Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 25, 1841, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 25, 1841 Page 4
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CSss "Hb touched hit lintp, mid nations heard, enlraiiccJ." Prom the London Times. THE PRESIDENT. ev the autiioh or "ecclkiia" fjpcakt for thou hnst a voice, perjictiml pea ! Lifl up thy surges with some signal word. Shew where the pilgrims of tlie waters be, Tor whom a nation's thrilling heart is stirred. Down to thv waves they went in joyous pride, They trod' with steadfast feet thv billowy way, The eves of u onJcrintr men beheld thctn rjli.'c Swiltin tlie arrowy distance w lu re are they? I)idt thou arise upon that mighty frame, Mnd ttint tlie strength of tiiint with thee should strive. Anil, pioud thy ri nl clement to tame, Didst swallow them in conscious depths nhvc? Or, shorn and powerless, h.Tt thou hade them he, Their M itrly ship a cuic.tssof the foaiii, Where still they watch the ocean and the sky, And fon.lly dieatn that they luu yet a home I Dnth hope s'ill soothe their souls, or gladness thrill 1 Is pcaro amid those wanderers of the foam 1 fc'av, is the old nUcclion yearning still With all the Messed memories of homo ? Ori"itocr1 Life, and breath, and thought, The living fi atuio and the breathing foitu I Is tlie strongman beeonic a thins of nought, And the Mood of tank no longer warm ! Thou answvie-t not, thou stern and haughty sea I Then. io sound in cirth, or wave, or air. Hull on ye tears! Oh, what ran comfort be To hearts that pant for hope, but breathe despair 1 Nay, mourner, thrc is sunlight on the deep, A gentle rainbow on the datkling cloud ; A voice, more mighty than thutloods, will sweep The shore of tempests when the storm is louil I What though they woke tho whirlwinds of tho west, Or roused the tempest from his pnaiem lair. Or clave the. cloud with thundoi in its breast Lord of the awful, Thcu wcrt there! All-merciful! thfate ihe day were Thine i Thou didst receive them froiii the seething sent Thv love too deep, thy mercy too divine-, To quench them in an hour uu wot thy Tine. If storms were mighty, Thou wcrt in the gale ! It their feet f. 1 ! them, in Thy paths tliev trod! Man cann t i.igo the bnrli, or giiido the sail, Or force tho quivering lulm, away fiom God! GEN. CASS'S EULOGY IN PARIS. The address delivered by tlto American Minister in Franco, nt tlie tneelinu' of our countrymen on tlio tluatli of fJcn. Harrison, which is published in tho Boston Courier, bears the fullest and strongest testimony to tho virtues and services of the man, front a long and intimate association ; while at the same time lie openly avows the contrariety of their political attachments. Wo make an extract or two : iWnst rif von havn rnmn born tn tnmft,..i regret at the death of a Chief Magistrate. 'l!ut I have come, not only to perforin that duty, hut to mourn the loss of a private friend. It is more than forty year, since I lirst know him, and al. most thirty since I was admitted to his friend ship nnd confidence. 1 have .served under him i ' r, and n-ilh him in peace ; and never, dur uo long interval of our acquaintance, did a i ,a'u it .do.tan'so, i , , Mx, for n moment tt.o . . iyof our uilercoursc. I can speak ot li i mi an intimate knowledge of his con. e i !i a haractcr and his piinciples. A know, lcue, , . . 1 m ilio jierilous scenes of an ac tive 1 f the heart of a man is laid open, ar.duii" !, ho heavens above up, and the fore- ai ml us, concealment would have been tc' mi '.cable us it would have been useless. 1 1 dosintc-estcd, generous, honest, sa-li..- comfort to that of other.", ceaseless . a attentions to duty, passionately desitous of promoting the interests of his country, and termed by nature to acepiiro an ascendancy over those around him. How wonderful are the viscissitudes of life. Little did ho think, little could I have thought, when together wo were cxporcd toth'; perils and sufll'rings of a frontier war, ar. 1 .yht and day I witnessed his trials and exertions, that I should . r be called upon, in this metropolis of l.urop '. influence and opinion, to dun. id his p' .:, .motis fame from the r.'tacks of h. own countryiuen. Hut to it is, and 1 shall discharge tlio duty. While he lived, ho was himself fully competent to tlie task. It did not become any 'one to push him eelf forward -as a volunteer, and to claim tlio pri vilege of appropriating to himself his cause. Hut he his beyond the reach of calumny, as ho is beyond tho power of correcting it. His friends may now act, each upon his own responsibility. His memory is dear to me, and 1 eagerly em brace the opportunity of rescuing it from various charge--, winch cither originated, or were re vived and propagated, during the late 1'resi deutial canvass. And I am the more free to do this because 1 know tho anxiety ho felt upon the subject. He would have been unworthy of his high position had he been inditrerent to it ; and through a common friend, ho communicated to me the wish that I would prepare a narrative of the battle of the Thames. Hut tho request and the compliance were after his elevation to tho Ch.ef -Magistracy ; and every generous mind will understand why I could not then give as free scope to my feelings as now. .My narrative was confined to the facts, which, indeed, when related as they occurred are suilicient to justify the General from all the aspersions cast upon htm rc-pccting the occurrences of the day. Hut my feelings and opinions I could not freely (lis close. Such a course, iu our relative situation, would have been unacceptable to him, and un worthy of me. Hut death has snatched him from his high place, and I do not fear to bo mis, now when I propose to givo'full course to the dictates of my heart, and to say of him iu the tomo, hit I would not say of him in life. Tlllr!,,. tl.r. rnnir ..... ,.f 1 ? I '1 I I . . .-.g tu.,i..,iu im ioi.j, wwcii tcrmin ated tn tho battle of tho Thames, I was attached io tnc lorces commanded by (iencral Harrison, u'M a ltrigadicr-Ocncral of the army of tho United States, under my command a bri"ado of rcgulartioops. -My potion, therefore, brou-tht me into hourly contact with tho General, nmfall his orders ami plans were unreservedly com municated to me. I wus iua situation to judged the character of his measures, and to appreciate both the difhcuit "a ho had to encounter, and the resources he displayed in overcomin" them So much for my position at that time. "And I deem it proper to allude to another circum stance. 7'ho events of later years had separa. ted General I Lr -on and myself in political life, tho' they in' tr affected ourprivato intercourse! We belonged to different parties, and each pur- FUCd his mihlir. lllllins .nrrr.nnl.ti. In I. to , victions, without suffering these circumstances to interrupt communications which had ltowii up in other times. Kxercising tho priiilogo of an American cit wen, and adhering to opinions which had Ion" guided me. had 1 been in tho United States at the last Presidential election, I should havo veiled igamst my General and friend, and for his competit r, because I consider tho latlor moio nearly tho represoutat vo of most of the political sentiments I entertain, and havo entertained Bilico first brought into public life by Air. Jcller son. almost forty years a. Ami f.'r.n II,. -! l .. !.:.. II... i. . . . riton nuY una. iiui. nu w,en ioo iruo 10 Ills fpnlim's. '.rid fen iust In his ririnc.hilpK. nr.....; ! ( -,',, III. t a dill'erencc of political opinion, or that fair course of action, which is tho honest cons. nenco of it, to sever or oven weaken tics, form, d under circumstances! I have described. I do not believe that nhard thought ever crossed his mind upon this subject. I trust the motivo which induces me to allude to this matter, will bo ap preciated and approved. 1 have no patience to deal with the charges of cowardice and imbecility, with which tho fame of a gallant soldier was attempted to bo tarniscd during life, and which may affect his memory now he is gone, lie was as bravo a man as over wont into battle. No one who served with him could mistake this point of his character. I have scon him iu many trying circumstances, when I could not be deceived, and his coolness and self-possession never forsook him for a moment. An instance of his firmness, I may say rashness', presents itself at this moment to my memory. The bridgo over one of the deep tributary streams ol the river 7'liamos had been destroyed by the enemy, to impede our approach, and a largo hotly of Indians was stationed in the sur rounding woods, to prevent us from repairing it. Tlio work was commenced under the immediate direction of Gen. llankun, who tat calmly upon his horse, overlooking the operations and exposed to tho bullets of tho Indians. Appre ciating the value of his life, I entreated him to retire, offering to remain and see the work ex ecuted. Hut ho would not. listen to mo. Ho did not tell mo why, but I know it as well as if ho had told inc. Tread his thoughts in the stir rnutiding ciicuuistaticcs. His army was new, officers and soldiers suddenly cedlccted from va rious parts of tlio country, and it was essential that their General should acquire their confi dence, lie considered the example of moro impottanco than any risk he may have felt he was encountering. Ho is gone where my praise or censure is equally inditretent to linn. Hut never while I live shall 1 cease to regiet him, or to bear testi mony to the purity of his principles, to tho ardor ol his patriotism, to tlie value ol his services, and to the high qualities which cotnnuudod the res pect of all who were brought into contact with him. Mam.mi C'unKsc. 7'lie following "improved" method of making cheese is from tho Portland Transcript. We shall only say in addition to the remarks therein offered, that the process as de scribed by the wiiter, has been repeatedly tried in this vicinity, with flattering suci ess. Cheese made iu this way, possesses many, and important advantages, we think, over that made in the com mon hoop and press ; inasmuch as it is loss lia blc to become rancid, from perfect expulsion of the u-hey, and to bo injured extremely by the de predations either of llie.- or mice. Nr.w Mr.Tiion or Mikino We hac lately seen a method ol making Cheese, which is worthy of being tested by experiment at this season ol'the year, especially by those who have but a stiull quantity of milk, h is very simple, and easily tried. The mill is srr iu the ordinary way every morning, and the curd separated from the whey as well as can ho with tho hands. Jt is then preed compactly into the bottom of an earthen pot, and colored out with several folds of dry lintien, orcotteu cloth. Hy this pioccss the remaining whey is absorbed, and when tho cloth becomes saturated it is re moved and a dry one placet! m its stead. In the course ofthc day and night this process rem oves the whey as thoroughly as it can be done by preying. I he next moining the milk is picpiiredin the same manner, and the curd packed closely upon the top of that prepared the day previous, and the same; method pursued in separating the moisture. This process repeat ed till you havo a rnum potull ,.f cIuv.m: It is thus seen to be a cunvpniioii mmi,,,,! t,n. ,i. dairy women has the milk of hut one or two luws. ii n won; wen, it is an important eliscov cry. If it fail, it need not be a very ehsasteroiis failure. It is a very .successful way of preser ving the cheese Irom tlies and mice, as it can be perfectly enclosed and kept from such gentry, and from the air and !igli,t We have seen but one experiment of this hind, and this promises to boa successful one. The cheese appeared as free from moisture, and as solid as that madu by the press. 7'ho hiboi I.. muul, lc...-, t,o caic ol it afterwards is comparatively notion". lloor (.'juirs. Tor milch cows we doubt) whether theie is any root erptal to the sugar heel. ' Wc hive a cow l.'i years old, which has many ! times been dry two mouths in the year, and! some years longer, although wp thoug"ht wo fed her pretty well, always giving her more eir less mangel wurtzel, rutabaga or carrots, hut this year she gave a pretty good mc.-s ot milk until within a lurtnight of her having a fine calf. .She had no meal at all, but was fed daily on the white beets which grew cm about two ro'ds square iu the garden. 'e often hear it said that cattle and sheep stiller in our long winters by being kept a great while from the ground. Is it not because "they are led only on hay ! And would they not do well enough if they had potatoes, tut'nip.s or beets once a day ! If the farmer has no spot of ground richemiigh to yield a heavy crop ol heels or yellow turuip.,let him plough up his barn yard alter carrying olf.ill the manure. It is said "that on such ground tho lly will do no injury. Our suuiinur.s an; always long enough lor turnips and boots. Keime'Hc Jmirwil. SUMMER (iOODS-rortientloinrn's clothes, al so, I'l'oadi'lolhs. CassinicrLs. s'aitini.iiu -,,! v.... ting-, al greatly reduced miees. and must Im snt.l l,v , , LOVELY & IIERLIILT. June 3d, lfill. 5- Cooarliu-i-slihi. rilHE undersigned have entered into Copartnership - for the lull no -e of. Wmuf,ieiuri.itr .v.. ir.... anil for the importation of Cruikcry, (Urn tu China re, hi nuns Miricues, .iiui nave taken the store formerly occupied by l.athrop and Potwiu and are now receiving a very large eupplv and are prepared toollei to merchants bv ihe I'urknt assorted accor ding toorder on liberal terms and at .Win I'or.- ami 7Vov;in'.i-.v they would give notice also to the in habitants ol the town of liurhnglon and Vicinity that "-"i i-suiuiiciii ni L-roc.vr; '.Mm flint Uimavirc espcciallv adapted to the n tail tndoand is mm- arraiinl for their wisnietini, m ,1,... store corner Church nnd College stre ets. llitrluigton May 20. lfill. EIH'.N L. I'Altll R. JOSEPH WAIT. r I llll"! sill i ei-nl.. r is nr.... r..i.....:. I l.l:.: r. --..-w ......... , ,,rJ t.n-u .UIUIIIOIIS 10 his stock of Mi. If HARDWARE, comprism nearly(virynrtu.l"intliohiiehoiigbt at the prescm love prices; nnd which he oilers for sale at wholesde and retail at a small ndvnnce from cost for ca-li t nt i in.- iiui csmuiiMico iiaruwaro store, si-n of the Padjoek, cornel of Church and Collcui'-striels. llurlington, May 2G, 1811. Nl-JH" nn.vvivrs. '' '"ftuce, liraid, Plain Straw and Palm -J IcnT llonn, ts, (Jentlenii-n's Leghorn and f !cr iinnillow Trnnnied nnd I'alin Leaf Hats, Water Proof Cups, just received hy 'J- I- -M. IVKKillT i CO. LEATIIK & FINDING STORE. IJ V. I.OO.MIf! has Us pvem-,1 froin N. York. J. -1(11111 II- .MILL LKA'llll.ll.M-iiiiiiTinOOM.' 30 do?. .MormTo, Ifi.t, liooi, lMnne U llindoig Skin-, C i n.e. e. (ienl. and Ladies llout.. Hunters, llrnslmiis, Huskuis, Slip-ami ClnMreii'.. Oak S'iirlinc, Ilndle nnd Hog Skins. Shoe-Thread, Siami eiiiiiii-r, Rent Curl, iilloon, Slitelnn-.'SilK, Russia Hnir-, Ilaininoii'sHei l Plate Key. .-an, I Itrali", Slicl Jacks,,, Shoii Kinve', Pincers, lllaekmg, Sizo Suck", Coll-, PhouMer Snrl:, Awl it Handle?, SandSloiie, Rasps, Pi'?Cnticr, Coiupa i-s Hani r,U-f, Punches, Shoe Hrudic, Peg-, Hifll!al,&e. ice. llarne-s,-, 1.), llri,Je, -p,,,,, Itt.mvs and ,, . "l'l"'r IamiIiit. 1 ii 1 sfl.;... ii. .. iii.t... ci ... -mi-, iiutm. iiii.LS, .sill -i-n sh Ills, Uin,l ,'r,'"l,,!"'l,' a'"1 Hoot Tiee.. and in fact nil S-iVn""!'1'-''' hi Ins line of businc-s. chwmr th ? na,"m nr"c!"i will le -old for ensh Ji'n"'Hrw,May-2S1i, 1, IjMHKWKLL'S Morocco Shoes, r.nitcr Hoots, do. Mens and childre nB Shoes, con stantly for snlo by N. LOVELY & CO. Juno 2, 1811. nr2 DUNTISTItY. DRSPOONRIl respectfully announces to his friends iu lliirlinqton nnd vicinity, that ho will ho prep ircd to excrciso bis professional duties on .Monday the 7th inst. at I. Shattucks Hotel Room No. 2.1. Concerned m annother avocation which draws upon his tiinonnd caie, ho begs to intimate, that his ftoiirs for this, will be from 8 A. M. to G P. M. Also, that ho will be able to pass hut n short time in Hurl button t and will bo obliged by early applications irom nu who may count upon Ins services. Ilurlinglon June 3. 1811. 13 0YAL Octavo I'olynlolt liibles. ( ottnu'e llibles, V I'liinily (limrtnnndl'ocUel llibles. Pocket Tro-t-iincnls, School lhhlcs and Testaments, fur sale cnenp lor rcfin y pay, oy .'lino 4, 1811. . HUNTINGTON. Si'n of the Red Ledger, Collegc-st. Ii5'2 Dissolution. THIS Copartnership heretofore cislinc between the subscriber under tho firm of K. L. Pnrrnr ft. I o. iS'tlus day liv mutual consent dissolved. Ilurlinglon Juno 13,1810, P.. I.. I'ARIt Ml. MOSKS IT'l.Ottll. The suhscribrr havo now on hand and nt-n llnitt I-Prpil'lmr. frncl, nrnnml IV. ntnrn n.i.l Troy Kloiirof superior quality, which will be sold nt linliu... .UlH.n lllnl-nir t. - rrr .utiy'&sth I8U fflKAS, T.nnf, Lump nnd llrown .Sugars, Coll'eo A .Salernlus, Pepper, Spice, Nutjnrcs rloves i)-c. fur slip hi-. I. IT ll'lllf Jir'n .r.r-rt May 27,1511. BRUSHES A large nnd well selected assortment of Cloth, Hnir, Ciuiub, Tooth, Hearth, Dusting, Shoe, Hftrsc, l'aint, Varnish, Whitewash, Stove and 1'loor IlltUSMES ! Also, eonnnon nnd fnnee I!, I. lows and R'ncltsniilirs Hi Hows, just received and for sale low hy HOIJERT MOODY, corner of College & i.iiiire'ii-sireeis. nsi lliuliiinion, May 20, 1811. I.lncn Suniertiooils. IINE 3-1 and 1-1 Drown Linen for Conls, Hcnvj llrown nml White I.inen nrillin... iln I'miw White Linen Drilling Russia Sheeting nnd l-'l iiunsinn l.urlnp, very clienpbv. II. M. OlDDINfiS rco. CLOVER SI'jTl)7o7pnnieramy7forsi,jeJ,v n30 It. M.lilDDlNfiS&CO. I'or Salt:. A first rate PIANO I'ORTE. at a very low tiricn. A I'or further particular, enquire at the Rookstoie 01 ,. LI. .1. lill.Ul... liurhnglon, May 2J, 1811. n3. f Mittitr..,.'.. V...... GIOODS for Childien's Summer Clothing iu every I viri.-u. nn.1 f..r .., llfiivouvo .M:iy27,JSIl. 5i Itral i:tate; fin- Sale, at the I'alN. riHE Two Houses owned by Mr. I.. Il.irnnrd, nt 1. Iliirlimrlnn I.V.Ik .11 I... .rtt.l ... .. I ..... Attached to one is about an acre of land, and io the oiuer uuoui nau an acre. Apply to H. LEAVENWORTH, May 21. 1SI1. ,,31 1 JRESERVED India tinnier, do. Tainarmds, Ta X blel'igs, at TI1EO. A. I'EC'IC ip CO S. .May .', Ir-.11. .-,! OADDLERV AND COACH HARDWUUIC.A s- large auu spiuimiel assortintnt ot Coach and Sad dlery, now opening at the Hardware -Store ; sign of the i'adlocli, corner of College and Church-sHcets j and for salo very low at wholesalennd retail by "I ROHERT MOODY. Ilurlinglon, May 2G, 1911. .". IIUNTINCTO.N. "lAjTOULD respectfully inform his p.rrons and the puuiie geliernlly, mat lie lias just rcecivcelliom New 1 oik, a good assortment of l!uk Binding stock Hlaiik liook materials, and Stationary all ol winch willheehspo-eilof low, for ready pay, thankful for pastfavors, and hopc to rcccivcam! iuerita continu ance of ihesame. The public aic invited to call and test quality and price for lhem-,i.lves. College-Street, Mgnof the Red Lcdircr. .May 23, 1311. uM lil'MlO.V SVItlJIM ''PIIE best quality of this article, and also that of X l'me Salad Oil are constantly kept at n.'l THEO. X J'ECK et C(VS. CARDS. Iv ory surfaced l'riuling C.vniis, assorted sizes, also a variety of Visiting Cards and Cases, Wulluil, Memorandum Rooks wiih'Chisps, IMrt l'o lios, with and without locks, Drawing I'eueils, Indcl libluluk, lilack nnd Red Ink Powder, Camels Hair Pencils, (ilass Motto Seals, India Ink. If.dd I'liinl, Ivory and WoodPiiju.r Eolders, India Rubbers, Pen Knives, etc. eVc. lor silo cheap for icadv pay. iijI s'. itrvri.VcJTON. blgn ol the Red Ledger, C'ollege-sl. !T II A HT'a Cl .N I'' IICI'M I.NAIIIIM 1 UST receive d a fresh supply, put up iu neatest si) ie c.picssi y lor ri railing, it5j hy THEO. .1. PECK .f- CO. p.H.M Leaves of the best quality, Palm Leaf Ron X nets and Hats, Straw Hounds Ribbons and arti licials, by II. M. (ilDi)IN(j.S cV Co. 13APER. A good assortment of Cap and Letter Paper just iccuvcd by the siib-criher and will be sold (lor Heady I'axj urJtwl Cridil,) on better terms than ever before ollered iu tins village. nal n"l S. IIl.'NTINfiTON. Singn of the Red Ledger, Collcge-st. C aidcn Seeds, C'ROM the Yankee I'armer Olliee, Boston, of the X growth of 1310, for ale by April 'ii. C. fSOODRICH. Itolian I'olatiii'- 770R SALE at SO ets. a llushcl. r .May 13. C. C.OODRICII. II I,' VT THE store net cast of .Mr. Iliaman's l'ook Store on college sireei. 11. 1.1..V v i.. uu 1 11. April 19, 1311. John .Holt's Estate-. STATE OF VERMONT, J AT 11 Prolate Dlnr.icr or niiAND 1-1.1:, ss. i IV. (Jiurl holen at niv dwelling liou-e 111 North Hero, 111 send Disinei on lliu Ilhilayof March A. II. 1SI1. Pie-ent the Hon. Joel Allen, .ludgcyiti InstruiMein purporlmg to 1 e the last Will nnd Testament of JOHN MO'IT, Inn; of South lli-io, in said Di-tnVti -i ease I, I i-ing piu-enleil to thu ('nun beie by llelscy Molt, the i-ecvutrix llii-iein uaincil.liir Pro'bali-, It i's dr.leii'd by -.udCouri, that all piT.-otis eoni'eriie-il lien-in I t-notilie-il 10 appear al .1 'eioii ol siiul t'ourl, to I e liolcleu at (" dwel-liiig-hoii-o 111 said Noilh Hern, oil the Aid day ol" -luiio uei, at 1 o'clock m tin: iitn-riioe.ii.k sln-wcau-i-if any they liaveagain-t llie prol ale ot anl Willaiml I'or which piii po-i-, it Is further onk n'd that a copy of the record of this onli-r lc published three! we-eks siieeessivi-lyintlii- liurhnglon 1'iei- Pres. a ne-wspu-per printed in Burlington, in Cluilenden couuiv, u. soon a. may be-. iijlvv 3. A tru'ecopv of Reeor.l, ' Atle-I, JOEL ALLEN, Judu-e. HERD'S CRASS nnd Red and White CLOVER SEED, a new supply at HOWAR'S. pril 'JJ, 1511. 0 LULLS. A good assortment of (luills from No I. Russia, to GO Oiiaouo Also Steel Pens a lirst rate niticle, for sale by tjollei-g-st .S. Ill .VI J.NC.TON. CROCKERY, GLASS & CHINA WARE. I'AltltAlt WAIT, Impoi ttr and Wlinlcsulcdadcrs in Cructery, Olais and China Ware, und Manufacturers of Slonc Hare. 100 CIl"''''f' JUlt rtce'lcu' aa& no"' opening 2"i Packages I'dgednnd Coinnmn Wnrc, Jo do Blue Printed do 10 do Royal Itourbon Sprig 1I0 containmc eoniplcto dinner services, Tea sets and Toilet Ware-. 10 do I'reneh White ("Srnmte Ware, with com- pie to sets throughout. 10 do Antique Vase Opaque Pearl Ware, con taming perfect dinner sets, cntiiLly new patterns and fhape, a most beautiful ainelc, with.Tca and Toilet W,r,,o match. CHINA WARE. 10 packages China Ware, containing Beautiful WhitcTca Sets, liold edgu nnd lino Tta Spug do 110 r:!,ri.mi,l snriL' do .sets nml gokl band China Nurse Lamps. (J LASS WARI 10 packages (Jlass Ware containing fi, R, und i) llnto Heavy Cut Glass Tumbler fi, 8, nnd 0 lluto " Pressed elo do 3 iaekngcs fmo plain I unddcrs, very cheap Cut (iluss Lamps, iMim iln 1I0. a creat variety, Superb Cut filnss Hall Lamps, Aslrnl Lamps, Oirondales, (.nndhbras. Cut Class Bowls, Lemonade Glasses. Pitchers, Decanters, Goblets, Wine und Splendi I I'reneh Puree line Vases, vviihllowers auu ide and a variety of other articles 111 their line, all of which arc now ollered Wholesale and Retail at New York prices. V, it W. would invito tho amotion of Mcr chants in llie surrounding towns to their slock of wnre. assuring them that they will sell in package nssortcd to order on nsfood tutus ns can he purchased in New York Be ton or Troy.nt thnr warchouto corner 01 of Church and College Sis. Hurlington, Juno 1. 1811. j-' WHITE and Black Crnpe. I'raprtf, SMi, Bob inet, llriisccls, rillctrC-afefJ Iircnd, Linen and EmDrowerea i.acep. -. i- -svui r Crockery ami CJIass Ware. It'I.L Dinner nnd Ten Se lls of the heavy White f (Iraiiiio Wnrc, and a flue assortment of Olass Wnrc, for sale low by nl June s II. M. OlDDINOS & Co. PIANO FORTH 1-OR &'ALE.-A Piano I'orto made by Herriek Christopher iCo Bclcctcd by 1 he undersigned (out of 3fi.)for his own use nnd co3t i'i5 is ollered foil snle. The tone of this instrument is decidedly very superior nnd as to durability the ar ticle rcccotnincnds itself hy its perfect state of pcrscr iation after three years use. Positively Eixrn Pnit r.S200. for ono half of which n negotiable note, payable in six months, may bu given. THEODORE I' MOLT. Burlington Juno 10th 1811. nl iw STRAY COW. STRAYED from tho Pasture on the third iust, a dark Red Cow- B yenra old Horns sawed oil" large Rag Information wanted by 1 HORACE WHEELER. OS Burlington June 8, IS 11. 13w A . WANTED. I- E Thousand elollnrs in Cash in c.xchnngcfor uoodsat the very lowest prices. A', II, .VCOTT xnw coon-. 1-1 lino Scotch (.iinglmm., 5-1 Hr II.. .Veil Laic, I'laiiiiiiidl'iiruri'l Paru-ol-., Lailiu. Superior II. S. (iloves, Clnlilren's ,jo R.'oelil.irk RiHiin., Stripe Shining, Chee-si-t lolli, ll.iltuig, iti-.jn.t reveivevl by 11 '"tie-8. . M. et Co. New York Hats. A MW in sum, e- i.l" M..I..-I. I.. II . 1 of ihe latest - slv'c. nisi n-i-l-ie.wl I.,. Jime-8. ' nl M. RinntNRs et Co. H. l.ei;honi Hats, G1 ENTl.E.MEN'S Leghorn lliit-,als.i I do. tierinan Willow do. for sale by II. .M. Co. Juno ?, n Tuscan Itonnets. rl(,A"i' S V.'1 ",r"'r 1',,Kiorn, Plain Straw nnd X Palm Leaf Boiinet-iju-t rci tiyiil by n 8. II M. (iinm'sns it Co. i:iwAu7r.iVl'AY""s BOOT &. SHOE !STOK3u r7fttv-'. C i;,.-i:....... V V i . r lon ,K,ni1 a superior ns;ortinent of - ueiuiso 111111 m;mi iini M . ROOTS AND SHOES, of the following assortment : dent', fhieealfsevvd Hoots BojsCalf Shoes, Ladies flaiter Boots, " Kid Slips, " Newsprnig nips A Ties, " Colored Slips, " " " Calf Misses Shoes ip Slips, Also, a large assortment of Children and Infants Shoes. peg d do " hcht " " il.i " Sumnur Oaiters, " " Pumps, " Cnlf " " "ShoisetRrogniis " Thick .- Kip Bouts, " " " Brogans I'o vr Shoes & llrognns, '' Thick it Km Boots, Vths " et " " II II A. II I! . ... uiii dir., 1 3V1.'. .1. 1.'. ..-n,.t,i .... :,.. i.: 1 .1 , .. -nu tin i.iisi,,ii:,-,s;illil lliepuil- heiugeneuiltoeall and uxninino his nr.sortiiient of " 'r -JiioKs wiiii ii oc can warrant to no ol good stock, thorough workmanship nnd latest. styles. Also, Work and Repairing done at the shortest notice, nsusuid. n31 Burlington, May 'i?, 1311. David Herd's IJstatc. WE ihe vihsi-n't i-r, hiving I ecu appointed hv tin Honoial li-tbo Prol an- Court lor tin' District ol ''Intleni'en, eoiiiuiisvioni'r to reei-ivc, examine and adjust the claims no 1 (Ionian I- of all ri rson, n-ain-t tin: i-tali- of DAVID REED, late of Buliitston, in .-ni l Dislrict, dei i-a-e.1, iepii-.i-iile I in-olve-ul, und also 11 1 claims iiu.l ilcinaiids 111 ol'-i-t theie-lo iiui six motitli- Com iln- ilale licre-ol", Icing allowed by sai.l Cnurl, fur that purpo-e, wo do lien-by irive notu i', that we will attend to tin- l.ii-ine-s ( f our niipoiiitiui-nt, at the dwelling ol John S. Pierce, (Pearl-Street Hou-c,! 111 lliirlmsfton, m .-aid ib-triet, 1.11 Ibi-sivtli iliysof July am Noveml er next) at ten o'i liK-k, A. M. Rates!, ibis mdi dav of Mnv, A. I). 1311. LETHI R I.dOMH, ,. . JOHN K. fiRAV. S "lu-ssioncrs. Charles SIcHuen's ICstafr. STATE OK VERMONT, ) 1 Tn prolan-court titsTiiicT or cnlTTi.Nimv, -. ) heM nt lluibng ton, wiihin and for sin.l ili-in'i-t of Clutleiklen, 1,11 ihe Sin I day of May, 1 S 1 1 . Anna .MeEue-n, orllines I urL'h, in tin- ii.uiiiv ol ('Inlti niti-ii, (iiuiribau of Charle. I), "vlelaien, C'orncbu S. .Mi-Enen, nml Caro line' E. .McEiicu, minor ehddreu ol Charles McEuen. lale e f -aid lline-l urh, ilcce-ase'd, having filed in s.iid Court, In r petition, 111 writiiii.', selling fnrlh that said l'h:ir!e-D. I-st-i7C, in his own lulitiu lee of tweuty llin 1'nrii'. ami sixty-live rod- of land in said lime's 1 urirli, and one half'of a saw-null ami wnler pnvi-li-i-, partly on -aid land, and that tin- said Corni-'ia S s ..-i7i-d in t.,p nu ,, , id 1, 1 ,11 lis- nf (itJi-,-11 ni-re- im. I lur- ly 101K onainl, m sui.l Hiiic-sbiirgb, niidtlial tin- s;,id ( arolnii- f i-.ciiti'il 111 her own right 111 fee of limr-tci-ii ai-ri's and hliy-0111' rods of laud, iu -aid Hine--bi.r-'h,1 em. the stiinc land. it out tot hem 111 si-vt-inlly I y a I'oiiiinuti-eappoiiite 1 1 y -aid Cooit tn mal.i-a eh vision of ihe-e-taie' of llie said Charles .McEiion. i!c- ccusihI, amiiii: I In- heir thereof; And that her said warn- aii'ul-o siiel 111 theirnwn right 111 lee, listen- nuts in common, o three eoual iitiiliv-ided fourih onus cf the leillowiiiL'd nl 11I land nnd leni'inenls, viz : twenly ai ri'sofland ill Hine-bmi'li, nudtwo-ihirilsol the liii'i-e :t in I the-win le of ihe wood shed siandiiii on the we-t siilo (,f ,c. rmtil, we-t of -aid twenty acres, nnd the- land on which said two-thud- of -aid hou-i! uid the whole of -aid wood - bed stand., and aiioiuie- niinees thereof; 1 cing the -111111- land, te-neineuts nnd preiiii-i'- M Inch wi ies,- out to Anna McEi en, vvidow of the -aid Ch irle- McEuen, divea-i'd, uiuler an order of said pro' n'i-court, by a eonuniilie appointed by said cenirt lor that purpo-e, a ber dower 111 the real e--tatu eif said decoa-cd ; which said land and premi-e-e-, so set out as the elower e.fthesaid widow 111 said leali-late, aic- siibic-i-t to lu-r life i-tale therein ; rep-re-eiiliiia th it a nlcof all of said laud-, teiicmenls A; premise., would be conducive Io Ihe lllli'lest e! her said ward-, bv nivc-simir Ihe nroeciils ol" sne-h .nlo m other re il e-'aii', or pulling the money at inlere-l, and p""j"i- -o-in ot iri-iisi-11, -en nu ci iier warn s inu-iest in said land, tenemenls and oreini-e-. Wl ! reupon lh.- Court ufore.nid, 1 lot Ii ihe I lib day of June, IS 11. for hcnruiir and ileciduiL' 'aid petition, at the otlieuol' the liegi-ter e.fsnid Court in -aid Burliiision.nnddoili o.der thai all nor-i.ns niter. Csevl,be notilied thereof, I y piiblicalion e.flliis ordei, eoiiiaminir the snb-iance'eil tin-peiiluni, Ihieeweel,-. stiei'e-.ivi ly in Ihe ll'irluigloii I'rce Pre--, a newspa per pruned 111 said Burlington, pieviou. Io -aid 1 lib day ot June, I S 1 1 . u.11 luveii under inv hand, at said lliir iinrlon. ibis 2-2nd day of May, A. 1 1. IS 1 1. vi.u. vvimu.i, l(e.i-ter I'AIXTIXCi. ih-rder I i-ui" lli.ilil.f,.l fi.r o.i.t f.ieor- THE X .,,l.l ,..t f-. 1 1 - - ..I,..;, , 1 .1,-. same and remind hi- friends no I llie pul lie that he 1- preparen 10 .ii-coiiiinociaie 11, em out lie siiorte-t nolle e nndiuo-lf.ivoi iblo ii-rms m Ihe varum. Iiranihes in tlieatovo Ilio-. Shopopiii-in- Mr. C. A. Seymoui'.- Hatstuie, Pc.irl-sllcit, Burlmirton, Vl. J.i.m.a aun 1. April 1,1 11. .rj,ly. QUAKER'S YARN, iust iie-eive-l at O nl WHALIMi .1- CO'ts. B irlington, June 11. 1 1 1 . HARD WOOD for sale by - nl WH.U.IM; A-- Cd. B.irluu-ie.n, Juno II, 1811. riT)' PARASOLS, Sunshades, nnd Umbrellas, Lulu s I India Rubbers, I'reneh, tWu.ii. and Lieht Kid Slips. II. SCO IT. WHITI.I.inin Drilling, Pennsylv nun Stripe, Can toon, Moleskins, C,n,nauock Cassnneres nnd (ianihrooiis for (Jcutleuian's Summer warn just rec "veil. s. B. SCOTT A Kull supply of Leghorn; Plain Straw nnd -1J"sJt Honiicts, ready Tor sale. TZf.tlXji P-R.-OTT. ONI'., and n half dozen r those Sphtided Silk Shaw Is, much bclowfurmer prices. S. B. SCOTT. "I7NC.I.ISII Cl'RR t.Y',s, Nutmegs, Cloves, Cm. 1-i sri, Pol Old Slarcli. Rice. I" :mev and Bar Siwti Java, Lngiiri, and Ground Coffee, Lemon Syrup, iust icccncsi ami nir sale ny no. June ), nil, I.UVI.M OV X. H. Good Taldo BUTTER wanted. C01TON Sheetings nnd Shirtings, Wadding, Bat ting, Wicking, nnd Cotlon Vnru nt. WII.VILING'S .-CO, 1-Altls- r:tfiriliu BljAUTIEUL RETICULES, I'nns Brushes, Pipes, Head Ornaments, and verv inanv otlirr r.,L i opening at the Variety Store. na. PANC.I10RN it IIISINSMAII). TJROAI) CI OTHS ,. (Ss7irEltr.srof7vm JLI Stylo nnd quality at tho "New Cash Siorc" J. P. WHALING .. Co. HNOTICI'7 ( STUISON lias removed his stock of Boots fihoes Ac. to II. Thomas Siotc. Oriedoor Eist of the Printing office, where ho is sclhnglolV at Cost, lor cash, A- ihoso persons wishing Boots nnd Shoes will do well to call before piirehising elsewhere, All persons indebted to H. C. Stiiuson nro rcques tcel to make immediate) payment to tho subscriber and rive cost. STIMSON, Ah'cnl. Burlington June. 3 1BIL p ARli PAID the Hurlington Mill , Ciimp.inv 1 actory S. HARLOW. ,p JunoM 1541. NEW FASHIONS, NEW GOODS, And the Tailor Hotter than New! TAMES M1TCHEI.T.T Draper and Tailor, I would inform Ins fricndsnndihepubhc generally, that ho has dutmg tho past winter applied himself closelv tolhn slndv nf the new nrmcinlo latslv ndotit cd in the ntl of Cutting hy tlio leading Tailers of New York nnd other Cities, nr.d having lately vi-ited nnd availed himself of tho experience nnd advantage of Eoine of iho oldest and best city establishments 111 the country, ho is nuvvpeparcd to execute garments of nil kinds iu n style (to say nothing of hii neighbors) superior to any done by him heretofore. To regular customers, particularly Ihosowho havo had goriucnls made this spring, it is'iinnecessary to say anything 1 but to those who havo never given him a call and who wish to lie Baited, ho would say, Try Onee. On hand, no assortment of Excellent CLOTHS, C-AssiMr.nF.s, VrjsTiNc.s.Si-MMF.ii Goons nnd Tiiim Mixes, which ho will sell or niako up to order nt fnir prices. No suit no pay. Burlington, May 21, 1811. A Now Milch COW for sale, by May 12, 1811. II1CICOK et CATLIN. NIMV I'Ut.H. THE subscribers hive entered into a copartnership under the firm of P.. M. WRIGHT .f. CO. and occupy the stand formerly occupied by II. W. Catlin ctCo. Ruilington.May 1st, 1K11. H. M. WRIOIIT, II. W. CATLIN, II. P. HICKOK. 17 .11. WltlCIIT M CO. have received and arc -J' nuvv oiiening a largoassortiiicnt of Dry Hoods, which nro ollered at low- piices Call nnd sec. BROADCLOTHS, C.issiincn s, Sallinctts, Mole 1 skins, heavy Drilling and Votings, a largo as sortment just uccivcdnnd for snlo cheap by 11 ID E. M. WRIOIIT A- CO. OHSEHY.VTION. WILL s,ow to the ciistouicrs nt the Variety Store, tint their wants are ever anticipated. It will be seen that the Goods this smiliL' are of sum- riVir quality, and niusellingnt lower prices thin ever bcforeoU'ered 111 this town nf equal qmlity. Although wc do not wish the jiieof thtan .S'lorc. weintend to sella good article as cheap nsnny person. Wo invite nupcisons, old ana new customers 10 can ana sceanu price our Ooods, icslinn nssurnl Hint thev will he per. fecllv satieticd with nrice and uunhtv. Weeo for ex. tensive sales nnd small profits this year, nnd nil who have gone without Pius and Rings and ninny oilier things! because they were so dear, will just drop in nnd price them ?imr, and they will find tint we sell them so low that all nn nlli rd to buy. We rr turn thanks to our customers for their liberal patronage and mlorin tlicm that we shall ho most nappy 10 shew them and evcrv nerson w ho calls, anv lliinir th-'V mav wish tusee. New Goods 111 nil the elepartm. nts eif our trade. liurlincton .viav vo, i"iu. 11 ,u PANGBORN & BRINSMAH). WATCH S, CLOCKS. A.C. "T7'E have fine Gold, Jewelled nnd plain Levers V nnd Lepines of tlie most -ipprovcd milkers nnd very accurate tune keeners. wine 11 wc sell ns luw as Wnlches of the same quality aic sold at regular store's anywhere. We have such a call for good Watches that wo nro liulu. ed In heepn good assortment at nil limcson hand. We h ive received a few 111010 of R. it J Lt Becsley's watehesiinde for us hy them at Liv crpool, these vVatclu's are extra fine lin'ishedjnnd.give good satislnction, Wo can lefcr to many w ho carry them. Wc have also good Oliver Uuarticr Watehes. smallnnil large si.e, double bottom English Watt lies, Patent Vertical Watches and vanousotber kinds. CLOCKS. We have fine Biass Clocks of J. N. D-iimug sand oilier manufactincrs. Wooden Clocks of various kinds usually on hind, as cheap as the rhenpest and cood ns any. GOLD CHAINS AND KEYS. Some ycrv rich ptittcrnsat lower pi ices than ever before ollered. PINS AND KINGS.- Cameos, new style pain, lings, Enamelled I'm-, Stow Puis and Rings, so low (hat nil can nliord to uurcha-e. LOCKETS. I'or Miniature, and small ones for the neck, very prettv. SILVER WARE. -Spoons. Knives, Porks, Snuff Boxes, Vinegaretti s, I.'idh'S, Ninsing Tubes, Spec tacks, Thimbles, Sugar Tongs, Whistle-, etc. Gold Spect-ielcs. N'P.W GOODS. New style of Neck Stock, nlo tienutilul Satin and louihninc Irnuiii 11 mocks, ii.irn son Tics. I, DHL' Tie-. Cr tvnt Stocks, Pleted and plain Stocks, long Mucks for large necks, Boy's Slocks. Wo haven first rale lot of Stocks, Collars anil liosoms. Duck, Silk ami lluoucr .suspenders, Pigurctl nnd plain Cravats, ipe. WHALEBONE, AC. A variety of thin split Whali bone, a new, convenient and finished nrliele for dresses, dicsscd nnd undressed Whalebonefoi dresn'S, Stays, Bonnet Whalebone, Busks, Eyelets, Ela-tics, Lacings, Pins, Needles, Bodkins, Vest Springs for the back of Vests, Vest Button Rings, Shell .-ide and Twist Combs, Horn do. Dressing Combs, Brushes. LAMP GLASSES, WICKS, etC.--I.ninp Gins, ses for Store Lamps, Chimney Glasses for Astral Lamps, and Itcllcctors, Wirksfor the Pati lit Lamps nnd all oilier kinds. Glass Nipple Shells, Cla-s Ink Stands, .Nand Mauds of hrnutifid pnitc-rn. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, .p MERCHAN DIZE. f'lutes of nil " and kev s, Clai luiiets, Pie cloes, I! and C l-ife, Violins, linss Viol-.Gtiil.iis, Ten. or 'iols, Bows, Pens, Bridges, Iinhannnd patent G'cr mnn Strings, Clnntied Ro-in, Instiuction Books for all instruments. Any article wanted iu this line in any quantity will he furnished at short notice, nt as low prices as can be-fumi-died hy anv other house. PLATED AND BIUTTANIA WARE.-Wo hnv. purchased a fine n-nr'no nl ofPhtedan.l Brittinnia Ware, Tei Pots, Collie Pots, Urns, Candlc-ncks, Cake dish-s, .'Vlolas-cs Cups, Cream Cups, Spntoons. Sugar Di-hes. Bed Pans, Castors, Shaving Cups, Milliters and Irnys, I'latcU ."spoons, .Mil Lrackcrs, etc. to which we invite tlie attention of all hou-c kee pers, assuring (hem tint it is economy to buy a srnod article which costs but a little more ihan.i' ar lielc, the cheap one-, generally proving nry dear nt last. Wo mvitenll tn call and examinewhn wi-h any thing in tins line. The advances on goods this spring tire so small as to be little more than nominal. We mean to sell low and sell more. Puriher particulars as soon as lime will permit. Por New- Goods and pi. uty of then nnd cheap as the cheapest, and good as ihe best, call at the Variety Store. Hurlington, -Mnv 30, 111. PANGBORN it RRINSMA1D. .1IIM.IXAKY ; DHIS .11 AKINC. By IVIiss S. DRAY, "ITfllOhai connnenced 1 1 in tlie new bui'ding on the cnt side of Church stri et, oppo-itc II. Lane's store-, and a few rods south of the Church, where every internum will be given 10 the making of Bonnets, Cii's .vmi Dnnssiis, m ac cordance wuh the most ap pro! nl New York stjlc, which fashions are now ji'-t received for ihe sea son. II. nal ir'r..-c,-s f.. 1. TIIO.MAS is in want of 11 few Good Horses. Builmgton, Mav Hll. n51 improved iiui:i:i or r.rn.i:. . -t,- v-w THE services of Dr. Spoo- (W.VrXlVv 7VX uei's full blood Ayrshire rfK'. '"V.ii;i BULL, arc reduce I Ihe nres- PVtiY; 1."? cut season, as follows, ti, 1 iccntsfureaclicowpioinpt s . piv mid SI, 25 charged, lie s" w ill he found en Dr. Snoo- ners' Parm 1-llh mile south of the College. ti. CHENEY. Burhngton, May 1, 1-fl. nSO Sl'IM'.ltlOIt l't.Ot'lt. r N HINSDILL, Agent fur Ilo- -i .1 i hester nml other Western .Hills e Ac. has for sale, now 111 store, and receiving Eight Thuiisand Bands of Pnnev ami Siipcifine Brinds of FLOCK, of tho highest reputation in Ihe ,evv York and Boston market. Among which are the following, II. Ely, T. llempshall, P. S. Clark A Co, J. Davis, II. Holmes, Union Mills, Jacksmi Mills, Clifton .Mills, and .1. llo.her, together with seietul choice brands of Ohio and Michigan Plour. A 10, 11. Ruddand N. Sluek, suilaldefor tlio Montreal Mar ket. Merchants and dealers will be furnished to order. nt a very low- rate, by re-nutting Drafts, Ceilificates nf neposii, or u.isii, to jij uiver-succt, rroy, w lure a full supply will be kepi al all times. May 2?, 1841 n.lni3 TO THE. LADIES. TUST RP.CEIVP.D at tho new Cash Siorc, a few tl choice articles, such a large 8-1 Silk Shawls wuh heavy fungi', Diess Handkerchiefs of evcrv si.o nnd quality, Ladus Ceavuls, Pillet nnd ('hilly Semi's, Light Colored and Black Kid Gknes, Plain and Pig iircel .iloushn De Lames of supe nor quality, Law 11 for shured lints, Bead Bags Ac. nnd will liu receiving goods constantly fii sh froni market until our stock is nsgood as any in ibis village. J S. P. WHALING A CO. Hurlington, May 13, Hll. TOIS.U'CO. T P. WHALING A CO. inform the public that I . they nro Audit for Sargent, Spraguc if. Co. Tobacconists, lbaiiy, N. V.. who ninnufrnclure a very superior ii-s'iclc of Paper Tohirco in every in rietyofsizc. Groccrsnud othe'rs will find it to their advantage to enll and ex uniiie '1 ar'ich'. Also Plug Tobacco of ditleient qualities, nil of which will bo sold cheap for cash. Also Smill of dlHe'reutkinds. 71 TO'I'IIER'S REL1IT. Ill renin kl wo li.ivn nur. Ill rha-ed nnd slnllkcrpfor -nle, thculove tiitieje I l'.imi'hltls to lend. I'.iulmpto'i, .May 20. 1M1. I lMVCIIOILN A 1IKINS.MMD 1 Rurhiigton May On" II. STEAM-BOAT HOTEL, Ill'IlMNOTON, rr.RMONT. HY JONATHAN IIAItT. MR. II. respectfully announces to tho citiuns of Burlington and vicinity, nml the trnulhng pnoiicgciicrniiy. iiiainu nns purchrsed, thorou'dily retiaircd, painted, fitted up, and furnished tho above Hotel, situated 011 the comer of South und Water stlcets. oonosito the head of thn Slrnmhimi Wlurr thevillageof Burhngton, (formerly ownid and kept liuM .' iiurringeou, 01 1110 Mcnmuoai i-iien-tux,) in n stylo of convenience nnd comfort not sur passed by nny other Hotel iu the village. A spacious parlor, sitting room, rinding room, and dining room, all communicate with each other, and with Ihe front piazza on the ground lloor. Tho Bar loom, barns, sheds and yards orcarranged in tho best possible man ner lonccoinmodatc the travelling and business pub lic. An aero of ground, nearly on a level, adjoins tins Hotel, with convenient nut-houses, spacious nnd niry walks, nnd gardens , are all inviting to travellers, business men, boarders and patties of pleasure. Mr. II. from long experience professes to know how to furnish a good Table nnd Bar, and to servo up tho choicest cntnbles and rarest delicacies that the market and season allbrd, in n manner to suit the taste of the connoisseur s and lie confidently assures his patrons and guests that his utmost exertions will bo put in re quisition to serve them. Steamboat passengers will he waited on, to nnd from tholioats, nnd their baggage transportid, nnd taken care of nt this Hotel, and sivc their Hack hire to nnd from the Court house square. Stage passengers can bo leftat and taken from ibis Hotel without additional fare, and thoso taking the Boats will bo shown on board and their baggage free of expense, and without inclining nny risk of being It ft, by tlieelaikucss orlalencssof the night, or any other contingency incident to the precipitancy nf steam power, or the lluetu.itions of wind and weather. Horses and Carriages furnished those who wish to transact business, or visitanypart of tho village, on reasonable terms. Singlemcals 23 cents, and other charges in propor tion. SlllaO Burlington, May 2ft, 18 II. rpiIE subscriber having purchased n BLOOD J. HORSE, will let him sinnd for the accommoda tion of the public at tho following places, viz : nl Charlotte Pour Corne rs, on .Monday and Tuesday s at G. B. Miaui's, Shclburn, on Wednesday and Thursday, at J. Howard's, Burlington, on Pndayct Saturday nf each week during the season, oomtiri'ti eiugMav 2ll!i. The terms will ho3, ."). and 7 elollnrs, rules will not vary from those 111 years pat. Cattle, Sheep, nnd (Irani, received in payment nl cash value. This I lorse ne'cds no rccommandaiion more thnn he can give himself, he weighs 131 1 pounds precisely and is no more than five yrars old. A careful and evpe rienced hand will at all times lc in readiness to show him free of charge. n30 E'.RA MIT.CII, Jr., Hlicllairn. DANIEL KIMBALL, Jr., Hurlincton. May 20, 1311, OATTLK of kinds I oniriii usual, a Id cm! nil- vanee mad made for those ta'.cn on e-i.tnmis-ion, a few pair-of eood Beef Oxen will 1 e very iti'ccp'uMe on ihe 10th of June, and llie highest price Will I e paid 111 e-a-h lor sne-h. ALSO Tn exchnnge, a fir-t rate ( haee and Ilar-nc-', for stock or e-ash, iijfj DANIEL K1MRAI L, Jr. Biirliuclon, May 12, 1SH. .Inslali Spauldlni: r's Eslnle. STATE OP VERMONT i Hi-tiiei iifCliii'eii.'cn,--, ( The lion, the Prol ate Court for llie Distnc' of Chit- tetideu: To all pi rsous concerned in the estate of Josiah .s-pnuldiu-', jr. kite of Wilbston ill said dis tric. dcee ascd, Giiketimi. WHEREAS, lne Ilighee, administrator of tlie estate of said deeea-cd, proposes 10 render 1111 ac count of his nduunisirat'on, anil present Ins aee-nunt against said estate for examination nnd allowance at 1 sfsainn ofthc l'i ml of Prohat'1. tobe ho'drn at the Registers otii c in Burhngt in, on til-- si ennd Wi ,!nes dav of.ltme urt Thi,r-'eic von are her, by n.i'diel to appear 1 cfore -ud court at the tune nnd place afore said, nnd sheweiu-e, if anv vou hive, why thenccount iforesiid should not be -lilow-rd. Given under 111 v hand at Burlington, this 20ih day 01 .Mav, .1. J). 1-11. WM. WP.STON, llesrittfr. !,rOLASSES lOT.eiee , just reei'ived nod for sale by I llU.MiK cV I O. (i-I.H. I IO-1. nrniiii and Willie- I.llicll Table Covers, (i-1, 8-1. nnd 10-1 White Limn Tab! Diapers, 3-1 nnd l-l White Linen Napkins, 3. ( and M white liirds D.apcrs, l-iandb-l n ivy I. in en Shirtings and Shci lings, 10-f nod 11-1 M.nseillc etiiilt, Vl lule 1 nnges, I urnitttrc Dimity, A-e. u-topen en nv 1,. .it. vviiitiiri' a ri). .May .0, 1811. n."0 nooTri a mjoi'.s. ' 1 Mil. suiisciincris now s, mug n.s rcmauimg stock X of BOOTS et SHOES, nt cost fi Cash. II. C. STIMSON. Burhngton, .May 13, l !l. n-l'J Tlllltl) IU)I l lON .HAY. '2 1. Howard's 'd. Tiip to Mew Yuri, this spring, A N c.Miaordinarv nnd heretofore unknown dilli Jl ciilty encountered. Never, 111 vi r, never wns -uch a slate ot nllairs known. I.virv tlucg slcanimg, sai ling, pitching, tumbling, running eb w n in pneo and wneie 11 win lernimaie win no geiici any iieltir Known than now a chance however miv hc'evnceti d when prices win niiinncc. .vs to the aliovc present eliliicul ly so f ir as 11 lcgards Goods, Wares A .Mi rehatidizc n great variciy and qi.autitv has recently fallen into the cheap Cash Store.and inanv of the nriieles on neer.-mn cost less than nothing ei( all at all eamm-t there lore to know-how great a profit such goods will bear is a puz?.le to one of only 19 jcar.-' exneneiv n trade but in thiukingand tlunkmgquickly. tlie People-'sMOO I nCU IV laCll Vecnt ll.ll asi-mt, hlmn nns nltVm,.. me iiiiiui, wiu..uigns 11 weni i.eieoinonve-liKc nv.iel; '""''''i chenp, cheap, cheap, and from the idea filed, the prices of nil 1 r Holes that cost much less than noimngnij net cent., mar v somM -,,u.r p..,,. auo wneu reaiiv cosi any tiling at sue 1 nnces as mav 1 ...1 - . . ' . ' : " 1 bo mutually agreed upon at the tune of snh . nt-d n u ', is expeclcd the hi si b'lrgnins will be the firsl enquired for thenrtielcs will hem pcifcetrcadincsson pivment for the same at HOWARD'S. P. S. Every description of all thekmdsof Goods reqiiueii ny any 1 aunty or pari- iiiereot I01 personal eiiibellishnient or lioiisei'old uso may be had at this iiiosi ctcn-ivo csiablulimeiit. 1 r.MtD WARE. Butcher's heavy Piles. Ibbob 1.X sou's do. and rasps. Hand s-w Piles. Butts, Sciews, Norfolk Latches, hand ami pannc-I Saws, cast slccl Wood Saws; knives nnd forks, hone and buck handles; Tea Servers, Sad Irons, Shovels and tnngi, wool cards, horse cards, augers, trace chains, manure ioii.s, .lines snoveis, 1 11. II. M. G1DDINGS, A- C. ni:y Yonti i,i:atiii:k stoiii:. New l-'iiin. joiionnoii- .v innnciiarn, h uiMg pureha-isl iheentiie Mih'U 1 I I., ,l..lioiinotl st Co vvuilel mli.rin the ... I n that ihey will kei ,. con-ianily on hand a (lateral assortment of l.tathu- undfindinr "I all kinds and 011 leiisouai 10 tcrius, PITER JOHONNOIT, Jr. I.IONAlill JOIIONNOIT. THOMAS L. BEAM II.UiD. Church Si., Iliirliu.-lr.ii, j April I 1hU I SODA OKI Ul r. A frc-li supply of superior quality, iho-e hi delicate 11 neaitn are pariu ularlv iiitcresteit, torsalehv nl!) II. .M. GIDDINciS A CO, LSO a great variety of Printed Lawns, Piench - . t ambries, l.nghsli and American Punts, urn re sod Ginghams, Silks, Alpines, Shawls, Ilandkeielucfs liiniiins, 1 .aces, etc. lor sale hv nil) E. M. WRIOIIT A CO. .Medicinal Lionel's. A RTICLES in ilu. lino et P11.-1 tv, may It ce.uslautly found at '1 1 1 1.O. A. PECK & CO'S, Apoili.v.iri's. I''iesli Ceuesee l-'Iour. I UST Reeeiveel. The subscribers haying rnngemcnis for a regular supply of fresh ground GENESEE PLOUR, now oiler the article for sale', as si cond to none ill the market. 111!) 11. M. GIDD1NGS fi CO. I.OVI.l.Y A: HL'RI.HIIT I PAVE just received a second supply of scaon.v rJ bio (iOODS this sniing such urcnovv wanleil, atlheir usual "Pair Prices" which we deem suflieunt 10 uisiireas Iu retofore a ready sa 0 tho luibhe mav depend upon this e slab ishmi nt, the ensuing season, beingofteu replenished wuh Presh Goods fiom the ineiropous. Alay lOdhlSIL OCOTCH GINGH AJI UMBRP.l.t.AS, Light and O Dark I 'mured and Plain Parasols, very cheap by P.. M. WRIGHT A CO. May CO, 1811. n30 -! ami H-l Silk nnd Black Ne tt ftlnwls, Nell U Scnrfsand HanJkcrclucfs. a great variety, nisi lo ceivcilbv E. M. WRIGHT A I 'O. lay 20, 111. n5U II A It I) WAItE. , TIlllE subscribers are receiving n choico seleelion J- Hard Ware, Cutlery. .- direct from Ihe Importers, nnd respectfully' invite the attention of mechanics ani 0,,"") M G1DD1NGS A CO Corner 'f Collf n and the S'piair. STKAY lIOUSI S n'mMVllltoW V M Im "b0Vl ,l10 s- n sum 1 BROUN MARK, ono w u0 hind foot, three small white ; spots on the. Lack, caused by sn, d?c n star m thrjforehcad,-nnd about 7 years 1 old? who t'ver will .ivo information Io tho subscriber, or to AlonzoNewell of Charlotte, where elio may be found shall ho handsomely recompensed. C,arlo,.c,May20,lR1,.JOS":',Hr'A- NEW (IOODS.--ThcSubscriberbaSjust rccrivcd from New i otk, n general nssortnitnt of DRY GOODS, GROCERIICS. CROCKERY et HARD WARE, which ho will sell cheap lor cnsli. HORACE LANE. May 1!), 1R11. n3rj TO PjCUNTEIIS. YXT'AN'ri'.I) a Journeyman Printer one capable of nking dnrgoof a Book nnd Job Office. Por " 7, C"1'1! man of good habits a permanent situation MayM. C' GOODRICH. llit ,AUIU"AT N. LOVELY if- Co,. n.,'!.Amcric.. i'Wt Hanging. Ladies and -iiisscs iionncis. lie cairi ston tn ;,,., . 1 ,,, call and see. A bill of particedahcrcXr ' j ,v. AT IKMVAIIII'S C'ARPETINfiS at reduced prices, bought at Aue ' tion, some as low as 2i cents per yard. HATS, New-York Broadway 1-nshion from il to "l,.0, Calicoes, Moushn DeLaines, Silks, Giiighanis Bonnets, Parasols, Umbrellas nnd I'nncvGoods gen erally nt very low prices. Auo Paper Hangings at do. 20Jtn' Ml. i,-o p()RT( )ll I CO S I1UP.-A fresh supply of thn t 1 ixc- llcnt Molasses, jn-t received by )() H.M.OIDDLVGSro CO. A, OTICE.---The subscribers would inform the in i Inbitnntsof Wilbston, nnd its vicinity, that they hnvefernird a connexion 111 business, under ll.e firm of JOHNSON et BLAKE, nttho stand known by the nunc nf the llmdlcy stand, nnd recently occnpiod by C. Blake, vvbcielhcy will carry on the' Tanning. Lurrying, Boot et Shoe Making I usir.ess, and would solicit a share of the public patronage. NATHAN JOHNSON, CALEB BLAKE, Wilbston, May I, 1811 n50 N. I!.--Cnsli ji-ud for llidesnnd Skins. nu hum 111 use CTEPHENS' English Blue Ink, Cooper nnd Phil 1." if '"ull!-'1 l!l'rli Inl'i nd Arnolds' English ivcii in-. 1 ersons wi-ning a nrst r.ito article- can b kiitiifiliriit fit tin, !..... I. .. I . -n,,ri -L i-uwi IIMIUCJ 1 1 y "111 oi nic 1, eel l. dger, College-s, ltl'.. IITIFIIIj goods. WE invite nil who wish the latest style, the neat est made, the finest material, tho best fit in tho way of Stocks, at low prices, to look nt our voniity before purchasing. Ob live have some beauties, Cou.aiis and Bosoms, beautiful Linen, much lowor than ever. ScseEsnr.ns, some nice ones. Stocks of any mo or width obtained soon. n32 PANGBORN et BRINSJIAID. T (JOKING GLASSES. A variety ol the La Lj Patterns, plain and polished, Mnhoganj Pran ,at st rnnics. justreecivnlhy II. M. (ilDDlNGS et CO. liinlmgtnn, June I, n52 r"PEAS -Old Hyson, Young Hyson, Hyson Skin, X Poiiehoiig, now receiving and for side at LOVELY & HURLBUT'S. Juno 1, R1. n32 VERMONT lli Aii IMlTiOUK. rpill Vermont Drawing Book ot Landscapes pro. X pared and arinngcd bjr.lolm I Icnry Hopkins, D. D. Bishop of the Diocesi of Sermont, Nus. t 11111 ", containing 12 bciuiiful Li'hographic prints, with lliu ktler press description, this dav published bv CH.tUNu;V GOODRICH. April 22, 1 11. Complete si tt-of tho Vermont Drawing Book in (i nos. eonsian ly for sale. IiOVI'I.Y A II I'll I. HUT HAVE, just reei icd a large nnd elegant nssortmenl of Prcni-h Satin ground and other Paper Hang ings, direct from Pans, of their ow n importations, perior to any huhcrtuofli-red in this maiket, both 111 quality and cheapness, Purchasirs will elo well 01 avail iheuiselvT.s of the lirst selection". .May 12, 1 11. Niiv York Hats. r.i the Latest Slvle, and of superior finish, Genu v-' please take nonce, lor 'ale bv 11IU II. M. GIDD1NGS A CO Drab 111 nail ( lutli. A fine article' nf Silver Drab Bioadeloth, o.iprcfs!--XY for lining Carriages, for sal- bv n.'O 11. M. (ilDI)IN(iS A CO. IMSOEl'TION. riMD.' eopartn it. hip lu-r.'iofon- ousting this dav 'er 1 bo - olvi.l 110.11 !lr I irm 1 t L. Joiionnoii ,S:ro, I T In- l.ii-uie it the- I I I- -I'llli d I V I i-nnlir 1 Ji.hnnnt.ll t il... f .1.1 k,3...' All tlio-c bavin.' '-laims a.-am-l the ce mpanv are l!i qtiiilcdlo pro-cut thoin in meihaicly, and would a .o -ny lei ibo-e bav mg illl-e tiled acceiutit- Willi the ei n -pany lhat we havoa strong de-ire to see tin m, as He company Books mo-t Io icttli'd uniniiluiiely. A I tho o ha'ving marked Hides and .-I.iiis are icques'isl to call and gel ibein. PI.'ITR JOIIONNOTT, LEONARD JOIIONNOTT. Church si., Burluigte.n, ) April I, IS 1 1. ( N. II. The Uusuicss will I e cc iiliuci'd at tl.j e stand. ) LACK Grn de It.iinc, iJ lili bit' Blli Grn do Siv se SILKS. and (.ro de Afno ) Just oreneil Also Ladies Superior Rl.n k an 1 colored Kid Glo.. Thread Edgings, A c. by -iay.'i- Ii. .vi. WRIGHT A- CO. PANCY GOODS. 17ILI.LT and (iai.ze Scarf-, Si-wins Silk, Gro -'e X1 Nap anl ChlalvHAMlKl.HCllir.PS. Pino liane Mo-irning do. large size, I rah, ami l-awndro deNaps, v " " S Per BONNETS, and Colored lli-hop Lawn, ) riaui mail, l-illet vi;ii, PigM " Laec do. fur -ale very low nal lyll. M. (llDDlNilS A CO. nOES. :,0 docn Cast Steel Docs, 25 dozen Ger man elilto, by .1. A J. II. PECK A Co. mmi.iNGTON rplIP, Tru-tecs of die Burlmglon Pemale Scininnry X lake nlcnsun in ..unounc.iu. ibni lh,. si hnr.l w,.t bo re-opened on Wednesday the 2u'th n-t., at tho buddings lately known as the Episcopal Institute, under llie supe rum mlanic of Mi-s Tiiikai: Lee, Into oncef the pinicpal .usti octets nt the Troy St miliary. -Ml-- Etc will be nidtel by romped nt nnd cxperi enci'd teachers iu the lanous branches of knowleelgo nnd elegant aceoinph-hinent.s usuallv taught in tho best female se-hoi Is m this e-ountry. The musical in struction will, as heitloloic. hegivtub 3Ir. JIolt The terms will be as follows j The school-) tar, consisting of 11 weeks, vvillbe divided into two scs. sums, half a session being one epiurtcr. The second quarti r of the pitscnt se-sion commtnies Mnv 20. T he wnmr term w ill coiuine mcon die third Wednes day of Si ptcnibcr. The elnugi'l'or boarding, inehiel- uigwnshing, luel, lights, etc., will licfU) per quarter, hilt pnvablu in iidvaucc. Teuton in P.tigb.h brnn dies I0 per session, half pnvnhlo iu ndinnce. I'.'xtrv Cu viuie.. Tiuiioii on .he Piano, Organ or (iintar, ptr qunrti r .... 12 00 Use of instrument for practice, . . 2 00 Vocal uistrue noil for Piano pupils . . 150 " " for others .... 2 00 Thoroughbass, 2 00 Pn uch -1 00 Latin 3 Oil Drawing and Painting in water colours . 5 pf) Use of naltrrns 1 nil There will be a charge nf?cl. per quarter, for thu incidental cipriisi s of Ihe si hool. iiiotH'i.ooj will 1101 he Feetarian. Reference may be had In the Prrsufeni i.n.1 Vm. fessorsof the University iodic Chigynun ot all tho coniegntions 111 the village, and to the following gentlemen. E. T. P.NGLP.SBY, T. POL LETT. W. A. GR1SWOLD, J. K. GRAY, C. BP.NN'S, A. W. HYDP.. S. E. HOWARD, J. 1., G. P. M RSH, B. TOUSI.EY, .1. P. Wll H.ING, T. CHA.MIIERLAIN, J N. PO.MITtOY, G 11. MIAW, W. LV.M VN, C. HAVNES, L. I.OOM1S, C. IUNTER, II. P. 1I1CKOK, JOHN PECK, S, .MORSE, and G. A. ALLEN. PRICES REDUCED!!! rplIP. subscribers have tiikeulhe Store formerly I. ncciiiiied bv Geo. . Conner ns a grocery storn. first door vvest of 11. Bishop's Hotel, which has been tilled with a good assortment of DRY GOODS, u.t and dry GROCERIES, etc. Ac., which were bought tins spring in New-York nl low prices, nnd will be. fold nl .1 iory small advance from cost for ensh, pro. bnbly lower than enn be purchased nt nuv oilier stnnil in town, as circumstances make it necessary that tho goods be sold immediately. Tavern keeper nnd others wishing to purchoso Liquors, Loaf Sugar, A-r. will do well to call. .iii.-si.rn n.iiL'll, ) , . TRIhTAM CONNP.R. V Curlington, May 19, 2811. MEADOW'S l-'rench Diciiounry, contamino mete woids thin lli'LVi V 'inlflhi price. Por s.!- c isooDiiroH

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