Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 9, 1841, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 9, 1841 Page 1
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... NOT THH G L O n Y OF 0 Si SAR, BUT TUB WE iTrTT B O P RoTT BY H. B. STACY. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, APRIL 2, 1811. VOL. XIY....X0. 4:. Tavern Stand l-'oi-Hale. THE subscriuel oilers for sale bis Tavern slnml, IjcsI known ns llic Hldridge place i"o times irniii 1110 college, on tlio Winooski Turnpike, with .1-1 nnrna nf,1 Im.l 'l'l... house is J0 feet squire, two stories high; one liam JO by oO feet, horsc-sltcd an. good sin Ides, wood shed TEW BOOKS-Blnke's Biogrnphicni Dictionary nnd granary. The stand being on the corner where i 109C pastes large imperial octavo; Johnson's the Hincsburgh road intersects the turnpike, there is i conipltlo works new edition, Hymn's works, Wake's not a better location for a tavern stand between Bur- Letters on confirmation, Wake's Evidences of chris lington and Monlpclier. Any enteipn-ing man with tinml v, just received by iy23 C GOODHICH i small capital may own a mod establishment bv " NOTICE. 1!. II. KELLOGG, Tailor, would rcpect fully infoiin the inhabitant'' of Builington that he has commenced the above business in the building directly opposite the old Stone Factory at I be Kail-, and would be happy to Wait on nil who'inny favor It a til vv lib Ihoir patronage. N. II. Cuttingdnitu to order. j.2S:lt "purchasing tins property. utlincton,lnrcli 1st, 1311. LEWIS II1GBEE. April next. TO HUNT, oession given inimedialcly.the ..Store at Winooki I'nlls, latch' o 'cu- .pied by I.athrop & l'otwin. Also tho econd ? torv of the same finished sui'nblv -eor a i mill), possession given loc luill 01 r ic tiroccrv am i itovihoij . ore ai v iccupicu oy l.aiurop iv, rutwin in tins village, posses sion given the 20ili ofFcb'y inst. The House now occupied by Moses Farrnr, lot mely by II. W. l'otwin, with 1-1 acre or more of land if desired for a garden, being a most desirable residence, possession given tho 1 st of May next. Apply to MAYO & WAIT. Hutliiigton, I'd) 11. 1S11. Kami for I'or Sale. rpiIK subscriber oiler- for salca Farm . X otic anil a half miles from thoCollege f on the Winooslti turnpike, containing 50, 100. li(). or '200 acres of html :is the. tinr- fliaser may clmosc. The buildings with little ex pense may be put in good condition for a tncin, and i here is not a better locution for Mich an establishment between Burlington mid Miintpelici. Tciiusof pay ment easy, and any indii'rious nriu wiih a small capital may own a good establishment in a few years by purchasing this propertv. en u;.vci:v Goodrich. llurlington, Jan. 11, IS It. 1 I l km 701l SAI.l'.. A very valuable farm, sit J. uateil in .Hilton, oiin'aiiiing loO ncie, wall a house, two barns, and out-build- . iiiL's. two good orchards, and Iiom 12 1 to ljO aeres improved, the remaining part is well tim bered. Terms easv, and possession given hniiii-dntc-lv. pply to Janus S. Plait, Milton, or to I.. II. l'latt, ,'olcbestcr. March 10, 1 11. TO iii:xt. ""pill. prcnii-c occupied by Mr.C. Mer--L ritt, en College -tact in ar the -quale Joiners Shop, Dvv Jfev-tl HUM Mi. llranian's B, mi- ling houc. contauung Joiners Shop, Dwellings etc, Also, tho brick buililing next l'.a-t of Storey.vmtain'ng Slorrand dvvcl II. LEAVENWORTH. March 21, 1311. ( 1 1 "IN I3T .. Al!i:. -Thesiibscrihcrhasrcsiini-V' ej the Cabinet business ai the old "bop on Churcli street, lorm -lly occupied by.iclu)s A. llcrrick, ami leceutly by li. R. Walker, xvhem lie intends to imnu fii'ture and keen constantly 011 band all kinds of CABIVET FURNm'RE, of a style and quality not inferior to any imiiiifaclurcd 111 tins 1c111itv. Ilu hopes hisl.iiige.xpciiciice, t igclhn wilha strict nllin tiniitotln buVmcsss, will secure him a share of the P'ibbe patronage. ''IrWANTr.D in exchange for Cabinet Work, llirdi and Maple Scantlet, suitable for b.'dsteads; bassW(l id-ink, and boards from 1 inch to i inch ; white 1'inc ooirils. Mot kinds of country pioduee icccImcI in Jnvini'iit, (but cash would hovi"rvnceiiinble.) liiirlin.'Mii, Jan. 1,1SI1. .SAMiT.t. MCUOI.S. S TAIItS. III' snivel iber would leiiiinil hisfri'nds and the public tint hcoceiip'os a room in Church street, over ICern ami Walker's s' )ic, where he will erne his personal at tention to R" 'airing Clocks nf ; ry des' enption. Tlio-c wliich hae bem in use linny jvMis tilted up in good stjle Tllil made "to have the appeal ne-c of "new. llo w nildals.) give nonce tint lie ha-resumed bis finnir bus.nei.s of repair. ng Watches: nil riuriisiid to care will be carefully n paired and warranted. Hav ing been eni'ig"d fur twenty vears ptist in iinkiuL'iis well as renaiiiiii: Time keep ers, he tru t hi-experience in the business inlilomm togives.itisiaction totliosc favor lum wath a call. -A few Clocks for sale, on commission. J. A. Dl'A.M.MI Ilurlmgto,). Dec. 2 1310. INA.iO v.vir.i:it land a large amoti winch C(Ki.VC IIRVNDV, I St. CROIX RUM HOLLAND UI.V, I A variety of WINKS and almost every article in the Ororerv line, all of x Inch he will sell on the most leasonable tcinis. He would also inform Tavei n keepers in particular that iie will sell rum, brandy and gin for G"! cents a gallon, which ho will warrant of a better quality than some wliich hac latclv been hawki il about the country by n certain New Votk pedlar, and if not adjudged by lie best judges to be better, be will not ask any pay lor thcin. He 'unites them 10 call and compare. flurUnston, Oct. 1SI0. tf. I.) Iir.TORICAL RKADKR 200 just ren'il for sale XV at Andover prices by C GOODRICH Meadows' French Dictionary, JJ 2.i I'osdiek's Krcncb Introduction, 3"i (.ray's Chemistry, R0 Voung Orator, just receded and for sale at publishers wholesale prices teachers arc rcrmcsted to examine thcin. C GOODRICH LADIES' fine Kid, Merino, Merlin, and black silk Gloves i w hite nnd colored Merino Hose, black worsted and win c cotton do. Gentlemen's black Kid Gloves, heavy black do. Vine ehstic anil wrbb suspenders for sale by H. M. OIDDINGS ,- Co. LKTIT.RS of Mrs. Adams, the wifTof "jolin Ad ams, for sale at tlio book store, by Jan. 23. D. A. IIRAMAN. "IARWKLL'S SIIOF.S Ladies' kid Walking X Shoes, spring heel and Trench kill Slips, gaiter Roots, Gentlemen's Pumps, and Childrens Hoots of Karw ell's make just ree'd and for salebv January 2'J, 1S10. II M GlDDlNGS if- Co Q1LKS Ileal black Italian Silk, blue black gro dc U Swiss, Silk, Colored Kloraiiecs, also, Silk Velvets, worsted Surge nnd sup. 1'lack Lasting for saleby January 29, 1910. II M GIDDINGS i- Co DOWN'S Vegetable Iialsnmic lilixir ! for sale by TIILO. A. IT.CK .. Co. Apothecaries. riMIIILAIiS.ixro. X tlueads. 5011 40 pi 'Y5TJS crs.he tri will V who favi r. s.- TT S recciecd and ki'cps i'ontantlv on 1 I and full es.s0,tme,lt ot liROCIUtlLS, I.IVHHY STAIU,!:. TT AVING niadeextcn-ive ie- J X mm . ' is-i-iao.ei'iV 300 lb-, white nnd colored cotton 01b-. linen do. Aflfl bundle- I Oil sl.ein tin cad. 20 lb-. Indian -I'wiiiL--. 10 lbs. Italian twi-l, for -ale-by VII.AS, I.OOMIS, Co. 1IALKS brown shcetiue-. 2 elo. power loom ticks. 0 ca-es York 1I0. 1 I ale .III inch lap-. I bale eanva-, jusl received nnd for -uV bv Nov.2S, Id 10. VILAS, I.OOMN e- Co. ' TO Trl V. 1 N IXirItNATiI. rglHK s'ib.-cril ers baee re'ecucl the well known . arlifle, Clooafrood's Elixir of Health, for llic eaue ol 1I1 ea-- nn-iiig Iruin nu ill -la'e iif tho Sleiinacb, -in b as IrJ0 Ileailaclu', T1 Lo ol iippellli I'alpila'ion 1 I llic Heart, .f-e". I' ha- irncu licabli and ener-'y to niulliludcs nilbc !ed willi bal ileal Costiei'iie--. I be hrn'i.M I lln- v.ilea' Ic iniilicinc 1- -n embli. li ed lb it nil inav I e e'liab'ed to id linn it. At wliolc-iue and ictail I v IIIIX). A. I'KCK .(. Co. Apoilicvar.'c., Court Ilou-c Square. OR SAM, About ten tons of Ha v, of good quahtv nnd in good condition. Annlv in I2.I1111. ldll. HICKilfC it CATMN. for sale bj , Co. Ol'N Itldll, 4 March, 1811. Hear ye, Hear yc To all llic iuliabilants ol the Orcen Aloiinlain Sate Icil known that the Inventory wase-omplct-toil 1 1 I nijilit, the exact condition of llic farmers' me cbaiiK'N and people's cheap cadi sloro fo'ly nseer lauied. Howard, not wnnling nny nthcr oilicc, will If continued as the agent. This long triiil estab lishment ha- existed llirounh four administrations ol the general m eminent, nnd this nu, ruing commen ces upon the lilili, under cheering eiri-iini-iances, such nsn mo-t brilliant sun ri-c, waving lings, roarof Republican Artillery & the Smiles it voices of go on go 011 of.i whole people rejoicing at tl.e pro-poet of belter times, eV of yet buying Goods Cheap nt Howard', Hurrah, Hurrah, Iliirrali,'for the Cheap Cash Stole & the Aeent whose faculty is Taxed 8100 for .selling Goods Cheap to the I'eoplc. AM'ACCA CLOTHS for cloaks j crapes comb lets, caiublctccns, goats' hair nnd common wors ted cntnblcls, printed Snxonys, plain and figured nl pines, plain nnd printed muslin dc laines, nil wool, now openingby )(K. I.OVKLY & CO. REAL. 1JSTATI3 VOll SMAi, At a cheat u mioais. The proprietor offers for snle the pie inises in the village of llurlington, now occupied by H. U. Stacy, F.sq.ns n dwelling house, printing office nnd reading room Tho premises are convenient for a store and dwelling house or for offices of almost any description, and nre situated in the centre of the most business part of the tow 11. For terms of sale and payment, inquire of Charles Russell, lVarl si. Burlington, or A. L. Catlin, of Or well Vt. AMF.RICAN DICTIONARY OF Till. F.NG L1SII LANGUAG1. First edition in Octavo, containing the whole vocabulary of the Uuarto with corrections, improvements and several thousand ad ditional words, to which is prefixed nn introductory dissertation on theorisin, history and connection of the languages of western Asia and Kurope, with an explanation of the principles on which languages arc formed i in two vols. l!y IS'oali Webster, I.. L. D. For sale nt the bookstore. D. A. IIRAMAN. March 2, IS II. AXKS. Simmons' CastStul Av. 11. M. GIDD1NG jV O t H'l'..--'l'lus certifies that 1 hae I'ixen mv I son r.uo.-h Johns, his time to trade and act fo'r hunsi If, ami tint I shall n illier claim nnv ofhis earn ings nor pay any ol his debts after this diitc JI'.IIll'.L JOHNS. Attest, IS'ori.n L. Jonv. Huntington, lb. 2.J, l-'ll. mirs bv adilnion of pew buildings, Hmso, Cariiagcs, IliriuHSl Sadillts, itc. the subs illier ispn pared toaccoin- inodatc the public in good style and 011 short notice. Single, Ttndcui, four or six Horse Teams will be furnished 10 par tes of tib'asure. A man mav be fjiilid 111 the llarn at any houi, ilay or night, to at tend cal's. (a-h paid for O its and Ilnv, 3 doors I'.ast 1 f ihc Log Cabin, or at my slitqi 2 il.'ors of J, oL J, II, I'cck & Co.'s stoic. SAMUr.I. S. liurlingtrn, Dec. 12, 1510. rpiir.r.uiiingtoiiUKr.wr.KY bus X now coiiiiuencul business , and will have new llecr in a few davs, . w hen all oiders will be punctually I attended 10. llurlington, Sept. 1S10. GHO. 1'iriT.KSON. T.ihc I'artlcii'ar Notice A ,Cf I. contemplate a change in business this spring, X. it is desirable lint .all perRops mdebt.-d to me call and settle by the 20th ot .March oei, 01 mlier wiseall noil's and accounts tint hac become due will be left 111 the bands of an nitoinev for collection. I hope no one will complain of this explicit call, nor fad 111 L'leeiiumedi ite attention. K. I'.. I'VANS. lliiilington, Feb. 2.1, 1311. XUTICIi TO It I) I I.DCHS. " rtlllK -ub-ciili'r will firni-li in tS'irliiigiiin and .1 viemiiy, Gl'AMTLwindow up-, ilU, iiinler piniiiiiir, Tlue-holil-and Door .tep- if any i1,.eiiji lion, ol the lir-t qualiiy. A bill ol any -lone'evl will I e a"ended 10, niid i'I niforiiia'nm I inn-bed l .Me- r . rolb-tt llradlcy, l'eel,s iV Co.. and llradley & Hyde. An piT-eil can M-e ihc fjiinllly ol'ibe -lone, I y tl'10-o I'.irnl-bed lor Jmlge Folle'tV IiI'Iitit I're-i-dent Wheeler', hi 11 e in llurliiigtrui. It 1- pre-unied that the qu iluy and price of the clone will warrant a .-eiieral n-e if liiiilder-will tal.i' the 1 r "il le lo ex amine lire -t and price'. t;i;0. W. COI.LA.MKH. Marie, Vt. Fcl roarv IS II. dm l.O.VK SUGAIt. OniLF. RLITNKD LOAF SFGAH. also an excellent ai tide of Mola-ses for familv use, for sale cheap bv J. I', WIIAMNG & Co. Dec. Hi, 1310. TOIt.U'CO. T I'. WHALING & CO. inform the public, that I they 1110 Agents for Sargent. Snraeiie it- Co. Tobacconists, Albany, . V., who nianiifrncturc a very superior a-ticlu of I'apcr Tobacco in every a riety ol sue. Grocers and others will find it lo their ndwintngc to c ill and examine the arucle. Also Ring Tobacco of different qualities, nil of which will be sold cheap for cash. Also Snuff nf diU'ercnt kinds. j ODINK SPRING WATF.R. A recently disnner X ed fountain at Saratoga and contains properties knoHii in no other SpiiugilM freedom from Iron lenders it safe In be drunk by a ceilain class of inva lids with whom Iron proves Injurious the quantity of Iodine contained in this water renders it ibe most v:il. liable mineral water fu every species of Scrofula vet hseomed.fors.ilcby J. & J, II, l".UK & Co. NOTICE. The sfibscribcr having purchased the house nnd premises formerly occupied by Guy Catlm, F.sq. nearly opposite the Iteading Room, in llurlinoton. Ins nnciicd a HOARDING HOL'SI'.. nt which he will be hannv to accommodate trenllamcn and ladies with the best attentions, nnd upon reason able terms. Ow JOSHUA DOANI. HARD W.HH.-lliitchcr' heavy Fibs, lidiol son's do. and rasps. Hnnd ssw Fibs. ISutts, Sciews, Norfolk Lntchc. hand nnd liannel Saws. cast steel Wood Saws; knives .and folks, bone and buck linnilles; 'lea Servers, Sad Irons, Shovels and tongs, wool cards, horse cards, augers, trace chains, manure forks, Ames' shovels, etc. bv II. M. tilDDl.MiS, it Co. 13R0WN Table I'hul 1 J all linen. leu-.ia iha.ier ding ; I ailing 10- lib-, warranii'd eye' iliaper ; e rash, 8 bv Al-o line bird's cotton jam; black and while wad and wiekuig ; (or -afe bv II. M. GIDDINGS ei Co. ATH'tV USTAHI.ISII.Ml'NT. The subscri- li bers would inform tlie public that thev bac formed a copartnership under the firm of MITCHI'.Ll, et HARNKS, and established the Culintt limiiins in the llrick Shop formerly occupied by Abbott nnd Wood, where thev nre nianiifactiiriii!' nnd intend to keep constantly on band nn assoitnicnt of Sofas and v urniture, ol various tonus anil prices to suit custoin- crs; also, a fev spleiiilnl Urash t iocks cheap for cash. All kinds of lumber used ill Cabinet Making receive I in exchange for Furniture. llurlington, Dec 2 1310. T. M. MITCIIF.I.L. A. HARNF.S. Cabinet Shop 011 Catlln's l.ane. DF.AR S1R: Permit me to inform you nnd others in vour xiciniiv that I nm still cng.aecd in the CARIN'F.T HIISINF.SS, and that ndiioino custom, any thing ill mv line mav be bought nf nioon ns good terms n nny w here in tins market. 1 am now iroin various causes making weak cheaper than I e-xer elid before: and all paying customers whether old or new I shall be happy to see at the New Shop, xehcre 110 pains will be spared to give satisfaction. Lumber and Produce ree'd as usual and a liitir cash, (if there is nnv left in the country,) will be found to do wonders a few rods east of Chine h-t. I). K. PANGBORN. llurlington, January 11, IS 11. BALSOM OF I.IVKHWOKT-lor Con.iinqiiie.n Dv-I e'p-in, Ast,ma,aiid all ib-cu'cs ol'ibe Lung and Liver. Tlu'-e di-c.i-c- prevail loagreat extent, ci citing in ich distress and -oniel'aialiiy. All ibe-eeao le rcniebe:d by the u-i' u( Dr. Taylor'- Hil-omol Liverwort. Thi- medicine is purely Vcgital le, nnd from its peeiiliaraeiion tqion theLhen-a ways found a radical reiue-ly for tbe-e ili ca-es. i'or reinaje-and men in a ery weak -talc, no nie'ilieine can le .11 grateful a re-toratie, a- it not only stiengiheus, bm purities and give- a be'.ilthv action 10 ibe whole -v- tcni. Con-tantlv tor -ale I v N. LOVLLYoV Co. who have iu-t rereieed a fresh -upply ot -eMsonablc tioods from New York, all very idieap' for c.i-b. lliirlinsion, Inly .10, 1SI0. ATI'.W TAILORING K STA 1! 1. 1 S H M F.NT 11 .1 It tnon'.'a I tltasr. 1 lie subscriber has com meiiced the tailoring business In this place, nnd will do all kinds of work in bis line in as good style ns it is doneat any shop in ibis section of country. Cuttiti" one at all tunes, on short notice. n ,i,xi 1.11 .in nppieniice at 1 lie anme Pisiness. JLRL.MLUI HARRINGTON. Nnv. 10, 1310. D I nil! Hill 1 T Jo-t rc eived 13. .20 and 217 by 'Joa-cmeui- 1,1 sa-b, a lir-t r.i'e article nt 31 and : I'ciits per ligln ; al-o a-i i.oeis iiiio-i.s) ,,,, ,.,. 1 10 orler. Tieonderoga blaek lea I, a lir-t rate article, for He- as cheap a- ejii bu lotmd at any otlu r csiabli-h-lnciit 111 lliu place. Gr.o, Pi.Tt.ii'io.v, SINGLE. DOUBLE. UMBILICAL. Tl'.ST rce-M a -upply of Mar-b' cib bratc.1 Tru-tes, of every description, for -iibi by theilo?en or single Oct. 10, 1810. THKO. A. PLCK et CO. nl,M KSIITII."Tbe siibscriler having re moi-i.t from Ml am-, and commented llie!..,in nil 11- tbrm, 111 the new fbop .... i..a. l-.!l..ii ,x: llr.ed ev1- Store Ull .,.OU-v.ll puis., , . . ,. , , would ic-pivtlnHvinvile the inhabitants (d lliiilington and vicinity to gic lum a call, u- ho is t illy prcparesl to do all kinds c I work 111 his line, on Die .liorle-i no 1 1. I t-l manner, nil most lavi rable terms. He na for many war-pn-l kivcii hi' paili;o! .r atleiiiie 11 lo Ibe llor.e-' -lus'iug bii-uit-., and lainciy in all it. 1. ,.,i. I I'roin ibe long cxpcnenec winch b bat bad, nnd the general inhumation be ha- domed both from theory and practice-, bo feels lullv confident 111 re eciiinieudiir,' liiuoelfti' the pul lie. Ho will In pro parelat all tunes in Rive hn personal attention to "II L ir'- of work in hi- hue uch as Ironing ..ivgons nnd Sleigh-, Slopwork, exv. All bind-d cilge tool, maelo 111 ilu) 1 c-t manner .uvl 1110-t approved .tyle. He irin-lf that I y giving bu-iiie. bis mulividesl attcnlion and the low priee-t which be will I c enabled to fur nish work, to receive a li..ic (.f j;,l;'!r' V ,iV. n, Vpn 10 P!0. C'ODFISH, of superior quality for sile by ' IL. M. GIDDINGS et 1 CO. Ill's-11 mm, r.. i , .. iin.1,, iur - in1 nv II. .11. lillJIII.Xeis, uu, DU'.'S VK4l:ilili IttilsaiuiR i:i.lIIC ! byTHF.O. A. PKCK it CO. CoiiiHiiiifl Syi np of Icclsiml .lloss. HMDS eilebralid mcdicme for CONSUMPTION, X at w bolc.-ale or retail, by T. A. Pkck it. Co. riltl'.GORV'S IIILI.IOUS PILLS, wholesale and -r ru,;i ,y ,,,., , Tiir.o. A, 1'tc.K et Co. SXIIKK AXI TOHACCt). LORILLARD'S Maccoboy SnulT, do Scotch do in small bladders. no Smoking nnd chewing Tobacco, ,1jo No. 1 Plug and Cavcnd'ndi do, for sale by H. M. GIDDINGS et CO. TVTHW WATCIIKS Just reieivcd fotue New li l-.ngli-h batches and -ome genuine Oliver Q larlic-Watches, willi iecoii'1-, plain fine finished w.uciie-, veii,ive a lew poo.1 lawcr- ami pootl hnj lh watches Icfi winch will plca-etbe p'irelia or. -Marell lti.ll i'A.MillOKN d HHINSM AI II. IIKK'K I'Olt SAI.i:. rilllll subse nl cr otle'r- for Mi'e on reasonable term A rising of 100,000 lir-t rale Uriek Mtuate at .Mallets llav very convenient for Sloop, or, it is aece-- sii le lor Sleigh- from Grand Isle or oilier places, Apply 1 ....I. 'I'lnnrwi iv I'. to L-sex, March Rob i:iiri.o.N lavim:- LOOK AT THIS. "pili. copartnership of N, I.OVIU.Y et Co. by its X own limitation, will expire on the Plh of April next. Having by recent nrnvals added to our fall purchases, enables us to olfcr an assortment of sea- sonable and will selected GOODS, nslargoand of ns great a variety as was ever offered in ibis market at such prices, ns will 111 ike it fur the interest of cvr.r.v purchaser, to buy nt ihis well known establishment, or better known a the Cheap Cash Store, "on cheap side." We cannot enumerate, but would merely sav. we itavi' Dry Goods, or every variety nnd qualitv, Cnrpctingi, Fnglish, Scotch and American, Oil Cloths, a beautiful assortment, Rugs, Mails, Drugget for Floor Cloth", Crockery an I Glass Ware, Lniiking-Glasscs direct from the ininiifacturcr. Paper Hangings, DRY GROCr.RIF.S. Dry Codfish, Shad and .Mackerel, ltutler, Cheese, dried Apples, and Lard, for family use. Burlington, February 10. 1811. N. II. Neeel vvcnvnnv ihine to those indebted 10 mis urm 1 we snail see. . ICjP-LM PORTA Nl CAtTION,3j It is a singular fact undone much to I e regretted that valuable medicines, ns soon ns they I eeonie pop mar, nnd have icoeiveel Ihetcst and approval ofn discriminating public, nre sure to I ecounlerfeiied, nnd thus n bad and spurious article is immediately palmed upon tlicmisii-pectingfortlio genuine. This'has been notormusly tbeense vrith all popular tried and truly valuable niedieues I'or years pa-t, and will probably continue to I e the ea-e for j cars to come. The ba-e nnd contemptible counterfeit In this xvav meanly takes adviintngi; ol nil the e.Ibrlsand adver tising used by the proprietors of tho genuine article, to get their medicines mtoiisi; and de-erved poplu.iri IV. It i therefore not less thodulv than it contribute, to the- safety of every lionet individual in the com munity loexpo.e, frown down, nnd forevernfie-rDIS-TRe'LTnll itF.AltTLl-SS IN GRATIS vv ho lliu-i, re spoil trifle with be'alili and life. v iC'lUKKLFOKi: TAKI-; NOTK'lf-iJ T bcrc is a icrson by the nnine of, I. I). 10C1II' r OUT. now engaged 'in selling a Pill done up in boxes inexact and perfect imitation of the genuine INDIAN VLGLTAIILf: PILLS, with the omission ofonlveme wool on the lloxe viz. Wniciir. The Pdl Mild bv this Roelicfort arc evidently inleiidiil as a fraud axil imposition upon the community, vr they yould not have Leon done op 111 Mich cxact'iniii.aUou of the gen uine. Thisper-ou i. tall bbi-tering willi a ifteat the ntrical swagger. He wa recently known as a very poor jdnyer in llaltimore, umler the musical cognomen of Jim lliovv 11, nnd is about twenty live vears eifage' It is almost Icyundn doubt that lie is supplied with tbel'ills Irom u Druggi-t linn in this city, who have heretofore licen iiolcnou-ly eonncelesl with counter fell medicine.. As soon n proof is obtained the foun tain bead of ibis nefarious bu-iue.s will be ex o-ed, that the community may .-bun them ai they wguIcI n se'rpent. IN TDK MEAN TIME l'llft PUBLIC ARE CAU TIONED against buying WRIGH TS KniAV VrriETAnlx Pn.t.s of any one who doe. not exhibit a certificate of arcn ey signed by the agent for the New England .Sates and 'earing elate since January 1810. Al-o take ar ticular notice that the following wording is 011 thulx cs Wright's Indian VcgelablePi'l. (hid. Purgative) of ibe North American College of Health. The Indian Vtgrtabtc Villi me h ecnaia cure foi ilijcHP ill Hscvirj vaiielyof lurill, brcill.-e lliey 1I10 loiighlt cle.infc tlie sio 'h and bunrU, induce a pio- per di-ch.iie bv t lie lungs, -kin nndkidiic), ami mi mul.ite ihc bliiiid 10 put 1 fy il-clf. In oilier noid. dny upcn allilieu diaiiis, and leave NAIUnE the Grand J'hysician) lice to diive ibe.ue from the body. The iibnvc omleis, or diains, are the common sewers nf ihc bodv, tloniigli .vhich all innibidand cor- ruil I lors (1 lie caii.c ol ili?cac) me can led off; and so lung as they nic all kept open, nnd dijrhnrse Cicely ibelr nllniied poi lions of biipio by, Ibe body will eon. liiuir in lieallh ; bul when finui e.niu iniprupei fond, btealhiiiii impiilc nil, sudden trnn-iliuiln fi cm beat to cold, ovei rxhaik-iitin or an) oilier cpn-e, 'lie bowel, become cn.iive, ilie porp. ol ih ?kin becoine clo.eil, 01 lliekidnpvs fail a perforin llieii fiinclion propeilv. ibe iiiipm ines vvliirli shmiM be drained lion llie bod) by llie-e oiillel. w ill be retained, uud cnnliiine 10 ne. ciimulaie iinlil llic bud) beciiiues literall) haded vviib rl is.i?e. If ibe eliinti'Uof mir ininlitv rneis sliotdd become bloc ked up, would not the acci iiiulned waleis find new fiulb'ls, or llie coiinliy tipcome iiinndaled J11.1 fo iv 11I1 the litnna 1 body ; if i hp 11.11 in 11 lib niii be- niiie clo-cil, ibe jit.igil.ini ami coi 1 lipl liiliun s ev ill find vein 01 llie vniioiis foinot 01 ui-ea-p puck hs l-evei, Small Pox, Mp.i.Ip, RheiiiiMli'ini, G011I. Aimplexy. Sir. nr Dentil eetll en I our fiill'etinis Tlieitfoie, evlien nirkne4 at llie sluuiacb, li.iins 111 lb? back nnd ide, rpnek pnbe, bioinnii.kin, Ol nil) o'ler llnplea. .ant syniploois, indicaip thai one 01 more of llie na. lurnl iliains .ne not dipt baiiiiig fieclv. nnd llie ciiu-li. till ion 1 . 1 In nil 10 commence a .1 niggle hit 1 1 - re-inra ion of iieallb no lime sliuuld be lopl in aCinuH"crin! 1 fe v In i-K diniei nl the Indian Pine:,ilvp tlndian Ve Kttubtc Pills.) Ity so ilout", ull llie Inntlion. d llie body will be leiiloied 10 outer, tml llie foil humors (llie cause ofeverv iutlaiiMlion or 11011 we differ) will be lemnvci! in po ea-y and 1141t1t.1l .1 manner, that ibe body will he icnnird a if bvnebaiiit. The above 'ill may be liikeo 111 am. limes and under AI.Lcir. fitin-iaiicpii, with peifeei safely. I liey ntn alt com Jtlaintt .titil allatic. anil are lo I lit human ron-l i iilinn as 11.00 : con-rntieiiily llie can nfllfr Iniuif even the intiil tb Itca'e. Like nut food, lliev ate il terns I llelf llicicfoip they pnlt 1 inlo llie cireulanon and iiiiji.n I nu eiiPigy lo llie'l, winch enalile. 11 to llovv with lice- loin fume lo llie exliemiiies nnel ciuoetnipntlv In keen llie ioics of llie -kin 0 en. Tliey hip line and ppi li el I'ltrifieis of ibe bbiod ; b.caupeilipy drain all cnimpi liuinoi. fi nm 1 lie 1 life giving fluid, lliey imparl tiensiih nnd vigoi 10 llie whale .ylcni, nnd'llieir cf feels aicalwiiy benifieial ; became lliey tin I y reninvp lbii-e Intiilors vellii li .lie iiiiim-cd lo heallh. I'lieyaid and iinptnve die.lion, .11111 pound .hep fallow llieii n.e: liecau-e lliey clean-e llic siooi'irb and liowe p ol illo.i slimy bnmoiiis wliich mil oillv inilaie and exenr 'hp nei V011. .y.',ni, but paialyzi' and iveakpn llie di. aepliveolg 111s. In .lion lliey po-Ppp all lliey ipint! piooeiiies ihai can be churned lor any medicine : and whal lli vpiv lemarkabte, it iy ulleily iniiu?sib'c In n-e tlipm wnliniil iKiietit. Pnce2a cents per Box. with full direction-. Oi!oc niel Gcncial Depot fur the Ne'W England Suite., No, ll)STie.uontSlice'l,ue.ii' Court -troel, llo-tou. I he regular nnooiiited Agent- en 11 M-cetve their -un- plie. of ibe above popular Pill-, n. bcicu fore, from llie only ollieealnl general elepol lor Ilu" .evv t'.nglanil Male-, 10 j Ircmout -tree', lln. ion. IVdlars or trav el ling agent -a re not allow e.l to -ell tbegcninneindran vegetable Pill-, thciefore never piircha-e from ibein, for If you do von will be -lire to obtain a dangerous and coiuivi leit nrliclc. f Inr.o. A. Pkck eVt'o, Agent-in B irlinglrn. for the -aleoflbelndiau Vegetal le Pills, al-o, W. II. Hoi.t,uv, lill-ioil, vi nii'i .x, iiriu-iiiitiu, iiuriiiigion. T OOK AT THIS. HAVE YCUA COLOIIl , ..'."0"" DIE op cNNsUMntos every xcar tn the I lined States, and millions suiler fcom troublesome couens nnu coins, that can a curud v Dr. M. Iti11.l1 r1IIE LION OF THE DAY. NO J- PAY I The Genuine old Duti man A cgclablo Pills. Hiuldv iceommcnded by Ct'KE Nfl TII1T PAY I Tlie rSciniliiR old Dutch or ficr-XJ He.ulai be S.MI-F. I'-Vi f.'.W ''.F;' Ap t-"""i' 1 be h.M r !. I 11. Mm 1 1. .01, mi ,,r 11, . j thing yi'l known, for lemovmg llrn troul icoiih il '.ejil, auj too o.!Lf:v." Dr. M. Ililcli- Dpet.VnlcntieMott,.M. D. of N. V., and others.' ea.eTlhc Catarrh and al-o a c7,l,i u, li nuvlienl i,r,.,.-Moii, ..,.,......'... '1 ' .1 ,"'' are the oner.! Anyone that dee. not I. ml te- 1 hea.lac ,e. II op.ns mid pome- out all oi,.iroet,on ii-cl in an ex ic .ive orn,' ' ? rZ 'Z7 I !,tM ,0'" V". ru l"ue'1 1 nl-''. '"-0 Miensllieiist heirlaud-.nndmve.a bcalihy action tc.ii.u nieisi positively nllbrel relief, and save you from that awful diseae'C, pulnionarv eonsuiniion, wlnth usually sweeeps into Ihc grave hiuinreds ertlie young, the old, the fair, the: lovely and the gay. Have vou a cough ? lie persuaded u, purchase n be'iltleol ihu'Cough Drops to-day ! To-inorrow mav I e too bite. Have you a cough! Dr. Hitceeok'.s egetable Virgin Cream Cough Crops is the only remedy you should lake lo cure you. l-or Ihi.plaig reason. That in iioonuoflhctliausnnd ca-es where it has U'en 11-ed has it Inileel lo relieve Pi ice , Scents per botlle. For sale, wholesale nnd Re tail, by A. HITCHCOCK eV CO. No. 117 Oeuc-ee .t.. I tica. N. Y. And be Ibeir ntrnnl. tl, rinl, miiI il... t'niled Stnlcs. In Burlington, bv t. X, I Jt. twt Co., Thco. A. Peeket Co. In Vergcnncs, bv J. H. Bowman. In Milton, by Burnet & Sawyer. In Geor gia, by Lorenzo Janes. nit.2 1N(iUIItl...ASK TIIOSK WHO KNO I'lione only who know bv lual 01 iinniediaie oliser VHlion, can fonn any idea of ibe eflecis, of Ibe pcilecl relief, of llie alinosi cliaiuitike cmes effected In rn.p. of ibe Piles, Riikumatism, nil Svvi.lmnos, nnd all exieinal Pains, no uiaiier how tevere, by 1 tie ue of HavsM.iniinpnl. Find one who lias used it'ihal will not land it nbnve nlllbings evpr tired, nnd )on will llnd what cannot be found. JCTTJI'or tlip lehelol fiiffer ing liumaii beings who urn) be nfilicied, I beg vou in nk k of tbn.e who know nsk ibp Hon, Al.FBKU CoNKLIN, U. H. Judge for that ihslrirl, residing near Auburn; nek UlATrilnw J. Mykkj, Ei. Alliens, N. Y;akGpii. Dukf G re E r.K. lale of Wa.hinsion city, each of ihei-e gpuileinen know nfeares uneoiiqnei. able b) all oilier remedies or pliyiocians, ilionsh nied for many vear., Ihal have bpfn cured by llic imp of llie g.'iiuiiieoj' Liniment. Th .eiMiid. ofoilipr peisnns know similar cuies. We appeal 10 ibeir ene nf jus, lire their human feeling. ICTIt is but a duly )un owe 10 )nur suffering IVIIow-beiuiis lo let Ihisgieai rpined v be known. Speak of il then to nil join fneads Thi? vvill save intirb pain wbeie the newspaper nie not read, or wl.prp ic.iders aip ineiedulou., beeau.eiio many vvorihle-s articles me ndveril-ed lor 1 lie fame purpose. To bujprs we say, if nil who havs lined it do not say il i. hevond nil prii-p, llieii do 1101 lake 11 The prnpricior will uol allow this article to lip p lid foi unlp.s 11 cme,vvhpu nil llie dnection. mpfnll) follow ed. Will nnv one suffering refuse now lo irv 11 Ifhe does, lie ought to be pitied more fur hi. nbsiinary ihan bis -ufferiug. tCylr. Havs vvnuld never eoasenl tfi olfcr Ibis niliele, weie be not compelled In Ids sense of moral ol religion, dnlv 10 do all in hi powei lonbp viclims of dinlrep. and mi-erv. Fortius piirptipp be would -onttpr devote a foi nine, linn eeriue a doll.r for an) woilhleM arlicle. tCP'l-OOK OUT.- Some svvimllers have couniei felled llus aniele, nnd put il up willi various devices. Do not be imposed upon. One thieg only vvill protect )nit il i. llie name of CoBinfoeA fy Co ; that name inti-i be nbvavs 011 llie wrapper, 01 vnu ore ctieaied. Do 1101 foreel il. 'I'ake this diipe. ' lir.n wilt, tf.n. unit IP. I liu llil. .,r tiovor I.... Cn 1. I. impassible for an) other lo be true or genuine. NOI.UIIUN VS. fnlil by Comstork $ Co. ? Fleiclier siieei, N. Yoik. NILU A. I ciUlx o- Co. Wlioleiale Agenta fur Hie Stale ot pi inool arc the positive order- of the Proprietor lo agent- and part, aieeleil. It i.pi rltrt'r Irec from a'nv ilimgdele others. Ill o'lermgtliesc pills to the public, I nppcal terio i. in it. coniio.itioti hn. a Ica-ani II iv r, nnd to their intelligence. If these pills nre not vvluit thev its immediate e 'cc-', nfierleing ii-e.1, i nl.giccabli' rci'ommended, you nre in duty bound cut of re-pect Price 11 T cents per bottle. lo yourself and conim ly to le.eet them, nnd publi-h j Doel. .Mar-hall's Vc.ctnb'c Indian Black PLAf-TlR. them to the world as nn imposition, humbug nnd 1 fir Plnsier is imnvnlleil for curing .enifi'liai- suel quackery. Thepiiblie may 1 c nined ihcy are purely bugs, S -urvy Sores, Lame Back, nnel Kre-b Wonnels ( ii, i j .in-u,iniiu-ni oi nine mereoiiii., pari ol lliu meshcine li only found in A-ia nnd in llie val leys of Germany. For convenience the-e exlracts arc mane into pills and will I e lound n sure cure or re ' i,!,tn. in it... ...1... II. .. ... ..I I ....a . ..I I ..I .. I .' '"- I " '1-- uiiu i. unu sriuuio tans lo give relief in local Rlic itnatl-m-. If npidicd to the .siele,it will cure many ol ibicoinmou Liver Coinplanilsj and is equal, if not .upcrior, to nny llnng m u.e for corns on the feet-, (he virile, of lhi I'la-ter have lien wiinc-'Cii I v thousand, ol wulividunls ,n tho rniie 1 Slnlc-, w ho'liuve le-luil its ellicM-y. Soldlyiho pro prietor ; Clin. Uneven, Midillebur), Vt., uud 1 m.o. N Peck iSi Co., Burlington, t. jcl lief for nil bdlious complaint-, yellow and billions levers, tevcrnmi ague, jnmuhee, senrlei ra-h, billuno chol in ilispcp-ia, etc. It i nut pretended that this ineiiicineis a core lor nil to which the human ' sy.tem s liable. Ien thou-and u-elcs cllorls have, I ecu made to draw from the regions nlind. nown fanm- some loiig-.piin theory of maaie art, v. lneli would TTAII1! IIAIlt ! ! -- I5AI.DN lis-S. Ini or eule each nnd evcrv discn-c. (iood meihiine i- not, -LI tanl Dlseovcrv Ibe (iieat "Hvstcix toui'il found in Ihc fire or wlur'wind. Health and happiness "tit at last. DR. STERRY'S HAIR REGENE- hang iinon e haute wind time is ibe liemtit of initli. ' RATOR. Dr. Sterrv. after iinieb ntn noon ti tb The pa-t at least is -ceure; they have nlicady rai-eil, important subject ol prcsertmg the hair, has, nltir a inoniitncnt ol their greatnc.s vvhii'b will defy the many ep mm Ills chemical nnd physical been nblo corroding tooth of time. None can be Genuine without ' to discover and m title which is now offi red with tho a wrapper ami directions on each l,ox on. winch luyl printext confidence lor the. toilet ns the lust thm nainejs written nt length. Sold wholonlc nail retail ili"covtrcil, lor, foritssoltctnngnml penctrHtmgq by the s'ibscrll er at Glen's' Full-, I y A. B.'et I). Snnd to pioduee n good bend of linir to pnvent it M OFF VPS Vl.GLTAIII.E LIFE MEIUCl.MS. WORM I.O.I'.NCI-S. "PHLS valuable article is dadv establishing itself as X the best iiicdicino for tho extirpation nnd relief of Worms in clnldrin. Notwithstanding that there are other lorcngcs cried iipfnr this coinplainl, purchasers are warrnuicn in ino goon cilieicncv ot these, .it Wholesale and Rctailby T. A. PECK & CO. .SVgii of the Mortar. pANADA STOCIv'fLGciitlcnicn and Ladlca Buck skin and Indian Moccasins, i."ur (ilovcs Buck skin Mittens, Wol en Tippets, Ladies nnd Gen tleniens Merino Lambs wool and Worsted Wrap, pers, just received and for sale by Dec. it), 1BIU. .. I.tivi.l.v eV Co, 100DS. The subseriliers have ree'd nnd arc now Vj opining u very largn nsiiortmont of Wollcn Cloths of overy variety, neb plain, figured nnd changeable Silks, MouseluiD do Lames, Alpacca Cloths, Taglionia Shawls, Hdkfs., Ribbons, etc. We will only say that wo liavo a larger assortment ot ijooels ot every variety than we nave ever Kepi ueiore. Oct, 211, IS 10. N. I.OVKLY MR. EDITOR, Sir will you notify nil creation tint me suns, ,it,. , i,-r. ii...i.': i Hot Air Loolcme Stove, at the new rick store. d,l. lego street, also at Jesse Gay's foundry. This is one of the latest patterns and the first of the kind ever iiiirouuceii mio tins Mate; tliey nave iieen recently in troduced into the States of Peiins)lvnnia and New York with great success; and suffice il lo sav. thev are the most convenient nnd will do more business vv itli less fuel than any other stove. A preamble tn paiticidnmoits qualities or prices is nsclesss. Just call in, small favors are thankfully received and great ones in proportion, and if money continues scarce I intend louse the lessofit, so it will bo useless lo go without on tint account. S. W. TAYLOR. Burlington, Dee-. 17, 1670. DRUGS, Medicine, Perfumery, Paints, Dye Stiiir., Otis, Varnishes, Brushes, etc. Tlie subscriber IK now receiving his fall supplies nf the above goods; selected with great care, wliich be vvill dispose of at the lowest market prices. ROBERT MOODY. A BLESSING to Mother-. American Sooibing Syrup lor children cutting teeth. The timely use of line anhle will save children much pain, often a Fevernnd Ibe p-imfd operation of lancing the Gum, nrtcv rexiuceMici .i, ct. lionirey's I emli'il nn excel lent article lor the niirfcy 12J els., both I lio-e article, old at the Variety Store. I'AM.noRN it Bni.sMin. their manifct ami -cn-i! le action in ptirilviug tin priug.iiiid e hanucls ot lite, and eu 'uitig them will enewi'd tone and vigor. In inunv hundred cerlilus e.i-es which have been undo pul II", and in aliuo-i evciy spex'ie. ofdi-ea-eto w Inch the human Ir.iuie . tin i e. t he li.ippve ect ot -Morrn s I il r. I'll .. aii I H'l.NIx niTTHis nave Peon greatt'itivanu pui'lieiy ae.iiiowled jresl bv the persons 1 encliiitil, nnd who weie nicvioitsly iiiiaco lainte-d wrii iiietiiMiiiuullv nlie losophieal prineip'cs upon vv Inch tliey iirocouijioiuid- cd, nnd upon w inch thev couscq'ieuiiy nei, Ihc 1.1I-I-. .xil-.nti. l.MJS rivoninicmi ttiem-i tvesm diseae- of evcrv form ami ilc-cnpttoii. Their hr-t operation is to 'onsen from the of the -toinach and I ow els, the various inipuritic. and crudities con tanlly seilluig around them; mid to remove the liar denevl f.iei-. u hieli collect in tin; convolutions ol'ibe -malle-t lire-line-. O her me lieine. only partially eleancihc-e, and leave -uch ce llec'eil mas e. I eluuel a. lo produce habitual costiveni'ss, with all it- tram of evil-, or sudden di.irrlura, with Us imminent ilager-.n Tin- fact is well known to all n-giibir auatiiiiil.t-, who examine Ibe human bowels nficr death ; and hence the propidn-o of those well informed men again-lcpiack medicine' or medicine- prepared nnd heralded to ilinisii li.l.v pi.r-on-, 'Ihc -ev'oe.'l ctlevl ol the Life .Me bcines i. lo i lean.e tho kidneys and the bladder, and by tin- menu., tbelivcrandlliebiiigs, Ibe he.tlitdulneiioii ol w men eiuiieiyiU'pe'iuis upon the- re gularity i f the in mar organs. The blood, winch lake. il. red color from the agency e.f the liver and llie lungs I efore ilpa.-e. into the heait, being h,t- purities! by them, uud nouri-hesl by fund coming from a clean stomach, conr-c. fieclv through llie vein-, renew. every part of the sv-lcni, and triumphantly mount' Ihc Imniier ni heallh ill llie blooming check. Mo'lai's, egei.ib e .vle.Iieine- have iim thor oughly toted, und pronounced n soycicieii reineslv for Dy-pepsia, Flatulency, Palpitation of the Heart, Lo-s ol'Appelilc, Heart-burn and llced-aehc, Restlessness, lll-iempcr, Anxiety, i.auniieii aiciaucnoiv , v os livencs.. Diaribiea. Lholira, levers of nl kind- Rheumali-in, Goui, Drop-u- ol nil kind., Gravel, Worm., Asthma ami v-onsiiuipiiou, r-ciirvv I leers Invctcraie Sores. S'orbntie Eruption, and Bad Com p'exion., Eriplivo complaints, .allow. Cloudy, and oilier i i-ngreeable Ciiiiiplcxioii-, Salt Klii'iiiu. Erv-in- la-. ( iinnuon ( old- and Inllucnza, and various other coiiiplnuits which allhct tliehuuinn frame. In I' I Acer., particularly, ino i.uo .ueMieiues n.ivc urn IIIO! lev HOOItE'S ESSENCE OF LIFE. V ,.i.i lli Mixbcine, which, if rightly iipplienl, willi cube meausot saving tlioiis.ends irom an iiutimcly grave. It has been sold and u-ed for thirty years, with siiee'e-s, nnd found verv elhcaciou. ill Ibe 1'i.llnu.m,. di-ea'C., vii. ConsMipiinn, Whooping Coughs, com" mon Cough., Co'd-, ditnVnU Breathing, Inlhieiiia, 'luin-y, A-ibnia, Phthisic, Spitting of Blood, Flain- .... r. , i" .. . ... ... , , nisui every kind, Cramp., Rickets, Colic, Catarrh, larv, r.vinling, Hypochondriac Alli-etion., Ilc.idacdie-s, Sii'l.-lies, ill Sloiim,.!. VI .1... . :. ...-,. . -"I "'iii-, Riii-o-inni; Ol vou- lagiou-iliscn-i--, Gout nnd Rheumatism. (LJ"I lienlioyc.Mi-.hijneispri'pnre-.l by Henry Sc on cmincnlly mtre-sful ; sn much so in ihc .'v cr and A goedislriets, Physicians nlinosi nniv crsally vuiici)- ii i i iii-nnovi-.ui-.iicinc is prepare,! .y Henry Sey niniir,ofHndley, Ma... from the Recipe, by it Co, Iheduevtioii of said Moore, and sold by bun and the - - principal Druggists in thu I'nilevlSlatis. IJROVNiN, J.ouu yarns, laupiccib Sold wholesale and retail, by J, it. J, H, IVek Co .1!) Calico) also vvadding, batting, inid wickiry. for dandhen. A. Peck i Co., lliiilington, and by the ssleat WHALING j' Co j. cr.lrriT Erncrullv thtouphc'ii tfit ceunir,- nre.cril i lln'Ill All th it Mr. Mo'l'at renuueof his patients is in le inrlieular in taking the Life Medicine- strictly accor ding to tlio directions. It I-not n newspaper notice, or by nii)tbmg llicl hehim-elfinaysay iiiiheir favor, tlut he hopes lo gain credit. It is alone by the re-nlts MOFFATS MEDICAL MANUAL; deigned as a ilonie-tie guide to health. Thislillle pamphb'i, edmsl by W,l. Modal, U75 Broadway, New York, has I mi pulli-hcilforllio iiiirposeofcxplaiiiing more fully Mr. Mobil's theory ol dise-a-ek, an I will le Itsiiid highly iiitercningtopersonssis-kiiig heallh. It treats upon prevalent di-case-, and llincaiisrs thereof. Price, 25 cents for talc bv -Mr Mollal'- Agents general v These Valuable Medicines nre lor sale by Rol cit .unruly Druggist, ip ccihtui ngi'in, o wnotii all np mo Tin: it ai.d-iii:aih n.v otiikhs m. Dues an; know a neiiihbor era fiiend who ha. been Bald, and whose head is novvrnveied wilb fine l .1 1 ? One whose coal collar was coveted will dan buff, thoiigli biii.heil pverv hour which has now van ndiptl entiiel) ! Or one vvhone bail, nt earl) gc wpie iiiriiing giey, wuo now na. not a giP) nair ! cinidien who.e heid. were covered wiih seuif, whose htii would not irrow, that ate now grnw-inz llie fulle-l einp ol liair ! oonip caes iniMt be known to most pei.oo A-k ihem ibecauiie, nndvouvvil! be told thai iIip.s iliinn- have Iippii done bv the o.p of (he Halm of Co lumbta. Of 20 )ears gtovvih i this aniele, iis dpiii.oid ntci cat-nig aiuiiialiv some liiindiedpei cent. (I111112I wlipii di?eovtred nol opposed by nnvihiiiu for the same piupose, now H.ailed ov nlmnsl mimln'i te-s iniMliroon rath piepariilion-llial will ruin llie hail ilii.ed In tut PXIfnt. Can 11101c tit in llie-p faei. lie Haloed tele, 10 llie recoinineuilalions hy a bsl orname. of le-p-eia liiliiy.uiipqiiallpd bv an) oihei niiiele. Look 10 these llloigs bil) lln. arlicle. Sl.l)anl pie-ei ve ennr h 111 uy 11. 11. e, or it tiaid resiore n. I.adies, atiend 10 lln Iitilldreils in la-liion.ibTo life nip using 11 a. ibe mil) article teallv lit lor llie toilet, hair is vete apl tn fall nut. La lies, ll-e the Balm of Colnmbi 1 In limp 10 save voiuse'ves the di.itrace of baldne-s bv neilect ol your peisoiis. It is )our dole, a. moiali-ls in ,ue serve llie he nine, of n ilure, with which a boniuiful Ciealnr has endowed vou ; u.ethe Balm, for il willdu ii. CAUTION TO BE REMEMBERED. Seveial most 11 igr on ulipmpi. Ii ne I ecu made to niniei leit Hie n ue Italin ol Coiuitiina. r-ouip ol th a qiosleis have gohe so lar as to cnenlei feil ihp spl.n. Ill wi.qipers, and llie eull. ol ctiagarn, and pvpiv ex final maik except llie name of CoiiHliuk, wlitcblhe. lare 1101 loige. 10 avoiu iinpo-iunn. llieielnre, al- wavs lonk for the name of Coin-lock & Co. or I., S. Coin. lock, and never buv llie article unless ii ha. thai name upon il Sold wholesale nnd lelail, nnlv al No 2 Fletcher siiepi, N. Y. 'I HBO. A. PECK et Co t holesale Agenls for ibe Slain of Vcimonl le DISHASKS OF TIIK MfJfCSS.Deeuledl) llie mosl poinilar lemeilv evei known in Auipiiea Vegetable Pulmonary Ualsam is ihp tno.t vnlnalde lemedv noiv 111 11-e lor coegh, c olds, a.llniia or phthisic consumption, vv lionping rough and pulitioii try allsciioo ofever) kind, lis sale is sieaddy incipasing, and 1 lip piuptieiors ate con-tantlv .eceiviiig i lie mo-l favomble areouni of iis effecis. 'llie following new cenificaies aie offered lor pnldic examnialiou. An IsTEiiKSTivo Cask. Exiraei of 1 Inter fiom Mr tj S Clay, Kingaion, Ulsier en., IS. Y. lo ibe proprietors. " l oni s of llie !)m insl. wan dulv ler'd A leniaikable curp waseffi-cied Ii) llie Vegalalile Pul munary Bal-ain m ibe wimer nnd spi ini of IS35, 'Ibe person, Mr. ,Moodv, had been sick a long limn will the f uuscumilinn, Hi. ptivsirian. had given lum 111 Hp was iciiueed so tow as 10 be nimble 10 help hiin-elf. and was raising a Luge tpianliiv of blunt! when he commenced using the Balsam, which lias phVcicd a complete rule, and he is now as liale and heailv ns evei he was. air Mood) lias iriuoved ft 0111 this low n, but he his piciuised men mote delftded ncrounl of his case, wlnth I willfoiward vou. r C. S CLY. Kinisinn, N. 1. June 2j. 1833. Exirnct of a teller fiom Dr. Jaenli IMvers The Vegetable Puhnonaiy Balt'aul lias bpsn sold in ibis enuniy for twoveais, and llie medicinp list gamed ,,,, liucnmmiin celebiily, for it .caieely in one in-laure nled ol havinii (lie clesiied ellecl I nm hv no means 111 ftvur of the many on-triun., rnosl ol which ate im pnsillou. upon a credulous pnldic, bul thai vvhtch I knnw liy use 10 lie rffi'C'ual, I cannoi hplo lull fivp mv apprnbilion Iheiein. A rotimerfeil pieiiantlinii has tieen ollerpil fiere by a travelling Agent, of Cnmsifx k, N. Y. and there is another arlicle vended here ihal is Mlungl) snspecied lo be spurious. JACOB VIVKRS, XI. J). IMifllliiglnn. Jiiniala rn Peini. Mav 3. 1S37 Fiom Dr. Samuel Murrell, 10 llie Piopiieinis nf lite Veee table Piihnonarv Balsim, I am s.iiisfied ihal ibe Ve tetaljle Piilinqna-rv Balllin is a valnali'p msilssiiis Il has been used in ibis place willi coincide sucress in an nhsliu lie complaint of the lungs, nllemlpii Willi a seveie cough, loss of voice, and llie r.iisinj nf imieli mood, which had pievi.uitly lesiaied man) nppiovpd presrripiioiu. After tisioij 1 he Balsam one week, ibe iiaiieni's voice lenimed and he wasable 10 speak audi bly. Ibis rase orruired some lime since, and ibe man is no iv engaEed 1101 only 111 anile bin lalsorinus uei.iness. liesnecllullv. Kc. S. MoHUt l I II is now more lllau six vears sinrp I ua. Iirmiulii very low hy an ufieciion of 1 lie lan.s, and mv romptalni vva on laren 10 ue ineiiiaiiin nv a roiiiied nl ilnee pin- sieians. I was 1 lien le.liieed 10 ascoo I lipahh a. I had eno)c,l Iur many )ears, bv nsiiu; llie Veaeiable Put inon.nv Balsam, Since n'lv recoverv I hive uroin mended the Balsam in n gieat man) of 'nog cnmpiiiinis, nun to iar ns 1 can learn, ns usp ins in. vanahlv Iieen foltoued hv inurli benffn. and in mam insiances it hag effected cures which weie wholtv iniex peeled. Samoei. Evekett, IVision, March 2, 1837. roe sale, wholesale and iplail, b J, to 3. 11 I'LCIv H Co., and TIIEO. A. PECK U Co., Bur liugion, Vt. ever ltinliiv ..1 V I ..r 1..1- ... .. r...... is 1 .ill, 1 J t 11. iv. 1 . iSUIUI I i" I'l Winn 1- ll m(.iu IH 11.111 HJ pit vein ii irom and It. M, Meig, 393 Soul b 1 falling oil' when baldness is apprehended to risloro 11 wncii oaieincss nas ni,cn place, ami 10 prevent it from turning irrnv. It ii is more nourishing than po malum, antique oil, or Cologne water. It is a beauti ful article for ladies cuils it nuikcs tho hair soft and lively, and produces uncommon brilliancy. Thous ands have tested its superior virtues and 'excellence, and in every instance it stands unrivalled. It is an infallible cure 111 all alb ctions of the s1 in on the bead as dandiiili; etc. etc. Every family should bo sup plied with a buttle of tins oil, ihat by its application to the head and hair of children, the beautiful and or namental appendage of a fine head nfhnic, which na ture Ins supplied us may be preserved. Fiom the. numerous certificates a lid recointnittdations rcccd of its salutary influence the Doctor feels firmly cir siuided hoha's succeeded in producing an article winch wall meet the de sired wishes and approbation nf ho diibhe. For sale wholesale and letad by A. HITf II COCK et Co. 117 Genesee t. Utica, N. Y. In Bur lington, by J. & J. II. PECK vt Co. and THEO. A PECK et Co. In Vergcnncs by J. H. Bowman. In Milton, by Burnet it Sawyer. In Georgia, by Loren zo Janes' 79. and 100 Fntion st. Albany. Baum et Hawlev, 21!) Sivcrst rroy, General Agents for ibe state of New Vork. MERRI'IT GRIFFIN. For ...ale be Win. Rhodes nnd E. It. (Irei.n. Iti..l.- nionil; Morton it Clark, and I). et I). S. I.athrop, Willislon ; Hagar -t Coiii.tock, Shell urn ; II. Stanton. Ls-ex ; Geo. B. Oal,e-, and Alien Barney. Jericho ! J. R. Ililrlbul. Wc-tfoid: J. II. Barnes. Cl'iiirlollt. It Moody nnd Geo. PecrOH, Burlington ; and Iv C BltlG'GS, Burlington, Agent I'or Chittenden Co., where Sub-Agents can le supplied at wholesale uriics. iCPlJK. OOIIDAK'S Ui:i)H'INi:s.r-j aie cie'ieu.xn.".-3 aeuy 01 romcgrattiiie nnu t'cruv 1--IL'iin Pill, for Dv-peii.y.Nerv 01. Headache. Pal- p tulion ul the Hea'rl, Iiite'rnal nud External Humors, and all impurities . of thu Blood, Iceland Jelly for the reuei auu cure 01 consiuiipnon. I'liiinouary Jellvtor cough-, cold, spitting ot Illood, Una--cue--, etc.. Pru- sum Linaniciit uud Linamcut Opodcldoefor III tun- lisin, Physical Drop-, Coloinl n Drop-, Salt RheMin Ointment, 1'de Oinimciit, Siri'iigthcning Plu-ter, and Corn and Wart Plaster. The above celebrated medicines oreiiori'd eniirelv from vegetable, by Dr. Win. Gonial., need no nthe'r riveoinmendation ihan that they have been bcforelhc pul lie fourteen years, giving -an. faction 10 all who have u-ed thcm,-may 1 e had of IMna it R.vvmono, it ooo-iocii, 11. Cic'll ! Agents. Sold al-o, by. I P Strong, Q.iecheei J C Brook.. White River; Win. II Sit el & Co., We-t Hartlord Wor-ter Downer Sharon; Dow tier et Neven-, Ituv allon ; J Wheat. Bethel, E C Holme-, We-.i Raiidi.lp'h; .1 11 iiauioriu, iiraiiaro ; iicmuap. i.asi iinrnanl; n Snow, PoinfreijE M & A SStockerand Gove it Shaw, tlarlland; Micild ,t Hume-, J'ei kinsviiic; Drew 11 e m.dcu, Fclchville; A it II Warlncr, Wmd- .r, A Marsh. Br1d2ewater.SS.tFT Wheeler, l'lv 11111111I1 : and at Handocl., Roche-ter, Grandvillc, Nuriiuicld, .uontpener, jiiujicuury, vergtfnnc.-, and 111 tuost ol the principle towns in'thc Slate. A Supplyof the abovcmedicines just receoved and for -ale by ROBERT MOODY, February, IS 11. (Cm) Druggi-i, Burlington, Vt "Vow Csiulili-shiiiviit. T I. WHALING .p CO. inform the public that they have located themselves tn tlu vi'lageof Burlington, and have fitted up a -tore oil thee-ast fcuie of Church street, which may well bu dcnoniimteel "Cheap-side," nearly opposite, the hank of llurling ton, and arc receiving Iiom New York a choice, iclec lion of goods will suited to the season, xv Inch they oiler for sale as loir as am be yurchincd in the country, for ready pay. Among their goods may be fount beaver ami broadcloths, eassmieres. vatint'td, flannels, 1111-1 urns, oiousooe etc laim s tpc. .1 cnoice si.leclioll, also of French, English and American prints, rynt, ut least, to any in llurlintrlon. A general ass rt nuiit of cambric, muslins, plain and figured, eduinga, uiscrtings, blond laces, if-c. A gnat v ariel v of .shawls, and dress lntidkcrcliiefs, ladies' gloves and ho-e. with .1 good supply of bh ached and unbleached drum stic goods. Also a good supply of crockery, of tlie latest patterns, with a fi w clegaiit a-lr.ll parlor lamp- and finally, a few choice family groceries, such as teas, sugars, molasses, coffee, rice, raisin-, dry fish, tobac cos, lamp oils, ,pc. We do not pretend to specify all the kinds, to say nothing of the numerous articles of which each kincl is composed; but suffice it to say, that the as.ortinent vvill he found to contain must of the arlielis wanted in the country; and favor us with their custom dl be entirely relieved from the examination ol old goods, or remnants. Our entire stock is new. and fresh from the maikct, and his been sclertcil with the greatest tmss.hlc care, witli refennre to the want", comforts snd bent fit of the people. But we do not wi-h the public to take our word in this matter, but most cordially mvile thcin to cull nnd examine for themselves. Burlington, Nov. M, It 10. WtlllMS, Won.11S.-Dn. M. Hitchcock. unrivalled and iinequalhsl WORM TEA, ti sovercicu remedy for Worm-. Stringennd incredi ble are the e Iccts nf the-e cVf-tal 'e vermin ; fw pcr-on-, mid it 1. thought none arc free from ihem, par ticularly females and children. Many pcr-oiis ,j through a ib-tre ing eour-e of medicine w ' h 11 "a I enelit, when lliey inivlit le relieved ly ii-aig tho Worm Tea. Thi.'invaluabte medicine has been p -ted by the experience of mine than ten years us,., ti 1 ndnnnis'tre") to more than lfi,0t)0 per-cin- of virn us age-, and not one solitary t oniplanit ; on tle-c n'rary lum Ire 1- b we called, and un-olii'iied, g ven their de cided preference to it. af'cr trying the di. emit nr' teles sen: forth to the pubic, and pronoun' oil Dr. M. Ibo b e 1 k'. Worm Tea tl.e mn-t -afe, ctrcetual, and et n veinenl remrdy th it can I e obtained ; fur m no one of the thousand, of la-lance, where it h.i- 1 ei n 1. ed agn cable tu the primed elirccti' -lis Las it ever fa 11I. N.B. Ask f..r Dr. M. Ilitcbcesk'. Wci.nTrv, a-there, aremauy m 1st ruins al road for Ihe'ele-triii'tinnol vvurms For sale vv hole-ate and retail hy A. HITCHCOCK it CO., so'e proprietors, 117 .trei 1, Itioi, auj bv tber ngeni. thruughtiul the F111011. In Burlington, by J. st J. II. Peck V t:.)., and Thco. A. Peck et Co , In Vergcnncs, by J. II. Bowman. In MtHon, by Burr.ct et. Sawjcr. In Georgia, by Lorenzo Jaws. aug'20 MACiXi'CTit; onoxTicATHi: teeth THE TEETH I ! 'I'm: rMoai-ASisLU Tooth PnrrnTTioN. The fact i provcil, and the r.ic.-t in crixlulou. ad doubting nre fully convinced, ds we fcivc he evidence from the -ale of 3D. 1)00 I', let 1 f tbeOlon tica, within the ps-t year, that Ibe I'topion dream, ot ibe alchymi.i are rcahzod, and a remedy disi-overesl for preserving tho-e important and useful appendages ofihe hiioiau, I y the n-e 1 1 let Jle.gcttlr 0,1011 lie.i, which by it.aitrae'tivc, ami sticp ,' qual:-tie-, reintivcsiili cxtr.nie'iu- -ii'istanccs trom the tcsuh and preserve, them m brilliancy, and the gums in .ounilne.s nnd bcauly. It i. ".cei'iiiiii d from cxperii'iiec, tint when u-cil,'ihc teeth xv ill never dc cay, but remain I II Ibe la'e-i nge ol man, w ith their natural wear, vv In n are elc-cavexl, it. progress will I e nrrfstel, and iheieeth preserved and pre ve nted and preservtxl from aching ill tin. ha. 1 ecu eh to in a innltilui'e of instances ; snd more in ot i-i's, nervou. tunihaclie, (that climax ofpa.n) ha. it once I ecu e eetualK cured hy popular tlcnlrdrice in America. And in ee noluion, where, or w ho 1. the young lady cr gentleman, teve, the individual that values a I eaulitiil set of tevih, sound gains and a sunt breath more than fil'lv w ill le buicer ele-ti- tuteola box of Dr. M. Hitchi-i ck'.. ilsgi'etic 1 "liont'i a. l-or -a c whole-ale nnd rem I. bv A. IHTClROCk' i Co., No. 1 17 Gene-ee st. I nei, N. Y., and Iv ibeir agents throughout Ibe I niti I Siaies. In Burlin' ton, by J. A- J. II. IVek -V Co., nnd Then. A Perk A Co. In crpenncs hy J. H. Bow man. In Mil'on, bv Bur nettet Sawyer. In Gisirgia, by I.ouiuo Junes. ng! BOSTON and TROY IRON COMPANY. The public arc hereby notified, that lliu business of easting 111 every branch and variety, is done lo order, on llie shortest notice, at Troy, Vt, Theeouipany have much enlarged ibeir foundry, and are now prepared to do all kind, of werk done at nny foundry in lb cemntrv. Mdl-ccarimr. Pot A h 'Kettles, Stove-. Ploughs, Axlct.-iv, etc., nu hand, or fiirnihexlto order. All who vvi-h to contract for sloVe-pl.ili", or" to p,ir rh.vpnl.irgu quantity ofhollmvwnrr, for the purpevse or retailing, will 1 e tiiriijticu at vv noicsaie price. ane IlKPATIC EIilXIIl, 4 f-'ELITlRATED rcmexly fur coinrda ait-a r' ing iX. from u b.eascd -late 'it the Ll VI.R ami n-s.t.',.', 'Lit fi-l' Wine are a fev rif its syn ,i ni, wcakue-sot -he .tutnn-'h, I ndige.tion, lo-. ofnoiet to 1 f.--,iirus ami Ilea lael.e; 11 will le fund 1 sure rci'e 'K I r Fr.p:' i.s i ti ihc I'aci'. In n c- quence of 11 1 ir Icing many iio-trnin t r. .v ii" 11 Ilu. parieiine ui.iry, tlie-uiiscriu r- aie author 1 to warm lit c. ''.ai e:V'-t-. 1 b - .1 c - it c"vcd, snd o erest to ihc mil In .1. one we 1 vv r h the attcmuui ofiho-e w bo ire alllicicd Iv ' pa . from the above eh ea-c; it lemg i in in c i ut physician we fee! eonliib-nt in thu. recoinuiendut u. Uct. li.I-siU. I ill'.U. A. I'LUK .V I o.. Sign nt the .Mnr'nr, inedoori'a-I ot'J iv; J ll Pc. , it Co IOTIllN, LOTION. DR. EVANs' BI.At Tl i V iNG L'JTION. Highly i-teenicl lor eor ng nil I'ruptioii., Redness and Pimples 'u tlie l'.iis' Ne !, e r hand-, .end e Icctually ch ng H conmiexuai, and rct.1uv.11g all di-ceesc". oft ie si in Nothm- ' 'n'rd'.uc- so mifli to our general -it x e-s in Ide, as an cng.-guig tir-t appearance'. Tin. Lnti n tsaJmircd a 1110.1 fragrant, mil. I, ..He wa-h nnd great ly csti nasi for it. , inucs m cli-.ui. ing, .1 t";.-i ,u , and pitrilying ibe skin nf all eruplion-, -o injur 00. t le malc Ican'v, and re-loriug it to a high degu e c I p -rit. A Iciiiitif-il complexii'ii 1. the pride e.f al' v b oo-pi-s it, and the envy oftlio.c who are ''cyr-ve. t . vhvt t- soa 'I'i'iiiipii'.i I et'itiful feinalc.iii vv le -e las-et nJtu.-e b wii-plaje.l In-rpowe'r, a- to linn he 1 mi ic.x ioq di-cC'lo'ircl vvdh di-gn-iing pimple-, win Ii ti nr her ch 0 Ills 1 A L'ood .aiipearillec I- 1 ill ! l'-l if 1 imiidaiit.n ; and a. the 1'ei inlying Loia 11 ,11 1 e- 1 ie sUm.and remove- ill Pimplc'Blotebc-, Tan, - ul .ru and Bcdnt's., and iris hi, e- a 1 eau if u hue, 11 1 . ic on y eo-tnctie a ladv -li'iuld 11-w at her loi'c!. liciuii oci wit ;.lal-o iin.l 1I1 . a iMightf il, ti re "Vc ali Kfitghm-s, Pimple , Ruigwc rm-, s-po'., llc'ne.s, r-t rc.ncs. ot the lace and nc-c, and evt'ry cid of ei ip P"n on lb- surface of ibe human 1-iHly. It 1. ; ar n-u-lai!) nv.immendexl to genile'int'ii to l'c toed ui er sua vieg, a- it will prevent lln eiilicrvvise ccriam c ei of all coininnn -1 an, ui turning llie icar.l preii'it'tre y grev. For -lb W ho e-ole and retail bv A. HITCH Cl)( K eV C"., Nn. 1 17 Gene" ce street, I'tn a. In Bur lington, by J. it J. II. Peck it Co., and Thco. "1 k eVCo. In Verginnf-, hvJ. II, Bowman, luM dm, by Burnett it Saw) it. In Georgia, by I.rciuo Janes aus Co t ATi;iti: valuable 1"II!M:1,I.S STOMACH BITT I RS my 1 e l used in Wineor wntrr T bl'-cc'.,' brstedbiiler. are coiuposisl purely of vege'si'lc's of tht. njon nno ecnt yet specific virtue-. They nre rjcomn'er.dtd j nr licubirlv fur restoring weak const, mi on, c'can-ing and strengthening tie storiLich, and mi reading thi nppelite al.o a prevcnlr.iive ictinst tlreclieilerainnr- I111-, lever ami ague, removing enu-cj, vonni nc, hi'art burning, xecaknes in ibe breast, p-.ui ia the stomach snd other .) inptoms of -tunic nee find tnibrr. lion. One box will tincture eitie:.eiio.i. Pru'i-Co els. a I ox. Res-Ill. lirn OisTifNT. T bis choie ami sate oiuimcnt is Mid 10I c superior to any now m n-e, fi r that di.asrccnble and Icaih-eune elscn-e, the ITCH. This Ointment is so crartsin in its r.o per-011 ttonlileil xvnh ihc al-ove cl, -order eiCKht to te without it. It I- a remedy for cutaneous 1 nipt. on-, scorbutic aiVectii'ns of the he'ad, or any 01 her breaking out which ari-es from sharp humors m the pioisl. rriee va cis n t ox. Rcs-ri.u's ViRLTABir. Puis, or famdv physic, I'or general u-e, in east. 1 fJaundu 1; morl id sen.ibilitv ot Ihc .toinach nnd bowel-, lo. of appetite, fiend breath, co-livcno , Pile, and all disease- aris ing from biliary derangements, ilso fur con ei ling the stale e.f llie Mood, and clean-ing Ihcsysicni ol foul and viscid humour.. These pill, are n mild ca thartic, producing neither pains nor griping, and are ibereforea Ii- nnd highly approveel medicine, andare pronounced nssuch I ythemost ih.tingiiishesj physicians. Each box containing S- Pills. Price 371 els. n box Hii.scU's eelel rated Salt Rnr.vxi OtVTMts'T. T his is nnipictionablv the 1 est and infest remesly ever vvl ulercil 10 the p ililie for that obsimxtc disorder SA LT RIIKF.M. Where olhernieanshavcfailcl, il ha.soe cvleil, And the facilhxt it ha- le-en sxten-ivelv n-exl by eminent Practitioners speaks volume- 111 ills pr-i'-c. It is equally eihcaciou. in nil disea it the si 'm. ... ,1.1 1..U.1 ;,.,,.,..,,. ami ihemiKl In v elcrnte It. li. .v.. A-1.' N...i,..r..n .rtiilcnH'. innrbt le obiaiiml, I lutthe ihal .1 fair trial should 1 c the only cvidem of its snjierior eilicaey. I ncc Si cents a For sale by J. .t J. 1 1. nsk c n, 1 1110,11 re (.ltND Rl STllItATH E. This Vcg' i' le .Med'cuie -tanl. ear vailed for ihefi'll.'wiic up'vnt-, vi: Dyspcnsia, ir Indi- l.ivcr, biln.u-disc r tiT-, 1'ion-v , A-I 1 l.a, CoMivene.-, Wi 1111- .mil lit-, of Appe1 and I v 'Icansinsr 'he stouiai ti and I ovvcN, cure. pa-n. n ' o side, st ,mai h and I ri ai, eul'l. and cong'u. ol . ,tg sUndiiig, Hoar-cne-s, shormc of 1 rca b, N v u, cumplu nl-, etc., v bu Ii nre licipiently lite c 1 '.I cute. ! r Fevernnd Ag 'e, 11 ia iiu.-i va 11a' 1 rc venlaiive a. v. c.l a- a -1 i reicn rc inedy. I'. e. siifps-i. a-st, th ng bi-iei. 1 ir known 111 ren ,,v -t, Vitus' Dini e, two Ic'eshavv Ion hm 11 re tin- 1 tflictin.-ili-r.i-o, .-.1 cr having In died ev v xer- tion tor fi or rar-. tt ha-a mo-t powertui n .11 e in rcniC'Ving f-rvoii' ci niilaiiii-. It 1- p i.'a-a- a e and -oeasy 111 its operatic n, 1I1.T it mav I cji 'tn 11 si ere 1 to the n'sivt vvnh -afeiv. T fo al ovc .M.Cii ee i-M-y h -h'v rceomnien-'e-l Iv inanv seen die Lcn'h'nii a, an I 'i-ce n unl er rtindie-, w ho have nrove'd he virn ps 1 1 the .Mishi me I y persi nnl nsMandibai -a' heir fannlie-. A lull of' eriiticaics.nx'i.inp.iiiiesca, h I utile, wiih d.rts'tions. It niav le had whei!e-alu er ie u ' f S, Unit in, Barrc, and J. C. Earn. 1111, Ea-t V , hani; luvvn, . si 'e propriet. r-. I'icparexl from tie nrg n . al rf.'i.'c , f r sale I v 1.11. Prenii.-, Mon'pc' cr, and J. it J. II. Prris et Co, and Till a, A. Pick In., 11 ir linrion, and 111 me pr 11. ipal town. In the st itc 1 a. I .1 :tvt . .'i -i.ncd in il.c I nud wrnuig olThe proprietor.. ,.'19 'pilI'O. . PECK it Co at thesignof the Mortar L havejust ree'd a quatitit v of Caj t line P pi er, of English imnortitmti. Constauilv nn hand, I! mibay Gum Mvrrli, genuine Bayberry Balk, do. do m Pow der, Jamiici Ginger Hoot, do, do. in Powder, Bengal nnel Ohio Turmerics, etc. Ac. Sept. Hi, isp. NOTICE, t U1.1l I I deem 11 mv duty to inlurin ibe mil - ! I have inveslixl a salt,-, o, rf..Mlv- n,n. cent, from three simple vegetable-, en'iielv si, iicneilc. a Spanish fly Pbl-ter, vv Inch give, enuro r... et in nil intlimatory a Vction. of ihc human ' mly in 1 10 IS hour., and need. 1 ul oneappln a'i. n. I-. ae- plication, for agencies should I e addressed, no-l paid) I n11 wh" ' '-"'or ns with tlmr call. ..; e r-ler, will I e . Peel. ,t Co , sign of it"' MT7,'. o V i-. V. 11" ' Biirliuatnn, Vt. Jan. -I, IStl, ' I dealt hy a. Id er.liiy a at any in ilu U ulmgtoii ; I'r. 1 r vim-.. m. ...... . n.u.s- - " llUlllllll. I'lllllS SIIUIIIII I I uiiNllPfltl U i., n. vniss- J ,ntT It , .1 I. "I. "' 1 t - - ,, , OPERM CANDLES. Kinglund s clarified tnrrta tnau, .Supermlfiidjut, or A. Young, Agent, lev, . 1 . 'fvir, 1 -s tl i" .cr it H un I- 1 ' '"u O candles. No. 1. Also, mould candles for sale his 1 10 secure an rarlv reply. Hudrroinnl ailinticn. A't . I-V 'bu . s .il met ,.n- jene ady J P. II U.lN'Ci tf- Co, T(ev. Vt.. 1.I19 ISy). 0 r, ' . M. -ir" 21 11011 is .v ai-se rplion nnd cvanoraiion. n d. ,.!... corn I'roin the feel entirely and wiibnut pain, e ountcr 111 .1 bum or scald 111 15 minutes niter n ap. plication. Apply it lo the side en a pice of ml ,,11, or dre.-ed sheep -kin, forinfiamation nf ibe liver cr lungs and it extract, all excitement fre tn tho c organs Warranted to give rebefa rieomu'enibsl. A. MARK. s le proprietor, 1 1? Broome street, New- Ye rV. The trade siipilie-. .11 the Propne-oi. pri.-es , Burlington, Iks'. 1810. J. it J. II. PECK it C YV liTlsTl.OZK.N ( l'.S...T'hi. v aliTucTrncTe f i- dadv i-stahli-hing I'm 'f, a- the I c-t irishc 1 e for that painf'd and sonii'iiiucs fa-af i-oinp a -in m 1 dim, ihc worms. Al w hole-ale and rca v Jan. I, rU. THIO,A.Pl.tlxi.t C A MFRK N A I MVN'ACR fr )?ll. for favlcTIit iV .! '- D FMxV

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