Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 9, 1841, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 9, 1841 Page 3
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DEATH OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. Wo discliargo the most painful duty thai has yet devolved upon tis us public journal ills in announcing to our readers the itinvul come and unlookcd Air intelligence of the uenih of GuNr.itAL ll.uimso.v. Tho particu Jars of this heavy and tilllictiiig dispensation will bo found annexed. Tho President died lull of years and honors, in tho service of the Republic tho parting words will forev er hallow his memory in tho hearts of the American Peoplo. From tho New York American. DEATH OK Till? PRUSIDF.NT OK Till UNITED STATES. Otltntlcnt tcrris tunc taut it m fata, ticquc ultra Ettt owitm. The hopes mill ttlC tears of ll.n Inst few dnvs nm cerning Hie hcallli of Ilia Prcsid.nt of tho United oiaies, arc resolved by the inexorable hand of Death He tsarik quietly lo rest on Sunday morning, at half. liasi mcivc o ciock. ror mm perhaps no expression of regret should he uttered, lor alter uu honorable and usciui career, snaichcu, m advanced lire, from the re tirement ill which lie had ciinleiitr-illv he-,-d In l borne onward and upward by iho svv t lluig tide of pop. t.lar opinion, to tho most exiillcel station in tho Republic-, he has found in ii a glorious sepulchre. Raised to a piuaelo which the lollies! ambition iiugui envy, no appeared but to show how worthy In nuaui ii.u co.inucncc wineli nail placed mm IlieieJ nun iiiueauionious 01 power lor mo take ol power, how earnest to ndminislcr llie c;oernmeut of llielrei people on national principles and for great national ends, when by a sudden and inscrutabfetlispcnsatiun of Providence, he is withdrawn from tho scene forever. litis is not tho occisiiiifor eulogy ; and as to a sketch of the life and services of thedistinguishcd man wuusc ticaen vvuinuurn, wo arc yet too recent from the fierce contest in which every act'and sentiment ol urn was ireeiy scanned, to render such a notice lie.1 ccssary. The intelligence of the PrrsUr nt'a dntli nli..,h wholly unanticipated, fell with a terrible weight upon1 ourcommunity. After recovering fiom thu first shock each ensured of Iho other what was to be its tiled onl our puunc nnairs. cnrc without any precedent of the sort in 0111 brief history no one ever having died before in the I residential ofhec. The provision of the Constitution is plain enough, thai the Vice President succeeds and will discharge the duties of President for the residue of the term. Mr. Tyler was, it is understood, sent for on Satur day last, and will, therefore, soon bo at Washington. His assumptions of the duties will, we suppose, be made by known by proclamation; in which, also, il may be presumed, some intimations will bo given ol the yews which will govern the acting Pi cedent m the discharge ol the high and responsible duties lliu uncxpccicdly and painlulJy ca-t upon him. on ims point, elected as he was, in ciniiiion with the! , . , I'rLMucin, ny mat vast poiiular movement, which m rising against the oppression and smile-rings ormisgoyciniuciit,aiiiicd miitons much nt accomplish- ... ..... .pmi. ui puoiie policy, as at put powcr-wo takeitluVgumti'd Mr T -b.r i,l , VLV M .iiiK uuim uiu evil no cv tiiiism , t ,.. i .. .1:. . i . w .. . . . "-iimiiui k The neculnr eir.- r.JiV, i I'.1 'fl' 'J vlcr willeomi. ini., i ,V, i" . the dnection ol General irrr;...'..- .i. . ' . . r, will come into the tZ T.,..,.. '.""" w Inch it was intended to rccoiii'im-Iid -,i il. i-. ", . Mi wy combined operation-. As the Sc,n. cVgrief a d S ll,u s'"l'" l,arl f tbc J.tninsula, cm l er e J.Kf Tri I lt ,0'-i:t'''- ":l"l?,'"'R;'-vfrom the setllements, the chpredal ons upon fl ll.c n '.rcbof Wbt llnvc"f h V'"hi' " nmitinl bv the Jrn , I? i I ' .itsur.:s to relieve thecouniryPnti,cr ,ri,rs. Th.-o tribes are' conmo.,-,1 of hold. Bion will impose upon that "cnlltnian -is it r", i Ti.iV, Idl "".Von ma wagon, by thu I'uion road. Ile us, a sort of,.n i r,.Vi... ii... .!.... .i fihad a fur cap oil Ins head, and in the can a half pound oat, even though in some details it huul,l not w'liollvfe"'"" ,",,"der ,lo,"M,P ' 11 l,,:l.l'i:r- ni' coinciileHitli his own ireeoiieiiM-d wews Wi-doi !riHl"l,t,"" e r"'nnieiiri'incntii lusjnurnev ami Muok know that there i, or is likely io l- .iV,.- ..i, 'i;,W'd along the mid until he was sansnVd with re-cre- fereiice, but ceu if it were so, the iiitruction s ii.Sl ..,., n,cn iu ,,0J, WU h(, ,.lI(U1 1Ir jier, win, we may solely trust, be deemed by him Jlllltlt.lf n III I Itnlmrnlii'x J i We conclude this aitlelo wi i a siiiti-iniMit nf ill i-onsuiuiional and the succession. legal pruiisions, which regulate JJV.u' .C Scc- of Art- " ' die Constituuon e,. hi eiiseui inc. removal or the President from of- 7'i "ciui, resignaiion, or inability tu (. charge the powers and dunes of said olliee, t'he same shall devolve on the Vice Piesidcntj and that Con gress may by law provide lor the case of removal. -.iraiii, resignation or inability, bt, oi the President l.. 1 11.1- I I USIUI-,11. 11, .. 1... .41. .... , ,1, ,.w,, actsas J'resulcnt, and such otlleer shall act acenrd. ciigly, -uniil tho disability be removed, or a President nhall be elected. Congresilid, acconlingly, on 1st March, 1702, enact u n piuviuing, m rao ot a vacancy in theollici u: both rresulcnt anil ice President, tl cy with which alone it ei intufire, that the Pre-J siiieui oi ino nenaieiro irnijmrc, anil ifiln re was no i-ii"iueiu pro irm. i leeleil then the Speaker of IhcRand inllcienti-il u nions in the world i the T.irilf. JIoilC Of ReOre-SI-nbltiViS sltnnlil nrl nu Pr.-;.liil iiiiui me iiisjonny e reiiioveii, or a new election And the Secretary of Stale, in the event of such vn cnncies, is to notify the Incentive of each Slate ofl aneiact, anil also to give public noliee that elcetors will be appointed in each State to elect a President and Vice President, unless t10 regular tunc for s ich riceuon tie within so short a period as to render it unnecessary. Mr. Tyler, therefore, becomes at once the Presi dent of the United Slates until 1th Much. llj fulfilling the term for which General H-irtison was elected. The l'.xpiess furnishes ihe annexed detail of th last moments of iho President : Correspondence of the K.xprcss. PaEsnipvlV TTni'tr Wnwliinnlnn oaiureiay, i o ciock, IC C. P. AI. Dr. Atnv.'iiwb-r itflrnf oioiiuuiices mm oetier, giving all inn iiiends reason lo nope. I lie good news spreads all over llie env vviih joyful alacrity. 2 o'clock. Thefavorablesymplonis e-onliniie. 'A o clock. Tho symptoms arc becoming alarming, o iharrlma is threatened. 3J o'clock. Tliealarm of (Jcn.II's friends-is very great thesyinptoms grow wor-e, and his rase be- S.U1111.-3 inuie-udiigerous man ever, inc medical men oegin to doubt, u not to despair, and to speak in a man iici nnu lune, inai uaruiy give us nope. 4 o'clock. The news ofincrcasi d dam. hinger (Ik's over! the city, and all are inquiring, and in alldir'eeiions. 5 ej clock. The President wanders, and is in lime! ijuitc insensible. All Ills ymptouis ale worse, lli- j.umiy nangmg m anxiety over his bedside his Phjsi cians watching every motion. His ilirin Im-n mow worse, and leaves hardly u hope, so rapidly does il prostrate Ins strength. Ii o'clock. The members of the Cabinet have just li.en summoned to the President's, .Mr. Granger just gave the alarm lo his associates. His symptoms an worse. His physicians give him up. Tho dreadful "port misall with runsteriritiim. The danger of lo sing the good and vent ruble man now bleaks fully up onusal. 10 o'clock, Reports from the sick chamber for tin Just tour hours nave all been worse. '1 he pulse hi at' feebler and fecaler every minute. His flesh has be come cold and clammy. During ibis time, General jiarnsou tins spoieeu ms last words, aner which lie leu iiiio a suite oi msi'tisioiiuy. j n eiuartcr to tune Dr. Worthington at hishedsiih', ho said, and it is pic sullied he was addressing Gov. Tyler "SI II, I WIjII YOI TO FNDIiltSTAM) Till TIIFK PIII.NCIPI.KS OK TIIK GOVJ.ll.N.MK.NT. I WISH THKM CAHHIKD OFT I ASK NOTII. JNt: MORI" This is the living iinumiinu of the good old man nade, Dr.Worlhingltin says, in a strong toneed voii-o. .MItlieinenil.i'rol the I abinel, ei ept .Mr. lladger, Irave leen m a chamler ne-ar llie Pre-ide'iit's 'nl. TCiom. I beir spirits are, ol cour-i sadly depirs.ol , thi iiii'l.iiieholy event, but thrynrv piepanng foi llie inoiirufiil duly that devolves upon liiein. II ciVloek The President yet lingers. The White Ilou.f has lie-a thronged by rilizeus e,( all ela...e., tearfully inquiring after the Prcident', heallh. He is iu'en-ibli', fmlily iiuleeil, and no one now indulge- in hope. All preparation tiro ma'iiug a. for a man already dead, l.he con.olalHinsi ( religion have all along icon aoonuiierii. lie ha Urn i-.ilin, and inanifevlol no fcarofde'ath. The i iliys ici:i n s are pii HHiigllie last remedies their skill devi-e., I utwilli no hopelhnogh of any fjvoiul leie.ult. Ii 1-2 o'eloo!, O'eii. II. has lost brcallinl l.l.l.i.i' sn I wnho-il a struggle. He ha 1 1 en iii-i-ii-il,!,- (ur a lonix wiiiii', ami mo la.t vvonu no spoke were lo Dr. Worlhingtou. .Mo-t anxio is and de-epiy aflli.-i frisnils are weeping around hi chanil er. a drra.ltul 1 low has struck the I tnd. I o'clock, A. M, The inemliers of the Cabinet nf I it performing he'i r I :i l mournful duties io ilm iti-nnr. ml President, are preparing a letter lo llie Vice Pre.i- nent onnnuneing Ihe laet ollieially. Ihe Clni-ri lerl. 'f the Slate Department, I'li ielii-r Weh.ier, Ki. i do-piLielied Willi II, and bo will ri-.i-h Mr. Tyler bj Moinlay noon, who will lo here by Wednesday n'r 1 oursiiiiy at laterl. ...J.' 1 Vl.l.K.OK VllKfl.M.i, IS NOW PRCS. J-'A'v-.. ... J.miil: IMT'-I' STATI.s 11V -i ni. w.ini ill 1 iil.t 'in.- r..n 1 5tallimore has just visited the President's ch.imber.iinilasachusells. We must trivo General H.-irri.,,i,'i n ri:i ine; "iKivviwMlcciar.itiMii, sininlc. cinnhat c.!!"onl"','.i. 1 nl,si inonons, rmwers, Silks anil l.accs., is tho otlicial annunciation to . , ration, ot tho horcavcinont it lias sustained : I Ctv or Wiinw. i..m , .0.. Bbo An all-wiso I'rovi.lo.icn hav!1 ,i a'V... . R moved from this life, WIl.l.lA.M lll-'viiv . .. ...."" '""tv.-iiiy I CM 1IAKKJHON, lato President oiaies we nave wiougm u our Uuly, in (he rn tete ofCufircfcf. and n t ie aWnm f .i7..1cnL8P bV. .. J. J VJI,MSG Co. Vice President from the scat of Government, to lliahu nun millennia uurcnvcincill K110WI1 10 tllC country, by this declaration, under our hands, lie died at the ProsidentB llnnso. Ill tltla pill. .ii luuiiiniay ui iprii, Anno Domini ltJil, al unrij iniiiuiea oeiore one o'clock in the mor nine. lilO I'conle of tho ITxifr-d Rl-ilos. ni-nr. whelmed, like ourselves, by an event m unex.j poeieu anu so melancholy, will derive consol. ation from ktlowiinr that IiIh ilnath was rain and resigned, as his life has been patriotic, use. ful and ilistinguislied ; and that the last utterance of his lips expressed a fcrvant desire for the nn..n..:... ..t .1 - 1 1.1- . . . puipuLuiiy ui t.ic xousuiuiiou, nnu inc jircscr- vauun oi us true principles, in death as in life, the happiiies of his country was uppermost III IDS IlKIUglllS. DAN IE I j WETS TEH, Secrelrry of Stale. 'UOMAS EWINC!, Sec'ry of the '-Treasury JOHN HKM, Secretary of War. .1. .1. CHI 7"'ENl)EN,'Atlornoy General. FRANCIS (tRANGElt, Post .Master Gen. PUBLIC iMEETlNG. Tho citizens of Uurlington are requested to meet at the court House, THIS EVEN ING, at half past six o'clock, for the purpose of taking such steps as shall seem called for,' by the recent sudden decease of WILLIAM HENRY HARRISON, President of the United States. . March 9. 1841. Pun S pcAieiinsitir. Tin- newspapers arcbcmnniii.i to discus the'niiostion who shall be the .Speaker or .i. se-i... ir ..r i .1.. candidates already named arc the Hon. Caleb Gush II IU .111" 11II1I9U .'1 IVI'IJI U-.UIII III. UI". .lltlUII'' III! ing, ot .Massachusetts ; .Air. While, ot Kentucky mil Mr. Dawson, of (icon-ia. In our humble opi nion, Caleb Cusiiiso is exactly the man. He has tact, talent, cnerirv. n thorough know edec of Par liamentary rules, and a bearing at once courteous and diciiilied. which combine to render him a ecntlcmnn exactly httcel to the station. .Vic lor; Commercial, The Buffalo Commercial Advertiser of Saturday. "ays that tho ice in the harbor began to move out on that mornin". anil hut a small hatch near the liitht- house, remained. A brief period and the w hole harbor will bo entirely free. Iho harbor or hue, ninety nines above, lsirccirom an oosirucuon. Tup. Mobmons seem to be in full favor in Illinois. for they have recently obtained no less than three charters for "exclusive privileges." One incorpornt ini' their new cilv of Nauvoo, another a nrcat t!ni- vcrsity, and the third a Nauvoo Military Legion. One Doctor Dennett, llie uuaricr .Master liencral or the State, is elected Mayor of their precious city of Nau voo. They have nothing more to do than to nominate ,io oiniin as me l.ocot-oco cauuiiiatc lor I lit- next Picsidency. Tnr. Fiomns Inmavs. The St. Auoustino News of the I'Jth int. says : The Florida Indians now re-1 maining, which can be estimated (we have no cor-! rect datel at 3000, may be classed into Scininoles, Mickasukies. Tallahassces and Greeks, (other lie- nominations being merged into thc-el who arc nreven- leu Hum quarreling among llieiiii Ives by their great- .. , ' ... .. " i . . a.i .... -. ". . . . n 1 J 1L? .'i?"l' isquue probable 1 1 1 ;i i lAisiiiiu it'll 1 1 ii i i h 1 1 ir iiirpn vrars iini. - Killul, nngocinablcspiril-, wlio having always ae-1 r-tJIi imiipi-nileiitlv orthe will and stipu at onsof i( '' - J m,lM''-"''y ofthe will and. stipulations.if their Ib owiso Fp. week a son of llie r.merald - ","1! " cn ho pulli d off bis -.ipanil having depo: jlltil Ihenipo along with thepowdei, re-plaeiil it upon iliihead. In a few minutes the nowiler evntiidril. Iblewofl'iho cap. sinned nearly all the hair off bi brad, aim huriied his roieheiul ami clinks innst en. Mully. laitun Journal. AvOTIira Ol'Tn VI.E C A Iilll-llsn Clirii.rn. -Tin Salem lte'gisterinl'ornis us that h iiers b.-i been n- eeiveil from the brig Itie hmond, liatcs, of S.ilcm, which Mate that tins vessel has been oeeihanli-il hi a British cruiser. The Itiehmoml wnsnn Imr nnsniT,-1 . linn . .neiii in o i. iieieua, and incnce In .Maam liiijuo : and a few weeks before her ariial at St. Helena, when oil tlie island of St. Thomas, on the ......... ..I I r .....I .,. t. i i of war, her invoice and other papers were demanded 'and examined, and she finally sud'ere-d lo proceed on Iher voyage, nothing being fnund lo iusiify a seizure. I l nisis me jijfn raii-in vessel inni uas ncell scareltcu by Lughsli cruisers willun a few months, Tun Tahiit. Il is worthy of remark that the must nmimnrnl so btnet i tore t ni-i' of t ie must eivi iyi-i ril.ngland. K1m..Um.I ,1... I..;, ...I IU nv ..n..i. through the Press, and before their Legislative bodie engaged ill llie controversy, which is best, free trade lor protective duties. A Cnivrinr.vtB. When ffen. Van llensselaer was lenioveil from the Albany Post Olliee, on the 1st of .vptil, be nonlieil Ins successor, Mr. I- Ingg, thai Ins lease would only be for two years. Pursuant to Iho notice thus given, the dencral (savs the Albany Advrilierr) goes mlo ihe Post Oflie-e again on the lirsl ofApul, sll -just two years from thu day of his re moval, i.ven .ur. i i.iggeau say uoiuing agamst tin even handed justice lappointments by tho Prcsilent, wenhservc the name vs Slllilllrl IT. JpnUs. Pnntninsfi-r f.l 'niiln,-L ..I At..t.' for tins Appointment at last, as Mr. .Icuks, alihough a' inroiign going vv lug, is a gciiiicman every way quali fied for thestation lo which he has been chosen : am wo are pleased to observe that the President is not disposed in forget the poor printer, however much lu' political friends may complain of the appointment of iciuiors to unices oi prom, i noso who do the righting isiiouiu ;u ic.-isi receive n part oi inc reward. In Williston, March 21. bv Rev. Joseph Itrnilli.v Mr. Horace Dudley to Miss Elizabeth Comstock both of Williston, ID u s il In Williston. March 2.1th Cant. r.-nnn,.l li...!.,., in the S2 yi ar of hi age. The deceased was one nfthe early ittclcrsin thi; and usful, and for about twenty jeais ho has sustained n respectable sianding in iho church of ...nil, v. .1 .311111111 ill int.. Itl-v I I n I. nil fMilnrttri.tM.. , niis. lie iiasiunarieii in a good o il ace. i-.n in.. a companion with whom he had lived more than SC ve ars, anu inrte sons to mourn his deparlure. nlCIID'S GltASS SKHII lor sale by , STRONG S it CO. April P, IB II. A'aliiablc Ileal Instate lor Sale-. I7OR sale all the ical Kstate, late the property of I. .Air. John Abbott, n the v Ilm.. r li...i:..l'.- .ii.,1.1.. n,l .ii..;..;.: .1.. .... .?:. 11, ,, ""J" s "'s "uiii-easi corner of tin vuiii i-iiuusl- Biniait.'..iiiii I'liiisiKinir. ni n .1.. . 1 1 1 iiidoul-buildings, also a three story brick buihlim.1 .ccupicd as a Cabinet Shop, hut may he so arran'-eH is to make a good store nm ilw.tNi.i pi.: J i will be sold together or separately as will best soil, to-j otsepaia'e. " ' " "mo,ng I A credit ill be given on good security for thegrca icr part of the purchase money. For fi.ii... .. .t lu JOHN JOHNSON' lluiliugton, April 8, 1SH. " . 1.. --...s. I'llltllM. NOTICE. J70R SAI.F..-A two story dwelling HOUSF. and I. between five and six acres of first mi. ivvn The house is situated on Shclbiirn street, a few rods South of the village. Possession given about lliel iiisioi -nay, rot iiiiuier jiariicuiars cnnuiroof llurlinpton, April 'J, lbll. A. 11. 111SHOP. ntss K. SIK.CKIt. TiroUMl Jcspeefullv inform the Ladies of iiurlington and its vicinity,! jiiui roe HIISi opencu a SI10I 111 Ihe llrielc lmildinrr ll,.. !. r.l V. . t "'siuiiin rasioi ine rear 1 f.L sti iin,,en ...t i. ... traV-Js. .lends carrying on ihebus Vj JZ$ imss of .Millinery ami wrens making. Work' none in the latest and mosi fashionable style. Ripair-J ingnnii bleaching Strnus and leehoriiH. ilnnenti nlmi-i nnfiee. S'bn inlnila Iwnmn n ....... I n ....... ..r .. . .. . . ivr'"; wwii lias,,,,,,,,-,,, ' 777' l""i,,C!"' 6llp 'ivi'w 111 mn. .. eit 11. 01 lliu ltllllJM.lge. Vound ladies desirous of learning the business will taken as apprentices. '''l'K'nn. April 9, 1811. tf: D M).l-' SIIGAII. OL'III.i: RKITNKD LOAF .SUGAR, also mil vllt" atucic oi .uoiaca ior uimny use, lor sale. IfV, IU. 1H1I). A' VV TUB NEXT CONGUKSS. Tho early convocation of an extraordinary , 1 session gives increased interest to the political complexion of the new Congrops. A Wliijr majority is justly tlecmetl essential to the sue- iCcss of President Harrison's administration, and the conscnucnt prosperity of the country. Wo copy from the lloston Atlas a shnwinir the result of the elections in the states which hayo already voted. AVI.igs. I.oeos. M11 In i .4 1 .0 j New Han.p.l.ire .. Vermont jUassnrlniciMU .5.. II.. 0 I 21 0 IS 7 -I) 8 I) 0 I t 2 New York New. Jersey, Pennsylvania .... Ohio Michigan South Carolina.. Delaware Georgia, Louisiana Arkuu-ns Mij-soiiri, ..19.. ,...C .1.1... .12... ..I... ..1... ..1... ..9... ..2... .0.... ..0... 81 GJ The same paper furnishes the following- state ment of tho politics of the members of the last Congress m the States yet to vole : Connecticut.. .3 ..0 ..() Rhode Man ! Virginia North Carolina.... Ma rj land Indian,. Illinois Mississippi Alabama ....5 Ifi ....r. 8 ...3 5 3 t 2 t II 2 2 3 ...11 2 ...7 0 Kentucky Tennessee 10 t7 Supposing; the elections yet to take place, to result as before, there would be lfiO whigs, to 11.', including Locos and Abstractionists, in the new House of Representative!). This is a very liberal supposition for the I.cos, and one which wo believe will never ho realized. WltlTIKfl. MR. I.FVI HALL would respectfully inform the and Genl emen nf Itorlinirtoi, il.-. l,;J Second course of lessons in Writing, will commence nn il.n lo. t. lt i- . , ... .. ...... .u..j, in .tu, him. jus pcnn.ansnip nnu tm improvements of his scholars in this nloce mav hi seen at his school room, 1 doors Fast of the Post1 Ofliec. Hours of attendance, from 3 to 4 and 7 lo S,1 I. M. I union, including stationery, for twelve! .UOUil.-., .1, ,J. Iiurlington, April 8, 1341. FIRST REPORT l-'rom the Cheap Cash Store, S was heralded forth in the Iiurlington Free Press orl Yb! ,,' 'r . ..uVt "Kil0n 1-.rccHat,cn.d lo ,hu business of our oppoint.nent at the dwel-l 1 ress on the I.iorn ni' of the J.h ATnri-h mi-hhiB.. r: l..l. r ', i- :..i. .. it... r.iroir ..r,i llrvvv'Viiri .K ....... i i .iir..niei u iveyitoins, u. is.c I. a vio... on ho former Agent, HOW AltD, vvas continued, audiihe first Tuesday of Ju v nnd September, A.D. IB 1 1 had commenced upon his twentieth vcar.-who novvirmm to,, ..'..In'tn ii,.r,;, .;n L: ..'...7'.' :i . ..' had commenced upon ins twentieth year, who now most rcspccituiiy reports, as follows, viz: Thai tin i-i.ori imiue in ol tncolilstock or retnnanls1 ind Oi odsat sclling-nff prices washighlv satisfaclo-l ry. 1 hat on the 23d ho proceeded to v. nml vvas present in the Legislature when the committee rt POllCU. ni VerSO to t IO nil I m of n Itr .Ir. nl place, and were directed to take back the papers and bung ui a bill for immediate action to den whether, constitutionally, an obstruction could bcl thrown over tho Hudson, when the General Govern-1 meiit had improved the navigation by removing in.-1 ledinants and deepening its channel, far above suchH'""' uio-l favorable terms in the various branches ol place', is the iuestion. Now that noble Itiver bcineB'1"'"1 ov'' "'"'I' oppo-i'e Mr. C. A. Sevmoiir' the inlel from the hudi sras and Atlmitir. iw-m in tl.. liadeof tho Green mountain Slnle, of course the Peo-1 pie s Agent could not but have a deep interest in the result which may soon ho known. That on the '.'7th he left in the Steamer Ftica for New Voik, on which pa-sage Lieutenant Governor Illadi-h vvas called to the chair, J. l-etinunore Cooper, secretary, and tin meeting being addressed bv Mnior Gcm-ml Snndnl niii.iviijM.ii u iiii.iiiiinoiis expression ot tiianKs was voted to Captain Shultz, by tho Lady and Gentlemen! passengers for his indefatigable enterprise and exer tions in ploughing n way throneh ihe ice from lo,i.,l.. iveejiMv io .iiu.ui v , iiicreoy auoriimg a pleasurable trip by water instead of a dangerous one through mud by land to New York. That having arrivad at the great commercial empo rium of tho Union after a winter's nWnp,. l..r. ed by mutual salutations wiih.formtr friends who shewing and displ tying all of their most Foshionahle! beautiful, and desirable articles of Merchandize with a1 iiui.ui i.i t-iiiioii!.. iiriniiTcr ini-ir fvrtrtt nil..., ... is might be wanted and at'tfiev ery')i..iiTi,",a lieularly as being for the supply of the ever tip and iirisonnient-for-dtbl store, locattd in .he beautiful val ley or Lake Cliampla.n, nl Hurlinglon, Vermont. TllllS havillLf becll SO received t n in.brimis 1 'siiti i u'vn nnu viiLiiir. Clllfilll ltir r.Tilt nnu ni u, ni oi i-ueu uiiien-s .inhere caicmatci! lor spun" traile, and returned home, where any of the many kinds of Fancy and olher Goods may be. had at nn. ces to suit purchasers, at HOWARD'S. .ipru .in, inn. New and Fashionable TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT. M"; would .inform Ins ricds and the public general v. that helms tnkm tl..- .n Known siniiii m e,uuren-strcct, recently occupied bv I tlvvard F.. f'.vans. Draper and Tailor, m '..I. place will be kept eu.fsianlly on hand and for sale, a .i-nnrn n ccn.t ....... ,,F L...J... i.s lrl , .. ' 7, i , , ni"-", i-.iigusi. am. .vmerican llroatlcloths. Cassimeres. and Vesi.nna. simi..,1 rr ,l,r. fercnl seasons Also Fashionable Trimmings of all kiiiup, iniuoi tneoest quality, wlucli will be sold for ,C ash as low as can tlsevvhere be obtained. 'ri... i ... . in , . ... .. i.. uiiiuu I'lj.uiiiiiiiu win oe supcrinteuoeil bv Air. l.vans ror the time being. No pains wi'I be spared on us part to employ the best of workmen, and lo make ibis one of the best establish..!! n.s nf ililii..i in tne stale, any grnth man who may favor bi .. bl. n,... ,,l t ... i """ij the time appointed.nnd in the very best possible man ner. An adi'ilion will be made lo the above stock as soon as the opening of navigation will permit. He hopes by diligence and attention to merit a share of ine purine pa.ronage. 3vv41 Iiurlington, April 8, 1SI1. STATU OF VERMONT District ol'C'liitleiulen, ss. j AT a Probate Conn holilen al Burlington, wilbin and for .iiiildi.iriii, em llie 8:h davof April, A D 1841, LYMAN HALL, guardian if .he proiiern e.-la e ol iieo.-e liti-s, .Alarlha 11. ll'is., Snplna iiii-s, am. josiiua i.nain !.., inmi.r-, i bildrfu of .iio-es iiiisk nun nu una iinvoi!' lii.t ,n .n..i v-onrt ni- pe-niion in vvruing, setting Ii rt b I bat bi. aid ward- are se'izeil in their own right in fiv a. tenants in common, of lln- follovviug ile-eril nl nnii-i-l. of land, Iv.nir and leing itua'e m Slitlh nn, in ' iiiiuiy oi v. iiiiiviiiit-u, vi A piece of land containing emu acre-, formerly le ti,7.i. ....... .-,,..11,1.1 i.iiiiin, iitsi.aesL ly. inaon llie south ea.t corner of the farm iiiopml ,N .tun-,- iir.1, win, ii ui 1 1 lilts lit, e. I il ort (i-i'i, i-nst.I i. Joseph Tucker. Al-o, a piece of land I in,i,.l.,i a. follow. -: Ileguining at a hemlock, Mnii.hnir in llit -oinn line o. i.inu in ,n Slielburn ..on n oi tne i-ii iiu larni, so cillnl; Ea,t -eyeiiieen eiin.ns six links ; thence. out b P'lo 9".' .,.t twelve chains, to the road leading north from F Maeek'.i llu'.icu souiti 2o 4i' wen eight cliain ibenee Mioih 13o wi'l lifievn chain- nml vm,..i;... Iinl.; thence we-t iwti chains ami sixty nine links ins-Hi-.- io i.-i, ivvi-niv louri lunns and ten inn..: ii.enee nor... ryo ay- vve- . llnm-.n,-,. a.,.. ,,,,,.,,,-, .railing ironi n,e Mil- It Joshua HvaTf ; Ibenee north in llie road Mo f)' ism ..x chains and twenty e glit links; ihenis- north 25t 30'eas,twcnly-n-veii cli.nn to the place of I containing one hundreil and lorly.ievcn amriiinclv-'l ll.ree lii.ndreihs acres. Also, the mi.MI.. ,ii,.m.. llie seven acrejoi. io i-alhsj. formerly I elnimi,,,-... ,i.J Kiai, in nn-sum jifiiua isnaiu, eieet'a,eii. I oinul.-,:! ru follows: 1 .-ginning ni a stake sianduig -.tmih SBn, mu i ii.ii it - ami ninety one iu.l..s from Ihe soulh e-ast corner of Anson Tueker'n lot m .,,1.1 ihencc north 45' eat eight chains and eighty in clink. thence south 80o 46' ea.t, two chains slid ninety pni' links ; tlicnee somh 45' vve-t eight chains and niiietv Ihrce linl,, tlienee norlh f8n vvr.i, two chums anil ninety one links lo the place of I egi'uning, contain. ii, i 'iny-iA acre-. Also, the itnillle div.-ioi. of the twciily-one acre lot, so cab si,, i i-iiii,-,-ii,..- ui me e-iaieor nm said jo-l. ni. l-haiti, decea.eil, 1 oonile'.l as lollows; le&iiiuins at slake slaiiilinir somh fi7o. we.i five ,-li-im. ..... ixlybve links from Ihe norihea-l corner of said lol;l Ibenee lo 30' ea.t, twelve thaiiu nnd ten links i ihenis-we-l, six chains; thence ne.rlh 1 o 30' vve-t, eley , i ii.,,,,- inn, eigii.y 1 1 in. ni ine- roan; i hence norlli S7ocast six chains to the placenl' I cgiunii.'.', isintain mg sever, acres. And ihat il would le conducive n Ihe interests ot said wards to have said lands mM, and the prot coil, of such sale put at intrre-t, or iuve.ied in slocks, a'ul pray. 'ii' l ie saul i-imri m ,.r mi !.,.. the said Hall, puanhan a uforcaid, Invnn' n' ell said land. ft,r ,e purpti-e nloresaid. iitTcupou ine court, iioil. appoint (In 2til. tlav of April, lfill. for heiiriuir said netit nn.i dts-iding ibrrisui, at Ibeolliie of ihe Kegi-ier of nml i-niiii in sain iiurmigioii, ami mini orticr, notice I hereof I e given It. all per-ons u.leri'sieil, by nul illa tion ol Hits order, containing ihesUl stance nl said pe- ,,i..., i, . mo isnriiugipii i re-e i re.-.a newspaper prill iel in Iiurlington, u. said cnuntynl Chillemlen, llint1 vvieks, previously fothe s.nd 2 (ih. lay ol April, 1811. ' (liven under mv hand, at Hnrlm-n,,, ;,, .nM . I, . Ilm 6lh dayi.f April, 1511. JVM Wi:sTO., lteginer. "l"OWN'S Vegeinblr Halsamic Khxir! for sale by1 JL TIIKO. A. Pl'.ck.' it. r.i. ' Apothecaries. P PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. THIS article is too well known to need enmmen tlnltntt mil lU.Tiu..i.nnn nr. ... I.- .......... ...... .... v....tiuiii!iii se-veu vears iins 1le.1l011strnt1.fl in ilm .ti..Drn:n. u ...:... .1... z .., s. ......,.,, i-ijiiiinuiiiiy, linn for accuracy, convenience and durability, they art unrivalled Coal yard scales to weigh from 3 to C uiiiiuiii iiiiieiioosc 110, to wcign from l-ill. inAn 1,or,o10 do. to weigh from 1 2 07.. to .11111 H. I'nrn . oi-iiiin i.r.M . : from 1-2 oz. to 40 lbs. .1. & J. H. pCK oV C0.-.lfffj. rturhngtoii, April 8, 1811. roit SALE. 1 PAIR OF OXF.N, 7 Cows, 4 HorseJ, 2 Stags, ,G,'nS.n. r"rl? Harnesses, Plows, Harrows .ltd all kinds of I'arimt.'' Too s. Tl, nl.n. o l...l..nre. inc to the F.stato of J. It. Hall, and will I.. .,1,1 uV, or ready pay or on snort creiiit ror good paper. . .,-. . 'U'A HALL, Atlmn. Williston, April 7, 1811. TO .NT. TKNF.MF.NT, conyenient for u small falni y located 111 I be imnei puiio. liieiowu. Rnquirc at this Office. April a 1911. xciTiitr.. rniHS moy certify, that I have given my son Lev L rs.l Cote. Ins limp, nfirr lliiu rlnin f .....I ..... ..J claims lo his services or nny property he may accu mulate hereafter, and will hold myself responsible to J".. IIUIH UI IIIB UtUll, , , ... ALVIN II. COI.l- Colchester, April 5, 1311. NOTICI.'.. THIS ceriifies that 1 have given my son, John Mc Lailcdllin. his time. In frmlf. .ml .nl r.,p .. ........ IT. and that I will neither claim any of his earnings orl .1 .my o. ins ueo.s aner nu uaie. FAiiRF.LL .Mclaughlin Witness, I.r.wis Lapp. flrand hlr, April 1,1811. CnminlsMloiipr's Sk.,!!... WK the Subscribers having lieen appointed bj the Honorahh. ProliiiiMCnnri Tnr ilm ilielrii-t of fJrand Isle, Commissioners to receive and examine and adit. st Ihe claims and ili inniwU nt nil 11m.nK against the estate of KI.LSHA HKVNOLDS, late of isiu I, a .11011. 111 sa il u strict, oeeeasi-il. retiresenfi-i insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited ,111 onset thereto, ann six months from the day of the date hereof beinc allowed by said court fur tlmt nm. pose, we do therefore hereby give notice that we will from ten o'clock in the forenoon, till six o'clock in the altcrnoon, on cacli ol the said days. iiiie u in isie i. a mon, ims inirii clay ol .vpril, .. u. laii. 3n 1.. IIOI.CO.AIII, F.I.1HU HOLCOMH. Commissioners. I'AIXTIXC. THK siili.riler leing lliaiiU'nl for pa-t favor would respecttiilly solicit a contmuanee e.t tin -au.e- and remind his friends and the p-ibhV that be .' nrepaieil to nei-ouimndaie them on ihe shorie-t nuiii-i Hat Store, Pearl-sttem, I!,irhn?lou. Vt. JAAIKS SCOTT. April 1, lf-H. N. 11 WANTF.D r Apprentices In tbenlove bit- incs., two smart and respectable young men, (Atnci- '"in-,) 1 1 or IS years till', to whom irnou eneo'irairc nient will I e given bv the siib-cril-er. J, S. HATS. C. A. SKVMOrrt, bason han'ea-sorliiifi.t inula sole nded nrn'eVof Hals e.f the latest New- A'nrk la-hioi.s ami of bi. , M, vv Inch he oilers lo. nle and ...v.te-i .tie piiblu. gener ally lo call, examine ipiuhly am price", lel'iire purehasiii!?" il.i when'. Merchants wbo an in tin habit ot pur. han'ng Hal. by theipiantity and wi-h te get ii poem nr.icie cheap are particularly iiivilc.1 Ii call. Vl'STU !.','M!'Mi,!Vr 1 Rvs a'"1 " hand and tor sale. ' "I "iiriiiigii.ii .tiareii oim ie. (In RF.VISKI) STATUTES of Vermont, forsala by Jan. 8. C. G00IIKK;H. msoi.irrio.N-. ri A1I1-. hvit-ltitim existing under I In -- i'.rm i.l l Jolieinuott even, .stbi. day iIi-oIvih ny luum.ii em. .cut. llie hu.iucs ol the eompanv

win in c;.iri ov ..eonari. jnuoiiiioii at the t .1 si.tml HAD tho-n having tjaiuis a-.'am-t the eompany arc lie- ouesltsi lo iire-t-nt llieni iinmeeiialely, ami woiilil u si ay to tho-e liavuiL' iin-etthsl aei inuits vvith the coin- pany in. it we liavea sirongtiesire to .ee them, as ibi eonipany Itesiks mu-t li'M-tlltsI unuicihaiclv. All iho-e haying ii.arl.wl lliile anu aki are reipie-lei! ill e-uii nun 1:1-1 luein. JOIIO.VNO'IT, I.FONAltD JOllO.S.NlVlT. Chiiri'h si., Iliirlinirtii.i, I April I, IS 1 1. ) N. H. The ltu-me-is will I e continued al the ol stand. rpill". nttii.tiou of all disposed to engage in the mail X service is specially called to the advertisement mr proposals for carrying the nitcd States mails, in the New England Stales, and in New York issued bv my predecessor in Dee-ember last. The last day for receiving bids is the lOlhof April (at 3o,elock P. M.V I r I I . . .1. .... .1. e . . . ' - iiiii ior iiceiiuug uiioii liiein me iinn i A .ru. As he -i nil ior iiceiiuug upon liiein me i in. o. April. As the liimnishi.igthi! competition by increasing ihe dilli- cuiiy on tne part oi new contractors in making ado oate preparations for the service which must com mence on the lt of July, all those in the State of v ermoiii. lakii.L'nn .merest ... .us ..inner nn, n-f.-r, red to the mad advertisement imblished in Ihe Vir. input I'aetlc, file ermont Kepul.l.ean, the Vermont Watchman iS: State Journal ond the Spirit of the ge. And to be found in pamphlet format racl. PosiOrli it Ihe County towns & at the ends nf routs for full Humiliation as lo the particulars of t lie service the nature of the liabilities, the. mode of bidding and the lormoi ine guaranty wiucn is io accompany every proposal. UK.l.Mil.ll, rost Department March lath 1SI1 j IJIIAIU.OTTU l'USIAlii; SUMIXAItY HI', summer term of this Institution will com lncncont Charlotte Four Corners, under tin cans of .Aliss F.. Hitchcock, nn tho 14lh of April, and outinue two ipiarters without vacation, closing on llie lam ol .lept. I be pub he are most confiitenl v .issuretl that tins school is well worthy of paironatre'. Miss Hitchcock is in every respect well qualified for ihe staiion she occupies, and will spare no pains for .ne.uie.ii'cmaianu moral improvement oi tne young Lathes committed to her rare. Hoard can be. obtained in the immediate vicinity of the School nl a reasonable rate. M,HATi:. -ivy Pres. or the Hoard or Trustees, " II A V IfOll SALE. THE subscriber has on hand a few tons of first rat hay for sale. Will weigh it in qualities to suit puici.ascrs,at ins barn at in nonats per ton, lor reatiy cash. JOHN VAN S1CKLEN. COMMUNION FIIIINITUIti: TANKAltDS, Goblets and Plates just received. m. April . : 18H. P-VScnoRNiV IlniNs.MstP. ,TE.OTINTO llrushes, arid Paints, Clarified 1VL Rosin for Viols, 11 and K ilat octave flnles. T.iv . i ,,ii,,ii;. nnu i"i; n.i iu.i.ij ,,i- uiuiies jusi re ceived. April 2 1811. PANODons eV. IIbivsmhip. "117'ATCHF.S, Jewelry, I'crfun.cry, Jltisical In strumcnts. Stocks, Canes, riditm Whins i.iinins, iveys, ispecini its, i.ocnges, I'.ii., riaster, Snolhins Hyr.ip, Godfreys Cordial, Corn Plaster, iiavs i.iiiimcni, isa.r vji.s. eve. ipnl It'll. f.esr.nonx if. HrinsmaIIi. STATU OF VKltMO.NT, I AT a I'rnl alt oisthict oi riiiTTr.NPr.Nf ss. ) xm. (ji.url l.tileu ni llurlingtmi within ami for the Di.tricl aforesaid on llie .Ulili d.iy of March A, D. IS tl. an liistrunieni. . ) Court l.tileu lurporiins: to ic inr last .n nnd Ic-iaincnl ofl lA-onanl lliHes late 01 vt illiHun m .aid Di-lnet ele. ea-isl. was nrr-cnltsl lo the Conn ti.-re I'rnl nt by David Frenehllie Ktrmtnr, therein na.nnl, The. reforcitls onlcictl by -aid Court, that the nut lie iii'iiii .ir E.veu loan per-ons eoncernr-. iherem in pne-..r l-clorc said Coori.nt n sr.. inn tln-r,., ,r in holilen nt the KairlrlLill in Will.tnn on third M0nd.1v ofAprtlA. D. 1811, and eoiiir-t the trolam of .aid in. nt.i. 11 is iuri.n r ornerii. inal llu- onirr I r pith-; lislusl three wreks mcis's-ively in ibe llurliucini.l 1'rw I'rvssd newsnaner nrintnl in llnrbnclnn. 11. ibis S....C, ine i.i.i 1,1 which mall Isi previous to the day iis.iKncti, us ii.iirr.aiu, tor .irariui. liivcn under my hand nl the Ilejiiirr's Offl.T, hl. 30ilidiiyiifManhA. I. IHtl. WM. WIJ-TON. IlrsMrr. "no noiir-ivc. ALL person, inileblel lo iho stihser.brr, who-c. iNotes and Accounts have lissimo ilnr. nr.. r... qiicsle.l 10,r payment by the lifieeuth of ii. si. 1 i,i-,iiitii .. w in e uiiiK atiuiiv ino.o itav an tn tcrctnl will lake nonce JnJ govern thein-Vlvos ae cordmly. )', i, MXMTM, March si, gl, niiv'S. EV YOHK IiEATIIKIt HTOltli. tut. Johonnotlsejt Blancliard.haviuKpurcha.ed Ihe entire , : ., v,,, w nnu, Hiiuroi nit- piuii.c ihat they will keep ron.tni.tlv on hand n Ventral, uhu juuiniHi ui uu kiiiuM am on ri'n.iiit.ilili Ipmhs. PKTKIt JOIION.NOTT, Jr. LKONAHIJ JOIIONNOIT. .. ... .. .- THOMAS L. IILANCHAIID. .hiirch Si., Iiurlington, ( ApnlllSIO j II. T1IIIMAU. B wis. !,.. c.,. : ...... iw-1s.v.ii.iny ui uiiiioiiiiru uj int: irnninz im-tiu i v, uitii iic uu v u irnni an nr Kti CnVMIH.V smilHV .... rn. i Ii it ""u" jsjs, uu -uih:hc nwir Hie (.uiirl lloti-u Squnre, in his newnml coummu. t .'. ... . I.l ....I. .flli.;.. I. ... i i ...... fmu,,., ..iLitiia jtc nil'l lnl- L'rty ui nil kind rwcivwl or ronitr.itiit'iit. nml vo( ' I 11 I 1 1 ' " 1 fniu Ji llllUUUNf us. i..m-ii,iii.i.iiiiiniiitii( uu ruiifuuf'ii: icrni, A rL'iit.onnM( ndrtuwis ti.Mt ni nit t in ItirniAt'rlif nuvuii'iwl Auction Sales on cvory Saturday, at one o'clock, P .M. toeommenecein thctirt Saturdavin April next. Iiurlington, March 25, 181). MAN till 13 FOURS. IT'Ol It 1 inetl Steul Manure Forks, (or sale by L n25 II. M. OlDIMMisj it CO. ItSlltlll.'I .4tl pvIRF.CT froni the manufaclarers. and of the Lest niniermx, ior saie ni reiineeil prices n.j by H. M. UIDDINIH & CO. lYIItrkllfA Vol. llrtimil 1. , ...-. 11 U IT.. SI. 11 T is rumored in "certain tirclts" fhat all persons .....V...VU . ...u pI ll,li UllllirilCIS necpted) had better call and settle up and in ee lomi' save the nnenssllv nf .mi.!....:,,,. . I'lTu..... I" to settle these "reied iuuHont." Persons interested in no wen to mane some enquiry about this "rumor f w nnt bt.nnautltln fir nn....H. - .... ... . . ... . 11 . I . j s " ",i;i luinuin io ui; nul. .... ........ ei.. i... v, ,un 111 lieions. ,''MKL HUNTINGTON College St., March 23, 1S41. SKW HOOKS. H "t'OHUS' FitiiiVjI'rafi.iiiaii.'Amos & Philips' Kyi- ft..,l.n. 0 -ok.. (W.....I .C. UU. . .'...I L'..:. vol I-, . viiniii-ery 1'ieauing, by ljlvvanl., 1 .1- ' A.lnlil. ,.n l-'.'.w.t ....... L'.l.. I - I......;. .. lit. -..-v,.t.,nf j.(il-,i, uipiut'iion. Principal, Agent & S'.reiy.Edwarils' Parties in Chan cry. Lulie's Equity Pleading, by Wheeler, Archl old'. wivil Pleading, Archbold's Criihninl Pleadin.'. March 2.'.. ror -aiu i,y 1 ,1 11 11 It 1 1. HOHNK-S I.NTItODL'CTIO.N in 2 vol nines, ju-t rce'd by C. GOODRICH. March 25. RUTA IIACA Sl'.r-.ll. A ( 'ns- crnnine Scotch purple top Hma Ilaga ll s!vt ir.n....l.,IT :.' r... -I..,. ..-... im.i.aiiiLn.i IIIIIII1I-. ll.r-HCI l .narch -i3. v.. OOODItlCH. Til II t-v-r A convenient Dwelling llou-e, pleasantly situaton near the he-ad of Pearl .tre-ct. For i',ini'..l,,rJ apply at litis New Goods I'lrst In Market, AT LOVELY A HlHtlillUT'S. assortment til Fancy Dm Coup., se-lev-. teel with gre'i.i e-are. from .'moortnn'o,,. m N..u eirk, since the lir-t of Mnreb, of which we runnier ateii levy. Printeil Lawn-, French Cambrics, Kngli-h Print-, or entire new style, lllk, llbie lllk, and Color--' Silks, lllk nnd Maroem colornl Vi., .-t V...i.,,,.. nil uil lllue lllk llomba-zine-, Light and Dark Pouge-e-J lllk Italian Cravat-.Salin Vc-tings .Mim.m deLanii- Kibbins, ihreatl, Kiel lilove-,.Mitt- Cruel.-, Che- lie eoni-, lYe. Hurlinaton, March 18, IS II, NKW SPUING KOODSWe have p.-t re tvivesl -nine black Neoklaee-, Hearts and Croe. (Jreen liovglei, Concave and Cunyev Sptsiaele-' II and C rifes, Octavo Fhucs Cer.uai. Flutes will dver and llras key-, C and F Clanonel-, Tiinuni Pttrb-Pii..'-. Pi,t..,,t ir..n.l. i:.. It... V...I. and numerous other new tiooil- to which we an nuking constant ail.hi.on-, at the v arie-iy Siore-. .March IB I. PANUllOltN & UltlNSMAID. rpnNXHWMII.CII COWS to rent, by 1 .Alarch, 24, 1311. II. I.KAVF.NWOKTH. Olas Iluell's Eslatc and Vrcilcrlck UucIP: i.siatc. STATE OF VF.RAIONT. ; TO all III SI Ii I rT nl" r- il I tt r v? tit v t I . I. ni iHicn nna Kreucnck llticll, both late litm-l.tif.iiiii in oM .i:,...:... .i i ' iijiiiiinoiii iii -Tiiiu itisiiiLi. ijiii-';i.i ii. j k,t iiruu-iie rouri nciu ni litirimyton, witinn nnd 4 w t ... iui inc uisiriui oi ouiuciKien, on tne fourth mv ..f fA ..U tOit r m . i . .. ' ............. - w . ., vU...i . A.iainn, .-iijiiuiiiMrn ui. uuimb ui mi; uriiittj in i.i;is uueii anu nu mmistratorof the estate of Frederick Iluell, both late of Iiurlington in said district, (Ieceas-H.ijn.,fit, . nftiil court himcjitio" jx loffh that ttie ...Mi olid redenck were m their lifetime, and their respective tleaths, under contract to deed Khspx in tho county ofChittendcn. one containing Wilvpnnil n half nr- n,...n . nrrnw. hutli nnri1 .f inn li - ...i- i.' contract was, at the tune of tho respective deaths of . vi me. uvic IUI , WHICH S.1H )'was;.mi i- rfuiTu-K, ana snu is unevecuteu, and itrnvinir km punri t.. irtnm 1.:... .1. . . 1 n. , ...,. ., .. v.., 1 .....1111 nun, 1111; i,itii iteoryi' I . IMlf.ll .ltnijlrnln 1 I I s " r" ""." " .'""""i tic uvm.s nvn, jinn aumimsirator as aforesaid, license to deed the landsaforc&:iid,aecor. "'" " Hi.iiie aim proviueti. hereupon thecourtaforesaiddoth appoint the second Wednesday of April, 1611, for heannff said petition. nt tl,o llfrlolnr'o nlFIrt.. I.. -M II..-,: . 1 t . .. ... ......,.-, swuau,,, niuiirion, 0110 llOtl. oroer i.iiiiaii persons intercstctl be notificel thereof by .iimit,.uii,ii ui mis i.rocr, containin!; the substance o said petition, three weeks successively in the Hurlii.f Inn I. r.n Pros, n .......unn... I , .. . " ...... ... . ...o. .. .. -, ,,, n. nam iiuriintrion, the last . or which publications to beprcvions to the n..n,,,l V..i1nnU.t... nr t...o 1 7 r ii .i id nana at saiel Iiurlington, this 4th WM. WF.STON, HtfMer. Oiniiti Yalr'H IMatr. STATU OF VKRMONT. rn H H Hnnoml.l oisTnicT of chittenden, ss. J L the probate court for the District of Chittenden : To all persons run. cerneilm the estate of Lyman Yale, lute of Char- ... ' "isiiic, tieccascii, uni-;.;riAtj, n.VEnEAs, win. . ale anil Klanson H. Wheeler, nil- intmittrnr.ira nf tn .ouin.r ..11 .1 , ' . v. ...u L .ii.iv w ..uu tii-ceiiseei, propos, to rcnilcr nn account of their adniinistrntion, anil pre- .tiu men iieeuuiii njjainsi sain estate tor exanunation anilallowancenta oesaionof the Court or Probate, to us imiui-ii in ine s oince in liurhiiL'ton on ihe Bih day of April next. Therefore, vou are hereh) nolifieil lo npnear before said court nt' iho tin... nn.l placeaforesaicf, ontl shew cause if any you have, why the account aforesaid should not be allowed. Given under my hand al Iiurlington, this 17th day of March Wm. WF.STON, Ilcgister. TF. the Mib-e-ril er, b.iv inir I ih'.i appointed by the . . iiniinnih.u . he rro n't t;iiur. forth,, lli.tnr., ol Chillemlen, commissioners lo rtsvive, exninine i.ntl .injiisi .ur nanus nn.i ncmaivls ol all person-, naain-i the r-lalc of Sally M Sutton laieofW.lli,ti,n ... nil. Di-lnct, iltsva-tsl, repre-entctl in-olvenl, and al-o all claims nnd demand- rshibinvl in ol'-ei ihereto: and six ...oiiths trout thei av ir llu , nt.. r i , ..o i i , v - v i.ysiim onri tor nat it.rpo.r, vve oo iherc. lore hereby (five notice ihat ur will attend to tin our niipouitment ut the Kaslr Hall in Willinon in -aid tli-trie'l on llv tirt .Monday of Jnlv al 10 o'clock. A. M.. nl'.ai.l Iint-.i ,1... i.. duy ol'Febtiarv A. D. 1SII. HrHKM'll, I,. II L.MC1H.OS. to1"" c,ne'-- ICP TAKE N'OTICK. r-ii ALL those indcbtetl to the subscriber whose note, nr inrniint. V1II7 TVlw .,. r "' ..- ...ii iiii., are rcouesictl to tnake imtnpilisin ... :r .1 ....... themselves COST, for I irillhare my pay, (pcacablv ifi ran, forcibly if 1 must.) ' nr. w l , . . J- WAINWIUGHT. Hurlinglon, March 3, 1S41. s E K II Herds Orns White' A. linlrlovrr Sssl Ii saieat .narrli.lO. HOWARDS OI.U HKUDS We have a few Cold Hcl, tl 1'r.H n.i.-.. n .n C, . V..l I . .. ... uwl ...-.(aL- siikiiji nn lanicieiigin aim price ot the iietM.. I'A.NOHOH.VA IiniNSMAID tTKAII & NECK OHNAMHNTS-And m-M. iniioin 1 in at nsioceii nricr. lorn lew w.s.L- -m inev urieiyniore. rAIslill.M( & IIItl.MSMAID. TsJ'OTlCK. The subscriber has removed his office j. i io in c rooms over i.vman cv uo'e s store. Iiurlington February 1, 1BI1."' 'S,,A''''''' ' I-sl.'.iTIII'llW. l,,., ...;. .i ...ii. i.l..., II - ..,,..-,,, ,i nnte oy ine subscribers u ouantnv of live r:s.. I.Vn,t.n.D VlS wnv A r-i-ni-J. Hurlinglon, March 4, 1841. ' Li i i 7 1 N 11 1 ,,S7 Wil h 'i""-'' IVnn'1 P(,il". '"r-'h I. PANlillOHNA Blil.NS.MAID. CJMIVKIl SKK.20on lbs Clover Sets I for ' Nile by lll('l.-lk' .v f't-isj iv ilandilS, 1811. w A rs r I--e.v, White l-n.. Itu.te, A. I Kim-sum escnange Inrlitu.l.. be ll. M. tilDill.N'fiScV Co. j nil-rA n tT".1'?"".' ' rUr,i 0v "" , ,., itiiieiir .icesitini, nul risusnlin mate p.ivn.rnl llirreofto ),e ul nl er! . , " . w no nn nMin.Mil lo attend to ibis l.i( ,-:. Ffnre ibe 0-i ..i ..i.,,.,...") i.. nm, mm kiiis at the Attor- nrt-i. tntlk l'i.iii.i . -. s.'ii.i n I n it. I I IVK.". .H.V.i!.01' f.KOII it A I'll V A.N Pi s A ll.AB Willi Ul.Tl. .M-IAIs l.u 1, TU! .MlTCIILI L. The niltl.or ol l,e nl.r.,.. I... k-en professionally drvolnl to tbc science tiMleo'v anil ine piii.nsmiigor.unp., unruif! many years anil ho former production, hl Map i, the World for Acndeuiie. benr untitle tcsttmo.ionv i.ri.,. nl...n. tlant resources, upon which he has so liberally drawn, jin prodiioinittlienbovo school works. The follovvimt extract ot the Ueo'y and Atlas, Is Iron, a joint rrcom- "Their merits are numerous the elei'inilionj remark- inciiudtivii ui inc i cne ni rs ill ine e tl v ill .sew I orn Jbly plain and cone. -c. Thcuserci-ei nrc copious nml important, ami Ihotic.criptivc i luminoii. ami correct Die lllVI-joi.S Of tho Anienenli nrn l-elirv. sentud and deserilnsl as they rcallveni.t nl llie sresen. tune. And the gros, iiii.t.atements generally lound in -cool geographies are corrected. The typographi- ..w uiitiii ii nu i-uiiiiutiniy ueaianuo.-iincr, inneeei ine mm is n iuinici i. .lie .mi . nm Hftint e tifto. wilh inlor.natioii." Tim ontliuu Maps are poeiiliarlj alciilateiltu rxerei-eihe slinlenl in hi .udy, and le lill up nl hi. leisure. For sale by C. (iOOI)ltlCll. PLATKD SI'OONS.-We Inform thoso who wi.l. to get n good and cheap article of l'lalcd Spoons that we are tn uli,,... ,,...1 ,1 ke-t,., U-l (l-nn. ...nt. .. ... .1 .'.-.I .,, nUi uini un iiiciu satisiticiiou, as ...eapasiiiecucapest. tanouoiin & IIrissmaio P,,iA.V,l,OAH,)Mnml HINGLK,30.M Shingle 40.U feet spruce Clap Hoard", by ,. ... J Oc J II I'KCK . Co Durhngton, Feb. 19, 1841. GF.ll.M AN SILVF.Il SI'OONS. Thoso who wish gcrman silver are informed that wo will sell l lent Divni, nn.i si,n .r, .,,., . ., low as any person sells them without marking. V..I. .11 II S.. . ............... I .I.SUIIUII.S Ov II1U.S.UA1U. CLOCKS. Wc arc selling ihe best quality Wooden r.lnruM fur cist, nl .43 l.n.i... Q. 1 l!A r..l vt. - .'t '.I ... IJt..lll,llUI .tin l.ogany caed brass striking Clocks lor cash 813, bar ter 823. Feb. 19. I'ANGllOItNit llltlXSMAin. A CCOUDKOXS. Do vou wiIi a nice Accordcon' . CUd HI I nl t io nri.sfi. vir,rn it Feb. 19. I'ANGIIOIIN et HIIINS.MAID Vv",A,,;n,,0.x ,J ,.-llo.inet and tires.' i wnaituonci whalebone, brass, steel.and wood- lle'll, tlUSks. Lvellts. Lacinns. snnul ulntido I.', ...:.. perrumeel cushions, scissors, shell combs, llrushes ami aBic.uviirreiy oi goons. r.vxonoa.Net llni.vs.MAtn One Cent ltcward. RUN AWAY from the subscriber, an apprentice bv the name of Charles I'oui.laiii. ill ..,u.. are forhul harboring or trusting him on my account as I shall pay no debts t.r his contracting alter this date. The said Charles absconded tnkim rhithiim nut In. property, therefore nny person who will return the property or the said Chailcs shall receive the above' rewnru. JKSSF. G.VV. Winooski Village, Feb. 15, 1811. MjTFHFINF. blue laid cap and letter paper, foi J saleal manufacturers' prices, by Jan. JI. c. GOODRICH. piIOICF. WINKS, selected for medical purposes,' nu. ij, lursiic uy 11. .11, t . 1 1 1 III .M ,-s ,y (;, JVTF.ADOW'S French Dictionary, conlaiuiuerniore LL Words thai. HoL'I'l's. nt bull Ihetiriru anfi, oy (iooDHicii. NOTICH. .Mv wife, Sophia I'utrrlt, h.'.Till my betl and buanl. u itbfitit nnv ii,.tiiip,iii,in nml 'I therefore forbid ail persons harboring or tr.i-iing her ion my account. JA MHS I'OWF.LL, lieorgi.i, Dec. I, 1S1U. M I '.mi ,ii, .i..i..i.s.i. tor 1S4I, lor sale at the hook wire. I rice 0.3 cts. II. A. 1IHA.MAN. SLEIGH qnnei. A. 1 rC Pair Steed plated, Cuth-r and Sleigh Shoes, 1 tJW r'..El Irnn ,1,, it nisi.... I I '.-.. .. It..a V....1I. Vices. WniMin tl llnvpu .sl,nu,.la sl,.... 'J sheet Lead, Sheet iiie,Hollow ware in ureal vanity, ""v. 1J. . SIIU.M,SCU. SNI FF O.NI.V '1 WK.NTV-FIVI: C HilchetH-k's new-le inienti.t Snntlllif. I..., ..r,,. le ever di-rovcred bv .-ieiiiiii. men. in Knrooe ot t ' ii..-. i. uii- inn-i ,i, v.(iuirill. Diiiine-s nf the llt ad, Weak Kye., Nervous Head-it-be-, Fallen Siekne.., Fu, and liit.tiil. iroul lei kviih Snutlle-, partial -hts-ks of I'al-v, etc. For -ah kt-luile.:,!.. i,.l ,,.ti,il .... e. IMl-r'llr'iwL-I'.. ...I. V m.-r fi.r tl.i. ...i... .... .1.. ...I...C ..I I-. 1. Proprietor, No. 117 lienr.rr st. Flics, ami by 'l heir I I... 1' I., t, . , . 1 . . ..-.-ui- it,,uii:i,ifiii ine i niou. ii. fiumnzion, j, o. I. II lo,.L Hi I'n l V..r. .- I... I II II... Ill llihoit, by lliirni tl eVS.ivvycr. 'iri Oeoriiu. by Lo- i mi. ,,n - Jeh It-1 Johns Instate. rF, the iiibscribcrs, having been appointed by the honorable the nrohatc court f.-ir ibe dtstnci nf Chittenden, commissioners to receive, examine ami idjust the claims and demands nf all persons against the estate of Jehiel Johns, late of Huntington, in said district, deceased, represented insolvent, and also nil claims and demands exhibited in nllVt thereto. ,, ,, , J "iiuun. iiiiii, iii-iiii- illowetlhysaid court fort hat nurnosr. u dn tl,..r,, hereby give notice that wc mil attend to the business1 ni our appointment, at tne tl welling house or the wid ow, F.hzabeth Johns, in Iluniini'ton. in snM ni.trli-t .it. the second Mondays of May ami August next, ai If. .tr I St .... 1. ..r , .. ' . w .. v.... nt ... ..i. ,,i, - ,Lll l sum tHV s. Dated this ISthdny ofFibrnary, A. D. Pll. AMOS II. COOI'KIt, 5 Ji l.VF.STHU II S.VVDKR J.Conim'rs i.r..'i.i, uu. i, h.rr, j lATF.SSUS. I'ANGIIOIIN & UltlNSMAID, gem llil Tim four lt..n. r.r SI I. t.. i . t. '...... I - "v ...... ,., .7iir, iit-iu vuiigll i.tiengcs mil nf enii ttrixl mit . I.. ..r .. ..!. .1. !, , ..... . iiiiui, 111 1, -L-ie-it: .luncn OI ine Lung l-eer nceonipaiiied by a Hard Co.Hi. I es teem them highly and recommend then, to all who have a Cough or the Lung Fever. F..IIA IIOVT. P.. . I..... tn intn 1..--.., . i. .nny 1.1, I--IU. Pangborn & Jlrinsmaitl sole agents for Sherman's 'uiuuiiu norm ..ezeintcsatni t'oor .tlan s riatcrs Ibis I.o7enges all have A. Sherman, M D on the bo riANADA IN is:i. ;in. showing, by his J! lacls, the causes of the late attcumtcd llevoliititin, nnd of its f libire. Too present condition of the nconle and their fu. tin. nrn.niv-t. ,..n..,l. J with the personal atl ventures of the A tithiir,(ind others Tucller, llrii'. flen. in the Canadian llemiblic'an "uu ncii- lu 1 L'l 1 ..nil inn Iii'i'iiiiitiiin ,1,. 1 1 ciiice. iiiisuayrccciveu anu lor sale at the Hook sioreoi D. A. HllAMAN. Feb. 19, 1SI1. W'TOIIK FOR SALK. The subscriber bein,. nhimtl O to relinijitish the mercantile business otlt-rs hisl ntnrc anu remaining slock ot GOODS r..r sale. Thtl Store is '.'ti bv lit. feet, two stones bi-di nnd well Hi, 1.1.. I ed with a wood house, and horse shed 3$ feel I.iiutI attachetl. The location is a deirablc one for husinessl ami will be sold low. . credit will beitiven if desired Al.KXA.NDF.ll FFIIGUSON. Huntington, South Village, Jan. '0, IS II. 8. AVOFNO .MAN, (not n Gentleman we think,) Insse-duSJ Counterfeit St. Alhms bill tn a stun I iiov in our store vesiertlay, the 1711. inst. The bill i No. 291. Letter 1. siffned A. l'liinntoii. Cashier. Ill Swift, President. The bill is much worn nnd ha-l licet torn mid menuecl in two n .ices nnd tmrt nf tht ibilltrone. Sumo one mav recollect of seeinr. such n bill in tho hands ofthe SCOF.N'DRFL who pa-sed ii nm. can nio us in oruiging null to justice. ve puD- iiso ims oopim; io ueieci nun m tuts way. Feb. IS, 1311. PANGBORN et IllU.NSM AID. BItASfi CLOCKS'. Persons wishing good brass Miking Clocks in beauliful Ituislutl cases, can line! them on favorable term , nt the Variety Store. lo, H.uik and Olliee Cloeks. for s.ilei these Clocks are warranted to ket-p correct lime, and they will per- as wen as any oiucr ciocks. Dee. 13. PANGBORN & RHINSM UD. r OST. Ktcht fat sheen, matked with tar. T. il. l-J Whoever will eive iuforiuation. shall be suitablv rewnrneo. rOR SALK. A superior new much cow ami calf AIo, for sale, or lo exchange for cattle, sheen orl porn, a genteel cnai;e ami Harness. II. h.l.UIIAl.1,, tl- LI). Burlington, Nov. 24, 1810. COD FISH, MACKF.IIF.LL and SHAD of supe rior quality for sale bv N. LOVKLV ei Co. I IV... in iciS ' I I're. lei, iniu. Naliby Hales' l-'.stalc. STATU OF VKRMONT, ) fpHF. Hon. the Pro- iustbict or eitiTTCviii-.v, s. 2. one rtrjrt lor the District of Chittenden ; To all fwrsuns coiicernetl in ihe estate of Nabby Bates, late of Charlotte, in s.iitii District, ilecea.cil, GRKF.TI.N'G. Wucnr.As. Win. Dean. F.sccutor of I he ast wi I and te'slaincntof said dee-easul, proposes lo rentier nn accomitof his adimmstrat.on, ana prese-nt I. is nccouii. against sakl estate for examination nml allowance af a session of the Court of Probate, to be holihn at the Register's office in lluthiifilon, on the Kith day ofl March next. Therefore, yeui are hereby notified to .innenr oeiore saio conn .t. ini- iniu.- ittiti it enioiesaio and shew cause, if any you have, why tho nccounti aforesaid should not lie allowed. Given under my hand ai Burfinglon, ibis 17th day of February, A, I). mil, " iw.s, ui-gisicr. CIIKoFuCoTlS lllfjlTllTs'iZl'he om-nTn7..!" sJlhat portion or llie community who are iillbViesl with cutaneous eruption-, sin h it- Sail Khriim. Si. I Anlhonv r ire or Lrrsipela., n-hM head, l-pio-V, on inrofilieir kindrisldi-euses. is ibrrt-ievlio an interim!! w as iit.covered at out 12 ui.inin- nvely Mr. Charlr-Jone-, rf Cl.ireinonl, N, II. Il tsihereult of a lonjrcour-e ofrxperinirnis upi n bl own per-on. he luvmc h.ul the- ill ea e ... a most air. .'rnv.iluig fromnl onl II vearsi from .Is wonderful p 'ivts upon him -elf anil several other nieml i-rs ol" h.s isniiiy, many in mat .ivtui.i ci the country have I ecu iniiii-esllon.'al.ririiil of it audin noc.-r nsvei has it f.ti'isl of siis-r.s w here I bit dtriss.o... b.ive I is n iidhe- rislii.wiihliilfluy, au-l a suifieient tune e-l.tpsexl to snow lot' ru-iuit The niishripe ran 'c ohljuird of Rulxri Mr-ody tlrusej-ii Bnrl-nsTth H ink .M.iritn U ties I n I7AIR WAUNIJ(.Thc aubpejriber would .. ! I .S..H.-V. UIVTe, -..(.-, HIU1UICU IU IHMI4 WI10I tmiim nr nrnmula tnin iirx.iim il,. K.. . ... ..,,..... , w .. imij, inni iiicj line ho met by the flr(t any of April next, or they may tx pect to find them in the hands of an nltoriiev for co Aslinn. f. 1. 1.- J-. I ' .1 I , in- ini ULifi iiimru iu i iwiilMCncC Wlin UU aew administration to collect hia dchtr. JOH K. GRAV. Rtirlmffton March 161 K r)lHSIM.fJTlON.--The copartnership hereto hrm of Snaulding & Mills, has been tluly dissolved I.j i.u.u.ii uwuscni, iivjsc inetcDtcu anu tnose nav l"8ii vi'n ' ,BEinst saitl firm, will settle thciri with IJ. .Mills, who is tluly authorized to settle the same ,, , . . , C. II. MILLS. I.i .ii. , ""loiiiiiiucu oy inc suiiscnoer Bi the old f'nntl, Church st. KutLiiglon, Vt. Alnlfh R 1Q11 .... . ,. ""s""i v,-, Ki A1IUL.S, C-1UOCCKIIV AND GLASS WAItF..-Full scttn J nf nrnntl,. Pin. .... t . . , t- . V's ..i.. . , nnu Luiing sens, together with a general assortment of crockery and glassware! also lamp", patent top, screw top nnd minis, i.auicrns, uunoiers, ee. allot wine h ...ill l,n nt,l ..I.... f..r..l. ...,il IV" " " , 1 ,." "I "s swu.iuee; nny that favor us with a call. Clturcli st. J, 1'. WHALING et Co. BItOAD CLOTH S.-I'lcase call at Ihe new cash StOIC On Church street, nnd i.Y.'llitinn ttm l,rr....l cloths, heaver cloths, cassinicris and satinctts, befoi purchasing tlsevvhere, and much oblige , . J. I . WHAIJNG et Co, Gootls shovn vvith pleasure, ) w hether purchased or not. P1CTOIUAL Illustrations of the Bible, consisting of 200 engravings, with views m the Holy Land, toffcthcr wilh mmv of the remnrknble ub.cels mm. noneil 111 the Old and Now Testaments, rcpicscnting icrcd historical events just receivcl and for ssle hi the book store. D. A. UHAJIAN. March '., lll. NF.W HOOKS. The subscriber Ins received tho present week a now supply of books, among which ate the fillowing : A pictorial Geography, bv S. C. Goodrich, 10011 Migrnvings. ltural Life of I.ngland, by Wm. Hovvitl, from the second London edition, corrected and revised. uay s iwunimtion ot Ivlwards on the Willi !' ehanira Own Hook: Hall on Hantimn i A Grim Ilnnd's First Criiisej Visit to Remarkable Places, 2 vols. Ilium's History of Christ ; Blum's Ilislorvof I'.lishat The Table of the Lord, by the author of Tho I.istneri Sacred Melodies; Bmrdmaii on ; Voting Lathes' Companion i Voung Ladies' Friend. .viarcn i. II. A. IIIIAMAN. Thousand good nine Shingles for sale bv OKJ Jan. 8, 1311. G. l'KTEHSON. po III-.NT- 1. sijuare. Ilooms for a small family, near thu H. LliAVF.NWollTH. rTAIIDW UF., SADDLKIIY WAUF., Gl'NS, IX Hollow ware. if-c. The subscriber has tnst re. ci ivcd anil is now opening a large and general assort ment nf the above gootls; comprising ntarly tverv irlicle in the hue. and which wilbesoldon lonahle terms for cash or short credit, at the hard ware store, corner ol church street and Ihe qusre. KUIililiT ilUODV. Burlington, Nov. 20, IS 10. TJHITTANIA TKA POTS. Tumblers. Tea nod IJ Table Spoons; glass Lanterns Lamps, Present. Dishes, Plates, Wines. Salti. Pcnners. ilustards and Cruels. Fine pen and pocket Knives, Scissots. Shears, etc for salcby H. M. GIDD1NGS et Co. fen. iy, I34i. 13A'.OItS..Tosett.Itodgers and S,ms superior V. nlso Pomcrov's line Strops, and the white Wind sor Soap, for saie by II. M. GIDDINGS & Co. i en. i;t. tsji. jVOTICK. iCP.Meiheine is lesl known by tho Is cures il perform-. f3! I. .Nevvlou'- I'aiiafea. or Ptiriher ol the Bletod. 1 be unparalleled and -till int-rca-intr reputation which tin- medicine ha-aeonir- eil ihroiurhoiit the New K.mland Slate-, ami the many ure- it ha- pcrlormesi, ami llie great ileni-sinl lor it by Ihe alviee of physicians well .iciptaintis with is preparation, .in. icts. me proprietor to extei.ii ts eiraiilatioi. to alnio-t every town in the eastern -ales and the principal towns in ibe Cnued Slates. I'his Panat-eis warranted portly vegetal le, and is nut .tirpa-.ed I y any other mcheuie ever oerel to tho .tllieied as 'its extensive -ale ami t-real populari'y dandy prove. It has within tho l,.-t eiirhteen months "its I- ofthe mot ob-ttna'c Ui-ea-c-, as ante povel by ccrnlieaie-, and i-pronounev I by l uuiieutand re-p'e liable physicians thole-t mesbenio in u.-e. t-eiii iuit-riit.ition may le iivinet in cire-u art eoul.iiiiing eertihcaies ol cures ami diiivnon fur la- sinjr the medicine. Ibe fullovving appoinled ajenl.. Iiurlington. J. et J II. reel; an I uo., i(. .vioexly Si Albans, Curtis and Itn-sel Mihon, C. Drat-'c Millon Fall-, B.irncl and Sawyer W.iterville, ..... .l.r...... ,rll,,i...,,rli Hull .11.1 Cock Ksirlil., Parker and Maihelil ergenne-, Adam., and Murray Cnml ndire, il. Wire- Fmlerlull, il. C. Ilarnev North urgh, II. C. Wicker Georzi.i, A. Illi.s Willi-ion, N. Chittenden Richmond, ireen et Hbrntes Jt.lin-on, G. L. Warner and C - Monition, Kibau ninli I'n' erslieltl, Arotinglon nnd Wesidvvnrl Fair ield, Il-trnci and F.irnswoiih. e.o.p 1.C1U r ata it mi s.mTf f. ilTARSII.Vl.L'.S SNI'I'F, is .till curinsibc Catarrh ITJIand tbevarieiiis tb-e.i-e-of Ih: head, a-welt a. ore eye-, In all parts of ihe eoiiniry j and sii-tuininir he reputation which it has long smce iraiue.l, of I. -Ill-- l.b-ol llelv the bc.l article of the L,,.,l ... il - market. liieh l.eittle centnins thrpetinie- theqinntity r.f one. f tbo-e which nre t.llensl nt iillV'l.v TV L'V T- l-'IVK CK.NTS." And is therefore a mnt-h .: r ... well as 1 eiter arlu le, For sale bv J- et J. II. 'PECK et Co. Illi:0. A. PKCK it Co. nnd Dn. P.0II1'. MOODV. Durliiicion, Jan. aj, jsl. v.t.3 AfAIlsAI.I.'-i coniinnes M-IJL slrrnclhrnins PI.ASTKR; A.n. fi r Iiheno a- ti-.n, l.auieue-s or pain- m the -id--, limb, or 1 a-.-L : lor-cri'l'iloosswellinir., -curvy -ore-, Kre-b w-ninds ; .... I for a cencral Family Pla-icr or salve. Fur Corn-, nioreovei try .1 ; p.iie'cfo.e, per-e-verr in theii-e l-v - n... .,jiiu,ai,w,, .T-i-ii-uitniiiy, aim in int. t f yonrrorns will be e-ured. For .ale bv J. et J. II. 'PKCK et Co. TIIFO. A. PFCrC t Co. , and Dk. RUUT. MOODV. Hurlinglon, Jan. 22, IStl. lv.f.13 LV.MAM cV t'tIM:, have re-e-eivetl their u-uii exicu-ive as-iiriincnt of fall and vvhvii coneL oinnri'.nir a Breat vaneiv of liL-ni-isI ,aonv. .In-. I h. and siiislewulilt. Pniinj I Crape ilrnnn, ilou-ehne .iee.aiiie, c. riuuresi Aiepine, hirured and plain Kuirl.-h .Merino-. Ore. tie .Nanle. and IV, ,!, IWor-tesI Canilc-ecn-. Ah.ace-a Cloth, Tl.i' ct Meruit-. lete. le'.iul.lul arl.clc-for ladie- e'leinl.-. Kruinieiie. ;.llisblirv Flannel. Ii'itre.1 Clren n f:.-.jtM llair and .imiaiinu Caiu'ei-, Uns-hella. I'er-.'an eloih &. Ilwavy double nnlle.1 Broad Cloths, Heave, and Pilot Cluth, Rich Diamond Ueaver Cloth, a new ar tie'le for Gentlemen. ovcrCon's. . large er of heavy vvor-fed shawl-, a fs-'v Luniii- I c.t ileruio uud IC.ish.nere tlo, .Neitimr, I' and Felcnl-orii. dn. ('bally, ilii-i.ebt.e tie l-iuie and Chene'il II ikf. MLKs-. Ile.ivv r.inton. tiro tie .Nane- jtnl ntb.r Sill;., rich il'.'tirtsl lliue Black, llrowu and olher color. iGlove. und lit sutv. DOM1STIC GOODS. Cotton .heclim.-. sl.irt.ner. Inckin-z, vva ldin?mdetii.on yarn, .ui enur Irt-b l.uien. TAll-OHs TIIIMI.NGS.-Sewiuir Silk. Twi t and ITIueal, PadduiL', C.iiivm--, Seleein., e-eil'd Jcau-, Itrown anil M.a 'l. Linen, ria.d or'iM I .mnt. Wi r-. .ted Surtte, St k d.. Silk Bindiiig, Silk Cords, Woo len .iintiius ive. eve-, hs 1 l,Nl!. Win, en Velvel, Silk eive-i. Vnlrntia. Silk sjann ,. d( Velvet for trilniniuc. u suneii olor-, Ilo-lyn check- fur children- THU nttenlmilof iheaillictesliscalleil lo the rrlicla -nav a i.uiiiueut, nuveriiseuin a. . oilier column, d'.'l THF.O. A. pr.cic a rn iIOKKNKW HOOKS,' Ju-ire.-e.visl at the Boot 111 t V... If....... ll'u- It, c ii. imiiii, ..lie, it luiiuvv, VO'tn l-adie. Companion, Coimie hl.i. Haywnrd'i. v I.i.rln...l Hi .....u.- SI 1...I...H, , I t .. . nrn . vreir.ipntcai i;rtnier. "V.'!!"'". '' Grou-rapby, t-oinpn-in.-a ptioi. n -he orlil i.-ith lh r-rj.i.l ............. .... ... - l-n'l,-, ,'.-SIK, i r iv. .Irticllou-in .r Intnl. .ni.l r.m.l.... VV....1-. ,, -ii.j.. ...sums oi me. .Hravrn., D. A. RRmM v.. IJ XV PA I T SIIOP.-.sip t'LDINGfi, MILLS A s t.lve oneiiisl n ii-..- Ii.t-.-s si...... .... i v.. ...I.... .veil iltsirs .imih ol" 11. Ijiii.-'. Store, w rwie thev w 'I t'l'.h!-'1. "flH'SK, SHIP, SIGN ami CAKIIIAGI; PA .N I LNG. in .v.-te.t ......1,1.1. ..i io suit tho-e ivho mav riroiir thuui with tbsir i.nron- .te. ,t P.lllll. I lit V.inl.l. .n.lll A.. J. on hand nml for .le. ' H.G. SPAl'Ll'lNti. Hurhnirlou, April 9, 5ia C. II. MILLS. MT. VMHXOX It I'. V 1)1-' K, Polvsrlett Hd Its ol ehierei.t uses ami bnisiuL--. 1'ik-kis tlille. ind Tesiainesu. ami n ce-tUTnl n ortmei.t oi'si.-i.rniis. ry ju-t res-eiveil from.N. Vork nnd for t-ale ' v x.ourgesi. je:-i3. . m -,v I.MiTO.N. hush. Seed Rye, tree from nil other seeds, f,.r OO Pc.irl-st, Sept. Ifi. sale by C. 11F.NNS, SILVF.Il ALARM WATCHLS, nt SIS.5.-0, ?5. Dec. 13. PasooosniS; BrtssMAtP. BOSTON ACADF.M VSriv'il at ihe Bisik.iore- tbi d.ty und for sab- in whole-ale by D A BR s MAN rADHSs India Rubier Shoe., Gaiier Hon-, walk. J tne Sbr..., French ki.l and .prb.a ; llrcl S.ip', Dev. 31, IS III. Ju-I rev'd I y N. LOV MA et I o. notici;. IOlt SALI'.on reasiinshle lernts Pew No, 12, in. Si. I' tul Cuurrh. For lurthcr particulars Pleas IUn KERN or I IVANS, r.'jrhnitpii,.Mrch Jib, I S 1 1 , l ji.,1 ..4 vs r HV "C'n Jlifli :.' lJ19. I