Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 23, 1841, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 23, 1841 Page 1
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fee MwMntmt fvm lttfifi. NOT THE OLOBY OP OASAB) BUT THE WELFARE OP SOME. BY II. B. STACY. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, F R I D AY, APRIL 23, 1841. van VOL. XIV....Nt. 46. SALS. I PAIR OF OXKX, 7 Cows, 1 Horses, 2 Slaps, J. G Wagons, I Carls, Harnesses, Plows, Harrows, nnd nil kinds of Farming Tonli. The alioo belong lug to Ihc folate of J. II. Hull, anil will be sold low for ready pay or on short crt dit fur cd paper. LYIHA HALL, Admn. Williston, April 7, 1311. MISS E. SPENCER. t ?nt'f t . A. II.. '"Ii5l(L ' inform the l.ndics of Iliirlirtqiuu unit its vicinity, that she has opened a shop in the Uriel; littildinir, on jri! lliccnrnerKnstoftlio Pearl fi(P,Sl.Unufc, vvlicro she in- icnus carrv mir on tnc lills iness of Millinery and Dress nialilm. Woik done in tliclntctand most fashionable stylo. Impair ing and bleaching .Straws andlenhorns.doneon short notice. She intends keeping n good assortment of Jionnets, Caps, llibhons, I'lowcrs .Silks and I. aces. By diligence and perseverance in her business she hopes to receive a share of the patronage. Vound ladies desirous of learning the business will be taken as apprentices. Hurlington, Aprils, 1341. I f HATS. C. A. SKYMOril, h.unn hand nhirio assortment and a spli tided artio'e of Hat. of the latest New York lasnon and of his own in.iii.ifacturc, whieh he offers lor ) Mile and invnci the public pener ally to rail, examine quality and pnee, lieliire purehain ele, viheic. Meiehantvho are in the habit of piireliasini; llalx bytheqiiantityand wili to (.ret a good artiele cheap are particiilnrlv invited to eall. CLOTIICAPS, fur hovsal.oon hand and tor -tile. Pearl t llurlliifrtnn .March JM IS 11 . Cw Id 2 i a S1..L PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. THIS articlei" loo wtll known to luul cotniiieii elation and the experience of men jears has ilemonstratcd to the commcrcnl community, that for accuracy, convenience and durability, they are unrivalled Coal yard scales to weigh from H to 8 tons. Ootmaut Warehouse do, to weigh from l-'J lb. to 5000 ll., Portable do. to weigh from 1.2 o.. to 200 lbs. PortableCoimtcrdo a newaiticlc to weigh from 1-2 oz. to 10 lbs. J. & J. H. Peck & Co. Agcntf. Ituilington, April 8 1311. TMIH lliirliimlim llltl'U I.'nM,no J- now commenced business, nnd will have new lleer hi n fi-ir i nr. , when all orders will be punctually I attended in. ' lhithnglon, Sept. 1810. GF.O. PK.TF.ILSO.W T A 11 1 fine kid, Merino, llerlin, and black silk X.J t. loves s white and colored Merino Hose, Mack worsted and w hi e cotton do. ficnilemen's black kid .,ivc, hen; y black do. Fine ehstic and wtbb suspenders fur sale by H. M. (lIDDlXtt.S . Co. c A m! S''T-WA 11 has resuin- f!(I thn I fl 1 II M rl l,1t;. i .1 Ill ... . " "" ""ONiwam i iicum mio i on t;nurcii c,""' , , "iicrciiuiiiicnus 10 ninntl CAIIirv II I UIl.M I UKK, of n style nnd quality not inferior to any iimuifactiircil in this vicinity. He hopes Ins long experience, together with a strici fatten tion to the busincsss, will secure him a share of the public patronage. QrWANTlID in cxcliamrcfor Cabinet Work, Hirrti nnd Maple. .Scanllet, suitable for bedsteads; basswood Plank, and boards from 1 inch to J inch ; while Pino boards. Most kinds of country produce received in payment, (but cash would be very acceptable. Burlington, Jan. 1,1341. SAML'IX NICHOLS -TMIII-.A . A.-. 300 ll.. white nnd ,.or,., ,. .iT ,0 II.--. Iii.oii .1,,. .100 bundle. 100 sU-in bread. 20 lbs. Italian sewing. 10 II... Italian twil, for. .ale by VILAS, LOO.UIS, & Co. 40, lU'k. 2 I'M-f- YiirL At. 1 I... I..' j ii i. It lap.. I ,.i!,. eanva.s, just received nnd for sale by Nov.2S, ISI0. VILAS, LOO.MIS & Co. 5 to Tin-: lwfoktunati:. THK subscrilers have received the well l.nown nrtirle, Bloodpood's Elixir of Health, lor the run: ol di.ear nri-iu;: from an ill tale of the Stomach, sIR., as ;cy Hiinlaeho, J-ji Loss of appclite Paliiitalion or the Henri, Il h.i L'urii heilih and eneiL-yto multitudes aflliu l''u vi li h,i.iiniil Cosieue.., ' 'I'lie pn.vul' ibi. valual le nuslieiue i so establish ed that nil may I e enabled tooblinn it. At VtholcsJc iiie! lelad I v IIIKO. A. Pi:cK .f. Co. Apoilieeane.. Court Iloo-e Spiare. Cl'N MSV.,4 March, 1811. loan the Hear ve. Hear ye. iuhabilnnts ol the Ureeu .Moiintaiu S.ite l.o il known that the Inventory vacoinplet ted last niiilit, the exact condition ofllie farmer me- cliauies' ninl people s eheap cash More InMy nseer laintsl. Howard, not waiiliun any ther ollice, will I' eontinue.1 an the nirenl. 1'hi. I0115 tried estab lishment ha. existed through four ndimuistialioiis ol the general goeriinieut, nnd this morning commen ces upon the lifili, under cheering eirriMii-tiun e-, such n 11 liK.fl brilliant sun ri-e. waving flags, roar of Kepiil.liVan Artillery & the Smile, it voice., of go on go on ofu whole people rejoicing lit the prospect of lietier times, it of yet buyiim t.ood. Cheap nt Howard., Hurrah, llufrah, ltorrahj'for the Cheap Cah Store & the Agent whn-e faculty is Taxed S100 for celling Goods Cheap to the People. AI.PACCA CLOTHS for cloaks t crapes, enmb lets, cnmhlctccns, goats' hair and common wors ted caniblets, printed Saxonys, plain and figured nl pines, plain and printed muslin delaines, all wool, now opening by N. I.OVKI.V & CO. RUA1, KHTATIS 1'OU SA1.I3, At a cheat 11 MioAiN. The proprietor ofl'crs for sale the pre mises in the illagc of Hurlington, now occupied by H. I!. Slacy, Ks-q. as a dwelling house, printing office and reading room The premises are convenient for .1 store and dwelling house or fot offices of alinost any description, and nre situated in the centre of the most business part of the town. For terms of sale and payment, inquire of Charles Russell, Pcatl st. Burlington, or A. I.. Catlin, of Or well Yt. AMK1UCAN MCTIOXARV OK THK KXG I.l.SH LANOUAGK. First edition in Octavo, containing the whole vocabulary of the Uuarto wilh correction, improvements and several thousand nd djtional words, to w hich is prefixed an introductory dissertation on the origin, history and connection of the languages of western Asia and I'.urope, with an explanation or the principles on which languages are formed ; in two vols. Ily Noah Webster', I.. I.. I). For sale at the bookstore. I). A. BRAMAX. March 2, 1SI1. Take iVulicuMr rVotit-c. S I coiiinniil.ite a .-haiiL'e 111 bii-incs this sprin", r III. de.sir-il.le that -.11 p.s, m,(b,J , e.illniid ullkbv lhe'.'nihof Mauli next, or other-wi-'Y'll ""!' nnd arc,.,, ins that have become due w ill be I. fi 111 the inn I. ,.f an attorney for collection. I hope 110 one will complain of this ex'phcit .-all. nor tail ta lmvc immediate attention. V. C I'VWs! BiirlniL.lon, Fib. 2.?, 10. TIROW.V SI iKCTlxns. 3,000 yards. l:,0 pieces , 9lllc! n1"" "nslilmg, batting, mid wickin-. for ,,l0!l1 WHA1.IXO .J. Co's. I 'sr.SH KICK, for sale bv A II. M. O IDDIXCS & CO. "TR. KDITOIl, Sir will you notify all creation 1 L that ihe nil.seriber has for sale, Buck's improved Hot Air Cooking Stove, nt ihe new I rick store, Col lege street, also at Jcse (.ay's foundry. This is one of the latest patterns and llio first of the kind ever mtroiluceil into tins stales tlicy have recently 111- trouitccil inlo the Mates ol 1'eiins) Isania and icw York with creat success: and sullice it to say. they arc the most coneniiiit and will do more business with less fuel than any other slme. A preamble 10 naiti.-til:irieil.souahliesor 1. rices is useless... j,,.. caii in, small favors are thankfully received and great ones in proportion, ami it money continues scarce 1 mteiut to use the less of it, so it wilt be useless to go without on that account. S. V. TAYLOR. Hurlington, Dec. 17, 1870. r.jiiiriMi Tavern Stanil l''oralc. rplll? sul.-iriliet oilers for JL sale his Tavern lnnd, best known as the Kldiulgu place two miles I mm t lie t ...liege, on the Vinooki Turnpike, wilh 44 acres of L'ood land. The house is 1G feet square, two stones Iiilmi ; one barn 40 l.y.'O feet, horse-shed and good stable., wood sluil nnd granary. The stand being on Ihe corner where ihe Hiiics-burgh road intcisects the turnpike, there is not a better location for a tavern stand between Bur liiiL'ton and Montnclicr. Any cntcriirishiL' man with n small capital may own a good establishment by . : .... 1 i.n-ifc? iii....i.'s piiiciiasiug nil- in uji.-i . v. uiiiiio ..IL....... Burlington, March 1st, IS 11. Farm tor I'nr Sale. rnilF. oiler-for sale a Farm I 1 t. I r.. t. 1. ........ J. on.-no. 1 ii u tii mile, iroiu mi-. iuh'i on the Winooski turnpike, containing 30, tou, tju. or JUU acres ot anil as tlie mir cnascr may cnoose. rne buiniings wnn nitiu ex pense may be put in good condition for a tavern, and there is not a heller location for such an establishment lietween Burlington and Montpeliei. 'I'etni'. of pay ment cisy, and any enterprising iiidu' nrin wiih a hinall capital may ow 11 a good cstiihli&hnuni 111 a few years by purchasing ibis properly. ciiauxcky coomucii. Burlington, Jan. 11, 1311. IOR SALT., Avery wiluahle farm, tit- fllV X- uated ill Millou, eoivaining 10 acre", liill with a house, two barns, ami out-build- 1JH ings, two good orchards, and from 1-1 to 150 acres improved, iiie remaining pari is well tiiu litre.l. Tcrmseasv, and possession given iiiitnediriie ly. AppIytoJaiiiesS.PIatt,5Iillnn,orioI.iB Plait, i;otciiesier. Jlarcli tu, J s 1 1 TO HUNT. rPHF. premises occutiicilbv Mr.C. Mer X rilt. on College street near Ihe square 1..: cl i 11: .r... : ym loiiiiiiiiuig joiner:, onoj., 1. ..eiiiiiu?, tti. I"! . 4ilX ,ilc l,ri;k building next Kat of .nr. liraniati s Hook .Store,eoiifiimng More ami uwel ling house. H. I.r.AYK.N WORTH. March 21, 1311. C'oiiiiiiiiI Sj i iip or Icoltinil ?Ioss. THIS rtli brand luedieine for CO.NSUMPTIO.V at wholesale or retail, by T. A. Pcc-k it Co.' ' riltr.fiOUV'.S BILLIOUS PILLS, wholcaleaml KJ retail hy lu'h.I Tnr.o. A. A Co. SXtri'lf AM) TOIli ci) T Onil.I.VRIVS Maccboy Snuli; J J do Scotch do ill sn.nll I.I. 1.1.,.., do Smoking and ehcwmg Tobncro', .!, .o. Plug and Cavfiidi.h iln. for sale by II. M. (SIDDlXGSifc CO. yKWWATi;ilKS.I,M r,vHV(, v0. x,.w l.llgJl.h .ll.-,e :. nl..." ti-.arlies Wiid-bi;., wil li (eeon.l.. ol.,!.. fi,,.. ..,.i... i w-.i',.,e., We bay,. P1 A.u.r. n, j,-ll-h w.llelies ,.. w li k ti will l,. 1 ...1 u .March Hi I, PA.NC.IIOIt.N & Ultl.NS.MAil). T I1HICK von SAI.H. lll-.-iil... nler nlers Co,, .ale on le lerm. ii-oigol lOO.IJiXllir-i i.ite Uriel; ..imaieai Mallei. Hay very eoiuenieui I'm Sloop. .,r l,,n. (. .,,.. il.le .slemlisiiom t;i,iiull.,.(,roi11.r,,l:.. i,.i,. ZKIU'LO.V LA M.N K- to Ks-ex, .March lliili vnM i.o.i:c;k.s. 'T'HIS valuable article i. daily eslabh-liing itself - tlie best mei leinelor I i ..vt,.rt,.i.i.,,t ..,1 i:..rr ic :.. .1.0 1-.... . : v--- - -- "i.iim.u ,miiis 111 c 1 ure 1. ii ui 1. 1111 in,, . . ...-n ...... other loeii;.. 1 cried up tor this eomplaini, purchasers u.c in nil- goon 11 iciencv o 1 hes... i liolesaleiilid Rilail by 'i'. A. l'Kf'K eV CO s"gn nf Hie Mortar. ISAAC WARNER HAS rcceiuilaml keeps eonslanllvonliandalargc . and lull ussortiueni ot GROCKRIKS. nmmi,. which nre (.(Xi.VAC I'.RAXDY, I St. CROIX RUM HOLLAXU til.V, I A variety , ;n('lXI-:S- amiaimo-t i -very article in the Grocery hue, all of Y ". """" ".'""i rea.s.niaiiie terms. Jle woul. also inform lavein keepers in particular that he will .ill rum, brandy ami um for (i;i cents a "allon, w hie 1 ho wi I warrant of a buter quality than M.ine which hate lately been hawked about the country by a certain Xew Yoik pedlar, and if not adjudged by hebesi judge, to be better, he will not ask any pay lorth.m. Hemiius them to call and conmare . Hurtingltm, Ud. 1310. tf. 1DKOW.N Table Cloth., 8 by 10-4lh. J. J nil linen. . w.irr.i iei Also line bird's eve ilianer : crash. Russia diaper; colton xarn; black and while wad- ling ; liatlintr and wicking ; lor sale by II. .M. Lllllll.MiS (J0. "PRIj'G.S, Medicine, Perfumery. Paints, Dye SlnllV XJ Oils, Yarni.hcs, Brushes, &c. The subscriber is- now reeeiing his fall sup plies of thcabove goods; selected wilh great care, which he will dipoeol at liielowest inaruct prices. koisuit .muiiijv. DISSOLUTION. The copartnership hereto fore existing between the subscribers, under the firm of SnauldiiiL' & Mill". Ins been duly dissolved by niiitu-il consent. I ho.o mdtbied and those bay ' deuiaiuls ai.aiust s.nd firm, will settle Ibcni with C B. Mills, who is duly authorized to settle the same. 11. li. MIMUI.IiliSU, C. B. MILLS. The business will be continued bv the nt me oin siaiiu, ciiurcii st. iiuriingion, vt. .March 5, C. B. MILLS CROCCKRY AXI) GLASS WARK. Full setts of granite China wnre. Tea ninl Dininr. s.,tis. together with a general assortment of crockery and glassware; also lamps, patent top, screw-top anil astral lamps. Lanterns, tumblers, A-e. all of whiih will be sold cheap for cash, as we will convince any inai 1 ivor us wnu a can. Church st. J. P. WHALIXG & Co. BROAD CLOTHS. Please call at the new cash stoic on Church street, and examine the broad cloth, heaver cloths, cassimerts and satinctts, before purciiasingiitcvviicre, ami mucii ot.iige J. T. VV ll.U.I.Mi vV LO. Goods shown with pleasure, ) wlielher iinrehased or not. PICTORIAL Illustrations of tlie Bible, eoii-i.iug of 200 engraving., with views 111 the Holy LaniF, together with many of the remarkable objects men tioned in the Old and Xew Testaments, repueutiug sacred historical events just icceived and for sale at ine ooois siore. u. a. liUA.MA.N. -March 2, 1311. rPllK attention of the allhcted is called tot X "Hay s Liuiitieiit'adverlisediiiaiiothe J-1 THKO. A. PKCK the article ther column. K ct CO. NKY BOOKS. The subscriber has received the present week a new supply of books, among which ate the following : A pictorial Geography, bv S. C. Goodrich, 1000 engravings. Kural l.ito ol l.nglaiul, by v m, Howitt trout (ncsccoiiij l.oniloii eitilion, correcteil ami revised Day's Examination of 1-Mwards on the Will : Me chanics Own Book ; Hall on Baptism ; A Green Hand's First Cruise; Vint to Remarkable Places, 2 vols.; Blum's History of Christ ; Ilium's Ilistoryof i.iisua : 1 ue mine 01 ine i.nru, ny tlie auilinr 01 I lie l.istner; nacren .vielmiies; lloanlinan on Romanism; Young Ladies' Companion ; Young Ladies' Friend, .llarcll .. U. A. IIKA.MAX 1!l STAIItS. THK subscriber would remind his friends tr JL aiidilieiiiibliclhallieoccuniesaroom StlTh, in Church street, over Kern and Walker's store, where ho will give Ins personal at tention to Repairing Clocks of every des cription. Thoi-e which have been in use many years fitted up in good style and made to have the appearance of new. lie would also give notice tuat no nas re sumed his former business of repairing 1 Watches; nil entrusted to Ins enru will lie carefully repaired and warranted. Hav ing neen cngigeu tor iweniy years pasi inmakingas wtll as repairing Time keep tru ts his experience in the business will uiamclmn togivesansiaetiuu 10 tuoro who favor him with a call. S. A few- Clocks for sale, on commission J. IS. DU..M.l' Hurlington, Dec 21, 1810. if p IP I.IVUUY STAIII.U. 'AV1XO madeextciisive re pairs by addition of new buddings. Horsis. Carriages, Harnesns, Saddles, iVc. the KiibsiTiber lsnreoared toaccom liiiKlale the public ill good style and on short notice, single, Tendein, four or six Horse Ten. us will be furnished to nar -yia.oiV tj, s f pleasure. , man may I.efound 111 the Barn at any hour, day or night, to at If nd calls. Cash paid for Oats and Hay, 3 doors Kit 1 f the Log Cabin, or at my shop 2 doors West el J. & J. II, Peck iV Uo. s biore. SAMUKL S. SKIXXr.R. Hurliisgton, Doc. 12, 1310. VITIN'IMMV SASH T T Just rei-eivfl 20 and 217 by 'Jea-ements ol sasli, a first rale article at 3J and 111 rent, per H.'lii ; al all kind- niidsie., Ii.rni.bejl to order. I ieou.leii.gaM.iek lead, ,1 first rate article, for ale veiy low, to-jetber wilh a variety id other am lo.iud .it any other csubli.h Gr.o. Pbtkbsos. E MOIti: XKW HOOKS, J.i.inveivc.1 at ,,e I00V. SI ore, A .New Home. Who 'II follow. Young i.ame-1-oiiipaniou, I onuiess Ida. Uavw-anl'i- -New Knglaud (J.ieleer. .Mitchell's Geogranliieal r. a system ol t.eogr.u.liv. comtirisin.. :. 1)...,..;..,;..,. ,,f the World with thn gran I divisions, designed ibr in. Iriieiiousjn ehool.s and f.imili... w 1 r .1... Heavens. I). . ii(l f l'AISTSIIOI...PAn.l).(!&.M..s have oi.eiied a new Paint Shop on ci,ur,.,..i two .iimr- south ol II. L.iiieV Sum., u-l,,.... 11 ',llV;!..rIli'1;.'.rllPr': -K'-N and CARRlAGK I AIN IIMi. Ill the btM,l .,.,.1 a... to Miitjlioe who may favour them wilh their patron af . iCT-IMints, Oil, ariiish and Piiily.enn.tauilv on liandaiidforsale. It. !. SP il',)t; ' ', .iprny, rstu. 11. .MILLS. W ' W.. .'."n' r.Oii Jt A I'll Y AM) ' ,11 '.' 1 1 11 ui 1 i.i.r; .MA IS, l,y S. Afdt'S Ti-. .i i re nti 1.. I he author ot the above works bas Ken proicssioiiallyilevoliilto ilicnicnceofGeo'vand 1110 puinisiiiiigoi .U.11 mg mm,.. vear.auil hi. loriner proluetions, cjpeei.illy his Map 61 ibe Woild iui .. 1, inclines, 1 c,ir iiiupie le-niiioiiouy of hi- abiin- 11.1111 re-oiirce-, upon win. h he bus so III cr.illy drawn m producing thual ove school works The iMhncii,,, extract ofllie (ieo'v and Alia., i.fiom ajoint recuui ineiiil.iiiou of the Teachers in the eily of Iiew York. "Their merits aie 1 icrou ihe deiiniiion. remark awy plain and concise. Ilieexere.-e.r.reeopio id, and the descriptive i biiiii.ioii. and correct. I liedivi-ious of the American continent, are lepre sentedan ldescrilcdas lliey really exi-t at lliereseiil tune. And the gross mi.fntei it. generally lound 111 se.iooi geograpine.saieeonei-le.1. 'I he lynograohi oil execution i. on coiiiiiiomK- iiimi n.,,1 ,l,.n,,,., ,,,,i...t the atlas N a mulel of the kind, and actually teem, with iiilormation." The outline Map. are peculiarly ealeiil.u.slto exerei-ethe sii,lcnt in his .udy, and to 1... ,q. ins leisure, i or sale ny i;, iiUUHKICH, pi.ATICl) SPOOXS.-We inform those who wish 1 to get a good and chean article of Plated Snnons. that we are prepared to show, and sell them an article ..nidi nui near win ami give llicin satislaction, 1 cheap as the cheapest. Pasobobn & IIiuvsmaih, NOTH'K. JCp.Meiliciiie is 1 est known by the cure- it Perform.. -il I. .ewion' Panacea. or Piinlier ot the Hlood. 'Hie unparalleled and Mill inereasiiigrepiiiaiioii which Iln- inolicinc liasneoair- 11I tbronghoiit IheXew Knaliind Slale., and the many cures it has pcrloruusi, mni the great demand mad.. lor it by the advice nl well acq minii. will 11. prep.iraiion, iiiuuivii ine propneii r 10 extern its emulation 10 almost every town 111 the e.isiern Slates ninl the principal town. 111 ihe 1 lined State I bis lMli.ieei. warranltM pun- y vegetal le.nn, is not siirpas-cd Ly any oilier lueilieiiie ever le'cred to tin atlheieil as its exieiisive sale and greal populariiy iiiiuuv pruve, 11 n.ts wi . 1111. uie a-i eig pee i 11011 i eureil Us thou-and- ofllie most obstinate di-ea-e-, ,- can re proviii ov ii-riiuea-es, aim i prouoiuifcii i.y emineut and re-M-i-iable physicians the I e-l m.slicuie Ii-elul iiilnrm.ilioii may l e foini.l in circular eoiiiaining i-erlilieates o cures and duectioits ur ,, king the medicine. I be billowing appointed nueiit-, Burlington, J. & J. II. Peck and Co., R. Monde si All an-, Lurti and R i-sel .Millou, C. DraU Milton rail.. Hiirnel and Sawyer Witcrville. Ki.l. and llrowu, Iline.l.iirgb, Hull and I ook Fairfax Parker ail I Matlielil Vergeune-, Ada in. and Murray .v aiiinriuge, -u, ire i uneiinii, .u. (. .uarncy ."vorlli rerrisi urgli, II. u. v icker t.eorgia, A. nil. iiiiston. -N. i hi eniien lie iinoini. (irit-n .V. liln.l. joiiiisoii, v.. i.. vt artier an. i v." .vioiiktoit, r.iiiau Muiih llakerslield, Ariiiuiglon and VA ( 1 Fair i ii i l -.1. . . ..... Ill in, .."I. liu. tlllll , O.IISVV l' III. t.O.O ,.1.U ele as cheap as can Is iiieut in the pl.t. e. SINGLE. DOUBLE. UMBILICAL. lh.-ling.on,Fll,.0,IR.lAJIlI'ECK&Cu r- im t x .... ...... .r I .-...V....I.X .-, , ..l T1J(, ,, .i ;;.""" f"ver nre intornieil that we vi 8e In-in Dixon and Sons best article and mark thtm, a low as any ,,crSo Mis them wilhoiit in.itkin... ' ! eli. I'J. PANGIIORX & IIRIXSMAID. n';'C1LSTW" V "m"S Il'o l sl nualily"Vooden VJ Clocks for ensh at , barter 41V ' Beau.ifi.l Ma- " "y ,r u on,s!A,r'K!f I.h for rash SIS. bar 211 ' "iiuit.- oc IIRIXSMAID, T('s,p rceM a supply ol -.oir!. s ct ieiiraie.1 i riis.e. of every description, for .ale by ibeiloien ori.iiigc 10.1810. llir.v). a. i-r.v-r. 01. 10, 18)0. ifcCYv. a fii o fihe Mortar. (CP-IMPORTANT CA0TION,3j It i a singular fact undone lunch tube regrelled that valuable medicine., n soon as they become pop olar, and hate received the test and approval of n discriminating public, are sure to be counterfeited, nnd thn. a bad nndspurrbii. article is immediately palmed upon tlieiuisiispcctingforlhe genuine. Till. ha. been notoriously theease vrilh all popular trieil and truly valuable ineJiene. for year, past, and will probably eouliiiuelobu the case for years to come. The l,a-e and contemptible counterfeit in lhi way meanly lake, advantage ol all the e.lbrt.and adver tising iwd by llie proprietoi. ofibe genuine article, to gel their medicine, inlo use nnd de-erviil popluari ly. Ills therefore not Ic ibeduly than it eouirihule. to the sall-ly of every lionet individual inlbeeom niunilv lu exnoe, frown down, and forevrrufierDIS TRl'l.T all IIKARTLKSS I.NtiRA'IS l.o ihii irre pou-iwy trine Willi heallh and life. iuj"uii-.HhKOKi-; tank OTici-;arnj There is a person bv the nalim i.f.l. 11. TTllCIIK- KORT, now engaged 'in selling a Pill done up in boxe- inexact and pcili-ct imitation of the genuine INDIAN t i.i.r.i aiii.I'. i-ii.i,-., wnn the tinn-Mon ol only one urn on the Uoxe- viz. vt incur. I he Pills sold by ii Roebeforl ure evideiilly inteiidevl a. a fraud iiMd iinpo-ilion upon the eoniniiiniiy, or ihey would not have Leon done up in such exact 'imitation ofllie gen uine. This peron Ltall bln-tering with a great the atrical swagger. He w.i. reeciilly known a a very oor plaver m ll.iltiinore, under llie musical eognonien I .um iimwn, and isul out twenty live jear.of age" t i. almost lvoilfttl doubt that lie i. sinn, lied wilh ihePill. Irotn a Droggi-t tirin in llii. city, who have beielolore I i-cn nolorioiisly conuecltsl wilh coimler I'eit meilieincs. A soon a prool isobtaiue.1 the foun tain hold ol'thi. ncfariou. busiues. w ill be expo-od. .it llio eoutimiuiiv may shun them as they would a serpent. IN THK MEAN TIME THK PUBLIC ARE CAU TIONED ainst buying WRIGHT'S Indian Vegrtaiilk Pills of any one who doe. not exhibit a i-erlilieaieof agen cy signed bv the agenl for Ihe Neve J-'ii-'hind .Slates and tearing date since .Innuary 1810. AIo take par- nciiiar nonce inai i ue 101 lowing vv-oniing I. on inn i.ox e. Wright'. Indian Vegetable I VI (I nil. Purgative) of I be North American College of Heallh. Ihe Indian Vegetable l'illi aie a certain rare for liscoe in ils every v.irieln.f form, tieciuso llicv llio roiiglil.v ibe sioiimcIi and butvel., iadiirea pio per di.-n li.nne lit the lungs, kiii and koine), andsli mul.ite i lie hluod to pin if) itself, hi oilier wnrd. ihey open all ihe n.miral diains, uiul leave NATUttE ( f Af Grand J'liynirian) lire to drive disearc from ihe Ixidy. The above online, or iliain., are llie eunimon si iters of i lie limit, I In uiigli which .ill inoibid 1 cor- nipt liitniois (ibe e.iii. ol disr.He) aie ranied nlf ; and so long as ibe aie all krpi open, and di?rh,irie freel) ilu-ir ailuiled iiortions ol inipiiriiv, the uudv will eon. untie in health : but when ftuiu eaiin improper luotl, In eatliing impute air, sudden ILill-ilionp bom beat In cold, ovei rxh.umii.n uranv other cpu.e, the bowels become costive, the pore, ol the .kin bernine closed, oi UiekiiliiPvs Mil (i pettorin ll.e.i luiiciioii. ptnpeii). llie iuipiiiinea which should be drained liom the hud) bv llice oullels, will be lelained, and cuutiiitie lone iinilllalp utilil ihe ood) liec.ines lilerall) loaded null lisase. II the ilMiinl. nl uur mo'ltlv rivers should heroine blocked up, wonld mil llie a.-rtiniil,iird wtrri find new nutti-is, oi the r.oiuurv become intuiditlrd 7 ii.l ro wiih the luini'i i liudy ; Ml be iiaiiual draiiM Im uine elo.ed, lliestsgiMiit and cimupi hiiinnts will find vent in the vaiious fuims of disease sueli as Fever, Small Pox, Merfpte.. Rhriuii.iisin. Goat. Apoplexy. &r. or Deaih will cud our eulleiiiiji. Theref.jie, when sii kiiest al I lie sinuiiicli. iMtna in the iMik mid side, ipiit-k piibe, bin ning kill, or any odier llilde.i sni syiiipiuui., indicaie iImI one or more of ihe na. Iiii.iI t'trains .ire not dita luiiiing fieely, and i lie eoiisli liilion i. about to commence a i.iiujgle lor iln retuora. I tori ol lime sluuild lie tost in adiiiuiMiei nit a fe v lui.k dimei ol the Indian Piugailte (Indian Vt getabtt Pilli ) By so ilgine, all ihe Innciioii' of 1 lie tindy will be lestnicu io order, rod die foul luinior (the rause of every itirl.inMiioii or pun we fuffer) will be removed in so ea.y and na.uial a manner, ilut iiie body will be irsloted if by a charm. The above may be iHken al ALL limes mid under ALL cir com. Liners, willi ieiferl ..fe.y. They vllit alt torn plainti and aliases, and are Io the liuiiMiie..iiiituiioii as I. .0.1 : con.tqiteinly ihecan nener tttjure even the mosl delicrtie. Like our food, ihey are iligesliblr ; tbeiefore they enipr into I lie cirrul.ii.on and inqi.ii i an energy In the blood, wiiirh etMbles il lo (low with fire doiu quite In llie exliemilies and cull-eqitenlly to keep the pores ofibe rkin n-en. They aie iroe tid pHrfi el purifiers of ibe hlnod : In can. e ihey drain all corrupt humor from thai life giving fluid I'liey iiup.ri (length and vigor lo the wImIc system, and tliwir ef frets Jieatway. belli flC'.il : because ihey out' lentuve itiuiip liimiors whii-li are opposed io heallh. I'hey aid and impiuve ibitehlinn, uiul sound sleep follows llieir u.e : e tliey elegit. e the stouoich and bowels of Ito.p slimy liuinoiirs vv liieh mil onlv in and exrttr the ueivoii. systetn, but i.i.,ilvze nd weaken llie tb. gesltve nig-.ns. In short they po...Pi.s all ili.-y good pinperiies that ran be rlaimed lor any iiiPilicnip : and his very tcin.trk.ibt', it it utieilviaipoikib'e lu it-e litem vi-ithoiii lienehl. I rice 2. cents per llox, will, lull direction. Oihoc and Depot for the New England Slates, No, lll8Treinottt Street, near Court street, lloston. The regular tumujiited Agents can rc-et vet heir sup plies of the above popular Pills, as heietofore, from iln; only oihce and general depot for the New England State-, lltHTienioiit street, llo-ion. Pt-illars or trav elling agenl- are not allow nl to sell the genuine itidi in vcge'aUe Pill, thereloie never pureh.i-e Irom ihe lor II you do vo-i will be Mire to ol.l.iin a dangerous and eoon-crti'it anicle. si I Tni.o. A. I'm k iV Co. Agents in Burlington, tor the sale ofllie Indian Vegetal le I'd!-, alo, W. ILHollli, illi-ton. V t and A. Ilruisiiuiii, Iiuriingion. LOOK AT THISHAVE YCUA COUGH t 10,000 die or consumption every year in the United Slate., and million, sutler feom troublesome eisigh. and colds, that ran I curud by Dr. M, Hitch eoek's Vegetable Virgin Cream Cough Drop., a safe medical prescription, contains no poisonous drugs, and ucd in an cxteii.ivr practice for several years will nio.i po.iiively allurd relief, and save you from thai aw fil diVaee, pulmonary consumption, which usually swd-ep. iniothe grave hitntireds ef Ihc young, the old, the fair, the lovely and the gay. Have yon a cough 7 Be persuaded to piircha-e a bottle ol the Cough Drops lodayl To-morrow may be too late. Have you a ec.ughl Dr. Hitcecnk's Vegetable Virgin Cream Cough Crop. i. the only remedy you should lake tu core you. or no. pmiK. reason. I nai III no one Ol Hie inailsHllu ease, where it lia U-en tiel ha it failed lo relieve Price 75eeut per bottle. For sale, wholesale nnd Re tail, by A. HITCHCOCK & CO. No. I17 st., Uliea, N. Y. And by their agcM throughout the 1'nilcd State.. In Burlington, by J. dr. . II. Peck & Co., Theo. A. Peck & Co. In Vergennes, by J. H. Bowman. In Milton, by Burnet A. Sawyer, lit Geor gia, by Lorenzo Janes. au.2 f NO.UIK. --ASK TIIOSK WHO KNOW. jl I hoie only who know liv dial ol immediate ooifr taiioii, ran form any idea ofllie etleci. of the perfect relief, ofllie almoi cures pfferled In cases ofihe Piles, Rheumatism, all Svvkllisos, and ill exiernal I'AISS, no nutter buw severe, by the use of llaji' LininiPnt. Find one who hat Hied il tint! will not bud it above alllhing ever used, and yon will find what c-iniint be found. CCPFor ihe rein fol sufp-r-ing liuinan beuij;. who ma be afflicted, I hr- ou lo a.k ak of llmse who know ask llie Hun, ALI'HI.D Cosklin, U. S. Jmlae for that diitrici, resi.linij near Aiibmn ; auk Matthkw J, Mvr.RS, Ern, Alliens, N. Y ; ask Gen. Uurr Greek. Uie ol Washingioii eily, each of these gentlemen know of rates mironipier. able by all other rpineibes or pliyiirians, though tried fjr iiMiiy veils, iImi have been cuied by llie uie of ihe genuine fay' Liniment. Th ..Lands of other pprioni know similar ctnet. We appeal lo their sense of jut. lice their human feelings. Icyilii but a !my )on owe to )nur suffering fellowbeiii( to let this great remedy be known. Speak of it then lo all your frieads This will save iniirh pain wheie the newspapers are not read, or where readers aie iueiedulouii, berau.eso many wotlhlets articles are advertised fur ihe same purpose. To buyers we say, if all who have u.ed il do notsayit is bejond all praise, then do not luke ii. The proprietor will nut allow this arlicle to be paid for unless il cures, when all the direeiinns aie fully follow, cd. Will any one siiflerine refuse iinw to try ii ? Ifhe does, be ought to be pitied mole ,ir hit obtiiuaey than hitsufferiug. RZjPMr. Ilavs would never eoii.eni lo omr ibis article, were he not compelled by his sense of morrfl ol religious diitv to do all in In power lorlie vieiims of disliess and miserv For litis purpose he would sooner devote a fortune, tlun secure a dullar fur ant vvoribless article. Cp-.OOA' OUT,- Some .windlers have counterfeited llos nrlicte, mid (ml il up wilh various devices. Do mil be imposed upon. One thing only will proterl yon il is die name of CumtfocA tf Co.; name mum be alwava on ihp wrapper, or you nre cheated. Du not firget it. Take this direc tion with you, and le.i by iImi. or never buy ; for il it impossible lor any oilier io be true or genu. hp. .SOLOMON HAYS Sold bv ComtfoeA 4" Co. ? Fletcher sural, N. York. THEO. A. PECK & Co. Ag-nu for the aiaie nt Veruioni. rfUIE LION OF THK DAY. NO CURE NO M. PAYI The Genuine old Dutch or CJer man Vegetable Pills. Highly recommended ,y Doct. Valentine Molt, M. D. of N, Y., and others. The-r nre the orders ! Any one that doe. not nnd re lief from these pills the price i refunded back, the-e are the positive order, of the Proprietor lo agent, and others. In iilleringthe..e pills to the public, 1 appeal to llieir intelligence. If these pill, are not what they recommended, you are in duly bound out of ru.prct to yourself and community to reject I hem, and publish them to the world a. riu imposition, humbug nnd quackery, Tbepublic may I en.siireil Ihey are purely vegetable, they arc composed of nine ingredint., part of the medicine is only found in A. la and in the val leys of Germany. 1-or convenience the--e extract are made into pill, and will be found a sure cure or re lief for all l.illiou complaint., yellow and billion, fever, fever and ague, jaundice, scarlet rash, billion eholic di.pepin. itc. It i not pretended that this medicine Is a eure for all disease to which the human system i. liable. Ten thousand useless etldrts have It-en made to drawfroui the region, o! unknown fancy some long-spun theory of magic nn, which would cute each nnd every disease. Good medicine i not lound in Ihe fire or whir, wind. Heallh nnd happine hang upon chance wind-.-lime i. Ibe herald of truth. The pa-t nt leat I secure i they have already rai-ed a monument of their gn-atne- which will defy ibe corroding tooth of nine. None can I euentiine without a wrapper and direction, on eat li box on which my iiatnei. written nt length. Sold wholesale and retail bv Ihe subscriber nt Glen's Fall., bv A. II. & D. Sand 79, nnd U0 Futton i. mid It. M.'.Meig-, 3d3 South Miuket st, Albany. B.iuiii & Hawler. 810 Jitver st. i roy, vicuerui .vgctlls lor llie smic oi .cvv l oru. MEIIIII'IT GRIFFIN. For sale by Win, Rhode and E. 11. Gn-cii. Iticli io;. ml; Morton & Clark, and D. &. D. S. I.aibrop, Wilb-ton; linear iV. Coin. lock, Shell urn ; H.Sianlon, r.ssc. : v.eo. ii. vj.ike. arm . i eri iiarnee. j.-rict... J. H. Hurlbtit, J. II. Barnes, Charlotte; R .iiormv and leo. reteroa. llurlui!rloii : and l.v r. BRIGGS, Burlington, Agent for Chittenden Co., where sSiinAgciitf-an t stippntM nt wnolesiiiepri.vs. mo THKnAI.n.IIKAHKDA' OTIIEIIS X I), .pa any know a neighbor or a fiirnd who has been Bald, and whose ia now enveiPil wilh fine' One whose coal collar ws rovpred with d.n iliuff, though brushed etery hour whtrh has now van islied rnlirely t Or one whose hairs at parly age were uir.iing grey, who now 1ms not a grey iMir I Cluldrpii whose heads were coveted with scurf, whoae luir would not grow, that are now growing ihe fullest rtnpt of I, air ! sjotne catra intt-i bp known lo moil iieitnni. Ak ihem the riitp, audyouwill be told iImi ilifse thing, brfve liepn dune by the ute of tha Balm of Co. lumbia. Of 20 years growth ia this anicle, its detrMiiil incredtiug aniiu.lly some hiimbed per cpiiI. ilmugli when discovered not opiioted by anvilting fur iheaamp pitriHite, now assailed by abnotl nuuilierlpia iniitliroun trarh preparaiinn dial will ruin ihp loiir if uspd lu any pxient. Can more ihati these f-iets be wanted rrle'r tu the recommendations by a list ofnaniPt of ie-pecta. bility, uneipi.illed by any other anicle. Look lo these things buy lids article. Slay and prccerve your by iia iip, or if bld tPttorp it. Ladies, attend to llii htiudiedt in fndiiou.tble life ate using it at the uuly article leally fit for ihe loil.t. Long IMir it veiy apt 10 fall out. Ladies, ute the of Coluuibi.i in time to save yotirtp'ves llie ibsnraee of iMldup.t by neglect of your perfuut. Il i. your dulv. as moialisia lo pre serie lite beauties of nature, with wbielt a bountiful Creator hat endowed vou ; ute the Balm, lor il will do it. CAUTION TO BE REvlEMBERED. Several uiosifligrant aiipintus h ive been nude to outiieifeil ihe true Balm of Coliiinbirf. Some of ibe a ipnsiers havegonp to lar at to eniinteifeii the tplen. 11 I wrappers, and the Falls uf Niagara, and pvpi y p. einal maik exeejit ihe n.itir of Cointtnck, which they Jjie not forge. To avoid iinpniii.,na thereforp, al ways look for lite name of Comxoek & Cu. or L. S. Cointloek, and never buy the article unlets il hut thai name upon il Suld wliolptale and mail, nnlv al No. 2 Flpicher stieel, N. Y. I (IEO. A. PECK & Co. Who'eeale Agenit fnr the Slalo of Vermont lp ICDIt. (iOIIDAK'S MEDII'INKS.i miv viintiiAK-n jetty ni romegraiinte linn rerun i-'an l'ill for Dy. pep. y, Ncrvo.i. Ilcudaclie, Pal piliitiou ot the Heart. Internal and External Humor- and all impurities oftbe Illoisl. Iceland Jelly for the relief and cure of consumption. Pulmonary Jelly for cottgii., nolo, spitting ol iiinoii, iioar-eiie-s eve rru Stan Ltnamcnt and Liuaineut Opodeldoc for,. tisiu, Physical Drops, Colftnd o Drops, Salt Rl'ienm Ominietii, Pile Ointment, Strengthening Piaster, and Corn and an Plaster. The above celebrale.1 medicines prepared entirely from vegetable, by Dr. Win. Gonial., mill no oilier rcccoininciidalioii than lb it they have been beforulhe puoiie loirteen ycais, giving nltsl,ictipi to all who have ii-ed t!icni,-iujy be had ol Dana ifc IUvmonii, WiHlUa-k, Vt. Gen'l Agents, Sold .n, by .1 P Strong, Qoirbce; .1 C Brook. White River ;' Win. II Stiel & Co., Wet llurllorti Worster Downer Sharon; Downer ifc Neveu. Roy- allou ; J Wheal. Bethel, 1. C Holme-. Wc-t Randolo'lir J B Ddiiforih, llr.nnnl ; S llelkmip. Fi-t Barnard; N Snow, PoinfreijE M & A SSim-ker and Gove iV Shaw, Hartland; Shiild cV. Ilarrre-, Perkiu.ville; Brown & Ain.deii, Felchville; A & II Wiirdiier, Windsor, A Marsh, Brtdgewiiler,Sh& F T Wheeler, Plymouth) anu at llanilncl. , Hociie-ler, OrandviPe, XNorlblield, Aiotitpeiier, .vitiMiel.ury, vergennes, nttd m most ol the principle town- tn'the Stale. A Supply of the above medicines in. t received and tor -ale by ROBERT MOODY, February, 1811. (6m) Driugi-I, Burlington, V DOCT. MAHSHAI'IK Aromatic, Catarl, nnd HeudacheS.M 'FF. Tin. mifl i. superior to any tlnnir yet known, for remtrvinff that troublesome di.. ease, the Uttarrh. mid alo a t o d iff the and ll.n headache. It open and purge, out all obstioiiinn.. strenglheiithegland.,aiidgive-a healthy action to Ihe part, atlertnl, Il . p. rfectly tree from any thtftdele tcriott.. in il. roiiipo.itiwi.ha. a pleaant flavor, and iisimmiiliaieelks-i, after lemg n-ed, is abgrceallc Price3T cent. per Ik.iiIc. Doei. Marshall's Vegciablelndifn'ma'ck- PLASTER. 1hi Pla.ier is iinrivnlh.l for curing scrofulous swel ling, Scurvy Sores, Lame Back, and Freh Wounds ; pain lit the side., Hip. and Limbs) and seldom fails lo give relief in local Rheumatism... If opplicd to the side,it will cure many of ihecoinuion Liver Complaints; nnd i e.ual, if not superior, to any thing in u-e for corn on the feet , ihe virtues of tin. Pla-ler have leen wiinecii ny thousands ot individuals in the United Slate., who have te-ted il etlica'i-v. Sold by Ihe pro prietor ) l.lia.. llowen, Mid.llebury, Vt., and Iiieo. A Pei & Co., Burlington, Vt. jet :ATAHItH SNUI'I'. f ARSIIALL'S SNUFF, is slill cnringihe Catarrh J.l.m.uii'1 the various .Ii-. m-c. CI Hi heal, a. we sore eyes, lu all parts of the country : and iitaiiiin the icpulntioit winch it lilts long since gained, of lieing absol uely the bc-t article of the kin I in the market. Each bottle conltitn lhrectiine llicuu.iiiiitv of mm of Iho.c whiefi arc. odercd nt "ONLY TWENTY. FIVE CENTS." And is tlierefore a mocl. . hr....,.r a well as 1 ellrr article. For sale by .1. & J. II. PECK & Co. THEO. A. PECK & Co. nnd Hit. KOIir. MOODY, Burlington, Jan. 22, Id 11. lv.f.lS TfTAnsiIAI.l' continue unrivalled n n 111 slreiiglbeiiing PLASTER: Also, fi r Itlieuma ti.tii, Lamcuc. or pJiiWin the side-, limbs or I ark : lori-erotuloiis .welling., scurvy sore.. Fresh wounds) an I for a general Family Phi'tcror salve. For Corn-, moreover li y it; pate clo-c, pcr-everc in the u-e by maktng.'i new application ...cea loually, and lu lime, your corns Will I ormcd. For r,1e by ' J. A J. II. PECK A Co. THEO. A. PECK A- Co. and I hi. ROUT. MOODY. Hurlington, Jan. Vi, 1811. Iy.f.8 MOFFA'PS VEGEI'AIILE LIFE MEDlt'INIS. The-e nich.-ine arc indcbteil for llieir name to their iiianifc-l and -eit-ible netion in iiurifyiug llie pringsand channels ol Itle, and enduing litem with icnewcii lone anu vigor, in tuaiiv u iiein.i ca-Csvvhu h have l ien m.u'e put if, anu in aitno-i every specie ofdieaeto v Inch the human traiue is liable, the liappyeleot. of Moiiat's I.iikPii.i.- a-i PiUKSlx UlTTMis have U-en greatfnllyan.l publicly acniiovvlcd.'e.l bv the per-ou, I eiietimsl, and whii were prevnnfly iiiiicq-iaiuteil with ilicbcautil illy phi loooluca! iiriiiein'e upon which they uiecoinpouiid- tl, and upon which theyeoti-erpicully net. 1 he 1.1 r r. jimui i.xm re.-onuiicnu iii.-iu-eues in he.ios of every form and description. Their (ir-t operation is lo 'no. en Irom Ihe coal ol the stoiu.icli and bowel, the various nnpiirities and cru lilies con slnnlly settling around litem; and toreinoye I in liar dene.l'f.iiv vv hich collect in Ihc convolutions of the iti.illel inle-line. O.her misliciue. only partially, and leave Mich collected ui,'...e. behind as to produce habitual eo-tiveucss, with all t. Ham of evil-, or Midden diarihu'i, with it itnuuuent ilager.n This fact is well kiiovv-n In all regular anatomi-i, who examine llie human bowel, after death ) and hence the prepnliee of those well informed men iisainst.piack iiKslicme- or medicine, prepan-d and heralded In Ibe public by ignoraul pefsiui. Ti e second ell'ect of the Life Me heme i- todean-e the kidney and the bladd. r, and by tin mean-, the liver a mil be lung, the hcrilibfulaciioi'i ofnluVlicuiin-lydependsiipon the re gularily of llio iiriinir organ-. The blond, 'which lake. it rod color liom the agency ofllie liver and the lung. U-fore il pac iniothe heart, l.-iug tint puritied by Ibein, nn I nouri-bisl by I'm. I eo g from a clean stomach, cour-es tVecly ilirough thn vein, renews every part nf the vti'm, and triuiuphniiily mounts the banner ol health in the blooming chock'. MollalS Vegetaobi late .Miilicine. have l-cen lltor niighly tcslisl.andprouiiunci'.la sovereign remedy for llyspepsi.i, Flatulency, Palptl ilioiiof ibe Heart, Loss of Appeiilc, Ilcarl-bti'iu and llcad-ai be, ltelle.nes, Illtcnipcr, Auxieiv, Languor mi l Melancholy, Co. ttyenes., Diarrhira, Chobra, Fever- of nil kinds, Rheumatism, Gum, l'ropies ol all kind-, I. ravel, Worm-, Asthma and Coiiuinplioii, Scurvy' I'l -er' luvclcr.ilc Snr-'s, Scorbutic Eruption and B id Com p'extoit, Eniplive cotuplaiiii, sallow, Cloudy, and .,,l,..r .I." . - .ible Cotniilexton.. Salt ltlieuiu. I.'rv-ip- cla., ('oinnion Cold, mid Inlbicnza, and v.irious other complaints whieii aiuu'i iiienuoi.iii irauu. in i nn and Afii'B, parlicol.irly, Ihe Life Moliciuc have been tin,. t ..... i ri-ni I c n..t oil . so nun ii s.' in... in it.c Fevcrand Aguedi.lrict., PliJ-ictaiis alinb-l universally I rnle ihi'iii. , , . . , All that Mr. Mo l'at n-.iuirc.of In p.incnis i to I e narticiil.iT in taking the Life Medicine, slrn lly uooor- iliug to Ihudiieciion. Itisiiota new-paper uoinv, or byiiiiylhiuglhct In-1 -eiimiysay i tin o i.n.o, lint be hopes in gam credit. Ill alone by llie ietilts oi a iriui. ...... . . , vnL'r..iMt Ml.MVK'AI. M AM'Al.! dc 'Ilisl as n 'i.'i i i ,. .,,,.. . - Inm... ni.l,. it. henb h. 1 hi. I it tin iiainpimi', iimr.1 KKW sjlSlblislllllCllt. T P. WHALING .f- CO. inform the public that l they have located themselves in the village of Burlington, and have fitted up a store on the east side of Church street, which may well be denominated "Cheap-side," nearly opposite the bank of Burling- ion, and are receiving mini .xew- , orka choice selec tion of goods will soiled to the season', winch they oiler for sale asluie as can be purchased in fiecoiin.ry, far ready pay. Among their goods may be found beaver and broadcloths, cassiineres. satinets, flannels. merinos, ntousline de laines if'C. A choice selection, also of French, English nnd American prints, emial. at leant, to any in lturlinzlun. A general assort ment oi caiiiiiric.i, muslins, plain and tigurcd, edgings, inserting., blond laces, ij-c. A cren'f variety of shawls, and dress handkerchiefs, Indies' gloves and hose, with a good supply of bleached and unbleached domestic goods. Also a good supply of crockery, of the Inlcsl patterns, with a lew elegant astral parlor lamps; and finally, a few choice family groceries, such ns teas, sugars, inoiasses, cotlee, nee, raisins, dry tisli, tobac cos, lainn oils. if-c. We do not pretend to specify all the kinds, to sAy nothing of the numerous articles of which each kind is composed: but sutlice it to say. that the assortment will be found to contain most of the articles wanted in the country) and those that favor us with their custom win tie entirely relieved Irom the examination of old goods, or remnants. Our entire slock is new, and fresh from the market, nnd has been selected with the greatest possible care, with reference to the wantSi comforts and benefit of the people. But we do' not wii?ii loeiniuiie io nine our worn in ims maiter, mil most cordially invite them' lo call nnd examine for inemsetvcs. uurnngton, .'Nov. .'b, is ID. HAIR I HAIK i 1 ItAI'DNKSS. Impor tant IMsrovcrvtlic Great Mvnterv l'oiitnl out at last DR. STERRY'S HAIR REGENE RATOR. Dr. Slcrry, after much attention to the important subject of preserving the hair, has, after rnniiy experiments clicinical nnd physical beyi ahlo lo discover and article which is now offered vvi'ih ihn greatest confidence for the toilet ns the best tliingevcr discovered, for, for its softening and iienctratinirnualitv lo produce a good head of hair to' prevent'it from falling oil' when baldness is trpprelieitdid lo restore it when bMdncsi Has taken place, and to prevmi il from turning gray. It ii is more nourishing than po matum, nntiipie oil, or Cologne water. Ills a beauti ful article fnr ladies curls it makes the hair soft and lively, and produces uncommon brilliancy. Thous ands have tested its superior virtues and excellence, and in every instance it stands unrivalled. It is nn infallible cure in nil alli-ctionS Of the skifr on the head as dandruff, Ac. Sc.. Every family slmuM be sup plied with n botllcof this oil, thai by its application to the head and hair of children, the beautiful nnd or namental appendage of a fine head ol haie, whuh in lure Iris supplied us may be preserved. From tho numerous certificates a nil recommendations received of it salutary intlnenre. the Doctor fetls firmly pir suatled he has succeeded in producing an article which will meet the desired wishes and approbation of the diihlic. For sale wholesale nnd retail by A. HITCH COCK & Co. II st. Utica, N. Y. In Bur lington, by J. &J. H. PECKeS Co. and THEO. A PECK A Co. In Vergennes' by J. H. Bowman. In Milton, by Burnet efc Sawyer. In Georgia, by Loren zo Janes- OKIMts, WOKMn.-Dr. M. Hitchcock' unrivalled and imeipialled WORM TEA, a sovereign remedy for Worm.. Strange and ble are the eitccts of ihe. e detestable vermin; few person-, and it istbouglit noneare flee fiointbent, par ticularly female, and children. Many peron. go through a eli.tre.tng eoure of meibcuie without ,v l-ncttl, when they might be relieve.! 1.? uing the Worm Tea. This invaluable medii ine ba hecntcstcd by llie experieiu-c of more than ten veafs n. and administered Io more than I C.OflO person, of vnruu age, and not one solitary complaint ; on iheconli y hundred, have called, anil tinolietied, given their !t- 'idoil preference to it. after trvine the dnlerent an sen! forth to the put le, and pronounced Dr. M. II i- e;ock-s v orni lea ine mot -ale, elieeiuai, anu ei n venient remedy lliat can I e obtained : for in no one f the ihou-ands of intanee. where it ha Iti-n n d agreea'l le to lite printed ehrcctions h. it everfaiV u N.B. A k lor Dr. M. Hitchcock'. WobmTea, a-tm v. a' re many uo.iruiii abroad for thedestriictionofwi L.. .... ...U. ... !.. . I , . ir.f -Ilr'T L ruiMir vv ni.ic-.o i. no rioiu oy i . in lenovn v CO., so'e proprietor, t !7 Geucee treel, Ulu-a, and by lhe;r agent througho it the Union. In Burling ton, by J. & J. II. Peck & Co., and Theo. A. Peck & Co., in ergennes, by J. H. liowinnn. In .Milton, ny Burnet & Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lorenzo Janes. oug.O CJNUFF ONLY J Hitchcock',. A CCOR)EO.S.-.-Dn vou w,.l, a nice Accordion f. cheap 1 Call at the Variety. Store nnd get it J'h. 19. l'.N'GBOR',V IIIUNSMAII), W II A lt HIIOXK, Ar.-Bonnet and itc unnlr-hniin u linlilmiir limea .ir.r.l nn,l i I WhNT V-FI V K CHVIH-I. M V liewlv iinminl Smnlilm li.i rn. ttr t'vi-r iliMinniM Ijy mni-iiiiYh men. in Kuroin- or Anuri'-a, lorlhiMiirr nml nlwolnti- rvM .-I (ainrrh. PifZiiiP of llrfllrntl. Wi'ak Kcf Nervoio ileail rcIu's htllni SVI,n.i, Knt mil litf.iiiu tr .uhliil with Miutllts, pHrtml hhiKo i I'aUv, ttf. r'nr Mite vlnlivalf ami rtMuil, ly A HITCHCOCK & Co.. noli' Pninru-trvr. Nn 117 I :nii.a. ki II ....I i . .i liisenti. tliriMitfliout llie Union, in HurliiicKin, J, & niif. ,y J, II, It.m-HMn. DISKASUS OF THK LUNRS.-Irnledl) llie inot populrir rpiifit) rrr kixmn in Anirira Vegetable Pulmonary Balaam ii th nutu ;iUt.e renin J) now in ne (t roiih,ruMi', ritluii4 or philiiKir, Continuipiioii. wlinnpiitg ruugli and piiliiioiMr) alTi rliim offtery kiml. lu i mertdily innruiiiiiK. hih) Hit projirieior iiir runiinilv rri ine Ite iiimhI Uioililr account of im rflVptc. 'Hie Mltming nM certilirirp aie oflreil fur piibl-c pxmnitMlion. An iMKKtSTifa Cask. GxirriRi ofn Iriirrfrnm Mr i; 8 CU, KiHginnt Utnier rn,, N. Y, lo llio prupfieiorp, mYomih of iUe Dili init. ilul irrM A rrm-tikrihlc ruif eflVciei! li) iln Wi.MiHl.le I'ul. non-U) lUUriin in the wimer mid aipiing of 1835, The .eriton, Mr, Muod, len utrk wlonitme unit llie ronf-uinntion, llin plviriii lud etm li'im nn He huj irilucfd to low . to be iihhIjIc io hrlp liiin-elf, 4iid v;n r .iiing n l.irce ipianiii) of hloud wlirn lie rninitipnccd uxing iln lUlnatm, ttliirh lirtii rlTrcied h complete rtire, and lie ia now at-li.ile miuI ltfriri hi eerltewrt. Mr. Mtiodj Imi leinott-il fiom iltir inwn, bul lie In prrmUeil ine h more deUitnl .ircoitm of Imp cafe, wlnrh I w ill fm ward tut, C8 CLY Kiinjeion, N, Y. J it m-20 $33. Gxlrart ufa let I pi from Dr. J.iroli Mjrm. Tlie VegfUlite 1'ulinnnaiy Imi lf-n $uU in ttiii Ciuni) for iwojeart, and lite ine-licine Imi gained an uncommun retel.rity, for it r,airel) in one uiianre failed iifliaiii) llie di-fiuM eflVri. I am b nn mn in t ivnr ."fill many 1101 1 uiiij, mni of wlnrh are nn ponionf upon a cremiioui pubhrf oui 1h.11 winch I know hy true 10 tr, I cannot hrlp bul inv approu Hion Unreto. A rounieiit'il prepaiHiinn Imi been ofl'cted liere by a iratellmg Aeut, of Cumiioi k, IN. Y. and tliete ii anoilier anirle tended liete lliui if irongly suipected lo bepurioui. J4CUB nrf ft?, M, 11, Mifllinston, Juniata co. I'enn, May 3, 1837 Kiom Ur. Sanniel Morrell. in llie 1'ioniieiom of llie Yeee table 1'ulnionary Itajoam, I am atitfied llial llie Ye triable I'ulmonairx llaljim it a falnabte rnedefiae Il li.u been used in thm place willi complete luccex In anobciinaie compUiul o the Itintfn, aiiemled willi a iievpie cough, Itiis of tnire. nnd 1 lie fjiiinjj of tnurli bluod, v lur Ii li'tl preitiuf1v reileil many appiotrd prect iptiom. Aher uinjt the ItaUtn one ne k, ihe paiieii' voice returned and he wan h I. If to fpeak audi My, I'hii caret orrurred eome lime linre, and the man ii now engaged not only in acme init laimrioii bumne4i. Krupecilully, eXc, b, MOHKELl, i is now more than ! ear ilnee I wai bronchi very low by an afTeciion ofllie. lung, and mv coirtplim wan drrlaied to be incur able. h a t-onneil of ihier nln- liriaui, I wanhen redored 10 an giio 1 htalili a I lud enioyeiimr uunv lean, by uhiiib ihn yeyeuble rnl monary HaUanV. rfmre my recovery I have recom mended (he nalcii'm in a (jrral man) raes of 'ung coinpihinii, ami 10 lar n l ran it-arii. if uie li-n m variably been followed by much' benefit, and In iimh itmiriucnt ii Imi elTecled curen which ueie nhnll) iidcx. pened. Hahull Evekctt, Honon, March 2, 1837. Knr calr, wholenate and retail, h J, J, riX'K & Co., and THEO. A. I'KCK & Co., llur lingiun, Vi. liyVJI,'Moil,iila75HniHlwnylNW Yiil., ha- livn pul IiIunI for ir.f iiiirOMM.fci-l.iiiiU mciir filly Jl r. MtY. a)V theory ol ilwai, ami w " ' -.1 lif.i t 1. It irtM U upon orrvalfoUh-at-. undthcraiot'H Ihertf. I rue, io irnu-for nil,- by Mr Mollat. Au-cnt. prnerjiily. v..i . .1.. M.- ll.-n..' are tor mi e bv l(ihtrl MiKidyDni'wMi if-(ifiit-raUci-nt. (to whom all hm plu'itiinn furnli'm1ehntll toadilrclriio-t paid) llurlinslon, Vt. Jnn, t, 18I1. MASNFCT1C ODOXTICA THK TF.KIH IUI-: TKKTfPi-THE 1 ncompahahi.d Tooth rnKPAHVTiON. I Ik- fai l 1 proved, ami the im.xr in LTediilnu- ad doubling nre fully coiivincetT, n we h'lve he evtdeiiee from the ale of 20.000 I orfe of the Oilr.n- tira, within the pa-l year, lhat the Uiopiurt itrram ol me ak-nyiiiM re reaiizeti, ami a remedy iii-eovereU for pre er vine thoe imporlaul and useful appendage 01 uie mimau yieiiif oy ine ue 01 1 lie .ianttu(-iiion tieu. winch bv !tattiai'tie, and -trf iijtheiiinsr uuali tie, remove all extmneoii .tiljvt,un e from the teeth nud preserve them m iheirnnlural brttliam'v, and the Until- 111 Mniiivlne-c. ami beauty. It k n(vrtmi)t1 fumi ejuierieiire, tint when n-etl, the teih will never tie en y, but remain till the latent aire ol man, with their natural wear. When they are decayed, it- pro-rre. will I e nrre-tiil, and the teeth pre-erved and prevented ami preerVHt irom aenintf all trn im t reti none in a muiinuiie ('i in-tam-e : ami nmrtw-in tnoii-antK 01 e. iRfvoii toothaehe. (that elimax of nam) hu at omv I een e !eetuall enml bv popular dentnlriee in Auierieu, And 111 euneluMon, w her, or w ho 1 ihe yonii; imiy or irentientan, ae, tne imiivuioni mat lalue a 1 eanliful net of ttx-th, sound tfiim and a Aveet breath more than tiftveentsihat Mill le loucer de-tt tote of a box of Dr. M. Ilitclu oeUV Macnetu llonlic a For a e ulii-le.ale and retail, l-v A. HITCIK'OCK & Uo., No. f 17 tteneee t. I'lieaJ N. Y., and bv llieir 'eiiMtirouuhont the I nited Ma'i III Huilinatnn, by J. & J, H. IVck & To., and Theo. A. Ptek & Co. In VerL'fiines bv J. II. How-man. In .Milton, bv llur lift 1 A Sawyer. In fieorta, by l.ortit7o Jnnes. auu2 I m IISSK 1.1,'S STOMAL H III JTMiS. mav e ii-r.l in Winror water. 'I'lu--rrelrlira'eil liltlrrs. iirrriiinjiiisisl piirrlyetf vri:e-al'Ie nftli' Inusl inno ri'iiivi'l nin,itir virinr. Tliev are ris'ipniinenilnl par lintliirly t'ur rvturinir weal. oiiiislitnliin, rli'aiiMii; ami KlreniriliHiini the stumneli, "ml inrreaMiis: the aiirliir alu a iirevenlalive1 aVatnt tlirelitilria intir I111-, lev it ami aitur, reiiinvtnu' na'tse n, vniiniin:, heart litirnintr, vveakne. in tin- I rii1, i.itn in thr .luinaeh ainl ulher v mpiiviii . i.j"il.iiuftn.i-sv n.l inilir- li(n. line liox will iiiicturvtiiu'alli'ii. 1 rnvjj w. a heix. . Ill'ssr.LI.'. Itch OfKTMENT. Tin rlnnre anil at"r iiintinrnt if laiilleilfMipe'rieir In any now in iih I'nr lhat tliartratilc ami lii.iilitinie il s'ra.e, llir I'l'lTI I. TliisOintinein is hi .i-rtirtnin in at (iperalinii nn iTii tl'iittl'liVI with the al.ivv ilt-nnlfr einjrlil tn le wilhiHit it. It is a renusly fur rutniieniii rruitiins, si'iirlitilii' aiUvtinn. of the heail, or any other I. ri al. in t ont whieii from sharp Iniinur. in the bloi.l. I'rire et. a l ine. Itl'i.KLl.'s Vi'.eiKTAliLI. UlI.Lri'l's Prti, or fannly plivsii-, fnr1 i.-i'neral n-i1, in ra-e. ofJaunilnv, inorlml t'li'-tlnliiy ofllie .loniarli ami howrl, ln of iipieiin', fii'liil hreath, immivvih'ss, Pile-, ami all ihs,.ai's urn. ins from lnli.iry ilfrnncniient., alo lur rorrcviiiiu the slntr eif ihe I. loo. I,, a. ill rlftmiiir Iln" system ol tiuil ninl v i.r nl humour-. Thee pills are a nnlil i a. lhariir, proJiirini: nriihiT pain, nor cripiiiff, anj are BOSTON anil TUOV IKO.N CO M I 'A N Y. The piiMie are Iteri'liy noiii'inl, that the Iiiimih-.s of iM.tins in evrrv liralu'h am! varletv. i.. (loin, in nnl.T. on liieliortet nolirr, at'l'roy, Vt. Therotiipany have mnrli rnlargil ttuMr foundry, nnl are now prep.irri! to elo all Lliui. of weirl. ilone at any fomiilry in th eoiintry. Mill-pearin?, Put Ash Kclllrt, ' Slovc, PlonRli", Axlrtnv, Sc., on ham!, or fnrnohnltnonlrr. All who wi.h to rout raft for .love-plate-, or tn pur rha-c a large qnanlily ofhollovvwarr, for the pnrpof of retailine. will he furntnhed at vvhole.'alenruv.!....l nil who nniy favor u with their rail or of ler, will I e ilealt hy a. .Iil-rrally a. at any estnhliilinient in the roumrv. vmicr hnotini no anuressiil 10 K. K. Cro. SPF.RM CANDLES. Kinglonil' clattfirit sperm nian, r'iriiitfnilani. or A.-Youns, Agent, 1 rov, Vt, camllc. No. I. Aim, tnoiilil rnnillen for sale hy to .retire n rarly tr4v,M j'ruminait.mi, ' ' ). P. WHALING Co. Tr-v. ...lune 181(1. jr:6 IIKPATIC K1.IXIK, ACKLHllRATEl) remeilv' for t-omplaint arisint; from a dieaieil .tateof ihe LI VKR ami its Secr- tton; the lollowinp are a few of it. symptom, wrnuneeit itiestomae'h, lnilielion, los ofappelttu lovvne eif Spirit. ami Headai'he; it will .e foiiml a Mire rrtni'ilv lor Kriintioiia on the Fair. In cone- iiienee of llieir heirVj many h'o.lrnni. riri'tilatni; in tin. part ot tne country, iiie.iiii.cnl.'r. are aitllioriiil to warrant it hi'ttefieial etlert. Tin. artn-lr j. just reretvl. ami otlerrsl to the iniMir a one well worth the atleniion ofihoe who are itjlliett-j I.y cuuiphiiuta from the ahove dieae ; it I emir from an eminent phvsinan we feel eonhilent inthii reeoinniendin it. Ov't. 6.1810. TIIKO. A, PKCK t Co.. Piirn of the Mortar, one door eai of J J H Perl. V Co LTUN,l,OTlrt..l)H. KV.NS' HI'AITI KMNG LOTION. lliahly e-ti-emed for Hiring all Krnpttoiis Coarsene, llodnes. and Pimples on the KaieNei'l; or hand, and e&ctually rlt-aiiiii! the cuninlejnon, and reiuoviui: alWjsisnse ofllie skin Nothini: eoulriUite no tiiu-'h to our general mh-i r-i in lite, a an euai-in first appearani'e. Tht Lotion f a'diirir-sj a nto.t fragrant, mild, safe wah and creat ly eteein,il furil vtrtiie-i in rleanstng, ofentnc, and piirilytni; the skin of all eruption. seiiijuriou. to fe male' lanty, and re-torin? it lo a' higii ileret? of pu rity. A Irantifiil eoiiiilexion i Ihe pru'e of all who noMess ii; end Ihe envy of those vv ho aredepriv ed of it. What 1 o a levtiiiirto a I eantifnl female,in vv ho-elare naiure hadi-playil herpower, a. to find heri'omplei leiii dii'Oloitrtl vvith di.pii-lin' pnnpltVs, which maf her rhatitis I A pood a"ppea'rjni'e is the 1 el rerom inendatiou ; and a the Heatttifyiii: Lotion purine, the skin, nnd remove, all Pimple, "niutrhe, Tan, Sinljitrn ami llediiess, and pnttiiee. a 1 hue, il i. the only eosinrtie a should n- at her toilet. Gentlemen wtll all alo find tin a deliirlnful remeily, to remove all Kwii;hue, PiuiIe, Ittnt-wctm-, Spots, Koine., Sorene-s of ihefmr and noe, and every kind of erup tion on the urlai'e of the human ei-Jy. It I partii'ii larlj reeiiniiiiriidtl lopentleiiiin to he u-cd after ha ving, ai it will prevent Uie oiherwise eertaiu e'ltrt ol all eotninon seia'p, hr turning the tard .reiii-iluTey srev. For Mile Who'e-ole and retail l.v A. HITCH. COCK sV Co., No. II7Ceiie-t-e slrvft, Vlit-a. In I.ur liiiL'ton, I.y J. & J. 11. Peck & Co., and Thro. A. Pick &Co. Iti Vcrjenne-, by J. II, Bovvman. In -Milton, liy llurnetl t SavvyiT. In' Ceoreia, by I.ren7i Janes aug '.'O1 llierrforea valital'lr and lunhly approval iiuilinne and are iirnniiitnred nssiii h I.y 11 ot iltslin luil Prut- nhvieiau. I-ivh box' roniainiiiu' 3a 1 ills. 37 i rt.a I o Kii..ellV ifl'-l rated Sai.t ltiinrMOiN'TMi s'T. Thi i the lest and safest rnuiitv rvrrvvl mlerrd to thr puVlie for that obstinate disorder SA l.T Itlll l'M. Where ollu r ini'aus havrl.iiU!, n iiwli.l, and the f.u t that il hit. I era iXH'n.ively useil by eminent Prarlilioner. spraVs Volunir. lit n praie. It i npinlly eihVai'iou. in all of the .kin, wahlhrad, rtni worms, and theini..t invrtrralr llch, Air, Ae. Niiincrou. errlilirate misht l ohlaunsl, I ul thr propriior choo.r that a fair trial should If lin eally rviileniv of il snprrtor rtliraejv IV" e 5"r'nt a 11. For .ale by J. .V J. II. IVk it T heewlo-r A. P'n-I. dt Co., hizn of the Morlar, nud Kol on Mirtly, lliilltnetotir lr. C. F- Miles, and Hull k Cook.Hine.. burirh: S. H. Ilarnc, Charlotte L. Janr. firoreiat 1. Tyler, Fsn-xi Fuller A Huntington, ItiitimomL Alio, by Ihe drii'Kil and merchants prnrrnlly hronirhoul ihe Hale. "S"ifVROW'S French Dictionary, rontainins more V1 word, than WWftffitf NATUHU'S UKA.M) KFXl'OItAl I YK. Tin. valrable Yecr'able Medit'liir stands iiurtvallt.l for tin' tvilluwins i-oinplaint, vilt llypi-pi.i, or lndtJ se-tion, dtsea-ed Liver, btlioiisdisof.ler-, lrojisy, Asth ma, Cosiiveness, Worjiis and lo-. of Appetite.' and I V rleansin.? lli ..toiilu'cli and bowel, riire pain in the side, tottiat-h and bre.i.t, cold, ami e-ouh. e.f loin .lamlins, lloar-ene.., .iii.nne. of breath, ervoo i-ouiplainls, rie-., whuh arefienently the e. ret ol dis ease. For Feverand Ague-, it I a ino-i le pie- venlalive as vvrll a a soiemcn reinray. Il- virtue. iirpa-s nny thing heretofore known in' removing f't. Yitu' Piinir, two bottle, have I em knuvwi lo'i-iin! this nlllieliug di-t-ase, al'ir haviiiu' I ailltii every rxi r lion lur four jrar.. It has n most powerful n'lfluen'-n hi reiiiovtup tierv On ei ii.ilniits. hi p!-aatit total i and oeay nt'ils op.-rntion, that il may tradnitnistenil lo Ihe infant with .aieiy. The above .Medicine i very Inclily riH'ouiiticiu'ed ly iu.ui)' seieniilie irnline;i, nud .i l.irce n-iiiil rr ol laibe, who have prove-d the virl ofihe MiiliVim-byM-ronal i filu-tr f.iiiuhr. A'bll ofivrtiliv-atr. aivoinpaiiie. i-.u b boiile, with din. -non, ft may I had vvhole-jle or rr'ail of S. Hriiain, H.irre, aml'J, C. Fnruiiiti, Ea-t Will anm lovvn, Yi.sole proprirn r-. I'n pnrrd from Ihc uric in1 .il nvipe; for sale by K. H. PrcnlissMnnipeliAr, .rl .I..V. J. II. Pick A Co, and Th l.o. A. IVis Co., Ilur ItiiL'loti, and in Ihe principal towns in tin- slntr i nf directions sikihH! in iltrliand vv ritina of iheproprn" - 'PIIKO. A. PF.CKA Co. atlhr.iynof the tf - r X havrjusl rre'd a ipinnlityof Cayenne Pin ( ICiijjIish inioortalion. ('nnstniilly on hand, llonibny (!uin Mynli, cenuine lla) berry Uatk, Ho. dn. in Pow der, Jamaica Uinscr limit, iln. du. in Fowder, Benijal and Ohio Turmerics, Ac. Ac Sept. 16, IS 10, JTICI-:.I dit'iii it my duly to ml. .nil the ll lie I hat I have uiventcil a salve, perfivily inmi rrnl, from thnv siniple vrgnnblr., thnt rntnVly su-pi-rcole. a spani-h (ly Piaster, whu h ctM--rntrir re lilt in all inrtunaion a 'iMions of llir hutiiaii I in i to AS hour-, and but one application. It. ac lion i f.y al sorption and evaporation, it di,olrr a com from the feel entirely and wiifnim pain, counter acts lire in a hum or scald tn 1.1 iiiinuir alter n. ap plication. Apply il totl.e silicon n piece of otlnll. or driest! sheep skin,foriiirtantiilion of the liver or liins and it extract, all rirtirniftil from ihc i- i.r;.iiu. Warranted Ui give relief as rtvoinaitmlril, S.ilo proprietor, 1 18 llrooinc ln-rl( Jirw i'rl. The tr.ideuipl'isl the Proprietor' prtci I y Unrlini.lPPrl'cc. I- tV - 'H'LCK A I OR1M LOZHN;KS.Tif. vafiml -jsdiiilve.tnlilishiiiBiHrir.a.ihelr.t for that painl'ii'l and souirlimes fatal complan dim. ihe worms. Al wliole-nlr and retail I JaijTl, 1811. TIIFO.A.ryr's' A MKHl'MIV AU'.A. " ue t Si- IHC t'00'' l"' I). A. HUA.M...

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