Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 26, 1841, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 26, 1841 Page 1
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WW NOT THE O L O n V OP 0 JB S A R OUT THB W 8 & F A It OP BOMS. BY II. B. STACY. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, MARCH 26, 1841. VOL. XIV ....No. 42. MT. A'RHNON UlUDIilt, Polvglott Hibc of tliilercnl sixes ami bius'nig-, Pocket llihle and Toinmenls nnil a general n orimcnt of stntiona-ryjti-l received from N, York and for -ale by College M. .ict'23. S. HUNTINGTON. l-'ann lor I'or Sale. mill'. subsciibcr oiler-for salon l-nrm , J. oncnml nhalfimlc.sfioiii thoCollcEO on the vA tiiuoki turnpike, containing oil, 100, 1"0, or MO acres of land as tlio pur- .1... ... ....... p iimse. 1 he Inn unit's wi Ii little ex- -icno may I'1-1 S00-' 0011 Jmim "r a lavcr"t anl' '.hsre 11 tut a better location for such an establishment i .nertii"' , ,,,., -pMn r ,,n.. OClW'CCIl IHII Hi . ,;, mcnt easy, an 1 any enterprising industrious man with a small capital may own a good establishment in n few years by 1--Uasin, tliirot Y-. Burlington, Jan. II, Hll. (""VAIJIXHT 1VAI.U. The subscriber ha? restim J c J the Ciiliinct business al the old shop on Church pir.'i't, formerly occupied by Nichols it llerriik, and recently bv U.K. Walker, where ho intends to manu facture and keep constantly on haul all kinds of CAlllNKT I'lJllNITBlU;, of a style and quality not inferior to any manufactured in this vicinity, lie hopes Ins long experience, toother wilh a strict atten tion to the business.', will secure him a share of the public pationaee. . QrWANTKD in exchange for Cabinet vA or!., Hirclt and Maple Seantlet, suitable for bedsteads; hassvvood plank, and boards from 1 inch to inch; white Pino boards. Most kinds of country produce rece.vcd in tiavnient, (but cash would bo verv acceptable.) ' Knglf.n.Jnn.1, 134U SAMUKL NICHOLS. " III STAIltS. . , rTMHS subscriber w-oultl remind his friimif MOKF. NKW HOOKS, Jut received attlic Hook Store, A New Home. Who 'II follow. Youig Ladies Companion. Connie" ld.i. llnyward'.s New Kngland Gazeicer. Mitchell's Geographical Header, a ytem ol Geography, comprising n Description oi the World with lb.! grand divisions, iWjriiH fir in--trnciiou-. in schools and f.imihe. Wonders of the Heaven". I). A. 1IHAMAN. DOUT. MAHSIIAIiltt Artiimtie, Catarrh urn! Ileudaebo SMTT. Thi" Snutl i superior to any thin? yet known, for removing that troul le-oinc di-'-i'.M', the Catarrh, nnd al-o a culd in the l.e.u', and the be.ul.iehe. It opens and purge. out all obstruction, -tiuiiiriliL'n tln.'l.inil-,audiiie" a healthy net ion in tin pan a Iccte.l. 1 1 i" pi rfcetlv life from niiy thing ilclc-tt-rioi- in it competition ha a Ica-ani ll.ivor, and its I'mint-hatcc loc, after being n-til, is nbgrccabfe. Price il ton Is tier bottle. Duel. Mar hull's Vcuetnh'elndianKlaeli I'LASTKK. T his fM.a-'er i" unrivalled fur curing -rroflilous -welling", Hi urv y Sores Lame Hack, and Fre-lt Wound" i pain-in the Vii'.e, IIip" ami Limbs; iindn-ldotn fail-lo give relief in local Kho unati-iu-. If applied to I he i.!e,it Mill cure many of llieeonnnoii Liver Complaint-; and i c.pinl, if not superior, lo any thing in u-e for corn- on the feel j the virtue" oflhi" Pla-tcr have 1 ten wi!no!cd 1 y lliousnnil- of imhv tibial" in tho Uui:ed S.atC", who' have tc-tel it cih'cney. Sold lylhu pro pnetor J Chav. Howcrt, Ml.ldicl.tiry, Vt., and Tnto. A Prru it Co., DurlinKlon, Vt. jel T OOK AT TH1S.- in Church street, over Krru nnd Walkci's ft fcail store, where ho will civc ms pi rscm.n ai- Ca.J tcntion to llepairiiis Clocks of every des- ffiro cription. 1 hne which have been in use iihl many yens lilted up in fjnod "tylo and JiTJi undo to have the appeal ani-e. of new. i'tlMl lie would also frivc notice that he hai re- rinlilW .....n.i i.ic r..n,rr Imonrm i.f lrnairinif iidla Vatchei all entrusted to hisiarc will be r. . 1 1 . . -:-.,.l n...t .ri.,..l llfiv- C.lKlllll I H'.l 11 1 l it.... in-.' been eu!jig--d for twenty wars past in nnkinzas ioll as repaiiitii; 'I'pne Keep- rrs,lu tru Is hi experience in the bnMnes V u-lio fmor him with a call. p. S. A law Clock fir sale, on commission. J. N'. DUNNING. Burlington, Dec 23, 1E40. inaao vasxs:k. TTAS receive I end keips -o-t'iutlv on hand a lare XX snd full uisortmetit oi GKOCIUU12S, nniong wbieh aic COGNAC r.RANDV, I St. CHOIX HUM HOLLAND GIN, I A variety of WINKS, nod almost every article ii 'ho Groctry line, nil of which will Hell on the I ' -easonable terms. He w-oul' uoinfoimTiivei. Ii.-c;, rs in particular thai be wu s.-ll rum, oe 1 gin for ti'J cents a gallon, which ha will warrant of ii bitter quality than tome which have latilv been hawked about the imttttiy by a certain New Votl: pedlar, ami if iut ndjudrjid by the best judftps to be better, he will not ask anv pay for them, lie invit -s them to call and compare. Hurlinslon, Oct. ldlO. tf. 1IAVK YCt: A COUGH ? 1 ).())() Dir. or (svsumi'TIom tverv ear in ll.e L iiiieJSinte-, aiiiimilliinis su ,er h-ohi irniii ie-onie eo-iph- anleoM", that can In euriid I v Dr. M. Hitih ein l' Vi-si-al le Virp'n Cream Co-irli Drop-, n t nfe nie.heal pri-i-riplion, eontaing no poionooilric:,nnd uel in an own- ivo praefii-'J I'or M-veral yenii will mo. t po-.i!ivi-l n lord lelnf, and -avo you' linm that nvvfiil di.-.i'in-e, piilinnnary cun-iimplirn, w Inch iMiallv vviHTpviiiln i he crave li muted, if the yotnip, I he o'd, l.e fair, llu' Invely and the pay. H.ue o I a ei uah? li - i er-iiiai'e I In piueha e a !i :tli-ol the' Cough Dn-ps to Vy! 'ro-inuirow may I e loo l ile. Have ytu a i-ouj.'1'i : I'r. Hiii ei-ok's le iipin CieamCo-iKli Crop- i- ilii-iuilj- leineilv vfin-honld take loe-iro you. Kor tin-plaii: rei-oii. 'I'h.U in iKiui-.i-i'l'ihe tli.i't-niHl ea-i'- when- H lui- I ivu u t-.l ha- it t.nlel to relieve I'neo Tjoi-nl- per I olile. I'or -rile, u hole-ale and lie tail, by A. III I''IR'0(,'K iM CO. No. 117 Gene .-e -t., I't'n-a, N. Y. Aii-I bv tl.eir ii.'cut- ihro-ishoot the t'uile I State-. Ill lliirlin'lon, bv J. it .1. 11. l'eck A Co., Theo. A. 1'i rl. i Co. In Veruenncs, bv .1.11. Uovvmnn. In Milton, by I!iirii;UV Sawyir. In Geot gia, by Lorciio' an. 2 ft bush. Seed Hyp, frccfiom all other seeds, for Ul I'earl-st. Sept. K. sale by C. IIKNNS. l'liions it Wdkts nnu illepovvi'cr, in noiiiid eauis- II. M. G1DD1NGS& Co. 7nglisii l' i-J Huitoucckbiatcd lill tels by, 1' COKING GI.ASST.S, mahusanv framid, at the lowest prices, by II. M. GIDDINGS ec Co. BOUI?S liSSI'NL'K OF ITJ. MeJieine, wh -h, if nlrly applied, r;w'il' MVKIIT BTA1HI'.. nAVINft made extensive re pairs by addition of new bnildin"S. Jlof-'S. tjorriasi", Harnivst-s, Saddles. &r. the m'os riber inprcpaicil tonccom- kiilI-Ii. lit.- tmliTir- til (rniiil slvln vt .ivt ano u mori nonce, .-musiii, J' Ti-ndem. four or six Horse r-o- - -r'lVaine will be furni'lird to par-i-.yo.o-vrfi'' ties of pleasure. A man may be f jund in the Barn at any hour, day or night, to at tend cil s. Onsn pi..l fur O-ils and K iv, S duom T.nst i f tlio Csbn, or nt my a')",) 2 d..ora West f J. & J- H, J'eck - Co.'s ttore. . SA-HUKL SKI.NNKR. nurlirst- n, Dsc. 12 1.0. LII-'U-A Valiable will 1 e the iiie.iu-ol ,-avini tliouaiii-. In. in an unlimi srave. It hi- 1 ecu Mild and o i for !i.i;y year-, -ii-i-e , an I fjiuul ver. i-.t" ii-iuu-"in the fullinv oi-J- li.-e.i-e-, viz. V-ou-'i.nii'io.i. v limiiiiiis Uoii-ili.. roin- uion tJu.iirli Co'iL. d. Hi -till Hie.illiiu, iulhieiir.i. Qiiin-y, A-thin.i, I'litbi-ie, Sji.tlniK of Hbi.l, I'l.itu-lencv-," InJipe-iinn. Loo-ene of ihe llowd . Kit-of everv kin ', Cramp-, l!ie',e: , CoIt, C.ilurrli, i - en- tary, l-.iinllir.', Ilypochon In to A :e.-:u.u-, Ilia -1 . S,ene at S.oma.-h, Me.i le-, a preventive ufL'on-ta?lo.i-di ea e , Gout and Khc.itiMt! in. iCrl beal.ove Me heme i- ine.iaic. I v llenrv fev- nioiir, of IlaJlov, Ma . fi'om the On -miil ltei-iin-. I v tliedire.".ii n ol aid Moore, and stilly him and the .-..i ii-....-.. :.. .i... ( .t II iiil iji.ii ... t,-i- in iiiv i i,ii.i.;iii oi.u wno;etnie anureiaii, I y J. i. J. n. rejK ui niiheo. A. l'eek & Co., II u'lui'li'ii, auJ ly ill' li-ab-rsT cenerallv lliroiihoiil the eo'iuirv iCP'lMl'OllTANT CAt!TION,J It is a f"l nr.d ouu much tote regretted that valuable in-.- Iieine-., as 9ou ns they I eeonie pop ulur, and have re-eivc.l the test nnd approval of n di-criminaliuif pill. lie, arc -lire to l e eo inlerfeited, nnd thin nbad and -puriou-nrliele is imnio.haleiy palmed upon thcnn-i'spoetingfurlho gen-iine. Tin- liabeen notoilo'i-ly Iheeasc vrilh all popular trie I and truly valuable luejienes for years pa-l, and will probably eiuilinueto I v llie e.i-e vear- to eonie. Tho I n-v and eonleinptiblo counterfeit In lhl way meanly lake, advantage ol nil the cforls and adver-li-inir used I y the proprietor" of the genuine article, to get their me heme inlou-e and ile-erved popluari ly. It i-Iherel'oie not less tlieduty than ft eoniribute lo the safety of every hone-t individual in the com m mil v loexpo.-e, frown down, and DIS TKULT all III.AltTLISS INGHATKS who thus irre pon iblv trilie with health and life. iLj'l'l ll'.U Ll-'Ol! K TAKK NOTICKl There i- a Jier-on by t lie name of J. U. lfOClIK KOliT. now emratred in ,ellmg a IMI done up in boxo in exact and pi rfeet Imitation it I lie Benuiui. INDIAN VKOLTAIILK I'll.LS, with the oini-sion nfonlyone wor.l on the lloxe vi. The Pill, sold by thi-Ilocbefort are evic'ently iutcndul a a frau.1 nuil impo.-ition iiioih the eoniiiiuniiy, or they would not liavoj wn done up in such exaet'iniilation of the gen uine. Tin's per-on i tall I lu-teriiii; with a great the atrical -wnirsor. He wa-reeenily known an very poor player III ll.allimore, under the. m eognomen of Jim Hiown, and isal o it twenty live vear of jro It i almost li-yonda doubt that lie is supplied with tlicl'iP" Iroin a DriiH-.'i-t linn in Ibis city, who have hcrclolore U-en notonoii-ly eonnecliil with counter feit medicine.. As soon as'proof is obtained the foun tain hia I of Ibis, nefanoii- li-i-ine-i will I e exposed, thai tho community may .him them as they would a -erpetif. in 'i m: miun -iimk rnr. pl'Ijlic auk cac ti ON LI) a::ain-l buyi'mr WHIGHT'rf Isdian Vcnr.TABi.r. I'ili.s of cnyone.who ilnc-'not exlnbira eertilieaieof ni'cii ev -u.i:e 1 ' v the axi.u fur the New 1 upland State, and 'cumin dale -lin e January 1810. Al-o take par ticular nutii e that the following w-crdinif i"on tliu box es Wriiht'- Indian Veielal lel'i'l (Ind. Hurgative) ofibeNorlh Aimnean Col'eae of Healih. Tlit Indian Mgttnbt I'illt me a cerMln cure fur ilis.J-.l-f in il"evn) t.liieli of fmill, Iim-.iiki- tliry lllil tneldv elciiise tin- s'oni.ieti and hourl., indnrerf pni per iIim h.iioi- bv llie linn;, tkoi mid kiduev , nnd sti nun. ue mi-iiiimii o nil. iii iineil. In oihei mini Ho-v LYMAN St COIiK. Lave received tl.eir iimim extensive ns-orlinent of full nnd wiu:i-i i;oik1s variety of figured ,aoi)-, ilil le nnd single widih. I'rinlnJ Crape Merino, Mnu-elini duLaine, &e. Fiured Alcpme, liituretl and plain Kngli-h Merino, Gro do Naples and I-'ieuc'i do. Worled Cnmlc-ccnr. Alpacea Cloih, Thil ct Merino, &e. U-aiuifil article, for l.idiej cloaks. Krwiinclte, Salisbury- I'lniinel, ligured Circa-sianj ite. Goals Hair and imitation Cainlcl-, Hroi-hella, I'er-ian clolh &e. I loav-y double nulled Uroad Clolh., Heaver and 1'ilot Clolh", Hull Diamond Heaver Cloth, a new nc tielo for Gentlemen over Coats. A large nuinli-r of heavy wowed shawl j, a f.iv Lupins I e-l Merino and Ca-lunere do, Nettini', Palatine ami lileuboro, do. Hu h Ch.tlly, Mo iehne de Laine an I Chencnl lld!:f-. SILKS. Ile.ivv Cantun, Grodc Naple- and oilier Silk-, rich figure J Hlue Ulael., Brown and oilier colors, Glove, nn 1 1 1 1 s.'t-i-y. DOMLSTIO liOOI'S. Cotton -heeling, shirting, ticMnsr, wa Wins and cotton yn. n, -iipcuor lri-h Linen. TAILOliS TlilMINGS.-ScvMiig Silk, Tvvi-I nnd Thread, Padding, Canva.-, Sclecia-, eolM Jean-, Urown nnd Hla -k Linen, Plaid Wors'ed racing, Wors tisl SurRc, Si k do., Silk llinding, Silk Cords, Wora tid I tin. I in lt &e. Ate. YKSTINO. Woo'en Velvet, Silk Velvet, Valtnti.i, Silk Satin Ate. Silk" Velvet Tor tr.'mmings us-orled color.. l!o-lyn checks fir children- Wear. 1T ATUUli'H GUAM lil-STOKAT IVK. Tin xi valuable Vigelalle Medicine stands unrivalled" lor Ihurnilowmg eomplj-nt-, vizt l'y-pei,i,i, or Indi Ee.tion,df.'CVed Liver, biliou-diM r ler-, Dropy, A-th-ma, Coslivene.-s, Worm and los of Appetue.'and by elenn-inc the -loniaeh and I owi-I", cure" pains in tho side, sioin.ieh and breast, cold" ami coughs of lone standing, Hoar-em--", sliorine.-s of I realh, Nervous complaint-, etc., whiili arefie-piently the et'ec! ol' dis ease. For Keveranl Ague, it i- a inii-t valual le pre venlativc as well a- a sovereign leniedj. Its virtue -urpa any heielofore kiiuvvu in icmovmg St. Vitus.' Dance, tvvo I ollle- have I cen known lo cure IhisaHlieliiigdi-ea-e, af.erli.wnu I allldl every iticr lion iars. It has a mo-lpoweiful iiiflueuie in re.iioviiiir iivrvo-.iscoinplaint--. It i" pleasant lotal.e nnd -neay in it- i-peiKlion, ihat ,'t may I eaduiini-lercil to the infant with safe'y. T he al ovt-Mcdicine i- verv highly re-.-omincnde.l 'by many M-iintilio gentlemen, and a Inrtre ntnnl er ol'ladie-,' who have proved I lie yirli e-oflheMivlieiiiel uyandlliat ofiheir familie-. A 1 ill ofeerii(i'ca'e-aeeom anie-cu-li bottle. wiiiiiurcuiiin-. it mav I e hail w hoe-ale ol Hrraui, liarre, and J. C. I arnam i; ltH:.n;.. n..-.. -...i i m i- ... i.-.. . ii-.o: .. . ,, ., t .'ii .iiii, ...ii ii, nuu 4 I .11 li. tin. rii-i IIII.IIIIS' I ,ui. "' .-. .., , , 1 1 town, t. sole proprietor-. I'reparel from the on:in 1 1 rivme: Tor -a e bv L. II. Preuii-.. Monii ,-Iht. nmt .1. it J. II. it Co, an I Tiieo. A. 1'r.cK Co., 1 Stir- (plir.l;iitl!llgt.rIlW:WKllYlias J. now cominrrtcoJ business, and will have new llcer in a few i!av, . j ...i.r. rtriif r ivio ul- iuiiii;Liiaii i pfciA: gi--r attended to. ", Sept. 1350. GKO. PKTK11SON. kt'V- iL.-I ' .JJ T. PJ I.V.' I'AlTSIIOIV-'.vrLDING&MH.LS 11 hsve opened r. new Paint Sin r- on Chunh-s . two door, -o uh (f II. Lsne', Stcue, mte ; l .itn , 1 rtinfsi:. s '. SIG.N and CAltltlAGh J'AINTING, in theh-i ible manner and on term . i . .. i.., f.,r mi- tlii'iii wi h their natron- III Mlll'lll'-V .ill" ". - . , rrrp-i'iitnl-, Vii, arni.-n aim j-iniy, -hiij iii ., i irt. ..i'i,.,;i.Mi. Kf.n.! and fur sale. Hirbnit in, Apn'19, 1210' It. (5 C. li. MILLS Ll 1 ? Just receive I j,20 V nn I 217 by Oca-ement- ol h fi -aah, -v tirs' ji an i j ei-ni pc- jri ' 'to al .ii .i-.Iit: a! J nil kin I- an l-n-'-, tnrni-hel ! to or er. 1 ieiiiili-roj;a Ma lev I, a lir-l rale arliclc, tor .-a:e very low, loueiucr who a irreat varie'V of other ar'i elf s as cheap as can 1 e louud at any other i-stalli-h in the pla.-e. Geo. I' LAST AK1UVAL. TCEiT (iOOU'S rist received bv the fu'jsetiber -. and IN i i i.i -f but lutle cmse'pi:riee to the purchaser how they csine. I will only say they win- mostly purchased on credit and will have to bo B.ald ut some price to pay my rirbts as 1 will convince any one who will call at my store on l'cnrl street. SIDNKV HARLOW. i) IC11 plant black and hlucbljck grotleswiss silks V. for dres.scssj changeable gro do New Yolk, gro de Afric and repp silk, ainirled colols for bounds; plain and fig'ti poult de soi silks, ilaik and light colors, black, blue black and eoloreil silk vtlvets. A liiriti- as"ortnicnt of ribands of all kinds ; chinelle cortl, ilk ord. Ate. T'a.-el-, lace veils, woiko I collars. Thread laces, working colion, black triinminii lace. Light and dark kid gloves, black filltt do. Hlack silk and nionair mm-, oy i. i.vvj-.i.i iv v.u. DltUGS, Medicine, Perfimi.-ry, Paints, Dye Sluirs, Oils, Varnishes, Hruslies, &c. The subscriber is now reeiiving his fall supplies of the above goods; sileciid with rrcat care, which he will dispose of at the lowest market prices. iiui.i.iiT .muomi . Salt, OALT. l.flOOMinots Coarse racking J 0,000 Mmots Liverpool Salt, For sale, in quantities to suit purchasers and deliv ered at any Port on Lake Chnmploin, by JASON C. PlKHCi: it SON. St. Johns, I.. C, Sept.-1, 1SI0. fSIKGLE. MiiiTATs vi'giti'aiili: i.iit: mi:iiktni:s. Tin- i' tmil. Mie- are itu'e' le.l ft r their ii.inie lo their manife-t and n-n-ille ail-ou ii p-irifyiug iho -prmg-and channels of life, and enduin? them with renewed tone and vigor. In m.iuv h uidreil eerlilie.l c.i-e-which have I ceil mu le li", and in alino-t everv specie- I di c.i-eto which lb" Irimati frame i- litlle.lho happye'evt- - l.nnl ili. and PlI'F.Nn 111! ri.R-have lien grea'.fullynii-l putln-Iy ae..ndwli'd,'il I y the per-on- I enetiitiil, mil who vvete pieviou ly'i.naiip-.amti'd wi h thcb.-.iutif tllyplit-lo-ophiea! piineip'e- upon vvhi-hlhey arei-ompoiiml-ed, and upon whHi thevi-ou-ispienlly act. The l.II'F. MKDIClN!j reeomiui-i.d il.em-i-lvc-in di e.v-c-of everv form and iV'-eripiioit, Their first operation i- lo 'oo-i-n from the coals of the -lomai-h nii-l loivel-, llievariot-iinpiirilie" and eiulilie- eon--lantly seillins around them; au-1 to remove the linr-.' v. bi-h e'.illecl in the convolution- of tin-iu,alle-t iu:e.-liui-.. O.her me lieines only pailiailv evil-, or Mid.! ii diarihii-a, with it- imminent il.igvr-.n Thi-fa-ti- well lo all reir-i'ar anatoiin-.t who examine the h-inian 1 owel- af er death ; mid lieuee the iireiodiceiifiho-o well nifoiiiicd mi-ii nrain-t ii'iack ineJii-ine or medieine- piepared and hcr.ahli-d to Iheuu! lie by i-juciaiil er-on-. 1 he nvoml i-Mivt ol the Life Mo'licines i to i lean e the l.iduev- and the blad ler, and by thi- mean., the liver an-.llhclun;sl'ihe hi'.ilihfulaeiiou of iv Inch etiurely I'epyud-upon lite rc eu'arilv of the iirinar,' or-jan-. The l.lood. (which lake-its ml color fioui'ibe agency of (he liver and ihe luntr-1 efore ii pa-e- into the he.iit, Ktuir thu- piu uii-il t y tncni, an. t noiri-iieu oy ioiki coining ironi a rieaii stomii-h. course- freelv ibru igh I he vein-, leuevv.- every pari ol llu- sv-icin, ami tri'itnilianily mount: tlio fanner ol heallh in the Mooinius cheek. Mo lai'-Vi-L'i'table Life Medicine? have lien llior- mtgldy te-tc-l, nfdpronooncisla -oveicign icmeilvfor riatitlencv. P.iliulatlon of llie Hiarl. Lo-s ol'Appeiuc, nearl-biirn and Ilead-ucbe, He-tle-nio -, Ill-temper. Anxiety, L.ang,tor an i .iieiaiiciioly, Lo uvenct.. (liarrhira, Cholira, Fevers of all' kind-, Kheiimati-tn, Com, Dropsies ol all kind-, Gravel, vv (.nn-, Annum ami v.oniumiiion, M-orvv l leer-, CON'FKOTTONAUIKS Just receivul, a selected aricty of Stuart's celebrated confcctionaricB ncatly put up for retail trade. Also at wholesale. THKO. A. PKCK.& CO DOUIII.K. UMBILICAL. JI"ST ree'd a supply of Marsh's cilehrated Trnse, of every do cription, for -ale bv thedozen ornngle Oct. 10, 18-10. THKO. A. PKCIC ec CO. Sign of the Moriar. BAUOM OF LIVKItWOl!Tror Con-iiinptu n Dv-pcp-ia, Asthma, and all di-ea-cs of the Luns and Liver. These dijea-es prevail lo a great extent, creating much di-lre- and, oine. fainlii v. Alltlie-cean Ic ri-nelied by the n-u of Dr. T-w:l i'- llal-om ol Liverwort. Tin- iiie.l.eiue is p irely le, and from Us pecoliaraelion upon the Liver I.-a'way fouiul a radical Mine ly for lhe.-e di-e.i es. I'or Female- and men in a very weak Mate, no me Iieine can le so gra-i ftla re.torativc, a-it not only nieugihin-, bill p i.r.u . -I give-a healthy action in tl,i whole -v-lcm. Con-tanily lor mi'o I y N. I.OVKLY & (;. w;m have iu- revive J a frc h -up ly t ( -ca-i.nablc Goods from New York, nil irvt-lie ip for ca-h. Il'irlingtcn, July 30, lolU. tiP.1t MAX COiJtiH SVItlTilA A Few dozens of this famous medicine, for the cure Colds - nd Coujlis, -n-fir solo bv iho bul ri. brrs. Heeomniindations from mar y of our cinens con be given. THKO. A. PKCK it CO. .lrc''i(V!!-(e', Cuurl House Mnare, for the nrek, and for miniatures; ur . S"H. .-st-irs. i-lc. f il.l f-hniiu Uol0 liecdi, Gold Pencils, Gji.l Snaps, etc. We will sen iiiesenrucicsai sueli prices ns cannot butbcs.ilis jacwrv o uiir iricnus nnd cunnmcrs as v,j wish to closethem oirbctorrtnvnratioti opens. FcbTlO. l'ANrill()U. itlllllNSMAID. (Irund I'liysicum) m-r io dnip dici'i- fioni llir biidj, I In- uli-ive otiile is, or diaiti", hk-lite cnniiuuu ft iv ns (if llie I mill , lluon-ili u bii I, all luoibhl .iimI i ui1. nipt Iniiiiiiis (the cau-p ol ili.ea-e) are r.m it d off; nnd so long .ot ibey ate all kepi open, .mil di,eli.,ti:p fuel) tin tr .ilti, tied pottioiis efbtipiu iiy, tin- hod) will run. tunic In'lt : bui ivlipti fioni e.ilinj. luipinppi Inutl, lite.iihht impute nit, sudden inin-iiiiiii" doiii to i-ntd, nvei t-xloiiiti'Mi ur .inv other rpu.e, ihebgivils Ircfiiutp cnsttip, the poip. i,l tlip ,kin bectuni- elnt-pj, or i hp kidiiPvs f., II 1 1 pet f,i in tin-it ftiiK-iiott" ptcpei Iv tin- iiiiptiiiiir-fl vvhieJt vliuiilil be ib.iinpil limn the Imdv bj iln-p oiiit'-ii. u ill be tetained, and coiiI'imip lo ite. ciiititibilp until the bud) beriuiips lilprnll) lu.nleil with di"a-p. II'iIip i-Ii.iiiiii I" nf our in t-1ii rivets fliould bpconip blot ked up, uiitttd ipit iIip .ti ei'imt'iiti-d w.itets fiiid ttpiv initial., or the country bctnttic iiiiinibiir-r Jii.l ,o ititb ihe liuiiMi body ; ii iIip m iiiii.iI ili hum Iip i'iiiiip elo-ed, llie slati.iitl .ind rolilipt libninrs will find vpni in I lie viinoiip futni" of ilipc.i.p surb as Frvcr, Sin ill Pox, McmIc., Klirmn iitsin, Gout, Apnplpxy. Sic, or Death mil i-u I our sitfTeiins TTiPlsfnic, i lien firkiips al llie'li, p tins in i lie b.trk Httd side, ipt.i k pubp. Inn ii ii ,kin, or anv oilier uiipls.i. sviuploiii", titilica-i; thai one in iiiimc of t lit im. i ui al di .tins .ii c not ili.r Ii it ijing fit-ply. Mild the riuiMi ittitun t. abiMii lo t'uitiincnce a sitnitnie fui ill- reslorn lion oflip.tltli ni, tuttp sh'inld bp lol in Hibniuiii-eriiiK a Ip v bti-k itii.pi of dtp Indian l'mgaiive Indian Vt Kttable I'illt.) II v so iIoiiip, all lite luiiriions .if the body will bp ipsiiitsti t urtler, tud lite fmil liiitniirs (tlip r.tlip of pvpiy tnfl .in tlloii or p tilt we fitffpr) mil be tptnuvpil in -n p.t.y and iia'iiiiil a tu.iitiier, iliat tltp body ill bp ipMoirtl a- if by a cltaiin. The itboip IMIs tu ty be inkeit al ALL limes nitd tinilpr AI.Llil-i-iitii-tiiitc'es, with pi-iG-ri s.tfety. Tlti-y rttit nit torn Mint! ami .ill. mi-, nnil letn iIip Iiiiiii in run 't tuintt a. li.ud : eiitt.t iptpn tyibi't-an nfltfriiyuie rit-ti tin ilttisl ib-bra'e. Ltki! unr l.iuil, llicy ate digclihle ; tliptpfote ilipy rim i into the ciiciilaiiuii 1 iinpati nn J ltriSy In the' blou.l, u tl it'll I'll-b'i n It, fl.iiv iinlifiic ibiiti (piite in ibe pviii niiites nnd coiripiputlv lo krpp tlip port's ofilip .kin o en, Tlipy hip line and pcifi-cl put ifit is of ike bluod : b e.tu.c tlipy drain all roiiiipt lininiirs fioni life n'lving fluid, Ilipy ireiisiii ami vtgcn to inc wlialr fy'ci", titul ilirn el feels aieaUuiv'i lipiuficial : bee.uide 1 Ley only n-tunvp iltoe l.iimors whiih .tie iitinnsed to bealilt. I'Iipi- aid and inijiiovp digpsliiut, and sound plcrp fillnvvs 'their ii-e: becau.p tliey cleanse ibe sioitii.rb and bovvi-ls i, tliosn slimy humours which nut onlv ii t e anil xeile the iiPivinis sv'fKl'l, but id:dvzp aturivrakpii llie di UPslivpoii;u". In short Ilipy posness nil lltpy pood ptnpci ties iliat can bp rtiiinird lor any tantieme : iiinl vihai bis vrty lein itk ibli-, ii i unci ly inijiofiib'c io U'c llu in withoiii brnrfil. Price 23 cen'- per Hox, with full diiectt'on.. OiUce an I General Depot for the New Liiclaud Stale-, No. laSTremoutSireet, near Court street, llo-ton. The regular appointed Agent - can ris e-.vellieir -up-pbe-of Ibe al ove popular Fill-, as heretofore, fiotn llu; oulv o ,' and t'cui-ral depot I'or llie New- L'uqland Slate-, ID- i. cutout street, llo-ton. Pedlar.- or Irav ellimr aseii -are not alloweltotell, Hi -fine never pureha-c Ironi ibeiit, for Ifvoutlo vo'. le sure to obtain a ilauneroo- and eoun,'.'ifi..i arin-le. si I Till o. A. Pt.r K i Co, Airent- in Ilmtin srtrn. for the .il.-iifthelndi in Vcseinl lePill-. nl-o. W. II. Holi.ct. WiIIi-ioii, Vt and A. Hrin-m-aiJ, llurliugtou. Disi:asi:s or tick MiNtis.-Deciiicdiy I lit- iniiiil popular icuiPili cvti kitoiviliii Antfiiea I'tRttuhlt Pulmonary Baltum is the inufl vain tide trniril) now tit Htti fui eoi'slii.rold,, a-iliti,ii or pliilii.ic, ronsitnipiioit. vvlioopini; rougt, nnil pnhnonii aff.ctiiiiis ofpvPi) kind. Its p.i'e is sir.uldi ineieasiug, ami ibe ptnpiieiiirs .hp t-onsianiiv ircPiiinL' lie uio-i lavotalilp ireiiinit ol itr t tli-ris. I lip fallow ma iti-iv ceritfic.iles ate offt'ieilfor public PKaitu'ii.tiiou. is Is t'Kit i.s tiso Gas:. Extract of.i letter fiiun Mr l! S Clay, King.tou, (Jtstrr co., N. Y. lo the pi'iipiit-inrs. "Voitts of the Oib itisi. was ihilvire.M A lein likable enip was effi-cicd by the Vpgatnlde Pitl. mvitar) Hal-ain in llie winici and .pi iitg of 1S35. The peteou, Mr. tloudi, b.i.l bppti sit k u long time with the t-uiietiinpihui. His' bad gueu 1,'nn tip He was l educed so low as to be unable In hplp liitioelf, and was raining a l.itge ipt.inliiy nf bluod wliptilie eoiiiinpiict-d tiding the ItaU.un, vvbich has effected a complete cute, and be is mm- a. bale and lieaily ns rver lie was. Mr. Moody irinoved fioni litis toivu, but lie It is piciut.ed uve .i more detailed areottni of hit case, which I will foi ward vnu. C. S CLAY Kingston, N. V. June 25 1833. Kxtrnet of n latter fioni Dr. J.trolt Mvrrs The Vpgriable Putiuonaty ItalHain lots besn sold in ibis count) for luovedrg, and ihe medicine has g.iined an uncommon ctltbiily, for it te iiicly in one intiancr fitted ol having lite desiied rtTeci. I ant b) nn means in ftvor of llu-many iio.lnuns, mori ol vvbirb ate itn positions upon it credulous public, but which I know by ii, p lo be, I cannot help but givi in) upprob inon ihi-retn. A coiinicifpil prepaiatinn lis iii-cn Ml "i 1 1, , tie a irairlluiz Agent, of Coinstork. linztoit. and in the tirineinal town- in the statoi nil direction-signed in the hand writing jf liejiroprietor--. J.119 IIIirATIU KMXII!, AtM:i.I.TllIATKD temedy for i-jmpl.vints ari-imr from a di.-eascd -late ol ibe LI VI Hand its Soeie tiou; the following are a few-of it- syinploiu-, wea'.nc--ol ihu-touiai-li, lndigetio:i,ln-.s' ofuppetite lowtii-j- ol Spirits and Headache; it will be found a -uru remedy for Kriiplions on the Face. In eon e qnenee of tneir Icing many nostril ns i-irculat mir m lhi part of theeo.ui' v, llie-iib-crikr- are n'ltlioriznl to warrant it- I ctiets ial elect-. Tlt article l- jtt-t nveivil, and u'li-nsl lo llie p-iblic a- one well worth llie alleiiliou ofiho-e who .ire aiilietcil by coinplamt from Ihe abovif di-ean-; it I from' .in eminent phvsician we feel eonliileni in tho-re-ommending il. O.t.0,1810. THKO. A. PKCK &i Co., Sign of Ihe .Mortar, one door ca-l i f JiV J II Peck A. Co T uai-ivalieJ DM. rillMMKY'S FAMILY PILLS.Ior rt-ino-vinir sviiiiiloms ofirn'ation nrl-ine from foul stomach and bowels j s till as lns of nppelile, or morbid cravings lor food, si(kncs or votuitiinr. pains or an. utiea-y ,en-alion al the pit of stomach, wiih sourness, nndn eo-tive slate of Ike bowels, flatu lence with fulness of these I nris, and pain on pres-uie, with lainlne-., jaundice, oy-cntary, int'iis in either site, and piles. Allccnon of the licad,dimcs, stu por, vvcakne ,tVpie ion of spirit", hysteria, hypo chondria, anil (.fii-n ill-turl el sliep, sick head ache 'Ot'Oliilnon with feel le, ileiicnie per-oii", e-peeinlly females, diarrhica, orloo-ene.-s oflLe I owels, and dy stn'ary, "th-cn-e" t.l llie , kin, and worms fofieqitent wilh ilnldren, ntlcclions of Ihe ehe-l, such a loueh-, cr dilPieiilly of I reaihinc, occasioned very freqi cn'ly by ntbsor. cred slate of the slomaih. Monthly nt'ec lion of females, w hen ehecU-l by general debib'iy wilh lo-s Lfnppelite, nllcndtxl wilh cold feet, etc., ngt e nnd fevir, in.luenza, rliciimalie a cilions of the loinl-, serofit'o, tieiloloroux, or painlul alli.-ctionof 'be nerves of the face, neck and shoulders. 1 have fi uml tbcin n-il'.il in removing chronic eutarih, if rcrseveicd in for some time, in-smaller doves, T hey ore accommo dated to all ace, (childnn cfe year old may afely tiic litem,) an I to any climate, anil under all 'circum'--lances. T hey contain no mercury nor other mineral. They are purely vegetal le. Doss. Tvvo to four nisy le taken at a tune, rind repeated every other night, until the tongue Is clean, and the di-charge from llie bowels, in -ti ud c f I eingliithl colored or dark and ol-fen-ive, lc-ome fiec and full and health), with a re turn tfappetne. C HHTT l-T CATE9. The undcrsiincl h.a had the pleasure ol an aciiuaintani-c wilh Dr S. Plunncv fit some years puit, t'lirin!.' hi" re-idenit- in tin- villas, vvheie he hasnllained a htgh character a" 8 phyn'cia:. lie Ins had an opportunity al-o in repeated in.tnnic ol teslinglbe value of llie':Famiy Pill-," and from his own experience c.f lheir eilicjcy, n will as from a knowledge of their goodeirt-tn oilier cR-e--, he hits no lic-itaiinn in recumrnending them to lej-t-t what tliev prolejs tole. a vcrv valual .Mislieine. ' THOMAS M. SMITH, Tastor of the Presl ylerian churcli, CaUkill N.Y. I feel it to 1 e a privilege and d tty to my, thai 'o llie extent of me ob i-rva'ton an i i-xt'crieiii-e. which i verycon-ideiabli-tl nog cvi ral Jcar-, the o-ilily of ti-e aiitcie t o-.n lor i-y-pt p-y atui a - .v luo-i etiicacif t Family Mc-lieine, far cxcee.Vd in) autti-iiiatit n. More thnn lliirtv vcar-l h.avenol eniovtsl health, but sttiien-d iiiuclt from -it k head-ache, and lioin bilb'ou-ntlis-lionp. 1 have bad iliendv-ice of many rc-pis"al !e phy-ician-, but never fit mil any e 'ivt'.al relief Ironi my oonijil.tin:.- until a trial tf I'r Pliiniiey'- Pill- had I cen made. Sami ki. Ciit niniLL. Harnion-1 its. Cnwford Co., Pa Jnlv, IS3S. C.U.-k' ' ( icene Co., N. V., April, IS25. To all wlo.iii it io.-y et ticcrn : '1 hu i cr' die-that I'r S. Phinney i-n Pliy.ieian of the lir-t s'ainhng in thi villaie, having received hi- iia-heal ilcrioe at Catu 1 ridL-e Fniver-il V, and is entitled to the highest re-pect from the public. Hcv. I.'avld i'or-er, I). D. Hev, Jiscph Prenlbs, A. M.; ThoifTa.-II. Cooke, Pre-tdent nf Cut-kill Il.ank ; Hev. T liom.a-M South ; Jacob Hatch' ; Hoi ert Dor Ion, Counsellor; John Adam-, iloj M. Wat-oil, 'K . H'lhese pills do nol give.-aiisfacnon al'er.a fair trial llu-y may I e rettirni-l, and the luo.iey will be lisl. Airt-nt-ale bcrel y a ithoried to ilo o. Aei-n-. H. Mooiiv, Hurl ugioii ; UJaue, Get rgta; T. W Siuuli, St. All an-; C. L. Dial.e, W.--1 Miltun and at ino-t ( I llie stores in I he -la f. o3il.3m BOSTON ACADKMY'rirec'd nttlie llooLstore the il.iy and for sale ut wlio'c-alu by D A 1IHAMAN ''piU-.O. A. PKCK & Co. nt ibes-gnof tho Mortal ,,.,'!'.'J'1',t n'r " a miaiuilyof Cayenne Pepprr, ol Kiighsh iniuortalion. Constantly on hand, Homhav Gum alvrrb. irenninp Itfiibm- Itnrb An t., ; n....r. der. Jnmaiea Ginger Hoot, do. do. in Powder, Hengal unuviiiu i urtiii-rics, occ. o-c. oept, lo, lalU. "v NOTICK...I ilcem it my duty to inlonn the pul I ic that I have. InvcsttsJ a salve, perfectly inno cent, from three -iinplo vegetable., Hut entirely su- rercede" spanihfly Plaster, which cive-entire re let In all inflainatoryal'ectioii" of ihe human body in 21 lo AS hour", an 1 need-bin one application. It ac tion I- by absorption and evaporation, it di elves a corn from the fiei entirely an J without pain, co-interacts lire in a burn or scal'd in 13 minute- after it- ap plication. Apply it to iho side on a piece of oil -ilk or dre-sed sheep -kin, fnrinllaniatinn of the liver cr lungs and it extracts all excitement from tho.c organs. Wanaiitcdio give relmfas recoiiiiiie.ided. A. MARK, Sole proprietor, I IS Dronmc street, Ne-.v- York. The IraJcsiipplicI at the Pro-.r.eior'" nriees bv Biirlnnrton, Dec. 1310. J. it J. II. PKCK it Co. LADIES' India It tl.lcr Sh(To, Gai-cr Hoot-, walk tns Shoe", Freinh kid ami -prini Ilts-I Slip-, De.-.3, 1510. J,i-i irciri v N. I.OVKLY it Co. !ovcli'y, ite. ATOSAIC, Cnm o. F.merald, Topa. Jet Pearl, IX nelmi nnil rMn. Gold Pins, lirnacltcrs, Fin ger Hint's, K-iroriianunts. lltad ornament", etc., at unusually low prices. pAMaaon.v it Hni-.-s.MAiD. II IK salcnt AUCTION at M.avn and Wait'., will commence to-morrow nt 2o e!n(k. bv ofTcrinT lirst, some first rate SLKIGHS, which will be sold reacrv-p. IhrrJneMon, Jan. 9, 1811. )r'.OtnnsII.Yfornlehv G. PKTKHSON. Burlington, Jan. 8, 1SH firs wit 15 QCHOOl, HOOKS. A aeneral ns,ortmcril of i School ItODks for sale at wholesale or retail, by Jan. 8. C. GOODRICH. C1 LOIIKS. A pair nf 12 inch Globes on hijli stands T for sale at two thirds of the manufacturers price Jan. 7. bv C. GODI1ICII. Pa. M. IIiTtucotii'- ivafk-J nu I tint-iia,iu.l WOli.M TKA, a soveieigu rcirnsly for vonn.. Strange unJ inercti blc ate llie c'it.-i-l of tlie-c dcte-lable erniiu ; few person-, an I it i thought none aie free Ironi them, par ticularly lenialc- it nil children. Mnnv icr-ou- go luro'igii a iii-tre-sing ol tueJicine wiiiio-u a lenclit. when I Ley mi.'ht le relieved ly u-ing the Worm Tea. ThiHivaluabli- mixhi ine has been te-lc.l by ll.e experience ofnioie than ten year- uc, and admiui-terc'l to more than 1G.OP0 per-ons of ariius age-, and not one soliiarv cotupl.aint ; on the contrary liundre.l- have called, and tin-olicittsl, Riven lheir ile- ..iMe.1 ,,rIV-rett- lo ilrHfi.'r Iryititr til. ttl.U-r.-nt nrltV'e -cut forth to the pul Ic, and pronounced Dr. M. Hitch cock!. Worm Tea llie ino-l -afe, eilectual, and con venient remedy ihat can I c obtained : for in no one of Ihe llioii-and-' of instances where it ha- le.-n used .vtrri' to the prinled direction- h.v" it i-vcrf.viled. JN. 11. Ask for Dr. M. Ilitch-oek's WoumTrv, a-lhere aie maiiv nostriitn-ul road for the I'e-trnciionnf worm For sale'whole.a'e nnd leiail 1 y A. HITCHCOCK & CO., -o'c proprietor-, 117 u-ce;, I'tu-a, and bv lheir n;ent lluou.-hu it the I'muii. In Huitingtoti, by J. it J. II. Pick it Co., and Thi-o. A. Peck it Co., In Vcrgcnnes, by J. II. How-man. In Milton, by Unmet it Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lonno Janes. aug20 TNQIIIK''--ASK TliOSU WHO KNOW. j M. rine mil) who ktiiivv bv hialof itiinipili ,te obiTi valtotl, ran lot in uuy i-li-a ot the eflprls. til tfip pt-ilecl relief, nf the abtimt ctiai ruie ( (Ti-lli-il in rn-t-s of the Piles. lint.uMAiisu, nil Sw u.i ics, nml alt exiemal Paiss, no m itter bow nrie, bi the use of II.ijr' l.tiiitlipnt. Find oitp who has tut d it'lhat will not laud it ttbiivp nil things re, toed, mid )on vvtl' find ivhal caiiiinl bp loiiuil. jlj-l or Hip icIipIoi stiller iitg luilllaii beings who mav be tiftlicicd, I bi-g jott lo a-K a,k of ibo.e wlio know a, k the Hon. Al.KI'KD Co.MiLIN, U. S Jnlgefor ibstriri, residing neat iibuin,iik .Matimciv J. Miens, Ksrj. Alliens, N. V it-k Ih'ii. Duks-GnKr.x, Ine of W.irliiiigiun cit), e.tilt of tbe.-p geiiilenien knoiv of c i.cs uuconi-tPi able b) all oihct iptned rs or livsii-t otr, iliougb liiei! lorin-inv teat", nave open riueii oy toe u.e ot ine initiueJay s Liniment, i It iiimiiiIs ofoilu-r prisons know similar etues. u c appeal to lheir .eitse ol jus lite their human feelings. ICp-lt is bin a tint) )on our lo voir stiOt-ting fePuw-bt-iiigs io lei llii-gieti rrtnedi be known Speak of it then to all )uur fi teads I'bis will save iiukIi p.nn wlu-ie iIip nrv.spatcis ate n-tl read, or where te tdeis ate int-.-iilutriu?, bee.nifcso many vvutihle-s tirtteles are Htlvrrtl-pd fm the sainc puipo.c. To btt)rrs we s.i), if all who have u.eil il do not say it i- Iip)oiiiI all pr.ti.e, ihi-it tin nm lake it. I'ltp pi opt ictor will not alio iv this at tide m be p-nd for tuitrss it ruies, ivlipn all tlip dueciinn" airfitllv fidl.ivv ed. Will ait) one stinvt ing rsfusp it'ivv in ii v it ? 1 f lie does, be ouglti to bn puiul itiote I -r his obstinary llian It sttinpitui. !L-'lr. .iniiM never roast nt in olTtr this aitiele, uriehe not roMpi-lled b) bis spnteof moral ol ipbgioits iluiv to do all in los pitiiet lor t lie viciims of disircss and tniirrv. Fur lids purpusp be would siuuter devoip a foitiotp, tit hi srciue a ilollat for winililfis ailirle. iirT-l.OOK OUT. Some swindlers have rotinieifpiied llu niiicle, and put it up with various deuces Do nol be upon. Uiip thing nitty will protei I vou il is llie name of Cumiir k tf Co ; lion n.Hiie tnusi oe atwavs on nip vvrnpprr, or )0ti ore (-lie.oed. Do uol foigci il. Tuke ihls dure lion vv'nh )ou, mid te-l bv ihtl, or never buv ; fur it i. inipotsible fur an) other to be line or grniiinp. IVUI.U 'III.X IlltlO. Sold bv ComsfocA- & Co. 1 rielcltPr ilirn, N Yntk. TIIEO. A. I'KCK it d. Whules-le Agi-nu fur the & of rrtnoni. LOT!tiN.MTU)..-.lK. KVANh" HKAl II FVINO LOTION. Hiithly e-liruu-d fur curing all F.ruptions Coar-eue--, llt-diie-- and Piui;i!e on the Face Neck or hand-, and I'jieetu.illy clt-uiitttg tl e comnle.xion, mi l removing all di.ta.-cV of the .MithitiK i-oiitnliute- so inil.-li lo our geuci al stitce-s in lile, a- an engai-iir.' tir-t appenrance. T hi- Lotion i-aditnre.l a ttio-l li.i.'r.tnr, unlit, sate wash and eirat ly e-tct-tucd for Us viriues in oliuu-i.iu', -tiftPiiiiic, and ptinlying llie -Km ol all eruption-, o tiiuriou- t le male I eauiv, and re-tcrins it lo a li.-h dearie ot pu rity. A 1 dutiful complexion i- ihe pride ofallwho iin-so-s it, and iheenvv oflho-e vv ho are deprived of it. 1 tl.ll I- soil 1.1..11IU lit .1 1 1 ailiion II ,111 w no t-l.l( l- nalttre ha.-di-playe.l her power, a-lo (tud hereotni 1,-x ion tli-eolo-ircil wuh (li-Rii-tuti; ptiuple.-, vvliiih tnar lier eliai in-T A sooit appcarim-i- I.- I he I e-l rci inn lueudalion ; and a-the Hea-itifv ins: Lotu n nitride- llu skin, and remove- all Piuiti'i-.. lllolohe-.Tau. S-inhiiru and Hit Ine, nnd pro line- a I eau-jful hue, it I-tin-1 lily co-iueiie a tauy miouiu u, ni ner loret. ticnllelnetl will all al-u find llu-a dilightl il icuitsly, to rtoiove an iititiune--, rjuii:c-, iiingwi nn-, 5,11ns, invne-s, Sorencs- of the line and no-e, and every ktuJ 1 f er ti tiou on ihe .-uifacc of the liunnn hlv. ' Il 1- i.artic.i- larly leeoiniiiended lo I e mod al'.t-i- sha ving, a- it will prevent llu- otherwi-c certain elect ol all common soap, in tumuitr ihe tear.! premature V grey. For n!i- Whu'i-.olc and n-tail I v A. IMTt.'H COCK it Co.,N '. 117 Gnu- ic -trw, I'tica. In llur lington, by .1. it J.I I. Peck it Co., ami TTuo. A. IVtk itCo. In Veraenne-, by J. II, llowiiian. In MJl'"i by liuructt it Savvjer. In Georgia, by I.ieiuo Janes aug 20 Tjri'K WllliAT FI.OWCH, f.vsii crnund ofj- 1' 1 perior qnalitv, for sale by January 7. lPil. C. GOODRICH. Oil'S YARN, atTiiEO. A. Peck it Co's. 1 Jan. R, 1S-I1. TVKV fiO(H).-Silk and worsted J blct", Merinos, fine f'irra-i(m nn-l t ape, Cam ii" 1 Sax- onv.vcrvchcCD bv II. M. GIDDING.- &Co.. Jan..J. Uorner Gollegc-st. anil the Square. TROD CLOTHS. Wool-dwd Hlaek, lllt-.c, I J BROWN Shectint's, very cheap bv the pit-co or yard, at I.OVJ'.LY and Co's cheap store. 3V" N H. Also, a choice nssottmcnl of N'ntrsnn,! Accoi.11,1 adapled to the present season, which not- vviiusiaiitun;; oien on tianusotne Unto, are not iho less desirable, nnd are oflired nt urlinin snln until thcfirstof February next purchasers will sue tha "time is short." Ilurlinctnn, January 14 1641. Kincland'a clarified suorn. Also, mould candles lor sale bf J. 1. WHALING .f- Co. QPKRM CANDLKS kj candles, No. 1. rpHK attention of tac alllicled is called to the articU J. "11 d21 Hay's Litiinicnr," advertised in nnotlier column. 1 iii.u. a. ri;(jK it uo. ;cpin. coitiiAic- itinniciNKs.cji DR GORDAK'S Jelly of Poine-,'raiiate nnd I'eniM h 11 Pill- fur Dyspep-y, Ni-rv tut- Headache, P.-il-p t.ition ol the Heart, Internal nnd I.'xternal ll.uuor", and nil impi-ritii-" of ihe Illr.od, Iceland Jelly fir ll.o relief and cure of coistin-ption. Pulmonary Jedv for oouirli', t-old-, pi"ing of IJI(;(', Hoar cncss&t-., I'm s'an l.inatni-tit and Ltnameut Opo 'eldoefor Rl.euina-tl-tn, Physical Drop", Col omit 1 Drop", Salt Kht-uni O nunc nt, I't'e O.iiii.ient, sj.rengtheuiug Pia-tcr, and Corn and Wart I'i.t- cr. T he nbovi! t eh-! n cd nieuieine" prepared en irely from vece'ables I y l r. Win. Gonial., need no te-.-omnien lauon ihan iliat they have I ten left re thu mil lie fo ir-ien )ear, utvnnr inisfiitli(.n to all who have tu-o I tbcm,-uiay I u ha i of Daxa it Ratm nd, Woisl-loek, Vt. Gen i Agents. Go'd Ko, IvJ P fi'rcnsr, Qticel.ctt J C liri Whie Hivt-r;' Win. llSueifj Co., 'Act Hartb ri Wor-tcr Downer Sharon; Downer tt Neven , Hoy aitoit ; J Wheat, llclhel, K C Holme-. We-1 Randolph) J II Daufor'h, Hiauard ; S HelKuaii. Ka I liarnard; N Snow, PoinfretjK M ti A SStoe'.cran-l Govcit Shavr, llarilanil; Sheiid & Harm--, 1'crkin-vlHi ; Ilrown t Ain-dtn, Felchville; A it II Wnr.lncr, Wind-or , A .M.irsh, llnlaewatir.SSttrT Whecli-r, P'ymoilh ; and at Hanloi-'., Huehe-ter, Grandnlle, Northiiehl,, Midd.e'.ury, Ver;eime, and in inos. cf tho prin -iple town- m'the State. A S -.j-.tly of the above ineJieine- iit re-eiver and for-1 e l.v HOHKRT MOODY,, 1311. (3m) Drugget, Darlington, Vt H. THOMAS lias just received at lii3 ntw Storn, 1. alargomnntityof HL'FFALO HOHF.S, FUli, APS. OLOVT.S. di e. etc.. which will be 'old much lower than any ITUS of the like qunlity have been sold in this market for year". He willpa'y the hiehest market prica in cash for Fox Skin3. Raccoon, Musk rat, Otter, Hear, Mink, Sable, r.nd the highest price in cash for Sheep'-Pelts. Also, cash paid for fresh Potk Hurhnttton, Dec. 13, 1610. fo i ) iCa t-t ii. rpilK copartntrbhtpof N" '.OVUI.Y (t Co. by i's X own liniitation, will ixpiru on the 8th of April next. Having by recent arrivals added to our fall purchases, enables us to offer an assortment of sea. Brown ami Green, plain anil Fancv Cassinierc I sonaoieaim c iccicu o as ars c m,, a3 Fnrnttm-s Oxford and Stctl mixed Satiimtts, by 'j "' L'.r X L ,Z . r . II. M.GIDDINGSitCo. , - . . . . know n'cjt'abUhmcnt. or better know 11 as the Cheap Ca-h Store, "on chenp taic." Wc cannot enumerate, but would merely say, vv c have Dry Goods, ofevcry variety and quality, Carpptins", Knghsli, Scoti-li and American, Oil Cloths, a bcatiiiful nssoriiiient, Rug", Matt", Dri'gcet for Floor Cloih", Crockery nn I G .ts Ware, I.ooking-Gl---ses diact from the manufacliuw, -l'ai cr llnnt'ings, DRY GROCKRIKS. Dry Codfish, Shad nnd Mackerel. Haiti r, Cliecs;. dried Apples, and Lard, for family use. Burlington. Ftbrtnrv 10, 1311. n. li. Need we -iv any thins ,0 t'1C! irJeotei to 1 1113 linn t vvc stiail sec. Jan. 9, 1311. c 1 ANA DA SALT. Salt, Jan. 8. Coarse and fine, also. fincnck by II. Jf. GIDDINGS it Co. TJ'IXH TK'-Hyson Skin and Young Hyson TKAS, nf sitperinr qua ity, warranted. Atso. Porto Rico Syrup, Molasses, very heavy and fine navor, ny 11. .11. i.iuui.Mi.-i .v uo. SH paid for OATS bv V JanS, 1611. H. M. GIDDINGS A Co. T (K'KCTi Aj 'ioid Heart Inveterate Sore". Seorbitlie J'.rui-liou- and Com plexions, Kroplive epmpl.aint-, sallow, ('lotsly, and oihcrdi-at'reeablo Cumruexion-, Salt Hlie.iui. f.rvM'11- rla", (aitnmon Cold- and Inllucnza, and vai.oti- otbt-r comtilaint- which aflat tbeh'iman frame. In Frti-.n ind Aoi'n. particularly, ll.e Life .MeJieine- have leen IN. Y. and their is liprr 1I1.11 i. 1110-t iiinnentiy-i.cce-iui ; so iiiiicn to that in the strung!) suspected lo be spin iuu 1'ever.tnd Ague districts, Physicians aluiOtl universally pl--lT4IU III' III. All that Mr. MoTal rr-j-iire-nf his patients is to Le particular ill taking llie Life Me hcine- stricily accor ding to tho threelion-. It I? nol a ntvvspane'r noliee, or by anything diet he him-elfinay -ay inliieir favor, that he hope, u gain eie lit, It is alone by iLc results ut u lair iriili. MOl-TATS MKDICAL MaNI'AL; dc.-i;ncd a. a doine-tie jrnide to heallh Thislilllo pamphlet, cd-lcil l y W.H. Mo1at,27j llw-H-luay, New York, ha- leen pul li-hcJ for I ho purpose ofcxplaining inoref dly Mr. Mo lal's theory of tbsea-es, and will Ic found highly interesting 10 persons seeking le 1! h. It treat- upon prcya1- ,u di-ea-e-, and ihe cau-e therctf. Priie, 25 1 rnt for -ale by Mr MolfalV Agents generally. The-e Valuable .Mcb-iiies are lor snln by Robert Moody Druggist, if. General agent, (10 whom all op p'tcaiiotis for nceneie. should I c uddre-scd, tio-l paid) Hirlington, Vt. Jan. I, 1811. BOS ION ani TJtOV IRON COMPANY. The P'lblio arc bril-bl- nolilii-.l. tbat llu. biisin...- ..I casting in every bran 'It and varielv, i- done lo order, 011 tho-bortct noti.-c, a; Troy, Vi, T ht-eoiiipany have m.tehtnlur.'c.l iheir f nilry, and r.10 now prepared in do all km I- of w. rl. done nl any fuun Irv 111 the eo-uiiry mill g. aring, I'm Ah Kettle-. Stove-. TVTBW TAILOR IN G KST A 11 I.I S II ',r F vt ,,' '", ' Axietrtai-, iV".,on hand, or lurnishol to order, XT Al W.noosia 1 itiaift Tlio -. -biicribt r has cot,,, t " , vl ' ' ' 1 luvo I""10'' or l":r- mroei.-il tlio IDlloritig ous utss 11, , hce n,l ,..Vn I 1 ,'" Su'l"-' ' ' 01 11 1 o-..--v arc, lor the tto ui liiuiia im ti. in. oiii; it, ui gooa PtyiQ nsit W done 1 any shop 111 this section of cuiiu.ry. Uuttinu . . .11 ,t,..nk .1, blo, 1 I ti.itir. 'S UllO . Hit tot.r-, w.t r ......vv. . WANTKD An nppre .lice at lite above butincss. Jacod Mvsns. M. D. Miflliuginn, Juniata co. Prnn, Mav 3, 18.17 Fioni Dr. Samuel Moirrll, lo lite Piopiipii'ns of 1 lie Vrse lablp I'lilitiim.irv ItaU.tni. I am satirfipd ihat tlttt Vc. srtalile I'ltliiionairv llatitui is .1 valuabip inPtlpeitip Il has been used in this pi ice wilh coinplrtc snrrrss in an oiitnate ciiinpliiut ol Hip lung", atieti'teit Willi severe rough, loss of voice, mid ihti taisin of iiutrh blood, which had previously it-H'ied m inv npiu. vc 1 piesrriptiuns. Alu-r using ihe Hals tin one week, llie pillenrs voice lettirnril ami he witsahle 10 speak audi lily. Mils rare orritried ruine lime sutrp, and tbr in mil now rng.t;ril not only in anile but laborious utisinesi, itrsprciiunv , ur. a. tviourtri.L It is now mote six jean sinre I nas lunitgln very low by nn affection of 1 lie luiigs, and mi roiunlaitil wasilrclaiel 10 be incurable bv a council of three oltv. sinsiis, 1 w as men restuirii 111 ss gun 1 neatiii a. I nau enjO)etl lor tniny )ran, oy using Ihe. Vpgpialilr I'ttl. nioiiatv IliUain, Simc inv recovery I have lertun inetuleil the Itits.iiu in n gtrat man) cans of 'ung rtntiplitinis. ami so lar us I ran l-ain. 11s use lias vanabl) breu follourd by niiirh benrfil, and in insti) Inttsners 11 lus ellectril cuirs vvlitin weir wliolly iittex periril. tiAHUCL KritHETT, Itnsion, Mari-li 2, 1837. For sale, wholesale and retail, hi J, ri J. II PKCK U Co., "ivl rilKO, A. PECK & Co., llur. lutglonfYI. 1 i. in, mo. i ' 1 o "'''-"-'"dHofurni-lieilnl whole-ale price- and! & IlLKSSING to Mother-. American Soothms ia 1 T '",""'"'' ,!,v"r n with Iheirinllsor triers, will be, X. Syrup for children i-tltimj Uclb. The timely li 1 "J. l'Jt'l'ally as nt any In Ihel 11-e of llns arllcc will save chiUreii iniieli plin, Cificn icoiinlrv. Order, lionldlo n-k'ucse.l lo K. It. Cro-s- a Fever an I iho patnf il operation of lancing JEKKM1AH IIAURINGTON. .cVmJ'."i''i'''',n,l r A: Yo,,n Apcn'' Tr0' 'l. price r.vl.u-o-1 to 37J ct .. tlollrey'. Cordial au ex. Tm'u , v 1 1 J ''i "H 1 r",mpt nnxmt rem. lent article lor the nurscy Z ci., Ixnh those article-. mo THE IJAI.D-II KADFI) .V OTII lilts 1- D ie 1111 know a nciglilsir or a frieml who liasj ueen llal.l, anil wliose ne ui is now rovciru wiih line Iuir7 One whose rn.11 w.ts roirtrd with dsn. Iitifl', thiiiigh btuslitd everv hour vvbirli has nun v in isdted emirrl) ! Or one wlio.e hairs ni rail) agp vvete titriting gtey. who now has not a grr) liati 7 Lliililirti ivliu.p heails weir r ivsteii viiin stun, would not grow, ate now growing llu- fullest rinpr of Lair! Snnip cases must bp known in tuosi ppuoiii. r.k thi-in iheratiip, and von will bp loll llial lheir liing. It tve bepn doiifi b) ihe ti,p of ibe Vain of Co. lumbia. Of 20 y.its gtowilt ii 1 Ui s 111 ii. lt-, ns dpthaud ineietsirg aiiiiu'ill) some Inuiihed per cent. .though iv hen disr.ovtred not iipposcd by iinvibing for llie v.nne purpofp, now- assa'tltd by abnusl iinnibeile-s iiuisbioon trash will iiiin llie hail if n-ftl to an) rxiPitl. Can mote lh-iii ihe.P f ins be w-anlrd rcler 10 llir tons by a list iifii.tmrs of ie.nsc.ia. biliti .uneriUitlled bv any oilier arlirlc. Look 10 iltrpe Ihiiins buv litis nriirle. Slav and i.trsrne vour luit bv its me, or iflitld restore it. Lidies, altpnd In this Iitiulirds in fa.ltiouable life air using it as the out) article itallv fil fur lite loilel. luir is veiv apl in f ill nut. ' La. be., use the llibn 1 f Co'iiinbia 111 limp ip save vnunplves iIip ibfgiafr nl batdneis li) nrglrrt of votif tipisoiis. Ills votit tlitlv. as inotalists 10 ,are trr'te iIip l.rsiuir, of nature, wilh uliit-h . Ihmiiii ifiil Crealoi ha endowed )0tt ; me llir Ubii,lur it will do it. GAurio.N 10 111: nF.viF.uiiF.itKn. Srvrtul mo'l II igi-inl aiietnpif have l-rrn mule 10 t iiitnrifrii lite 11 ur ll ibn of Cotiuubia, Snnip of llir .1 tpoaiers Itiivr gone, to I tr nr 10 runntrifril the rplrn 1. 1 uiannrrs. ami the Falls ofNugi nnd rvnv fx mal mailt rxeem ibensiiip of Cuinstock. wliirli liiei lite nai forje. To avoid inipo.'itb.ns iherrfure, ul- ivivs loot, lor the name ol I onimock (c Lo. or I., ts I'.wn.n.r!;. nn, I nrver buv lbs artirle nnlrss it hm tha 11 nor upon il Sold wltntrsatr cud ifl.lit, inlv at No, 2 l-lsii-lirr sum, H. Y. TlitO. A. I'KCK it Co. t lwl.ue Agrnis for ihe Suio of rimnnl le HAitt: liAiu i:--itAi,i)Ni:s-. imjot lant DNi-overy -tlie Crtat aistrry found out at last. DR. STKRRY'S HAIR HF.GKNK RATOR. Dr. Stciry, after much attention l.t the important subject of preserving the hair, has, after many cxpcriniints cbemicnl nnd physical been able to di-covt r and article which I now olli-rcd witii the pnatct coiilitlinct; for the toilit as llie hist thiruiu-r discovired, for, foritssofieiinti; and pcnelittiingirariliiy to uroi'.ucon good head of hair lo prtvint it from fallinc oH'when baldiif"sis npprt hended to retort it when baldness n-js taken place, and to prevmi it from turning gray. Il ii is more nourishing than po matum, -unique oil, or Cologne water. Il is a beauti ful article for ladies curls it makes the hair soft and lively, and produces uncommon brilliancy, ihous. ands liavo tested its "iiperlor virtius and Vxnlleiice, and in every instance it stands unrivalled. It is an infallible euro in all nfll-cliotis of the in on the head a-- tlandrulli ite. ite. Kvi ry family should lit sup plied with a butlleof this oil, thai by its nt-plication to the head and hair of chlhlrtii, the biautiful nnd or appendage of a line of haie, which na ture has supplied us may be prc-crved. Ftorn the nnnuroiis certificates a nd rt commendations received of its salulary itillut nee the Donor fuls firmly per suaded surcei-dcd 111 producing an. article which will nut 1 lliudcsiriil wishes and approbation of the dublie. For. sale wholesale and retail by A. HITCH COCK it Co. 117 Gt nespest. Flit-ti, N Y III llur- ii'ttin, bv J. it J. II. I'KCK it Co. and THKO. A I'KCK tt.Cot In Vergennm bv .1. 11. liowmr,n. In Milton, bv liurnctit Sawyer. In Gioreia, bv Lotcn- io Janrs- IIK LION OF TDK DAY. M) CFRK NO PAY! The ticiiiilne old Dutch or Ger man Vegetable I'llls. Ilishly rivomm.ndid ly Doet. lalentitic Aioit, .11. I', ol 1., ami miiers. The.H are l ie or lcr-! Anv one tlu't ilor- not (.ml re lief from lhee pdls the priie is ufindel lac!;, thee are the po-l'.iv oro, r- ot the rropneic 'o ngeuls ami cihers. In o.iermgllie-e pills lo thcpii' ' c, I appeal lo their inlelltircnce. If thcie pill- are in.; w 11 llu-y re nnmetided, you are in duty I o ind out rf respect to vo-irn-lf andt'-oinmunitv lo le.ecl them, and pnl li-h them to the world a- an impo-hion, bitinbu; and quackery. The public, may 1 ea-unit Miry aie pertly ve-jet.vl le, they are coiiipo-cd of nine inriodinl-, pari ol the nu-liciue i-onlv loiinil in A-ia anu in the vai ley-of Germnny. ror convenieiKC the e cx'iacii. are ma le into pill- and will 1 e found a sure cure 1 r re lief lor all lillious complaint-, yellow andlilliou; li-vers, lever an I nsue, jaun Iter, -earlel iah, 1 1II1011 'i 'ic ili-tien-ia. it". Il I- tl"! pretcn It-I ilitvl thi inedi.-fp i- a en re f--r all t'i ..-11-e- 10 w Inch llu- human syslt-m ." lial le. Ten th u-.-ad tite'i c.!( rt- have I cen made to draw from t Ite return- ol unknown lanev mmo loin. nun lluorv of m.aaie arl, which vvc-Id cute i-ach and every dt-ca-c. Gi-td nicibtiiie i not found 111 the fire or whir wind. Health nnd happinc li.incx win, I, .-unit- 1- the herald ( f iruth. The i.i-t at lea-l 1- secure; ihey have ulrcaJv r.aitisl ' .1...:- .. t... 1. .Uf.. i... a 111011-iiiieiii 111 iiti-ir liriaioi w io " -. ,. ..orrf.lm tnntb oftmie. Nonecnn I cGcnuine vvilhoul n wrapi er and 1' .et .ton-on each box on whuh my intnei. written nilenslh. Sold wholesale and retail by the subvert' er at Glen'- Kali-, ly A. ., Sand 7!l. and 100 Full n si. and 11. M. Mcics, .W Snub .Mallet st. Allany. Haum it llawlrv, 219 iivcr st. Trov, General Agents lor llie stale i aw 1 ors. .MKRHITT tiKIFFIN. For sale by Win. Rhodes and K. II. Green, Rich 1, Mnrt.ii, A- f'lark. and D. it D. S. Lathron Wiliision ; U.aiar -t Ct.insioek, Shell urn ; 11. Sianion, K-cxt Geo. II., and Allrrl Harney, Jericho; J. R. Hurlbtit, Weslfonl; J. II. names, tnartotte; k i...uu. 0...1 it..., I'.-i.-p.ria. IlitrhnirlPii : and I v K IIRIGtiS, Iturlington, Agent ftr Chillcnden Co., when lestippiiisiKi iuuv-5..i"-priT-s. IVvw i:v.l:!!isliiiicul. T P. WHALING .1- CO. inform the public that t they havu located themelves Jn the village of Burlinuton. t,ud havu fitted 1111 a stole on the east side of Church slreel, which may wtll be denominated "Cheap-side," nearly oppo-iie the hank of Burling ton, and are receiving fioni New York a choice selec tion of goods well suited to the s-tason, which they ullerfor sale usuir usianbtpurchasrd in Hit country, fur ready pay. Among their goods may be found beaver and broadcloths, cassimeres, satinits, flannels, merinos, moushne dclainis tf-c. A choice selection, aNuof 1'icnch, Knghsli nml American print", equal, at least, to any in lurlinptun. A general nssort tiunt of cambrics, inushns, plain and figured, edgings, iiiscrlings, blond laec.-,i'c. A artat vnrietvof shawls, anil dress handkerchief", ladies' gloves ami ho.-c, with a good supply of bliaciicd anil unbleached domestic goons. Also a coud supply or crorl-.cry, ot the latest patterns, with it few decant attfal parlor lamps; and finally, a few choice family groctrics, suthns teas, sainix, mohtsses, colli e, rice, ra'tsiu", dry fi-h, tobac co" lamp o.l", if-c. We do not pretend to specify all the kind", to say noihing of the iiuiikh us nrlic.'i s of whicii each kind U composed; but suliic. it to hv, that the assortment will be found to conta.n most o. the articles wanted in the country; and tho-c that lavor us wilh tltiir custom will he' entirely nheved from the examination of old goods, or remnants. Our entire stock is new, nml frtvhfroiu llie inaikct, ami h.asbccn sclct-ttd with ihe greatest possible c.aie, witlt reft rencc 10 the want", comforts and benefit of ihe people. Hut we do not wl-h the public to take our vvonl in this matter, bur ir. Kt cordially invite llirm to cell and examine for ;iis.vis. liiirhngtiin, Nov. CI!, 1F40. "VrAOXI'lTIC ODOXTICA. illK TKI.TII ill TI1K TILT II '(-Tin. l.sroni'ABAB 1 11 To( in I'r.rr.vitVTioN. T be f.ici prove!, and 'lit- mo-: 111--ri lo.i u . ad t't.'tttiug nr- lii'.v touvinced, a- w i- I ave hi-i-i .. -i-t'looi tl,,. . ,t. ( t -.iit.fifin 1 1 1 r 1 i.o ( 1 1, liea, w-i-h.n the past venr, the Fit ,11011 dreams ol . I oarJcrs ine ait iiynu-i are leniizctt, ami a teuii-iy iii-eoveri-ii fur pie-ervinc tho-e impoitaut aiel ti-efiil nppi nda-jei of lite human -ys't-m,,yiheii-e of the Magnet it-OJon-lieu, which by it-aiti,iciive, and strength, muff qu.ab-lie-, reincve-iill exttaiieou- -id slam e-fu ut the licth and pteserves them 111 theiriiaturul brtllian--)-, and t lie uin- 111 -oiindne-- anil 1 eautv. Il 1" a-certamcl 1,-oin xperience, that when ti-nl, ihe teeth will never tie i-.iy, but remain nil Ibe l.ite-t a-.-e ol man, with their miurnlwear. v hen they aie i'iva)e !, il- progre will le ane-ted, and the teeth prt-ervc.'ntid prevented and pte-eiMsl liom Hchiiii.' all llu- ha- 1 1 en done 111 a multitude of m-lanr-c-: and inoie 111 ihon-and- o! ca-e-, nervoit- toothache, (ihat climax of pain) ha- al I ecu e e.-tuall) e.iml Iv popular teu'rilrii-e 111 GF.RMAN CLOCKS small gcrinan titn.p:c;rs at i5, German striking Clocks at 6 60, German Alarm ClxkJ atu 5tt. i-anosob-j iv unixsMAiD. CMCVI-ni ALARM WATfTIKS.nt 913,820, JM. O Dee. 13. l'Ayroni ft. Hsinsmaid. BIIItMMiTON J1ICII SCHOOL. The 1111 ersii.'iiixl, Tiunee- ( f " IJcniiMiTfS Hicn Stuoi L," would inform lb" inhabitant- of this village and vicinity, that the next q tarter in said in-littitita will coinint-'iict- on Th'ir-t'.iy ll.e IS1I1 day ol Fel rttcrv. Hel t v uz th it a -ihool i-i'tltii character 1- prcatly neede', tin I hat the patrona.-c cfihi- town alone, tl eoiKcnir.iled upon it, i- amply suil'iC'cnt to '.i-tain it, nn I Eire 11 p pla'-e anions the I e-t 111 -t 1:111 ton- of tho kin I, we wo-t'd rv-peclf.illy and earne-lly solicit the patroua-re and co-operatiui of all parent- and guar dians, who havevojth of a proper are to send. TI.e unders i-'ne.l, Tiu'-tee-, have no publie funds at ll.t-.r di-po-al in maintaininir llie school; vet, vc have en ti-avori-', f.-r the pul.11 uood, in connexion with the patrons of the school to -ti-tain a T earlier and keep the I, nil, line: in repair. TI.e laili-r we have denn to seme ex'en', at our own cxpeu-c. N"t!i. 111:15 want tnr; l i.tihe beany co-operation and patrrna.-e tfour teliow eiiiien-of Ihe villase nnd vieinny, make ibis institution an ornatrcnt to our Town, an iinpt riant aid lo our College and a scene of u-efiil ati'l ui-ccs-fid -ludy to all rur youth. We have I'll innhdence in tht-a'l tlity anil ar-'ent wi-l,e.t f ike Principal to make the -choi I, in all re-itt t-, what it ounlit tole. Thu Tru-iee-, after lull examination, find that scholar- in constant attendance, have made cootl pregrcs; thai thev have 1 ceil cone -tly la till! a- appear- 1 .'h from exam n.owi-an.l from iliete-tun.,ny 1 1 Lollese lUiccr-to w luoetMre they have pa e-l." They find thai llie .(Iciol 1- senctally ti!l ami orderly an'd ihat tl ebiiildn:!: 1- kejii in aoi'sl anJ he.altl.fii (' rder. Fr. ecuracej 1 y tl.o eo-0-er.i!ion of our fe bw en en, we will spa're a a pa -it-111 ma'.tntr the uintiilii n wor iby ofiber pitronatre nnd 1 1 ihe palriucgerl part Ms ar.i' --nr '--in. ul n ad. The Principal is prepared lo eivea lew )etng n'ca or la I- into his latnily u AI.VAN It OT 1 , 1 JNO. K. CONVFKSI . N. II. HAWJ LL. G. li. INtil'RSOLL, Trule TI.MO. 1 Ol.l.l-.TT, III.V.AN ALIKN, GKOROK MOORi:, P.-jrlingten, Fb. S, 1311. Amein a. Ami in conclusion, t heic, er w ho i- ihe yottii" lady tr ceiilleliian, a).-, the In livnlttal vab-es a I ca-itiful set of tteih, sound guiiiv nnd a swtit breaih moie than lifivient,that will le lunger de-ti-Intel in lox of Dr. Ji. IIitcluTck'-M.iinotioOdontica. 1'nrsa e w hole-ale an 1 ie:ail. Iv A. 1 ITC C OCK it Co., No. 117 Gcne-ie -1. -I'ln-.t, N. V., ami ly their aient-throip.ho it ihe I'niicl Sia'c". In liutlington, by J. it J. 11. Pock it Co., mid Thco. A. Peck A Co. in vergenne.- 1yj.11. liowman. 111 .aitiioti, iiy i!ur net I A- Savvyir. Ill Georgia, bv I.ortnio Janes", uugj I I UHSKI I.'S LI. jvta? I y&i at the Varc'y ftwtx l'is,oiijf V Durjwwirr. AMKRICAN ALMANACS for 19ILfor sale al t bo"V stups. p A IHUMAN. T)UOyN SHF.r.TINGS, 3,0C0 yards. 150 pieces at- S-IOMAITI HITTFRS. may It- 11-rJ in 'ineor wa'er. T'heseeelebtated 1 uters arccomposul purely of vece'al.lev tf the most inno cent yet speeilte virlue-. T bey are ni iituliiendeil p ir- lieuiaity lor rc-iortui; wcav ei 11-1111111011:, eieuu-ius and s'.renslheniii!; ihe sicmach, and increasing the appetite al-o a preventative a-.'.un-t theeliolca mi-r-bif, fever and aKite, remtying nausea, vomiiinr, heart btirnim-', wea'ne-s in the Ina-t, pit 111 in lite su,ir..i liaiidi.lhcr-ymptoliisofflaliileiii-i and indiges tion. One box will 'iineiui"ini-j-al!cn. Price SJ its. a box, RcssrlL's lull Ols-TMrST. This choice end safe ointment i-s.iidtoli -upcrior lo liny now in mc, I'or Ihat ill-agreeable a 1 ' 'oaili-tinit-, the ITCH. ThisOnuuient 1- -o eiartain in its operation that t-.u pir-on tioiilb-1 with ll.e nl eve dt-onier i'ii;,hl to Ic wiihcui it. It 1- 1 remedy for eiilHniotinriiplion-, scorbutic atlis-lti-nv of the head, or.anv oihi-rhrmkiug nit which nn-es from sharp humors in iho blood. Price 25 els. a lox. lii-s.rli.'s Vrr.ETtn r. I'm lors Pins, or f.tmily physic, for cencral use, 111 ct-r- if Jaundice, nnr! id scn-ibtliiy of Ihe sf i' ai h and I owel", loss 1 1 .tppelile, fiend 1 realh, eostivene.-s, Pile-, and nil I't'.e.ises aris ing from biliary derangement-, 3 1 o nu- correcting Ihe slaie of lite blood, ami cleans, ' he svs.cin ol foul and viscid humours. Thee p. lis aie .1 uuld ca thartic, producing iieiibcr laiiisnor gi. il', and aie therefore a valual le ami highly approved iiitxheiue, and are pronounced assti'-h by the most ihstiiiKiiislitsl physician-. Kach bcx isiiitauiinc 3S Pill". Price 37j els.n I ox ltu-ell' c.-Icl rated Salt IlniVMOiXTMrNT.T Ins Is unquestionably the lesl and ssli-t remcilv evcrvt-t o'li-rcd 10 llie p it lie I'or that ob-tina'e disonler SA LT HIIKI'M, Wheic tiiher means havelailnl, it h.i-nio-ceislut, nr.d the fact that it has leen sxten-ive') nscu by cminenl Pnctitioneri speaks vulume.- in IIS piaise. Ills eanally clicncious 111 all ill, case- of ihe skin, scald head, .in-.' worm-, and ihe most invc'crate Itch, Ac ic. Nitii.eri i ctrtifieate- m lit ' .- i-I latnti!, I ut the proprilor chooses that a fntririal , l.'.litibi only eviilfit.-e ofits supenoi cilicacy. Puce SO ret u I ox. For rale I y J. 't J. IL Peel, it Co., T l.codorc V.Peel. itCn.,n'i:u of ihe Mortar, and Ho! ert Motsl), Ibiiliiigton; Dr. C. F Miles, and Hull fo.Crpk, Units- llsireh; S. 11. Ilariie., ( barloiic; L. Jane, Georgia; t ...!.. i- 1'.. 11..- .i- 11. .... n.-..t.n.s..,.t .1101, .v ..i.iiii,,.- 11m, i,i,iiii.,..ij, SLEIGH SIIOSS, &c. 1 Kf Pair Steel plated, Cutter end Singh SIiom, 1 sJV. Cast Iron do. finished Crow Anvills, Vices, Wngpiui l!op, Sbnvtls. Sjiadi", Dun'.' Forks, Sheet Lead, Sheet '.inc,IIollow- ware in creat vane v. Nov. IH. STRONGS A. CO.' CJM IT ONLY Hll.-ll.'lX-'a 1 Ti-1 f'alii-o . slssa trnddlnv. batiintr. unit u-irkint fnr Also. !v the itrutrcisti and BK-Tchanss ccnrrallv tflVo m WHALING -p CWs. I ihe rt 3 iwj-nty-fivj: ci nt.s-d.m. iiew-iy inven'Cil Sau l iIip 'c-larii- e'e ever ili-e, vcrc ly scrntuit- men, in I in pe or Aint m a, for llie i-tre 'and nli-oliite rel,"f of t a'arrh, D izit-.e-s of lltellei I, Weak Kvc, Ncrvou- Hcsd .1 I e-, Fallen Sn-kuc-s, Fit-, an 1 Infants irou'leJ with S.i-ube., 'nr'.al -ho, '.s i f I'.i1 v, ite. I'irsalu w bole-ali- ami n a:1, 1 y A. lllT'l'iit UCK t o., lie rropneior, N. . 117 (leue si. Ln-a, ant 'y tier .uent" throughout ihe 1 'i.on. Ill Huri i,-,l-n, J. A; .1. II. IV k ft Co. In t-r.eiiue-, I y J. II. L, .vrnsr.. lit Md'on, I y Hiirnttt it Sawyer. In Ge. r -.a, by Lo reii70 Jane-. Aiitiionv lihodts' ;;iatc. STATF. OF VKPiMONT, ) T he Prol.atffCout t for DisTnitTor CniTTCNrns, s? J the Distuct of Chit tenden : To all persons inurcsted in the estate of An thony lthodia, late of Richmond, in said District, dire.ifol. WiiEtiEVF, Win. Rltoi'esjr., .-.dininis'rof the cstats of paid ilrciascil, has made a; pi, cation to this Court, to 1 tt-nd the time Iiiiutid fur ';. .11.1111; payiucnt of tlm debts of said deceased, twilvc months fi'0111 the Plh tiny of January, IMI, nnd tho third Monday of l' 1 aiy next, l-iiiiu as'itmed for a hearing in lbs ; . M.. i", nt the Feg'e Hull in Wilhton, and it . viti2 been on'crrd that notice ilteitof be eivsn. by publishing th.s drene time wo-Is suceessiviiv in the Free Pnss, a ntw paper printed at Bur lington, before the time fixed fur hennng. The'tforc, you arc hcriby no'-ficd, to appear before satd Court, at tho time nml plaro nforrsnid, thtn and there, to make Objection if any you have, In the said tune of paymuit being further extended as aforesaid. Given under my hand at Hutlington. this 5th day of January, A. D. 1&I0. WM. F.STON, Hegis'cr 3YF,i 7 0IIJI LOZH'tii:s...Thi-valuable article T T 1-il.i.lye-lnblisl.iiu itself, a-ihe lc! mixhi me for ihat pntnliil and nuiie'iiiu a fatal i-tmplaini in ih:l dren, the w ornis. At ,e-ale and it-lad 1 v Jan. I, IS1I. THKO, A. PKCK - Co. KDITOR. Sir Will VOU notlfi' sll rrcst-on that the subscriber hasftir sale. Iluek' imtiroied 1101 ur vutniiiig itive, ni ine new 1 rich store, 1. 01. lege sirit t, also at Jesse. Ga)'s foundry. This iim of the lattst pitiorns and the first of iho Kind ivtr introduced, into llns Stale; thev-have been rccinriv in trodiiced into the Statis of Pennsylvania and N'cw York wuh great success t and snllicc it to say, they nre the most convenient and will do more business wuh less fuel than any nthir -ovc. A r"' vHc t p:ittu-idari7ei(sii lalitu-sor r .ei'-isiisol- sss. ., -I colt in, small favors aie lliankiully received anil great onrs in proportion, and if money cor .ties sca-ee I mtinl 10 uso lite less of it, so it will Li- i-sclrs n ja w itho'il 011 thai account. S. W. TAYLO'l Burlington, Dec. 17. 170. WANTF.D, n few- btthi-U of good clrnn whta Hins,f,jrwh:ch wil' '. pat lui rT(s. Do i 5eo, rjrrr;KMN

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