Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 16, 1841, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 16, 1841 Page 3
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plorccl. If unsuccessful, it w ill not bo from negligence on Col. Worth's pari, who allows no obstacle! to iuterfuic with Ins iiiovamcnts. The Colonel is stated to be in fine health and spirits. THE WEATHER THE CROPS. The good intelligence comes in from every quarter that the recent change in the weather has been must beneficial to all the crops of the season. The fears, therefore, entertained widely n few days since, that the harvest would bo meagre, are well nigh dissipited. The following are the latest items that havo come to hand. The Frederick, Md. Examiner of the 17th inst., says : "Tlicro was a general comment on Mon lay last of the wheat harvest, in this dimly, miJ lint a small portion ot tho nop will lie, lift fctiimlitiif at the end of tha week. We do not hear any couipl lints of serious deficiency in ihe crop. Tlie Ciucinnatti Chronicle of the 3d inst. says : "In the northern parts of Ohio, Mich, ami Indiana, tho wheat crop are line j ami we think in thus) Males generally, the wheal harvest will tie abundant. Tins region oi country i n.iwlieuinnin,' to fulfil its destiny ns a wheat growing region." . Infbrinatiiii fiom vnri ins quarters, combined with our own observation", satisfies us that the croaking about "short crops" will not ho rcalicd. Tho drought for a while r -ml red tho pumped doubtful. I!iu the 1 11'cet produced bv lliu rains of ihe list ten days, is nilluieiil to d.spcl apprehension. On the whole, we am n nv prep ire I to state, as an np-n.nii formed from thruiuh mipiiiy anil minuto observation, that tin Crops g'ne.'ally in Wo tern .Vow Vo.k will turn out nt Icasi ei) al to an average harvest. Roth, Vrc Post, July 1. . Daring the last wc-k tlrto Tell a great quantity of roi i. It ts refreshing to tho crops of oats and corn, tvh ch look very well ; but rather injurious to thegiass that was cut. I'crry ('.!.) I'rccman, July 1. The crops in the vicinity of llannil).'il,.Mii. on the Missouri river, consisting of, corn and hemp, are tepresented as appear ing beautifully and promising an yield. Tho Journal mix "A little rain, which we are tolerably sure of having, will enable tho farmers to plant out their tobacco, and then we may auticipalo as fine a crop as the eaith ever produced. The (.Jratid Oulf, Miss. Advertiser, of the 27th, mentions that not a drop of rain had fallen in the town for nioio than six weeks, and that the cotton and corn crops were suf fering greatly in consequence. Tho u iiiiero is sh r.vcrs of ram with which our ti cin ty has been favored dining the past few d lys have given an enure new aspect lo the prospects of the larmeis in th.s scctn n. The long period of dry weather Ins very iiuich injured the bay crop which must necessarily be vciy light, but tun propemvu corn, po'ato and oat crops look finely. Ilcttniiigtun (V) llaniicr. Tno eounli y since the late rains, wears a delightful nppearan 'e, and inn f.iiiu. is ale in line spiri s al the pro-peels vvhi'-h await llietn. Troy Witty. Mom: or Tin: H.uivn-T. The weather could not be in ire favm.alile for the ripening of wbral, and lat ter oidered s ) as lo pievcut lis being nllec ed by rust, than it n iw is. We have h 1 1 iibun Janeo of r.un, the air i eleirand eo I, t lie sun slimes brigluly fioin morning till irght, and most of our latest exchange papers in Western New-Vnrk say lint there will be full an averag' crop. ('(.'. t ii. .inc. July I. N" it'.v lb? t. Hiding tie' extreme dioughl of tho early pari of the season, and the reported nil iges of iho army irar.-n, the rattier worm, and tht'Jly, there i now a good prospect for a t.iir iiveirirc of crops ilia Si ite. The h".ids of oats and wheat will be iiuich I lrger and bcller tilled than in form' r years, an 1 consequently the grain will be of much fi:K-r quality than I it war. From picsent nppear nncs the corn nop will In1 f illy equal lo that of form er vears. Cltnlund (O.) Jit rait, July I. Infirm it.on I'm. n itltible s.uiiei's sat'islies us ihat gross error prev.iils mor or lessWes'w in',"espu 'ling iho ' rops in Western Ncw-Voik. A stranger might he almosi teniptcd, from such sfones, to uirigine ihat this wlieal-growii'g region of tin) fieneeu would bu comptlltcl lo depend tor bicad on the Lake country It is a duty t" tbr penpU. h-ir, i.ri well lis elsewhere, to eotiert put h ridiculous stories. We again repeat ihat the ir'irnf crop of the'tiiunsee Conn try,' ai well as t'l e n- 'r g a,u , w II fully equal an average crop. .V-a. lire I'osl, .ii.'3. In tluse iinly "ri'salid spring gram will be light, having stiff-rul so long fioni dioughl I ut com ge neinllv lo il;s well, and promises a good crop. Sue. tit's fir A. .hur. July?. The Caoi'S. Cons'idciable anxiety is felt, as i usual al this sia'ou of the yiar, about ihe siale of the comiii : tropj. In this county as fir as we have seen end our information cMi'inN, tbev pronu-e to bo very I'm", pirtic il irly III w'icil, vvhi h isahout as good as it has been i'l rivc-rnl jears. The recent rains we Jisvclnd, with ihe warm vvh'aiher, liavealso lironght forward the oats, bailey and grass at such a rale Ihat th"V ptoiiiire a very nleiiid-uit yi 1,1. The com and potatoes arc also comiiij on finely. I'oyahkccpStc Vault. The Wheat IIaivet lias commenced in llrs quarter of the coonlrv, and the fanners are (avoied w uh dry whenther and a warm Mill. If this Hhe.ilher wdl luit rontiruicd for a few days lonmr, the whin' crop will be secured mi h r the most f ivnra le circumstances. Petersburg (Va.) Intel., J,tll. I'repaialions are n iw geneially makingfor llieeom inoneeiuenl of tho wheat htrvcM. and fiom all ihat wo can learn, a glorious prospect awails the faruur. Thocro i, alth u h u is not thou .-t that il vv ill be as hrnonsil w.a yiar I" fore last, is vi tabundant. Later information Mates that the '-rain i.f the wheat n lie- fective, and that the ero will not be so large as was expceip'. Knelt wheat is pull' ring from the rust. -l'rc-hrid;tTJ llcrtlJ. Jtthr.i. Tho 'tiformatinn from all the adiaeent counties in Viti'iniaand Maiylaud nninti' s to be favorable to the growing crop-. Altr. tiazene. Canada. Tho doings of the Canadian Parliament up to the 1st inst. were without interest. In the House on the 28th, thcie was along debato on ihe right of presenting petitions without the Governor's content, which was not decided. Sir Allan McNab on the 30th cavu notice of a motion calliii" for copies of the instructions given to the Governor on announcing the control of the Province. Thu doings of Pailianicnt givo but littlo sa'isfaction to the people. Ui-asun Winks. The New Orleans Ad vertiser of the 28th tilt, says : " For tho last fivo days we have been suffering under the blast of ihe Upasian w inds. They bring dcalh on their wings, and blow from thu north east. The sky is clear, blue, and hard as slcel ; tho sun shines witli n burning fire, but the winds dry up thu skin, pent up nro thu heals of thu body, and soon tho way farer feeU ns though hu had been beaten ; hisi'cs become inlbimcd, and a general lassitude pervades the vvliole system, accom panied by loss of appetite and indisposition to action. Theso Upasiau winds tiro llie forerunners of ophidine disease. Thoy pre pare tho way, nnd if they are not shortly driven back hy the south winds, thu pesti lence will be in tho midst of us before wo dream of it." Maine. I'd ward Kent is again the Whig ond John Fairfield the Opposition candi date for (Jiivi'rnor of Maine, having been rival candidates with nlturnato success for four years past. Kent was most unexpec tedly elected over Parks in 1H;17, rah tiuld over Kent in I8!5S and '!J, and Kent over I.-. .!.. .1.1 !.. lu.. T .1 . r.uiiicni iijoiw. ivoweacn s aga in sc- , . . . . . ? .' . " """""vi on i .ii'iiu oiui , goi inio a uispute nc ir the Kail each is a woriliy anil upright citizen. j Road Depot in this village, growing out of firing i "T i-TT n " " ' a cannon, in winch. Slnlt was then cii"a"cd. A Meeting ol the llu.u.iMn o.v t seems 'that Mayns re.p.ired those cumlofeii nr Music, a society recently loruicd in this about tho gun to ccaso firms n cccount of a town, fur iho promotion of tho .Science of, sick man in tho immediate vicinity. A controv Music, will bo held al J. Howard's Holid ery ensued, in which Mayns struck Shaft to this evening, at half past seven o'clock, Tho I vcra' 1,1"lvs 011 "w head with a club, and from the subscriber and all others friendly to the ob ject of iho association, nru requested to attend, LAND IIO I Wo congratulate tho country on tho passage oftho Iind Distribution bill though the House of Konresontativcs. Wo reg.ud this as cmpbali. caliy tho great measure of tho Session. Tho subject has now been ton years bofore Congress and the People. Mr. Clay introduced tho first bill embodying the principlo in ISfl'J. It then passed both branches of aJnckson Congress by large.' majorities, but was arrested by tlio arbi trary Veto. In 18U!1 a hill effecting this purpose substantially, polar as regarded the hind pro needs of the throe proceeding years was1 matured and passed. Sinco then, the limos have been inauspicious; but, in defiance of all the force of I'vccutivc power, wo doubt whether there has over been a majority in Congress averse to the principle. V'lio reasons for passing' this bill are various and cogent. In the first place, tho Public Lands Itching to all the Stales. They were won from a powerful foe by the valor anil constancy of our common ancestor?. Put they lie wholl yivhithin the territory of the New States, which are al ready most powerful, and will be overwhel mingly so after the Now Apportionment. In these Stales it is a hobby of loading demagogues that the Sat irclauli if lltr Nlttte extinguishes the rightful tillr f lh while I'enple tn these Lands tint 'tiny thousand squatters in Arkansas are the rightful owners ol the Public. Lands therein to the exclusion of the whole People of the Old S'atcs. "Sir," said Hon. Rollin C. -1allury in Congress twelve years ago; "I wish to assort Ihe principle that the People own the Public Lauds in the H'est." "I can tell the gentle man," was the taunting reply of a Missouri do lirigogi.e. "that Vcrmunt tines nnl mat tt font tif land there." Tho vote on tho Distribution Hill answers lint bravado. livery dear-headed, observing man must see that the intcrest'W Hie Old Stales in tho Public. Lands an interest of at least One Hundred Millions must now bo secured or surrendered, ..'very year Honlon brings forward a Graduation Bill, to strike nil' at one tlasli more than half the value of those Limls. Calhoun follows with a proposition to cede the Lands to the States, en closing them respectively, to bo sold out by them on shares. Van liiiren, Wright & Co. play into the hands of these compatriots just as far as they dare. The object of these movements is to unite political in the West by a sacrifice of the iutcre-isuf the Old Slates. Ami there is obvious and imminent dinger that these plots will Ik; successful. H'lion Senators from New York and Connecticut vote to despoil their own constituents, whitcanvvo hope! Tho People of the .NTevv Slate li ive au itnaioili ite, present, tangible interest in getting the Public Lands for little or nothing. The interest of the Old .States in resisting them is equally strong, but unhap pily less direct and immediate. One half our People know and rate nothing about it. Hut the passage of the Land liill will remedy this link mg the interest of the Old States equally palpa ble with that of the New. As a measure of precaution and security, therefore, this bill is invaluable. We need not press the argument based on the embarrassed condition of many of the States, livery body undorMatids it. The Federal Gov eminent is the trustee of a groat domain belong tug to twcnly-six States. Half of those propri etors arc now laboring under great pecuniary ilillicultios, which seriously depress the credit ami cripple the prosperity of all. What ought to he done! We say, Givt. tho Stp.tcs the cur rent pioceeds of their properly respectively. .vway w iui me insoinncc vv inch prelonds they will squander or luisapiiv it! Are tliev insann or idiotic ! Tins bill, while it is inst to the Old. is "on. rous tn the New Slates. Karli of these is al- lowed .i'.K),Ul)l) acres of the Public Lands within it borders ami a per coinage o'l the sales. The balance is divided equally oinong all the .States. to many it will prove a most seasonable and ratetul relief. Gratified as we are with the fact of this bill's nns-age, wo are not less ru with the manner. The Whig ph ilanv was compelled at last to a hayonncl chirge, ami they did tho work gal lantly. After this bill has been discussed for ten vcar.3, ouco m terms and twice in suh.t.ineo pa-ed by Longinss, and now di-cuoscd over again m sutn approving and Jljlecn opposing spoeclies, tliecryot the oiip isilion is still '.More tune! 'dive us another dav,' cays McKeon. Xn, sir,' replies Slaniev, 'you havo had dav alter d.iv already. Take to-day to conclude. At 7 o'clock this o voiiriiiitr we lilt the bill nut of Committee if wo are strong enough.' So said, so done ; and .Mr. Illicit was obliged to shut oil' his eloquence at 'niiietcenthly,' having purpose Iv got into the very inidsl'of it, fins second -peech on the bill, we behove,) when the hour of 7 came loud. If tho House will continue to act m this spirit, the Loco-Foco clamor about waste ol tune' will toon be set to a ilillercnt tune. We ardently hope it may be. 1 Ki tun theTioy Whig July 12. DE.STRUCT1V1': Flit; 1 WATKRFOUD IN RUINS. Wo regret to state that a lire broke out on Sunday attornmin in the village of Watcrford, which raged with the greatest fury for three hours, and consumed nearly the whole of the business part of the town, including the Sar atoga County ll.iuk, IJpiacopal church, Acadamy the Mansion ilou-e, formerly Deinerast's, near ly ev ery More in the place and about fifty dwel ling houses making in all from serevty lo eighty buildings among which were the most valuable in the town. The lire caught at !, P. .1., in a small build ing used for storing lime, situated on an alley, ahutit 1(1(1 yards south-west of the .Uansion House. From thence it spread rapidly South and llasf, tho wind blowing atthe time a fresh brec.o from the Nnrlh VVest, and continued burning with great fury for three hours, and wa finalle arrested by the exertiong of the Troy and West Troy firemen, who arrived on tho ground at half past live. The whole loss is not los3 probably thin 81 .rJ,(10(), a portion cf which is insured, though we have not learned to wh it amount. 7'ho fireman's insurance Co. al Albany have lost GO.OOO to SIO.IMKJ. The Rensselaer and Saratoga of th, s city, and the Saratoga Mutual, and other companies, are also losers. We are unable at present to ivo the names of the occupants of the buildings destroyed, or the owners. We were on the ground at half past five and remained there until the lire was extinguished, and cansilely s.iy that wo ii'ivor witnoFsrd such a scene of confusion, devasta tion, and distress. The whole village was cov ered with furniture, "oods and articles of every leseri piiou. i.very House aimuared to be cum- tied of Us conton's.and tho inhabitants of the Village anil tho adjoining towns, together with many hundreds from Troy, crowded to gether in tho neighborhood of the fire. At one time the destruction of the bridge ovor the Hudison appeared inevitable, am nothing saved it but the evertions of the Troy and West Troy firemar. Watcrford having but one fire-engine, and that being almost useless. Tho fire was finally ar rested at the house of John Stewart, a brick building a fpw rods west of the bridge. The books of tho .Saratoga County Hank were naved. Tho specie remains in the vault, to the amount of SKUMKI. Mr. Titcoiub a butcher, fell from a roof, and n not oxpoctud to live. With this exception wo heard of no accidents. Jlylhis deslructive conllagratiun. the pros perity of Watcrford must be t-eriously impaired, and it is doubtful whether she will ovor recover K in mi! loss, u is uy tar the most serious c.ii.iinity mat lias occurcd in this section of comitry since the great fire in this city in 18!2). I'li-inorrovv wo fIiiII endeavor to give the names ol tho suilbrers and their losses. p,T,, ,,,,. ., , , , . 1 ATAI. .VIIfiAV. On Sitnnla nfmimtr l.ict. wounds thus il Hicted .Shaft ilioil last nvoninir, .Mayns imtncjiatcly lied from the place. Thoy woro bath cittzona of this villa'Or-.Varao?ri Htntwl MnNTTnt-itn, July 12. On coming to the lato Whig Convention here, Hon. Win. Ilobard of Randolph, brought his lady and ohlosl son as far as Northfield, and left them there on a visit to the family of Mr Stirkwotthcr. Duringtho day (.'JOth ult.) the son a lad of about eightyears of age, went, without the knowledge of his friends, with two other boys, to the river to bathe, and gutting into tho current beyond his depth was drowned. The lad was in tho water about twenty minuter, and all attcmps to resuscitate him were unavailing. What adds peculiarly to the distress of the parents is the fact, that they had brought tho lad to Northfield for tho reason that t hoy wore fearful he would havo been drowned in their absence if left at home. Watchman. Lightning. For the last two wco1;b there has been an unusual number of thunderstorms, ac companied with much lightning. On tho even ing of the 20th ult. the incctmg-house at the Factory village, Northliold, wars struck, but not much injured. During the same storm, the house of Mr. Alexander Parker, East Montpo hor, was struck. Tho clectic fluid passed down the chimney, to the collar, and in its course al most wholly destroyed the floor timbers and llooring of one of t lie rooms. In this room wore Mr. Parker and his mother, aged IK) years. Mr. I'.irker was struck down and his clothes set on fire. 7'no old lady with unusual presence of in i nil procured a light, poured a pail of water upon her son, which nutout the fire and brought luni to, and then by blowing a horn called the neighbors to her assistance. lb. muailTON MARKET. Monday, July S. From the lioston Patriot. Al market, 3UJ lieef Cattle, 10 yoke, working Ox en, 12 cows and calves, 2000 bheep and lambs, and 'JIB swine. GO lluei Callle unsold. I'iiices Heef Cattle First quality SG 25, o SO CO : Second quality Si 73 a G; Third quality S3 a tiHO. Working Oxen No sales noticid. Cows and Calves S ilea S25,S-'B, and S33. .Sheep Lots were sold at 41,75, V-'.OO, SSa, 42,33, S2,6,and',00. Siivnie Dull. A few old hogs 4 1-4 a 6 1-4. A small lotnf young pigs atG. At retail from 5 to 7. POsTOl'l'ICK NOTICE. The mails to and from this place, will arrive and depart, until lurther notice, according lo the following dcliedule. Arrivca Departs flouthtrn, Daily 5 p in. 7 a in. Aortlurn, ' 7 " 6 " JCaUcm, " 7 " 1 " The northern and eastern mails are not due till 9 pm. but usually ariivebtfore7. North Kasteiw, Leaves jlondny,Vednesday, and Friday,at 5 a. in. mid arrives Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday at IS noon. I-'ranldin Mail, once a week arrives on C p. in. and leaves on .Saturday, at 6 a. in. hlund .Mail, leavis on Friday, at 7 a. in. and ar rives on Sunday, at 5 p. in. Hy Ilinesliur(.'h and llristol to Middlehury Leaves Tuesdayaud Friday, al G a in. and arrives Wednesday and .Saturday, at i p. lit. liy llinesburfth and .UonUovvn to Middlehury Leaves or. Monday and Thursday, at C a ill. and ar rives on Tuesday and Friday, at 7 p. in. Port Ki in .Mail, daily, &iuidays excepted, by the Ferry Hoot. 2j- The mails arc all made up the evening previous to their departure, and letters will be mailed till 8 p. m. 11. II. STACY P.M. Uurlinijton, July, 1811. In Kssex, on Sunday the 15th inst. by Rev. John Crocker, tlie Iter. KIdriJge G. Drake, to Miss Sarah A. Colbv. In Colchester, on Siindayevcninf, July 11th, by the Rev. Mr. Taylor, Mr. Henry Norton, of Hurbng lon, to Miss Francis M. llraylon, daughter of the late lion. William lira; ton. In this towu.on'ihe 12th inst. by Rev. Mr. O'Culla gban, -Mr. Michael Flynu, to Miss Calharino Lynch, all of thistilacc. In Saruuac, on the 27th ult. hy the Rev. Mr. Weber Mr. Daniel ClutV, of Troy, Vt. to Miss Eliza Beadle, ot 1 eru. In Jericho, June 1 1th, after a very lincering illness, Mrs. Joel Hathaway, aged S7, in the lull hope of a blessed unmoriaiiiy. In llarre. July 'id. Widow Sarah Pickerinc, oircd G5 years. Printcis in New Hampshire, are requested io nonce. . . In ibis town on Tuesday last. Mrs. Susannah Doxy, in the 7'Jth yiar of her age. Mrs. Doxy was one of the little company which tffectcd the first permanent settlement in this town. Hie was born in Lebanon, Conn, in the year 17G2. Her husband came to this town about the year 17S3 or '81 and erected a tempo i-irv dunlbiKr. Ins wife, thesnhiect of the nrcseut no- fii-i.mtni rmhi. net t snriiii? and shared with him in the mils and hardships oi the new se'ii'uncni. nnc lnsre.ucd a large fiuuilv, the most of whom she has survived. After the toils of a long life devoted to the go i of her children, shohas gone down to the grave lull of years. NEW BOOKS. Worccitct's Ilistoiv, lindge's Altebra, Watts and select li urns, three sues, l'trh!. s.v-niid and third Ltnss Headers. Mount Vernon (io. Olney's Geography & Atlas Aoeicroiuuie s intellectual poweis, etc. just received by C. GOODRICH. July 9th, nG John Irish. 2nd Estate. ST.VTK OF LUMO.Vr, 1 The llon.lho Prolate nisTniCT of ciHTicNDEN, ss. 1 Court P r the Uisiricl of Cliiiiendeii : To all per-ons concerned in llie of John Irish, 2nd, late of .Milton, in said di-triel, dc ,,. liltKr.TlNli : WllkllKAS. ISet-ev K. Irish. Administratrix nf the estate i.f said decc.i-eJ, propo-celo render an account of her administration, and pre-ent her account against sui I estate for examination and allowance al u -os-ioii of the Court of Prol.ate, to be liokleu at the Regi-ter's nifiiu in U irlington, on the second Wcdnes dav of August next. Yuii are hereby noiifinl lo anncar 1 e. fore -.lui co iri ul the tune and plaie nfrt':ni I, and show c.i i c, n .my you imw, why the account more -nl hlinil'il Mill I I'uI.OWl'll. (iivcn under my hand at Burlington, this fifth day of July, A. U. lbll. 116 WM. WI'.STON, llcgiiter. James C. I'lerfe's F.statc. sr.viK or vhitMoxT, DIsTUICT UK C1IITTKSDLS. SS. Tim Hon. the Prol ate Court for the District of Chit tcuden: To all p'Tsons concerned in Uie estate o James entree, laic oi iiuiiiiugion, in sam uis trie), deceased. Gkeetino. WlH'.ltK .S, Daniel B.Tucker administrator of the est ite of said decca-ed, proposes to render an account of Ins administration, and present his account against said estate for cxaminnion and allowance at a session the Court of Probate, to be ho den al the haglo llall in Wi hstun. on tho i iud .Monday, or aukusi next. Thnreloru vouurubenbv nolifie.1 to ili ncar leforo s aid court at the tune and dace aforesaid, and shew cause, if any you have, why the account .aforesaid slioulil not lie allowed, Given under my band, at said liurlingtpn, this cightl duy ol July, A. i. 181 1. VI .u, iij-iu.i, IVCgl-ltT statFok VIIHMONT, ) Di'irit'i of Chittenden. i mill: Honorable tlie Prolate Court within anil L for the Di-trict of Chittenden. To the creditor and other eunierneil in llieeiatw('f James U Pierce lald.f lluolniL-loii. in said Di-trict. ik'coa.ed. WIIKHKAS, Daniel II. Tucker, administrator of tho isiatu of decca-cil, has niaile application to nils co irl. In cx'ciiil I lie tunc liumeil lor lo iuiilg pay incut of die delns of sai I decea-itl. twelve month from this date, and the third Monday of August next 1 ems asi'iie I for u hearinir lit ihe preuu-e, at the'e II. ill, m Willi-loii.and il bavn;: U'eil orderul that noiiic thereof luirivcit. bv niibli-liinc tins dc ereo three vvee!s Mieeciviiy in thu II irliilston Free Pre-s, a newspaper printed at llurlington, before the ijiik- iiAi-i i"i iiririii Tbcrefori', you are hereby notified, to onnear be fore raid co in, at the timo an I plain aforu-aid then unil llierc, io m.u.e onjccuon, n any yon have, to tin raid tiuioof payment being further extended as afore raid. Given under Burlington, thieSthday of Ju v. A. 1'. 1011. no WM. WESTON, Register, CAUTION TO THE l'UHLIc7 mllK public are hereby cautionel airainst purcha I .niL'i.r re i-ivui i of John nrni'r.i l v ami n.l l.ainoillo n niiv un I rta e i.f Vermoii. Two I'romls ory Notes, one drawn bylbe Kurlinglmi Mill Com p.iiiyfor SVOJCOt dalil ihe lVh day cf April, 1811, pivaliln iu monili Irom il.lle, Willi intcro.-l, pay ill le in (i.inlner Gates or order, nnd l.v the endor.e- mcnt ol thu ai IGatei. I 10 me. The ruber ilr.ivv.-. by me, for the uni of about J? -jo, payable m ninety day. Hum daic, in John Winner, or order, (or bearer,) with nili roi. Said lat Note limy I e more tiarlie i'arlydes(7ilio,l, nsri'ued liy John S earns, a principal, and lilunuid Clark, a. surely. Said War in r In no rijilil lo ec'livt said note- fie vi-'B ch laincl tho , nine from me, Uy fraud, ojiprusion and duros. Tim Mill Company have tern uoiiiied, not lo pay to raid Warner, or Ins endorsee, ihe Note by ihem drawn and iho payment cf llie nolo given by me, and said Clark, will be rcitod to the last. r.C JOHN HTKAHNS. Uurhngtcn, July 5, 1811- NEW GOODS, : t'orfumorv. Ac Almost cverr kind nf Ameri can, French, Herman and English I'sprfMnav, IIaiu Oils, SoAro and Cosmetics, usually wanted can be found at the Variety store. Anion)! tho articles wc have Farina's best Cicrniati Cologne, by the box or single bottle, wo have besides tho lone bottles, some of tho best article put up in neat short bottles for the louei t mis aril.'le can no depended upon aa genuine and the bet that is made. Coanictlc Cold Cream. For chafing or orun- lions of Ihe skin. It i a beautiful emollient for roughness or clmppin; of the faco or lips, and is ex cellent to use alter slnvinp. Uxlract oft liluesc Musk. In this extract the admirers of Musk will find it at a noiol of nerfcciion. justifying their preference. uxiruci oi licrgainoi, mucn esteemed as a por fume. Milk of It oses. for removing tan. emotions. freckles, etc. Court Plaster, black and ifesh colored, U?y tlan Depilatory, for removing lisir from thu face, neck and arm-, without injury lo the skin. Usicnce or Tyre, and Imperial Hair Dye, for coloring white, red or gray Hair, changing it to brown or black, as desired. Halrsays fc Prentiss' Cologne, Florida Water, Bay Water, and Honey Water. Kxtract of Itosc, Otto of Roso, Particles for I' rankuiccnse for nerfumins the house he huminc. It dilfusesiis pleasant odor through every apartment. Kdcs' Sweet Hags, from 19 cts. to50 cts.for perfu ming drawers and keeping away moths. I iincua or smiou licans. two lor six cents. (lilt, dec. Hears Uilnnd Uitase, Hull.alo, Antique nice h rcncli p salve. Tippecanoe and White Windsjrond lloating soap, Oxygenated soap, Wosb Hulls and vaiions other fine Boaii9. fur ilia nuiHurv. toi let, and lor baibcrs1 use. 'lootli I'owdcrs, washes, Ac Chlorine Tooth Wash, keeps the gums and teeth in a healthy condi tion and the breath sweet. Orris Tooth Wash ond Paste, uood articles for the same iiuriiosc. Fine iircnared Charcoal inbotlli s. Tooth Powders of v irions kinds. Todut Pulls and Powder, Puffs and Powder for the nu.u-ry. Olilrldgc's Ttului of Colli tiibiii. The very best article for removing Dandruff from the heads of children or adults. It will effectually slop i lair irom coming out, vvnen it lias necotiie loo sened and promote thecrowth of hair on bald places. when many other iirctiiiratiom fail. This article being extensively countetfeitcd, it is of importance to get it of those w ho always keep the genuine article, wlicl, is Mimid '" rtDMSTni'lk' . m " rifuhnn, we purchase it. Vveinlcnd to net rrood articles, and will sell them at ine lowest Prices, uur oesl ucrman uoiogne we war rant to be the best there is made. It lb imported bv one of the first hou cs in tho Perfumery and Drug line in New Yoik.from whom wo are conatonlv recei ving it, as the demand for it increases, any atticle nut on nana procured at very sliort notice. I'.i.MJIIUl.lM ik UKIiNSJlAIM. July IS, 1811. nG KAYS' IWIXNT. A most excellent article for curing old or young nersons of Pains and Rhmimallsm in the bark nr side, heahucr un sores, curing sore throats, swellinrs. etc., and for the cure of the PIIXS. It has not its cnual, eldoni or never failing to cure whin aimhed eo piously, and according to directions, sold at tho Varie ty store, uy tlie dozen or single hottic. I'.i.vuuuu.v ot Lmi.vxu.uu. July 13, 1311. nG PAI'KR HANGINGS. The Subscriber has on hand and will often be receiving Poner Ilaninncs. direct from the mamifac Hirers, which will lie sold to merchants and dealers at city nriccs. addins freie it. Anv uerson wis hum nar ticular patterns edit be supplied by giving n sliort no tice J. ItUUUlUUIl, July B, 1811. nG 'WnsIiiiiKton County GRAMMAR SCHOOL, The Fall Term of llu Institution will com ineme on Tucnsiur, the twenty-sixth of August next. I be Trustee are happy to mfor n the tiulilie that ihev have suiverded in retaining llie service f CALVIN I'EASE, A. 15., Principal, and J. D. S. TAYLOll, A. O., Assistant. The under.signe.l are confident that the w ell known qualification ot tlie learner-, an, I the extraonlinmy . livens that has attended llie sehoul under ibeir super. in rii'leiice, will induce many to re.ort there for what .1 i.. -..i....: .t i. .. I nicy may if unit: 01 uihuiiiiul' iuoru'.ii;u nun mio rtantial instruction. It i iinporiaut thai pcrsour pro, ising to enter ihe school to le pre-ent the tirt day of the term. There will I Four Terms oi Eleven Weckr each, in the ensuing vear, commencing a follows. I.i. Augu-i 20, 18i l- I 3 ' 'ebruary )7, 18-12. S I. ninV-nioer iy, 1311 4:1). may 1!!, 1B42. LccTrRt will I e given weekly through the year. JOSEPH HOWES, ) , ,. . STUART BROWN, i JOHN SHAULD1NG. ) Cummtttcc Montpcher, July 8, IStl. n6w3 . tew copier Plt-TOUIAL ILLUSTUA'1 10.NS of , Ihe Uible, at ew l ork prices, iut re. eived by July 13. 116 11. A. llltAMA.V. fust received al ihf Hook Stire, all llie Voja I ges round the World. D. A. BKaMa.N. July 13. i.6 l''rcli Genesee Irlour. i7iir.SH GI-.N'r.SKK KLOUR, of superior quality X just leeched by nil 11. M. UlUDIAUS K CO II ningon, Ju'ylJlSIl. SAL T , t7INE BARREL SALT I'or nnle by J- II. M. G1DDINGS & CO. July 13th, 1S1I. 116 NOTIOt;. flAIlK enpartnrrrluii heretofore existing under the A linn of MAUTIN & STOW, i, dioIvl this dav by mutual consent, and all ner-oiis w ho are mdcb'cd to the raid lino, are reoucted to relile their account- with C. B. Martin, who it authorized to receive uad discharge the same. Charlotte, July 2.1, IS 11. 06 C. II. MARTIN, HANSOM STOW. SCT" N. B. All peron in lel'tcl lo Ranotn Slow or to the siib-cnbrr, on I ouk or ctbervvirc, aiu rcpicr ted to tctlfe tue tniue. C. B. MARTIN. tOMIII'l on the Comtitution cf Man, iit rceei y-J vt-lly 1. A. UUAMAK. J ly 13. 116 A .Memoir of the HL'V. TIIKOIIALI) MATHKW 2. with an uccount of the Hi-e and Progrc.. of leuipcrance in Ireland. I-or rale at tliebool; rtore. July 13. 11C D. A. BltAMAN". JUST RECEIVED AT HOWARD'S JULY I5:h, 1S11. HKRE they come, (5oils, Good, G00.U, an 1 tn be cheap, cheap, cheap. See accompanying note to inycue, viz: Mr. Howard Sir, agreeal le to vour rcnucst lomn ply the demand for Goods at your rtore at ihi wool monev rrreirintrsejfon.tlietorcgoing revival Intone of Merchandize are duly forwarded through the Troy Steamboat Line, Il is very, that the arti cle have been obtained so in, ch lower than wavcr before known, for at the Csh Auctions as )o.i will perceive justnow ihcy have cotcoinpaialively noth ing. Vou will prol ably be able lo dispose oft'ic nock very quick, and vet of cotirtr. cheap, for all in all nev er u.a I here Mich a rich, Ir.uilil'id lot cf tioodi sent Irom ttiir city for the t.11111 cr inoncy mve.leil. Any further sjms younuv wih cxt-eiideil will I inont judiciously iiit'd lor your much wished advan Inge, by Your.-, ice. P. S. You rent theKiiEE Prkss. whereby was ncr i cived an aucinot to Tax your Faculty cf nlhng uouis eucap 10 Hie reopte in 1:10 rum 01 3UUU lur tne eniiing, Hit wa gcueroii lyan'liiuguanuuoul rcduiej to S 100, then leaving yen r.ittl 2 10 per cent higher than any in lividual men haul in the rt.a'e. Do not cumiiUin. there in irt e Mime good cause for it. lcat, rusay the ii.rcsir of Tiixe. and even Ihev ex claim it Is wonderful to ree ihe run olea-h custom von have, they probal ly have the bump cf perception pic.iie lie veryeareii.1 aim 1101 let yonragenl ou known or iney may uiieuiu -urt-uoiogy upon nun aso. nt STRAY COW. CJTRAYI'.D from the rub-enlercn ihe Oth ia.t, kJ dark brown CO II . with ronioml unoneach ride nnd a vvlpto Unpe across the I'orehcad.and also acro llie no-e, anu i anout a year oiu. ncever will re turn cow, or give information by letter to llu nib 1 cr, roan ce iiaiejiouieiv revvnrocii. nG TIMOIIIY .M.iV-N'AItl). Slillcn Fall-, July I, JSIJ. OAl'lllCcS Murlindel.aine rwJ 5 " ATuperior Blk llombaiinc 10 " " Printed I.uwns 5 " " Pongee Justrcc'd nnd for ealechcap by S. I,. IIERRICK, July 10, 1611. -i IMLCI'.S l.'inch Harlan O 5 " iiuperior Bagging, 5 " " I.inen Drilling, 10 " " Cotton do, 1 " 1 2-1 Irish Linncn i.hcttinghy JulylC, 1811. S.I,.HKUniCK. A GREAT Variety of Rich SiIIib Just received and for Halo vrry cbsp tt Iho Burlington Cash Store by 3. L. HE.K1CK. July 18 1541 ' anu vtarus iiairuu, i'eiiesuiingcneusc,a llairU.I. Jaynes Hair Tome, Pomatum, I.i Slaps. The genuine Naples si op, 1 soip, Verbena Cream, Cacao. Drown A VEUV VAtiUAUl n FARM FOR SALE. TlltJ suliBCtibcr beinr desirous to retire Irom active business, now offers to disuoso of his 1' A It M . situated in Colchester, one half luilo west of tho stage toad, leading from Burlington to 8t. Albans, and only six nines irom liurimcton. Said t arm h nsnusoniciy viiuntcd, containing ISO erci of as good land as can be found in Chittenden county, and under as high statoof cultivation, havine been under tho improve incut of an Knglish Agriculturist tho last twenty mrcc years, incro is on tho Form a convenient nouse, Willi a never tailing well of pure water at the door. A good Barn, with convenient sheds attached toil, a valuable wood lot of Beach and Manic, and a fine Orchard of choice Kruil. Any person w ishing to pitrcbaso such a farm as abovo described, had bettor mal.o application soon to Jatncs Scott, Pearl .streeet, nuriingion, or mo suuseribcr on tlie premises. , WILLIAM SCOTT. Durlinnton. Ju v C. 1B4I. IT N. B. Terms of payment will bo made very easy. 1,5 THIS DAY RECEIVED, osr.rnus Works, C Volsirdt aud plain bound, Kirkiiam's Klocutiom, fy'l.MSToCK's I'llulliLOGT if- MlNKRlLOOT, Phi'.jton's Book Kkepino, The above BiKiks are direct from Iho publisher, I will IvolJ. ( for cash. tin the inul reasonable ki m.', if you doubt call and see S. IIU.TI.WIU.. Sign of tho Red Lcker, College-si. JulvB, 2SII. n5 ESTUAYS. OTItAYIU) from thesnbscril 6t VS1 soineiinie in Mucin I. ndjrk brindle three vear eld NClVVJl. and a rol two veur old HVlJi'i:! avmh a while siiot in I lie forehead. Any iuforuiatiou concerning iLeiu Willie liberally paid fi.r. I'U I I 1.11. Burlmtnn, July C, 1811. n5 LOST. ETWI.KN Mr i. Latuwonhy', or the Court llooe and ibe Atadcniv. on the road lea In through the hollow, on Saturday af cnioon, 20: li Join' -mail tiaeknzenn inning three and halfvanl l.ace. The finder will n'ca c leave it ut thi office, and a sum.- able revvanl will l-evriven. Ii trims-ton, June G, 18-11. n5 UAZOItS JJUr.Y f-tlu WE have just roceired a variety of Rodgirs ond Elliot's I'inellAOllS much liked by persons who shave them selves. PanOHORN it llalMSMAID. "ILitt (11 tlljriia.looTio.'' FEW PLACES IS AMERICl CAN ArfOUD BET TER Sl'lXIMll.N'S OF 'LIFE IN Tin: WOODS," THAK CAM BE SSJOVKD, IDCOINO Tll tl'UMIU MONTHS,! AT TIIB "CVIiEUOSIASl'lllXtig," THE LARGE "NEW HOTEL," will be open on nr before the firat day of June, and the nronrietor brierly promises looll his visitors, (besides ibepureand wholeioiiic Waters), Gjotl Dinners, Dilticoui ll'inu clean I looms and tomfmtallt JJcdt, logelh.-r with all that kind and obliging attendance ol servants wiucn always so gratilul 10 the travelling rubtic. The Amusements will be a good Billiard Table, a Piano Forle for the Ladies, a spacious Hall Room tur nisheil with Music, where the innocent and 1 eallhy ex ercise of Dancing can be enjoyi every eve ning, w un many oiuer pastimes ilim 9OUB usual .u such placis. Thebenelicial cllects of ihcMisno vl W.tTia Baths ale invaluable to Invalids, and a Iutuiy to a I that take them ; they are given in n variety ways, and oven the benefits of Sia-Lathing may be more than rca ized from the Salinc an I Sclpiicr Baths. The subscriber has great pleasure in being oiue to add that be has made arrangements with the Agents of the "Ottawa Company"'to run one of ihtir steam ers expressly for passengers during the summer inontlis : tins win enaiuc vinnora 110111 .11011111-111 iu reach thu Spring- comfortably in one day and vice o " Tim SnriiiL's' Staoes will nut t the steam boats at Point Fortui.o as usual. The from thence to the springs H picturesque anil deli 'litlul. Vijimri from Toronto. Kingston, and other paces above, may avail themselves of the improved state of travel, via llylowii, una tlirougn inui interesting anu magnificent line of Government Works, " the Ridcau i'mtv,! " which communication will laud visitors at L' Original, within nine int'ts of the springs, where coa ches will belli rcadiiuss to convey them thither at tun- h.i'ir or ilieir arriva . Not una within the power ot the suoscriucr win lie len uikIuuv, i.u c.u!i, of ..oil, (o make the " Cnle- donia Springs ' an agreeable and favorite retort. ft.u. 1 .iitis.r.iv. Caledonia Springs, May 10, loll. n5 D.vsicl H. Osiox, ts ) ChittcnJcti County Court, Jamek Miner, et si. S Petition for partition. STATE OK VERMONT 'I'll any Sheriff or Chi. ten 'en County, ss, 1 j. Constable in tlur state, GREETING liv lliu authority of the Statoof Vermont, toil are hereby commanded lo notify and summon James Mi ner, of l'lidport, in the county cf Addison, in this o. ' -...i...'.i s.-,.. ,i, .,,,1 11. .,.,.' s!,.,,,i, t,i. ,, ;r ,,, oiaie, vvuiuini -),ii... mi.. , .... ...... ... St. George, 111 this cou ity, Henry Baglcy and Mary Ann Barley, his tv.fe, William K. .Miner ami lleiijimin Miner all of Milton, in this county, Sally Ann Miner, and Abby Miner, who are under ihe age ofiijhteen years, anu Joepu .vitncr iniir laiuer nun uaiurai guar dian, all of the same Milton, Smith .Miner, of Jersey villi', in the county of Jer-eyville and slate of Illinois., and slibd Palmer and Phebe Palmer, his wife of the tertitoryof Iowa, to nppi ar lulore tlie Lounty Loiirt in i in be holden nt Burliucton, witbm und for the county of Chittenden nfonsaid, 1111 the last Tuesday save one of August, A. 1). 1S41, tlu n and ihere lo an swer unto tho foregoing petition of the said Daniel II. Onion, and sluw cause if any they have, why parti tion of sai l premises slioulil not tie maue acconltng to tho prajer of said petition. Fail not and due service and return make according to law. Dated at llurling'on, in the county of Chittenden aforesaid this first day of Julv, 1811. ' im ..snr r -, A. fi. Whittcmorc recognized 10 the Defendants in sixty dollars as surety for costs of prosecution, as the law directs. n5w3 B-foreme, vol. .Miiu-ii, iw.r.. WHUIir.AS. Daniel II. Onion, of Jldlon, in said county, ha- preferred his petition to iiid Court, sta ling tliol one James .vimir,oi saiu .union, uuuseiziu and possessed of sundry piices and parcels of land and real estate in said Milton, and that James Miner, of Biidporl, in the county nf Addison and sluti' of Virtuont, i;oionei -111111111111 uurriei 01111111, uinr, of St. Genre", in said county of ChiUetiden, llcnrv llsgley, an 1 .Mary Aim uagiey, 111s vvue, it imam it. Minr ntol lt..n is miii Miner, nil of Milton, afortsaid. Saliv Ann Miner, and Abby Miner, wbo ate under the 'e it i '.. 1 1. ....i. .(:- .1..:- ru.u.- acet'I elU lll-CIl uni". .iim Ju-t n .muti, ,11111 lanui nnd natural guardian, all of Batd Mile n, Smith Mintr nf Ji r8"vvdle. in the county of Jcrsewille. ami slate of Illinois, and Aslibel Palmer and Phcbo Palmer, hie wire, nt the territory 01 lowa.aro owners oi an ine said lands ami real estate in common, and praying that the same may he divided and net oil to eacn oc cording to their respective right an I interest therein ; mi, I it bpin-T made to Himear. that Smith Miner. A Ashbel Palmer nnd Phcbn Palmer, his wife, in said petition named, do not rcstdo in thu state of Vermont, and they nor 11 lier nt mem noi naving any snowu agent or attorney in this s olo, therefore, it is ordered ihm notice ha aiven ihem of the foregoing petition bv publishing the substance thereof, with Ihe fotrgoing citation, in the Burlington Free Press, a newspaper r.r'min,! in Itiirlinnion. in the said count V of Chittenden '. , . . . . -r ...l.t-u ..l.l: .' tprce wot K3 successively,'. lie inn 01 win; 11 piiiiueaiiiuiff in lm i Imti ihiriv davs before the silting of the said court, which shall be deemed nifTiciint notice to the said defendants in this order named to appear and make answer to the told petition. l5 tt .11. .twill. I KATTK. r.oi.n m'.vtciius jui.y 8th. "TTE have lhi week rcv-ciyed Y mine leau'itil luii-luil Kiirlirli made Gold Wa'che. Tins Is the fourlh lit riseivid ibis rpring andruiniM-r. Ne in form there wi bine line Waleh c. lhalwe are re bug Ihem al vs4i5SE" " very low tiricc, and we intend to ren a luwniiu inner man ineraincn-i-iiiiy 11 ' iin li es, can be bought fn New York or Bo-ton, We en ii 1 ...1 .1 .i ' . fll'....L gage to ren a low at any rate. 10 r..nnun.-t cv lii,is'iiAii', MIST. A Red Morrocn .Memorandum Book, with Jletshc rcncii, 01 nine value, except to llie owner, containing Papers Ac. Compensation will be paid for its rrlurn liurlingion, JiuyM, Irfll, HUllACT. tVHKELI.R. STR IV HORSE. I.efl Ihe enclosure of the Subscriber on ihe ltllh Juno a 1 .ijh t bay Horse, with a laige white drip 111 the FACE, short switch tail seven years old whoever will retutn saul llore, or give any informa tion shall be liberally rewarded, Hinesburgh, July 1 1311. ANDREW BL'RRITT. m'oii:tei NKI.IM VM TJUATIv silk Baas, Rodgrrs and Elliot' best Rnx- I t nts, Hankers Sncars, lllach Mrnps, Silk Sashes, Jltniatute cases, and oilier imcis. Keccitcd at PANGBOUN tV BltlNSMAID J''l' F' ' .Medicinal Wines. CJt'PFRlOR Pert, Mad.ria and Muet Wjr.rste - uvicu icr niistuMial purpoTs, ccnnantly lor sale, Also, Fine jictly Wins ju-t reisrived hy nl Jintc if, l. uippitras iir iv. (llli-ll-- l'AIUS COODH. BEAUTIFUL RETICULES, Fain Utushos, Pipes, Head Ornnmonts. and very many other Goods opening at tno Variety store. 1152 PA? it RR1NSMAID, CASH PAID FOR WOOL at the Burlington Hill Company Factory. S. BARLOW. -.Icnf. Junc2d 1311. WONlJEItl'UI, EFl' liCT Ol-' TAXATION On Thursday inorninir 17th June 'II. when tircnnr- in to leave in tlie evening Hoat, lor ix. 1 oik lor ine 3iflinio this season, I tvas-erveil with n notice ofbe- mc assessil in tliosum oftOOO, Tor my Faculty as a Merchant, for the ensuing year, for selling goods cheap to the People) tborhock was so clecttic that it Hash ed through the imagination, illinniniiur the only avc- tiuo whereby an escape could be all'ei ted, hut fortu nately as itleruiiiiatcd, the 11 mount was again reduced 10 111c low lax sum, 01 iuu, vvlucli still being tiirco times higher than that of any other individual is rated in the state, made it ncccess.iry to proceed with the utmost velocity, in the revealed, cottlirmedly system atic course of the Up and Doing (luick ond Cheap for niiu .u iiiipnnuiiuif.'iii lor ieoi way vvuuoui any varying or deviation other than an increased speed straightahead ns the theoretical course of over 19 years study and experiment in biijiug and selling goods cheap will beyond all tpicjlou, result correctly in being put into fulioperatioii in the known and skil ful manner in which it will now be done and ns may bo seen nnd profiled by, by nil tho lovers, admirers and wishers of Fashion idle necessary good coods cf whiclrlhere is now ihe creates! known vaiicty in all the departments of merchandize, with the system of byyingns Cheap, Cheap, t lieop ns Howard, put fully into practice by this same Hownid himself, the true originator of the system, who for leasoiiof iticrtawd employment deems it not neccis-ary lo say much about the way of doing well by customers, as he has the largest figures patent ever given in the Green Mount n Slnte under official authority, of bi quali fications and faculty for selling thu most and of course implied cheap according tn quality, o'l of ivhkli, wi-h the Goods, is most respectfully siibiinttid lo the Peo ple by their Authorized agen', just arrived from N'ew York. S. EARL HOWARD. Burlington, July 1, 15-11. PIANOS. IN' order to close the concern of Hcrrick, Ch'islo pher (Sr. Co., we oiler the three remaining Piano's at two hundred Dollars riich, for t'ah, or approved notes, in 12 month with interest. For the quality and durability of theie intrunn nti, tiference is made to many of the Citizen, of this Village, who have had Piano's of the above manufacture in use for trars. Reference also to I'ro'iessor Molt of the Musical department of thu Female Seminary. Burlington, 2d. July, 1311, I.Y.MAN" cV COLE. JiIEDICINAL WATERS! rEllIK rubscnUv have made arrangement for the JL constant "iipply cf l.'otigri'-, lodynu and Wab 111 1; ton Spring V aterr, S.uatoiia, N", V'. 1so: Caledonia Wa'cr, from the Caledonis Spring, Can ada. For sale by box, dozen, cr singlu l.ottb' bv July 1, 1811. IHEO.A.PECKA-'Co. I'r g'itt At the rign of the Mortar, Court-House squall. Ill Hardware. TllliOTSON'S I c-t Iliinil-aw Viet, X do Cast-steel mill 1I0. Butcher 1 1 iivb, li'irtrand do. Heavy Ha-pn, aud b i!f round do. n4 for sale low I y II. M. GIDDiNGS i CO. July 1, 1511. I) wc Trimnilins, "VrOltFOLK and American HanJIe., 1 Belles I".'.' itcheon Lan-bc-, 9, 2i, .1, 3 and t inch Patent Hull-, 1$ mill square butt, for heavy door, Sup .Kiek l.ocl.s, with iron and bnis Key, J.uncs' rcrewr, brads and cut lucks, all -zv, H.M.GIDDIN'GS&CO. July 1. IS 1 1 . nl FANS AND CANES ! IT'OR tale al the Variety Sn re, PANGBOKN & HI'.lN'-s.MAlD. July 1,1511. nt IMCUE NEW GOODS! F' IVB Viol- with Bow-, ( and C I!ai 10I irini:-. Clarionet 1110 uh races, l.:nl,es Wire Curl and -cam, Narrow Wha el one, Swift, wine I'm-, -bell side Combs, hnrn twist do. Ivory Taolet or 111e1ucrand.ini I ouk-, Children's Bell, fluid Paper Wax Bet I, 'pi o! Hands, Geld Watches mid Chain-, 111st rc'vivt'l, June 1U himdS'J b, lall, and for saleat iLel we-t pitccr for ca-li nl Hi' varu-iv s'oie n4 PAN'GUOItN BKINSM AID. Meehaiilc's 'I ools. CAST STEEL aws, ii and "jinehe, Ib'sl London prinz eel i'o. u u icr.or article, 12 and It inch Iron lack raw, Key Hole do. Former Chi .el, Fine -octet do. and -niule Plane Iron., Ilraecr and Bill, Boxwood Rule. Try s piare-.Spur Augur Biii, nil tiztv. Concave anl eninmen Atisxur, Iron and steel hi '.are, ''Oiii'iae-, Fine Glue, -and Paper, ItclCh'ilk.etc. for saleat the lowest prices by II. M. GIDDINGS & CO. July I, 1311. nl INFORMATION WANI'Ill). THE sub-en1 er I-de-irons ( f ol taming informa tion of bi-l roiber. JOHN BALL, who left l.'mr- Ian 1, in 1533, I'or the t'nilcsl .State, landed a! W id ee, and afterward went lo I'pper Canada, und :s now, (if hvinir,) nl nut 21 year, ol a-.-c. Any inforinalinn on tin subject, addreed to the nl n-riber at II irlmgion 1 1. will Le tlianufu ly rcieitcd, nuil'i' erally panllcr, CIIAULI.S BALL. Durluislnn, June 2B, 1SII. nl SALINU I'OWDKIIS! IKMON'ADE, Soda and Gincer Ihi'.- Powders' J eelleul n-fneiTlils f'i,r Ih's w e lliu r. Sei llnz ac d Kochclle d 1. (The o labty if ni ty I e relied uiion. For rale at ul 1111-.U. A. ri.tJA. q- ur, .poinecarie George .Mnarc's Instate. t17E the s-ili.eril er-. h ivinir leen nnnointnt by the V llunoral letbe Prol n e Court tor llie I)i-tr':il cl 'hiitendcn. ccmuiisi(,r,ers to rcieive, exatiune and a liil the claim and denial!-.1 of all perron, agam-t the crtate ol GEORGE MOORE. la'e of B.irlinjton, in rail Di-triel, diHTice', reprc- cntisl in-iilvcut. and al-u a I el urn und dcinand. ex- hil itisl in o I'.et thereto and n inonih f.oin the dale hirenf. 1 cm.' allow e 1 1 v mid l.'inirl, for I I1.1t nun" uo hereby give null' e, that wc will iitieml to n.c b i-ine-s i f ti u ntipoinimcnt, at ihe cliie cf Alvnn f 00 e. in uur iiiifit'ii. 11 .a u 1 i-ir e . on ine ur-i .0011 lavs 01 .ovenu i.r an. 1 ic 1 1111 er next, a: icn o (-i"-h M. en (,ieh nt the siu.l d.ayr. nj IV.ed, ihi 10.Ii day if J ne, A. I. 111. I.L'TIIIR LOOMISJ,. , AI.VAN FOOTE. ) Ulli'S.onerr. PEARL STIIEET HOUSE, IU'IJLIN'GTON, VIRMONT. Pill I!CE HAS lately opened the al ove cstab'i-htncnt for ihe reie,i'nin cl f.piul e anl traveler.,, who may vi.ii ihir n-.n cl the Green Mountain state, and miyledesirou cl" pa-inira lew sitmimr vveckr 011 llie pii'lnri-quelie-glit Cl iiur inu'ion. The Ilo el i .pacinu an I comii'.o ho"s and i ilu und near llie I' ihehc.i.l of Pearl-!., cue cl iheinorif.i.hicnabIeanu nsrec.11 e inoiuuuniarc in thu town, conim 111 ling .111 ' tennve tie a- if Lak. Champlain and the rnrrciiiidingcciinlry. 'I he v evv from Ihe vve-iern windows and pmtra are'nl 1 y any on the I order 1 1' ihe Lake lor ibeir eiu'e snd I (Hiity.und a'e, prol ably, not riirpa.reil in the limed Sta'er. In Iho lulcrnat arranseiucni 01 inciiou.e, cterj rival- 1 has I ecu naid In ll.e eomfort cfi'amilie, who iu.iyIciii.vmuiod.vcdwiik private parbr anl the o eiipont flatterr hnmclflhat llie if hi- alle -in.tll e siteiid imr, are nieli a- In merit ine ap pro! alien 1 ! iho 1: Ladies and Gentlemen who may favor bun with their paircnase, I he a .il;S loan ! Irom ine-snr'n, .scrin-r.a-i and Eal pa. da Iv, an I lo panic Mopping at Hur linsicn, cn their w'av to the White Mo mlaui, nnd Ibo.-e travelling in n'nv i.f llie above ihr.vii n, more leisure ir a li rdisl, nt the rl.aie leaving town ca'l al this. lioiie half nn hour later than al the Hotels in ihe lower pari f f ihe villuge. A comfortable Carriage nllfnd.. rrzularty, fn the arrival cf llu' boai, w ith ihoteward cf ihe ment, who will ta'.e charge ( 1 ine nangage eie. 111 rlu rl, nopuin will le .pared to give raii-faciicn 10 all, and en t'te the hou.-e 10 ihe upicrt nl'tbc pill Ii''. N. II. Wine, CorliaK nud Lrjuorr, of approved qua. liv, kept alvvayr ot) ban I, Horse and Carriages kept in readiness firttt e. eoinuio:aliou cl ruin a may reruu'incm Burlington, JunevC, lsl). nt r ti'rvvi."; i" ( si'l'l'l.'I. AVI'S' Warm ntn I stc O nctior loanv thing in MaiUet-iOli.fcr saleby STRONGS .) Co. .-l'ti July 1. 1511 iHV GOODS. THE subscriber, ha' ree'd a "ew "sortrnent of muslin Da Lains Printed niiirll i and Pr.nt- ed Uavvns Hlk nnd wMie'Hine N l.ace I reiich si.r. llc D lUilroad Jino 15,1311. . mill? I.UIV'S Calniii'l. devoted to science and JV general literaitire, just rereiv ed at the Book Store where subscriptions are received lor itusnnutnii.t. 1 . Review, American Journal of llie M-li' -rr'rf'? stiJ N, Awsifcon Jlctisty, July I, D .V. i'KAiA S. DOUBLE ond .Single llriinMCol'dand WhiieL( horn Huts, Willow and Palm I.f. Do. Cloth Caps, JustRec,dhy K. A, WatoiinS-co. NEW GOODS. 'TMIE tuhscribers have just received ffom N, York, X a .ire nortment c FANCY GOODS, urnong which may Le found Heavy black mid I luu black Pol du Sol Silka, " " ' OrodeSwi-s " " " " PeLiii striped " " " " ' UrodcAlrigcn " " Light colored " do " " do ! Pekin striped " " Plaid P01 di S01, (a new artiele) " Bonnet ilk, bonnet Ijiwii, Uk Ituban cravativ, pluin and fig'd and French I otiibuziue-', jihiiuand ligurcil, all wool Munshnc dcLainci, half iiiourmng, and Cbiueo " " LaieVeil. Sa fa " "vcryfina Blk licit rliaw r nnd scarf, licit Miiu and Oluvv. bombazine and rlocr-, nipcnor Kid " Worked cambric (V Mu-liu lii-criings& Etlging", Thread Eilguig",bonnel it cap Itibl.inr-, uewrljlo-, Zephyr Worried, plain and iihb'd rilk Jlo-c, Worpil Working Paltciisand (.'nnva-r. etc. July 18, 1311. i.O E. M. WRIGHT & CO. Bioadclolhs, lusslniciis, and hattinetts.-, J.'. M. WRIGHT CO., have ju-t opened vety Fine Wool l)j id tl.ack, Blue D.utk, Invi itle Green and fancy colored l)roadelolb., a,gooil uortiiiinl cf ewprneddo., ery l ine Wool Djed Lassi mere., ii'cruil color, do. do. and chiiiiiou sum liens, vcryihcjp. Hurbngioii, ju y 10, 1511. i-E Dry floods very ( heap. QL'PIIIIKKJR black, blue black, cro j wi Silk, O do. do. Italian Real do. Boniicl and Florcneu dU-, V bite aud black Crape, Mourning Lawn und I'rini-, .superior Kuneb Ifoud azinc, Bluuk Fillet Veil-, I.aiedo. Fillet and Gau-JeSearl-, Fancy HanddcrehietV, Victoria Skirtr, Pic Nic Glove-, etc. ly 11. M. GiODlN'US a Co, July I, 1911. l4 RUTTO.N1S. ANT.W assortment of Elliott's Patent Satin, Vel vet, Twist, Die is, and Overcoat Buttons. A lew sets choice gilt, lot dress coats, junt reccitcJ and, tor sale oy June 21, C. BE.N.N-Vit n3wj I.lncii Sumcr Goods. FINE 3-1 and 4-1 Brown Linen for Coots, Heavy Brown and White Linen Dulling, do Fancy While Linen Drilling t-1 Russia Sheeting and 4-4 Russian Burlap, very cheap by. II. M. GIDDINGS 4:co. TO RENT. rpiIE new brick l!ui)dmg next West X ot the 1'iarl otrcci House, bcinf tha best location for business 111 ull Pearl Street. It is will calculated for a stura and dwelling bouse, togilher with two room a little below the street, well lighted and suited fur any kind of business wheru one or two looms only ar needed i with wood shed, stable, carriage house, loft, and every convenience necessary. 'I ho building is arranged that the parts can be rented scpqrately. Immediate pots ssess on given. Security will be ex, pcitcd for the rent in all cases. Iunuireof Ii33 C.UEXX3. N OT1CE. ' THIS may certify to nil those whom it may con. leru lh it I Ijave given my son Charles Iturli bel t, his time, and hertnlter shall not control any of his earnings, neither hold mj self accountable to pay anvdebls of his contiacung after this date. n'3 WRIGHT HURLBEuT. Underbill, June 21st, 1311. INFANT SCHOOL MANUAL, OR TEACIinrt 8 ASSISTANT, CONTAINING a view oftho system of infant schoolr, also, a vniiety of useful lessons fur tht use of teachers, for sale by o.uiui-.l UU. tl.litU.. June 25, 1911. nl 11LANK BOOKS, Ledgers, Journals & Record Hooks. FOR towns, county and probate records manufac tured from the best linen wove Demi nnd Medi urn papcr,bound 111 calf 1 Also, a vauety of common uiaiiK wots, .or sate clieup lor nauy pay at tne niQ of the Red Lidger, I y s. nu.vii.tuiu.t. June 25, 1311. n3 Trusses. Dr. Hull's Trurcs, eorjst-tiqz of men's, plain single, do, rndnaliur;', do. do d-lc. Chil ren' riiu'lc, doable and, of cvciv -ne ie- ccivcll'or sale, and will Le accurately anpli-d I y 1;. JiUUUi , June 21st, 1S1I. n3 BASS VIOLS. OR Violcnccllocs, three hue ll.iss 10I-, just received and for rale at tl.o luwcl price.-, cl the Var.c'.T jre. StnniTs at lower prices than usual. Musical la struiiienls of allkmdi low. PaSGBORH if- Br.I.SSMAID. June 25, 1511. n3 Dr. .Vinos C!. Hull's Flero Abdominal S ippor Icr.- A supply ut the above celebrated Insiru uients, (whiih lute never ailed or 1 erlorinius a cure) pi-t reieited tor s 1 e and will I e Lent con-tantly oa hand by Ii. MOOUV, Drj-'gnl. June Sht, 1511. n3 Oeldlitz Soil nnilGturer Beer PowderH ol the first 0 ipi'ihty Also, l're-1, Lemon riv nip, Taylor's icle bra ed Sarrajurillii Mad, a plci-i.t luedi-iiul Lever age 1'i.r Miiiiiucr fur rule L"' 'It. MOODV, Dru:rs:i.t. June 21, 1 5 1 1 . " n3 To Housekeepers. TAIII.C CUTI.nUV mail its variety; from thu e.t Ivory Knives nnd 1 rs, 111 -e'.i-, initio lowest price! article ; 1 1 un, I routed nn.l githic server la ett 1111 1 rincle ; Dixon and -i us Guiiian niter pwuis -md fi.fl,- and llritMuiiia tea potr in tcttr j 1 ra-s, 1 rittaniiiu tea and ri.ticc pots ; I ra- nn 1 Iron lire uikIh un-; a Mil a-.crtuiea 1 1' I n-.lth anl American Hollow Ware for tovc a .d ptaic at Irons, Italian Ip-n-, aud all other ar.ule- 111 ihu lu e I'or sale at ihe lowest price ut the Hardv.'ar -twe i f R. MOODV. June 21-', 1511. ' 3 Wf INDOW PAPER.-.Vatin, Imitation .;,ttn, and T T Coiiimon Paper, by .V. I!. SCOTT. ClT-HUMOUS! HL'-MOKS!! 'DUE attention of thut part ol the coiumuuity vvbg 1 areallhcted with Salt Rheum, laprosy, M. An thont'k Fire, Erje.pilur, 01 i'liofula 01 1111) kind, un direi'ted to a new cjuiiouiid which, by 1111 internal application, proves a sure, safe and complete lcmidy for all kinds oi hutiiois. Tins wonder! 1 me leinc i pn pared by Mr. Chirks Jones, of Clarcinunt, N. H. who tor many jc.ars was otcn auucieu vvau uieitpio sy in its worst possible forms, nnd by unwearied ex ertions 111 rxpcruiicniingiipon his ownpirson, has si last found a complete cute. This compound has nc ver fiu'ed of doing itsimpottantwoik tvhcicn lair inal h.tsbctn made, and diriction Mlowid. Cerliucati. after certificate mii-'bt I e here l.ud heforc llie public as 10 its wondiful cfjects, but llie rtadir is referred to those who Lop the article for sale where pamculaia aud rcceonimiiidalions may be had. So confident is the discovert r of this vuluable niidicine that he makes bold to state to the world that a complete cura is warranted where directions arc fully complied with, .and a fair trial made. Fiom ihe very many certifi cates of ilsill'incy hi the follow mgtiiftice. "Asa philanthropist, 1 feel in duty bound to stotf, thai 1 applied 10 Mr. Charles Jones, of Clarcmont, N', II. in August last, for bis Dnrs for Humors, ha having, to all cppcarnucc, tllcctid onhnuself a perfect cure nf every troublesome u,stnee the Leprosy or ali-Rlicuni, (the same with vvjiich my wife was troubled) by drops of his own discoury, 1 vyas willing my wife should make onrniorc 1 libit to eradicate tha above nanui!discae, w uh win h she had been sen oitsly ntlltc;cd for cightrin v cars, during which lima she Had tried various .remains, but they all availed nothing. My wife has taken two phials of the above named Drops, which has 1 llVctcil n perfect cure. She now enjovs perfect health, free fiom humors tho first time she ran tnv it for riglitien years. She says that her musing infant rcceltcd llie same benefit by taking it from tho brinsl; nnd she now cheerfully joins with mcin making it nubbc to the vvotld. Ncbehcto we can confidently ir.'onunfnd Ihi medicine to such as arc atllictcd with humors of ony kind, ns a safe in fallible remedy." Il.OCk HILLS, ' " ' LAURA G. HILLS. Proetorsvilc. Vt.Ort. '.'H. 1SI0. More than TWO Ill'NDREll persons within the last four months in the State of Vt. have riven proof posiive of wonderful cures. For en! by Robert Moodv outhorui'dngeptin Huthng on. and by E. P. Walton A. sous Mom dicrVt. general tigers for th nrincmd pnti of Vt ruinnt AN AMUHICAN plCTIONAUY or tiic csfm.i&it i.AXoi'Aisi:. First F.luion in octavo rontainniy- the whole vo cabulary id the (J'inrlo, vv lh corrivtiour, im proteinculriinilffrfiMf f'linisjrici addilioual uord to which I prefixed An Itiirotiwiort IHsxrtattcm, tin il.c origin, hiiot;y anJcuiiuvtion cf il.e lung tage cf Welri Ann and Europe, vvrh an 1 Nplanaiion cf he pitiiemle rn which Languaae are form".!, 111 Itvu vclu.iie-, ly N'cah Wtr!fr. L. U I . Ibrisle I v 1 ' f ' It. A. BUA.MAN. July 13. ifl. UMilREI.I. S and Para-ols, n full assortment el evj'y styl" jjs! rcc Jy KM WUIGHT.f-tV

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