Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 28, 1841, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 28, 1841 Page 3
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We have no tidings of the "l'rcaident," ami little doubt remains tlint she lias gone to the bottom, with all on board. Important Dr.cisms on Slavery. At tbo recent term of the Supreme Court of Ohio Judged Lane and Hitchcock on the Ilciith Judge Lane delivered the opinion of the Court on n slave caso as follows : , "That if the owner of a slave t rfttntarilu bring him into tins State, or permit to coiiie. alllough it should be only for the purpose of visiting or traveling through from one State to another, the slave in such case becomes a free man the mo ment he touches the toil of Ohio." CitAl'.i.rsOiii.r, member of Congress from Bedford District in Pennsylvania, died on the 10th instant, at his residence in Somerset, Pa. of consumption. A Ruined Country. The tolls, on the New York Canals, a true indication of the Slate of Trade, were as follows : First week of May, 18 il 891,1 'JO M " " 1810, . . . 5fl,Ml 71 Increase since last vear, S-17,117 70 Hudson RivrkIIkihhe. The Albany Bridge iiestion was indefinitely postponed in the New York Assembly, on Tuesday last, by a vote of 87 to ai. A Ijoai kr. I feel too Ia7y to work, said a loafer, and 1 have not time to play. 1 think I'll Just go to bed, and so splitllwdijHrincc. Tub lli.oonnr Jr.rrr.R-ox. The Washington correspondent of the- New York Signal says " Jtr. D.ibney Carr, (the naval otlicer at Haiti innrc.)will not be removed. It is said he is the only man now in office under the government, in whose veins the blood of Thoiuaa JcU'ersoii Hows." .Ukmarkarlc Ai'ri.iciATioNor Galvanism. At the last meeting of the Horticultural Society, n paper was read on an ingenious, method of pre serving plants from bugs and snails, by means c.l' a piece of zinc four inches wide, with a band of copper one inch wide, fastened on the centre with zinc nails. This being cut into convenient longhts and placed round the Plants to be pro tected, the snail or slug crawls up the zinc, until its horns touch the copper, when it immediately J'ccls a galvanic shock and retreats, and as oftcii na it makes the attempt to pass the copper band, it is shocked and driven back, the moist bodyol I he snail acting as a conductor of electricity. English paper. Cumou Plant. The Charleston Courier nays : "Wuhavo seen a curious parasitic plant from Florida, resembling a pine apple in general nppcarnucc, and the palmetto soman hat in its njipoaranc. It is called the 'Air Plant,' denoting its power of subsist nig on air alone, without earth it usually grow-, him ever, ng.iin-t a wall or the trunk or Iimhi-Ii ol .i tree. I'.ach plant contains more than a ijuart of water, iinbiil.'d from the atino.-phcre. SjiiT.r and l.utii-' Wool. I5y a return iuoed for by Mr. It iiiios M. P., we liud that the total ipiantily of sheep and lambs' wool imported into the United Kingdom in the vear 1810, was 1(1,1 H 111 lbs. (including the I.lo of .Man,) of which ','l,';P.,,0.')!t was unpolled from Germany. The total quantity of Hnti.-h sheep and lambs wool exported from the I'liitcd Kingdom in the year IS 10 was l,-jl(l,:b? lb, and the lotal quan tity of woollen and wor-ted yam, :!,7'.l(!,(!l I lbs. The declared value of liiitisli woolen maniifac-lurc- exported from the I'nited Kingdom in 1 10 is staled bv the above letiim to be X'",;!'.,7, s.'.:'. A drunken fellow in Kentucky lately set lire to a distillery, which w as in coiisi-quenci; burnt down. An exchange; piper says th:.t the distil lery first set lire to I he man, and then the man tiled the distillery. This, we siippo.-o, is w a lawyer Would call .-. luVmiih. The Louisville Journal savs : The Captain of the Fulton inform. u that one of the perpct Jiidrixzfr1?'!,'! dte -id&d-uvi.C'.h-v; M St, ".oh". wns recently di-cnicie'd and arieuted nl Cairo on board the Atlanta. He confessed his guiit and put on hoard the Pre-emption to bo taken to St. Louis. Tim excitement against the wretch wa mi ureal, tint many expected ilia!, on hilar rival at St. Louis, he would ho burned at the stake. Com: i- "in. We have yet nothing liom the President. Scarcely a fnn remains with many. While lookiug at this nutter, we reccollect tint the proprietors of tin" boat dismissed ('apt. Fayrcr from her command because, among other tiling", lie did not make passages in time. Wo believe lie made the ino-t out of the heavy bo-it, and finally escaped from her danger, if not from hei UlS-. J", ,S (,;.. f.V. 3j"TIio widow and son of the l.ilo President decided that bis remains -hall be removed immediately to North 15 -nd, In be deposited upon o beautiful and elevated natural mound, where the monument may be seen for several miles up mid down the Ohio river. ST.lV.Tr.;.-iu;i:o.-()ir.cial returns, .undo up to the cud of IS 10, .-howthat on thcH-tol Do- icuiber tho population of .St. IVler-burp; was 170,'JOv!. The iiumbor of houses was (s.lilil, of which :i.W.-, vvero of stone. 7 he churches and ,-iiaiicls of the (Ireok rite were 117, and tho-e r ' , . . ,,1 iM oilier riles -l. i n'IIavc you any vvniriint oinjorbread 1 nsked a Ions' Icirired, raw looUiiio whij;, as ho approached a fruit staml on election day. "No," replied the tender, "but I have some uiiiiiriiini; nil (;.," handiiiouuta lotiir doiii;hiiut, burnt to a crisp on one end. "O, that will answer," .a i,l tl,o fellow, with a dec-ii Hi"b, "it Icrnks so wlrmii," and throwing dovv u a penny, budded off with his "mourning liulcaKP, ami a lace ab long as a hatchet. lixrlfurd Times. A Luiur. Sn.M'T. Wc saw yesterday the water-wheel shaft for the V. S. steam friato Missouri, which was fniced at the West Point Foundry from bars 4 .'1-1 inches squaro miitlc at the Ulster lion Works. It weighed Lotnm hciiiL' turned. 24,-HKIlhs. It is now or. r.,i .1 iiielw.s tunc iinJ ts.i,w !;,. 7.,.:A, i. ns larrrc ns tho larccst ever nmile, and does credit to tho engineer Itmmal Commerce. A f'ovv was killed in Northampton Mass. last week that weighed, nfter being dressed, twelve hundred and seventy-five founds! Wc learn also, that Mr. Nathaniel tager ol W.vrtliini'tun. has killed ii Cow vvhicli weigh- 1 114')". and u two vear old steel which weighed Mr. Elijah Curtis of lit- same town killed a hog which weighed 7--'0. Fivi- CwTi.r.. Mr. Wolbert'ssaleiffino Cattle nt Frankford the other day, wet oil" . . rail t 1. 1 . 1 . with snillt. I Horn xvcru si iiiiiiiiuissni,iiii: hi"hest at and the lowest, n Calf atj'Jfl. ''Kate," eipht years old sold for tm. "Cleopatra," four years old, sold for ilOO, .,,,,1 uiciilinlln fivexears old, hroucht '2R.. These were choice milkers, ami wercjvery way worthy the prices paid. "I'ririi Al hcrl " a nico imported Hcrkshiro li, was sold for SI 10- 1" crwlit, it is tid, to liis English ancestry. Phi. rth .in. Coparlner-liii'. rilHU undersigned have inicml iuh. f 'jairrsh.. I for the purpose of .V.miWn,a' .(' ore nnd for the impoitulion of tW.ry, ''. t Afnn ll.irr.iii nllii. xnriciies, nnd h.ivo aken ti store formerly occupied by Lnlhrop nnd Polwin d lire ii, wllcc.iviun very large supply nnd nre n-inrcd motrei o merchants by ihc fachnet assorudecor dini. to order on liberal lerius nnd tit ,Vir in. one 7V.;irirr- they would givennlice n sri m m. hjluianliof the town of Burluiglon nnd icinilibal thcrhavea very extensive nssnrliucnt of l atamawi China ware especially adapttd tollntail tradeand is now arranged for their inspection ahcir Hiirr.oriier Church mid f;0l'fcff!"c'i. Ellington May :G..PI1. yi WAIT1' BRIGHTON fll ARRET. Monday, May 17. From tbo Boston Patriot. At market, 122 Beef Cnttlc, (including 73 unsold List week, 15 yoko working Oxen, 22 cows and calves nml C(!0 Swine. 30 llccf Cattle unsold. Pniciis Beef Cattle Wc nitoto a few extra at S7 75 ) First quality 87 25 n S7.i0 Second quality S7 $7 2.i Third quality S(i n SB 75. No noticed n beautiful yoke of rattle, fed by Mr. Sargctil, of Springfield, sold for 8100. Working Oxen Very few sales cfl'cctcd. Cows ami Calves Sales 82.', 825, 823, 830, 832, 8.17, and 810. Sheep None in market. Swine Lots to peddle nt 51 am! 51 lor tows and C and fij for barrows. At retail from 5 lo 7. NFAV YORK CATTLH MARKET.-May 17. From the Journal of Commerce. At market, 1250 bead of llccf Cattle, including 300 h it over last week ! 175 were from the South, balance from this Slate ; 100 Milch Cows, and 325 Sheep and Lambs, There was a fair demand for Beef, and 950 head wen: taken at S6 to BJ, averaging 87J perewt. Milch Cows, were mostly taken at 825, $35, and S 10 each. .Sheep and Lambs were in good demand, and all sold Sliccpat t2J to 85 t anil for one Extra lot of of 33, from 810 to 812J : Lambs nt MJ to Ml and 81. llay Sales by the load at 81 41 121pcrcwt. NKW YORK MARKET, May 22. Flour and Grain. Sales at Western Flour arc small, hut at some improvement in prices. 1000 bbls Richmond City Flour were sold for export on terms not public. Sales Jersey nml Brandywine Corn Meal a I 82 87 1 n 83 per bbl - and n few puncheons Brandy wine nt81125for export j 1000 bushels Dutchess co. Wheat nt 115c ; 1000 bushels Jersey and 5000 Northern Uveal 03c, weight) 2000 bushels Delaware live nl 57c, weight j all cash. 2000 bushels Southern 'Oai 31c i 000 bushels Southern Corn nt GOc, and 5000 Northern do. 00 a 621c. both measure, Northern Oats sell nt 12 a -lie. Provisions, Beef is iii limited demand without change in priics. Tboorrivnlflof I'o,k nrc lnrge,plnd prices continue to decline. Lard is plenty at 7 and 8 cents. Today nenesec Flour is quite firm, and the stock -unll j 81,75 is the lowest price. Ohio and Michigan Mti2n 03 and 75 j 100 bbls Michigan in bad order, sold nt 91 57) North River Corn, sold nt C3e. meas ure. Northern Rye brought 88c. Northern Oals jld at : .'c. aim Mouiiiern tit .lie. In Ibis town, on Monday afternoon last, Br.N-v-5iiN-rRASKLiN-L.vKAYETTi:,iiifanlson of LtidgcrDu vcrnay, late of Montreal, agid five months. In Bedford, on the 19th iul. Mrs. Marmdn C. wife of Noah II. Lund, formerly of Corinth, Vt. aged 27 years. Her disease was the quick consumption, which she bore with Christian fortitude, nnd after an i buss of about two months, she bid adieu to all things earthly in the full Triumph of faith, entertain ing a stiong hope of a blessed immortality beyond the grave. In Ihia Village on the 13th insl. Norton Brown, in fnut Son ofJaincs II. and Lucindu P. Farrar of Fair lax, aged foui months. In this (own, on Monday last, Mis Anna JHar iington.ngcd 55 je.'.rs. ll.XltlMVAltK. rPHE subsriiber is now reei ivim.' large ndditions to 1. his stock of shelf HARDWARK, comprising i. .o it i ii ,y niucic in ine nni. iinugui at me present low prices i and hich he oilers for sale at whclcsalc nnd retail ai asniall advance from cost for cn-h : nl the oil r.ta'ih-diod Itarilvarc Store, sign of the Padlock, comer of Church nnd College-streets, nil ROIir.ltT MOODY. Burlington, May Vt, 1311. Dissolution. Cnnnrtncrshin heretofore existing hriwe.m 'ivii: I- the the sill, neither under ihe firm of I-'.. I. I'.rr., it Co. is this day bv inulnal consent ilis-nlveil. Burlington June 13,1310, F.. L. FARRAR. MO-T.S FARRAR. ILOl'R. The subscribers have now on hand and are daily receiving, fresh ground Western nml Troy Flour, of superior quality, which will lie sold nt the low, ft inart.1 1 price. 1IICKOK iV CATLIN. Miiy2Sih lSjt ri xhAN, I.oar, Lump nnd Brown Sugnrs, Coffee m Salerntus, Pepper, Spice, Nutmegs Cloves .pro. for -ale bv K. M. WRIGHT .pCo. May 27, IStl IJRl'SHES A large nnd will selected assortment of Cloth, Hair, Crumb, Tooth, lliarlh, Dusiing, S'loe, Hor-e, Painl, Varnish, Whitevvasb. Stove nnd Floor Bltl.'SIIES : .lo. eommon nnd fanev Ilel. lows nnd It'aek-mith's Bellows, just received and for sue low i,y mini, iir .uuum , corner ot college & Clnireh-striets. n51 nurhuglon, Mnv 20, ISI1. 1 linen S inner Good-. IINE '.1-1 and 1-1 Brown Linen for Coats, Henvj Brown nnd White l.iiuu Drilling, do Faney White Limn Drilling 4-1 Russia .Sheeting and t-I llt..-iaii Iluilap, very clieaphv. 11. M. GIDDINGS co. I I THOMAS is in want ofa few Good Horses. J .i.. Burlington, May 1811. 11-31 iinxnit. I nil. niriu'jcrs ,u me noxcr r.niiino i.oinpnnv I will nn i I nl the r.ugine House on Monday, Juno 7, nt I o'eloi k, P. M. iu the uniform required bv a re cent by law of llieeuuipaiiv. GLO. R. VAIL, Ckrk. Biulinioii, May 2", 1SU. I'or Siiloi firsi rale PI NO FORTF., nt a very low price. .' V. For furihir particulars, enquire nt the Bookstore "t D. A. BRAMAN. II irh-u'imi, May 21, I'll. n31, riooI)S for , ,ri.n-H Smnmt.; ,?,,,, ilt rvcr . l r I ihcap for cash, at HOWARD'S May J7,"l51 1. nil - ."7 ",r ""'f' , "'V 1 , T'J'i ,r" Houses owned by Mr. L. Barnard, nt L Burlington ball-, will be sold at n reduced price. t i:n-h 1 to unci, about nu acre of land, nnd to the ol ner u hoot lialt nn nere. Ann v In II. LIUVENWORTH. n:I May 21. 1SI1. PRESERVED India Ginccr, do. Tamarinds, Ta ble Eiejs, al THEO. A. PECK if- CO S. May 20, 1611. nil STI1AYHI). 'ROM the subscriber, a laree BRINDLE COW. seven or einht vcars old. with lari-e horns with w ooden halls on the horns. Whoever will return said Cow, or five information where sho may be found uuiluu runauii (e-i.iiuiii. iiiii MOSES MANN. St. Paul-st. Burlington, Ma 29, 1811. OADDLERV AND COACH HARDWARE. A k J large and splendid assortment of Conch and Sad dlerv, now opening at tho Hardware Store t sign of Ihe Padlock, corner of Colle-gc and ( hurcli-sirects; aim lor sale very low at wholesale ami retail liy -m imilt.'llT MOODY. Burlington, May 20, IS 11. ?. HUNTINGTON. WOULD respectfully inform his patrons and the public generally, that he has jul re ceived from New x, ork, a good assortment of Book Binding slock Blank Book materials, and Stationary all of ulneb will hcdi.po'cdof low, for ready pny, thankful for pasuavors, aim nopes 10 rcceivcand merit a continu ance of the same. The public ate invited to call nnd lest quality and price for Ihcm-clvcs. College-Street, sign of the Red I.e-UKcr. May 29, 1811. t,:,l LEMON SYIMM'1 rpiIF. best quality of this article, and also that of J- l ine ftalael Oil arc ennstunlly kepi nt 1131 THEO. A. PECK it CO'S. CtARDS. Ivory surfaced Printing C.xnns, assorted sizes, also a variety of Visiting Cards and Cases, i. oiciih, .iieniorniiuiiui hooks vviiii ui.asps, rort l-o bos, with and without locks. Draw inn Pencils. InHel. hide Ink, Black and Red Ink Powder, Camels Hair Pencils, Ghss Motto Seals, India Ink, Gold Fluid, Ivory and Wood Paper Folders, India Rubbers, Pen mini s, u.c. vl-. lur saic cmap lor reauv pav. n"I S. HUNTINGTON Sign of the Red Ledger, College-H. - IV 11 . o W.l I- iv III, "Jl'ST received a fresh supjdy, pu ' slyloe.xprcssly for relnilui", ""1 hy THEO. .1, I HTUAHT'S COXI'UCTniNAHIIJS! put up in neatest hy THEO. A. PECK if- CO PALM Leaves of ibo best quality, nets and Hats, Straw Bonnets Palm Lcnf Boil- s Ribbons and arli lieuus, ny j M. GIDDINGS & Co. PAPER Paper A goenl ussorllnent nf Cnn nn.l I.elfe aper jufct reee-ived by the subscriber and wall be sold (for Heady Fay or W Credit,) on belter Icr than ever before ohYred m this villae. n". Icrnis 1 "il S. HUXTINGTOV. Singn of the Red Ledger, College-st. Cotton Summer Cioods. Rouen Cassimrre, heavy Jeans and Drillings of In. digo mixture, line CnilotiHdc, do. Ciinbroon, Mule tl.lii and attire Drilliii? for sjl.-hy 11. .M. CiiDWNC3 &Co, nCULlJIC.TON THh' Trusices of the Burlington Female Seminary tako nlensurc in announcing thai the school will be rc-opened on Wednesday the 20th Inst., nt tho buildings lately known as the. Fpiscopal Institute, under the supirinlendnncc of Tiitnr.Aii Lee, late one of the principtl instructors at the Troy Seminary. Miss Leo will be aided by competent and experi enced teachers in the various branches of knowledge and elegant accomplishments usually taught in the best female schools in ibis countr y. The musical in struction will, ns heretofore, be given by Mr. Molt. The terms will ho ns follows The school-year, consisting of 14 vyecks, willbc divided into two ses sions, half a session being ono quarter, The second quarter of the present session commences May 26. The winter trrin will commence on ihc third Wednes day of September. The charge for boarding, includ ing washing, fuel, lights, etc., will beS'10 per quarter, half payable in advance. Tuition in Fuglish bran ches 810 per session, half payable in advance. i'.xtha VviiAnoEs. i urion on me I'lauo, urgan or Guitar, per quarter . . . . 812 00 Use nf instrument for practice, . . 2 00 Yocal instruction for Piano pupils , , 1 50 " " for others .... 2 00 Thoroughbass 2 00 French 4 00 Latin, . . , . , . . . . 3 00 Drawing and Painting ill water colours . 5 00 Use of tmtlcrns 1 00 There will he a charge of 25 els. per quarter, for the incidental expenses of the school. The School will not lie sectarian. Reference mnv be had lo the President nnd Pro fessors of the University, to the Clerevmen of all the congregations in the village, and to the following gentlemen. F.. T. F.NCLF.SI1V. T. CHAMOURLAIN, J. N. POMF.ROV, G. II. SHAW, W. LYMAN, C. HAVNF.S, L. I.OOMIS, C. BAXTF.R, II. P. HICKOK, JOHN PKCK, S. MORSK, and G. A. ALLF.N. T. FOLLKTT, W.A.G1USWOLD, J. K. GRAY, C. BF.N.N'S, A.W. HVDK, S. F.. HOWARD, J. I. CtlTLI'R, O. P. MARSH, II. TOtJSLKV, J. P. WHALING, .MII.1.INAUV DItr.SS .MAKlXi By miss S. BRAT, "lirilOhaB eonimcnecd in the new bui'duiL? on the east side of Church street, opposite II. Lane's storc.and a few rods south nf llier'l.,,r,.l. u.).....,...,. attention iilt tin trivi ti tn :.Vthe tn.nkitor nf !!nwrT. Cats and Dresses, in ac cordance with the most ap proved New York style, which Fashions are now just received for the sea son. Burlington May 2fi, 1RI1. n51 "LEATHER & FINDING ST0R. EC. I.OOMIS hits iul nsrived from N". York, . 4001) lb-. MILK LKATIlLlt.fioiu l7to'22els. 3U do. MoriHTo, Kid, Boot, Lining nn I lhiidm Skin.. 6 e.i.e. ot (jiait. and Ladie. Boot., Bootes-, Hiou'li.ins, llu.kin-, Slip. mid Children's Shoe-.; Skirling, Bndleiiud Hog Skin-. Shoe ThreMil Slnuii, Size Sm.k, Coll., Shonlilcr Slie-ks, Awl Blade- et II nudl, Sand Siones,, I'fir Cullers, Coinpa..e., Hand Files, I'linelies, Shoe Biu he-. Peg., Heel Ball, Ac. Welibimr, Boot Cord, Galloon, SiiiehiiigSilk, I'u j.i Hair-, Hatnuion's Hes-I PI. lies, Jjggero, Key. -and Brile-, Sire! Jae'k., S,orable-, SIioij Knives, Piueer-, Blacking, .vl..o Harness, Il.uul, Bridle-, Top, Bellow itiid t'pper Leallier. Cull Skin-, llor.-e Hides. Sheep Skin--, Town'. La-I and Boot Tree ami in fact nil kinds of article- in hi. hue tf bu.ine.s. iCi-Tliealrove nnnieal article, will I ; .old for ea-li cheaper than e-.-itl Is' bought al any oilier esuthtj.b nieiii in the .Male, riea-e can ami t ee. nj Pearl-.lreii, May 2.ilh, 1811. LIIWAItl) J. If AY'S BOOT & SHOE STORE Church-Street, UurHiwIon. "YiniERF. he has on hand n superior assortment of m i.auics anil iicnin men s BOOTS AND SHOES. oi uie ionowing assorimciu : Gent' .fine calf. sewd Hoots Boys Calf Shoes, 1 .r.ftk k Ctf.'.'.Bf P.OS l, " Kid Slips, " New spring nips 4. Ties, " (.'olored Slips, " Bronzed " ," Calf " Misses Shoes if- Slips, AIo. n large n-sorlmcnt of Children and Infants Shoes. " light " " do. " Summer Gniicrs, " " Pumps, " Calf " " ShoesABrogans " Thick if-Kip Boots, " " " Brogaus Boys Shoes & Urogans, " Thick A Kip Boots, Yths " & " " " " & " Brouans. J. F. would invite his cutoincrsand the pub lic iu general to call and nxaminc his arsortment of Boots if-Shoes vvliiihhcean warrant lo be of good stock, thorough workmanship and latest styles. Atso, Measure Work ana Repairing done at tho shnrle-t notice, nsusual, n31 Burl inglon, .May 28, 18 II. The Ilest In il-e I! OTEPIIENS' English Blue Ink, Cooper nnd Phil bps' English Black Ink, and Arnolds' English lieu ins. rcrsons wishing a lirst rale article can be supplied at the Book bindery by May 23, 1311 S. HUNTINGTON. Sign of the Bed Ledger, College-st, "U1LLS. A good a-sortincnt of QuiIIj from No rJ 1. Russia, to tiU tipaquc Also Steel Pens- first rate article, for sale by College-st S. HUNTINGTON. Pre in I u m HASS AND DOUIlIiE BASS YIOI.S. ... . A BRA II AM speclfullyiuform . . .1 kiiiii ri. an persons inler estcd in the Sri. ence of Music, that he continues to manufacture at Concord, Ixew Hampshire, BASS AND DOUBLE BASS VIOLS, of a very superior quality, and having obtained the lirst 'rem mini mat uascver nccn awarded toon A meriean manufacturer of such Instruments at the great Fair of the American Institute in Naw- York Citv, al the great Fair of tbo Mechanic's Association in Boston, oim at tnerairoi nic .xiccnamc s Chariln bin Association in Portland. Maine be now nor nnlt- Icnelers bis thanks to his friends and patrons for past favors, but pleelces himself to Rcliirious Societies. Musical Associations and individuals who may wish to purchase, that no reasonable efforts shall be want ing ou his part, to enable him to niter their orders in Ihe most prompt and satisfactory manner, that he may still retain thcirconfidince, and merit a coniinu ancilofjthc liberal patronage he has- for many years cnioye-u. Healso keepsnn extensile assortment of MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. ,.r thuuiM ipialtt), which he ofli rs for sale on the mo-t reasnnanieierms, among which nrc MF.LODIONS AND SERAPHINP..S. which orcinuch admircel for sweetness of tone, and well a'lnplcd to parlor or church music. Music Schools, Military Bands, or individuals, can oc siiipueu wiiu iirassanu oiner instruments ol any uescnpuoii, asi-ncap or eueapcr man nicy can pur chase in the city of Boston. Also. Violin. Bass and Double Bass Viol Strines Bows, Bridges, Patent Heads, Timing Forks & Pipes, instruction hooks, Manonett itccus ami mouth Pic- ccs, Uiiihre as. Par.aso s. Walkuur Canes. iVc. Orders willbc gratefully received, and Instruments sent liy ntage at thorisK ol uie tnanulacturcr, and not satisfactory, may be exchanecd. Musical inslruinentsand a un al. Please call al his new Music Store, a few doors soiiiii oi uie haglo culler House. nji Concord, New Hampshire, March 2, 1911. PANG BORN .r- BRINSMAID, Agents, nurling. ton, Vt. " "Tmi'rovkTT Iikkki) oFf:Al"rTi:T THE services of Dr. Stioo nrr s full blood Ayrshire liin.l., nrercclucci tiicptrs cut season, as follows, viz 75 cents, foriach cow prompt nnv nnd M.?.ii cloirer.H. lie w i l bo found on Dr. Spoo ncrs I-arm i-itu inue sou in oi iuci;oiitge. G. CHENEY. Burluiglon, May IB, 1811. n50 SDI'I'.llIOIt l'l.OIIIl. T N. HINSDILL, Aire'iit for to I i Chester nnd other Wesitru Mill Ac. has for sale, now in store, and receiving Eight Thousand Barrels of I ancv and .Superfine Brands of fl.OIIII, of the highest reputation in the ?.ew Y'orkand Boston markets. Among which arc Iho following, II. Ely. T. Hrmpsholl, V. S. Clark A Co, .1. Davis, IL Holmes, Umon Mills, Jackson Mills, Cliflon Mills, nnd J. Kosher, together with several choice brands of Ohio nml Michigan flour., R. Ruddnnd N. Shick, suitable for the Montreal Mar Lei .Merchants and dealers will be furnished lo order, at HVi-ry low rate, by reinitliug Drafts, Ccitificafes of -. .... ...!. ... HE 1,,.- ...... 'I- . -I.-... - llliosil, or in.ll, i'i JIJ .Mill iivjf, iiiisic il lull supply will nr Hrpi aiau Hints. 1 KfJfl Vy, l?tl, rolin3 John Mod's Kstakv EH'ATK OF Vl'.UMONT, ( A T a' Probal. DtsTntcT of nnNO .t.E,si. I Court holen al inydivelliilg hon-e in North Hero, in said Di.tnii ou lhu .lib d.iynl March A. I. ISI1. Present tho Hon. Joel Allen, Jiulgi',an Instrnineni tiiirporling to be the la-t Will nnd Te.lanienl of Jo'lN MOTI", lale of South Hero, in said Di.lriel dei'i-ase I, l eing pre-enlinl to the Court here by Bel-ey Motl, the! exei-ulrix therein iiaincl,for Prohali1, It is ordered by said Conn, that all person, eaini-ernisl herein lie nni hied toappear al n .c.ioti ol said Court, to be holdeu ill luiv dwel- liiiir-housi! In raid North Hero, ou the 22 I day ol June next, at o'eaoeli In Ine aiiurnooii, siieweau-e u any they liuye ag nn-t me proonie ol sam v ni.niiu fiir wliieli nuriio-e. it . further orderesl that n copy of the record of this orler be published three week. -Hires. ivolv in the Burlington Kree Piess il new-pa per printisl in lliirhngloii, in LhitlenJen county, n ..oon ns mnv I e. Ii5lw3. A true copy (f Heeonl, Alle-I, JOKI. AI.I.FA',! Julire. Davlil llrcrl's Instate. Wl! lhu sub.eTil;er, having I een Hppnintcdhy the llonor.iblelhc Prohnle Court lor lhu District ol Chittenden, eainiiiii-.ioners lo reoeivo, entnhiu nnd a Ipi.t the claims nml iteinan Is of nil person., against lhu e.tntc of DAVID RKFD, hue of Burlington, in -aid Ili-trict, lUrca-eil, ri'iire-enled insolvent, nnd .o n'l elniius and ilemaiuls exhibited iu o T-el Iheielo and six months from the dale heri'iilj I emg nllowod by said Court, for that piirpo-e', we do hereby trive notie-e, that we will attend lo thebii.ine.s of our aiipointlneiil, nt the dwelliug ol John S. Picric, (Pe-arl-Slrect Hou-e,) in Burlington, iu said ih-triei, on Ihcsixth daysof July and Novcinl er next, ut ten o'clock, A. M. imieii, tiii.;i!iiii unv oi .v, .i. w. ion. Charles McKucti's K state. STATU OF VF.RMO.ST, 1 Tsi probntc court DtiTnicT or i niTTi'.Nni.v, ) held nt llurling lon. wilhiu and fur said district of Chittenden, on the 22nd day of May, IStl. Anna McKiien, of lline.- burgh, hi the county ol i lutteniten, Ouanlian ol Charles I bMeKuen, Cornelia S. .McKiien, nnd Caro line F.. McKiien, minor cluldieii ol Charles McKiien, late of .aid lliiu-burgh, dex.r.isoJ, having hied in nnl Court, tier pelilion, in writing, selling forlh that said Chnrle. I), isst-iznl in In. own right iu lis, of twenty llins-aere. and .ixlylive rods of laud iu said Hine.- I tirgb, and one hair i.ra saw-null aim wuier privi lege, partly on said laud, and that the Cornelia S. is .eiie,l in h.-r own ri-rlil ill lee of lit' ecu ncre. and for- tv nls of Innil, in said Iline-burgh, nnd the -aid Caroline ?.. i. -eizeil iu tier own riant in Ice ol lour-tee-n acres and fifty-one rods of laud, iu aid lliuu biirgh.being the same laud, .el mil lo them in severally bv a eomnullienppoinled I y .aid Court lo eh vi.ion ut ih laiuof the s'aid Charles Mel.iien, de- ceaseil, ntnenig the heir, thereof s And that her said ward, areal-o scizil ill theirown right in Ice, . len-ant- in common, ol three equal undivided fourth parts of the lollowiim de-eril ed land nnd tenements, viz : twenty ni res of land in llincburgb, and Iwo-ihinls ol ihc hou-eand llu- whole of the woinI .Imlnlnudingon Ihe we-t side of the road, west of -aid twenty ne-rv., nnilthelandonwhii li.aiil Iwo-tbirit. or .aid lio i-e u,l ,... ii,l.. .,f snM inn.l .bed .tan Is. and appurli- nanes-s thereof; being the -ami- land, lenemenls nnd prcini-e which weii-M-l out lo Anna Jier.nen, wiuuw of ihe .ai l Charles .McF.uen, ekvea-ed, under an ordei ,.r . ii.l i.mi nn. . niiri. liv n ennuuiltii! apiioiiiled by .aid i rt for that ouriio'-e, a. her dower in ihe real ...i. i.. of .....I ; uliicli said land and nremi .i-c., so set out a. the dower oftliesaid widow iu .aid real e.-lale-, are .nbiecl lo her life dale llierem ; rep-re-cnting thai n snleof all of said land-, teneineiils eV ireniis,.s, would I e conduciu- lo ihe mil-rest of hei -iil.l .. .r.l- I.l iiive.liii? I lie nromsl. of such sale iu oilier i cat e-tnle, or pulling Ihe money nl lull ret, and nriiviugsaid court for license to cll all uf her warJV inie're-t in said land, leneinent. and premises. VVI,..,.,i.r... ,1... t'onrt dolh appoint llu I lib d.iv of June, 1811, for hearing and deciding said pelilion" at the olliia-of the IteciMir ol said Court iu .aid Ihirliiigion.anlilolho.ilirtlialall peri n liner-e-le.l.l. nnlillisl ihereol'. bv liilbliealiotl oflhls orili r i oiit.iininir the .ub.tam-ciit thi. puMtiou, lluce week.-siiis'e.sii-. li- in ihe Biirlinglon Free Pre.s, n ni-wsiia- nrintis in said Biirlinglon, previou to sail lib ,lf,v r !,.... 1311. n.'il (iiveii under mv hand, at said Ihirhncton, ibi. 22ud duvot May, A.f). IS1I. ' WM. Wf.STON, r. BLACK Gro dollnine, ) Blue Blk Grn de Swiss. 5- SILKS. and Gro de .Uric 3 Just opened. Also Ladies Superior all I colored Kid Gloves, T uend Edgings, itc. by May 27- K. M. RIGHT & CO. FANCY GOODS. 171 1. LIT and Gauze Scarf'. Si-wiim Silk, Gro de 4 Nap an I Chlnly 1 1 A N I K MIC 1 1 1 EFS, Fine Gauze Mourning do. large fixes, l)rab, and Fawn Gro de Naps, ) Valencia., For HONS I7IV, nnd Colon' I Ilishon l.a n, ) Plain Black Fillet VKII.S, Fie'd " Lsce do. for .ale rerv low n.-,I bvll. M. UIDDI.MiS st CO. TTOES. 50 dozen Cast Stael Hoes. 2j ilozen II man ditto, by J. it J. H. PECK &. Co. ATOLASSr.S: -lOTiercts, justrceiived and for sale STRONGS it Co. 1VX by PRICES REDUCED!!! THE subscribers have taken the Store formerly occunie-d bv Geo. A. Conner ns n eroccrv store. lirst door westofll. Bi.hop's Hotel, which has been filled with a good assortment of DRY GOODS, wet nnd dry GROCERIES, Ac. Ac., which were bought this spring in New York nt love prices, nnd will be sold nl a v cry small advance from cost for a-ash, pro- oatily lower Hum can oc purchased at any oilier stand in town, as circumstances make it necessary that the 'onus lie sold immediately. ""Tavern keepers nnd oilier, wishing to purchase Liquors, Loaf Sugar, Ac. will dc wi II to call. JIIM-.l'll HA II il. r. .....,,. TRISTAM CONNER, j ""a"'" Curlinglon, May 19, 2311. (Ul, H.I Ai lO-l, Hnivvii .and White l.luen Tahlc, fi.l, 8-4.nnd 10-1 White Linen Table Diapers. 3-1 and -t-I While Linen Napkins, 3-1 nnd 4-i White Birds' Eve Diapers. 1-1 nnd tl-l heavy Lin en Shirtings nnd Sheetings, lf-1 nnd 11-1 Marseilles (iuill, While Fringes. Furniture Dinntv.&e. just open ed hy E. JI. WRIGHT & CO. May 20, IS 11. noil OCOTCII GINGHAM UMIJKELI.AS, Light und U Dark l iyured and Plain I'ira.ols, vcrvehe'ap by E. SI. WRIGHT & CO. May 20, 1311. ii30 n-t nml S-1 Silk and Black Nclt Shawls, Nett .f Scarfsand Hnndkcrchiefs, n great vane lv,ju-l re ceived liy i:.m. v Hit. n r ix i ii. May 20, 1311. n50 ii Aim wahi:. fTtllF. subscribers arc recciviiiL' n choice selection J Hard Ware. Cutlerv. ,vc. direct from the Importers, nnd respectfully invito the attention of mecnaiucs aim outers inert io. u.iu II M. GIDDINGSsVCO. Corner of College si., and the Square. CLOVER SEED, of prime quality, fir side by 1,50 II. M. GIDDINGS it CO. PORTO RICO SYRUP. A frtsh supply of that J- excellent .noiasses, just rccciveii py i',0 H.M.GIDDINGS.MCO STRAY tlORSC' C'TRAYED from ihesiihscnber, about the lOlh inst O n sninll BROWN MAR1", ono while bind foot, three sui-ill vviiiie spots on tue nat-K, caused ny saddle n star iu the forehead, and about 7 years old. Who ever will give information to the subscriber, or to AloimiNcwtll of Charlotte, where sho m.iy bo found shall be handsomely recompensed. JOSEPH LAFLF.UR Charlotte, May 20, IB 11 "IV KW GOODS. The Subscriber has jusl rrcuved J-x Ironi .xrw 1 nm, n general ns-ortniept ol IMli tiOODS, tiROCKItlKM. IIOCKEUY iV HARD WARE, which he will sell cheap for cash. HORACE LANE. May Ifl, loll. n',0 TO PRINTERS. AtrANTED a Journeyman Primer one capable n taking charge of a Book and Job OlTice. For a Cdpable man of good habits a permanent situation I. oticrtii. u. utjuiuucit. May 20. ANOTHER ARRIVAL AT N. I.OVELV i- Go's. TR Y GOODS, Dry Grocericr, (Jtockerv and Gluts i vx arc, American i raper itanginy, ,.uhrs ami Jli-ses Bonnets.'t Mop lo enumerate, hut call and sec. A bill ol pjruculJts hereafter. May 10. AT HO WARD'S C1ARPT.T1NGS at reduced prices, bought at Auc J lion, sonic as low ns 25 cents per l.lrd. DATS, New-York Broadway fashion from -S3 lo 81,50, Calicoes, Jlon-hn DeLnines, Silks, Ginghams, Bounds, Parasols, Umbrellas and Fancy Goods gen erally at very low pricis. Also Paper Hangings at do.-20 May '11. Ii30 NOTICE. The subscribers would inform the in habitnntsof Wilhslon, and its vicinily, that ihey have fnrined n connexion in business, under ihe firm of JOHNSON it BLAKE, nl the stand known by (henaninof the Bradley stand, and reccullv nci'upiril hi- C. Blake, where ihcy willeatry on iho Tinning, Ciirning. Bool A- Shoe Making 1 usiness, and would enhcil a share of Ihe public patronage. NATHAN JOHNSON, CALEB BLAKE, Wilhslon, May I, I S 1 1. w50 ,N. II. -Cash paid for lliJet an-J Skuu. l,OV13l,Y Si HUltLlttJT HAVK just received a large and clegnnt assorlnisnt of French Satin ground nnd other Paper Hang ings, direct from Paris, of their own importations, su perior lo any hithcrtooH'cred in this market, both in quality and cheapness. Purchasers will do well to ivnil themselves of the first selections. May 12, 1811. New York lints. Ol- the I.nlcst Style, and of supeiior finish, Gents please take notice, for sale by nlll It. M. OIDDINOS & CO. , Drab Ilro.ul Cloth. A finoarliclcof Silver Drab Broadcloth, expressly XV for lining Carriages, for sale by n50 j I. M. GIDDINGS St CO. WATCH hS, CLOCKS, AC. WL have fine Gold, Jewelled and plain Levers nnd Lellincsnf the most nolirnvi d innknra nn. I very nccurale tune keepers, which we sell ns low ns Wntchesof the some quality ore sold at regular steins any where. e have such a call for good Watches that wo are indu Til to keep a good assortment at all IIUICHlin hand. Ve n few innrn nf 11 & J (5 Beesley's vvatchcsbaindc for us by them nt Li erpool, these Watches are extrn fine liuishedlanil.givc Biidu satisfaction. . ucan refer to many who carry tliem. He liavealso good Oliver (luarticr Watches, small and large si.e, douhlu bollom Knghsli Watches, Patent Vertical Watchcsand varmusollicr kinds. CLOCKS. We have lino Bras Clocks of J. N. Djiuung'snnd other manufacturers. Wooden Clocks of various kinds usuallv on hand, as ( heap as Iho cheapest nnd good ns nny. GOLD CHAINS AND KKYS.-Some very rich pal terns nt lower prices than ever before offered. , PIN'S AND KINGS. Cameos, new style pain lings, Enamelled Pins, Slune Pins and Rings, so low all can afford to purchase. LOCKLTS. For Miniatures, and email ones for lhu neck, very pretty. SILVKR WARli-Spoons. Knives, Forks, Snuff Boxes, Vinegaretlcs, Ladles, Nursing Tubes, Spec tacles, Thimbles, Sugar Tongs, Whistle', &c. Gold Spectacles. NUW GOODS. New style of Neck Storks, also beautiful Satin and Itoinhnziiii; triiinn'il Storks, Harri son Ties. Long Ties, Cravat Storks, Pitted and plain Slocks, long Slocks for large necks, Boy's Slocks. We have a first rate lot of Storks', Collars and Bosoms. Buck, Silk nnd Rubber Suspenders, Figured and plain Cravats, i-c. t W HAL KRONE, itC.r-A variety of thin split Whalebone, n new, convenient nnd finished nriicle for dresses, dressed .and undressed Whslebonefor dresses, Slays, Bonnet Whalebone, Busks, F.yelets, Elastics, Lacings, Pins, Nicdlts, Bodkins, Vest Springs for tho back of Vests, Vest Billion Rings, Shell side and Twist Combs, Hon do. Dressing Combs, Brushes. LAMP GLASSES', WICKS, eVC.-I.ainp Gbs--es for Store Lnmps, Chimney Glassc for Astral Lamps, and Reflectors, Wicksfor the Patent Lamps nnd nil oilier kinis. Glass Nipple Shells, Glass Ink Stands, Sand S ands of beautiful patterns. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, .f. MERCHAN DIZE. Flutes of a'l sizes and keys, Clarionets, Pic tloes, B and C Fifes, Violins, Bn-s Viols, Guitars, Ten or Viols, Bows, Pegs, Bridges, Italian nnd patent Ger man Strings, Clarified Rosin, Insliuctiun BookB for nil instrument. Any article vvantcel in Ibis line in any quantity will be furnished at short noiice, at ns low prices as can bo furnished bv nnv nlher house. PLATED AND BRI'ITANIA WARE.-Wehnvc purchased a fineassorimenl of Plated nnd Briitaunia &c. to which we invite, thcnttcnlion of all house kee pers, assuring them that it is economy to buy a cuntl article which costs hut a little more ihau n hie vt- ar ticle, the cheat one, generally proving rrry tUnr at last. We invitcallto call and exainiuewho wi-h nnv tiling in this line. The ndvnnces ou goods this spring are so small as tone nine more man iioinuiul. v mean lo sell low nnd sell more. Further particulars as soon as time will permit. - For New Goodsand plentyof them nnd cheap ns the cncnpesi, nnu goou ns me ne-t, mil nl the tnruty Store. Burlington, Mav 20, 1811. PANGBOR.N &, lilUNSMAID. UUSKKVATIO.M. WILL Slor show to tho customers at the Variety Store, that their wants are e ver aniicinated. It will be -ecu that the Goods I ns stumer nrc of u n'eir quality, and arc selling at lower prices than ever before offered in this town una it v. Although we do not wish the no mo of cheap Nlore, we intend lo sella entW article n cheap us any person. We iuvile allpeJsons, old and new customers to callunn seeand price our (moils, resting assurcil that tliev will be per fecllv satisfied with price and uualilv. Wueo for ex tensive sales and small profits this year, and all who nave gone wiuiout fins nnu mugs anil many olher things, because they were so dear, will just drop in nnd price them ii.ur, nnd they will find that we sell thoni so low that all can nlltril lo buy. Wc return thanks to our customers for llicir liberal nnlronnie nnd inform them that we shall be must hannv to shew 'W in.auii evtrv person woo ends, any mint: tliev mav wish to sec. New Goods in all the departments .if our trade. Durliimtnn Mnv 20. 1310. n"0 PAAGBORN & BRINSMAID. iVTOTHER'S RELIEF. By request welmTepur lvl ehaseel nnd shall keep for'snlc, the above article. uphlcm lo lend liurlintttou, May 20. 111. PANGBORN &. BRINSMAID. "steam-boat'hotel, llUrtLINGTON, VKKMO.NT. HY JONATHAN II ART. TTR. H. rc-pectfully atinouuces to the citizens of ITX Burlington ond vicinity, nnd the travelling publiege'iicrnlly, that he ha- iiiirchrscd, llioroiinhly repaired, painted, fitted up, anil furnished ihe nhove Hot.l, situated on the corner of South nnd Water streets, opposite the head of the Steamboat Wharf in the villageof Burlington, (formerly owned nnd kept by Captain Lit. Harrington, of lhu Sleamboat Pluu- m.x,) m a style o eonvi nieiice and comfort not sur passed by nny other Hotel iu the villain'. A spae-ious parior, siiung room, reading mom, nml dining room, all communicate with each olher, and with the front piazza on the ground floor. The Bar room, barns, sheds and yards arearratiL-cd in the best Possible man ner to accommodate the (ravelling nnd business pub lic. An acre of ground, nearly on a level. aJiniu this nuiei, wiin convenient out-nnuscs, spacious und airy walks, and gardens j are all uniting lo travellers, nu-iness men, Hoarders and pat lie's ol pleasure. Mr. II. from Ion-' experience nroferses to know how- to furnish a good Table and Bar, and lo serve up ihc choicest eatables and rarest dchcne-ies that the- market and season alibi d, in n manner lo suit the tnsie of ihe connoisseur; and he confidently a.sures his patrons and guests that his ul most exerlioii. will be put in re quisition to serve them. stcamnoat passengers will lie waited nn, to nnd front the Boats, and the-ir bairea.-e trnn.oorletl. nnd taken care of at thisHotel, and save their Hack hire to nnd from the Court house square. mage passengers can ne leu at and tnken irom tins Hotel without additional fare, and iho.n tnkimr the Boats will be shown on board and their linei-aec fn-e m cape-use-, nml wainoui incurring any n.K ol neing left, by thedarkucss nr lalencssof the nieht. nr am- otlu r contingency iniidcut lolheprccipitancyof steam power, or ine uuctuaiinn. ot wind nni weather. Horses nnd Cnrrages furnished llm-e who wish to transact nu-mess, or visitanypnrt of Ihe village, on ren-ouaiiic icrnis. Single meals 25 cents, and other charges iu propor tion. 3m50 Burlinglon, May 20, 1311. THE subscribers having punhneil n BLOOD HORSE, will let him stand for ihc neenmmoda- lion ol the public at Ihe following places, a a Charlotte Four Corners, on Monday and Tuesday: at G. It. Ishaiu's. Shelbiirn, on Wednesday n'n.j i uursti.i y , nu. iioivarii s, iiuruutrien, ou i-nuayiV Salurday nf each week iluiiniithe season, mnimcn- cnigMnv-21lh. The terms will be3, 5. and 7 dollars, rules will not vary from those in ycats past. Call!.-, Shee'P. and Grain, received in nni-inenl at cash value This Horse needs no rccoiiiniindalion more than he can give himself, ho weighs nil pounds precisely and is no more Ihau five years old. A careful and expr. i i t ....n . -i, ..... i . .1 iiciii cn II.IIIU win iii an nines ic iu renuuiess lo snnw him free ot choreic. n 30 EZRA MEECH, Jr., Uhtlkurn. DANIEL KIMBALL, Jr., Ilurlinrton. May 20, 1SI1, c A1TLI1 of kinds I o ic lit as usual, a liU-ral ad- few- pair, of goo.1 tn-f Oxen will Ii very acceptable on ine totlioi June, and ine luphcM price will tepanl in e.isn ior sncn. ALSO To exeb.anee, a fir. I rale Chii.e and liar ne., ior stt.-i; e'r e.atl niO DANIEL KIMIIAI.L, Jr. Burlington, May 12, 1811. Jnslali Kpatilding ir's IMate. STaTEOK VERMONT, lilricl ol'Clnllen.len, ... ine nun. incrroi ale Court for Ihe District or cim. tenden i To nl! persons e-oni-erne-il iu the estate of Josinh Spauldiug, jr. lafe of Wilhslon iu said dts trici, deceased, Gnrcrivu. WHEREAS, Isaac Higher, administrator of the estate of said deren-ed, proposes lo render nn nr- count ot nis administration, and prcseru ins .account against said estate I'or examination ami allowance al a ses.ion of Ihe Court of Pr.ibalc, Inbo hidden nl ihe Keeislrranlii -e m Burlioefon nn the seeonil '.sl..o-. Ware, Tea Pots, Collee Pols, Urns, Candlesticks, Cake dishes, Molasses Cups, Cream Cups, Spittoons. Sugar Dishes, Bed Pans, Castors, Shaving Cups, Smiflers nnd Trays, Plated Spoons. Xut Cracker. day of June next, 'llierrierc you arc ben by notifi,. 1 toappear I eforr saidrourl nl ihe Inue nnd pl.arr afire said, siiilshcwraii.r, il any you liavr, why ihc account aforesaid shuild nut bcairow. d. Given under mv hand al Burlington, thi- ;0ihdav of May, A, D. IBI1 JVM- WESTON, UegUir m:w (toons. PDOOLtTTLIJ Ins just received from New York a large and general assortment of Gonna, suit- able for tho season among which mny be founrl mtuiM ii.xiiti, Blark Blue, Invisible) Grccn,Riflc Green, and Cadet nue.xu. CASSIMERF.S. Black, Blue, steel mixed and fancy colours Salinelts, Linen nnu i;otton pantaloon stuns, a great variety TAILORS TRIMMINGS, Blark Itnlinn Sewing's first quality, Ball Twist " " Buttons, All kinds, Coat Bindings and Cords, Pnddmg, Canvass, silk and worstod Serge, Silessins, Blown nnd Black Linens, Black and While Wijgin, Marshall's best Linen Thread. Enolish, Fnr.Niu and AMr.nicAN Camcoes, Printed Lawns, Moiueline do Laines, Bishop Lawns, white and coloured Cambrics, Paper Muslins, Foundation, Cotton Cord, Irish Lincn.4, Russia Diaper, Toblc do. Table Covers, Elastic Braces, Hosiery, Spool Cottons. Pearl Buttons, stay bindings, white nnd coloured Jeans, best drilW eyed Needles, Pins, Foo'ings, Thead Lncc Edgings, Shawls, Ladies and Gen- llcnieir s Gloves, Gimp Lace, v ire Net and Silk Fillet for Ladies caps. Italian Cravals, Gineham ditto, Pongee and spun Silk Hdkfs, Ladies and Gentlemen's t r'.h.i..:M ir.u.i-a t r-H...i..: ,n r...i: unroll sxioini u; iiiini... iiiiiiitvuiiiuiii, lilUCK lOlllllll and Gro tie Suisse Silks, Coloured de Nap do., best .-nim .-mock, ijinureiias nnu rarasois, uonucis, liur laps, Bagging, &c. Brown and bloached Sheeting and Shirtings, Tick ings, Wicking, Cotton Uatts, Waddingand Cotton Yarn. OROCr.RIF.S. Porto Rico and New Orleans Sugar, suit iinvanni .Holasses, af and Lumn Suirar. Powdered Loaf do Itvsun. Hvson Skin, and Young Hyson Ten.-. Java nnd West India Codec, Starch. Bunch Rmmns, I'.nghsh .Mustard, Cassia, IMitmcgs, 1'cpperancl picc, Rice, Salacratus, Bar Soap, Pipes, Cavendish Tobucco,!aril9 fine cut chewing nnd smoking ditto. Lo rillnrd's Mncoboy SiniH', Scotch ditto. Salt Petrc. Old inlc Sherry Wine, Sicily Madeira do. Dairy Silt, St. Uhcsdo., Barrel do. Nova Scotia Piaster. Also, 1 hhd. cround bottom Tumblers. Window Glass. f'ndfirh. All of which will be void al the spry lowest rales. Cw.nsO Burlington, May 19, 1SII. WODA I1ISCUIT. A fresh supply of superior quality, those indelicate XJL health ore particularly intcre-ied, . for snlc hi nil) ll. M. GIDDINGS ex. CO. ALSO a irrenl variety of Printed Lawns, Erench Cambrics. Enehsh and American Prints, undres sed Gingham, Silks, Alpines, Shawls, Handkerchiefs iiiniiuis, traces, etc. lor sale uy ii ij r .ii. nun .ii i iv ivij. NEW FASHIONS. NEW GOODS, Anil, the Tailor Hotter than Newt TAMES MITCHELL. Drapor and Tailor, I would inform his friends and the puldic ireiierallv. ihut he has during (he past winter applied himself closely to the study of the new principle lately adopl- til ill tnu attot bulling ny uie leaning lauirs oi .cvv l ork urn other Cities, and bavin'' lately vi-iteil and availed hiuiielf of the experience nnd advantage of somoof thcoldtstnnd best city establishments ill the country, lie is now prepared to execute garments of all kinds in a style (to say nothing of his neighbors) i... i.:;.. i r-n -i-., r..,.,,l... u.toincrs. pnrlicularlv those who have had irnrmcnts in. uie tliis spring, it is'unneccssary to say niiylhing ! but lo those who have never given him a call and who wish to nesuueu, lie would say, injiince. On hand, an assortment of Excellent CLOTHS, Cvssimchks, VKsTivos.Se.MMra Goons and TniM- mi-gs, which he will sell or make up to order at fair priet s. No suit no pay. B irlingion, May 21, 1911. ialo of Furniture, &c on Saturday, fbo 29th instant, at THOMAS' AUCTION ROOM. ClONSISTlNG of a Mahogany Centre Table, and ; two Pier Tables, Boston manufacture, four set Moreua Window Curtains. Brussels Carpels, two do zen Cane sent Chairs, Common Chairs, sundry Di ning and Breakfast Tobies, Bedsiends, singlo and double. Cots. Wash Stands. Sofas, three very superior Hall Lamps, with hroiru balance weights and pulhe-s Desks, Benches, one superior Parlor Stove ut the la test pattern, and four others, d-c. Also, one 1 Horse Cnrt, in good order, sundry Hnnd-carti and Wheel barrows. Saleto begin ot 10 o'clock, A. M, Abljali .iUcn's estate, STATE. OK VERMONT, DisriucT or CuiTTF.Nni.y I DEXTER PLACE, Admim-trn or, wlib iho will annexed i f the e-.tate-of Alll.l.MI ALLEN", la:.- of Shelhurne. in :i ul ,li-irit-r, ilti, hanicr tilislin saideourl hi-ii-lition in writing, -riling forth that the chums ullowial l.- thi'iaiinini.MOiicr. against .aid '. tale, amount to SI (.1, 111; that llu- expen-e. of admin Ulrtms c.l.ueei ot I e les. than )? 10; ihat the ..inl le-t.ilor left no personal e-late-, and that he dieil -e iisl of iil ont three acre, and thirty rod. of land, situ.ile in ..aid Shi'lhiirnc, with a house and wo.mI .be-l standing thereon, which land is iinincunilfred , I hat Ihe ..anlle.lalorhad, previou.lo hi. de.ub, cnniraciisl Willi one Channel-)- I.von, lor about live acre, of laud, l'r which hewn- to pay S ISO nnd rex rive a died of aid live ueres when hi- -hould have paid then-fur j that previous to hi. death he had muI said Lyon S7.1, toward, .aid lam!, und that the uii'ler.i'-iit.l had, -luce the di-alhof the .aid te.taior paid I lie -aid Lyon lie-balance due for .aid 1.1-1 uientii ueil land, for'the I enclit of .aid .'slate, and pravlmr the i.aid court to Ii-ii'ii-e ii nn, ihe Mild Administrator, io .ell the inlerr-.t ol" ..aid It-.l.itor in -ai l liveaer. of land and o much olher real t-.iate of the said te.taior a. w ill le ucce.- -ary to pay the debt- ii-'uiusl s.ud e-tnle and the t'-X-pen-e. ol" ndiniuisirnlion. Whcreiipon the court afore-aid doth sp'poiut tin sivnnd 'ednesilay of June-, Isill, lor hearunr and diridincon .aid pennon, at the oilier nf the Ki-si-trr ol .aid t-oiirl in .aid Iturlmslun and dolh order Ihat no tice llicrt-ol ls-iveu lo all per-oti inicre-lel by pub iicalion of tin or'leri'on'.aininir ihe substance of .aid petition three week, stiecc-.ively, in the liurlinuton Free I'rcs-, a ncwi.iper priuteil iu .aid Ihiiluiton, pi the I'Ouuty of Clutlenden, jiieviousto the said tec und Wtslnesilayof June, 1811. Given under mv hand at Biirliuufnn, iu .nul ihslrnt llu. l!Mh day of May, IS II. nail WM. WliSTON", llc$itcr, S T A T E O F V I? R M O N T The Prol a te Conn District of Chittenden, ss. V lor eh.incl ot Clin. Icndcn : To nil per.on. con'vrn.-d in the E-lale .if ABI.IAII ALLEN, Lite of Slielburnr, m said Di.iiul, i i i'll,-t,-l v.i o.s-easetl, uni.i.1 1..... 11 rllKltr.AS. Desler Plait- administrator -villi the 11 will unuexe-ii of the esiatr of said dttva-td, iieono-e. lorender an nce-( mil of In. ndniuiisiiation. and piesenl ln aix-ount again. I said cstale fo' e.xam- ma lonand aiiowaucr at a se.-iun t nun ii Prob.i'r, to Is! holden .il the Rem-n r's tiilii t- in Bur liiieton,on ihe.ivond Wtxlne-d.iy of June next. Thiukiiihc. von are herehv nolilie.1 to appear be I'irt--aid eourl at the time and place- al'orc-aiil, and show cause-, if nny you have, why the iiivounl afore said should not I .-'allowed. Given nnilsT mv bind .il said Burlington llu 1 0th tl iv ol May, A. I). 1511. nSO ' WM.WE-STON, Itcgisttr. TO TIIK LADIKS. TI'ST RECEIVED at the new- Cash Store, a few .1 choice articles, such n largo S-4 Sdk Shawls with heavy fringe, Dress Handkerchiefs of cverv sue and quality, Ladies Ciavals, Fillet and Chilly Scail's, I t Colored and Black Kid Gloves, Plain and Fig ured Mousliu Do Laines of superior quality, Law n for soured Hats, Bead Hags iVc. and will ho receiving goods constantly fiesh from market mini our stock is as good as any in mis vuiage. h .1 VS. P. WHALING A CO. Butlingfon, May 13, IStl. TIIIHO HDITIOX H MAY, '11 Howard's -ill. Trip to Slew York this spring. AN extraordinary and heretofore unknown dun culty encountered. Never, never, never was such .a -mtc of affairs known. Every thing steaming, sai ling, pitching, tumbling, running down in pncp and here it will terminate will be generally better known than now a change however may be expected when prices will advance. As ta the above present efitlicul iy so far as il regards Goods, Wares & Merchandize a great variety and qii.ui!it)rms recently fallen into the cheap Cash Slnre.and msny of the articles on average cosl less than nothing at all. at all tnemeat there fore io know how great a profit such goods will bear is a puz7le to one of only 13 years' experience in trade but in thinking and ihinkmgepuckly, jhe People sS00 Faculty Taxed Agent had a scintillation ipass oil from ,, loin.l it went Locomolivchke uaiik. ijuick, nuick, encan, rncap, cncnp, nnu irom ine iiie.a fixed, the prices ef nil arliclcs that cost tnnch less than nothing nt 2 pel cent., ne.atly honu-lhing 5 per rent., and when really cost any thing ai such prices as may he mutually agreed upon at the tuneof sale, nnd as il is cxpeele-1 the la st bargain's will 1m the fitl rnquirni for theartii lcs will be in piiftctrcaihness.iii pa vinriit for the same nl , '? " A''1' &-, P. S -F.vere ilescrinlion of nit thekin.lsof fnioiis i reouircd by any Family or parts Ihereol ior mrsonai most cxtcnivc csiobfttUiiMi'. inue isinucntor noi -s iioiii io-" - - - HOOTS & SIHIKS. THE .ubsi-iiber is now selling his remaining slock of BOOTS & SHOES, at cos foMJash ruihnjton, May 13, I.1L n!9 T Antra t. HON N KTH, Til nLHll,,c"tnll'l"J' Plain Straw and Palm leaf Bonne 8- Genllcinen's Leghorn and Ger- PrWrliTr'.,n'n!!dn,,1 Leaf Hat., Waff Proof Ca-ps, just received by ' w"y 13- C M. WRIGHT it CO. TJROADCLoniS, ansimcros, Sattinetts, JIolo skins, heavy Drilling and Vcslmgs, a large o ortnunt just received ond for sale cheap hy "15 H. M. W1UUIIT& CO. fvM 1'ieces Challys and Mousliu De Lairics, just 0Pcn, and ehoiiins the cheapest, hy n19 l K. M. WRIGHT & CO. Jt'e-n , , '"'Ii encscc l'loiir. LfsT Received. Tie subscribers having made nr I!rlC.nlw.r?.r,','ti!lll,lr6uJ'Pll' of fresh ground GENLSLI-, f-LOUR now olfer tho article for sale, as second to none in he market. IL M, GIDDINGS ti CO. Comnilstloiicr's Notice. WE the Subscrib;rs having btcn oppointcd hy the Honorable Probate Court fur the district of Chittenden, Corniu.sioners to receive nnd examine nnd adjust the chains and demands of nil persons against tho estate of ..UTIIER CARPENTER, lain of Huntington, in sad district, tleceaxid, rtpre-intcil insolvent, and alsonl claims and demands exhibited iu oirsjeltheretOinnd ax months from Ihe day of the, date hereof being allowed by said court for that pur pose, we do then fore lertbygive notice that wc will atlcnd to Ihe business if our appointment nl die d web bng house of Widow Harriet Carpenter, in Hunting ton, in Baid District, or, the ninth day of September, next, nt ten o'clock A.M. on said day. Dated, this 17th day of March, A.D. IS 1 1. 3wl3 ALEXANDER EElGUSONr r- JOHN SNYDER, j Commissioners. A New Milch COW or sale-, hy Moy 13, 1S11. HICKOK & CATL1N. XK 1'IRM. THE subscribers have entered into n copartnership1 under Ihefirm of E. M. WRKHIT .p CO. nnd occupy the stand formerly occupied by II. W. Catliu & Co. Burlington, May 1st, 1811. K. M. WRIGHT, II. W. CATI.IN, H. P. HICKOK. X.VH1GIIT X- CO. bo vn reeei vrd nndnrd A-J nov w otienine a laree assortment of TiVd f ,.l which ure ollirtd nl low prices Cull and see. Grass Seed at S3, 5(1 per Itushcl. A few bushels of very clean Grass Seed, for sato nt u t- s;,su pi r uusneioy HICKOK & CATLIN. May R, IP 1 1 . ONE Yoke of Working Oxen npply tn HICKOK it C. CATLIN. May t, 1311. TO LET. THE Dwelling House, corner of Maiden LanoanJ Pearl-street, apply to Mav I, Hll. HICKOK cV CATLIN. I, umber Wassmis. ? new Lumber Waggons for sale by May 5, lSll. HICKOK iV CATLIN. Leeches; ! I.eechs i A Package- just received, of Spanish exportation b Muy 6. THEO. A. PECK & CO. :ofigli Canity I PEASE'S Celebrated CANDY nicUy put for up r tailing also at wholesale, by May 5, 1311. THEO. A. PECK if- CO. 1 BUSHELS Herds Grass Seed-20 bushel 1 Ul J Glover, hy J. & J. II. PECK & CO. Burlington, 27 April, 1311. OTRAYI'.D or stolen, from the subscriber in Bur O hngton, on the nieht of the 30th of April, a dark brown yearhng CALl', with a line on tho back, btar in the forehead, nnd tail tipt with wlu'e. Any person who will give information that shall lead to tho recov ery of the animal, shall be compensated. JOSEPH CROONAN. Mav 5th, IStl. at Mr. Wm. Strongs. ICn.M lONCY. "T70Ut.D respectfully inform his patrons and tho inliabitantsof Burlineton, nnd its vicinity gen erally, that he has mnde arrangements for adding nu mber br.anch to his business-. Hcis now prepared to furnish Wigs, Curls, and False Whiskers, and indeed every nriicle in his hue of business, at the shortest no tice,' and of as good quality as can bo obtained ill New York or Boston. All orders will meet with prompt attention. Shop under Howard's Hotel.tmrtli side of the Souare, Burlington, Vt. -13 May 7th, 1341. 2,00 lllll.S. Perl 1,000 lb.. Lard 10,000 lb Ham.-, fur sale bv 'LYMAN A. COLF.. ni-.vy eiiions. UPERIOR English and Americnn Prints, ilo. Light Printed Lawns, do. Mourniim do. nnd'Mni'.Viih Iretaiiil's, vei V ciio'i.ri'.'re-rV.'St'ju'i'i '. ceivcil hy H. M. GIDDINGS st CO. mtAIMZKS AND TAILORS. DENNS & HOTi. SIXCESM'I'.I TO EUWAI'.D K. T.VANS. Church-Street, liurlingtan, 17. BROWN Shrclings, Ticking, Cotion Yarn, Wick iii!. Twine. Baltinr. Cra-h Diapers, etc. vtry low, oy E. M. WRIGHT it CO. IARlvWELL'S Gailer Hoots, Walking Shoes, -L Siinug lice' nnd Kicnch Kid Slip., nlso Mimcj Slips and Children's Shoe-, fot sale bv ii 13 1- M. WRIGHT iioitsi l r.i.i). 500 Bushcli SHORTS for sale, a good arti cle for Horse Feed, bv HICKOK Sc CATLIN. 10 May, 1511. 1MXU l.C.MHKU. fear it . iC x.vvV. qiahty, fe-r sale. Imiuii c of Mny II, 1511. STRONG'S it if fc CO. i-'orxn. OR mav he foind in tliis village, dirccifv opposilo ihc Methodist Chapel, nn OLD PAINT SHOP, newly tilted up m good style, wlnrc the undcrsigutai will be glad lo wait on his old customers who may favor him with llcir pairunage. finiJli R. G. SPAULDING. Burlington, .nl 23, 1SI1. ITERD'S GRSS and Red and White CLOVER JJ. SEED, 'ED. n nsw supply at HOWAR'S. April 23, 1811. Garilen Srrd-, FROM the Yankee Farmer Office, Bostolf, of iho grow ih of 1310, for sale by April 22. C. GOODRICH Hilian I-otutoe-. SALE at 5' CIS. a Bushel. OR May 13. C. GOODRICH. tO It I-NT. T,IIE sloi next rttof M.r. Bramaii's Book Storo X on Collpge strrtt. 11. LI .A v l.N OK It I . April 19, 1511. TXTEAnOW'S French Dictionary, rontaimru moro 11 words thnn Bocir . ball Ihc price. For salei hy C. UUUUIilCtl. III Mi.bcine. wliiih, if nshilv .applied, wjll le tho me-an. of i-avmz thou and. from an unli.'ncly crarev Il l-o-been sold .and uul for thirty- year,., vruh sreat Mice-;.., and found vt-y elhcneiou. in the following ilrsciise-, vi. Con.ii.efiiou, Whooping Couch., cr-irr' mm Coiish., CeVib, i fTicnlt RriMlliinr, Infliieez i, (iuinsT, A-thina, Phlli-ic, Spillun.- of Hioful, t'faiu lency,' Indicction,'.. i f the HiiwiN, Fu.ejt rver'v l-uvl, Cramps,, Cube,, Py-cn lary, F.unlim, Alltvnon-j Hradaelir", tinknes-at Stomach, Mea-l.-., a preveniive of Con lasious dise-ar., Oou and lincumatom. ICJ-The.abotr M. hi-inc i. preparol bv Henry Srv moiir,of Hndlev, M..froin Itei-ipe, fv thrihrrrtinn of.aidMoorr, nml sildl-y him.andlht priivipal l)rug?i.-.n ihe FnitnlSlntr.. Sold w hole-jle tndrciad, lv J.sX.. J, ll.l'.i-ttOfx daiulheo. A. Peck iV Co., Burlinslon, and iy. ill ralcrsT generally ihrou'hout tin eouutrv PAIXTIXC. THE siihsrilrr Icing ihankful favors would re-perr: illy solicit a rnni'nuaneei rt ire. tame and remind hj friends and the public Hut be prepared to nivomntnlate llr,n oalh.i sborlo.i noli, h andinosllavorable Irms in Ihe vannu- I ranches fn, Ihenloie line. Shep oppo-He Mr. C. Ai Seymour's Hal Store, Piarl-Mtr.t. ""'''"'js SC0T, April I, 1? II- "iV I)I-!PM1TI0X. ritllKcppariner.Irp heicioft're rxt-ling uoiVr thn X Firm i f L- Jl'htiinoM -Vco, i tills rhm dr-solreil hv mutual ronst-ni. The busiiie.. if thi rompany vvdl U- n-iileil by Lnjiunl Johnnuoil nt the old ttandv All llio'e bavinir Hum. nsain.l ihr innpany are nurslrdio prr.eiiltli'miinm.iria'rly, nnd vu'.i..',J -j.n .ay loiho-r having iinseiilnlaev. nuts vvulnln, fCrn. panv that vvr hnvea sirongde-iir tn nr Ihrin, as ise roin'p.iny Hooks must 1 ieltlr.1 inuiitiliatrly. All tho-e having marked Hides sivl are rrq'urMril to rail and gel them, PITER JDllONNOIT. LEONARD J01Ki.NM.-If. Church i., nnrlinglon, 1 April 1, IS II. i N. B.'-Thr Uusincs xvdl le tcnimu! at the c -I01i.

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