Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 14, 1841, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 14, 1841 Page 1
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NOT TUB O L O K Y OF C JO S A 1? DOT TUB WBLFAHB OF ROME. BY II. B. STACY. MIILINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, MAY 14,1841. VOL. XIV....N0. 49. l'on SALE. 1PAIR OF OXEN, 7 Cow's, I Horses, 2 Sings, 6 Wagons, 4 Carts, Harnesses, Plows, Harrows, and all kinds of Farming Tools. Thcnbovo belong ing to the Estate of J. II. Hall, and will be sold low for ready pay or on short credit for good paper. LYDIA HALL, Admn. Williston, April 7, 1SI1. HATS. A. SEYMOUR, has on baud alarge assortment aiiiln sple- ittlod ariir'e of Hats of the latest New York lashion and of his own . mnnnfaclurc. which he oilers lor i inh r. fid invites the litihlic eener- nuy 10 ittiij examine, nun price, belore purcli.iinf? clc where. Mcrchantsvvho are in the habit ol purchasing lints by the quantity and wiMi to et a good artielc cheap ure particularly invited to Ml. CLOTH CAPS, for boys oon ban land lor sale. IVarl st Burlington March 31st 1841. Gw LADIES' fino Kid, Merino, llcrlin, and black silk Cloves j white; and colored Merino Hose, black worsted and whi'e cotton do. Gentlemen's black Kid Gloves, heavy black do. Kino clastic and Webb suspenders for sale by H. M. OIDDINGS; if Co. CAHI NUT HAIt ti. Thesuhscribcr lins resum ed the Cabinet business at the old shop on Church street, formerly occupied by Nichols it Herrick, mid recently by H. R. Walker, where he intends to manu facture and keep constantly on hand nil kinds of CAH1NET FURNITURE, of a stylo and quality not inferior to any manufactured in this vicinity. He hopes his lone experience, tnwther wilh n strict ntton. tion to the blisinesss. will serum him n tiltiti-e nf this public patronage. ry' ANTED inexchaptrcfor Cabinet Work, Birrh and Maple Scnntlct, suitable fur bedsteads; basswood niann, anil boards Irom 1 inch to i inch i white Pino boards. Most kinds of country produce received in payment, (but cash would be very acceptable.) iiurnngion, Jan. l.isil. namuki. NICHOLS. THREADS, etc. 300 lbs. white nnd colored cotinn linearis. 50 1 Ih. linen do. 500 bundles 100 skein thread. 20 lbs. Italian sewing.. 10 Ih. Ilalian twist, for sale Lv VILAS, LOOMIS, &: Co. In .i . rt 1 f 1 A( HALES brown sheetings 11V PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. THIS articleis too well known to need commen dationand the experience of seven years has demonstrated to the commercial community, that for accuracy, convenience and durability, they are unrivalled Coal yard scales to weigh from i to G tons. Dotmant Warehouse do, to weigh from 1-2 lb. toSOOOlbs., Portable do. to weigh from 1-2 oz. to 200 lbs. Portable Counter do a new article to weigh from 1-2 ox. to 40 lbs. J. it J. H. Puck & Co. Agents. Burlington, April 8 1811. TO THE UNFORTUNATE. rHE Buhncri! crs have received the well known an Mr, nioodfrood's Elixir of Health. for the cure ot dieae anting from an ill state of ,e Stomach, such as CF" Headache, Loss of ppelite Palpitation of the Heart, q-c. It has given health and energy to inullitudcs afflic ted with lialiimnl Coslivcnc. The price if this valuable medicine i so establish es! that all nnv be enabled toubtniu it. At wholesale and retail I v THEO. A. PECK .f- Co. Apothecaries, Court House Square. "DROWN SHEETINGS, 3,000 yards. ISO pieces Calico: a so wauuini!. batting, mid wicking, lor sale at WHALING .j Co's. Compound Syrup oriccliiml Moss. THIS celebrated medicine for CONSUMPTION, at wholesale or retail, by T. A. Peck & Co. Tavern Stand l-'or stale. THE subscriber oilers for sale his Tavern stand, best known as the Eldridge place two miles from the College, on the Winooski Turnpike, wilh 44 acres of rtonil land. The house is 4G feet square, two stories high; one barn 40 by 50 foot, horse-shed and trood stables, wood shed nnd granary. The stand being on the corner where the Hincsburgli road intersects the turnpike, there is not a better location for a tavern stand between Ilur lington and Montpelicr. Any enterprising man wilh a small capital may own a pood establishment by purchasing this property. LEWIS HIG1JEE. Burlington, March 1st, 1811. "I7OR SALE. A very valuable fitsit jffnBb J- uatcil in Milton, containing ISO acres, l!:?KI with a house, two bams, nml mil. build. I Him . iocs, two good orchards, and from 125 to iu acres improved, tne remaining part ir well tim bered. Terms easy, and possession given immediate ly. Apply to James S. Piatt, Milton, or to L. 11. Piatt, Colchester. March 10, 1311. RCAI. ..STATE I'OH SAI.U, At Ao7irAT uarqain. The proprietor offers for sale the pre mises in the village of Burlington, now occupied by H. H. Stacy, Esq. as a dwelling house, printintr niTict nnd reading room The premises are convenient for n store and dwelling house or fur offices of almost any description, and are situated in the centre of the most a business nart of the town. For terms of sale anil payment, inquire of Charles Kusseti, I'eatl 6t. tiurimgton, or .. L. Catlm, of or well Vt. GREGORY'S DILLIOUS PILLS, wholesale and retail by ni'h.l Titr.o. A. Peck & Co. SXltKK AMI TOBACCO. T ORILLARD'S Maeeoboy Snuff, J do Scotch do in smalt madders, do Smoking and chewing Tobacco. Alto No. 1 Plug and Cavendish do. for sale by II. M. (ilDDINGS & CO. NUAV WATCH US Just rcteivesl sorau New English Watches and -.cne cenuine Oliver Quartics Watchc, wilh recond-, plain fine fintshtil walehe-, Wehave a few good Lever nnd good hnij- h watches left which will please the ptinliaT. Mar. h IG'h J'A.NGIIORN & HIII.NSMAII). TVW RCIKMII. fJKOCit Al'MY AND X 1 ATLAS WITH OI'TLINE MA PS. bv S. Arcrs TVs MiTi'tiFt.L. The author ot the abou' works has leen proff .ionallv devotwl to t nescience of Gen'v and the puMi-hiUT of .Maw-, d'tnnir manv rear and former production-, e.peeully hi Map of the World for Aeft'lcmieis bear ample te-timouoiiv of hi abun dant resoiireo, upon which In; has so III er.tllv drawn, in proil icina tlie ahovc srhool work-. I be folKiwing extract 01 Hie lieo'v and Alia-, i Irom a oint rtvom mendation of the Teacher in the city of .New York "Their munis arc nuinerou- the definition- remark' ably plain andcouei-e. 'I herxerci-c- an't'opiou and important, and llienc-rriptive is luniiuon anilcorieet The dm-ious of the American continent, are repre eented and deierioed as tliev really I'xi-t at the time. And the gross mis-taieineuts gnierallv loum! in kmooI gcoirraiihienire eorru 'led. 1 he tvpographi ml execution is nil couiiuonlv neat ami ih-lfiui, iikIks:! tlie anas is a model 01 tlie. kind, and actually twin with inlornialion." The outline Map are peculiarly calculated to exereic the student in his iudv, and to fill up at his leisure. For sale by C. UOOD1IICH, A MERICAN DICTIONARY OF THE F.N(i S. L1SH LANGUA(!E. First edition in Octavo, containing the whole vocabulaty of the Quarto with correction, improvements and" several thousand ad ditional words, to which is prefixed an introductorv dissertation on the origin, history and connection of tne languages 01 western Asia anil l-.urope, Willi an explanation of the principles on which languages aie Inriucii ; in two vols, iiy iNoan Wctisicr, 1.. 1.. u l or sale at the, bookstore. I). A. I1RA.MAN. March 2, 1SI1. PLATED SPOONS. Wo inform those who wish to cct a cood and chean article of Plated Spoons. that we arc prepared to show, and Fell thcin nn article vtnicli will wear well and give tucm satislaction, 1 chenp as the cheapest. Pasbcoun it Urinsmaid. MORE NEW DOOKS, Jut received at the Hook Store, A New Home, Who Ml follow. Yo'ing IjkIic- companion, l oiintess Ida. liayward's .ew Knjrland Cazcieer. .Milchell's Geographical Reader, n system ol Geography, eompriinK a Dc-cpption the World with thi grand division, dosiptsl for rlruetious in schools .inJ f.umljc. Wonders nf the Heavens. I). A. 11RAMA.N. 2 do. power loom lick. 2 ca-es York do. 1 bale 40 inch Bur ps. Pale canvass, just received and for sale by Nov. 28, 1840. VILAS, l.OOMIS & Co. SUN RISE, 4 March, 1811. Hear ye, Hear yc Toallthe inhabitants nf the Green Mountain Sate be it known that the Inventory wascomplct ted hist night, the exact condition of tlie farmers' me chanies' niid people's oheap cash store fu'ly ascer tained. Howard, not wanting any wher oilice, will k- continued as the agent. This long tried etab lilimeut ha existed through four administrations of the general government, and llii morning commen ces upon the fifth, under cheering eirruni-tance, such asn motlril iantsiin ri-e, waving (lags, roarol Republican Artillery & the Smiles & voices of go on go on ufa whole people rejoicing at the propeet of belter Kino, it of yet biivmg Goods Cheap at Howard-, Hurrah, Hurrah, IIiirrah,'for the Cheap Cah Store & the Auent wdioe faculty is Tuxcd S400 for selling Goods Cheap to the People. ALPACCA CLOTHS for cloaks) crapes, camb lets, cambletecns, goats' hair nnd common wors ted camblcts. printed Saxonvs. plain and figured al- pines, plain and piiuted muslin delaines, nil wool, now opening by N. LOVELY & CO. "DROWN Table Cloihs, 8 by J nil linen. AIo line turd's 10-llhs, warranted eve diaper : crash. Russia dinner: cotton arns black and white wad ding j baiting and wiekmg ) for ale bv 11. .M. UIIJDI.MiS cc v.o. TTR. EDITOR, Sir will you notify all creation JL that the subscriber has for sale, Ruck's improved Hot Air Cooking Stove, nt ihe new brick store, Col lege street, also at Jesse Gay's foundry. This is one of the latest patterns and the first of the kind ever introduced into this Slates tlicv have been recently in troduced into the States of Pennsylvania nnd New York with great success; and suffice it to say, they are the most convenient nnd will do more business with less fuel than any other stove. A preamble to paiticularizcils qualities or prices is tiselrsss. Just call in, small favors arc thankfully received and great ones in proportion, nnd if money continues scarce I intend to use the les of it, so it will bo useless to go without on that nccount. S. W. TAYLOIL liurlington, Dec. 1", 1870. DRUGS, Medicine, Perfumery, Paints, Dye Stuffs, Oils, Varnishes, Hrushcs, &c. The subscriber is now receiving his fall supplies of the above goods; selected with great care, which he will dispose of at the lowest market prices. KUliliUT .liuuin . ICPLMPORTANT CAUTION,! It is a singular fact and one inuehtolrc regretted that vnluablu medicines, as soon as they become pop nlar. and have received Ihe test and approval of n dieriininaling public, are sure 10 be counterfeited, anil thus a bad and spurious article is immediately palimsl upon Ihe unsuspecting fur the genuine. This has been notoriously the ease with all popular tried and truly valuable uieilicncs for vears pat, and will probably continue to be the ease for vears to come. Ihela-cniid contemptible counterfeit in tins way meanly take advantage ol all the eil'orls nnd adver tising used by Ihe proprietors of the genuine article, in get ineir mencmes inioue ami ocervij popmnrr LOOK AT THIS. HAVE YCUA COUGH 1 1 0.OOO die op cNNscurTtoN every year in the United Slate, and millions sutler feom troublesome coughs and colds, that can l a eurud by Dr. M. lliti.h cock's Vegetnble Virgin Cream Cough Drops, a safe medical prescription, containg no puisonou. drugs, and used in an extensive practuv for several years will most positively alibrd relief, and save you from that awful disenee, pulmonary consumption, which usually swceeps into Ihe grave hunnreds ef the young, the old, the fair, the lovely nnd the gay. Have you a cough 7 ue pcritiaiicu 10 purcnae a nottie 01 the wougn t'rops to-ilayl To-morrow may be 100 laic. Have you a couch! Dr. iliteccok'.s Vegetable Vircin Crenlil Couch ly. it is therefore not less theihity than it contributes Crops is the only remedy you should take to cure jou. to the safely of every honest individual in Ihe com- For thisplaig reason. That in nooneoftho lhausand ... . , 1 f r. lilt.' ......... :. I.-- I.. .. r.t..., i:-.... mtinity 10 expose, frown down, and forever after DIS 111UL.1 uu iir.Au 1 lisuHAi iswiio urns irrc noniblv trifle with bealih and life. ILJlUl-.Ul-.KUKL, 1 AlVr. rtUHUf., cases where it has been ued has it failed to relieve Price 75cents per bottle, ror sale, wholesale and Re tail, by A. HITCHCOCK CV CO. No. 117GcnCfce ICE.T!j! t., Lnen, N. Y. And by their agents throughout the There is a person bv the nnme of J. It. ROCHE- I uilwl Stales. In llurhnnton. bv J. & J. H. Peck & FORT, now eniraced in scllinir n Pill doneimin boxes Co., Theo. A. Pcck& Co. In Versrenncs. bv J. H. 111 exact and perfect imitation of the genuine INDIAN Howman. In Milton, by Uurnct dt Sawyer. In Gcor- VEGLTADLK PILLS, with the omission of only one gia, by Lorenio Janes. au.2 word on Ihe Hoxcs viz. WiunilT. The Pills sold bv this Rochefort are evidently intended as a fraud add TMitHRhASK THOSE WHO KNOW. imposition upon tlie communiiy, or tney would not fi uo.o omy who unnw uv m.i nr immeuuie omrr- have been done up in such exact imitation of the gen- valion, cjii form any idea of ihe rfleets, uf die psifecl nine. This person is tall blustering Willi a great the- relief, of the nhno' rharin. like cuies eflecied In ce atrical swagger. He wn recently known asn very of ihe Piles, Riikumatiim, all Hvvk tLisoi, and poor player 111 Ualtimore, under the musical cognomen all external I'AIM, uo nuller how aeterr, bv ihe utr of Jim Drown, and is about twenty live yearsofage' of IU' Lininienl. Find one who list died Mllmt will It is almost beyouda doubt that tie is supplied with not latiil it above hII llilnga rter upd, snd nn will find thePills from u Druggi-t linn in this city, who have nlul cjnnnl be fouiul. JCJI-nr llie leliefol tnff'r- heretofore I ecu notoriously connected with counter- ing human beings who uiaj be sflliciesl, I beg vou lu k fed iiHshciiie. As soon as proof isobtained Ihe foun- uk ir ilimv skn Lu,..L ! II, , Itrnni nun head of this nefarious business will be exposed, Cokklik, U. S. Jinlge for ihl dislrici, renidbig near lliai liiu i-uimuuiiuy may uuu lliem as lliey wouiu u 1 Auburn j rk MATTUKV J , VITIHI, E. Alliens, si-roent. IN THE MEAN TIME THE PUBLIC ARE CAU TIONED against buying WRIGHT'S Indiam Vuof.tabii: Pitts 01 any one who cues not cxluoit a cerliticntent agen cv signed by the agent for the New England Stale and 'earing dale since January 1610. Also take par licular notice lhat the following wording isonthobox N. Y ; ak Gen. IJvrr (Jrkek, Isle of Vjiliin(iun city, each of ihefe geutteine n kuow uncontpier able by all oilior remeibrs nr phy.iciana, lliough tried for many ve.rii, iImi have breu cured by the u.e of the g.'nuine Hay' 1 1.inimtnt. Th lussml. of 01 her peiann. know similar cuies. We pnenl 10 iheir sense uf jtii lice Iheir human fcolingi. ICyil i but 11 duiy von owe 10 jour jnlleriug lellot-uein; id lei nils grexi THE LION OF THE DAY. NO CURE NO PAY! The ficnulnc old Dutch or Ger man Vegetable l'llls-Highly recommended by Doct. Valentine Mott. M. D, of N. Y and others. These are the onlers ! Any one that does not find re lief from these pills the price is refunded back, thec are the positive orders of ihe Proprietor to agents and others. In otl'eringthese pills to thepublie, 1 appeal to their intelligence. If these pills are not what they recommended, you are in duty I ound out of respect to yourself and community to reject them, and publish them to the world as an imposition, humbug and quackerv. Thcpubliu may !e assured Iheyare purely vegetable, they are composed of nine iiigredint, part of "the medicine is onlv found in Asia nnd in the val leys of Germany, hut convenience tbe.e extracts are made into pills and will be found a sinecure or re lief for all billious complaint-, jellow aud billions fever, fever nnd acue, jaundice, scarlet rn-h,' billions holic dispepsia, Ac. It is not pretended that this medicine is a cum for all diseases to which Ihe human system is liable. Ten thousand utvless e.lorls have ln-en made to draw from the regions olunl.nuwu fancy some long-spun theory of magic art, which would cuie each nnd every disca-v. Good medicine is not found in the fire or whirlwind. Health and happiness haug upon chance wind--time is the herald of Irulli. The past at least is secure; they have already raied 1 iiioniiiiiuiii n ineir grruiies wnicn win oeiy me orrodingtoolh of lime. Nonccnn I e Genuine without 1 wrapper and directions on each box on which mv name is written nt length. Sold wholesale and retail bv the subcril er al Glen's Full. I v A. I). & D. Sand TJ, and 100 Futlon st. and R. 11. Melg, 3S3 South AlaiWct si, Albany. Ilauin & Hawlev, 2IU Siver st. 1 roy, ucneral Agents tor tlie stale ol isew 1 orl.'. MEititrrr griffin. For sole bv Wm. HhoJes and E. II. Green, liich- mond; Mortou tt Clark, and D. & D. S. Lathrop, Williston; Hagar cc CoiiisIck'I., Shell urn ; H.Stnnton, I.. .!!.. II t-1.. I .11 II. t .l... i.vx , siiru. i. iiissi's, hiiu .S.HSTI oarui'v. jiriiiuii . R. Hurlbut. Westfurd: J. II. U.irnes. Churlotie; R and Goo. I'eiersOH, liurlington ; nnd ly E IIRIGGS, liurlington, Agent for Chittenden Co., where Sub-Agents can be supplied at wnolesale price. si'-.i.i.t. 1 . 1 , .,(, ,? , i. . owe lu vuur fiiiieriHK leiiow-ucinss 10 ici iiiisbic lrT" u,i ' ' Tir ' Virv n.u- ,fme,U lie known. Speak of it then to sll sour f. K.d. not read, or where redden hip incrrJuloiifi. becaiiFvto inuny norihiei'S Hrnclen ure H(1vertine1 fur ib pnme purpose. 1 a uuyer we nay, M nil who hme urftl M uo IIIIKK l'OH sam:. IEtibcrd or o''er for ale on reaonable term- rising of 100,000 first rate Prick ituatent Mallet Ilav very convenient for Sloops or Hoat-, it 1 aeie il'le forSIeiirh from Grand Ileor other plart, Atiplv r.v . t, t . . l 'i.'ntM nv I il'll'L'. ,.r., .nircil 10. II r.lil uii.s iVOBM I.O'.ENORS. rTMUS valuable article is dailv cstablishinc itself as J. the best medicine for the exterpatioii and relief cf Worms in chi i ren. Notwithstanding that tin re are other lozenges cried up fur this complaint, purchasers are warranted in the good efficiency of ihesc. Al Wholesale and Ketail oy T. .1. fi. is. a. tu sign oj me .ijrrar. ISAAC WARNcR. "TAS received and kps constantlv on hnnd a large rl mid full nssnrlmcm ut (JHOCIUU P..M, ulllung which nro COGNAC BRANDY, St. CROIX IIU.M HOLLAND GIN, A variety of WINES, nd almost evirv article in the Grocery line, nil nf whir h he will sell on lliemost rensonuble terms, lie would also inform Tint 1 11 keepers in particular that he will sell rum. brandv and "in for 03 cents a gallon, which he will warrant 01 a Jiener quamy uuin some which hnve lately been hawked about the country by a certnm New 1 ink pedlar, anil it not adjudged Iiy hclieHt judirrs to be belter, he will not ask nny pay for tlieni. He invite", them to call and compare. Uurlinrton, Oct. IB10. If. rpiIE al tenlion of the ntllicted is called 10 the article d24 "llav's I.iiiimciit."advcrticilin nnoihcr column. L TIIEO.A. PI'XK & co. i UW I,AI.NTSIIOI,...--PAri.l)I.NG&MII.I 1.1 have opened a new I'aist Hiior on Church-!. iwo ilcor south i f II. Lane's Stoa-, where ibcy w.ll lo all kind. ofHOUSi:. SHIP, Slli. an I lakuiav.i-. PAINTING, in lbelct possible manner and on term siiitlho-ewho may favour them wilh tlieir palron- are. juj"IMmts, tin, arnisn aim i iuiy, ioiii.iiniv lor sale. sr.inii DISSOLUTION. The copartnership hereto fore existing br tween the subscribers, under tho firm of Spaulding it Mills, lias been duly dissolved by mutual consent. Those indebted nnd those hav ing demands agninst said firm, will settle them with C. B. Mills, who is duly authorized to settle Ihe same. R. G. SPAULDING, . C. H. MILLS. The business wall be continued by the subscriber nt the old stand, Church st. liurlington, Vt. Match 5,1811. C. 11. MILLS. J'ie Indian Vtzetabtt l'illt me h certain cure foi dije.ise in it. every v.irielyuf form, brciti.e they tho tonsil) cleanse llie sionuch and buwel., induce a pro per disclMrge oy the lungs, .km and kidney, auu sti mulate ihe blood 10 putifi it. elf. In oilier woids lliey CROCCERY AND GLASS WARE. Full setts of granite China ware. Tea and Dinin? setts. together with n general assortment of crockery and glassware; also lamps, patent top. screw top nnd astral lamps. Lanterns, tumblers, ivc. nil of which will lie sold cheap for rash, as wo will convince any thnt favor us with a call. Church st. J. P. WHALING & Co. r I ROAD CLOTHS. Please call nt the new cash I stole on Church street, and examine the broad cloth", beaver cloihs, cassimcres and xatinctts, before purchasing elsewhere, and much oblige 1 n tint . r . p. rs . j, i'. oc. vu Goods shov:n with pleasure, ) whether P'ireliasid or not. c l " e...lcure.wheuHll.liedireeiion. ate fully follow 10 o ne qiini irom ,..e , w . f , f, Isidy. I be above ouilei. , or jIihuh. .e liccoininon , , , pjt,ed110,e hi 0b.',i.ey than sewers nf llie bud,, iliiongh li,rb all moibi, UA eor- ..-Vu,. II... wl,l ronni ' " , " ' '3 5?","' " . fe he not compelled b, hi. .en.eof e .... i.., .f! .' moral -ol relisio MIVII ril'UIICN IUI llullo III lllljmi 11, IIIC iiuuy mil S'lll tiniie ill hcihh ; but when from eaiing iaiproper food, brcilliin impure air, sudden tran-itiona fiuin heat to cold, over exlMUiiuin or nnv oilier rpu'e, the bowels become costive, the poieii ol ihe skin become clo.ed, or ihekidncvs fill f peifurm tbeli funriitins prnpeil). ihe impurities which should be drained bum the body by lhec ouilelii. will he leiained, and continue lo ac ciitnutste uniil ibn body bpcmues liieially loaded wilh disaoe. II 1 lit- rlMnnelt ol our mtelilv rivers moult become bloi ked up, wontd not the ai-ci.niu'ated water. find new niiilrlc, or Ihe country heroine inundate! Just s-o with the liuma 1 body : ill he 11.1t 111 al drain, be- cntnp elo.eit. ihp.iHgn.tni and corrupt humois willfintl vent 111 the various loims ol uirease such a. rever, Sum 1 1 Pus, .Me.i.leit, Rheum4iiiun, Gout, Apnnlpxy, &c. or Death will eud our sufferings. Theiefore.l 1. Due. any know a neighbor or a friend who lu. hen sickness al llie slnuiach, pami iu ihe hark anil I Isfcn Raid, and whole head it now covered Willi fine PICTORIAL Illustrations of the llihlo, consisting of 200 engravings, with views in the Holy Lnnd, together with nnnv of the remarkable ohiects men tioned in the Old and New Testaments, representing sacred hisloiical events just received and for salu at llie 1100K store. u. .1. ukajiaa. March 2, 1811. ide, rpnek pulre, burning skin, or any o'ker unplen am symptoms, indicate ilial one or more ol Hip lis. tutul diaiu. aie not di.chaiginjt fieely, and the run.ti luiinn is about 10 cnnimPiire 11 stMiitnle for ihe re.iora lion time .liotitd bp lost in adininiaieiing fe v hn.k dute, nf die Indian I'mgaiive fndmn Vt getuble Pillt.) Ity so doing, all the funcuou- uf ibr NEW HOOKS. Tho subscriber has received the present weik n new supply of books, among winch nie the pillowing : A pictorial Geography, bv S. C. Goodrich. 1000 engravings. Rural Life of England, by Vv. 111. Howilt, fioni the second London edition, rorreeted and revised Day's Esnminntion of Edwards on the Will; Me. rhanirs Own Ilnok ; Hall on llaptism : A Green Hand's First Cruise; Visit to Remarkable Places, 2 vols.; liliint's History of Christ ; Ilium's History uf Ehha : The Table nf the Lord, by the author of The l.istiur; rsarrcu Melodies; noaruman on Komatiism; Young Ladies' Companion ; Young Lulus' Friend, March 2. D. A. I1RAMAN. hand and for liurlington, April 9, 1S10. C. II. MILLS. CLOCKS. We are telling the best quality Wooden Clocks for cash at S3, barter S13. Beautiful Ma hogany cased brass striking Clocks for cash S15, bar lerS2. Fib. l'J. PANG HORN it I1RIXSMAID. A CCORDEONS. Do you wish a nice Accordeon V c Fel A cheap? Call at the Variety Store and get it. b. 10. PANGHORN it URINSMAID. CI.AI HOAHIlSnnd SIIINGLF,,30M Shingle, 10.M feet spruce Clap Hoards, by J & J II PECK it Co nurlinglmi, Fcb.JIO, 18H. GtERMAN S1LVF.R SPOONS. Those who wish T gcrman silver are informed that vve will sell them Dixon nnd Sons best article and marl; them, as low as any person sells them without nnrkmg. Feb. l'J. PANGHORN it URINSMAID. VV STAIHH. THE subscriber would remind hisfnends and the public that he occupies a room in Church street, over Kcm and Walker's store, where he will give his personal at tention to Repairing clocks 01 every ins cription. Those which have hem in use many years filled up in good style and made to have tho appearance of new. He would also give notice that he has re sumed his former business of repairing j Watches ; all entrusted to his care will be carefully repaired nnd warranted. Hav ing been engaged for twenty vears past in making as well as repairing Time keep crs.he tru-ts his experience iu Ihe business Twill enable him to give satisfaction to thoas who favor him with a call. P R. A few Clocks for sale, on commission J. N DUNNING. Hutlinglon, Dec 23, 1810. WINDOW SASII Just received 15,20 and 217 by U casements ot ash, a first rate article at 31 and 3J cents per light; also all kinds midsize., furuihod to order. Tieonderosa black lead, a first rate article, for sale very low, together wilh I a c mat varieiv of olher arti cles as cheap as can bo lound at any olher r-tablish-mcnl in the place. Gr.o. I'stekson, TANKARDS, Goblctsund I'htesjust received. April 2 1311, P.VNCDonN it Hkinsmvip. SKMII Herds Gnu WI11I0& lied clover S.ssl lor snleat March, 10. HOWARDS iVTOTICE. The subscriber has removed his office 1 1 to the rooms over Lyman cv. Cole s blore. D. A. S.MALLEY. Burlington February 1, 1911. TMSATIIUttS. Just received, and for sale by the A subscribers!! quantity ot live ift esc t-eatners. nai,auA iv u.iiiva, liurlington, March 4, 1511. IJOT It'll. JtMeibcme is lest known by the x s cures 11 neriorm.r' 1. .ewion's ranacea or Punher ol'lhe IIIuchI. 'Ihe unparalleled and slid increasing' repuiahoii vvbudi l it niisbcine hasaennir. is! throughout the New England S'.ale-, nnd the many cure 11 has pertormtsi, aud Ihe great demand mad, for it bv then Iviee ofphyieians well aenunintix. will its preparation, In n id iced the prnjirietor to extend it cironlaliou 10 alino-i every town in the eastern Slate and the principal towii in the I'liitcd Slates. I hi I'anaeei warranto) purely vegeta Me, mid 1 not iirpas-rd ly any oilier medicine ever otlered to the allhctcd as its extensive sale and great popularity plainly prove. Il I1.1 within the last eighteen month cured us ihouiiiHl oittie mot ohMmaie liscuc, 0.111 be proved bv ccrlihValcs, and is pronounced by r 1 I.. ..I.... . .1 ... 1 .. . 1: t'llliueill ami rejin i.iise mij siei.iiis lilt: I i-i iiuxiicilll' muse. U-eful infi rniation may I e lound in circii'.ar- ontainiug ccrliiicute of rurcs and ibreenon for ta king the medicine. The following appoinied agent. Horlingtoii. J. & J. II. Peck and Co., H. Moult- St Allan-, Curti and Ru-sel Milton, C. Drake Milton Fall, Ilurnct and S.iwvcr alerville, Hk md llrown, uine-purjn, null aivt isik l airlax Parker and Mallield ercennc. Adam, and Murray t'.inil.ridgf, M. Wires Underbill, M. C. Ilamey .Mirlli I-ern! urgli, 11. 1 . " iei,er iieorgia, A. II 11 U'lllt-ton. N. Chittenden Richmond, Green tt Rhode Johnson, G. l arner and 1 .tlonMon, Lilian Sniitli, Armington and oulvv-nr I rnir tield, Ilurnct and 1 .irnworlli. body will be resloreu to order, rnd ihe funl humor. Ask lliem iherauae, and you will be lubl that thear (llie cause ol rvriv tnn.iinaiioa or paiu we unlet 1 win hinrs hitve lieen done bv me use 01 me nam or Co- beremovedin .n ea.y and oaiural a manner thai the j um6la. Of 20 years growth i. ihi ariiett, il. dtniantl hotly ssill lit, remoiil a. if Iiy a charm. The abo.p j annually some hundred per CPlll. ibiingk rill may he lakenat ALL tunc, anil unuer all cm- whan dt.eotrred nni oppoietluy anihing for iheaaiup riun.iancps. with pel feci . iIpiv. I hey .uu all ton I minmir. now a.oil.d bv ahnoil nuutbrrlr.a utu.liruiin piamiM .tiiti an ages, .tnu are it, tor nuiiMn 1 uiki 1 111 iui, lr j.i, preparatinn mai win ruin llie nair 11 n.etl iu an) a. n.tiii ; rniifttiiiruuy iup ran nsHrr injur r ""Imifnl. Uan more man nie.e laeis up vtjoifil rpler mum delimit. Like our food, ihey are digenihle; 1 ,0 the recninni.nilaliona bya liat ufuaaiet of le.prrta iheiefore lliey enter inui ihe circubtiioii and impart an I liiliiy , unPtiualled bv any oilier article. Look to ihp.e eiipigy to ihe blood, n inrh enalilee 11 to fluw with fire- ihinga-buy Ihi. article. Slay and pie.erte jour liaii 1 1 1 in finite In lite exiieiiiine. and cun-ennpnllv 10 keep bv it. 11. p. or if I1.1I1I restore il. Ladtpa. aliend lo lliit 1 lie pure, ofilie .kin They are Irue and ppifen huudretl. in fa.hionablt life are uiing it a. ihe onlv tuirifipr. of iIip libioil ; l ratife ihey drain all cumini article leallv fit for the loilei. Long hair ia vnv atii liiitnor. fioni lliat life giving fluid. I hey imparl I ,0 fall out. Ladies, uie 1 lie Um nf Columbia in lime ireniih and Vigor to the whale .y.lem, and iheir el I tQ save vouraeHas the tb. grace ol baldness by neglect lecls itre.tlways heneneiHl : necau.e iney only reuiovp nlvotir uefaons. II i lour dulv. as 10 oie- ihitfe htiinorii whii-h aie opposed 10 health. 1'hey aid J .er've iIip tieamie. of aaluie, wilh which a bnuuiiful tittl unpiove tligpsiinn, and sound Hieep pillows iheir I Creator hasenunwetl )ou ; u.e Ihe ualm,lor it will do tl SINGLE. DOUBLE. UMBILICAL. CKKMAN COUCH SYHUP. w dozens of this famous medicine, for , Colds and Coughs, arc for sale by the subscri bers- Recommendations from tunny of our citizens can be given. THEO. A. PECK, it CO. Apoinccarus, court jioute .-s.unrr:, N OTIC 13. THIS certifies that I have given my son, John Mc I.nuolilm. his time, to trado nnd act for himself; and that I w ill neither claim any of his earnings or pay any of lits debts alter lhluute. ' ' 7 i.-iiiil-i 1 sf.r tttr-m iv r.ttilir.i.t. ,-iii.iii.siiiin.i' Witness, LkwisLapp. Grand hie, April 1, 1811. Clarified nn,m for Viols. 11 and E liat octave flutes. Toy Trumpets and Dogs and many new articles just re eeived. April t Ibll. I anoborn iv. iibissaih. T,TF.'.OTINTO lliii'hes, and Painls, 1VX tOD FISH, MACKEREL!, anil SHAD ofsupc J nor quality for sale by N. I.OVI.I.. Co. siTTTCHES. Jewelry. Peifumerv. Musical In VV strumcnts, Stocks, Cones, riding Whips Clnins, Keys, Spectacles, Lozenges, Pills, Plaster, Sootliing Syrup, Godfreys Cordial, Corn Plaster, Hays Liniment, Mair uus. cvr. April 2 1811. 1'Axtnons tf- llaiSPMAiP. NO DOOOINCi. ALL persons indebiel to thu subserila-r, whose Notes and Arconiits have I ecoine due, are re queslol to make payment bv the lifieenlh of April next. iioiiiuies win come ai'out uio-e "ay, nn m Icreslcd will take notice and govern themselves ae cordmglv. E. D. SI.OCUM. .March' 2.1, I64L n25w3. C ATA IIIIII SNUI'F. 14 TARSI I ALL'S S.NI'rF, is ndl curinpthe Catarrh IvXand t hevario'i thease ol the heal, nswe as sum eves. In nil pnrtoi tne country ; and sustaining tlie reputation which 11 nas long since gamed, 01 la-ing ah.-ol ilely the he-t arltele ol the kind in Ih 111 iruet. Each bottle conlnm ihrfMMime the nmntuy of one of tho-e which nre offered nt "ONLY TWENTY FIVE CENTS." Ami 1 llierefoie a much chcupe ... .11 .. I .... .. .t.. .1.. I .. as wen us 1 tut-r .trtit 11 . 1 ut .ur nv J. it J. II. PECK &. Co. THEO. A. PECK it Co. and D11. KOIir. MOODY. Ilurlmgton, Jan. 22, 1311. lv.f.lH not say it ia bevontl all nraiae, then do nol lake il lie proprietor will nol allow una arilcle 10 lie psiti lor eligiou. dmv 10 do all in Ida power lor the viciimi of dialrrra and misery. For (his purpnae he would aooner devote a fortune, than aeruie a dollar for anv worthless article. Cp-LOOK OUT.- Some swindlera have counterfeited itoa aiticle. autl put it up with various devices. Uo nnl be iiunor-eu utton. Unp ihieg only will protect vou il is ihe naitip of CotnaerA tf Co ; that name mu.l ue altvais on Die wrapper, 01 vou ore cheaied Uo uol luigei It. I tike Hit. tltrer- tion wilh vou, and lest by that, or never buv ; for it i impo..iule fur any other 10 he hue or genuine. Hui.ijtiwiM 1111 u. Sold In Comttotk 4- Co. 1 Fleirher riteei. N. Yolk I I1EO. A. PECK tt Co. Wluilcla Acrms lor Ihe .slaie of Vermont rpo TUB nAI.D.lIHAIIKO.V OTHEItS hair? One whose roal collar tva. covered wilh dan drutT. ihoueh bru.hed everv- hour whirh haa now van ulied entirely I Or one who.e hairs al earl) age wpip turning grev. who now haa uol a grev hairr iwhililren whose he.tua were coveien wun aruri, wnine 11.111 would nol grow, irwi are now growing ihe fulle.i eiop. if Uair 1 Home caaes idu.i lie known 111 mu.l petsont nte: because ihev cleansp the siotiiitrb ami tiowt-l. o hns!iiuv huuiotiia which nnl onlv iirilaie and excite ihe nei vou. sysiein, but patalyze and wrakpn the dis geaitve otganii. Itishuti ihey pn.-ea all ihey good piopcrties that can be rlitimetl foi any mptliciue : and wiiai in. very tPinatk.tule. 11 is ulicilv iiimius.iu e 10 u-e lliem vviihoul bent-fil. Piiee25 cents per Hox, wilh full direction.. OiTtee CAUTION TO UE It E VI EM II Ell ED. Sevetal most flagrani attempt, have boen made lo ounierfrii 1 lie Irue IJahn ol UuIuiiiOm. Home ol Hit .i tpnalera h.tvegone .0 far aa in rountct feit 1 lie splen It 1 wrapppra, and ihe r an. 01 ,-Magara, ami evei y ex einal maikexcepi lite name hi ivuui.iock, winch the Jare not forge. To avoid trnnoittiitina iheiefore. a I wava louk foi the nam. of Cumnock Ic Co. nr L. S , . 1 x. ,, , wat. IOIIK IU, lliciinilia ... v'uui.osi.n sM. in l., o and f.eiieral Depot for Ihe New England Slates, No. Cumlock) anj nr, ,uv article unless il haa ilia ID3TreinoutSlrtrt.near Court si reel, Uoston Tl... ,,i,nii,ii.l iminl.fttii p.-Pt t heir ti n. plie of tut; above popular Pill, as heretofore, from Ihe only ruber and general depot for the New England Slate-, ia3Treinont street, llo-ton. Pedlars nr tray- Ming agent are not allowed to ml the genuine Indian l'dl. therefore never pnrcha-e from them. for ff you tit) vou will be sine to obtain a dangerous aim eoun:erieu nrueie. si 1 name upon 11 ould wlioleaale and retail, onlv ai INo, 2 lleirher .Heel, N. V. I llbu. A. fl-.LK & Uo Wlioleaale Agenis fur ihe Slalo nf ermont le DISEASES OF THE LIJNf.S...Drridedl) Ihe mo.i popular remnlv ever known in Ameriea Vegetable I'ulmonary Jlaliam 1. ihe moat valuable retard v now in 11. e fur cough. .eolda, a. 1 lima or pluhisic. ... ---------- - , n t- . f. .1 cons inntiion. w oopine toiign aim iiii.nionaiy ittiir tint. IllFO. A. IVck it Co, Agents i n,,t ,. lo h Ihe f ' k , , . Jipatbl, and the -aleof Ihe Indian le Pills, a -o . II. Hollet, ,, ,,, .,;.:' ,,, -,J ,, M, Willi-ton. t and A. Ilrmsniuid, llurlirtglon. ' ,!,.. T .. r,.,, " ,:.,.. aie otTpredfttr ptibbc examination. Aa iKTIHESTiao Cisr. Exirari of.i teller from their manifest and stn-iblt- aelion iu p'irifving the Mr l! S Clav, Ktng'inn, Ulster en., N. Y. lo the spring ami channels 01 lite, and enduing- tnein wun pruprietoia. "1 uuia 01 llie in inai. was tnnv ier.-n renewed tone and vigor. In many h.ui'lrcd cerlihtsl A ieni.irk.ible enre w.ia efh-cied hy ihe egai.ttile P11I ca-e which have been made pulli", and in nlniot inunarv llaltam in the wiiuer and pring nf 1835, Tin every species oftliseaelow Inch the human frame is peraon, Mr. Moodv, had been atck a long lime wuh Hal le, tne nappy e let-ts oijiiuiais i-iit 1 ill ami me consumption. Ilia nni.irian. nau given linn up PlPKNIx UlTTFRs have been greatfullyand P'll'lit ly lie was ictlueed so low as 10 lie unable to help hini.elf, HFOI-'FA'PS VEGin'AIILE LIFE MEDICLNES.- lTJL The-e nitsheine arc indebted fur their name to "TJOCT. MAHSIIAI.IS Art m .tie, Catanh and f lleudaehuS.NI tt. This gnutl is superior tn any thing yet known, for removing that troublcoinc di, cac. the Catarrh, and also 11 cold 111 the l.eud, and thu headache. It opens and purges out nil obstructions, stieugl hens the glauds. ami sues it benltliv uriu.ii tnti.u parts nllected. It f pi rficlly free from any thing dulu terious 111 it, composition has u plea-ant flavor, and itsimnmlinleeilect, nfierUing inetl, i. aLgrecuLlu Price U t cents per bottle. Doet. Marshall's Vegetable Indian Block PLASTER. This Plaster is iinrivnlltsl for curing scrofulous swul lings, Scurvy Sores. Lame Hack, aud Fre-h Wound, j pains in the side, Hip and Limbs) and seldom fad. lo give lelief in local Rheumatism. If applied lo lb. sidiy't will cure rimnyofthecotiimon Liver Complaints; and is equal, if not superior, to any llnui? 111 nt; for corns on the feel , the virtue of this Plaster have I ecu witnessed hy thousands of individuals 111 the Uniltxl Stales, who have tested Us illicitly. Sold by the pro- i.Mii.'i , v-iiii,, uoweu, .iiiooieoury, v 1,, ami ihlo. A Peck it Co., liurlington, Vt. Ju ICTUII. GOItDAH'S MlJIIICINKS.i D11 uuuu.ia'a Jelly otroincgranaic and I'emvi an Pill for Dvpepv. Nervous Headache. Pal- i tation ot the Heart, Inlcrnal an I External Humor, and all impurities of the lllotid, Iceland Jelly for the relief and cure of consumption. Pulmonary Jelly for cough-, colds, spitting of Blood, Hoaricni'ss ite Pru- sian Linauienl and Linument fJpo,tekioolor line 1111a lisin. Physical Drop-, Coloml o Drojis, Salt Rheum Ointment, Pile Ointment, Slrcuglheniug Plaster, nnd Uoni and vv art r a. er. The above eelel.ialisl uuslfcines nretiared entirely from vegelable by Dr. Win. Gonial., need no other reecomuieniiaiiun titan inaiiney nave 1 eon Loioreine I inline loitrus.-n years, giving iutistai-11011 to nil who lave iied theint-iuay Le had of Dana it Haimonii, vooulock, tu lieu 1 Agenis. Soltl also, by J P Strong, Quechec; JC Hrools, While River; Wm. IISiel& Co., We-t Hartford Worsler Downer Sharon; Dow ner & Neven. llov alton ; J Wheat. Bethel. E C Holme-, Wet Handulpli; J O Lijulorili, liranari ; a iielkniip. r.a-1 liarnanli .s Snow, Pomfriv, E M & A SSlneker nml GoveiV Shuv , llarlland; htsld iV lliiriie., i'crl.uivilli llrown iv Amsden, Felehville; A it II Wsr lner, Windor , A Manh. HritlRewattsr.S.SttFT Wheeler. Plymouth; and at Handocl., Rm-he-ler, Grandville, .Northtield. .Monliielier,.vliddlel'Ury, Vergeiines, and 111 mos! ol the principle towns 111 the Suite, A Supply of thu above medicines iust received nnd lor -ale by ROBERT MOODY, rebrunry, 1811. (Gin) Druggi!, U.irlinglon, I HAIIU II AI II ! I ISAMIN USS. Iinpor tnnt DIsriivcl'V--llie f ileal Xlmlt t v rmintl out at last DR. STERRY'S HAIR REGENti- IIAIUK. Dr. hlirry, ufter much attention to tho important subject of preserving the hair, has, niW niany experiments chemical and phvsieal been ablu to disrovir and article which is now offered with thu greutest confidence for the toilil us ihe best lliingev thscoverctl, for, for its softening and pent (rating quality to produce a good head of hair to prevent It front falling olfw lien baldness is npprUiendid to nstoiu it when baldness nus liken place, and to preveni il from turning gray. It 11 is more nourishing than po matum, antique oil, or Cologne wnter. It is a beauti ful article for ladies curls n makes the hair soft and lively, and produru uncommon brilliancy. TIiouji ands have tested its superior virtues nnd 'excellence, and in every instance 11 stands unrivalled. It is nn infallible cure iu all allections of the s'.in 011 thu htod as dandruff, ite. itc. Every family should ha sup plied with n bottloof this oil, that by its ntiplication to the head and hsir of children, the biniitiful nnd ot mimcntnl appendage of a line head of hnie, which na turc has supplied us may be preserved. From tint numerous certificates a nd recommendations reccivu-1 of its salutary intluenre. the Doctor feds firmly pur sunded he has succeeded in producing an nrticlc'whicli will meet the desired wishes ami approbation of the, diibhc. For sale wholesale and retail by A. HITCH COCK & Co. UT Genesee st. Utica, N." Y. In Bur J. & J. II. PECK & Co. and THEO. A PECK &. Co. In Vcrgennes bv J. H. Bowman. In Milton, by Burnet tt Sawyer. In Georgia, by Loruu zo Janes- New stnblisliuieiit. JP. WHALING f- CO. inform the public that they hnvo located thetuselus in the village of Burlington, aud have fitted up a store 011 the east side of Church street, which may wall be denominated "uncap-siuc, nearly opposite the nniiK 01 liurling ton, and are receiving from New York a choice selec tion of goods well suited to the season, which they offer for sale aehtr aicanbejwre.hasid in theeuuntry. ror ready pay. Among their goods may be found ucuvar aim oronucioius, cassuuercs, satintts, uanueis, merinos, muushnc de laines tf-c. A choice selection, also of French, English nnd Ameiicnn prints, equal, at tenet, 10 any in iiurttnirien. A generni assort ment of cambrics, muslins, plain and figured, tdgings. iuscrlings, blond laces, t-c. A great variety of shawls, antl dress handkerchiefs, lathes gloves and hose, with a good supply of blenched and unbleached domestic goods. Also a good supply of crockery, of the latest patterns, with a few elegant astral parlor lamps ; and finally, a few- choice family groceries, such ns teas, sugars, molasses, cotl'fx', lice, raisins, dry Ush, tobac cos, lamp oils, tf-c. We do not pretend to specify nil the kinds, to sny nothing of the numerous nrticlts of which each kind is composed; but suffice it to sny, that the assortment will be found to contain most of the articles wanted in the country; and those that favor us with their custom will be entirely relievptl from the examination of old goods, or remnants. Our entire stock is new, and fresh from ihe market, nudhaabecn scleoted with the greatest possible care, vv 1 tlx reference to the wants, comforts and bcnitit of the people. Hut vve do rvot wish the public to take our word in this matter, but most cordially invite thim lo call and examine for lluiiisdves. Burlington, Nov. 26, 1810. WO It MS. WOKMS.-Dn. M. Hitchcock'j unrivalled and unequalled WORM TEA, a sovereign remedy for Worms. Strange and incredi ble are the e 'ei-la of the-c intestable vermin; fow person, and il is thought none nrefiee from lliem, par tirularly females and children. Many piroiu go through tt digressing course of medicine without it leneht, when they might lu relieved by using thu Worm Ten. '1 lus'invaluuble tiitsht ine ha I ten teated by the experience of more than leu vears use, nut administered to more than 10,000 persons of varii.v.t age., and nol one solitary complaint ; on iheconlrur Inn-lied have called, and uiiolici!ctl, given their tie cided preference to il. after Irving the di.lcrent article sent fonh to iliopubic, and pronounced Dr. M. Hitch" cock's Worm 'I'm llie inot safe, lilectnal, anil con venient remedy that cull 1 e ol turned ; for in no one ol tire thousands' of instances where it has lecn iiscj ngrtvable to the printed directions has it everfailetl. N.B. Ask forDr. M. Hitchcock's Worm Tea, astl.i-f are many nostrums nbrcad for ihede-truelieuof worm For sale whole.ale and retail by A. HITCHCOCK tli CO., so'e proprietors, 117 Genesee street, Utiea, anj by Ihe'r agent throughout the Union. In Burlington. I by J. & J. H. Peck ct Co., nnd Thuu. A. Peck it Co., 1 t i- t.. t it it 1 st:t...n 1... ill tuieuiivs, iiy . 11, iiunjiiuii. lit .iiiiitiu, uy Burnet tt Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lorenzo Janm, oug20 HEPATIC KLIX1H, ACF.I.M1RATED remedy for complaints arisia; from a diseased state of the LIVER aud its Secres lious; the following are a few ol it symptoms, weakness of tbestcmurh, Indigestion, loss f.t np-tetltu lowne. of Spirits nnd Headache ; it will le foiiud a sure remedy for Eruptiens on the Face. In conse quence of tneir Icing many nostrums circulating In nils pari 01 uie eoiuiirv , me supscriLs-r an- nuiuurizixi lo warrnnt its Isiiieheinl etl'tvt. 1 his article is jusi received, and odered to the public as one well worlh the atlenin n ofthosr vt ho are ntlhcled by eomplniiit from the above di-eae; it leingfrom'an eininunt physician we feel confluent in thu rtv-citiiuu-iiding U. Get. C.I8I0. TIU.O. A.PKCKo. Co., Sign of'lhe Morlnr.onetloorea-I OI'J 0 J II Peek sis Co acknowledged by the persons 1 enuliitisl, and who - , ' . ... 1 ......I. .1...1. ,:.u.. WCie prcVIOIIiy Ollitltpiiiiuiett wun tut; oeniiutiiii j jiiii- loopluca! princip'es upon which ihey arc compound .si. nml tiiion which ihev contsiiientIy net. The LIFE MEDICINES recommend iheimelvrsin .hsea.e, of every form and ele-cription. Their first operation is to 'oo-cn from the coats of the slomach and bowels, Ihe various iinpurilie and crudities con- .tant v sen nig around ttiem: anu torvmove 111c nar- lentsl fatsis w hich collect iu the convolutions of the mnllest inte-tines. O.her nusheines only partially and was a large nnantiiv of blood when he rotntnrnrrd using the ISaltam, whirh haa effecied a complete rote, and he ia now a. u.iie and heariv aa pver he una, Mr. Moody has removed ft tun ihi. low n, but he h ,a preuttted ine h more fleiailed arcnani of hi. case, winch I will fin ward vou. C. S CLAY. Kingaiou, N. Y. June 25. 1838. Exlrart of a letter from Dr. Juroli Mvers The Vegeiabte Puhnunaiy llal.aui haa been .old in this eniimv for two veara, antl the medieine haa gained an one in. lance nn mean. HI AHSII A l.l.'si continues unrivalled i 1TX slieiicthening PLASTER: Also, ftrltheiim.i tt-rn, l.amenes or pains in llie slue, nmos or puck for erolul( is swelling, scurvy sore, Fresh woimls and for a central Family Plaster or salve, r or Corn moreovci try 11: paieeiosc. pert-vcrein iul-u-i-i making a new nppliealion occiiionally, and in time yonrcorn w-iu Is- eurtsl. ror sale hi J. it J. II. PECK & Co, THEO. A. PECK it Co. and Dn. ROBT. MOODV. Burlington, Jan. M, 1811. ly.f.8 SNUFF ONLV tWENTY-l'IVE CENTS D. M. Ilitehcia'k's newly invented Snutf tho lsst arti cle ever discovered by scientific men, in Europe eir America, for the cure nnd abolute relief of Catarrh, Dizzine of the Head, Weak Eye, Nervous Head ache, Fallen S.ckne-s, Fits, and Infants troubled wilh Snulllc-, partial shocks of Pal sv, ite. For sale .-hriloale and retail, bv A. HITCHCOCK it Co.. sole Proprietor, No. 117 Geneee st. Ulica, and by their agenl throughout the Union. Iu Burlington, J. & J. 11. Peck k Co. In Vergennos, by J. II. Bowman. In Milion, by Hurnett cisawyer. 111 ueorgia. oy 1.0 renzoJano. " AIJ(:TIOtTAlICTIO.V. "IT TILL 1 1! sold at Auction a general assortment of V Drvtiot.l" on S.ilurtlav-April 21 at s o'clnek and 7 o'clock P. M. at the Store corner of Church and College Si, and to 1 1: t-otitinutsl on each Saturday following uniil all. old. HENRY MAVO. Trustee. Ibtrliiigton April 1.1, 1811 .mallest inie-iine.. o.ncr 1, cine, ,,. ,,m ,y )m Uril,. for il seaieely ia ni, and. leave nidi colhi ed masse, behind , . f . . ,jr,iiei, f(fra. ' .m " , rt'-t'i-t " - 1 , ,11 ftvor of Ihe many no. if urn., ronal ol whir ate tm evils, orsntiueit .. rrt... ,, w , 'VA " oo.iiion. uuon a ereduloua 1. '": ,M. VI ..a' ...'..T know- hv n.e .0 be I eaniin, help but gi.e m, W Illil-SUlIllUl-tflt-liiini.tii i''"if ..1. vi ....,i. ..suvt . , , rtuni.fli ,tii..i, ha ihe prejudice of those we ltnloriiusl men hituiiim quack i-iiu.. uiu.. .r,r.. . ., ..... ""t1. ":" ... .... i .,,1 h..r.t..l ., Isfen offered here bv travelling Agent, of Curmuock, .1 ..Li;.. 1... .,.,nl nerson.. The set-olid elfeel ol N. Y. and there ia another article vended heie lhai U the Life Mt.'hcmcs t to clean-e the kidneys nnd Ihe airongly auapeeted lo beapurmus. 1...11 11...L,. ,1,.. 1, 1,1,,. !,,.,. ,i,..l Jacob Mtxrs. M. n. iiiitirier, ttmt ny tin ii-, ."'.--" , I" 1 .. . , .. . I.....I.I.C nC. I....1. eittirel V ileiiemts noon re a l r nsfiiiK. Tl.i ltlnml r. I nr. Samuel Morrrtl. 10 the I'foni.rioiii of itV Wee mtmriiy ".'i inu iiii 1 -"p"" ' "- ", , . . , . t ot ihe liver ami thp lab p Pulmonarv Hal.ant. I am eaii.firil ihaltnee u.. 1 .r.,r.. ti I.J....S iniotlu- heart, ieinc ihns mirifttsl I. elable Puhnnnatrv Balaam i. valntb'e medrcine by them, nnd nouri-htsl bv foal coming from a clean I It haa been used in ilu. place with complete aurf eaa In .trims,-!, emir... iri--li- through llie veins, renews I an obsiinaie eutnnlainl ol Ihe longs, alieniled wilh a every pan of the systtm, and triumphantly mounts .eveiecoujh, loaa o( voire, and the raising of niurh the tianncr ed m inc mouiinus ot.ii-i,, Moilai Vegetable Life Mtslicincs have bftn ihor- blood, which had prsvioualy rc.itied many appiovnl preaciiptiona. Alier using ihe Balaam one week, ihe oughly tested, nnd pronounced a sovereign remedy for patient's voice reutrnrd and he wsaableto apeak andi l)i-iieisia. Fhituleiiev. Palpitation of the Henri. Loss !,lv. Ihi. rata oerurred aome lime ainee. and I In of Appetite, Heart-burn and llcnd-ache, Restlessness, man la bow engaged nol only in anise bin lalmrioua til . : ... . .. : 1 a n ... ... .ml Mel. n l..xl.. I Vib. I. It .r...l.. , O l,n..u. . jil-teiiiper. .-vitxiiis, t.ui.iii - ...,v..., ouaineaa. iir.pi-ctiiiiiy, c. o. munnn.., tivcness. Diariheca. Cholera, levers of all kind, Ii ia now more than six vesra alace I waa brotighl Hheiiiiiati-m, Gout, Dropsies ol all kinds, Gravel, vfr ow u. an affrrlion of lite lunga, and mv pomplaial Worms. Asthma and Consumplion, .Scurvy' Ulcers' w ilerlarfld tn be int'uruhlr bv ftrotinril of thrft r!tv pieMoiu, rar.iHlve rompinim-, -"iuw, ui'iv, enioifiUnr many by Ufin; the ipubie rui. fiihfrilknirrc.MiM (Ifiinnli'VIPn1-. PUll Utlt'llin. hrVMIt I ' u nl.u ... r.sit..s I kjf isrnm ela, ( ommon ( t.ld. and Innitciiza.and various other mfnde(, he U,,m in ,rM, .,,. t f i,lng complaints vv hieh atllict the human frame. In Fr r.R ,oml,-.,. ,d ,0 fr i can ,,,, i ,r baa in. and Acor., particularly, the l.ue .su-iieines nave wen f-14l) y i,ta followed by murli benini, and in maitj most eminently suceessfu ; so n''u''' 0 'l'"' iuaiancesit has efTceterj cures whirh were wholly uix. rt-vi-rnniirtgiii-itisirici,i ,, , peeled. SkuvtV EVIRITT, tire.erii- itieiii. I - TEST ree'd a snppl of Marsh's ctlchrated Trurs of every doscriptioyfor sale by ibu dozen or single OM. 10,1810. ,., THEO. 'a. PECK &C0. Signofihe Morlnr. 'PIIE Burlington BREWERY has X now commenced business, und will nave new Iteer in u few ria ... fH& l I I ! ll Ihirlinjson, 5 kuta iiaca si:i:d. j - I.BS. genuine .Scotch purple lop Kuta Baga fl Seed, raisctl from selcclcd Turnips, for al by Jlareh 25! fj nPO-."l"'l CtODITSH, of superior quality for ule by ; ' ' II, M. GIDDlNGs it CO. TTAHD WARE.-Butcher's heavv Files. I I STIIl'u ll.. nml llnlll .bu. L'lt. Screws, Norfolk Lnteies. Iiantl and nannel cast steel Wood Saws ; knives ami forks, bono buck bundles j lea Servers, Sad Irons, Shovels tongs, worn earns, tiursu cnrtis. augers, uacc ( .,,.,,, r, l t,i i ,.' u.. 1 ItlJIIIIIVIUin., tlltl.D DIIXI.IO, I II, l y H, M. GIDDINOS, tire.eri!. them All that Mr. Moll'at rennircs of his patients is to be mrlicnlar in taking the l.ile Medicines urinly accor- thug toilintlirivtitiiiii. It is not a newspaper notice, or bv anything Ihel he him-elfmaysay in their faviir, Ihat'hf hopes to gam crclil. Itisaloncbyihc results of a fair trial. ....... . . MOFFAT'S Mr.I'ICAI.'Ai., iie-igiie1! a Itn.lnn. Mar.h S. 1837. Far .ate. whotrsate aud retail, bv J. Iff J. H PECK b. Co., and I IIEO. A. PECK & Co., Bur bnglnn, I. BOSTON and TItOY UtO.N COMI'A.N'Y.-The public are hereby notitiol, ihat the business ol Tnmxr. st'iilXG WATER. A recently discover' 1 1 fountain at Saratoga and contains properties TJOTICD. The subscriber bavin, known in nn mhrr Stitiuit its freedom from Iron'll houe and uirmincs formerly o irndirs it safe to be drunk by a certain rlass ol tnva- ( atlin, r.sq. nrnily opposite the Iteadui T.I. . i . .t. .....f l,.l,n..i.. t. ... 1 PUmitlve ISVC I1CW Itrrr ItlllfoV Hnvn lJ....:,!. .. I.... 1 .....I......... , I. o tlite . if Iturlintitnn li.un.n.l n llfi ItiniVl ..l.r tl t it i ti ' ,lu ll'Ull 1 1 UU IU "I l 3 ItllUI nnl Hi, .jv...!,,,' j ..... ................ .. ..,,.(...,., 'ill umtl. S UO OUIlClllitllV mMllIP l-lin sin., m Iki. u.l.r r.ntrra I Sr ntnt til attemltil to, Id l?I0, Cr.O. Pr.TER.VlN unhlc miner d'fcovctcu which hii wtllbahsppy In iicroinino.i-te icntl. rat water firevrrv specir. of .Scrofula vrt and Ijdirs with Ihe bca attctit"ins. and uron rramrt ' ,lortalchy J. IJ FECI, it Co. .If C. able terms iiw Jt'Slt., DOANr., it.t.i 1 u not- I IlllltU I .11 'I'l..- 111.. LSI,,, .1.11 IslltlSl CllSIIIISi HI ttl III.IIIIU ,.M tullS..,. "nu 1 .hedtl puVelifexplaining mojefully Mr. J"-. tw.rj.njir-. u re ., "d SMeslai'sthi-ory of diseases, am will I r found liiBhly ' .Mdl-s-esruis. Pot Ash Kcltb-s, ' Slove-, Ninins, mu-reMing (opcrsons seeking nea.i . n Mo.,BUs. Axletrce. Ac. on hand, or furni.hedtn order, . r., i P" ""''," '"'V ','" ' ,. " . ' ' ..VeVntl -All who vvi.h to contract for Hove plan-, or to pur- cent. ior sme t-y.'ir .......... .................... - ..v.,.- nrt-f nusntiti- ol hoi ow-w arc. lor tne piirpo-e ,T..",.l.. I tiTo 'l hr-'' Valu'1" M'slicines are lor suto ,y I open ,- ,.,,;.'; . . furnishetl at wholesale pr,resand cr n r I v'g, v 1)'"t' WV"! , 1 M who may favor with iheir calls t.r orle,, will I .- -' .r.-, , , , ,,, . y as al any e lit l, i.nmrnl mine HOIJSF it llirllnqton.M. Jan. 1, 1811. rounlrv. Order-should be addre.-sisd lo E. II. Cro sinrni tPr.nM CVNOLEJl. Kinsland'e ttjritlrfl stpe rui man, rt ipcrinteivtant, or A. i csing, Agent, irov, vt TTAC.XlrCTIC ODONT1CA. -THE TEE1II Wi. THE TEETH'! Tn r. lscosirauABtD Tooth PKrr.nVTiov. The fact i- provetl. and the most in- cretlulou ail tlt'tibtini: are fully eonyinctsl, as we have he evidence from the sale of 20.000 I oxts. of the Odon tica, within the pal venr, lliat the Utopion dreams ol Ihe ah-hvmit arc retilized, and a remtsly th'scovertsl for pre.erving lho-e important and useful nppcntlages of the human system, by ihe u-e of ihe Magnetic Odon ticn, which by itsiitliaclive, and strengthening quall-ti-. reniovt-s'ull extraneous sul.stsni-es from the tts-ih and preserve them in theirnnturitl brilliancy, nnd the gums 111 sountllll'ss anu Leuitlj . it is ait-ri,inieij irtun inerience. thnt when ued,'thf leeih will never tie cav. but remain till the lalrt age id man, with their na'mralvvear. When they are dis-ajtsl, it progress will Is" arreted, and theiieili preserved and prevented and preserved from aching all this has I n done in a npi luuue oi iniitiin.s . tm, ,uwn iu..ii-iin, -i .1 . I . ..i i ..-....:.. i ... er...... nervous tiioinaei e. it ttt i iii.ia ot tuiiii n is m once lecn eieetuaii) cunsi ry popular tuiiirui ite in America. And in coin-iusu n, vvnerc, or won is tin young lady rr gentleman, nje, ihe individual lliat vuliit-s a beautiful set of teeth, sound gum and il sweet breath mine than will le leuise-r ticli-lull- ol A 1ki of Dr. M. lIitchcn-U'sMnincticlMontica kVrsn bole.ale and retail. Iv A. HITCHCOCK sV Co.. No. 117 liene-ee t. I'n.-ai N. Y., nnd l y tlirir a-entthroughonl the Lnilist Mate, in liuruncton, by J. tt J. II. Peck it Co., and Thro. A. Peck A Co. in Vcmcitiir. nt'j.ll. nuitn :i . 1 n .uiiiun, u uui- nctt tt Sawyer. In Georgia, bv Lorenzo Janes. aug2 RU8SK l.l.'M MU.WAV.11 1)11 lino, limy tr ..nt in Wineor water. The-e cclcbraled bitters are eompo-esl purely rf vi ce ables of the me.-t inno tvntyet specihe virtues. They nrc revoiiimcnueil par- tieulariv I"r n-Mt'rini; i.-u-i.e... ..... and strengthening Ihe slomach, an-l increasing the apiieuie alo a prcvenlalivc against thccholera lui r- . ' I I .... M.tirMMnr Illll1. Vlllll 1 1 I II f- htls. tever anu ns "i .s.... .... , - heart burning, weakness in ihe brea-l, pain m the stomach and other symptom, of flalulenee nnd imhge lion. One box will liactuieont-gallon. l'nrelicts. Itcsstll.'s lie" OtSTMr.NT. This choice and safe oiuiinent is said tol e superior to any now m we, foi that disagreeable and loath-ome (, the ThisOminienl is so cesrlnin in ils operation that no pt-rson lioulilnl wun mc ninivr uiwi .nitui ,u .. wuhisit it. It i a remedy for cutaneous eruptions, scorbutic a'Veviions cf the head, or any other breaking out which arises from sharp humors in Ihe blocs!. Price !5 cl. a laix. ., IU'Ssell's Vi.firT-ni.r. Bailors rili.s, or family physic, for general ue, in cn'es of Jaundice, morlud len-ibiliiy of Ihe strmaeh and bowels, loss ot appetite, f.rtid breath, eostiveness, Pile., and nil .li-e ascs aris ing from I iliary dernngemeus,-asO fur lorrcs ling he ate of the blood, and cleansing h' ') ol .. i i t u. Thoe mils are a mild ea- ' : nrtther ram nor griping, and are he -for - a valuable and h.ghlv approvesl ineibcine a, dare pronotmresl n.surh by the most distinguish,,1 physician.. Each lx containing 38 Pills. Price Russell's celebrated Salt nilEfMOls-TMrST. This i. , the I'M ami safest remtsly em vet eitlrrisl lo the public for that obstinate t isi.rtler HA UI cosksl," and the fact that it ha been sxtenively usesl by eminent Praetiiie.ners speaks volumes in Its praise. It l enna y eilicacious in an tutnscs , " , "'.i.1 . . .-.l il,Mine.i tntptrra e I ch. scaiu ncati. nus wnim,t" . i sVt. fee. Snmcrou. certificates might I e '" i 1 ut Ihe propnior choose- that a fair trie -h d e he only evidence f.l superior e, ,enj-y. P i.e50 1 ntsa Ik.x. For sale by J. J. VH-, J.M?lv LOTl'i.N, LOTION.--1)11. EVANS' I1E.VLTI FVING LOTION. Highly esteemed ftireunni all Eruptions Coar-enc, Keiliics anl Pimples on the Face Nock t-r hand, ituil e Its-lu.illy clenniiig llt complexion, and removing all th-racs f the skin- oihmg ee nlril'Ute so iniirii lt our Miccc-ai in lite, as nn engaging first appearance. 1 Ins Loin -a isadmire-l a mo-t flagrant, mild, safe wa-h and gieat ly estcemril for Us virtues in cleansing, sr.fientnc, and p'tirilying the skin of nil eruption, o injurious lei fe male leatity, and restoring U to a high degress ot pu rity. A I eaiinful complexion is the prn'e of all who if , nnd theenvyoflho-ewho nrei'i-jirivislofil. What i son.'is-tiiigioa leautiful lem.ile,in vvhoi-l'aiD nature hasdisplavi! herpowcr, asto Inui liercoiU lev ion diseoloiirtsl with disgusting pimple-, which m.if her chaitus 1 A good appearnits.' is ihe I et recom mendation : and as the beantifving l.otu n pur to the skin, and removes all Pimples, Blote-he, Tan, Sunburn and lieslnest, and prexlii' e a I catitil'iil hue, it i the only cosmetic a lady should 110 at her toilet. Gentlemen II all alo find tin a tlelighllnl renietly, to reiuovo all Ufuchni ss, Piniple, Itingwe nn, Spins, Ilctlnos, Soreness of ihef.iee and no-e-, nnd evtry kind of erup tion on Ihe surface of the human roily. Il Is purlieus larlv res-i'tiimendtsl logenih-nien to I e ti-ed alter sha ving, a- it will prevent the othervvi-c eir'ain elect A all common soap, in luiiiipg ihe leard prennp-rely giey. For sale Who'esole und rdad I v A. HI I CH COCK it Co., Nn. 1 17 Gene-ts- slm-t, I "lu-a. In Bur luighin, bv J. it J. II. Peck st Co., and Then. A. Perk A Co. Ill Vcrcennes, bv J. II, Bow 111.111. InMlltuil, by Burnett it Saw)er. In Georgia, by Liciizd Janes aug a) "T ATUH1V5 GUAM) l!l'.S'l)I!ATI E. This ll valuable Vcgeinlle Mcdn-ine stand. onrivnlliH for the following eonipl.iint, viz : Dyspepsia, or Indi-i-e-iioii, ih-ea-esl l.ivci, I ilionsth-i r k-rs, Dropsy, ..h nut, Cosiveiie-, Worms and loss e f Appetite, end ly tienn-ing ihe stomach and bowels, cures pnm. in thtf si!e-, stomach and breast, e-olds and cough rf loua itanihns, Hoterscnessi shortness of breath, Ncrvcu., which arc frequently the e itvt ot th m.e. For Fevernnd Ague, II s a most vaiual le pie ventniive a w ell as a soven ign icinedv. Its virtues nirpnss any tiling hirctolure known in icmoving M. Vitus' Panic, two hollies have I ti n known 10 euro thisafihctmsdi'Case, lifer having Intllesl every exer tion tor I'oiir vears. It Ins a most povveiful uiiluenca removing ncrvou ct irvilatnts. II is pleasant 'o tas and stteasj- in it operation, thai it may I e a lmin,stertl to the inl'j'ul wilh safely. The alove Medicine l very highly rts-iiirimriii'tsl bv mniij- .eienlilic gentlemen, and a large ntiml cr ofladie-, who have proved ilia urines of the Mrsheine by pcrst pal use and that rt their families. A bill ofccrlilicati-saei-ompanicscn-hl nttle, u-ithihrts-iions. It mav le had whole-ale or retail ol p. Hritain, Harre, and J. C. Farnam, East Wilbams- lown, VI. sole pnipneirr. rrt partsi irom the origin al recipe ; for sale by F. II. Prrnti, Montpt-bt-r, and J..t .Ml. Prrii it Co, andTiiro. A. Purs Co., Bur. bngton, nnd in the principal towns in Ibe state; all directions signed in tr.i hand writing 1 uric pinprif tort. aW eandlcr, Nv 1 ntuM randlna for sale b to m early Tiv.sniiTrmnianciiiirn, J P. WHALING f Cf. in " "" lH't THEO. A. PECK it Co. at ihcsignof the Mortar have jus ree'd a quantity uf Caymne Pepper, of English importation. Constantlv on hand, Itnmbnv Gum Mvrrh, genuine BnybcrrvHttk, do. Pow. tier, Jamaica Ginger Root. do. do. in Powder, Bengal and Onio Turmerics, st r. it c, rsfpi. to, ihu, We have a few Gold BtesK nt al out tha same length and price ot llie Heeds, suiuc iiu0iu n j ,..i v e. nnl vest 1 tr. I .V s ll I 'flt.l IV llltl. I I'. af-1 til. II Itl'.l'.DS JT thil'erenl pru c, also Gold Necklates 1" A7.0Hs.--Joseph Kodgers and Sons superior also Pomcrov's tine Strops, nnd the while Wind sor Soap, for snichy H. M. OIDDINGS & Co. T' A. Peck it Co., sign 01 me .-uonni. ,' :, ". Bnilin-tont Dr. C. E. Miles, and n;ui ',." rih i S II. llarno-, ( harlolie ; U Jane.,, ' ' J' "' . is'ii.. .v lliiniineinn. (n-hmoi Also," by' the dr.i-.g.-ls and me,, hauls ptnrrally hro'ighti'il ibe lait- , , . , , AaTeVDOW'R runch Diciionaiy, containing more 7.uf.i-s; . IU worde raon Us.gct' half Jh ale J5 da. au if' rise nt wh 7 NOTICE TO IIIIII.llEHS. HE subscril cr vv dl firm h in B.ulinjtrm and viciniiv. GKANn I. window an', nil, nniiii. pinning, Throsholds anJ Door 'leps e.f any iU'-cri linn, ol ihe first quality. A I dl of any stone wanted will I n'tfndcd to, nn l l'l mfoiP'alion furnished ly Mesr . Fi.lh lt it Bradley, IVel.s Co,, and Bradley ti Hyde. Any nrrscn caii tceibequa'pyofthe ni ne, 1 y those f trni-licd for Judge Folle-'t'.- hi 11 e or Prcfi dent Wheeler's hcu e ot Burlington. Il i presumes1 that ihe qualm and price of ibe eslt 11c et II warrant ,1 -eticial i-e if bull It r wi'l i.i' r ibe ir'tl'e 10 ex n nr In- -ti ne .in .1 1 n 'e. liLO. Vs.COl.LAMnt. Barre.Vi. IV ruary I fill. Cm rtv'd at the B nksir ie this liMe.a'e by D A ''KAMA,

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