Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 9, 1841, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 9, 1841 Page 2
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IXTTIUtS FROM THE METROPOLIS. No. V. Nr.w Ynnn, March 27, 1311. Several vcrv valuable publications hac boon brought out by our publishing houses during tlic past week. Tlio Applctons have just issued a work whicli will 1)0 warmly welcomed by scholars and highly prized by tlio general read cr : it is Schlegcl' Philosophy of History,' trans lated from tlio Herman by James Uusscl Robert-! son. An interesting Memoir of the Author is nrclhcd. As a philosophical work, I do not think it fully equal to many of the productions of it celebrated author : his Lectures on Dra matic Literature are distinguished by more crit ical ability and will be more generally read. Still this is a crv able work and will bo a very valuable addition to the library of the historical student. The Life and Land of Ilurns' is another ex cellent work iust published. ningham's Life of the Poet, and sketches by, Thomas Campbell, of the various places immor talized by his songs with the masterly critical cay on his Genius and Works, by Thomas Carlvle. It was announced previous to its pub lication, that it would also contain the recently ruthless proscription of 1829, from the office of Post master of this city, will ho restored tothnt Post. The Post-olllcoatUaltnnoro, it issaid also, will be fdlcil by Mr. Thomas Fmlay of that city. Washiinotov, April 1. OosTiNiTn ASDRiinioi's or Ur.NtnAi. Har rison. There is errent nntiplv. if nnt nliirtil. respec ting the serious illness of General Harrison, which i almost the only, and the nil-engrossing topic of cotl-( vcrsauon. mere nn necn a consultation oi puy. scians lo-ilay, who broke up nt time o clock, pro nouncing his illness serious, but yet indulgingin e-nr ncs! hones of his recovery. The dicne is stnle-d to .lie a hilhous pleurisy, caused by n severe eohl.nnd con . in npfiitintmti mm i-xp lenient, lien 11 un ns re1 sturcel to yesterday, which has much reduced him, ntlll as 110 lias ins niiutl ill lis uveay uvcie.isu.i-,, ii,, ni ut reeoverv. t hoit" i a I arc. oi course, lexi-eci Hi!! V anxious. ...... . . . . ' 1.. 11. .1. Air v p is pr pa, nn imp e in i nn pars ln-n n ii. i uir lie business is in a treat elcgrcc, suspended by the General's illness. None hut the family's most in- tiioalc mends ana rnysie-ians are adiuuicu 10 me Wlntn llnusp. The-re have bpen to-e1iv some changes in the Post Oflicc Clerks, among those whose course, has bun most violent and abusive. OFFICIAL OUTRAGE UPON ETIQUETTE 1 We are limine tn fierce iv-p. from n Wnsllillgton let1 'Mcr ill this morning's A reus, which is evidently front Jl lie pen or Mr. Van lli'nr.s himself, mat the ex-rrcs i.Iphi it. ips nnt nllnu- nnv ilitrrptipi nfnart v. or resent It contains Cuil-Sjmetil nt hisown nrrsiiniM ihfeil. to lirevent him from w.iiciung over aim correctitiL' me .iitminisiranuu JUnntsoN, as to till the eriors which incxpc nenco miiv lead tu upon the weighty matters of diplo in.iiie piinnpiip. Of nil iIipsp. Mr. Van liureil is n iiiosl'ncconiplishcd and experienced niatcr, and lie now frankly imparts to bis successor that learning on these subjects, which is regarded by himself aad oth 'us, (vcrv justly in eiurhumblc opinion,) as by far the must iidoiilih. tuirlintt of bis nw-n npilllireinetltS. It niililialunl l'.scnv norm same silhicct, by Pruf.H'rtii tint when the Foreign Ministers .made their '.. . ' . . v'-,,, ,.r ni,.i.,..I-' Mnrrn-F!1'11'''1 ollirml visit, noton the otdmary business, but ol ' ilson, the -Kir Naith of Rlachwooh s -laga-fan, pm.,ui,y,to i,0 introduced to the new President 'm' it secti that tins was one oi mc iricisia.vir. vv nnsa-na wn so daringly rce-mcss, nr so pro .... . . . 1.1..,,,, ,11, -,,(. ,-,.-,in,t ; it... nPnin,iint Inn- r,f elntp ,irt ", for 1 believe mat essay uasnoi veira , f ..,-"-,- nf s,.p. nr;,v 1 this country. 1 see however that it isKui in some of the l.ndies ot the President's Family waimly praised in the London Literary .loural.j and iroin extracts there given, 1 should think their commendation well deserted. 'Coir.b's Phrenological 7'our through the L' States' has also just appeared in the market.1 So far aj 1 hat o been able to examine it, 1 should think it in many respects, one of the best hooks that have yet been written by foreigners travel ing in this country. It is not made up of gossip and slanderous twaltle, as have been the hooks of Trollop, Ilasil Hall, Fanny Ketnble and .Mary-Rliilt we snip out of the Argus, the followin ... . !. !..t.. .. .i. .i i....:. ...Klines: ail : nor is it mainly oecnpieu w un uueiuiiu; the philosophical character and tendency of out to viltmss tlicintem.nv!!! Thi conduct, the accomplished correspondent of i the Arcus has spoken of in a tone of scornful ri.liiike,i which iiiutiiiinress mum Mr. WrnsTr.n the necessity !of tiirniiii; some part of his attention from mere con- "tiliilional anil niierniiuonai law, in uie innre solemn and dignified subjects of Kliiructto and State ccre- mnnv. . . ' , ii. i i - .... i much an outrage coiuti never nave ncen eoiuiiiiiii tig by Mr. Van lliiren, who, we are well assured, neverjj ntimitted any of llie Ladies of his establishment ioj lie present on sueli circnsions. Itni this is nut llie wntst. A rrrealer outrsce re mains yet to lie told. e trcinhic wiin iiiniKnanon,! so that we can scarcely hold our editorial cinrs,! 'iliis was the product of 1B39. That of thc last year was ten per cent greater, and that of the present year, 1811, will bo still larger. All this is cxxlusivo of our immense mineral atul oilier productions. At a fair estimate, the an nual aggregate results of industry may be sot lown at twelve hundred miliums if dullnrs, ac cording to the present prices and measures r xalue. These curious statistics must give rise to the most orignal and important reflections, fifty years ago cotton was not produced to the value of S1,(KX) a vcar now it iscnual to 8111,000, ,000, by the census, and we arc persuaded that tins is below the average. The soil and clunatc of the United States, arc1 as well adapted to raise wine, silk, coffee, sugar, and sucli like articles as Italy or India, yet with the exception of sti jar, tlio other articles are in their infancy. Why is this 1 It arises from the fact that there is no comprehensive agricultural system yet organized in the county by which every article would bo raised in proportion to tlio demand. The great prices of flour in 1830, impelled toil much capital and labor into wheat growing the same mavbc said of corn and cotton hence the ruinous low prices in consequence of ovei production beyond the demand. Had the same labor and capital been judiciously distributed on the production of every article, wo might now be drinking American wine, and wearing Ainer tcan silks, as cheap in proportion as llotir is, Our agricultural system wants adjustment and equalization as much as the currency. The first process to reach such a result is to know .the fact of want of adjustment, aim this fact is leveloped in the censue, whicli ought to be the basis of agricultural action, sib well as legislative and financial action to the whole country.' A. 1'. Herald. peculiarly gratifying to my personal vanity) for whilst 11 received in tlio district a mnjority of oyer one hund red, not nnotner person on the same iickci rcccivcu any majority at all including both counties-I am iilflini Inmlmit llint lliprpis n slinptcinif sitfllt of hum- 'bug in this world, and especially at this day and date but whether my pcopiool ino a.m iongrcssiuiini were huinbusgid into electing mc to Congrcss when t win not worthy. U for them to decide I have been accused by my enemies of being a great intriguer ofi being a prcai ecnemcr in oilier limners nicy w in nine upon themselves no annul great crenu lor uicir saga city, in thu catly characterising mc. I niiirht tell a talo that would bo Vcrv interest ing to n great many people, but I hav'nt time now to dn ii I am poinir to that reirion where I exticct to find ninny just as goou as mysell, ami nunc ns goon ns, them I leave behind me. I write this calmly, early In the morning, after a dpin1p.s niaht. What niv fpelinns are no one can limagine. I have before me a path environed with im minent peril, i snail tic a wanderer an mo unys oi niylifeinan unknown land, leaving behind mcfncnils nnrl Itimlrpd that nrn nearer ntwl ilparer to 111C that! Inv own heart s blood, who must all share in the disgrace which attaches to me. I leave behind mo my wile and children! May Ood throw his protecting nrm I .1.-... lo hII ll.n. f ...... .... A ... T nnt tiill.1.1,. iiiuuiiii mini, in ii 111,11 inn b.ij. jii.i - id siillicienliy severe lor all thai I nave none i vvny leal h to me were absolute relief, bill I cannot cm-! brace it. 1 have canvassed the wboto ground over arcfully. There were three alternatives presented lo nip. To remain and meet my fato in the eyes of all who knovjnc, to commit suicide, or to lice tbo country. i nave (icciuco. unon uio alter anil lor me suicio rea son that 1 may possibly yet live lo rescue my name itrom every stigma which rests or sunn rest upon n. IJ. 1' . -Ill 1 UlLl'.l.lj. N. D. I shall he pursued no doubt, but it will be isrlrss. I shall not he brnimht back ! for if I were lo lie overtaken I have tirovided mvself with two ontinatnt fritnds, either of hich will spare me the mortification or tieing brought bacK like a leion. Death were under any circumstances preferable to that. Pnhcc Officers. Messrs. Hrover and McGrath went in pursuit of Mitchell yesterday afternoon, leaving ... :i... . : hl!i j 'i - in uie mini lur i iiunucipilia. POPULATION OK THE CITY OF N. YORK 6,r.22 In 1910 fl6,27n 10,391 " 1S20 123,701! 21.B76 " 1S2-, 23,611 " 1830 .33.131 " 1330 (iO,4S9 Klines ".Mr. Curti" follinvul (in avW. coat,) Willi lliel.i- dv of I bo Sccietarv of Mate oniinenrm. mid on! the oilier, attend' d by a ictinue of oilier Indies." I Sacred memory of Jlcait .ViiWi slnide of limit Vrummcl drfcnil us I Ned Curtis sinro appoirluH HnlliTtur of tlip Port of New-York, present ' in aj thick coat"! We honor the hntrncitv "f the Argus! imiii-itor for his expression of ibe deep iuii!:nial!'in institutions as was that of Do 7nrquovillo ; bill the Author has aimed to collect siirh fads with; regard to our social politics and religious iti.-ti-tutions as might enable them, for whom it was . ., .... VII If III I" n more especially written to lorm an iicctiraica,,r i, mitlior of thy letter, by ilieiialiei imlrrmnnt nf nnr rnnilitinn nml nrnsnppt.c. Ked ciniilias'is iiiinn f rwl: coat ! Ntd Curtis. tllP atlfl.l1 ' 1 B.: .... ' .: i .. . n...... i.t i.- , ..,1riiius, r(iiiiuiirieiiMis, i-uiiiiuiil-uus i urns -iuiusi.-ii IU U l.""lll"""in.U,...,l , r. . I.. l,U,,nniiMl . n M n ll t work likegind a little worn on Jhe right cull' with Idler wrilinL', .i -.. . i.... :. . . ,. i : .i.. .. - Hit i sun 1 am ill us Iron: coat nokiii" ai ino .inn- ill s : un ii i mum uu uuiiio in in un in ii i lrl . ,n . i i . i . . r ... c ' , Misler Pli nipolcntnrv and l.nvoy Lxtrnouhnary of: Cmireu lelnria, and upon the li.irnns, mc counts, IjChi'vahi rs who n pipscnt their several I'.iiropean Ma- jllil Manvofhis statements appear place and unworthy of mention in a written (urfureigncrs and not fur the AlnoricanfcQiireii Victoria, and upon the Rirnns, iho Counts, public ; and that, what to us is matter of everyuv I'rom the New-York Express. CIIA11LKS P. MITCIIKLLTIIF. FORGKH Yo were, Thursday evening, made acquaint. cd with some startling facts respecting the ini quity of C. F. Mitchell, Kx-Mernber of Con- gross from the Niagara District in this State Fearing that a public exposition might diininisli the chances of arrest, and at tlio request of the; officers of justice who arc now in pursuit of the 'offender, we declined bringing his guilty tran- actions to the light of day. I hey arc, how. over, perfectly notorious, and their dovelopo ment has created great excitement in this city, as tliev must wherever the infamous transac tionsare known. The letter from .Mr. Mitchell addressed to the editors of the Courier and Kti quiror, which wo publish, is a sufficient confes sion, but nnt what it purports to be, "a brief the vcrv source from which thev judge of thcEMlurs of J.cgniimi ami the numerous aHpn ilierr-g ,r i;ls oinjtl,,,j t0 stale ns nearly . . , ., ', , ' iKJif! llardi'iii'd, lmlliuikiii!? man ! Ami Oil", loo, nifi? . r , ... -v - 'uuie inpe in nnv no a i,'iu un earn .-inn: day occurence, and passes almost unnoticed, Vinn,'ff, the Seerciancs of Legation, the Coim-festalcmont of facts." The facts which the for- as wo can learn them arc as follows .Mr. Mitchell came to this city some ton day.' since from Washington, a disappointed apph cant for the office of Navy Audit, lie took lodgings at the Astor House, and was understood to bean applicant for an office here which there w as no probability ho could obtain. As his cha racter was not above reproach at Washington, In 1731 " lTBfi " 1773 " 17P0 " 17H0 " 1S00 TAXLS OK TUB CITY In l?f)l 675,000 " 1010 120,000 " 1S20 230,000 lfifi.OSfi 202,r!?0 312,633 OF NBW YOrtK. In 1325 8300,000 liO.000 1,100,000 1S30 1810 io friends of humanity hold as bound toi'''lc "r the Collector's froh coat were meat . . , . .r ni Ljui mli-tilioiial ui.-ult on the part of the nation s the legitimate fruits of freedom. I onnm. irr,)rs of iiiornuee. Mr. Fox, i, wo knu our institutions. 1 he most iroiiunoiit feature! in his book, however, is its phrenological char acter. In every' thing he says, he has KpecialK reicrcm c io mis, ins iaoruo pursuii. in ing sketches of individual character, he docs itgj by telling what organs predominate ; in remark ing upon social chanxtori.-tics, the tame tcchiw- Inp-ii is observed and be tells us in conclusion that it is on'v by Phrenology that religious sect my be harmonised and true happiness, Individ-' ual, social and political, attained. 'Phrenology,' he savs in the closing address to the people o! tlio United States, on this subject, 'is the great instrument presented to us by Providence, tc M'able us to realise that grandeur and cxcel- euce in our individual and social condition which the exhibit a: those who disbelieve the dogmas of Phenology, (and I trust there is yet a 'remnant' nf such, in the land,) this feature of the work will make il appcrr infinitely ridiculous. Still, aside from this, it contains much that is interesting and ex-! trcincly valuable. It is written in form of a journal, in which, under appropriate heads, eiory recurrence that seemed worthy of note, is care fully chronicled. All public meetings, political movements, are noted with full, and general! nciirato accounts of our schools, charitable op erations, periodicals, religious opinions currency matters, railroads, elections, &c. It will have a very general popularity and will do much in England to correct false impressions and to cul tivate a more liberal spirit in judging of oui character. The BritUh Queen was advertised to leavi London on the 10th hist. It is time therefore that the had arrived ; and she is hourly expect ed. Yours &c. VF.ILMONT. It i tint to I'm wniideri d at. that this slinuld havee-l iled llie inili'Miatinn nf Mr. Van Ilurrn, bciaL'hitnsclfe the very liniiiniiel nl statesmen, most learned ill nlll llie mvsiriics uf oress and undress, most deeply slubj li'd in nil the ihstinrliiins between. iw7.' coats, ami nn- Iv Pinl. and dress enals. and court dress coats iirnpcrK nun "smt'ip nreasis ana a si.niuing collar ucinij niucd and in truth AGIUCULTUKAL STATISTICS. Tin Philadelphia North American contains a very vahuulc table with the above title, compiled from tin returns of the sixth census, and containing a statc- nicntof the agricultural productsof all the States bul three! viz. MichiL'ati. North Carolina, and Kentucky.! The lamest wheat-growing Stale in the Union is Ohio the amount 10,000,000 bushels! the next lar gest, Pennsylvania, with 13,000 000, the next, New York, 11,000,000, and the fourth. Virginia, with iu,uuj,uuu. llie largest amount oi uniian com rais. "d in one Suite, is in Tennessee 42,000.000 bus- holssViririnii. 31.000.000-Illinois . 22.000.000 Ala- b.nna, 13.000,000-Oiorgia, 17,000,000-Missouri, 1 lJ.IJlAI.WU. New- York is the greatest notatoc-rrowing State iinnunt, 30,000,000 bushels. Maine comes next with 10,000,000, and ncxi Pennsylvania, with R.000,000. The grcttcst colton-growmg Stales arc Mississippi, 2S9,000,OOC lbs; Alabama, 210,000.000; Ocorgia,1 11S,000,W)U; South Uarclinn, 13l,liini,U0U! 'rennessec, 129.000.0n0i Louisiana. 37.000.000: Arkansas. 23,- lOOO.OOO: V.rginia. 10.000.000. l.ouis.ini is oi course uie largest pronucer oi sugar unoiint. 2I5,000,CiO0 lbs ; New York comes next with 0 000.000 bs.. llie produce of our forests. Tennessee, as she is first in corn, is also first in swine, number, 2,793,000. Ohio stands next, with 2,000,000. Tennessee arraiit. stands first for tobacco. Amount 2o.000.000 lis.! Maryland, 18,000.000-Virginia, II,- -"a professor Of that high art a fiist rate dresser." lie tliererifnre InMim-d tu communicate persoii-asu it was not in good repute hero whore past IV with the Diplomatic l.orps. .Mm sms ill msfr,. .,,.,;- i,n.i ,-,i. ,.,. ,i,.n ,i.-i,i l,n ,illy lilter: ".Mr, Enf the 1 1 J il 1 1 it a t e corps avc me an account of ihc offieinl visit! and I lieaid the same thru I another of them." I mined! itdv lliircunon he expressed bis indignatiiiii! lliroiiLdi his fnvoritn paper, designing thereby at onecl to eurreet the new Ai ministration, and to soothe llie fulings ol insulted, unfiled diplomacy. I We trust that the repri'seiuatiies of foreign Puwera? Hlllllius imilei stand that neither the presence ol tlicj uit nation, but now, 'ond-ii.viircd mini, like Ins illiislruuis relative Charlesl Fox, and somewhat Ion carucss uf forins liiinsi If but we rpun i tu say that the II irun Von Schwrutz- wetterhurgli .Seliairiiaiiscn, the resident Mini-li r off Ihc Ileigiiing Duke ot llulieiiulleru lli-clieii.2Crn,f li-is ilrmandei! Ins nasMinrls ! We trust the letter ill! this morning's Argus will induce him lo ic-considerS ibis !n liiri-relll resolution. For our own port, we lake our stand. No cotiHd-J 'oration of pcrnnuil friendship for Mr. (Vnrn w ill m- iirn us In I he lleape ul I ue .Millnll ill iliieuee if bis eomhict. If lio is deiiianileil by llie Duke nf; In n-iv.n b rn llci beiineen. be-inii-t tie gin ii up. i Iiave It 1 in to the magnanimity ol his fterene lligh-j llpss. This is no light matter ! The eonseoiK nee of the! LI true ; coal luav be lerrilile. "alisniuti lv, as Judge ftcoll would say. I ne I-rencn ucuiiiiiinn n is weni 'tnow-ii was buried on anil tlio monarchy overthrown! n conseijiicnce uf ltuland, the Minister of llie lule-l nor, ennniig to Court with strings in Ins sIiots instead! if Iinckles. "Itul-ind. the iust. with ribbons in his shoes!'' How oiild he be iust, said bis predecessor in olliee, witlioulj 'iiic liles,! How can (Jintral IlAnntsns- ndministir tin! 'ureign all'iirs, if Cein is is permilti d to enine in Ins) frocl; coal to sec the I'uriign Minilirs iiresenled J- rbe ibinrr is itntio'sihle. and in all frankness, ami bu rying all consideration ot parly pontics, we say trial II! iiiust uo corrected. .remnij Journal. or to-morrow. The steamers for some reasons. have a strange habit of coming into port, in justj such times as shall enable our pestilent news boys to cry their 'Extras' through the streets on Sunday. The news of most importance ex pected from aboard is concerning tho effect on American credit produced by intelligence of our third suspension. Great excitement was caused in tlio city yes torday by tho discovery of tho forgeries and slid don decampment of a Member of Congress. The Hon. Charles F. Mitchell, from tho Niagara District in this State, passed, both in Philadel phia and in this city, drafts to the amount of some. 93,000 purporting to be drawn by tho Bank of Albion on tho State Dank at Albany which on being presented for payment wore pronounced forgeries. Ho suddenly left his lodgings at the Astor House on Tuesday, ani nothing has beent heard of him since. Ho addressed a letter jus before his doparturcdo the editor of tho Cotiror, in which ho confesses some dreadful deed though lie does not say what it is, boasts of his talents and success in life and says ho has gone to a land where there arc many as bad as himself and a thousand fold better than them he has lefl behind. It is quite generally believed that this letter was designed to produce the impression that ho had gone to Texas, but that he actually took passage in the Caledonia for England. The Police have gone to Philadelphia in pursuit. Ik has never borne a good character for honest and fair dealing ; but has been quite notorious al Washington as a gambler, and in every place where he was known, as an unprincipled pohtt cian. He was a Merchant and Miller at Lock- port, and an applicant for the Navy Agency in this city. The opposition party hold a meeting at I am many Hall on Thursday evening to respond to the nomination of Mr. Morris for Mayor. It was not remarkably well attended, and was charac, tcriscd by the noisy and tumultuous display which is always exhibited at the gatherings of the' faithful in the 'old wigwam.' I saw several there so drunk that it was with the greatest difficulty they could bo kept within the bounds of even Tammany decency and order. B. F. Butler was one of the prominent speakers. Tho 'lion' of; the evening, however, was one who called him If a carman, an Irishman and a Catholic, but it. is said uy sonic wiio Knew mm, that 11c was neither of them, but one of these vagabond party tools, of whom the wire pullers make whatever, suits their convenience. In no public speech,1 on any occasion, or in any section of the country,1 have I ever heard such open profanity and bias phemous ribaldry as honoured forth amidtholong, and loud plaudits of tho assembled christian de mocracy. The Locos arc making very violent exertions to maintain their foothold in the city,' and from the almost entire apathy manifested by the administration, I fear they will be success-' ful. With a great portion of the opposition, the fact that a man is a burglar and an infamoti Judge, weighs not feather against him. 1 have. heard several intelligent members of that party, Those who accept this doctrine, and who bigin thcirl search for truth in tho spirit of it, gcncrolly hcconitl ardent admirers of I11111 and his writings. And if nnyl one is sceptical enough to hint to tlicm that cicn their dol may bo mistaken, and that some of his teachings are pulpably absurd nnd atheistic, ho is nwt at oneel !by tire charitable and conclusive assertion that hel does not ond cannot comprehend Mr.ll'.iiicrson.' Yestcrdoy being the anniversary of Jefferson's! ibirtb-day, was observed by the presentation of two! splendid silk banners by the Common council lo thel t'Jth Uegiinent of Infantry 111 this city. Iliisincss has been greatly improved since the opcn-l ing of tho Hudson. 1 ours, cic. VERMONT. FOREIGN NEWS ARRIVAL OF TUB IIIUTISII QUBBN. iwuujvuu. i-regn-l linn wi- lime nui inu irun !: , Irom kenturky. in corn and tobacco, we tiiinu sneaiiowcvcr avow tlieir uenci mat -Morris conduct I. net .,1 linr c. nro M. .. ... . . ... , in llie (ilcntwortli case, was most culpable ; and w ill rank with Ihc best of her sislcrs. Xpw- Vork stands first for lumber. Value $3.7??.- 000. Next, .Maine, Sl,503,000. Pur products of the Dairy, New York is again at the head. Value, $10,- nno.OOO. Vermont next. SI.S02.000. In the products of tho orchard, INcw 1 ork and lacked at least integrity of character. The cf-ljirmontl.cai the other States nearly twotoone; the ?1.100,3s7." n j. , - . . ,. , w nn 11 , fin sncep. .M'w i ork nas n,.ni,ij, i-piinsvivnuia 1,306,131. Ohio LOG 1.957. Vermont 1,333,120, Vir ginia l,.'?U,iSb. It seems from this statement that ermont FRO IU W A S II I X G T O X. Washington, March 29lh General Harrison is confined to lu- chamber bv neverc attack of bilious pleurisy, i-or 'i-itrnl day nf last week he hud felt somewhat indisposed I vci lie continued to devolc himself to bus'iie-s", early and late, Willi Ins customary actiity and diligence. Almiii nnini on Sulurdav. he was sei.d with an agui which conlinue-d for an hour and n Inlf, and was lul- lowed by febrile symptoms ace'einipanicd with sevrn rimn in ihc side. I)r. Miller and Dr. May two distui- I'uislied nhvsieians. were iiiiuiediilelv summoned, ami had recourse to active reiue-dies cupping, calomel. iW. Under their skilful treatment, the I'resideiu I mnil are-it relief, and lo-d.iv lie appears so much bel t, i ihai if liei-oritimies to luinruveas rapidly, we mnv , ?t; he willbe ablutn attend io liiiinc in the lalten ! n' O! til week. Tlicatlaek was, no ilmibt, greatly .lug -iva'-l by tho exciting scene he through iKir i;.' the last month, and I lie exhaiis'ing caics at inn I mi un i-i the station he lioldes. Willi IranimdiH mil r.-p'is- Iih vigorous constitution will quiekl ir mi ns f,i nitr tone. Tho attendance of .Mrs. Mar- risjn, upTi her father-in-law, has been ineissant, and 111 ail; i ( v a devoted alUclion that increases the es twin w- tli whieh she is universally regarded. Owing tu t'u'linii-rni'sill-hnillh, iIip evening receptions nt tlw White llouo nave been sus-ieiuieu lur in present UNI- ANNUAL PRODUCTION OF THE TED STATES. We have received tho report of the secretary if State, giving the value and quantity of the Agricultural production of this country in 1511'J It is a most valuable document, and was rare fully complied and arranged bv William A.1 Weave, Esq-, tho superintendent of the last census. A more able and efficient person could not have been selected. From the detailed statements, we have made the following abbreviation. We have added to each article its price, as current in this tnarkek, and therefore reached the aggregate value ol nmiliirn of states and territories. Rnmmc T,nM nt- -l lt' 1 VII, I StATT-S ANO ITS AI.l'C IN IsJSt, as urririALLV riCLisMim. Kind. E Wheat, Shlurlcy, ....... ... i-ii-"ii, Cut il, J'utatoc", bushels, The Secretary of State received iiitelligencc nnfcWooi ' poumj SA'nrdav that MrM.e R iv. ilu-failier of .tits. Webster was so ill thai a fatal luininatioii was expected. lie nnd his lady scl out yesterday Illuming for New York, but with scarcely a hope of seeing their vener able relative alive. Previous to his deprlurc, Mr. Webster instituted i commitieeof examination and inquiry for llie purpose of obtaining cored information n to the stato of progress of the public works m tins citv, and Iho tic free of skill, fidelity, and economy with which thev are carried ons ami especially whellier the power of elismissui and cmpluying has iieen exi-reise-a vviih nny reference to the political opinions of these who have been employed or dismissed, or for nny other political or party object. Tho Circular adresseil by ino secretary tu uie (jomiinssioners h anoitu-r prooi that the administration intends to .adliero lo the prin ciples profsiid liy iho Wings when mil ol place. The laborers on tlio public works have made grii v nils complaints that a tyrannical pioscriptinn wasex tended to them : and il is notorious thai vvlio'eliind have been occasionally sent oil' to llnllimorc just or the eve of an election lo help llie cause of Jackson one' Van Ilitien in the City. If these Com missioners do tlieir duly a vast field of abuse and cor million will be exposed. The Attorney (luncral returned lnt evening! am' uppeard, to-day, in the hnndsninonpartnients provider for his office in tbo new Treasury ISuilding. Ho woi immediately besieged by a crowd of visitants curioio to know what ho thought of tho ruse of MeLeod. Mr. Cnlleiidi-n found bisbnsiihss bad gre-ally mulli plied in his absence, nnd ho spi-uldy got rid uf hi questioners, one after another, with an courlisi ns their impunity would allow. Will people neve learn lo rellrct thai a Cabinit Jlinistt-r must lm Ul witli some lutlo time for liiinself, nnd fir iid'airso' State, and reasc to li'iuut him, and opprtss liiin wit) th. iridle talk .Mr. Criltender will make report to the Prrsideti probably, to-morrow, lie is salUficd that Mel.i-ot vvi'lb nble to proven n eii7i, Tim work of r.pjiomtiT'pnts and rpinovals will In s- p idpil fur a w'"' - Itnt there nro sevirul whieh iti under tool 'rvr ' 'n determined naou. nlilmugl lliev havo not yet been nnn.iunreil. Col. Charlm S Tesld will be Mitnler lo Austria. Thomas .Mimrin Bwj , who wat removed by lien. Jaikson, during tin I'ubneco. lliee, " 'ottun, " Mignr, " llu,s, " Silk cocoons, " Wux, " Hay, tons, Hemp & flax," slies, N'aval stores, barrels, f.ituibcr, I'roduethof the orchard, Products uf the dairy, Wine, gallons. 73,933, till 3,933,131 110,03,3''i0 ld,'H7,H10 7,0U),i'.'d 303,l(il,)l, 27,103,4 115,071,601) 7'i,131,73' 1,311,139,793 27,!,335,!-)l 1,119,770 3.3,99! 711,193 n,W,115 930,912 19,023 31.GS9 SI no 5J 30 100 ;o 42 33 10 3 11 7 30 37 27 E0 G 00 2 00 350,127 50 Value. 875,933 119 2,0)5,(i29, 33.010,010 8.990,9 i'i 7,003,3.0 131,00, 12.S-12.2Hil 13,7,971 ll,t07,l-ti :,wi,n.) Ill'.l9a.)77 19.1") 1,90 ' 130,710 121.5W 111.' 10) 157,230 s 10 1.373,'i7ti 1,633,300 (13,37 10,9)3,0) 7.2!3.i7P 31,159.13 113,213 Aggregato value as officially know n, 6097,700,3")' Keturns from North Carolina, Kentucky Florida, and Wisconsin, not having been receiv eel, their product is not included in the above. liven tho preront returns arc not complete, and never will be. As an instance, .Massachusetts s set down in the assessor's return as having iroduced 159,!)'J:) bu5ho!s uf wheat in 110, in that 6amo year bounty was claimed for HlO.SliOi ninhols, making a dillerenco of nearly .'I.Odoj nislicls. It is the same in -Maine, and tho same. ill over the country. And wo do not hesitate osay that the production, as published, is full on per cent below Iho actual product. Enough s known, however, to satisfy all parties that ve possess the elements of itnnienso wealth. Vo previous estimate ever reached the quantity 'f articles produced, as shown in this report. bovo wo see that the annual value of agricul. iiroalono.asorriciallyirivon, is nearly 800,000 1(10, and if all the returns wore, in, tho aggrc- ;ate would bo increased lo StfKHI.WiO.tKHI. feet of past guilt and present disappointments, it ii thought, led him to commit a bolder and more infamous crime than any eif which ho had boon before guilty. On Tuesday last he was in Wall street, and through some of his acquain- tauccs who coulidcu too much in his honor and honesty, obtained an introduction to several of tho Wall litrcet brokers. Tho object of this in troduction appeared to ho business-, anil very. soon we are told he passed upon his new acquain tances sundry drafts, purporting, as the Albany Evening Journal of last evening says, to have been drawn by Alexis Ward, President of the Hank of Orleans, on the New York Stato Jlank ,of Albany, for SPioO. On being prcr-cntcd there they were found to be forged, and to have been negociatcel bv New York brokers. The Irafts were all endorsed and made payable to the Hon. Charles F. Mitchell. They came back yesterday morning marked fnrg'rirs, and the 'guilt of .Mr. Mitchell was known almost as soon as he had made his escape from the city. This,1 however, is but one of the guilty transactions of the forger. Philadelphia as well as New Vork had been the scene of his criminality, and the same hour which brought to light evidence of his guilt in the one instance developed a bolder ex hibition of vilainy in tho other. Sundry other checks of the It mk of Orleans, drawn on the Mechanics Hank of this city, and endorsed by Mitchell, were also on being presented to the Bank yesterday morning marked forgeries. The amount of the several checks were for S2500. They had been sold in Philadelphia on Wed- ncsday to several of the city brokers, and there asnere, every tiling sccmcu to ue none in so plain and fair a manner that there was no room for suspicion. So well digested were these high handed transactions that they were carried on without exciting the suspicious of any one of the lofrauded parties. In regard to the checks on the Mechanics Bank, we are told that thev were signed by the Cashier, Mr. Edmonds, and endorsed as good. Mr. Edmonds, however is now in Europe. j ne loiiowing icier we ueneve was icit in tho chamber of the forger. His luggage was left there also, and several papers scattered about, which indicated a hurried departure. From tho Courier it Enquirer of ibis morning. It hasbeeii very generally rumnie-d through tlmeitv for some davs Past, that Mr. C. I-', MiTeiiELi.. late a member ul Congtisa from the 33d Congre ssional District m this State-, bad been guilty ol I'ori'cnj, detrele-d. nnd had lied the Country fur 7'cxeia. We ast evening rcce-iveu uiroiigii ine rosi uineo tne lu lowing Idler, dated on Tuesday, and purporting to1 be "a brief statement of f.iels," but in truth giving no' itnpts whatever in regard tu his crime. His anneal ueh as it is, fur it is nothing else, we lay be fore our readers. Wedo not perceive that liccvcn pretends tu any apology for lus conuuci. New Yobk, Match 30, 1S41. To J. Widson Iliifi, Hdilur qf the Cuurtcr ip llnq.. Sin. As Hie. eircuiiisfuices connected w if ii inv name. Inpelber with the public Station I bavu held. wmgivo riso io u guuu iiv.ii ui luiii.uriu j ue-euui not improper to moke a bruft statement of facts leaving each one to form biicli opinion respecting them! is be shall e lioose. It always has been the case, so will it be again, thai is soon us public reproach attaches to ihc name uf nn iniliviilmil wiin bad be-en decmi'il rrspeetnlde befurr. instances arc sought and fabulously pointed out in Ins previous history to show- that ho always lias been an unworthy member of society. I cannot Initio lobe an expectiun to this pervading rulcj and I efaro say, thai there will lie loeinu pieiny oi persons rcimy to swear that I had always bein a very considerable rascal. Now, I own, that up, tu this day, never in1 iho wliolecoursoofuiy life', have I elono nu net with llie intention of injuring any human beiuj', or of wronging any man out ufoiicccnt. I have commit ted foihu very great errors partly my own, partly through others bul never, ne-rer before to-day, ;i crime. How many-persons nave ncen benehieil by my good uflici'S it ia nut fur ino lo say. Itut 1 might nniiin to tbo whole population of the t ountv nl inv late residence, to bear u-stiiuony lo my fair and hon orable dialing, to my liberality and to my uniform kindness lo all whom I was brought into contact willi. 1 went to I.ocknon twelve ye ars aeei t when I arrived there, I did not know a human soul in the ('utility t 1 was just out of my minority i I carted out; inv own naih: was successful in buUH-s9! madn money mpidly ; had regiments ul Intnils that tsB when 1 was making money rry Just; mo to His iinrttini among mv fellow men. and in about ciebt venrs after inv arrival in die district, I was rlceteel s lurrcscntstiTC to congress, nnu una'. r circumstance! in proportion to her extent and population, ex cells any other State in the Union in its number of sheep, and in the protlucts of the dairy, and tho orchard. Wc are a little surprised at this last Item, as wo supposed Now Jersey, Con necticut and Massachusetts must be before u. We think there must be some error. Chronic!?, Kill DAY MORNING, APRIL 9, I B 1 I.I THE PRESIDENT'S HEALTH. There is great anxiety pervading the public mind relative to the serious and continued ill ness of our venerable Chief Magistrate, ficneral HARRISON. The disease is said to bo a hi-1 lious pleurisy, caused by a severe cold, and con-! staut occupation and excitement. There was a! consultation of Physicians on the 1st instant, who pronounced his illness serious, but vet in- liilged in strong hopes of his recovery. The National Intelligencer of Friday, April '-'ml, Eays that on the evening previous, there was an evident improvement in the President's health. A letter published in the New York Times and Star of Saturday evening, dated at Washington, fl o'clock, A. M. of tho tid inst. says "The President is decidedly better." The letter was written bv a gentleman who left the Presidents House half an hour previous to writing. From the N. Y. Commercial of .Saturday. POSTSCRIPT. Klevev O'Cloik. Paim ci. IsTr.Luor.NCE.-Wc greatly fear, from the leiior of our advices from Washington, that the Pre sident s life is ill great je opardy. His disease is biliuut pntumoiua, aiuJisvery obstinate. A phv siciau win lias arrived frum Wasliiugtnn this inonini'', appre hends that the next mad will bring tidings thai the nation will weep to hear. From the Albany Ev. Jour, of Monday. DANnKllOUS ILLNKSS or the PRF.SIUKNT! The President's illnes9 assumed an nlarniiiiir pceton Friday, nnd up to (i o'clock on .Saturday, he reuuiiieu ma enucai situation, iv c nave seen n nasiv Lrite-rfroin Mr. WEDriTm written ii:n'olo.K rjuiiu- liny uio ', which concluded with the remark that the President was still in a dangerous situation. LKTTKRS FROM THF. METROPOLIS. NO. VII. New Yobk, April 3, 1611 For a fortnight past, with brief and occasional! exceptions, wc have been luxuriating in all the bright beauty and inspiriting freshness of the sweet Spring time. Our sky has become clear, the air balmy and refreshing, and the warm sun shine streams through the openings of the stone walls of this thick and heelged-up city, lighting the darkest alleys and most murky prison-holes and making the heart uf even the ragged, house less, friendless beggar beat with a quicker life and a feeling at least akin to happiness. Tl grass upon the Park and other public places has becomo green, the trees are building forth, and the very sight of them awakens in tho heart ol the pent. up, toil-worn laborer in this confined city.longing for the pure hcalth-brcating airs and Iho pleasant s'ghts of the country. Ono accus turned to its beauty and its glory, is half inclined to wish himself beside the bright lake and bo neath tho noble (Jrcen Mountains of your own Vekjiont: and yet, I doubt not, icy fetters still hold tho waters in thrall and vou arc tdiiverin in tempests and snowy whirlwinds which would do infinilo credit to the last days of midwinter, c havo riven up expecting tlie llritisli Queen immediately and aro looking for Euto- poan intelligence by way of Hoston, Tho Aca. umwasseivcrtiseii to leave Liverpool on the illtli intt., nnd she will prolnbly reach IJojton to-day! that they could not support him for any promin cut station. Hon. Daniel cbsler was in tho city on Wednesday, in consequence of the sickness of Mrs. Webster's father, Woman Lo Roy, Esq, lie remained, however, onlv a few hours, being imperatively called back to the seat of Govern ment by the pressing duties of his olliee. Mr. Le Hoy died on Thursd.iv. Ho has long been1 known as one of our prominent merchants- man of lino abilities, most gentlemanly inanncri-j and of the hiirhest integrity. Ho died at the good old age of eigliiy-four. The senseless, factious cries nf tho dcina gogucs in this state that New-York is bankrupt,' have been most efl'octually silenced by an able, lucid report made in the Senate by Mr. Ycr- tilanck. lie shews the actual debt ot the State to be -Sl l,f 0-"i,;i70 : and to balance this, she has, beside an amount of SWIO.OOO.OOO in real and personal estate, V. S. Depeisitc, school and lite rature Funds, to the amount of S(i,.-i:i,:il7: a canal revenue of nearly a million and a half. sufficient to pay an interest on a debt of 8- 000,000, and an income.' from salt works, auction duties, Stc. of 8:100,000. Ho proves that the talc may appropriate 81,000,000 annually to the prosecution of her works now in progress te tlieir completion, with a certainty of paying all accriiinir interest promptly out of the annual revenue. The committee in our Legislature appointed to consider the question, has reported against bridging the Hudson. The matter, however, hos been recommitted to the same committee. President I larrison has for somo elays past, as we learn from Washington, been seriously ill. flic letter writers in the morning papers of to day, represent him as still in a very critical situ atiou. It is hoped, however, that through the efforts of his physicians, and the excellent sound. nessof his constitution, he may be recovered. The prospectus uf a new daily paper lias been is sued. It is to bo callid the 'New Yobk Tmih'ne,' ,t,. voted to Publics, I.iierniure and General Intelligence, and and will be edited by Horace (irecley, of the New Yorker. The Hook trade was considerably revived within n few days. Resides ihc works I iiieuliuiti-d in my last several other very valuable and important publica tions have been issued. Among them is the 'History if .Society,' by W. Cooke Taylor, an English author if consideiahlc ability and reputation. It is a very tscful work, though in many respects superficial and mistaken in its view s, A now edition of Mrs. Austin's 'Characteristic of fioetho' has iust been brnnnln i in riiuauclphia. This is well known to llie literary public, having first been published in England as ear ly as 1B33. It consists of translations by Mrs. All un, of Memoir- and Recollections uf the illustrious German, by Folk, Van Mullen, an dsevcral other inti male friends and distinguislu-el scholars. I beleive this is the first American edition ever published. In my last letter I believe I cominilte-d the very stupid blunder of ascribing to Freelerick Van .Seblegel, the eclebnted work of bis brother Augustus, 'Lectures on Dramatic Literature.' Let this confession atone therefor. A volume of 'Essays' by Ralph Waldo Emerson, lias just been publshed in lloslon. Tins gentleman has made himself somewhat celebrateel by tho singu larity of bis writings, and lias ohtainej many enthu siastic and credulous followers. 1 hose who wnrslui him most devoutly, aro generally Ihoso who sic m his teachings sullicient ground lo conclude that there is no necessity for any religious he-hef, for litis seems to bo the sum and substance of bis doctrine. II makes all religion consist in a certain vague state uf thc feelings, abjures the necessity uf any creed what 'ever, no where recognizes the existence uf n personal God, and speaks of our .Savior with a patronising air which, lo a reverent mind, ebflers in nothing from blasphemous contempt. Ho w rites in a certain mys tical style, uttering must oracularly, and Willi the air Great excitement in relation to the Mcl.eod Affair- Naval and Military preparations against tho U States Fierce for war Panic produced by tin news taken out by the Gcorgo Washington in re lation to the Hank of the United States Late news from China, India and Egypt by extraordinary ex press, and furnished by special express to the Sun alone. From the New York Sun. The Queen experienced n vcrv reiULdi nnd disa greeable passage, and on the 30th lilt., having then been out 20 elays, found hersrlf obliged to put into iinlir,..- f,.,.i ui... ir. ii..i:r. .i. i. -.i .,,1.1. ..III. III! IIIIIKIA UII IIIU 191, .IIIU mado tho passage to this port in three days. The news she brings is of the most intense interest.! and wc hasten to lay it before an anxiously expecting public. Our London Agent, acttngupon our special instruc tion to run an Express exclusively for flic New York Sun. whenever anv news of itnnortanee warranted jtlio expense, started from London for Portsmouth1 met rsnitnenii. on tho mornim; eii the 1UI i. wi n n l the London morning papers of that elate, and our usual files and letters from correspondents. 1 tic people ol l-.nglanil appear to have been panic struck nt the intelligence which reached that country iy mcpncKcis vvnsinngton, uiiilcil states nnd est moster. from New York. The first nnmpil vessel lookout the news nf tho stoppngcof theUnited States; Hank the second, that of iho indictment nf Mcl.eod md the Westchester Mr. Pickens' Report in Congress in the .viel.potl al .nr. 1 hesc Ihre-e causes conibinerl created a sudden panic anion'' nil classes of Persons anil llie Funds nt llie. Stock Exchange were matcriallv llow-ercd ill consequence. vv c mitt tl quite impossible in our nmitcil space to L'lve ai t ns moment even a synopsis ol t ic comment of the press upon this intcllieence : but upon .Mr, t'lCKcns llcpoit, which seems lo havo created Ihc' greatest shock, the Globe says "The painful effect which Ibis intemperate 'nnrlv document must other wise produce- on the strongly cherished hopes of the' people, of Ibis country, of nn amicable adjustment ofi ibeilisiiitc, will be much relieved by tho lone of the principal speakers in llie debate which ensued on the question of printing tho Report." I he jiornimr Chronicle or tlie'Jth say: the pu blication of this report created considerable, uneasiness. In this fee-ling, we confess, wc elo nut altogether par ticipate. The very men who drew up (his document ii is piain upon tne lace ot u musi nave ion nicy were pulling ihcir names lo a ease upon which no nation would vcntiiro to enter upon hostilities. The language of tho report is not tbo language of men w nn euner were convinced unit they had a good cause. or were ileiermiueil to go to extremities in a bait nne. The limes says. vvo shall not nuote from tlusnf- Ifensivo and unjust tirade, but we earnestly invoke our rentiers lusutuy u in eriensn iur inemseives, nnu men judge what chance exists of fair or jut treatment fur Great I'ntain from those authorities with which such a catalogue of insults could have-originnteel. il tne Harrison ifovernnient lie. ns wo ueneve u will lie, ngninst the report, is there not ground to fear that they may be too feeblo to resist the war taction 1 rom tho Money articles m the same papers, we find that this American news cause-d a panic in the- in irkets. The Despatch savs. "the stoppage of tho V. Itank will i-.ause a great deal of misery here as wt-l' .is in America. Shares which brought two years ago JU.l, are now, anxiously so d .at JL1 1 lUs. The .Morning Herald savs, ''the financial and poll tied news from Xevv Vork tiroduceil a coiiider.ab!t impression on the Stock Market, but the depth of this impression would hum measured ny ineneiuni oeciintj merely m qiintationsnf slocks, foritmust be remem bered that the funds were on iho rise, and with a firm lpnl.-ni-i- lo n irrpnlir rtsp still. The lnl- nl llie bin says: mc arrival ui ine West Cbesier from New- Yurk, whence she saih-d on llie 10th uf February, brings eeriam information thai ibe Conere-ss nf the Uniied .Stales, bv the lame ma- inntv of 103 n-minsl lis", had vntrd ill 'favor of tile re port Otl tile .VI el .e'Uil all.ur, which was cnicui.aicn in excite hostilities with England. The "ubje-ct bcine thus takin up bv Congress the government must of course acl lit eonlornmy with the will oi tne nmjoriiy anil therefore the chance of see ing the acts of the in- i..ri,.r mrisi bpiinn nf t u-State uf .New 1 nrli overruled tv- tlio eienirnt e.oviTiiniPiit. no longer exists. It maucs ino u.inger en a roiiismn moie imnuneni man ever. Our citizens, viewing it in this light, have shown a much greater eli'grec of alarm regarding the pueslioti this morning than tlu-yehdon the receipt of the pre v -us communication, nnd stocks fell 3-3 nr I-'' rer cent miuiPehately after llieope-ningof business. I'liv, VI o'clock. llie effect a' the unfavorable news ri-ceived yesterday from Ann-rica is wearing oil lie-re i but we perceive that it is vievve-d in n serious light in Lancashire, where people have be-gmt to pur chase cotton largely, under the impression that some interruption to the iradn with America may pnss.bly take place, nnd thai article has eonsceiueiltlv advan ced in price. SaUADRO.V ORDERED TO AMERICA ! ttuce bad been cuncludcd Willi ti, f i , ,. Ilheiii within certain Imuls.the 1 1 l,oV.?tV "i d!"K iius.iii mm mc small islniiils ailiaeent - ' K was nccn.npamed Willi a recommendation t," ,no,'c? o coneilinte the Chinese. Tho other Ph ltZJ Cnptmn L hoi .H ,ed circular declaring iS" terests or the liriti, , nl Clufnn s)louM laXV dunner the negotiation-.. 1 t,c meantime, ti dri-ul mortahty ebinitiislies tho troops there. iiie.iiiimrni, wnn n tMi,l,.ra,l0 portion of tho "madron, arrived on iho 20th r November nt Tung kuei. On (lie 21st Cnptmn Elliott proceeelo! in tho ilncen steamer townrds the llogwj forK m nrle,r to ue over n letter lur heslirn. A bont wns sent off w-illi a flag of truce illying, but it was lirtd nt by tbo Clii- I., u ,,,i ,. , nu uuiii leiuiueu, niiei several shots vvetc fired al llie steamer, one of winch struck her. 1 wo shells were then thrown into llie fort from ni.: sunnier, wiiieh then rejoined Iho squadron. I'lii'uu i .mou weni suuseeiuentiy to .nacao, ana by n.loi it,., to,pr a npejlogy was demanded for the insult to tho Hag of '""i "uii-u, inivr noiuo ueiay, was nsstn'td toby Keshen. On the 20th of November. HrPflMlmn. 11-r.rn ,i.mtl for an attack on the Rogue forts, ns Keshen was sus pected of producing unnecessary delay. He, howev er, made his public entry into Canton, having taken care lo give previous notice of his arrival to the Ad miral, wniiipjiuni ixovrmiirrlhc Atltnirril, on tho ground ol serious indipoitirn from palpitation of tho hcart,resigncd thccoinmnnd of the expedition toCom. Sir J. J. Gordon limner, and sailed for England on board the Volafc. Tho proceedings nt Cnnton hav c been since strange, f.eshcn, on the ground that (he People were opposed to his going in person to communicate with the out side barbarians, is said to have declined . an interview with them nt Pciho, and sent two subordinate man darins to confer with Captain Elliott. Some efforts were made to liberate' Mr. Stanton, which were suc cessful. Nothing is known of the other prisoners. Threats arc stated lo have been used by the Com modore, whose nomination lo Ihc command lias been hailed by al! the llritish at Mneao, that unless Kcsbcn would begin the iiegociattons in reality, recourso w ould be had lo hostilities. Canada. The elections have resulted so far in tho choice of !10 Unionists and 19 Anti- Unionists. 'lio high tory papers in Canada have care fully copied cverv account of a mob or a riot or a murder which has occurred in the United .States, and placed them all to the account of liberal institutions ; especially have they delight ed to record any disturbances at elections, and to place them in staring capitals as warning to all good subjects of the tendency of democracy towards anarchy. The recent elections for tho new Parliament have furnished these impartial chroniclcrsvith an abundance of material of this kind without crossing the border for it. Tho elections for this new Parliament have caused morn riots and blood-shed than the elections in the United States for twenty years. The spec tacle which this country has lately exhibited of i complete chance of the administration and with it, of the policy and principles of the gov ernment, after one of the most exciting elections over held, s a splendid evidence of the ability nf the people to govern themselves. The change is scarcely a political point of view, than that which placed I.ouis Phillippc upon tho throne uf France, and yet the whole has been lccomplisliod as quietly and peaceably as any of the ordinary movements of government. CANADIAN CORRESPONDENCE. Kisgtiis, 21th Match. 1341. Htuts in Turonto Selection of Kinpston .itale of I'ublic I 'tiling- I'l iparativns fur fie .Vtr J'arli ment. Mv Dr.An Sin You may possibly hear before this reaches jon, that a most disgraceful not took place nt the city of Toronto on Monday, the22d inst., at the cha'mng of llicsuccesslul e-aiHliiKites lur the rcpreseutntinii of that city tn the l nttiu Legislature. 1 wo men were shot dead, and a great many wounucn. i ne military nun to be cnllid oul. The above vou can rely upon ns be-ing correct, .asl look it fioni a memornni'liim, goin with a despatch to Ins l.cel.eiicv the Governor Gen ernnl in relation to the matter. Thcsupcps-fill candidates were ' rcfurme-ra Mcssr Dunn and Hueliannu. If llie 'tory' parlv cannot gain their ends by fair means, they iutttid to do so by force so it appears. U thai the way vou do things in the United slates? At all events the lindicnts, as we nro called, arc carrying every thing as thev wish. Tlnst 1'rnvincrs enuuot long remain linti-h II the Undent Plate's l.overninpiit will tnk a eleeieb-el stand nl eiut llie boundary question nnd M'l.iod iiffair. They must nut give one inch. Me le than half nf the Prov" tnceof Upper Canada, (saj all the I'rrnrh, nnd pnrt 'of the Upper Piuvirce ) will gn fur a republican form .of government. Hundreds will leave eanada for the, llilte-d States. In the meantime, the P.arlunent will meit on the 'tli of next month, (April,) bin will not probably elu- Kiu-ii uusiuess i,n u,, inoiuil en .nay. . rcsiue-neo licrchas been rented for I.otd .Sydenham. Rent have increase d, nnd every thmgpre paring fur the es tablishment nf.a Culunuil Court circle". Some talk of a i-hib bouse on the St. Janus strut plan, with all ine e.xciusivcucss nnu nonsenic ot tne oiu govern ments of Europe. Yuu shall licnr from me ngnin. The Timet and other juiptrs tlafr ns a jwitire fuel that some pa rt of the squadron, htlieced to consist if ten tail af the line,' xrhich had been eni'accd on tin i'oa,t of Sirria, had been sudtlrnb orderid on to tht ( oast or America, to .inpart tne i rmoni-trancc aj in, llritiih Minister.Mr J'oxacainyt fir 'judic'ul mur der nf M-l.r,id." IsrvNinv con Ilvnrvx '. The Time' alia stales that '7'irc battalions Jxad been vul uddenh and r 'orders .for Halifax." nnd adds. "G I knows how the homo service ol the ri-nhn could tie luriiislied afle-r I heir e h nurture." The Atlas says, ''War with America must nnd will as surely follow- upon the murelcr of Mcl.eud. as tin light of inotnaig follows the d.aikness of night i lull then this war will bo a war without any elefinite ebject, except revenge for an injury whieh cannot beatoiicel.'' Wec.innot oeeupy any iiiore space with this ev citing subject nt Ibis time, but we promise to refer lu it ngani hereallcr. The news from the Continent wefiud of vcrv little-interest. lu Fiance every thing is as qui t as at our farmer late. In the House nf Lords on llieeve utigoftlieslb,re ferenee tn llie Cniigri-i repuit, its i-Hi-eis upon the funds oic, was made bv llie l-.arl ot .viuuinc.isiiii n-lio r.-li nipliniil to ilnobt llie .authenticity of the iloe-u ment, nnd nppeare-il In suspect that it had been gut un for stock lobbing purpuscs. He thought grnuine, a document more violent had never been pen ned by one country respe'cinig nnoiner : anil ne put the quc'lion to Lord Melbourne whether her Mejesly's il gn Li iinii-ui iniiiiiii mi. .1.. .. Sand whellier any official lutoriualioii been rceeiv- J. i .1 eil nil III" r-iiiije'i.1 l.nnl Mplbonrnn renlied thnt lie was not nble lu answer these question", inn he nppreliendeil that tu louoi cnuiu ue enicriaini'ii ui iiii-iiitiiii-iiuiii ui un elneumiiit. TURKEY, EGYPT "AND SYRIA. The Austrian Observer of llie 23ih ult., -tnles thai "Inti-lligeticefrom Constantinople of the loth nil . ... .1,. tlull.n'. cmilillL' ll) Alt'- beinel Ali and his family the Pashahk of Egypt here ditarily, b.-ul tost been prepared. l lie nrm ins nan necn iui vviuuiii iu .in-iiinuii-i uu thu 1 4 lit nil. The first contained tlio order to miesi xt.. ipioi-i Ah u-iih the I'asbabc ofl.gvpt. ns likewisi ibe rules and regulations to which the Pashas of Egypt nro to be subjected. The second firman invit es Mt hemet Ali to send the arrears of tribute due for Arobm, Candia, and syria to Constantinople. The third firman places the provinces of Sennar, Nubia, and Ethiopia, provisionally under the orders of the I'llni-i-rnnr' nf l-'.nint. It would aniic-ir savs the London Times, that the Turkish Government nnticipale a nlusal on the part ofMchcmet Ali to accept llie terms wild which ns recognition bv the Sultan was nce-oinpnnicd. Th.iOnoinan Porte had addressed a circular to iho Ambassadors, announcing lo theni that Ibe l',.viiniiii nll'iiir lieinrf rnneluded the blockade of tile eenst of Egv pt was raised, ond the liberty ofcoinmercc reesialilislud, The London Times statesthal a protocol has been .,,,.,...1 1,,- n ibp I'.mers. parties to llie tieatvof July, in which treaty it is expressly declared that the pro visions uf that convention are brought to their nat ural close in consequence of the fulfilment of the ..,i.u i.-liii-b it was iiitendi-il to accomplish! and ibntn delinato arrangement, to which France will be .a party, may bo speedy and appropriate conscqucncr ol ihc expiration of llie late treaty. The letters ol ourcorresponueiii wcsumi ue uuuer tho necessity of publishing at some future day. cniv v IVIII V ND EGYPT. Ily nn exlruordinary express from Marseilles, iu aniieapation of iheoverland man train nulla, late in ...;.i. .. i...,i ., r.,l, ..,..... i.i . i, Nii'thireiuv, frum China, from l ie several nrumico oi juiiKi, iri'iu .iiiAuiiiiifii .iii. ii" -i in. i - in the .Mpiliii-rriuiean. was received in London on the loth, nnd wns brought by express to Liverpool by our agent nt London, in season lo be dispatched by ihc uncoil. The great object of interest in the intelligence re ceived bv Ibis express is the state of the Ornish rela tions with tbo Chinese Gnvernnicnt. Tho negotia tions up to the IRth uf De'ceniber, which is the latest of the news from Mae io, appear to have produced nothing, for the Chinese si-em elesirous ot tnuiiiiii; and elehi. On llie'tithof November, dmirl Elliott issued a nolico at t'iinau In the Ilinis'il their slatinj; that a unknown truths, truisms which every school boy knows by heart, and again hulling at something mys terious and hard lo bo understood, which, when fairly traced lo Us true English, proves to bo nothing but the bromlcst Atheism in disguise. And, yet lliere i Ijnst enough of iho noble truth, of pure morality and insight into spiritual existence to attract llsose of cut livnled nnd refined imagination, who vet have fixe-el in I lit i r minds, nn strong, unchanging principle) to guide thoni in all inquiries. Emeisou somewhere sa that 'the mind in search of truth u wholly ojloat. CyThe news from Mnglnnd, shows that lliere was considerable! feeling there in re- iition to McLeotl. The opposition was pushing tlio Ministry into a more hostile at titude then the Queen's Ministers had thought proper to assume. The flourish about send ing a Diitisli fleet here to enforsc their do main) for McLood, is hut a rumor, and as it will probably appear, a very idle one. DEATH OF HERMAN LE ROY The venerable Hr.r.M.VN Le Hoy died Last e v rninr. in the Slth year of Irs age. I'ornearlj two-thirds of that long term of hie. Air. Le Ituv was bnnnrnblv connecli-d with llie commerce of eu'ir eitv, which he has seen ii-ing tinni n petty cnmmunitj, until it lint bceuinc the coinmcrc nl emporium. He grew witluts growth: acquiring wealth and distinction, until, yet in green old age, he voluntarily relircd from busurM with weabli and n spulless character, both of his own attainment. He has smec in the midst of his numer ous family soiiieiuups here1, sometimes at Marthficld with his daughter, Mr. Webster and lias at last paid ibe great debt here, vtherc Ins useful and honored life was passed, and where few, very few, of those who started with him in his career, remain to honor his grave. Their children, hnweter, and Iheir children's children, will fulfil that piniu. duty. The nn-i-nev nf public nfi'iirs compelled Mr. Webster to return, yes terday, to vv asliingtuu. A. J. Auirrireiii. SUNDAY .MAILS. The late Postmaster General had the mad uispnn. iinuedonthe Sabballi, between I)av ton ond Terre- llaute'. 1 Ins was the only nei of any part of the Inte Administration tint even souinted at'oife.. Itni n it was committed un the ile'.atli-beil, much credit cannot ie given lor it. Indiana Joitriia'. We elo not know with what motives the late Post -Vaster (lencral discontinued .Sunday .Mails, but vvo hope the same policy will be pur sued where it can be done without iniurv nr inconvenience tn the public interests. Tho Sabbath is a blessed institution. Its influences arc as important iu their bearings upon our polit ical ami social vveliare, as they arc in relicion and morals. Where Mails can be discontinued on Sunday w ithout injury to the public it should be done. Hut this object can only bo effected by reason and argument. Denunciation will accomplish nothing. Should ultraists again require the discontinuance of all .Mails on .Sun nay, they will arrest the work which has com. menced so auspiciously. Uvcning Journal. POSTOFF1CE APPOINTMENTS The Pust-Master-Grncral but wisely in the discharge of his delicate and re. sponsible duties. His Appointments, so far as wc havcauy personal know ledge of ihtm, ore excellent. In relation tn our own citv. ihp fnp, .i.... candidaleotlL're-el or was named for the place, is the bestpossibleevidenco that Gen. V.vs- RtxsstLAta wns 1151111UU ii-s.ui cei 10 tno rlhcc from which n iiinu.iu 11, iiiiiKi room lor .vir. I 1. etc., turn, is coiiipeildlosiurender to ihc General. 11 .euev.a, 100, mere was entire nn.animity of senllll fill 111 f.lvnr nf Mr ll 1 " f " wluiistippomtexlnnlliecniise hp is n .,.,l,., .. 1 because Uio Regency turned him out of office of hank Commissioner lor not being ti politician. 1 lieappomtincnt of .Mr lnr. u..a, Harlfor.l, Ci is in eveiy possible Vr-iurf right and iust. Hcwi iiinkcnnririvipn 1 r'.i..., ? ' " ' and is emmenily deserung oVihe pla ' ..... .. .,,,., iii-iiiiit grnti ied wil l the nr ipoinlnientofour d, freuiil Sasii-ei. II Jrss IMit tor of the Nniituekit noinrer.for . ,.'.. 1. and jutrjiuism. tins ,s .-,, nllli .,,,,;.,.. j VVehripeho w ill rem..ui "fVie Sam. II Jer.I.s" ns long ns be I puks nrnnrr 1.1 ,l,l. .1... , Wc of NanturUe.' ,' s , .,; .,;'." '" ,,r" n: he who m

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