Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 21, 1841, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 21, 1841 Page 3
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R1UUUT0.N M.mKET Monday, Mny 10. From llie Boston Pntriot. Al market, 303 Hecf Cflllle, 20 yoke wotking Oven, 15 cows and calves, 210 .Slie. p, 210 Swine. About 115 Hccf Cattle unsold. , l'Ricns llccf Cuttle The prices out mini .last were hirellv sustained, nnil we reduce our qiiotilion trille. We quote First quality S7 a 7 23 1 Second e-ualityj-'JoOn ftli ?. i Tliinl quality S3 0 n Working Oxen Very few silcs e llcctcd. Cows and Calves-Sales S-., nne I Si .. Sheep -Scvcnl lots shenrcel at SI 7s, ti SI SO, and u lot not sheaved 81 73. . , , . ... Swinc-Salcs quirk i two Ion, part Bi-ikslnrc. at 51 a 51 lor sows and (J nud C! for ba.iows. At retail from 5 J to 7. NEWVORK MARKET. May 15. Domfitio Goons Tho news front England of the the settlement of the China dilli ultiea has had the ef fect to advance the prices of Drown foods, which have improved J to J cent n yard. Flour The receipts have been quite 1 trge, ami pri ins have declined since last week full 25 cents. .Sales of common brands western at I,C! i Oliio 4.G2al,75, and Michigan l,50a4,53. Tbo receipts since the canal opened has been about 30,000 bbls, so largcn supply turning in at once is calculated to depress prices. QnAiv Corn has advanced, and sales arc made frefly at 5Ga53 cts. Rye 5 a5G cts. Further sales of Ohio wheat have been made at 93 cts. which is an ad Tanco. Northern Oats 11 cts., which is also an net Tance. Southern at 32 cts. The cold wet weather wo have experienced, and the backwardness of the season, has had some influence no the price nf corn. PiiovisioN. The nmvnlsof I'ork are very larce, and mires hnve a downward tendency, l'rimc $!.75al0 : Men 8ll,".'il2. Heel is without change in price but dull. Lard 7 la? cts. Hams plenty at 7 iftS J cts. Shoul.brs 5 $ cts. Mjikv. Is as ab in hut as ever. Tho hink? find it difficult to o! lain as much nood imperils thev want, and in the stre-et piper of a f ivorite cher.tctcr can be placed at hank discount, I-.-telnnges on all parts. both Foreign and Domestic are in favor of the city, mere is noucminu tor specie lor export, .mocks bars undergone no material altcrRtinn, M a a a 3 In Colchester, on the 18lh Inst, by D. 1". Adams, Esq. Mr. Horace H. Johnson to Miss Silly Porter. ID) H C5 (3 In this town, on Wednesday 19th inst., Mr. George juoore, aged oi years. The death of Mr. Moore not only brines a heavy oi row to his large family, and immcditilc circle of -warmly attache connections and friends, but will t sensibly fell ly the community of which be has b-cn for so ninny years u aluablc number. In the private relations uf life he discharged his duties faith fully and kindly. As a man of business, honorcblcin hid motives and upright in hib dealings, he was largely trusted, and never disappointed the confidence rcpo 1 in him. Distinguished by energy of character, .promptness in action, frnnknees in intercourse, he fulfilled his obligations without ostentation s an I tho' 'ho sought not public distinction was well entitled to the praise of being the pood husband and filhor, and the useful substantial citizen. He was, from princi pis, a constant attendant upon public warship, and i willing supporter of religions instilutio-is j and in the last patt of life mad J tint pruft m':o:i of I'hiiIi in Clnist, which he regretted be bad, in rommoii with so tunny nthcrs, so lone delayed through mrri feeling and not tb want of serious conviction. Ili protracted sick utis consumption, inai urccivts ss ileltstroys was barns with patient firmness ; and his truly useful life was closed in the midst of tinny friends, whose ricf for their loss does not forb.d thankful iicm that they sorrow noi as without hope-for thtiif is the Cliria rim's hope, full of immortality Can. in tins town, on llie ion, m,t., Mary Sophia, in fint .'aughtcr of A. 11. Luwtv, njed I -car and S liinntliH. In HincsVirgh, on tho 'Jib um. or tlie duiker Rash Joseph, only son of Levi I'. u, (Jim- lU-n -Ji--t, aged U ve-trs and fi mouth. "In St. George, on tbo lCtb inst. Mrs t.ydia, wife o Orrm Mobbs, ag.-d 13 years. In Brandon, on the lOili ur,t. of Conmunpt on, after lingering illness, Mr. J. A. .Inhuman, Jeweler a-.el Watch Ms' rr, of this place, form-ilvof Builin--jti ivjed 23 yi ars. ' " Mr. Johnston has for a liitle morn th-m two v lira Wn a member or the ( 'ongiMe-atumil Chinch nud has during that lime exhibited the bennies nf th-- Rein-ion he professed in all -ill loveliness r,nd pori-i-. He lived to adorn that It ligion, nnd in lu-s dcmli ied.h:d anotlur proof. ir its power over the gin-. H.s Ian words were, "I feel an inwsrd p.'iee und n p-'ifect re Fifination lo tlm Divine Will, piefcrrintr rather to go, but willing to wait His pleasure." He Iris bit h deeply afflicted wife, and u large circlet ntriiemls to mourn bis loss, and. a mcin ry to be bmir cherished by nil who were ne-q-ninlc 1 with him. Tinly tie-end of Vhn Righteoui-' man is pnec. Ttltgrtijh. Mr. Johnston resided in litiilmgton for more than two years, and hns left man) fnciids here who will ling reniembel linn. He was kind and amiable in tisdispisiiion, and (-b iwed that hi-wished to do to others ns lie would wish tlijin to do to him. To his aged nnd blind Mother, his sisters and brothers at home, (Dclfast, Ireland.) to whom he wus inueli at Mehcd and whom he ortcn expressed n hope to sec ngain, it may be a consolation to bay that he wanted for nothing. Kscry wmit wn-initi' ipatril and supplied by adesoted and afilctionnte wire ana kind and syin pnlhiing neighbors. Com, ti-i, H.l & lO-l, Mviihii and White Mi i-n Table Covers, fi-J, 3-Land llj-l White Linen Table Diapers, 3-1 nnd 1-1 Whit,- Linen ,a kins, 3-1 nnd 4-1 White Birds' Esc Diapers, 4-1 and fi-1 hr-isy l.m- n .Sluitmijs nnd SIh-i tinr, 10-1 and 11-1 Map-i illis Hum, White 1 nnges, I urniliirel)imilv,eV.e. iisiii-i dby 1'.. M. WRKillTet CO. May 50, 1811. i,M) OCOTCII GINGHAM UMIIItELLAS, Light mid O Dark Ficured and I'l-iin Parasol tve-hrrm by U. M. WRIGHT V CO. May 20, IS 1 1 . i,v) nun is-i Mtknim HUck Nvtt Mnwl, .L.(t ' ocansanti iir,ii!iiierchiei. agrtnt am ly, jtut rc 31. WltlC.HT'eV CO. May 20, 1S41. Il50 II Itl) 1VAIIK, rpiIL subscribers nrercniing a choirn ulection I liar J Vtnrc, Cutlery, &r, direct from the. Importers, nnd respectfully invite the attention of lurcnuucs aiiel others thereto. n30 II, 31, GlDDINGSCO. Comer of College H., and the Square. pI.OVP.R SEED, of pnmeqinlilv, fornebv v' n:0 II. M. (ilDDl.NGS e Co, pORTO RICO SVltri'.-A fresh supply of that 'xecuent .sioias-es, just ree-eisultiv HjO H. JI.GIDDIN'GS A- CO, Drali Itroad t'lolh. fine article nf Silver Drab llroadcloth, expressly J tor lining Carriages, for sale by n."0 H, 31. GIDDINGS &. CO, STKAV IIORSn- OTRAYED from the subscriber, ubout the 10th inM. a snia It OWN JURE, one w h to hind font three small white spots on the back, caused by saeldle, re star in the forehead, 'and about 7 years old. Who ever will giie information to the subscriber, or to Alonjo Nenell of Charlotte, sehcrc i-he limy be found nnu uc nanasomciy rcconipcnse-n. JOSEPH L.M LEUR, Charlotte, May 20, 13-11. NEW GOODS.-The Subscriber Ins just received -- .."....," i in, n li.l,' , .11 III, fin III I'll 1 wiiiisi, i.iuui;illl-;s, tTKUUKEHY et HARD " ARE, which be will tllelicap for rash. , , HOR.JCE LANE. Mxy IP, 1811. 50 TO PfUUTEns. rANTED h Journeyman Printer one capable of tnkllier Chsreoof n linn!. lu ra. ' r- n capable man of good habits a pcrmanrnt situation ioflcred. c. GOODRICH. .-iiay .u. A.-MJTHKIt .UUUVAI, AT N. LOVELY if- Go's DRY GOODS, Dry Groceries, Crocktrv and Glass Ware, American Paper Hanging, t.ndirs nnd Hisses Bonnets. Wrt-an tnop to enumerate, but cm .tin. i c mi i oi iiuriictiiuia ncrcnucr. May 10. AT ifoW.VIlll'.s" CARPr.TIGS at rrdueed priee, bought eel Auc. J Hon, some ns low as 2 " cents per yard. HATS, New-York Broadev.iy Fashion fioin ii io 81,50, Calicoes, .Mouslin Di-Lntncs, Silks, Ginghams, luiincts, Parasols, uinbrellas and Fanny Omul gen iou in sery low jincte. ,iso r.tper Hangings ..u. .u ,nny j, nil U f T ii.sill,,f-r. unnt.l i..f I... irt 4 hubitantsof Willislou, mid Its vicinity, that they ?r.iirVo..s.C0',,'''lulliri busi.Kst-, under the firm of JOHNSON & BLAK'E nt tho stand known hv thennmcof the Bradley Hiuitl, and recently nccupieil flU'Jnl ''""--'l" will carry on the Tnuiiiiig, solicit a share of the public patronage NATHAN JOHNSON, Wl,M,)Ny.,,U:",IUK 50 X II.- Ci?h paid for )i.'ttind ?kins. A SITUATION WANTUD. TIIK Advertiser lias servcl a regular apprentice ship at the Printing lluincs. and has had several years' experience at Hook one! Job Printing. He Is elo'iron-i of obtaining a situation in sonic L-siab-llhment. in this, or the adjoining States as foreman, or would work as a uoinninu hand by the piece. He would engage as n partner in n good newspaper establishment, and supermtenil the typographical de partment, where the publisher is not a practical prin ter, and e-ould render ome assistance in the Kditorial department if require I. Thu l-t of rc-ferenco as to quaiincations ana attention to given. Any communication addreced "PniNTER," at this Oiliee. will Ic thankfully rcceivcd.'aud promtitly at tendee! to. Hitrlintgon, May 17, 1811 n50 WATCH H 8, CLOCKS, AC. WE hove fine Gold, Jewelled and plain I.evcru and I.epincsof the most approved makers and very accurate time keepers, which wo sell ns low as Watches of the same quality arc sold at regular stores any where. WeJiove such a coll for good Watches that sve are induced to keep n good assortment at all times on hand. We have received a few more of It. it J O Uocsley's watchesjmado for us by them at Liv erpool, these Watches are extra fine fimshcdlandigivc good satisfaction. Wo can refer to many wlio carry mem. sve nave aiso goon unvcr uuarner watches, small and large size, double bottom English Watches, Patent Vertical Watches and vanousotber kinds. CLOCKS. We have fine Brnss Clocks of J. N. Dmining's and other manufacturers. Wooden Clocks of various kinds usually on hand, as cheap as the cheapest nnd good as any. GOLD CHAINS AND KEVS. Some very rich patterns at lower prices than ever before offered. PINS AND RINGS. Cameos, licsv style pain tings, Enamelled Pins, Stone Pins nnd Rings, so low that all can nfTord to purchase. LOCKETS. For Miniatures, and small ones for the neck, very prcttv. SILVER WARE.-Snoons, Knives, Forks, SnutT Boxes, Vincgarcttcs, Ladles, Nursing Tubes, Spec tacles, Thimbles, Sugar Tongs, Whistle, Ac. Gold Spectacles. NEW GOODS. New style of Neck Stocks, also beautiful Satin nnd Roinbazinc trimm'd Stocks, Harri son Ties. Long Ties, Cravat Stocks, PIcted nnd plain Stocks, long Stocks for large necks, Boy's Stocks. We haven first rate lot of Stocks, Collars and Bosoms. Buck, Silk and Rubber Suspenders, Figured and plain Cravats, ef-c. WHALEBONE, &C -A variety of thin split Whalebone, a new, convenient nnd finished article for dresses, dressed and undressed Whalebone for dresses, Stays, Bonnet Whalebone, Busks, Eyelets, Elastics, Lacings, Pins, Needles, Bodkins, Vest Springs for the back of Vests, Vest Button Rings, Shell side nnd Twist Combs, Horn do. Dressing Comb, Brushes. LAMP GLASSES, WICKS, &C.Lamp Glas ses for Store Lamps, Chimney Glasses for Astral Lamps, and Reflectors, Wicksfor the Patent Lamps and nil other kinds. Glass Nipple Shells, Glass Ink Stands, Sand Stands of beautiful pattern--. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, f- MERCHAN DIZE. Fluies of all sizes and kevs, Clarionets, Pic eloes, Band C Fifes, Violins, llass Viols, Ouilars, Ten or Viols, Hows, Pegs, Bridges, Italian and patent Ger man Strings, Clarified Rosin, Insttuction Books for all instruments. Any article wanted in this line in any quantity will be furnished at short notice, at as low prices ns can be furnished by nnv other house. PLATED AND BRITTANIA WARE. We have purchased a fine assortment of Plated and Brittannia Ware, Tea Pots, Coffee Pots, Urns, Candlesticks, Cake dishes, Molasses Cups, Cream Cups, Spittoons. Sugar Dishes, Bed Pans, Castors, Shaving Cups, Snuffers nnd Tray. Plated Spoons. Nut Cracker. etc. to which weii'mlc tin-attention of all house kee pers, assuring them that it is economy to buy a good in ue ie v ineii uusea neie ii mill more elinn n CIIEAr ar ticle, the cheap one, generally proving rery tfW at last. We invitrall to cull and examine who wish anv thing in this line. The ads anccs on goods this spring nrc to sumii ns to no nine more man nominal, vsc mean to sell low and sell more. Further particulars as soon as time will permit. l or .New tjoousann plenty ot tnem and cheap as the cneapesi, aim goou as inc nest, can at the variety Store. Burlington, Mnv 20, 1311. PANGIIORN &, BRINSMAID. OHSEItVATION. "T7"II.L show to the customers at the Variety Store, that llli-ir e'nnf nre eeer nnlif-inHt.fl If will be seen that the Goods this f-orini are nf u. rior quality, and nrc selling at lower prices tlnn ever oiiureonercn in wus town ot equal quality. Although we uo nui wish inc nnmcoi cneaii .More, we mtenu lo sella !;ooii article as cheap as any person. We invite all peit.oiiF, old ami new ciistonie-rs to callnnn sceand price our ttouels, resting assured that thev will be per- tint aui sueu wn o nriee nnil ni n ite- sr-,m i,,r y. ten-ise sales and small profits thin vcar, and all who have gone without Pins and Kings and many other things, , becauko they were so dear, will just drop in and price them notr, and they will find that we sell them so losv that a can afRrd to buy. We return thanks to our customers for their liberal patronage nnd inionu eucni euai we snail uc most nappy to tliew them.nnd every person who cnlls. anv thine thev may wisbtOFCC. New Goods in nil the ilennrtmrntx of uur eieeuc. ueniiiieeoi ;ur ei, 1H4U. nU I'.AtiJiUK. & HIUNSMA1D. TT OTHER'S REI.IEF.-Bv renuest we liasemir iVX chased nud shall keep for sale, the above article. rainpiiiets to leuei isuriinglon, .viny JU, tau. STEAM-BOAT HOTEL, UIT.M.VC.TO.V, II Y JONATHAN HART. jVTU. H. respectfully announces to the cititens of xva liurnnpton anel sicmity, one! tlie travelling public gencrnllv. tint he has mirelirscd. thoroughly repaired, painted, fitted up, and furnished the above uuiei, siiiiaicu on me corner ot .-souui enei naiui stre-eiF, opposite the head of tho Steamboat Wharf in thesillagcof Burlington, (formerly owned and kept k., r-n...n:.. i ii ii -e c , . ni j vkjmuiii i. iv. iiiirrmgioii, oi inc oeeniliooue i ijei.-' nix,) in a style of ronscuimec ami comfort not eur- passcuuy any other Hotel in the village. A spacious parlor, sittins room, reailni!? room, and dininir room. all communicate with cacti other, and with the front piazza on the ground floor. The Bar room, barns, sheds and yards are arranged in the best possible man ner to accommodate the travelling and business pub lic. An acre of ground, nearly on a level, adjoins this noici, wim convenient out-liouscs, spacious ana airy wnihs, ana carelcns : arc all invitim? to travellers. business men, boarders and parties of pleasure. .nr. ii. irom loni? exnenence nrolnssen lo know now tofurnish a good Tabic and Bar, and to serve up the choicest eatables nnd rarest delicacies that the market and season oll'ord, in a manner to suit the taste of the connoiscuri anil he confidently assures his patrons uij lueses mm ins uimosi excruons win oc pui in re nuismon to serve them. Steamboat passengers will be waited on, to and from the Boats, nnd their baggage transported, and taken care of at this Hotel, and save their Hack hire to and from the Court house square. Stage passengers can be left ot and taken from this Hotel without additional fare, and those taking the Boats will be shown onboard and their baggage free of expense, and without incurring any risk of being left, by the darkuess or lateness of the night, or any olhcr contingency incident to the precipitancy of steam power, or the fluctuations of wind and weather. Horses and Carr'agcs furnished ihose who wish to transact business, or any part of the village, on reasonable terms. Single meals 23 cenl, and other chargcB in propor tion. 3m50 Burlington, May 20, 1SII. THE subscribers having purchased a BLOOD HORSE, will let hiin stand for the accommoda tion of the public at the following places, viz t at Charlotte Four Corners, on Monday and Tuesday i at G. B. Isham's, Shclhurn, on Wednesday nnd Thursday; at J. Hownrd's, Burlington, on Friday. Saturday of each week during the season, commen cing May 21th. The terms will be 3, 5. and 7 dollars, rules will not vary from thoc in years past. Cattle, Sheep, and Grain, received in payment at cash value. This Horse needs no recommendation more than he can give himself, he weighs 1311 pounds precisely and is no more than five years old. A careful and expe rienced hand will at all times be in readiness to show him free of charge. n50 EZRA MEECH, Jr., SMburn. DANIEL KIMBALL, Jr., llurlinslou. May 20, 1811, CATrLE of kinds bought as usual, a lilral ad vance made for tho! taken on commission, a few- pairs of poo l Beef Oxen will I e very acceptable on llie 10th of June, and the highest price will be paid in cash for such. ALSO To exchange, a first rate Chaise and Har ness, f(,r sicrk or ash. ii DANIEL KIMBALL, Jr. Burlington, May 15, 1811. .loslaIiJiaublliig Jr's l.state. STATE OF VERMONT ) Hi'slrict of Chittenden, ss. I The Hon. the Prol nte Court for the District of Chit- gen- tenden i To nil persons concerned in the estate of 4linUtrf J'!!'la!l Spanieling, jr, late of Wilbston in said dis-'r!i:l- dceensed, Grektino. 71 YyHr.RES, Isaac Higher, administrator of ihe . . iiuiie oi said iieccnfcel, proposes to renuer an nc-c-ount of his administration, and present his account against said estate for examination and alloevance nt n session of tho Court of Probate, to he holden nt tho Registers oin -e in Burlington, on the second Wednes day of Juno next. Thcrcfcre you are hereby notified to appear I cfore said court nt the time nnd place afore said, and shewcausc, if uny you have, why the account aforesaid should not be allowed. Given under inv hand at Burlington, this lOih day of.May A P 1811. wm vcaTON, ii'S,tir NEW GOODS. PDOOLITTLK has just received from New York n large nnd general assortment of Goods, suit able for the season among which may be found BROAD CLOTHS. Black Blue, Invisible Grccn,Ritlc Green, and Cadet inicxd. CASSIMERES, Black, Blue, steel mixed and fancy colours Sntinctts, Linen and Cotton pantaloon stuffs, a great Taricty. TAILORS TRIMMINGS, Black Italian Sewing's first quality, Ball Twist " " Buttons, all kinds, Cont Bindings and Cords, Padding, Canvass, silk nnd worsted Sergr, Sdessias, Blown nnd Black Linens, Black nnd White Wiggin, Marshall's best Linen Thread. English, French nnd Amemca! Caucos, Printed Lawns, Mouseline do Laincs, Bishop Lawns, white nnd coloured Cambrics, Paper Muslins, Foundation, Cotton Cord, Irish Linens, Russia Dioper, Table do. Table Covers, Elastic Braces, Hosiery, Spool Cottons. Pearl Buttons, stay bindings, white and coloured Joans, best drilled eyed Needles, Pins, Foolings, Thcad Edr-incs. Shawls. Ladies and Gen tlemen's Gloves, Gimp Lace, Wire Net and Silk Fillet for Ladies caps. Italian Cravats, Ginetham ditto, Pongee and spun Silk Hdkfs, Ladies and Gentlemen's Linen Cambric Hdkfs. Linen Cambric, Black Italian and Gro dc Swisse Silks, Coloured dc Nap do., best Satin Stock, Umbrellas nnd Parasols, Bonnets, Bur laps, Bagging, &c. IJU.UI-.OIH UUUU9. Brown and bleached Sheeting nnd Shirtings, Tie-kings, Wicking, Cotton Batts, Vaddingnd Cotton Yarn. GROCERIES. Porto Rico and New Orleans Sugar, " " and Ilnvaniu Molasses, Loaf and Lump Sugar, Powdered Loaf do Hvson. Hvson Skin, and Youni' Ilvson Tea". Java and West India Coffee, Starch, Bunch Itnisins, Knghsh Mustard, Cassia, iNutmcgs, repperana spice, Rice, Salncralus, Bar Soap, Pipes, CavcndiBh Tobacco, Lorillarels fine cut chewing and smoking ditto. Lo rillard's Macoboy Snuff, Scotch ditto. Salt Petre. Old pale Sherry Wine, Sicily Madeira tlo. Dairy Salt, St. Ubcselo., liarret no. ivira acona i-iasicr. Also, lhhd.eroiind bottom Tumblers, Window Glass. Codfish. All of which will be sold at tho sery lowest rates. uw.nou Burlington, May IS), 184 1. NEW FASHIONS, NEW GOODS, Aud the Tailor Ilcttcr than New! TAMES MITCHELL. Draper and Tailor, il would inform his friends and the public generally, that he has during the past winter applied himself close! v to the study of the new nritieil)le lately adopt ed in tho art of Cutting by the lending Tellers of I.CW I UllVilllU UlllUI IVIIIUI, Ul.U IIIITIII lu.blj .. nnd availed himself of the experience nnd advantage of some of the oldest and best city establishments in the country, he is nosv prepared to execute garments ot an itinus in ab-iyic teo say noimng oi mi mignoois sunenor to tnv none hv him licrctotore. lo recti ar - ..i-i '.i i- i i i ... customers, particularly tnosc who iiiivc hqu guriueuis made this rprine. it is'unncccssarv to say nnything ! but to those who have never given him a call and who wish to be suited, he would say, Try Once. On hand, an assortment of Excellent CLOTHS, CiKstMciiEx. Vestimcs-Sl-mmeh Goons nnd Trim mings, which ho will sell or make up to order at fair prices. iNO suit no pay. ' i i; . tit .ft. I liiiriuigtoii, May si, ion. AUCTION. Tni.L be sold at Auction, TO-MORROW, o lot W of Herds Grass Seed to close a consignment. Also, an assortment of first quality of Gnrden Seeds, warroii'ed good al.o Household Furniture, Chairs, Bedsteads, stoves, one side uoara, otc. tec. II. lllU.ll.iS. Burlington, .May 21, 1311. n50 Sales of Furniture, &e on Saturday, tho 29th instant, at TH03IAS' AUCTION ROOM. CONSISTING pf a Mahogany Centre Table, and tKoPier Tables, Boston manufacture, four set Moreua Window Curtains. Brussels Carpets, two do 7en Cane seat Chairs, Common Chairs, sundry Di ning and Breakfast Tables, Bedsteads, single and double. Cots. Wash Stands, Sofas, three very superior Hall Lamps, with bronze balance weights andpullics ie-siee, iieiie-nern, ,jiiu buiii-i iui ai ui uiwiu ui iiiu la test pattern, and four others, if-c. Also, one 1 Horse Cart, in good order, sundry Hand-carts and Wheel barrows. Salcto begin at 10 o clock, A. M, Abljali Allen's estate. STATE OF VKIMIONT. 1 DlSTieitT tip OllTTENDF.N SS. DEXTER PLACE, Aelmini.tra'or, with the will annexed of llie e-Mieef AI1IJAII AI.I.KN. Inii of Hhe-lbiirnc. in aid district, e!ccea-i-el, having tiled in ant court hi petition u s rittnfj, selling Torlh that the claims alluwt-el by tbeeoinmi-noner.s against said es tate, amount lo 8113.40: life t-xnen-es of athnin- ilering said estate cannot le le'.-Mhnn (M0; that llie I ..r. I .. -.T i.i.. i snxi le.inieir leu no i'rnou.ii c.isiie, linn nine lie eiivu feized nf about three acres anelyllftrty rok of land, situate in aid Shelhnrne, with a house and wood heel standing thereon, which land is iinlncunilicred, that the saiillclatorhad, previous to liivdcalh, euntracleit with one Chauncey Lyon, tor aboiirriveaeTe.s of lanel, for w hieb he was to pay SI50 antLreceiyc a elceil of said live acres w ben he -bould have paid therefor ; that previous io his death he had paid said l.yon $75, toward said lane', and that theiinder.-igue-d had, -ince the elealb of the said le-talor paid the said Lyon llie balance d-ie for said la-t me.-ntitnc"d land, for'tbe benefit of ha id estate-, anil praying the said court to Ii-ei-nc luin, llie mil Administrator, lo "ell the mleret of said testator in -aid live-aer. s of land and so much other real estate of the said testator as "will lie ncces. -ary to pay the debt- n;ainst mid e-ta'e and the ex penses tf Hdminisirution. Whereupon the court aforesaid doth appoint the second Wedneilay of June, 1311, fdV hearing and deciding on -aid petition, at the oilie-e of the Iiejisier of said court in said ttnrlmgton anil dofli order that no tice thereof 1 1- given to all persons intcreste I by pub lication of this order containing Ihe sfibslane-e 'of said petition three week" successively, in the Burlington Free Pres-, a newspaper printed in said Burlington, in tbeeoiinty of Chittenden, previous tuhe said ec ond WeJnes'd.iyof June, 1SI1, Given under my handnt BurlingtnnVi said district this lOlhilayofMay, IS4I. 1 n50 W.M. WKS1 Or.Jl'E"'". STATE OF VERM"oNi;)TheProl,ate- Court Uiotrict of Chittenden, ss. S for district of Chit- teuden : To atl persons eoneerneel in the Estate of ADIJAII ALLJ-.N, lato of Shelbiirne, in said Di-tnet, deceased, GltEKTING. WHEREAS, Dexter Place, administrator with the will annexed of the estate of stud dee-eased, peopo-e- to render an account of his admini-uation, ami present tu account against sam estate tor exam ination and nllowance at a scsMnn of the Court of Proba c, to 1 holdenat the Register's olfie-e in Bur lington, on llie seoon-l Weelnt-sday of June next. TiirnKrcmr., you are hereby notnic.1 to appear be fore said court at the time and plae-e aforr-aid, and show cause, if any you have, why the account afore said should not be allowed. Given nneltr mv hand at said Durlinginn this 19. b dayol May.A. f. 1311. n50 W.M. WRSTO.N, n,Ehl,r. TO TIIK LADIES. TUST RECEIVED at the new Cash Store, a few J choice articles, such a largo 8-1 Silk Shawls with heavy fringe, Dress Handkerchiefs of every size and quality, Ladies Cravats, Fillet and Chafly Scatfs, Licht Colored and Black Kid Gloves, Plain and Flo ured Mouslin De Laincs of superior quality, Lawn for shured Hats, Bead Bags &c. and will be receiving goods constantly fresh from market until our stock is as goou as any in tins vuiagc. JAS. P. WHALING et CO. Burlington, May 13, 1811. TIllllI) EDITION 8 .MAY, '41. llovvanl's 2d. Trip to Mew York this sprint. A N exlraorthnarv nnd herctoforo unknown did! Xl. culty encountered. Never, never, never was such a state of affairs known. Every thing steaming, sai ling, pitching, tumbling, running down in price and where it will terminate will be generally better known than now a change however may be expected when nrices will advance. As t the above present difficul ty so far as it regards Goods, Wares Ai Merchandize a great variety and quanlityhas recently fallen into the cheap Cash Store.and many of the articles on average costless than nothing at all, at all enemost ihere forii tn lennw how- nrrat a profit such poods will hrnr is a puzzlo to one of only 19 years' exntrience in trade but in thinkingand thinking quickly, thePeoplc'siJlOO Faculty Taxed Agent hnd a scintillation pass offfrom the mind, whizzing as it went Locomotive-like quick, miick, ijnici-, cheap, cheap, cheap, and from the idea fixed, tne prices of all articles that cost much less than nothing nt 2 pet cent., nearly eonietliinp 5 per cent., and when really cost any thing nt such prices as may hcinutually agreed upon at the time of Bale, and as it is expected the best bargains will be the first enquired for the articles will be in perfect readiness on payment for tho same at . . f HOWARD'S f S. Every description of all tho kinds of Goods required hy any Family or parts thereof for personal embellishment or household uso may be had at this most extensive establishment. llOOTK A SIIOESs. THE sulisciiber is now selling his remaining stock of BOOTS & SHOES, at cost for Cash. It. C. STIMSON. Burlington, Mny 13, 1 8 1 L n I9 MEADOWS French Dictionary, containing more words thsii Pe-jct's, at half the pric. Tor sale hy C COOPRICH ni:w iinmtM. OUPRRIOR English and American Prinks O elo. Licht Printed Lawns. do. Mournimr Ho. and Mouslin DbLaiiies, vdr Choice patterns, just re- ceiscei ny it. in. iuuutmi.- ev eu. New York Hats. OF the Latest Style, and of superior finish, Gonts please take notice, for sale by n lit 11. .11. UIDDINUS CC JU. HODA HIStUIT. fresh supply of superior quality, those! in delicate health arc particularly interested, for sale Ii 19 bui.i. unci eieeu, ioi nui-.- uv II. At. GIDDINGS & CO. .i u- ALSO a reat variety of Printed Lawns, French Cambrics. Ennllsh nnd Atnerienn Prints. Ulirlres- scel Ginghams, Silks, Alpines, Shawls, Handkerchiefs isiuums, i.occs, etc. lor sale oy . ni 14. M. VYIUlillT Ct UU. NEW HONNI'.TM. LADIES Florence, Braid, Plain Strow nnd Polin leaf Bonnets. Gentlemen's Leghorn and Ger man Willow Trimmed and Palm Leaf Hats, Water Proof Caps, just rcccivcel by May 13. i;. itl. WRIGHT &. CO. BROADCLOTHS, Cassimeres, Saltinetts, Mole skins, heavy Drilling nnd Vcstings, n large as sortment just received nnd for sale chenp by n!9 E. M. WRIGHT & CO. Pieces Challys and Mouslin Dc Laincs, just l)J opened, and cheap as the cheapest, by 114'J 1'.. .11. WltlLitl l Oc UO, Fresh Genesee Flour. JUST Received. The subscribers having made ar rangements for a regular supply of fresh ground GENESEE FLOUR, now olllr the article for salo, as second to none in the market. n49 H. M. GIDDINGS k CO. LOVELY .1c Hiritl.IIUT HAVE just received a large and elegant assortment of French Satin ground nnd other Paper Hang ings, direct from Paris, of their own importations, su perior to any hithcrtooflcred in this market, both in quality and cheapness. Purchasers will do well to avail themselves of the first selections. May 12, 1811. Commissioner's Notice WE the Subscribers having been appointed by the Honorable Probate Court for the disttict of Chittenden, Commissioners to receive nnd cxnminc and ndjust the claims nnd demnnda of nil persons against the estate of LUTHER CARPENTER, late of Huntington, in said district, deceased, represented insolvent, and nlso all claims and demands exhibited in offset thereto, nnd six months from the day of the date hereof being allowed by said court for that pur pose, we do therefore hereby give notice that sve will nuetiii to tne nusmcss oi our oppoinimcni ai tne uwci line house of Widow Harriet Corpcntcr. in Huntinc ton, in said District, on the ninth day of September, next, nt ten o'clock A. M. on said day. Dated, this 17th day of March, A.D. 18-11. 3w43 ALEXANDER FERGUSON Commissioners JOHN SNYDER, J Commissioners. A New Milch COW for wle. by -May 12, 1311. HICKOK & CATLIN". TUST RECEIVED from New York, the belt as l sortinent of Black, Blue Black, Brown, Invisible ureennna vtcstot i-.ngianei BROADCLOTHS, Black, Blur Black nnd Drnb CASSI.MERES AND DOE SKINS, the best of Plain and Figured SATINS, Velvet. Valencia and Mirsuills VESTINGS. and Trimmings of all kinks, ever before offered in the market, which will bo sold very low for the Ready Pay, nt their shop in Church-street, lately occupied byE. E. Evans, where nil orders will be executed in the nest style anel on the shortest notice. n49w3 C. BENNS & SON, NEW .MUSIC, .VXD MUSICAL. INSTKTJ MKNT8. TVTR. MANN, itjl tins just re ceived from Bos ton. (on roinmi ion,) a supply oi rtcw.viusic, .1111- r nt-Ititrunients. which he is authorized to sell nt the lowest Boston rc-ail prices. The Music for the Piano Forte consists of Songs, Glees, Duetts and 1 not., ouniiiiu oeiiuiuui .11.1 1 e lies, miiirsii, ...t- opades, Waltzes, Dances, and pieces with variations, some oi w on ii are inc i.ievsi juoucuiiuiis -i iiv toll Bricade and Brnss Bands. ALSO A great variety of Aniericnn, German, French and English M.isical Instruments, consisting of Bugles, Trumpets, French Horns, Bas,Tenorand Alto Trombonns, II Hat, u anil hiiianjiarionetis, uer man Concert Flutes from one toninekev-s.) Flaceo letts, Octave and Picolo Flutes and Fifes. Splendid liass vioisana violins, elegant nno Plain s lonu niiu Bass Viol Bows. Superior Roman Win. Bass Viol and Guitar Strings of everv size and letter. English and French Clarionet! Rie'ds. Splendid Frcsch Ac- cordeons, Spanish Guitars, with plain, and German Silver patent heads. Instruction Books, with Gam uts, Lessons, and Rxcrcisea for all tbenbove, nnd oth er instruments, nrc now frr sale at Mr. Mann's resi dence a few rods north of the Episcopal Church, in Burlington, vvhero he respectfully invites customers to give him a call. Military Bands and Muiic Schools, furnished with Music, Musical, (unei uruclfun, f tU tired,) nt short notice. 33-PIANO FOItTI'.S string, repaired nnd tuned ns usual. Burlington, My 7, 1641. 43 ittaxthi) iminetl.ately, Two goeil JIN.NEY S, con-lani cinpltiv will 1 1-given, VV SPINNERS for steady, industrious men. Enquire nf the snls-nlers " t,.,, ...r- ii-IIL-l'l t-U llt'tv.v.c ii iir.i.e.-iv- Burlington, April 25, IS 1 1. NEW FIR . I. HE subscribers hive entered inlo a copartnership under the firm of E. M. WRIGHT .f- CO. and occupy the stand formerly occupied by H. W. Catlin iVCo.-Burlington.Muv 1st, 1811. E. M. WRIGHT, II. W. CATLIN, II. P. HICKOK. T7 M. WHICIIT .t CO have reci'ircd and are 111. now opening a Urge assortment of Dry Goods, which are offered nt low prices Call and sec. Grass Seed at S2.5 0 cr llusliel. A few bushels of vtry clean Grass Seed, for sale at 82,50 per bushtl by HICKOK sfc CATLIN. Mny S, IB 11. POIl HAIjE. "VNE Yoke of Working Oxen apply to HICKOK & CATLIN. May I, 1511. io LKT. r"pi!E Dwelling House, corner of Maiden I.aneand X I'L-arl-strect, apply to Mny 4, 1811. HICKOK A: CATI.IN. Lumber Wageons. new Lumber Wnggons for sale by May 5, 1811. HICKOK sV CATLIN. Leeches I I.ecchs I A Package just received, of Spanish exportation by May 5. THEO. A. PECK et CO. NOTICE TO DENTISTS. THE Subsribcrs are Agents for the sc of STOCKTONS CELEBRATED TEETH, of Philadelphia. A supnlyjust opened. GOLD i& TIN FOILS constnntljon nnnd. THEO. A. PECK A. CO. May 6, 1911. Apothecaries. CJ m : i Candy ! PEASE'S Celebrated CANDY nicely put for up ro tailing also at wholesale, by May 5, 1811. THEO. A. PECK ) CO. 1 flii"i BUSHELS Herds Grass Sred-20 bushels 1 XJyJ Clover, by J. & J. H. PECK eV CO, Burlington, 27 April, 1811. oth AVF.n or stolen, from the subceriber in Bur Ll linntmi. on the nii-lil of the SOlli of April, a dark brown yearling CALF, with n line on the back, star in the forehead, nnd toil tipt with vvhi'o. Any person who will give informotion that shall lead to the recov ery of thcanimai, snail 'io compensates. ' JOSEPH CROONAN. May 5th, 1841. at Mr. Win. Sttongs. ICEM liONI'.Y VaTOULD respectfully inform his patrons and the V tnhabiiantsoi llurlington, ana its vicinity gen emtlv. that he has made nrrnnecments for adding an other branch to his business, lie is rlow prepared to furnish Wigs, Curls, and False Whiskers, and indeed every article in his line of business, at the shortest no. ticc, and of as good quality nt can bo obtained in iVCW YorK Or noston. All orotrei win niece sun prompt attention. Shop under Howard's Hotcl.north side of the bquirc, llurlington May 7th, 1811. Vt. 19 2,00 BBI.S. Pirk 1,0001b-. l-nrd 10,000 lbs Ham., for salt- by LYMAN it COl.R. ,it rowoKit. 'iVJ hrgs Blasting Powder hv, Apr! lath 1811. STRONG &Co. TTAH.D WAKE, SADDLERY WARE, GUNS,- 1.X Hollow ware, ej-c. I no sunsenner nas just re. ceived nnd is now opening a large anil general nssort ment of ihe above goods j comprising nearly every articir in the line, and which will be sold on very rea sonable terms for cash or short credit, at the hard ware store, corner of church plrcci and the square. ROBERT MOODY. nEM') tiHAHS SEED for sale by SrTRO.NCS'eJ. CO. tJi'CcriiMo for others to makeup; v?Jl be eloho at nil liiuts, ncii alt ordcts executed in tho tnut style, and on the shortest notice. City Faslituns received Monthly. n-tOtf. lAiVM.Y cfc HUltl-llUT HAVE just received a second supply of seasons bio GOOIJS this spring such arc now wanted, at their usual "Fair Prices" which we deem sufficient to insure as heretofore a ready nalo the public may depend upon this establishment', the ensuing season, bcingoftcn replenished with Fresh Goods from the metropolis. May 10th, 1811. 1?OR SALE, ten quarter Irfoh Linen Sheetings of . superior quality. M. LOVELY & CO. May 6th, 1811. DltAI'KHS AND TAII.OItS.' BENNS & SON. sa-tXKSSOKS TO EDWAIW E. EVANS. Church-Street, llurlington, Vt. I.OVl-'.I.Y At llltlll.Klt-f HAVE just received an addition to thoir present as SOrtment of Cnrnntinrr. Itlles. Bnekinir Unit,. .Matting, Floor Oil Cloths, &c. which together makes fered in this piocc, to which the attention of purcha- vi.i uiu ieieciiuiir inviteu. .nay ii, itni. BROWN Sheetings, Ticking, Cotton Yarn, Wick inir. Twine. Baltinv. ftmsli Dinner. il vrrv tow, uy k. M WRIGHT & CO. FAREWELL'S Gaiter Boots, Walking Shoes, Sorinir Heel nnil Freneh k'i.l Klii, .l.i, Mi.... Slips and Children's Shoes, for sale by nta K. .11. VVtlllill r efc uo. house: feed. FZ(r ',u,1,cI' SHORTS for sale, a good arti fjyjJ clofor Horse Feed, by HICKOK & CATLIN. 10 Stay, 1841. PINK LUMBER. 20.000 feet 2 inch Pine Plank, clear k 2d quality, lor sale. Impute of May it, 1SJI. SlllUAU'S 3fc CO. Hohan Potatoes. T7OR SALE at 50 cts. a Bushel. May 13. C. GOODRICH. Mulberry Trees and Seed. 1 firin AlpincMulbcrry's-10,000 White do. al 1 )JJJ co Seed, for sale by .May 13. C. GOODRICH. POUND. OR may bo found in Ibis village, directly opposite the Methodist Chapel, an OLD PAINT SHOP, newly fitted up in good style, where the undersigned will be glad to wait on his old customers who may favor him with their patronage. OHW) tr u. S1MLLU1.MJ. Burlington, April 23, 1341. HERD'S GRASS ond Red and White CLOVER SEED, a new supply at HOWAR'S. pril 23, 1811. Garden Seeds JT'RO.M the Yankee Farmer OlTicc, Boston, of tha . growth of 1310, for sale by tiprti a. C. GOODRICH. TO UK NT. THE storo next east of Mr. Biamau's Book Store on College street. H. LEAVENWORTH. April 19, 1841. STATE OF VERMONT, ) rp II E Hoiiornble pihthict or ciiittenoen, ss. J JL the probate court for the District of Chittenden : To all persons con cerned in the estate of James .Martin, Inte of Jt-rico in said district, deceased, GREETING. WncnRAs, Hannah Martin administratrix ol the estate ofsnid deceased, proposes to render an account of her adniinialration,and present her account against said es tate for examination and nllowanceata session of the Court of Probate, to be holden at Burlington on the ec-ond wcdiit'-dny of June next. Therefore, vou are hereby notified to nppenr before said courtal the time and place nforesaid, and shew cause, if any you have-, why the account aforesaid should not be allowed. Given under my baud at Burlington, this lib eluv of April A. D. 1811. Wm. WESTON, Register. KB Itanium's. Kstate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) rpHE Probate Court nuTaicT or ciiittenoen, ss. j X for the District of Chittenden : To the creditors nnd others concerned in the cstnteof Ell Barnum, late of Milton, in said District, deceased. WitantAS. Herrick nnd Samuel Boardman. Administrators of the estate ofsaid deccacd,have made .Knl:. .t.: t. . ... . , .t.. .: i... i)j,'iisaiiuii iu una v.uuu, eel enenu enc time iiiiuietl for making payment of the elebts of said deceased, twelve months from the 29th day of April, 1341, ond the second Wednesday of May next, leing ss-igned for a hearing in the premises, at the Office of the Re gister of this Court, and it having been orders I that notice thereof be given, by pub is nni? t his dec ree thre weeks successively in the Burlington Free Press a news paper printed at llurlington, before the time fixed for hearing. Therefore, you arc hcteby notified. to appear before sai I Court, at the time nnrf nlnen .iiuiv-uiu, eiieii sim mere, to inasieoujccnon it any you hnve, to the said time ofpt yintnt being further extend ed as nforesnid. . :.i .t i ' .. . Given under my hand at Burlinton this 2(ltb dav nf uprii i. u. toil. nji, it l-.oit'A, Hcniiter, STATE OF VERMONT, ) mHE Hon. the Pro- pistrict or ciiittenden, ss. A bate court for the District of Chittenden : To nil persons mneemeit in the estate of Ell Barnnm, late of Mi'ton, in said uistrici,ueccasea, tiltr.l-.TINti. Whereas. Eliiah Herrick nnd Samuel I'.onnlmnn admr's of the estate of said deceased, propose to rcuusTftii itccouiit oi ineir neiinimsiraiion, nnd puscnt their account ngainst said estate for examination and nllownnce at a session of the Court of Probate, to be holden -nt the Register's office in Ilurliucion, on tne n-o u iveunesuayoi .nay next. Therefore, yon ar hereby notified to appear before said court nt'the time and place aforesaid and shew cause, if nnv von have, why tho account aforesaid should not be al lowed. Given under my hand at Burlington, this 20lh day of April A. D. 1911. vim. wks-iu., ltegiFtcr. New ami fashionable TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT. MIt. UENNS would inform his rie-nds ond the public ccncrnllv. that he has taken tin. wi ll known 6tnnd in Church-street, recently occupied by I.-.1....-.1 I' I........ I I m -, . , , e iaiisuiu i .. iiiiiia, wiui'er nuu iiuior: ne wnicn olace w ill be kept constantly on hand and for sal, . n general assortment of French, English and American iiroactciotns, uassimercs, and e-slings, suite-el for dif feflnt seasons. Also Fashionable Trimmings of nil kinds, and of the best quality, which will be sold for Cash as low as can elsewhere be obtained. The Cutting Department will be superintended by Mr. Evans for the tunc bcinz. No pains wi'l be snarcil on his part to employ the best of workmen, and to make this one of the best establishments of the kind in the slate. Any gentleman who may favor him with any order, may rely upon having it executed at the time Bpnointed.nnd in the very best possible man ner. An ad lition will be made to the above stock ns soon as the opening of navigation will permit. He hopes bv diligence and attention to merit a share of the public patronage. 3wH llurlington, vprii n, isii. Ilcxvarc of Deception t TT has frequently come to the knowledge of the sub scriber that empty SnuffJars, with his Label on them, have been 'loucht up, for the purpose of selline in them an inferior quality of Snuff; nnd, als5, that his Snuff-labels have in some instances been counterfeit ed, or the genetnl design of the same so imitated as to easily deceive the unwary ho deems it, therefore, his duty to inform purchasers of the manner in winch tney are oiten imposed upon t and ne would hereby request them to tear ofl'or deface the Labels on the outside of the Jars after having disposed of the. con tents, sons to prevent further uso of ihe same. A suitable reward wid bo pstitt for such evidence as will lead to tho detection A. conviction ofthc importer. Tlie subscriber continiif s to manufacture, and offers for sale, tho follwing articles : ri.M. nnuw nrsun--, uenuino JiaecoDoy, I rote Imitation do Sjtut'd Sicily do Maltese do Curacoa do Aniericnn Rarnce. Holland rV Tuberose, St. Omer. Strasburg, COARSE BROWN SMUT. DemieTos. Natchitoches, French Rappees. American Gentleman, Pure Spanish, I.. Mixture. Pure Virginia, Burbon, St. Domineo. Copenhagen, tupjtat'd YELLOW SN'UFF. Scotch Irish tllackguard ) or fiwrje Irish High Toast S and Fine. High Toast. 1 SWEET-SCENTED TINE-CUT CHEWING I UIiltl.U, " " Oronoko do do. riNE CUT SMOKING TOBACCO. Spsnish, Kitefont, Canaster, Common, nnd Stems PETER I.ORILLARD, jr. 12 Chatham. Stret. . mJ! Marcnt -3I j. iv j. u. i-eck q io., .tgtnrr, llurlington, Vt. Or LIVE (WO HTfnr I nnitinttl if in MJ Dyspepsia, Asthma, and all ili.rni-s ofllie Lungs and Liver. These di-cate. prevail in a (rienl e xirnt, creating inoeh distress and some fataliiy. All llie-re-an 1 reineshul I-y the use of Dr. Taylor's Bal.oin of Liverwort. Thi nuslictne is purly Vrgitallp, nnd from it pt-ciilutr action upon the Livi-ri it'ways found 1 rnuicai remisiyior these ili.t-at-s. For Females anil men in a veiy weaU- state, no mtshcine can It- so grateful .ri-sioriilit.-, ns it not only .irenglht ns, but purines nnd gives a he.ilihv m-tion to the whole svs tern. Constantly tor salct.y N, LOVELY A Co, who have tut rtveiv ed a fresh supply of k-ox-huI Ic Good from New- 1 orl;, all vyrvrhcinfcr ta h. I'urltnjK-n, Inly 3ft lin, VIIUMONT OIIAWINO HOOK. rnllK Vermont Drawing Book of Landscapes pro A parednndntrniigedbyJolmll-nry Hopkins, D. D. Bishop of the Diocese of Vermont, Nos. 5 nnd 6, containing 17 beautiful Lithogrnphic pMits, with tho letter press description, this day published by V s-r ,r. sJllAWiVdr.Y GOODIUCI1. ApViF 22, 1811. Complete setts of the Vermont Drawing Book in G nos. constantly fur sale. qiO BUILDERS. Proposals will bo received 1 fuTiiishing'materials nnd htiililing the Brick School ool house in district No. 10. K plan of the building may be found at the Store of Strongs o Co. from and after Monday next, and proposals rectivd for one week thereafter. GEO. A. ALLEN ) W. L. STRONG '( Comm. 3ETH MORSE ) Burlington, Apiil22, 1911. STVTE OF vTlllTToNT. rpil EHon.tbeprobnlc District of Chittcnden.Ns. ( A Court for Ihe Dis trict of Chittenden ! Tonll persons concerned in t lie estate of John Newell late of Charlotte in said District, deceased. GIU-.ETING. WHEREAS, Ezra Holland Hemnn II. Now til, nd mmistratorsof the Estate of said deceased, propose to render an account oftheir administration, nnd pre sent their nccount against siid estate for examination and allowance at a session of the Court of Ptobnte. to be holilcn at the Registers office in Burlington on the 18th dayof.May next. Therefore, You nio hereby notified to nppcnr before said court at the time and place aforesaid, and shew cause if any you have, why the accout aforesaid should not be allowed. Given under my hand at llurlington this 28th dav of April A. D. 1911. W.M, WESTON, llegistn. .lotliam II. Hall's I'.stnlr. STATE OF VERMOriT, rpur. Hon. the ptsmicT or Chittenden, ss. JL Probate ('ourt for the Dislrictof Chittenden t Tonll persons concer ned in the estate of JOTHAM II. HALL, late of Williston, in said Disttict, deceased, GREETING. WnenKAs, I.vdia Hall, administratrix of the estate of said deceased, proposes lo render nn nccount of Iter administration, and present her nccount nasinst said cstnlo for t'tnmiuation nnd nllowance nt n session of the Court of Probate, to he hidden nt t he Rcenlcr'n office in Burlington, on the 2ijih day of Mny next. licrelorc, you are hercuy notilietl to appear before said court at the time nnd place nforesaid. and sbt,ev cnusc, if any you have, why the account aforesaid snouiu not oc aiiowcu. Given under my hand at Builington, this 27lh day oi .prii .v. u. ion 3w49 WM. WESTON, Register. IIKIKKii: I'. HAltni'.K HAVING lured tho Tavern Stand lately occupied by Mr. J.Potter, near the Court House in Burliniton. will nt all limes, be ready to accommodate Travelers ni? and other accommodations in pood stvlo. ami no niiu oioers wu i uoarei. o isr inn. iorsr.ktcn. pains will be spared on his part, to make them com fortable, and on the most reasonable Terms. Price of Single meals one Shilling. Burlington April 24th, 1511 TVTOTICH. Mv wife, Sophia 1'aucll, has left my Is bed and J.-oirel, without any ju-tilicntion, nnd I therefore foibid all persons harboring or trusting her on my account. JAMES POWELL. Georgia, Dec. I, 1310. NOTICE. ALL persons inile'.it-d tons, be the amount C t 23 cts SI. or more-, arc politely requested to pay, as we nee-l the moiiy. Thoell.lJllg any iice-uuut ag.tiiist usvvill plea-e pre-enl it. April 15.b 1311. PANGUOHNit BltlNSMAiP. (LtIEKIAN'si COITCSH LOZENGES The i O very lesi Cou-'h leinedy. and Sht-rni.tii's Poor ' Man's PlasleiV.tnr 141 cents, f-ir siinenor to your 50 cent or elol'nr plaster-. Sold at the Variety Sti te by PAM.BOHN A UU1NSMA1D. Seile Agents fur the town and Stale. .. B. 'I he linker's tuine " A. SHERMAN, M. IV u on eaoli Box of Lozenge and each Pitts. er. April 1811. QHEHMAN'S WORM I.O'.ENCJES.ore O ih. 'ere t from all other preparations put tori'i for children and. ,td ills lor worms. The genuine ,trt for suit- at the Variety Store, l-v PANOUOHN eV BUI.SSMAlD. Solo Agents te-r this leiwn and the Sia-e. N. U. Look and see if the name" A. SHERMAN, M. l)."is on the box. April 1810. FIRST REPORT I'rom the Cheap Cash Store. AS wus heralded forth in the Burlington Frco Press on the morning of the lth March, saying the former Agent, HOWARD, was continued, ami had commenced upon his twentieth year, who now most respectfully reports, as follows, viz: That the effort ma le in disposing of the ohUtock of remnants and Goods at telling-nff prices was highly satisfacto ry. That on the 23d he proceeded to Albany, and was present in the l.egislatuic when the committee repoited, adverse to the budding of a Bridge at that place, and were directed to take back thu papers and bring in a bill for immediate action to determine, whether, constitutionally, nn obstruction could be thrown over the Hudson, when the General Govern ment had improved the navigation by removing im pediments and deepening its channel, far above such place, is the UPstiun. Now that noblo Rivtr being the iiilei from the high seas and Atlantic Ocean to the tiaele of the Giee-n mountain State, of course the Peo ple's Audit could not but have a deep interest in the result which m ly soon be known. 1 hat on the 2i ill he left in the Steamer Utica for New Voik, on which passage Lieutenant Governor Biadish was called to die chair, J; Fcnnimoro Cooper, secretary, nud the meeting being addressed by Major General Sanrorel, whereupon a unanimous expression of thanks was voted to Captain Sliultz, by the Lady and Gentlemen passengers for bis indefatigable enterprise and exer tions in ploughing a way through the tee from Pough keepsie to Albany, thereby allording a pleasurable trip by wateriusieid of a dangerous one through mud by land to New Vork. Tint having arrived nt the great commercial empo rium of the Union after a winter's absence was chi-er-ed hy mutual salutations with former friends who without exceptions, prolli-red their every effort in sliewinir and ehpl tying nil of their most Fashionable beautiful, anel desirable articles of Merch-indie with a corresponding wish lo favor me witlt such selections as miL'ht be wanted and at the very best bargains, par ticularly as being for the supply of tile ever up and doing, quick nnd cheap, cheap for cash and nnit-im-prisonmcnt.for-debt ntore, located in the- beautiful val ley of Lake Cltamplain, at Burlington, Vermont. Thus having been o received 1 made a judicious se lection or such articles as were calculated lor pnli: trade, and returned home, where nnv of the many kinds of Fancy anel other Goods may be bad nt pri ces to suit puiehastrs, nt HOWARD'S. April 3d, lri-11. STATE OF VERMONT District ol Chittcn-lcn, s. ) AT a Probate Co irl holden at Il irliujir-n, w th'n and for said di-trioi, on the P h tlnv of April, A D. 1511 I.Y1I l HALL, eriilrilian of i he nrooerlv and i-stit i- of Geiir"e- Bliss, .Martin H. B'iss, Sophia Bli, and Jo-hua l-hatii l!lis, minor-, children ol Mo e-s Bliss and Sophia Bh-s, h.tyinir li'ed in said Court hi- pennon in wnlui-J, se-iitng ft nh that his said w-ar l lire scire I in ihcir own riehl in fe-e, ns temnts in eommon, of the fnllowin-j (If-eril tsl parcels of land, hill J and I t-inj sittia.e in She-lb irn, in the e-oonty ol Ch il it'll-ii-n, vir : A nie.-e of Isnd conlaininc one acre, formerly I e lonsrini to ihe r-ialt- of Jn-lina I-ham, dis e.i-td, Iv inn on Ihesoulh t-.t-t t-orner of the farm t te-up'isl ,y Jiide We-, which acre- has heretofore I ten lea-e-1 to Joseph TueLcr. Also, a pie-e-e- en ian-1 i.nuintin as follows i BeETinnin; at a he-mloel., slnndinir in the-so-ilh line of Jo-hna Retsl's land in snul Shelburn, nn 1 north of ihe l-liain farm, so called-, llieiiec J-;a. seventeen chains six links; then"t-souih 2 V t-.i-t twelve chains, in ihe road le.nhnp north front F. Mais-U'si tbe-nct- stiinh Slo -Ij' west e-ichl chains, thence south 13o west lil'lecn chains ami stvtive links i thcii'i- west two chains nnd sivty nine links j th:iict- sn'iili lo IV we-t, twenty to ire hams and ten links; tht-neu north EOo -ID' wc-i, thiriy-live clnms and lonv links, lo ihe road leadin j from the- fills to JushiM Itts-.l'.s j thence north in ihe road 19) 0' ea-t, six chains and twenty eight link ; I he-nee nni-h 2."o 3lV ia.,iwcitty--eye-n chains to Ihe platv of I e-jiiiniin:, i-onlaminj one-hundresl and forty. n-i en and nine'y thtce h'indreihl acn-s. Aho, the-muMIt-divi-ion of the -ev-e-n acri'lot, o e-allesl, forme rly lelomrinc to the rtta'e of the said Jo-hna Isham, ilis ea evl, I oundesl as follows i 1 rginnine nt a stake sinndins south p'o tn-t two chain- nnd ninety one links Irom the south tea-t corner of Anon Tneker's lot in snid Fhclburnj thence north I.Veast etrhi chain -and eishty the link-; I theiu-t- soutn 80o -td'CTt, two chains and nicely urn- j links ; thence somli 15' we-t eight chains and ninelv I three tinl., thence norlh g3o wf-t, two chains and ninety one lin'.s to the place of I i-ttinnin?, contain- ' ing two nn-t hlly-SIX nunoreni mis auc, mu middle division of ihe twenty-one acre lot, so cal-le-l, formerly ldoniring to the e-laleof ihe said Jo-li-ua I-ham, tfecia-ed, boundel as tijlows; le-gmniiis al a stale standing south S7o, west fm- chains nnd siMy.fivelinls from llie northeast corner ol said lot ; ihenct; to 30' ra-t, twelve chains and ten Imlsj thence-we-i, n' chain-i the-niv norlh 1 o 30' w est, cley. rn clums and ciahty links tn the road; ihcnee' norlh 87ot-.tst six chains to the placttnf tujmninc, eiintaiu-inCM-vi-r. acres. An I that it would If i-eaidocive to the iniere-ts ol -aid ward-to bat e said lands sold, and Ihe proceeds of sne'h sale p it al interest, it inve'n-d in slocks, and praying tho snul Court to grant him, the said Lyman Hallguardian a afnrc-aid, lice-use lo sill aid binds for the- purpo-e fllorc ai l. Whereupon the -onrt afore mil, doth nppoinl Ihe 3 l'h day of April, 1811, for hearuij sa'd pennon an .l...l,A.,l,e,...n 'm ihenince-of ihe Register of said tJ ... . ... .l...t. rt-.l.. lliilli-i. court iii saul iiiirniijion, aim "(' .-.i -- Ihcreofl-e given tn all per-ons iiiieii-.lesl, by pul ii-.t-r ,1... .,,.ler.i-oniainini; iht-sul stance ot said pe tition, in the Burliiuion Free Prc.,H newspaper prm ml in Bnrlinjton, in said couniyol ( hittciK'en, Ihrn ecrsive'lf, prt-vieiii-lv iotht- said 2 lib oi April.lSII. .. tiivn unoer i-'y can". v I'uioiin's ii, ow i. ia.-1 - tail district, . S'f.rr. ih e h dij' rf Aj-r'l, J?tl WJJ VC--TO, ".""'.'.'?ri""'i-MU' ' )ii'ij;ii"j'.,s' .iS3Mh '1 be (roods leinaimtig uns.Jd in the hand-, cf Henry Mayei asTrusieu in-ist l-usol I. Ail will do vvtll to uy.til tbeid'clve-s ol'tlils oppprnitimiiy, to p-iiuba u gOoeUut r-flnil. inueli l.elow their value, nt pnecs lo suit e-iislomer for cash. April Is! tt .tlL-dtrlnnl Liquors. ARTICLES in tbH linu nf Fir.t qunl.ty, may l.u coiistnnlly fb'ilid nt '1III-.U. At I'lXK & COV, Apotbeearfoc MEDICAL ALMANAC for l'Sll, for sale nt the bookstore. Price 02i cts. ). A. HRAMAN. notici:. VXrillTEnnd Grey Marh'u grave stones of super. " lor q tatuy nn'.l v.orkniniiship will lu liiriluli cd on the s(rUM i,ti,-el,vr II. S. LLAPf, Burlington, April 13 mi, STATE OF VERMONT, TIMT tlm beirv of, tnsTnitT ot-tiiMir..siii:N, ss. L nnil nil pcr-sons interested m, tbo estate, of JOTHAM II. HALL, late of Williston, hi suid district, ii.... , GREl.Tl.VG. Lydia Hall, administratrix of the csia:- of Jothnui II. If all, late of Williston, Mores-mi, hnvtu-r filirl petition in the Piobato Court for the fjuirict of Chiltetidi n, silting forth that the snid Jottmm II died seized of four hundrid nud tuhtttn acres of land, or thereabout", situate m stud Wiii.ston, being the farm owned nnd nccnpudb) hi.u previous to nud nt the tunc of Ills death, v. Inch lam a incumbered with tuortg.ige- ns n inotijiage to Horace l.ootnis to secure the pnynirnl of r Tit hundred dollars and intertsl j it iiioittageto Mts. Ma ry I.oomis, to secare tbt-pnyini lit of tee eh e liunt red doll-irs ami intorest, nn-I a" mortgage to Charles L, Smith, to secute the pafir.tnt of one thousand iiotlsis nnd interest, which said hind is nho subject to the right debts of dower of the w idowof deceased t that th tine from said estate, including the niii'n'iit due on said mortsagi s, amount tOabotit tiiesuni of four thoilsi-titl five hundred dollars j And further setting forth th t tbede'-eastd, nt the time of bis death, ownid a ptw- m the nit-sting house in said Williston, nnd that though it mny not be necessary to sell all of said land nnd said pew, for the purpose of paying said debts en-' expenses of ndtintusteringsaiilestnU', she believed that n sale of all nf said land nnd the; rtveision ofthc wid ow's dower therun, nnd said pew, would be beneficial to the heirs anil all other pcrsnrs inttrcttd 111 aid tntet thatmi'-of tin; heirs to said estate resides out of the slate of Vermont, and tint tho proceeds of such s-iln would bo boiler for nil the heirs than said land nn-1 pew would be j and praying said said court to gra f her license to sell nil of "said land subject o tho In cumbrance" nfnrisaul and to said rmht of doner, to ge-ther with tlie reversions of tho widow's dower there in, nnd ttl.-o s-iid pew iu s iid meeiing-house, ngiccably to 'he statute in such t-rse made nnd nr ivided. Whereupon the tnurt, nforcfiud, tluth npj)oint 'ho 2i5th dayof May, 1911, for hearing nd petition and deciding thereon, fit the office of tire Rcius-cr of sa t court in said Burlington, and both order that t'lohci-s nnd all other persons inttrcstcd in said estate hi noti fied of the pendency of said petition in said court, nnd of lit o time and place appointed for 'he hearing and deciding thereon, by publication nf this ordecoiitaininj llie substance nf said petition, three weeks succc ftvt lyin tlto Burlington I ree Presj, n newspaper printed in siid Burlington, previous to the said 50th day of Mav, 1811. Given under mv hand, nt said Riirlineton. this 27th dnv of Apiil, 1811. 3w 13 WM. WESTON, Register. NOTICE."! deem il my d.itytti ititoiiu the pjb , lie-thai I have invcste-l a s;ihc, pt-rfee'ly imii , cent, frum three -impie- le-, t entirely s-i-perce.les n s,ani-hfly Plaster, whieh gieestnjtro it j iie-l in nil uillainatory a"eetions of lie.- human body in I -2 f til -13 bum nil 1 iieed- Inn o-ie applu.-ation. I's lion iby absorption and t-vaptiaiion, it dis-oho u eom Ci out llie- lee-l enlirdy an.l v.-ulioul pain, i-ounti-- nets lire in a hum or M-aiel in lo ininuie, a ,t-r it np plication. Apply it to the side on a pit-i e dl oil -ill; or dre-ve 1 slii-ep sl.'in, for mllitin.itmn of the In or or lungs nud H extracts all excitement from tbo-e organs. Warranted to give ie!itfa recominendi-d. A. MARK, S'-le-prnprit'or, US Broome stre-el, New e-ri . The traelt'-iijiplnsl at the Propr.i-lnr's prices b llurlmuton, l)i.-e. IS 10. J. osj. Il.PLCK Ai t u. John Van SirMcn's Estate. Wi:,i the- s-ibscril er-. Ii.tvmsr I ten uppointisl b the. Honoral If the Piol ale Court t..r llie- Pi lr- t r.f Chittenden, i-omiiii-siur.ers to reeeive, exam ne and a hii-t the- e-l.iims an 1 deuiaii ! of a'l pe-rt-nn-, aga ti.l thce-la'ce-f JOHN VAN SICKCI N, la-e sfll r a; ton, iu sai-leh-trict, de-i-e.i-e-I, re-.ue-.i-nf-d in-tilv-ut, and ul"o h'I cl.iims and (Ionian Is exhibited in 'let thcre-lis and six monih- fiom the- elate-In r--i f I em; allowed 1 V said Court, f. a-.tli.-it purpo'e-, we elo herel y give-nolie-'f, that v c will attend to the biime-s e f e. er nppoiiilment, nt th. dwelbne of John van Sicklt-u, (latetun.) in Builmirli'ii. iu said disfr e-t, on tln'.lO h day of Septeinl e r next, at ten o thick, A. JI Dined. this teiilh eUvt.f March, A. D.lill. hi.van i-'oirn:. i l.ITIII.R LOOM IS, Cointnisritcors. I1AIIRV BRADLEY, STATE Ol-' VULMO.NT. 1 Prola'o titsTntcT or tiitTTF.xnrN. ss. 1 II irlinstnn within and for llie- Di-tnet nfert-aJ on the 30-h d.iyi-l' Mai-eb A. I). 1511. un InstnimuRi nurportiifj to 1 1- the la-t V,'il und Te-tanu-iit of Leonard Hodje-s lale- nf Wdlirtoij in -aid Di-in.-i do e easts', vi-as irt'.enlt''l to the- Ceuirl litre- Prol n-c, by David Trench the Exee-Hor, therein name 1. 1 l.u-re'-loie it i ordered by snid Court, that the pur n: ni-tii-i-1 o niyt-u loall' persons coiicerueJ tl e'rem "j appear 1 e-l'nre- -aid Court, at a -e.-ion there if tn I n hclilon nt the Eair'c Hall iu Will-IOn on third Mi oiu.vv ofApulA. I) IS11, nnd conict the pr-1 n't- of ? 1 Will, an 1 H ts further or.le-ie-d that thi ore'er 1 e pul li-he-l Ibi-ec wte-'ss .sui-e-eively in ihe Hurlm"'- n I're-e- Press n ncev-pai er printtsl in B irlmstun. In bts State-, the-l.t-t ( t'w Inch shall I e previous to the day as-igne I, a- afoie-nid, for heariuir. fint ii un ler mv haul at the Re-gisier's OlTi -e, thu 30. b tlnv of -Mare-h A. 1. 1511. W.M. W1-.STON. Re-.ister. Watch l-'onml. OUNI) bv the snbsciibcr, a few tl-ivs since, Siher Watch, w Inch the owna can havebv idtii- I titing, and paing cliarcs. ICEM I.ONEV, llnhtr JPJilJ30, Stew t uloring est vulishmf.nt is .1( Wmoml.i Village. The- subscrib. i has run. mcnceel the tailoring business in this place, and w-ll do nil UinJs ot" work in his line in as uood stj Ii ns it h iloneal anv shop in this section of country Cutlmg one. nt nil tunes, on short notice, WANTED All appti-inii-e nt the nbov huinesa. JERF.MIAII HARRINGTON. Nov. 10, 15-10. A DM'SSIMi in Molhei-s. Aniei vrop lor e-i lu'-lrcn I'ulliii! leeih. I i.e- t me-iy u-t- oftht- arm e win -ave- i-iiii-iren me n ,u n, ' I en a i ' the- painf d npe-r.Tion of lone-nj iht f, mi, pricerisl .lu3Ticis. Oo tlrcy's Coplia an i set - lent uriH-Ie tor the nnr't'V 121 e-t's., both tin t-anieV-- i -old nt Ihe Var-eiy Store. Pasiiin r Bnissvinp. Ot MIL'S K.-S.I M i; 01" LIFEA Va a' lo .Misbciue, which, if ri.htly applied, w le1 'ho mennsef s.ivihl' thuu-ands fn in an untom v -rraee. Il his 1 ceil -eild and u-e-d for ihiyar-, vt- i i t-.t t succc-, mi'l found very in liit-f hy, in eli-ca-e--, vi. Consti.iipiion, Wh-'op-nc C i-.! Coughs, Co il., eliiTi nil Breath ns-, In-tnxi, Q lin-y, stlmia, Ph hi-ie, piltuis nf I h I, F'.i n-le-n-v,' Inlicc-non, hoo-eue-s e.f ill-- B . F s every loud, Cramps, Kielets, Colic, C,ttnrt i, I i Hi lary,' I'aiutinj, llypoclioii lriac A 'e in n-, lies 'a ' rs, Sn-loie-ssal S.omiieh, Me.-t.le-, a prevent ,c el Cem-la-jion-dee-a-t--, tioni and Uheumalir m. iCv'Iheal ove lo!i--jneisprr -are-1 1 1 llenre cVv miir,i'flladl('y. Ma. Irom the On-, nil lie -e, v ihcilireciicn of -aid Mo. ne, aivi snjily n m jm the nrmeipal Dnuji-ts in the rnited:-'a't-. rsi 1 1 w hole il le nii'ire-au, i-v .i. ev j n i t----. t lan Iheo. A. I'e U eS. (' Biirlinet m, nnJ he-- alersT sc'ici.ilK thro :lioui the e- miry Stephen ll.ilglitv INtate. "txri'ihe-stib-cril ers, hat inc-ti on a qn n-el tiio H lloiinrallpihel'riila-e Courl fur the f 'r t eit Chilte-nde'n, e-oinmt-sinners to rcceiec, e-n;r ic aud adpi-l the claims nnil ilcmaiids tif a'l pers in- in t the e--taie-of Stephen llauh', laie-oflbir in n it -a I District, deep t-ed, repre enled in-eilyenl, an I ,i . n i i-taiin and deuiaii'ls cvhil i'e.1 in o l-t-t iliefi' ; mil six month-from ihciliiv d" the- da c hfr- f, en. alloeee-l I y mid Conn l"r t'nt purpn-c, i-.-do n-t , ore here-li) give nonce- dm we w-'I aMtiiel i thei bosttie.s ef our appointtni-nl at the elwe e- it John How ar , iu Burlm jmu in sali'isir en l-e sts-ond Me nd iv ..f June-and llr.t Mrm ay in I . ler nevt, at 10 o'- le e1.-, A 1 "n eaeh nf a 1 i' y, I'nte.l, hi- I2ihd.iv ofpfil A. 11. 111. -j.- l 1. 1 I IIFR LOOMW, (-., arch.w. iivnr, lmm ! " VnlnahTc UralHstatc for Sale-. IOR sale nil the teal Estate, late the nropctiy cf Mr. John Abbott, in tho village cf llurlinp'ion, situate, and adjoining the south-east, corner n th Oourt'housc squaii-.nnd consisting ot a dwelling heot and out-building--, nlso n time stuiy buck building occupied as a Cabinet Shop, but nny be so ar an.-d ns to make a good mte nnd dwelling. This p.'.ipi rty will be sold tojiethct or scparattly as w ', j, sun, t gelhe-r with land for gardens, -ic . luo one - 'Jm tot s- purine. A ri edit," ill be given nn pood ieii-n v f .t Mie greet ter part of the purchase nioiit v. 1" , fm if r paTncd larsnpply lo JOHN JOHNSON Builington, Apul S. l lt. lAMUlJI 1.0ZH;i:.S..!hi.-,-, ,,'ic"n-. a " is daily ninbli-him; itcli,.s i,c c t mebciue mr trial pa .uu nu.i soii-.t-uiiu.- - f i al coin i n -ii cli-1- dti-n, to.- worms. ,i w iiuie-iiTr an ' ic ' y Tliro. . I'ICK cc C Ian, 1, tSII. Nf) l icj:. riAlll. Cop.irlP,i'rs!i,ih,.r,t n'.-rr f-, st,n ,.,t,.r ,t1P X lirmrt ..l.tyo.V V,vl!a. ir-t,v, ,.f l. r , k- I UtW 111. W.ts dlssol ve t r, li,t IO I, M... 1. i .. l nuitual Coiin-nl, .lieeph Wait w ithelrnvt m,. ibebii" intise.1 iik.; rust will le-,l,(l1l ly H.pry Mmo t' I ""' - i '""( "i "I- M'-p-,. riier i t c ir b epl ihe ,ir-r mrr f C c ir b en I C'l'.-f S' Po'brij - - )n Rt m . Vri i Apt II 1-U j-v-i Wt.

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