Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 7, 1841, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 7, 1841 Page 1
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E! NT THE GLORY O P O . S A H," B"o tTh7 W I. P TrrTTTTr1" STACY. SALE. I u" - 7 Cow.,, 4 Hon,-, 2 Slaps, i6nV-i:o,l",A,C,irl?' ""'""aes, Plows, Harrows and nl kind, of Farming Tools. The nbovo helmig! ing to the Estate of J. II. Hull, and will ho sold low for ready pay or on short credit for (rood paper. WjIUton, ApI 7, 1W1.LYDIA"A1'L' "' ZWtZSS . SPXJ.u Ciift. VVOLLU Jcspccfully inform tlio Ladies- nf UnrliiiL'ton anil its viemiie that she lias opened a shop in the Hiiik buildup?, on &C&- -Sim 'lie comer Kast of the Pearl A. W-t--. Ol. IIU'JSC. wncrc BIO in. I?Sttj lends earn ing on the bus iness of .Millinery nnil Dress making. Woik dom ,ii lhelateland most fashionable style. Repair ing and bleaching Straws nild Ict'lllim.. tlnnnm. clt,.r. liulicc. She intends keeping a good assortment of E.'mieds, Gnps,Ribbn;i, Flowers. Silks and I.aies. lly diligence and perseverance ill her htiincs she lopes to receive a bhare of thepatroingc. 1 omul ladies desirous of learning the business will uu omen as apprentices. Burlington, Aprils, 1S11. HATS. f 1. A. M.i.MolTt, bason band ys aiar2-eu..iiriineiilanda ..ple nM ar'ie'iM.C Jl.t if iM. aiei New orl; la.hinu nnd ol" In. own . iiiauaiaeiiire, w Inch be oiler, lor aiu.iti'iinvi u. II- I. I II! ,-,., .r ally to rail, examine ipialuy and price-, i einre" el-! tl'lti Ml.ri'li nl. .. I .1 .. ... .1...:..- i " , . ?"'"'"; " ' ll""""' i"i. ii,i. hie ii.n. I y ( lie ipia m ny and W.i lo pin kuuu .iriieieeiiiap aie p.irtieul.irly mvilej to in. CLOTH (JAP., for boys n oon Inn land lor sale. Pearl t ll.irllinton Martli 31-1 I S 1 1 . Ow NT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. rillllS artielcis too will known to need cominen A daliiiu--and the experience of seven years lias deiiMii.trited to the roiniuerrhl cnmiiiuniiv, that for a'vuriicy, convcni'iice and durability, thVv are iinmlb'il -Coal vard scale to .ih from :f lo (i tnn. D.innanl Warehnuse do, lo w r i"b from 1-'.' lb I.. "000 lb., Portable do. to weili from 1 t 200 lb.. PiirtablefVjiinterdo-a new article lo wci"h Irom 1-2 o. tj 10 lb. " ., ,. ' H. Peck it Co.-.l-t,is. Iliiihnyton, .pril R 111. Tavern Stand rpilIC siibscribi i oll'irs for 1 sale hi Tavern stand, best known as the Kldiidirc pliee two miles from the Cnlli-e, on the Turnpike, wiili Jl fi,.r..j ,.f .......l I ....I flM... , V. lllllll, I III' loiHiM. ll. fei'i sTiarc, tun stories Iiil-Ii one barn 10 liyoOleei, nnd uood siabli , wood hM .lad irrainry. The st.ind bein- on the corner w here the Hiin-!)iir!h road intersects the turnpike, there is liot a hetli r W ition fur a tnvc.rn stand betwei u llur liiifftoii and Montpelnr. Any cnierpri-ioy man with a s'uall eipiial may own a ..,i, stalili.hini'n' bv piirchaniL'ihi. property. I.r.WIS IIIUIIKK. lliirlini;tiin, .March 1st, IP II IOK S.U.K. ery valuable farm, sit- -L Uativj 111 Aldlllll. enn'nitiin.r IO with a hotrc, two barns, niiifuut.liuild' - UK'S. tWll inmil iil-i'llnr.l n.,.l -..... t..- - " , ""I1""'". '' r. -nniir part i well tim ercd. I cruiseasy, andn . "iveo imm.ili iti- lv. Apply .S.Pl-i. i, or lo Piatt, Colchester. Mar.h 10, 11. ' ATLAS WITH OtTI.I.V i: MA I'S, I v S. Anal' TCs Mlrciitii.. The ii'ithnr ut ihe al oo worl,. h is I ivn prolcionallv ilevoliil in ibe science- ot (leo'v and lb p'llJi-liiiisofMap., diiriu-.' inane and hi. former ri'!iicin,n-, e-peculK hi- Map ol ihe World fur Academies, l-ar jiupii- le-imioiiony i.fhi. alnm claut rco'iree., upon which hi-h.i. so III ( r.illv dr ucn, in prodiioiiiatlieahivc- .eloiol work.. Tin- lollowins uxirac! c.fihc- Oon'v and Alia-, i.fioin ,i iiiini i-om-nieniUlioit of I he Teacher, m ibe eilv of '.New York. "Their merit, are niimerou -he ikiinmoii.!. ably plain andcouei-e. 'I beexeic c-suiei opiou. mid important, and iliude-i riplive . I.iiiii.ioti. an I correct, Thedivi-ions of Ihe AiiHiiean coiiimeiii, are irprc semed and ile-cnl ed a. tliey really e.-.i-i nl llie ,.re-eiu tiuiB. And the pro.. nii..ialeiiie'nt ccneially found i mmotjI sc-ogr.iphie. are corie led. 'I he lypo'.'raphi cal execution is im i-oinmoiiU- ihmi .ind di .unci, inJ,sil tl.e ai.i. i. a model of ihe kiml, and aclually levin, xviih inlc.rin.dioii." The o itlme Map. are iweiiliarlv i-alciiUiedioexerci-eilii! .iiidenl in In- iuJc, and tl lill up al hi. Ic-j.ure. Kor ..lie by C. COODKICII. PI.ATIID SPOO.S.We "inforni TboseTw I'uTisT. to get a fooil and cheap article of Plated Spoons, th-it ivc are prepared in show, and sell theni an article wluch will wear wdl and cue iheni satisfaction, as cheap a.s the clnii pest. Pcvoeob- fc Hrinsmaid. - ' ' ", , l "Hl H'Mll 11 HI MOntl N1.W llOOixS, Jii.trco Slore, A New Home. Who -I at the Hook ilO 'll fuiiiiu- V, .11" libe. Coinpauioii. (,uute.. Ida. Havwanl'. .New Kniland Cae;eer. Milehc-ll'. fJcoi'iaphical Header, a sy.ieiu ot (, cempn-ni'.' a He cripllon i the World with ill- srand division., de.icned lor in- iniriK,.-in M'uooii aim i.unine-. vvoii lers o the Heaven-, I). A. I1KA.MA.N. UP ST.VIHS. TUT subscriber would remind his friends and the public that he occupies a room in Church street, mcr tCcrn nnd Walker's store, where he will give his personal nt tention to Ilepainm,' Clocks of evcrv des cnption. I hose w Inch have b-i n in use many years httcd up in good style and made to have the appearance of new. He would also fix o notice that he hns ie. sinned Ins former businet'? of rcpainii;; vxaiencsj an cnirusici -j i, is care will u carcfullv renaircd and warranted. Hav in'4 been engiRcd for twenty years past in making ns well as repairing Time kcep ers.he tru Is Ins experience in the butmess will enable linn to iv satisfaction to ihus'i who favor him Willi n cull. P, S. A few Clocks for sale, on coniniis.ion J. N. DUNNING. Burlington, Dec 23, IS 10. PV STY o mm I M WINDOW SASH Just received 15,20 and 217 by Jca-euient. ol .ash, a first rate iirliole t 31 and 31 cents per li-rht i nbo nil kind, und-izi:., furui.heil to ordei. Ticoudero'it black lead, a lir-t rate arlM'le, for sale very niw, lo'eiuer will, a L'lcal X'Hl iclv of olhcr nrli. c(es as cheap as can be lound ut any other c-i,il,.,. the place. I'I'.o. I'l'Ti.iiios. 1 1 1 -.-1 1 1 in I SINGLE. DOU13LE. UMlilLlCAL, JUST- ice'd a siippl of Mar-h'siilebratcd Tr isn'. of every dn.criplioyfor ..ilo by the dozen oi single OM. 10,1810. li.'IIIICO. A. PKCK it Cq. Siguoftbe Morliir. HIIF. Iliitliugton IIRKWKRV lu.s 1. now commenced husinc , nod will have new llecr in ii few days, when nil orders will be punctually attended to. Jlurl ngton, epl IKIU. GHO. PJ'.TI.RSON. . i r , . vimuich merino noe, h nek ors ed and xvhi o cotton do. Gentlemen's.' b ack citi oimes, lieavv black do. r ine elastic and webb gogpeiuli rsfoi g-ilchy II, jr. OIDD1NGS f- Co, ( )'. I VV " AH 14.-Thc-.ihscrihcr Ins rcsunt .1. r mon iinoiimsincssnt llieold shop on Church r .een.'lo KX'&t y-N'icl.ols &, llcrrick, and recently by II. II. Walker, where he intends to n ami- 27V r uc.xi i uiir, ol a style and quality not inferior to any mniuracturrd in this vicinity. He hopes hisloiig experience, together tvith a strict alien- ion lo the bumess, will secure him a share of the ntuiisj if-niiinnfic. WANTED in exchangefor Cabinet Work, Ilirch an t Maple .Semitic., suitable for bedsteads; hnsswood Plank, and boards from 1 inch to j inch j white Pino -u.... ..n,M miiukui eouniry produce received n lini'niiinl I ml .m.t. ... , .1 I ' . . . 1 ' v 1 au "u'"u ocvervacccptniile.l Hurhn!ton,Jan. 1. IP II . SAMt'EI. NICHOLS. rpil llh. l)S,f. 3,!0 II.. while and colored cotton f. inicaii-. utj'i-. Uneii do. 500 bundle-100 st,ei thread. 20 lb. Ituti.m mir.. o ... Indian "'' lorsnicpy 1 1 LAS, I.OOMIS, A Co, Af -liootiug. 2 do, HA LES I power loom -xiv iii.i.-, 2 ea e York do. 1 Pal, M I II I'M IP. nip-. I alp or Nov. 23, IS 10, aie canvas.., just rivcived nn-l for 'tile by n-in, , i.cci.ii i,- iv l o. TO TI1K U.KOKTUNATK. Till', snl scril crs have received the well known an ir'p. , Bloodffood' Elixir of Health, ior ine euro ol ih-ea-e. nri.ins from an ill stale of liio iloin,v li, .iii h a. fCjHfudaeln-.Qi Lo... of -in i .npnaiinii oi ine nean, i(-r. ll has L'icn be.ilih and enerirylo miillitude. alllie ted with lia!, Coslivene... I he price of ihi. valoal le medicine i so e.-tablMi- co nun an limy I e i-naliltH lool.taiu it. At wdiulesale and retail I " THi:0. A. PIX'K .f. Co, Apoihc arie., Conrl Hon-e Pipiare. Take Particular Notice. A S I contemplate a change in business this sprinp, II is desirable ibnl nil "nprsimu in,l..ltin,l ... call and scllloliyihc20lhof March next, or othcr " !'S'ill notes nnd accounts that have become due will be left in the hand? of an ailoinev for collection. I hope no one will p nnml iin nf lliw r.t't,i;.Mt ..nll lad la rrneimmeilmte alKnlion. I'.. K. KVAXS. Hiirhiu'inn, I-N b. 1SI1. Blitnv.V Snr.nTINfiS. :i,00fl yanls. 1.-0 pieces Calico: also waddiii". bnittnir'iitid vi-iLin,. r.. sale nl WI1.U.INC, ,, c, Coiisponiiil Syiii orirclniiil loss. '"Pills ccMiralnl nieilirine for CONSUMPTION, j- in wnoii-aie or retail, liy T. ,. Pkck & Co. -JIlF.riOHY'S I1H.I.IOUS Pll.I.S.wholesaleand VI retail hy lri'h.l Thbo. A. Pr.cic it Co. sviinf Axn tiiiiiito T OlIILLAItD'S Maccobov Smili; iln Scotch do in sniall Madder., no Miinkiuu and chi , vim; Tobacco. .W,o do. fnralebv H. M. (JIDDINdS it CO. Ni:WWTrilKS Jn.l rcciv.-il -oine .New Knli-b Watcbe. and mimic feiiMiiie Oliver '! arlie. Wati be., with (ccond., plain fine fini-lml waii he-, We have afcwpxiil Lever- and coml Kim-li-b watchc. left which veil' nb-i i-iln- ivir lia er. March Ifi b I'A.NlillOltN ft !KINlAll). Hit U K l'Olt s.i,i:. TI 1 1--i il .--i-ri' er o 'er. for nVini re.i.on.ible it-rm. ri. mrol'IOO.OOO'ir-t rale Uriel, -ima-eai Malic-. Il.iv very coiucnient forSloop. or Meal-, ii i. nci e --ii.le lorSb-nili. fiom IJi.iud I-le or m her nl.i , Anplv in i:--cx, .March 10 h KIH'LOX I.AVI.N K- ' wi ii m i.D.r.xcir.s. THIS valuable irtielc is d idv eslabli.hinp itself ns thc be.t medicine for tiiei.xlerjiation nnd nlitfof Worms in children. Notwilhsnndina that lb' re are other loenL-es cricil up for this com;'aint, purchasers are warranted in the good rfficii In v of tin e. At WholcfcaleaiidRctailby 'P. A. PF.f'Kit CO. Sinn nf the Minl'ir. ISAAC WARKcR. HAS receiiidand keeps conslaiillv on hand alarge and full ussortinent ot GKOC'KIUKS, among whit li are COGNAC mtANDY, I St. CUOIX HUM HOLLAND GIN, A variety of WINI'.S, nnd almost evcrv article in the Grocery line, all of which lie will sell on Ibe most rea-onnbli-fern- lie would also inform Tavei ll l 'epirs in p nl, d.u that he will .ill rum, brandyand gin for G.I cenls a gallon, w locii lie will wai lant ol a liclli r quality than some which hale lattlv been hawked nlmut llie eouniry by a certain N" w Yolk pedlar, and if not ndjudgi il by nciii'-tjua.f'-s in hciiptter, lie win not nsu any pay ior ihem. Heiniiies ibein to call and compare. limlhurlon. (M. WIO. tf. Till, alleiiiionof thcalllictidis called to the article "Il-iy'. Liniuuiit,"udverli;cilinnnoiher column. d-M THT.O. A. PKCKA CO lj liff l'AITSIIDP...SI,ArLni.N(;ii.MILLS have opened a new Pisr nof on Chur(h--I. Iwo door, .outh ( I" H. Lane'. Slore, wbeie Ihev Will lo all kind. ofllOCsiK, SHIP, SIGN and CAltltlAGK PA I.NTI.NG, in i !e-i pc -il-le m fnnc-r and on lerm. lo .iit tlio.t- wh ) teay I'.ivonr Ihem with their patron a.'e. IrJ1'!'.!!!!'-, (id, arni-b mil Piillv.con-lanilv on hand and for .a'e. SP.rLIING. ' Jlirtuuloii, Am-.'n, ?10. O. II. MILLS. C 'LOCKS. Weare kellmg the best qualily Wooden Clocks for cash at &, barlcr il5. Ileauiiful Jln bogmy cased bras striking Clocks for cash Sl!i. liar icrxji. Fib. HI. PANGIlOHNct I1IMVSMAID. A CCOHDF.ONS Do von a nice Accordeon i x. clicao Call al the Variety Store and get it. Feb. 19. PANGIIORN & IIRINSMA1D. Cl.AP IHIAItD.SandSHINGLr:.50.M Shingle, 40M fc.t. spruce Clap Hoards, by J & J II PECK d Co lliirhngton, Feb. 19, 1311. M:it.MAN SII.VF.R SPOONS. Those who wish Vj g-rinan silver nre informed that wo will sell ihem Dixon and Sons best article and mark Ihem, as low as anv person sells ihem without marking, Feb. li). PANGIIORN it lllUNS.MAin. COM Mi' i )N ..........1 -V. f ' Oll.l 11 iiiii-.i l.'l tl. i'iiri. ... 'PANKAiiDS.Gonlctsanil Plmsiusl nceived. X April 2 1911. Pasccoiis- iV SK K 11 Herds While Jt lied clover Seisl tor Milent March, 10. HOWARDS TyjOTIi'i;. The subscriber has removed his ollice i.1 tu the rooms over Lyman it Coin s store. D. A. S.MALLKY. Rurlington February 1, 1611. FliATII i:HS. Jnsi received, and for udo by the subscribers a quantity of live Geese Fenihcrs. NULSON & GATKS. Hurlington, March 4, 1S11. CiK H.MAN COUGH KTIIUP. A Few doens of this famous medicine, for Ihe cure Colds nnd Coughs, nre for side hy ihe biibneri bers. Recommendations from niaiivofour can be given. Til HO. A. l'F.CK & CO. Apathtcaria, Court Hume ffiuart. NOTICU. THIS certifies that I have given my son, John Me I.aughlin, his lime, to trade and net for himself; and that I will neither claim any of liis earnings or pay any of his debts nficr lid- dale. farri:i.l Mclaughlin. Witness, Lewis L.xnn. dm ml hie, Ayril 1, 1PII. TKOTINTO llrushes, and Pamls, Clarified 1A Rosin for Viols, 11 and Ii lint octavo Utiles, Toy IrtiinpciH nml Dogs and many new anii es just re ceived. April 2 1811. Pancdoiin & Iliiis-sMAin. ( lop FISH, MACKOF.I.L and SHAD or stipe v nor quality fur sale hy N. LOVFL V & Co. W,4l01"''s' Jowclry, Perfumery, Musical In '.. t-tfJinientH, Slocks, Canes, riding Whips Clnms, keys, Speclacles,l04eiig.s, Pills, Plaster, Soothing. .Syrup i, Godfreys Cordial, Corn Plaster Havs Linimeul, Hnir itc. April 2 1811. 1'xsc.nonw ,f. llnissMAin. ', DiMicnxn. A LL per-on. indebiel ,, ,.,.ri.r WHM. J. .Noiesnml Accounts havo I promo due ine re qucslcil to make payment by Ihu liliecnth of xonl next. Ilit-lililiv. W'dl come about Iho edays, all in-lere-leil will lako imtieti in I jjovern iln-iu'tlvt-. ae. conhngly. II, 1). SLOCUM. ' Man h 35, IP 1 1. 25w3. iuita iiaga si:m. Af LIIS. genuine Scotch purple lop Iluta llagalj, Sale I o it I nowti that the Inventory wnseoinplct teil In.t nidi-, ike exact condition cHlie farmer..' me chanic.' nnJ people's i bean ea.h store fu'ly ascer tained. Howard, nut xviiiitinn any iihcr ollice, Will f conlinu.-d ns ihu ntent. Thi- Innp; tried e.lab li.linient ha. exi.led lliro'iL'h four ndmini-lralions ol Ihu ueneral goierniiicut, nnd Iln. morning commen ces upon Ihe fifth, under chccinin circiim.lnnce.-, such a. a ino-t I rd innt .mi ri-c, waving (lag., roar of Ke-piiblican Ariillcrv it the-Smile-, it voices of go on CO Oil ofu W'ho'e lienidi- n-oii. ,.. i. ii... of teller time . iV of eel I m-nio fion.1. Cl...n.. m HowariN, llu. nh, llufrah, Hnrrah.Tor the Cheap l.a.h Store iV, In- .e-i-m win. i:.,.,,h,. i. T......I nn .. n:-.. ;:r:-." v : -' v-.- i-ioii ...n-ii. e oe a ) io i lie i coi lie. A I.PACCA CLOTHS for eloakst crapes, camb lctS. cntllbletiS'MR. trnnls- lo.lf find n.t led ratll!) els. limited Sav-inc?. n i n nml fl, pines, plain and printed muslin delaines, all wool, now o.emngoy a. I.OVF.I.Y it CO. J ii,ii, liSTAT K Vim SAI.K, At a ohkat XV c.vno MS. T be nrnnrii'lin- nll),ra f,.r c.ln tl. inisp- m the eillnpo of Itiirlingtoti, now occupied by H. !. StaCV. Hsu. nan ,lu-llin n-. , , i--..". i'i muni; uioue anil ren m loom 'I he premises nro convenient for u amicaiiu ii wciiing noiisoor lor olliccs of almost any description, nnd are situated in the centre of the most business pari of the town. For terms ol sale and payment, inquire of Charles ' "urnngton, or A. Ij. t-atlm, of Or xvcll Vt. ' A MICHIGAN DICTIONARY OF THIC KNG. I.LSH LANGIIACP. l.',rc. o,l,iin irt ..!.... contniiiingthe whole vocabularv of the auario with' correeuons. lmrirnvpinpnte -,nrl i.,.,.nn.w) -j. dltionnl Words, to which is nrefived mi intrndnclnru dissertation on the cx)lanationofihe principles on which languages are i tit iiii'iiiii'i-n iti wcsiprn ,ict?i ni nmnn .fiiii . '"'""" . in i-" u s. IIV nn I vxcli.lpr I. I. ll L i in oooKsiorc. jj. A. llttA.VIA.N. i... .t... i i. . - : .. '- .-i Alarch 2, 1SI1. B1IOWN TnbleCloih., nil linen. Al.o finp 8 by 0-4lli, wiirranuil I ir.l'l . ...I. I!.,.-;, .i: "i" ""I'V ' "'" dinir ; batliiiii and xvic-Uns : b r .ale bv H. M. till)lIN(3S & Co. ,TH. Kill mil, Sir will you notify nil creation ti l-i,' , fljl,p(fil'crhasforsale, lluck's improved Hot Air Cooking Stove, nt ihcnew I rick store, Col lege street, also at Jcsso Gav's foundry. This is one of the i latest patterns and the first of the kind ever introduced into this State; thev hac been rcccnllv in troduced into the States of Pennsylvania and New ork with great success ; and suOice it to say, they arc llio inosi convenient nnd will do more business with less fuel than anv other stove. A nrrainbln in aitii'iilari7.eitsounlilie.sor nricpsisnsi lpsss Inai ll m, small favors are thankfully received and greal ones in proportion, and if money continues scarce I intend to Use the less of it. soil will fin llsMnss In irn .;it...f on that account. S. W. TAYI.OH lliirhngton, Dec. 17, 1S70. D'U . S.VJ-'''.,lr"u'" ''erfnincry, Paints, Dye Sluirs, Oils, armshes, Prushcs, etc. The subscriber is now recen logins fall supplies of the above gooilsj .selected with great care, which be will dispose of at the lowest market prices. KOHKItT MOODY DISSOI;UTION.--The copartnership hereto fore cxistimr l,..twppn ilm ei,;i,n.. .i. firm nf Spudding & Mills, hns hc-n dulv dissnlved liyiniilnal consent. Thn.e indtbinl mid those hav '('""'ii xi'o" 1"-'?m,t l timi, will settle them with . ..., no is ouiy aiiinnrizcdto settle themic It. G. SPAUI.DINO, ' , , C. II. MILLS. rile business Wi 1 tin pnnlinn.l I... tl 1 : . .1 ,, , , " ' in- ouiiacriuer ul the old stand. Church st. Ilutlincton. Vt. March 5, 1811. C. II. MILLS. CllOCCKIlY AND GLASS WAUH.-FoII sells of nrnniti- (luna together with a general a.sortment of crockery ami glass ware i n.o lamp, patent top, screw top nnd astral lamps. I.aniern, tumblers. i p. all of wbiib v; ill Iip ol,l ehenn for cash, as we will convince nny that f.ivor us wiih a call. t-1'urcli st. J. p. WHALING & Co. BHOA1) CI.OTHS.-rifrnll nt the new cash StOIC On Church .Irept. .'in, I UA 1.- 1 cloths, heaver cloths, eassimeres and sat.nctts, before purchasing cls. w here, and much oblige ,, , , . , J. P. WHALING it Co. tinods shown with pleasure, ) whclhcr purchased or not. PlCTfUUAL Illustrations of llie Ihble. of 200 engravings, -villi views m the Holv Land", together wiih nnny of the remarkable obiecl's men tioned 111 111'H , mnlW.IVi. . " . , , . . . , " ".ini.-iiis', ii-iiieseming sicred historical events just received and for sale at the book store. D. A. URAMAN. .March 2, 1811. Ni:W HOOKS. Tim subscriber has received the lirc.eilt Week a new simnlu nt Imntr. which me ihe following : ' a,,,u" A pictorial Geography, by S. C. Goodrich, 1100 jngravings. Rural Life of Ifnglaud, bv Win. H nvm, from the second London eilition. i orrcclcd and rcvi nl Day s Examination of Edwards on the Will: .Me chanics Own llookj Hall on llaplim j A Gieen Hand s i list Crnispi Visit to Ri niarkahle Places, 2 5-'!- ,1,'n,nI!,i!',0,'"f,-'llri5': Hlunt'a History of Ehsba: Tin- i.ible of the Lord, by the author of The Ltstneri .Sacrr I .Mcloihesi lloardman on Romanism j oung Ladies Companion ; Young Ladies' Friend 2. D. A. IIRAMAN. tVDTICI-:. ;Cf 'Viib'cme is I e't known by the 1 1 cure, n pcrlorm..! I. Newmn'. Panncc.1, or Purilier ol the lllood. The mipnrnlloTiil and sldl incrca-ingrcpuialion winch iln. niisheine b.i.aciiair eil throughout tln-Ne,.- Kiislaiel S'aie., nnd Ihe main cure, il ha. erl'i rnieil, nnd the sri., 1!,.,(lnd lna,i;. foril 1 y theaJvice olpliy.n acipiainK. wiih il. prcparitMon, ha indicel Ihe iroprieu.r to cxlend its e ir.iiilaiii i to .ilmo.i everv lown in the ea.lern Sialc nml llie prui'-mnl tnvri. in llie I'niieil Slate Tin- Pan.i.ii- xvariantul poiclv vegeial le.nnd i. not .urpa.-cdly any olhcr iiic-i,.,-uiu ever odenil to the nllbclest as lis exlcn.ive ,alp and greal populariiy plainly prove, ll Im. with.u the la-t eighicen inoiilh. eunil ns Ihou-nnd. ofihe iiid-i ob.n'nalu ih-e.i-c. a. can It- proved by ceriilicn'p. mid i. pioiHiiiueisl' by cinincnl and reins-table phyMciau. the I p.t me !u luv Hi". F-eliil mli rinaiion may U- found in circular, con i ,img eeruncaie. of cures and dinviions for la km,' lie The follow ing nppoinled u-'ciit. II ii,' u, J. & J. II. Pcvk an I Co., II. Moodc-J M A' ,1-, Corn and Kn-M Milton, C. Drake M iliiui Fall., Hornet and S.iwvci Waterville, Fi.k and lliown, Hi I.nrli, Hill and Cook Kairlax Parker and Mailield Vergcune., Adam, and Murray Cainl.rwgc, M. Wiie I'lideihill, M. (;. Harnev Ncrlh Fcrii.l urgb, H. C. Wicker Georgia, A. Illi., dli-ion, N. CbiileudenRiehinond, Green & Ithikle. John.ou, li. L. Warner and C - Monklon, Kihan .Soiiib ll.i'ertie'ld, Ariningion and Woodwar I Fair field, lliirnci and larmworlh. c.o.p ly.Cia CATARIIII SNUFF. MARSHALL'S SNI'FF, i, .till curiiiglhe Caiarrb anil ibevarioii. di.e.i.e. ofihe head, a.wellas soreev-e.. In nil nni-i r,r il... ........ i... . n...i : ' .... . ii) , uiiu ?iiMuuillg he repuialion which it has long i-inco gained, of N'liig ab.olitely the be-t ai tide of the kind in the in. I sfri. Kich boiilei'oninins three time, iheqnaiiliiy of one oflho.e vyliicli are ofi'ereil nt "O.N'I.V TWE.NTV I'lVK CENTS." And i. Ihercfore a iiiueh clifa,,tr. Us well. is better article. For .ale by J. it J. II. PECK 4 Co. TIIKO. A. PECK it Co, nnd Hit. ItOUl'. MOODY Hurlington, Jan. 22, 1811. ly.( lb MA llSill Al.l.'s ( tmiies unrivnlliil ns a strengthening PLASTER t Also, fur Rhciuiia, Lamcne-. or pains in ihcsnle., liinU (Jr back : for.errliilou. swelling., scurvy sine., Fiesb w-oiind. : and lorn general Family Plasleror salve. For Corn, moreover try it; pau-clo-c, peicvcre in Ihu use by maknign new application oeni-ioually, and in time-, yonreoi n will be eurixl. For mlo bv ' J. it J. H. PECK it Co. TI1EO. A. PECK it. Co. mil I in. ROUT. MOODY. Hurlinglon, Jan. 22, 1811. Iy.f.18 SNUFF ONLY TWENTY-FIVE CEN'IH-D.M. Hilchcock's newly invcnlcl Snnll'iho lc-.t aril cle ever di-covcrcd by seieutilin iiicn, in Europe or America, lor the curt- and ab-olule iclief of Catarrh, )iziue.sol I be. I lead, Weal; Eye, Nervous Head ache, rn Icn .sickne.s, I-u., , f,lllN ,ru, won .-.muni'", piirii.iisiiix-i.sui r.n.y, ivc. For sate whole-nlu and iciad, by A. HITCHCOCK it Co . sole I rill ir ml i ,r Vn I IT I !,mu. .ul ... ft.? . 'I . . . i :. . . "t". ,,..,JI v; y )ir H, Peel; fc Co. In Ver-eiiiieV l.v I il ii"' J' MKLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, MAY 7, 1841. Ir-T-'IMI'DIITA.NT Clll'lliiv , . It 1. n Nlll-rill'ir fuel nn,lnn. ....... I. .'.T-rrr' ...1 il.A. . I ""v 11111.-11 111 o rcgrem-o M at viibial.le uiei hemes, rs soon as thev become pop ulnr,; nnd have reveiu-d the to! nnd'npproval ol u di.criiiiinaliuirpublic.are.iirelo becounlerfeitisl, mi l tints a l a 1 and spurious ariiclc- is iuuiinbalely palmed upon tbeiiii.ii.peclingrurlhe Reniiiue. Tin. has been no orioi.y Ibe case vrilh all popular tried nnd Irnlv alii.i!.lcmc,honc- for year. pa-!, aulwill probably com nme to U-Ibe c-i.e for year-lo come. Tlio. Lu c ami coniemptible counierleil in tin', wav meanly takes advantage ol all the ellbrts and adver- iMngusiviiiyiiie pmprieior.. of ihe genuine article, to gel their ine heme., iiitou-e? and ilct-rvc-il ituplnari- j. .iisuiereiorenoi le.s iiiedolv than il eoiilribute.. to the safely of every hone..! Individual inlheconi- THU1.1 all IJKAK T1.K-5S INGHATlSxvho llni. irrc-spon-iblv trifle wiih health and life. L3f lllKIiKFOIIK TAKI-: NOTICR-I l-A,," a Pef-o'i'v the name ofj. ll.TToCHK-I- OK I. now- engae,l m -elling a Pill done- up in boxc. '".V?.-!?; n"-! ('ci led imitation of tin- gcnniiiL INDIAN wr.MiiLr. I'lLLS, with Hie oini.sion ofonlyone ceoril on tl.u lo.v.. U'. .... .... I ii i V ' "tiniiii-. i uc i ins st'io li (hi. UiK lieforl are evidently intended a. u fraud ami iniposilion upon Ihe couuiuiniiy, or they would nave been done mi m such Hvin-rimiiniii,,. .(-t... llCtt "")'"'. . l't,rn is tall' wtihagrcatll, , ""fsr ' n res-en 'v known a-u very tinor ol. ti-.'i-in Had ,..- t..-.i . ' . I 1 i,J ivMii.-ie, e-r me niu.icai cognomen of JiniHrown, and i. ul out twenty five enr.ofii"t" It I. a most U-yonda doubt that lie i, siiniilied with ne Jin. from u Drugiri-t firm in ibis city, who have ..v.,....v ,,.1-,, iioiorioo.iy connecleil xvnh winter ten nieihcine.. As soon as prool is obinimsl the foun tain head of Ihi ncfarimis bi.ine.s will be expo.ed, that the- community may shun them ns they would a hi-riit-iif- IN THE MEAN TIME I HE PUBLIC ARE CAU . . TIO.NEI) against buying W RIGHTS Indian Veoetadle Pills cv signed by the agent for Ihe New- England Slates and 'faring dale since January 1840. Al.o tale par ticular notice that Ihe folluwin.' wording i. on th. box l'v ' l,",ll-n VegetablePi'l (Ind. Purgative) ol Ihe North American College of Health. oi miiv cine who uoe. not etlii ,n u ....ill ..niM..ra,...n. Jfie Indian Vezetahl, Pill, ... u r... iitrntt in Us every vaiieiynf 0nn, b'-cjune Uiei l ho iuuBiiiv cieanse ine sionmrli anil buvvrl., injure H pio per diclMiSr b the lungs, skin and koine), andsli nnil.ite ihe blood io nui ifv itself. In nilifr tArnnlti iliti' open drains, and leave nature Itht Uruml I'huiteian nee m dri.o ,l..... r.... .i.. body. The above oiiilcu, or diains, lire llie common sewers uf the bod(, ihrongli hirhll inoibid and ror rupl Imniois (ibe ciu-e ol disease) are cart led off; .ind so long us ibey are all kepi open, and diochaige freely ibcir iilloiied pnriinns iifiinpiirii), ibe body will con. Millie in he.ilih : bin when from ciiinj; impropei luod, bre.iihois impure nir, Fiiilden Iran-iuons frum heal lo cold, nipt Hxli.iusiiun or jiij other rpiue, Ibe bowel become costive, ibe note, ol the .kin or ihekiiliif i j., perfiirm il.en fimciiniH prnpril). ..o iiiiiuiinrii nun i a ne iirained Imiii llie li,,ih by ihe-e ouilris. ill be retained, ami rni.unn.r. riiiMiiUir umil llie doily become- literally loaded wiih mr ciiriiiu-'ij in uiir niiniy rivets sliuiud become blocked up, unnkl not ihe arceinu'aird waiers nnd new iiuileis. or ilo rnnmru l..n ut 1. 1. i 7 Jimro wiih ibe buiiu i body j it llie naiuial drains be come closed, llic slugiMiii noil coinipl limnori will find -in n ine iHinius iuiiiii in ni.ease null ai rer, Smll I'ox, Mcode', lilirnnMlism, Gout, Apoplexy, kc. or DrJih will en I our snlTeiinj.. Thrrrfuie, when sirknes. al ihe sinuoirli. llin. in lli Ii.rk u.i.l side, ipin k puke, binning .kill, or any o'ber uiidra. 'jiii symptom, indicne ilial one or more of ihe na. uiral ,li. ins .ue not dirhaiijiii. fieely, mid llie i-iiiimi-union i. .iln, in !u coniinence a snuggle lor lie-reiiera lion of he.ilili. no lime .bmilil hi. In.i in,;. fev brisk dnset ut ihu Indian Huigaiitc (Indian Vt gttable Pith ) lly so doing, all the liinclioiis of the "iiiyHiiioe resiuieu io outer, md llie foul lunuors (Ihe ranee of cv civ- iuft.i llo.i nr mm up ,,n',,,v u.ll lipieinuieil in .)rii.y .md nmural a iii.innei, ih.H the ""liy "in O" hy n iliiiiin. Tli,. ,nyr I ills may be ukenai all times ami under AI.Lcii ciiinsi.ince., wiih iieifeei ifeiy. Thev suit all com ;rtlIU and .ill iiites, .imlarelii llie'lilion as fi. in I : con.ripiruily the ran ntntr injuit even ibe mnsi dclicaie. Like our luud, ibey are digesiible; ibeicfuie ibey ruler iuin ihe ion and an riirigy iu llie bluml, nil b cn.blcs il lo lluw imli ficr doin ipiile to llie enlirmiiic. and cnllsripienlly lo keep Ihe pores ofihe -km open. They are true aiid perferi purifiers of ibe blood : In cone llicy drain all cnirnpi humor fiom life giving fluid. Ibey import liengih and Vujoi in llie uh.ile system, and ilieir ef feels arealivays beneficial : IsecaiiVe llievonly remote lime liiiui'ir. vvhii li are opposed lo bi-alill. I'hey aid and nnpiove ibcejiion, and sound sleep follows 'ihrir use: licence 1'iey ele.nse llie sioniarli and bowel ol i hose slimy hummus which nol onlt iniuie andexciie llie iiriioii, bat p.nalyie and weaken the di. uesliveoig-ins. In shun ihey m,r,, all iHy 80o, pinpeiiiet llui can be claimed for anv medicine : and what hi veiy lemark.kle, it ii ulle'ilv iniioib'e lo u-e ihem wiilumt benelil. Price 25 cent, pen llox, xvith full dins iioni. Odiei aii'l Depot lor ihe New England Statu , No. l3.STieinoiilSircet,ncar Court stieel, llo-tuu. The regular appointed Agents can receive their -iip-plie. of the above popular Pill., as herclofoii-, from the only ollii-oaud gcnc-ial depot for the New England Stale., laSTiemonl sirei-t, llo.tou. Pedlars or tiny i llingngc-iilsaie not allowedui.e-ll lliegenuineindian vcL-eiabli- Pill., tlierefore never purcha.e from iliem, (or If you do yon will bu sure to obtain a dangerous and eoimiericit arliele. Thru. A. Pkck cc Co, Agenls in Ilnrlinginn, for the saleof the Indian Vegetable Pills a.o, . . lliiLLEr, Willi.ton. Vt and A. Ilrin.inaid, Hurlington. MOFFA'PS VIXiEI'AIILE LIFE MEDICINES. The-e iiieilieiue. are indebtisl for their name lo ll.eir inauilct and seu.ible action iu purifying the spruiL'sund chanuc-lfc of life, and eu 'uiitg ihcin Willi renewed tone nnd vigor. In many b uidrcd cerlilusl ease. which have- I ecu made pill lie, nnd iu almost eve-ry specie, of dUra-i-to which the human frame i liable, the happy elect, of Mokkat's Like Pill, and Piiikn'IX Hitteii. have Ut-n greaifullyand publicly acknowledged by the per-ons benefitted, and who were previou-ly Willi ihebcauiifully phi. lo.ophiea! prineii'p. upon whiihihcy niecoiupoiuid ul,and uponwhic-h lbcycouM.spicutly act. The LIFE MEDICINES leconuuend lliem.elves in ih'ci.c. of every form uud dc-eription. Their first operation Vio-cn from llie eoalsof the stomach and buwel-, the vrions impiiritie. and crudities con .lanlly seilluig around lhein;uud to rtinove llie denesl fucc-s w hieh lollei't iu llie convolutions ofihe .mulle-t inti-.tiues. 0:her Intsheines only partially cleaii-elht-e, and lenve such colh-eled mas-c I ehind a. lo produee habitual co.tivene.s, with all n Irani ol evil., or sudden diarrlura, with its iminincnt d.iic-r..n Thi fact is well known to all rcirular nnalomi.ts, IsiwtU.ifcr death ; ami heme Ibe prejudice of those well informed men uiraiii.liiuniL- inedieine or muihcine. prepared and heralded to the public by ignorant per. mis. 'Ihu second elkvt ol Ihe Life Medicines i. lo ilean-e the kidney, and llie bladder, and by this mean., the liver and llie lungs, the hcallhfuliiciion ofn Inch entirely dcpcniUupon Ihe re gularity of the urinary organ-. The bles.l, which talc. It. rtsl color from llie agency of Ihe liver and the lungs Ufore it pa.e. into the heart, Mug llio. pnrilied by them, and nouri.btsl by food coming from a clean stoiuachi cour-cs freely through the veins, renews every pari ofihe system, and triumphantly mounts the banner ol health in Ibe blooming cheek. Mo'lat'. Vegetable Life Medicine, have thor oughly le.ieil, and pronounced a sovereign remedy for Dy-pcp-ia, Flatulency, Palpitation of the Henri, Loss ol Appetite, Heart-burn and llcad-aebe, Reslle.siie.s, Ill-temper. Anxiety, Languor and Melancholy, Cos. tivcness, Diarrlura, Cholera, Fevers of nil kind-,, Coin, Drnp.ics ol all kind., Gravel, Worm., Aslliiua and Consumption, Scurvy' Ulcers' Invelcrate- Sore-., Scorbutic Eruptions aad Had Com plexion., Eruptive complaint., sallow, Cloudy, nnd oilier di.ugrccablo Complexion., Sail lihciim, Erysip elas, Cominon Cold, and Inllucuza,anil various other complainis which nlllict thehuman frame. Iu Fever and AiiUK, parlicularly, the Life Medicines have l-en ino. emiuciilly siicirs.ful ; so much so that in ihe Feveraud A gut-district., Physicians almost universally pri-erili- them. All ih it Mr. Modal renuiresof hi. patients is to 1 particular in taking the Life Medicines stnnly accor ding in ibe direciion.. llisnots newspaper notice, or byanylhinglhcl hehini-clfinaysay uuiieir fuvor, tlut be hopes lo gam credit. It ianlouehy ibe results of a fair trial. MOFFAT'S MEDICAL MANUAL; deigned as a guide to healih. Tlu.litlle pamplilel, tshtixl by,275Hro.idway,Ncw- York, has lvn piillisheilforthu purposei fexplaiiiing niorefidly Mr. MoilaiV theory ol dise-ai . s, and w ill e lound highly liilerestingtopersUnsscckiiig health. It treats upon prevalent d.e.ises, nnd the causes thereof. Price, 25 cenls for sale by Mr Mollal's Agcutsgenerally. The tf Vubiablu Medicines are- tor sale by Holier! Mteidy Druggist, if. General ageul. (lo whom all np plications for a gc-ii-ic-s should be addressed, po paid) Hurlinglon, Vt. Jan. 1, 1811. CM'EKM CANDLES. K'iin.l.n,,!'. ..Inrifinl snerm O ciiiilliis, 1, Also, mould wndlei for sale by J. P, WHALING A- Co. Tll.K.AT.T,,,s HAVK YCUA COUOIH rr",,- "r- w cnnsdmi-tIom every year n t he I nite-d State., nnd millions s uller feom tronlJesome coogh. mid cohl,, ha can a u nd by Dr. M Ilitch- in., i .. ." i ,;. '.'.'" ,ur sevcroi years xvi 10.1 positively ailonl relief, and save yoi. from that awl,,! ehsenee-, pulmonary con.iunplion, which u.uallv ZT,"tVUVTttv1 1!l""fl I'fthe young, the old. he lair, the lovely and Ihe gay. Have you a cough i ll-1.11 in ill! Piisn.iv. ....... r... ' .t . ' ... . i -r- ' l'urt na-e a nottle ol llie Cough Drops -n. W ,To-,7!0rrow ,'"?,y ' e too late. Have you a coughtDr. H.tcecok's Vegetable Virgin Cream Cough F J I" ' "-nly 'emoSl ywt.hould take to cure you. Forthi.plaig reasontnatin nooneoflhe Ihausand P.';.' . . " , ";,e" railed to relieve I r t o 75ccnts ier Umle. For sab- wl,l.!.. .,.! ll... 75-cnt. per Umle. Kor sale, wholesale and Re Ilea, XX. J . And by their agents throughout the tail, In st.. Uliea EniteslState, In Bg tiTXH iiX;: n i i. . " ln vereennes, by J. II. Bowman. In Milton, by Burnet & Sawyer. InGeor gia, by Lorcnto Janes. au,2 TNQi;iRI-..ASK THOSE WHO KNOW. I Hose only who know by irial nr obser talion, can form any idea of llie elTeeis. of llie peifecl reber, ofihe almost cure, e iTeeied in ca.e, urihe Iilis. Rheumatism, all Swkllikos, and all external Pains, ho m.iier how severe, bv ihe use orilaj. Lininjent. Find one who has med ii'ilml will nol laud it abote alllhin; eer used, and ton will find tlMt cannot be found. trJTor ibe rehefol snirer ing human beinft. who nut) be afflicied, I brg vnu to ask ssk orihn,e W, know ,k ibe Hon. ALfBEli LtOMCLIM, U.S. Judge for lli.t ili.irirl, residing near Auburn j .k MmHiw J. Mrtnt, E,. Allien. .' V;nkfJen. Durr Greek, Uie of Warhingion ril), eachorihesegeiiilemfn know ofcasrs iinronii.ier. Jtile liy all oiher remeibe. or phyicMn, lhu,..h tried Inr many t ear. Dial been cured by the use nf ihe Jiiiuine Hay't Linimtnt. Th .uand. ofoiher person know cuies. We .iu,..i ... . i.-:. . r , , - ll'."' ' " ' ' ' ' i .cii.r ul 111.. tire-tneir human feeling. CP i, but a duly ton owe lo tnnr ufTermt fellow-bein lo let this great reined) be known. Speak nrii ihen loall vour frie.d. Ihiflwillsareiiuirh where ihe newspaper are nol read, or where reader are increduloni, became o many worthless article are adtertlsril lor the ine purpoe. To buyer we ray, if.ll who hate used il do noiMyit i beyond all praise, then do nol uke ii I he proprietor will nol allow ihi arliele In be paid for uil-a it rurea. m lira nil ihe direciion me fully follow ed. Will anyone mflering refine now lo iry il ? If he doe, he ought io be pitied mure lor hi obtiiuary lufuRerini. ltT?Mr. II .1. Ulftl.l.l na.a. .....wa. offer ihi ariicle, were he nol comoelled Im hi. nt moral -ol religion, dnly to do nil in hi potter loribe ticnmtofditlre and iniery. For this purpose he would ooner devoie a fortune, linn secure a ilolljrfnr any wunblei article. KZPl.OOK OUT.- Some windleis have rnunieifriied Ill's aiiiele, ami pin it up tyiih tarioua device. Do not be imposed upon. One tiling only will proieci you il it ibe name of Comifoi If Co.; thai name mini lie always on ihe wrapper, or you ore cheated. Do uot forget it. Take this direc tion wiih yon, and lest by lli.l, or never buy ; fur il it impouiblc fur any other io be irue or genuine. ,.. SOLOMON HAVS. Sold I by Comilock ir Co. S Fletcher ireet, N. York. I IIEO A. I'ECK & Co. Whole.le Asem. f. Stale of Vermoni. TO THE BALD-HEADED .V OTHERS Due an know a neighbor nr a rrin.i ui.n i.... been Uald, and wlioie head i now roveied with fine hair One whose coal collar was covered wiih d.n. diuff, llioiijh brushed eerv hour which has now van shed entirely I Or one who.e ha in al em Ii ...i uimr turning grey, who now has nol a e,rej hair? Childirn hoe brad were coveted with scurf, whose h.iir would nol erow. lllal are now .rnwiiio ill r.ill.-i ........ of hair I Some cae mini be known lo moil oeiponi. Ask ihem ihe raue, and you will lie lold dial ihete ibings have been done by. ihe use nf ihe Balm of Co. lumbia. Of20 years growth i ihi ariicle, il demand increating annually some hundred per ceai. ihuiigh when diie.of rred nol nppoied by antiliing for llie same purpnie, now .Mailed by abnoal niimlierle niuiliroon ir.ih preparaiinnslhat will ruin the il used to any extent. Can more than ihese faci be warned rrler lolhe recominemUlion by a lisi of name of resner.u. biliiy,uneiualled by an) oiher article. Look lo theie Ibings-buy Ihi ariicle. Slay and preserte vonr by in me, or if bald tesiore il. Ladir., alieiid lo ihi huudred in fashionable life are tiling ii a ihe only article really fit for Ihe toilet. Long hair it veiy api lo fall out. La die, use l he flilm ofColuinbi: 1 in lim io save toiuete die disgrace ol baldness by negleci of your perxnn. It is our duly, a mnialint lo pre ertellm beaulie of nature, wiih which a bouuiiful Crealor ha endowed ou ; use ihe Ualm.for il will do il. UAUI ION TO BE REMEMBERED. Several most Aazrant nlieuinis have lu-en ...!. . t)unieifeil Ihe true Balm of Columbia. Some of the a iioier have gone so lar as lo counierfeii ihe solro. 1.1 u'uiinpr. u.i.l il.u I.-.II. -r V:.. ..... 1 tin. I maikexcepi ihe n.ine of Coinnock, which ibey Jare nol forge. To avoid im.o.iii,,n iherrfure, .1- waj iiiiik lor hip name nl i.nmstock & Co. or L. S. coinsiuca, ami never uur llie oniric miles ii ha that name upon it Sold wholesale and mail, only ai No cirniicr men, ix. I. I, , I'EUK & Co. .' n Krio. mr ine niaio nl v ennonl.le DISEASES OF TH E MrNGS,..Decidedl) the 11101 popular remeilt ever known in A merica riBtiaou i-uimonam isaliam a l ie i.h.h ..,l,l i. ruirii) now 111 use mr cougu. coi.u. aiilima or 1,1.1 cotifuinpiion. whooping cough and pulmonary urTeriiun ofevery kind, lit sale it tieadily increasing, and the uoiicur are roiisianiiy leceifmg ine must ratoiable account ol iitelTeri. The following new -iDuiinniiur piuii'c rn.iiiiiiaiion. am intirestino Cue Exiraci of a leiierfrom Mrt. S Clay. Kingflnn, Ulier Co.. N. Y. 10 the proprietor. " our ofihe 9ih insi. wa iluly tee'd. A remarkable cure waa effected by ihe Vegaialde I'ul. m.nary Balsam inibewinier and spring nf 1835. The peraon, Mr. Moodv, had been lick a long lime ttiih Iheronsumptinn. Hi physician bad given him up He was reduced to low a 10 be unable lo help hiin.elf, and wa ranine a laree inuniiiv nf lit,.,,, u,l.... 1,. commenced uaing the il.liani, which ha effected a complrie cure, and he if now a hale and beany a ever he wa. Mr. has removed fiom ihi. bin he h. premised ine a more detailed ueen,.,.i ..ri.:. cae, which I willfoiw.rd ton. fj, g, CLAY. Ixingtion, IV. Y. June 25. 1833. Exirarl nfa teller frnm Dr. J.ienl. M.... ti.. Vegetable I'uhnnnarv Balsam ha been Slllft 111 I III. cnunly for iwo year, and ihe medicine ha gained an unriimmoii celebrily, for il scarcely in one inalanc. i-nieii ui uating ine uesiien rllecl. I am by no mean 111 livor ofihe many nosiruin, moil ol which are im. Iioii ion. upon a ereduloui public, bin ilial which I laow by use 10 be, I cannot help bul gie mv apurubiiion thereto. A rouiuerfeii lirenari.1 Inn lu. been nlfrred here by airatelling Ageal, of Couniock, ... . aim mem i. .iioinrr arncie lenueu Here lhal is tronglyupecied lo beipuriou. JACOB Nllll, M. D. Mifilinglon, Juniala co. I'enn. May 8. 1837 Fiom Dr. Samuel Morrell, lo the Propiinon nf ihe Vete table Pulmonary Bal.nm. I am .atiifieil that ihe Ve. telable Pulmonaary Bali. in i a valuable medecine ll ha been uied in tin place wiih complete auccei in an compiaini ol Ihe lung, aiiemled wiih a etere cough, loaa of voice, and llie raiamg of much blood, which had previously reiied many appruted preacripliona. Alier uamg ihe Balsam one week, ihe unlieni' voice r. mined and he wable to spe.k audi hly. I hi case occurred ome lime .lace, and ihe man now engaged nol only in active bul laborious buiine. Rraptcifully, &c. S. Mohrill. ll ia nnw more ill. 11 six years since I waa brought very low by an affection ofihe lung, aad my rompl.iai wa declared 10 be incurable by a council of three phj. iciau. I waa then restored lo a goo I heahh a I had enjoje.lfnr many jeara, by using ihe Vegetable I'ul. monary llaUain. Since my reenter) I hare recoup mended ihe Balsam ia a greal many case of 'ting coinpl.inn, and o far a I ran learn, ilt uie ha in. fariahly been followed by much benefit, and in many Instance- ii ha effected cures which were wholly unex P'red. Samvei. Everett. IIoioii, March 2, 1837. For aale, wholraale am) retail, by J. J. PECK & Co., ami TUEO. A. PECK k Co., Hur linglon, Vi. BOSTON and TROY IRON COM PA N Y. The piililic are hereby nntifieil, the business til casting in every branch and varie-iy, is done lo onler, on the shortest notice, ntTroy, Vt. Thecompany have much enlamtxl their foundry, and are lo do all kinds of work done al any foundry in the country. Mill. gearing, Pot Ash Kettles, Stoves Ploughs, Axlclrtv, on band, or fiiinislic.1 to order! All who wish locoiitraet for slove-plai.-s, or lu pur-chiisealargi-ipiauiity ofhollow-ware, for Ihe purpose ofrtl.iiling, will befuruishtxlnl wholesale price. and an won may lavor uswiin orler-, will I e dealt by as liU-rally n. many etabli.hiu.ui in Ihe t oiiiiiry. riiiiuiu or nuoressecl to r; It. Cro.s man, biiperinteiidant. or A. Young, Agent Troy, V lo sevure n carl . reply, ut'id prompt a'ticnt "it. Tic, t., June 10. I niv V"1, "AYNO CtJRK NO iai i siii; piiiiiiio Mti 11. ..!. ... K? vW'S W'rl""',''!? ic! from thec ni s the nnre i. i-,.r,.n.t...i i..i. .1 are Ihe positive orders of the Proprietor lo agenls and others. In ollenng these pills to the public, 1 appeal lo their intelligence. If these pill, are not what they recommended, you are in duty bound ou! nf rcpeoi to yourscirand community to reject ihem, and publish them to the world as an imposition, humbug and iliiaekerv. Theimbliu mac le n.s,, il ... ."....1.. vegetable, they nre composed ofnine ingredint", part ol the medicine is only found in Asia and in the val ley, or Germany, tor convenience ihe-e extract, are made into pills and will he found a sure cure or re- compiaini., yellow and billion. levers, lever and ague, jaundice, scarlet ra.b, billion, clio he uVpep.ia. etc. ll i nol that thi. meelieinei. a curefiir all di-cases to vvhiphthe human system i. liable. Ten thousand u-eles. eilort. have lieen made to draw from the recion. oinnLnow,. rnn,.,. some long-spon theory of magic art, which would cine each and every ihsea-e. Goinl ineibeim- j. not roimdin Ihe fireor whirlwind. Health and happine-.s hnnir uni.n ........1 ..- j .1 . . . ,. . "i -...line iviiiu nine is me tit-ram 01 truth. I he pn.t at len.t i sevure j they have already raped a monument nl their greatne which will defy the corroding tooth of time. Noneean heUenume without n wrapper and directions on each box on which my nniueis written at length. Sold wholesale and retail I'X ''"T'lb"'; 'tr 1,1 li;"' Falli I ' A . H. & D. Sand 79. nnd 100 Fmtnn .1 and If M M. a l Majket .t. Albany. Ilanm & Hawley, 2I Siver st. Troy, General Agents for Ihe slate of New York. ,,,, MERRITT GRIFFIN, rorsale bv Win. RhmW ,,ii k ii i: i.-..i.. momlj Morion & Clark, and I). & I). S. Li VVilliston; Hacar 6t Com.tix'k, Shell urn J II. Si Essex i Geo. II. Oake-, and All-rl Harney, J, J. H. Ilurllitit, We-lford ; J. H. Hnrne-, Cliarlo and Geo. Pcler-OM. Hurlinglon : and momlj Morton & Clark, and I). & D. S. Laihrop, cinnioii, Jericho i harlolte: It 'I'tPLIIu It. . I I .. L '',tl(:'!'S Hurlinglon, Agent for Chiliende'n Co., where Sub-Agent, can be supplied at wnole.ale price-. 13.' tGOKDAK'S MEIIII INES.r-ie DK liORDAK'n Jelly of Pomegranate and PeriivT" an Pill, for Dvspeiisv.Merviiii. ll.-.-id.i..,. pi. )itation ol the Heart, Iniernal and External Humor., and all impurities of the lllood, Iceland Jelly for the relief and cure nfconsomniion. I',,l.,,,,, .... r,.n.. .-. . cough-, cold., .pilling of llloml. Hoar-em-s Ai- I'm. siau Limtmcnl and Liuament Opodeldoc for like una ti.m, Physical Drop-, Colombo Drop., Sail Rheum Ointment, Pile Ointment, Strengthening Pla.tcr, and Corn and Wart Plaster. The above eelebruied medicine, prepared entirely from by Dr. Win. Gonial., nceil no olhcr reeooiniiiendntion than they have been U-forelhe nuiilic loiirieen years, giving alislaction 10 all who have ii-chI iheni,.inny I e had of Dana ft Havmond, Wptsl.toek, . Gen'l Agent.. Sold a.o, by j P Strong, Quechee; JC llrook., While River; Win. H Sieel & Co., Wot Harllon! XV orsler Downer Sharon: Dmi-nxr v., .... alton ; J W heat. Uelhel, E C Holme-, We-i I!,i,,.l,.I,,1i; J HDanrorlh,Briianl ; S Belknap. Ea. N hnow, PomfretjE M It A SSKs-kerand GoveiVShaw. nartianii; Mieililifc Harne., Perkinsville; Brown & Amsden. I-elchville; A ft H Wnelner, Wind.or , A Marsh, Ilridgewater,SS& FT Wheeler, Plymoulhs and at Handoe-l, Roehe-ier, Grandville, Nonl.lield, Montpe-lier.Middlebury, Vergennes, and in most of the principle town in llie State. A Supily of the above medicine, iust received and lor .ale by ROBERT MOODY, February, 1841. (Cm) Droggi.i, Burlington, Vt New sttiblisliincnt. T P. WHALING .,- CO. inform the public that they have located themselves in the- village of liurhnctoii. and hnve fitted im :i store on il,,-.-,.i of Church atrect, which tuny will be d.-n.iminaied viicap-siue, nearly opposite the hank of llurhip ton, and are receiving from New York a choice selec tion Of L'Ollds uvll Hllit.d ti llw. u,..nn .1. .1 ,. - " , - cvt.vf.i, nuivil VlieT oner fur sale ioif astanbciurchased in thtcountry, for retulupau. Among their comls mnv l.e r..nnii benycr and broadcloths, eassimeres, satinets., flannels, merinos, mousline de laincs .f-c. A choice selection. also of h rench. English nnd American mint. u least, to any in Hurlinglon. A general assort ment of cambrics, muslins, plain nnd figured, edgings, insertmgs, blond laces, dc. A great variety of shawls, nnd dress handkerchiefs, ladies' gloves and hose, with a good supply of bleached and unbleached domestic goods. Also a good supply of crockery, of the latest patterns, with a few elegant astral parlor lamps; and finally, a few choice family groceries, such as teas, sugars, molasses, coffee, rice, raisins, dry tish, tobac- m3i wiiis oils, n-e. We do not pretend to specify all the kinds, lo say nothing of the numerous articles of which each kind is composed; but suffice it to say, that the assortment will be found to contain most of the articles wanted in the country s and those that favor us with their custom will be entirely relieved from the rumination of old goods, or remnants. Our entire stock is new, and fresh from the market, and has been selected with the greatest possible care, wiih reference to the wants, comforts and benefit of the people. Bul wc do not wish the public to take our word in this matter, but most cordially invite them to call and examine for themselves. Burlington, Nov. 26, 18-10 MAS..F5eT",,0,,XTICA.TIIE TEETH THE TEETH ' ! Tin: Incompabauld Tooth I nr.rARVTioK. The fact i. proved, and ihe most in credulous ad iliml Una are fully .oimncrd.ns we h tit he evidence Irom llie sale of 20.000 boxes of the tAUm liea, within the pa-l year, that the Ftopion oreanis ol thealehymi.t n- realized, and a remedy discovered for pre-erving tho-e important and u-efiil appendages ol the human system, by llie u-e of the MagnelicOdon. Iit-a, which by it. altraeiivr, and strengthening tjnali lie., remove-sail extraneous subsume- from the teeih and preserves ihem in llieirnalural brilliancy, and ihe gums m soundness and beamy. It i. a..rnaine.I from experience, that when o.ed, ihe teeth will never de cay, but remain nil ihe laie.-t age ol man, with their natural wear. When ibey nre decayed, it, progrcs will I arreted, and the teeth preserved nnd prevented and pre.crveil from aching all ihi. hns I ecu done in a multitude of in.tance. ! nnd niore in thousands ol c.vt-, nervous toothache, (that climax of pain) has at once hern e-.lei-iuall) cured by popular dentrifrice in America. And in conclusion, where, or who is ihe young lady or gentleman, ae, the individual that value abeaiililul set oficeih, sound gum. and a sweet breath more than tiflvccnl.,ihat will le longer de.ti tuleofa bin of Dr. M. Hitehicck'sMaguctieOiloiilica. Fur sae wholesale and retail, by A. HITCHCOCK A. Co., No. i. L'ltca, N. Y., and bv their ageiitsthroiighoiii ihe I'niird Siaies. In Burlington by J. & J. It. Peck & Co., nnd Theo. A. Peck A- Ca. In Vergennes hyJ.H. Bowman. In Milton, by Bur nett &. Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lorenzo Janes. aun2 rjUSSKI.l.'S STOMACH BITTERS, may be a- used in Wineorwnier. Tht-eeclebriitislliiiiP.. purely of Vegetable of the most inno cent yet spec-iiie virtue-. They are recommended pai licularly for restoring weak t-on.timnnn.. .1. . ..,,,,. and strengthening the slomach, and increasing the approm niso prrvmiaiivi-again-t I tie cholera inor ins, ma nun mine, removing iiauea, toimting, bran burning, weakness in the hrra.t, pain in the stomal ii nun oiuer symptoms 01 iiaiuienec and jndiges. lion. One box will iiiicture one gallon. Pnce25 cts, a box. Kl'ssELL-s itch ointment Thi. choice and safe ointment I saal to l superior lo any now in u-e, for lhat disagreeable and loathsome .bspa.p. ik. Ifi-ii ThisOinimenl isso eeariain iu its operalum that no .ii.-.-ii iiuiioiru n un me aoove tii.omer ought o be wiihoul it. It is a remedy for cutaneous eruptions, SC-Orllllllt- nlle. 'linns Of Iips.I ... ...... ... I I .....I , , - '."" " "ill oiurr ori'UKluc out which an-es frum ..harp humors in the blood. Price 25 cts. a box. Ri's-ell's Vegetable Billioi-s Pills, or family physic, for general use, in case, of Jaundice, morbid sensibility of ihe slomaeh nn.l hnu'els. In-, ol tin u fceiul breaih, costivenc-ss, Piles, and all ih-cnse. aris ing from biliary derangements, also fur correeiing the state of the blood, and cleansing the sysicui ed foul and viscid humours. These pills are n mild ca. thank', producing neither ruins nor griping, and tire therefore il valuable and highly approved Niceheiue, and arc pronounced us such by the most di.tinguisheI piiv.ii'inu. i-.uc-ii pox containing ia 1'ills. Price 37 4 cts. a box Russell's it'ltliralnl Salt Hiiecm Ointment. This IS UniPlcsllOliaPIV 1 It l.'sl mid sat.-., n-medi- ni,rv.l ollt-ri.l lo the public for lhat obstinate di-ordt-r SA l.T llllL-lltl ll'l -.1 . ...... iiiir.t .'i. ti nere tuner means naveiautsi, ll iiassut-ct-ul.xl, and the fai l that it has liet-n xlrn-iv.-ly used iiy rimncni rraciuioncrs sieai.s vuminexiiiis prai-e. It is eiuiallv eineaeiiMis in all diseases of ihu skin. scald bt-ud. ring worms, and the most inveterate llch, Ac. ic. Siimerons cerlificntc. might le nblaimil, I ut Ihe proprilor chooses thai a fair trial should lthe only evidence of us superior cilimcy. Price 50. -cuts a Iin. For ale by J. & J. IL Pc k & Ca, 'I heodore A. Peck tV Co., sign of the Mortar, and RoUrl M.Ksly, Hurlington: Dr. C K Miles, nisi Hull & Cool,, I lines. Isirgh S. II, Barnes, ( 'harlolte I- Jane-, Geoigia; L. Tyler, Essex i Fuller Huntington, Richmiunk Also, by Ihe druggists and merchants t.ncrnlly hroiighoui the stale. (2-tlin MEADOW'S French Dictionary, containing more I words ihitn lW-ct h,b! halt Ihe ,ri.-c. For sale. by C GOOntlCJI. VOL. XIV....No. 43. DOCT. MAnSHAI.lVS Arc malic, Catarrh ami . Headache SNUFF. This Simll i, ,,,," ,"' thing VH known, for icmoying ,hat trou"e oined ittVi ,"0l''iJ purge, out nil ob.r,,o"s strengthen. lheglaiid.,andgtve a heallhv aelmn . ,.. part. ,,ec,. is K'rft( from )"? g er on. in , coinposilion-has a , lea.ant flavor and i simmeihateellec., afier being uM, is abgiccable Price3T cent. per lntle. ' Dc-ei. Mar..tmil' V..nt.l.l. ln.t:H ni. i. m . TL! TJI . -.-si"'".-.liunill uiuck ii. nol r,. This Pla.tcr unrivalled for t-urimr ..'pr.r, i,... .... a ' t?'.'irv'.?orvri ,Lan,e PMt nd Fre-h Wound. : aTve relief in Z' " m""" "ljf a?d eM""' giye relief m local Itlieuinaii.m. If applied lo (he side, 1 will enre many ofihecommon Liver Com ,1a n " nnd ., equal, if not s'uperior, to any I ,n. m e f, f corn, on He fee-, ; the virtu.', orih.1 Pla-ter a e I ce, wit , esse, by thousand, of individual. ,, , 1L Stales, who havete-ted il cllica.y. Sold I l.e Peck d cZ l)uE Vk""5 ' " Jl" el HMut n'.''1"1 1 1 -nAF.DNF.SSt.-l.,,. . taut Discover die Great Mxstcn in . rtoi rJr's!' STK"KV'S HAIR RTr.i V innlrii;'. f-- "7' aflcr. much "ttetition to imporlnnt subject of preserving the hair, ha., n.i inaay experiments chemical nKd physica been ah to discover nnd article which is now offered with tt greatest confidence for the toilet as the best thi uve mnrnbie to produce a good head of hair-to prevent I Irom i?tlb7,,0r,fVhe" b,M,?i' VPrehendcH-io re m it when baldness nas taken place, and to prewm it from turning gray. It ii is more nourishing' , Inn ,, malum, antique oil, or Cologne w atcr. It is a beau . fill nrticlc for ladies curls-it makes the hair soft a I lively, and produces uncommon brilliancy. Thou" , and have tested its superior rirtnes nd Vxc. lene, and in every instance it stands unrivalled. It s Itn V'WI "".""ections of the akin on the head -i dandruff Ac. 4 c. Every family should be sup plied with a bottle of this oil, that by its apphent on to the head and hair of children, the beautiful and or namental appendage of a fine head of haic, which na li re has supplied us may be preserved. From the numerous certificates n ml,m.j..: .l .SlaiU,.'"ym"ucn;,.he Doc,or A! firmly pe-r-will m,C, rS8''!:CCiic-d.m P'ri'icw an article I r'"1'11:' and nrrr"bation of the rnpif jin 8!X holesa,e '-V A. HITCH- COCK. &Co. 117 Geneseesl. Ut ca, ft. V. In Bur- teh?.J' , Jl- 'ECK & C"- " THEO. A M.i. 1 "'nciuiea iij- j. ij. liowman. In Milton, bv Burnet & Snwu. p In r:.f. i... . ' ' zoJaties: ' uA.oll. WOKMS, VOR.,IS.l). M. IIitc,icockV unrivalled and iintxiialleil WORM 11; a sovereign remedy fur Worm-. Slramre and niercli hie nre ihe e-.ievt. of the-e dele.tal.le vermin : few person., mid il l. thought none are free from ihem, par ticularly females nnd children. Many per-on. g through n cour-e of medicine without n Ipicht, when Ibey might be relieved by ti-mg tbc V orm Tea. This invaluable intxli. ine has been ic-.te-l by the eXier,cnee nfinore than ten year., use, and adnunistt-red to more than 16,000 per-on. of varum age-, and not one solitary complaint j on theeonlrarv hundred, have called, nnd unsolicited, given their de eided iire-lcreiiee lo il, after trying the dillereni arliele. sent forlh to thepul.le, and pronouneed Dr. Al. Hitch cock ,s Worm Tea the mo-t safe, elleelual, and con venient remedy that can l obtained : for in no one of the Ihoii-aud. ol instances where it has I ecn u-ed agrocnble to the primed direction, ha. it everlailed. N. B. Ask for Dr. M. Hitchcock's Worm Tea, a-there are many nostrum, abroad for the detrucii(ninf worms b or .ale whole-ale nnd retail by A. HITCHCOCK ct t O., o e proprietor., 117 .licet, Ftiea, and by I her agent, throughout the t'luon. In Hurlinetoti, by J. A J. II. Peck & Co., and Theo. A. Peck A' Co. In crgciiiics, by J. H.Bowman. In .Milton, by Burnet & Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lorenio Janes. aug20 HEPATIC ELIXIR, A CELEBRATED remedy for complaint ari-mg Irom a di.easexl ptate ofihe LIVER and it. Secre tion.; the following are a few of it symptom., weakne..c.l ihe stomach. Indigestion, lo. ofa'ipelite lowitc. if Spirits and Headache: it will be found a sore remedy lor Eruptions on the Face, ln coipe iiuenee of tneir Iving many nostrum, circulating in this part of the country, the .ub-cribcr. are authorized to warrant it. beneficial cil'ect.. 1 1n. article is just received, and oflcred to the public a. one well worth llie attention ol those who are afflicted bv complaint from the above di.ea.el it being from' an eminent physician we- feel confident in Ihu recommending it. Oct. 6,1310. THEO. A. I'ECK Ac Co" Sign ofihe Mortar, onedoorea-t ofj .V J H Peek & Co OTIK.N. LOTION. DR. EVANS' HEAITI FVING LOTIONllighly esteemed ft M uting all Krnptioiis Coar-tne.., Kedne and Pimple, on the faeeNtx'k i r hand., and nlectually cleaning tl-o couinlexion, nnd removing all th-eases of the -km- Nothing contribute. o much to our ceurral sii.tip. in lite, a. an engaging tirt appearance. Thi. l.o . u i. admired a ino.-t fragrant, mild, safe wa-h and neat ly esleemtxl fonts virtue, in ilean-mg, sofienuic, and purifying llie skin of all eruption, soiiijunMi to fe male lauty, and restoring it io a high degree ol pi rily. A I caiinful complexion is the pride of all vt ho, and the envy ofiho-e who aredeprived.l ii. What is uho-etai-e nalure haU.pI:iytsl her power, a o hud herr-omi leX i ii di.colourcd with pimple-., which mar her . ha. in. I A good appear ince is the 1 rtrom liiciidaiifii i nnd as the Heamifymg Lotion pur-tie the io, nun in. iot. - mi rimpir, oioteiie-, I an, s inlnirn and llcilne.., and prndu. e. a I tauitful hue, it is he only c.cmelic a lady should u- al her toilet. Gentleint-ii u-ill all aNo hud tin a delightful remeily, to remove all It.iiphn. ,1'iniple., Hmgwi im., Spots, Ktx'ne.. Soretie.o! ihr fate and no.e, and every kind . f erup tion on the surface of the human rcsly. It js panicu- lanj i.-miiiiiinintii i o iieu 1 1 cinen io l e u.-cil aiier sha ving, a-n will prevent the iiihprui.pi-p.i.,n .. '.-.. ... all common o.ii, in turning the lesrd y KreV' Ior ntle Who'e.ole and retail 1 v A. 1 1 ITCH . LOCK de Co., Nn. J 17 Gcne-ee street, Utira. In Hur linglon, by J.& J.H.Pcck it Co., and Thco. A. Peek &Co. In Vcrgenne-, by J. H, Bowman. In Milton, by I.urntlt ii, Sawtcr. In Georgia, by Lrenzc Janes aug 20 NATURE'S GRAND H2f OKA11M'. valuable Negeialle Medicine sta-l. ior ine loiiovving compla'nis, viz : Pv-p" .1,1 gt-.ion,di.fa-txl Liver, biliousdi;(Tile:r-, 1 ro -ma. Co.tivene.-s. Worms nn.l In, r.r i n,.-t clean.nig the stomach and bowels, cure- p side, stomach and breast, cold and coi gl i. lining, lioarsenr.s, shorlnc of Ire.i.i, . t-0lllilaiilt..ele.. which nref.ennemlv il, .. '. ease. Kit Feterand Ague, il is a mo-l va'u.n ie . . venlalivc a. well as It. to surpass any thing hereiofore known in'remc v ng ilu' Dance, two tattle have lten known te c this alllieling di-easr, afier having baflled everv .xt tion lor fijur jrars. It has a most povverlul n",ei..tT in reiiioving nervous ciisjilaini... ll i. pleaam leiakt and so easy in it. t.jierai ion, lhat it may 1 eadnnnislt nxl lo Ihe infant wiih safely. The above Miiheine i- very highly rts-oinmeudtxl 'by many n-ieniiiic gtnilcmen, and a large nnml er ofladie., who have proved llie virluesi'fthe.Mohciiichy personal neandihat of heir families. A bill of. eriilu-ale n.vcmpanir each I ol If. with direction, ll may I e had whole-ale or re'a 1 et S. Britain, Barre, and'J. C. Fnrnain, East Wi"iam. town, V, sole proprietor-. Prcpar.xl from the or.:, u al m-ipc j for sale by E.1I. Prtnti, Moniiiclier, and J.A J. IL Pr.tx A Co, and Tiieo. A. Pick Co.. Hur linglun, and in Ihe principal towns in the stale! all directions signnlin the hand writing olihepropncltr.. P19 THEO. A. PECKtV Co. at the sign of the .Mortar have just ree'd a quantity of Ca)enne Penrcr, of English importation. Constantly on hand, Bombay Gum Myrrli, genuine Iln) berry Hark, do. do, in Pow der. Jamaica Ginger Hoot, do. do. in Powd. r, Bengal and Ohio Turmerics, Ac. Ac, J s 10. A TO HUNT, convenient Dttcllitfg House, plrn-anlly siiualtxl near the head of Peail street. For pailunlura apply al ihi. tnli.v. IMIMIHTAXT litlMOII ! 1 IT is rumored in "certain circlet" lhat all persons Indebted tolhfi Sllbs.-ribir coiilrne.a excepted) had better call andscule up and m s. doing sate ihe necessity ofrniplojing nn "INnae !" to sctile these "vexed quetlioiu." Pirsons will il-Mt til In liinke some ciimiirviil'oiil ihis'Vttiitor.'' it is not impossible fur newspaper rumors to be true. r suaii see wnaicrcuii is given in n.-sio... SAMUEL II UN TIN G TON. College Si., March 25, 1811, GOLD HEUDS-We have a few Gold Bivsh, at dillcreiit iirnt's. ubo (.old Necklace, about iht saiiiclcuglh and prii-e ol llie Iteedp, PAN(ilK)RNA HRINSMAID. I AZOHS, Joseph Rodgers and Sons superior Ik also Point rov's fine Mr, ns nnd Hi i . v r Sonn, for sjic bv HM, tli'J i xt..- t 1 I''''' ("l"

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