Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 14, 1841, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 14, 1841 Page 3
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A NATIONAL BANK. "Tiitv urn rosed Mb. Jri-rcASON and tbampie Nit DOCTBINSS IN THE tU8T BCrOBC THKV CAM .STAB- ujh a National Bask." Argtu. Wc do not intend at this limo to discuss tlio propriety of creating another National Bank. The popular mind is steadily recov ering from tlio delirium into which it has been thrown by destructives and demagogues. Delusion is passing away and tlio day is not distant when the people wilt lie disposed to regard tlio great questions efl'octing their financial condition with coolness and candor. A word however, in reply to the gross and falsu assumptions of the Argus may not bo thrown away. We believe tlio time has come when tlio bold misrepresentations in which that print lias indulged for years past on this subject may bo met and exposed. Party frenzy has snfliciently subsided to ren der its old cutch-words and objurgatory statements about a National Hank unavail ing to excite the passions or mislead the judgment of the people. A national spirit of inquiry is again manifested in various quarters. A year or two ago it might have answered the purpose of the Argus to .tell tho people that "they must forget Mr. Jr.F t'KRPox and trample his doctrines in (be dust beforo tliey could establish a National Bank." Not so now. During the whole periudofMr. Jefferson's administration a National Hank was in ex istence. The revenues of the country were collected, transmitted and disbursed through its agency. Mr. Ji'tTUtsox availed himself of tho Institution to conduct the financial operations of the (luvernnient. The exist ence of thu Bank received Iris full assent. llo inadu no remonstranco against it to Congress. He waged no warfare upon it. He sought no divorce from it. The charter of the old Bank expired dur. iug the Administration of President Madison. Did Mr. Madison forget his illustrious pre decessor and "trample his doctrines in the dust," when he recommended tho recharter ing of a National Bank? In his message to Congress in 1815, he says : "'Ilio arrangement of the finances, with a view In the receipt and cxpciidiiuics of n permanent pence establishment, will ncccnianly enter into thedchbi.ra tion of Congress during the pit sent session. It is true ihit the improved condition of the public revenue will not only allord the means of maintaining tliclnith of (he government with its creditors inviolate and of prosecuting, successfully, tlio measures of thu most liberal policyj but will also justify an immediate alle viation of the burdeni) imposed by the necessities of war. it is, nowevcr, essential to every modification jf the finances, thai tlio benefits of an uniform nl currency should be restored to ihc community. i ncansciiec 01 precious ine'als will, it is believed, be a tompftr.irv evil : but until ihcv can airain bn the general medium of exchange, it devnhrs on the wisdom of f'oiigicsi to provide n substitute, which Mitchell, the Forger. Tho Montreal Herald of Tuesday, May 6th, sayi that "Mitchell, tlio American forger and member of Congress, hat at last been captured by the Montreal police, and tho fact is another ev idence of the vigilance of Capt. Comeau. Mitrhe.l was taken at Longuo Pointc, a few miles from this city, and was foolish nnough to attempt to throw abovo $'-'0,000 into the St. Lawrence, a circumstance which could not have benefitted him." Plattsbi-bbii, May 8. jyAinotig the appoint incuts hv the President, wc are li e ised to announce that of the Ho.v. Levi Platt, nn Postmaster in this town in place uf . K. Aecrill. Thin appointment will lit. r.'.'iiwil with approbation bv our fellow cili- 2ins, and will meet with general satisfaction. Judge I'latt is well and favorably known to the people, and woilonbt not will thschartzc the duties oi tue ninco lu the entire satisfaction of the Public. This is the first The Council will meet In Monlntlier on the first (ten in the Progress of reiobm hi Clinton County. Wedntsdav in June, in fulfilment nf ibe iluths of and we hope the "ball vvdl be kept in motion , until I'.lcctiom orCcNEOis. Tho clerks of ihc several counties met at the State House on Wednesday, agreeably to law, for the purpose of canvassing tho votes for Council of Censors, given by tho freemen in 1'iuitn. me result is as ioiiows i , Wnio Timet. Martin C. Deming B504, Austin Pilchard BS56, JohnH. Pratt 8479, Gordon Newell 8549. Luther Carpenter 8554, Peter Starr 8549. Hcman Allen 8541, H. H. Reed 8551, Ephriom Paddock 8591, Jot. D. Fornsworth 8145, Alva R. French, 8545' David Hib bord, jr. 8534, Wallis Molt 8495. ItcroaM Ticket. Joseph A. Curtis '2010, Truman Chit tendril 2fi30, Charles Carpenter 2111, Win. A. Palmer 2520. S. S. Hcmenwny 2524, Homer H. Hubhcll 2539, Horace Wardsworth 2.VI4, William Gates 2559, Othniel Jewell 1374, Barnard Kctclinm 2.".1R, Edwin Hutch inson 2501. Charles K. Field 3530, John S. Robinson 259J. I.IBEnTV TlCKHT. Danitl Roberts.jr. 1023, Win. R. Shafler 1010, Josiah W. Hale 1013, Oramcl Hutchinson 1030, James Dean 1015, Kirn P. llntler UP'2, Merrill Fou ler lOIT.Charels F" Saflbrd 1019, Eli Chamberlin 10 40, Joseph Rowcll 1000, tint id Hibbard 3d 853. Scattkriso-O. W. Foster 004, others 329 TO THE LADIttH. JUST RECEIVED at tho new Cash Store, a few choice articles, such a large 8-4 Silk Shawls with heavy fringe, Dress Handkerchiefs of every site and quality. Ladies Cravats, Fillet and Chafly Scaifs, Light Colored and Dlack Kid Gloves, Plain and Fig ured Mouslin Dc Laincs of superior quality, Lawn for ahurcd Halt, Head Rags &c. and will be receiving goods constantly fresh from market until our stock is as good as any in this village. jas. p. vhaling & co; Burlington, May 13, 1941. TO UUILDKRS.-PropotaU will bo r.emed for fttaishiniduiatetiala and btuldini the thick School ool bouse in district No. 10. K plan of the building miy oe lounu ai me atore w strongs if uo. trom and oner Monday next, and proposals reccivd for one week thereafter. GEO. A. ALLEN ) W. L. STRONG 5 Coram. SETH MOUSE) Burlington, April 22, 1841. every federal partiznii of Van lWcnism, who has provul tniiaitiiiui mine interests oi me eouniry, snail bt removal from tlio places of public trust anil res ponsibility. HVifif. Ilitir appointtnenl. I'oice of freedom. THE SEASON. J hn Weather is not so respectfully spoken p. AT Ciiaki.ehtox. S. C. A firn of in any quarter as the "dispensations of broko out in a three story brick storo Providence" should be "under a Republican Ma!Itvood's South wharf," Charleston, by Government." The Philadelphia Oatette 1 wlitcli the building was wholly destroyed, ...II. !.. 1 .1-. .1 . .... ., . . . . . . - .... . tens us rentiers mat mo nrsi uny oi may in wj,, ifjOO bales of cotton. 1 lie latter wa. that city was only allowed to keep its place i,,surcd but the building was not out of mere courtesy to the Almanac makers, and because of the unwillingness to derange the details of chronology. The Ooston Post appears to bo desirous of exercising the same BRIGHTON MARKET. Monday, May 3. From the Boton Patiiot. At market. 2-0 Beef Cattle. 10 vokcworkingOxc.., t'i ....... A.f i....u i in .!,.. .. lcio ai... kind of ilecoruni ; but jMonday was too much 45 iiecf Caiile untold. I'nicts llecr Uatlle vvc reiluce ourquotolions 10 conform to sales. We quote First quality 47 a S725j Second quality 80 50 a 9b 75 1 Tbitd quality 85 75 a 1 1 u..... , .- .1 o i. unconwo voKcr.xira wcro so u lor aooui erased sonic delicacy 111 treating ol north- $7 ,-,0. ' WuikingOxtn Sales 870. and S3 Tlllltl) EDITION 8 MAY, '41. Howard's Trip to Mew York tills spring. AN extraordinary and heretofore unknown diffi culty enrountcrnl. Never, never, never was such a Hate of affairs known. Etcry thing steaming, sai ling, pitching, tttinblins;, running down in price and wncre 11 will terinin.tie will oc generally ueuer Known than now a change however miy be expected when prices will advance. As to the above present difficul ty "o far n. it regards Goods, Wares & Merchandize a great variety and qttantitytm recently fallen into the cheap Cash Sloiiyind many of the articles on average cost less than nothing nl nil, at nil tntmost there fore to know how gn at n profit such goods will bear is n puzile to one of only 19 years' experience in trade but 111 thinkingand ihinkingquickly, the People's 400 Faculty Taxed Agent had a scintillation pass off from the mind. whizziiiLr as it went t.oeomolive-hke otiicA. ?uick, ouuk, cheap, rheap, cheap, and from the idea ived, the prices of nil articles that cost much less than nothing nt 2t pet cent., neatly something 5 per cent., and when really cost any thing at such pricts as may be mutually agreed upon at the lime of sale, and os it is expecteif the best birgains will be the first enquired for the articles will be in perfect readiness on payment for the same at , HOWARD'S. P. S. Every description of all the kinds of Goods required by any Family or parts thereof for personal embellishment or household use may be had at this most e xtensivu I'slubhihtuctit. POUND. OR mar bo found in this village, directly opposite tho Methodist Chapel, an OLD PAINT SHOP, newly fitted up in good atvle, where the undersigned will lie glad to wait on his old customers who may fuvor him with their patronage. Cm40 R. G. SPAULD1NG. Burlington, April 23, 1811. rjERO'S GRASS and Red slid White CI.OVKR JLX SEED, a new aupplr at HOWAR'S prd 23, 1841. V Kit MO NT DltAWING BOOK. THE Vermont Drawing Book of Landscapes pre pared and arranged by John Henry Hopkins, D. D. Binhoo of the Diocese of Vermont. Nus. 5 and 0. containing 12 beautiful Lithographic prints, with the iciier press description, tins day published by CHaUNCBY GOODRICH April 22. 1841. Complete setts of the Vormont Drawing Book in o uos. coiisianuy ior sale. for it. The Lditor of that paper is a hor rible partisan in politics, but has dla-nys ex- casters ; but Ins patience seems to nave been nearly worn out with the weather. He says I it has hcciisnbad lately that hi; almost deems it "unworthy of notice," and would do so altogether if it were not for certain rantipole execntrh it Us which it is (mile impossible to overlook. .Nothing but fogs and snowstorms have been on hand fur twenty-nine out of thirty days of the last month. Tho Uonto- ti tans have been about as well off as their neighbors. Our own beautiful climate has nothing to be boasted of for some time, and publishing as we do an independent Journal, we say this of it "without favor or affection." Courier. Bkn.sinoios, May 4. We hate had for the last month Irequent cold rains, and occasional frosts and flurries of snow, and no warm sunnv days to speak of. On Sunday last there fell full twelve inches of snow, much 01 which ytt remains on the ground. The season is very backward and little is com para lively I in i t v ir U pi nir'ii v and nutting in of seed. Thu'fiuit trtes, which commonly by this time blos som, hate not ytt begun to bud. Garittt. rj'Thcrc was a snow-storm throughout the North ern part of this State on Sunday mi;lit. The snow hy eirrhtcrn inchts deep in Rensselaer County on Monday moinini,'. .Vttr Yorker. ISoston, M'iy 3. Snmr in .Miv. The snow storm Cow-b and Calves Salts 820, 8S5,nnd 'J5. Sheep Prices not obtained. Swine A small ndtancu was efftcted. Lots to peddle were sold Tor u and a lor sows and bi aim for barrows. Large stltcled barrows 5J 106. At retail from. "J to 7. N. V. MARKET. May 8. Pomkstic Goods The Hinsnnistate and there is mora doing, home descriptions are quite ucuvu. Prices are fully siibtaintd. Fi ocH Our stock of Flour i much nearer exhaust ed than usual. The first shipments bv the canal are nowhere, and in a few days the arntala will be Inrre. The demand is confined to immediate wants. Thi price has rather yielded, and sales at 4,91 for common brands Western 1 Howard street and Georgetown, 4.S7i Philadelphia. 4,7.") 1 Richmond City, fi,37 1-2. Rye Flour, 2,75 a 2,S7 1-2; do in hhds, 13,50 0 14. i'hovisions vt e icpin to receive sunn nes ci t-orn bv the canal, and prices have a downward tendencv. Sales nt 10a 10 l-4e for Prime, and 11 7-R a 12 1-4 li'ir Mes: Beef. Mess 7 1-1 n 3 1-2: Prime 5 1-2 a 0 1-1 Wool Since our lost, salts have bet n madoof 74 bales Buenos Ayres in the bur nt 9 to 9 1-2 cts, 2500 blacK Qmvrni nt 10 cts., b months! 21 hales Buenos Ayres washed, 50 boles Mozagan, and 1C0 ales Sou h American sIiccd kin in the w ool. on turmt not transpired. hxprtss. shall t quail vengago the ronfidenei. and .n-eonii,i,i. I which wa-. shglulv fell here on Monday laH. tn pear 1 He the wante.of Ihe citizens through the Union. If '' have hern much more s, vue in other places. In the oncialion of the State Bonks eamim tirmlneo ihe t-'sult, the probable optra lion ofa National Hank will incut consideration s and if neither of ihise expedients be deemed effectual, it may be necctsari' to ascertain the terms upon which the notes of th Government (no longer required as an instrument ofendit) sii di bo isstird. upon niotivi s of geiuiul policv, as a com mon mediu.,1 of circul'ition." Tliis portion of Mr. Madison's message was referred to a select committee of which JOHN C. CALHOUN" was iho rh airman1. On the S1I1 of January J816, Mr. Cai.iiot.v reported u bill for a National Hank which passed both houses of Congress the same ses sion and received the signature of President Madison. Two-thirds of those who voted for the rocharlerof the Bank were the polit ical friends of Jefferson and Madison I Did they forget Mr. Jefferson and trample his i.ii',..i-b in tho dust when thev voted for tho bill ! Mr. Madison in his next annual message to Congress after tlio Hank had been res-bartered nt his suggestion and by thu votes of his friends, spoko of it as follows. We quote, from his last message dated 3d Decem ber, isia 'It is obvious that llaro is only wanting to the fis cal prosperity of the Uuwrnmcnt the rtttoratiou of nn uniform medium of exchange. Tlio sources and faith of the Nation displayed in the (ystcin which Congress has established, ensure respect and confi dence at home and abroad. The lot nl accumulations of the revenue have alrendv enabled the treasury to meet the public cngagenicnl.s in the local currtney of mosi 01 Ihc males; anil it is expee.Kii mat the .same cause will produce iho same tflict throughout ihc Union. But fir the interest of the community at large as win as lorine purposes 01 me Treasury, it isesscn till that the Nation should noses a cnrienev ofeoual value, credit andtise, wherever it may circulate, T he Constitution has tolnisied Congiess exclusively, svilh the power of cnatiii" and ri-siilalinir a eurnnev of that description, and the measures taken during tife n?t session m execution of the power, give every 1'roininc of success. The Hank of the U. S, has been organized under auspices the most favoTal Ir, and can. not fail to be an important auxiliary to measures." These wcro Mr. Madison's opinions, Now let usseo what Gen. Jackson thought about a National Bank, and ascertain if we can whether lie too -was willing "to forget Mr. Jefferson, and trample, his doctrines in the dust by establishing such an institution ! Extract from Gen. Jackson's first Message to Con gress. 'If such an institution is defined essential to the f,cal operations of the Government, 1 submit to the wisdom of ihc Legislature whether a NATIONAL ONE, founded upon tho credit of the Government and ils revtnucs, might not be devistd which would avaid all constitutional difficul'ics, and nt thn Mine time secure all the advantages 10 the Government ANr the COUNTRY that aro expected to result from Ihe present Bank." Extract from Gen. Jackson's rccond annual Message. "In the spirit of improvement and compromise which distinguishes our country and its institutions, it btcomcs us to enquire, whether it bo not possible to securu the advantages afforded bv the present Bank, THROUGH THE AGENCY OF A BANK' OF THE UNITED STATES, so modified in its princi ple8 and structuro as to obvialo constitutional and other objections. It is thought practicable to organ ize such a bank with necessary officers, ns a branch of,,.n?,Tr?ajllr".l,'I,:,rt1cnl based, on the public and individual deposits," ,r.c. &c. "In times of public emergency, the capacities of such an institution might be enlarged by legislative provisions." Extract from Gen. Jackson's third annual Mcsagc "Entertaininrr tho opinions tnr..,.J in relation to tho Bank of the United Slates at at Pres- tnt organized, 1 leu it my uuiy in my former mes sacesfranklv to disclose Ihem in order il.m tin. nt. tcntion of theLegislatuicand tho people should bo seasonably directed to that important subject. With. out a more particular refennco to the views of the subject then expressed, I leave it for the present 10 1110 invesiigutioii ui an eiiiiuieoeu .i-uioi; aim tncir representatives, Extract from Gen. Jackson's Veto Message, "That a Bank of the United Stales, competent to nil ihedniics which mav bo renuired bv thecovtrn- inent, might bo so organized as not to infringe on our own delegated powers or tho ri served rights of the Stales, I do not entertain a doubt. Had tho Execu tive been called upon to furnish tho project of such an iiisiiiieioii, me. uuiy wouiu imvc ottu llliciiuuy Jei formed." Tltcso extracts will suffico to satisfy the most sceptical, wo think, that if a National Hank cannot be established without "forget- till" Mr. Jefferson nud trampling; his doclrin rs intbo tlust," that Mr. Madison and even (ion, Jackson himself, have shown a sitimi alacrity to forget him and trample dewn Ins tlocllinci. Is the vigus answered .' 1 banv fi filing Journal Madmon county, N. V., snow covered the eround to the nvcrnge depth often or twtc inchts. The Ktene, N. II., Ili publican says that snow fi II in that vicinity on Sunday, to the depth of two fcit. On Monday morning it was from 15to 17 inchts deep on the hills. In South Carolina the wnnii tins I een backward: the Charleston Patriot ol thu TOMi Apiil save: "We are now on th ove of .Mav, and the temperature is that of .March. Fires arc comfortable, and the cold state of the tarlh and atmosphere wi I, we fear, seriously retaru the grow 111 01 the crops. ' PiioviPEsi e. R. I. May 5. Tim Reason, which is so backward in this part of the country, is quitor.s much complement)! in omers sections. M t. ff 5 o d In Milton, on the'Jth inst. Mr. Joseph Bostwick, In Mrs. Alvira Holgatp. both of Burlington. In Potsdam, March 10. by Ebb r I.yle, Mr. Ham mon E. Murphy of Potsdam, N. Y. to 'Miss Mary A. Parlch, of Bristol, Vt. In Keen?. N. 11.5th hint. Dr. Charles Voso Reims, of Medford, Ms. 10 Miss Elizabeth F. II-nry, dsugh- ter ot Hon. vvniiam Henry, ot llellovvs l alls, V t. Also. 4th inst. Mr. Leonard B. Hartwell, of Fitfh burg. Ms. to MissSsrah H. Woods, of Kevnc. In Colchester on the 13th inst. by the Rev. Mr. Tar lor, John S. Munson, Esq. to Miss I.oisn M. Day, all of Colcluster. J.OVIILY & IIUItl.UUT HAVE just received a large and elegant assortment of Frcuth S.ilin ground nnd other Paper Hang ings, direct from Paris, of the ir own importations, til. pcrior toany hilhcrtoollered in this market, both in quality anil cheapness, rurchasers will uo wen to avail themselvts of the lirst selections. May 12, 1911. Commissioner's Notice. WE the Subscribers having been appointed by the Honorable Piobate Court for the disttict of Chittenden, Commissioners to receive nnd examine and ndjust the claims and demands of all persons against tho estate of LUTHER CARPENTER, late of Huntington, in said district, deccaced, riprcscnttd insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in offset theieto, and six mouths from the day of the dale hereof being a lowed by said court for that pur pose, we do therefore hereby give notice that we will attend to the nuuic$s 01 our appointment ai inctiwei' ling house of Widow Harriet Carpenter, in Hunting ton, in said District, on the ninth day of September, next, at ten o'clock A. M. on said day. Dated, this 17th dav of March, A.D. 1911. 3vv49 ALEXANDER FERGUSON ) nn,m;x;nnnrc JOHN SNYDER, J CommiauoncTs. A New Milch COW for sale, bv Mav 12, 1541. HICKOIi tfc CATI.IN. TUST RECEIVED from New York, the bestas tl sortment of Black, B'ue Black, Brown, Invisible Green and Wist or l.nelanil 11 RO A DC LOTH S , Black, Blue Black and Drab CASSIMEKKS AND DOE SKINS, the best of Pl.iin nnd Fmurevl SATINS, Velvet. Valencia and Msrseills VESTINGS. ami Trimmings of all kinks, ever before offered in the maikft, which will be sold very low for the Ready Pay. nt their shop 111 Church-street, lately occupied by 'E. E. Evans, where all orders will be executed in tho best stvleand on thu shortest notice. nl9w3 ' C. BENNS & SON. Garden Scorts. 17ROM the Yankee Farmer Office, Boston, of the . growth of 1310. for tale bv April 22. C. GOODRICH. TO ItK.NT. THE store next cast of Mr. Braman's Book Store el 1 .1 I P HTV'U'nllTII .April iy, iau. m H E Honorable J. the probate court STATE OF VERSIONT, uis-rnicT or ciiittenden. ss. S for the District of Chittenden : To all persons con cerned in the estate of James Martin, Isle of Jtrico m said district, deceased. GREETING v tiKREAs, iiannah martin aunnniMralrix 01 Ihe e. lute of said deceased, proposes to render an account of her administration, and present her account against said es tate for examination and allowance at a session of the Court of Probate, to be holdcn at Burlington on the tvonu vveiine-'iiay 01 June ncxi. lnorelorc, you are hereby notified to appear before said courtot the time and place aforesaid, and shew cause, if any you have, why the account ntorcsaid should not he allowed. invcn unucr my iianu at iiurungion, una win uav of April A. D. 1S41. MM. MKSTU.i, Register. STATE OF VERMONT, ) fTtO the htjri of, J DisTaicr or citiiTKshiM. ss. ( 1 and oil other persons interested in, the estate of JOTHAM H. HALL, late of Wdliston, in said district, uiifc.r.1 i.NU. I.rdii Hall, administratrix of the esitte of Jothatn It. Itall. late of Wilhston, aforesaid, having filed her petition in the Probate Court for tho District of tjnittenelen, telling lorin mat ine tsia joinsm 11. died teized of four hundred and eighteen acres of land, nr thcrcsboutt, situate In said Williston, uctnginc larm owned ana oocupiea uy mm previous to and at the time of hit death, which land is incumbered with mortiranc. at follows : a mortgage to Horace Lootnit to tecurc Ihc payment of eight hundred dollars and intereit 1 a mortgage to Mrs. Ma ry 1 .00 mis, to secure thenaymcm of twelve tiunurcu dollars ana interest, and a mortgage to Charles L. Smith, to secure the payment of one thousand dollars and interest, which said land is also subject to the right debts of dower of the widow of said deceased 1 that the due from said estate, including the amount due on said mortgages, amount to about the sum of four thousand five hundred dollars) And further setting forth that the deceased, at the time or his death, owneil a pew in the melting house in said Williston, and that though it may not be necessary to tell all of said land and ssid pew, for the purpose of paying ssid debts ond the expenscsof administeringsaidestste, sh believed that a talc of all of said land and the reversion of the wid ow s dower therein, and said pew, would be beneficial to tha hcira and all other Persons interested in laid es tate 1 that one of the heirs to said estate resides out of the state or Vermont, and that the proceeds ot sucn sale would he better for all the heirs than saidland and pew would be 1 and praying said said court to grant her license to sell alf of said land subject to the In cumbrances aforesaid and to said right of dower, to gether with the reversions of the widow'sdowcr there in, and also said pew iu said meeting-house, ngrccably to the statute in tuch case made and provided. Whereupon tho court, aforesaid, doth appoint the .sum nayoi Diay, tail, ior nconng saio pennon nnu deciding thereon, at the office of the Rccis'cr of said court in said Burlington, ond both order that the heirs and all other persons interested in said estate, bo noti fied of the pendency of said petition in said court, and of the time and nlacs nnnnintcd for the hearing and iiecioing piiourniioii in nun ihui-i,iimiiiiiiihu ine suostance 01 nam pennon, uireu wet-ivs m.c sur ly in thn Rurlinaton Free Press, a newspaper printed in said Burlington, prcviout to the said 2Gth day of .viav, 1041. uiven under my hand, at said uurnngton, tnis -inn dav or April, 18-11. 3w49 WM. WESTON, Register. TVOTICR.-st dtwn iimy duty tfinlurin the puL Is lie that I have itives'ed a salves perfectly inno cent, from three simple vegetable.., that entirely sj pereedes a Spanish fly PI aster, which gives entire re lict ,n all inllamatory .v'tttiens of the human My in it to 43 hour', and needs but onenpphcatiou. Its ac tion Is by absorption and evaporation, it dissolves a corn from the feet entirely and wiihonl paiu, counter aetsfire In a bum ot scald In 15 minutes after its np plication. Apply it 10 tho side on a piev e of oil itk or! sheep skin,forinllimation of the liver trlung anl it exiraets all excitement from tliie organs. Ws.rtti'isl in .1.. (.'licfa. ri't'olumellut'd. 0 A. M Knn Solo proprietor, 118 Broome street, New Yt-rk. The trade supplied at the Proprietor' prices by Burhntjion, lice. 1810. J. (V J. H, PECK &Uo. POSTCltll'T. NOT fond ot, and the time, not Icing propitious for 11 ehango.tbcre will none tale dace. Tlr.'ro nlenve not anliciuato what niiffht have 1 cen contemplated had tircuui.tBiut-s conspired to havo inuuceilil. nuiiiec 11 is uiui uiiury uivcrt large na tional, Coininereital financial, corpoiate and individ lial3ieculationsMmve'ol lale been Seen notvvith-tand-ing all fair external nppnarancei to have collapsed. So now as with old land marks le-t conlidn. in, Is the long tried cheap eau store to the thouand ot Cautions buyers who do not only wish to gi.css they buy cheap but want to continue for tie pru-esil at leat where they know they can buy so. Wlue,li Is said l.v .vir. Hiiuttj anu tin ireinus 10 1 e- hi. Apiil 15 1S1I. HOWARDS. Ilarnum'K I'.state. STATE OF VERMONT, rpnE l'robate Court disteict or ciiitte.vden, ts. V x for the District of l.hillcndcn i to the creditors and others concerned in the estate of Ell Barnum, late of Milton, in said uisinci, ucctnsea. WiisacAS, Elijah Hcrricl' ond Samuel Boardman, AdmiuNtrators of the estate ofsaid decea-el.have made application to this Court, to extend the time limited for making payment of the debts of said deceased, twelve months from the 23th day of April, 1341, onif the second Wednesday of May next, Icing assigned for a hearing in the premises, nt the Office of the Re gister of this Court, and it having been ordcrol that notice thereof be given, bv publishing litis decree three weeks successively in the Burlincton Free Press a news paper printed at Burlington, before the time fixed for heating. Thcrcforo, ou are hereby notified, to appear before said Court, at the time and place afore-aid, then and there, to make objection if any you Hive, 10 me smu time ui payment ut'lligiutliie-i exieu'i ed as aforesaid. Given under mv hand at Burlinton this 20th day of April A. D. 13 IL WM. WESTON, RcgUter, Medicinal I.louors. A RTlCt.ES in this Hue of First quality, may 1 constantly loun.i at THEO. A. PECK & GO'S, Apothecaries, MEDICAL ALMANAC for 1911, for sale at the ItJL bookstore. Price62ict9. D. A. BRAMAN lOTI K. YXTHITEand Orey Marb'e grave stones ot super. lor qintlity and workman-hip will l I irnish ed on Ihe sht rte.t notice by. Burlington, April 15 1311 11. S. CLAPP, The goeids remaining uiisut.l in the hinds of Henry Mayo as Trustee mut l.e sold. All will do well to nvjil lliem-elves of this opporuituniiy, to purchase goods at retail, inueh below their value, at prices to int customer for cash. April 12 1841. N OTIC 13. ALL persons indebted to us. be- the amount 6:u 3! cts 81. or more, are politely reoue-ted to pay. as we need the mony. Ihosehaviug any account Kgaml uvvill plca-e present it. April I5lh 1341. PANOBORN it BRINSMAID, 3'3 f. a dl In ihis town, on the 10th inst. Mr. Samuel Wain- wrighi. ngid07 vtars Printers in Connecticut un rcouested. A-c. in this town on lliu 1st April, .11 r. mmd I .ove, ngru jj yenrs. In New Orleans. 2fith ult. Mr. Georfe P. Walton. RiriiMOvn, a. -May 4. denllcnian who rnmn nrred 22. son of Gon. E. P. Wolton. of Montnelier. Vt. down Sundnj, rtport the llluo Ridge as coveicd with In Chatlotte, on the 13th ilistanl, Widow Perlina snow. 1 in- uinj iivi.Miiii 1111 hi'hiv ii I .sesseu, Itgtst oj yeaip. phcre me lasi uav or two. fire couiii not he dispen sed vviih torsevtroi uayspasi, and yesterday morning we hart a heavy trol, which mus! hnvc srriously in jurtsl thufruil, if not (!etrovtd it entirely. (li'rxtc. Msv 5. Tur. Season, vet continues tin promising. Last night and this morning ihcre was another fall of snow of ale ut three inches, coinple'tly covering theparlsof ihe fields from which the winter's snow had itisanrieorei . ihc snow vet hi s so i ,eii on the road that there arc about as innny winter carriages noors b hiiohs. rpiIE subHciibcris now selling his remaining stork j. 01 nuuia ive niiui.s, at osi ior catn. Burlington, .May 12, IB-It. II. C. STIMSON. nlt NUtV MUSIC, AND MUSICAL INSTKU M ISM'S. MR. MANN, has just re ceived fi dm Bos- 'wfcrr.7rt Ion fn. nmti. ifP'On'upplvof ,1t St .iun.. .,1 u- tal Intruments, Ac, which he is nuihorized to sell nt the lowest Boston re ail prices. The Music for the Piano Forte consists of S.mgs, Glees, Deetts and Tiios. New and beautiful M iiches, Quicksteps, Gal opudes, Wultzts, Dances, anil pioccs with variations, some of win h -ire the latest publications of the Bos ton Brigade nnd Braa Bands, ALSO A grent variety of American, German, Freneli and Eoslish Musical Instruments, consisting of BiiuU a, Trumpet-, French Horns, Bass, Tenor nnd Alto Trombones, t: tiat. K land lillal uiarionctrs, e.ct Fluies.v from one to ninekevs.1 Flageo letts, Octavo and Picolo Flutes and Fifes. Splendid Vi.da nti.1 Vt.itin . l,'firit nnd nlain Violin and Bass Viol Bow s. Superior lohn, Bass Viol nnd Guitar Strings of every size and letter. English nn.) Prciieli Clan. melt Itccds. Snlendid French Ac cordeons, Spanish Guitais, with plain, ond German Silver patent heads. Instruction Books, with Gam uts, I.i-s.soiiB. nnd Lxercis es for all the above, anil otn ..r instrntnt.nts. ore now for sale at Mr. Mann's rcsi I denee.i few rods north of the Episcopal Church, in STATE OF VERMONT, mHE Hon. the Pro pisthict of chittenpf.n, ss. S X bate court for the District of Chittenden : To all persons concerned in the estate of Ell Barnnm, late of Milton, in said District, deceased, UKI'.l'.U.MJ. WiiEaEAs, Elijah Herrtek and Samuel Boardman admr's of tho estate of said deceased, propose to render an account eif their administration, and present their account ngamst said estate lor examination and allowance at n session of the Court of Probate, to be holdcn .at the Register's office in Burlington, on Ihe cen 11 v ednesday 01 ..lay next, i ncretorc, you ar Ihcrcby notified to appear before said court at the time and place aforesaid and shew cause, if any you have, why the account aforesaid should not be al lowed. Given under my hand at Burlington, this 20th day of April A. D. 1341. imniiaiu.v, itegistrr. QIIiaitMAN'S COUGH I.OZKNUICS-The O very best Cough remedy, and Sherman's Poor Man's Plaster's.for Hi cent, far superior to your 50 cent ur dollar platter, sold at the v arieiv mi ro by 1 A.slMIUIt.s A Ult I., a. 11 .lit. Sole Aeents for the town and Stale. N. B. The maker's name " A. SHERMAN. M. D." is 011 each Box ol Lozenge, and eaeb riasier. pril lll. ni:v iioNxr.Ts. T ADIES Florence, liraid, Plain Straw and Pslm VJ teat llonn.'ts. nilemen's I.CLdiorn nnd Ger- scorcitv of inau Willow Trimmed nnd Palm Leaf Hals. Water food for the cattle begins to be severely felt. Proof Caps, just received by rhe ice on the river St. Charles, above the old mill at Si. RjcIi, gave wav on'y last night. Kisr.sio'i, April tixw. Mnco Ihursdav last, we have had most delightful weather nssoeiatinc ihc iiiuvie of the Spring birds with ihc Imlmv hit and deep blue sky of summer. -We I cheve, in fields exposed to the sun, the ground is nearly free from fri st, but in the woods there ts sidingrtni ucptn 01 snow-, farmers arc making preparations lor nloiisliinc deed, we undeistnnd some have actually commenced. The weather for ihc last wtik lias been very favor- aoie ior ineur.iMog 01 noil oencious nrutic, peculiar to North America, Mnple Sugar of which on un usual produce has been oiiiained. Although our shrin" has been 1 backward, should the present mild tn ss of ntoiospherc continue a few days longer, vege. latmn will have received a rapid start. In the poetic words of the inimitable Solomon: "The time of ihc singing of birds come, and tho voice of the turtle is heard 11 our land. Last night wo had a hnc shower. ana tins morning tnu nir is cooi, istraiu. For the benefit of our readers, and to afford them all the cemol.ilion that we can. we nuotc ihe follow. ing from nn almanac ol great npnto in all manors touching the weather, and which has running down Ihe whole page 01 Jlnv l.xpect abvut this time." Journal, May Vt. H. M. WRIGHT it CO. BROADCLOTHS, Cisimeris, Sattinctts, Mole skins, heav y Drilling nnd Vesting, a large as sortment just receivtdandfor sale cheap bv ni'J li. .11. vviiiUHT cfc CO. "V" K( Pieces Challys and Mouslin De Laincs, just 1 ne tJJ opened, and cheap as the cheapest, by "V n49 t !'.. M. WRIGHT et CO. t'resli Genesee I'lour. JITST Received. The subscribers hav ing made ar rangements for n regular sutiplv of fresh ground GENESEE FLOUR, now offer the article for sale, ns second to none in the market. nt!) H. M. GIDDINGS h CO. ni:w GOODS. SUPERIOR English and American Prints, do. Light Printed Lawns, do. Mourninrr do. and Mouslin Del, aims, verv choice patterns, just re ceived by II. M. GIDDINGS A CO. New York Hats. mwh raia CY tl,c St'K'' "nd of ""t''r finish, Gents v please lako notice, for sale by nl-1 II. M. GIDDINGS A CO. SODA IIIMCIJIT. Afresh supplyof superior quality, those in delicato health arc particularly interested, for sale hv nsv It. .VI, UIIJIIl.Mi.t cv uu, Tin: 1. v if: r4 r vp.t. Royal T. Sprnguc lias sent in a lien's egg which would have done credit to the celebrated "nnse that saved the imperial city. It mensures, in circum- A,", w t o: 1 1 r. n , .1 I i r.: 1 ... . . lerucc, -o iiieiiiis, iiv u o-t nicnes nnu well proportioned ! "Tell Chapman to crcicV Hon. Henry 1. 1. ransuui was nouiinnted for rc-i lion as Speaker, but declined the honor, and Chi Jack on, Ksei. of Providence, wnschostu. Thev were countetl, and Gov. King, Litut. Gov. Dir Rnonr. IsLANn. The Lreislatiirc of Rhoda Islaml metal Newport on Wednesday last and the Govern. mint was organized under the recent election. The Hon. Henry 1 . L ranstoii was nominated for rc-clcc- I Uharli voles Dimon. anil the whole Whig ticket were elected. Gov. King was absent, in coneeepicnce of ihe dealh of his wife. It is not customary in Rhode Island for the Governor todthveraSpcech or Message on his in aiiguration, or on the opening of the session. till 1 nursiiay, 1110 vvoiiiiiiiuee nppomitu to count the votes for nu mbers of Congress, made the follow. ing report, which was accepted. That tho whole number of electors voting was 2,725 ; necessary for a choico 1303 1 that Robert B. Cranslon rcceivtrl 231fii Joeiili L. Tilliughasi, !IS6, and that thev were elect ed. Hie Judgts 01 tnc supreme uouri, ine Judges of iheuourt 01 uoinmon neas lor nnsioi coiiuly, tho Clerk, onei the siienii, were rc-cicctcn. .awns, French rinls. ondrcs sed Ginghams, Silks. Alpines, Shawls, Handkerchiefs 111001ns, i.uces, tic. lor sale nv 111'.' E. M, M RIGHT tV CO. r)ROWN Sheetings, Ticking, Cotton Varn, Wick i ing, Twine, Batting. Cross Diapers, etc. verv Hurlintrton. where he ref pectfully invites customers to g've him a call. Military Bands and Muie Schools, furnislud with Music. Musical InstrutntnlH, (and Instruction, if de sired.) at short not'.cir. 3T.rPIA.NO I'OISTES ktrnng, repaired nud tunl as'ususl. Burlington, May 7, 1341. 45 rANTI'.I) imu.e'lin'cly, Two pwd JINNEV SPIN.M K-i, ci ntant tmploy will le given, for .lesi ly, industrious men. Eivt lire of the snl s.-ril vt IHl(.t.r. B irlinirton, April 25, Isll. w New and Fashionable TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT. TiTIt. IJKNNS would inform his riends and IVi, the public generally, that he has taken the well known stand in i-nurcn-Btreet, recently occupied oj Kdwnrd E. Evans, Draper and Tailor: 01 whicl place will be kept constantly on hand and for sale. general assortment of French, English and American Broadcloths, Csssimcres, and Veslings, suited fur dif ferent seasons. Also Fashionable Trimmincs of all kinds, and of the best quality, which will bo sold for Cash as low as con elsewhere be obtained. The Cutlin2 Department will be superintended bv Mr. Evans for the time hcinrr. No pains wi'l be soared on his part to employ the best of workmen, and to maiee uiisone 01 ine nest establishments 01 the Kind in the state. Anv ecntlcman who mav favor him with any order, may rely upon having it executed at the time appointed. and in the verv best possible man ner. An addition will bo made to the above stock as soon as the opening of navigation will permit. He hopes bv diligence and attention to merit a share of the public patronage. 3vv41 iiuriingmn, .vpru 0, itti. ST.W I'IRM. HE subsciibers have entered into a copartnership inn er l ie firm of E. M. WRIGHT if UU. ami occupy thestnnd formerly occupied by II. W. Callin etCo. Burlington, May 1st, IS4I. K. M. WRIGHT, II. W. CATI.IN, II. P. H1CKOK. WRIGHT .v. CO. hove received andaro now ooi nin.' n arL-c assortment 01 ury uoom, which arc offered nl low pticts-Cnll and see. GrasN Seed nt SS.-'O per Iluslicl. few bushels of verv clean Grnss Seed, for sale at 2,50 per bushel by H1CKUK & U.Vil.l.. Mny 5, 1311. T' 17 Ut tlov A FI) It CAI.E. ONE Yoke of Working Oneii-apply to IIICKOK it CATI.IN. May I, 1311. I l LI T. rpiIE Dwelling House, corner of Maiden I. line and J. riarl-street, apply 10 May 1. 1S41. HICKOK eV CATI.IN. Lumber Wngsons. 6 new Lumber Waggons for alc by May 5, 111. IIICKOK cV CATLIN. A I.cecliess t l.cccliti 1 Package just received, of Spanish exportation by ,M iy t lll'.ll. j. 1't.tls. cl. s ei, low, by E. M. WRIGHT cV CO. 17-AREWEI.L'S Gaiter Boots, Walking Shoe-, I Sprinir Heel ond French Kid Slins. also Misses Slips and Children's Shoes, for sale bv ni'J K. .VI. WRIGHT A CO. IIOIIMB FEED. " Bushels SHORTS for sole, a good a.-tb HICKOK & CATI.IN. Kif Bu 0J. clefor Horso Feed, bv 10 May, IS II. PINE I.IIMIIER. " on cm .n fcct 2 inch ,,inc phn cif a CJytJJ epialily, for sale. Infinite of .viay 11, mil. Mltti.Mi a ev (.(I. PolalorN. Buthcl. C. GOODRICH. NOTICE TO DENTISTS. ""PHE Suhsnbcrs are Al'iiiIs for the sale of 1 STOCKTONS CEl.l'.llUATED TEETH, of Philadelphia. A supply just opened. GOLD & TIN FOILS constanlljon hand. Til F.O. A. PECK & CO. .May 5, lalt. Apothecaries. May 5,1311. Coiuli Cniidv I "OEASE'S Celrbrnted CANDY nicely put for up re L tailing also at wholesale THEO. A. PECK f CO. Rohan T70R SALE at 50 cts. a 1 May 13. FrtsNiviv-ANiA broisiATi-sr:. J lie t,cgiiaturc of ., s,sV tZ. (iii Ynnonit'L. 1 Pennsylvania clostd its session at hatf-piM eleven I .0()) ife 1M AT10'0 h',C d' " o'clock on Tuesday night. Many important measures ,. 17 r r-evriMDtr.ii were carried through on thclast dav of the scesion.- M" 13- C. GOODRICH, Mulberry Trer and Xred. SUEK. MAN'S WORM LOZENGES are di.icrf l Irom all other preparutions put torlh for children aud, adults Ior worms. The genuine are lor saio at the variety rMorc, i.y I A.VUUUll.V UIU.VO.UAIU Sole Accnli for lliii luwn and the State. N. B.-l.ook and see if the name" A. SHERMAN M. D." is on the box. April Is 10. Garden Secda of the growth of 1H IO. RAISED for and put up by Joseph Breek & Co., at the Seed Establishment connected with thu New England Farmer Odice, Boston. Each sort u lalellcdwiih Directions fer it culture. "The above Seed aiu oflbe cniwlh of 1810. an' of the very lict .piality, beiuif rai-el by the mo-t e pericniod grower, expressly for this establishment eieepl such sort as will not ripen to advantage in thisc'otuiiry, vvnicn arc imponeti iroin ine nrsi noiin' in E urope. Aw irelof the great comp nints that haVJ hitberlu existed in regard 'u Seeds, and ol the impor tance to the Gardener, of havinc u.'h as can I c n lied upon, every efl'ort ha been made at this u-tal li h- menl to rai aau veuu sucn uuiy as win tjivu perie 1 satisfai Inn." ALSO Ornamental Fluwer Seed, a ehore varo- IV. Rutn Uaga, White l'IRt Itirmp, Urange l-arru-, isuiear liect, etc. above at wholi-al and retail I v April ISH. S lltU.vus & i;u. John Van Slcklen's Estate. WE the suhscriler, having I een uppointevl by t' u Ilonorablethe Probate Court tor the f)itnea ( 'Ib.ttendeii, commissioner to receive, examine an 1 adjust the ulaiin and dcmanl of all persons nsaiu t thec-tatuof JOHN VAN SICKCLN, In-c f Burling ton, in said di-trict, deeea-etl, repre.en:wl i n sol ven , and nl"o nil flnims and demands exhibited 111 oil. thereto and six months fiotn the date lit reef. U-in ' allowul by said Court, for.tbnt purpose, w u ito lien give uotitc, that we will intend to lhebuinc-s tf 1 appointment, at th.v dwelling ol John an Sickle . tlflfeiunA in Htirhntrton. lo said district. Cn lhe'10 il day of Septeuil er next, at ten o'elo-jk, A, M, la:cd, this tenth uav 01 .viareii, v. w.ish. ALVAN FOOTK, ) l.rniEK I.OOMIS, Coiuiuissionos. HARRY BltADLEY, S NOTICE. THIS may certify, that I have given my son Lcti S. Cole, his time, after this date. I will lur n claims to his services or nnyproperty he may accu mulate hereafter, and will hold myself responsible pay none of his debts. ALIl.V iv. tui.i. Colchester, April 5, 1311. HERD'S GRASS SEED for sale by STRONGS & CO, April 8, 1S41. I Ilcvvarc of Derenllon t T has frequently conic to the knowledge of tho sub scriber lliat empty SnutT Jars, with his Label on them, have been bought up. for the purposo of selling in them an inferior quality of Sniifl'; and, nls ), that his Snuff-labels have in some instances hem counterfeit ed, nr the general design of the same so imitated as to easily deceive the unwary; he deems it, therefore, his duty to inform purchasers of the manner in winch they arc often imposed upon : and he would hereby request them to tear ofl'or deface the Labels on the outside of tho Jars after having disposed of the con tents, sons 10 prevent lurtncr use 01 ne same. A suitable reward will be paid for such evidence as will liad to the detection A. conviction of theimposter. The subs-ribcr continues to manufaeiure. and offtrs for sale, the Jollwing nrticles : M.M-. llttU. ti.NUIT. Ocnuino Maccohov. ) roie Imitation do J!ar'eZ Sicily do Maltese do Curoroa do American Rappee, Holland no Tuberose, St.Omer. Slrasburg, COARSE BROWN SNUFF. FinST REPORT From the Cheap Cash Storo. AS was heralded forth in the Burlington Freo Press on iho morning of tho 4th March, saying the former Agent, HOWARD, was continued, and had commenced upon his twentieth year, who now most respectfully reports, os follows, vizi That the effort made in disposing of the old stock of remnants nnd Goods at sclling-ojr prices was nigniy satistacio ry. That on tho 23d he proceeded to Albany, and was present in the Legislature when the committee repotted, adverse to ihe building of a Bridge at that Elacu, and were directed to take back the papers aud ring in a bill for immediate action to determine, whether, constitutionally, an obstruction could be thrown over the Hudson, when the Gcncrnl Govern ment had improved the navigation by removing im pediments and deepening its channel, far above such place, is the question. Now that noble River being the inlet from the high seas and Atlantic Ocean to the trade of the Green mountain State, of courso the Peo ple's Agent could not but have a deep interest in the rtSUIl WHICH Hit!) SUOII UC ISIIU.sH. III.. Ull ,I1C htlll be left in the Steamer Utica for New Yolk, on which passage Lieutenant Governor Biadish was called to the chair. J. Fcnnimorc Cooper, secretary, ond the incctinc bcinfr addressed by Major General Sanford, whereupon a unanimous expression of thanks was voted to Captain Shultz, by the Lady and Gentlemen passengers ior 111s maeiaiignuie enierptisu uihi cxer lions in nlouchinc a wav thrnuch the ice from Poueh keepsie to Albany, thcreoy affording a pleasurable trip by water instead 01 auangcrous one uirougii inua ay laua 10 .sew 1 vm. That having arrived at the great commercial empo rium of the Union after a winter's absence was cheer id by mutual salutations with former friends who without evecntions. proflered their evcrv eflort in shewinc and displaying all of their most F ashionable beautiful, and desirable articles of Merchandne with a corresponding wish to favor me with such selections as might PC warned ana at inc very ocst oargains, par ticularly as being for the supply of the ever up and doing, quick and cheap, cheap lor casn and non-im prisonment'fnr-dcht store, located in the beautiful vol lev of Lake Champ am, at llurlmgton, v crmont. Thus having been so received 1 made a judicious se lection of eucfi articles as were calculated for spring trade, and returned home, where any of the many kinds of Fancy and other Goods may be had at pri ces to suit purchasers, at HOWARD'S. April 3d, itm. ICPI'atent McdlcliiCH.J SrppLiiis uf every thiua in this branch tf l u healing art, of the popular kind, together with tin old English articles continually on hand at TIIF.O. A. PECK At CCS. PAINTING. THE subsnler being thankful for pa-t favrr. wo'il.l respectfully solicit 11 continuance U tl.i same an.l remind his friend nnd the public that he 1. prepare.! to accommodate them onlne shortest no'.i.o and mo-t favorable terms m the various I ranches M thralove line. Shop opposite Mr. C. A. Seymour'. Hat Store, Pearl-mem, Burlington, Vt. JAMES SCOTT. 1 :l 1 leu .lit. .-Spill I, IDII, -W,.J, DISOI.UTION. flMIK copartnership heretofore existing un.'er tho JL Firm ct'L. Johonnott A:co, is this day dissolved by mutual consent. The buiiic ef the company will lesciiicu uy t.eonarj joiionnoit ci uiu oiu smii'i. All tho. having elniin afrain! the cotnnanv are Rt- quested lo pre.ent them immtsliately, and would al-o say tothost- t.e.vinc iin-eititsi accounts wun me com pany that we have-a strongde-ireto 'ee them, as tin company liooles nin-t lo settled immediately. AH lliose having marKul rimes anu ssius nru re.U05l.J to call and get them. I'M Ml JUIIU.S.MJI I, LEONARD JOIIONNOTT. Church st., Burlington, ( April I, ISH. I N. B. The Business will le continued at tho oil land. DemiirTos. Pure Virginia, Burbon, St. Dominco. Copenhogen, tupjtar'd Natchitoches, French Rappees American Gentleman, Pure Spanish, L. Mixture. YELLOW SNUFF. Scotch ) Irish dlackguard ) and fine. or tvarse High Toast. ) Irish High Toast ) ; SWEET-SCENTED FINE-CUT CHEWING TOBACCO. " " Oronoko do do. , FINE-CUT SMOKING TOBACCO. Spnnish, Kitcfoot, Canaster, Common, and Stems. PETER LOR1LLARD, jr. 12 Chatham Street. New York, March, 2511. 47.2m J. & J. II. Pick if Co., Asents, Burlington, Vt. were carried through on thclast dav of the scesion. The famous Ri lief Bill ofter being lost was finally carried 011 reconsideration, bv Iho required maturity of two thirds, viz i ytoB f2, including 13 democratic members, nays 29. A hill passed at the late hour authorizing the Governor to call nn thn banks for money to pay theinlercst on the public debt in August next, should other means fail to provide the necossry sum. DRAPERS AND TAILORS. BENNS & SON. seecEssons to rnwAnn e. j:van. Church'Strtet, llurlini;tjn, Vt. rtrCtTTINO for others to makcun. will be done nl all times, nnd nil ordeiscxt-ciited in the best stvle. nnd on the shortest notice. City Fashions received Monthly. nlDtf. STEAM SHIP PRESIDENT A RAY OF HOPE From intelligence which we received yesterday, we uu uai 10 oeueve mat ine sream snip rrcsidcnt is sate ol ono of tho Western Islands- or perhaps in England now. On the 27ih of last month, n British bark called 1I11 Recovery, Capt. Bowman, arrived at this port, from linstoi , I'.ng. with a cargo of coal, to Richard Iivint depend upon tliisestah'ishnienl, Iho ensuing season, "lat'sin (""" .Wcst;rn. Sho was sixty eight hcingoflen replenished with Frtsh Goods from ihe " , -"fci "'iu iuwh mo nouinetn passage. I metropolis. Cnplain 1 Bowman tenors that on the 23lh of March May 10th, 1311 when otTflnrvn ..nn,est. . , ' .., .w.. ....... .... vm.v .11 mi; Ki sierii islands, or 111 lai, - aboul I i, Ion. about 2, he saw at a distance, n very l?OR large Miipswcpi clear, masts bowsprit nud all gone, supposed her to he a man of wor, hut now thinks it was tho President. He saw on thn ,1 ,.,.-.. end provision casks lloattngaUul, also winehnskets. IitlVEI.Y ci, IIUII l.lll'T spars, it c. Ilcsaysthat he saw only two I I WE just received an nrd ti.i lo ihetr pnv nt ns. sli.mpsofthe masts, but nothing niore.-,i, , I I. snrtnient of Cam. limr. Rues. Baekint. Rush. LOVELY t IIUItMHIT HAVE just received a second supply of seasona ble GOODS this spring such arc now wanted, at their usual "Fair Prices" which we deem sufficient to insure us heretofore .ready sale the public may 1TOR SALE, ten quarter Irish Linen Shielings of superior eiuahtv. N. LOVELY A CO. .. r..l ..... - .May out, ten. Herald, of mondav. his also reported that 3 brie Ind ariived at Rgi. timorr, hsvmg onboard several pircrs o the wiccli "I'tlte 1'jc idem picked up .1 sri I ' dav; 115.1. Molting, Ac. which together maku more fttcn'ive ursnrlmeiit than was ever b)orr nffrred in Ihi p'aef, to vvhith the mirutinti ef ptirrhiscis reP'..ful!v iiniita..Msy r, l?ll 1 BUSHELS Herd Gras Si-d-20 bushels 1 JJ Clover, hv J. & J. II. PECK & CO. Burlington, 27 April, ISH. fITIl tVm nr slot. 11. from ihp subscriber in Blip ij llneton.nn ihe nieht of the 30lh of April, a dark brown yearling CALF, with 11 line on Iho back, star in the forehead, and tail tint with vvhi'e. Any person who will give information that shall lead to thcrccov crv ot the antmni, snail leroinprnsatea. JOSEPH CROONAN. May 5th, 1311. at Mr. Win. Strongs. icjmToney. WOULD respectfully inform his patrons and ihc inhabitants of Burlington, and its vicinity gen erally, that he has made arrangements for adding on other branch to his business. He is now prepared lo furnish Wigs, Curls, and False Whiskers, nnd indeed every article in Ins line of business, nt Ihe shortest no tice, and of as gnori rjunliiv ns can nn obtained in New York or Boston, All' orders will meet with prompt attention. Shop under Howard's Hotel.north side of the Square, Builinrjton, Vt. 43 May 7lh, 1611. 2,OOiy!!, BI1I.S. I'ork l.OPOIh-. Lard 10,000 lbs tin., for sale bv LYMAN A COLP.. il POWMLIt. flU K,.g, Wasting lWder bv. Aprl 15 h 1HIL STRONGS &Co. TTARD WARE, SADDLERY I JL Hollow wnrc, l-f. WtRIl GUNS.- Tbe subscribt'r has iust re- 11 ived and is now opening 11 large and general ossort menl of the above goods 1 comprising marly ever) arliele in the line, and which will be sold on very rea sonable terms for cnh nr short errilii, nl the hard ware stoit, corntr of rhtireh strnl nnd the square. ItOllERT .MOODY. by I'muli Dictionary, containing mors ihr fir. I or s : rO0lUICH a .r. now'.s i'l wssrdj iluu Ho-ti r, it lulf ihrifier. For stile STATE OF VERMONT. rpiIE Hon. the probote District of ( X Court for the Dis trict of Chillendcn: Toall persons concerned in iho estate ouonn .lewcliuie 01 unarlottein said District, decease.!, GREETING. WHEREAS, Ezra Holland Hcman H.Newell, od. ministratorsof Ihe Estate of said doccased, proposo to render an accountof their administration, and pre sent their account against said estate for examination and allowance at a session of the Court of Probate, to be holdcn at the Registers office in Burlington on the 10111 uayoi.uay ncxi. rncreiore, vou are nereny notified to appear before said court ot the time and place aforesaid, and shew cause if any you have, why tho accom aforesaid should not be allowed. Given under my hand ol Burlington this 23th day of April A. v. 1811., Kesnttrr. Jotham II. HaU's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, rpiIE Hon. the MsisicT or ss. X Probate Court for the Distnctof Chittenden -. Toall persons cancer nrd in Iho estate of JOTHAM H. II ALL, late of Williston, in sold District, deceased, GRELTINO. Wiieoeas. Lvdia Hall, administratrix nf the estate of said deceased, proposes to render on account of her administration, and present her account against said estate for examination and allowance at a session of the court of l'robate, 10 be holden at tha Register oiuccin uurnngton, on mo -uin nay or Mny next. Therefore, you are hereby notified lo appear before said court at the lima anil place aforesaid, and shew cause, if any you have, why tho account aforesaid should not lie allowed. Given under my hand at Builincton, this 27th day of April A.D. 1811. ' Jwt3 WM. WHSTON, Regmtcr. f.EROGE E HARDER TTAVING hired tha Tavsrn Stand -Lllttely occupied by Mr. J. Potter, near the Court House m Burlinuton. will nt nil limes, he ready to accommodate Travellers and others with lirinp.hor.seWn. na .and other accommodation) 111 g'Vl style, and no pains win ne spared 111 ins pari, 10 make them com forlahle. and on the mosttKis-jntihle Terms, Price of Single meals one Shilling. Burlington April '21th, IrMt NOTICE My wife, Sophia 1'oirell, has left pit bed and board, without any ju'liflcntion, and I Ihcreforr forbid all pcrsonj hsrhorinc or trusting hrr on my 'icrnurit. JAMES rOWTl.I. Georgia, Pet; I, IS I. m STATE OF VERMONT; Diirict ofClmten'Ien, s. S A T a Probate Court holden at Burlington, within A and for said district, on the S'h dav of April, A D ISH. LYMAN HALL, guardian rf the properiv and dale of George llli. Martha II. B't, Sophia Uliss. and Jo-bun Ibani Blis, minor, children of Mo f. llli. and Sophia Blis, having tiltsl in said Court hi petition in writing, setting fi ith that hi aid ward arc seized in their own right in fee, a tenants in common, of the following described parcel of land, lvins and Icing situa.e in Shclb'irn, in the en. , n I v of Chittenden, viz . A piece of land containing one acre, formerly le- longing to Ihe estate ol Joshua Ishain, I'lvra-tsl, ly in j on Ihe south cast corner ol the larm etcupitsi hy .lode West, which acre has heretofore been leacd to Jmeph Tucker. ANo, a piees? of land bounded at fo oh 1 Ilt'Cinnin? Ul i nrniioe-s, sinii.iinu in ilie soiilh line of jo-liua ReetTi. land in snid Shclburn, and norlh of the I-ham farm, so calltsl i ihcnce Eal .,..-nn..n chains six inks! thence south 8D0 8.V can twelve chain, to the road leading norlh from F, MaissL'. t thence south 2n 4S west eight chain. thence south I Jo west fifteen chains and ixlyfivr linkti thence wet two chain nnd sixiv muo links ikiiice south lo 4S' west, twenty four chain and ten link; ihence north e9o 4'J' we-t, thirty-five chains and tonv links, in the road leading from the falls to Joshua Reed's : thene'e north in the mad 19o 10' el six chains and twenty eight links ; thence north 25o 30 easl,twenty seven cnam to ine pi ace 01 irginniug, pismainingr one hundred and forlv.evrn and niticlv- ihiec hundreihs acres. AIo. the middle division ol ihe seven acrejlot, o called, formerlv lelonging 10 the estate of Ihe said Johua (sham, docca tvl, boun lesl s follow.: lecinnin.ata flake standing foiith sso east two chain and ninety on links Iron the tomh least corner of Anson luckrr siot in taul ."hellmrn ; thence norlh 4i' east right chain and eighty five link-, Ihence south SOo 4G' east, two chain ond ninety one links i Ihence south 4i' wcl eight ehtins and ninety three links, Ihence north 8S0 west, two chains and ninety one links to the place e.f leginning, contain ing two and fifiysix hundreihs acre-. Also, the middle division of the twentyone acre lot, so cal led, formerly belonging to the e-lateof Ihe said Josh ua I sham, deceased, bounded as follows; 1 epinninr at n .la'te "landing south 87o, west five chains and sixty-five links from the north east corner of said lot; thence lo SO' cast, twelve chains and ten links; thence west, six chain; Ihence north lo 30' wen, elev en chain and eighty links to ihc road; ihcnce north 87oeast six chains to the place of I egmtiing. contain ing sever, acres. And that it would le conducive to the interests 01 said ward to have said lands so.d, and the proceed of such sale put at m'en-st, cr mve.usi in stock, ami praying the said Court W grant him, the said Lv man lla'l, gnnrdinn as aforesaid, license to sell .aid lands lor the purpo-ealorc-ai.l. Wheivnium the court slore-aid, doth appoint the 2 h day of April, IS. I, for henrnig said pennon and d.s:iding thereon, al Ihe ntbec of ihe ll.-,'iler or said coin in said Horlinglon, and dolh onlcr, that nwirr I hereof I given lo all persens interested, by pul Is'V Hon of thi eirder.conlaming thesUl stance et said pe nnon, i.i ihe fl irliiv -loiv Free Press, a newspaper prin- nil in I irlmgton, in said county of Chittenden, ibree wce.; smvessivcly, previously tothe sain vitnuav o. I Aprn, ion. . ... Given under my hand,"iriurlinfton,in sawdijtnci, ihltS hdiyrf April, ISH. ' ' SAI'J. WpTfO.N, Fe-ji:'cr. NEtV YORK LEATHER STORE. New I'll in. Johonnotts & Dlanchanl, having purcha-t'd ibecnlirtv Slock ot L. Johoiinoll c Co vveuld inl'-rm the ptiblio that they will keep contantly nn hand a General assortment of Leather and findings of all kinds and on reasonaue terms. PITFEU JOIIO.NCriT, Jr LEONARD JOHONNOIT. THOMAS L. BLANC HARD. ChurehS'., fturlingtoii, ) April 1 1S40 i STATE OF VERMONT, ) Prol am Burlmzton within and for the District aforesaid on ihc 30lh day of March A. D. 1S1I. an Instrument niirportine to lc the In-t Will nnd Testament rf Leonard llodces late of Willi, tun in aiJ Ditnct de ceased, was pre-enltsl to the Court beie fur I'nd ate, by David French the Executor, therein nsmt'l. 'I h rtforeitis onleitsl by said Court, that the pul In notice be given toall person concerned therein u anoear I cfore said Courl. at a session ihereol 10 holdcn at the Eair'ellall 111 WdlIon on third Mondav 1. Is .a.t ..e.. .....1.. ... ..C. .it Ol.soril.v. i'. I o 1 1, .iii'i . -siuis-si nir i'i.j. u.u vi -..' Will, and il ts further ordered that this order lc pub lished three weeks successively '11 the Burltiit'oit Free Pre a newspaper primed in B.irlmcton, tn this Slate, the lat cf which shall 1 1- previous u the day aigncd, as afore-aid, for hearing. Given under my hand ut the Register's CfiVo, thu 301 It day 01 .March A. t'. 1BII. WM. WESTON. Re.-isitT. II. THOMAS, T3EGS leare respectfully to announce to the trading . ..11... 1... i.u -..1-- i'i' - nno on. 1 nes inn 'in -, 1 nt na i.j-ni-1 ...1 TION AND CO.I.MISSIO.' STOREi tn Coliivest., near the Court Ilou-e Square, 111 his new and comino. diou block tf Btrick stores. .Mereluii.1 ze and nrop trtv ol all kinds received on eoniz.inient, anlnM on'coinmiion. eiihcr at rriv.vie sale er at a icii'.n. as he eoiisiernts: shall direct. 011 rca'iinal le terms. A le advance will at all time le nia .'e on properly received. Auction Sale on every Saturday, at one n'-lock, P. M. to commence en the'riM Saturday in Apr.i next. Burlinglun, Man-h 25, 1S41. TOll CCO. T P. WHALING Ai CO. inform the public that J t they ore Agents for Sargent, bpragiio .f- 1 ' Tobacconists, Albany, N. V.. who inanufrnciurc a verv snnenor asticle of Pnncr Tobacco in every va- . . . . f ..1 . -11 f. 1 .. . . .L- ritiyoisize. t.roccrsanu oiners win nnu 11 10 nn-11 ndvintage to call and examine the ancle. Also Plug Tobacco of diflVtent qualities, all of which will bo sold cheap for cosh. Also Snuff of different kinds. r.ihinct Shon on Callln's Lane. "IEAIt SIR - Permit me lo inform jououd nthcri XJ in vnur vicinity thai 1 am sun engngtn in int. CABINET BUSINESS, and thai seeoino custorr. sns-,' bntilSl' lirtboill'llt nfmennns CfK.Sll terms as anv where in thismarktt. 1 am now from siri.s,,. nisl.inr. it-rirU eh..sner Ihmi 1 vpr rtt.f pi-tore; anil an paving customers w neinrr oio oi new- pains will be oparea togive satisfaction, Lumnc-arri hmh.... ...m . . .nn . ...sir rnsn. ill m ... is nnv left in the country.), will be found to tin wonUrss. a few rods east of Church-st. D. K, PANGBOKN. Burlington, January IL 1341. B tii-vi nr L.I i i . . .'. ',.-i 1 1, in n a.ihina.smiaiii nuns 1.1 nr. -.i i I..-. Thee ili. eaes prevai to a crea exirnt. t.,t, .tressAllilsomefa alttv. All Ihp.i'i'sn le remtvned oy mc v3 'i. iji"r p-hirhi r r..m t a n. Ill or .1 ll.'ll lllll'l. IIIC I. llsl I fl IS'IIV., . .s. remeslv for these di-evc. For Female an.'. .h . .... i.' slil.. nt niMlir-ina .an In nnnfies nnd r-ives a healthy aellOlt III Ihe w be h st .. : r. .....I..... ..Int... V I ni'C - r. r. '. from New .on.", an wrveneap lor cash, Burlington, July 30, 1SW, HORSE. OTRAYRn er stolen from ibe snhsciilicr. nn it.. O night eif tho 13th int., a small Black HORSE, with Ivnvy mane, banning on bolh sides ol tho, star in. ihe forehead, and tho ncht hind foot standm- nl . ...In V M.l.lshl rrtnmnrs.s I,,.,. II L. r. lUUitHlSHlilI ssilL-ie s.n.1 nuii-u may ts I HIP, 1 W3 M. LAIH'P Hincsburgh, pr.l 17, 111. 41 April lHli.v,,,- r:nn.u. FANCY Goods, and Millmiry article", nls.t C nit . coc Challys. Mous. dc Laints, Silks, Horicr t.icv r tviupous, iicr, tve :c jusCrevc and (.. "I v. UO'.YMvD r.

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