Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 16, 1841, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 16, 1841 Page 1
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rate s NOT THE GLORY OP C JB S A R BUT TUB WBLFARB OF BOMB. BY H. B. STACY. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, JULY 1G, 1841. VOL. XV....N0. c. as ST It AY COW. STRAYED from llio Pasture on the lliinl iusl.a dark Red Cow 8 years old Horns sawed ofT largo uag tniormaiion wanicu uy nnt) tiM'H'UL'l?! Burlington June 9, 1311. HORACE WHEELER. 13w Garden Seeds of the growth oC 18lj- RAISED for nnd put ii by Joeph llreck & Co., at the Seed Kstablishmcnl eonne'ctcd with thu NVtv England Farmer OiTicc, llostnn. Each -ort is labelled with Directions for its culture. "The above Seeds nru of the growth of I d 10, and uf the very best quality, being rai-ed hy ihe most c.v pencilled grower', expressly for this establishment except such sorts as will licit ripen lo adtauingo in thiscountry, wlueli nre imported from the lir-t houses in Europe, A ware "of the great complaints that have hitherto existed in rcirardto Feed-, and of the impor tance to the (iardener, of liavinsr Midi a-can lie re lied npon,every e liirt ha been made alibis establish ineut to rai-e and vend such only as will give perfect satisfaction." ALSO Ornamental Flower Seed, a choice varie ty. Hum H.isra, White Klnt Turnip, Orange Carrot, Sugar licet, itc above at whole-sals and retail by April 1S11. STRON G S it CO. MOORE'S F.SSENCE OK LI EE, A Valuable Medicine, which, if rightly applied, will he the mean" of saving thousand- from uu iiiitimclv crme. It haslwen sold and u-ed for thirty years, with great success, and found very cllicacious in the following tllSVa-V, VIZ. VOllSll.lljlIOIl, " llnopiUg VOUglls, COIll' tnon Coughs, Co'd, thlTicntl Wreathing. Inihicuzn Quinsy, Asthma, Phthisic, Spitting of lllond, Flalu- Iency, Indigestion, l.nosenes of the Rowel-, Fits of every kind, tramp., Kickets l-olic, Catarrh. Dven tarv, Fainting, llypochondriae Alluciion, Headaches, oichiiciu rtiiniiarn, .uc;i-ic-, u preventive oi uon tagioifdiea e-. Gout and Rheumatism. iC3'! ho above Medicine, i prepared hy Henry Sey mour, ofHadlcv, Ma... from the Original Recipe, ly inu uirccuuii oi .uiu .uourc, ami soi i py nimauultii principal Druggist., in the UniicdStutes. Sold whole-ale and retail, J. II. Peck Co and Theo. A. Peek it Co., Hiirliugton, and by. the dealers generally throughout the fuuntrv Snoo- ncrs' Farm 1-4 ill mile south of the College. G. CHENEY. riurlington, May 18, IS 11. n30 JKL. ? 1 T PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. HIS articleis too wrll 1. , dation and the experience of seven years has demonstrated to the commercial comnuinitv. that lor accuracy, convenience and durability, they are unrivalled-Coal yard scales to weigh from 3 to G ! -non iitm?,nt ""hnuw do, weigh from 1-2 lb. onnTi.. n '. ,u u' v."eigli Ironi 1.2 ni. to Jin """"'' unieraa a new article to we -from 1-2 oz. to 40 lbs. J. it J. II. Peck it Co. Agents. Burlington, April 9 1941. nun. T'i' i t-.- ,,. .. . . : l-f " " "'O'. AT A GREAT . ntncAiN. riieprnprKtor oirers for sale the pre mises in the village of llurlinginn, now occupied bi ll. 11. Stacy, Esq. as a dwelling house, printing office and reading room The premises are convenient for n store nnd d welling house or f,,r niT,n..o clescripti in, and are silintcd in the centre of the nios't business part of the town. of Charles Callui. of Or For terms of s ile ami payment, inquire welf Vt " S'' ""rll"S'oni " A. I.. Cai III TAIHS'. npiIEsiiliscriher would remind hisfriend L anil the public that he occupies a room in wiuroli street, over Kern anil tnlker i store, whrrchc uill "ivc his ncrsonal at ti'iition to Repairing Clocks of every lies cripiioii. Those which have been in use imnv veirs fitted up in good style and miiln to have the appearam e of new. lie would also pive nonre that lie has re s'lmed bis former business of rcnairni: Watches; all entrusted to hs earn will be cirrfullv repaired and warranted. Hav inirbivn encnireil fur twenty years nast in makinuas will as repairing Time keen- crs.he trii' ts his experience in the business will emlilotnm to givesatislaction to those who favor him with a call. S. A few Clocks for sale, on commission J. A. Burlington, Dec 23, 1310. fin P iTsssH. r:r.itor.K v. HAltitUlt fAVINU lured the ravern fttanit Llntelv occupied liv Mr. J. Potter, near tho Court House in Uurlington, will nt all f limcs.liu ready toaccommodatc I ravcllcrs knnuolucrs wiiti Tgiug,uurscKi.cp- ri" and other accoinmudations in good style, and no ,w ho sunrril on his part, to make them com fortable, and on tbo innstrcasoniblc Terms. Price T.... in Hi of Silicic meals one Shilling. Burlington April Sllli, 1311 MII.IiINAItY H DItr.SS MAKIMi. By Mils S. BRAY. WHO has commenced in the new building on theenst side of Churcli street, opposite II. Lane's store, and a few rods south ..f.l..,ru l. ...l.n.nn..n... v inuiliuicii, uiiui;vi.iy tattcntion will be given to .o- ii c maK nn oi iionnets. Cafs and Dsf-sses, in ac cordance wiih the most ap proved Nctv York style, which Fashions are now jusi received for tho tea-son. Burlington May 26, 1911. nSl won w ii r v tCP"! M PORTA M CA UTION,) J It is a singular fact and one much to he regrelled that vuliial'le medicines, as soon as they become pop nlar, and hate receitcd the test and approval ol a discriminating public, nre sure to I ecnunterfeiled, and thus a bad and ..purious article is immediately palmed upon the unsuspecting for the genuine. This has been notoriously thecase with all popular tried and truly valuable inediciies fur years pnt, and will probably contiuuetubu the ease for years to come. The base ami contemptible counterfeit in this way meanly tales advantage of all the eilbrtsand adver tising- used by the proprietors ofthe genuine article, to get their medicines into use and deserted pupluari ly. It is therefore not lcs theduiy than it contribute, to the safely of every honest individual in the com munity to expose, frown down, and forevcrufier DIS TRULT nil HEARTLESS IMflf ATESwho thus irre- spon-lbly trifle with health and life. iOTIIEUEFOUE TAK IMI'ltOVEI) HRKKI) OF CATTLE. THE serticcs of Dr. Spqo- There is a person by the name of J, AKE NOTICE.31 U.TiOl'HE- T "K AT THIS. HAVE YCU A COl.OIH I J-i 70.000 UIR OP CMNSOMPTtosi eterv tear in THE sulisriler lemir ilinnLr.,1 fur nasi favors ju w IhoUnited Slate, and millions m i.r fw,,i iroplilesonie I couchs and colds, can hi curud by Dr. M. 1 1 lit Ii- .same and remind hi.fiieiids nnd the iublic that he is i-iH-K-i. legeiahie t irgm reaiu toiigti nrrips, a sale , preparcii 10 accom medical tirescrihlion. containg no nnisonouMtlrnirs.nlid ntli lno.1 f.ivorabli ii.en 111 an exicn.ivc praciice lor several years will ineai ove line. Sliop nppo.ite Jlr. C i ino.t po-itively nilbrd relief, and snvu vim from that Hat Stoic, Pcarl-stlcut, Bur ington. Vt. n,..l..l .Ii..... I ....... !.. ...I . 1 lt..l . r flimm 43,1 y. PAINTING. leing thankful wild respectfully solicit a continuance ol tho ommod.ite them on the shorle-t notice terms in the various branches lit A. Seymour's April I, 1811. awful di.eaee, pulmonary hitli usually sweeeps intoihe grave hiinnrcils efllie young, the o'd, the fair, the lovely and the gay. Have jo i a cough ? He persiiailcd to purchase a bottle ol tho Cough Drops to-day I To-iiinrrow may be loo bite. Have vou a coughl DrJIitcccok's eaetahle Viririn Cream Cough Crops i. the only remedy vou should lake to cure vou. T.f ARI) WOOD for sale bv f or this plaig reason. That in no one of the tbatisand J X ill WHALINO A: CO. OIlAKKR'S YARN, just lceene.1 at O nl WIIALIN Uurlington, June II, 1811 WHALING f- CO'S. cut season, as follows, viz : pay and i 75 cents for each cowprompt nv nnil Sl.2.- rharifeil. lie wi ,c found on Ur. ssUi'Eiuon Ki.oint. T N. HINSD1LL, Agent fur Ro u . ch ner's full blood Ayrshire FORT, now engaged in selling a Pill done up in boxes BULL, are reduce I the prcs-m exact and pel feet imitation of the genuine INDIAN t l.tihl Allt.l-. riLl. Willi the omission of onlyone word on the Boxes viz. WmmiT. The Pills old bv this Rm'hefort aie evidently inteudeil nsalraudnml imposition upon the coiuiuiinity, or they would not nave i ecu none up ui Mien exact imitation oi too gen uine. This pir-on is tall blustering with a great the atrical swagger. He was icccntly known as a tcry poor player in Haltimore,iinder the musical cognomen of Jim Brown, and is nl out twenty lite jearsofage It is almost bevonda doubt that fie is soiuilicd Willi Chester and other Western Mills the Pills Irom a Druggist linn in tins citv. who hate &c. has for sale, now in store, and heretofore been notoriously connected with counter- i ccsi, lug r.ii;iii i iiuii.iiiu iitiiiim ui 1 icil iiieiiiciui-s, as soon ns jiruoi IS oollimeil Hie iiiun- Fancy and Superfine Brands of tain head of this nefarious business will be cxpoed, that the community way shun Iheni as they would it serpent. I.N lllf. .tll.A. ll.llf. I ItK l't IILIU AMI-. UAL- riONEI) ailist buying WRIOHT'S I.mpias) Vt.riKTAni.r. Pil.t.s of anyone who does not exhibit a certificate of agen cy signed by the agent for the New i'lr-'lund Stales and bearing dale since January 1310. Also take par ticular notice that thefullowing wording is on tin box- AV right' Indian Vegetable I Y. (Ind. Purgntlte) "l.OUH. of the highest reputation in the Xew Yorkand Boston markets. Among which are the following, II. Ely, T. Hcmpshall, F. S. Clark it Co. J.Davis, 11. Holmes, Union .ilills, Jackson .Mills. Clifton Mills, and J. Kosher, together with several choice brands of Ohio and Michigan Flour. Also, R. Ruddand N'. Sliick, suitablefor the Montreal Mar ket. Merchants and dea crs will be furnished to order, at a very low rate, by remitting Drafts. Certificates of es cases where it bus hern umhI has it luilisl In ri'lievi. Price 7 jeents per bollle. For sale, wholesale and Re tail, by A. HITCHCOCK & CO. No. 117 (iene-cc s., utica, 1 . And PV their agents throughout the I'nilecl Siaies. In Rurlitigton, by J. & J. II. Peck & so., i neo. A. feck it w. In crgenncs, liy J. 11. Bowman. In Milton, by Burnet & Sawyer. In Geor gia, by Lorenzo Janes. nii.2 Uurlington, June II, 1811. pARASOLS, Sunshade, and Umbrellas, Ladies J India Rubbers. French Itmu.n r.,.,1 r ;1,, Vl,l Slips- S. Ii. SCO'IT. TNl.IIUI-..ASK TIIOSK WHO KNOW. JL I ho-e only ttho know bv luul nr iinniedi,ne talion, can furin ant idea of ihe ed'ecls. ol'ilic pel feet lehef, nfllie alnifis- rlMiin.bke cured frfTerli'd in cap? of the I', I!ll IU.MATI5M, all Stt KM ikos, and all I'ains, ho hi itier huw seeip, by the imp of Ha).' Linimeni. Find one itlmlu used il'ili.H "ill WHITE Limn Drilling, Pennsylvania Stripe, Can loon, Moleskins. Coaquanock Cassimeres and Gambroons for Gentleman's Summer war c just rec eived, s. B. SCOTT Full supply of Lap Leghorns Plain Straw and J-m. I'amieal lionnels. readv forsa o. S. B.SCOTT. SHOES! SHOES! SHOES ! Tnst received Morocco walkinir shoes, snrinir.bnel I common and French kid slips, manufactured at uoi bind it nbiite .,11 things eter, Hnd ton ttill find ". common and French kid slips, manufactured at what cinunt be found. ;0"l'or ihe teliefol mlTer. 'heold well tried cstab ishinenf of N. Harvey, Mont ing luiinn being who nut be iifflicicl, I beg too in a.k l'cllcr', J t- y '".' "e of the very best work- V. of iho.e ttho kiiiiw ark ihe Hon. ALKni'.u CoKLIN, U. S. Jinlgc for dmlrirt, irsidiug near Auburn ; k .MATriiew J. Mysns, Esq. Alliens, N. Y i ask lien. Duff Green, hue ol VV,ih'ui;ion city, e.iihiifihp..p gentlemen know of cases unconquer able b) all oihpr tpnicd-ps or ph)sicMiiH, ihoiigh tried tP.n. hate been eiued by iIip use of the inanship and material, at June 2G, 1811. n3 B. Scott's. fHIK LION OF THE DA V. NO CURE NO X PAY I Tlic ncniiltic old Dutch or C'cr man Vegetable Pills. Highly recommended by "" Th u, U ofnihPr persons T jj,.,,. are he orders ! " AnVo e ,1 a. dno, d lief from these pills the price is refunded lack, thee Denosit. or Cash. In 3t Rivcr-strcet. Trov. where a ofthe North American College of Health. full supply will be kept at all times. The Indian Vegtlable Pills me ii ceriain cure On fllay itui n.iinu unea'e in n eteiy variciyot lorm, iiec.uife nicy mo - rniifi lilt e pause Hie anil lintvpls. iiiilurea inn- Cabinet Shop on Catllii'd I.atic. per disclnige In the lungs, skin nnd kulnct , amUii- DEAR SIR : Permit me to inform you and others mobile i lie blood 10 pin ify iielf. In oilier nurds ihfj in your vicinity tliat I am still engaged in the open iIm'iiis, and A tURi. (fie CABINET BUSIN'F.SS, nnd that nf.kpino custom. Grand 1'liytician) nee lo driic ilisco-e lioiu the any thing in my line may be bought of me on as good bud) . The abote ouileis, or diainn, aie ihe ronuuon terms as any wherein this nnruet. I am now Irom seprs of ihe limit, ihiougli uliirh nil moibu.ind rm various causes making work cheaper than 1 cter did rum buniuis filie e.uisR nl ,li.i:isi-1 are rumed off: and before i ami all paying customers ttliethtr old or new so long ua ihey aie all kepi open, mid lieelj I shall bo li.ippy to si-oat tho New Shop, where no ihrlr alloiied poruons nfimpiirii, the body will c pains will be spared to give satisfaction. Lumber and nuns iuhe.ihh: bm hen finm euiing impiopei luuil, rrouiiccrecil ns usual and a uitle casp, (it tnerc is hiPHihing inipiiic air, sodden lr ilion. Iioui licit oi any left in the counlry,) will be found to dn wonders (.0,, tpi h.iusiii.n or ant oilier epii.e, dip bottels a few rods east of Church. si. I). K. PANGBORN. Pcruine cnsiite. ihe niups'ul ihe ikin beriiine elurpil. Lurlinglou, January 11, 1341. or i,ekidnp8 fail (u perform ibpii runniuiis pmppilt, - ' .t... i i. i.:i. .,. ..i. i i..i.: ii i... i.... i. , , , line iiiinui nirs n iiii;ii suuiiiii in .tinru imii i it imi.i, A Sni y " rheHubscrihcrhn rmm. , ,iefe 0l1lefI , he fCtnM (J con)mte )0 ci t lit1 Cubi net It limitless n t the oil! sliun on Ciiurcli 3 , . ..... . . ... ... .. . . ... . .... stroet, formerly occupy bvNiclmls A Hcrrick, ami '''' 1 '." ' r it I... ii ii nr.!n-- t. ...... ..i !.?.! ' . riiMi. IriliP rlirinncln nr onr nnctil ruff hhihIiI iv--i,iiny uy j. iv. i itiKLT. iv ll UIU llti lllll'IMlS (I IJlilUU- 11 t I il . .1 I . I .. . fnrl.irn nil I knnn P.iiitn itlv ... I.nn.l nil Llmlo f bTomp hlrkf(l tin, wunld ot llie rfrcLmulaiRl U -llPtt CAHIXBT FURMTIMU; of a stvlc nnd .jtmlity not npw "rl 'r ,he, c,t,,,Htl.? innil.iii-l inferior to any niaiiuf.iotureil in "this trinity. He J1" "lnl Innnai body ; ifthe iMtntHhinun,. I.e- , lllCBI-mil..!!. .llllll,-JIIV'lllllllr ........ I'. n.rimtf fonDB of lifiP!iip cur 1 1 Hi reter, mill l ux, Mpriftlpsi, luiPiuiMiij-im, liout, Aponicxv. &c. 01 OpiiiIi Mill fill our piifTci tn&s. TliPifoip hIipii nirKnesj .11 .lie ti..iiMcli, p.iiiii in i lie ImtK (t "tile, qimk pultH, liiiiiiing ekin, ur any o'lior iinplci i.imi iiyinploiiiif indicnn Hut one or nuitr of 1 1 if im. itirul iti.iitti' .ne no! diuritrirjimg hcfly, nii'l i lie coiii iniion 1 aliom 10 comtnPure a itiiiile (or I he rp?ior.i lion of Iip.iIiIi no nine huuld lip lu-M in adiniiiiiirriiii a fp v liriMk iIm.-pi of Mir Indian rtiirzuiive (Jntliun 1 e etable lUH ) isy so doing, all the Iimicimh-m nl the Isiinw finiil.ii c iihm. We anneal in (heir mine of ins.. (ire their feeling. Cjlt i but a duly )nn owe to ntir nnllenni; lellow-benii;-' to (el thigieal rpined. be known, "fit 'l'pn to -ill oiir fnead.4 'I'h is u ill tine much nam uheie I he npvvjnanera aie not read, or nl.erp reiidem aie incr Cflulou, bpcaiiFceo mail) worihttvis articles aie adiened (nr the fame pti-poe. To biijpit v,e tay, if all uho have lifted it do nol im)' it t hpoml all praise, then do not lake M The piopi iemr uill nol allow ihts article to be plid for iiii1p-?s it rnrp.tthpn nil the directions ate fa My follou 8 An mat ic, Catarrh and TJHOAD CLOTHS .f. CASSIMKRKS, of every TOCT. MAHJ-IIAM XJ htyle and nualily at thu "iNew Cash .Store" XJ Ilftidafliu KM rK, Thi Sntid i tiiiifrjor to onv J. f. ll.M.l.Nti tj (Jo. ltinnur yi Known, tor removing that trotiMe.-ome die- O.,, J . I " T. Z, . . t, iM-o, the Calnrih, nnd al-o a cold in the Lead, and tho Ms ond a ha f dozen of those .Splendid bilk lt.aifacho. It open and purRe out nil oUtiiKtions Shawls, much belowfurmer prices. fciM.nrrii,.,.ii,..,,in..,i. ...J ,... i,....itK.- a..t.r.n & II. SCOTT I pnr ailwiwl. It jh rfetlh Irre from any thing dele- INGMSH CURRANTS. Nntmrr.,. nlnv n.,.-' n1" ciiiioi inii-nn. a eunn navor, ana JCi sia, Poland SLirch, Rice; Fancy and Bar Soop, l, h" 'tie S ' a"rt'uaMl' ei'ved'and 'forale'bv"11 UmU I tt VeLmVe Indian Mack PUOTK. junc si, mil. N. N. LOVHI.Y I.--Good Table 1IUTTKR wanted, tin: it CO, COTTON Sheetings and Shirtinijs, Waddina, lint ting, Wicking. and Cotton Yarn at. J.' Wli.Ul.lM.S if-LU. Crockiry and tilass tVarc. IJpUI.1, Dinner and Ten Setts of tho heavy While (raniie Wart-, and a line assortment of Cila.s Ware, for sale low by nl June S. II. M. (Iiiidixgs & Co. T)IANO KORTR I'Ofl .V.M.K. A I'iano Korte i inadc by Htrrick Cbnstoolicr if-Lo selected by I the undersigned (out of 3G.)for li'n own use nnd cost 9275 is ollered fou sale. The tone of this instrunirnt is decidedly very superior and as to durability the ar ticle reccomniends itself by its perfect state of purser iation after thre e years use. Positively Kixeo I'iiickS'-OO. for otio half of which a negotiable note, payable in sit months, may be given. THKODOIU-: KMOI.T. Burlington June 10th 1811, nl'jw A WANTED. FEW Thousand dollars in Cash in exchange for li-el, and produces uncommon brilliancy Ooodsat the very lowest prices. S, U, .Si Oi l ASTKH. This I'lasirr is unriiallitl for eiirin scrofulous t,.. Iinzs, aiurvy "-oies. Lame Hack, anil r resli ounits ; pains in the side-, llips and Lunbsj and seldom lail. In give lebef ill loi al Itliculriali-lii'. If applied to th-) will cure many tfi he common Iher L'ompluint.s; and is espial, if not superior, tt any tliini; m u-e for corns on Ibu feel , the virtues of tin- l'lasi-r liave I nil wilne-ssed Ly tbuusunds of indu idi.ub in the I.'nile'il Slates, ho have to-ted its eilii-acy. Sold by the pro-pne-tor J (ba, IIomcii, .Middlebury, Vt., and Tiieo. A I'eck it Co., Uurlington, Vt. jel HAIIt! II All. ! ! -- I1AI.DX KSS Impnr Innl l)lsroverjfbc;iiat .tlslerv luiinil out at lat.--OU. STr.ItRY'S HAIR KKGKM. RATOI":. Dr. Sterry, after much attention to tho important subject of preserving the hair, has, after many experiments chemical and physical been ablo to disciner nnd article which is now offered with thu greatest confide nco for the toilet ns the best tliingeicr discovered, for, for its softening and penetrating quality to product- a good head of hair to prevent It from falling off when baldness is npprehended lo restom it when baldness nas tnken ulace. and to tirevcm ii from turning gray. It ii is more nourishing than po- iiriiuui, nuuou!- on, or e-oiognc waicr. 111s a neauu ful article for ladies cutU it makes the hair soft and Thous- are the positive orders of llie Proprietor to agents and others. In olleringtbese pills to the public, I nppeal to their intelligence. If those pills aie not what they recouiint'iuleil, you are in duty bound out of re-pect to yourself and community lo rejee'l them, nnd publish them to the world as lin imposition, humbug und ipineKerv. The public may 1 e assured they art' purely vt'sjetal.le, llu-y are compo-isi ol nine imrmlmts, part of the medicine is oiiH'fiiund in Asm and in tin; val leys of Gennanv. ror convenience the-e extracts amis hat e t'snd its superior virtues nnd excellence, and in eierv instance it stands unrivalled. It is an infallible cure in all nllections of tlie sUn on the head as dandriill, ivc. &c. I.ery family should he sup plied with a buttle of tlu oil, iliat by its Biiplication 10 me ucau nun nairct cniiuren, ine oeaiiiiiui ana or namental appendage of a fine head of haie, hich na lure has supplied us may be preserved. Krom tho nnnierouseerlificntcs a nd recommendations received of its salutary influence, the Doctor feels firmly per suaded helia's .surri'cded in producing an article which will meet thedesired wishes and approbation of tho dnbhe. Kor sale wholesale and retail by A. IIITCH- Nnu- Vnrk lints. COCK (VCo. 117 OrncFoest. Utica. "N. l . In I!ur- A second supply if Moleskin Hats, ofthe bites hnston, bv J. & J. II. 1T.CK it Co. and THEO. A stylf.iust lecemilby nl PECK A Co. In Verccnnes by J. II. Ilowmnn. In NUW fiUUII.-.. 4- 1 tine Seolcb Ginghams, 5- 1 HrusscIlsXctt l..ue-, Plain and Figured I'jinsoN, Ladies Superior II. S. Gloves, Children's do. Ului'lllaek llilbins, Stripe Shitting, Clu-ese Clolh, Hatting, &C.J115I reieiMsl bv June 8. II. M. GtDDlxos nl Co. nl. Will .in one imlTpring refuse now to irt il ? If be nre made into pill and will I e found a sure core or re does, be nu ln in bp pilied more fur Ute iilmiinacy lb. 111 lief lor all hdhou complaints, yellow and billion. hi. i-nlTei in?. JtCJ'dr. Ilavs would npter con! m to fevers, lever and airue, j.iuudice, scarlet rasb, billions offer ihii, niiirle. were In- nni compelled bv bis senjeof cholie disiieosia. ivc. It is not pretended that thi' innnl ol ipliginus diilv 10 do all in Ids power fur 1 bp medicine i- a fine for nil di-oase to which the human hopes his long experience, together with a strict atten- ennip cln-ed, tion to the busincsss, will secure hint a share of the V" ' , ' I S, 11 .1 II I'll V puuuc patronage. CrWANTF.I) in uxehatitrefor Cabinet Work. Kirch and .Maple Seanllet, suitable for bedsteads; linssjwuod plank, anil uoarils Irom I men to 1 inch; white I on board?. Most kinds of country produce received in payment, (but cash would bevcrvncecptnhlc.) uurlington, Jan. 1,1811. WA.lUl-;!. iMUllULS ticiiins of iliii 1 ris and mi-m. For this purpose be woii'il coiiiii-i iletoip .1 loiiiuip, thin spcuie .1 dollii fui Hilt nuiililess uriiclp. j-I.OOK OUT. Some st iiullei s li-ne rtiuioei b'licd I In .uncle, mid put 11 up noli vinous -teticps. Uu not lie ininnfeil upi 11. t'i iliieg ontt u ill prn'ett . oil il is llie ii.iiiu' of Camttovk fy Co 1I1.1I name mii'i he nmaju on IIip wrapper, 01 ton oie rtipaieil. Ilo nol (meei it. I aKe iliiitupe linn wiih tun, and te-t by 1I1.11, or nevpr bu ; for il i impniiMlili-lur .in) oilier 10 tie tine nr .ipnuuie. SIII.IMIU.H IIA S. old bt Comilock 4- Co. 71 Maiden l.ane, N. York, THEO A I'KCK it Co. Wliulei-le Agenu fur the Si, lie nf Veitiium. IScwarc of Diycptioii I TT Iisr frenuenlli- roine to the ktiiiwlcihre of llm sub L scriber that emntv Snull' Jars, wilb his Label on Iwdy mil be rrflnrrn 10 order, rnd I lie foul biiniois them, hate been 1 emglit up, for the purpose of selling (llie c eof eveiy iiilhim.itiuii ur p 1111 we fufTei) ill 111 them an interior quality or uium ; ami, also, innilus neieinoteu in so easy .11111 naiural a manner, iimi 1 lie .-jiimiv Im.u. l,nve in some mstancis been counierleil- 'null-ill li ..1 - - ir . -1 i .1...., ed. or the general dcsiLMi ofthe sunc so imitated as lo Pills may be niken hi ALL times nnd under ALL tir easily deceive ihennwarv: he di eins it. therefore bis cunif lances, uiih ppifeci a.ifeiy. They sun all com tlutii to inform ntirchiiscrs of the manner in w lieh painif.ind .ill .isies, and.irem iheluiininconjliiiiiion nicy nre ouch iinposco upon; ami 11c woum uereny a nuu , uijii-Mpieiiuy mr uhh nco uyme cim me- remiest tliem to tear ofl'or ill face the Labels on the mnsl delicaie. Like our food, ihey aie iligpriiule; oulside of the Jars after Inning disposed of the con- ibeieliiie ibey enier into ihe ciicnbihon and iinpail hii tents, so as to prevent further use of the same. eupigy 10 ihe" blond, much eiHlilesil to Ibm wilb fiee. A suilable reward wi l bo tad for such evidence ns dmn unite 10 llie cxiieniiiies and coii.eiiiiP'illv 10 keen will lead to the detection it conviction of theiinposter. die pores ufibe. Mn open. Tliey are Hue and ppiffii ininlieia nl llie liluoil : lii'c.iu,e Hiey ilram all ciiiinpi The subs -riber continues to manufacture, and oilers Innnors fmui llm life s'uin; fluid l'bey impsri for sale, the folbving nrlicls: CIM? IlltOWN SNfl'l icnuiiio .iiacconoy, 1 wc iiimaiiun uo )jinu Sicily do .ilaltesc tin Curacoa do American Rnnncc. Holland do Tuberose, Si. Omcr. Slrashurg, COARSE I1ROWN SMII'I'. Dcuiigros, Pure Virginia, Hutbon, St. I)omin"0. Copenhagen, sipjl,irl Natchiioclies, French Rappee, American Gentleman, rure Spanish, I.. Mixture. rpoTin-: n.i.i)-iii:Ai)i:i)iV oTin:its X II. .e. any know a neighbor nr a fiiend nbo lu been Raid, .mil w hose is now coined williline hiii? One wlin.p en. 11 foliar rotpied with dan 1 1 1 1 IT, ibnu-ili biti.liril evert Injur winch has now van isbnl enliii'l) I Oi one tt biife bait s al cai l rflte itpie lur.iing crey, who now mil a gre) hair 1 Childien ttiioiip lie.ios teie coteicu wiih semi, ttlmse would nol eioiv, thai arp unit crowing 1 tie fulleii ciops of bdit ! Suiiip casr. must bp known in niosi prir-011. A-k iliein ihe ciiisp, and ton w ill be lobl 1lt.1l iliesr iliinif- bate been done bv llie use nf 1 lie Itatm of Co- rumor-.. tireo ir.ns erotviu is in is ,,1 uiup, 11 s tieui.iito incic niiiig ihiiiimII) same luuidied per cent. tliutigb ulien disriitered mil nppuedby untlbing for llie same pilipnFP, now uMilrd by alino.l niiiiiberle-s uiiisliiniiii irruit 1I1.1I tt ill ruin hip n.ur it 11-eit to an) pxleni system is halile-. It-n lli(u-anil useless eiorts have I ecu made to draw from the regions ol unknown fancy some lonir-soun theory of manic art, which would cine each und etery dsca-e. Good medicine is not found in the lire or whirlwind. Health and happiness. hang upon chance wiiuis nine is tnc neraiu 01 truth. The pat at least 1. secure; they hate already raised a monument ol their crealness w inch wnl oe y the corroding tooth of tune. Nonecan beGeniiinewitliout a wrapper nnd directions 011 each box on which my iiameis w ritten at length. Sold wholesale and Mad bv the subscril er at (ilea's Fall", by A. II. it It. Sanil 79, and 100 Fulton .-t. and It. M. Meigs, 3S8 South JlaJUet st. Allianv. ct liawley, aia Hiver st. . .. I . - .1... ...... . V l'. I. 1 roy, uenfrai ageius inr iiiu miuc ui .h-w i uri. MKUKI'IT GRIFFIN For sale by Win. Rhodes and E. II. Green, Rich- mond; Morttin &- Clark, and D. & I). S. I.athrop, Williston Haaar iV Conisioe-!;, Shell urn J II. Sianion, r.sscx . t,co. 11, ti.iues, anil Allen Harney, Jericuo; .1. R. Hurlbut. We-lford: J. II. Ilarne, Charlotte : It .tlooely anil se-o. I eterson, Itiirlinglon ; 11110 l-y r. HRIGGS, lliirliiiu'ton, Agent for Cliiltendeii Co., where ssub-Agentscan I e siipphcil at wnolesaleprice -iK-NTLEMIiN'S l-eahom llats,.tl- J no. lieriuau illow Tuscan IJoiincls. npLbCAN, or superior Leghorn, Plain Straw anj X I'.tlin Leal l(oniiels,jist riseiytsl uy 11 1 June e. 11 M, iiiutiixiis Cc on. iCjfOH. C;OIM)AKS MKim-INKS.OJ Dlt liUItUArs-.) Jelly oii-omegraiiate anil I'eruvi an Pills fur Dyspeiisy, Nervous Headache. Pal n.taiion 01 the Heart, internal anil r..u.,,.,i iiiiior. and all impurities ofthe Uloul, Iceland Jelly for the relief and cure of consumption. Pulniniinry Jelly for cougiis, colli-, .spiuin-.' ti imoisi, uoar-cucss, iru lanLinaiiicnt and Litiumcut Onodcldocfor lihe una t'.m innie ihe.p fins be w.iineil rrler I ti'sin, Physical Drops, Culuuil o Drops, S.tlt Rheum 10 the ions by a li-i ufn.iinps of lespiei.i. Ointnienl, Pile Ointment, Stieiigtlicinug Plu.lcr, and luliiy, uiiripi.illpil bt ant, other article. Look 10 these t-orn ami art riasier. Iii.i'.s Inn tills, .iriirle. Slav and nre.erie wmr I. .ir The above celebrated medicines prepared entirely h i 1 h 11. e, iir if bald rptnrp il. Ladies, alien, I 10 this Irom vesel.ibles by Dr. Win. Gordak, netil no other hiiu.lieils in i.i,l,iniMlile life are uiug il a; llie onlt reccouuucnoaiioii man nun nicy nave 1 run Pt loietl N12W MUSIC, AND MUSICAL INSTUV, MCN'T. fit. MANN, M. has iust re ceived from llos. ton. foiicommiS' tian.) asupplyof New Music, Mu cal Intruments,&c, which ho is authorized, lo sell at the lowest Boston rc'.ail prices. The Music for the Piano Forte consists of Songs, Glees, Duetts and Trios. New and beautiful Marches, Quicksteps, Gal opades, Waives, Dances, and pieces with variations, some of which are the latest publications of the llos ton llrigade and Rrass Rands. ALSO A great variety of American, German, French nnd English Musical Instruments, consisinii' of Hii'des, Trumpets, French Horns, R iss, Tenor nnd Alto Trombones, 11 Hat, Cand E tint CI irionclts, Ger man Concert Flutes,) from one to nuioki ys,) I'lanco. letts, Octave and Picoln Flutes and Fifes-. Splendid Bass Viols and Violins, elegant and plain Violin and IlassViol Hows. Superior Roman Violin, liass 10I and Guitar Strings of every size and letter. English r.A Pr,.nM, m.irinneit Reeds. Splendid 1-relich Ac- cordeons, Spanish Guitars, with plain, and German Silt cr patent instruction nnuns, mm " H i nts, Lessons, and Exercises for all the above, and ejtli p inctrnmpnlq are now for sale at Mr. Mann s resi .Ipnpna few rods north of the Episcopal Church, in Uurlington, where he respectfully invites customers to give turn a call. ., Milimru It-nHsnnil Music Schools, furnished with Music, Musical Instruments, and Instruction, tf de tired,) nt short notice. J-PIANO FORTES strunc, repaired and tuned as usual. uurlington, .nay 1, ibu. 13 YELLOW SNUFF. Scotch ) I Iri-h ilhckguard 3 ami t ' "" or coarse High Toast.) I Irish High Toast ) SWEET-SCENTED FI NT-CUT CHEWING TOIiACCO. " " Oronoko do do. FINE-CUT SMOKING TORACCO. Spcnish. Kitefuot, Canaster, Conimon. nnd Stems, PETER I.ORILLARD, ir, 12 Chatham Street, New York, March, 2311. -17.2m J. it J. II. Peck n Co., Agents, Uurlington, Vt, slrengtli and vigtu lo llie wlule system, and their ef ft els are.ilitays ; because ihey tnilv' rpuifite iluipp hiunuis whii'li aie opposed 10 health. I'bpy aid nut improte iligestion, anil sound slepp Inllotvs llieir use: becm-p ihey cIc-hwh ihe siuuiiirb and bottels ol 1110s" shiny liiiiunnrs ttlluhnol onlt 11 unit rxcilr ihp npi tuns yiri'i, bm p.miltzp .ind iteaken the di gesiite oig ins. In .Ii, 11 1 ihey pis-rs all ihey good proiiprlipt lion c .111 tip rlaimeil loi any inpdirine : and tvli.ii hi. tPiy pin,irk.ibp it i. iiiicilyimporsib'c 10 up iliein wubiiiii beiii fil. Price "2.1 cents per llox, with full direction-. Oificu and General Depot for ihe New Enghiud Slate-, No. IU3TreuioulSlrcct, Court street, llo-ton. I lie regular nppoinitsl Agents can ns-elvelheirsiip- plies of the above pop-ilar PilU, as hcicttifore, from ihe only oihce and general depot for the New England Nate-, 19a Ireiiiont street, llo-ton. I'cillars or trav elling agents are not allow el lei -ell llie genu ine iudiau viable Pill", thercloie never puri hn-e Irom lliem. for If t-ou do vou will bo sure to obtain a dangerous and eo'iin:erl'eil arlicle. I1 Thko. A. iV Co, Agents in Rnilinglon, for the ale of the Indian Vegetable Pill-. alo, W. II. IIollf.T. Williston, Vt and A. Itruisiiihi,!, II nlingtoii. arnrle le.illt lit tor the loili-l. Long hair is teit apt lu fill mil. La lies, lisp the I, inn nl t.oliunoi.i in nine 10 (Mte tnurse'tes llie disgrace ol b.ildne-s bt iipglrci of your iieisuns. tt is tour dulv, as inuialtis 10 ore- serte ihe lipamies nf ii.iiuip, tviili ttbii'li aboiiiiiifnl Creaioi en, bitted jnu ; 11. e ihe R.iliti,fur 11 will du it, CAUTION TO RE REMEMllF.ltED. iiki-i tl igr.011 aiipmp's I1.1t e been in nle - ill 11 1 ei lei I llie line R.1I111 o I C0I11111I11.1. Sume ol (be utosieis b itegnne so as 10 enuulcrfeil dip rplen- mappers, anil iIip I .ills ol ,Mg.ira, 11111I etpit ex UMiKexeppi lliennuip ortyoiusliii-k. winch lln-i up urn Inrgp, 1 1, atoul impo-iliiin. llierplurP, al- 4ts look Inr itien.ime ol l.ouislolk & Co. or L. S, CuiiHiork, anil never but ihe .irnele unless il lias 1h.11 imp 1111,111 il tsiilj ttholps.ite 01111 ri l.lll, onlt a) No. 1 Maiden Lane, N. Y. 'I ilEO. A. PF.CK & Co. liulessle Ageiiis fur the of einioni le WINDOW SASH Just receive I 15, 20 and 217 by U casements ot sash, a first rate article at 31 and ijt cents per light ; nlo all kinds and.iaes, furni-hisl to order. Tieuuderoga black lead, a fir-t rate article, for sale very low, toseiuer wnn t. great yuriciy 01 uu,n iii ,11 cle as cheap as can be fousid at any other establisl mcnt in llie place. eo. I'kti.b-os. StNQLE. DOUBLE. UMBILICAL, VEGin'AllI.E LIFE M EHICLNK-, their manifest and sensible action in purifying the renewi-il tone alio vigor. 111 many 11 iiiuresi ceriuiisi caseswhich have been made jiidli', and in almost every species ofili-c.t-e lo w loch Ihe hum in Irauie is li.iblc.the bappye'i'-ts of Mohat'- I.ii b Ptt.i.s ami Piiif.nix HtTTf.ns hate leen grcatf illy and publicly ne .nowlt'iUed bv the per-ons I eueli',it"l, and who were previously uincqu'iintcl wilb llu-bc.iuiilully plu- lo-0,hn-.i, princip't-s upon win- litncy arecuuipouiKi eil, nud upon w hich ihey eon-eipienlly act. The Ltl fi 311-.iuui.m." rei-oinuienii themselves in lseaes of every form and ite-criplion. Their fir-t opeiatiou I to 'oo-en Irom Hie coals ot the stomach ami lOtve -. ine various iiu i'irilies i,ui cruwun-s eon tantly seitling around Iheni; and tortinove the bar- leuivl laces wiiieu couei-i 111 ine couvoiuiious 01 nie smallest intestines. Oilier medicine-, only partially cleanse llit-sp, und leave such eollecltsl mas-Cs I cliind as to priHiuce iiaiumai i-o-nvciie.s, wnn uu u irain 01 evils, or soil len iliarrha'.i, with Us imuuneiit d.igtTs This fact is well known to all regular nu.itoniisi who examine tbo human bowels iifieriltMlli ; ami hen. 71TOFFATS ItA Tlie-t' ineslu-int's are indcl ted fur their name to IVOTICi:. !tr?-'.le-diciiie is lesl known be llie their lil.l e.ire. it perforin-.,.""-1? 1. Newton's Panuiea. springs and e-lianneU of life, mil enduing them with or runner 01 tho 111001I. 1 hu uup.iralliicil ami sun increasingrepmalion which this medicine hnsacijair- eu inroiigiinut iue.ew r.iigiauu Malt's, nmi the many cures it iris perlorineil, ami the great iletunnil mad, for it by Ihe advice well acipiaintoe. with priparaiHiii, mis mu itt'n ine proprieu r 10 caicii cir.niiannii 10 almost every inwu in llie e.isiern Male und thu principal lowiis in ihe t'niled Suites. This P.inaceis warranted pine v tegctal If. mid is not surpassed ly any other nielicine eier eillered 10 the uliliclel .is Us exleiisue alo an I great populariiy Plain y prove. 11 na- w uii'ii ine ia-1 eigiuecn iiioinn cons ns thou anl-olihe 1110 I ob-nua'e dise-ases. fan lo prove I by ccrlilicn'es, iiu-1 is pronounced by euiineiiland re-is' -table physicians the I t'-l inodiiinc 111 inc. I'.efil nifi rmalioii may I e found in circular colli, lining ecriihca'es of ciue and dirivlmns lor In king the medicine. I he following uiuKiuited agents. liurlinglon, J. & J. II. Ptvk mid Co., It. Moody hi Allan-, Curtis and Russel Millon, ('. Drake Mlllon ra -. Itiirllcl and S.iwver Watenille. Fisl. ami tin, ven Iline.liiir.rli. II,, ,,,,1 (',,,,' I-., , vi'i r 1 1 lie iirciuihco of lbosi! well informed men auanist iiuaek Parker and. MallieldVergenne-, Atkmis and Murray ine.licnie or medicines prepansl and heralded to Oaiul riilge, M. Wire rnderhil . M. C. Ilarnev Ihepul.ln' hy Iguoranl person.. I lie stvouu eiieel ol Nun Ii Fernsl.ur-'h. II. C. Wicker Gem-Tin. A. III,.. I the Life Me hciues is to cleau-c the kidneys ami u. Willi.ton, N.Cbinenden Richiiiond.GrtvnifcRlKsles bladder, and by this means, ihe liver and the lungs, ihe John-iin. (i. L. Warner and Ce Monl.ion. Kilmn healthfiilaciion of tvln'ch entirely depends upon the Smith Armington and Woodward Fair- gularily of ibu urinary organs. The blood, which .. ,1 I, , Ll. ....... ...I .. . .... ....l....l. r...... .1... ............ I ... '.,. nn.l tl... m-iii. il in til .lull r .iriisii-oi in. -. i i. i- . inun u, uiu iiuk.iiim i i, mu u 1 lungs trtvorc il passe imo ine neuri, i t-iug nius p.iriueu CATARItll SNUI-'T. by tbeui, and noun, bed by food coming Irom a clean MUISII U.L'.S SM'FF is still curin-the Cnarrh stonnch, courses freely through the veins, renews Inld he varmic- Vhs eat wel as my par. ofthe sys,en, and numdja,,dy mounts -oreeyes, In all parts of the country ; and Mi-laining iiV'vU,,!,A '." '"m i , 7' . ,l,r, Ihe rei.utntinn which it has long since gained, of Molal'egeiable Life Medicines bate ln or- ougiiiv ifsitsi, ami pronounctsi it sovercuiii reiueoyior lieing absolutely the l est article of the kind in llie market. Each bottle contnins three times the ipiantny nf one of thn.e which am oflertsl nt "ONLY TWENTY FIVE CENTS." And is therefore a much cheaper, as well as better article. For sale by .1. it J. II. 'PECK tt Co. TIIEO. A. I'ECK & Co. and Dn. ROUT. MOODY. Rurlingtnn, Jan. 22, IS tl. Iy.f.8 MAKSHALL' continues unrivalled u7 u strengthening PLAblEItt Also, for Rheuma tism, Lameness or pains in the sides, Imibsor back: for scrofulous swell illirs. seort-v sore.. . and fora general Family Piaster or salve. For Corns' moreover try it; nam clo.-e, prrri'verum thoii-e bv inakinga new itpplicaiion mvasionally, and in time. -Mil'.'.. I , .1 I yoiircorus win ou cured, r or aie nv J. it J. II. PECK & Co. TIIEO. A. I'KCK t Co. and Dn. ROUT. MOODY. Uurlington, Jan. 22, 1811. ly.f.18 JUST rcei'd a suppl of Marsh's celebrate-d of every dcoriplioyfor sab: by the dozen orsinggle Oct. 10,1810. n.TIIEO. A. PECK ttCO Signof ihe Monnr. tlin Uurlington I1RF.WF.IIY has . now commenced business, and will havu .new lleer in a few days, . when all orders will bo punctually I attpndeil In. Burlington, Sept. 1810- GEO. PEEUTSON. CJNIW ONLY TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. I), M. KJ llnchcock's newly infntil hnull Ihe ls.-st aril c e ever uiscovereil nv scicnlille men. in Luronu or America, fortheenru and absolute relief of Catarrh, Dirzint'ss of llio Head, Weak Eyes, Nervous Head aches, Fallen Sickne-s, Fits, and Infants troubled with Snullle-, partial shocks of Palsy, Ac, For sale wholesale and retail. bvA. HITCHCOCK & Co.. sole Proprietor, No. 117 (!eneeest. I'licu, and by their agents throughout the I'iiioii, In lluilington, .1, tt J. H. Peek & Co. In Vergeuiies, by J. II, llowinan. In Milton, by Uurnetl & Sawyer, lit Georgia, by Lo renzo Janes. lilt- tested, and I Dv-pep-ia, Flatulency, Palpitation of llielleart, Uf of Appenle, Hcirl-burii and Head-ache, Kcsllc.-ni-: Ill-temper, Anxiety, Languor ami .ut-iaiicnoiy, tn- iivencss. DiarrhiiM. t holt-ra, rovers, oi all Mini Rheumatism, mini, uropsies oi an hiiuis, uratei Worms. Aslhm.i nnd (Otisumotioii. Scurvy' Llccr Inveierale Sores. Scorbutic Krnptioiis and llad Coin plexions, Eniitive eoniplaints, sallow, Cloudy, and oiherib.ngreeable Complexion-, Salt Rheum, ru-ysip. t-las, Comuiuii Colds and Inlluenz.i,aiid various other eolllplaillts Wllien lliuiei ineiiuiuaii irauu-. in rt;t,:ii and Ague, parlieiilarly, Ihe Life .Medicines have been 1110-1 elllineillly uect'ssnu ; so niuiii su unit m ine FeterandAgnedisrics, Physicians almost iinivei sally pre-cril e them. All iluiiMr. Moflat reouirt'sof his patients is to 1 particular in taking tbo Life Medicines strictly accor ibn-r in the .hreciioiis. It i not a iiewspaner nonce or bynnjilunglbet behini-elfinaysay in their favor. that he hopes, m gam credit. Jl is alone py the re.iui ol ii trial. MOFFATS MEDICAL MANUAL: deigned dome-tie guide to he.illh Thisllttlu pamphlet, isl'ltil liy w.n. .Mo;iai,'i75 Hroadway, New VorK, has i ecu nubllshcilforthu iiurnoseofexiilaining luorefiillv Mr, Mo bil's llieory of diM'iises, and will le Iniind highly iutcresling to persons seeking he.illh. It treats upon prevalent iliM'ases, ami the causes thercot. Trice, cents for snle by Mr Motl'at's Agents Bencrall v. These Valuable Medicines are lor sale by Rol ert Moody Druggist. .Mieneral agent, (to whom all ap plications fur agencies should be addressed, post paid) Uurlington, I. Jan. 1, toil. tublic founei.'n years, giving .satisfaction to all who have used tlieiii.-inay I e. had ol Dana it Raimosp, Woisl-lock, t. Gen'l Agent Sold al-o, by .1 P Strong, Quevhee; J C llrook While River; " m, II Slcel & Co., We-t Il.irllnrd orsler Downer '-haron; Downer it Neven-. Roy, alton ; J Wheat. Ileibel, E C llolnit-, We-t Randolph .1 Ii liaulorlh, liranaru ; ft iici:;nap. Human!; Snow, PomlreijE M ft A SSiockerand GoteiV Shaw llarlbind; Shtsld it ll.irties, Peruiusville; Drown Aiusden. Felcliville; A it 11 Wiiriliier. Windsor. Marsh. Ilrnlcewatt r.SSit F T Wheeler. Plymouth and at Ilaudocl., ftts-hc-ier, Grumltille. Noriblield, Moulpclier,Mid,llel ury, Vergcunes, and in most oi the principle town- m u,e Male. A Supplyof the abotemchcini's just ret-eivtsl and lor -ale bv ROIIERT MOODY. February, 1811. (Cm) Druggi-I, II irlmglon, Vt TXTACiM-'CTIC H))NTICA- lVlTIlE TEI-.TII ! Tin: Inco.m THE TEETH liMI'AllAlll.P IllOTII PnKPAKVTios. llie l.ul is prott-d, and the mo crtslulous ad doubling are fully convinced, ns we bate he evidence truin the sale ol gu.uilU i nxes ol iheUdon lica, within the pa-l year, that llie t topion ilreain June b. icceueilby nl II. M. Giniiixe.sit Co. Leghorn Hats, Milton, by llurnct it Sawyer. 7.o janes' In Georgia, by Loren- June 8, for side by II. lo. Al. GtUIlINGS if' Co. nl WOltMr-, W)K.MS.-Dr. M. IIiTtitcocK' uuritafled and nnenualled WORM TEA, a .sovereign remedy for Worms. Strange and incredi ble are thee Its-Is of the-e detestable vermin J few persons, and il is thought none are free from them, par ticularly females and children. Many persons go Ihrouch n distressing course of medicine without a I client, when ihey might 1 e rebel ed by iiing the Worm Ten. Tlus'jnvaluable medii ine has heentcstcil by the cxpeneme of more than ten years use, and adniiniskred to more than 16,000 per-ons of various age-, and not line solitary complaint ; on the contrary hundreds have e-alled, and un-obciied, given their dc- i:i)W.YIM .1. FAY'S BOOT &. SHOE jSTOUE. f.Vi 1 rc), -Stlrtrt. Hurl inn Inn. WHERE he has on hand a superior assortment of eided preference to it. after Irving the dul'erent ariiclcs Ladies and Gentlemen's sent forth to the pubic, and pronounced Dr. M. Hitch- HOOTS AND SHOES. ot the tollowing assortment : Gent'! Boys Calf Shoes, Lauit s Gaiter Hoots, " Kid Sims. " New spring nips st I ICS, " Colored Slips, " Rroiucd " " Calf " Misses Shoes if- Slips, Also, a large n-sortincnt of Children und Infants Shoes. the alfhymist are realized, and a remedy discovered - impoiiaui ami u-eiul uppciui.i experience, Hint w hen utsl, the teeth will never ile cay, but remain till the late-t age ot man, with their mutual wear, vt hen Ihey are decayed, lis progress will le arrt'sltil, and thettVth preserved and preieuted in,l pre-ervtsl trc in ui lung all this nas i tx'ii done in multilude of instance-: und 111011111 thousands ol ewes, nervous looihnehc, (that climax ol pain) I1.1. nl oiico I eeu eurtsl ly popular denlrifriie in America. Ami in coniiiiMou, where, or who i the young lady or gentleman, aye, ihe individual that values a (dutiful ,et of, sound gum. and a-wi-et bre.nh more than lifn'ccnls.lliat will le loneir de-11- tuteolii box of Dr. M. llnchcock's Magnetic Odontica. Fur sae wholesale ami letnil, by A. HITCHCOCK iV Co., No. 1 17 Gene-ce si. I'nca, N. Y., and by their agents throughout ihe l'niie-1 Stales. In liurlinglon, by .1. tt J. II. Peck it Co., nnd Theo. A. Peck it Co. In Vergcunes by J. II. Row man. Ill Milton, by llur nell it Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lorenzo Janes. aug2 TVSKASHS f HIE I.IINfiS...)ecidedlj 11 the iiiiisi ti' rein'-dt eter Knomi in AtiiPrica Vtxetuble I'ulmonary JIalsam is Hip must vnliiHlde ipuii-il) unit in ii-p for cui'gli,cul,s, usihma nr philu-ie, rinl'ituiptinn. tl lumping cough and piibnoililt HlT'l-liiins leiPrt kind, lis sale is 1 1 iiirie.ising. and Hip Ur ure-eriing tho pinptieuirs aip cnii'iunilv ipccituig ihe must fitotlile of ihe human system, hviheii-c of Ihe MagnelieOilon air, Mini nf iisrfferis. 'Ihe fidlotiuig licit certificiles ilea, which I v iisaltiatiite, and .slrenglheiiiug uuali .ne iilfi-rpil fur pubi c ex 1111111 iluiii. tie-, removes all extraneous -ulislnu, e Irom the it-elh AN iNTKKtsiisa USE. blr.icl of.i teller Irom and tirescrve Iheni 111 tlieirnntiiral lirillianey, and the, King-inn, U's'pr Co., N. Y. 10 1 lie gum in soundness and beauty. It i-ascerlaincil troni pr,pi iptnrs, 11 1 oui s nf the Uih nisi, dult ipr iI , lein irkalue cine ttas eltecteil lit 1 lie I t-g.iinlilp I11I munar 111 ihe it inter and -pi ing uf ISI'j. 'The lermiti, Ur. tloodi, h.ul lieen suk a long iiuip ttuli ihp ciinsiunpliun Ills ph) -iri.ins bad giten him up Up mm 1 educed so low as 10 oe unable 10 help hi 111. elf, end raising n l.irgp iiii-intiiv of liloni ttlirn be cnuliiipiicid using llie lUl.rfiu, ttlorli lots eflpcipil a compleip ruie, and he it mm ashileand lieanj as eter lip .nr. Alondt h ir leiuott-il timii nils inmi, bin he It is piruiiied me a more detaibd .ice 11 of bis asp, ithiih I n ill f,u wjiiI ton, C. a CL1. Kings, on, N, l JiuipUj. 1833, Exirari of 11 letter fmui Dr. Jacob Alters The VpgpHble Piilinuu.ii y It-il-aui bppn sold in this CMiinit for two ip.hs, nail the medicine gained .111 iinciiinimiii relt-hiii), for il -p.ncel) In one iiisniiicp I nlpd nl li.itnlg llie itesiieil t-tlecl. I nut li 1111 in f tvur of llie in my nosiiimis, most ol tvliit Vi .11 e im positions upon a crpihilous tiiildic, bin 1h.11 whirh I know by ii?p to be efTt-C', I cumin ht-li but gifint apptoli iliun IlieiPin. A countprp-il pteparaliou lus been iilfpied here by airatelling Agpui, of Cnms'iii k, N. Y. riint llierp is anoibrr arlicle tended line 1h.11 is strongly suspecied lu lie sihii inu. JACOB II XT. ns, 11. I. Mifflingion, Juniata co, IVnn. M.11 3, 18117 F10111 Dr. Ssmuel Mortrll, to the Piopiinms of 1 lie Vpue tnble 1' llals.1.11. I am saiislird ihniln'Ve .eiabln PiiliniiiMsit lUliiin is a valuable niedecine Il lias bepn used 01 ibis place Willi rompleie sucress 111 n olijUin ne comnlainl ol Ihe lungs, unruled ttilh a spveie cough, lust of inii-e and llio raising of much bluod, which had prftiouslv ici'inl iu,ni nppioted preset iniion.. Alter using ihe llalsiu oiip week, ihe paiirin's mice reuirned nnd lie was tide 10 spe ik audi, lily. This ra.e occiinrd suine lime lince, and the inrfn 11 nutv eng.igpil nol only in acute Inn laiinrioui busiiir.j. Rpspri'ifullt, lie. a. MoHlin.l., Il is now more 1h.n1 six tears since I lumight very lutv b) c-t atTeclion of 1 lie lungs, nml mt cninpUini was dpclaied lu be ini'iirabte bt a cinuicil of ibice pht- siCMus, I ttas then rrMomi lu -isgno I IiphIUi as 1 11411 pnjo)pdfi,r ni4uy ip.irs, bt using ihp VpgpMble Put innii'irv IUIshiii, Since my rpputer) lime iprnm iilPiulpd IIip in H gierfl nun) c.i-e nl 'nng rnuiplrtinis, and .n far as 1 cm Isiun. iu use Ins in variahl) been fnllmtpd liv liuirli lipnehi, and 111 In.uticrs it has effecled cures whirh usee nbnllt iinex peripd. Samuel F.vekitt, ll,n on, .il.irrh , ieo7. For sale, ivIioIp.Ip and rfMil, b I, 7j 3. II I'KCK & Co., mid TIIEO. A. PECK ti Co., llur linglun, Vl. fiuecalfsewd Hoots " " Jicg M do. light " " do. Siiiniiicr Gaiters, " Pumps, Calf " Shoes it I'rogans Thick i-Kii P.ools, " " llrognns Doys Shoes it llrogaus, " Thick it Kip Roots, Y'ths " & " " ' " it " nrons. '. s TF,. J. I-'. would unite his custoinersand the nub he 111 ecneral to call anil examine his arsortment ol Hoots if- Shoes which lie can warrant to be of good stock, thorough workmanship and lateststvlcs. Also, Work and Repairing elone at the hortcst notice, as usual. n51 Uurlington, May 2?, 1911. NEW FASHIONS, NEW GOODS,- And the Tailor llcttcr than Neiv! "TAMES MITCHELL. Draper and Tailor, J would inform his friends and the public generally. that he has during the past winter applied himself closely to the study ofthe new princin e .iltv adopt cd in the art of Cutting by the leading Tailors of ew one nnd other uitics, and lining inely vi ttcu nnd availed himself ofthe experience and ndvanlage of soiueof thcoldest and best city cst.ib'isliiuciits in the country, he is now prepared to execute garments of all kinds in a style (to say nothing of his neighbors) superior to any done by him heretofore. To regular customers, particularly those who have had garments ni.idu this spring, it is'uniicccssary to say an) thing . but to those who have net cr giten him a call and who wish to be suited, he would sav, VVv Oner. On hand, an assortment ol" Excellent CLOTHS, Cassimeres, VKsTiscs.Si-MMr.n Goons nnd Trim mings, which he tvili sell or make up to older at fair prices. .o suit no pay. Uurlington, May '.'1, 1311. cock'- Worm Ten the mo.t safe, elVectual, and con venient icinisly tint can 1-e obtained : for in no one ot the thousands of instances where it has lecn used agreeal le to the printed direction-, has it cter (ailed. N.H. A-k for Dr. M. Hitehcoek'- Worm Tea, alhete are ninny nislnim-abroad tort he detruclionof worms For sale whole-ale and retail I y A. HITCHCOCK it CO., so'epropneieirs, 1 17 (icne-ee street, t'lica, and byiiie-r agenls throiigjioiit llie I'nion. In Burlington, by J. & J. IL Peck it Co.. and Theo. A. Peck it" Co., In crgrniics, uy .1. 11. liowman. in -initnn, py llurnct it Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lorenzo Janes. nug.'i; 13 ussi-:m.s H THOMAS is in want of 11 few Goon Horses. Uurlington, May 28, 1811. n51 STOMACH HITTERS, may le nsesl in Wincor water. These celebralcd hitters ari't-onipostsl purely ol yege'ables ol ihp most inno cent yet speeitic virtues. 'They are recommended par ticularly for restoring weak con-Motion-, cleansing and strengthening ihe stomach, and increasing the uppeiitc al-n a prevenlaiite against ihe cholera mor-bu-, fcier and ague, removing nausea, voiuiiing, lieart burning, w-cakni-s in llie breat, pain in llie siomach and olher symptoms olilatuleni'c and indiges tion. Oneboxwill tinciure one gallon. Pricoiicts. a box. Uu9FM.'a lTrii This i hoice and safe ointment is said lol e superior to any now in u-e, lor 1h.11 disiigreeable und loathsome ibsea-e, the ITCH This O.nliuent is so eearlain 111 its operation that no perron tumbled wilb the above disorder ought to be W llllOUl 11, 11 is 11 riiiu-uj urr 1 iuiiui',,19 iiiuui,-, scorbutic ullcclioiis of llie head, or any oilier breaking out which arises irom snarp miniors 111 me 1,101m I'r i! 5 els. a box. Ri-s.tii.'s Vtr.KTABI.r. lllll.toi's I'll m, or family physic, for general use, in ca-t's of Jaiiudicf, morbid e risibility of llie stomach and bowels, loss of appetiir, fa-lid brealh, en-llvcne", rile-, and all diseases aris. im? from biliary ilcrangeinenls, ahn fur i-orm ung llie stale of the blood, ami cleansing the sysicm U 1,1,1 nnd viscid humour-. I iit'se puis nre n mini ca thartic, producing neither pains nor griping, and are therefore a valuable and highly npproiod medicine, iiriiiinimcfd nssiich bv tht'iiiot ,li-lingiHsi,. ohv-icians. Each box containing 33 Pills. Price ft7l eu. a I ox Russell's celcl rattslSitT Ritr-UM Ointment. Tins is iiiiipifstiouably the lest and safest remedy cter 1 el tillered to the public for that obstinate disorder SA LT niisiiii. i here oner leans nitvt-laiieo. 11 ii.isbui- cctsltsl, and the fact thai it bus been sxteii-ively itsvtl H HUD'S CiltASS SKF.I) for sale by STRONGS tt CO. TOBACCO. TP. WHALING it CO. inform the public that Ihey nro Agcnta for Sarmnt. Sprngue if- Co. Tobacconists, Albany, N. Y., who manufacture n lerv superior asticla of Paper 'Tobacco ill every va riety of size. Grocers and others will find it to their kinglanil s clnrilie-d sperm adi xnlago lu call and enammctlic. arncle. Also I'lui r.lI.'llf ..I'tlf l.'s? VI Tllt.'l H.l.l I'l.r.s?, ISIIIIillUl P , ml Ulli niici l, l Din .lluugU HI ISilll llllll UHItlllllll, IIIU UI lllll, .ia.,(iiH ij candlcn, N'o. I. Also, mould cnndlci for sale by Tobacco of diUcrcnt (nialitic. all of which will be sold J. P. WHALING if- Co. cheap for cash. Al?o Snuff of diirerciitkindr. lDROADCLOTHS, C.issuueris, Saltmttls, Mole- Jj skins, heavy Drilling and Vesting, n largo as sortment just riceiteeland tor saleclieap liy tuy i-;. .11. uitii.iir it t.u. WATCH S, CI,t)( KS, &V. IIKPATIC F.I.1X1H, ACKLEIIRATED remedy for complaints ari-ing from a ib'se-ased state of the LI VERand lis Secre tions; the lollowmg are a few of its symptoms, weakness eil thesiomach, Indigestion, los of appetite loivni'ss ol'Hpirils and Headache ; it will le found a sure remedy lor Eruptions on the Face. Iu conse- ,11'enei'ol Ineir leing many nostrums circulating in this part of the country, theiihscrils-rs are authorized tow-arrant its lenehcial elicits. 1 his article is just reccivisl, nnd oilcied to the public ns one well worlh the attention of those w bo are atlhcied I y complaint-, from the al.ote disease ; it leing from an eminent physician we feel confident ill thu- recommending 11. Ol-I. r,,lS 10. TII1.U. A PECK it Co., Sign of ihe Mortar, one door ca-l of J tt J II Peck 4: Co I tlTH'.N. LOTION.--DR. EVANS' BEAITI J EYING LOTION. Highly esteemed fort-urine all Eruptions Coarseness, Redness and Pimples on Hit- Face Neck e r hand-, and e'.lecmally cleaning the complexion, nnd removing all di-ea-es ofthe skin' Nothing contribute- so much to our general siieresa 111 llie, a- an engaging tir-t appearance. 1 hi- Lotion I-adorned a 1110-1 fragrant, mild, safe wa-h and great ly esteemed fonts virtues 111 c!can-ing, spfienins, and purifying ihe skin ol all eruption-, so injurious to fe- lu.ile'le.uui, and re-toruig it to a high degree ot pu rity. A I eantiful coniplcMon is ihe pride of nil who no's-essit, nml the envy ol'iho-ewho are deprived of it. What i- so a'li-clingto'a I e.iniiful female,in whose face nature has displayed her power, a- to hnd hereoui-lex-ion disci loured w ith digii-t:-i.' pimple-, which mar herehaiuisl A good appeuriu ' is thelc-t recom mciidatioii; and as the Heaulifying l.onen purifies tho in, and remotes aMPuuiiIes, lllolche-, I an, Sunburn and iiclnes-, and prisluce- a I eautiful hue, it is the only L-o-mclic a l.nly should u- at her toilet, t-ieiillenicu will all al-o Im l this a dt lightfiil remeily, to rcmovo nil Ksiighucss, t'linplcs, liingwcrnis, tjiots, lictines "IT'E have fine Gold, Jewtlled and plain I.cicis Surcncss ofthefj, e and nn-e, nnd every kind of erup l and Ltpincs of the most approved makers and uon on llic-uitai e of the human hisly. Il is particu vcry accurate time keepers, which we tell as low as lailj recommended to gentlemen to I'e 11, ed after sha Walches of ihe same quality are sold at regular shirts ving, a- it will prevent the oiherwi-e c nam e:lcct of anywhere. We have such a call for goud Watches all i-oinnion soap, in turning the u-ard prematurely that we nre indii cd to keep a good assortment nt all grey. Kor a!e Who'esi le and reiad 1 y A. H I'l C-'ll times on hand. Weh.iterecciitd a few more of R. COi'K it Co., N, 1 17 Gcnt-ce street, I'nca. In Dur st J G llecslcv's watcheslinado for us by them at Liv. hnnton. bv J. it J. II. Peck A Co., and Theo. A. Peck crpooi, tiicse Hatches ate extra tine iiiiisueu;anu'gne iV un. in 1 ergenm-s, py j. 11, now man. in .union, good satisfaction. Wecau nfer to many w ho carry them. We haie also L'oud Ohicr Uu.irtiir Watches. small nnd large sie, double bottom English Watihcs, ratrnt crlical 11 alchcsatid lanousotinr Kinds. CLOCKS. We bale fine lirns Clocks ol J. N. Dumiing s nnd oilier iiiaiiulactnrers. Wooden Clocks of various kinds usually on hand, as cheap as Ihe cheapest ami good ns any. GOLD CHAINS AND KEYS. Sume very rich patterns at ower prices than eter before olltrei . ' .is -.IJ ui.Mis. uaincos. new sivie nam tings, F.iiamillcd Pins, Stone Puis and Rings, so low thiit nil cm iitHird t,i iHiiehnsp. LOUM. TS. l or .uiniaiurcs, and small ones lor the neck, very pretty. SILVER WARE. Spoons. Klines, Forks, Snull' Roles, Vinrgarcttts, Ladles, Nursing Tubes, Spec tacles, Thimbles, Sugar Tongs, Whistles, itc. Gold Spectacles. NEW GOODS. New style of Neck Stocks, also beautiful Salin and Uombarinc triinin'd Stocks, Harri son Ties. Long Ties, Cravat Stocks, Pie led and plain Stocks, long Slocks for large necks, Hoy's Stocks. We hat ca first rate lot of Stocks, Collars and llosoms. Ruck, Silk and Rubber Suspeudtrs, Figured and plain Cratats, ipc. WHALEHONE, iVO.- -A inriety of thin split Whalebone, a new, convenient and finished nrticlc fur d rcsses, d rcssed a nd und rcs-cd Whalebone for dresses, Stays, llonnet Whalebone, Rusks, Eyelets, Elastics, Lacings, Pins, Needles, llodkins, Vest Springs for the back of Vests, Vest Rutlon Rings, Shell side and Twist Combs, Horn do. Dressing Combs, llrushes. LAMP GLASSES, WICKS, &C.-I.nni Gins ses for Slurp Lamps, Chitutiev Glasses for Astral Lamps, and Reflectors, Wicksfor the Patent Lamps and all oilier kinds. (Slass Nipple Shells, t.lass Ink Stands, Sand Stands ofbcnulilul patterns. MUSICAL lN'STRl'MENTS, ,- MERCHAN DIZE. Flutes of all sizes and keys, Claiionets, Pic does, 1! and C Fifes, Violins, Mass Viols.Guiiars, Ten or Viols, Hows, regs, iiriuges, iiaiiananu paicni tier mm Strings, Claritieit Rosin, Insliuction Hooks for all instruments. Any arlicle wanted in this lino many quantity will he furnished al short notice, at as low prices as can be furnished by any other house. PLATED AND IIRITTAN'I A WAP.F..-Wehnve purchascil a finonssorimcnt of Plated and llriuannia Ware, Tea Pots, Coffee Pots, Urns, Candlesticks, Cake dishes, Molasses Cups, Cream Cups, Spittoons. Sunar Dishes, lti-,1 Pans. Castors. Shaving Cups. .S'ltiiffers and Trays, Plalesl Spoons, Nut Crackers, itc. to which we invite llipnttention of nllhoiiso kee pers, assuring them that il i economy to buy a gout! article which costs but a little more tiiann cheap nr at it Sawjer. Iu Georgia, by Lrenzo nug :o by lltiriutt Janes AT AT UK IJ'f GRAND Itl&TORA'IIVK. 'lint lx ya'ualb' Vegetal lo Medicine stands unrivalled for Ihe tollowing complaints, viz: Dy-pen-ia, or Indi gt'siion, di-e.ntsl Liter, I. iliou disorders, Dropsy, Asth ma, Cosliieiic.-s, Worms and los of Appetite, and by eleaii-ing the -toin.ich and bowels, cures pains in ll.H si.'c, sioiuacli and I reust, colds and coughs of long ttamhng, llo.irsene-s, shortness of I reatli, Nervous coin planus, eic., w b 1 Ii arefie-jiicnlly the e feci vt' ds eii,e. For Fcteran,' Ague, il i a most valnal le pre ventative a-well a- a soiertign remedy, lis urines surpass any llung heretofoir known 111 removing St. Vitus' Pan, f, two 1 utiles have 1 een known to core thiallhcliugdieae, alier having LalHed every rxer lion t.irfour tears. Il has 11 mo.t powerful nilluence in reuioviiig iitrioiis ci iisjilamls. It is pleasant intake and soeasy in it opcr.iluui, that 11 may leadimnis'.eieil lo ihe infant wi'h safety. 'The abote'.Misbcine l very litglily rts-ciiiiiicm'e,! "I y many scientific gentlemen, and a large nund er ot tad e-, who have proied the virli t's of ihe.Mtsbcme I y personal use and that rf ibeir families. , I ill oft erlilil-ale am uipanie- each I otile, wilhibris-iioiis. It may It- had wholesale or retail o S. Hriiam, Harre, and J. C. Farnam, East Williams low 11, t, sole prepriet, r-. Prepareil from the orisiu nl lecipe; for sale I y E. II. Premiss, Munlpeber, and J. it .Ml. Pit Mt Cii, and Tiir.o. A. Pick Co., liur linglon, and 111 the principal towns in the slate; all ibrtvlioiis suited in the hand writing ofthe proprietor by eminent Practitioner speaks volumes 111 its praise. &c. t Ills equally t'lliciicioiis in nil diseases of the skin, pCrg, s..l.l l.nd riii-' worm-. and the mini invcicrate Itch, nriiel , ceriuic.iics iiuiiiii 10 oinaiuisi,' ucle, tho cheap one, generally proving rrry iioir at loses that a fair trial should lelhel as, We invite all tn call and cxnniincwho wish any superior etlicney. Price 50 cents a thing in this line. The advances on goods this spring iVi'. ike. Numerous I nl lli nrmirilur t'llOO: p,-,,t.ii(s! nl its superior f llif ncv. I rice oil cents a 1 il,mr, m this Imp. Thp niivnnccson uo-uls this snrni box. For sale by J. it .1. 11. rci-k iV la, I lu-odore arcsosmall ns tobo little more thuti minimal. c A. Peck it Co., sign of the Moriar, and Kolwrt Minxly, oan to sell low nnd sell more. Ibirhngton; Dr. C. K. Miles, and Hull & Cook, limes- Further parltculara as soon as timn will permit burghl S, II. Ilanie.s, Charlotte; L. Janes, Georgia ; For New-Oomls and plenty of them and cheap ns the L. Tyler, Kssrx j Fuller it Huntington, Rn-hnioii.1. 1 chroieat, ami good as the best, call al the Variety Also, oy 1110 iiruHvsis uu uiifiiiuuis iii.i,,j More liuritngton, mav -n, 1011 rniII'.0, A. PF.CK A Co. nt thesignof the Mortar 1 have just ree'd a quantity of Cayenne Pepper, of English importation, t'onstnnllv oh hand, Hombay ttiiin Myrrli, genuine llayberry Hark, do. Pow der, Janiiiica Ginger Root, do. do. in Powder, Hcngnl and Ohio Turmerics, ivc. iVc. Sept. 16, 1S40. "O A'.OltS. -Joseph Rodgcrs and Sons superior -1 1 also IVniicrov s line Mrops, and the white i unl sor Soap, for sate by H. M. GIDD1NGS A Co. XOTICi: T ItCILDKHS. rwUE subseriler will l'irni-h in Uurlington anil .1 vicinity, GRANITE window 1 aps, sills, under pinning, Thresholds and Door steps rf nny descrip tion, ol Ihe tir-l quality. A bfll ol nny stone wanted will I e attended to, and all information furnished by Mt-s.r-. Follett A: llradley, Peck-sit Co., and Hrodlcy & Ilyi'e. Any perst n can .t-elbequalilv oflbe itctie, by ll'iose furnished lor Judge FoMeit. home or I resi dent Winder's hcu-e 111 liurlinglon. It is nrenimeil that the quality nml price of the-e stone will warrant a generalise it builders will late the fl.M,l.,x" apiinelbustoneand price. liMJ. .vwi-u.-s. ... Harre, Vi. February 1811. Cm I liroughout the stale rANGROIlN A DIUNS.M.IID. NOTICE TO OBNTSTS. rpui: Suhsribers are r.i;"' j .JS., l 1 STOCKTONS CIXEIIRATKD TKE1 H, of Philadelphia. A upo yjusl TM1- GOLD A TIN FOILS constant! on liaml. & , May

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