Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 25, 1841, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 25, 1841 Page 1
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NOT TUB GLOnY OP C JB S A R BUT TUB WELFARE OF ROME. BY II. B. STACY. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, JUNE 25, 1841. VOL. XV....N0. .1. Grass Seed at 8'J,3( per Uuslicl. A few bushels of very clean Grass Seed, fur sale at 82,50 per bushel by 11ICKOK ft, CATLIN. May 6, 1611. FOR SATiK. May 4, 1811. Garden Seeds of lite groulli of IHIo- B' II. THOMAS) t KC5S leave respectfully to announce to the trading mid 1ni.fne public, ihnt heh.i" opened ii 11 AI.'L- TIOX AND COMMISSION STOItK; on College t., near the Court lloii-e Square', in his newniul e-eitilinu- I .linn., Idn.-I. nt' lllriet.- -fores. .Mcrt-h.llldlZC 11 hd UrOll- ONF. Yoke of Wotking Oxen njqily to ' ,.rly ol all kinds received on'ont, ami sold lllCKOIv ft CATLIN. on eoiiilni-mii. either at private sale or at miction, u ' the cou-iglu-e shall ilnecl, on reasonable terms, I A ica-onahle advance will ,tt all tinier le made on ' hrooertv n-ceivcd. TDAISFD for and put up by Joseph Bred; & Co., Auction Sales on every Saturday, nt one o'clock, P. -.. at we seen i.iiviiiiiuctn ot.nnccie'd u-illi we , .11. to onniiuenoo on ine ur-i Banirtiay in April next. New Fnglaiul Farmer O.lice, Bn-teui. Each sort N I Burlington, March 2"). 1811. labelled Willi Directions for il tulinri'. "The above Seed are of the grow-ib of 1811), and of the very host quality, being lai-ed hy the niiM ex perience I grower, opre"sly lor tin establishment ejteept ueh stirt a will not ripen to advantage in ihlscountry, which an imported Iroin the lir-t house in Furopc.' AwareVf In complaint thai have liitherto existed in regard th Seed, and of the impor tance to the (lanlohcr, of having such a can I e re lied upon, every e I'm t ha been mad" nt lilts e.tal hh inent to rai-e and vend such only in Will give perfect satisfaction." ALSO Ornamental I'lmver Sce-d-, a choice varie ty. Hula B.iga, White Flat Turnip, Orange Carrot, Sugar licet, ftc. above at whole-al- and ictail by April 1811. STHONGS ft. CO. MOORL'rf' iISSF.NCi: OF Lin:. A Valuable Medicine, which, if rightly applied, will le the means of savin;; ihoit-nnd- Iroin an iintiincly giavc. ll has been sold and u-cd for thirty jenr, w'tlhgrcut success, and found very elhe-nciou ' jn the following disease, viz. Con-n.npiion, Whoopina Couch, coui inon Coughs, Cold., itillicnll Breathing, lullucuza, Quinsy, Asthma, Phthi-ic, HpiMmc of Blood, Flatu lency, Indige-.tion, l.oo.cnc of the Bowel-, Pits of every kind, Cramp, Ilickel, Colic, C'alanli, Dy-on-tnry," Fainting, Hypochondriac AJIivtiiMi, Ile.ida'clie, rjicknessat Stomach, Mc.ile., a preventive of Con tattoos ili-cvc-. Hum ami liheum.ili.iii. iCp'l henbove Medicine i- prepaied I v Henry Sey mour, oflladlcy. Ma, from liecipe, fy ihe direetn 11 of said Moot e, and sol I I y linn and the principal Druggt-t in the I'nitctlStntc..' Sold wholesale and retail, bv .1. ft. .1. H. pec!; Co anil Tlieo. A. Peck ft. Co., Iluilington, and ly ihc dealer gene-rallv throughout the country ICPIMPOUTANT ('At'TIONIpJ It in ingnlnr fict undone much tube regretted that valuable medicine, a soon as they I ecome pop ular, and hnvu levelled the test and approval ol a ih-eriininnting public, arc ure to be counterfeited, and tints a bad and spurious nrlicle is imimshntoly palmed upon llicuiisiipccling for the genuine. Tins ecu notorionlv the ease with all popular tried and truly valuable lueJicnei for years past, ami will probably continue to be the for year to come. The ba-e and contemptible counterfeit in lhl way nieanlv take, ndvuulngo ol all the e.I'orl and adver- liing ued by the proprietor oflhe genuine article, 1P& l ff-el I I -i Q A 1 ?E2a 4 PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. 'TWIN article i too well known to need coninicn-- ilatmn and the e.ipcnciicc of seven ears has ilrmonstratcd to the i-iinniercial eoinmu'niiv, that for accuracy, entnenienru and ilurahilitv, ilu v are uiirnall. j-Coal vaul sciles to weish from !1 10 0 !"n-n-,M"""?.nt fi",fo-tin, toweislifioiii l.?lh. Mn 11 1 "rh1 'o wcih Irani I 'J 07. In ou 10-. l oriaiiKM.oiintcriio a n article Iroin l-'2 0. to 10 lbs. J. J. If. 1' A CV I'.urhnaton, ,j ril 8 1811. Cabinet Shop 011 Callln's l.anr. DKAR SIR; Permit 111c to inform you and others inyonricitiiy that I am still cnacd in the CAMINlVr llUSIXKSa, and that custom, any thing in my lino may be bouglit of moon ns pood terms as any wherein this market. I am now from various causes making work cheaper than lever did before j and all pajitttf customers whether old or new I shall be happy to sec at the New Shop, where no pains will be spaicd to give satisfaction. I.umbcrand Produce ree'd as usual anil a iiitle cash, (if there is any left in the country,) will be found to do wonders a tow roe;s cast 01 cnureii-st. it, k. r.uxuisutuN, lliirlingfun, January II, 1811. to li:t. Till! Dwelling House, corner of Maiden I.nnc and Pearl-street, apply to Mny 1, 1811. H1CKOK A: CATI.IN. CAIJIXHTU'AKH.-Tlicsuhscriberlinsresum-c-J the Cabinet business at the old slionon Church street, formerly occupied byXichnls it llorrick, anil reccntlv bv H. It. Walker, where be intends 10 inanu- factum and keep consiautly on hand all kinds of ivAiii.M'. r ! uit.M l mil., 01 a style and quality not inferior to any manufactured in "tins vicinity. He hopes his Ion'' expartence, Ui'Tther with a strict atleit lion to the business?, will secure hint a .share of the public pnttonacc. 5-VANTi:D in cxclimefor Cabinet Work, nirch and staple Scantlet, suitable for bedsteads; basswood plank, and board from 1 inch to inch; white Pine hoauls. Must kmdsof country produce received in piviuciit, 1 1 n 1 cash would iievrrvncceptanic.) lltirlinslon.Jnn. 1,1811. SAMUKl. NICHOLS. -to wciyh Ik. ni !.M. I JSTATH I'OH SAI.I!. t a n110s;. -Tllf. Iineirictiir .lit:. 1 - f.. a,l.. .1 inisosin the v illage of liiir'm.'ton. now oecupicl by 1 ' .rV' '"! as l dwcllini; house, printim; i.nic. and rcadin- roo n Die premises are convenient for a store and tlvs-- llinc house or fur office" of almost an v description, and arc situated in the ceiitie of the most luisincss part of the tnvvn. For lennsof ,ile and pavmrnt, inquire ofChntb Kussi'll, Pearl st. Ibiihuijton, or A. L. Cailnt. of Or vll t. ISrwnrr of Derfpllon 1 I T lias fienucntlv conic to the knowledge of the sub 1 scribci that emntv .SnuiVJars, with his Label on llicni, have bri n 1 oiiclit up. for the initiuso of sellinir in them an inferior quality of Snull'i and, alsj, thathis Miml-I ihcH iiave 111 sonic instances heiu countcrlcit ed, 01 the general desiirn of the same so imitated as to easily deceive the unwary; he ihenis it, therefore, tliily 10 infurm piirchasus of the manner in winch t lev are oltcn linnoscd noon : anil 10 would herebv request them to icar oll'or dcfnco the Labels on the oulsiue ot tne Jars alter liavin oisposc'i ot ttic con tents, so as to prevent further ice of the same. A suitable rewind wi I bo paid for such evidence as will lend to the detection & conviction of theiinposter. The subscriber continue" to manufacture, and olllrs for sale, the folhvmi; articles : ITNi: 11IIOWN SMTP. American llappee, Holland do Tulicrcse, Si. Omrr, .Slrasburir, imnw.v smjpp. .Vntchilochcs, French Knppce. inorican 1 i en tie: 1 in 11 , Pure Spanitli, L. Mixture. ficniihie Alaccoboy, rrst Inut'ition Sicdv Mnltce Curaeoa t'i' I'Allts.. 'HI' s ibscribcr would reiuindbisfricnils and the ll'llibc that he occimics a mnin in Church siiect, over ICern and W.dkcr's store, win re he will five bin personal at tention to He 'tiirinc .'locks of every des cription, Those which have bci 11 in use many years fitted up in good style and made to hivitho appearan 'c of new. He, would also rive notice that he has re sumed his former business of repairing C' L'jIsS xaiqne.s; an cniriisieu 10 niscarc win lie .1 , , 1 1 1 J 1 1 , in I'll , lliu ,11 1 ,111 ILII, I 11 l"( a eti"ii'cri 1 ti r tvventv vears pisi (m I tr imVuia well as rcpniuiiir Tiinc l.rrp mm rs.Mciru Is ins . pcricncc in ihc luisine Vjj cnlilolnm to ttivesati-faction to tho W v ) f.ivor bi'ii with a call. 1' S.- A f ' Io--ks for sale. 011 commission J. N. DUN.VINO. l'.iiriinston, Hec '.3, 1P-10. I ! WIMi lureil the ravern ftti 1 Jjitclv occiiiixd bv Mr. .1. Potter, near I'm ("nuit II ittsein ltiirlintTton, will at nil I I... I ..., Inl..'1'r ,v. llr. o'llicr Willi lioird.lo lirin.liorH'krtp- li'.' and other nccomina bilious in good ljl . and no ,n n m l he snaie.1 1 11 ins pan, m uiui.u uniu cuui- fumble, and 011 the inot leasunlile Terms. Price of Siiu'lo meals one S tlhns. Iluilinston April i Itli, HH .Vi:V .IIUSIC, AND MI'SICAI, .11 i. J HIK. M Yt-t'iC has just re INSTKV MNN FV-WfGr .foil,) a supply of 0 Yrm Mum' AT 11. )ir'rf lo do .lo ito COA11S1 Deniiiros. Peru Virginia, Ilinhon, St. DomiiiL'O. Co idi hajjen, etipf.u r'(f VP.LLOW SNITP. Scotch ) I lrib illackeuaril and inf. or rem Toast.) Irih Hi'kIi Toast ) SWKF.T-SCi:.Tni) PIVU-CUT CHF.WlNt TOI1ACCO. " " Oronoko do do. ri.NK.r-l'T .sJIOKI.Mi TOISACI O. SpMiishj lvitcfoot, Cmastrr, Common, anil .Mciiih, ri.ii-.K i.uiiii.l..uu, jr. 12 Chatham Strut, .New nrK .March. I1..111 .1. A J. H. PncK if- Co., Agent; Uurlincton, Vt. fKJOTICK. JU.Meheiuc 1 1 ct known bv the i-s cue- II 1 I. .Ncvvlon'. nr Pcrilicr of the lllood. I he miliar. ilVIc.l mil slill iiicrc'iiurcnul.i'ioii which tin incdiciue haacqair- 1 ihro'iho'ii the Ne.v l-.uslan I Slate, and the ni.iuv arc 11 ha pcifi'riui'il, and the i;ro it ilcinaud made for 11 bv the advice ofnby-ician well aci"ainto will it piC).ii,iliou, ha 111 1 lie I the propr.cter to evlcnd 11 cir.ioln'ion 10 almo-t evcrv town 111 the i-.iicni ski c- .rid the pimcipal lovvn 111 die 1 tilled S'ap Tin- I'.inacci- vvarran'el puicly vejci.i' e,au I i uni -lima cd ' v anv olhcr medicine ever iiMeicd to alllu-icd a it eilcn-ivc sale and 'rcat popularuy plauilv prove. It Iia wi'lun the lat cuiitccu inontu cured 11 tholl-and oflhe lllot obtinalo dicac 'an le prove I by ecrliiicalc, and 1 pronounced by cuimcni and rc-p'ec,ible phvici.ius the bct incdiiine 111 ii--. 1' 1 f il lufi rnuliou may I e lo'iud in circular con'.aiuiuu' ccrimca'e- of cire and diiei-iioii lor ta kin-' the lui-dii-mc. Th" follovviiiL' aimoinled nsent' llirlm-lon, .& .1. II. Pc-'i and Co., I!. Moody S' Allan-, dirti and 1! iscl Millon, ('. Drake Mil'on Fall, lliiincl and Sawvcr Waicrvillc, Fik and llrovvn,, Hull an I I isiu l-.urt.i. Par1 er an I M.nlicld civenne-, Adam and Murray Ciinibiidi'e, M. Win- 1'iidcrhill, .M. C. Ilaniev .North J ciriahurcli, 11. C. n-l,cr lieorjiia, A. till U'illitou. N. Chittenden Uichniond, (Ircen & Hlwdi lohii-on, (, L. Warner and C Moiiklou, Dhan Miiub llakcr-ticldj Arnihiloii and oislward I .ur- liciu, ll'iruei anil r aruvoi 111. e,o.i, iy.i. iu Nrvv .Music, Mu tal Intrumcnts, &c., which be is ambonLiUo sell at the lowest lloston re'ail prices. The Music for the Phno Forte consists of Sons, (ilecs, Duetts and Trios. New nnd beautiful Man-lies, (liuckMtps, onaJcs, Waltzes, Dance, and pieces with variations, mine of which are the latest publications of the llos ton llrindc and l!ras Hands. LSO A "real vnrictv of American, German, French and Kuclish Musical Instruments, eonsisiinc of llu-lcs, Trumpets Fundi Horns, llass, Tenor and Alto Trombones, II Hut, Cam! F. Ilal Chrionctts, (Icr man Concert Flules,) frnin one to nine keys,) Flageo lett9,()ctaeand Picolo Flules and Fifes. .Splendid llass Viols and Violins, 1 Uwint and plain Violin and lln'sViol I'ovvs. Superior Unman Violin, lias. Viol nnd Guitar Slr'nins of evrrv ie and Iclli r. F.nijlisli nnd French ClarionetlUccils. Splendid French Ac conlcons, Spanish Guitars, with plain, and German v.l.-nrnnii.m lnads. 1 ii l r ii ction Hooks. williGani- tit's. Lessons, and F.xcrci-es for all the above, and oth er instruments, are now for sale at .Mr. .Manns resi .1, nre .1 few- rods norlh of the Kpiscopil Church, in liiirhnsiton, where lie respectfully uiviles customers tocive him a call. . Military Hands anil Music Schools, furnished with jVIUSIC, .viusicai llisiruiueiiis, V1"" "s" "'"""i '. .:-r,t nt slinrt nnlire. n -PIANO FOIITF.S strunc. repaired and tuned . ... ii... ? ien ea asusuii, liiiruniou, .nay i, i"n. 3 "INIIOkV SASH- Just reccivi-d 1 j, '. and 217 by Uca-emcnt of aib,a first f.H- article at .1J aivl :i! cents per iiu-UI, aim all km I aniKic, fiirnishesl lo order. Ticondcroy:a black lea l, a lir-t rale article-, for a!e very tow, tosecner Willi I a varielv of oilier aril- eb, ns cheap as can be found at any either establi-h- in ine piui e. ui.ii. ri.jt uo.i. L.J 1LVTARKI1 hNUl'l". 1 A USD ALL'S S.M'FF, i -till curiuutleo Catarr the vario-i dica-i of ths hca I, a well as sore eve-. In a I u.irtsot Hie e-ountrv: and utauiin the ic'pulalliiu which It his loni; 'since; iraiued, ol I el ml- ali-ol'ilelv tlic I e-t nrlicle ol the kind in the market. Kech boltle e-ontuin Ihrcetune iheeiuantitv of one ol those which are- olfcred at "OM,V TWL.N'l'V HVL CL.NTS." And I ihcrcfoic a lunch e-beapcr a well a Petter arlicle, cor ale hv .1. it .1. 11. PF.CK & Co. I I ' l-.O. A. PFCIC eo Co. an.l Dn. KOIir. MOODV. I!iirlin?teui, Jan. ii, 1811. ly.f.lS MA IISII A LI.' i-ontui'ie-s iinrivalle-d a sticUKlhcniiis Pl.ASTKIi : Abo, li r Itlic 1111 liiu. I.iiuiene-s or pain in llieide-, limli or Kiel, for M'rol.ilo.i swi'lliiiK, cui v y ore, r reh weiund an I for a sicneral F.tmilv Plaicrir.itw. I orCeirn more-ovci try II; paicclo-e-, pci-eveii' m lheue by mauiiia new appncaiion occa-ioiiaiiy, noil in nine veinre-orii wni i c eureo. i eir sale nv J. it .1. II. 'PIH'K & Co. TIILO. A. PKCK et Co. and Hu. KOI1T. MUUDV. Ibirlinxton, Jan. 'ii, 111. lv.1'18 ..M CJNFFFONI.V lliichcock'.- T OOK AT THIS.--HAVF. VCI3 A COVOIH I IJ 1 ().()(( niB ot- cNNsemrTtoM every vear in1 riiiiK lion of tiik da v. no cukk no J PAY! The Gentihm old Dutch or Ger- lliet'nile.-dSiale, and millions su'ler feom tronlilcnnie man Vccetahlc Pills. ilij-hlv reeoninn-nded by i-onshs nnde-olds, thai ean 1 a Dr. M. llitih- Duct Valentine Motl, M. I). of N. V., anil others, e-ock's Ve-nelable Virtrin Ciealu Coiis'h Drops, a safe Thee are the orders ! Any one that eleie-s not Inid re- gel their medicines iuloti'e and de-iTU'd popluari IV. It istherefoie not le- theduty than it t-onti limit- the saleiv or evcrv honest individual in Ihc e-om- '. i'....: l. ...... -..a i-. n..r...tits:. Ill-Mill 11.1 (HV , ,1,11, II lll'.t II, llll'l I i'l V . . 1 ,11 . . THULTnll llliAllTI.ESS INOHATLS who ihu irre- pon-iblv trifle wilh hcallh ami life . i-p.-1-i 1 1 -ii I -i-yiii I.- iL-l. vn-rlcl.1 . UJ llli.lll.ruiiri l.eci. .uinvi. jj Tlu-re is a ncr-on bv the name of. I. II. HOCIIK- FOltT. now emraaed 'in cIIiiil' a Pill done up in I oe- xact and nerlcct imilalion ol the vrinuuiL INDIAN L'tiFl'AHI.F. PILLS, with the omision ofoulvone word on the Uoxe viz. Wntour. The Pills sold by H Iloche-fort are evidcntlv uitenileil as a liau l and impn-ition upon the community, or they would not me I eeu none up in suciiev.tct iiiiuaiion en ineijcu- nine-. 1 hi- p-r-on is tall Mii-tcnm: Willi a Rie-al tlie--iilrical -waitite-r. He wa it-ei-ntly known as a e-iy oor player ill Halt. more-, inmer the nm-ieal e-opiioinen .inn Drown, u ll l is a i oiil iwe-niv live- v ear ci .mi ls almost leyonda doubt that lie i supplied Willi e IMIs Irom a Drusiri-t firm in llns city, who have heri-leilore 1 cen notcrioii-ly e-ouncclisl with couulci feit meihcinc-. A soon as proof isol.inincil the foun- iin he-ad eit ihi uclariou buuic will I e cxpo-e-il, the i-ominiiinty may shun them as they would a L-rncnt. IN II IF MKAN TIMF Tllfi PI'llldC AltF CAU TION 1)1) ainst biivini WltlfiU PS Indian Vr.r.r.T.vm.E Pn.i.s eif any one w ho does not exhibit a ccrlilie-aieof ai'eu-e-v st-mcd I ,v the aircnt for the New Kticland Stale and 'carina dale since January 1 S 10. AIo take par- iicuiar nonce mat iiieiiniovvin.' woreinii: ion inn oo.- Wn-'ht's Indian Vegetable Pi I (I nil. Pursativc) of the North American Colle-se oflleallh. The Indian Vegetable I'lllt ate a certain rare for li? in its every variety of form, bcc.iiife llicy lha lonelily cleaiipe I lie siom.irh and bowel., iiielnre a irn ner di.rh-erite bv the liuiss. rkin and kulncv nnelfli- innUte the blood lo pm ify il;elf. In othrr wnids die open all Ihc u.ilural ilr.iiao, and leave NATUnr. the Urand J'liyuaan) ncc lo dnvc di.cri.e lioiu l lie body. The above mu lei?, or ibain., me ihc cunuuon seevcr? of llie body, tluoii;h wbirh all moibiil and cor rupt humors (ihe c,iue ol diseac) aic rariicd off; and 90 long hs thev aie all kept open, and ilirchtirge firel) lliclr allollcil poilions ol Inipnriiv, I tic Doily will run. liiuie in health : but when fioin e.iiiug improper looil, liic.iiliinj iinpiuc air, Hidden 1 1 an-il ions fioni beat lu cold, over psti.iuslioii oranyolher rpue, the bovvpN become co?live, ihe pores ol ihe ikiii becoine eloped, or lliekiilncvi fnll fo pel form Ibeii fanciinns pinpcily. ihc impurilics which phiiuld be drained li rim the bud) by iheiic outlets, will be rclaiued, and continue to ac ciunukvip unlit I lie boil) becomes litcially loaded with din.isc. If ihe channels of our tiiigtn ' rivets thoidd become bloe kcd up, vvonld not the .no uiit'aie d vv.iiers find new nuili ls, or Ihe cinintiy bceoine inunilaic-J Jutfo with Ihe liuina I bndy ; ifihe n.iliual ihains be come closed, the (liilii.inl anil corllipl 111111111111 vv ill find vpni 111 1 11c various 101 111s 01 iiine-iifc mii-ii iis i cu-i, Sin ill Pox, Meajlps, lilicuin ili'in, Goal, Apoplexy. &c. or Heath will end our stiflci in's Thciefuie when pickiippj .11 1 lie sliiinaeh, (i.iina in the bjck and ide, epnek pul.-e, uiiriiing skin, or auv oilier miplp.i 1111 fyiuiilinns, iadicaip thai one or moip of ihe na. ili.iin. ate not disrb.irtjinf; fircty, and the eoncli tut inn is aliiittl 10 conunpnee a sliucsle for Ihe re'lorn lion of lip 1I1I1, no time pltnuld bp lost in adininifieriiut fp v liri'k dure;) of the Itnli.iti l'uii!(itiie Unutun I e etuble l'ilh. llv fo 1I01112. all the lunciioii'nf the Imdyvvillbe lesiDiVn 10 order, tnd the foul lutmors (the' eanpp of every hilhiination or pain we buffer) will bp rpinnved in po e-.i.y and natural i tnannpr, thai llu bodv ve ill be ipyime'd as if hyachiitni. The abovp lli m.iv be iiikcnat ALL iiincfi and iinelpr AM. en - eiun.iHiie'p?. with iiptfppi sife-iv TIipi' "ii' " " tifeiinn and all .iiie-p , and are 10 (hp hum incoiilitunnn ail luod : roiupfiipiuly iliecan rimer injure pvph tlic must drliCHle, Like our food, 1 liev nre difjpplible; lipipfute they e tiler into the rn cum lion nnd imp n 1 1 an itprevtolhe blood, unich en.iblpsil 10 flnvv with fipc loin inuip to t lie extremities and cuitpeqiiP'iiiv in kppp ihe pines nftlip skin n en. They are Hue and perfi-rl iirifii-is of ihe blnod -. hi'e.itne iIipv drain all coriupi humor fioin 1I1.1I life cuina fluid. I'hev iuipRri neniiib and vijioi In llip wh.dc pvsiein, and their ef feels .ire.ilivayii : beciufle ilipy enily rptnovp ibu'e liiiinor? Hhiih ate opposed to health, I'hey aid iiul improve iligpsltnn, and sound sleep follows their i-e : tiee.inse ihey rle.tnsp 1 lie stoinnrh and tiowplsol hosi slimy hiiinoin s vv bieh not onlv iriitatp nnilpxcip he nervniis sysicpi, Inn p.n iilyze and vvpaken tlip di l'psIivp ni e ins. In sunn tlipv linEpss a IllPV rnoi ,11 , ion I li . I r.t i, lio r-l , flir Hill- It nil 1 what his vpiv iPiii.iik.ible, it ii unci ly ituposib'e lo u-e lliptn li'ilhnul bpnefil. Priee 23 cents per Hot, with full eliivction. Oilice niul itcneral Depot lor the .New-'lnml biate, rvn. lOSTremontSircet, near Court street, llo-ton. The regular appoinied Aircnts e-ati rec-etvellieirMin- plie oflhe above popular 1MI, as heii-mfuri', from the only oilie-eand general depot for I In" New- Filmland .Stale-, I'JSTri-moni lti-ct, I'.o-ifni. Pisllar or trav- eibnu'iiiri'iil-are not allowcdto-cll the scuiiiiieiuilriu veie-lable Pill, Ihe-rcfore never purcha-o Ironi theni, for If yr.uelo vem will be sure tu obtain u daiiei-rou and counterfeit arlicle-. sll Tnro. A. Pr.ti; iv ( o, Ap-nl in llurbnii, fur ihe ale of the Indian Vegetable Pill, al(., W. 11. Htn.i.i:v, Willi-inn, Vt and A. Ilriu-imiid, IbirliuvJnn. medical prescription, contain!; no poi-onousilrucs, nnd i lief from the-e pills Ihc price Is re-fiimled I ack, ihe-e u-iil in an e-xle-nsive praeti("J for yars will nte the positive oreli-rs of the Proprietor In aireuts and ,ni,-i iii-ini-y ii'iurii lui'i, mid .ie; Jim lion 'joiners. 1 11 (lucrum I ue-c puts 10 tlie piliillc, I nppent ill. I ll .ll-.-.n-c, illlllllill.ll -ini-iiiill,illl,(l(.l( ,l-llui,, weccp itiiti the prave liiinn reds ef the yount', the n d, I hu lair, the love-ly and the pay. Have yoi a i-nusrh 7 He persna led to piircha-e ti I utile ol the CoiikIi Drops lo-eiavl To-morrow inav I loo laic. Have vou n coutrh! Dr. Hiieeeolis i cpe-table iririn Cieatii(Jeiui;li 'iop is tin1 only reiucilv- vou -hould lake In cure you, FeT tin plaic rcaeiii. 1'fiat in nfjoncofthelhaii-aud catp- velicie'jt has livn ti-esl ha- it laded to relieve Price 7jccnts per t ntiie. For ale, wbole-nie and lie tail, I y A. linCIICOCK eV CO. No. 117 Gcne-e e t.. (Yica. N. V. And bv their aircnls Ihroitchont the I'nilel Sialc. In lliulini'toii, bv .1. it J. II. Peck Sr mi-dicineis a cure for all ili-ea-es to which the human Co., Then. . Peek & Co. In Vert'Cimes, bv J. II. sy-tem is liable. Ten thou-niid ueles ellbrl have liovvman. In .Milton, liy liuriat i. tjavv ycr. Ill t.cnr- I cen made to draw Iroin the retrions ol mil, now n fancy to their intelbeenci-. If thpie mils ntc not what thev nvommenilesl, yeiu nre in duty hound out of rc-pect lo yourself and i-eiiiunnnity to reject llie-m. and pnbli-li them to the world as an impn-ition, hUmlm? and ipiaekcrv. Thepiiblie may I e amed they are purely veieiable', they nre compo'-od of nine inirrtslint-, part of the medicine is only found fn Asia and in the; val ley of Germany. For convenience llie-c extracts are made into pills and will be found a Mire rare or re lief lor all billious complaint., yellow nnd billions feve-rs, fever and nine, jauudici-, se'-arlet rn-b, billitins ciione iupep-ia. ivc. it is not pielendeil that thi DOCT. MAUSIIAI.IS Arornatie-, Catarrh and Headache SNUFF. This Snull is superior to any thini; yet know n, for removing that troublesome dis ease, the Catarrh, and alo a cold in Ihe bead, and the headache. It opens and jurRe nut nil obstructions, strenirlbeiis (he plalid.,and(!ives a healthy action to the parts nlle-e ted. It i pe rfectly free front any llnni; dele terious in its coinpoition-Jias a pleasant flavor, and its immediate elleei, after being u-ed, is nhgrccdhlc Price 3 1 e enls per bottle. Doci. Marshall's Veirclab'u Indian Illae-k PLASTFII. Ibis Plaster is linriinllcd (or e-unner scrnfi.loti- vu-,-1. niiirs, a urvy sort-s, i.ame nncK, anil rieli Wounds J pain in the -ides, Hips and Limbs) nnd eli!om fails to (five leliel in local lthi-iiinati-m-. ir api-bed to the s.ide,it will e-uro many of the common Liver Compluiut: and is equal, if not superior, to any thins in u-e for corns on the feet j the virtues of tin Pla-ier have been witnessed l,y tliousnnils or Individuals in thu United Slnlcs, who' have Ic-tesl its e-ilicui-v. Sold bvtliu nro- II At. I II.. I ,'. f n. ' uici'ir -.nils. Moweil, miuoieoury, ll., lllld 1 IILO. .1 I'eck &. Ce., Hurlington, Vt. u: gU, by Loieno Janes. INQUIItr ASIf TIIOSK WHO KNOW. Those onl) vvhokniwbv liintnr immcdinlp obsrr vntion, pan funil liny idea of the ellcpls, of die ppife-el iplief, nfllip nlinnsi rhimi like chips f-hVe led In of the PlLl s, IiIII.Umatism, nil Swt I.I inos, and all rx'e-iu il Pains, no millpr buvv spvpic, bv tbe nr of I lavs' I.iiiiiuPtit. 1 tad onp who Ims used it evill not Unil it tibnvp all things pvpi impiI, and )on will liml what c.iinieil bp found. (CJI or llip letirfol siilf'-r ins; liiim in bcuii's vvhitoM) be nflltc'ed, I Iipi; j mi to ak ask of lhoe vvlm know ask llip Hon, At. Kiel It Cosklin, U. .-S. Jiulite fur llut ibsiiicl, ip.iibttg npar AiiIiiiiii , n.k .Mattiii vv J, Mvkih, F.-ij. Alliens, N. V ; ii -k (!pii. DUI'F Gkkkx, I.iIp ol V.isliininn cits, pack eif tlip.p ptulenipn know nfcasps lutcontpipr able bv all oiliet ipiiied e-s nr Ii)s1pmiis, lhoitj;h liieel fcrininv vp-irs,thii h.ivc bppn ciue-il by dip use nflhc gjiiuinp lay's r.inimtnt. 'I'll iu.inils ol nihpr pptsnns kiifiiv etnps. W'p lu their sense of jujo lire llieir fpplinjs. IrOi2'!' is but n ebii) jnn ovvp lo vonr sullViinu fplloi.bpiiiis to let rempd) be knnevit. Speak of il IIipii lo all Venn frieails Tliis will save inurli pain wlietp ihe upvvspnpers nip not read, or vsl.ct e ic-ider aie inc-edeitoiis, because s-o ,ni) woithV's article, mip advcril-pd lur I lie shiup putpo.p. I o unvrrs we r.n , il all who li.tvp used it elo not s.iy it is iipvomt all pim-p, ilien do not lake it. flip nroni ieint will nol alloev this ,u tide lo bp paid for utiles, it Clues, u hen all ihc ditPi-liniis aipfnlly fullovv ed. Will anv 'ine snlTeriiis ipfnsc ii'ivv in lev it I T lie does, he ouiln in bp ptiie-d mure his obstinacy lhan Ins .iitl'ci inz. eCiMr. I lavs vv outd nev pr e-n-wi nt to ofiVr ibis aiticlp, mpip hp nut romieltpd hj bis scieof itinr-i I ul i piigmu elm v to elo all in his pnvipi lur - hp victims nl elistipss and lutseiv. Fot I lit pnipii-e he vvou!d soiint'i dpvoip a fut lii'ie, th in .ppinp a doll i fur unv wiirihless atitclp. ll.P'I.OOIC Of 7. Sonic see indlpt s Ii.ivp coliatei leileil tins .lllie-lP, unit pill II li ilb v-iri'iils deviecs. Do not be impu'Cil tqie u. One lltii-f niil) w ill prn'ei I vou il ! llip n.ittic nl CumsfoeA' Co ; thai name imi'l he abv.iv.s on the vvr.ti'ppi, en vnu ore eiip.ned. Do not fuiqpi it. Take this dope i ion vv lib v on, mil ip-d hv th it, or ni-v-r linv ; fut il i impossible fur anv oiliet to be true en uenninp. SOLOMON II VS. Snl-I bv ComiforA- ." Co. 71 Maiden Lain-, N. Venk. Tlll'.O. A. I'FCK iV Co. Wholes dt- Aipnis f.,r llip Stale of Vet muni. some lonifspun theory of niairie an, which would e-uie eacn nun every uien-e-. iioeni lueeiieiiie 1 not funnel in the ftreor whirlwind. Ile-allh nnd happiue-ss lianj; upon chance winds time i- the herald of truth. flic pa-t at lea-l is see-nre'j they have already rai-esl i mnnmneni en ine-ir Kteainc wiucli win dciy I lie orrnditiK tool li of time. Xoncean leGeniune without wrapper nnd ehrecliotis on each beix rui which inv nine is written at leneth. Sold whole-sale and retail I V the subscriber at Glen's Fall-, I y A. H. ft I'. Sand 0. nnd 101) Fntton st. and II. M. Mcisr. 3--S South Majkct st. Albany. Ilaum it llawh-v, 2111 Sivcr st. roy, ficncinl Agents for the state of New iork. MKIllil'lT G1IIFFIN. For sale bv Win. Hlio les and K. II. Green, llich- nuiiid; Morion itClaiL, nnd D. ft, D. S. I.alhrop, Williton ; Hasnr ft. Comlock, Shell urn i II. Sianlon, .s-e-x ; -'Co. 11. oase--, and All -rl liarnev, .lericho; . li. llttr iiu . we. loiei: .1. 11. names. 1. ar o el u Moouv and (eo. Pcle-r-em. IliirbnL'lon ! nnd Iv K IIItlGtiS, Iliirliil2tcii, Ape-tit for Clniienilen Co., w here ui)-Areiit can la- sinnine'ii at wnoieali! price rjM) tiii: hald-iika di- d.v otiii:ks .1. D p. an 1 klmvv a npietib'ir or a fiie'iid ho has b'-cn H.ild, mill whiisp hp.ul is noiv rnvci pil withliiit- h.iii? Onp who-p ciiii e-ollit was cmeipdwiih 1I.111 ibnfl", thniiijli tjiuhi'd even boin wine h has mm v. in isliPil rut 11 el V ; Ol one wlni,e ha 11 s at eat I) .13s weie tor lini! sre-v, who now h is not a ini-v Inir t t,lnldiPli win)'- hewls vve-te cuvcm'iI with sriu f, w In Be h.iii vvniild nut Rriiiv, that arp lluw crnwinn 1 lie fiilh-sl rmps of han ! r-onip must lip knnvvn in most ppisnn Ak ilu-tii tlip ran. p, and vou will be told thai ilip.p ilii hit liHve been done bv the use of ihe Jtalm of Co lumbta. Of 20 vears crnvvth is this aiiicle. lis iIpu, .1111. iiicie-ising lli sonip bundled ppi n ,11. lh"tipli when discov ipiI nut bv anv ihinn lur iIip samp piiepnsp, now as.ihd tiy nlinnsi mimbprlpss mii-lirnnii ic-li piepar-ilinn- will runt I lie loiii if n-pil to anv pxli-lit. i.sii mute th in lliusp r-icis lie w .lined irlci 10 ihe reeomin'-lldatioils hva lisl nfnninps nl le-perla bilii), uiipipi.tllpil bv .nt) other article. Look lo ihi.c iliinjs lui) tin. aiiicle. Sla) an.l picscrvc vnur h iir bv ns u-e, or it 0 ilil tp.toip 11, I..11I11-S, allcml 10 Mil luiiiihcils in fi-hioii ili'n life- arc uin; il as llip onlv arlicle ii'.illv fit lor ihe to i lei . Loin; Imo is vpiv api lo fall mil. L.i.'ics, use the I! ilm of Coliiinlii 1 in lime 10 save vontse'ves the ib 'rare ol balilnp hv ncili-i' of vour persntis, hi. vonr ilulv, a. mm-ilists loaip scrvp (lie lip.nnip. ef n ilurp, w ilh whiih a biiiiiiiifa Ct p.1101 has cniliiwpil vnu ; u-p the Italin.l'ir 11 will du il caution 10 nr. iiF.iiniiii:i:i:i). itiii-t ll ifir ml nlipmpt. h up bet 11 niidp ; nni-pi leu Hie line ii.itin ol V.0I11111I1M, rsiinip ul ill '.1 ipusipt s h.ivp yutip so I.11 s lo ciniiilpi feil ilipsphn b I w 1 .ippi-r., and 1 lie P.ilh- nf Niat.ii a, and pvpi v e ft.lil mnke-M-pp' the niiuii' (ifCoiii.iiick, whlrhltn' iiul fnti;p. To .mud ini""ili-i.s tlipiifnrp, nl iv.vs loi.k I'm llip nairtp of ITiiin-loe k & (;, ,,, ti Cnin-liirk, and ttevpr bin ihe .irliele- iinli-.s 11 has ih.i' name npoa il Sold wIioIps.i'p soul mail, nnlv a' N'n 71 .Maiden Lane, N. V. 'IflEO. A. PF.CK ft Co hu-cule Ayfnts (ni the Si.ito of piinoiit Ip CPDii. r.oit dak's iin;iiriNi:s.n! DU GOKDAK'S Jelly ofPomcu'ranate nnd Pcnivi nn Pills for Dvnco-v. se-rvei'i llcmlaclic. Pal pitation ot the Henri, Internal and Fxte-rnal Humors, and all imnurines of ihe ll'nod. Iceland Ji llv for the relief and e-ure of eonsuniption, Pulmonarv Jcllv for courIi. cold, pittiiv.' id llhnsl, Iloar-enc-s fte- Pro sian Linaincnl and Linaincnt Oiieslcldocfor liheima I ism, Physical Drop-, Colombo Drop, Silt Hlieimi Ointmcn't, Pile Ointment, Stie-uirtlicuint; Pia.tcr, and uorn nun an ria-icr. I he above e i-Iehrale-d nie-iltcine- nrcnaicd cnlire-lv from vegetables by Dr. Win. Gordal,, mill no other resToninicii.lation ihan ibatlhcy have I ecu beforclhe pnlilie loiirieeu i.-ar-, sivmir -aiisi.iciion 10 all who have u-i-d thein,-may I e had ol Dana ft, II.iTMnNn, w oulloci;, vi. Iiictrl At;enls, st.a.t ,.1... 1... 1 t Cr.nn. n....i...... 1 1 ' n.n.i.. While Iliver; Win. II S11 ol li Co. '.Vet ll.iriloril Vor.ler Downer Sharon: Downer eV Neve-tu. Ilov niton ; J Wheat, lletln-l. K C Hi Inn.-., We-t Hait'lnlph; J II Danfoilh, Ilranard ; S lle-lknap. Fal l' linard; N Snow, Poinfrci; F. M ft A SStocker and Gove eV Shaw, llarllanii; Miisld it litirni-, rerl.insville; Urown ac Amdi'ii, rclchvulc; A iv tt vnrme'r, ttuf-or , . Maish. llriilei-vvatir.SSft FT Whce-le-r, Plvmo ith ;iud ut ll.tii'locl,, Kochetcr, wraiidvule, eirlhtielet Moulin bet, Mnldlebiirv, Vcri;cnues, and in most of the principle- leivvn- in ihe State-. A upp!v 01 the at'Ovc meeiiciue 111-1 reseiet and for sale bv KOIIF.liT MOODV, i itiruary, mu. tu-ni int-T!;ii, iiuriuiHion, 1 D' 1 v-Fi vk ci:nts.d. ncvvlv inve iilevl Snull'lho be-t urn cle ever iii-cuverei, liy s -11-1111111- men, 111 J.urope ei Aincrica, forlhe e-ure and ab-olute relief of Caiarrl Dizint'.s of Ihellcad, Weak l.'ve-. Nervous Head ache-, Fallen Sicknc.s, F11-, and liil.iuls troubled with S1111IH1-, partial shes-ks of Palv, ftc. For sale wheili-ale and retail, by A. IH TCHCOCK ft- Co., sole Proprietor, No. 117 Gctii'-e-e st. I'tica, and by their agents tliroUrlhout the 1'nion, lu llurliti'4ton, J, ft. J. II. Peck & Co. In erKenne-, by .1. II. Iluvvmaii. In M1I1011, by lliirnctl sv Sawyer, lu Georgia, by Lo n 11o.lane. SINGLE. DOUBLE. UMBILICAL. Jl"ST rce-M a suiiil of Marsh's eelebrali-ilTrii-es of evcrv 'lose-rintioyfor siilo by the dozen or single Oct. 10,1810. Ji, TII1X). A. PFCIC &-.('(). Sinofthu Mortur. JUST lli:0'i:iVi:0 from New- York, the best as tollman of lllnck, III110 Black, llrovvn, Invisible Greet; and West of Lnnlanil BROADCLOTHS, Black, Blue Black ami Drab CASSLMF.UF.S AND DOF. SKINS, thebest of Plain and Figured SATINS, Whet. Valencia and Marsedls VKSTIN'GS. ami Trinniiings of all kinks, ever lie fore- olllrcd in the market, which will bo sold very low- for the Iteady Pay, ut their shop in Cliurch-slrecl, lately occupied byF.. ll. F.vans, wlieroall ortlers will ho cxc-culul in 111c nei siyicanil oil 111c biioriesi nonce. nl0w3 BKN'NS ft SON. 117AXTKD imnicdiiili-lv. Two ewd JINNKV ll SP1NNKHS. con-lain cluolov will lie eticn. for steady, iudu-irioii oicn. Fn-i'iirc of tin- siibscriU-rH IIOKALK WJII.I-.l.l-.H BurltnKlon, April 25, 1611. TO) mam am id 'piIF. lliirlini!ion IIUMWr.HV lias . now caniiiiciictii tiusiucss, nun win uav n new ise cr in a lew tin vs. , vvlirn nil .ordera will be punctually A t I'OH'O It I attcnel'el to. i'IU kVj, flla-tin PowJit In- UurJniffon, Sept laIO' GEO. PKITdlfiON". ' Aprl 15fh JltiH I.OZHN(JI-:s...T,is valuable arltcli Is llai V Ctabli.-1iiin?tlsi-ir. 11- il. I..,.l mclicim. j for that painful and sometime Ciml complaint in clul MOFFA'I'S M.tiLTAIII.i: l.ll i: MI.HIl'INFS. The-e medicine arc indebted ti r thi-ir name to the'tr m.inil'c-I and -cn-iMe action in purifyius the prinir nnd channels ot I tic, and cmlumi.' tlicm wilh rcue-.vel tetie' nnd viu-or. In in inv hutulre-.l e-crlilnil eM-esvliicii nave ice-n inane pin ii", unit in auuo-i every spes-ic- eildi-ca-c to w Inch the li-unnn tratne 1-, Ilie nappy e- avis en .001 r v 1 1.1 r 1; 1 lu.-.wn Piiiknix IIitti'.ii li'ivc le cn Kti-all'illyand pul In ly liniiwlciL'i-1 l.v the- tier on I cne-liiicd, and who weie previou-ly iiuacrpiaiuU'il Willi lhebcauiiftilly ihi-lo-oplue-al piitu-ip'c upon wht' hlhey nrecompiiunil- eil.aiiil upon vvnicn iiicve-on-i-'piciitiv iu-i. l iiu 1,1 r f. Aii'.niv. 1.M.S rccouuncnii iticni-i-ivc-111 di-case of e-verv fnrni and de-e'ription. l'hcir fir-t operation 1 to 'oo-e n Ironi llu- e-oals ol the -loiuach and bowel-, the variii'i impurilie and crudities eon- -lanlly si-nlinir around llicni ; nun to tin- nar lenesr fact's which e-ollccl in the- convolution- oflhe .inalle-1 inli-tmc-. O.hcr mebeuics only partially ile-an-e-lhc-p, nnd leave sin h ci.lccii-l m.-.s-e I ehtud i to prilucebaliituai-o-tivi-ncss, with all tl Irani nl i-vils. orii'lilcu ib.irrluiM, Willi il iinminciit d.iir-.n Tin- fact 1 vve-ll known to all re-jjular anateiiiu-t-, whrii-Miunnc the human bowi liilii'riti-aln ; and In-nee-be prcpuhce of those we'll iuformil men :eu:nii-l imslicinc- or medtcmcs pi i-pni tsl :iud hcraliN-d to the public by nrimrnnl pcr-on-. The ii-cond i-ilc.-t ol tin-Life Mc In-incs i-to elcaii'i- tb" kidney nnd ihe bladder, nnd bvtlu mean, lliclivci undtlii-liui..-,the healthful tie" 1011 of vv Inch entirely depend upon the" 10- L'ularilv of Ihc tiiinar.' oraii-. The blond, which lake- ns red color from the asi-ncv id tin' liver and llu 1 1 id vr-1 cfore it pa-e- into ihe beirl, I e-inir th 1 purified bv thcin, and iieitiri-tteil hv looil i-oiiiuil' iroin :t clean siouiach, eoiir-es fre-clv ihrii iL'b Ihc vein-, retiewi every pari oflhe svstem, nu I Iriumphairly ini.uiit the baiiiu'r ol health in the bloommj check. Mo. al' Vc'i-iab u Life .Medicine h.ivu lu-11 llinr mighty Ic-leil, and proueinni-esla -ovcieian remiilv for Hv-pcp-ia, I i.itnicucy, i .upii 11 01 iiu-iicari, 1.1 ol'Aiuiciuc. Ili-art-litirn and llc.ul-ache-, lii'tlesllr Ill-Icnipcr, AiiMt-ty, i.invruor nnd Mcbiin lioly, ('11. tivenes--, Dtarrhu-.i, CI10I1 ra, Fevers eif all kind-, ithi-uuiati-m, Gout, Drop-n-s ol nil kind-, Giavcl, Worm-, Aslhtna nnd I'onsiiiiiptinu, Senrvv' l'ie-r' Invelcrale Sore. Scorbulie l.rui'liou and Had I 0111 plcxiou, Fruptive e-eanpl.iinl, sallow-, ('loiulv, and oibcre hsitzrccih c (;omiilcioii-, J-.ilt Ulicum, l.rvsti cla-, Ci uu ('old. and lnlhicnz.i, and various olhcr cnmpl nnts which allhct theh in ftanii-. In nnd Arum, narticularlv. ihe Life Medicine b ive I ecu inot iliiincnilv siicce'ssful ; so much ti that in the Feve-r and Asui'ditrict, Physician nlinot mu vei ially iireiTtl e' tlie'iu. All that Mr. Mol'at renuire-eif hi patient i 10 be parltcular ill talmi,' the Lite .Medicine, slnclly mvoi ihu.-10 the eluivlioii. It is not a iii vvspapcr nonce or l,v nuvihins ihct he hun-elf maysay 111 their favor llut he hopes to sain e-ic ht. It is alone by the cm!t of a fair trial. MiH.-rvf-! M DK'A . MANl At.; ile-isnesl as a ilnino-lii! untile to he-nllh. Thislilllo p.itnphlci, oblcd by W. II., -27o Broadway, New York, his I ecu published for Ihti purpose of explaining more fully Mr, Moirat's theory ol ihsea.s, and will l- lound highly niiercsim" loncrsnns nvkins health. Il Ireals upon iircvalcntdi-ea.u--. niiilthecau-es thereof. Pru-e, 25 I ccnl for sale l,e Mr Mnllat' .. A zeal seiicrullv These Valuable Medicine are for sale by Kobeit I Moody Dntsirist, ,f. General asciit, in wnoni nil up Biiilmston, Vt. Jan. -I, 1811 TAIItl IIAIlt!!-- IMI.DNIvSS linpor- j. tain iisr,oery--iiie i.icai sivstcrv loiintl out n last. DR. STHItllY'S HAlll HKGF.NK- HArOIt. Dr. Stcrrv. after iniich .-mention tn ilm important subject of preserving tlic hair, has, nflcr many exocr ine lis cucnucQl anel n uvsical lir-cn no e u uiscovir anu nriieic wineu is now oiiereu wnii me reati'.-it confidence for the toiict as 1 lie best thingevtr iscovcrcd, for, for its softening ami penetrating quality aorodllcia ernnil lipul nf Imir In i,r.,e-pnl it rr.,,,, falling oil' when baldness is apprehended lo restotL when baldness nns tnken nlace. and to nrcveni il from turning grny. It ii is more nourishing tbnn po- niaiuni, aniiquc oil, or lyoiognr water, it is a heauti ful article for ladies curls it makes the hair Milt and lively, and produces uncommon brilliancy. Thous ands have tested its superior irtues and excellence, and in tverv instance it stantls unrivalled. It is an infallible cure in all nfleclions of the skin on the luad as elanelruir, ftc. ftc. I.vcry family should he sup plied with a botlle of this oil, that by it application to the head and hair of children, the beautiful ami or namental appendage of a fine head of haie, which in lure lias supplied us may be preserve d. Prom the niune rous certificates a nil recommendations ri'ccivctl of its salutnry influence, the Doctor fi t Is firmly per- suaiicn lie lias siiccccucu 111 proline mean nri cm w men will meet the desired wishes nnd approbation of tlic ilublic. For sale wholesale and retail by A. HITCH COCK ft-Co. 117 Gene see st. Utica, N. Y. In Bur lington, by J. ft J. II. PF.Ck' ft Co. and T II P.O. A i-hLKiv uo. iiowninn. in Milton, bv Burnet ft, Sawvcr. In Georgia, bv Loren zo Janes- that isi:asi:s or thi-: i.i;.Gs..-i)rp.,i,-,uv the itinsl ipini'dv ciei known in Aiuriic.i Vegetable Pulmonary finlsam is the must i.iIimIiIp reiui-di now in use fm cot-h , cold., n'lluiiii or .luln-ic pnii.iinipiina, vv liuoiin roujll and pulinnn 11 nT. cihuis nfever) kind, lis sate-is stp.i'hb iui', anil tlip prnpi leioi sate con. 1.1 ill I v 11 cciv 1112 the 1110-1 f.ivoi.dili aicutiiii of t-s 1 fii-et. Ihc h.lliiwing new cpriitic.iies ate olb-it d fur pulibe px.iiiiin.ili"ii. An I M ku I s r is 0 Cask. 1 of 1 lei irr fiiun Mr ll S Clay, Kin-ion, l"'sir Co., N. Y. m il pr nu letiils, "Vo'lis nf the O'll ill.l. teas dnli ipc'ii A tPiti ti kable cine w as plfi-cicd hi 1 lie Vvg I'ul niunatv ll.ib .1 in in the w inlet and -pi but of 1S3-J. Tlip It'isuu, Mi. Moiidi , h id bt'Pn sit k alonciuup with tlip ciiiisinnpiiun. Ills j ills .111.111. lint cut-ii linn up Hp was iciltii'cil so low .is 10 be tin. idle 111 h-lp hiin-plf, -Hid was i.ii.inv ;i l-n ge tpi.iatiiy of bliiinl when he PuimnenetU usiiij; the 111., im, vvlmli I1.1. Pllecicd a CO'liplelc cine, and he is 11 m as h lie and t as pvpi hp u as. Mr. Muodv h is it-move it fienn this town. but hehis nrcinbcil ine a moip elclaibd .icreiiiii otitis case, w lot Ii I vv ill fit w.ird vnu. C. S CLY. Kinjs'in, N. V. June 2-t. 1S33. Fxir.iei ufalciiei finm Dr. Jacob Mvci The Vclablp Bsls.tul has bp-n Mild in lilts en ills lor Iwn veils, and die me licine has uaim-il nu uiiciiniinoii cplcbiiij, for it .caie-edi in oue ot.iaaep 1 1 1 let 1 ol I1.1v inii Hip ilp-ii 10 ellcet. I am liv on hipsns 111 fivur of tin- ni.nty nosliums, mosl ol vvliirh ate nil position, iipmi a ctPihiliiiis piil, lip, inn ihu wlncli Kilnvv tiy use In lie Plti-C'n ll, I t-anitnl help lint iitv' inv itcpiob 1I1011 iherptn. A ro'tntt-i f-ii pipp-tmiinii bis been nlleipil here b) -i iiavellin Aypnl, of ('nmsiiirk, N . and Ilit-iP ' anutht-r article tt-iHled heie 1 lron;l) suspected to bespin inns. Jacoii Mv mi, M, I). Mifllinstoa, Jiuii-it.i ro Ppiiii. M.iv fl, 18117 I'iniu Dr. Samuel .Motrell, In ihe Pi opi it-liii s nf 1 tn- Vpiip ladle Piibiiniinr) Ibtl.'iin I am saii.fipil ih-tl ilie Vp. KPI-ihle ll.tltitn is a saliutb'e tncilccine It has been used 111 ibis nUee with cmniileip siipppss in snob. lin ne ul ihe I11112., alien. led wilh .1 sPvpip cinisli, los of veiit-p, and 1 lie uisin; of iniieli I1I001I, winch It-id ptpvi, tcsi.ipil many aipinved piese riplinns. Allct usinj- ihpl one week, (hp p Hlril1 s vniee iciinilt'd ami hp was.ildi- In spe ik 11 mil lily. I Ins rasp nrcurred sump iiuip sincc-js.-tnil Ihe 111.1 11 is now- ciigdspil tint nnly in aclirp but Ltbnrions basiju-ss. Kcsppt'llnllv , Ke. s MoKlltl.L. Mi mnv mntp lhan six ve-irs eini-p I nt, liioui'hl very tow b) an nlTerlioil nf the Inn-., aud mv ruiiiptaiiil was ilcrBf'l to lip ini-ui-iiiie liv a conuril ol ilucp nliv- sicmiis.HHs as llii-n re. 1 01 eil lo as enn I heahlt a. I ImiI pn0)fil fur m.tnj veirs, hv using the Vej-ptablp Pill inoitnv Bsl.-nn. Sniee mv iccntpr) I hive ipconi tiicnilt-il 1 lie llilsaui 111 a fitpal man) of 'une riunpUiius, and so far as I can bain, im nsp h is in v.nialit) been fnllnweil by iniieli lipnt-fil, and ill 111.111) instances it has efft-cleil cuics ivbirh were whotty unex peeled. Saniuki. LrtiifcTr, Busion, M.irrh 2, 1837- Fnr palp, wholpsale nml let. til, by J, sj J. I PF.CK ft C ill I IIKO. A. PLCK & Co., Bar- lingion, Vi. Valuable Ileal IMate fnr Sale. 1?OIt saloall theieal Instate, hlo the property of . Mr John Abbott, in the village of Burlington, situate, and ail-niiiing the south. easl corner of ihu Court-house sijuare.aiul consisiingofn dwejlinglioueo ami nul-hiiiMiugs, also a Ihreo story brk-k buileliiig occupied as n Cabinet Shop, but may bo so arranged as tn make a good store and il welling. Thisproperty Jiln! ll Vb 11. U K" Tl LaAi-.C r.n. 1 plu-a. on ...rage,, usshouM beaddrced, pof, patd, STKON'GUJi Co. IVuw si:illisliine nt. T P. WHALING .1- CO. inform the nttblic thev have located themselves 111 (he vilhgeof 11. ..1: 1 1 .1 . . t . .a.. Miiiiuieiou, aim iinie linen up a siore uu iucc.ti sm-j ol Church street, which may well be denominated 'L-licnp-side, " neatly opposite the liaiiK ol Hurling ton, and nre rccciviiig from New York n choice selec lion of goods well suited to the siason, wbicli they oiler lor sale eiAotf eiscnn bcvurehuiinl in the country. for ready pay. Among their goods inav he found Denver anil uronuciotn, cassuiarcs, sanncis, naniieis, merinos, inouslliie tie laim s ,t.e V choice selection. also of French, Kuglish nnd American prints, tnual, ut leasts to nuit in llnrliitrton. A general assort ment 11I cambrics, muslins, plain mil figured, edgings, illser lines, blond laces, d-c. A ere nl variety of sh.-tw-l.s. and elre-ss handkerchiefs ladies' gloves anil hose, with a good supply nf bleached and iinhli-nehed domestic goods. Ann a good supply ol crockery, or the latest patterns, with a few elegant astral parlor lamps ; and tinaiiy, a lt.w choice lamiiy grocines, such as teas, sugars, molasses, eolltc, rice-, raisins, elry Iish, touae cos, lamp oils, it-c. We do nol pretend to specify nil the kinds, to sv nothing of the iminerou- articles of which i.-icli kind is composed; but suffice it to say, that the assortment will be found to contain most oflhe articles wanted ill the country ; ami those that favor us with their ciiloni will be 1 iilirclv relieved finm the caiuimiiion of old goods, or remnants. Our mure stock is new and ficsh from the market, ami hasheen selcctcel with tlic grcate-st posMhle care, with reli rencc 10 the w-ant comforts and bene lit or the people. Hut we elo nnt wish the public In take our worel in this matter, but most coriually inv ile tilt 111 to call nnd examine for themselves. iitiriing.Mii, .Nov. -Jb, Isiu, "VTAfixi'crir onoxTicA. tiii: tfkth 1VJL TIIK IKI.TII'! Tin: IscoMi-.iit.vni n Tooth It.i;pvi-.vtion. I he fact 1-proved, and the inn-; ciediilou ad douhtni". me fully convinced, a we have iieevi'lcnceirom the -ale 01 io.iuiu 1 oxe ot the 11 ion nca, within Ihc pat year, that .he I lotiicn ilre-atns ed the alchvint-t are realize and a re-nuslv di-covt-rcil fir pre-crving tho-t; importjiit and tncful amicnilage oflhe liuuinn sv'cni, I yihcti.c of ihe MacuciieOilou ttca, w Inch I'V ilatlracnvc, and trcnLrilicuiu iptal lie-, rctueivc-all cxtrane-o't- -tib-tam e from the leclh and prt-erve them mile rn.ilural I rilhancy, and the gum- in -oanilne and 1 canty. It 1-u-ccitaunsl trot experience-, tint w hen ii-til,'tlie teeth will never ile cay, but remain till the l.ile-t ntie ot man, with the natural wear. When thev tire etecavesl.11 progre will It- arre-itil, and ilielccth pre-orved.indpreicnled and pre-civisl liom nchuig tillllu ba- I ten tlone 111 1 uiiuiuu'ic 01 iii-ia ucc ; .01. 1 uiort in 1 iinu-a no 01 ca-e-, ncrvo'i- timthtictic, (tliat clttuax ot pain) ha- ut once I ecu onied I v popular dcnirilriee Aine-rica. Aim in e-onciusion, where, or w no i inc young biilv or gemlt-mau, n)e, ihc mdivuliial that value a I eatmliil -ct ot terih, sound gum and a -we lire-ath mote than liltvccnl-.ihat will It longer d. Inleeifa box cf Dr. 1. Ilitchi-is-k' M.ignt-iic (kloulie For -a e wht-li-uh-and retail, I v A. lll'I'CIICOCK Co., No. 1 17 Gcnc-t-e i. Plica, N. Y., ttnd 1 v ilie agcnithrouifho!il llu I tilled Ma'e. In ISurliugtou by J. ft J. H. Peek ft Co., and Then. A. Peck ft Co. In ergi'iincs tiy J. 11. now man. Ill .Hilton, tiy liur nctt iv itawyrr. in tu-orgn, ny i.ori-nzo janes, nug' I USSCI.I.'S u-tsl in Wincor walcr. 'I hc- Alillali Allen's tstatc. STATE OF Vj KJIONT. ) DisrnttT or CiiiTTr.snr.w f. ( DFXTI.K PLACK, AdiniiiKtra or, wnh the will annexed e.f the e-tateof AIIIJAH Al.l.KN, laio of Hhclbiirne. in aidih.stricl,el(T-ea-e-il, having lilceliu aid court hispeiinon in writing, te-iting ft r Ji that dm claims allowed by theeomnu-siontrs ogams' -aid e. inte, amount to 51 i;t, iUi mat the t-xpcti-e. or n .nun-i-lering saideslalecannot I e Ic-s than (5 10 ) that the said le-talor lift no personal edale-, iind that he tiled seized of about three nere and thirty rrsls of Inml, sieuaie in tain .--iiciourni-, wnii n utilise ana wood -heit standing theieon, which land is iinun mnlercd, that the, previous to his death, contracted with one Chauntey Lyon, for abeiut five acres nfland, for which he was n, pay S ISO and reeivoa ekesl of said five neics when be should have paid thercf r j that previous to his death he had paid said Lyon S7.", toward -aid land, and that the imder.igiu-d had, simc the death of lheaid le-tator paid the said Lyon thel alanec duo for suid la-t mentis ncd land, for lint benclil of saide-lale-, and iiraying Ihe snidcourl to li cense linn, the ntd Admiul-lrator, lo sell the interest of -aid le-iator in nid llvea'T. of land and io other re-al c-laie eif Ilie said le-inlor a will be noce nry to paytbe d'-bt against said estate and the cx-pcn-i's of ndiiuni-trnlinii. Whereupon the court ufore-aid doth appoint tho second Wedne-day of June-, IS-11, lor bearing mid ilcciiliucon -aid petition, ntlhe nilicc of the lie.'iter of -aid court in vaul llurlington and doth order that no tit t- thereof hi-.-iven to all person intcre-led bv pub lication of tin order containing ihe -tib-lani e e.f -aid petition thru1 weeks -ucce.--ivelv, in tin! Hiirling'ott Free Pres-, a new-paper printed in -aid Burlington, in thceountv of ('luttt-ndcn, previous to the said sec ond Wedne-dayr.f June, 1SII. Given uinler'mv hand nl Burlington, in said district this 19,1, dm- of May, Ii50 WM. WLSTON, IlcgisUr. STAT P. OP VF.R.MONTjThe Prolate (' mrt District of Chittrnelcn, s. J foreh-triet tf Chit-le-nden t To nil per-on concerned in the Ktatc uf ABMAII ALLLN, laic ol Shelburnc, in -aid Di-incf, dceca-cel, UltLl.TIN'O. WOlt.MS, WOKJIS.-Hn, M. Hitch-oik' unrivalled and nnciinnlleil WORM TLA, a ovcreicn rcmcelv for Worm. Strange nnd incredt- are the ctlects tl the-e elctc-table vt-rmtn t few ner-ou-. and it i- thought none nre fre-e from i hem, par ticularly female- and chiblrcn. Mativ ;icr-euis go rough a eh-tre--ing cour-e of medicine without a encht, when thev might le relieved Iv tiiug the Worm Tea. This invaluable medicine ha- 1 ts-n tested iv the t-xierieiic ol more than ten vears u-e, and aihninisterod to more than 16,000 pcr-ons of variovs age-, and not one solitary complaint ; on tiieeonlraiy hundreds have called, nnd, given their de cided prefcrenet! to it. after trying the ilulcrcnt article sent forth to the pubic, and pronounced Dr. M. Hiteli- ock' Worm lea the lnot sale, cllecluai, and con venient remedy that can 1 e obtained ; for in no one el the tlioti-and-' of in-tances where it ha lecn u-ed agreeable to the printed direction- ba- it eicriailt-d. N.B. Ask forllr. M. Hitchcock' WonMTni, athcte att'inanv nost rums abroad for lhei!etruetunof worm- rorsa e w no e-aie ami rciat i v A. ill 1 uu wi n CO., o'epropricor, 117 Gene-ee -treet, Ftiea, nnd hvthcir agent throughout the Pnion. In Burlington, hv J. ft J. II. Peck ft Co., and Thco. A. Peck ft Co., In Vergenncs, by J. H. Bowman. In Milton, by Burnet it i-avvyer. in Georgia, by Lorenzo Jam nii220 WIIKHF.AS, Dexter i'laec, administrator wnh the will annexed of the esinle of said eiccc.i'ed, pe-opo-c to rentier an ni-count of bis admuu-ttntion, and present his acec'tmt again-t said estate for exam ination and allowance at a seion oflhe Court e.f Prol n'c, to 1 e holden nl the Register' office in Bur lington, on the tecond Wednesday of June nex'. Tiirnr.n nK, you arc hereby notified, to appear bo lero -aid court at the time and place afore-a d, and show came, if any vr.u have, why the account afuro- aid -iiouid not I e allowed. Given und. r mv hand nl -aid Burlington tht 13 h elayol May, A. D. 1S1I. 110O v .11. vv r.i i u.n, jfentter. IIKPATIC KLIXIIt, A ( F.I.I. 111. A t 1. 1) remedy for command- nrt-lllg J. from a di-ca-esl -tteteofihe Ll Fit and it Se-cre- liou; the fi'llowinc are a few of it symptom-, w caune 01 iiicsictuacu, unnge-uon, io-s eu uppeiite' lowne.s 01 r-pinls and tlcaoache ; it will le innmi uru rcmtsly for Lruntlou on the I-ace. In e-ou- qucne-e-ol tneir Icing many nolrum e-ire-iilalnig in thi part of lliecounirv, thc-ule.crils'r nre utilliorized to warrant it lenelicial e'leel-. I bis nrlicle is pi-i rtx-eived. and o'lerd to Ihe public a one well woilh ihe atlenlioii oflho-e who aie allhctcd by complainl Iroin the uinive iii-ea'e; u icing irom an eiiuni-ni .hyician we feel confident Hi Ihu recommending H Oct. fi.tSIO. TIIFO. A. PFCK ft Co.. Sign oflhe Mnrlar,oncdooreat td'.l -V J II Peck ft Co 6 l.iimbrr Waggons. new Lumber Waggons for sale bv May 5, 1SI1. HICKOK ft CATLIN Leeches ! I.ccdis J A Package just received, of Spanish exportation by May 5. THFO. A. Pr.CIC -t CO. Cough Candy ! PLUSH'S Celebrated CANDY nicely pul for up re tailing also at wlioles-ile, ,v May 3, 1511. THT.O. A. PLCK .f- CO. 1 (in BPSHF.I.S Herds GnsSee,l J W J. ft J. Burlington, 27 April, 1BI1. II. Obu hclJ pncK &. co. icr.M i,oni:v. WOFLT) respectfullv inform his patrons nnd tho inh-ibitnntsof Burlington, nnd its vicimtv gen erally, tint he has undo arrangements for adding an other branch to his business, iteis now prepared tn furm'sh'Win.s, Curls, nnd False Whiskers, nnd indeed every nrlicle in his line of business at the shortest no tice, nnd nf as good quahtv ns can be obtained in New York or Boston. All orders will meet with prompt attention. Shop under Howard's Hotel, north side of the Square, Burlington, Vt. -13 May 7th, 15-11. Z)JKJ Ham-, for -1,00011 -ale hv LYMAN Lard-10,000 lhj ,t COI.P.. xnw noonis. Sl'PP.TUOrt English ami American Prints, do. Light Printed Lawn', do. Mourning do. and Mou.-liii DcLaincs. verv choice rtttcrns. jut re ceived hv IL M. GIDDINGS ft CO. IOTION.I.OTION.DIL FVAN-' lll-.'AI "I I -i I'YIN'G LOTION. Highly i-licined fur t-tiriu: alt Fmpiion Coarcne-. Ile-dnc-s and Pimple- on the 1 .ice .Neck or Hand, unu t-.n-ciuaiiy e it-aiiing the coinpiexion, and removing no tit-ca-c oi tne iXnthitiL' cimtriliule so lunch lo our general siice-e-s in ble, a an engaging lirt appearanic. Tin l.tauui ia.hnucil a iiiiii fragrant, nulil, safe wa-b and gieat ly elcenitsl for its viriue in clcan.-ing, st.fieninc, nnd purifying the -kin of all eruption-, -o injurious to fe male'! canty, and rc-ionng it lo n high degree ol pu rity. A I i-a'itifnl ceunplexieui i the pride of nil who po's-css ji, and llieenvynftho-ewho aroelepnvcilofit. What i so atleetiugto'n 1 e'auttful fe-male,in vv ho-efaee nalu re ha-th-playtl her power, a - lo hud licre'Oin- le'.x lon ili-ce.Ieiure-il with ih-gu-ling pimple-, w lin h mar herchaim! A good appearanie is lhe-le-t ree'eiin luendalioii ; and aihe llcaulifymg Lotion puritie the skin, nml remove- all Piinplc-.'Blolche-, Tan, Sunburn and itt-ilne , and produce n I e-aunfnl hue-, it I the only eoiuetie a l.nlv should u-n al her toilet. Geiilh inen will all al-o hud llu-a elclighlliil remedy, to icinovi all Kwighni , Pimple., Iliugwi tin-, Spots, llcilne-, Stirene- of ihcl'ate-ami no-e, and every kind e.f erup tion on the Mirfai-e of the buiuaii hotly. It i parltcu inrlv reeoinmeinksl logciillt-nicu lo l en-eil after ha vinsr, a- ll will prevent the oihervvi-o ee-rlain e-llevt ol all common -eiap, in turning the leard prciiialnri-'v grev. For -ale Wlio'e-ole and retail bv A. HITCH' CO('K A: Co., No. -liccl, I'tica. In Bur lington, by J. ft J. II. Peck ft Co., and Then. A. Peck &Co. hi Vcrgennc, bv J. II, Bowman. In .Milton, by Burnett ft. Sawyer. In Gcoraia, by Lrcii7o Jam s nug 20 Dlt.VI'F.nS AVI) TAH.OltS. BENNS &l SON. srrrr.ssor.s to edwat-d r. tvan--.1 Churih-Slreft, 7iiW--Hg"n, 17. TJBOWN Sheetings, Ticking. Cotton Yarn, Wick J ine, Twine, Batting. Crash Diapers, etc. vcy low, by P. .M. WUIGHT ft CO. TUrtF.Wr.LL'S Gaiter B.mis. Walking Shoes, J Spring Heel and French Kid Slips, also Misses Slip nnd Children's Shoe, for sale bv n P.. -M. WUIGHT ft CO. " noitsr. iT.nn. ton Bushels SHORTS for salp, a good a ti- ts-v' elelor llorse l ecn. nv ATATUIIIVS GHAN'D 11 valuable Vegetal will be sold toge thcr or separately a' will best suit, lo- ucincr wiin unu or garucus, ic, ,uu one oumuu; CJPP.IIM OANDLr.S .J cwlK; No. I Int sctiarale. i A crtdit.vvi uc eivcnon goon sccuriiv ior inccrca Kiiigland's clanfictl sticrni ter part of the purchuo moiicv. For father purlieu- Also, mould randies for Palo bv lars apply lu JOHN JOirN'b'ON. J P. WHALING .) Co. ' irurl'n3fon. Apttl a, I'll STOMACH lll'ITI-.KS. may celebrated biner. ;ireeoinpo-cil purely t.fvcce able oflhe nio-i inno cent vet sptvine virinc-. i ncy arc rcceiinineu"tii par lieubiily for ri-loriug weak coii-litu!inn, clean-inc and strcnglbeiitng the toinach, und increasing ihc appenlc also a preventative ag.iinl I he cholera mor-bu-, fever nnd ague, removiug nau-ea, vomiting, licart biuning.wiakuc in the brca-t, pain in the -loiuach and olhcr -v mpioinofllalulcuceand imlige tion. One box will 'tincture out-gallon. Price 25 ct. a box. Iti-ssr.t.l.' Itch Oistmkn-t. Thi choice and safe ointment is said to I e superior to any now in u-e, for that ih-agrccable and loaih-oint-tb-ca-e, ihe ITCH. Tin Ointment I so remain in lis operation that no person tloublcd wilh ilie nluve eh-order ought tn be without il. It I a remedy for t-iilantxnis eruption-, corbulii- nllix'tions of the head, or any oiln-r breaking out winch nrie from sharp humors in the blood. Price- 2a ct-, a box. lli-s-i'.n.'s Vi.t.F.TAiit.r. Billions Piui , or family physic, for general ui', in ca-e of Jaundice, morbid scii-ibility of the -lomach and bowel-, lo-s of appetite, lietid breath, cotivene.s, Pile, nnd all tli-cascs an mg from biliary derangement, a!n fur t-orrts tuig the stain of Ihe blood, and cleansing lheyieiu ol fool ami vieid hunu.or.-. The-e Pills me a mild t a- thanic, producing neither p tin nor griping, and are therefore a. valuable and highly approved intsbeme, and are pronouni-esl nssueh byilietno-l ihsltngui-hixi physician. F-ach box e-oiilaining 33 Pills. Price 37 j els. a box Itu-cll's celebrated Salt lliit t'M Oivthkst. This I unquestionably the le'st and safc-l n-intsly rtrrvet otlensl to the puliltc for that ob-liiune di-orilt r SA LT IIIIKPM. Where olhcr incans have tailed, it ha-sne-i-etsletl, and ihe fact that it has I ecu sxlfti-ively u-iil liy eminent Practitioners speaks volumes mil praise. It I equally eiucacieiu tn nil ihsca-cs of Ihe skin, scald head, ring worm., and the most inveterate lleh, fte-. fte. Numerous ecrlllicale luiglit U- tiblauuil, butibe propritor e boo-e that a fair trial should lelhe only ci'idt-iux- nfits superior ellicacy. Pnci-AOceulsa box. For sale by J. ft J. II. IVck ft Co., 'I litxvlore A, Ptxk ft Co., sign oflhe Morlnr, and ltol srt Mtssly, llurlington; Dr. ('. I). Mile's, and Hull k Cook, limes Isirght S. II, Barne-, Cbarlotlt' ; I.. Jane-, Georgia; U Tyler, Fsex ; Fuller ft Huntington, llit liniond. Ali, by thu tlruggi-ts aivl inerchunts generally hiiiiihout ihe slalc. e-J.'Jiu II L'HII'S (Ill.tSa Sri:i:i) forsaW-hy yTitC'Nl.! 4: CO. ItFj-TOllATIVF. Thi .iblo Medie-ine sland uurival'ctl for ihe following coinplauit-, viz; Dy-pcp-i.i, tr I ntli-eetion, Liver, biliouih-t r Icr-, Drop-y, A --t li lt in , Cosiivcue--, Worm and lo- of Appetite-.' and by ele-aifiug liie slomach and bowels, cures pains in the side-, sieunach nnd brca-l, e-ohl and cough id long slauding, Hoar-cne , shorlnc- of brcalh, Nervous I'ompbiml-, etc., w Inch are fte iii-ntly the e levt ed Ji-ease-. Peir IVyerand Ague, It i a inn-t valuable pie- venlulive a wc a a sovereign icuiciiv. lis viriue urp.t- any thing heii-tolorr known in it-inoving tt. Villi' Dance, two lionlc have I ceil known to cure thiallhctingih.ease, nOer having I allied every exer tion lor four ve-ar-. ll ha a mo-t powerful influence in removing nervous collKihllllls. ll i iile-aallt toltlkc aiul-oea.y in its operation, that it may I e administered to the infant wilh -al'elv. The ubove-'Miidicine I very highly recommended Iv many seicniilii-gi-iitlcincn, and a large muni tr ofladie-, who have piovcd ihc virtue of the Medicine I y personal use and that of I heir families. , lull ofecriilicali'aevoniiauie each boltle, Willi ihreciiou-. It may 1 e- had wholesale or re-lail nl S. Ilritain, Barre, nnd J. O. Fnriiam, Fa-t illiams li.u-ii. Vt. sole nronricti.r-. Preoartsl frtail the Origin nl nvipe; for sale by I". IL Prcnli, Monlpelier, and J. ft J, II. Pl.t k ft. Co, and Tlir.o. A. fit K wo., our- Itngton, anil in the prine-ipal town in tlic stale; an directions signed in the hand writing ol the proprietor ri-siii.-n A Pl-Psr.-- C,i. nt ihcsienof the Mortar JL hav e just rcc'tl n quantity ol Cayenne Pepper, of l-.iighsh initMiriaiion. i oniauiiv on nauu, in.iii.-... Gum Myrrh, genuine Ba berry Bark, do. t o. in 1 ow dcr, Jamaica Ginger Boot, do. do. in Powder, Bengal and Ohm Turmerics, ftc. ftc. Sept. 10, 1SI0. 11 A7.0IIS. Joseph Iteidgers and Sons superior A also P.iinerov's fine Strops, niu the white Wind sor Soap, for s.ucby H. M. GIDDINGS ft Co. XOTICK TO IIUIMMiKS. T1 H K tUbscriler will furui-h in nurlington iciniiv. GHA.M I r.window eap. sins, ni ' i.r.,.iiniii nun iiiur sie-n ,' tiui .,-,,,. linn, of the first quality. A bNI ol any ione waiite, will be ailcndesl to, anJ xll information lornishtil I ) Mcs.r. Polletl ft liraellev, recks i i o.,an.t nru) & II vile. Anv person fail see the quality oflhe stone, ,v those furni-hed for Judge Pollen- how-err I rei-,1,-nt Wbts-lcr's house in Bnrlingtou. ll i-l.rf-iii""' that the price of the-e stone wil warrant a general u-e li bmklcrs will take the "rou Me o -x-ainincihestoneand price. GI.O. . t OLLA Ml H. llarre.Vt. February 1811. Cui and untler- NOTICE TO DBNTSTS. mrti' c..i.r,l,.-r nro Ageiils for Bin sale ol T STOCKTONS CELKHUATED TKP.TH, of Philndtlphia. A mpplyjust opened. GOLDftlLN a pECK & Uy 16-11 JirtfcccJi;t. 10 May, 1511. HICKOK ft CATLIN May 11, 1BI1 i'ini: i.i'Miinit. it ..i lie of STRONG'S ft CO. f)A dnr feet 2 inch Pine Plank, clear quality, for sale. In. xmv coons. I DOOLITTI.P. has just received from New Yo !c n large and general a-sortment of Gt i r s-it- uhle for the scasun niuong w Inch may be foun 1 imu.ui 1:1.11111.", Black Blue, Invisible Urcen.Hille Grctn, and Cadet III ie.-A.el. CASSIMLTiF.S, Black, Blue, steel mixed and iancy colours-- S.v ne"s, Linen and Cotton pantaloon siulls, a gnat vara.')' TAII.OUS TltlMMINGS, Black Italian Stwing's first nuahty, Ball Twist " " Buttons, atl km Is, Coat Bindings and Cords, Padding, Canvass, si'k and worsted Si rge, Si'.essias, Blown ami Black Linens, Black and White Wiggtn, Marshall's best Lmeii '1 bread. Fnolisii, Prpnch ami Amebkas CAttcor- Punted I.awiis, Moutcline de Lames, Bishop Lawns, wlitto ami eoloureil Cauiluics, Paper Musbn, roumlaCun, Cotton Cold, Irish Linens, Itussia Diaper, Table do. Table Covers, Plastic Braces, Hosiery, Spool Cottons, lVnrl Buttons, stay bindings, !,.te nml coln ire i Jeans, best drilled ejctl Needles, Puis, Footings, Tin-ad I.ace Lilgings, Shawls, Ladies nnd Gin tlcmen's Gloves, Gimp Lace, Wire Net and Silk F ilet for Ladies caps. Italian Cravats, Gingham ditto, Pongee nnd spun Silk I Idkfs, Ladies and Gcnllemin's Linen Cambric Hdkfs, Linen Cambric, Blark Italian and Gro de Swisso Silks, Coloured de Nap da., best Satin Stock, Umbrellas nnd Parasols, Bonnet, But laps, Bagging, ftc. DOMPST1C GOODS. Brown and bleached Sheeting nnd Shirting;, Ti- k- ings, Wickuig, Cotton Batl., Wadding and Cotton Yarn. nnocr.uir.s. Porto Bit-o anil New Orleans Sugar, " '- ami llavamn Molasses, Loaf anil Lump Sugar, Powdered Loat do Hvson, llvson Skin, and Young Hyson Tea Java anil West India Ct lice, Starch. Bunch Hmsms, P.nghsh Mustard, Cas-ia, Nutmegs, Pepper nml Spice, Uiee, Salaernus, Bar Soap, Pipes, Caveiult'h Tobacco, Lorillards lino rut chewing and smoking tin to. I.o rillard's Mncoboy Snull, Scotch ehtto. Salt l'ctre Old pale Sherry Wine-, Sicily Madura do. Dairy Salt, St. Ubcs do., Parrel do. Nova Senna Plaster Also, 1 hhd. ground bottom Tumblers, indovv Glass. Coillish. All of winch will be sold al the very lowest rates. (iw.nal) Burlington, May 19, 1B1L rll Pieces Chnllvs and Moiislm De Lnincs, jus sV opened, and cheap ns Ihc cheapest, by nld K. M. WUIGHT ft CO. 17011 .SALE, ten quarter Irish Linen Slirclings of superior nuohtv. May fth, 1811. N. LOVF.LV ft- CO. LOVr.liY .H HHIll.lUIT nVR just received an addition to their present as. 'sortiiienl nf Csipcting, l!u;s. Ilockuig Bush, Matting, Floor Oil Cloths, Ac. which together makes it more cvttnstve assortment than was em before of fercd in tins place, to which th niicution of purchtt-iia3tcrci.ifull)-m'i,ei -My J?, Ml

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