Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 5, 1841, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 5, 1841 Page 2
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which nllows each to bo governed by law of Th ticket was then adopted by the- conven- j ., c tic-nits own lorming. H w w Mincr movc,i fur a Stat0 com. Tlio Hon. Willis Hall, Attornoy General mittcc, and ono was appointed asfollows. Col. of this State mado a most eloquent and pow- 1. Miller, Rev. Goo. Hlorrc.HI. Y. Barnes, r , , . ... . . ..., . Joseph Somcrby, Rov. bolomon Sias, James erful reply to this argument. I cannot pro- W1 K 'ywfler. sent any sketch within my limits which will Rev. Mr. Storrs moved for county Commit do the slightest justice to it : I shall merely ecs, and the following wore appointed : 6 J , . . . J Bennington County, J. I Huberts, Cyrus attempt to suggest somo of tho points upon Armstrong. Smith of Hast Dorset. which he touched. He contended in the Windsor, Bedcc Hall, Hyland Fletcher, first place the only modes of legally dismis- OS'STh!!, J. W. IIalo,Diko sing wi iiiuicuuciii, wore, it) oy inuiiuii ' 0f l'jttsforu. quash (or prima facie informality. (2 J By Orange, Charles Carpenter, Philander Perrin, n-i-.l l.u ,1... ....., ... f nw nrnl "waru Corpus early last winter: the question of lresomcj l0 t10 Court, by questions of fact CbScr. ins uiscnargu was urgm-u m-iuiu iuuu,.n.-i... presented to the Jury, or by a nolle prose Court in tills city, on Monday and Tuesday uu Ho contended that thcro was in this ot this week. Tho proceedings were repor- ,., .. ,irn,,.lirn nr :nrnrmntiiv mid that on tod for tlio different city papers, in some of t,;3 grounj (l,creforo tho Court could not them at lull length. As 1 suppose, however, Jism;ss il,0 indictment. Ho went on to consider tho effect of the mm ipibibos uurrr.its rno.MTiin mktropoms. NO XII. New-Yoiuc, May 2J, 1911. The events of the past week have been of great Interest, not only to tho dwellers in our city, but to the many throughout the state and country, u ho are looking with great anxiety to tlio result of the proceedings in tlio case of Alexander McLcod. You recollect that ho sued out, by his Counsel, a writ of Habeas tcrnativo of war or peace, ought thus to bo I dealt with. It is a question of diplomacy, and not u question to bo argued and determin ed in ncounty court. Dost. Daily Adv. Lord Sydenham to Governor Seward. GovF.nNMrNT House, MfWTiri. Mth Mnv. 1RI1, Sir, I have tlio honor to acknowledge llie receipt a trial ny the record when issues ol law nrc sVlllli,,,lt, w, XL Shifter. J. S. Catnnboll. shelter on our own soil, a man clmrccd with an ollencc person scon bv those who were in the gig. ..... i 'I-., - . ...... (, l.l I " L I - equally unfortuncato companions on beard of the fillip except four of tho crow and four pas. scngers, who alone of upwards of ono hundred and fifty souls remained to loll tho sad talc. These eight persons had embarked in tho gig which was towing astern, and fortunately for them the rope which attached it to the vessel broke when she went down. They succeeded in pulling to White Island, where they remain- -.1 .....It .1. . rn !. .1. i ... .-1 , --. ., ... .y -,i : . " I on Ulill l i uu luimw I " u.iy n L' i t;y f u itinuu of your hxcclloncy's letter of t ho th mat., requesting rtM....i witH,...;,.. r tiif..i rt.,..,. tho surrender of ono Charles V. Mitchell, against on by the ship Wellington of Belfast, Mclntyrc, whom an inmcimcni nas been lounu lor a wrgcry tuuunupii iuuiwu imv. cominittedin tho State of New Yotk. Cant. Outcrhridgc, of the unfortnnato Mins. The crime charged nganut .Mitchell being nn ollcnce trel. bohaved most eallantlv during the awful acain.t those nernl laws winch prevail m every ci- gc , penglc,i wt, ,l10 rcst. u0 d0. v L'onnuuMiiy. i umi nave no ncsiiuuuii in uuiivlt i . .. . . i . t inghiin over to bb dcnlt with according to the laws of a "c uiu not leave n o v esse unm tho country winch he Is said to havo oflcndcd. To ms passengers werosavcu, ami no was tno lasi that you will hardly find room for tho whole, ami as it is a matter of general interest, 1 shall make no apology for giving you a sketch of the proceedings. avowal of tho act by Great Britain, and said that it could have weight only in ono of two ways; cither it must bo used as a justification Ira A. Swctland. On Monday the affidavit of McLcod of tho prisoner, to establish his innocence, '''5?' DIavld 1lbaru Jr-' David IIlbbard was read, setting forth tho fact and purpose or as a protection against our laws. He con- Grandllsle. Hector Adams, "with power to ol the occupation ol iavy isianti, mc ouject suiorcu each ol them separately V contended aid two associates when he c injconvcrl thorn' for which tho Caroline was employed, and that wo should do violence to justice by sur- so was the motion mine convention.! nf this nature, alter lie hns lii cn demanded bv the tuo- ...... . ... ttii.. i r;ii nor nuinoriiics. womu oo no less ai variance wnu Uliiltcnuen, narry inner, mania jiiiucr, jr. ,,,, . ,,.. ,,: .Lintin-mho iiiiiiui. i enccinuv lor uiu uucrcsi 01 two uoruenun cuunines. Washington, E. P But er, C. C. An s. Erastus hlmn todetninin custody an individual charged with an i n- . ...l. i i - it i.. I i i l'arfcer. Caledonia, L. P. Parks, Jop. Aspinwall, Mer rill Foster. Franklin, Asa Aldis, Bates Turner, Chellis F. Saflbrd. Lamoille, B. II. Fuller, L. P. Poland, Joseph Doilge. Orleans', Rev. Geo. Putnam, Eli Chamberlain, io county g ofTince whiche has been publicly nvowed and justified uy Ills uuvemiiii'iH, uuti is in lny upuiiuii rifiuuiiuiu iu those principles oi jnsncu which oimniio rccuiaie mo conduct of nil States. 1 lmvc mucli pleasure, there fnre, in complying with jourHxccllcncy's requisition, nnd shall take immediate steps for the conveyance of Mitchell in custody to tho frontier of Cannda, and his delivery there into tho custody of the authorities of the State of New York. I have the honor to be, sir, Your Excellency's most obedient servant, SYDENHAM. Hit ExiclUncy the Uorcrnor of the State of A. Y Governor Sctcard to Lord Sydenham. Executive Department, ( Allmnv. Mnv 18th. 1S41, -I ackonowlcdgo your Excellency's letter of , . ,. , .i r i i t , I moiioii ui ucv. mr. oiurr, inu uuumj tho circumstances attending tho death of rendering htm on either ground. Moreover collniUces were directedto call county conven Durfi'c tor whoso murder he stood indicted, the avowal of Mr. Fox did not snecifv tho tiotis without dolav. to nominate candidates for surrender Charles I' . .... , . ......... ,, io State in comnlionce with niv icnuest l no expedition lor cutting out inn sienmuoat act wmcn tliey assured: tlie inuictment cliar- v. Vrnm tn,,B1,.all ttr.nlnu n( rtrmdon enlightened courtesy is hi,t,ly appreciated by myself, wa,go,uphesaid,hy,l,oa,,thori,edBritish gcd McLcod with murder: but Mr Fox w flnSSS hr commander, Colonel JMciNab : and tlio net says that ho was doing what was planned and action eo long a? the Vermont legislature had immediately bo made known, was subsequently approved bv tho British executed by the Canadian authorities. It done all that could be reasonably asked or ex- I regret to learn, from an allusion in your letter, , ,, . , ., . ., ,, ...... - pccicn, anu uotn political panics nommaicn J""" i"-- unun i c n ii . .. m.. covcrnnielil, anil on their avowal that it was could not bn. ho 1 hnnn it. that t ic nmnli.r nf ' ...iu.... . ' i-.. . . .. sion concernmi! the detention of a British subicct u " t O 1 " ' " 1 Urtlllllll.llUB tU UtCUI'lllUiU IU Ullll-SllVi;! V IIIU :il. I . . e , , , . . "-, tlmir.nrt. ni.nnri:ilinn lmlwrpi, tlin tlvn f nr. r.,..r.. ...... ...... ..I.. ..I.,.,.l I... .1... .. l!nv fr Ninm uml Pnl. IMlnr roiil nil In tli . . """ !",J "" "-" ""'V.'V , u.iii't.n.ij (iiniii iiu iiiu j;u- , , i -r - ol tho original transaction, in consequence oi which from tho New York Herald ARREST OF DAWSON, THE GREAT FORGER AND FINANCIER. Wo havo at length to announce the arrest of Dawson, the great Now Orleans financier, who Buccocdod in swinding many banks and broker;!, from Now Orleans to New York, out of nearly 8100,000. Messrs. Jacob Little & Co. of this city, have received this day a letter from their Louisville correspondent, announcing the fact. He lias been arrested by Mr. Snyder, who went in pursuit of him, at St. Louie, and is now safe in the prison of that city, awaiting tho ac tion of the Governor of Missouri, on the requi sition of Governor Seward of New York. Soon after the forgery was committed, Mr. Snyder was sent by Jacob Littlo and Co. in the me i mi iiivoin, ii lunuinc rne oi your ucureiu.i iu ..-,. - , - , , ,,,, , ,. ,, iMitche l to tho anent ol nils ." -, crnmonts were now in progress. A not3 ernment : tho avowal and indictment there- 1Lly tonf'u,-raoii. n-ng" . , , , , ,. . ,. ... . ucv. mr. tiarumg presented a resolution, uc. was also read addressed by Mr. I- ox to Mr. lore might havo rcferonco to two very differ- clarity that the Providonco of God in romovimr General Harrison is a warming to electors not to vote for slave-holders or their apologists. W duter, saying that he was "instructed to cut matters. demand personally in tho nnmo of tho Bn- Ho contended against tho doctrine (hat the lish Government, tho itnmediato rcleaso of crime of tho individual could be morged in McLcod, for the reason that tho transaction that of the nation, and cited mauv authnri- wus ono of a public character, planned and tius to show that the Court should not enter cxacitcd by persons duly authorised by thcfannZerusryii. Colonial government to take such measure. Honorable Joshua A. Spencer replied to ns may bo necessary for protecting the pro- this argument with great force and ability, tfurly and lives of Her Majesty's sublets, He denied tlio fact assumed bv tho nniiosiur' nnd being thcrnforo an act of public duty, Counsel that McLcod was guilty nf the mur- alItl for 11,0 estal,h'slniient of a political abolition ,!,y cannot bo held responsible to ,ho laws der of dcited numerous authorities W nun iriuuiiiiis ui any luruign luiimij. ini opposition to those brought forward bv I Ucv. Mr. llarumg Air II-. II n., i I l, ..,,.., r., . "' -"' " 'i i.., .:, H .1 i;.,,.r i . I t' i I . I" 't'T "iiu'inini'iint nviu liiu iiiulvuhiiiuci ui set tor tlio i-copte, read sundry uocunients, outline oi ins argument. 1 send you Here- this convention. Ol' course much was fuul that ncrson was arrested, he had the misfortune, be fore any nfTirninlion of that transaction by the Hiitish Govcriimeiit, to bo indicted in ono of our courts, and as is said unon confessions of his own. fur the crimes of murder and arson, committed in this Slate. His ilctcn'ion is solely Io answer that inuictment, anil - ,..iT i . , . i.. ii.n u ...:n This act of lioved ho had taken. Mr. Snyder traced him through Doylcston, Pennsylvania, next to Pitts burgh -down the Ohio and Mississippi to St. Louis, and there caught the rascal in the latter citv. Wo have not yet learned if any of tho plunder has been found upon him. Dawson, alias Park er, alias "the great unknown" financier, will bo broUL'ht to this citv, to take his lodirins in the palace of Scsostris, with Mitchell, and get his final deserts at Sing Sing. Fiiom Nnw BnuxswtcK. Tho St. John Supported by J. P. Miller, Rev. Mr. Blood, II. y0ur Kjccllency may be assured notonly that he will Courier slates that Sir John Harvey, as Gov. W. W. Miller, and Rev.Mr, Storrs, and adopt. I haven fair and impartial trial, but, bIbo. that if llie of Newfoundland, is to receive a salary of ed. TMessrs. Joab Secley, Charles Lyman and assumption of the responsibility of his offence by his -Jnnn ... nrnm!, nf nrcrodinfr ii r ti ...!!...: . .. i ,i f I uovcrntnent ouylit. nccoroiiii? to the common law. ' J ' ' . . II. It. llCUUm, llUlliaillllll'' IU UU IIIBIIluuin III I , ' i: , ' i.i,.n.m,mni,lr rVntrnconlin nil I .nr. .1 . it" .1' Ur lillVN 111 IKH UIIS. HI rL' ll III irUIll UUlHUIlill ILS- III IIIU Vlt t . lll.iwu. ui nwiuawill. Vfi. -.wi ..... . u,.., , ,., vu..r,.. t,"-"b ponsi'ihty, lie will be acqiuttcil tor that cause alone, gested in tho iliscustion. Uvea if under other circiimstanirs he could bo convict- Jtev. iur. htorts ollercil three resolutions : ril of the heinous ollcnccs laid to his charge by the approving the nomination of Birney and Morris grand jury. , for President and Vice President, for an adjourn- 1 nn.l' r, with very high respect, , .. r . a . . our hxce ency s obedient servant, od meeting of this convention in August next, WILLIAM H. SEWARD. Falkland's departure in August next, who, it is said, is then to succeed Lord Sydenham in the Government of Canada. His Exccllencv. mo Kigtit Honorable Lord nvnr.NiiAM, Governor of the Canadas. Vr.itMONT Buttek. 7'hc County of Cale Ionia, iu Vermont, has long been celebrated for ilu flniripe. nml lis hllllnr r.ioncn frprilinntK' tirincipally nfiidivits, describing tho circum- with a sketch of the whole prepared for one which we cannot transcribe ; but even of that, carries off prizes from places where tho compe- slances attending tho burning of tho steam- of our morning papers, which will civc von "'"f0 "i this vicinity can judge, w ho are familar tition is open to the whole Union. Caledonia, . ........ , . r I , , . . with our friends Mr. Stoors and tho Mil era as the name imnorts was chioflvsottlodbv Scotch boat. Captain Appleby's deposit.on was read a fiur notion of the general scope of the dc- i(,,y roIale,i to o , Jnc wo ,llsp( ct th , itcr and tl.Xift Ttl stating that when tlio boat was boarded as lie bate and tho prominent poiuts debated by are.) I ho nnmeiliate result of the convention able in that agricultural district. The editor of altomptcd to ascend tho cabin stairs ho was each side. is a tic set : lar tier rcsuua ueponu upon tlio qucs- ti,c Farmer's Visitor spent a few days m that rI1 , , , r l r. hi I - - j - . umiij nut iuiiy ouii.1., .iiiu lliia 1.1:11 cuiuv 111- 1 lie decision of tho Court will probably as a rule to which to square the politics of the (.cresting notes of his visit, connected with tho not bo given until next term, sometime in Ju- 5talc' 1,?tl' as. ,n ,'tK ll,tc.rlnl rolations and its agriculture of tho place. In the best daricp, Camp Ground In your village : tho high, bold, cloud-bearing mountains of tho New York bldo, the beautiful sweeping curve of the shore, tho calm waters of the Lake, and tho green islands resting bo peacefully on their bosom, with tlio distant splendid viuw toward the south, form to gether a scone which for interest and beauty I have never seen excelled. It needs only taste, public spirit and money all which Burlington possesses in abundance, to mako a far finer promenade of your Battery than wo have in this city. But for us it is a most delightful retreat; whither we may escape from the hot sultry air of the narrow streets and breathe awhile a pure healthful atmosphere, not always disturbed by the din and tumult of business and bustle. Our city for a few days past has been infested with villains of every description ; this to bo sure is nothing 6trange, as wo are never with out an abundant supply ; but their exploits of late have grown more bold and successful than they have been heretofore. Last night at about (1 o' clock the splendid National Theatre, at the cor nor of Church and Leonard htreets was discove red to bo on fire in several different places j tur pontine and other inllamablc matter was found scattered about the interior, and preparations had evidently been made with great care far the total destmction of the edifice. The flames were extinguished however, before any material damage was done, and a man employed on the premises as lamplighter was arrested and com mitted to pribon on suspicion of having been concerned in these incendiary attempts. The play Wi.s performed as usual, and the house was thoroughly examined and a watch set. Not withstanding all these precautions, at about 7 o'clock this moriiiniug, flames hurtt forth fun ously from the roof, and within two hours notli mg ol the national uut inc uare wans remained, The whole interior was completely on lire bo fore it was discovered. Ono of tho walls fell over upon a house of ill-fame adjoining the The atrc, broke through the roof and crushed to death one of its wretched inmates. It is believed lat no other lives were lost. The buildings ad joining the f rencu unurcn, me Airicau .uem- dist Church, a Public School building, and seve ral dwelling houses, were somewhat injured by the water from tho Engines. I he 1 heatre, was insured for only part of its value. The trial of Glcntworthon a charge of having in the fall of IS'.IS and spring of '3'J brought ille gal voters to this city from Philadelphia, has been going on in the Court of Sessions for sevo- Wo learn that Goo. B. Isham has boon ap. pointed Post Master at Shelburn, in placo of Henry S. Morse. P RIDAY MORNING, J UN El, IBM. met by the thrust of a sword which ho belie ved was made by McLcod. A deposition oft on'o Anson was also read, testifying that on tlio morning after the affair ho was at a tav ern in Chippewa in tho bar-room of which were several persons disputing as to who had borne tho greatest share in the Caroline's Instruction. Ho swore that tho prisoner sccurt,(1 !ls hh Counsel, David Graham, E: said, " I killed a d d Yankco, nnd here's his blood," at the samo timo having a horso pistol tho breech of whjch was stained with blood. All tho persons in the room seemed to Cbncodo that McLcod had dotio tho most in tho attack Anothor affidavit was road made by ono Barnum, testifying that ho had heard Mc Leod say that tho occasion of tho Caro line's destruction, his sword had drunk the blood of two men. Sundry other documents were also presented but they brought out nothing further, Mr. Bradley, one of tho Prisoner's Coun ecI then addressed the Court. His main nt tempt was to show that McLcod could not bo held personally responsible for his parti cipation in this act,inasmuch as ho was mere lv discharL'intr a duly imposed upon him by his own government. Obedience to hissovc reign he declared to bo tho first duty of ovc ry subject ; nothing but revolution could loose him from this responsibility. Had Mc Leod not obeyed the commands of his Gov ernment ho would havo been guilty of trea son and been punished therefor. And now for yielding that obedience, tr wore about to puni-ih him. Neutrality, he said, could only ho broken by nations, individuals as agents of tlioir government only can do it, nnd then their nations become responsible, This was Mr. Bradley's main point : he af terwards argued the legal points in the case, especially the incompetency of the Court to try McLcod on tho indictment' ly next Mitchell, tho Ex-Member of Congress was brought into this city on Monday and irottglit up for examination on charge of for gery. Ilo was commuted to trial and has '-sq. ronnertion with the national government aud this the means to accomplish emancipation. A patient hearing of the deliberations of this body lias come far short of convincing us that political action in this shape, in this quarter of the coun try, and under such auspices, is to produce emancipation at tno south. those from which the butter that took the hi'h est agricultural premiums of the Massachusetts society came, tho milk is allowed to stand 4b hours before tlio cream is taken from it. It is churned in the old wooden hand churn, worked in cold water, which is repeatedly drained oil' until the milk entirely disappears, aud the less tho butter is worked, tho better it is deemed. Working, in the manner commonly practiced His private papers are said to display a char- THE SURRENDEK OF MITCHELL, to free from tho milk, is condemned in these 'lay 27, 1811 STATE CONVENTION. The Democratic Wilis Convention, for the purpose of nominating a ticket for Governor, Lieut. Governor and Treasurer, to be presented for tlio support of the people theensuimr Septcnibcrrlectinn, will beholden at iMnntpelitr, ntanuday. swii oj June next, com mrncinir ot 10 o'clock. A.'M. I'oVthonurnosoof sc curinsa rjeneral rcpriscntntion nnd elkitini; the views entertained in all sections of the Slate, the Central Commute recommend that die Democratic Whins of the several towns in the Stale meet on the 17th June next, nnd appoint five delegates from each town to represent them in State Convention, nnd nil equal number of substitutes to tupply the places i f such delegates as may be prevented Ironi attendance. IlAnnv IIradlev, ) John I'r.crc, J E. 1'. Jnwr.TT, ! Stale E. 1. Walton, Jn., f Com. K. 1'. MnRmix, I Milton linow.v. J acterof utter depravity, and a record of tho most disgusting debauchery and scoundrel ism. Hit Counsel has demurred to th juris diction of tho Court before which ho is to bo tried, aud thcro is no telling when his case will bo 1 roughl on. Ezra White has boon gentnncod to-day to four years' imprisonment in tho Stato Prison. The Judge remarked that the Court only re gretted their inability to impose a heavier punishment. Ho has been so clearly guilty of murder, that not ono man in a hundred entertains a doubt on (hut point. The ver dict of iho Jury was most remarkable. Within the past week, tho Harpers havo brought nut an edition of Dallam's recent work, 'Literature of Europe during the four teenth, fifteenth and sixtcnth centuries.' It is a very valuable publication, although not eminently profound or philosophical. There is a great deal of learning and research dis- ilayed in it, and it will without doubt find its way Io tho libraries of general readers. Tho following correspondence passed be tweon the Governor General of Canada, and tho Governor of New York, on the occasion of the surrender of Mitchc', to answer to the charge of a felony committed in tho State of New York. It is gratifying to seo tho dairies as injurious to the quality of the butter, leaving it tougn or stringy, and causing it to adhere to the knile. In the dairy ot Air. w. Bachop, who has obtained five premiums at Bos ton for Butter two of IjjilUO each, and thrco of 800 each ; the milk in warm weather stands ot) hours, and in cold 43 hours. In the hot season, in this dairy, Gibs, of salt, and in cold weather, j pounds, are allowed to 11K) pounds of butter. promptness with which tho Governor of 1110 ,UHU" ""ose uairics, wi.on maue is ' ', , , . . . . - , , , packed in firkins which hold from 30 to 50 Canada renders his aid, in furtheranco of the j,01lnjg, cause of justice, and in bringing to puish- it j packcd so as to bo very solid, and the mont a man guilty of an offence which is surface of tho butter in tho firkin is covered punishable' by the laws of all countries. Wc wi,h wllite loth over which fine salt is 1 , , i e spread. Some cover tho surface with a pure are sorry not lo bo ublo to say, that acts of brine and clean cloth. Caledonian butter always this sort arc habitually reciprocated by the commands a high price in market ; and that from executive authories of this country. It will 'lier ''"'"r".'108 ""n t0 :, cel!tM , , , .... per pound. Thesummeryieldfroniacowvaries bo recollected that in a recent caso in which from 100 to l',0 lbs. each, so that the whole a Dr. Holmes, charced with a notorious and dairy business, even at such a distance from " i .. i.. t . THE CONVENTION, It was our intention to follow the call of tho State Committee with an appeal to tl Whigs to heed it. But wo are restricted now to a narrow space. Let it suffice, then, fo us to suggest, that a now state ticket is to bo formed, inasmuch as those, who havn so long and so honorably served the state, havo dc clincd standing for another election. This is, then, in this respect, in connexion will tho movements of the opposition party, crisis a new starting point, and must tin questionably have an important inllucnce upon tho future. Wo might also suggest that, ere the convention is holden, the new Administration will havo developed its poll .. l.. ! . it.i i ! . I . .. .i r I . . t . . i most atrocious murder, made his escape to ' W r 'ra ; , ? 11 ' u?.. l 'c ',aP.1 c' 1,1 luast 10 a nsuierauic extent, anu tin, iiiui uuuriy an uiu principal liuuincs unajieu ill Vermont, and was there arrested, and his it at any time, have from small bogimiingiCribcii cnrrnnilpr Iwillir (ItMllunilpil bv lbo KxOCIItlVO to opulence. of Lower Canada, it was decided after a long argument, that he could not bo legally fivcu up, because there is no treaty stipula lion requiring it between the two countries. Second edition of Hunch's Psycl.olgy, Th;s AoeMm nppearnd t0 us t0 sl,ow a much 7'hc agricultural products of Caledonia, in dependent of tho dairy, arc described as ample ; anuirom every part ot the country prools are accumulating of lbo excellence of the crop?-, and the rich reward which has awaited on the labors of the husbandman. Uostun Cultiiatur. has also been published VERMONT. greater regard to a mere theoretic principle, which has no foundation in practical utility, than to the requisitions of justice, and the welfare and security of society. We had an impression that tlin authority of Gov. Soward, I'roai the Montpelicr Wnichni'in. THIRD PARTY ST ATI', CONVKNTION. This convention met at the Free Church on as having adopted tho principle in a similar Wedncbday last, pursuant lo adjournment act ing members numbering from twelve to twenty iluring the morning fcesMon : residents of t Ii it- J. 1' this may bo a proproper time for the Whig: of Vermont to interchange their opinions and views in referenco to tlio weighty matters which concern us, in common witli other por tions of the nation. These considerations givo unusual interest and importance to the next Stato Convention ; and iu view of litem wc say to the Whigs within our roach, IXc, Icct not the State Convention ; sec to it that yon am present yourselves, or represented The Post-Ofiicc at St. (Jeorgc, heretoforo under the direction of 0. B. Isham, has been dis

continued. CTTho Boston Atlas says itlsaremark- able fact, and ono that is deserving of great attention, that of the LocoFoco majority in the lastCongross, numbering over a hun dred and thirty, which trampled upon tho rights of Now Jersey, and pissed th? infa mous Sub-Treasury law, ONLY Tllin.TY-3F.V-n.v iiavij in:t: iii:-i:m:cti:d ! A nioro sig nal example of the certainty of retributive justice overtaking, sooner or later, political crimes, cannot he found in the annals of tho country. A Pt; DiNN-rn to Hon. N. P. Tallma- lifir. was given on Wednesday by tlio Whigs and Conservatives of Now York, and very numer ously attcndoJ. Mr. 7'almadgc, on being toast ed, addressed tho company for more than liour upon ISational polities', avowing Intnsoll ardent- ly in favor of tl.o Repeal of the Sub-Tcasurv; the Distribution of the Proceeds of Public Lands, coupled with a permanent Prcemtion Law; a Tax on Luxuries to pay off the Treasury Notes and other Government indebtedness; a Nat ional Bank ; a General Bankrupt Law ; and the; Rescinaingof the Expunging Resolution. On the subject of a National Bank ho was espec ially earnest and explicit, avowing it as his belief that, iu the existing circumstances of the Coun try nothing else than this would suffice to res tore a sound and uniform Currency. Tm: I'uusiDiiXT. It statement prepared by appears from s the proprietor of Hale's News Room, that the whole number of persons on board tho steamer President, when she left Now York was 132, viz. pas sengers '27, officers and attendants 8, ship's company 83, engineer's department f 31, cook's do 17, steward's do- 1G. Thorn were four boats attached to tho ship, (nouu of them life boats) capable of carrying, in good weather, about 80 porsous. Tun Src.VMr.r. Pitr.sincxT. According to n letter from a respectable source, received hero yesterday by .Mesrs Duusroinb and Rcckwitb, dated Montreal, May '-'.'d, a Captain of a lumber vessel just arrived in Quebec, states positively that he saw the "President" making for tho Western Islands. lie left England April i-'lst, and says he saw the president 3 or 4 days after i .i.. 'iu,,. in.i:,nm.,r M,i.n,l l-.t .itirl.t ,i, , "This says tlio letter, "will probably appear iu , . " ,, ., i print here tomorrow. I hope the Captain is not arguments arc made to-day and I presume the 1 uta .01ll" case will go lo llie Jury tins evening. It is U'0 ,ave Montreal nauera to the 2ith inft. most probable that the Jury will not be able to ' inclusive, (two davs later than tho letter,) but . .. .. . . ! i-.t t . ni f ntrron as thorn in not su licicnt V re lau e ' mm n iiiumum in uiu ramno re nun. mumuM- cvidonco to convict him and somewhat too i 1 much to allow his acquittal. 7'he only tes- timony against him is that of the notorious Ste venson ; and ho is contradicted point blank by the declarations of Mayor Swift of Philadelphia, and several other Gentlemen of unimpeachable veracity testifying under oath. Whatever may be the result as Ulcntworth, ono thing has been made perfectly clear : and that is; that whstcver iniquity Glenlworth entered into at that time was undertaken wholly on his respon sibility : all the members of the Whig party in this city wham the Locos last fall, with B. F. Butler, at their head, attempted to implicate iu the transaction stand clearlv innocent, absolved even from suspicion. This the District Attor ney himself, Mr. Whiting, a strong Loco toco, acknowledged in open Court in the strongest and most explicit language. Tho Captain of the schooner -logif, found scuttled and deserted off tho Jersey shore, was arrested in this city yesterday, lie has boon committed for examination on charge of tmrrnt- ry, a crime made punishable with death. P. S. The Jury in the case of (ilentvoorth, were notable to agree until It! o'clock at night, and as Saturday was the last day of the term the whole affair was thus coded. So there must bo a new trial. Vi'.kjiont. trcal Courier of the 1th speaks of the Presi dent's case as nearly or quite hopclcs- It can hardly be credited that the President, only 3 or -1 days sail from I'ugland, should ho putting away tor tho Western Island.') .V. 1'. Jnur. if Ciimm-m. Extract of a letter, dated Wamiisuton, May 'JO, IS II. Much surprise has been expressed by tho public, that our Ministerju London should hao taken upouliimsolf the responsibility ofreccom uiendiiig the immediate return of our squadron from the Mediterranean. This surprise will in some measure cease, when I inform you that Mr. Stevenson had in-form-ilion thai the British Govcrment had trans mitted instruction totho aduiiraW on the Amer ican station, urdoriug them, immediately upon receiving authentic information that McLuod, an officer of the british army, had been executed. to proceed on the coast of tho United Status, and to set lire to, and bum down, our cities and tow ns along the whole coast. Tin: Nnw-r.trcr.. It is stated in a foreign pcrodical that the first printed newspaper of which any trace can be found, was printed in I l'V, and gave intelligence of the peace of Karainau with tho King of Cyprus, and the ron quest of Soma by the Turks in 1I.")1. TIiih statement is made by K. Crochet, of Brussels, I'roiin nnrg iual nolo in the handwriting of Ad rian dc But, a Dutch monkish writer of the fif teenth century. caso, was cited in support of this decision. But of this wo wero not positive, nnd we TIh.v Imvn county with very few exceptions'. Co J Millnr ll.ic villain l.rncul,.,! .,,l.,i, ('il'I,,,, this Correspondence of the Free Ircs. New YoiiK,'May 20J1S11. Summer at length is fairly with us. It comes i r.. ti. .. 1 1 ... i n..t;.... ...... i.n I it it, ninrn nimmiiv iwuvniMi ui'i fr.wnrn i I 1 vi i ill.-, ivii.ii ui ui. nut, is ui;i.i;s?. 1 1 UIIU nt; i . -ij. j .. b . . . j.qqJ Ol tllO til minimi iiiuikhiii. i.u ariiiiiw..i uuuimiiii (i.uii mollis, 10 a U Mill a irillCI )10 WHICH IIC -ilinininiT nn in Vermont, and for candidates who are aboli- . ... ,, , . ,' . .... .. .. .' " ! ti.mlstK .r,l rnnnri :,n,l n,r,..,l. n.-il m. nimsoii reiusou io recognize in a similar fitclier, and I ' iv; rt ....... .............. ... . , ..... .1 . ... , , .1 1 no juiisuivuu.. u.v. ...i. ....u ....... Ul0 Ciair na(0 a ppccri, substantially can an indictment confer this ? Moreover! emancipation was the leading object nf his life, it is said that Durfcc was not killed on tho boat, nnd his deatli thcreforo was not ncccs stiry to tho fulfilling tho commands of the British authorities. In opposition to this, Mr. Bradley maintained that thcro was at the timo u stato of war : and wo havo no light to inquire whether (hero was too much or too littlo blood sited. 1 ho invasion was in defiance of our law, such defiance ns a port. II. 11. Hay ward of this village was ap. pointed Secretary, and after prayer by Rev. Mr. Wood, Uoi. J. r. .Miller, uo v. JUr. Mtorri-, lie v. Mr. Blood, Capt. Somcrby and Rev. .Mr. Hard ing woio appointed a business committee. Rev. Mr. Storrs moved for a committee to nominate a state ticket. Col. J. P. Miller deemed a no. initiation at this timo inexpedient. II. W. National Tiikatrk nun.NT. Loss or Lin:. The efforts of inceiulinrics to destroy this costly structure, have at last been suc cessful. On Friday evening it was set on by delegates who will faintfully act for the orem eight different places, but by timely constituents. Watchman. discovery tho flames wero extinguished This morning about 7 o'clock, it was again discovered to bo on fire, which proceed from tho stago and scenery. Tho efforts of tho ...ct nrniiimn lli:it tlin imnrnecinn line nr. firClllCIl tO eXtilll'llisIl ihu flames Win) 1 1 1 1 a - L ... :, . i, ,i i.J vailing, and the building was entirely des- with its warm winds and pleasant sights and ... Tl tr1l ! irOYCU I II'CIU ID UUL tt JiUUI L t till It) lllln WIUU I 11 V UlH UUULB would havo requested Lord Sydenham, in ' ... . . . & . f , , , ui iiiu uiu 111 u iiiu tutu wdii mil uiiuii iiiu i d j . P . 1 I fr . 11 1 rco story brick building next uomam swarms wnn a new mo : iiroaiiways Leonard street, owned by Mr. and other fashionable streets are crowded with occupied by Julia Brown, cru- tho gay, the proud, and tho wealthy ; empty shing in (he roof, and burying beneath the headed vanity struts beneath the bright sky and ruins a young woman by tho name of Marga- looksaloftas though tho sun shone for it alone. ret , who lodged in tho upper part of the Gilded & bedizened crimes stalks along with building. The Thcalro was built upon leased The Governor of Canada lias taken the occasion, in a manner not very apt or ap propriate, to exprcsso his opinion on tho propriety of retaining McLcod in custody Lrol,d , and said to bo owned by W. E. ior triai, uu uiu .uuiu ui .hi uiiuui.u wuim nutioii, wuo uau tno management oi ino tnea- I Wtl I 1.1. I . .' . . . ... . , 1 . 1 .... I . - nationonlv can make Th-wholo caso he '"incr uenounccu tno uoctrinc oi cxpcuioncy, has been puuuciy nvowcu anu jiisinicu uy ire. ,: ', , ! " , ,. . and insisted tqoii a nomination now. Motion ,. (:, AlthotiLdi wc do not tier- This theatre, as most of our readers know, sa.dwasloundcdonthe error that subjects v,nci t0, and the committee appointed as fol- h'o cinnicnt. Although we do not per of ono government while in tho territory of lows : Esq. Kingsbury, H. W W Miller, Rev. the pertinency of expressing this op.- another, there doing business in obedience to ftXan j Rev MrItlood IdKnd t "'l0" " ll"S 0"T"' .,r ,1,,S mcw"; thrcatro on tho samo site having been burnt their own, could be held responsible to thu municipal laws of tho other. This lie said was plainly disproved by the fact that For- ei 'ii Ministers wlulo doing tho business of their own nation iu another, can never ho held responsible to the laws of that oilier. He scouted the idea also that the dignity oftho .Stain required that McLcod should ho bro't t,o trial nnd referred to tho case of General Jackson in Florida, us illustrating tho point. The wholo affair lie contended was a Nation- ul concern, and tho Nation should bo loft to settle it. In conclusion ho stated that tho whole prosecution resolved itself into these principles. 1. It seeks to make tho Municipal courts of New York, excrciso jurisdiction over tho rights of nations. 2. It seeks lo deprivo tho National Gov ernment of power conferred upon it by tho Constitution, and drag it down lo tho level of our Municipal Courts. 3. It seeks to thrust tho Municipal courts of this Stato between tho duties of subjects of foreign nations and tlwir own governments. ent rcldtiot: .1 C..A r....i. ...til. .1... t..!-.. .i.nir i r the afternoon. I wc uo " "'"U" nirec or lour years ago. On going in the altcrnoon, wo found a ronsid- on inocontrary, u toncuriuuy in uiu ujnii- yo cannot learn that thcro was any dcrable accession to the members, about mtvllnn ..rr,rn; for reasons which up havo 1 cnr.-inrn nvcnnt 10 0011 Hinired in two being present, including spectators. Rev. Geo. K j xpl;lied in our remarks upon this offices out of tho cily, S5000 in each. Tho 'Tis Storrs. from the committee on nominations, re. JlrcaV , 0 ,, Lst nf tho hiilldin i-as siinmihiim liko Sot). U'urns portedt ho fo owing St ate ticket: case, anu vjov. ouwmiu unswer to u ap- ------ --- -. ... 1 J. r m... ..r ' ... ... . 000. and Iho scenery, dresses, ivc. belong ng "it'1 I'ttr itmcrnur. nuu. iviiakles iy. iv imliams. i .,... tn uc nnrfiv lins:ilinlnrtnrv'. Arrnril.l ' ' . " it . r. .. ... .1 . it ror J.iem. ur. iaui. jjilmnqhav, Jr. r.sq. : .... , ..,. ,;; , , f For Treasurer. Ion. IIenkv F. Janks. '"Slu '" " "" "'Jour. Uom. Col. J. P. Miller said ho concurred with tho hostility committed by order oftho military wero very expensive. committee in recommending this ticket. No authorities of Great Britain, and expressly assurances had been received that the gentle- , , !,1,tr1,i i. ,i, -,., , f ..on nnminni,.,! u-nnld nrrnnt ihnv nrofensnd. avowod and justified by tho Government of however, to he abolitionists, and it would won that ccuntry, tlio question whether tho act bo seen whether they wore what they professed wcre notified under the circumstances, by ...tilt l',t , . m". ..l t. l.i:n..n.l .l.n... I J 1 bo men of wilom W convemioi, f need no? be "0,'s or "J f jus- cRhauicd. (Jul. Ai.ncre introduced a letter from lined, vvnctiicr a suuoruiuaio oincer, acting elder Shaw, commendatory of Judgo Williams' ul,Jer ,l0 ordcrs 0f hi, superior, is punish- ffiur.fc '"W,"U ,,0litiCal able for the act-arc to bo decided by a jury Rev. George Storrs said that ho knew not, he of N. York, taken from the inhabitants rc- was almost ready to say ho cared not, whether sA-m on the border. Gov. Seward assures tlm rncnn tin! n IMfl t rwl dill, nr lid tint Sfunnl O ..... T.y ,io, that if .n tho opinion of would sharo the toils, the trouble, and perhaps the jury, tho assumption of tlio responsibility the disgrace, of this contest, they had the opor. f ,is ofl'enco by his government ought lo tunity ; and if they declined, other men would ,. . . , ., i .., :i.ii-7.. , bo found. The main point gained was this-'the relievo turn from personal responsibility, he banner of Liberty is raised and flung to the will bo acquitted. This assurance may be breeze.' J ho reverend gentleman spoke with conscientiously given by Gov. Seward, spirit and Icrvid zeal, denouncing alike the , . , ... , ,- church, the government, and existing political but it does not satisfy us that this mode ol parties-, (all abolitionists inclusive who sustained dealing with (lucslions, which are strictly cither party m the late contest,) dcr.ding the nn,iona aj 0n which In many supposablo the idea of refting upon moral means for cinan-1' ' ... . . -t m.;, ,nd ,pff,g 'political action M essential; cases, not unlikelj tounse, may rest the aJ- Krom the tlucbcc JIurcitry. MELANCHOLY SIIIPRKCK. brazen front-its sullen, hate.ilarting cyc,umlaz zlcd by'the pure blaze of Heaven; and the whole world of wealth, of rank, and fashion, is abroad sporting in thcbright sunshine, like butterflies m tho midsummer ray. Go into tho narrow Mrccts and alleys of our c ity, and you shall tec another sight. 7 here crawl forth from their cellars and filthy dens the wretched outcasts from society and happiness, to bask for an hour, like reptiles, in the sunshine that falls alike on tho evil and on the good. their last resort, for their brother man them, aud only Heaven looks upon them smiles and benevolent pity For nearly all classes at this season of the year tho Battery is the favorite placo of visit. It is a large area of some twelve or fifteen acres, over looking tho North River, finely covered with trees, and intersected with gravelled walks, You may always bo sure here, no matter how hot tho air in the city, of finding a fresh, cooling, breczo ; and at sunset during the summer you will always find it crowded with Htrollcrs of all ages, sexes, aud conditions. It is cetamly a de CtllNINAL K.Vrr.AVAOASCE or the i.ati: An-mini-tkation.--It is rumored that the result of the late investigation now making into tho affairs of the New York Custom House, will show a deficit of Ofce miliums Dollars, iu that branch of the government alone. The most enormous abu-es are ascertained to have prevailed there : among them a levying of "black mail" upon the merchant.-', who submitted to tho iinpo-itiou through dread of suffering greater los.-cs by tlio detention of their goods. Great abuses have also been discovered in the Navy Department, in the wayof exoihitant char. es as- an instance of which seitiity-fiic Millars apiece were charged for email blocks of soap stono to be let into the decks of our men-of-war, as a collar for the passage of stove pipes. Sevcnty-fuc hollars for what cost not more than three dollars ! Of course the tho stone mason who suppled them was a Tory and con tributed of his ill-gotten gains to the support of those who connived at and encouraged his ras-cality. Such are tho abuses which the people of this country have sutlercd from a band of the most unprincipled scoundrels that have lived since the days of Vcrres or Cataline. Abuses which ha c pervaded every corner of this great republic, and which have moreover entered into and formed a component part of the government itself. A black day was it for this nation when neg lecting tho counsels of tho.-e w ho had never con soiled any thing but good, it took to its confidence such unmitigated villains as Van Burcn, Ronton, Kendall, and Blair. WOOL. In the review of the llo-tou uiaiktt. May 'io, wo find die fullnwiug : Wool: The iranai'tiiins in pulled ami tlrco Let. n lua considerable iMenl, mi some reducliou on hie rcportul prices'. Holders are more niiMoiia id reimte stocks as llie cn-ciu lor sliinniiR np proaihcs i quotation are idtu.d to conform to 1 ho sales if tho week. The market for woollen Roods is very much ihprrsscd. A p blic sale a made a few days Hiiro at pricee said to be considerably below tho cost of importation. Pruts are nimct H to 30 Saxony Klect-e?. I", lo 17 .linerican full blood. 37 to -10 1 -2 3'i to 3fi com. to 1-1 breed. 42 to K! lamb" superfine. 37 to -10 tirsl quality. 26" to 30 second do.' one iiu.Nonnn ani roitTV-EiniiT lives lost. It again becomes our dutv to record a calam ity involving destruction of human life to an awful oxtent. Four of tho crew and four of tho nassenircrs of Iho hri" Minislrel, Captain Out- erbridge, arrived her yesterday, bringing tho hhrhtful resot, and the view of the harbor which ilisastrous intelligence ol wmcn tno loiiowiug aflbrj3 ia ,.0(,t picaniug and beautiful. But 1 is, wo believe, an accurate summary Tho Ministrel left Limmcrick, Ireland, on tho 2lst April last, for Quebec, with ono hun dred andforty.ono passengers, emigrants inten ding to scttlo in Canada. Tho vessel had a tolerable passago up to Tuesday last at four o'clock in tho morning, when sho struck on Red I oil ml Ttnnf rPlinr tirna n 1mnu - i rimniim at tho time, but tho boats were launched ami tween it and tho celebrated European scenery, made fast lo tho forcchains. Upwards of one The Jersey shoro opposito is excessively dull, hundred passengers embarked in the boat?, but and the river is relieved only by the hiirh grounds cannot think that it fully merits the high and ox- traviigant encomiums which have been lavished upon it, particularly by foreign tourists. It is too tame there is nothing striking about it, no thing which would seem lo justify the compari sons which have been so often instituted be thel r doom wan miickly scaled; the vessel 'healed off into deep water and went down stern lorcmost, so suddenly mat llie 'painters of the of Stateu Island. Goveuours Island, with its smooth-shaven grccn,and while Forts, is certain boats could net be cant otT, and Iho people who t 'y beautiful but that is all. The whole view, hid embarked iu llie boat perished with their I in my opinion, is far inferior to that from thv UUlCillTON .MAKKKT. Monday, May 21. From the Iloston Patriot. At markit, 2S Ilecf Cattle, lOvokc working Ox en, 2 cows ami calves, 210 Sheep, and 200 Swine. POHeef Cattle unsold. I'nicr.s lletf Cattle Prices have again declined, ami wu quote to correspond, viz: I-'irst quality J7 66 a S72." ; .Second quality $6 30 a SO 75 : Third quality r 30 a Hi 25. Working Oxen-Sales $73, , S103. Cows and Calves Sales S22, 825, 32, 33, 3S. amlSIO. Sheep Sales of lots sheared 3 and'81. Lots not sheared S3 nnd S5. Suiuc Lots to peddle at 5 lor sows and GJ for barrows. At retail from 6 to 7. NI'.W VOKK MARKET, Mav- 20. l-'lour. The receipts of l'lonr continue to be h(jhl, and prices have improved. Sales of mmnion at $4,75 ot -1,87 this is an improvement of full 37J cents in two days. The supplies of Southern is small, nnd pricrs are fully supporlid ; sales of Cieurgetown and Ilow aul street at M,37 3". both p;ood Southern an,l Wes'ern stand M very nearly the same puces, vvlucli is very unusual. No alteration in Ilyc or Com Intnl. (icviv live stands about a it did. in eood He. niand at 37 "5S cents. Wehaveheatd of no irnnsac tions in Wheat, .ortbcru O.ats are iu brisk demand at 12 43 cents. Corn has bein in pond demand : sales of Southern ami Northern at COo'l weight, and CU to 03 running measure. I'boi isions. The market is reccilitiK for Pork, lbs receipts are very larpe; sahsof mess Ohio nt 103-4 ; lowir County ut 11 3-1; prime at83-lii9 Ilef niniiilamspriees bettir s lite sales of inrss nt s jfrp i prime at 5 J, 10. I.ardat 7'iS ctnts. Hams from 0 to'J cents. Monevv We have rarily known the market eo abundant ; nnd there never was less business napsr altoat. Many of ibe bankshave more specieon hand than would pay all their liabilities, both circulation and deposits. Thev have not half the amount of good pa per ollercil to diem that they could discount. consociation! The Chittenden Consociation will bald 1m annual incctinir, l'rovidonco I'ermitting on Ti'esiiav and Wednesday next, in tho Churci nt Underbill Flat : The session to Coaiuienco on Tuesday at l'-J o'clock JI, It is vcry'desirablo that every church con, neclcd with this body, bo fully represented. If any Church has not yet appointed its delegate, ' will some member of that Church who may e 1 this notico call tho attention of the 1'astor' or .Moderator to the Jact that the meeting is next 7'nu National Deut. The National In. tellig oncer says that the researches into the several departments of thu government, although they have not yet enabled the administration to ascertain the precise amount of tho national debt, leave no doubt that the debt is fully equal to Hilar .millions or niu.LAUs the whole of which immense sum has accumulated within the past four years being a deliccncy of about ten millions per annum. It is not stangc that the cormorants clung soto their prey: it is not strange that the Globe and its echoes complain thus bitterly of commissions for investigating abuses, ami unkennelling the corruption iu which every department of the administration has been bur ied. The peoplo havo yet to bo astonished at tho extent ol the wickedness of thoso in whom they placed their confidence, and whom, after a long trial, they ejected from place and power. Forty millions of debt created in a time of pro. found peace, (except the most disgraceful Flor ida war,) is enormous, but when it shall bo shown in what inanncrthis money has been ox ponded how the office-holders and contractors have contributed their illegal soliatioim to the I Tuesday, tho 8th iiist.and so tecuro lhe appoints support ol the administration vviiicn couiuen-1 inent ol a delegation who will attend; anced thuir noeulations. tho amount itsolf will seem as nothing, in enormity, compared to the uses to which it has been devoted. B.TT11B Custom House Investiuatin nukes June thai 1? 11. J. K. CONVKRSB, (egster. Great nrotrrcsss. up nesses havo been oxau in. But- OUS.E INVESTIOATIN I1UK0S "T , rilni hr tlm llrv inthiolav iihiuit 71) w it III C mt 0 te, on tbo2d of -vla, tij tno tlcv. to tlnsuaj, annul ,u vvn- , w.ih.rmiooii. -Mr. (ieorco K. barber, of tinned, and about fre wit. 1 ,e .lNTcif,Cr, cl.a s.I'owcll.of clrottc linns, in pickings and stealings discoverei. , , The investigation will probably continue sevviral JJL2J 11 21 weeks lonci. "Old 1'oiiu" is the man iftcr' i CoUlum' "ii ibe Mm v 1 uU lv Kn of cur own heart -.V. V Jl-u'J ' V N Vh H anlt 1,iemhl'