeiih, his hair em a-Ia-mode, And Urn Ion notice is on hun I e.-lo-.i cJ. Ye who soft smiles from beauty would obtain, Ye who to age would bring back youth again, Ye learned who sarious looks would wear, To Tioniaj cwnr, sitJ tcxi'II ls tu'.ixl lloie. AT l'r.lHIilSIIMi:NT. The subicri IN bcrs would inform the public that they hive formed n copirlncrshipundir the firm nf MITCHELL iX. HARN'I S, and established tiieC'.i(iii(6iiiiiisiii the Hrick Simp formerly occupied by Abbott and Wood, where they aro manufacturing and intend to keep constantly on hand an assortment i f Sofas and Furniture, of various kinds and prices to suit custom ers; also, a few splendid Hb.vss Clocks cheap for r.nsb. All hinds of lumber uwtl in Cabinet Making ri reived iuexchanjB for Furniture. Uurhngton. Dec, 2 1910. T. M. MITCHELL. A. I1ARNES. CM'F.RM CANDLES. Kinglnnd's clarified sperm candles, No. 1. Also, moul I candles for sale by J. P. WMALI.M' if lo. vi utter- xx-ivTi-n 4 ihaII convenient tcne M inent! Miitablo foi a family consininp of tbiec persons. Inquire at this other. Jan. 19, Uio piece or store. choice assottinenl of Notes and BROWN Sb-iiiui!". verychtap b ynrd, nt LOVELY nud Co's cheap i i v.'lt. Also, n choice assortment i vcrotints aunpieit io tne pitstjiii re-usun, .u withstanding have been on liandsonio time, aro not the less desirable, and are oil. red nt private snio until thcflrstof February r-cxt-ruriJiars wilt see the "time ti eliwt." liurluis'un, JontKny 14, ISU. Ml EltJI AN'-s VtOIlM HI. NGES. 'IIII.I1!E.N or nl dts inn Ukc inc-beine in thu ' f r u" tl di III tl.y. Ills ihe r.nly waytcs make it pVa.ant. Thee' lozenges arc the- great ,,.; tl' ever i.i.i'i, f"f dis.e,,-; ihe v.x fio i- kinds of worms so Imp eni'y and th Iress sindv nn'ioy 1 oth l.iidicn an J j.lut-. 'iriey are au mfilltl'V re ...''v, nnd m p'ca-im to the ta.-tc hu children will tu'sc them as rca a a t niinon pep pe'rniint U'enje. Mjny drea-i's ar.-e from worms, w itliout I's I em-..' siispeccd, Soii.elinies ve -y iruil le souti' es. 'gh, pains m the itiints or lunbs, 1 lee litis Rt llu nii.e', sXc. are-o.v.i-1, ne I ly w"riu., and citu le e i it .- i iin-J I y this ee-'e'l taied lueslictni'. '1 he fo!' ow ing miitoin in hea e i'.h' pie'scutx' of worin-, vn : he'a Uchr, le'rujo, tin pi r, el'lurled e'teatii-, deep I ro!.cn o I' I v Infill an I s rem . tr, iiv d-' uis, fe-vrrishnes-,tiir-t, pallid b r, I a I ' t- ' m the inc-nh, u, cii-ivc Ireaih, m gh, el uVull Ire tilling, III hiat al the nu-r, p-i.its in ilie sit,mMeh, nausea, sqi. cannikin's"-, voraeilv, tr.inin-', leiicMiius, itcinnir at ihe nnm tow-nut- n ehi,nn'liit U-ngih, tie is-, ens and tiiin. nuJ oi'tetl-. One i. n do e foi a child Iw o jears i Id -wo lor one four ve-ir- nld hrcc turcilu veur-, a.,'! dv for nn a lull, and sVnud I e re ,-ea-e-j every nis.riiiiiK,cr every ether moriimg until led cveel. 'rij" So' I nt the Variety store 1 v rANGHORN ik niilN-s-MAID, Je rellert, l irliti.-'ou, N t. wh 'Csal Aircnts. A Ii eraleli coaiil t.1 nur. bants wbu Lay to -ill ay a n. ARD YUE,ADDLKRV WARE- GINS, Hollow wnre, .'C. The subscriber has just re ceivedandis now opening a largcand general assort ment of the aboro goods; comprising nearly every articb" m the line, and w Inch w ill Le sold on very icy ton.r le terms for c-ish or short credit, nt the hard v.arc store, cornet of church '."r.jV ji'rJoDv nurlington, Nov. 50. 19RV NEW SCIIOO, i.EOG.I I'lIV AND ATLAS WITH OITI.INE.MAPS, by S. Arcys Tfs Mrrniri i . The a ithor ot the a! iwc works has I -i-u professionally dele M to the se,fiice of tfc y and he piln bin; e f Map.-, iliring inaiiv Jfr -anil Ins former preel.iciii.ii-, e'-pes tally his Map id tie W orlJ for Acs lentk's, I car inutile le tiinoneiuv i f i abun dant resources, upon wb 'hheh.isoi era lydrawit, in presl ieiiip theai ovo icli -ol w. rk-. 1 he cxtrici ofth" li.v.'v and Aita-, i-from a omt res-em-inciid.iii'-pfihi'Te.vlicr- mlhrriiy of New York. "Their merits ate nuincreu I lie itrfiiuiu.iis remark a' ly plain andeonci.e, Tlierxerej'eoaa-e-opiousanJ important, and ihede.criptivc Is Imm' and corre-.'t. The divisiunk of tlie American continent, are tepre n-niisJanlitt' cut da. tle'v rcahy exist at tLe ;;cs;nt tliii. And llm j.ross iiiissiatements ireneially IsUi.ct in scicil gi'evgrapbii'satci'i.rrc'tetl. 'I he typojraphi nil r.x- "itiou is mi commonly ne'at nnd distinct, inures the atlas is a model of the kind, and aciually Jrcm with inlormatioii," Th lljps sre Itviiliarly Cflleniiaif l(t'xervssethr.tndcnt In bi jiu M t fill up at his Iciture. For sale Jty-.C, 60DW Wt

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