Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 2, 1841, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 2, 1841 Page 1
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tatt fv&t fte NOT THE OLORY OF 0 Jfl S A R ) DDT TUB WBZ.FARB OF ROME, BY II. B. STACY, BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, AP R IL , 1841. VOL. XIV....N0. Tavern Sliind l-'orSilc. rplll! subscribel oilers for J. sale his Tavern stand, best known ai the Eldridgc place two miles from the College, on tlio Winooski Turnpike, with .a" .11 ncrcs of pond land. Till house is 4G feet square, two tunics high; one barn 10 liy 50 feet, horse-shed and good stables, wood sited and granary. The stand beinj; on the comer where the Hincsburgh road intersects the turnpike, there is not a better lncalion for a tavern stand between Bur lington and Montpclicr. Any enterprising man with a small capital may own a good establishment by pnrchasing this properly. LEWIS H1GBEE. Burlington, March 1st, 1811. IN1 OITCE. 11. II. KELLOGtl.Tailnr, would re.pect- fnl v inform I ho inhabilnnls of Burlington that heha.cuminenccl t lie above bu'tnc In the budding hreel V ntiposite Ihu tl I btiuie l.tctorv nt the rail , and wcvild bo happy to wait on all who may favor him illi their pnirouuge. N. II. Cutting Join- to order. j.28slt NKW HOOKS lllnko's Biographical Dictionary 10DG nat'cs largo imperial oclavot Johnson's complete works new edition, Byron's works, Wake's Letters on confirmation, Blake s Evidences of Chris tianity, just received by jyaa u GUOUK1UI1 Mm TO HE NT. A ND possession given iinmcdiately,thc XA-Storo nt Winnnski Fnlls. lately ilecil- pied by Lnthrop & Pntwin. Also the ? second storvof the same finished sui nblv for a family, nosacssinn n-iven the lfiili of Apruncxt. incuroccrynnd rrovision Store lately occupied by Lathrop & l'otwin in ibis villacc, posses sion given the 20th ofKeb'y inst. The House now occupied by Moses Farrar, fonnely by II. W. l'otwin, with 1-4 acre or more of land if desired for n nnnlen. being a most desirable residence, possession given the Istot.iiay next, Apply io MAYO & WAIT. Darlington, Feb 11. 1841. Us Farm for For Sale. milK subscriber oflir. for sale a Farm A one and a half miles from the College on tlio Winooski turnpike, containing oU, luu. l.,u. or guu ncresnt lin, ns t hi! nur chaser may choice. The htiihlinmi with lit I lu ex penscmny bo put m good condition for a taurn, and there is not a better location for such an establishment between llurhngton ai 1 Mnntpclict. Tunis of pay ment easy, and anv cntertiriinir iit(liii nti mm with a small ma'y own a good establishment in a lew years uy purcunsing mm property. CHACNCEY GOODRICH Burlington, Jan. II, IS II. T?OR S U.E. A verv valuable farm, sit X uatcd in Milton, eon1. -linine-150acic, with a house, two burns, and out-Inn d . ings. two pood orchards, nnd fiom l'ii lo IjO acres improved, the remaining part is well tun bcred. Terms easy, and possesion irncn hunt' diate Jy. Apply to James S. I'latt, Milic.i, or to L.R. I'latl Colchester. Match 10, IS 1 1. . -1.VHI.VUT VAIU:.-Thcubf ruber Ins rcum x ed the Cabinet business, at ihcnld shop on Chinch street, formerly occupied by Nichols iV Ilcrriek, and n-ccmlv by II. It. Walker, where lir intends lo mntiu- faeturc and keen rnntantlv on Irtid all kinds of CAIIlMVr FLlt.Ml'L-Iti:, afa tl . and qi'alilj not inferior to anv manufactured in ' i.i vi'iuity. He hopes his long cxpeironce, lonclhci w,th a, strict altrn t.nn to the husinesss, will secure him a share of the nnhlic nitron pp. Jr-W ANTED in exchange for Cabinet Work, Binh and Minle Scantlet. suitable for bedsteads: hasswnnd flank, and bond' fiom 1 inch tn f inch ; white. I'ine board. MotKin'Jenf country produce icccivid in pavrncil.tb vou'.d bcvi rv ncci ptiblc.) B'lritn,'' '. 1.1S-11. SAMCEI..MC110LS. T HETOR1CAL READER--200 just ree'd for sale XV. at Andovcr prices by C GOODRICH Meadows' French Dictionary, i 'JJ 23 Fosdirk's French Introduction, a, f ir.iv a fJhemistrv. GO Younit Orator, iust received and for sale nt publishers wholesale prices teachers are requested to examine tiicm. u uuuwniun LADIES' fine Kid, Merino, Ilerhn, nnd black silk Gloves j wiiite nnd colored Merino Hose, black worsted nnit wlire cotton ilo. ucntlcmcn s linen Kid Gloves, henvv black do. Fine elastic and wtbb suspenders for salehy H. M. GIDDINGS ,f- Co, LETTERS of Mrs. Adams, the wife of John Ad am, for sale at the bookstore, by Jan. 29. D. A. BRAMAN. Cabinet Hhop on Callln's Tanc. DEAR Sill! Permit me to inform you nnd others in votir vicinity that I am still engaged in the CABINET BUSIiVESS, nnd that custom, any thing in my line may be bought of moon as good terms as any win re in this market. I am now from various causes mailing worn enenper mini i eve, uiu before-, and all paying customers whether old or new I shall be happy to si at the, New. Shop, where no t..ima utll Ti.. nnrp,t tn aive satisfaction. Lumber and Produce ree'd as usual and a little cash, (if there is any left in the country,) will bo found to do wonders n lew roils east oi iviiurcn-si. u. n.. i nouuvim, llurhngton, Jnnuary 11, lBll. NOTICE. The subscriber having purchased the house nnd premises formerly occupied by Guy Catlin, Esq. neatly opposite the Reading Room, in Burlington, has opened a BOARDING HOUSE, at which he will bo happy to accommodate genttomen and ladies with the best attentions, nnd upon reason able terms. Cw JOSHUA DOANE. TTARD WARE. Butcher's heavy Files. XX son's do. nnd rnsrs. Hand ssw Files. FAUWEM.'S SHOES Ladies' kid Walking Sliocs, spring heel nnd French kid Slips, gniter ISools, "'cntlcuicn's Pumps, nnd Childri ns Boots of Farwcii s make just ree'd and for sale bv Jnnmrv2rJ 1K1U. 11 -M tilDUl.MiS if- Uo SiII.KS Rriilhhck lldian Silk, blue black gro do 5 Suits, Silk. ( 'olored I'lorauccs, also, Silk Velvets, worsted Surue nnd sup. Black l.nntintrforsalcby January vj, ibiu. n -u uiuuiAUS ) uo DOWN'S Vegetable Balsamic Elixir ! for sale by TIIEO. A. PECK .f-Co. Apothecaries. rilHHEADtfj&e. :i(fl lb-, white ami colored cotton X thiend.. 511 lb-, linen ilo. 500 bunille. 100 l.ein thre.ul. 20 lb-, Italian .ewinsr. 10 ll. Ilabno twi-l, for salcbv VILAS, l.OOMIS, iV Co. 2 do. power loom 1 dale 10 nu ll llur- !up-. 1 bale canva, jusl i. 'reived and for ia!e by Nnv.25, Id 10. V11.AS. LOOM IS & Co. Ibbol Butts. Screws, Norfolk Latches, hand and pauncl fesws. east steid Wood Sawst knives and fork', bone and buck handiest Tea Scricrs, Sad Irons, Shovels and tongs, wool cards, horse cams, augers, trace cnains, manure folks, Ames shovels, etc. tiy II. .11. UIUUI.MIO, IV. K,U. nllOVVN Tallin l'loih. 8 bv I0-4lhs. warranted XJ nil linen. AUo line InrdV eve diaper ; crash, lius-oa diaper: eolton jam: hlacK ami wiiue wau ding : batting nnd wicking t for nle by II. M. r,ll)I)I.MJS fe CO. iU3IMPORTANT CAITION.JJ It ln singular fact and ouo much InTtj regritled lliat labial lu luedieiiies, n oon ns they I econie pop nlnr, and lime weiiwl the tiM nnd npproial of a di.-c rimjnatiug public, are sun1 to be. counterfeited, nnd thus n bad an.l.-pnrion nrcle Isimmuilmtely palmwl upon lheuniipcetingfur tl.e genuine. Thi ba leen noton'ou-ly the ease with all popular tried nnd truly vnlunlitc metliunet fur yeur pn-t, an 1 will probably continneto be the; fur years to eoine. The 1 n-e and contemptible counterfeit in this way advantage ol all the cil'orts nnd ndver tiing nseil by the proprielori cfthc genuine article, to get their mcuicinos intouc nii'i "-iticm populari ty. It is therefore not Ie thedulv luun it coiilrilnite to the safely of every honest individual inllui'Oin iniinitv to e.xpoe, frown down, and forever after DIS THULT nil HEAKTLHiS IMiKATiBwbo thus, irrc- pon-iblv trine with health and life. JCIHKHKFORK TAKE NOTICE.3! There i a Der.o'n bv the name of J. II. KUUIIK- FOUT. now eniraeed in felling n'Pdl done on in boxe inexact and perfect imitation of the geiinim INDIAN VKlirTTAIlLE PILLS, with the omiion of . nlyone word on the lloxe viz. Wbiciit. The Pill' uhll.v lbi Iloch'.'fort are evidentlv inlendeil a a friiu l oHd iiupo-iliun upon the community, or they wouiu n..t nave L'Wll ouiio up 111 Mienuxei uiiiuiiiuii oi im'm-ii- uine. Thi in'r.-on i tall blistering Willi a great the atrical swagger. He was recently knRwn au very poor player in ualtimore.unuer tne musical eognouien of Jim Brown, and i about twenty Ihu yearofage ll i alinu-1 leyonda doubt that lieii supplieil with thcPilN from a Uruagi-t firm in Ibis city, who have heretofore been notoriously eonneeied with counter- leit ineiiieine.-. AMionasproot is obtained the loan TVt t?'.V RSTAIII.ISHMUN'T. The subscri ll bers would inform the public that they have formed a copartnership under the firm of MITCHELL & BARNKS, and established the Cabinet buttnut in the Brick Shop fotmcrly occupied by Abbott and Wood, where they nrc manufacturing and intend to keep constantly on hand an assortment of Sofas and Furniture, of i arious kinds and nriccs to suit custom ers! nlsb, a few splendid Bbass Clocks cheap for cash. All kinds of lumber used in Cabinet Makins received in exchange for V urmtnre. Burlington, Dec. 2 1640. T. M. MITCHELL. A. BARNES. A C "A W"S brown -lKvlinz. ftW neks. 2 ea-et York do. hPljjl He i, .uldtilso J5 PiiUH-d his forn StJE-Jil Watches: all ex, VV STAIHS. r pi tl' subscriber would remind hisfriciids X nnd the public that li" occupies a room in Church sticet, over Kern and Walker's tore, where he will giv his peitHiiial at leiiium to Ri'iiairiug (.'locks uf every des cription. '1 hoe v.-li'sch have bei n in ur iirin" years lilted up in good style and mai ij have the appearance of new, He , .aid also 'die notice that l.e hasie- uriiier hus.nes'- uf rcpainng entrusted to ins care will be i.'.ircfullv renaireil and warranted. Hnv in: ben enuaied for twenty vcars past m m ikuiLTi- ell as renairiii" Time kten- tru ts lu experience in the business .. .11 II.., ... r.-.. . O ill i II ii-i'- nun in i i r-in uuu n, ittvsu V who faior him v.nii call. P. S. A few, on comiiii""ion. J. N. Dl.'N.MNG Burlmpton. Dee 23 110. HAS rrccii'-d -nd Kei-pb coi.slanllvoii hand a large and lad Lasuilment ot (iROCUllIES, among which are COfiN C BRANDY, ! St. CROIX RUM HOLLAND GIN A variety of WINES, and nlmotl every article in the Grncrry line, all i f which he will sell on the most reasonable Prill. He would also inform Tavern keepers m particular that ho wdl tell rum. brand v and trill for G.i cents a gallon. which be will warrant of a better piahty ihan sonic which have lately neen nan lieu anout the couuiry uy a certain Now 1 otlt pedlar, and it not niijuilgcil uy he best judiies to be better, be will not ask any pay for litem. He mi lies them to can una compare. llurtington, Oct. IdiO. If. TO Till: 1 . FORTUNATE. THU. mbscril ers haie re.-enutl lbc well known ariii'Ie, Dloodffood's Eli:dr of Health, fur lbc euro ot ili'ca-es uri-iiM It .in an ill sinle'f i'..j Slomiieh, such a ICJ" H' adae e, r Los of appetite I'.ilpilalion ol the He.irl, ,.e". It has iriien he.tlih and enemy to niilniude- al'ihe led wilh babiliial Coslnine-.s. The pricei f thi- valeal le iiiediciue is-o eil lint all mai ! e enabled loollam it. At wholesale and mail I v TIl'EO. A. PECK ,f- Co. Apoiheear.'e-, Court llou-e S,inie. JT'OR SALE, About ten tnnsof Hay, of gooupiahty X and in good londitiun. Apply to 12 Jan. Ibll. ItH KUlv it U.Vll.W. lilVURY STAIII.i:. TTAVING madecMcnsivere XX pairs bv addition of new builduiL'S. Horses, Carnasris, llarnii-aes, Saddles, &c. the nibs rihi r i nn nared toaceoin inodate lb'1 pulhc in good siile anil on snort nonce, single, Tendem. four or lix Ituu-e Tiairs will be furnished to par. --'3C.;-.i.-' ties of tikasiire. A man tnav be found in the Barn at any hour, day or night, to at tend cat 3. Cnli paid for Oats and llav, I doors East i f the Log Cabin, or at my shop V! doom i est I J. ii J. 11 Peck it Co.'s stoic. SAMUEL S, SKINNER. B'.irlinnt n, Dec. 12, 1 10. XES. Simmuiis i' Carl Steil Axes, for snUlii H. M. GIDDINGS, & Co AI.PACCA CLOTHS for cloaks-, crapes, camb lcis. camhletcens. poals' hair nnd common wors ted can, blots, nnnled Saxnnvs. nlaill and fiL'iired nl pines, plain and printed muslin de Inincs, nil wool, now opcninguy is. l.uii',ui ex-vs. 13 I3AI USTATK l'DU SAliE, At a great XV, nmcAiN-. Tbenronnctor oilers for sale the pre mises in the illlae of Burlinctnn. now occupied by II. B. Slacy, Esip as a dwelling house, printing office Mill reailing room i lie premises are convenient lor a store and dwcllinc bouse or for offices of almost any lcscrmlion. and are situated in t ie centre of the most business part of the town. For terms of sale and payment, inquire ofChatlcs Riis4cll, l'eatl st. liurlington, or A. t-'allui, ot ur Mill Vt. T )K AT THIS HAVE YCPA C0L'G)I1-l-l JO.OOO Dir. or cNNstjMrTtoM eiery year in the United Stale, and millions fuller feom troublesome cooshs and colds, that can lin eurud by Dr. M. Hiti b eoek''. Vegetable Virgin Cream Cough Drop., n nfe medical prescription, contains no poitonousilriigs,and u-e.1 in an extensive praetiit? for trveral year, will most positively allbrd relief, and save you from li,at awfil disvaee, pulmonary consumption, which tminilv sweeeps into the grave liumireils ef the young, theo'd, the lair, the lovely and the gay. Have you n cough 7 Be persuaded lo piireha-e a bottle ol the Cough Drops to-day! To-morrow may I e too late. Have vou n cough! Dr. Ilitcecok's Vegetable Virgin Creiini Cough Cropi i the only remedy von should take to cure you. For thi.plalg reason. That in noonpofllietliausaii.l eases where it has leen u-ed ha it Tailed lo relieve Price 75eents per bottle. For sale, lvhole-ale mid lb tail, by A. HITCHCOCK V CO. No. 117 Gene n s., Utiea, N. Y. And by their agents throughout the United Stales. In Burlington, by J. & J. H. Peck & Co., Tlico. A. Peek &. Co. In Vcrgennc", iy J. H. Bowman. In Milton, by Burnet & Sawyer. In Geor. gia, by I.orcii.o Janes. nu.2 IMJUIItK-ASK THOSE WHO K.NOVV. I'lio-e only ubo know b ttf.ilnr iuur,pdi tie obr vaiion. em form tiuv idea of ibe fieri., of I lie r.nfr ' relief, ufilie tihnu.i eli.inn.bke euie. ffi-cled in ca.p of the Piles, Kiu.umatism, all SwrLtir', nnd a pmeiiinl Pains, no nuiicr liuw seine, bv ilie ue oflMts Liniiiienl. r ind one who Iiki ird II imI w ill not Und it nboie Hlllhing ever u;ed, and ion w ill find what c.innnt lie louml. CJ"I or hip reitriol siuitT ine IminHii beings ivlm iimi be nfllicied, I beg leu lo ik o.L ..r din. wl,.. ifnwH,.l( ,1,1 linn. Ai.rnr.i, tam head of thi. ncf.nioii business will I e expo-eil, CotiKLIN ,U. S. Jiilge for lliat dinriet, residins neJr tfinttlie community may .nun them as they wouiu a A.uburn : mk .Mattikiv J. Mtebs, Ei. Alliens, ?iTliHiVr: . N. Y.: a,k Gen. Durr Greek. Lite of V"l""2.l'n 111 ..u ...U.S.. . ...... . a V.S.S..W .,1 , ,a,p np,, PIIIPI, kltltU 1,1 PH. PR ItliennilllPr. tio.m.d : i. . ,r " ":.".r. " . .: again?! buying WRIOHTS Indian Vegetadlf. Pii.l ol anyone who uoes not cxhiljit a eertihcnteoi agen cy signed hy the agent lur the iew r-ngland blntes and 'learing dale since January 1810. AIm take par ticular notice that the following wording is on tlio box es Wright's Indian Vegetable Pi'l (Ind. Purgative) of the North American Collese of Heallh. The Indian vtzttable I'illt ate a certain cure for disease in its cier) variety of form, because they tio rnttglil) cleanse I lie sioiuarh and uoivels, induce a pre. per tti( li.irge b ibe lungs, 'kin and kidney, anddi mul.ite ibe blond 10 ptu ify ilself. In oilier nntds ihy npen all ibe n.ihiral diains, and leaie KATDRE lUc brand I'lititieian) nee to time disease liom in; body. The uboic ouilets, or ejrains. are ibe common sellers of the bod) , iluougli iiliirh all innihid and cor rupt liumois (the cati-e ol iliveare) are carried off; and so long us ihey ate rfll keiit open, and dUrhariiP fieeli I ho ii iilloitcd noil ion . ol I iniuir 1 1 v. Ilie tiouv will enn. i iiiui tntie.ilili : bm when ftoni r.iling improiei lood, breathing impure air, sudden lian-iiions Ironi heal to able by all oiIit ipinetbes or phvsieians, ilinn&.h mei. formapy lea, , (h i baie been ruled by ilie life uf ibe genuine Vay's .i;iii,icnf. I'll ui.and. iiToilier prisons know similar cures. We appeal 10 ibeir pene of jus. tice llieir human feilin,;'. iCP!! i. bin duly jon owe to lour suffering fellow-beings lo let Ihisgieal remedi be known. speaK nl II men lo all jour ine.iiu Thjj will save much pain here the npuspapeis aie nnl read, or where reader, me iucrediilou., beeaii.eso many iionh'e articles are adteril.ed for the fame purpose. I'o buvers ne siy, if all ulio baie u.pd it do not say it m iipjond in pr.n p, men uu 1101 mur n The proprieior w ill not allniv ibis ar lirlc to be piiil for unless it cuici.nhen nil the diieeiii ns aie fill) fillniv. cd. Will anv one suffering refuse nnv lo n y ii Ifhe does, be ought lo be pilled more lor his nbsiinacy ili.m hiMiiffering. ELL ftlr. Ilais would neiei consent lo offer Ibis ariiele. Mere he not compelled bj his sense of moral nl religious dull lo do all in Ins power Inr he victims of disness and misery. For litis purpose he wou'd sonner devo'e a foitune. than serine a doll 11 fur worthless nilicle. iC75'.0pAr OUT.-Some miiE lion or Tin. lay. no cure ,o J. PAY! The ;enilnr obi Dutch or fScr man Vegetable lIIN.'-IIiahlv by DtH't Vnlentine Molt, M. D. of N. Y., nnd others. These nrc the orders 1 Any one thnl di es not find re lief from these pill the pri'i' i rifnnded lack, tbr-e are Ilie positive orders of lite Proprietor to affent and others. In (i'leringtliei' pills lo the public, I nppcl to their intelligence. If these pill nrc not what Ihey recommended, you are in duty bound out of't to yourself nnd community In reject them, nnd pnl lib them to the world a nu imposition, humbug and quackery. ThcpuLlio may 1 c assured ihey are purely veielallc, Ihey are compo-ed of nine mcrcdiiit., pan ol the mi-dieine is only found in Asia and in the vtl ley. of Germany, ror convenience lliee extracts nrc made into pill, and Will I e found a sure cure or re lief fur all billious complain!', yellow and billions feven, fever and ugue, jaundice, scarlet ra-h, billion chtilie di-pep-i.i. &e. It i not pretemkil thnl this medicine i a cure for all ili-eae lo which Ihe hiiinaii sytem i. liable. Ten thou-nnd uele.s edorts baie It-en made lo draw from the region, ol unknown fancy ome long-spun theory of music art, wlm h would cine each nnd every diea-e. Good medicine l not found in the lire or iilnr'w n l. Heallh and hamiine" bang upon chance w'u.l --..'ine is the herald of truth. The'hast nt lea t i. n'cn..-: ih- , already rai-iil i monument ot their gieai. c unuii win iieiy ine urrCKlingtfioih i-f time. None can 1 clieiuune wiiboul wrapper and direclion. on each I ox on whuh my naineis written nt leimlh. olu wnoicaic niui relail I he snbscril cr at (ilen's rails. v- A. IS. it l. Sund 79, and 100 Futton t. and It. M. Meig, 3S3 Souib .Miuket st. Ali.auy. uauin cc nawiev, xiu oiver i.. I'roy, General Agents for Ihe state of New I ork. MKllllnT OKIKMN. For -ale l v Win. Rhoiles and F. II. Green, Rich- mond: .Morton & Clark, and D. & I S. Laihrofi, Willison HaaareV. Com'Kii'k, Shell urn i ILS'iiiilon, : Geo. U. O.ikes, nnd All er' Harney, Jeneho: J. R. H.irlbut, Wcslfunl: J. II. Barnes, Charlotte! I( Morn'y and Geo. Petersen, Burlington J and lv r. IlltlGiiS, llurlinzton, Asrent for Chu'enden Co., where Sub-Agents can 1 e supplied at wnolesii'e prices. CT-HU. GOKUAK'S MKIiriNKS.T3! I m It. UUK1)A. Jelly ol foineirranate nnd I'eruvi M-rn an Pill' fur Dv-nen-v. Nervo is Headache. Pal- p intion ol the lietiit, luiernii and r.xiernni iiiinior, and all impurities of the Blood, Iceland Jelly for Ilie relief and cure of consult pnon. Pulmonary Jc'lv for cousli-, cold", spillini' of Kloml, Hoar-ene-s i'i-., I'm- sinn Linauienl and t.iiianuni er;io,ieiuoeiur iiiie ice- m, riiy-ical Drop-, Loiomiii Drops :-a it uiicniii ii xtdinn. bv Uurni t iv Saw vir. In ueorgia, by Lorcn Ointment, Pile Oiutinei.t, Strengthening P.a'ler, am' , Jancs: Com and arl l'laler, A MERICAN DICTIONARY OF THE ENG JV. I.1SII LANGUAGE. First edition in Octavo, eoniiiniiiTthe whole vocabulary of the Quarto with corrit' io , improvements and several thousand ad ditional word;, to which is prefixed an introductory dissertation on (ha origin, history and connection of the languages of wesiern Asia and Europe, with an explanation of tho principles on which languages are formed j in two vols. By Noah Webster, L. L. D. For saie at the bookstore. D. A. BRA3JAN'. March 2, 1SI1. i , .... ...i.. A a anv ivoriiii euiu, UICI r,Kii,iUf null Ui rtiil utnri , inifc, tiic uantu . ,, , r 1 7, . , become cosliie. .he pores ol the skin become closed, indle,f have eounte.feiied ilna article, and put 11 up or ihekidneis fall peifnrm tbeii runciinns "! ...nom deuce,. Do not be unposed upon. One .be impu.iiiesnhich should be diainfd bom ihe body thing nnli will pro'ert vou-.l is .lie name of Com.foct bv Ihe-e ouilels. will be rc.ained. nnd continue lo c C ' ll''" n''?,e ' on. ""..pper. '.-...I -, .1 .. i - i : n.. I....I..I .. i.i. inu ore rneaieii. 110 uoi oieei it. I ahe nu. uirec. c.unilia,c i,n,,, i.ic onov ueroiiiv. inn.ii, " " , ,l,l,; . , l,v fnr il i. Ifihe channels o our m.Blilv rivers sliouiii "' "."" - '-.' - '". " .' . ' ' . . I l.nnna.ilil,. l.,r un. nllir In lit- II III. lir OPnilinP. ' Cfilnnriv U4X'sl ATTU:r.. This firiific3 tliat I baie mven tit i son r.noch Julius, his lime to trade and act lot himself, and that I shall neither (Iniin any of hi earn ings, nor pay any of his debts after this date. Jl.llll-.l, JU11AS. Altest, NorLK I.. Johns. It.tnthiqton, lb. 23, 1 11. Take Particular Xotlrc. AS I contemplate n ehaiure in business this spring, il is desirable that all persons imlcblcd to me call and e.Hlls. by tbo 'sOih of .Mnrcb next, or oiher wiseall notes and accounts that have become due will be left ill the hands uf nn attorney for collection. I hope no 0110 will complain of this explicit call, nor fad M giieininiediatcattuiiion. E. I'.. EVANS. Burlington, Feb. 23, 1S11. NOTICE TO l!IIILI)i:itS. THE -ub-eriler will firni-li in llurhnztnn and i iciniiy, tiUAMTJ; winilow i ap-, sill-, ntnlcr-pinnii.-, Thre-holds ami Doot deps i f any w. rip non, of ihe lir-t ipialily. A bill of any stone vante.1 will I e a'teiule I lo, nnd i'l iulur:iiaiou I inn-led I v Mes-r-. 1'ollelt oc Bradley, Peek.iv Co.. and lln lley & Hyde. Any persen call ii'lbeipi.iliiy of ihe none, by ifiu-e firui-he.l lur JiiiIl'c Kolleu's him ytr Ire-i- di'iit Wl lei's lieu-o in IIuiIiiil'Ioii, ll is I'loMiued that the rpialiu end pi lie ol'iho-e stone wiJl Mar jut a general u-n il builder, w ill ul.e tt.e Im.ible to n;. aminellu' toneand price. Gl.O. W. COI.LA.MEl, ll.irre,Vi. i'ul ruarv Id 11. Cm Dc I.O.VI' SUGAR. OUBLK REFINED LOAF SUGAR, nlso m excellent article of Molasses for f iliulv Use, fur sab cheap by J. P. WHAL'ING it Co. Dee. Id, IS 10. I.a.lics' IliL'li School. A HIGH SCHOOL for Young Ladies, will be opened ill South Hero on the 1st day of April text, nuclei the instruction of Mrs. Frances Hiiri inn. Instruction will be given in all the branches u.uallv tiiight in female seminaries, with the excep tion of iiaintiiiL' and instrumental music. Particular n 1 tint ion will bo paid to vocal music. It is intended that die course of studies and Ih: mode of instruction shall be such as are calculated to fit young ladies for the "tations which they will ho tjalled upon to occupy. TKntis of tuillon.ihosaine for all branches taught fi'i per otiarter. Board, including wn-hing, can be obtained in good families for SI 25 per week. Nothing need he said of the advantage of pursuing the delightful paths rf learning on this beautiful island, deservedly distinguished by the appellation of "The Garden of New England.'' disasc. become blocked up, would not the ai ceinulaied waters find new outlets, or ibe country become inundated 7 Jusl so ivilh the huma'i body ; i Tl lie natural drains be come closed. I lie Haeiunl nnd cnrruiu luimnis mil find vein i;i die various forms of disease such as Feier, Small Pox. Measle.. Kheummistn. Goiii. Apoplexy he, or De.ilh will end our fuiTpi iiirfa. Therefotc, Sold bv Comttock & Co. 2 Fletcher meei, N. Ymk THEO. A. PECK & Go. Wholesale Agrnls lor Ilie Sia'e of Vermont. mo THE HALD-IIK AI)K I) .V OTHERS I. 11. .0. an, biiriu it tipinlibiir or a fiipilil il bo has when sickness ai the slnmach, pains in ihe bark and )(,cn llld, and whose head is nnwroieied will, fine tide, cpiiik pulse, binning skin, or an) o'ber uiiplea syiuntoins. indicnin that one or more of Ilie na, ,'li.iins ate not dirrhaiging fieely, and .he ruiisli lulinn is nbot.l to cunimPiice a st.iistilp for ihe restora lion lime should bp lol in administering a fe v brisk dosei of ibe Indian Pulsatile tjnilwn 1 1 It.'lalle run.) uy so doing, an ine innciion. ,i ine truly ill lie restored to urdpr, mil the foul humors !.he cause of every inflamaliou or p.iiu we suffer) mil berrmmed in so easy and naturnl a manner, ilia, .he bodyuillbe icsloird as if by a charm. The nboie run may he lleii at ALL limes and under Ai.Lcir cumstanccs, Willi pcifeel i.ifeiy. I hey suit all com plainii .mil all uues. iii.d ate lo ihe human const itui inn lra,i, mcnara.lons that will ruin ihe hair if used lo am hs i,..,ii : roiLcqueniiy ine can rrrnrr injure eirii ine exient. Uan mine than nice l ids ne wauled reier iimsl drlidit:. Like ni.r tuud, iliey are digeslible; , ,,P recommendations by h list nfiiame. of i cspr-ela. iheieroieiheyenier into ilie ciiculaiinn and impait an ,iiJ( unecptalted bv an oilier nr. tele. Look lo these cnfigytoihe blood, which enables il to flow Willi fiee. i,isl,uv ibi. ariiele. Sini and nresene tour b iii lorn riuiie In Ilie exiienulies and cunsenurniiy to heeii i,., :,, .,. . :r i, ,i,i ,,,inl. 1,. ..n,lPl. mtend to lit ihe porrs ofibe .kin open. They ine Irue and perfect ,UUllf,Ji in fa.binn tblc life are using it as ihe onli TOIIAl'CO. SIN RISE, 4 March, JS1I. Hear ye, lliar ye Toall the inhabitants of tl.e Green .Mounlnin Site leu l.utiwu lb it llio luvenlory waseomplet- le I last niahl, the exact eondilion of The fanners' ini i hiiuii's' and people's cheap cash store fti'ly asirr l line I. Howard, not wanting any other oilice, will lie continued as the nzent. This Ions tried estab lishment ha existed through four ndiiiinistrations of Ibe general iruveiuinent, and this morning common ivs tinoti the fifth, under cheering circumstance. such a n HKi't I nl taut 'tin ri-e, waving flags, roar of Republican Artillery it ilieSmile-, cc voices oi go on go on of.i whole p, .pie rejoicing at thu prospect r.f li'iter nine-, i. of vet biivm" Goods ('hcan at Howard-, Hurrah, I Iff rah, lturrali,'for' the Cheap I 'a.h Store & the Ateut wh faculty i' TtiXAid for selling GoikIs Cl.-.iptr nu i'oaple, rpiIE attention of tlio alllicted is called to the article JL "Hay s l.itiinietit, "advertircuinaiioilicr column. 21 THEO. A. PECK & CO. T P. WHALING CO. inform the public that they are Agents f ir S.i.gcnl, Sprague Co. Tobacconists, Alhiny. N. Y., wlio nnnufracliirc a very superior asticlu of Paper Tobacco in every va riety ol size. Grocers and others will find it to thur advantage to call anJ examine the arucle. AI.o IMug Tobacco of diU'eient qualities, all of which will be sole! cheap for cash. AIo SnuH'of d.ircrentkinJs. a "HIE Burlington BREWERY has . now coniiuenceti business and will have new Beer 111 a few days, when all orders will bo punctually I attended to. Burlington, Sept. 1310. GEO, PETERSON. WINDOW SASH Just re-civi'l I j, 20 and 217 by llea-emenls id s;i' h,-.i Prist rate arm ie in .ij an I 31 cents per light ; aNo all k'tcls ami 'in'', turn I-lift to order. Ticoii'lcruira black lead, a lir-t rate article, for -sic very low, togi-'her with cle. as cheap as can be found at anj otln r establi-h-ment in the plan'. Gr.o. Peterson' r r- j H M I ODINE SPRING WATI'.:i.-A recently d.-covir-X cd fountain nt Saratoga and cuntains properties known in no other Spiing its freedom from Iron lenders n sale to he uruiiii ny a certain class of iuva liiNwilh vvlioin Iron proves injurious the miani'ity of Iodine contained in this water renders it tl c most val uable miiural waier f ircvtry species of Scrofula yet discovered, for sale by J. & J. II. PECK & Co. Ag ts. P F.VISED STATUTES of Vermont, forsils by" J.V, Jan. 8. C. GOODRICH. pitrifiers of ibe hluod : hrcansc ihey drain all ro.tupt humors fiom ihai life giving fluid. Ihey imparl sneni'ili and Vinoi to .up whale system, atul their ef eels .iie.imavs tieurhcinl ; liec.uac Ihey only remove those humors which arc opposed io health. I'hey aid and iinniuie diitPi'tinn, unit sound sleep follnus ibeir use: Ijeeaii-e ihey Hie siotnarli and dowels ol tins" slimy biiinoiirs which nni oulv uii.a'e anl exriie the neivous system, lin. pa.alvze and weaKrn ine in gesl.teoigi In shun they possess all ihey good in nuerties ihal can be claimed lur any rcejii'ine : and liis very remaikalile, it is uticiiy nupotiiu e lo u.e litem wiihout benPlii. Price 25 cents ncr Box. with full directions. Office nnd General Depot for the New England Slate-, No. IU5 I reiiiontlreei,nenr v-oiirt Mriet, nosion. Tl.e uvular appoint -d Agents en recelvrlheirMip idies i f the abovi" nni ..irPills. as l.ereiof 're. from the only o.'hceand geiis'ral depot for the New England Suite-. IDs I lemont strei t, no-ton. I'ediar. or tr.iv I'llini? agents are not allowed to. -ell the genuine indian e'al.le Till-, iherciore never piireiiase irom inciii, CtODITSH, of suiicnur quality for Ricby I H. M. GIDDINGS it CO. 17 RES 1 1 RICE, for t-al 1 H bv M. GIDDINGS & CO. SINGLE. DOUBLE. UMBIUCAl. 1 U-sT ree'd a no dy ofMar-li'- edehraieil Tru-M-, t of every description, fur lo lv the dozen or single Oct. 10, 1810. TIIEO. A. PECK & CO. Sign of ihe Mortar. BAI.SO.M OK LIVERWORT lor Consumption Dv-pcpsia, A'lhnia.iuid all iIm - e of thu Limits nnd Liver. These ' - ne. prevail I a great extent, Ti at'tig mien uis. rf uo some i.i 1 reniulidl by e is" of )r Liverwort. Tin medicine is from it" peculiar nelifin upon tb a radi'-al reine ly fur ihe-e doea . men in a very weal; slate, no grateful a re 'Hive, as it not purifies and . , a healthy aei lem, ..uii'imiuy lor nni-1') i. v. Allllie-eean I ij'lor's Ilil'Oin of ly Vegital Ie, mid verisn ways found For Females and 'ichc'inc can le so y 'lenglbens, but lo Ihe whole sc. .OVF.I.YsCCo. vvho DO V . ' S VrtKC'talili! ltsilsamic Kl.lXIlt ! byTHI'.O. A. PECK & CO. Coiiipoiuifl Syrup of Icelaml ,tIoss. qHIS celebratid medicine fur CONSU.MPTION, X at wholesale or retail, by T. A. Peck & Co. G1 LOOK AT THIS. THE ci urtnershipnf N. LOVELY & Co. by its own limitation, will expire on the Sth of April next. Having by recent arrivals added to our fall EiuicJias.cs. enab' sustooll'ir an assortment of sea sonable and well selected GOODS, as large and of ns great a variety as was ever offered in this market at such price1-, as vv:!l make it fi r the interest of r.vEcv purchaser, to buy al this well known establishment, or betur known ns ibe Cheap Cash Store, "on cheap side." We cannot enumerate, but would merely say, we have Dry Goods, of every variety and quality, Cirpetings, English, Scotch, nnd American, Oil Cloths, a beautiful assortment, Ru?s, Matt, Drugget Cor Floor Cloths, Crockery and Glass Ware. I.noVing-Glasses direct from the manufacturer, i aper Hangings, DRY GROCERIES. Dry Codfish, Shad and Mackerel, Butter, Cheese, dried Apples, and Lard, ,. for family use. Burlington. IVhruirv 10. 11341. J1 Need we ,ay any thing to thoso indebted in litis iirnn we shall see. RF ret RY'S BILI.IOUS PILLS, vvhjies ilc and y in'h.l Tnno, A. Peck ii. Co. SNlll'l' AMI TOHACCO. ORILLARD'S .Maceoboy Snufi; l-J do Scotch do in small bladders, do Smoking and chewing Tobacco, Also No. t Plug and Cavemhh do, for sale by II. M. GIDDINGS & CO. AT EVV WATCH KS. Just received some New ii English Waiches and some genuine Oliver Q 'Orlie. atchi", with rii'onds, plain fine fini-licd Whlcbes, We bavr' a few goisl Levers nnd gorxl Eng li'h watches left which will plca'othe piircha'cr. March IClh PA.MillOKN & UIII.NSMAID. H1IICK l-'Olt sai.i:. THE snbscril i r oilers fur sale on reasonable terms rising of 100,000 first rale Brick -iiualc at .Mallels llay very convenient furSloopsor Moats, it i ne. o--sihle lur Sleighs from Grand I'le or oilier place., Apply to Essex, March Iflih .EIIULON L.WINK' hiv ui't received a fre-li supply ol sea-oiia,e (Je l,'0 . evv I ork-, all vervciieup lur easii, Burlington, Inly 30, 1810. C! HUMAN COUGH SYRUP. A Few doens of this famous medicine, for the cure Cold'i nnd Cot' ,hs, nre fur sule by j subscri bers. !'. commendations from many of our citizens con be given. THEO. A. PECK & CO. Aolhcciritat Court luusc Square. jvjEW TAILOrTnJ EST BLIs7iME"Nq' J At Winooski Village Tliesiibseribtrhas com meneed the tailoring business in this place, aijd will do all kinds of work in his line in nsgootl slylo nsitis iloneal any shop in Ibis section of country, Cutting one nt all t' i.'i, on short notice. WANTED- . 'i apprentice' nt the above business ,s. ...n JEIlEM,A HARRINGTON. Nov. 10, 1510. worm i.o.i:gi:s. rixniS valuable anicle daily estahlishiiiL' itself as X tlio best medicine for theexlirpation and relief cf Worms ill children. Notwithstanding that there are other lozenges cried up for this coniplmnt, pur. . asi-rs aro warranted in the good illicicucy ot uiif At Wholesale and Retail bv T. A. PECK it .JO, iS'gt of the Mortar. lt ANADA STOCKING.V. Genlleincn nnd I.nlit Bncli skin iiml Indian Moccasins, I'ur (llovta lluck sUm .Mittens, ol en Tippets, Ladies and lien llemtns .Merino l.auibs wool and Worsted Wrap. pers, just received and for sale liy Dec. 10, IbMO. N. LOVELY & Co, "I OODS. The subscribers have ree'd nnd are now VJ opening a vtrviarcc assortment of Wollcn Cloths of every variety, rich plain, figured nnd changeable Silks, Moiisebno de Lames, A pacci Cloths, Tuglionia s.. n.Il.r.. i.i , 1 ... . r ., TJRON SHEETINGS, 3,000 yards. 150 pieces SJ Calico j also wadding, baiting, nnd wicking, for u,u" VVllAl.tlNli .Ji UO'8. VI K. 1.1)1 ll)K, bir will you notify nil creation Jl L that the rh.isf.irs.ilr. HiuVk iiniirniml Hot Air Cooking Stove, nt the new I rick store, Cnl- legestrc.t. a Boat JefcSi' Hnv'i. r.Mlr.. Tin. i.niu, pi me latest puiuins utid the first of the kind ever iiiirouucfd into this State; they have been recinily in troduced into the States r I, ,,,! NVw York with great success; and sullice it to say, they arc the most convenient tmd will do more business with less fuel than nny other stove. A preamble to pat tuulari7e its quat dies or j rices is usr lesss. Just call in, small favors are thankfully received and great ones in proportion, and if money continues scarce I intend to use the less of it, so it will be useless to go without on that account. S. W. TAYLOR. Burlington, Dec. 17, 1670. h.iir? One whose coat collar was rovpipil wilh dan buff, ihouah bruMied everv hour which has now van ished entirely I Oi one whose hairs al eail) a2e weie Itir.iing iirev, who now lias nol a eiei hair? Childien whose bend, were coveted wilh sr.. if, bail would tint eroiv, thai are now growing lln- fullest eiops ofl.air ! Some cases must lie known to most nerfom Ask ihein the cause, and vou will be Inld iIipsp ihinir. h ire been done, bv ihe iisp of ihe Balm of Co lumbia. Of 20 vears erovvih is this anicle, its demand increasine Hiimtallv some hundred ner ce nl. ilmugli when il.srorered nn. npiiosed UY anviiunj lor lite rame purpose, now usssiled liy iiliuost numuerless moshromi ai.iele realtv lit for the loitei. Lone li.iii is veiv ani lo fall out. ' La'ies, use the Balm of Columbia in lime lo save vouree'ves the disgrace of baldne-s fiv neglect of vonr iiersons. ll.. vonr ilniv, as inmabsis lo pre serve ihe beauties of nature, wilh which a bniiiiiiful Cieatnr has endowed vnu ; uselhe Babn,for ii u.lldo .1 CAUI ION TO BE I!E HE VlllF.ltED. most fl igr. till .tllemiits I. ive been nude In r,)UnterrCit Ihe true llalin ot loluiniua. .-soiiip ol tin .i iposters have gone so lar as In cuiimei feii I be splen Ii I wramiers. ami lite r alls ui . i.igin i , nnd eveiv ex final niaiK except lite naiup ol iOiiisincK, wiiicn inev J.ue not forge. To avoid uniioiiiinns ihemnre, al ivava lonK for tnename oi vaimiiock n eo, or i.. Coinsiork. and never buy ibe ariirle unless it has ill name upon il Sold wholesale and retail, nnlv ai No 2 KUtcher siicel, i. V. I lltu, A. rr.uix iV Uo VVholf.ile Agents for the Slatn of erinont le ivisi': J 1'ie most popular rctupilv ever known in Aioprica rnrlnhla itiilmnnnru ltnlsnm i llip mil. I l:itn.ilil for If you do you will le sure to obtain a dangerous ,tulMj. , , ,e fr couch., cold., asibn,.i or i.lnlii.ic cnilsuuiplion. coull aim piuu.nii.ii) all clious an I eoiin erfeit article. si I Turn. A. I'rci: iv Up. Am !' ill lim inglon. lur the ileofthe Indian Vegetal ie P.)' , uNo, W. II. IIm lut, Willi'ton. t. and A. llrm-maui, liorlinglon, imrilFFAT'S VI OrTA ILK L1FK .MhI)IUI.ES.- iTi Thee nied.i'ines are indebted fi r their name to ofeierv kind, lis sale is sieadd) incieaslug. and the prupiin'or Uie eoiistanilv leeeiving lie most favruable account i.i in etleeis. Ilie loiiowing new ccrtihcalrf ne offered for publ e examinaiinn. An Gsk bxtraci uf.i lener fioiii ,l,...r manifest and seiisil.le action in piirdving the air v; n iiay, ixingnori, uuier co., n. i, in ine . : . - . . . i .. ..i' ..r. .- I, I. ,i..i. nnd ilinnne s o lie-, mill enduing lielll Wl III lirunrieilirs. " nun ui inr a si, , nil irun renewed tone and vigor. In many hundred certified A remarkable cure wnseltected in, me veg.iini.le I'ul ,...sii.iirii nave uccii in.i.e i'i ie . aim in .iihium w.ii.i, i",". " ".'.- , ......... .s.. . .,, ,'. i.Iih.i-ii.etii vvlnc i l ie i.imatt rame is i.erson. air. niuuui. nan nrrn men a rang iiiiir i;i.i.. 1 1,.- linni.ei.lecis of M tiFFAT I ITF. PU. AND 1 1 he cunsuinntion. His nhvsirian. had cuen linn in .. ' 1 1 . . , ...ll I ....I.I..I..I .. I I I ami I.I. ... I. ..I.. I.I... -II" t HIEMX lllTTtas nave leen giriuiuu) .inn iiii,miy i i,c was leiiuerinii iiiw -i. iii "s-i.'miitT ,u r,., ae'iiiowledgeil by the persons I encliiltil, and who and was raising a laige quantity of bt,nf! when be TTA1K ! XX taut DUrovcry- DOCT. MA'!B Vl.l.'rf Aioiiutif, Catatrb Hill Heailai hi! SNUI K Tin- Sim 1 1, m, in-rior lo anv thing ct known, for removing that trout !e.oti.i ' - ea-e, the La'arrh, ami al"i a cold m . I, an I tlio. headache. It opens and puree- out ad oli'liinhon-, trensrihcus Ihe gland , and give .1 licillhy aetion to I be part a'lectel. ll i" pi rfei Uy lice from any thinideie terious in it. composition ha. a lea-nut ll.ivor, an I us liiinii.iltalee:.cci, nl er i ting leeu, t nh9rAabIe. Price AT cent, per bottle. Doef. tnr hall's Vegetable Indian Black PLASTHI. Tin'. Plaster is unrivalleil for uiriitg scrofulous .'.vei lings, Scurvy Sores, Lame Hack, and r'rvh Wounds pain, in ihe side., Hips and Limbs; and seldom fails to give relief in local Rhei'lnnti-m.. If applied to the sde,it w ill cute many of i lie common Liter Complaint; and i equal, if not snpcrii r, to any thin, hi ti-c tor corn on Ihu feet ; the v irtue of lln Planter have, leen witne-'cd by thousand tf individual in 'the United Slntc, vvho'ha'-ule Vil it-eiheaiy. Sold I y he pro prietor i l.'ha. Ilovven, MnliUehiiry, Vt., and' 1 uno. A PECK & Co., Burlington, Vt. jel I A I It . ! "A!,I)i't:Si. Impor- thc Great Mistcry fbiinil out at la.. DR. STERRY'S HAIR REGENE RATOR. Dr. Surry, efter iiiu -li attention to tlio iinpot'lan.t subject of'presi rving the iiair. has, after many ex'p.rimctits r'hcmiciil and physical bif n able to discover and article which is now otlired vidh tlio preatCit conlidence fur the toilet as the bit tlungtver discovered, for, foritssofu iin'igaiid penetrating quality to produce a good head of hair to ptevent it from falling oll vvheii bnldnissis apprehended to restoto it vvlien baldness nas taken place, and to preveni it fruni turning gray. It il is more nourishti g linn po matum, antique oil, or Cologne water. It is a beauti ful article for ladies curls it makes the hair soft and lively, and produces uncommon brilliancy. Thous ands nave lesidi us superior inucs nim exceiiince, nnd in ev.ery instance it stands unrivalled. It is nu infallible cure m , I allcctions of the skin on the bead ns dandruff, ite. A p. Every family should be sup pjicd with a bottle nf this oil, that by its application to the hnd and hair of childri n, th" beautiful and or naiqvntal .'.ppendazc of a fine head of baie, which tn turn has supplied us may be preserved. Fr..i tho numerous certificates n ml recommendations received of its salutary irlbenje. the Doctor feels firmly per suaded he has sueiei'drd in producing an article which will meet the desirtd wishes and approbation of tho dulilie. For sale wholesale and retail by A.HITCH COCK & Co. 117 Geneee st. Uticn, N. Y. In Bur lini.tnn. bv J. i- J. If. PECK k Co. nnd THEO. A PFCK&'Ci. In V'erirennn by J. II. Bowman. In The above celebrated medieiues prepared entirdy troni vegetables I ,v Ur. in., need no oilier reci'omineudation Iban tint they have leen Leli.rethe iiiblie fu'ineen year, giving -atislaciioii to all who lave n-eii tiiem,-inay i e nau oi i'anacv iihmi nu. WoiKl-loe-u, vt. icrcin Asreni. Sold al.o, bv J P Slrontr, Qneehee; J C Brook, White River; Win. II Stiel k Co., ve-t Hartford Wiir.isr Downer Sharon: Dow ner it ,even. Hoy- allon ; J Wheat. Bethel, E f ', Iloline-, Wet Randolph; J II Danfurih, Branard ', S Belknap. Ea-I Barnard; N Snow, fiiinlrei; r. .vi et ,. s-rsti.t-rund iiovetwiia'.' , ll.iril.iii'i; Mieiid it name-, ri rkinsvine; iirown a. Ainwleit, Felchville; A & II Wnr.lncr, Wtnd-or , A Marsh, lln laeviutcr,hsfcf I Wheeler, rlymoutu; and at ll.indnel., Ituuhe ter, Giandiille, Nuriblicld, Monlpel er, -Mtddlebury, v ergenne', and in ino..'. pj the principle town- in the fela'e. A n inply ot the anove meiiicines inst rei etvtii ami for sale by ROBERT MOODV, February, 1SII. (Cm) Dru.'gisl, Uurling.on, V I WitllJIS, H'OIUIS,-l)n. M. IliTCiicock' unrivalled and iine.pialliM WORM 'I EA, il sovereisti remeJv fur Worms, .'rlrause and ineredi I le an: the e 'eels of the e dele-table eruiin ; few person, nn I it isthuusht none arc fnu from them, par ticularly o-ioalt' and children. Many per-on. co iliruuzli a ih'trP'sing co'ir-e of medii'ine wi he it i ilenchl, when they inislit le relieve I ly Ine ' Worm Tea. 'I hi. invaluable medn me ha I ienle-tid by the experience of more than lea year- ne, and 1 nilniiuiste;ed tu more lhan lfl.OtSl persons nf vari u .ik'i-, and not one solitary complaint ; n tbecou'rary I liiiu'lrixl have called, and iiii'ulici'cl, given tnetr i'i I eidi'd iirelereuce in P. nfier Irving llio di lei cut arlieles sent fin lb lu tin- put le, and pronoiuu'iM Ur. -il. ildi h coel.'.s Worm Tea the mo-t -nfe, elleeiual, and c u veuiciit renitsly lint can I e ol lamed : fur in n i one if the thoti-and of ni-tati'es v.'lu'iv t bi le n iced arrival le lo the pruned direction ha ll eierf.ii'e'd. N. 11. Ask fur Dr. M. llitch.-w.-k'- Wor.m'I'i.v, a-ilmu .in matii' niistri'i'i- al road fur the de-tr ori i n .f w 'is Foi'salo vvlioli-ule and relad 1 y A. Hl'l t IlCOt K k Cel., soV proprietor-, 1 17 Gme-eo stree", I'i :t, and liy ihu r usi'til- ihrou'.'ho'it thu I'nion. In Binl.ngton, Xv.w KslablisliuHMit. T P. WHALING if- CO. inform tin- public that by J. A-J. II. Peck iV ('o., im i I lieo. A. IVcU iV t o ! nicy nave incattu iuemett mine Miiagpoi Burlington, and have tilled up a store on the cast side of Church strict, which may well be denominated "Uheap-side, ' neatly opposite the tinnit oi iiuruug ton, and are reei iving from New York a choice selec tiou of goods well suited tn the stnson, which they uner lor sale uaiioir usiui oc fwrcna vsn in oic toiiiiy. lor rcatiy vay. .liiinii" ineir "oous may ue loonu benvcr ami broadcloths, easimeres, saunas, Ihnnels merinos, tpoiisliiie delaines ipc. A choice selection, also of French, English and Ameiicnn prints, tquul, al least, to any in llarlineton. A gem nil assort ment of cambrics, muslins, plain and figured, edgings, inserting, blond bicc, if-e. A great variety of shawls, nnd dn ss handkerchiefs, ladie' gloves and hose, with a good supply of bleaclutl and unbleached domestic goods. Also a good supply of crockery, of the latest patterns, with a few elci'iiit pnrLr lamps; nnd finally, a few choice family groei ries, null as teas, sugar's, molasses, coilec, rice, ra.sins, dry rub, tobac co, lamp oils, ipc. We do not pretend to specify all the kind, lo say nothing of the nunurou arliefes of which each kind is composer; but stitrice it to say, that the assortment will he found lo contain mo-t of the articles wanted in the country; and those tint favor us with their custom vvill be' entirely relieved from the examinaiinn of old goods, or remnants. Our entire Muk is new and fresh from ti e market, the greatest nosiblo care, with rel'cicnee to the want. comforts and benefit of the people. But we do not wish the public o take our word in ibis matter, but most cordially mite them to cull nnd examine for themselves. liurlington, Nov. SO, 13 10. In Veiger.iiea.hy J. 11. Bowman. In Milton, by Burnet it Sawyer. Ill Gcurgia, by Lorcnio Janes. aug.O HEPATIC F.MXIH, A CELEBRATED remedy fur complaint' arimg from a di-ea'til state cf the LIVER and it- Si're tinns; the following ure a f'wof its symptom-, we.iknijss 1 1 i he stomach, ImhkC'tion, lo-s n appetite low lies, ol Spirit nnd Headache; it wdl be found a sure remedy Ii r Kriptiun on ihe I'.ue. Ineut-e-quencc of ineir Icing inatty ncstriuiis eirenlat na it thi jKirt of the couuiry, the stib'cril er are a it lor a I lo warrant its I ciiviii'ial elllvts. ' hts ane e i u-t receiveil, and ndereil lo the public a- one wed vv r n the atleniion ot ilio-e who are allh 'ted I y euinp a rts from the above ih-i'-Te ; it I emir from an en it'sician we feci eonln'ent in tli-i re'oui aeuJ.. 4 O't.O.lSlO. TIIEO. A. PECK A: ( 0., Sign of the Morlar, one door east of J Cs J 11 I'i k A: Cj OTI ON. LOTION. DR. EVA.Ss' III.A1 II- FY1NU l.OTIO.Y jlishly ostecned l. r 1 111 ng all Eruptions Coar-e'iie-, Redness and V les 111 the F.11 e Neck or h md-, and e.livtual.'y 1 'e 11 11. the comoleMon, and removing all ill ea-i's ef the .-km' Nothing eoulribote- so mil b to iiur pei.erat 'iicie-s in lite, as .111 cmruirins tirst apiiearanci'. 1 Ins Li tien market, nnd has be. 11 selcelid with 1 1 admned a 1110-1 flagrant, mild, sale wa-h an I u-ieat ly ciii'med turil' virttiesm eie'aii'ing, 'i.Ucnui., and p ir,l, ug the 'kin cf all eruptioa-, so iniur n to le iiviie'l e.i ity, -nd retm in;: it to 11 high iln-ite t pu rity. A 1 eii iff I complex., ti is ll e priiV of a i"J tioi" s It, nnd 1 lie envy oftho-H who arei'eprvt 1 a u. Wljii' i son leeini;' in I ea iliful vv ho-claie uaiu.-r h.isdi'pl,ije.l her power, .1' lo find her complex ion di-coloured i:ih di'Sd-ting pinids", vv huh mar luT el,i" ni' 1 A irood appi'.irinec ! ihe'C'l recoui' meiidation ; and alhi' Ik-autifv ing Lotion puri(ie the skin, and ii'iiioyi1 a' Pinip'i-.'Ulotehe'', Tan, Sunburn and Ri'diie , and proJie ea teau'ilnl hue, t fie smly MAGXI-'CTIC OIIONTIC'A. THE TEi-.Til Till.- '1 EETH H-Thf. 1m ojii aiiaiii 11 Tooth Prf.I'auvtios'. The fact i proveil, and ihe mos. 111 cri.luluus ad doubting are fully convmccil,a we have be evidence from the ale of 20.000 boxes of tbeOdon- liea, within the pa-t year, (hat the Llopion iire.iuis ol ! eu'iiit'ii" a lady should u- at her loil.t, l entlemen the dlcliymi-t are realiziil, and a remwly discovered vol! all iiNn l.n.l lln- a ili ligh'.ful remeily, to remove for pre-er. mg tbo-e important ami ii-efnl aipeiid.ige.- ajj lUii.'hne, Piuip'i'-, Itingvvi tm-, Spot, Kislne , of the human system, by ihe u-e of the Magiie'teOdon- Sircue..' of the fit e and 110-f, nnd everv kind of ellip tic.!, vv Inch by it utnactive, und strengthening quah- j K, mx ihr .nrlU"i of the human Hxly. ' It is partieu-lie-, remove' ull extraneous snl, tan' e-from tlietieih jn.. reenmiueiideil togentlemen to le u-il afier sha- and preserve" them 111 ibeirnatural brillianey, and Ibe vmg, n. )( Wll preveni Ilie lerlnin i' le t of were previouly iiiiacquainled wr.n tncuiMiuiiiiuyiid lO'ophical prineip'e upon which ihey are compound L'J, and upon Wl.ieil loe-ve-on'e-ipiiinj i'h LIFE MEDICINES recoiiiinend tbem-elve ,l,'.i.i'. of everv form and ile-eription. 1 heir tir-t nneration lo 'co-en Irom ine coat 01 1 .iniiine-n nnd I owels. the venous mummies and cr" con co.iimenced using iIip Balsam, which has effected a complete euie, and he is now a. bite and heariv ns ever he was. Mr, Moodv has lemoved fiom ibis (nu n. but be lias premised me a mo.e detailed ucconn. of his case, which I will f"i ward vnu. C. S CLY. K.n2Sioii. . June Ja. 18.19. Emu acl nf a teller fiom Dr. Jacob Mven The stantly tellliug around them; nnd to rein ne ho liar- Vegetable Pul.nona.y BaUam lias benn sold in .bis deneil lace's which collect m the eonvoiu ion- 01 Ilie ..... ror lun iClrs. mid the ms lieine r lin I null..., intestine.. Oilier iiiiihenics only partial lv cleanse lhe-e, and leave such eollivliil mas-e I ehind a to priKlueu habitual cost.veness, with all its tram ol evil'. orsiiddi'U diarrhiea, willi its imminent dagers.n This fact is well known to all regular anatomist., who examine the human bowel after death ; and hence .1 i;,.,. 1 1'llmsi' well inforiiiiil men ugniiistuuack meiheine.- or inclicine prepareil and heralded to itmii'ililiel v lgiiorniil per-ous. The sei'ond elleet ol ,l. I.1I1. .Medicine, is to 1 lean, e the kidney, utid the bladder, and by this means, the liver and the lung, the i,.. .l,i,r.,lar.tloo ofivhieh entirely depends upon the 're- n..t.r;,.. 1,1 ,1,., nrinar organ-. The IiIoikI. Ivvhich Takes it. red color from the nge.n yof the liver and the lung-W'foie iipa-e,intoihe heart, Pcing thus purilied , .. ....1 l. Fin. I I'Oiniii Irom n r-lcnn stomach', course- freely through the vein, renew- an obslinaie I'oiiiplaiut of Ihe Inn's, aitemfed with a nfii,.. si'sii'in. nnd iriiuniihantly inuuii' severe cough, los. of voice, raisnij of intirli .1... i.-....... ..1 I.H.ilih in the blooming elieek. blood, which had nrevi, lesisled 111.11. approved UiCi'aii, ,-.'.. ....... , ., I ........!.,,:.. Al,.. ....... .1.. Itjlsin ... ....L .1.. Mottat vegeiaoie i.ue tnisin ine- ii-i-n mui- spi.i, ... ...hi ... n..i.,,, oti"hly te.teikaii'lprouounei'ila sovereign remedy fur laiieni'i voice leiuined and be wamble lo speik audi lip ki'iisih. Fialuleiiey. Palpitaiion of the Heart, Lo.s bly. I bis case occurred some lime ginee, and ibe uneoiniiioii eelelirit), lor it se.neely in o i.. la. led nl Having me ite-ueo eiiec. i am uj nn means in f rvor uf ilie man) nosi nuns, inosl ol win. h aie nn positions upon a errduloua putilic, nut winch I know by use lu be effectual, I cannot help bin t i - mv approo ilma thereto. A eounieiii'ii preparaiinn n is been flVipil line b aliavclliug Ageul, ofCuuisinik, N, V. and their is another arucle vended lieie thai is .Iroiigl) luspected to be spin ions. jApou .iirr-fis ii. i. Mifiliniton. Juniata co I'enn. Mai 3. 1S37 From Dr. Samuel Morrell, lo the Pininieiois nf ihe Veae table Puheot iry Balsam. I am satisfied dial ihe Ve- . . . I .11- i,.., i, . i : . ....... .i.i- i....! .- purllilll feiau'C i inr ii'i.i-iy iiaiinn is .i .i u.iinv iiii'iieeoir II ,1.. urr r, - in-., v. ,,. s. ''ir .m, r.s i iiuis in 'OtinuiiP" nnd 1 latily. It is a'ccrlained Irom experience, that when ..'til, die teelh will never de cay, but remain ill die latC't age ol man, wilh their n nurnl wear. When ihey are decayed, it projre'" vid le arre-liil, and iheltxth pre-erv:eil and prevented and pre-erved from aching all I In ha- I ii'inlone it; a iiiulliiudp of ui'tauci''; und inon in thoti-and-ol ea-s's, nervous t,oihacbe, (that climax of pain) has at once I pen c 'luallj eiireil ly popular den'nli ue 1,1 America. And in coiicbisjon, where, or who is die young l.tdy or geutii'iiiati, uje, the individual il.nt values a 1 eirilil'.il set of nvth, um,l gum. and a svuel I realh more than liliyi -,thai vvill le longer dp-li-lutcul.i box of Dr. Jl 11 ,i . icl.'s Magnetic Od,)nliia. Forsacwhole.iileaii...' id, by A. HITCHCOCK eV t'o., No. 1 17 lieiie-ee si. t .'c.i, N, Y., and 1 y t lit ir iijeutsiliro'ighoni the I'liiteJ Slatp-. In Biitlingtnn, by J. ,t J. II. Peek A- Co., and Tlno. A. Peck iV Co. In Yergi lines byJ.II. Bowman. In Milton, by Bur nett & Sawyer. In Georgia, by I.oicnzo Janes. aug2 DRUOS, Medicine, Perfunieiy, Paints, Dyo Stuirs, Oils, armshes, Brushes, S:c. The subscriber is now receiving his fall supplies f t,e abov e goods selected with great care, which he will dispose of at the lowest market prices. ROHERT .MOODY. m I1L1.-..SIM, to .Mothers. American Southing Syrup for children putting teeth. The timely ii-p ortln, arm 1p will save clnl Ircn nmeh pain, often a t ever and thu piiuf d operation of lancing die Gum, tirieeiediiiidto 371 s. G.sllrey1, nn excel lent article tor die nursey lij et,., U,,l, ,0'eartielt" old at Ihe tarielvSiore. Pani.uohk &t HhinsmaID. M 0',1,.K'S ":T,,''7L,'Kti--- vhSiS .Mpilieiup, which, if rightly nppb,,l . I e the tniMii.of saving thousaiid. from an iim,m,v Kril., It has been sold and ii-il lor tlurly years, vv'ith .iiivp.s, nnd fiinndvery ellic.icion. in lU-fijlovving di. case. viz. Cousu.iinlion. Wlinoinn.. f',....r. . ,". Cough, Cu'iL, difficult Brealhmg. fiiMiienia, (jiiiU'j', A'lbma, Phthisic, Spitting of lllon.1 n,.,. nicy, IndigC'lion, l,oo.ene ot the Bovul. Filsof .very kind, .tramp., Hi, l.e., Col,,-, Catorrh.'Dyscit tary, l-ainting, IJypochondriae Allcction. Ileailjches, Sieknt-sat Stomach, Measle., a prevennvt- of Oon tagioii'di.ea'P. Gout and llheuniaiuin. C7"rbeiihoveMplicineiprpparl l.y ll,.,irv ...... iiiir.oflladley, Mass. from the IttviiV f,y cnirn uoii oi saiu .noorp, lion sold by Uim ii, i ihe iiiour. Ihe liy pep-ia, rianiie.n), . .ii,.uu, ,..... of Appetite, Heart-burn and Head-ache, Ifesllessiie. man is now encased not only in at live bid laborious Ill-temper, Anxiety, Languor nnd Melanchol), Co- business, llrspecifully, &c. S. MoHittLt.. tiveucs-, Diarrlnra, Cholera, Fever of n' kind-, Ii is now more than fix ear since I was biounhi Rheuiuili'in, Goin, llropips ol nil kind liiaiel, ver) low bv an affer.ion fi'.o lungs, nn complaint Worm. Asthma and Hm-tunpiion, .-curvy i icer.-' was ilerlaied lo Le incuialiie ov a council nl ihree phi. Inveierale Sores, Scorbutic l.rnplioii awl Had Loin- ,iriain. I was then restored lo as eno I liPahl. a. I had nlexions, Er.iptive complaints, sallow, Cloudy, and enjojed fur many jears, bj usin; die Vegeiable Pi.l. oiherdi.ngreeablu Complexion-, Sail Iihe , hryi.p- mouaii Since in recover) I have tecum plas, Common Colds nnd InlhiPiizn, and van i other mended die Bilsam in a gieai ui.ui) uf '.mg complaints which allhet thehitman frame. In hitir.n coniplainti, and so far us I can Irani, its use bis in. ntul Ar.iiB.pailietilirly, thel-dc Medicine have leen ,,,,,,1, ,een followed bv mm Ii benefit, and in man) nio.t emineniiy siieiissioi ; so mmy . ui.n m m iimauci'i ii has elfeciril ciues wliuh weie wholl) unex- 1 pvcraml iirPscnU' IhPin. llllll ll sli lets, Physicians ulmosl uiiiv ersally Samuel EvKiitrr, peeled. IIosioii, Xlarrh J, IMJ7. Fur sate, wholesale and retail, hi J. PECK k Co., and I'HEO. A. PECK & Co., lington, Vi. All that Mr. MoTat requires rf his patient is to be I . , . I .Irii.l ,' iw.,ip. narlietiiar ill inking mv i.i'--' --i'.. ...... iling totliPdinx'tioiis. It i-not i) iiPW iinlui', or by nil) thing he him-elfin lysay in their layer, that he liois lo gum credit. It al''"B 'V results ofn fair trial. ...., . , , .. .. .Mllfr A i n .lll.nii ";","' . 7""' ': ,.s,im. in pvcri- l.rnnel, and v. I. .1 Imnpsi in 11 itle lo I1P.1I1I1. 1 his 1 11 1 10 pi.uipnii'i, i.'iii. .." - -. v. -;:.; .101111 siio gitiiie in in. iiiii. "' 1 '. 1 on 1 he. hur test no ice. nt I rov. 1. Iheci J. II llur- TBOSTON and TROY IRO.N KM iiiibli.' are hereby notilitxl, that the Inisinc t:i)MPANY.-Tlu ol Iiuip 10 oitler, company h lie Shawls, Hdkfs., Ribbons, Ac. Wn will qnlysiy that pruu'ipal Driiggt't. in the FniiiilSla'p.. vye nave a larger itssoriiiuiilof goods of every variety Sold whoh-ulp andreiad, byJ.tV J It JWi rn than before. I daiplhuo. A. Pink iV Co,, lltiiliuglon. and 1a 7i .. Oct. '.'0, 1810. N. LOVELY A Co, 1 .nler-T senerully throushoiit (he countw p W T , I it 275 Broadway, New Vorf.-, ha iue'"'.ri"t nonce, at iroy, .1. I lie-company ., u. '',', i 'i i - , ' , .. r.",,liiniii'. ino efullv Mr. m ich rnlargiil their ioui.liy, and are now prepared tnillishcl loriliP hurpt d px .1 a i n. i no e l , 1 ) air. ki ( work done at q.iy found,' in the SI-.Vll.v..ryoari 1,,mr). M.ll.gearuig, Pot A.)! 'Kettles, ' Stoyp-, iutercst.ip; to person. f ' , J 1 ?.j Plo igb., Axli-lree, 4c! on hand, or furnished lo order prevalent di.ea.e-, and .1 tj A vO.o' ...contract fr stovg-plw, or to pur- cpnls-for sail- by Mr Mo.Ul s A W ' ftm rauy . , ()f,w,wl,lt. fur ,. ..nrno.p These Valuable Mi-dieme- are b 'f ill y 'il J f rela.blig, will W fu'rni.hisl nt w holcale pru "s.,.,d MiH.lyDruggi't, Lener. (?. b (t " a.' ,' 'j all who may favor no with their calls or i r k'r, will I c nliPHIion for agencies should p ii.ldrcseil, Ost paid) , , J .lU.r.i , .... ..,l,1,ii111'1 o, Burliiiglon, tl. Jan. -I, lH rjPERM CANDLES. Pin, J, P. WHAMNt llrdcr, should I e nildn'.sixl lu E. R. Cros- land's clarified Fperin I man, buperintendnni, or A. I oung, Agent, Iroy, t. country. i . IJ ciiniilfs No. 1. AUo, mould cnndlca for sale by 'to scpurerjn curly reply, and pioiupt atmtpu I.I.JS STOMACH BriTElIS. may le ii'ial iii W.npor water. '1 lit-pce'ebralcd biner- .lrpcouipo-eil purely of yege'.iblt- of die most inno ppnlji'l spivihe virliie. 'I bvy are rii oiumeiu'l par licilarly fur ri-'toriiig weak i'i n-tiiuii'ipf, clean. ing and strengthening the sii inac' and nicieiising the appetite also .1 preventative e am-t I he cholera in. ir on-, liver itliu iigin, iinioii nails,.,, ii'iiiioiiu, liearl burning, weakness in dip brci.t, pain lu the opiacti aim oincr sv inpiou.s i-i naiiucnccuud .noices- lion. Oueicxwill tincture oiipgallon. rricpgjcts. ;i I ox. RussF.i.l.'s Itch Ointment. This ihoice and safe ointment is said lo I e superior lo any now in me, fur lhat disagreeable and loaih-i rne d sea-e, die ITCH. Thi' Oiiitinent is so ci-ariain in i's operation lhat no per-ou Houblcd with the ill eve ihscrder ought lo le vvuliiiUt Hi ll I- a remedy lor cutaneous eruption, scorbutic a.!iviiott of the head, ornny other h. ' ug nut win di ari-cs from sharp humors in the i PrteeS 3 'ts, a 1 f x. . Ill's' r U Vi.fir.T.vr.i r. mil 1. 1 l itis, cr laiiutv physic, for general u-e, in ca.c. i t Jaundnp, 'Cll'll'tltlV ol tUP '11 ll.acil noil l' ', ii'-" i M''. in , lip'id I rcaih, loslivi'iie.", Pile-, und all ilitiMie. an nig from I il i.i rv derangpinpnls, abo Inr correcting the state tf lln' lb od, nnd clpausing llipsy-iem ol Iiml and vi-iid humours. Thp-p pills men mild ca thartic, producing neither paui nor griping, nnd are therefore a vahia,li' and highly approved medicine, andare priiuumutil uuch 1 y tlieiuost ih'ii.guisluil'.'ii uo vomuiiiiiig i ins, s rue 37! Pis. a box liu'-cll's ci'lebraliil Sl.T Km: CM OlSTUt NT. 1 hit I iiiejucsltonahlv lim It'st nnd sntWi rciuitly i-ver ' o'leriil lu the p'il be for that obsimaie ih'ordir SA Ll Itlll-.l'M. lien' oilier liipans liavciaiiiii, n na. suc ceeded, mid dip f.icl thai it has leen sx'pn-ivi'l) usixl by piuiueiit Prai'tiluier speaks volumes in Its prune. Ii,. ,-l',. ..,i'..,..i,,ii. in nil diseases of the skin, scald head, ring worm-, nnd the most invptirale lull, Aie. A e. Numerous certificate, might le obtained, I ut die propntor choosp that n fair trial should IpiIip only eii.lcniP ofits superior Pilicuey. PricclOet ntsa A 11, illiu l...r..l. I. Tvler. Essex ', Fuller llnntingion, llichmond, Alsji, by ihe driigg.sis, spa iiiercliant generally N ox. Fur sale by J. tV J. II. I ivk .V in., llnodorp l.Pivk.V Co., sign of dip Morlar, nnd Kol url Munlv, l.ii Dr. C. K. Miles, and Hull fc Cook, Iiin. iiirgh; S. H, Burne, Churinttp; L. Jane, Georgia; jy:0 bruiikliniit tte iniv. I.S.9.U all commun o.ip. lu turning the tear.l prcinat. re'y grev. For -ale Who'p.olp and retail bV A. HITCH Cuf'K Cs Co., Nn. 1 17 ficni-cp street, Ft . a. In Bur lington, by J.iV J.I I. Peek A' Co., and Then. A. Pi k AiCo. In Vcrgennc-, by J 11, How man. In Milton, by Burnett it Sawver' In Georgia, by I.rinj. Janes ' aug ;,i vrintirsf iiiirioiivnNF. t, , valuable Vpge'al !c Mi'dicinu .'an Is unrrnilci fur dip fullovi mg Poiiqila id', vi: : Dpt"i-i.i, r Ini -gp .lion, dpea tsl Liver, Pilioiisdi-. r k-r-, I'ro.i i,AI -iim, Co-livi'iiP", Worni' an I lo- 1 1' Ap e. and ly pleaii'iiig ihe 'tomarii rtiel I o" .'Js, cor.'- p.i.n in h.o si !p, slomai h an I bre.i'l, ei'id and -i iius f I ng sUnding, Hoar-eiii'", 'hi'rinp ' i'f I rca Ii, NcrvtUi cumplainl', i''.p., wh.ili ari'liuquen'' the e vt ol di5. c.i'p. Fur Fpierand Agi.e, il i.a itio.i va u.i le prc vcntatiyc ii' well a a soven igu nn edv. I' virtces siirpa-s any dung herc.oforc kni wn in ret" v ng St. Vitus' I'anii', two I otiie. havp I cm know n to core diisnllhi'tmgdi.t'asc, af er having lail'iil ivery exer tion tor four ) cars. It ha- u mo-t pi v ei .u mfiiiciicst in re.'iiov ing nervous pi inj.'a nt-. it is; icasantt talc and sop.isy in its oppra'u n, thai n inav em inin.sicrei, to die infant with -alciy, Tue u' ove Medii up i very highly rivomnieiiiYd lv many spuntil'ip gentlemen, and a lar- .; ani cr id ladie-,' who have proved ti e virti'f- of tt.p Medicine I y persona! i.spand lhat 'I their families. .1 n oficriilieatt-aevf mpauicsi'ach bsitilp, vvithd.ri'Clioii'. ll may I p In I w bole-ale or rttu I of S, (Imam, Harre, and J. C. Fariiam, Ea-t W ' ,.im. low ii, Vt, sole pri pri!' r- Picpan'j from the origin al recipe ; I'ur sale I v IX II. Pri'iiU , Moutpe'ipr, and J.& J.I I, Pre K & Co, and Tiif.o. A. Pi etc Co., Bnr Imgloii, und in dip principal towns m the state-; all direction sibiitxlin the baud vv riling nftlufpropritmr-, nl9 'IM1EO. A. PECK A- Co. attncMgnof the Mortsr y huejti-t ree'd a q nui.iyiif Cayenne 1V cr, of ..nii-ii niij.iii i iiniii. i nn-iaiiiiy riiuatid, Conttiay Gum M) rrh, gi nuiiu. Bayberry Batk, do. do, in Pow der, Jamaica Ginger Root, do. 'do. in Powd, r, and Ohio Turmerics, Ac Ac. Sept. lo. P40 NOTICE... I diviniimy d ilytn tut. rxi the pub lic lhat I havp invpswl a s'alvp, pcrfivtly luni, cent, from three siinpip vegp'a! le-, lint en Irply mi-iicrcpdp- a spaiii'hlly Pla-' bieh give- enure rf liel in nil inllainalory o".xiim i nbp b nu.ui I , ,ly in '.'I I" dS ho ir-, and lire, but oupapplicatinii lis n tion i.i.) cli.orption mil eynm ration, it ih.siv' corn from Ihe Ret entirely and w ulioiii pain, pi inter acislire in u buiu o,- scald in 15 minute, after it. np. I'l.-ntiun. Applv 11 to Ilie .nice,, a pice 'if Isikir .Irfssed sheep ofim uwrorl ue s ani it extracts 1,11' cxpilciupiit from tluisp ) vrrai.'edtn give relief .is recommended. A. MARR, Ss.le proprieior, I IS Broome .tn e', New imk. T he lr.idesupplte.1 al the I'ropriPlur's price v Burlington, Dn-. 1510. J. J. II. PECK A Co. T till M I.OZ. IIMI i:S...'I hi. valoal Ie article T I- daily pslabllshing itsi-lf, athcl . -t pic-bi ine for that painful and somiiimis f.itnl pomplam' n eh dieii, dip wornis.' At wholp.nto und rt'tail ly Jan. , S1. ' 'I IIEO.A.PECKcs Co. AMERICAN ALMANACS for lajl for sale at thi book sure. 1). . BRAMAN.

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