Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 26, 1841, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 26, 1841 Page 3
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I .1 Fnm tho Evening Journal. WOOL AND WOOLEN 51A.NL kacture. It is nuiMtcr of serious Import to nil engaged in tlio Woolen Manufacture in our country, to lie nble to form soma judgment ofita probable productiveness for tho coming year. For four years past, it senrco ndinitsof a doubt, there is not one of the larger estab lishment!" in this branch of industry among us, which has "held itsowiii" somo there arc, which, with the most prudent management and the utmost economy, have kept their machinery in repair only by infringing on their capital, while others have been compelled to stop their operations and wind up their allairs. Is this year to bo equally unproductive, pr disastrous? Had this question been asked threo months, or even one mouth ago, the answer of almost every manufac turer would Invc been, "there is a prospect before us of a bettor business than has been done since 1933." And the opinion would have been supported by a ref erence to the more general confidence pervading all classes of men of business to Iho great improve ment of our changes with the South and West, re opening to ns that Immense, market, completely drained as it must be of our fabric, tificr so long an in terruption of any regular trade, and to the continu ance of the high rate of duty 33 per cent, ad valorum to the closo of tho year on all woolen goods. Tho opinion would have been further sustained by reference to the moderate price of tho raw material, and the ah neence of nit speculation in the market. IJut would s.lch an opinion be given now' It is plain that one important clement of prosperity assumed, can no longer ha brought into tho account, lly tho suspension of so many banks at the .South, wo arc compelled to abandon our hones of an equalization of tho cm rency for this year. There is another very important change, not loss obiuti?ly, r.or It .3 matc ri ill v afDctingour nrtt,"ipatioiis fur' the future. Wc allude to thi'cliango in tho market for Wool. It would seem that this article, fiom the nudity with which it is so frequently seized upon and engrossed, must be a very favorite subject of speculalion. It vv "M be be side our purpose to undertake to account , M ' nt we (imply indicate this tendency, and mi . . on tliis enquiry. Tlio Wool ,,',. t .1 'm year to i'i i-ituri' 1 i , ,c regulateil . ov tii., .1 crahle portion of tli last, iind sonio even of iho ptcce iling clip, remained in tho haudsoflhc groweis. Hy dome man nf.icl u 1 cs it was thought that there was 110 adequate motive for buying largely in advance, even had their means to supply themselves been more abundant j but, in fact, with many the funds were wanting. In this slate of things, ami while tho man ufacturer slept, tares were sown. Thespiciilator, un daunted by the experience of 1S30, observing the up ward tendency of thing, especially the too sanguine confidence of the woolen manufacturer, cniri sin, imd wool advances, at one slep. 25 per cent. Willi a folly only paralleled bv that which ilcstroved llio noose that laid the goldm egg, whole Hocks of thousands of Mieepaio slaughtered lor their pells, which rose Ironi 75 to 100 cents, and even to lit). The Wool dealers in the cities stimulated their friends in the couiiliy, by th proffer of largo "idiinc-si, in soma cases coveting the entire cost of tho pelt, and by the moie templing bail or prospective high prices, to the immolation of hecatombs of the fleecy tribe to thegod of speculation; nnd in some counties where sheep were numbered by thousands, they may now be counted by tens. Again, the very lowpiicc of Wool in Hugl-md, show ing a difl'cicncom comparison with our own market which nearly neutralizes the protection of even the . present rale of duty, together with the flattering ap pearance which trade assume! a short liiup siiicv. have led to the iutrodiiction of a large quantity of ' iuuh irom anroaci 1 no irauo 0: 111c vvesl ami the Mouth in a great measure baricd up by the ttate of the currency these must be thrown upon llio only mar ket which has sustained the domestic manufacture for the last three or four years, namely thatof the Eas tern and Middle States, and who can doubt the tc sult 1 In thu meantime, ihu tiricc of wool at home, carried up by the cause alluded to, presents the anom aly of a high prico f jrlhe law material, and a low one lor the manufactured artrlo. In England, where iho poli"y of tho government fosters manufactures, which nremfact the vital interests of the nation, the raw ma teria' is admittod free, and llm wor'd h open for tlieir Hupply. In our own country, the duty on wool auiju .t tj.i p.oliibitiin, and with a deficiency in ihe Growth, the nnp'if-i'-Hptr :.n "t s-iibini' to whatever prices a speculative competition at home', may pro duce Can it be possible, tint operating on the pres ent high pri.'cs, in such a state of trade, he can suc ceed 1 The question recurs, what is tho woolen manufac ture in prove fur the coining Vi.arT Wc think most unfavorable. Tlieiinuufactu'rci ln hitherto lcgaided n suspension of his operations ns almost equivalent 10 ruin, but he who has kept his machinery at work for the list fonr years, has begun to realie'that there is unothei road to ruin, far loiuo sine, and much more perplexing. Kunwith low prices of wool, woolen fabrics have not paid 'os:, and ho must lave more hardihood than wc possess, to continue' his opera tionj upon the present advanced prices, with so little encouragement lor a favorable di? position of the pro ducts of his industi v. Wc fear wehnvealieadv execcdeed the jil-t limits of on article on such a subject, but should this meel an encouraging notici, wo may venture 111 another, to point out some of the existing nils of the woolen man ufacture and suggest their ic-mcdics. S. D. JI, new york currency. A letter from a friend ami correspondent in New Yoik, says "Our, red back' curiinry is nit in confii fcion. There are many causes ns for this, some of wlne'i ! wi'i ictail in order. The 'fice banks.' as the . brined, aru based on bonds and moilgais, r .lie stocks, deposited with the Comptroller, who l u-s bills with bis countersign for them, 10 an remount within the amount of the properly thus put in his hand. Many of the Western tree banks of this State are formed on tho stocks ol U'inois, Michigan, Indiana, ami other Western States. Tho suspension in I'hilaib Iphia, the tumble of the United Stales Bunk, nnil .other stocks, and the general los o confidence which this disaster induced, knocked down these Western .Slate. Slocks from 10 In 50 per cent. The next disaster in order was a 1 tin upon the Western Hank of New York, which were known to be based in w bole, or in part upon the depreciated Stalo Slocks. Tho general hw under which the red back bills arc issued, requires the bankers to have on hand 1? per cent of their lulls in specie, to rcdurm those bills at par at tlieir banking house, nnd In hac an agent at New Votk, Albany, or Prooklyn, to rideem their bills nt 1-2 of one per cent. It is to be presumed that tin country banks Invo only one halfoftlu' specie requi red by law, nt Albany, and when people began to mis trust,! they soon begun to 'run.' Consequently the redemption funds soon 'run out,' and thenotes of some lnlf dozen or more of the fire banks art unsaleable at nnyprice, thev having ceased to tcilr" 111 ntAlhany or New York. The others, which should he icdeemcd in New Votk at one-half per cent, or one per cent, a the outside, lire taxed fiom one and a half to five, while nt Albany they continue to be redeemed at one half. This is ons of the advantages of lini.ig no winter communication with Albany except the nnti fieiatcd one of a stairc route. When the rie'er iinpnc. most of this confusion will cease and even the sus- j peii'iccl uniii may resume' ng-iin. liillhohlcrscannot make a total loss, even if tho institution!, go into li quidation. HiUGHTON MARKET -Monday, March 15. From the Hostou Patriot. At market, 22j Reef Cattle, 10 yoke V i!..igOcn 12 cow and calves, 320 sheep, 000 swii Piiicr.s l!ecf Cattle Ssb' nui-l -, , . prices. Wc quotr "xir " ' , , . , . , : , v. ,,, M2.,arrn . . r a' -v 55 n 5 bl, 1 Working oxen Sales Sfl. 72 fii.ii to. Cows and Calves $20, 2i, and 23. Sheep I.otsat S.', 3 75, 1 50, mid 5. Swine Lots to peddle were sold from 11 1 6 to 4 1 4 for sows and 3 16 lo5 1 I for barrows. At retail from 5 siidG. NHW-VOKK MARKETS, SATi'nnAY, March 20. Flour. There is no change in this article. The market fur nil descriptions continues dull, mid the ales aiealmost entirely confined 10 Ohio icceivcrt via New Orlenus, at 81,50 from the vessel. Kor some sorts Southern there is more enquiry, and holders seem rather firmer. 500 bills Howard-street sold at 8I.02J cash, and some Georgetown, at S 1,75. Kye Flour nnd Corn Meal have not varied. Gn,vis. There ore no sales of WlicaNincc 0ur lastrepcrt. Tho last sales of Hye, delivered, were at 53 cents cash, for distilling. Oats continued scarce, and in fair request, with sales nt our quotations. South ern Corn is very tcarcc, and wanted, both for difclil ling nnd shipment 1 Jersey has told freely to uriivo at prices ringing from -Pi! to 53 cents, weight and inca Hire; 3000 bushels N. K. Parley nold ut 51 a 551 cts. the latter price dt-Iiurcl. Provisions. Pccf ond Pork remain without any material cm, jc, nndnrc dull. Thcrehavehee n some sales of I.nrd nt 7c, about SWO kegs. Hut I lodoing in low priced Putter sonic lew te.r .,t 7 toO cents) for shipment. .Strictly prime Putter is not plenty Cheese isdull, and prices declining sales nt 4 a Set's. Smoked Hams, 8c; Shoulders, G Snukcd PeefCJ to 7c, dull. Snr.ns. The demand for Timothy Seed has const, eternbly improved since our last, andis sold ntS7 per tierce. Clover remains stationary nt 8 n 8 c:utsjier lb. Thesrasnnfor 1'lav Seed is almost our, conse quently there is a reduction 111 tho price of the article j It is now oil.rcd nt 4" J per tierce. A wwr in sXA'CW Tlio Hartford Cournnt of lato date f.ivs. "Wf wrii'.l iiis-t remind those wiioFO trues vvrrii eieslroycij by worm? lact y?ar, that this in tho only lime for horinf nnd jilncitig: sulphur in them. Wo havo never known the experiment lo fail when inarlo brfore Ihe snji riff, tiioitgh it is of course entirely use. Irtt to do it iilerirnnlt." 2T!?;"Mv uncle was one of iho frnmers of the Con stltution," said a youth Ihe other clay of patrician blood to one of more plebeian origin. 'Vlm cares f'tha,?',f!iolh the latter " mv fxthe- vtm ref t'if'ini(f f tt c rtw irnt nf Rev. Z. Tiiomp.os, of Uurlington, who is favorably known ns llio author of n 'History of Vermont,' nnd a 'Gazetteer of Vermont,' will publish another edition of the latier, with additions and illustrations in the course of n few months. Tho Gazetteer is a book which should bo in every family, and those who de sire to benefit themselves, nnd n very worthy oiilhor, "ught not to omit subscribing for so valuable n work. 82,50 ) ceyiy. HI. Albans Messenger. Daniel P. Tiiomtson, Usq., of Montpelicr the author of 'May Martin' nnd 'The Green Mountain Hoys' books which have rained him much commen dation has lately publish in the New World news paper, anotlrer tale entitled The Shaker Lovers.' 74 .ICfSomo of tho literary periodicals in the city of New; York, pronounce Oeohok P. MAnstt, Ksq., of iiurnngioii, umu e uiu ripese scnoiars in jlinerica. This is great praise, hut none familiar with the talents of Mr. Marsh, will venture to deny its justice. 7ft. Mr. Clay. The Hon. Hcnrv Clay, who is nt pres ent sojourning in this city nt Hamum's Hotel, was taken quito ill yesterday morning, but wc nrJ truly happy to be nble to state that Inst night ho was doing much better, and was comparatively ensy. An inter val of quid and repose will, wo trust, restore him completely to the enjoyment of his wouttd health. Baltimore American of Friday, ,1'igl'y (says the Poston Post,)ftll down the other slippery morning. As he sat on tho ground he muttered, "t havo no desire to see tho city Jtinif down, but devoutly wish the streets were urn in asiics. A Millionaire. The Pittsburg American states that Mr. William Hogg, of llrownsville, Pa., died nt his rrsillpnCP reCpnlt,. tnl'it, nn naUli, nfnnn Kttlt;.,., of dollars to collateuil heirs. 'A Stonc uATiinns no Moss.' A very eiotit'tfttl ntlaco. Wc liavo ittst srt'ti, i 1 a f'u-.try pupiT, tlio marriage of I1' llDWiiiiustcf, of Iliiliil:isliutjr, 1'cuii- syiviiiip.i, to r.iisj (jrptiL-liu IMorsi;, M amp iii. u In Gcornia. on tho 17th inst.. bv Ucv. CI. W. Itans low, Mr. lteuben Allen, of Noith Hero, to Miss Sai nh .1. eoowcy, 01 incioriner piacc. In Grccnsborough, March 11, by Rev. N. W. Scott Mr. Josiah P. Phillms. to Miss Kmily Planchard. In Perlin, 7th inst., Alanson C. Puikc, Csq., of flan jnPnl. Cln.ln. nr ,,,..t:.. wtuni-, ,u i'iis uiiitiii i iniuiei Jt jtuiuii. In ltartun, 7th inst., bvRcv. O. Pearson, Mr. Alber Lcland, to Miss Nancy Merriani. In Georgia, on the 25lh jMaich instant., Mr. Joel l'iiirchild,aged 71 jcars. In Cambridge, t.,on the Oth inst., Mrs. I.ucretin I'urker, (relict ol .ilr. Ihotnas r.nlicr,) ngiel iH. In Middlehury, Dili inst., the Hon. ,'ucl Doolittle, aged about (ill. In Troy, N. H., Oth inst., Mr. Ilcnjamin Tolman, a evolutionary pensioner, nged R.". r In l!enson,27lhult., Mr. 0ia Johnson, a revolu tionary soldier. nged 33. In Albany, 23d tilt., .Mr. Truman Wills, of Drown ington, aged 37. II. THOMAS, BKGS leaie rpe'i'!fiilly to nnnonncc to the trading nnd b'isine-s pid.lti'.tbat he has opcm-il un ALC TION AM) COMMIT I U.N SIOKKi on Co!e-est., near ll:o Court Hon e .Spain, in bis newnnd e-einnio-ibo'iv ,!( e- cf Ihrick slene's. .Mrrrhandize and lnop crly ttt till kiii'U ruee'ive'd on coii-il' iineiit, mid old em conimi-ion, e'ithi'r at private ale rr at nticiiou, a the con-iguei' -hall direct, on re'T'onaHe' term-, A re'a' le adMinee will at id! tune'- lc made on properly receivn'. AueliMi Sale- em every Saturday, at one' o'clock, P. M. to em leinc em thchr-l Sa'urduyin Apiilui-xt. I) nhiisten, March 25, IS II- AIAN UltK FORKS. 17f l'l! Tine I Stmt .Man ire Porks, r sa'e-1 v l 1,25 II. M. Ginni.MiS ct CO. IJMIIRKI.T.AS. DIItlXTfro'n lb'.' man ifaeturir , and of the 1 t;.-t, Cor sii'e at re.1 iced prices n23 by II. M. GIDDINtiS & CO. I.MI'ORTANT ItlJ.HOR ! ! TT is rum ored m "certain circles" (h it all persons indebted to the mihseribi'r (particular contracts evcipted) had bflter call and settla up and in so doing save tho noccs-ity of employing an "U.Mrinn !'' tt) settle these "reaer ritrslions"' Persons interested will do well to makes mis enquiry about this "rumor," it is not impossible for n iper rumors to be true, we shall s;c what credit is given to ni'Mon-i. S x.MIT:i, HUNTINGTON. College St., March 23, 1311. Xi:V LAW HOOKS. Hrnmvj' i lin, i. v. ., i.,,,.-i;vj. ilcnce, 2 vols,. IJowcn-.' A Plvilip1 rvidnce, -1 vol-. Miiford's CI, incery i'.'calnic, by I'-dward-, 'I'll -lin.rha-l A.lain-' on I'ljee'lineni, Pdcii on injunction. Principal, Agent eV S irc':v,IMwar.U' P.irtic- in Chan erry, T.'il e's ii iity Pica fine, 1 y Wheeler, Arch' obi's Civil I'lcalin.-, Ar'cb'n I l's Criiiinnl PIcaihn'.'. l or -ale I y March 25. c. coomticii. HOUNK'S I.NTRODCCnON .e.mple'e- in vol umes, j.,.t rul;M jV c. HOClDltlCll. March 23. ruta iA(i. si:i:i. A O t-'o"''!1"' Scotch p iro'i' to,i It it.-i cl,J Sce.l, ru.-e'lfrum sclujtidTuniiii-, for ate I v Maivh 23. C. (iOOI)ItlCll. ' no i)ont;it;. A I.I. per-nns iule'.te'l to thu sobs-ribcr, who e Nn'e and Ae'.'o-iuts h.tvc I econic tlue, are re quested 10 mi'.e payincut by llio tif.ii'iith of April next. Hii-tihlie-will come u'l.uu' iho o day-, all in-teiL'-led will take notice' an 1 govern ibein-'i Ives ue cordin.dv. i:. I). SI.OCl'.M. March 25. 1 11. r.Q5wl." TO hi: NT. Aeonvcnlent Pwi'lloig Home, plea-antly simmcd mar the bead e.f Pearl strict. Tor particulars apply at lhi 11 lice. New in Market, AT I.OYKI.Y .t A I eautif 1 as.orlinent of Kaney Dnr (iocio-, setec . teil vvilh great ear,', from importations at New York, since the lii -t of March, of which wo eniimer n'ea lew. Pria'cd l.awn-, Flench Caml'rics, Kush'-h Print', of entire new tvle, Hlk, Illuo lllk, and Colnr ec Sill s, Illl, an I Maroon colore! Velvet Vu-tings, lllk an I llloe lllk llomhazine-, Light and Park Pongees, Mil; Italian ('rav-as,Saiin Ye-tings, Moo-lin ilcli'tini, Tluead l.ace-, Kiel C;iovi'-,Miit, Cruel-, Che nille Cord-, cVc. Iliirhn-ton, March 18, 1811. TO It KMT. .CJ2?4 rIMti; premises occupied by Mr.C. Mer--I- ritt, on College strict near the souare ' -uti 1 ''"'"'''? Joiners Shop, Devillings, etc 'I- '. ' " l.'ick biiiahng next P.asl of o' 1 uif, f 1. , .nore, nii'.l ilwelling Iiouse. ' ' ' 1 :i IT I r WUNWORTH. .M)TI('I. 1, OR S.U.r. on in. ' rms Pew No. 5.', in St, Paul Church, Kor fun'' r pniliculnrs Please c'llll"i KK'IV or i;V.NS, Hiirhngtoii .Match, 22,1810. rni:N saw viii.cii fowM.ltv tu7 or to "'."o, ,n 11. LKAVUN WORTH. March, 21, 1B11. OIhs fjtiilPs IMalc hihI l'nilcrlck IJuclPs Install'. STATU OK VKRMONT, ; TO all persons con DisTniiTor iiiinE.Ni.Fs', s J cerncd in the estate of Oias Illicit and Krcderick Pucll, both late of Uurlington in said distiict. deceased. AT a probato court held at Uurlington, within nnd ,,,for,ll11Sd's'f'ctofChilli'ndi'ii, on ihe fourth day of .March 1841, conicb George P. Marsh, administra tor ele boms nun of the estate of Ozias lluell and ad "illustrator of the estate of Frederick Pucll, both late of Piirhiigtoii m said district, deceased, and files' 111 said court Inajictition 111 wrlting,,setlingIorth Hint the said Oias nnd I'reilerick were in tlieir lifetime, nnd at their resr.eetne deaths, under contract lo deed lo Andriw, of Kssev, two certa.p pieces of land in l-.ssex in tho county of Chittenden, one containing iwilvc and a half acres find ono containing twenty two acres, both pureed if 100 ncro lot No. 7, which said contract was, at iho limeof Iho rospictivo eltaths of said Oiiasand I rederiek, and still is unevee ,t '11, ami praying mi J court lo grunt, him, (he saul George P. Marsh edniiniatrulor etc bunisnon, and administrator as aforesaid, heenso lo deed tho landsaforesaid, accor ding to the statute. 111 such cas0 made and iirnvidcd. hereiij.oiitlcourlnforcsaiddothaj.poiiiiile second Wednesday or Apr, il, 1811, for hearing said petition, nt the Register's ofiico in said Ilurhngion, nnd rinih orelcr Ihat all lie rsons intereste d he notifil thereof by piitilicntion of this order, containing thu nibtnnce uf mil pennon, three weeks successively in ihe Hutting, inn I- rco I rcss, n newspaper printed 111 said Piirlingloti, the last of which publications 10 be ptcvions lo the ic.'Oj s ,j f Apul, ISIt. Given under my hand at said Partington, this 4lh day of March 1811. 1 WM. WP.STON, 7t"frr. NHWhl'ItOCJOOD.S.-Wehavi' io,t re. eeivi'd some black Necklaces, Hearts and CrosM-s, Giecn tioiglt", Concavu mid Convex Spevlaeb'-, II nnd (J Fife's, Octnvf l-'hues German I'luu-s with silver and Pra-s ki-y., C nn 1 !' Clarioiiel, Toning l-'orksnnd Pitch-Pipes, Patent Head, for Hask Viols, and numerous olber 11' (mods in which we ui mr.lini- ece'r,( .-Mitio.i, a. ihe Variety Store. M ir h loth PAN'MIORV el UJIIN,VlAtl'. For Council of Ctntors. Martin C. Denting, Ilonnington Co. Austin Hirclinnl, Windham, Jotin A. Pratt, Windsor, Gordon Newell, Rutland, Lutlicr Carpenter, Orangt', Peter Starr, Addison, 1 Ionian Allen, Chittenden, Ilczckiah II. Heed, Washington, Epliraim Paddock, Caledonia, Joseph D. Farnswortli, Franklin, Alva It. French, Orleans, David Hibbard, jr. Essex, Wallis Molt, Grand Isle. For Council of Consort. Martin C. Denting, Boiiiiington Co. Austin Uirchurd, Windham, John A. Pratt, Windsor, Gordon Newell, Rutland, Luther Carpenter, Orange, Peter Starr, Addison, Ilcman Allen, Chittenden, Ilczckiah II. Rcecd, Washington, Epliraim Paddock, Caledonia, Joseph D. Farnswortli, Franklin, Alva R. French, Orleans, David Hibbard, jr. Essex, Wallis Alott, Grand Isle. For Council of Censors. Martin C. Deminp, Renningtou Co. Austin Hirchard, Windham, John A. Prntt, Windsor, Gordon Newell, Rutland, L'litlicr Carpenter, Orango, Peter Starr, Addison, Ilcman Allen, Chittenden, Hezekiah II. Rccd, Washington, Kphraitn Paddock, Caledonia, Joseph 1), Farnswortli, Franklin, Alva R. French, Oilcans, David Hibbard, jr. Essex, Wallis Mott, Grand Isle, For Council of Censors, Martin C. Doming, Bennington Co. Austin Birclmrd, Windham, John A. Pratt, Windsor, Gordon Newell, Rutland, Luther Carpenter, Orange, Pctvr Starr, Addison, Ilcman Allen, Chittenden, Hezekiah II. Reed, Washington, Epliraim Paddock, Caledonia, Joseph D. Farnswortli, Franklin, Alva R. French, Orleans, David Hibbard, jr. Essex, Wallis Mutt, Grand Isle. For Council of Censors. Martin C. Di-niing, Dcnnington Co. Austin Bit chard, Windham, John A. Pratt, Windsor, Gordon Newell, Rutland, Luther Carpenter, Orange, Peter Starr, Addison, Human Allen, Chittenden, Hezekiah II. Reed, Washington, Hphruim Paddock, Caledonia, Joseph D. Farnswortli, Franklin, Alva R. French, Orleans, David Hibbard, jr. Essex, Wallis Molt, Grand Isle, l.yman Vale's I'.stalc. ST TH Or VKRMONT, j m II K Honorable oisimcT or ciiittexdev, ss. J J. the probate court for the District of Chittenden : To nil petsoiis eon ecinediu the estate of l.yman Yale, late of Char lotte, in said district, deceased, ORKKTlNt!. W.vKnr.vs, Wm. Yale and Klanson H. Wheeler, ad ministrators of the estate of said deceased, propose to re nder an account of their administration, and pre sent their account ajainsi said estate for examination andnllowanco.'ila sessionof the Coutl of Probate, to be hoblcn at the Register's office in Uurlington on tiie (lib day of April next. Therefore, ) on are hereby notified to appear before said court al the time and placcaforcsaid, and shew cause if any you have, why ihe account nroresnid should not ho filloWu.!, (.ivun under ni t; hand at Uurlington, this 17th day or March Wat. WKSTON, Register. Xri.tliesiihsirilers, bating I ecu appoints! by the TT llnnorabh' the Prol ale Court for the Di-lriet ol Chittenden, conuni-sioncrs to nif ivi'jiwanu'no anil adjust the chums and demands of all ner-on-, again-t the u.iale ofS illy M Sitton laieofW dli-ton .111 said Di-lncl, ilcecii-eJ, icwenled in-olven!, and al-o ull eininis nud ileinand- exbil itesl in ei.ll-et thereto; ami -ix monihs from the'dav of the date hereof, heing ""iu' 1 1 y saiii e ouri lor rial purpo-e, we 00 tlieic Inre bcrcl y give noine 1l1.1t we will attend to the lio-inc-e.l'oiir :iiiiouitment at the Kagle Hall in Willi-tun in said iImiici 1111 the lirt .Monday of July niM, at 10 o'eloc!.-, A. M i.f said .lay. Dated, ibis 1st , .IV .r,- 1 II 12,1 II I.NICI1I.OS. j -p.,.n.,ss,e,or.s. !CP TAKu xorici;. A I.I. those indebted to the subscriber whoso notes -ti. or accounts AHR NOW Dt.'K, are requested to make iinmeiliati' payment ir they would SAVIv lilemselvcs COST, for I in' A.,r ,,. ennnni.i.. ifl can, forcibly if 1 must.) " " " ' ,. ,r , J- tVAINVt RIGHT. I!urhn;;ton, March 3, 1SII. s K KU HcrtU Cias, V !.. i elnv. r f, "ile ut March, 10. HOWARDS GOLD HKUl). V have n fewtiold Devil, at di.ierent pri cs, iil.o Odd Necklace about the same lensth anlpiieerl the lieeds. PANCIIOHN & PRINSMAID, HK A I t N B C K 0 II N A SI V. N TS-Aml nl,l)Ill Pill .11 n.lnri.l tipirxi.; f, n - i i ' nn ttll H Mil theVanety Store. PANCUMtN & Illtl.MSMAID. NOTICK. Tho subscriber has removed his office lo ho rooms ovir l.yman tfc Cole's store. ,. , O. A. SMAM.KY. Uurlington Kcbruary 1, 1811. 17H.VTH lilts. Just received, nnd for sale by the . subsciibcrs n quantity of live (Jccsc reatiicr's. ,. , NELSON & Ci.VTKS. Uurlington, March 4, 1611. LAIIUS,IM3Ni:il.S-Wiih rincs.Pencil point, and IcaeN, jn.i mvivisl nt llio Variety Ftorc. Maich l. PANOIIOItNefc IIItt.NS.MAIIi. CM I) VI'. It Si: HI). 200(1 Il.s Cloter Seisl for ' ftilehv lIICKOKeVCATI.I.N. Marih 15, 1811. r A.NTtD Pea-', While Hii'ii, Putter V i' fortioiHls, hv H.M. (ilDlllNfiS&Co. Clicc c in etchang LAST CA I.I, All person, inl ebtcil 10 the firm of 1) Kiiubull etCo, en her by note or Account, are requested 10 maku pajinenl thereof to llie sul wriler w ho is ii'itlionzed to settle the same. Tho-i. u-lin ,lo not see til tit nlti'inl In lilts hisl fll I .'fur.. 11... IOiI. of April, mayespect lo find their bills at the Allor- ,.... Inns' I'ltin 1 1 "',-. JUlia tiaill.'ll.l.. Uurlington, March 9lb, 1811. FAIR WARNING,-,. The subscriber would ad- iiiuw ,neiMir luiKuini il, nun, WUOSC notis or nccoiiata haveheconio due, that they must .1"., uy in,- nim any 01 tpru ucxi, or nicy may ex pect to find ibcin in the hands of an attorney for col- h'Cliont fori,.. I... ,.fQ.. ..:.L .1 . ,' ...o "not iu ivj . oiiiiiieiie-u w Illl lllf new administration to collect hi eh bis. Ilurhiigton March lib, 1811. DISSOLUTION'. Tho copartnership hereto Torr. rvishnc. lustt.'.-n.. tl.n ...I... :i t .1 . .. ";";' , ' , r lusciioers, iiuiier 1 lie firm of fjirauldina & Mills, has been duly dissolved by mutual consent. Those indebieil and those hav- B" -? J Ji ,nK?"St said firnij will settle ihem wttti C II. Mills, who is duly aut honied lo u nln il. .-,,,, R. (!. SPAUI.DINCi, ' C P. MILLS. ' Tlif.,r.fia ..'lit l.A nn,;nn..a I, .. .1.. ....1 , .1 " ,- ",- ""-'" """" "j suoscriDcr nt the old stand. Church si. lluihngton. Vt. -iiarciia, ion. v. II. .MILLS. CROCCPRY AND CiLAS.S WAIIK.-Kull sells of Rranito China wnre. Tea and Dinini; setts tOi'Ottier with n cTi.fwrnl mcsrtrln.nnt ..C . -) I hv..,,, u .......... owrynui " . 11 ' . 1 ' l","" l"'i cie ion nun as ral lamps. Lanterns, tnniblcr, &e. nil of tthk h vyilt Le sold cheati for cash, as we will convince uny that favor us with a call. ' - J' P' W,IU''' Co. BROAD CLOTHS.-I'lcaseeall at Ihe nevTcal. stoic on Church street, tlllll .tnnlin. lm l.,nn.l cloths, beater cloths, c.assiincres nnd satinitts, before purchasing elsewhere, and much obliue , . ., , I'- WHAl IN'fi t Co. uoods shcwr, with pbisnrn, ) wbtthw purehawd cr 1,01, j Stt'N MdK, I March, 1811. Hear ye, Hear ve ) To nil the inhabitant.; n tlm Oi eTn Mooiitiiiu Sales licit known thai the Inventory wascomplet lodliist night, the exact londiliuii ofllie fiiruii'r.s' ini ebnnics' nnd people's ebenii cash -teirc fu'ly acer taineil. Howard, not wanting any wher oilier, will be continued ns Ihe agent, Thl toni; tried lishinent has e.MttesI lliriiunh lour neliiim Isl ral ion r ol the general government, und this moriiinjt I'ummcn cos upon the fifili, under eliecrinu eireumstaiicus, such as n most brilliant sun ri-c, waving flag, roar of Itepiiblican Artillery it thi'Simies et voice's of go on go on ofn whole' people rejoicing at the pro-peel of ln-ttcr lime, : of yet buying Ooexls Cheap nt Howards, Hurrah, Hurrah, Ilurruh,'fbr the Cheap Cash Store it the Agent who-e faculty Is Taxed S 100 for selling Goods Cheap lei the People, I.ailles' High School. A HIGII SCHOOL for Young Ladies, will be opened in South Hero on tho 1st day of April next, under the instruction of MrB. KnANcts Wiiee ir.n. Instruction will be given in nil tho branches usually taught iu female seminaries, with the excep tion of painting and instrumental music. Particular attention will be paid to vocal music. It is intended that the course of studies and ths mode of instruction shall be such as nrc calculated to fit young ladies for tho stations which they will he called upon to occupy. Terms of tuition, the same for nil branches taught 3 per quarter. Hoard, including wa-hing, can be obtained in good families for SI 2." per week. Nothing need be said of the advantage of pursuing the delightful paths of learning on this beautiful islanil, deservedly distinguished by the appellation of "The Garden of New Kngland.'' IOR SALR. A very valuable farm, sit uated in Milton, containing ISO acre", with a bouse, two barns, anil out-build intrs. two rood orchards, nnil frnl,, I9"i In 130 ncrcs imnroved. the reinaininr nrirt U wi.ll lim. bored. Terms easy, and possession given immediate ly. Apply to James S. Plait, Milton, orto I..B. Piatt. Colchester. March 10, 1811. AMF.RICAN DICTIONARY OF .THK UNO L1SII LANriUAGK. First edition in Octavo, containing tho whole vocabulary of Ihe Quarto with corrections, improvements and several thousand ad ditional words, to which is prefixed nn introductory dissertation on the origin, history and connection of eue languages oi western Asia ami I'.urope, tvitn an explanation of the principles on which languages are formed j in two vols, lly Noah Webster, L. L. D. For sale at the bookstore. D. A. PRAM AN. March 2, 1911. PICTORIAL Illustrations of the Pible, consisting of 200 engravings, with views in Iho Holy Land, eoeincr tviui nriiiy ui cue rciuari.nuic uojecis men tioned in the Old and New Testaments, representing sacred historical events just icceivcd and for silent the book store. D. A. PRAMAN. March 2, IS!!. IVtiW HOOKS. The subscriber has received the 1 present week a now supply of hooks, among which ale the following i A pictorial Geography, by S. C. Goodrich, 1000 engravings. Rural Life of I'nglnnd, by Win. Hovvitt, from ihesecond London edition, corrected and revised. Day's r.xamination of Kd wards on the Willi Me chanics Own Hook j Hall on Haptism ; A Green Hand's First Cruise; Visit to Remarkable Places. 2 vols.i Hlunt's Histoiy of Christ ', Plum's History of i.tistia: l no iiioiu ot tiiel.oni, ny tlio author of The i.isiuer-, .-jacrco .)ieioiues lioarumnn on Komamsm: Young I g Ladies Companion ; Young Ladies' Friend. March 2. D. A. HRAMAN. Tavern Stanil l-'orSalc. TIIK subscriber ollirs for sale his Tavern stand, best known ns the Lldridge place two miles from the College, on the Winooski Turnpike, with II acres nf irnrwl tftn.l 'flirt house is 46 feet square, two stories high j emu barn 10 by 50 feet, horse-shed and good stable, wood shed and granary. Tho stand being on the corner where the Hincsburgh road intersects the turnpike, there is iioiu iieeier location lor a tavern stand netwei n Uur lington and Montpelicr. Any enterprising man with a small capital may own a good ctablishini-n'. ,v pnrehasing this properly. LEWIS HlGUi:U. Hurlingion, March 1st, 1311. Thousand good pine Shingles for sale by Jan. 8,1311. a. PHTPRSON. T" ( llliNT-i.Itooms for a small family, near the quare. it. li;avi:nwortil HARD WARP., SADDLERY WARK, GUNS, Hollow vvnie, if.c. The subscriber has just re ceived nnd is now opening a large and general assort ment oi ineaiiove gooust comprising nearly every article in the line, and which will be sold on very rea sonable terms for cash or short credit, nt the hard ware store, comer of church street nnd the square. ,. . ROHHRT MOODY. Uurlington, Nov. 20, 1840. ri. sciiooij Gi:ix;it m'iiy and 11 ATLAS WITH OI TLINKMAPS. I.v S. Ai'r.i s- tus Mrrciiri i.. The nutlior oi tliu al ovo works has It-eii prore-sloiutlly dcve'leil to the science ol tleo'y anil llie piil li-liingol .Map-, elaruig many years and his former productions, e-pe'ciully bis Map ol ihu World for Academics, lenr amide le.iiiiionoue' r.flos !il.,o. dant resource-, upon which l.eha so lilcraily diaw n, in prod.ieing tlieal.ove school work. The I'.llnw'i'ng extract olthe tu'o'y and Atl.T, istrom a joint rivoin mendation of the Teacher-ill the oily of Now York. "Tlieir merits Die numerou -the definition, remark ably plain andi onci-e. Thccxcrci-i' me copious nnd important, and ihcde.i riptivc is luminous ami correct. Tbodivi-ions of the American comment, aie icprc sentcd an I ilu.eril el as tliey really exi-i at lhe,rcscnl tune'. And the gro-s inissiatciueiits generally louud iii M'.iool geographies are eorre ted. The Ivpoirraphi eal exei'ulioii is un eominonly neat nnd distuu-i, indeeil the atlas is a model of the f.ind, and actually Hems with inlormatioii." Tin o'llline .Map are pecuh.uly ea'culateil to I'vi'ici-e ihu student in his study, audio nil up at tits icisuic. l or -ale hy C. GOODRICH. PLATF.D SPOONS.-We inrnrni those who wish to get a good and cheap article of Plated Spoons, lint wo are prepared to show, and sill them an article which will wear well and give theni satisfaction, as cheap as the cheapest. 1'jixgdorx& Hrinsmaio. CI.AP HOAUDSand SHINGLK, 50.M Shimdr" 10M feet sjirucc Clap Hoards, by , J oi J U PUCK &. Co

Uurlington, Feb. 10, 1811. ri-.RM AN S I LVKR SPOONS.-Thoso who wilh VJ german silver are inforuicd ihat wc will sell them Dixon and Sons best article and marl; them, as low ns any person sells them without innrkui". Feb. 111. PANG PORN ct PRINSMAID. CLOCKS. We are selling the best quality Wooden ClocJcsfor cash nt i3, barter 413. Heainiful Sin bogany cased brass Uriking Clocks lor cash SI 5, bar ter $.5. Feb. 19. PANGHORN it HRUSMAID. ACCORD ICONS. Do you wish a nice Accordcon cheap Cnll at the Variety Store nnd get it. Fib. 10. PANGHORN & HR1NS.MA1D. W" A Ii M I O X E, Ac Honnet nnd dress whalebone; whalebone, brass, steel.anil wood dm, Husks, Kye his, Lacings, spool stands, Fineries, perfumed cushions, scissors, shell combs, Brushes and a great variety of goods. PancoouniV. Haiss.M.Mn, OllC Cent Itntvnril. RUN AW AY from the subscriber, nn apprentice by the name or Charles Fountain. All per.-ous are rorbid harboring or trusting him on my account as I shall pay no dchtc of his contracting nftcr litis date. The said Charles abiconded taking clothing not his property, therefore nny person who will return the properly or the said Charles shall receive the above rt'lv?.ri1' . . . JF.SSK GAY. tvinooski village, Feb. 15, 1S11 s UPKIIPIM? blue laid enp nnd letter paper, fox Jan. 21. V;. GOODRICH. BHITTAMA TI'.A POTS, Tmutders, Tea and , Tabic Spoons; glassLanurns, Lamps, preserve Dishes, Plates, Wines, Salle, Peppi js, .Mustards and '...v. . ,.s.i ...... t.ur.e;i mutes, .TCls-orE, Shears, etc for sale by II. M. GIDDINGS tt Co. IVI. io ton KA'.OIll. -Joseph Rndgcrs ami Sons superior nlso Pouicrov's, line! Strops, and the while Wind sor Soap, for saii'by II. M. GIDDINGS it Co. Fib. 10. 1811. CIIOICI. WINKS, selci'tcd for medical purposes, Feb. PJ. forbalehyll.M.GlDDlNUSiVCo. TT.ADOW'S French Dictionary, containing mote liJ. words than Poncr'i-. at hall' llm lirire. For s.ih. by C. GOODRICH. N OTIC12. -My wife Suyiiiu J'utcill, has lell my bei and board, without nne in-tifieaiion. nnd I therefore forbid all persons harboring or trusting her on my account. JAMF,i POWI'.LL. ucorgta, nee. I, laiu. M i'i'i.ti. .i,,.ii..t j inr i d i r, tor saio at uie t1tn 1 lf,.t,n.. r 1. .., hook More, rricc n.'j cts. II. A, UK AM.WN. ST.Tttrxif Sltn-iR C 1 K( Pair Steel plalid, Cutter and Sleigh Shoes. ' J tJast Iron eio. Iiiustieil Crow Unrs, Anvills, Vices. WnL'L'on Poxes. Shovels. Soades. Dunn Forks Shccl Lead, Shell Zine,IIuiluw ware in great tnti ly, Nov. ID. .STRONGS & CO. SM'I'K O.NLV TWI..M V-Pi: Ci:.VI.--.i). M, II itebciK'k's newly uiven'itl Snuil'lho bc-t nni ele ever ili.eoveii! by seieinuio men, in F.iuope or America, for Ihe euro mid uhroluio relief of Calarrli, Iliizme-s of llmllcad, Weak l.'jr., Nervous jlead aeheis, Fallen Sickne-s, Fits, and Infants troubled with nutlli's, partial shrieks of Palsy, etc. lor talc wholcnle mid retail, l y A. HITCHCOCK it Co., solo Proprietor, No. 117 Geneu'i' st, t'lu a, an.l by their apents throughout thu 1 nion. In Ilurhulon, J, A J. II. Peek k Co. In Virprnnos. by J, II, Potvinan. i :.ljl'r,a, liy Uir.nj. eVS, i-vir. I., r i V. bt I.o- U- Jehlcl .lolin't llstatc. WK, the subscribers, having been nppoinled by the honorable the probate court Tor the district of Clnltenden, commissioners to receive, examine and adjust the claims nnd di mnnds of nil persons ngninnt ...u sjjL.iiii jtiiie-i aouns, inio oi Huntington, in s? ,,lsl,r'c,, deceased, represented insolvent, nnd olsei all claims nnd demands exhibited in ofTsct thereto, u ""'.."oiithsfiom Ihe day or Ihu date hcrou being allowed by said court for that purpose, wo do therefore hereby give notice that we will nltcnd to tho business of our appointment, nt tho dwelling houso of tho wid ow, F.hzabcth Jolnw, in Huntington, in said District, on the second .Mondays nfMnv nnd Aimo.i i.i , 10o clock. A.M. on each of said days. " Dated tins 15th ilay of February, A. D. 1911. AMOS It. COOPF.R, ) ?XUYFrm K' SKVDER 5 Cointn'rs. HUMAN GILLF.TT, $ NOTIt,l!,.-.Thi certifies that 1 have given my son Ltioch Johns, his lime lo Irndo and act for himself, and Ihat 1 shallncilhcr claim nny of his enrn ingsnorpay nny of his debts after Ibis date. a,. . -vt , . JF.IIIF.I. JOHNS. Attest, Nonus L. Jouvs. Huntington, lb. 23, 1811. Tl,yAKrM9nii"-- KIMHALL, Jr. will pay .. L'AoH, Tor from sixty lo one hundred live HOGS Uurlington, February 25, 1911. 2w ATaUes Particular Notice. S I contemplate a change in business this sprin", II is desirable that all persons indebted to mo call nnil settle by the 20th of March next, or other wise all notes and accounts that have become due will lie left in the hands of nn attorney fur collection. I hope no one will complain of this explicit cnll, nor fail In givcimmcilinte attention. E. U. EVANS. Uurlington, Feb. 23, 18-11. "TOTICE. Know ye all men that 1 Ihe said Joshua ,,, .-;!m.,!.7'vl.'r M-oR'-cn my son, HENRY H. 1U..WI.M. ion, his tunc, and all elebls continctcd by my son Henry H. Remington after this day, I do not consider niytclf hoblcn for, neither do I claim any of Ins earnings. JOSHUA REMINGTON, Jr. Hincsburgh, February 19, 13 1 1. -Sw MFS1lS- WattOKX &. HRINSMAID, pent. The four llnvr-a nr. HI, .. e- 1. i 'r.. ' ' bad or vou cured nic entire lyofn ctcrc nltack of the s .iiccoiiqiantcii oy a Hard Cough. 1 es- ccm them highly and recommend them to nil who have n Cough or the Lung Fever. EZR V HOYT Essex, VI. July 13, 1810. Pangborn & llrin-maid sole agents for .Sherinnn'H Cough nnd Worm Lizcngesand PoorMan's Plastrr his Lozenges all have A. Sherman, M Don thu ho f'A.VADA IX IHItl 3M. shovvinr. )v his. ' lorical facts. ihn r.nispq nf tli.. nle. .nn.i.i...t Revolution, and or its failure. The present condition of the- people and their Allure prospects, together with Ihe personal adtcnturesofihe Amhor.jmd others who were connected willi the Revolution, by E. A. PiiCLtEa, IlrifT. (ten. in the Canadian lltnubtican serrice. Tliis day received and for sale at the Hook 'SiiL 1-HAMAN, Feb. 19, IB!!. xoticu to itt;n.i)i:its. THE subsi-ril,.r will firni-h in Hurlini'lon and vicinity, (iltAMTE window lap-, .-ill-, under pinning, Thre-holiUnnd Door ste-ps 1 1" any di'-erui-mill, olthe lir-t iptali'y. A bill ol any -tone wanted will bei attended to, nnd i!l iiiforni.tiion lurni-tiiil 1 v Me'.s'r'.Folh'll it Hradlvy, Pi cks eV Co..(ind lira l!.-y & Hyde. Any pe rsr n rail see the q'liduy ofthe slm.. hy those furnished lor .lisl-rc I'olle't'.s ,;,u L.(,r Iresi dcut Wheeler's h, u-c Hi Hurlingion. It i- presumed that the quality and price of tbcV -tone will warrant n general tisu it'r. will tnke the Iroul le in .ininii'lhi; .toneniid price. GEO. W. C'OI.I.AMKIt. Pine,'.!. IV riiary 1S1I. C n VTO Ft V S I,i:. The subscriber bring about t-J to reliuqui'h tin- nieicamile husiucss oilers his Store and reman, n, sto' k of GOODS for sale. The Store is 28 by itj Ji Iwostoi s high and well finish ed with a wm 1 hou.'e, and iiorso shed 39 feet lung attached. The location is a desirable one for business and will be sold low. A credit will bugiven ifdesired. ALEXANDER FERC.l'SON. Hontinglon, South Vill age, Jan. 20 1S11. H2. A YOUNG MAN, (not a Gentleman wc think,) passed a $2 Counterfeit St. Albans bill to a small ISovinour store yesterday, the I7ih inst. The bill is No. 291, Letter 1, signed A. Plimpton, Cashier, H. Swift, President. The bill is much worn mid has been torn and mended in two places nnd part of the bill gone. Some one itnv recollect of sec mir fiich a bdlinthe binds of the SCOUNDREL who passed it and can nid us in bringing him to justice. Wc pub lish this hoping to detect him in this way. Feb. 19, 1811. PANGHORN tt IIHtNSMAID. Selling oil" Cheap Continued. rpRADE two p ist weeks cre-it, great, great. Dif X fcrence in selling low or Cheap vis.hlo. Assort ment yit, beautiful, useful & dcsircablc at the Farmers Mechanics .( Peoples Cheap CnsU Store, by their agent HOWARD. Thursday Morning, ) IS Feb. 1SII, J I.OAI, Ultfl 111 OUHLE RI'.l'I.VHO I .nil.' sttntiJ .1-.. ... excillcul article of JJolasm s fur family inej for sale cheap by j. p. WHALING i Co, Dec. Iti, IS 10. JTOHACCO. P. WHALING & CO. infurin the public that they are Agents Tor Sargent, Sprague if- Co. toliacconists, Albany, N. Y.. who maniifractiire n very superior asticle of P.uier Tobacco in , v. ri- vn. nely or size. Grocrrsand cithers will liu.j il to tlieir UO..OH.I!:!' i,nI1 pxaniiiic ine ar icle. Also lu I obacco of ditlercnt qualities, all of whic h w ill be so, cheap for cash. Also Snull' ordilleicnt kinds. Laws ol" Vermont, IHIo, 1 Oil the several ti wntin the Comity of Chittenden ... nru ready for delivery, Town Clerks or t lonstahh's in inn or semi lor inem, 1 nose tntllleil to iiieiii m iiieiown ot iiiirim-jtoii will he tiipph.'d by ca hug on the subscriber, I', GOODRICH, Dec. 13 lw BltASh t-IiOCKS, Persons wishing good brass stiiking Cocks in beautiful liuishid cases, can nnd Ibcm no favorable tcriu-, at the Variety Store ANo, Hank nnd Olliee Clocks, rnr silc; thesi Clocks nrc wairanieii io Keep correct tune, and they will per form as well as any other clocks. Dec. 18. PANGHORN & IIRINSMAin. I 1'71,' ''iglit lal slii'ip, maikrdwith tar, T..M. noeter win give intorination, shall be suitably rewarded. ' FOR SALE. A superior new milch cow and calf. .,-, , , e-,in.ingi' ior caittc, stieep or r"-i jjiiiiwi siuiise iiiiu Harness. ,. I. KIMHALL, IO. Hiirhngtoii, Nov. 21, 1810. c 10D FLSH.MACKERFLL and SHAD of siipc J nor quality for sale by N. LOVELY A Co. Dec. 10, 1810. pANADA STOCKING..', Gentlemen and l.adi,", SV" a"'1 Indian Moccasins, Fur Gloves .iii .iiuciis, tvoi eu -rippets, Ladies and Gen Uciiicus .Merino Lambs and Worsted Wrap, pers, just rceittd and for sale In- 1 ' 10, 1310 N.'LOVni.V Co, OOODS. The subscribers hate ree'd and aro now v- opening u very largo iissortnie lit of Wollen Cloths ...every turitiy, run plain, li'.-ured anil I'hnngeali e J, ";"",,," :":.V"",r"' 'tip 'era ioiii, rn.'lionia V) '"' Hlbbons, &e. We will only say that ..- ....... . .,K, i-.A'iiiueiii oi gouus oi every timely than we Imve ever kepi be foie. Oct. 23, 1810. N. 1.0VKI.Y et Co, TOD I NK SPRING WATER.- -A recently discover - e .ooiii.iui ne .-aiiiiog'i unit eoiilaius proiierti s known ui no otht r Spiing its freedom from Iron lenders it safe to be ilrimk I,.- - l ... . . : lids with whom Iron prove? injurious the quantity uf IinIiiio eontained iu this w ater renders it the most i a. 11,,1'ic, niiii' riii w aier t ir every species or Scrofula vet discovered, for sale hy J. it J. II, PIX'K st Co. Ajh. 1) EVISEI) STATimTsTnVrinonl, bTrsnli by" iv Jan, S. C. OOODH1CH. CODFISH, or superior quality for silc by H.M. (HDDINqs .1 CO. T7RK.SH RICK, for sale bv - H. M, GIDDINdS .1 CO, T) iVr.$! . VcKi!liiIihHn.,:i!iiir y I.M.1UJ by THEO. A. PECIC tt CO. t'oiiipoilixl j) l ll uCIci'liiitititlov.'. 'PHIS er!vbrnlcd iiidii n a CONSU.MPTIOV X al wholcsile or re tad, by T. A. Pre k t Co. GtRKGORY'S HILLIOL'S Pllit.S, wholesale ami I n tail In M'h.l Tueo. A. Peck it Co. CI'I'' IN II TOJIACCO. t ui i.i . i: i M.xo!..,i' smii: J..J da S. ,,i ii do Mm. I 'i" No. I Plug ! ( I ' . dl bladders, u. 1 1 1 i v 'iigTo! ace,,, Also f i .'i de, fo. -ale by II, 31. GIDDINGS' A. CO. M KY WATCH IIS, Jul riii'ivcl soiur New lx Engli.h Wiitilit's and Mime genuine Diner Q iarlii's Watches, with trcond., plain fine finihtl watcht", We have a few pood Levers und good En--li.h watches t 'i tv hu b will iilrj.r the " March IC1I1 PANUIIOHN U Ulil.NSMAlD. IIIIICK I'lllt KAlVli".- rillll'.subscril rr o'lers lor ndr 011 rcisunal lf terms X risintpriOO.OOOfir-l rale llnek .n.,i Muli.a. Hay very eon lenient fgrSlnops ln.,t, It is ncv.. lO.i.ior.'- iglu from Crn, J,', n-nihcr i-'n , Apr V lu U-.ct, Mb, h J-,J, ZtDVIJN UVIV1 j Nnbby Hutct,' IJstatc. STATE OF VERMONT, mniucT oP'CiiiTTBNiiG-r. is. TP HE Hon. the Pro JL bate court for tho District on. Inltcnden ! To nil pcisons concerned in the estate of Nnbby Palis, lalo of Charlotte, in said I'lsirici.oi'iiiimii, UKKJiTlNO. Whereas, Wiii. Dean, Executor of the last will and testament of said deceased, proposes to render an nccoutitof hi' rut minis Init ton, and ptvwnt his account against said estate for exiiiitinalioii unci allow mice at n sessionof the Courtof Probate, to bo holdcti at the Register's office in Hutlinj'loti, on the IGth day of March next. Therefore, you nre hereby notified to nppearbeforosaiilioiirtnl the lime nnd plaecnforesaid and shew cause, if nny you have, why Iho nccount aforesaid should not hi allowed, Given under my hand at Hurlingion, this I7lh day of February, A, D. 1911. Wm. WESTON, Register. NOTICK- jtCP-Jleihelne is I est known I y the cures it piTlorni.,,rij Ij .NewtPii'" Pnnacca, or Purilicr ofthe Illood. 'I he unparalleled and -till lncrrasiiigreiiiintiou which Ihis umlii'ine husn'iair e.l throughout tho Now England S:n:i's, and the main' run's it has perlormtil, nn I the great demand imefe for it 1 y the advice of physician, w'ell aequainli" vvi'h its preparation, has ind urj Ihu proprieli r In extend its cir.-iihiliou to almo-t eviry tow n iu the eastern Sitii'es nnil llie principal towns In ihu I nilei' States. This Paiiaceis warraii'i'd puiely vt gelal le.iitid i nut sitrpas'ed ly any other mchi'iiie eter orcrcd to the allhetivl as it rxten-ive -aJe and great pep ihiri v plainly prove. 1 1 ha. within the lit eiirleeeu iniaith' curi'iU's tliou.-nnds iil'thu most otistlua'u di-ea e.--, a can l.o proved by ccrliliin't" and i. proiiouiie'cd by eim'iient mid repi"lalili' pbysioiniis 1(10 I e-t luc'dicim; hiiie. 1, efd iuforiiiatioii may I e louud iu ciri u nrs containing eerlilicates of inrci rnd diii-'tiiius fur ta king tho medicine. The following niipoiu'cil agent. Purlingloii. J. it J. II. Peck an 1 Co., It. Moody St Allans, Curtis nn I Ru-hc! Mil'e.n, C. Pr.i'.i Mil on Fall, Unmet and Sawyer Waiervilh', F'sk nud llrowii, llme-burgh, Hull and CouL I'uirlax, Parker and Ma'llctil Vcrgeniies, Adam nil I Murray Caini ridge. M. Wiie Cndi-rliil!, Al. C. North Ferris! ur.'h, II. C. Wicker tJeor.-ia, A. Illl. Wilh.on,N. Cliiilendcii Riclimoii'l.Gricii tt Khivlvs John-oil, ('. L. Warner und d' Motiktiin, Pihaii Snirh l!a'.er-licld Armiiigton and Woodwur ' I'nir field, Hiirnct and 1 aru-wuith. r.o.p. I.III0 CATARRH SNUFF. MAItSIIALI.'S SNCKI', i. still emiiigibi' t:.i'arrh und llii'viirioi. di'Visi's of thi Wj I, aswell :i soroeyes, In all parts of the "country ; ami sustaining the reputation wluoli it has lung since gainel, of I ring iibsnl ilely the I e-l article of the kind iu the tinrl.c. , Pitch I oitle eontniiis thrretiine- the qusiitilv of one 1 of Iho c which are i.flWrd at "OM.V TWE.NTV FIVE CE.N'I'S." And j. therefore a much el.eaiu r. I ns well as I eller article. For nte by J. tt J. II. PECK it Co. THEO. A. PI'CK & Co. snd Pi:. KOIir. .MOODY. Purliliglon, Jan. 22, ISIt. ly.f.lB MAKSII A 1,1.x eoniin-es unrivalleil as a strengthening I'LASTI'It : AIo, fir Itiieuti h tisio, Lauiiiii'-D or pains in tho side., liml s or 1 a-k : for eri lalo is swelling-, -eurvy -ores, Freh tyiion 1-; an I for a general Family Pla-ter or salve. For Conn, moreover Iryil; put" rlo't", per-eviri iiithcii'ely luakiiiga lu'vc application neeu-ioiially, and 111 time', viuirccru will le cunl. Fur 'ale by ' J. J. II. PECK Co. THEO. A. PIX'K Co. on I Dr.. HOItr. MOODY. Ilnrliiik ten, Jan. 22, 1S1I. . ,,a 'i'1'1- - 1JOAT FOU M I). Ctiiie asheuroii ihesuh.iTi - 1 c r- tiri'ini-e's nt t olehi'-ter noini in rci'.nlei la.;, a eliuU'r limit yawl liOAT, a:, feet long ami pa111tedr.1l. Ili'emni'risreiui-i,. t,, pay charge-, and takd it away, til O. V l'EAJiS. Colche.-tei Pom', Pel. 8, 1SII. 11 UAI, MSTATM l'OH SAI. At JA bum mk. The proprietor olfcrs for sale tlv unrtT pre- , uiisrs in the village of Hiir'ington, now occutiicd by II. 11. Stacy, loq. a a d willing house, printing office and reading room Tito prcmisrs are convenient for a store and dwelling house 01 lot e pb c , ''almost any description, and arc "ituatcd in the centre of the most business part ofthe town. v For terms of sale and payment, inquire of Charles Russell, Peail st. Purhltglon, or A. L. Cathn, of Or well Vt. BI.M KSUTH...TIie .Mbseril er having re cently mote I from Ml any, and eiiintncnced the Plae'c-noth husincs-, 111 all it forms, in the new -Imp on Ala hson street, near Kollelt it! lira llcv' Store wo'ild re-pcoifully inv i;c the inhal i'.an'i of Hnrlington an I vicinity tu i-ivc lulu a call, a. he i tally prepared lo do all L 1 inl - it work iu his line, on tie horie-t no tice, I c-t manner, and iuot fayoral le Irrni'. He ha for many years given hi. particular atlcntii n to tli. tlorst. .tir.'iMr liitslio'-s. mil t'nrr..r !,, nil its branches. I'-un llie long expcricuic vvl'ii' h he ba 1 bad. and the general lulorimiiion be m derive-l Inih ' I'liiin theory and pra 'te e, he feel fully conn lent 111 re- eonimeii inig mni-c.i 10 ine 1 11 ne. lie win 1 e pre- pared at nil nines tugive hi -ersinal attention to all kinos ol work 111 In- Hue ucii a Ironing t argons and Sleichs, Slupw ork, tVi. All l.iii'ls ed edc'i tool. 1 made in ihe I e-t manner and iikm approve! . style, He I truts that I y giting buine.s hi. undivided sttcinion and the low prices at tvlni Ii he will I c enabled 10 far- ' nub w e rV, to receive a share e l'the ii'iblu'. 1 ii'rnnnse. JUil. SORAOI.N. Hurlingion, April 10 S10. SC. I M ) I' l'T.O I IS 1 1 II AI f I IIS, '1 lie aitenliiTo ihat pi r.ii 11 of the community who arc tiiiheii! with cutaneous iTipliou., sui h a Salt IIIiciiii, St. Anthony's Furor I'rvM'pr'.i, S'-ihl hend, 1 epieny, mi any of iheir't ili. eu e, is ilirivtediiiuu in'enuil appliealiou w hiel, vva ih-ei-vercd al out 12 mouins ini e I y .Mr. Cha.-Ie-Ji ne-, 1 f Clart'iuont, N. II. p own iiersoii. he h ivun: ha 1 ihe diTiiT in a me.t a--. L.ra aim'-IV' 111 al out II tear.. I'rim iu ei nn '.Ttol 'ivis upon hnii-r'fand srvrial i thi r iiieinl , rs of hi family, many in that -re' 1011 ol the rttutry havr lieu ind n cd to miit.e trial of II and ill lioea-e a-vel has j failed of 'eicss wheri the ih reel ion have 1 1 1 11 a Hu ll' I lo with 11 'elity, nud a suilie'ient time r!apsed to know the rrsiilt. The iiusheiiii' i--.ii le ottniiirj of Holer! Mnmly druggi-i, P iilnigiiu. ond with Jlariin U ires i.'se, Cauil riilce Vt. worm i,07.exc;i:.s. I11' isiaoiisiungiitii ns J. the best medicine for tliecileriiattou and relief cf norms in children. Notwithstanding that tin re are other lo..cuge cried up for this complaint, purchasers are warranted in the good efficiency of these. At hok's ile and Retail by T. A. PECK A CO. .Vigil 0 the Mortar. rrHTsj . l..i.i . !..,.. : . . i, ' .. tlie copirtnershii) ATOTICK is henby given that -LI heretofore existing between the sul... libers under . . IiIllTS. 1111,1. r , e nu, r ,1 - , . ; the Hriu i.f ".,. IRle'v cN Co.," is thi day dissolvcl hy mutual consent. The hooksiind ilemands of the linn arc in tlio hands of John R.Tilh'V for colli ction. llliieshiireli, Si r. HEN TILLEV. Dee. 17, laJO. JOHN R. TILLEV. .......... 2'Z I .lanuarv. ; 1. T mi'.iu. nas iicm an y II I y i tu'lfs tlllomi'. done cash. 111 Ihe "up and doug, in.ii'k and cheap for cash, nnd no iinprisonn.eiil In debt' dun, nor dun, never done vet. store; and has been 110 Information is berth) given that this .ann-d u h -now otic of (ho best slocks of merchandize for thu season, and ill it cost mny be saved on any goods pur chased over ordinary prices, by npplving to the peo ple's agent, nt ' HOWARD'S. w'TOVi:S ,t IMP! 'Stsongs Os Co. O ciivid mid oiler to purchasers COOKING .STOVES nf a great varteiyuf si7 s and most npproird patterns, which will he sold at wholo sale or rcnil. wjih or w ith jut tiiiiiiniugs, to suit piirclns. rs. Wp, PARLOR AND PON STOVF.S ut great variety of am patiinis. Caii iih smgle and double Stoves 24 lo Lfi inrhi s, tog. lhir with .iOtM) JOINTS STOVE PII'Eof Can ida, Ei.;lisl, ,11.1 . wi sui'c. tron ,,,!, .- oyes, -iVi lui.ii- le ,, , i.pper, . ., ,pe-r , 0110111, nnu i iu.-t.onn''Cc.i ? , S ' ' i '"'""""'.r s ,.'p1 I rininiings .Sheet lion woik and lin Were, which eiiisupiiiydsiiorii oiiceniiyaiiiei. tiotou nanil. on rr.-.soiriblo linns nnd m a sijlc inferior to none. aiicniion 01 pnrcnasers is rcspcclliilly solic.ud. Nov. 2, IVQ uto.v, sti:j:i., ao. Of Tons assortsd sizes, Ettghsu Tire Iron, KJ i " ' Swedes Iron, 1 S " Russia Old Sable ib 23 " Peru nnnufa.'iiiroil Iron, consisting or all ' the various sizes of round from i inch 10 V inch- square do., Hand, Scroll, llie '.nnd Ilotsc Shoe It.ui - STI EL.; st II1101111 r.'s Cast Stctl, all s.zc I do Gn aves' llerman do English lllistcrcd nnd America 1 ' W, 11 fullniid general assortment of 'all dcn'iipi 11 s of goods con- ncclcil Willi llie aiioye 11 ae,' Nov. 19, 1810. .'.'1 .Li)St.i ss-CO. Al.l'ACCA CLOTHS for cloaks 1 crapes, iamb Id. iMiiibleltins, coats' hair and common wor- till cainhlets, iirintcd Saxiints. nlain and rtnurcd al- pines, pl iin nudpriniid muslin dcl iines. all wool, now opeiiingby N. I.OVEl.V .V CO. RH.MOVAI..--.I. LEWIS, ilic Alichanlral Den list, hasreinnwd his ofiiee 10 his dwelling on Petri st., neatly opposito J. K. Gray s Carriage hliop, where ha will he ;.hle to attend In 1 ."- a' ' e.rsoi tlio day qr mglii. Hurhi 1 -to rTNIlLI'.ACHED Cotton Shining nnd Shectini' enlton inrn. hnttill'F. wicking. black ami wllite tiailduiir. Itussia dinner, crash tahlo diapets, nnddinc canvass, mcrscilles, quill', t'ountcrpaincs, ros,' and horse blankets, bbacluil eultons, blcacluil nnd un bleached cotton flannel, English, French nnd Amer ican prints, ns chenp as. tho chcnpesl, by TT?I Hi W s-1 n. Liiviii.y tv un. 1IMI It SIT! I IVG WOKS. 2000 for t. GOODRICH s-itj hy notici:. NOTES, nnd accounts duo hu subscriber, tipitt bo paid by tho IGth of Fihrmry next or they will, hove lo set lie with some ctl cr person. Jntt.2?, 1UL E.C.LOOMI3. VANTUI). "l"Y tho 1st of April next, two good Juurnfyincn IJ Tanners, when will receive good wages in cash by applying lo K. C. LOOMIS. P. S. Harness Lenlhcr conalajitlyon band. Janmry27, 1811. TV OTKJE. R. II, Ki:i.l.OGO(Tuirur. would rosrecf l- l illy inl'oriii the inhabitnntH or UuiliiiglMi 'hat huh.iseonuiience'l thu uhnvi; Iiiiiiii'ss in thu btiildii't diroi lly opposite, the i l I Slum Factory nt the Fad , nnd would be happy to wait on all who may favor lUn with their palronage. N. P. Ciitlingdnnc to orb;-, .1.28:11 notick! THE Trustcss of the Uurlington High School w ill hold pit ndjonrr.ed inciting this evening, tit half, past ttx o clock, at Ilnwaid's Hotel. As important business 1I1 mauds the attention eif the Hoard, oil its members are requeued to nlknd. Jan'y, 1RI1. NEW HOOICS-niaki's Hiogrnphical ineitotiarr 1031 pages large imperial octavo; Johnson's eomplc to works new edition, Hiron's voiks, lll.ile's l.cllcrson confiruialion, I'lakc's Evuh nee s of elms. ti:iuily,juslrcceiviilby jy3 C GOODRK II P HETOitlCA!. n: '.DI'll -3) just rec'.l for sal, .l.t nt Andovcr prices by (j GOODRICH nf Meadows' French Dictionary, A J-J 25 Fosdick's French Iii',rc,duci:o!i, Ti Gray's fit' mi-try, tr0 Voting Ofitor, ju'it rccuvcd and for sale at pubi.shirs wholesal'. jiriccs teachers are requested lo examine tl cm. C GOODRICH I ADH'-S' fine. Kid, Merino, ib rlin, and black n Aj UI. ves ; wh '.' and colond Alcrino Ho, black worsted and win-' co'toii do. G ntlemcii's biscle Kid Glove", heavy hl.nliiii I'.ii.' e 1 isi and weblj siispinders lor salcby It. Al. GIDDINGS .( Co. r ETTERS of Airs. Adams, the wife of John Ad j-i ains, tor s ale at the book stoic, by Jan. 23. II. A. lilt .M A.. 17ARW! ILL'S SHOES Ladus- kid Walkinj 1 Shoes, spring hci 1 anrl Fie n.:. kid .jlii'S raitur Hoots, Gciitlcincn's Puniis, ami Cl.ildrcus Pi is -.r Mirwell smnki'ut rcc d nnd for snl bv Janujry20, 1S10. H At GIDDINGS .f-Co OII.KS -Real black Italian Silk, blue black gro d t J Sw iss, Silk, Colored I'lorauccs, also, Silk Velvets, worsted Surge and sup. Black I.aLin'forsab bv January 2'J, 1-10. H At GIDDINGS if.'(3o DOWN'S Vegetable lhlsamic Elixir! for salo b THEO. A. PECK Co. I Apothccari'.. ! "I Ol'lll; iTsl'OIt IL'NA'I'iT. TjIIE snb-cril crs have iivcivcd the we't i arte-'r, I Dloodgood's SH.iir cr Health, , for the eiire ol ili-ca.e eoi-ing troiii tin ill state 1 f j the S-oMiO'l', si.cli as CJ-" lb fi'acl.r, Jr3J Less of I uppc'i'e Palpitalieu i f tl.c Heart, if-e. I 1' has g'veu lical'.h and tncrgy to imilti'.iidcd afilicw , ted xv i'li hal'ili'jl C'c stiveiie-s." Tl.c iirierct' this valuahle 11 clieinc is to Cj'abli-1.- e.l ihu all in 'V 1 c 1 iiahVd !o ol tiun it. 1 At wholesale and rc'iul ly . 'i ifnv v. i'wi: ,r. Cr , ' Aic.:l,'e., ('our II no Q.uare. -j-t0R SAI,'.:. Ahanl ten tona of Hay, - fi;jJd quality T imd 111 1" .d condition. Atnlvlj HICKOIv CATI.1N. XES. Siinmoiis' Cast Stcil Axes, for sale by II. Al. GIDDINGS, fc Co. TTARD WARi:.-l!utcher's heavy Fibs. Ibbol- I X mil's do. and rasps. Hand ssw I'lllE. 1 Till I oerews, .mhioik 1. an. us, in.nit unit pa.' '. . aws, east steel Wciqd Saws; knives and foil. s, 'cone an I buck Inndh'sj Tea Servers, Sad Irons, Shovels anil tongs, w ool cards, hor"c enrds, nugcrs, trace chains, manure forks, Ames' shoviW, etc. bv 11. Al. GIDDINGS, it Co. rpitHKADS A' 300 lb-, white nud cclorol wittca A. 1l11r.1l-. SOIbs. luici e'o. i00 bini lii's 100 -lein thread. 20 11.-. Italian sewing.. 10 II'.. Latins twi.l, f..r -ale I v VII.AS, l.OO.MIS, eV Co. fi HA I. ES 1 riiwn sheetings. 2 do. power looio -J'V tic'.-. 2 ca es York do. 1 1 ale -i0 lack lap'. 1 I ale eanv.i-s, jest re eive.l an I for .ale by Nov. 23, 1310. VILAS, LOOMIS .t Co. IOKOW.N Tab'r Clo'hs, 8 ly 10-lths, warramivl u nit linen. Aio line t-inl s tvc ; cratb. 1 ltusia dia.a r ; eotlon 5 arn ; blael; and white , uiug ; latting ami wtrLing t tor -ate I v H. M. GIDDINGS it Ca TO It ISN'T, P-zrK. A -"D posws3on given iinmediatcly.ths XJ-Store al Fulls, lately 01'CU 1 iiwrna :...i , ., e. .1 .1 lltSfiKj Pico ny i.aiiirup i Potwitt. Also ths -rf. -..'. " "lllls imi-lllll 1,111 .IU1J u,....i ..r.t,. ,;..:i.. .1 ...1..1.1. wr a piiiniy, pop-cssioii given tlic loin of April next. The Grocery and Provision Store lately occui'ied by I.allnopeV I'otwin in this village, posses sion given the 20th ofl'ib'y inrt. The House now occupied by AIoscs Farrar, loriucly by II. W. Potw in, with 1-1 acre or more of land if detirid for a garden, being a most dcaiiahli rcsideiiiT, pocsttstoa giiin ths l-t ol .May next. Apidt to AIAYO it WAIT. Lurhngton, 1 ib 11. Isll. I "'OTK'I is here hv riven llirt.n tvlin nrr. in. b liti'il to lis. nnd tl hn.p initio nn,t i-paiimuIi'iu. bci'oiiiei'ne, that pavii'int must be made iinmcdiatelr, or such dcmnuls v. ill be lodged willi ail r.tlor"i y lit 1 collcti'in. It is hoped that llus will be a tmiclv no I lice to all those uitiristcil, who wiih to save cost. ' VtnllcvcnN wc must bate our dins, and if cost :, douhtlis.s an attorney will insist upon his cov. 1 Feb. MSII. ' STRONGS . -CO. Cabinet Shop on C'atlln's I.anc. DEAR SIR: Permit me tu inform j oil nnd e pi '.irvii'ip"v t'lat I am sull engaged i otic . . . t.iui.. i-, 1 lit .-ii.Ni'.r-., anil tlial Micni.v'i custor... 1 any thing in my line may he bought o me em as good , terms as any wherein tliis market. I am now from various caus'is linking work che.i er than I ever did ' before! and nil paying customers whether old or new . I shall h i happy to see at the New Shop, w here no pains will he spared to givesatisfaition. Lumlierond 1 Prodiiceicc d as uualand a niTtt a.i, (if there is , anv lift iu tl.c country., will be loin-il to iln unmlor. cs.t., . , r,F I '1. ....!. ... t L- II t .' , ,,ST X- ., ,01,-ui v 1110 1 o'si. if, t. 1 .t.tttiii'it.s. , Uurlington, January 11, lll. i " ' -iT7,, " ' W 'U " renins ofsori- 11 111 in,: s'ri . tir ,ir ... .im,,. I produce, or goods by Jan. 11. 1. GOODRICH. I'.rmts supplied wub paper and hooks for Rags. OOOTS s-IIOI'S st Lr.ATHI'.R. Tb. 'iil.scriher i hat ui'.' taken thu stoic formerly lu.upied by Messrs. .is'id,' ,) HViiyi.V, utiovy opin.nga general as-", tu,,. nt of Hoots, ,s'hi.,s and Leather, wbiih havo all been bought for '"i.l. und will bo sold for the faint, at llie low, 'st p-. 1' . 1 ! , 1 thi'artUts re too miin'r mis to un ti' on 11 in ai.iio s. . aiiiioiigh Air Sta cy has, idirgiif his paper. 1 would simply invite all to call and etaiuinc the goods and prices bc'tore purchas ing cjsuv. lure. l:urlingtou,July 1, 1 10. HENRY C S'l 1AISO.V, by 1'.. J. Stijison, .Igrni, nAI.I.I'.CK'S HRITISII POETS, bars just brt 11 published, were received Insi t .tk sn:l are now for sale at the Pool. Store. I. ...wise n.miv iiii-cc llaucoiis pi. lilicaiions, among vlm h ate the fo( lowing: Soiitligiitt's Tour. I.ift:of vVycliire. 1'mi 11. nt Fieneli writers, by Airs, Shelley. Court o Cn-lund, .- ,0!s. .lobnsonV Ifc and i.ugianii, . tens, .loiiiison s, i.'te nnil vtotks.. , K ightlcv 's Enghu.l. Federal Government from 1T--U 1.1 ir39. Rook lor the Sabtiath. Cc,nfe8aio.,s..r Hairy Lomquir lloswell's Johnson, Powdlcr's ' Familv S .aksi.nre. ICrk's f noons. Km!.,,,, II1' . on the Sabbath. New '011 oil the I'ronhrr . . Itr, mi's Ainetican Poets. Coin tdge's Poe'tical Wolks. Jan. .0. I). A. PRAMAN. TVTOTICH. The subscriber having purrhn-i 1! 'hit i-x house niti pr"imifs I'-rnicilv occuUCi! bv Gut Call.n, F...I,. neatly opposite the Rending RiaVi In Hurlingion, has em. mil a 110 HIDING HOl'SE, ct t ,11111 " win ne intn v to aecoinniei.late gi 'it 'nun I "mi. i vutn tin nest aitiniu " ci .1 upon r .-son ante ti ruii". tiw .OSlll'A DO INI.. NUW l"TIH,l!-lltIi:NT.--Thc subsof. hers would inform the piddie thnt they hiiv,i forincilieoparliicrsliii iiuuti the firm of AIITCIIEI.I. tt 1IARNI.S, and e.slablislicd the lHi " -ir ., n thc Prick Sti.ip fi'tiucrly oi'ci.picd In ' 'u t nne) Wood, where lie 1 i'. iiviniifactur ,e , I t,i keep con-:., in''. I r I "'l lis-orli ,-i 1 - ,1,' I'liri.iturt', of tin urns I mils nnd prices 10 lout crsi nlso, n fe w splendid Pn tss Clocks cheap for cash. All kinds of hiinber us.ii in Cabinet Alakipj rceeiieil Inrxchangt for Furniture. Hurlingion, Dec. 2 1910. T. Al, AIITCIIEI.I.. A. HARN1.S. TOTICE. All notes nnd accounts duo the s 'liscii 1 her must be pmd bv lie' f rs day of 1'Vbrunrv next, orllic) v.'illLolouU'liu th ;, ie ' WA1. II. AIU.VSON rOST. near N. l,otcIy A, Co's. Slorc, a fia'd silk J WORK II 1G, containing a purse with some two or three dollars in change, an ! other nrlh'bi. Tint finder wiUbc suitably rewarded on leaving il nt tins ollico. Feb. IR, 1811. .II.11 rh IS, I S I 1 1 TOVI'.LY & IIURLIR!V, New York Goods, ran J rncc vuigdircctrroniNiwYr.rk tt'- be t(kl mi diwiih ut ''Cheap Srlt ' Sfi..

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