Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 5, 1841, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 5, 1841 Page 1
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TOffljs.nju.v.,.,, , , , ' " " OF ROMS. HV H. B. STAGY. 1 I l IF nl.i nvr'V -r it..-. i ui 6 Wagons, I Calls, Harnesses, Plows, Hiiirow.s, OH. I all kinds nl I arming Tunis, 'I'lio nliovu bilim intt to the KstKo of.t. II. I lull, and will bo -old low for ready pay or on short credit for good paper. I.VDIA HALL, Admit. Willixlon, April 7, 13J1. M PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. "PIILS nrticlcis too will known to nioil cotnuicii A datum anil the c.xpciiencc of seven vcai.e lias (li'MMiiktralcil to the commercial community, lliat for nccuiacy, conicini'ncc and durability, they arc unrivalled Coal )iud scales to nugh iiom :i to (i tons. Dormant arclionse do, to wcndi l'roin 1-2 Ih. I'JL3,!01' I1.""" I,'0','.,'!u uVlu weigh fioin I 2 .. to .no lbs . Portabl ( ountcr do -a iiewurliclc-to wu -h lrom 1-2 o. to -10 Hi?. ml-nclen, A nl 9 1SI1. b s'"STk ?m s,-l'i:. A very Talualilo7.ii in, tit Til's ?3 , "''"V1 '" -"' ton amiiig lc0 ncics, W1,h " houue, two bams, an.l nut-build-JaAS&.ings, two good orchards, and lioin 123 to loO acres iiiipri,--J, the. remaining put is well lini leered. 1 onus uisy, and pjsic.ssiu'u given ininiodi-ili-lv. Apply to James h'. IMatt, Jliltun, or to I.. II. Piatt, olchcstcr. March 111, 13)1. j in.ii, usi'Ji'u kok'saV.i:. aVa ..ani", l V d mui us. -1 IU. prop, ici ,r oirei - lor s lie ihe pie- ms.'s m thj village ut I or to. t JlV ,a.t.u,M.-il l,v II. I., h aey,l-.M.a. adw-lluig house, punting office mill reading mom 1 pi,.,,,,,,., .,ri. L.,,lm,m( 1t , a .lore ami dwelling lwu.-or fnr unices oi niuiosi ;,ni ' ''l' anl nies.t.ial.J m the centre or llio'i buentss part of ihe town. ll,r"'ri'.1M V'1;'. lr'V-'"-'nt, inquire of Ch-uk-, wcM Vt '"' "' X '" Call", uf Ur- A Ji1i!Mrii:!'".-,i:'"no-N'ARV '('i'Ti'i7il png. a 1. LLMI LAagI Mii:.-K,,lUM,t,orii,. Delay,, containing t!i.-w!i,k ..enl.iil-irv of the Uu.irt.i will 'uXC 1,"'l"'ov'-",n nod'eveial tlnxoiul ad iitioinlwmls, t., :.,., 1S prefued an mlro l,i,-.orx Vi'H i " l:u'0llf. I'Mloryaiid eomKvtioii oi tin- ln'nvioi w.-Mem Asm and Ihiroi.e, will, nn .xpianal.oiiof the piiii.phoii which -cs are nnn,, ; in iwo ,.s. uy No.,;, Wllirll. ,,7,, TnrrVs, Wl"' ' "' A' li;iA-MA.N. 33 'N:UV !in:S' I tuTe Mool. ! S ore, A New I i V. ), ,-,.. ll e.t .,.,!,,.. I ,.1i, ,.,. Hi, Jn.-I,l.......vr. Mneheli', t;., r, (,.(.,r,jllM.,,-r..,d,vI mpn-ms ., I,.,-, ;,o, tin- i..rM wish ih.. ..,, I, In ,.,. ,.,li f Hr ..j.iii..eJi!., an I laioihe.. , , n., ti,;n'''"-- II. A. IIKA.M A.S , i'V TAJISM. ' , Mli.s.,l,s..i!,(.rwiiiil.,-, Miiodhisfriciiili. . - "Hilt i viMiciliatlieo-eiii aiooni in t imrcli sue' t.over Kwn and V:dLer' (.tore, wh,.ii. i,e mil ,(,,. p,.rsoinl in lenlun to Jl , jhiiiu i 'io.-s ofeverv iIck enp'ion. v.-lneh h.-ive h.-en'in ni mnny ye.irh lined up in a rt; leand nrid-- i) 'lav i!i.. rijii.-:ii -i-i e of 'new. lie w ) lid ids i Mjlr i .,.(, ,nt L, ,.,sll,. k i ne I liis i ir.ii i luiv ; ,s of rep.iiini'. W.irV .; r, iiilrustr,; lo Ins i are will l" eai-folly r..,.-i,red .irnnlF,l. I Inv -l'l'ii' n ...i -id for Iwi-niy irirs p;,Mi in in iV.-i-r 's well as r. iiairtiij; '('line l.n-p- ii i. i ii ,u-f jn:iie:H-e in llle lillsnie I n1'!'1'' o to' ;ne.sii',ieiion to tlior- i i "mi with a cmII. lj -as ; ii .sue, on iM.n'in-sion .1. .V. UU.VM.VO. 2.!, r-:o. I, lie (;::it:;a: liAiti;:::: frV1N: '"''''l 'I'm m Sland ir.'t "l',v o".'iipii ! Iy "!r. J. IV.n-r, la-i' i --'itJ-. 1 '"'" ' ""'i"e in Hie I nr'oii, w:ll at nil Ii v 2 s tt-jc tunes he n 'v i.n. Ky-SiiJnii'J nl irrs w ih lie ion.- nn n ii'iiii, J rai lief- Hoard. In 'eiii" h ti..- ... nL' ail I nih .r ai'coin n l-onn nrinl Mk n,, p lins will hj spand ..n hn pari, to make' ilinn coin fortahle, and on lh'3 m i"t n as in i do TeuiH. I'riei of Silvia meals one S'ldlui". Ilinliniiton Aptil 2 Ith, Hll MUSIC, AN!) ".II'MIl. 3!::xt. ..rifc cal Iiitrmneiiti, ecc, wlin-lrhe is auiliorized to i-ell at the lowe -t liosion it; nil priem. The sic fir th" 1'iano I'orto cons'sts of Soiiifo, (lec, l)..cltn ami Tuos, iw and heautilul Jl uehes, (luieksteps. I !.i. npades, Waltz, lljnets.and pieeis with variations, sonic of win h arc the latest publications of the I!o ton III made and liia3- I'tiiiIs. ALSO A jjient arnly of Ameiican, Oernnn, rrrneh and llimhsh Jlimral liisiriimciit.s, contisiini; of Uncles, Tiiiinpeis, I.'reneh ilnrnf, Itns', Ti nnrnml AltoTroiiihone.!, I! Hat, Oand I'lhlOI'iihnctts fler man (' ,ie -it l'lui. s.) from one to mm keys,) l'laen lMts.i) lave ami l'ieolo I'lntes and 1'ifis, Siilendid Ilass Viols nnd Violins, lUpint and plum Violin nn.l lints Viol Hows. Superior I'onnii Violin, lias Viol mil titular Strings of eviry s-iv.r and leu. r. 1 n lili and I'reueh CI inonett !n.'d. Splendid Trcm-h Ac cordeons, Spanish fiuitnrs, with pliin, and fierman Silver pateiil In nds. Instruction I'onkx, with (iain iits, Lessons, and llxcreises for nil tli.'iihme, and ot)i. r instruments, are now for Mle nl .Mr. Jlanu's usi ileneea few lods north of the l'.piscopul Church, in lltirlmirton, where lie respectfully uniies customers to (five1 him a call. Military Hands and Jlusie Schools, furnished with .Music, JliiMcal Insiriiiucnls, (witf Instruction, if tic jiretl.) at short notice. ''fl'IA.XO niliTI'.S flrumr, repaired and tuned as usual, Darlington, .May 7, Hll. is rivnov s.sM- i .I'ist re vivisl 1 1. ill nn.l 217 hv U imo'iihiii. nl -ash, i lir-l r.uo .tilielu at .')J nil I :ij eents per li'lil j aUn nil tin 1 an Kie , l inn liel to or !er. 1 lenielertia .a'" j lei I, a lir t rale aruele, lor m'r very low, loiieiher with Rrcii variety i oilier am ns cheap ns can l o lound at any nih.-r e.ial li-li-l in ihu ilai e. (Jko. I'i tkhson. SINGLE. D0UI1I.E. UMBILICAL. JIVP rei'l a suppl of March's eih hraiislTriiies of everyile.eriptioyfor -ale hy the d i7eu or snisle Oct. 10, 181U. u.Tlim A. H.CK itl'o .S'.'iiof Iho Jloriur, rMir.Il"ilinmmillltrAVi:ilVhas J. now eoiinni'iinsl liusiness, and will have, new Hei r in a few davi, "hen all orders will he imnriually 'ended to, iio- am. iT.TT.itso.w nAUDWAItl, jVDDI.KUV WAIir., Cil'.VS, " Hollow ware, if"' Tip siuWnliT has just re ri ivi I i-nd n now opening a lar! a id'-einral assort liient (if the n'l.ivo i'idiI 'I cnniiii siiir in arly iery (iimli! in tin Inn, anil which will ho told on Mryie.i pounlilc ti rins f ' cash or ihorl credit, at the hard vwiro itf cotntr of church rtrect and the xiunrr. UOMIII'T JI)OPV i m G.filj'.-iri! r s. -a l'lirliiiHt.) . ... TI!. MANN, "t-; ' l-rZ'i"l fn'oi Ih s sS"S'"wv!j! l0"' !" "' ' ?ftyVviri r "'"'i.ln-'ill'leof ' " 4 v ' -New .llir-ic. ln. l!triit;;t(r Sc Sew and I'nslitiiiiiihlo TAILOniNG ESTABLISHMENT. T.TII. Ill-.W .,t.l :r i.: .- .. i .i m i . ,. .nil iiiiiiini ins neiius nnn the ptililicpcnciully, that ho has taken tho will known stand in Cluireh-strect, recently occupied hy Kilward l;. .vans, Prarcr and Tailor i at which ilaee will ho kept constantly on hand and Tor fide, a .ueueriil assortment of Prench, Ihinlisli and Alnciicnn llroailcloths, Cassuncies, and Vcslin", united for dif ferent seasons Also-Kashioiuhlc Trinmiinnsof all kinds, and of the best quality, u Inch will bo sold for I n,,'0wa'' can elsewhere bo obtained. Up Cuttiiiir Deparlinent will ho supcrintendcil bv Mr. I.Vailsfill' I he limn lir imr V., t.n!., .!' I ...'.l .....v "i..., ,,ui,i,i.a mi uurimivu on his part to employ tho best of workmen, and to maku this one of the best establishments of tho kind in the state. Any Renllemnn who may lauir him Willi any order, may rely upon liming it rxcciilcd at the tiiuenppointcil.and in the very best poihlo man ner. An ail lilion wid bo made to tho above stock as soon as the opening nfnaxitraticn will permit. Ho hopes bv diligence and attention to limit a share of the public patronage. s j i lliuliuglon, Ajiril P, 1911. Ct A 1 15 1 X ! VP W. It I '.. The subscriber has rcsuin ' ' I the Cabinet business at the old shop on Church -treet, Jorinerly oeeupied hv.N'ichols Ai Merrick, and leeetnly by . II. Walker, w hero hu intend s lo inanu 'J';','!'.';.?1"1 '''I' ,1"lintly on hand all kinds of CAIIIM.T I'UltMTnir., ofa stvloand quality not mlerior to any manufactured in tins vicinity. He hopis Ins Iniijr experience, together with a strict atten tion to the husincsss, will secure him a shaiuof the piih'ic patronane. lrU"ANTi:i) in c.tclnncfor Cabinet Woik, liireh and Uaple Seanllel, suitable for bedsteads hasswnoil Plaiin, and hoards from 1 inch to J inch ; while I'me bom s. Ainu ..,.i,ii I v :: .l.,,,1,,., .,.n,a, imiu'll in pavinenl, (lint cash would bevcrvaee(ptable.) i.iiiiuigioii1.ian. I.IS1I. siAJlUl'.I..MiJU()I.S. 'lo TinTiAroiiii NATi:; rnlli: iili!cnl era received llio well known J. nitiele, Blooilg-ooiVa Elir.Ir of Health, 'i r ol iii..;re ari-nig Irian no ill stale of 'c S iiina -h, mi h u ICJ Heai'a, be.i; Loss of ,i ,;i..i', I .ilpit.niou ol the Heart, oe. I Ins irivcu he.ilili and enersv In multitudes alllie ii'vrbln ileal Ci.slnene.". The on', oi i" it. i. v I,, m. ... i.n. i.. ed ih u nil in-i - leen.ih'ed loubtain it. At u htiloMiIe and iclail I v I 11 10. A. PIX'IC ,f. Co. Ano'lieear e. Court lloinc Sijnare. Tjitow.v siir.r.Tixo; U t 'alico ; also wadding -i!e at ;. 3,000 yards. 130 pieces baiting,' iiml wickiiiL', for WUALINO .1. (Vs. (.ss:oi!iiil fSj i-iip of EcchtiMl HIoss. rriIIS cckbralcd inedieine for COX-iCJIl'TIOX, n'5'li""''li' nrietail, by T. A. I'cck & Co. pUr.UOliV'S Im.LIOUS lMLt,S,wholesa7a7ul - 1 . p II'' ''1! Turn. A. I'ixi: it Co. MNlirK AM) T()!5A( ' F OltlLI.AHD'.S Jlaceohoy Sniili; lj do Seoicli do in sniall bladders, do Smoking and chewing Tobacco, .ttao No. 1 l'lug and Cavendish do, for sale bv II. .M. fillH)INf!St CO. wo 11 .11 i.o.r.xcics. rpiIIS valu-ibb' -irtiile is dailv establnhinL'itself as I the bet medicine for th-ekierpaiion and rilicfcf Win ins in children. Notwithsiandinrr that there are oilier In-i ores crii d up for this eoinph'ml, purihascr" "if v.ainnted in the good cflieiciicv of these. A' Wholes lie and llelnilby T. A. l'KCICA CO. .Vi'gn of the Mortar. Isaac wAmvcnT 0 IS received and kiips eonsianllv on hand a larj'C 1 1. an I loll csorlnicnt ot CiltOL'UKIKS, among wh'eh aro t'l)(!.AC 111! M)V. St. CUOIX IUMI 1101,1. .VI) ilN, I A variety of WINI'.S, and almost evirv arlielo In the (iroeerv line, nil of a hi 'hip will sell on the most n aonnble terms. lie woi, hi aNo iiifu nn Tavern keepers in particular thai he v. ill h-11 rum, brandy and tin for (!.! eenls 11 gallon, v Inch In, will w-ii unit ofa hotter quality ihan some ilii h have biiilvheen hawked about iheeountrv bv 1 e-rnin New Voik pedlar, and if not adiudred liv he bfsljudi;(s to bebi Iter, he will not ask any pay I ir t' lie iinlies them lo call and compare. Ilnrlinetnn. O t. HlO. If. "PI III alte-iiinnnf ihealllicteifis ealTed In Ihearlicle ' ' Hay's I.inimelil,"aiKi rtled in anmher eoluiiin. 'I -I TH P.O. A. IT.CK ec CO. ru,3' r;o nti)-saml snini,'i:,.-,oii .siiingie, W .0.M feel spruce Clap lioarils. bv .1 el J II IT.CK & Co llurlingtnn, I'.b. P, Pll. "A.TOTK'I', The -nbseriher has removed his nllice . N to the roo-ip over Lyman & Co'c's store. I). A. SJIALI.r.V. Hu lington t-Mirunrv 1. Pll. yT. 'i'I3 MISS,, -Jum rrcncd, and for sale hy the s . I'leiib. rs 11 qin'ititv of live Geese IVathers. ' NLI.SON' & G ATI-IS. Hiuli.iglo'i, .March I, liIl. Gil!,. MAY C(IIfill SYI1ITI'. l-'i--.v iloe-ns eif this f-inious nifihenu-, for tip cure 1 f'"l l ni-d 'oiialis. are l'i r tale by tho siihcii-h.--M Rfeomuieti'lalions from manvofonr citi7cns -an bo given. TIILO. A. IT.CK A CO. .'e;'iiiveiriV.?, Court li.nixc Stptnrc. POD I-'ISII, Jl CKI-IHIILL and SHAD ofsupe v ' norqinl'ny fir salobv N. LOVI'.LV & Co. IMITA T.ACiA SMIII). A C LIIS. 1:011 ine .Seoti-h p.irn'e- lop Rota Uaia -1, raoell'rom selcelesl Tnmio., for sate - Man h 21. C. (.OUDRK II. C'ODI'lSsH, of sujitrior qualitv for si'e by II. JL GIDDINGS cc CO. j ODINT. sf'RI NG WATII1!. A reecnlly discover L ed foiinlain at Saraloga and contains properties known m no otlu r Spiing its ficedoin limn lion rend, rs it safe in h0 driinlt hy a certain class of inva lids with whom Iron proves injurious the quantity of Iodine contained 111 ibis water renders it the most val I'ablo mineral water fir every species of Scrofula ye l iliscmcrcd, for sale hy.l. &. II. IT.CK A; Co. Atrts IScwarc of Dccipllon t IT has frequently 001110 to llio knowlediu of tho sub . senber that empty SnnH'.lars, with his Label 011 them, have been loughi up, for ihe purpose of scllini' 111 lliem an inferior qualily of. SnuH'i and, also, that bis S1111II' labels have in some instance's been eeiemiirfeit eel, eir the general design of t lie same so iinilateel as lo nsily deceive llieimwarj ; he deem- it, therefore, his ilnhj to inform purchasers of iho manner in which iheyareolien imposed upon-, and ho would hereby request tlicni lo tear oll'or elefaei; iho Labels on I lie oulsidc of tho Jars after having disposed of ihe con tents, so as to prevent further use of ihe same'. A suitable reward wi I bo paid for such evidence as will lead (0 iheelcteclion iV. e-onvicliou of theiniposler. The nibs ribcr continues to manufacture, and od'ers for s-ile, tliefollwing articles i ITNH I1ROWN SNI.'IT. ficnuine Jlaceohoy, ) rose American Rappe, Imitation tin ijtar'd Holland r!o .Sicily do Tuberose, Jlalleso do St. O.ntr, Curacoa do Slraeburg, COARSII 11ROWN SNIHT. Deinisros, Natchitoches, 1'rench Rappee, American Gentleman, l'uro .Spanish, L. .Mixture. l'uro Virginia, Hurbon, Si. Doimueo. Copenhagen, tupjtur'd vr.i.i.ow SNUIT. Scotch and High Toasl. Irish tllackguaril ) eir . I 'in e. Irish High Toast ) ; -SWUlIT-SCMNTni) l-'INII-CUT CHIIWING TOI1ACCO. ' " Oronoko do do. ,. . '''''CIJT SJIOKINCi TOI1ACCO. hpcmsh, ktufuot, Canasler, Common, and Stems. 1'IITIIR I.OltlLLARl), jr. , , 12 Cli.ilhnm Xlirtl. New 1 ork, JInrch, 211. -I7.iii J. et J. II. I'kik ! Co., Agtnti, Ilutliiigton, Vl. BW.SOM OP I.IVi:uwc)ItT-toT CoiiHimptieu IV-pcp.ia, Asliiii.-i,nnilnll doeaics eifibo Lungs nil I Liver. 'I lie-se) di-ca-e prevail 10 n gre-al ele ni, iTealiiiginuchib'Irt'-san Isomolai.iluy, All ibe-ee-.m I e remedied l y llio use-of Dr. Taylor's llalsoni ol Liver-eorl. Tliis iiiediomu is perely Vt-gilal.ll-, mid from Us pce-iihnrne-lioii upon bo Live-r is u'wayslooud .1 radical ri-me-ely foribe-ueli-e.i'e-s, Por Pc-in.ile. and 11111 in -i very we-.ik slale, no nie-.lieilie cun lei see griiefid 11 ri'-loratiM-, a 11 not only slie-nglbins, but p ril'.e-snud frivesn beal'liy aeiiun m llio wheile sv. ten. Consianilj. r nihil y . I.OVPLVit Cn. who hfve io-t recent I a fivhuipply Goods frnn New Vorl,, nil v.-rv cheap for caili. Hiir'injteiri, Jn'e- 30, b), NOT TUB GLORY OP C ffi R A n, n I! t nn tt n --.-,... " AM'ACCA CLOTHS for cloaks-, crapes, cainh lels, cnnihletecns, goals' hair anil common wors ted camhlels, printed Savinys, plain and figured al pines, iilaht and jointed muslin do laim-i, all wool, now opemiigby .. I.OVKLV it CO. IJllOWN Table Cloth. S by 10-lib-, warranted I!ii-m':i di.iiier; i-otlou jariil blaol; ami w bile wad diuir ; batting and wickunt i for sale hv II. Jl; lilDDINtiS & & Co. "1 th i.-nn-Mi c:.. ...:n n M.v. .. v.-,, ,,111 juii iiuiuy 1111 eieaiioo that the subscriber has for sale, ISuck's improved Hot Air Cooking Stmc, at llio new I rielt store, Col- legcslicet, aln at . lease Ciay'a foundry. This is one ol tlic latest patterns and tho lust of Iho kind ever introduced into Ibis Statej they have been recently in troduced into the States of l'eiins Ivania and New Vork with great success; and suffice it to say, they arc tho most convenient and will do more business with less lilt I than any other stove. A preamble to pai tieulari7.eil qualities or prices is use lisss. Just call in, small favors mo thankfully ones in proportion, and if money continues scarce I intend toitso tho less of it, so it will be useless. In fo without on lliat account. S. V. TAVI.OU. ISiiilinglon, Dec. 17, 1S70. Dlil'Osl, Jleiheinc, Perfumery, l'.iiuls, Dye SluH's, Oils, Vainishes, UriHhes, occ The subscriber is" now" receiving his fall supplies of the above goodsj sclented with ureal care, which be will dispose of al Ihe lowest market prices. HOIIKRT JIOODV. DISSOI.IJTIOX. The coparlneiship hereto fore evisting helwcen the subscribers, under the firm of Siviulding & JIills, has been dnlv dissolved by inutuiil consent. Those indebii'il ami those hav i'."n , f-VJV.V,''a ,"S',il,,MiJ "ill settle; them with C H. JIllls, who is duly authorized to sciile the. same. H. (i. R1MUM)L0, , . C. II. 31 ILLS. The business w ill hc-cuntinued by the .subscriber at the old -stand, Church st. liuiliimton. Vl. Jlnrciij, 1P1I. (.;. II. AIILLS. Cmoccr.nv axd class vaui;.-i.'1.h s-hs ' of granite China ware. Tea and Oming setts, togctliLr with a geneial assortineut of croel cry and glasswares also lamps, patent lop, screw lop and asiral lamps. Lanterns, tumble rs, Ac- all of which will be sold cheap for cash, as we will convince any that favor us with a call. Church st. J. I'. WHALING & Co. irOAlcLO-rn.S.MaTe7e:iiratriio".iewrcash .Li stoic on Church street, and cMiiuino the broad cloths, he-aver cloths, c.tssiiueres and s.itinctts, befoie purchasing thcwlieic, and much ohliire ,, , , '' WHALING & Co. feoods shown with pleasure, whether iiurcha-e'el or not. PICTORIAL Illustrations of il:o Hilde, eonsistiip of 20U engravings, with views in the Holy Laiuf, together with many of ihe remarkable objects men tioutd ill the Old and New TcMainents, repiescnling sacred events just received and I'or sale at ihe hook store. IJ. A. IIRAJIAN. uarcn i-ii. WrAV HOOKS. The subscriber has received the a ' present wvek a new supply ol books, among which an' iii- leiuownig : A pictorial f.e";rrnphy, bv S. C. Goodrich, 1000 engravings, nural l.ile ori'.nglaud, by Wm. Howiit, from tip second London edition, corn cled and revise-el. Day's l.xaiimialion of r.dwanls on the Willi JIc- eiianics uwn liooK; Hall on Haul sm : A (iieen JOTKII!.-ICJ.Mishi-iue is lest known ly ihe- 1 ' e t pirloriiu.rij I. .i-woi, I'einiiii-u, en- l'i ril.e r ol the llliioil. I be unparalleled and Hill iiierei-iii.rre-piiliilion wlueli ibis nii.lieiiie b.i 11 - air-e-d ilini.iuliniil I be New Pin:l.tiidSia'es, ami i,c m my e-i-n-s it pea-lorioed, ami iho L-i,..u deinaud made I'or il I y lln-.-i.lvii'i- ol'ibyieian well anp-aintri Willi Us pie-p iiutinii, h is m I a ol id,, propr.e-li r lo exleml in eir.iuleiioii in aliiiust every lown 111 t lit.- ims-ith Sale- and the- piine-ipa! towiis m die Pni't-e1 S'a'e-. Tin- l'.iu ii-i-is wari.iu'ed pmely ve-geial h-,und 1. mil nrp is-isl I y any eiiliei-luedieme e-er 11 "ere-.l 10 ihe-.I'lbe-'el .is ns exle'ii-ue .ih- and gre-al pe-p.ilan'v pi.iimy prove. 11 11a- wiiuui nn- la-i ei rlitii 11 11111111I1-e'lii-isliM Iliou.mi'U e.l'ilie iiiot oli-iuia-o di-e-a-e, a e.iu le pruvi'd by ei'iMii.-.m-, and 1-pronoiiui-ed In. e-iunieiii and re-pe -in' le p! ilu- l,et 11. e Ik mi. in use. I .1 fd luli riii.itieiu iu.iy I e lound in ein-ihai-. eomaiii.u i-e-riili' a'e ed ciire-.s and elueviii.ii- f, r tu l.iin? the iiii-dieine. 'Ihe I'ulli.wiiiir nppiiulol ae.-ent.. Il.irlin-.'lon, .1. il .1. II. IV I, ami Co., I!. "'1 Allan-, Corn- 110 I l' i-s.-l Mihoo, (', Drill'- M 1 011 Pall-, II riiel mil Hawve-r Wuierville, Pi.; an I Hrown, lline-borgli, Hull and C011U l-'airlax, l' an.l Mallield Vere'iino-, Ail.ini. an I Jlunay C11111I ridge,- Jl. Wire Piii'erhill, M. C. Il.irne v Noilh Pcrrisbiirsli, II. ('. Wiekei lii-or;i.i, A. Hli-Willi-ion, N. Chittenden Hi' hmriiul, tin-en iV RliruVs It liii-e-n, (i. L. Warner and C .Moiiktou, Lib 111 S11111I1 I'a'.ei'-lielil, Arniuigtoii an I Woodwnr f P1111 tiekl. Unmet and Purnswoitb. e-.ei.p. 1 ,-.l''J CAT A 11 It 1 1 SMUT." MARSHALL'S SNPKP, is ill eiirm-l he Catarrh and ihu vii Kins (h-ei-e, of tip heal, .is well us soree-j'e, In all pari- of llio eriiiniry ; and -ti-tiiiinn-J ihe repiitalion wlu.-h it has long Vinci- gamed, ol bi-ing a'l-oluti-.'y llio be-l arnclo ol' ihu kind in the in-irkel. Laeb boltle e-onlnuis lliree tones the- quaniuv of one ol'lho-e which aio edR-usI at "ONI.V TWIINTV I'l VII CPNTS." And i Iherefnii-a much e-bciper, a well as letler arlii-le. Peir sale bv J. et .1. H.'I'IICK & Co. Til HO. A. l'PCK & Co. and Dn. ROD 1'. JIOODV. Ilurliiigtnn, Jan. 22, 1S1I. Iy.1.13 MAUSIIAI.l.'- eoniiiiee-s unrivalli-d as a slienglbi-ning I'LATI U ! Al-ei, Ii r llheiinia 1 1-111, Lameness or pains 111 ilie-u!e-, linil s or I nek : fi r eri I ilo is .swe'lings, se-urvy ore-, Preh woumK j an I fur a ;eneral Pannly I'la-iereir salve, por Corns, ineireoier try it; pan-ilo-e-, perMi-re in llieu-e bv makiuga ni'W npplie-aiion oeea-ionally, ami 111 tune, veuire-eiriis will 1 0 ,-uresl. l-'or sab- bv " J. e.- .1. II. I'lICK et Co. TIII.'O. A. I'lICK et Co. mil Da. IiOHT. JIOUDV. n.iilinsion, Jan. 22, Hll. ly.f.lS SMTP ONI.V TWLNI'V-PIVII Ci:.NTS.-l).M. HilcliJi-l.'s newly iini-nie l Siiu'ribi; le.-larli-e-'e-e-ver di-ee-ieieii by se e-nliiie luen, in Iluropi- or Aioenea, forlbe eure 'an 1 nb-edute re-liel" of Caiarib, Dizllie-s ef llie' Head, We-ak l.'yes, Neivoi lle-.ld-aelie-, Pallen -ii-l. ne'-, Pil-, liul InfliiN iioubli.,l Willi Saollle-, partial Iiih-I,s of I'.iUv, i,-e. Pur sale- whole alo and, t y A. HiTCIICUCS et Co., solo l!riprieor, No. 117 lli-ni-ee s. I.'tica, and l y Ibeir agents ilirmi, mint lliu I 111011, In liiirlun;tou, J, iV J. II. IV -!. fi Co. In Vergeniio-, by .1, 11. Iluwin.iu. In JI1I1011, 1 y Hurnitt ec Sawyer. Ill ficorgia. 1 y l.o reno Jane-. ITARI) W.VRII. liutchtr's heavy Pde. Ibbol I X sou's do. nn.l rasps. Hand ssw Piks. Hum, Screw", Norfolk Latches, Innil and p.aunel Saws, cast sled Wood S'awsj knive-.s -ind folks, bono and buck handli-sj Tea Servers, Sid Irons, Slnvels and long', wool cards, horse cards, auger:", trace chains, nnniue folks, Ames' shovels, e le. bv II. Jl. GIDDINGS, Sc Co, Tl'ST KP.CP.IVP.D from New Vork, llio best as tJ sortmenl of Illicit, H'ue lilac!:, Ilrown, Inns ble Green and West of lluul inil I1ROA Df'bOTllS'i lllack, Him- Ulack nnd Drab OtSSIMIIRMS AND 1)011 SKINS, tho beat of 1'liin ami Pignred S VI'INS, Veliel, Vnlench and Jlaiscills VP.STIN'GS, and Triinmings of all kinks, ever beforo oirered in the maikel, which will ho sold very low for tho Ready l'av. nl their shop in Church-strce.l. hiely occupied byll. II. llvans, whero all orders will bo executeil in tb'.-hest siylcanilon the shortest notice. nl9w-3 C. HI-INN'S & SON. WAXTP.l) ininii-dialely, Two foed JINNIIV HI'INM H-s, constant einp'nv will li'give-n. Ii' .ills lorsle-a ly, imlii-irioiis men. Ilmpuroof ihe sul seril e-rs , HOUACi II irhncion, April S3, 1SII. wiii:i:li:i:. WOIt.1I LOZl: ;i:S... ri,,. article is dailv (t.ibli.hing nself, a ihu mulie-uie-for that painful and soint-lime- l.llal i-oiiipliiini elul ihen, Ihe worms. Al hole-ale and re-lail 1 -Jan.l, 1611. IIIKO.A.l'l.'CK'eVCo. A( I'OIVI'lIlt. fll Ki-..s lllasiing I'owelcr by Aim ' I I'll 1811. THONGS W 1 I ..... I-.. I'.-. . . i 11..11.1 r. i'iin 1 iiusi , 1 isii 11 ueiirirKanie I'laecs, j iu.; niiiiu s insiorv 01 1 1111st ; liiunt's llisioivof Lli-ha 1 The Table of the Lord, by (he author of The Li-tner; Saere-d Melodi, j llinnlman on Itoiieini-iu; Voung Ladies' Companion j Voting Lubes' 1'iii u l. March 2. O. A. IIRAJIAN. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, JUNE m-IMI'OHT.VN'l CAUTION,riJ It is a singular lael and 0110 much to fe rogrelltvl lliat Milualilo iiiedii iue.s, as soonns ibev leeonio pop nlar, and lorn- roeoned Ibetivt and'npproval ol 11 di.erimiiialhiu'piiblie,aieiiiv to I ueouiilerl'eiloil, nnd linn a la I and .spurious article is inmiedialelv palmed upon tlieiniMttpcclin,'forllio aeniune. Tlii' I mi nolorio'ivly Vfilh all popular truil nnd Iruly valuablo iiie.benes lor years pa-t, an.l w ill prol eoniiiiiieiol c the I'or ji'1r lo eonie. The- ba t- and (oiileinptible o lerl'eit in this wav uieauiy tal.e mlvanlage ol all Ihu c-lortsand ailver , . - i, , . i,'""- M 1 V-,u llr"l,r'l''"f "tin-' geniuiu' nrtiele, ?. 'V-mS ",";'''- "'" ""'I dt-.-erved pt.plit.tri- .1 .lll-'"-'b'i'' not b'-s iliedmy than 11 eoniribule. toiiiu solely ol eu-ry liouot indiviiliial in ll.e i-mii nioiiily to expire, liowii eliiwn, and forever iilie-r DI.S 1 RIH.T all ItMAHTLI'Ss IMiltATLS w ho thus irre spoiiMblv irifle Willi lii'allb and life. !lJ'-'iiii:ri:po!i: takl Noricii-nj I"'ie is a pcr-on by Iho name ol'J. II. IFOL'llI' rOR r. now e-ni.Mgo.1 in ellmin I'dl done up in 1 oxes inexael and pi-rlit-t imilaiina ot'lhe genoini INDIAN L01-.TAIII.I-: 1'ILI.S, with fliu omi-sinn eifonlveuie word on the IIiim-s viz. Wi.ioiit. The- 1'ills .Mid l.v Ibis Roelieleirt 1110 evnlenllv inlemlnl as a Iran I anil iiiiiti.lion upon ibe-eoniiiiiiiiuv, or Ibev would not have Icenelone up in me-h ccaet'uuitation' of 1 he genuine-. 'I his per.-on is lull I lu-li-ring Willi a irreat the-alrie-al swairircr. He wa rceutlv known na veiy poor player 111 llaltunore-, iiuiler llie- 1nusie.1l e-ognonieh ol' Jim lliown, niiil i nl o it tweulv Ihe i-ariifiiL' doubt . i, supplie-d with thelills lrom a Druagi.t linn in this eny, who bale biTelofeiro I e-cii notoriously connected Willi I'einnier ten medicine-. As soon as proof isobiainisl Ibe foun tain bea I ol'ilus nefarious hii-ine-s w ill I e expo-e-d, that Iho ce:iuiniiniiyni.iy,.iiiu lliem as Ibey would a In'tIu-I J11IAN TI.Mi: I'llfi I'L'IU.IC ARM CAU 'IIONKD against bin ing WURiHTS Indian- Vr.eii-.T,iiil.K Pni.s ol my one who not cihibn a i i'rlilieaii-t.fa-.-eii-e-V -nrned by ihu airent for tho New I.'ngland Slate-s and ' carina ilaiesu,, ,. January IS 10. Al-o take par-lie-nhr until c I ball lie fullowimr wording Nou tbu I liv es Wright's Indian Ve-.'i-lal lel'i'l (link i'liritatlie-) ol Ihe North College of Health. VVic Indian I'tgrtnble 1'ilti am n rerMiu rule fm iHfi-HfC in ilfi-iny variciyiif lunn, bie.iue Hn-j ilu inughl) ele.nne ilu- fin id jnil bun els, iitdnren pio- per di-e h 11 hv llie Inns., ,kni inul knluov. inldfli niiil.ile 1 lie bl.iod in pimfy iiself. In oilier ionl ihr; npen all llie 11 01. 1. il dia'iiM, and leale KA I V II K the (jiranti I'hysician) it e u 10 ehiie ducife Innii llie bud). Tin- iibnif oinli-i, or ib.iiii', are llie ciunnion stwcm nl ihe ln.ili, lluongh wlinh all 111m bid nnd reJi rupt liiiiiinif (ihe ol ilije.i'e) ine ciiiie-d olf j and so louij .is 1 l,r) ,ne nil kcil open, .mil di-l'll.llge fuel) ib'li .illiiiied iiiiriiinij eifiuipio h, ihe bud) will con, iiiiip in lip.ilib : bin wlieii fnilii e.iliu iuiprope-i loeid, lue.illiiiij lniiiiii- lib, sllildl'il lliill-ilieiild Iiom llf.ll lo cold, oiei eli,uiiiirin or mi) oilie-r cpue, llie bowe-l-bee-oini- i iislive, llie penrul llip-kin brriilne ctiisld, or llie- Knliiees I ... I In peiluini il.ea lunriiiins pinieil, lliu iuiiin ineA which sin, ill, I be ilia'tnrd Iiom llie hud) by iIich- mo li-s, w ill be 1 e-i.iiiie-d, nnd continue 10 ac. liiilil llie hud) I11-1-111111'. lilci.illy loaded Willi oift-e. 11 no- ( 11 iiini-is 01 our iinitiii) rneis flnnilil iiereiuie 11101 Kcil up, wiinlil nut Hie .u-ci imi'aleil w-.ileis linil new 11111I1 If, or ihe eniinliy heroine iintiid.ile'l V .lilfl fo wiili Hie Ihimm i IimiIv; illlie 111I1011I ill aois be 1-01110 eliKed, 1 lip el " ii .1 il I .iti.l cm Mini liiiiilnlf will Iiml lent in llie luiinii.. finins of de.i.p sliihiiil IVlpi, .111 111 1 n-c. ip.t-p., Illie'iuu iihiii, Goiii, Anoiitexv Sc. or Dp. 11I1 will 111 1 our f ull'i-i in;j Tlipiifoie, wlipn firknift al the flu ch, puns 111 1 he luek nnd sine, epiie 1; piilp, Inn iiine-pKoi, 01 an) o Iter linple.i f.eill f yuipliiins, iudic.l'p ill, II one 01 inure of thee n.l. 1111 ill ilt.inif ,ne llol tli.rli.netu ftpply, 11ml ilip cmiii. I in ion 1 s .1 nun 1 loe'iiiiiine-iiceafiiii.'i)p lui ilu- reinr.i lion of lip.ilib no nuip sliiuild bp lofl in .iiliiiiniftering .e ip v in i-ie .intpt i.l Mm I111I1.111 rioci.ilte llniltttn re Ketubte 1'illt ) lly fo doing, all 1 lie luncnnn. ,if dip bmly will be- iPfieiPet 10 in ilt-r. ind llie Iiml liionurs (llie e- .one of every iiill.un iiimi nr p 1111 wpfpffer) will oi- tpinulpii 1,1 nt t-.ti-v .mil nsiiir.ll n in.tniip,-. Hun ilu- body w ill bp ipsloipd a if by 11 rh.nni. The .ihutr 1 illf lll.iy be t.ikeil III ALL tlilil'f Iiml llndi-r A LI. ell runiti.inrp., ,vuli pi 1 feci ife-iy. Tlipy run nil com plain inul .ill .lues , nnd ,itp in 1 lie (in til in eon-1 bio ion -if : ennseqiipiitly nentr injuic pipii the ulusl ih'lir.i'e. Like 0111 loud, ilipy niti iligpsliblp; lipiefnie tin y pnipr in 111 l In- ch ciil.ili'on nod 1111, mi 1 ,111 eulogy 10 1 lit blood, w iln-ll eit.di'e'f 11 to lluw uiiii fiep. ihiill quilp lei Ilip pxlipiidiipf nnd Ciin-pipiPnlly 10 kiep llie ptiips nfilip -kin o en Tlipy .11 e line .nid pi-i f.-rl inilifipis ,i i,t- liti.od ; b c.iii-p llipy dram all i-nnltpi linutois fioin iImi life giem- llt'od. I lipy iinpiii tiiensjili and viioi lo ilip wli.ih- i-yd-in, nnd ihen pf fiels .iie.ilway. I1p111fier.1l ; I.pc IU.. lIll'V Ullt,' ll'IIHll, lliu-p litiinurs whii Ii .ne 11, lip.ilib. I'liey aid mil iinpioip dii-efiinn, .nid fiiiind flppp fulluws 'iIipIi i-p: Iipciii-p ibey rle iiisp llie- fonniii-li and Imeitlf () -I10.4P slimy liiiuiuuif wlncli in, null and t pip 'bp iipitiMi. fysli'i'i, bnl p.n.ili7.p .nid wp iki-n ilip di SJP'lilPoig ins. Iiifllnil llipy puf.p.s all ilp.y j.(,, I'lnpei lips 1I1 11 (an bp 1 l.iiiupil 1 01 .my iiipdn'iiie : and ss his ipiv ipin nkiible, il is ulip'ily inipuf sib'e 10 ll-e lllPin evllhnitl liput'lil. I'nevjj cents per llo, Willi full ilires-liem-. OJie-e and General Depot fur be Ni'W I'mrlnn I isiaie-s, No, ISSTreiiuiotSirevI, near Cemrt -Ire-et, Iteisieui. The re'ul.irappoitre I Agents can ri'i-clve-their-iip-pb'e-s 1 1' iho al'iivo popular l'lll--, as bereii fore, fioin iho only oiliei-an I ilepol (' -i-llie- New Pmrland .Slalo-, I'JS'I'rcinont -tre-ei, Ho. ton. I'eellars eir Irav-e-lh in: agent - aro not allowe luite-II ibegeuiiim-iudrin ii-ge'iiMe I'dl-, then l'uro never piireha-e Iroiu ihem, for If ye. 11 do vo-i will le sure 10 obtain a dangt-iii'is an I eeiiin:e'rfeit arliele. si I Tnr.o. . 1'rci; it Cn, Agenls in II iilinirirn, fi r llie sale nl'lhu Indian Vegetal le I'tll-, uKo, W. II. Hen.i i;y, Willi-Tun, Vt mid A,, llurlinirlt 11. OPP.VP.S VLlil-.T'AHI.i: I.H'iT .MPDICINllTZ Tlio-e.- medieiue.s aio inde-1 led for their name In their mauilc-t and n-nsil.le action 1.1 purifying Ihe spnngsand ch.inne-ls e.f hie, and enduing llii-m wi;h reni'wol tone and vigor. In luauv h-uidri-l e e'riilied ea-o-wuieli liaio 1 ten luaei- puiii-, anil 111 almost evi'ry species e.fdi-e-a-oto w Inch the h iinan fraino is lial le, Iho happy e 'eels e.l'Jlr4Tn'.s I ItK I'll.l.s ,in I'iiibn'Iv HiTTi'.'us have Icon grcntli'llyan I pulliely nciieiw le-dged I y ihu pcr-eins I eiieii'inl, an I whei were pri-vioii-ly'iina'-q iiiiule-il wi'h Ihelieaiilifolly pbi-lo-ophieal prm'eip'i-s upon w lie b liny :i re iu 1 upon whieh llieve-ou-Cipiciuly ael. Tho LI I'll J1KDIC1N IIS recommend iheio-elies in iliseu-i-s eif cve-rv form and I'e-oriplietn. Their lii-st operalitin is lo 'oi.-e-n 1V0111 ibe e'oais of the -teinueh and I oweb, the verious unpurilies and ti u lilies t'eui--lauily sciiling around ilu-ni j aa I to remove- bu Inr-elene-.r fae'eis w Ii it'll eolleel in (be eoiiinlulioiis of ibe smallest inlo.-tiue-. O her nitvlieines only parli.illy elean otht-P, and leave siu-h ei-lliviisl mas' e I e-hiuil as loprndiiet-lnl ilual eo-iiient-s, ivilli all lis Irani ol evil-, eii'sod leu diarrlin'.i, wnh 11s unitiiiieiit elager-.n This fact is wi-ll known 10 nil iiiialiuiiisi-, wlioeMiinino the- leinian bowe lsal'.i'rili-alh i and bener llie preiuli.-ei.fhosewelliiil"i'riuislmeii -iga iittonack nielieine. or ino.he-nies pri-Mnl and lierahlel in ihotnil lie 1 1 i.'tii-raul pei'seiiu, 'Ihe nviuid e-tleel (, iho), lib Jle-'henies is to e'le-lll-t- ihe kidneys and llie bla kler, an I by I bis nu.iu-, llie lucr and trie lung-, llie be-illlifnlaeiioa ol'iihicli cutiielyelepeiids upon 'he rc giilanly i f the urinary organ-. The I tool, whiih lalosii's reslfolor iVoin'tho aueipyol iho hverand Ihe lungs I efoie 11 pa-es into iho tit-ail, 1 t-ing Ih is p-inlicel I y llieni, nod noun-bed by fue ,1 e-oming lioin 1 cle-an stum teh, coiirft-s freilv thro-igh the veins, renews eve-ry pari (.I'lbe svsteiu, and Iri iinphanily mounts the banner 1 1 In'iilili in llie blooming eliee-l,', .Mo hit's Vegt-ial lo l.ile Me-dieiiic. have 1 cen ihor ni'Chly lesic I, and pronoimctsla 'iivei-i-icn for Dj-pe-ji-ia, Plaliileney, I'alpil.Uionof ibe Heart, lai-s 'if Appetite, Heart-burn an I Hiad-ai bi., Resile. -ne-s, Ill-teiupe-r, AiiMi'iy, Lingior an I Me-laneheily, Cos., Diarrlni'i, Cholera, pevers of all' kmd, lllit-1111 ili-in, lion', Prop-act nl all I.111I-, Graii'l, Worm-, Asthm 1 and Ccn-uiniilion, S-nriv' I'leers' Inveli-ratt-Sore-s, Se-orbntn' Kruplions and Hid Cmn p'exions, Priplivo eomplaiiii', mllnw. Clou W, and o berili.a gree-alle- Complexion, Salt Rheum, IVysip-e'a-, t n 1 11 ion Cold- and Iiilbieniia.and Mlrio'is olber einiipt i.nls whieh allbel iheh'imiii frame. In an I Anur, p.irlieid irly, iho Life -Medicines hint- I ten niei-i i-miiieiiilysi.i-it-tfiil j so much to dial in ibe I 'ever an 1 Ague-district-, 1'hyiH'ians almost universally pre-eril e lliem. All lb it .Mr. .Mo-Tat re.uires(.f his paiie-nts is to It-parlle-ilar in t iking llio Life Jlexbcini-s strictly aex-or-ding In iho ihre'i-uon-. llisnoia newsnaner unlit r, or I y nnj thing lii-l he hini-i-Ifiu iyay inthi-r favor, 11111 lie Hopes 10 -.-am ere " ' aionei y uie resiues ofa fur Irinl. JIOPPA'PS JIP.PlOAli MANPIL: .Vsigntsl as a elouii-siio rriihlo t" iii-.ilili. Thisliiilo p.iinplilei, esbli-d by W.H, JIo.ral,27j llrendway, .lew lorl., Ins I ecu P'll lishtsl I'ortho .irpo-eofi"Slalning iiiorefolly Mr. Jln'l'al'stheoryofeh-e-ase-s, and will le Iniind highly iiileresingliiii-rsoiisi-eking health. It ire-ats upon prcvale-ntehsca-i-, and tho eiiun s llitwl. Price, 25 cenl for sale I yjlr Jlnlbll's Agents ginerally. Tlie-e Valuable! Jleshemos are lor sale by Itnlcit Jloeili-Druggi-I. if- General iige-ut, (111 whom all ap- plii-aliiins for agi-neics should I e nddre-stsl, post paid) Iliirlui'ilon, Vt, .Inn. -I, 1811. Is1; IIIll CVN'DLP.S, Kinglinils clan Heel sperm ciiidles, Nj. I Also, iiinnld enndhs for bale by I K A1 TIIiS. IIA K VCI' A COt.CII ! 1 f i.vsnDMl'Ttos eit-rv year 111 the l. nileiLSiale-, and millions sudor I'eoni Irdiiblesoine coughs ande-olds, Mint can l a ciirud bv Vr. Jl. II1I1I1-e-oel,'s U-gelnblo Virgin Cream Cougli-Preips, a M!fe medical prescription, eonlamg no poisonous, hogs, and ii-ed in .111 e-Men-ivu praclieu for several v-ars will HUM po-ilively nllbril lehef, and save von" from that nwf d disface, piilmoiiarveoiisiuiipiiiai, whiih u-uallv weeep. nun llie grave hiinnre-ils t f the young, ilieei'el, the fair, tho lovely nnd Ibe gay. H.aie you a 1 eaieh 1 lie eriiailisl in pureha.o a leilllenl the Cough Drops lo-dav! lo-niorrnw niav le inn laie. Have vou a eiiiigh!Dr. Hiicee eik's le Virgin Creiiin Cough ( rop. is the only remedv vou. should take- lot-ure you. I'or 1 1n-plaig ri'asou.-Tlial in uoeiueoflbe ibaiisand e-ases where it has I ecu u-t-tl ,a it laded to relieve-I'l-u-e "jeeulsperloillr. Por sale, whole-oh- and Re tail, by A. III ICIICOCK & CO. No. 117 Ot-ne-ei-I., I'nca, N. V. And bv their ngenl ibro iglioiii the I mlod Stales. In Hurlington, bv J. it J. II. I'cck & Co., Then. A. PcckA Co. In Vi rgcnnca, bv J. II. Howman. In Jlillon, by Hurnct & !jawl-r. In Geor. gia, by Lorcn.o Janes. nu.2 TNQ1IIRI'..ASK THOSM WHO KNOW. I lui-e only who kmiw he hi.ilia ininiptli up obfci t hi miii, ran futiil sin idpie ofilip pfirrlf, of dip ppilecl telii f, of ihp nlnina. rh irui.hke mips pITpcii-iI In cues nfihe I', R111.UMATISM, all ,-iWM.Linns, and all I', nu in.iier howseipip. In dip use of ll.tis' l.liibnpiii. PinilonpwIiolMf iifpil ii'ili.u will llol laud il nliiitp nlllhin;. pip,, hiiiI inn will Ibid hIi.ii e.inniil bp fiiiiiul. iCJ"l or ilip ipin fol .nffi r- big I111111.111 bcingf who line be iiffliced, I bpg n , .k -.ifk of llin-e win, know .k ilip Hon. Alpii ti Con KLIN, H. .-J Judge Ihr ilmtirl, ipfidin.- neai liibuiii , Hfk .llATriifiv J. Mvkki, ll.n. Aihenf, N'. Y-,ak Gpii. Duct-Grek.i. I.up o( W.isliinjinu 'ill, e.ieh of iliptp gpiit'etnpn know nfc.itp. uucnnq.ipi. able h) all llihe-r ipiiipiI p nr plivncmns, llittngli iiipd l. r 111 imr ip,iis, ilisl lone bpeu cii'iiiI hi ilip ii.p nf ilip g 'inline Hay's l.inimcnt. Tli nif.iiulf ol uihpr prifmis kunw similar tin e. Wc 10 ilipir tensp nf jm. Iir! iheir In 11 feelinaf . ity-li if bin h ibu ynn owe to lour fiiirpring fpltnev-bpiui;. to lei Ibis gi'p 11 ipiiipiL be known, Sppakeifll iIipii lo.illwilil fi 'I Ins-will f.tic iniirli piuieeliPie dip news . nip n 11 re-ad, or wl.pre- iprf-lprs aie iiic'ptlulou., bpe'.iu-i-fo 111. nil iMillh't-.s .uticlps rfie ndtpiil'pil fur ilip siuup pnipoe. I'u hirers wp in , if nil who uspil ii dn lini say it if bi'Mnnl all prm-p, ihen do nol lake 11 I lip piopi leior ill urn .1 Ilu n ihis anirlp in bp paid lor iinlcfs 11 ciitcf, wltpii nil ilip ibrpt'iiiiii. mrfiilli fullnw. ed. Will inn one .ulTei ini; rt'fn.p nnw-in ii) 11' If hp deipf, lieoiighl li be piiird mule (,,, hi. ,, tmapv ili.nt liifMilTeiing. lOUr. Ilttf wtiuld iti-ipr piinfi 111 lu olbrr 1 In iiiiipIp, wpip hp um roniiplpi b) hi. fpn,t. u( moral nl rpllgion. iluu 10 do all 111 Ins pimri fur hp tictims of di.lif f and ini-pit. pur litis ptirin.p hp woinn soinipi ne-loip lui limp, in in .prinp a iloll.i fm .1111 woiiIiIpss mi licit-. LJ"I.OOK OUT. Sump .windleif tine riniiiipi fpiipil lie. atiicle, mid pul ii up Willi lariini. dPlll'i". Dn um bp iiiipo-pd opt 11. One lllii-g nidv will pro'pl I 1 oil il is ilip uinm-nf tf Co ; 1I1.11 11. one iniisi ho alwaes on 1 In- wtspppr, in ion oik riic.ued. Do 1101 f.neci il. '1'nke ihi. dnpp. lion wiih )iui, nnd ip-i by ih u. ur nsipr but j for il ir iinpofrioip lur an) oilier 10 be- true- 01 epiiuuip. SOI.OHON HAYS. .Sold In Comftoelc it- Co. ? I'lpirln-r sitppi. N. Vmk Til HO A. I'lICK et Co. Wbolef -le Ag-nu fur ll.e oiine ni v r i tnoin. Tlf) Till: HAUI-IIKA IM n&r OTIIKUS 1- uiiy know it tit-tijliltut or 4 0 ien'l who In .jren ll tlil, rtnd vli(-e in now rnriril with lint- ii.tii Untuliiir-H pint rolljr w.ii rmcipil hiiIi ilmlT, ttini"i;li IiiuIm'iI fvt-n Iiom nliicli U,t now v. in iilieil ciiliiel) ! Or one wluir-e Iuiim .it r.irlj rtyp wrtv tur-iiitJ uuw, wIhi nov tt t- itui h rp) h.iir 7 1 'Inlilt n hIio-p Iip.hU ui're roPied with kpui f, .u Itnsc hiii would nol jiiow, ih.ii Hre now (rowing t lit ('nllpfl nnpfi oft air 1 Soiup e.l.fs uiiifl bp kiiiie.u In niosf pprsnnt. A'k lltPlll t lit l-atlfp, inul tou will bp Int. I lliat lliPsp ihing- Ii ite bppn iluiip bj Hip ii.p nf the llalm of Co lumbta. Of 20 lesif uniwili i ihi. ntiiclp, ii. iIpii,.ui.I inn easing it allv some hundtPil ipr n nl, llmtigli wlipn dispuierpil nol nppueil In ineiliiin fm ilu-s.imp pnippfp, uoiv iif-iilrd In iiluin-i iiiinilipilp.a uiu.hinnu ira-h pieparaiiim-iliiii will ruin llie Ihu il ii.piI iu nut pxtrnl. C.iii mine lb in lliu-p fris be wsnipil irlpt in l lie iPconiiiiPiiiltliiius by it li-i ofiiauipf eif tp-pppia. bilii), inipqii iIIpiI hi nil) oilipr article. lo lliPfp iliiiios bin llti. . uncle. Si. i) .in I pipirrte tnui I, .it It) n ii-p, or if I, i I.l rp.iiiep it. I. iilie-s, it 1 1 p ii. I in ihi.!. in l'.i-liinii ihle.- bfp nip nsuig ii a ilip null lllirli! It-.illl 111 nr III" lnip. Lniii! h.iii I. leu apt 10 fall mil. La-he., imp 1 lie 11 tbu of ColiunM t in tim,. in fate louifc'eef ilu- ibsur.u-e of b.el.bip.s bt iipIpi-i of your ppifiin.. III. tour dun, a. muilisif inpte- fprvp ihe beiilliPS nf a iiiiip, with which alio I'ul Cie.uoi h u en, lui i-d inn ; ii.p ihp ll.,hn,lni ii w ill do ii. caution ro hi; I!P.iii:miii:i:i:d. uiei-l tl luranl aliPiniil. b hp bppn Ip t : 'IIiiipi fptl llie line Halm ul Culuuiliia. .Siuup ol ihp '.I ipnslpif ll liegtitie fi, I.n ns In t-nllillci fpil dip splpn. 11 I evinpppif , and lilt- pulls nf .Vi2ilra, and pipti px. nail iti'.ikpxrppi ihp imiiip nf (' .link, wlurlitlipt 1 iip um luritp. To aiuid tinpit.iiii.n., H- w.iis ttii.k for ilipii'inie ofC finfk & Co. or L. CoiiHliu k, and nPle-r hue l lit- .irl n-le utile. f it bus ibai n.llllP lipail il rfulil whnlp.nlp and rslnit. nnlt ni No 2 Pleiilur sIicpi. ,. V. 'i II1IO. A. I'lICK it Co.' Wholesale Agent, b-r ihp of Vpiiuoni le Disiiashs or tiiii i.iJ.ns.-irpi,ip.iit the um. I popular ipuinle eipr knnte u m Ahipi ira Vegetable Pulmonary llalsam is ilip musi rpiiiedi uow in u.e fm i-unsli", ml. I, n.i lin, a u, . lnlnsir. cou-iiiiipiiuu. it liii.iiing rough .ind piilinnn n t slt-rliiuif ofpiPii kind. Ilf sa'pif slpaihl) iiirip.ising. un, hp preiiiiciiiis ate ciin-i.iniU irri-iliiig hp iitn-l faimahlp arcuiiiii ol ns i-IIpci'. llie fulluwiiig new cpilille.iies ne ofleipil fur puhl p pxaiuia iiinn. An In r KliKsnso (Jisr l-Ixuaci of a Ipiirrfinm Mr I," S Clay, Kiiig-tun, Lt'sipr ph., N. V. m i he pr.ipriPlnrf. ', i, ins nf ihp Uih in. I, wits iluh iPt-'d. i iPlil'iiKalile chip wasplft-ciptl b, ihp Vt-tf ttutilp I'nl mon.irt It il.un in ihp wnupi nnd -pi injj of IS.I.j, I lip IciMiii, Mr. Monde, Ii id bppn su It n lung iiiiip wuh llie eiilisilinpliull, III. e-iepn liini nu Hp was iciilil'Ptl fit Inev as lo bpitnnhlplo help hiui-plf, Jiid was raising n laige iniiilliit of htinu! wltpnlip cnmnipnctd using llie II1I..1111, wliit-h Imh enVcipd a complpiR ruie, and he u now a. h t'e ami u PIPI hp nil.. .Mr. Jluo.ll his iPlilnu tl fiutu ilus until. Inn lie II is irPniispd uu- a iiinie uernioii of Ins, teliirli I w ill lm w-trd ti-u. C. S CI.AV. Ktiisuiu, N. V June S3 IS38, llxn.iel of a Ipiipi fiiun Di, J irnlt AIjpis The Vpet-.ililH I' t H.I..UU has bppn sold In ilus ciniiili for Itiotp.iis, iiml ihp iiip.Iiciiip ha. K.tint'il an iiiipiiininint ci'lporitt, lui H -cairelt in tuip in-iancp , filled of h milt Ihp desiiPil pITcpi linithin ptn,l in filer t.f (hi- mail) nosliiuu., iiun.1 nl whie-h atp mi pnsiliiin. iipun a crpiltihtiif public, bin ilmi ivlnrh I know by ii.p in be pft't-cui it, I ranii'ii he'p Inn ivt- mi .ipptob iiiini iliPipin, A rniiniet fi ii piepsiininn Ins Iieen itftViPd Iipip b) a hatching Agent, of Cnui-iui k, N. V. and iIipip i an nhrr ariielp erude-d heieilotii strongly fiifpecied lo be spin inu.. Jauoii y re s. M. D Jlifllingion, Jiini il.i ro I'pnu. Mm 3, 1SI17 Pioni Dr. Samuel Jlinrpll, lit Hip 1'iopiiplnis of llie Vpup laltle I'liluinnar) IUI.iiii. I ,iin f ili. Ilf. I Ih u the Ve ed tide I'lilinouativ H.tliiin if a ratu ib'p nip.lpripp Il Ii is Iippii iispiI in ihi. place wiih runtttleip fiirrpss in an lib. mine Ciilllpl nul nf the Inns., alien-fed with ., PlPie Cn'tgti , ln tif mire. Inul llle r.lisill of ninrh blood, whirh li.ul pipit.inslv ip. I. led man) itppiiitpil picsi i iplinns, Alter tisino ihe nm- nt-tk. the p lliem 's mire rpuiini-il nnd Iip w. liable to ,pe ik andi lily. 1 in. rase oretiiipii fontp nmp stnep. nml ihp in in if nun pnajp.l nol only in ariiie bin labniirius biifinpf.. ItPfppcifullv. &c. H. MomiM.L. Il if nnev mure than fix tPur. fince I net lunn. In ipry Inw b) nn nlTprlion of ilu-lun.. hii.I tut niiiipl.iini was upriaip i lo oe ini-uraiiie in a roiuinl nl iiiii p phi. siriaiif. I w is Ihen rp.lenl-.l In hr.thli a. I lM. entet)i-el fur mail) tear., In ii.iu ihp Vegeiablp I'ul. iminirv lliUain, .Since mv rermpr) I hue icroin. lllPii.lpil Hip Itllsaiu in n C'pal C.ispi ol 'nnn ciiiiiplainif , nnd u far in I ran Irani. In me hi. in. niti. ihi) Iippii Ittil.iiipil 1 1 v iiiurh bpiirlii, ami in m on Insiiiiirn ii hat rffrrinl rurfi whirh wpip nhoHi mtpx. ppc'pil. oamucl Lvtuierr, ll.i.'on, llarrh 2, IS.T7. I'or fiilp, wlltilefsle and rpl'lll. In J. J. I'lICK fi Co. ,.,ii.l I'HP.O. A. I'lICK & Co., Hue lingleui, Vl. Valuable HcallMale- Cot Sale. IT'OU sale all llio teal P.slale, lilo llie properly of Air. John Ahbeill, in llie village nf llurlinpion, situaic, and adjoining iho souih-east corner eif ihe Cniirl-hnuEosqiiare,an(l contilingn a elweMlinc house nndinit.biuhliiies. also n Ihrce-. alorv brick bu,l,li,,n occiipieel as a Oahinrl Shop, but may bo ni arrapgnl as In make a gooil store and ilttclliug. This property will be ol 1 together or separatrlyaa will beat suit, to L't lhcr uitli land for gardens, ttc. .Vino ono buibliiiL' I lot separate. A creelit.Wlll In' ciwil on coo.l scciirill- for ihe ercV lir pari of Ihe purchase money, f or fulher pirtipu-l hirs apply lo JOHN' JOHNSON riMIH LION OP TUP DAV.-NO CPRM NO A I'W! The RciiuliiG ohl Dutch or ficr nian Vt-gt-lahlc IMIIs. Ifmlilv rccoinmondcel by D'k-I. talentiiie -Motl, JL D. (if N. V., and others. Thi-e are the onlcr-1 Any line that does nol bnd ie liel frnin Ihese pills Ibe prni! is iifundetl lack, llic-e are Ibe piHllve orders of ilu- Proprietor lo agcnls and cithers. In nllcrimrlliese pills p, ,1L. ,,j(.( ,,pcal In their intclligenee. If ihe-se pills are not what they reeoiiimendetl, you are in dnlv I mind nut of re-pee-l In yourself and community lu fe.rcl them, and publish Ihem to Ihe world as nn imposition, humbug and epiae-kery. Tliepublie may I eassurcel thevare purely vi-'ii-lal le, llu-y are eompo-esl ofiiiiie; iiigicehni, pari cil iho inisheme is only found in A-ia and in the valley-, of Germany. Pur eonvt'iiii nee tlic-c eslracts are made nun pills and will I found a sure eure or re lief lor all compbiinl., ve-lbiw and billions Te-ie-rs, lever and ague, jaiuiilice, scarlet ra-li, billions (hi. be ih.pep-ia. &e. It is not preloaded that this ineslie-iiii-i, a i-ure for all ili-ea-e. to which the lintnnn slsiem is liable. Ten lh(,u.nml u.ele eiurt- hale I it-ii tiiido in ilrawfroni ihe regions ol unknown fancy lung-spun theory of inngie an, which winilel e-'iii- each and eu-rv eli'iase. Good loesheini- is nn joiindin Iho fire Or whirlwind. Health and happiness leiiig upon chance- wind nine is the herald eif truth. I lie pa-t at least is 'ivuri-i they hau- already r.ii-t-l a inonunient ul their ari'alni-s wliii-h wid ilcly ihe eorrrHlingioolb e.rinni-. Nonecan I etienuuit-wilboiil n wrapper and ehre-ciioiis on each box em which mv iiauie-is wrillen at length. S,,l. whulesale nnd retail ly Ibe s'ibseriler at Glen's Pull., I - A. II. A D. Sand 71), ami 100 Pulton si. and R. Jl.'JIeigs, 3js .s(Uih Miukel sl. All any. llaiim it llawbv, -21U .Siver st. Tiny, General Agunts lor tin- -lale of New Vork. -MPHIll'IT GlilPFIN. lor. ale lv Win. Rhodes and P. 11. Gii'cn, liieh iniiiidi Jlnrloci tt Clark, ami D. tt I). S. I.nlhrop, illision j I lagar et Ceun-lne-k. Shell urn i II. hi.inloii, L-ex : Geo. II. Oike., and Allerl Iftruev, Jirichoi J. R. ILulbiil, Wesife.i-d! J. II. Harm-, Cl'iarlollc; I! .Mui iy ami Gen. I'eler- Ihulingti n j nml I v P. IIIIIGGS, Hiirlinglon, Agent I'or Chilieneleu Co., where S il.-Agt nise.aii 1 1-supplied at wiiolt-salepnie-. If Fl) It. GO Ii DAK'S JIIIDH -1 nTTsZ? Tl 1 V! GORPAK'S Jelly ofl'oinegr.iuale- and l'cmt'i--'iiu I'dl. le.r Dypepy,Nerio.s lletedae-he, Pal p till itjii ol ihe Heart, and IaiciiiiiI Hiniior-, and nil impurities nftbe llloeiel, Iceland Jelly lir the relief and cure of cons pnon. 1'iiluii.ii.ary Jellvfnr I'liiifh-, culJ., spitting oflllnesl,'esi- I'm. i.tiiieiiieiu ami l.lliailli-111 llpeiile-leleie- lur lehe: llsin, Prop-, Cedoinl ii Prop., Salt Ii O.utineni, l'i'e O.niiuent, Strenglbeiiing I'la.lcr, Cum and Warl Planer. e.iiiaiiie-ni ami Linaiueiit Oito-T.-klett-lor Khi.-iina- : KIh'uiii ler, aitel i he above lelel ra'ed unsheincs nrei.nred enitrpli- from vegeiables bv Dr. Win. Gonial,, need no uibe'r iise-eiiinncu.laiioii than licit thev have; I ecu lel'ore-the mil lie fu-irl'i-ii year-, giving siiiisfai'iioii in nil who ban- n-i-,1 iliein.-inay lu bad of Dana it Uaimi.mi, Wood-liH-l., V. (;t.- .gfiit.. Sold nisei, lyj I'.S ronc, Qne-che-e: JC llrooks, Whl'.i- River j Win. II Slee-I .t Co., We-t llarlloril Wor-ler Downer Sharon; Pnwiier et Ncven., Itnv j J Whe at. HeiL-l, K C Hi Ion-, We-i Itandulph; .1 II D.iulorib, Hraiiard j .S llt lkiiap. Pa-t Daman!; N Sue.w, Poiufrei; l-I M fe A SSlucker and GoiotV Shale , II.-.1....1. S.l.,1 I P. II It.., II ,. nl it. tit.. ,it- , . ii'Tut tt. ii.irui -, i crhinsvuie'; tiruwii iV Aniselen. relchville: A it II Wnr.lnor. Vii,.l.. .1 Jl.irsh, llridecwatiT.SSeV p T Wheele r, I'lvmoulh; nod nl llandiicl., liifbc-ier, tirandulle-, Ni'irlhlield, Jloulpi l er, Jlid.llel.ury, Vergt nne.s, ami in nun', of uie pniu-ipie le.wiis m ine Male. A S.ipplyoftliealoieiiitshemes just u-eeivesl and (or -ale by KOIIP.liT JIOODV, Pebniary, 1311. (Qui) Prnggi-i, II irliugu.n, Vt IVc-iv stalilishiiK'iit. T I'. WHALING .f- CO. inform the piihlie thai they have located ilu msilies in the village of iiuriington, anel liaie illicit iqi a store on thecast side ol Church strict, which uinv will be elenomiiiateil "Chiiip-side," niaily iqiposit'i. the bank of Hurling ton, and arc receii ing from New Votk a choice s ckc lion of goods -will suited lo llie season, w huh they oiler for sale as loir nteunbepurehuitilin thecountnj. fur rtmeimy. Among their goods may be foil ml beaver and broadcloths, rassiniin-i, satiiu H, flannels, ineintos. inoiisline do lainis ,'.c. A choice sclcclion, alsoof Preach, llnglish and American prints, equal, at leaili lu any in llurlinnlon. A general assort miiitoleaiiibrics, inushns, plain and figured, edgings, uisi riings, blond aci.,i-c. A gnat larietvof uliawN, and elrrss h nidkerchicfs, ladio'glotisimil hose, imh a good supply of hl.acheil anil iinbkachcd dnincstic goods. Also a good supply of crockery, of the latest liallcrns, with a few elegant astral parhir lamps and finally, a few choice family groceries, such as te-as, -ugai-s, molasses, coll'tc, lice-, raism., dry fish, tobac cos lamp oils, t-c. We do not pretend to specify all the kinds, to say nothing nf i,e numerous articles of which each kind is composed; mt suffice it to say, that the assortment will be found to contain most nf the articles wanted ill the country; and those that favor lis, with their custom will It,, entirely relieved from llie examination of old I'oods, or reinn'anls. Onrenliro stock is new, and fr. sh from the inaiket, and has he i u srlcclcd Willi the greatest possible care, with reference r.i th.. unuia comforts and benefit of the people-. Hut wo ilo not wi-o uie mimic in lane our weun ill una in-iticr, bill musi cordially invite them In call and i-.xaniine for ihi'inselics. Burlington, Nov. 2tl, 15-10. MA C. X l-'CTl C ODON Tl CA.'I HiT TKITI II IIIII TIII.TIl'l-Tiif. Kn.MiMiiAr.iii To, tii I'liKi'ArtVTiny. The fact i-nnn etl. and ihe- mr.s: in. e'lesliiloiis ad ehiiibtiiig are' fullt ne- bate liee-viile-nce- from the saleli'2l).0fl0 I lixcs ol'll.e Ode II liea, wiihin (he pa-t year, lliat the Ptopiun elre-.iiiis e.l llie alehynii-t aro reali7esl, ami a remeelv eli-e-oieit-tl tin- pii'-eriinc llio e iiupnriani and ii-elid iinoe-nd ice. il'lee huliian sl-siciu. I vlhe ine r.f the M:e iu In I I. Intl. In-a, which I y iisailr.uaite, and -Iri-ngibeiiing qeaii-tie-, ri'inove-s nil exiraucotis sul sjani es from ibe it e-ih preserve, them in iheirnaliiral I rilbanev, and ihe gi m. in .oiiii. Inc. s and I i-.iuli-. Il . h.ix i-i,iiiiisI from .xperienef, ihat when ii-exl. ibe lee-h will never elei eay, but remain nil lbela!e-t age ot man, with their n I'urai wear, vt hen lin y are e'ex-ayol, it- pre-gre-. will le nrictisl, and ilion'eih pii-eri'iilandpieteiin-il ami pif-t-i vttl Iruiu aching all ibis ba I it n e'une in a iniilinuiie ol in-lani e-s ; ami more' in Ibuieamls ul i-a-i-s, nervous loeilliaclie-, (,hat iluu.ix e fp.mi) h i al eiiiie I een e 't-eiuall) eiireil ly popular t'eiiirilin e in AineTiea. And in ee in lusioi'i, ie be-ix', or w hu is ihe yii'ing lady ( r genilem.iii, aye, llie individual ihal mines a leaittiiid -ct nf itx-ih, sound guuis nnd a slum bre.uh mine ihan fifiveviit.,iliat will le Itmgi r ile-i-file i la box c.f Dr. Jl. Ililchei'ck's .Magniie0.hiuiii-a. Pursa e w hnli-ale-and reiail, by A. 1111 CIK Olli i. Co., Nn. 117 Gem-test. Plica J N. V., and lv ibeir agent. throughout the I'niiesl Sia'es, In Hurlingloii, by.1. tt .1. II. I'trk.x. Co., nnd Then. A. t. Co. Ill Virg( lines by. I. II, Item man. In Milton, by Hur nelttt Sawyer. InGirgii,by Lnreiuo Janes'. aug2 r USSIII.I.'S STOMACH IIITI LRS. niav I e- uesl in ineor wilier. I he-i-eelel raieel I ilirr arc eoinpo-isl purely e fvege'ables nfthe most nino ce nljei .pct-tlie iirlei--. Tbcy ate ruenmnieiii'isl p ir- lie'iilariy lor rt-ionnir weal. ei tiMiiuiioiis, cii an-mg and strenglbeniiig llie slnmaeli, and incrcasiiig lb, npi'i-nti- also a prciculnliu- agam-i I lie cholera mor-bo-. I'eier anel ague, le-mnving niu-ea. vnmuiug. he-art hurniii',',W!-akncs m the- I it-a-t, pain in lluj sinmaen nnn uener s) iiiiiuiiis in uai'iieue'cami imugl'-- nun. unc ini wm uneiure out-gallon, rrn-e 2j fl. a I ox llessTi l.'s Itch Oin-txikit. Tin-choice and rale omlment Is said lo I e superior many now ia u-e, fi r thai ili.e.greeabli! and Inaih.otne el te-aie, llie 11 Cil. This Ointment i-to ceartaiil in it operatiun that no por-on tloul bsl with llie al nve ilt-crtler o.igln lo It wilhout il. It Is n rente-dy for ciitancoiis eruption., se-erl-ulie n'evlie n- of ibe head, rraay mherl reakiug nut which an-cs from sharp liuinors in the I looel. 1'iiet- SJ el., a 1 ox. Rcs-ri l.'s VrriK.Titn r. Hn i if t-s Plus, rr family physic, for general u-e, in e-aiee if Jaundice, inert lil se-n-il ilityef iho .ti niai-li and bowels, lo-s ol appclile, fti-n.l I reaih, eosim-m-.., I'i!c, and nil ih-eate-s an ing I iliary ileriinti'iiu-iils, also fiir eornx tuig line slale- of the blood, and e-Ie-ansing llu-sv-icin .( 10 il and viciel buinoiir... These pills art- n mild on tharne, prodiieiiis neiilier pain- nor griping, and are ibereforf a lu ami highly npprow-el medicine-, and are pronoiine-esl as such by tliemo.l ehsiingiu-liesl phvie-ians. Haeh I ox coiiiaimng 33 I'ills. Price"i liu t-ll'n eeh-braiesl Sh.t l'llFrlOiNTirNT. 1 his is iineiui-slionably Ihe le--l and tale-t rcmtxlv ciervtel ti'.l'eresl lo lliu pnolio for that iib-liiiau- di.-onler SA l.T lilll'P.M, Whero oilier means have tailed, it liassuc-i-tsxltsl, and ihe f.u-t ll has 1 e en ,xie-u-ively usexl by eminent Prae-tuioner- spe-als ve lunie-Mii it- prai-e. 11 is esiually t-ilicae-ioiis in all diteascs of llio skin, scald brail, ring worm-, nml llie most mieie-raii- lte-li, ive. &. Snini-rous ce-rlilVale, iiught l iditauuxl, lui Ihu propriiorchoo-is that a fair trial should I e ll.e only ei i.leiu-e of Us siii.t-rieir eille-acy. I rue 50 eenis a box. Por sale by J. & J. IL Pex-k tt t u, I he-oileiro . 1'tvk it Co., sign of ihe Jlorlar, anil llol ten Jloenly, il iiliilglonl Dr. C. P. Miles, ami Hull ti Cook, Hine-s-Iturch 7" SS. H. Harno-, C'L.irlottc-j L. Jane's, Georgia; l Ti ler, lIssi'N" ! Polle r tt llnntmglon, Riehmninl. Also, by Iho druggi-ls, and merchants (.-cnenlly hriiiulici il Ihe slnle-. (2 Um Jl. Illtl)'! CiltASS HLT'.II for sale by STRONGS A CO. VOL. XIV....No. 52. DV.CT; 'V'IIIAI.l.'S A romalie-, Catarrh and Headache SNI PP. Tin-Sninl is .iq erior to nny thing yet known, for removing Ihal Ironl k-some ehs-i-ase. the Lilian ti, and a.u a cold in the Lead, nod IheJ headache. It opens ami purges out nil iibsiiuciioiis, sti(-nglhcnsheg,ini.)!iniIgii.sHhi-allliv.ictiiiii iniheJ part- nllei'leel. It i, pi rl'eellv Ircu from any tbingilclu lerious in j, composition Las a lea-ant flavor, and il.simnitxbiileeli'ec', nfierleing used, is nbgreeable. I'riie:S7c.'iiisperliiiile. Doe-i. Jlar-hall's Vcgc-tab'c Indian lllack I'l.ASTKR. "Ibis I la-tcr is niirivallisl lor lairing scrofulous swel lings, Scurvy .Sore, Lame Hack, and Prc,h Wounds pains in the side., Hip. ami Lunb.; and seldom fails let give relief in local Klieiiinnli.m.. If npjdied lo tbu siil(-,it will euro nianvoflbecommon Lner Coiiiihilnls( and is equal, il'nol .'ii,eru.r, lo any thing in use for corns on ibe feci , the i irl,,,. 0f tlu Piaster have 1 ecu hy ihousauds of individuals in the I mleel Slale., iiliiThavelt--led its iilieai y. Sold 1 vil.e pro pnelor ; ( ha.. Hem en, JlnliDebiiry, Vl., ami Tiilo. A 1 i.ik et lei., lliirlingloni Vt. , jui HAlTt ! MAUI 1 1 iTaTHTn llSss.-.lnipotC taut niscoieri -the Gnat Jltstrrv Iminil ,'.",t.,?1tl',!-I,ll hTP.RRV'S HAIR RIIGIINli llAIOk. Dr. hlerry, afier iiiurh attention to tho important subject of preserving the hair, hns, nftir many e.xpirnniiils clie nucal andplnsical been able to discover and article which is noiv olli reel with tlu tjirali'st coiifidetice for the toilet as the best tlungever discovered, lor, for its softening and pcnclrntmf-quality to produce a good held of hair to privint'it from falling oil when baldness is npprihtnded to rctota It when baldness nas taken place, and to preian it from lurnmggray. It ii is more nourishing than -inaluni, antique oil, or Cologne water. It is a beauti ful nrtiele for ladies curls it makes the hair soft ami live ly, and produces uncommon brilliance. 'Ihous anels hate tested its superior virtues and 'excellence, and in every itislancc it stands unrivalled. It is an infallible cure iu all nllictiuns of the okin on tho head as dandruli; Ac. etc. P.icrv family should be sup. plied with a butllcof this oil, that by lis application to the head and hairof children, the beautiful and or namental appendage ofa line htad ofhale, winch m lure ins supplied us may ho prcserieel, Piom tlm nnmerousee.'rlificale's a ml recoiuinciulntiotis reemcl of its salutary influence, tiie Doctor feels firmly per suaded hehas succeeded in producingan article which will meet the desired wishes and approbation of iho elublic. Pur sale wholesale and retail liy A, HITCH COCK tt Co. 117 GciiPspcsi. Plica, N.' Y. In Hur lington, hv J. tt J. II. PMCk" st Co. nnd THI'.n I I'lICK it Co. In Vcrgcnnes hv J. IL Howman. In alilton, hy Hiirnetst Sawyer. In Georgia, bv Loren zo Janes- WOltJIS, WOKMS.-Pn. JL HithiccckN unriinlled and uneqiialle-d WORJI TLA, n sovereign remedy for Worm-. Strange nnd incresh I b.- are ibee'ce-ls of lhe-e de'estal le vermin; few pe rson-, and il is thought none are fri e from them, par tieiilailv fcui ele-s ami children. Jinny per-oiis go through a di-liessmg course of medicine- wilhout a lenchl, when they niivlit lo rcbeiol lv ii-mg tho Worm Tea. This'invaluable medicine lini 1 ion le-R-d I y llie expencm e of more ihan len year, use, and iidnnnis-ercl lu iniire than 1G,I)00 per-nns of tarn es age-, and not one bli;nr-complaint ; c n llieennlraty biiudreils haie callesl, and un-olieiieil, given their t'c oieksl irefe-reiii-e to il. ufier trying ihe ibi'erenl nrlicles, sent forih lo ihe puble-, and pronoune-ed Pr. Jl. Hileh coek's Worm Tea the tno-t .afe-, eliex-tual, and eon venicnl reiiusly thai e-an le oblnniesl ; fur in no one if the thuii-unds' of in-ianeis wbfre il has I een used agreeable to ihe prmiisl has it over faded. N. II. Ask for Pr. Jl. Ililehi nck's We i.mTki, asthiro areinauv nosiriim. nbroad for tlicilestrueiic in fwornif -Por sale wliole--a!e and relad I y A. HI'I ( IK'OCK et. CO., so'cproprielors, 1 17 Genetce street, Pin a, and by ilu- r agent- ilm ughout llie Piuon. In Hurlington, by J. tt J. 11. Peck it Co., and Thco. A. Peek A," Co., In Vergennis, by J. II. Howman. In Jlilton, by Ilurnel tt Sawyer, In Georgia, by Lorenzo Janes. aug2i) IllIl'ATIC HLIMIt, ACHLPHRATLP reinoly for e-cmj laml. ari-ia? from a ehsea'e-d Male cfihe ai.d it. Secre lions; the fiillowine are a few of Us symptom., weakness e.l the-loiuaeh, lmlige.linn,lo.s of apj eiiu lowni-ss nf Spirils and le'a.lae be-; it will I e funnel i sure reine-dy Ii r Pruptions en lie Kaec. Incut e-ep-eiiee of Ineir lemg many nosiri ills eirculaling m ilu- pari eil'ihe country, ihestibscrilers are auihoi.zed lo warrant its I enefieial e'Veis. '1 his an ele i just ns-eivisl, and oertsl lo the public as one well worih ihu attention e.flho-e w bo are nllhetcel ly cc.mplauils from ike ul uii-eb-e-ase ; it 1 eing from' nn eminent phisie i.m eve liel ei utn'ent in tliu- res-oniinenebng ll. On. fi, IS 10. TIILO. A.I'l'CKst Co., Sign of ihe Jlorlar, one door ea-t of J tt J II Peck it Co LOTION. LOTION. Dli. 1AANS' HI-.AITI-JPMNG LOTION'. Highly e-lteieed Tor e-uring all Prupli.ins Coarseness, Kc-dne-.s and P'ut fes ( n the- P.ue-Nts'ke r hands, and e.:.s-toally e 'e lining ll o comiilexiou, and iciiie.vuig all di-ea-es e.l" tin- skin Noibing eoniri'iute- so much to our general suree, in lite-, a- an engaging first appearance. '1 his Lt tiesi isa huiri-il a must flagrant, mild, sale wa-h nnd grt.1t ly e-ie'cmisl for its virlncs in cleansing, toliening, nnd purilying the skin nf all cruplioiis, so injurious lo fc m.ilu li-antv, and re-sioring it lo a high ele-grex- 1 1 pu ruy. A 1 eaiilil'iil ei.mplexie n is ibe prn'i- ofnllwho pos-e-.s it, mid iheeniyeifihosfwho are.'epritedofii. what is so n''ivluigu'n I e auiifoi l'eiiiali-,iii w ho l-i'icu nature ha-eiiplaie,l berpov.eT,asoliud l.eree.iii'le lun di.e-eilniiri-d wnh di.gii.Tfug pimple-, w Inch mar be-r chat in. 1 A good appear-inee I- the I e.-t rooom iiieuilatiuu ; and a. the Heaniifying Lotit-u purifies tlin s'.in, and reniuve- all l'liiijiles.'HIule'hes, Tan, Si in'. urn and Itcdiie-s, and piodue e- a I eau-iful hue', ll i- ihu only cu.nii'iie a lady thuiild u-e- at her tiulei. Gcnllenieii will all al-u Iiml ilu. a I'elighlfiil remts'y, tu rcmovo all lU'iighuo-s, PiinpVs, Ringwcim-, Spot., lies'ne.-., Sureiie-. of the face and nu-e, and every kind c ('erup tion em the surface of tho human l-esly. ' It is partieu l.irlj res'iiniuii-nilexl torentltii-en to I't-iiied afer sha ving, a- it will pre lent the oihcrwbe irr'nm e Yet c( all euiiitm.n snap, in lurnmg ihe te.ird prcinaii re'v gre-v. Pur -a't-Wbu'e-nle and relad I v A. lll'l't It COCK st Co., Ne. 1 7('eni-(i' street, I'liea. In Hiir linglon, by J. tt .1. II. Peck A- Co., and Thco. A. Pick it Co. In Vcrginne-, by J. II, Hownian. In Jl Hon, by Hurnctl tt Sawjer. Iu Georgia, by Lie 112. t Janes nag 20 jVT ATUItU'rs GRAND RKr-TOI.'AT l P. 'Ih. x va'i.a' It- Vege-al Ie Jle'hcini- slands iiuriiaMesl for llie follow ing ce.iiipl.i'til-, viz : Pyspop-M, 1 r Indi ges!iiui,ibse.i e-J l.ui'r, bilio-isdj-e re'ers, Drop , A. I li ma, Costiteni-., Wernis and In if Apt'.'. e. iiml lv cleansing llie siomaeli and 1 mi el-, cure-1 aai. 111 Il.u sn.'e, sloni.ii'h and I icasi, ei lil and eoi.ghs tl' Itng itaiullnc, lloarnne-s, shorim-.s ul" lri-aih, Nmrut t-imipla an., ens, whit It an- Iroqncnily Ihe t- eel 1 1 jot-e-ase-. Pe r Peit-rand Ague, it j. a mei.t valnal It pic veiila'ive as well a a soiert ign icmcd). Its xirlie -iirpa-s any lb ug bereii fi ,r km wn 111 rcito v ng St. '' Paine, two lollies have I een kniiw 11 tr -Tru ilus alllielingelne asc, at'er haling lall'esl every e xer- mm fi rl'01 r tears, ll has a 1110. 1 powerful iiilba urn in removing nervous ci iis.buiii.-. It . plea-anl tut,v and .nen.y 111 lis eipera:inu, 1I1 it it limy I euiimuuslerisi loitieiiiiaul i rh .at'eiy. i'be ill oie'JIti'i.'ini' i-xery highly rite innine'isl ly many scuiitim gi iiiii r ir n", and ri large n- oiler i fkid.e-,' who bale r- ted Aa virli c-s of the-Jlesucine I y pi r-onal 1 s-'and that e f H r fani'tie. A I l'i I'fi vrtilie a-e. aei-e nq aife1-1 a -!i . . p, weh ibrtvni ns. may I e-had w lule ale cr-en'cl S. Ilri.a n, I'.arre, aud 'J. C. Parnam, I a i amii luwn, Vi. sole propr.e-le r-. Prepaiesl fivm ll 1 r g n al recipe fur sa'e I y p, 11. I'renti, Jlonipe-' it, and J. it .1. II. Pi 1 k it Ci., and Tnr.o. A. I'kkC.., ll.e lingfi 11, 11 ml in Ihe principal Uncus in 1 be' tn'i' ; all dirtx-tioiis signed 111 llie hand wn'ing 1 1 il'epr.'l ra ,1 r 'l'-IIPO. A. I'lICK e. Co, ntllicTnof Ihe Mrmr J- luiicjust rcc'el n quantiiyof Cajrnnc I'ei ;er, cf P.nfdish nnnnrtatioii. 1 'nnslHIlll V Oil hand, 1 .llcbav Gum Jlyrrh, genuine IJayherry Haik, do. do. 111 Pow der, Jamaica G.nger Rom, ilo. do. in l'owdtr, l'cpnl t i.t ... .P.. t . ,'. in to.n anil ifiiio i urine lies, te. tt-. Sept. 16, 1S0. 1" A.ORt -Josei;h Rodgers and Sons fi-pcrmr A- also Poiuerov's lino Strops, and the white Wind, for Soap, for saio by II. Jl. GIDDINGS tt Co. .vcvritnr7ro mTn.nuits. FTim; ml sen! er will firnish in fiurlui tr n ami .1 vicini'v. GRA.MTIIwindow aps. nl.. ont'er- pinning, Thri-.bulds ami Poor steps ef ai-y eloerq lion, ol Ihe first ip nl c v -i l"'H anV " ue v antml will I c lo, and ill infurualiun fi.rni-l-isl ly Jles.r-. Pullell tt Hrad'ev, Pe. ! tt (V.. and Hradlcy fc Hyde. Anv rcrsrn can ii'iheep alnyefil'P none', bv those fiirni-he-d lor J' d'e Pi I'e'tV In u err Presi dent Wheeler's lit li t- in Itur'insnrn, It I- eresun-f-I thai the qiialilvand price e f ibe-esione will warraat a general u-e- if builder will la' o llie Irniiblc o ct .iiniiieihesiiinpand price. GI.'O. W.COl.LA llarre.Vl. P.-lrnary ISH. Cnl NOTICE TO DBNTSTS. T'lIT. Snbsnlrri nro Agrnts for tho a!o c I STOCKTONS CLLlIHItATIID TP.LTH. nt Philadelphia. A siipt'Iyjust opened. GOLD it TIN rOIL.S eonstanllionhand. Til P.O. A I'PC K it C "l May 5, IT.. Apo'l-c-a' i. J 1', WlllltlJU 'p Co. Hun a-tn A pi it f, i-i.

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