Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 9, 1841, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 9, 1841 Page 3
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Federal Population The Apportion ment of Congress. Wo publish liorowitli nn official summary of t'10 Population of tlio United Stales, according to tlio census of 1840. Tlio Appointment of Itcprcscntn tives for tlio fivo succeeding Congresses is to bo niado next winter; nml wo liavo compiled with somo labor the following table of tlio Federal Population of each State, ("consist ing of all Free Whites and three-fifths tlio number of all other persons,) on which as a basis tlio New apportionment must ho made. We have annexed the number ol Represen tatives to which each Stato will bo entitled according to tlio three most probable Ratios, viz : Slates. Population, i Representatives if llicHnlio bo .uaino &U1,..31 N. Hampshire 23I.3G0 Massacliusctts 731,231 Rhode Island 107,532 Connecticut 30fi,72!) Vermont 201,0')'! New-York 2, 10,U09 New-Jersey 3fi 1,6.13 Pennsylvania IG'JI.-sm Delavv aro 70 273 Maryland 10?,G2fl Virginia l.OIO'.'6'i B 7 G IS 1-13 3 12 10 9 8 1111 5 4 3 3 I 1 3 3 10 31 30 2(1 G 15 4 ) 23 21 21 18 1111 fi 5 r, i 17 II 13 11 10 j e 7 7 G it 5 9 9 7 G 8 G G 5 4 4 3 3 13 3 2 12 10 9 8 11 10 8 7 25 21 19 Hi 11 9 8 7 7 G 5 S 5 ii I 3 1111 3 3 2 2 '0 2)9 214 16G "TiTl N. Carolina l! 15,009 S. Carolina Georgia Alabanii Mississippi Louisiana Tennessee 1G0.272 577.S.-.3 1-?,V7 237,020 2i;7,7l 753.77lt 701,170 1,. "12,529 0?2,!I99 47',71!) 3V.I.770 00, 1 1 1 211,921 Kentucky Ohio Indiana Illinois Miss-out i Arkansas Michigan It is idle to hope it, wo fear ; but if Con gress could be induced to practiccstilTicieiit pa triotism and self-denial to put ho Ratiosqttaro up to 90,000, and thus givo us a House ca pable of doing business, it would be entitled to tho lasting gratitude of tiio country. JVcic Yorker. Tun Remains or Gnx. Harrison left Washington on Saturday for their final rest ing place on the Bank of the Ohio, at North Rend. They wore escorted to tlio line of the District of Columbia by a Committee of congress, col fisting ol five Senators and twenty-six Representatives, and in fact at tended by congress in a hoily, Iiolh Ilousea having adjourned over to Monday for that purpose. At the Maryland lino they were delivered to the Cincinnati Committee, by whom they will be conveyed to Ohio. jV. Yorker. The llallinioro Clipper lias tho following paragraph with reference to the removal of tne remains ol tlioJato President : "The body is enclosed first in a leaden cofliu, which is placed in a iiialmanv one, and then in i no of zinc, hermetically seall-il. This is also, enclosed in a coll'm of valnut, with chloride of lime filled in between it and zinc, which i very substantially made, and air-tight. Covering the whole is a rich black Fill: velvet pall, trimmed vvhh roM fringe and hung with gold tassels. When tlio body vvns exposed to the Committee at Washington a short time previous to its re moval, it had undergone very little change The leiiturcs appeared as at h s death, except that the face was a little swollen." Thu census or 1840. It appears from an official repot t of the aggregate population of the several dimes, and Territories, made to the Senate by the Secretary of State, that the whole population of the U. .States, inclu ding seamen in tho service of tho 17. States, and an estimate for two or three small dis tricts not et reiui nod, is 17,00S,1 12, ol'whom 14,1S1,5" are whites, 3S(i,UG(J liee blacks, and 2,483,5'iG slaves. The aggregate by the Census of 1S00 was 12,SfiG,020, The increase in ten years is consequently 4,202,002, which is at the rate of 'Ai 2-3 per cent. Tho number of white persons in 1830 was 10,52G,248. Increasu in 10 years 3,5oo,33 which is equal to 33 3-4 per cent. The number of free coloied persons in 1830 was 319,599 ; increase in 10 v ears, GG 470 or 20 3-4 per cent. The number of slaves in 1830 was 2,009, 013 ; inaroaMi in 10 years, 474,493, or 23j per cent. It appears that the ratio of increase of the white population is much larger than that of the colored raco whether free or slave, and that the increase of free blacks is less than that of slaves. This may be attributed in a small degree to the effects of colonization. Ar.rr.cTixu Incident at tiii; I.emovai. of nir. Remains or Cien. Harbison Tlio correspon. dent of tho ISaltimoro Sun, speaking of the re inoval of the late President's remains, relates the following incident : "Approaching the brow of ihc hill near to what was once the private residence of tho im mortal Washington, I behold a little in advance ol mo a solitary individual, gaing intently on the flying pageant, as it wheeled along the wind ing track tar distant in tho vale below. lie was above the ordinary height, dressed in black with hi i hit pressed il'jwn upon his brows, his hack towards me, as I halted within a few fees behind him I felt that this solitary stran-er't heart beat in unison with my own. And 1 Mood i-till, as if by impulse, not wishing to disturb his f coining quiet. As the train of cars diminished in the increasing distance, and entered the 'ro geof the hills almost out of wow, the strainer raised his lunds towards heaven, and in a voTce tremulous w Ui agitation, ho fervently exclaim cd.' faretto l thou hero and ti..triot--thou poor man h fnem farewell." And turning abruptly on his heel, he saw me, and dropping his bead with apart.albowor .alu,ationpa?sCd with a quick and hurried step by me. Itm I row ,, the fountains of tho soul were lirokon. Who hi" tears wore coursing down his manly cheeks, and glistening ,n his deep dark eye. 1 iio walked away, and loved him for his secret sorrow. It was (Jen. Murphy, of Ahio.thoear ly and ardent friend of Con. Harmon, whoso eloquence had bhaken tho Western country, and bad gained him tho title of tho Patrick Hciirv ofthc West." " Airul J'Jftcts of Intemjicrance. A most hor riblo accident occurred last wmlr i of TwoMountains. L. C. : a man. wMln in n ttn,,. of intoxication, having fallen into a kettle of uuumg potash, and been coinplctoly dissolved Kcarch was made for his body, but not tlio least particle of it could bo found. A painter in New Orleans has reached an extraordinary d grco of accomplishment in his trade. It is said that ho painted a pino shhHo the other day bo exactly imitating marble, that when ho threw it into the river, it instantly sunk to tho bottom t ' This is almost equal to tho lolncc ,..i.:.i. brought, the moon so near that the inhabitants of iirouiu dc ncara laikmj to each othgf LECTURE ON PHRENOLOGY. Wo nro requested to givo nolico that Prof. Grimes, will givo a freo Lecture on this in teresting science, at tho Court House, this evening, nt half past seven. Citizens gene rally nro invited to attend. Thu following notice from (ho N. Y. Star, may servo as mi evidenco of tho estimation in which Mr. G's lcaturcs were held in that city. ."Professor Grimes, the phrcnologian, whoso ori ginal nnd ingenious views on phrenological science nave caused his .lectures to be very much followed in our western cities, has arrived here, and puts up nt thoAstor. He brings with him most Antlering testi monials, from Ins Kxcellcncv tho Governor, and others of Albany, where his last couiso was deliv ered." "Wo understand, the lectures or Mr. mimes, nttho Crnshy street Institute, are so crowded that it is next to impossible to obtain admission. Last night a (treat numl or had to go away. Wo felt sure that when this giTlcd anil luminous expounder of the only true laws of phrenological science should havo a hoarin" ho would daily gain more and inorecouvertsto his views on this interesting subject. Star. "Never lend to gals or fillers Parasols or umbrellas." n,, , . I'.rdiangejmrer. 1 ho man who wrote these lines was no poet. Ills verse halts. To eko out his measure, lie murders the orthography. But il he is no poet, ho is u man of common sense. We never lent a 'gal'a parasol ; but wo have lent fellows umbrellas and that's tho last we have heard of them. As Lear says, when the rains came then wo found them out not tho umbrellas, no such luck, but the fellows. There has been a great deal written on this subject, but wo believe the general opinion is, that it is an outrage ous act, nnd one that would injuro a person's reputation, to return an umbrella. So take the advice of thu unknown couplet maker, who is doubtless a man of experience, and has written feelingly. Help others and you relievo yourself. Go out and drive away tlio cloud from that friend's brow, and you will leturn with a lighter lieait. A salable may stab a blessed hopo ; a sylahlo may revive the dying. A frown may crush n gentle heart, the smile of forgiveness may relieve from torture. Many of our greatest men Imvc sprum from tliu humblest origin, as the lark, whoso nest is on theground, soars nearest to heaven Narrow circumstances are the most powerful stimulant to mental expansion, and the early trowns of fortune the best security for her final smiles. A nobleman who painted re markably well for an amateur, showing one of his pictures to Poussin, the latter exclaim ed : 'Your lordship only lequirrs a little poverty to make you a complete artist." It is no inconsiderable part of wisdom, to k now how much of an evil ought to be tol erated ; lest, by attempting a degree of pu rity impiactiblc in degenerate times and manners, instead of e-miiiwr ,,iTii, c.i.ot.ii.... ... . n a'li'sismi" ill practises, new corruptions might bo pro diced for the concealment and secuiity of the old . Jiurkc. it , ir r. , New Von k, July 2. II arm n 17. llr Cliv.rnn T.. .... ..i- IIM I.-... ... . -- "'"' . 3 ll, UI .IIII.SIOU, I .. arrived hero on .Monday morning, and had h irdly set -' I loot oil shore before be was s.t upon bv three 110- y.iiihiuiu in. 11 uiik .unn, ne groes, and Patrick Donoluic, a while man, whom "r, nr 'K ,J"!f,",f l,ract"'"S the usual burning process, uiddltd Mr. I yU-r out of j30 o( his money, Ufore he was aware of their intuitions. Complaint was made at the police, and yc-lnday officer Cockefair, suc cceilul in ai listing Ucid and Donoliue, boih of whom u'ie lodged in prison to await tiial for tlio robbirv. .Niiini is siill at laige. Cuurhr. T.'ir Jftstian 'in Wo nUm,. il,,,i i, taruoinOo-igres', ibo Hon. Wit.'inn Simmi i, nn scut, ft tin. 11. ntm.t i.c . 1 . . . lirril fnrnipr nt mir iniii 1 1 ' f j,.'u''iii iiiiu in' lias 01-- coMnd on fllictualreuiMlv against ihi raa". sof the essiaii ny, ami playing Uongris lo tc.M the ellieaev Slid leiiiedv: which was nf.-n..! m IV,,,,". 11111 tie on Agiiculiure. Wnalliiiln I inline .dc......... .: .... hn. i'Mry i.ason lo that .Mr. Ogle -, bns HI' llflVf n iii.iI nniw,rin.,i .1.1.1 - 1 1 .. attenlwn of Congress should be can fully and liberally Iio VV TO KEEP A Pmsnvrn Tin. 1!..... n lates tho following mode of practice or the latcSanin! kfin VV i...r..l II. .r M. I.I,.. . . . 1 . ..wj, ni'iiii n .oiuiiieseA eouniy, ,'lass.i lie olieu had lo convey ik'sner.atn nrUrm, i. rmn. onepnrtof ther.iunlry to another, and vvbeii night came heusdl to iron himself haml nml r,un 1 1 h I j pri-oiur, nn.1 go to bed, and address him thus "Vou can now l-o to sleep, if you like, or let it nlone. For my pari, 1 slinll go to sleep. You can't get away without waking me up, nnd carrying me with you. i on nave got one arm and one leg iree, nud so have 1. Vu you may mnko out kill me, hut if v on do you II carry my c.ucass with vou, and that will be prooiin,)iigh to get )ou hanged for muidir: so you see, 1 shall slick to vou like death to a nii-ger, any way you can fiv it. Good niehi." li ia i,Sr,ii,'. cess iry lo say that with ibis queer measure of precau tion. Tin liriunnnr 1 1 In...... ...1 e . t. ' , u,,l.lli,IL-u iui-svui'i; irom Sampson. Pt. Lpris, Thursday, Juno 17.-Murder in the 1 lll-l lr...lH.,., 4 -t. . I. I : i..u iij,-jui;iuii i.ioii piacoatnong the prisoners in llie penitentiary, nt Jilleison ciiy, on " " UV;.' resiiiiiu in tlio murder of Ihe ovcrseir, (Mr. William Milliard,) nnd tho escape of cmlll of theeoniielc. ' We understand lhat the murder wn. the result of a eon-piracy, of which the ring-leaders were Hirry and Johnson. I bey decoyed ibo oversi er Im., -i . ,...r shop, on pretence that they wauled instruction! ns to some matter, and having induced him lo stoop lo look under a bench, kd ed him by n blow from n mallet or ............. nnu n .iuu u signal which was nn- derstood by tho lest, fciliI a binco of pisiols from liallard s person and the keys, with winch tbeyopen ed the door- for ihe escape of themselves and others. ll Una happened nbout two o'elmk m tbodav. Only one guard was on duly at Ihe time, who lired on the escaping jiiisoncis without cll'ect. lt tssaul that moro would have esea r d had ihey nut hern lueveiited by some of ihe piis-jucrs, whose terms have nearly expired. Death or thu Ki:v. Utt. AnmtcitoMiin:. Thu Philadelphia miners nolito tlm, of the Kev. Dr. Ahercrombie, liny known us the oldest Protestant Episcopal Clergy man in mat city. Tins U. S. Clazntte says : This njcdHiid venernblo divine has for n long timu been no;ihle inui- i.....,) i.t.- . . h u,,ltf v , ' fcv. niujiuiiiie mi u s oi ins sacrcu, and has been of Inli . l.iclly confined io his n , . iuu woerauon nun rcspeetdue 10 Doctor Abcrcrombiensa clergyman of piety, learn ing and great .loouence, ho w ill long bo rcmJinhncd as a faithful and cimiiently succe-tful teacher of Writing on Newepaptsrs. Ogdcn Ilofl- nilll). Esd. U. S. Distriri Alln.n,,,. nf V.., York, lias received from tlio Post Office De partment u iiiiitiiy of newspapers witli llieir marcrins filled with wriiinrr n t ,it a ...... .......i. u .a mi- reeled lo proceed against tho individual uc- J,'"" '".v-oiHing io uost uiinco laws. Frauds to an enormous extent iiru practised in this vvav. IWanu i.ii,.:.i.,..L. ...i. i jjoiirimls westward aro accustomed to fill llieir nun uuiuiis oi domestic affairs. A paper of this sort is mentioned which a pro testation ofiovc and all its ncmeless endear ments in full. All this on tlio marein of a newspaper. HRIGIITON JIARKET. Jlonday, June 29. From tho Hoston Patriot. Al mnrlirl. ?'. ll,fi....t .... ''nine, iu yoiovvorMng u- rti,.15cows and calves, 950 slucpaiid lambs, and -o0 100 Hccf Oattlo unsold. PnicEs-lleef Oattlo-l'irst quality Sfi r,0, a 66 75 Second miahtysfl a M23i Third quality S3 a $575. Working Oxen No sales noticed. GOWK mill ffuteea Ulna OE COO C if.. A of v-.", w-, 'iTJJ, IIIIO .J-iU. s il?&'-'Ti Zrf,8oW nl ''33- SI'GS S.9'-- Hwinp Several Largo barrow sat 5 1-8, nnd one lot to peddle, somo of which were pigs, at 1 1-2 for Sows, and 5 1-2 for barrows. Atrctiiil Irom 5 to 7 posToiai-cR Noricn. Tho mails to and from this place, will nrrivo and depart, until further notice, according to tho following schedule. Arrives Departs Southern, Daily Bpni, 7 am. Northern, ' 7 " B " llaslcrn, " 7 11 1 11 The northern nml eastern mails nro not due till 0 ) m. but usually nrrUc before 7, Nonni HiSTEnn, Leaves Monday, Wednesday, nnd I' 5 a. in. nnd arrives Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday nt 12 noon. l 'ranklln Mail, once a week arrives on Friday,nt G p. m. nnd leaves on Saturday, nt 5 a. in. Atom ,1ji7, leaves on Friday, at 7 n. m. and ar rives on Sunday, nt 5 p. m. Hy Ilincsbiireh nnd Dristol to Middleburv Leaves TuesdaynndKridaj, ntOa m.nnd arrives Wednesday and Saturday, nt 7 p. in. HyHinesburgh and MnnUown to Mi.Idlebnry Leaves on Monday and Thursday, nt 6 a ill. and ar rives on Tuesday nnd Friday, nt 7 p. m. I'ortKcnt Mail, daily, Sundays excepted, by tho Ferry Uoat. Sj;The mails aro all niado up tho evening previous to their departure, and letters will be mailed till 8 p. in. H. H.STACV P.M. Ilurhnglon, July, 1911. B ft dl In this town, on iho7lh inst. Jliss Detskv Fikld, formerly of Uennington, Vt. ESTIIAYS. . , QTltAYKI) fiom tliesub'cril ir some lime in Mny- In-l, n d.irli 'V!i"v3l Irmdleilireovear old STF.l'.ll, rip VI and a I eil iwo J en r old ; V. A' -r-t, h-,-n-tJt b a while pol in lliefoiebeml. ' Any information concerning llieni willlelilerallynnid tor. ahnkr pornnt. Ilirlington, JnlC, 1811. n"i - LOST. . B1 FJ'Wi:r.N Mr-. Liinuworibv'-. or the Conrl- Ihiii'i' and t Iio Aeielemv. on ilu ri.n.l le.nlin!r llirt'iish the hollow, on haturday alUrlioon, 20lb.lone a -mall iiael.nueei n niniiigllnie mid lialfvard Lire. 1 bo tinier will p'ea e leave it at tluso;lice,'und a Mil' a able toward will I e given. Hurlingion, June C, 1811. nj HAZOUSIUI.Y Hth. Wl U havo just received " t a variety of ltodgirs and Elliot's Fine RAZORS much liked by persona who sliavctlieinselvcs. Pangbok.n & Hrinsmaid. Mie in Ujc ootto." rcw places in ami:rica can Arronn nnr Tr.n op " LIFE IN THE WOODS," THAN UAN CH nNJOYED, oCniNO TUB SCMMEB M O ST II S, 1 AT Til K "CAI.CUOMA Hl'llIXCS." THE LARGE " NEW HOTEL," will bo open on or befoie the first day of June, and the proprietor briefly promises lo all his visitors, (besides the pure and wholesome Waters), (!jud Dinners, Ddiicous Wines clean Hoowi and luiiifurtable teds, together with all that kind nnd obliging attendance of servants which is always so gralelul to tlio travillingPiiblic. The Amusements will be a good Billiard Table, a Piano Forlofor the Ladies, a spacious Hall Room lui uished with Music, w hue the innocent and healthy ex crcisc of Dancni!' can bo eniovid almost everv eve ning, Willi many other pastimes and sports usual at sucn places. The beneficial edects of the Misgb vl Watf.ii Ii vtiis aio invaluable to Invalids, and a luury to all that take them ; they a ic given in a variety of ways, and even the benefits of Hca-bathiirj may be more than realized fiom the Saline an I Stamen H mis. . The subscriber has great pleasuiu in Ining able to add he has made urraugemiiils with thu Agents oi ino "utiawa company to run oneol their steam crs expressly lor passengers during tho summer months; this will enable visilois fiom Montieal tu each tlio hpring- eoinlortably in one day and " vice versa." I lie Spring Stages will meet the steam boats at Point Fortune as usual. '1 It r de fiom thence to Ihu springs is picturesmto and dchuhtriil. Visitors fiom Toronto, Kingston, and oilier tilnccs nbove, may avail iIr'IusJvcs of the improved slate of travel, via liytown, anil throujli that lntirestmg nml magiiifictnt lineof Government Works. " tholtideau Cinal," viliich comiimnic.ituHi will land visitors at L'- Unginal, within iiiiie nu'es of tlie spnngs, wbire coa ches will bein icadiness to convey them thither nt anv hour of llieir arrival. Nothing within the power ol tho subscriber will be lrlt uiiiloin", thu ensuing season, to make the " Cale- uuiua springs mi agreeable and lavorito icsort. . . WM. PARKER. Caledonia Springs, May 10, 1811. n j Daniel H. Onion, ; Chittenden County Court vs Jamcs Miskii, et al. ) Petition for pal tition. ai.vri.wr v i.ic.uu.M 'imi any Shcrill or (J. n. ten en County, -- I -L Couslahln in tin state, GREETING : i) tne autnoriiv oi inoaiatooi V ermont, run arn hereby comiinuJid to notify and summon James .Mi ner, ol liiidiiort, in ino county nl .i i ison. in 1 us btate, L-olonil smith and Harriet hniilli, his wife, of oi. vieorge, in tins coii.uv, iienry naglcy anil JIary Ann lh"ley. his wife. William K. Miner and II, ni-nnm Miner all of Milton, in this county. .Sully Ann Miiipr nnd Abby Mimr, who are under Ihe ago of (i'lhteen years, nnd Joseph .Miner their father and natural guar dian, all of the same Millon, .Smith Miner, of Jersey ville, in the county of Jer-i yville and state or Illinois, and Ashbel Palmer nnd Palmer, his wife of tho territory ui lima, io appear oeiore iho County t.ourt next to be holdcu ut liiirhnginn. within nml rr il,.. county of Gliittenili-n aforesaid, on the last Tuesday snu uiiu ui .lugusi, .i. ii. inn, nn ii ami mere lo nir swi r unto the foregoing nctition of theKiid nni 1 It Onion, and show c.iuso if any they haw, why parlb lion oi fciuu pri-uiises biiuuin oni no mane aecordui" to llicprayLr of said petitim. Fail not and due stivico and reium nnue .vcoidmg to law. Dated at Hurling'on, in the county of Chittenden aioresaid tmsiirst day ol July, IHH. W.M. NOHLR Clerk. A. G. nttcmorc lo thu I), feinLinis in sixty dollars as surety for costs of prosecution, as the law- inncib. n3wj Heforemc, W.M. NOHLi:, Clerk WIir.ItKAS, Daniel II. Onion, of .Milton, in said county, Ins prcfirred his petition lo -aid Court, Ha ting thai one J.niie!' Miner, of said Millon, died touid and po-iies?id of sundry pieces and parcels of land and realeslale iusa.d .Millon, nnd that James Miner, of llridporl, iu tho county of Addison nnd state rl Vermont, Colonel Smith, and Harriet Smith, his wife, of St. George, in said county of Chittenden, Henry Hagley, and .Mary Ann ISagloy, his wife, William K, Miner, nnd Henjani'm Miner, nil of .Millon, afortsaid, Sally Ann Miner, and Abby .Miner, who aio under the ngeof eighteen vears, and Jom iiIi .Miner, tin ir father and natural guardian, all of said Milieu, Siniih .Miner of Jerseyville, iu ihe county of Jerseyville, and i,iie of Illinoi", and Asbhil Palmer and Pliebe Palmer, bis wile, of iho territory of Iowa, nro owners of all iho sain lanus nnn real ciaio m common, and prayin: lhat tho same may be divided and s"t utl'to each ac cording to tin ir rcsmelivo riulit nulinteresi ibeieln and it being made to nppear, that Smith Miner, eM Ashbel Palmer nnd Phcbe Palmer, his wife, iu said petition named, do not reside in iho stato of Vermont. nml ihey nor crher of them not having nny known ugeni or attorney in diis s-ate, thcrefoie, it is ordered iini notice ne given mem oi me lorcgning petition by publishing lie t-uhstance thcicof. with tlm fn citation, in the Hurlington Frio Press, a newspaper printed in Hurlington. in tho said counlviif rM three vvc'kssiicces-sively.ihclast of which publications to bo at leat thirty days before tho sitting of tlio said Court, which f-halt bo deemed sufficient notice to the sain (lelindanta in this order named to appear and iniiKc uuswer io ine tain pennon. n3 W.M. NOI1LK, Clerk. i()t,I) WATCHES JUIY fltli. r. have Ihi- week roooivil somo Icaii'iful lini.l.ii I'.ugiiMi inade (iol.t Watc be Tin- i the fourth lit receivid l ii- coring nni siinimer. w ;.. g1 form tboM- wMnns lino Wutcli .vnfc-, niai wo mo telling ihcin m vi'i e lne i.rie... . ... I I... hell ih lowuiid lowvr ilioniinoipialiiy cf Waieli i", can bo bought in New York or llo-loii, Ween, piigelo roll Hslovvnl P.WUISOKN it I1KINSMAID. " l.osr. A Red Morroco Memorandum Hook, with .Metahe Pencil, of httlo value, except to the owner, containin" Papers itc. Com.ensalijn will bo paid for iu return" Hurlington, July 8, 1311. HOIUCI: WHUHLGU. ' STRAY llORSF.. Lift tho enclosure of tho Subscriber on iho 19ih June a Light bay Horse, with a largo w Into strip in tho FACF., short switch tail seven years old whoever will return said Horse, or give any informa tion shall be liberally rewarded. Hmcsburgh.Julyo 1B11, ANDRF.W IIURIUTT. Br rv V,!lsTI: NF ISIM.US ; n "1 lh,' --o'e'-rn and Elliots best Uni Mhdn f,', a"'"'r8SI,"'"f' "lack Straps, Silk Sashes, Mimatuto cases, and other Goods. Received at July 8t PANGHORN it HIILS'SMAII). 3 mm Slcdlrlnal Wines. it'PllRIOl! Po.l, Madena nnd JInsent W,r.e,te-s- hvtwl lor meihcuial p'lrposes, loii.iuntly (,r mle. Also, Fine sH.,y Wmc jm-i ie, by ' o 3"'K p. il. M. oipwJu, ,f. ri; THAWiNo pi:ncius.-h-h II-H H H H II 1J II I I Iio nbove PenciN ln day received nnd for rnloon lernn that cannot fiul io plea-e bv , . r ,oll aiUlN'lliVOTON. July ii, 1811. nfl A A'EltV A'AiaJAlH.lJ FARM F0H SALE. THE siibsniber being desirous to retire Irani active business, now oflers lo dispose of his I'' A M M , siluatrd in Co host, r, one half mile west of tho singe load, leading fiu.u Hurlington to St. Albans, nnd only sit miles from Hurlington. Snid Fnrm is handsomely Hluatcd, contanbg HIO ncre- or ns good land ns enn bofound in Ulnltenden county, nnd under ns high stato of cultivation, hnving been under tho improve ment of nn English Agriculturist tho last twenty tlireo years. Thtro is on the Farm n convenient House, with a never fading well of puro water at tho uoor. A good Ham. with convenient slioit nltneliml to it, n vnluntlo wood lot of llcnch and Maple, ami a llnoOrchard of choice Fruit. Any person wishing to purchase such n farm ns above described, had better malic application soon to James Scott, Prnrl-streect, "..iiiisiuii, ui uiu suuscnoer on ine premises. .. ,. WILLIAM SCOTT. Hurlington, July fi, 1811. 5j N. U. Terms of navment willbemndn verv cas5'- n-, THIS DAY liEfiKlvr.n Tor.Nit., Wonits, 0 V0.g,lt ,! p:l, imm, ' KlniiiiAM's l'.l.ue UTIoN, Cumstick's Piiysint.eov f. Mmr.r.AU.tiT, t I IU.STON S HllOK IvKr.MNCI, The nbove Honl.-s nro ilnivt ,i. ....i.i.m .... andw.ll l,...,,l,, (rrasi.) on ibo ino-t rea.onable .v...,-, ii yuiio u nan nii'i fee r . , , . S- Hl-NTINOTON. Sin or the lied LeJger, College-M. Ji-ly 8, 2SII. n5 lilST OV IillTTUHS llIJuVyliNisn',llliel,,l0'l!tu 01 u,ir,insl0"v'- Laiigshore, James Alexani'er, Charles Allen, l.innor.i Ann-, 'eilelo.ih i.awrt-nee, John Lawienee, Muiy Lee, .IP l.fouard, l.nura 2 Lillle, Levi Lock I in, John A Lagoit, Oliver Laberge, Angelio Lafon'ain, Amablell In; 1 tor t", Mr M Ma-nn, George May, Kdwnrd It Ma.eni & 1 1 in-ilalo Ma-on, Im Maeonil er, Ildward Mariin, Mary C Marl;., liol e'rt It Mar1-, Andit'vv MMIwing, Ritchie M', John Mo-eilL'er, Myron, W Miller, U'liiuel 1J 2 Mill-, Mvron '2 Memo, A-aliel Moore'-, Kdoiond jIor.-e, Loui-a Mo'ihliinp, Maria K Maheux, Mud Jean Hie Maijnirc, Felix Main, Francois Mai'lol. .1. Hi,! Meuanl, I'r.inenis Mereer, Tlimuns Jloblovy, Jtil Nel-on & Gales Newell, Francis Newton, Ro-well 2 Norlbopi Thomas Nuenien, Dennis North, Joe'l Nciiinian, Cbnrlo'tc Norlou, Julius Novo-, Minerva Nu'e-, Wilhaoi () O'l.angley. Jnlui 2 O'llen.V.'Illlcu O.icllel, Jo-eph P Piiliner, Wm Harlow P.irl.ei.lleySW Pan ben, Halpl, Piene-, I. II ri.lge G Piiinev, Mr- IVri Pelle-, lA'iy Place, Alien Po-I, Orpba 2 Polrv, Jo-enh Polwin, II YV Power-, llobert Prior, J F I'm mi in, George .vii'ier-tui, Ilenrv Anl eiy, dipt .1 F, iw-nrd Aynl, Ilulert It llailey, John, Samuel H ll.irnej, Mi.sS.trah H.irtovv, Ira A ll.iulibnir, Carpus, lleiny Rolel, Cvnil'iia llevau, .Nicholas C Horry, Mi- Jano lb-hop, Ji.el Hi-Immi. Seth Hi-se'li, Heniaium Hlanehil, Mrs Mary Ann Hiad'lley, Abr.ib.-un llnghaiii, Mary It Hrow ii, Caiu P o Hrii-b, Mi.sU Hiew-ter, Lvdia II ih", dipt Wni H ilfiT, John .1. Hroiletir, K-iere Ilrmleur, O Hcrow, i'laneis Hriiuil, Lewis iiriincii, John Hoi. veil, .Anionic C C.iiiierou, MrsM (.irpenier, Jo-epb L Cli.iinh'rliiin, Oritu R film e, .l.inie, Clia-e, Jnlui Clnirebill, Oiin la Crofil, Pre. ton (Jleirehill, .soplua r'.trk, lie v I'has Cl.ikk,H 11 dough, l.uiher (Joiicer, Clnile. It Conver-e, Ghi A Cook, IteySU Cron, 11 N I oi me-, lull ert Gorly, Piter Coining, Laura l.raliliix'.sCHrolii.e Ctihle4v, .Ii seph Curl y, Peier Cuin'ey, llilwanl Ciirlis'-, Lliiah Cutting, Luey Cli.ull.iiriie'. Ploiunn K Coiilure, Joseph ieiiwne, .1 ii lo 1) Dart, Amos W Day, Mi-sChailev Day, William G i hi i in in, .1 til i.i Perrauli, Fiancois It Laii'lall, Funny Reed, M iru A Rice, Thomas, N N Rieharibon, (leorge K' lllv, R'll Ige, Lucy R i. el, won. I, Wilkin, Roger-, Widow HihI, .lame. Ho-, Reul en l!o-, Win Rtuieliaii, Kdwar.l S .Siarr, Wanen S.iriwvll, George Sugar, Tl.oiiius Soon, J J Slianabau, Wiueficd Sliati'ucl;, Iru Rliiillii-I., Nnliuui W She.kl,l!ey Mar-ball Miring .Slieldiii, Mi A M Sburlle.l', Angu-lu Snuili A .Smith, Charles

.Suiilh, Il JS "ii il Ii, Harrie t W .Sui ih, Janie's 2 Smiili, John 2 Sioilb, William T Spiml ling, Alvie, Sila .Sinuil'or.l, Reuben Slacy, Ar.i-lo-Siacy, Ge'orgt! I ".III-, Jllelulllil 11 Defiiy, Julin Dow, Henry Douieii, Miiry I hew, I an id Dunn , Mauri' i" I) ml.lee, .Vile,, 1 Dup'i i-, Madame C lilw.ird-, Jamc- II lllih id.'e, dpi John llmerv, Caroline lib, .MiiJ.inieAndie' I'ay, Hevd (Miarles Keulon, 'ilham Fern-, Ahnun F l-Vlier, 11 P I'oole, 1.11 y L I'oril, Daniel rieeinaii, l.tey I'levtiiiin, Mai ley L IVo-t, Henry ri.ineuf, Jea'n Hie Fc.tnhcy, TlieoJule rerrier,' Henj l'o'in'aiu, II L Fopi-f, Uaiie : Gay, Gam- Jr Gil' en, Mi" Hetty Gillerl Mi Su-aii Goo'lrieb, Chatmiey Goti.'year, M.irun L Gr.'ni, Mary Ann Gieen, K.llinv tiieen, Mr- Fanny Gre'eii, Lama Gree'uough, William W lienaiil, Anlume 2 II H idlcy, Lyman II.irrN, Jeihn ll.irri-, La' an ll.if-i .gion, Henry llalch, Wnrre-ii II I lard, Key. A 1! Hamilton Ami llerr.ek, J T Ilerriel. it Meal llibl.ii.l,, Hill, Wm lliglee, l-aau ii. '.....i',.-. .Sloyen-, Liiiher At Sleven-ou, Cbar'e-A Siewarl, Aliiiu Sabiviriin, Hiplie Sa-i'Ville, Jean, HipN .Silicr,Moi-e HouiJigui! T Taylor, l.-aae Thau her, Will.ud Thayer, Harriet A Thavt r, John Thayer, llli Thai it, Warren Thayer, Fi-her Tlioin.i-, CbloeC Tbonip.oii, )r Alexander Ti n y, I'zraO iii.. i i.iuiwii ll'iey, 1 zni 1. Ilodgilon, Geor;e or Mr.Tiae-y, Center Kiiigbl of Willi.teai Tripii, David Ilnlebkiss iV Row ill Hi.tehl.i-it Field Hooker, Key. Ilelwnrd W Hoile.n, William I, Howard. Appleton C Howciiil, I .mil HovvHrd, Maralle llalehin-, Simon 3 iliilebni-ou, Simou IIiiiii, .Stephen Hide-, F. D llnuii-ea, Man Anue Ilugaril, M.uv ' I-haiu, Henry J JauN, Sarah .lobii-on, A i vah June., Mr- Mary Joslin, II G K Keye-' Mo-es Kimball, l.oren T l Lagan, Jobo Laiiiloti, Aluiela T Tullle( Kii-eil TourU'oii, .Nnlhanli'l Vt'ii Sicklin, John Vnogbau, Wa.liingK n Vajeux, Charles Vajt'ox, Alexauiier Veronaolt, Jean Ilapti-te. Wa.Uworib, Jlr Laura Warner, U-ier Warner, l.aae Wh bl'iirn, Lueius Wehster, Well. A-n Wemworth, Peier W We ilworih, Peilrone W Whee'er, Fiisleriek H, Hal ert Wbimey, Charles II Wieker, MiV. A M WiI-iiii, lie alia WiUon, Ito-sel Wilson, V. Winicr, Rii li'd 1CJ" IVr-on. ealling for tlienbove Utli'rs, 1110 re 'piciedto de-ignaie tbetn its adierll-isl. nl II. H. STAGY. P. M. T A. Hit AM AN. lu this (in V n nnm uuirl ,'lf ,!""', "'"! ''onery, eoniprising Addresses and Message, of the Presidents from Washington to Harrison. aluable nml approved works, m Tiicolii" .u. ..,..1. ....i.,u ..uiiaiure. i.oi'crui liiogrnpny loyngcsatid Have Is. The lalrsi mlitmn. nfil.n npnrovcil School Classind and .Mathematical Hooks. A large simply of Paper, Quills, lllank Hooks, Klein enmry and other Spellars, GramniarH and Geographies Hosiou Ai-ademy (!lco Hook and Odion, and Juvenile looKsearii liy sciecicu, all which aru ollisred nt tho lowest prices, al uie hook Hlore. July I 1811. TIH. Subscrilcr will pay cash for a few Thousand pounds of good Flteeo Wool, delivered nt their blore, hendofPoarl St. URADI.LY it IIVDK July 2, 1811. notici: IT 1! S1 IMSON has removed his stock of Hoots XX. Shoes itc. to II. IliomasStoie. Onndoor Kml oflhoPrinlingnllicc.ivhcrohoisydluig off nt Cost, lor ensh, ,t ihose i.ersons w ishing Hoots nud Shoes ,1, " ',"1'"i'"ii piircuasiiiL'eisi'iiiierc, All persons indebted toll C. Slimson nro rcoucs. it 1 10 iiwsx umaceaa.10 payu'Aut to the subscriber onJi,,,c,3i:ir h .las'1' PAItlS GOOD?. pnAOTIFUL UKTICULKS, Fans Hrushes, Pipes, J- Head Ornaments, nnd very many other Goods opening at the Variety Store, "j" PANGHORN & niUNSMAID. pASH PAID FOR WOOL nttho Hurlington Mill Ju!ie2elP18ril ory" ,Sl BAllL0W- Agent. WOMIIJItPUI UPPUCT OP TAXATION , On Thursday morning 17th Juno ' II, when prepar ing to leave in the evening Hont, for N. Vork for the Jd timo tins season, I was -cri ed with nnotico of ho ingnssessd mthosiimofiGOO, for my Fnculty ns n .Mcrchnnl, for the ensuing yenr, for selling goods cheop to t ic People) tho shock wns so electric that it flash ed through tho imagination, illumining the only ave nue whereby nn escape could bo nfTeetcd, but fortu nately as it terminated, the amount wasngnin reduced to iho low Tnv sum, of 8100, which still bcing three, times higher thnn lhat of any other individual is rated in the stale, niade it tiecccssary to proceed with tho utmost velocity, iu the revealed, confirmtdly system atic course of tho Up and Doing Quick and Cheap for Cash and No Imprisonment for Debt wny without any varying or deviation other than an increased speed straightahead ns the theoretical course of over 19 years study and experiment in buying and selling goods chcopw ill beyond all qucston, result correctly being put into full operation in tho known nnd skil ful manner in which it willnowbodotto nnd ns may be seen nnd profile il by, by nil tho lovers, admirers and wishers of Fnsluunahlo necessary good poods of vyliich there is now Iho greatest known variety in nil ho departments of merchandize, with tho system of hyying ns Cheap, Cheap, Cheap as Howard, put fullv into practice by this same Howard himself, the true originator of ibo system, who for reason of increased employment deems it not necccssary to say much about tho way or doing well by customers, ns ho has the largest ligurcs patent ever given in the Green Mountain State under official nulhority, of his quali nrations nnd faculty for selling tho most and of course implied chenp according to quality, all of which, with the Goods, is most respeclfullv submitted to the Peo Ploby their Authorized ngem, just nrrived from New i, i- . ,,... KARL HOWARD. Hurlington, July 1, 1S41. Tu , , PIANOS. IN order to close the concern of Herrick, Christo x phcr et Co., vie pfler the tlireo remaining Pinno's nl two hundred Dollars each, for Cash, or npproicd notes m 12 months with interest. For the quality and durability of these instruments, reference is made to many of Iho Citizens of this Village, who havo had 1 lano sof thu above mnnufacturcin use for yenrs. Reference nlso to Proflbt r Molt of the Musical department of tho Feuialo Seminary. Hurlington, 2d. July, 1811, LYMAN & COLE. MEDICINAL WATERS ! npiIF. subscribers have made; arrangement for the coiisinnt Minplytif Congress, loelyne nnd Wash ingtou Spring W uicrs, Saratoga, N. V. Ahn: Calt'itonia Waier, Irom llieCaleilonia Spring, Can nila. h or sale by box, dozen, eir sjnzle bemle bv Jlj-1. ISII. '1 1 1 HO. A. PKCK it Co. Druggists At the sign of ihe Mortar, Coiirl-Heni.e Square. ,4 I la id ware. THHOTSON'Sbest Iland-saw Fde, do Ca-i-sieel uiill do. Hiitelier- 1 1 iiK-b, Hiirlrand elo. Heavy liasjis, and half round do. nt for sale low by July 1,,S... M. G1DDINGS & CO. Door Trimmings, NORFOLK' and American Handles, Keal,c. F-eiilcheiin Laiehe-, 2, 21, 3, 31 and 1 inch Paient ll,,t,s 15 ineh Muare butts, for be-avv doors, Sup slock Lock-, with iron aiu'l brass kcy, James' screw.-, brads nnd eui lacks, all .size .. . H..M.GIDD1NGS&CO. July 1. 1811. i FANS AND CANES ! 170R sale at the V.-mely Smre, PANGHORN ii HRINSMAID. July 1,1811. ,,4 3ICRE NEW GOODS ! TIVR Ha.- Viols with How-, G and C Has Viol -triiis-, Cbirmnet niieiih Pieces, Ladie-s Wire Curls nnd -cams. Narrow Wha', Swifts, oitne Pin, she'll side Combs, horn twisi do. Iyory Titnlut nr nieiuorandiiin bool,s,Chililri'ii's Hells, Gold p.,per Wax Ilea. I, spool, Gold VVaiehe-s nml Chains, just reeeiviil, June lOlh and 2!)ih, 1811, nnd for sale at the lowest prie'Os for cash 111 iho varieiv siorc nl PANGHORN iV HRINSMAID. Slcchanlc.'s T00N. CAST PTF.KL saws, 2G and 23 in. lies, He-ill London springs eel do. nl-upi-rior nrlielp,- 12 and 1 1 meli Iron back saws, Key Hole do. Fiiinier Chi-cl-, Fmesoi'l.ettlo. Double and -mgl,. Plane Iron-, HrHees and Hilt-, HuxwockI Roles Try squares Spur Augur Iliis, all size?, Con-'aye tind eommon Augurs, Iron and ste-e! si, 'nn--, eimpase, FiueGl ie, sand Paper, lii-1 Chalk, etc. lor saloat thu lowc.-l priies by II. M. G1DDI.NG3 & CO. July I, 1811. rM INFORMATION WANTED. Tinisiili.erili'risde-iriiii- of ol laming informa lion of hi-1 ro'.her, JOHN HALL, who left Kng lan.l, in 1 833, for the Fniti-.l Slate., landed at Quel e-e, and nfierwards went lo Cppcr Canada, and is now, (it living,) til-nut SI years of tge. Auv information on this Mil ifi, addressivl loihe suliser.ber at Hurlington Vt. will I e tliankfu'ly received, and hi e-rallv paid for. CHARLIIS HALL. Hurlingion, June2C, IS 11 . n t SALINE POWDERS ! LP.MONADK, Soda and Ginger lleer Powders e-x-eellent refi igerants lurlhis wealher. S'ullitz in d Koehe'leelo. (Thu quality of which may I o ielie.1 upein. For sale at nt TIIIIO. A. PUCK .f. Co'-, Apoiheraries. Till'. LAST CALL. ALL persons mdelied o the Il-tale of George Mcore, late of Hurlington, arc reipiesteil to make iiiiuiedmtu pavmeiit in .be -ubseril er. GIIOHGi; IL MOOKK. Ailinini-lrntor. Hurlingion, June 25, 1311. nlw2 fa coram .loorc's Instate. WK ihe suh-erd e-r-, hav ing I ei-u nppoiuleilby the Iloiioiablelhe Piol ale Court lor the Di-lr'iet ot " 'bitten. Ii'ii, eeiiimii-sioiicrs to receive, examine and adpi-l ihe claims and eleuiauJs of all person-, against ihe e.-tato ol" GIIOHGH MOORK. lale of Hurlington, in said Di-lriel, deira-e-il, repre-'i-i"ll lusolve'iit, and al-o nil e'laims and ili'inaiidsex lul ni'. iu o.l'.ei thereto and six iiii.nihs f,i,m the dale herciili I cing allowul by ml Court, for lhat purpo-e-, we do hereby give iioln e, that we will ailciul lo the bii-uie-sif oiu aipoinliiient, nt the oiliee of Alvan Fooii', iu Hurlingion, m said di-triei, em ihe tirl Mon days of No vein I er and Dcteml crnext, at ten o'eJixk, A. M. on each ol ihe said day., n4 l)utcd,lhs II) h day 1 1' J. nc, A. 1). IS 1 1 . LUTIIIIl LOOMIA ... . . ALVAN FOOTF.. t-l"ii"cr-. npill. LADY'S Cnhinrt, devoted to science and M. general litcrulure, jtHt reecivetl at iho Hook Store whero subscriptions are rcccive-d for lliisandiheN. V. Review, American Journal of tho .Medical Sciencis and N. American Review. July 1, D. A. IIRA.MAN. PEAKL STJiEET HOUSE, HFItl.lNGTO.N, liiii VIIRMONT. J. S. PK1RCK TTA 8 lately npi-iml the above establishment for ihe LI. reiepiion nt taiinbe, nnd traveller-, generally, who may vi-itllu. part ol ihe Giwn Mountain Mate-, nnd may I u desirous of pn.-ing a lew summer weeks uuMm; pieiiirt-sipie heights ol lliirlingtiMi. Thullote'l is spacious and commodious audit (dpi. ated near ihe I'nivcrsiiy,at the head of Pe-arl-st., erne ol the mosl f.tshional.leuiud npieealle lliorouglifaie-s in llietown,eninniiiiuhng an rxeuit view of Uike Chaiiiplain ami the surroiiudingcimniry. The views lrum Ihe w i-siern window and piazzas are unrivalled by any on the borders of llie Uike lor their luagnilieeiiie nn.l 1 i'aiiiv,audBte, prolably, not Mir. ni-Mil in Ihe I'liiieil Slates'. In the internal arrangement of the House-, every re ynnl h.n been paid in iho comfort of families, who maybe si'eointnuilaied wilh private parlor and the occupant llailers b elfibal llie lurm-hing of hi. table mid the- attendance, are- such as to merit the ap probation ol tho-e lauhcs and Geiiileiiieu w ho may favor bun with their patronage. The UTAOim toand from ihe North, North-l-iist nnd L'a-i passelady, and lu parlie- slopping at Hur lingion, on llieir way io ihu White Mountains, and ilioso travilluig in nny of the above i!ir.K-lion, more lei-uro is Hlt'onleil, as the stage, leaving town call at lhi bou-e half an hour later than al the Hotels in ihe lower pari cf the village. A comfortable Carriage alle-nds regularly, cn Un arm al of Iho bonis, wiihlhosii'ward eiftbe estahl.sli nient, who will lake charge if the baggage etc. in shorl, no pains yill I e spare-d to give sim-fai'luni to nil patrons, mideuiiilc iho Ikiu-cio the support of tin pal lie-. N. H, Wme, Cordial and Liquors, of approved qua liy, kept always on baud. Horses and Carriage kept m readiness for tho ac commodatioii of such ui limy require iheni. lliirliiiginn, Jiuii-2h, ltj, ' mm QTOMVS CAST STKLL AXLtS, Warrantee! sti O penor loany thing in Market 2U iloz. fur sale by , , , ,ff -jTUONUS rf-Co. Julv 1. 1511 MEIJICAI, r.ECTUUES. pAHTMOUTiT COLLEGE. rrillf. Annual Cour-nol lectures In the New 1 lamp X shire Mcihcnl Institution will eommenco tin 1 hursday, the 5th of August next, and continue tbrcu month". Dixi ennsrtv. m. d. Prnr,...i,..irti j -' - -11 iwiv-.-vi -Fi KJ lit pLXl y t J Ijm stetrics and Diseases of Women nnd Children. Vi K I'HEhl'--4. M- Ucturer on Ma. term Medica, Medical Juriprudencu and Muhenl Botany. OI.IV'Ftl t llltntl itm nt ri n..r......fri.... , ' - - - . .. '..'. llll', .11. IV. , I fUltSSUi Ol lyllllll- Istrvnnd Pbnrnmcy. JOSKPII ROI1Y, M. I)., Professor of Theory nnJ,.,,.'.Hllpim!nnJ Patbotccical Anatomy. I'.DMl'M) K. PKASLEE, M. I)., lecturer on A- natnmy and Phvir.logv. i. , , niiis usw, , ii iiuiiaiii'ii 818. MnlriculnlingTicket, S3. Hoard, from 8 1 50 In 9 nm. .......I.- Al r..;t;.;.. r .1 t. for the Lecture. 850. Graduation .. . .iiiiiiiu.iiu lacinues mr tuoe who may vvih to board tlieinelve. 1 h Fees Iniut I... nm.l ..i il... .r .1 - - - . . e".- ... iuu i uuiuii.-iiiiie:iii mi iui: I enn, or notes given with satisfactory suietie. Al lln.r.l.'ni.. I ,.C. .1.. S ( .... ..,,Ui,a i.viuic me iueuieai uiass are per formed gr.ili, liy order ol Iho Faculty, i O. P. lHftlBARD, Secretarj-. June 15, 1811. j IF.AD PIPF, and Copper pumps5 tons lead pipe 1-2 , l? 1;in.s,u CoPIlcr Im"'iis hy STRONGS & Co. --my i oon. Soda Crackers, n'npu Soda CitACKEn- Just received in tine or A ler by H. M. G1DDING.S & CO. July I, 1811. ,,.1 Dry Goods very Cheap. SUPF.KRIOR black, blue black, gro de swis. Silk, elo. do. Italian Real do. Honnct and Florence s,lk, White and LlaeU Crape, Mourning Lawns and Prints, superior French Homlazine-, Hlai k J-.llel Veil-, Lace do. Fillet and Gauze Siarl, Fancy Handderehicf, icioria Skirts, Pic NicOloie-, ete-. , , ' by II. M. GIDDINGS & Co. July 1. tan. AT COST. rilllF, Goods in thestore o( George Moore, late of JL Uurlingion. must and will l e -1,1.1 m ('.,.. r,,r cash. GIIORGK II. MOORK, Adininistrator. Hurlington, Juno 28, 1841. nli ICE.M IiUXEY. WOULD respectfully inform his patrons and the inhabitants uf Hurlingion, and us vicinity gen erally, that he has made arrangements for ndding an other branch to his business. Heis now prepared to turnishHVigs, Curls, and False Whiskers, and indeed every article in his line of business, at the shortest no tiec, nnd of ns good quality as can ho obtained in New York or Huston. All orders will meet with prompt attention. Shop under Howard's Hoteknorth side of the Square, Hurlington, Vt. 43 May 7th, 1311. BUTTONS. ANF.W assortment of F.lliotl's Patent Satin, Vel vet, Twist, Dies?, and Overcoat Huttuns. A few sets choice gilt, for dress coats, just received and for sale by C. HENNA' & SON. June 21. n'Jw3 l.lncn Sinner Goods. JJMNF.3-land 1-1 Hrown Linen for Coals, Hcavj . Hrown and White Linin Drilling, do Fancy While Linen Drilling '1-4 Russia Sheeting and i-'l Russian Burlap, very cheap by. H. M. GIDDINGS 4;co. TO RENT. rpiIK new linck liuilding next West X of the Pearl Street House, beinf tho hel location for business in nil Pearl Street. Il is well calculated for a store and dwuhng house, together with two rooms n httlo belovy the street, well lighted and suited for any kind of business where one or two rooms only aro needed j witli wood shed, stable, carriage house, lolt, and every convenience necessary. The'building is so arranged that the parts can be rented separately. Immediate iiossesscssion given. Stcurily will be e-x-pictcd for the rent iu all cases. Inquire of n3vv3 c. UI'NNS. N OT1CE. THIS may certify to all those whom it mav con cern that I have given my son Cliarlo ilurl bert, Ins time, nnd hertalter shall nut control any of his earnings, neither hold m j self accountable tu pay any debts of his contracting after iliis dale. n3 WRIGHT HURLHKRT. Underbill, Juno 21st, 1S11. INFANT SCHOOL MANUAL, OR TCACIIEll's ASSISTANT. CONTAINING a view of tho system of infant schools, also, a variety of useful lcs-ons lor the use; ui icuuueis., iui ami uy K VATitPr. iiiTVTlviri'nv June 25, 1811. nj BLANK BOOKS. Ledgers, Journals & Itctord Hooks. IOR towns, county and probato records uiannfac . lured from the be-st linen wove Demi and Medi um paper,bound in calf : Also, a variety ot common uiuiiu won. or saie cueap lor ready pay at tlie Mgn ol the Red Ledger, by S. HUNTINGTON. June 23, 1311. n'J '"Prusiscs Dr. Hull's Trusses, eon .i.tmg of nieu's X plain single, do. radical e ure, do. eluuble. C'bil rcn's single, donl.Io and uinbiliial, of every siio le cuivej for sale, and will Le accurately applied I y ' )!. .MOODY. June 21s', ISII. n:t BASS VIOLS. OR Violenei'lloe's, thieeline Uass Viol-, ju-i n-eeivi-d and for sale at llie lowest prices, at iheVuricty store. .Strings al lower prices than utial. Musical In sirumeiits of all kinds low. Pasgdorn f. Ilr.iNsMAtn. June 25, ISII. i,3 Dr. Amos fi. Hull's I'u-ro ALdominal ijiippor ter A supply of ihe above eulebratcJ liislru- mi-lit-, (which have never failed ol I erlonniiig a e-urc) pi-l received lor sale and will le ke-iii eon-tantly on liaud by It. MOODY, Druggist. Juno 21-t, 1811. ,,3 S cltllltz Soela aiidGiHger lleer Powder of the lir-l ipiahty Also, Fre-h Lemon Syrup, Tayhn's eele braieil Sarsapanlla Mead, a plea-ant medicinal Lever age for summer for tale bv 'R. MOODY, Druggist. June 21. 1311. n3 To Housekeepers. TAIIliK CUTI.KllY inall it.vuneiy; fiom the bc-l Ivory Kniyo and Forks, in n'll', to the lowe-t priced article j plain, I lunzcd an I golluo servtis in setts and smgle ; Dixon and sons Liiiiii.ul silver -poous and forks and Hrmnnnia lea poi in setts ; br.ts., 1 ritlanni.tie'a and i-ollee pois bra mi l Iron die andii oils- a full assortment of h.ngli-h and American Hollow Waiefor stoves and fne place-; Hat Irons, Italian Irons, and all oilier armies m this In e for sale at llie lowest prices at tho Hurdw.ue siore of R. MOODV. June 21-t, 18 1 1 . 3 N 13 W GOODS. THK subscriber- have ree'd a new assortment of Plain iniislm Do Lains Primed muslin and Print ed L iwns ilk nnd white irussells Lace French stjr. mtt D Railroad and fiend Do Ribbons Fan- d-C. H. MURRAY WRIGHT d-co. Juno 16,1341. r INDOW PAPER.-6'alin, Imitation .Vatin, and Comnion Paper, by i(. .VCO'IT. NEW GOODS. FARMERS and others nre invitee! lo call nnd ex amino our assortment of IlltlTTANNIA METAL GOODS. Tea am! Cofleo Pols, Tumblers, Cups, Sugar Howls, Creamers, Large Sponges, Spittoons, Lamps, Lather lloxcs, etc. Auo,-Fino setts of Hrittannia Metal Ware, con sisting of two Tea Pot--, ono Coffee Pol, Creamers, and one Sugar Howl, which we will sell in setts or single. Also, lor Churches COMMUNION WAIlb-, Tankards, Cups, Goblets, Plates, etc. Hrass and Plated Candlesticks, SnuflirsandTravs. a low as can be purchased, Castors, and extra bot tles tor uastors. Fon UPOnTSMKN. Powder Flasks. Rule and Pislol Flasks. Shni llm. Drinking Flasks, Hullet Mould-. lVtols. Caps ami Cap Hnxrs, Percussion Pills anil Cans', Fish Poles, Lines, Hooks, etc. We hope those who wish to buy will give us n call and examine tho New Goods at our prices, our object neingto sell so low that wethsll not be undersold by nny one in city or country. Persons from town or country, having a few mo ments to spare aro invited to call and look at what vie have to shew, if thev elo not wish to buy. 1'anciiorn fc Uui.vsn.ui. June 21, mi. "j Drapery Muslin A new nnJ bciutilul article for W hile Dre-sscs, at n3 ocoT'l' a. T V A HT'-S CO N KliCTIO N A 11 1 F.S I JUST received a fresh supply, put up in neatest slylo expressly for retailing, n31 by TUEO. A. PKCK if- CO. PALM Leaves of the best quality, Palm Leaf Hon nets and Hats. Straw Honncis Ribbons and aril m. UL1HLINGTONCA.SII STORK. Tf.N,EA,,1;I0S9"'I,;,' ''V klt oico. HLBiibscnbtlfcan eniiroiiew Stock of Good', jut received from NKW YORK Comprising i-asluonnble Slnple and FnncyGoodj Rich Silks Motislm eleLnuius nnd Priuted.Lawns Milinery GochJs Floreneo llraid Hi.nnets . . ... Siruw trimiiigs etc. etc. A'so FWtll.v iitiiir'i. on ti n ...i. ,i. oilered nt the lowo-t pnic. by S. L. Hl.'IutlCK. .uiiiiiijioii, juiya mil. 11i:.HOVI2ll Tlio subscriber would inform his b r .-J .I... ... .... reinovrd hb Mkof " lrn4u""g PUW1C. " KtiADY MADE CLOTHING, n . tn fli.i h..1. ..1...1 . 1 . . ! Vi T, T 1 "m uo"r oiow the shop occu pied by yyetins and son, w here he may be found ready l() ('lit nml ITT hi 1. tin nnu trit.,1 ,.(.- .. . ii. - s-"-,"" "ny Kino 01 faint ona Urease, or any thing vyliich may have soiled them and dress and press them, leaving them with n beautiful njia,r wieiu 111 me neatest manner. All kind of second hand clothes for saio cheap, ciean. Ami over worn Clothes, and most hinds of Produce) taken for pay. n33 Jimo -.o, mil. c. DnNNS SWTI'l-'l. VV e 1 V VI' till i lev,;. i'."r..n.n Wl! thu : Subscribers, having l'cn a'pp-iiited by the llonora . h ihePrnl,,,.. I'.,,.-, r.,'. .i... n. , C 1. 1 I .is vui.t. , inujyi- triet ol tyliiUeii(len,fi.inuiis.oner. to receive'. eam- IMii n ml ml. .... 1 1. . l i i , e ,.i ...... uiu .,aini. eieoiRiitis it all per 011 ?"'J."'r'll 'V t"!'a,!."f SJAMfhl. WAI.NWRIGHT, , ..... ,,,..,, , -aiu iii-iri.'i, ee'ta cii, repru- eiile.1 uisnlu'iit, andal.o all claims an J demands ex hihilt'il in o- vet thereto j and six month, from the day -. ... ....... ..t, c.i, i enig niioweu oy said tjii.t lor lhat piirpo i-, wo do iherefure heiehy givo notice, that vye will eiiend to the I .s. f our appointment, at lheihvel!ui?ofLucy Wainwrigbl, m Iliirlmgioii, in aid Di-inei, em the second .Mondays of Sepieinbcr & nevl. nt t..,i ....lft..t. 4 M . , ... ...i.iui.,.i, uii eaen oi saw days. 1MsAM,u?:e:5u!iWir'f-D-,S41- ,i2 II. MtV WIIITM.Y. ComniL-sioncrs. NKW AlllMVAL. Tust Hocrlve-d nt Then. A. Peel, and Co'-. Apolh .1 ecara-, aug ban's lt,,-e Ointment for reiiiovimr r reek is. HiriL' Wnriii. p,m..i..J ... .1... l: T other cruptitiiis. Aikin-ous Depilatory, foi removing superfluous Hair on the face-, ete, ' Fielii'h Cinii IM.i.i. l. . .. . ,,,, i ' linn liiiisiMinieuiaie renei, 'l ittiuiic but lew applications to eradicate I hum -ui. .gel hit. A Slllll.ll' nl 1- illn I .-. ., . .. . ... ... . ... ,, ,,, , iiiuiuuu.u.e mo.t eeiebra- tel article lor Daiidrud and restoration iif the Hair. Crushed Sugar. SFPF.RI0U Double Rerine-1 Crushe.1 Sugar, m.t reeeiyed by H. M. Giiidincs ,f. Co. June IS, ' SALT. CANADA Salt-heavy Packing and fine Dairy do. for -ale by , "" 'g H. M. GtDDivns .f. Co" l'ar.isids ami irmintinu. r iGHT and Dark Parasol-, w,U, pomts, Al.o, A lllni'L .ni.l ..I.I......I tZt 1 IT...,. i. !. - lululu. s.niiiaiii uiiiureiia-, lor saiu ,,v, ,0 H. M. Uidoincs if- Co. Juno 18, ' ,.. AT Till! MJW CASH ITOIti:. Tu-t ltcrt'iveel a new of Prints, which O wil l e old eheaper than ever. Ak-o, Primed .viii-lm., Mourning Lawn-, lloiuluzmes of superior oilillliy. Cotton Cas-imeres li.p l..,i.. ..Iml,,., ...! Needie-, uie. cbean for cash bv , , , J- I'". WHALING .f. CO. Ill irhngion, June 13, IS 11. tri S'hoes, fchocs. Ju-t received at tho New Ca-h ' lore, a elioi. e seleeiion o shoes of every elescnp tion, which will I u sold very cheap tor ca-h. War r.inle.l agood as any m Hlrliugton, inanulacliired by Man-lielil, and not inferior even to Farewells'. Wo w arrant them to wear a Ion; and look a w ell as any hoes ever sold in this stale. , 1D J. P. WHALINNG .f. CO. June IP, ' ., W 1 S S K I SASI i factory! il "S in constant operatio 1, L and preiiarnl to eeeutK irler- lor WlMlllVVst I si II 1 every description, atid" m he be-l nnnnep. A con-tant supply ke-pt on hllll'l and liir -ale :it iIim.ii p.. of George Peterson, in liur- lington, at the tollowing c E s 12 Light casements, 31 cents per Liuh-, S do. no. jj uo no do elo. do do do do. 3j do do do elo. 5 elo do do 5IDNKY SMITH. n-i J do. C do. t elo. Junu IS, FOR SALL3. THAT large and eommodious two sto ry Uriel; Dwelling House & Lot, situatr I on the w esl side of Colle-e ere'i-ii ai III.' Ii..., I r.f al........ .. . , ,;tt ,, . "-- ..... . in i ins ,,i- Litre. 1 he Hock is 32 by -15, with a ba-ement -le rv, Willi hilehen and Provision eellars, and a wing 3-1 l'v 45, extending north on College Gie en, Willi woou'an'.l siore house below, and chain! cr and sleepinv rooms nliovc. A large and I'oinmoJioiis Ham, carnage bou-e ice liou-i', and other oiii-hou-ei. and a spacious yard west of the dwelling bouse, ami a good durable well or wii'cr of the besi quality m ihe village, nnd a I rick e'i-ieru. One and a quarter acre-ol land, ofthe hr-t qualm i a large garden ayd choice fruit trees west of the lit u.e and jard. The Ibuldiiig. iirocnn-tnicleil in modern sVle, ot Ihe I e-i materials and workmanship, were erected bv llie siili.enl er for his own u-e, and the location ai-lonl-a very extensive and '.!ea-ant prospect ol" tho . , ',s w .. v -t aim ,-ii.-i siirpassuu uy any e-lbe'r m ihi-part of ihe ceil niry. Also tor sale a lot containing an acre of land direct ly oppo-iie the above lot with a small coin cniint wood dwelling hoi-e ihcreon.'hu;crsiiri' mvnod locall and ex-niuefor them selve Terms made known by ihe -L -r er on ibo premi-c 6"AMl'LL IU ED. Hurlingion June, It), 1510. n- MARSEILLES Quilts751 1 leached Cottons, 9.9 unbleached elo. very fine, just Ree'd and for salo at the icry lowist i-r.ici s. Germa,!. Willow, single, double, brimmed Lenhn-n, Yariivutcd and Plain Palm Leaf II nis, just letu y -dbvr Jui.slS, l.-ll. K. MURRAY WRIGHT, it Co. " M It VIM'I sf. PAl'En. RE IMSassortedsiscsandq'inhl smsi rec. J'y- c 20O June 1, BUNDLL3 OF BOOKS LOST. A liUNDLE directed "J. G. Chandler, Derby, Vt." containing " 12 Abercro'iibie's Intellectual Powers, 9 Andreas' Latin Reader, 1 Hay.'ev's Algebra, 1 do.. Abtnuacii, was packed by tho sub-.-riher and left nt John How ard's Hotel, and taken by someone, supposed by in s. take, May 31. Any information concerning it directed to Mr. ('handler, Derby, or tho subscriber will obUc and all expenses p.i.d. , , C. GOODRICH. Hurlington, June 1", 1SH. I r e in I ii in li.VSS AND DOUHLi: Il.VSS VIOI.S. , nil AH AM XL P R E COTT w mid re- .sneciiu.lj inform an persons lnicr tsleHl in ihe Sci ence of Music, that he continues to uiauufajturo at Lomotil, ,xew liampsiurc, IIASS AND DOL'ULE HASS VIOLS, of n very superior quality, and having obtamid tho first I'remiuuu lhat has ever been awnrded loan A merican manufacturer of such Iii-truiiienis nt tho Brent Vain, of iho Vincrican Institute in Naw York Citv, at the great Fair of the Mechanic's Association in llo-lon, and at Ihe Fair of the Mechanic's Charita ble Association iu Portland. Maine-- be now not only tenders his thanks to his friends nnd patrons for past favors, hut plcelgea himself to Religious Societies, Musical Associalious and mdiudiinls who may wish, to purchase, ihai no reasonable etl'ons shall bo vinnt ing on his pari, to enable him to mift llieir orders i.t iho most prompt and satisfactory manner, that ho may still retain ihtirevntidence, and merit a continu ance of : I i e liberal patronage he has for many jcars enioycel. llenlso kcepsan extensive assortment of M ls ICA L IN STR UM ENTS, of the best quality, which he otTcrs for sale on the most reasonable term, nmone vihich are MH.ODIONS AND hERAPHINES, iihieliarcmucli admired for ewectne-ss of tone, and well a Inptcil to parlor or church music. Music Schools. Mditnrv Hani's, or indie ldnrds. en. be supplied with Hrasatid other instruments of ni.y elcsoription. aschcan or cheancr lhan tlie ? enn our chase m ihe-e-ity of Hoston. iii-so, i limn, iias uiiii touoie nass i ini -iirinp', Hows, Hridges, Pnlcut Heads, Ttinrni' Forks it- Pipes, Instruction Hooks, Clarionelt Reed.. and .-.ouih Puv. ces, Umbitllns, Parasols, Walkuif Canes, s e. Orders will be pralcl'ully received, and Inr tramcnts scut by Stage nt the risk of llie mitmfaclarcr, and if not satisfactory, may bo exchanged. Musical itislrnillinii,aild t'mbrellas .rrnmmit al. Ph -aso call at his new Music Store, u few n.' irs south of the EaglnCoil'ce House. nil Unicord, New Hautpshiio, March 2, UH. PAXGIIOUN' .f. HRINSMAID. Agents. Hli' ik . ImEL Ovials, by M. OlDDlNCt? tV (.'o, top, Vt.