Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 25, 1841, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 25, 1841 Page 3
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A CHILD LOST IN THE WOODS. A daughter of Mr. Dnvltl W. Boobnr of Linnctis, Aroostook co. on tlio morning of ilia 4tli inst., was sent by licr mother to a neigh bor's houso half a milo distant, to borrow a little flour for breakfast. Tho mil is only nine years of ago, and in going through tlio woods, lost her way. Tho next morning ubout-10 of tho neighbors collected and went In pursuit, but returned without any tidings of tho child. Tho next day tho company was increased to sixty persons and searched tho woods all day with no better success. On tho following day, between two and three hundred of tho setters assembled early in tho morning, their hearts swelling with sympathy nnd all eager to restore tho littlo wanderer to tho arms of its despairing parents. Tho company set out for a thorough and a last search. Tho child had been in tho woods three days and three nights, and many hearts wcro sunk into despondency at tho utter hopelessness of finding it olive. But to learn its futo and restore) it, was an indom itable purpose of each. Half tho day had been expended in entering tho forest. It was time to think of returning, but who could think of doing so wliilo an innocimit child might uo wandering but a row roils in adva nce 1 On tho company pushed, still deep er into tho denso wilds. Tho sun had rea ched the mcridan and was pipping down to wards tho west. It seemed vain to look farther and slowly and heavily thoso stout hoartcd men brushed a tear from thoir cheeks, gavo up all ns lost, and as their hearts coined to dictate them, commenced their return. Tho lino was stretched toinchtdo a survey of tho greatest possible ground, not a bush or treo, where it was possiblo for a child to bo concealed, within tho limits of tho line was passed without diligent search. Thoso ut tho extremity of tho lino tasked tltcnisclvos to the utmost in examining tho woods be yond tho linos. They had traveled for somo time, when, at the fathcrest point of vision, tho man of tho llauk thought ho saw a bush bend. Ho ran with swelling heart. Ho hesitated. Was it his imagination t He gazed nt t lie littlo wanderer was socn. He rushodorward and found tho little girl seated upon a log, and breaking the twigs she had plucked from the bush which so provident laly led to her discovery. Sho did not ap pear to be frightcnod ; said sho had lain in tho woods threo nights, and had not seen or heard any wild beasts, and that sho thought sho should get to Mr. Howard's for tho llour boforo night ! At first sho did not appear hungry or weak, but after eating u piece of bread licr cries lor moro were piteous, fclio was found about three miles from whoro shn entered tho woods. Her clothing was very thin, nnd the large shawl sho had on when sho left homo, she had carefully folded nnd placed in the pillow case, not even putting it over her during tho night, hi sho innocent ly said, "to keep from dirtying it or her mother would whip hor." Our informant Males that she is now ns well and happy at the other children. Jhwgor IViig. Judge Black (whig) has been clocted In tho Somerset (I'a.) district, In placoofMr. Oglo deceased. Tho Madisonian assorts that Mr. Ewlng's project for a Dank, biocU tho approbation of tho President. Ax Ei.oqur.NT Warning. Tlio following brief account of au execution adds another to tho numberless warnings against tlio sin of drunkenness : At Kalcigh, (N. C.) last wool;, young man mined Aladison Johnson was hung for the murder of Henry Iloaslcy. When brought under tho gallows, ho addressed tlio people nearly an hour, in an unfaltering and audiblo voice warning them, and especially the young against tho evil practices of Rambling, intern- Iicrancc, and night carousals, to which ho altri lutcd his ignominious and untimely death. Ho nald he had been deaf to tho good advice of his parents, and that tlio crimo for which ho was to pay tlio forfeit of his life was committed under the iulluenco of liquor nnd passion; and added that if he had never indulged in tho praclico of drinking ho should then bo frco t Culvmiiur, June!). This city vractlirowu Into n stato of great excitement this morning liy tho announcement of tho murder of one of the guards in tho Penitentiary, by a nris- onor. The facts as i have becii omtblod to collect them, nro briclly these : It appears that the prisoner was sent here from Scioto country about ono year since, tor some olle-ii co coimnillod in that county for which the insulted laws demanded Ins imprisonment for tho period of ten years in tho Peniten tiary, during which timo ho was to labor for tlio state to pay lor Ins lied and board, upon his arrival nt his fuliirw residence, he showed ML'tit of a refractory disposition and a tiY inclination to labor for his brcail, whereupon he was placed in tlio stono cutting yarn, tin tier the immediate Miprcinteudeuco of Mr. Cyrus Sells, tho deceased, whoso duly it became to sec that the sentence of tho law was fulfiled, and who in consequence of the stubborncss of the prisoner, was compelled to make uso of hatsh measures to compel him to work. 1 ho prisoner disliking thu upph cation of the 'cat,' has upon several occasions .sworn to take tho life ol JMr. bulls. Matters remained in this situation until yesterday, whim tho prisoncr,liy some moans or oilier went into tlio cooper's shop, and got imssession of a small hand nxe, the short bundle of which ho replaced with u longer ono, so that ho could swing it with both bauds, ami tins mottling ns mr. tsens was combing his hair alter washing himself for brcakfact, the prisoner s'ole up lieluuu him nnd struck him a blow with tho edge of tho nxe across the back part of his head, sever ing the first linger of tho right hand which lielil tlie comb, ami penetrating tlio skull just back of tho car. Mr. Shells staggered forward, and cried out for help ; thu infernal wretch brought him another blow upon the other side of his head, whon ho fell to tho cround. As soon as Sells fell tho murdcicr gnvo him another blow across tho neck, com vlclchi serving his head from his body, ex cent u small piece of skin upon each side of .1. A. .I.!- ... ...... .1 ! ins mouiii. i mo iiiuiiiuiii tiiiuuiur iirisun. r rushed upon this murderer, who turned upon him bringing a downward blow with bis axo that would have split Inm in two from the crown of his head to the soles of his feet, if it had hit him fairly, but ho was so closo upon him that the handlo of tho nxe tut mm upon tlio shoulder and lie escaped without injury, by closing with and throwing the murderer upon his hack. By this timo assistance had icached hun Iruin other parts of the prison end he was ordered to let him tip. Sonic worthy physicians of this placo uro trying to get up a sympathy in favor of tho pitioncron tlw ground ol insanity. N. VOItK MARKET. Juno 13. tail. Rr.stvtiits Tlio demur, at Huston, blings advices from Europe In lhe3d June. 'I lie intelligence, except ns relates to Canton. is nut important. Thu markets were dull, particularly lor Ilia gtcat staples, colion mil' lour: leasnnd advanced in London. I'uuiic Mention here is entirely turned to tlio proceedings t Congress. Tlio rcnort of thu Secretary of tho Trcasutcy, in favor ol a Ihnk, and its provision, excile good deal of Disscussion. The proceedings uoiu branches ut Congress are of promiueiit inter est. ! Lorn Owiiip to a breach in the cannl inir suppl r of Genesee Flour has licconio very email, and sales nave ncen inauoai b li -i cents, which is an ad vance. Ohio is more plentiful : sales at SI 73 a j3. Michigan, 4 75 a -I 81. Tho Mock of Southern is quite lit. and but till e do Ins. Sues of Rva I' lour It 3 ollnrs. Ghais ISesrlr all tlio sunnlie. of Wheat hnvo d U- appeared. Sales since our last of about 2000 bushels sillUu lis, lor cvporl to tlio iniisli Provinces. Sales of ahout C000 bushels live at 5"a59 cents. Tlio price of Corn is steady nt o7uo3 ccnti, weight, and D'J measure, for Northern. I'novisio.Ns " lie stock orwestern rot is very heavy, anil the article is dull nnd low sales of Ohio mesa at 10 ; lower country 10 3-1 1 piimn 3 to 9, no clianpo in Zccf j sales of I.trd at C to 8 els. i llama to cts. London and further lioslilitcs in Linton, Is calcultiod to carry up prices. wool we havo heard or sales line our list rcpoji the demand for mose descriptions has fallen olE No change of consequence in price. money is asahundanl as ever, .no anus nnu very dillicult. indeed ihcy do not net enongh good paper to discount. Money is also very abundant in mo street, 'Hie course ctlradc is sticu us io imow large Imlnnres into this eily mon y is abundant, at points. south and West it is scarce. Kvchnngu on l'.nganilis getting up a little, which is tlio strongest lnaicntionweliavc sccnol any uemanoior money. BRIGHTON MARKET.-Motiday, June i. From tlio Huston Patriot. At market. 175 licef Cuttle. 12 yoke working Ox. en. 23 cows and calves. C!iO ehecu and G30 Swino. 1'uiiTb isetl Cattle We quote io correspond wmi last vvcik about the same prices were obtained lor a like quality. First quality Jtj 75 a S7 00 1 .Second ruaiity&u a a 'itu ; nurd qiiainy s a to. v urKlllif ii ell .i o st es uitieed. Cows and S-ilcs 8:2, fir,, 30, f 32, J31, and 37. Hheip liuld were sou ut lue following prices, vix i .',25, i!, 12. 2,.U, tj2,(i, nnd j. Snine Lots to peddle nt 5 lor ww( nd 6 Cut tar rows. J.arge liuirowH at 5J. At letail fiom lo 7. KontTH of Jiii.v. I.AO'.fl FAIR. Thr I.mli.Bof IhtrliugDn will hiibl n FAIR, nt tho Court House on MONDAY TIIK FIFTH OP" JFI.V Honrs open at 12. M. There wi I lie exhibited for wile at low prices, a plrndid and cMi nnvo tarii tv of unful and ornn- incnlul nrlieliB. loL'elber wilh rifrcliuielits suited to the orriipiun. AU ulio tlisll ctkbtnti that day are initel io can. NOTICK. THI9 may certify to nil thoso wliom it mny con cern tint I have given iny boh Charles Hurl bcrt, his time, nnd licrealkr slinll not control nny of li is earnings, neither hold myself accountable lo pay any debts of his contracting after this dale. n3 WRIGHT HMILIIUUT. Underbill, Juno 21st, 1311. INFANT BCItOOI, MANUAL, Oil TEACIIUU'8 ASSISTANT. CONTAIN1NO a viow of tho syslom of Infant schools, also, a variety of useful lessons for the use of teachers, for sale by SAMUEL HUNTINGTON. Juno 25, 1811. 3 BLANK HOOKS. Ledgers, Journals ds llccord llooks, IOR towns, county and probato records nintiufac lured from tho best linen wovo Demi nnd Medi um paper,bnnnd in calf ! Also, a variety of common lllank work 'or sale cheap for ready pay at the sign of the Red Ledger, by 8. HUNTINGTON. Juno 25, 1911. u3 U. V. M. An nddrefl will be delive red before iho Tempernnoo Society of the University, fit the Folk go Chapel, on tlie otnin;; ol Tuesday ne.xi, ny iionarn marsn, M.I). l'.xirciBis to coiiuncnce nt half past seven. The public arc respectfully invited Inntlrnd. i-n. wnr.Ki.HK, .vm, AUCTION NOTZCS. Will bo sold on Saturday, tho 2(jh Instant, at H.i Thomas' Auction and Coinims-ion Store, i latgu quantity of Household Furniture, consisting of link, Uedstmds, Dining Tables, Light .Stands. Chnirs, Car pels, Cooking Stoves, Stove I'ipe, Mantle Loinps.ele. Atso, ono Crimping Machine, ono Counter wi'U draws, nnd ono slinw-cnse, together with Harness, raddles, Hoots nnd Shoes, etc. alpo, uno new ono iiorso wagon, llurlington, Juno 23, IS 11. n) rntUAT AND SATURDAY. Useful nnd Ornamental Curiosities from tho J Hack and Red Itlvcrs ut' Canada, Tor dale, consisting of t;rcat variety of Dark Work, BEAUT1KUI.LV embroidered with Mooso Hnlr, in perfect imitation of Flowers, Fruit, nnd other works of nature. The nrtictcs aro Glove lloxcs, Rut- icules, Viiitiii'' Card Cases, Cigar Cases, Centra Trays and Itaskels, Pocket llooks. IKnrts, cto. To uo seen ul rangunrn and urmminid s tsriciy eloro, from nine o'clock in the morning during ilia re mainder of the day. The store will bo well lighted Id the evening. Ladies and Gentlemen ar particularly Invited t call and ttiapoct thtso furiosities, at il la only by eccing thila torrcct ide of ibeur btauty cn le formed. Thcso articles ar roojt aplsndid pcchncDief In dian Work. Mom beautiful than any before exhibi ted. Thoy will be ticrcimtil Sotnnlay, the 2Glu, at 5 o'clock, T. M. vbiu all unsold, are 'lo Icavt fur the south. Eihibltionof the articles free to all, tod til aro Invi ted to call nuil see llicm. u3 SALINE POWDEKSI LEMONADE, Soda nml Ointrer liecr Powders ex ecllent rcfriirerunts for this weather. Sci.llilz and Koehclle do. (All ol wbieb aro l no liiHTinr qiialitv.) ror snle at n3 TIlEO. A. 1M:(;K f- (Jo'n, Apothecnrlcs. 'T'russcs. Dr. Hull's Trusses, eninNting of mcn'j a- plain Miiele, do. radicnl euro, do. doui'le. -lnl-,ren' ini;le, iloul lo and ulnlulieiil, tif every fclxo rc oeivedfur sale,and will K'uecuraielvnppli.'J by lit MWI' . . Juno 3sf, 1611. b3 DASS VIOLS . llint'fino llrin V nnd fir sale si the lowest prices, ul the Variety Miirlenl In VR Vlolrneellocs, llint'fino HriK Viiil, Ju'l ns-elvnl Dunn?, S. liool Teneliers Manual imt reeievud by June, 13 C. GOOIiRK'H. .lILUOVIill-Tlio" subsciibcr would inforin his v customers mid the trnvclliiiL' Public, that ho luis removed his slock nf READY MADE CLOTHING. f;c., to Church-strut, next door bolow the shop occu pied by cutis nnd son, where ho mny bo fuinnl ready to cut nnd make up any kind of work in his liuu on short notice. Also tu clean any kind nf l'uint nnd Grease, or any tlrng which may hao soiled iheni and oiiiuiu ureas iiiciii, ienni uieiu wnu n iicainuiii nnisn.nild reimir llietn in ilia ticstest nLintief. All kind of Isccond hand dollies for sale chenp, etean, CIIBAP. And over worn Clothes, and nioit kinds ofProduco taken for pay. n3w3 Jiina zo, tail. C. HENNa. SAMUEL WAINWRIlillrS Kf,TATK. WI: tho Subscril crs, liaviuu been ni.psinled by lliu Honorable ihul'robato Court lor llm Di iriet of Chillenden, rnuiuiKsioiiers In reroive, exaiu- miv ui,', iiiipiMiue eiauiH nun ueuiniuu ci all persons Hg.lilll thu es'nlo nf MAAtllFI. WA IN WIIIIIIIT. late of Uiirlingion, iii id Dilrii i, Jeeeacl, repro H'utud iiuolu'iil, uihIiiImi all claims nnd demands ex hibited in oil'sel thereto j and lx limuths from the day of Iho dale hereof, being allowed by said t.'otlit lor that purpoti', wu do llierel'oiu hereby givg uotiVc, u willelp'tiil to tlio hiiiincd't of our npiioiutiueiit, nt the dwelling of Lliey Waiuwrichl, in l)uiliin;tuu, in ii-irn t, on we miuui -i i tnl.i y a ol eptt'iul er ec Diveiul er next, ul leu oVIuet, A. M, on eat h ofaid 1 ivs. DuleJ, ibNOth day of Juno, A. 1'. IS II, ti? fe.A.MUKI, NICHOLS, I , . . IIKMtV WlIIT.NKi-. C(.ininllouw NBW ARRIVAL JUt Hccclved at Then. A. Peek audCoV Apolh oearie., VaiiL'tian's Ho-o Oiiiiineui far ninoviug J mMo. Rinir WoriiiK. Piinnlud im iLu Psl-... nnd other vruplioin. Amnion's Depilntorv, lor rciuoting upvrfluou Hair on ibe laif, te, French Corn Master, which give liurnedi'ato relief, and require!, but few applications lo fadiciitu them altogether. A mipply uf Oalin tf Columbia, tho mo.l cvlcl ra tol arlieleter Dandrull' and re.loralioo uftha Hair. Juno IS, 1511, rrj Crushed .Snirar. SUPERIOR Double KeJine.1 fruhed 3ugnr, Jiut recin-J 1,t II. 11. (iiDDtaui u- Co. June 18, lJ SALT, "I AN A DA Salt heavy talking nnJ 6uo Dairy do, lor ;ue uy 114 June IS, II. H. OlDDMol if- Co. 1'nrai.ola and Umbrellas. T 1GIIT and Dark Pnraauls. wiik nuluu. Al.n. J-i Blaek and coloruj tlmtUura Uuibrellus, M aalo i'V. U, H, blOPIXS) j uo, Ja 18, nl Crockury. China and t;tas W re Alnro nud rkU uoiuieiit jul teetived anJ opened, purcliau'd ui ureallv reduced Mlces m .New Vork, and uuw for tulo ul the very lowest rale oy i. LOTfcLV Oa CO. June 9, is.). n.j 3Ic(liciiiai VLnes. OEPKRIOR Port, HaJeria and Jtiwal Wii.c-bO- KJ lirled lor luedieliinl purposes, eoutnuily lor talc, Alo, Fine n'eily Winn jut rw eivej by nj June 18, II, M. UiuuincI 'p Co. AX Tllli niir C'Asill NTOUL-, Tust Hccclved u uew mpplv of Prints, wliluh J wil be sold cheaper than ever. Also, PriuloJ JiUiiun, Jiourninc i.nwin, lionilnziuiw ol quality, v-oiton jiiucre lor boy's elottnuj, upenor tinjivr, vii. j,iei.p iuridu uy J. P. WJIALLNU d CO. Ilurliuglon, Juno 15, 1311. ui .Stn'iie: nt lower prlees than uuuL truinenlt of ull kinds low. l'lNunouB if- PunceUAln. June e.r, ISI1. u3 Dr. Amos !. IIuII'h L'lero Abdoiiuusl Snppor ler. A Mqiply of the above celebrated Instru ment, (which have never failed ol perloriiuuK a cure) ju-l ns cive.1 lor sale nu 1 will I n kept rontuutly ou bond by l MOODY, I'ruuxist. Juno Sift, ietl. n3 Sclillltz Sola nndC.inrcr llwr Powders of the firil quality Also, Fre.h l-mon Syrup, Taylor's cele braicil Sar.npnnl'a Mvad, n plcaia'nt modicinnl be vcr nqefor summer for isle by IL MOOPV, DniKglst. JuneJI, 8tl. S3 M a if ir & o & lu Williston. on the l"lh inst. by the I!T. Girne. n l'srnirlic, I'oL Cuiiistian hACKdincB. of Norfolk, St. Lawrence Co. N. V. to .Miss Mast Mixo,of tin foimer plnce. In this town, on the 21st inst, by Rev. S. D.Hrown, Mr.HoKAno ILNklsok to MisjMacia D.DAVii'to.v, both uf Moutieul, L. C. In Philsdilphis citv. on the Ifiih nit. nt the rcsi- Icnceofhis uncle, Jclus Misnn Co.svi:nsr, nm ol Mr. Joel CoiiNerse, of Lyme, N. II. nued 23 years. Deatli conies in strango lormsi wcnieei tlie ten estriner where we lenst expect or desire his prisenee! Hisileadlv shalts wither our fairest pro-peels, nnd destroy our brightest hopes. Friends set out together on the vova"n of bfu : fanned bv tirniieroii8 breezes. llieir inul P.'iIK glides switliy over Ilio iiosom oi tne waters! nil steins bright nnd proini-hij;, nil islujaiity nnd joy: Initio! n storm arises; llieir vessel is too weak to withstand its violence nnd they nre engulfed beneath iho waves. Their prospects ot long life nnd li a ii 1 1 1 ! nre unclouilid; their bnllinnt talents nnd unsullied clnrnctcr iiipiien conl'ulinei: of success in whatever enterprise they uiiihrlakc j Ihev enrage in preparation for future usefulness with all the ardor of a laudable iiuihitioii, nml with n jmpirtd by the ho of gloiifj iug God nml of doing good in the world : the pinnacle of earthly glory jti'j begins to rise to llieir view ; they nic esteemed nnd beloved by all who know ihem : lue high hopes and fond expec tationsof friendbond nlaUvcs ore ubout to be real ized, wheu "The nngd of Death spreads his wings on the blast," and they sink, cold nml lifeless into Iho grave: ihcy pass from our view into eternity. YcMcrdny, ns it were, tne glow ot licallh was visible In Ihtir coimtui. iinces: lliey fill Iho vigor and ilastieity of youth: we loved nnd enjojed their society ; were pursuing thu same studies together, stimulated by the same prospects: to-day our fncmls slumber m tho tomb. Ami w hv is it wo are ready to enquire, wnvnre the fn'r and promising, those who bid fair lo beeoino ornaments io foeiciv and io menus, inus cany piiiu- ten by me tinmt ot Dtntli t vocan only repiv, tno cveol man cannot penetrate the mvsteiies ofl'rovi- denec. nml il b( comes ns. therefore, to lo still and know that l.od rimus: nssured that "lie will do right." Though the Providence which has deprived society nnd friends of nn ornament nnd blessing in the oerKon of friend Converse, is mv6tcrious and af flictive, yet il is o source of consolation llint his list illness vvns cheered bv the .Saviour's prcsenre," thnt ho died in pi-acc, reiving on tlm tncills c f n rrucified Reclieuier, in ibe full nsmmnce of a blis.ful immor tality beyond the crave. 1. To Housekeepers. TAllI.n CHTIjKRY limit il vnri.ty Tiom lL. t-i't Ivory Knives nnd Forks, in sett", to Iho leme.i prieiti nriieie ; plain, i.ronrsii nnd roiiiio servers m nlli nnd siii:le i Diron uud muii lieiuiuu silver pool im. furks flint lirilianuia ten puis ill n'tts ; I ia., 1 rittaunia ten nnd eolllef pots brass uud Iron lire iinduons; n full imurlmcrit of Enli-h nnd American Hollow Ware for nine, and fire places j lint Irons, Italian Irons, nnd nil othe-r articles m this line for snlo nt Iho lowe.-t prices ot the Hardware Hon- ,f R. MOODV. Juno 21st, 1811. u3 Shoes, Bhocs. Just reveivisl ul Iho New Ca store, u ebon c selcctiuu i t hoes of every descru lion, which will be sold very cheap lor cu-lu War- iiiined uscoihI ns ii 1 1 j- in Iturliiigtoii, inaiiulaelurcil by Manslielii, and nut inferior eveu lo I'hicmcII.'. We win runt Ihem to leng nnd look as wed us uny shoo, ever sold lu llnsn.itc. J. P. WIIALIN.NO .f- CO. Juno 6, ul DANIEL SIMPSON. 'a(ir Lever Watch Maker, from Ai'tcrW. A S it It now twelve years .jL since ho availed him. ell of the pnvile'gu of returning his grateful acknowledgements lo ins friumL ""J the public in general, loraluioil iinpieeisleu led favors, be li.'Zs lo in Hirui Ihem that he is -till nt tho ftlil A.7,ifif. dm (!linri'li.tM.. one door south of Noble Lovely and Co's. store, vvheie he porsfiiially nllends to tho repairins; of Chronometer-, Patent levers. Duplex. Uoinus. nnd nil other lucriitioil Of Time hicrcs. Hit ii'ilt wurinul nil new weak nilixoil to Wntibes in his shop In 1 e us good a tho original, oras nny done onllieeontini nt. N. II. A goo.1 nisorlincul c,r A7J IF IIVI TCIlllS of tho lirst quality of workiiiun-bqi, and will lusold us cheap uud on us good leruii ui ul uny other shop in iho stale. From his long experience In tho business, nnd his being so many years engnmsl in iho mak ing ul watch t'sin Eusl.iud, ho Halters hiiu-tll' that be is ns com peicnl lu make feleelioin in nny in ihu vicinity. Iluilnigtoii, June II, 13II. ul llmllys, Mousliu deLiiues, nud Ptinted s- Alsei, Oiiighaiiu ol van'ous qu.ililue., ut J. P. WHAt.lMJ ij Cliurch'sl, lliirluiglou. Lawii' Co'-, ul -JOMMl)N HOOKS in .uperior Turkey - I'lllHMnl IOI asaiVJ I' A HUNTINGTON. Jur.o I, I SI I. ui lluiiil azitics, atil Pongees, for sale at reiki- s ecu oriees, oy j, r, VVHAMU g- uniireii-sirevl. CO. ut To School Teacher A Head of families. VALUAllLH AND I.NTKKt'.STINtl IIOOKJ. "vLNEY'rf Siiiocl Oki uiiiiiit anii Atla. coii- v7 laiuing thu hiti'i iiiforuinlion, nu, uppruvul uLiiiwi uuiviTsiioy iiiroouuoui uie eounirv'. uoustock 1 natural I'uii.osomit, eiilaryuL Comstock'h CntMHTRt, containing iho tale dls- I' UuSTMi's I'lCToniL HirLLrsij I!ik,. iho mo.t I c.iulifil ever published, anJ Lion highly approve- wncrcscr kmiwn, IIoiiimson'i IIistort vr EkcLaniv. with Platci. Goldsmith's Gr.ounAMiie-Ai. Vikw or thu Would. I'k A.ftlCNT HlsTimr, ui H volume-, Tilt PoLTILOTr Kamilt IIiiile, teaulilul and con venient. 1 he nHivenro mostly n well known that il would lu siiite'rlluoui to piiLlish tho rtvommcndulion resci vesl. They uro constantly for s ilo ly nl a lltlNTLNOTON. llurlington, Juno 18-11. I COKING GLAiWES. Mahogany fiaiuul Look J in tr tilasses, cf several sizci at iho Variety store I nl low pricea, rA.n.ouii.'V if uuinxAiw. Ilarliti (.'ton, Juna 7, 1311. at WATCHES. "VT7E arescllinieOold Watch- Y v e 1 i lower than ihn N. York 1 JHo'ton, or any Oiher City stores will ell them, eall.rxniiuno and t,ree for yourelves and not lake I oilier people s iiiioruiaiion,wiicn ill is so handy lo drop in and nt- i. Iv yoursell ny personal in.pec- vjiwia 01 aiiKiuus verviow mr ea-n. ni PANtillOltN & imi.S.SMAIl). nunLiNGTorj chair pactohv. f i I.. NF.I.KOIV, tonlinucs tho business of inniiufnctuting Clinirs at tho old stand, of thu fol lowing descriptions! Curl Mapla Orecinn, CnnoScnt, C'ominon Cano nnd Flag Kent, Largo and Small Raised .Sent Rocking, do do Com mon do, Common Dining, cVo. A.c. All of which nro warranted a first rale nrliclo nnd will bo sold at prices to nnrresnond with tho timet. FEATHERS, AND FEATHER IIEDS, READY MAUK. Constantly' on hand, n sunnlv of warranted Llvo Orecsn Fenlhcrs, which will bo sold low for cash. WANTED, by the subscriber, Curl nnd llirds Eyo Maple, delivered nt his shop in Church street, opposito the old Rank. C. L. NELfsON llurlington, Juno 1. 1911. WOOL Twine, Cast Steel nnd Common Shovels, Hutu nnd Screws, Norfolk nnd American Latches, and manv other common nr lit Ins i,r Itanl. ware, Chenp fur Cash. S. II. SCOT T. EH "ALES llrown b'heetitu, OU 2 do. do. Drilling, 5 ilo. do. lickings, 2 do. Cnnvnss Pnddinij, 1 do., inst reeelved h Juno 1st, IRI1. VILAS, I.OOMIS CO. 1 Q CASES Fancy Prints, IO I do. Wellington Fnncloi, 1 do. Rliio Drills, 3 do. P.lcacdcd Shretlnp. tnstroo'dhy Juno 1st, 1311, VILAS, LOOMIS A Ca erin LI1S. White and assorted Thread, dVJK) 3 Cases Spool do. 300 Handles do CO dross Laccts, 20 do. Root do. 2'0 Doz. Web & Ktaatls Suspondcra, Juua 1st, 1311. lust received by VII.A3, I.UU.H1M UIA K(f M DRILLED ICyed Needles, tJJf 50 Cross HnoKsnnd Eyts. 100 do. ICmtling Puis, 2 Cases Londoa Pins, 1 do. mixed do. fust rccM ts Juno 1st, HIL VILA, LOOMIS os Ca SOO (IROS. Oilt Coat ami Ve.t Ilultona, -'Oil do. Horn do. up, tia. 3HQ do. Pantaloon do, 20 Jo. Pearl Shirt ila rjji For uls r y Juno 1st, 1311. VILAS, LOOMIS. 6) CO 00 DOZEN Cap id) Twist Combs, 151 HI no. KldO no. 200 elo. Ivory elo, 100 do. Cimrsaand tlna do, BO do. Dressing do, 60 do. Gcr. Silver PoeVet do. forealebr VILAS. LOOMIS dk 0O nos 1st, Iflll. Oi3 10O 1IOXE3 Tlo Plate MX, 20 do. Hcjr do. 15 do. Canada Iron, 4 Rundlc Russia do. T5 do. English & Am. Tvlia n51 for sils br Jims 1st, I3H, VILAS, LOOMIS a CO. 13 &,yAL Octavo Polyplott IhhW Cottnpo Ibbls?, V. I amily Quarto nnd Pockcl Iliblca. Poekttlis tnnients, School lliblcs and Testaments, for s ' chenp for ready pay, by Juno !, 131 1. S. HUNTINGTON faitfii of the Red Ledger, n!W IMINTLSTHV. DIl. SPOONER respectfully announces to lu friends in llurlington nnd vicinity, tint ho will bo prepared to exercise bis prolessional duties on Monday the 7th inst. at I. Shattucks Hotel -Room No. 23. Concerned in nnnothcr avocation which draws upon his lime and care, ho begs to intimate, llint lui hours loi this, will bo from 8 A. M. lo C P. 31. Also, (hat ho will bo nhloto pas, hut n short timo in llurl ington tund will bo obliged by early applications rroiu nil who may count upon his services. Ilurliuglon Juna 3. 1811. SULCCT SCHOOL TOR YOUNG LADIES MISS RANSOM would respectfully Inform her former patrons und iliopubic gem rally thaUho will open a school nl Milton Foils, for iho Instruction of young ladies in nil the bandies usually tnuphl in .S'Jiools of the kind. Terms of tuition will lie from S2 50 to 3 50 per qmrlcr, according to the branch' studied. Hoard can bo had in respectable faiin iis in tho imtnediato vicinity of the school, from GioBfIiiI lings per week. ,S'ho hopes by strict attention lo tli.s intercstof tho scholars, both morally and intellectu ally, to deserve and receive the support of a liberal and enlightened pill he. RKi cncvtns : Hon. Hate? Turner, .SV. .tit-ins.-- iiey. jnmes uoiigneny, lien. J. u. .vicars, lion, i.. Wellington, Jedediali Sawyer. Esq. und Mr. Win. A. Burnett, Milton. n2. Mirton, JuneS, 1311. NHV HOOKS. TIECEIVED the present week by the subscnbsr, I.V. nml for sale at the lowset Dnces, a valuable col lection of books, among which are the following i lIIKKOI.O(.Y. ri.OOMlJE'sj Phrenology, eontaing near 7ll0 pages, ueiavo, lor sine ny in June Id 11. S. lll'NTI.NOTON. l"ress llandhcrclllefs. Silk an I Fillet 6Varf J Ill.iek Lace Veil., ltl.ieL .S'dk l.:u i! for Veils, ,).e Also. .Shawh.Clially. Raw .Silk, nud frinev. Ficnehunil Mourning Collars, ipi'.if' at lhe .Yew CmK Stun em Cheap Shit. ul Cbureh-sl. J. P. WHAl.l.NO d CO. t U. 1 L-.ll. 1 !r,i-. ,t... f.,r inlc WLVOOSKl. SASH FACTORV. IS lu eonslaut uperalisj, uuJ prcoarisj to vxccuie orders lor WINDOWS ASH I of every description, und in the best umuner. A iHin.l.iut supply kent ou I build ami tin- sale ul thettoro Iol l.t-orge I etirsoo, in Uur liuirtou, nt lliololle'U'urg IS Liflu oi-iiiieillK, 31 ecuta pes NEW GOODS. THF. siibseribers Invc rce'd a new jissortment of Plain muslin Del.nius Piiuted muslin nnd Print ed LavviiK .'lk nnd wliilo J.'rnssells Lace French sqr. licit 1) Railroad nnd loud Do Ribbons Fnns ipC. E. MUR1LVY WEIGHTd-co. June 10, ISIL Incp 'Cambrics, Linen Lawn, nud Linen ("am I ric'Haii'lkerelnil'. a lsantil'ii! nssiatuieut ehra. per' lljiin cvernt nj S. 15. Scott 6. Juno W, 1811. T"raiH'ry Muslin A new nu I Uautifal nrliclo lor XJ v hue Dicite-, nl n3 .SHOES! SHOES! SHOES ! Just received Morocco walking shoes, spring-heel common nnd French kid slips, manufactured nt theold well trie'deslablishnienf ot I. Harvey, Monb pclier, Vt. Warranted tube of lhe very best work' mansliip nnd material, at n3 . JJ. bc'OTT a. Juno 20, 1S41. ifsffc THE TIMES. "Why aro not tlio times better V'nsk the lo co locos. " Did you not promise us better tunc ns soon as Harrison thotild be elected! Bay they, well, we promised torelorm tho govern incut, to i,top the seiuandermgol money, and to

rcbtore public prosperity ; hut we promised no miracles, woauurcss men ol tenbe, not fools. The mischiefs which the country EUllcrs wcro hroutThtontivancrics of bail measures, and can no more be repaired in nn instant than a patient reduced almost ioa bKcicion uy cmackcry can ilc restored to vigorous health anp btrenyth in a day. Tho Van Huron system is yet in full operation so far as tlio laws arc concerned. The tub-treasury is the law of the land, and nitibt remain so until tho meeting of Congress. Tlie locoes denounce tlio extra session as unncccs. tary : they wish us to go on with the same ox pcfimcnt which lias failed in their hands: with llieir suu-ircasury ; ineir naru money exactions of duties: their suspended State hanks : their no currency and no tariff, and no national hank; and yet hold us responsible for not making tho times bettor. Wo can't do much unilcr llieir t-ysiciii. Wo must abandon it, and return to the old one umlor which wo formerly prospered. Wo hope Congress will loso no tunc in doing this. There can he 10 found currency till it is done, and until there is a better currency, husi pets cannot revive but partially, Mr. Ocnton declines being considered a candidate for the Presidency. Ho is cer tainly very magnuminou. TO KENT. rpill". new llruk lIuiMing next Wist J. of the) Pearl .S'lred House, bein;' llm best location for business in nil Pearl Str'et. his well calculated fur a store and tHvo unr. house. lo"i iher with two rooms & blllo below the street, wi II lighted and suited for nny kind nl business where one or two rooms only are ...... i.., i. i. i tL.i .i.i.i,. i u, l,,r nnd every convenience necessary. Theliuiiding is so arranged that the parts can be rented separately. immediate posscssession given, isccuruy vviuncei peeled fortliercnt in all cases. Inqtnreof i,3w3 C.I1ENNS. KUTTONS. ANEW assortment of Elliott's Patent Satin, Vtl vti Ticise DrrsR. nml Overcoat lluttntis. few sets choice gill, for dress eonls. just received and for sale by C. UENNfV & .SON. June 2U n3wj Co Ssoismru. T)pvriikInn fliitic. iwiwiler (l.isk.. iloul le nndin X pic shot I ells : jiereu'smn caps , powder und thot eoiistantiy on band lurtulc nt the llaruwart store. R. MOODY, Diugsi-t. June 2), 1811. 3 BENJAMIN II. SKIFF'S ESTATE. WE the .Vubsbribcrs, having been appointed by tho Honorable thu Piobato Court for the Dis trict of Chittenden, comniisHioners lo receivcexamine ununiijii-i tne claims and ilcmnnds oi nil persons n rninsl tho estata nf lleiiiaiinn II. Skin", late of Char lottc. in said District, deceased, renreseiitcd lusolvenl and als" all claims and demands exhibited in nfl'scl thereto ond siv months from tho day of the date hereof, being allowed by said Court for that pur pose, we do therefore hereby give notice, that vvc will nttend to the business of our nnnnimnent. ntthedwrl ling of Sally Skill m Charlotte in said District, on tho 'Phir.l SZntnrilfivurirOrt. nnd Nnu. Iir nl 10 nVIirl: A. .11. on racn oi sain uajs. Dated, this 17th day of May A. D. 1811. ELANSON II. WHEELER ) BENJAMIN IIEERS . Commissioiuia JOHN NAIUJIOKE, ) June 20, 1611. Soorr'e. FOU SALE. nillAT large und commodiouii two slO' X ry llrich Uvvvlliii Ilotisu & It, Miunioion Ilio wci Mde ol i-olli'gegieen ul tho heel e,f Colleec-rlreel. ill tills vil Tho HiiL'si: i 32 I v 15. Willi .1 I avcmcni Me re. with Kitchen ui.d ProviMi ncclliiis, nml u vuug 3i by j. extending neath i n ('ol'cseliiein. veiih wood uud More niMito below, nud cli.iinl elf nud ilii'uu" re miu, anove. a inre and commodious Hariiniiiugc lions,, iceliout-c, nud oibcr out-home, nud u kpuciout yar, west eif theilwcllinghoiie, and n goes! duial le well of vv nier of ihu 1 es quahiy in the village', and a 1 m k Mean, unc anu uquaiieTuiTCMii luun, utiio Urn l nalilv : n laru'e "ardcu nude hone nut iiccsveivi o lhe in u -- in i,l yiinl. The lluililmgs nrciiintrueli. in inulcru nvle. ol lhe I et mati'rials uud workman-hip, wercievtel bv Iho hiIim iiI er for his rnvn u-e", and the location nf- lonls n very rxiensne nnd t li'-i-aut' nrnsiivct of lhe ill age and laic nn the W'.M nnd is not nuhartcd bv any other in this part of lliu country. Aio lor Mii n nn containing nu acre ol mud uiicct ly opposite the ul ovc lot with a Miiallcnnveuicnt wiHjd iwcuiug noii.e iiicrcoa. Piir.'h.uers uio mviicd locall and ermine for lli.m- nclve1 Terms nude know u I y lhe -ul m nl or ou the js'AMl'lX REED. iiiiriiugiou June-, in, isiu. i-.-j NEW G0-0DS. "I7ARMERS and others nro invited to call am ex- X limine our ni-sortiiicnt of 111HTTANN1A METAL (JOODS. Tea nnd Codec Pots. Tumblers. Cutis. Stmar Howls. Creamers, Largo Sponges, Spittoons, Lnuips, Lather iioxes, eic. also, fine pens 01 isrittstimi Mitnl Wnre, con istiugof two Tea Pot, ona Cufl'ce PoL Creumers. nnd ono Sugar l'.owl, w Inch wo w ill sell In sella or single AI60, lor.Cliurches COMMUNION WAIIC. Tnnknrds. Cups. Uoblets. Plans, clew lirass and Phled Cnndli sticks, SnulTiTsaiulTmys, ns inw ns can 00 purcuaEcu, vnstors, ami extra Dot iiCHior iafiors. rem KPonTSMn.v. Pnwdi r Flak, Rillo nnd Pistol Flasks, Shot lings Drinking Fla.-ks, llulltt Mould", Pi-tols, Caps nml Cap Hovcs, Percussion Pills nnd Cans. Fish Poles. l.inis, llooks. etc. We none those who wish in lniv will giv e us ncnll and cxainino the Nrw (.oops at our inei s, iiiiroheet liemg lo sell so low ihnl vveshsll not in uniiirwilil by any ono 111 city or country. Persons from town or country, having a few mo ments to snare nre invited to call nnd look nt what wo navo 10 snew, 11 lliey elo not wish to buy. i'ANGIlOIl.N Ao UKIKSNAW. June 'il, IB II. tii TtV.W AHIUVAIm 1.) crrlvril this day from New York, hvFnn skin, ' obi hyson, imperial and blnek TEA, nil nf mpe nor quality, purchased low, and will bo sold lower than usual, inll at Iho .rie f.Vn'i Mure. J. P. WHALING it CO. June 21, 1611. n3 ilo. do. do. tty. Jnne IS, da do. do. It). il do do do do to J,, do do MONEY do lk) do ttUlTII. ui rplCKINtl, Twill Cotton, lilcnchul hiviinu nnd X .Mllrtlllg., .Mllll, JCilll. .1111, uui'ie iciieu eiuir- lings m low us tan le piireh.i-cd 111 llorliiigiou. 1 1 J, r. v llAl.i.Mt v-ii. EPIIYR WORSTED aaJ Put ern, jut rweived WIIAU.Mi i. LU, IJ uud for sulcby Chureh-st. Court of England Ten Thousand a year, v oungi.ndie.s i-ricnd. Walker's Anthropological iv orivs. Ilancrofi's History U. S. (urneyon the W. Indies, Deniocracv in America. 31. lie Tocqucrvilie.i 1. no 01 lioidsnutn, History of Fuleral Oov ernmcnLby A. Bradford Voices of the Night, Pro-idcnt's Mes0(igcs, Cha'flO'Malev, ' Heads of the People, Cotifosbiotis of Ilary Lor riuuer. Miscellanies of Literature, Kirks Sermons, For salo by MEDICINAL LlOCOItS. mllE best quality of Port and Madeiia Wines, A. Ilrundy una lim 1 seiccica lor medicinal purpo ses! tins day rcixivcu, and mr bale uy R. MOODY, Druggist. llurlington, Juno 1, ihik TSRUGS, MEDICINES, PERFUMERY, Soap, IJ &c. ul the urft quality now opimug ami lor sale at mu lowtsi liininci prices uy K. MOODY, Druggie Corner of Chureh-slusiiaud lhe Square, llurlington, June 1, IS II. n53 Hurlingion, Juno S, IStI Young Man's Aid. Taylor's History ut 80 eiciy. Kchle's Christian Ytv, Humphrey's Addresses, do Observations. Letters from the Old Vv otld Jack naiiore, houthgate'a Tour, Works of II. Moore, Poetry of Flowers. Jay's Evening Exercise', Chaliner on tho wi-sjom of Cod. Anthon's Ciifslcal Die- tionrry, Webster's Classical Dic tionary, 2 vols. All the voyages round tho world. V. K C RAMAN, LYMAN & COLE. n AVE resci ved a (plrndid ase riment of Summer Goods, which theyo lernt reilucod prn e-. vmong vvineiiwi 1 be 1'iinii a 1rre.1t a".oriincni 01 Jiich J'rinUd Ldicns. fur ino-jrmiiL-. hall mourinii" uud rancy, new ftjle-i. I'rintcil Jaei nets, nnd l ami rie, llan d .Muslin, Striped, Ilarr'd nud Plain Svvi-s Musliu, Plain Jaconet M slm and CniuLrio. c.u.icor.s. liieh Merrimae, mid Dover Prints, very low. Alio, French and Eu liih Cambrics, cheaper than ever. Itoniict Cambric, Curtain do. lliiils Eve and lbsia Diaper. While Linen Table SpreaJi, Drown nud Colored do. Linen Damask, Crash rnd I. men Napkins, (Superior Linen SlurlinL, Uruvva Jacket Linen and Gauif'roou' SILKS. HisiTy Canton, tiro deSwi-j nnd Lustr!ni?Silk, Ki'i'd, Urnwn, lilue lllaek nud plain ecl'J Jo. Taylor's bet Pereiaa lljead, Meiahc Spool do. Marshall's Line's do. DIIOADCLOWIS, CASSl.WJRES, AM) vusrisas. Tlielnrcest nisortfnentet Ve-lings, wo ever oflcrcf fir sale including rich Plnin nml Figureil Satin, Silk Velvet, Merscillo", Valencia, Silk und Worsiul, uuJ other new artieleg for VeMinf, very elegant. TO CKS. Pntln Stexks, vuh Bows, Plnin, do. Si'arf Ties, in Roinbazlne do. do. Also very I dutiful Sum mer fioek. Fine Linen Collars. TA1LOKS TMMMISGS. Padding, Canvnsselceias, Coloreil Jean, Urown Linen, lllaek do. Verona Surge, Silk do, Silk lhndiui?, Wowed Rinding, Silk Loid, evvillg Twist, Cut Velvet nnd Figured Silk Pultons The aLove comprising part if a very large block of Ooods vv hieh is od'erisl on the mort favorable leruis, Iiurlinston, June 11, 1311. nl FOUND. OR may be found in this villipc, directly orposi'c the Methodist Chnptl an OLD PAINT SHOP, newly fitted tip in good ttvle, vv hero the undersigned will be glad to wait on Ins old customers who may favor hiin with their patronajs. em 10 iv. u. oi'.ui, liurhngtcri, April 23, 1S11. It ASS AND TABLE CLOTHS T-viVP. R.t llrown Linen Tabid L-luiUn. X ilo. G-l&a-lWhitedo. da. do. Dma2, b-1 and -l Cotton ua. lotuh 4-1 White liirds Ky Diapers, 3-4 llrown do. dn. do. Crash nud Russia do. iij'J fofsak'tiv II. M. ClDDlNOS eV CO. TDOTII l'lt:KS. OEADY MADE U1LL TOOTH PICKS, also, XV Silver Tooth 1'itks, low lor cnsii. Il32. P.VNOCOHS &. 'ul5SMVlp RTETHODIST IIVMNS-Worecsters' Wotliand 1L Stlect. Winchells' Wutts, fur sale bv June l. ISIL S. HUNTINGTON. Sign of the Red Ledger, Collcgc-st. n5'i ADIES nnd Misses Leghorn nnd Straw Hounds. Cords. Tassels, etc. nf the latest fashions, and superior quality, just from New York, snd for sale at II5J tV.l.UV 1.1.1 CC L,U H. .In no 3d, lHll. rPEAS. Supeiior Rlaek Tin, fine llvpon Skin nnd X. Young Hyson, do. nso linker's Cocoa, warran toil pure. j orsaieny n52 II. M. OlDDINGS & CO. ItUSAKY HEEDS oc CROSSES. l'rcmlnia DODDLE BA88 VIOLS. AURA HAM P R E b- COTT would rc- sncctfullyiuform nil persons inter tsted in the Sci ence of Music, tliat he continues to maaufaetur? tl Concord, icw iinninsnirr, IUSS AND DOURLE BASS VIOLS. of a very superior quality, and having obtained tho first I'remiumn tnai lias ever ueen iwarui'u loan manurnrtutcr or nuch instruments at tne great J 'utrt of the American Institute in Navy York (,'nv. nt the irreat Fair of the Mechanic's Association in Uoidon, and at the Fair of the Mechanic's Charita ble Association in Portland, Maine he now not only lenders his thnnks to his friends and patrensfur past favors, but nlch'cs himself to Kclii'ious Sucicties. .... . , . . 1 1. 1. - u aiu.sicui .isoeiaiioun aim mumuuis nu nny wian to purchase, that 110 reasonable cllbrts shall be want ing on his part, lo enable hiin to meet their orders in the most prompt and satisfactory manner, that he mav i 1 reni n incire-oiiiioeiiec. mm 1111 ru a com nu anei'of thehberal palronag5!'0 'i3S Lr many years enjoyed. lie also Keeps nn extensive assortment or MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. of the best quality, which he olllrs for sale on the mos-l re.isouamo it nil?, nmong vv nicii nre AIM.OD10.S A.M) i.ii.riu.M;s, wliich nrcinueh ndmircd for sweelness of tone, tnd well nlaptid In parlor or church music. Music Schools, Military Hands, or individuals, can be sunn led Willi nrnes nnd oilier instruments 01 any description, ns cheap or etienper man nicy can pur chase in ib, citv nf Ronton. Aij-o. Violin. Rass nnd Double l!ns Viol Strincs. Hows, llridgcs, Potent Heads, Tuning Forks rV Pipes, insiiuciion hooks, uiarioni 11 ivicus nun niouia 1 ccs. Umlircllns. Parasols. Walkinir Canes. &c Orders wi 1 be ma elu y receive'd. nnd Instiunienls eent by Stage at tho risk of the manufacturer, and if TOWN MEETING. A Town Meeting will be holden in tho lovcn room, of R'irlinston, on .S'atunlny, the iu'ih. mt. at U iVIook. P. M. on the siiljcct of Inving a rea l from .1.. n'.....t 1. it. .1. 1 ,.. Onioa River Lower Falls. n'J Bcrrii.l Iasc, )oi, , ismcri. Nichols, UurlmgtoH. Pnbllc Notice THE Select-men of Burlington have observed that extensive injuries have of late been done to tho streets and highways, bydigping pits for gravil, ami y removing ine lurr, and ty otner nuisances 01 the L.nntiip. n fnjiLnr. if InV. tl,,i. ,li,t u M ..nctil,.. lawi in that behalf to le enforcid, they hirebygivo none inai me siaiuie tor me prevention 01 sueu prac tices will hereafter be rigorously enforced. It is a matter or public interest lint our strecH on.l iehwava should be rreserved. and it is honed that this noucc will be sufficient to call attention to iho subject, end lhat none will hereafter wnntcnlv commit any oaifancea tbercia. RURREI.L LANE, iiusrvv ie.iv tuim,i;i, SAMUEL NICHOLS. Jono IS, 1511. Silut-mcn. "TE have Rosary Reeds nml ( rossi and shsll not sntiVfactory, mny be txehanged. oe pienpesi 10 cuppiv nn on v, 111 ui in ni m.v 1 pruvs. P.VNGCOHN if RlllNSM.MP. MARSEILLES (iuilts, hi 1 leached Cottons, 9-8 uubleaehe'd do. very fine, just Ree'd and for salo nl Iho very lowest 1 nici s. Girniaii Willow, single, double, brininied Leghorn, Vuriegnted and Plain Palm Linf II11I1-, jul leeicvid by Juno l-, leu. J-.. jiuiikai vv miiii 1, kio, June 1 WHAPPIM; I'Al'KR. A.Mi'asoorted eisceanilqualiliesinst ree. C. UUUUKlil. 1IUNDLE OF BOOKS LOST. A DUNDEE directed " J. (L Chandler, Derby, Vt." conlaimng 12 Abercroiubie s IntrllMtaa! PoweTH, B Andrews' Latin Render, 1 Ilsyley's Algebra, 1 doz. Altnanues. was packed by the subscriber snd loft ot John How artl'd Hotel, nnd taken by some one, supposed by mis take, .visy 31. Any information concerning it directed to Mr. Chandler, Derby, or the sibscubtr will oblige and all expenses paid. fi GOODRICH. Hnrlington, June 17, 1SH. - raiotuind Dye Stulfs. WIIITPiandlleon.cnd, dry and ground In Oil, Venetian Red, Yellow Ochre, Spanish llrown, and nil oilur Paints : Al) I.oewood. Nicaragua. Fustic. Camwood, tto. Linseed, Lamp Oil, Varnishes, nil of the best quality, just received and for sale by h52 K. MOODY llurlington, June 1, 1811. WAXTIJD... Clocks. June II, 1811. An A'tirr rrrpnnsihleman 10 sell PAKODOJtN oV Hrinsmaip. n3wl To the Ladies. WE have just received nn additional stock of Lin ens, Valenciennes, Lace, Thread llrniding nnd Edging, Wisken lllond, llrussclls Lace and (luilhng, Cambric Edging uud Lustring, lllaek, Hlue, White and Pink Crape Lisns, etc. J. P. WHALING it CO. June 21, 1S11. n3 1(T classes, A supirior oniric of Sugar house syi 111 up.nlMiMigarsoi 111c nrsi quauiy. Cocoa nnd Ground Cinnamon, fir sale bv n3 Juno I I, ISIL Chocolate, J. P. WHALING it CO. STARTED on n lour, without leave on Thursday night last nn indented apprentice to tho enhinet business named Charles A. Stevenson, nhoul "0 years of age. All persons nre notified lhat 1 shall pay no delitsof his contracting and shall hold any one tin rloyui" ltiiii aecounlnb'fi for his wages, llurlington U "June, loll D. K- PA,VGIJORN oltnlTI Eblridfe's' l'.stalc. STATU OF VERMONT. ) District of Chitlcndcn. ss. t Tho Hon. Probnrc Conrt for Iho District of Chit'cndcn to all pirsons conccrni'd in Hie cst ile of JOll.N M ELDREDGE late of Hutlington is said District, ileeensed. r.niKTISo, WHERU.AS, Mary -Inn EldredgD, ndminislratriv of lhe estate ot said deceased, nmnoscsto rcu dcrnn account of her administration, nml present her account ngauiM &.mi cbuiu; iur examination nnu lowanee nl n sson of the Court of Prohnle. to be Inlden at Hiiiliugtnri on the second Widmsdny of July next. 1 nrrciorr, you nie heicby rKiltlifd in np. near before snid court nt I lie lime and nl. ice alorcsaid, and show cause if nny you have why lhe account nlorrtaiu tliouiil not nenncvveil. Given under my hand nl llurlington tins 7th elay ol June A, V. Ibll. vv .vi. ivks ro., Iftnitler. lTflXDOW PAPLR. f T Common Paper, by S'atin, Imitation ftitin, and ,v. 11. M.un, T7"1'.NTUCKY JEANS. I.ieht and Dark Gntu- JV broons. lllaek nnd llrown Asirachan Cloths, Wisil-ilyed I'.lk atil Hlue ("lolhr, now opening by Juno 1, ISIL E. M. WRIGHT 6. CO. Musical instrmiuntsandUnibiellas.rcpnired nsiisti' nl. Please call nt his new Music Store, 1 few doors south of the Eagle Codec House. n51 1 imenrii. rvcw 1 i.minsii re. -uarcn i. i-ii. PANGHORN if- lmiNSMAID, Agents, Purling ton, Vt. ltlllJSlir.. ItASOltP. &.r. Complete assortment of fine and eosrso Hair, . Tooth. Nail, snd oilier Rrushis. Fine Ra.orF. Knives, Scissors, and arth les in the line nt reduced tirieen. . rANtinnnif t hsiksmvip. "lATE have tcturned from New Yorkfnt the s.x;ond time this spring nnd nre now niiemng a beatili ful assortment of fine Fancy Articles at greully reilit- eeu price"! lower man nicy nie rum 111 1 117 or coun try. Wcnavc enlarged our store, increased .llio ntim licr of assistants to attend to eiisiiiniers,-,rrdiiced onr prices, nre selling Goods to suitrusionms, and intend to sell lower nnd sell tho more, believing thai we can suit the most ihlicult. ve invito nil who wash good vvatches lowir Ihnti lliey can L'et thetnelsevvhero and have them kept in order one year froe, to enlL Ad who wisn n oeauiiiui prescni ior menu, nu wain wish soniftibim? nretlv. L'ooii. or useful, all who wish something to keep, to wear, to ti'e, to lend, to give nwny, nil who wish to look nt pretty timid, to look at good Gooils ncci'ssary Gooile, leeful Goods, All w no lino 10 pee wnai mere is 10 sec, num a 1111 10 n Fish Pole, fioni a Shoo Lace ton (told Chain. Trum a Worsted Noodle to a Turkish Pipe, in short nil, high or low, vicli or poor, big or little, short or tall, can hardly lad lo be pleased 10 can, ami tney nro nn cor dially invited lo callnml sco lhe New fields, nt new prices. Wc ariruc "that a nimblo sixpence is bcllir than n slow shilling." "ThntPvtcnsivc sales will ena ble a man lo live on small profits.;' "That it is Letter to wear out than lo rust out," ergo, vvc gofortxlcn Five alien nnd small profits. Customer, Friends, Strangers, Neighbors, one nnd nil, please lake notice of this nnd come nml buy nt this favornble time, re member the Variety Store nnd reilnred prices. PANGHORN A URlNKMAin. Rnrlington, Juno 4, ISIL n5? MEW GOODS. -pi'RNETT it SAWYER, nt Milton Falls, tuve 1 1 just received their .Spring mock oi irouls, com prising n general nsfortmini 01 Dili i.ui!ii.- DRY GROCERIES, CROCKERY AND GLASHWAIU5 HARDWARE, DRUGS AND MEDICINES? DYE STUFFS, PAINTS ANDOILv GLASS, NAILS, CODFISH, MACKEREL, GlllXn. STONE, if-c. Ac. All nf which, kavim- been purchased nt tho present VITJ IOW pilClt., lll I'll run. ni iiiuu.iiw j.iuit,.-. Produce, nml nschean ns theeheni.estfor Cash : nnd as wc have not time this morning to ennineratenrlielci nnrt rMiT wo vonld rcsriectfiill v m v ife our former pa irons nnd thu public irenerally to rail, eiajnine and judL'O for llienisilves. Alilfnn. .IrTli. I. IM1. I. S MnlThtis Life Medicines. Ni vvton's Pniinccn, llitelioi L's Siinlf nnrt Worm Tea. Couch Ln7enires, and many other cf tho most apprrved Medicines, e'onstnnily on band. 1EW RONNETS. 1".. M. WRIGHT .f. CO., 1 have 111st received n new nssorlment of Ladies I'lorencn llratd nnd Plain Strnw Honnit. Also, Misses Ronneis, Flowers, i)-c., which nre olTered hi reduced prices for ensh. June 3, IRI1. COTTON YARN, Balling, Wadding, Tiekiiq llrown nnd lllcach'd Dtilltncs. and Mm lings.- Cheapfor rash .HI5. .SVOTT. GLOVES. Ladies LungPienie, White, colend, and lllaek Nel, White, colored, and lllaek ttlk.nnd every style of Kid Gloves by S. II. NCOTT. A FULL supply ol choice family groceries such ns II. .V. V. II. O. II. nnd Imperinl Tcas. Jnva.and Laguiia CotUc, Double refined and enininoii Lonf iSii"ara, Porionco .S'yrrup, Smyrna and Hu Rasini, l.aisia, Pepptr 'piec, I linger, ' lovis, Nil mrgs, Rie'f, ,V.i!i talus if.- if c Just itreivcd and for suloat theloKcd priees by. S. U, 600 IT. MORRISON'S I'll. 1.x. QflHA Packages nt $1 300 nt a'J-500 nt S3- tJJVJ BOO Hoxcs Powders, Sub Agents can now he supplied. 1 gross Sherman's Cough I.oV.ctigcs, I do. do. Worm do. 3 do. Poor Man's Plasters, just received PANGHORN it IIRINSMAID. n."2 Sole Agi nt. TARKOTICH. rPHE Subscribers nrn about 111 iking some dillerent I. nrriuieciiii-nis in ihetr buiiuess. and vvotiM re' quest nil thoso having unseltbd accounts to ml and . . . . , :, , . .. , L settle tin1 same, nnu liioso vvuosc nnicn nine nccoine duo lhat lliey must be paid before lhe first of July. NELSON vt GATES. Iiiiiliuginn, Juno 1, )R. !2. V 1KI.W1-E an udiiilioual stipplyof I'anty Goods. I-V for Ludii". Diesse. Ch.illv, S,lks, Alpines, Fig'd Uiiiuv Mu-sbiis, Mnushn del.nines, r.nglh & I'reni Ii Pnnu, ito. Silk Shawl , Searfs, Cravats, uiegj iiauusiie.ii... j 1111 1 t-v .inmi no oy "LOVELY & HUKLliUT. Xrto Cnsfi Stoic T P. WHALING ec Co. nre now receiving n full J nnd elegant nssortmcnt of goods suited to tl seasnn. suehns French. Enelish nnd Amtlicati Print Painted Muslins nml Lawns. Mou-elino de Laines, Challys, Silk for dresses and bonnets, Lawn nnd Silks for Shirred lint, Rlack Lnee Veils, lllaek Veiling, Linen F.dging of various qualities nnd patterns Swiss Muslin Kik'ini! nnd Insi 1 lion. Cambric do. do, Linen Cambric. Ildkfs, French Worked Coll us of snpi rior quahiy, Mourning do., Ladies Cravat nn' Ilrcss Ildkfs. R-l Silk Shawls. Gloves of evetv nnal 11 v, ngencralnssntinieiuof Hosiery, lonnet nnu 1 np Ribhons, Superior l.eghorti nnd riain htraw uonncis '.criliv r Wnrsinl and Pnitirns. I'inbrcllns nnd Pnrn sols. Finally almost nny thing thel.adiesol Hurling' ion may vvaui l iiu oc louiiu 111 100 mni on "l heap bide. DRY GROCERIES. SicSi ns 'IVa. Sncars. Molasses Sabratllf. Rice Ginger, Spices, Act iilmostiinv article that Farmers ' .1' . .'.. .. ' r I'lini'iTliv wri waul, .llo, nu ii!sui 11111 ii. v.. .... ...... m. iss w run Ail the abov e named nnieles.togelher with many not enutnerateil, will be sold at a very tow price ior casn. llurlington, June 1, 1841. IIGUNSIYIXTKXNG,) nr HATCH won . nform the in habitauis of llurlingioti und vi ciimy, inai no lias opened n mop 1 Chinch strict, al lhe hjii of the RilV wlnic he intends to carry oil lhe Gun itiioi-.r. inntl its vaiioii.s branch 1-. iliiving been eiuploveil for the last u v. am 111 1 is sunn 01 j. .11. .uoin III I.ansingburgb, (iindoubtcdly the be 1.,..,,. t.n lTiuied Siates.l be teelswar rautcil 111 oil; ring his vvoik to the public, ton, June 1, lt-11, liutlin "j CASE l.adn s straw llomutsjust recaved A this I il iy Opcnrtlat nmiunciiirns prices, rtisoauifi ...fwr .n.u r.nts ond Mitts. K.bhonv Ere Cain ht l'iintidL-.wi.J. e,C. E. M. WRIGHT. i) Co. June 11', 15-lt- SUMMER GOODS-For Gentlemen's eloihes, al so. RroaJcloths. Cassimtres. Sattinetls. nnrl I'm ting-, it pcally reduced prices, nnd must be sold bv l.UVLl.V & 11URLHLT. Jane 3d, 151L n32 Copartnership. THE nndersigneii have entered into r opittnersh'p for the Purpose of Ahnufatlurin" S!m,e H'urj snd for the imporiation of Crockery, (7to' if. Ci'ii llcirr, in nil us varieties, and have takin the store formerly occupied by Laihrop nnd Potwin nnd orv now reei iving n very large supply and nro preparer tn offer to merchants' by tho Paclare nssorteil ncc ir rling to order on liberal term and nt .Vetr York awl Trov price t lliey would give notico also to tlie in habitantsof the town of Rurhngton and Vicinitv that theyhavea very fitensive ar-orlment of fi'issnnd f'Aini trure especially adapted to lhe retail trade ond is now arranged for their inspection at tin if store corner Church and College streets. Duihngton May 23. 1511. KHEN L. FARR IR. JOSEPH WAIT. IIARDWARK. r"PnE subscriber is now re-ecivini' larce additions to X his stock of shelf HARDWARE- conmiiin,. nearly uveiy nriiele in tho line bought nt the lire.- ut low prices: and which he ofii rs for sale at vvlinlcsiie mid retnil nt nsmnll ndvanccfrom cost for ea.ji: at tlie old tPtnbhshed Hardware Stoic, si"ti of die Padlock, corner of Church and Collepe-siurls. n31 RORERT MOODY', llurlington, May 26, ISIL xkw noxxtrs. LADIES I'lorence, Braid, Plain Straw nnd Palm leaf llonncls. Gentlemen's Litrbnrn nnl Ger man Willow Tinnme,! and Palm Leaf Hats, Want Proof Caps, jut-t reeiivid by .liny IS. 1. M. WKIHHT eV CO. LEATHER & FINDING STORE. EC. I.OOMIS 1 as uivt icceived from N. Y,.r, . .100(1 P-. SOLE I.FMHI K,lr ml7l' 23n. 30 dia. Mori 'i'i., hid, Bon, Lining ,ihl Hin.liiU Shin. C eucs ed (lent, and l.adie- Hoot, II. Irtish, Hrogliiiiis, Huskiu-, Slips anJ Clu'.'ren's Shi i's. O.ik Skirling, Rridle nn I Ileg Skin. Phi e Thread, Wohhinc, riool Conl, Galloon, SnichiiiuSilk, Hair. Haminon's Hivl Plate Jj.-gero, Keys snnd Hrakov, Steed Jacks, poal'le-, Shoe Kmvc, Pine crs. lllueking, stamp-, S ze Stick, Ceilt-, ."hoiilder Sticks. Avvlllln.le- A llaud'ef, Sand Stones, Rasps, 1 cj Cutter, Cifnp.i-s,. IlanJlMo l'drHif., Shoo I'm -he, Pes, IlitlBa'I.i. Af. xL-o Harness, Haii.t, I'ridlc. Top, It ci.ovi s nn I Upper Leather. Calf Skins, 1 1 ore' Hides, sheep S!,in, Town's Lasts ami Hoot Tieev and 111 fact nil kinds of articles in his line of ho-ine'. SCi'l'lie above nanieil nnu If s will I0-0M fir cash cheaper llian enu Icboivllnl nny other ttd' incut in the Slate. Plen-e call nnd ree. nSI Peurl-sirrct, May Silh, Is II. ItOt-'T'M. ha.xtux .v m:ai.. "llespx'Ctl'iilly inforin the Tuba! nan s ' (, IV ion, nnd viemily, h'y i..n le 1 nn I 1 a Church-siicct, nearly nppn ip1 ih.-dr.ind baiajr, 1 m door soiilh ol'J.I'. Wliaon 5 Hun-, ri' uly tr ilo 11.I work 111 their hue vwdi lie.imc-s ainlile-pi li, Tt.r.Til lU'erie,! on llokl Plat" f.i ni ue 10 .' 1 1 sell, which Ihcy will vi airnit to 1 e ii ciul n 'i .isl a tn n.ainl nptn'ur like natural Ttcih. 'I I.KIil lilltvl with CM nr'Int Ko l e. id tbc nn h eilel raiul .lli'dilljc l'lisli". Teeth can 1 0 e irei ai ly lillisl vv nil this Pa-te, li.i t c.iunut I c done with '. I or Tin Foils, witbiM.e nnd wiiimulol Ion' 1r.1lul.1y One of Iho two .iili.erit tr can be limn J in-'lifir ir lire ui all times, wa rn i very r.ii.-s&ry fu-a 0,n, ir ha. the throbbinz tioth ae tie, a'en, June Is, 1?U 13

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