Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 2, 1841, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 2, 1841 Page 1
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Xtt 3Tt, NOT TUB OLOXT OP A R BUT TUB W E X. F A It E O T BOMB. BY II. B. STACY. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, JULY 2, 1841. VOL. XV....N0. 4. 1M Orass Seed at 81, GO icr lluslicl. A few bushels of very clean Grass Seed, for sale at 82,50 per bushel by UICKOK & CATLIN. May 5, 1811. I'd It SALE. ONE Yoko of Working Oxen apply to UICKOK & CATLIN. May -1, 1SI1. Garden Seeds nf the growth of 181, 13 AISKD for and put up hy Joe pti I'rccl; & Co., X at lliu Seed l!l.lili-liMicnl connected vvilh the New England Parmer Oilier, llo-ton. Each sort i lala'llcd willi Diicciious lor il i-ulliirt. "The abovuSoeds situ nf llio growth of 1810, ainl t)f tho very Km quality, licinir raised hy the moM ex perienced growers, expressly lor this e-lablishnient except tieh sorts as will not ripen to advantage in thisoountry, which aro imported Irunt lhetirt houses In Europe,' Avvare'of llio great complaints tlial liavo liitherlo cxMcd in regard lo Seeds, ami til thutmpur latiec to the Gardener, of having such as can be re licit upory very dint kse- Made at this establish ment to mm anil rend such only as will give perfect ,Mti-Pidioii." ji,$,f.)-OriiaHienial Flower Seeds, a rlioiot! vario IV. K'nla llaga, While Flat Turnip, Orange Carrot, Sugar Root, &c aljovertt wliulo.nls and retail by April 1811. S'.'.-'ONUS & CO. MOOIiCS ESSENCE DK LIFE. A ViilnaMe Medicine, u hull, if lightly applied, will lu the incansof saving thousands from an tmtiuiily grave. It has been sold und ii-co1 for tinny year.-, Willi great success, anil loini'l teiy cilie.-icioiis 'm the following liVea4'-, viz. IVttsii.inu'inn, Jiisiutic Cough, com mon Cough , Co'd-, itiili'iili I'lo.iihing, liiihicuz.i, tjnin-y. Asthma, 1'hihisi,-, Spitting of Hlnod, Flalu Scncy, liidigo.lion, liisi-cuc.-s nf ihr linwil-, Fiisof every kind, Cl. imp., Nickels, d lio, Caliinh,,' Fainting, Adci'lion-, Headache-, Sicknessat Sioiu.i, h, Mci-l'., a ptovoutive ofCou- lagioiisiusea-o, c"Ui niM Kiicutnii-m. ICyi henbove Mo home i- prei.iril by Henry Scv itiioiir. ol'Haillev. Ma-.. Iiom the Original KeciiH. dv Jhcdirccliou of .aid Moore, and soil 1 y him nntl the principal Druggi-isia llio I'niiedStiitcs." oio wiioit-ate an.ireiail, Pv J.Y. j. u. reel. Go and Then. A. Perk ec Co., Ihn'Iiiigion, and l.y the dealer) gcnciallv ill ru'itiout the country JL 1 11 mrba, PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. flMilS nrticicii ,m will k.novti to need common datum and (be experience nf seven years has loinnnstralod to the ouimiicn ml cninmuniiy, that tor accuracy, convenience ami iliiiahilitv, they arc uniivalli d-Coal yaid h-sIcb to iuili from :i to 0 .'""on,,1,',"""?."1 w1il""seilo, t,weTlifrom l-Ulli. onnn i .' it ;V"U "," eili fioin 1 '2 o.. to ..00 lb. 1' ncwankto-tn wcigli IIOIIl .'ft. In lfl Mia n .. s- ' P'-cif & Co. Avails. Bttrhntton, April 8 1311. i"" II. THOIIAS, BKOIS leave re.Kvlfully to announce to the trading ami liu-incn unlilic. that liuha oiiencd an AUC TION AND COMMISSION STOUKj on CollegeM., near the Court Ilouo Rpiare, in Ins new and commo dious lilocl; oil' lllrick Mores. Mercliandjze and prop erty nl nil kiiuU reirivcil on con-iuniiicnt, ami mI on couiiiiiion, cither at private Mile or at aiietion, n the coii'i'snoo shall dirivt, on reasonable Icrnis, A ieaonaiiie auvnitee will at nil iinici le inane on proierty receiveil. Auction Sale on everv Patunlav. nt one o'clock, I'. M. to commence on thi;tirt S.iliinlay in Aptil next. Hurlmstoii, Marcli 85, 1811. Cabinet Shun on Catlln'.i I.anc. DKAU Sill: Termit me to inform yon and other, in your vicinity that I am still engaged in tlio CAIllNKT BUShS'KSS, audtliat hr.rni.vo cimtom. any thing in my lino tuny be bought of mcon as good icrius as any wucrciii 11111 inariiei. t mil uuw iruin various causes making work cheaper than I ever did before; and all paying customer! w hether old or new I shall be happy to bco at tho Nw Shop, where no n.iins willhn snared to rrivc satisfaction. Litmbcrand Woduccrcc'd ns usual and a iittlb cash, (if there is any left in the country,) will be found to do wonders a few rods east of Church-si. 11. K. 1'ANtSUOllN. Uurliugton, January it, tsii. CPIMI'OKTANT CAUTIONrtr3 It in alngular fact and one much to lie regrelteil that valuable medieinej, as soon as they become pop. ular, and hate receiveil the tot and approval of a iliseriiniualin public, are sure to be counterfeited, and thus a bad and spurioiK article is immediately palmed upon llieiiiiMivHvtingfor the genuine. This'lia lull nolorioiivly 'he case uith all populnr trieil and truly valuable imxlicne-; for years pal, and will probably eonliiiuetolie the case lor J cars to come. The bac and eontenmtible couiitcrll'it in tin way meanly takes advantage ol all the ell'ort and adver tising rued by the proprietors ofthc genuine article, to get tneir nieiiicincs iniouse nun oc-crvcn populari ty. UN therefore not le tlicilulv than it coniribntes to the safety of every honest individual In the com iiiunitv to expose, frown down, and forever nfier DIS TINCT all llKAltTl.rXS INtlllATfSwIiolliusirre- ponMblv trifle with health and life. Ii iiTlil'l;l.'L-iln.' va ifi ivnTII!".' rt There is a ticrson bv the name tfJ II. ItOCIIK- KOKT. now engaged in selling a Till done up in boxes inexact and perfect imitation of the genuine INDIAN K rll.l, wilh the omiion of only one TO LBT. rpilE Dwelling House, comer of Maiden Lat o tnd x l'oarl-Etrcct, apply to May I, 1811. UICKOK ii CATLIN, nini V 1ST IV A II 13. Thesnhscribcr has resnm V7 cl the Cabinet business at the old shop on Church street, formerly occupied by Nichols & llerriek, and recently bv II. It. WnlUcr. where he intends to manu facture, and keep constantly on hand all kinds of UAIIhMvT ! UIIMTU11K, ol a style ami ijuauiy noi inferior to any manufactured iu this vicinity. He bones ct Di ripiirc. torethcr with a strict atten tion to the biisinesss, will secure him share of the nuoiic iiairouaiic. SjWANTi:i) in exchangefor Cabinet W ork, Dirch and Maple Seanllct, suitable for bedsteadsj iatiwood Elank, and boards from 1 inch to 1 inch ; white Pine oards. Most kinds of country produce received in payment, Unit ean would ncvervncrrptante.) ilurliiiLMon. Jan. 1,1811. SAMUKI. NICHOLS. Itcvvare of Deception t TThas freiiuenlly come to tho knowledge of tho Bull X. Ki-iilirr ilml cninlv Siutll Jars, with his Isabel on ibeni. have been Isimdit tin. for the tiuriiose of sclliii" in them an inferior quality of Smill's and, also, thathis .SuuH'-l.ibeU have in sumo instances been counterfeit ed, or the general design of the same so imitated as to easily deecie the unwary i he dceni it, therefore, his ilulij lo inform purchasers of the manlier in which they are ol'len imposed iiiiou; and he would hereby rcipiest them to tear oll'or clcf.ica the Labels on the oulsiilc ot tlio Jars alter having disposed ol llic con tents, so as to movent further uo of tho same. A suitable rewanl wi.l be a d for such evidence as will lead to die detection V couwction ol the importer. The sntiscrilier conliimrs to tnanufaeiure.and ofl'ers for sale, the follwmg arlich's : FINK IIKUWN SNUFF. i .enuino illaccohoy, ; ntie liiiilaliull ilo yjltic'd Sicily Maltese Curaeoa do do do Ameritaii Rannce. Holland do Tuberose, St. Onicr, Strnsburg, COAItSU 1JHOWN S.MJKK. .1 V no,is-.-1 heprooriFtiir olllra for sale the pre-mi-s,n ihov,llaSeof llurl nirlun, - cl.p,v,,' ,Cy H. It. .si icy, ilwctiHghims.., priming ollicc ami reailniL' romn. 1 he premises arc cnuvenicnt fur n lorcaii. dmlloig I semi-for omeesiifalmosi any, ami arc situated m the centicof the mot liumiss part of the town. For terms of sale and piymenr, iwyinv of Charles lluss, II, pcai M. nurlmj.i.j,,, gr A. Catlin, of Or- Di'inisrns. Pure Virginia, llurhon, St. l)ouiiiirn. Cojicnhageii,!! tiii'V IU' TAIKS. j! rPni; subscriber would icmiiiilliisfriends a'tuiiiepiililiclhatheoceiipicsa room in L.nuren sircet.over hern and Watkci s store, where he will give hii personal at tention to Ui'iairiiiL' Clinks of evety des cription. Tho-c which have been in use many years lilted up in good style and made to haNCthe appcaraio-c of new. He would also give notice that he has re sumed Ins lorioer husiuess ol repairing uatehes; all cntiustcii to luscare will lie carefully repaired and warranted. Hav ing been engaged for twenty vears past in m,ikin;;ai well as repairing Time kecp ers.lielin Is biscvperienccin the business will enable hint to':ics.ilif.ic!ion totlioi-i who favor him with a call. i, si few Clocks for sale, on commission J. N. DUN.MN'fi. Iluilinglon, Dec 23, 1910. Natchitoches, French Itappec, American tictillenian, Pure Spanish, I.. Mixture. YKI.I.OYV SNUFF. Scotch 1 I Irish illnekguard 3 ... I-tut. or coarst nigii roast, j Irish High Toast J s wis i:t-scmntf. n kink-cut cnr.wi.NG - urono"1',, do. .IXK.CI!T SMOKINO TOUACCO. Sncniali, Kitefool, Canaster. Cointnon. and Stems. ' ' l'ETF.ll I.OIIH.I.AIIU. ir. Ii Chatham Strtrt. New York. March. 2311. 17.2m J. & J. II. Peck if Co., Asath, Turlington, t. Cf.HOCI'. K HAKItlilt H AVI NO Illicit tnu t avern niauu hlely oi cupiul by Mr. J. Potter, near 1... I'.nirl llnusclll Hill lll:!liil. Will HI all tcady toaccomuiodate Travellers t and others with lloard.lo lging,horM kcep- icg and ulhcr aecoininodations in good style, and no v.ins will ! soared on ins ii n i, m iium'- im-iu wiu- lorinhliL mid on lliu in ist reasonable lerms. I'r of Single meals one Shilling. IJuiliiiyion A-ri -Jllli, 1811 NliW MUSIC, ASD .MIISICA1. IN'HTIW- Mil. .MANN, has just re- eiictl frem llos rVTOTMIK. jO.Medicino is lest Uiiown by the 1 it n,.rli.niis.r-il I. .Newton's Panacea, or Piirilicr ol the lllood. Tho tinpanilleliil and still iiicici-in:: reputation which this inoliciuc lm-ai''air- .. '. .1 . V L' I Ik?....... ,....1 .1... ... . Ill I II 1 1 HIS III I'll III' .CV J-.HKIII'I .iil'l me .in. ll) cure it has icrlorineil, ami the ilcniaml mad, foril by the advice ol'phy-ici.iiis well ai ipiaiulis will Ms preparation, nil- ni'i n'c.i uie iroirien r in cxicn its cir.iulation to almost cvciy town in the cistern Slates anil I he iirun'inal town in tin I illicit iate Tin- I'.inaccis warraulnl poiely vegetal lc,aml is not iirpa-c.t oy any inner nicoicuie ro-r o-icico to inc .lllhcled as 'its extcn-iie Mile and great popularity nl.iiiilv nrovc. It ba within the ciirblirn month- curcil its ihiiii-an I-ol'ibc mo-t di-cai-, a imii Is.' pioMl by ccrti'iicitc, an I i-pronoiineivl by cinincnt and re,Ki'tul.le phy-ieian- ihebc. t incihciiic inn. IVcful iiifurin.itiouiiiay Is-b I til circular- ciiit.iiiiiug ccrlifica'cs of cores and ihrcclion- for ta king lite meilieine. The followinir .ipKiiiited niieuts. Ibirliiiglott, J. & .1. II. Peek an.l Co., II. Moody Si All an-, Curtis and Milton, C. Dralj Milton Fall-, lliirnet and Sawyer Water, tile, Fi-U and llrown, lline.liurgh, Hull and Coo!, Fairlax, Parker and Matlicld Vergcnne-, Adam- and Murray Cambridge, M. Wire t'mlerhill, M. ('.Harney -Norih Fernsliurgli, II. C. Wicker Oeorgia, A. Illi VVilli-tun,.N. Chittenden Uiclinionil.tirccnifclthislf. Jolin-ou, U, I Warner and Co Motil.ton, Kthan SiiiiiIi, Anningtoii and Woislward Fair- VJ-XihTAIll.l": P1LUS. wilh the omission of only one word on the Hoxe viz. Wkigiit. The Pills told by this Kuchflort are evidently intended as n Iraud and imposition upon the community, or they would not nave I ecu done up in sucn exact imitation in llic gen uine. 1 ins person Is mil blustering with a great the atrical swagger, lie was recently known as a very poor player in Ilallimorc.under the tniiical cognomen of Jim Hi own, and is about twenty live years oface' Ill's almost beyond a doubt that lie is supplied with thePills Irom a Druggi-t linn in this city, who have heretofoieliceii notoriously connected with counter feit medicines. As soon as proof isobtainel the foun tain head of this nefarious business will be exposed, that the community may shun them as they would a u'riicnf. I. lilt. .lll.A. I UII, lllh ILMLIU A III". UAIJ- TIO.NKD against buying WIIIOHTS Indiam Pitts of any one who does not exhibit n certilicateof agen cy signed by the agent for the New Knglnnd Slates ann 'earing cue since January ts io. Also take par tieular notice thalthefollowingworiling is on tint box es Wright's Indian Vegetable Pi'ls (Ind. Purgative) of the North American College of Health. Tht Indian Vtattablt I'llli are a cortam curt for ditcaic in its every randy of form, brcame llisj tho rouglil) cleanse the sioinacli and bowelt, induces pro ner diir.lmiee bv the luncf. skin and kidnevi sndili- mulatp the bliiod to nmifv ilielf. In other wordi they open all ihe n.iiural dra'iim, and Iravo K ATI) RE the Urand y'Auiiciaii) lice to drue ducase Irom me Itody. The above ouilcis, or drains, are the common sewers of Ihe Ijodt. Ihroiicli which all inoiuul unit cor rupt humors (ihe cauno ol disease) arc carried off; and so loinr as Kiev arc all kept open, and iliarliargc liccit I is r a Ilo ed nor ions ol innuriiv. llic uonv win con. I time in he.ihh : bin u lien fiom citing improper lood, brcallnng unpin o mr, sudilcn transitions Horn neat to cold, oicr rxlnmeliun or any other cpnse, the bonds become co'tiv, ihe poles ol the skin become eluscd, or thekidneis fill fu pel form tlicil functions prnpeily. Ihe impuiilira Hhich shunlil be drained Iiom llio body Ijy these ouiletp. Hill he rclauied, nuu commuu ion.;, ciiiriiit.ilr tiniil the bod bceonics literally loaded wilh ilis.iiic. Ifihe eli.iini' l' nf our mighty rivers thoiild become blinked up, uonld not Ihe accumulated waters find new outlets, or the country become inundated 7 Just no with ihe human body ; if I lie lutuiul drains be come, the aiHcn.mi and corrupt huninrs ill find :.. .... : V . i. ... Trill ,11 IIIU TMriOIIS lUIII'S Ul UIBCrtBtl Vll II -..., Sinnll Pox. Measles. Itlieiini ilim. (lout. Apoplexy, kc. or Deaih will ml our lud'etinijs. Therrforc, nhrn sirkticss at the slinn.ich, pains in ihe lurk "ml ids, quirk pnbp, biiiniii; rkill, or any oilier unplea .am lyinpliiiiiK, imliciin that onn or mole of the na. luml drains aie not discharging fieely, mid lha eonsli. union is about loconiinencea.uugile lor the retorv lion of health, no lime shnuld lie lost in adininiiiering a few brisk dospi of the Indian Pitrsatlie (Indian Vt gelable Pill:) lly so doing, all Ihe function, of the ImmIV will lid rr-ilnrpn in nt iter, mil the foul humors (the causeof eiery infl.iination or pain we suffer) will be removed in so eav and natural manner, inai hip tioilvitillhe restoie'd as if by a charm. The above riiniilaiiers, with iiPifeel s.ifptv. Thcv suil all com plaimt and all ages, Hml.ireto tlio tiiiman con.1 iliilton a food: coniripienily iheean nncr injure eien ihe most clplicaie. Like our fooil , tliev arc iligesliblp; iltpicforetlipy cuter into the circulation nitil imparl an Piiergy to lite liltiod, which enables il lo flow Willi fli c- loin ipiiic lo the extremities and contprpiemly to keep hip pores ol in? ikin open. I lipy arc true and perfect purifiers of ihe blood: brciiue ibpy drain all corrupt Inmiori fioul that life git ing fluid. I'hcy imparl iticngth and vigol to the whale system, anil their' ef fpcl. arealnnys bfin : because thpy only rrmorr lltoie humors wliielt are opposed lo hcalih. I'hpy aid and improie digerlinn, and sound steep follows their uac: becauep they eleanap the stomarlt and bout!, of ihosi slimy Imino'urs which not only inii.lle and rxcite lite neivous syslciii, bill patalyze niiilwaaksn Ihe di geeliieorgni's. In short they posscps all they good niopcriies thai ran lie cl. limed for any mcdiritic ; and what his irty ipiuatkabl', it is unci ly imposiib'e lo use litem wiiitont iipnent. rnci'2j cents per lliix. wilh fil l tlircetions. OiTiii and ( I'cpol lor the nv ratglaitd Stales, yo, Ills I remoiiistrcctjiioar 1 ourl street, lio-tou. I he rciularappoinUM Agents can reivtvcthctr sup plies of the aliovc popular Pill, as heretofore, fioin the only otlii-e and general depot for the New F.ngland States, 133 Iremont street, llo-ton. rcxllars or trav ellimraeents are not ullownltoscll the ircuuiiieiinliau legetnlile fills, thcretore never pnrcna-e irom tlicui, for If von do von will le Mire to obtain u dangerous and counterfeit article. si I Ihko. A. I ixk tVCo. Auentsin llurlington, for the aleof Ihe Indian Vegetable Pills, also, W. II. Hotter, illisou. t. nini ,. iirin.iiK.iii, Diiriiugiou. LOOK AT THIS. HA VK VCUA C0UC.II1 10,tlOO WE op csKaUMPTloN every vear in the United Stales, and millions sutler feoHl troiililesnine coughs and colds, that can ba clirud bv Dr M. Ilili'h civk's Vegetable Virgin Cream Cough Drops, a sale medical prescription, contains no potsonoiisdrugs, and u-i-il in an extensive piaclnu for several years will ino.-l positively nlliinl relief, ami save you from that awful ih'scacc, pulmonary coiismupiinii,.hii.h n-ii;illv sweecps into llic grave fnitiniuls cf ihe young, the o'd, llieltjfcr, the lovely and the gay. Have yon n cough 7 lie ii&suaded to purchase a botllcol the Cough Drops lo-tiavl To-niorrow ttiav lie too laic. Have vou n eottgft! Dr. Iliicceok's Vegetable Virgin CtraiitCoiigh t'rops js the only remedy vou should lake to cure you. For lliisplaig reason. That In no oneof ihe lliaii-aml eaes where it has licen n-ed has it failed to relieve sale and He 1 17 tienc-ec lliroiichoiil the United States. In llurlington, by 1. A. J, II. Peck Sc. Co., Theo. A. Peck & Co. In Vcrgennce, by J. II. tlowman. In Milton, by llurnctcV Sawyer. In Geor gia, by Lorenzo Janes. nu.2 eases where it has Hell ned has it railed Price 75i-ens per bottle. For sale. vhole.-n tail, by A. HITCHCOCK & CO. No. II st., linen, N. Y. And by their agents throi INQ.UIIIK--ASK THOSi: WHO KNOW, 'hoge onl who ktmiv bv nisi nr iinntcdiale obscr valion, can fuim any bleu oft lie rflcclt, of I lis pel feet relief, of the almost cures rlfcclPtl in cusps ofthc Pitts, Ititr.UMATtiM, all SwKtttKos, and all external I'Aiss, no matter how sptere, by llic use of Haj.' Liniincnt. Find one who has used it that n ill not laud it nbnie all thing, cier loeil, and von will lind -s-wlial cannol be fumiil. (OTor thp rclirfol sutlei ing Itiunan beings who ma) be nflltcicd, I beg jou lo nk -nik of those tin know ask the Hon, Al.FRI.U CosKtm, V. S. Judge for that district, residing near Auburn J Hk MattIIeiv J, Mtkks, K-ij. Alliens, fi. Y.;ntk lien. Dui-r (intr.s, late ol Washington rily, each of these gpinlcmcn know of cases iinconq.ier. able b) all oihcr rpnicibes or physicians, though tried fuunany vears, ilial hac been cured by the uso of the gominr llay't lAnitntnt. Th miand. of oilier person, know .iiniliir cut... Wa appeal to their aen.e of jut. lice thtir human feelings. ICPli is but a duty yon owa lo jmir .ulTrring fellowbeinga to let this great reinrdt be kiiomi. Sneak of il llieu lo.ll vour frisada This will .are murh pain where Ihe new.paperi are nl read, or til.ert leaders am incieilulous, becautcso munv worlhleo articles are adisrilsed (or the same purpose. To btt)cr. wn say, if all wltu hava used it do notsayil is beyond all praise, then do not lake il. The prnptieior willnol allow I It is article to be paid for unless it cuics,wIipii all lbs direciions uiefiilly follow ed. Will any ntie .uffpring refuse now to try it ? If lie does, he ought to be pitied more lur hi. obmioary than hissnlTerini!. iCLP'Mr. Ilais would never consent to otl'rr lids article, uere he not compelled by hi. sense of moral nl religion duly Ip do all in Ins poner tor Hip viciiins of dislrrss hiiiI misery. For this pttrpuse be nuld sooner ilciote a lorlune. lit in epruie a lur any worthless article. lJ-l.VVK Krji'.-Snme swiiiitlpts havp enmiicifeilpd this Hiticlp, mid put it up with virmus tle tecs. Un not he impoieil upon. One thing nnly u ill proiet t ou il Is I he name of Couui'oeA' r Co.; thai name nuisl bentitais on Ihe mapper, ot you mo rlieaied. Do not futget it. Take ihisdnce. tioa with -on, and le-t Ii lit it, or never bit) ; for il is inipoitthle lor an oilier lo be mis or gpiimnc. Sold by Comttock Co. 71 Maiden Iinc, N. Yoik. THRO. A. PECK &. Co. Wholci-de Agptits fur the Stale nf Vermont. milF. IdON OF TIIK DA V. NO CUIIM NO X PAY! The ticiiiilne obi Dutch nr Cicr mati A'cgctablc rills. Highly rccoiinm-nilcd by Duct. Vnlcnline Mott. M. D. of N. Y., and others. These are the orders I Anyone that does not hml re lief from these pills tho price is icfiitiiled lack, tlie-e are the positive orders of the Proprietor to agents and others. In ollcringtlieso pills to the public, I appeal lo their intelligence. If these pills are not whal they recommended, you are in duty bound out ol re-pivt lo yourself and community to icjeet them, nml publish I hem to the world as an imjiosiiion, humbug and imackcri. Thcmtblli' mat' l. tliet- itsi. Iturclv vegetable, they are composcil nl'ninc inirruhnls. nart ol the medicine is only found in Asm and in the val Icysof Oermnny. For convenience Ihe.-e extracts arc mode into pilli ami will lo found n sure cure orre- l:c I ll l.!ll:. I..I... . ... ii .n hi.. . 111:1 tor iiii iiiiiii'us coiiipiiiiiii, yciiou- nno lililtous fevcr, fever nod nauo, jninnlicc, scarlet rash, billions cholie dispcpsi'n. &t: It Is not pretended thnt this medicine is a cure for all diseases to which the human system i- liable, ten tliou-and useless ellbrts have lirn made to draw from the regions nl mik nown fancy some long-spun theory of manic nrt. winch would cute each and every dise.i-e. tiood nieibcine is not e. l:.. . ... f.-.. . ...i.: 11 i i i . luiiiiuiii ine iircor wiuriw llio. iicailli anil Happiness hang upon chance windstime is the herald of truth. The past nt least Is secure; they huie nlrcmlv rai-csj a monument ol their greatness which will defy the corroding toolh of lime. None can I ettenitine without a wrapper and direciions on each box on which my nantels written nt lenglhfc Sold wholesale and retail bv tlicsiibscnU-ratClen'? Falls, bv A. II. &. D. Sand 711, and 100 Ftitlon st. and it. M.'.Mcigs, 358 South MiukclM. Albany. Ilanin & Hawlcv, 21!) Sucrst Troy, licncia! Agents for the state ofNew York. MFIIKI'IT (illlFFIN. Forsale by Win. Ilhodcs and I!. II. tiiceti, lliclc inond; Morton ot Clark, and D. & D. S. I.athrop, Willislon; HagiirtVCoin.lock-.Sliclburn j ll.Staitton, Fsscx ; tico. II. Oakes, and AlUrt llnrney, Jericho; .1. II. lliirlbut, Wesll'ord; J. II. Ikirnes, Charlotte; It Moody nml (!eo. Peterson, llurlington ; nml by F. Illttti'tiS, llurlington, Agent for Chittenden Co., where oiiu-Agtntscnn lie supping nt W'iioicsaleprux'. DOCT. MAHSIIA1.IS Aromatic, Catarrh and Headache SNUFF, ThisSniillis superior to any thing yet known, for removing that troublesome dis ease, the Catarrh, and alo a cold in the head, and the headache. It opens and imrges out nil obstructions, slrcnglliens the glands,andgiies a healthy action to the parts nllectod. It is rfcylly Iree from any Ihing dele terious in its composition has a pleasant flavor, and itsimuiishuiecllect, allcrleing ned, is abgrceuble. Price II T cents per boltle. Docl. Marshall's Vegciable Indian niack PI.ASTFII. I In Plaster is unriviillcd Tor curing scrofulous swel lings, Sciirt, y Sores, litne Hack, mid Fresh Wounds ; pauis in Ihe Miles, Hips nml l.imlis; nml seldom fails to give relief in local llheiimatim. If applied to the siile,it will cure many of the common LKcr Complaints; and is equal, if not superior, lo any thing in use for corns on the feel ; the virtues of this Plaster have len witnessed hy thousands of Individuals in the United Slates, who have le-tcd its cflioaey. Sold bvtlie pro . i'uA. it xi:.t.tit...... f r .c....;. I.iivt.'l , viii... ..vimitii, ,,ii j l HI J ls.u. l tlx V Co., llurlington, Vt. jel'.l3 '. s.J s, r--mis -.. .-itir&,m fi" ;,) a mijipiv of Il W.VlllSlC. .1111- . ,il Intriiments, dc., which ho is nnihoii.eiUo sell at Ihe lowest llo.-lon re'ail i-Kccf. Tho Mii-mo for the Pianu Folic consists of Songs, Glees, Duetts and U'rios. New niullioiulihil .M ilchcs, tluiekslep.i, (nil oiiades,, Dances, and pieces with yarialioiis-, home of whii Ii aro tho latest publication of the bos lon llrig-ulc and llias- Ikimls. ALSO A great vaiiety of American, Ocriiian, Vreneh and laighsh Musical Instruments', consisting' of Hie'lei, Trumpets, Ficiuh Horns, ll.iss.Tenornnd AlloTroinbones, I! Hal, Cand F.llat Cl.iiioticlts, Oer luan Concert Flute",) from one loinnekeys,) Fligeo ietts, Octave and 1'icnki P'lutea and Fifes. Splendid llass viols anil v loons, iiegiuii nno piiiiii snu nuu ItassViol Itows. Supclioi Itonian iolni, llass Viol mid C.uitar Strings of cvnv no and teller. Kngltsh and Fieni h Cl.irtoin-H IUils. .Spleiulul French Ac cordeons, Spanish liuilars, with plain, and Herman Sillerpateltt liends. Instruction llisiks, with Clin nts, I.esHitis, and F.iercisesfor all llic above, and oth er itibiruinents, are now lor sale at Mr. Mauti'j rcsi Hcnec a few rods north ofthc F.piseopa! Church, in JJUirlington, where hcrespixtfully unites customers tociichiia a call. Military Hands and Music .Schools, furnished with Music, Musltil liiitrinncnls, (and Instruction, if lc iirri,1 at rliorl notice. ITi'PIANO FOKTK.S uriini', repaired and tuned pia'libu il. liUiliii'iton, May 7, lbll. U 4riNI)MV SASII- IT Just recalled I a, '20 and 217 by ycascnicnls ol sasli. a lirsl rale arlielc. at 31 nml :H i-eiils per li-lif. also all kinds undsi.c.'.J'iirui-lie! to order. Ticondcioga black lead, a lir-l rale ailielc, for sale very low, together with a great variety oi oincr urn licld, lliirnet and l .iriisworth. CATAmtll SNUI'I'. M.MISHAl.l.'S S.M'I'F, is still curingthc Catarrh and ihev.ifioiis di-ca-cs of lb- boa I, a-wcllas sori'cvcs. In nil p.iilsnf the coiiuirv. and sustaiiiiiis the topiil.itioii which it has long since L'.lincil, of Isjing absolitcly the lest nrlicle ot the kind nt the in. ii I, el. Kieh bottle cnuln in three lime-the ouautity of one of Iho-e which ate offered at "OM.V TV KNTV I'H'I! Ci:.NTS." And is llicrcfoii! a lunch chc.iH.T, a well as teller article, t or sate ny J. tt J. II. PF.CK & Co, THKO. A. PKCK Jy. nn.l Drt. Uuitp. MOODY. Iliirlinglon, Jan. 22, 1841. ly.f.18 icas jiint in I heap as can be found nt any oilier estublish lln' plaiv. (!io. PtTtBsoN. BCtQLE. POUDLtC UMWUCAL. MAHSII Al.l. conliniifs iiiiriialliil us i streiigthciiuig Pl.ASTKIt: AIo, fi.r Ithcuina lisin. I.aiiiene-s or pants in Hie sides, limlis or hack for scrol'ilo isswellup's. scurvy rircs. Fri-sh wounds i and for a general Family Plaster or salve. For thorns, Iniircoicr Irv it 1 pan' clo.f. licrccrcin licileliv iii.i'.iug.'i new apjiliciiiou (Ks'a-ionally, and in time, your corns will I e cured, ror -ale I, J. IV .1. 11. I'M I. (V vo. TIIKO. A. PKCK &. Co. and Dr. ItOIIT. MOODY. llurlington, Jan. 22, 1811. Iy.f.18 rpo tub nAMi.HKAiii:u otiikrs X D,,e. am know a neiilibor or a friend mIio ha. been llald, and whose head f. now eoteied wilh fine hair Utte whoap coal collar was roiereil with oan1 ftrushed eterv hour which lia. now van shed nil ire It I Or one whore hair, at eailt ags writ tuning ciey, who now has nol a grej Itir7 Cliililieit ui lin.p lir.ids uerr eoteien wtiu scitti, tnis it.tir would nol glow, thai are now glowing the fuller! nop. of hair ! some cases mint up Known iu ninsi iicrroni, Ak Ihftn the cause, and you will lie lolil that Mips. iliin". have bepn done lv Ihe use of the Halm of Co. lumbia. Of 20 years growth is this article, its demand Himuall) some hiindteil per cent. though wtien oiseoit red mil oppoteil liv uiitllung lor lliesanip pmpnsp, ntnt as.ailrd hy almost iiunibprlPss rmisliioint will ruin the liatr il n-ed lo ant extent. Can more than iliesp facts lie wanted irfer lo Ihe ions by a li.t of names of icsiisela hilny, unpipi illril by any oihpr article. I.ouk lo these Ihing. buy this arltete. Slav an,l preserve lour hair by ii. ikp, or if bald restore it. Ladies, allend to this Imuiheit. in fashionable life are using ii as dip oulv article reallv lit for lltp toilrl. 1 .0112 hair i. ten ant 10 tall out. Ladies, ii.n thp llalni ot Uolumhi.i 111 tune 10 save youtse'ves Hip disgrace of ualdite'i by neglcel of your persons. Il is tour ihtlv. ns moialiit. tn ore- serieihe beamip. of n.ilure, uilli which 11 bountiful Creatoi ha. endowed you ; use ihe Halm, fur it will do it. CAUTION TO IIE IIKM KMIIKIif.l). must fl igram aiieuipts hive been made lo niiiieifi il the line It.ihn nf Culumbia. Sumn nl the tt tpnsteis havegotie so lar as to eoutilcifeil ihe splen' 1. I .... I I.-..II ..I1!.... 1 . . . ,1 1 ,.i,ii' i., ,11111 in 1 ,111. ui aisvsis, nuu ct eit ex. filial 111 11 k except the name ofComsiock, uhieh 1 lies .... r ! . i r . laic 1101 n,ii:i-t j if kiimii 1,11111,. ,1111ns llicrritirP. Ill' ways look for the name of Coinsloek s Co. or I.. S Coinsloek, and never fitly lite article unless il has that name upon 11 oold wliolp.ale oml rrliiil, onlv nt No 71 .Ma 1, leu i.auc, m. i . I iiku. A. I'KCK i& Co Wholesale Agrnt. for the Slalo of Veinionl le 2J NI'FF OM.V TWKNTV- lis5 iicliei'k's newly iiivcutcil Snull'ihe Is -Fivi: CKN'IH-D.M. t nrti- clo ever di-covcred by scH'utilii' iiivn, in l.urope or Ainiiii'.i, for tin litre ami nh-olule it fief ol Catarrh, Dizzuri 1 of lli' I I'M'', Weak Kyis, Nervous I lead al lies. Fallen S1cl.11c.-s, Fits, lind lulauU troubled Willi Snnlllcs, partial shis-ks of Palsy, itc. Forsale wboh'Milo and, by A. HITCHCOCK it Co., sole Proprietor, No. 117 liencscest. Utiea, and by their agents ibiuughout the I'iiioii, In llurlington, J, & .1. II. Peck It Co. In ViTgcuno., by J. II. Ilowman. In Milton, by Uurnctt N: Sawyer. In O'eorgia. by Lo renzo Janes. UTOFFATS VKOiri AHLK I.IFK .MF.DICINKS. 1TJL The-e iiitsli-in-- nre indebted fm their name to their nianil'c-t and seil-ibli: action in purifying tin' nrinis and channels ot life, n ml enduing them Willi renewed tone and vi'or. In many hundred ccrlilied cveswhieh have Isfti nia.l' 1111I Ii", und in almo-t every species ulili-casuto which the human Irante 1 liable, the happyelccts oI'Mot i Ai's I.I KK Pitt- ash 1'iio:nix niTTins nave pccii izrcaiiuiiyanii pui iu v aeVnowledgcd by the persons I ciicfuti!, nml uhii were previously uiiacijiiaiiiHsi wiiutiiciicautiiuiiy piii' losophical principles upon which they niccoinpoiiud' ,sl. and noon which thev constviiicnllv acl. The LIFK MKDICINl.S reco end lltcnisclvcs in disease, of every lorin and description. I heir first operation is lo loosen froinilic coals of the stomach and bowels, Ihe various impurities and crudities con stantly settling aiotiml tliciu; and to remove Ihe har dened faces vvhichcC ts'l ill W" ron0hilion of the smallest intestines. Oilier inedicines only partially cleanse thcsP, and leave such collected behind as to prislucu li.tbiiual costiveness, with all its train ot evils, or sudden oiarriliea, won lis niiiiiiiiciii iiacr.s,n This fact is well known to nil regular anatomists. who examine the human Isiwclsnflcrilcalh ; and hence tin tireiiidice tift hose well informed men nuaiiistouack meJicine or medicines prepared nml heralded to Ihe public by ignorunl pcr-xii-. The stvond ellei'l ol thel.ife Meliciites is to cleati'e the kidneys and the bladder, and by this means, the liver and the lungs, the healllifiilaciion of Hliicli entirely depend, upon the Ire-L-nlarilv of the' on:au. The bloisl. 'which lakes us red color from tho nizcncyof Ihe liver mid the lungs before it pa-ses into the heart, Is'ing thus purified ny incm, and nourisiieii ny totsi coining iroot a eieait stomach, courses freely through the veins, renews every part of ihe system, nnd triumphantly mount the banner ol heal 1(1 in the blooming cheek. Mollm', egeiable Life Medicines have I cen thor .T IVI ol evt Ol. 10, ice'il a siippl of M ir-li'Mcilehiatcd Tru-cs 1 rvil''rMillovlor an- y uioimsivii ,i siu. i 1, IB 10 11, TIIKO. A. PKCK itCl) IJIfllUl lilt .""lion rpilinhithiigtoiillHl'WKRVIias 1 iiiiwcoiumcnctd business, and will have new lleer in a few days, w hen all orders will ho punctually I ntlniihd to IMilingtoii, Sept H10 r.r.O. PKLUTSOA mm JUST KKCKIVKD from New York, the bestan. Korlmciit of lllaek, llhic lllack. Drown, Invisible Green nnd West of I, upland I1ROADCL0T1IS, lllack, llhic lllack and Drah CASSIMKKKS AND DO 15 SKINS, llio beat of Plain and Figured SATINS, Vt vet. Va enciannd Marscills VF.STINfJS. nnd Trimmings of all kinks, ever hcibrc ofl'crid in the market, which will ho soht very low for the Ready Pay. nt their shun in Church-strcct. lately occupied Ly H. K. Kvans, where all orders will be executed in inc pen style and oil llic suuriesi nonce. nl'JwS C. IIKNNS & SON. WAM'l-.ll iinmeJiatcly, Two gord JINNKY SPIN.NKItS. cim.-t.ilil clutilov will Is: given, foi'slcady, ludiisirious men. I'liipnicof the siibrcrilars iioiaci; wiii:i:i.Kit llurlington, April 23, IS II. IMOltM LOI;N(.:s... Un- valuable article T is daily c.slablishiug itself, as the be-t nuvbcini for that painful and sometime.- fatal complaint lit chit- In n, ihe worms. At wiioie-nie nun renin oy 1 lira.". .v.rr.iiv oc Jan. 1, 1811. :fJo. I POWi) II. lJ hcg llmsiiiigl'owder by. April IJih 1811. fiTIIONO'5 h Cp, oughly testeil, mid prononnml 11 sovereign remedy for Dv'-pcpsja, Flatulency, P.ilpilatiotrof tbelli-.ul, l.os of Apieute, lleart-biiru and I lead-ache, Ifc.llessncss, lll-lcinpcr. Anxiety, uiuguor mid .tiei.tneitoly, uos. tivenes-, lliarrluca. Cholera, Fevers of nil kind- t,i ,..... 1, ri . t. i liiiwiiiiiaiisii,. utiui, I'lupsii-. u, an hiii, is, iirnvel, Worm, Asthma and Consumption, Scurvy' Ulcers' Inveterate Sores, Scorbutic Krtiplioiis nnd Dad Com plexions, Krtiptivc complaints, sallow, Cloudy, nnd other disagreeable Complexion-, Salt Itheiini, Krysio- ela, Common Colds nnd Inlbienz.i,iiml various other isjmphu'nls which nllhct thelitimati frame. In Ftvr.n nnd Acue, particularly, ihe Life Medicines have Icen most eminently succcs.ini so mucn so mat tn tne Fever and Agnedistricts, Physicians almost uuivereally ttrcscrils thcin. All thai Mr. Mollal reniiiresof his patient, fs to I' particular 111 t, the into .ticiiicmcs striclir nceor dins- to the directions. It is not a newspaocr notice or by anything tbet helum-ellmaysay intla tr lavor. liiai ne nopesio gaiucrein. .ii9.i'iieny uie rcMin o a l ur trial. MDFFA'PS MKDICAL MAM'ALl de.itrnrsl as douicstic gmdeto health This little pamphlet, edited by W.ll. Moll.u, 273 llro.idwny, New "oik, has Icen Published for tho oiiroo-e ofexplaining morefully Mr, MoTaiVlheorvol ihe,isr..aiul will le loiind hisltly mterestuis loner-uii- scckim: hcillh. Il treats upon prevalent diseases, and the causes thcteof, Price, 25 cents for sale by Mr .Molliii's Agents generally. These Valuable Medicines are lor sale by llobert Mooily Drusgi-t, i. lieneral agent, (to whom all ap plication? tor azcncies should lie addressed, post paid) Ihirlinztnn, Vt. Jan. 4, 1611. iCPHR. OltlAK'.H MKOiriNKS.! DU tiOHDAK'rf Jelly of Pomegranale nn.l Peruvi an Pills for Dyspepsv. Nervous Headache. Pal pitation ol the Heart, Internal and Kxternal Humors, and all impurities of the lllood. Ireland Jelly for the relief and cure of consumption. Pulmonary Jelly I'or cough., cold-, spniing nl llloi.l, Hiutr-cnc-scsc Pro sinn l.inatncnt und Liiiament OptslcliliH'I'or lllic una lisin, urops, i,t,fouiiio Prop-, alt luiciim Ointment, Pile Ointment, Strengthening Platter, nnd Corn and Wart Plaster. The above celebrated medicines prepared entirely front vegetables by Dr, Wm. Cordak, mill no other rcccommeuilatioii that they have been beforetbe mlilic louiteeii years, giving .sulisiaelion to nil who ivo used tiicm.-tuay 1 e had 01 uana iv. uav.mosh. vvooO-toi'K, vt. t,cnl Aecnts. Mint also, liV'J 1 ' Hiromr, i.iitvlits': .11; urooks, White litvcrt Wm.HSiii'lSt Co., Wc-t Il.iillord Worster Downer Sharon; Downer A Neven-, Hoy niton ; J Wheat. Ilethcl, K C Holme-, Wc-t Uanilnlp'li; J II D.infijrlh, I'raiianl ; S l! knap. Ka-t Itarnard; N Snow, Poinfrei;KM& A SStnekerunilCovrsSsShavt, Hartlanil; Sliisld & llarnc, Petl.iusyillc; lliuwn iv A ins. leu, rolchville; A tV If ti ar luer, iiid-or , A Marsh. flridgvwntcr.SSi&F T Wheeler. Plvmouth: mid nt ll.iudocl.'. lloehcster. Orandv die. Noilblield, Mont pel icr, Middlebury. Vcrircuue.-. mid 111 most of the principle jowns in the State. A Mpptyol the aoove meilicines ui received ami for sale by KOIIKItT MOODY, February, 1811. (6m) Druggist, tJiirlmglon, tt New stul'lisli tnu lit. T P. WHALING .f. CO. inform ihn nnblie thai J . they have located themselves in the village of sutiiimiun. auu nave itueo un n store on ttir past unie of Church street, which may well bo denominated "Cheap-side," neatly opposite the bank of Hurling- iuii, uou arc icectviug irom ixcw 1 ork a choice sc'"C Hon of goods well suited to the season, which they oiler for sale as hie ascan bepurchasat in the country, for rcaily pay. Annul" their -roods tnav be found aver and brondeloths. caniiiwrcs, saiiocto. ttiinclo, merinos, inotislino tlclaines ii.e. A choice selection. also of French, Knglish and Ainetiean prints, r,;in, at least, to any in Ilurlinetim. A general assort ment ol camhrtcs, musims, plain and ligund, isigmgs, instrlings, blond laces, if-c. A great varielvof shawls, and dress handkerchiefs, ladies' I'loves ami hose, wilh a good supply of bleached and unbleached domestic goods. Also a good supply of eroikery, of the latest patterns, with .1 few ilegant astral parlor lamps ; and finally, a few choice family groct rics, such its tens, sugars, iitoiasse.s, cotiee, rice, raisins, ury nsn, louac cos, lamp oils, tf-c. vc no not nrctcnu to snecuv nil tne kinds, in sav nolbillL' of the numerous articles of which each kind is composed; hut suffice it tn say, thai the assortment will be found to conlniti most ofthc articles wanted in the country; and those that favor us with their custom will be cntin ly relieved from the examination of old goods, or remnants. Our entire stink is new, and fresh from the market, and lias In en si lech d with the greatest possible care, with reference to the wants, comforts and benefit of the People. Hut we tlo not wish thepuhhe lo take our word in mis matter, lint most cordially invite tlHin to call nml examine Tor themselves. llurlington, Nov. '.'(!, 1810. Disi.ASEs or tiik i.i;,N;s...Drciiiedi) the mnsi popular remedy ever known in Amrtira Vegetable Pulmonurv Valiam it the most valuable rented) now in use fr eutighs, colds, nriltnia or phthisic, consumption, vv hooping cough anil pulmonary HfTecliniis ofevery kind, lis salei. steadily increasing, and the prnprictor. me ronsiaiitl) tereiviiig lite most favotabte areumtl ol itsellpris. lite pillowing new cer I inciter, ate offered fur pttbbe examination. An Intkrestiso uisk.. r.xir.ictol a letter Itnin Mr C S Clay, King-Inn, Ulster Co., N. Y, to llic priiprtPinrs. "1 uurs nl Hit Itih insl. vva. thilyiec. d A reinirkable cure was efTecird by the Vegatatile Put. itwn.i 1 v'.lin in Ihe winter and spiing of IS33, The crson, rtir Mouth, had oeen sick a long lime itiili ihn consumption, lit. physicians had given I11111 mi He was icditeedso low a. 10 be unable to help hint-elf, and was raising 11 latge titaniiiy of blnml when he commenced using ihe lialsain, which has pfl'ectcd a complete cute, mid he is now- as hale and beany as ever lip was, Mr. Moody has ipnioved fimii Ibis town. but hp It s premised me a mote detailed account of hi. case, vihich I willl'iiwardvnii, U. o UI.M. Kinssien. N. Y. June 23. 1838. Kxtraei ofa teller from Dr. Jnrob Mvers. The Vegetable Piihnnnarj llalsuin has been sold in llii. coiinl) for two vrars, and lliti lueiliciuc ha. gained an iinrouiiiion rclebtilj, fur il iraicely in one inslitnre failed of having Ilia ilrsueil filed. I nnt htj no mean. in favor of Hie loan; nonrums, ntosi 01 ttiiirn aie im pom ion. iiiiou a rrenuiotii piinnr, out itiat Hindi know by asa In lie rffvcntal, I cannot Itplp but git. mi pprouslton lltrrr'o, a connieti'ii preparation nai Ivcen nfTrred here bv a Irate Mini: Aeptit. of Cnuisiork N. Y, and there is anoiltpr article Tended here thai is strongl) suspected to be spurious. jacou iiirrss. t. is. Milllinulon. Juniata Co. Pfnn. May 3, 1837, Fiom Dr. Samuel Alorrell, to llic I'ropiteiois ol lite vece table I'nbiionarv llals.ini. I am s.oi.lieil thai the Vp lelablc I'ulinoiiasry llaljiul i ,1 valuable inedeciiip Il lias been used lit this place wilh cntitplpie sticces. In an obstinate complaint ol the lungs, upended with a etcre cough, loss of voice, nml ihe raising of imirh blood. tA Itic It had previously rcsisied inativ approved prescriptions, Aher inhtg llic lialsain one Heik.llip patieni's voice returned ami hp w a. aide to spptk audi hlv. I'll id case occuricd some limp sinpp, anil lid man it now engaged noi .ontj in ticttre 11111 latstrtons busincii. Kpsprriluliy, c. a. loiiiirr.r., Il is now mors ih.01 .in ysan dncc I wai brought cry low by aa affection of the lungs, and mr complaint wxm flprljirpit in he iiirnrabtp bv a rouneil nf three idtf sirian.. I was ihsn rrslorpil 10 asgnn I tipalik a I hail enjoyed for many tears, Ii) using Ilia Vsgplahh? I ui monary lialsain. Since m reroierj I hate teroni inrndfd tht lialsain ia a great man; rase, nf lung coinn aim., and .0 far nt I ran learn, ii. use Ii ii in tariablt been follimed bf imirh beurfit. and in mailt . ' . rr . - ....! 1 I. ..II.. in.laitcrall lias rucciru luir.tvintn weir tnuiiy nnex pencil. ox MP nt, r.rintTT, lloaion, Mnrrh 2, 1837. For .nip. wholesale nml retail, bv J. ft 1. PKCK k Co., ami I HKO. A. PECK k Co., liar hnglon, Vt. SPKIIM CANDLF.S. Kingland's clarified srerm candles. No. 1. Also-, mould candles for sale by J, l WHALING J- Co, Valuable Ileal INtate tor Hale. COIl snlo all tho teal Kstatc, late the property I1 Mr r,li. Atlutt. in Ihn t-it ni.c fir ltnrliitotOlT. situate, and adjoining the south-east corner of tho Court-house siuarc,nud consisting of ndwellinghouso nndoiil-huililiiigs, nlson three story brick buililin" occupictl as a Cabinet Shop, but may he so arranged as to make a good store and dwelling. This properly will ho wild together or separately as will nest suit, nr gcilicr vviin land tor garuens, eve, Also ono ouuui lot Rcnaratn. A rrcdiwjtvill be gven on good security for theprci tf r part of tho purchase money. For miner parncu laranpply to JOHN JOHNSON lhtrltngton. April P. 1611.. HAIK1 11 AID I ! IlAl,INF.SS Impor tant Discovery the t.rcat Mystery found out nt last DU. STF.KllY'S HAIR IIKGKNK- RATOU. Dr. Slerry, nftcr much attention to the important subject of preserving the hair, hn, after many experiments chcmienl and physical heen aide fo discover and article which is now offered with the greatest confidence for llic toilet as the best thingever discovered, lor, lor its softening anil penetrating quality iu nrooueo a H'oiiil Head 01 tinir 10 prevent It trout fulling oil' when baldness is apprehended to restore it when baldness nas taken place, and lo prcvcni it from turning crav. It ii is more nourishitiL' than no. malum, .unique oil, or Cologne waler. It is a beauti ful article for Indies curls it makes llio hair soft und lively, and produces uncommon brilliancy. Thous ands have teslcd its superior virtnis nnd excellence, nnd in every instance it stands unrivalled. It is an infallible cure in all nfleclions of the skin on the head as tlmiilrufi; Ac. &e. Kvcry family should be sup plied w-itn .1 pottle ol this on, that ny its application to Ihe head and hair of children, the beautiful and or namcntal appendage ofa fine head of baie, which na turc has supplied us may ho preserved. From the numerous certificates a nd recommendations received of its salutary influence, the Doctor feels firmly per suaded he has succeeded in producing an article which will meet llic desired wishes and approbation of the tlnblie. For sain wholesale and retail by A. HITCH COCK it Co. 1 17 Oeneseo st. Ulicn, N. V. In llur lington, by J. & J. II. PKCK &, Co. nml TIIKO. A PF.CK ifc Co. In Vcrgennes bv J. II. Ilowman. In Milton, by lliirnet & Sawyer. In Georgia, by l.ortn- ZO JilllCB' Abljali Allen's estate. STATK OF VhllJIO.Vr, District of CiitTTr.NPf.N ss. ) DKXTKIl PLACK, Administrator, With the wif annexed t,f the cstaleof AIUJAII Al.l.HN. bint of Hlielbiirne. in said district, tlivcnsctl, having liledni saidcotirt his petition in wriling, setting forth thai the claims allowed by the commissioners ngaiust said c tale, ntiiount toSl3,lU) that the expcift's of itdmin isicring saidcslnlecunnot be less tlnin ? 10; that Un said testator tin no personal e.iaic, nml that lie the, I seizul of iiboiii three itcrcs and Inrty rrsl.s of laud, siiuaie in snio r-neioiirnc, wnii a nouse and wood ins standing thereon, which land in unincumbered, thai the snnlte-tnlorhad, previous in his death, conirnetisl v oil wii v.n,iiiuj.y i.yiin, ii'i unuill nvoilcrcs OI 1,1111. for winch he was to pay SJI50 and receive a deed ol saTd five acres w hen he should hnvt! paid tbeiefor ; that previous to bis death he had paid said Lyon ?7.'i, towards said land, nnd that the undersigned had, since the death of the said le-tnlor paid the said Lynn the balance tine for said la-t mentioned land, foi 'tbc benefit nf said c-lnte, and praying the snideourt to li cense bun, Ihe said Administrator, lo sell the nilerest of said le-tnlor in said fiveaer s of land nnd so mm It other real estate of the said testator as w ill W neces sary to pay the debts uginnst said estate and the ex penses of administration. Whereupon ibe court uforeaid doth appoint tin) second Wcilnc-day of June, 1811, for liearinu and deciding on said petition, at the tabic of the Itegisti r ofsaid couit in said llurlinglon and doth order that no lice thereof bcL'tvcn to nil persons interested by pub. Iicitioit of this order coiitainmz the substance 'of siiiil peiilioii three weeks uocc-siv'ilv, in the Iliiilingtoii Free Pics-, a newspaper printed in nid Iiitliugloii, in thceoiiuiyof ('hitlcinlen, pievious to the said sec ond Wnhics'ilayol June, 1811. tiivoii miller my hand at Ourlingfon, in said ditriit llu's lyilulayofMav, 1811. njl) W.M. WICSTON, Itchier. STATU OF VF.RMONT)Thc Probate Court District of Chittenden, fs. J for district of Clnl tenden : To all persons comxriie! in the K-lato of AIUJAII ALLKN, late ol Shelburne, m snM Di.trief, icteasttt, iiu. AMrOllMS. WOllJIS.-Dn. I r uiirivulliil and iinciiiiallcil M. Hitchcock's WOIIM TKA, a sovereign remedy for Worm-. Strange and incredi ble aro the e.lect of these detestable vermin ; few lnTson--, and it is thought none aro lice Iiom I hem, par ticularly females and children. Many per-nns go through a dilre-siiig cpur-e of medicine without n bi'iiclit, when they mishl be relieved by n-titg the Woiin Tea. This invaluable medicine ha been te-tcd bv the expcticnee ofinore than ten vears use, nnd ni'lminisicrcd to moie than 16.001) persons of variou age-, and not one i solum y complaint ; on thecontraty IniiiJuils have calletl. and iiii-nliritnl, given llicir de- eideil piefeiencu to it. nfier Irving tho dfli rent nrtii le. sent hntti to the ptihie, and pronouni tsi it. hi, linen cock'.s Worm Tea the miM safe, cllcctual, and con vcniciit rcmcily that can Is; obtaineil : for in no one ol ihe thousands of instances where it has Usui tfetl agreeable lo the printed diteclions has it ever failed. N. It. Ask for Dr. M. Hitchcock's WobmTka, athcte WIIKKKAS, Dexter Place, administrator with tin: will annexed of the estate of said dixearsl. pcoposc-: to render an account of his administration, and present his account ntritinst saul estate lor exam ination and allowance at n session of the Court ol I'rolme. to le hohlen nt the Ucnistei's oilicc iu liur- tuigon,tni the second Wednesday of June next. Titi.r.p.ror.r.. yon are hereby notified to apin'.ir bc- liiresnid court at the time and place afore-md, nntf showcaii-c, if any you have, why the account nloit said should not be nllowcd (ivcit undtrntv hand nt said llur inglon this lOili ayol May, A. D. 1811. h50 w mi tj.x, i;t"isicr. ire ma n v nostrum-abroad for Ihedestrui'tionol w'orm For sale wholesale and retail bv A. H TCIICOCK & CO.. so'o proprietor-. 117 ttenc'sce slrtct, Vtica, nnd by their agents thri'tighoulthe I'tiion. In Hiirltngtnn, bv J. & J. II. Peck & Co.. and Thco. A. Peck & Co, in vcrgennes, ny j. ii. novvmnn. in stiuion, ny liurnct it oawver. in ucorcia. nv t.oren.o janes. DllgsU Tr Af S Si I' CTI C O I )l N TICA .TI 1 1 : 1X II I K TKKIil TKKI'II ! ! The iNcojii-AiiAiitD Tikitii nr.i'AltVTioN. I he tact t provl. and l ie most in 'rtiltilous ail tloubtiu'' arc fully ennvinivd.ns we have he evidence from the sale of 20.000 boxes of the Oilon- tica, within the pa-l year, that Ihe I'topioii. dreams ol the alchymist are rcaliisl, and a remedy discovered I'or preserving llio-e important and useful npcndage. oi tue in in 1:1 il system, tiyttie use nl I lie .ingiictici.Mon Ilea, which by itsalliuclivc, mid strciigibcuiiiL' iiuali lie., reinnvesull cvtraneiHis front the tix'llt and preserve-ihcin lit thciiiialuialbiilliancy, nnd ihe ;uiils iu soiiiiiIik'ss nnd beauty. It is asecrlaine.1 Irulii xpeiicncc, that when icisl, the teeth will never do ay, but tcmain till the latest aue ot man, wilh their natural wear. When they nre ilivavcil, its progress will Is: anfshil, ami the teeth preserved and prcvcntt'1 and prc-civcd Irom acinnir all un- mis ttvuttoiie in a multitude ol'intanci's and more in thousands ol '!(., nervous toolhache. (that climax of imiii) has at once Icen cilecttiall) enrol by popular ilciilriluce in AIIKTI it. .Villi III ( (MU lll-li, l, neii , IT Willi is nit,' young I. nly or gentleman, uye, the that viiliic- a U'auliliil -el of livih, sound gouts and a swtel breath more than lilivcciit-.llnit will If loip'cr del l Pile ola Isix of Dr. M. llitchcis'k's.M.iguciii'diliiiiiicn. For sa'e whole-aleand rcinil. by A. HITCHCOCK i. Co., No. 117 licni'sce si. I'lica, . Y.,iiud by their :cnts throughout the I'nitesl Stall's, In liutliimton. by J. & J. II. Peck & Co., and Then. A. Peck, V Co. in vergeiincs ov j.ii. iiowinan. in .union, uv iiur- licit & Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lorenzo Janes. aiM(3 DUSKKIiL'S SIOJIACII IIIITKItS. niiiv ! jiV used in Wineor water. TliCM'cclcbraled hitlers nre composed purely nfvi'Lrc'itbles of lha most inno cent yet specific virtues. hey are rts'oinmcinlisl par- tictnariy lor restoring weak coiistiiuiious, cicuii-ing and strengthening the stomach, and increasing the apinlite al-o a prevciitalncii'.'aili-l the cholera luor hit., lever nuu iiguc, reoiovoi nau-cit, vonuiius. heart Isiruiitg, weakness in ihe breast, pant in ihe stomach and other symptoms ol flatulence and iiuhucs lion. One box will tincturoonogallon. Price jj els, 11 lillV. ltussl'tt's Itch t'lSTHF.NT. 11ns clioict! anil sale ointment i s saul tn Is' superior lo any now in tii'. that disagreeable und loatli-ome disca-c, Ihe ITCH this Ointment is so ciitrlaiu in its opcrauon mat no person lloui'tcd Willi llic nisivc iiisotuer oogiit iu ne without it. It is a rcmcily for cutaneous eruption scorboli' iiihvtion ofthc head, nraiiy olhct breaking out which arises Irom sharp humors m tne mood, 1'rioo "a els. a I -ox. flos.i i.i.'s llntroi's Puis, or family nhvsic. for general use. in cacs til'.lntiiidus', morbid sen-ibihiy of tho stomach and Uiwel, lo-s nf appetite, fietiil brealli, coslivencss, Pile-, and nil diseases nris ing from biliary dcrangciiietit., al-o fur correcting Ihe state of the blood, and cleansing Ihe system of loul and viscid Humour.. I ne-e pills nre u mini ca thartic, producing neither pains nor gripine, and are .1 ....I....1I 1 V:l.t ..1 IH,.l..l.'.n incrciiirsT il i uiii.iLiiu dim iimiiiv iii'iii ' t( ..xisins, and are prononnml as such by the most distinguished physician. Kach box cxiniaining 39 Pills. Price 37 1 cis.n lux ICii-.ctrs coenranxirAi.T iiiir.ctniiNTir.NT. i ms is .tiiiiii..sliOniililv the l.'sl and sale-l rcllltsli cicr vvt oiler ,1 to tin pi i Mio lor that oosiina xintcr n. i.i ItilKUM. Where other ineatis have l.iileil, it h.isme- txxsle!, and the fact that it has Isx-n sxteuively used by ciniiicnl Practitioners speaks volumes m its praise. Ills csiially I'lhcai'ioisS in ail discuses ot tiu'skin sinlil head, riic- worms. nnd lliu most invclerate lleh iVc. iVc. Niuucrous ccililicate. might 1st obtained. lait ihe propritor chooses thai a fair trial should I the only evidence of its superior ctlic.iey. PnceMlifnta laix. For sMc by J. iV J. II. Peck & Co., Thcodori' A.Ps kvCo.,sigti n the .Mortar, ami Knl-srt .vlusly. llurlinglon t I'r. I . I-.Mites, and null k i nni;, limes Uirehi S. If. Ilnrues. Cltarlottet L, Julius. IJeorgui lu Tvlcr. Kssa'X t Fuller tV Hnntinglon, Jliilimend, Also, by Ihe iltuggtsts niiJ incrvhants generally hrom-'hout the state. n'i.Om KURD'S GRASS S12UI) forsslcby STRONGS fi CO, IIICPATIC RI.lXIIl, JL I'l-tl.ltllA 1 1. II r.'in.sly for ..,.(( .l.t 1,(1., nt snc J. m. from a di-eased state ol the Lit Kit and its Score lions: ihe lolliiwnii' are a few ol Us symptom wcakuessof ihcstotuach, Indigestion, loss nl apitetilc lovviit'ss ol pirits and Headache; it will Is loiind tire teiiiedy lor l.riiplious on the Face. I it con- tiicncc of Incir being many nostrums circulator.- in Ibis part of the country, the sobscriN'rs are authorized ' .... , .. ...I ..,c... (!.: .: 1.. : ... . IO M urrain IIS iciicuei.u enccis, i inn arm it is jiisi rix'civol. and ollcrtsl lo the public as one well woril Ihe attention oflhose who ate allhclod by cuiuplainls from the alsivc disease; it la'ing irom an eminent physician we lid conlnlent in lhu rccoinmendingtl c'tt. fits III. TIIKO. A. PKCK Co.. Sign of the Mortar,onedooreat nf J (.V J II Peck & Co T OTION. LOTION. DU. KVANS' HKAITI Ji FYING LOTION Highly esttxincd lor curing nil Kriiniions Coar-ciiess. I!cilncs and l'iiii,le- it.. F Xccl. or band-, and ellcctnnllv cleaning ihe complexion, and removing all di-cii-c- of Ihe skin' Not inn' coin 1 1 hotcs so lunch to our general sinve.-s in bio. a- an engaging first nppearanic. I his 1 ,011011 l linirod 11 IIKM iragrani, uiiiu.s.iicwa-ii nuu f-icai Iv cstis'imsl I'or its virlucsiu clc!iiiing, soliciniig, am purifying Ihe skinof all eruption., so itijiii iotrv to le male I eautv. and re-loring it to a high degree ol pu riiv. A Is'iiiiliful complexion i-hu pride of all bo nnssess it. nml ihcenvvoflho-ewho aretlcpnvcdnl it What is so minting Ion beautiful I' w ho-el'.ux' nature liath-plavcst herpower.asioiitid ncrcnmriex ton discoloured w ilh disgusting ptmplc, w hu h mur her 1 Iniitiis 1 A irood noocar.i nee is the best reenm iiiini.l.itinn nml nsibc llcautifv lug Lotion purifies the skin, ami removes all Piiiiplcs.'lllnlohe-, Tun, Sunburn and llediicss, and prtslm es n U-aulifnl hue, it is ihe only cosmetic a lady should iff at her toilet. Gentlemen will all also hud this a lUhglnlul remedy, to remove a l,iighni-s. rnup es. Kingvvornis, cpots, iiconess. Soreness of theface and no-c, ami every kind ol crop lion on the siirlace nl the human rody. it is partti'it 1. 11 v rccnmmcnilcil logeiitlemcu lo la; ti.-cil alter sh ving, a- it will prevent the otherwise certain cilix t t nil ciiinnion soan. in turning ihe ts-ard premature!' rev. For s.a c Who c.o e and rcl.ii by A. Ill 1 1 It I'lVirk' .V IT.i.. No. 117G,'neix' sllix't. I'licn. Ill I'lIP Imgton, liy J. v J. 11. reek iv t-o., nuu i ueo. ,. i-ecn .Vl!.t. In Vcrnclincs. bv J. II. Iliiwinnn. Ill Milton, bv llurnelt it Sawyer. In Georgia, by l.rcnzo Jnncs nug TYTATUitirs IX valuable GIEAND KIKTOISATIVK. Tim Vrceiable Medicine stands iiiirivnlltsl I'or ihe following compUinls, Tiz: Dyspepsia, or Indi gcslioii,lica-iil Liver, biliousdisorlcr-, Dropsy, Aslh lll.l. I 'tisl iwili'ss. Worms and lo-s cif Appetite, and In cleansing the .stomach and bowels, cures pains m the side, slouiach and hrcast, colds ami cougus 01 ion; standing, Hoarseness, shnrlne-s of breath, Ncrvou enninlni..!.. rlc which lire frtslllClltlV lllf filixt Ofllls case. For Fevernn! Ague, it t a most vnluable pre ventntiv. ii- wc I as a sovereign remedy, lis virtue siirna.. anc ihinir hereto ore known in removing Cl Viius' DaiuV two Unties have lain known lo cure Ihisntllictingihsease, alter having Pinned every ever lion tor four )cars, ft hns a most powenut iniiuene in -..iiuiciiiiT iicrcoits cntisil It Ills, it is ik.i-.iiii o ois and.iica.v in its oiK'r.iliun. thai it may I endtninistcitsl to the infant with safely. The above Medicine is very highly rts'onimenihxl hy many scientific gentlemen and a large minder ol ladle-, w ho have proved 11, . trm... nt ilicMishetneliciHTsona useniul I Ml oiinc t'liiiii;.... A lull olVcrtiiicnios accompanies each home wilh ihristions. It may le bad wholc-.tle or retail n! riiam. Ilarrc. and J. I', r.irimm. r.asi iv imams iim-n. Vt.solc orooriciors. Prcoar(l Irom theorigiu nl ris ipe ; I'or sale by K. II. Prenli's-, Montpclicr, anil i .c. i n I'. . . I',, ,nl 'I'm n. A. Pri k Co.. Ilur- litiiou. mid hi ihe piincnial towns in ihe slate; all ilirccl ions sigiioi in me mum wining num-pi c( (.( Lumber Waggons. f new Lumber Waggons for sate by jviny s, lbll. JitutvUK. ifc u.VH.l.x, (5 Leeches ! Lercli. ! A Package just received, of Spanish exportation by' May 5. THEO. A. PKCK & CO. Cough Cattily i pF.ASF.'S Celebraleil CANDY nice)' put for up rc X tailing also at wholesale, bv May 5, IS 11. THEO. A. PECK f- CO. 1 HO iTOSIIF.LS Herds f,'ras Sec,l-cnbits,clrf J UU Clover, hy J. ft J. II. PECK & CO. Burlington, 27 April, IB II. ICHM I.OXF.V. WOULD respectfully inform hi palrono nnd llio inhabitants of Ilurlineton, and its vicinity gen erally, that ho has made arrangements for adding an otherbraneh lo hisbusiness. Ileis now prepared lo furnish' Wigs, Curls. and False Whiskers, nnd indeed every article in his lint: of business, nt the shortest no tice, and ot as good quality as can no outlined in New York or Ronton. All orders will meet with prompt attention. Shop under Howard's IIolel,tiortll side of the Snu-ire, Darlington, VI. -13 r.. -,t. ion y ! (sjii. 2,00 IIIII.S. Pork 1,0001b-. Lard 10,000 Ibj iiams ior sale nv LYMAN ft COLI'.. Sew noons. SUPERIOR F.nglish and American Prints, rln. Light Printed Lawns. do. Mournin" tlo. and Mniir-liii DcLaines. vervchoicn pnllern, jn?f tc ceivtdby II. 51. GIDD1NGS & CO. nit.wr.its axd tailors. BENNS & SON. siTcnssnns to r.pu'Ar.n r.. t.vans. Clinrch'Strcel, Ilurlingtnn, Vt. BROWN Sheetings, Ticking. Cotton Yarn, Wick ing. Twine, Iiatliii". Crash Diapers, etc. very low, by K. M. WRIGHT fc CO. FAREWELL'S Gaiter Roots, Walking Shoes, Spring Heel and French Kid Slips, also .Mis-c r Slips and Children's Shoes, for sale bv nil) E. JL WRIGHT &. CO. IIORSF. l'-r.l't). Kflf Ruihefs SHORTS for ealr, n good am JUiJ clcfor Horta Feed, bv HICKOK & CATLIN. 10 May, 1311. I'INF. IslTMIlElR. of rnn for 1 5 inr'1 rin nn c,(,;,r 2'' C .V-'UV. quality, for sale. Inquite of 5Iay 11, 1841. STRONG'S ft CO. 'TMIEO. A. l'KCKft Co. at thosignof the Mortar A have just ree'd a quantity of Cayenne Pepper, of English inniorlation. Constantly on hand, iloiuba) Gum Jlyrrh, genuine llayberry Hark, do. do. in Pow der, Jamaica Ginger Heart, do. do. in Powder, wngnl and Ohio Turmerics, Ac. eic. Sept. 16, 1810. IA7.0HS. Joseph Rodgera end hons etrpf."''' V also Pouieroy's fine Strops, and the white V ind sor.Soap,forss'icby H. M. OIDD1NG3 ft Co. notici: to mriLin:ns. THE subscriber will furnish in Hurlincton and vicinity, GHAMTK window caps, sills, under pinning, Tltrcsliohls and Door slcps of nny descrip tion, ol the lir.l quality. A bM ol any stone wanted will Isi ntleiidod to, and all information turiiihcl by Mes,r.Folletl sV llradleyr Pis'ks V Co., nnd Hradlcy ft Hyde. Any person can see Ihe quality of the stone, I iv those furnished lor Judge Follctl's Imu-e or I resi dent Wheeler's hitise in llitrlington. Il is iirfunuvi that the quality and price ntthc-esione wu .1 gcneralitse if burfder. will lake the fin aitiiiieilioslorif nnd priA'. tiKO. W. Itanc.V't. February 1811. Cm NOTICE TO DENT8TS, rr-tur Uni.erilirr nrn Agents for (ho salo ot 1 STOCKTONS CELKIIKATED TEETH, of Tl.,ls.l..lnl,ia. A stIPPlViUftopCllCd. OUl.UlX 'IJ. ,,0ILS ronst.n.l-onhaml. & May H. 1RH' Apothecaries. XFAV GOODS. PD00I.1TTI.E has just reccivedfrom New York . a largo and genera! assortment of Goop, suit able for the season among which may be found nilOAIl CLOTHS, lllaek niue, Invisible Grccn,Rtlle Green, and Cadi t lllic.xd. CASSIMERES, k, ltlne, steel mixed and fancy colours Salinells, Linen and Cotton pantaloon sttills, a gical vaiuty TAILORS TRIMMINGS, lllaek Italian Sewing's first quality, Hall Twist " " lluttons, all kin Is, Coat lliudiitgs and Cords, Padding, Canvass, silk and worsted Scri', Silessias, llioun and lllaek Linens, lllack and White Wr-gln, Marshall's best Linen 1 breads Exotisii. Fbescii and Akesicas CAUcors, Prmlel Lawns, Sloiiscline dc Laines, Hishop Lawns, white and coloured Cambric, Paper Muslins, Foundation, Cotton Cord, Irish Linens, Russia Diaper, Table do. Table Cod rs, F.laslic llraees, I losiery, Spool Cottons, Pearl lluttons, stay bindings, white nnd coloured Jeans, best drilled eyed Needles, Pins, Poolings, Thcui Lace Edgings, Shawls, Ladies and Gui. llcinen'sGlores, Girnp Lace, Wire Net nnd Silk Fillet for Ladies caps. Italian Cravats, Gincham ditto, Pongee and spun Silk Hdkfs, Ladies and Gentlemen's Linen Cambric Hdkfs, Limn Cambric, lllaik Italian and Gro tie Swisse Silks, Cofonred do Nap do., lust Satin Sunk, Umbrellas and Parasols, tlonnels, Hut laps, llagging, Ac. DOMESTIC GOODS. llrown and bltached Miccting and Shirtings, Ti k mgs, Wkk'urg, Colton Rattr, Wadding ami Colloti Yarn. Gnocr.iur.s, Porto Rico nnd New Orleans Sugar, " " nnd llavnium Molasses, Loaf tnd Lump Sugar, Powdered Loaf do Itvson. Itvsnn Skin, nnd Youn2 IlrP0nTf.1. Java and West India Coffee, Starch, Hunch Raisin?, English 5Iustrd, Cassia, Nutmegs, Pepwr oml Spice, Rice, Snlaeratus, liar Soap, Pire,Cavcndish1obacio, I.onllards finecul chewing ami sniokiiigdmo. Lo rdlard'a .Mncoboy SiiiiIF, Scotch dido. Sail Pi trc Old palo Sherry Wine, Sicily Madeira do. Daily' Salt St. Ubesdo., Parrel do. Nova Scout Plaster Also, 1 lib. J. ground bottom Tumblers, Window Jlas? Codfish. All of which will be sold at llio very lowest rates. ovv.iisO llurlington, May 10, 1811. CfT Pieces Challya and 5Lu-Tm Dc Laities, ju?l 0J opened, and clienp ns ibe ebc.ipest, by nlO E 51. WRIGHT it CO. 17011 SALE, ten quarter Irish Lmni L superior quality. N. I.OVK .May bin, itfiu Liikii Sheetings of :i.v ft co. LOVKLV UIIRLHl'T HAVE just received an addition lo llieir pTcseiit ns snttnient of Carpeting, Rugs. Rocking bush, Jlatting, Flo.r 0,1 Cloths, Ac. which togetlar makta amore cttiiisivonssorlment than was ever More of feted in this place, to which th.; attention of purcha sers ororcspcctfitlly.inviit-it May it'll.

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