Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 21 Mayıs 1841, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 21 Mayıs 1841 Page 1
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BY II. ). STACY. I PAIR OP OXKV. 7 Cows. I Horses. 2Slnn 1 0 Wagons, 4 Carts, Harnesses, Plows, Harrows, n,l nil L-,,,,1., r l.' , ri i.... 1..1 ' nig lo the Estate of.l. 11. for rc-adv nay or on f hort lulod nrU'c'eof Hal. of tin luti'.t .New 1 orl; fashion and id his own maraf aciurc, winch lie oder- lor J .ale and inviiu-llie pillie gener ally to call, examine qun.liy and price--, 1 eloro purchasing el-e i-heie". -Mcrcliantswho an-in i n. Iinunoi pur 'irasiug nuts ' i liiequanuty aim to et a good article cheap are particularly invited to Is"". CLOTH CAP5, for I ovs omi hand nnl lor tale. Pearl si H trlliiulon Mnre h 3 1 -I I 8 1 1 . fy PAT5WT FI.ATF0RM SCALES. WARRANTED. rilHIS i article is too well known to need common dation and the experience of seven years has demonstrated to tin- coiiinieicial community, that for accuracy, convenience and durability, they arc unrivalled Coal vard scales to weigh from 3 lo G tons. Dormant Wniehouso do, to weigh from 1-2 lb. to J00O lbs., Portaule d . o wvili fio'ii 1 2 cz. to 100 lbs. Portable Counter do a new ai tide to weiuh from 1-2 02. to JO lbs. ,. & J. II. Pccic & Co. J?cnts. Furhniton, April S 1311. . Tavern Stand Korssjlc. ft rplU' subscriber oilers for f X. halo his Tavern stand, best ' known as the Kldridge place c; two miles fiom I he Collerrp. on r ft m trtJ.LLV" iI.a l:. .n -:i . -.i. , . , , " acI,s oi cooa laml. The house is JC feet squaie, two stories hn-hj one bam -10 by 50 feet, horse-shed and pood stables, wood shed and cranary. The stand being on Hie corner where the nincsburgh road intorsecta the turnp:kc, there i not a better location for a tavern stand between Bur lington and Montpclicr. Any cnteiprssinir man with a tnnll capital may own a good esiablhmcn' by pnrcliasmi; this property. LEWIS HIGUKi:. lluilingtun, March 1st, IS 11. TOIl S I.K A very viduahle J.n 111, tit- J- listed II 311 Inn. cnn'nlnl.. 1 CO ..,...,. willi a house, two barns, amfoul-btiild- .IIIL'S. two rrnnd . iicTiiuiirDira, me remaining part is well tim bered. I crms easy, an 1 pjs-e"ion Kiven iinm.-dnte-."PP'yuJamcsS I'htl, Millon, ortol..!!. Piatt ( dclicir. .March 10, 1911. Itn : ., . .1 " "i i "i" i j in VI, UST AT 12 FOII SAI.I5. At a onc-i mises in the villajre of liurlington, now occupied by Hi 15. blacy, Ksq. as a dwcllmL' house, nrimiim nfl!,-. uvuimv. i lu- pronrielor o Vrs For ti, and rcadin? room The premises are convenient for a itore and dwelling houe or for offices of almost anv inscription, and are siluated in the ccntic of the most business part of the town. For lerms of silo and pavincnt, inquire ofChailic RussjII, Pearl st. Uurlington, or A. L. Catlin, of Or well t. In c. siCHtiiil. i;i-.iit; .c,i rii v ami 1 ATLAS WITH OITLI.NK MAI'S, I v S. Avcis- MtTCIICL!.. The .TllllOrnl llii alnn' inr!.h link Ircit profe-.iouallv devoio.1 to tin-seienre i,f Reo'v am' the p'd ti-limir nf Map-, dnrias inanv M'ar anil hi f.rnier pro I icliem-, i-pc-ially hi- Map of ihu Worh1 t'T Academid, I ear ainp'u tL'-tiiiinonv r,f In- abnii ilant reso'iiee-, upi.n which heha so lifcraUvdrawn, in prod icins ihealiove school wor!.- The It.llowmir rxiriet ofihe fie-o'v and Alia-, i-from a piinl leiiin. tneiiilaiion (.f the Teacher- in thec-nv ..f'.Ne.v Vorl;. "1 he.r meriN aie u ime'n u the deiinilion- rcui.irk a ly plain andmnei-c. Thei'xcic-i.c-.irecfiiiioii- and important, and 'hee'e-criplivei. lainino'ts aielct rren. The divi-ions of 111.' American comment, am lepie nenleJ an I ile-cril el as they really exi-t at the time. And the uro-s iniialeine'nls c-'neralv lound la c.iool Reosnpliie- arr curre -te I. Th I yio',:ra plu ral exec men is nn conimonlv ne-at ami di-tnu'i, indeed tl.e alia- i- a model of lhe Kind, and actually teem wilh nilorinalioii." The o.illme .Map. are peeuli.ulv nalonlaie' lio exerci-eihe .indent in hi. -ludv, and ti, fill up at hi-leisure. Kur sile bv C. CiOODiilCH. A .Mi:iUCA. HICTIOVARV OP THE KXO. - V LLSH LANUUAUK.-h'irsl edition in Octavo, containing the whole vocabulary of the Quarto vviili rorrcciiontf, improvements and several thuusand ad ditional words, to which is prefixed an introducturv dissjrtauon on the origin, history and connection of me languages oi western Asia and liuropt, with an explanation of the principles on which languages are formed j in two vols. I!y .oah Webster, L. L. D. For sale at the bookstore. I. A, DIM MAN. March 2, 1511. "PLATED .SPOONS.- We inform those who wnb 4- Ri-t a goodaud ehinpariielcof Plan d Simons. ihsl we are prepared lo show, and sell them an article which win wear well anil invc them satisfaction, cheap nslh"cheip".l. P.VNoconsifc Hbinsmaid MOKE NEW HOOKS, Ju-t ii-ei-ived at the llemk Slore, A New Home. Who 'II follow. Veinnj iiue-i.cinpiiuon. Lo inlc. Ida. Havward's Xew Knglanl Oaren-er. Mitchell', Gecnjraplneal Header, sy-iem e.l Ge-osraphy, eonipri-in; a Deception ot the Wurld with tip, fraud divi. ions, d.-.ii;iicd for in-ftruciiou-in tehools and families. Wonders of the IlL'n'c'"-- I), A. HltA.MAN. TFptaihs "PHI; subscriber would remind hisfriends J- and the public tliat he occupies a room in Church street, over Kern and Walker's store', where he will give his personal at tention to Repairing Clocks of every des cription. Those which have been in use many years tilted up in good style and made to have the appearance of new. He would also give notice that he has re sumed his former business of repairing Watchcsj all entrusted to his care will be BSeEll carcuuiy repaired nnu vvariaiilcd. Hav Jjjjyaj m been engaged for twenty years pam ygST!g m making as well as repairing Time keep- tru ts ms experience in the business will enable him to give satisfaction lothoi") who favor him with a call. r s.- A few Clocks for sale, on commission J. N. DUNNING. IJurlincton, Dec 23, 1610. W" I AlllHV NASH Just received 15,20 an 1 2 17 by 9 ea.emenls id .ash, a first rate article at 31 and 3J cent, per lijrht ; also all kind, an l.i7c, furni-hcd 10 order. Ticondcropa black lead, a lir-t rale article, for sax' very low, to?i"hcr with a variety of other am. eU-s a cheap as can bi ound at any other e'.tabli.h. meat in the place. Gi.o. I'r.rrnsON. SINGLE. DOUBLE. UMniLlCAU JI'ST rccM a mprl of .Mar.hVceUhraliil Trnf of every de-criitioyfor .ale by the dnzn or single O't. 10,1810. n.TIILO. A. PECK eVC0? Siunnf ihe Mortar. rPIIF. Iluilingtoii BR EWICRV has 1. now co encid business, and will have iitvv liter innfru..!.... when all orders wdl he riiini,i...ii.'. aiicnucu to , ,.: - v...j.,y it tl nr'ton 1W0 GEO PETniOX Hull, mid Hill bo so d ow xlreet, rormcily ocruped bv Nichols it Herriok. and I i '"""-' " "" ""' '" credit for pood paper. j recently by BR. Walker, whole lei, lend, o , n n ,. . " ntra ,?U''"',1 "tlit Worninc cominen- LYDIA HALL. 1W f-teture and kret. con-tantlv . l.,l ll l; i. r"". ' '"l " ' out r cir. u.u-iau.-os. wnb..n,.M,rii7,iS. iSS?lst,i"i'"f,;'??; s;i:aTffx: -. iii. fl ' on jiui.ii, lias nn nanii , i nn to ilie liiiiii.u Mir.V. V r.i ..' "' iinic, hi vei nnying mums i ne.ip ai gitCSgm .llai-genssorlnicntunda sp. C ti,! ' ', " 2' "'n socure hl11' share of the Im,-,m., Iluirah, Hufrab, lWuh, for the Cheap If mm 1 1 1 I J ninvn. '.i'Vi1"".0' N ,,lac S9,1.k ! worsted and win c cotton do. Gentlemen's black Kid Gloves, heavy Hack do. Fine clastic and webb MipcnJcrfnriloliy II. M. GIDDINGS .1. Co. OAI1IX KT WAKI V J ,l .i,.r.i.i -TliesiuWi iber has: rcsutii- public talronaip. AN rivll in cxchaiua fm- Cabinet Work, Ilirch and -Maple Scantlet, suitable for bcdlendi b.-is,wood Plank, and boards from I inch lo i inch ; white Pine hoaids. Most kinds of country produce icccivcd in payment, (but cash would bovcivaceeptaUe.) Burlington, Jan. 1,1811. SAMUEL NICHOLS. ri M I III f.UrsT-T'. 300Tl .-TvTh rte'n ml m! crTTe" M 7 J. tlucjd.. JO lb-, linen do. SOU bundle. 100 -Loin thread. 20 lb... Italian .cuius.. 10 II,.. lmlmn tvvi-l, fir.nli.l.y VII.AS, LOO.MIP.iV (Jo. HALES brown -heel mi.'". 2 do. power loom licks. 2 i'H-c York do. 1 ball 10 inch II lap--. 1 I ale canvass, just received nnd for -File by Nov. 23, IS 10. VILAS. LOOM IS & Co. TO Til E UN KOIl I UXATK. THE sulocrd er have rcceive-l the we'll krTown nrtiele, nioodirood's Elixir of Health, Pir lhe cure e l ili-ea'C-ai i.ii" fi-m an ill -'ale e.f the Stomach, .,i, h n. ftp" Headache, ,,31 Loss of Hpiicuu- raipiiaiion ei ine iie.ui, tc. ll has irivrn healih and energy to multitude, allhc fd Willi hal iiual Costivi'iie-s. The price cf ihi. valual le mislicmc is so esMsblbh ed thai all mav 1 e enable I tool lain it. At whole'safc and retail I v Til IX). A. PECK ,f- Co. Apoihe.-arie-, Court llon-c Square. EHtOWX SHr.ETlNOS, 3,000 yii Trd.s. l.WpiicTs ' Calico; also wadding, batting, und wickiup, for "ilc at WHAI.IXO .. Co's. C.'oiiiiioiiiid S i ti) f Icclttnd loss. rpiIIS celebrated medicine for CONSUMPTION, L at whoU'iale or retail, by T. A. PreK & Co. OUr.COltV.S nil.LlOCS PILLS, wholesale and VJ retail by "i'IkI Tiii-o. A. PrcK it Co. SNirifir' AND ToilACCoT T OllILUP.D'S .Maccoboy Smili; 1J do Scotch do in small bladders, do Smokiim and chewing Tobacco, Alto No. 1 Plug and Cavendish do. for sale bv . H. M. ijiinniNos'.v- co. vfl VV TC11KS .lost iiceivc.l -olniTNew l. s Endi-h Wa'che- and .oire ci'ii'ime Oliver Q wrlie. W.iti he-, with fecen I., plain fine fiiit-hcl wilcl Wf have a few rui.1 I ever- and iroo.l Kni- li-h walehcs lift which will nli'a'clhe purcba it. Mar h K,h PAXnilOltN U HKINXMAIH. ltl'.ICK KOSl HAI.t:. nTlII I! .iili-cril it " '.T. for -a'e nn ic.iM.iia! le lerin- i i'iir r f IIJO.OOO rtrt i.He Uriel: -iii.alcal Malle". Hav scry coiivcnicii, it is aei.'--II le t.'r'Sieii'hs fii.m CJrand 1-lc i r oi her iiUn-, Apply lo i:..-x, March IC h ZEIIFLOX LAVIXE-' i)iti i,c).r.c.i:s. rpIILS valuabl.'arlicb' i d-oly esiablnhingitsdf as I the best medicine for theexterinl'on mid relief cl Wormn m rhildn-n. Xotwithstandini; that the ro are other lozensc cried up for this complaint, purchasers are warranted in the good efficiency of these. Wholesale and Retail by T. . PECK it CO. .SVgn of the Mortar. ISAAC WARNcR. M VS t ri-i oil and IvCvps constnntlv otj hnmi n larpi mill TlII U-'Jltiin-nt nl fiTIfr!PU11!S: nin,.tm 111- ll rii i; cooxvc nnxnv, St. r-Roix rum HOLLAND GIN, A variety of WINKS, ind almost evrrv article in the .Grocery line, all of w hieh In- w',11 sell on the most reasonable tenns. He would also inform Tavern kienirs in nanicular ilmt he will ill rum, biandv and pin for 03 cents a eallou. ini-ii oe win warrant oi a o-iur quality man sonic which have latch been hawked about the country by a certain New Yotk, and if not mljudfed by lie ufsi jiiui" s io uc oener, lie win noi as any pay 'or tlirin, lloinviies ibem to call and compare. llnrlinctim. Oct, HlO. If. rPHE nttetiihnnf llieaflhctcd is called to the article J. "II Hay's Liniment," ad veriiscil m nnmlier column. 121 I III.U. .. I'l.l K A I II, l IIW I'AI NTMIOI'.-.l'ALI.DI.NGfiMrLlA 1-s lieve ooeiH'd a new Paixi Siif.i on Churi,h--I two ilnor- south rf II. Line'. Stoic, where 'licv vv.ll no an urn I. oi iiui;.-i:, still', Stt.i. ami AKKI.Uil I'AlXTI.Nti, in tbi-lc-l po.-il'leinjnner and on teriu to suit tlio-c w ho may favour them with their patron-r-e'. U""P.nut., Oil, arnisliand Piiitv.e'im-lHnllv .ii ban.' and Tor -ale. It.O. M'ATl.DIXU. ' IlnrlniL'lon, April 9, IS 10. C. 11. MILLS. C LUCKS. We are selling thebi siqunhiy Woodni Clocks for ensh at a, barter 615. lieautiful .Ma hoaanv cased biass stiikini; Clocks for cah Mi, liar-leri-Ji. IVh. 13. PANGHORN Si. HUIiLSMAIl). ACCOI))Ef).S. Do vou wish a nice Accordcon cheap ? Call at the Variety Store and ci-t it. Feb. 19. PANOIlOKX'ifc RRIXSMAID. pI.AI HOARDS and SHINGLE, 50.M Shingle, V 10.M feet spt uce Clap Hoards, by J it J II PECK ct Co Ruilnigton, lb. 10, 1B11. GU'.HMAN SILVER .SPOOXS.-Those who wi-h ' p'rman sdvi r are informed that vvu will sell them Dixon and Sons best article and mnri- thi-m . low as any person sells tlieni without nnrkin -'. Feb. 10. PANGHORN it HRINSMAID. COMMUNION V V It N IT I ' It I ; nA.NKAKDS.Gobletsand Plans just received. --- upril c l!3ll. P.ASocoaNiV I' SK KM Herds Gras. WhuecV Rejeloyer Sexsl fir tlct March, 10. HOWARDS jVJOTK'E. The subscriber has removed hisollice xlttto the rooms over Lyman it Cole's store. , D. A. S.MALLEV. Burlington February 1. IS 1 1 . Ill Vl'IIKItK. Just rrceived, nudforsalnby the subscribers a quantity of live Gecsn Feathers. ii;wu. it GATES. Burlington, March t, 1S1I. c; hioiax : 0 c c; ii "svTTTTi.. A Few dozens of this funous medicine, for the cure Colds and Coughs, art fur sale bv ihn hers- Recommendation from many of our citizens can oc given. tiiiaj. a. 1'IX'K it CO. .l;wMcorit, Cour tlovsc S'fuart NOTICI3. THIS certifies that I have given my son, John Mc Laughlm, his time, to trade and act for himself 1 and that I will neither claim any of Ins camin" or (, onj ut ma uiuin nun iiii-uaif. FARRKLi. Mclaughlin. Vvitness, Lewis Ladh. arand hit, April 1, 1811. A,lI.OTlNTO Brushes, and Paints, Clarified iA-L Rosin for Viols, B and E i!at octave (lutes, Toy Trumpets Bnd Dons and many new articles just re- -... ... 1 I...I n mil ti... . - v.i.iii. rtMII - laii. I'AM.DOnv IV lIUINbMAin. pop FISH, MACKERELL and SHAD ofsupc W riorqualny for sale bv X. LOVELY it Co. V.irCIH-,.S, Jewelry, Perfumery, .Musical In r.,V triimentH, Stocks, Canc, riding Whips Chains, Key., Speciaclt-s, Lozenges, Pills, Plaster, Soothing S) rap Godfreys Cordial, Corn Plaster, Hays l.muiieut, Hair Oils. iVc. .ipril iJISlh IV.VNOCOBV - IlKIS'f MVIP. no nonniNci. A..u persons nciei,i,. to Hie snbs-ribir, who.t Notes, and Accounts have I due, arc re. quested to make payment bv the fifteenth of April next. Ho-lilitie, will come aiout tho-c day-, all in ' iiii-ii.i urn 1.11c uoiii-u an i coveru lliem.e'lve- a .... E. I). SLOCU.M, -March 25, 1811. n25w3 itijTA h.vcTa si;ud. A V LBS. ceni.ine Seoteh oupnli. m. 11. .1- n 1VJ S es), rai-edfrom scle-eie.1 Turnip'-, for sale by Mareh 25. C. (JOODHICII. ' C'ODFISH, of superior quality for sile bv ' II. M. GIDD1XGS it CO. IODIXF. SPIUXG WATF.1L A recently discover. L cil fountain t Saratoga ami conlains propcrtiis known in no other Spiing its freetloni from Iron j ' -nn ir ii saiu to oe t; lids with whom Iron wn",n louine coniuineii in u , linico'MHV;,,;!, i v.un- - - , ...m.., uiviMUfilU JU u urt ' i. . 1... I 1. . .. 1 : ..I ... ."11.. VH"!" " '"""'''I ""-"'I)' oppot te the Rcadiiw ',. I It'icalion- furagcueie. should I n addte-sesl, p0. p.n'l)l all who may lav or n-vvnh tbciri'.tll-t.r or !cr-, will I e1 '.' lhe ,lrtigL.,ls and line wait r renders It the most val. which h iX '"" ALi ut "! : , ..,,.;.: Or '.-r.-l, ,,, . i.V... i .V. r i ... lirouuiiout ine im.. music iiiiiii inns nn iinunt tVOI IH rilll'litn. h-ii. nr.. I'tnimi-.. T..;...i "' It,,. ....... Vt 1... 1 IHll. ' li ,.l t I- . ilt-l-a l-as .Hani- ,.!-1, h.l.iss I,. !' '..-. .l ... fir every species of S-rofubi v,t and ladies w,th ihr lie's , .it, ,'t ...j .' ?in,to,nfn QIT.RM C INDIT.5. Kinland'.s rl.iriKrd i-perm in in, !m'. or i. Y'siii'a. A -pm" Trov. Vt 1 A TEVDOW'S Fitmch !'.' ix si II PECK A Co. . I !'! ableli-im- it,. i. , ,'..'.''."" .rr"'r"1 CailllO? S". 1 V"- mould nindlr-s for sain h. in p.-.isr an rsc'i'. u ,' i-.- i. l i.'nrd" thsn ll"Xl S t" N OTT HE GLORY OP S'Sf 1 W -.5,.a r.1'1'' ,8- !k'ar. . r ye. Grien Mountain Sale I oil known the Inventor' w.iconip!ct tcdla.t nil! lit, the exact condition fifihe farmer..' me chanics' and j euple's cheap oa-h slort.' t'ully ascer tained. Howard, nut t tiiitni any nthcr oflicc, will U' continued us the agent. TliU long Incd cstah- Ca-h Slore it ihcAecnl w lui.c Cwnliv i. Tne.d SI00 fur selling Goods Cheap lo the People. ALPACCA CLOTHS for cloaksj nape? lets, canibletceus goals' hair and eoiinuo camb- te;d caniblets, printed Saxonys, plain and fisrured al pines, plain and prmied muslin delaine-, all eoiiimon irnrs. opening by N. LOVELY it CO. BHOWX Table Cloih-, all linen, A -o line S by ID- lib-, vvnrrauied litrj's iltiitii-i-. i-rn.l I!'is-in ilM.ier; e-otion vamj blael. nnd whrewad duii; ; I atliii;." aud wick'ing ! lor -alo by II. M. GIDDIXGS it Co. 1TR. EDITOR, Sir will jou notify all citation IV L that the siibsi'iiber has for sale. Buck's improved Hot Air Cooking (stove, at lhe new liitk store, Col legeslreet, alsoat Jesse Gay's foundry. This is one of the latest patterns and llie first of' lhe kind ever introduced into this State; they have been recently in troduced into the Mates of Ptiinsj Ivam.i and New York wilh great .success; and suffice it to sa, they arc the most convenient nnd will do more business with less fuel than nnv either stove'. A nreainhb. m pattii ularizeitsqual tie;sor prices is nsclesss. just call ni, small favors arc thankfully received and great ones in proportion, and i.' money continues scarce I intend to nce the less 01 it, so it will ucustlcss to pn without on that account. S. W. TAYLOR. Hjilington. D.'C. 17, 1570. DRUGS, Medicine, Perfumery, Paints, Dye Stiills, Oils. Vatlll-lll. Brushes. tc. The suliscrilirr is now 1 cci iv ing his fall supplies of the nbovo goods; selected with great care, which he will dispose of at the low est market prices. ROBERT .MOODY. DISSOLUTION. The copartnership hereto fore esisling bnween the subscribers, undo, the Irm of SnanldiuTit Mills, has been dtdc rli4..ilif,l by mutual connnt. Those indebted and those hav ing demands against said firm, will sdtle them wilh . H. .Mills, who is duly authorizes! to sijtil(. the same'. R. G. S1MULDINO, , , C. B. MILLS, a he bumrisis will bi-coniinn..,! In- il,,. the old stand. Church st. Butlingto'n, Vt. XT-...!.-. 1011 n . ..... .. .i.iiuuti3ti. e,-, ij, .liii.i,,-). xROCCERY AND GLASS WRE. -Full s, i,i of granite China vv.ari. Tea nnd Dining u ' toccther with a ccllcral nsRorltlirnt nf rr.M.rrt- .nrl glassware; also lamps, patent top, screw top ami astrnl lamps. I.inlcrns, tumblers. Ar. all of which '-lit be 80lJ cheit!) for cash, as we will ennsinno mil' that fivor us with a call. hurch st. J. p. WHALIXG it Co. BROAD CLOTHS.p),anr., nt ,. ww ca., stole 011 Cliatcll slrerl. nnd rvniiiinn llirt l,r.i-,l cloths, beaver clttlts. cas-inieres and siitliiitiu wfmn purchasing elsewhere, nnd much obliie , , J. P. WHALING A Co. Goods h)Y.'n witli pleasure, ) whcihrr parchased or not. PICTORIAL Illustrations of lhe lliblc. con-isiing of 200 eii2raviii!s. wilh views in till. Itnlv l.nml together wilh many i.f lhe remarkable objects men tioned ill the Old and TVi'is- Tp.Olmrrits r.mro.imn.i sicrrd historical evcnle jjst leceired and for nl al ine iiuuts ainri'. 11, A, All A N . March 2, 1511. NEW BOOKS. The subscriber has received the present weik a new sunolv nf Imnt-u which nie the following : 1 A pictotial Gct gnphy, bv S. C. Goodrich. 1000 engravings. Rural Life of England, bv Wm. Howiit. from tlie second Loudon edition, corrected nnd n ii....l Day's Examination of Edwards on tbn Will. XI... Itauics Own Hook: HnU on llinii.m . i:,". .... Hand's First f'ruis?! Visit t,, Il,,l.. 'ltu vols . llliinrs Hisioiv of(.'hris ; Blunt's Hisiurvof I-.lis.lm : The Table ofihe Lord, by the auihor of The I.'-tucr; Sacred Melodic"; Boireliii'in on Iloninnisinj l oung I, lilies' Coinpanioii ; Young Ladies' Friend. - D. A. BRA.MAN. jVOTIUK. jUjMe'dicme is I e-l known by the is euui n i irl'iiiin-..Jii I. Xi-wii n'-l'.iii.'.,..,. or olil.e Hie od. 'lhe unp.ttallile.l and -nil incri'a-intrri'pui.t! wbich ihi. iiushenie ba-acqair- i-d ihro iaboul tbeXew Enaland Siale-, and the many cure-it lnt- pi-rfurintsl, an I the great diiu.uid nn,lc font by the a lyicc ofphv-ieisus well ai',i.iaiiin w-lil. it- pre'p iratiou, ha- hid icd thu proprietor to cMi-inl it- cii-.iiilinion to alntu-t every town m lhe i.t-u-rn Sia'e- and the prmcipal town- in the Uniie-d Son.... Tin-'i- warranlesl purely veuelal le. and t- noi'd !y any oilier medicine ever ol'cred to the illlic'cl as Us cxtcn-ive -ale and ere'.it noieil.-iihi plainly prove, it ha-wnhin tin: la. I i-ii-l n iin.iitl,'- cureil Us lliou-an 1- oftln' nto-t oli-iina'c ib-e.i-e-, a-e-aii le proved by t I'lliiii-aie-, an I i- pronouiicisl bv emini'nt and te-is'i'iable physici.tu- the j e-l iiuxbi-in'i' in use. Uiefd mfi roi.tliou may 1 e (ound in i-iu-nlnr. ceMiUiniiu certificate of cures aud dirce-lion. fur i.t- aing lhe tiHslii'iue. lhe following aps)iniesl a-ents Hiulingion, J. it J. II. Peel; an I Co.. If. Monde Si Allan-, Curtis an I R i-sel Milton. C. Dral.'i- Milton Fall-. Burnet and S.twver Wni.-ri-ill.. P,.i .ind llrown, Ilino-buru'li, Hull and Cook Fairfax ' P.irLer and Mallield Vergennt-, Adam, and Murray Cainl ridge, M. Wire" Une'ci hill, M. C. Ilarnev s.t. i l i. ii . i,.- . . . . ..: .-mill i nil.! ur..ii, ! ... "le-uer Georgia, A. iiii--Willi-ton. N. Cllltlrnden IiiL-binnnd. O A- III. John-fin, G. L. Warni r and C Monl.toii, Ethan r-milh liakerstii'lil, Armmglon and Woodward Fair field, Burnet and larusw-cith. c.o.p,ly,f.9 catah rii sxurr. f ARSIIALL'S SNLTT, is -till curiuclhe Catarrh 11 and thev.trioi. di-ea-i-s oflhs lied I, a-wella. sore eyes, In all parts of the country; and -usiainina lhe reputation which it has long since gained, of '" "-s 'ii'-'i nil. oiu i i.-i it ine ic oi ine hind in tnc in trkei. Each bollle contain- Ihreetime- theq.nntiiy nf one of iho-e which ate offi-u'd nt "ONLY TWENTY IT VE CENTS." And is therefore a much cheaper, as well as I e.,er arlie-Ie. For sale bv J. it J. II. PECK A Co. Til CO. A. PECK ,t Co. and Da. HOB P. .MOODY. B trlmglon, Jan. 22, IS 11. Iv.t.lS M Alls 1 1 A l.l.' continues iinrivalle.1 a. n slrenclheniu- PLASTER: Al.n. for 111, ,.. li-m, l.anicne-s or pains m the Miles, limbs or back: for scrol ilo is swelling-, scurvy sore-, Fresh wound. : and for a general I ainily Pla-icr or salve'. For Corns nioieover try It J pate'clo-r, per.eycre in iheii't; I y making a new application oeca-ionallr, und in tunc. l-nniM.... iimII I........I I-..- . l . I .. ' J "III lull." r.1.1 L.. lllnu. I IT S II II I IV J. it J. H. PECK it Co, TIIEO. A. PECK it Co. unl Da. ROUT. .MOODY. Hurlmglon, Jun. 22, l&II. ly.f.8 C.M FF ONLi 1WEXTY-FIVE CEXTS.-D.M. iiiicitcis.-h s ncwiy inven'ivl tsnnll lhe lest arti cle ever di-eovered by scientific men. in Eurone or Americii, lor the cure and ab-olnle relief of Catarrh, Dizinc. ot the Head, Weak- Eve., Nervous Headache-, r alien Sjckne-s, Kits, liud Infants Irouhled wiiu .-snuiiii-, partial shocks oi I'al.y, iVc. I or sal wholesale and retail, dy A. HITCHCOCK A- e ...I Proprietor, Xo. 117 G.-ue-ee st. I'lica, and by their agents throughout the Union. In Burlington, J. it J. II. Pe-k fi Co. In Vcrgenne., bv J. H. Bowman. Ill Milton, by Barnttt itSMWje-r. Ill Georgia, by Lo renzo jjiic.. AUCTION AUCTION. " 17ILL 1 e sold at Auction a genera! assorlinent of i I'ryiiotsi nn tMluriuv April 21 at 2 o'clock ant id ciock r. .n. at the Morn corner of Church and College Si. and to be eontinuil nneach sninrilnv follow;lng until all. nM. HENRY MAYO. Trustee. Biirlmgion April 15, 81 1.1 AHI) WARIC-Buichcr'a licavv Files. Ibbol ton s do ml rasps. Hand ssvv Files. Butts, r,., .1 lV'a,Cl'C' a',(1 I'11"1"-1 Sa"' f.?,c I. niti '0, t.,S,,S8! ki--m,.l folks, bono and tong, 1113 nil l e- forks, Anica' shovels, i'c, hY v H. M. GIDDIXGS, ,t Co. . ' j tiuirr rniiiM iinni m rnr-.i n .mn, 1 house a MOTICB.-Tlie subscriber h iving line ,1 il.... I'll iiiiria lull I ll-1 1 1- i si-im,n.i I... r-.. I -is.'. . 'i -i.ii I -i. il- ... in .... .hi i s. ..linn ,,ii ii n i -, - - - .. .. ,., , -t-.,i,,. r iii-i . OSAK, BUT T XI & BURLINGTON, YE-RMOXT, FRIDAY, MAY 21, 1841. (CT-LMPOitTANT CAITION,,,-;! It Is a .suigiilrir fact ui.d one inueh lolc regnlteil valuable medicines, as soon 11s Ihev lecoine pop olar, nnd have re.'civeil the te,t aud approval ol n in.criiniiiHl ing public, a re .ore 10 I eeouulcrfciicd, and thus a bad upil.piirioiis nni'.-le is imincdiaiciv paluiesl upon lliouiisii,pi'ctiiiL,'forllie genuine. 'I'hi-'ha-1 e'en nnloiioii-ly ihec.Tsc Willi all popular tried and truly vnliitible lnedie ne- for ji'arspn-i, aud will pro! able eain'iuiietololhue.ise fur lo come. Thu la-u and eonleinpllble couuierfi'it in Ibl. way n.eanly tat,,., n,lyanta?e ol all the e Ibrts nnd adver- 1 mexl by the pn.prietors of the genuine art,..!.', I K hi VXt! "u, l," '!r.1n,J t ''0' ,"ar' I m. he ll. r"y I ?' "u1',V ?'"al iM '.'Vt'i!" TPl' V ai l PTtn ' ,rVNrV??iirvCV'ru 'tTl)IH , A ,,' ,,, ' S,,,1,!A 1 1'!j"uo l '" 1 ..Thee i, a person 1 y the name of J. B. iiOL'HE-' I-OUT. now- enra-evl in ,-ellm a I'dl done .... m boxes i !S!.?V-'! Vtt! J'!,l. genuine INDIAN ....i .... i....' v.i " . 'i. in . VEGETABLE PILLS, with the omission of only one word on the Bo.xe viz. Which-. The Pills soldbv nn- Koinctort are evidently intended a-a fraud and imposition upon the cuinui'inuv, or tbev would hot have I erndone up in such oxaefiinil.uii.n'uf lhe gen uine. Thispcr-on is lall bbi-iering vv I'ha great the swagger, lie wa. rci-enlly known a. a veiv poor pl.ivi r in Bultiinole, under'a cognomen ol Jim llrown, undi.alout twenty live war-ofuire' ll I-almost evomln eluubt that he is suiulied wilh i-almost lejondn eluubt that he is supplied wi i in. l ies iioiu a urug gi i linn in tins cny, vho have beielolore I cen ciinuected wiihi ouutiT led inedicine.. A- soon as proof isoblaincJ the foun tain bead ol'thi- in f.irious b tsiiie will letxpo-ed, the ecuuiiuiiiiy may sh.ui lliein as they would a serpent. IX THE ME.VX TIME ITIf: PUBLIC ARE CAU TIONED asrain-t buying WRIGHTS l.sni.vN Pili s ol tiny one w hit doe- not exhibit a cerlllicaieof agen cy -tgued by the agent for lhe New England Slalo and 'carina da'e since January Iri 10. Also tal.e par lieiilar notice Ibat tliel..owiu.. worlmg i.oii thu Mix es W riirht'- Indian ViwiablelVI (Ind. ol iheXoilh Ainerican Colleje of Health. 7'if Indian I'tgrtabli J'iltt me u re t lain cute Tut ibsej.e in us oi-i) v.ttiei) uf lorni, ln'Ciiir lliej ilw iniiglilv cleanse tl.e fioiimi Ii .in, I buwrU, imbicea ptc per ill.ill.naHbt ll.e I ii m i; -, .km andkidiiej, and .'lb nn. I.i I e I In- bliiod in puiifj iindf. In ulliri w.iuU ill. j .ipen nil lhe iluinri, and leave NAIUIIK (ic (Smnd l'liyiici(in) nee to dine diee In. m lhe liud). 'I he .ibute onilels, oi ili.nii., aie lhe ciiniaiou si wets uf lhe, ihiotigh ihu It .ill mm bid .mil col tupl luinmip (the. ciiinn nl diict'e) air cut led nfl ; .mil n lone .is lhe) ate .til kepi open, mid ili.rli.ilte fteel) lltfit .tllulled porlHimi nf linpnriiv, the bmly will con. niuli. inheahb : biti when liutit iMiitifj uiipinpet lund, titration: inipuic nit, sinldeii lioui licit lo cold, nvri t'Vli.ilMlii.n in urn m1iir eii,,... il.w I .. bl. tin iiiitr, the poti'i of lint .kin becutnr cluneil. '"' H'cMilue.s l.tll f i peil .mi ll.e-.i luucimns puipril) "IB "'ipiiinies whirl nM he ilti.ined limn the bod' imiuiiilies which slii.utd lie dunned limii ilip limli It) lUe.p nttih-K, w ill br tel. tii. nl, and com lime lo un ci laic until lhe lindv beciitin-s liii-inllj lu.tded with disuse. If the ch.tlill"U of oni n;ijlllv rivers should heroine blnt-ked tip, wunld not l he. it csmiil.lird walets li.iit tieiv i.ii 1 1. 1, in ll.e eiuinliy lircome inuiuUled 7 Jum ro uiih lhe hum.1 1 Imdy ; ii the u.iltuiil di. lias he-i-iitue elo'cd, tin' st ng n.i in .unl c'liltipl lilt nun h w ill fjcnt vent iu lhe vaiiuus fuiius of ituc.i-e sueli as Fein , ."sui.ill I'nx, Me.i.le., liliniiiMii-in, Coin, Apiiplexy. kr. or He. uli will ru I our inlTei in js Then Tote, when firkiiK. rfi the slumurb, p tin- in ibe b.trk hihI tile, tpnt k pulse, bm iiing skin, oi anv o her uniilej. s-itu syiiipliiius, indteaie iliat line in mute of the tla. iiiinl iliatus nte nui dtiirh.iigiii furty, und the eeiiiti union i. .tlitiin iu riiiiuiieiu-e asinigulr fm the resiora lion nfhr.illh nu lime should b. lust iti ilininis-p ing a fe r Ini.k di.e ul the luilun 1'niji.iiie (idlin Vt getublt Pilli ) By u duutg, all iha luiieiiun. .if lhe limly Mill be irsieiiiu to oidrr, ind lite foul liuaiois (lhe cituset.f evety in I itn iliun or p nn wc fud'ei ) will he remiivrd in n ra.y and 114110.1I a tu.Hliei , l lie-tn-ily ii ill lie irstnipil m if Ly ii rlini at. The .iIhup IMI. may lie tiikrn 1 ALU liiin-e aud under a I.i. cii-ruiu.i.niri-s, with petferi s.lViy. They situ all com Jilaiwt .nut .ill .lues, and sip ni the uiiun -is fi.iul ; eon. t qiien'ly the can verier injutt pvtu the uiiisl drbc.iie. I.ikn'iiur fuud, they .ie dtJr.tibli ; ibeirfiiinliey rnlrr into the rit ion and on,. sit Mil Pitrigy in the til I, whirh eu.ililesit In fluw wnh fiep. Imn quite in ihp pxtirmiiies and Cutlrrepirutly in keep the pntes iifilie rktn open They nte tine mlpeifert I'ltritieis uf ll-e libiod : In ctu.p they dtain .ill eniiupt humors fiom thu life givotK fluid Ihev imp.ui "lienmh and Visot lo lite while .yii n, and'theti ef feels ate. tliv itv. brnefieiiit : liernu'iie Itev nnU iimnii- It'i.e humors iihiih ate iinotised lo healih. I'hev aid ind ililiuuve il'ite.tiiin, ,iml suund .lirp f.illuws theii n.e: I, ei-hi. p lliev rleill'e lhe Slnni.-ii I Jlld Inmrls nl Inis. slimy humiuiis which not mil v mil. lie 1 1 xrnp the net tons sysit-i't. but pialvze iiiidwe.ikeit the ills liestiii'oigaiis. In shun titey pns-i II I liny guild lunpcilies can be chnme'd tot any medtruir : ami Ins veiy li msik-ilili'. ll is ulletlv inmursib'e in tt-p tlirm wiihoui In in fii. Price 25 eenis per Box, with full ibris-iion-. OiTiix ml General Drool for the New Cuirlniul Stairs. No. IU3TieinonlSlris-l, Court -I reel, Bo-Ion. The regular apitoiniel Airent- ran receive I brir-nn- pile, of the above popular Pill-, as here-loforc, from he tuny oilicfHiid general depot turlhe .xew England late., I'Ji Tieiiioni street, Bo. ton. Cixllar- or tr.iv 'Ibuiitli'nisare not all(,wc,llo-ell ibe genuine indian ,i'u'e'al le Pill-. Ilu-refore nevet' imrc'ia-e from ibem. for If yiaido vo iwill le sure to obliin a dangerous .tml eoiui erlcit ariii'Ie. si I Tlli.o. , PitK itCo. AL-enl-in B.irlinmon. f.u-lhe .ih' of the! Indian Vegetal le Pills, al-o, W. II., v illi-lou. t and A. Irin-iu.iid, llurlinuton. MOFFAT'S VEGETABLE LIFE Tl-J)inMis-Tbe-e iiiisbcinc- aie uulel led tT r their tiatne lo their Inaiiil"e- und .eu-il lc action lit purifying ihu -prinir-an 1 eh tnncls of life, and euluunr lli'i in with lenewed lone ami vigor. In many hundred eeriilii-l t-c-which have I e-en male put le, and in nliuo-t every -pe-cie- iildot-.i-eto which the liunian frame t liaiiic, Hie nappy e in. tu.ioriAT s intl'lLI.- and I'll I'.Mx lilrir.r.- Iiavu Icon griallullyand put Inly acnowlcdiresl bv lhe person- li-neiliiisl, and who were pieviou-ly iinacq taiuied with llii-lie.i'ilifnllyphi-lo-opliical piuieip'e- upim whichlhey arecontpoiind e.1,nnd upnn which theyeoii-pqiieutly act, inu l.l l i.xi-.-s rivouuncnd lliem-tlvTSsin -ca-c-of every form and de-ei iptiou. Their first operation i- to 'no. en front lhe e-oais of the stomach and bowel-, lhe v.'no'is iinpui-ilie-and crudities con stantly seining around lliein ; .-iii.l to remove lhe har deuesl faces which collc'-t lu the com obltion- of the -matle-t inlc-tiue-. O her inestieiues only tiiirtcilli-, and leave such collected ma-'-e. I eluuil lo pruluiv haliitiMlco-tivcncs, wit u all it- train ol vil-, or sudden diarrlnva. with n- imminent t!ai:er-.n This fact i. well known to all regular anatnmt.u. who ca mine' the human bowels a fier ileal h ; and hence the prejudice of well infnrntes! men asain.1 quack meJicines or medicine, preparesl and heralded to the nubile by lu'noranl per-on-. The sex-ond elfect nl thel.ife Me'hcinc-i-to eleiTe the kidney- and lhe bladder, ami by tin- mean-, the liver ami the lungs, the of which entirely depends upon lhe rr gulariiy of thu urinary orgnn-. The blood, which lake-1. red color fiom the a'-'cney of lhe hwr and lhe liinss I efure it pa c inlnihe heart, I cinz Ihu. purinexl by them, and noun. bed by food coining from a clean touueh, courses freely through the vein., renews ev ery pari of the v.eni, and trmuiphanily mounts the banner ol health in lhe blooming cheek, Mo lai' Vegetable Life Medie'inc. have Irrn thor oughly te'.-teil, und pronounexsl a sovere'iau remedy for Dy.pcp-ia, Flatulency, Palpilalion of the Heart, Lo ol'Appeiite, Heart-burn and Head-ache, lic-ile-sne.s, lll-leinper. Anxiety, Linguor and Mekineholy, Cos-livenes-, Di.irrhit'.i. Cholera, Fevers of all' kind.. Rheumatism, Goiii, Hrop-ics uf all kinds, Gravel, Worm., Asllunn and Consumption, Scurvy' Fleer-' inveterate boics, hcorinitic i.ruptious and Lorn, plexiou-, Eriptive complaint-, -allow, Clonic, ani (iiherdi-aireeable Cuiiu.b-xKii-. Sail Hhe nn. ela-, Common Cold, and !niliienra,aiid various other coin), Minis winch aillict irainc. Iu Ft via and Acer, particularly, the Life Midiemc- have I ecu nio.t tininenily succc-sfnl ; so much sii in the lev er and A giiedi.tricts, Physicians alino.t iniiv trsally prtscrile them. All that Mr. Mo'Tat rwjiiiresof his patients is to le particular in taking the Life Medicines strictly accor ding to the dircciioiis. It is not a nf liec, or by anything Ihel be luni.-elf maysay uulK. r f.nor, that bet hopes to gam ciahl. It Is alone by ibe le-ulls oi a lair trial. JIOFFA' -S MEDICAL MANI'AL: .l....,L..,l ,. doine-lic guide lobra!ih. This liille paniliii-, isj.psl Mo'l'ai,275 Broadway, New York, ha. I icn pul li-bel for I lie purpo-c ofexplaintng inon'fdly Mr. -no iai theory oi disi'.i-es, and win ie tO'iiul highly uilercslingtopersons seeking health. It ireits npoa preva'entdi ca.c, and lhe can. i s tliieof. Price, 25 rem s tor saie t,y .ur aiouav Then .ii,iblc .Medicint- ntc for sale Iv Itr.U'lt W E L r A R 0 P B O L 11 fiTiT,.,W,"",,AV1! VtTA UUUi1" - couuhs andoolds, lha. can bn eurud bv Dr. M. Iliu.h- .,,IV . hv, .iiiiMuns fuovi 1 ciin 1 11 in it ii-siiu ik He pe-rsuaded to purcha-e a Lottie ol the Condi Droits lo-Jay ! To-meirrow may 1 e 00 bit" Ilavi; vou a l't-,,,r' ""' wuk'" Virgin Cretin. LWh 1 "r I,'P!"'S n an.-Tftat in no oneof lhe thau-and Vrsc" il'l,e,u U '"' llt'n has it failed 10 relieve ''rice 75ccnl, per bollle. For -ale, whole-ale and Re- I... i... .' . . i. ' . . ' .7r"' I idiuisi!.!..,. 'tr TuiTVTTT' n Tl7 a i:.t i. " , ' i'. ' l, I ' eiKiiiiics, oy j. ii. Bovlmanr In Milton, bvllurnet tKtr. In hV, . iriarbv Loreno Janes Y ""UUO Jancs' ,.:-t... i i'' nu.2 IMIIIIIII. 'i .iwi.' ivim if v iiw .itU,K. , . 'r10' l-s'ltcv-". VHlioit, can fuiln nil) idea ofihe rflrcts. ul' I lie psifecl tetief, nflltp iitmo.i cine. efTecleil in cases of the I'lLtfs, Rlill'MATIsvi, all S vv nils os, ami all cxieiaal I'aiss, no iiMller huw seteie, bv the u.e of ll.ivs' l.iulmt-tii. Fiad one who has used iMliai will nut I. mil il n bine all ibiag. evpi uird, and t'nl will liud what canmil bp foiiml. CZJ"I , iI,p leln Inl sulfei. iiiU huinaii beings who ms; be iifUtc.eil, I bfg vnu in a.k a.k ol lltnuc wlm knnn nfk ihp linn. A LKH 1 11 Cosklls, U. S Jii'Uefor that ibsiriri, i peijing ncai Ai.burti, n,k Matiiiiw J. Myi,r.s, Cii. Athens, N. V ; u-k Gen. Durr Grkek. of Washingnm rii), full uf ihe.e neiilleuien knuw uf cares uiiemiq.iri. able bj all (liber lempil es or plivstCMns, iImihj.Ii tried Inl inanv VP.ii", tint have been cu'ted b) the use of lhe (.nuitiriay'i Liniment. Th ui-.iuiU ol'othet penuni kniitv siintlar cutrs. We appeal iu iheit .puse nf juSj ine llieii feelings. tC?i'li is bin a thu) jmi owe lo V'tir siifTeiiui. lellnw-lipins lo lei I Iti tenipdi be known. Speak nf il llten lo all jinn liteail. This will save imirli pant wheie the new.ptpeis ate nut read, or where tpaders ate iiiRisdiil , because so IU.IHV worllt'e-j .trncles me advertised Inr the sintir pilfpose. Tu bit)er wp snv , if all who have U'sd n dn noi say it is be)uml all piatse, ihen do not t.ikp ti rill pinptieiot will mil allow this ji licit- lu be paid lui iiiiIpss ll cities, when all the ibteclintts su- full) fullnvv ed. WiIIhiiv one siiffei ing lefnse iiuw lu li ) n7 Ifhe does, he neigltt In lie pitied mute ..r his uLlninrv histufTetilig. Iiyr. Havs would iietei eotsiullii olTer ibis anicle, were he nut rnmpellpil In his sen.euf tnural ol i eltgiiuis tlnlv lo (lu all in bis jiuviet bit he viciims of tliititess and tut.erv. For litis putpniie he vvuutd sunnei devoie a fonii'te. lb in serine a ilutl.ii fur anv vim idles, uriicle. JCJ.OOA" OUT.- Siune sninillPis h.lvPriiuiucifeilrit lln. .niiclp, .mi pul ii up wilh various -lev ires. Dn unl be impu.ed upon. One Ihirg mil) w ill pto'etl on i I i ' ll.e name ul Cuttufui k 4 Co ; thai name must bp nlviavs on ihp vvranpei, m . " '") "o s. 1 1 1 1 vv nt i.mi nt iiuuie.iisir oiii-ei , vnu nre clie.ucd. Du uui fnmei il. Take ilil- dnpc- linn wnh vnu, and leu bv ihu. or never litis j fur n i. itnpu.siuie lur an) oilier lo be line ut genuine. SOI.OUOX H VS. Sold bv Comtlock $ Co. 1 Fleiclisi si.eei, X Vntk. THEO A PECK it Cu. Wlitile.-lc Aaeuis I'm ll.e M'P (if l tlHHIt. rno tiik itLi)-iiKAii n.v ot!!i:h 1- ) -e rtii. kiifiw h neitilibui m a Cnewl Imh Ijprn HhI.I, tinil wlmie held in now rtnetrtl will, lint Ua'uI One wh'.rt- fii.ii rulUr hh rmeitil uiili iJin 'linfi, ttinugli buirlifd rerv hour winch now v-ui iitheI PnlurU t Or one .hnv Immh .it rmU hl'p tin. ling uipy, uhu ii'iw I M- mx a tes h4ii CIiiMipm vvlia-r' lien df wcie cmnf.1 nh icmf. wiu.a- Imii wouhl ncii (row, lluttoi' mi enmiit". ihw fullei't rntp ofl.aii t Home Atk ihfiu iliPCtuiT, nikI jou will l)i- lol l iImi Ufpt- 111 ll? hue Itfcn (lone Uy llie ur ufllltt JtUtm Of Co lumbia. Of 20 f.miii)wili u ihi nirlf. Hi ih-u.-iiiil iiu'iCiiciiie hihhmIU ni me linndipil pn cful. thotiifli sUei ilisr.ivt red mil nH)eil h) imhuii (ur fume Miitioiip( im .irffriihil ly ttt in(ji hinnlii'f Ipff imihr oun lrlh piCai.iiinni ihit will unit ihp luii if impiI in hhv xioni. ( inoip ih.m ihei-e f.tcin hp w inictl -irlt-i u llie ift'omitiriitliion-" h li-n nfimmr of leniHru liilii.(oitPf(U. tiled h miij oilier nrnclp. l.uftk l i liep-e iliinga Imiv ihi mtirlp. Kih ah iippi ,p i,ui U tii h in ii'f, or if liiM ipfttmp it. Lndicy, diiPihl hi llii- hitutlip(!c in I'l-tliiuiuhle life riit niiu' il dn Hip unU riiiiclfi te.ill) lit fur die loilr-t, ,uu luir in tPi) etpi lo f.t It nui I.H 'ii', unr tlin tii In. nf (?i'iiiiihh in limp to Me vmiifle-w ihc ihfur.irr t lnldnHn In mlrn ofyiHii ppii-oiiri. iti )i)iir dul , ; imn .tliniii iotnp nfite thf lie mm ie of n iiiiip, uiih which ;i Ihkhii ifn Ciertiui h'ti- ftiilnwed jou ; ikp Mip UIim,Iii u willdj ii CAUTION III UK UKmKVIUKUK!. Srteil nmci fl-tcji.nn miPinpti h ite Ijppu umiIi m ounipifeii lhe tntp Unhu ol CulnmhU, rjump (lilii '.t iiilei i h.iifjjotip n .ir lit rmiiiiei feii itif f)len. It t wMipei!, hikI ihp r.illi of NiiiiiHin, nnd evt r tun I nirtik pxrppi thp imiiic (d'Cimisjiotk, HltirliihcA ire nut furgp, .ioid imifMiiinnn imi d-fWtt- tl w lo'ik I'm iIip iLiinr nf t'umniock & Cn, tit L. S. CuiiHtork, iind opvpi tutt llie rliclc niih'-.n it Imf ih.i tiMtne upan it NiM Hhoipn.iip and it-t.ul, onlv ,u ft. 2 HHrhpr piippI, t. V. 'i HEO. A. I'KCK Co M'ho!ff.i Att fur ihp Si.iin .if Vpnttoni p D' ishasi'.s or Tin-: i.i;Nf.s...Decu,ii1 lite titnl remeili pin Lnnn .4iim' I'tgttablt I'ulmonuru Vallum is llie mi.mi vulu.ilde teinedv huw nt u-e f.t iuri;!. ii.ihu.a ut i.luhi.ii-. enii.uinpiion. whouping runglt and pitliunniii nn't'limis ofpvPt) kind. Its .ate is ste-ublv liicieasniK. Hint lhe prnptteinis ate coiisiautlv iiceivm die nei.t latnmlilr acriiunt of imrtferts. llie billow nij ueiv eeriilicur. aie ofl'ered for pulit e exaininalintt. AN ISTKUurisa G s K. hxi ran of.i Ipiierfinm Mr I! S Clay, King.ii.n, Ulsiei cu., N. Y. to the prupt iptuis. ) outs ol ibe 9ih insi. was i!nUii,-',j A lent chip w.i.effecied In the Viv iinl.le Put ingnarv B 1I..1111 in tlin winter and pi inn ol 1835, l he peisnii, Mr. Slondi, been so k a long lime ui,. the ruiisuiiiUinn. lln e urn bun up lie was icdticed so Invv a. to lie un.tblp to help him. elf, and was raisin., a latee ini.tnlitv ol IiIium! when lip cotiiiiirnci-il using the Bal.atn, which has elTei'tril a coiaplrie ruic, and he is mm a. bale mid lu-aiiv n net he was, .Mr. iMnodv Ii is lemuvnl fiutn ihi. num. nil he his prruii.ed ine a mote delaihil .lernuiii nf In. case, which I will I'm ward vnu. 0, S CL1Y. Kinjsinn, N. Y. June 23. 1838. Exliacl nf.1 lellel fui.n Dr, Jacob .Mjeis The Vegelable Puhnmiaiv Balsam has been 'sold in this cutinlv for Ivvn je.trs, I tlin me. brine has sained an iiiiriimnion relrlnilv, foi il .rairslv in line in. I. lure f itted idhavitiK llip'disup.l i-iTert. 'l am by nn means iu fivur nf lite litany nn.iitun.. in.i.i ul vvhii b aie tm pnsilion. upnn a crpibiluiis pithlic, hut thu whirh I know by u.e in he eff, cu ll, I cinmn help I, in jive mi aipiobiiion ihetpio. A rountei l.-it pipj.atal inn Ins bepniiffsieil heie b) a iravelliii. Agent, of Cnttisiiii k, N. Y. and their is an.ulirr anicle vended itete IImi i. strongl) suspected tu besput inns. Jacob Myins, M. D. Mifllinginn, Jiiniaia co IVnn, fllav 3, 1837 F t Dr. Samuel Mnrtell, in lhe Piupt'einis (,f the Vese l.ilile I'liliiionai v llalsant. I am satisfied Ihsl llie Vr. tetahlp Puttuima.r) Balittn i a v.ihi.ib'e mrderine It has bseu used in thu place wilh rninpleie put crs in anubsliulie rninpUinl nl lhe tmi;., alien ted wilh n sevpie cuugli, loss of vnirp. and thft raisin? nf mui'li liliind, wloihlirid pirviiiii.L resisted nun) sppiiived (itf.rriplinns. Alirr using the BafHstn nne week, the pstietti's vuire leiumed and It. wasable in spe ik audi bly. Phis rase nrcutred some time sinre, and lhe man is now fng-iEPil uol mil) inactive but lalntrious busiae.i. Respect fid I) , &e. S. MoHUM.I.. It is now lump lli.iu six vpars sincp I was httuiglu very law b) aa nlferitoa of lhe liiti., and nit cnuiplaini wasdrrlated lo bn inemable liv a cimtiril nf ituee phi sirtsus. I was ihen le-lnitd lo as .;i,n I healih a. I had enioved f.-r man) e.irs, bv usia;. lhe Vigeiable Put. ninnary Balsam. Since my reenter) I Imvu iri-uin mended lhe B tUam in a gieai ni-tit) cases of lung complaints, and so far as ! can leain. its ma bis in. varialdi been fitllnwrd bv initth beutfti, and in miu Inrianees il has etTecif a currs wbii h wne wholl) unex pcrted, Nllll'Lb r.l't KKTr, Bns on, M.tri-h 2, 1837- Fur sale, whnlesalp and rptail, bv J. K J. II PECK It Cn.,.in.l I IIEO. A. PECK & Co., Bur. linglnn, Vl, TOSTON uTvTTItOV IKO.N CoTlPAN3rbt' Mm pulilie are herehy notihivl, ihtt the luisint-.s ot ca -ting in every Prancli and variely, I. done to onter, on i Ihesportu-t nonce, al I roy, 1 1. I heconipany Invc m ien rniargisi ineir iiiuniiry, an i are n. iri parisi . i . i . , .l .. r , ' , - ' i to do all kind- n work tliaie at anv lotnlrv in Ihc ,'.,.. t ....... ..f m-ricriili.-ai'V. Prt.ciOci ntsa will tr a'liud.xl to, and t I nl. rii ain n lurniil.iit Iv eounlrv. Mill-geiring, Pot A-h Keiilcs, ' Sttive-.T Vrii- sale-1 y I t -I. IL P.s-k'.t Co.. 'I I" odure Mer-. IVIlctt A' nradlcv, P.s-ks A Co., an ' Bratllcv Plough., Axlctris-., A ., on h in t, or f irnishedloordi r. ' '. ,,' J ,.', , ,J 'l lhe Mortar, and HoUrt Mi, j f. Hyde. Any person can nt- heqi.a'ity cfll.c sti tie, All who wi-h In eotilr.ict for Hove plate-, or lo pur- j.' ',' ,. t'J, ' y. Miles, an I Hull Cook, 1 lines- . I. lit ise f.irni bed fur Judge Folle'i's bm cir Prist I'li.i.i'al.trgi ipiitnliiy ofhnllowvvare, t'nr then irno-e ! ii . i n ir.rn'... Charlotie; L. Jane-, Ge'nrgia ; I dent's In u-e m llitiluiglon. It is pte-nliuil 'ni -....i i . i - - - . ME. MIK LION OF THE DAY. NO CURL . ntrninriio I'liia. )". Mo.l "l D of N 'v'i'Tntl .J' . .. ' - ' ' JS'i-'"' .inn. w.Miiiiiiinv iu rcirci i nein. ami lull. I. h them to the world as an imno.iimn. IhmiiI..... n.l quackery. Thcpublic may I e assured ihev arc purely veseial le, they are compo-exl of nil e ingfeelmt-, part ot lhe mexlieine is only found in Asia and in the val leys of Germany. I'or conve'ine'iicc Ibe-e exlracls nre inaUeinto pills mid will I e found a -urei'iire or re lief lor all billious complaint., yellow and billious feve-r., Icvernad aiuc, jaundice, scarlet ra-h, billious SS.W':'.'-. 5. " P'1 Hint this " r.n "? ,:.n.V"rei.,r al '-rao. to Wlucli the human sy-iem i lea li.umnd .... ... y.lein is linl.le. 'lea thousand n.i-h... been made lo tlrawfrnnt tin rt.n'iiinu nt I.. ...... some longpun theory of maaic an, winch would r """ -very tusea-e. viomi inciin'ine Is not found in the fire or wlnriwind. Healih and bappine-s h.injf upon thaiicu wind lime t- the herald uf trtl The pa.l at lea-I Is secure; they have already raiseil a ..iiiiiviiiiui in tueir grennie-.s which win dely llie e'ot roiling tooth oftimc. Noneonn beGenuiuevv'ilhoiil a wrapper and dueelioiis on each box on which my nainei. wiiiien al length. Snld wholesale and retail ly thes'ibscrilernt Glen's Fall-. Iv A. B. cV D. Sand 7;l, and 100 Fulton st. and R. M. '.Meigs, South Mai!.et si. Albany. Banin it I Iawley, S 1 0 iiver st. I roy, General Agents for the stale ofNew York. M EltliTlT GIJIFFIN. for -ale bv Wm. Rbodis and E. B. Green. Ifi.-h. inond; Mnrteiu it Clark, nnd I), it D. S. I.nihrop, Wdbston ; Hagar A. Coin-lock, Shell urn ; 11. Stanton, Lex ; (ieo. B. Oale-. and Allen Il.iriu-i-. liril,.,. J. II. Hurlbut, We-tford; J. II. llartie-, Charlotte; R Moisly and Geo. PcIit-oh, Biirhnglon ; and Iv E IMiir?r.o ll. ir f ... .. i iiiiMiu.-i, ui.riuiuiou, .vsreni tor viiiiit-iuien ru,. where S, ib-A vents can I e supplied at xv nolesalepne'e-. SCJ-Ult. (iOKDAIi'.s aiHDICI.MiS.-rj: Dlt GORDAK'S Jelly of PotuL-granale and 1 criivi ui I'lll-for Dyspep-y,Ni-rvou- Headache, Pa. P latiun ol the Heart. Internal and External Humors. mi. I all impurities if the Blood, bt land Jelly I'.r the reiiei unit cure oi consumption, riiuuonitry Jcllvlnr cough-, citid, -pining of Blood, Iloar-enc-s o I'm- sian l.iiiauicui and l.inaiuent Opo,'eldocf'or Klu; Uroo-. Colombo Droo-. Silt Rheum O iilioen'i, Pile Oiutiiieiit, Slrciigthenlii Plavler, and voiii ami iv art t la-ter. 'I he above eelel ra'i'd medicines prepared entirely from vege'al le-I y Dr. Win. Gordal,, med no ollu-'r rci-coiniiiendaiion ih.m tint they have I eun I efurethe public foiirleen j ears, giving -Aiislaclinu to all who have ii-ed lliem.-iu.'y I e bad of Dasa it Katmono, Wood-toek, Vt. Geii'l Agents. Sold al-o, ,- J P Slrong, (Jn.-clieci J C Brook-, While River; Win. II Steel & Cel., Wet Ilartlord Wor.iev Downer Sharon; Downer it .Sevens, Roy e'ton ; J Wheat. Bethel, E C Holme-, Wu-t linnd.ilpn; .1 B D.infi.nh, Branard ; S Bel .nap. Ea-I Barnaiili N snow, Pe.mlri'iiE M fi A SSlocU'rand Gove it bhaw , Harilanil; Sbedd it Haine-, Perkm.-ville; llrown it Ainsileu, Felchvilb'; A it II Warlner, Wind-or A .Marsh, Bridge-water, SS& FT Whce'cr, Plymoith; and at Uainlncl., Roche-ier, Grandnlle, .Suiihliekl, Monlpel er.Middlel.ury, Vergenue-, and in most ol lhe principle town- in lhe Slate. A Supply of the above medicine- just received and for -ale by ROBERT MOODY, February, 1S11. (Gin) Drnjgi.f, B irluigion, Vt iov stalilisiiinuiil. T P. WHALING CO. infoim the public that i. they have located themselves in the village ol Burlington, und have fitted up a store on the cast side of Chuich street, which mav will be denominated "Cheap-side," nearly opposite the bank of Uurling ton, and are lecciiing lioni Ntw York a choice selec ti'V1 isf fiioJ. ..ill puind tu the skisoii, widen tlicy oiler for ssle as law as can be purchased in lliccvuntrv. I'or ready vny. Among their goods mav be found benver and broadcloths, cassimeiis,.snine:ts, flannels, inerini).. moushne delaines if-c. A choice selection, slo of French, English und American prints, equal, it hail, to any in Burlinvton. A general assort ment. if cambrics, muslins, plain and figured, edgings, inserlings, blond laces, oc. , variety of sliavv Is, and dress handkerchiefs, ladies' gloves ami hose, wilh a good supply of bleached and unbleached domestic gmids. Also a good supply of crockery, of tlie latest patterns, with a few elegant astral parlor lamps ; ant finally, a few choice faunlv groctrics, such as teas, sugars, molasses, colli e, lice, raisin-, dry fish, tobac eos, lamp oils, i-c. We do not pretend to specify all the kinds, to say nothing; of the numerous articles of which each kind is composed-, but suffice il to say, that the assurtmiut will be lound to contain most of the ai licit s wanted ai lhe country; and those that favor u. with their custom will he enure ly relieved from the examination of old goods, or remnants. Our inlue slock is new, and fic.h from tlie ituiiket, aiidhasbmi selected with the greatest p.i.sible care, with reference to the wantSj comforts and benefit of the People. But wc do noi wish the nublic to take our word in ibis mailer, hut most coruiaii) invnc tneni to can and examine for themselves. Burlington, Nov. 2fi, 1510. MACiXl-'CTIC ODONTIC.. THE TEETH THE TEI'.'III'I-Tiik. Ixro.sirvnAntn Tooni Put p.vkvtion. The fact i. proved, and lhe mos. in-t.-iesubiu. ad doubting are fully convinces!, as we have he evidence from the sale of 20.(1110 1 eixe-. of the Odon- in-a, within lht- pa-t vear, lhai the Fiopitui dream, of the alohytni-t nre re.ihred, and a remedy tltscovere'd for pri'-erving tho-e important -and ii-eful appendage, of the human -ysit-ni, I vibe u-e- of ibe .Magne-neOdon-lu-a, which I y it-aittae-iive, and lrenghcniug quali-lie-, reniovt-.'till cMraneou. siib.ainc-frnm the le-elb and pre-ervi:- iheut iu thcirnaltiral hrtlhancy, ami liie -urn- in soiinilne and leant)-, ll is asccrlaintsl from xnerieiH-e, that w hen u-ed.'ihe lei'lh will never tie cay, but icniain till the laie-t age ol man, with their natural wear. lieu Ihev are iievavcd, it- pri'gre will le arre-led, and iheleeih prc-erv:edandpievenled and pc-erecd fiom aching all lln- ha- I ecu dime in a multiiuJe of in-iaiK-e-: and more in thou-.tnd-tit ca-t-, ncrvou- toothache, (that climax of pant) ha- al once I ecu c ecituuv curiM iv popular oenirilrice iu America. And m conclusion, t here, or vv lit i- the young lady ir gentleman, ave, the that value- a 1 e-auliful -el of lex-ih, ound gum. and a .weel bri-alli mote than lifiyci-u.,tbat will le luncer t!t-ti-luleofa box of Dr. .M. Ililcbid-k'.-Magnetic Oilontie-a. For sac w lu-lt"ii!e and iciail, by A. IH'I CIlCOCK it Co., No. 1 17 Gene-ee .i. I'ticaJ N. V., and by their agent. Ihroiighieil lhe Foiled Slate.. In Hiulingion, by J. it J. II. Peck A Co., and Thco. A. Peck it Co. Ill Verge nnts by J. II. Bow man. In Milton, by Bur nett it Sawvcr.' In Gisirgin, by Lorei)7o Janes', ang2 USSI-: I l.'S STOMACH" V ii-.-il iu Wincor water. 'lhe e celebrate I bluer aiecoinpo-.! pincly if veje'.il.b-. if the most inno ceni yel .pecilu' v trtuc. 'I'bey arc ris-ommenilisl par ticularly for re-loriug vve-ak coii-litutiiti, ilt-aii-nig and slienglhening lhe -toinach, and increasing lln nppitite al-o a prevcnlaiive ugain-t llie cholera tnor Int., lever and ague, removing uau-ta, totniling, hi-ut burning, wcakiie-- in lhe bri-a-l, pain m the -tomai-b a ltd t a her -v inptoinstit i1.iloIencc.iml ntdige lion. One box will iiiir'tm'nitf gallon, l'ine-25 els. a 1 ox. Ut kiu'i Inn Oisji sirNT. 1 his choice and safe oiiilint nl . lai I lol e supi rinr to any now m tee, for that'Ie and loath-onte il sea-e, ll.e I I ("11. This Ointment i so i-carnm in lis operation lhai no per-on tloiil lt-J wnh the al ow di-ordi r ought to I e witht'UI il. ll I- a ri-imsly Inr cuianeuiis eiupiions, corbntic a tix'iion- of lie lu'ad, orany oilu-r I leaking o-ii wlticli nri-cs from sharp humors in flu blues!. Price 25 els. a I ox. Ill's riA.'s to r.i Aid t Bit l tors Pitts, or family phyie, for r-oiural im', in ca e of Jauuduf, innrlul -cii-ibiliiy of the -u maeli au.l bowels, lo cl appclilc, ficiid I lealh, costivi'iic, Pile-, and all i'i-i a..-- aris mg from biliary dcrangemonls, abo fir correcting lhe stale (f the III u.l, and .'Ican-mg lln; (ysiini of foul and viscid rumours. The-e pills are a mild e-a-lhartic, pi-ohieiti; neiiher rauis nor griping, and aie therefore a yalnallc and highly approved medicine, and are pronouncsl ssstich by the most dislingiii-hid physician-. I.'aeh lox coniaiumg 3S Pills. Price 37 i els. a I ox Uns-eiPs eelel rated Salt Kin I'M OtsTMr.s'T. This . il.- I .-.I nnd .Ht'i-.t ri-misti- i-irrvcl nitrnil ici the ivililic for that obstinate disorder SA I.T KIM .I'M. Where other means have failed, it li.i.suc ccislcl, and the f ti t that it lias been sMcnsivelv tin-il by rnunent Pracliitener speaks volume in its praise. 11 1. finally eticacitiiis in all ih-t-ase. uf the skin, .i n . i ,...! il,.. n,,,.i mi- r. He lull. se am in -in, t tu. 's in hi-, "" - , ----- , r nr. ill . .suiiiii , i- . . i - . . . i . V . .....iim-nl.-. Si.iii.-ri.i. ciri ncate- ungm it' " 'i i..,.!,,, .,.., nr ehon-e s thai a fair trial ncmi t r t"'' I ill r il - :. . . . ii . t i incrcbants genera',) '1 tm - i iJ,.'.ionsiy,c...iauiim mo ., C CrOOPlUC'll VOL. XIV....No. 50. I - - ' a . 1 iiis. c is viiin-rii.r in untf ' ca-'.iTcr'l'' fur lhai troi'ible-onie di- 'I I,.'. Plo.i... !. .........u...i r. . . '. ' .. . . . V ilOCI. .Mnr.lm VMr.qlJ I. nu..t. tit it.rlii - ".1'ii.nini tur eiirittt; se-roiiuous swei ling-, Si urvy Sores, Lame Back, and Fie-h Wound. pains in the .ales, Hip. and Liiubsj und seldom fails to give relief in local I(heiiinail.-in.. If applied to tit will cure ninny eif ibecoininon Liver Complaints; anil Is equal, if not Mineriur. to nne ill. nr. In ..... f corns on Iheleet , the virtues of Ihi. Pla-iir have I cen i.iint-njty wiousnniis 01 nidiVHluals in tl.e United Siale., who bavule-tcil its eiluacy Sold by the pro- i.neior e lias, llowen. Midi e hurv. Vi.. n.i 'Imn A i it Cel., Burlington, Vt. jj X.L taut Disi-iui-ri lln. "... .j SMTOir"!;"11' &Tr.KRVS HAIR 1H?GENE KAIOR. Dr. .S terry, nfter much attention to tho linportant subject of preserving tho hair, has, nftei- itia iy ixpcrinientselieinical and physical been abl tu discover and article which is now nfl',.., I ii. grcate-il confidence for llie toilet ns the besi lhiiinkver tliscoveretl. fur. foritssofii nitirrnm. ru nnirnfiiir...iinl!i. to produce a good bend of hair-to prevent it from failing oil when baldness is apprehended to rcstotn it when baldness nas taken place, and to pre. vein it from turning gray. It ii is more nourishing than po matum, antique oil, or Cologne water. It is a beauti ful ai tide, fur ladies curls u makes the hair soft and lively, and produces uncommon brilliancy. Thoua ands have tested its superior virtues and excellence and in every instance u stands tllim till rl ll .c nn infallible cure in all nllections of Ihc s'-ni on the head as tianiimll, iVc. itc. Cverv family should be sup plied with a buttle of this oil, that by its application to tho head and hairof children, the beautiful and or namental appendnge of a fine head of haie, which na tare his supplied ut innv be preserved. From tlin numerous certificates a ml fpf nin lni-ndn linn a ter i.ivl of its salutary inlluence. the Doctor feels firmly per- suuiie-u iic iias succeeocn ill producing on article which will meet the desired wishes and approbation of ths dublic. Fur sale whole-ale and retail by A. HITCH. COC K it Co. 1 17 st. Utica, N. Y. In Bur hngton, by J. it J. II. PECK it Co. and TIIEO. A PRCK iV Co. In Verge-tinea by J. II. Bowman. In .union, oy liurntt it Sawyer. In Georgia, by Loron ro Janes' WrolOIs.. H'OK.H.-Du. M. Hirtiicocii'i T uniivalled aud unequalled WORM 'I EA, a sovereign remedy for Worm-. Strange and incredi 1 le are the elects of Ihe-e vermin; few persun., and it i. thought none are fieefiomihem, par ticularly females and children. Many per-on. go through a di-tre-smg cour-e ol" ineilicuie wiihout n, 'cr.clit, when they might le relieved ly u-tnz th Worm Tea. Thu'invnlual le meJu me ha 1 ecu lestcl tiy the experience of mote than ten Near- use, and ailmmisicrcJ to more ihan 10,000 person, of varievs age-, and not one solilnry complaint ; on the contrary li'indrcd- have lalled, and uiisoliciiexl, given iheir eU: ealc 1 prefeicnce lo it. after trying the di 'erent arliuioj sent forlh to the pubic, and pronounced Dr. M . Hiich-cock'-Worm Tea the mo-t safe-, elil-ciual, and con venient remedy that can be obliiuie.1 ; for in no one ef tin: thousands of instances where it ha. I eun iisoil agree-ablc to the printed diree-lion. ha. it ever failed. N.U. Ask for Dr. M. Hitchcock'-, WtiiM Tea, aslhuo are many ncstruuisal road for the ele-tr ie-tii nofworina Fursa'e whole.alr and retail 1 y A. HITCHCOCK it CO., -n'e proprietors, 117 Gene-ee .ireet, I'lica, and by Ihc r agent- throughout thu Union. In Burlington, by J. it J. II. Peck it Co., nnd Theo. A. Peek it Co, In Vi-rgcnncs, by J. II. Bowman. In Milton, hf Burnet it Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lorenzo JancJ. aug2a IIH1'.TIC ElilXHt, A CELEBRATED remedy for complaints arisinf from a di-ease.l state cf ibe LIVER audits Secre tion. ; the fe.llowins are a few cf its symptoms, weakness ot the stomach, Indigesticn, lo-s cf appatita lonnesa ofSpints and Headache; it will be fuund sure leme-dy tor Eruptions on the Face. In co.i-e-quenee of Ineir leiug many nostrum, eirculan'oz m tin- part of the country, Ihesiib-orils'r- apj aiitboruoj to warrant its lenelicial edevl-. '1 his article is ju-t received, and olli-re-d to the public a- one well worla, lhe attention oflhosr w bo are atlliclesj I y complaint from the above disea-e; it I emg from an enu'iiuat physician we fiel conlident in thu- rei-iuuineudiiig ll. Oct. 6,1810. TIIEO. A. PECK it Co., Sign ofihe Mortar, one dour ca-t olJ it J II Peck it Ca LOTION. LOTION. DR. EVAN'S' BEACH Fil.NO LOTION. Hn-klye-nxnteil fi r curing all Eruptions Coarseiu-s., Rcdut and Pimples cm the Fat i-Nex-k or band-, and e Iccmally cleaning tbti comnlexion, aud removing all tli-ra-e- el the .km- Nothing coulribtile- so inuch to our general sue-ces-t in lite, a- an engaging hrsl appearanec. T hi. I.onou isaduiux'J a ino-l fragrant, mild, sale w a. h and great ly cstccuie-d for Us virtue, in clean. inr, sifienmc, and piiril'ying lhe skin of all eruptions, sti injurious lo I'd male Ivaniy, and re-toring it to a high e'egre-e cf pu rity. A 1 e'a-itiful e'omple.xion is ibe pride cf all who no-sess it, and the envy oftho-e vv ho are deprived e fit. What i- so a livtingto'a I eanliliil f' vvho-efaca naitire h.isUi-plnvt-1 herpower,a to hod hircomj'lex lon di-isilountd vviih di-gii-iing pimple-, which mar herchaiitisl A good apieartn'-e i- lhe I e-t reccin mcudation ; and a-the Be'aiililymg I an inn purines tha s'-ni, and remove- al, Punp!e-,'Blolcbe-,Tau, S inburn and Re Ine. s, and preslitce- a I e-au'iful lit e-, it i. the only cosmetic a ladv should ii-u al her toilet. Gentlemen will all al-o hnl tin. .1 delightful rcuiesly, to remove all Unughne---, Pimple-, Itingwetiiis, Spots, Redness, Sorcne's- of lhe fai e and nti.e", und every kind e f erup-li-in on tbesiuface of the luly. ' ll i- particu lar!) levi inmcndtsl logcnileuien lo lemed after tha vuig, at it will prcvcnl lhe olherw i-e ii-riain elect ol all e-ommnn -oap, in lurniug lhe leard preiualt rr'r gre-v. For -ale Who'e-ole and re-lad 1 v A. HITCH COCK it Co., N.t. 1 17 Grne-es. -Ireet, I'lica. In Bur lington, by J. it J, 11. Peck .t Co., and Theo. A. Peck it Co. In Verge nne-, b) J. II, Bowman. In Milton, by Burnett it Sawyer. In Gcorcia, by Lrcnzct Janes ail' 20 AT ATI' II U"! GRAND ItE-'IORA'UVE. Thu i valuable Vcre'al le Medicine .llcltie stand- unriinH.s! for thef 'lowing eoinplautts, viz: Dy-pcp-ia, er imh- ge-iiun, ui'ca tM Liver, luiiou-di-e r 'er-, lo-op.y, Alli m i, Cnsinene , Wen in- and lo i f Appeiue'.'aiid by cleansing the stomach and bowel-, cure- pain- m lh -n'e, -loniaeh and brcal, cold- and cough- rf lomj standing, Ilo-ir-ene-s slinnne.- of Irea h, Nt-rvntia complauii-, etc, w hied are tii-neutly the e es't nt dis ease. Fit Feverand Ague, it i- a miit vaiiial-te pra ventative a-well a- a toverrign reined). Ii- irlnr-i stirpas- any thing heretefiire known in leninving St. Vuus' Dan- e, two bottle- have I cen know n In isirn hi-sflbcling di-eaie, after having lalllnl every exer tiiiti torfniir )ear-. ll ha-a mo-1 powerful iiitbn-ncn in removing ncrvou- ci n-ilainl-. It j- pleasant to lake and soe.t-y in Us operation, that ll may I eailiiiininerixl lo lhe infant Willi -afeiy. The above Medicine I- very luuhlv reconimenilixl 'by many scieniific gentlemen, and a larce nuniler c,' who have proved th.v virtue- of the Medicine by persrnal use and that I iheir families. A I ill ofceriuicate-accfiiipanie-iiih I otlle, with direction-. It may le had whnle-alc or rela.l ct S. Britain, Uarre, aiul j. C, Fitrnam, East Williams tnw ii, Vi. sole proprietor. Prcpanxl from lhe origin al nvipe; ti-r -ale by E, H. Pre-nli , Montpilie-r, and .1. A J. II, Pres. it Co, an I Tur.o. A. PrK Co., Bur lington, and in the principal town- in the stale; all directions signed in the hand writing ofihe propr.i tors. l19 fpilEO. A. PECK it Co. at thcsignof lhe Mortar J. have just ree'd a quantity of Cayenne lVprrr. of English importation, Constantly oh hand, Bomhn v Gum Myriti, Eenuine Bavbf rry Hark, do. do. in Pow -der. Jamaica Ginger Root', do, do. ill Powder, Bengal end Olvo Turmerics, Ac. Ac. Sept. 10, 1S40.' GO Mi IIKKU We have.a 'evv Gold PiH- st diHereat prn p-, al-o Gold Ntx-l laies a' out lk same length and prnx' nl the Perils, PA-S'GBOIIS A PRINSMAIP 1 A'.OItS.--Joseph Rndgers and Sons surerter . also Pomrrny's fine Strops, and the white Wind sor Soap, for sale by II, M, C.IDDINGS A Co, XOTICE Ti) IIC1I DFltS. rllli: suhserfer will ferni-h in Burlington and .1 vicinity, GRANI'I E window aps, stp., unriey pinning, Threshold-and D(.nr lepsef any de-crip- lion, ut ine nr-i qMniny. -v nui ei any -innr y aiiici i .. . . . . i ., ........... ....ll s... smni I.i .weia' . o if I ,..'!. r- w il' 'a'e Ihc 'r.0,,,n. vtiVii .inline lln- so neans pp w.Ui ' ."'""u."' " Rirr... Vl. ivt ,,-.. l-tl. flm 3v;T(,r .. T .vThpBn7rrp ,nr. atwln'i sieb, n A HKVM,V ' V'Mr. J r f, . v, , Hh ' ' 1 v ? i

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