Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 12, 1841, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 12, 1841 Page 1
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NOT THE GLORY Or OJBSAHt S 0 T T M W X X T A B B OP BOMB. BYH.B. STACY, BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, MARCH 12,1841, tmr vr ;T- ; VUL. XIV. ...No. 40. Farm fofFor Sale. THE subscriber offers for talc a Farm one and a half milts from the College on ma winooski turnpike, containing av, 100. 150. or 200 aorea of land ai the pur chaser may choose. The buildings with little ex pense may be put in good condition for a tavern, and there is not a better location for such an establishment between Darlington and Montpclici. Terms of pay ment easy, and any enterprising industrious man with a smalt capital may own a good establishment in a ftw years by purchasing this property. ' CHAUNCEY GOODRICH. Burlington, Jan. 14, 1341. a-1 am NET WAIt E. The subscriber hsa itmm J cd the Cabinet business at the old shop on Church street, formerly occupied by Nichols & Hcrrick, and r,ntlv bv B. It. Walker, where he intends to manu facture and keep constantly on hand all kinds of CAUINIvr v uum l uuti, oi a siyie ana quality not inferior to any manufactured in this vicinity. He hopes his long experience, together with a strict atten tion to the busincsss, will securo him a share of the public patronage. jpV ANTED in exchange for Cabinet Work, Birch -and Maple Scantlct, suitable for bedsteads; basswood plank, and boards from 1 inch to inch; white l'inc boards, most ainus oi country prouuv.6 received in Mvincnt, (but cash would be very acceptable.) Burlington, Jan. 1,1341. SAMUEL NICHOLS. Ul STAIRS. THE subscriber wouldrcmind hisfnends and the public that he occupies a room in Church street, over Kern and Wslkcr's store, where he will give his personal at tention to Repairing Clocks of every des cription. Those which have been in use many years fitted up in good style and made to have the appearance of new. He would also give notice that he has re sumed his former business of repairing Watches ; all entrusted to his care will be carefully repaired and warranted. Hav ing been engaged for twenty years past in making as well as repairing Time keep crs,he tru-ts his experience in the business will enable him to givesatisfacfion to those who favor him with a call. . . P. S. A few Clocks for sale, on commission. J. N. DUNNING. Burlin; gton, Dec 23, 1810. gg T70R SALE, The House and Lot now fk occupied by E. J. Stimson. Kor 111' H terms, .inquire of the subscriber at No. 3, HlMtMm Strong's building. Also, Hoots, Shoes and Leather for sale low for cash, to close a concern All those indebted to H. Stimson are requested to nuke payment before the 1st of February next. E. J. STIMSON, Agent. Burlington, Jan. 21, 1841. ISAAC M VRIVEB. HAS received and keeps constantly on hand a large and full essortment ot GROCERIES, among which are COGNAC BRANDY, I St. CROIX RUM HOLLAND GIN, A variety of WINES, and almost every article in the Grocery line, oil of wnicn he will sell on tue most reasonable terms, nc would also inform Tavern keepers in particular that he will sell rum, brandy and gin for 63 cents a gallon, which he will warrant of abetter quality than sonic which have lately been hawked about the country by a certain New York pedlar, and if not adjudged by the best judges to be better, he will not ask any pay for them. Ho invites them to call and compare. Burlinghn, Oct. 1840. tf. I.IVBKY STAHl-Ii. B? f AVINO madeextensive re pairs bv addition of new building, Horses, Carriages, Harnesses, Saddles, ccc. the subscriber is nreoared to accom modate the public in good style and on snort notice, aineie. Tcndcm, four or six Horse Tama will h fomlalieil lis nnr. rioa.oAV' ties ofDleasure. A man mav She'fsiurid in the Barn at any hour, day or night, to at- ftnti call,. Cash paid for Oats and Hay, 3 doors East of the i-og uoni, er at my snop i aoors lvestui j. . ii Teck'Ct Co'.'-s store. SAMUEL S.. SKINNER. 'Burlington, IBec. 12, 1340. NOTICE 'The scbscribcrs having formed a partnership under the name and firmof StabbA Dow, in the Tin.'ShcctlronandStovc business, would respectfully inform the public that they keep constant ly on hand a complete assortment in the above line. They have now on hand a variety of Parlour, Box and Cooking Stoves, trimings etc., which they wil rtlinA.enfst the verv lowest oriccs in market. All orders will be executed on short notice and in the best sty It of workmanship.-' J. J. STARR, ISAAC DOW. Church st.,oppostte'the jail. Burlington, Oct 30, 1840. , qpiIE Burlington BREWERY has J,' now commenced business, and will have new Beer in a lew nays, . wnen an oraers wui im puuvismuj attennen tn. Burlington, Sept. 1840. GEO. PETERSON IN BW PAINT SHOP.SPACLDING&M1LLS l I - n.... t.n.. nn i 'hli ..h-if a. uavc upvncti a new i ai.i s.-i,.- .... ..-... two doors soiuh of ll.Lsne's Store, where they w. I do all kinds of HOUSE, SHIP, SIGN an I CARRIAGE PAINTING, in the Lcsl pos-il le. manner and on term to suit tho-e who may favour them with their patron are. !C7"l'amlf, Oil, Varnish and Putty, constantly .! L..JjT.jr ,i tsPalll.DlNG. Burlington, April 9, 1840, C B. MILLS. WIN lOW SASH 'Just received 15,20 and 24-17 by 3 casements ol sash, a first' rate article at 3, and 31 cents per light ; alto all kinds and sires, furnished to order. Ticondcroga black lead, a firt rate article, for sale very low, together with a ereat variety Mother arti cles as cheap as can be louad at any other establuh meat it the place. Geo. Pctutsoh. ' LAST ARRIVAL. NEW GOODS just received by the subscribtr ; and it is of but iHtle consequence to the 'purchaser . how they came. I will only say they were mostly purchased on a credit and will have , to be sold at some price to pay my debts as I will convince any one who will call at my store on Pearl street. SIDNEY BARLOW. CONFECTIONARIES Just received, a selected vsriety of Stuart's celebrated confectionaries .aeatly put up for retail trade. Also at wholesale. ,, THEO. A. PECK, t CO SINGLE. , DOUBLX. UMBIUCAI. JUST recMa supply of Marsh's celebrated Truue, ofeveryWKenption,forale by thedoxen or single Oct. 10, 1810. THEO. A. PECK to CO. Sign of the Mortar, BALSOM' OF LIVERWORT for Consumption DVFpep.'ia, Asthma, and all direaies ofthe Lungs and Liver, .ese diseases prevail to a great extent, creating much diitresand some fatality. Allthet.ecan be remedieuVliy the use of Dr. Taylor's UaUom of Liverwort. This medicrne is purely Vegitalilc, and from its peculiar action upon the Liver isalwaysfound a radical remedy for these direates. For Females and men in a very weak Hate, no medicine ran be so grateful a reitorative, as it not only strengthens, but purifies' and give a healthy action to ihn whole sys tem. Coaitaaily tor ale by N. LOVELY ct Co. who hav just received a fresh supply of seasonable Goods (torn New Yrk, sll very cheap for caib. Burlington, luly 30, 1840. ' CIBMAN COUGH HYRUP. A Few dozens of thia famous medicine, for the cure Colds and Coughs, are for sale by the subscri be,. RotomndatK)ns from any of our eitirsns mb bt atvaa- lltAJ.A, rKCK a. CO. bush. Seed Rye, free from alt other seeds, for Pearl-st. Sept. 16. sale by C. BENNS. 1 ENGLISH POWDER. I'igons & Wilkes ana J Uurton'scclebratcd rifle powder, in pound canis ters by, H. M OIDDINGS &, Co. LOOKING GLASSES, mahogany framed, at the lowest prices, by H. M. Q1UD1NGS &, Co. WHL'a JuriENCE OK LIU A Valuable Medicine, which, if rightly applied, will be the meant of saving thousand, from an untimely grave It has been solil and wed for thirty years, with great success, and found very efficacious in the following diseases, viz. Consumption, Whooping Couth-, com- mn C.....r,h. f ''.!. .HIT It . 1. 1 - F. n.'....-- ...wit vw.u Ullllllll, SflCttlUllllt. IMUUCIUI, Qulnv. Asthma. Phthisic. Soittins of Blood. Flatu lency, Indigestion, Looseness of the Bowel, Fits oi every kind, Cramps, Rickets, Colic, Catarrh, Dysen tary, Fainting, Hypochondriac Atfeotions, Headaches, aicKnc. at oiomaen, raeasics, a preventive oi uon- tagiousuitcates, uoutand iitreuinaiism. IG1! he above Medicine is prepared bv Henrv Scv- mour, ofHadlcy, Mass. from the Original Recipe, by the direction of said Moore, and sold ly him and the principal Druggists in tuu unitcuaiaies. Sold wholesale and retail, by J.&. J. H. Peck Co anc.heo. A. Peck V tn.. llttrlinirion. nml liv lht dealersT generally throughout the country NOTICE. J. TRYON, Merchant Tailor, would respectfully announce to the public and his old customers in particular, that he continues to accom modate all who call, with the latest improved fashions and work not inferior to any, on reasonable notice, at his old stand ou St. Paul street. On hand and for aalc cheap for cash a choice assortment of superior uroaucioins, t;assimeres, vcstings, ana Trimmings. iv. u. uoats cut tor ou cents, casn. P. S. Those indebted will please call and uppay CHEAPER and better for Ready Pay. The sub scriber would inform his customers and the nnh. lie that on account of his loss of Goods bv fire and the damaged ones selling off so chesp, his present stock is principally made fresh and select, and the cloths being bought at low prices can be sold cheap. All kinds of clothing made on the shortest notice. Cutting done as usual. All kinds of clothes cleaned of paint, grease, etc., and dressed, pressed and repaired in the neatest manner and brought as near as possible to their original beauty, and warranted without dam age. Also on hand, (no waiting until New Years or running all day after Trimmings &c.,) Top Coats, Cloakcs, Dress and Frock Coats, Pantaloons, Waist coats, Sailor Jackets, Boys Clothes, Flannell and other shirts. Drawers, Stocks, etc. Also all kinds of second hand Clothes, Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoes, Travelling Bags, Trunks, Furniture and all other ar ticles common ana uncommon, uiotncs or produce taken for pay. C. BENNS. reari St., acpi. to, isiu. LliATHKK AC The subscriber has received and is now receiving from New York, a lsrire as sortment of Leather, Boots and Shoes in addition to his former stock, consisting of the following articles in parr: 1UU aides aole Leather, a auperior article,iree from 30 Heavy Cow Hides, water, 1U Sides Harness Leather, 10 " Black Bridle do 10 Doz. Sheep linings, 2 11 South Sea Seal Skins, 1 " Grained Leather, 1 Cass Men's Snperior Calf Boots sewed, war anted, 3 " Thick Boots, heavy at 12,50 per pair. 1 Boy's " 11 " 1,87 1 " 1 " Small Bovs " " 1.22 " Together with Kids, Kips, Shoe Thread, Prunella Cotton and Linen Webbing, Blacking, Shoe Brnshcs, uaaics f renen Kia sups, ana a general assortment of Misses and Childrens Slips and Walking Shoes, all of which will be sold low for cash. H. C. STIMSON. N. B. Wanted, a few bushels of Buckwheat, Rye and Corn. E. J. STIMSON, Agent. RICH plain black and blue black grode Swiss silks fordrcsscss: changeable cro de New York, cro de Afric and repp silks, assorted colors for bonnets; plain and fig'd poult de soi silks, dark and light colors, black, blue black and colored silk velvets. A large assortment of ribands of all kinds ; chinellc cord, nlk cord, etc. Tassel,, lace veils, worked collars, Thread laces, working cotton, black trimming lace. Light and dark kid gloves, black fillet do. Black silk and mohair mitts, by N. LOVELY & CO. DRUGS, Medicine, Perfumery, Paiuts, Dye Stuffr, Oils, Varnishes, Brushes, ic. The subscriber is now receiving his fall supplies of the above goods; selected with great care, which he will dispose of at the lowest market prices. ROBERT MOODY. SALT. 4.000 Minots Coarse Packing Salt, 6,000 Minots Liverpool Salt, For sale, in Quantities to suit Durchssers and deliv ered at any Port on Lake Champloin, by jAau:x u. ruvKuu at. sum. St. Johns, L. C, Sept. 4, 1840. MOFFAT'S VEGETABLE LIFE MEDICINES. Thee medicines are indebted for their name to their manifest and sensible action in purifying the spring" and channels of life, and enduing them with renewed tone and vigor. In many hundred certified case which have len made nullir, and in almost every speciei of diteate to which the human frame is liable, the happy elects ofMorriT's Lire Pills and Piiifnix Bitters have Veen greatfullyand nublielv acknowledged by the perons lenctitted, and who were prcviouiy imarquainicu wnniucDeaiitiinitypbl ki.-ophica! princip'e upon wbk-blhey are compound !. an.l nnnn whk'hthevronscnticntlv act. The LIFE MEDICINES recommend thrrmelves in diieases of everv form and description. Their first operation is to 'oOren from the coats of the nemaeh and I oweU, the vsrious impurities and crudities con lantlv NMtlinz around them; and to remove the har. dcneJ facet which collect in the convolutions of ihe smallest intctines. O.her medicines only partially clcante these, and leave such collected inasres behind na to produce habitual cottiveness, with all its train ol evil)', or sudden diarrhoea, with us imminent dagers.n This fact is well known to all regular anatomists, who examine thebuman bowels after death ; and hence the prejudice of those well informed men aaint quack medicines or medicines prepared and heralded to the public by igaoranl persons. The second effect ol the Life Medicines is to cleanse the kidneys and i lu ll adder, anJ by this means, the liver and the lungs, the neaiiniuiaciion or wnicn entirely aenemre upon tnc re gularity of the urinary organs. The blood, (which laLenia red color from the agency ofthe liver and ihe lungs before it pawes f nto the heart, being thus purified by them, and nourished hvfood comimr from a clran stomach, courses freely through the veins, renews every part ofthe system, and triumphantly mounts rne oanner oi ncaun in ine mooming cneei.'. Mo:lat's Vecetablc Life Medicines have been ihor oughly tested, and pronounced a sovereign remedy for Dyspepsia, Flatulency, Palpitation of the Heart, Loss or Appetite, Heart-burn and Head-ache, Restlcsnesc, iii-iemper. Anxiety, languor ana mciancDoiy, (Jos tiveness. Diarrhoea, Cholera, Fevers of all kind. Rheumatism, Gom, Dropsies ot all kinds, Gravel, Worms, Asthma and Consumption, Scurvy' Ulcers, suveieraic wrw, oe.urouirc x.rvpiiuus na iiaa tom- picxiuns, r.rupuTe uompiainis, sauow, uoiiqy, and other disagreeable Comnlexioru. Salt Rheum. Erv.i,.. elas, Common Colds and Influenxa,and various other complaints wnicn attiiet tnenumaa frame. In Fete ami Ague, narlicularlv. the Life Medicine, h,v i.rn most eminently successful ; so much so that in the r ever ami AKurumriciP, r n ysicians aiuiost uuiversally prescribe them. All that Mr. Moffat requires of his patients is lo be narticular in takinu the Life Medicines stricilv accnr ding to the directions. It is not a newspaper notice, or by anything thet he himself may say in their favor, that Ih) hopes to gain credit, It is alone by the results of a fair trial. MOFFAT'S MEDICAL MANUAL', dexhrncd a, a domestic guide to health. This little pamphlet, edited by W.B.Monat, 875 Broadway, New York, has teen published for tbo purpose of explaining morefully Mr. MoITat's theory of diseases, and will Le tound highly iaterotinetonersonsscekini: health. It treats unon prevalent diseases, and the causes thereoC Price, 25 cents for sale by Mr Moffat's Agents generally. These Valuable Medicines are lor sale bv Robert Moody Druggist, f- General agent, (to whom all ap- piiemiuns lorBKcneicstauuiu ixiuiunKu, posi psiuj uuriington, vi. jan. i, ion. BOSTON and TflOY IKON COMPANY. The Dublic are hereby notifieiL that the busfne, nl calling in every branch and varieljsis done to order, uii mo suuricsi notice, ai l roy, v i. i oe company nave much enlarged their foundry, and are now prepared to do all kinds of work done at aov foundry in the country. Mill-gearing, Pot Ash Kettles, Stove, Ploughs, Axtetrees, am, on hand, or fiirnishedlo order, All who wish to contract far .tnv.nll.,. nr tn nnr- chat a large quantity of hollow-ware, lor the purpose of retailing, will he furnished at wholesale prices and all who mav favor us with their rail, or will h dealt by as liberally as at any establishment in the country, uraers snouia oe aaaressen to . H. Cross man, Superintendant, or A. Young, Agent, Troy, Vt. to score an early rcplv, and prwspt lleatroa. 60 T OAK, Lumpand Brown Sugar, Teas, Coffee, sperm vkuuics, winicr siraincu lamp on, moiasscs rice, nutmegs, Eng. currants, soda crackers, cloves, cinna mon, saleratus, brooms &c. for sale by n5 . N. LOVELY, & CO. LYMAN k COLE, have on hand an extensive assortment of Burlington Mill Co. 1IROAD CLOTH Sand HEAVER CLOTH S. Alto. A great assortment of English Broad Cloths, Beaver Cloths and Cassiinercs, which they will sell at reduced prices. WANTED. A few thousand lbs good Fleece Wool or which cash will be paid. Oct. 23, 1840. M1 VUHNON H12AOEK, Polyglot! Bibles of dillerent sixes and binatnin gs, f octet ttiblcs and Testaments and a general assortment of stationa ry just received Irom n. 1 ork and tor sale by College t. je:25. S. HUNTINGTON MORE NEW BOOKS, Just received at the Book Store, A New Home. Who 'ir follow. Young Ladici Companion. Countess Ida, Hayward's New England Gazetccr. Mitchell's Geographical Reader, a system ot Gcoeranhv. coinnruine a Drscriotion ot the World with the grand divisions, designed for in structions in scnoois and lammc. wonders or the Heavens. D. A. BltAMAN. CURE OF A SWELLING IN THE SIDE. The following letter has been forwarded tn Mr. Morison, President ofthe British College of Health, from his Agent for Dorset and Somerset, the truth of which is attested by the Rev. C. W. H. Evercd, Rector ofExton. "Crcwkerne, May 30th, 1839. "Sib I have much pleasure in forwarding to you, for publication, at the express wish of the undersigned, the following most extraordinary proof of the efficacy of your Medicines, in the cure of a case of Scrofula, which, undei the usual treatment being deemed incu rable, had defied all probability of ever being eradicated. "I beg leavo to observe that the writer, Henry Howe, is an entire stranr-cr to me. that ha h mi me this, his own statement, quito unsolicited, written and sinned by himself, and as it is attested bv the resi dent Clergyman of the village, I humbly presume that its authenticity cannot, and will not be doubted. I remain, sir, yours, ever faithfully Habbiit Beamham. Htnry Hovt't Staltmtnnt of hU oirn Case. I first had a swcllincr in mv side in the latter nnrt nf February. 1830. and aDDlied to Dr. Wclbank. of I.on. don, whose prescriptions I took for many weeks, and in the month of June following he lanced my side and thumb. I left London, July 1st, and came home to Orchard, when I drank, as I was ordered, sassafras, sarsaparilla, and root liquorice during a long time; after which I drank dandelion and dock roots several weeks. In August I removed to Halscombe, where I took medicines for six or seven weeks, which were prescribed to me bv Mr. Collins. In tho latter Dart of September I returned to Orchard, and finding my- and consulted Mr. Titticutt, who put a seton into my knee; this wasalittlcbcfore Christmas. After suffer ing along lime, I was pcrsusdedto try Mr Churchill's Medicines, and applied ins umtment to my wounds sixteen weeks. Finding no benefit, I applied to Dr. Chorley, and took his prescriptions. March 10th, 1331, came home to Halscombe, and was ordered to drink lime water, and apply fresh butter to my wounds. After trying this in vain, I consulted Dr. Baker, taking his prescriptions, and applying mercurial ointment to my wounds, with lotions and nerb poultices, to the swcllinos. Mv increased sufferines led me to apply again to Dr. Collins and Dr. Sully; I took their prescriptions ten weeks, applying poultices, Poor Man's Ericml, and caustic tn the wounds, but without any benefit. Afterwards Had recourse again to Dr. Green's Drops, with poulticcsandPoorMan'sFriend, but these and many other remedies, were all in vain. I despaired of ever finding relief from my sufferings, when at Christmas, 1632, Mobison's Universal Medicines were recommended to me, and I took them in doses from four to twenty-two pills each day after taking tnem atxmi tnrce weeka my pains were greatly abated, and I was enabled to turn in my bed and change from side to side, which I had not been able t j do during twenty months before, from the dreadful state of mv wounds. Bv continuing these Dills every day during twelve months, I was able to get up and ,thiiv ouvut mill hi, ninnies--a uicDBIIlg svillcn 11 was never expected 1 should enjoy I had tried every doctor within many miles, and it had cost me scores of pounds to no good purpose; tbcyall said no medi cine could do me any good. I do believe if I hsd known these Universal Medicines a year and a half before, I should never have been a cripple ; but I am thankful to God that I now know them, and that I have experienced such unexpected good from his iticuicincs, i am oouna in gratitude to nr. iuorison to make this as public as possible. It is well known that a person must not be afraid to take any number of these pills tho more they take, in such a case as mine, the more eood thev will do. They have not cost me JEB, during the time I have taken tnem. l am now witnout any pain, nave a good appetite, and sleep well, being in thcclijoyment of per fect health, and have been for the last eighteen months. All my wounds arc healed, but the scars can testify what I have suffered, these still remain, but I need neither crutch nor stick, and am able to work n my garden and at my various employments. I send this to Mrs. Beanham, General Agent for Som erset and Dorset, and request her to publish it for the good of the afflicted. Witness my hand, taigncaj ntsr ttOWE. Landlord ofthe Rock Inn, Exton. Somerset. Witnessed by the Rev. C. W. H. Evercd, Rector of Exton, and by James Y oi-no. April 24th, 1839." Bad lirtath DcuiPtrsviration.Volh these dis cover without disguise, the corrupt source from which they proceed, now lew pay attention to tnem or their coQseqnences, or have turned their thoughts to radically prevent tnem 1 Some odoriferous palliatives are the whole length that science has gone in thia re spect ; yet some weeks use nt tnc vegetable Univer sal .vicoicines wouiu remove ine cause. Countenance PetritHntss Had Humour. The countenance is tho dial-plate of our interior, and our being master ot it, tnc sure sign oi composure and serenity the most cn iable and desirable of all states. and may claim Divine extraction. With composure and serenity, iitegiidcs pleasantly. on, like unto a pure unobstructed stream. Intellect, imagination, compo sure, serenity, may be termed the fruit, the essence of me whole uoay. ii ay tnc management ot our bodies, we have not attained to and perfected these hish in tellectual faculties, wc have done but little. In them resides alljthe strength of man and of the world j they arc the true truit ot tnc tree ine truit or tins body, which wc have been nurturing and takins care of from infancy up; certainly, then, all physical assistance administered to the body which experience has taught us, and can be proved beyond a doubt to be instru mental in promoting and perfecting these high func tions of our intellectual pait or being, must bo accor ding to nature, and provided by her for that purpose! that such is the ease of the Vegetable Universal Medi cines, and their effectsjasting, no man who has tried mem win attempt to ueny or uispiuc. nc reason whv the world has never vet reaped the benefit from purging, expectoration, etc., which are all only modes of cleansing, is, that they have never been persevered in, auu in auuicieiu aueugui . jieupie nut Having lust ideasas to their true effects, they expected that some davs' use of either wassufficient. Haa not every ons of us, however, experienced, after a cold or stuffed head, the enormous quantity of matter that is blown out and spit, sometimes lasting for weeks and months; and do not we always experience the beneficial result of it. Nature, in such cases, from causes which we cannot investigate, has had the power to bring about this cleansing herself; and if she had not dono so, we may well imagine that the patient would have fallen a victim to such a mass of humors accumulating in the head. Thev did not consider the body a massim. brued with corrupt humours, and that consequently it must oe tne work oi time to rauicauy irec it oi inem. Do not they see by a cut or drain made in a field do not all the stagnan t juices from the back, remote parts of the field flow towards this drain; and mutt not the borders of tho drain be somewhat affected by their had quality, till they arc all run ofP! So it is with the wnole internal tube of the human body, to which it is the drain i and If it is kept in order, all the other functions regulate themselves, and the juices flow in their proper state. In vain, as to tho benefit of man kind, naa science made researches, and by anatomy pryed into our most inward parts; having once stray ed from the path of nature, like a man entering a for est, tho more they have advanced, tho more they have lounq tnemseivcs ucwuucrea onn lost, ana orssping at evfrv lliinp kbfv could lav hold of. Bv their invrn. tions they hate tortured man, and left mm more mis erable than they found him. Let chemistry and roan uai aexicrity airect tiiciiiocircH wwrnu, ineir proper field, where they can do no harm) butdo not attempt to improve human nature by them. 7iii Tha hair.ii the cieat ornament of the face. and comparable to the leaves ofthe trees; and like unto all other parts of us, its growth, strength, and duration denends on the health and proper state of the body I and it remains as yet very doubtful whether oils, greases, or any exterior applications can have any effect in.promoting its growth and beauty. But we know with certainty, that it grows luxuriantly ahon the bodv is in a proper health v state, and that it diminishes and actually falls off, when Ihe body is neglected ana iun oiuiKe nu mat corpulence is by no maansa preventive of it, but rather induce, it; whit, hovar , trhvuM not ba Vn cm, if wt ars to consider the hair as plants drawing their nourishment from nil n. I ...... IV . .1. I. fi i. . , 1 ... ..v. . w. ,w, ic iiair i, iiounsnca mu supported by its appropriate juices drawn from pure blood, like unto every other part of the animal frame) as the nails, forxamplc. I can, frotn experience in my own famuy inform my readers and fair country women, that some months' experience with the Veg etable Universal Medicine will cure and prevent all such mishaps, by improving the state ofthe skin and juices, where the hair has its roots, and is nourished. My daughter, at the age of sixteen, being at boarding school, and of a chronic, diseased, neglected stale of body, the hair all dropped off; the head was of course shaved, and a wig made use of for a long time. The hair grew again, but weakly, and continued in this "aJV,. w" ncnr twenty, and then it grew weak, and fell offrgam, and in places, for the siie of a crown piece, becsmc bare, without a hair upon them. She was, too, though full of flesh, in a very diseased, chronic state. Thiswcnton for a length of tims, she using the .many insignificant prescriptions in use, and not knowing at that time how to remedy it, or do bet ter. About this period, I myselfbcgan the use of the Vegetable Universal Medicine; andlicr state ofhealth had grown so bad with an attack of erysipelas, that she saw the necessity of doing something to alter her situation, and began with the same medicines, which have had such a beneficial effect, as lo restore her to perfect heal th in every respect. The hair of the head has re-appeared, and grows with great luxuriance ; and ihe ervsmclas. whirl, hud ov rnet linun,;n one leg, has been radically cured. If grief and afflic tion, as it is said, will turn the hairs grey, and that in a short time, why should not keeping the body and mind in a healthy, composed, serene state, produce the contrary, and prevent their falling off, and turning Buc'' i 1 Jlca!" "orllP'dIV as we often witness? and that the Vegetable Universal Medicines really produce this effect, 1 am convinced, from what has happened to my OWn 1 as mv hair hAMimnrnvorltn lliieLnpK, ttnrl colour within these four years. ri-.. ri f i ,. .. - , tunic jskcujc i ue proper application ot woras and their meaning, is the first step towards knowledge andacicncei without that you are only buffeting the air, or what the French call frit-infra mud dVnMcfani I'eau. One would understand bv orcanic disease such a want or defect in the part or organ, as to pre vent it ever acting right ; as in the wheel of a machine, a part broken off, or so twisted or otherwise deranged, as never to be remedied. Such seems to be the mean ing attached to organic disease, and any cure thereof is regarded as hopeless. But has the world ever re flected, that if ever this individual, or any organized being, had this organ in a proper state at or since his birth, any morbid statcor disease happening to it af- Kinuiuniauui; unillU IU tUC grBUUSI UlCreaSC Ol Qll humour settling upon this orcan. and thus altering and preventing its proper action. All disease, and finally death, may in like manner, and with equal propriety be called organic disease ; for in all, some organ is first altered and injured, and finally destroyed, which causes uea in. in aeute Disease t,wnicn arises soieiy from neglect and want of precaution to purge the body occasionally by the Vegetable Universsf Medicine) this rapidly takes place. In chronic disease it pro ceeds by slow degrees and imperceptibly, but the cause is the same in both, and tending to the same result the destruction in one way or other of some orgsn. The term organic disease should only apply to defects taken place at or previous to birth. Do not we sec in cuts, sores, wounds, that nature (that is the pure blood in man and all animals) has the power of regenerating and forming afresh that which is real ly wanting, torn and broken even in bones themselves, and. in astillgrcatcr degree that of cleansing and re storing to its proper action an organ wliicn we have only allowed to become dirty I What has dissection profittcd lo mankind 7 its processes may be termed a system of cruelty lo man and beast, making experi ments to prolong life after depriving them of some in ternal organ, the spleen, the kidneys, and thus en couraging making incisions into the abdomen of the human body. Read the medical reports in theirhap sodies. One would think the human mind had deliv ered itself up bound hand and foot, to ignorance and infatuation. Countrymen, fellow-citizens, read these reports of what takea place in our hospitals, and open your eyes after treating a patient and drugging him for several months, trvirm onatliinimnd then nniliir the patient dies, his body is opened, and what is found thst which every man but a doctor, with half nis senses, Knows iieiore-hann must Delound; namely, a ...a n ... i.umwuiB Ul 1 AI 1UU B Kl IIUO, WUJIUIallCU UlUUUi etc. which have first obstructed, and finally destroyed some organ cuncr oi tnc head or trunk and U they do not alter their theory and treatment, they will go on from now maternity, as they have been doing, with out benefitting mankind, but injuring them: and all this is covered with the appearance of science and knowledge to the surrounding multitude, who aland aghast and amazed at the piodigics of their art, and of ine miseries mat tney uicmseives arc tnrcatencd with. All this misery and suffering would have been easily and modestly prevented and cured in some weeks by the Vegetable Universal Medicinss. Let nature work. and when assisted by them, she has the power of tiiorougniy cleansing ano regenerating too, mat which is wanting, they will do that which no other power on earth can do. Advantage! attending the Ute of the Vigttahle Uni tersal Mtdieinet. 1st Sound sleep, if it be already wanting. 2nd Regular appetite and enjoyment of meals. 3rd Cheerfulness, contentment. 4th Agility, free use of body and limbs. 5th Prevents melancholly and suicide. 6th Prevents sudden death, angina pectoris, apo plexy. 7th Causes no restraint : eat and drink what ynd please. Eth Invigorates the mind and fancy. 9th Fifty per cent, pecuniary saving throughout me year, ltiih Comfortable old ace. 11th Corrects all bodily deformities, and improves deportment. 12th Conviction, which you soon feel that you are doing the best that can be done for your health. Diiadtantaget attending the Ute of the Vegetable Unlrertal Mcdicinu. A minute's renurrnance at bed-time on swallowing iromiour to niteen amau puis: tms repugnance 01 mimsiics as you become better, and your ncaun im nraves. llieur.iuiiM. Aiorison t mis, wnicn arc curing more sick dcodIc than any other medicine and which continue more and more to be called for, whilst many other medicines retire to just obscurity, can be obtained in tms town, urw.v 01 1'anodobn a- ubinshaip, .-siate Aocnts. Every packet and box sold in the state Is putup with Pink labels and signed on ihe outside, "Pangborn and Brinsmsid," if not so SIGNED do not buy them. The call for this invaluable purifier ofthe Blood and renovator of the whole system, continues to increase daily and is more valued the more it is known, nooks and Pamnhlets exDlainmc the Morisonian theory of disease and its cure, can Pe nad ot an tne Agents. . uw. l Aiuun, iiygeist, 94 Brosdway New York, soleU. S. Agent, for the Brit ishCollece of Health. London. Wchavc the Bonks to sell or lend as persons may wisn. rAnumJiiM HKlNSjlAUJ. DOCT. MARSIIAIjIa'S Aromatic, Catarrh and Headache SNUFF. This SnulTii superior to any thint' vet known, for removing lhat troublesome dis ease, the Catarrh, and also a cold in the Lead, and the headaches It opens and purges out all obstructions, strengthens the rlands,and gives a healthy action to ihe parts alTecied. It is perfectly tree from any thing dele terious in its composition nss a pleasnnt flavor, and its immediate ell'eci, after being used, is abgreeabfc ITiceBT cents per rotttc. Doct. Marshall's Vegotal.lclndianBlaclc PLASTER, This Plaster Is unrivalled for curing scrofulous swt I ngs, Scurvy Sore. Lame Back, and Fresh Wounds ains In the sides, Hips and Limbs and seldom fails lo na give relief In local Rheumatisms. If applied to the sidc,it will euro many of the common Liver Complaints; and is equal, if not superior, to any thing in use for corns on the feet , Ihe virtues of this Plaster have leen witnessed by thousands of individuals in tbe United Slates, who ha vo tested its eflicacy. Sold by the pro prietor ; Chat. Bowcn, Middlebiiry, Vt., and Tnto. A Peck & Co., Burlington, Vt. Jl LOOK AT THIS. HAVE YCUA COUGH T 10,000 did or CNNiUMrTlow etcry year in the United States, and millions suiter feom troublesome cough, andtolds, that can la curud by Dr. M. Hitch cockVVegetahle Virgin Cream Cough. Drops, safe medical prescription, containg no poisonous drugs, and used in an extensive practice for several years will most positively all'onl relief, and save you from thai awful diseaeeypiilmonary consumption, which usually sweeeps intothe grave hunnreds efthe young, the o'd, ihe lair, the lovely and the gay. Have you a cough J lie persuaded lo purchase a bottle ol the Cough Drops lo-day! To-morrow may le too late. Have you a cought Dr. HilcrOTk' Vegetable Virgin CrcnmCoufb Crops is the only remedy you should take to cure you. For Ihisplaig reason. That in nooneoftbelhausand cases where it has leen used haa It failed to relieve Price 75ccnls per bottle. For sale, wholerale and Re tail, by A. HITCHCOCK ot CO. No. J17,Cene)ee X. r a ..I 1... it.ui. ..i.,. ihrnnt-tinitt lti S, Ulll-a, iS. I . AIIU "J, M'f" "S-""'l- United States. In Burlington, by J. & J. H. Peck 4, Co., Theo. A. Peck 4. Co. In Vergennea, by J. H. Rnarman. in Bumst oV Hawver. lAucor- a. bf Lore-nO Jmm ' . ICP1MPORTANT CAWION,Cj .k . , m,KUIr,'ac' ndone much toTe regretted trial valuable medicines, as toon aa Ihcy lcome pop ular, and hate received the test and approval of a tiiieriminaiingpiiblic.arcsiireto be counterfeited, and thus a bad and spurious article is immediately palmed upon t he unsuspecting for the genuine. This has been no onoiisly the case with all popular tried and truly valuable mcdicnes for years past, and will probably contiiiuelole ihe ci for) cars to come. The base and contemptible counterfeit in this way meanly takes advantage ol all the efforts and adver tising used by the proprietors ofthe genuine article, togetthcir medicines inlouse and deserved popluari ly. It is therefore not less tbeduly than it contributes to the safety of every honest individual in thc-rom-' n-nri V ,; ,1,. . J.!i. ' "j auo lorever alter DIS TRULT all HEARTLESS INGKATESwho thus irrc epuMMniyi inue wun neaiih and life. Ikriiiaitrjijiui TAKE NOTICEr3l 1 There is a nersnn l,v it, nam ri n TJniifp. nnTln' ' , J . . , " lJ' iivuiii.. r OKT. now emraaol mic no Pill d,in., in nr,-. viStsi?,' t"?,?.' ,lnll,"" f Ihe genuine INDIAN VEGETABLE PILLS, with the omission of only one word on the Boxes vix. Wricut. The Pill, soldbv this Rochefort are evidently intended as a fraud ami imposition upon the community, or they would not have been done up in such exact imitation ofthe gen uine. This person is tall blustering with a great the atrical swagper. He was recently known as a very poor player in Baltimore, under the musical cognomen of Jim Brown, and is about twenty five years of age It i almost beyond a doubt that he is supplied with thePills Irom a Druggist firm in this city, who have heretofore been notoriously connected with counter feit medicines. As soon as proof is obtained, the foun tain head of ihis nefarious business will be exposed, that the community may shun them as they would a serpent. IN THE MEAN TIME TUB PUBLIC ARE CAU TION En against buying WRIGHTS Indian Vegetable Pills of any one who does not exhibit a cerliticateof agen cy signed by the agent for the New England States and bearing date since January 1840. Also tale par ticular notice that the following wording is on the box es Wright's Indian Vegetable Pi:U (fnd. Purgative) oi tne ixonn American College of Health. The Indian Veritable Pitt, ,r. . r.n.ln tn. disease in it, every variety of form, because ihry tho roughly cleanse lite stomach and bowels, induce pro per discharge by ilia lungs, skin and kidney, and sti mulate Ihe blood 10 purify itself. In oilier woiiU ibey open all die natural drains, and leave mature ((Ac i,jf,tuM, i,cc io untc uisease irom lite body. The above ouileis. or drains, are ilia ewer, of the bodr, through Hhicli all morbijand cor rupt humor, (the cause of disease) are carried off; and ,o long as they are all kepi open, and discharge freely iiiRi, titiuiieu poriioni oi inipiiriiy, ine uody will win 'inue inbealth : but when from eating inipfoprr lood, breathing impure air, sudden transitions from heat lo cold, over exhaustion or any oilier rpuis, th, bonels become costive, the pores ol Ihe skin brcninr closrd, or ihekiilne), fuil tn perfurra I lie is funciiun, prnpeily, tlio impurities which should be drainrd lioin ihe body by these outlets, ill be retained, and continue lo ac cumulate until the body becomes lilrially loaded with disaae. If ilia channels of our mishlv rivers should become blocked up, wunld not the accwmiilHipd wains find new ouilrts, nr the country become inundated Just so wills ihe human body : if ihe natural drama be come closed, ihe stagnant and corrupt liumnr, will find veni in me various loims ol disease such as refer, Small Pox, .Measles, Rheumatism, Goul, Apoplexy, &c. or Death will tud our sufferings. Therefore, when sickness ai the sinmach. nains in ihe bark and side, quick pulse, burning skin, or any other unplea sant symptoms, indicate ilial one nr more of ihe na. lural drains are nol discharging fieely, and the consti tution ia ahum to commence a snuggle (or the restora tion of health, no time should lie lost in adininiiiering a fear brisk iloiei nf ihe Indian Purgallf, Indian Vt gtlablt Pillt.) By so doing, all the luneiioni of the uuiiy win ue restored to order, mil Ihe ronl humors (ihe cause of every inAamation or pain we suffer) will be removed in so easy and naiurnl a manner, Ilial ihe hmlywillbe restored as if hy cliarm. The above Pills may be taken ai ALL limes and under ALL cir cumstances, with lierfect safely. Thev suit alt ram paimsand all ages, and are In lb, human constitution as lood: consequently ihe can nsncr injur, even the moil delimit. Like our food, they ara digeslibls; therefore Ihry enter into the circulation and imparl an enrrev lo Ihe blood, which enable, ii lo flow wuli free. doin qtiils to (lis exlremitie, and consequently lo keep Ihe pores ofihe skin open. They are Hue and perfect purifiers nf il,e blood: because ihey drain all corrupt humors fiom that life fifing fluid, l'hey imparl strength and vigor lo ihe whale system, and their' ef fects arealways beneficial t because ihcy only remove I hose humors which are opposed lo health, l'hey aid and improve digestion, and sound sleep follow, their use: because ihey cleansr the tiomach and bowels ol those slimy humours which mil nnly irritate and excite i ue nervous system, unt paralyse andwesKrn the di. gestite organs. In short ihey posses, all they good prnjierlies lhat can be claimed for any medicine ; and what his very remarkable, it is utterly impossible lo use them without benefit. Price 25 cents DCr Box. with full diraciionv. and General Depot for the New England States. No. lnaT..mnn,c,-, I' . . r . . .iu ,,i.iiuiituiim,uuii wui i airvi I, UU3IUH. The rczularannointed Acents can recetve their sun- plies ofthe above popular Pills, as heretofore, from the only office and ecneral depot for the New Ensland State.',' ISSTremont street, Boston. Pedlars or trav elling agents arc not allowedtoscllthegenuineindian vegctarjie fills, inerciore never pitrcnate Irom them, for ff you do you will be sure to obtain a dangerous and counterfeit article. ,11 Tur.o. A. Peck & Co, Agents in Burlington, for the sale ofthe Indian Vegetable Pills, also, W. H. Iiollet, Williston, Vt. and A. Brinsmhid, Burlington. DISEASES OF THE I.UNGS.Deeidedly Ihe most popular remedy ever known in America Vegetable Pulmonary Daltam Is Ihe most vahubla remedy now in useful coughs, colds, asthma or iihihi.u-. consumption, whooping cougil and pulmonary affertious ofetery kind, lis sale i, dradily increasing, and the proprieior, are rnnsiantlv receiving die mod fatnrable account m itirrteeis. ine loiiowmg new certificates ate ofTered for pubbc examination. An Iktxriitiko Cast. Exirset ofa letter from Mr t; 8 Clay, Kingston, Ulster Co., N. Y. lo the proprietors. "Yours of the 9ih insi. was duly tee'd A remarkable cure tvus rffecird by the VrgataMe I'ul. msnary Balsam in I he winter and spring of 1835. The person, Mr. Moody, had been airk a long i hue with ihe consumption. Ilia physicists had gnen him up He w aa i educed so tow a, lo be unable lo help hini.elf, and was raising a large rjnaniiiv of blood when be commenced using the Balsam, whirh lias effected a complete curt, and he is now as hale and hearty as eter he was. Mr. Moody lias re moved from ibis iowb, but he h i, premised ine a more ileiailad .lecouni of hi, case, which I will forward tou. C. 6. CLAY. Kingston, N. Y. June 23. 1838. . Extract ofa teller from Dr. Jacob Mjers. The Vegetable Pulmonary Balsam lis, been sold in l his county for Iwo years, and ihe medicine ha, gained an unrummnti celebrity, for it scarcely In noe instance failed of having Ihe desired efleci. I am by no mean, in favor of ihe many nostrums, most ol which are im positions upon a credulous public, but thai which I know by use lo be effectual, I cannot help bin give my approbnion thereto. A counlerfeii preparation has (wen offered here by a (ravelling Agent, nfComatock, N. Y. and ther is another article vended hete ihai is strongly eusixcied lo besnuriuus. Jacob Mvani. M, D. MifHiiiglon, Juniata eo, P,nn. May , 1837. Fiom Dr. Samuel Motrell, to ihe I'ropiietois of the Vete table Pulmonary Balsam. I am satisfied that the Ve getable Putmonasry Balsam i, a valuable mrdfeine ll has been sard in ihi, place) wilh complete success in an obstinate coinpUiul ol ihe king,, attended with n severe cough, loss of voire, and ihe raising of inorh blood, which had previously resisted many approved prescriptions. Alter using ilia Balsam one wrrk, the patient's voice rammed and he was able lo speak audi, bly. I'hisicasa occurred some time since, and ihe man is now engaged nol oaly in active bin lahnriou, business.- Respectfully, he. 8. Morrill. Ii i, now morn ihau six year, since I wa, brought very low by an affection of tho lungs, and mv coasplaial was declared to be incurable by a council of three phy. ieiau,. I was Irxn raslored lo as goo I health as I bad enjoyed for many jeers, by using ihe Vegetable Pul monary Balsam. Since my recovery I have' iccorn mended ihe Balsam in a g real many eases of !ag complaint,, and so far as I can learn, its use ha, in variably been followed by inurh benefit, anil In man) Instance, it ha, effected cure, which were wholly unex pected. 'Samuel Evkrbtt, Bosion, March J, 1837. For sale, wholesale and retail, bv J. J, PECK It Cu., and THEO. A. PECK k Co., Bur lingion, Vi, ABLEbSINO to Mothers. American Soothing Syrup for children cutting tfeth.v The limely use of Ihis ankle will save children much pain, often a Fever and the painful operation of lancing the Gum, price rediiood to 371 cts. Godfrey's Cordial an e.e-l. lent article lor th nursey IS) cus both those snide scn siwi ariwy oicra. rAKCac ct nmmuw I YMAN A nni.u. i. -i extensive assortment or fall and winter goods omnrisingagreat variety of figured saxony, double and single width. Printed Crape Merino, Mouicline t'fu Figured Alrpine, figured and plain English Merinos, Gro de Naples and Frencb.rJo Worsted tamlctcca.. Alpacta Cloth, Thibet Merino, &c. beautiful articles for ladie cloaks. Erminclte Salisbury Flannel, figured Circassians &c. Goats Hair and imitation Camlets, Brochella, Per.-ian cloth S't . f!ra.Ly dD"'Llc, smil,ud VI?01 Uwver and Pi Ot Cot hi. K let, 1) fllnnn,! n... I'l. L - - - - uimvr s-iuiii, n new or- ........ ,v,, a large number ot heavy worsted shawN, a fw Lupins I est Merino and -"""6i iiiiio uu raicnnoro, uo. Klv,S.5.Mou9c,lne,leL'ne andChcncal .T 7n7"T',wrrie copies ana o her iSiik. rich fifrtirivfn Hi no. Mr n.f..n ..j .i t.- Gloves and n.aierv. ' v'""" . DOMESTIC GOODS. Cotton shoeing, shirting, TAafrnt????idiSi,on '" sr'or Iri'h Linen 1AILOKS 'IRIMINGS.-Sewuig Silk, Twi-t and Thread, Padding, Canvass, Sclecias, col'd Jeans, Brown and Black Linen, Plaid Worsted Facing, Worsi j . T ' 1 uy-i 0"K umuing, silk uords, Wors ted llindinir &C. &c. VESTING -Woolen Velt-et, Silk Velvet, Valenlia, Sll If Safin tvrv SIIL- Vnlin ",.. . ' ! .wo.j,,. lur sjunurens wear. NATURE'S GRAND RESTOHA'1 1 VE. This r i71 . vgelble Medicine stands unrivalled .r lueiuuuwing compiamts, vixs Dyspepsia, or Indi gestion, diseased Liver. hili'nii.HinUr. li,... ,.,u. ma, Costiveness, Worms and loss of Appetite, and by cleansing the stomach and bowels, cures pains in the side, stomach and breast, cold, and coughs of long standing, Hoarseness, shortness of breath, Nervous complaints, etc., which arefrconcnlly the ctlect of dis. ease, ror fever and Ague, it is a most valuable pre- ,tu. oiivc wen as a sovereign remedy. It, virincs Mtrpasj any thing heretofore known in removing St. Vitus' Dance two bnitlel,v t i ... thisaultctingdiseaie, after having ba filed every exer tion lor four years, it has a most powerful influence in removing nervous complaints, it is pleasant to take and o easy m its operation, that it may be administered to the infant with safety. The above Medicine is very highly recommended bv many scientific gentlemen, and a large nttmlcr of ladies, who havo proved ihe virtue, of the Medicine by personal use and lhat of iheir families. A bi ofccnlfiea ten aepniniianiea a,.l. lu,L wilh directions. It may l.e hail wholesale) or retail of o. urnaui, uarre, anu j, u, rarnam, tast Vs illintns town, i. sole proprietors. Prepared from tho origin al recipe ; for sale by E. H. Prentis, Montpelicr, and J. & J. II. Pick 4. Co, and Tuxo. A. Peck Co,, Bur lington, and in the principal towns in the state; all direction, signed in the hand writing ofthe proprietor. J19 HEPATIC ELIXIR, A CELEBRATED remedy for complaints arising from a diseased slate ofthe LI V Kit a O.l ltl SsiV-r,'- tions ; the following are a few of its symptom--, .;...Mu,, iiiuic.-uun, iuss oi appeutc lowness of Spirits and Headache; it will be found a sure remedy for ErtiDtion on ihe Faec In rptenee of tneir Icing many nostrums circulating in mis pan ui tuceuuniry, tnuMins-crttX'r.s arc authorized to warrant its beneficial eXects. This article I, just received, and oTcrcd to the public as one well worih the attention of those who arc afflicted by complaints from the above disease; it being from an eminent physician we feel confident in thus recommending it. Oct. 6.1840. THEO. A. PECK & Co.. Sign ofthe Mortar, one door east ofJ &J II Peck & Co w OHMS. WOttMS.-Dn. M. HitchcocxV unrivalleil and itneoitallcd WORM TEA. a sovereigu remedy for Worms. Sirange and incredi ble are the erects of the.-e deteMabio vermin ; few persons, and n is thought none arc free from them, nar ticularly females and children. Many persons go through a distressing course of medicine without a lieneht, when they might be relieved by using the worm lea. i nis mvaiuaoie medicine nas tasjn tested bv ihe experience of more than ten vears use. and administered to more than 16,000 persons of various ages, and not one solitary complaint; on the contrary hundreds have called, and unsolicited, civen tbeir de cided preference to it. after tryiug tbe di'l'ercnt articles sent loria to tne puuir, and pronounced lr. M. Hitch cock's Worm Tea Ihe most safe, eueciual. and con venient remedy that can be obtained ; for in no one of me inousanu 01 instances wtiere it nas leen used agreeable to the printed directions ha, it ever tailed, N.B. Ask for Dr. M. Hitchcock's Worm Tea, as there are many nostrums airoau lor thcde-tructionof worms For sale wholesale and retail by A. HITCHCOCK i CO.. sole proprietors, 1 17 Genc-ce street, Uticn, and nyineir agents inrouKiioiutne union, in uuriington, by J. 4 J. H. Peck &. Co., and Theo. A. Peck it Co., In Vereennes. by J. H. Bowman. In Milton, bv Burnet tt Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lorenzo Janes. aui TNtiUIItb ASK THOSE WHO KNOW. I hose onlv who know bv trial oi immediate obser vaiiun, nan form any idea of ihe rfleci,, of die nfrfeel relief, ofthe almosi charm. like cures effected in cases of ihe I'lLis, Rheumatism, all SvrxLLiscs, and all ex'ernal Paiks, no matter buw seteie, by the use si llajs" Lininienl. r mil one who lias used II thai n ill not laud it above all things ever used, and )on will lind what cmiini be found. C7l'or ihe reliefol suffer, ing human beings who mat be afilicied, I beg tun lo ask ask of ihosa who know ask i he Hon, ALrnxu Cokxli,U. fj. Judge for ihai district, residing near Auburn, ask Matthew J. Mtirs, Esq. Athens, is. s us urn, vurr urih, Mie Ol " asiilligion ritv. each of these xeuilcinen know ofcases unconuner. able by all oilier reined ee or physicians, lliongh tried formally vears, ilial hate been cured by ihe use ofthe gjnuine ay's Liniment. Th uisands of other persons Know similar cure,, we appeal lo llieir sense ut jus. tire iheir human fueling. Icyil is lint a duty yon owe lo your suffering fellow-beings lo lei this great remedy lie known. Siieakof ii then lo all tour fneads Thie will save much pain where the newspaper, are not read, or where trader, ara incredulous, becnuseso many worthless article, are advertised lor Ihe same puriosp. To buyers we say, if all who have used it do not say it is beyond all praise, iheu do nol lake ii, I'll pioprieior will not allow this article lo be paid for unless H ratres,when all ihe direction, are fully follow ed. WilvlHk on, siilferingvefuse now lo try it ? I flu does, be ought m he piiird mote for his obsiiuary than his suffering. ICTMIr. Han would tieter ronsent in offer this aiiiele, were he nol compelled by bis senseof moral ol religious ilnly to do all in Ins power lorihe victims of distress and misery. Fur ihi, purpose he would sooner davoie a funane. lhan serine a dollar for say worthless article. JLOOK OUT.- Some swindlers have counterfeited llo, article, 'and put It up with various devices. Do nol be imposed upon. One lliing only will protecl yon it I, I lie name of Comsfoi'Jt 4 Co ; lhat naaie must b alway, on ihe wrapper, or you ore rlsMird. Do uol forget It. Take litis iliree. lion with ton, and lesi by that, or never but ; for it is impossiuic lur any Diucr lu u line nr (trnuinr. 80LOIIUN HAYS. Sold be Con$toek Ir Co. ? Fletcher stiesi, N. Yoik THEO. A. PECK & Co. Wholesale Agrnis for ihe isiaie ol Veruioni. mo THE BALI)IIKAI)I'. DiV OTIIEHS X Does any know a neighbor or a friend who has ben Bald, and whose head is now covered wilh fine hair One whose coal collar was rotereil wilh dan drnff. ihouih brushed everv hour which has now tan ished entire) 1 Or one whose hairs al early age were tuning grey, who now has nol a grey hair? Children whose heads were coteted wilh scurf, whose hair would nol grow, lhat are now growing the fullest Clops nf hair ! Some cases must be known lo most person i. Ask ihem the cause, and ).ou will be Inld that these ihings bass hern done hy the use ofihe Ilnln of Co lumbia, Of 20 years growth is this article, iis demand increasinc annually some hundred per cent, though when discovered nol opposed by an)ihing for I lie same purpose, now assailed by almost numberless imishroon Irani pieparatinnslhal will nun me Hair II u.eil in any extent. Can more lhan ihesr facta be wanted reler to ihe recommendations bra list of name, of resneeta bility, unequalled by any other article. Look lo these thing! buy ihis article. Slay and preserve jour hair by it, use, or if bald restore ll. Ladies, allend lo this huudred, in fashionable life are using ii as ihe only article really fit for lite toilei. Long hair i, teiy 'api lo fall out. Ladies, use the Balm of Coluinbi.i in time to save yoorse'tes the disgrace ol baldnet, by neglect of your person,. Ills tour duly, as moialisis lo .ire- serve I lie beauties of nature, with which a bountiful Creator has endowed you use Ihe Balin,for ll will do il. CAUTION TO BE REMEMBERED. Several most Dagrani nlienipi, have been made lo DiiHirileit ihe live Halm of Culuniliia. Horns ofihe a iinsler hate gone so lar as to counterfeit lbs eplen III wrapper, and ihe Fulls of Niarara. and neiv ex tinal maik except the name of Conmock, whlrh ihey Sara not forge. To avoid iiaiiosiiinns tlierrlvre, at way, look for ihe nnms of Coinslork k Co, or I.. S, Comsiock, nnd never bay the article unles, ll has thai oaeM upon ll Sold wbolesalt sod rrinil, only al No, S Fletcher siiscr, N. Y. THEO. A. PECK ct Co. Wholesal, Agent, for Ik Hiiio of Vermont. le AMERICAN ALMANACS for 1941. for sal al Bi i7TnMi D' n. PIIINNEY'S FAMILY Pli.LS.Ior remo ving svtnntoms of irri'ation an-inir fnul stomach and bowels ', such as loss of appetite, or morbid cravings lor foul, siiknc; or remitting, puuis ,ir un unea-y tcnsaiiou at ine pn ot stomal h, with sourness, nndaco-tive Mateof thcboucl-, Caiu lence with fulness ol these parts, and pain on pressure, with famines,, jaundice, uycnlary, puma in cither side, nnd pijcs. AfUjctions of the bead, dizzitics.-, stti, por, weakness, depression of spirit;, hysteria, hypo, chondria', and often tlMurlcd sleep, sick head acliu bu.viii,huii .Yin, lec-iiK, ueneuiu persuns, especially female,, dlarrhica, or looseness of the bowels, and dy ternary, diseases of the skin, and worms so fieriient with children, nllbi'ti'ons ofthe thc-t, such as ioueli, or diflicully of breathing, occasioned very freqcehily by a disordered stale of the stomach. Monthly allot. lions of females, when checked Lv general debility with loss ofappctiic, attended with cold feet, etc., nguo nnd fetcr, intlurnza, rheumatic allixlions of the joint', scrofula, ticdolorottx, orpninltil nfiiictions of ihe nerves of tb face, neck and shoulder?. I have found them uclul in removing chronin catarrh, ir pcrtevoreJ in for some time, in smaller doses. They ore accommo dated to all aire-', (children of u year old may sttfi'ly ii!uineiii,jaim io any ciintatf, aim iinucr an circum stances. Iliev contain iui Inerpnre nnr iilltfr inmernl. They are purely vcgc:aUe. Dose Two lolour may ie ai a time, and repeated every oilier night, until the tong'iu ! clean, nnd tha dischargu from tho bow clr, instead of Lumg light colored or dark and of fensive, Iccomes free and full and healthy, with a-re-lurn of appetite. CERTIFICATES The undersigned lias had tbe pleasure ol an acauaintaTue with Dr & Phinjicv fw some years past, during his residence in this vtllngi, where ho has attained a high character as a physician lie has had an opportunity also in repeated instaucci. oltestingthe valued the "Family Pills," andfrom his own exiicriencc of their etlicacy, as well as from a knowledge of their goode:Icctsin other lasc.-i, ho has no he-itation in recommending thcin to Lo jnt what they profess to be, a very valuable Family Medicine. 1 11U.UAS .11, Mil l II, Pastor ofthe Presbyterian church, Catsktll N.Y, I feel it to le a privilcse and duty to say. that to tho extent of my observation and experience, which is very considerable d iring several years, the utility of the article boih for Dyspepsy atiila-n mostcilicacious Family Medicine, exceeded my nnlictnattcn?. More than thirty years! havo not enjoyed health, but tuncrcd much from slck hcad-achc, nnd from billious aflections. I have had the advice of many respectable physicians, but never found any c.Iectual relief from my complaints until a trial of Ur Phinney's Pills bad been made. Samuel CitcnciiiLL. Harmonsbitrg. Crawford Co., Pa., July, I83S. CatsWIJ, Greene Co., N". Y., April, 1S25. To all whom it may concern : This ccrnfics that f)r S. Phioncy is a Physician of thu first standing in this .illutrr. l,..m- pnvi.,.l hi. m.vl:..l .1 . Z. - (JS-, ..t...,.n .Vl.l.bu 1, , ...V.IVUl Ul-ltS- Ul S-Mllll- bridsc University, and is entitled to ihe hi!hist ren-t from the public. liev. uaviu i-ortcr, v. itev. Joseph rrenli, A. M.j Thomas B. Cool.e, President of CaisUU Uatik ; Hey. Thomas M Smith; Jacob Haights UobertDor Ion, Counsellor ; John Adams, do; M. Watson, do. Ifthesu nill.s do not irive satisfaction altera fur trial they may Le returned, and thu money will be refudded. Agent" arc hereby authorized to do so. Accnt. R. Mnmly, Burlington ; l..Janc-, Georgia; T. W Smith, St. All an ; C. L. Lralc, We-t Milton and at most of tnc stores in tlie state. o30.3tn LOTION. LOTION. DR. EVANS BEAFTI FYING LOTION. Highly esteemed for curing all Eruptions Coarseness, Redness and Pimples on the Face Neck or hands, and c.Teottially clenninir the complexion, and removing all discuses ofthe sk'm Nothing communes eo much to our general success in lite, as an cngaring first appearance. This Lotion is admired a mo-t fragrant, mild, safe wash and great ly esteemed fonts virtues in demising, softPtiins, and purifying the skin of all eruption', so injurious to fe male 1 eauty, and restoring it to a high degree ol pu rity. A le.vitiful complexion is tho pride of all who possess it, and thcenvy nfthoevho are deprived of ir. What is so nllectingto a beautiful fcniale,in w hose face nature bass displayed herpower,aslo find her complex ion discoloured with disgusting pimple?, which mar herchatnis: A good appearinee is iho best recom mendation ; and as the Beautifying Lotion purifies the, and removes all Pimple-,'Hlotche-,Tnii, S inburn and Redness, and produces a teautifnl hue, it is the only co'inetiu a lady should tto at her toilet. Gentlemen will all also find ihis a dclightfjl remedy, to remove all Reughncis, Pimples, Ruigwctiii--, Spots, Redness, Soreness of the face and nose, nnd every kind of erup tion on the surface cf the human tody. It is particu larly recommended to gentlemen to Its used nl'icr sha ving, n? it will prevent the otherwise certain elect ol all common soap, in turning the reard preiuature'y grey. For sale Whc'cole a Dd retail Lv A. HITCH. t.'OUK & Co., No. 1 7Gene-ee street, I'tiea. In Uur iington, by J. & J. II. Peck & Co., and Thco. A. Peck &Co. In Vergenncs, by J. II, Bowman. In Milton, by Burnett ct Sawjcr. In Georgia, by Lrenzo Janes au? 20" HAIlt ! IIAIIl ! I IIAIiOMMS. Impor tant DIscovcrv--tlic Orcat Mystery found out at last DR. STERRY'S HAIR REGENE RATOR. Dr. Stcrry, after much nticntion to the important subject ol preserving the hair, has, after many experiments chemical nnd physical been ablo to discover nnd article which is now offered with tho greatest confidence for the toilet as the best thine ever iscovercd, for, for its softening and penetrating quat'ty to produce a geod head of hair to prevent it Irom falling ofT when baldncfs is apprehended to restate it when baldness nas liken place, and to preveni it from turning gray. It ii is more nourishing than. po matum, antique oil, or Cologne water. It is a beauti ful article for ladies curls it makes the hair soft, and lively, and produces uncommon brilliancy. Thous ands have tested its superior virtues nnd excellence, and in every instance it stands unrivalled. It is nn infallible cure in all aflections of the sMn on the head nsdandruli; &c. Ac. Every family should be sup plied with a bottle of this oil, that by its application to the head and hair of children, tlio beautiful end or namental appendage ofa fine head of haie, which na turo has supplied us may bo preserved. From the numerous certificates a no recommendations received of its salutary influence, the Doctor feds firmly per suaded he has succeeded in producing an article which will meet the desired wishes and approbation of tho dublic. For sale wholesale nnd retail by A. HITCH COCK Co. 117 Gencsiest. Utica, N. Y. In llur limrton, by J. &. J. II. PECK & Co. and THEO. A PECK A. Co. Bowman. In Milton, by Burnet st .Sawyer. In Georgia, by Loren zo Janes rilHK LION OF THE DAY. NO CI'IIK NO J. PAY! The Ociiiilne old IJiilch or Ger man Vegetable I'iH. Hichlv recommended ly Poet Valentine. .Molt, M. D. of .N. Y., and Others. Thi-e are llio orders ! Any onu lhat does not lind re lief from thce pills the price is rcf.imltJ lack, ihco are the po-nivc orders ofihe Proprietor tn npcnt.s and others. In uTenng these pill" lo thcpuLltc, 1 appeal to their intelligence, if there pills are not what ihey reefiinmended, you are in tluly Lo'ind out of respect to yourself and community to rc.eet them, nnd pnblish them to tho world as an imposition, humbug and quackery. Thcpullic mny 1 e assured ihey are purely vesctablc, they are eonipii'-ed of nine iiicfedtnts, part ol tbe medicine is onlv found m A-ia nnd in the val leys of Germany. For convenience the-e extracts arc made into pills nnd will lu found a sure cure or re lief lor all billious complaints, yellow and billions fctcr, lever nnd acre, jaundice, scarlet rash, 1 illioii, cbolic dispqisia, eVc. It is not pretended this medicine is u cure for all di-casfs to which lliu him. an system is liable. Ten thou-and usilesi. cil'orls hato I een nude lu draw from tho regions ot link noun fancy some long-spun theory of nuaio an, which would euie each nnd every disca-e. Gorsl tmsl.einc U not found in the lirei.r whirlwind. Health and happinesH hang upon chance wuiJ. tunc is il.c herald if truth. The past at leu-i u stvjirc; they have already ratscsj a moniitnent ut tbeir gre.iliu-s which wi.l defy il.e corroding toolh of tuee, NcsBecanheGcniiiiiownlioiit a wrapper and directions on each Lox on which., my nainu is written at length. Sold wholesale nnd retail by the Mibsertl er at Glen'. Falls, 1 y A . U. A D. Sand 79, and 100 Fulton st. and I!. SI. Sleie-, 3SS South Maiket st. Albany. Baum co Hnw!cv,3 inn tt. Troy, General Agents fa GRIFI'IN. For sale by Wm. Rhodes and I'. B. Green, Rich mond i .Morion it Clark, and 1). & V. S. Lathrop, Williston I HaqarsV Comsiock, Shelf urn i II. Stanton, Essex t Gee. II. Gale-, and Allen Harm v, Jericho; J. R. Hiirlbut, Weslford i J. H. Barnes, l'harloltu R Slomly nnd tleo. Peiersou, Hiirlingtcii ; and by r. IIRIGGS, Burlington, Agent for Clntlcm en ( o.,whero Sub-Aireuts can 1 e supibed at wnolesale prices. 81,000,000 lloxm. milERE has never been a medicino discovered J. vt hich has acquired and sustained tho reputation for iho same lencih of time, ns jtiornson s ruis, mado at the British College of Health, London. Wo are scllinc soma thousands of boxes yearly in ermont, and it takes some millions lo supply the United States. Tho genuine articlo can bo obtained in this town only at iha Varietr Store, and till sold in ihe state ore sign al las vsrer , ViliQBWKi f- BKINSJ1AID, ttate Agents,

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