Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 12, 1841, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 12, 1841 Page 3
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franchise, It becomes a high iltity to guard the punly of our elections. If wo would have tUo'SltcshTiiure Yvotiiu-t keep" the fountain pure. llaolttd, Tim Ilia prt'icnt' condition of the U Si Treasury calls aloud for the renewed exercise of the homely virtuo of frugality. Without this, no nation can be independent, and with It, few nerd be pour. Ritotecd, That tin- accountability of public iigcnt is n republican do trine, and while we regret that it haa been among the lostatts, wc hope the new-administration may ho forunate enough to find, nnd honest crrbirjli to practice it. -fitsolecd, That we regard demagogues of all sorts nt'lhc excrescences of liberty, the la'so patriots of all j ages, who begin by deceiving others, and end by dc-: cervine themselves 1 nnd that in 'order td secure the healthful action of the body politic, we must, remove them' as we would all other fungu-cs., llcsoltcd, That wo regard ihe question of protection of Alnerirart Industry as settled by the people. Pro tection cannot, in the naturo of things, liatc any sec tional bcarinrr, but unbraces nil parts of the country 4icre industry is found. It rests on the principle that t'jc increase of the products of labor is an addition tJthe wealth of the nation, nnd therefore beneficial to nil. Tho North is benefitted by tbo increase of the ataplcsof the South and West, and the prosperity Of the South is promoted by whatever increases the pro ducts of industry at IhcNorth. ' lltsblred, That the wants of the nation, as well as tho protection of industry, demand nn addition to the number of dutiablo articles, nnd that wines and silks are peculiarly appropriate objects. That man must have nn unfortunate obliquity of intellect, who can be willing to quail' his winonnd wear his silks, dutyfree, and yet oppose a tariir for the protection o sheep e grey. Ittsotred, That all attempts to array one section of country against Another, or ono i las of people against another, is anti-republican and factious in its tendency. The t tales are all members of the same republic, hav ing a common interest, a common fame nnd a com mon danger. Our existence ns n rcpHilic depends on our continuance as n unittu people. llcsotred, Tint the proposition of one Presidential Steffi nnd few hnve vet been found able to resist their long continued influence. The most effectual mode of pre- vcnling thednnger is to remove the temptation. i3 a large man, of fine appearance, pompous andhes y'"?'",fl T".? wc. ' rP'ccn'e..wAr. n,s "!,.,m?ci "'"l itatina in his conversation, and bv no means calculated nna prny mat tne relations 01 pence neiw ten us uuu other tuitions inn-not he disturbed i I utwechnoso to rcmeniiier mat tne nest means or securing pence is in he nren.irrit lor war. YYn i lcretore rcsnce-i u v re- commend that energetic measures be adopted to put l in nninirv ni a tnnii-nerli-ct stnleoi (U-lence. llcsoltcd, That owing to our locution upon the frontier, nlid on the bowlers rf n Inkc extending from tho heart of the country into thedoniiniiinsofn fnrrign F?!Vcrl e ",ay be peculiarly exposed in case of ho-- not be unknown lo the government, nnd c would rc'pociiuuy request inai nicy wouiu give 10 u wvn earliest nileniimi. ' honor of the "Flu:," it is entitled to the merit or do- nervine it. Vermont nnv lose the flap, but shf ran- not lose thewell earned f-inictliatfollow-'fititlihiln-"! and if she rloe, not bear the nation's flnr, she i Jim 'vBitvipr State. " Vermont nlone has prnudlv stood ercct-ifirm in the faun, anil never swerveil. t;rnituit in wir, nnd rocked among the storms of revolution' and ofdme'ii strife, 'i" put a uianl's armor on her limbs an.l hid the woild defiance. Vermont anil her twin finer, "fiir Kentuek," s nrted in life as the first born of union j and thin fur, nobly hnve they run thn race, contending for the p-iliu of excellence, and with goo I grace. Vermont civc her llie pi ie. Ilcselrid, That if elcvatiil purpose, unrimlled elo quence, n fir reaching sigaeily, and a love that burns for h's eonnlrv. nn phc nnv man n claim to excel lence, thfii docs tlris nation owe a debt of gratitude to iicnry iay Voted, That the forepoing resolutions be sign ed by tho I'rfFidnl ar.ii corrc'iry, r.nd publish ed h tho Bitrlinf, i Tree Press. At Gq 'clock, ths club ixdjmirncd to Iloward'. ng cabin, and at 7 o'clock a largo pirty sat down'to an exrcllont supper prepared for the occasion, by Mr. Howard, consisting of every variety of the season and niar!;et, and served up in Mr. U.'s usual pood style of ease and comfort. The festive hoard was enlivened by the Rand, with their exlnlcrnting airs and a variety of crack toas-t1- and sentiments suitable to the occasion; and the party retired about !) o'clock. JOHN I'KCK, President. Ij. Cummincs, Secretary. Tho Twenty-Si.sth Congress terminated its existence nt a late hour on Wednesday night, 3d. inst. having passed all the neoesbary Appro priation Hills, and very few other?. Not one twentieth of those ropnrlcd by the several Coin, mittoea were finally acted on and three fourths jf the mnst impotant measures of tho Session went overboard. Anions these are the Gcncr- 'J v ' our auvires irom u atliui 'ton lciii:: eniirciv 'rontrndictniy. 'J'lA? Jtid ci'il Jce-d'ganiratinnliill 'Wied tiir Be-.r.ti? bv t lica.v viipjbttt that hciy t.naeiyjiint -b'y I'lt'iitleil if a'c in Tiior dyni0ht by confirming tic I'Ca.dtnt's!i ination of Peter V. Daniel ti Lo Justice for Vir ginia District, (which was the one to bo merged in twoothcrs.yrhc vote on confiimins was Ayes 20, Noes 5 all tho whig Senators abfent. All the Judicial and a good many other nomination! of tho President were at the same time confirm ed, including the transformation of some twenty or thirty iMid-Iilpmqn into Lieutenants. What was done on Wednesday 'niglit wc do nol learn. Vice President Johnson vacated tlui Chair riftlic Sonatc'on Tiicsdav'i A Resolution of thanks for his impartiality nnd courtesy as presiding officer was moved by 'Mr. Manuum and spennded by Mr. Clay of Ky. Hon JVM, R. King of Ala. was on Wednesday i-lmnn Prftblrnf i, ten, lnvli.,r Ifi v,in i re.Miie.iu jiru iei. ii.n ni iu uits to 9 for JIr. .Southard ot IN. J. and 5 scat taring. , jiaruiv anv t'rivate u s tavepasscci. iur. rrii, t ,,;,1 ur.1.,., ,.4 ' ' ' k ' Jlardlv anv Private bills liavc passed. 'i:s-i t oott.l e VUV" 1 '"'l'""'""- 1-1. ..1.1 r t A f.. . A I Iu Ulil vl"a,Lfll a,. 1, 1, w ill (jwuu i - i" ni .0 1 11 .1 : imr : iir. i7iiL'iiM.-r nun 1 i.u inmuu nn nii nui- iVo'vnddressr b twenty' njimtt'i's' ni 'rijiiAning ',',,' heChair, winch was warmly cheered. 'I J . 'Wasiiingtos, starch 0.A j'art of the gen- Jleraen nominated as members 01 the cabinet were vestcrday confirincd by the Senate, and tilts residue this oay. in the case of Mr.-(r7uer Ihe.yeas and nnys, were demanded, but before .titc riucstlon.was put, the proposition was with drawn and tliovote of confirtrgtion. cacried .witlf-J ut a count. v This' city is' rife with rumors respeeting'thc rmcoodiiir's at the Treasury DoDartment I do ,not intend to repeat tnem, tiut will etatd a fact, UDori'whicb thoy aro. probably in part founded, What I do state I know to be substantially true. This morning JVlr, Eyeing went to the Treasury Department, and discovering some movement which he did not like, ho prbceeded to the Pre- miimiL iinu i,iiiiiiiuiiiL.uLb.. ........ ... iiim. JipVOy after, .Col (Umbers, appcatf-d the Treasury Deiartiuent, wlritli an order from thei reMdonttoftop'all'paymcnts untjl filriihor. ders. - It i'si-aul,' but this I llo not vouch for, that they wore" paying improperly, If not illegally. . j V ' i i - -fqrtain, , hry ts WAsinNOtOr..- VlRaiNiA. T bo Hon. Witt. S. Arc her' was U. S, Senator il,f. t,l term cxnircd'on 'I ,ilaf o pf.Mr. Hoaiie, whoso tor sflisf day. . I Ito voto stood 82 to 81. Mr. Ik. Un o.jiiAi'f'ftnc.ialpms il srfiuid' wlliji', "$W wjil)a'l friohrJI)' 6' protection 6f; American industry. t .ii . nl Binkrupt Law, the Revenue l'rotection bill most utterly scltish wnkcdness-running not in all tlenicnt of the Boundary Question to General jjif, du,iuiB; u,u,i ro-Dii.piu.ii mil, 1110 mil an. - - ' " "-- ", --." .c,..,, Sc0TT alo)0 , lrl0 COIlVICtioil tllUt'bo WOU 1 MtSnuin;: the Judicial Districts of the U. States, b n0 punishment, not even by remorse f- hi. deeds. ,i, .,..,-,. , ,,,,, .. . J3..;,...:.I.B V IW'nn nml,i 13 likely to promote fiood morals nnd "" MriCt jt.St.CO to both nattons ! olJlllmprging.tllo Virginia Jjl.ejicialistrict resllesssfsUingorexritementnnd temporary amusev Ueman Darstqw, of. U.eMejhodjfR. Church, MM i,l,T houscVtwo ba and creating n new one in lliO"Sotitll West 5 ment, whicli impels our citiiens to some evening resort bo a qommitteo to, alee the r,harrjo -pf' ibis JliUBLtngs, two goodorphards, pnd from 12") to Wilton, woro75-Nay60 93 Yoas-not and ,by appintin .6ub-commitees in Kt.SSfc two-thirds in Iho Afilrmntive, nnd ,l,o liil. SSSS tSZ0 nSlffi'laU,1,'l' rnnld.nni bo reac bed. excent in due course, nmniiiv in tl,-, .T-mrnn of-fipb"ir-t,i.m"i. wiinin me tnoriesi reasonable time. , ; 2 Efc'tfTfehS PhoM TlfE METROPOLIS, The city Theatres have been for some weeks in n state of 'suspended animation)' they have now, however, reopened, but with no very flattering suc cess. Ono of them, the National, lias brought out Bcvcral of Shakespeare's plays, but with no very able actors l and when pootplaycfs essay to cnact'Sllnke speare's characters, the failure is too complete lo allow any respect for tho attoiilpt. Most of the establish ments, however, content themselves with, plays of minor merit, but embracing more popular incidents and belter fitted, perhaps for scenic representation. Tor Unless a great genius, like pdmund Kean, is the actor, I agree with Charles Lamb in believing that Shakespeare's tragedies aro not capable of being bro't upon the stago without disappointing the auditors. Lectures and Evening Concerts have usurped the place of the thcatiical houses, nnd Morality approves the change. Whatever may he said in favor of the Drama in the abstract, no possible excuse can exist for the miserable ilcns of pollution which now pass under the name of Theatres inthis city. They arc fruitful sources o every imaginable vice. We have had several splendid concerts pf the Sacred Music SA cictv. during tho winter i and a foreigner named Leo pold Ilcrwig, is turning the hcacTs.of our fashionables by his wonderful performances on the violin. The most popular eveningentertninments are the 'Concert! d'Hivcr', nt Niblo's, got up in imitatlion of those orig. inalcd by Musard in Paris. These aie merely occn- nous on which, by paying a quarter of a dollar, one can promertado a fine hall and talk or' listen to fiuc Vnn?i1 nr,,r.n,-.l , l.ta ..I. ....... Orestes A. Brownson, the notorious Editor of the Boston Quarterly Review, and importer into this coun- f?"') f?dica! lloc,rin" '""tiling uic e-nunnng masses , uas uecn leciuringnt Philadelphia the 'Democracy of Christianity.' He . - . , ... .... i 10 impress one, by his manner, with the belief that ne is very sincere or seii-oenying nvius nuvocacy oi ,t , ,,ir m-.. iin 0 1,. .... !,,,,,.,..(.! f . . , , , , ,f- ,, ...:!, .... lnnna . - c ' work much mischief m this country. He says that Massachusetts, next la Vermcnl, is the most demo- cratic state in the Union. Thi'sisthe testimony o'f.fl ,jOCO j.-or0 ,0 iileciiaractt.r of ,H0 of the mosl thoroughly ug iGiumoiiwealths in the United -jmtcf. ln ,e L;lcrary ,votj j iiays I10t )llucll of impor. lance to communicate. The Book trade is especially dull, indeed, except in the the way of republications scared)' any thing is doing. The Apptcjons, who are amongour most prominent booksellers, and excelled . ,, , , : , , piuui, ui mur portntions, nrcnboul to bring out on edition of Cnmp. bell s lrilih rods, llus is a very cxecllentconirila.. (ion, and the fine lliographical and Critical Notices contained in it render it doubly valuable. It was published in England in fix volumes .octavo; I sup pose, however, that it will nut bo brought out in full. in this country. To suit the American market, every tinngmust be curtailed. It is said that Coonrn has n new novelin press, in which Leather stocking i3 again introduced. JSuhver'o latest romance, 'Night and Morning', has just been issued by the Harpers. Tho publication of a new novel by t'n. eminent wuler is reckoned quite nn occuriencc in th.! literary circles, and. as it is sure tobe extensively rei ', I shall make Ho apology for speaking of it. It rcseniblofall In othei works nrd is yet, in some respects, belter than any ofthem. It has scvi- lenlly received greater cure and study than any for mer ones indeed oir, l.dward is said to have been en gaged upon it for nearly two years. It has less than 1m usual quantity of magiiific-iit, but worse than uiclc rhariody and is'nbt deformed by the loose illltllOtftlilirS ntlft Utlcr Irrnlmlrtn tiit, Vl(rt.,rt.l Eugene Aram and Paul ClilTbrd. .its influence is corrupting and poisonous, especially to thofo who will be most likely 10 read it the young, the bold nnd I enlhuMas-tic-vMiose chaiactersarenot yet established ,u . Limuuua ,,.,,, uu v, o arc uiereiorc cspc- eially exposed to itsscductivephilobophy. 1 can see no greater propriety in the name, than if it were ap plied to nny other romance that has ever been pub lished: for in them all the hero is involved in a ions Night of suiTuihig and viciseitudo and before the story is concluded, his Morning dawns. Soitiswith this. Its principal characters are some of them ery well. nnu otiicrs very inauiirentiy, drawn. He lias, as usual, a splendid villain, who spends his life in the trt, iff, la n ,nn.l (i,r,1 I.J there are others in the work much worsf-lbnn tip. t is a woik of "readability, however, and iis scenes of irong jiafsiou nieeirnuu in a niasieiiy manner Our various co rscsnf evening lectures arc drawing (o their close. Those delivered under the patronage of tun New l urk Lyceum have been of great mciil and utility. They were opened by'John Quincy Adams, who read twolecturcs one on the 'Social History of Man, and ihe last on'l ailh. Bancroft delivered a sen. one on ;ho 'Study of ihe American Constitution,' Charles Karnes Ivso. on the 'So i t of American Hi-lory,' nnd to mention nomorc, on last Wednesday ' " M-cninT thi series e nsed liv n leetnrit frnm 1 ITi-: fine, scholarlke and thoughtful oration on the'Ideaof To THE CLJMOT, AD OTHnr. Omcnns or 'WTa "' rtlVj; Universal History ' Isaac Hi I n snuiled. ihstrueiivp I LlIUHCHts OF Al.i: Devomiva-inVK i Piiit. We i ...,. a., .'.r .... i finn,l. i'l,..,. . - l ui IVIIM i'..-, . V. ,,... . and amusing account of the 'Mountains and Agricul-1 TE.NDEN CcrtTSTV. ' ,. Howard-, Hurrah, Hurrah, H'irruh,'for tho" Cheap . turc of New Unglmd,'-Hon. Theodore Frelingbuy- At the last annual meetin-r of the Chittr-nrln IXXM " lnfl 4U Hr Uethune of Philadelphia, who presented an eloquent the bounds of this county destitute of the. Holy next, under the instruction of Mrs. a-cks v hee .asleful oia.ion npon 'AifLs, in ,te Age of Pericles.' Scriptures. It was felt to be the duty of the iM. It was an intelligent nnd pleasing address, upon 'a llieme which can .never become trite to the classical student and whicli a man of a brilliant nnd sDarklim? nund, added to thorough mastery of the subject, may . . render attractive even to a miscellaneous audience. s Society has been organized butabout two years, ,unir,.,iv ...ii lai,i;.i.i n,i,r-m.. ,', il,. ant is already well cetHMishtrJ. Their recipls ior (he juut-mii acnes vi itciurte can no i nnvo uren lessinan ..,.v ,..,, oc. iiiimcuwunsuci. chsBzrans.tha ibflerrnce in circumstances micht die - --' 'ii'M.,i. iii winm-uuu- mitm UB.. ".' "urlinglon withsucccss and a beneficial infiu", finoot I lcnrtw ft lit f lltn in nnt nmnnrr irnii thai ciiool I know that there is not among you that . - . J. . ...... - ". - - " " . - I teet hat the ink lb e youth Who 1 irects the 'Smr t i . ..." of the Age' in your state, most stupidly tmsrerresents . ,. . '.'i..i ... .1 1 i- 11111, 111 my inai lt-ucT, lur' llie ooiu ,urn)"n; 01 charping you w uh falsehood, r.asc t nsfi Mm for me, if.h.cisnwaretbatthcrcis.sucha thing aspoiicu uiuiiicniuuu;--aim, 11 yoi aowr inutn oui ui ine way 1 bhnnM t,a w.,.1 ln-n.,l nriTnclm-n .nH I.1. I I Pnnnv Wrinlit 1 Tcliall n.t An !lrl,nA,.nr fnr 1 u.c ,he 'hricht Venus of Democrac' would demure to the relationship. VERMONT. U'asiii.ngiom, Moi)day,,Marci 1, 1841. Immediately after the House of Represents tives was called to order this i.".orping, it pro ceeeieu to the consideration ot the bill reported by.tie,cbmmi(tce of ways and, means, forapprjoV l'riatwns lor lortiiications aireauy commcnceei, "'Inch are, not completed, and require 'recalls, i ne aggrogaie amoum oi appropriations rccom- mended in this bill is 51.53,000. ! As coon as the bill was read, Mr. Thompson, of South Carolina, (tl.e chairman of tho military committee,)made a spcach, fn which he renrc sentad tho dafo'nccless state of tlie country, and i i,x,ii i,.fci?u inn icdi ui iiiihiii 111-.N ivmi i-nai Uritain--licdciirpr-.-,tqd,the,coiirrc .proposed to bo. pursued, of tnately patching up a few old ; prudence and nromictv lenuireld that cverv as. Bailable point should be' Imtuddtatolv' nut in the i r , '. . : ' '. f. ' . . bobt possible state of defence, and, that withr as j little delay as possible. Mr.Tompson proposed t' 'e ruporteel by the committee ol ways !.. and mean, fhould be laid .aside, and that the bill l,ot?kcn nPwUc.h W"PI l"V r- I .Int. r.fVin Pnmmittnn nil tniKl.t. .AM.. uer ui iuu wihihiiuvu vii uiiuLrtiy auuiri, tinner .i. .i:.-.:' nt,V... If,.cn -.., . (ftv uuinuuuumvti-n fiu.iuiii'tiui.uiiijr tur the continuation of tho works already- commen- ,.it H...-. .. .t. ,i1,u-"a'.,Y''-" VWr' I"-"'- the front ier-fEtai, Yystyi.Nortli. and South , '5 ' -aiKi i - tt - ahTippropmtfng 9 TXffifSQO ; SneTwriicii" li6' contains $500,000' ld"r tliim frigates. , On this proposition a general debate arose on the state of the relations of the country with foreign powers; and also, as regards the pros pect of a disturbance with tho Indians, on the Western frontier. The general (one 6f tho do- bile war, of course, to deprecate a collision with a foreign nation but at the same time admitting the too great probability of it In the early part of the debate, MK Pickens, chairman nf tho committee on foroign , affairs, tatcd that it was intimated in the House this morning that a report was abroad that a pew, angry, and exciting correspondence had common cod and was now going on between the Secre tary of State and Mr. For, tho British Minister. He said he was happy, in having it ih.his power, from an authentic tource, to stato that no auch correspondence, had aken place, and that the stale of relations bfctween the two governments was at this time precisely in tlio. samo state as when tho correspondence was last laid before Congress ; and he hoped that no legislation would be based on the vague rumor to whicli he had referred. Mr. Pickens thought there was no necessity for passing the bill reported by the committee on military affairs, and recom mended that the bill of the ways and "means be passed. At a subsequent stage of debate. Mr. Fill more called upon Mr. Pickens. to state whether he had received any information of an authentic ntture in relation" to our concerns with Great Britain, subsequent to a conversation which passed between them this morning ; as, in that conversation, he understood directly the reverse of the public statement made to the House Mr. P. answered, that ho had, since the con versation mentioned by Mr. Fillmore, received note from tho secretary of State, fully sustaining tho information ho had publicly given to the House. Messrs. Thompson, Tillinghasl, Cost Johnson of Maryland, Fillmore, Monroe, Pope, Lincoln,' advocated the bill reported from the Committee on Military Aflairf, for an extended system of defence. Messrs. Jones, Pickens, Vandorpool, Stark weather, advocated the bill reported from the committec.ofiWaj's.nnd Mean-s forcarrying on and repairing tho work already commenced. After a debate which lasted till after 0 o'clock in the evening, the great bill reported from the Military Committee, wan gently turned aside by an adroit movement, snstained by the chair man, Mr, Dawson, of Georgia, that the bill first taken up must be definitely acted on by the Committee of tho whole, before another could bo taken up ; and that it was beyortci the authority of the committee to postpone it or tav it down after once taken up. From this decision an ap peal was taken, But the Chairman was sustained bytheJIous?. This I think puts the genera! fortifLat.jii brought in by the committee oil Mihtarv rest for the session. The bill of the ' Commitfeo 1 of WWs'jtnb Means, was then proceeded in, and some few i.nmatcrial amendments made to it. And the " "'ls ""J'J l'''s"-u a"u BUI" 10 llle ene ,ur concurrence, at ciglit o CIOCK at night. Aftcrthis, an ineflectual attempt was made by Mr. Cost Johnson, to take up a bill from the Sonate to reIlcw tQ. ..,. -.,.,,, f District Hanks. Nearly half an hour of most precious time was spent ill calling the. ayes and noes upon it, when the House adjourned. The Boundary Question. Lord John Russell is reported to liavo said in debate that ho would he prilling to confide the set- Fifty thousand persons were present at the inauguration ; and, according to the descrip' tton Civetl III the llllellli'cnccr, lllO spectacle . . . . must mvo tlflill 01)0 Ot the most imposing over witnessed in this country. Countv bfeSo-Lf,. ,,,,, . l;ini, ... ! . . ' I no n mil i rnm 4 1, a ,,..( J i. . I r, " "'u men I ""l "v i ... . ui iiiaiiv i.umiiea llllin County Bible Society, ("which is composed of all Idfnnmimimn. nf ,.l,i-;0irn. ,,i. -.!, , . . . ' . . " . i ineasiirps ior nin inrinrr nrui rnutinn irinnr tiia fiae. " "' f""-" T'" - " """ , After'praycrful deliberation in respect to the hp-tmnm nf nmn,-ll.l,;.i- .1,!. t.ut I best means of accomplishing this object, it wan, I on motion. Resobedi That Mcssrs 0 S.ov, g. parrfle: 1 . - '. , T .,., ',. lee' Jl Co,ersC & 7 Bliss of .the ConRTC rational Ctmrcliand Messrs. S. D. Brown am atlomu nurcn anu Messrs. !s. IJ. Brown and vvcwouiumtorm llie cnnstian public that the ,i,f ...,.. I. -I. 1... .:..' -n"J " "-"" -tc'-uii dim is eiuier I 1 e I ' , fOn-PiCtCU, or 111 successful preigrcss in several ..e 11.: ... 1 vuwiio.ui iiiid euuiliy U. ,1,:, ,,i i ( . .. - jr. anj members of cliurche: .. w mv.huu wl ii.,uv:iLiiijj nicjitcrj (lurches in towns whore thel , . . . , , . n, to appoint in such towns a; . , . sutlicicnt number pf responsible persons to ex- P-ofc ev'cy scbool district, -visit evert familv and ufi. the following things,; v , 1.- Supply every destitute family, w'illintr' to' receive if, with' a cdity' of the word of God! " ' " a. To supply every child, -udef fifteen years' - 1 of age -who iaaBle to. read, with a copy of the I New. Testament, and com the v ui;it ocii i.iiuiiy uu uiiiroriuiney oi which aie tne louowinc s fX 'P ....... f...!l.. -.- "WMir -t, tributingr, what they are' willing' to givefor- i A pictorial gefft'OVWi ?'9.-?Sft'l"cjh,' purposes of-defrayinff the expenso. of books r.., ili.!nn,l London edition, corrected tnd for the rcsupply and for aiding the American Day's Examination of Edwards on.thc WilIvMe ni id ii .i chanics Own Book ; Hal . on Baptism) A Green Bible Society, in tfteir nnblo vyork of spreading Hanirs Rrs V"' 2 over tbo earth tho ''Holy Scriptures, which arc' able to make wise unto salya'tipn.'' Uiblcs and - TestamenU may bo obtatnod for this work at the I County Dci)05itory,,j;cjit by1 Messrs Ilickok u.iii. iv ,,.,. .1. wuiiiiiuiami. " It is proposed to begin this work immediately and accomplish it lhrougb thoicduntry within to moritli of March" at,d. April. N. U'.-So soon rts any town is supplied, tlio committeo or the firrpns' wiiphaVe taken'tliq mrerjiuhY'of the , - . i i" , rcsupply, arc rpfjucsted to make report lo the; General Committee above named and thoy are rciiucsteatolorwaru ?ucn reports lo jlcv. J. Converse, Burlington statinff tlio number Bibles and Testaments they lmverdilributed- I ll.n rltml,A,' r.f rm'lttuu .lntttnln untuilttln.. mo nuiiiucf u iduiuic; leaiuuiu, utiwiuiiMg eu !..-. i;m i n :. .:., r-.. liui-tilif, uik 't-iuiv, uiiif wiiiui iiiiiiitsmuj; i.inr, I -j- ORILI.MID S M;-c';ouoy.',,""j The funds colloetcdpthoy will'pavover to Mril'JU do' Scotch' dt,.lim.ll Wsddefs-, I' r i, nr r.-.vr. .. 4Aii..ct' on iicnry vv.vttiiii'j j-fpufturcr vj tn?. v.PBv ' ciety. IfTbelialfW theroie,-and- In behalf of the socioty whole agents we are, wo would ask the tnmediate attention of, the churches of all de nominations to this Importint, common duty. If in any church or town, this notice shall not meet the' eye of church officers, will some private member will voir, christian rladeri call the attention of your pastor or minister to this busi ness 1 May We all engage in it in the spirit of those who, love the Bible, and who owe ib it all 6ur most precious hopes, Iu behalf of .Chittenden, Co. Bible Society. . , UlTO S. HOYT, S. PARMrLEE, J.K.CoNvenst:, S. D. HttoWN, H. BAnsToW,1 'Z. Bliss, ' Com mittee. 1 1 MEETING FQRTIIE MULE. The friends of tho Bible and members of the scv-, eri churches in town, without regard .to denomina tional peculiarities',' ore respectfully nivited to meet on Tuesday 'overling next, at half past six o'cloclt,nl the Methodist uimpev to aenucraic nnu take measures tor luppiying Willi tne u.o'c, on ucsuiuto inc own. This cnll tinou our felloW Christian 'rtifd fel low eit!enh' made bv 'dirbdlirtu of the Chittenden Co. Hible Society,, which is composed of Christians o; every, oeucr uurc, ni icasi, is ,ouc occasion, uu 'ivlilnli I .'ltrirns nfrverv nnnif, mat, sil rtnUrn togeth er,' and net together, in one holy, happy family. And mnv wo not hone that' the members of our several congregations will come together and engage in the wont with a zcai wormy ni tne cause i In behalf of (he Chittenden' Co. Hihle Society. J. K. CONVERSE, Ch'n Ex. Com, Ir( Jericho on the 3d inst. by the Rev. Mr. Bliss, Mr Sclim 1'. Miss Lucia K. Stone. lligbec, ilaughter'ef Uea. Isaac HrgbreoLMiclburn. In Williston on the 3d v. S. Parrhclee, Mr Lewis Turrill of Hincsburgh to Miss Lydia Anh Hall of Williston. In Williston On the 4th inst. by Win, H. French F.sq. Mr. Abel L.Owen, of Burlington, to Mi" Mnriba E.Isham, daughter of David Isham, Esq.of Wtl'iston In West Rutland, on the 23d ult. by the ftpv. John A. Hie' s, Mr. Stephen II. Crossman, of Wittislbn, to Miss Charlotte E. Howe, daughter of Peter Howe of the former place. On the 16th ult., by tbo Rev. J. k. Converse. Mr. Ntlson Evans, of Georgia, to Mi's Sophia Lobucll of this town. , In Jericho, on the till inst. Dca.Rci'BE.s Lis, aged 78 years. TVTOTICE. The subscriber has removed his" office 11 to the rooms over I.yman cc Co c s store. D. A. SMALLEV, Burlington February 1, 1841. 'C'EATIircitS. Just received, nnd for sale by the a suuscriuers n quantity ot live t.eeso Feathers. NELSON it GATES. Burlington, March 4, 1811. LA 1)1 US, PI N CI I.S With rine',Pencil point and leads, iu-l n-ecived at the. Variety Store, March 4. PANGUOIt.N it BKINSMAI1). CtlOVKIl SEED.-2000 llw Clover Sce.1 for Sale by illCKOK At CATLIN. March 15, 1841. WANTfcD-fea', C hee ,ci exclia 11 g While Been, Butler cV for Good, bv II. M. GIDDlNCS&Co. LAST CAIjI. All.per-ons inleliul to tho firm cf D Kimball ct,Cn, e i her by notepr Accoun', ore renue.vle'd to make payment tlivruM to the tuhMrucr wlioisailthunred totetlletlic Mime. inoe- wlio no not he fit to ntiend te this la-t call lefore the IO1I1 of Anril. may expect to find their bills at the Attor- nvys. ,vi,., i.i.Tumuj, Burlington, March Bin, JMI FAIH ItVAIl'IN(J. The subscriber would ad vcreise those' persons indebted to him, whose notes or nccounta have becon.'o due,; that they must bo met by he first day of April ne.xt, or they may ex pect to find them in the hands of at! attorney for col lection! for he lias determined to commence with the new administration 49 collect ins deuis. JOHN K. uu,n. Burlington March 4th, 1811, pvISSOIjUTIOI.--The copartnership hereto- fore existinc between the subscribers, under the firm of Spaulding ct Mills, has been duly dissolved ing' demands againt said firm, will 'settle them with j. 'l. .Hills, wno 1 uai auinonzea iu miiu trie Bauie. 11. G. SI'AULDING. C. B The business will be continued bv the subscriber at the old stand, Church st. Burlington, Vt. March 5, 1111. u. 11. jilll.l.H. CU1N 1U5K. 4 March. 1S4I Hear ye, Hear ye. O To all the iiibabilanl id the Orcen .Homilnin s.i Irf ,t LiKtu'n tin In renlDrt' vn "tmi'i'M leJIatt nicht, the nacl condition e.ftl.e,' me I ,.i. ;.,.,,! ,,!,. ..I,..-..,..,.-! ihanicb' and people' cheap ca'b hUiru fu'ly n-i'fr- Howard, notivnm orrnnv .lUr cil'Ue. wil i.. .......!.. .1... .I.. Vi'i. .' I ,,..1 be eontui ic.1 m. the niiMt. Tin, I0112 Ir.e.l e'-tab- cxi.-lcd tliroilt-'li lour a.Milliii-uallon oi (be.gcneral govcrnincnt, anil this morning ycinmen- mii.i'.T ejiet-riiiK u,ri iiiiiMiiu, roareii I Xartlcs' Hick .School flH Sl.'HOOL for Vouinr Ladi . opened imSouth Hero on the 1st day of April (ion.of painting ami instrumental music. Particular attention will be paid to vocal music 1 is tntoncieU that the course of studies and the mode of instriiclion i uhs J. sutK nm in fir vitunn '"Vwhich thev wT Ke cailcuSlooceiinv "t - of ...i.ion.ihe'sameforallbraiiehestaUL-ht- 83 per quarter. B'oard, including ,wa-hing, can be obtained in eood families for SI 23 per week. Nothing need pe snio; ot tne aavantnpa ot pursums thedclightful paths i f learning on this beautiful island, deservedly distioiewikhedJiy the appellation of,"Tlic Garden of New England." ' ". AMERICAN DICTIONARY. OF TJIE ENG. n r.ISIl Octavo. - rv --:v " r n ;.i.' CiJIIOUUIIE lllO Wliuiw vutsiiunii y .ui itiu .-,,111, w yiui corrections, improvenients ami-several thousand ad- .1..: 1 ,,. ...i.;i. i,n ni,ni-n ihtional words to which is prefixed tin inlroiluelor insscriauon on ii.c orisuii' iimwry ami uunuuuiBin ui i j ic, languages of, western Asia nnd Europe, with an wplanation of ths principles on which langiiages are formed : in two vojs, By Noah Webster, L..L, U. K0tMien. the.bookstore: ' D. A. BRAMAN. March 21311. PICTORIAL Illustrations of the Bible, eonsislmp of,200 engravings, with views in the Holy Land, loijni har ivilh inanv of the remarkable objects men tioned in the Old and New Testaments, representing sacred lntorical avents just receivcrt arw for sale at the book store. u. a. iivaha March 2, 1641. -yB.OOf- The subscriber has received the 1 prfsept ween f new supply of books, stnonj , 1000

owitti revise? '0!sUuil,'LMsl0fyoP'ikt1' Kliunt'V!wt0rrThf L&aercd5I'edodics i Boa'rdman ""RmnanisnM Young Ladies' Companion ; oung Ladies Friend. to wrcn- ; : 'J. Ll i - h ct.mi.u a.-v. $0HKtkW ' T "sale hTavern stand? beM fE9 1 lj kuwu ns the Eldridge place ' jfrf 1 lit ho9"nwU -J-SSST-S 41 acres of cood land.' The house is 46 feet square, two stories lnchi oneborn-40 bvoOliXU liorsa-fieu anu coou smuiis, woou ivien L'i Xranarv. The stand being on the corner where the Hincsburgh road intersects the turnpike, there n K, "7" h Moninelier. Anv rntcrmisitia man with of a small copital may oyyna cyd riWi; bii'Mnt by SraVosu ' ' ' tn I ' ' i , . , i-" , HNI1FP ANI1 TOBAlCtl. Mo Smoking and'cltewing 1 obcco,'-yl-r ""I I tia 1 Plu2 and Cavendish do, ftrsaleby I Plug I i I -ucil it i,tii-i i 4 1, lain -iu, I't. ... ii.nt JUr ft'lllllU .W,"n V.UV.I, IU I1IW VV,. j--L "I7OII SALU A very valuablp fnrm, sit- t r f t 1' SB K1-lferrl Um White eVHcd clover -Hewl for sale at , , , ,rNUrcli,0. MQyAJ,t3 10I;D flEBI)kYVlmve lew Oufd Ikxjs at different price. bo Hold Necklaces about the same length and price ol the Deeds. , " I'ANPUOIIN tt BRINSMaIP. HEAIJl & NECK O It N A M 10 N TS And llonm Pin nt Miln(-irtif !t fura ttw wit If sat thcVarirty Store. 'PANonNllN ife BHIJISMA1I). -Taki: xoTiri:. i ALL those indebted to the subscriber whose holes br accounts have been dud hi mbnthi or more, re requested to Inikd immediate' payment if they would save themselves cost, fur v!IUlaN0 "'y W tpcacsuiy u i can, iotciUI y II 1 musi.i 1 j. WAiNWniaiiTJ Butlington, March 3,, 1911. " CODFISH, of superior quality' for silc by ' II. JN'OIDDINGS&C CO. MtESII KICK, for sale I ale by II. SI. alDDtNOS it CO. BOWJVS KLIXIR ! 4- VcKclnblc .Balsamic , by T1IKO. A; TKCK & CO. Compound Syrup or Iceland ?Iohh. THIS celebrated medicine for CONSUMPTION, nt wholesale 'or retail, by T. A. Puck it Co. G HICKORY'S IHLLIOUS.I'ILLS, whoh-Salo and retail by tii'h.l Tiisq. Aj.i'Etit it Co. Jclilcl John's Instate. WE, the subscribers, having.been appointed by the honorable the probate court for .the district of v.iiiiiuiiui;ii, luiiiiiusiiuntrs to receive, examine anu adjust the claims nnd demands of all persons against the estate Of Jelutl Johns.' late llf lllllltirmtnn in said district, deceased, represented insolvent, and also all claims and dc-mnnls exhibited in Offset thereto, and six months from the day of the date hereof being allowed by said court for that purpose, we dothcrcforc hereby give nop'ce that wc will attend to,the business ol our appointment, at tne dwelling house of the wid ow, i.uzaocui joiiiw, in Miiniinuton. In said llislr et. on.thc second, Mondays of May nnd August next, nt 10 o clock, A. M. on each of said days. Dated this 15ihtlay orrebruary, A. D. 1811. AMOS B. COOI'Ell, )i SVLVESTr.ll R. SNYDER Comm'rs. HEMAN GILLETT, S NOTICfc. This certifies that I have given my son Enoch Johns.1 his time to trndn -ml net fnr himself, and that I sliall'nrit'hcrchiin any ofhiscarn- !.. 1 !.! .1. t . lugs nor our nuy ui ins ueuis alter mis uaic. JEHUX JOHNS. Attest, Noble L. Johns. Huntington, Ib. 23,1341. , tj0 IfAHMIJItS.D. KIMBALL, Jr. will pay .J CASH,forfrom sixty to 0115 1 Ilurlington, February 23, 1811. hundred liVBilfJGS 3w Take Particular Notice. AS I contemplate a.cliange in buiijcss this spring, itjs desirable that all persons indebted to me call and settle by the20lh of March next, or ortier wiseall Holes and 'accounts that have become due will be left in the hands of an attorney for collection. I hope no one will cuiiiMnm of 'this ofplicit'i rill, nor fail tn give immediate-attention. E; U. EVANS. ' Burluii'lou.Feb. 23, 1B11. :VrOTICK. Rnowye nllmenthatl the said Joshua i- " twmingtonf Jr. Iiabagivrn my son, 11I..MIV II. REMINGTON, bis time, and nil iIlIus rnntrneliil liv my son Henry' II, Remlnaton nfic'r this day. I do not consider myself holden for, nHlher do I claim any of its earnings. jushua IiKJIINGi ON. Jr, Hincsburgh, February l'J, IS II. . 3w TXTKSSRS. PANGBORN & URINSM.MD. rent 1VJ. The four Boxes of Sherman's Cough Lozenges had of you cured me entirely of a seycre attack of ihe Lung' Fever accompanied by a Hard Cough. I es teem themhichlv and recommend theni to a I who nave.a uougn or the l.ung revet. EZRA HO T. r.sscx. v t. jii v i . i h in. Pangborn & Brinsmaid sole agents for Sherman's Cough and Worm Lezcngesand I'oor Man's Pinters, his Lozenges allhavc A; Sherman, M I) on tho. bo v. PAXABA IX IPS'? !lf. fl!i;i,iiic. bv lifs KJ toncal facts, the causes of the la'te.atteinnted Revolution, nnd of its failure. The, iirescnt condition of the jicoplc and their future piospeds, together nil I lie uu ciuui rsui uic .1 uiiiui,.iiiu imiui a who were conncated with the Revolution, by I?. A. Thclle, Ileig. Gtn.'in the Canadian llepubliean ierrice. This day received and for sale at the Book aiorooi u. A, imA.n.i:',, Feb. 19, 1811. NOTICU TO nfJil-UKIS. TIIR fubj-enler will f.iruifh in, Burlinsrton am x-iciniir, URANITH window ai'vf ill-, miJcr ninninir. 1 hre-hoIiU nird DiHir -len ed' nhf iIcmtio- l ion, ot the t'irt quuliiy. A lull of any -tone warned will l.e altende-J to, and x!l infuruia'ion tiirm.-lioij by .vi'-r.. rniH-ii w'urauic, reti; to., and lira ncy tt flvde. Anviieron can -eoilipnnnliir of the '-tone. I,v" those firm-lied tor JikU'c I'ollenV bi,u-e or Prei- . !........ Tl. I. : I icni ui i ii.u-t in.i'ui i iiiiimh it I- iircsuiu-ni tint the quality aw) price of ilie-c.lone will warrant a general' ii-c if builders will lal.e the troul le to ex aiiiinoilif;oiieand price. fjl'.Q. W. COI.LA.MKK. Barrc,Vt. iVlniary 1811. . Cm STORE FOR S.-JLE. The subscriber beine about jo relinquish the; inercnniilc business otlers his Store and remaining stock of GOODS for sale. The Store is 20 by 3H feet, two si;ries high and well finish ed ivilh a wood house, and horse shed 3S feet long attached. The location is.a desirable one for business and will bo sold low. A credit will beiven if desired. f'lCROUSUN. Huntington, South Village, .Inn. 20, 1811. 8. AVOUNG MAN, (not a' Gentlcrnan wc tliHile.-) passodafc2 Counterfeit St'. Albans bill tn a small Boy in our. store vwierdny, the) 17th ihst, Tho bill is No. 291, Letter 1, signed A. Plimpton, Cashier, B. Swift, President. The bjll is much' worn nnd' has been. lorn and mended in two places nnd part of the bill none. .Some one maV' rcollrct of see-in" such a bill in' the hands of the .SCOUNpitUL-who passed it and can aid us In bringing him t6 justice! 1cpuB- sn ion no(iiiiioeieci uunin inis way. I U.13lgH. l'A.UUOJl. Jy.BRINSMAID.l Selling ofl'Chean Continued. rpRADE weeks greav'grcal', great. Dif ..X. fereneein.snllinir low or Chcao' visible.. Assort-, ment vpA'rn. liennliriif mu,r,il .V..'flf.cir-l.)rt at ,!., Fa'rnlfrs, iMc'clianics'.f-Peoples Cheap, Cash Store, by'tb'Kr agent) HOWARD. I nursuoy juurniug, e . . , 18 Feb, 13;.l. $ 1 -I t D. T-OASr StJOAH, nimt r m;L'iMi:n r ri.i.',.stirjii n' excellent article of Molasses fnclainilv use, for sale encap uy ,j.i". tv e.e. uce. it), isio. r TOnAfl'O. J P. WHALING et 'CO. inform the public that they are Agents for Sargi nt, Spriguf r Co. Tobacuouisls, Albany, N. V., who iiianufracture a qry superior astieb '.y, .1 J . n iiw iuuuiiai.iuiv luotPiincr Tobacco 111 oveiv vs tielyofsrie. Grocers arid 6tlivrSvill find it to their advantage lo call and evanune the ar.iele. Also l'luc ,ouaoco olilillnent qualities,, allot wtueli will be sola thenp'br cash. Also Snujl'of dillerLntkiiiis. jlum-s or vci'iuoiii, lmo, ,TOK thesiivurallovyilflin ihf.-County of.Cllitlrnden 1 arcrready for delivery, Town Clerks or.Coiislablci willplease call orcn'd for them. Those entitled to lliemm the town ol liurhnuton wil be sunn h,il bv calkng on llhe,subb9fiber. , C'.,G001)1UCH. .uceio , iw BU,UiCl.OCKS.--Pcrsonl wishlhggood brass stiiking Clocks iu beautiful finished cases, can nnu tiiuui uu la.uiuuie le-iuiB, ai iiiu artciy oiuit-. AUo, Bank and Oiliee Clocks, for salei thesu Clocks fl.rewairftptwlMkfli(p.cof.roitime,'aid ihey Willper- lorui ns.w-ciittg any oiuerciocK , ,, Deii.'ie.""' I'ANallORN fc IallNSMAID, -r; .-.-I ,.'. LOST, Eight fat, sheep, -parked with a ' Whoever will give iiiforinaiion', shall be rewarded.- . ' ar, T. M. suitably I- Olj, SALI,r-A superior ncvy-milch cow and calf. Also, fur sale. or to exchange for cattle, pUceo or Ptrk, a'fc ;emecicns:scapu harness. .. - i i i . .i li. KIMBALL BiuIiugton,Jfuy.,21J 1840. .f-' lb. Ts01 FISH,'jfAdKERF.I.L'and SHAD of siipt J riotojuliii-forsaloby N. LOVELY Sl Co. 1'CC, iu, ipw. t CANADA 1 V Buck; ski STOCKING'. Gentlemen and Eadira Uucjf, skin,und Indian, tl9p.cBsiiis, , Fur Cloven i (km Milieus, Wo enTippcjs, Ladies and Gqn. cns'.'Meririo ffambs wool olid vVorsted Wrap-- . : . - :.:.u ,r ' iiuen hi tlemcii! pers.- just reueiveu ami tar tilt by. . uec iv, ii-iu, j A ; fK.MX -.-. w-ilip. GOODS. The subscriliers have fee'd' arrd"are iniw otlL-nitll. avi-ir luri'i, nsMnrluietlt nf WnH -nllnllie rf every variety, rich' plain, 'figured and chnnq--ibjo -uKP,.Aiuusriuie ne iinines, niparca uioins, -iaiuoni I fjhanU, HdkrtUitibbut,iAc. We willonlysa'y that we have njargct asprliin;nt of goods of cytry variety iii.iil n n (in. v i , ll uyiull . , UCl,iK, 1. HJVI.l.V iX wo, tt TODINE SPRING WATER.,-A.teecntly-discovw J.'td fountain at Saratoga hnd rpniains propertus known in' na other Sntini! its frtetlom' from' Iron iwidersit sff lo lindtutik,b)j atcivtiiin elttsof invo lids wit)i .yvhoin Iron proves iBjuious lho,r-ujuiti(yfif Iodine ron.timfd in this water render ii'tryo most val uaDle mineral water wr every r-peyfHs'or HerofuU'yl-t dicqytrtJlfor,fsri-by f, 4. J. Mj,.PKCK ttCo. Atflr, rp EV1SED STATUTBSof Vermodt. forijU hv ,?XV Jsiilftl . i;l" t rilO'OOODRIOTri ft A MILLER' WANTED,- to, tend the grist miU at JX Hubbcll'. Falls, Essex, by the first of May next, who is well acquainted Willi lln? bujiues anu; con give satisfactory reference. .., Ja.n.U 1S41. tf. JAMES II CVT''F'n- pLATEb SP.OONS.-We inform those who wish JT (a get a good o.nd cheap article of ,1'latcd Spoons, that we are prepared (o show, and sell them an article which will wear well nnd give them satisfaction, aa cheap ks the cheapest. Pakobohn & Bmnsmaiu. ft,AV ItOAKDK nnd SHINGLE, GOM Shingle, KJ- 4031 feet spruce Clap Hoards, try J 62 J II WiCt, CO Burlington, Feu. in( igii GERMAN SILVER S.POONS. Those wild wish gcrmaii ,sjlver arc informed that wo will sell them Dixon and Sons best ariclo and mark tiem, ns, iawasanV person sells thcin withdut marking. Feb. 111. PANGBORN Ap BRINSJlAID. U,OCKS. We are 6 We are selling the best quality Wooden (HnV liii fnr rash nt S?. haftcrSlj. Beaiuifill Ma hogany cased brass striking Clocks for cash 815, bar ter S. Feb. l'J. PANGIIORN& 11RI5.SM.1D. , ACCORDEONS. Dovoii wish a nice Aeeordeon cheap? Call nt the Variety Stoiennd net it. Feb. l'J. PANG HORN & BRINS-MAID. WII A I- IJ 11 USE, &c.-Bonnct and dress whalebone i, whalebone, brass, steel, anil wood den. Busks, F.yelits, Lacings, spool stands, Emcfks. perfumcl cushions, scissors, shell combs, Brushes and a great variety of goods. lUNoaonsit DnixsMAlD. Mosrs Hustles Estate. STATE OF VKRSIONT, ) m H R Honorable i)tsTicTorx:iltTTENnE"r, ss. J JL the probate courl for the District of Chittenden ! To nil persons con cerned in the estate of Moses Ruggles, late nf West ford, in said district, deceased, .' GREETING. Whereas, l'.lihu II. Ruggles, administrator of tho estate of said decease, proposes to render an account oDiis administration, and present bis account against said estate for eiamination and allowance'ata session nfihr. Court of Probate, to he holdcn nt the Remsler's office in Burlington on the second Wednesday of March nctl. Therefore, you are licrcuy notilied to nnnmr before said court nl the time and nfneenforesaid. and shew cause if any you have, why the account aforesaid should not no allowed, uivcn under my at Burlington, this eleventh thy nf February, A. D. 1M41. vv-m. i.o i iiegisicr. Naliliy Halts' Kstatc STATU OF Vr.RMONT, ) fp II F.Hon, the Pro- distbict or ciiiitenuen. ss. X uate court lor tne District ofClnttendcn : To nil persons concerned m thecstntcof Nobby Bates, late of Charlotte, in said Uistrict, deceased, unr,Lii.u, WiicnEAs. Win, Dean. ETecutor of the last vill and testament of said deceased, proposes to render an ncconntof Ins odinmistialion, and present Ins account against said estate for examination and allowance at a session of the Court of Probate, to bo holdrn nt the He"isler' office in Burlington, on the Kith day of March next. Therefore, you are hereuy lioutitd to appenr before said court at tho time and place aforesaid and shew cause, if nny you have, why the account aforesaid should not be allowed. Giun under my hand atdlurhngtoli, itus lilli "a;oi I timtnry, A. u. JfiJl, ,1 Pl. i,oiv., ivi.ipii;i ltciibcn Monti's Kstatc. STATF. OF VERMONT. ) nIir Probate court dutbii-t or ciiittksobs, bs. ) J- lor tne uisinci Ol Chittenden, Tonll persons interested in the estate f lleubcn llqild, inie oi u nuermii, in suiu ui-uiei, ed, testate. Ziba W. Church, ndminisisttotpr. ucbonii nan with the will annexed, of the estate of the ta'ul lj-ciibcn Bond having filed in said court Ins petition in writin:?, nctiinr. forth thai the personal estate of said deceased, as inventoried, amounts toSlol 00, and lliereal cslate in fitnn flO ilmt S-iS 00 of the ucrsonal estate been nssigned to the widow ofsaiddecciised, and thebalanrc thereof has beenexpended in ihe administration ot'aid estate : that there is dun to Melinda Rogers late widow, nnd Iain executrix oflho last will, of said deceaeil. SS3 S'J, as appears from her administration account allowed by said com 1 1 that the claims allowed by the commissioners acoinst said estate amount to (115 33 'which remain unpaid i that the rcal'estntenf snid de nnItcQ nrnhnut sixlern acres of land Ivini? in sjid Undcrlull, on both sides of the bill road leading Iroin Undcrlull village n C'pmdtidge, bounded on tho north, east, and 1 -mis owned by Reuben Par ker and on the south by land occupied hy Judon Clark, on which said sixteen atresia n house and bariij that the widow of said deceased has a life estate in 'one eij'ual undivided third part of said land, and that a biiI. of B.iid land, tumiher with tho reversion of the uiihiu.' ilnw-pr itipr, in. is necebSnrv fur the payment of thode' is against said estate and the expenses of administration, nnd ptnylnp said pouri to grnn. iiim licenie to sell said land and llie reversion oi me witi ow's dower therein. Whornuion ihe court aforesaid doth appoint tho 10th dv of March, 1611, for hearing and deciding on said petition, at the office of the Regis ter of said court in Burlington nnd doth order thnt nil persons interested iu taid cuatclienoiihcil thereof, by 'publication of this order, containing the niibMnnce of said nciition. three weeks successively in the Burlinc- (tin Free l'rcs, a newspaper printed in Burlington, in iheC'Jinty 01 Uliiucnuen, uic oi which puouca eC'Jinty of Chittenden, the last ot wiucli pulilica ins to?)? previou to'said 115th day of March, 181I Given iirtu'cr iiiy h Jnd at Burlington, this lfith day of jbruary, 1S-IL Wsi. WKSTON, Register. lions Gh February NOTICE. iCPMeJi 'iiic i let known by the cure, it perform-..-), Nowlon'- Rinaeen, ur Purifier ol'the Blood. The unparalleled ami Mill increa-inirre'piitatioii which this- mcelicnie h.isncnair eid throughout the Now l.'ujlatuj Stater, and il.e'Jii inv eure it ba pel foriiied, and the -rre-at demand tna If "foril by thendvin! ofihy-iVian well aeqi aintre. With .its preparation, ha iudneal ihu. iropr,eti r to exteiv.' its I'irjiil.ilion to almui every town m the i-astcru Sialc aud the priu 'lua' ti.v.-'n- in the United Sta'e. Tht- ranaren W.irrantr-1 -ilrely ve'ccia' li-.unt i- nol Mirp0-H )' 'any ulher ineilii-ine ever lii.r-red lo the ailliclci, a- its e.xtin-iie- -ale an I em-al pcp.ilaruy pUlnly prove. It ha within the la-t cirhticn mnnth '!...!. 1 ":.. -.1.1... nn -I J lfll,J. m,k! tii.ll'll.1,,. lll.l . .... I1& turLi! II- iiiu.,u i- - , " ran I provnl l-v verlilKV'o, niut i- preinounml In eminent anil re-pei'ial-le phjicmn- ihf I o-t nicliune iu use. U-ffil itifi'rniation may le Inrnd in eirruar.-e'Onialiiinir'eertitie.ile- of ciires and ihrec.iun- for ta iling the iiii-dmine. The- lijlowmir niipolntcd ajre-nt-. , Uiirhnp-toii, J. et.J. 11. Feck "'-" " Moily Si .tfein., Curti-anl It i-sp! Mlllort, t. Dia r Mil'oii Fall-, BoriKI and'Sawycr Water-, die,. f,.l, and Browii,-Uino-Uir?h, Hull an.l Cook I airlas, l'arkvr an 1 Mai Ik-Id- Vi-ranine. Adam- an; Murray -Candrid, M. Wirc Viu'e-rlull, M. V. BaniA fort Ferfii'urul., II. ('. u-Ur-Oe-orgia, A. till Willirton.N.Chiilfiielen Iiidnllf ll.!. lirevii itKhOik-- JoIuimui, (.!. L. Wrtrne-r nnJ C Mf,n';lun, J-.than Sinuh Bnl er-fii-l,l. Arinlri iriini an I vv Mnivvar r air- Held, Burnet and Fafnvn-orth.'CID rATAUHII SNUFF. MARSHALL'S SSUFK, it Mill c iringthe Catarrh and the-v.irioi di-ea-e. of ih- he- I, .1- well a tore eve,- In all part- t f the e-ounlry ; and Mi-I.iiniiis thei reputation wliiah it Ins UinjVince cainr.1, of J.eing abttlitely the tot aruele ol Hie Kinu ill llie- nnrkei. , . . Kath bottle contnin- llireetime- lln-'qnantiiv-nfonc ,nf tbo-e which are iflWcl at "O.NL ItthMl- I l7i.Cr..M p." Alia niercii-re a injicu e(ie-apvr, as w!l as I ctter arnVle. For ali-1 y ., I J. it J. 11. PECK A Co. ' . TIIKO. A. I'KtJrf & Co. and Da. K0Br...M00l)V. Burlinst'on. Jan. 22, 1311. ly.MS Tr AIISII ALL' i rmlin --s nnriralli-d a a HJL- Mrunglhrninc PLAbTl-R Al-o. li r Itne-ima- It-jiu, l,Hincne-.-s e.r pains in Ihe mWf, lunl or bad. : fi-r v-r, Mlo i" fc'vw-riis-, 'rvy -or-. t resli vvoiiii-i- i ant rora'sencralFJuilV l'la-ie-ri-aiviv rnrv-om-, inoreoier trv ili, p(;lon-, cr"(vrrinihi!iiK-tj-making new applu-aimn oeya lOnallv, and ID lime-, ybnrc'orh. will le cured.' IV jab-by TIIFXt. A. 1'IVK cV CO. anl Die. IIOHT. MOODY. Bi'rlington, 3n. 2i, )S1I. . ly.f-jS ,TJOAT F)U."I l.--l.'iinv ashore on thn ulieri ,t ,rriirciiie- at L"oli iifU-r point in 1'eocmlyr If l.,.i: .'.-ImLer bo! ll vawl BOAT, '.'j lew Ion- aim Thl- owner is, rerUf'-ie-,l tn nay hirpe-, ami take itmwav. 'l.U. f. M'J-.Alls. painicii ri. Cqlvbe-tcf Iiiint, F;.3, IS 11. Valuable llookM for Holiday (.Ills. MRS. WAT.KER ON FEMALE BEAUTY, as preserved and improved by ii-gimeu, rlean bness and dress, illustrated by 12 colored plates and tic cantly'bound in niorroeco pit. I oboet ik -jot, a CIitistmns,NcwYearsandBirthdaypresent,forlSll. Tmb TdKtN1. FnisNDtHir'i, Orrcaisot llovs or Siiahoni A Gtrr 1-BOM.rAisv vasiu Alsoa cqner. al assortment of Juvenile Works, far ey s looks Rollo's'Publicotioiis, Parley's Universal HisOry, 2 forsaloby . ...... ' IW ,t. . U.A. lillit.llA.-Vl i . . . -7 i.,l .... ... I'', NIitlYEIiV H'o. arc now; opening nnu oi ferine fnr sale a more extensive ssnn-tftur-f o seasonable Goods than they have ever before olfcred in this market! which Uacicat artfiy of FURS'nnd FurTrlmm-ngs-all of which nrc'oirered forlloaly CASH. Oct. . ,. . r- '" ; '' ' A Tit. STACY, Deaf Sir-tltmding an rlica in.n 1YL latepapi-r of yours, setting forth tho I'libty pf frenneiit and regular advertising, with vour own ill tie nations in ronneiion, has J'brought us' over to tne faith." . Wcis.h-,11 try tho e iwriwnt. . ' Truly yours, , II, fM. GlpDlNGa BltbwN BHEETlNGtf, 3.C00 yards. r,fl pieces Calico ; also waddim, Umr ffffi" TVT OTICK. All note" nd accmts due IliSfcut seri 11 . ..i i!.l I.., tb Ksai iinu a( It hriinn NOTIt Iii. ATOTESliivr accounts duo t ',scribcr, rmist be OTESaivI accounts duo t ""''scribcr, rmist i,e paid by the bOih uf lVbrunry jcxt or the) will D to settle with some other person, in. 27, 1841. E. C. LflpMIS. J.1 have t Jan. WANTI3I). BY the 1st of April tiiiu two good Journeym,? Tanners, who will tecclvgcad wag, s m cash hf, applying to . , . r..C. I.OOM1S. P. S. Harness Leather constanlly-j hand. Jtiary 27, IB 11. rj OTICK. K. B. KlXLOGO.Tailor. wo dJ rvv p', ' V fully Inform the inhabitant- of D irllng'iui ,jha hehnseoiniuvneeJ the ahovu bu-inc.s In llm lnuld ng ihrestlyotjposile the old Stone Fat-lory nl the 1 a'l , nnd would J-e happy to, wait on all who may fjvor him with luerr iiatronaec, in, ii. i;uti imrdbnoto order. I..3:l' NtlTICH. rpHF. Trustessof the llurriogton High School will X 'hold an adjourned jncetirur llu3 evening, at half past six o'clock, at Howard's Hotel. A) important liiisincis demands the attention of ihe JJcarel, oil its. members arc requested lo attend. .Tnn."29. 1E4I NF.W BOOKS -Blake's Biographical Uu 'ici r , IQOO pages largo imperial octave j Jol s complete works new crjilinn, Itvron's work.,, P'i'kus Letters on confirmnlion, Jllnkc's Kvidt iu i if hr,4 thuity, just received by 'j; C COODItK U "IDHCTOiMCAL RHADKli J.L at Andover prices by -200 i,i' t rer'd for snla (J C.OODRICH c:t Mcadqvvs' French Dictiunnr, QJ 25 Fosdielc's French Introddion, 3 (Irav's Chemistry, , ' 50 Young Qi'ator, just received and for tale at publishers wholes-do prices teachers nr" reniiesled to examino thcia. C GOObiMC H AiHI-S' fine Kid, Merino, Berlin, and blark -ilk Gloves i whi(e nnd colored Merino How, block worsted and whic cotton do. Gentlemen' black Kid Gloves, heavy black do. Fine rli-tic nt.n ttebb suspenders for sale by H. M. GIDDINtiS Co. L llTTKRS of Mrs Adams, the wife of John Ad am, for sale at tho bookstore, hy Jan. 23. H. A, BRAMAN. T7ARWELL'S Slinn.t Ladies' kid Walkmi X' Shoes, spring berl and UkI Slips, gaiter Boot;, Gentlemen s Pumps, and rhudicna tjn) of Fartteirsinnkeiiistrec'dnnd for sale by January29, 1310. II M GIDDlNGS ,, Co CJ1LKS Real black Italian Silk, blue black cro do kJ Swiss, Silk, Colored I- lornnces, al!), a,.lk elvetj, worsted Surge nnd sup. Black Lastim? for ial by January -J, latu. u -u uiuui.mij p to DOWN'S Vcneiablo Balsamic r.hxir! forloby THLO. A. IT.f'K .f- Co. vpothjcatits. TO TiIK li'.NKOlM U.NA'I'i:. rpii: subscribers have revcived the kaown L article, Bloodrood's Elixir, ot llcaltn, ihecjre i t dnia-e- ari-in? Irum an ll -'a'etr tne Stomach, -u h a. SC?2" Headache, rjii Lu.- of uppeir.t' I'alpiiaiion i i llie ncari, i-c. ltli.i such heal h and energy lo uiui-tuJca afihe ted wnh bal iiual Cos'ni'nf". The iincuif ibis valuable medicine, ii ss Cotablish- i that all may le enable I to obtain ll. At whulctalc and retail Iv THi:0. A. PECK d". Co. Apolhecar.'c-, Courl Hexi-e Srjiiare. ;oii ALIv, Abaut ton tons of Hay, of good quality 12 Jnn.lSll n good condition. Appiy to IllCKOK & CATLIN. A Simmons' CatSlcl Axtn, for cjileby H. M. GIDDINGS, et Co HARD WARF.. Butcher's heavy File a. V bid eon's do nnd ra-jis. 1 isiv I'd, s. Butts, Screws, Norfolk Latches, i v.. nrd pannel Kaw-, cast steel Wood Saws; hnhi.snnd forks, bone and buck handles; Tea Servers, Sad Irons, Shovels r.n.l tones, wool caids, horse cards, augers, trace cnains, manure forks, At;ies' shovels, tic. bv H. M. GIDDINGS, & Ho. TURKAB",''. 3001b-. white and eulorcl ci il, n thiead. SOIb. linen do. 500 bundle-100 - e'n lliread. 20 11. Italian -ewinir-. 10 I'-. I? n iwi-t, for sale bv VILAS, LOOMIS, A: 0 . A ( BAL11S brown shecthi!r. 2 do. power k. iiii -iJ ticks. 2 ca-es Vorl; do. 1 bale -10 inch lap-. 1 1 ale canvass, lust received an I f.,r 'ety Nov.23, 1810. VILAS, LCO.MIS & CV. B HOWN Tablo Cloth., 8 l y 10-4 hi, warranto! .ill linen. Al-o line I ird'i eye ilmper'j r,-a-h, Ku.-ia ib.i,i.rj cotton yarn ; black and white waJ ding, anu wicummrjy Cc. TO HUNT, AND poSsL'ss.on given imincdWlL,y '' ei Store at WinuO-Ki Fall, la'xly pied by Laihrop it Potwin. Aisa second store " - '"'.Idled Mil nbi for a faun y. iu ;i .en the lfith ir April next. The Grocery aiiu i'ru..ion .Slore lately occupied by Lathrop & l'otwin in this nllare. ppsses skin given ihu "Olh of I'eb'y inst. The Hois now occupied hy Moses Farrar, lonne-ly by H. W. l'otwin, with I-1 acre or more of land if de-sired for a e-a len, being a most desirable residence, posse-Men tinn ths 1st uf May next. Apply to MAYO et WAIT. Ilurlington, Feb 11. 1511. -i.!TICK is hereby given that th -c who are in i. debtCtl to us, and whore nolo and acc lunlshave become due, that pavinenl must be made- immediately, or such demands will be lodged wiln an jrucy for collection. It is hoped that this Will be n timely no tice lo all those interested, who with to ces!. At nil events we must have our dues, and if cos' is made, douhtlissan attorney will insist upon lis cost. I Vh. 5, 1 3 1 1 . STRON G ti. -"0. lUtilnct S!it; on Crftlluts l.atic. DEAR' Sllti Permit me to inform jouand others in vourviciiiiiv that I am seijl cn. agtd in tin CABINET BUSINESS, and that Ntiira custom, any thing in my hue lnav bo bought of mr on ns good ler'nis as any where in tlii3 market. I am now from various cnu-os making woik cheaper liinti 1 v r d d before; and all payine-, customers briber e'. o- t cw 1 shall h happy to see at tho New. fchoj , w' n pa-ii" will be spared to gi.-e s.lti-ii":u-iioii. Lum and i'roduceii-v'd as uunl and a littlb ea-h, -u I e n anv left in the ccnlry.) will I..- .U'lid n thi i w - lers a few rods east of (.'In."-!'--"' I'-IMLORN Burlington, January..!; "i'41; WHAIMMNG 1MIM5H SaOrcsms assort e-d rjiialiiios and sizes fur sab-Tor H-KJ; coui.'ry produce, or poods by Jan. ! 1. C. GOOUltlCji. Merchantssu'prUed with paper and books for Rags. IIOOTS, SIIOKSALllVTHKR. Tho. subscriber i having tnkeii tbo stoio formerly occupied by Messrs JlUhon if- J I Vj -, is now opemn a Lencral assortment oflloots, Shoes ami Le-aiber. which have all been bo sold for the sam at the lowest prieis,aiid as ilii-'arlie-les are ton numer ous to mention in an, adicriKtiiient, nlihougli Mr ijia- cy Ins enlarged tin paper, I wouiu ninpiy inv ite-aii 10 call nnd etnmir.u the goods and prices brforppurclias inc elsewhere. liurungioi-,iuy i, by E. J. SriMtc-x, Attnt. i , , , , i HALLF,CK'S BRITISH l'OETS. which hav jut been utibli'ltcil. were- rce-eived last wiek and are now-for sale at the Book Store. I.ikewi-e many niiseeHunenuH publiraiinii'-.nmniig which ntf the fol lowing!. .Southgate'a Twir. I.Uu of Wi'ihfle, Emi nent French writer, by Mrs. Shelley. "VTX of England, 2 vol. Johnson's Life nnd Vtuil,s Keichllev'H .Ensland. Federal Government from 17SUtoIa39. Book foi the Sabbath. Confea ions of Ilirrv Lorrequcr. Bosn ell's John-on, Bowdlrr's Family Shskspcare. Kirk's Sermons. Ktngs-uty on tho ibboth. , Newton on tho l-rr-t lieciiH." Brv. ani's Amcticau l'oett. Coleridge's I'm-t.eal Works Jan. 20. 1). A. BR M.N. ATOTICB. The subscriber having pure-Inn-,, th .1 Ipiusq and premuca formerly occupied by Gi y ("nltin, Esq. neatly opposite the Itej.Jinc Ru-n, in Bnrhnqtoit, has o'-.-n-xl t BOARDING HOUSE, at which ho will bo litippy tu rtee-ouimodate vnllarnvn and ladies with llie best attentions., on, I upon nntou able terms.. Cw JOSHUA DOANE. TVmW K-4TAll!.lIIMi:X'r.-TI,e sub--Ti. -li bers would Inform the public thai thev have fvrn' " !aeoriatnfrsliipunde-r tho riiinof Ml TCHIpL RNPS, and established the Coliner 4i..iHfai in iv tr viv.f r n, aim eeiauiisiieii uic ( iisilut Oi. .111-15 in the Liiek Shop foimcrly occiipii-d by Abbott and Wood, where thoy aro (uiiiutaciu'ring aud uuend to keep rons'anlly on. hnpd an, assuruncnt of Soli and Farn " n eif various leini'.j and prices to suit customers- slito, a fow splendid 1!hvm Ciocks rhrari f-r . ,. . .i . cnsli. All kinils oflumber meil tn Oaliucl Mukuij reerivej in exelnngf for Furnitnnr, uurungign, ici. z iaiu. i si. .HIIfHELL A. BARNES. QDF.UM CANDLES JT - 'mil's .fictl ncrni J candles, Ko. 1 Also, 1 null1 mi,ll-s f, r sal? by J. 1'. WHALING Co. TTroUSE WANTED. A small convenient ler.e. AX lsent, t-nltable fot a family consisting of tinea persons, inquire ai euii ujue-t, Jan. ly. 'TJUOWN fihectincs, vcry'elirnp by tl)0 uce ft XJ ynrd, nt LOVELY and Co's rhenp stere , JN. B- -Alj., aehoicoassoitiiiemof jv'nn-jiaid Aecoiiiiti ad,nplid to tlio presen' season, vhirh. no.t-Wihslandinthal-ebeenon handsome lime r,,. I iho less, t.r,il are oflercd at privnte rale nr.l'1 hefirstof Febnury next-poryhavra vd (M i'n't ."W.!; v W V.n,ivyl.t,i:-n. 7 .i

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