Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 23, 1841, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 23, 1841 Page 3
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Lin-mia frojitiii: jii'tropolis. No. IX. New Yunu, April IT, ISII. Yesterday, wo had an arrivalfroin Canton, bringing news from China some eighteen days laicr lliaii had previously 1 ecu received Iiy way of Pnglnnd. The ship left Macao on thu Gtli of January, flu' brought no political mtelligcnce iil'nny great important e. In company with anollicr ship flic was allowed to leave tho harbor, out of special courtesy to the Auiciican flag, by Iho llritish cominandiT of ibc hloekndinj; squadron. The dinicutlics b Iwteti Pnglaiul nud ibu Celestial Finpircscim to boas fir from n successful termination asevcr. -In attack was intended on the llogue forts on the '."lli Prccinbir lat; but nn the day previous a 'ilmp' arrived, and ncgociatioiis were again renewed. The Chinese hae junks loaded with stone ready to .'ink in the harbor in case the British squadron approaches to attack the Ports. In tbo mean tune, the army at Cliusnu has ken diminished nearly one third, by death and by the removal of invalids. It seems that this Chinco expedition is destined to terminate in nolhing but dclcat and disas ter to the Rritbh arm. Our Charter I'.lccliou took place vcstent.-iy, and Robert 11. Morns, High Inquisitor nnd l'.ipcr Snatch cr for the City and County of Now-York, has bem clcctcl Mayor. Hit majority, hnveer, was much less than I had anticipated! it was only 13d, or some 1000 less than Ins usually been givci to the Tnmany ti. kit. And yet some of the oppe... n papers pre tend to sec n gtcat "moral sublimit) .3 over wliJiiung result. To them thcic.s aim ' 'iingntt ful ly subhuieiu electing tin expert and insolent house breaker to the highest municipal office lfi the City. So 'excellent well' did he do this deed ofttethness that many of ihcin hciearc bcgiiinirg to think that no reward short of the Ouvirnor's Chair is adequate to compensate hm i for bis distinguished services. Tint post, however, ho can never reach. Out of this City, Ins conduct would eland some chance of being appreciated i but here, any thing that if endorsed by the leaders of the partv, is forthwith swallowed with- but inquiry by their devoted followers. In 1'iookhii .1... VVI..., 'w.1. ... e,..., Iml In' lnr.. ,),.,,. f.ier lintel ! its usual majority. The gnat evil the Whigs hae now to fear is their universal apathy. Tin y have lost till interest in the elections sini'O la.t full, and "ccm to ihink that oiia ctlji t is all is necissaiy. Mill a moment's rilLctinn would bo suiTuient to show thrill, thac. without the most unt.iiiiz lieikin i, l!uy J i cannot pres.-rvu lb ii piescni ascend im-v m Cougi and that once lost, all llie good irauitl by the elec tion of a Why Chief Magistrate is also lost. A nicio spasmodic efilirt once in four years, ii by no means the whole of a Herman's duty, and those Wtii-ts who look upon it in that light and they seem lobe quue nuiiurous now-ti-davv will presently awake to tlnir s.luati in, und fin I th'-iuiiUes agam in a mnei Jty. We had a rousing i.icclmg of the Whigs of the fily at National Il.dl last Thursday evening It wr.scall cd lo express the confidence of the Whigs in the Ad ministration of PicsiJcnt T) !cr. The Hall wnsfillcd toovirnWiitg, nil 1 sjme most excellent speeches were made by lliiam k'Mchuin, lq., J. Ptescott 1 lull, ami the encir.1'!.' and doqucnt 1', ter It. Living ston. spirited address was read, and some excil lent ri snlutions were adopted. t e have not as vet not uiuJ llie olTn-nl account ot the vo'c in the dill' lent wards ai tl late e'ection . . , c ., , . , , "s .'-4...,. til- lull r u t lu ,.!,( fjlli 11 III Ulill Oi UISI spring by tome 1LV0. I have m. hfilaiioa in saying that I regard the l.o n I'oeo p.owir in this city us bro ken. 1 do nut say this without sou s Know bilge of the manner in wh'u h it hnsl icn luihcitosiiMaiind. The opposition politicians do not serup'c in conver-alion tuchnrire their ill ,ucte! s in the late i.mtisi to the loss ol theCii.lmn House influence. M.iledicli m. loud aud i'c.'p are -h j'.vcm d upon Mr. Cuiii-. And Whcicfoie, ihiu', you! Iheau-.j l.c sent firth his' 400 official suboiihuati s lo bully and be: at the polls Not at all. l!i cause he tin ue 1 out the corps of lien toco office holders an I put active ileciiuneciiugvvhigs in their places ! Ilynomians. He has turned out' liardly an individual whom he found in the CiiMom House. The hrad and front of Ins allegid nlleiiding is that hsi.urfii.'tf. thccustoui house Iron;.- fiomdi- i playing their usual 7cal and activity. Their loco foco btcthrcn sorely mi sed their cxeitious and coutr bu llous li the late i lection and fur tins d. fault the) blame Mr. Curlis, It will befurly admit ed that the in clinried i p.,n our worthy Whij Colhrtur s one which no Loco I'oeo office holder uuld be likily to commit. I repeat tint the sceptre of loco foeo doin inntion in the City of Ncw-Yotk i bruken. That finny havealways heretofore had the patronage ant ru' sidics af th' Cusloin House, which were es-eu-lial to tlu.r evisteiice. 'J'hey will retain to be sure for n year longer the corpriration patronage and in fluence ; but dial alone will nnt siifliio lo keep the breath of life in their nostrils. Next fall we-hnll send thirteen Wlus tn Albany. Paul Grant, tl iit gtnm onnc will he permute 1 to rest from the atduoits la bours of legtshtion. The oppomon press are opening their batteries on th? iliniintntion of Mr. Tvlcr. Tho (ilolie with the guilty vision of Macbeth sees horrid forms and frightful images where none exist. The Lvening Post although first willing lo admit that Mr. Tjler's democracy was as good and neaily asnm-iuif as its mvn, begins now to have most potent duiiht con ccrnini; his oppo'ition ton National Hunk, and is af flicted with a disticssuig suspicion, thai when he alluded m his address, utW Repiibhcun I'lithcrs-' ho bad Madison in his mind's eje. The (ilo'ie is fulfilling its vocation by inventing dr alh bf d seenrs for the bile lanientad I'rindent. The'c coinages of diahoheal maliec arc pronounced by those who sutroiinded the dying bid of the nreat man who isgonc to be "infamously mid shot kingly false." Yd that disgraceful ijper eoniinii's its iissmlis on the fame nf Harrison dead in the snue spirit of ma levolence prompted its abuse of Sum vvhrn liv ing. The Cilobe knows nothing ofu warfaietbal can rr;p-ci ins dean. It haunts the nlij. ct ol its pate through hie, and abatis not its malignity when the tomb elosi s over his remains. It neither respects living virtue, nor reverencis the pm fanv e f the de parted. It bursts open the loin', lo .'ill the ashes which ii pose in in sdint Ranetinry. it viola-ts ihe grave, nnd with more than biutal feioeity, dctcciulis lis hallowed immunities. The rumor of yestuday, nnnounciog a conttigra uun ui Nonh I!, nd, is, I i egret to say, today confir med. The family mansion of the hito Prsiilint was burnt to the giound on the II Ii, .Misfortunes do not couio single, and Ibis misfortune added to thrir late overwhelming bereavement, will indeed make tho f' nily of the lanicn'cd Harrison acquainted with nfllieti n. No particularsoi ihe casually have re-ich- 1 us. new and elegant Steam lioat, callel the South Aoienca, took her plaro as a night hoat on thoNorlh River last I'riday. Sho is large, cniniu hIioih, and well furnished i but the npiitation your Chainplain boats sustain of being the best on the American wa lers, is not endangered. Tin order, quiet, neatness, nnd pcrtect which prevail under ihe ihirel-nn of Cnpta ns Sherman and Lyon, can bo witnessed no where else. We are m hourly expectation ol the arrival of the fircat Western. She was io kavi- l.iverpfifd on the 3dinst. Accordingly she Us been 15 iIiijs out. The Columbia was to sail for Iloston ibc following clay. Mr. Van Iiureublill hunors our city with Ins preen re. He is sojourning nl the mansion of his friend the crust divider,1 otherwise known as li. r. Putlrr i:q. in Washington l'laee, an-1 dues not often exhibit liuntclf in public except when h" thinks proper lo iittend ehuirh ut the Roman Catlu Cntholrnl in llradlcy Strecl. The Locos pronouncH it a iry tciri' Icnction, and a most deeide-d case of dciingog- ism wilhall,fjr flov. Seward to go to lhat same ca ihohaljbut it li doubllecs nil very right and proper in the man who wrote thai coaxing letter to his Ho liness the I'opc, The story that Mr. Van lluren was la purchase an establishment m l-'uurteenth street,and run fur Mayor n not Conflrmeil. Ins nowannoimcid that his destiny will infallibly conduct him to Kinder hook. Youis Vr.Bos,T. Tlir. RIGHT WAV Ob' RLrOIIM. o publish Iho following for general inforuiaiioii. Alioutono llioiisand dol'ius a veur was, wo believe paid to nn mdividuil who held an office which is now declared to lie 'cnltri Iv iiunecisary 'I'llUhnrw das. Department, March 'if), ? Sin syoulmvo niplied for the nppomtiiient'nf Mibiaiy Storikcrpi r in Ihe Uiiarlcr Muster's Depart liiiut ul I'ituburg, I diem il proper to inform jou, tlir.l finding llieollicu to bo ciituely iiiiih eissriry, nnd just regaid tolliepubliniuierrsis requiring its ji3. iioiitiuuanrr, il has heen abolished. Very rcspeclfully vour obedient scriniu. .'OII.N I'l l I. 6am I He' le ro 1' "sbur," P.i 11 L" V. A S A li V O N. L'rtriictfrom the Sermon, prtudicd at Hit funeral eifiaeliuiiiif saying "Here, I.ord, 1 am, ami lbs did Pic llcveraut Asa I.von, nf llruiul hie, mi Ihe "III April initanl.Junii&ctlfor publication, at the re ipiesl uf Ms family. nv it:v. j.jti:s uoL'diir.nrv. 1 would do injustice to the feelings and wishes of many present, did I pass our, In tiluicc, the chaiac ter of the vencinble man, whom we are about to carry lo lhu grave. To nil emr hearts there is something luinliil in the thought, that we mo now to look upon Ins ingest cotintctiani'O for the last lime. Huu be was wont to unci with ns hero hcsci veil uswilh aunbil ity, faithfulness and constancy rarely exceeded, and, O, on how easy terms I No weather howi'vcrsevcre', no hour however tin imely, deterred him from coming to our house", lo servo us and sympathise with us, wh.iuispiesied so toelo. Hut his services are done. His voice w ill be no more heard m this solemn placet no nunc will boshed thctenr of sympathy over our suH'eiincs or sorrows for his days ale muitbercd.imd his woi k finished. To his grave we tin- about lo car ry Imn "he shall return 110 more lo his house, mi tin r shall his place know him any more." In any death we are leininded that wo are mortal ; but in this one we aio brought to meditate em inoie than tncro mortality. Who is this whose remains lie hero befureus! His no ordinary man. It is one who has Been maiiyletiangefiil yeais.niul was bccomiiigastni ger nhioiiglhe generations nf mm one of large obser vation aihlepciiencei of great knowledge and wisdom of asyifibihtviaicly urms9ed,an,l n self control equal lo his sfiisiluliiy one, who not onlv saw much of earth's changes but who has also marked them nil one who experienced much affliction, rendered dot lily severe by Us html und protraction. Yet who has heaid lulu complain! Who has seen him vield to dis eouia; cull A man of what manners, w'lnt modes ty, yet what liiinnes! A gi nlleiiiar. n scholar mid christian. I'or all thee ipiahliesand waits, how unri valled was this venerable minister! Shall wo now gather aroiinil his co', .ii, niul not bo moved ! .shall wu carrv him to his lioiiiem the grave, and each not ful that he has lost a father! Of hi.ieaily history, my materials are not sufficient lo iiiable me to give a connected sketch of hisl,fc but til.. i is now the less important s-iiice rmooi tho ablest diviiusof Xew thii'laml requestid and obtainul such a sketch w liichhe will nrobablv furnish. at novi rv distant day, to the public through the Amciican Uuai I terly llegi-ter. Hence, what I .-hiill say fin Ihe,', will uc conmicii to wtiat t nave witnessed my-ill. Of his personal appearance all here have a distinct tecolleetioii ; on this, tlierefirc, a wonl only need be said I l.aigcof slature and powcrlully luiHciihir, his deportment was venerable, and his countenance full of dignity and intelligence. I'ut, passim' from this topic, 1 would dwell a moiiic'.it on the qualities of his mind. This, hku his body, was large. His native Dowers, which wcrn vrrc jTiat. In, enllivnti'il lo llu. highest degree, by iho niost mil emitting application to sumy. iviiowiciige,i.r us own snM',was pre-emmeiiiiy the object of ln research and tod ! which he applied, us occasion required, tn the duties of his profession anil to llu; business of life. Henee it was often ob si'i ved of linn thai he was at home in all the piofis sions, and on any topic of science or huraturc, Hf distinguished hiu'isjf as a statesman and as a political writer. His speeches, in ihe t-tato and National Le gislatures, und his orations and odes, written for the anitivxi.sarii s of the nation's freedom, show him great in these dti irtmeiits of knowledge. As a divine his diseoursi s pinve him to be exalted. His sermon, on Iho " Di-prariltj anil .MUcry nf .lm,'1 ib hvere-d be fore the v. I). M. Society in lsl."), i, itself, a moiiu. ii ici 1 1 uf kuovvlidge, trulli, and power. Asa writer he was chaste, clear, classic, removed alike fioui the dilliisive and the dry. Method, biauly strength, were prominent cl;:irncti'ri'Itics. lie never wrote circles sly, )ct never lire' r colisuaml. Hugh I'lair ho evi lentlv studied, v.i j 'i he rouallcd in "races j of sivle and linunv', and i.vei Hid ill ."tiitigth. Vir iril, ( 'iceio, and Homer were f.ivonli s vith him ill the Classics. Iml. nl those, lust qnahtic d to puleonl It s riuncctuai eapaeiiy, vie.oeii uie irii'utc oi a pr ton no 1 1 iiiiii .mu ii, 1 1 ii hi Hire. As a 'I lieol i.ri'iu lie stu, ,mi m Hie t sterol ot brethren in ministry, with whom he was ttM,i-iatid. 'I'hoi'gh evidently so guided by his own judgintnt as not to make any one his stand, and vet Hdwards was one of liisfieqiieiitauthiiritiis,aud he esteemed Scot las the best iiiteijuctcr, which tver piefixi d a tlounui n ta re to I iio Script nn s. He was w as a I 'alvinist in itmxl lailh ; and It is dtfiicult lo eoiiecive of greater pleas ure, In one who loved ihosegri at principles that ds tingiusli ( '.ihinistie (lieuloj;)-, than loliiur linn discuss and explain ihein. I'.Mlh lb friends and theeiicimt-s of tint system felt him to he among its mightiest defenders. Th dark mi", which so many sem to iinohe thoso divine doctrine- in, alwnv s" dispersul under ihe diseuisive power of his mighty Mitt licet. Thoiieh few men wire moie c.ipab'u of ilhi-natiiiL' tcligion from iiaturc than he, vit he ranlv di.l II, pni" rring. ccne;allv, for mis piirpo-e, inc'iiiirfr no not iitittsi. 1 ci inns ..i,i..', ,l,.r ihe i,nw- ..rl.h, m u- .iit,hls.i,,wfl'. .... ....... i..i i i... .... .!... .1 i distineiiishinLMloetrines of erace. 'than he. Yit. tho' so fond of this,, fuiidaiiiriitnl truths, ;i more piactleal pre icher it would be difficult to find. To him nothing in any department of tliniishl or duly seemed to bo a hohby, luitcverv thing had ils phce'nnd was thire atteudidto. 1 lis siU, in managing ihe passi,,n ,,f uusanelilieil beaiers, when prieiiting any of theof fi nsive iloctnues, was remarkable. So clear was the ilea in his o.ll miiul, and so ft lieitoiis the language in which heciiuvcycl il, that while iho stntlincnte (ir then tin preacher mrtr iulhcted ihe slightest wound. ( to what ccellenl purpose had ho studied the injunc tion "lie ye wise as sirpents and hat nib s ns dovi s;" nor b s that kuidicdone, overlooked by so many "lie ye emu Icons," In ihe pulpit he was solemn. His prayers, which were nsuallv long, wcic characterized by ini;iressive- ness. " exactiuss of i xpii's-ion," very reverent to waidl!od, full of weighty thought-j evir orderly and fii.imis-ive. Heprayid .'is if none were time but hiiiicell" and liod. His nriaehiiiL'. like his nrnvers, was marked by method and instruction ; and, spoil those occasions, w inch requires! tnu moving aim uie tender, such a funcials, ihe synipathitie wus very eharnelrrislie of inn. Ill- lu dress, s to the mourners. a custom which he still fillowul, has often called forth a rush of imwcrful fi (linif throughout the. assembly. IVqucnil) has he hinisilf been nol'ced to be m liars on thn-i! iiee.tsinns. Tilt so addli set s ani.e II 1 til to be wholly unstudied. It seemed to be "nature herself speaking her own language, and it penclratid the heart. No pomp ot expression, no pnraoo oi miiii ness," Inn "fiiiiidshiputtrringwhat it tenderly fell. Tn him the wonls of the moiihei nieubarlv aiinbid, 'The Lord God has given mu the tongue of the learn ed, that I should know how to speak a word in season to him thai is weary." , Ttinimli. ns a niiachrr. he was L-cnerallr carmst, vrt he wis never loud, much less noisy or boisterous. Thesu tiait1, i'vciiwliiii llu y wcrunalural in a preach er, he disapprovid s but, when they were nusuincd for lli, .mo ii.,.. nl elleel. he Innlhed lliem. What is not nlwajs found in grint niind, he was as quick lo delict an error or sophistry as he vvas power till lo nv, rthrow it. Of hint il may be said tli.ll ' he was of quick ill eernnieut, of a pcnelrnling genius, ..I .....1 -1. . I. ...... I., ...i.l , tndiriiirnr Ills ,, I tindr-rttaiiiliiuT was, if I may so express it, of a quick, strong, nnd di"nngnislung scinl. s a counsellor Ins praise is m nil the churches, when he will long be gratefully rcmcnibcrid and ad mired. He has Inn ihe pastor nf this Church for forty-six vinrs. The fn'ilnu iiv is the rceoid of this Church's I r-d! ,.i linn nnd nf le leeetilnnee f.i' that call : 11 Al 3 church tne ting, duly !.Md nt South Hern, January 12,17& Ihe quest- .i was put, whether iho Church will give t'li-Rev. Asa I.vnn a call lo the pastoral of fice in this Church. Voted, unanimously, in die "fiirmative. This rail, bring presented ff. Lyon, he gave the following answer : " I'clnvcd ; as you have sigiulicfi, tome, your unanimous nqucsl thai I shoiilil l.iKo tl-.e charge ot you as yourspiruuai pasior, I now infnrin you that I have taken vour call into sc riotis cole .diratinn ; do accept it, and nm willing, as llnd shall enable me, to take tbooversigbtof jou.vvith n reatlv mind, and serve you in that important sta tion. 'Wishing you grace, mercy, and peace, "I am, helnvrd, yours, ill the b llowslup of tho Gospel." Thus was he constitut'1 1 the pator of this Church, which he has served su Ions end so faithfully s but, from which, he is now removed death has tenninatid the connection. Rut few pistorshave shared more largely in 1 lie nf feclions of iheir Churches, ihau did ibis venerable man. Crnsured by some, as all faithful ministers must be, small vvas tho cause he had give n for it. Ad mit that lu, had piciiharilies s may not the question be asked who was the more hktly to be in the i rrnr.he, who, ton nio-t powerful, discreet, nnd discriminating judgment, ndded vast and ihorou?hly digistcd accu mulations, nf and nt and modern wisdom ; or vie, who rarely ihink of asking whether there bo any science of living, and much les-s procure on the princi ples of such ii science? No single man of us eon ...krs lilnisrlf inhens callable of dicidiii!.', cnrriclly, nf such matters, as he wns, then whatgioiind is there E.r,i ...dleelie, le. ,11 rn'rn 1111" Slicll FUIICrior cannblll- ly 1 " Diesadilingmanyiufirior jndgmrnls result in a superior one, ns phx-sicM force is increased by uniting ttic Stll nglll OI Illilily II1U1V l.luais I II liui, linn nil ..,.i,,,n ,,f nn nniidipr nt mf, nor intrllrcts. how nu merous soever, can be put in the scales with one will ihseirilmeil. nowerful. Iiiim' mid discriniiiialing inuid. Hut, settlo tiieso question r wo niay, social'gossip iindesiirh n uscol lhc.-c i 'cunarities ns 10 enaiiie pri vale scandal lo w ork her nui-hief; and Mr. Lyon possessel too iiiiichdi2iiit)'.ind self-respect to stpop to a refutation of it. As ho lived so bedied, wholly discardin,' ml righ icousni vs save ihe "impvtnl n'i'ft'''"""'" 'f ' 'liriit." lu the ski ll ton of a last Will ami Testament he says, "viewing myself Altogether unworthy of nny good, vol hoping for full neetplanco through the atoning blond and imputed righteousness of my Redeemer, I cominnid my immortal spun to Him who gnvoit." i'.iil,ii Ii inavr nol boniil of nlaco lo nild. as dlnstra- Pve of the simplicity of this wise and venerable innn, the direction he envo in regaul to bis burial. "I direct that my deceased body be wrapped in n winding sheet, nf'ir the cusroni of former times, nnd laid in a pine cnllin, colored black; withotilnny ornaments, or in dicnlionsof nainoorage; and laid in a grave, ihcrotorest, without any tnonunient, till he, who is ihnResurr.clionand the Life, shall cull it forth, nnd make it like his clorious body." Such a wan. my hearers, was ihe Rev Aa I .vow. .nrh a minister, mv hrelhrni, veas llie Pmof rr vols iitbch God gram, thai the blcrred int'in 'ion, hi! h" has so often addressed lo us may bu so sanctified to our rnind 1 1, ., I 1 . . 1 1 . ., !. ...... 1... I... . droit that thou Inst given inc." DBCKASI2 OV UlClTAItD I1AUGIITON. It is willi feelings of deep sorrovr that wc atinoiiiico to our renders tho sudden etonth of Htcir.uitt n.vuiiinox, V.v. editor of the lloslon Atlas. Ho iticel nt Ills lutlylna at tho Treinotit Huufc, on Saturday last, ngciM 1 ycarc Hu had just received a commission as hearer of des. paiches from our Kovurntuciit lo her .Ministers in Ijtidoit anil l'aris, and was to have sailed on his mission in the Araduthc day ho died. One hour before his earthly career wu ended lie was at his ollicc in.State street, where ho took leave of a larjjo number of friends in anticipation of his inmiodiate departure for tiuropc, and ap. poated to ho in as good health as hu had enjoyed for some months, lie returned to his rooms at tho Trcmottt House at liunn, to superintend the packing of his baggago, and, while in the act of trying on a now -rnnnout, complained of faint, ncs.-, and requested those near not to leave him, for lie thought he should die; ho was immediate ly assisted to his bed, and expired in ah it," thir ty minutes in an apoplectic Ii;. Although the direct antagonist uf .Mr. II.vxMmniv in politic, and owing to our own, and Ins, peculiar -situation compelled to war against linn with all our strength on tins subject, we have the grat-lica-tiou of saying, and it is a great one at this mo ment, that our mutual private friendship form ed while members of the same family many years before either of us controlled a njwsp,ipcr press has ncvar been interrupted for a ni-.miunt. Wc understood c.vh other's position perfectly, and il'angor sought a temporary predominance in ourhjsotus, it was checked and sub dueel by the influence; of reason and reflection. As a man ol talents and enterprise in his profession, Muj. llaughtou had but few- superiors as a friend, ho was exceeded by none in the warmth and fidelity of his affections and and as a cition, he was holil,3elHcient and cliivulrous in the advo. cacy and defence of such measure as he leliev ed host adapted to promote tho public weal. Peace to his ashes. Ifasluii I'oi-t. OI-'IflCIA!,. TO Til -2 l'KOl'1,1-2 OF Till-2 lT. STATUS. .1 Jleccmmeiitluliiiii. When a Christian People leel themselves tn be ovcitakcn by agrcat public calamity, it be comes them to humble themselves under the dis poiisalioti of divine Providence, to recognise His ltightcotis I'ovurnineint over the childieu nf men. to acknowledge His goodness in time past, as well as their own un worthiness, nnd tusupplcate His inercifii! protcctiou for the future. Tho death ' William 1Ii:xi;v IIaiirison-, late i'rcsidi.-nt e .lie Uniited Stales, so soon af ter hi.s ch-v.-itiuu lo that high ollicc, is a bereave ment peculiarly calculated to he re-g.nded as a heavy alllictton, and to impress all minds with a sense of the dependence- of Xaiions,as well as individuals, upon our Heavenly Parent. I have thought, therforc, that I should ho act ing in ciiiiforiinly with the general expectation and feelings, ol the community in rece-ommoii-ding, as, I now do, to thu People of the United States, of every religious denomination, that, according to their several modus or forms of wor ship, they observe a day of Fasting and Prayer, by such religious services as may be suitable on the occasion ; and I recommend Friday, the lourteeutl! day ol .May next, lor that purpose ; to the end tint, on that day, wo may all, with one accord, join in humble and reverential approach lolliin, in vvnoso muds we are, invoking him to to inspire us with a proper spirit and teiuporof licnrt ami iiiiuu under tliese Irovvns ot Jits provi dence, and still to bestow His gracious benedic tions upon our Government and our cminlrv. JOI1.V TYLKK. Washington April 111, 1311 Pkisiuknt is fiflv-ono years of age In our last paper we marked hi.s ago three or four l I.:.. I. 11..:. .1 I-.,- .1 i luiii.s iui. niLin. in: is iiioi oiiji 0 iiiiiooi lllilll the latu Piesident Van lluren, ind indeed the younge.H President we have ever had. Mmll. fimitiii. New Yiihk, April 17, It is understoad that orders were received Iroui the War Department yesterday, to arm all the lortilications in our harbor, which are not now in a condition for de fence. The thing is to be pushed forward with all practicable despatch. Tins is right. Sir P.oyie Ruae h, the prince of Irish bull. makers, said the only way to avoid danger, was to meet it plump. .Mr. Tyler and his cabinet, entertain the same idea, though they would express itdif. ferently. In order to avoid a rupture with (treat llritain, we must put the country in a coniplotc state of defence. .Many of our lortilications are dihipidatrd and defenceless, and the people will ho glad to fee Iho attention of the War Depart lueiit tinned to the subject. lleraU. Qi-n-.w, April II, The Slason continues unusually backward. There was, however, a sprinkling of snow last night, and this morning at sun-ris the thermometer rose to a degree or two above freezing, which had not been tho case since the couinioiicenient uf tee month. Indeed, this waok it Ins Irequently been In 10 below- 7rrn. Pi-t haps we I. lay have spring in .May. n the meantime, tlireu leet ol snow keeps the ground sate (mcc'.v. NhW MIRK M WIKI.T. JWthcKitk eni'in: utaturtlmj, April I'. Flour, (in.vis-, &c Sales of -J00 bids Ohio Flour, via Canal, nl s'n 7'0 bids Georgetown do, nl 1,7:,; auuu mis. euiiovvhii-tul' c-,!ij IDlUObiis. .or. lliem Rjoai He, as it lav, and .Via.') I, dilivtrtd- ?"o0 bus. Jersey ' u nt 11c weight, nnd prcvioi:.-li l.',uil bu. .Vulthern nt ,Vi 1-2 weight, and jliajl nn asure Provisions Sulis of country Mi ss Ruf n .?.- j .Mess purls is dull, but Prune in request. .No change in Lrnd. 'I he slock nf Haiti r is inliicnl. Price of 300 tierces at 12 l-,.'ti.j37 l-'.'.cnsh. ve . Jl r, n 3 On the nOtlrof .March, by John Hairs, Rsrj. Mr ! Peter Ilurlberi to Miss Ilantl Peru, all of Hurling P ii. At Ka'um.-ioo, on the 20lh nil. by the Rev. Luuinii Foote, Mr. William G. Dewing, of Ka umnroo, lo -Miss Jano Aiuehi Tut lie, laleof liurknglou Vt. 22) ii g "1 At Montreal, suddenly, aged C7, .fnn.-u RoicurTTr. Fsquire, Surveyor Gnural'Of Lower Cunada. Col. llouclu He was a nalivc edduib.-c, son of Capt. Ron cliellc, by whose assistance in 177.'i,Sn Gcv CvniTos, ihenliovi nor nnd Commander in Chief of the Prov ince, ed'cciid Ins esenpe In Jr bee'w lieu tho remainder of die liritish foie-es retirimj fiom .Montreal, surren dered ul Sorsl.l Col. Roucliette succ-idcd Mr. Collins who was the second Surveyor G, mralnf Cninda, un der llie Hrmshfioverumenl, Maj. Holland having hem tho first. Col. ISouchrtir was well known in piiropc audlho Fnitcd States as the author of a topographical description of Can ida, a large map of the country, nnd mips ofihe liiihsh .Vorih ni ricanl'r iviuces, which wcru published in Loudon, iu Winnlcr bisowii per sonal siipeiintendeiici f.-at great pcrsjual sacrifices, w bich we re hut pool Iv rew -iided. As Survcver Gen eral he wasemployid ill Iho (list exploring .surveys of the lloundary bilv ecu the remaining llntish pos. sessions and the Pnilcd States, Quilitc (lazitte. AT A IH'TIOV, Tom i rotv April 1 1 111 al I o'clock. A I.OTo, si'hnll ti rnitnrr. Fuming iitiu Fiivvln. " i-, Dry sn. ,.li, O.irriu ;i: end riding vv i 'us a m i variety i i other Annies. Arrd-JIISIl' II THOMAS. Al-o a few bushels IIPRII.- CHAS i SLLI) of the first qunlity. ('i:ito(;i: i: n,vitiu:it HAVING lured the Tavern Stand lately occupied by Mr. J. Potter, near the Court I louse in RurliiiL'ton. will ol all Innes.he ready loae-coiumodatpTravcHcrs and others with Hoard. hi Irrnni horsekren- ing and other acconiiiiodnlk.ns m good style, nnd no pxius w in on spureii i'ii ins puri, lo inaue lliem cnni' forinble. nnd nn the niol nas innble Tumi. Price of Singlo liuiilu one Shilling. Huihngton April 51th. I" 1 1 I'OWOCIt. Kn- Hlaitinz Pni.-'' I- Apr 13 u IPII, S fKt'N- r! ;t Ct rilO IWILUmt.S.-l-roposals w.ll bo received for 1 furiiishiiiglinaterials and building the I! rick School ool house ill district No. 10. 1', plan ol the building may bo found at the Store of Strongs i. Co. front find after .Monday ubxr, and proposals receivd for oh-e week thereafter. OKO. A. ALLK.V ; W. L. STltO.NO 5 Cotnirr. . ,. .shtii aiousr.5 llurhtiglotr; April 22, 1811. t'ouxn. OR may lie found in this village, directly opposite tlm Methodist Chopel. nit OLD PAINT SHOP, newly fitted up in good style, where the undersigned will ho glint to wait on his" ol.J customers who may favor him with ihfcir parrouaje. Cm Pi It. e.i. SPAUL1MNCI. lliirliugton, April '23, IS He lioitHii; " STRAYIII) or stolen from tlm subscriber, on the night of the IJth hist., a small lllaek HOIISK, with lipavy mane, hanging on both sides of tiro ne- k, star in i the forehead, and the right hind foot sl.-mdm,' outa little. A suitable compensation will be given for information where said horse maybe found. I'iwJ M. LADUi:. Hiiiivliurgh, April 17, 1311. '2't April I HI I New CiooilK. IANCY rioods.ninl Milhnary articles, also Cali coes, Challys, Mens, do Lame1!, Silks, Hosiery, Oloves, Ribbuns, Lace, fic. Ac, just received and foi sale at HOWARD'S. HICIID'S ORASS and Red and White CI.OVLR SLKD, a new supply at HOWAR'S. April -ii, IBII. VM It MONT UltAWINC ttOOK. rpili: Vermont Drawing llool; of Lamheapes pre . pan d and arrniiged by John Henry Hopkins, 1). D. Ilisliopof ihe Dioicse of Vermont, Nos. o and P, eoiilniiiiug I'i be-iutiful Lithogtapbic prints, with the Liter pressdescription, this dnv puhlishnl by'.N'CLY OOODRICll. April 22, 1811. Complete setts of the Ytruiont Drawing Rook in G nos. coiistauily fur sale. (iai-.teii Si-ciN, iT'ROM the Yankee I-'arnicr Ollice, noston, of tho growth of 1310, for sale by April ti. C. OOODRICll. NEW COOKS. JUDGi: Marshall's Decisions on Constitutional (lu-.sliuns in the Supuiuu Court of ihe Uuitid Slates. Holmes' American Annuals, '! voli. S vo. liutlers' History of the American Revolution, - vols S.vo. foi silo hy C. GOODRICH. April TO ItK.VI'. TUP. store next east of Mr. Iliainnn's Rook Stoic .... ...II . . it i eii'i'VivniiTii X on College strut, II. I.LAYP.NWORTIL April IP, IS1I. STATU OP VIIRMONT, r1 11 I'. Honorable msthict or ciiiTTi.snKN, ss. i Jl llif probate court for the District of Chillenden .-To nil persons con cerned in the e'stalu of Juiuce Murtiu, laic of .Unco in said district, deceased, GRLETING, Whereas, Hannah Martin udiuiiii-trairix nl thcc-Mio of said deciased, proposes to render an account of In r administration,!!!!,!! present hiraccnuut against said es tatu fur examination and allowanceata session of ihe Court of Probate, to he hold, n al liurlingtoii on tho si-ioii.I we Ii lay of June ne.xt. Thcnforo, vou nn- hereby notified to appear bi-fore said courtnt the time and jilace aforesaid, and shew cause, if any you have, why the account aforesaid should not bo allowed. Given under mv baud at liurlingtoii, this I lib day ofApril.V. 1). 111. Wm. vr..sT0.v, itcgistir. I'.ll Itarnum's I'.statc. S'I'ATF. OF ST.RMONT, rpm; p.nhatc Court msTiniT or i niTTi-.s-niiv, s. s X for Ihe District of t hilleliden : To tho creditors and othtr- concerned in the istate nl' Jill Itanium, late of Mi'tun, in said District, deceasiil. Wiieiik.vs, Ivhjah Heriicl; nnd Samuel Hoardman, Admiuistralorsot the estate otsaid deeea-C'!,havomade apphcilion lo this Court, to extend the time liiuitid for making payment of tho dibts of said deceased twelve inotitlis'lVoiii the "J'Jlli day of April, 131l( and the second Wednesibiy of May next, I e'ing as-igned for a hearing in ihe pn inisis, al the Ofl'icuof the Re irister of this Coin t, and it having been oiderel that notice thereof be given, by publishing this decree thrie weeks successively in ihe I'lirhngton Free Press a news paper printed at lluilington, before tho lime fixed for hearing. Therefore, von are hcicbv notified. to appear before snid Court, al the time and place eifore-aid, then and lliere, to iiiakcobjiciion if any you have, to thusaid time of payment being further extend ed as aforesaid. Given under my ban 1 at Rurlinlon this 10th day of .xpru .. i). I3ii. tv.u. vx i-.s i l-.n , Htgithr, STATU OF VKIIMONT."? ml IK Hon. ihe Pro lusTiucT in- ciiittenduv, vs. X. bale court for the District of Chilteiulen : To all persons concerned in me eslnlo ol l.ll llarunm, late ol Aliilnn. to saul Dislriet.deceasi d, GRKIVI'LVG. Wiicncvs, l'.hj.ih Herriik and Samuel Roardman ndnir s ol the e.slnte of said decinsi d, propose to rtnder an account or lluir ndiiiiiiisiralioii, nnd nreriut their account against said estate for examination nnd allowance at a sissiun of the t ourt of l'rohate, to 1 holiku at the Re'istir's olTicc in lliiiliugton, on the second edni-day of May lit t. Then fine, you an; hereby notiliid lo appi ar before said court at the tiineand iihei'itfoiLSaul and shew Lause, if any you have, why the account nf.,ri said should not he al lowed. Given under mv band nl I'urlinglon, this 50th day of April A. D. I'll. W.m. WI'.STO.V, Register. AUCTION AUCTION'. "lX7'ILL 1 e sol I at Auction a ucueral assortment of l Divliniil. mi Saturday April 21 at 2 1 -..,..!'. ...I 1 Xf . i Ind. iiei i ,i-,ii-k , . ,i; .-ii. 1 1- i-onii ' ' Church ami Cnllcre Si. and lo I e.intiu-.til nn each -aturdav Iblbiwlug until nil soil. IlLNRV .MAVO. Trustee. ' lliirlnr.'ion April l.'i, 1511 New mill I'-.isliIouahlc TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT. jVTH. Hi:XS would inform his riends and 1M the public ir-mirally, that he bus lain n ihe will known st,nn in Chureh-street, recently occtiL' d hv Ijlward P.. F.vuiis, Drapir and Tailor: at whuli place will he kepi constantly on hand and for sale, a general assortment of French, Fnghsli and Aiiiciicnn Itroadcloths, Cassimcrcs, and Visum:, suited for dif ferent seasons. Also Fashionable Trimmings of nil kinds, and of ihubest quality, which will be sold for Cash us low as can elsewhe re be obtained. The Cutting Department will be siipcrinitndexl by .Mr. Leans' for the time heiiiL'. .Vo pains wi'l be spared on his part lo employ the bin ol workmiu, nnd to make this one of the best rsiab!:hmenu of the kind ui the state, Anv cnulcnnn who nnv favor bun with auyurdtr, may lely upon having il t.xeruud at ihe time nppuiutid, rind in the viry b kt possible man ner. An nil litioti will be made to the above stock as soon as the opening of nnv i-'-ilu. n will pirnm. lie hopes by ihl'ge nee uud iiltculioil lo merit u shine of Ihe puhlie nilrom-co. jw 1 1 Ilurhii'.'tou, April P, ISII. xotict:. riAHLS may certify, that I have i ivm my son Levi I S. Col",'his lime, after this date. I will lay no claims to his sirviets or any properly he may nccu nmlalu herrnltir, nnd will liold mysilf li'spunsiblc to pay none ot his uehls. AI.VIN IL COLP.. Ct lehister. April o, 1P1L Hi:i".;'.S tlltASS SI'I-:i fur sale by STRONGS' iS, CO. April R, IR11. IIA V vow nam:. Til'"; " disci lher lit nlnnd i few ions of fust rntc hiy fur xalc. Wills wiigh it in quamics lo mi Koir'ui'. rs.nt Ins barn ut in uoiiais pi r ion. mr reau us. JOII.VV AN S1CKLP.N. YTTP.SSRS. PWGllORNit RRINSMAID, gent. 1Jl 'I'he r.iur lloxes of Sherman's Cough Lozenges hid of von cure-l me cntirilynfn sevire attack of the Lung Fever ne oinpaiiieil by u Hard Cough. I es teem lliem highly and recommend lliem to all who hav ii Cough or iho Lung Fever. i".RA HOYT. F.ssex, Vt. July 13, 1SI0. inngborn ft Hriiisinaid sole ngenls for S'lermati s Coughnil l Worm Lezcngcsanil Poor .llan'u Pl.isie rs, cV Loetiges all have A. Sherman, il Don llie box. PANADA IV I Hill aw, showing, by his- lorical f icls. llie causes of Ihe late attempted Revolution, and uf its future. The present condition of the people and iheir future prospects, together with the personal advenlurcsoftho Aiiihor,iudoihcrs who were connecled wilh iho Revobiuon, by !'. A. Tui-.ixr.ii, lliii'. tVi'i. in ''' t'i'iiutian AViiiiWiViin itrriee. Thisdayriccivcd and for sale at ihe Rook fsictcof 1). A, HRAMA.V, u !"., Iioit iredlellies. J-i! OITPLII'S nf everv thna in ibis "l raii'-h e f ihe sj bealni.' art. nf ihr' km I, together wilh the i.l.llaielnh article-, c-oniuijially on haujhil ( CJTOR! FOR KALi:. Tho sub a ihir bing nbout i ... . ..),,. uii-li the inercanlile busaiiss oifeis Ins Store nnd 'remaining slock of GOODS for sale. The Store is St! by 3d fell, two stories high and well lililsli. ed wilh n wood house, and burse shed 33 feel Jong attached. The location is a desirable one for business and wall be sold low. A cicdil will heeiven if d( sired. ALI'.XANDKR FF.RGUSO.N Huntington, South Village, .Inn. '.'0, It'll. "TMtASS CLOCK"- . l'cisous wisbinr gewef brass U H 1 1 lli! 11 iiitiinn' clocks ill bcaulilul finished cases, call C....I !,. m, ffiinmblc tcmu. lit iho Variety Slorr, Also, II ink and Ollieo Clocks, for s.ih't llicsu Clocks are wairanleii io i.expcorrci e ioue,iiiiii ene ..m form ns well as nnv oilier clocks. Dec. 19. P WOimitN k RRINSMAID. ' rsiips.ii it ir r fir vale hv T II M riDPJ.Mj'S i CO B ISIBllll I ! li 1 M TilllWlSSSW I flUn TBTIIIWSSI Valuable ItraJKstatc lor Male. 120R Milonll tho real, Into the property of . Jlr. John Abbott, in the- villngu ol lSurlington, iiiiuie, uihi Hojniuuig mo sotiiit-casi corner oi trifr eyouri-uo'jsosquarc.and consistuiffof nilvvelhnghniiso nndcsst.buildings, nlso n three story brick building ns a Cabinet Shop, but may bo so arranged as to uitd.o n good store nnd dwelling. This property will be sold together or separately ns vill best suit, to gether wiHi land for gardens, 6U, AUo one budding lot separate. A ciedittwil bo given on good security fur thegren, ter part of the purchase money. For futher particu lars apply to JOHN JOII.VSO.V. Hnrhngion, April P, 1541. Commissioner's Not lee. i: the .Subscribers havinu been appointed by Iho Honorable Probate Court for I ho district of Grand Isle, Commissioners lo receive nnd examine ami adjust the claims nnd demands of all persons against the cstatu of I'.LISIf A RP.Y.VOLDS, late of Isle La Mott, in said district, dectnsed, rcpresunted insolvent, nnd also all claims nnd demands exhibited in oll'set thereto, nnd six month from tbo day vf the datu hereof heing allowed by said court for lhat pur pose, we do therefore hereby give notice that we will intend to the business of our oppointuicntnt rhedvvcl ling bouse of I'.liz.ihclh Reynolds, ill Isle I.n Moll, on the first Tuesday of July nnd September, A. D. 1811, from tell o'elock'in the forenoon, till six: o clock in thir alicrnoon, on each of tho said days. Dated at Isle Iji Mutt, this third day of April, A. D. 1111. 3vvll L'LHOLC Medicinal Liquors. AltTICI.LS in tins line of First quality, may lu con-tHiiily found nt TllliO. A. I'LCIv k CCVS, Apothecaries. .MlTICi:. W IIITi: and Orey Murh'c grave stones ol super, lor quality an I workmanship will U' f iruish- ed i'U the -in rlel nolicobv. II. S. CLAl'P. Lb rlmglMi April 15 ISII, xorici:, fllIP, Copartnerdiui bentofoie existing under llu A linn of Mayoit Wait a, iriilecs of l..ttlir q A I'otwin, was di-solved on the lOih .March ISII l y lu glial Con cut. Joseph Wail withdraw inu, the bu rii-ss of lbe'riist will I e ch.-c I hy Henry .Mayo the leiiiaiuing parlner ut iho store Cointrol Clu n'li und Collese St. liurlingtoii. IH'.MtY MAYO. April Vi ISII. .'OS. WAIT. The goods rein lining unsold in the li.uiiL i.l'llenry M.iyo .isTru.leu heist I esiil'l. All will do well to .iv.iil tliein-elvcs ol llns opporiiitiiniiy, to puii'lnsc iroods at retail, iiitieh I elow their valni-, at prices to -nit customers li r cash. April W l.-jll. NOTIUU. ALL pcr-ons indel led to us. be ibe amount Cots '2 j cts 31, or more, are politely requested to puy, .is wo need Ihe loony. Those having any account against iisvvill plea-e pri-eul II. April 15th ISII. l'A.NOUOKNit UULNSMAII). QIIUIIMAX'K COIKMI I,t).i:N(ii:S The t very Lest Cough leuiedy, und Sherman's Poor .Man's Plaster's, I'or 121 eeut-, tar sUiei-ior to your 50 n'ut or dollar plasters, rsnld at the Varivtv f-u le liv PANUIiOliN A III!I.V.s.MAIl). Sole Agents for Ihe- lovvu uud Stale. .N. 1!. The maker's name " A. SIIKRMA.V, M. P." i on each Hoxuf ljzeu je, and each 1'iUtiCi'. April ISII. SII HUMAN'S IVDKM L.O.UXCil'.S.-are diilere I Iruiu all oilier prep trutiuns tint tbrlh liu- clulilreii aiidtudutts tor worm-, 'the eutiiue uie lor saie ui me i :u iciy inrc, nv I'AMiilOK.N sM lll.l.NS.MAIII. Sole Agenia lor Ibis town and the Slate. N. II. Look and see if the ii.imo" A. SHLRMAN, M. l)."is on Ihe box. Apnt 1810. TIRST REPORT l-'rom the Cheap Cash "lorc. AS was heralded forlh in the Iliirlingtou Free 1'rcss on l io mormui' Ol llie Ull Alarell. saVUIL' the former Agent, HOWARD, vvas conlinccd, uud, 17 1-2 acre nf -aid faun which ba llad commenced upon his twentieth year, who now 1 ),m, ,v i. exivmor nfile- la.t wi'l if ihe -ml most respectfully reports, as follows, vix: Thai the , d,s.ia,ed.uiider mi order otsaid nrol ice court. And eli'ort made in disposing of the old slock of remnants In I , Ill , ..1..... .. .. . I.l.. I.l .. ntl. I'.. III1U lll.HISill lllllll'-i'- 111 111 s n n iiiiii , i is, .ii .. i ry. That oil the 23d he procieded to Albany, nnd was present in the Legislature when llie cominiiice I reuoited. advxrso to the hiilldili'' of a llridee at that place, nnd were direcled to lake back the papers and tiring ill n bill for iiuuiediale action to determine, whether, constitutionally, an obstruction could be thrown over the Hudson, when the General Govern ment had improved the navigation by removing im pediments and deepemm.' ils channel, far above such place, is ihe question. .Vow- that noble Rivir being the inlet from llie high sens anil Atlantic Ocean to tin- ttadeof the Green mountain Slate, of course the I',o II HOC OI II IO Ull'eil IIIOIIOIilUl .?,,l, lum ss ,1,1. . , pie's Agent could not but have a deep intircil in ihe result which mav souu he known. That on the "7lh he lefl in the Steamir Plica for New Yoik.on which passage Lieutenant Govimor Riadish wns called to ihe chair, J: Feimiuiore Cooper, seereiary, nnd llie nieeiing being addresseil by Major Giucrnl Sanford, whereupon n luianimuus expression of thanks was voted lo ivapiam ahull, ny mu i.ndy nun lacnlleiuen passengers for his indefatigable eiiliiprise and exer-! tiotis in tdoui'liim' h wuv ihriuiuh llie ice from Poul'Ii kespsie to Albany, thereby ullbrdmg a pleasurable trip by water instead of u dangerous one through mud by la mt to .ew ) oik. That liavuia arrived at the great cnninn rcial emtio- riim, nf the lTimir, after n w inler'M n hue lire un. rlm.r. ed by mutual .salutations with former friends who I without e.xeipiions, protiercu lluir every illort in shevs-ing and displ yiiigullnf iheir most Fashinnable beautiful, and de-irable articles of Mcrchuudiic with a corresponding wish to favor me with such selections as might bo wanted and ut llie very hi si bargnins, pnr- lieuhiriy as ueing lor mo supply ol the ever up nnd doing, quick nnd cheap, cheap for ensh nnd uou-iui- irisoumetit-for-debl store, loented in thelieiiulilul vul cy of Lake Chaniplniii, at Hiirhnglnn, Yeriuonl. 'Thus haviiii; biiu so reci ivt-d I made n tudicioiis se- lection of such articles as were calculated for spring trade, and relumed home-, where nny of llie many kinds of Fancy and other Gouds may he had nt pri ces to suit purehnstrs, nt HOWARD'S. April 3d, ISII, S T ATI'. O F V HII.MO .V T District ot Chitlendfti, ' AT a Probate Courl holdi-n nl H irline;on( within nnd for -aid ihstriei, nu ihe-8 belay of April, A D 1811, LYMAN HALL, gii.inhni cf ibc property and esla'i- of Geop'e llli, .Martha H. H'l", Snplui, Ull, nnd Jo-huu I-htiiu Ith, iiiumr-, children uf Mii'os Hlis and Sophia Illi-s, havinu tiled m -aid Court his pi-l n iml in wriline;, sritim.' li nh that his said ward hio seized m their own riuht in fee, as tenants in I'liuiiiion, e f llu- following de-eril eslpirceds of land, lying and le-ing sima o in Shilh irn, in !he county r.f Chitiendeii, viz : A piece of land containing one aire, furmeily 1 e Imigui? to Ihe i.-late nf Jn,hua I-hain, des ea-esl, ly ing on Ihe south cast corner of the firm necup',,1 by dude We'st, which acre has hi rctnfore 1 ecu lca-ed to Jo-cph Tucker. Abo, n piceu of land boiin lisl follows! Hegininug at n hcuihvl., spinding m ibc iciiee s- uti IJo veest hliiTii e'liiiiis and sivn-liv links tpei, .,. nest (wo rh.nn- and sty (lmt. I,.,s; th -ni'c so'iih lo IV we-l, i went v four chains nnd im links; ihciu-e north c'Jo 1'J' we-l, Ihirly-fivi- eliiuis and lorlv liuk, lo Ibc road le-ading fnim l lie ',s n, a Iteel's; thciice unitli in the rond U, e-e.t, -IX e-i.1 as and twenty eight links; thene-e nnnh 2i!o SD'ca-i.iweuty-M'Veii chain- to Ihe place nf I e vimiing, ,-oiilainiug on- hundiesl in d liir.v.-eveii nnd iiiae-lv-llue'C liundre-ths acre's. Abo. tin mid lie division 'nl iho seven uercflol. .o e-alhsl. Inrlili r'v- I e'lnn 'nnr tn the esta'c nl'lhc said .In.bua Isliain, 'ecca til, bomdisl islnllows! I t-giiiuing ii! ii stal.c staa hug snuih s3o -an iwo chains an 1 nuie-tv run- links fr, m ihe -ii'ill, 1,-asf coiner of Anson Tiicti r's lot m said Sh-lburn; theiicc north I Veal eight chains nu li-ejity live link-; ine-iii r siniui oo -to e-i, i vn i-iiaiiis nn i iiinriy one linksjtlie-nivsonih I.V we-t eight chains mil hnieiv tluiv link-, theuci nnrlh hsiu we-l, iwo chain nud ninety one links to the place lit" I eguiniug, t-nninin-ing Iw-o and lil'iy-six huiulrcih in-ie.. Also, ihe iniddlo elivisinn of ibe tweiuy-iinc acre In!, s,, otil led, formerly I clongiug to the'c-la'enl" the said Jo.h. iia l-ham, ih-i'ca. nl, lionndel as tellnws; lgummg nt a stal.,-staiuhng s.i.ith s,7o, we'-l live chains and sixly-five links from )ho norili,-ast onrnerof ai, lea ; ihen'iT In 30' ea-t, iwelvi' chains and te-ii linU; iheiiecwL-si, six chaiiii; thciuv nnnh n3tl'wi--l,i,!e.v-en chains and cigluy linksio ihe mail; thenc, north S7oeast six chains to the plncoed I cginuitig, cxinlnin- ing sev-ci. acres, .ind that It vvould It- coiidueivo to the intcicsts ot said wards to bait, said lands sold, and the prisisxW of such sa! p-it nt intcrc-t, er invcnsl in stoe-ks, and praying Ihe said Court to grant huu, Iho said Lyman Hall, guardian as ufort-nul, license to II saw laii'is lor llie purpn-e aloio-anl. Whereupon tho i-uurl alnri'Miid. dolb minium il.c 2 I'll day of April, ISII, I'or hearing sitnl peiition an I llcclUlllg Ill-rt'iill, at I ICO lice l. Ihe Kegl-ler n! i.ii, court in -aid Uurliugtoii, nud doth order, tliat nntice- tlie-it-ut lie given to all persons iiilere-lol, hy pnl tiiuinl llii onli-r.ciiiitaiiiing ihesub.slancf id said pe tilinii, in Iho Hiirliu jinn l-'ri--' Pres,i ucw-paper linn- lo I in H irliiigloii, m said county nf Chitiendeii, three wix-ks siiccc.sively, previisisly tulliv M-iitl -j till il.i)- of liivt-ii iiiii cr mv haml. at 1 ur Iiiil-ioii. hi m,i ,l,.,r,-..i U.I. s . ..., ..... r 1 ' ems on, ti.iy ui .ipril, ISII. W.M H-TO.N, Kegs,-r. NOTICC 70R SALU.-A two story ilwellmg HOI'sr. nud I betwix'ii fiveand six acresof first imp l.vvn 1 he is suuntrd 011 Miflburn striu, a few rods n.iuili ot rno village, rnssession given uhnnt ihu ursi in .nay, nn iiiriuer parucuiars ciitpnrenf Uiirlington, April P, 1SI1, A, II. IllSHOP, V,MI.M. '"'Vlli.NtlHS. Tin. va1nr.Uo ailu-l -v . il,iiiy t'slllliluhlllg Use I. it- l ie (.l 1, 11. 1, eiiie for llll.l P4 nihil and soillellinei I'.iIhI , nilmlninl n l.i! dien, Ihe unrin., ,t wf.olarr nnd rfiail Iv Jan.! 1MI. TllfO A. P,.t.U .V (.V, sniiih hue e,t Jn-hiia R.-exl s land in -aid Sliclburn, and (kPof B,,i wlJuw ,,f s111 deceased, nllnf which nonh of the I-h tin lanu, so eallesl ; I he-nee I. asi 1 M msatl, .1IP j Vul Ch irlotlc; .cve-ulirn chains six links, ihenee. -omh Klo 2., cts! 1 t'l.-it n s-:.ltr of his si,d wards inlert-st iif sjpy, l,ls iwelvc eluiins, lo lb,' road leading nonh Iro.u I. ., be oonuucive lo iheir u.lcr.s!, bl' bjeTu-" the Maevk'sJ Ibene'o soillh Villi la w,-t .'ight chain-, , , , , . . j , ,.vy sd rosrcim' iv NOT AmJ of, nnd thu tunes, uot I entg prniiimni. fiiMrchaugi'.lhero will ntineinku idaeo. 'I hen fore ,lense not nuticipato vvhst tnyM Imvo Li-en e-otitviiuilnt') lrnd nreiiiustHiices eonspiiH to have Indiietsl il, Sailiei' il is lhat sundry divers iarne Na tional, Coinniercieiil financial, i-oiqiorateaud nidivid u ilSotriihitions'bave ol late Loco S'trv nMU'ithtnnil nig nil fair external oppearnm es to hirvc i-ollapseil. So now ns t-ith old land marks he-it eniilrdol in. i the long iricl ctieap cash store to the thousands nf eja in ions iniyers vv-no no not only wisii to irucs they buy cheap but wa-ut to cnivtuiuu for the! prci-ul at lenl wheio they know hr? iiwi buy so. Which is said by Mr. Sinilh and his ireiluls lo le at. Apiil 15 ISII. HOWARDS'. ;anh-n HceiU ol the gioulli of IHIO. IAISlvll feir ris) put up by Jo.cph llreck- U Co,, i. nt the Scisl Lsinblishnieiit i-onius'tisl wilh llie New- I'liL'l.iud Fanner flice.lluston, Laeh sort n labrllod with Directions for Us culture. "The ubovcSoeds aie of the trmwlh of t810, and of Ihe very ln-sl q lahty, being rai.e I hy the inu.l ex penem el itrowcrs, ex'piessly for this 'e!'iMixhiiKiiti i-xi ept siieh sorts as will not ripen to iidviintagi; in thiscouulry, which are imported Irolu the lirsl houst in Ivirupc. Awari" if the great i-oiiip'Hints thai have hitherlii existed in ri-gard In Scisl-, nnd of the iinpor lancoto Ihe Gardener, id' having -ni-h ns can be ie ln upim.cve-ry erli rt hasbein made nl this cluUi-h-ineiil to lahi.- 'airl vend o icionly as. will give pi r feel snli-fai fnm." AliHO Oinnmcnlal bTnvviT.-sei-d., a ehi -- van, ty. Ruin Haga, While Flat Turuii, Oiange Canol, S'ugar Itei-t, etc. above ul wIioV.aU and retail Lv April ISII. fiTRO.SfW vt CO. (tcplieii Hnlis-lit's Ustatc. WFlhesiihserili-rs, having I ecu uiipu'i.tcd ,y the Honorable the I'rol ale Court forlliu Hi-triet ol Cliitlenden, coiiiniissiiiu-r lo rceeivc, examine and a ' isl the claims uud demands of all pcr-ons, agaui-i the elate of Stephen ll:iialil,laleofllurliiigtoii in said L triet, deiva--l, lepre-enttsl in-nlve-nt, an I also all etau.i. and dein.iiid- exliilu'lel in obet Iheielo; and six lunnlhs from lliudny of tin- da'e here if, leiu,' iillowed I v-siiid Conrl i'-r lhat puro-e,"?i'i' do llitne ore hereby give notice dial we will iillcnil to tin business of our Appointment Hi the dwelling ol John Howar ', in Ifurtington m said district on Ihe simoii I Monday t.f June und tst Monday iifOetr, her next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., em eaeh ol sail davs. Dateil.ihi, l'i.hibiy iifApnl A. I'. 1 i II. 3.v'-j I.l OII'll l.'l' .l, ARCH. W. HV'-F, I ..l.iillllls.ll.HK-1 - .lolin Van Slcklen's I'.slnle. A'TT'P llu- si ili-ci'd it, h ivuig I ecu uppniiitedby the llonural.letlie Prnl.ale Omit tor the District ol ''hitlendem I'uuiiiiii-imiei-s to itseive, examiue and ad0-t the claims nnd delimit K nf all per-ou-, ngaiil-l thce-la-e e,f JOII.N VAN riU'KCI N, laie sf ubng lun, in -aiddi.trict, dc, ea-ed, n-picscoteil m-niveiit, anil al"o u'l claims nnd demand- exhihitol m ol-et theielo and six iiioiuhs fioui tb; date In rent! 1 emir allowed 1 ysuid Court, niirpote, vie do heiehv give uol a e, lhat we will attend lo the husinoss i,f u :V appoiiilinent, at th.i dwell in p id Jobu Van Sie-len, (luteiuo.) in ll.irhiigton. ui said dislrs-t, on the'lU.h duv of Scptcuil cr next, al len nMi'k, A. .M. l)a-cl, thi. tenth d.,y ,,f Maich, A. D.lill. A I A' AN FOOT I", ) l.rilH li LOOM S. UV ..iimri-11111-.r. HAIiKY IlltAlll.LV. ) STA VF. OF l.liMONT lli.lriet ot Chiileuili n,, I AT u Prolate I onrt hnU'i-n at Ihirhiiiriori within and li.r -aid ihstriei nn the tenth dsy ol April, A. I). ISII, IU'.NJ.vMI.S lli:iR.S, e f Charlotte in the Cuiiiity nt't'liiitetidi'i,, ireardinn e.f the .re.prt and I'siale'ol -Nancy O. tinlett, l.u'-un GiPett and Sarah Alio liilh t', inlimi , hndivn nl Sin li'ml llnb-ll of -aid Churlotle, having Idixl in ssid eoi.rl his peti tion in wrilinc, titling torlh that In-snid ward- aie seized in ihi-irnwli rlu-ht in fie nl nnet-qual iiliitivided h lit nl tinny nine and one In) ueit- of -he Imn c firm uf whicu Jniiathan Gillett, la'e of said Char-loitiyh-ie.oed, d nl seized, i euur all nf -aid hoiiit fill in- excepting s'ln. n rL.. theu-nt whe h has 1 e-li ..e ii i lo the widiiw-i.f llu said I'tet'a.i-I fl u tart if her Hmrr in I ...In!,. , ,1 i, , e, .ye,'. and X- tint hiai. umd- me al-o n- zed nf one undivided , ,.- .- i ... - ,. .1. - . . r .. ,e. . I , . , ,n j i i ,,,n uilf II .1 1 H TV- Ol I III ill O III, -1' iai'i-1, 1 f the s-.i.d ile ea ml I eni.'sll nf .aid woil lot, tvmit two an 1 1 u" ha.r.icie. lie reofw Inch hi. l I ten set lo lli,- widow nl -aid deiea-cl n- a furth er poitmii uf her dowir in .aid retil e.ta'r. And that said waids are al. i, n-'el m their own ruht in fee nflluti iindivineil deli h pans nf ,aid -ix'een m-re. uud .aid Iwo an I one hilfa-ie. i f said laud so set o il to the widow-ul' aiddeeca cst.whieh sjx'eeri ncrc- nnd two an I one'aeie nl laud uie siib;,vi to the bl'e I'-Uleo -aid widow nl the saitl ileiv.i' e Ihi'iein, nil of which lun Is arc u u'e in ,aiJ Charfotle ; j mi; ma, ,i .,,.,., , i . . ,... . i , . ... u.v nnu.., mpi wards lo hive their inieie. I in .ai l lan-l- sold, nnd iug lhat it wnuld 1 1- ci tideeiVt- in ihe interv-t t mid ihe pris'iesls ol s ich ,a t i it nt in:crtfM un-l iiravin hiiid eoiul to Inenn- and enipow-er Imn to rrll bi wmJi inlcii't Hi said luiph, tor Ibe purpo-e albre ,.iid. Mieie ipon ihe re irt,! dolb appouit the llurd ilay of M) nexi l u hesiimr asl prtitlun and Courl in mi I It .riuuiou, nad doih nr.lcr that noUiv iis-iuin iiieiunii, ni inc e ui e ni uie nr.i.'er m sain theiei.f I e given lo a I PT-nn- tnlcres'ed by tuiMic lion of this order, conlaiuiiig the su! stance ot said pt'tuion, in the II irhngmii Pre,. Pres., u n, vv'. paper primed in li irlin---lnii in the co intv nf ChMleinleii, ihric week-siieeeive!v previoiii to tin- eaidihird day of Mav, ISII. Ifiveu itii'l. nnv bin! at -ml liurlingtoii thi- tenth divot April. ISII. W.M. WIS TON, rtmittrr. S T A T P. O F V K R M O N T ) District of Chittenden, ss. ' Tn Probate Court In Id at Hurlington vviihin and i for said District of Chillenden on llie tenth dav of April A. D. 1311. William O. llarkcr of Chnilotte in the County ol Chillenleu, guardian of thu pro perty and islalcof Catharine iiarucs, Lucritia Harms, Caroline Harnes nnd Ihihlv l!irne, nil of said Char lotte, minor childrni of John Harms of iid Charlotte, having tiled in sxil Omul bis pennon, in writing, selling f lrih lli-itlii said wauls .-re seized m their own right in fee of foui eqaal undivided fiflh pans of one undivided halfof thiilv mue and one hall acres of ibe home farm of which' .luiialhnn Gilb II, late of aul Charlotte, died s-iz."-!, being all of nel home farm, exe-epliug sixteen acres ilureof which has been sot oil' lo li e w idow of aid di e-cixed ns n pari ol her dowir in the real e lale of said decessed and e'xcepling nlo I7J acres of nid farm which Ins been sold by the F.xecutor nf llie lat will nf llie said deceased under no order of said Probate Court. And that said wards are also seir.ed of four i quid uiuhvidid fifth paits of onciindividid halfof two nnd one half acies of the wood lot, so culiisl, of siinl ibeiasid, being nil of sa.d w-nodlot, except two an-loiw Inlfucres thereof wluih has ids i b'-cu si I out lo ibc said widow ns a further portion of her dower m said teal esinte. And thai saiil wards are also s..ed in their own riL-hlin ! i'. ..ine.l nii.lii iHed ei.dilh nsrlb nf ssid si teen ucrcs and tvioand one half ncres of land, so set out lothe said widow nf soil deceased as her dower in Iho real istate of s ml deceased, which sixteen ncris nnd two nnd one hull acres are siilqect to Ihe tile mil nt liiK ti nt to license ami empoei-r huu'Jtt sell Ins r irils i.Herest in siul hms, aure ablv sjslhe statute in such case made and provided. AVfrrreiinon, tlin Court aforesaid dolb appoint -iie tbTrd day of May next for hearing nud deciding oiiaOlld pelitmii, at the office of ih,. Iteuist, r nfsnd Cniirt. in ssid IhirhmMoti. nnd dolb order ihnt notio thereof bo given to all persons inleri'sted, bv publication of lhi order, coniainuiL' the siihstnnro ol salt petition, in ihe isuriiiiL'lm I ret Press, a new'stnptr primed in Ihirhnctonin iho Conn lv of Chilli nden, ihrie vve les successively previom lo the said llurd dnv of Mae A. I). 1-U1. Given under my hand at Hu'rlneton.ihis lOih dnv of ., ei'if ev,t;T,iv i, .-'.,.,.- .Vpril, lotl. .in..,...,, ,i. ; stati: op vrmiT, PisTini'T or ( niTTrxniA A Ta I'm'a'cCrurt he-Ida' Hurlingtrn. within nnd fir laiildi-lnclriet nf Clillleu ten on the 15'llJav nfAtinl It'll, Cvnis Iv'cidi, nf Sheldon in the enuiuv 1 if Trail' in. mi ir linn nf .Me Inula llrnnl.'. ir. id 1 levc' and in the Siale nf Ohio, a female inf nil nu Vi llie age nf i-ighievn vi-in, ilvigh cr e l" Jush ia HrooLs, leicnt Hur ingtnii in I lit t-i.ei 111 v nl I hi'ii-ii'icii, men' si. haeuig lib-diii saulcnurl bis pe-iuieui, ai writing ...11 in- Infill I na il- saiilvvani s .t'i7ei 111 ue-r t,wn righl in Its nl nnetiual un ltvi 'ii lourih part nl cu or neiriei acre lots inuid eied 1 and -'2. sipinre III said lliirtniglnn.andthcl ud lings nnd nppur-eniinci-sihrrc .,1 nnd llierelll I elnlltJinL. sid ns'l to lilt' rlllllt ed'elliW- ll.n nfwldoie ol In .aid Joshua drunks, e'es e'ls.vl wlneb righl nfilowe-r is a lifeeMaleto mil vvitlovv 111 mu third par- of said land and ; rcpie-enl-nig thai a nh i f aul wartl's inlcri-t 111 said land- and urt'inue. wo ,1 1 i cenn.uicivc in urr um rcs l.t- !.,.in.. ,!,.. iirne.ssL nl'sliell ,ab- pill lit IIVCICsl niid nrnviii.' ai I citurl 10 Iiecnee nnd t-iiipnw ci him 10 ...II hi- "n-nisls inffrt I 111 said lands nud premise agres-al iyco ibe sintutt-ill such i'Ke inaele uud pro- SVhcri-npnn ibc court nfori-saul ilolh appoinl the third day of .May ncxl, lor hea ring nnd deciding n Mild pel llion, ui llu- Kill t of llu Ri-ilsltr lif-aist eel ut m aid lliiilnigtiiii and doth order lb 11 notns iheri'of In given 10 all persons inierestcl Iv piillieanon of llu order i-ont lining ihe snbstanct'of said pttition in llu Huil'iiginn 1'iei l'rcs-,a newspaper printevl 111 said lliirliuglon, lliret wicks succosiytlv, previous 10 said ihirddavol May. IritL ,. liivi-iiiiiidcrniphiu.ini slid I! irluiglnn llns Istli day el" Apr. I, ISII. WMWI'-SI ON, .Veu.'re. A "YOUNG MAN, (not 11 Gentleman we ihink.) nisscdui. ("" St. Albans bill loasmad Roy in our sloro vo.iKril.iy, ihe 17th ml. Hio ta'.t v,i 'nr r. r I. sivmsl . Plunpton. ('.ishier, ri. SivifT 1'iesidciit. The bill is unit 1 1 worn uud has hex'ii mm ami 111 Iwo places nnd parrot las' bill'Miie Selnie out! 111:1V recoiled of n ing vu.ti a bill pi Ihu hands of Iho SC'Ol'NDRPL who P'l.sed 11 and can aul 11MU lirinemg nun loiusiie-e-. .1 ' 1 ,h ihis hoping l ri li ft him m ibis 'y- f b J Ul( r.l.CIJVJi.-' J'JM.s - j. TaWmraMilnVllll(lllfT 11 ! PAINTING." milh sob.riter Icing hiol,lii fr ,,t faro, X woiild ruspeetfiilly T.lieit u eoutniunnis. nl tho 1111115 and remind hi friends and the public thai he i prepared to ticeoinintidaiu theiu nn Ihe iliorls.t nntiu, and iiiot favorable tonus in tin- various hrunchet op tliuiil ove line. Shop tippo-ite Mr. C. A. Seyiuuui's, lint Sltre, Pcarl-sttes-l, Rurhiigtnn, Vl. JAMi;s sewnv April 1, 1RIV. N. It WANTiri) nsApprentuMto the nbovo bu siness, two smart and re.peotable young men, (AinHr icraiis,) 17 or 18 vearsolil, to whom good eucourngo lue il will 1 e piven by lliusubscril cr. J, S. TOIIACCO. T P. WHALING iV CO. inform iho public lhat I llie.v nrn Airents for Ssremt,- .f. r. lolmeconists, Alhany, V, Y., who mniuifiacturo s. vcrv siiiieiiora'licleif Paper Tolnccn in every vn. riety ofsie. Giocers anil others will find it to their ndvintage to call and cxainine the arnch- A.! Si I Pint, Tobacco of different qualities, nil of ninth vti'bu sold cheap lor cash. Also M'ult ol ihllemit kinds-. TODIXi: SPRI.VG WATKR.-A recently di-cov..r-X id toillltnm lit Sarnloua and roolinns nr,,,,,..,.... known 111 no other Sptuig us freedom from Iron iciiiiers il sale lo tioilnnile hv n cerlaui clnss of inva lids with whom Iron prov, i injurious the qiiantiiy ot Iodine e-onlaitiid in this writer tenders it the most val uable mineral wniir fur everv sneeie.s of Serntnl- v,.i rhsciivcrcd.forsateby J. & J. H. I'LTIK 1V.C0. .IgV. C'ODI-ISII, of superior quality for svle hv ' II. M. OlDDI.VGSiXi CO. XOTICI': TO lllILDFRsi. T lllL suhseriler will Ihrni-li In Rurlinvtoii n I vicmiiy, liltANITl; window . np, sill., unJe- piiiiiim.', I lire. hold-and Door teps ol any du-ciqi-lion, ol the first qualuy. A bill of any stone wante.1 will I u ii'tciulet to, nnd if) mforui-it'oii I irm-liej hr .Me-ir-. I'nll.-tt iV llradley, Pecks Co.. nnd lira lley ie Hyde. Any per-i n can see' he qnu'ity ul'-ho slnut' l,V Ihnse f irili-hod tnr Jude-e r,illnl lu'.ii.e i.t P, dent Where'er'- hiii'O in Ilurlingiun. It is nrcutucJ. lhat Iho qu ,luy and ,ru c nl'thu-estuiie w II warrai.-, a u'eiieral u-e it biuldi rs will tale the troulle to ex aiinuelhi' stone and puce. ULO. W. Pane, Vl, Pel, ruaiy ISII. " ' 0n Cablnct -thop on Callln's t.aue. DKVR .SIR- I'eruut me to inform ou and otlns-s in vour rtcmiir Ihnt I am s;iil Cncnged ill tho CAIMMCT I!PSI.i:SS, and tint sBr.iu.ssj cuslom. any thing tn my hue may be bought uf mcoii as gnud terms as any w-liuru in llns market. I nut now from various causes making work cheaper llian I ovor did before; uud all paying customers win flier old or now 1 slnll bu happy to see at the Xew Shop, wheru no pains will lie spared lo give satisfaction. Lumber and 1'ioducere.c'd u usual and a little cash, (if there U nny let t in ihe country,) will be found to do wondurst a few rods cast of Chureh-st. I, K. PANGRORN. Ihiihiigton, January 11, lilt. v TJAbSOM OK Ll KRWOItT lor Cnn.uinplicr. 1J Dv Dvs ep-in, Asthma, and nil di-ea-es tiflhe Lungs and Liver. These ih-ou es pievad to a gient .xlenir eicating much distie-s and some Ihlidiiy. All these nau le leincheil l y the use of Dr. Taylor's llalsoin nf Liverwort. Thi- uiexhcine is purely V'rgital lc, and from it pei'iiliaraetinn upon the LivrrisR ways fumsl a radical reuiely for ihiM-dpeases, For Females nn I men in a very weak state, no inedicjiie enn le sr grie'eful iv rr-torative, as it not only strengthen, but purities and gives a healthy aelion in ih.. whole ?y teui. Cuit-tauily tor sale by N. I.OVI.'LY it Co. w'hu have uist ii-ceived u fre-h supply of seasonable OooJ from New- York, all v ery elu-aji' fur ca-h. It irluulon, July 30, 1SPJ. U P.W 'PA I LOR I .V G HSTA li LI S H M R.VT i-x 4l W'intinshi Village. The subscribe! has ceiu luenced the fuloring business in this place, nnd wii! do all kinds of work in his line ill as good style ns it U doneal any shop in this section of eoantry.' Cutting: one at all times, m, short notice. WANTLD An appientice al the rihnv- businosa, JKRP.MIAH IIARRI.NUTO.V. Nov. 10, 1510. "V70TICE. The subscriber hiving purchased thu L x linus.' and premises formerly occupied by Guy Culm, F.sq. nearly opposite the Reading Room, lii llurhiigion, Ins opined a UOARDLVG HOL'SP., at which he will be happy to accommodate geuti'imoil nnd ladies with the beat attentions, and upon reason able terms, b'w JOSHUA DOA.Vi:. TTARD WARF.-Rutcher's lieavy Fdes. Ibhul Rutts. I.jL son's ilo. nnd rasps. Hand ssw Files. Screws, "Norfolk Latches, hand and pnune! Saivj, cast steel Wood Saws; knives and fotks, bono nnd biiek handles; Tel Servers, Sad Irons, Shove's all 1 tong, wool cards, horse cards, augers, traco ciiauis, manure folks, Ames' shovels, itc. hv 11. JJ. Ull-lJl.M'S, 0- UJ. Alilil.VM.xu to .vintner-. Ainericaii Sooiauif Svr'iu fur children eutiini: tee'h. The tnnt-ir ue riftlui article will -aye eh 1 Iren much pain, nfiea i rewrnnil the paint il opt-rntinn nl lancing me enuu, ind-re.iirc. to 37i cts. Go Itrey's Cordial an exce.' ent article Ii r the. nursey 121 el's., hoih tho-e ariiclm old at the Hirinvrsiorr. l-Asreinonx' iv Uhlxs'UID. OOIII7S KSSLNCi: ;OF Lll'i:. A aluahlc .M.-hcitic, which, if rfttjwv appliixl, will le tl.n nisMiisnl saving thousands ffnin an untimely grave. Il his Iren sold and used tor Ihirly ycarf, Willi great iiccess. and loitn-l very elliciicious in u-e lonowinx lisei'i's, viz. Coiisu.iqu'ion, Whooping Coughs, cum- inrni Coushi, Cod-, elitliciill nieatninr, inllneiiz.s, Qiinsy, A'thma, Phthisic, Spillfligof P.iocsl, Flaiu Icuey, In bge-non, LnnM-nes- uf llie Howe., Pits o verv kind. I ramp-. Rie-Uris. L i lie. Catarrh, lly.-cn- ari. Painting, llvpoehnndri ic Ailevtions, ilea.helie-. "sieUncs-at Siomach, Me-a.le-, a preventive-. Cf Ciin-tagion-ditiie.-, Gout and Rlteiim"tti-m 1 heatiove Meslu-iae is prciiarisl hv Henry Sct- rnour, of Hadley, Ma-f. frnin the Original llecipe, ly ihedire-liiui oi'-aid Moi ie, nnd sold by Imn am! tho prm-qial Druggist-m the PniiislSintcs. nni i w nnie-aic ami retail, i vj.ix. j. ii.rcrkun hinlheo. A. Peek iS: Cn.t jliirlinglnn, nnd Lv thj cnlersT cenerallv ihroughoul the eouirirv fii bush. Seed live, free from all oilier "ivi's, for Ut" Pearl-si. Seiit. 1st sale by C. IILN.VS. x-JILVF.R ALARM WATCH P.S, a! 1,4:0, .,. O Dec. I?. 1'AMironN it Hiiissmaip. BOSTON ACAPP-MY'Sres-Maiiltf Ih '.-si.uc this t'av and for sale at w hnle-ale by D A MR MAN J" ADO'S India Rol ler Shoes, Gauer lints, walk--i in: Slues French lid and spring Heel Phi,, Pee. 31, IS in. Just rre'd I y N. LO I'LV ,V C .. xotici:. "pOR S M.H on rensotia'nle term" Pew No. ? -. in L Si Paul Church, For further parl.culars Plex,i all on kT.RN or T.V IV a, Rurlinglon March, 22. 1 -10. 41V Tliousstid good pine Shingles for silo bv Jan. 5,1? II. G. Pin'I'.RSOV. rP() II ISN'T Rooms for a small fanidv, nes' ths 1 Fiiuare. II. I.P.AVLNWORTH. I LfARD WARP., 1 -L Hollow w;nu. SADDLP.RY WARP, OTNS,- aiu. d-c. I in siihfci pi r n ! .st re- ccieeil and is now opening a Inneand gcncial nsirt incut ot tueah.ive g.stits comprr-ing marly , ?ery arliele m the line, and which will be sold on very rea sonable terms for cash or short credit, at the hard ware store, coine-l of church slrerl and the smi-tre ROlil. RT .MOODY. Ritllingl.-in, Nov :o, l 10. pHITTANIA TF.t POTS, Tumble-is. Tea and I J Table Spoons; glass Lanterns, Lamps, l'reservrt Dishes, Plates, Wans, Sails, l'eppeis. Mtmsr li nnd Cruets. Puifl pen and pjekei hmve. S, issn, Sheais.etc for s.ilcby H. JL GIDDINGS ,V fi, I 'ib. IP, l-SIL ) A'.OR --Joseph Rndgers and Sons siipaiior 1 1 id-.) romerov s fine :rops, and iliewhiti Vmd. sorSoip, forsiiehv H. JL GIDDINGS .-C. Co. Pen. Ki. IML Ono Cent Reward. FN AW Y from the subscriber, an nppr, vu-e bv the nunc of I Iiai les I' tmnlaln. All rrrou are foibnl h irbnrmg or trusting him on my ns I shall i iv no dibls of his cimiraetuig after 'I .s due. The saitl Charles absconded taking clothing 11 't hu property, therefore nnv person who will reiurn ihu properly or ihe said Charles shall leeeive iha ibovu reward. JfiSSP GAY. Wmooskl Village, Ptb. 13, I'll. S'UPFRITNP, blue laul enp und letter paper, fo ) snloat maiuifucturtra' priots, by Jan.'-l. C. GOODHICir. CIIOICF, WINF.S, selectetl for medieil pi. rn-es, Feb. 19. for sale hy II. Jl. GIDDINGS ' Co "TOTICi:. .Mv wife, .s-'eiiaia I'oirell, has ,11 L heel and board, wuhoiil nny jii'tillialu.ii s therefore fnrbid all ncisons hatborimr or irns 1 . on my account. JAJtP.S POWKI T licorgia, lice. I, imp. .! I'DIl AL ALM N.C lor 1311. tor sab at ' '1 M I bookstore. Price Ci lets. D. A. III! VJIAN fTO riC i:.l iltvnvi) mi itmvlo inlurin llu' piiu Ll hclhal I hav a salv, pcrlu-tly iiiiio eenl, from Ihrie-wiap'e vivcia1 Ic, ih.M tuiirc'y sa perctxlcs 11 sp.-iuishlly Plaste r, wb" h give, cnlne re bel in nil intt.HHiiu.iv diet in as 1 li..e h uturn lusty in M lo l-sUsirs.and iiissl.l ul lis ac 11011 . bv Ml se.rpll.'U uud e vaia rantP, U ttl-st lxt . r ir,.!., Ibe ltd riiiiix-lv and wulesil pan., c. -iilcr-ai'smv 111 h hmiro,- scald nl J5 lu.nuies al ,r it ap 1,'i'ealiuii. Al'l'l " 'i';'''"1 a I'. '. r u Ur et lix-sidstinv sk. 11, of ihrlinTOrlun,' nn I 11 e-1'rt.ols all .xi'iicintiu ilio c orbuu . Warrau-e-Jlo icli-fa rcioiiiuiiuili-l. S, lepr qtiuini. I Ir" Rrt nesinit, New vl., 't he Iradc simpl e I ul ihe Pr ipi.e'er'. j.hf II ,r n, D.s- .lli. J. V ) D. I'LCK Co. MflMCV M'MiXACs lor l-'il rr sale at lii .,.(, P t P.U.MA.V

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