Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 28, 1841, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 28, 1841 Page 1
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NOT THE GLORY OF OJESAR) OUT TUB WELFARE 5'o ;.F ROM B. tLL --. B.Y H. B. STAG Y. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, MAY 28, 1841. VOL. XI V.. ..No. 51. von SALS. 1 PAIIt OK OXKN, 7 Cow, 4 Horse, 2 Slags, -L G Wagons, 1 Carl", Harnesses, Plows, Harrows, mid all kmilsof Farming Tools. Thenbuto belong ing td the Kslate of J. H. H:ill, ami will lie sold low for readv nay or oil short cicilil fur good paper. LYDIA HALL, Admn. Williston, April 7, 1911. r PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. TltlllS article too well known to need common M. elation and the experience' of seven years lias demonstrated to the coiniiieieial community, that for accuracy, convenience and durability, liny arc unrivalled Coal yard scales to weigh from 'X to G tons. Dormant Warehouse do, to weigh from l-'2 II). to 5000 lbs., Portable do. to weigh from 1 2 nz. to 2001bs. Portable Counlrr Jo a new article to weigh from 1-2 oi. to -10 lbs. J. it, J. II. & Co. Agents. nrlinaton, April 8 1911. New mill Kaslilonable TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT. Mil. 11I3NNS would inform his riends and the public generally, that he has taken tho well known stnnd in Church-street, recently occupied by Hlvvard K. Kvnns, Draper and Tailors nt which place will he kept constantly on hand and for eale, a ccncral assortment of French. Knclisli nml Attirrirnn llroadelolhs, Cassiincres, mid Vcstings. suited for dif ferent seasons. Also Fashionable Trimmings of all kinds, ami of the best quality, which will he sold for Cash as low as can elsewhere be obtained. i lie cutting Ucpartinuit will be superintended by Mr. r.vans for tho time hehm. TX'iiti.tina will In, Ktinrcd on us part to employ tho best ol workmen, and to inake this one of the best establishments of the kind ni the slate. Any gentleman who may f.ivor him with any order, may rely upon having it executed at the time appointed, and in the very best possible man ner. An addition will be made to the above stock as soon ns tho opening of navigation will permit. He uues uy uuigcncc nnu attention to merit a snare ot the public patronage. 3tvll miuiugum, ijini e, tan AI.PACCA CLOTHS for cloaks ; crapes, camb lets, caiubletcens, goats' liairand common wors ted cainblets, printed Saxonys, plain and figured al pines, plain and printed muslin delaines, all wool, now opciiinghy N. LOVKLY & CO. 17011 SALK. A very valuable farm, sit uateil in Milton. containing ISOucie, with a bouse, two barns, and out-build- 1n.'s. two pood orchard", and from 125 to uu acres ipiprovcd, i lie remaining part is wen tim bered. Tcrtnscasy, and possession given immediate ly. Apply to James S. Piatt, Milton, or lo I.. 11. Plait, ii. C i.a-fcT..-".' .i-..-.s... i ni.siio. Tiber lias resum ed the Cabinet business al the old ."lion on Church street, formerly occupied by Nichols & llerriek, and recently by II. R. Walker, wherchcintends to manu facture and keep constantly on hand nil kinds of CA1IINKT FURNTrUUF., ofa stylo and rjuality not inferior to any manufactured in this ticinity. He nopes ins long experience, together wan a strict atten tion lo the buslncsss, will secure him a share of the puunc patronage. SfrWANTK I) in cxchanpcfor Cabinet Work. Ilireh and Maple Scautlet, suitable for bedsteads; basswood plank, anil lionrils from 1 inch lo i uicli ; wlutc l ine boards. Most kinds of country produce received in payment, (butca-lt would be very acceptable.) liiirimgion, Jan. l.isu. .NA.MUr.i.ixiciiui.s. Jolcliester. March 10, 1911. ITUAIi liSTATH FOU SAI.H, At a i.hi:ai V bargain. The proprietor oilers for sale the pre mises in the village of Burlington, now occupied hy II. 11. Stacy, Ksi. as a dwelling house, printing office and reading room Tin1 premises are cuntciiiciil for a store and dwelling lioucnr for olliers of idiuosl any description, and are situaied m the centre of llie moil business part of ike town. for term, uf s ilo and pncinriil, inquire of Clonics Jtussell, Pearl st. lhirlmgtun, or A. I.. Cuilin. of Or ncll Vt. ft AMF.UICAN IMCTIONAllY Ob' Till; F.NG L1SII I.ANiiU.UiK.-Fiist edition in Octavo, ountaiiiing the whole vnc.ibulaiv of tho float In wilh correc'ions, iitipruicinciils and sct-inl llmn-atid ad- wonis, lo winch is prchted nu iiitiuduclorv insseriauon on inc. origin, history nml conin-ctiuii of me i uigu-ige.i oi western Asia and Humpe, wilh an explanation of the principles on which Uugimgi's arc ,,inu.u , in iu int. n j- .utii v eiiMi r, 1,. I.. , rorsaiu ni me noohsture. I). A. liitAjI l.V JM.ireh 2, HII. MiMK MAV 1KK1!, Jn-luvtve,! al Ihe Hook Stoic, A .Sew Home. Who 'II follow. Vonii" lnlic Companion. Counter I, l.i. l.iy-.inr Nevv l'n,-lan I tt.neieer. Miii l.eir. lle.i !, r. i Vv V i 1 ' ,,"lll"i-i-a iv.iiq,n, n ol iu- i hi mi hi'- jiniH i nm-ioiii, ni'vinnl tur in-tioeiiou-in .scluioli. and ijinihc. Wnii.!cr of the l'''"!' I). A. llliA.MA.S. ftp taTus." fTIIKsubseriber would remind hisfriemls J- aniline uimic llial heo.-euhies a room in Church siri'i i,over Kern and Walker's tore, vvliere lie Mill five his pi rniiial at teiilioii to Itecairmg Cloi k.. of every des crillliilll Ttliv.o ivlti Ii lii-Lti'iii ll.M inanyyeirs lilted up in good Ijle and made lo have the aiiiicarmii-c of new. llu would aUo yive notii'e that he ba re- Walehes; all t ntrii-led lo hi" care will be iniiiiiii i ij'.iii in iiiiii t. i 1 1 null ii, iini rlieen engtgtil lor Iwetity years nasi in iinkin"a well as lewiiiiui! Tunc kitn- 1 ers.heiru is bis experience m the business will einblehun lomve'.adsl.ielioii to tboso vvdio favor htm wilh a eall. S. A few Clocks for sale, on commission .1. .. IH'..!.ti. llurliugton, Dee 23, 1910. ciiHoci: n itAitni:!! 1 1 Wl.SLi Inml the Tavern Stand J "J l-Hely oeeiiiii d by Mr. .1. Puller, Hi ur the L'ourt II iiim in 1 1. n 1 iilulini. will al all urn '-,be leady loaceoinniiKiiiie 1 nivi'llei hand oincrs wun lioaro.ei i"uiL',uorMKi'eii' it" and oilier aceoninio l ilioiis m "noil sivle, nml no mm will be Miared on lil-s inrl, lo lu.iki' them 'om I'orlaliie, and on llie tim-t reasonable Turn. - Price of Single meals one Shilling, llurliugton April 2llh, ISU XEIV MUSK'. AMI SII1SICAI. IXSTKTJ- M HNTS. TVTIi. M..V, ' s" " A i w .Mutie, M il eal lnlriiiu' nl',&e., which he is auiboiiid to sell at the lowest liohlon rc ail prices. The Ab'i-ie for llie I'iimi I'urii! i-onists of Sony's, tibe.-, Dnells and Trios. Nevvand bt-iulilul M.iicIiin Qui' Ut', ial ooadis. Wall.e!,. Dancer and lueeis Willi vaiialioim. i-uiiio of win- b are llie lalctt publications of tin llos' tm, ttriirtilii nml I'rlllds. ALSO A great vanity of American, Cernian, 1'rrneh and r.iighh Mu-icnl lnsiriimeiils, ciu-ismi'' of llindes, Tiumpel", Kicntb Horns, lla, T noi and Alio 'rromboivs, 11 11 it, C and Clanoietls, (icr nnu Concert l'lules,) from one toium-keyr,) l''ageo kits, Oc tave and P'ieolo I'lules and l-'ift. Splendid llass Viols ami Violins, i legant and plain Violin and l!as Viol Hows. Superior Human lolin, I'.ass Viol mid (luilar Slriugs of every si.o and letter. Kngle-b and 1'reneh Clanouijt lti eds. Splendid I'reneh Ac eordeons, Spanish (iuiinrs, with plain, :md (iirunn Silver patent heads. Instruction Hooks, wilh (i nn uts, Lessons, and r.xcreiscs for all lliealuve, and oil;, cr instruments, are nowfori-ale al Mr. llanu'a xii-ilrni-na fi.w rods nonh of the Kium'oii-iI CIiiiicIi, hi Ibirlineton, where he respeclfully iiivilit. cuilomers togivelmn a call. Mitiinru It.iinls am Music Schools, f 1 1 r 1 1 1 s 1 1 c 1 1 w 11 u Music, Miisitai Inmrioiiciiti', (nnvl ln0 union, if tic--ircil,) at short nonce. TVPIANO KOIITI'S slrung, rrpairci and tuned ,nusunl. imrungion, .nay i, ion, 13 WINDOtt S.VSII Jut rcicivcd 1 j ,20 and 217 by 0 u-cniens ol asli,alirl rale and at cents per ihi; nlo all kinds midsize, I'unn.linl 10 nnlcr. 1 iconiHoaa I. lack I lea I, a fir-l rale iriielc, for sale vciy low, togihcr with I sreat v.irieiv of Hher am- s as cheap n cm 1 lound at any oilier .,il,l.h- nt in llie pirne. 1n.11. 1 r.rusos BItOWN Table Cloths, 8 by lU-llhs wananicd nil linen. Also lino bird's eye diaper! eiash, Russia diaiiert cotton nrii ; black and while wad- lf. . . , ... . , I 5 . I . l 1 .llllg : liaillllg lino wiehom iur smu oy 11. M. OIDDINGS i& Oo. MR. EDITOR, Sir will you nolify all, creation that the subscriber has for sale, Ruck's improved Hot Air Cooking Stove, at llie new brick store. Col Iniroslreel. also at Jesse Oav's foundry. This is one of tho latest patterns and llie first of the kind ever introduced into this Stales they have been recently in troduced into the Stales 01 I'ennsyivania anu ixcvv York will, itrcnt cuccrts! and sufiice it to say. thev are the most conveniint and will do more business with less fuel than .my other stove. A preamble to pattieularizeilsqualiliesor prices is nsclesss. Just call 111, small favors are thankfully received and grcalonee in proportion, and if money continues scarce I intotul .uics,fi(, soil will ou iiscIpss 10 fu without on that a. 'ik.lV ' S. W. TAYLOR. Ilurlinglon, Dec. 17, 1S70. DRUGS, MeJicinc, Perfumery, Paiuls, Dye Sluirs, Oils, Varnishes, llrushes, vVc. The subscriber is now rcccivjig ins tall supplies ol theaiiove gooUfj selected with zreat care, which he will disposoof at thclovvest martlet prices. ROISKRT MOODV. TO TIIK UM'OR'IX'NATi:. THK snlucribcrs have received the well known article. Bloodrrood's Elixir or Health. for Ibc euie ol disca-cn unguis from uu ill sinte of llie .Sloiuaeli, ucli as XZ3" llendaebe, Loss of appeii'i' l'alpnalion 01 llie llcarl, il-e. It has given health and energy lo multitudes alllic led wilh habilual Coticnes. I he nncei f I his v.iluahle medicine h so Cstab i-h esl lb it all may I e enabled lo obtain it. At wholesale and iclail bv tii'i:o. a. pi:ck f. Co. Apoihecaiies, Court Hou-c Square. DISSOIiIjTION. The coparlnership hereto fore cxistiiiir between the subscribers, tinder the firm of SiiaiiHing & Mills, lias been duly dissolved by mutual consent. Those indebted and those hav ing demands ugainst said firm, will scllle them with C. 11. Mills, who ia duly authorized to settle the same. K. W. filWUI.UliMi, C. II. MILLS. The busincM will be continued bv the subscriber at the old stand, Church st. llurliugton, Vt. Marcho.lBJl. (J. 11. MILLS, TJROW.V SillXTlNCiS, 3,000 yards. 1M) pieces XJ Calico; also wadiiing, batting, mid wickmg, tor sale at WIIALL(i Co' s. ComiKiiiiiil Syrup ol Icvlnud .lloss, "IIllS celebrated medicine for CONSUMPTION, .1. at wnoicsaie or reiuii, ny r. .. i'eik cc uo. iRKOORY'S U1I.L10US PILLS, vv hole-ale nml s-" retail by lu ll. I 1 111:0. A. Peck co Lo. SNUFF AND TOltAt'CO. LORILLARD'S Maccohuy Snuli; do Scotch do in sin; ill bladders, tlo Smoking and chewing Tobacco, Alio No. 1 Plug and Cavendish do, for sale by II. M. (iilJDINCiS oi CO. worm i, rpilIS altiahlu article is daily cslabbshiiig itself ns -L the best medicinelor lliec.Meriiation anil rtliel cl Worms in children. Notwithstanding that there are other lozenges cried up lor this complaint, purchasers are vvairauled in the good ellicuncy ol these. Al Vholesale and Retail by T. A. PlXKvVCO. .Vigt tif the Mortar. ISAAC WARNcR. LI AS received and kevns consiaiiilvoiihaudalarze XX and full I'ssortmcui ot UROCKRli'S, among vvliieli are ClKiNAC I! RANDY, St. CROIX RUM imi.l.WD tilN, Avarietvof WINKS. and almost every article in the Grocery line, all of which liuwill sellon llie luosi reasonable terius. lie would also inform Tavern keepers in particular that be will fell rum, brandy and gin for OS cents a gallon. winch lie will warrant ol a nctler quality man some vv liuii liave lalily licen Hawked about tlie country by a certain New Yolk pidlar, and if not adjudged by h e best judges lo be better, be will nut ask any pay Iji incut. ileiiiviiLS litem lo cull and compare. Ituilinulmi, (ht. 1910. If. 'PHI', atleutiouof the allbcled is called to the article X J21 "Hay's Liuimeiil'advirti.scdin another column i ni-.u. .. I'l'.UlV. IV rili.M' HOARDS and SlllN(iLr.,30M Shingle w led spi lice oiaii lioaids, by .i it j ii pi:ck & Co Ilurlinglon, Keb. 10, 1811. IOTlCU. The siibscriliei has lemoved Ins ollice X" lo the looms over Lyman cV. Cole s store. D. A. SMALLLY. Iliirlingtnn l'Miruarv 1, 1911. I.UA'i'HHItS. Just received, andforsaleby llie X. EUbscribers a quantity ol nvo tuese I calliers. NKLSON it OATKS. Ilurlinglon, March 4, 111. c:i:it."i.N ( t)i;c:n syiujp. AKcw dozens of iliist famous medicine, for the cure Colds and Couehs, are for sale by llie subscri bers. Recommendations from many of our citivcus can be given. Tl I I.O. A. PI'.CK it CO. Ainttheairietf, Ctmrt JluUkt iV'tmrc, ftOD lTSH.MACKKRLLL and SHAD ofsupe y rior quality for sale by N. LOVI'LV it Co. CROCCLRV AND GLASS WARK.rKull setts of rrranite China ware. Tea and Dinimr setts. together wilh n general assortment of crocWryand glass ware j also lamps, patent top, screw top and astral lamps. Lanterns, tumblers, itc. all of which will bo sold cheap for cash, as we will convince any that favor as with a call. Church nt. J. P. WHALING it Co. BROAD CLOTHS. Please call at llie new cash slote on Church street, and examine the broad cloths, bea er cloth-, cassiincres and satinctts, befoie purcnasingeiscvviicre, anu mucii oblige J. l VVIl.ll.l.Mj Ov IO, Goods si own with pleasure, ) whcthertMrehased or not. S 13ICT01IIAL Illustrations of iho I'ible, consisting of 2U0 engravings, with views in the Holy Laud, together wild many of the reniarkable objects ineu tioued in tK'01d and New Testaments, reptesenting sacred hisKrical events just leeeivedand for sale at tin- booK sure. I). A. 11KAJ1AN. March 2,1911. IWKW ll nreF HOOKS. The subscriber has received the nrescn. weik a new sunn v of books, anion which luetic following : A piclorul Geography, hy S. C. Goodrich, 1000 ''ravings Rural ol i.nn and. bv v m. Howiit. from llicsecond Loudon edition, corrected and revised. Day's V.xn uinnlion of Kdwards on tho Will : Me chanics Own Hookj Hall on Hnplism ; A Green Hand's l'irst Cruisei Visit to Reniaikable Places. 2 vols.! lilunts History of t'linsl ; I limit s History of r.hsba : Tho Tcble of llie Lord, by the author of The Lisluer; Sacie.l Melodies; llo irdnian on Romanism: i ouug Ladies Coliipaniyn j Young Ladies' I'rieiid. Glared 2. D. A. I1RAMAN, TOTICH. ttlJMishcinc is U'si known by the i- etllCs u ,.r,irin..Jll I. Ncwlon.s I'.inai c:. or Purilier ol the Itlood. The miiMralldcil and still increasing lepuniiion wincn mis inetiicmt. Iia-ae'quir isi tliroiiunoiu iue.ew lMipMnilMtile-, un.i Hie ui.iuy cures it lias performed, and the gieut demand lu.ufe font bv tlicailvii'c ofiihvsici.iusvvcll aeoiiainliH will its tiicp iralion, lias iud iced the iiropnctor to cMenJ its cirjulalioii m almost every town in the m-tcru Males ami llie iinucipal towns in ibe I mteil Stales, This P.ui.ieeis vv.irr.nui'd purtly le,und is not siiriuisscd I y anv olber iiiciljei'nc ever oflcieil in the .illhiMcd a 'its extensive ..lie and great noiiularity ..I .... I I.I :.l I... I . luaiiiiy iiuve. ,i iiinii inu i.isi i-imneen nioilll ciiieil Us liioii mi'ls ofilie moM obstiiiale di-c.ises n can be proved by cciuiicates and is tirouniiiice'd bv einuieiil si ni I ii'sjui-tal le pbvsieiaiis ibo Km medicine in use-. I -clul iiilorin.ilion in.iy be louml in circular cuiitauiui cerlilican-s of euics and dn-eviioiis fur l.i king Ibo medio ne. 'llie fullowiug appointed iiyeiit.. Ilurlinglon, .1. it J. II. Peek and (jo., I!. .Moilv St Allans, Ciirti-and It'i-sel Milton, ('. Diafe Aid, on fall-, II unlet and S.iwvci Wate'rvillc, lis, and Uiowii, Iluicslinrxh, Hnll and Cook Kairt.ix I'.irker lindMnllteld Verseiines. Ad.ltlls and Aim r:iv Canibrnk'c, M. Wiicst'n.lciliill, .M. ('. llarncy .Mirtli rerrishursii, n. u. ickcr lieoigi.i, A. Ilh. tVillision, N. t'huicnilcn Richmond, tiiivu itltlimle lobiison, (5. L. Warner and Co Monklou, Miuth llakcrlielil, Ariiiiiiglon and W oiKlvvard I air' Held, II irnet and 1 arnsvvoilli. i-.o.p.Iy.l.iy , , - iiiJT.v si:i;i. A f I.I1S. genuine Scotch purp'e top Ibila ll.iga hKJ Sevd, r.n-ed from sclceteil Turnips, for sale bv Mrfrch 25. C. (iOODRICII. ' CtODKISlI, of superior quality for ssle hy II. M. UlPDlNOS it CO. TODINK SPRING WATI'.R. A recently dUcuvcr X cd fountain at Saratoga and contains proper lit a know n in no oilier Spring; its freedom from Iron tenners it site to he urunK by a certain class ol inva lids with whom Iron proves Injurious iho quaiitityof lodiuo contained in this water renders il the most val uable mineral walrr for every species of Scrofula yet discovered, for sale by J.&J. II. PF.CK & Co. Atfts lievvare of Deception! IT has frequently come lo llie know ledge of flic sub scriber that imply SniitV Jars, with his Labi 1 on then), have hern bouc III up. fur the tuirno-e of sellimr in them an inferior quality of Smill'; and, also, thatlus Snuir-labels have ill some instances, been counterfeit ed, or the L'euernl di'shin of the same so imitiiiid as to easily iketivu Ilieuuwarj ; lie deems it, llitrelorc, bis auuj to iiiiorin purcliastrs ol llie maiintr m which Ihey are ol'leu iiuposeil ujioui ami he would hereby re'quest them lo tear oil'or defaeu the Labels on the outside of the Jars after having disposed of the con tents, so as lo prevent furtlur use of tho same. A suitable reward will bo paid for such evidence as will had to the detection it conviction of tlioiuipostcr. The subsrriber continues to manufacture, and oilers for bale, the follwing articles : i ini; iiRtm.N SNUFi SXNOLE. DOUBLli. UMIULICAL. fCST" rii-'d a niprd of Marsh's c(UliralcJrrii-'Cs ol'evcrvdnscriiilioyl'or.iil.1 by the dozen r single Ot. 10,1810. n,TIIK()A. PI'.t'K. .('. Sil'iioI the Jirlar. rpillv Ibirlinglon IIUKWIlYhas X. liovvcoiiimciieiil luisims, and will have new lletr in a fit days, . when all orders will bepuiluu Iv -a aucndcii lo. Ilurlinglon, Sept. 1BI0- (if.O. IM'.'iTR&N. HARDWARE, SADDLKRY WARi:, (ills, Hollow ware, d-c. Tho subscriber hail jit re i i in d and is now openin'' a lame mid cincral n.,,n. mi lit of tho abovo giAidsj eomprisiiig nearly n rv ' i :.. .1... i:.. .....I l.;..l. .. ,il l. .."l.l - ' mill l 111 loo line, ii uu "iiivii mi, uu who. un vei xv: rontiMo terms lor cash or bbort creibt, at tho ,r, wale store, corner ot cnurtii imci iiiiii inc squ.i, KOIlf-KT MOOf. CATAItltll SNUI'F, MARSHALL'S S.M'KK, is still ciuinaibe Calarrli and tliev.irioiis diseases of Ibe ii.wcllas sore eyes, In all parts of the comilry ; and sustaining the reputation whii'li it has long Vine o trained, ol liciug iib-oiiiieiy uie i .- article ol llie Mud in llie inaruci. Lath botlle eonlnins iluei: times llicuuantitv of one ol those which aie ollered at "O.NLV TWLN'I V I IV1-. CI'.M.-." And I iberclore n much clieaicr. us well .is poller niiicie, I or sale by J. it J. ll.'PLCK it Co, TllIX). A. PKCK it Co. and Dn. Roll P. MOODY. Ilurlinglon, Jan. 22, lell. Iy.1.18 CPLMI'ORTANI CAUTION,Qi It is a singular fact undone much leiTe regretted lliat valuable Inedii'incs, lis soon as Ihey I eeume pop ular, and have rceeive'd the test mid npprovaloln disciiininaling public, are siiru lo hucounlcrfcitcd, and lints n bid and spurious article is iinoieib.ilely palmeil upon llieiiusiispcclingfortbc genuine. This has 1 ecu notoriously ihecasc vrilh all popular tried and truly valuable inediciies for years pal, nnd will piubably contitiuelolic the case for years to conic. Tho base and contemptible counterfeit in tin- way meanly takes advantage; ol all the cllbrts and adver tising used by the proprietors oflhe genuine article, lo gel their medicines mtouse and deserved poplu.iri ty. Il ii lliercforenot less thedulv than it contributes tolhe safety of every honest individual in llie com munity to expose, frown down, and forever after DIS TRULY all IIKAI1TI.KSS IMillATlSwho thus irre- tribe wilh liealihand life. SL-llIKUi:i'01!l': TAKIO NOTIL"Hni There is a nei son bv I ho name ofJ. It. llOCHE- KORT. now engaged hi selling n Pill doncup in boxes in exacl and perfect iroilation of the genuine INDIAN J.tU.T AI1LK I'lLLs, Willi Ibe oiniswon ofonlyonf wiird un llu. lloxes VIZ. Wulnuf. 'riiu Hal. -..1 J l.i. this ItiK'hetort are evidently intended nsnfinudaRd iiiqiositiun upon the eoiiiiiiuniiy, or Ibcy would not have I ecu done up ill such exacl imitation of the gen uine. This pcr-on is tall Uu-tcrm Willi a irrcat llie- alneal swagger, lie was icccnily known sn very poor piavor in iiaiiimorc, uiioer llie musical cognomen ol .11111 iirown, a tui is about twenty live years ol age Ills almost U'yotida doubt that be is si'ipplieil wilh thel'ills Irom a Druggist linn ill Ibis city, who have liereloforo Iwn noloiiouslv eonnecicd with coimter- feil medicine-. As soon as proof is ubtniutsl the fuun tniu head of ibis nefarious bn-iness will l oexposeil, that the eoiiiiiiuniiy may shun them us Ihey would a -crpcni. IN THK MLWN TIM K THfi I'CULtC AUK CAU TION Kl) affaiii-st Iniyini; WKKWITri Indian Vegetable Pills of any nnt uliu noi uxlnhit a it'riilicnivor njrcti t'V msuwI I'y llie nircnl for lliy New Kntaml Stales and UMriim tUto muco Jumiary 1810. AUotaKu par 1 not ki thufollowinir wonlinir i tm tin hox- vs WriirlitS Indian WjftaMoPilU (InJ. Purgative) oi inu iimii AiruTican tw()iioe oi Jit'aiin. 7if Indian Vtsttabte Pills Hie u certain cure for lisej?e in iit vftv v.irieiv uf form, bee ti tie lliov llio rutilily cleanse I lie etonucli Anil buwelii, irnjnce u pro per ciisi li.uge ny Hie lungs, 1K111 and KiUncy, nnd ell miil.itr (lie Mood to ptitif) ii.-lf. In oilier mouIs iliey npen till (lie ii.iuiral ilrjin, ;iutl leac NATUii K (the (Srand Iihtj$ician) fiee 10 driie disea-e fiom llie bud). The .il)oe omlcip, tit iliainc, ate llie common seuers of I tit lioil, tlirongti uhlrli all inoihiJ.intl cor rupt liiMiioi t (llie (Hi:-p of iiitni-c) air enrrird off; anil po Ion" a? lliey aie all knpt iien, and ilicrliiirge ficct) tlirir allulled pornoiis ol inipiril), tliebudy will con. untie in liealih : liui when fion eaiinf improper food, Ijirailiini; impute air, tmlden traiuiiion fiom licit to rold, ner PxInuJlion uranv wher rpne, (lie boeli become cot-lie, i he poiei ol the fKhi become etofed, or iliekidncyp fail (i pel form I veil liinriion pmpeil). Hie impiirnif's which sinaiwi iiciliaiiifu hum (lie IjuU by ilifro uuilei?, will be leiainril, and rontinne loae. i-nmiiiaie until inc lnl iiprmni? literati loaded uuli li.ij-o. If ilie rliaiiu' U of mtln ricr? liould become blorketl up, would not the .tceLimilaied w.iteii find new oiiilt't, or (tie eonniry become iniind.iir'l Jiii-t fo wilh I tic tmm.u Imdy ; t ft tie natiiialOiiin be come eluded, lliegl'tpii int aidt roi rapt htunoM willfind ent in the litiioii.s luinm ol ilit(Mc eat li im I vvtt dm. ill I'nx, Meii-U'i, ltliriiiii.ili.m, (lou, Ajoplexy. &c. or Ileiitli will eti 1 our tuflei nij-i Thiufoie, wlten ickneft al t lie elniuacli, paiii in the bi(k ami ide, (pii(k ptili-c. burning rkin, or ain o tter unjdea (mi fvmnioiiid, indicate dial one or inoic ol (he a. I iirti ill am? aie not di.iclirtrcm! It eel v, and i lie vuntn. lotion about lu cominence a en icie (ur the reclora lion uf health, no limu niton Id be lost in aitrnini.trrin a fe.v brirk dofet of (he Indian Pmgaihc Indian Ve HCtabte Villa.) Ity so iluii't;, all I tic lanciiuai -f die itoiiy win ue icslureti lo urtler, rml llie luni nuinori C i lie cause of every intt iou or we fuffer) will tie removed in eu eat-V and nuturnl utitttner, linn ili bodvwillbe iriloied a if bvaeliaiin. The abote lid m.iy be tiiken al ALL limes and under At.Lcir ciiiiHliOiicei-. wilh iicrreci .rei. I liev un all com plaint n and .ill ngen, and are lo llie hum in coiui l uiioo ii- c'Uil : roiHfiineniiy llie can aener tnjute eeo Hie moil detiprfie, I. ike utir fii'jtt, iliev aie ilij;e.tiljtt' ; iheiefore thev enter into l he cinulalton and ;tn energy lo ibe blood, wiiit h cn-diea ii lo flow- w uli fir e dom ipiiie n the exliemiiie mti cutikefpiently in kep tut poics nl uie fhui oj en. I iipy Hie line and pfilcci itirifleri of the lituod ; bicatucihey drain .ill cuiitipi liomori fiom that life u,v"U' rlnid. I'liey iinp-ni irenih and vij-oi lo lite wtirJe Fytfin, and their ef Cfcts .ire .ila.iyf bent fie'tal ; ImchiipC ihey only remutt (hui-e Ituninrs ultii h aie oppuul lu lieattli. I'hey aid and unptnte tlCi-iion, am) miiluI elcrp follow theii imp lliey ele-iiwe the liom.trh ami bowels id ihimf il i my hiimoiiu which noionK in it aie and cxnip llie neioiii ryplrni, but prti,ite ami wenken the di Kestiie oi ij. i m. In i-hoM lliey poPj-i all limy yood pi open ics (.in be el.timetllui any medicine ; mid wlut hit ei leta.irkable, it li unci ly impo;ib'e lo ue 1 (i cm withoal la nefit. PruvaJ renls per Mox, will full dirrelton. Oiri'V and lleiieral 1'cpot for llw" Nev Knpland S:alt", No. 106 Tn'inniitfjtnrt, near Court Mrvet, lloton. The reul.i rappoi n le.1 Ap'n can re-et vet heir up pliL'N of tin; nlioM popular 1M-, as beietofure, fiom llie only oilirtiand trt'neral ttepot Ibr'tbu New KuIand Siate.'ll8Treinoiit vrn-t, lloMon. Pillar or irav-vllinasent- arc not allowtnlnell iherenuineindi in eu'elal.U' IMI-. ttienl'ore newr purelia-i1 Irom tltein. for If yudo omvill l u ui iu obtain a dangerous and eoiinlerfeli aitide. t1 Tlir.o. A. Pi i k vV. Co, Alm'ii'-. in Huilinlnn, (ur the f.tlt'oftlio Imbati Veeiat e PiU. nNo, V. II. IIw.Lr.V, MlliMon, i ami A. linniiicii, iiurliiision. I" OOK AT TIIIW. !IAVK,41'UA CpCGH t 10,000 wb or tNNsuMlTfpM cvciy jear'in IheliitedStalef, and million- fUliftrconi.lhHililesoine eutmtiK nmleoldi, 1 tint ran ba eurMxbit J)r. M. Iliwli roekV Vegetable Virgin Cream Odtjgn Drop. n i-afe inedieal preMTi'jdt-m, containg uu risonotitJrng:'iianJ it-oil in an extensive practice for l-cyciflt year will inusi positively ntlonl relief, nnd &Ve yon from thai a winl diVaee, ptilnionary eoiistimptWtn which" nnallv j-wceep-i intoihe grave linunred-j el lite youiipttheold, llie lair, tlie lovely nml the pay. 1l-Ve yon vovhi lie perMiadtil to pnrctiae n bottlt'i'tilie'CottKb lrops lo-day! To-morrow may le tool.c. Have you a eoughl Dr. HitcirukN Vegetable Jjrin CreitmCo'ih (rops N the only remwlv von shoululike to cure you. Kor thiiplaig reason. Thai in noonboftbetlianind eaes where it ban been Used lm it ikded to relti've Price 75eents pei bottle. For -ak wftole-aIe nnd I.e. tail, by A. HITCHCOCK & CO. Sfirt 117 (Jene-ee st., Uiien, N. V. And by their nxviifslliftitiKhonl lp bnitcl Stntc. In llurlinRton, by, JV,J. II, Peck & Co., TIico. A, Peck & Co. In Vcrwiijsby J. II. Itoyvman. In Milton, by Uurnct A SaVrr." Jn 0r gia, by Lorenzo Janes. aa,i INUiniti: ask tiiosi: who know. I'hoi-e only who know b) tun I or imimtli.iie ob.Ti tnilon, ran fur in any Ilea of ibe rflcclx, of the peifcel relief, oflhe ntinusr cirmJike ruien ctTeclrd in cacF of i lie Piles, KiivUm atism, nil .S wki.lingi, and all external PAIM", no nulicr bow neveie, by the ue of 1 1 y Linimen, Kinduee who ha used il'ilul will not Idttd it nboieitll tilings eter iit-ed, and on will find what c.oiiKii le found. jnjTor ihe lehrfol ciiOVi ing human beiiijs who nu be aftlicicd, I beg joh lu ak ! tk of lliort who know Hpk ihe Hon, Alkhkij S. Julkje fur ilut il if litre , renidin near j Auburn ; apk Matthew J. Mr Kits, Kn. Ailietm, N. V J ask Jen. Dukk Oheen, bite ol Wa?hinoion city, each of hee gemleinen know ofcasci iineompterc abte by all riher lemedies ur physicians, though iricd for mny eiri-, iImI have been cured by the ui-e oflhe genuine ay'f Liniment. Tli niMnd-t ofuiher pptinnt know niruilir cute1. We apneal id (heir tense of jn lice llieirhuman feelings. iCTIl i but a duij jnn owe lo iur fmflerinn lHl1owbcinui to let remedy be known. tSpenk ofll 1 lien to all j out fne.idd This wilt iMve much imiii wheie ihe neufn-tnerii aie not read, or where reader at e inctf-ihilon, becne po many worlhlet'U aniclet are HUrnt-ed (or the fame purpose. To !aijer we av, if all who have iiied ii do noi say it is bejond all praise, itien do not lake ii. The roprictor will not allow (his article to be p'lid fur artless it cuici,when alt tlie directions .tie fully fnllnw ed. Villan one suffering refill".' now loir) ii If he docf, he ouht in be pit it il more (r hie obmin.iry ihan hot eiillei niii. iLrtlr, IJas would neier cuimi-iii lo ulTcr iliit arlicte, uete he noi compelled bj hi ceiifO of moral ul reunion.- ilnu lu do all in hn nuwer Iur lie viciimi of diilrets and misery. Kur itiic pnrpore lie would former devote a lottmie, Hun penne h doll.ii lor anv wuil1ilet. aiiicle. ItTP'LOOiC OUT,- Annie. iivtndler cotiniei ft'ilfd t lit ailtcle, and put ii up w ilh vjnou. .le icrt- Do noi be itnnofed uih n. Um lliing only will piotet I joti il id llie name ul Comttot'k 4' Co ; name mii.l be iilwavs on ihe wmppei, oi )ou me cheated. Ho not fiiel il. Tiike llti dnee (ton wilh ou, and I e-t lij iImi, or after bu ; foi it i iinpUsSBible fur anv ulhcr lo be Hue oi genuine. .SOLOMON HAYS. Sold In Comttack -V Co. 2 l'letclier toieol, N. Ynik. I'llUO A. PIjCIC &, Co. Wholesale A g hi Id fur the h laic ol V ei mont. TI1HK l.lON PK TIIK l)AV.-NO Ct'KK NO Jl PAY! The Griitilttp old Mutch' or Ger man Vc5ctMlc lllli. Hichly rtvonmii.-mlt'd l.y ltx-t. VnlwitiiiUiMotl'.'Sl! D. of N. V., and otlmrs. Tlitsn ore lliu orcli;rs ! ' Any erne tlmt doct not (mil rc pills thu jiricc Ii nfninloJ had.-, tlicsc n re llie positive orders of the Proprietor to indents ami utlicni. In olleriiifftln'-e pillto lliepulilic, 1 nppcnl to tlicir intelllgcm-c. If tlioe pills nrc not what lliey rceoinniendeil, yon are in duty Lound out of re.peut lo yonr.seir and community to reject tlum. and pnliliili them to tin1 worM in. un impo-iiion, liumliu and quacU-ry. ThepiiMio may I e aureil they arc purely vefiCtaMc, ljiey ore coinpo.v.1 Lf nine iiifrednits, part ol the mediaine is only found in Ain and in the val ley of Germany. ; or convenient these extracts nie made into pillind will he found a Mire cure or re lief lor all hillious complainu, yellow and hillious fevern, lever nnd airue, jaundice, hcnrlet rash, IjiIIioih elidlio djspen-ia. rl. Il is 111,1 pretended that thi. mcilicir.e is a oire f"r all tliecaw to which the human J'sMnjs lial'lc. H'kT thcittsninl nselen cllbrt hac ecu iiiue to Orawrrom wicrLion Lt unknown taucy .ui lon-i.piiii theory of m.iic an, wlu.-li wuultt 'tile cacti nliti everv disease. tio.Ml liitHlirnin is nm fiiiiiuliu the fire or whirlwind. Health and happiness hant- upon chance wind- time is ihe herald of irnth. I lie past a least it. .secure; they ha.e ulreadv raised n nionuinent ol their clearness which will ilcfc the corroding looth ol'tiuie. .Nonecan I et.'eniiine without wrapper and direction, on each box on . Inch mv name is written al length. Sold wholesale nnd Mail l.y the Miliscrilerat Glen's KalN. l,v A. II. & I). .Sand tl. and 100 Kuiion and It. ll.'.Mci"s. saa Si.mli .MujletM.AIhnnv. H.ium & llawlev. 219 "Siver M. loy, Oeneral Agents lor the state of. New 1 ork. MKUIiirr OIIIITIN. Fortnlo Lv Win. HhodeH and I.'. II. linen. Ilich- Morton & Clark, mid I). & I). S. I.alhrop, Willirton; linear V Cooistocl.', Shell urn : II. Stanton, i.v ...... I?.. II ...t ... i il!.... tl ' . i ' i smu. ij. vnhes, iiiiu aitiri iiarnev, j.ricuo; . H. Hiirllml. West ford i J. II. Itarnes. Cfmrloiie: It Moody nnd ttco. Peterson, Jtiirlintrlnn ; nnd lv K Illtlti'tisJ, Hurl iimtoti, Anent for Chiltcudcu Co., where n-AtiHs can tie supplied nt wtiolcsalepnces. DOUT. SI.VSIIAI.I. S Art nunc, t atanh nn.t Headache !L I T. 'I hi Simll is sM crior to any tiling yet LiioK isfur rciiunuifr that IrouMesoiue di, caM'. thcC.itnrrhjtiud alo a c'lld i:i lbs l.ciul, and thu hcadr.chc. It opdis and purges out all olAtiui.tions, sticiiKthinslhet.'Hid3,aiidmc. a health) action tl thW parts allccted. 1 1 h pi rfci llv Ircc finiiiany IhinirdUu tcriou.s in its coijiOMtioii Lis a Ica-Hiii flavor, anJ itsiiiinifihalcei;i.-i,ancrlciiij umsI, is uht'ieeahlu. Price U 7 c entailer Kittle. Docl. Mar.sha I's i".i.i:il,'o Indian ltlacL l'l.ASTkl!. This Plaster is unri'nllcd Iur rurini: sci'ufuloos nvcj liii(rs, S urvy Suic,Lamu Hack, and I'le-h Wound. pauiu in Ihe Mde.., llus and l.iiiilj und teldom fails to p've relief in local Itliciiinalisius. If npj'Iied to llm sidc,it will cure limuyof llie coiiiinou Liver Complaints and U eii ml, if not uerior. lo anv lliuiir in use fur corns on the ft eti tlii'Mrlucsof tins Plaslcr have I ccir wiine-ssni i,y iiiousamls ol indiMdual-in tne t illicit .Stains, who havelc-ted its eilicai v. Sold Ivlhc uro- pn.' J C"ia. Ilowtn, Middleliiiry, Vt., pud" Into. A PfttKiJc Co., Iliirlinciuu, Vt. jel rno tiik iial.i)-iii-:ai)ki).v others m- an; know a neialilior or a fiipnd v.lm Imp been Hrfld, and whoie lie.iu is now ruined wiili fine hair? One wliust cunt nulhir wan ro.eied wilh dan tlrufl", ilmncli brut-hed eers hour which hay now van shcd entircl) t Or one nhoe hail al rarlj aae weie mi nag trey, wuu now has noi a t;ie liair i s.niMirn hIio? headii were wiiti rrnif, nhofle hair would not glow, thai arc ii'iw prowlng the fullest ciopit l lutir i Duine vane rui.ii. uh Knowu lo iitogt lifrfon. fk ihrlli iheraui1!, unit i oil will lip tulil dial llienr luni. u.i.e iiepn uone tiy die oe wl ihe litilm ot Lo tumbia. Of 20 tear? gruwili in lliiti aiiicle, ii. druiaml inrica-iiiK aunuall) nome htindiptl per, Ihnnyh when dicovpred not opposed hy ml) lliinj! ur llie ramp pnrpniip, now iiiailptl hy almoiil iiuniherlpi. luu.luoun irali will ruin Hip liair if u.etl to am exieui. Can murp iliau ihe-p factp he u'..iiicd irle. lo llie reronitnpnilations hy a li-i nf namcii of ic-ppria hilily,liup(piallril li ain olher arlicte. Look lo lllPitp lllingii lni this arlirle. 8l.l an.l c lour I 0) ii. it. r, nr il o.ihi ipiioip it. i.aitii'ii, aiipntl m 1 1. . . IiuiiiIiim.h in faslnoiiable Ide aie itsini! u an llu omK article le.uij in Iur Hip ioiiim. I.ous hair m vt apt to lal! out. I.alicii, ue Ihe li.iliu ol s.iiliiinlii.i in limp to nave ouruplci llie tlu'iace ul li..lituefi hi ih-Iim' I vour person. 111. our tluiv. ui nu .. h I ...i h id ,hp fcre iIip heaulirn of u.iluie, w ilh ulnrh a Imuiuifiil Ciealoi li.urndiiwed jou ; hc llie ltalni,fur it will do it caution ro in: 111; n n i is i;i: i:i. Scxeial uiojit II ... nt allpinuiii lne been luadc I inuici felt llie tun' Italin ol Culuiiihia. sji)inH r t It ' uionleiii liaeculip ft. lar ai lu cuiiniei fcil the putt-n 1 1 iw,iiper, ami Hit l ..Hi. til ti..i!.iia, ami eeii e final ui'iikcxccpt the name ol lyoiiwincK, ..inch die ne ii'ii furjiP. Id atoiil iiniuiii'iui tlierflure, nl a. it look for ihe name of Com. lurk & Cu. ni I. Cum. lock, and liuv llie il hai. ih.i llllllip upon It sold nlinleriile nnd IPl.ill, ruiK al Mo 2 l lftchcr men, N. V. I HEO. A. IM.CK & Co Wholesale Ajinli fur ihe Stalo nf ruuoni le TtfOPKATS VIXU-.TAIIl.l-: -1K1-: MKDICI.SIX. ItX The.. iiusIiciiics are indtl ttsl for lln'ir name to il AUSII Al.l.'. continues iiinivallcd a 1TJL .strciij-'lliciiine, I'l.AhTKK: Also, for Hheuma lisin, i.aincucss or pains ni the Mile-, imilis or had fur scrol.ilous .swellings scurvy ftorcs. flesh wouu f and for a nencial V amily Phtcr or salve. Kur Corns, moreou'r try il ; paie clo-e, pcrM'vere in llie n-e hy m.ikinsa new application occasionally, and in time, yonrcorrjsi will Le cured, fr'or sale hv .1. &. .1. II. 'Pi:cK & Co. TIIIX). A. PI'X'K & Co. and l)n. KOI1T. MOODV. Ilnilingion, S3, la II. ly.f.lS Gctiuino Maccohoy, ) owe mutation oo )jiara .Sicily ilo Maltese ilo Curacoa do American llnmue, ttoiiami oo Tuberose, St. Omcr. .Slrasbur(f, COARSK IIHOW.V S.NL'PI'. DeiiiiEri)?, Pure Virffimn, llurhon, .Si. Iloniiimo, Coptiiliagcii,i?iit''( NalehilocluK, rrcncli Knppce, American ticulliniali, Pure Kpaiusli, I.. Mixture. .Scotch and Iiinii Toast. VKI.I.OW SMUT. l-in Irish tllackgu.ird ) or coarse High Toast) i SWKKT.SCKNTUI) riXK-CUT CIIICWING I UllAUCO. " OronoUn do do. ITXIv-CUT SMOKING TOIltfcn Spvnisli, Kitcfoot, Canaster, Common, and Stents. rc.ri.ii t.oiui.l.Al.D. jr. , i'i Chatham Street. Nrw York. March. Mil. .17 J. ifc J. II. Peck tp Co., A'jcnts, ISiirlniKloii, Vt. SNI'KK O.NIiV TWKNTV-FIVK ri:,'IXll..M, Hitchcock' newly invcnlisl Snull the host am clc ecr discoM'ici! hy scicntiiic men, in Kmope or America, forthccuie and absolute relief of Catarrh, Dizziness of the Ilea I, Weak l)e., Nervous Headache-, r.illen .Sickness, Fit, and Inl.iul.s iruuhlcil with Siiuflk'-, shiHd.s of I'.il.v, .Ve. For tale hole-ale and lelail, by A. HITCHCOCK i'i Co., sole Piopnctor, No. 117 licnc-ccsl. L'licn, and by their agents ihrouhoiil llio I'iiioii. In llurlmtjiiin, j, & J. II. Peck ii Co. lu Versennes, by J, II. In Millon, l.y Hurnclt iVS.iwyci. lu Cvursia. by Lo renzo JUIICS. HAKU W.VIin.-Ilutehcr'i. heavy Files. Ibbol eon's do. and rasni. Hand w Filcn. ISiitts, Screws. Norfolk I.atrlun. bniid and u-iinnl s'.u. cast steel Wood Sawsi knivci. and forks, bono anii buck linndlei; Tin Servers, Sad Irons, SliouHaml Ions, ou cards, horse cards, auerrs, trace chains, manure folks, Amen' shmcls, cie. bv H. Jl. GIDDINfiS, A. Co. TPST IilX'lUVF.l) from New York, the beMas-1 .1 eorlincni of lil.nk, llluo lllack, Drown. Iiuis:hle Green and West of F.iHand IIROADCI.OTIIS, lllack, Illuc lllack and Drah CAS.siMi:iti:.s and dof. skins. thebest of Plain and Fiyurctl SATINS, Velvet, Valencia nnd .Marnills VHSTIN'flS, ami Trimminss of nil kinks, cm before offered in ihe market, wlucli will bo sold very low for die Iteulv Pay, ut llnir tliop in Church-street, laicly occiiiied by K. 1'.. Kvans, where all orders will lie executed in the hot st lc and on the shortest notice. nlOrt'd C. HKNNS & SON, BAI.SOM Or I.IVFltWOItT-lor Cons,ption Dvsi.cnsin, Asthma, and nil ili.t a-cs ni'iln. I and l.iUT. Thcsu prevnil to il great extent, creating much ds i e.s an, h(ijnei,,diiy, Alllhcecan lj rcmcueti uy uie ino ot nr. laytnr's llatsom ol I.iicrworl. Tliis imshciuo is iiurelv Vc"iial,lc. nml fiom it. peciibaracnon upon ihe'rinlway luumi a radical remedy lor iho.cili.-e.ic. For Fein.ile.s and men in a eiy wcai; Mate, no inniicine can lc so rrnlcfulurusloiatiw, as it not only slrfiifihiii-, but purities and fives a healthy iiclioii to tho whole .v... Ii-iii. Constantly lor saloliy N. UIVI.'I.V & Co. w'ho h.ivo tul reccncl a fresh supply nl seasonable Good fiom New Vurk, all vciv cheap ft r cailu Durliiijtcii, Iuly30, 18W, "T7Ti;n immediaicly, Two eotd JI.N'NKV . rsriN.Mll, coii-taiu employ will Iul-ivtii. lor steady, industrious meii. Uuipmeof the sul scriU rs Il irlington, April 25, 1SII. r Gil 31 l.t)ZUGi:S...This valuable iirTcl" i"iaiiy cslablihinirilelf,.isilielest iiunhcinc . ur in. i p.iiiiuii anu ninifuiiic, I ual coiuiilainl in clul tin n, ihe worm... At whole-ale and bv J"11' l 1811. Tlli:o.A.Pi:CK".V Co. tH ,. i'iwi)i:ic. l!l.i,un- IVwdcr hv. .ptl lilh IBI1, STKO.M'S Uo, ihcir inanifcsi and sensible action in piiiilyiu the spriiiirsand eli.iuiicls of life, cud enduing them wuh icucwcd lone and vi'or. Il m.inv luni'lied t criiiusl c.i-cs which have lucn m.iile pul Ii-, and in nlinosi ccry species oldi-e.velo which the huinati Iranie I li.iblcjlhc hapiyulL'cls oI'JIjuai's l.ll r. I'll I-axd PiIikniv HlTTi.tts Iuho U'cn ercalfullvand luiblnlv aciitiwlcdu'isl by the perons I cnciillisl. and uho wcie previously uu.icipiait.tcd with ihcbcautilully phi tosophica! princip'es upon whichihcy aiecoinpound cd. and unnii which ihcc coil-isiucntlv act. The 1.1 FK MKDIC1NF.S rccoinnicnd ihcm-cKcsin .li.e.i-cs ol ecrv lurni and tlc-criolion. I heir first oiicratiou i lo 'ou-cn from ihe coals of the stomach und bowel-, the various impurities and nudities con st.inilv senium aiound them; and loicinove Ihe liar denisl faces which colled ill the convolutions oflhe smallest intestine-. Oilier medicines only pailiallv Ican-cHie-p, and leave sm li cullccleil inas.cs i ciiun is to iirodiii i' habitual cosiicufs, Willi all lis Main o is. orsiiddiu ili.iiilnua, ss 1 1 Ii lis inimiiicul n-i-t r.-.n This I'.ici is well known lo all regular analoiuists, whoexaiiiiuethe hnmaii lowi Is alter ileal h ; ami hence ilu, iiifindice of those well infuruusl men irjuiii-liiuact. inctlicinc or inedicuics picpnrcd and hcr.ildnl lo tlienul lie I iv IL'uoinnl pcr-ou. The stvond odea ol Ihej.ife Jlulieiiies is to clc,ine llio kidneys and the bladder, and by this means, ihe luer and ihcluni;-, Ihe iicaiiuiiuaciioii in n . . .s. n t-iuiit ij- iicj" iris iipnii un- it uularitv nf the urinary organ-. The bhssl. 'whic lake- us . nl color lioin ihe ascnev ol llu' liver and ihe hours before it paCsiuoibc hcail, I ems llm-- pin died by llicm, niui noari-iicu ov iooo coiiim;,- lioin j clean sloin.icli, cour-c Ircclv Ihroush the vein-, iciiew CMiy pan nf the fV.-H'ln, and trmuipluiilly mcuul the lijiinci- ol hcallli in the bloomin.' clicck. Moil'al's Veseldl le laic Medicine- havo I cell Ihor ouphly te-teil, aiidironounceila soicicisu leincdcfor Dc-pcp-ii, Flatiilenev, PalpilJtionoflhcllc.irl, l.o-s . . . 1 .... . . i i i... ..i .i... ii. . .i.. oi ..Pin inc. licaii-i iiiii -'iu m-.i'i-.t' in-, iii-sin-ssiM-ss. lll-lcmper, AiimcIv, l.aiiuuor an I Mclam, ln livciics-, Ih.urli'Ci, l.holtra, rccrs ol all kind li lenmali-in. luni'. I'l" isics oi ail kllul-. imue Wciiii.. Asthma and Consiiuiiitioii. S.uiv' I hcr Inveterate Sore, Scoibutie l.iuptious aH I bad Coin n'cxioii.. J-.runlive conipl.iinls, alluw, Houlv, am oilit rib.aL'rcc.ible Complexion-. Sail Itheuin, la vsii ela-, Caimnion ColJs and Inlluonza.and arii)u other coinplaiiiis which alllict itien iinan I ramc. in i i.u r. ail' I aui'i:, pariiciuariyi ;uc i. ic. .ueiiciucs reci most iiiuiienilc successful : so much so that in th IV cr and A ,'uedistncls, Physicians almost uni craally prcscrilc them. All ih ii Mr. MoTat ronuirc-of his naticnts is to I p irlicular ill I ikniR Ihe l.d" Medicine, strictly nccor ilin to ibe direction-. It i-not a in n iwr notice or byaujthinjtlhct hehiinscll'may-ay in their f.ivor, liui tie no,ii'S lo gain en in. it is aionc uy uie rusuu oi a i.ur iriai. MOFFAT'S MF.PlCAli MANI'Al.t tle-icnel as dot tic ''ni le lu lu'.il'h. This litllc uamnh'it, islilis! by W.ll. Mnfai 'i75 Ilro.ulway, New York, hai I ecu publi-hel for the iiirposcolVx'ilainins luorcfidly Mr, Nlo fat's iheory ol tliMM-es, ami will le lound hishly iiiteiestmjrtopcrsonsMvking he.illh. Il heals upon prevalent ili-ca.e., and the causes thereof. Price, 25 ccnti for sale by Mr Moll'at'. Auents generally. The-e Val i.ible Mtshcines are lor sale hy Itnl'i'it Moody DrusKisI, asent, (in whom all ap plications for azi-nncs should Unddiestcd, post paid) llurlinsion, Vt. Jan. 1. IBM. CM'F.IIM CANDI.r.S. Kui'laud's clanfictl rtirrni ,J c. TvlSKASKS OF TIIK I.IINS...)reiilcdU l.y die innsl popular ipiih t e.t-r kituiiu in Auu'iic I enttable I'ulmonury Balsam t ilu- moit laluablp IClui-tt urn. in use fm ciiin;li. , culd. , a-llniia in hilu.i ron.iiuiiition, nliiiiiniiiK ouuh and iiiilinoii.ii v alliciiii ult'wi) kind, lu sa'e is elcaililv incicaiiui. ami dip piupi lelors aie cuii.,oul it-cril uta 'he niu.l la.ut .tbli acciiuiii of us cffi'ci i. Ihe fulluwina ncn ccrtificaies aie ofTt'ictl fur oubbe pxauiuiaimn AN IM Klil.sriso usk. r.xiiai-i id a Inter limn Sir I! S Clav, Kuie.iun, Ulmei en., fi. V. lo ihe pri'pncluis. ' 1 out. of llie tlill insl. u-i- dul ice d A rcinaihahlc cine was elli-cictl Ii) llie teatalile l id uiuaaiy l-il.aiti in llu- uiict -mil -pi nu; ol INso pcisun, air. al until t had licen s ii K a lun iiiiih wuh llie cuu-iiuiilinn. His pli)iiciaii. hail C'.cu him up Hp was icdiircdi low as lo lie unable in ht-lu hun-elf, ami h.ii raising a laii:e ipiamil. of hluui! when he cuinnii-ut't d lidf.i tin- Italsaiil, which has t-IVi-.-led a coinph-le cine, and lie liui. ashitpand hpail) as e.ei he uas. air. .M'lodv ha. leino.i-il limn llus iiinii, bill hehm piciii'.ed me a inuie ilelaih tl accuiiiii ul'liis casp, which I wiUfiiiuard vim. C. .S Cl.W. Kin;stun, N. V. J 2o. 1S3S. Ekk.ici uf a h'llei fiom Dr. Jaculi M.eis The Veei'lable I'ulinonai) HaUain lias bpi-u -oht in lUis trpDH. GOItlAKS fli;i)l('lN KS.-i Dlt tlOHDAK'S Jelly of Pomegranate and Peruvi an Pills for Dyspep-y, Nervous Ilcadaclu', Pal- p tanon ot the Heart, lutcnijl and I'.xlernal Humors, and nil impurities ol llie lilooit, Iceland Jelly lor the relief and cure of consumption. Piilinonar'v Jellv for coughs, cold-, spilling of lllotsl, Hoarseness ice I'm. siau f.inainent mid l.maincut Opislcldoofor Kite una tisin, Physical Drops, Colombo Drops. Suit lilictim Oinliuenl, Pile Ointment, Strengthening Pla.ter, and Corn and Wart Plaster. The abo celebrated medicines tirenared enlirelv from vem-iables by Dr. Win. Cordak, need no other rcccommciiilation llian llnl Ihey have been liclorelhe inline loiirtcen years, j:ivm? satisiactton to all who aie tiMM tiicm,-uidy t e Iiad ot ijan'a it uiimund, WiiutUiock, Vt. Gen'l A-rcnt Sold also, bvJ P Slron?. Qiicchcc: JC llrotiks. White Hiver ; Wm. II Steel & Co., We-t HarHord N'or-ter Downer Sharon; Downer ci, Nevcn-, Uov- .. i, . i it- . ii... i. ..i i - uiii-ii , j i iic.ii. iieiiici, . U IMlllorlll now Haril.inil; Shctld it Harne-, Pcrkinsville; llrown A: Ainsdcii, rclchvillc; A cc II Wardner, mdsor , A .Marsh, llridpewatcr, SS & F T Wheeler, Plymoith; and at llaii'lucli, Kochcstcr, (Iraudiille, Norlhfieltl, Moiilpilier,Midillebury, Vcrennes, and m most of the principle towns in llie Stale. A Supply ot the above niislicinus inst received nnd lor -ale by KOIIKliT MOODV, ribrunry, 1841. (fini) Dru.'trist, lluiliiiijton, t r i a i it i 1 1 a i it 1 1 ii a i . i i.v r;n..--i mpot - J.J. Willi cry . llu-:r, nt MtslrrV lulllllt r I It 1 tin-:,., .,. xit-li-i v fuiiiul out at last. 1)11. STICHRV'.S lt.ii'i! HKOItN K- K.VTOll. Dr. Sarrv. nftcr much nttui.tmn to tho importaiit subject of prcui in: the bur, has, nfiir many experiments chemical and physical htrn nbls to dneutir ami article winch is nowoH'crcd with thu greatest eoiilidrncc for the toilet ns the best tlunn tij- iiis.cutir.ii, 'or, lor its soitcninir ami peiieirtitnu'ipiality to nroducea L'ood luml of hair to nreicnt it froti. fatltnt; oil' when baldnesa n nipre!icniled lo rcstotcr it when baldne-s nas l-ikcti place, anil to prcteni it from turning giny. Itiiismore iiouriliiurr linn po- inntuin, nntnpie oil, or Uulonne water. It is a heauti ful article for ladies curls it luakis the hair soft and lively, nnd product,"! uncommon brilliancy. Thous ands have tested Us superior tirtuts nnd cxccllinco, and in eicrv instance it stands unmnlled. ft n an infallible cure in all nllcclioni of the si. in on the html as dandruli, i.c. ivc. IJtcry family should he sup plied with a boltloof this o-.l, llint hy its atipheatiou to the hend and hair of childrin, llm beautiful and or naiiicntal appciiilnjre of a fine head of hnie, which n-i lure has supplied us may be prcsirved. Fiom thu liiimerouscerlificates a ml rcroiiimchdations reeeived of its silutary influence, the Doctor feels firmly per suaded lie has Micccdlid in producing an nrticle tt uich will meet tlieileund wishes and approhalion of ilu dublic. I'or sale wholesale and retail hy A. HITCH COCK it Co. 117 fieiicst est. Ulica, N. V. In Hur luiL'lun, by J. it J. II. PF.CK it Co. and TIIF.O. A I'KOKitOn. In Vernenncs by .1. II. Ilowman. In Milton, by Hurmt st Sawyer. In Georgia, by Loren zo Janes' or-tcr 1'owncr ii.ircn: I'owneroi. .seven-, nov- I -' on ; J Wheat, llclhcl, 1. C Holme, West Randolph: I ) " Tin. 1 hi- iinalua! le Li D.inforlh, llranard ; S llclkmip. Fast Ikirnanh N I ' ,-e cxpcricnie of more th mv, PoinlrcliF M& A and tJmeit Shaw, a.hiunisicrcd to inoro than 10 cuiuil) for Iwoteai., and llie meliciiie ha. uaoiid an lull illinium reit'uiitv, iur 11 -lanvii in nue Miriam t- f.illed ul ihe dcriicil ilTecl. I aiuh) nu uii-an. in I nor of llie man) nnsliiuns, inusl ul wlurh aie un pusiituii. upuii a ricilulciiiii ptitilic, bin ili.u whith I kiinw hy use In be elfcc'inl, I t annul help bin yit m apniub ilion llit'lPln, A rounlerh-il pieitarallon h.i- bcrn u(Ti-ied Iicip bv a traicMuis Aceui, uf tiiuiR'ui k, N, V. ami llieieis .inuihi-i arlll'le tendcil licie lh.ll is Irungl) Kiipccied lo bepuiiuus. J Aeon ii. . hi, ... ii Miniiiijjinn, Juniata ro. 1'cnn. Ma. H, l&n7 Fioiii Dr. Samuel Moiiell, lu the P.un. leous of itif Vcce l.iblt. Puhnonart Ibilsani. 1 am salisficd lhal ihe Vc. nelable Pululnna.l l Italiiin is a laluali'e lili'di-riiip Il has been used in llus olacp wuh riiiiipli'ip success la an ubriiaaie cuinplaun ol the hmi;s, aiirn-lcd wilh a .pipie conuli, loss uf tulce, aad ihe i.ii.iii; of nuirh blood, wliieh had piei,uii.1t i.-si.tcd many ttppiu. rd plPM ripliuns. Aller lumg ihe Halsmii one tieik, llip palicilt . loice reuiltii it and he nasaliia in speak -mill bly. This lase uccurrpd some liuvy .incc, and ihr ininisnovi eiiitacil unl only in acme Inu lalwuinu- liu-ine... Ilp...-etl'idli. Sic. S, Mohki.i.i. Il is ii'iw mot p iliau i lenrs sinte I was Inunulii tcry low Ii) an afleclina uf llie liuijs, and im cumplainl was dpclarpd lo be intuiiabic b a coirncil ol ihice ph. .iciau.. I w.if ihcu ICslorrd lo as euft I hpaldl a I had eniojed fur man) par., b) usin llie t pi;pi.ioip rue iniin.irv llalaui. Since my lecun-r) I liaie ii-cnni incniletl Ihe ll.ilsam in a qical nun. rases ol 'unit cointihiiiils, and su far a. I ran lain. n. use Ins in taiiably beru fulliinrd bv lunch benifii, and in ni mi iuilaneis it ha. effected cuie. wlurh were w!ioll unex pcni'd. Samui t, r.viut.Tr, llu.ion. .March 2. 1S37. Fur sale, wliul.-s.ili- mid iriail. In J. J. II PF.CK fi Co., and Til CO. A. PKCK & Co., llm linginn, Vl. IVtiw ht:tblisliiiiuiit. T P. WHALING .p CO. inform the nubile that J they hate located thcuiselus iu the tillage uf i...c. ' ii... r... i . . . . .. .i. . . .: I.. nnr nizio l. n uu nave inieti un a siore on ineeasi sine of Church street, which mav well he denominated "Cheap-rule, nearly opposite ihe naiiK oi iiuninn ton. a ml are receitiiiLt trum New York a choice selec tion ot i;oi)Ua well suitcii to tne season, t men tney oner lor sale asloxc URcono.piircKiAief in iaccoumry, I'or rtailv vav. Anion;' their coods mav he funnel heater and broadcloths, cassininns, snlineis, llannels, iiiirmos. moiishnc elc laiues tl-c. A choice selection, also pi 1- rench, l-.tiylish and Amctican prints, citial. at Ictist. to anv in ilurtineton. A General a-tirt- nn nt of cambrics, iiiushus, plain and fitturcd. etli'iues. insertmets, blond laces, tpc. A stiat varietvof shawls, and dress handkerchiefs, ladies' gloves und hose', with a Komi supply ol lilenelicil and unblcaciied domestic quods. Also a cood supply of crockery, of tho latest palterns, wuh a few elegant astral parlor lamps j and finally, a few dunce family groceries, such ns leas, Minors, molasses, eollec, nee, raisins, eiry nsn, touac cos. lamp oils, ipc. We do not pretend to specify all the kind, lo sav nothing of the numerous aniens of which inch kind is composed; but sullico it to sav, llint llie n-urlininl will he lound to contain most of thu articles watilid iu the country; and those that favor us with their eiisiom will he entirclv ri licted Irom the examination of o i L'oo Is. or remnants. Oureiiuru stock is new, and fresh fiom the market, nnd hashtin selected wilh the "rrntcst possible care, with reference to the wants, coinl'iiris anil benefit of the people. Ilut we do not wish I he pub he to take our word in tins mailer, hut most cordially invite llicm to cull and examine for Itiemseives. ilurlinglon,, IblU. 1 IAGM'TTH: ODONTIC.!. tiik tkkth L1 TIIK TKKTH!! Tiik lNCoMP.tium.D Tooth PiU'i'.invTioK. I he is proved, and ihe most in cit.liiloUs ad doubliim aie I flv convinetsl, as we have he et idence from the sale ol 20.000 boxes oflhe Odun tici, wilhin Ihe pat year, lhat the Llopiou ilrcanis ol llu-alchvmisl are realized, and a remedy itiscoicrod fin- iiie-.-rviii' tho-e important and u-elnl append il-c oflhc human system, hy then e ofthe Mai!iit'liet-kkn lieu, which bv itsaltiacliic, and Mrt'iiL'llu-miiL' nuali lie-, rcinovc-'ull extraneiiiis sul stain n Irom llio tieth ami lue'scitcs them in ihcirnaliiral I rilliaucv, and the iruiu. in soundness and le'autv. Il is ascertainesl fiom cxncrieiicc, lhal when n-e-il, ihe Itcih will never tic cat, but icinnin till the lale-t m;e ot man, with their ii.i'l u i al wear. When they aie docauil, n proirrcss will le ane-Utl, and iheltelh piest rvctl.ind pri't cutis! and pii'-civtsl from achinir all this has 1 tin done iu i iii.iltuudc of instances : and mure in ihou-amls ol i-i-, nerious toolhachc, (lhal climax of pain) In. al uici' I ecu c.'ectuall) curi-il tiy popular oi'iitriirii o n America. And iu conclusion, w here, or w ho is t in young lady i r ireiitlt'iu-iii, aye, llie iiuiivuiuai thai values a I cautiiui sei oi itvtn, soumi inus nnu a swivi iri'.nlti mure ihan li ivcciils.thit wi l le oilier 110-11- iiiieolii bo of Dr. Jl. Hilcheii'kV Ma2iictict).loiiiica For -a c whole-alc and ictail, l.y A. Ill '1 CHCOCr, st Co., No. 1 17 Ocne-ce -i. I'lici, N. V.,and by their .mi'iit-Iiirounniu uie rniie.1 inirs. in iiuriiuiiioii hv J. it J. 11. Peck it Co., and This). A. P.ek it Co III Vi reclines by J. It. Ilowman. Ill jiiiton, ny inir ncll.t Saw yir. In l.corgia, uy Lorenzo jams, aug WOltJlS, M'OKJls.-Dit. M. llnencoiiv's unrivalleil and iincpiallcd WOKM TLA, a sovereign riinedy fur Worm-. Stranee and incredi ble aie llie elect- of thee dclcstal.le teriinn ; few person-, mid it is thought none are fice from ihem, par ticularly females and clulihcn. Many per-ou through a distressing ctiur.-e of tncdicino wilhuut ic lenelit, when they inielit le rcltetisl l-y u-iusr thu Worm Tin. This'int nlua! le iiicdicme lias I ecu tu.-led than ten vc-ars use, and ICUUUlier.-oiis of vanovn Hllll H.'l Hill- JVIIIllll llllljll.l 111 I , 'll IIIU I. Wl LI U I J ndreil- have called, ami un-oli' i!cd, given ihcir t'c- ided preference to u. idler trvmg tl.e th lerent articlo. sent furlh tti the pubic, and pronounced Dr. M. ililcli ctick's Worm Tea the n.o-l safe, cllcetual, and con venient reintslv ill it can I e obtained : for in no one f lliu tliou-aiids of lu-tnnccs where it has I ecu it-ed 'jreeable to the pruned direction- has n everlaiicd. N. II. Ask for Dr. M. Hitchcock's WohviTki, asthuu a re man v nostrums abroad for Iho t!e-t rot lit. in d' worms Fur sale whole-ale and retail by A. HITCHCOCK it .ej., so, e proprietor.-, II. ecnesce street, Ltn-a, an-i iv their agent throughout thu I'liion. In Hurliiigton, i'v J. it J. II. Peck it Co., and Thco. A. Peel; it Co.. In Vcrgmnis, by J. II. Howinan. In Jlilton, by uu.-ttct it cawjer. In "..corgia, uy Lorenzo J ancs. nuii-u IlKl'ATIC i:lixih, ACKI.VBHATKD remedy for complaints nri-mg from Htb-cased stale ofilie LI VKK and its Seem, lunisj the l.dlniviiif are a few of Ms symptom-, eaknesedihestomacli, Indigestion, lens ol appiiilu lowuess of nrits ami Headache ; it will he found it sure remedy 'or l.ruptions on the faec. In c rte- luuiiec ol luer temg many nostrums circulating m llu's part of tL: coiinlry, ihesiil.scrilcrs arc .iuihorize-1 to warranl it- l elleci-. This nrlicle is ju-t rtveiveil, and i!ercd lo llie public as one well woi'h the attention tfthose who aie allhctisl by e-oiup!aints from the abioe thsea-e ; il 1 euig Ironr'an eminent ihvsician wcleel conliilcnt in thus iis'oiiimeiidiug it. 0 t.C. IS II). TIIF.O. A. PKCK it Co.. Sign oflhe Mo tar, one door ca-t of. I .t J II Peek st Csi L'l ri'lN. .OTI ON. DP. KVANS' HKATTI- all Krtiptiiins toar-i nc-s, I'edue-s and Pimples on Ihe Fat c .Sis'k tr hand-, and ciiis-liiallv cleaning complexion, anl rcmoting all di-ea-cs of ihe skuv Noihmg coiititliute -o niucli to i.ur e:incral sm-ce-s in hie, as nn cimtging lirst appearance. 1 hi- Lomsi isadmiicd a nmH fragranl, mild, Mil- wa-h and great ly csticined Ions virlue-- in cleansing, ( ftening, and purifying the sl.uof all eruptions, soinpiri'-us Ij le inale'Ie'.iuiy, am restoring it to a high degree ol pu rity. A I ciiutifil complexion is the pride ot'. ill who io-soss n, and lie envyulilio-ewlio aret'epniedol it. , is soailis-iiigtoa 1 eautiful tcmalc.m whose thru nature hasttispla-e, her power, as o (iud hcrcomplcx ioii di-colo'ircd villi thsgii-ling pimili-, w hu h mar her ohai ills t A good appear Mice is the I e-t recoin iiicndation ; and is the IScniitifVing l.olion iurilics tho skin,. -,nd nniovis all l'inip!i-,T!bit'-he-,Tau,Sunlurii and KcJnt's-. am iiii!u. csa I caunful hue, it i the only eosineiie a hull should n-v at her nulci. Ciulleiiicii will all also linllhis a delightful leincdy, lo remote all Iinigline.s, limpli's, llingwi tin-, Spots, Kctlpe , .soreness of ihe fa e nnd nose, and every kind ofcruti- liou on ihcsiirlai i ol the human tody. II is parucii iail) iivoiiiinendt.1 to loleu'i-d nfier sha ving, a- it will pmcnl Ihe ihIhtwi-c ccnaiu e 'eil t-t all common -oni m turning the t.'.ul uBiai'irc'y giev. For -ale Wio'c-t.fc and ic tail bv Kl'l I'll. Clit'K it Co., Ni'.ll7ticni-tv street, I'tiWln Ilur linglnn, by J. st J. I. Peck it Co.. nnd Then. A. Pes-k it Co. In Virgi nie-, bv.l. 11, llowinnn. lii.Milton, hy llurnctt it Savjcr, In Georgia, by I.rctii) Jnncs aus -0 liSA.M) UU AT ATltHI-V! x valuable Vcgc lllc .Medicine Valuable Ileal I'.statc for Sale. IT'OIt 1,'iloall the leal F.tlate, lato the property ol Mr. John Abbott, iu the tillage of Ilurlinglon siluale, and ndjniniii" llio nuiih-insl rorner ofthe Court. house snuarc.aud consislui2 of a tlwillinglioii. aiidout'butldiiigs, also a three story brick lunl.lmg occupitd as a Cabinet Shop, hut may he so arranged as to inako a good store and tlwilhng. This property will ho soltl together or separately as will In si sou, to gether wilh land for gardens, Ac, Also ono buildina lot separate. A cridii.will lie jihcn on good srcuiity for llicgrc.i tcr part of the puiilu-e iiuucv. I'm rutin r parinu- U, mould randlcfi for ttale hy lata apply to JOHN JOHNS ON IISSIM.I.'S STOMACH lll'ITKIIS. mav I V used in Wineor water. T'he-ccclel i.t'ed lutlcr- puiVlvt'f M'ge.Hbh's of llie Ilion inuo I'ent vet speeihe viriiii'-. Thev ore iivoiniiienilctl Ui'iilarly for ic-loring weak constitutions, clean. ing and .slrcnglhcning llie stomach, und increasing llie appelile also a preicut.ilueagainst the cholera mor-liu-, fever and ague, removing nausea, vomiting, heart Piirning, wc.ikiicss iu un- cn-.i-i, pinu m uu steuueh and oilier symplenisol ilaliileneraii.l mdiccs. lion. Oneboxwill linoiureouegallon. PriceSjets. l'OX. Hiissi.ll's Itch Oisthi.nt. Tin- clii.icc and alc ouiinienl is said to I e superior lo any now in n.r, for lhal ili-agrci-.ilile and loalhsoinc d s.-a-e, ihe ITCH, I'his Ointment is so ccarlain in n no pcr-on wun inc hi mr him-uh i .'iti.ui iu i WliniUI II, II I- .1 iiiui-i) nn , scorbuiie aircctuns oflhe head, or any .iherl.rc.ilin out which .iri-rs irom snaip ntuuois in iur oioi-i. Price 25 el-, a box. Itl's.rl I. VHJETAIII It IIIII Hi's rills.or lauiii) phi sic, lor ppncral n-c, in can's ol Jaundice, mori in sco-iluliiy of llie stomach and bowel., loss nl appelile', lirnd btcalh, costitcne-, Pile-, and all tlisea-cs an-- frim luli.irv dcranccmcnis, nisu iur iiii" iius ihc -la'c of th" blood, and cleansing me system oi foul and viscid humours, tnc-i'puis arc u .nnu ca Ih.irnc, producing nciihcr rams nor griping, nnd aie .i . ....I.... 1.1.. .,,,.1 Lu- ii' niiiiroiisl lllislii'ine. lliciciorc a .iini.i' ' ' . an I. ire pronounced as such by the most phii-ician-. Kach box cimiaining US Pills Price ""lius-i'-M's cclcl raled Salt Riikcm Ois'tmi-.nt. This is inuiuestionably the 1 esl and salcsl icmislv cicr yet lo llie pni'lie for llint obstinate disorder SA LT IfllKI'M. Wheie other means have ladisl, it h.issuc-cm-lttl, ami Ihe fact lhat il has ! n sxicn-ltcl) nseil by eminent Praciiuoncr speaks tolnmes in Us praise. Ills equally eilicacious iu all diseases of ihe skin, scald head, ring woinis.nnd the most invciciaii' Hen, , itc. Numiniiis ivrinicalc. mighl lo k I ill the orouritor chooses that a fair trial shou d I e ll.o on;y ...;.l..;. nfiis siiiieriorciluMi'V. I i hv on ccms a .......... i ,-c. f'.. n i...n.i... .. I.... . I... I .V I. 11. 111'. IV II'., .lli:iMiiin. A. P'.vk .V Co., sis-n ol Ihe Morl-.r. and Uol art M.Ksly, ll.irlingtoii I Dr. C. K. Miles, and Hull & Look, lime., i i.T-i II iiirnc. Charloliet l Jane-, lieorgia; i n-l..r' Ks.ex : Fuller it Huntinglon, Huhinond. lso. I v Ihe druggists and niucIiJiils generally lir' oighonl ihe slat.' lOIlATU K. Th s lands unriral.'e l lor lho following conpl.i nts, viz : Dyspi u-ia, er Indi- ce-tiun,discasisl, bilious disorder-, l'iopy, sin ma, Costtvciiess, trnis and lo-s e I Api't'iite. and l y cleansing the stotnaci an I I owcl.-, cures pains ln thu side, stotnaeh and I rrt-l, colds nnd rougin of lonR slanding, lloar-ui n.oriiu- of 1 i.uili, Ncrv 'in coinpl.nnt-.itc., wind aieliispicnlly the e !i.-i ot dis ease. For I cieraudAgue, il is.i most v.i'n.i! le pre- ventame as well as isoicitigu leinciiv. it- , surpass anv llung liiieiofme known iu uliu tins Si. llus' Danic, iwo tollies have I ecu km wn p euro thialhctingi!.easc,5if'cr having hulled c-ery . ver ticil lorlonr )cais. k ha-a most powerful inttuiniu in icuiovingiicriousu 1....111111-. .1 is pna... t n and -oe.isy in lis opiraiion.ihai it may I e adnuu siei. I Ihcinlanl with. any. 1 lie aoote ..iiiuiuie is t. 'y hiehlv riviminteniad bv many scicn'iiie gcnllcinca, and ii lau-c iniiiilc, w ho have pi . ictl lha iirtic-ol ilic.Mixlii'iie I v personal use anu IP u el their families. A lull nfi rnli'i a'cmw nipan'c- i.-.-h 1 ntdr, wilh diiis tion-. Itmav le had w holesnle or reind ot Hriiain, Uarrclml J, 1. I nrnani, l.a-l vt uimn-.. town, M.sole piopietcr-. i rcpaieti irom inerrigin al rciipc; for salt) by K. IL Picnlis-, .Monipel cr, and J, it J. II. Ph u iV Co, and Tut..). A. Pn k C ., Dur Imgiin, and in tie print ipal town- in tic sulci H liic'iions signed i 1 lie nanii w ruing 1 1 111c pr-'i'i icier 'VMIF.O. A. PKtKit Co. at ilirsignol tin .inrtar L haw.jiisi rcodn quininvof Cati line Pcpfcr, of I'.nglish iniportal'i'i. Copsianllv on hand. Itmnbat Ouin Jl mil, ermine lb) berry do. i n. ir. 1 ow -dcr, Jamaica Ginc- llool, do. do. in I owt cr, rpri niulOh:oTurnuriit,itc. itc. Sept. 10, IS IP. iSy.OS. Jpphliodgcrs nnd Son fi'rctior I i also Poineroi!9 line Streps and the white .ip.J sor Soap, for saicbr H. JL C.lDDLM.Sjr.- Co. notick ''- THK s'ubscrd.i will furiii-h in Hiirlin:icn and ncinit), liKAMTK window 'lips, il;f muler ,inir. Thrcshol l-and Door slops of aux descrip tion ot Ihe first rpulny. A bill Id any -ti 1 e wanted mil' I c ailcudil ic and ill mlVn imiioii lurnuhtxl 1 y .Messr-.l ollell oi Iradliy, 1'o.l.s es ir., mil nrauuj fc Hide. Anviicr-cn can no the nnahiv ' I'll"" s'"ne. by those fiiriiislu'v'tur Judge FoMft's hi 11 c it Pre-i- dent Vt heeler's VdU'l' in Hur uigton. II is nresumrn lhat ihenuilnvaid price ol itie-i- ione tr.i variant - . ,1 ..... ,i"l,.;i.'..,-m-.iI 01' 0 ll.c iroulle 10 ex- aininetlio s'tcnentd pruv. .I.O. W. COLL MKK. llaiie.Vt. Fclilary ISII. Mlu 11 i:HI)'li ilt.Vtfti t-i:i:i) forwltby bTKONOS & CO Oni ' KOTlOB TO DCNTSTU. Tlin SubsnVrs are Agenls for llie rale cl STOCKTk'NS CF.LF.IWIA' T:n T LI' T IL of Plnhd.lpliia. .ttupnlyjulopeiiOsl. t.ULUi:UN FOILS constat, on Iprnd. 1M.CK & m Mjv S J U Ape'iecar , ). V WHALING i Co. liJlltnet'Jli, Aytn k' r u.

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