Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 30 Nisan 1841, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 30 Nisan 1841 Page 1
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V NO? THE OLOBT OF C JB S A R BUT THE W E X. P A K B OF ROMS. BY II. li. STACY. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, APRIL 30, 1841. VOL. XIV....N0. 47. l'OH SALS. I PAIR OK OXEN, 7 Cows, 4 Horses, 2 Sings, X G Wngons, 4 Carls, Harnesses, Plows, Harrows, nnd nil kinds of Farming Tools. The nhctvo belong ing to the Estate of J. H. Hull, nnd will be sold low for ready pay or on short credit for good paper. t.YDIA HALL, Admn. Willision, April 7, 1811. IV1ISS r. SPEXOJ-.R. WOULD Jcspecrully inform the Ladies of llurlington and its vicinity, that she hns opened a phop .titS i 'he lirick building, on ; thceorner l-nstorihe Pearl w'Z. St- House, where she in- nulla t.u I ) luu "ii luc iius- incps uf .Millinery and Drrss making. Work done in the latest and most fashionable style. Repair ing nnd bleaching Straws andleL'liorns. doncon short notice. She intends Keeping a good assortment ol Bonnets, Caps, Kilmons, l-iow-crs, silks ami l.aces. Ily diligence and perseverance m her business she hopes to receive a share of the patronage. round ladies desirous of learning the business will be taken as apprentices. llurlington, Aprils, 1841. tf U HATS. A. SEYMOUR, bason hand alargc assortment mulii splc- uled ariic'c of Hats of ihe latest New York fashion and of In ow;i i manafaciiire, which he oiler- Inr lie aim invito the r.ul lie gener- ally (u cull, examine quality and price., 1 eforc puri'lia-iug el vi here. Merchants who are in 'he habitof purchasing Hr.ts by theqiianttly and 'ih lo set a good article cheap are particularly invited to cull. CLOTH CAPS, for hoys also on hand and lor ale. IVarl M Burlington March SIM 1811. Ow T Pi,ES' nn?.Kitl Merino, tlcrlin, nnd black silk QUN RISK, 4 March, 1841. Hear ye, Hear yc i J- Gloves ) white nnd colored Merino Hose, black O Toall the inhabitants ol the Green Mountain! worsted and whre cotton do. Gentlemen's biack Sale 1 it known that the Inventory wascomplcl- Kid Gloves, heavy black do. Fine elsstic and webb Itit last night, the exact condition of the formers' me- suspcnuersiorsaicby II. si. GIDDINGS if. Co. chnuics' and people's cheap cah store fu'ly asccr- CiiiiHcTtvtnn tm ! ! taincJ. Howard, not wanting any nther office, will ! Vk T,cJllbfri,l,crna9r?9ini- lie continued a ihe agent. Thi long tried e-tab-cd the Cabinet business nt ihenM ali..nnnri,.A i.. i . t , .... r r. I.. . ji ... , ' "L - - i iisiiuiiiii wis i jusiin liirniinu lour auiiiniisirniiuii rlfnnlu ii Vu iTd b u lch.0,s- & Hcrrick, and the general government, and thin morning comincn recently by li. R.Walker, where lie intends to manu- i-ei nnon the f.nii. under cheerinis circumstance-. rAniVFTPlWtTtrnr"0" . J1" k.i.nd f eh n. n mn. brilliant sun ri-c, waving flags, roar of iT, .:. V -""., ii ,iyie nnu quality not iicpublican Arlillcrv & the Similes IV, voices ot go on ,.!?"0I..!'? "ny manufactured in this vicinity. He go cm ofa whole iconic rejoicing at Ihe. pro-pcei uis long experience, together with n strict atlcn- of better times & of yet buying Woods Cheap at tion to the busincsss, will secure him a share of the Howards Hurrah. Hurrah. H urah.'for the Cheap P VwrSffi-l-...!..-..,,-..! J !h Store A. he Agent who.-e faculty i,Taxcd 8400 V u - v,""';u'"r.,'"llml-i nora, mrcn lor selling uoihIs Cheap lolhe I'eopie. nnriMaplcScantlet, suitable for bedsteads: hnsswood ! I tdailk, milt hoards from 1 inch In t ii,ili . u.4,im tln. A t PlCri rt flTIK far rtnti.i nntua nmk. boards. Most kinds of country produce received in A- lets, cambletcens, goats' liair nnd common wors pavment, (bill cash would bevervneeeptable.) ted camhlcts, printed Saxonys, plain and figured nl- Rurlington,Jnn, 1,1841. SAMCEt. NICHOLS. pines.plain nnd printed Diuslin delaines, nil ICPIMPORTANT UAtJTION,3 It isa sinirulnr fact and one intii'li nili rpffretled that valuable medicines, as toon as they become pop ular, and have received the test and approval of a dicriminatingpiiblic,aresureto lcounlerfeiteil, Bnd mil a uau and spurious article Is Immediately palmed upon theunnispectingforllie genuine. Thi has been notoriously the case with all popular tried and truly valuable tnedicnes for years pat, and will probably com inueto lie the case for years to come. The l,a-e and conlemptible counterfeit in lhi way meanly tales advantage ol all the c lbrt and adver tising used by the proprietors ofthc genuine article, to get their medicines into use and de-crved popluari ty. It Is therefore not less tlieduly than it contribute" to the safety of every honest individual in the com munity toexpoe, frown down, and forever after DIS TRICT all HKARTLH3S INORATESwbo thus irrc- rpon.iMv trine with heallh and life, TlIKI.ADS.&c. 300 lb-, while and colored cotton threads. 50lb. liin-n do. 500 bundles 100 t.ein thread. 20 lU. Italian cwing. 10 ll... Iialinn twist, fur sale bv VILAS, 1.0OMIS.& Co. opening by N. LOVELY & CO. I1ALKS brown sheetings. VJ licks. 2 en-cs York do. hips. I bale canvass, just nveived nnd for sale by Nov. 23, 1840. VILAS. I.OOMIS & (,'o. TO THK UM-'ORrt'NATE. THE sub.-cribcrs have received the well known article, Bloodsrood's Elixir of Health. for the cure ol di-cae nri-ing from an ill tate of REAL ESTATE FOR SAI-E, At a onr.AT BAnoAis. The proprietor offers for sale the pre mises in the villa of Rurlinoton. now occupied bv 2 do. nower loom ' ," a"cy, E.sq. as a dwelling nousc, printing onicc I bale 40 inch Bur- reading room The premises are convenient lor a Bium anu uiiiiii; IIUUSU ur 1IJI unices Ul iillliuni any description, and arc situated in the centre of the most business pnrt of the town. For terms of Bale and payment, inquire of Charles Russell, Pearl st. Rurlincton, or A. L. Catlin, of Or well Vt. A MERICAN DICTIONARY OK THE ENG- the Stomach, such as tCT Headache, jQJ Loss of A, ISH LANGUAGE -First edition in Octavo RPPelile Palnitalion of ihe Heart, if- It has given health and energy to multitudes affile ...:.i. i -I rt...: . mi wiiii II.1HIIII1H -tisll cue containing the whole vocabulary of the Quarto with corrections, improvements and several thousand ad ditional words, to which is prefixed nn introductory The price of ibis valnal le .m-d,Vii,e i- so establish- dotation on the origin, history and connection of .. . ... ... I Ilia l.nmlinn. nl iMUnin l.m nn.1 T?iirnn u-lth nn cd thai all may le enabled to obtain it. Al whnl(-iifc and retail I V THKO. A. PECK tf- Co. Apotlu -aiies, Court House Square. the lanunaucs of wesicrn Asia and Europe, with an explanation of the principles on which languages arc formed s in two vols. Ily Noah Webster, L. L. D. For sale at the bookstore. D. A. D II A MAN. March 2, 1841. BROWN Table Cloih, 8 by I0-4ths, warrained all linen. ANo fine bird's eye diaper; cra-h, Kussia iiiaiier: cotton varn; hlack and wnne wad ding ; batting and wicking ; (or sale by II. 111. UllMM.XUS CV I O. PATENT FLATFORM SCALES. WARRANT-. y UllIS articlcis too will know i to need common A dation and the expel itnce of seven yens ha demonstrated to the coniincrchl comiiiuiniy, that for accuiacv, convenience and durability, thev are unrnalli'd Conl vard scales to weigh from 3 to o tons. Dormant Warehouse do, to weigh from l-'i Ih to 5000 lbs., Portable do. to weigh from 1 'i o.. in 300 lbs. PortableCounterdo anew ankle to weigh from 1-2 oz. to 40 lb-. J. & J. II. Puck & Co.-.lStn. Duilington, April 5 1311. laiein Stiind Ii'ur rsalc. rpHK siibsi-riji'i ofli rs for X sale his Tnu rn tand. best known as the Eldulgc place two miles from the College, on the Winooki Turnpike, with 44 aeri s uf mi-vi l-in.l. Tlw- house is 46 feet square, two stones Iiil'Iii one ham 10 by M feet, horse-shed and good r.ia'iles, wood 'nd and granary. The stand being nn the enrner whirr the Hinesburgh road inletsects the turnpike, there is not a better location for a tavern stand hrtwcui l'.ur lington and Montpelit r. Any c nterpiisinc" man with A small capital may own a good I'st-iblishmen by pnrcnasing inisprojienv. luuiit.h. llurlington, March 1st, 1R41. IOR SALE, A cry '.ahiabie farm, sit uated in Milton, con ainiiiir l?fi nrn-s. with a house, two barns, and out-build- . inos. two oood on-hard--, and from Ti in l.'iO acres unproved, the rciiLiininu narl is will tim bered. Terms easy, and possession irivcn imnii-diate- Iv. Apply to James S. Plait, Milton, or to L. II I'latt, i;oicnc.-tcr. .Mnicii iu, i-iii TTKV SCHOOL C.V.iUi tAI'IIY AM' ATLAS WITH Ol I'LI.M.MAPS, lvS.Afr.cs ICS Ml rt in ix. The iiuihur nl ihe a1 uc work- bus l-een proles-ionallv deOjUl lo nn- sc-enito Geo v am1 the uuMl-liing of Map-, d. inns' manyvvur and h f. inner pro-liiclion-, e peei.i'h In. .Man ol the Work! for Academies, ample u- i luniiniiv i f In - al-un- dant resources, upon v. ln'i Ii In- m hi Ii'i r.illvilr.i .vn in priiiicins the ahov-" -rlinol works. 'I In icillnwmg extract ol Ihe'v Ail.i-, i- Inuii a mint it -om lneiiilaliii'ii of the Teacher- in the ci:v of New Yin!, 'Their merit-are niiinerou thu ili'iiniiiuu. reinarl ablv plain aiulciiiu-i-c. 'I liccM'i'ci-i's.irci'Oiiiuiis and importain, and thode-cripiivo i-bunmous and Oi ricet Tliedivi-ions of ihe Ainriieaii contiiviii, eh- it- -ri-- -enlcd and ile-cril ed a- they really c.m'-i al ihe .resent nine. And the gro-s mi tuiPincnu gi'iicrallv louud in sciiool geugraphie-arc cone 'liil. The Ij po;r.iphi i-;il exec iiidii is nil coiiiiiiniiiv lli-.n ,ui'l ili.liuct, lll'li ti.u alias is a mulel ot Ilic Uiu.l, iin-l ai'iuillv ici-m wilh nilorinatiou." The outline Map an- iici-uluirly cil-'uliiiel lo exerei-e (lie sliiilcnl m In--nt Iv, and to Jill up at his leisure. For s.ile by C. (iOUDitlCll. Take Particular Notice. AS I ronleniphle a change in business this spring, il i desirable that all persons indebted to me call and settle by the 20th of March next, or other wisenll notes tmd account thai !nr become due will tie left in the hands of nn atininoy for collection. I linpr no one w ill complain of thi rxplicit call, nor f;i ..i:... .. .: ... , i-s.tts-c. Lin ki -i.i-hiiiii'-'ii in- iuii'-niuii. i.. r,. btano. vi .i . ..i .. .-.i . i ...r. t,..-t.i : i Ulirhlll-tnil, Feb. 2 1, 13 II. .V . f""sy.iuir .. ,w sale, .uis ri nn jii o in ' Hot Air CnoKinz Stove, at Ihe new I rick store. Col- BROWN SHEETINGS. "!,000 yards. ISO pieces lege street, also at Jesse Gay's foundry. This is one Calico! also waddiiit-. balliiii.. mid wirkinp. for of the latest pallcrns nnd the first of the kind ever sale at WHALING .! Co s. introduced into this Male: they haie liecn recently in- traduced into the States of Prnnsvlvnnia nnd New (.OIlipoillUl Syrup of IcrlniKI MOSS. Vork with gnat success: nnd suffice il to say, they TR. EDITOR, Sir will you notify all creation L1L that 'TMIIS celcbrati d medicine for CONSUMPTION, arc the most convenient and will do more business X nt wholesale or retail, by T. A. Peck & Co. pilEGORY'S 11ILL10US PILLS, wholesale nnd reinil hy m li.l Tino. A. Ptcic & Co. SNITKK AXI) TOIIACCO. LORILHIHVS Maccoboy Snuff, do Scotch do in small bladders, do Smokin" and chewing Tobacco. Alio do. for sale by H. M. GIDDINGSA CO. with less fuel than any other stove. A preamble to narticularizcitsniialiliisor prices is uselesss. Just call in, small favors are thankfully received mi! great ones in proportion, anil it money continues -eaieo I intend to use the less of it, so it will be useless to go without on that account. S. N . TAi LOR. Burlington, Dec. 17, 1870. TVIUOS, Medicine, Perfumery, Paints, Dye Stiills, iJ Oils, Varnihes, Rrushes, &c. The subscriber TI'AnV,tTi;llKS Just received some New- 1.1 KiizlMi Wa'chvs and so ne rrnnine Oliver thclowcst market prices 'i-artir- :it'-he-, wilh cennL, plain fine fini-hod watches, We have a lew gomt l-ver and rood h w.ilclies It-It whH'h will iilea-elhe ptir-ha it. March 10 h PA.SGIiOliN k URI.NSMAIH. llltlCK I'lllt SALE. Till. siib-i nl cr o'lers for -a'e on rci-nnable terms risuiL'ff 00,0n0iir-t rale MrieW .itnaie al Mallct- Mav very convenient torSlnoit- or llnat-, it I- acce- ii e tor Sleurh- friin 1 1 rand I-b- or oiher nlai us, Anplv L t i. it !. -71-nri nv- I .l-iv-i.-. I.--' A, .'I IP II IO 11 11 .lllJl.VJ. is now reci iiin" his fall supplies of the above muds: selected with great care, which lie will dispose of at KU11KKT MUUOV. WOH M I.O'.ENGES. TVlSSOI.UTION. The conartncrshiD hereto IJ fore existing between the subscribers, under the firm of Spaulding & Mills, has been duly dissolved bv mutual consent. Those indebted and those hav ing demands against said firm, will settle thnin with j. u. mils, wnoisuiiiy auinoru.euto seme tnesame, It. U. Sl-AUl.LlllMU, C. II. MILLS. The business will bo continued bv the subscriber at trie old stand, cnurcn st. Outlington. vt. .March a, lb41. U. II. .MILLS. IHIS valuatile article is rlaily establishing itself ssl 1U0CCERY AND GLASS WARE. Full setts .. nn- uesi iiiiuii-ine.or inrrxierpanan nnn reuei ci i j of granite China ware. Tea and Dining setts, logemer Willi n general n-riOTiincni 01 crocuery nnu Vnnns in children, Notwitiistsndinir thnl there ro other lo7.en2c cried up for this complaint, purchasers ire warranted m the good elliciencv ol niese. Al Wholi salt and Retail by T. A. PECK CO. .sign of fir. .Mvriar. ISAAC WARN6R. Tl S rcceiied and keeps constmilv on hand n large 1.x and lull ussoiiinent ot I.UULI-.K1K5, among wnicn are COGNAC RRANDY, 1 St. CROIX RUM HOLLAND GIN, A variety of WINES, mil ilmo-t every niticlr in the Grociry line, nil of . I 'tl ll .1 . which ue w i' i sen on me nio-i reasonaoie icriiis. ne would also inrnrm Taicin keepers in p irtn'ular that he will sell rum, brandv and sin for 63 cents a trillion. which he will warrant nf a heller quality thnn some which nave latciv necn nawKid aoout tlio country hy rtnin .evv ioik pedlar, nnd il not adiiulgcd by 'or them. Heimii i ihem to call and compare. liurlinatm, tyu 4M. tf. glass ware ; also lamps, patent top, screw top and astral lamps. Laments, ttimmcrs, etc. an or winch will be sold cheap for cash, as we will convince any inai iavnr us wiiu a can. Church st. J. P. WHALING & Co BROAD CLOTHS. Please call at the new cash stoic on Church street, and examine the broad cloths, heaver cloths, cassimcrcs nnd satiuctls, before purcnasingcisewnere, anu mucu onnge j. r. vyu.u.i.u &. co, Goods shown with pleasure. ) whether parchased or not. 5 TjICTORIAL Illustrations of the Bible, coiisistm JL of 200 engravings, with views in the Holy Land together with mniv of the remarkable objects men tioned in the Old and New Testaments, renresentinf. licbe-t judges to bel iter, he will not ask any pay sacred historical events just received and for s-ile at t.r tl,... llnintu . ili.tii tn -ll mnA Mi.m.r. I tl... I...M. nn.M 1 . 1,ISM- 'I" oiifis-, u. t. l,lV..U,l.V. Mirch 2, 1S11. rPHE atlfntionof the ulllii-leil is called to the article . "il.iv s l.iiiiiiieui," advertised in nnoilier column. d2J THEO. A. PKCK iVJ O. A I N T S I It ) l.s' A I '1 .1 ) I M .' h M I LLS tur. hooks. i pn-i .it week l HV PAINTS' 11 hue npi-ned a two door- suiuh nl ii. iiiu- s More, where thev wi In all kind, of HOI 'Si:, SHIP, SIGN and CARRIAGE PALM I.M tn the l-t pos.Wem:lnncr and on ternij n -till tiin-e it ho mav uvn'tr Ihem Willi mcir patron ... -rr.,, . .li. .. .. The subscriber has received the a new supply of books, nmoni? which in'' the followinu : A pictorial Geography, by S. C. Goodrich, 1000 engravings. Kiirnl l.ile nt i-.ngland, by in. Hoy itt from the second London edition, corrected and revised, Day's Examination of Edwards on the Will: Me chanics Own Rook i Hall on Haptism ; A Green Hand s First Cruise! Visit to Remarkable Places, tse. iCJTainl-.Uil, V arnish and I'utlV, eon-la ntlv "':!' "!?.'" 2. u'u"1 " ""'"tyw in h.ind and for sale. It. G. SPAULDING. f.lislia: me lame ol me Lord, ny tne auinor ol 1 lie . liA.jk. . . . . I T v-W. Clt f f,..,,A,. . DasiJusSH sSVsS. Tf sss--s.b- - liurlinnlon, April 3, lr4(i. .. 11. .vill.LSi. TJLATED SPOONS. We infiiriii those who wish L to get a good and theap article of Plated Spoons, that we are prepared lo show, and sell them an ariicb which will wear well and rive them satisfaction, as enrnp as inc. cheapest. t'Axt.noas cv. IIrissmaui. MORE NEW HOOKS, Jii-i received at the DoIX Slnre, A New Home. Who 'II follow. Yniiiig LaiIic-('ninpaiiion. Connie-- Ida. Havw.ird's New Enzland (Iiizeieer, .MiteliclP- tieoirraplii'-al Header, a sy-'i-m ot tteriL'r.ipliy, ci-nijiri-ing a l)c-cr;iliou ot the World wilh lb grand ilivi-inn-, ili-ifned fur in-striiencu- in schools and f.imilie-. Wonders of the Heaven-. I) A. IIKAMAN. CLOCKS. We are selling the best quality Wooden Clocks for cash nt !S, barter 815. Beautiful Ma hogany cased brass strikinc Clocks for cash Sli, bar ter Vii. Feb. 19. rA.(HOK. &, BKIXSMAID, Listner: Sacred Mclodicst Roirdinan on Romanism 1 oung Ladies Companion; loung Ladies' Friend .viarcn -. ii. a. iui..u.. IN OTICK JCp-Medicine is lest known by ihe IIP STAIRS. TMIE subscriber would remind Ills friends X nnd the public that he occupies a room in Church street, over Kern and Walkir's store, where lie will give his personal at tention to Repairing Clocks of every dte crintion. Those which have been in use many vetrs lilted tin in cood style and undo to have the appearance of new. Ho would alo give nonce that he lias re sumed his former bu-iness nf rerairin; Watchen; ill enlru-ted lo his rare will be carefully repaired and warranted. Hay in? been engaged for twenty years past in making as well as repairing Time keep tru ts his experience in the business will enable him to give satisfaction to tho: who favor bun with a can. P S. -A few Clocks for sale, on commission J. N. DUNNING lliiilmgton, Dec 23, 1640. 1 lip WINDOW SASH Just received 15,20 and 2t 7 by Uca-cnienis ol -a-li, a first rale article at 31 attd'ii cent- per light; ul-o all kin Is and-ize-, f.uiii-heil to or Jer. Tu-oiulernza I lack lead, a lir-t rale article, for -ale very low, needier with a great variety ot oiher aril ele, as cheap as can 1 found al any other nwmt in the place. Pro. Pethhom. SINGLE. DOUBLE. UMBILICAL, A CCORDEON'S. Do you wi-h a nice Accordeon ii cheap; Call at the anetv Store and cet it. Feb. 19. PANG HORN & BRINSMAID. cures It ierforms.ii .1. New-ton's Panacea or Purifier of the. Illood. I he unparalleled nnd still inereasinireoinaiion vvn.en nis medicine nas acnair- ed throughout the New England Slate-, nnd ihe manv cures il nas periiiruien, and ine great uemanu made for it bv the advice of nhv-icians well acnuaintot with us preparitiiiui, mis inn iron me jirnprieii r in extend us i-ir-iiiifiiuii iw miiiii-i ,-n rv inwn in uic immh S'a'.t- and the pnncinal town- in I hi; I inlii hiale Tin- Pauaeci- vcarrnnie-l purely resi-tnl lc.nnd is nr,i -urpas-i-t i y any uiner uii-nieme ei cr nuercii in ine jlilii-led as Us exleii-ivc -.tie and criMl ni'imliiri'v them Dixon and Sons best nrticlc and jnur them, as plainly prove. Il ha within the hi-l uighieui inouih- CI.AP IlOARDstand SHINGLE, 50M Shingle, 10M feet spruce Clap Hoards, by J & J II PECK .It Co Burlington, Fib. 19, Hll. -t HUMAN SILVER SPOONS. Those who wish VT ccrnian silver are infornud that wo will sell I lirTIIEIIEFOHE TAKE NOTICKill There is a person by Ihe name of J. B. ROC1 HE. FORT, now engaccd in selling a Pill done up in boxe- inexact and perfect imitation of the genuine INDIAN VEGETABLE PILLS, wilh the oiii'-moii of only one worn on the uoxe vix. wnitniT. i he rills sold by this Rochefort arc evidently intended as n fraud anil imposition upon the community, or they would not nave been none up in siien exact imitation oi me gen uine. Tin- per-on is tall blu-tering with a great the atrical swagger. He was recently known n a very poor player in Baltimore, under the musical cognomen of Jim Brown, and is about twenty live years of age' It j-almost lieyomla doubt that liei- supplied with the Pills Irom a Druggi-t firm in this cny, who have nereioiore been notoriously connected with counter feit medicines. As soon as proof is obtained the foun tain head of Ibis nefarious business will be expo-ed, that the community may shun them as they would a serpent. IN THE MEAN TIME THE PUBLIC ARE CAU TIONED against buying WRIGHT'S Inoian Veof.tahI.f. Pii.i.s oi anyone who noes noi exlnbii a certificate nl ngen- lirned bv Ihe airenl for Ihe New Ln-iland Slate- and bearing date -iuce January 1840. Also lake par ticular notice that the following wonting i- on th box esWright's Indian Vegetable Pi'N (Intl. Purgative) oi tne norm American College of Health. Tht Indian Vtztliibli Pillt ate a certain cure for iliteane in its every vrielt uf form. Iipc.iii'P they iho roughly cleanse Ihe sioiimclt rfitd bowels, induce a pro per ilisclisrue li Hie lungs, ikm andKulne), a idsif nuil. He ihe blood io pm ify ii.elf. In oiliei woid hy open all the n.tiiiral drains, mid ledic NAIUUL the urana 'lumriaii) nee lo time durre liom (lie budy. The abuve omleis, or ibains, are lliecomiiion tetters of Ihe budy, lliiough whirh all tnoibid and cor rupt itiunors (Hie cni.e nl diseitse) are carried on ; and .o long as liiey ate all kept open, and diprlurgr ftecl) iheir alloitcd poriiom of linpiiriiy, the body will cnn. untie inhralih ; bui ubfu fiotu e.iiiug improper fooil, hie-iihiiig inipiue air, sudden ir.utsiiions fioni bel to cold, oier exhauniiiin or ant oilier cpu.e, the bowels become cuslive, Ihe pnte. ol Ihe .Kin become clu.eil, or ihekidnes frfil (u perform ibeit finiciiunri pinperl). the iniptirilifs w hich gliutild be tlrjinrd Item ihe body by these outlet, will be rciaiued, and continue In ac cumulate ttmil the hudt becntnes literally lorfdeil wilh di.a.e. II me cii.tunl ul our migiity rivei. .notiiti heroine blocketltip, wonld mil die accuiiitihtiptl wdtet. find new millets, or Ihe country become inundated ' JuMro wilh ihe litiunn bodv ; ifihe na hit a I drn inn be- :onte elONfil, Ihe stagiuni and corttnit liutnor. will limi vein in the various form, oftli.ea.e suth as Fetei, Snill Pox, Med.le., Kliriinnnnn, Gout, Apnpleiy, &c. or Death will etid our stiffeiins Tlieirfore. when .irltiies. at lite stnuiach, Mins tn ilie bark antl .tile, quirk pnie, bin mug .kin, or aiu outer unple.i .din .v miliums, intlicaie lhal one or tnoie of ilie na. urul lit ain. nie not di.elMrgitig fieely, nnd ihe cnn.ti union t. aboul to cunimence a .luiciile (m lie-re.iora lion ol he.tlilt,no lime should he lost in adiniiii.iering a fe lin.k ol lite Indian ruriaiiie (Kit an Vt getablc l'itli.) Ily o doing, .ill ihe lunciion. of Ihr body will be re.loreti tu order, rnd die funl Intnior. (Hie cause of every iiitl,tin,tliou or p,nu we sullcr) will be lemoied in lu r.iy and natural a manner, tin body will be rrsiotrd a. if by a charm. The above Pills may be taken at ALL limes and under ALLeir cum. lances, wilh o.ifret feiv'. Thev .iiit all torn paintand all ttites. andareto thelnun.inron.iiiuiiun as liitnl ; roiHinueiiily the ran nentr injur eten Ihe mn.i delicate. Like our fuud, ihey are dige.tihlr; ilieicfure they enter tnio the elrciilHiiun and imparl an energy to the' bloud, witirh in fluw wilh fire- ilum qtiitr lo Ilie rxltrnnnr. and cnn-euuenlly lo krei the pores ol ilie .kin o en. I liry nrr irue nd prrlert imrinrr. of die bluod ; brrau.eibey! corrutii Humor, liom thai lite giting tluiil. Ihey imparl .Irengtli and Vigot lo ilie whnle .virm, and their el feci. At .thinys ; becan.e ihey tmlv rrmovr tli-i.e liiinior. wliii-li ate oppti.etl lo health. I hry am and imnrofe (liar.tiou, and snunil .Irrp lolluw. ihrir tt.e: berdti.e ibev cledii.r lite mouiarh and bowels ol ihoir. sliinv hiimout. which not onlv iiiiiaie audexciie ihe nrnnu. .yiieiu, bat painlvte dndwrakrn the dis sealiveote-iiiB. In thnn ihrv poi.e.. all thrv good proieriir. ilial can be claimrd for any medicine ; and hi. vetv leinarkablr, il ii utterly inipumb'e lo u.r ihrin wiihiuu hrnrfii. Price 25 rents per Uox, wilh full direclinns. Oilice I n 1 e- .l is- f I I .... .. nnu i.s-ncrai I -epui lor tne new r.ii-itiuu mie-, .so. 1981 rcmonlSireet.near Court street. Bo-ton. The reiriilaraiiiioinicd Aecnt- can receivetheir-un plie- of the above popular Pill, a- hereiofnre, from ihe only O'lieeaml general depot for Ihe New England Stale-, IDSTremont -Ircel, Bo-ton. Pedlars or trav elling agents are not allnweiltosc!! the genuiueiiidiari vegetable Pills, therefore never purchase Irom them lor II vouno you will Pe sure to oinaiii a uaiiceron- and eoiin'i-rli-ll article. sit Tiieo. A. Pi.tK & Co, Agents in BiirlingHm, fur ihe -ale of the Indian egcialle Pills, al'0, w. h.holley, Willi-ton. Vt and A. Ilnn-maid, Mnrlinglon LOOK AT THIS. --HA VE YCU A COUOIM 70,000 die of CNNSDMFTtON every year in the United Slates, and millions sullcr feom troublesome coughs nnd colds, that can ha curud by Dr. M. Hitth cock's Vegetable Virgin Cream Cough Drops, a safe medical prescription, contning no poisonous drugs, nnd u-ed in an extensive practice for several years will hum positively Bllbrd relief, and save you from that awful iliseaee, pulmonary consumption, which usually weeeps into the grave hunnreds eflhe young, the old, the fair, the lovely and the gay. Have you a cough? lie persuaded to purchase a bottle ol the Cough Drops lo-dnv 1 To-morrow- mav be ton late. Have vou a cough! Dr. Hncccok's Vegetable Virgin Cream Cough Crops is the only remedy you should take to cure you. For this plaig reason. That in nooneofthe thausand cases where it has been u-ed has it failed to relieve Price 75cents per botlle. For sale, wholesale and Re tail, by A. HITCHCOCK & CO. No. 117 Gcne-ee I., Utica, N, Y. And by their agents throughout the United States. In Burlington, by J. & J. H. Peck & Co., Theo. A. Peck & Co. In Vergcnncs, bv J. H. Bowman. In Milton, by Burnet & Sawyer. In Geor gia, by Lorenzo Janes. au.2 INQUIIlr-.ASK THOSE WHO KNOW. Thore only who knuw by trial nr immediate obser vation, can form any idea of the rflects. of ilie petlrct relief, nf the abnon cure. rfTecIrd In case, of the Piles, Rukumatum, all Swkli.ihos, and all rxiernal Pais J, no uisller how severe, by ihe use of llai' Liniment. Kind one who ha. mrd il lhal will not land il above all things ever u.ed, nnd von will find what c-tnnnt be found. d7"l'or Ihe reliefol .ufii-r. ing human beings who mav be afHicied, I beg vnu lo ak a.k of tho.e wliu know n.k ihe Hon, ALrKKti Cokklik, U. 8. Judge for lhal ilmricl, residing near Auburn jk MlTTHIw J. Mtkrs, E.ti. Alliens, N. Y;asKGen, Duff Gniea, lale ol Wa.hingion eily, each of there gentlemen know ofcaies unconiners able by all other remeibrs or ph).iriHns, ihough tried ftir in-iny vear., that have been cured hy the uae of ihe genuine fay's Liniment. Th ui.and. ofoihrr pri.nn. know similar cures. We tn their .erne of jus. lice iheir human feelings. (GPli is bin a duly yon owe lo your sunenng Iriiow. iiemst to Irt this great mnedybeknowo. Speak nf it ihrn to sll jour friend. I his will save murh pain where the newspaper, are nnl rend, or where readers ate inetriliilon., becau.e.o manv worthies article, are advertised for ihe same purpoir. To buyers we say, if all who have ti.rd il do not fay it is beyond all praise, thru do noi lake il. The proprieior will noi allow this arlirle lo be psid for unless H rtirei, when all I lie direct tons ate luily luiinw, low as any person sells litem without inarkiiiL. l-eo. III. rA.XilllJtl.-N VK HKINN31AII), COMMUNION 1'UHNITUKEs rPANKAIt)S, Goblets and Plalt siust received. J. .iprillrli. I'ANCBOBS liBIKFMAIP. C K I '.U Herd- Gras- While &. Rul clover Heed I'jr -3 sale at .March, 10. HOWARDS conn us inou-nnu- nunc ino-i oiisiina-e in ct-e., as .in be proved by feminine-, nud is nronounccl bv eminent and rt-iei-i.tMe physicians ihe I e-i mcdiune muse. U.-elul iiilormatinu may I e lound in circu'.rir.- eontaining cerlihcalc-c, cures and directions fur la- king ihe medicine. Ihe following appointed agents. Burlington. J. & J. IL Peek and Co., R. Mnodv St Albau-, Curtis nud Rii-st-l Milton. C. Drale-s Milion rail-, Burnet and hawver aicrville, Fi-I, "iVTOTICE. The subscriber has removed his office and Brown,- X X to lilt! rooms over l.yinan tv. t.ole n store. U. A. S.MALLKV. Burhngton February 1, 1811. North Fernsburgh, II. C. Wicker Georgia, A. Illi -i-vr-.Tiii.s.i.s..i.,.. nHf,.,0,ii....i.J Willwon.N.l h.llenden-Kichmoml. Green & Rhtsle: JL subscribers u Butlington, March and Brown, Ilinc-Iiurgh, Hull an I, Fairfax, Parser and Matlit-ld Vcrgennc-, Adam- nud Murray Cambridge, M. Wire Undernill, M. ('. Barney Norlh Ferrisliurgh, II. C. Wicker Georgia, A. Illi it'. nr. ..... v f-i. :.....!.. .n:nv....n.t r-. si. nt..,. . . . , ini-iuii, . s iiiiisiivicii stiiiiiii'iivi, s.,d ii vv itiiniies .--Just received and fijr sale by the J0hn-on, G. L. Warner and C-Monkton, E.han quantity of live Geese Fea her Smi.h-Baler.-lield. Ar.ninglon and Woodwnr'l-Fnir' rch 1 1S41 lAlfct. livid, Burnet and Farnvorth. e.o.p.l,i:9 GERMAN COUCH SiYltUl'. A Few dozens of this famous medicine, for lite cure Colds and Coughs, are fi r sale by the subscri- CATAIIHII SNUFF. Uf ARSHALL'S SiNUFF, is still t-iiringilif Catarrh Ifiund Ilie various diseases nl Illi ica . as we as hers- Ilecomniendations lroni many of our citizens sore eyes, in all pari, ol the country ; and sii-iiuninc can be given. THEO. A. PECK it CO. ihe reputation whn-h it has long -nice gained, of ipornrcui i( court tloust iSijuare, 1 1 noi hhmiuiicij' uic oc-i urut-ic ot tne kttiu in the I iiitri.s-1, NOTICE. s'.,.l. I,iil.. i,,, ,l, l, .. r. . . rpiILS ccrtifitH that I have given my son, John Mc of tho.e which arc offered at "ONLY TWENTY. X Launh in. his tunc, to trade and net fur himself! t'lVf i:i-:TK' inH i. il,r..r,,r.. -. .,,..,.1. ..i.. nnrl llmt I will nrilli.-r i-txiiii nnu nf his I tl I t-n-.i.i.. ' ' - ..... ........w ....j ... -uiiiiiib ui i as wui s ntner nrtlllv. I nr -me nv pay any of his ileitis after till- dale. FARRELL McLAUGHLIN. witness, Lewis L.viu. grand hie, April 1, 1841. J. & J. II. PECK & Co. THEO. A. PECK A Co. and Dr. 110111". MOODY. Burlington, Jan. 22, 1811. lv.f.J8 JUST ree'd a" nippl of Mar.-hV ci It tifevcrvde-criptioyforsali- by ilie ilozen or single Orl. 10, 1810. n.THEll.'A. PKCK &Cn. Sicnofthr Mortur. THE Burlington BREWERY has now commenced business, nnd will have new Beer in a few days, . when all orders will be punctually I attended lo. . Hurlinjii't, Stpl 1B10. GEO. PETERSON. TE.OTlNTO Brushes, and Pninls, Clarified if A Kosm tor V wis, I) and E ilat octave ilulis, Toy Trumpetsand Dogs and many new articles just re- tcivt-n. ;iiiu - icni. 1-ANc.uoMv v llnissMAib, OOI) FISH, MACKEREL!, and SHAD ofsuic- .nor quality for sale by N. LOVELY & Co. "VyATCHES, Jewelry, Perfumery, Musical In ff. striimcnts, Stocks, Canes, riding Whips Chains, Keys, Spectacles, Lozenges, Pills, Plaster.

Soothing . Syrup, Godfreys Cordial, Corn Plaster 1 1 ft I'M I .Itllmen, II. . n l ' ' i 'in ,(-.i l fits. CsC. pru i ton. P-tNonons if-Bbinsmaio. NO IHIvr:i vt-1. A i.i. persons indr-M , , fc,li,ll.rlI,t.r w),ov,. Notes a ud Act-onni.- ban. I ,t. quested to intlic paynt.-m ,y ,m ,if,P1.n(n 0r in next, in nunc, will mine nbnut thn-,.,lnys, all ,'n., u-ill tnL- nilsK nn.l .... ., . ,. , t,,Vi-r inem-rives n "I'J'ng y. r.. n, SLOCUM, .viarcn !i5, I P 1 1. n2Sw-3. MAnSIIAl.l.' enntinucs unrivalled as u strcngtbt-ning PLASTER: Al.o, fur Hhctuna-, Lainent-ss or pjuisin Hit-side-, limbs or back: -errdiiloiis swell niri-, i-urvv sore. Fresh ii-numls and for a geiu-ral Kiiunly Plaster or salve. For Corns, uiurcover irv iii.iknr.r a iiev vtiur coins will bo cured. For nib- bv .ii or j. it, ret iv c co, TIIEO. A. PECK eV, Co. and Dn. ROUT. MOODY. Burlington, Jan. 22, 1611. Iy.f.8 ,rv if, inieclo-e, persevere in ihe u-e by v npplK.ilion jicc.t.ion.tlly, and in lime, A f LBS. genuine ItUTA I1AOA SEEII. OKIW ONLY TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. I). M. s-' lliteiicis-k's newly imenieil Snull Ilie let arti cle ever discovered by scientiliu men, m Europe or Aiueriiii, inr itic i-iirt- nun aiii-oiiuc rcliel of Catarrh, Dizinc-s of the Head, Weak Eye-, Nervous Head- ache, fallen SicLne.,, Kits, and Inf.tnis Ir uhlcd wiiii ;-niiiiif, niiH-tk oi rnisy, eve, inr sale wholesale and retail, by A. HITCHCOCK & Co., sole Froprietor, No. 117 Gent-see at, 1'iicn, nnd by iheir St ed. rao od from i il drill -ii. Ru,a n. 3fL,p&, Kttwrz. MTOFFAT'S VEGCTABLE LIFE .MKDIt'I.NES., lTJ. The-e medicines are indebted for thtir name io their manifest and sensible action in purifvinc thi springs and channels of life, and enduing thuin with renewed lone and vigor. In many hundred ccrliiictl which have been made pm In', nnd in almosl eiery species ofdiseaseto which Ihe human frame i liable, Ihe happy elects of.MorrATs Life I ill- And Pini-siii Birrrris haie 1 een crealfullvand nublich- acsnowlcdgl I'V the pcr-on- lenefuii-l, and who were previously unacquainted Willi ihebeaunTully phi losopliica! princip'cs upon wliii-h ihey arecoinpound .si itn.l unnii u-hii-h lli.-i con-t-iiiieotlv act. The LIKE MEDICINES rccouiin'end iheniselves in diseases of every form and de-criptitiu. Their lirsl operation i-lo 'oo-en fioin Hie cnats ol Ilie -li-marli and bowci-, me various iiupuriiit-s .tun i-rMuiii-s nm -i.tnilv stilluir around litem i and to remove the lur ilcnisl faifs which collect in ihe convnlulion- of i lie in,i est iiuc-iiiK'.-. Oiher nieiiicines only partial v t-leaiiselhe.-r, and leave such collected mas-es U-hiud as to nrodiii-o hnbiliial co-livcness, wilh all Us Irani nl ' ,i . j.-.. 1 . : .Is .. evil-. orsU'ltien uinrriiiei, vuu n- iiuuhim-iii mtr 'is nic-i i- vie known to nl rciriuar niiainmi- vihoex.iniinc the li'inian bowels after death ; nnd hence ihe prciudu c of I hose well informed men nzain-tuiael, medicine -or medicines prepared and lierahhil to lht-nublic bv nrnoranl ncr-on. The second t-ift-ct of Ihe Life Mishcinc-i-to clean-e thil kidm-v- and the bladder, nnd by thi- mean-, the liver and Ihe lung., the healihiulaelion of which entirely depends upon the re gularity of the urinary organ-. The blood, 'which us red color from the agency of Iho liver and ihe lungs licfore il pasc into the heart, Is-ingthus purifieil by litem, nnd nourisiien ny toon coming irom a ciean stomach, course ireriv iitrougn tne veins, renew every part uf the sy-icut, nnd triumphnnily mount the banner nl health in the blooming check. Mo. ai' veuetalile Lilt-Jleilicines have licit thor oughly te-leit, auilpronounceil a sovereign rcmrdvfor Dv-pep-iJ, Klntuleiiey, Palpitation of the Heart, l.o.- ol Appetite, lieart-I uru null in-uo-ui-lie, lirsiit-rsnt-s.s. Ill-lempcr, Anxiciy, Languor nnd Melancholy, Co nvenes.. Di.irrhit'.i. Chnlcrn. Fevers of all kind Rheumatism, Gum, Drop-ies ol all kind-, Gravel, Worm., Asthma nut Lotisumptioii, i-curvy' I l-t-rs Invi-ii raii. Sore-. Scorbiilii! Erui-liou-and Had Com plexions Eruptive complaints, snllow i udy, and other disagreeable Complexion., Ntlt If lit m, l.rysip ela.. Cninmon Colds and lull iciir.t.nnd varii ti othe coinpl.iinls which nlflit'l ihehiiniun frame. In l i.t ami Acer, nan -ul.irlv. tlio Life .Miihciucs bau- It mo. ciniiieiiilvsiicicfnl; so much so lhal m ll Fever and A guedislricts, Phy-icians almost iiniversa pre-crile ibeni. All thai Mr. iMoliil rciPiirc.tif hi- paiienls is to particular in taking the Lite Medicines slncily neoor ding tn the direction.. It is not a newspaper notice. or by anything Ihei lie him-cil riaysity inilicir lavor. lhal he hone tn gam creilil. II is alone by tne renin of it fair Irutl. Mf)l-.,T'.- MEDICAL MANUAL: de-isned donic.nusuiil.! io health. Thi link- pamphlei, ttbleil Mo'lat,275l!roailway,ri-w i on;, na. i mil li.l,..l f,,nl,.. iviriiosetft'tiiliiiiiinr moreliilly M Mo lai's theory of ili-cuses, and will !: louud highly interesting ttpersonsnei,iui! ncaiin. n treat, upon prevalent thse.i-es, and the causes thrieol. Trice, ,s-,,i.i',.r .!,- lMi's Acentsuinerallv. 'Dies Vuliiablc Meihemes are for sale by Unbelt Miimle llniL-risi. ,r. General ageul, (lo whom all ap- plicnlion. for acencics should be nddrcsicd, post paid) rturungitin, it. uu. -., ion CJPERM CANDLES kj cttnow, tvo, I. THE LION OF THE DAY. NO CURE NO PAY! The Genuine old Dutch or Ger man Vegetable Pills. Hichlv recommended by Doct. Valentine Mott, M. I). of N. Y., and others. Thee are Ihe orders i Any one that does not find re lief from these pills the price i refunded back, these are the positive orders of the Proprietor to agents and others. In odering these pills to the public, 1 appeal to their intelligence. If these pills are not what they recommended, you are in duty bound out of respect lo yourself and community to reject them, nnd pnblish them to Ihe world ns an imposition, humbug and ouackerv. Tlienublic mav I e assured thev are nurelt- vegetable, they are composed oi nine ingreoint, part ol the medicine is only found in Asia and in the val ley of Germany, for convenience ihe-e extracts are made into (nils and will be found a sure cure or re- net tor an uuiious complaints, yenuw anu luuious fevers, fever and aeue, jaundice, scarlel ra-h, billions cholic di-pepsia. Ac. It is not pretended that this medicine is a cure for all diseases to which the human system is linble. Ten thou-and n-eles etfort- have been inuite to urawirom tne regions oi unknown laney some lonir-snun theory of Ina-jic art. which would cine each nnd every ihca-e. Good medicine is not loiintun me nreor wiuriwinu. iicallit nnd happiness bane tinon chance winds i line is the herald of truth. The pa-t al leat is secure; Ihey have already rat'-cd a monument ol iheir greatness which will defy ihe corroding loolh of lime. None can be Genuine without a wrapper and directions on each box on which my name is written at length. Sold wholesale and retail bv the subscript at Glen's Fall-, by A. B. A D. Sand 79, and 100 Futton st. anil R. M. Meigs, 3S8 South Maikt-t st. Albnnv. Baum A Hawlev. 219 Siver st. Troy, General Agents for the stale of New York. MERRITT GRIFFIN. For sale bv Wm. Rhodes and E. It. Green. Rich mond ; Morton A Clark, antl D. A I). S. I.athrop, Willi-ton ; Ilagar A Comstork, Shell urn ; H.Sianlon, r.ssex ; t.eo. it. uakes, and Aliert iiarnev, Jtrieho; J. R. Hurlbut. We-tfurd: J. II. Harnt-s. Charlotle: It aiotslv and l,rn. I'e erson. uurlini?ton : nnd I V !-. IIRIgGS, Burlington, Agent for Chittenden Co., where aub-Agentscan be supplied at wnoiesaleprices. DOCT. MARSIIAMH Aromatic, Catarrh and Headache SNUKK. Tin- Snud is superior lo any thing vet known, for removing that troublesome dis ease, the Catarrh, and also a cold in the head, and the headache. It opens and purges out all obsiiuction, strengthens Ihe gland.s,nnd give a healthy action to the parts allected. It is perfectly free from any llnngdele terloiis in its composinon lias a pleasant flavor, and Its immedialeellet-t, after being used, is abgrceabfe. Price 3 7 cents per bottle. Doct. Mar-hall's Vegetable Indian Black PLASTER. This Plaster is unrivalled for curtntr scrofulous swel lings, Scurvy Sores, Lame Back, and Krc-h Wounds l pains in the sides, Hip-and Limbs; and seldom fads to give relief in local Rheumatisms. If applied to the side,it will cure many of the common Liver Complaints; and is equal, if not superior, lo any thing in use for corns on the feet ; the v irtues of tin- Plaster have I een witnessed by thousands ol individuals in the United Stale-, who have le-ted its etlicai-v. Sold by the nro- ........... f-1.-.. ii M..l.lil.....: t. r n 1 . iit:i'i , -.nn. iruvs tn, I'liuuitTuur) , ,i., unu 11IKO. A Peck A Co., Burlington, Vt. iet ed. Will any one mfirring refuse nnw lo try it 7 I f lie does, he ought to be pilird more fur hi. obstinacy than hi. .ulterine. ILr"Vir. llavs would never coaseni to offer ibis arlirle, wrrrhe not compelled by hi. .rn.eof moral ol religious ttniv io no all in In. power lor i lie victims of tit. trrs. nnd mi.erv. ror this purpose lie would sooner devote a futttntr, lb in .rrtne a dollar fur ..nv worthless article. ilTP-LOOK OUT.-Some swindlers h.tve cotiiueifriied ilus aiiiclr, and put it up ith various devices. Do not be tmno.ed upon, fine thing only will protecl vou il is the name of Comifoi Lo lhal name mu.l he alwat. on tne wrspprr, vou ore cheated. Do uol fureel it. Take thi. (litre lion with you, and teat by llul, or nrvrr bti) ; for it i. inipoinblt fur ail) oilier lo be Hue or grnuuir.'itjrv Mil i a. Sold by Comifoc Co. ? Fleirher snrel, N. Vmk. I I1EO. A. I'ECK A Co. Whole.ile Agents lur Ilie Stale of Vermont. TO THE BAtiD-lIEADKOsV OTIIRRS Dues any know a neighbor or a friend who ha. brrn Bald, and whu.e hed is now rofrred wilh fine iir? One whose coi collar was covered with d-tn- I, nft". ihaugh brushed e.erv hour which Imsnow is bed entirely t Or one whose h-tirs at early age were turning grey, who now ha. noi a grev h-tir? Children whose he-til were cnveieti won sruii, wnnie imii would not grow, lhal are now growing the fulleri nop. fbatr ! Some Calf s mu.l or knnwn in inn.l oei.nnt, A.k ihem the rau.r, anil on will be lold lhal l lis.. lung. bve been done by Ihe use ol the Balm of Co lumbia. Of 20 ears growl h i. tin. article, ii. ilsm-tutl increasing aniuull) .onir bundled per crnl. thmtgli when discovered not opposed bv -tniilnnie Inr the Mine purpose, now as.ailrd by almo.l numberless niu.liroon irsh preparations that will ruin ihe h-iir if used to an) extent. Can mure than ihf.e fact, he wanted rrfrr io the recommendation, hy a li.t nf names of re.p.ria. lulily, unequalled b) an) oiher article. Look lo Ihr-.e ibinfi buy lbi article. Slav and pte-erve tour Ii -ir by ii. ii e, or if bild re.torr it. Ladies, annul io thi. Iiuuilreu. in l.i.lnninnie uic arr using u a. Hie onlv article really fit for lite loitrt. Long hair is v rty apt lo fall out. Ladies, use the B.lm of Columbia in lime to lave voiuteSe. ihe disgrace of halilnc. hy nrgleri of your pet. on.. III. )our duly, a. to pre serve the beauties of n-ittire, with which a bniiuliful Crealot Ims endowed you ; use the Balm, for tl will do it. CAUI'ION I O BE REMEMBERED. Srveial mo.t flrfgraui atiriiipis h-tve been made to outiinfe'ii the Hue Balm of CohiniliM, Souir of ihe a qioiler. have gone so l,ir us to eniinierfeit ilie pplen li 1 wrappers, and ilir r all. nl Niagara, and even ex- itMikexcrpt Ilie n-iinr of Com. lock, wliiclithrv lilt not furge. To avoid impo.itinn. iherrfurr, wsvs look fur then-tine of Coin. lock & Co. nr L. S. Com. lock, and never buy the arlirle tinlra. it Its. thai name upon it Sold wholesale and reuil, nnlv mi No. Fleirher ureel, PI. V. I lltu. A. I'KL'K A Co. Wholesale Agents for ihe Stato of Vermont le tCJ-On. GO K OAK'S II iiUKHAK's Jelly nl i-omegrannie and rcruvi Jt-an Pill- fur DvsiH-nsv. Kcrvo-i- Headache. Pal n lation of the Heart. Internal an I-'xleriial Humor- and all impurities of the Mood, let-land Jelly for the relief and cure of consumption. Pulmonary Jellv for coughs, colds, spiiimg ol iiiotst, noar-ene.s cc rru sian Linauit-nl and Linament Opodeldoc for liheuna Iisin. Physical Drops, Colombo Drops, -alt Itheum Ointment, Pile Ointment, Strengthening Plaster, nnd Corn and vvarl l'la-ter. The above celebrated medicines prepared entirely from veselablcs bv Dr. Wm. Gordak, neeil no oilier reecnuiiiiendalion than tint they have been beforetht- public fourteen years, giving saiislaclinn to all who n a vi lave used them.-mav I e had of Dana A Katmond, vvouii-toei., vi. lueni .gent Sold bso. bv J P Slronc, Quet-het-j J C Brook White River; Win. II Sleel & Co., We-t Hartlord iNcveits, Hoy HAIR ! HAIR ! ! IlAI.DNEggImpor tant Illscovervtlic Great .Mvsterv found out at last. DR. STERRY'S HAIR REGENE RATOR. Dr. Stcrry, after much attention to the important subject of preserving the hair, has, ofter many experiments chemical and physical been able to discover and article which is now offered with the greatest confidence for the toilet as the best thingever discovered, for, for its softening and penetrating quality io prouucea goou neao oj nair to prevent it Irom falling oil' when baldness is apprehended lo restore it when baldness nas taken place, and to prevent it from turning gray. Itiiismore nourishing than po matum, antique oil, or Cologne water. It is a beauti ful article for ladies curls it makes the hair soft nnd lively, and produces uncommon brilliancy. Thous ands have tested its superior virtues and excellence, nnd in every instance it stands unrivalled. Il is nn infallible cure in all affection ofthc skin on the head as dandruff, Ac. Ac. Every family should be sup plied with a bottle of this oil, that by its application to the head and hair of children, the beautiful and or namental appendage of a fine head of haie, which m lure nas supplied us may oe preservea. i- rom the numerous certificates a nd recommendations received of its salutary influence, the Doctor feels firmly per- suaueu nn nus surcecueo in producing an article wnicn will meet the desired withes nnd npprnhation of the duhlic. For sale wholesale nnd retail by A. HITCH COCK A Co. 117 Genesee st. Utica, N. Y. In Bur lington, by J. A J. II. PECK A Co. and THEO. A PECK A Co. In Vcrgenncs by J. H. Bow man. In Milton, by Burnet A Sawyer. In Georgia, by Loron zo Janes' OHMS, vVtlK.tlN.-DB. M. Hitchcock's unrivalled and unequalled WORM TEA, a sovereign remedy for Worm-, Stranffe and int-i edi ble are the elects of the-e detestable vermin ; few person-, and il i-thought noneaiefiee from them, par ticulaily leinalcs and children. Many per-ons K" through a di-tre-sing course ol medicine wiinotii a ls-ncht, when Ihey misht te relieved by using tile altnn ; J Wheal. Bethel, K C Holme-, We-t Randolph) Worm Tea. This invaluable medu ine ha-1 ecu teteJ J B Danforlh, Dranard ; S Belknap. Ea-I Barnard: N Snow, Pomfre;;E M &t A SStockerand Gove&Shaw, ll.triland; flu-itd ct name-, 1'erkmsville; nrovvn ot Ainsdeii, Felchville; A A II Wardner, Wind. or , A Marsh, llridgewater.SS AFT Wheelir, Plymonhj and at Handocl, Roche-tcr, Grandville, Nurlhlleld, .lonlpe)icr,Middleliury, Vergennes, nnd in most of the principle towns in the State. A Supply of the above medicines fut received and lor sale by ROBERT MOODY, February, 1811. (Cm) Drut'gisi, Burlington, Vt New stabUslmicnt. JP. WHALING sf- CO. inform the public that they have located themselves in the village of Burlington, and have fitted up a store on the east side of Church street, which may well be denominated "Cheap-side, nearly opposite the bank ol llurling ton, and are receiving from New York a choice selec tion of goods well suited to the season, which they oluir for "sale as loir as can be purchased in the louufry, for ready pay. Among their goods may be found beaver and broadcloths, cassimcres, satinets, flannels, merinos, mousluic de tames if'C A choice selection, also of French, English and American prints, equal, at least, to any in Hurlinpton. A general ossort mint of cambrics, muslins, plain and figured, edgings, insertings, blond laces, if-c. A great varielyof shawls, and dress handkerchiefs, ladies' gloves and hose, wilh a good supply of bleached and unbleached domestic goods. Also a good supply ot crockery, ot the latest patterns, with a few elegant astral parlor lamps; and finally, a few choice family groceries, such os leas, sugars, molasses, coffee, rice, raisins, dry fish, tobac cos, lamp oils, if-c. We do not pretend to specify all the kinds, to say nothing of the numerous articles of which each'kind is composed: but suffice it to say, that the assortment will be found to contain most of the articles wanted in the country; anil those that favor us with Iheir custom will he entire!) relieved from the examination of old goods, or remnants. Our entire stock is new, and fresh from the market, andhnsbcen selected with the greatest possible care, with reference to the wants, comforts and benefit of the people. But we do not wish the public to take our word in this matter, but most cordially invite them to call and examine for themselves. Burlington, Nov. 26, 16-10. bv I lie experience of more than ten vcars use, and ailminisii-rt-d to more than 16,000 persons of various nees, and not one solitary complaint ; on the contrary hundred hate called, and iin-ohcited, given their de cided prefeience to it. after Irving the drlerent articles sent fonh to the pubic, and pronounced Dr. M. Hitch-cock'-Worm Tea the mo-t -afe, eirecuial, and con venient remedy lhal can lie obtained : for in no one of the thousands' of ni'tanic-where il has Let-n u-ed agreeable to the printed dncctions has it ever failed. N.B. Ask for Dr. M. Hitehtock'-WonsiTEA, as there are many not ruins abroad for the destruction of worm For sale whole-ale and retail by A. HITCHCOCK A CO., sole proprietor-, 1 17 Gene-ec street, Utica, and by their agent- throughout the Union. In Burlington, by J. & J. H. Peck A Co., and Theo. A. Peck & Co., In vergennes, by J. tl. ijowman. in .union, nr Burnet A Sawyer. In Georgia, by Loreno Jams. augiu HEPATIC EI.1XIK, A CELEBRATED remedy for complaint ari-tng from a ih-eascd state of the LIVER and it- Srer-. tion ; the following are a few- of it-symptom-, weakne ol the stomach, Indigestion, lo-s ol appetttn tonnes of Spirits and Headache ; it will be found a sure remedy for Eruptions on the Face, lncon-e-quenee of Ineir being many nostrum circulating in this part of ihe country.lhe subscriber- are auihorixcd lo warrant il I cneiicial clfcct. This ariiele i-just received, nnd n-lered lo the public as one well worth the attention ofihoc w ho are afflicted by eomplainls from ihe above di-ease ; it I cing front an eminent phvsician we feel confident in thus recommending.!. Oil. 6,1310. TIIEO. A. PECK A Co., Sign of ihe Mortar, one door xa.i of J A J H Peck A Co DISEASES Or THE LlINGS...I)erle.llj Ihe inn.t popular remrdi ever known in America Vegetable Pulmonary JJaltam t. ihe mu.l valuable remedy now in u.e fur cough. .cold., asthnior phthisic. consumption, whooping cough -.nd pnltnon,ti) ufb-riiuu. ol every kind, lis aa'e is iraitity inerra.iug. and ihr proprieior. ate coin Mnilv i refiling ihe msi fimble aceount of its effects. The fullowing new ceriific-iics are offered fur pubbc ex4tnini1ion. tin Intihistiso Cssk. btiraci or.i Inirrfriitn Mr C S CUy, Kingston, Ulsier Co,, N. Y. lo ihe proprietor., ' t ours of the 9ih in.l. was duly tee d A retnsrkable cure iva. effected by the Vegetable Pul. raonary Balsam in ilia w inter and spring nf 1835. Thr perron, Mr. Alondt, had been sick a long lime with the rnnsumpllon. Hi. physician, had given him no He was redtirrd so low as to he unable lo help lum-rlf, and was rat. inr. a targe tttunliiv of bloue! when he commenced using ihe Balsam, which ha. efTrcird a complete cure, and ne is now a. Hale nnd heart) a. ever he wa.. Mr. Mood) has removed fioni thi. luu-n, bin he lit. premised tne n more detailed account of hi. case, which I will fui ward vnu. C. S CUV. Kingsion, N. Y. June 25. 181:8, Extract of a teller from Dr. J.irnb Mirrs The Vegetable Pulmonary Bsl-ani bus been sold in thi. cnunly for two )ears, nnd ihe medicine ha. gaiurd an uncommon relebril), for it sr-iicefy in one instance lulled ol having the dr. lied ellrct. I am by no uie-tn. in f ivor nf ihe many nn.itumii, ntn.i ol whleh are itn position, upuii a credulous public, Imi that whirh I know by use lo be effectual, I c-tnnni help tail givr m approbilion (hereto. A counterfeit preparaii.ui Im. been urn-red lirre by a travelling Agent, ol Uum.iurk, N. Y. and there is anoihrr ariiele vended here thai i strongly fuspeeted lo bespurinu.. jacob airras, si. n, Mifllingtoii, JunMia ro Prnn. Ma) S, 1837 Fioni Dr. Samuel Morrell, lo ihe Proprieiuis of the Vrge able Pulmonary Balsam. I ant saiisfied lhal ihe Ve getable PuhnoiM.rv IUIj4in i. a vsluable medeciue Il has been u.ed in llti. place wilh complete success in an obsiin-ne complaint til Ihe lung., attended with a .evrte rough, loss of voice, and the raising of much htond, which hat) previously te.i.ied many approved preirriptions. Alter using the Bal.ain one week, ihr ttaiieni. voice reiiirnrd and he wa able lo spctk audi itly. This rase occurred some lime since, nnd the man is now eng-tgeil noi only Inactive bin laltnrious uu.tnes.. lirspeciltilty, sc. s. Worrell. Il is now more ittsit six )esr. since I was brought very low by nn affection of the lungs, and nn cuiuplaini was declared lo be iueurable hi n council of three phi. .icians. I wasihen re-lorcd lo a goo I health a. I ImiI enjii)cdliir many )ears, li) using the vegemble rul. moit'trv Balsam. Since inv reenverv I h-tfe rerom inrmled ilie in a great mtuy rases of 'ting complaint., and so tar as I cm team. Hi tt.e 114. in. variably been followed by murh hrnrfii, uml in in-tut instances il has effected cures which weir wholly iniex pertrd. Samuel EvtntTr. Busion. Marrh 3. 1P37. For ..tie, whole. ste and retail, bv J. J, II PECK U Co., anil TIIEO. A. PECK S Co., Bur lingion, Vi. Kmirlnnd'n clarified sncrm KU", mnutd csrrfSes for sale by J, V, WIIALINli TOSTO. nud TROY IRON CO.MPANY.The JLJ public are hereby notified, that Ihe business ol f-n.niis in si-sn-'li nml varietv. is dono to order. on theshorle-i notice, at Troy, Vt. I'liecompany have much enlarged their foundry, and are nnw prepared to do all kinds of work done nt any foundry in the country. Mill-gearing, Pot A-h 'Kittles, Stove., Plough-, Axli'tree', Ac, on hand, or fiirniheio order. All who wish to contract lor stove-plate-, o 1 pur- cJi.tsealarKequaniily titlmilow-ivare, lur 1 lit- ) irpn-e i,f nssiliis-'. will lie fbirui.tieil at wbule-iilenriie nnd all who may favor us wilh iht-iri-all-or ( rler-, will I e dealt by as' liberally as at any establishment in 'he country, orders should l-e addressed to Jv. It. Cro-s. man, s?iipcrinlcndanl, or A. Young, Agent, Troy, Vt, to secure an cany repiy, ana prompt attention. T.v. ViJubc liMf J7K) MAC.NI'CTIC OIIONTICA .THE TEETH THE TEETH1! The Incompadabld Tooth Pni.FAHVTKiK. The fact i-provt-l, and the mot: in creiliilou ad dnubling are fully convinceit,as mc have he evidence front the sale of 2,6.000 boxes of IheOdun Ilea, within the pa-l year, ihat the I'topion dream ol ihe alchymit are realized, and a remedy discovered for pre-ervmg tho-e important and useful appendages of the human svstem, by ihe u-e of the MHgnetit-Oilon-lica, which by itsaliractive, and strengthening quali ties, rcmnves'till exlraneou siihstantt-s from ihe teeth and preserves them in theirnaturat brilliancy, and iht gum in soundness and beauty, his ascertained from experience, that when used, 'the teeth will never de cay, but remain till the latet aire nt man, with their natural wear. When ihey arc decayed, lis prt-eress will I e arre-led, nnd ihe teeth pre-s-rved and prevented and pre-crved from achtnc all ihis has 1 een done in a multitude of instances : and more 111 thousands ol ca-t-s, nervou toothache, (that climax nt pain) has al once I een e'lectuall) cured by popular iientrtlruc lit America. And in conclusion, where, or who is the young lady or irentleinan, ave, ihe individual lhal values n I eauliful set of teeth, sound gum and a sweet breath more than fifiv cents, 1 hat will le lonut-r desti lulu 0! a box if Dr. M. Ililchcick'sMttiiitln-lMuniica. Forsa ewhnle-aleand reiail, by A. HITCHl OCh, A Co., No. 117 Gene-ee st. Utica, N. i.,nnd bv their itueiitsthrouirhout ihe Unilcd Sia'e-. In Burlington, by J. A J. H. Puck A Co., and Theo. A. Peck A Co. In Vergennes by J. II. licwman. In Milton, by Bur nett A Sawver. In Gi oruia. bv Loreiuo Janes. aii"2 RUSSEI.I.'S SIO.MAC11 lirriMts. may le u-il in Winror wTi r. Tlu-e celebrated hitlers irecompn.isl purely 11 vi-se'nble- ol Ihe nio-l inno cent yet -pts'ihc virtues. 1 hry are rci-ointnennil licut.'trlv for re-lorini weak constitutions, clean. ins and strengthening Ihe sicinach, and increasing the appetite alo a prcvenlalive airainst the cholera mor bus, fever and ague, removing nuisea, voniiiiu, heart linrninw, weaknt-s in ihe breast, pain in the -loraach ami nlher symptoms of fl-nulrnei' and indices tion. Out box will 'tincture one gallon. I'm e 25 els. a box. RussrtL's Itch OfsT.Mr.NT. Thi choice and safe ointment is said tole superior to any now 111 u-e, for that disagreeable and Inaih-oinc ibs'ea-e, Ihe ITCH. Thi (liniment 1. so cearlain in its operation that no person lli'iihlcd wilh Ihe alsive di-onler ought In I c without ll. It I a remedy lor i-ulanenus eruption, scorbutic nd'ei'tinn- of the lu'-itd, or any oihe r breaking out which nn-cs from sharp humors in Ihe blood. Price 25 ct. a box. Rt's.ELL's Vi-oetablf. Bit i tors Pit i.s, or family physic, for general u-e, in ca.e. nf Jaundice, morbid -eniliility of llit -tomach and ' nwcl-, Inss tl nppelile, fiend brealh, costivene , P' 'ml "II di-ea-Cs arm ing from biliary ilcraneiu. in-, il-o f ir eorreciing Ihe -tale of the blood, and cleansing Ihe system ol foul and viscid humour-. The-e pills are a mild ca lharlic, producing neither pain- nor griping, and are therefore a valuable and highly approved medicine, andnre pronounced nsuch hythemot tlisiingui-hcil phv-ioians. Each box containing 38 Pill-. Price 37 j cts. a I ox tin-ell's celrbrnied Salt Riiepm Ointment. This i. unipit'-tionablv ihe best nnd salcsl rennlv ever vet iiili'iisl 10 the puVlic for Ihat ob-nnaie disorder SA 1.T RIlEt'M. Where oiher inenns have failed, ll h.tsui ceeileil, and ihe fact lhal II ha leen sxten.ively used by eminent Practitioners speaks volume, in its prnise. It i equally eiticacious in all disease- of ihe skin, scald head, ring worms, and ihe most inveterate- Itch, Ac. At'. Numerous t-erliticaies might l-e (iliiained, but the propritor chooses thai a fair trial should Ni Ihe only evidence of its superior ethYaoy. Price 50centsa box. For sale by J. A J. H. Peek A t o 'I liemlore t.Pt-kACo.,n'RU of ihe Mortur, ami ItoUrl Mfsly, ll.iilinirion ; Dr. C. F- Mile., and Hull & Cook, Him-,. Isirgh! S.H.Harn.., 1'h.irloite; L. Jane., Georgia ; U Ttfer, Essex t Fuller A HuntiiiirK , Richmond. 'Also, by the druggists and nierirnints grnernlly hroushoiit Ihe statis f't.iiiv T OTION.I.OTION.- L FVlNli LOTIO.N. Highly e-tirmed PR. EVANS' BKAUII- for i-iiriiiir all Eruptions Coar-eucs-, Reilne- nud Pimple- i u the Face Neck or hand-, and clei-liMlly i-leanim i- comnlexion, and removing all di-ea-e- ofli".- Nothing contributes jo much to our genet ,-1 in lile, us an engaging tir.l appearance. 'In i- admiretl a mo.t fragrant, mild, safe n.i a i ly esteemed fords virtues in clean. ing, sCl -v ' t purifying ihe skin of nil eruption-, soinjut -. male'l eauty, and rcloring I! lo a high de rtt rity. A 1 eaolifiil complexion is ihe pride tin. il, ami the envy ofiho-e who aret'epnici il What i. so a'lectingtua teautiful fcmalt'jin w Im e fa j nature redisplayed herpower.astn hnd her e-oiitj-l" ion th'scolonrtsl with di.-gtisting pnnplc-, vi hich mi her chaunsl A good appear-mie is Ihe I e.-t rt-ioni mendation ; and athe Heautifyine Lolirn purine- ll f skin, and remove- nil Pimple-, Blotche-, Tan, Sunburn and Keilnes-, an-l proiluce- a teautiful hue, it ! the only co-nietic a lady should Hsu at her toili Ocntlemtii will all ol-o hnd Ibis a debghlful reineily, to remove all Huiighne-., Pimple-, Ringworms, Spots, Keilne-, Soreness of the face and nn-e, and every kind of erup llnn tin llirsiirfuce of the luiman Kislyi It . parlicil iarly recomnieiideil liigenlleinen to I e u-cd nfer -having, a- it will prevent the otherwise certain tlltcl of all common soap, in turning the beard premature v irrev. For sale Who'e-ole and reiail bv A. MICH COCK A Co., No. 1 17 Geue-te street, Uiiea. In Bur lington, by J. A J, H. Peck ft Co., and Theo. A. Peck ACo. Iii Vcrgenne-, bvJ. H, Bowman. In Milton, by Burnett A Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lrin.o Janes nug 2a "VTATUME'S GRAND RESTORATIVE. This ll v.v'ual le Veceiulle Medicine -land- unrivalled for Ihe following complaint-, vizi Dy-pepi, or Indi gestion, di'i-a-ed Liver, bilitnisdisorilers, Drop-y, Aih iiiii, Cosiiicncss, Worm- mid los of Appetite, nml by cle-tn-ing ihe stomach antl bowels, cures pains m ihe -i le, stnmach and breast, cnlds and cough- of long standing, Hoar-ene , shorlne of breath, Ncrviu. eomplainls, t-lc, vi hich arc f'rcinenily the e'leel ol d.-t-a.e. Fur Fever nnd Ague, it i- a mo-t valualle pre- ventativi as well n- a sniereign reined). It vtrti-e. siirpa any llung hereinlnre known in removing St. Vitus' Dam' er two 1 oltlc- have I een known In e-iir lhiartlti'iingHi-eai-, afu-r having lulHed every excr I ton lor fnur years. It has a iuot powerful influence in removing lierv on cons.ila ml-. Il is pleasant intake and -ocisy in Us operation, that it may t eaduuntsli ml lo Ihe infant with safely. The al ove'Mitdioine is very highly rei'omnicndeil 'by many scieniitic geuilcineii, and n large numlcr tifladie-, who have proved the virli e- of the .Meihcine by personal usand thai of heir faiiulie-. A bill iifcerlilicale- nt'tximpanie each 1 olllt-, with direelion. ll tuny 1 e had w hole.-ule i r re'ail nl S. Hntain, ll.irre, aud'J. C. Fnrnaui, Fast Wiiliam tow n, Vl. sole pnipricli rs. Prepared from I lit- nrig u al recipe; fur sale I y E. II. Preuti-s,, anil J. A J. II. & Co, mid Theo. A. Pi ck Co., Bur lington, mid in the prim-ipHl town mtht-siatc; all directions signed in ihchand writing ofihe propriilt r. ia THEO. A. PEPKil Co. at thesignof the Motiar have jn-t ree'd a quantity of Cayenne Pepti r, of English importation. Constantly on hand, Bombay Gum Mvrrh, r inline Bayberry Bark, do. do.m Pow der, Janiaica Ginger Root, do. do. in Powder, Bengal and Ohio Turmerics, cic. A c. Sept. 16, 18-10. M by EADOWS Franch Dictionary, conlainmg more wordu than Uogci f, at null "Qp Tt hi:xt. A convenient Dwtlluta House, pleasantly siiuilcl near ihe head ol" Petri street. Fur part i.ui.t re apply ul thi- oilice. I.MI'OHTANT RUM Illi '. : TT is rumored in "certain ciicles" that all persons indebted to the subscriber (particular contracts excepted) had better call and scitle up nnd m so doing save the necessity of employing nn "I'striar 1" to settle these "rf cucstions." Persons intertsttd will do well tn make some enquiry about this 'Vim jr,'k it is not impossible for newspaper nimnrs to be truek we shall sue whal credit is given to ncsion. S AM PEL HUNTI N G TON. CotTege St., March 25, IS 1 1. GOI.HIIKEDS We have a lew Gold Bee-ls a I ditlercnl pri-es, nbo Gold Necklaces about lb ,ans--Ien-th ami nrtie ol the Bit!.. an,,I'rJANCll0HN & nniN8M,tID. KAZOKS. Joseph Rodgers and Sons tuncriot also Pomrrov'a fine StroP, anha white Wind. rr Soap, lor uy vsiuvs- vv- rsb.lp.jsn.