Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 11, 1841, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 11, 1841 Page 1
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NOT TUB GLORY O T C S A R BUT TUB WELFARE O T ROME. BY II. B. STACY. MKLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, JUNE ll, 1841. VOL. XV....N0. i. Grass s?ced nt S'i,.' l'cr ltiislu-1. A few bushels of very c!eni Grass Seed, for salo nl S'-,50 per bushel by IHCKOK & CATL1N. May (i, 1811. 0 Volt SALE. Nn Volioof Woiking Oxen nniily to Slay 4, 1911. HICKOK & CATLtN. C.n-iten Seed! of the growth of 1HI(. RAISED for mid put up by Joseph Hrocl; & Co., at the Seed Establishment connected with the New England Farmer Gdice, Hoston. Each sort if lal cllcd with Diicetioni fur itsctiliuri'. "The nbiivu Seed- lire of the growth of 1810, and I if the vol y IhM quality, being nn'scd by the inu.l ex perienced grower, e'Npiossly for this estiiblislinicnt t'uvpl ucli mrtn will not ripen tu ailviiiiliii in Ihiscnuulry, which are unpolled Ironi t lio lir-t Iiipiimj tu Europe.' A warcTof the great complaints, that have hitherto cxisteM in icg.nilto Seeds, anil ol the impor tance to iho Gardener, (.1 having sti'-h as e.ui I e le iieil ii'Oii,v cry e Ibrt li:i tii-i-n tn.iilu at this otahlsh lucul to r.n-c aii'l vend such only as will give ptrfc-i t .ilisfnction." II, SO Flower Seed-, a ctioiiv varie ty. Until H.ign, While Flat Turnip, Outage Carrot, Sugtr Heel, -e. above ill w linle-als anil letail hv April IS II. STRONGS &, C(). jOOUI?.S KiSSl-NCE Of LIKE. A Valuable iT.L Meiheine, which, if lightly npplkil, will lu the incausof saving thousands limn an untiiuily prut v. It Iwn mid ami ii-lM for thirty ycar, with siice-oss, itii.1 found cry ellicaeiuiis 'in the following ill-case's, viz. Conu.iiht'ioii, Whooping Conch, com- in in Coughs, Co'ib, ihtlienll Hicatliing, inlliiiiiz.i, ijiiinsy, Asthma, Phthisic, Spitting of lllnoil, I'latu lcncv, Ju-hgi'-tinn, Looseness of tho Rowels, Fits, of every k m l, Crump., Unkel, I olie, Catarrh, Dysen tery," Funiting, Hypochondriac Ah"cctions, IIcadiiehe, Sickncssat Stomach, .Mejle, a preventive of Con tagious diseases, Gout and Khcuiualisiti. Lj"'i he above Medicine is prepares! hy Henry Sey mour, ol'lluillev, Ma-, from Ihe Original liecinc. f-v ihoiluoelii'ii of said Moore, ami sold by lulu and llio . :.. .1 it- ... .. ... .i... i 'i.ii.biui.i.1. Sohlw-I ole-alo uiidieiml, hy '.l.'t. j. II. Pock Co nnil Tlieo. A. Peck iV. Co., Iluilingion, ami hy the dealers cehc'nllv throughout the country i- 1 PAtENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. f arlicleis too ttcll known to nceil connueii- -D- ilation atnl the cxpiricnec of i-etui years ha to the conimciuiil coiiiiuiiniiv, that for neeiuary, eoiiMiueiico and ilurahililv. tlu v are imrivallnl Coal anl scales to weiijh ironi'li to fi Ions. Donmut Warehouse ilo, to weyli from l-'i Hi. to :,000 Hi-., l'ortalilo ilo. to wcijth from 1 oz. to .'00 n. 1'nri.iliK-Counter ilu a newattiele to vtiijih from 1-2 oz. to 10 lbs. J. t J. II. Peck &. Co. Agents. llurltnston, S 1311. II. THOMAS. BJX53 leave re.peel fully to niniounee to the trailitiR nml liuine piihlie, that he ha opeiuil nn AUC TION AND COMMISSION STOUK, on College H., near the Court Hou-c Spia're, in his new anil eoniiuo ilioiw bloek of lltriek store.1-. Merchandize mid oroii- eity ol all kind, received on eouignnient, iind sold on comniNioii, either at piivntu sale or at auction, ns the con-iKiiee shall direct, on reasonable term.. A reasonable lulvaiiec will at nil tunes to luado on propei ty received, A union Sales on everv R.iturdav. nl ono o'clock. P. M. to commence ou thelirst Saturday in April next. Iliirllll'tlim. M;ir,.. 0". 1011. Cabinet Shop on Cntlln'H I.ane. DF.AR SIR: Permit mo to inform ounml others in your vicinity that I am still engaged in the UADIiNKT 11USINESS, and that skeiuno custom, any thitif! intny lino may bo bought of mcon as good terms as any where in this market. I ntn now Ironi various causes inakmy work cheaper than I ever did before! and all paying customers whether old or new I shall bo happy to see at the Ncw Shop, where no pains will he spared to give satisfaction. I. umber and Produce rce'd as usual and n little cah, (if ther? is any left in the country,) will bo found to do wonders a few rods cast ofCliurcli-st. 1). K. PANUUORN. llurlingtuu, January 11, IS 11. TO LUT. T"Mirc Dwelling House, comer of Maiden I.ano mid jl nan-street, apply to May 4, 1811. HICKOK CATI.IN. OA III N F.T WAU 13. The subscriber has rcsinii e I the Cabinet business at the old shop on Church street, formerly occupied byN'ieliols it Derrick, anil recently bv II. II. Walker, where lie intend s to manu facture and keep constantly on hand oil kinds of OAII INKT KURNITURU, of a style ami quality not iiuciiur(o any niauuiaeiurcu in mis ticumy. lie hopes his long experience, together with a strict atten tion to the business?, will secure him a eliareof the public patronage. 5'VANTUI in exchangefor Cabinet Work, Ilirrli nml .Maple Scantier, suitable for bedsteadsi basswooil plnnk, and boards front 1 inch to J inch ; white Pine bo.iriK Most kindsof country produce received in pavmciu, tout cash woulil lievcrvaceeptaiue.) l:uilingion,.Ian. 1,1811. SAMUEL NICHOLS llcwarc of Deception! I Tins frequently come to the knowledge of tho sub i. "ciihcr that empty Suull' Jars, ttith his Label on them, have bcen 1 ought up, for the purpose of selling in them an inferior ouahtv of Snull'! and. also, thathis Smill.hbcls hate in some instances been counterfeit ed, or the general design of the same so imitated as to e.-f-ily deceive theunwary ; he deems it, therefore, his iimy io niiorin purchasers ol the manner in it men thev me often imposed unon; and ho would hereby reijuct them to lear oll'or defaro the Labels ou the outsnie ot the jars alter Hating uisposeil ot tlio con lent", so as to nrevent further u-o of the same. A suitable rewind will be paid for such evidence as ..Oil ...I ... . I T ... r. . 1 ..... ... .. ..! ..... .. m n. uu loiueiiciceuoii ev, conviction oi uic uujiosicr. The subscriber continues to manufacture, and offers ior sale, me louwing articles KI.NT. IIKOW.V SNTIT. American Rnnpeo, Holland do iieiiuino .tlaccoboy, ) rose itmuiiiou no tniii'U Sicily do Malteso do Curacoa do USTATU Vim S.I.H, At.i cheat LV. hariiAin. Tlieiini'ii iclor oilers for sale ihe pie -noses in the tillage of Ihirliuglon, now occuied by 11. II. Stacy, us a dwelling i,M1M. iiriiiting otlicc unit reading loom 1 he ilenu-cs are coinenient for ii store unit ilwdling liouseor lor offices of almost an v ilcseription, and are situated in the centre of the nios't business part of ihe Mm ii. Kor term of sale and payinc-m, inipiire ofChatlis i.iismcii, ,-can si. i,urimgion, or A. I.. Uallin, of Or well Vi. IIP TAI1SS. Till' subscriber would reuiiui hisfriends Old thepubliu thatheoccuiics a loom in Church street, over Kern and Walker's sioic, it here lie will give lus personal at- trillion to Repairing t'loi ks of ciery ihs eripli'in. 'I'hosu' which have been in n-i iii.iny e irs liticil iii ill good stylo and Hindu to have the 'c of new. lie would al-o gite notice that he hiwre sunu'd hi- foiincr hnsiucs uf rtpaiiiug tt inches; all i tiiriM(f to lus care will he cantullv iciunid and warianltd. llav ing bcin engaged for twenty tears past hi miihingii- will as retiainug I nue Kccp- trit Is bis experience in ihe business will eiriluchihi louitcs'iiisiaelioii to tho-'1 w ho f.itor bun with n call. S, A few Clocks for s:ab', ou comtni"inn .1. N. DUNNING Ituiliugton, Oec 23, 110. M P ctmiiia: 1: itAitisiiu UAVlNu lured ilio Tavern btanil litelv oeciipiid by Mr. J. Potter, near the Court Houc in lliirlingion, will in all F limes, bo ready to accoiiunothiio I latellcr land others with I'o'iid.lo' nc and other aceounnoil.'itions in good slyle, nml no pains will bo spared on hi- part, to make them com forlable, and on the most reasonable Twins. Prici of singlo meals one aiuimig. liurliugton April 21th, IS 11 Tuberose, St. Omer, Strnsburg, COARSE liROWN S.NUl'l'. Demigros. Puro Virginia, liiubon, St. Domingo, Copenhagen, ni;i,r' YELLOW Scotch ) and r inc. High Tont. ) SWEET-SCENTED Natchitoches. I'rench Happen. American (lenlleinHn, Pure Spanish, L. .Mixture. SN'UI'K. Irish illackgiinrd ) or ? coarse Inh High Toast ) riNT.-CUT CHEWING Miff .MUSIC, AXI .MUSlCAli IXSTltTJ MIST. MR. MANN, has just iu- 'ciived from lies -.toil. ("11 COMIMIIS Ami,)asupplvof I New Music. .Mu- oal lntruinents, &c, which lie is auihuri.ed to sell at tho liittTitt Huston re'ail prices. The Music for the Pinio Torle consists of Songs, Glees, Duetts anil Trios, N'ewandbcaulilelM.irehcs, Uuicksteps, fial oiades, Wnltes, Dailies, and pieces with variations, sonic of tt h'u h arc tho latest publications of the Hos toullrigade and liras. Rands. ALSO A great tnriety of American, German, I'reue-h and English Musical Instruments, consisting of Hughs, Trumpets, I'reiieh Horns, llass, Tenorand Alto Trombones, It llat, Cand E Hat Clarionctls, Ger man Concert Klines,) from one to nine keys,) Klageo b us. Oelaic and Picolo Klutes and Kifes. Splendid liass Viols and Violins, elegant nml plain Violin mid liassViol I'.ows. Superior Roman iohn, llass Viol nod Guitar Stiiugs of every si.o and h Iter. Eugli.-di .in.) l.'ri'iii b Cl.inonett Reeds. Splendid I'rench Ac rordcons, Spanish Guitar?, ttith plain, and German .. i. ! ..; i.,....i.. i.,....,,...;.,,. ;.i, c...,. Olll.I J'.llllll IIS..... ...H..v,,.y,. ...... .... ills, Lessons, and Exercises for all the above, and otli r instruments, are now for salu at Mr, Mann's rest .1. in n few roi s norl b of the Lpiseopa Church, ill liiirhuglou, wheru lie respectfully unites customers lo gn e linn a call. Military Hands and Music Schools, furnished with jtlusie, .tlusical instruments, t,'iu rKciin, J jlrftt. at sboi t nolice. g-'j-l'IANO l'OI(Ti:S strung, nnJ tuned io. usual. liurungion, .lay , ibii. ia rouAcco. " Oronoko do do. KIN'E CIT S.MOKING TOIJACCO. Spvijish, Kitefoot, Canaster, ('oiumon. and Slenis. i-i. I i.k i.iiKii.i.Aun, jr. 12 Clialham Slietl. New York. March. 2311. 17.2m .1. it J. II. Peck if- Co., Agrnt, llurlington, Vt. jVO'I'ICi:. ;CT-J.Me.heiue is I est known by the 1 . cine, it perforins. i ii 1. Newton's P.inaiva. or I'.uilier ol the lllood." 'I he uupaiallcled and siilj iiu to isiiilt reputation which this mtshciue h.isaeiair ii I ihrouL'hoiit the New Eoaland State'-, and the many inc. it has pci lurmcd, and the ileinnud luaue for il ly llicailvice ofphysiciaii-wcll acipiaiiiloe with Us picp'ii.ttioii, ha- inn it-oil too proprieiiir lo t'Nteua its eir.iul.uiiHi io alino-t i'very town in the eastern s'a'c- mid the principal towns in the I uiteil Mates. Phis Pan. i. vis purilt tem'lal le,and is nol'd 1 y any oilier medicine eter oilercd to ihe illlici'd as 'it. eiicn.ite sul,. and great populaniy pkiinlf luove. Il ba within the last eiirhtivn mouths eoresl its ihou-auds ufihe inexi eibstin.ito diseases, as in lo proti'd by ccrlilic.iti's, and is pionouneed by ciiiiui'iit uii'l ti'spectable physicians the bi'st medicine in use. 1 cf il mfi rui.itiou lu.iy Is.' found m eirenlar.s eoiitaiiiimr i'i rlilicates ol cures and directions lor ta- kius: tin' medicine. Ihe rollou'inc appointed aire'nts. HiirliiiL-tou. .1. it .1. II. Peck and Co.. It. Moody Si Allans, Ciutis mid Ito-sil Milton, C. Drake .Miliiiii la s. .unici mill rs.iwvcr ttatervi e. I is i an 1 llrowii, lliuesbiiru'li, Hull and Cook l-'airf.ix, Parker and.M.itlielil l ersenne-, Ail.inis anil .Uuriny Cnuibridge', M. Wire I'lidcihill, M. C. Il.lrnoy Ninth l eiiisliiii'gh, 11, u. Wicker deorgi.i, A. 1th Wi Nsion. N. Clotienilen Itielinieniil. Given & Hlioli Johnson, G. I.. Warue'r and Co Moukton, Ethan ICPl.Ml'OltTANT CAlTI0N3pl It i n singular fact nr.donu iniicli leiTe regrcttiHl that vnliinblo Ine'dieines, n soon ns they I ee-oine pop nlnr, and hate receivetl Ihe test and approval ol a iliseriininalingpublic)nre.siire to boeouuterfeiletl, mid thus a bad anil spurious article is immeihnle'ly palmed upon tho unsuspecting for the genuine. Tins, has been notoriou-ly the ease villi all popular Irieil and truly valuable tncdie'tics for years past, null will probably continue to he the case for years lo I'Oine. Tho ba-o und eonleinptiblu counterfeit ill this way mennli l.nLi's nill':iiil:lirt. ol nil the. cthrtc nn.l ndver- lising iiscil by the proprietors of tho genuine article, logetlheir ini-iheines into use ami ot'serieii populari ty. It is Iherefoie not le.s theduly than it eoiitrihutes to the safely of every honest iiulividual inlhoeoni munity loeiiose, frown down, and forever after DIS TRUI.T nil HEARTLESS IMSKATEStvho thus irre- poniMv trifle wiih beallh and life. rirMmiiEKoiti: take noticrj-i There I. a person by the name of J. II. liOCIIE KORT, now engaged in selling a Pill done up in boxes inexact and perils'! imitation of the genuine INDIAN VEOETAI1I.E PILLS, with the omission ofonlyouo word on Ihe Hoxes viz. Wjik.iit. The Pills sold l.y this Roclu-fort ni-o evidently intended as n fraud nml iinposilioii upon the eoiiimuniiy, or I hey would not have been done up m such exact imitation of ihe gen tune. This person is tall blustering with n great the atrical swagirer. lie was recently known as a very poor plater in llalliinoie, under tho musical evgnoinen of , inn Hrotvli, and is nl out tweniy lite tears of age' It is almost beyond n doubt that fie is supplitsl with the Pills Ironi ii Drnggit firm in tin's city, w ho hate heretofore I sen notoriously eonncctisl Willi counter feit ine'dieines. As soon ns preiol is obliiinisl the foun tain he'iid of this nefarious business will becMioscd, that the community may slum theiu as they tveuld a serpent. IN THE MEAN TIME Tllfi PL'DLIC ARE CAUTIONED. against biiyiug WRIGHT'S Indian VEcnTil;l.r. I'rt.l.B of miyone who eloes not exhibit u oortilicatoef ayen- c- siL'iiisl by tho agent for the New England Stall's aim '.earing o.uc smco .lauuary la III. Also take par lieutar notice that the following wording Is on tho box es Wright's Indian Vege'tablePi'ls (Ind. Purgatite) of tho North American Collcnu of He-alth. The Indian Vegetable l'illt ma n ccrlain rurs fur dise'c in tin ctciy vaiiclyof fonti, brc.uiie liiey iho roiiiililt ricanee tuc sionincii .mil ouuels. inthicca pro per iliff louse by the Imigs, skin and kiilnc), and sti mulate the blood to piuify itdelf. In oilier wolds ilu.y open nil the ii.Hiir.ll iliniiis, and leate NATUKI the Urantl I'hyiician) nro lo dr'ne di.cnee fioui the body. The iibntc outlets, or dinin', lire the common sewers uf the bod), thiough nhii h all inoibiiland cor rupt liuiiiois (tuc C.UI.-0 ulitica.e) aic c.irneii ou , mio so long as lliey ate all kept open, and discharge frcelj thi'ir allotted poriious of iinpiiriiy, Ihe body will rim. liuuc in hc.ilih : bin u hen fioin caling iuipioper looil. Inc. ilhin iuipiuc sir, fiidden Iriin.iiiom Iruui licit In fold, otcr e-.hau."linn or any oilier rpne, ihe bouels ocroine cost lie, Hie pnie. ol die Ktu iirninio cuiseii, or ihukidiieia fill to pcifoim ihcii funciions prnpeily, l lie impurities iihirh shiintd bo drained linin I lie Loilj hy ihc.-c omlei'. ttill be retained, and rnutiniie lo nr.. ciiinill.ilc iinlil ihe bodi bccuines lileralli lo.uled tvilh dicisc. If ihe iImiuicIs of our inijhi riters "111111111 become blocked up, wonld not Ihe .icciiiniilaied iv.ileis find new oullels, or ihe cotinlry become iniindaled ' JuMfo uitli the Ihiiii.i ibmly; ill lie u.iiuial di.iins ho come closed, ihe sloeo oil ami rouiipl luunois tt ill find lent in the unions fonns ofdiVcise such as I'eter, Sin.tll Pox. Me.islcs. I(heunnli?ni. Gout. Apoplexy, Sic. or Dealh vtill eu l our t iifl'ci iu s. Theiefuic, when sickiiesd nt the stiunach, i.t!u- 111 ihe nutl Hide, ipurk pulfc, liiiriiinij fkin, or any oilier unpie.i i.inl Hviiinloiin. indicate one or more of the 11:1, lurul ibaiu. arc nol di-clMrgini ficely, lindlhc eonyti- iiition i. hIumii to ciiiuiuencc a siiuuiiie lor tin retoru lion of he.ilih, no lime should be lout in mlininisirring a feiv In i-k iloscv of ilm Indian rut gut lie lmtian 1 e actable I'iIIi.) II y eo doing, all lliu liinriions of ilir body 'till he lesloien 10 older, nut the font iuiiniirs (the chiisp of eveiy ion or p iiu tie FnlTei ) vt ill lie leinotcil in gocaiyiinil naiural a manner, 1 1111 1 1 lie body ttill be irsioieil a. if by 11 ch.iiiu. Tho nbute Pill, may lie litki'ii nt am. limes sod iiihIit all. cii- riun.i-inces, wiih peifeel s.ifety, They suit alt com plaints and all iigrs. and nre 10 I lie- hum in eon.liiiuion ns li.uil : ronfeijiipiiily 1 lie can timer tiyuie eten inc 11101H ilrlic.ue. Like our food, ihey aie iligesiibb", iheiefoie they ruler iaio the cirrul.ili'011 and imparl nn pupigytothe blood, mnrli eunliles it 10 fhiw tviili lire, doin unite to ihe extremities mid ciiiifCiiuently lo kri'i ihe pores ofihe skin open. Tliey 111c Hue and perfect purifieis of 1 lie- bluod : liscaii.p I hey drain all nniupi liuniors fioui thai life gitim: fluid, l'hcy imparl .irensih and viioi to ihp ubnle system, nml their' cf feci arcalway. beneficial : her. one Ihey only remote thu-e huinors 'iihich are opposed 10 health. I'liey aid and iinnrnie diyptiiun. iind Found sleep f.ilhm llieir inc : ocean. e ihey rlpaii.p the sium.ii Ii and bowels ol 1 HU8' 81 llll Illinium ml II 11 l. 11 ll I lliiJ ..nil . a. fir 1 lie nenou syieni, but p'iialy.e .ind weaken the ill eetiiiicorcaiij. In sliori lliey all tney eooi piopcrtiea thai can be elainied fur any medicine : and ins teiy lemarkauie, 11 is uticiiy iiupossiu c 10 i.e mem without ueiiPiu, "Pnei'Sa cents tier Mot, with full directions, Oilli and General Depot for the New England States, No, I'jSTrenionl Street, near Court stiect, lloslon. 1 he re'gularappointeu Agents e-aii ns i'tve'tiii'irsiip lies ol llio above noon ar Pills, as heietotoiv. Iiom 10 only olliceaud general depot tor tho New l-.nglau I State-, 'JS liemont street, lloslon. 1'e.llars or trav elling agents ato not nllowodtii'i'll tl.o genuine le-.'ctable Pill-, llicrelore never pnrclia-e Iroiu lliein. for II you do von will Is.' sine lo obtain auangeroii' 11 couuier en uriicii', si 1 Tnr.o. A. Pi: K it Co, Agents in Hurlinglnn, for the aleo tlii'lnihan teget.ilile Pills, al-o, tv . ll.UOLIxv Williston, 1 1. and A. lirmsinaui, liurlingtou. rpllE LION OK THE IMV.-NO Ct'RE NO J- PA VI The CJcniilnt! old Dutch or Citr- rillS.--HAVE VCUA COUGH! or CNNsUMt'Ttov evert lear in Ihe United Slates, nml million, sillier feom iroublesoino man Vegetable I'llls... Highly leeoninii'iulisl by euoiiiis uutieoiiis, inai eini u.i eiirini ny nr. .0. linen i'oci. iiiieniiuo nioii, .11. it. 01 i, 1 ,, anei others. eoi'k-s 1 egeiniiiu t trgui (.renin t ough Drops, n sate , 1 iu-i nre tho onicrs 1 Any one that does 1101 lui.l re- medicnl prescription, eontaing 110 poisemous drug, and I !icf from these pills the pneo is icfuuded back, the-i! are 1110 posinvu oroers 01 inc t'ropriclor 10 ngcnls ami other-!. In iilleriiiglhi'se pills to ihopubbe, I nppcal io,iueir iiiieuigi.iii.-i-, 11 uii'so puis uic 1101 w 11:11 nicy reeouimenilcil, you nre in duty bound out of re.pcit to yourself and community to rejeet lliein, mid publish lln-iii to the world as nu impeisitiuu, humbug mid luaekery. Thepublio niayluassuri'd lhevuie mirclv vi-ietable, Ihey are composesl of nine ingiislints, pari of tho niislicine is onlvfouud in Asia nml 111 (ho val leys of Germany. Kor convenience the-e exlracts aie made into pills nut will I found a sinecure or re lief for nil billious eompbiini. yellow nml billions feior, lever and nu'iie, jaundice, scarlet rash, billions eholio dispepsia, ite. It is not pretended that this iniviieincLs a euro lor nil licenses to which the liuiuiiii system is liable'. Ten lliou-nml useless eilorts bnvu Uen made to dratvfrom tho regions ol unknown fancy some long-spun llu-ory of Inugio art, which would cine eae-n nml etery ihhuI misheinu is not found in the fire or whirlwind. Health mid bnpplne-ss bang upon chance w uids.tiiu' is the hci-nld of truth. The past at lea-l is seenie: they hate nhi-ndy ini'scd 11 mouuluciit of their greatness w loch will defy Ihe 'oi rodnig tooth of time. N ono can I c Genuine without 1 tvraniier nnd dire-etioiis tin each box ou which my name is written at length. Sold wholesale and u lall by ihoiuliseril oral Glen's Kul., by A. I), it D. Sand II, and 100 Kiitlou l. and Ii. M. Meigs, South M.iaket st. Albany. Il.iuui it llawlcy, 2IU Siierst. l'roy, Gent'ial Agents forlhe state ol'New orl. MEKIH'IT GIill-I-IN. I'orsale by Win. Rhodes and E. II. Grtvu, Rich- luoiid; Morton it Clark, and I), ii I). S. Latlnop, Williston j IlagareV Coni.toek, Shelbiiru i ll.Stiinlou, l-.ssex ! l.e-o. II. u.ikes, aim All-ert Harney. Jericho: .1. R. Hurlbut, Westliirdl J. II. Harm's, Charlotte- R .Alois 1 anil ijeo. 1'elcr.on. II111 ; nml l.y J. lililG'GS, lliirliugloii, Agent lor Chilleudeii Co., where onlj-Ageuls can I e stipplietl nl wiiolesaiepnces. T HC AT l-J 10,000 mr. Usui in nn extensive prnetict) for severnl t ears will inot positively nllord iclie-f, and save you' fiom that awful tlisi'itce, pulmonary consumption, usually swetvps into tho grave hiiimrciln efthe young, the old, the fair, Ihe lovely ami the L'ay, Have you n cough ? lie Persuadeil to purchase n botlle ol (he Cough Diops lo-d.iy! To-inonoty may be loo late. Have you 11 eough! Dr. Ililcecok's Vegetable Virgin Cream Cough i,rops is ttie only rcincnv vou shouiii take to cine you. Kor thisplnig reason. That in iiooncofihenhiiiisnnd eases wbe'ro it has I e'en u-od has it lailesl lo n-lievu Priee Tacents per bollle. Kor sale", whole-ale nml lte tail, by A. lHTCIICOt'Iv it CO. No. 1 17 tiene-ee si., 111 ten, .x. 1 . Ami iy ttieir ngents iiuoiigiioui tnu t'nittsl Stales. In llurlington, by J. it J. II. Peck it Co., Thco. A. Peek it Co. In Veigenncs, bv J. II. Itownian. In Milton, by Unmet it Sawyer. In Geor gia, hy Lorenzo Janes. nu.2 INtlIIIIt.i:.vVSK TIIOSH WHO KNOW. Thii.e mil) who know by tual ur iiniuedbile nbsri intion, can foim liny idea ufihe efleeis. nfllie peilect relief, nfllie almost rh.11111.tikp chips effected in caps ol'ilio, liltr.UMATisM, all S wei, t.isos, nml all l'AS, 110 noitier how setere, by the uc of liajs' Liniiucm. Kind one ttho hat iijed it "ill not laud it nbotc alllhiugs eter iited, mid )on ttill Iind what cannot be found. irZ7l'or Ihe leliefol rufTt-r-ing hum.iii beings who maj bo tifllicicd, I beg joti In 11. k nik of thoe who know tu-k llip. Hon, At. Finn CoMtLl.i, IJ. S. Judge for ibdriel, rejidin; ncai Allbuillj usk MATTlltvy J, .MvKKS, Emj. Athens, N, V ; uk Ueu. Uukf Glints', hue of Vt uthim'toii rily, each uf (he's eulletnen know of cares uuconnei able hi, all oilier remedies or phji-ieinus, thou-ili nicd furiniiT near., Intte bum ciiied by the ufu ufthu genuine 7nty' Liniment, Tli uissnd. ofolhor prisonii know similar cute. We appeal 10 llieir sense uf jus., lite llieir human feelings, jcjll i hut duij jon one 10 tour suffering fellutt-heiiii. lo let remedt be known. Speak of il then to all jour fi ic.ids This will sate much pain wheie the nctt'papcrs are unl lead, or where leaders hip incredulous, hccnmicsn .my itorllilfi.s anictes aie inltcril.eil Inr Hie eaine purpose. I u bti)er.s we say, il u II who liatp Iiiei1 it on nut say it Is op)oml uu prAi.p, liie-n 00 1101 iuks 11. The piopi iciui will not allow this article to bp p'lid fui miles. 11 cuics,wlien nil ihe iliicctiiuis iiiefiilly follntt ed. Wilt ant one sulTerini! rt fu?e nuw lo trt it Ifbe Iops, he 011 'lit to bp pitud mole his filmtinaey than hin'tifleriug. StTTtlr, Hats would neter eon-eni to offer ibis nitiele, weie he 1101 compelled by his eengeof moral ol religion, unit to do all in Ins power lor Hie ticiiuis of ibsiiess ami nii-i ry. l or tins purpose lie would soiiiu-r iletole a foinuip, sprtue a itnllar lur woilhlpss nitiele. itlr.OOA Our. boinc stiinilleis ban coiuiici felled lies miictr, mid pui il tu nil various deuces. Do tint he imposed upon, line lliing nnly will proieet yon 11 is the 11:1 me of Com-foi h Lo ; Hint name must on alnuis oil hip winpper, 01 )nu me rticaicil. Ilu 1101 lurgct it. lake lui.iiuee lion wiih ton il le-l by llul, or never buy ; foi il i impossible lor any other 10 0c true 01 genuine. SOLOMON HAYS. Sold lit Comstock iS' Co. 71 Maiden Lnne, N. Voik. PIIEO. A. PECK it Co. Whules-'lu Alp-ills lur the Stale of Veinioni. TO Till': It A 1. 11.11 1: A II i: I) .V, OT1 1 1: US l) nut know a iieighbur era ftieiul who has Siuiili liakcrslield, Ariiiinglon and I Kair- hclil, llnrnct ami furnsworth. CATAIIH1I SSUF1'. Tlf ARSIIALL'S SNUEK, is still ciiringlhe Catarrh XTJLanil the various ili-ci-c? 01 tlii, a. well as eireeyes. Iu all partsof the country; and sustainiu? Ihe reiiulatioii whieli it has long sinie gained, ul being absolutely the l-osl article of the kind iu the m.iikct. l-.,icli botlle enntnins three tune-, the quantity of one I Iho-o whi.-li 1110 olferetl at "ONLY TWENTY 1"IE CENTS." And is therefore a much cheaper, as well us l-ctter article, j orsaieiiy J. eV. J, II. I'I'.UIt. lY 1,0. THEO. A. I'KChT & Co. und Dn. itonr. MOODY. Ihuluigton, Jan. '22, 1811. ly.f.lS iriNimtv sash 7 Just rrceive-l 13,211 aim a I 7 ny o.menls ol sash, a first rate article 111 31 am) 31 cents per light J 11N11 nil kinds midsize., tnrni-hi-l lo order. Ticondcrogn black lead, a lirl rate article, for ale very low, togeihcr wnl; a variety ol other urn ns cheap as un le fuiiinl al any ol her establish I in 1 ho place. "r.u. 1 t.u.ira. SINGLE. DOUHLE. U.MH1LICAL. HI AUSII ALL'S conlinni's unrivalled ns III. sireiigihcning I'LASTER: Also, fur lihciiinu Ii-iii, l.aiueiiess or pains 111 the snles, lunhs or Pack for scrofulous swellnig. scurvy sore's, fresh wound' 111 Corn general I- .11111 v Phisier or salve, lor Corns, iiioreoter try it; pate close, per-evt loin tho 110 ny luakiiiga new application oe-c.isiuuaiiy, ami ill nine your coins will Po eiireei. for sale ny t r t ii ii..l- r. ... .1. (V. J 1 11. I r.v. rs ec v.u. THEO. A. PECK & Co. nnd Dr. ROUT. MOODY. llurlington, Jan. 22, 1811. Iy.f.18 C5NU J lliii-hci-k'.s ne'Wlv inventisl Suu'flho li'-t arli ele eter ihstiivered by seientilii: lucii, in Europe or America, roriiieciuo nun aosoiuie reiiei 01 i.aiuirn lliTzinos-. of the Head. Weak Evi's, Neivous Head aches, I-alien Sie-kncs, fits, nnd Int. lilts troubletl with Snultie., partial shocks 01 raisy, eve, rorsaie whole-ale nml retail, by A. HITCHCOCK gi Co., sole rii.pnetor. No. 117 Genesee tt. I'tiea, nnd by their ugeuis throitglioui the Union. In Hurlinglnn, J, it J, 11. reck u i;o. 111 le-rgenncs, ny J. 11, nowinan. In Milton, by Hurnetl itSatvyer, In Georgia, by Lo- renzo. lanes. I IfT roi-'dn supplorMar.hVctU-hratislTnis'es l every ili''Ly the do"!! or .ingle O.-l. 10,1810. ii.THEO. A. PECK etCf). Siguof iho Mortar. l r'-nEHiiirmgiouHRI-.yEia'bns 1 now conioieticfil hun'mrss. nnd Will huvo new llrtr in a few davs. . win null orders will bo punctually Hiulmjiou, Sipt. mio- '(JEO. PETERSON'. JUST RECEIVED from New York, the bestns I sortuieut of lliui-k, llluo Hlack, Hrown, Invisible uti.1.11 uiiu iii.iui i.iiiaiiu IIROA IICI.OTII S, Hlack, r.luc Hlack mid Drab CASSIMERES AND DOE SKINS, (holiest of Plain and l-'igured SATIN'S, Vclict. Valencia and Marscills VESTINT.s. ami Triiutnings of all kinks, ever beforo olferetl in the innrket, which will ho sold very low for tho Ready Pay, nl their shop in Church-street, laiely occupied byE. E. Evans, where all orders will be executed in the best stylo and on Hie shortest notice. Ill'JWJ U. lll',.i it SDN. ;or,l JINNEY will I o aiien. for siea ly, industrious men. Einpureof the snl s''iil crs IlUH.ll I, t Itl.l.l.l'.ll. Hjilliigioii, April 25, 1811. MOl'KAT'S VEU1-.TAIII.E Mi l-; JIEDICLMIS. These inedieines aie iiielebteil for their name to their manifest and sensible action iu purifying ihe spruigsand channels of life, and enduing lliein w-ilh rene-wi'ii time ami vigor, luiuauv iuuhocii ct-riuusi -n-cswlucli have lucu ui.ulo piuiic, ami 111 utmost neeie ol i hspaso lo w uen l he liuiuau iraiuo 1 liable, tho happy elects of Moffat's I.iii: 1'ili.- ano iITTi.ns hate leeu greallullyanil pul.tic y aeknowlislged by the per-ons bcni'lilliil, und whu wort' piet'ioiisty miacquaimi-ii wun ineneauiiiiiuypiu losophical principle's upon which they lire-compound upon wlueli iiieveonsequeiuiy aci. Tim LIKE MEDICINES recoinmcud themselves liie:i.e of everv lorm and tle-eruuion. I heir ir mier.-iiiiiii is lo 'ooscii ironi tho coats ol uu stomal ii ml bowels, the various impurities and crudities con standi settling around them; and torvninve the bar dolled f.u-es wlueli collect ill the convolutions of the smallest intc-tine.. Oilier iiuHicmtN only partially c eaiisetht-e, and leave such collevled mas-es l elu'iul as to proiiiiee cosiiveucss, m-iiu hii us iniiu evils, tuarrinea, won us uiiiiuiiciii tiagt-r-Tlii fact is well known lo all regular anatonn. whoc'xaiuiiK'thi'liniiiaii liowtlsiilicriiciilh ; ami hem Ihe prepidice of those well inloriiitst men ngauist imi.ii in. ..I..-. tie. or medicines prepared and hcrahfed I Ihe public bv ignoianl person.. The stvoud eflivi t the Life Me hemes is to cleanse tho kidneys and ll blad.ltr, nnd bythis means, ilu'literaiidlheliiugsjihc healilifulaciiou of itliiclieiiliieiyiiepeiuisiipou Hie re gul.irily of thu in mar organs. The bloul, 'which takes us red color fiom tho agency of the liver and llu lungs befoie il paes into the heart, I cing llnis punlicd by them, mid nourished by food coming fiom a (Jean stomach, eour-es freely through the veins, renews every part of the system, and Iriuniph.inily uiouiils Iho banner of health m Ihe blooming cheek.'s Vegelablt' Lile Mctlicines haiu Uen llior ouglily icled, and pronounced n sovereign rrinvtly fur Ily.pcpsia, Klntnlency, Palpitation of ihe He'art, Los of Appetite, Heart-burn nnd Head-aelif, Itesllessness, lll.ienioer. Anxiety. Languor nnd Melancholy. Cos. Iiveness, Diarrhu-a, Cholera, levers of nil kinds, Hncuinatiiu, Gom, Dropsies ol nil kinds, Grand, Worms, Asthma and Consumption, Scurvy' Ulcers' Inveterate Sores, Scorbiitio Eruptions and Had Com plexions, l.ruplivo complaints, sauow, i louny, ami oiherih'agiteablo Coinpleion-, Salt lihciun, Kry.ip elas, ('iiiiunon Colds and lulbicuz.i,and v.iiioiis other complaints which aillui ihchumau frame, Iu l i.n n ailil AI.eE, pal lieuiaiiy, iiiei.ut' ..iciiiciue-s nail- I been Hald, and whose head is nowiolfird wild fine ban One ttlinsp roal collar nus coieieil Willi tlan bud', iIkuibIi biii-hi'd eterv hour which ha. nntt van lied rnliielt I Ur one tiho.p linns tit edi I) ugp neie uu- iiug grey, who now lus not ti grey I syliililien

iiu.p heads were cuteieil wuli sciut, wlinse hair 'oiilst not crow, that are nnw crowins 1 lie fullesl nops fl.aii I Some cases inu.l be known lo iiinsl peisou. k lliein I lie pause, and ton will lie told ihe.e things hate been done by ihe use of ihe Jlalm of Co lumbia. Of 20 yeaie jjrnHlh is this ntiicle, il. demand iiitucasMig pimle linmhcd per cenl. lliough lieu tliseuteietl unl opposed liy nuitlutig lor the samp purpose, now assailiil by iilmosl niuubei le.s musliroiin ira.h pieparaiion. thai will iniii tin ban if u-t-il lo ant extent. Can mure Ihau ilie-e lacis he w.iiui-il ipler lo the lecnunnPlidallons byn list ofnaines of icsprcia. uliit,mit'iisallpil lie an) oiliei article. L.onk lo Hie.c things buy this article. Stay and present: tour h hi by ii lle, or if b.ild leslore il. Lndii-s, atlt-iid Iu litis hundred in f.i.hion.ibtu life me using il as the oul) article rrallv fit for thn loilel. Long h.iiri. tei) npl lo fall out. L.l-ties, iii-e llip Halm ol (.utiiuibia lu lime lo sate ttnuse'tcfl ihe ibsutacc of bakbie.s by lu-glect f your pet sous, III. tour dutv, as nun sbsts to , tie- serte the bciiuips of n.iiure, willi tttiie-h a boiuuifiil Cicitor ha. eiiiloti ed ton ; use the Halm, for il ttill do il. CAUTION TO HE 111. It 1. M III.K 1.1). Srteial nin.i ll ipr oil iiiiempis b no been made to iiiuiei feil the tun Halm of Columbia. Sump ol ihe a ipostei s haip gotie so .is io I'uuiitcrfeit I lie Fiden li i wi.ippeis, ami ihe Kails of ,'i.ifat a, nml etery ex final maiKcxcepI tlicnanli' ol l.oiu-li)Lk, ttlilcli Ihei dare nol fotcp. To aiold impu.ili.ins llieiefiup, nl- ways look foi the name in i ouislot k u Lo. or I.. S Comslmk, and never buy ihe article unless it h.n llial nntiip upon it Sold wholesale ami mail, nntr ut Io. 71 .il n ii ten l.ane, i, v. I new. A. ir.ui tv co. Wholesale Ag( ins fur the Slnto of Veinioni le JCF'DK. CJOIIDAK'S ItlKDH'llV KS.CU Dll tiOKDAK'S Jelly ol Pomegranate and Peruvi an Pill for Dvspepsy, Ncrtous Ilcndaehe, Pal i.latiou oi the ncarl, luiermii ami i.xterual Humors, Hid all iiupiii ilit's of the Mood, Iceland Jelly for Ihe relief and cure of consumption. Pulmonary Jell V for coughs, cotits, spitiuig ol ihoihi, noar-eness it: I'm sun Lmaineut nud Luiamcnt OiiislcldtK'for Itheiina tisiu, Physical Dropsf Coloiubo Drops, Salt Khciiin Oiulineiit, I'lle Ointment, Siie'iiglheumg Phuter, und iorn nun uu i-uisier. The abuio celebraied mcdicmos picpared entirely li-oin vegetables by Dr. Wm.,, im-d no other ivcconuucnd.tiion ihan th-tt they have been before'tlu- public fourteen years, giving .satisfaction to till who llltl c lsi n iiil-iii,-iii.i) i u nun ui I'.v.-s.t ev. n.t 1 .Mii.-so, WoihIsIooI;, Vt. ' Gen'l .gcut-, Sold nlso. by .1 P Strong. Quirhis-: J I.' Ilrooks, White Ititei ;' Win. II Steel & Co., We-t Ilaillord Wor-ter Downer Sharon; Downer it Novi-n, Itoy allon : .1 Wheat. Hethcl, 1-. C Holme., We i lean.b.l; .1 11 Dauforlh. Hranard ; S ilelLuap. Ea-i H.I nl; N Snow, PomfrcijE M & A SStis-kcrnnd Gove it Shaw, Ilarllaiiil; Sluslil it Haines, Ptrkmsvillr; Hrowu it Aiiisdeii, Kelchville; A it II Wnnlner, Windsor, A M.u-sh, lliid2ewittor,SSit FT Wheeler, Plynioiilh; und at llaudoct., ltes-he-ter, Gr.iiultilh', Noithtield, Moiitpelier,Middleliuiy, Vergcniie-s, and hi most of the principle lowns in ihe State. A Suppjy of the above ineibenies just received and for sale by ROIIEliT MOODY, February, 1811. (fim) Druggist, llurlington, Vt Abljali Allen"! estate. STATE 01" VERMONT, ) DmiiiIct or CniTTi-.sni.N s, j DEXTER PLACE, Adiniuistr.i Or, with tin: till' annexed of Ihe iM.Uoif AHIJAII ALLEN, hue of Shelburne. iu s!iidihstrict,iircea-ed, having fdesl in said court hi. peiiiioi, m writing, setting luiib ili.-it tin claims allutveel I y Ihe'commissiouers uguiust -ul e tatt, niuouul 10113, 10; lliat ihe expenses of u .imii Isteriirg saideslateeannol I e less than KID ; that t lit said testator left no personal elate, and that he tin I seized of about iliree ar-res and thirty roll of lam' situatu iu said Shelburni', with il house and wood .- hi I slmi'ling thereon, which land is iinuu-umlcre'd, thai the 'iiiilti'snlorhid, previous to his death, eonirac'e ' with one Chauncey Lyon, Inr about livoncres i f land, for u Inch hi pay SI50 and receive a deed i said live acres, when he should hate paid then-f -r ; that previous n, lusdcathlie had paid sa.d Lyon low-aids said land, und thai the imder-iguul had, -inceiiieiii'.iihol the said testator paid Ihe s,ud Ly m lliel nliim-f due for Mild last ineiitu nod land, for'tl benelil oI'Minlo-tale, nnd iira ing ihe snuleeuirt to i cense bun, the stud Administrator, to -ell the intcre'i 111' s:i lil le-liilnr ... .....1 ll,-.. . . .1' I..M.I I i ?.A. L 's STERRY'S HAIR REGENE- other real esintL".,fi hesm, r nT:. I ,;. , . KAIOR. Dr. Slcrrv, after much cllentioii to the Kurt in n v il... .l..t i. i .. i .i important subject of preserving thu hnir. has, after pen-es of udministiniion. " un iy experiincnts ilicinical anil physical lui ti i ante W hereupon the court ufore-aid doth appoint il., lo thscoicr and article ttliit-h ts now tillered with the se,.,,.,, Wisln....lni. ,., I ii. : . i .' ' greatest t onliili nee for the toilet ns the thingeter ilecidnigon said petition, al the oilli'e of ihe I', " l'cr (suovereil, lor, forilssoficiiui'iand nenctr:itui"iiuahtv oi'snid conn in it,t. ...... .. ...i .i. .i i toiirodur-i'ngood head of hair lo pi event it from I tit-u ihereof ln-giveu lo nlfpersuns mler,.sie"l 1 1' i,.,l ' DOCT. MA1IH1IAM.-S Aromatic, C.itiinh nnd llendache SNU1T, This Snull is superior to any thing til known, for lemoving lliat Iroublcsome dis ease, the Catarrh, and alo u cold in tlm Lead, and Ihe hcadae he'. It opens and purges out nil obsi notions, slicugl hens he gl.iliil-,nni gill's a hcallliy action to Ihe pails ulleeloJ. ll is pe i fee Hy free from any tiling dele terious ni Us composition tins a i lea-ant flavor, and Its iiuintsli.iieellecr, after I eing is abgreeabfe. Price II 7 ecu Is per bottle. Doct. Marshall's Vegeliiblelndianlllnck PLASTER. Ibis Plaster is unrivallesl li ip curing scrofulous swel lings, Seuriy Soies, Lame Hack, und Krc'sh Wounds ; puuis tu Ihe -ii les, inps nun i.milis; nml se-liloiu l.nls to give relief iu local ltheiiiiiali-in-. If appb'esl to the side,il will cure many of Ihecommon Liter Complaint.; and is eiunl, if not superior, to any ilung in u.e for corns on lliufecP, the t irtues of tin's Pl.i.ter hateleen witnessed l.y thousands of individuals in the United Stale-, who i. iilicaey. Sold by Iho pro- prieior ; i na. iiowcn, m leoury, 1 1., uim iiif-o. A . b. I. v., 1 llfcl. 1 J HA I It! 1IA1H !.--l!AI,l)i;sS. Inipin .tiint I)Isi'ovcr -Hie !reat Alyxlrrr foiiiul falling iilf w hen baldncsais apprehe nded-lo restore lication ol this order containing th sub.mnci'V.f la ii in ii I..IIUIICSS mis i.iheo piace, anii io lueseiu u petuioii niree weeks mcccssnei), j,, ihe Hurliuei tiwiii n.i.iiiiijm.ij. ii ii limine inniii.-iiuu; nun. .u 11 reo ires-, il iu:wpu per prmtesl in sm, Iiu, in iiinluni, nntuiue oil, or Cologne water. It is a bc-auli- iu thc co.inly ol Chittenden, previous to tin., said no 111 1 icte. tur i.uiie-a cuiis it iiiaite s i in- iniir smt uim i ouu t eune'-nay ol June, la 1 1. i. t-. l l urn, ir'i-s tine. minim, i.n eiiiei-. i linns. I i;i..,i i. ...... I. tinds have tested its superior virtues and excellence, nnd in every instance it stnnds unrivalled. It is nn infallible cure in all ullections of thu skin ou tho head as dandrutV, etc. tic. Every family should be sup plied with a bottloof Ibis nil, that by its upplieation lo the head anil hair of children, tho bcautilul and or nmiiental appendage of a fine head of haic. which ni lure has supplied us may be preserved. Ktom lhc tievcased, uiiiue-iousceriiiicaies u mi reeoiuuieuoaiioiis receivco Given und. t my h i ml nt lint linnlim i'i. ..i,1 .1,..-,, tin', lath day of May, loll. - ' --n WM. WESTON, IteSUtcr. STATE OP VERMONT) The Prolate Courl District nf Chittenden, ss. J fordistntt of I bu lendeii ; To i ll persons concerned iu tho Estate t AHIJAII ALLEN, Iaio of Sheibiirne, in siii I Di-trn-l, UHI.f.TlNG. of its sihilaryiiilluenec. the Doctor feels firmly per- TITIIEI'EAS, Dexter Place, .iduuiiisirntor wiih llu producing nn article which H will annexed of the ejuto of said il.-ee.iid ii iiib pcopo-es tu runner nn iievotiut 1 1 his nilinimsii.i'Miti IV!W stllblislllllitiil. T P. WHALING CO. inforin the public that J. they hate locnted llieinselvcs in the village of llurhnglou, and have titled up a store on the cist side of Church street, which may well bo uYnnminnlci! "Cheap-side." nearly onnosiio the bank of llurling ton, anil are rceeiting from New York a choice selec tion ol gooels well suili-il to the season, wlueli lliey oiler for'salc astute tiscan tciurciustt in thccnuntri, fur ready jmy. Among their goods may be found beaver and broadcloths, cassimeres, satinets, tlatiuels, merinos, uiousliuc tic laincs ,tc. A choice selection. also of French, English and Ainciiean prints, oual, ui least, la any in isuritnumn. . general assort ment of cainbrics, muslins, plain nnd figured, edgings, inserting), blond laces, ie. A great tariclv of shawl., and dress handkerchiefs, lailu-s gloves and hose, wttli a good supply of bltaclted and unbleached doimstie goods. Also a good supply of crockiry, of the latest patnrns. with a few elegant antral pallor lamps; and finally, a few choice family groceries, sucji ns leas, sugars, molasses, conev, ncc, raisins, ury iisu, iouuc ni. latno ot s. a.c. We do not tin tend to specify all the kinds, lo say nothing of the innneious articles of which each kind is conipo-cd; but suffice it to say, that the assortment wi icloiiuil ocoiitaiu uosi oi i uc an Hits waimu iu the country: and those lliat fator us with their custom will bo entirely rehe'ted from tho t'Miiniiiation of old goo Is, or remnants. Our entire stuck is new, nnd fresh from the inaiket, and has Pten selected Willi the greatest possible cat c, with reference: lo the wants, comforts and benefit of the people. Hut we do not w is i t o- ou ihe. in aku our worn in tins uiaiicr. oui most cordially in ilo than lo call and examine for themselves. Hurlinglon, Nov. 2d, 1310. siiaded he has succecdid in t will meet the desired wishes and niiiirohation ilublie. Kor sale wholesale and retail by A. HITCH- COO k it Co. 117 Genesee st. Ullea, N. . In Uur i linglon, by J. J. II. PECK it Co. and THEO. A P l-'.t 'K it Co. Hownuin. Ill Milton, by Hurnet it Sawyer. In Georgia, by Loren zo Junes WHII3IS, WOR.1IS.-Dn. M. lllTenci rk'. uurivallisl and niic-piallcd WORM TEA, a sovcicign rcrne-dy for Worms. Struuge nn.l luciesh I lo are the elis'-ts of ihe-e detestable termni; few persons, and it isthoughl iioueuieliet'lioiniliein, par ticularly females and children. Muny persons go llirougli a thstri-ssing t-ourst of tnciheuie without h leneht. when ihet mielil I,, rebelp.l l.l o-iiil. ihe We i Hauiliilp'h; i Woiin Tea. Tim 'invaluable inisli. iue ha- hce'iile'stcd by the i-xpt-ricnce ol more than leu je.irs use, and luiuiisieresl to uioie than lo.lMKI per-eiiis ol various , nud not tme solitmy eompl.iint ; on theet'iiliuiy iinihciis nave t-:i tsi. am imso ici tsi. given their tic- ideil picfercncc lo il. nl'ier living the di ierent nrlieles . . .1 .. .i . . 1 1 . . .. i i i. si ii.-. ..i. in loriu io ine piii-ic, nun proiiounceti it. .o. tin. ii ick's Worm Tea the most snfc, ellcctnal, and con venient remedy ih.u can 1 o obtaiueil ; for iu no one of te oi ui-iam-cs w here it lias i ecu o-tsi giee-able to Ihe printed directions has it eierlailtsl, N.H. Ask for Dr. M. lliu hcoek's Wt r.M'IV.t, atheie nc many nostrums abroad lorlhe'ileslruelii not wornis ale who c-alu and rctni bv A. II TCIll OUK it CO., so'e tirotirietors, 1 17 (M-ne-ee stiect, I'lu-n, and by tlie-r agents throughout the Union. In Hiirlington by J. it J. II. Peck it Co., nud Thco. A. Peck tt Co., In Vtrgtnnes, ny J. ll. iiowiuan. in .union, ot and present bis account against said tstate h,r esui.i- inatiou and allowance ut a ses.iiu, of Iho Ctnnl u Probale, lo lo holtleii al the llegi-tui - otlice in IJur- luigon,ou tho scvond itislne-ilay uf Juno next. I m.Ri-.i-oiu:, you niehcieby hotilitsl to nppc ir be n n-sain conn ui iue nine nnci place atnio-.ini, am., il any you have, why the account uO'ic s.i id -hould not le allowed. liiveil mliltr lilt hand nt snnl Itmbnirtnn ill ui 1 tlayol -May, A. D. 1511. nil) tt Jl. tt i:siun, Iffjitcr. I, umbel- Waggons, n new Lumber Waggons for sale by May 3, HICKOK iv. CATI.IV inol enunently Miccessfiil ; so liuich so that lu tho I'eter and Agiie'ibslricts, Physicians iilmosl unit crs.illy in e.enl s lln'lll. All that Mr. Modiit risiuireof his iatients is in Is. parlicular in taking tlm Life Medicine, strictly accor- 11 is ni'i .i ii. sp.tper ntaitt , IXTAN'THU inuneiliatily. Two IV SPIN.M-'.II-s, constant i-inploy WAOItM I.OZHNOHS,..TIn. valuable arlide is t l.l i v establishing Use I, as ihe bust iiieilieiiie for that painful and sometimes fatal complaint in l lul- tlicn, the worm. At tvnoit'siue nun renin ny Jan. I, 1811. TIIEO.A.PECKrVCo. 40 I'tHVU If. hegfi Ht.isluig Pou-dei by. STRONG S &Co. ,lin It. 1 1 ... direction or by anything lliel he lum-elfnnysny in their fivor, III. I lit', Hopes to glllll Croon. J.l i. ui.-uv i.y lliu ivsuu ol It fair .MOKI' VISS MKIIITAI. .MA.M Al.l ite'slgllcil Us a doine-iio guideto beallh This I ill I pamphlet, cl'ltsl,, 27." Hro.ubiay, New 1 orlf, lias leeu tun iisiic'i lor 1 no purpose nt explaining uinrcituiy -or. Mobil's theory ol diseases, nud will lo loimd highly interesting lo persons n-eking beallh. ll I reals upon preyaleuliliM'ast'., and iho causes thcicof. Price, 25 cents for sale by Mr' Agents gcnci idly. The-e Valuable Medicines iue lor sale by Itobcil Moisly Druggi't. if. General agent, (to whom all ap plication's lor agencies should beaddiessetl, posl niid) liirimgion, 1 1. Jan. iioii SPERM CANDLES. Kinglaud's tlarilieil sncrm candles, No. 1. Al-", inuulil i-andles for wiV by DISIIASIIS OF THE I.UNGS.-.Deciilcill) Ihe most leiuedt eter kiiottn in America Vegetable Pulmonary Jlalsam is llu must t. tillable reinedi now ill use fur couihs, colds, n'tluua or plulii-ic, r.oniiinniion. wlinoniii'i coii"ll slid t alft-etious oit'tery hlllll, lis sine IS Sic.niu) in. ii-.ibii.j-. iiu in r propneiors me roii.tiiniiy rceeiting inc most i.ttoi.toie arcount of in i-ffects. 'I he follow in" new ccriilicalei me onVred for nubbc exaiiiiilatinn. An iNTtnESTisG uasf. hxtracl ol a teller Horn Mr (! S Clat. Kins.tini. Utsier co., N. Y, in iho pripnciors, "t unit ol Hip UHi insi, was only ire u A lemarkable cure was efle-cii-d bv t lie Vegatahle Pul. inonarv ll.ilsain in ihe wimer nnd .priiic of 1SJ3. The person, Mr. itiouilt, n.ul neen sick a long lime v. uu ihn ronsuiniiiioii. His nhtsieiaiij li.ul citin him up lie was rcdurrdso low as lo he unable lo help linn-ell, and was raisine a largo ouanlut of blond when he euimiipueed using the Hal-am, which bus cdi-riod n complete cm c, nud ho is now ns hale and hearty ns ' . ... , is. i.i.. eter lie was. sir. oiouuy it moil u iioiu nn. hi.vm, hut ho h is pi embed mo n nunc delailt-d arrouul of his cusp, wlueli 1 will loiwanl ton, ti. o. Klmislnn. IS. Y. June .. IS.lTj, Extrari of n letter fiom Dr. Jarub Mrers The Vi'.-i'i.tbt' Piilnionaiv Unburn has her-n snhl in ibis county for two teats, nml the medicine has sained nu in to n nun ic t-uriiv. hit ii ......... ... ...i,-........... failed u f tiat i og Ihe desiicd i fleet. I am by no means iu f ivur of ihe many no.irimis, innsi ol whu n sic nn. nosliiuni upon credulous public, bin ih.u which I kniitt- by use to be cfi'i-cinal, I cinnni help bin giv mj apprubtiioii iheicio. A rounici leu prrgi.n li.n brrnii(leip.l brre bv n Ir.itelling Agent, ofCiunsiock N. Y, ami there is anolher nriicle tended hue I lilt is strongly eiupccitd lo bospunuin. Jacod MvEns, M. I). Mifllinclon, Jnniais eo. I'enu. May 3, 1S37. I'iniii Dr. Samuel Moirell, lo ihe Pmi.iictois of i lie Vese lalik Puhiiouary lt.tls.un. I am satisfied ihe r. teiahlo Piilmon isrv Haliain is a talualile nieili-cine. ll has been used in ilus plare with cumpleie snrcrss in an olutinaic romplainl ol the lungs, micmlrd wiih u st-ieie coiijli, bus of loire. and Ihn raising of mnrli blood, which had previmi'lv ifsisied rnsny npprutc.l prescriplions. Alter using the Haljam one ttt-rk, the pnie ill's toice returned nnd he was able to spetk nodi lily. This case ocruired some lime sinre, nnd the man it now engnijeil nol only ia aciite bni labnriom businrss, KrspecilvHy, e. a. muitiiti.i., ll is nnw uim i llui'i six years sinrc I was hrtuiht trrv low bl an stTerlion of llip lun-js, and nu rnmphiinl .. ' , i. : ..l.l.. I.. : n..u ..riii.r-p t.lit. ut-t i.n t it in j .. u. , sit miis. I wasllitui ir loittl lo asguo I heahh n I bad cn,o)til fui man) )t-Jis, by usin; iho Vegetable Pul. moil ii i ii.Hf.iiii. nun c m i ii.ii.- i iiieiidi d ihe H il-tm in a gie tl mail) eii.t s ol 'nng rinuphtinis, and iu far a" I can leain. us use n u in V. II ,lhl) IJI'I'U I lll'int'll OV llintll ut-lltui, n ) iiislauccs it has tlficieil emeu whitli weie wholly inicx. ,,t.,.fj,, SI .ri'll V. t..r ..'lo and retail. In J. J, II PECK & Co., and TIIKO. A. PECK U Co., llnr- liugliin, I. UTACXl'CTIC ODOXTIUA. THE TEI'III iVJL THE TEETH'! Tun Tooth Pr.KI'AiitTioN. The (act is proieil, nud the rnos; in us hi oils ml tloiibtiug aie lolly oonvmusl.ns we hate he evidence rom the sale ol 2U.IHIU I oe ol i lift Moil tiea, wilhin llu pa-l year, lliat the I lopion iiicanis ol Ihe nlehvinist are rc.ili7.tsl, ami a iciiitsly ihseoiereil lor pre-crving lhoe uiiiiorlanl nml iicliil iippcm! iges ol the liunian system, Py the iie ol Hie .ti.igneliei.Mon lien, which bv itsatliuctitc. and sit-ugtheiniig una i lie-, iciiiovc's'iiil extraneous sulpmi es fioui ihe icclh nml ort'scrvt's them in thciriiatiual I rilli.iuey, and Ihe uiiis in soiindness and I t.iuly. II is iiseciiaineil Iruui xnerienee. that when n-nl, the tcclli will never tie cay. bill rcinain till the latest age ol man, with their naiural wear, tt ueu inet uie uts-.tjisi, us progre-s: will be urrt'sloil, ami Hieieiiii pre-crvisiiiinlpicit'iite and pp'-ervtsl troin iichiug all this has leeu done m a Ululliuna' tu lllsliillies ; .ill'i in iiitiii-itiiws ,.i l-c-, ncritnis toolhache, (Hint climax ol p.tiu) h i' al once I t-e-n e icctiiaii) curtsi ly m America. And in conclusion, wheie, or who is ihe lb i-iiinig lady or gentleman, aye values a I eaulllill set ol'tivih, snund individual ll rnnisntiil a iwte moit; than lil'ivccnt. will I e longer di nu. -iila box of Dr. M. Ilitchcts'k's Mugni'iie lllonlica t or sa'e whole-alt and it-ail, I y A. ill I ilti ni it Co., No. 117 Genesee n. t Ilea, N. l.,iinii ny Ihcu ngciilslhiouglinut the United States. In Hurrniglon, bv J. it J. H. Pick t Co., and Thco. A. Pi ck it Co, In Vergeniies by J. 1 1. Hon man. Ill Milton, by Hur nettiY Sawyer. liiOcorgia, ny i.ortiio .tani-s. uu, I -USSI.I.1.'S I.iTflies I I.t't-clis I A Package jnst nccited. of Spanish rxporiaii ml t M iy 5. THEO. A. PECK t I (). OiilIi I'andj- ! "PE SE'S Celebrated CAN D nicely put for up rc a. tailing aisoul wiioicsaic, ny May 5,1541 THEO. A. PECK . CO. urnel it Sawyir. 1 iC HUSIir.LS Herds Grn-s Seed 20 bush, U 1 UU Clover, by J. it J. 11. CO. " Hurlinglnn, 2i April, 1511. 1CU.1I l.ONIiY. "ITfOULD respectfully inform !tis patrons anil the inhabitants of llurlington, and lis vicinity gen , mile, ihnt he has ninde arrhinrt tnetits for adding au- In Georgia, by Lorenzo Janes. 0ar branch to his business. Hois now prepared lo oug-y fnrni-lt'tVigs, Curls, and raise tt tuskers, atul muccit evert arucio in uis imooi uusuies-, ui tot.-.-iiuiii.s.iis.- lice, nnd of as good i-uahty ii can ha oti'ainoti ir. New York or Hoston. All orders will meet with prompt attention. Simp under Howard a liotel,nortu side ot uic .-sipi-irc, liuriiugiuu, u u .May 7lh. UU. IlKl'ATIU HLIXIH, A CKI.i:ill(ATi:i) remtsly for coinplauils nri"in 2. IVoin a diseased stale ol I he LIVER and Us Seeie- lions; the lollowiug nre a few ol its symptoms, iikiit-ssol thfstoinaeh, ludigt'slitin, loss ol aiipetitu lowncss oi .-spirits nml iieaii.tche; it will le louiui sore i-elncdy liir Eriuitions on the Knee. In eon meiit-e ol fnt-ir Icing many nostrums circulating m Ibis part of Ihe country, theubserilsr nre nnlhonetl U w.tii. lilt lis ieiieiiii.ii win i. . n - .. . . is . -,.-. ns oi vis . and ollei-i.s lo Iho nub he us one we I w orll the utteniion ofllio-e who are a libeled by eoniplaiul Iroiu ihe abote ih-ea-e; it lemglroin an eminent tvt lei-I conhilciil inlhiis it-.'onuiifuthug it (I i. fi.lSIO. THEO. A.IM'.CK t Co.. Sign of I lie Mortar, oiiei!oorca-l of J V J 1 1 Peek ": Co Hlll.S. nn- Pork 1,000 lbs. Lard 10,000 Hii , for sale bv "LYMAN & COI.r.. XUIV GOOD". QUPERIOR English and American Prints O do. Light Printed Lawns, Ho. do. Moiiruili. and Alou-liii Defaults, very enmec paiu-nc ee-ned by H. M. G1DD1NGS , just re .V CO. -DR. EVANf' HEAl'l r DTION.lAVriO.N. I.i KYING LOTION. Highly t'sttemeil Ii r curing ill Eruptions Coarseness, Rcdiie-s and Pimples e the I'm c Neck or hand-, and cilivtu.illy cleaning II complexion, and iciuoving all thse-a-i'.s oi iue skur- Nolhiug conlriliult- -u union to i,ur general uire's in In... as an engaging lir.-l uppearaiue-. I hi nihnued a luo-l niihl. ..He w a-h am It esteemed fonts virtues in cleansing, soficnin puiilyiiiglho skin of all eruptions, so injurious lo le- :i e I t'.llll i . alio t-. nr L' i ti n II gu t,e-it- i.i ni- riiv. A I eauiiliil compicMou l the price oiaiiwno in... it, a ml the cm y ol thot' w ho nretiepritcuoi u i so aKcctinglon I cautiful,in wbo-t'laev nature hasilispinvtsl her power, as to hud ncrconi lex ion thscoloiutsl Willi ihgii-tiug tiunpli-s, w Inch mar I. er i ll. mil-1 A good illiocar nice" Is ihe I t'-l nvolll- inenil.ilion ; and as the I'.e.iulif) nig Lotion purities the skin, and leinoif- nil Pinipli-,'llloichcs,Taii,Snuburn and litsliifss, and lii-oiluce.-nl cautiful hue, il i the only eo-inclic a lady sbonhl u-o nt her Unlet, licntlt men will nlln -o hinl 1 hi-a tltlighlliil remedy, to rcinoie it ll.iti" ities-.. lb ,.s. Knigwi mis. llol. Ittsine Snicni'-sol lliel.ui' anil no-f, ami every i.inu in cruii lion ou thesnrf.ico of the human Fesly. It s p.irlicu larli rceolnmendts lo gchtlciuen In I e U'tH alter sh.l viug, a- it will pietcnl the oihcrwi-e tcrlaiu e-i'ts t ol all coinmon soni. in lurniug tuc ic.ini pieiii.iii n-i erci. Kor sue Wiole-ole nnd retail I y A. Ill I ill dp.aimmis and tailoi'.s. dcnks & s:j . to edwakd r.. evan's. Church-Street, lihdinjtun, Vt. , Cotton Yarn, W s I.i tun "pitOWN Shtctinrs, Tieking, Cotton Yarn, M . id gre.ii- JL in... Tttiue, Hatling, Cia-li Diapers, etc. teiy m, nnd mv, by U-. M. WRIGHT t CO. 7ARI'AVEI.L'S Gailrr Hoots, Walking Slid s 1 Sorim? Hpt-l and Kiciieli Kid Slip", also M..-si il Slips and Children's Sboi s, for sale by . in i Ar tviniiivp .t- f'f). ... .... .....V..-- - Hoiisi; i"i:i:i. Zff Husliels SHORTS fur sale, n gool am ,JUU elcfor Hurso i ced, by 10 May, IP!!. HICKOK k C VTL1N. imxi: i,u.uiti:it. on nnn "cct "'1 '",o i'-n,i clc",r it siU.UUVJ iniahty, for tale. Ipqune of May 11, 1811. STRONG'S .t CO. Ctirk" .V Co.. Nn. 1 17 Cene-is iii eet. Uln a. Ill Hur linglon, by J.t J.ll.Peek Co., and Thco. A. Peek fvLn,eUCmiri" ."' -, and Cade, Janes nug "0 ' HIV GOOD"-. 1 DOOLlTTLl.hasjustreetitisllroni New 1 or' I . ii biri.p nn.l renrral ns mrttllt lit of G.t- s, s- .t able fur tho season - among which may be- found HUOAl) CLOTHS. AT ATllltirS GRAND IU vain Valuable Ileal l-'.-itati for Sale. 'OR talo nil llm ical ICsiale, Into the properly of Mr, John Abbott, in the tillage oi liurluig.ion, ..i. .....i n, i.iiiiini inn Ktiinii-i rij-'i cm mi ui urn Coiirt-houso Hiuarc.and cotistslingof a ilivclhnphmihC ...,i i.,.,i.i,....o nlso n Hum store brick building occupied as a CaVimcl Shop, hut may bo so arranged 1 , . . i ,A .1 .. . II,,.,. Tl.iu iimiierl V as iii injko agoou etoio uim .i.,.uiii. . . .. :u i. ....l.l , alir or sen.irateli ns will best suit, tn L-eihcr with land for gardens, etc., Also one building Vol separate, , A irttlil.tvill be git en nn ijood nciuiiv Tor lliogrca icr part of ihe pitrcliase WOXV, For fullicr patlieu iari. apply In JOHN JOHNSON Uwtmgwn, A'iil S, I'll STOMACH III'lTKltS. mat ed in Wiueorw.iter. rheM-eelibr.itislbiltci-s iit'toinpostsl purely nl vcge ablt-s ol llm most innii- cenl let spts'ifie iirim-. I hey are recolinneii.itsi p.u t is.-nl.irly for u-toring weak i-onliluliois, and slicuglheniiig llio sloin.ich, and incieasing the iippelile also a preveiitaliie ag.tmsi I he cholera inoi bis, I'eter and iigue, removing nausea, vomiting, heait burning, weakness in llu lie.i-l, pain in ihe si niach apd nlher s) uiptoinsofil iiulcnceand indigos- lion, une poxwiu iiuciureoiift'.oiou. iiu-jii!. t box. . . , r HussKU. s Inn i'IS'TIKNT. l lus enoieo nun sme ointment is said to le superior lo any now in n-e, ior Ihal disagreeable and loalh-oino d s'cat', the ITl'll. rinsOintnicnl I-so ii'.irtatn in its opcraiion inai no icrson Itoul'ltsl with the nlmVo tlisoruer ougui to it without it. ll Is ft remedy for entancons eruplion., seorbulte ailW-tiom of tho head, ornny other breaking out winch nn-cs from slufrp humors in the l-lowl. nee 85 1 1", a l-ox. Ri.kii.'s Vr.CKTAm.r. Hltlious Puis, or family physic, for general ii'i", in enn's of Jaundice, morbid sensibility of the stomach and bowels, loss ed nppctite, tictiii i-ieain, cosii-nt'ss, rues, ano an oisca-i tins, lug from biliary dciaiigcments, abti fur coriectiug the slate if the I U.o-I, and clcmisnig Iho fysit-iu t- loul ami t isciii humours. Ihesepills lire a nniii t a. Ihailie, piodiiciug neither pains not griping, and are theitfoie a valuable and highlt' nppiottsl medicine. .Hiitare proiiouuetM nssm-h pyihemosi tutiiugmsuct physicians. Each box enitauiing 33 I'lIK 1'iice 37 S ets.a box liiis.clr.1 eelcl ratetl ai.t kucum Oistmest. I Ins ii iintiiictional v the 1 esi nml sstesi icmtstt cvcrtei ,e...l... . I... ....l.l... I... .1.... ..I...!.. I. si 1 'I' tint-Its I .j in.- pi 1 1. 1 i.i it, i iii.i .'..siumic iisv-i. . ' l.'l -.lJ.ll, tt here oilier means nave iile,l. it h.tssue. sxtiii.itrly ii'iM by enuneiit Practitioners speaks volumes In, its piai-c. II Is CO t IV t- uciteiiiiis ill till ou-tliscs tu ll f shin, scHhllicad. inigworiiis.nud ihe most inteien,ie Itch. Vc. etc. Niiuit'rous eeituic.ilei might lo 1 1 lanust, lirsroi!ATI E. Tin t-.-ilii:ible Verrelablo Medit'llie stands linriv.llltsl for ihe following compla'iils, vix : Dy-pepsia, or hull .i.iioii.ilis...i.isl Liver, bilious th-i r k-r-, Diopst-, A-lh in.i. Ciisiiteiie.s. Worms rind los of pp(llle. nud 1 V cleansing the itoniach and bowels, cures pains m the iii le. sti ich ami I, colil ami eoiigus oi ion standing. Ilo.isi-ne-s, shortness ol lic.ith. Nervous eoiiiobiiuis. i.ic. which me fiisinenlly the e-hvt of th ease. Kor I'etcraiid Ague, U na most tiilual If pre- ventallVf as well as a soteicigu reiueoy. ti. o iiriM.. nnv i nn-' hereto ore known in it-moving r-i ,'ilus' Dancf. two bottles have I ecu known lot-lire thisnlihiuigdst.ise, alter haying l-nliltsl every ter lion lorfour tear-, ll ha-u uio-i povvcrlul iiilliicncei lotton i oru, in-u i.iiuos, nu-si.1 t's ., . hi ictuoyingiicrt ons cons.laints. ll i pleasant Intake Table I'm. rs, Elastic .races, llo-.r-i y, Spo. 1 1 , le J( ....l ... I .1 im.,-1 I1, nrl lilll'elis. st.1t hllll 111'-, while and iv! ' r ll .til.,......-. ... n-.T. ............. . ,.. ..- ,;. .... ,t. .11-1 .,,..,,1 v.. dies. Pius. Pi .1111. I . .11.. ..' . 1 t .. ..i, nil,. ...... I lelncn. "I'lii ml I.1C0 1 '.I I L-1 11 !S. ShlltV l, Ladll s "lid t.l i," n l.irgt inlcr ol'l.idit-, who hate pr'tcd tin ilcnicn'i Glotes, tiiuip Lace, Uuc N't I atul V .. . .i . l... m.i i... i.. r-. .it'll ni. 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Pu k , liiouin. nnd 111 ihe prmcioa lowns in Ihe stale, hns-tions signislin llit'haiidwriltiig oil he proprietor I nl tho propritor chooses thai u fair trial should U il.c only etidence of Us superior ellic.u-y. Price ,10 cents a box. Kor s-nle by J. ": J. II, Peck t. Co., 'I hcodorc A, Pts'l, Vt o.,sign oi i lie aionar, eini uoiuii .vusiiy ihirluiglon! Dr. C. E. Miles, and Hull & Cool,, I lines I.,,,. I,. S. II. ll.iine-. Cli.irl.ilte; L. Jane's, lu'iugia 1. Tiler. Essex I KulItT "c Iluulim-inn, -Itielum u.l. .. . , .: .i... a...-...,.. .... i ....... i, u n.. AlsO, I') lliu t.ria ...t.i ...L..ii.1,9 , , j bioujhoul the stale. Mil HI r.Hll'S iJtAs5i MUIU far sale by ifniONito iv v.v. mie.til. Hlnck, lllne, sleelinivedatid fancy colours S'n- o"., l.lhcn and l.otloii panta tioti siuii--, a grcai t u.eiv TAILORS TRIMMINGS, Hkitk Ilalinn ."sewing's first ipi.iluy, Hall Twist " " liiittons, all km 's, Coat Holdings and Cords, Pnddmg, Cant ass, i'U and tvorslcd Scrgn, Silif-i.ii, liiovvu and Hlack 1.1. it'll.-, Hhiek and While Wiggin, M iribnirs hi -t Lllllll 'I brrid. Enoiisii, I'ni'.Neii and Asii nie ts Cauiioi' Pi ule-l Lawn-, .Moiii-t line lie Lames, Ihshop Lawns, uh :nid cobmrtil ( '.nulirii's, Papi r .iiusiins, i ouu. in i-i, bur rpilF.O. A 1 Gum . . ot i, .'.-'' .'""'", "' ..," " ... , it. -too 'I'm mid Ohio Turmerics, &e. A e. P. m. .n o. , : " 'Vc . .-. S art h. Hunch H. n i 1-IHIM... Joseph Rodgers nml Sons Mipertor Engli-h Mustard, Cass, ,, .unuegs. i l '; -l .......... . . ,uD ,, I,,,. tViml. l!,..t W.t i n c I'oiiirrov s io c oiii'i'-t "." - s,.r S.vt... for siocbf II. M. GIDDlNOh iV Co, rNVlV.?.Uv.-" ''unfntnMoler' ".uglish ii nporlation. ("onslanllv tin hand, Hoinbai " ' and Hat ami. Molasses, M it t, genuine H.i)btrry do. in Pow- I.oif and Luu... Sugar, er, JanLca' Auger Ho.,?, do. do. in Powda, Hnignl - . - Jat a and West India (' fb c Stan li r l. SI..e,nr.l f 'l Kftl 1. N lit inWS. I - Rice. S.ilat r ilits, liar Soap. Pipes, (nveiidish -, l.oril'ards line cut chewing and smoking t r- 1 - nllard's M u-obov Snull; Scolcli tlitto.. Sail Pt t . VUrilli: TO IIIJll.lM-;u. Old pale Sherry nine, fnuy ainuctiit . rilllK. s'ubseriler will furni-h iu Hurlinglon nnd s ill, M. Uhes do., liatrel do. Nova Sfoii i 1 j i "ir. J vicinity, GRANITE window t-np., sills, under- Also, 1 hhd. riiund bottom Tumblers, W mil nvt... omninVnireshold. nud Door steps of any Cultlsh. All of which will be sold at ihe uiyli.- uii of he first quality. A bill ol anytime ral, s l...n-u -.11 I u attended io. and ill information liirnishtsl I y Hurlinglnn, May 10, lUI. ! M ... ii. . ii.... fciluk niMK-rViin Kfi L'l,avs a"J Mtm,'"' Pc 'l ' J'f' V l it funiUieil loi .lmV'V'.,llcl,'.h,leor Pre.,- OU opened, andel.eap ns .he npes. be .l.-nt Wlieclc.'. he.u,e in Harlinglon. It n pri-umcd 10 I.. M. WJlldll V i u. .i.n the nii.-ilui and price ofiheseslono wil tvnrranl - that the quality and price of ihe-e slono generaluse ,f bu. dirs will luVe hw iijh . . . ,?0U SALE, leu .matter in.ii alillllf Hiosl.'ueiinii pin c. ... - I . supri i.-i ,pi.,...j . llarrc, Vl. February 1811. May Bll', Ifll. l.OVIJliY ..- 1IUIM.HHT sale ol'l rWE nist rercitetlniiniiui'ionio."'". i" I I . -s s Itoi ii- nf 1 l soriincni oi e ni hibi . which togei'i r 1 1 NOTICE TO DBNTSTS. nil". Siibsnbers ntc Ai'cnts lor IHO ts lit Ivlli.NO l.i.r..u. . ''...'! - . .i. .' ,i.l rl . I.o .te Plnlnlelplua A supply just opened, l.oi.u.v i ir , ban was everb ice ' KOII.S iorstantl)onhati.l, w r ? .V " , " " . ' 1,,,-b p. attention rf "-f' llihu, J I'M v v I'"." : ',, ,. . , . ifv l-V llJ OltJllfVVllf'IJ ... - - . - - Mav f. 1611 ApolhtmtiVJt Apil lOlli isii; j i . mi.u.i.e ip lo.

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