Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 2, 1841, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 2, 1841 Page 3
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neutrals by llic law of Nations, and the duty, nlso, Which lliuy owe to the interest nnd honor of llieir own L'uuutry. At a subsequent period, when the Amcricnn colo tuex of nn European power took up nt ins ugainsl their Sovereign, .Congress, not tlivcrtcit fiom the establish ed system of tliu. Gjvenimjii' hy any temporary con siderations, nur swcrvcdfioin its scuso ol justice nnd of duty hy any sympathies which it might naturally fed for ono of tha parties, did not hcsitntc, also, to pass Acts applicable to the case of colonial insurrection mid civil war. And these provisions of law have been continued, revised and nuieiuled, and aro in full force nt the tiresmt moment. Not- bivo thov been a dead letter, asMt is well known that exemplary punishments hove been inflicted on lhoo who have transgicsscd thein. It is known, indeed, that heavy penalties have fallen on individuals', citizens of the United States, engaged in tin vciy disturbance in Canada' villi which tho destruction of tlie " Caroline" was connected. And it is in Mr. Pox's knowledge, also, that the Act cf Congress of March 10th 1SJ5, was passed for tho pceciso purpose of more effectually Totrnlniutr militarv enternriscsfrom tliollnitcd States into the llritish Provinces, by authorizing the use of tnc most sure ami decisive preventive mean". ine undersigned may add, that it stands on tho ad mission of every high llritish authority, thai during tuo receni Lannuiati troui les, although homes 01 nu venturers appeared on the border, making it neces sary lor tlio peopled Gnnada to Keep themselves in n stale lirouared for self-defence, vet. that these Oil- venturers were acting, by no iucnns,"in accordance with the feeling of tlio great mass or the American ninnlc. nr nf thn Government nf the United States. The Government, therefore, not only holds itself above reproach in every tiling respecting tlio preser vation ofncutnlitv, the observance of tlio principles of nonintervention, and tlio strictest conformity, in 'these respects, to the rules of intcrnitional law, but it doubts not that the world will do it the justice to acknowledge that it basset an example not unvvnitliv In be followed bv otlvrs. and ill it. bv its steady l'ais- iilion on this inot important .subject, it In" done kcomcthinff to moniotp ne-ico and '"-oil neighborhood Hi-iioiig Nations, and to advance 'the civilization of '1U1I1K1IUI. The undersigned ti usts, that when Her Majesty s Government shall present tho grounds, at length, on which they justify iho local Authorities of Canada in 'nttacking and destrojing the "Caroline," they will consider that the laws of the United States are such as tho undersigned has now represented them, and thr.tlho Government of the United States has always manifested a sincere, disposition to seo inoso laws ef fectually and impartially administered. If there have been cases where individuals, justly obnoxious to punishment, have escaped, this is no more than hap pens in regard to other laws. Under these ciicumstanccs, and under thoso imme diately connected with the transaction itself, it will be for Her Majesty's Government to show upon what state of facts and what rule of "Nn'ional law the des truction ofthe" Caroline" is to bedefended. It will I c for that Government to show a necessity for self-de fence, instant, ovei-whilmin!?, leaving no choice of meansanu no moment lor deliberation., it will be lor it to show, also, tint the local otithorities of Canada, even supposing the necessity of the moment nuthor- izou incni 10 eiuer uic leirnorics oi me uniicu oiaics stall, did nothing unreasonable or oxecssivoi since the act, justified by the necessity of self-defence, must bo limited by that necessity, and kept clearly within it. It must be shown that admonition or remon strance to the persons on board the "Carolino" was impracticable, or would have been unavailing j it must bo shown that day Unlit could not bo waited fori that there could be no attempt at discrimination be tween the innocent and the sruilty ; ihnt it would not have been enough to seize ond detain llic vessel i but that thcrowas a necessity, present and inevitable, for attacking her, in the dullness of the night, while moored to the sh'ue, and while unarmed men were asleep on board, killing some and wounding others, nnd then drawing her into tho current, above the cataract, setting her on tire, and, careless lo know whether there might not be in her the innocent with 'the guilty, or Iho living with the dead, commuting her to a fate which tills the imagination with horror. A necessity for all this the Government of tho United Stales cannot believe to have existed. All sec that if such things beallowcd to occur, they might lead to bloody and exasperated wars and when nn individual comes into the United States from Canada, and to tin very place this drama was per formed, and theie chooses to mako public and vain gorious boast of flic part, he acted in il, it is hardly -wonderful that great excitement should bo created, and some decree of commotion arise. This Itepublie does not wish to disturb iho trnn q lillity of the world. Its o' jeet is peace, ils policy peace. It seeks not aggiandiseiuent by foreign con quests, because, it knows that no foieign acquisition could augment its power ami importance so rapidly as they are already advancing hy its own natiual trow-in under the propitious circumstances of its k tuotion. Hut it can not admit that its Govirnmcnt has not both tho will and the power to preserve its neutrality, and to enforco the observance of its own laws upon its own citizens. It is jcnlous of its rights, and among others, and most especially, of the right of the absolute immunity of its territory against ng gicssion from abroad s and these rights'it is the duty and determination of this Government fully and at nil times to maintain; while it will at the same time, ps scrupulously nfraiu from infringing on the rights " tW resident instructs the undti signed to say. in J conclusion, that ho confidently trusts Ihnt this nnd all ruber questions of d-fT-renrn between the tvvn Govern mcnts will bo treated bv both ill tho full exrrciseof such a spirit of cindor, jnsliee, and mutual respect, as shall five nss'ir-nco of the lone continuance of p-are between the two rountiics. Tho unders'L'iied nvails himself nf this opportunity In assuio Mr. Fox of his high c i nideratinn. danif.l wi:hsti:ii. Hknrv S. I'ox, l.sq. &C. etc FRIDAY MORNING, JUL Y 2, 18)1. Wc givo ti) our columns lo-dny to tin; interesting corrcspoii'liiticc between Messrs. I'ox and Forsyth, and tlio speech of Mr. Hives, in reference to the McLcod aftiir. The importance of the subject, however, and tlio ability with which it is discussed, will command the intention of every reader. WHIG NOMINATION?. Wc learn from Montpelier that tlio Whig Convention, which met at that place on the 30th tilt, agreed upon tho following nomi nation : For Governor, CHARLES PAINE, of Northfield. For Lt. Governor, WAITSTILL R. IIANNEY, of Windham County. For Treasurer, JOHN SPAL'LDING, ol Monipi'lier. Messrs. Camp and Janes, vro understand, declined a rcnominatiiin. The Convention was will attended, and ils deliberations, char acterised hy great unanimity and good feel ing. The ticket is u good one, and wi meet a hearty rosponso from tho freemen of the .State. CONGRESS. Mr. Clay has reported a bill in the Senate to incorporate a Rank, varying somewhat ironi tho plan suggested by Mr. Evving. The report leconimends tlio establishment of tlio Mother JJatik at Washington, with power to locate branches in tlio several States ; and that it be governed by a board of nino direc tors, who shall ho paid for their services by tho corporation of tho Rank. The mother Rank to be prohibited from making any dis counts or loans whatever, except loans lo government, authorized hy express law. This provision will guard it against tlio exer cise of any unduo government or official in fluence, or tlio imputation of any unworthy transaction. All bank accommodations to tlio directors of the parent hoard, arc utterly prohibited. No paid office of tho Rank to recoivo loans or accommodationsin anv form whatever. The Rank not to he allowed to cngago in any but legitimalo Ranking Lusi ness, and to bu excluded from all dealing in slocks, and all commercial operations-. Tlio dividends to bo limited to seven per cent. Tho affairs of tho Rank to bo at all time laid open to the inspection of Congress and the Secretary ofthe Treasury. Tho bill granting ?-.'5,0U0 to Gen. Ilaiii- son's family, has passed botlt brandies, and become a law. A proposition is now before the Ifotiso for a loan often millions to pay up iho debts of the late administration ; nnd on this tlicro will doubtless bo much discussion. Correspondence of the l'rco Press. Nr.w YonK,Juno20, 1811 You will of course havo seen in the Washington journals full delails of lite pro ceedings in Congress, up to the present time. The plan for n National Hank, .brought for ward by Mr. Clay, very neatly resembles that reported, in answer to a call of tho sen ate, hy the Secretary ofthe Treasury. The main point of difference is in the article, con ferring power upon the Mother Rank, to es tablish ngoncics wlvjroverslio pleases. Mr. Secretary Evving is for at least waiving this this right and forgiving to tho central hank only, the power of establishing Rrancltcs in thosu States which may proviously have giv en their consent. Thoro can ho no doubt that should any state refuse to have tt Rranch, within her borders, tlio worst would bo tier own. Site would certainly bu the greatest sufferer : and there can bo but littlo doubt that even New-Hampshire herself,' would gladly embrace the opportunity of hugging the young monster to Iter bosom. Rut did you ever licar so ridiculous a threat as, that uttered by Mr. Demosthenes Allen, from Ohio, in tho Senate? This valiant dema gogue, who obtained bis soat in tho Senate by ono ofthe vilest acts of party chicanery, that ever disgraced any State, and who now stands in tlio Senate, an opponent of tho Administration, representing a State which gave more than L'0,000, majority to bring it into power, declares that if they charter a Rank, ho will instantly introduce n bill to repeal li.and trill press il until it be done ! Ho has about two years longer to serve in Congress. On ono account the ground taken by Mr. Ewing is to ho regretted: it may lend coun tenance to the impression that tho constitu tionality ofthe Rank of tho U.. States is still a question open for discussion. Now it must be evident to every one that if there is such a thing as final decision upon any constitu tional question, that decision has been given in this cae. All the farheis ofthe Constitu tion have recognized its constitutionality, and the Supreme Court of the United States, the body whom the Constitution itself, has ves ted jwith power to pronounce definitely and decisively upon its intent, has sanctioned the practice fur fifty years. The question has come before that Court in vaiious ways, and they have uniformly declared the constitu tionality of a National Instituti n. Why then, do we concede anything which shall even bear the soniblanco of a doubt upon this oft decided point? iKAiii in .,.. .HKunai it c regret to announce the death of Major Gknliial Alekam-cu Mavomr, tl,- I :.. rl.:r ..e tt:....i .. t i , r, r -i . i n . mu l tll-ltl-vlin-i Ul inu I II 11 II O IUICB .WlMV , W I11CI1 occurcd at Inlf-past two o'clock yesterday. Ilisfu ncJnl will take place on Monday next, nt 10 o'clock A, M. MadUnniun of Saturday. The yearly meeting of the Society of .,.,...1- lo ...... w. t. i ti. tun tOWII Kti Newport, U. 1. Tlio Uernld states thiitl there are many distinguished prencheis pie sent. Among them are Elizabeth Robinson. of England ; Jeremiah Hubbard, of Indiana, and Doctor Richard C. Thomas, of Ralti- more, who opened the public meeting on tho Sabbath ; Joseph Bowud and Zcno Carpen ter, of Now York ;.EIizihi'th Pitfield and Sarah Hilinan, of Philadelphia: Susanna Smith, of New Jersey; John Warren, 1 hoiuas Jones, and Samuel 1 iivlor. of Maine ; Huld ih Ho.ig, of Vermont, and mniiv others. . POST OFFICE DEPARTMENT. We coppy front the Now Yorker the fol lowng abstract ofthe appendix to the P.M. General's report. Mail Contracts Among tho documents communicated to Congress by the President with his Message, were several papers from the several Departments appended to to tho general statement from each. Ono of these from tho Postmaster General stales that the Mail Contracts for New York nnd New England (all of which expired on tlio 30lh of June last) amounted heretofore lo S79j,-J48 per annum. Of these, 770 routs, which heretoforo cost SG72,38S, havo been te-let nt an aggregate charge of $524,033, giving a net saving of $148,-135, or about 22 per cent ! This cost may bo slightly increas ed by necessary improvements on some rouls, but probably not so as to reduce tho saving below 20 per cent. Sixty two routs remain unlet, simply be cause the P. ty. General will not submit to flagrant extortion. They are the Rail Road and Steamboat Routs, which were last taken for the aggregate sum of 110,253, but for which $185,811, is now demanded-an in crease of near 70 per cent ! For example, tlio New-York and New-Haven mail has cost $15,000 per annum; the bid is now $25,000! From New Haven to Hartford, the Railroad has had S5,000;it now de mands SS.000 ; the Springfield and Worces ter Railroatl asks an increase from S4.000 for a daily to $21,000 for a two-dail mail ; and the Utica and Syracuse, Syracuse and Auburn, and other Railroads demand similar additions, although thcro is a decrease in the Post Ofiice Revenue on nearly every rout. We trust this attempt at extortion appar cnlly,prcconccrted will bo defeated. Tho actual deficiency in tho Post Office Revenue on the 1st of February last was, as near as can bo ascertained, $354,9. Mr. Whittlesey, Post OlTico Auditor, re ports that the most energetic measures aro now in progress against delinquent Postmas ters, of whom there aro no less than 3,33" apparently indebted to the Government in sums varying from a few dollars to many thousands. A great part of this is of course hopelessly lost s hut a considerable portion will be collected by systematic and tesolute exertion. DA. BR AMA.V, has this day recived a new nssort of Books nnd Stationery, comprising Addresses and Messages, of iho Presidents from Washincton lo Harrison. Valuable and approved works, in Tncolog ical ond Miectllancous Literature General Biography voyages and travels. The latest editions ofthe most approved School Classical ond Mathematical Books. A large supply of Paper, Quills, Blank Books, Klein entary andolher Spcllors, Grammars nnd Geographies Boton Academy tilco Book and Odion, and Juvtnile books earrfolly elcrted, b'I which ale oftered at the Wwett prices, at die Book Store. July ? 15)1 lltUGlITON MAHKKT. Monday, June 21. Kiom tho Uoston Patriot. At market, 200 liccfCatllc, 15 yokevvorkmg Ox en, 20 cows and calves, 2S00 sheep and 320,S wine. l'nicEs Uccf Cattlo We quote to correspond with last week about tho samo prices were obtained lor n like quality. Kirst quality $8 75 a &7 00 1 Second quality Sfl 25 a $6 50 t Third quality $5 23 a S(3. Working Oxen No sales noticed. Cows and Calves-Sales iZ3, $25, 831, $31, S38, SIO, ond 815. Sl,ccpDull. Many lots were sold for considera ble less than they cost in the country. Lots were sold at the following price", viz 181,00, 81,12, 81,12, At.C2.Sl.83, 82,00, 82,12, $2,23 nnd 82,33. Swine Several Lots of lai(;o borrows 5 1-2, nnd one lot fit 5 3-S. A lotto peddle, some of which vvero pips, nt 5 1-8 ond 0 1-8. At retail, from 5 to 7 J. THE FOURTrOMULY. I.A1JIKS' I'AIIt. Thel.AliiKs of Hnrliii(ilon,vvill hold a a FA I K for the lenelit of Missions, on Monday, the Killb ol July, nt tlio Coiirl-lIoiie. Doors open at 12 o'clock, M. Admittance 01 cent. July 2, 1811. l M air ir n dl In Charlotte' on tho 1 Ith inst. By tho Hct. K. V. rtoonMAN Mr. Peter K. 1'sase to Miss CommLLA RlCi'colchcster, July 1st, hy the Rev. C. Taylor, Mr. Benjamin 13. 1 line, to Miss Kmclino J. Kolfe, nil of Colchester. BSffl (fl In Williston on the 27th ult nflcr n liiiBcrins and painful illness of several months Mr. Daniel Isham n soldier of the rev olution aged 00 years. Mr.Isham was onoof the first setlerso Williston has ever sustained tlio character of an hono-t and iipriqht man, nnd after having lived co n good old age he hasjione to the enjoyment of n bctler vvoild where the wiel.ed cease from troubliiifjond the weary ore at rest. Printers in New Vork ni e requested &c. LIST Ol' I.KTTEHS REMAINING in the Tost Office nt Burlington, Vt. Julyl.lrill. A I Jin g shore, Jamci Alexander, C'b.vrte Lawrence, John Allen, Leonora Lawrence, Mary Ainc, Zc.Vl.iah, J I' Ander-on, Henrv l,voiinrd, Laura 3 .A ul cry, C.ipt J i- i.ittlp, Levi Adeau. ll.lw.ird Loekliu, John A Ayol, (lulcrl Lnoii, Oliver II ergo, Anpcfio llailey, John Lntonlain, Aui.ib'o IL linker, Samuel H la Uoro, Mr llanies,MisS,irab M HaMow, Ira A .Mason, Genrpo H.iuldlnr;, Carpus May, Edwonl It Mean, Henry Ma-on & Hinnlalo BeleljCvntlVa Maon, Ira Hcvau, Nirho'a O Maeomlcr, IlwarJ Berry, Hiss Janu Mnrtm, Mary O nWiop, Joel Marks-, Kolc'rt It Bishop, Seth Mark, Andrew Hbtell, lieninmin M' Kwintr, HiUhio lilanclut, Mr Mary Ann M'Phce.Jolin BradJIey, Abraham Mci.cmrcr, Myron, W Briirhani, Mary lt Mdler, Lemi.el I! 2 Brown, 'as-uii- P 2 Mill-, Myron 2 Hruh, Mi-s C Moore, A-aliel Urcw-tcr, Lvdm MooreV, Iilmond B', dipt Win Mor.-c, I.oui n Butler, John J. . Moidlluop, Maria K Urodeur, Tleiu Mahenx, Mid Jean Bio Brodcur, O Maijnire, IVh'x Bcrow, rrnneift Malo, Kr.iocoi Briinil, I ,cwii Mai'let, J. B'c Brunei!, John Menard, Pianons Boiaverl, Anloina Mereer, Thouuu C Moblow, Jed Cameron, Mr? M Carpenter, Joseph I. Nelson h Gate. Chanil erln'ii, Oiis-n 13 Newell, Frtnu-n Ciiilc, Jaiiii'a Newlon, Ko-well 3 Chase, .loi n Norlliop, 'flioirn Uiiiireniu, virni'in .xiouen. j'coni, l,re-,tou North, Joel Churchill, Sophia Noonian, Charlo'tv Ciark, Key Lln Norton, juliiu CUU, II II . Noycs. ! Minerva Clouirh, I.uiher Nuie, Willmni (Joncer, Charle. lt ( Coover-e, ti, o ,V ! O'Lnnirley. Joba 2 Cook, Hey Hit O'Dende.'Kllou Conn, II N O.iellet, Jo,enh Connies Gil! trt P Corby, Piter I'nlmer, Win Harlow Cornuu, Laura Parker, RevS W Cialilree.JC'aroli. Palehen. Ralph Cubley, J, s.vih Pierce, FILridcr tt Curl y', IV or Piuney, Mr Peisit Curney, lilwnrJ Pettes Levy Curlis'., K'ltah Place, Allen Cutting, Lucy l'oi, Orpha 2 X!onlurv.'l"cph I'otwin, H W tollt'.B-y'g'TSg- Powers Holwt ' flmLlX' 1 rior J F art. "A miV Aji Polnnin. Ocor-c Dart.'AmV l)v. Mi..l Putnam, Julia Ptrrault, Kraneoi It Rani'all, Kanny Itecil, Maria A Hiee, Thomas Richard", N N Rieharibon, Genre Reilly, WiIImiii Rnvlje, l.ocy Itoekvsoo lt Wdlvinx Itoircrs, Widow Itoil, Jau:es Iiof, Iteiil en Ross Win Roncliaii, I'.lwaid S Starr, Warren Sunwell, ticoriro Sagar, Thomn S-i,u, J J Slianahiin, Wioefieil Plialluol;, Ira Phattu-l, Nnhsm W She.!,l,R,.vMar h.ill spunu Sheldon, Mi., A M .Sliurtleli; AiiKiikta Sin lib A Smith, Charles .Smith, !) Smiib, Ilairii t W Soiiih, .limes 2 Smith, John 2, William T Spaul liiii', Alvio Spear, Silas Slanifor.l, en S'licy, Annuls S'acy, fieeiirc S'evcns Lie her M Slevemon, Char'iis A S ewart, Alva i Sal o irain, Baptte SsTyille, Jen n, Ilipts Sylicr, Moi v Bitii.u'cr.o T Taylor, Uaar lliatelier, Will.ird Tliajer, Harriet A Tli.iyer, John Timor, L'li Tliajer, Warren Thayer, Fi lu r Thomas Cli'oeC i'honip.nn, I)r Alexander Day, WilfTai l)iivi.,,M.jJ Befov-'lohri I II How, Henry Douren, Mary Drew, t'nntel Ottilias M.l ii ice Dunl.lee, Allen !) Duplessis Mailain C Edwards J't'iie U I'lilritlire, Cij.i John Kmery, Caroline Lli, .Miid.iini' n 'ro-' I' Fay, Rev.l Charles F'Miton, Willioni Fern-, Ainu u I Fisher, 1) P Foote, Lu 'y I, 1onl, Daniel Freema n, In y Freeman, Marley L Fro-t, Henry Franeuf, Jea'u I! e Feanhey, TLroliile Ferner,' Beoj Fotintain, H L Fugec, Isaac jay, Gilbert, Mi- lletly Oilln-rt Mis'. S isan Goothieli, f'li.ttuney (ioiMlyear, -Mnr n L Gram, .Mary Ann Green, Fanny Gieen, Mr- Fanny Green, Laura Grceiioucb, William W (It-nunl, Antmne 2 II Hadley, Lyin.iu Harris, Jn'lin Harris, Lai nn Harri..plon, Henry Hatch, Warren F. Hani, Rev. A II Ilaim'ton Ami Hernck, J T HerrieU &. .'.tea 1 Hibl.aiil, Char!e4 Hill, Win Hiclee, I sae II ix. Comforl 1 racy, I xra i; IliMlcdon, Georce or Mr.'I'raey,'i r jvilint i'i "mi-ion I ripp, I'vio'v- Itowll Tullle, K i-e I Holehkis-A Field Tourti on, Naihan'e) Hooker, Rev. MlvvarlW A' Horlon, William I, Van SieVlin, llovvniil, Appleion C Vnughan, Wii-hinsu n Howeiiii, J -i 1 1 Vayeux, Cliar!- Howard, Mnralte Vnycux, Ah xaiu'er Hiitiliuis Simon .1 Wronaull, Jean Bsptisie Hiitehin'on, Stiniou W Hunt, Siephi n Wadsworth, Mrs Laura Hyili-, K O Warner, U'-ler Haiuesea, Marj Anne Warner, laac HiiRard, .Mary ' Washburn, Lucius I Webster, Hirnin Kham, Ileiuy WelN, Asa I Wcntworth, Peter W Jam-, Sarah Wenlworih, IV.Irone W John-on, A van Whee'er, Fuilerie!, B Jones, Mr-Mary WhiiaU'r, Firl ert Josliu, IIC Whimey, Charles It K Wieker," -Mi-s A M Kcyoi, Mo-es Wil-on, Ro-a!ia Kimball, Loren T Wil-on, Itnssel I. Wilson, Ii Lagan, John Winter, Itieh'd Landon, Aliinda T icy Per-ons ealliitg for theabove letters, aio re que-ted 10 desi'naic tliein a- advertised. nt II. 11. STACV, P. AI. FOURTH 0JF JULY, rpilF. Members of iho ItURMXR'mv l.UMIT IVFANTUV, an-requu,lio nieei in iront oi ine i,apiam uomo ai u o'elocl, on Saturday mnrnine, the 3d insl. with 12 I land t Hirui2Cs. lor tlio rumoe ol lakin? a irm ir. . I'uisuiirKu, anu oi vi-uni me name urouiios in mat place, and leturu liotiutlhe same rvciiinir, '1 he coin pan); will leave ihe place of mceliiig nt precisely sev en o clock, after which lime no guns will I u given oul to any one. By or.lerof the Captain, S. K CORNING, Orderly Fergeant. July 2. n, q-'HKSubscriUr wll pay cash for a few Thousand I- pounds of good Fleece Wool, delivered nt ibtir Store, hcadofPeail 3t IlKApLF.Y & HYDE. F0URTII0F JULY, WE Invito the attention ul' visitors to our cxleu siveiissorlinent ol'Faney ami oiher mlielcs--whk h Willie open wc expect on ihe third and (ifili of July, at the variolv stoie. n I PANOIIOU.V & BRINSMAin. lluiliugton, July 1, 1811. U'ONnUUI-'UI. ISPl'ISCT OK TAXATION On Thursday morning 17lh Juno Ml, when prepar ing to Icavo in the evening Boat, for N. Yolk for Iho 3d timothis season, I was served with nnolico of bo ing nsscsad in the sum of iCOO, for my I'nculty as n Merchant, for tho ensuing year, for selling goods cheap to tho People) thcshock vvnsso electric that it Hash ed through tho imagination, illumining tho only inc line whereby on cscapo could be affected, but fortu nately as it terminated, the amount vvnsngaiu retinoid to the low Tax sum, of 8100, which still being threo times higher than that of any other iudiyidual is raled in the Btnte, nindo il nccccssary to proceed Willi tho utmost velocity, in the revealed, oonfinmdly sy'sjem otie course of the Up and Doing .Uuick und Cheap for Cash and No Imprisonment for Debt way without nny varying or deviation other than nn increased speed straight abend as the theoretical course of over 11) yeurs' study nnd experiment in hu)ing and selling goods cheap will beyond all qucston, result correctly in being put into fullopcrntion in the known and skil ful manner ill which it will now bo dono nnd ns may bo seen nnd profited by, hy nil the lovers, admirers and wishers of Fashionable necessary good goods of which thcro is now tho nrentest known voiietv in nil the departments of merchandize, vvilh the system of I'yBTS n,i .Vbeap, Cheap, Cheap as Howard, put fully liiiauacnon uy mis same How-ant lumsell, I lie true origWftorof the system, who for reason of increased employment deems it not nccccsssry to my much about the way of doing well by customers, ns bo has the largest figures patent ever given in the Green Moiiiitniu State under official authority, of Ids -qualifications mid faculty for selling the most nnd of course implied cheap need) ding to quality, nil of which, wi'h the Goods, is most respectfully submitted to the Peo ple by their Authorized ogim," just arrived from New York. S. P.ARI. HOWARD. Burlington, July 1, 1811. PIANOS. IN order to close the concern of Hcrrick, f'luisto pher & Co., wo oiler the three remaining Piano's at two hundred Dollars each, for Cash, or approved notes, in 12 month with interest. For the quality and durability of thco ins-liumcnls reference is made lo ninny of tlio Citizen of this Village, who have hud Piano's of the nbovo manufacture in use for venrs. Reference nlso to Processor Molt of the Musical department ol the Female Seminal v. Burlington, 2d. July, 1811, I.YMAN & COl.T.. MEDICINAL WATERS! rilllK subscril ers havo made arrangement for the A constant ump'y tf Conjrriwv, Itulrne and Wiish in;tun Spring mors, S.l.'nloga, N. Y' Also: Cale Ionia Water, (rum the Caledonia S,irinjr, I'on adn. Forsalo bybox.dizi'n, or single bottle bv July 1, ISII. TIIFO.A.PECKiV Cn. Dntirgists At the ,in of tho Morlar, Court-House Square, nl Hardware. rBliOTHON'Sle-t IIan,!-aw Files, L do Ca-I leel mill do. Ititleher. 1 I in"h, Burtrnnl do. Heavy R.ips aul half round do. n 1 for sale low by II. M. GIDDINOM & CO. July I, 1S1I. Djor Trimmings. NORFOLK an I American II.iik'Ius Beao- K-iutclicon Lsirlies-, 2. 2i, 3, 3 and .1 inch Patent Unit-;" l! inch square butts, lor heavy iloors', up stock Locks, with iron and I rass levS Jumc-i' screw-, 1 lad- nnd oul tacks, nil size-, H.M. (il DOINGS CO. July 1. 1S1I. lit FANS AND CANES ! I 7011 tale at the Varielv Sti re, PANGBORN cc BlilNSMAIP. Jnlyl.lStl. ul iMCUi: NEW GOODS! 171Vn Bas- Viol vvilh Bow,. G and V Ba-s Viol slriner--. Clarionet mouth Pieces. Ladies Who Curls and seauis, Narrow Whn el ( ne, Swifts, our.e rins, .hell side (Juiiili., Iiorn lw i-t do. Ivory I unlet or inetnor.lnd nil Looks. Ghl dii-n lie If. Gnu I'uncr Wax Bead, spool stand-, Gold Wntelie. and Chains ' lint lectuvtil. June 'J i am JU:li. Ibll.nn lor sa uat theb we'fri pmj furea-h alihe varieivstore u 1 rA.MiliUli.N IIKI.S.VIAH1. Icclianlc'H Tools. C1AST STi:i:L saws, 2C and RimI LonJon spriiu e eel do. si uner or article. 12 and 1 1 inch Iron back saws, Key IloI tUu Furmer Churl, Fine soelct do. v Doullc and -ingl,. Plane Iron. ; Braces and Hills, Boxwood Riiles( roheii've anT rominou AiigursI; Iron nnd stec snunres, eompasse, Fine Gl ir, sand Paper, ltd Chall.,etct tor sal at the lowe-t prices by II. M. GIDDINGS &. CO. July 1, ISII. nl INFORMATION WANTED. Tf 1 F. -uhseril er i dciirou of obiainin infonnn tion of his 1 rother, JOHN BALL, who left Fug land, in 1333, for the I'niled Sta'e. laudii! at Que1 ee. and afterwards went lo Fpper Canada, and is now, (ii living,) about 21 jejirsot age. Any information on t In- subject, addres'el to the -ubsertber at Burlington V t. will Le Hi. int. I,i ly iceeived, nnd 111 nrally paid lor. CHAKLIS BALL. Burlircli n, June 2C, ISII. n t SALINE I'OWDEIIS! Lr.MONADF, Soda nn.I Ginier Beer Powden ej eellent H'frlLrerauls for Ihi- v eatlier. Seu.llnz at d Kuehe'le do. (Tho quali'y of vvluc h may 1 e relied upon. For -ale nt nl TIIF.O. A. PLCK .( Go's, Apr.theeai ie. THE I, A ST CALL. ALL per-ons uidebtisl to the Ksta'o o( Georgo Mcore, late olMiurlingtoii, ale requeslrl tiuiiase imnie.luite payment to die -ub-eri' or. (iliORGF. II. MOOlii:, Admlnislrntor. Burlington, June 2S, ISII. r nl2 Oeorgo Moure's Instate. WK the sidim-ri! ci-, havimrlivn iippoinlcd !y the llouoinblethi' Prol ale Conn lor ihe District of t'liittetidon, Voinnu-sumcr.- lo reieive, examine nnd adjust ihe claims and demands of nil prisons, aennisi the estate of GKORGF MOOIti:. t.Ve of Biirlinston, in said Di-trict, deeea-isl, repre--eultsl insolyeiit, ami nl-o all elaiins and demand e; hibite l in o'I'sel lliemto and six month f.oiu the dale hereoti l-ing allowed hysaid Couit, fnr that purpose, we do hereby give nonce, that we will attend to the hn-ino-s rf our appointment, nt ihe ntliei of Alvan Foote, in Burhnglon, in said di. met, on the first Mon days of Novenil it and Dccrml er ni'xf, nt ten o'( hwk, A. M. on laeh ol il.c -aid day-. n 1 Dated, this 10 11 day i f June, ,. D. ISII. I TTTIIIMS T "rlTItJ ALVAN b'OOTIl. 111. I II t.H I.Ull.l.l I r, ........ V I iiitiictim... TIIK LADY'S Cabinet, devoted lo science nnd general literatiirc,just received it the Book Store w here subscriptions nre received for this nnd the N. V. Review, American Journal of the Medical Sciences and N. American Review. July 1, I). A. BR.VMAN. PEAHL STREET HOUSE, UrRLINGTON, vritMONT. r m u m J . s . p i: I R C F. HAS lately opened the above esia! Iishtnent fur ihe reception ol families ami iiavHIer, gcreinlly, who may visit this pari ol the Given Mountain stale, and may W desirou of passing a lew solium r weeks onliho nieliiie-qiie height- ol Burlington. The Hotel is spacious and eoniiiiohou nn lis situ, atej near the I'niversity, nl theln ad of Penrl-sl., one ol iho most fashionable and le tlinroiiL'hfire in (he Inwii, commanding an eslen-ive vie y ol" l,nW Cluniplain and ihe siirrouudiiigeoiintry. The views from the western window nnd are uniivnllod by any on ihe border of the Lake for llieir maauilii i-iii e and I enuty, andate, pi ol ally, not siirpa-'cd in ihe I'nited Slate-. In tho internal nrrauircinent of Ihellou.e, eveiyre yard has I ecu pal 1 to the eomlort of fnuulie, who "may 1 o aeeoinmodateil Willi private jiarlors an I the esvupaui lUlter linn-elf that ihe lurimhing of hi table and the iitlendanie, aie such a lo nu ril iho ap protaiimi ot those Ladic and GViilleinen who may favor bun vvilh Iheir patronage. 1 lie V i .Its .. lonmi ironi ine .onn, ml Ka-t pa-da ly, and to parlie .iopping at Bur liglon, on their w'ay to the While Mouniain, and io-u iiavelling in nny of iho above dir.n-ftons more am! I in ili. ei-iim i allnrde I. a the stage leavmz town call at Ihi hoii'e half an hour later- than at thellotel in the lower part of the village. A comfortable Carriage attends icgulnrlvj, on the arrival of th'' boats, vvilh the steward of the establish ment, who will taleehaigeof the l.aggaae etc. lit short, no pains will If spared to give satisfaction to all natrons, and entitle the house to the support ofthe ' "N. B. Wine, Cordial ami Liquors, of approved qua'itv, kept always- on hand. Horse and C'nrnage kept in readiness for iho ac commodation ol" suih a may require them. Burlington, June 20, 1811, n-1 STONR'S CATSTF.r.I. AXES, Wariantctl su. ncnor to anv thing in Mniket- 20 dor. for tain by 1 STRONGS Co. July 1,131-1. MUDIL'AI.. IiKCTUItt:. dahtmoutTT COLLEGE. rplIU Annual Course ol Lectures In the Newllnmp .L shire Medical Insliiutimi will rolnlueiiec on Thursday, tlieSlhof August iiei', und eoiitliiuc threo iiioiiin. DIXI CROSBY, M. D., Profo-sor of Surgery, Oh stelries and I)i-eavpHof omen and Children. JJDWARD II. PIIKLPS, M. D., Lecturer on Ma teria Mvdiea, Medical Jiiri-prudeuee nnd Medical Botany. OLIVLR P. IIFBBARI), M. D., Profosorof Cltem islry nnd Pharmacy, .IOSKP1I ItOBY, M. I)., Professor of Theory and Pinrlioe nf Medicine nnd P.itholooieal Annlomy. LDMUNI) li. PKASLLi:, M. 1)., Leeluier on A iiaioiiiv and Phy.-ioloy, LXI'FNSLS. For Iho I;ctme. S30. Orndualion Pit. Matriculating Tiel,ot, S3. Board, from 150 In 2 per week. Abundant facilities for llio-o who nnv wish to hoard themselves. The Fees mut 1 u nt the commencement f the Tcnn, or nules given Willi snti-ljctory sureties. All operations Iclbie the Medical' Class uiu per formed gratis. By order ol tlio Faculty, O. P. lll'BllARU, Seerelary. June 15, 1811. - nl T HAD PIPK and Copper pumps 5 tons lead pipe 1-2 jj io-1-i aio uoppcr pumps by STUUAU.i ocuo. July 18311. Soda Crackers. Soda CnACKcn b s,t received in tine or. derby II. M. OlDDLNGS & CO. July I, 1311. nl Dry Goods very Cheap. SJUPF.F.RIOR black, blue black, pro de swbs Silk, ' do. do. Italian Real do Bonnet and Floreucu -dies, White and black Crape, .iiOMriiiu iawus nun I'rmts superior French lioml nzine, Black Fillet Veils Laee.lo. Fillet und Gauze Scarf, Fancy HniidJcrvluefs, Victoria Skirts, Pio ISieUloves fie. Jhy II. M. GIDDING9 sV Co. July 1, 10-11. nl AT CO S T lhetoie ol Ge rilllK Good in tho toie ol (Jeorge Moore, late of Burlimrion, inu-t and will I e sold nt Co.-t for cash. GF.ORGL II. MOOHF, AdmmisTator. Builingioti, Jnnc2rf, 1811. iilvvg ICHM LOXUY. "ITroiILD respectfully inform his patrons nnd the t iniialutantsot mil lincinn, nnu us viciniiy gen erally, that he has made arranccinents for adduiL' nil- oilier branch to iii bu'iness. Hois now prepared to furnisli Wigs, Uurls, anil t-ai-u vv makers, nun iniiecu every article in his line of business, at the shortest no tice, and of ns good quality as can be obtained in New York or Boston. All oiderR will meet with prompt nttcntion. Shop under Howard's Hotel.north sine oi ine oquurc, i.uniiigiuu, s i. 3 May 7th, 1811. BUTTONS. ANT.W oasortR'ent of F.lliott's Patent S.itin, Vel vet, Twist, Diess. siui Overcoat Bullous. A few sets choice gilt, for dress conlJ.jut received and for sale hy C HI... 4 Cv SON . Juno 21. H?w3 To Siiotstitcn. Percussion Guns, povviler ll.isks doul lo and sin gle shot 1 elt : iiereu-sion cap- ; powder and -hot; constantly on hand lur sale at the llur.lwnrt -tore. R. MOODY, Diu0-gi-t. June 21, IS II. 3 I.lnen Siimcrfioods. I7INK 3-4 and 1-1 Brown Linen for Coats, Heavj Brown und While Linen Drilling, do Fancy White I.ineu Drilling 'l-l Russia Sheeting nnd i-'i Russian Burlap, very cheap by. H. M. GIDDINGS s-co. TO KENT. rpllli new Brick Bull ling next West X of the Pearl .S'lrcu IIou-c, hcinir the Lc6t location for business in nil Pearl Street, his well calculated for a store and dwilling house, together witli two room a little below the street, well lighted and suited for any kind of business where one or two rooms onlyaie needed j with wood riled, stable, carriage house, loft, and every convenience necessary. The building is so nrrauztcf tint the parts can bo rented separately. Immediate possessession given. Security will ho ex pected for the rent iu all eases. Inquire of n3w3 C. BF.NNri. NOTICE. THIS may certify to all those whom it mnv con ccrn that I have sriven inv son Charles Hurl- bcrt, bis time, and berealtcr slnll not control any of Ins earnings, neither hold mysell ncoounlnole to pay any debts of bis contracting after this date. nJ ,, , WllIGHT HURI.BERT. b.iun mil, rfUUO 41SI, ISII. INFANT SCIIOUI. 1IANIUI,, (111 TKACIIEll't) ASSISTANT. C CONTAINING a view ofthe system of infant ' schools, also, a vaiiety of useful' Itssons for the use of teachers, for snh-bv SAMUEL HUNTINGTON. June 25, IBM. n3 BLANK HOOKS. Ledgers, .Journal ,fe Itetord Hooks. T70R towns, county and probnlo records mannfac turcd from tlio best linen wove Demi and Medi um papc-r,bound in cnlf : Aiso, n vnrietv of common uiiink work nr sale chtnp for ready pay at the sign of the lied Ledger, by S. HUNTINGTON. June 25, IS 11. nl ' I TUsses. I Jr. Hull'.- 1 ros-es, consisting o! men's J- plain single, do. radical i me, do. double. Clid- ren's single, double and umbilical, nf every lire re- , 1 , , , . .... ecu ii mi smc, unu win it- iiicurati-iy appi t I y It. .MOODY. June 21st, ISII. 1,3 llAS-TvloLS. OR Violeneelloes, ihrcofine II l Viols Jut rei-eive I and for sale ai tlio lowe.i pi-,ce, ul the Vur.'eiy store. String at lower prn-e tfinn ii-ual. Musical In- sirumeuis 01 uii kuuu low. P.VN(.l!0nN cf- l!r,I.NS.MA!D. June 25, 1611. ,,3 Ti r. Amos G. Hull's I'tero Aldoniinl Suppor- 1.1-. .i suii,j m no- ai-ove ee-eiiraie.i lust ments (which have never Ini'ed ot crtorimnc a ei nisi received tor sale and will le lepi constantly band by R. .MOODY. Dm iv ni-. . suii,j ni no- ai-ove ee-eiiraie.i instru- 11 re) 1!. -MOODY, Druggist. 11 3 June 21-t, 1811. S chlUtz Sod.i nn.lGmavr Beer Powders of the fir-t quality Also, Fie-h Lemon Syrup, Tstv bir' eele lirntedSarsapardla Mead, a 1 ever agefor suiuiiicr for sale by R. MOODY, Druggi-t. .June 21, 1611. n3 To Ho u sickccnc r . TAIII.H ClITl.lJUV iii all itsvurtetyj fiom the 'f-t Ivory Iv'ntve nnd Fi rl-s, in sells, It, ihe lowest pi 1111 .iriien- ; plain, 1 lonzeil nnd gotlue servers in sett nnd single ; Dinn an I son German silver spoons and forks und llriltaiinm lea puts in sett j t rass, 1 nltannia tea and eollee pots j I ra and Iron lire nndiion! a full ii-inriniciit of Fiuh-h nnd American Hnltovv Ware for stoves nud die place; flat lions, Italian Irons, nnd all 01 her urnele m ln. hue for -aio at (he lowest price at Ihe Hardware tore of R, MOODY. June 8 .t, ISII. 3 NHW GOODS. nIir. siihcnhcrs have ree'd a new assortment of -L Plain muslin Do I.aius Printed inuslul and Print ed Lawns Ik nud vvlnto JrussellsLaco Ficnch sqr. nctt D Railroad and Mond Do Ribbons Fan A-C, , ,r I:-MURRAY WRIGIIT.f-co. June 1C, 1311. w IXDOWPAPUIl.-i'atui, Imitation .S'alin.and Common Poicr, by Ii. .st'O'IT, NEW G00J)S. 17ARMKRS and othcrsaro invited to call nnd cx, . ammo our assortment of IllilT'J'ANNIA .MI'I'AL OOODS. Ten and t'ofleo Pots, Tumblers Cups, Sugar Bowls, Creamers, Largo Sponges, Spittoons, Lamps, Lather Boxes, etc. Atso, Fjne pelts of Brittannia -Metal Ware, con sisting nf two Tea Pots ono Coffee Pot, Creamers, and one Sugar Bowl, which wc will sell m setts or single- Also, for Churches COMMUNION VVAItg, Tankards, Cups, Goblets, Plates, tic. Brass and Phted Candlesticks, SiiulK rs nti.l Trnys, as low as can he purchased, Castois, and extra bot tles for Castors. FOB KI'OIITSME.V. Powder Flasks Riilo nnd Pistol Flasks, Shot Ba ......nuii; i-wsss. IllllICI .IIOUIU. I'l-tO S. Glins 0111 i,ap lioves. Percussion Pills and Cnpr, Fih Poles. -1 1 1 .. " iti'i't; ninu vs no vm-ii in nuy will Bivo us a call and exainino the New Gooosntnur nnrrs. nnr nlii.i.1 1........ atl . i , k. . I TVs lu sii o in" inai wiifiisii nui ho iindirsohl by any one in city or country. t ersons from tow n or country, having a few mo mcnis to spare aro invited lo call and look at what we Have to shew, if Ihey do not wih to buy. rivminnv A It... i. . .r. June ,-, ibii. n3 ,i'):'r.v Mitslln-A nw hm i I wmil -I an.clc lor ScorT's OU3L BURLINGTON CA Sll STORL'. NEAni.v ot r-o-nr. n. i.ovxlt &to. TllbSubsiriber has an riinre now Slock- of Good-, just received Irom NLW YORK Comprising of Fashionable Staple and Fancy Goods Rich Sill's Mouslin doLnine and Piintcd Lawns Military Goods Florence Brnid Bonnets Slraw Itimings &o. fltc. A'so FAMILY GROCLRILS all or which are otic-red at the lovvc-t price.. by S. U 1I1-.RRICIC. I. KMOVKII The subscriber would inform his W customers nnd tho trnvclhng public, that ho has removed his stock of HEADY jMADE CLOTHING, ipc., to Church-strtct, next door bolow tho shop occu pied by 7cnns nnd son, where hoiuny bo found ready to cut and make up any kind of work in bis lino on short notice. Also to elenn any kind of Paint and Grease, or any tiling which may havo soiled llieni and dress and press Ibem, leaving with n beautiful finisn, nnd repair them in tlio ncatct manner. 'Ml kind of Jsecond bund clothes for bale (.heap, chert), cheap. And over worn Clothes, and most kinds of Produce taken for pay. n3vv3 Junc2C, ISII. C. BF.NNS. SAMUF.L WAlNWlilGIIT'S I-STATB. I. Uiu Subscribers, having been appointed by inn iioiioranio l ue 1'rona e uoint Inr 1 it! 11 It Iriet of Chltlctlden. eomiuis-ionnr to n-rnivi.. eam. inu and mlpi-1 Iho claims nnd demand i f nil per-ons ngainst Iho es'ato of HAMULI, WA1NWRIUIIT, laic oi nuriiugioii, in sniu in-iru-t, iiecea-nl, repie seutcd insolveul, and nl-o nil claims and demands ex hibiled in o lset lliereloi and six inonlhs fiom the dne of thoilato hereof, I eing hIIowoI by said Court fur that purpose, vvu do therefore hereby irivo not ice, that we vv in ciiciio io inu oti-ine oi our appoiniinent, at thedwellincof Lucy Wainwrurlit. In Hurl -.lid Di-lrict, on Ihe second Holidays ol'Sepieuiter &. Feeenil er next, ut ten o'clock, A, M. on each of said days. Dated, tin-. 9ih day of June, A. D. ISII. n2 SA.MUI'.I. NIGIIOLS IILNRV WIIIT.NKY. ( Coiiilnissioners. NKW ARRIVAL Tust ltccflvcil ul Then. A. Peek nnd Co'. Apoth sl ecarie., Vaimh.iti'. Rn-c Ouitiuenl fir reinovuis: J revklc, liiug Woiiih, Pimples on the Fave, und other eropliuu. Atkiu-oii's Dep.lalory, for removing superfluous Hair on iho (ji c, cie. French Corn Plaster, w Inch gives imiiKsli.iie nbef, and reuniro but few application to eiadieate them allngcsher. A supply of Balm cf Cutuml i.i, the mo-t eeleLra tol article li r L'audru:!' and rctoi.uiun of iho Hair. Juno IS, ISII. i,2 Crti-licd Sujir. OUPKRIOR Doullo RePn.-d Cru-hisl Sugar, just O received by 11. M, Uiudi.vos i- Co. June 18, ii-J SALT. ('1 AN ADA Sail heavy Packing and fine Dairy do. J for -n!o by ' "n2 one IS, II. M. GiDUtsas if. Co. l'.uasols and Umbrella.. JIC.MT unl Dirk, vvilh point, Also, -i Black mil coloiej t'mbielbis lor -ale LV 11. M. GlDDINOa d. Co, ..'!!!ie IS, 1,2 Crockery, Glilna iiml Glass Uarc. Alar.-i! nnd rtcli u-oriiiii-ut ju-t reeeivi-l nnd opened, purrha.ed at greatly reduced pii-e in New York, und now' for sale at tho very lowest rate by N. LOVLLY & CO. 'June tl, ISII. Ii2 Medicinal Wines. QL'PKRIOIt Purt, Madcria and .Mu-eal Wii.e e O leete.l lor purpo-es eoii-tantly lor inle. Also, Flue sieily Wmej-i-t n-.-eived by n2 June IS, 11, M. Giodivcs if- Co. AT Ttli: ,MJV CAM1I Ji T O III:. Just Received a new -tipply of Print-, vvhi h wil le sold cheaper than ever. Also, Printed Mu-liii-, Mourninir Lav. n-, Itomlaznie of sonerior quality, Cotton Ca nneie- fur Loj 's elothing, superior ,Nte,t;e-, e.e. cnc.ip lorej-n i.y J. V. WHALING .f. CO. J Burlington, June 1j, IS 11. i,2 Shoos, Shoes. Jnt riicvel at the New Ca-b -tore, a oliou e stle-lion ol -line of every de-trip-tion, whieli will I e -old very cheap lur ca.-h. War rauied a gotsl a any iu I! irlingtuu, inauulai-tui-ed by M.iii-tield, and not inferior even to Farewell-'. Wow-arrant thein to weara long an llool: asweit asany shoes ever sold iu ibis -late. J. P. WHALINNG if- CO. J-ine IS, n2 WINOOSKl SAKll FACTORY. "TS in constant operatloi, r lor !orvV.)u"v"j A-j'il if every de-eriplion, nnd m ihe het mauner, A i-oii-lant supply lept on ban I and for sale at the -lore nl lieorre I'eierson, in Bur lington, at ihelolluwing c E s : 12 Light ca.otnent: f, 31 i-ent pe 3) do Tlo Liirht, do do do do S do. do. J do. 0 do, 1 do. do. do. d-,1 .ij do do 3J do do do do SI ONLY SMITH. n2 June IS, FOll SALIi. rpllAT'e and eommohoti two sto JL ry Ilrick Dwelling Mouse it Lot, siluaiclon ihe vusi -ide of Cullese green nt il... . I' l'.,ll..n ... .i... ...i iiige. I lie lit isi; i j- j- .(j, , a acment su py, Willi Ktlchui and Provi-inincllnis, and n wmi32 liy 15, extending north On Colle-ie Green, v. uh wood au'd store hoii-e In-low, and eli.unl er- nnd slccpm room aliove. A large and eotumodioii Bam, carriage hou-0 ice linu-e, and oilier oui-Iioum-, and a spaem i yar.j wel of iliedwolliushoiie, und a good d liable well Of vva'er of ihe 1 el quality in the yillace, and a Lnek e:krn. One and anuaitcrnere-ol Inn I. ofilm llr.i q ualiiv ; a large carden and choice fruil liees we.-t of tlie nou-e aim jam. 'I he B iililmg arecon-tructtHl in modern slyle, ol the let malenal- and, wer" eiecn-J by ihe subscril er for hi own u-e, and the location af ford n very exteu-tve aul plea-anl' pro.-peet ofthe village and lake on the We-t and is not surpassed by any oilier 111 tin part of the country. Also for sale a lot containing au ucic offitml direct ly oppoite the above lot w lib a small convenient wood dwelling hoii-e thereon. Purcha-er-are mviled in call nnd euniuefbr tl.em-selve- Ternia made known by i lie sul si nl er en tho premises. JS'A.MITX lli'i:!). Burlinaton June, 1G, 1310. n-j ,TARSEILLF.S tiuilts, 51 I leached Cottons, fJ.S 1JL unbleached do. very fine, just Rec'd and forsalo at the very lowest rnicrs. German Willow, tingle, double, brimmed Leghorn, Variegated and Plain P.ihn Leaf Hats, just iccicvtdbv June 13, 1R11. Ik MURRAY WRIGHT, iVl'o. - 200 June 17 RF.AMi'assorted sistsandiitnlities)ut rcc. C. GOODRICH. BUNDLE OF BOOKS LOST. ABUNDLF. directed "J. G. Chandler, Derby. Vt." containing 12 Ahercroinhte's Intellectual Powers 6 Andrews' Latin Reader, 1 Biyley's Algebra, 1 doz. Almanacs, was packed by the subscriber and left at John How ard's I lotel, and taken hy some one, supposed bv mis take, May 31. ' .vnv iniornntton concerning it directed to Mr. v, lander. Dor by. or Ihii s.d,iTibor ill 1.1... .,.t an expenses paid. , , U, GOODRICH Iturhnglon, Juno 17, ISII, Taints and Dyo Slutl's. WIHTKnnd Red Lead, dry and ground in O.l, Venetian Red, Yellow Ochre, Spanish Brown, and all other Paints : ANo Logwood, Nicarnsun, l-'ustte, Camwood, cic. Linseed, Lamp Oil, Varnishes, nil of tho best quality, just received and for salohy n32 H, .MOODY. Burlington, June 1, fll. -dee's ST.Vri'.OI' VUR.MONT. District ofCliiitcndcn. fs. v The Hon. Probate Court for Iho District of Chittenden to all persons concerned in the eslalo of JOHN M. IH.ORF.IHiP. late of Burlington is said District, deceased, oni-.rTiNo. WHURF.AS, Mary Ann r.ldredge, ndnnnisiratru of the estate of said deceased, nn muses in sen. derail account of her administration, nnd present her account against said estate for examination and al lowance nt a session of tho Court of Probata, to he holilen at Burlington oil tho second WVdnccd.n- nf jiiiy i urrciure, you aro iiercuy nolttieil to np. pear before said court nt thotinio and place aforesaid, and show canso ifnny you have why the. account aforesaid should not he allowed. Given under my hand rit Burlington this 7th day of June A. 1). ISlt. W.M. WKSTON, "H.OVF.S. Ladies Long Picnic, Whit colored, and Black Net, White, colored, and Black .S'dk.anJ every stylo of Kid Gloves bv M OTP. FULLsupplvolcboicofamily groceries such as TV II. .S!. v. II. O. II. and Imnerhl Teas- Java, and Laguira Cofi'ee, Double refined and eonimon l.ojif .S'ucars, Portorico .STjrrup,' Smyrna and lto ltanus. Casia, Pepper pice, (Jin.-cr, Cloves, Nni megs, Hiee .S'ulerslus i)-i- if-c, just rretivrd mid fu sale lit tho lowest prices by S, B, SCOTT llJ Llu Patent Ijevbf Watch Mahcr, frvni I A S it is ti'jvv t. rSkrjt XTL sftiieheinailel i ii P'. "-v the privil'-iri; of reiuiii nralefu iieMiowlc lieu hi friend and Iho pul L',. J&fi2 general, loraliiio-iuupie-c JRV "Vii4 letlMvor, -l."-,Wi3 f.rmlbeinthat hois t I at V'VUi:-:' t,;i .s-n,7. on Church- t- one door sc u;h of Noble Lovely and Co', ston-, uh. he pi-r-omlly nttond tulhe ri-patring rft'ln nn ii ter, Patent Ix-ver., Duplex, l-i-pine-, and all n do-eiiption of Timepieces He will warrant n't n work ntrixed in Watches in hi shop to I e u goi I tho original, orn any done i n llu'e-nniiiieii'. N. B.-A poo I a.-orttuent of SI'.W 'A 'VCtttt of lholirtqiialuv of workman-hip, and Will le i.1 as cheap nnd on as good terms a at uuy olber h) in Ihe stile. From hi long experience iu the buine-, nnd 1 Icing "O many J ear engaged inihomakiugolwT in F.iiilain'l, he flatters hiiH-elf ilmt he sit i peirnt 10 in.ik selection as any in the vicinity. Burlington, June II, 1311. nl Cvliallys Moii'lin deLauie, an I Printed Lawn , ' Also, Cmirhnriis of vanon q inhtiiu, nt J. P. WHALING .- Ci.'-. Church. st. Itiirhngton. nl COMMON PR.WLR UOOh'S in superior lurU v Buuluig, for sale by S, HUNTINGTON. Jtn.e 1, 1811. nl SILK.V, Boml atne-, and Ponirees for nlc nt rcl.i ecliirices by J. P. WHALING c(- CO. Church-street nl To School Tcaclirrs ; Heads ol' FainlUch. VAt.L'Allt.r. ,ANIJ INTnttCSTINO nooKs. OLNLY'S SiuorL Gr.inii.vrnr and coii tniutns 1'ie latest infurmation, uis nnd approved almost univers illy throushoiit the country. CoMitCck's Nil'nAL Piiri.ooinv, enl.ircel. Comstick's CuuMiiT.'ir, containing tho late d,s- eovcrie-. Br.NTi.F.v s PlcrrnAl. Srt.tlt'.n lloit;, the. mot I enutifil ever ptiUi-hed, mil mot highly approve! wherever known. Ronivsos-'s tlisTfr.r or Hs-cmmd, wiih Plato. GoLosviiTit's tint r.RvriiiCAL View or the Wor.Lrj. Ron rsi' Ascir.stT Hi-Tnr.T, in 8 vol unes 'I'm: Poi.vt.LorT Familt Bielc, Leatitiful and enli ven lent. 'I he n' ove arc mo-tly -o well known that it wo d 1 I o siipcrlbtoii to pnbli-h Iho rei-oinmcudattoiis ret -i-v'e-l. They are constantly for sale 1 y nl S. HUNTINGTON. Burlington, June ISII. T OOKINC.GLAS-sUS. Maboiony frame! I,, ,1.. 1 ? (ilasse-.or eeral -ii'. at llm Variety -Inru at low price. PANGISORN if. BRINS.MAIIi. uiirnngtoii, June i, lsil. nt W.Vl'l'IlLS. WF, arccllins Gold Wa'ch cs lower Ibaii tin-' N. York Lo-lon, or any other City tnrc3 will -el! them, call, exaiiiinn n I .ni. fur -ni:r.f.U- iinrl ti.i, ,n .. js .i.v. i- rt- fi'i'v2'tl other people'.- mfi rotation, when -jLjC'tK'iL e nanny io orop in auu sui- l.A- votirselt'bv nersonal in-nce- Goo U of all km I very low for ca-h. n 1 PANGBORN & BRI.NSMA1D. IMlltKN'OI.OCY. CVOO.MUL'S Phrenology, contain; near 700 pago-, I Octavo, for sale by nl June 1S11. S. HUNTINGTON. "reis llandkcrcliicfs, .S'dk and Fillet .S'.art-, J Black Laei; eil-, Biac-U ,Vd'; Lai e for t il-, if-e. Also, Shawls, Chally, Raw ,-,'ilk, and S-l A'dk, Iieayv Innire, 1 rem It unu .uouininirwuiiar-, q-cq-e, ior sine ai ihe .Vcir Cas.'i .S'fore on Cieap ft'iVf. nl Churcll-st. .1. 1 . VVil.Vl.l.M- I)- LU. qMCKING, Twill Cotton, Bleach.; I Shcc'ings and J. 6'lnrting-, 4 inn, Jean. A I , i-n bleached 6"!iU" tinis a lov as can Le p,ircha-ed iu II iriiiiguni. nl J. P. V HALING if- CO. ZI.PI1YR WORSTLD uud pi-t ic eiyed and for sale by WHALLNG ec LO. l.liun h-st. ni MK 1JICI N. I. LlOUOIiS. rplIU best quihty of Port and Madein Wines, JL Biandy and Gut ; selected tor medicinal purpo ses; this day received, and fjr sale by R. MOODY, Drusgiat. Burlington, Juno 1, 1SH. DRUGS, MUDICTNUS, PURFUMURY, Soap, ilc. of the first quality now opening and lor sale at the lowest market price by R. .MOODY, Druggist. Corner of Cliurcli-strcct and the Square. B urlinglon, June I, 1311. n ' 2 IINE B--1 Brown Linen Table Cloths, . do. 0-1 & B-l While do. do. do. Damask, li-1 and S-1 Cotton do. Covers, 4-1 Wn.u- Birds IJyo Diapers, 3-i Brown do. do. do. Crash mil Rut-sia . do. n32 for sale by II. M. GIDDINGS ifc CO. TOOTS! I'lCKfs. PF.ADY MADF. QUILL TOO I'll PICKS, aho, Xt Silvir Tooth P.tks, low lor cash. u32. P.vraL'ORN ec IIai:MAiii. ,1 F.THODIST IIY.MNS-Woiccstcib' Watts and LVL SUcct, Witicliells' Watts, for sale by June-), 1M1. S. HUNTINGTON. Sign ot tlie Red Ledger, C'ollege-st. n32. LAD1F.S nnd Misses Leghorn and Straw Bonnets, Cord, 'lasstl.-, etc. ofthu latest tlsinJiis and superior quality, just Irom New Yor., am! tir sale at H)2 "N. I.OVLI.V iV. CO S. June 3d, 1841. rPF.A:?. Supenur Black Tea, line Hyson Si,-inTl X Young Ily-on, do. also Baker's Cocoa, warran ted pure. lVrsaleby n52 H. M. GIDDINGS CO. nosAitv jsixds vt citost.-i:.s. "5rLbavc Rosary lVeds nnd Crosses, and s'ia'1 " be pleased to supply all who wi-h at low pn-cs. l'ANGBons ! Bblnsmaid. TAF.NTUCKY JF.ANS. I.iaht and Dark Ha.n- J V broons Bhck nud Brown Astrachan LI vv nol-dved Idli anJ lllue Bill Cloths now oik n. ny June 1, 1511. U. M. Vv RIGHT it L O. HHUr-lli:., U.VOI!, CiC. A Complete assortment of fine nnd coarse Ilitr, Tootli, Nail, and oilier Brushes. Fine Ra us, KnScs, Scissors, and articles in the line at reduced, prices. Panocok.v sV NFAV BONNLTj.-fi. M. WRIGHT d CO., Invejust received anew assortment of I n. s Florence Hi aid and Plain Slraw Bonnets. AI-Mis-es Bonnets, l-', ij-c, which arc offai-i iu icduced prn-is foi cash. June 3, lt-11. MOItiiJSON'.N 1MI.I.S. Q( V"in P-'-i:nges nt ul 300 at 1-2-JOO at SI HOO tij.vcs Powders. Sub Aircntj can now be stip.ried, i gross Sherman s c ongli Loier.gce, . 1 do. do. Worm do. 3 do. Poor Man's Plasters, just receivd PANGIiORN BRINS.MID. n52 Solo Agents. TAKt! XOT1CT.. HlIU Subscribers nre about making some HAT t ut X. arrangement in their hit-mess, and wou! 1 r neu all those Inv inir unsettled accounts to ca.l am' settle the same, and those whose notes have beconu duo that they must be paid before the first of July. NULSON it GAIT'S. Birkngton, Juno 1, 1P11, j, SADDLF.RY AND COACH HARDWARE.- V large ond splendid assortment of Coach and Sad dlerv, now opening at the Hardware Store; s ti of the Padlock, cormr of College and Chinch-" reels ; and for sale Vvry !ovat whole-aleand retail I v l1,51,. . ROBF.RT MOOD1 Burlington, May 20, 1511, Ll"IOX YitlM! rpiin bit nullity ol this article, nnd also that of -t- l ine Salad Oil are constantly kep' n' "31 TIIF.O. A. Vr.CZ sV CO'S PRICES REDUCED ! ! I TUT subscribers have taken tho formerly occupied hy Geo. A. Gunner as a grocery stott first door west of II. Bishop's Hotel, which has been filled with a "ond nsortmcntof DRY GOODS wt and dry. GROOJ-R I US, c. si c, vv hieli were bou ' s this spring m New; i .-rkat low prices, nnd w:ll l-i fo d at n vcrvsnial uatancefioin rnnr... ....i bably lower than can be purchased at anv m'h.-,'. ... m town, as circumstances make it necessary, that th, good be (told immediately. ' Tavern keepers and oilier- vvishinj to purclia.. Liquors, Loaf Sugar.A-c. willdo will to call. JOSUPH HATCH, ) , . TRISTAM CONN'KR. 'tf'"- Burlington, M. ay 13, 2&u 50 1'ico,;8ir'n)'5','' nml A101'"1"1 I)c Lames, lus'i in l,Pvt"a"del'Vapa8 the cheapest, hy II 4." E. M. WRIGHT & CO. NF.vV CtlOD. QUPF-RIOR K.iDhshand American Prmtj, J do. I.iht Printed Law ns do . Milium l' i!o. nnd .Mouslii, i)nl im, . hi v choice "tviuny 11 M TDDlNOs jus ra SS. ft) I

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