Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 2, 1841, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 2, 1841 Page 3
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wont to go there. I wont have a d d priest conio mar mi'. It is Midi holms nitidis confessions which will startle not only those who have feeling minds, hut even those whonro already hardened in crime. WAsmtoTOV, March 23. The members of the Cabinet nro most busily cm-: ployed in nrrnnging their vniious 6uriu.rnnd depart ments. They hnvc commenced, and arc carryingout nil examination of the finances of the country, the amount of debts left by the picceding administration, its liabilities, responsibilities, ifcc. &.C., which in all branches, aro multiform and many. Tho great causa for the cnlloflhc Extra Session W09 tho ascertained fact, that it was Impossible to meet the cxpe uses of the Government after August next. New Hooks will be opened, and Iho precise amount of debts left will bo slated to the next Con gress. Mr. Stevenson sent home from England by llielast steam-ship nrrivid at Boston, n large amount of dis patcher the nature and character of which is not known, hut presumed to have reference to the case of McLcodand the N. E. Houndary, Wo learn the instructions have been promptly des patched (on tho 11th instant,) by tho Secrctaiy of ar, to discharge the brigade of militia, (''sed entary.") under Oen. Head, authorized to be called into the service of tho United States during the past summer. .Va. Intelligencer. "To empty tii k TnnAscnY." Thcdisniisscd cditots at Washington sav that tho Extra Session is desmoid "to empty the Treasury." Whoever before heard of emptying a. uauitrupi treasury, l tierois nothing in it, and nothing can come from it. but Treasury notes. until it is refilled by wise measures. The Olobe knows we owe a dtbt nf not less llionS'20,000,000, rind yet it talks ofcmplying the Treasury." As will might one attempt to empty the principlesnf common sense and common honesty from tho head and heart of the edit or of tho Globe as to nttenmt to ruintv tho Treasury in the present condition of the finatieic's of tho Govern ment. It is, as I'addy would say, "full of nothing ness. Post Oitice De?aiitmp.nt. The "alary of the Post Master Central is $0,000 that nf the three. Assistant P. Masters General. S2.",00 uf tho chief Clerk. S 2.000 of tho Auditor nf the Post Office $3,000 of his chief Clerk, 2,000. The Albany Evening Journal has reason to believe that the linn. Plnlo C. Fuller, Spcakorof the Michigan Legislature, nnd formerly n Representative in Congrcs from Livingston county, has been offered the nppointmrnt of Second Assistant Post Master General. Mr. Fuller, should ho accept, will have clrarrc of the Appointment liurcnu. This will be an excellent selection. Phillips Phoenix for tho Mayoralty. Ho Is quito n popular man ami If Morr.s should bo his oppo nent will certainly succeed. I seo however that a now movement has been wade by tho opposition. As you well know the Irish have for somo years held tho balance of power be tween tho two parties in tho city, and it Is only through their aid that the Tammany party have retained so long their supremacy only about Unite hundred being tho largest number ever thrown for whig candidates out of near tight thousand foreign votes. For some months tho Catholics have boon striving to obtain a pos session of the school fund of the city, for the purpose of establishing schools to bo taught and directed in accordance with their own religious creed ; thus forcitu the people of protectant denominations to btlpport Catholic schools. They have thus far failed in their attempts ; and the matter has boon kept quite apart from politics. Within a day or two hawevor placards have been posted about the City, railing upon tho Catholics to 'arouse' rcmindingtliemthatthoy aro 'Ten Thousand Strong' and declaring that 'their voire cannot bo heard at the ballot box.' They aro advised to 'select committees who will nominate men for city offices who will be favor able to their interests' who will secure to them u portion of tho School Fund, and to 'show and use tho power they have.' All thin is meant as a hint to tho Loco Focos, that if they with to keep their supremacy in the city, they must still keep the Irish votes; and if they would do this, they must nominate men pledged to be favorable to Irish interests. Of course this will bo done and pledges to any desired amount will be forth coming. Wc shall see, pres-enrly, ofjtow much avail they will be. Mx-Prcsidcnt Van Duron, on his way to Kin derhook will roach this city an Tuesday next. His friends, will endeavor to give him a splendid reception. They tendered him a public dinner; he wrote a long reply to their note, from which it is extremely dilliciilt to gather whether ho is willing In cat with thotn or nut. I buhove that moat people, c-peeialiy his friends, conclude fioin it that 'the inclination of his mind is 'not to do so.'" He will probably remain in the city for some few weeks Disastrous intelligence has been received from the vessel.-', (irampns and Dolphin, cent last year by the I'nitod Status to the Coast of Africa. Tho climate of that country has made cad havoc among their crews. Nino of the lat ter and three of the former vessel have died; and each one has about thirty on tho bick list. They will return to this country as toon as pes- soever. BitllO. The mail of to. day from Wa-liingtnn brings the intelligence that John I. .Morgan has been removed, and Hon. Hdward Curtis appointed Col lector of this port in lus place. Thus is foiled another of the dirtydevicos of tho late dynasty. So perish all the acts which aro the country's nemios! ltobcrt C. Wctmore is appointed .Navy .geir. Tho opposition in the city are strivim? hard create tumult noaittst tin; ltetristrv Law nsp-'TS everyday are liikul with the most sense lers clamors agaiiu-t its provisions, MigtmliMiig it astyrmincal, unjtiit and unconstitutional, anil recommending measures to destroy its force. AH tlrs is meant of course to excite the passion? of the ignorant voters, whom they hope to b.nd to their party by these ih'spicablc cllorls. The law has proved mu! beneficial in its operation thus far, and will continue to do mi, despite the 'win. cm;;' of these 'galled jades.' Late accounts from Florida repi front the war ns not ijiuto cndi'd yet. The iiegoc.tatiuiis how. cu;r, at Tampa Hay aro as successful as could be expected many of the Indians have recently come in, pr.d among them nine of the most influ ential chiefs. It U rumored in the city this afternoon that Stephen Allen Ins been removed from the post of Receiver liei.oral under the Snb-Treuury law. 'Stork of the United Stales Hank coiilin- ..IK ... If! 1 .1... i ....1. , S , ,- . , in the free and proper c.prtssion and iiiiiinicimicc of j no snip ni sung seems m oe i.iiriy iniiicr his o pinions respectms public men or public measures vvav, anil toon I lie country win leul tlie tieneti- or in tliccxcrcisc, to tiieiuitcst octree, ot tnc ennsti finl fWts nf ibo nrtinn nf thn nr-w lV,lnr;il tutional ri -lit of sufi'inac. Hul Persons employed tin Administration. Harnett and laborious oflbrt, , the Government, andpaidfor their services" out of ,. , i ... .i ... ihe public 1 reaniry. aro not expected to lake an ac- n gi. puiriuu.-i urn eiiiiiium nun iv, uius lar h.,.'()r ..mHoim part in attempts toinlluencc the minds characterise all the doings of den. I l.iirison and nr . ,)lcs r nthers-such conduct being deemed inenn- 1 1 is Cabinet. It is the settled policy of the op- I shunt with the spirit of the Constitution and the du- position, already determined on at head iuarter.-, ties of public agents acting under it and the Prci- to condemn every measure ot the Whig admin- " l","u'! " "? "ei-"" 11 " istratinn; war to the knife lias been declared ,',,., ,,ol-r;,0 j-,,,,,, ,, inllllci;,.0 f ' already, against their doings no matter iihal linn mid nuihoritv, opinion shall be free anions the thej nuiu be. Hut the great body of tho people, nflicersand ni n't of tho Government. no itc-muhii wishes t iiirincr m oc an iniinceu anil ili'iiiK ilv understood, i hat from all collecliii'' and lllUdHTON .MAIlKnT.-Monday, March 22. Front the Uoston Patriot. At market. M3 liecf Cattle, lSyokoworMnyOtcn, 1'2 cows and calves, C23Shcip, OiO Swiuc. About 100 Hogs unsold. 1'mci.s Heef Cattle Sales quick nt hut week's prices. We quoto extra SO 73 a 7 First quality aid 23a$rC0i second uualitv S3 73 nCt third uuililv 33 n 5 60. Workuir; Otcil Sales 870, 85 and 100. Cows and Calves 922, 2 and 30. Sheep Lots utSJ, 3 75, -1 23 and 1 75. Swine Lots to neddle were sold from t 1-8 for sows and 5 1-9 for barrows.At retail from 5 to 6. New Yonit, March 27. Flour. Grain, ifer.. Sales of 2000 bids. Trnv Hour atSI.Sl 1-4 n 81,87 1-2 1 500 Ohio do. at 4,72 1 1000 bl Is New York Millsdo. otSI,69 3-l 300 Alexandria do. at3l,G2 1-2 n 4,73 ) 3000, Georgetown and Ilowanl si, uo. ai si.ui 1-n i,j, .'uu tuns soutiicrn nye flour at 82,50) sonic puncheons Corn meal at $13,4 most 1000 bush. Northern Ilyoat 4 a50cts. Oats ai u plent y. No soles of Barley. In Shclburn, on tho 13th lilt., hy tho Rev. A. With crppoon, Mr. Garry Kusscll, to Miss Sarah A. Miner, both of that town. At Oswego, on the 13th ult., by Itev. Mr. Condit, Mr. Jonathan Lamb, of Lysander, to Miss Umcline M. Cnrninir, of Oswepo. At, on the 13th lilt., by Rev. Mr. Shclton. Mr. Loomis Lymau, to Miss Lucy Ann Wheeler, all of that city. laod At Orwell, on the 30th ult., Major Thomas D. Ham mond. At Delhi, Illinois, on the lOlli ult. Mr. Ldward lloach,formely of this place. NHW SlMt!N(J CJOODS.-Wclmve imt ro ccived tonic blaek.Neul.hue-, Hearts and Cro'-e-, Oiciii (luxicle'i Connive and Convex Spcrtiiclc-, 11 and (.' Fifes, Orl.iu l-'lmcs erinnii Flule with illerait.l Hmn key, (' and F CliirinneU, Tuning Forktand Piteh-Pipoj, Patent Heads for Viols, Htul numerous other new Good to which ttc uru Imikiuir conitant iullilion, ntthn Va net v Stoic. March 10th I'ANUUOUN &. IIUINSMAll). rni2NXHWMIIiCHCWH. For Salo or to 1 rent. II. LF.AVKNWOUTII. March, 21, 1811. The 'Wfrsteh ApMiNisTnATicx' anb tub 'Clav An.MiNisi ration.' The Globe writes u column a day to proie that the present Administration isa 'Clav Ad niinisiiation,1 and the Glulm's satellites out of Wash in?lon.wrilo nuwspnpci full of tnutier to proio that it 13 a 'Wclnlrr Adminislialioii.' It is neither, qcntle mcn, but the People's Administration, with the Peo ple's President at the head of it. , Tur. Mtl.iion Arr.Mitis Mr. Walsh writes in his correspondence to the Nntionnl Intelligencer "Lively, inquiitive concern prevails in every circle about the allairs of McLcod. which, it is hoped, will not ripen into national hostilities. The United States will. I doubt not, vindicate National and Stato riuhts m that affair) but. in reference to a war with Great llritain, they must not rotnir upon tho dispositions and acts of any Kurupcan government or people what- The Niagara Cireuii fill itirniidti It, nt, nri-.irf.fil... Clerk, vho gave hiit.frc inMcod'uf si'.r day's notice of the dravinijofa Jury. Hut before the error was discovered the CouusU of.VIel.eod (.'ivo notice of their intention to apply for a commission to tako testimony in Canada, by menus of which the tiial would have ironoovcr eien if the drawing nf the Jury had been regular. ,1,. jM, ;, FonT Xiao n k. The Locknort Cnnrii r nf itir." till d to 1y . '"One company of the regular troops rtationed nt Tho ",,l,'a'l "'ere m irclud tol.uwiston one day last week, ' "a where they arc now pniicd. v u understand that order- have been received at Fort Niagara recently, to commence repairs upon that foi tress and to put it in complete condition of di-fencc." ClItCCLAli. Dci'Am.Mrsi or Siiie, March 10, 1&10. To the Hon. Thomas Hviiii', Secretary tf the Treasury : Sin Tho Piin-iPENi i of opinion Ihal it isar;ret abuse to brina the patronage of the General Govcrn inent into conflict with tin- freedom of rlertinns and tliat this abme outdit to be corrected wherever il may have been pcrmitlid to exist, and to be prevented .for the futiue. lie theiefore directs tint information be given to all olVirersand iigcnlx in your Department of the public service that partisan intirfirenco in popular clerlioii", whether of Slate ofTieers nr otlieers of ibis Goiern intnt, and for whomsoever or against whonisoever it may bo exercised, or the pa j meiit nf any contribution or a-cssnunt on salaries or olfieial coiiqtt usaiim for parly or election purposes, will bo ngardi d by him as cause oi removal TI1K attention of all disposed to engage in the mail service is specially called to the advertisement forproposals for carrying the Vnitcd States mails, in the New Kngland States, and in New York. issued by my predecessor in December last. The last day for receiving bids is the lOih of April (at 3o,clock P. M.) ami for deciding upon them the 21th of April. As the tattings cannot be postponed without materially diminishing the competition by increasing the dilli culty on the part of new contractors in making adc qate preparations for the service which must com mence on the 1st of July, all those in the State of Vermont, taking an interest in this matter ore refer red to the mail advertisement published in the Ver mont Gazette, tho Vermont Republican, the Vermont Watchman & State Journal and the Spirit of the Age. And to befound in pamphlet form at each PostOffico at the County towns & at the ends of routs for full information as to the particulars of the scrvico tho nature of the liabilities, the mode of bidding and tho form of the guaranty which is to accompany every proposal. F GKANOHU. Post Office Department March 15th IS 1 1 Ozlns lluclt's Estate and Frederick lluoll's Instate. STATU OF VERMONT, I TO all persons enn msTiucT or Chittenden, ss. S cerned in tho estate of Oiias lluell and Frederick llucll, both late of Iiurhngtoii in said district, deceased. AT a probate court held ni Hurhnglon, within and for the district of Chittenden, on the fourth day of March 1811, comes George P. Marsh, administra tor de bonis non of the estate of Oias lluell and ad ministrator of the estate of Frederick Iluoll, both late of Darlington in said district, deceased, and Dies in said court his petition in writingsctting forth that tho said Ozias and Frederick were m their lifnliinp. nnd at their respective deaths, under contract to deed to Andrew KHis, of Essex, two certain pieces of land in F.sscx in tho county ofChittuudcn, one confaining I 1- . I inunuiiiiii u nun acreh 111111 uue euninuiing iwciuy ivvu acres, both parcel ef 100 acre lot No. 7. which' said contract was. at the time of tho rospective deaths of n.: 1 1. i.:. l ....i ...:n i ' ....... i "in yj .wis unit i' i unci ii.i , unu 91111 1 uuexucuicu, a nil nruviiiL'said court to mailt him. the said Gcnrrio P. Marsh vdministrator dc icon's 11011, and Ddministrator as aforesaid, license to deed the lnndinfnrf.3:iiil.iicrnr- dingto thestatuteiu such case madcand provided. v Hereupon itiecourt aiorosaid itutii appoint the second Wednesday of April, 1811, for hearing said petition, at the Register's office in said llurlinstun, and doth order thata! persons interested be nnitfioil thereof hv publication of this order, containing the substance of ssiu petition, llireo weeRs succcssivdy m tlm Hurling- w.. . I.L. lb -n, (llI.nB'II. 'I III 11-11 III 3IU1I 111 1 1 lllltjlllll, the lust of which publications to he previous to the scennu vtcunciiiay oi .prii, isil. Given under my hand at said llurlington, ihii 4th uuy oi .uurcn mil. WM. Wr.STON, lieglsttr. CHAItl.OTTH FKMAI.E S13MIXAHY. rpiIK summer term of this Institution will com X menceat Charlotte Four Corners, under the careof Miss F.. Hitchcock, on tho 14 th of April, and continue two quarters without vacation, closing on the 13th of Sept. The public are most confidently assured that this school is well worthy of patronage. Mis Ilttchcnck is in every respect well qualified for the station she occupies, and will spare no pains for tlie intellectual and moral improvement of the young Ladies committed to hcreare. Hoard can be obtained in the immediate vieinity of the School at a reasonable rale'. M. HA I I.S. 3vv Pres. of the Hoard of Trustees. " HAY VOW SAM. rpHF. subscriber has on hand a few tons of first rat X hay for sale. Will weigh it in qualities to suit his barn at 10 dollars per ton, for ready cash. JOHN VAN SICKLF.N. COHIMUMUN I" UK X IT U It K. 'ANKAUDS.Gublctsand Phlesjust received. April 2 1811. P.vsoBonNOv Hiuns.maid. F.'.OTINTO Hnislies, and Paints, Clarified IiX Rosm for wis, tt and K liat octave flutes, Toy Trumpets and Dogs and many new articles iust re ceived. April ?1?11. pAonoa.N it Iliu.voMAin. WATCIIUS, Jewelry, Petfumery, Musical In struments, Stocks, Canes, riding Whips Chiius, Keys, Spectacles, Lozenges, Pills, Plostcr, ftooiinng syriqi. uoiiireys uoruiai, worn nastcr, Havs Liniment, Hair O.Is. &e. April J mil. I'ANcaor.N ) hcinimaid. I.vuian Yale's Kstate. STATK OF VERMONT. rn II E Honorabl distbict or chittkniien, sa. J J the probate court lor tne uisinct ot L.Iuttenden : To all persons con cerned in the estate of Lyman Yale, late of Char lotte, 111 said district, deceased, liKl.l.l liU. Waciieas. Win. Yale and Elanson II. Wheeler, ad. iniuistrators of the estate of said deceased, propose to render an account of their administration, ami pre sent their account against said estate for examination andaltowanccata sessionof the Court of Probate, to be holden at the Register's office in Ilurliugton on the 6th day of April next. Therefore, you are hereby notified to appear before said court at the time and placcaforcsaid, and shew cause if any you have, why the account afotesnid should not be allowed. Given under my hand at Ilurliugton, this 17lhdayof March A. U. 1311. Wm. WESTON, Register. "VXri'.thesubscrileri, liavinz 1 iw anpo'ntetl by the T lloiior.lhle the Pro! aiu Court i'ortlie I'l-triit of Chittenden, i-ounui-sinners to re-ccive, cxuinino mid adjust tlierhinus and (leinandt of all persons, nganivt the elate ofS.illv M Suttnn laleofW illi-tin in said District, deie.i-i-il, repre-entiil in-olveul, and also all ctainii and demand, exhibited in od'-et thereto j and six inonthi fioin theday e)f the i!a!e liereof, being allowed I y said Court for that purpose, we do there lore hereby give notice we will attend to the bunnei-ieiVour nmieiintinent at the Kagle Hall in Wilbiton in saiJ district on the lint .Mi.nd.iv nf July next, nt 10 o'clock, A. M., i f said day. Dated, ilii 1st .i.. ..rLv.i ....... i i. ,2ii u.iy uiiviiuaii .i. i. ioii. XSi'.W SCIItMH, (JCOGit AI'II Y AM) 11 ATLAd WITH OLTLINEM.M'rf, I y S. Aviius tuk MlieiiELL. 'I ho nutliur ot tho above works Ins 1 i-eli professionally devoted to ihcseicuerof Geu'y mid the publf-hingofMaps, during many years and his former production-, c.pccmllv his Map ol Iho World for Aeadeinies, 1 ear ample Ic-tiiuonony of Ins abun dant resources, upon which he has so lift rally drawn, in producing the above se-hool works. The following extraet oflliB Ocn'y and Alius, is from a joint recom mendation of tho teachers in the city of New York. "Their merits aro numerous the delinlliom remark ably plain and coue-i-e. The exerei-es are copious and important, end the do. motive isbuniiioiis and correct. The divisions of the American continent, arc repre senleJ and described at thvy really exist nt the present time. And tho gross misstatements generally lound in sc.ionl geographies are corrected. Tlio lypogriiplu ral exeoMtion is uu commonly neat nm! distinct, mdeeil uie iimhh h a mixiei oi tlio k mil, nml actually teems with information," The outline .Maps are Peculiarly to exercise the student in his study, audio till up at his leisure. For sale by C. GOODUICH. PLATED SPOONS.-Wo Inform thoso who wish to get a good and chean article nf Plated Snoans. tint wo are prepared to show, and sell thorn an article- Which will wear Well and iriva them satlsfnctmn. rw cheap as the cheapest. Panobobn tt Uoinsmaid. CtlrAP ltOAHDHand SHINGLE, SOM Shingle, ' 40M feet spruce Clop Hoards, by J & J II PECK & Co Hiitliiigton, Feb. 19, IS II. NOTIt 11. JCyAIo-ln-iM! is left tliowu 1 y the curtu it perform i' I. .Ncw-tim's l'oinuea, or Purilier oflliu Mood. 1 be imimralleleil and Mill incliasillir reiiiimlion w bieli ibis milieui. husncoair- ul throughout the Now Kactaml Suites, and the many cures it has performed, Rii i (he great demand nude lor it liy llioadvicu nlpliysieiaiiswell aeqnaintoe.iritn us prer.iruiiou, urn iiiuihci inu proprietor to cxieno in cir.uilatioii to almost every town in the ca.iern States and the principal towns In die United States. 1 his r.inaccu warranteu purely vegetel h',aiid Is not siimas-ed bv any other incdiciuc ever olk-tcd to the atlhelcd as its extensive sale and great populnriiy plainly prove. It has within (lie tu-.t eightven Inonihs eureil its Ihou-nmU ul'tbe most obtinate ih-cii-c, h Le proved by lerntie.-rtcs, and H Ly einiiieut and rcsiitnluhlc physicians the tet iiieiliuni1 in use. L'-cful inl'oriualion may I c found in oonlaiiiinir cerlilieates of cures mid iliroelioin fi.r ta king the uinbeuii'. I he fnllowiug niiuinteu agents. Hurliugtoili J. A J. II. Pink nnd Cu.. If. Modv St Albmis, Cnrln mid lbi-nel Miltnn, C. Dral.t- Mdioii Full. Hornet and Swvr Waterville. I nk and llrowu, llincibtirgh, Hull and Cool. Fairfax, I hiiJ .Hatfield ergennes, Adams and .Murray Uainlindge, .M. vv ires I lulcrliill, .M, U, Itarney North l-'errisl uruh. 11. C. Wicker Oeoreia. A. Illis WdlMon. N. Lhittenden Hu luni.uJ. Green & Ithoilei JoIiimiiu, u. i.. iirner and t;e .uoni.ion, i.ucu Hmitli Hal.erstield, Arlington and Woodward Fair held, Uiirnct and f-iiriiM'orth. e.o.p l.I.I!) GERMAN SILVER SPOONS. Those who wish gcrmaii silver aro informed that wo will sell litem Dixon and Sons best orliclo and murk litem, as low ns any person sells llicm without marking. Feb. 10. PANGHORN &MUNSMAID. C BLOCKS. We are selling tho best quollty Wooden Clocks for cosh at S3, barter 815. lleauiiful Ma hogany cased brass striking Clocks for cash S13, bar ter S23. Feb. 10. PAN'GUORNcc HRIXSMAID. ACCORDEONS. Do you wish a nico Accordeon cheap I Call at the Variety Store anil get it. Feb. 10. PANGHORN & HIUNS.MAID. CATAIfltU SNUIT. MARSHALL'S SNPFF, is still ei.riustlic Catarrh ami the varioui diseases of the Ihm I, as well at sore eves, in all narli of tho country! and siiiPiinilni the reputation which fit has long since gained, of l . ' I . t ....I.. .1 .. 'I .... .!..!.. .1- .1 .. I ....I .1 .. et-ui iiu-ut iit-iy lue-i uiiini- ni iui- in iuv market. i I-.ach botllo eontniif three times iliequaiiliiv of one ftli'ise which me Mlereil at "O.NLV TWENTY 'IVi: CENTS." Afl is therefnre a inuth ehenper, as well as Letter urtule. for rale oy J. , J. II. PECK A Co, TIIEO. A. PI.CK i Co. and Fr. KOlir. MOODY. Burlington, Jan. '.'-, 111. ly.f.lS W II A ll E II O X E, &c.-Boiinct and dress whalebone i whalebone, brass, steel, and wood- utii, misKii, t.ycuis, l.acings, spool slands, Emeries, perfumed cushions, scissors, shell combs, Brushes and a great variety of goods. PanocornA, IIiunsmaid. Olio Cent Howard. T) UN AWAY from tho subscriber, an aonrcntico bv XV the name of Charles I'ountaln. All pcrsis are. forbid harboring or trusting him on my account as I shall pay no debt! of his contracting alter this elate. The said Cliarlcsf absconded taking clothing not his property, therefore any person who will return the properly or the said Charles shall receive tho abovu row am. JESSE GAY Winooski Village, Feb. 15, 1841. SUPERFINE blue laid cap and letter paper, fot sale at manufacturers' prices, by an. n. i;. UUUUKICII. CWIOICE WINES, selected for medical purposes, Feb. 19. forsale by II. M. GIDDINGS it Co. "jVl EADOW'S French Dictionary, containing more LYx words than Uogcr'a, at half the price. For solo oy C. GOODRICH. D FRENCH, II LNICIILOS. Commissioners. TAKE NOTICE. ALL those indebted to the subscriber whose notes or accounts ARE NOW DUE, arc requested to make immediate payment if they would SAVE themselves COST, fur I icill have my pay, (pcacably if I can, forcibly if I must.) J. WAINWRIGI1T. Hurlinglon, March 3, 1311. STATE OK VIKMONT, 1 A T a Prolate district or cillTTl.Nni.N, ss. I l Court Ik Ion at lliirliuglnn within mid tor the Ui'tm't n Ion-si id on the 30'b day t.f Man h A. D. 1641. nn Inslrunient luri.nrtunr to 1 c the last ill and Testament of Leonard Hodges late of Wdlisten in said Di-trui ilc- ea-ed, was pre'eiitol to I lie l.ourt licrc lor 1'rnl ale. byD.tvid Frenililbe Executor, therein nained. Tbe reibrt: ti is e.rdered liy said Court, that the public notice te giyt-ti to all persons com-urncd therein to appear I efnre said I nun, at a scicut thereof to I e niiten at the'ie 11. ill in vvillsiouon third Jlnuday f April A. 1 ' 1S11. and eonle-t the prnl.atc of said Will, nnd it I- further ordered lluil tin's orilur le pub-li-bi-l tliri-e weeks sueiessivvly in ihe Ilurlniatnu Free Pre-sa new-paper printed 'in Hiirbnuton, in this late, the but i fwluch -hall le previous to the day i-i'-Mteii, a- utuie.aiii, lor hearing. Given under my band at the Register's Offi -e. this SOihilavol'.Mar'ihA. I'. 1811. WM. WESTON. Register. those wlio have no ends to servo and bv which their political character is formed, v, ho are desirous of seeing the j;opi1 of thu wliole jiromoted and the National welfare advanced, will support tlioso wliom tiiey pi ict-.l in power. disbursing officers promptitude in rendering accounts and entire punctuality in p'lying balances, will be rig orously exaeii d. In his opinion it is time to ri turn, in tins rcs ret, to the early practice of the Governtnt nt, Throughout the whole country, it is a matter ol nnd to hold anv degree of delinquency on the part of rreneral iov, that wo have new men at the head if the government : that wo shall have new measures, and, as wc fervently tnift, a new des tiny for our country. In this universal gratula tion and these hiolihojies, no portion ot our citl 7.ciis shares tnoro largely, or fuels a i! in terest, than vottr ever faithful Yi:i!.MO.T. tho-c i-iitriiitid with the public money, just cause of iinnudi-iti. removal, lie in enis tne scv Lie noser vatice of tbi rule tn be essential to the public service a ev en-dollar lost ihe Treasury by unfaillifulnessiii nll'iec creates a ncei s-ily for a new charge iipuii the People. i nave tne honor to ne, nr, your uu t nn t. DANIEL WEIiSTEE. f .Similar lr tiers bayo been addressed toother heads ot DcpartnuntH.i A PROf'LAM TION. I'or a Christian people aeknovvlidguig the good- ss and mi rcy ol thur ( nr..vTor. tounite in humbly I m ss conicssing incir uiivvnrinuu-s, ami in fco icituigacon iitiinnccof tho blessings of Heaven, is a duty no less lit and rational, than pleasin" and acceptable". In nccurdancc with a custom, respeeird for its as- s.iciauons, i no uireny appoint I uinvv, inn M.sru The election was very thinly attended, on Wednesday. Only 107 votes were cast in this town. Of these, 111 were for Iho win?, and 10 for tho abolition ticket. 7 iip Hon. Win P. Hrijffis has been appointed IMSOMTTIOX. nn or .trmi sr.T, to be observed throughout this by the l'ii'ident, Lolloctor ol Iho Lustoms lor i V' r "V. . vr' "- "1 the District of Vermont puinuts inconsistent wiih the dunes ol" the dav" and to unite, in their several nlaeis of oiitiHi-. ni.lmi m Mich riligious services as shall be suited to Ihe oc casion. Wc are a favored ntoplu : with a ihmatc hiuliK- conducive to health i a soil richly rt paying ihe labors of the husbandman ; industry mid euteipiisc rn-eiv- iuy men uuc lewiirii j seiuinaiies oi learning spread ing uicir nenuiiiui imiucnce among coiuimuulv flMfEcoiiartner hip bi-i..'1'fore i-xi-ling linger ihe -- Finn i fL. Ji'bonnnti iVi o, i-ibis day dissnlr I y mutual i 'I he l-u-iness t, ihe cninpany will I e fcnlisl ,y Leiinar IJolionuoil al Hie old stand, All ibii-e bavins '-laims n-.'ains the company arc It iiies'edlu tircscnt tin in iounislialely, and vvnuld aim .!(! 1(1 till.... h.t.-IIM' lll'l-llt'llts U-ltlllt.C 1-l.lll moral, soenl, civil, and religious rights and privileges nauy lint we have a stroii'-'de irelo m'i- tln-m, us the secured uv vvi-e and lust laws:--nnd n bnvn nil. i n. I ci,no,:i.ic llis.t.s i t I.-m iiIhI ilium-. hntclt'. Alt joying free access to iho consolations nf Jje Gospel of lliu-o haying Hides and Skills are requested our Loan and S wioch, umutliieneed nnd unrestrain ed by civil power: In remembering these, andoilitr nicreios and bless. niHif our Crkvtoh and l'ltfisr.iivcii the mind is draw n from the gift to tho Giver. They admonish to a faithful review of ihe past, to thoughts of our own unvvririluiiess and short comings in the various duties ot lile, and to contrite and sincere le nrntance for past faults. Let us invoko tho blessing of Gonupon nur country. nnd nrav that her institutions inav nut sutler, throu.'b parly animosity or sectional strife, but bu prcservetl from the dangers, many and peculiar, which surround ns; that the difficulties, which now socio tn threaten the public tranquility, may he equitably and honornbly ndiustcil: that Ho would impart wisdom to our rulers. nnd n duo respect for order, truth, and justice, to the people. It V the immutable law s of an overruling Prov idencc. nlTi-rins is the certain penalty nf transgression b i us, therefore, beseech Gon that; tho people may bo turned from sin; that man niavbe ltd to sec the wrong nd ivrannv of holding bis follow nibrrin iibvtirnl r inrntii bondane ; that the riehtsnf the n-en k mnv lie respected, nud of tho wronged redressed ; and tiiat the luiparuai unu piiiij .inu-ii in ni mo uospci may t...nM,n 1 1 in ruin and 1Ullle Of the Whrtip In mil I' nf run il. f Sivr-n under my hand and tho Seal of tho State, at Shorcham, this Eighttcnih day nf March, in tho year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and forty-one, and of the Independence of the United States, .he sixty-fifth. Hy ihe Governor, GEO. II. MANSER, Secretary. to call nud eel them. ri.i i u ji M n i.i.m 1 1 r LI'o.NARD JOHONNtrrT. t'burib St., Iliirbngtoii, 1 April 1. Ill. N. II The Hu-me-s will I c continued at the old Mund. NEW YORK LEATHER STOKE. New I'lrm. Jnhonotts eY titanetiard. Iiaviiur luireli i-eil I heeulire Sliiek ol I. Jnhniit-tt ivco would inform the Public lliat Ibey will l.tep rnu-tantly on band a Otntral nstorlmentaf litalhirandjiniltngt t.f all kinds UU' on terms. PETER JOIIONNOIT. 1. 1 'AN .Mil) JOIIllNNOIT. THOMAS L1ILANCHARD, Church St., Ilurluigton, ) April I 1310 ( THE X would re-pecllolly solicit u sol- u.T.n tinnis-sov the iiiurderer of Mr. Suvdatn. has received his sentence, and will be bung on the IGth ehy of April between ten and two o'clock. During the rendition or tho verdict, says a correspondent of tlie Newark Daily Advertiser, the prisoner appeared mllcn nnd motionless he was corpse like and while going out of Court tho SheriH"nskeil limi how ho felt, and ho answered, ' Oh, I feel as nice as ever." Ho smiled, ns usual, to Ihe crowd, nnd said to tho Slu-ruT, ''Remember, you must share the fees with me that you get for hanging me," And such was his hardened indifference to Iho last moment, that after ho was ironed and locked up in lus cell, ho said to the jailer "AM nm n carpenter, I think I ought to bo employed lo help build my own gallows, and I could make my own coffin, ondgivo my wife the money All I nskis a snug platform and a strong kp j and if J ickey Esmonds goes to He iv (.n, I donT IMIXTINC. riltr Icing thankful fur past favors euntinuancc ol II same and remind his friend- and the public Ihal be prepared lo aei-onunodale them otilbe shortest not it and mo-t favorable lerms in the various branches of llmnl ovc line. ShopoppnMtu Mr. C. A. Seymour' itainiore, reari-sucn, liiiriiuginii, it. ' JAMES SCOTT. April 1. 1811. N. 11. WANTED as Anprenticcsin the above 1 it sinci, Iteo smart and respes?tal le young men, (Amer icans,) 17 or Id yearst.ld, tovvbniu good cnco'iragc- uu in w in lugiviiiiiy i no sun-e ru tr. J, o. t IIATi. f, A. SEYMOUR, has on hand aiiireen-snrimenl andli spte- nueu iirnc n in iiais ni u,t. iatc ,cvv 1 ori. minions ami oi ins t,w iiianai.iciurP. Wlueli hp n ers lr sale and uivitoj the public gener ally to ill, tixamir.e qualiiy and prifc, lefore purchasing i-Uc where. Mercliantswbo oie in the ),abitol purebasing Huts by thoquantityund wih to el a good article cheap are particularly Invited o Tall. ( 'LOTH ('APS, for I oys also on h.tnd and lor snle. Pe.irl si Hurlinglon March 3M 1811. Cw EVISED faTATUTES of Vsrmont, for snl by II. I HO.tlAS, ECS leave resi'ivlfiillv in aimniince to the tradmir j nnd iiu-iiii.-s tint ticthat In lm oiiened an AUC TION AND COMMISSION STOKE; on Cohere si., near tlie L ourl Homo Square, in his new and i-oinino. on- i nc , c t r rid; stnrt-s. .Mercli.nulize and prop- rly ol all l.iuds receiveil on con-tg.iineiit, and olil 'timmi-K'U, either at erivale sale or at aueiinn, the enu-iLnee -hall direct, on rea-onat le terms. A rea-nnal le ndvanic will at all nines I o made on properly received. AUt'tii n r-.ue- on every r-.t'iii'.iay, ai one ocincu, r, JI. to cuinmciiee on ihe'liM Saturday in April nex". Hiirlineten, Jiaieii s., ltn. MANITIIE FtlllKl". 1?OUK Tint-d Slrul Manure l-'orl., fur sale by ' n23 II. M. GIDDINGS &, CO. HMIlltl'.l.l.AS. TV III EOT from ihe iiianiil'act.irer, and of llic lest XJ materials, for 5a;e at leMuci-d prices H2S by 11. M. GIDDINGS & CO. IMPORTANT HUMOR il T is rumored in "certain ein-fn" that all persons indibted to the subscriber (particular contracts excepted) bad better call and settle up and in so dome: save iho necessity of einn ovinir an "Umpiri. ! to settle these "rtxea ryuesioii!." rcrsons linen stcu w ill do well tn make some enquiry about this "rumoi,"

it is not impossible for newspaper rumors to be true, we sliall sec what credit H given to hi-mors. S A M U EL 1 1 UNTJ N GTON. College St., Marcli '.'3, ISIL SE I'. D Herd, (Iras, White it Red clover Seed for sale at March, 10. HOWARDS i OLD HEEDS We have a few Gold Heeds at VX dilicient priii-s, also Gold Necklaces abuut the same leu-tli and prut-ni uie i it,-. i s. r..tiuuit. ci uiei.s).viAiw. NECK O It N A .11 K N T S-And I prices fora fev theVariely Store. PAN'GIINKN it HRIMSMAID. TTKAD & . liosoin rint ot reduced tincesfora few week sat TVTOTICE. The subscriber has removed his office Xl to the rooms over Lyman & Co'e a store. I Hurlington February 1, 1311. D. A. SMALLEY. IEATII ERS. Just received, audforsoloby ihe subscribers a uuautitv of live Geese Feathers. NELSON tt GATES. Burlington, March 1, 1511. LADI US, rENCH.S With ruiKs.Peneil point, and lea fs, j'ust received at Ihe Vnriety Store. March 4. PANGHORN & HRINS.MAID. NOTICE. .My wife, Sophia J'owetl, has left my bed and board, without any justification, and I therefore forbid all persons harboring or trusting her on my account. j.Jii;- I'UWlil.U : .. 1 1 .. , foin iitoiKia, lyci;. 1, lOIV. J,TEDICAL ALMANAC for IS It, for sole at the iijl uook store. lTiceO-ticts. V. A. ISKAMA.N. SLEIQH SHOES. Ac. 1 Kf) Pair Steel plated, Cutler and Sleigh Shoo I 0J Cast lion do. finished Orovv liars. Anvilla Vices, Waggon Hoxes, Shovels, Spades, Dung Forks, oucci i.e-au, stitct .inc,llollovv ware in great variety, Nov. 10. STRONGS U CO. SNUFF ONLV TWEN I V.FIVE CENTS I). M Hitchcock's newly invenled SnuiTlhu arti cle ever di-env-ered by scientiliu men, in Europe or America, lorinecure ami niisoiuiu relicl ol t-.onrrh Dizzinc-s of tlie I lead, Ve-.ik Eves, Nervous Head ache-, t alien Siekne-s, I its, and lnhuits troubled with Snullles, partial shocks t.f, etc. Fur sale wholesale ami retail, by A. HITCHCOCK & Co.. sole Proprietor, No. 117 Genesee st. Ulica, and by their ageius tiiroiiguout uie union, in ournngion, j. ac J. 11. reek li Lo. In V ergennes, by J. 11. Howmati, in .miton, ny ouruett ai sawyer. In icorgia. l y Lo reuzo jaue. CLOVE It SEED. 2000 lb. Clover Seed for Sale by IIICKOK iV CATLIN. March 13,' IS 1 1. V"ANT I D Pel-, While lire.!-, Hulter i: Chccve in exeh.tngi' fortioisl-, by II. M. GIDDINGS itCo. I AST CA LI. All per-ons iulebttslto the firm -lof 1) Kunl.all it Co, note or Account, ate reque-lesl to male paj ment ll.eri-i f tn ihe iiilscriler wliu is authorized lo settle the same. Tho-e who do not -if fit to attend to this last call lefore the lOih of April, may expect lo tin 1 Iheir bills at tlio Attor ney. JOHN KIMIIALL. flurlinglnn, March 'J.b, loll. Jclilcl John's Estate. WE, the subscribers, having been appointed by the honorable the probate court for tlio district of iiiuucuucii, cumuiissiuuers in receive, examine ana adjust the claims nnd demands of all persons against iho estate of Jchiel Johns, late of Huntington, in said district, deceased, represented insolvent, and nlsn nil rl si in a nil it ilpiimnds ..vliilittixl n illau. .i.s and six mouths from the day of the date hereof being allowed by said court for thai nuruose. we do therefore hereby give notice that we will attend to the business ot our appointment, at the dwelling house of the wtd ow, Elizabeth Johns, in Huuiim'toii. in said District. on uie second .Holidays ol .11 ay ami August next, bl in'l..l. t st -i. ..t :.1 i 1 iv u uuis, vi. on cm il ui sum uavH. Dated this 15th day of February, A. D. 1SU. AMOS II. COOPER, 1 SYLVESTER 11. SNYDER Comtn'rs. 11K.MA.N GILLETT, ) TVTESSRS. PANGHORN it HIUNS.MAID, gent, "J- iieiuur iioxcs oi aneriuan s uougti i.iuengcs had of you curisl me entirely of a severe attack of the Lung Fever accompanied liv a Hard Coimh. 1 es. teem them highly and recommend them to all who have a Cough or the Lung Fever. EZRA HOVT. i.sscx, vt. Jiuy s, laiu. Pangborii c Ilrinsmaid sole agents for Shernion's 'ouch and Worm LezciiL'rsaud Poor Man's 1'hslrrs. his Lozenges all have A. Sherman, M I) on the box. IJWIH V'AUXIX(;. The subscriber would (id vcrtisn those persons indebted to him. who-ie notes or accounts have become due, that they must lie met by the first day of April next, or they mny ex nect to find them i.i tlio hands of an attorney for col- lection; for he has determined to loinmencu with the new administration lo collect lus di tits. JOHN K. GRAY. Hurlington March lib, I'll. TMSSOI.IJTIOM. The copartnership hereto LJ fore existing betw it n the subscribers, under the firm nf Snaiilding it Mills, has been duly dissolved by mutual consent. Those indebted and those hav ing demands against said firm, will se ttbi them with C. II. .Mills, wlio is duly lo fciiih mesaine. R. (i. SPAULD1NG, C. 11. MILLS. The burini ss will be continued by ihe subscriber ut t ir o i sinnd. t ' lurch St. lliir incton. V t. Marcli 5, 1B11. u. Jlll.l.s. CANADA IN lt.a73r., showing, by his torical facts, tho causes of the late attemnted Revolution, nnd of its failure. The present condition of the penpla and their future prospects, together Willi tne personal adventurcsotthe .Ulllior, find others who were connected with the Revolution, bv E. A. Tiiclleb, llrjif. dtn.'in tin Canadian llenublican service, nils nay received and lor sale at Itie Hook Store of D. A, HRAMAN. Feb. IS, 1611. NEW 1..WV ISOOKtt. HUGHES' Ijpiity,Dr.ifim.n,'AnmsOs Pliiln.s deuce, 2 vol-,. Cowens' it Philips' Evidence, -I vol-. .Milford's- t'huncery I'lrnding, by Ivlward-, I il- bfurhaits Adams' on l-.iectineiit, I-jlen nu Inpmctinn. Principal, AgunliV S ireiy,llvvanls' I'.irlie- in Chan cery, l.'il e lpnty rieaiiiu, I y v titeier, Areiu mil s Civil Pleading, ArclibolJ s Criminal I'li iiduiL'. l or -ale Py I. iiinjliIllLII. March 25. H Oll.M?ri INTlfODL'CTION- uines, jusi ree d by .Marib 25. eomplrlo in 'J vol C. GOODRICH. ItllTA MAG A SEED. eni ini Scotch purive top it'ita ltga up-, lor sate hy C, GOODI1ICH. a r Lit' i-Vj Si-isl, raise! from Fclet'lcd Turnips for sal. Ml n il 25. NO DODGING, ALL persons indebted to llin mbseril er, whou Note-sand Accounts have I eeoine duo. are re quested to make payment by tho tifttvnlli of April next, j losimni's wm t-niiie noeau ino-t uayi, all in- Icri'stcd will take notice an f govern Ihemttlves ne- cordmu-lv. E. D. SI.OCU.M. .March 25, IS11. n85vv3. TO It EST. A convenient Divelling lluu-e, plea.anllv sitiiatcil near the heaJ of Pearl strict. For particulars apply at tln oibee. New Goods I'irst In Mitrkft, AT I.OVEI.Y & HCItl, HUT'S. Ale.iiuifiil ai-orimenl of Fancy Dnr Goons st-'re-till Willi greal care, from importations at New 1 ork, since ihe lirst of March, of which we eniimer atca lew. Printed Lalvn., French C.iuil rics, Ensh-h Prints or entire new style, lllk, lllne 1111,, nnd Color en Silks, Hlk and Maroon colored Velvet Ve-lingS, Hlk and Hlue lllk lloinbazmei. Light and IWL l'i,n, lllk ll.ihau,Si(tin Ve-lmg-. Jlou-lin dcLaines llibbms.Tlircad Laee, Kid GlovcsiittsCruils, Chc- niil t-ords, tve. Hurlinglon, March IP, 1811. R Jan 5. C GOODRICH. ill C1ROCCERY AND GLASS WARE. Full setts ' of granita China ware. Tea and Dining setts. logither wiih n general assnrlmcnt of croc! ny nnd glassware; al.-o lamp", patent top, screw (op and astral lamps. Lanterns, tumblers, Ar. all of which will bo sold cheap for cash, ns wc will convince any that favor us with n call. Church st. J. f. nii.tu.Mi iv w. TJROAD CLOTHS.- 1 i Please rill at the new cash tnie on Church street, and examine tho broad cloths, beaver chillis, cainieris aim satinctls, neioro purcliasingeiicwiicrc, aim iiiiic u nn,,!..,. J. P. HAI.INti Co, Goods shown with pleasure, ? whether purchased nr not. S PICTORIAL Illustrations of ihe Hihle, nmsismi' nf nfift eni'raviiiL'H. with view s ill the Holy Land inncther with many of the remarkable objrcis men tioned in the Old and New Testaments, rcpicscnlmg sacred histoncol events just icceived and tor site at Ihe liooli store. 1' March 2, 1S11. NEW HOOKS. The tuVcnbcr has rieciveil the present wick a new supply of books, among which ale iho following I A iii.-tnrial Gencraidiv. by R. C. Goodrich, 1000 engravings. Rural Life of England, by in. Howilt, from Ihesecond London edition, rorre ctcd oml revised Day's Examination of Edwards on the Will; Me- i.....;e n.m itonk 1I..II mi Itanti'iri I .1 Green ii..,i' Wat Cruise: Visu fo Rcinaikablii Places, 2 vols.; Hlunt's History of Christ ; Hlunt's History of Elishn i The Table of the Lord, by the auihor of The Lislner; Sacred Alelodie; iioariiman on iioinnuieini Young Ladies' Companion ; Young Ladies' Friend, Murch2. ji. A. liltAJiAN. )r Thousand gpod pino Shingles for salchv Ot) Jan.8,lS-ll. ' G. PETERSON. rpo RENT- X square. TO It EXT. fPHE premises occunird bv Mr.fl. Mur 1 .:..'.. ... . ' iiii.oii tooogo sireci near lliof-qunre fontainiiig Joiners Shop, Dwellings, tie. Allin. tllA lirirlf n.,1 Vmet ..f Mr. Hraman's Hook Slore,coutaining'siorend dwtl luicliouse. , LEAVENWORTH. March 21, 1B4L NOTICE. I Z. S i n 'tasonauic terms I 'cw No, 1;, in J .St, Paul Church, For further particulars Please- call on KEll.V or r.V.tSS. B'arUnon March, 2:, 140. -Hooms for a small family, near the ,i r e lervvviui'l'll TTARD WARE, SADDLERY WARE, GUNS,- il Hollow ware, d-c. The f ubecrihrr lias just re- fcividanil is now opening a large and general assort ment of the above goons; comprising niaily every article in the hue, ami which will be sold nn very rea sonable terms mr cam or snort eriiiu, ai ine naru wore store, corner ot church street and inn square. ROBERT MOODY Hurlinglon, Nov. 50. 1S10. TUtlTTA.NIA TEA POTS. Tumblers, Tra and Jj Table rtpoous; glass Lanlcrps, Lamps, Preserve Dishes, Plates, wines, SolU, l'cppers, ainsuirus anil Cruets. Fine pen and pocket Knives, Scissors, bhenr.,etc lor saicoy 11, Al. miiui.siin cc uo. Feb. I'd, IB 11 . T) A'.l)ltH.-Josephllodgers and Sons superior .1 V also romcrov's line .strops, anu incw imo iiinu f. i i . . t, ii'i.innii.nii j. r. ior nosp. mr s-ne oy ri. .'i. iiii'ii.issj iv vv. I'eh. IS. 111. DJt. t'HISMr.'S FAMILVPllds-Vwrtii ,,. dig s. m.iti.ius ol iri at, a ar l oin fold lutiuu h and bow'jls i sui h as I ef u.i. e! e, tnnrbid cravings for fooit, sultiie a or vti. '.! g pains rr an illicitly eti'.atiou nt the pit of sturi,.im, with sourness, ntaJ.t costive state of the bow els, liatu lence wi'h fulness ol these .art,nnd pain on pres. urs, with faiidne-s, jivus'lc c, dy-etilarj', pains m edhcr si-le, mid piles. Alli-.:liou- of Ike Iitad,di7iiic-, stu por, wcal.nes-, depiesiinu td'tpinls, hysteria, lijpe choiidria, nud tfien disturlod iltep, sick bead ueiil ocniniuoii Willi Icehle, Uelteuti! pciaon-, t-pei'iaiiy females, diarrlura, or Inusfno-s of the 1 owels, and t'y M iliary, uoea-es ol tliu skiii, nuu worms so iiiyiu:iii with fhikhen, n cclions of Ihe llie-t, su h ns io.ijIi , or diiliei.lly id'l riajuug, occasion"! very fr'-q- ui ly by n disorueieil -tate of the -toium b. M n'w tionsol It-males, w lien checked by general debility w a loss ofappetite, atlended with cold feet, Bit-., iigi e nnd icvcr, inuuenz.i, riieuinalii' n tilionaot Uie jfjint , v-rubl'li, tiedotoruux. Or l.audnl a..sclii.iisid'll,e nerve. of the l.tic, ueek and shoulder-. I have found them ii-efiii in removing ehroniu catarrh, il per evf-ifl in for .some tone, in smaller do-es. 'Ike tire nciompio dated lo oil ngc, (ehildren of u veer old ti'uy -nftiy,) nud toanycluiialc.find u.vder all cin'tim stnnce. 1 hi-y contain no li.erenri imr . They are P'.rely vyge'al le. Dosi.. Two to lour n f leiuhiuaia lime, unu icpemeu every oilier nigh , until ihe tougi.e is cl'.-iiu, and the ib-tb uge Ironi di. bowels, in-te;ad i f being ligrrt color") I r el-uk uu I ol feiiiive, bucoinus free and fll und heallby, with a ri turn 1 1 appetite. CKR'IIFICATIH-Tbo imder-iirnml had tf.i plea -.ore o I an iienuaiutauet' with Dr S. lTutinev f -omce.irs l.ast. I'unn.' his lesti'euit; in tin- vdlrfvi where l.e b is attained tt high eharae'er as a physic a , He lias ba i an Oppcriuuity nl-.o in repcutol iiistatu e4 ol tenting tl u value of the ''Family Pills," and from b , own expeneuie ol their e.neaey, as wen lis a knowlcuire, of the.r iroodetlee'ts in other e-a-f, bo 1ms no hesitation in leeumiuending ibem tfi lej t-.t what they prsloss to If, a very vahinl h; Fnm.-ly Mn... us, 1 IIU-UAl) .11. .-.'.Il l il, t Pastor of the Presl vteiiaii ebjrib, t.ut.:.iil S Y MA ItS II ALL's continues unrivalled as i strengllieniiiB PLASTER: Also, fir Hheuinn li-in, l.aiiienc-s or pains m the su.'u, liuiLs or t aek : I'or scrofulous swellings, scurvy sores, I- resh wounds J and lor a general family t'lasier or salve, i or i inns moreover try it; nam close-, per-tvero in tbeu-e I y uiaLiuga new applieullou oecasionally, uud in tune, yonrcoriu will I e cured. For sale bv " J. it J. H. PECK it Co. TIIEO. A. PECK & Co. and Dr. ROUT. MOODY. Hurlinglon, Jan. 2i, 1911. ly.f.t 1 Y.1IAN At COLE, have received ll.eir mm extensive assorltuent ol tall and winter goiH- iprisin? a greal variety of tiureil saxony, double d tiuc r Wkllh. i'riulsd l.raoe .Muriuo. alome.iue Lame. fke. Figured Aleuuie. nvtureil unJ pl.titi English Merinos Cro dc Naples and French do Worsted v-iinileteein. Alnaix-a lylolti, I Intel aieriuo, dto. beautiful articles for ladies cloaks. EruiiucUt, Salisbury Flnnucl, tiuriil Circassians dee. C-uits II air uud inuiatinii Laiiite-ls, uroehellu. fer.iau clou, &e. Iluavv double uiille.1 Hruad Cloth-, Heaver and Pilot Clot lis. Rich Diamond lii-avcr Llotu. u new ar A laru uuinler ol I feel it to 1 o a privitero and d it? to sav, in-n r i j extent t.f my observalion and ex. nciiev, v le n s verycotisKierni le il ring several veur-, tlie u ... y ihe article I oih for Dy.pep-y Riid'u.n ino-t r-il'.i a im s Family Medicine, Nr luy nnti'-ipa'. it-. More ih.iu thirty years I bavftiot en H h I al siiileriil iniicli truiu sicl&head-ai'lie, and liw-u bit- j ai.ei'tion-. I Imve haipieii.iViie ol n.any le.pcc a j ph)sii:iau-, lot ueverjo' nd any o !ect. .it le'il lr' o my coinpluiu'.s until a trinl cf I-r I'loiun-v'.- 1' 1- b I I cen made. S.v5:ui.i. C'itci.eiili.1.. Ilariiii.iubi'rg. Crav. furd Co., Fa., July, 13j. Catskill, Greene Co., N. V., April, l"Jj. To till wbulu it uiuv i-oncern : 'I bis certifies tlmt 1 f S. Phinney is n piy.H.' of tl.e tir-t s audu-.g ir 1 1. . villsge, h.-ivmi ivsuivisl tin ine-hcal deyrce i-l Cm bridge Uiuvei-.ity, andie emitted lo tLuh M e. : Iroiu (lie pntilie. Rev. Ilavld Porter, 1). t).; Rev. Joseph Picntis", A M.; Thomas II. Cooke, Picsident of Calskill llmk ; Rev. 'I hutiias M .Smith ; Jacob Huight ; Holer' L .r lon, Coun-ellor : John Adams, du; M. Wntsi n. d Il'tbcse puUdo nol givesat'sfdclie.11 aliera fair ts.Ai tl.ey may Le returned, an llJ.e muaey will be retncMiJ. Aeutsare beiel,y authorized to do so. Aeeuls If Mooily, Hurlington ', L. Jam's, Get ria; T. W l-rtn ', St. All mis j C. L. Drake, W,t Mditti mid at ir. .si t" the stores in the stale. ojtl 3ut licto fur Genlleineas over Coats. . .... I i I . e , i ... II... I ?rYL"V.rT' T . r?" R.,T" e.vTl Ladirs' llleh School l.a,llllllll- IIO, .svillim, l. llllt" u. IIKIII Ul'lllinr f r V.illn., I mliiio ,,.,ll 1 . Ru i L ha y, Mouse hue ile l.auie and t-ueueiii iiuuiw J "" Ti . i i "V ' ; . ', .. is- . . , .i I r rmnfMl in Stunt i Itcrn nn in 1st i nv .if Ar...t SIL.NS. Heavy i. amon. viro ue .a ue ami inner i r-y .... - . , .. ....... Silk, neb ligurcifUluc Black, llrowu aud other colors, Gloves and III sicrv. DOMESTIC GOODS. Cotton sbeelmc, rliirting, licking, wadding andi-oiton yam, superior Irish Linen. TAliAJiis iKt.iiiisua. .sewing .sin., iivi-iatu Threa l. Puddiuir. C.iuva.--. Seleeid-, cul'd Jean-. Urow-n and HI&cL Linen. Plaid Worstisl Faeilic. Wors ted Surge, Si k do., tji.k Uiiuhug, Silk Cords, Wors lul llindiug ite. iSic. V US ll.G. Woo en ViKet, Silk Velvet, taltntia, Silk Si.uiu Csc. Silk Velvet fur tr.minuu-s unorle.l olor. lto-lvu cheeks for ibilJrens wear. Tl, KSlllTII.-.The subse-rder having re- c, centlv inovcil from ill sir.-, and commenced ;be Hlaek-iuilli business, ill all its forms in the new -hop on Madison s-p-et, mar Follett & Hrudley's Store would re-pis-ttullv invito the tnlialutanls oi itiirungu f...l t . II.. ti ml v ninuv lo cive nun, a- nr is i uiv i.ii-iian imlnnll kinds nt wurk in bis hue. on the shortest no- liic, best manlier, aud mo-t favural le terms. He has for many years past given Uls particular attention 4S ihe Horse shoeing business, and Farriery in nil Ut branches, r rom the long experience winch lie has had, and ibe general inlormation he has denvnl loth from theory and practice, be feels fully e-niil'ident in re ci.iiunenJiug himself to ihe public. He will le pre pared at all nines lo give his personal attention to all kinds of work in hu line such as Ironing Watgons ond Sleighs, Slupwork, ice. All kinds ol t-itire tools made in Ihe I est manner and most approved style. He trusts that by giving business his undivided attention and the low prices at which he will I enabled to fur uish work, to receive a sb.ireoflhe public patronage. JOlLNSOIlAOEN. Hurlington, April 10 IS40. next, under the instruction of Mrs. Fn anils Wnsr. in. Instruction will be given in nil the branches usually taught in female seminaries, with theexcp lion oi painting anu instrumental music, rarttcnisr attention will be paid to voral music. It is niOnVleit that the course of studies and fhs mode of instruct.! i shall be such as are calculated to fit young ladies for the stations which they will be called upon to occupy Tsrms of tuition, the same for all branches taught- j S3 per quarter. Board, including wadiiug, can hi " obtained in good fatuities for 91 25 per week. Nothing need be said of the advantage of pursu. the delightful potlis of learning on this beautiful islan , deservedly distinguished by iho appellation of "Tui Garden of New England. U.N RISE, 4 Marcli, 1S11. Hear yc, Hear e -. loatl tne mnalutiiiiK ol the t'reen .Mer n's. a utr I e it known that the Inveutorv waic iin ..'- VI last night, Ihe exaeU'cndition cf the ftirnu'r-' i - hanics' and people's ehean eth store fa'ty is lnutsl. Howard, not wanting any '.her otii.-p w e contiuuisl as the agent, i tils long tr.e e.'i - shmeut h i existed through four adinmisira Ihe general goveriinient, and this morning e ..-.ui.- - et-s upun the tifib, under i-beeruiis eir, u , ut li a a moi i ru iflnt sun ri-c, w avmg r.sgs, r ,ir : Repablii-nn Artilierv A. theSiii.ICs Ofe vou-es i n go on ofu whole people rejoicing at ti.o r t letter times Oi ol yet buying imoiis t 'le.'.Ti i Howard-, Hurrah, Hurrah, Hurrah, 'for the tLe-i,j Cash Slore A the Agent w hose faculty is Taxed If !.l for selling Goods Cheap to the People. MORE NEW HOOKS, Ju.t reseivtsl uhe Hook Slore, A New Home. Who 'II follow. Young Indies Comiianion. Countess Ida. Havward's New England Oazeieer. Milcbell'.s Geographical Header, a system ol Geography, comprising a Descr'ption ol the World with the irrand divisions, designed for in- struclioys ui schools and families. Wonders of the Heavens. I). A. HHAMAN rV KW PAITSIIt)I.-.SPAULDI.NG&MILLS lsl haveopenesla new FslsT Sunr on Cliureh-s. lio ilnors south tf II. Lane's Store, where they will do all kinds of HOUSE, SHIP, SIGN and CARRIAGE I A l I I.M,, in Itie 1 e-t nossit, lo manner and nn terms to suit llio-i- w hn may favour tbmn with tl.eir patri.n- ace. ICjl amls, Oil, varnish and Putty, constantly on tunc .inn lor sale. .-r.vt t.iii.o. Uurlinelon, April 9, 110. C. H. MII.IJ5. AI.PACCA CLOTHS for cloiks; crapes cs'.nb lets, eanibleteens. goats' hair and common wors ted camblets, printed Saxonys, plain and figured a, pines, plain and printed muslin de lame, r.ll wool, now opwiirigby N. LOVELY A. CO. MT. VEHNON ItEADEH, Polvglott Hille nf di.leii-ut sixes and btiHinc-. Pocket ttib'ei nnd Tt-siainenis and a irenem! a-snrinient of staticna- ry jusi received Iroui . i ork and for shic by it .....s- c ui'vstieTnv l lllll VI M. O. ill .lll.linv... STORE FOR SALE. The subscriber being about to relinquish the mercantile business otltrs his Store nnd remaining stock of GOODS for sale. The Store is 25 bv 3d feet, two stones hich ami well finish- td with a wood house, and horse shed 39 feel long attached. Thelocation is a desirable one for business and will be sold low. A credit will boeiven if desired. ALEXANDER FERGUSON. Huntington, South Village, Jan. 20, 1311. S'i. AYOUNO MAN, (not a Gentleman we think,) jiassedn S'2 Counterfeit St. Albans bill to a small Hoy in our More yesterday, the 17lh inst. The lull is No. 201, Letter I, signed A. Plimpton, Cashier, H. awin, ncsiueni. ino mil is mucu worn ami nas been torn and mended in two places and part of the bdlguno, Some one may recoiled of seeing such a billinthe hands of the SCOUNDREL who pasod it and can aid us in bringing him lo justice. We pub lish this hoping to detect him in ibis vvav. Feb. 13, mil. PANtillOllN &. II1UNSMAIU. BRASS CLOCKS. Persons wishing good brass sttikinz Clocks in beautiful fiuislud cases, can find them on favorable terms, at tho Variety Store. Also, Hank and Office Clocks, for sale; thci-e Clocks are wai ranted to keep correct tune, and they will per form as will ns any other clocks. Dec. IB. PANGHORN St IIIUNSMAID. LOST. Eight fat sluvp, marked wiih tar, T. M. Whoever will give information, shall be suitably revvaroeu. FOR SALE. A superior new nu eh enw nnd calf. Also, for sale, or to exchange for cattle, shorn or porri, a geuicei cuaisc anu Harness. U. M.MIIAI.L, if. LI), Rurlington, Nov. 24, 1810. COD FISH, M ACKERELL and SHAD of supe rior quality for sale hy N. LOVELY it Co. tree. Ill, ISW. Nabby Hates' Estate, STATE OF VERMONT. ? rnHEIIon.thePra riSTBicT or ciiittendbs, s. 4 X bato court for Ihe District of Chittenden 1 To all persons concerned in the estate of Nobby Hates, latoot Charlotte, in said District, deceased, GREETING. Whereas. Wm. Dean. Executor of the lat will and testainentof said deceased, proposes to rendtr an account ot his at ministration, and present his account against said estate for examination and allowance at a sessionof the Courtof Probate, to bo holden at the Register's olnee in Hurlinglon, on the lblh day of .unrcn nexi. t ncrciore, you are nereny nonncd to appear before said court ot the time nnd place aforesaid and shew cause, if any )ou have, why iho account moresaiu snouiu not no niiowtti. tuvrn under my uonu at jiuiungion, nits inn uavni i-inruarv, A, u, icil it-., weo'ivis- ii.'... ion. ,, i j.o , i.s, itcmricr. t'l bush. Seed Rye, free from all other seeds, for Jf Pmrl-st. Sept. 16. sale by C. HENNS S'lLVER ALARM WATCHES, at K1?,$'0, 25. Dec. 13. Panodobn cV Rsi.vsmaid. UOSTON ACADEMY'S r-M at the RKikstore this Jl day and lor sale at who'esale by I) A HRAMAN LADIES' India Rubl-er Slue-, Gaiter llnnts, walk ing Sbie, French kid ami princ Heel Slip' Dec. 31, 1510. Jusi ree'd hy N. LOVELY tt Co. M'Vh I'.OITOIt. Sir will vuli nolifv nil errslmn that the subscriber has for sale, Hu'ek's inipruvrd lioi ,vtr t-onsuig .Tiove, oi ine new i rics store, ii i e"e street, a so at Jesse (sv 8 foundry. I Ills is one of the latest patterns and the first of the kind ever introduced into tins state; tnev nnvc neen recently in troduced into the States ol l'tlinsvlvania nnd New Voik with trreat r-uecess; anil sullieo It to say, the v arc the most convenient and will do more business with liss fuel than any other stove. A preamble tn paitiadarueits qualities or prices Is useless. Ju-t call tn, small favors are thankfully received and gri'ii ones m proportion, and If money continues scarce I intend to nee the leu of II, sott will be uselesH to go without on thai account. . IA1 t.uit Hurlington, Dec. li, lb7l'. TMIUGS. Medinne, Peiftunerv, Paints Dye Stull' 1J Oils, Varnishes, Hritshes, &r. The subscriber U now receiving his fall supplies cf theabove good's selected with great care, winch he will dupnsoof at Ibelovvesl iiiarKet prices. I' AlUUDV L HI.ESl.Mi tn Mothers, American Soolhief 2m. Serin fur clul Iren cutting Kcli. ihe tin n-e t.f fins article will -ave ch I Iron inn h pain, ofieh a rcveran-i ti.ei pami q operaiinuoi lancing taction price rn! ice.l In 37J el. Gisltrej's Cor.b il an excit lent article I' r tho in.rsey Uj ct., both thmcarlicli old il the Variety Siore. PivonoiiM A: PaissMAin. LOOK AT THIS, rrviir. ronr.rtncrshinof N. LOVELY it Co. by it X own limitation, will expire on ihe Kill of Anril next. IJoving by recent nrriv sis odiled lo our fall purchases, enables us to offer an ass-irtmeiit of sea sonableand well selected GOODS, aslarge and of as great a variety as wrs ever ottered in tun market at such prices, as will make it f r the interest of nvritv purchaser, to buy at this well known establishment. or better known as the Cheap Cash Store, "on cheap side." o cannot enumerate, but would merely say vvchave Dry Goods, of every variety and quality, Cnrpetings, English, Scoicli and American, Oil Cloths, a beautiful assortment, Rugs, Motts, Drugget for Floor Cloths, Crockery nn 1 fi'nss Ware. Lnoking-Glassesdirect from ihe manufacturer, Popcr Hanging, DRY GROCERIES. Dry Codfish, Shad and Mackerel, llutter, Cheese, dried Apples, and Lard, for family ii"e. Hnrlin'.tnn. February 10. 1S11. N. 11. Need wotay any thing to those indebted lo tins mm I we stnil see. CCllOFIILOIJS IIIJMOHS.-The attention o K7ihal portion of the community who nro allbctcd with cutaneous eruption, such as Salt Rheum. St. Anthony's Eire or Erytipela-, Si'old head, l-ejiiii-y, ein auyofihcir kindreldisfaes, is diiecmlionn in'crual application which wa ibseovereil at out 12 monies nin e I y Mr. Charles Jones, tf Clarenionl, N. II. It isthert'iuli of a longooiini' ofcxpcrinicnis upon his own person, he having had iho di-i ap in a mi st ag gravating from afiiit 1 1 jean, Fnm n wonderful e.tiias upon bini-elf and scixral other niciidi ii nf Ins family, uuny In swoon nf the rounny hair 1 1 en induetsl in make trial of it and in nncii.e hsvci has u failisl ofsmxr-s where the ibris-lion- hme I ten adhe red lo with lidclily, and a siurioicut tjinu ,!ap-td to kniiiv the resull. The mnbeiiiK can le oltmned of Morly druggtn, nurlmgtcn, andwuh Mania W iret I'm, Osin'sT.Jje OOllirS ISsPFNCE OK LIFE. A Valuable .Misbeine', which, il richlly npplusl, will le tb REAL ESTATE FOR SAIiE, At a ork.v? Btsovi.N. The proprietor oilers for Bt'.e the pre imi in the village of Burlington, now occupied bv IL B. Stacy, Esq. as a dwelling house, printing otVi i and reading room. Tho premises are convemini for i store and dwelling bouse nr for olnee of almast an Icscrintion. and are situated m the centre of the mo.-.: business part of the town. For terms nf sale and payment, inquire of Guar' Russell, Pearl st. Rurlington, or A. L. Ciu"in, of Or well vt. AMERICAN DICTIONARY OF THE I .NO I.1SII LANGUAGE. First edition in O.-'av ,. containing the whole vocabulary of the (luami . dii corrections, improvements and several tiinusiml ai- litional words, to wlueli is prefixed an introd.r'ji : hssertation on the origin, h'storv nnd connect n if Ihe language nf wes'ern Asia and Euros?, vv, h n.i explanation of the principles on which hnguagrs urn Intmett i III two vols. Hy Noan vveLi-ter, I,. I, I For sale at the bookstore. D. A. DRAMA V. Marcli 2, PI I. jVTOTICB. The subscriber having purchased llio Li homo and premises formerly oecup ed bv Gi v Cothn, Esq. nearly opposite the Reading R i. i, , itiriingtnn, lias opened n litiAKlJl.M. lior.-i;, U which he will be happy to accommodate renil-inu n and ladies with the best attentions, and upin i'a oil able terms. fivv JOSHUA DOAM'. iol t". w s. HARD WARC-Hutchcr's heavy I'll . I' son's do. nnd rasps. Hand ssv'v Files. P Screws. Norfolk Latches, hand and pnnml S east steel Wood Saw si knives and forks, hot buck hniidlrsi Tea Servers, Pad Irons, Shny Is and tongs, wool cards, hore cards, augers, trace chair., manure folks, Ames' shovel, rtc. by n. .u. (iii)niNu:;, i- l BROWN Tab'e Cli.tln, 8 ly 10-lih-, nil linen. Al-o line bird's eve ib.v li'inia diaper; cotton jnrnt blaeu and v.n"c '.rs ding ; tatting and wi'-kinc i for -nle by II. .11. VUl'lU.lli.S i. vvarr.iuii en .ra 7UEW 1TAH1,ISUMEVT. The si bser Lx bcrs would inform tlie Public thai tbcv Inv.i forniedaci-ipartnersh'punibrthe firm of MIT( lift t .V 11 ltl s. r.n.l eitont "led tne ( tho Hriek S'mp fnimetly ncc -p; iy ', -r , Wood, where they nie nim..'.i'"ti.i: ie 1 i n keep iQnjIaiitly nn an nssirc I-ii " si i 1-nrniturc, ct vnrt.nn k i us nn-i p, - ,i i ers; ali, h tew ep!n n-i lias-, i nt. s n f r cash. All kinds of luninr uwd mlaj AI ' j received in exehang? for Forniinii. H'.ir!;r.;ion, Dec. J iclO. " . M Jim A. HtllNI's ill i Cabinet Shop on Cafllu's T.npc. DI". R MR Permit me to infi-m ) on nr. I in v our vtcinilv that I nm st.ll eniraf 1 CABINET BUSINESS, and that r.EPisn r any Hung in my line mnv he nought ot nic.v. s. i terms ss any where nt tins m-.rke:. I nm n wt u various causes making work cheaper than lever t i before: and all payr.p customers vv helper o'.u c j n.sw I shall h." happy to -co at the New Shop, o na pains w 1! be "riarcd to satisfsction. 1 ' i-a t Produce rev il a usual and a irrrt-i: cub, i,f l is, anv left m the country.) will bn found to i'a w Icra a few rods east of Chnrch-st. 1), K. PANGl'ORN Burlington, January II, 1?1I AlOM OF I.IVEIIWOI5T for C m r ri Dyit t pna, Athms,and all de ea-cs r f , I n1f4 an 1 Liter. These ibica-rs ptevad to a gn-a cat, creaimem-iehdiHro-isaniUonietaia,'ty. A ' cocao le rcmnbtsl by the n'e ol nr. laylor's r- m f Liverwort. I In mcdn'ine is pnrnly teg'n e h"i from i" pis-uliar a tun upon the Liver i a vets i it a radical rcniisly for ihee ili-can. I n ti , e m I men in a very weak state, no medicine can In s grntifil a rcti ranvr as it not only Urtnc'licn., 1 ut purifies and give, a healthy action io then u .ys. tem. Constantly ior sale by N, LOVELY t l w i have ptsi reeeivel a fri-h-upply of .eaions ic Gic'.s from New York, all very cheap for cu h. Hiirlineion, Inly 30, IS III. mean of savins ihoiisamU from an tintimrlv crave It Ins Icon sold and uted I'or thirty years, with great sitivc-s, and lound very I'ltieaciou- in tne iniiowins diseases, viz, Cnns'i.iipuon, Wlinojiim Coiicli", enin mnn Cough, Co'd., dulicnlt Hrcaihing, Inibu'ui.i O.nn.i- t.iloii-i I'liiln.ii'. Snitiuia of Hon.l, l l.llll- iciry, livbgi-tion, Loo-ene-s of ihe Hnwil, Fi'stl cverv kind, Cramps, Kick?!, Crl.e, Catntjn, Dy-en-laiv,' Fainting, llvpnebon lri ic Aileetinn-, l!i':.d.iel c-, Sickneisnl Siomach, Me-i bv, a preventivti tj'tjo.i-lagiouidi-eaT', Gnul and Uhi"imati i. Cj" beabovi'Mobcine i-preian-l I y Henry Sev iiinur.ofHadlev. Mas.. from ihcOiigiual Recipe, Iv Ibcdirt-viinn nf said Moore, and nil by bun and ihe nriiieinul Drugi'i-ls in Ibe UnilixlSlutcs, ' Si 1 1 w hole-ale and re'atl, 1 v J. iV. J, II. Peel; Co dundbc i. A. I in k eV ( , Hurl n'rte.n, and ly :wluT ,iier.Uy ibro.ig bom GI'.lt.MAN COl'C.lI SVHT'I'. VFew do7ens of this famo it nn d., if f ,'i.rr o Colds and Cimc,h, arc f r sale bv ' s bsti bers. Ricommciidalenis fnm u art if ire1 'em canbo given. TllI'.O. A. Pl'.l K i CO. AporVvor'P, (Vur 11 t,j, .s( r. VJI'.W TAILORING EST HI.t.inil'.'T J .1 H1i.iM.ti I i.ire Til? s.ibs. rg.-'i I 3 com- incnenl tho (.ii'iormg buslin es in ihu ph , hud I do all kind nf work in his lutein a. m .1 sty! ns t s done at anv shop m ibis sc'tiuit of count, v. t utt.. 5 one l nil tinicif, on shot t notice. WVNTEll- n nnnieniiee at the al ove tu:i s. JEREMIAH JIARR1NGTO.V Nov. 10, 1SI0. TlItOWN SHEETINGS, 3,000 vards. 1B0 pieces ilis ' X C i' 1 alsi ixuddli';, baiting, und' wickmg, for SJICOl -a. s.u 5.