Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 11, 1841, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 11, 1841 Page 3
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i. HI ? of New Jersey, lint iiiri.j-errn had survived the campaign of Inst fall Albany Dal. Adv. Thofollowin", from llio New York Heralil, Extra, of tho Glh inst, Uiho latest nnd per Imps tlic most satisfactory nccoimt of llio Steam-ship President, wliich lias been or can be given. KxmAtT rnoM tub Loa or the Ship Onriici-s. March 11. Left New York nl 11 A M Commen ced with moderate breezes from the W. At 21 M discharged pilot llio steamboat President lour mites ulicail, lcariiii lk N. K. ship under all sail, and ailing nine knots per hour. 12lh. Lnt, 30, 4(1, long. 71) commenced with breezes Ironi the NV-hazy wenther fhip under all sail 1 1 31 took in stecriti" 'sails an 1 top gallant sails wind at N. 11. At fi 1' 31 double reefed tcpsails, and furled tho mainsail and jib. At 8 1' 31 commenced heavy gale from N K, wiib snow and sleet took in fore and mizzen topsail, nnd close reefed tho run in lopiailj andfurlol tho foresail hove the ship to, head to S I-.. At tlio lime, the ship (Orpheus) was labor ing heavy, nnd shipping largo quantifies of water on deck. At S I' 31 Me steam ship 1'rcsiiteiil, beareng A' .V by S hy campas steering cast shortly after loilslglil of her during the night, tho ship (Orpheus) laying to under mam topsiil a id staj sails . 13th Coinincnccd with hcavv gale from X K and heavy rain. At 4 1' 31 wind shifted suddenly to S K illi heavy sea running from the cast wore ship to the N K slim laboring heavy, ami shipping large quan tities of waler on dick, l'inid night, more moderate set close reefed fore and mizzen topsails and foresail uml spanker, the weather moderating, and made sail according' luivy sa from 'ha ;it I -1 ill. Fresh breezes from S. W.j ship under full mil, running 11 kiinls, ('nptiuii Cote furilier stated that when he last saw the President rising on the top of n tromendous sea, she was pitching heavily ami laboring tremendously. She was then si tuated in that dangerous part of tho Atlantic Ocean, about mid-way between (ho Nan tucket Shoal and the St. George's Shoal ; just where the Gulf Stream trikes soundings, nnd where tho waves rise almost straight tip nnd down and as high ns a four or five story house. That the President then must have been shipping seas heavily and fast ; that probably these largo bodies of water worked through into tho engine room, or fire room, nnd ctlitigtihticd (he fires, in which the steamer would have been comparatively hel pless ; that tho storm was terrific all that r.ight ; that next morning tho wind shifted suddenly from N E to S E. knocking up a still more tromendous sea, nnd that the gale continued with inihutcd fury till midnight of the 10th. And that it is his belief that the President did not survive that gale, but foundered with all on hoard, and that all per ished before sundown on tho liilh, or in less than l enty-fuiir lump after ho last saw her ; and most probably in the terrific night of the ll!th of March. 31n. Cr, v. The Washington correspon dent of tho Courier and Enquirer says, Mr. (.'iny seonls to have taken a now lease of life, looking as well as lie was wont to do fifteen or twentv vcaVs no. Fiom the National Intelligencer of Juno 4. The Report of the Secretary of the Trea sury on the stale of tho Finances, fee. was yesterday transmitted to both Houses of Congres-s. We ihatl publish it entire as early ns practicable. In the meantime we state, for the infoi inalion of our reader', that the Secretary implicitly recommends the estab lishment of a central institution, having the leading features of a National Hunk. Tho I Ion- Win. Cost Johnson, now member of Congress, has been nominated by tho Whig Convention of Maryland, for the office of Governor of that State. CioVEUNOR Sf.WAim NOT A CANDIDATE ron itu-KLncTioN. (Jovernor Reward lias addressed a letter to a friend in this city in which wo find the followiti" : "I urn not now a candidate, nor ran 1 j foresee an occasion when I shall cither find it my duly, or have a desire to offer myself for the suffrages of my fellow citizens." IJov. Seward has been induced to say thus much to prove that no motive but a good one could indure him to lake the ground he has upon the Public School question. N. Y. Jliprrss. dkstriii tivi-: run:. Tr. iv. N. V.. June 7. A fire broke out ill this cilv nhoul 'J I1. 31. on Sunday, in ihe rear of the wooden building 21 River si., occupied by Win. L. Tajlor, tobacconist, and rnpidly extended to the ndoining buildings on both sides of it, to the new Mnikct on the north, anil to the store ol llaiglit, tuliespy o Lo. on the south : destroying in nil cleirn buildings, two nf luirk. nnd ibe remainder of wood. The building" destroyed were owned and occupied ns follows: Wooden building next lo the.Matkii.owned by Rufiis Gilbert, insurtil, nml occupied ly V in. vuav ur. nsa croecrv mid proUion store.goods saved in pari No Insurance. The next building soul h, idsonl'wood, nisurii . owned bv l ie same, am occupied oy Mii .S'lepbens as a groo rv and rcfiesliniciit More, goods nnrilv saved. No insurance. The next building aKo owncl by 3Ir. GiKurt, was occunied bv John 3tornson. tin-nhicnnd stoic ileal vr; books do. Insurance S?00. Loss considerable. The next two buildings of wood, owned by the es tate nf I'.snas Warren, and itwned. Tho first oceir pied by S. Robinson, ns an miction nnd clothing store, L-oeid- saved with slight injury. The second, by Win, I.. Taylor, toliaci'oiust, liooK mini. MoeK destroy cd. Insurance S2000. Loss not ascertained. The next two buildini"-. of wood, owned by I". Prcseoit i -the lirst occupied by J. S. Perry ns n tash nnd blind manufactory, and a paint shop : the second occupied as n shoe store, dye house, and ns llic nltlce ol .Mr. nescoii. iiuiioings insured, jonn n. rcrry insured i,iniii. The next was a larL'C wooden building llirro storic liyh owned and oeeupied by Cornell &. Co. sloe dealers. Insurance fjl'UU. liooKs saved. Loss nn known. The next two buildings wcrn ofliriek, three stories high, owned by 3I. ' Lyman, nnd occupied by 3I. J I.vmnn & fsui, druggists, and Phillips nnd Co., hard w.aro incrch nils buildings ins'ir.'d. ns olso the stock of Lpman and Son. Phillips nnd Co. had no insurance, and their loss inconsiderable. The families of 3Icssrs Weaver and Stephens rc Biueo iivit int'ir stores. A blscksmilh's shon. in llio rear of 3Ir. Weaver' store, was also destroyed, nrrnnird hv MrIcDon rally, together with a large quantity of pine boards on mo winri, uciuiignig 10 .nr. ancpuru, and worm nbout SCOOO. The stores of IJnight, Gi lespy & Co., F.. and D. R, Plum, A. nnn M.wrr, nnu i.ynian II, nrvnn, were vlifihile lniurce . I in goods of 31cs rs I Ini" it Gil lespy and Co. wero injured by water and removal. 1 no l orw iiouse whs uoiisuifrnoiy uijurcu. In addition to tho loss by fire, wo have also to re cord several serious accidents. 3Ir. S. Doughty was severely injured on the head by falling from a ladder. A gilder bv Ihe mino of Georgo Douglass, fell from tho Vork House, ami was hi seriously injured thai was despaired of. Four or fno either were nlsn initired. but not dniiercrou' v. The total amount of loss by tho firo is estimated at V.0,000 or S 10,000. Insurance bout 25,000 in the offices in this city, Albany nnd llarlford. Tho build ings wero all old and of little value, or the loss would havo been much greater. The new Fullon 3Iarkct was on fire at nno lime and only saved by tho hercii lean cuoris ol llio iiremcn. Ilnd it not been for tho full supply of water furnish rd,bv tho city water works, the conflagration would have been awful, nslhn wind was very high. As it is, it is the most sevcro firo with whit h Troy has been visited since 'the great fire of 1820, when more than ono nunanti tiuinniigs wero destroyed. II liig. Shorhnt; Accident and Warning In lioys. W'c Icorn that atthe annual training on Tuesday last in Mnrshfield, a youiisr man bv ibn namr. r Youiip, whilst cxamininrj tho lock of a folded aim. f.uildeiilv. by accident, ilischartrpd it. lml. King; thirty men shot in tho forehead and face of a .Mrr. l.cnton. one Fiirvivcu tne arcident but fouj hourr, leannj three ncipiefs children. BRIGHTON JIAUKHT. Monday, May 31. From tho ltoston Patriot. At market, 293 llccf Cattle, 30 yoke working Ox en, it) cows and calves, "GO Swine. 30 Reef Cnttlo unsold. Prices lieef Cattle Prices liavefurthcr declined, and wo quote to correspond, vizi First quality S6 75 a 8700 .Second quality $G 25 a SO DO Third quality S3 25 a SG. Working Oxcn-Salcs 830, 859, G2, 875, 833, 800, 4100 and 810). Cows nnd Calves-Sales 823, 827, 833, 837, and 810. Sheep None in market. Swine Lots to peddle at 5 1-9 a5 1-4 (or sows it C 1-Sa G 1-1 for barrows. A lot larfo barrows at S 1-2. At retail from G to 9. NF.W YORK 3IAHKF.T.-Juno 5. Fi.oen The market for two days past has stood steady at 8101 for common brands Genesee, and ISGforOliios Jlichigan, 4 73 n 4 Bit Georgetown is selling at 5 12, Howard street, 5 25( Philadcddhia, I 97; Richmond City, SO, II ye Flour and Corn Meal without nlteintion. Domestic Goons We have oeain arrived at a dull period of tho year, and although prices are without cuaugi-, yei inure it otu u i-ty inning inimiii-ss uumg Grain A lot of 1200 bushels Ohio Wheal, received vis New Orleans, sjld at HI, Stcndv sales of live nt 57 a 53, which has been the uniform price during the week, unm, iu 10 iu, lor isorincrn, wcignt ami measure. Northern Oats, 42 a 44 els. Provisions The stock of mess Pork is vrrv lnrire nnd accumulating, prices less, mess 10 1-2 a 11; primo 9 1-2a!s lieef without change) sajes at 8 to 0 for mess and 3 1-2 a G for prime: Lard 7 a 8; Hams 5 1-2 a7l-4. .Salt Soles of Liverpool fine at 1,52, and Tuiks Island nt prices not transpired. Pro m There has been a better demand for Sugars this week, but prices remain the same. 3Iosev Wo hav'c seldom, inth'cd never, known so much unemployed capital in the Hanks, as there is at the present lime. Ilicyall have a largo surplus ol unemployed Minus, anil n larger surplus 01 specie. The Ranks gladly lake four months' notes and in vest 111 Treasury No'os whenever they can bo had at any thing like par. X. Y. Express. In Ri hmond, on the 3d inst. by Rev. Lyman Lore well, .Mr. Daniel L. Thompson, of F.ascx, to .Miss Julia Goodrich, of Richmond. B fi el In .slielburn, on the 4th inst. 3Irs. Olivo Snxton, ...:r- rr..l 1 I r ll.t V.,t n ML' I'l Ul'li UUI III.U UdllUII, Ul . Ull .viii.. Ill this town, 3Iay31st, 3Iarion, infant daughter of Stephen llice, agcil twoliioiiiitsanu six uays. "And the mother gave in tears nnd pain, The (lower she most did love, Hut she knew that she would find her again In the fields of light above. O, not in cruelty, not in wrath, The reaper came that day, 'Twas an angel visited the garden earth And took the flower away. rjIANO FORTF. FOR .S'AI.F.. A Piano Forlo 1. Hindu by llcrnck Christopher if-Co selected by Iheunilcrsigncd (outof 30.)for his own use anil ceist .2T5 is olleretl fo i sale. The tone of this instrument is decided y very superior nnd as to durability the ar ticle reeeoniineiids itself by ils perfect slate of perscr vaiion after three years use. l'osmv rt.y I'lx'rn I'nie t:S200. for ono half of which a negotiable note, payable in si months, may he given. TIIF.ODORF. F3IOLT. Ihirlingtnn June lOili 1SI1, nl 3w I.DOW I'APKil.- .Vatin, Imitation .N'alin, and Comiimn Paper, by S. a SCOTT. AFL'LL supply ol choice y groceries such as II. S. V. II. O. II. and Superior Teas. Java, and nil a Collie', Double refined and common Loaf iS'ugnis, Porlorieti .S'yrrup, iN'myrna and l!oi Rains. Cassia, Pepper .Vpice, (iiiiL'cr, ( loves, Nut megs, Ri.-e, .a'einliH if-e ifc. just reetivetl nntl for nleal the lowest prieru bv. .n'. R. .VCOTT. -10TTON VARN, Railing, Wadtling, Ticking, W llrown and lllack, Drillings, ami .Sheetings. Ch-apfor cash .V. 11. .SVOTT. C'lI.OVlI.S". Ladies Long Picnic White colored and 7 lllack Net While colored and lllack .Nilk ond even "ly'o "f Kit! Gloves by SL 'i-jSVOTT JoTiiiM Bldredtri-.'s Instate. STATI? OF VF.R3IONT. ) Distri' t of Cbilteinliii, ss. 5 The 1 Ion. Probate Court for the District of t'hit'eiideii to all persons concerned in the estate of JOHN 31. F.LDRI'.DGF late of llurlinglon is said District, decenmil, onr.KTiNO. WIII'ltHA, 3Iarv .Inn Kldredge, aduiinistratrix nf the cstato of said defeased, proposes to rcu derail account of her admini'dratioii, nntl present her account against said estate for examination and al lonnce nl h session of thf Court of Probate, to be b ilden nl llurlington on the second Wednesday of July next. Therefore, you are hereby notified to np. pear before said court at the time and plnco nforesnid, an 1 show cause if any you havo why thu account aforesaid should not bpnuY.wid. Given under my hand nl Rurhuglnn lb s 7th day my 1 Sil. of June A. I). 1 WM. WF.STON, It'vhter. Si nAv cow. OTRAVI.D from tho Pasture on JSSySS 1 c tlrt3 iusi, n dark Red Cow S if sJsli? years old Horns sawed off lorge V 1st iiuoriiiniiou wanted PV ;wta horaci?wiii:kli:r. Hurlinion.liincP, IStl. 1 3w Tiri?aud I'lack Crape, Crape Lace, Nilk llol ' ' met, Ihus-els, Fil'cl, Lisle, Tbrentl, I.inen and nii.roiib'red l.-ices. n. ,.UTI WANTF.D. A FF.W'i - Goods. Thousand elo.lars in Cash in exehnngc for ,S' II Si ()'1T NliW GOOD-'. 1-1 lin' ScoU'b (iincbani-, 5 I Unis i'i- Null l.nte, Plain and I'lgtuel Paiust,!,., I.aib'e-."-'uj'crior II. S. (ilove-, Cbllitreil'-. do. llb'i'lllat k III bin, Sirq e Shining, Clieese Clo'h, lla tmx, o:e'.iii-t roe'eivetl by nl Juliet!. II. M. GlDPIxf.s it Co. . . New Vork Hats A seeon l supply of Mole'skin Hat of the htcst -i a. si yle.iust rereivcsll y nl June 8. H. M. Ginniven it Co. Leghorn Hats. (i KNTI.KMFN'a I i-ghnrn llal,al-ti T ,1,. r...r, lAMI..... .1,. tor -ale by 11. M. Gidui.mi.s if- J me 8, Co. nl Tuscan Hounds. Tt'SCAN, or stiprrior Leghorn, Plain Straw and Palm Leaf Honnet-, ju-t rci eiviil by nl June 8. II 31. GiduiV.s it C"o. Cmi'kcr.v ami Glass Warr. Il'I.I, I). nner and Tel Sells of the heavy White t!r.ini f Ware, an I a line assortment of Gin. s Wnre. lor sal low 1 y nl Co. June. S. 11. 31. GloniNr.s ft LYMAN & COLE. " HA VLirer.vetl n splendid ini rinu-nt of Summer Goods, wlni b iheyoler at rediieeil price-. .vijiiuiK vvnienwni no loiinti a grealn"soriinent if Melt J'rinttd iMirns. for nioiiriiitur. halt inotiriiinr and Fancy, new ityle-. rriniini iu-l., ami 1 anil ne, linn d Alu-pn, Siripeil, Ibirr'd nn I Plain hwps Miislm, Plain Jaeouet .Mi sliu -mtl l.'ninlir.c, CALICOES. Rich .Mernmae, and Dover Prints, very low., Frew hand Kngli.-b Cambrics, cheaper tl ever. Honnet Cambric, C irlain do. Hmls Kve ami Rus-ia Diaper. While Linen Table Spread-, llrown and Colored do. Linen Damask, Crash ni l Linen Napkins, Superior Linen Slurtiner, llrown Jacket Linen an 1 101100 SU.KS. Heavy Canton, Griifii! Swiss and L'itring?ilk, FigM, llrown, Hint- Hlaed. and plain col'tl do. Taylor's best Piinun 'I bread, Meuhc Spool ,lo. Marshall's Linen do. mioADCLorus; cahsjmi:u:s, VES'j'ixas. The largest aisorlineni ol Ve.tinis. we ever offered for sale including rich Plain and Figured Satin, Sdk Velvet, Merseilles, Valencia, Silk ami Worsted, nntl other new ankles for Vi-sling, very elegant. .V TO CKS. Satin Slocks, with Hows. Plain, do. Scarf Ties, do HC'inlinzinndo. do, Al'O very I eaiiliTuI Suni- oiii .ii-u. i ini'i.inen i;oiiars. TAii.oirs TiiiMMisas: Padding, I auvass, Srht-ias, Colorcsl Jeans, llrown Lim n, lllack do. eioua Sur"i-. Sill: die Silk Rindim'. Worsied Holding, Silk I on' Sewing Silk it Tvvil, Cut Velvet and Figured Silk Ibiiions. 1 beabovurompri-ing part of a very largo stock t. ii pons which isouiTiti on iiiuinost lavorawc lerms. Htirlingtnu, June 11, 1811. nl JJAHD WOOD forsalcly llurlinglon, Juno II, 1611. WHALING & CO. QUAKER'S YARN, jiul rntivfil al ''I WHALING if- llurliucn, Juqe I, 1611. CO'P. DANXEZi SIMPSON 1'alciU Lccr Watch Maker, rum Lieerponl.l A S it is now twelve jear- XX sin slace be availed hiiii'dl of the privilege of returning his gra'cf i! acknowledgements to III. friends nnd the public in general, lor almost utipreeuJeii. ted l.ivor, ho I s leav e to In- fti-m tlinlu li. ia ( lit nt tin. f)!,l xiantl. on Church-street. one door south of Noble Lovely anil Go's. lurv, where lie pe'rionallv attends tulhu rrnnirinir of Chronome ters, Patent l,cvcr, Duplex, U-pini-, nnd all other doM riptinn ol l iine pieces; lie will warrant nil new worl. alhxeil to alehes in bis shop to I e as good ns the oruinal, or ij any done mi ibeeMiilim nt. N. II. A gorel assortment of N13W II A TC1IKS of the liM cpialuy nf workinaii-bip, nnd will U-fOld ns cheap and mi is gouil term. n at any oilier shop in the state. 1 rom his long experience In the lui-ine, nnd lu being so many jears engaaed in the making of waleh-e-tin F.nslaml. liellatlershiinelf that be is ns com- peient to mnka M-lecllons ns any in the vieiniiy. Riirlinginn, June II, 1SII. nt Muu-lin deltine-. nnd Printed Lawu so, tiiuirlialiij ol various nunliliies nt J. P. WHA1.1NO if- Go's. Clnrch t. Ilurlington. nl COM3IOX PUAVIiR HOOKS in superior TurU-V llindiuir, lor salu by S. lll'NTLNOTO.N. Jm.e 1, 1 S 1 1. nl Stl.K.S, lloml niiie, uud Poncei's fur -ale at ml nntrs, by J. P. Wll.U.LNG if- CO. Cliiireh-stree't. nl To School Tcachci-N & Heads or Families. VAt.UAHI.n AND INTCrtr.STtNO HOOKS. OLMA 'S Scikhii. GnocnAniT Atla, eon taiuiinrt'iu latest information, u-el and approved aiiuo-i univrriany liirousuoui me country. Com.toik's NATfnAl. PiiiLoniiiT, ciildrge.1. Comstick's CiiKMisTiir, eoiuaining the laic div cnur . Uevti.rv'k Pictoiiai. Srnltlso Hook, tho inol leaulifiil ever published, and inot highly upprocsl nercver Known. Koiiinson's Histoiit or K.vr.i.iNn, wiib Plate-. (iol.DSMIlU's IJeOGIIAI'llK Al, Vll'.W OK Till', WdllLD. ltoI.MN - Ancient IIntoiit. iu 8 vn tunes. Tin: Pouolott Family IIiclk, Icanlilul and eon- ren lent. The aliove are motlvso well liniiwn that it would 1 e siijiitIIiious to publish the lecnniiticudatiouy revei- veo. I lie-y nre eon-inniiy lor sale I V nl S. Ilt'NTIMiTON. Hurl i'ii it nn , June 1311. in? Gl.i ses, of several izis ;it thi! Variety lre al low price.. PAMillOltN U.irlingion, June 7, 1811. f. llltl.SS.MAII). Hi WATCH US. -t7K arc.-elhns Gold Watch- v T es lower than thu N. 1 orl. Ronton, or any oilier Cilv Mores MI will -ell lliein, eaM.ixaniitio nntl ifSi,.ee for voursclve and not Hike other people s inioriiialK n, wlusi tit i so iiainiy lo urop in ami sc: i-fv voimell'l.v persemal iu-pc Goolsof all kin f very low for ea-b. nl PANtiROl'N & RltlNSMAM). I'lIHKXOl.OGV. rOOMRI-rs Phrenology, eon'aiug near 700 pases, v- ueinvn, lor sale by in JunelSII. 'S. I1U.NTI.NGTDN. I"fcrcss Ilnndkcrclilcrs, .Vilk mil Fillet ,SVar(-, M.J lilac ; Lat e Veil-. IPael, ,v p; Lms- lor V t-il-. i -e. Ann. Shaw U. Cb.illv. Raw Si't. and S-1 .Silk, heavy fringe. Frenehantl .Mourning Ct liar-, il-c. ipe. for ale at liie Xtie ('m'i Store on Cheap S'idt. til Clitir.-lit. J. P. WHALING if- CO. rpICKI.NlS, Tvv ill Cotton, Iile.u-lie I Slie'-iiig ami 1 .Vhirlmg-, .S'.itin, Jean. ANo, nnble'iiclusl A'ltir tinss a low as can lc puri'ha.esl in Itnrlinton. n t J. P. WHALING .f- CO. ryUMIVK WUiiSTliD unJ J '.it ems, liM reoived nntl for sale by WHALING & CO. Clrirfh--!. nl 311. Die IN A I. LlOCOItS. n3HK best quality of Port and 3Iadi ria Wines, J. nrandy and tjin selected lor medicinal purpo ses j mis day received, and lor sale by R. .MOODY, Druggist, llurlington, June 1, 1311. "IvRUGS, 3ILDICINF.S. PF.RFU.MFltY. Sonn. XJ &c. of the first quality now opening nntl for sale at (he lowest market prices by It. 3IOODY. DriuTcist. Corner of Clmrcli-strcct and the Square'. P.urlingion, June 1, 1811. n52 TABLE MTIIS IINE B-i llrown Linen Table Cloths, . do. 0-1 It 8-4 While do. do. ilo. Damask, G-l and 8-4 Cotton do. Covers, 4-1 White liirds F.yo DionerH, 3-4 llrown do. do. do. Crash and Russia do. Ii32 for snle by II. 31. G HIDINGS & CO. 'I OOTII PICKS TJF.ADY .MADF. QL'ILI. TOOTH PICKS, also, IX Silver Tooth Picks, low for cash. Ii32. PAsanoiiN it RnixsMAin. iViivrnoDisT hv.mns- LVL Select, WinehelU' Watt Worcesicis' Watts and i. for sale bv June 4, 1811. S. HUNTINGTON. ."sign or the Red Ledger, Collegc-st. n52. I" ADDIS and .Misses Leghorn and Straw llonncls. -i Cords, Tassel", etc. of the litest fashions, and superior quality, just lroni iNew 1 orw, nntl tor sale ut ni is. l.UVI.l.V it CO S June 3d, 1811. I ,LA.-."supenor lllack 1 ea, line Hyson Skin and X Moving Ilysun.tlo. also linkers Cocoa, warran- ted pure. For tale by no II. 31. GIDDINGS k CO. ROSAKY RKKDS it CROSSKS. W i n "".""I" l" Crosses and shall - .... oiij.j.ii uii .iu i-ii in mi in iu prices. Pasgdoon if- HnlNs.11.VtP. 1-F.NTUCKY JF.ANS, Light and Dark Gam- ! broons, uisek nnd llrown Astruchan Cloths, vvooi-ujcd iiik and nine line t loth, now opening by .tunes, l r 1 1 . i,. .u. nilllilll iltu. IlltUSIII'.S. H.slt)Ks7&.c. A Complete assortment of fine and coarse Hair, Tooth, Nail, and other llrushcs. Fine Razors, Knives, Scissors, nnd articles in the hue al reduced prices. P.VNonons it RniNSMAin. AGAIN ""17F. have icturncd from New York for the second 1 ti time this spring and are now openin!! n benuli ful assortment of fine Fancy Articles at greatly redu ced prices, lower man nicy are sold in city or couip try. We have enlarged our slore, iucrcnsul I lie Hum bcrof nssistonts tonttentl to customers, ri'duced our prices, arc selling Goods to suileiisiuincrs, ami intend to sell lower and sell the more, believing that vvc can suit tho most di hciill. We invite all who wish erood Watches lower than they enn get them elsewhere and have lliein kept in order onc"yrar free, to call ' ,M w bo wish a benuliful present for a frinul. nil who wish soinoibing pretty, good, or useful, all who wish something to keep, to wear, to use, to lend, to give nwav, all w no wisp lo look al pretty i.oous, to look at rood Goods, necessary l.ootls, metal t.oods, All who like loFce what there is to .sec, from a Pin lo a Fish Pole, from a Shoo Lace loa Gold Chain, from a Worsied Needle to n Turkish PiH', in short all, high or low. rich or poor, hie or Utile, short or tall, can mnl hardly fail to bepleased to call, and they nro nil cor- dially invited lo call nnd seethe New Goods, at new prics. We argue "that a nimble sixpence is better than a slow shilling." "That extensive sales will ena ble a man to live on small profits." "That it is bctti r to wear out than to rust out, ergo, wo go for exten sive sales and small profits. Customers, Friends, Strangers, Neighbors, ono and all, plciiso tako notice ol tins ami come and liny nt this favorable time, rc- mcinucr inc v arieiv more ami reuuecu prices. PANGIIOUN 0c IMI.NSJIAID. llurlington, Juno I, 1811. u52 ivf.w ronni;ts.-f. 3I. WRIGHT if- CO.. 1 have just received anew nssorlment of Ladies Florence llrnkl and Plain Straw Runnels. ANo, .Misses Itoiincts, Flowdrs, if-c, which are offered at reduced prices ior caen. JuncJ, It-II. MORIMSOX'S I'llil.S. QrYin Packages at 1 500 at S2-500 nt S3- JUUO S00 Hoxcs Powders, nun Agents can now be supplied. 1 gross Sherman s i ougu i.ozrngts, 1 do. do. Worm do. 3 do. Poor 3Ian's Plasters, jiut ree-i ived PANGHORN A- IIRIN'S.MAID. n52 Sole Agents, TAKIl XOTICI1. flilll? Subscribers arc about making tomo diircrent X arrangcmenls in their business, and would rc uuest nil those havmir nnsctihil accounts to enll nntl -settle th same, nnd ihoso whose nuteshaio become duo that tney iiiusl bo paid before the first of July. NI'.LSON it GATllS. Riithngtoii, Juno I, 1611. 52. IIKLWI3F. an ndditional supply of Fancy Goods, - for Ladies Dresses, Challys, Silks, Alpines, Fig'il Lawns, Muslins, Mniislin ileLaines, English & French Prints. Also, Silk Shawls, Scarff, Cfavats, DitrB Handketciefs. Fillet it Shawl do. by LOVKLY ft HUKLBUT nonLiNOTON ciiAtn factory. CI L. Nl.l.SON, eiiiiliuues llio business of manufacturing Chairs at the old s'liiul, of the fol lowing descriptions! Curl 31aph; Grecian, Cane Heat, Common Cane and l'lag Sinl, Largo and Small Raised Seat Rntkiiu'ilo do Coin In in ilo, Coinmoil Dining, ove. &c All of which are warranted a first rate article and will be sold at prices to corresponil Willi the times. AND KKATHKU 11UD.S, RtJADV 31 ADU. PKATHKRS, Constanlly on hand, n supply of warranted Live Greesn Kenlhcrs, which will bo sold low for cash, WANTUD, by the subscriber, Curl mid llirds Hyo .Maple, delivered at his shop in Church slrrct, oppn-ite the old Hank. C. L. NLLhON llurlington, Juno 1. 1311. t ITOOL Twine, Cast .Slccl an. I f'muninn Shovels, IV Itutts nnd Scrnwp. Nnrrnllr nmt Ainrricmi Latches, and inanv other common nrticlcs of Hard ware, Cheap for Cash. S. II. SCOTI". CA HALI'.S Drown Shieling, OK) 2 do. do. Drilling. 5 do. do. Tickings, 2 do. Cnnvnss Padding, 1 do. tltirlans. inst received br June 1st, 1311. VILAS, LOOMIS A; CO. 1 Q CASKS Taney Prims, lO I dj. Wellington Fancies, 1 do. Illuc Drills, 3 do. UleacJed Shcetili!?. lust ree'd bv June 1st, nil. VILAS, LO'O.MIS & CO. Hn T',!-s- White and nssorteilThrcail. 0J) 3 Cacs Spool do. ;u l.unilles elo. 50 Gross LnccN, 20 do. Root do. 250 Dnz. Web & Klastio Susncndcrs. Juno 1st, 1311. just received by VI lam, LOOMIS . CO. Of 31 DRILLFD Kyed Needles, 'JJi 30 Gross Hooks and Lyes. 100 do. K' I'luig Pius, 2 Cases Loudon Puis, 1 do. mixed do. iut ree'd bv Juno 1st, IBM. VILAS, LOO.M1S A: CO. Still GROSS Gilt Coat and Ve.t llutluns, iuu no. i lorn tin. elo. elo. 300 do. Panialoon do. 20 do. Pearl Shirt do. n. il l or sale lv June 1st, Iflt. VILAS, L003I1S cv CO. tlOO DO.liN Cap and Twist CoTnbs, I5UU do. Side ilo. 200 do. Ivory do. 100 do. Coarse and Fine do. 50 do. Dressing do. 50 do. Ger. Silver Pocket do. forsalebv VILAS. I.OOMLS A- CO. June 1st, 1311. u5 KM) liOXLS Tin Plate 1-3 X, 20 do. Sqr do. 73 do. Canada lion, 4 Handles Russia do. 73 do. I'.nglisli it Am. Wlic, ins lor sale bv Ju -,e 1st, 1311. VILAS. LOOMIS it CO. MAV HOOKS. "pKCniVKD the present week by tho subscriber, J.V anil ior salu at llic lowsei prices, a viuunple col lection uf book', ninong which are the following: Court of Filmland, Voung 3Ian's Aid. I ell 1 housand n year, Voung Ladies Friend, Walker's Anthropological Tailor's History of So cil'IV. ICehle's Christian Year, Humphrey's Aihlres-es, do Obseivulion-t, works, llancrofi's History IT. S. Gurneyon the W. Indies, Lcllcrsfrom iheOld World Democracy m America, Jack ns'iore, Southgate's Tour, Works of II. 31ooro, Poetry of Flowerp. 31. De I octmervi 'i'. Life ol GnliN'inilh, History of Federal Gov ernment, by A.llradford Voices of llic' Night, Pro itleiit's 3Iisa'res. lav's I'veniiig Fxereiscs, 'halmer on tho wisdom of (Sod, Vnthoii's C'assical Die. lionrry, Wibstei's Classical Die- tionnrv. 2 vols. Cha'.sO'.Malev, Heatls of the lVoplf, Confessions of Hnry Lor- ri'l'ier, 3Iis llanies of Literatim', All ihe voyages round the Kirks Sermons, i world. For sale by D. A. UHA3IAN. llurlinglon, .nine J, isu. CROCKERY. GLASS & CHINA WARE. I A It It A It in: WAI Impmtersand Wholesale dealers in Croc' ery, Oldss ana uaiiiu iiure, eiwi AunuJacturcrsoj 1 CC CRATKS just received and now openin XvJL namely miotic ii on 23 Packages I'dgrd and Conimori Ware. 2S do llluc Prinlctl do 10 do Royal Hourbon Sprig do containing complete dinner serv.ccs, Tea sets and Unlet Ware. 10 do French Whito Granite Wnre, with com plele sets throughout. 1U do Anitipie asc upatiuti rear! Ware, eon mining perfect ilium r sets, entirely new patterns and nape, a inosi ueauiiiui article, vvitu.i en and Toilet ware to inn ten. CHINA WAR!?. 10 parkeges China Ware, containing Reaulifiil White Tea Sets, Gold etlge and line Tea Sols anil gold band hpng do do Gold band it sprig ilo Cluna nro Lamps GLASS W A il i 10 packages Glass Ware coutniniiiL' 0, S, nntl 0 llute Heavy Cut Glass Tumblers, li, 8, and 0 flute " Pressed do do 3 packages fine plain Tumblers, very chenp, uul i. lass Lamps, ll-ini do eo, a great vancty, Suiictb Cut ( ass Ha Lniuus. Astral Lamps, Girondales, Cnndhhras, Cut Glass Howl Lemonade Glasses. Pilehcrsv Decanicrs, Splentli I French Porcc- oblels, vv me and line Vases, witlillowers and shadi s. ani varit,,y nf ol',1Pr nrt Etrle s in their line, till of which are now oil'ered Wholesale and llit.iil at New Vork prices, i'. it v. would invite the attention of Mer chants in i be surrounding towns to iheir stock of ware, assuring lliein that they vvill sell in package assorted to nrderoli asgooti lerms as can he purcnase'd in .New Vork llolon or Troy, at iheir warehouse corner oi 01 uimrci of Church nnd College St. llurlington, June 1. 1SII. GOODS. Bl'UNF.TT it S WVi:it, at .Milton Fall-, have iut received iheir Spring Stock ed" Gouls. com prising a gcnernl assorlmtnt of Ulll litmus, DRY GROCl.RIF.S, CROCKl'.RY AND GLASSWARi; HARDWARF, DltfGS AND MFDIC'lNr.S, DYI". STUFFS, PAINTS AND OIL, GLASS, NAILS. CODFISH, .MACICr.RI'L, GRIND-STONF"". d-c. etc. All of which, having been putchascil at llio pir-cut very low prices, will be sold nt moilernlc profits for Produce, nntl as cheap as the cheapest for t 'nsh i iinel as we have not lime this morning to iiinmernlearlicb s and prices wo would respectfully invite our former pa trons ami t lie public generally to call, examine and jutlee lor themselves. -M inn. .lime 1. ism. P. S.- Moll'alis Life 31 1 dieincs, Newton's Panacea, Hitchcock's Snutl'mnl Worm Ten, Cough Ln.cngcs, and many nlhi r ol the most approved .ilcdicuics consiaiiijy on hand. T P. v HALING ec Co. are now receiving a full I and lenaut nssorlment of cootls soiled to the season, tnch as Fn neb, I'nglisli and American Prints, Painted Jlu'lin" nntl Lawns, .Mousclinc de Lames, Clnllys, Silks for dresses mid bonnets, Lawns and L VvJ.f' 'or. J,01!"1!-';''11 niurret iini", luacie i.nee veils, nincK ,inen Fdjingof varioiisninliliesnrid patterns. Swiss .Muslin Kdging and Insemon. Cambric do. do., Linen Cambric Hdkfs, French Worked Collars of superior quality, Jlnurning do., Lathes Cravats anil l.i ...II.-. c t s?.ll. t!l l V?t 1 mCSS 11UKIS, o-1 oio .7I1UI1 ir, iiui l". oi I'll y qual ity, a general assorimcnioi uosn ry, tionni t nnn t. np Ribbons. Siipemr Leghorn and Plnm Straw llonncls, Zephyr Worsted and Palirrns. Umbrellas and Para sols. Finally almost any thing ihe I.adiesol llurling lon may want can he found nt tho "New Cash Storo ' on "Cheap Side." lllil lillll' 'I'.llll.s, Such as Teas, Sugars, Jlohsscs Silcratus, Rice, Ginger. Spices, Ac, j almost any nrticle tbtil Farmers n ' .i-.. ... f r-on.i-i-ii - eviv w aill. .11MI, nil iisaoniu.iti "I iiiuvi. i .ivi .,. GLSS WAItK. All the above named articlcs.togethcr with man v not enumerated, will be sold al a very lov ptico for cash. llurlinglon, June i, ion. II ATI H would inform the in I habitants of HurliiiL"ou nntl vi e nily, that ho has opened n shop in Chinch slreit, at the sign of thu Rule, where, heinlciitls in carry on llio lum siuiili lbisinrss, iu all its vnnous branch es. Having bien i inployed for the last n years in the shop of J, M. Caswell, in LaiisinghurL'b, (undoubtedly tho best shop in the roiled stales,) he icels war ranted in otr.'ring his work lo the public lliirlmglon, Juno I, isu. Taints and Dyo Stulls. YlTHlTr.aud Red Lend, dry nnd ground in Oil, Venetian Red. Yilluvv Ochre. Spanish llrown, mid nil other Paints ; Al Also I.nnwood. Nicaragua. I usllc. tain wood, etc, Linseed, Lamp Oil, Varinsl.f s, nil of iho bes qua my, just received and tor taletiy n52 K MOODY Ilurlinslan, June I, 1641. D Ul.lSOLS. Sunshndca. nnd Umbrtllos. Ladies X India Rubbers, Trundi, lliown, and Light Kid S ips. S. II. SCOTT. WHITKLinin Drilling, Pennsylvania Stripe, Can loon, Moleskins. Coaqtnnock Cas"imerc9 nnd GalllbrOOUS for Gntli.mnti (Innimnf tvnr n iilctt fied. s. 11. SCOTT1 A Pull supply of Lap Leshornj Plain Straw and Pamleaf llounets, ready for sale. ONI?, and a half dorn nf thoso Splerrdcd Silk Shawls, much below former prices. a. n. rsuii i". 7NGLISII CimfnNTS, Niitmegs, Cloves. Cas" J sn. I'nlnml .Slnrol, Minn l.'m. Inin.t.TiTiir.i. ninl fin, nr., 1 f .,(!:.., r ini, ;' .', reeiivc I and for sale by nB2 .miiiu .i, ion. jm, i.uviilji ec cju. X. I!. Good Tahlo ntJTTnR wanted. COTTON Sheetings ond Shirtings, Wadding, Rat ting, Wicking, and Cotton Yarn nt. wiAiLiNfrsjr.t:o. wins r:(inn. TF..UTIR)L RKTICULKS, ransnriishcs.PIncs, s Head Ornaments, ninl 1'nrvm.nirtii.n.i.L opening at the Variotv Rlnro. i PANOI'.ORN A: nniNSAtAin. BROAD CLOTHS .r-ASStMTRT'.s:' of every htvlo nnd oua dv at thn "Vow rnl, Si,,rn'i J. P. WHALING if-Co. TjWRKWF.LL'S .Morocco Shoes. Gaiter Hoots, do. 3Icnsand ehildrens Shnos, eon- sriniiy i.irs.iif oy lNl j.yvKUY & CO. nine i, imii. -,; DMNTITIIY. SPOONHR resneeirnllv friends ill lliirlinfrior, .n,l;n:... l.n. t. ...:n , , .H , ; ' ""ii no mil in- prepire.1 io exercise his professional iluties on Monday tho i th inst. nt I. Slnttucks Hoti 1 Room Nn. 23. Oonecrncd m nnnother avoenttftn tidti.4, rtrnoa upon his limeniiil care, he begs m intimate, that his 'tntirjt for this, will Im-from 3 . 31. tofi P. 31. Also. ;nai no win ne nine lo pis but n short time in Rurl mgtont nnd will beoblig-dbv r-arlv applications from all who may count upon his services. luuungmn June ,i. ibll. p tSHPAID FOR WOOL n I Ibe llurlington 3Iill Company Factory. S. RARLOW. Agent. .nine inu, NOTIGIl. HC. STI3ISON has rcmovv.,1 his stock of Roots t Shos ite. lo II. Thomas Store. One door F.iet Ttlic Printing nmre.wliern ho Is sollinglofT nt Cost, 'T tlinSP nrrSilllS tt'islilnn ltrtftta nn.l SI, will ilo well to call bore purchasing elsewhere, All persons indebted Intl. C. Kii maitn nrn rnnnrie. ted to iinko iiiinp'dialo mvmcnt to the subscriber and save cost. i;. J. STLMSON. Airenl. llurlington June. 3 1SI1. ROYAL Oeiavo Polyplott Ribles. Cottage Riblcs, Family fluattoandPofkel Ibblcs. PorketTes nmenls, School Ribles and Tesstamcnts, for sale chenp for ready pay, by -itin" i, ion. ;s. ML.NTINUTON. Sign of the Red Ledger, Collegc-st. n52 Dlss-o'iilliii'. TIIF, Copartnership hircoioro existing between the subscriber under the firm of F.. I.. Fnrmr &Co. is this day by unit tin I consent dissolved. llurlington Juno 13,1810, F. L. FARRAR. 3IOSRS FARRAU. FLOfR. The subscriber Imp now on hand nnd aredailv receiving, fresh rrrounil Western ninl Prov Fiour. of suneriorineililv. which wllli.rt nlit nt ihe lowest nnrl rt price. HICKOK &CATLIN. .iinv-in isn 'luiiS, Lonf, Lump anil Rrmvn Sugars, Codec SaliTatus. Pepper. Since. Nutmees C oves ,r-e. forsalebv. '.. 31. WRIGHT if-Co. 3tay2-,l?ll. BRUSHF.S A large ami well selected assortment of Cloth, llnir. Crumb. Toolh. Ilearlh. Dusiinr. Shoe, llo-sn Paint, Varnish, Whitewash, Stove and Floor RRFSIIFS : Also, cotliinon and fancy Mel lows ami ll'neksmilh's Rcllnws, just received and for sale low by ItORF.RT 3IOODY," comer of College & Chnrch-slrrcts. nji Ihirhiigton, 3Iay2C, 111. I Anvil .Sinner Goods. FINn3-4and 1-1 llrown Linen for Coats, Heavj a llrown and White Linen Drilling, do Fancy White Linen Drilling 4-1 Russia Sheeting and 4-4 Russian Rurlap, very cheapby. 11. 31. GIDDINGS &eo. CI.OVr.ll Sr.nD, of primequalitv, forsalebv 1150 II. 31. GIDDINGS it CO. for Sale. A first rate PIANO FORTF, nt a very low price. For further particulars, uniuiroat the llookstoro oi D. A. HRA.MAN. llurlington, .May 23, IS 11. n3l, Clilblren's Wear. GOODS for Children's Summer Clothing in every variety, nnd cheap lor cash, ut HOWARD'S May 27, 1311. 51 Heal Instate for Sale, nt llic Falls. rTMIF. Two Houses owned by .Mr. L. Rarnard, at JL liiirliiigton Fall-, will be solil at a reduced price. Atiached to one is about nn acre of land, unet to the other about half an acre. Apply lo H. L LA VF.N WORTH. 3Iay 21. IStl. n31 IDRF.SFRVKD India Ginger, elo. Tamarintls, Ta . blel'igs, ut TIILO. A. PFCK .(- CO S. .May 20, 1S11. njl OADDLl'.RY AND COACH HARDWARF.. A O large and sideiulid assorlmeiit of Coach and Sad- dlerv, now opening at thu Hardware Store s sign of ttto I'.itiiocii, corner ot "..ollege and "Jhuren-sirectsi ami lor sale very lowal vv holt salea lid retail oy Hurliiigton, .May 20, 1311. . HUXTIXGTtl. WOULD respecllully niiorni his pn'rons and the public generally, that ho lias just received from New ork, a good assoi tnieut ot Hook Rinding slock Hlank Hook iiialen.ils. and Sialionarv all ot which will bedispo-cdof low, for ready pay, thankful for pastiavors, ami hopes to icceiveaud merit n coiiiinu ancc of the same. The public ale invited to call and test quality and price for tbeliisilves. College-Street, sign of the Red I.iU.'cr. .May 23, 1841. lull I.IO.MON SY.CU1'! rTUir. best quality ul ibis article', and also that of 1'ino Sal. ul Oil are constanlly kept at 1 THU). A. PI'.CK it ti51 COS. "'AllllS. Ivory surfaced Punting Carps, assorted sy, also a variety ol V isinng iards and Cases, vv aliens, .Memorandum nooks, witn uiasjis, l-ort l o hos, w ith and without locks, Drawing Pencils, ludel hide Ink, lllack ami Red Ink Powder, Camels Hair Pencils. Gliss Mutto Seals, India Ink, Gold Fluid, Ivory and Wood Paper Folders, India Rubbers, Pen Knives, iVc. inc. lor sale ciiiup tor ready pay. n51 S. HUNTINGTON Sign of the Red Ledger, Collegc-st. STUAUTVS COM'i:CT10X.ltll'.s: TUST received a fresh supply, put up m neatest I style expressly for retailing, Ii51 by TIILU. APKCK .- CO OALM Leaves of tho best uua'ity, Palm Leaf Hon x nets ami Hats, Stiaw Honiieis Ribbons and urn lieials, by 11. 31. GIDDINGS i Co. 1'iAPF.R. A good assortment of Cap and Letter Paper iusi received bv the subscriber and will be sold ll'or Heady I'ay or short Crtdit,) on belter terms man ever ociurc oinreti m mis village. iiji nM S. HUNTINGTON. Singn of the Red Ledger, Collego-st. Garden Seeds. IjMtO.M the Yankee Farmer Ollice, lloston, of the growth of loIO, for sale by .i,Sif ' r nnoniiicii. Itohau l'ohitors. OR SALF. at 60 cts. ii Hiishcl. 1 .May 13. C. GOODRICH. TirTTHXT. ri""HI? store tiet east of 3Ir. Hraman s Hook Storo X on College slre-el. II. LKAVl-.N vvOKTll. April 10, IStl. .lohii .Holt's I'.state. STA IT. OF I l.K.MONT, ( A T n Probai nisimri ok r.u.iMi i-i r. ss. I 2. Cciirt hiden mv dwe ina boti-i- in North Hero, in said District on lbii l,b d.iv of March A. I). Irill. Pre-i'iil the Hon. Ji el Allen, Judgivan liislruuient ptirporling lo I e thu i.... l-.ll I 'I' r i,i il SI I I'l'l U,.. ii iusl ,, in uii'i i r mini m oi jeiii. .'iv. ., i.M, ui South Hero, in tuul Dilnel divea-eJ.leing pre-enle.l to Hit" iimrt hero bv llet.ev .Mott, the i xis uirix ibereill nauusl.for Prob.llt'. Il is orderesl by said Court. lll.ll .111 Ol-lsi,us i-iiiiriTllt-VI lli n ill I r iniiiti... in t....., iii a 1 1 said Ciitin. in I e holdcn at tiny ilwel- Iiiil" hou-e in said Norlb Hem. oil Ihe 22.1 day ol I June next, nt o'clock in llio alleruoon.Si sbe'wc.iu-e . i . : i ii'.ti , il any ini-y n.ive.ig.iuisi ine proisaie oi mni n ni.aiiu for vvnieh tiurpo-i', it Is further oislerisl that a copy of I he" record of ibis order lo published thru wce'ks iie'ee'ssively in ibo Hurliiigton Vrcc Pri'ss n newsp.i- per prinlisl in H.irliu.ilou, i it I hitli'iiJcu county, a, soon ns may Iv. n51w;i. A tniecoiiy oi luvor.i. Attesi, JOLIi ALLKX, Judge. HUH IPS GRASS nntl Red and While CLOVFR SURD, a new supply rt HOW.Ul'S. pril 2J, 1RII. Ol'ILLS. A good assoitment of (Juills from No -w 1. Ri'iwa, In GO Oiiaquc-Also htcel Pens-a first rale atliele.fe'r sale by Cdlcis-eg 5. HUNTINGTON UUItLINtlTON nIIE Trustees of tho llurlington Femalo Seminary JL take pleasure in announcing that the school will bo re-opened on Wednesday the 2Glh inst., nt tho buildings lately known na tha F.niscopal lustilute, under the superintendancc of 3Iiss TmazAii Ltn, Into ono of tho principal instfiictersnt thoTroy Seminary. Miss Leo will bo aided by competent nnd experi enced teachers in the various branches of knowledgo and elegant accomplishments usually taught in the best female schools in this country. The musical in struction will, as heretofore, bo given by 31 r. .Molt. Tho terms will bo ns followsj The school-ycnr, consisting of 41 weeks, will bo divided into two ses sions, half n session being ono quarter. The second quarter of the present session commences .May 2G. Tho winter term will commence on tho tlvrtl Wednes day of September. Tho charge for boarding, includ ing vvnshing,fucl,-lights, etc., vvill bo 8.10 per quarter, halfpnvablo in odvancc. Tuit nn in llnqlUh bran ches $10 per session, half payabloin advance. KxTtiACiiAnoEs. Tuiiiuu on the Piano, Organ or Guitar, per quarter .... S12 00 Use of instrument for practice, . . 2 00 Vocal Instruction for Piano pupils . . 1 BO S' " " for others .... 2 00 Thoroughbass 2 00 Frcncl 4 00 Lntin . .... . . . 3 00 Drawing nnd Painting in water colours . 5 00 Use of patterns 1 00 There will he n charge of 25 cts. per quarter, for the incidental expenses oi inc school The School will not be sectarian. Reference mnv be had to Ihe President nntl Pro fessorsof the University, Iodic Clergymen of all the congregations iu the village, and to the following gentlemen. V.. T. F.N'GLFSRY, T. FOI.LICTT, W.A.GRISWOLD, T. CHA3inr.RLAIN J. N. POMF.ROY, G. II. SHAW, W. LY3IAN, C. IIAYNT.S, L. I.003IIS, C. ll.VXTFR, II. P. HICKOIn, JOHN PF.CK, S. M01isr.,nntl J. li. l.lCAl , C. RF.NNS, A.W. HYDF., S. I?. HOWARD, J. I. CtJTLF.ll, G. P. 3IAltn, H. TOUSLnv. J. P. WHALING, LEATIIIt & FINDING STORE. t'. I.tlO.MIS has iii-i nvcivi'd from N. York, X-it .lotiu lbs. w.ii.1, Li'.A 1 1 ii.ic, Irotn 17 lei J'J es, 30 d07. .viorotvo, Kid, Hoot, Lining nh'l Rinding Skin-, 0 eases ill ticht.nud Ladic- Roots, Roolees, ilroL-bans, llu-kiii.-, Slips and Children Shoe-. Oak Skirling, "ridle ami Mog Skin. Shoe Thread, Siamps, Size Slicks, Coll-, Shoulder S es, Awlli:n!esitll.iud!e.' Sand Slone, Ha-ps, Peg Cutler., ( ', Haul Fdes P nelu, .Shoe Uru lit', Pegs, ebbing. Root Cord, Galloon, SlilebinirSilk, Ru ia II lir-, 1111111011 His I Piute's Jjgs-ero, Keys sand Rral'e. Sleel Jacks, Spornl le, Shoo Kinvc., Pincers, Hacking, Hi el Dall.ite. tScc. AI.sO Harness, Hand, Hri'dlc, Top, Hollows and Fpper Leather, ("all Skin-. Ilor-e Hides. Sheen SLins. Town's Lasts and Hoot Trots anil la fact nil kinds ofurlieles iu his line nfbiisini's. iOTlie above nauied urtiele will 1 e oM for ea rheaper than can be bought at nuy other ev.allis ilium in the State. Ple.i-e call and ice. n31 Pearl-t reel, May 23lh, 1311. KDWAItl) J. FAY'S BOOT & SHOK iSTOXlE. Church-Street. Jtarlincton. "Tninill? he has on hand a superior assortment of t Ladies anil tieiitlenun s HOOTS AND SHOF.S, of the following assortment : Gent's fiueenlf -ewtl Hools Hoys Calf Shoes, Ladies tiaiter Hoots, " Kid Slips, " New spring nips & Ties, " Colored Slips, " Hronzcd " " Calf 3Iiscs Shoes if- Slips, Also, n large a-sorunent of Children and Infants Shoes. " pegd do. light " ' do. Summer Gaiters, " Pumps, Calf " Shoesitllrogans Thick .f-Kin lloots, " " Rrogans Roys Shoes it llrogans, " Thick it Kip Hoots, tns " iv. " et nro?ans. ZrV.. J. F. would invitehis customersand thepub lie in "iiicrnl to call anil uxamine his arsortiuenl of Hoots it- Siior.s which ho can warrant to be of good stock, thorough workmanship andlatestslvles. Also, Work and Repairing douo nt tho shortest notice, asusual. u5l llurlington, 3lny 23, 1911. David Rccil's Kstatc. TTTK llio subseril 'rs. hiving I eeu uppnintisl by the llouorableibe Prol ale Court tor Ibe Di-irii'l of hitieivlen, roininissioners to rtsrive, examine nntl liu-t the claims nnd iii-man u ol nil persons asniust the esia'o of DAVID RFF.D, Lite of llurlinglon, aid Dislnet, deeea-tsl, repre-enlesl insolven', and also nil I'l.unis and demands exhibited in nd'-rt icreto and six mouths f,om tho date hereof, leing illnwe'd by said Court, for lhat purpo-e, wo do hereby ive noliei', unit we win anen.i io ine ou-iness u our unnoinimenl. nt Ibe dwelling it John S. Tieree. .'.ul-Mrect lloite,i iu ii'irimginn, iu sani ni-iriti, tbesiMh tl.iysol July and Noveml er next, nt ten look, A. .M Dated, Ihis 10 h day of May, A. I). IS II I.UTIH R I.0O3I1 Comissioners. JOHN K. GRAY, j Charles .".lelluen's Kstatr. STATU OF VFItMONT, ( Tu prol nteeourt nisTiuiT op i iiiTTi.NPr.N-, ss. j hold at llurling lon, wiihin and lor siud ili-t rie'l of Cliiiieuilcu, on thu gu.l day ol .May, loll. Anna .ticl.uen, ol inne's- in llu" county ol Lhitlin-len, (niarthan ot 'barles I). Mel'uen. ("orneba S. .McKucn, and Cnro- ine F. Mel'.i'en. muior children ol Charles MoLni'ii, late cf said Iline'sl 'irgb, dei iM-i'd, having lilesl in said ouri, petiliou, in writiuir, selling run Ii lhat saio 'Inr.'i's D. i seized in his own right in lee of twentv- ibreeaeres and sixiylive rods of bind m said Hine urgb.aud onehalf et a -aw-nnll and water privi 'e. lis- on said land, nnd that the a.d Cornelia S is seized ni her own rigid m Ice of lil'ieeu aeri's nntl for ty rod of land, in said llmesl.iirgb, nnd the said Caroline P.. isrrizisl in her own right in fee of four tis'n acre's nnd hfly-one nxls of laud, in -aid lline-s- iiirgn,! eiug ihe saineiamisse! nui in iiieni in i-vi muy y a eoimuilleo appointeil by snui i ouri io mason tu- vi-ion of the e-tale of ihe s.ud Charles .Mel.nen, i'c- ceasiM, ami ng Ihe heirs thereol j Alio inai ner s.uu ward aivnl-o seiinl iu ilieirown right in he, asien aids in I'ominon, ol tin if equal tmdiv uled fonrlh p iris ol the lollowingde-erd l land and tenements, viz : twenty acre-of land in Hine-burgb, nndtwo-lhinLo! I hi- lioti-e and ibe whole of Ibe wood -M standing on ihe w-e-t sale rf the road, we-t ol -aid Iweniy ai re-, nnd llu- land on which snid iwo-thirds of -nid home and llu- whole of snid wood 'bed slan.1-. unit appur'l- nances theieol: I emg Iheinme lanu, icneiui-uis ami premees which w-eresel out lo Anna McLm-ii, widow ol" iho snid Charles MeFneii, tlisi'.i-isl, under an order of said pro1 me court, lv a eomnuilee appoinlisl ly said I'o-irt for that purpo-e, as her deliver iu thu real tale 01 said dive.i-eii i which sain i.iihi nun pn-no- se-e-, so n't out as ihe dower ril ihe said wniovv in uio real esiaie, are siilms-i to ner me c-inie iiu roiii -, n-jt-ri"enling lima ali' ol" nil of said land-, tenements & premises, vvoulille eondnoivo lo ibe m'crct ol her said wards, by mvi'siing the proceeds of such ale in ol b.-r real r!nie, cr putlinglbi' inene'y at intrrc-i, nnd praying said court for lu eiisuio ieu an oi ner wttru -inieiesl in said land, lencineul- an I prcini-i-. Whereiqion llu- I oort nlore-aio, uoin nppoini uu I till day of June', It'll, for bearing mid deciding aid pennon, al llio oilueol Ibe liegi-n r oi saw i ouri iu said llurlinglon, niildoih o.-tli r lhat all persons iiotillitl Ibereof, by publication oflhls onli-r, conlaining the siibtants'ol ibis petition, linn' wevk siiis-es.Vi yinlhe llurlington l-rcerre-s, a new spa printisl in said llurlington, previous to said ltth dayot June, IS II. . "SI , Given under iny hand, at said litirlington, this V.uu lav of Mny, A. 0.1611. ' WM. WF.STON, Regi-icr PRICES REDUCED! ! ! rplIF. fuhcrihi'rs have taken ihe Slore formrrly I n.'r-mili-il hv Gen. . Conner as a eroeerv store, first door west of It. Ihshop's Hotel, which has been tilled w lib n good assortment nf DRY GOODS, wet nml An- niHiCP.Il 1 US. .te.Ae'.. which were bought this spring in New York at low prices, and vvill be Foid at a v cry small advance from cost for cash, pro bably lower lhan can be purchased at any other stand in town, ascirciimsiancis make it necessary that the goods lio sold immediate ly. Tavern kevpers and olhcrs wishing to purchase Liquors, Loaf Sugar, ive. will do we ll to coll, JOSF.PH HATCH. ? i, .,. n'iis.'nisi f'livvi.-T f .i-"ifcnrr5, l't M.. HI .1211 Curlington, 31ay U, .'-11. i in,, i.i.u -i.,i.i..- TAIXTIXG. milU snbsriler I -niir ilunl.ti. I for past favor' X wo'tld ri'speelliillv solicit a I'ontinuanis' ot the same an 1 remind lnsfnVnd nnd the pel lie lhat he is pri'Ji.iresl lo accomnuHlnlo lliein onilu' shortest notice and nio-i favorable lerms u, Ibe various brain bes in theal ovo line. Slugy o posile 31 r. C. A. ScymourV HatStoii'i Pearl-sliest, llurlinglon, , Vi. JAM US SCOTT. April I, 1811. 41, ly. I'ouxn. OR mav bo found in ibis village, direedv opposite the Methodist Chapel, an OLD PAINT SHOP, newly fittedtiphi good stvle, where tho undersigned will be glad to wan nn lus old customers who may f0r him will, their patronage. q spMhVJSG. Ilmllnston, April Ji, IB II COTCI1 01NG11A3I U3II1RELLAS, Light tmd Dam 1' igtircd and riam raroni, very cheap I... I- at wiiTniie a. i-m May 20, 1811. ' n55 1 ntiil fs-l Silk and lllack Netl Shawls, Kelt ) Scarfsand Handkerchiefs, n great variety, inst ro- ceivetl by L 31. WRIGHT &CO. .May w, 1311. iuu II 111) VVAItC. TUT, subscribers nrorecoivinp n choico selection Hard Ware. Cutleri-. .fcc. direct from tho Imporlers, ami respectfully invite the attention of mechanics nntl others tin reto. nSO II. M. OIDDINGS&CO. Corner ofColtcge-st., and tho Square. PORTO RICO SVRt;p.-A fresh supply of thot J. excellent 3Iolasses, jusl rccnveil hv n30 IL3I.GIDt)lNGSitCO. STKAV IIOi:sI STUAYF.I) fiom the subscriber, about ihe lOlh inst. n small RKOWN 3IA11I?. one whim bind fno. three small while spots on tho hack, caused by sstldh', n star in the forehead, and about 7 yrnrs old. Who ever will give information to the subscriber, or b Alnnzn Newell olt.hatlotte, where sho maybe lounil shall bo handsomely rvcoinpcn-cd. l.AI' l.l.LK. Charlotte, 3Iay 20, 1911. "iT'-W GOOI)1. The Subscriber has pist reeeivi d IN from New York, a gcHTil nseortmcnt of DRY GOODS, GROCLIUF.S. CROCK FRY it HARD- WAUL, winch he will sell cheap lor cash. I1U11ACU LA.M . 3Iay 10, 1911. n30 TO ?AI7;TX!r.. WANTF.D a Journeyman Printer one eapabb" of taking charge of n Hook and Job Office. For a capable man of good habits n permarcat situation isollerctl. C. GOODRICH. 3Iay20. ARRIVAL AT N. l.OVFI.Y ,f. Co's. DRY GOODS, Dry Groceries, Crockery and Glass Wnie, American Paper Hanging, Latin s nnd 31issrs Runnels. Wo can't stop to i numerate, but call and see. A bill of particulars hereafter. .May 10. AT IKlWAIIirs CARPF.TINGS at reduced prices, bought at Auc tion, some as low as 25 cents per yard. HATS, New-York Rroadwav Fashion from 81 to SI, 50, Calicoes, Motislm IM.aiiic, Silks, Ginghams, Honnets, Parasols, Umbrellas and Fancy Goods L'cn- erally nt very low prices. Also Paper Hangings a". do.-20 May Ml. n50 "VTOTICI-:. The subscribers would inform tho in L habitantsof Willistou, nntl its vicinity, that thev have ferimsl a connexion in business, under the firm of JOHNSON .t HLAKi: nt tho stand known by the name of the Rradley stand, and recently occupied by C. Illake, wheielhey will carry on the' Tanning, Currying, Hoot it Shoo .Making 1 usiaess, and would solicit a share of the public patronage. NATHAN JOHNSON, CALLT. HLAKI'., Williton, 3Tay 1, llll. n30 N. 11. Cash paid for Hides nnd Skins. 1 r c m 1 u m AM) IMUmiili HASS YIOl.S. A BRA HA 31 cslctl in the Sci ence of 3Iusic, that he continues to manufacture at. Concotil, New Hampshire, HASS AND DOUHLi: P.ASS VIOLS, of a very superior quality, and having obtained tho first Premiums lhat has ever been awarded tonn A mcrican nitnmfncturcr of sueli lusiritments at thn great 'lir.T of the American Instdule in Naw York Citv, nt the great Fair of the 3Iccbanic's Association in lloston, and nl the Fair of Iho 3Icchanic s Charita ble Association in Portland, 3Iaine he now not only lenders his thanks to his friends and paticnsfor past favors, but pledges himself to Religious Societies, .Musical Associations and muivniuais w no may wish lo purchase, that no reasonable efforts hall be want ing on Ins part, toenahlo mm to meet their ordeis m tha most prompt and satisfactory manner, that ho may still retain their confidence, and merit a continu scelofthe liberal palronngche has for many years ojoyed. He also keep" an extensive assortment of 31 USICAL 1 N STRUM F.NTS, of the best quality, which he oilers for sale on lh most reasonable terms, ninong which are 3II LOD10NS AND SFRAPHINnS, which nrcinuch ailnurcd for sweetness of tone-, and well a lapted lo parlor or church music. 3Iusie Schools, 3Iihtary Hands, or individuals, can he supplied with Riassand oilier instruments of any description, as cheap or e-hcapcr than they can pur chase in the city of lloston. Au-o, Violin,' Hass and Double llass Viol Strings, Hows, lindgis, Patent Heads, Tuning Folks it Pipes, Instiuciiou Rooks, Clarionelt Rcedsand mouth Pio ces. Umbrellas, Parasol-, Walkinp Canes, ite. Orders will bo gratefully received, and Instruments' sent by Stage at the risk of the imnuf icturcr, and if not satisfactory, may be exchanged. Musical iiisirumenisand Unibrellas,rcpaircd asusu al. Please call at his new .Music Store, a few demrs south of the FagleColl'cc Hou'e. Iijl Concord. New Hampshire. JIarch 2, I'll. PANGHORN .f- HRINS.MA1D, Agents, Hurling- ton, Vt. The Hcst In use !1 triTCI'ITI'.NS' I'.nnlish lilue Ink. CnoPrr nnd Pliil- O bps' F.nghsh lllack Ink, and Arnolds' Knghsli Red Ins. Persons wishing a first ralo article can ba supplied at the Hook bindery by .liny i -.-n .-s. ilex" ii'.s. Sigh of the Red Ledger, Collegc-st. HICAUTIPUI. (KHIIK V I". invite all who wish the Ian si style, llic n-nt- el made, the finest material, the best film tho w-ny of Slocks, nt low prices, to took at our variety belore purchasing. Oh ! we have some beauties, tJOLLVns asp liOFOMS, pcauiuui Linen, luucii m.i than ever. Sfser.N-pr.ns, some nice ones. Stocks of nny sizo or w idth obtained soon. i,V2 PANGHORN it HRiNSMAlD. LOOKING GLASSKS. A variety ol die Latest Patterns, plain and polished, 3Ialmgany Frames, just received by II. Al. uljjlil.vuo it i.w. llurlington, .nine l, lbii. oj- rpiJAS Old Hyson, Young Hyson, Hyson Skin, X Pour-hong, now receiv ins and for Mile at i.ovr.i.v it iiri'iLnrrs. June 1, IF II. ii32 Vl.ll.liONT HHAVtlXC itOOK. rplIF. Virinont Drawing Hook of Landscapes rr L pared mid arrnnged by John Henry Hopkins, D. D. Rishop of ihe Dio'ei e of Vermont, No?, "i mid 6, conlaining 12 beautiful Liihoginpluc prints, with tlni letlerprissdescription.lhisriay published l v CII.iUNU-.Y GOODRICH. April 22. ISM. , Comnlete setts of the Vermont Drawing Hook in I 6 no", constanlly for sale. WlVi'.liV Hl'ltl-IU'T nAVF.jnst received a large nnd elegant assortmrni of French Satin ground and oilier Paper Hang- in"s, direcMrom Pari', ot their mvn importation, mi penor toniiy hillierioofl'cred in litis market, boih in qualiiv and cheapness. Purilia-rr- v.i.l do well to avail ilii uiselvis of the firt selections. May 12, 1M1. Xcvv Yor lints. fV the Latest Stvle, and ot supenor linisii, Gents V' please take nonce. fur sale bv n to II 31. GIDDINGS in CO. Drab Hroail Cloth. fine article nf Silver Drab llroitlcloth, rirrcssly IY for lining Carriages, for sale hv .-n iiiiiiitii H. 31. GIDDINGS it CO. nisoi.iiTiox. llUenpartnersbip hcrcioft-re exi-ling un'ir l,o - Firm i fL. Jitlu nni it -Vi'o, is this day i'isn 'vi-1 I y mutual coun-nt. Tbc business of the e-i ui any evil 1 1' seii!tn i y ,.eonar t join u ni uti-t All ibo-e having Ha uls against tin' e. mi a i, a he- quested lo pre-i nl them mtiniiba'o'y, and i ! a1 n s.av io ino-t-on v mg uu i tot' .''"lis i ' . -pany lhat we havea s'rongde-oe'o ice i rs, ipj" company Hooks nm-t letei'ien iiniue ii . t tlio-o having mari.isi nun s nnu .-mu- uu- i. , lo call and ?ei them. . , .-... pirrni joiiov.oi'i. LFONAlill JOUONNl-'IT. Church ft., lWlington, ) April 1, IStl. l , N. H. The lluMiiess will leerntuifiNl ai the cf slaml. "1 1 LACK GrodoRnme, .D Illuc Hlk Grodc, I SILKS. S J and Grode Une , , ' ' opene ' Also Ladies Superior Idaek and colored fiiu lilovcs Tluiad lklgings, etc. by 3lay27- ,. M. Rll.Ili .V in. IWXCY GOOD-. ""Ml. LIT and Gauze f-.ii.f-, Si-w inc Sdk, Or Nnp anl Chlaly'i.i.ih ii" -i , 1'nin i :.-ii,7 Miinretng i'o large s:zcs, 1 r lis and Fu vn Ijni di-Naps ) ,i Va'cmia-, l.rHONMTf. and (.'obiieil H'shoo l.-ivvn, i, nt ...t I'.n.-i VI I S. ' .M ' Li. o do. rorsa'cien-I'W" nil by II. 31. GIDDINGS it CO. HOUS. -JO dozen Cast Stwl Hoes 25 el?7c mandilto, by J it J- H. Pl.CK in 23 do7cn Grr- it Co. MI'.WIOW'S Freni-h Dictionary, containing morrt ( v. ords than Poser's, at ,,nlr fe'cTopi' jr 1IASS 7A'h(SyOTV w ould re ' oSr-r'Ufe a 1 1 pe rsons inter-

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