Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 19, 1841, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 19, 1841 Page 1
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NOT THE O L O H V OP C .JD S A Hi BUT THE W E L F A It O OP KOM8. BY H. C. STACY. MItLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, MARCH 19,1841. VOL. XIV,...No. 41. MT. VEKNON 1IKAD13R. l'ulvglott I i b cs of diilcrent sixes anJ bindings, Pocket Bible, and Testaments and a iri'ticml a.-orliiicnt !-"liona" J on. Him ii'i s. i 'J Si, 111 '. tl.Mt lU.N. ryjust received from N. Colleger. jis25. i S . aSSS.!. MORE NEW BOOKS, Jutreiincd nt the Booh Store, A New Home. Win) 'II follow, oimg Ladies Companion. Counlcss Ida) Hiiyvvard'n new England (lazclrcr. Mitchell's Geographical Header, a sy.teni ol Geography, comprise a Description ot tliu World with lli grand divisioi, designed for fn siritctious in schools and families, Wonders of the Htaven. D.JLJWAMAN OCT. MAl.SIIAI.lYM Arum. tie, Catarrh and Ileu-la'-he SNUFF. This Sn nl'ii superior to mi v M.rm for I'"or Hair. THE subscriber oilers for sale n Kami one and ahalfimlcsfiutn the College on the Wmooskt lurnpiiic, coiiiauung do, 100, 120, oi' 200 acres of land ns the ptir- nni'i'v bomt iii'clJ condition for a tavern, and f, the Casnrrh, and aim n i-nt.l in llie I citi', there is not a better location for such an establishment hca la-he. 1 1 opens an 1 iiurce. n it nil ob-i . . ii., .1: mi nm ninnine uci. ictmsoi pav- .L.i'. nml nnv eiitiirnrising nidus'.rioos mm with Tsmtli" capital may own a Rood establishment in a w years Ky PU'c'-'WftooDWCH. Burlingto.i, J:M,;.i '".'iLL: CAIHJf HT lJiU,Thesubscriber has resum ed the Cabin.!.' 011 vnu.-s nt the old shop on Church street, formerly occupied hy NicholK it llerrick, and rfcentlv bvB 11. Wslker', where he intend" to manu facture' nn'd keep coiK'tBlilly on hand all kinds of 1 CABINET KUll.Vrritl.ll7 "f s'.v1l' aml Jnlily not nferior to any matiiifatf.tu.vuin " viiiniiy. lie iopes his long cxp. .11 -ice, 4ovllic-r with a strict attcn KOii to the busiiH's'j, will bC-'U.V htm a share of the nubliu patronage. . . . . , rr-WAN'TED in exehfcisrM. r Caiinct ork, Birch oneTMwle ScssitlM,suit..'Me.fjt hiHlstuad; baswoud plonk, and boards from l.inch li ! .'J'.c"! wnilc l'u."' boards. Most kinds of country p.-o.-luce teceived in pavinent, (but cash would .he very ncreM; bio.) Builiiij'ton.Jan. 1,1311. SAMUEL. .V"t-S' SMK2 r. VV STAIUS. , , ,. , THEsubscriber would rcmfi.'dlinfr.ends and the public that lie occm nes a room in Church slicct, over Kern and W.alker s store-, where hcvvill give his persona, at tention to Ri;,iairi:iL' Clocki- of ever,; uv cription. Thoc which have been 1 11 use unn)'yuta lilted up in jjnc-.l "tyU? and made i" have the appearair c of new. lie woti)i?al'o g'ne notice that ho basis sinned bl- former business of npaiiint' Watehos- all vntrutliu to Ins care will lie carefully repair"'"1 warranted. Hav- in? been eiisascd l".,!")j,""'1i"" in makings well as icpairing 1 ime keep 1 ers,hetru ts bis cxpcrii'c.e m the business wilt enable linn totrncsu. '"" who favor him with a call. . . S. A few Clocks for sale, on uoni!"'J!';n. j. r. i..i')'-)"' nurhiiRton, Dec 23, 1810. u'lltRK. AS received and keeps constantly on hanii a Jarge omt lull essortmciK 01 uiHJLiuuiii, nnivi; -which are COGNAC B HANDY, I St. CROIX JiVM HOLL.VND OIN, A variety of Wl.Vl'.f, and almost every artule in the Grocery line, flll of which he will nellon the most reasonable tcruif. .He uulit also inform Ta win keepers in particular tha.t 'he will sell rum, brandy anil em tor 'i cents a gallon, which 1 he will warrant of a better quality than Home n-hieli have latdv been hawked aboutthe country by j certiin New Yolk pedlar, and if not adjudged by the beet judeep to br better, he will not nk any pay for them. He invites theui to "call and compare. llurlingtun, Oct. I-31U. tf. IF llimir el known, for leniovini; thai troul le-onie di ami 'inii'iiaii. Mie'np;ilii'iislicplanib,andi;if.. bcaltby aelon tmbe parts a leelcd. It is p. rfeetlv Iri'f from any,'di le lerio is in it.s romposiiioii ha a lea-ant fluver, and ils iinniedialfeJoei, ufier Icing ined, is abgrerabfi'. I'rieeST eeiils per bottle. Doet. Mar-hall's W-i'inblc lndinn lllark I'l..STL:il. This l'lasier is unrivalled for curintr erofulou svvel limrs, Scurvy Sores, Lame Hark, arid l"ri"h WoumU ; pains 111 the ".jile., Ilip-and I.iml s aniUeldtui inl to u'ivo relief in local Itbo iinatitn. If applied In the siile-jit will eure many of ilioroinnioii Liver Cmnplainls; mid is eipml, if not superior, to any ihmc in urn for i orn on ihe feel , the v irlui s of tin's I'latcr bavel oen vviint-M'il by thousands of iiulividnals in the I'nileil S me, vvbo'liavoic ttil ii oTlncy. Sold bvlhe pro pnelor j Cha,. Ilovvrn, Midd.'el.iiry, Vt., mid' Tnr.o. A 1'tCK iN; Co., Iturlinirlon, Vt. jel iCPIMPOUTANT CAUTlON.l It is a singular fact and one much to be regretted that valuable iiiedicincs, n toon as they I eeiime pop iilar, and have receiveil the test and 'approval ol a diseri'iiiinatiiii; publie, arc sure to I e counterfeited, and thus a l ad and spurious article is immediately palmed upon Iheunsiisptvlinnforllic genuine. Tlns'has been iiotnrio ily tluu-jsc vrilb all popular trust and truly vabiiil le inedienes for years pal, and will probably eon! hint' to I e the for ear? to collie. The la e nml contemptible, counterfeit in this way meanly takes a Ivnnlacu ol nil I ho e forts and adver- ti i'iik uteil I y the proprietors of thn genuine article, to pel their melieinct into use and de erved popluari' ly. It is therefore not less thedutv than it coulribnte 'oihe afeiy of every hone-t tnilivulual in the rum in tnity to expo-c, liown down, aiul forever nfitrDIS- 1 an, i.-siiKATrJivvho thus irrc- OOK AT THIS IIAVK VITA (.OLdll ' ?ll.t)(Ht Dir. or csNstJMPTro'j everv vt'.ir m I he I titled h: ale., and millions u er feom troul lesonie eo-ishs andeolils, llial can lu tiirod I v Vr. M. Hilfh- eiK'k's Vejc'al le irg n Cream Corph Drop-, a safe medical prescription, contain;: no poisonoui-clr' K.,and u-e.1 111 an evtMi'ive praetni! lor .several ye-ars will liio-l nosiiivelv a. lord iclief. and save von' from that awfil diseaee, p ibnonary coiisumpnon, which usually sweeeps into t.e rrave liiinn reels ef the younjr, llieo'i), tbe fair, the lovely unit the cay. Have you a rough ? lie persiia li'd 10 purchase a Louie ol llie'Cenigh Drops m-u.iyi 1 o-mniiiiw may 1 e too late, iiavo you n t'ouzfi. Dr, lli'ceeo's'.s ccetal le ir?in Crcuni Couch Crops i, iheoiilv reuieilv voiihbould tale to euro vein. l-'or this plai' ri'.istin. I'fni in iiooneol'tbe thausand rases whrie it has I ecn u-fl has it tailed to relieve .I'riec TjcciiIs per I ollle. l'or ale, whole-sale and He- ia.ll, by A. IiriCIieoriv sV CO. No. 117 Cene ee si.. L'lica. -S. 1 . And I v their airents throne hoiil the 1'nileJ Suiies. In l'urhnntoii, bv J. et J. II. l'eck & Co., Teieo. A. 1 eck &. .'o. Ill Vemcnnes, by .1.11. Bowmatv. In .Milton, by Burnet &. Sawyer. In Geor gia, bv Lofcnzn Janes. au.2 IIVKRY STA1M.11. nAVINO madcoittnsivere rtira bv addition of new buildings, Ilorses, CnrriagcF, IlarmUHi-s, Smldles. itc. the snhs ribf r is pri parcd to accom modate the public ill good style 'i ST W ani " 'n lll)tlcc'- Single, "i k Tendeni. four or t-ix Horn- -orV'"' Teams will be furnii'htil to I-nr-:-'V4'ir;u.Qii,'i tin- of plcantire-. A tnnn liny Jc fj'md in the Burn nt any hour, day or night, to at tend Ctlllfl. , , . , Cah paid for Oats and Hiy, 3 dirs I-.att i f tbe tog Cabin, or at iriv ch"p i d"ors West of J. & J. II, ,WkccCo'..,lo s,Mrl.u s. 8KlNNj:tl Burlinjt 'n, Dec. 1 ., 1610. Hf hush. JSeed Rye, free from all other seeds, for ff Pearl-st, ept, lb. sale by U. 1IUNNS. T7NOI.ISII POWDER, l'igons co Wilkes ami is. ... ... i . . . :rt . .. .....i : i IJUrton sccieoraieu rjin povvuiT, in puuiui eauis tersby, II. 31. GIDDINCiS & Co. T OOKINO CSI.ASSKS, mahogany fiauicd, at the XJ lowest prices, by II. 31. (..lDDINCiH eV Co. MOOItL'S KSPKNCK UK I.ll'K. A Valuable Mislieinc, winch, if rightly applitsl, will I e the iucn-"f .saving tltuiirands lioni an untimely grave i I, , . rt-ii hOiaaiM u-e-i iur tinny years, i e i ;.. .1... - ,u..s.isr-s. viz. Ccnsu.iip'iou, luiMiing Lougb-, eom "' .i. is.'. i .i.n-.....i. it... .,i. i..n........ . intiu voi " , sy, .iti,i,ii, , .iwiui:i,4, Hiiiiisv. A. 'liitui, fliir.iMC, running tu niumi, j-i.itn - j . . . i . .-. u .. i , ..... i i . . . i lenev lilsllt;. iiii, i-wshi; l'l uiv- nu-.ui-, 1 IIS Ol everv kind "Cr Mups ltickct!-. Colic, CalHrrh, Ily-en nre' Piiniiiif. Ai.vtion-, Heaihirhe. sjirt'iic hi Sietiii-'v'1" MeM-le-, a preventive of Con- "lou-di-i'.ise Vi J'U anu jvih-iuuliiisiii. ?e'"7't 1, i V t lieino is iire.tAred bv llenrv SeV' moi.r.of Ha-llev. -Ma- (e"m llri ' Kevipe, I y .1....I.- .s....' Vt'.ort- am lulj i- him n tk.l llu- ur; un vi in ii ki .".in, -. " .e , . ' - oni i w-iioie-suii- uu' 'i .-, ,- -v a I'.,.'- A: Co.. liuilinzKui, and bv llu linlrr-T e.'iiciallv throy-hoTt the coiiutrv Uu:lmgt.n, rpiir. Builington I1RFAVKUY has J. now commenced busiiiu's and will have now Beer in a few days, when all orders will be punctually 3 attended to. Sept. 1310. cr.o. ri.w.KMJ.N IV KW lMINTSHOl'.-.i.Tvn.DINC.JcMILUS r u , I. n..iL. I'.is-i Snoi- on Chuph-tt. . ....i. .r II I m.i. wtere ll.ov V. II r.iii- I-, r llntrsK". riilll''. SHIN and CAHKlAtiK I'AI.NTINC, in t.iulc.1 pos-il-leuunuer an ! t"i lenn. ffi .nil f ltn. vv ho in.iv favour tl cm Willi their p ilron- Ir T'l'niti,. flil. ariiisliandl'iiliy,eiiii(taullv e?, l.a,,;udfor ,ale. K;J. Vls'"' ' Burlmuton, April D, IS 10. C. 11. M ILIA. vxri.vnow sash V Jislre.ivvll.i,20 an.l4t-7ly'J a aiicutse l s.uh, a tirsl r.i e article al 31 -tl re. Us nor 1 i 'lit : al.-o all km Is an' -:zes, I irui'hesl to order. 'I'icrndcroga black leal, a llr-t ra'e arlirle, for -ale verv low'. t"gelVi"r with :i n-.-vl vanelv ( t olbcr am cles h.s i h':.i)i as van It- tound at any either r.ial lith ii)i:ni in the place, 11 ICH plain black and L luc black gre) deswiss silks A. for drcpscst: ehangesh'i't-'l'O dp iVevy ork, gro de Afrie. nnd repp silks, as-ort. d Donnetsi plain anil tig it poult no pin suk.", ; ! -i black, blue black and colored ilk v'elve s. A large , J,;., nf nlnmUnMI Uill.l. 1 clllllelle COnl, ilk roru,sVe. lassein, lace vcus, win is-- v.....-, . heel, working cotton, black iiiiii.'mn ' lace. Light ,! ,lt,rL k.d nlnv.f. Raek filltt del. lJI'ir-H silk Hud uiobiiirmitls, by i.u..i.i HITfls: M. .! o.- I, rl'iimrrv. I'jiuls. l)r vjtull's ' Ods. Vi'irnishcH. Ilrushcs. etc. The mbsflriber tin.,,.. r.s,.,.ivt.ifr us in i s rni es 01 ilea iuvs Li'vi k with gieat cau, vvliu'h lie will elispo". 01 ,11 lliel'."v." .larke-t liriecs. KOliLIlT Altltlll i LYMAN Si COLIC, have reeeiv ed iheir iiub extensive nssorimcnt of fall and winter goi ds oiniirisiiig a great variety of liguiisUnxony, douhlo and singluwidili. l'rinled Crapo Merino. Alnnselinfi in., ciiikx. ' null. .llllisi, u,uru l.Jl-rillU, .lllj?t-llllii I IIIUI I, HI lltlVllll, IUT lOOU, SieHllCSS UT VOIIIIlIing, detLaine, &e; l-'igureil Alepine, figured and plain , pains or an iiiieav tcn-alion at the pit of noiiiaeh, Dlt. PJIIiNN i; YS FAMILY I'lLLs.lpr remo ving symptoms of irri'alinn arising from foul stomach andbnwolM suehas loss of nppelilr, or morbid eravings lor food, sickness or vomittinc, SALT.- - i,0f Minots Coarte racing salt, . COW .Minots Liverpool Salt, For s-ile, in quantities to iait purchasera und deliv 1 red at any Port on Lake f hamploin, by JASON C. Pir.RCIi & SON. St. Johns, L. C, Sipt.-l, ISI0. I. VKT AIUMVAI . TF.W GOODS just received b tl.enuhscnbfr ; and Vi r.r 1,.,, 1 tiln (smwiMi'if ne.i to the iiiirrlia'.T ;si"-' 'lny came. I will only say they were itnmiy T)nrcliasi don a crcilit ana win invc 10 ou e jm m omit price to pay my debts as I will convince any one wnowill call at my l0Iy;,1".vl',1,!ty(r QW -lONTKGTION.UiII'.S JuH receives), a selected J varie ty of .Sluait b cibbroied eoniecttotinrics- JISU III WllUll.p.111., nc.niv ttut un for retail trade. TIIF.O A. 1T.CK, et CO SINGLE. DOUBLE.- UMBILICAL JUST roo'd a supply of Marsh's cell hnte-d I r istc, ofeverydo criplion.for abi by thedi z-n or inqle Oct. 10, 1810. T1IKO. A. I'ECK t CO. .Sign of the Morlar. M-.M-SOM Ol' I.IVKIIWOUT lor Consumption iXi Dv-pep'ia, Anhina.andall di, eacs ofiiiet Lungs and Liver. Tbcie disea-os prevail to a gre-at etlent, liibslre-caiuUoinefa'alilv. Alltbeeran K rcmesliod by the lite of Dr. Taylor' Ualtom of l.ivcrwort, This medicine it- pnrly Vegiial le, and 'from its peculiar action upon the Livens a' ways found a radical remely for tlic-e di,caes. ror females and men in a very weak ttalc, no medicine fan he. fO irru'cfnl a restorative, as it not only stren'ihens but B .c 1 kr.alibv aeiion to the whole svs. fe n Constantly lor lty N. LOVKLY et Co 'bo L.. ,.,s. rPiH-lved a fresh Miiiidy nfiieasonablc C00J, iroin New York, all very cheap for cash. Burlington, July 30, 18-10. r-1-Ditiv rnirr.ii syhui. A Few dozens of this famous medicine, for the euro 1. Calds and Coughs, are mr kale oy 1110 ruoscn ber. Recommendations from many of our citizens can tc given. THKO, A. PKCK & CO. ApolhccarU', Court Ilome Square. Ol'KAVS VKGi:rALU I.H I: MbmCI.M?.- The-e medicines are im'rl tc I tor tneir name to tl.etr niauitd and ten-il le m p iriiying tin springs and 1 hannelMif life, nnd enduing them wilh iriu vvel tone and vigor. In manv lnuidrrd cerlifi.'l ....,., l,i.'b have I ecu made mil Ii". and in almost eve'ry speries cidi fa.-e to which the human frame is 11.11.. il. bnnvc efts t f MllFfAT's I ITK Ptl Ls AND I'iiicnix BiTTiaes have lecn grealfully and publicly ae.novvlt'Jgcd l y the er.-ons I eneiiueil, nml who were pvev lousiy utiaoq'iaur.esi wmi ineueaiiuitiiiy pm lo-ophica! priricipV. upon whMithey arccoinjiound nil, and upon whi'.h ihtvcontequeiilly acl. 'II,.. I. IFF. MLDR'lNKS reeonimend them,elve 11 id ci-e. of everv form and de-cription. Their lirsi uhe'i-aiion is Hi 'oo-en from lie coals f the oniath tn.l 1 o-.vtl-, the v.-rio is ir.iptiri'ics and cruJines -on innile sciilni'- am mil their, land to remove tbe hnr Vni'l' f lic, wlil'li collect in tbe convolutions of the iniil'e t in'e tine-. O her me hemes only pjnia'lv inn hiIicjh. and leave siieh e'l lle'cti-l mas cs I ebind is to prul iev hat il'.al co..tivene'ss, with all lis train ol i-vils. f,r s.iil lcn ibarrbtEL with Us imminent elaner. .11 I hi. I'je'is well known to all regular anatomist. who e xamine llm human I owe Is arerueaui ; nnu lie nee 1 h- iirinibic of ihosc we'd inforiiiuil iiien agum-tniine-l. nmlieinev dr me lirines prcpam and heralded to thenul liel v igni ranl per-ous. ine eeonu eiicel 01 the Life Meillcmes 1. to esVan-e thu kuliiev's Hiul tbe bladder, and bylbis mean", lbeliveraiiiltliolungs,tbe Iieaiiuiiiiieeiioii 01 iwuv-iiviiun mi's,i..iij.uii msr ic- mi antv of the urinar orean. I lie olootl. rw nc 1 lakes its rod color from tho ajency of the liver and the lungs I tfoie it into the Heart, I eiiig th'is purified oy mem, an 1 noun ncu e,y i--uu uining irom a clean tolnaell, coupes frHv through thu vein-, renew: every pari of the syierit, ani triumphantly inruut: tno 1 anner 01 neaun m ine 1 morning enecK, Mo 'al's c"e'iil lo Lile MeJicines have I een ihor o ighly ic-le l, and prenocrreil a te vc reign remedvfnr uv pep-ia, Matuiency, raipiiauon m lue iteari, Mi of Anncti'e. Heart-1 urn and Head-ache. Kes'le me: lll-iempe'r. Anxieiy, iang or ani .ueianuioiy, ejos. ttvenes', Diarrhte'e, Cholera, Fevers of all kind-, Klie imatisiit, lion', Dropsies ot an mnii, tiravel. Worms. Asthma and Consnninliou, Se-nrvv' U -er-- Inve'craic Sores. Scorbutic Krurtion. and Bad Coin plexioiis, L'ripnvo coniplamt-, allow, Cloudy, and niherdisairceal le Coni:ilextcn. S ill Hhe.iin. f'.'rvin- elas, (Jommon Ce LL and Influenza, and various oiher eomplaints which nfllict theh'itnan frame'. In Fi.v r.n . . .... i.r. i ....... anl iVGUr, parucuiarty, ine '.no .'n.-'iiciiius mnv 1 tea nini emmen IV s ce-essuu : so iiiueu to niui in ire Fever and Agucdhdrictr, Physicians almost universally pre-crilo thcin. 1 tt ... ... 1.. rtt.'y t.n. I....... .'. . - t .. mi iiiat.ur. .uuiai rii niicsm n. j'i.uvna is in tt. particular in taking the Life Medicines t irietly ae.vor- diog to the direction". It is not a newspaper notice, or by anything Ihel lie hiuiscu mayfay in their ruvnr, that he hopes to gam credit. It is alone lytic results of a fair trial. MOFFAT'S MEDICAL MANUAL; deigned us a dometic guide to heallh Thisliule pamphlet, edilfet byW.B, MoTat, 275 Broadway, New York, has I een pul lisbed fur iho purpose of exiilaining more fully Mr. Moflal'a theory of diseases, and will tc tound highly interesting lopcrions seeking heallh. Il treats upon prevalent dise-a-e, and the causes thereof. Price, 25 ccnit ior tale by Mr .Mouars Ageits generally. me.e valuable Mcoicitiei arc ior taio ny iioneri Mocsly Druggist, if- General agent, (to whom all ap plications for agencies hould be aillresscd, po,t paid) B irlington, V. Jan. 4, 1811. spo.i 1' lv trine Willi hrallh and life. lUlitr.ltr.l'UUl-. I AM-; cetH IUh.riJ Thcit' is a nt r'on I v the name ofJ. II. KOC1IK- FOIt'l'. now engaged in telling a Pill done up in boxes inexact and perfect imitation of the genuine INDIAN VL'GLTABl.l-; FIL1.S, with thu omission el' only one word on the lloxe- viz. Wkiriit. The Pills soldbv Hochefurl are evidentlv tntcndisl as a frnud nml luiposition upon the couimiuiiiv, or they would not have I ron doim up in such exact imitation tjf the gen uine. Thi prr.-on i. tall Mustering with 11 gre-at 'the atrical swagger, lie was recently known as a very pour I'lavcr 111 Baltimore, under llui m iii'a I cognomen uf Jim Blown, and is al 0 it twenty live jear-ofaje' i-. aimosi le-yonin uouittnat hels supplitii Willi the I' I's from a Dr iggi t firm in tins city, who have heretofore I een notoriously eonnrccJ wilh counter liut medicine--. As soon ns'proef isol iaimsl the fonn ta 11 head of this nefarious h.isiecss will le expo-is), ihil Iho community may shun them as thev would a serpent. i. i tit; .mi;a.n timi-; i fik pculic aki: cau tion KD against buying Wl!IGHi"rf Indiax Vr.or.TABl.r P111.S of anyone who doe. notexhibil a eerliliraieofageii ev signed by llie agent for the New I.'ngland Slalus an.i - earing uaie sim-e January 18111. Also tal.c par lie'iilar ntitiee lhat the follow inir w-ordinrr is on thabox- es Wright's Indian Veeelal lePill find. Purgative) of die Norili American College of Heallh. The Indian ytg'tablt l'ittt sic 11 certain cure for disease 111 usevir vsiieiv of fnnn, bce.ui.e iltey ilia lougblv cleanse llie sioiiurlt and bitweh, iiidnre a pio per di'i li.irgi-bv llie lungs, .kin and kidney, and sti mulate iIip hluud 10 nui ify iiself. In inker woids ih 5 upen nil die di.iinp, and leave NAtuttE the Grand Phyiician) fife to drive disease from the body. Tbe iibuvc ouilns, or dtntn, ate die common sevvers of ihc boih, llunngh nhirh all moibidand cor rupt biimoi s (the raie ul di?cnr) si e rarried off ; nnd so lung as 1 bey 11 1 e all kept open, und discharge fteel) ihi'ir .tllotied portion of impiu iiy, the body will eon. iinin in he aldi : bir when ftum faling imptupei fuod, bte.uhiiig iui)iiic ah, siidden ftum heat lu culd, tieei rxli.iugli'in nt anv oihtr rpu.e, the bnwt-ls bei-uine cnstive, ibe pores of llie r km become closed, nr iliekiduevs fail ft peifiiim iheii lunriiuns pinpnl, he itupiiriiies which sliiiuhl be draiiiPil finm 1 He Imdy bv these nutlet., v.111 be telained. und cuiilintic lone- riiiiitilaie to. ill 1 lie bod) bei'iuiifs liteially loaded with disa.-p If iIip rlhiunpl. of our inighlv nveis should b"(nine btuckcil up, wuiild mil ihe -tcci nin'atPil w aiers find neiv iiiitl-ts. or die rmutliv becninc iiuimlaied ? J114IFO with ills liiuiu 1 bi'dv ; lithe 11.1t nr 11 1 thitins be1 enmp elo.pd, llie .'mi-imiii and rniiuiit htiiuiiis will find vent in die tHitiuis founs of disease such us Fevpi , M11.1II I'ux, vlpasle", Klifiiiniiisin, Gout, Apoplexy. &r. t Deaih will c-u I our suffi-i ins Thei t-fui e, when sirknps. at the sliuuaeh, p lilts in dtp b.i(k Mini side, quit k pulfe, burning skin, or any oilier unplea- .ani sympiiiins, tiulii'H'p llial one or nitiie ol llie 11a. lurid ilrains ate nui di.i-liatging fit-ply, nnd dip ronii iiiliun i. tibuiii in eiiiiimrnep a himisuIp (ui the resioru linn of lipalili no lime should be lost in administering a le v ttri.k tinfps oi nip IihIi.ui ruiffAtii-p fnatan ft getuble Villi ) By so doing, all llie fiineiions of llie body will bp irsinrrn 10 older, tnd the foul humors (ihp eauspof pvety infl un ilioii or p 1111 we suffer) w ill be rpiiinipd in su easy and nsiuinl a manner, that tin body will Im rr.inirtl h. if hy 11 clisrni. TIip iiIiotp Pills uiav be tnkpii al ALL limes nnd under ALL cii funi.laiicps, wilh pptfi-ri s.ifciv. 'I'licv sun all com plain and nil auee. anil are lu tlip hiunaii coiHliiuiiuit as ft.nd ; rniisf tpipirly ibe can ntnerinjuit evpn llie tiinsi dfbca'p. Like our loud, ihey ie divpsiible; ilieit'f'iie ibpy pmcr inio (lip riif 11l.11 1011 nnd itnpaii an eiifigy in ine mouii, Milieu eatine 11 lu iiuw Willi lu-e. ifoin eniilp in dip eHiipiniiips nod ciui.t im'piiiIv to Kppi die pores i-fihp -km ot fit 'I'lipy nrp nur nnd pr tlcl innncis ol ihp IiIimkI : h fau.e llipy ilraul nil eotinpi nuniors lioni 11111 die giving tluiit. I liey impsii UPu;tli anil Vtitpt 10 ihe wiiilp sysipin, ami 1 lie ir e-r f. fis are.tbvnys benpfic'at : because ihey oulr iruiovp ih'ife Litiuors rtbich are oppoped 10 heth'li. I'Iipv aid mil improve iligfsiiun, anil sniuiit slepp r.illiiws their ePt ler.ttift 1 liev rte.uisp llipsiuinsrh and hmvt-Isnl thlst slimy liiiinuiil s which unl onlv uiil.ue andrxnip Hip sic rvtuir .ysinti, lull patiilvzp anil wp.ihpii ilif di ussiisr otgins. In idmri ihpy possess all ihey good nroopi-iifs llui can be rhiimpd for suv medicine : nod wliai nit vpry rPinaiKatiip, 11 is utieily iiupof.ib'e 10 10 e Hieiu wiiliual oent lil. Price 25 ct nls per Box, with full direction', O.ili-e id (fener.i Denot fur Ihe New I.ngland Stale". No, I U1! I reniontnire-ei, near e.onn sireei, itosion. Ihe re 'u ariiPDOintPil Agents ran recetveilieir'-on lie- tif tho abovi! popular Pill.-, as heretofore1, from 1 he only tnlicound general depot for the New L'ngland Stale., lSSTremont street, lio.-lon. Peillars or Irav- ling agents are not nlloweiltoie'll the gc-iiiiiicnclian vrceiable Pill-, therefore never purchase Irom iheni. for' If vcu do vou will bo sure to obtain a ilin reruns and eotin'erfeit arlicle. s.1 1 Tiieo. A. Pkck sV Lii, Age nls in I Si 1 rl 1 11 tr! on , for the alu of the-Indian legetat le 1'ills, nso, w. II. WiIIMon. vi. aim A., unrliiiglon. Fngli-h Merino., Gro de Naples and French do. orsieii v.nmielecns. Alpaccu Uloili, Thibet Merino, eVe. l.eaiiiiful articles for ladies eloaks. Krniiuclli', Salisbury Flannel, ligunil Cirea-sians etc. Goats Hair and imitation Cainlct, Broehe'lla, Persian cloth See. I Ii5.iv- double milled Broad Clnih., Beaver and Pilot Cloths, Rich Diamond Beaver Cloih, a new nr liele lor Gemlcmcns overCoals. A large iiumlcr of heavy wor.-ied haw-Is, n five Lupins le-t .Merino and t?.i-h'inrie do, .Selling, Palatine and lilenl oro, do. Rich Chnlly, MouselinedeLaine and Cheneul llilkf-. SILKS. Ile.ivv Canlon, Crude Naples and oilier Silk, i-irh ligured Bli.e, Brown aud other colors, tlloves and lltsierv. DO.Mh.STIC GOODS, Cotton sheeting, shirting,, wauiiiiiL' ami coiionynrn, superior Irisn I. men. TAILORS TIUMINGS.-Sewiiig Silk, Twi-t and Thread, Padding, Cunva-, Selecias, coPil Jean-, Brown and Black Linen. Phiil Worsie.1 Faein!?.Vors. toil Surge, Si k tin., Silk Ibiiding, Silk Cords, Wors ted Binding (fee. cVe. I-.S'I ING.' Woo'cn Velvet. Silk Veivel. Valenli.t. Silk Satin Ai'. Silk Velvet for trimmings assorted olors Roslyn clus-ks for clu'ldrcns wear. J ATURP.'S GUAM) RLSTOllA'IIVK. 'I his Al valuable Vi'ge'alle Medicine stands unrivalled fur tiieli.llowing eouipla nl-, vizi Dy-pep-ia, or Indi- e.- ion,iiiea eii i.iver, l ilinu.ibstr.ier-, Drop-v, Asth ma, Losiiveness, onus and lo-s ol Annetri'. nnd I v ansing the .stomal h and I owcl. cures nam. in life Hie, siomarh an 1 I re.tsl. culds and I'o'ichs nl" Uma standing,, liortnus uf 1 rrath. Nervnu. oimp!nuis,i'tc., whirli arefrents'iillv the e.lect of dis- ti'. t er reverand Ague', it isa most valuable nrc- vcnlalivc as well a. a sou-reign remedy. Its virtue. iriia s. anv thing herettifnre known in removinrr S(. Vitus.' Paine, two 1 otlle have lecn known to cure Ibis aflhclmgdi-e'ate', after having I allied every exe'r tfon for four years. It has a most powerful influence in removing nervous complaints. It i pleasant to take ami so easy jn iis operalion, thai it Slav I e administered to the infant wilh safely. The abeve Medieine. is verv hichlv rcconiint-ndcd bv maiiv seieniitie eeiiiletuen. and n large number ofladies, vh have proved ihe r.ftt,.. m.i:..:.. 1. 1 1 , 11 1 - -..... iv 11,1. ii-(sonai est-.11111 111 ui ui lucii families. A bill ofecrlilicates aceomnanics each bottle. with direction.. Ii mav le had wholesale or retail of is. llriiain, Uarre, and J. C. raruaii). Last Williams- (own, Vt. sole proprietor-. Prepucil fiom the origin al recipe j for sale by F II. Premiss, .Monlpelier, nnd j. ev j. 11. i-eck cc ui, ami into. a. I'eci w., uur linglon, and in the principal towns in the state; all nrcciious signeii 111 llieliaml wrung 01 ibe proprietors. A IIUPATIC KLIXIH, t'LI.LBKATKD rcimxtv' forconinlainls arising Irom a iliscaseJ stale ol llie t,l hit anditsSs re lions ; the following are a few-of its symptom., wcaMieasci inestoiuacu, inuigesiion, loss 01 appetite lowuess of Spirits and Headache it will be found a sure remedy lor Irruptions on iSc Face. In contc niienee of tneir leuig manv nos rums circulating in mis pari ui ine e-uiiuiry, musiinf-cruier. arc niuuorueu to warrant its leneticial e.Tei-ts. This arlielu is just receivisl, and o'lered to the public as one well worth Ihe attention 01 those who are amictcij bv complaints from the above disea'c : it I cue from an eminent hysiciaii we led comment in thus recommending it. Oct. CI8I0. TIIKO. A. PKCK ec Co.. Sign of I he Morlar, one door east of J iSc J II Peck iV Co with sourness, nneln en.tivc slate oftbebovveb. Main- leni'i' wilh fiilnc.s ol these parts, nnd pain on pressure, with famines, jaundice, elysentary, pain in cither side, nnd piles. Allections of the head, dizziness, stu por, weakness, degression of spirits, hyslrria, hypo chondria, nnd cfien dislurled sli-ep, sick head ache sncomninn wilh fcetle, tlenVate nersnn". csneciallv females, diarrlieen, or looseness of the 1 owel, and dy senlary, ih-ea-cs Uthotkin, and worms Po frequent with clnldrcn, allei lions of the e he.t, .iieh n cough, or diiliculiy of I reaihing, oce'iisiuniil very fre'Tc'nily by ftdison'erixl slate tf the stomach. Monthly al!ee lions tiffeiiinle-s. win 11 eheckisllv general deluli'tv wilh loss oinpprine, aitcuueii vvnn roni les-i, uic., ague nnu fever, iiiiliieuza, rheumnlie' a.iei tiontj of ihe joints, s'Tufula, iiedoloroux, or painful alleciion. ofthe nerves of the face, neck ami shoulder. 1 have found them iiteftil in removing chronic, e'atarrh, if persevered in for .some time, in smaller dose., 'I bey ore ace-ommo-daied to all age., (children of v vcar old may snfelv use them,) and toany eliinnle, and under all circuni-slanee-s. 1'hey commit no mercury norolher mineral. 1 hey are purely ve-gelul le. Dose. two to lour may to lai.en al a nine, ami reneatcil everv other night, until the tongre i. clean, and the ih.schaiso from llie I oveels, in-li'ad tf I eiiigliuhl eoloml eir dark and of- fensive, I ticonuv. fres; and full and healthy, with turn of.ippcil c. CHITH ICATFS. The undersigned has had ihe ilej-ure ol an aenuainianie Willi Dr S. Phmiirv les somejear- pa-l, curing his resilience! in this villac. where be has ailaine-d a high character as a physician He has had an oruic rluuilv alsoin reneatesl iiistaneTi. titleslinglhu value oi ll.ii''Fiiinilv Pills," nnd from hit own experience of Iheir eilii'aev. as well as from a knowledge of their gooel eilists in oiher ease-, be has no hesitation 111 recommending them tti lu just what lliey pruless to re, a very vaiuai lorainiiy .vipuieiiie. 1 uet.vtAM .11. f.Vll 1 ti. Pastor ofthe I'resl ylenan eliurch, CattLill N.Y. I feel it to I e a privilege and duty to tay. thai to the extent of mv oliservation and exneriouec. which is verycon-ieleraliie it ring several ye-ars, the uniity 01 the article both for Dy-pi-p-v' and as a mostelliiacious t- :i.. sli.-..; r. ....... 1 . ruiiiiiy .esoiiiie, iar exiecuesi iny aiiiieipaiieu.-. More than I tuny years I have not enjoye-d health, but uueretl much Irom sick iieail-aelie'. anil irom oillious illection. I have had the advice of many respectable physician., but never found any e.lectual relief from my cuinplaiuti until a trial ofDr Phinney's Pills had l.tH-ll tllllllc. SlVIITE-t. fflll'IK tint. Harinousburg. Crawford Co., Pa., July, 183S. Can-kill. Greene Co.. N. Y.. Annl. 1325. To all whom 11 mav e'oncern : This certilie-s that Dr Phinney is a Physician of the tip! sianding in this village, having receiveil his medical degree at Cam bridge L'niver1ty. and is entitled to the highest rcni'Ct Irom ine public ltcv. uavlil I'oner, 11. l.; Itcv. Joseph t'reatiss, A M.r-Thomas B. Cooke. President uf Cat-kill Bank Rev. Thomas M. Smith ; Jacob Haight : Rolen Dor Ion. Counsellor : John Adams, do: 31. Wntst,n. di If these mils do not give-alisfae-lion alter a fair trial lliey may ij rciurnrsi, ami 1 tic money will ue retituuesi Agents are ncreiiy auiunrizcu to no so. Agents. 11. .Moeslv. Burlington t L.Jaue's, Georgia! T.W Smith. St. Albans j C. L. Drake, W.t Jldion and at mo-t tf lliu stores 111 tlieslale. S1LVKR Levers, of superior workmanship, Hindi (VT t;,,,;i'CII SIUSIC -Ot.s, Iitoaders & to Our Order nnd Wtl WArrnnt llirm tn mm ,nh.. Il Co.liave nilhbsbed limb-l-llir.rbrncl.oniinil s.tnf- factiun. Also good Levers which wo purchased lit t.on of the Boston Slusicnl institute, u book of Church New York and Boston, of fine quality, nt lower prices. Music of every variety for devotional exercise", called tno isosloii iitusiC'Jl Jitslilutc s (Sulleetton of CViurtA Musk. Tho whole having been composed, selected nnd arranged by I nomas Comer, Kso., Organ Q.OI.I) . WATCIIKS. We invito those who arc King's Cliapcl. WtlltMS, WOR.MS.-Dr. M.'s unrivalled anil unciualle! WORM TKA, a nvercigii re'incdy for Worm-. Strange and incredi ble are the eflects of Ihe-c dclcsiable vermin J few 111 rsons. and it is thought none aie free from lla-ni. par ticularly lemalcs and e'hililren. Many per-ons gu llirougii a uistre.ssing course ol tneiiicinc wutioui a lenefil. when ihev might lu relieved bv using the Worm Tea. This invaluable meslii ine has teen tested bv the exiu-rienee of more than ten years use, and a.Iministerisl 10 iiirui iloui IG.OfH) persons of vnriou age-, and not one military complaint ; on theconlrary hiinureii nave caiu-u, nnu unsouciicii, given luetr ue- idol nreferenco to 11. slier Irving llie duler-cnt article sent forth H) the pubic, and pronounced Dr. M. Hitch- coek s v onii lea the mo-t sale, eluvium, anil con venient rcmcilv in it can I e oi.tamuii 1 lor in no one o the thiiiiand of in-taiues w here it has teen used agrevat e to the iTiulftl ibrectioiis lias it evorlailel N.B. Ask for Dr. M. Hitchcock's WonstTr.i, a there ire many nostrums abroad lor lhedeslnietinof wnrni- For salt: whole-Hie and retail ly A. HITCHCOCK .V CO., o'e proprietors, 117 Gfne-eo street, L'ticn, and bv their asent- throughout the Union, In Burlington b'v J. & J. IL Ptck it Co.. and Thco. A. Peck et Co., in Ycrgmnrs, oy J. 11. now iiian. in .11111011, uy Burnet efe Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lorcnu Janes. au-20 I' OCKr.TS, for the neck, and for ministurcsi J Gold Hearts, Crosses, Stirs, etc. Gold Chains, tiold Beeds, Gold Pencils, Gold Snap", etc. We will telf these articles at such ptiers as canuot but be satis factory to our friends and customers as we wish to tlopetuein otTbcfornnavistinn opens. Feb. 19. PANG-BORN & 11RINS.MAID. ftTEW TAILORING KSTA11LISH3IF.NT IN At IVmooski Village. The subscriber has coin nssncftl the tailoring business in this placf, and will Snail kinds of work in his lino 111 as good stylo as it is Sons at any shop in thw section of country. Cutting Hone at nil times, on short notice, . WAMTFf) An apprentice al the above business. WAMLU A"$lBMiAIi HARRINGTON'. .Vuv. 10j 1610 130STON and TROY IRON COMPANY. The JL public are hereby notified, ilat the business of casting in every branch and variety, is done to order, on iheshorte-t notice, at Troy, Vt. 1 he company have much enlarged their foundry, and are now prepared to do all kinds of work done at irhy foundry in the country. Mill-gearing, Pot Ash Kettles, Stoves, t'lotigus, Axieircu', kk., 00 nanu, if inrnisnoito oruer. All who wish tn coulrael for stove-plates, or to pur chase a large cjuanlity ofhollovvwjrc, for the purpose of retailing, will I c furnished al wholesale prices and all who may favor us with iheir calls or e-rilcrs, will I e uuail Disi:asi;s of tiii: i.iiNr.s.-UrcMie.ii) llm inni iioiiiiI.h leniiU prr knutvii in Am-net tgctauie Pulmonary iinisain h ihe iikmi i.iiti dJe fuisil, nm mi lire ) 1 rui'lt,ruii', .i-iiiiiih or 1 1nliiiit' rilllMlMIIHI'MI, HMO'iMtn" m H Utl tl.1illll II rtll'rilMllfi nffipiv kind. .J'n f t f-lil) inrit.ittMo, and thr iirnni lemrx iih w-i.itiiiv . ireiM'tj ue nvmi .nni;tljl rticutini i'f iidflTt-de. 'I In- CHuwins new ccrlific.iH'3 110 oflrrpn for ninil r ex-uiitii ilion. Intkkf.stincj Umraci of.i leiier limn Mr i f C'.iv. !ih;iihi U'itr co., N. V. iu the lir .pi iHorc, 'M onru .i ihe Dili nisi. w,i iliiiy tec M i tern trki'Mft coic njiii ptTfCinl In tlio riMiiilile Vtu niijnarv ui in i lie wiwrr .uul fiirinj cf 1835. Tlie ,eron, Mr. .Mom!. Ii il been sick n lone linifl wnh "lie roiiiumpiinn. llu ili) had gut'ii dim up lie un i ctltirpil sn low .1 lu he in in Me to litMii iinm-clt A wab r4i"iiiaE taiCR fi't.inl it v of btoo! when ho rnmnieuct'd tinis Hn tf i jain . wntrit im H!riM cotn(ilne rnir, and ho u n'w .t lu'e mid lie.irij ac tri uik, Mr. l.L)iU lemoutl honnhiri f(nn lull he h m prciPfed ion a iiune dfl.tilfil rircnniii rf li'm iMit' uliti h wilt I ii w.ird imi, C b LIk Km' i.n. N. V June 23 1838. Bxiiiiri iif lener fiom Dr J.icol ?ierr. Tin V Ui.ihV t'utui' v ll'il'.ci) h.a hefii cold in I hit. i"iimH for lun e.trn, nnd tho tiiC'liciae li.m t!nt)t'd mi imccminon relfbr'n, for it r.nrel) in one nit.inre fii'fd uf Ii.iviiu the (leiied (Ten I tim h nn in fivor tf th, inny nofnuniti, moitl ol vvlildi tin iin pfirinioiH uj.fMi ii riediiluiii imhlii'. Inn ili.ti whirl) I know hy ut lu he cjTeC', I rtiiinoi he?i hul aivniy iippiot) itinn ihfieio. A founlei fi'ii .teji.iraiinn h m bee n nflVred hrie by alrclh'n Asen(, ofConisinck, N V. Hiidlheiei unrulier Hriirlc tended here iluli lronzH Muiiecied lo bcnuiious. JACOB il YEnst M. I). Mifflingion. JudLim co Pen". Slay 3, 1 8:17. Piom Or. Sjinuel Murrell. in ihe lront ieirua oT ihe Vego labte Pulnion,ir lUifiin. I nni ntified llial ihe Vc leMble Puhnoiuvry Itatjiiii in n vnluab'e mcderbie II Iihm been uitM in ut ul.ire Willi cumpleie tuccet in dnobiinue cmnUint ol the hinsn, aiienJeil wiili n severe coiiii, luas ol loice. and (he raismj ol mucli bluod, which liid previously ieIn(ed many uppt.ovcd pretcripiiou. AUvr uiing ihe liuljam ono wet-k. the paiirin'fl uice remrned und he wamble io fpek audi lily. I'h i i owe ore lined tome lime titire, and the man if now engaged not only in active but lahnrioui Luiineii. Reopen fu My, &c. B. MonnttL. Il ii now nifjre thnu lix )ft$ ilnre 1 wt brought tery low by an utTccnon oflh' 'unj(i( aod mv compUinl wiii clecldie I o be iiifurttblo b) a council ufiluee pit) ficun. I will then reriorrd lo aiguo I heallli I lud enjo)cd fir many jeJrf, b uiing ihe Vetfeubli lul. monsiry lUUain. Since my recover) I h ue teeoin mended the Ualmm in Bgrerii many cntv$ of !ug roinphtinif , and $o far h lean luin, its uie h.ia in variably I tu followed by much bciirfli, and in miiij imlaiicei it hj elTrcifd cure whirli were wholly tine peried. Uamucl EvERtTr, liuniou, Marrh 2, 1837. Kor tale, whokfale and retail, by . J. PKCK k Co., and TIIEO. A. PKCK & Co., Uur linglon, Vi. TNOIIIKI VSK TIIOS13 WHO KNOW X I'liii-e onN who know b nr imniediale ohrer valion, ran form any idea of the fflerta, of ihe piifecl relief, of the nhno.i ruren effected in cai-e (if ihe PlLFS. llttVUM4T6St. all S w K LtlN QS, and nil extern-it Pains, no in itier how ne.erp, bv the iie of lla LiuriiiPiU, Kind one who ha? used ii llial will nut laud il nbote all tiling etrr ttrcd, and joo w ill tinil wh il c.innnt be found. rCTTl or ihe ieli( fol ulT'i in liiiinan bemir who ma) be dftlicied, 1 beg nu to ak .itk of ihoje who know iifk ihe Hon. Alfkku Conkli.U.S Jit'lefor llui district, leidiuu near Auburn. ak lATTlltw J. .MytttR, I.rn. Alliens. i. Y : ak Cm. Duff tint'. kn. laic uf Uathinaion city, c.ich ol ihee gentlemen know o lea see uncotHj.iei. able b all mhtr rfmcdiea nr ihviiciand, though irlei! for many, ih-ti hae been cured by the tie ofthe U jnuitie llaf Liniment. Tli nisandfi of other petrfonii Know similar cuu'-i. e appeal lo iheir cnse ol jiu. lire iheir human ft-elingri. (Cjll i hat it duij yoi owe lo tiur eiift'erinz fellnwbeiii!4 to tel lhlt mea irmedi be known, rM-e.ik if il then in all our liieads I hi! will iiave tmirh pain whcft the neupp.i eia are ivm lead, oi where le-tdrTtt aie innt-dii'oo-, btcaiifi'iii woiih'e-a at iirle .ue i'Uei ilcftl or ihe i.iiiih hii pof. I'o bujrr we cj , if .ill who have uetl il do not nay it i hP)otul 1 1 pfriue, llifii do nol lake i The mom ieor will not allow (hits article lu be pi id f unled il ruici, when all ihe direction! aie full) follow ed. U ill ani one suffer ine iefoe mw tn in il If I: doe?, he tn 'lit to bn oiiinl muie l r ln obnuary than lliu m fieri ng. ItC1 lla wonhl neier concern lo offer I Ii im article, wcie he not compelled by hi penfc n moral ol religious duly to do all in hm powei for ihe victim of dutree and rnterv Pur thi purpose lie wou'd iooner devote a loiiune. Hi in ferine a .lolh anv wurlhlesi ailicle, iuj-'.OOA OUT Some 8windler hive eoiimcileited tins ariicle, and put ii ui wilh vari'iiiTi deticei.v On nn be imposed upon. One ihirg "o' will pi meet on 1 1 in ihe n ime of tnmstoi'k Co ; ihil naniH inns. i b nlwaia on ih wrapper, oi ' me ctif.i'eil Do not f.Htjei id 'I'lik ihi diiei lion wnh ioi, md iet bv ih i, or nevei hat ; for il i impoitMble for an) oiher'iu be ime or neniiin, m 1 1 ,i j hii.i nun, .nld It v Comttock .V Co. 2 Fletcher nei. N Voik, Tlir.U A PUCK & C . Wh .Iwale Agni for (he Sta'e of Vr-imoni. Organist ut wiwhinir cood fine finished Levera or T.rninr.Q. tn tC. tL.i! ... i i. t . ,l"e,.ai-. 1,0 ia lcl-v..Htore' ,u.8t' witches of Within his resuurce-s-and no manin this country haa vrt 1 ' i. vrirfnn v V i . ,vi,,n, prcatcr-nolhing Ins been left untoucheil w Inch would 3 ork,V I.,HOf efc Ilin.Nb.M.MI). ia in tho composition of Sacred JIusic. He has had u ii..-iun,i;i uiiui uaiii, ut ijvt'rnrn PANUBOKN et imt.VSMAl ). Watch Itciaiters. WATCH and Chicle Clelnitif and llewriti" I Kok'.'s'1. German nnd Italian music at his command, VnlrlieinnitnlnetiiMiin.rnn.l ..,..,.,l Bllll llOS Used tllCIll freely. same stvlens usual. Persons senelitii; their watches, ' . Mf Cmncr is the mot necomrtithed musician, m 9IIUUIU sonu worn 11 incysiop, now nticil, ana in vvliit i" ut"".'ii"iriuivviiiiii position. This will sum-times enable llicm to act tho "tvtne art, that vvehave known in Boston i ; and his watch returned regulatal. sooner titan if thev ncslect in uo so. r.UMilSJlf.. 0i IIItl.NS.MAID, " Wuteh Ilepairers. iiamcis a warrant that the often repeated humbug of rit.ikint; i new book out ofold tunes, spoiled by the abMird alterations of an ignoramus, has not been practised. His knowledge of harmony i3 profound -, his tastepureiindhighly cullivatcdin thebest schools; his acqunntiince with authors of sacred, operatic, vocal and instrumental music is uncorjuaied by any other member of tho profession ninont; us. Asa prr former on the violin, piano forte, and ef pecily upon iiiuorj;,n, ne nas aiqinreu a reputation in tiohtou, HAYS' LINIMENT, For the cure of the I'llcs. VVL'irifiirtll thnsiuhn Arc lrmliTr.f1 u-ltl. ll.l..l.3. trcssinc CDtnDlaint. thnt we hnvnanbl of holll.s of this art'itJc. ami tllnt wh mn rt-Ur tn tut. -I'niniii mis ioii wnu nnvo men curett by tf.a use of .in 111111111.-1U wiuen ve sriiu tncni. it can tie useu witli all cunfiibntet weilonot believe it will ful to ib o!1r'!Lf0',i'': "3jW?- T!!e K'"" u '"'."if'l "Or,. , nor ,he Insitute would sacuficeby publishinc a poor stoek.f.(i." We bsve the articlo directly frunithcni book. and will sell it by the trn.i, doien or s.nale bottle, i From a cursory examination of thii collection, we eveiiii-iniicr now in stfncii. alcnutiteriuil? are abroad. 1 n.r- wnlaiinrt ii u ir,.hi.iii ni.t, ,n il.l. miMr. Variety Store. 1'ANfiliOKN A IllUNSMAII). ,, so far as it is new. rich, arnroiiriate. and adnnted to BOSTO.V Almanacs and HamMn Almanacs for jl'c liupular taste and the state of tuj.a'.cal knowledge. 1941, at the Variety store. Tho niUodies aro choice, the harmonic "imple, easy I lllililjllv if- Iiril N S VI T 11 I suiissi . .Jiii.iiidui iuiii... unit .iiiiiimia .110 AT H(V.Ins,I)er. 1. IHIO, QII.K SHIIITS AND DRAWliRS, for Ladies and (Icntlemcn. Articles mat ato t-.nd if nut nunc to cure will yrca'l)' iillevint" Khcum.itie pams. Also the Oemiinc Hrniielrnh'a IMIs, which with the Use of the above articles if taken will eradicate Kueuinaiisni Iron! any purson recently alf.ictod, if not so, money for Ihe pills refunded. BOSTON Afil)KJlV'.Src'daihell,,,,;M.-re tln day and fur sale twholu.l by I) llli A M N such the tone of stitufe, and kccrrpacc with the iinprovcd taste of odcrn days, md better nv-islc Zost'oit Daily 'piII-.O.A. PKCK & Co. at the sign of the Mortar X hava just rce'd s quantity of Caenne Pepper, of Kntthsh importation. !!onstantlv on hand, Bombay finm Mjtrh, Kcuuinc lla berry l'lark, do. d.i in Pow der, Jamaica (imyer Hoot, do. do. in Powder, Bengal and Ohio Turmerics, eic. &c. Sept. 10, 1910. NOTICK...I deem il my duly to inform the j. ib lieihal 1 have invested a sulvc, perfivtly .siu -cuit, from three uuple veirelablg., thdt entirely -n-pcrcislct a Spanish (ly Plaster, vvhu u gives entire n licl in all inliaitiatory a-'eetion" ofthe biiinan bmly in 21 to -IS buiir., and iu'exjs I ul one application. It- ac tion i by ati-sirptin and evaporalion, it dissolves a corn from the feci cmiri-lyand without pain, counter- actsiire in a nut a or se.iiii in io inuiule-. inter it. ap' pliealiou. Apply il to the mle on a ptec c of oil silk or dre. .-I'd beep skin, furinLUtnation of the liver or lunc and il ctua.-t.. iill excitement from tho-e organs. sr.'anlcdto give re'iefas. recomtnciideil. A. .JAHK, Ui'lepropru'lor, 113 Urnomr strert, New Vorl. The Irade .iiiiplie.l st the Proyr.riot'. pruesby II irhncioii, the. 1310. J. eVJ. 11. PKCK i Co. LOTION, LOTION. Ml. WANS' IlKAiri l FVING LOTIONIIishly esteemed fur t uriner all Fruitions Ceur-enets, Itednes and Pimples on the Face Neck eir hand", and elles'lually cleaaintr the comnlcxion, and removinij all di-eaM's of the .stnr Iotbuig I'ontnbntcs so inucn to our general suewoi lile. as an encasing first amiearaine. This Lotiuo isadmire.1 a iiios( fragrant, mild, safe va.1i and prist ly eMeeuusl fonts virtues in i'leaniup, M-fieninK, and purifying the skin of all cruptifMis, so iiijiintius to fe male Lcautv. and rc-toriiiir it to a hieh de-sre.; ut pu rity. A ls.iiiitiful coiuplexton i. the pride of all who posfe-s it, and the envy ofiho-e who a re deprives! of it. What I-. so a':ee:inpto a leauiiuu iemaie,in veuo-eue-e iialuru tiasili.nlavc.l hernowe'r.a-to hnel Lcrcoim lex- tun diseolouresl wilh disgiiyline; pimple., vvlueh mar lier i-iiaiin-. t a pooii appearinee is uie I e-i ri-e-eiin mendaiion : and as the Iieaiiiifvini; I.otit-ii nurifies th skin, and removes all PnnpIe-,'Ulon he,Tdn,S.mburii ami lleiines, ami prcwiKC.- a ts-auiiiui run', it is ine only : co-metie a lady t hould u at her toilet. Geutlcim-u will all aNu find llu-ti delightful reineily, to remote all HuiighnusV, Punple.. fiinffwe tin-, Spoif, l!e.!nets, r-orenefs. of the fae c and noe-, and every kind of erup tion on the virface of the human tody, It i, partieu- larly reeoinmcinicu to pcnticiiicn to ee unsi aiier mki ving, at ii will prevent the otherwise eerlam eJ t ol all common soap, in turning the tcard preinaiure'y urcy. Fur rab' Who'e-i.le and relad by A. HITCH. t'OL'IC & Co., No. I17 0e-ne-ee .treet, I 'ties. In Bur lington, by J. st J, H.Pcck i Co., and Thco. .1. Peck &Co. In Vcrtrcnne'., by J. II, Bowman. In Milton, by Burnett cc fcawver. In corcia, by Lrtrinj Janes aus 2U LADIf'.x' 1 mti.-si Uubler Shoe-, Oaitcr Boot-, walk inc Shoes, French kil an 1 prinu Hcl Shp, Dee-. 3 1, 1810. .Iin rev'd by N. LOVE1.V A Co. Jewelry. &f. MOSAIC, Cameo. F.maralil, Topss. Jet Pearl, Cor nelian, and plain fnM Pins. Broachers, Vin par ftinss, Ear ornaments. Head ornaments, etc., at unusually low prices. Pisoaoss-iV Biissmaid. THK sale at AUCTION at Mavo and Wait's, will commence to-innrtnw at 2 o'clock, by nlTerine first, some first rate SI.KK5H.S, vvh'ch will be sold without reserve. Burlington, j mi. f. Isll fi'clina ulncli cetierallv ucrvades the book, that wa feel confident tint nil who des;re improvement will introduce it into their choirs 'immediately. Pi-opla may, if they phase, adhere to tho dull music ofold tuncsjbut we sdvic thnn to follow ihe example oi tho institute, mod Time. All lovers of music are rcqurted to call and ex amine ttiu anove uook at u. A. uiiajiaiVH JajvW, 13-U. Book Store. HTIHi.lIAS lias just received nt his new Store, . a Larue quantity of BUFFALO KOBIIS, FUR CAPS, QI-OVF.S.iti:. &e., which will be sold much lower than any IT.'RS of the like quality have been sold in this tn-irkct for jears. Ho will pay thehiehest market price in cah for Fox Skins, Haceoon, Musk tat, Otter, Bear, Mink, Sable, and thcltitrhcst price in cash fur Sheep'. Pelts. Also, cash paid for fresh Pork. Burhnrtton, Dec. 15, 1S10. Cook at this." " r"pnr. cOMrtinrshipof N. LOVELY et Co. by tta X own limitation, will expire on the 3th of April neit. Having by recent arrivals added to our fail purchases, enables lis to offer an assortment of sea sonable and well sele-ctcd GOODS, as largo and of as , great a variety as was ever offered in this market at sucli prices, nswillmaKO murine interest ot every purchaser, to buy at this well known establishment, nrbcllisr It nnwn h thp Pbf an Cni.b Stnr.r "un rl.r.-.n bide." We cannot enumerate, but would merely say, wchavo Dry Goodi, of every variety and quality, Carpeting., English, Scotch or.d American, Oil Cloths, a beautiful assortment. Hugs, Matts, Drugget fur Floor Cloths, Crockery and fJ.ass Ware, Logkinjr-GIasscs direct from the manufacturer, Parer llaiimnns, DRY GROCERIES. Dry Codfish, Shad and .Mackerel, Butter, t-heese, dried Apples, and Lard, for family use. BurlinKlon, February 10, 1311 N, U. Need wo -ay any thinj to those indebted to this tirm I we shall see. 1 Z or !0 ton. HAY for sale lv G. PETERSON i O Burlington, Jan. S, 13-11. QCIIOOl, Root's. - I ccnersl assortment of VJ School Books foi sale, Jt wholesnle or retail, by Jau.d. C. GOODRICH. "1I.OBK.S. VJ for sal,; Jan. 7. A pair ot I2 inch Globes on huh stands at iwo thirds of the manufacturers price by C. nODUICH TIUCIC WHEAT n.OWI'.R, frci-h pronnd ofsu ') ncrior quality, fur rale by C. GOODRICH. January 7, 1P-H QHAKER'S Y O Jan. fi, lBII. ARN. atTuco. A. IVck .V Co s. HA lit I 1I.VIH II IJAU.VKS-.. Impor tant Dlsjcovcry tlietJreatSIVRle'ry fmniel out at labt.DR. STERRV'S HAIR REGENE RATOR. Dr. Sterry, after much attention to the important subject of preserving the hair, has, after many experiments eneiiiiciii auu nuvsieai men auie to discover nnd article which is now offered with the (.'rcatcit confidence for the tujlet as the best thingcyer uiseovcred, tor, and peiictrntnipquality to produce a god head of hair to prevent it from falling off when baldness is npprcbendul to re'stoic it when baldness nas taken place', nnd to prevent il from turniuc cray. It ii is unite nourishing than po matum, antique oil, or Cologne water. It is a lu nuti ful article for ladies curls it makes tho hnir soft and lively, and produces uncommon brilliancy. Thous anda have tested its superior virtues and excellence, and in every instance it stands unrivalled. It is an infallible cure in all affections of the sUn on the head as dandruff, cic. etc. Every family should be sup plied with a bottle of this oil, that by its application to the head and hair of children, the beautiful and or namental appindago ofa fine head of haie, which na ture has supplied us may be preserved. Fiom the numerous certificates a ml recommendations received of its salutary influence, the Doctor feels firmly per suaded helms surcrcded in producing an atticle which will meet the desired wishes and approbation of the dublic. For salo wholesale and retail bv A. HITCH COCK & Co. 1 17 Genesee st. l'ticn, N.' Y. In Bur lington, by J. &. 3. II. PECK & Co. and TIIEO. A PECKeCCii. Bowman. In Milton, by Burnet eV Sawyer. In Georgia, by Loren zo Janca' DltY t;f)()l)S. Silk and worsted Crape, Cain blets, Merinos, fine Cirra?un and printed Sax ony, very cheap by II M GIDDIN'G.S A Co., Jan. P. Corner College-st. and the Square. iToaT) CLOTHS. Wool-dved Black, Blue, Brown nnd Green, plain and Fancy Cisi-unere, l-'arnuin'" sup. Oxford and Steel mixed Snlinett., by Jan. S, lF-li. H. M. GIDDINGS vt Co. CIAN'ADA SALT Ccsrs- and fine, also, fine sack Salt, Jan. 9. ly II. II. GIDDINGS A Co. T71N'I' TIJA. Ilvson Skin and Youmr llys. il TI-! S. of i.unr-mr oua'itv. warranted. Ai-F Porto Kico Syrup, Molssi-es, verv heavy and f.;ie flavor, by II. SI. UlDDlNGSet Co. country, man. to ffsaire an early reply, utid prompmttcnticn f.. 1., JUUV IDJV- ):' BLESSING to Mothers. American Sooihing Syrup for cbilitrcn cutting teeili. Ihe timely f this article will avc children much pain, often ml tho painful operation oflancin!; the tiiun, ie1to3Ti cts. (Jodlrey's Corelial an exce-I. I lent article lor the nursey 12 cts., both thco article i WW nt t lie variety ?iora t A.etioitN ev iirinuiiid. L 1 Synio for children culting teeili. The timely i l y.s ni.crally as at any ciiablirhmciit in tnc" um eu I nis itry. Order, should In aeldrcs to K R. Cro.s-jo Kcvcram i, Supermti ndaiit, or A. Youoc, Acent, Troy, Vt. price reilue fSMi TIIU n.VLI-Ili'.AIrif A? OTIIIMtS 1. I) en an, knuw .' iie-iblxir ora 1'iinid vilm baa Iwru It.ild, .mil he ui is iinwroteird wili fine h.iir? One nli'ife niveied with din diuff, ihiiujh luu.heil eteiv hour vthii Ii nuvt v.iu hfd rnliiely I Or nne vvlioe u e.iil) uee vveie lur Hug sii'.v, who now imi hoi u ;rej e-iuiuifu vthoe Ileitis were cuveied tvbli trtuf, tvbuse li.iir would not grow, aie nuw prowinv llie fulled ciop ufbair ! Some C4t nium be known to moi priroui, Ak Ihem ihe ratue, and jou will be lul l iliere ihiiiss li ne lieen done by ihn use of llie J)ui of Co. lumbia. Of 20 yr.iif (tuwiti i this ailiclr, its ilrir,.nul inorejiiii; unuuilW some bundled per cenl. lliouijh ,.!,,. ii ili.riivt red mil minoifil by niiviliinz fur llie .sine purpntf, now ujuilfd by nliuoi niimbeilers iiiiiiliionn Ir.iih picp will ruin llie li.iir H nseil to an) exienl. Cm mnie Ihan iheiie f-icu he wanted tel. r lo ihe Ions by a litl nfnnmes of icsprcla. bilily, unequalled by any oilier arllele. Look lo lhre tln'itg liny Ihi. article. Slu and preserve jour hair bv in u-e. or if h ild reiiore ii. Ladies, annul lo lliii . . . . .i.i i.r.. ..! :. . .1.. ..i I1UU IretiS in U-IIIUIiauia n,c uvhij; il luc uiny ariicle unlit ft for live Ibilrt. Lous hair il vety pl lo fall nut l.iilici, uie the Hsbu of Columbia in lime io save tourie'ves the iliijracc ol baldne.i Lj neg'eci of your ifi suns. Ill' jour duly, a mmaliit. lo pie- ime me neaitne ui n.iiuir, ,iu niiitn s uihiuhiui Creator lu endowed jou ; u.elheilalin.fur It will da il. CAUTION TO BE IIEVIKMBKBEI). Seveial moil flagrant nlirrapis hate been made tn Ounirifeil ihe line Balm of Coluaibia. Some of llie a ipoiiers have gone so Iar at to cuunietfeii the .plea, h I wrappers, ud llie Falls of Niigsrs, anil etny ex. tiaal inaikexcrpi ilieimms of Cuutaioek, tsliich lliey late nol furge. To stoid imioiiiii,a. iberrfuie, at. vaj kvik for ihe name ofComiiock b. Co. or L. 8. f Tnnwf .trie nflil iu.vr btiv the article unless it lis. thai nam. upon il Sold whale-tale and rrwll, only at No. 2 Fletcher ureet, N. V. '.'Ilto. A. I'ECK & Uo Wholesale Agents for the Suio of Vermont. lo A MEHICAN ALMANACS fur 1811. for srIc at jn. the book store. V- .v ..xi'V.ii. rpiu: lion ok the day. no thf. no M PAV! The Genuine old Dutch or tier man Vi'selalilo IMIU. Ilnthlr reconiiueiideil ly Doet Vale-mine Moll, .M. D. of N. Y ami others. 'I hi'n' are the evri'ers ! Any one that di e nut I.n I re- lief froin lbeu puis ibe prne is rt-fiuled lack, Ihc.e urei the pontivu orders of tbe Proprietor m agents and olhers. In uTerintheM' pills lo ibe p'd lie, 1 appeal lu ibuii int. f I icus..-. If tber pill., tirr not v.liul lhi-y recommended, you nre in duly I o in I tut evf re-pert to youru'lf and coiiimuHily tn rc.cci ihctn, and pnlli.-h lie-in to the world as an impo-iuon, humbue: and Hiiaiierv. The pul lie may I e aured ihey are purely veectalle, Ihey are i'OinpoVi-,1 of nine iuprevh'n, pan of the meslicine is onlvfoiinj in Akia and in the val leys of Germany. I'or convenience Ihe.-c extracts are nude into pilh- and will I c found a sure cure or re lief lor all billieus complaints, yellow and billion fevers, fever and ague', jaundice', scarlet rab( l.lllliviit eholic dnpe'psia. ii.e. It is nut pre'.endisl that Mt uiesJicine I. a cure fir all di-eates to which the human sj-stcm i- lialle. Ten ihoutand ii-c!e e.lorts have I e-e'ii tnadu to draw from thu regions ol unk nown fancy some long-spun ihe-ory of magic an, vvlueh would euiei e-aeh and every disease. Gocul inesliciiie is nol found iu Iho fire or whirlwind. Health and hanpint-js liuug upon chance wind -time is tlm herald of Irntli. Tlie pat at le.i.l is iceure; they have alre-aily rafiesl a monument ol their greatness which will iwfy the corroding luiuli bf time. None can I e Genuine without a wrapper and direction on each l o. cm which my naninis written at length. Sold wholesale and relai by the subscril er at Glen's Fall,, by A. U- ; Snd 79, and 100 Fulton u. snd II. M. Meigs, South Maaket n. Albany. Bseiim cfc llawley, 211) Slver i-t. Troy, General Agent, for the stale of New . ork, .11 Ml nil l muri-i... For tale by Wm. Ithodes und F. V. Green, Itieh. moiulj Morion & Clark, and D. & l. - Lathrop, Willinon: llngar&Conutock.Shellurn; Il.sianion, Hste'x i G.-o. II. Oakes, and Alien Barney, Jfrichoj J. K., Wesiford; J. II. Barnc, tharlotu-, It Moody nnd Geo. Pelcrton, Burlingltin ; and lv . UUIG'GS, BurliiiRlon, Agent for Chittenden Co., where Snli-Agentsean 1 Mipplvatiit wiioletale prices. mallcerinan timc-riccesat German stiikinc Clocks at 6 BO, German Alarm Clocks al6 50. Panososk & Bkincmaid. ii F.RMAN CLOCK8- OILVER ALARM WATCHES, at 1B.20, 25, O UCC. 15. PlNOBORN & BllHf MA1P T TF.HirAI. ALMANAC for 1841. for salo J.V.I boj(c store, Price OVjctt. D..VDRAMAN CtASIlpaidfor OATS by Jan 3, 1P1I. H. M. GIDDINGS et Co. IVew KMalilislituctil. JP. WHALING .f- CO. inform the puhhc that thev have located themselves in thu village of Burlington, mid have filled up a store on the east side of Church strict, winch may well be d.-iioimnattsl "(. '.ap-tidc," ncaily opposiie the bank of Burling ton, andarc receiving finm Ni.vv York a cl.uu-. si ec tion of goods well suited to the teaf-on, vvn.i h the) olli-r for saleaiuw ai canbe yuriJia-ied in the ruui.iri, far ready ray. Among their goods may be louiiu beaver nudbtoad cloths, cainicre.-, satinets, flannels, merinos, niontlmc delaines t-o. A choico selection, also of French, and Amciican iruils, equal, at least, lu anv in llitrlinctjn. A gtiural 0"Orl-ine-nt of cambrics, niuthtis, iilaiuand figured, edgings, inserting?, blond laces, ipc A gnat variety of fhaivls, and dress handkerchiefs, ladies' gloves and hose, vvr.h a good suppiy of bbached and iinbleacticd doinestic goods. Also a good supply of croekrry, of ihe Utest pattern's, with a few elegant o.irol potior lamps ; and finally, a few choice family groceries, site l n teas, sugars, molasses, coffii.tu-e', raisins, dr fish, tobac cos, lamp oils, ipc. , , , We do not pretend to .-peef)' oil tUo kinds, t.a say nutliiii" of tho numerous articles of which each kind is composed; but suflire it to -av, lhat the assortment will be found to contain most of the iutielcB wanted m the country ; and those Hist fstor ua with their custom will be entirely relieved from the examination of old poods, or remnants. Our enure f lock u new, ami fieshfrom the tnatket, and has been selected wuh Ihe greatest possible cste, w ith reference to ihe v ants, comforts and benefit of the people. Put we do not wish tho public to take our word in Ibis matter, but most cordially invite thcin to call and examine for themselves. Butlington, Nov. 26, lSlO. DA. BRAMAN, UooKsceu.n .i.n Siationeoj Butlington, respectfully informs his friends and the public, that lie is still constantly malitns nddmons to liis assortment of Lav, Mediea!, Clas.ical, Histor ical, and Miscellaneous HWt, from most of the linnses in the country. He vvil endeavor to have it nt all timet embrace the most popular publications in every branch of Ittcraturo and science. His stock of School Books, in every elepart mciit of Irarning. of tho most popular eehtions now m use. coinpiiscs nil that arc used in this section of the country. Blank Hooks of all sizes and descriptions, of superior ruling and paper, and bound in a substan tial manner, constantly on hand. Cap and Letter Paper of every quality anil iWcrintion, as well as Tl l'.ni.,.n,n., nf ll A.Ofir. finil i-nftlliss. Lia.VIII a, II. "'IS J ,"HV W. a.. s...... .... together with a general a.sorimt-nt of TAT10 ER ami almost every article usually called for in a Book; .lu-n-d fnr alp All of which wero nurcliaBcd at very low prices, and will be fold at a small advance from cost. ... , rS'lIercspeclfully invites the attention of Parents Teachers and Merchants, to his si Burlington, Nov. 11', lbtu. BUItLINfiTdN HIGH SCHOOL..--Tbe undersicnul, Trustee, rf " Hem t.s'GTeN Hlcti Scuoct.," wo ild i.-.form llu inhabiunts ol tin village ami vicniiiy, that the next quarter 111 said institution will commi-ni-c on Thursday the ISlhday ol'. Ii l i vm.' a sebool of till '-baraetcr i crcaily nee I, an I ihat ihe patronage of this towii alone, it eoni-cutraieil upon it, i. amply sullii-ient lo siislain it, and Kireit a pl.iee amnnz the leu in-'.iunions of tbe km I, we would ro-poetfully und earnestly solicit thu patronage and co-operation of all parents and gaiar-. diaiu, who have, onth of a proper aire to tend. The uivlersiirne'sl, Tru-iec-, have no public funds at their in iiiaiiiuinimr tlie sennoi) yet, -eo nave enueavonsl, for the puHic good, in connexibn with llie patr. ot tlie se nooi to sustain a leaeiicr anu keep the i,ml ling m repair. I he latter wo nave, done lu s une ex'ent, ut our oe n expen-c. Ne'thuic iu want ing but tbe hearty co-Ojicr.u.on and patronage nt'our tello-A' cinzeii-. of Iho village and vieiniiy, to make) Ihi. iiisliluiion an ornament tn our Town, aii impcrtant aid to our College and a seene of u-cful and -uci-essful st.idy to all ' ur youth. We have lull confidence in tbe ability and ufi'eiit wi-l.c. rf the Principal to make tbe sehnol, in all respects, what it oiuht to le. Tho Trustees, after full examination, find that seholurs In cosstasit ntte'ndaiite, have made goml prrgrcss; thai they have I ecu correctly tansht as appear-, both from examination and from the testimony of Ccllcgo O.iici". to whose care they have pasted.' They find that the school i. generally still and orderly and that thcbuildiiia is kept in goesl and healthful order. En iMiiruseil by ll.e eo-oper.iliou of our fellow citizen', u'i! will snuro no nains lu makmc tbeinstiluiion vvor- ihy of their patronage and e f the palrouaeo nt jiarema au'd guanh.insal road, The Principal is prf an-d lo revfivnalewyeunguieu or mj- mlo Ins tamily boarden. ruuir. JNO. k. COXVJ-.llSF, N. IS. llASWhl,!,, ti. (!. INGUtSOl.1., STrutu.. TI.MO. FOLLLTT, Jir.MAN ALLEN, GEORGE MOOItF, nnrlinsl. n, 6, 1S1I. stock and price. 1?INF. BROAD CLOTHS and CASS1MF.RES. i1 The subscribers would solicit the attention of all who are in want of any very fine Cloths or Cassi mere's as thev have a good assortment of -almost every shade and colorwliich will be sold very chenp for cash, Jan. 14, 1841. Y N. LOVF.L-. and Co. , YITOODBN CLOCKS, for sale at the Variety A' ...nrrantpd ! nne nr two wnnden ot Bras. 1 cloc'is will le sold for good Becclt and Vspln.Wood, SLEIGH SHOES, Ac. 1 rC air ,cc' I'lates.1, Cutler and SLip.h Shoes, 1 tJJ Cast Iton do. finished Crow Pars, Anv ills, ices, Waggon Boxts, Shovels, Spiuhs, Dung Forks, sheet Lead, Sheet Zmc,Hollovv ware m gnai variety, Nov. lit STRONtiS CO. SNl'I'F ONLV TWENTY-FIVE CENTS.-D.M. Hm hcock's newly inveplfd Siiu.l'iho lest urii' e'e ever di.covi'rea! I y n'lcnttlii' men, in Europe cr America, lor the cure and absolute relief ef Ca arrh, Diizini'.s rf if.ellcaJ, Wea'e Eye, Nervous Heed-ache-, Fallen S.cknc-f, Kit, and Infaqts tr. ulled vv uh Sn "llie ', partial thivl. i f, cVe. For sale wholesale and read, I y A. IHICIICOCK cV Co,, sc-le Fiopr enr, No. I" Genu ee tt. Ulna, and ly the-ir api-ni. throu'iiiout ihe rnieiu. In llurlingtun, J. & J. II Pe k 4. I o, In cr.reiine-, I y J, H, Bowman. In Mil on, I y U.trnett 'k Saw jer. In Cvecrgia. ly Lo- rins- Jane Atitliony Il'io lc' IFiilc, STATE OF VERMONT, ) The ProbatcCourt for DikisiiT ot Chittenden, es. J iho Distnct of Chit, tenden To nil persons interested in the estate of An thony Rhodeu, late of Richmond, iu said District, licensed. Wnrsr 's, Wm. Rhodes, jr., ndinmis'rof the isslnte of stud dee'enscel, has innde nppltcMun to this L' t.rt, to i xtend lb', lime limited for making ayincnt of the dibts eif said deceased, tv, Ive menlhs Irom the Bill dnv of January, IS 11, and tho third Monday of February next, being nssianedfor n hearing in tho premises, at tho Eagle Hall in Williston, and it having been ordcrenl lhat notice thereof be (Men, by publishing this decree three wcrss successively in tho Free "Press, a news paper printed at Bur. lington, before the time fixed lor hearing. Tlicreforc, you arc hereby notified, to appear before said Court, al the time and place aforesaid, then nml there, to make objection if any you have, lo the said time of payment being further extended as aforesaid. Given tinder my hand at Butlington, this 3lh day of January, A. 1). IP 10. WM. WESTON, Re-gincr. YV OHM l.O , P. MTi:S...Thi valuaUc article Tl i.diiilyetabllliingltsclf,aslhcle-t medicine for that painful and somi-iimes fatal e-ompln nit in ihil dien, the weriiis. At whole--ate and re"ail lv Jan. I, Isll. IIIEO.A.l'ECKVt Cc. MR. EDITOR, Sir will jou notify all creation that tho subscriber has for fale, Buck's improved Hot Air Cooking Stove, at the new- I rick storc Ce l lege street, also at Jcs so Gay's foundry. This is one of iho latest patterns nnd iho first f 1"1(. rver introduced into this State; Ihcv have been recently in troduced into (ho Suites of Pentisjlvniiia and New York with great suirefs; and uttlice it to say, they are the most convenient nnd will do more business with less fuel than any oiher Move, A preamble to paiticulariioilsquahues or prices is ue-clesss. Just call in sm'atl favors nru thankfully received and greatonc; in'nroportion, and if money continues scarce I intend '.".iu'tholesHOfit. soil vvi'll be useless to go without on thnt account. fe. W. 1A t,OR. Burlinstun, Dec. 17, 1870. , WANTED, a few bushels of pood clean whit Beans for w huh a lair price will :bo paid in poods. Pec. I?'

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