Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 19, 1841, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 19, 1841 Page 3
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Suvdvin. After hearing the ntguinonts of Messrs. ?.'.' u, Lr .1 'A"?L... .1.0 inrt uf the prisoner, and (MTOimmi u ui.iiii M- . t,,n,.n.. mul llr. ?Ul;nr,n;oyem,nUcn.,hp,.,..of!l.o r.r .1..' ,.,,. oot Stale, l ie 11101 on v- w ; ,'Vt i iii T -V.- n Tucflilav next, nt 11 A. M. si-.i:ihe mot 011 vvn 0vrrn1cn1.m11 Sunnr.? DK..T.t.-At the largo Dull, Ki '." P"'; lamt, in ll.o Htclnnen Hull, before the da nciK had began, Mr. William Parker having led his l'1'". the floor for tlin purpose of taking part '? ,h dance, fill su.ldcntl lo the floor, and was camci m t of the. loam. A .iirceoa vvn immediately called, ond he wn found ltfelc. Hh .leath was occasioned by nn organic disease of the hcatt. A IUcn. f.ast Saturday, in the violent gale, tho train on the r.rrntj Island llailroail arrived nt Hick Tiile'i in the train wire n couple of bnginigc ear?, which were dctatched jut before going into iho depot. The fury of the winds immediately seized the two ears, and sent them back upon the road. As soon a possible, a locomotive v-ns started in pntsuit, hut it was only nftcr a race of seventeen miles, in a thicket of trees upon a curvu in the road, (hat tho fugitives wcrcovcrtakrn, Miss Wiuir.nroncr..- When Mr. Wilbcrforcc was chosen member fur York, bis daughter in walking lioinofrom the scene of iheelecli n, was cheered by nn immense crowd, who followed her to her own door, crying! "Miss Wilbcrforcn for ever 1 Miss Wilberfora for cer !'' The young lady turned, ns she wasncen.hng the slair, anil innti'iiiing tn the popu lace to bo quiet, said, very emphatically, "Nny, gen tlcnicn, if ynti please, not.lfi'ss Wdberforce for ever," which sent them all homo in good humor. Tub Past .vvn the Ft-rcnr.. The following sen tence from President 0.uincy'a Address', nt tho second Centennial celebration of the settlement of Boston, is iHgnificant and impressive : "ThogrcU comparative Il nth' written in tetters of living light on every page ot our History, the inngti .ire addressed by every past age of Now England to all fu ture ages i ihis liimian happiness has nu perfect security but freedom; freedom none hut virtue; ir thatntta but kn iwli?es and neither freedom, nor virtue, nor knowledge has nny vigor, or immortal hope, eceit in the principles of the Christian faith, and in the sanctions of the Christian religion." " Divoncr." or tiic Oi.ot-G rno.M the TnrAscnv. Messrs. Blair and Hives hava been dismissed from tho office of Printers to theU. S. .Scnnle by a vote of 215 to IS. The whole count! y will n-joiec that these lee ches have been choked oil' at last. The Naviovtio.v. Tho Hudson R.ver, is still clo se 1 here, lint i open at New-Hamburgh, eight miles below, to which plica the gteaniboats inake llieir dai ly trip from New-Yen k. The ice has bent very rot ton lure for more thin a week, and it can hold but lit tie bnger. A steamboat can soon cunv through it without difficulty, if it doe not mow, and one may be expected here to-diy or to-morrow. I'anghknptit Eagle of Siturdni'.' A Wite r-.vci.-rn it. In the correspondence from Algiers of the Tnulonna's, tho following singular story )s retired : During the Marshal's last expedition, one of our clii"seus found, near the tents of a tiibe we were ravaging.a sick of considerable mastii'iidc. With out seeking lo know its contents, ho fastened it on the crupper of his horse. I'.ro long, to his utier aston ishment, he heard a hiiuian voice issue from his bin-thr-n. mul dismounted to solve the invstery. On opening the sick, ho discovered n beautiful fcin'al", be tween 15 and 17 yens of age, and a valine containing about 10,000 fran'-s. It appcnrs.that the young wo man was the wife of, in ih, who had thus picked her up with his money as hi two greitcst valuable, but in his terror had abandoned them both. The sol dierplic; I his living p tx on on" of the ammunition wogjiis.nm! divided the money with his comrades. A Chinese STr.ATAcr.M. The following is an ex tract from the menioi i il of Tsang-Wnngycr, Mayor of I'ekin, who w'lsi-om'iiiss'.niied to present the best plan for conducting tho war against the English ; the Emp-ror, to use the words iifihe document, absolute ly '-quaking with wrathful indignation." The scheme of destroying thcBiitish fleet is a beautiful specimen of Celestial simplicity : "We can tcmpttheir vessels tocome nar the shore, and a previous arrangemcnthnviiig been made, weeau sjinnnu the people who Itvc along thccoiMs, such as expert and able swimmers, nud hon who puf-ess bravery and siiength, am uniting to -cveral hundred ofmen. We can then cause them dining the night to ihvida themslvcsinto conipinws.nndsdentlv proceed -iigthroujh ihe war, Mrei'wav bonrd the foreign Slips, an I ovcreonfiiig the erews in their uiiprcparc it state, make an cntiru massacre of the wliolof them." Killed bv as nLEniAXT. The united mensgcilcs o' Messrs. Humph rc- mid I.vnos, was to ha vo opened todiy, but as the ch p'iant of Mr. I.y.ies killed a man yesterday, who travelled with Ihe menagerie, and broke oft", the opnn'ni2 of the exhibition is pntpond tillto-mirrow, Thursday. Thommeof ihe deceased was Cri.m'i. He was the kecptr of Mr. Ilimiphrev's elephant. V.slcrdiy afternoon, when about six miles .from th'S r ", up the cnist. on the opposite side of th? nvi-r, atulai both elejibin's weie walking alone togelber, thcih'eeasfil adilie'ssrd son.e words to ihe elrphnnt of which ho had charge, when Lynns' ele phant made a louiigcnl his trunk nt him, flint knock ed him and hi- horse down, lie thin took him r.p. put him in his mouth and crushed him lo death. Whenho ciino on n.-ir Algiers he met a mule on the rosd, which ho threw over the fence out of his way. He then beenne uiiutinageah'c, pnsseddown through Algier, creating great alarm, and wis at large as hie as ten o'clock 1 ist night. A'eif Orltans Picayune. A Question or Ohdeh. On Monday last while a bill inipowcring married women to'mako bequests of property belonging to them, was before tho Massachusetts Assmhly, Mr. Iirad burn, of Nantucket, raised a question of order by inquiring of the speaker, if, under tho rule whicb forbleis members diriclly intrreslcJ'in any subject to verte thereon, all married men were not disabled from vntintr on this o!ioion ! The Chair said that if Mr. i would put tjio caso of any inrtivieiual member who-x; wife held proper ty, the point of order should lk decided. Mr. Dradbnrn said he cwuld furiiifha list of fifty of win pi'miemenso situated, nut to fave time lie would leave the matter to their own consciences I'RnSBNTATIOX OF A JAlh. At the recent term of the Court of Common I'leas in Portsmouth, the (7 rand Jurors for the .State of Xcvv-IIampshire visited the new jail in that town, and returned a bill against it. After stating in detail a number of causes of complaint, the bill concludes as follows: And tho jurors aforc(-aid, do say, that the ..1 -f . I r ," . in.e .muuoaiu, as a piacc oi coniiiicincnt ICir Jjitmin beings, hnvovcr deprave ', is a reproach and a disgrnro to the people of this county, and a violation of the principles of humanity, and a common nuisance, which .should not be tolerated .or sufiered to exifct among a civilized community, it being inconsiitent with the spirit of our liberal institutions. Tin: MissoinuuM. The skeleton of this wonder of the animal kingdom is now being cxhibilcdjn the M. Louis Hotel, entrance from Charttcs street, and ie attracting crowds of the curious. From a statement we have r cen, it sccines that the nretent nronrictor of lhis extraordinary skeleton found it in the centre ofa largo spring, on the margin of a creek called Pomroo de tcrre, about four miles from the Osage rrrer. An lndisn-lradition pointsd to the existence of such an animal, as well ne elf signaled the exact spot vvbero the bones were found. The Indisns related mat their fathers had told them that in enrly (imcs somo enormous nnimnls had foutrbt n lntile nt lhat soot, ond deslroyel each other; nnd that the Great Spirit iindburiVd ihem under the spring. These animals, they said, dcstrovnl ilm I nilirin nnd linfl-ilr, nt afenrful rnte. Tho bones were found nt a depth of irom sixteen o ivventy i.-et. The skeleton is thirty two feet long and HMeen feet high', the depth of thn iwn.u ,um, un, renin u ntiout eight leet. nnd it reaches wilhin'rlireo feet of iho ground. lis feet, which were webbed, arc four feet across tho toes. The tioneorthc lore leg is lorty-tvvo inches in circumfer ence. Th upper raw is furnished with two tusks, ono upon each fide, projecting horizontally, nnd til rirr'it aniles with the iavvnt first, and aflernrd mm. Ho back towards ll.o side s of thonnimal. I to point of there tusks, in a straight fine, measures' fifteen feet. The head, wilh the tusks, weighs one thousand one hundred pnundsj pack tusk weighing separately, three hundred pounds. The i.pper Jaw project over the tower, fifteen inches. The animal Is belived to have been ainDh'ibious. Arrow heads were diig up in ths same spring, and human bones of K Rai(iic mc, specimens oi wiutn may noteea al tne exhibition ro'ominCliarlrcs street. , V,4"1. ''lat 'l ',0 of lhc pmprielor of this collection, to tako them b Ivirupein Ihe spring, wnpjR m.v tt'in nt. .!....,., I. n f.s. .,...r. , - ' """' ""Mtiii "mi men in se.ciicc, Liittiyo classes. N, Orleans 1'icayune. DESCRIPTION Ol' "ICni.ANl) SHEEP.' "Tho Sheep of this Frozen Glimato aro of two hinds; a small, and pcobably tho native breed, in colour varying from dun to nlmost black, and large wh.1 0 breed, probal'y imported from a more southc.iy region. Tho coat Is that which m'ure would give to the inhabitants of such a clime, it consists of long coarse hair externally ; ami a close layer of wool witliin, which no wet or colli ran penetrate. This Wool, however when freed from tlio hair, is of little value for manufac turing purpose?, and is fit only for Horse and Collar Cloths, anil common rugs and blanket?, of the best tiro exported to North America Kven in so cold a country ther aro rarely shel tered from tho Winter's storm nor is any provis ion made for tho winter's foot), their only refuge is the jetting rock, or the mountain cavern. In their haste to reach these places, when overtaken by a storm, and the snow driving against them and confusing their vision, many arc precipitated down tho clitrs, and drowned in the sea beneath. The only kindness which these animals receive from their keepers in the winter is, being fed on fish bones, or frozen offal when their natural food is buried too deep for their ingenuity and patience to roach it, yet they repay all this ne glect with a supply of wool, of which mention lias just been made, and which to the Icelander is valuable; and also a quantity of milk, far su perior to that which is yielded by any southern flock. If Van Froil is to bo believed, an Iceland Kwo will yield from two to six quarts a day, The principal peculiarity about these sheep is the number of their boms, tho greater part both of tlio Fmall and tlio largo breed, having more than two, and a few of them carrying eight horns they commonly hac three or four or five, must of them of a spiral form, yet often but little de veloped, the side horns are curved in various direction.--, When the horns do not e.vceed five they aro placed in one row, and'all of them springing from tho frontal bone, on which as in the Sheep of Cyprus, there is a high and strong ridge, in order to form a proper basis for the horns. When there aro more than five horns they aro placed in two rowc; but. still Ihcy are a prolongation of the frontal bono and of that alone. It is worthy of remark, that while the Sheep of Iceland arcpoliccrate or many horned, tho cattln aro polled, A specimen of these Sheep, may bo seen on tho premises of Col. II. Thomas, in this village. A yearling half-breed produced 0 1-2 pounds of wool, last spring. From tho Feliciana Whig, Clinton, I.a., Sept. 2C, 1940. Or.viLi.E IIospoiin, F.sq. whose death was announc ed on the 'i'l lust, ib parted this life nt the nge of about thirty years, utter n short illness, which bo horo with a resignation unusual nt that early period of life the example of patient indurancc, nnd manly fortitude thus manifested cannot be f.iigolliu by thcdctolcd friends who watched beside his pillow, took counsel from hisviitues, nnd remain lo deplore the removal of one whom the chilling hand of death blasted amid the blight piospcctsof yoiiili. Mr. H. was a- natitc of t.onntcticut ofluscarly history we know hut little, but we arc warranted m believing llicpureand estima ble oualitii:, el. J undcvialini: netiludc of ninnosc which charaeicried his conduct while u mcinhir uf tins comnjunity, guided tliernrlirr years of Ins life and formedtho la' of character. For sewm! vcaisnre- viousto ninowiL' to Clinton, Mr. II. filled Iho place nl I' ol tue jilojitpilier .Vcniliiiiyjn the rarish of St. Helena, wheie by untiring industry and ardent devotion to the duties of the station he aeipiiied honor to himselfniid ihe confidence of Ins employers. t During H lefd' neo of four yeirs in ihisparish, asso riited in the nraetiec of the I.iw. with Thomas I.. Andrews, Ksn. ho has . sustained nn irreproachable charaelei. Ills quiet and cxuiiplary deportment, his kind nrinnersmid amiable disposition, nnd his devo tion to his profession render his early exit ri source of deep regut to a numerous circle offrii lids in this com munity, and is calculated to east the severest addiction upon his parents and relations that are not prcpircd to receive this mournful intelligmcn of the eiispcusa tions ol piovidencc. Thcilleci uf all these excellen cies of character was seen in the interest taken by his friends duringhis illness, ami the eirrow oxprosed nt hisd.Mth. They miniti"vd lllftst tondcrly to. his suf fennss, nnd have garnered up his virtue? in fond re membrance. Ilulngy cannot add to a reputation's nisnllie.', yusnl'g.onnnd fm nds'iip would j.rar ih'ir testimony to virluis so conpicuoiis, and whjle n-; weep the loss, would rejoice nt the glorious rew aid immor tality confers, "Hivpikscatin pacej" Tho subject of the above notice will be recollected by many who knew him as a temporal- resident in ihis place. He was a member of the University elu ring theuiia!perijdof four years, nnd was graduated in the year 1 3 J3. While here he was much respected by nil who knew him, as a young man of good habits and fiir promise. He possessed great enterprise nnd independence, of mind, which led him on the comple tion! eif his academical course to seek employment ana sphere of action among the people of the. South western Slates, lie had spent most of his time in ,ouisiana, first ns a teacher, and afterward engaged in the pi oft scion of The testimonial of ihose whom he hid nude frienda in a land of strangers ns given in Ihe above notice is iho lies' evidence that the principles imbibed in his youth had been maintained in matuic years nnd are a rich source of consolalion to bis early friends who arc called to mourn his death. ConiMimieat'ieJ. IiUni.rxr.Tov, March lfilh 1911. At a meetiii2 of the friends of the lliblo. lmhl at tho McthodiFt Chapel, as noticed in liio lat l ice 1'rcss. Wm. A. Ur.isvvoLD vvrts called to the chair, and llnNiiv 1'. Uickos wasjchoson Secretary. Tho meeting was then led at tho throne ol draco by Rev. Wm. II. .SAnor(D. 1 he lollnvvins resolution was then ivissed. after remarks by llev.J K Converse, .Wm II. Usir..i sj 11 n-,". ei 11 t-t .nullum, ii. j.ii',. 11, uiiu M. 11. oiliivv JjSII, licsniica. mat me measures ought to be adopted for exploring the town as soon'as it can bo conveniently done, nnd supplying.. every des-titutc family wherein onu member is able to read with a copy of the word of Cod, and every child under ir years of ago that can read with a copy of tho Now Testament. The tollowmji persons were then chosen to carry into eflect the above resolution. For School Dis. No. 1 J RANDAL, D P ADAMS, r - 2 LYMAN KING,- DEA. HATES, - J J FAY B TOWSLEY, .. 3 4 Eq-'C J ll.VUS luiY. WM. ATWATERl 7 J K CONVERSE " " 8 IRA FORBES " ' 0 S D BROWN, ' North Pearl . WM D MICRRIIiLj ) Soiltb l'init st. t " " 10 DK PANG HORN', T M MITCHELL.. " 11 WM HSAFFORD, ., . ,n DANIEL PERRV " ' 12AATWATER JOSEPH WAIT r " 13 WMA ORLSWOULD, GEO B SHAW, " " I4IIPHICKOK CHARLES BENNS It was then voted lhat this distributing Com- mittec, enter at onco unon llicir duties and cm. deavor to comnloto their labors bv tho 1st daVDf May next, and make report, when throUL'h.'io Henry 1 Ilickok the secretary of the county Iliblo Focicty. After some discussion with rcsjiect totlio means needed for the purchase of Bibles 'k'nd Testaments and the desirableness of these bottfc? bcinjj at hand at every nlare. it was votod't - That Ceo JI shavv, Win Ilurlbertand J V Whal-' ius bo a special cotnuiittee to call at our nublic Hoiifcsaud supply them with the ronECtitQfJ nicir ncuicjr, ami nu mr as ucMltute, Willi a copy of the Millie for eacliKJlcciiinir room. The inept? 1 .1 1 1 f . . " 7 , -rs ss Lr-s iii;j iiiuii ujuausi uimr prayer uy uov. rj IJ Jirovvn, IIHMnv 11 1 ittMmt? I' ..... 1. jiiuivujv, c. . - .. . ' tirtrcenry or ui: mcatngv N'-W WATCHliS. Just received some New l.nli.h Wnlche and sointv centime OlivW Quarlis-s Waiche,s, wild rwond-, dnn fine fini-heU watches, We bavo nfevr aowl U-vers and good Fug' ll-h watches left which will idea.o the nim-ha Vr. iiiarrii luili IHKlJliOUN 6 UltiNMAID. A DRICK X'OH HA 1.15 . nnilKHilr-crilerodt ri for sale on re-.tsonabV term! X riin;of lOO.fKWilr.t ratellnek tiiumentMnlletd nay very convenient lorrjioops or iieat,y, it u uei e. nblo InrSleiihs from Grand Isleor oilier places ApiiIv' 10 Kstex-.'Marori ICih EBULON LA VINE- Marrli IR Irs 11. T OVELY ct HURI.BUT, New York Goods, noW. (uieivint;iiircciircinuiw 1 urn, inatncvt D sua rorihwith at "Cheap t?id" Star. . , In Underbill, March Blh, Fdeseisii Hursikic, aged 72. Printers in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, aro requested, ipc. , , In Huniinglon.on the 20th ult., Li-nun Cabtcn TEn, aged 31 years. Tn Ihis village, on tho 6th inst., at tho rcsidenco of Mrs. II, F. Wulkcr, MAno.vnET Benedict, a native! of St. Francis, and a member of the St. Francis Tribe of Indians, in the lBth year of her ago. The sudden death of this intercstiug youth is one of those mysterious Providences, Iho reasons of which aro concealed from mortnls. t It has awakened the svinnnthv nt n l.inrn rnnim.inltv. who were cnifltscri in prcpnringhcr V1 return in usefulness to her native true. As wo have had, of hie, sa Interesting a connexion with her and with her tieonle. It may bo proper to give alittlc history of both. The St. trancis tribe of In dians were oncca numerous, warlike and enterprising race, spreading themselves over a large extent ot coun try. Their original location is not well known, lint they have filiated thofatoof most other tribes. Hy encroachments from F.uropcan settlers, by war, nnd contentions they have been much reduced and scat tered. The main body of tho nation, now having a separate existence, nnd amounting to between three Si four hundred, hold a small extent of country, nt St. Francis, about soventy or eighty miles north-enst of Montrenl. This is secured to them hy the llritish Government, from which Ihcy also receive a Ifillipg sum in goods in the way of an nnnual donation. Most uf the tribe are nominally Roman Catholics, but in great ignorance. During the last twenty )cars several of their young men have been educated at uartmouin uonege, or miner, ni mouroa iinrny School," which u the preparatory department of that Institution, and was established by-its founder for the educalion.of Indian vouth. Among Iho number thus cJucatce) was IVti r P. Oxunktrhine. Hc vvas a mar? riedtnan long beforo be hod concluded his studies. While nt Itanjvcr, ho became n Christian. His soul was now filled nnd fired with the desire of Christiani zing his people. He toiled through his studies with unquenchable leal then wont back to his tribes re duced their language to writing j prepared a spelling book in the Indian tongue traversed the country on root .till he obtained the means of priming it, nnd of establishing a press at St. Fancis. He then opened a school commenced himself aconrsoof theological study was licensed nnd commissioned by the Am. Hoard, ns an ordained missionary lo his tribe in 1833 He now has athiiviiig little church of about twenty five members. Hut while Mr. Osunkclhinevvns thus wonderfully transformed by the grace of God and by education, into nn intelligent, christian man j his wife and child who had remained at home under tlio influence of heathenism, were Indinns still in their dress, Inbils and nil their feelings. Feeling it essen tial to his own usefulness, as well as happiness, that his companion should have some instruction; nnd rightly nnticipating that Christians in Burlington would takeaninterest in him nnd his people, he came out Willi his wifeand little boy (sixorseven years old) clad in pure indian garb, lo see if they could not be in structed here. TheCongreeational rhurcli, to vvbieh he made the proposal, readily complied with it, and placid them in Mrs. Walker s school, and with .her proffered aid, and that of a few olher friends, sustained about one year in a course of instruction and furnish ed her, on tier return home, wiih the means of intro ducing among her people our American modes of dress, housekeeping, &c. Soon after Mr. Osunkerhinc's wife returned, two little girls from the tribe come among us about four teen years of age. They became hopeful converts to Christ. One of these was Mnrgiret Benedict o niece of Mr. O. and the subject of this brief sketch. She has lived during the last four years successively in dillireiit christian families, in order that she might be instructed in religion in domestic labor, and enjoy the opportunity of attending school, She endeared hersell to her Teacher nnd to the families in which she has resided, by a kind temper, and correct deportment. She early showed a puculinr nptness to learn. To qualify herself to he useful to her tribe, was, especially during the last year of her life, the great, absorbing and ever present objectof her thoughts. Often would she ino,uire of her teacher, pistor and oilier fiiends 'if they did not think her sufficiently qualified to return and gather the Indian children in n school and teach them the Bible nnd the way of salvation T This de sire was her ruling passion in her last sickness. She did not lliink tint she should die because, (she tho l. God bad woikfor her to do among her nation or other tribes. When she was told she probably could not recover, nnd would die perhaps in a few hours, she seemed lo yield with pcifect cheerfulness nnd compo smeto the will of God and said, 'Well, God is wise; God is wise; if he thinks best for me to die in Bur lington, it will be right. In this frame. she committal her departing spirit into the hands of her Saviour ; nnd her end wns pene?. It was our cherished hope that God would list- her ns an instrument in missionary work nmong her people ' Hut God Is vise,' to his will let us cheerfully submit. Com, TVriiW sritlNCi r.OOIlS.-Wehave in,t rc It ceived some Mac'. NecMaee-, Hearts and Cro-so, Green tinirirle", Concave nnd Convex Spectacle-, II and (' Fifes, Oviave Flutes German Flute with silver nn 1 l!r.-s Ivy, ' nivl F Clarioni-ls, Tuning Forlts uutl I'llcli-I'ipc, I'utunt lls-als for lla. V'ioU, and numerous other new Goods to which we are ma'.iiic e'frasiant aJdilious, ul the Vnrieiv Stun. March lfilh I'A.NGIIOUN & Hltl'NSMAtl). Lyman Vale's Ustatc. STATE OF VERMONT, m II V. Honorable msTincT or cniTTKNiTX, S3. J J. thcprohatc court for the District of Chittenden : To nil persons con cerned in lhc estate of Lyman Yale, late of t har lolle, in said district, deceased, GREETING. W.nnE.s, Win. Yale and Elnnson H. Whceier, ad ministrators of the estate of mid dco ascd, propose to render nu account of their administration, nnd pre sent their account ngainst and estate for examination andallowancoata scssionof 1I10 Court of Probate, to be liolden nt the ReiMslcr's ollice in Burlington on tho Glh day of April next. Therefore, yon are hereby notified to appear before said court nt the time nnd placenforesaid, and shew cause if any you have, why the account aforesaid should not be nllovvciL Given under in v hand at Burlington, this 17th clay of Mnrch A. I). 181 1. Wm. WESTON, Register. WE the siihsiril ers, having I con appointed by the Honorable the I'rol aiu Court furthe District of Chitleudcn, eoinmi. sinners lo,reHt;ive, examine and adjii.i thcrhiiiiis and demand- of ill por-ons, ngain-t lliee-tnii-ofSillv M Suiton la-eofillisr,n 111 said Dis'riet. i!i-e-esed, renre-entcil iii'olvent. anil nbn nil I'Mims 1111 1 demands cxhiliiii'.l 111 o l'-tt thereto; and n'. inonlhs from ihei'ny of the dale hereof, lemjr allovveil l y said Onrl l'r that purpo'i1, we do tl.eie lore herely give nonce dial we will attend to the Ini-iiie-s of our iiiipointmenl at the Eagle Hall in Williston in said ihririei on the first Mi.ndav of Jnly next, nl 10 o'clock, A". M., of said day. Dated, ihis 1-t day ofFcbuaryA. I ). 1 84 1 . Vl LNicn''.'0S. j l-'nn'mis.sioner.s. IC7" TAKE NOTICE ALL those indebted to the subscriber vvhoce notf s or nccounts ARE NOW DUE, arc requested to make immediate payment if they would SAVE themselves COST, for I Kill hare my pay, (peacnbly if lean, forcibly if 1 must.) ,. J. WAINWRIGHT. Burlington, Mareh 3, 1SII. SlihD salu nt HerJ,, While ctltcleloviT rHvlfor March, 10. HOWARDS GDI f DICED' We have a few Gold Beevjs nt ill crent prui--, al-o Gold Necklaces about the same leuglh an I price e,t Ihe Beivls, PANG HORN & I1RIN3MAID. F.TKAD A: Nl.f'K OltNAMHNTS-Aiul Do.- 0111 Pins nl'redtieisl oricesfora few wee'e snt iheVanelySiore-. I'ANGU.NRN &, UHIMMMAID. ,s.i,,. .ui; DuuBVlllil.1 II US 11-llltlVCU IHB UlllCC It to the rooms over Lyman &Co'o's store. s.Trvrir'i- t-i. ...i.n.a.HM 1 1.; D. A. SMALLEY. Burlington February 1, 1811. FKA'l'II I'.RS. Just received, nndforsileby the subscribers a quantity of live Gceso Fcailiers. NELSON & GATES. Burlington, March 4, 1841. LA DIKS, PUNCH . Will, rins,Pene-il point, and lends, juM reocived nl ihe Vnriciy Store. March 4. PANGIiUR.N &. Bltl.SSMAID. CLOVEH SUED. iOOO lbs Clover Sees) for Side bv HIt'KOK cV CATLIN. March 15, 1611. WANTtl)-Pc,v, Clicccc in cxelianc While Ileum. .Duller Ac iiicctc la cxenange lordooiN, lu ll, ai. liiniii.MJsjiico, LAST CAIil-AII persons intebted 10 the irn of D Kimball &Co. ei note or Account. r renucslcd to iiinkB navinenl thereof to lhc ,ul.sril.r who is niitliorixej 10 settle 1I16 same. Those who do not seo lit lo attend to tills last call lefori- the Olh of April, may cxpeyt lo ind their .bills t the Altor- ' levll V l-i it . 1 lievs, sv.i.s nuiudu., Burlington, March 0th, 1841. 17AIH V'-HNINO. Tli subsctibtr would ad I vertise those rersons ludtbtcd lo him. uluimi notes or iiceounts have become due, that thoy uuist be met by tlitf uay uc.ipm uvi, or iney may ex. n.n in linrl ihi in iu liio handsof nn attorney fur cat. lection i for bo has deierpiintil IP' onunence with tlio new administration lo co.mci ma u'-ms. JOHN K, ORAY. Burlington, March 4th, ,1341. lrISSOI.UTIO!s'.--'rlie copartnership hereto- fore, existiiiL' between llie'subscrrbers. under the firm of sinauldiug &. Mills, has been duly 'dissolved tiy inutua) consent. Thosa indebted anq Jlio hav. big demands ogainst said firm', will fettle llie'm with O. II. Mills, who ii Only uuthnrixcdto'settlo'thesarive. . il. II. HIMUUIJINU, C II. MILLS - The businc-ss will be continued by the subt eriber ct the old stand, Church . HuiUBtan, vf, .Mareh 5, tjll. C. 11. MILLS. SUN'Rl!3i:,.tMrel,, ISIK Hear ye, Hear ye. To all tho inhabitants ol the O recti Mountain Sate In.1 it known that the Inventory wascomplet toil Inst night, the exact condition tjfilic farmers' mc ehauiiV nnd people's cheap caili store fu'ly asirr tameJ. Heivvard, not wanling any fcther oll'ci', will be continual as the nirent. This Ipiik tried estab lishment lull existed tbrouirh four ndmuifslrations ot tho general government, and ihis morning commen ces upon tlio fifth, under elicenim circumstance", such na inot brilliant sun rie, waving lings, roar of Republican Artillery ot tlieSnulei t vbice of go on go on ofa whole people n-joieing nt the prospect of better time, & of yet buying Goods Cheap at Howards, Hurrah, Hurrah, Hnrrah,'for the Uhenp Cash SlorccV thoAercnt whoc faculty is Taxed 8400 for telling Goods Cheap 10 the People. I.tltlics High School AHlGH iSiCHOOh for Young hadies, will be opened in South Hero on the Ist day of April next, under the instruction of Mrs. Feances Wiiee t.En. Instruction will bo given in nil the branches usually taught in female sominaricp, with the excep tion of painting and instrumental music. Particular attention will be paid to vocal music. It is intended that ihe course of studies and the mode of instruction shall be such as are calculated to fit young ladies for the stations which they will ho callcdiipon to occupy. TcnMs of tuition, the same for all branches taught S3 per quarter. Board, including wa-hing, can bo obtained in good families for $ 1 25 per week. Nothing need bo said of the advantage of pursuing the delightful paths of learning on Ihis beautiful island, deservedly distinguished by the oppellation of "The Garden of Pfcvv Kngland." fit IJ'OR SAI.F.. A very voluable farm, sit uated in Milton, containing ICO acres, with a houe, two barns, and QUt-buibl-inrrs. two frood orchards, nnd from 12.i to 1"0 acres ininroved. tlio remaining nnrt is well lim bercd. Tonus easy, nnd posscssiin given immediate ly. Apply to James S. Piatt, Milton, or to L.U. Piatt, Colchester. March 10, 1311. AMERICAN DICTIONARY OF THE ENG LISH LANGUAGE. Kirst edition in Octavo, containing the whole voc ibulary of the ftuarlo wilh corrections, improvements nnd sovcrol thousand ad ditional words, to which ii nrcfixed an introductorv dissertation on the origin, history and connection of tlio languages ot western Asia aud Luropo, with an explanation of the piinciples on which languages are formed i in two vols. By Noah Websisr, I.. L. I). i or sale at tin: nooKsioro, i, .. utv.M.i,, March 2, IS41. "PICTORIAL Illustrations of the Bible, consisting L ol 2UU engravings, with views m the Holy Land, together wilh many of the remarkable obiects men tioned in the Old and New Testaments, representing sicrcd historical events jusl received nnd for Hale at mo hook siore. u. a. un.vjiA?,. March 2, 1S41. MTFAV BOOKS. The subscriber has received the a ntw su.ii'lv of books, amont! present week which nie the following : A pictorinl Geography, by S. C. Goodrich, 1000 engravings. Rural Life of Kngland, by Wm. Howitt, from tho second London edition, corrected and revised. Dav's Examination of Edwards on the Willi Me chanics Own Booki Hall on Baptism s A Green Hand's First Cruise! Visit to Remarkable Places, 2 vols.-, Illunt's History of Christ ; Rhint's History of lilisha t l hc rniiie ot tne, ny tne author ol mc l.islncr; aacreei .viciomcs; lioaruman on Komamsin; Young Ladies' Companion ; Young Ladies' Friend. March 2. I). A. 11RAMAN. Tarern Stand For Sale. THE subscriber oll'era for sale his Tavern stand, best known ns the Eldridve nlace lis V Q 11. 1 . r- u- r?-ii riU P 'tn .S. IIIIIL9 11 Ulll IlltJ VyllllCgC, Ull ltg&sSkMlS& the Winooski Turiinike. with .f-jsviUMi""' 41 acres of trood land. The house is 4G feet square, two stories high one barn -10 hv 50 tcct. liorse-siicd nnd trood stohlcs. wood shed and granary. The stand being on the corner where the Hincsburgh road intersects the turnpike, there is nota better location for a tavern stand between Bur lington and Motupelicr. Any enterprising man with a small capital may own a good establishment by pnrciiasingims property. 1j1.vvi.-j MlUHl.t.. Burlington, March 1st, 1841. QV Thousand good pine Shingles for sale by OU Jan.S,l?II. G. PETERSON. TO RBXT

sijuarc. Hooms for a small family, near I II. LEAVENWORTH the TTARD WARE, SADDLERY WARE, GUNS, xi Hollow ware, q-c. J lie subscrilier lias just re' ceived and is now oncninc a lame and ncncrnl assort merit of the above goods s eoiunrising neatly every article in the line, and which will be sold on very rea sonable terms for caih or fchort credit, at the liard- vvarc More, comer of church street anil the square. HUBERT MOODY Burlington, Nov. 20, ISiO. iri:w ficnooi, cr.oGitAiMiY and 1 ATLAS WITH OITTLINr.MAI'si, lyS. Auavs Ti's MiTciicLL. The author 01 the nl ove works has been professionally devoted to ihescieiuc c.fGco'v and Ihe publishing of Map, during many vrnr 4 11' I bis former prodnctinn-, e-peeinlly his Map id the World fur Academies, bear ample le-limonony of his abun dant resource-, upon which he his so 111 c-rn!ly drawn, in prodiieins theal ove school works. The lollovvinrr exiracl oftlje Geo'v and Atln-, is from a joint recom mendation of ihe Teachers in ihe eily of New- York. "Their merits are numernu ibe denniiimis remark ably plain and concise. The exercises arei-opiniis 11 ml 1 111 porta 11 1, and I he descriptive i? Iiiiiiiiuui.s and correct. The divi-ions of Ihe Aiiieni-an coiiliiient, are icpre senlul and desi-rile,l as they really exist nt iheyre-enl iiine. nd ibe gross im'ssiatements generally (ound 111 sc.ionl ireographie.s are cone led. The lyporaphi L'Xcc'itiiui is 1111 eninmruily ileal and disiuiei, indeed the atlas is n Model of the Uinl, nnd actually ut'in with iiilomialion." The oulline Main arc iieculiarly ealcjlaied to exercise the slii'lent in hi studv, and to fill up at bi leisure. For sale by ( GOODRICH. A MILLER WANTED, to tend the crist mill at il Hubhell's Falls, Essex, by the first of Muy next, vvho is well acquainted with the business, and can give satistaciory reicrcnce. Jan. l-l, 1811. tf. JAMES I. CUTLER. PLATED SPOONS. We inform those who wish to ei t a cood and chcan article of Plated Snoons. that we arc prepared to show, and sell them an article which will wear well and give theio satisfaction, as cheap as the cheapest. Panc;iiorn & Bnivs.MAin. plAl HOARDS and SHINGLE, 50M Shingle, v-' wm icet spruce uiap iioaras, uy J ct J 11 PECK cc Co Burlington, Feb. 19, 1641. GERMAN SILVER SPOONS. Those who wish L'crnian silver arc informed that we will sell them Dixon and Sons best urticle and marl.- them, as low- as uuy jicrsou sen- iiicm wiiuoui niariving. f eu. IV. IMAUUUKIV ct IUCI..M,I1. V LOCKS. Yv e nre selling Ihe host quality v 00 Jen w LtocKs tor ens 1 nt SJ. liarier sis. liiauuriil .ila. bogany cased brass striking Clocks for cash SIS, hir- ter Vis. l eii. 111. r.iAiimirlA ct mil j.m.iiaiii. A CCORDEONS. Do you wish a nice Accordeon XV clienpr Call at Ihe Vnnrty Storo nnd pet it. Feb. I'J. PANGBORN 1IIUNSMA1I) WJ H A 1. 13 II O N H, Ac-Bonnet and dress whalcbono; whalebone, brass, steel, and wood den. Busks. Evclits, Licincs. spool stands. Emeries. perfumed cushion's, scissors, shell combs, Brushes and n grcnt variety of goods. rAscnonNiv. BnissMAip. Ono Cent Itcivard, T3 UN AWAY from the subscriber, an npprentico by J-l- tlienameot l.naiict I'ouill.ilii. All persons nre forbid hai boring or trusting him on my nccoimt as The said Charles obseonded taking clothing not his property, therefore any person who will return the TODINE SPRING WATF.R. A recently discover property or the said Charles shall reeeivo iho above A ed fountain nt Saratoga and contains projierties reward. JESSE GAY. known in no qthcr Spring its freedom from Iron Winooski Villoge, Feb. 15, 1341. renders it safe to be .drunk uy a certain class of inva- . 1 . 1 lids with whom Iron prows injurious the quantity ol SUPERFINE bluo laid cop and letter paper, fot Iodine contained in this water renders it the most val ine at manufacturer! prices, by liable mineral water for every species of Scrofula, vet Jan. 21, C. GOODRICH. discovered, for sale by J. ct J. II. PECK & Co. .ifts. BlW7iSiA TF;A 1,TS' Tu"ll,1"B. Tca nnd 1? EVISED STATUTES of Vermont, for sal. I Table Spoon, j glass Lanterns, Lamps Preserve ft Jnn 8 C. GOODRICH. Dishes, Plates, Hies, Sails, Peppers, Mustards and . Cruets. Fmo wn and pocky KnivT., Scissors, pODFlSH, of superior quality for silo by SheajR,etc forsaleby Hi M. GIDDINGS 4, Co. j ' j. M. G1DDINGS A CO. Feb. 19, 1841. 1 , ; rr-l 1?RESII RICE, forsaleby A7.0IIS. Joseph Rod gers and Sons superior J; ji jj, GIDDINQS it CO. also Pomeroy'a fine Strops, ond the white Wind. I sorSoap,forsaieby II. M. GIDDINGS cV. Co. TioWN'S VeiretnMo Bnlsnmlc Feb. 19. 1341. ' IJ KMX lit 1 by THF.O. A. PECK & CO. n'tPPoisu'i'fr" meV??"'' Componntl Syrnp or IcclnnU loss. O l eb. 19. for sain by H.M. GIDD1NG& &Lo. ' f fof CONSUMPTION; TVICADOW'S French Dicu'onary, containing more i, ivt; wholesale 01 retail, hy T.A- & Co. i.X words thap Bogcr's, at half Iho price. Fur fnje ,,,T,;,,.t.'"iTi;Viisi.c! mr r e . 1 .1 1 liy C. GOODRICH JRKGORY'S BJLLIOUS PILLS, wholcsile and -. Jv,:-,,, rn r, m: rr i. vJ retail by m'li.l Thfxj. A. I'ecic & Co. TVTOTIcn. My wife, Sophia J'oirell, hasbft my L hcil nnd board, without any jutifirationl ami I HXUI'I'' AND TOHACL't). therefore forbid all pcrsous harboring or trusting her T ORILLARD'S-Miccoboy "nulf, " on in, account. JAM' POWELL. Xj ih Scutch do in small bladders, , Georgia, Dec. 1, 1810.' do Smoking and chewing Tnbacco,--.4W- pROCCERY A.ND GLASS WARE.--F X N' 1 'V.8 ttft CO. KJ of granite China w ire. Tea anil Dimnp sells, - !?- T Z r trrgcther.wilh ' general ntsorttnent of erockt-ry ami TJROWN BHKKT1NC1S 3 000 ynr , ISOWres glassware) also, lamps, patent top. screV top and J3 Calico; also wadding, tailing, itnd wickiup, for astral lamps. Lintcins, tumbers, cir, all of vhitU salont WHALING . Co's. will be sold che- y for cash, as we will 4ny - : llinl favor us with a coll. ' ' TVT OTICE. All notes and accounts duo the subseri- Church st. J. P. WHALING A Co. iv ber, niust be 'paid hy the Irst day Of February T5UOAD CLOTHS.-PleasoeaU at the new cash n"'' or rt Wl" boun,, " 1 1ff.l" fe"!' i3 stoie on Church street, .ml examine the broad WAl. u. 3mr.sQ.. cloths, braver cloibs, cassiinert" ami Mtinetts, before purchtune elsewhere, ana mqcii nonce r ' 'j. P..WII..t,l.NO & Co. Good, dcfin with p'tfrM, ) vhet(je v.rfhad Jr riot. 1 Jc'.ilct John' Estate. WH, tho ub'scriberi, having been appointed by tho honorable the probata court fur tho district of Chittenden, commissioners to receive, examine and adjust tho damn and demands otnll persons against the estate of Jehiel Johns, late of Huntington, in said district, deceased, represented insolvent, nnd also all claims and demands exhibited in oil'sct thereto, and six inonlhafrqm tho day of iho date hereof being niiuwcuuysaiucouriiiiriiiat purpose, wo uoincreiore hereby give notice that we will attend to the business ofoumppoinlniont, nt the dwelling house of thewid ow, Elizabeth Johns, in Huntington.' in said District, on nie socana nionuays ol iVlay anil AU 10 o clock, A. M. on each of said days. Dated this liilh day of February, A. D AXtnv! II nnnni.ti " il August next, at 1341. AMOS It. COOPER, ) SYLVESTER R. SNYDER Comm'rs. HF.MAN GILLKTT, ) NOTI(i:.s-,This certifies that I have given my son Enoch Johns, hit limn In lr.nln nnil nt fnr himself, and that I shall neither claim any of his earn ings nor pay any of his debts after this date. Attest, ISontE L. Joiivi. Ifuntinsilun, I-'ib. 21, 1811. TO FAI1MEUH...D. KIMBALL, Jr. will pay CASH, for from sixty to one hundred live HOGS Burlington, February 25, 1841. 3vv Take Partlriilnr Vntli'p. AS I contemplate a change in business this spring, it is desirable that all persons indebted to me call and settle by the 20th of March next, or other wise nil notes nnd nccounts that have become due will be leti in the hands of nn nttotney for collection. I hope no one will complain of this explicit call, nor fnd tn give iminedialo attention. U. E. EVANS. iiuriiiiginn, iron, zs, mil. NOTICE. Know yo all men that I the said Joshua Remington, Jr. habc given my son, HENRY H. REMINGTON, his lime, and all debts contracted by my son Henry H. Remington after this day, I do not consider myself liolden for, neither do I claim nny of lua earnings. JOSHUA REMINGTON, Jr. Ilmesburgli, February 19, 1311. 3vv MESSRS. PANGBORN it BRINSMAID, gem. The four Boxes nf Sh-riiim' f'rmr.l, r .,,.,, had of you cured me entirely ofa severe attack, of the uuu j iiti neeompaii:;;.- cy a inro uougn. 1 e. tCCIII llieill llitrhlv nnd rpi-nmntnnil llm.n trt nil lm have a Con-di or the Lung Fiver. EZRA 1IOYT, Essex, Vt. July 13,1810. Pangborn & nrinsmaid Bile agents for Sherman's Coughand Worm Le.nngesnnd Poor Man's Piasters, his Lozenges all have A. Sherman, M D on the box. CANADA IN 1H31 38, showing, by his torical facts, the causes of th Intn ntti'innii'd Revolution, and of its failure. The i.i p-rnt ennrliilnn of the people nnd their future projects, together wiiu inc personal nuvenliircsoitlie AHtlior.and others who were connected with the Rpvnhitinn. be- V. A TucLLEn, llrig. Gen. in Hit Canadian Hcvubtican service. This dny received and for sile nt the Book Store of D.A. DRAMAN, Feb. 18, 1SII. NOTICK TO HUII.DKUS. riUE suhsenler will firnish in B.irliiutcn and A vioinily, tiRAMTK window vaps, sip., under pinning, Thresholds and Door steps if any descrip tion, ol i he lir.t quality. A hill ol any sinne wauled will be attended In, nnd VI information (mulshed l.y Mes.r. Folleit cV Bradley, Pecks ev Co., and BriJIey & Ilyile. Any person tail leptlu-qnality oftbc sione, by Ihnse fiirni.lied for JuiL-e I'olleii's hi.u.eor I're-i- lent Wheeler's hcu-e in Burlington, It is presume 1 that tho quality and price v( ihe-e stone will warrant a scneral Use if builders will lake the trouble lo ex amine the si nieand prli'i'. GF.O. W. COLI.A.MKK. Barre, V. Kel ruarv-18 II. 6ui S'TORE FOR SALE. The subscriber being about ' to relinquish the mercantile business oilers his Store and remaining stock of GOODS for sale. The Store is 2(5 by 35 feet, two stories high and well finish ed with a wood house, and horse shed 33 feet I0112 attached. The location is a desirable one for business and will be sold low. A credit will be given if desired. ALEXANDER FERGUSON. Huntington, South, Jan. 20, 1311. 2. A YOUNG MAN, (not a Gentleman we thinks passodaSJ Counterfeit St. Albans bill to a small Bov in our store vestcrday, the 17lh inst. The bill is.Vo. 291. Letter I, firned A. Phmnton. Cashier. B Swift, President. The bill is much worn and has been torn and mended in two places and part of the bill gone, nouie one may recollect or sorig such s toil I in the hinds of the SCOUNDREL who passed :. 1 . 1 :.. 1.: : ... 11 nun uaii aiu us iii ui iniii nun lujusiii;?. iicuu1 iish ibis hoping to delect him in this way. Feb. 13, 1311. PANGBORN & BRlNSMAID. Selling oft" Cheat) Continued. ("TIRADE two pist vvesks great, great, groat. Dif I o.r.vne in sellincr low or Chean vis.ble. Assort- nient vet Inr-'O. beautiful, useful iV desire-able at the Formers, Mechanics if Peoples Cheap Cash Store, uy tneir ngent, ouuauu, 1 imrsuav .vinrning, 18 Feb. 1911. Dc LOAF KIJGAIt. OUHLE REFINED LOAF SUGAR, also nn excellent article of Molasses fir family use for sale heap by J. P. WHALING & Co. UCC. 11), li4U. TOIIACCO. JP. WHALING & CO. inform ihe public that they are Agents for Sareeiu. Sora.-ue .f. Co. Tobacconists, Albany, N. Y.. who manufraciure a very superior aslicle ot l'aiier Toliacco in every va riety of size. Grocers and others will find it to their advuilagc to call and examine the ariicle. Also Plug Tobacco of different qualities, all of which will be sola cneap ior casu. Aisosnuil ot iimerenl Kinds. Laws of Vermont, IS 10, IJOR the several tewns in the County of Chillenden are read r for delivery. Town Clerks or Constables will please call or send lor them. Those entitled to tnem in iiiefjwn 01 i.urnngton will lie supplied uy olhngon tne subscriber. c. GOODRICH. wee. 15 lvv BRASS CLOCKS. Persons wishing good brass stiikine Clocks in beautiful finished cn-ts. can find them on favorable terms, nt the Variety Store. Also, Bank and Ollice Clocks, for sale; these Clocks are warranted to kreprorrect time, and they will per form as well as any other clocks. Dec. Is. I'A.NlitlUIt.N S liitirVSMAU). LOST. Eight fat cheep, marked with tar, T. AI. Whoever willgivo informaiion, shall be suitably rewnrded. FOR SALE. A superior new milch cow and calf. Also, for sale, or to exchange for cattle, shceo or perk, a genteel chaise and harness. U. JVI.IUIAL1L1, l( iu. Burlington, Nov. 21, 1B10. COD FISH, MACKERELL and SHAD of supe rior quality for sale by N. LOTI.Y cV Co. uec. iu, isw. CANADA STOCKING', Genthnien nnd Ladies Buck skin nnd Indian Moera'ins, Fur Gloves Buck skin Mittens, Wol cn Tippets, Ladies and Gen tleniens Merino Lambs wool and Worsted Wrap. pcrs, just received and for sale by uec. 111, isw. . i.uvi.i.v cv i;o. GOODS. Tho subscriber have ree'd and are now oncniner a vcrv larro assort ment of Wollen Clolhs of every variety, rich plnin, figured and changeable onus, .uousnunc uk 1. nines, .vipacra e.imiis, 1 ngitouiTt nnawis, iiuuis., Kiiiiions, eve. e win oniy ssy mat we have a lareer assortment of roods of ovcry viiiilv than we havo ever kept before. ucusj, imu. iai 1.1.. ctco, LOST, nenr N. Lovely ct Co's. Store, a fig'd ilk , i,VVOlfi containing a puise with jjine.tvvn o three dolhrs in change, 'an I other articles, this uiiuw win uc uwnucny rewarnco em losvinpjau Nabby Hates' Ustatr. STATU OF VERMONT, rpHF..Hon.thoPro nismitT 0ACHiTTn.iDr.s, s. V L bate court for the District of Chittenden I To nil persons concerned in the estate of Nabby Bates, late uf Charlotte, in said District, deceased, GREETING. Wiiircas, Win Dean, Executor of tho Inst will and testotnentof said deceased, proposes to render an accountof hit administration, nud present his nccoimt nnln&t said estnto for cxaminnlion nttd nllovvnncc at n scssionof tho Courtof Probnle, to be holdcn 'nt the Register's office in Burlington, on tho lGlh day of Mnrchncxt. Therefore, you nre hereby notified to appear before said courtat the timennd pheenforesrid nnd shew cause, if any you have, why the account aforesaid should not bo allowed. Givrn under my hand at Burlington, this Uth day of February, A, D. 1841. Wm. WESTON, Register. NOTICE. JCP'Mcdieinu ij lest known by lhc eiirej it psrl'orins.pj I. .NuwionV Panacea, or Purifier of the Blood. The nnparalbled and still increasing repuial ion whjeb this medicine liui acqalr cit ibroiigho it the New l!iigl.iii.Sin'.e., and ihe mjny cures it has performed, nn 1 tlic t'reat eteniin I uiaifi fori! by lhc advice ofpbVieiauiwell ncq'iaiiiH. wilh its preparation", has inJ jt-u 1 ilie proprieii r to extend its circulation tu almost every town in the eastern Siatui mid ihe principal towns In die I'nileil Slates. This Panneeii warran'ul purely vegelnl le,iind K mt siirnassctl ly nny olhtr iiiednine ever oKereil to tbe anbeled ns 'its exten.ivi' sale nnd pep ilnri'y phiinly prove. It has vviilun the hf.1 i-i.'li'icii inoiith. curcil ns thousands tfihe mot obMiuati' ill eae', ns can be prcved by eertiliea'.es, mid is pionoiini-,.! by eiuiiieul nn I requvtal le physicians ibe I e. ' hi ind in use. L'.if.d infcrniatioii m.ty I u (n ni l in cir vuiilainiiig cerliliealos cf cures and dirueliouj for tn klng tlio ini'dicine. Th" fulb whig anpoinli'd n gents. Burlington, J. ifc J. II. Peck mi l Co., It. Mood- St Albnm, (.ortisand I! i.sel Milmn, V, Urate Mihon Fall-, ll.irncl and Stwver Waiervillc, Fsk and Brown, lliiie-burli, Hull nn I Coo!. Fairfax, Parker and MnllioM Versenlie-, Ada His an 1 Murray Cam! ridge, M. Win--, t'nderliill, M. ('. Ilarm-y N'orlh Ferris! iir.'h, II. C. Wn-Ler Georeia, A. llliv, Williston, N. Chillenden IticlniK.nd. Gri'cn ic l!hod. Jolins'.u, G. I.. Warner and C Mi.iikliin, llihaii Smnli Haker-lielil, Aruiiiiirton and Woodwar! Fair Held, Uuriict and larnsworib. e.o.p ly.tll'J cataiihu sxtrrr. MARSHALL.',.! SM.'IT, is v.iriii3tliv Catarrh and ibe various i'i, of ihs hear, nivwlla sgrceves, In nil pir'.s i t tin en iniry ; and sustaining tho ro'p dailon vvLiuli it lus loiivj 'since paiue.1, of lciiu u,-itlue!y the I t'-l nrticly of the lin J in tlio imrU'l. I-.aeh Lotile conlninj three tune the uiantilv of one of llio-e winch are i.IIWed at "ONLY TWENTY- FIVE CUNTS." And is theref.'re a much cheaper, as vv.ll as Le'.tcr article. For sale by J. & J, II, PECK ii t'o. TIIEO. A. PI CK &. Co. nl l)n. UOUr. MOODY. Durlinjlon, Jan. 1311. ly.f.lS MARSHALL''- eontiires unrivalled ns n streaalheiiinii J Also, I'er IthiMiea- tisin, Lameness or pniiis n the sides, Imil.s or 1 aek? lor -en t.iiojs svvt 1 ug-. e ,rvy si ires. I- resh wounds t 1111.I fur a irem-i-al Kalinlv Plasleriirsnlve. i'orCorns. moreover trv il ! haiecln-c. 1 er-c vre in llieme I v makma new ap(l!ialion oci-a.ionally, aud 111 lime, your corn wule c ire i. rorsaiei.y J. cc J 1 II. ex se. TIIEO. A. PUCK it Co. nl Die. ROUT. MOODY. B.rhagton, Jn. 22, 1311. ly.f lS T OAT FOU S D. Came ashore on lhc sub-eri .13 l.ers nri'iiii.e, ul Cub hcs'.er noint in lti-eml er Ins!, a cliiiLer I nit yawl BOAT, S5 fie-t Ion and panned rel. 'I be uvvle-r is refueve-1 lo pay i-lnrse-, and tale it away. Ul.u. tri.Aiis, Colchesler Point, Feb. 3, 1511. 13 EAIi i:STATK Ftll SAI,t:, At a oreat IV e six. The nronrietor ofiirs for sale the lire mises in the villa jc of Burlington, now occunied by II. 11. Slicy, E-'p as a dwelling house, printing office aud reading room The premises are conviiib nt for n store aiu dvvilliug nousjor nr ollicrs ui almost any ili'seriptiun, and nre situnted in the centre of the most busiiuss nnrt of the town. For terms of silo and payment, inquire ofChatlvt Russell, l'eatl st. liurliugtoii, or A. I.. Callm, 01 or w ell Vl. DIiVI KS HIT If. The subseri! er hivimr re J 3 cently moveJ from Albany, and eointncnved ihe Bls.eksni.lli buincs, ill nil its. f'nr.s, 111 the new shop on Madisin sine:, near I'olleil V Bradley's Store wo ild .f.illv invite the inhabitants cf UiirlinKtou and vicuiiiv lo tric li nil a call, as he is f.illv nrenarcd lo do all kind, c I work in his Inn-, on the shortest no lire. I est manner, an I Ui"-1 fivrnial le term., lie ba f.,r!. 1 ajt siveu bi narliciilar attention to the Morse shoeing !iiiii.c, and I'.irr.ery in all its tranches. Fiuiii the lung exoericni e w Inch he has had, and the mturuialion be has dcrivcil 1 oth from 'heury an.l pral-lne, be uvls tuilv e-oufiVnt 111 re'' commen.liiii: liiniscll t" tne leillic. lie will le nri parisl at all limes log. ve his p.ersinal alleniinn to all kinds or vvor: 1.1 tin line siicii a- ironing- "apgon n-i Kb.iL'hs. Shinvvork. All I mils e I edre tool mmlti teiliiwniier mil most approved slvle. He tru.ts lhat by in'ii.' bmfne-s his undivided aMention nii.l t Li" luw nrice. ill Wlil'-ll li' will 1 ceirii 11-1 10 nish work, to receive s tbare of lli jud In' na'ronage J.'Il.N5.'liAUL:.S. Biirhuglon, April 10 1540. CJCltOI'UI.OUS IllIAlOltr-. The aitenlion Is3 hat 111 rnun i.f ibe retiiiiuin'lv vvho nre nulielts wilh eiitaiiro'is cr.mlli ll. fiidi as halt hhciiin. St Anlhonv's Fire or l.'rvsipe a, Scold bend, I.epinsy, cn any of 1 heir kindreJi'licacs, is ill reel wl in nn uiicrnnl atiiilicatinn w bii h was ihrccvcred a' out la munlns siiuelv Mr. Charles Ji ni'-, i.f Clnrcmenl, N. H. is iheii'-ult of a loiiiro t e cfesrerimciits his own person, l.i Ii ivini: 1ml Hie in-in-c in a incst as irravaliug fi .in a' out 14 year--, f' its wcm'erful e leJls mien binne'l'aiid scleral e 'ln'r nieinl-rs if hi family, iiiany in seeuon nl iho country have I ecu 111 1 nisi 10 nia t ir'ai 01 11 1111001 iMM-ase us ci 113s I'.n'ed ofs'iiie vvhi're lh ihrectictis have I iciia II rc-l lo wilh tide'ity, and a sullicient time elapse to know the ri'si'll. Tin' iiie.Ji'.'ine can le obtained uf Rolen Mornlv tr.izsi-t. Il.ulii'gtc 11. and wilt Martin W ires Esij, t-am' niie t. b'orji i.o.r.x(ji;s. TMIIS vslusb e nilieb' is daily csl.ibl. shin:: itself as X the best incdicine fur the cxicrpatiiin aud re lief cf Worms in children, botwitlistandiug lint there arc oilier lo7eiiL'i-s cr,eil up for lli.s eomplauil, purchase are vvsrranlid ill tho good efficiency of ibese. At Wholesale and Retail hy T. A. PECK & CO. ATOTICF. is hereby civrn lhat the cor.artnershir It hcrctufirc existing between the subs;,. In rounder tho firm cf "is. Tdlev et Co.," ii thudny dissolve'! bv 111u1u.1l eminent. The booUssiid demands 01 tho firm are in theh.nds cf John 11.1. lee fir colb eiion. HiiiLsbuah, STEPHEN TII.I.EY, Dec. 17, l-i 10. JOHN' It. TII.LF.V. Vi'-M January. l- 1 1. rilHERE has been an IS! vests business done X in tho "un and diner, nuick and chean for cash. and no imprisonment for debt" f lore; nnd has been no dun, nor dun, ncvir done yet. lui'iriiiiiiou is uercuy given inai mi same siorc uas now one of the best slocks of merchandize for the season, and that cost may be saved on any goods pur chased over ordinary pticce, by applying to the pea pie ssgeni,nt nun aicd e. CTtlVIS JU IMl'liSTiONCs A. Co. have rc O ceived and oflir to purchasers COOKING STOVES ef a "real variety of sii-s and most approved patterns, which will be sold at whole sale or rcta'l. with or without trimmings, to suit purchasers. .1re, PARLOR AND BOX STOVES in great variety of sizes and pattern. Canada single L. oi r.? I..-I . .1...- .. ..I. nut! lUHliiie i-iini- si .u .vi inruu-, iui;eiii'i .itn 3000 JOINTS STOVE PH'EofCnnnls.Enjhsh and Russia sheet Iron. Dumb Moves, stove fiirni tnreof Copper, Conpe'r bottom, nnd Tin. Connected with this establishment is a manufactory of Stove Trimmings, Sheet Iron work nnd Tin Ware, which can supply nl saorl notice any srtieleinot on hir.ri, rcsesiviblo terms and in a slvle inferior to none. '1 nttrntion of purchasers it respectfully solicited. Nov. 23, 1310 IROX, KTEllli, Ac. ?)( Tons assorted sizes, Enl.-shTue Iron, 3 " " Svvedfs Iron. H Russia Old Sahlfi do 23 " Peru manufactured Iron, conslsung of all lh various size's of round from I inch to 2 inch square do.. Band. Scroll. Haine.nnJ'Uorse Shoe Iron ore CVC n 1 is... . ' LKI.I.'I Sasoio Is BnOTiirs s 1 ast steel, all sizes, do Greaves' German do English Blistared nnd American do. .V9, -f'illsnd general assortment of 'all 1I1 scriptions of goods con- uected witn tne aoovc iraoei. No,v. 19, ISIO. STRONGS & CO. ALPACCA CLOTHS for cloak! t cmpes, ramb lets, rniiibleiecns, goals' hair nnd coalman wors ted cntnritrls. nniilcd Sunnvs. nlanl nni fi-urfd al- pinr, pliln and printed musun tie lame's, nil wool, now opening by -N. LOVELY tv CO. Tinnnvii 1 i.pu'ik ,1,1. :.Tpi-biiIef " TT)rn V l,K..A.s.nt.1 - nHir In 111 .: . ,. . : n. ..ft im - Pentl st ; nearly opposite J.JC .-I"." c"r p' , vv-ltrrq ho well be able to attend ,J, ihe dSv' or mght. IW " 'C.'-lL. S sill. iVl.S i 11"'. coltojiyarn, battmsh TaM" di.ipei, paddii" wadding, litis n.tV quiln counterpaincs, rose nnH canvass, in-g; bleached cottons, hlcschcd and un horscVvotton flsnne.s, English, French and Ainar. nlf. -pints, s cheap as the hv n3 K. LOVr.I.Y .. e-n. tVVlT si - KHSTBRS SPRI.MNtS BOOKS ,5fA frfr WW r " - o, ooon?icn. N OTIC 13. NOTES aqd accounts duo die subscriber, must b paid by tho lfith of February next or they will hnvcto settle with somo ether person. Jan. 27, 1811. E. C. 1.QQM13. WANTED. T5 Y the 1st of April next, two good Journeymen JJ Tanners, who will receive good waes in ca-hby applying to f.. Ki. i,uuu, i. a. -llnrncss I.catllcr constantly on hand Jamary'27, 1341. OTICE. It. II. KKLLOGU, Tailor, wo il I re-pect-Lilly inform ihu inbahllnnU of II irliniflon Ibal be baseoininenrnd tin, nl.,-.. 1..,. .,..... in ,l,..'l..,ildt,i direillyopiiosileihuoll nunc Factory nt the Fa'l', nnd wimld I happy lo wait on all who may favor him . I , their hnlr.. ' H. (.iillina-ilonu iii ordyr. '.23:lt NOTICII.?! ' TUT. Tnistcssof the Burhngion High Sdiool will hold an adjourned inceting ihis cveniin', at ball past six o'clock, nt Howard's Hotel. As iinportint business demands the attention of the Board, nil its members nro rciucstcd to attend. Jnn. liii. ATI'W llOOKS- llhkc's Biofirarihical Il!(ttonnr 10D0 pages larrre imrierial nctavoi Johnson'ii complete woiks new edition. Byron's works, BLike'a Letters on confirmation, Blake s Evidences of cling tianitv. iust received hv ivM t! GfinDliTCIt 1 HETOItlCAL RI:ADI:R-200 iust ree'd for t! IV at Andovcr prices by O GOODRICH X Meadows' French Dictionary, JJ 23 IVdick's French Inlroduction, . iiray j Olienustry, 60 YoimT Oator. nist received and far sals Rt publish ra wholesale prices teachers are reuuestut to examine ineiu. J e.wuujcii;ii ADIES' fine Kid, Merino, Bilin, nnd blacl; silk Gloves i white and eolured 'Merino Hose, black worsted and win e cotton do. Gtttilcmcri's blnck. Kid Gloves, bcav v black do Fine cl itic and wibb suspenders for sale by II. M. GIDUINGS if. Co. ETTI'.RS of Mrs. Adams, tho wife of John Ad- XJ ams, fur sale at the book store, by Jan..'i. u. a. nit.uiA.w ARWELL'S SHOES Ladies' kid Walking Shoes, siirinu hei I and French hid Slirs, caitsr Boots. Gentlemen's Pumns, and Cluldrens Boots of FjrwfU's make iust ree'd and for sale by January 2D, 1940. H M CIDDINGSif.Co SH.KS-Rcal black Italian Silk, blue black rrro d Sw iss, Silk, Colored Florences, nlso, f-ilk Veivois, worsted Surge nnd sup. Black Lasting forsaleby January yj, 13111. 11 .n tiiDUi.vus q- ca DOWN'S Vegetable Bilsimio Elix,rl forsalolr TIIEO. A. PE'JK if. Co. Apothecary, s. 10 Till: IN FORTUNATE. I THE subscribers have received ll.e well k2f,v-a artie-',-. Dloodsrood'a of Xlcaltn, fur ihe cure ot ili-ca-e's nri-iim Irciu an il s'a'c of ibe Stomach, sm h n JCP Hiadache, 3) Loss of Kpjiciitc Palpitation et ll.e Ill-art, if-c. Il lias given health and encr,.'- to multitude's afihes ted wilh liabimal C'ostivciie.s. The price 1 f ibis vahia'.le medicine is so ej' ed that all i.isv lc enable I lo obtain it. At whole-sale and iclail l.y TIUIO. A. PECK .f- Co. Apothccar'ci, Cj-.rt House Square-. TOR SALE, About ten tons of Hay, of good quil.ty A and 111 good condition. Apply to 12 Jan. 111. II1CKOK it CATLIN. XES. Simmons' Cast Steel Axes, for sale by l II. M. GIDDINGS, & Co. HARD WARF..-I!utcbcr s heavy Files. Ihbol soli's do. and rasps. Hand saw Files. Units, Screws, Norfolk Latches, hand and pannel Saws cn-.t steel Wood Saws; knives and fork , bone and buck handles; Tca Servers, Sad Irons, Shovels and. longs, wool curds, horse cnids auccrs, trace chains, manure foiUj, Allies' sh.-vels, etc. by II. 31. GIDDINGS, it Co. THREAD, cVe. 300 lb-, while and colore. cotton ihie.ik Ml bs. 1 1 lien do. 500 bundle. 10U skein thread. 20 lbs. Italian sewine". 10 lbs. hnl na twisi, fur snleby VILAS, LOOMIS, ei Co. i C BALES l.rown shecliiiis, ado. pnwir loom bV links. 2 cases urk uo. 1 1 n!e 4U inch lap. 1 la'e canvass, just receive! an 1 for sale 1.7 Nc , 1 S IU. l I.VJ, is eve co, 5 HOWS Table Cln'.lis, 8 by, warranted J all linen. Also liue bird's eve diaper ; crash, Russia iha;ier; cotlon jam; Ma"k whi'c wad- .liui ; Laitinir anu wicwini; , mr -uie- 1 v II. M.UIDULSC S & Co. TO lir.NT, AND possession given l:nnicdiatcly,tli! Sloie at Winooski Falls, lately occu pijd by Lalhrop it Potvviu. A'.o tb second storj of ihe same finished sm ally fir n family, possession g. ven the lGlh cf Tl.s Groccrv and Prnv.s.on Sure lately Apid next. occupied by I.athrop it Pot win in this viIIiilt, poss s. s:on riven the 20th of Fcb'v inst. The- Hoi s now occupied by -Moses 1 nrrar, lurmely by 11. v. t'otvvtn, wilh 1-1 aero or more of hnd if desired for n garden, being a most desirable residence, possession g'v cn ilia IstofMaynext. Applyto MAyoJ,,vUTt Butlinglnn, Feb 11. lell. , N OTICE is l.eribv given thnt thoe who nre in debted tons, and whose note and nccounts bav become Inc, thatpivment must be made immediately, or such demands will be Indeed with an r.Momcy for collection. Ins hoped that'this w II be a timely no tice 10 oil those inttrcstcd, whu wih to s vc cost At all events we must hive our dues, and if co-t is made, doubtless an attorney will inn" uP'Ui I is cost. Peli. 5, 13U. STRONGS if CO. Cabinet Sliop on Catllti's I.anc. DF.AR SIR: Permit mo to inform ynu nnd oth'rs in vuiir vicmitv that 1 nm stilt engaged 111 tho CABINET BUSINESS, and that nrcdino custom, anv thing in mv line ma v be Imiight of moon as goo. terms as nny vvhrre in thi" imrln t. I am now Irom various raues making work cheaper than I ever did b'foret and nil paving customers whether oIJ or nevr I shall hi happv tf s-ent tho New Shop, where no piins will I," spared to give satisfaction. Limit erand Produce ree'd ns ustinl and a urn trash, (if there t anv left in ihe counlrv,) will bo found 10 do wonders a few rods east of Cliurch-st. I), K. PANGBORN Biirhngtan, January II, 1541. -MritArPINC. PAI'Fill. ..TOO reams nssor;. 11! qualilKs and s;:' S for siln f.,r Rigs, country proditce, or goods by Jan. 14. C. GOODRICH Merchants' supplied with paper and books for Rags. T10OTS, SHOES it LEATHER. The sub-rruW 1) hiving taken tho store formerly occupied by Messrs. Iltshnp f. Whipple, is now on minga crnersl assntlmentof Ibiots, Shne nnd Lca'her, which bavo all been bought fir cash and will be sold for the sauta at the lowest price', and ns the'nilirles are too ihmih. 011s to mention in an advertisement, although Mr Sli cy his enlarged Ins piper. I would I to. call nnd rxamino the goods and pitccs before purchas inir elsewhere. Biirlington.July l.lSiO.III'.NRY C. ST1MSOV, by E. J. Stimsov, Aaent. HALLECK'S BRITISH TOETS, which hsvs just been published, were rcciivrdlnst wick, and arc invv for sale at the Book Store. Likewise many miscellaneous publication, nmong which are ihe fn. limine: Soiithgntc'sTour. Life of WyclltTo. I'mi ncnt French writers, by Mrs. Shelley. Court of England, 2 vols. Johnson's l. fe and Woiks. Krishllrv's. Englnnl. Federal Governnu t from 17J9 to 1-13'.. Book for the Sahbiih. Confiss ns if llatiy Lorrequcr. BoswiU'b Johnrcn. Bow 1 r Family .Shakspearc. Kuk's Sermon. Kingsbury on Ihe Sabbath. Newton on the Prophecies. Bry am': American J'octs. ColciiJgc's Po. ticsl Wmks. Jan. 20. U. A. I'RAM N TV! OTICE. The sulxcribcr having p-urli-scd thn Ix house nnd prrimscs formerly oecup.ed by Guy Cnilm, Esq. nearly opposito the Rparlinc Room, in Burhngion, has opened a BOARDING HOI SE, M which he will be hippy to accomnioiliie g nilonicn nnd ladies with Iho best attentions, nnd upon rtnsen. able terms. Gw JOSHUA DOANE. TVT fjW liSTAHl.IsnMF.NT.-Tlie subseri IN hers would inform the public that they hivs formed i corirtnershipunder the firoi nrJHTCHI.I, I. St IURN'hS, snd estsr-hhed iw .e.-6(ne(ftieinrs. in the Unci. Mion lormeri'- i ri oy .ii-oe sue; crft'ntt 'r'fntw -Uhai-s r locks clianp Cor A 1 -1 . 1 . n r"ijurhn'tmi1 Dec. 2 IB 10, rtnn iii i-.t-'ii.i,ii rir rurniuir. , 1 n,.r1iiir,rr, 1, r O IClrt T T AT TT.-T? i-T t A, BA'!rS. OPERM CVNDI.ES candles, ."vo. 1 AlsiymoiiH eandlfs for fnby j i-. 1. 1 . 11.1 i, 1 o, HOUSE WANTED.-A . rmvenicrt t.iev taent. suitable, for n family ronsistin,'' of ihnn persons, Inquire at ihi c.tticn. Jan. IP. V)ttOWN Slle(-lin! vcr bv the nier n XJ yard, t LOVELY nr Co's chenn stor. JV N. H. Also, a eho'ico ossortmen! of Xtn Aecrt-ns sdnpieil le the present season, which nat-wtthiatv!'-g ravo beep on hndsomn time are np(. iha less desirable, nd are ofjered st private rale unnt the first of Frbnfiry netl purchasers 'will te "lirtielsehcrrt," yutl'ington, Janu-jy J4 ifjj Wood, where tney ar """vuti nu nu. nun mirna to keenconsiantly.'" "no,!,n aortmrnt rf Sofne and K.,ri,rnrn of . . nous kinds nnd prices tn suit cuslom.