Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 28, 1841, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 28, 1841 Page 2
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AH1UVAL OF THE CALEDONIA. ronvrr.EN later fbom nmorn. The steamer Caledonia, arrived at Boston on the inst. bringing London papers to the 31 ofM-i.v inclusive, and Liverpool pa pets to tlio -1th, Iut day of sailing. No intolli.'encc respecting 'tlio steamer Pivsideut had lieeii received iiiKnglanil. M.ij. Gun, Sir John llarvcj, late Lieut, (lovenor of New IJruiisvvick, lias been ap pointed Uuvennr of NewfoundUnd. Wu make the following summary of the intelligence brought liv this nrrital F.noi.axii. Tho Knglish Ministry have sustained a defeat in the House if Commons on thu !7th of April, on tho Irish Voters Hill. The (iiioMiun was on pawing tho se cond clause of tho hill establishing an .8 franchise ns the limit of the ciialiucations of 11 voter. This was I elected bv ii Vote of 'JS9 to MO, making a majority of eleven Hgainst .Ministers. The .Ministry considered this decision as fatal to the principle of the Hill. They therefore abandoned it. On the iJOlh, Lord John Russell said that on the first older day after Whitsuntide holi diivs, he would moo that the House resolve itself into.) Comniilteu to iUp into consider- ution the present system of Corn-Laws. He also stated that his intention was to propose a ceitain fi.ed duly on foreign corn in the place of the present graduated scale. A ve'icmcnt o.c in meiit was awakened by tins announcement ; the ministry lias been violently attacked on the one side and prai sed on the oher. The I. mil owners give in dicatious of making!! desperate struggle to let.iin the monopoly winch the corn laws gave thcin. The livening Chronicle says I ml Jo'm l!ti-H'll In- not i'oiiiiiiiui'.l-Ii'iI tin' nariic 111 us rifli --e-hciiie, lhou.;!i 11 1 i;i i llif sir.1- I.u.l upon It by III" ( 'Ii ini-i lor of ill- I'.m'Iii i i.i Ins budget, ve are M itil-r ttnt 11 is mil tided to p! i"i' 1'ie cum trade on -i IiIi.t.iI loo'iiu. Wotrusl that nur -I'lhcipi lions wd bo ! 1 1 1 v riili'il. 'Hi.' Ii.iiii- sunn irt oftln people can only lie commanded liv n'lhntimnh con vieii la on their mrt lint I'.ienUi'nilinn w.ll lu of de cided Eilvanl-ige to them. Whatever .Mmi-lcrs may pr ipose win no iiiijcrtMii.Tjic m mo mmipni:-t, whom tln-y eiunot Vopp to c.ineilialc : but lliey tuny il 'fral tlictii liv 'iK'li a iin-niirr a w ill t Mori llic en- th' s'nilic ippmliation of 'hi' lH'niile, ami enlist ihcir ilhuls in thur behalf." The Jhidget, as it is called, has been opened by the Chancellor of the Kxchc-gitor who in his speech admitted that the income of the last year had not equalled the expen ditures. He ascribed this to a falling off in the main sources of revenue particulnily in currants, molasses, spirits, sugar, tea, i wine, and sheep's wool. Tbeie had been some increase on nutter, cheese, olive oil, pepper, raw silk, cotton, wool, and one or two other articles. The diminution on lea, sugar, molasses and spirits had arisen, not rl'oui a disinclination to consume those arti cles, but from the increase in the price. There had been a considerable diminution of the Excise duly on spirits m Ireland ; bat this he mentioned with sincere pleasure, be cnustit nroscfrom the disiisoof that article and more temperate habits among the people. Ho mentioned also somo other items of excise duties, of less amount, which bad fal len oil". In the revenue from the ost office there had bacn,lie said, great disapioiultiieiit not because the number of U tters had been less than was expected, but because the ex pense had been greater. He stated the es timated e.pcndititio of next year,lis follows : Interest of debt with charges on iliu Consolidated I'mid Annv Navy Sir Robert l'ccl said that was a vague' expression ; no one could tell what it meant. It was unjustifiable to leave so important a matter in doubt for fivo weeks. Ho would not now pronounce upon tlio ways and moans proposed by tho ministry, but since the cab inet had introduced a change of the corn law into their budget they ought to have stated tho outline and details of their plan or at least Invo named an early day for giving such a statement. . A incciitigof llioAmoricansin l.iirrpool vvashild on die evening of April 30, at which Mr. Francis 11. Og ilnn. nf W York, nrpsided. Thev ndonted resolu tions Mprcssivo of their respect for the memory of the late rrcsielcnt, aim ol tlicir commence in ins suc cessor. . . The last publication of tlio nvcraeo liabilities nml assets of the ltnnk of Knglaml, vU t for tho quarter Anril 27. was Circulnlioii-lC.r,97.000. Do- posilcs7,J.f 3,WU I securities XiMiipju iiuuiun -i.ujs 000. . . .... The average of trio notes of private banks nn'i joint stork coiniimics for the vcarcneliiii?'J7th March last, was )l 10,3 3,.:I7 1 thai of the prccecilinq year, ending March 23,1310, was 11,101,110, shovvingn decrease of jCI.Of, "a ' Combinim. thn rnlurns nf the rountrv circulation Willi llio quarterly avcrpe-B ol tno nanx oi I.... ..!... I .!.... ..'An ...ll..... ........ i .1... .nlnl ft rlll 1 I (t nf tlio ouailcr endniL' March 27. coinnarcd with that 1ili,wr llniMilinr tnat .if 4 1 1 Q 1 1 nml nn inrrensrt ill ihe slock of bullion held by the Hank of Knglanel of 782.000. Coiutiarint' the total circulation of the nuaitercnding March 27 1811, with thatof theqiiartcr ending .unrcu .s-i, idio, mere was a eiccmise; hi wu circulation of 1.117.107. runt n diminution nf the qumtilvof bullion held by theliank of Kngland of A.ii,uuu. MumrvM nnrT ANnCiTvIsTrmonsrr.. I.ondos Mnv 3. Twelve o'clock. Tho Hrilish fund- opened this inornini! al the closing prices of Saturday! but they have since become heavy, from the ijciieral opin ion entertained by the speculators, that ministers ninmii-itiv ininmi n dissolution ni nariimcni. nun which will, of course call for some considerably salcnt stock in order lint rnndidales mnv meet tlio exilf Uses con sequent Upon a (jeneral election. In addition lo this, tlw hint ilint nn ineninr-tnx tnav cveiuuallv be re sorted to has a downward iiilljcnco upon the holders of stock. Tlienvi'rafpretiirnsoflhenanV of filmland. nuV lihed in the last(!a-iclte, show a steady increase in .1... ..ii r 1.1 I.. l1r , H. ra Tim i-irPII. Inion is increased to "iO.C0O ! drtiOHts. 13.0fl0 ! bill lion. 2!!i,000 i and a decnase in llio securities of 210,000. IT uniutrrivn. Owinf? totheamlalioninto which lliecom trade has lieen thrown by theannonnceiiient of Lord John ltus-cll's inlcnlion lo propose the sub stitution nf a moderate fixed d ity, the corn-iuarket was this inornini; completely stngnant, and no opcr ntions inieii d unoii. ereentl v the most me lv biivcrs, wlio were eninpclled to mpply their iiimiediale wants. This depression has, of .-nurse, communica ted ifell'also lo the StocU l'.xclnnue, where lliu jiriees nf all kinds of secnrilies, both English and For eign, hnie gicn way, allhoimh no great qiianlily of business has been transacted in eiiher of tint markets, where money has become very light. Sumdurd. FKANCK. The M'initeiir pulili.-bes a return of the im ports of Franco fur the first quarter of 1811. The Cn'.i'tlc ik France has been found guilty nf publishing a false report of the trial of Ln France, ami condemned to pay a fine of 5,000 francs. The report is said to be tho name with that putiH-Oicd in the other l'aris journals, but the (inzrllc had giicn umbrage to liuis Philip by einphiyiiifj a phrai-o which tool: for granted that ceitain letters ascribed to the king were in bis own hand writing. The Mmillciir publishes the law "rantili" tlio Minister of the Interior an extraordinary credit nf 1,000,0110 francs lor secret service purposes in 111, and the law authorizing the .Minister of War to levy 60,000 recruits ol the class of 1S10. l-'roiii the new budget it appears the deficiency unprovided fur of the vcar IS 10 amounts to 170,-l-:t,7U0C That of 1811, to v!t-J,(iO:),t2S3f. The budget of llv!, alter the reductions made by the committer, amounting to ll,l:i9,.r)!)lf., would l.e calculated 1.M70, !".'),:) Kit., and the revenue being calculated at l,100,000,000f., the deficien cy would amount to 1 1 l,:JfiHlif. To these dc fip.encic. of the three years must be added a imiiii of ."3l,'J.")!),000f. demanded for extraordi nary works of various kinds. 71io dispute nf France with Morocco has been rutt'ed, by mutual coiiee.s-ions. The (iovcrnor 1 1' Morocco Ins been dismissed, and tho French Consul, M. do l.iporte, rc-rallcd. Tin? King of France pardoned l."0 convicts a:il ."i.M soldiers under arioiw sentences of , coart-, martial, on occasion of christening nf the (.'omit ni' Paris. A number of promotions were ' made in the annv and navv. 7'lie frigate Eri- nne h id sailed Ireiu Urcst to tho IiidiLtcas. TEMPERANCE IN IRELAND. The history of tho last Vcar nflbnls no slclit on which the eves nf the tiliilauthronist test with more dulight than the high up-shooting of tho tree of Virtue among mo peats ami oogs oi ireianu. men oi inun slow rellection, who look will) distrust upon what ever reform outstrips their own estimate oT means and ends. vni.n iiiimt tlio lninhtv work which has been mere accomplished in wonucr ami admiration) tuc mouths of cold scofiera are stopped thcheart of the lover of Man i9 cheered and a pure, calmly burning iigiu streams neovenwaru ironi tno ianu which beforo full of darkness, cruelly and blood. Ireland has been, but recently, tho homo of beastly sottish- ncss, ol poverty ana crime sue is now inc auouc ui temperance, of peace and of plenty. lo deeper degradation of the soul can bo conceived than the complete mastery of Man by a base oppctite that n sense which lias been given to us only in com mon wilh the lowest, ilost, lcast-honorctl crea tures oft in tlnivrrse. should nbtnin entire dominion over the mind and heart should blot out the light of reason, sear the conscience, deaden and destroy tho best allections, and lead all that is manly and gener ous within ns captive at its will this surely is a depth nrtnfamv nml slmme irom wincli the Veriest s avc (night shrink in affrighted abhorrence. The ruin which ll unngs 18 not more urcaoiui man me siiiiiui; niiii.ii it involtcs. Man s best dumitv. Ins sound miliriiiciit, his self-resnecl. bis Ik art's treasure of ufleclion. his peace, safety, ambition, happiness all that makes the Imnt ol Heaven pleasant, sold lor tuc uaso ucngiii in which a heast.mav share! There con bo no 'lower ueeii, nuo which nil inu iviuum may pmiiiie. 'i',.. l..,l,l ,-. ?,.!. ,1r,,L. arils. The hriaht cenius of her Sons was darkened, was almost blotted out by tho foul presence of this supply the immediate necessities of thu 1 rcasury. POLITICAL ASPECTS. The late elections in Indiana, N. Caro lina and Maryland, pretty effectually close the hooks, says the Richmond Whig, and clinch the last nail in the coffin of Loco We Copy the following communication, from tho last No. of the Bherbrook, (L. C.) Garotte. Sir, I noticed In your paper of tho '-jpth April, that hay was very scarce in your vicinity, and that it was r cllinrr at a verv hiirh rate. I foresaw as early as the lirsiot i-ebruary thai nay ir.ust bo very scarce this spring, which induced me to make the following experiment. 1 commen ced boiling potatoes, one bushel per day, to which was adiicu one neck of oat-mcat. winch made about V!0 callous of swill. I soon increased I I'ocoisin. The Whigs aro now, by a two- tho quantity to iireoiiiishols of potatoes and one f0j demonstration by the "second sober bushel oat.meal ; and with this, together with .. . , e , ,, about three and a half tons of bay and one and thought" confirming the first, the it.oh.i:. a half tons of straw, 1 have kept '!( head of neat Thoy tiro tho Govurnnient. They hao the cattle, six horses ana ninety siiccp in much Executive, the Senate, and a majority in the togclherou hay. I estiinate'll.e whole expense ,,ol,SB Hcprcsentatives uneiiualled since of feed from that tiino at $110, whereas bad I the compromise administration of Monroe. fed them altogether on hay, a SiO per ton, the T10y mvo the ascendancy in four-fifths 0r L . . I llin .dktfilne fiinlil -i nirtlt itnetrn titnt-n ? I am aware tlie season is too laradvauccil lor .-f... .. the public to profit much by my exitcrimcnl at Could its strength be creator ? Could it rest present, but it may be the means of saving llpo (l broader or a firmer basis I Full con innnni, in enmn ii.n n.a unrnni n. im iiimim,-- IIIUIIU .U OUHIV lUIIIIIO tllUllMVI III IIIIIUWI ''VIII- dty wlucli is tlie object ot lours, Kespcctiuiiy, May 3, 1811. A Faiimmi in Compton. Ordnance Misocllanious... Cuniln China . 3l,c'2O.fi0'i .. I'.7 0C0 ,. n.'-ii'i.niKi .. '.',o;.-,ooi) .. .'.mm inn loyioo :tti,Poo SPAIN. Letters and papers received in London from Madrid, aro lo the v!lth of April. Tlie question of the regency was lint adjusted. A committee of the Clinnlier of Deputies to consult with the eninmitte.' of the Senate on the mode of elect ing a rodent was appointed on the VivJd, and the two coui'ii'iKees have bad two different meetings without any icstiltK. It is thought that tlie blasting fiend i the n arm enthusiasm of her children the rich allection of tho Irish heart, the swelling love, the cencrous marlv nriilc. all were sacrificed to op- peasoits appetite, and the whole nalion laid down in the deep stupor, but to arise in the mad fury of luleni pcrmce. There crime had its citadel loyalty, faith anil love fled fiom its borders tho tears of wives and lie n CS3 em dren tlowed fast in tirotiv. ruul the wliole nation seemed sunk irrecoverably into the region of sorrow nna oi ucain. it no wouui uciieve mm uiu sinidc eloquence of ono man could persuade these millions to nrcnk their bonds mid smnd fren from tho llirnlJom wIiimi Tor so tonga tunc had litlil them 111 the dust 1 How arc all Ihe calculations of the sober jiiditmcnt the reasonings of him who would go for- waru cmmousiy uiiu juuieiousiy in uic worti uiieiuiiii disappointed unn urougiit to nougiit! In our opinion, tho coustsof tlis mighty rcforma- nun nit; iu ou louKeu lur iiiir.iy, 'unis, in inu un bounded influence of tlio Catholic clurgy over the will of their members, but still more in tie peculiar trails of the Irish diameter. Warm-heartid, full of high enthusiasm, always earnest and determined in what ever they undertake, it needs but onehld impulse in so great a cause as this to give birth tot movement whose extent and re6ulls can scarcely bt computed. Tlio feeling eloquence of Father Matthew ipencil their eyes to llio deep degradation into w hid, they had fallen : his wide-spread charities, hisknovn devotion and philanthroiihy, gave them confidence iiliisiipre scntalions, anil their own hearts told then that his words were true. Their best fei uiL's were aroused. and llio very sight of the misery in which ihcy were plnngiu nwnlicneil wiitiin 'licm all mat wis tnaniy and benevolent. They rushed in thousancs lo cm brace the last hone nf redemption from their Jeep dis grace j and now- they arc silling in peace and quietness tloihed. and in tlicir rbht mind. Can nnv nun look upon this spectacle of millions redeemed from llio foul bondage ol intemperance, and not leel renewcu trust in the inborn nower of man over his nonetites. and a higher donfideiico that the day of deliverance Irom this wnlo-sprcail curse is at Hand 1 Wc know that in some nuarters the labors of Father Malhcw arc decried : base motives are ascribed to him, and his whole work is defamed as imposture and deceit. We have no patience with those who thus de tect a semblance of evil in all that is good. Wo be- liec their charges false and malicious: the bright te cord of Mathew's life and deed- is not to be thus dim unit by the s'teplio's scoll". Hut grant the full truth of their aspersions : yi tunes not Ireland stand reoeemeui Is ii nothing that a million anil a inlloi men nave uccn raised from the foulest ahvs which l-.arlh contains. and phced upon a level with their fellows 1 Is it nolhiiigthat millions of bruised hcarlshave been bound tin that the How of tears and of blood has been stop ped that comfort, love, and nil the dear delights of life hae been brought back to Hie liearlli sloncs whence the foul demon of Inlctupcranco had driven them apparently for ever ! Is it nothing that a Na lio.i's gruf has been assuaged a Nation's divp dis grace wiped out and her hopes restored J If all these are to weigh nothing against the whi-iicrs of malice of the loud clamors nf open, foul-moulncd detraction, judgment must nave 1 lied to brutish beasts, Aud men have lost their reason.' H it whatever may bo thoughts or the representations ofcul-iiiindcd men with reference to this unparalleled movement in favor of temperance, its results will rc miiii ns a monument to the eternal praise oftlic tons oflreland, anil will continue for a long course nf years in shed blessings upon their daily livw. The 'lircen Isle' grows tm-ner bv ilils fresh, ioy-glving outburst to Virtue and Murilitv. Her children, who have ever been choracleriscd by all that is noble in intellect and bcneole.-it in action, have set an example wor thy the imitation of the world: thfy havo trodden lo the earth the tyrant appetite that has ever been their direst foe, ni r now stand erect, freed from his bon dage, and bidding defiance lo his power. Well may htr Harp sound with livelier, more triumphant songs atlhis tnighiysclf-dclivciancc! Words are feeble to express its -ul limily, and long necs alone can fully display its btneficitnt results. .Vtir Yorlcr. Aspahaous. The following from the Gene see Farmer, as to the manner of forming and planting a bed of asparagus, will no doubt be ac ini! of tho Federal Government in nil its departments four-fifths of the Slate Gov ernments backed by nn overwhelming and daily increasing majority of the people ! That's the present condition of the whig part)' that's the proud position it has won TENNESSEE. Returns front only part of llio State from 11 Districts from which G Whigs and 3 locos are elected to Congress. NORTH CAROLINA ELECTION. We have full returns from some and par tial returns from the other Congressional Districts in North Carolina, and they indi cate that the Whigs havo won another signal victory in this State and tlio complexion of our news seems to warrant the belief that the newly elected Delegation stands 8 Whigs to 3 Loeofocos a gain of ll Whigs. j: 50.7 11,000 UsHinii'itiftlie Vrtuniur m'diiilf th. fi;e;i iit'S Cli inrcs. rntnms '. ..i!2J,0nO,Wi Kxcisc 1 l,()0n fn'iO st nuns 7,i:iocnn '1'a.xes IpOO.COO Tint iilliei, Lrown Lands, nml .lintel- lancoiis ,. .. s'O.nnn Total, Dtlicicncv Ilo added that to supply thecVlicienceiicy the should have to propose an alteration in the duties on foreign and cohiiial timber, mid also on colonial sugar. Fram these du ties and thu duties on corn lie evjmcts to make ti(i the djljjreiico batwean tlio piblie Income mid e.xwiturc. ceptable to many of our readers. It will be y ,ls patriotic appeals- its generous and seen that this wholesome and delicious vegetable indignant denunciation of federal misrulo and can be easily cultivated by every family that corruption, and its strenuous and disintcrcs - , - r l t 1 , , . t . 1 .,..., . l. ... m. . posses a iow yurua oi ground, goou uco win teu exertions ior me puuilc nuertV. 1 Hat s last fifteen or twenty years, and will bear cut- tho victory it has achieved over all thu ma ting some twenty times .eason. It occupies ctnfsry of party and the drilled mercenaries uui nine ipacB, mm uic iruuuiu mm oxjioiiho oi 0(-j10 Tronaurv bllliuiu la luuui ii.Da iiiuu its iuilulrtllv Slllllioseu. 1 ., ... , .,, . . .11 1 1 r. r. 1 ... . -ii . 1 I ho Whigs have won their laurels well, A bed, five feet by twenty, will contain one bun- , b , , ..... , , .lred root.,, and is larirc cnour-b for . inodnra.i, mny "' wei,r ,1,um "U' 1 1,13 depends sized family. If good two-ycars old roots aro u)0n ,,"-,,"slvfis' The path is smoolli and used, they will bear some cutting the next year l,lilm "etore tliem. Iot vigor caaracleri.e after planting. The directions for making tlio all their movements. Let thenv settle the bed arc as follows : currency question forthwith, and give quiet "If there is any choice, select a warm location, to iho country on that ureal tmint. Almost out the earth to the depth of eighteen inches. ned and mischievous Agitation. Tins dispo (If the location is rather wet, and the bottom SHd 0, let tliem push boldly forward to the l'Ct'i: reformof the numerous disgraceful abuses, gooa, lay lion one siue, uui wneei tne poor carin i"-n -n.-i. uuu mu 01 iu um my mil, i.u away. Ihcntako well-rotted manure and mix baneful era. Let them retrench public ex i,wr,nc pendiiures-enforco a rigid accotnlability in smooth and place the roots on the top of the tne public ollices substitute able, hottest ground twelve inches apart : spread the fibres nj efficient officers for thu incompetent and ntwl fiv tlmm in tliAir ustliral nnaitinn u-.fli ttm .... ... 1 hand I then cover the whole with three or four faithless ones, bequeathed them by their pre inches of the mixed compost, smooth it oil' neat- decessors and leave ihe people as much as ly, and the work is finished. Water the bed possible alone to pursue their own Irtppincss UHUI Jiituiuii, ii iii iuiiiui suv-Lvtlur, anil rwup it clear of weeds during the summer. Ilefnre setting in of winter, cut off the stock, and give an annual dressing of two or three inches of manure. Tho roughest of this should be raked WHIO TlllU.Ml'll IN MARYLAND. baltimoiii: nismicT nenKKMCD or -rilcr.n mrmdriis or CONOnr.l-H. The election for the choice of eight members of tonjjress Irom .Maryland, on .Monday last, lias resul ted in the iriiiiniih nf tho friends of the National Ad ministration, and of true Democratic principle. The Ilnltimorc District hns been triiiiiiritiiintlv redeemed. and the first time since the present re-organization of parties, nns eiccieu two v tiiixsi to Uoinjiess, ny a ma jority " largo cnougli to suit nil purposes." ThcTory in.ijoriiy in i i.ii i uiiorc is irom of to zi. i uc mi majority in Annapolis is 7,5, and in Anne Arundel will hardly be less than 150, leavinc a clear Wins inniori ... in ll.n Cr.r. t -O ... OOO In the lialiiniore County District, where the Whiirs ran no candidate, I. W. Willinns, of llnrtfnrd, the regular I ory cantlidalc, is without liuulit elected, or a competitor ni inc same stamp. Win. Cost Johnson, Whig, is re-elected in the 3d uisirici. Mason, l.oco Toco, is fleeted in the Allcitli.iny dis Irict, represented iu the last Conatess, by l- Thomas a l.oco f ocn. In the rciuninins llirco districts there was no oppo sition to the Win;! candidates. One nf these Disiriels wos represented in the lat (Jonnrcss, bv Phillip K. t-i. yn nnin'THN js one of llic infamous ninjnrilym the Comiinttceon l-.IeclionSjUy w-lioin tne New Jersey outraijo was siU'L'esled and causerl. The new- delegation frniii.M;irvlnnd will therefore stand DEMOCRATS, .SIX-T'ORIKS, TWO ! In the last ('oitgress, three Whigs to five t.oeo l-'oeos ! ni;t dumocratju c.ain, sixii wia.i, DONE OLD MARYLAND! ill their own way. "Thi-Us'io (11 ink or no ll.mM was nnl nado before the lite election, (as tlie Mu; savs,) upon John Tvler'" beiiiL' in favor of a Hunk. Munv undertook olf in the spring, anc the surfaco of the bed tosay thatMr. Tjkr would nut en fur a llmk, nn tlio loobcncu with a manure fork. Kltt'DAiiu, oal'in I'lant. This is another nf the earliest luxuries cf the season, and deserve! more general cultivation. It is of the easiest possible culture. Plant the roots about three feet anart. in dect) rich soil, well manured. A warm border on the south side of a fenco is the Irengtli of Ins former declaration. Maiv unnoted, unit Hie fsue was not Juinu umiic oilurc uic fcoin, I'.inmircr. Hut what did you say and all your be lievers Did you not make tlie welkin ring with the clamor about a Bank ? Dilyou not asseverate again md again, that John Tjlcr would s'p'n a bill charlcriii" a Hank? Ami Mr. Jones, the Wliin cnmlidatcfor fiovcrnnr of Tennessee, published a long list of limes and places wneii ami where he would address ins lellow-ciliens throughout the Stale. There upon fiocrnor Polk, thinkmi: to intimidate and lienr down his more youth ful competitor, gave notice that Itu should liin-t him al all tho appointed times and places. Accordingly, tne two en impiuns inetupon ";irinus ncca."ions, nut nt length fJovernor Polk hearlily sick of the collision, remarked iu one of Ins public speeches : "Asuivoli cial duties require me lo visit the seat of Oo eminent 1 can accompany .Mr. Jones no lurtlier, and 1 hium therefore luakeseparato nppuinlmenls 'nf my own." i)li, very well, replied -ilr. Jones, "U llu; itoveruor finds it iiicnnvLiucnt lo accninnnnv Ini". Iran verv e-n- sily alte-r my arraiigetnenis.-iud i.'ccompany linn, and I snail most certainly do so." .So it seems that his Loco l-'oco r.vetllenev funis it a great de-al easier to get intoentanglin alliances than to "ct loose flout tliem. Ihstnn Athts. TIl'I'CCANOi: I'l.AO. Int nt.ier. rriio l-arlv Red varinlv rrrnwH thn quickest, and using require the least sugar did you not, upon that ground, call upon One dozen roots are sufficient for a family. Tho following table table shows the rela tive strength of parties in the 27th Congress all the Slates ( the exception of Ala- arms I Bank or no lluak ! S'f. tS,". Hut all availed nothing Threats and cn- Thcionowiiig is the reportof the close of he speech of the Chanccllorof the K.xcheq-! tier on presenting the budget: 'The duly on cnlonhl tiiubtr wis Ifls. per loads on Italnc, 55. being a protecting duly of 1.5(1 per cenl. He proposed lo reduce the- IS i tic duly lo .50". and rawo the colonial dty to 'SI, n conui'iante with nn inlcnlion Inrmerl) aunoiineid by Lonl Alihorp, and sanctioned by a committee. This would have a proltclionof Ms , nnd heexpeeti i from that change un a, Irion-il revenue of 003,000. Now, ot to uH:ir. 1,'ur ili it"! years the low er classes had sullcrcd severely -om the hisjh price of this article, nowahiiQ't a nece-ury of life-, icrlainlv i no of tho mosi imporlanl of lliepoor mans enniforls. Jle proposed to lcau the duty in colonial su;;ir, ns now, at -iU per cwl. ; and lo rteuce the duty on fur uijtn sugar frnm K'i 'A, per 'iii?., n l.iiiimg in bolhca es the five jicr eenl, aded h-l year. Iluts ttmatcrf h's gain from this cliaiiKinl .CTOO.OCO, which, wilh Ihe i'liOO.OOO, from llio Hither, would gica total of )'. 1,300,000. The dutirs ntsching upon corn, if the ineasiins coiiteiiiplnieil by giurmiieut wcro i f fectid, would provide fur any (lealcntion : but nt nil events In was determined lo'nriki up ihe dclirieiicv of thercvcn- ofroin Fomi..u:irlcr ir oilier. Ilo did not wish to diseant upon the corn !iws in a financial statement t but he could nol have iropnly omitted to touch on the (jiics-ion whether sone relief niblit not bo eiven lliecountrv al lan-e bv dnlim. uitl, tl.n protecle-d classes, 'lie Ihcu passul o "llio mhject nf ijiciio ii.iiicaii-i in-aiie soinit gener i ucc lunations nn tne uenoiiis oi inn inhly hi eniiiii'-rrc. When jnu press, Mid he, for facilities frnm orngu couiiti'ic, what will ihcy answer if they find hat on the lines. linn of your own revenue uu hae refu-ed to ndnpt llijcriu principles; even ior uic saitcol relieving your-w-lveB from taxation .' I MrGoiilborn attacked thoproposed rliaii gas of the duties as inrompebnt to prodnre tho nccccssary additions to llio revenue. He also nmiadverled upni the increased expenditures of the govcrnnent under the present ministry. Ir. Ilumo denied the riglt of iIr. Goul hourn and his friends, who In .said were nl-u-ays the ciicouragcrs of eitravagnnco, to complain of expenditures. I'o regretted for his part lo srono proposal foi reducing iheso expeudilurcs, but ho was glad to hear of any incnsuro which promised llio icoplo un in stalment on their expectation!. Lord John Kussell m nnswtr to an inqui ry from tho other sidn said tint tho duty on corn which the Cabinet meant It pioposo was a "moderate fixed ilulv,"' choice will inn upon t lie boluicr ot lortune, h-parten. The Sinn.hh Chamber of Deputies have re jecteil a mntioit by l'J-'! against .")(), that the vote forths !t"'e.t'.- should be taken by ballot. The parli.ins- for the triile Kcgcncy gain ground iu the Chamber ol Deputies, by the majority iu the (innate i i 'or the side Regency of .(.', 5,'tl0,i'i u , h-parti'io. .!,( i(H) men are around Madrid to r.'i.ueu proeno nrner. The aho ol the poet Calderon dc la lloca, a iliMiuntic wilier, dead these linen centuries, have boon removed from the Calatrcn nunnery to a sort of pantheon built in the Campo Santo of San Andreas. CHINA. lVnin China there is no additional news. Vis- count Melbourne has raid in Parliament that the despatches from Captain Klliot, being sent by sea, and tint over land, was doubtless the reason tint thov bail not arrived so toon as the iiik llii'ial iiiielliocncu tbroii"li other cliannol.s A deputation of merchants had waited upon lird I'a'inerstoo, to iiinuiro of biin what was the pre-ent fotitinn; of ihe trade with China nnilerCaplain ll'linl'd conventioji. I.nnl l'.ilui 'rii'on r-a-d, that as yet be was ac ninitited with only the principle:. a"reed to be tween the Pleuipn'eiitiaiies, namely, that the Liuperor was to cede to tlie uritit-li L rown a ter ritorial pos'i'ixinn in China; tint an indemnity was to I jo paid to the lirili-h (nvcriimcnt ; and that -tlii? olhfial intercourse between the two countries was, for tho future, to bo conducted on terms of perfect equality. As vet he knew nothing beyond tlie adniii-sion of tbeno important principles; and ns it was expressly stated that the details were to be the subject of further no gocialion, it ucccs'-arily followed, that it was imK.-siliIc fur Ins lorn-hip to come to any con clii.-ive opinion a.s to thoactsof the Hritisb Ple nipotentiary until in lull possession of the de tails of tlio further negotiations so alluded to. Tl'llKKY AND KCYPT. Intelligence has been received from Constat!- tinopleto tins Tt It instant. The .Sultan was iu di-posed ; and it was rumored that an attempt bad been in iile to poi.-on him. Another account i-tati'il that tlio Circassians had stormed two Russian fortresses on the Abasiuian coast. Ad vices from Cainba of the Is', t-tato that the inur"eiits were in uteli force at Spahakia that thnv were able to keen in check !l,.r(K) Turks lately landed fiom Constantinople. The foreign Consuls worn about lo embark iu an Knglisb vci-mO, lest tlicir presence should encourage the revollers Letters fiom Alexandria to the 7th contain no iicuy, orept tint the plague was on tho inciease ibroiboiit I'.gvpt. Midiemct Ali had retreated loa country house, and Ibrahim 1'aslialiail hliut himself up itm laisc palace at Cairo, IKIU.ANI). Vlio Dublin .Monitor states lint tlio accounts from all parts of Ireland, as to the state of the registries, are most deplorable. ' hu Liberals are beaten iiis-oino of their strongest holds, and tlio lories have triumphed by vast inaiontios.- Initli is all but lost : of all the counties in Iro laud it was com-idorcd the most secure. With lew exception?, tlio tenants ot the numerous lareo hi'' proprietors of Louth are iinreirisl ered, and this (says the Monitor) is the fruit of tno iiepcai nnu-on: e-ot neglecting llio registries tohjn.'i'riiiiv al inoctiiiijN ot the "Jo;p-try mo c ation m Ireland. The New York Commercial has a happy knack at pointing a moral and hitting olf a foible. In this respect, as in many other good ones, wc know no journal that surpass es it. The following is a specimen. Wc have to observe, however, that there arc exceptions to tne scope ol its criticism us was shown by the touching paragraph which we yesterday extracted from the Alexandria Gavcttc, relative to the lamontcd fate of the Rcv,d Mr. Ceoknian. Taste and 1-V.emng of tub Pitnss. The fate of the President steamer is creating a deep er and yet a deeper interest from day to day. the number of passengers was not large less than thirty but with the ollicers and crew there may have been one hundred souls on board. Among the passengers were several ladies and gentleman of respectability. There were Dr. Leo Wolf and lady, of this city the latter being the daughter ot tlie late John S. Crary, Hsu. There was also the youmr I.ord Fitzroy Lenox, son of the duke of Richmond. There was likewise the Rev. Mr Cookman, late of Washington, and just Commencing his residence in this city one of the most eloquent and gifted clergymen of the day. He was one of the chaplains of the last Congress, and we heard him deliver the last sermon of the session, the Sabbath before his departure. It was discourse upon the Imal judgment and one of the most solemn, original and soul-stirring ser mons to which wo ever listened. It irlowed wilh gems of thought, clothed with a diction of the noblest oiicruy, worthy of the lofty poetical conceptions of Milton. His descriptions were so vivid and striking that he actually seemed to brins the whole scene of the uidirmcnti in its awful sublimity and granduer ; beforo the audi, once so effective that on retiriri"- from the capito! we heard" a little child, less than nix years old, inquire ".Ma, what picture of the judgment was the minister describin'' 1" He, too, this matchless pulpit orator, is one of the passengers, and those eloquent lips, if the ship ih lost, are "in uic- uc-c-p uueuiu ui inc ocean uur icd." Anions tho passengers, also, was .Mr, llll-lcd h, ill., am .irin a-il,l,i.i.- of lli.ll meuioralili field with'lhe thg that was in the mid"! & lliii-kc-t r f the stril.,.wlui;i l was commanded in br.iip in tins 1 rnmmerriat met mnn?i tobnill.nlieiil !,i- e' i,,.. m r treaties were alike disregarded. Iho "ho fcllow-citi.cnj, ns a living, tvtal.iit" cinbbm of ihe hama which, it is conceded, will be repre- ltanlr camc out ,;,. Aml nott. for lim, - valor of their old co,,,ina,,;l, , aieUf lie, ,,rds he l. SCIllcU ty IlVO opposition members) that hold w ,() (,.,, 1(:t!n a, so muc, .)a;115 l() ,.,,, ,u which his courage hid Ikeii M'le-t'oneel,) and III, Pen tlicir elections urcvous to the extra session t .t... .t:.. ; :..-. i.:... i ph-li-id yan-d huii as IVsid -nl in ihe; While llmise I lasili. v lieu llie; lliu 13 ilL'ill ll llllll. to UOIIV nl VVrw 1 w.-i n .i, In I,, rir it I i.ti-. n,(. ill t ,. having boon heard ironi. The governors of .i.c ,.vistencc of the issue is verv little bet- nvm of ''"s fellow-soldiers, resin.-t huu lodcpoMi n m . I r, i i-. lui.iiir. i r r, atii-,,. 4 nt T,,n i.i-ti,ii,i i mouev nl faro, and nlendimr nrouu.-ed on tint uroand 10 c-eeuie thi eniniiii-ioii, measures for the holding of elections, there- dnlllkL.,,s agah,s, paymen.-and becomes aidl'o', tore, tlicso states will not, of course, be t.u cl,,-.rl)Ct ur 0f a "l,td awl frank" editor houM herald its arrival there- bm, m the tmd-t nf representctlat the called ses5ion. A vacancy Lbmlt n8 mltl as sllci!p.s,e".ili,.s does nn dmyTm nl aiso exists in me rennsyivania ueicgaiton, 10llnst mall. For shame I For ! Such 'f'Zr'l'TZ.',: i ,1 discreditable conduct brings a scandal and of Uic Lrave n enof lippcc-unn n m lav Un- Hag , , r , , ,. oeioro von, Hie siice-es r, lor wn-nuwere Hie nv.iig reproach upon the craft; and tho odium it i,ltmctieju ofiheir illu-inous chsf, and upnu h will excite itaainst all of us Auti-llwik men. l hl" u""'': !l"1' 1 "": l"" -l'ir"-,h:l" ! h" , re-one! I in I von will earrv oul the vu- I will .main iisun to our cause, aim earrv it Tyrone Power, the inimitable Irish actor as great iu making people laugh, as .Mr. Cookman iu making tliem weep, anu as etiicient in rum ing the souls of men, as Mr. Cookman was ii saving them. And now for the moral of this paragraph. In several of tho leading journals which we havo opened this morning', the name of .Mr. Power only is singled out as a loss to be deplored, while not a single tear is in store for the fate of other associates, of nobler intellects aud nobler callings ! This is a strange and thoughtless wonu.'iiiNi; a IlnoKna and Deceiving a Rank On Friday evening, .Mr, P. Adams, broker, of No. 02 Wall street, as was usual with him, deposited his trunk, containing about 80,000 iu money, and bond", cartilicales, &c. for upward of S'-'0,0(X, in the Plienix Rank. Iu the morn, ing, as soon as the bank opened, a boy entered the bank with a note addressed to the bank of. licor, with thu naino of .Mr. Adams subscribed to it, requesting the ofliccr to deliver to the bearer Iho trunk of Mr. Adams ; and as soon as ihe boy saw tho trunk, lie cried out, "That tho one." 'tlio trunk was given to him and ho disappeared. Soon after, Mr. Adams sent for llio trunk, and lo ! it was gone, and the order sent for it found lo bo a forgery. No tidings have been received of iho boy or trunk since Us uisuip.irum e irom tno bank, and the perpetra tors of the bold fraud ami forgery have probably escaped. .V, V. Tri'itii". FRIDAY MORNING, M A Y 2S, 1941. your party throughout the State lo rally to the polls, and vote against the Whig candi dates 1 Save the citadel ! (you exclaimed ( Save tlio coulry from a .Vonstcr of the dead liest hostility to the public liberty I Speak oiittrumpct-tongucd against the Hydra! John Tyler may heed your voice, and siric A is It will be iccollectcd by our reader.--, that .Mr. llrooks one of the editors of the New Yoik Ilxpress, at the great convention on the Tippe canoe battle ground, in .May last, was entrusted by the surviving soldiers of that battle, with the tl.ig that was iu the thickest of the conte-t, with instructions to bear it to Washington, alter the election of fi'en. Harri-on, for the purpose of placing it among the trophies of the republic. .Mr. llrooks delayed the duty until mailers should be quietly settled after the inauguration at Washington and waited, as he says, until, "alas ! there was the ipiiet of the grave On the first of .May, in fulfilment of bis com mission, Mr. llrooks transmitted the llagto Pres ident Tyler, with an acc iiupatiying letter, which with the answer ot the President, wc lierc ir.ib- jo.ii : , icscntatlon him. "Hold on." said Harrison, "for a mo. mont lonrcr ; 1 will reinforce you and ho rode off aid led up thoro tho company of Capt. llobb-jby which time, or soon after, of the sevtnty-five men under Capt. Spencer there were only ton or twelve left not killed or wpiindcl ; in this company was this flag. National Intelligencer. TI1K MchEOU CASH. Tins case has been argued beforo the Sit- pro mo Court of the State, at New-York, on a motion to d'scharge tho prisoner. For the de fendant, and for the people, the several spcakoru have acquit cu themselves with a great deal ot ability but precedents, and quoted law, we do not hud tint they have introduced any general principles :hat have not been argued in erlinso in tho newspapers. Messrs. Rradley and Joshua A Spencer, who appeared ior the defendant, argued in substance that the afair was a national one ; that the de claration of war, and adjustment of national questions, belong to the national Government and that the interposition of the authority of tho State of Now York is an impolitic and unconstitu--tional interference. They deny McLcod indU vidual responsibility, even admitting he weref present, which is also denied. They maintain that had the attack been made on a point under tlie exclusive jurisdiction of the United States, tlie Judiciary could not interfere, for the ques tion belong to the Executive, and it is no provinco of the Judiciary to vindicate the national honor, or repel national attacks ; and the counsel fur ther say that if the United States Courts would refrain, in the snunosed case, the Courts of tho state of New York are arc bound to refrain in the present alfiir. On the other side, Air. Woods the District Ailnrncvo r ncl.-iiiirt.and Willis Hall, the Statu Attorney, deny that Ihe Killing ol Dunce, for which McLcod is indicted, properly constitutes apartof the destruction of the Caroline, which is claimed to bo a national afiair. They sav it was not necessary to the cntcrnrize. &.c. &c.. and contend strenuously for the right of New- ork to defend her laws and her territory. Thcv cite the cases of the persons arrested liy the llritish authorities in Madavvaska, refer to tho punishment of the patriots in Canada, aud insist that the defence of the wide frontier re quires a rigid exercise of the State sovereignty. Tho argument is wholly on the legality of tho arrest, and that appears to depend more upon the question whether the murder of Durfee can be separated from the whole affair, or must bo considered an integral part. As far as wc can judge the people and prcsM of New-York appear friendly to the release of McLcod, and to think that the nation should be held responsible rather than the individual or rather that as Ihe nation of Great uritain mvst at any rate be held accountable, since its as. sumption of the act, it is not right to single out a single individual fort a part of it. As we re marked before, the question of the guilt or in nocence of the man cannot properly come be fore any Court until be is arraigned for trial on tho indictment ; and it was therefore only acci dentally alluded to in the arguments alter that point was settled. In his affidavit, however, MeLood denies that he was present, ur iu any way participant. That he tolls the truth in this denial is generally be lieved. He has bceil a foolish bragadocioj and has pretended to feats of arms which he never accomplished. Heboid, in this arrest, the profits of his folly. Wof. Ituzcttc. It seems that no decision is to be made in this case at present. On Ihursday morning, the Court made the following order ; the nf the Tlpi'Ccai.o? I-'ta i? to President of the United Mates. Nr.w-YnuK, .May 1, 1511. Iu Miy last, on llio Tipp-canou batllc-froun I, in iv vnur w ns ins. I n nran ' VVi ' presemo oi some iiuriy iiioiimiihi neu uc, i w js 111 hi, . irin .'mini ui null occasioned by tho diath of Mr. Oglo. I'OI'SB StATr.s Apm. .Maine. 4.... New Hampshire',. ..0.... Vermont, a.... Massachusetts 11 Opr. ...I.. Connecticut, Rhode ls'and New Jersey,... .ncw 1 ors Pennsylvania,.. Maryland Delaware Virginia .North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia Al.ibanin, t.ousiana Arkansas Mississippi Illinois,. .Missouri Indiana, Michigan Ohio Kentucky, Tennessee, 6.... ...0.... ...1 ...0.... ...0.... ...0.... ..21.... 15.... Adu. OlT. ...1 1 ....0. o ....2 o ..o... .11... G... ...19... ,...12 1 ....C... 1... ....10... ....9 5 ....1 8 ,....9 0 ,....0 5 ,....2 1 ....0 1 .(not reprcscnte-d).... '.".'.oV.'.".V.V.2.'.'.".V.'.' 6 1 , ....1 0 , ....12 7 ...11 2 7 6 .1. ..0.... n '.'.2.'.'.'. ..2.... '.'.V.'.'.'. ..1.... ..0.... ..I.... ..0.... ...1.... ..0.... ...0.... ..1 ...0 ...0 ...1 ...0 ...0 ...0 ...0 ...1 ...1 ...2 ...1 139 97 ...2 2 0 2 0 0 2 2 0 0 (vac.) 1 29 22 Ailtn. majority, 12 Adm. majority, 7 Bank through with the almost universal ap probation of lliu People! Richmond Whig. INDIANA ELECTION. Coxur.rssioNAi. Ki.ixtiow We have the satisfaction to announce to our readers that the Whig ticket has prevailed m all the Districts m the State, with the exception of one, and that one the strongest Whig District iu the state. The only reason that can be offered why a hco- foco lias succeeded m mat uii-irict, is, mat tne Whigs had twoi audi for a portion of the tune, three candidates iu the field. Hut from tho character of the individual that has lip)d in by something over onc-tlurd of the votes ol tlie District, a lesson will doubtless bo learned which will not soon be forgotten. It is consoling, however, to know tlut in the whole of the other six Districts, able and faithful men have been elected by dicided minorities, who will do their duty in carrying out the measures which the new administration may uocm necessary " riic pohlical regeneration of iho country opt for the welfare and prosperity of , coun- seems to be complete, and there is evinced Ual's elected, and the Districts : a sober determination to wait patiently the George II. Proflit, 1st District. Richard W. result of measures to bo proposed by the new 7 hompson, 'M do. Joseph n lute, .in uo. administration-not to be led off from the Jl great purpose for winch the last contest was n. Wallace, Sth do. Henry S. Lanc.Tih, Whigs, waged, by personal disappointments or the all good and true. defeat iu the expectation of cliques. To TliorcsultofthoCongrcssionalelectioiislmvvs 1 1 mnct nnliicit'Aip I to npiinlt .im ilptorimn. this state of things, Mr. Tylor and his ca- cj ona radical cfian'Q of measures as well as binct may look with great satisfaction, sure of men. 7 he decision of the people upon this that measures obviously for tho public good ,mattc,r ,may, h.c gc' as derisive. They ... . i , havo declared, in a voice that cannot bo inistin- will meet tho concurrent voice of the people dot-stood, that they will no longer sanction the and of their representatives, while at the destructive measures which have been pursued same time the cabinet and its illustrious head 10 ' Erca' detriment of the country and its , , .. lt i jiiuoi iniporemii iiiiuitoiff. a.w. v.... ,u,iw arc not to be perplexed by evidences of dis- BUpportthe men who are known to favor tho.-e trust and doubt on the part of thoso to whoso destructive measures to the exclusion of others votes and excrtious the nation is indebted for )vl'' aLof ?ital "S'T., '"1 '"n t uy ine buiienni; mimin"" " its chango ol councils. I'o return, therefore, to our fnrmor prosperity as a nation, will require not only wise and patriotic counsel, but a steady and judicious conrso of ac tion. At no period, perhaps, since our chist ence as a nation, has the attention of the people been turned with more solicitude, to tho great work of reform, than at the present moment. Innen. t ic necessity o Placing sucu men in The SiTxiit, Session of Congress com mences on the i)ht. inst. The National In telligencer says : The measures which may bo expected to become thu subject of deliberation in Con- public stations only, as will act, not for their own cress nt this sessinn in, I airirrnnilizementor follow in the lead of infatll- ?B: I I I.,,, ti-lir, ..-111 nvnrl 1. The distribution of the proceed, of the ","U., n ' Z , h. aroim sales of Public Lands among the several j redeeming the country from that unhappy stales. condition to which it has been brought by mis tulcIiuliannjnlis Journal. Indiana The Feds find dilliculty in hearing from the elections in this State. For their sat- isfaction, wo would state, that tho bigs have cawicd SIX of the SKVKN Districts being a clear gainof FOUR members and that thcv il.o District, which easts -1.000 Whin- i!. A revision and augmentation of (he duties on imports, for the purposo of secur ing from that source a revenue adequato to tlio wants of tho Government. 3. Tho repeal of the sub-Treasury law. 4. The establishment of a fiscal agent, lnajorjty) jn consequence of three Whigs and one central or other, to aid tho Government in I,oco being candidates. It was predicted tlut collecting and disbursing tho revenue and the death of tlcn. Harrison would disband and .... annihilate the whin nartv of Iho est. 1 he equalizing tlio currency. resui. of ,iU!) election lookc ery like a fulfil. ft. A temporary loan, if necessary, to mem ! liichsi(d Ay. I In- roiii- tuitriols in ariiisbv dcpoiiin'Mi anion-' llie tioplue nf lliu llepuldir. I beg you. Ill their nnuie, luo-t tender ly to cherish it. Oilier ll ics of nur nt nlrv in-it Irivi no doubt, been ns "iill.intly difi-uilid, nml wire n glorious on land or fen ; but, while llie-y nnv leive won but n single ship, or a sinsle lit Id, lliii Ins llie hih lionnnr of winuitii; whole Mt-ite's, ef e-oniiiie-rmg empires, indeed. .n old Kaylc like this, borne by llu pioneers of the w-itdcriu ss, lint hnsinl.led lothcieiu nf ihe cross the reiuni of liberty mid law, become- n holy emblem, with its in h: tfiVitn rim fs upon ll erv ini: out ns from iho spirit of the p-ist nml the future, and w hirh, ns the country be-coiin-s older aud grenlei. becomes to all posterity holier and dearer, I havo llie honor to bo voiir-, rcprctfnllv, 'JAMlvS IIUOOKS. The l'rcsldcnl' Reply. WAsiiiNoruN, .May I, laII. To JMns IIrooks, The llnj which was in the m el.-t and thu 1. est of thcstrilc," ami was coniniiiied lo your rare nil the Tippecanoe hullle-grouud by llie surviving soldiers of that memorable lield, nud w hich they commanded you to bear lo llu-, uu-tropnlis ns a spe'-iiUuiL- cmMcm oftlic valor of llieirnld coniniindcr, and nt the perils he had uiidirsone, has been delivered ovir to un hand", ami will he phce-d by inc nmong the-hollo ed imputes ni tne liepiitiiic. inn account wiiie-u wit given me some years ago, by the gallant laisigu now no more', wiiuttpncin inai naiiner niiiui me penis oi the fight, had prepared inc to In sec it as it i, L'ishe-d by the tomahawk and rent by hal's. That I'.nsign alone, of nil llio ollieeis, wilh but twenty men of the gallant company over which, when tlie sun went down, thai Use so proudly waved, survived lo lell in the morning of the Iia7ards of that tern' le night, rrom that brave soldier, w ho aftcJwards In Id hmh place iu the hearts nf the pesiple nf Indium, 1 learned properly lo appreciate the featless bearing and noble conduct of the patriotic cui.euwho ln- so rceently exchanged this earthly taberuiele of clay for one that cndurelh forever. Deilh is the common herilaue of all mankind i bill so to live as that tliodatkness of the grave shall iiotnbscure nur mine, and tint tliev lie placid in clne as-ncialinn wilh ihe nimes of the great and good who have irono before and who are lo i-oine aflcr us. in dtes death itself a consummation raiher to be vvishetl than feared, and throws a light nf tloryove-r tho grave'. Such, now-, is llic condition of "Ihe old commander into whose hand., w lien you received llus ll.ig, you so jovnuly iiultcipali-d its d, liverv. 1 1 is deeds are, now- "enrolled in the Capitol.' mid iliisbinner shall be preserved asa a Inllle well louglit, anil nvielnry most nniv wnu, I pray you, sir, to uceept assurances nf inv ereit ' ' mnv TVI l.'l! 1 ho bearer of the ll.ig nt the bailie ot Tippecanoe, alluded lo in the above reply of the I'lesidenl, some of our leaders may not recollect, was l'nsign Tirrox, a Ten iiesscean by biith, who started from home with only his patrimony, and who siibse ipicntly became a Senator in llio Congress of the United Slates, aud one of tho most distitigiished men in Indiauna. Of him the aui'cdoto is narrated, wu have seen in the public journals, where Gen. Inri ison is re presented as riding in the heal of the b.ilth', in i ii til ii it of the voiinrr Tintnn. "Where is your captain 1" "Dead '.sir." "Your Lieu tenant 1" "Dead! sir." " Your second licu lomiiil!" "Dead! sir." "Your ensign r "He stands before you I" whero Tipton ihcn stood, holdine and defending ibis cry llag, but so covered with dirt and so besmeared "The defendant, who Mauds eh.-in-ed bv irulirtnmn 1 with the eiiuie of murder, having bee n troiighl into Court by llic sin ritrof the county of Nififara, bjr ir ttie of a writ of habeas corpus, nml a niuiion I. mm,' been made lor hi- discharge, nml it being nnprobildn ihal ihe. Co irl will be able to render its I'ldgine-tit in the premises al the present term it is llicteloro or dered that the delcndant be committed to the eii-tuiTy of the she-rill of tho city mid count ve.f New Yoik, until lliefmthcr order oftheCuurt. ' When thu nans IU has been m ielp tho slicrill e.f Niagara will be m. longer ch ii;ol- wuii i!ic e-usteiti ol ihe itetentiant." To this, however the KhoriiVof the City de murred, and protested against ti-.ient'j: jj:.son?r in custody. Rut the judges of jlic court gave him a gentle hint, to the effect that if lie did not obey tlicir order and immediately take ctargp of .Mcleod, they would take charge) of hin. This brought the SberitHo his .-en.-es the mil. litier was was nullilie I. .McU-od is now in the City Prison. Wc copy the following from the Journal of Commerce. ".gret ably to llie order f the fiipieme Court, is sued yott-rrfiy, Alexander Mel.eod was tin, morning transferred Irom cii'todv of llie Mitritl' nl Niagara (uinlyto thai of Slierill'll-iit of this tit v. .til rn-poii-ibihn-of ihe former in lizard (o hnii has now 7,a, ', l'',V'' 1,10 ''ici'ion of the Supreme Court, Mcl.iod will be confine it ill ihe llni.vrr l. I,,il.,m ,,. Centre .-tree!, (where he i-i at pre- nl) though iloubt- e oe ,wi or permuieii to enjoy all reasonnb'c initut-'e-ices. 'llus dei-IMOIl. ll is m.II uui l,n niado until ihe July term. TheriiiesMnn to bedeeideit s, whether he shall be disi-Inrgtst, without triil. tS url ilet-idc t in, Hull. n course, will be ihoencf tiled f the busincs'. -o far a-, thu C. ilirl- nre f-..nt f -Viv, then Ins counsel will take an appeal to rfso Court nf r.rrnrs lllie S-.nt. si, .,.-,,. I .... I ..I.; 1. if necessary, to the Supreme Court of the CmrxJ iiaies. During the .-bower, on .Monday last tne tarn of John Hates, n.-q. in the east parrt of this town. s struck with lightning, and a horse billed. But little damage was done to the building. Sticinn. Mr. Jnmes Murray, of East llundulpli, put an end to his existence on tho -'3d tilt Vy taking opium. He went to a -.tore and purchased half nn ounce of opium. inout 1 o clock, I . .M. and before M o'clock he was found deael in his barn. lie was a good ciiuci and n kind parent, and no reason can bo assijned by his family which induced him to coiiniit the fatal deed. He was G2 years old Chelsea A'cws. Di'el. Wo learn, says the Fredericks burg Arciu, that the expected duel between C. C. Clay and It. Wicklilf, Jr., of Ken tucky, hat taken place. The former was shot in tin body, and the latter lost two or three fingirs. Mr. Clay is not the son of Henry City, but of Gen. Green Clav. Exccitio.v. A man named Gerald was' cxecutet for murder nt F.utavv, Alabama, ortf the tlinstaiit. lie was calm, penitent, anvj! resigiifl lo his fate, saying that intoxication, had caiscd his ruin. It? Young Seninies, accused of the niiir dcrofFrofossor Davis, of tho University 0f Viigiia, was arraigned on Tuesday of last week at Charlottesville, nml pleaded not guilty The case, on application of the pri soner, was continued to the fall term. Own or Dm Dewees. Dr. William P. Daces, lato Professor of Obstetrics in tho Uivcisity of Philadelphia, died in that city oj Tuesday last. FI.OIUDA. ST.ilCt'kTINE. JlAV Hi. The slrim,,. W... n.. ton, (Jpiain Orilhn, uriivex here on .Saturday last Ironilnuihern Posts. He earn by ils orrivn'l that " ".1". (Coarocliee,) had been in at Kort Pierre. UniHiHiver,) wnu mieen warriors, and went out ag-iuon lh morning nf the 5lh insi. He was as iisiu very insuliiim ? ihe oHiccis, and demaud.-d of llierpowderand ead, and oilier things, which were Ji Tii 1c,ncteel in his pompous manner, as lhohhoehdiioteareforany ot them. Several In-iliaMEn- have been seen ut .cvv Smyrna recently. Hif'Srel to learn lhat l.icuicnat Sliubiiik.U. S. N will, blood that lien UMthvn scaicely Uc.v ,? JJnw scout iu

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