Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 5 Haziran 1841, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 5 Haziran 1841 Page 3
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PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE. From Uic Albany Journnt. We received tlio Messngo of President A Tyler at 5 o'clock this afternoon, (Wednes day,) and hasten to lay it before our readers. The Message opens in sympathy with the feelings of tlio wliolo people, with a recom mendation to indemnify the family of Gen. Harrison for their expenses in removing to and from Washington. The distribution ot the proceeds of the f Public Lands, and a repeal of tlio Sub Treasury law arc recommended. The whole subject of the Currency is sub mitted to Congress, as being the appropri ate duty of the Representatives of the Peo ple. As a wholo, it is a plain, direct, upright, patriotic message, and every way worthy of a Whig President. This is an auspicious commencement of tlio Extra Session of Congress. Give us an equally auspicious close, and the Kopublic Is snfo for half a century more. Tlio Hon. John White, of Kentucky, was elected Speaker, and Matthew St. Clair Clark, Clerk. In the Sunatc, only 10 scats were vacant, and Tenncssco the only state unrepresented. In the House, 207 members were present, ;)5 absent, and Alabama, Mississippi, and Illinois unrepresented. MESSAGE. To the fienalc ami House of Rrpristnlatiict of the Untied males. Fellow Citizens s You hnvc been assembled in your respective halls of legislation under a proclama tion ben ring the signature of the illustrious citizen who was lately called bv tlie direct saliences of the people to the discharge of the important function of incir cinct executive oincc. upon tne expiration oi n single month from the day of his installation, he has paid the gi cat debt of nature, leaving behind him n uunic associated with the recollection of numerous be nefits conferred upon the country during a long life of ....:...:- .i ,.:.. v;,u ....i.iu i...v r. connected other considerations which will not escape attention of Congress. Tho pieparntions necessary for his removal to the scat of Government in xicw of h residence of four ) ears, must have devolved upon tho late President heavy expenditures, which, if per mitted to burden the limited resources of his titivate fortune, may tend seriously to the cmharrassmint of Ins surviving tamiiy; and u is therefore respectfully submitted to Congress, whether the ordinary princi ples of justice would not tlietate the piopriety ofits icgis'ntive interposition. Ity the provi-ions' of the t'uudumcntal law, the powers and duties of the high nation to which he was elected, have devolved unun ine, and in the dispositions of the representatives of tue, Mates aim ot uie people, will be louutl to a great extent a solution of the problem, to which our insti tutions arc for the first tunc subjected. In entering upon the duties of this office, I did not I'-el tliat it would be Decerning in uie to disturb Tho anticipates! mcan-tol the Treasury nro greatly inadequate to this demand. Tin- receipts from custom for the Int three qunrieis of the hist year, and the iirt quarter of the prevent year nmotinleil to 8 12, 100, 0(W ihe rtrciptslbr lanels 'lbr tho same time to 2, 7I2,IJ0 showing nn nverngo tuvenue from both sonrc-cs of SI,2M,S70 per mon'h. A gradual expan sion (if trade, irrnu'intr nnl nf n si,tnrnlinn riftsintl- douir, together with a reduction in Iho exnene of collet ling, nndn punctuality on the port of thocollec. ling enlicers, may cause- nn uddition to the tnonlhly receipts from the customs. They nru estimated for the residue of 1 lie year from tho-ph day of March nt $12,000,000 Ihe rocepts from the public lands tor the same tunc arc estimated nt 92,500,000 and from mis cellaneous sources nt SM70,000 funking nn agme cafe iif available Itiud within the year of 814,070, 000 which will leave n probable delieit of 811,100. 132 08. To meet this, some temporary provision is necessary, until tho amount can I,' absorbed hy the e.ce-.s of revenues which are anticipated to accrue tit no distant day. Theic will fill due within the next three months, Treanry notes of ihe Issues of ISo, including inter est, about 82,350,000. There is chargeable in the same period lor arrearages tor taking tlio sixth census 82U 1,000 and the estimated expenditures for iho current service arc nlout 88,100,000, making Ihe ng irrciralu demands upon the Treaurv, prior to the 1st of Sopteiulier next about 81 1,310,000. The ways mid means in the Treasury, nnd (Minia ted to accrue within the above naineil perns), eonM of about 8091,000, of funds available tin tht 2Slh ul timoan unissued balance of Treasury notes author zed by the act of 1811, amounting to $l,t)j5,000, and estimated receipts from all sources of 83,800,000, ma king an aggregate ol about $6, 150,000, and leaving a probable deficit on the 1st of September next of 81, 815,000. In order to supply the wants of tho Government, an intelligent constituency, in view of their lot in terests, will, without hesitation, submit to all necessa ry burdens. Hut it is nevertheless important so to impose them lis to avoid defeating the just expecta tions ot thecountry,growingout ofpre-existin"' laws. The act of 21 ol March. 1833, commonly railed the, cnnipioinise act, should not le altered except under urgent necessities, which are not believed alibis time to exist. One year only lcmains to complete the se ries of reductions provided for in that law, at which time provisions made by the sams law, and which will then bo brought actively in aid of the manufacturing interests! of the Union, will not fail to produce tho most beneficial re sults. Under a system of discriminalitiy duties imposed for the purposes of revenue, in unison with the provisions of exit-ting laws, it is to bo hoped that our olicy will, in the future, be 'ii.eel and permanent, so as to avoid those con stant fluctuations which defeat the very objects tlicy have in view. We shall thus best main tain a position which, while it will enable us the more readily to meet the advances of other coun tries calculated to promote our trade and com merce, will at the same time leave in our own hands tho means of retaliating with greater ef fect unjust i emulations. In intimate connection with the question of revenue is that which makes provision for a suitable fiscal maul capable of adding incicased faciliticsfor the dis bursement und collection of the public revenues, ren dering more secure their custody, mid consulting a true economy in the great, multiplied and delicate op erations of the Treasury Department. Upon such nn agent depends in nn eminent degree the establishment ol a curiency of uniform value, which is of so great importance to all the e-stnlial interests of society j niul on the wisdom to be manifested in its creation much depends. So intimately interwoven are its op ciatious uot( inly with the interests of individuals but wi'h those of the states, that it may be regarded in a gicat degree as controlling both. If paper be used as the chief medium of circulation, and tlie power be vis ted in the novel nimnt of issuing it nt pleasure, cither in the form of Treasury drafts or any other, or if nanus be used as me puutic ueposnorie-, witn liberty toregaru an Mirpuisscs ironi day to day as so mueli what had been ordered by my lamented prcdcccs- added to their active capital, prices are exposed to fir. Whatever, therefore, may have been my opin ion, oitgtnally, ob to the propriety of convening Con gress at so early ti day from that of its late adjourn ment, I found a new and controlling inducement not lu interfere with the patriotic dcs'rcsof the late Pre-wd-nt, in the novelty of the situation in which 1 was s i unexpectedly placed. My first wish under such would necessarily have been to have s'slled to my aid, in the administration of pill lie affairs the rombiiicil wisdom of the two Hniisesof Conguvs in order to lake their counsel and adviceas to the best mode of extricating tho government and the country from the cmbnriashinnt weighing heavily on bolli. 1 am then most happy in finding uivself, so soon after my accession to the Prt s'deucy, surrounded by the immediate represent.! lives of the states nnd people. No important changes having inken place, m our foreign relations Miice tho last session of Congress, it is not dc-ine 1 ncccstiiiry on this occasion to go into a detailed statement in regard to them. I am happy to my that 1 see nothing to desire) the hope of being able to preserve pea'-o. The ratilication ol me treaty wnn rortugai lias constant lluctualions, and industry to severe sulfer ing. In the one case, political considerations, direc ted lo parly purposes, may control, while excessive cupidity Dreads in the other. The nubhc is thus con stantly liable to imposition. Expansions and con tinuums may in s follow eaeli other in rapid socces- lon, tlie one engendering a reckless spin' ol specula tion, which embraces stales ns well as individuals: the other i ausiug a fall in prices, and accomplishing mi ctitirochange in the aspect of allairs Mocks of nil kinds rapidly decline individuals are ruined, and states embarrassed even in their ellbrts to meet with punctua'ity theiuterest on their debts. Such, unhap pily, is the slaleof things now existing in tho United Stales. These effects may rcadilvbc traced to the causes nb ovo rcfercd to. Thepufdie revenues, on beinir re moved front the then Hank of the United Stales, un der an order of a late President, were places! i u selec ted Stale banks, which actuiatcd bv tho double motive of conciliating the governim nt and augmenting their profits to the greatest pusislde extent, enlarged cx- Iravacnntlv their discounts, thus ciiahliuir nil oilier liivn duly exchnu-cd, between tin. two (iovernmenls. existing bankB to do the same. Largo dividends This Government has not been inattentive to the in- were d'-clarcd, which, stim dating thu 'cupidity of terestsof loose of our citizens who have claims on capitalists, caused a rush to he made to tho Lcgtsla. the G-ivemiiicnt of Spain founded on express treaty lures of the respective States for similar acts of incor- stipulations, and a hope isinilulged that the reprcsen- rorattnn, w hicli, by many of the Mates, under a mtions which have been made lo that Government on temporary infatuation, were readily (trained, and this subject ma y lead ere long to beneficial results. thus the augmentation of the circulating medium, con A coricspou 'encc has taken place between the Se- sislini; almost exclusively of paper, produced a most cntaryof Slate and the Minister of Ilcr llritnnnic fatal delusion. An illustration, derived from land Mincrttv accredited In ilus Govcrlinient, on the sub- sales of the period alluded to. will servo best to show ject of A'exnnder Mel. end's indictment and imprison- the illict of the whole system. Tlie average sales . . ... . . . r ...I... 1. I I : . ...1 ... 1 .1 I.I! . I I . r I -e . . . incur, ci'pics Ol wnicil aic itciewiuf cuiiiiniiiiicuicu to i ol uie piiiiuc Minis, iur u peiioii oi icn vcars prior in Congress. Ill addili ill to what nnnears from these tinners, it may he proper to slate limt Alexander Mclcod has liecn heard by tho Supremo Court of the stale of New Vnrk nn his motion lo Is' diclnr!ied from inuirison- incut, and that the deci-ion of thai court has not ns vet hern or unimc'A The Secretary of Slalehas addressed to men Paver upon two subject, interesting to iho commerce of the country, wiucn win receive my constueraiion, aim which I lias e the Honor to communicate, to uongrcss So far as it denends on the co'irsc of this Oovcrn inrnt, our relations of good-will and friendship will be Bishdonslv cultivated with all nations. The true Amc- ncati policv will I e found to consist in the exercise of b spirit of justice lobe inanife. ted in the discharge of nil oiirinieriianonni oouiiiiuus, iu iuc ncmvvsi ui iui- l'anuly of nations ns well ns to the most powerful. Oe.minn il conflicts cf oiiiuioii inav nrisc. but when the discussions incident to them arc conducted in the language of truth nnd wuli n strict regard to justice, ihn spo.irr-eof war will for the most part be nviided. The time ought lobe regarded ns having gone by when n rnort to arms is to be esteemed as the only proper arbiter of national differences. Thf! census recently taken shows a rfculnrlv PtO firessive iucreasoin our population. Upon the breaking out of the revolution our numbcis sesrecly equalled Tho late contest, which terminated in tho election of Gen. Harrison to the Presidency, was decided on ..':..! hi . 1 t.. 1 . I principles wen Known nnu opeiny uvoneu i uuu, wiuie the sub-trsasurv received in the result the most deci ded condemnation, vet no oilier scheme of finance oueiiicu iu navu nccii coiicunuu m. v ;"ui iovii, who have eonifl mora directly from tho body of our common constituents, I submit the entire question, ns best qualified to give n full exposition of their wishes and opinions. 1 shall bo ready to concur with you in the nooption of such system ns you may propose, re serving lo myself the ultimate power of rcjcctinc any measure which may in my view of it conflict with the Constitution or othcrvyisejeopard the prosperity oflhe country i n power which I could not part with even if I would, which any act of yours will call intorciftiisi- lion. I cannot avoid recurring, in connexion with the sub ject, to the necessity winch exists for tho ndopting sonio suiiaoic measure, vvncrcuy ine umimiicu crea tion of banks by the states may be corrected in future. Such result can be most readily nehcived by the con sent of the states, to be expressed in the form of a compact among themselves, which theyican only enter into witn me consent nnu approbation ot tins govern ment t a consent which might, in tho present emer gency of tho Public demands, justifinbly'lio given in advance of any action by Ihe states, as nn inducement to such action upon terms wen detmeu by ine act ot tender. Such n measure, addrcssinc itself to the calm reflection of the stales, would find in tho exper ience ot tlie past, one tlio condition ot tlie present, much to sustain it. Audit is greatly to ho doubled whether any scheme of finani-o can prove for nny len gth of time successful, while the states shall continue in the I unrestrained exctcisoof the power of Treating banking corporations. This power can only be lim ited by their consent. With the adoption of n financial agency of a satis factory character, the hope may bo indulged that the country may once more return to a stato of prosperity. Measures auxiliary thereto, and, in some measure, in separably connected with its success, will doubtless claim the attention of congress. Among such a dis tribution of the proceeds of the sales of the public lands provided such distribution docs not force upon ccn cress the necessity of iinposinc upon commerce heav ier burdens than those contemplated by the act of 183'J, would act as an efficient remedial inrntiite by being bromrht directly in aid of the states. As one sincerely devoted to the task of preserving a just bal mice in our system of government, by tho mainten ance of the states in n condition the most free and respectable, nnd in the full possession of all their pow er, I can no olhervv isc than feel diirous for their eman cipation from the situation to which tho pressure on their finances now subjucts them. And, while 1 must repudiate as ti nicasuru founded in error, and wanting constitutional sanction, the slightest approach to nn assumption by this government of the dibts of the states, yet I can sec, in tho distribution adverted to, in uc li to recommend it. The compacts between iho proprietor States nnd this Government expressly guaranty to the States all the benefits which may arise from the sales. The mode by which this is to be effected addresses itself to the discretion of Congress, ni the trustee for the ."Mates; nnu its exercise, alter the most benciicuil manner, is restrained hy nothing in the grantu or in the Constitution, so long as Congress shall consult that equality in the distribution which the compacts require. In the present condition of some of the States, the question of distribution may bo regarded as substantially a question between direct and indirect taxation. If the distribution be not made in some form or other, tho necessity will daily become nioic urgent with tho debtor States for a resort to nn op pressive system of direct taxation, or theirctedit, and necessarily tiieir power nnu iiiuucnce, win oc greauy diminished. The payment of taxes, after the most inconvenient and oppressive mode, will be exacted in placcof contributions for the most part voluntarily made, and therefore comparatively unoppressive. Tho states nre emphatically the constituents of this government ; and we should be entirely regardless of the objects held in view by them in the creation of this internment, if we could bo indifferent to their cood. The happy effects of such a measure upon nil the stales would immediately bo manifested. With the debtor states it would effect the relief ton great extent of the citizens from nhenvy burden of direct taxation, ...l.l-l. ...T.l .1.. 1.1 t w men presses wnn sev erity on ine tailoring classes, and eminently assist in restoring the general prosper ity. An immediate advance would lake place in the price of the stato securities, and the attitude of the states would become once more, as it should evci be lofty and erect. With states laboring under no ex treme pressure from ilebr, the fund which they would derive from this source, would enablo them to im prove their condition in nn eminent degree. So far ns mis u.cimiit in in cuiictTiicd, appropriations lo uu mesne objects, anproachineih amount to ihe revenue derived from tho land sales might lie abandoned, nnd therefore unjust legislation, would be substituted by one dispensing equality to nil the members ol this conicderncy. w iirtner such distribution should be made directly to the sinlcs in the proceeds of the sales, or in the foi m of the profits by virtue of the op erations of any fiscal agency having lliosc proceeds as ils basis, .should such measure bo contcmplatid by congress, would well deserve its consideration. Nor would such disposition of the proceeds of the soles, in any manner prevent conotess from time to time from passing all necessary pre-emption laws for the benefit of actual settlers, or from mnkirur nny new arrangement as to the price of the public lands which might in future bo esteemed desirable. I beg leave particularly to call your attention to the accompanying report from the Scctctarv of War. Beside the present slate oflhe war which has so long nlllieted tin; Territory of Florida, and the various other matters ot interest iiiercin rclcred to, you will learn ironi it that the secretary has instituted an inquiry into abuses, which promises to dcvelone cross enor mities in connection won jniuan treaties wiucn nave been negotiated, as will as in the expenditures for Iho removal anil subsistence of tho Indians. He repre sents, also, other irreculaiitics of n serious nature, that nave grown up in Ihe practice oflhe Indian Uepart- difTiciiltle, Its future operation inTghl be 'conducted without nny further call upon the general treasury. The power of appointing to office Is one of a eltar nctertlicmostdelicatcand repoinll le. Hie appoint ing power Is evermore expo-eJ to I o led into error. With nnxious solicitude to select the most trustworthy for official slnlfons, I cunuol I e rupposed to possess a personal knowledge of the qualification of every an plicaui. I deem it therefore proper, in this most pub lic inaiiiier,to invite, on Ihe part of tlir Semite, n jut scrutiny into the i hnrnetcrs and pielensiom of every person whom I may bring lo llicir notice Inlhc regu lar formofa nomination for olllce. Unless persons everyway trustworthy are employed in the public service, cornintion and irregularity will invariably follow. I shall, with the greatest cheerfulness, acqui esce in ihe decision or that body, in regarding it ns vvi-ely con-liiuleJ to aid lite exec, itive department In the performance of litis delicate duty, I look to it " eou,enl and advice' as given only in furtherance of the lot Interest of llic country. I shall, also, at the earliest proper oecn-ion, invite tLe ntttntlcn of con gress to such measures as in my judgment will I e lest 'ulculaled to regulate and eonlrol the executive power in reference to this vitally Important subject. I shall also, nt the proper season, invite your atten tion to the statutory enactments for the suppression of the slave trndc, which may requlru to Ic rendered more efficient in their provisions. There is reason to Isdieve that the traffic is on the increase. Whetherueb increase i.iolea-crilcdtotlie abolition of slave labor in tlio Driti'h possessions in ur vicinity, and nn at tendant diminution in Ihe supply of those articles which enter into the general consumption oflhe world, thereby augmenting the demand from other quar ters, and thin eallinz for additional labor, it were neetllo-s to inquire. Tins highest considerations) of public honor, ns well as the strongest promptings of iiuui.iuiiy, fciiuirc n result to tilts itiusi viguruuscitutts to suppress the iradc. In conclusion, 1 beg to invite your particular atten tion lo the interc.-ts of this District. Nor do I doubt that, in a liberal spirit of legislation, you will seek to advance its commercial as well ns its local interests. Should congress deem it I e ils duly to repeal the ex isting sub-Treasury law, the necessity of providing; a suitable place of deposite for the public moneys which limy I c required within this District must le apparent loan. 1 nave lelt it to lie due to the country to pre-ent the Ibresoing topics to vour consideration and reflection. Other, with which it might not lie proper lo trouble you at nn exiraorumary session, will le mid iieiore you nt a future day. I am happy in commuting the important a'litirs of the country into vour hands. The tendency of publiusenliment, I'lim pleased to believe, is towards tne nuopiiou,in a spirit of union uno Har mony, of such measures as will fortify the public in- tere.-u. To cherish sU h a tendency of publio opin ion, is thu task ot nn elevated patriotism. That dif ferences of oninion as to the means of ace-nmnlishing the-ede-irnble ohjeel should exist, is reasonably to be cxpeeled. Is'or can nil 1 e made satisfied with any system of measures. Hut I flatter myself with the hope that the great body ot the people will readily unite in support of those whose etl'orls spring from a disinterested ueirc to promote their happiness to preserve the Federal and Stale Governments within their respective orbits to cultivate peace with all the nations of the earth, on just nnd honorable grounds lo exact ol edience to the laws to entrench liberty & properly ill full security and, consulting the most ri gid economy, to al olish all useless expenses. JUll- i 1,1.11. Wasaingtom, June 1, 1811. ItlF.niCINA!, LIQUORS. TUP. best quality of Port and Maderia Wines, lirandyandGin ; selected for medicinal purpo ses -, this day received, and for sale by K. itlOUUV, Druggist. Burlington, Juno 1, 1811. DRUGS, MEDICINKS, TERFUMKRY, Soap, &c. of the first quality now opening and for sale at the lowest market prices hy . K. A1UUDY, iJruggisl. x. Corner of Church-street and the Square. Hurlington, Juno 1, 1841. nSZ TABLE CLOTHS INK 8-4 Urown Linen Tablo Cloths. 1 do. 6-4 & 8-4 White do. do. do. Damask, C-4 nnd 8-4 Cotton do. Covers. 4-4 White Birds Eye Diapers, 3-1 Brown do. x do, do. Crash and Russia do. n52 for sale hy II. M. GIDD1NGS & CO. TOOTH PICKS. READY MADE QUILL TOOTH PICKS, also, Silver Tooth Picks, low for cash. JMMODOBN & URI-UMAID. yens upviaids of twenty- 1 ?3 1. had not much excce'cl SJ.000.fJOO tier In IKil, they aiunintd. in round numbers, to the nient, which will require thenpnionnationof upwards nniiiunt of S'i,000,0tl0. In the succeeding year of of SJ00,000 to correct, and which claim the immediate IBS) t ier reached Sl.'i.OOO.OOO. And the next year. 1 attention ofConercss., they amounted lo the enormous sum of in rcllectingon the nroper tneun.s of defending the 000,0C 0. Thus crowding into the short space of three country, wo cannot shutuur eyes to the consequences tlireo years purchase o( Ihe wnicu ine inirouuctinn and use ot the power ot steam upon ine ocean nre imuy to produce in wars between inaratime states, v c cannot yei sec ine extent it which this power may be applied in belligerent opera tions, connecting itself as it does with recent improve. mcnts in tl.e science of ctinncrv and proiectiles: but wo need nave no tear oi being icli, in regard to tnesc things behind the most nctivc nnd skillul ol other na tions, if tlie genius and enterprise of our fillowcilizcns receive proper encouragement nnd direction trom government. i ruo vvisuoni wouiii, ncverinciess, seem to uictaic public domain. apparent had become tho necessity of arresting this course of things, that the executive ill partinciil assumed the highly questionable power of tliscrimin- nlingin tne Hind in be used in payment by dilleicut classes ofpulilicd liters a discrimiiinlioii which was donbllcss designed to correct this most ruinous stato of things by thcevaetion ofsnecieirs nil payments for pub ic lands hut w hieh could not arrest the tide which iind snMronglvsel in. henro the demands for specie ; ...i . ... t ...t... .11111 V.IM I I SjiwllHlim ll w-tl u iuii iii'jmi- ciisui-u IIIIUCI I . . - . . . ------ . ... , - I lin i,f,.L,lmu (-,.,. if. il it i llii t,Luln flrl imr iiiu iilmdcii, u. i'iuuiiii. III I'l llLl,, . iMiiiiimil iuun,iui' .t,....,..i.r it,... i,i. m i-n.-n il.ntr r.-iiiiiiLm i tificntions wliicliiire designed lor the protection of our ,r..rini'l',esn will, nn rlUnn.iiiim in ensnrn principal cities and roadsteads. For the defence of .t...;.",';ui,i;. r it... . .... i.... our ex tended maratimo coast, our chief reliance-should snnplv in exemplification ol tho truth of iho position , j"""" u, nu.j, .uuiu . , n., miuiu. winch 1 have assumed. If, then, any fiscal agent L1"1 nro destined lo recommend themselves to pub- wlitih may bo created shall be placed without duo nc auopuon. iiiu no time snouiu pc ios in mocing rcstr ct ons. either n l ie hands of thcadminislralors 01" principal citieson 1110 scapoara nnu tne urn of the government, or those of private individuals, the tMP ol entire security trom lorcign assault, bepar, . i . i.. ' !ti . i... . ... rti nlrsl as wo art! Irnm Ihn r'nitiitrirs nr ,hn n n wor n s'si . j - i lemnintioii in iiuusc win prove to nu resistless, wo- i ,. , n VT , i- ihriv millions of souls, thevnlrcadv exceed scvenlccn .,; ,.r i:,:..i t.i.. .i. ... and in much unaflected bv their policy, we nre hap ..itlttnnii ami u. ill cnnliniiR to nrorcss in a ratio i .1.--. ....r i. ii . :ti.. -i till v rrhevfsl from thn necrssilv of niainlniniitf Inrpe . a . . . .i .i tiuo tne iirtuitiuiiigs 01 a uouiinicsscuniiiiiv win nssan ,: . . .. . ; .......n , itiltions. niul will continue to which duplicates in a period of about twenty-three years. The old Stales contain a territory sufficient In I'sclf to maintain n populntion of additional millions, nnd the most populous of the new States may even vet be regarded ns but partially settled, while of the new lands on this side of the Rocky Mountains, to av nmhint of the immense region which stretches from the I ase of ihoso mountains to tho mouth of tho Columbia river, about 770,000,000 of acres, ceded nnd in'rrTjfl. still rpmnin to Im hrotndit into market. We holdout to tho people of other countries an invitation m nmis and setiln nnintitr ns ns members of our rn- pidiy growing family i and, for these blessings we require of them to look upon our country, and to tiniie with us in the creal task of preserving our insti tutions, and thereby perpetuating our liberties. No motive exists for foreign conquest. Wo desire but to reclaim our almost illimitable wilderness, and to in troduce into their l pths tho lights of civilizatiun. tho last. Aided by tbeexperience of tho past it will nc ine pleasure oi congress so 10 guard nnu lorttiy the public interests m the creation of any new agent, as to place them, so far as human wisdom can ac complish it, on a footing of perfect security. Viithinnfcw years past, threw different schemes have been before tho country. Tho charter of the Hank of IhcUnilcd Slates expired by its own limita tion in 13313. An effort was made lo renew it, which received thcsanctioti of the two Houses of Congress, hut the then President of the United States exercised his veto power, and tho measure was defeated. A record to truth requires tne to savthnt the President was fully sustained in tho course he hnd taken by the popular voice. His successor in tho Chair of t'lato unquahdly pronounced his opposition lo any new charter of any similarinstitiitioii : and not only tho popular election which brought him into power, but tiioe'itciiiius iurougii iniicii or tus ierm, sceincu .i.,, ii ' i l.i iu " " ,"0 ,10 earnest desire vWll be to clear! ,o indicatcaconcurrcuce will, hiinin sentiment l-nnintftin nn tintitrnlcpn nflP( In nn fnlinrr ilmfnreiminir views. I cannot with hold tho expression of Ihe opinion that there exists ttnihinfrtti ihi rYtensinn nf our empire over our ac knowiedged possessions to excite the alarm of tho patriot lor tne safety oi our institutions, ine teuern, live system leaving to each stale Iho care of ils do mestic concerns, and devolving on the Federal Gov ernment those of general import, admits in safely of tlio greatest expansion, but, at the same time, l deem U proper to add, that there will bo found to exist at all on thepartof the nconle. After llic public moneys were wiinurnwniroin tlio unuiei Mates name, they wera placed in diposil with llieSlale banks, and tho resultof thatnolicv hasbeen before lha country. To say nothing as to the question whether that experiment was inane un ter propitious or adverse circumstances it may bo safely asserted thai it did receive llic tin. qualified condemnation of most of its t ail v advocates and it is believed that also condemned bv the popular sentiment. The existing sub-Treasury system docs not stem to stand in higher favor Willi the People, but 'i l ies nn impe ions necessity for restraining nil the l' "cc W T '-' conacm nsd in n manner uo piainfy fu cuonar es of this government within the range of W "dm" f 'I""'"' . 1 l,ls"i ' "bort period S r. .", -.;,. no.A. tl.nrst.v nrrpereln - is, l,,. "f c.isbt years, the popular voicq regarde-d as ihcir rpsnectivo powers, thereby prescrvinc aiust bn lance between the powers granted to this government nnd those reserved to the Stales, and to Ihe people. From the reptTt eif the Seews-lary of Treasury, you will perceive that llielvscal meats pce-scni nnu necru itiiT. are ljuttricieul tossill"iy ti-e wjitls oflhe guv eminent lor live current ye'tr. The Ulaiue in the treasurvpn the 4th day of MareHi last, not covered 1' (uiuin inline rtralts. am I fschisivc eif trust funds. js Cs. limau-d at $800,000. This includes the sum of 8215,. having successively conde mntil each of the three schemes of finance to vvhiclil hnvc ndverted. As to tho was introduced nt a timo (lelfi) when the State banks, then comparntively few in number, had standing armies in times of peace. Tho policy which was aaoptcu oy itir. itionroe, snortiy alter tne con elusion of the late war with Grent llritnin, of proscrv ing n regularly organized stall' sufficient for tlie com mnnd of n largo niiUKirv force, should a necessity for ono arise, is founded ns well in economy as in true wisdom. Provision is thus made, upon filling up the rank and file, which can rendily be done on nny emer gency, fur the introduction of a svitem of discipline both promptly nnd efficiently. All that is required in tune oi peace js tu tiiuiiiiitui a sutiiciciti iiuiiiucr ot men to guard our formications, to meet any sudden contingi ncy, and to encounter tlie tirst shock ol war. Our chief reliance must be placed on the iniliti. They constitute the great body of national guards, and. in spired by nn anient love ol country, will bc lound ready at an seasons to repair witn alacrity to its de fence. It will bo regarded bv Congress 1 doubt not nt a suitable time, us one of its highest duties to attend to I heir complete organization nnd discipline. 1 lie satti oi uiu navy pension mini requires ine inline tliale attention ejf Congress. Ity ihe operation oflhe ait oflhe 31 March, 1837, entitled "All act lor (lie more equitable lulmilii-lration ol the navy pen sion fund," that fund has le-eu exbai'Sltsl, It will le sts-n fioiu Iho afcejiniiunving report nf the Commis sioner of Pension that there w ill I e required for ihe pnyincnt nf navy pensioners, on ihe first of July next, coi,wti.tni i-j, nun nn tne isi oi January, ioia, ine sum e f iCO,000 , In addition, lei ihi'-c sum-, about Si!,000 will I e required lo pay arrears of pensions which will probubly lu allowed' between the first of Jnlv and the 1st of January, 1812, making in the whole, $130,000 0C 1-3. To meet thee payments, iiii-ru is wiiiiiti tut: cutnriii in tin J' imriincui uie sum of 823.0 10. loaviiii.' a deficit of 812I.0CG 00 1.3. Thu publio limit requires that iimutslinte provision should 1 e made for the pnyincnt of these sums. in oruer to introduce uno uie navy a uetirnuir clli TEAf.--0ld Hyson, Young Hyson, Hyson Skin, Pouchonj;, now receiving nnd for snla at LOVELY & HURL RUT'S. June 1, 1811. nr2 PARASOLS, Sunshades, and Umbrcll-s, Ladies -L India Rubbers, French, lltovvn, and Light Kid Slips 8. II. SCO'IT. WHITE Limn Drilfirtg, Pennsylvania Stripe, Can toon, Moleskins, Coaquanock Cassimercs and Gambroons for Gentleman's Summer war c just rec eived. S. 11. SCOTT A Full supply of Lnp Leghorn; Plain Straw and Pamlcaf Bonnets, ready for sale. S. B.SCOTT. ONE, and a half dozen of those Splendcd Silk Shawls, much below former prices. S. II. SCOTT. WOOL Twine, Cast Steel nnd Common Shovels, Butts nnd Screws, Norfolk and American Latches, nnd many other common articles of Hard ware, Cheap for Cash. S. II. SCOTT. EH BALES Brown Sheeting. OU2 do. do. Drillinirr 6 do. do. Tickings, 2 do. Canvass Padding, 1 do. Burlaps, just received by Junelst, 1311. VILAS, LOOM IS At CO. LOOKING GLASSES.-A variety of tho Latest Patterns, plain and polished, Mnhoeanv Frames. just received by II. M. GIDDINGS & CO. iiurimgioii, june i, ion. no I Q CASES Fancy Print-, 1 0 1 do. Wellington Fancies, 1 do. Blue Drills, S do, Blcacdcd Sheeting, just ree'd by June 1st, 1811, VILAS, LOOMIS & CO. CHTi -ns- White and assorted Thrcnd, 0JVJ 3 Cases Spool do. 300 Bundles do. GO Gross Laceti", 20 do. Boot do. 250 Doz. Web & Elastic Suspendont, June 1st, 1941. just received by VILAS, LOOMIS ct CO. Ann M DRILLED Eyed Needles, 'JJf 50 Gross Hooks and Eyes. tig mis, Pins, 100 do. Ki it tin. 2 Cases London 1 do. mixed do June 1st, 1841. VILAS Just roe'd by , LOOMIS & CO. SOO GROSS Gilt Coat nnd Wt Buttons, 200 do. Horn do. do. do. 300 do. Pantaloon do. 250 do. Pearl Shirt do, n52 For sole I y June 1st, 1811. VILAS, LOOMIS & CO. OOU DOZEN Cop and Twist Combs, 1500 do. Sido do. 200 do. Ivory do. 100 do. Coarso and Fine do. 60 do. Dressing do. 50 do. Gcr. Silver Pocket do. forsaloby VILAS, LOOMIS c CO. June 1st, 1841. ult tOO BOXES Tin Plato 1-3 X, 20 do. Sqr do. 7S do. Canada Iron, 4 Bundles Russia do. 75 do. English & Am. Wlics 52 for sale by June 1st, 1841. VILAS, LOOMIS A CO. XTETIIODIST HYMNS-Worccsters' Watts nnd IVX Select, Winchells' Watts, for sale by June 4, fan. a. liu.Mirvutu. Sign of the Red Ledger, Collcge-sl. n52." Anii.'a 1 st; r 1 nA u ... ... . iiuii, aiiu 4,11001.9 uuiiuiii aim .j , u .'uiiii&i, Cords, Tassels, etc. of the latest fashions, and superior quality, just from New ork, and for sale at n 1. L.UVJ'.L.I cc uu a, Jnno 3d, 1841. "TEAS. Superior Black Tea, fine Hyson Skin and -l 1 oung llysnn, do. also Maker s Cocoa, warran ted pure. For sale by un 11. jvi. uiuuirsus uu. ItOSARY BKEDS & CROSSES. WE have Rosary Heeds nnd Crosses, and shall bo pleased to supply all who wish them at low priCCS. PANGBORN if- I!IMSMAID. NEW BOOKS. T) ECEIVED the present week by the subscriber, jlv and tor sale at tne lovvsct prices, a valuable col lection of books, nmong which are the following: Court of Eneland, Ten Thousand a year, Youno Ladies Friend. walker s Anthropological vvorKs, Bancroft's Historv U. S. Gurneyon theW. Indies, Democracy in America, iVl. Ue locqucrviftc, Life of Goldsmith. History of Federal Gov ernment, by A.Bradford Voices of the Night, Prcident'a Messages, Cha's O'Malev, Heads of the People, Confessions of Hary Lor riouer. Miscellanies of Literature, Kirks Sermons, For sale by Burlington, June 3, 1811, I ENGLISH CURIUNTS, Nutmegs, Cloves, Cas J sia. Poland Starch. Rice. Fancy and Bar Soap, Javn.I.ngurn, and Oround Coffee, Lemon Syrup, just roccived and for sale by n52 Juno 3, itjli, ! cc N. Il.Oood Tablo nUTTER wanted. COTroN Shootings and Shirtings, Wadding, Bat ting, Wicking, and Cotton Ynrn nt. llll.llllllllJi i-v.v. IlEAUTIPUti CiOODS. WE invite nil who wish the latest style, tho neat est made, tho finest material, tho best fit in tho wnv of Stocks, nt low nriccs. to look nt our variety before purchasing. Oh I we have some beauties, L.OLLABS and tiosoits, beautiful Linen, much lower than ever. Si'err.NDens. some nice ones. Stocks of nnv size or width obtained soon. n52 l'ANGHORN & BRINSMAID. PARIS GOODS. BEAUTIFUL RETICULES, Fans Brushes, Pipes, Head Ornaments, nnd very many other Goods opening nt the Variety Store. Ii32 PANG HORN & BRINSMAID. BROAD CLOTHS d- CASSIMERES, of every Style and quality at tho "Now Cash Store" J. 1: whaling if Co. FAREWELL'S .Morocco Shoes, Gaiter Hoots, do. Mens and children? Shoes, con stantly forsale by N. LOVELY & CO. June 1, its-u. nsa DENTISTRY. DIL SPOONER respectfully announces to his friends in Burlington and Tie-in it v. that ha will be prepared to exerciso his professional duties on Monday the 7th inst. at I. Shattucks Hotel Room No. 23. Concerned in antioihcr avocation which draws upon his time and care, ho begs to intimate, that his houn for this, will be from 8 A. M. to 0 P. M. Also, that he will bo able to pass but a short time in Burl ington i and will bo obliged by early applications from alt who may count upon his services, Burlington June 3. 1311. IIUUMNKTON sJ? 12 S2 A I?a I2i Si'I UC X? A - rpHE Trustcos of tho Burlington Female Seminary J. take pleasure in announcing that tho bcIiooI will bo re-opened 011 Wednesday the 2Gth inst., al tho buildings lately known n3 thn Episcopal Institute, under the superintendanco of Miss Tin 117 All Lee, Into ono of tho principal instructed nt the Troy Seminary Miss Leo will bo nided by competent nnd experi enced teachers in tho various branches of knowledgo nnd elegant accomplishments usually tnught in thu best female schools in this country. Tho musical in struction will, as heretofore!, he given by Mr. Molt. Tho terms will be ns follows j Tho school-year, consisting of II weeks, will bo divided into two ses sions, half a session liming ono ijuarter. Tho second quarter of tho present eession commences: May 20. Tho winter term will njinincnco on the third Wednes day of September. The charge for boarding, includ ing washing, fuel, lights, etc will bo S1Q per quarler, halfpavable in advance. Tuition in English bran ches 310 per session, half payable in advance. ExtbaCiiaroe"'. Tuition 011 the Piano, Organ or Guitar, per quarter . t . . . 512 00 Use of instrument for practice, . . 2 00 Vocal instruction for Piano pupils . . 1 50 ' " for others .... 2 00 Thoroughbass 2 0ft French 4 0 Latin 3 Oil Drawing nnd Painting in water colours . 5 Ml Use of patterns 1 00 There will be a charge of 25 cts. per quarter, for th-j incidental expenses of the school. Tho School will not be sectarian. Reference may be had to tho President nnd Pro fessorsof the University, lo the Clergymen of all tho congregations in the village, and to the following gentlemen. E. T. ENOLESBY, T. FOLLUTT, W. A. GUIS WOLD, J. K. GRAY, C. BENNS. A. W. HYDE, S. E. HOWARD, J. I. CUTLER, G. P. MARSH, B. TOUSLKY, J. P. WHALING, T. CIIAMIir.RI.AIN, J.N. POMEROY, G. II. SHAW, W. LYMAN, C. HAY.NES, L. LOOMIS, ('. BAXTER, H. P. HICKOK, JOIIX PECIC, S. MORSE, nnd G. A. ALLEN. CASH PAID FOR WOOL nt thu llurlington Mill Company Factory. S. BARLOW. Aetnt. June. 2d 1811. H.; NOTICE. C. STIMSON has removed bis stock nf llnnis Shoes &c. lo H. Thomas Stnrn. One door Kist of the Priming office, where he is sclbngjofT at Cost, for cash, & those persons wishing Boots and Shoes will do well tocallbeforepiirchasingclsewhere, All persons indebted to II. C. Stimson am reques ts! u iniko immediato payment to the subscriber and snvecost. E. J. STIMSON, Agent. Burlington June. 3 1841. ROYAL Octavo Polyglot! Bibles. Cottnga Bibles, Family Quarto and Pocket Bibles. Pocket Tes taments, School Bibles and Testaments, for sale eheap for ready pay, by Junt 4, 1911. S. HUNTINGTON. Sign of tho Red Ledger, College-st. n52 Young Mnn's Aid, l ayior s History ot Society. Keble s Christian Year, Humphrey's Addresses, do Observations, Lettcrsfrom the Old World Jack ashore, ."snumgnies lour, Works of H. Moore, t'ociry 01 ! lowers, lav's Evening Exercises. Chnlmer on tho wisdom of God, Anlhon's Classical Dic tionrry, Webster's Classical Dic tionary, 2 vols. All the voyages round the world. D. A. BRAMAN. Dissolution. TITHE Copartnership hcreioforo existing between JL tho subscriber under the firm of E. L. Farror & this day by niutunl consent dissolved. Burlington Juno 15,1810, E. L. FARRAIL MOiES FARRAR. TLOUR. The subscribers bnve now on hand nnd nre daily receiving, fresh ground Western nnd Troy Flour, of superior quality, wliich will he sold at the lowest market price. HICKOK iCATLIN. May 25th 1841 LE AT II II & FINDING STORE. EC. TiOOMIS-lias jtisi received fromN.Yor' , !. 4000 lbs. SOLE LEATHER, from 17lo23et, 30 doz. Morocco, Kid, Hoot, Lining and Hiuding Skins, 0 cases e,f Gent, and Ladles Hoot-, Itootee-, Hroghrtiis, Busl.111-, Slips. and Children' Sheii's. Oak Skirling, Budlu and Hog Skins. TEAS, Loaf, Lump and Brown Sugars, Cotl'ee Saleratus, Pepper, Spice, Nutmegs Cloves ipo. forsaloby, May 27, 1811 E. 31. WRIGHT C0. BRUSHES A large nntl well selected assortment of ('loth, Hair, Crumb, Tooth, Iltnrlh, Dusting, Shoe, Horse, Paint, Varnish, Whitewash, Stove and Floor IIllUaHfc.ts t Also, common and fancy Hol lows nnd Blacksmith's Bellows, just received and for sate tow oy .uueju 1 , corner 01 .oiiege .v Church-stfects. n51 llurlington, May 20, 1841. CROCKERY, GLASS & CHINA WARE. 1'AUIIAIt 6i WAIT, Jmporltrt and Wholualt dcaltri in Crocttry, Glatt and China Ware, and Manufacturtrt of Stout Ware. 100 'RA''ES -usl rece've' ani now opening 25 Packages Edged nnd Commcn Ware, 25 do Blue.Printed do 10 do Royal Bourbon Sprig do containing complete dinner services, Tea sets snd Toilet Ware. 19 do French White Granite Ware, with com plete sets throughout. 10 do Antique Vase Opaque Pearl Ware, con taining perfect dinner sets, entirely new patterns and hapc, a most beautiful article, wilh,Tca and Toilet Ware to match. CHINA WARE. lOpnekegcs China Ware, containing Bcnutiful KENTUCKY JEANS, Light nnd Dark Gam broons, Black nnd Hrown Astrnehan Cloths, Wool-ilved Hlk and Blue Blk Cloths, now opening by Juno 4, trill. k. m. vvuiutt 1 ct lu. lUlUSIIHS. RA-sORS.&C. AConinleto nssorlment of fine nnd coarse Hair, Tooth, Nail, and oilier Brushes. Fine Razors. Knives, Scissors, and articles in the line at resluccd prices. I'AisGConN Cc Kbinsmaid. NEW BONNETS. E. M. WRIGHT .f- CO., have just received anew assortment of Lndies Florence 111 aid nnd Plain Strnw Bonnets. Also, Mises Bonnets, Flowers, c)-c., which are offered nt reduced prices for cash. June J, Ifcll. MOKItlSON'S IMI.LS. Qnnn Packages nt 31500 at S2-50O at 3 OUUU 600 Boxes Powders, Sub Agents can now be supplied. 1 gross sncrman s ivougn uozenges, 1 do. do. Worm do. 3 do. Poor Man's Plasters, j'ust received PANGUORN & BRINSMAID. n52 Sole Agents, Gold edge and line Tea acts ana gold band Uluna ware Lamps, White Tea Sets, bpng uo do Gold band & sprig do GLASS WARI 10 packages Glass Ware containing 6, 8, nnd 9 flute Heavy Cut Glass Tumblers, 6, 9, nnd 9 Hutu " Pressed elo do 3 packages fine plain Tumblers, very cluap, Cut Glass Lamps, Plain do do, a great variety, Superb Cut Glass Hall Lamps. Astral Lamps, Girondales, Candle-bras, Iillicn SumcrGoods. FINE 3-4 nnd 4-4 Brown Linen for Coats, Heav Brown and White Linen Drilling, do Fancy White Linen Drilling 1-1 Russia Shccnim and 4--1 Russian Burlap, very chespbv. 11. .VI. UllJlll.M.H Cs'CO. Shis; Thread, Wehhinrr, Bool Cord, Ualloon, StiichinirSilli, I'lissi.i ifair-, Ilamnion's Heel Plsles, Jjirzero, Kcj'n sand ftrakes, S i el Jacks, Sport Hes, Shoe Knives, Pincers, Ulacl.iusr, Harness, Hand, Bridle, Top, Bellows and Tuner Leather. Calf Skin-, Ilor-t; Hidei. Sheep Skin Town's Lasts and Bool Tree and kin-Is nf articles, in his line of business, g-The above named articles will I e sold for ca cheaper thin enn le fought at nny other etal I nient in the Slate, Plea-e c.ill 11 mi tee. n51 IVarl-i-trcet, May -Mtlt, I-1 1. Slamiis, SiZtt Slicks, Colts, .Shoulder Steks., Awl Dl.ides & litindicsSf S.tnd Siortes, lt.t ps, IVv (ittiers( Cuiiip:is..s II.111J Tile-, Punches, .Shoe Urn-he-, Peg-, Heel Ball, &c. &c tot n!f I'lDtVAIID J. I'AY'r) BOOT St SHOE ISTORE. Church-Strectt IJurlincton. "Tnil-Rl' ho has on hand ti superior assortment of V Ladies and Gentlemen's BOOIS ANI) SHOES, of the following assortment ; no.YEit. THE members of the Boxer Engine Cmnpany will meet nt the Entrinc House on Monday, June 7, at 4 o'clock, P. JL in tho uniform required by a re cont by law of the company. nM. lif.U. 11. vail., uiern,. Burlington, May 71, 1641, For Still!. A first rate PIANO FORTE, at n very low price. For further particulars, enquire at tho Bookstoro of D. A. BRAMAN. Burlington, May 23, ISII. n51, Children's Wear. GOODS for Children's Summer Clothing in every variety, and cheap for cash, at HOWARD'S May 27, 1311. n51 Gent's tine calf sevvd Hoofs I 11 11 1. pcj'J do. " light " " do. " Summer Gaiters, " " Pumps, " Calf " " Shocst'vBrognns " Thick cf- Kin Boots, ,1 .1 !ry,,aIls ftovs Shoes ci. Brogans, '' Thick it Kip Hoots, Yths " & " " " it " Bronans. ', srJeE. J. I''. would invito his customers and the pub llc'm general to call nnd Bxaniine his arsortincnt of HcoTa if' Shoes which he can warrant to ho of good stock, thorough workmanship nnd latest styles. Also, Measure Work und Repairing dono at tho shortest notice, ns usual. n51 Burlington, May 23, 1P4I. Hoys Calf Shoes, Ladies Gaiter Boots, " Kid Slips, " New spring nips f. Ties, " Colored Slips, " RionZcd " " Calf " Jlisscs Shoes if- Slips, Also, a large apartment of Children and Infants Shoes. Heal Estate lor Sale, at the Falls. THE Two Houses owned by Mr. L. Barnard, at Burlington Falls, will be sold nt n reduced price. Atlaehed to one is about nn acre of land, nnd to the other about half an acre. Apply to H. LEAVENWORTH. May 21. 1811. n51 Cut Glass Ilowls. Pitchers, Decanters, uoDicts, w ine ana Lemonade Glasses. Spjendiil French Porcc- Hue Vases, williilowcrs PRESERVED India Ginger, do. Tamarinds, Ta ble Figs, at THEO. A. PECK d- CO S. May 2ti, 1841. n51 DavM IIqciIN Kstatc. VttjTK ihe suhscrilers, havmir leen appointislby tho V llouor.ihleihe Prolate Court tor iho l)itnciof ''hittenden, commi.sioners to receive, examine nnl adjust the claims and deman I of all person.-, aatn-t the estate uf DAVID REED, late of Hurlington, in said District, di-ceased, represented nisnhcn, and al-o nil el.iuns nnd dcui.inds exhibited in o' ei thereto and sit. months I10111 thu date hereof, 1 cuk allowed by said Court, for flint pitrpo-c, we do herel.y ive notice, mat we win aunii.uo iih'ihiiihss 11 our appointment, nt the dwelling cf John -s. Pierce, (Pearl-Street Iluu-e,') in Hnrlinilon, in -aid district, u t tu- ti tit o.iysoi .uiy anu .sovciuur 111..V, ui ten ,MiK-k,A. M. Dated, thi. 19 It dav of M.iv, A. D. 111. ISl' and shades. and a variety of other articles in their line, all of which are now ottered wholesale and lletail at New York prices. F. efc W. would invito the attention of Mer chants in ihe surrounding towns to their stock of ware, assuring inem mai nicy win sen in pacKago assorted to orderon asgood terms as can be purchased in New York Boston or Troy, at their warehouse corner of of Church and College Sts. Burlington, June 1, 1811. OADDLERY AND COACH HARDWARE. A O l.irco and splendid assortment of Coach nnd Sad dlery, now opening at tho Hardware Store; sign of tlie rndlocK, corner of College and Church-sucets; nnd for sale very luvvat wholesale and retail by I1JI 1 .uuuui . Hurlington, May 26, 1S11. "117 E have leturnect from New orkfor tho second tunc this spring and are now opening a boauti ful assortment of line Fancy Articles at greatly rcdu cntnriees. lower than thevare sold in citv or coun try. w e nave eniargea our store, incrcasca tne num ber of assistants to attend to customers, reduced our prices, arc selling Goods to suitcustomcrs, and intend m sell lower and sell the more, belicvinc that we can Gtiit ttin most dillicult. We invite all who wish good Watches lower than thev enti get them elsew hero and have them kept in order ono year free, to call. AH who wish a beautiful present for a friend, all who wish soineihiiiL' nrettv. uood. or useful, all who wish something to keep, to wear, to use, to lend, to give away, an wno wisii 10 iuuiv at picuy uwui iu iws m good Goods, necessary Goods, u-eful Goods, All who like lo see what there is to see, from a Pin to a Fish Pole, from a Shoe Lace to a Gold Chain, from a Worsted Needle to a Turkish Pipe, in short all, high or low, rich or poor, big or little, short or tall, can hardly fail to bo pleased to call, audi they are all cor dially invited lo calland sec the. New Goods, at new prices. Wo arguo "that a nimblo sixpence is better than n slow shilling, inatcitensive salts wuicna lilc a man 10 live 011 small profits." "That it is belter to wear out than to rust out," ergo, we go for exten sive sales and small profits. Customers, Friends, Strangers, Neighbors, 0110 and all, pleoso take notice of this and come and buy at this lavorablo time, re member tho variety store ami reduced prices. rUiuimn ex luurva.u.wiJ. Burlington, June 4, 1611. n52 NEW GOODS. BURNETT & SAWYER, at Milton Falls, have just received their Spring Stock of Goods, com prising a general assortment of DRY GOODS, DRY GROCMUES, CROCKERY AND GLASSWARE, HARDWARE, DRUGS AND MEDICINES, DYE STUFFS, PAINTS AXD OIL, GLASS, NAILS, CODFISH, MACKEREL, GRIND-STONES, q--c. etc. All of which, having been purchased at tho present very low prices, will be sold at moderntt) profits for Produce, and as cheap ns the cheapest for Cash : mid ns we have not time this morning to onutnernte articles nnd prices wc would respectfully invite our former pa trons and the public eenerallv to call, sintniiie, and juage tor mcmscifes. Milton, Jane 1, l4l. P. S. Motions Life Medicines. Newton's Panacea. Hitchcock's SnufTnnd Worm Tea, Cough Lorenges, and many other of the most approved Medicines, constantly on hand. S. HUNTINGTON. WOULD respectfully inform hts patrons and the public generally, that he has just received from New i ork, a good assortment ot Book Binding slock litaiiK uook materials, and Stationary all ot winch will budispo.-edof low. for ready pay, thankful for past favors, and hopes tu receivcand merit a continu ance of the same. Tho public nie invited to call nnd test quality and price for Uiem.elvci. College-Street, sign of the Red Ledger. May 23, 1311. uol been forced In suspend sjiceie payments, by re asmi of c;,.n(.y IK.W sykt.m ( naiitiiifabilily may 1 e fi und war which had previously prevailed with Great lint- to indispensably ntce-i-ary. To mature n plan tun liaviuir for ils oluts't the nfcpiiuinlislimcnt of nn cml Whether, if the U. S. Bank charter which cxniredin o important, nnd lo meet Iho m-t extiiviniie ns of ion nan necn renewed m due season, it would nuvu the e e.iinlry, icnuiru more nine mnn na- yet leennf 000 tleposilesl in' the mini and its branches, lo procure been enabled to continuo specie payments during jowisl It) Iho Secretary ut the bead of the Depart- metal for coining and in progress ol coinage, anil tne war and the i ehsnstrous period to tho commerced Intent. I he hope is induig which could not ls withdrawn without inconvenience; si,liii-i-l to draft, in the various donosiio- nc.-. the Mitn of pM5,000. Uv virtue of two .everal ncls e.f Congret-s, the S-crelnry of ilie I reaMiry wa aitlhorisedtti issue, 011 nnd after tlie 4th day of March f iruineiitahty of other menns, was a matter of last.treamry notes lo tho amount of 5,1I3,00 ma difficulty to determine. Certain itis that, for tin Mug an aggregate available fund of 8ri,058,000 on yearsof tho operation of that Bank, its courts) w seel that by Iho lime uf vn r uiu country wiucn immediately succccde-el, is, to say next regular H'ssioit, niciiMircs m importance in eon 1110 nasi, prouieinniicnitniiu wiietiier the Unittl States noxion Willi tuts prancu 01 inepuinie service,may le Bnnkof 1810, produced u restoration of specie pay- matured for your eonu'dtrntion, lucnts, or tho snme was accomplished tbiotigh thein- Altlioush the laws regulaling Ihe Post Oilice De er ot soino partuu-nt onlyrispure trom ine oituvreiiargiu Willi it for the first ihris iinn lo renorl at the llMial linnual session ed eon uris) was as free, thn lnst Mcifcr General lias nresettitsl lo me "Jiun,!, I disastrous as for tho greater part of irs subsequent ca- ome facts eonuccfisl with the financial condition of But tins tuntl was rhargcaire witn outstanding 1 icsn iiwi-s-uiiiwi.-iiiiiiuiiiiy succcssiui. asm tuesccuiiu 1 ine tieiariment vviiiciiaretiet-ine'ei worinyiiieiiiti-niioii Treamiv notes redceinnUe 111 the current vear and tho experiment was was tried with a redundant trcas- ,f congress. Bv ihe accompanying report of that interest thereon loihe amount of 8S.2S0.. I lirv. which continued 10 increase until it seemed to be 0flicer.1t annean. that theexisliui lial ililies of Ihat dc- QOO, There is aim thrown upon the treasury the pay the part of wisdom 10 distribute tho surplus revenue a- partmenilieyond the means 0 payment at lis command nient 01 tv large nmrmnioi iiiinamls aeerut-d in whole inoiig tlio states, wnicn operaung nf llic same nmo cannot le ic-niiau As Ihe laws organi- it 111 part 'H tofincr years, which will exIiHti.t tho with tho specie circular, nnd tho causes before sdver. ting lliat l.railch nf puMie tervicc confine thecxpen- nvtltmi'iE ins - --s..,)r hiiii ichvo tnu sooill- I ICO 10, l uuspu inem iu puiiciiu riieeiu I'liyinciiia, uuu i iiuuru 111 ill. iiwit it:it-iiK-, ticticiencies tuiTt'in irtttiiot jug rcvenuo, loduced as it i In amount, burtheiiwlwilh involved the country in great cinbarnssnicnt. And, be presented under lhcii-iialei.timateforlliccxpfnei. eltht and charinM with thu nurrrni expenses of the sb to tho third, if carried through nil tho stages of ils of government. It must therefore be left to congress t,nvcmmeitt, ne aK,rrriiio ampum 01 niit.tanding transinutation, from paper and specie to nothing hut to ileterinuiu whether tin moneys now due io centime appropriations on i;'V V"A r.'.'". '""I. was the lueeioiis metals, to say nothing nf the insecurity tors shall Is; paid from the ptil 10 treasury, or whether , tts injurious enccis nave oecu 1 tnat department Hiaii cnmiiiiiu inuicr u present em. country m lis unqualified con-1 liarrussinents. It will bo Hen by the report of the t is nmv lobe regarded ns tbemdrr-1 Po-t Master General, thai ihtt rei'ent IcstiiiLis of run ,l,u. Inanl-r,!.. I : . l ll. .1... .1 -1. ...... I. I.l ......... t l... .1 T....I-. , . . .- . i ni.. i .. . r -, v- l ihviiu'i i hi. vsniericHii neon e fin tins sut it-ct. i nave tracts tu icviisi ui it c 11 tics nave in-n at Mien rc- . " : J . .v.,sT.n"J u' l' n-"u e to the no nceuralo means of tUtcriiihiin bul hv nnncahna to ibiied raKs of i ompeniKtion n lo tncoursre Ihe I e- -H.OVER SEED, of prime nnality.for ssle by Hint motepimivdiatetrprc-cntsltn.. llnl tlut ifihcdcj.aiimtnt wa. icl.evt-J (rem txiitinglv,; n;l) H.M.GlDl'INGS tVCO. TAKE NOTICE. THE Subscribers are nbout making some Utltersnt arrangements in their business, anil would re niiest nil those having unsettled accounts to call and settle the same, nnd thoso whose notes have, become due that they must bo paid before the first of July. -.-ill t'fs- rrLU ivr,ti3u,v tv via i r.. Burlington, Jane 1, lBlt. 52. i,Mvi.i -. ",1 '",., "l"iisi r oi inopuiiiiu moneys miriiis nil; nit mi' - -- - ... i rnpu. anticipated by the redfnr the m-p of the Waf de;ariment addilmnal ap. elcnin ilton. Wha pii"iirtiiiiijn in ttir hiiiiiuiii m st,j i iiio & vis. ini- Kfpfs I'l lh Vuefetjiry of War, RltDLINOTON dBAIR F AO TORT, Li i.. ., cominuea tne . business of manufacturing Chairs at tho old stand, of' tho fol lowing descriptions: Curl. Mnplo Grecian, Cane Seat, Common Cane and Flag Seat, Large and Small Raised Scat Rocking, do do Com mon do, Common Dining, fee. Ac. All of which are warranled.a first rate article nnd will he sold at prices to corresponu wnn ine times. FEATHERS, AND FEATHER BEDS, HUADV MADE. Constantly on lianel, a supply of warranted Live Grrosn t-'.-ailirrs. which wilt tie sold low for cash. WANTED, by tho subteriber. Curl snd Birds Eye Maple, delivered at his shop In Church strcc t. opposite tne old npntv, iv. i. .si.i.stw.i Hurlington, judo i. isii. XtsD C.iDf) Starr. T P. WHALING & Co. nre now receivinc a full si and elegant assortment of goods suited to the season, such as French, English nnd American Prints, rainlca .Muslins and Lawns, Mouselirte (lo Lames, Challys, Silks for dresses and bounds, Lawn ami Silks for Shirred Hats, Black Lace Veils, Black s.:i: t : rsj 1:1; , v ei t nr. ijiurti r.neiiie 01 various nuaiiucs anu natirrn-. Swiss Muslin Edging and Inset lion, Catnbtic do. elo., Linen Cambric Hdkfs. French Worked Collars nf superior quality, Mourning do., Ladies Cravats ami lircssitdKis, ti-i Hint Shawls, moves of every qual ity, a general assortment of Hosier y, Bonnet and Cap uiooims, aupciiir i.egnorn ann ruin atraw unnnets, .enujr is orsieei ana raiterns. itmoreiiasand I'ara sols. Finally almost nnv 1111111? the Lidicsof llurliim tod may want can be found atfhe"NeWCash Store'1 on uncap aide. VIII MKIJUKKII'.S, sucn as teas, aucars. ivioiaascs erntus. Kiee. Ginger, Spices, elect almost any article that Farmers want. Also, an assortment ot (Jliutjiv.i'.Kl ANI) GLASS WARE. All the above named articles,together with many not t numerated, will be sold at a very low price for cash, Burlington, June 1, 1811. IIKEWlSE an additional supply of Fancy floods, J for Iddics Dresses, ChalW Silks, Alpines, Fi"'d (.awns, Muslins, Mnuslln dcLaiftrs, English cV . . - , .. . t s-.U. fi I., i? f. I i - rriniS ,'ll3u.silll Ulinwn, uiaii vi.i.if, landkctciefs, Fillet Shawl do. by LOVELY it HUHLBUT. French Dress II June 4, 1611. w.s cmity, tl Chmch i where ho smith Bit es. Hat six yean in Limit 07aUNSMXTHXNti, W HATCH would inform the in t habitants of Burlington and vi that he has opened a shop iu street, nt inn sum ot tim Hill.-. where ho intends to carry on the Gun iiusincss. in an us various, lalinrt hef-n rinnlni-pd Tnr ill. U.i vf-nrs it thr. stinn nf T. M rs-sau-ll .snsinghurch, (iintloubledlv lite hrsi pnop in ine ijniteti aiaies, ne net war ranted in offering his work to the public, lima 1 1Q1I liui iii i; iuii, mitj 1 1 idsi, PaUtetU and Dye StutTs" WHITl'.and Red Lead, dry and ground in Oif, Venetian Red, Yellow Ochre, Spanish Brown, and all other Psinfs s Also I.newood. Nic-m-ni- Pm.iIa r.......A.l .1. Lmwid, Lamp Oil, Varnishes, all of the best quality, just rcceivtil, snd far salt by ,'r,J, . . . R. MOODY. Purlins-ton, June I, 1641 LEMON SYltlJI': 1HE best quality of ibis article, and also that of X I' mo salad Uil are constantly kept at n31 THEO. A. PECK & CO S. CARDS. Ivory surfaced Printing Cards, assorted sues, also a variety uf Visiting Cards und Cases, Wulletts, Memorandum Books with Clasps, Port Fo lios, with and without locks. Drawing Pencils, liulel hblu Ink, Black and Red Ink Powder, Camels Hair Pencils, Glaus Motto Seals, India lull, Uold Hmd, Ivory and Wood Paper Folders, India Rubbers, Pen tviuves, etc. dc. tor sale clieep lor ready pay. llal H. llU.Ml.MjTU. Sign of tho Red Ledger, Cullcgc-st. ST U A HT'S CON I' I3CT I O N A It 1 US 1 TUST received a fresh supply, put up in neatest J style expressly for retailing, nai oy riircu. a. riisJiv. n PALM Leaves of the best quality, Palm Leaf Bon nets and Hats, Straw Uonueis Ribbons and arti ticials, by II. M. GIDDINGS iV Co. n.M'ER. A itood assortment of Can and Letter X Paper just received by the subscriber and will be sold (for Heady l'aij or thort Credits un bitter terms man ever uciuiu uucieu m mis siitnge.-. n-n H51 S. HUNTINGTON. Singn of the Red Ledger, Collfge-st. C:.irilfn Meeils. 1TROM the Yankee Farmer Office, Boston, of the . growth of 1310, for f ale by lpt!l il. J. UWUlfllliIl llolinn I'otatoes. T?OR SALE nt BO cts. a Buthel May 13. C. GOODRICH. Tt HUNT. TM1B storo next east of Mr. Braman's Book Store I i. it teivevu'nii'rti L on -wOIICgU Sircce. it, uriaiiiiiiiviiiii April V.i, mi. Charles .McCiien's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) t Tu nrol ntocourt DtsriwcT or e iitTTt.or.s-, s. ( - held at Uurl ng ton, within and for said di-trtct of Chittenden, e u tl.o 2ind elay of May, ISII. Anna MoEucn, ofHinc- bttrgh, in the county of Chittenden, tliiardian of Charles l. MeEuen, t'orneha S. .McEucn, and Caro line 1. Mcl'iien, minor children ol Charles Mcl.ucu, late cf mid Hinc-burgh, tlirca-eil, having h'cilfu s:i' I Court, 1 1 r petition, tu writing, selling I'orih lhat sa I Char'e.s D. ismiz(I in his own right in Ice of twenty-thret-acres nnd sixty-live rod of laud m said Htnes- 1 urgh, and one half of a snvv-iiull un I w.ver pnvt lege, pnrily on ,tid land, an 1 the -a.d Corned t S. is seized in her own rinhl m Ice of fifteen acres and for ty rods of land, in said IIinebiirgb, and ih it tlie mi I Caroline l.. tsseizesj in ner own rislit m lee it r.utr teeu acics and lifly-nnc rod.s e.f laud, lu said II no -burgh,! eing the s.tnie lands set out to them in t-ni y hy a comnmiee appoin'el hy -aid l ourl tf ri a en vis-ion of the e-tate of the k'aid Charles Mel.ocn, '- ceastsH, amrm: ihe heirs thereof j And tnat her wards areat-o seized in their own njnf m lie, is icn aufs m common, ol three equal undivu'cd f-"iir h rar's of the lollnwing t'e-eril ol land and tencuieu's, v z : twenty acrese-f land in Hint'sl-urghi and .wo-tli t-d. t t the hnii-e and the whole of the wood sl.ud unu n.- en iho vvi-t side of the road, west en -aid twenty a ic . and the land on which said two-thirds cf said liou-o und the whole ol said wool shed slaiu, atij ap rte llames thereof j I eing tkesamu land, tenements and prcmi-e's which wereset out to Anna Mitnen, w .ow of iho said Ch lrti's .MeEuen, tlcvea cd, un 'er ml or er of said pro' a'e couit, by a committee admitted y said court for purpoic, as her tlovver in ihe rca'l estate of sa id elivi'a-t'd ; which said laud and pretiu- se-i-s, so tt't out a the dower of the s.nJ vv low in sa -I real estate, are Miniivt lo Her Ills- i-ln'e tliercin j rci -rcn'ntin: lliata sale of all of said land-, terrciin nt & premise, would I e- I'onducne let ihe intvre-t if her sai.l wards, l.y nivesting the proceeds of mh it o.e ui other real estate, er puttiii'Tlhtt money nt inteie.-f, an t prayui!- sani conn tor lu-eiiseio sen all m 'ut war' s iiiie'rcst in s.tidland, iciienieiil!. and piemi c-i Where tpon thii Court afoivs.nd, iloiu r.j prttif tint 1 ph day of June, 1 3 1 1 , for hearing and tlrcid" in I petition, nt tho oilii'e i f the Itosister ofsa.l (. mirt hi said Ihiitiiigion, nndeloth o.-der lliatnlt pit- ns incr- e.stel, Is" notified ihcrceif, 1 y pul licalion of mis . i, lt containuiir the stihsiait-euf this pel itiun, thu wiH-Is siux'essiycly in Ihe Burlington r roe Press, n nwspit irr priniisl nt said fiii'Iineton, prevtuu-. twin. I Ilk dav of June, IS If. n'l ttiwn tindrr nv hall I. at sani f.urii'i-tnn. this ';riKt elay of .May, A,f. IS 11. vi .it. iii.-!iu., ue'i: tor John Matt's Estate. STATE OF Vfclt.MO.NT, I A T tr Probate district or CRAND isle, fs. 1 xm. Court hoh'ii nt my dwelling house in North Hercf, insrtid District on iho 4thdavof March A. l. 1811. Present the Hon. Joel Allen, Judgiyan Instrimiem puriiortniL' to le the lasi win nnu i I'stiiiitcni oi jellies .viv'ii, t.itc ui South Hero, in said District iliveasH.!,l.eingpre-entr.l lo Iho Court here by Ilti.ey Jtott, tno exevutrix therein named,for P'rulute, li is ordered by said Court, thai all persons i-iinceriicil herein 1 notified I m a session- ol mid Court, to be holden at my dvvcl-- ; ling-hmisc in said North Hero, on tne ai nay oi Juno next, at f o'clock iu Ihe atternoon.a Missweaeiso if any they hayeugamst tne proiuic oi scut .riu.auu for which purpose, tl Is further orderesj (hat n copy of live record of thn. order be nubhslusl three weeks successively in live llurlington Wee Press a nevvspn. ... nunrtnl m lliirltn-toii. in Chittenden cuutilv. as PRICES REDUCED! ! ! THE subscribers ha.e taken the Store formerly occupied by Geo. A. Conner ns a rrcc-ry s'ou. first door west uf B. Ilishop's Hotel, which1 hits In ell filled with n good assortment of DRY GOODS, wet nnd dry GROCERIES, AimVc, which were bought this spring in New York at low price, nnd will ba rold at a very small advance fioni erost for cash, pro bably lower idan can be purchased at nny nth r stand in town, as circumstances make it necessary that the goods be sold immediately. 'Tavern keepers nnd others wishing to purchase Liquorf, Loaf Sugar, Ac. vviilelo well to cull. JOSEPH HATCH, ) , . TRISTAM CONNER. "'i'""" Curlinglon, May IS, 2341. lWlNTIXti. subsrilcr letng fit past favors T'HE J. would respectfully solicit ii e-ciHimiance ot the same ami remind his Iricnds nud the p il-lu- ihat he is pre-pared to aiTommoilato ilu'in on 'he shor'c t nof-e and most favor-ible tcrm in Ihe yaiioiis branches m thealovc line. Shop oppM-nu .Mr. C. A. Seymour's Hat Store, Pearl-Mtcvt, Batlingli'ii, Vi. . ., , JAMES SCOTT. April 1, 1811. J,t,lv FOUND. oou ns may le. Ii51w3. fRniav be found in this village, direcilv opnosn- A tritecopy en itiwrti, ,'" Methodist Chapel, an OLD PAINT SHOP Attest, JOfcL AL1.L.N, Jislge. ' newly fitted up in good slyle, where th" .,r.i,r0"nr rrcmt'tirinitie .4 ,i J .1 xvhZ i-i nvvZ I ?,"bJ.?,'"J .'i0 on hm olli Ct0lUt !, m rl ""V"" " .,7,ii. id's-' I mm w"" cir patronage, . a mi, rwiri'i St nv'iitn SEED, a newt-jpplyat fintlfi H l!--tItnj'on, Ajrd Z. A O. SP WLDING

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