Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 23, 1841, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 23, 1841 Page 1
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tee NOT THE GLORY OF OJBSAR, BUT THE WELFARE OF ROME. BY H. ). STACY. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, JULY 23, 1841. VOL. XV... .No. 7. STRAY COW. STRAY Bl) from the Pasture on the lliiril iust. n elnrk Red Cow 8 years old Horns sawed olV largo Bag Information wanted Iiy . HORACE WHEELER. Burlington Juno 8, 1811. -3tv Garden Seeds oi' (lie growth of ItMo. TDAISED for and put up by Joseph Prcok ft Co., JLV at the Seed r.sinlilimciit eeiiiiccii'd witn tl New England Farmer Oilice, Boston. Knell sort n JnlH'llou Willi Directions lor il-eiilturc. "The above Seed are of the growth of 1810, and pf the very be-t quality, being raised by the mot ox fricnccd growers, expressly for thi establishment sjxeept such sorts a will not ripen to advantage in this country, which are imported Irom th"lirt houses in Europe. Aware'of the great complaint that liave Jiithcrlci existed in regard to peed", nnd of the impor tance to the Gardener, of liavinc meli a" enn he re lied upon,cvery c.l'ort ha-be-cn made atthisetaMih incnt to rai-c nnd vend meli only as will give period (satisfaction," AlSO Ornamental Klnwrr Seed, n elioiee varie ty. Rum Basra, White Flat Turnip, Orange Carrot, Sugar Heel, itc .above at wliolenl and retnil by April 1811. STRONGS & CO. "nVTOORE'S- ESSENCE OK LIFE. A Valuable llA Medicine, which, if rightly npplieil, will ho the mean of saving thousand frnin an untimely urate. It has been sold and used for llnrly years, Micccs, ano loiitiu very cuicacioiis in uic lonowtii; di-caic. viz. Consumption. Whooping Cough, com Dion Coughs, Cold., diflicnll Breathing, Inllucnzn, Quinsy, Asthma, Phthisic, Spitting of Blood, Flalu leney, Indigestion, Looscncs of the Bowel-, Filsof every kind, Cramp, Kie-kct, Lolic, Catarrh, Dy-civ tary, Fainting, Hypochondriac Allevtiou, llead.iche Sickneat Stomach, Mcale-, a preventive ofCoii' lactoin disease-. Com and Rheumatism. JCF'The above MeJieiiic i prepared hy Henry Sey mour, of Hadlev, JI, from the Original lleeipe, by ihcdireetion of said Mugind Mild hy htm and the principal Druggists iuJBuHlStntc-. Sold wholesale amKy J. it. .1. H. Pock Co nnd Thco. A. lVck APTiiilingion, and hy the dealers generally throughout the country Urn mrba, PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. TlHISarticleiitoowcll known to need1 common- dation and the experience nf seven vears has demonstrated to the commercial community, that for accuracy, convenience nnd durability, they aro unrivalled Coal yard scales to weigh from 'A to (i tons. Dormant Warehouse do, to weih from 1-2 lb. 'oSOOOlbs., Portable do. to weigh from 12 oz. to 200 lbs. rortabloCounterdo a new article to wci"h from 1-2 oz. to -10 lb. ., ,. J. A- J. II. Peck & Co. Arcnts. liurlington, April 8 1811. HATCH would inform the in. habitants of Jitirlinrr-nn cuiity, that he has opened a shop in Chinch street, nt the sign of the llille, uhi'ic he intends lo carry on the Gun smith liiismt ss, in all its various brunch es. Hating Incn employed for the last six years in the shop of '.I. M. C'.hmcII, in l.aiisingburgli, (imdotihtHllv the best I.IIIIP in me uiiiieu .-siaie,) neleels war rauteil in .tr..;..s i.u .m,L i. ,i public, liurlington, June 1, 1841. ESTI5AYS. OTRAYKD llies ibscril er V' sometime in Mnvlast, a dark brin lle three year old S'l'i:!. and a lei two year old UHl'J7ft ,wilh a wiiile pot in llie fiirelicid. Any iiiluruiiition eiMiOrrning the will l.e III eralU pant lor. A11NIHI POTlKlt. lJinlineton, July C, IS1I. n.i KA.OKS . JULY Hth. 7S7 II havo just received a variety ol nougers and P.llioi's FiuoRA'.ORS much liked by persons who shave tlienis.lvcs. Panocoiin eV. HntNSMAin. rAVINil h red the T-ivcrn Hlanil Ll iiely oecumed by Mr. J. Potter, near the Court House in liurlington, will at all r times,be ready to accommodate 1 ravelleis I and others with lioard.lo Igiug.horsi kiep- n nnd other accomiiioinlioiis m good style, nod no pains will be spared on hi- part, to make them rom lortable, and on the ino-t reasonable Terms. Price of Single meals one binning. Burlington April 2 lib, 1S11 XI21V JIUSilC, ASn MUSICAL INSTRU MENT. MR. MANN, has iust re ceived Hem llov ton. ton raiii8' 'on,)n supply of rscw.uu-ic. -iu- -nt intt-iinionic o . which he is auiliorized to sell nt the lowest lloston retail prices. The Mu-ic for the Piano Forte consists of Songs, Glees, Duetts and Trios. Newandbcaiitilut .M.irclics, ituici.sicps. nai opades, Waltzes, Dances, and pieces with variations, some of which nre the latest publication!! of the llos- nn ltrirrnrli' nnd llrass Hands. ALSO A L'reat tnrietv of American, German, French and Kngh-h Musical Instruments, consisting of Ilugles, Trumpets, French Horns, Ilass, Tenornnd Alto I romliones, li ttat, uanu i.tiat uiirioncni, mnn f'oneeri FlutesA from one toniiK'keysA Flageo lctts. Octave and Pieoln Flutes and Fifes. Splendid lines Vinls nnd Violins. elegant nnd nlam Violin anil liass Viol Hows. Superior Roman Violin, Ilass Viol nnd Guitar Strings of every sue nnd letter, l'.nglish and French Clarionet. Reeds. Splendid French Ac rordcons, Spanish Guitars, with plain, and German h'ilterpatcnt heads. Instruction Hooks, Willi (.am Ills, Lessons, and Kxcrciscs for nil ihc above, and oth rr insirinnenls. nre nowforsale at Mr. Mann's rcsi ilenee a few rods north of tho Ihiiscopal Cliurch, in liurlington, where ho respectfully invites customers togiieliiiH a call. Military Hands nnd Music Schools, furnished with lusic, Aiusicai insiriinieiiis, i" 'ii".'-iiwii, v i nl utinrt nnlien. SI'lANO FOUTF.S strung, repaired and tuned ns usual. liurlington. May 7, lbll. n WINDOW SASH f Just receiteil 1j.'Ji and 2 1 7 by 0 caeincnt ol sasii, a nrt rale arlieient Jj iiw eenl per iirlit: nisi t,ll kinds nndslze-, fiirni-heil to order. Tieonderoga black lead, a lir-l rate article, for sale very low, together with a great variety ot oiiht aril clo as cheap as can be lound at any other ctal-li-h picnt in the place. Gi.o. PiiTr.nsoN, SINGLE. DOUBLE. UA1BILICAU f UST ree'd a suppl of Mnr.h's etlebrateil Trusses V til every ne-criptioyior sale liyihoiloyen orsingg u,t. in, is 10. 11, Ilir.lJ. Ai l'1-.L.K fcsU Signof tho Mortar. rpiIiniuilingtonllRFAVKRYhns X now commenced business, nnd will bate rtiew llecr in a few days. when all orders will bo punctually i aiienueii to, llurluigton, Sept. 1W0" OpO. PBF.RTSO.N, rf I J ti i JKfrn MU.lilXAllY &1)UGSS MAKING. By Miss S. BRAY, I"I7110 has commenced V in the new lnnldin, on the cast side of Cliurcii street, opposite H. Lane's store, nnd a few rods south nf llm f Ilitirrli. whrrppvnrv J'2L attention will lie riven to t the mrikimr nf Hos-sets. Cats and DnnssK', in ac cordance with the most ap proved New Yotk style, which Fashions nre now just received for llio sea son. Rurlington May 20, 1811. 51 SUI'UKIOIl FI.OUII. T N. HINSD1LL, Agent forRo. I dies Chester and other Western Mills &C. has for sale, now m store, nnd receiving Kialit Thousand liarrcls of Fancy nniT Superfine Brands of i inruii, 01 me uigiicsi reputation in uiu inn York and lloston markets. Among which nre the following, II. Kly, 1 . Hemjishall, K. S. Clarl; Ct. Co. J. uaMS, it. iioimes, union nuns, jncswm 1.1111? Clifton T.lilK and .1. Rosher, tozctlier with Severn! choice brands of Ohio nnd Michigan Flour. Also, R. Ruddand N. Stuck, suitable for the Montreal ilar l.rl. Jlcrehanls and dealers will be furnished to order, at a very low rate, by remitting Drafts, Certificates of llonnsil. nr Hnsh. tn31 Hivrr.Rlrrr-l. TroV. where n full supply will be Kept at all times. May '.3,1811 n31in3 R', ,VIi 13STATR l'OU SALE, At a great ninnMK. r icnrnnrie or ot crs tor sa o l ie nre- tniscsin the village of Ilnrlinston, now occupieu hy H. 11. Stacv. a ilwellinc house, printing office and reading room The premises aro convenient for a store and dwelling house or for offices of almost any lcscrintion. and are situated in the c entre of the most business part of the town. For terms of sale and payment, inquire ofOhurlcs tiiisscii, l'carl st. liurlington, or a. i.. i.niim, oi ur- ell vt. Cabinet Shop on Catlln's l.anc. F.Alt Silt: Permit me to inform von nnd others 1J in vnur vicinity that I am still engnged in the CAillNIiT HUSlNliSfs, mill Hint needing custom any thine in my lino may be bouidit of moon as goot terms as any where in this market. I am now from various cauHs making work cheaper than lever did heforet and all paying customers whether old or new I shall be happy to see at the New Shop, where no pains will be spared togivesatisfaetion. Iiiimbernnd Produce ree'd as usual and a uitle cash, (if there is any left in the country,) will ho found to do wonders r? 1 -"i rs 1- II t VfiinnA' lew rous easi oi unurcn-si. u. jv. i-a wduivii Huilinton, January 11, 1811. rAIlIXr.TlYAKn.-Thesubscriberbasrcsum J e-J the Cabinet business nt the old slum on Church street, formerly occupied by Nichols is, Hcrriek, and recently by H. R. Walker, where he intends to manu facture and keep constantly on hand all kinds of n itiYn i-1 tii-v ititim. r ... i, nni inferior to any nianufacti'ircd in this vicinity. He hopes hislong experumee, together with a strict alien' lion to tne hiisinesss, will secure him a snare of the ulilic patronage. rVWANTKI) in ccchangcfor Cabinet Work, ISircl: and .Miplo Scnnllet, suitable for bedsle'ad0: hassnnod Hank, ami Imaulstrom 1 incli lo 4 tuch ; white 1'iiic loards.. Most kindsof country produce received in payment, toutcasli would lieycryncceplalile.) iiunmgton,.iau. I, ibit. ha.muki. iMUtliil.a Jewarc of Deception t TT lia frcnuentlv como to the knowh-dere of the sub X. scriber that ciniily Snull' Jars, with hw Label on lheiu. lne been 1 ought mi. for the mimosa of sellinir in them an inferior quality of Smill's nnd, also, that his Mmlt-liiicl liavo in some instances licin countcrlcit t, I. ftP ,1. i.Ullt'1111 Olfi.ii r.t.A ans- .'...ll.ilnl ne (o easily deceive thounwnry; he deems it, ihercfotr. hin unit io iuiorm purcunsers oi uio manner in .much ney arc onen l uposcu no i ana uc wouiu ucrcuv re ill" l mem to tear onoriiciaco ine i.aocis on uic outside of the Jars after hating disposed of the con luits. sons to prevent further ue of the same. A suitable reward will be ra'd for such evidence ns win icau io lucuciccuon ec euiivicuou ui uic iiupusier! The suhs 'ribcr continues to manufacture, and offers or sale', the follwiiig articles : FINK 1IROWN SNUFF. Genuine M'aceoboy, rose Jlur'd American Ra: ppec, iiuiiauou uo Holland Tuberose, St. Omcr, Strasburg, i!o Sicily do Slaltc-o do Curae:oa do COARSF. HROWN SNUFF, Dcmigros. Natcbitnelics, French Rappee, American Gentleman, Pure Spanish, L. Mixture. Pure Virginia, Hurbon, St. Dumineo. Copenhagen, sujflat'd YRI.LOW SNUFF. Scotch ) I Irish illackguard : and , 'inc. or coarse High Toa-t. ) Iri-h High Toast SWF.r.T-.SCF.NTF.D ITNT..CUT CHKWING TOI1ACCO. " " Ornnoko do do. FINIvCUT SMOKING TORACCO. Spcnish, Kitefoot, Canaster, Common, and Stems., iiUUii.i-AKU, jr. 42 Clialhum Street. New York. March, 2311. 47.2m J. oc J. II. Peck if Co., Agent?, Burlington, Vt. IITOTICK JtCPJIeiheine is l est known by the il eiire it pel forms. I. Newton's Panaeva, or Purifier of the lllood. The unparalleled and still ineTcasing i eptiuUiou wiue'ii mis in, murine imneqair iil throushout the New Knglaud Slate's, nn(l b,. many 1'iires it has iierlbrincd. and the urcit ilemand made lor it bv llio auyii'u ol physicians wen aenuaiiilcx. Willi us prcparunon, ims luuneeu ine propneieir to extend eirouiatioii to almost every town in the cistern Slate- and the iirincnia town ill die United state Tin- Pana eis warranted purely ve'getul c,iind is not surpassed uy any oilier inuuiciiie eer oucreo ill uic .1 Hill (CM ,1 lis LAit'ieni: -iiiu UIKI n's'U iniliilliiril V plainly prove, it iiaswiunn ine last eignu'cu montii: ueil Us tliousnii'isentiio mot Ui-eM-c can be proved by e'crtilicates. and i iironouneeil by eiiuue'ut nnd re-pti-table physicians the best miheine in use. -I ..elul inleirmatiou may In' lound in cuciilnt eonlaimng I'i'riilicali's ol cures and ilirociioiis lor ta the loe'dieine. The following appointed aireut 1 ' l r I n i - -1 e 1 1 1 , .1. (V. J. II, reck nnd Un., K. Jloisly Si All ans, Curtis nnd Itu-sel Milton, C. Drale. .Milton I alls, iiiirnct aivl .iwvcr aterville, l'iv and Hrown, Iline'sburgli, Hull and Cesik Fairfax. Parker and .Matlield Vergenne-. Adams and Murray Cambridge, M. Woe I'mlerliill, .M. C. Harney ixorth 1 errisliurgh, II. U. iel,er lie'orgia, A. Ill Williston. N. t'hillenden Itichinond. (Jrix'ii & Itlusle Jeihuson, ft. 1.. Warner and Co Nlonkton, I'lhaii Smith Halicrslield, Arnuuglon and Wo(n! I I air held, Unmet and l arnswortli. e',t.l3 CATAHHII SNUI'F. Tlf AUSIIALL'S SNUFF, is slill enrinathe Catarrh ivxand the vjrioiis disi'a-i's nl Ih: head, as well a soreeyi's. In nil parts of tho country and su-tainin the- reji ilalion tvhieli it has long since gained, of leiug absolutely thu KM article ol the kind in I lie market. Each bottle contains three times the quantity of one of those which nre offered nt "ONLY TWENTY FIVE CENTS." And is therefore a much cheaper, in well as belter article. For sale by J. et .1. II. PECK et Co. TIIEO. .. PECK & Co. nnd Dn. ItOlir. .MOODY. Burlington, Jan. 22, 1811. ly.f.lS MAUSIIA1.I.'-- continues unrivalled ns n strengthening PLASTER i Also, for Hheiima tistn, Laincue'sK or pains in thu sides, limbs, or back: for scrofulous stvi'llings, scurvy sore-, Fre'sh wound. ; nu I for a general Family Pla-ierorsalvi'. For Corns, moreover Iry it; paieelo-e, persevere! in lliuu-eby makiugu new application oe-c.i.ionally, and in tune, yonrcoins will lueurul. For sale by .1. et J. H. I'ECK & Co, TIIEO. A. PECK & Co. and Dn. 1IOBT. MOODY. liurlington, Jan. 32, 1811. ly.f.18 SNUFF ONLY TWENTY-FIVE CENTS.-D.M. II itclic.ook's newly invcnti,! Snull'llia besfarti i l.. ever discovered by scientific men. in Europe or America, for the cure and absolute relief of Catarrh, i. ' T .1... ll...l tt-,..l. L- V !...! l1-.zinesB en un-iiuvi, ii. nn i,ji-., ..crvuus iicau aches. Fallen Siekne-s, Fits, nnd infants troubh'i with Sniillles, partial shocks of Paly, ee-. For sale wholesale and retail, by A. HITCHCOCK it Co., sole Proprietor, No. 1 17 Gem-eo st. I'lien, and by their agents throughout llie union, in iiurinignui, J. J. II. Peek & Co. Ill Vergennes, bv J. II. Bowman. tin .Milton, by Harnett & S.ttt ycr. lit Genrgia. hy I'O-rcqroJsrttSi . CPIMPOUTANT OAUTION,,pJ It Isn singular fact nnd one inueh to be regretted i.H vahiahlc medicines. a soon ns thev liceome nop. nlnr, and hate received the test nnd approval of n di-eriiiiinntingpuhlie,nresiirc to lie counterfeited, nnd thus n had nnd spurious article is immediately palmed .... .l.n.... :..r....i l... ..n..:..n 'l'l., l.. iii iiiu mii-ms.(.-viiii iui in; jjv lining llm mi m.1.11 notoriously the ease with all popular tried and truly -niimijie mcehenes lor years pai, ami win prooaoiy onlinuctohc the case for years to come. The ha-o and eontenuitihle counterfeit in this wav meanly takes advantage ol nil the eH'orl" nnd adver tising ned hy the proprietors of the genuine article, to get their medicines into use and deserved popluari ly. It is therefore not less tlieduly than it contributes to the safety of every honest individual in the com iniuiiy iu vAiiuse, iriiwn tiuwn,Hii(i luroveruiivri'i.T TRULT all IIKARTLFSS INOHATiS who thus irre- pon-iblv trifle with health and life-. li iT,,i.....Vll.,, f,.A-L. vnTii. rit There is a person by the name of J. 11, ROCHE KOUT. now ensrnsed in selling a I'ill done un in boxes ft t ...'"nil uiui ...... i ..v. . isi.wqjji in exnet anu perleet imitation ol tne genuine liMii VI:gCTAIU,K I'lLLS, with the omission of only INDIAN one orel on the lleixcs viz. Wntfilir. The Pills soldbv this lfochefort nre evidently intendeil ns a fraud and nnpo-ilion upon the community, or they would not nave iioe'itnone up in sueii exact imiiaiion oi tne gen uine. 1 lii pen-on is ta blusiermsr Willi a crent the atrical swagger. He was recently known nsn very poor player m unitimori', under tne musical cognomen of Jim Hfown, nnd i about twenty live years of age" It i almost livyonda deiubt that lie is supplied with tnci'iiis irom n iTiicgisi nnu in tins city, who nave heretofore liecn notoriously connected with counter feit medicines. As soon as proof is obtaineel the foun tain head of this nefarious business will lie exposed, that tne community may siiun lliem as they would a serpent. IN THK MEAN T1MK THfi PUBLIC ARE CAU TIONED against buying WRIGHTS Indian Vegetable Pills of any one who eloc not exhibit a certificate of agen cy signed by the agent for the New England Slates ami waring oaie since January ibiu. Also iai.c par tieular notice that tlicfollowinir wonling isontlmbox Wright's Indian VezetahlelVI (I ml. Purgative) of the North American College of Health. 37i Indian Vezttable Pitli arc a certain cure for liiease in us every variety of form, because Him llio roughly cleanse lie siomach and bowels, induce a pro per disrharce by llie bines, skin nnd kldnev. and sii- mnl.ile Hie tilooil io piuilv Htell- In other tonls mey open all Hie naiuraf drains, and Irate nature the Grand J'hyttetan) nee to elrite disease Irom the body. The nbotc oul leu, or drains, are the common jewers of the liouv. Iliroeicti Mlnrli all moiliiil and cor nipt liumois (ihe cause ol disease) arc rarricd off; ad so long as they nre all kept open, and discharge Heel ilmir allottee) portions of impurity, the body will con. I nine in urnlih : out tthen I mm caline improper loou, hrralhing impure air, sudden transilions from heat to cold, otcr exhauslion or any oilier epiise, the bottclj become costive. Hie iiores ol the skin oecoaie cioseu, or l lie k ulnct 8 l.iil (o perform then lunciioiu the imui Hies tt Inch sliould tie drained liom Ihe uouy hv ilie-c ouilels, will lie retained, nnd continue to ac riimulaie until ihe body becomes itcrallv loaded wilh disasc. If ihe channel of our mighty rivers should become blocked up, wonld not Ihc accumulated waters linu neiv nutlets, or the country uecome inunetaie-j Just so u Stli the liumaibody; ifllie natural drains be come closed, the claimant nnd corrupt humors will find vein 111 HIU tilllUlltl iuiiiib III iiiscnrr mill no i lih, Sinall Pox. Measles. Rheumatism. Goui. Apoplexy ic. or Death uill end our sufferings. Therefore, when sicklies; in Ihe slninacli, pains in lie lurK and side, quick pulse, burning skin, or any oilier unplea. shiii svniploiiH, indic.He lliat one or more of the n.i. drains aic not discharging Cicely, and ihe roust i union is nboui to commence a sliugele for ihe reslora lion ofhe.illli, no lime should he lost in adininisirring i lev brisk dosei nli ie Indian rurcnilte ilnitian re tjetable 1'ills.) By so doing, all ihc lunclions of ihe body will be leslor'ed io order, rnd I lie foul humors (the causoof every infl.unatioii or pain tte suffer) uill he remoted in so easy and natural a mnnner, thai the body will be lesinred as if hyachaun. The above rins uinyLc , i.i.uii all tunes nnd under ALL rir. Cltm.liinrpa. n'illi n,run. . r. , a cam' painisand aliases, nndnrelo llie consliitilion aslooel; coniciiueniiy uiecan nentr injure even lie most delicate. Like our food, lliey are digestible; iheicforetlipy cnier into t lie circul.ilion and imparl an eiierevio.llie blood, uhichenahlcsil lo (low wilh free. lorn riuitc In Ihe extremities ami conseriuentiy io keep Ihe pores ol Hie skin open. I lipy nre irue and perleet punnets nf Hie hlnod; lircaiifc lliey drain all cnrrupl humors from lliat life ijiving fluid. I'hey imparl sirensih and Vieoi lo ihe tthnle sysiem, anil llicir ef. feels are.ibtays beneficial : because lliey only remote Ihose humors tilncli aie opposed lo health. 1 hey aid and imnrote dlteslion, and sound sleep follows ihcir use: iiccause lliey ciean.p iiiesiomncn ami uovteisoi I bos'! slimy humours which not only irriiale and excite I lie neitous system, tint paiaiyze nnd weaken ine ens Eesiiteoieans. In short lliey possess all lliey eooe properlies that can be claimed for any medicine : and inn mc ciy icuirtrniiuir, II is uni;,iv t; ,u use l ncni winiotil lieni lit, Prieo25 eenls per Hox, with full directions. OiHee nnd General Depot for the New England S:ate, No, l93TrciiiontStroot,near Court strevl, Ho-ton, The rcgulnr nnnoiuicd Ageuls can re"cetve their smi plies of tho above popular Pill, ns heretofore-, from the only oilii uand general depot for the New England States, I'JSTremont slrcsM, Ho-ton. Pedlars or trav elling ngenls are not allowedtosell the genuine Indian yege'iable Pill-, therefore never purchase from them. lor II you do yon will tic sure to obtain a eiangerou; and counterfeit article. sll Tiiko. A. Peck it Co, Agents in Burlington, for the aleot tliulndian Vegetaliterill, also, . II. llol.l.F.T, tMlliston, it. and A. lirmsiiiaid, liurlington. TITOFFA'PS VEGEI'AHLE LIFE MEDICINES, 1TJ. These medicines are indebted for their name to their manifest nnd sensible action in purifying th nrinss nnd channels ot lile, nnd enduing them wilh renewed lone and vigor. In many hundred certified e.iseswhich hate lieen made piiine, ami in almost every species eifdi-easeto whteh the human frame l liable, the happy e.levts of. Moffat's LiixPii.i. asp PiUENlx BtTTt.ns hate been greatfullyund publiely acknotvle'dgcil by the persons benelitleil, and who were previously unacquainted Willi iiieueautiiuiiypiu losonhien! nrinoniles upon which they nrecompound ami noon whicli they conseouently ne't. I he l.lri'. .Mr.uiiaara recommend ihem-eiyosin di-easfs of every form and ilo-cription. Their first operation is to 'oo-en from the coals rf the stomach and bowels, l ie various impurities nnd crudities, eon si.niily settling around them: nnd to remove the liar dened face's which collect in the i'intiilutiem of the sinnlli-si intestine's. Other medicines only partia It- eiean-etliesp, nnd leave such colkx'liil be'hind Us to prmhice habitual eosiitenes, with nil lis train of evil-, or sudden diarrhir.J, wilh il imminent eliigcrs.u This fact is well known to nil regular aiialoiiii.1., who examine the human bowels nflrr death ; nnd heni e the prejudice of those well inforineel men ngaiiist eiuack mediciiies or inedieines prepareel and heralded to tliuniibliohy lgnoranl persons. The second elfeet o llie Life .Medicines is to cjeanse thu kidneys and the bladder, and by this means, the liver nnd the lungs, the healthfulnction of winch entirely depends upon the .re gularity of the urinary organ-. The blood, Iwhich takesis real color from the agency ol the liver and llio lungs liejore it passes, into the heart, being thus purified hy tlie'iu, nnd nourished by fund coming from a clean stomach, course frce-ly through the veins, renews every part of llie system, and triumphantly mounts the banner of heal ill in the blooming cheek. .Mo!lal' tege'lable Life Medicines have lieeq thor oughly tested, nnd pronounce. a sovereign remeilyfor Djspepsia, I'liituleucy, I'alpilalioii of ll.e Heart, Loss ofAppelite, Heart-burn nnd IJcad-aehe1, llc.llessiiL-, Ill-leinpe'r, Anxiety, Languor nn Melancholy, Ce)-tivenes-, Diarrlura, Cholera, Fevers of all kind-, Khe'iimalisni, Gom, Dropsies ot nil kinds, Gravel, Weuin-, Aslhuia nnd Consumption, Scurvy' I'lerrs' Invelerale Sores, Scorbutic Eruptions UHd Bad Com-ple-xioiis, Eruptivo complaints, sallow, Cloudy, and oihi'rdisagrce'ablu tkimplexioits, Salt liliciuit, Ery-ip-cla-, ('omiiion Colds nnd lnlluenza,niid various other complaint', which allhct thehuman frame'. In Fctrn nml Ar.UF., particularly, the Life Modieiues have Is en most eminently wie'i-cssfnl ; so much so that in the Fever and A guedistrie'ts, Physie-ians almost universally prescribe! lliem. All that Mr. Moffat re'nuire.of his palie-nls is lo be particular in taking the Life Medicines slnclly accor ding to the directions. It is not u iicwpane,r notice-, or by anything Ihel hohim-clfmaysay intlieir favor, llit he 'mpes to gain credit. Ills alone by the results ofa fair trial. MOKFATS MEDICAL MANUAL; ile-isnnl ns a domcsiic uiiideloheallh. Thiklilllu pninphfiil, cthtetl by W.ll, Mortal, 375 Broadway, New York, has ivn publishes! for thu purpose (ifexpl iiumg niorcfully Mr. Motfal's theory of disi'ases, and will be lound highly interesting !opcrson. seeking he-alih. It treats upon prevalent ih-ea-es, and tho causes thereof. Price, 2j cents for sale by Mr Meilhil's Agents ge'nerally, Tbeo Valuable Mesliemes arc for sale by Robert Moixly Druggist, if. General uge'iit. 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That in nooncoflhcthaiisnnd e'ascs where it has been Used has it failed to relieve frice 7accnN per beittle. r or sale, wholesale and Re tail, by A. HITCHCOCK & CO. No. st., Utie-a, N. Y. And by their agents throughout the united Slates. In liurlington, hy J, & J, II. Peck & Co., Theo, A. Peck & Co. In Vergennes, by J. H. Bowman. In Milton, by Burnet & Sawyer. In Geor gia, by Lorenzo Janes. au.2 NQUIKtC-.ASK THOSE WHO KNOW. Those onlv who know bv trial or immediate obser vation, ran Conn Hiiy idea ofilie eflecis, of llie perfect relief, of llie ahnosi charm. like cures effected in cases of ihc Pilks, Rheumatism, all Swkllikos, and nil external Pains, no mailer how severe, by the use of llajs' Liniment. Find one whs hat mrd it that will not laud il nbove all things ever ured, and ton will find what cannot be Cound. IcyFor Hie relieCol suffer- ng human beings who mat be afflicted. I bee tou to a,k a,k of those who know ask the Hon, Alfred Cosklin, U. 8. Judge for that district, residing near Auburn; atK matthhv J. MYIRS, Esn. Athens, N. Y.! ask Gen. Duff Greek, lale of Washington city, each of these gentlemen know ofcaees unconqner. able by all niher remedies or physicians, though tried for many tears, thai have been cured by die life of llie genuine HayU Liniment. Thmsandi oCoiher persons know similar cuies. We appeal to ilieir sense oC jus. lice their human Ccelings. C?c'll is but a duly yon owe lo jour suffering fellow-beings to let this great remedy lie known. npenK oi it men to all tour meads This will save much nam where the newspapers ire not read, or where readers are incredulous, becauseao many worthless articles are advertised for llie same purpose. To outers we say, if all who have used it do not say il is hetontl all praise, llien do not take it. The propricior w ill not allow this article io be paid for unless it cuics.uhen all ihe direciioas nrcfullv follow. cd. Will any one suffering refuse now lo Iry it ? If he docs, he ought to he pitied more lor his obslinary lhan hissuflenni. SLrMlr. Hats would neter consent to offer ibis nnielp, ucre he not compelled by his sense of moral ol religions unit lo uo all in Ins power lor ihc victims ol distress and misery, l or this purpose he would sooner devole a fortune, than secure a dollar for any worthless article. ICp-LOOK OfT.-Some swindlers have counterfeited ibis article, and put il up wilh various detiret. Do not be imposed upon. One IhinE only will protect tou il is (lie name of Comaor A ey Co.; that name must be always on tho wrapper, or you nre cheated. Do not forget it. Take ibis direc tion wilh jou, and lest by that, or never buy ; for it is impottiuie lor any oincr io lie irue or genuine. rjui.ij iuii iiaio. Sold by Comttock i- Co. 71 Maielen Lane, N. York. TIIF.O A. PECK & Co. Wholesale Agents lur llie Suie iiftermonl. mo THE n AIiD-Iir.AOED At OTHEnS X Does any know a neighbor or a fiiend who lias been Bald, and whose head is now covered wilh fine hair? One whose coat collar was eoteied wilh dan ihuff. 1I10112I1 brushed evert hour which has now van ished cm ii ely ! Or one whose hairs al earl) iicp "Pie turning grey, who now has not a grej hair? Children whose heads were coteicd with scurf, whose hair would not grow, thai are now growing the fullesl riops of I, air I Some cases must be known to most ier?oin. Ask them ihe cause, and toil will be told iIihI Ihesf ihin?s have bppn done bv llie use of (lie Balm o f Co lumbia. Of20tParerowlh it this article, iis demand uiciearluK nnnually some hundred per cent. though l,en ,li.nn..d mil u,.,..s... , i. , n .-. ... - purpose, now assailed by almost numberless imishroun iraih preparaiionslliat will ruin llie hair II user! to ant extent. Can more lhan lliese facts he warned refer lo the ions by a list ofnames of rcspscia bilily, uneepi.illed by nay oilier article. Look to these things buy this article Slay and preserve tour hair by in ii'e, or if bald reslore il. Ladies, attend lo this huudreds in l.ulnonablo life are using il as Ihe old) article really hi for Ihe toilet. Lone Hair is ten am io fall out. ' Ladies, use the Balm of Columbia in lime lo save jourse'ves the disgrace of baldneie by neglerl ol your persons, it is tour uuty, as mnfaii'is inpie' sericlhe bp.iuiies of nature, willi which a bonuiifiil Creator has endowed t,ou ; use Ihe Dalm,for it will do it CAUTION TO BE REMEMHEIIEI). Several most flagrant nliempis hate been made lo c miner leil the true llalin ol lolunilna. home ol Hie '.i iposiers bate gone so far as tn rounierfeli the splen Ii I wraiiners. and llie Falls ofNiaeara, and ctpiv ex final maikexcepl the name of Comstock, which the) Jarc not large. Jo atoid imposition Iherelnrp, at iv.ite look for llie name of Comilock & Co. or L. S Comslock, nnd never huy the article unless il has linn name upon it aold wholesale anil reiail, nnlv nt No 71 Maiden Lane, N. Y. THEO. A. I'ECK it Co, Wholesale Agents for the Stalo of ermont le rv I J (lie most popular remedy etcr known in America Vegtlablt Pulmonary llalium Hip most taluahlp remed) now in use Cur coughs, colds, aslhnia or phihiic, conmmplion. whooping cough and pulmonary affrclions ofetcry kind. Its sale is sieadily increasing, and llie proprietors are constantly receiving llie ni'i.t fatniahle account of iiscfferis. The Cullotving new certificates arc offered Cur public examination. An Interesting Csr.. Ruiract oCa Icitrrfrnin Mr I! S Clay, Kingston, Ulsi'r Co., N. Y. to llie. proprietors. "Yours oC ihe Dili insl. was duly lee'd A remarkable cure waseffecteel hy ihe vpgatatile Pul menary Balsam in llie winter and spring nflS35. The person, Mr. Moody, had beea sick a long lime with the consumption. 11 id physician, had giten him up He was reduced so tow as lo be unable lo help him-elf, and was a targe quantity nf hlnni! when he commenced using the Balsam, which has effecicd a complete rare, and he is now as hale and heart) as ever lie as. air, itloody lias removed limn in is iomii mi! he Ii is prrmiseil ine h more netailcil areoiiiii ol in case, which I willful ward tnu. C. S. CLA I Kineston. N. Y. June 25. 1838. Exirarl ofa letter fiom Dr. Jacob Mtrrs. The Vegetable Pulmonary Balsam has been sold in ihi county for lw-o)eait, and the inodicine has gained an uncommon rcieuriry, lur u -raupiy n mic iiisiihicc failpd of hating the desired efjecl. I am hv no means in Civnr of llie many nosiruins, moil of which aie im nosiiium itnoit a credulous public, bin ili.n which know by use lo be effeciual, I rannoi help but give mt appiobiiion iheielo. A counterfeit preparation has been nffe red here by a Iratclling Agenl, of Cnmstork, N. Y. and there is another article tended here that is strongly suspected to bespurious. Jacob Myers. M. D Miftlington, Juniata co. Penn. May 3, 1837. Frnm " . ii n ..." . r -i . nr. aamuel morreu, io me rropncioi oi ine vrse table Pulmonarv Balsam. I am satisfied that ihe Ve iciable Piilmonasrv Baljam is a valuable medeciae Il has been used in this place wilh complete success in an obslinaie complaint ol the lungs, atlended wilh a retere cough, loss of voice, and llie raising of iniirli blood, which had previously resisted many anproted prescriptions. After using ihe Balsam one week, llie p.ilieni's toice te'urned and he was able lo speak audi, bly. This rase occurred some lime since, nnd the man is noiv engaged not only in active bin laborious buiinesi. liespecllimy, c. a. momiELi.. Il is now moie than six )ears since I was brought lery low by an affection of llie lungs, and my complaint was ileclaied lo be incurable by a council of three phy sicians. I tt as then restored lo as goo I health a. I had enjojcdfor many )cars, hy using Ihe cgpalile 1M, monarv Balsam. Since my rcrote.-y I have rerom mended Ihe llaliilin in a great many cases nf lung complaints, and so us I can ler.rn. us use nai in variably been follniied by much hfnrfil, and in man) ' . . .r ..,.?,. I I, ... installers It has eiieCICU CUies Wllltll writ: wnuiiy qnv. peeled. S4HUBL LVERETT, n., M...rl, 1. IR37. For sale, wholesale and retail, hy J. J. II PECK & Co., and TIIEO. A. PECK & Co., Bur linglun, Vt. A LSO a great variety of Printed Lawns, French J- X. Uainlince, I'.nglisu nnu tuiericnii i-nii, uiiu; soil Ginghams, Silks, Alpines, Shawle.Handkcrchicfs n I!)1' CS E. M. WRIGHT it CO, TOBACCO. T P. WHALING & CO, inform the public that J they aro Azents lor oargeni, oprapuu tt- n ii. Albany. N. 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July 1 1811. 1I1K LION OF THE DAY. NO CURE NO - PAY! The Genuine old Dutch or Ger man Vegetable Villa.-Highly rf'omnieneleil by Doct. Valentine Mott, M. I), of N. V., and others. Thee are the orders ! Any one that does not find re- ;iei ireiiri iiium.- nus inu pricu :i rciiiriucu r,aeh, uiese are the positive orders of the Proprietor to agents and others. In otleringthese pills to the public, I appeal to the-ir intelligence. If these pills arc not what they recommended, you are in duty bound out of respect to yourself and community to reject them, and publish tnem to tne woriu n nn imposition, humimg nnd quackery. Thepublio mayleassured they nre purely vegetable, they nre e-ompo-eil of nine intrriiliiit--, pari of the medieine'is onlyfoiiiid in A-i.i nii'l in the valley-, of Germany. For con ven ienee I h-c extracts are made into pill and will be found n suiecure orrc- IICI lor an Olllieius euiiiiiaills, yeuott nnu Pillions fevers, fetVrnnd mrtie, jaundice, scarlet rash, billions ehrilic ih'spepsia. ite. It is not pretendee! that this inetiicinei- a ciiremr an ni-ca-es to tvnieii ihe luimnn y.stem is liable-. Ten thousand me'le. etlbrts hate: been made lo draw from the resions otunknown fancy some long-spun theory of magic arl, which would cine each and every di-cac. (JjM nieeljeine is not found in the fire or w hirlwind. Health and happiness ban" noon chance winds time is ihc hernld of irnih. The past at least secure; they have already raied i monument ot their greatness wuieii will dcly the 'orrexiinc tooth oftinie. Noneeaj I cGeiiiune wnlioiii n wrapper and directions on each box on which my inline' is wnucii uiiciiiii. rum wiiinfs.iit; unu renin hv the subscriber nt Glen's Fall, bv A B. & D. Sand 79, and 100 Fiitton st. and K. AI. Meis-, JiS SoUll Majkct -t. 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Piilmonnry Jelly for coiiirus, eiiio-, spiuing in imoiki, iiuar.ent's.s eve 1 ru sian Lmament nnd Linanient Oiiislelilocfur Iflieima- tism, PhysiVal Drops, Colombo Drop., Salt Rheum uinimeni, i ne unuineiii, Mreiigiiienmg l'latlcr, nml Corn and Wnrt Plaster. The above celebrated medicines nrenarcd entirely from vcgeiablcs by Dr. Win. (iordak, netil no other reccommeniiaiion man that they h.u ele'cn before Ihc public foiirleen ycar, giving salM'.u-iion lo all who have ii-e-d theii'.-inay It had ol I una & IIaihk np. WoreHtoek, 1 1. fGen'l A'-ciits. Sold also, by J P Strong, Qi.evhec; J U Brooks, While Itivcr ;' Win. H Siee-I & Co., We-t Il.irltur Worstcrl 'owner Miarnn: Downer it Neven.. inv. niton ; J Wheal. Bethel, E C Holme-, We-l liandiilp'b; J BDaiiforlb.Branard ; S Belknap. Ea-I Rarnnnl; N Sooty, PeimfreijE M& A SStoel.crand Govo&MiaK, iiariiauo; s-neiio cc iinrnc-, i-crkinsvillc; drown tV iViisden, I't-lchvillel A iV II Wardner. Windsor. A Marsh. Briductyatcr. S S it F T Wheel, r. Plviiio iib and at llandoek, Ibiche-ter, Grandiille, Niirlblield, .Monticlier,.iiid,lleourv, t t-ru'cuncp, most el the principle tow ns in the Suite. A supply ol the aoove meilicmi's iust received and for .ale by ROBERT MOODY. February, 1311. (O'n) Driiggi-t, ll.rrlingiou, Vi TTAf.Xl""CTIC ODOXTICA. TIIE TKfn il 1V1 THE TELTII!!-Tiik Ixen.Mi'AnAm.n Tooth I BErAitVTiON. 1 ho fact is p row, I, and the most riilulous ad eliiiiPling are lolly convine'etl.ns we inic heeyidence from the sale of 20.000 l uxes of thi'O.lon- tie'a, within tin' pa-t year, that llie I'lopiou dri'iinis of the alchyinisi are ic.ilizisl, and a icmcdy discmeii'd for pre-erving lho-e imponaiit and ii-eftil rtpjicndaffi's of the human system, by the u-e of the .MagnetieOiliiu tica, winch by its uitiuciivf, nnd sticngthciniig iuuli-lic-, removes nil extraneous subsumes from the te'clh and preserve- lliem til iheirnaliiral brilliancy, ami the trtiiii, in aim nctiuit . il is iw'ii liom xpenence. lliat when u-iil. the teeth will never de cay, but remain till the Ir.'c-t n'.-e ol man, with their natural wear. ncn nicy lire eiccajeii, lis progress will I e arrested, and ihe te'clh pre-crtvdr,ud pii ti iiliil and pri'scryiil frnm aching all llu has I itn iloui-in a multitude of instance's : ami more' iu thousands ol cases, nervous toothache, (that climax of pain) has al one-e peon c.teciuaii) curiii ,y popular itentrilrice in America. And ill conclusion, where, or who is ihe yeiung lady or gentleman, aye, the individual thai value's- u I eauliful set of tce'ih, sound gum s arid a swirl breath more than lifiyei'iits, that tt ill lo loneer desti tute eif a box of Dr. M. Hitchcock's Magnetic Odontica. Form t- tthilc-aleanil re;ail, by A. HITCHCOCK Co., No. 117 Genesee i. Uiie-a, N. Y., and by their agents ihriHighoiit the I'uiicd Slates. In Burlington, by J. & J. H. Peck it Co., and Then. A. Peck it Co. in t ergenncs iiy j.ii. tiowmaii. in .union, uy itur nctt it Sawyer. In Georgia, hy Lorenzo Janes. aug2 RUSSKI.l.'S STOMACH BnThRS. may le iiscil in Wineor water. Thi'secelebraied bitters areeompostl purely of vege'ables of the most 111110 eent yet spevihi: virlues. They are recommended par ticularly for restoring weak constitutions, clean. nig and strengthening Ihe stomach, nnd increasing the appetite' aNo a preventative against the cholera mor ons, lever nnu itgne, reuniting uaiisea, ttiiiiuine, heart burning, weakness, in llie bre'dst, pain in the steim.U'hnnd other symptoms of flatulence nnd indiges tion, uneooxwui tinciureonegaiioii. iticcsj ets. n box. Russell s Itch Oivthent. 1 hi choice, and safe niiitment is said to be superior to nny now in un', for that eli-agree-able and loaih.ome disease, the ITCH, This Ointment i so eearlnin in its operation that no person tioubled with the nlivi ilisomer oughi 10 l e without il. It is a remedy (or cutaneous eruption--, scorbutic nlle'clion- of llie he-ad, ornny oilier bre'.'iking out which arises from sharp humors in the Unci. ITicvxa i'i. a hox. Rfs.rii.s rfif.TAtit.r. H111 iocs Pnt, or family physic, for general u-e, in ca.ts of Jaiindicc, morbid I'lisibility iflho stomach and bowel-., loss of appetite, fiend lucalli, costue'ne.s, Pile's, nnd all disease nris ing from biliary derangements, -a.o fur corroding the stale of the blood, and cleansing the sysictu ol loul nnd viscid humour., Tlie-p pills nre a mild ca iharlic, producing neither pains nor griping, and nre theiciure a ynmai ie nnd highly npproti-d nienictno. niiilnre pronounced nssueh bylfiomost distinguish!! phy.ieisus. Ijiclt bos tiiiitainins 33 Pills, Price 371 ets.u box Kusscll's cuicbiatmi Malt itiir.PMUi,'iMi'.NT. l lus unriut'stipiiahlv the K'sl and snfe'st remedy etcr vet olleri-d 10 the public for that obstinate disorder SA l.T HIll.l'.M. Where other incanii have hiilml. it li.isi.ue- e-euleil, and ihc fact that it lias been sxte-nsively 0.11I Iiy eminent 1 rae'titior.ers speai.-. veiiumes in lis praise. It is cipially cilie'aeioiis in all dise-ases of the skin, scald head, ring Worms, and Ihiuno.t jnteiernie Itch, (a: 6.0, NunicreMis cerliJie'nles might bo 011111111111, but the propritor chooses that a fair trial should u-tin-only evnlencii ofits superior eilicacy. Price 50 cents a box. For salt! bv J. Ai J. II. Peck it Co.. Theodore A. I octe iXUO.,ngii 01 ine.Moriar.nmi ueilnrt Moixly, Burlington ', Dr. C. E. Miles, and Hull k Cook, I lines liurght S. II. Barne-, Charlotte; L. Jane.-, Georgia; , ... : i. . 1 . , , .. ',, , ,. ''" K"PX r,lll,'f lV 1 ''iil'usioii, llichinond. Also, by the driiggist- and nurchautt generally, hroughoiit (he st lie M'-.'.Jivl STEAM-BOAT HOTEL, nUIXLINOTON, VERMONT. BY JOXATIIAN IIAIIT. MR. H. respectfully announces to the citizens of Burlington and vicinity, nnd the travelling i'uuiiv,Ki;iii-iiiiiy, limine uas purcnrReu, thoroughly rcpaireu, painted, iitteel up, atiel furnislicel the nbove nuiei, siuiaicu on tne corner or South and wntcr streets, opposite the head of tho Steamboat Wharf in the tillage of Burlington, (formerly owned and kept by Contain I.R. Harrington, of tho Steamboat Pheii- iiix,j in aetyic ot contcnicnce and comfort not sur passed by any other Hotel in tho village. A spacious parlor, sitting room, reading room, nnd dining room, all communicate with each other, and with the front piazza on the ground floor, Tho Bar room, barns, sheds nnd yards nrcarraiHre-d in llio best possible mnn ner to accommodate the travelling and business pub lic. An acre of ground, nearly on a level, aelj'oins ibis Hotel, with convenient out-houscs, paciousand airy tvalk9, and gnrdenn t are nil Smiting. to travellers, business men, boarders and patties of pleasure. f Mr. H. from Ions experience nrofessestoknowbow to furnish a good Table and Bar, and to servo up the choicest eatables nnd rarest elelicacies that the market nnd season nllord, in a manner to suit the taste of the connoisseur ; and he confidently assures his patrons mm guesis uini ins uimosi exertions win uc puim rc I1U131UOII iu serve mem. Steamboat passengers will ho wailed on, to and front tho Boats, nnd their batrrraeu transported, nnd taken care of at this Hotel, and save their Hack hire to ana troni the uourt house square. Stanc passengers can he left at and taken from thii Hotel without additional fare, and those taking the Boats will ho shown onboard and their baggage free of expense, nnd without incurring any risk "of being icn, py iiieuarKiiess or laiencssoi the nignt, or any other contingency incident to the precipitancy of steam puwer, ur iiiu iiuciiiauoiis oi winu and wcaiucr. Horses nnd Carr'nires furnished tho-c who wish to transact business, or visitanypart of the village, on rcasonaiuc terms. Singlcineals 25 cents, and other charges m propor lion. 3m30 liurlington, Mny 20, 1311. nmvAiii) .i. l'.vv's BOOT &. SHOX3 ISTOXIE. Cli u rdiSlrctt. Hu rlin elon. "IT7HF.UF. he has on hand a superior assortment of t L,auies nnu item eiucn a BOOTS AND SHOES. of the following assortment i Gent's fiuccalfscwd Boots Boys Calf Shoes, Ladies Gaiter Boots, " Kid Slips. " " " peg'd do. " light " " do. " Slimmer Gaiters, " " Pumps, " Calf " " "Shoes it Brogans " Thick ij- Kip Boots, " " "Brogans Boys Shoes tt Brogans, " Thick & Kip Boots, Vlhs " & " " " " et "Brogans. " N'cw spring nips it 1 10", " Colored Slips, " Bionzcd " " Calf " Misses Shoes if- Slips, AI-o. a large n-sorimcnt of Children and Infants Shoes. TVE. J. F. would invite his customersand thenul lie m general to call and sxamine his arsortment ol Boots if- Shoes which ho can warrant to be of good stock. thorough workmanship nnd latct styles. Alco, Measure Work anil Repairing elonc nt tho shortest notice, nsusual. noi Burlinglon, May 23, IS II. CROCKERY. GLASS & CHINA WARE l'AKUAIt A WAIT, Importers and IViolts ilc dealers in Cmclery, Glass oviel Crtinn nurr, anil ,ti mujaclurcrs qj Stone Bore. "1 fr CRATES just received and now opttnn, . s.s ii.ii, iciy 23 Pnckages Edgeel and Common Ware, 23 do Blue Printed do 10 do Roynl Bourbon Sprig do containing complete dinner services, Tea sets nnd lnuei ttnrc. French White Granite Ware, wilh com 10 do picteseis throughout, Anli'iue Vnsc Onriiiue Pearl Ware, con 10 do tabling pcifect dinner sets, inlitely new patterns and shape, a most beautiful nrncle, wilh.Tca and Toilet tvere to maieu. CHINA WARE. 10 packuges China Wnre, containing Beautiful White Tea Sets, Gold edge and line Tea Spng do do Gold band it sprig do Sets nnd gold band China Nurse Lamps. GLASS WARI' 10 packages Glass Ware containing 0, nnd U flute Heavy Cut Glass Tumbler, (i, ?, and !l tluto " Pressed do do 3 packages fine plain Tumblers, tery cheap, Cut Glass Lamps, Plain do do, a great variety, Superb Cut Glass Hall Lamps. Asirnl Lamps, Girondales, Candltbrn", Cut Glass Bowls, Lemonade Glasses'. Pitchers, Decanters, Goblets, Wine and Splendid French Porcc line Vase, Willi llowers and s ml and a variety of other articles in their line, all of which are now offered Wholc-alo and Retail at New Yolk prices. F. it W. would invite the attention of Mer chants in tho surrounding towns to their slock of ware, assuring lliem that ihov will sell in package a-sorlcd to ordcron asgaod P rms as can be purchased in New York llii-itim or Troy, nt ihcir warehouse corner 01 of Church and Colligo Sis. Burlington, June 1. 1511. lnmiiiNOTo.v rpllE Trustees of the Burlington Femnlc Seminary X take pleasure in niinouiieiii" ihal the school will bo re-opencd on Wednesday the 2filh nut., at the uuiieuiii's laiciy Known as tne episcopal institute, under thcsupiriiltcnilniiecof .Miss Tin rzah I.r.n. lale otic of the principal insttuclers at the Troy Seminary, win no aided ny com;ieiiiit and experi enced teachers iu the tnrious branches of knowledge nnd elegant ncconiplUhmints 11-uallv taught in the best female schools in this country. The musical in struction will, as heretofore, be gitcti by Mr. .Molt. Hie terms win ne as tollows; I lie school.) car, consisting of 11 weeks, willho ditided into two ses sions, half a session being one riuarltr. The second quarter of the present session commences .May 2tl. The winter term will eominenccnnihclhird Wcdiics. ilny or September. Tho charge for boarding, includ ing washing, fuel, lights, etc., will beSitl per ipiaricr, half payable in ndtnnco. Tuition in l-!noli:, bran clics SlO per session, half payable in advance. r.xTKvtni.tuGEs. ronton on uic t'lano, urgnn or Guitar, per quarler .... S12 00 Use of instrument for practice, , . a 00 Vocal instruction for Piano pupils . . 1 SO " " for others .... 2 00 Thoroughbass 2 00 French ....... 1 00 Latin . -, 3 PO Drawing nnd Painting in water colours , 5 f'O L'soof paltrrns 1 00 Theie will be a chargo of US cts. per quarter, for the incidental expenses of the school. 1 he school will not be sectauan. Reference may be bad to the President nnd Pro. fessorsof the University, lo the Cletgvnirn of all lite congregations in the tillage, and to the fo'Iowitig gentlemen. I'.. T. r.NGI.F.SBY. T. CHAMBERLAIN, J.N. POSIKROV, G. B. SHAW, W. LYMAN, O. IIAYNES, L. I.OOMIS, C. BAXTER, II. P. HICKOK, JOHN PECK, S. .MORSi:,and G. A. ALLEN, T. I'OIil.FiTT, W. A.GRIMVOI.P, .1. K. GRAY, O. BHNNS, A. W. HYDE. S. E. HOWARD, .1. 1. Cl'TI.ER. O, P. MARII, B. TOUSI.F.Y, J. P. WHALING, ltOC'T'N, HA.YT.iN .V N1JAI,. work III tllCirllnc with ni-atne. nn,l rti-snalcb. 11iscrle.1l on Go I Plain ffpin onu In a full sell, tt hu h lliey will warrant to l u-iful in nmiica. tion.and appear like natural Teeth. Teeth filled with Gold or Tin Foil and the much celebrated metallic l'astc. Tei'th can I'O eili'oliial ly tilled with this Paste, that cannot be done wilh t.old or Tin Foils, with ca-c and wairantol for elinabiluy. 1.1. i ,i -,i 1 1 11 i hi, 1 1; iiiini'i ,,, 1111-ir ii- nccatalltimt's,whalitsveryncce,,arythcn amaii ha. tbe lluobbing tooth ache. ' tine in lneiwosnr-scrn'crsenti telnini.t in their ft- Burliigton, June S ? ll'i 1 J esiKH'tfiilly inform the inhabitants of Hi'iilino XV. ton, and vicinity, that tl ey canle fnuiid on Church-street, nearly opposite thcGiand Bazaar, one door nHiili f.f J. r. W h.ilinc's slnri. r.Mih in Ho all DOCT. MAItHIIAMti Aromatic, Catarrh and Headache SNI'FFi This Snulfis superior to nny thing yet known, for removing that troublesome dis ease, the Catarrh, and nko a cold m the l end, nnd thu headache. It opens and purge- out nil "'obstruction-, strengthens the gland-, and git e- a healthy action to thu part allectul. It i- perfectly Iree from nny thing dele terious m its compo-itioii lias n pleasant flavor, and its immediate ellcct, after icing used, is abgrceabfe. Price 3 T cents per Lottie. Doct. .Marshall's Vegelnblclndi'nn Black PLASTER, This Plaster is mint ailed for curing scrofulou. swel ling., Scurvy Sore, Lame Back, and Fre-h Wounds t pains in the siele-. Hip- and Limbs: nnd seldom fails to give relief in local Kheiiinatistn.. If applied to Ihu sii!c,it will euro many of thceommou Liter Complaints; and is npinl, if not superior, tn any thing in u-ei for csrns on the feel, the virtues of Ibis Plaster hnvolceii witnessed by thousands of individuals in the I'nileil States, who have to-led il efficacy. Sold by the pro prietor ; ('has. Bowcn, Middlebury, Vt., ntiei Tiico. A eck at (.ii., liurlincton, t. Jel TTAIIt I IIAIH 1 1 -- MAIiDN I'.SS. Inipor- JTL taut DlKcovtry the Circat Mtslcrv loutiil out at last. DR. STERIIY'S HAIR REGENE RATOR. Dr. Sterry, nflcr, liiucli nlfulioti to tho important subject of presorting tho hair, has, nftcr many experiments chemical and physical liecn nolo to discover nnd article which is with tho prealcst confidence for the toilet ns the best thingeycr discovered, tor, for its sollemng arid penctrnting nualily io prouueca goou ncau oi pair to prevent u irom falling off when baldness is npprchended lo rcstoio it when baldness nas taken place, and to prcteni it from turning gray. It ii is more nourishing lhan po matum, antique on, or uoiogne water, it is a ucauti ful article for Indies curls it makes the hair soft ami lively, and produces uncommon brilliancy. Thous ands have tested its S'.-ior virtues nnd excellence, and in every instance a stands nnritalled. It is an infallible cure in all affections of the on the head as dandrulf, etc. esc. Lterv family should be sun- plied with a bottle of this oil, that by its application to tho head nnd hair of children, tho binuiifiil nnd or. namcnlal appendage ofa fine head of hale, which nn Hire has supplied us may be presorted. From tho nnmerous certificates n nd recommendations rccciteil of its salutary influence, the Doctor feels firmly per. suaucd he has succeeded in producing an article tt Inch will meet the etcsired wishes nnd approbation of tho riiiblio. For sale whole-ale and retail by A. HITCH COCK cc Co. 117 Gr m see st. Upon, N.i. In liur lington, by J. it J. II. PECK tt Co. nndTIIf.O. A fLUIvcc Uo. in iiowman. ill Milton, by Burnet it Sawyer. In Georgia, by Loren zo Janes' WORMS. M'OKMS.-Dr.. M. riiTencocK'J unrivalled nnd iincriunlhsl WORM 'I EA, a sovereign remedy for Worm-. Sirange nnd incredi ble nio thei'llccts of ilie-e .Ictc-table crmin; Iiw persons, and it is thought none are free from them, par" tieularly females and children. Many persons co through a distressing cour.-e of medicine without a bench!, when they might le relict tM by using tho Worm Tea. This'invaluable medicine has been tested by ihe expericiue of mote than ten years use, and administered to moiu than 10,000 pcrritis of arious age-, and not one solitary complaint ; on the contrary hundred- have called, and iin-dlicileil, given their e!c cidcd preference to it, after trying the eliilerent ailiclco scut lorth to the pul le, nnd pronounced Dr. M. Hitch cock's W'orni Tea the mo-t safe-, ellee'tiia',, and con venient rciiii'dy tb it can be obtained ; for in no one ol the thousands of instances where il has 1 ecu nseel agreeable to the printed direction has it ever failed. As lor nr. Hitchcock's wonM I ea, ns there are niaiiy nostrums abroad for the destruction of worm Forsale'whole-ale and retail by A. Ill 1CHCOCK & CO., so'e proprietors, 1 17 tTeni'-ce strce't, Ftica, and bvlbeir agents thrni'i bo'illbe I'ntnn, In Burliuctou, by J. & .1. H. Peck it Co.. nnd Theo. A. Peck it Co., In Vergennes, by J. II. Bowman. In Milton, by Burnct'st Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lorenzo Janes. nua20 HEPATIC ELIXIR, A CELEBRATED remedy fur complaints ari-mr frenn a diseased stale of the LI VEliand its Secre tions; the fulleiwinp are n few of its symptoms, weakness eif tbe'steitnach. Indigestion, lo-s of appetito lowne-s of Spirits and Ilcaelai-he; it will le found a sure rcine'ily lor Ertiplions on llio Fae'c. In 0011-0-quencc ol" nicir Icn.g many nostrums circulating-in lhi part ofthe-ciiimfry, thesiibscriU'rs are authorized to warrant il- lenchcial elici ts, 'I his article is just ni'e'iycd, and n"fp-d to Ihc public a- one well worth llie .iitcniiiii of those who are aHlieied by complaints from the above di-ewe ; it I eing fr. m" an eminent physician -ttu feel confident in thu. recommending it. 0,1,0,1311). TIIEO. A. PJ'Cit" it Co,, Sign iifiho .Morlar.oneiloore'ast ofJ it J II Peck i Co I OTIUN. LOTION. DR. EVAN.-' BEAtTf i FYINO LOTION. Highly u.tccmed for curing all Eruption 1''ss, Redness and Pimples on, llie FaccNe'ckor hand-, and clei'tually I'leamng ll,o complcMou, and re'inoving all di-ea-e'- of the skin' -Nothing contribute- so much to our general success in lile-, as an engaging first appearance. 1 his LotuTi is admired a mo-l fragrant, mild, sale wah nnd great ly esteemed fonts virtues m clcan-ing, .eftening, and purifying llie skin of all eruption-, -mnjuno'i- to fe male''! canty, and rctorms 11 IP a high e't jree ot pu rity. A I caiitiful complexion i 1I1J priek- ufjluho po'sscs it, and theeniycifilio-cwho are deprived of it. What i- soallei tingioa leaiitiful fcmale'.in vt hoc f,tei naluie basdi'splat til her potter, as 10 find her complex ion di.i'olniiii'd with iligisting pimple-, which may her chai in-1 A good appeal-nice - ihele-l rccom ii'cnd.ilion ; and a. the Bcnutift nig Lotion punfie ll.e s.isin, nml remotes nil Pimple-, 1llotcl.cs, Tan, Sunburn and l.Vdne'-s, and prn.lik'ea I eau'iful hue, it is ihe only co-nictie n lady should u- at her toi'et. Gcntlcme'it will all also bud ibis e. dclighlfiil remedy, to re'iiioyp all Kiujline--, l'miple-, Ringweiin-, Sjiots, Ri'due'-s, Sorcnt'-s of Ihe face ami no-c, and every Lend of crup lioiiiui iki'siirlaeT ofilie hiiinau hesly. It is particu lar'! reciiiniiiendcd tOA'iitlcn.en tu l's 11-cd after sha ving, a-11 will prevent the othcrwi-e icriaiu c feci ol all common .cap. m rjruicg the icarJ prematurely gii'V. For -ale Who'e-ole and ictail 1 v A. HIT I'll COi'K it Co., No. 1 17 Gcm-ec street, Viva. In Bur lington, by J. i J. II. Peck it Cn.,andTlico.A. Pick it Co. In Vergenne-, by J. II, Bowman. In.Mdlon, by Butr.rtt it Saw) en In Georgia, by Lrcnzr, nug 20 AT ATUItIVS GRAND IHTORATIVE. Thu il valuable 'cgctabli Mc'liciuc spuuls uprit she't for llie following i'niiiplaMU, viz : Dyspepsia, or Indi-ge'siioii,di-c.i-eil Liter, biIioiisibsc,rlcrs, Drop-y, .Whs, ma, Ctisiitenc-s, Worm nnd loss of Appelite'.'and 1 y i lcan-ing the stiiiu.ich and l owe!-, cures pains in the) side, stomach an 1 1 least, e'olds and e'luighs of long siatidiug, lloar-i'iii'-s, shoftne- of breath, Nerve us complaint-, e!e, tihie-h nri'fi.-pn'iitly the e Vci oi dis ease, Feir IVt'traiid Ague-, 11 is 11 must valual c pre vcnlnlive as well as a sotcreign icme'dt. Its urines surpass any thing he'ictedirc known 111 removing ft, Vitus.. Dance, two bullies have I ecu known tu cum this allhcliug disease', nfier hatiit; lailkil every exer tion for four tears. It has a most powerful indium in removing nert lap-c-oinplninl-. Ills plea-ant tolakn and .oe i-y in its operation, that il may I e udnmiislcre'd to the i nt.. ill wilh sii filt'i Tli nbote Muhciue is very highly recomineiii exl by many sciciitme i-ciillcmcn, and ii large nni'ol er ol'ladic,' who have proved llio virircs of the M.ilicme bv pe'rse nnl use and that nfiheir families. A bill ofirrtii'u'atcsai'cc.inpanii'seai'h 1 olth-, wilh diru'lioiis. It may I c had v hi lesale er read oi Uritain, Barrc, and J. C. furiiam, l.a-i Will lam. lot n, 1 1. sole proprietors. rrcpan-J from the origin al rtvipe; for sale by E. II. Pu-ntis., Muntpchcr, am J. & J. II. Pre k & Co, nnd Tiir.o. A. Pi ck Co., Bur lington, and in ti e principal towns in tbe slate; nl nnviioiis signtiiin tut-hand wi mug otitic prepnetrr NOTICi: TO IIIJILDEItS. 'IlllE sulscrder will furnish in Burlington am J vicinity, GRAN II'E tiind.iweaps, sills, imdir pinniug, Thri'shi'lds um Dims slciis of auv iVmtiii- tion, ol Ihc first quality. A bill ol nny sii ne ti allied will 1 e li'teiuled 10, and ill information tiirnis 'nil ly Jles, r-. t-elicit it Uradlcy, 1'tvl.sit t o,, nml llradlcy .t llyeh'. Anypcrscii cnii nH-theqiialuy ifihc sti ne-, by those fiirni-h.'d for Judge I'ollett's hi u-eir Presi dent Whcclei's he u-e 111 (Uiriing'iin, It is pre'siimcd that the qualuyand price of ihi'sc stuiic Will warrant a general u.c il builders will tnkc the truiiMo 10 ev. iiniinelhe stoneand price. GEO. V, COLMMI R, Harrc, 1 1, 1 ei runry is 11. O111 JollliW BldvcdL'c's Hstatc." STATE OF VERMONT. ) Disirii.t orciiiiti mb m. i Tho Hon. Probnlc Court for tho District of Chittrudert 10 an persons coiicerncit in tn(' esmie , if JOHN M, ELOREDGEIaleof Burlington is said District, deceasi'd, carv.Tlvo. A XntEREAS, Mnrv.lnn Kklrexlgc, ndinimstrjtrix M ot Ihc eslale of said deceased, proposes to ren , deran account of her administration, and present her account against said estate for examination nnd aU lowancc a 1 a sivfjon of the Court of Probate, to lw hohlen nt l!iirliP3lQn7unlh8 eccond Weilncaday of July next- Therefore, you are hereby notified to up. pear beloro tald court at the lime and place aforesaid, and fchotv cauu: ifany you In. , c why the account aforesaid should not Kinllcwul. Given under mv hand nt Burlinglon this Till dav of J'.ijc A p. TU, W.M,YFsT0.N,V?.t-f.'r

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