Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 7, 1841, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 7, 1841 Page 3
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ol'tho American People. Lul him spin n the threats ntnl entreaties, tlie cajoling and the denunciations, tlio coaxing nnd bullying of those wo have enumerated, as ho would the decit, falsehood and insincerity of w Inch they nro the prototypes. So doing, he will meet tho highest rewards which this world can bestow tho approbation of his own con cietico and of his country. "Proscription' ratified by the Globe. Prom tlio Globe of October 2, 1833. 'The opinion of Washing-ion, that to employ in ViiVA ofues men opposed to the (iotcrnment, is 'pe 'liticai suicide,' is kminrtly just. An Ailininisirn. 'tion vliicl prtn-tiscs this principle finds itself, as it 'were, in n hostile- ramp. Those who nrc to earry out 'it measures throw every obstacle in tho way of their 'execution. Nay more-1 they nro ever in confidential communication with thucneiny, to whom they reveal 'its purposes in advance, nnd w'liom tlicy furnish with distorted misrepresentations, instead of correct in 'formation, to bo used against those by whom they 'arc employed They t'irii facilities nnd advantages of official position into instrmncnis against tho Gov 'eminent which, they should sustain with a cordial 'and energetic, notgruding, discharge cl their official 'duties," itc. &.C. Prom the Globe of June 13, ISiO. "por tlio sakenf the countr at Inrgc, wo hope to "scenneie infmion of energy into all the public tin 'plnvmcnts ai Washington, where business has been 'suffered to stagnate in tho same bands for the tenth 'part of a century. This can onlv be imparled by 'bringing from the country a, fresh body of intelligent 'induiti ious, nnd zealous pE.Mocn.sTe, who. baring 'been reared in the healthy atmosphere of filths and 'woods, will brim; to the dischai go of public titt-ts 'minds and bodies unimpaired by the infection of city life. This icill indeed be bei-oiim." The tables are turned and tho Globe is of n very different opinion. It would now have the Wing Administration place itself "in a liostilo camp,"and commit "political suicide" by "employing in high offices men oppos.-d to it." We think tho "engineer is blown up by his own petard." TO TUT. FRIENDS OP THE BIBLE. Thecommitteoappointelby the Chittenden County Bible Society, to supreintend the work uf supplying the destitute with tho word of God, would again ad dress thoms:lvcs to the fiicnds of the Biblo through the county. Pirst to those Towns which have taken measures for rc-Ciploring andsiipplying the destitute, by the appointment of District Distribilors or otherwise, we moke the rcq'iest, that they will immediately present tothe co'inty committee, through fie subscriber, a lull leport, statin; the number of Bibles and testaments distubuted in the town. The number of destitute families unwilling to receive the Bible and stating also the amount of funds collected in nid of the cau.c, and oil other interesting facta and incidents. Secondly. There arc several towns in the county which hive, by a public niMling, nppointoll District Distributors and havo accomplished die work in part out have not completed it bo as to be able to make out their report. Will the general committee in such towns put their licarts and hands etronrly to the work and sco that it is thoroughly done, and the reports sent in as soon as they can conveniently b made out 1 Thirdly. Wthave heard from one or two towns In the county, (of which wo should expect belter thing?,) u uere nothing has been done or even attcntti Kb, because they have presumed tint every family has the Bible. We will state one fact for the consid eralij.1 of sa:h towns. .Wine- all fie reports that hands yd come in lee do nr.( find a tingle School diflricl, inteiichthirt irat not one family destitute e the Uiblc. Th.ii fact speaks for itself. It shows the grounds and reasons upon which e cry town nnd parish, ought to engage heartily in tins work. Therefore, in behalf of the Conutv Society, nnd in behalf of our own common Christi? nity, we earnest ly request th.s Pastors and officers of churches in the town where nothing has I ccn done, to call a public mietinj as early as it '.can lis d)ii ani eippoiiit a sufficient number of respons.ble persons to explore every school district and do tha foil Jiving things, ir : 1. Supply everydestitute family, willing to receive it with a copy of the word of God. 3. To supply every destitute chil I under fifttcn years ofnge wlioisable lo read, with a copy of the New Testament, nnd 3. To gie every family an opportunity of contribu ting, what they are willing to gie, for the purpo p of defraying the expense of hoiks for the re-mpply, and for aiding tho American liihle Society in their noble w.irkof spreadmguver theearlh the "Holy Seiiplurcs, which are able to make wiso unto salvation." Bibles and Testaments in English and Preiich, may be obtained for this work at the County I)f jionitory, kept by Messrs. Hickok and Catbn ul their More in Butlington. N. B. So soon as any town w supplied, the com miltco or the persons who have taken the oversight of the ic-supply, ate requested to make report lo the General committee above named and they arc re quested to forwaidsiudi reports to the subsciibir, at Burlington stating 'the number of Biblcsand Testa ments they have distributed the number of families destitute, unwilling to i recite the Bible, and all other interesting facts. The funds collided, they will pay over to Mr. II. W. Cuthn, Treasurer of the County J. K. CONVERSE, Por the County Committee. May ISII. Plokiu.v. The virtues of rnti'nt endurance i al most exhausted as one reads the evidences of bad faith onthenartof the Indians in Plnrids. A late letter trom l'mrki, dated tho 19th, stales that the war has broken out anew, and that ull the Indians i-ave about twenty, hnve left Tamna amoner ihem Wild Cat. and in fact all ofany note. They have killed a couple of express riders. The bag containing the mail had been found perforated with two builds, one of which wns found in n package of letters. We fear we thall hear lad news shortly front these Indians. The Steamer William Gaston, Captain Griffin, ar rived at St. Ainriittincoii the 21st Anril. from .South em Posts, bringing a largo party of Artiliry, under command of Lieutenant Bayed, nnd shortly after pro ceeded uti the North lliver. They are intended to establish a post about eighteen miles to the North of St. Augustine. .Numerous inuinn nres nau ncrn dis covered along the coast, from Port Lauderdale up to . -.I.:.. ... ..t,. rv w W lllllll El'Vlll illlllB ui .it.,, iiijrinu. Cowamjlv Massacree. A letter to the St. Lends Rep., from Port Leavenworth, gives aiiace ounl of a most cowardly and bloody innssacrcc committed by some Kansas upon tnc ravvnecs. The dastardly Kansas. On in number, took ndvnn tago of tho absence of tho Pawnee warriors from their sncampment, and irias'atreiti an out 11 oi tne women and children found in it. flnp hold her life dearly. Shesnraner nnon one of the Kansas warriors hkea tigress clutched his throat, and would have strangled him if bir arms had not been hewn from her liody. The Pawnee nnsoners wcro reached hv a detach ment of ibo American forco stationed at Port Leaven worth, and bad been ru t into Ita levin. This massacre will be n 6'ignal for n fierce war be tween tnc rewnecs and Kansas. Two strangers recently isitcd Hunker Hill, nnd ascended to the top of tho Monument. After they had asked a number oi questions, witicii the supenn tpnHnnt nnswercdverv no itdv. lie told them it wns customary to pay a small sum for nscending the Monument. At this they were highly indignant, nnd said they thought it was a free country, and this place eliouid He lreo to an; niey nuuiu iiu. ue u"".u um of their money by a Yankee! an .nirhViinan oucbt to bo alleiweel to go free to such pub he placs, &c, Tho Kiinnrintendant bow ed very politely and said, wish you had mentioned that you wcro Englishmen v.,.rnrp (nr thrv nrp the. only nersoni w c ndnitt free: we consider thatTMr-v paid elear rnough for asemdmg 1 -II - - .1. . I 1 T?fi t'l tnis Hill oil me i ii'i .lenc nr.. Minsiiiraes's ArroiNTMESTS.-Many applications having been inadu. ns vvu nnderstanei, to ino ray Dennrtment. from almost nil parts ol the counlry.for Midshipmen's appointments, it scorns tiroper to stale in order to si vo (rouble nnd prevent diappoiiilmenl, that we have aecrtained that, before the expiration of tin termor tho lite Administration, not only every va cnnLy in tho authorized number of such appoiiiiments had been tilled, but bevcral appointments nnd necn ,nn,1,- iii ndvanccof that nmiibtr. It is lint therefore. niihin the iiovver of the Secretary to make a simile appointment in that brunch and class of tho service, nor will it he until ibo authonml number of imdliip man li augmented (as pro! ably, in rcferene to the public, interest, it ought lo be.) or until extensive pro motions shall be nridciu tho Nnval Service .Yu(, Int. I'r.MK.uv nil: Kiciiixi; Cows. A liril rorel tlitiwn titilitlv over tlio loiinof cows, in front of tlio tulilcr, will raiutt tlifiu to civn flown thuii' milk, and also pi event tin i Urkln". Com rir.uiiciwloii. Ma. Stacv I tlionidil thai whin t?.i;,n... n,..t .,.!. tcrsmintcil nothinirbut truiln Imi uI.m. I ,-,,. paper yesterday, in which you said we could find no wild-flowers lor May-day, I was almost disposed to turn loky, as my cousin brought mo somo four days before, lo convince you that thoscwho stay in brick offices are not as wise as they suppose themselves, 1 send you n bunch of flowers which I gathered to-day tttreo miles from town, and advise you to bo cautious what you say of wild flowers before vou have looked foi ttiftn. Maihon "M. Goonnii-it. College Square, May S, 1841. Thanks to thee, little Marion a thousand thanks ! Only think 1 while wo were looking sad and grumbling about tho weather, onr fair friend only sonic ten years old was ranging the field?, buoyant with hope, and full of faith that flowers would come with the early spring. time ; and hero wo have them a nosegay of beautiful Jiav-I' lowehs fragrant as a " new blown rose," and almost rivalling in tint tho cheek of our little May-Quccn, when she re turned from her morning ramble ! We stand corrected acknowledge our error, and promise, never again to look no rueful on May-morning, or doubt the promise "I am coming little maiden, With the merry sunshine laden s With tho blossom for the tree, With the honey for the bee. Death s Doings. On Wednesday last we saw announced the marriage of Doct. i). Henry P-lv. winch took place on the crcninc previous, and the- reception of a loaf of cake. To-day wo arc called upon to announce ins ucaui: Aiarncd on Tuesday mailt, and died on the following Sunday noon (ve-s. terunyii lie nan recently opened an Apothecary s Store which is one of tho neatest nnd best nrrnnrml in the State. Dr. Ely was an intelligent and agree able young gentleman, and although he had not been long a rcsmeiii among us, ne nau suceeeeled 111 win ningthclavornble regards or very man vof our citizens Wct-ccm in these davs to be warned with nnnsna frequency of the uncertaintv of life. Mav the.nlmnni tion have tho effect intended, that of tcarhing us that mat it is not nil ol me. ---eic llaren 1'allailium. Gamdlino a wav a Dai-outer. "A few days since" says the Journal do la Me use, "an inhabitant at Void, piaymgai oniiarus, staKcu inenanu oi ms only dough- icr, u uaiiusomc c n oi ciguiceii, against nis aovcrsarv. The impiudcnt father lost, and the winner has since insisted on payment being made, chiming the young lady, fortune and all, or else a sufficient indemnity. i lie uuu;iiii'r, iiuvvuvcr uini-cis lu inu uuuiiy OI inc bargain j and gaming debts cannot be enforced by law." Shocking Mi-BpEn. The P.aslern Arnus of Sat ttrday says : "Wo learn from a credible tourer, this morning, that a terrible tragedy of blood ocrtired last VN edncsitay in bummer, u.Moru Co., whete Jlr .Moses ItulteriicM, hitherto a highly rc-neclablo citizen of lhat low n, murdered bis wife and two youngest children, w hile two others ol the rami y on v saved themselves hy (light. Mr. 1). had previously, we arc told, had tits of insanity, and this last fatal attack . t . t - i i: : t i i: . iuuk iiiciurm, it is saui, n ixuuiuus uirenzy, aim allegeil reason for murdering bis fimily was to sarc them from eternal ruin, at theapproachint end of the world! lie lias been committed to jail in I'ans. ' At.i-Mi.NOfe. Salts. The beely of Gen. Wavne, who etird iU or -it) vears ngo, at, I'n. anil was buiiediii-ar the Lake, was recently disinterred and riiiuvcdby his son, and was fo.tnd to be in a very pr lleel stale of pree.rv!ititn. Thotcwho bad known Gen. Wavne, his features nt once. This cxtrnordiiiatv preservation i arctiuntril fur m Silh man's Juurnnl, by the fact, that the bfxly had been buried Hi armllneious soil, strongly impregnated with a solution ot .if.m. R:rE.vL or the Sen-TnE.vsi iiv. On Thursday last the House of Ite'i-rnsenlatives of l'ennsvlvania passu! n rtsolulion. vvhieh had been previously aeteel on in the Senate', instructing the Senators iind requesting the Ueprcse utalivcs in Congress, to vote for there peal of the Sub Treasury Law, and providing that the Government forward copies of the resolution to the joint irs ond Representatives. The resolution was earrieel by u handsome majority, Hi' (lorernmmta rU'ht to f..i tht Price of a Loaf oj Itreaci I ,vn savee the Hoston eourirr, mir tne price of any thing else. An nttenipt was made in Massachusetts, durinc the rcvedutioiiarv war, to es tablish piiees, but the attempt was unsuccessful., VVc sometimes read in tho newspapers of certain cities of tho "assize of bread." The corporation of Mobile passed an ordinance, regulating the weight and price ot ore an, vvuicii lias ueentieciarrei une-niistiiuiiouai ny the Judge of the courts of that city, before whom the bakers eartied the iiuestion inorekrto test its consti tutionality. Wc presume all other Judges would do UUewis-e. Mui.vnciiolv Accmcxr os- Tiir. Us l. The Can lbostJovs. of the Glen's falls lhn w hile crossing theMohawk vosterday, just nbjvo the dam, nbout two m-les aliove llii-I'itv.owin'r to tlie' narlinir of her tow-line, wis preeip.tated over til'! falls. The boat as broken to nieces, and one ot the nanus drowned I'lie boil was laden nriiicinnllv with flour, most of which wi'l he recovered. Tioy Whig. ali'aole Branch or Epixation. A neighboring c hoo master sneci hes I he branches taunht in ms sehoo! in the following words: "Latin and Greek Rudiment j Nntuinl Theology ; History; Moral Philosophy, and Payment (Iwirlerhi in Advance." We suppose that this last accomplishment is some unexplored ramification of its ptece'dent. It strikes lis as an linnoreiiiie e iiaiuer in morals e line. u we trust the div is not distant when it may gcnirally taught in schools. lia'.on Itogue Gazette. Boston May 3. Tlio steam sliin Co- linnliin sailed on Saturday, at half-past 4, I'. M. fur Halifax nnd Liverpool. Her berths were ull occupied, except such as were reserved under engagements at Halifax. Slic had 51 passengers for Liverpool and 11 for Halifax. Her mail has G00O letters and a large number of newspapers. Bos. Dai. Advertiser. , Mr. Webster has arrived in this city from Washington, on a short visit. lb. NI'.W YORK MARKIT, Mny 1. Plocb and Gbain. The market hns presented but few features of interest during tho pus- t week. Canal Plour has remained firm throughout nt -S3, for common to- 004 s i.'j lor iictter nrniids. 1 ho stock ol canal is now ahout ,UPU liorrels. Sales of Ohio via New Orleans, at SI 87). nnd of Georgetown and Howard streit, nt 81 75. The busi ness generally was dull, and the sales or all descrip tions weio limited. There has been a sale or .1000 bush. Ohio wheat at DC cts. North River corn was sold at 55 els. nnd Southern yellow at 53 cts. No change in rye or oats. . Com. -iflr. BRIGHTON MARKET. Monday, Aptil 26. Prom the Boston Patriot. Atmaikct. 230 lies. ( Cattle-. 15 yoke workincrOxen. 18 cows and calves, 200 Sheep, 710 Swine. Prices Beef Cattle Prices have still further ad vanced. Wc noticed ono or two extra sold for 87 7!ii I irst ouainv $7 25 a $7 50 1 Second Duality $050 a $7: Third quality So 75 a 86 50. Working Oxen Sales 5bU, SS5 nnd 8100. Cows and Calves-S20, 82), 825. S29, 833, and 835. Sheep Noticed one lot sold for 13 cents, tho lb. alive. SwincLols to peddle were sold for 4i lor sows and 5 j for barrow s. Ann two lots lor a truction more. At retail tromo too. V F.1V MUSIC, AN'I MUSICAL IXST1U- MliNTf. "TR. MANN, J.IX has just re ccivedrromltos i-t-ton. (on eommis J"on,)asuppIyof ievv.tiusic,.iiu- a1 Tn,riuni.nlu A' f u-neb be is authorized 10 Sell at tnc lowest iiosion re an prices, mo .uui-iu m- Pnno Porte consists of Songs, Glees, Duetts and Trios. New and beautiful Matches, Quicksteps, Gal opades, Waltzes, Dances, and pieces with variations, some ol w Hun are tlio latest publications 01 me hob ton Brigade and Bras. Bands. ALSO A en-cut variety of American. German, Prench and English Musical instruments, consisting of Bugles, Trumpets, Prench Horns, Bass, Tenorand Aim Trombones. It Hal. Cand P. Hat Clanonetts. Ger man t'onerrt l'bile-s.1 from one lo nine keys.) Plagro hits. Oelavn anil 1'ienln I'llltea ond PlfcB. Splendid II its Viols nnd Violins, elegant nnd plain Violin and Bass Viol Bows. .Superior (toman iohn, Buss Viol and Guitar Strings of cvvrv size and letter. English nnd Prench Clorionelt Heeds. Splendid 1-rciieh Ac enrdeous. Spanish Guitars, with plain, mid German Silver patent heads. Instruction Rooks, with uts, Lessons, uttd Exercises for all the above, uud oth er instrunicnls, tire now for sale at Mr. Mnnn h resi dence a few rods north of the Episcopal Church, in Burlington, where lie-respectfully invites customers toe've linn n call. , , . . si, i.,..., itr,,li nml Music. Sc hoo s. furnished with Music, Musical Instruments, (am' Instruction, f de sired,) at short notice. , STrPIANO FORTES strung, repaired and Intird aiusii i'. -iiurungioii, .iioy i, urn ttt . vsMin .,,,,.,..1, ,.tv Tun SIM il JirNE VY PINNER'S, rcn.unl' emplny will Ir given, lor irvidy, nH i-triuir men. En pure jf the n (iRl. I- WIIKI 1 1 1- Tm - n, t'' ii, lcll. Wf I A V TIN Mairirniadl In Oinnite. on ill) 'lid ult.. Mr. rcniamin I.avv- renco of Montpelier, to Miss Jcruslin Poster, of firmer piaco. In Windsor, on the22d ult.. by Key. P. Hutchinson. Mr. Samuel Parker to Miss Marcia Ply, both of tlio former place. Also, On tho 25th ult., by tho same, Henry P. Coburti of South Gardner, Mais, to Miss Marcia M. Ilishop of Windsor. HDnacfl In this town on Thursday mornintr. Jeremiah L. infant son of Ebcnczer and Caroline Uriggs, aged nine mnntns. In Hinesbtiroh. on the 9th ult.. Cornrhus. vounccst son of Horace aad Hetsy Lovely, aged 11 months. Also, On the 1st init.. of canker rash, after a yurr painful illness of five weeks, Henry Harrison, son of Horace anil netsy Lovely, ngru jycorsanit lutnontns. Jesus said "SulTer little children to come unto tue!iM(Aem no( j for of such is the kingdom of God, In Honiiiimton. on tho2.ith ult.. Lticrctia S.elaimh- tcr of Keubcn and Hannah Itrvant. seed 1G years. On thc22d ult. Henry C. German, ngcd35 years. In Grafton, April 2G, Mr. Jesse Christy, oged 83 years. In Moniichcr. 21lu ult.. Mies Jacintha Whinnle aged 21 years. In Greensboro, 23d ult., of quick consumption. Mr. David Ring, aged 62. NI3W FlllM. pilE subscribers hive entered into a copartnership 1 under the firm of B. M. WRIGHT ef- CO. and occupy the stand lormcrly occupied by II. W. Catlin iSt,Co. Burlington, May 1st, 1911. I'., ill. VVU1U1I 1, H. W. CATLIN, H. P. IIICKOK. EM. WIUGIIT dt CO. have received and ore now opening a largo assortment of Dry Goods, which arc ottered at low ptices Call and see. Grass Seed nt 82,5 () per lluslicl. A few bushels of very elenn Grass Seed, for sale at 82,50 per bushel by IIICKOK efc CATLIN. May 5, 1311. l'lllt 9 A LIC. ONE Yoke of Working Oxen apply to IIICKOK & CATLIN. May 1, 1311. 'lO LKT. THE Dwelling House, corner of Maiden Lane and Pearl-street, apply to May 4, 1911. IIICKOK & CATLIN. Lumber Waggons. 6 new Lumber Waggons for sale by May S, 1811. IIICKOK cc CATLIN. Leeches 1 Leeclis I A Package just received, of Spanish exportation by May J. THEO. A. PECK & CO. ICPNotlce to Dentists. THE Subsribcrs arc Agents for the sale of Stock ton's celebrated Teeth, of Philadelphia. A sup Dlyjust opened. GOLD & TIN POILS constantly on hand. THEO. A. PECK & CO. May 5, IS 11. Apothecaries. Cou;n Candy I PEASE'S Celebrated CANDY nicely put for up're tailing also at wholesale, by May 3, 1S41. THEO. A. PECK .f- CO. 1 11 fl BUSHELS Herds Grass Secd-20 bushels i- J Clover, by J. & J. II. PECK.Cc CO. Burlington, 27 April, 1541. OTRAYED or stolen, from the subscriber in Bur O line-ton. on the nieht of the 30th of Anril. a dark brown yearling CALP, with a line on the back, star in thclorchcad, and tail lipt with whre. Any person who will givelnlormation tnatshall lead to tne recov ery of the animal, shall beeompcnsateel. uituu:.ui. May 5th, 1311. at Mr. Win. Strongs. 1CK.M LONEY. "lTOULD respectfully inform his patronB and the inhabitants of Burlinnton. and its vicinity cen- crally, that ho hns made arrangeiiieuts for adding an- oi tr irnne-ii eo n si us less, iieis nuvv nreiiitieu iu furnishiW'ics, Curls, and Palse Whiskers, and indeed every article in his line oi nusincss, ne ene soonest ou nce, nnei oi as iroou ouainv us con ne oouuneii m .New 1 ork or Boston. A on ers wi meet with prompt attention. Shop under Howard's Hotel, north side ot me Mpmrc, liurlington, t. 43 May 7ih, 1811. Jotliam II. Hall's Kstatr. STATE OP VERMONT, 1 THE Hon. the DisTnicT or tiUTTENDEN, ss. ( X Probate Court for the Districtof Chittrnelen ; To oil persons concrr ned in the estate or JOTHAM H. HALL, late e.r Willislon. in said District. deceased. GREETING, Wiieiieas, Lydia Hall, administratrix or thecstntc or said eleccaseil, proposes to render ail account or her administialion. nnd prcsi'iit her account against said estate for examination and allowance nt a session of the Courier Probate, to be hidden at the Register s office in Burlington, on the 2Gih day of Mny next. Therefore, you are hereby notified to appear beforo said court Ht the time and place aforenie, and shew cause, if any you have, why tho account aforesaid should not be allowed. Given under my baud at Butlington, th.s 27th day ot April A. u. 1SU. 3wl9 WM. WESTON, Register STATE OP VERMONT. ) rPO the heirs of, DisTstcT or ciitiTENiiEN, ss. ( X nnd nil other persons interested 111, the estate of JOTHAM II HALL, lute of Willislon, in said district, GREhTING. Lydia Hall, administratrix of the estate of Jotliam H. Hall, late of Wilhston. nroresaid. haviner filed her petition in the Probate Court for the District of Chittenden, uettlllir forth that the said Jotliam II died seized of four hundred and eighteen acres of land, or thereabouts, situate in said Willislon, being the farm owned and occupied by him previous 10 and at Die lime 01 ms ueaeii, wmcn tanu 1: incumbered with niorlirJces as follows 1 a mortcngi to Horace 1, 00111. 3 to secure the payment or eight hundred dollars and interest j a mortgage to Mrs. Ma ry I.oomis, to secure the payment or twelve hundred dollars nnd interest, nnd a mortgage to Charles L. Smith, to secure the payment or one thousanddollars and interest, which said land is also subject to the right debts or dower or the widow or said deceased-, that the dm: from said estate, including the amount due on said mortgage", amount to about the sum or rour thousand five hundred dollars; And further setting forth that the deceased, at the time of his death, owned a pew in the meeting house in said Willislon, ol,d that though it mav not he necessary to sell all of said land and said new. for the purpose of tnviti" said debts and the expenses 01 nuiiiinisienngsaiiiesiieie, sue oencveu euai a sale of all of said land and the reversion of the wid ow's dower therein, and said pew, would be beneficial ' e - i 1...-,. LLl 1 .1 . 10 tuo neirs nnu an outer iicrsorsiniertsicu n sa ei es tate : that one of the lit irs to said estate resides out or the slate of Vermont, and that the proceeds of such sale would be belter for all the heirs than said land and pew would be; nnd praying Bald said court to grant her license to sell all or said land subject tothe tn eumbranees afuresaiil nnd to said rich t of dower, to- cethcr with the reversions of the widow'sdovvcr there in, tind also said pew in said meeting-house, ngrccably to inn statute in such ease maue nna nroviuen. W hereupon the court, aforesaid, doth appoint the 6th elavof May. IS 1 1 . for hearing said petition nnd deciding thereon, at the office or the Regis'er or said court in said liurlington, and both order that the heirs and all other persons interested in said estate, bo noti fied or the pendency or said petition in said court, ond of the time nnd nlacc appointed for the hearing nnd neci ling incrcon,ny puoiie-niioi)it iiiiauiuer,cuiiiaining the substance of said petition, thrco weeks succe'sive- I T IT .1 I . ,! .! f.l.:.. I ly in the Burlington Prec Press, a newspnper printed in said Burlington, previous to tho said 2Cth day of .nay, itm. Given under my hand, at said Burlington, this 27th day of Aptil, 1811. STATE OF VERMONT, District of , rTMIEHon.theprobate 5 X Court for the Dis Irictof Chittenden i Toall persons concerned in ibo cslatc ot John .Newell late or Charlotte in said District, deceased, GR1-ETING. WHEREAS, Ezra Holt and Hcmanll. Newell, ad. ministrntoiB of the Estate or said deceased, propose to render an accounlof their administration, and pre sent their account against said estate for examination nnd allowance at a session of the Court of Piobalc, to be holdcn at the Registers office in Burlington on the 16thdayofMay next. Therefore, You ate hereby notified to appear beforo said court at the time nnd place aforesaid, and shew- cattso if any you hnve, why the accotit aforesaid should not be allowed. Given under my hand al Burlinnton this 28th dav of . i . i idii vv-si u're-i-nv n- Watch I'ound. IJ'OUND by the eubsctiher, a few- days since, . Silver W atch, which the ownrr can have by iden tifying, and paying charges. ICP.M LONELY, llarber. April 3U, Ibll, O nn11111 Porl 1,000 lie. Lord 10,000 W ) V-' S, IHHI, , Air sulo hv LYMAN A COI.R. ivm... Illasting 1'ow-der bv Aprl ISih 1841. STRONGS iCo. HARDWARE, SADDLERY WARE, GUNS, Hollow ware, .f-c. The siibseiiber has just re ceiul and is now eipennig n large .ind ge neral nssort nirnl of llie above goods! cniiipriiiig marly every article in tne line-, anil which win ik- sum em very ie-.i njn.iblclettnsfoi rush or short credit, nt the hard wore stow i jjm-t ol vhinu s'rrni and the usi-irr, ROHKRT MCJODV TO nUILDRRS.-Proposals w'.ll be tccucJ tit furnishinc Iinaterilils nnd builditu. the Itriek Srbrxil ool houso in district No. 10. P. plan o the building may ho found at the Store of Strongs if. Co. from anil after monuay next, mm proposals rccuvd for one week iiicrcaucr. OHO. A. ALl.P.N ) W. f.. STUONG r Comm. sktiimoiiskS IliirliiiRlon, April 22, 1911. FOUND. OR may be found in this villago, directly opposite the Methodist Chapel, an OLD PAINT SHOP, newly fitted up in good style, where the undersigned will be glad to wait on his old customers who may favor him with their patronage. UtiHti K. G. SPAULD1NG. liurlington, April 23, 1811. HOIISK. S" TRAYKD or stolen from the subscriber, on the 1 ni.'ht of tho 13th inst.. n small Ulnek HOIISK. with heavy mane, banning on both sides of tho neck. star in the forehead, and the right hind foot standing put a little. A suitable compensation will be given for information where said horse maybe found. .11!. ..1 t-tttt Hinesburgh, April 17, 1911. 22 Anrll 1811 New Ciooels. I7ANCV Goods, and Millinsrv nrtielcs. also Coli- X coes. Chnllvs. Mous. elc t.nitiin. SiIUq. IInsiirv. Gloves, Uibboii8, Lace, tic. &c., just'received and for saio ai HUWAIIU a LTKRD'S GRASS nnd Rod and White CLOVER xx SKKU, a now supply at HOWAR'S. pril 23, 1841. VHHMONT llltAWING HOOK. rpHE Vermont Drawing Hook of Landscapes pre- -B. parcuanu arrangeu uy jonn iienry tiopKins, u. ). BishoDof the Diocese of Vermont. Nos. 5 nnd 6. containing 12 beautiful Lithographic prints, with the letter press ucscripeion, ems any puunsnea ny CHAUNCEY GOODRICH. April 22, 18-11. Complete setts of tho Vermont Drawing Book in nos. constanily for sale. Garden Seeds, ROM the Yankee Parmer Oflico. Boslou. of the x growth of 13-10, for sale by iprn u. uuudiuuii. TO It K. .NT. npilE store next cast of Mr. Braman's Book Store X on College street. H. LEAVEN WORTH . April 19, 1841. STATE OP VERMONT. irnllE Honorable distdict or Chittenden, ss. J X the probate court lor me nistrict oi (Jtuttendctii lo an persons con cerned in the estate of James Martin, late of Jcnco in said district, deceased, GREETING. WttEnEAs, Hannah Martin adininivlralnx ol lheelale of snid deceased, proposes to render an account of her administration, and present her account against said es tate Tor examination nnd allowance at a session of the Court of Probate, to be holdcn at Burlington on the eeond Wednesday of June next. Therefore, you arc hereby notified to appear before said courtat the time and place aforesaid, and shew cause, if any you have, wny me Recount nioresaia suouiei not ue niiovvcu. mvonunucr my nanu ai iiurungton, tms rim eiay of April A. D. 1911. Wm. WESTO., Hcgistcr. Gil Itanium's, Estate. STATE Or VERMONT. ) milE Probate Court DisrmcT or Chittenden, ss. S J- fot the District of Chittenden : lo the creditors nnd others concerned in the cstnte of Ell Barnuin, late of Milton, in said District, deceased. Wiieiieas, Ehiah Herrick and Samuel Boardman. Adminiktrators ot the estate ofsaid dcccaeil,hav e made application to this Uourt, to extend the time limited for making payment or the elcbts or said deceased, twelve months rrom the 2!)lh day of April, I3!lt nna the second Wednesday of May next. Icing nsngned for a hearing in the premises, at tho Office of the Re gister oi ims vouri, ana u Having necn oroere i inai notice thereof be given, by publishing this decree three weeks successively in the Burlington Free Press a news paper printed at Burlington, before the time fixed rornnannf. Therefore', von are lierrbv nnlifit-il. to appear before sai I Court, at the time and nlai e afore aid, then nnd there, to make objection if any you nave, to tucsaui time oi payment ucingiurtucr extend cd as aforesaid. Given under my hand nt Burhnton this !0lh day of April a. i). tan. n t.s iun, Hcgisitr, STATE OF VERMONT, ) mHE Hon. tho Pro district or chittknpen. sb. X bate court for the District of Chittenden i To all persons concerned m the estate of Ell Barnnm, late of Mi'ton, in said District, deceased. GREETING. Whereai-. Elijah Herrick and Samuel Boardman admr'a of the estate of said deceasetl, propose to render an nccount ol their administration, and present their account against said estate for examination and allowance at a se ssion of the Court of Probate, to be holdcn -nt the Register s other m liurlington, on thes .eon d Wednesday of Mav next. Therefore, vou ar Ihercuy notmod to appenroeloresaulcourtat the ttmcnnd place aiorcsnid nnd snevv any vou have, why the account aforesaid should not be al lowed. Given under my hand at Burlington, this wuin uny oi aprn .v. i. in ii. M. iTtaiu.v, Kcgistcr, New and Fashionable TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT. 1TK. 11ENNS would inform his liends and lvX the public generally, that he has taken the well known stand in Church-strict, recently occupied by Edward E. Evans, Draper and Tailor: nt which place will ho kept constantly on hand and for sale, a general assortment of French, English ond American uroauciowis, sassiiiiLre.s, nnu t ismies, suiee-ei iur oil rercnt seasons. Also Fashionable Trimmings of all kinds, and of the best quality, which will bo sold for Cash as low as can elsewhere be obtained. The Cutting Department will he superintended by Mr. Evans for the time being. No pains wi 1 be spared on his part to employ the best or workmen, and to make tins' one or the best establishments or tho kind in the state. Any gentleman who may favor him with any order, may rely upon having it executed at the time appointed, and in tho very best possible man ner. An nd 'ilion w i'l bo made to the above stock as soon as the opening of will permit. He hopes by dtPgcnce and attention tu merit a share of the public patronage. 3vvll Burlington, April 8, ISII. llcuaru of Deception I IT has frequently conic to the knowledge of the sub scriber that empty SnutTJars, with his Label on litem, have been 1 ought up, for the purpose of selling in ihemaninfcriorqiiahtyofSnufl'i and, olsj, thathis Snuff-labels hnve in some instances been counterfeit ed, or the genernl design or the same so imitated as to easily deceive the unwary; he divms it, therefore, his duty to inform purchasers of the manner in which they are often imposed upon t and he would hereby request them to tear ofl'or deface the Labels on the

outside of the Jars after hnving disposed of the con tents, so as to prevent further use of the same. A suitable reward will be paid for such evidence as will lead to the detection & conviction of thcimposter. The subscriber continues to manufacture, and offsrs for sale, tho follwing articles : riiM-. ttnuvi wurt. Genuine .Maecoboy, I rose Imitation do SJtar'd Sicily do Maltese do Curacoa do American Rn inpe e'o Holland Tuberose, Si. Onicr. Strasbitrg, COARSE BROWN S.NUFF. Demiirros, Nntchiioch Pure Virginia, liiirbon, St. Dornineo. French Happeo, American Gentleman, Pure Spanish, L, Mixture. Copenhagen, supftav'd YELLOW SNUFF. Scotch nnd Irish itlackguard j Hne. or coarse High Toast. Irish High Toast) i SWEET-SCENTED FINK-CUT CHEWING 1 UHAV.VU, " Oronoko do do. FINE-CUT SMOKING TOBACCO. Spcnish, Kitefoot, Canaster, Common, and Stems, i jjir.u i.iJiiu.ijAiiu, jr. 42 Chatham Street New York . March. 28 1 1 . 47.2m J. & J. II. Peck if- Co., Agents, Burlington, Vt. NOTICE. My wuV, Sophia Powell, has left my bed nnd board, without nnv justification, anil I thcrofore forbid all persons harboring or trusting her on my account. JA.lfc.s 1'Uivr.l.L,. ueorgta, uec. i, loiu. TITEDICAL ALMANAC for 1811, for sale at the nx boon store, rncooijcis. u. A. uilAM.liv. NOTICE. ..I deem il my duly tei inform the pub lic that 1 have invested n salve, ncrfevllv inno cent, from three simple vegetallei-, that entirely su pen-oil's a spani-uiiy i iasicr, wtiieii give- etiliie re Vet in all innamatnry a"eetion orihei liuman btiy in ii lo 4i hour., and needs bill one application. Its ac tion is by absorption and evaporation, it dissolves a corn Irom tne ten rniirnynno wiinoui pain, e-evinter-nets lire in a biien or mild in 15 minitrs al'nr its mi plie-alinn. Apply It lolhi- side on a piece ulenl silk or dri-ssesl mcep skin, loriiiiinni.ititin ol the-live r or Inn; Hil l it extracts nil exi-iteiiie-nt fi-oin thti-t- organs.' W.irranttsllu give- relivfns rts-euiiiiieiii'tsl, A. M.MIIt, Side-proprietor, 1 18 llrnenne stri-el, New Yeirk. The lradi'nippliis al the-Proprie-teir'. pnie-sy II irhnuttin, Dec. IslO. J. eS; J. , I'ECK .N Co. GEItOC.'E I II A II II Ell HAVING hired thu Tavern Stand lately eiceiiiutsl by .Mr. J. Putter, near the Court Utilise in BurliiiL'ton. will nt nil linifs,he ready tosi-eoiiiiunditeTravillers Mini filtirrs w lib ltnsr.1 I.. Inniri luirs. Veer.. ng and o'''i r accominodaliotis in good style, and no piins will be spared e n Ins pari, lo nuke tlictu cum. foriable, and on the iiijt remtuMc Tdnu. Piu'c of Sillf It. pif all mie .ii-lllnic I-r.-iilSs m Apr' 21'b IMI Valuable ItcalEstnto for Sale. IJ"OR sale ill the teal Estate, tato the properly of Mr. John Abbott, in tho village of Uurlinnton. situate, rend ndjoining tho south-east corner of tho Court-houso square,and consisting of a dwellitighouso uhu oui-ouuuings, ntso a ttirco story tiricK building occupied as a Cabinet Shop, but may bo so arranged as to make a good store nnd dwelling. This property will be sold together or separately as witt best suit, to gether with land for gardens, etc., Also ona budding lot separate. A criditiwill be given on good security for thegrca ter port of the purchaso money. Por futhcr particu lars opply to JOHN JOHNSON. Burlington, April S, 1941. Commissioner's Notice. WE the Subscribers having been appointed hy the Honorablo Probate Court for the district of Grand Isle, Commissioners to receive andcxainino nnd adjust the claims and demands of all persons against tho estate of EI.ISHA REYNOLDS, late of IsloLa Molt, in said district, deceased, represented insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in offset thereto, and six months from the day of tho date hereof being allowed by said court for that pur pose, wo do therefore hereby give notice that we will attend to the business of our oppoinlment ot tho dwel ling house of Elizabeth Reynolds, in Isle La Molt, on the first Tuesday of July and September. A. D. 1841, from ten o'clock in the forenoon, till six o clock in the altornoon, on each of the said days. Dated at Isle La Mott, this third day of April, A. D. 1811. 3wl4 AMASA L. HOLCOMB, ) nnmm;.a;nnt.r. P.I.IHU HOLCOMB. J Commissioners. Medicinal Liquors. ARTICLES in this line of First quality, may Is constantly found at THEO. A. PECK & CO'S, Apotbncaries. sotick. WHITE and Grey Marb'c grave stones ol lor quality and workmanship will I ( -.1 .1. . i.. -. . . .: . .... -if i - ., super. furnish. eu uu inc ui nc.i liuuecuy. ji, Burlington, April IS 1811, CLAPP. NOTICE. THE Copnrtnerihh) heretofore existing under the firm of Mayo & Wait as trmlees tif Latbrop & Potvvin, was diisolved on the lOlh March IS41 by mutual Convent. Joseph Wait withdrawing, the bus iness of thetrust will l e closed by Henry Mnyo the remaining partner ot the store Corner of Chure'h and College Si. liurlington. HENRY MAYO. April IU 1811. JI IS. WAIT, I'he goods reiiMining unsold in the hands of Henry Mjyo asTruste-e must le .old. All will do well to themselves of this oppornitiinity. to purchase goods at retail, much btlow their value, at prices to suit customers lor cash. April 12 loll. NOTICE. Aid. persons indebted to us. be the amount Cts 33 cts til, or more, are politsly requested to pay, as wc need the mony. 1 hose having any account against lis will please present it. April lath 1841. I'AJUuuiw or, iimrNSUAiu. SIIEIIMAN'S COUGH LOZENGES The very best Cough remedy, ami Sherman's Poor Man's lilaster,,lnr 121 cents, far superior to your 50 cent or dollar plasters. Sold at the Variety Store by PANGDORN A DR1NS.MAID. Sole Agents for the town und btate. N. B. The maker's name " A. SHERMAN. M. P." is on eaeh Box of Lozenges and eaeh April 1511. SHERMAN'S WORM LOZENGES ate dillere l from all other preparations put forth for children and. adults for wormv. The genuiue are lor sale at the variety htori-, iy rAAOUUIt.V CC UKI.s.UAtl'. Sole Agetns for this town and the Slate. N. I!. Look und see if the- namo" A. SHERMAN. M. D." is on the box. April 1810. FIRST REPORT l'rom the Cheap Cash Store. AS was heralded forth in the Burlington Free Press on the mornint' of tho 4lh March, savinc the former Agent, HOWARD, was continued, and had commenced upon his twentieth year, who now most respectfully reports, as follows, viz: That the effort made in disposing of the old stock of remnants and Goods at selling-oil prices was highly satisiacto ry. That on the 23d he proceeded to Albany, and was present in the Legislature wnon tne committee repotted, adverse to tho budding of a Bridge at that Elace, and were directed to take back the papers and ring in a bill for immediate action to determine, whether, constitutionally, an obstruction could be thrown over tne Hudson, when the uencrat uovern ment had improved the navin.iliou by removinc im pediments and deepening its channel, far above such place, is the ouestion. Now that noble River bci Mi llie inlet from the high seas nnd Atlantic Ocean to the Hade or the Green mountain State, or course the Peo ple's Agent could not hut have a elccp interest ill the result which mav soon be known. That on the 27 th he left in the Steamer Uticn for New Yotk, on which passago Lieutenant Governor Biadish was called to die chair, J. Fennimore Cooper, secretary, and the mcetinir beinn addressed by Maior General Sanford. whereupon a unanimous expression or thanks was voted to uapiatn anuuz, ny tne i.ady ana nenuenicn passengers lor nis inueiaiigauic eincrjinse nnu exer tions in tilouerhiner a wav thrniiL-h thcicei from Poul-Ii kecpsio to Albany, thereby atl'ording a pleasurable trip by water instead or a dangerous one through mud by tana to -ew i orK. That having arrived at the great commercial cmpo rium of the Union nfter a winter's absence was cheer ed by mutual salutations with former fiends who without cxeenuons. prot ereu tnetr every it on in shewintr and displ eying all of their most 1 nshionable beautiful, and desirable nrtielcs of Merchandize vvithn corresponding wish to favor me with such selections as might be wanted andnt the very best bargains, par ticularly as Being lor tne Buppiy oi tne ever up and doing, quicK and cheap, cneap tor casn aim non-tm prisonment-for-debt store, located in the bcautifiil val ey of Lake tJhamplain, at liurlington, Vermont. Thus havinc been so received I made a judicious se lection or such articles as were calculated for spring trade, and returned home, where any or the many Kinds oi f ancy nnu omer ejoous may ne nnn ar pn ccs to suit purcnasors, at iiunAitu s, April 3d, lull. STATE OF VERMONT District orChitlenden, s". 5 A Ta Preibate Court holden at B irlington, within II and tor n id district, on the 8h e'av of April, A D toll. l.i .VI A A 11AL.I.. enardian or the tmmcrtv and i-sta-c of Geore Blis-, Martha H. B'iss, Sophia liliss, nnd Joshua 1-ham lil i , minors, children i'f Moses Bliss and Sophia Bliss, bavin? tiles in said Court his petition in writiiic, retting fi ith that his said wapls are seized in their own right iu fee, as tenants in i-eimmon, of ihc following describes! parcels of land, lying and being situa'.e in Shelb-trn, in the county ol Uhitleniien, viz : . i i l ;; f . A pie-e-t: ui iiiiu ciiiiiauung une aerf, icrmcnv itv longiug li) t lie e.-iate ol jnsnua Isnam, deceaMsi, ly. insr on lh south east corner of the farm ore-uniesl t v Jnde West, which acre has heretofore been leased to Joseph Tucker. Also, a pie-e of land boon led as ioiiows ; ueginninit at a nemioei.-, standing in the outh line of Jeisluia Re-ed'.sland m said Shelhiirn, nnd north of the I-hnin farm, so called; theneo Ea seventeen chains six links; thence south 89o 25' rati twelve chains, to the road leading norlh Irom F Maeek's : thence se.ulh 210 45 west eieht chain thence south !3o wi-.l fifteen chains and sixiy-five inks! thence west two chains and sixty nine links thjiicu south lo -la' wet, twenty four chains am ten linUsj thence north e9o -19 we-t, Ihirty-five chain and lortv- links, to the road cadui? from flm fall, ii Josh-ia ftee-j's : thence north tn the road 19o 10' east. six chains and twenty eight link' ; Ihenee neirih 25o ju ea-tjtweiuy-seyen ciiams to tne place ol I eginning, coniaimn iie nunnresj nun inriy-eeven anu ninety- three hundrelhs acres. Also, the middle division of the seven acre.lot.o e-alled. formerly llonzinir to ike estate ot tne saui jo-nna isnam, eievea ed. tonndes as follows: h-ginning at a slake standinir south 83a east two chains and ninety one links from tho souih least corner ot Anson tuckers lot in said bhclborn thence north -15- east eight chains andeighlv rive link thence seentnfiOo 46' cast, Iw-ti chains and nine-iy one linL-L ! ihi-nee south 4.V wst t-iclil i-tinins nml ni',,..,.. three links, thence north 88o west, two chains anil ninety one links lo the place or beginning, contain ing two nnu nity-six hiiiuiri'llis acres. Also, the inuUle division or the twenty-one ne-re lot. s0 ca led, formerly l eloniting to the estate-of the said Josh na Isham, de.-eased , oitnilev as follows; Iccmnin at a slake standing south 87o, west five chains am! ixty-nveimi;s trom llie north east corner ot sni l lot I hence lo JU' east, twelve chains and ten links thence west, six chain-; theni-e north lo 30' west, elev en chains and eighty links to the mad; thence norlh B7oeast sixcnainstoihe placed I eginninc, contain ins sever, acres. And mat it would l e e-ondue-ive- l the- interests ol said wards to have said lands told, and llie prtnissls of sueh sale put at iiilere-l, or invested in stocks, and praying the said Court lo urant him, the said Lyiniiu Hall, guaphan as afore-nid, license lo tell said lands forthe iiiirno-e alore-nid. Whereupon the court aforesaid, eloth appoint ihc tHinuayni April, IB1I, lor hearing said prtillon and deciding the-ri-on, at Iheoifiee of the Register tif said court in said Burlington, nnd doth order, that notice tnereoi it- siifii in an persons interested, ny pnl iica tion of this emler, containing thesul slam e of said pe lilion, in the. Burlingion Fre-e Prcs-.n newspaper linn ttsl in Iliirlinalon. iu said eonnivuf Chiiirmlen. ,hns wrt-ks nievcsively, previously tothe said 2lihday of nprii, oil. (fiven under my hand, at liurlington, in iiklihstriel ims Bin nay ot April, ISII. WM WESTON, Register, NOTICB. 170R S.VLE.-A two slury dvvclling HOUSE nnd L belvvteiii five and six ncre-s of first rale LAND. The house is situaictl on Shelhiirn street, a few rods South of Ihu village. Possession given about the ui si oi .nay. ror tuiiner pnriie-nlars cim-mcnr uriii'i'uft, rtn. H, 1R1I. .. l, S10P, W"''1' "-"ZHNfJ IISThis v.diMl-le articl T,.ts.-lf,asi(iclc-l nixhrmr tor that piiiiiliii uni soniiiuinsfinli-ompbiintiii i lid dim, the unrfiir. At w ile-s'o snd n-lud ly Jsn , 1 I -1 1 . Tlfrn.Apr.XcVC . rOHTCftll'T. NOT fond nt, and the time., nut rg propltloiis for a thange.thcre will iioiiiMnl.e plaev. '1 here fore plen-o tint anticipate whnt might have leen contemplated had circumstances conspired to have indiieedit, Sulfie'u it is that sundry divers large .Nn tionnl, Commereicnl fiiinneinl, corporate nnd individ ual Spee'itlalioiia'bnve ol late been Seen notwithstand ing nil fair extornnl oppctrnne-es to hnve collap-ed. So now ns with old land marks bet confided In, Is the long tried cheap e-ah store to thei llioii.aiids of Cautions buyers who do not only wish to goes, they buy cheap but want to continue for tbu pre-ent at lea-t where they know they can buy so. Which Is said by Mr. Smiih and his'froinds lull- nt. Aptil 15 1811. HOWARDS. Garden Seeds of the growth e.f 1810. RAISED for and put up by Joseph Breck Cc Co., at tho Sets I titnbllalitnctit connected with tin New England Farmer O neeJIIovton. Each sort is labclleel with Directions for itsculture. "The above Seesls n re onhe growth t,f 1810, nnd of llie very lict quality, being rnKed by the mot ex pcrieneed grovvcr, expressly for this establishment, except men sorts as will not ripen to advantage in this country, which nrc imported trom the tirst hooves inE'iropo. Awarojof the ureal coinp'niuts.thil have hitherto existed in regard to Seed-., nnd of ihennpor lance to the Gardener, of having such as can be re lied npoii,cvery e I't rt has be-en made at this h ment to rai-e- and vend sueh only ns will give perfect satisfai lion." ALSO Ornomcntnl Flower Sce-ds, a e-hore- varie ty. Rula Baga, White Flat Turnip, Orane Cat rot, Sugar Heel, &c. above at wholesale and retnil l y April 1811. STRONGS & CO. Stephen Halcht's Estate. WE the siibscril ers, having I yen appointed by the Honorable the Pred ate Court forthe District ot Chittenden, commissioners to refoive, exninine nnd adjust the claims nnd demands of all persons, against the estate of Stephen Ilaight, late of liurlington in said District, ilecea-eil, represented in-olvent, and nNo all claims and demands exhibited in o' theretoi an-1 six months from the day of the elate hereof, leing allowed by said Court tor that purpn-e, wcde there eire hereby irive notice dial we will atlend to the bitsmc-s of our uppoimment at the- dwe'lling ol John Hnvvar !, in liurlington in sai l district on the sei-ond Monday of June and first Monday ofO -lo- ler next, nt 10 o'clock, A. M., em eaeh of taid days. IMtod,ihis 12-hdnv ol April A. lMtt-11. 3W13 ARCH. W. HYDE; 1 "imnisMoncrs. John Van Slclelen's Estate. WE the suhscril er, having 1 ecu appointed by the Honorable the: Probate Court lor the District of hittenden, commissioners lo receive, examine and bust the claims nnd eleinanJs of all per-on. attains! theestatcof JOHN VAN SICKCLN, la'e -r Burling ton, in aid district, deiea-ed, re-piesemtvl insolvent, and al"o a'l claims and demands exhibited iu nl-ei therclei and six months fiom tho date hereof, leing allowed by said Court, fnr.lhat nurpnsi-, we do hereby give notice, that we wdl attend to the business r,r our appointment, nt ttis dwelling ot Jotin v an sie-len, (lateiun.l in Burlington, iu said distrii-t. on ihc'lO.h day or September next, at ten o', A. M, ualwijlliistenth day e.t -uarcn, A. AlA'AN FOOTE. 1 U.TIIKR I.OOMIS, HARRY BRADLEY, Conitnissiooers. STAVE OP VERMONT) Ilistrict of Chittenden, ss. t 1 it 1'roLate f tmrt lHWcn nt U-trltngton within v nnd for said district on the tenth day of April, D. 1811. BENJAMIN BEI-.ltS. of Charlotte in llie County of Chitleiideii. sriiardian of the- piopcrlv and estate cit Nancy O. Uillett, Gdli-tt and ,irnn Ann imu-tt, minor e-hildri-n ol Shelde-n willett f said Charlotte-, hnving (tl'esl in said e-ourt In.- pelt- linn in wrilintr, n-tling lortb that his said v.-anls an-,eize-d in their own ttirlit in fe-e- ef one equal iindivi-'e-l halfof thirty nine nnd one- hn,f ae-iu. of tin hemic farm of wine-it Jniutlhan Gilletl, line ol said Char lotte, e'ei-eave-d, died -e-Zesl, te'lllg nil e.f sfiiil home- ferm. eM-entliv' sixlis-n neies tbereed'w hii-h has 1 e-en so: on to the widow ed tliesaid iiee ea,ed as a part ot her dower in II e re-nl estate et said ile-ieascit, and e-x- ', 17 1-2 aerei f't said lirm wti --n has been sold by theexis-iiteir of tin-la-t wi'l of the said deceased, tinder an order olsaid preil tele court. And that hissarl ward are al-o n-.zi-d ol ore undivided half oftwo and one hall acres M t lie Wued lot, so alle-1. of the said tleiva eJ I cms an of snid wood lot except two and oue half acres tbereofwhi -h has a'-o I eeii set out to the widow ot i-es e-an-i as a I. inn er portion or her tlowe-r in -aid re-nl -la,e-. An-I tlmt ,aidwards,ere alsu svried in their own in foe oftbree iindividesl e-ieh'b parts of said six evn aeth- and said two and one halfaeit-s ofsaid land so set o,it to the widow of saiilelivea.e 1, which six-een neie.. and two and one ha fat ee s ol laud are i"ili'i-et to the- lite tsslttten' said widow of tho -.aid ileve.ue theit-in, all of which Imids art- situale- m said (. Ii.trlntti-1 re.ire-e-n- thnt it would I v eeitiiliieivu lo tin- in'trest 1 1 ,nid wards to have their interest in s.iid latisl. suld, and the proof etls of such s.a'e pot nt interest and praying sa'ei conn in license aim empower mm to sen ills ards interest in Mild land-, tor the purpove dture-- aid. v hereupon I he i-o irt aforenid doth appoint the third elay of May next fur hearing s.nd petition and e'e.-itiieiz itiertiDii, ai tne ciri'e i-r tne teeisier oi saiu Court in said II irhnglon, and doth order that nome thcieof be given lo .id persons line-rested by piiblirH Hon of this order, containin- llie' Md'stance ot said peiition, in tho ll.irliuplon r n c I rt's-, a newspaper priiitcdiu B irllimtoii in llieco iniyi'rChiltenden, ihm weeks sueoessiveiv previous to the said third day or .May, ISII. Oiven iiiidsrniy hand at said ituriinston this tentli day ol April, lall. WM. W I Jjl'O.N, Rtgister. STATE OF VERMONT ) District or Chittenden, vs. A' Pa Probate ( ourt held at liurlington within and for said Distitctol Chittenden em the tenth day or April A. D. 1811. William O. Barker of Chailotio in tne couniy ot umitenue-n, guardian oi tne pro perty and estatcof Catharine- Barnes, Lucrelia Barnes, Caroline Barnes and Emily Barnes, nil or said Char lotte, minor children or John Barnes of sud Charlotte, having filed iu sail Court his petition, in writing, setting forth that his said wauls aiesei7edtn their own right in fe n or rour equal undivided filth parts of one undivided halfof thirty nine and one half acres or the homi rami or which Jonathan Gilletl, late or said Charlotte, died seized. beiiiL' all or said home form. excepting sixteen acres thereof which has been set nil' to tnc vviuovv oi saui ue-ceascu ns a pari oi ncr iiovver in the real e tato of said deceased and ixceptinp also 17a acres of said farm which Ins been sold by tho Executor of the last will of the said deceased under an order of said Probate Court. And that said wards area so seized of four eoual undivided fifth parts of one undivided half or two nnd one half acres of the wood lot, so called, of said deceased, being all ot said woodlot, except two and one half acres thereof which has also been sut out lo the said widow as a further portion or her dower in said real estate. Ami that said warns are also sei7en in tncirown rignun ten of four eoual undivided eichth Paris of said sixteen acres and said two and one half acres or land, so set out to the said widow- or said deceased as her dower in thereat estate or said deceased, which sixteen acres and two nnd one hair acres are subject to the life cstatpof the said widow or said deceased, allof which said lands are situate in said Charlotte; representing that a sale or his said wards interest in said lands would ho conducive to their interest, by havinc tin- proceeds er such sale put atintc res-, and praying said court to license and empower nun to sen his warns interest in said lands, ann-eahlv to llie statute in such case made and provided. Whereupon, the Court aforesaid doth appoint the third day of May next for hearing and deciding on said petit on. at the office or the Register or ssid Court, in said Biirlmctnii, nnd doth order lint notice thereor be given to all persons intereste d, by publication or thisorde-r, containing the substance or said petition, in the Burlington Free Press, a newspaper printed in lliirlingtonin the Coun ty of Chittenden, threo weeks successively previous to the said third elay of May, A. D. 1541. Given under my hand at Hurhni.ton,this lnih day or April, 1911. WM. WESTON, Register. STATE OP VIR.IONT, Pwtrict or CniTTr.NPr.s s. ( AT a Prol an-Ciurt he-Id at Burlington, within an 1 for aldilistrictrii-t of Chittenden on the 5'h.lay of April 1841. Cyni Ke-ith, of Sheldon in the e-onniy of Franklin, guardian of Mrbiula lirooks, r. of Cleve land tn the Slate of Ohio, a female infant ine'i-i the age of eighteen years, daugh er ef Joshua llrook', Ute eif liurlington in I he county ofChitlenden, iks-ea-eil, having filed in said court his petition, in wriling, setting lorlh that hi. said warn s scizeu in m r "n si-hl ,n Iim. ornn..niiat llndiv-ldisl foilrlhnart ofcitVOr n.Taricr acre lots muni eresl 21 and 22, situate in taid tliirlington, and llie I uddings and appiinennnees there- o and thereto le oncinir, suMes-i to tnc riKne oi now- er the of widow- of the' said Jo.hna Hrookt, dis-caseil, which right ot ilower is a life estate to sni-i vvinow in one llurd par- orsaid land and premises ; repre-rnt- lllg that a tale- Of MM wain s ine.-re-. in lands and premises would 1-ece.nducive to her interest by haying the prtveeds oftoe-h sale- pnt at interest, aiid praying said court to licence and empower him lo sell his wards interest in said lands and pre-moe-, ngrei-ahlyeo the statute in such rase made and pro- Vldtsl. Whereupon the co-irt afore-Mid doth appoint the third day of May next, for hearing and iteciehnc em said pennon, at the mil i- eif the Register ofsaid court in inid liurlington and doth orde-r that iiotiti- thereof Is'iriveu in all persons interested ly pnl Iiiaimn ed lint or'i-rceintaining the substance of said pctinou in tin. ttnrluii-ion Free I'ri-S'.a iicwsnapcr pnnti-l in sni i'11, i no i i . us -7t,i,ji " said third day ed May. 1H II. , , Given nnil'er Km hind at sa. I II thi. 1.1 1. .lay of April, .811. WM WE-TON. Il.gtor. A YOUNG .MAN, (not a Gentleman we think, ; tiissfdaV. Counterfut St. Albms bill in a una , nn in "in ' i ii isNii ), Letter I, signel A Plimpton, (.islue-r, It. it... ; .-..i.,r, .v i he I7i i inst. iner'iii .Swift, I'le-.ident. ihc one is iiiueii I,...,, i., in .iii.l men. is in tvvii ohivs ani part ol the bill nona. Some on-- may rceollee-l nt - i"S " " Uin Ibo hands onhe SCOli.NOilEI. wis. V il ond etn ai l ns in brin;ing him l JU'IK" " e ,'UB 1 ..h thr- '"spins to df-u-ctb.m in tht- . ,,, ' Kiv P I'll f - s. i NOTICE. THIS may certify, that I have given my son Levi S. Cole, his time, after this date. I will lay net claims to his services or any property he may nce.u mtilate hereafter, nnd will hold myself responsible ta pay none of his debts. ALVIN R. COLE. Colchester, April 5, 1841. H EMU'S GHAS3 SEED for sate by STRONGS & CO. April B, 1841. S, .ICP'I'atcnt Mcdlclnen.CJl IJPPL1I-.S t)f every thing in this branch of lb healing art, eif tho popular kind, together with th old English articles, continually on band at THEO. A. PECK & CO'S. " PAINTING. " THE siib.riUr Iting thankful fur past favor would rtspcetf.illy sejicit tonlmiiance ol the atnc and remind In-, fnend. nnd the public that he Is prepared to at'eominiidale them on the shtirtc-,1 uoti-o and mo-t ftviimblK terms in the various I rancW In then! ovc line. Shop oppo.ile Mr. C. A. Seyniour" Hal Store, Pearl-sltttet, Burlington, Vt. JAMES SCOTT. Vprd I, 1811. 43, ly. msoi.iiTiov. rilHE copartnership berelofore existing X Firm eifL. Johoiiiiotl eVe o, is this day u ne'er U.e dissolve! ny iniiiuui consent, i ne- tiiisiiiess oi w'ill be settled by Ltonard Johrnnolt at vf Ibo company I ho eld stand. All those havinc claims airainst the company arn Hu que-jted lo pre-ent them immcbatclv, and would aiw say to incise Having iin-eltlcu accounts with the com pany that we have a strong desire to ice them, as the company Hooks must le settled immediately. All those having marktsl llnli-s nnd nkins nre requostol lo call aud get Ihem. 1'KThK JIHIU.N.NOTT, LEONARD JOHON.NOTT. Church St., liurlington, ) . April I, ISII. i N. B The Business will le coutinuod at the ol.l stnntl. NEW YORK LEATHER STORE. New Firm. Johonnoits Ac Blnnehard, having purchased I he entire Slock of L. Johoiinott & Co wiu'd infoim the p'd li that they will keep constantly on han-J o Genen I assortment of Leather and findings of all kinds an I in reasonable terms. PITER JOIION.NOTT.Jr. LEONARD JOHON.NOTT. THOMAS L. ULANCHARD. Chirch 3'., II irlington, ) April I 1910 I STATE OF VERMONT, ) DISTIltCT Or ClltTTKNDEN, i. j AT a Prola o Ciurt holen m li irnn-.-ion wiimn and lor the jji-inel aloresaid a,i the 30 h day of March A. D. ISII. an InstrumcM purpe rtmir lo le the last Will und Testament f Leonard Hoel.:es laic of Willislon in said District i- cea-e I, was pre-entel to the Court here for Prol a , by David French the Execiitor.lherein named. Tl -relbri-itis orb-red by suul Court, that the pu' j notteo 1 e given loall per-ons concerned therein tu appear I efore saui Court, at a .f.siou thereof to ' hoidcii at the Eailellall in Willstonon third Mondi of April A. D. Idtl, and contest the predate of a Will, and H ts further ordered that this order I o pu lishel three weeks successively in the Curlingioit Free Press a newspaper printed in fi irlington, in '.hi. Stan-, the last i fw hieh shall 1 e previous to tbu dsj-assignc-l, as afore -aid, for hearing. Given on ler my hand at the Register's OlTke, this 30'h day of March A. D. 1811. WM. WESTON. Reiittor. II. THOMAS, BEGS leave respectfully to unnouni-e to the tradjni; and business pnl lie, that he-has opened an AUt TION AND COMMISSION STOHFj cn College st., near the- Court Ito-i-e Sfpiarc, in his new and conimu dioiis ble-ck tif Hlrn-k stores. Me-re handize and prop t-rty ed nil kin Is received on consignment, anJ ti J on comiiiision, e-iihi-r at private sale or at auction, u. the eonsiuiieo shall direct, on reasonable term.. A reasonable ctdvune-e will at all times Le made in properly received. Auction Sales em every Saturday, at one o'clock, P. M. to ctiiiimeiii-e- ou the first Saturday in April nex.!. Burlington, March 25, ISII. TOHACCO. T P. WHALING & CO. inform the public thai J they aro Airents for Sargent, Spraguu ef- Cu. Tobacconists, Albany, N. Y., who manufracture i very superior asticlo of Paper Tobacco in every va rietyofsiie. Groee-rs and eithers will find it lo thou advantage to call and examine the ar'iele. Also Plu,-i Tobacco of different qualities, nil of which will be told cheap for cash. Also Snuff or dilicri-ntkinds. TODINlTsPRING WATER. A recently discover- X td fountain nt Saratoga and contains properties known in no other Spring its rreedom rrom Irou tenders tt sate to be drunk: by n certain class or inva. lidswith whom Iron proves Injurious the qunntityof Iodine contained ill th.s wan r renders it the mott val uable mineral water firevcrv species or ScrofoW vet discovered, for sale by J. X J. II. PECK & Co. .le'l. CODFISH, of superior quality for s'e by H. M. G1DDINGS v1 CO NOTICH TO IIUILDEUS. THE sulscrder will firntsh in Burlington and vicinity, tilt AN ITE window ap-, tills, under pinninc, Th're-holds and Door .-leps e.r any descrip tion, ol the first qcality. A bill of any stone- wantcJ will I e attended to, nnd vll uiforinatitin turni-hi-d ly Mesir . PolleU J. llrad'ey, Pecks iv. Co., and Hridley & Hyde. Any person tail see the qralilv of the urne, I v those furnished for Jiiil.-e Folle-t's bin etr Presi dent Wheeler's hiuse m liurlington. Il is presumed that the- quality and price if the-e stone will warrant a cmeral ii-e if builders will ta'-e- the In "il le lo examine-the sttme nnd prii i-. GEO. W. COLLA-MKR. Barre.Vt. Pel ruary ISII. Cm Cabinet Shop on Catllii's I.ntir. DEAR SIR: Permit me In inform vou nnd others in vour vicinity that I am still enenred in tho CABINET BUSINESS, and that custom, any thing in my lute may bo bought of meon as good terms as any wherein this market. I am now from various enusts making work cheaper than I ever did btfori-; and all payintr customers whether old or never 1 shall bo happy to scs at tho New Shop, whete no pains will be spared to give satisfaction. Lumber and Produce ree'd as usual and a littlb cash, (if there t any left in the country,) will be round to do wonder a lew rods east of Church-st. D. K. PANGDORN. Burlington, January II, 1541, B Al.VlM OK I.IVEI!WOKTlor Con-i.tnplion I V -1 e-,Tiii, Asthma, and all eh- e-ascs oftht- Lungs an I I. ncr. These dse-a-es prevail to a great extent, rreatms much ill 'tres and some fatality, All ihie ran le reined sl by the me of Dr. Taylur's lialsom of Liverwort. Th'i- medicine is purely Ve-gitaUc, and rrom its pern!, araetion upon the l.tve-r is a wnysroiind a radical n-nusly for the-edi e.i e-s. For Feina'i-s and men in a ve-ry vve-.ik -late, no medicine can K- sci gra'cful a resiiirauve, as it not only strrm.''hen, but purities and trives a healthy action in tht- who'e- sys tem. Constantly lor sale by N. LOVELY rV Co. w'hn have inst re-ocivts a frt'sh supply of seasonal le Goods from New Vork, all cry che ap' ft r cash. Bnrlim-ton, Inly 311, 1&40. VIEW TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT L .4. ll'inoosi-i Villaec. The subscriber has com mencrtl the tailoring busmcss tn this place, and wilt do all kinds of work in his line in as good style as it n iloiient any shop in this seclton of country. Cutting one at all times, on short notice. WANTED An nppientict- al the above business. JEREMIAH HARRINGTON. Nov. 10, 1-ttO. TOTICB. Tho subscriber having purchased tha L house and premises formerly occupied by Guy Cathn, Esq. nearly opposite the Reading Room, in Biirhncton, has opened a BOARDING HOUSE, nt which he will be happy to accommodate gentljmen and ladies with the best attentions, nnd upon reason able tortus. 6w JOSHUA DOANE. A BLESSING to Mother--. American Soothing Syr i for children rutting teeth. The timely il-e ol tni article win save- cini iron niu.-ii jinin, n.-u a Peverand the punf d operaiion of lancing thr lium, price reduce-.! ,o 37 J cts, (iislln-y's Cordial an excel lent article u r thu nurst-y 12 J of., boih tho-car'fles .old al the Varteiv Store. Ptsnm rewV Hi ist up. VlOOllirs ESSENCE OP LIFE. A Vabial ,a Il Medicine, which, if rightly nppbeel, vent 1 e th-i mean of saviue thtiii-ands froin an untimely grave. It has been sold and u-cil for thirty years, w th great Miivcss, and found vrrv clfiedcienis in the f 'le w ing dise-ise-, viz,'ion, Whooping Cough., ccm mon Cou:hs. Co d., d ihVult Bri-athme. Itilbienza, ijuiiisy, Alhma,, Spiltmg of li.i'oel, Maui- lency, linligetion, l.oo-i , of the Bowil, Pitt cf Idle), i innt -i"'"i - - - - . '. every kind, Cramp-, Rickets, Colic, Calami. I'yien t.irv," Faintinir, llypm-hnudriac AUtvtions, Ileadacli", Sickness al Stomach, Measle-, a preventive cl Ce n tagto'is disease-, Gout and Rhciiinali, m. be-above Medicine is prepares! ly Henry Pcv moiir.ofHaillev, Mass. from the-Original Recipe, l r iheibres-nen e.f said Moure, and ellly him aiid the prineifial Ppiggfl-m the Pnite-d Stale. Stld whole-nle- and reiail, by . I. .V. J. II. Peck Co dandheo. A. 1'ivk .V Cel., Biirlinutun, and ly the calers'l generally thronghoiil tin- cenn'rv IJOSION ACADEMY'; : res-'d at the- lb.oWtrc this JJ .1 dav if,., .!.. uiwho'.-all- bv II lilt.M..-v AUCTION AIM TION. ,.s...-.- - , ,.,..'! r.r W"-''' 1 '" V""'"!' a TV! i V, i iv e-k Drv ((,..). . .,. Salur-'av April 2 l -M -r " ''' I nn I 7 ,, P. I al lb.-More -rn. nt ,-r, b r'lili.vvliigMH'ilall-.ll. HENRV MA.-. I rutltt. II rl nc on A i r I IV 11 1 .. , If ARD W.MtP.-Bulchei'e heavy -us. i inoi- s.m's do. mill tasps. ji.u.j. r-.. ...... i s..,tta, .Nirfoik l.nciifs, ,"'! ' ; .'..., iv.,,1 s.swn knives and fo ks. b.iue und ns na-i . ., , . .... ... LI,,,,, le Tm Nerm'. fail irons, .ti, ves arm i-sii-s e-utils. hor-o i-anln, nuge-rs, Have chsin, mi ,-.' Vmis, iits,fic "v H M sU'W.NCi? i Co

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