Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 30, 1841, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 30, 1841 Page 1
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NOT THE GLORV OP O jQ S.A BUT THE WELFARE OP ROMS. BY.J1..B. STACY. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, JULY 30, 1841. VOL. XV....N0. 8. James C. I'lciTc.'s llslntc. STA'I i: OP VKKMD.NT, i tiHTnicT or etui riiN'iir.s', s. I The Hon. tlio Prolate Court for llio Disiiict or Chit tendon ! To nil persons concerned in the estate of James C. Pierce, Into of Huntington, m said dis trict, deceased, . Gnr.r.Tiso. WUHlllI.VS. Daniel ll. Tucker administrator of the estate orsnid ileccai'il, proposes turcuuer mi iiciouoi of his ailmini'tr.ition, ami ptesi'til his account ngnmst said estate fir cnniinalinn and allowance at a scs-ioii tlio (' in t of Probate, to lie Iio'den at tliu F.ngle Hall, in Wilhstoii, on the li'nd .Monday, nf Angus: next. Therefore vuu arc lun by notificlto ni.pear Icrorc said court at the time and place aforesaid, and shew came, if nay ynu have, why the account aforesaid should not he a, lowed. . Given under niv lian I, at said Darlington, tin eifcMli day of July. A. l. 1811. .. 1 ' V.I. WILTON, I.egMcr ST.vTiTol-' VFIIMONT, Di-inci of Chittenden, i T HI! Honorable the I'roln'i! Co lit within nnd lor tl.c Di-irn'tof t'hillondcii. To Mcoioh.ors and other, com crncd in thoe'sinttmf Jamo.C Pierce, l.n...r 1 Iimi iiur'nn. in iml I li-trlel. do ea-cl. WIILKLAS, Paii'- I It. Tinker, minimi-trator of the o-late nf oid cVcc.i ed, lm made a,t'l. a mi to this court, in extend the time limited for m.i no: pay ment of the doll- of mid ilci'iU'cd, tmlvo moiiihs from thisdno, an I ihc third .Monday of Atuut next, being. assigned for a hearing in the prunii-c, at the KaglolI.ill.iiiWillisiniijitiil it having Urn ordered that nonce thoicof le riven, by publMimg tin- -cieo three wee'.. iieee".Vi'ly in the I) trlm-rlmi rice I're-s, a uewpoper printed at llurlington, Ufoio the timelixod for hciiiiir.'. Theiefure, yo i aic here' y nolifiel, to appear le lore -ni I conn, ai the lime an 1 place afuie-uid then und then, to ol'itv'io.i, if nny yon hue, toil.c aid tiiuuof I omsr further cx'cndcJ n uforc- SM 1.1. Given under my hand at llurlington, Ibis S'.h day of July, A. I). 1911. I'll W.M. WILTON, Uc-.-i-tor. MOGUL'S LS.-LMK OK I. Il'i:. A le Mohenie, which, if riskily nppltod, will I o the mcaiisnf saving tliou-an i- from an nuliniity urate. It lia-i hecii sold aud u-ed for thirty years, with success, and found vciy t'!ho.toiou"s "in the following dieai's, viz. Cousti.iijiiion, Whooping Co, oom mon Co.ti'h-, Co'd-, dull Mill HreathiiiL-, iiilhii'iiv.u, Quiny, A-lhuia, Phthisic, frji il t mp nf lllood, Flatu lency," In hire-tion, l.(io-i'tios id' ihe lloutl-, Fitst,f every I. md, Cramp-, It'ckeis, Col"', Cainrrh, I'y cn tnrv,' Paintm r, lly.ioch'iu.ln ie A 'cfiion-, llcad.ii he-, Si.'kno-sut'h, Mcalc-, a pievcutitu of Con-t.iirioi-di-i'.i-e-, (tout and Iilu' ini.Uiiu. vZp I lical-ove Me h -ine i- prepare 1 1 y Ilcnry Sey mour, ol'IIadlev, Ma--, from tin Ore; ..-il II.vipo, fy thedirtvluu nf-nid .Mooie, mil i 1 1 I y bun and the prui"ipiil Drur'i-tsni ihe I ui'o ISia'c.' .S'll .dio'.-iile an head, l.y .1. it. J. II. Pooh Co ami Then. A. Pel. A. ('p., II .llin.'inn, and hy the dea'cr 'erciallv tlT" 'hi'in the eoiuirv 3 a 0I 1 1.. PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTEE. npill.'-S nrti.'lci t n i 11 l.nnv.-ii to need roinmen ihtion and llieixp n nee of seven vena ii:" dennmti aleil to the e.niiiacreinl comimmity, tlnil foi neeni-ney, e.mvcnii'iiee and duralnlitv, ihey are iiniiviillcd -Conl vnnl hCilcM to wciuli ir mi 3 to li toni. Dnninut Warehouse do, to weigh from l-'21h. lo BO.10 I'eMnhle do. In m Ijdi from 1 'I o. to 'Mi Hi !' ,i tali! 'omitcr do si new article to womh from l-'J oz. to 10 ll.s. .1. ec .1. II. P-KtK & Co. Agents. llurlin;;ton, Amil !! I'll, jPJOTIOS. , , rillll coiartr.erhii hercloloro exMins under the A firm of JIAIM IN J: HTOW, lliiiday hy lii'iltial enncnl, and nil pcr-oii who nio indchlcd to the nld inn, nro ri'ipio-ted to M.'tllc their account. withC. II. Martin, who is auihoiized lo leceiic mil diM'harKC the flame. Charlotte, July jl, 1311. nO V.. II. MAUTIS, HANSOM STOW. ICP N 1!. All persons indchted to llic snh--cril er, on Lool; or otherwise, uro rciiue.-ted to teltlo the .nine. C. II. .MA11TIN. Miiiiiiv.Mtv .ii vivinc. By Miss 13. BHAY, WHO has commeneed in the new hiii'diii!; on the cast side of Church Ftrcct, opposite II. Uinc's li'.ll, ,i n inn laFn ion-, uto now just received for tlio ten-son. n."I liurlinijton Jlay 2d, P511. SUIMJItlOl! IMiOt'lt. f K. III.V.SD1I.I,, Acnt forP.o- fpfr ' Chester and other Western Mills lbi'iSS'BS 'inl '""r '' now '" !',orci n'"' O'SiljiOJ leceiiniL' l'.i"ht Thousand Parrels of 2ii?.2i 1'ancv and Superfino Uninds of I'i OU1!. of ihe l-.inhcst icpulalion in tho Voiltand lloston inaikel. Amnii'; which nro the rnllowinjr, 11. Hlv, T. Ilempshnll. S. ClarU & Co. J.l)ais, II. Holmes, Union Mills, Jaehson Mills, Clifton Mill', and J. Ro-dicr, toiether with several choice lirands of Ohio and Micliizan Plour., U. lluddand X. Sliicls, suitable for the Montreal Mar Merchants and dealers will lie furnished to order, at a very low rate, hy retniitin!! Drafts, Certificated of Deposit, or Cash, to '.115 Ilivcr-strcct, Troy, where n full supply ill he kept at all times. May 2-1,1911 Hjlm3 DUAI, USTA'l'n I'OII SAt.Il. At a on rat ii. c iuoaix. The proprietor oilers fur sale the pre mises in the village of lliirliustoii, now occupied hy II. 11. Hl'iey, ll.ipas a dwcllini; house, printiii!; office and readiniV room The premises arc convenient for a store and dwelling house or fur offices of nlinnst any description, and arc situated in tlio centre of the mot business put of the town. Kor terms ol'sde and payment, inquire of Chailes lluss ll, I'nrl st. liurlmton, or A. I.. Catlm, of Or well Vt. Ct.VlUX lVI' Y It II ThcMihscrihcr hast esum ' cl tlio Cabinet business at the old shop on Church street, formerly occup.i. J by Xichols .i Hcrriek, and recent I v hv 1!. II. Walker, where he intends to manii- fi'lure nnil keen constantly on hand all kinds of u M.i.xi.r i uis.xi 1 1 in., ot a style anil (jimmy not inferior to any inanuf ictured in 'this icmily. He hopes his Ioul' experience, together with n strict atten tion to tin' busintsss, will secure In m a share of the publ'n pntioini;e. -trWANTr.l) in cxehanrefor Cabinet Work, llireli and Maple .Scantkt, suitable for bedsteads; basswood pl irik. and lunrds from 1 inch to inch ; wdiite Pine bonds. Mo. tkindsof country pioduee leccived in pavmcnt, (but cash would bevorvarer piable.) 1 l:uihii'tou,.Ian. 1.1S11. KAMri'.I, NICHOLS. 07s" ii UVt f; UXVClt ivnuM infirm tho in- n h'lh.mntg of Ilurnn: r on rind vi- e ii'ly, that li. has opened n shop in tliunli fturi, ni the sii-ii of the Hill". whin In ii ' to ca-ry on ilie fJun sin. ih I!, s , -c in nil its t annus hraiicli. ffif cs. IfaviPL' In en rinploj id for the last SJ si- yea!, in tin-shop of '.I. Jf. C'nswill, ' in I.a isiiiiihurLdi, (undnuhtnllv the best shop in the roiled States,) ,.; f ,. war ranted in off ring hia work to the public. Unrlinston, Juno 1, IlA'.OIlb'--AUI.Y Sill. Ul 1'. have just received a variety of 1'odirrrs and F.lliot's I'iueP A'.OIIS inn h hkcil hv pcruus who flnvc ibems Ives. l'AXGEor.:; & Hkinsmaid. i ci:;t (K;;: v. iiA'.'.itr.i: nlii hi ed the Tu-trii Stand I it Iv uccii,. d by Mr. J. Potter, ivar tie f'oi'itHiiu-ein l!uilinlnti, will at nil lis ii IWj v linn s.lie ready toacconinioil.ite I ravel lers trRsZiSZi! and others with Ilo-ird.lo 'iiiuiidiursjucn- njr anil oilier acconiuindaiions in ijoud style, and no p'unswill lie spared mi his part, In make them com fortable, and on thj m i reasonable Terms. l'ricc of Smclc meals one Slullinr Iluiliiifc'ion April 21lh, Hll SU1V ."tHSIC AM) AlUSICAIi IXSTim- sir.XT lleware of Diiiption i IT has freiiurntly come to the knowlulire of tlio sub L (.criher that einpty .SmiflMnrs, with his Label on them, have been 1 ought up, for the purpose of pcllinc in them an inferior quality of Snuff i and, alsa, that his Snull'-I'ibtls have in some instancis been counterfeit i.d. nr tlic 'cm ml dLficn of (lie same co iioitatid as to easily ilieeiie iheunwnry he deeins it, therefore, his ilnti M inform purchasers of the manner in which thev aic often imposed upon: and he would hereby nnii'st them to tear nil' or defueo the Labels on tho outside of the Jars afu r linviim disposed of the con tents, so as to iireient further u-o of the same. A unliable leuard wi I he a d for such ciidcne" as will had to the ikuctiou S comiction of thciir.po.stcr. The subs liber continues to nianufaciurc, and offers for sale, the follwina articles : i i.m. niiim.N flenuiiie Maceobov. ) rc Iniilatiou do ijlui'd Sicily do Maltese. do Curaeoa do Aineiiean llappce, Holland io Tuberose, Si, Oiner, Strasbur?, coAiisr. wtow'.v s.Miri', lalcliiiochrs, I'reneh Itappee, American (entlcnian, Pure .Spani.h, L. Mixture. SXUIV. Iri.-li lilnckguaril ) . , Tln. MANX, Ai. "ViV - "i -1 'v' has just rg- r of New JIiisic, Jlu- eal lnt.uments, &c., which ho is authorized to sell at tho lowest lloston re ail prices. Tlio Music for the l'iano I'orto consists of Koiu-s, (ihvs, D :etts and Trios. New and beautiful M iiehes, Quii kteps, Cal ojiades,, Dances, and pieces with variations, i-ome of wdu Ii are th lvisi publications of tho l!oa ton Uremic and lliaa- Hinds. AI.SO A areat variety of American, fi.riinn. 1'rein h and Kn(.di!i Mu-ical lu-trumenls, eonsi.iins of lluules, Truinpeis, I'reneh Morns, Hani, Trnorand AltoTromhoneB, It Hat, Unnd'Kflu (.'l irionctts, Ccr mau Concert I'lules,) from one to mat key,) Hngco Ictls, Octave and I'icolo I'lut's and I'lfi s. Splendid Itass Viols and Viohns, eleyant and plain Violin and Pass Viol lliws. Superior I'oninn Violin, Hiss Viol and (iuitar Htrincs of every n.e and letter. I'.nglisli and 1'rcneh f'linonett Iteeds. Splendid l-'reiich Ac eirdeons, .Spanish fJuitarR, with phin, and (Jernnn Siiverpalent heads. Instruction Hooks, with Cam uts, L .ou-, aid Ilxenises fir nil the above, and oth i r instrument, are now for pale at Mr. Mann's resi dence.! few rods north of Ilie Church, in Ilurhni!ion, wbeic ho respectfully invites customers lo aivo him a call. Military Hands and Music Schools, furnished with Music, Musical Instruments, (and itriiclion, f tie e!rcd,) nt short nolire. - n-vl'IAXO I'OUTr.R strunr', repnircdand tuned as usual. Durlington, May 7, 1 11. -19 Dcmisroi Pure Virginia, llai lion, St. Domingo, Copenhagen, tupjlnt'd I Vi'.LLOW Scotch ) and S I'inc. Hiuli Toast. S Irish Ilish Toast swrr.T.sci:.Tr.D kixu-cut chiiwixc TOIIACC'O. " " Oronoko do do. ITNIvCUT SMOICING TOHACCO. Spcivsh. lutcfoot, Canaster,' Common, and rttenis. Pi;TER:i.01tILI.AltD jr. '"' ii Chatham Street. New Yori. .March, 5311. J. & J. II. l:t!Co.)J(nlrJ,B!inKion, Vt. TVJ'!';;;K. ;Cr"Mciheine is I ct known I y the 11 c 're it perfrin.rrij I. NewlonV P.inaee.i, or Purilier of the lllood. '1'bo iiupar.illi led and .nil inerei.iti'r reputation which tin. medicine ha.iieqnir il thro'iulio'il the New llushindStnto-, und the many cure, it In- perfiirme.l, nn d the deal demand made for it by the a Iviee ofphy.ieian. will aeipiaiutoi nub it. pieiVirnliou, ba. in I ice 1 the propr.oti r to extend it- eiro'ilii'mn to almost cvciy town in the e.i.tern Si a e- aud ihe prnnpal town, m die I'nitel S'ato. Tin. Pana"ei. warriutcl puiily vejetal le,und j. not .urpa.-eil 'y any other mo Heine ever o .ere.i to llic .illlietel a. 'it. eii'ii-ive .a!o an I populari y plainly prnve. Il ba. wtihiii the !a-t cih'i'cn month, ere l i'i lli.iii-un I. oflhc mo-t oli.tina'c di-c.i-e-, a. can le prove I by eeriiliea'e., and . pronounecl by c-iiiiieul an I ''nl le jihy.ician. Ilie I c-t uuvbeine ino.e, j" eful mfi rn. itu'uinay I e lii'ind in circular, eon!:: nin certitiea'e. of i ue. and iluc "oon. fur la bour tlio uie.lieine. The following niuiuiii'cd itirent.. llurlinston. J.&J. II. Pee1, an 1 Co.. 1!. Moodv St All nn., Corn, an I ll i.sel Milton, C. Dr.isi' Mdlon tal -. Ilnnel and S.nvver atom ic, i i.J. and Drown, lliue.bursli, Hull mil Cm,', 1'iirfix, l aruer ana .Mathclit i ereeiinc-, Aoani. anil -Murray Cambridge, M. Wire I'mlei loll, M. ('. Ilimey North ferri.l urizh, II. C. leuer Ceoria, A. IHi Willinon.N. C'lul'eiiilen Ua luuiiiiil. (Srccn ccIIIkkIcs lolui-on, ti. I,. arner ami I. MnuMnu, J.llian .Suiilli lla er.-helii, .M Iiiiiikioii ami ooilwar I rinr ...II I I .. - . ,. ...... i' i n nci'i, ii iruui aim i iiitisv. .iriu. ly.i.u iCpl.MPOHTA.N'l CAPTION, It isn sinnulnr fact undone muelitolio regretted that lalualile medicines, us soon as they I eeoinc pop ular, und luu o livened the let ami approval ol n ib.erinitnat nr.' pul. lie, ore. uro to beeoiiiilcrfened f mid tliu-. n liiid uinUpMrioti- nrliVli i iiiHm'di.ileiy ialniol upon iboun!iipi.v!iiiff for tin pmuhto Tlu li.i U-cn notorioti-Iy tliccasc nili nil popular I run! and truly valuable incdiciu's fur yt-Mr p'i-1, nn 1 will probably continuum be Ihc imms fiir jt'ar to t'cinc. The ba-r and ronlcnipliblii counlcircit in tin way meanly tadc ndvnntni ol all tlio e.iurl and ndvi-r-tiiii n-etJ by the propriVtor- of tin genuine article, to get tlic'ir nielieinc- mioiiu nnd deereil popluan ty. ItiHtliereforcuot le-i ihed ny than it eontrili.i.O;. to the vnfeiy fif every honet iirIivkIimI iuibeioiu niMnily to expose. (Vown down, anil turcvernfier I)IS TIMTIr nil lIUAirrMSS IMiRATIS who thus irrc-i)on-iblv inflc u-iih bealtli and life. iL3TJi:iii:Koi(i; takk Aoriccj There f a iieron bv the name of.!. H. liOCHK- FOItT. now eiiLMce I "In ellm'j- a 1MI ilone up in I ox' iiirvael anil peril -el imfia'fou ol'ilie p-miniL IMHAN J'HiI.TAIIIjK '1LI., with the onti-Min nf only nut word on (be Uo.e viz. Wmr.itT. The ill old by ihi-Itocbeforl aie evidently in'eiuli'd n n Iran I anil ipijio Hum npnu the fuiminnuy, or they wo ild not I cen dtMie Mp in tich exn'-t( niiannn'nf the iren tine. Tin pcr-nii i- lull I lu-lenu wi Ii a jrrnt tbe u'ruMl "wairer. He wa reccnily Known a-a very p r plajer in IJattunuie, linger tho idu-rmI cognomen olMini Itrown, and i-. nbo it twenty Ihc jeariofajre' If i alinot leyotila douttlhal lie h supplied with thelM'x Iroin a Drusiri't linn in the ray, who luu e hi retofuro I een noionou-ly eonneeted with eounter foi t medicine. Aoonn5proei i-o! tained the t.un head of tin- nefarious Imimiic-h will be expired, that the coimntmity may hun them a1 ihey would a -crnent. ix Tin: mi:ax timi: nif: vvamao aim-: cau- TIONKI) mrain-t bnyin? WKIUIITS Indum VnnnTAKi.r. I'ut of any tme w ho doc not elnbi a eerlilieaieof aen e' -ij-ned by the nircnl for the New I upland State aud 1 eariim date -mi-e Janumy 1 S 10. AIm taKo par tictitar notu-e ihat thcfi llowin' wording i- rn thu I ox-t.Viii;il- Indian eiretable Pi'l (I ml lurntic) of ihe Xorlli Anienean Col'eiro of Health, The Jntltttn Vigftablc Villi -tie a li t niin rare fot duH.i-e in il s t-i j .niei) nf liinu, hce-in-te ilicj llio loniil) cl(',niiC ll c funni.ich and bime1it indure a pin pci ili( h-iiye h the hui,.( ltn inifl ki()nc , andcli mnl.ite ibn Ii'iukI m pin if iuelf. In olliet uuid- dn-v npcii .ill thf n 1 1 in .i I, and N A I Ult K the Grand lJhyician) nru lo dnie lnnn I lit hodj, riie abiive onileiF, or diaui, ai e the riniiiiun turr? nf i he IhhIv, llnonali Imh nil moibid and ror rapt humiiit (ihc r.HHp nt dl'ao) me cm inl n(f md loii .ip ibf) aie all krpl npen, .ind dich.n gi' fuel) ihfit altoiird pontnii" nf bitptn the Imdv ill rmi. iiiiiip inhp.ihli : bin when fioin e.ilin iinprnpni loud, btp tilling iinpaieaii, Hidden iLin-ilimi- hum heal in colli, met I'Sh'iiKitnn oi .inv nlhrr rpn-r, the bn,el Ijfi'onit' native, the pun'- ol ihfkiu bmiinp ehi?'d, nt ihekidncir1 f-til tt prifmin iben I'ltici ion pmpriU. the inipiirilic- wlitch liu1d be di.iim-d Itnm llic h'n h tlii-p miitw, will be lei. lined, and eniiliniie in ne rninul lie nitlil ihe liod bceniiit'H hifi.itlv tri.idcd vvnh diPi-e 1 1 ile rh.innd nf mir nu''hl rueip -honld Into it if blocked up, would mil iIk .him mntaii'd u.ilrin find new inttlcM. nr llic ruiintri lirciniit iimiubilrd ' J nt) I i-o w nli i he Iuuii.i i body ; if ihe n dm in be en in rln-eil, ihe sitin tni inid rot t dpi liunmi w ill find lent nt the wiiton! hum l pitch .h levci, Sum 11 I'os, Unnh, I!hnun.tii-m, (loin, Apoplexy, kc, or Uc.iilt wilt en I our t-ttflci i ns TliHirfoie, n lien picktipp .11 the iiiiin.i( h, ti tiiH tu ihc lurk tind fide, ipnik pnh-e, binninfkin, oi .uiv odicr tmple.i. .tni rfynipU)!!!, imliciip ilia) one or tnnie ol ihc ltd. ili .itiH -tie no) dirrh.ii amj hetly. nnil ihc t on.(i l nl trin m .itiont lu enmmrnce a m i nysjie 1m tie' rc!or,t lion nfhe.ihh no nine should he loi in .-tduiintd'erini; t le v bri-k i bur nf the. Indi.ui I'ntg.ttitc (Jiiilian IV gctiibtc Pills.) By o dori2 all the hiieiinn ( ihc body will be irpimVil to nuler, Hid ihe foul htmioii (iIim e.m.sf of every inll nu ilion or p nn we fnfiei ) will be lemnvpil in hue.Hy.tnd inttiualt iiiuniict, itial ihc botly will In tritinifd if by a eliaim. The nbnie l'dtd in y bo till 'n til ALL lint fa it ml mtiif) AM, ('! ninwi.nicpti, Willi pnfcei pifety. They mil all com plaints and all .iuc:. .tad ate lo ihc hum nii'mciniiiinii a- ft. ml : eoii'i tpicnily ihc can vener injme -tt the modi dchiM'e. Like our bind, ihr aie di&ctiblf; ihci efoit-1 hi y entr i inio ihe rti'ua .iml im(i.n i .in r ii'N iiy lo ibe hloo I, w an It rn-tble it m (low iih ft t c doni (pule lo ihc csn euiii le- und eonrrpi'illy m k'-ep i In t nut's of i lo ikm oi eit They m c it ne hikI pti ! n pniifiet' nf ihc blind ; b P.tlle ihey di.tlll .ill em inpl lit) mm fi oui th it life u inj (In id I'bev imp ii t ii i i'rith .mil vijjoi m the wh-ilc y-lt'in, ami ihit if ft eli .iie.iKiaV" brinfii' ; became tliev oui t iumc ihie hum'it w Ineli .it e nppiihfd u he-ilih. I'Iipv .ild intl mipiote dupdifin, :ind pntuid chep fnllnwi) ihcit ii. e; tliev i Ip-iihc ihc (JiiiMuirh and Imwcldnl liO!o slimy luimoui ti which iml onl ii i tMie and eeue i hi nciwni- tyif rm t but p.ti.dyz and wnkpn ihc du uc-iiip oi gain. Iiifhini ilny ptppj all ilipy yood pmpenic thai tan he 1 1 nmrd loi any nfdieine : aud what hi" eiv', it i nuet ly importiL i'e lo nc I hem W'iilirmt bem'fil, Prieoa. i'eni per ltn, with fu'l direciion-. O.llfv and ("riiiit Pepot fcr the New Kiii'Ian I States, So. lOSTienmntStrect, near ("unrt stiect, Ilo-ton. The regular appomie 1 AirniU can receive their nip-plie-. ef the al nve pojrilar IMU, a herctofnte, fr(in 'ho only o'titeaud general depoi for the New Inj;land State, lOS'l'iemout ftreci, ltoton. IVllar- or trav-cllinsazeiit- arc not allowed to -ell the genuine indum veca! le IMI-, therefmo never pnHi.i-e (mhj them, for If you do yo'i will bo .-nro to obtain adulterous and co'in'orfeil article. l 1 Titr.o. . I'i ci; Co, A sent hi Ilurlincton, fi r thu -ale oflhc Indian Veyretal lel'il!-, nl-n, V. II. Hoi.Lr.y, Willi-inn. Vt mid A. linn-niMd, Ibirlinaten. L DANIEL SIMPSON. Patent Lever Watch Maker, from Liieriool. AS ili now Iwehc yetir.i ."nice lioav.nlej lninell of llio privilege of returning liii Rriitefiiliicl.nottlelueincots to In friend ami tliu puljlie in general, loralino-l nnprircoen I- '.vV 74 V .' is,. n i DDK AT Till!?. UA VK Vt'IJ A COL'OIM i-J tO.OOO Oil. 01 OJVsll.MPTlnM i'U'i'1' inr ill Iliel'iiiicilSmto., and iiiillioiiH m.ler fconi troiililc-rme eo'ialiH iiinlcoliK, that can I a ennui l.y Dr. M. llilili-coel,'-. Vegctnlile Viigm l 'ream Con;;'li llrope, n ifnfe medical nreenntioii. coataui'i no i .oimoi ni i-ctru" -. :t in I u-ed in an extensive praetieo for M'vernl year.- will I ino-t ponivcly alliipl relict, aiuKaveyon from that nu-fiil dieace, pMliiioiiarycoiiiiiiiiioti,vliitli niiallv vceep into llic grave liiinnrcd ef ilie vomtp, llic o'll, llic fair, the lovely and the gay. Have 'yon a cougli ? lie rcri'nilci! to pnreliift' n liotllcol the CuiiEjli Drop-i lo-d.iy! '1'o-inorrow may I e too late. Ilnvo you a iyuch!lir. Iliieeeol.'-. egetal.le Virgin Cicam Conch ( "rops i die only reined' von should tal.o to cere yon. for tlniplaig re.ion. 'I'dal in uooiienftho llmtiiind eiiM' where it lia I een iimiI hav it I'aikvl to relieve I'rue 7jecnlper I oltle. l'orale, ivholc.nlu and lie tail, l.y A. lIlTriK'OCIv & CO. No. 117 Hcno-eo St.. lTlie.1. ?. Y. .ttlil liV itit'ii- ii-niil. llirf.ii'rlinnl itw I'nile I '-'tine-. Iii lliirlinqtoii, by .1. &. .1. II. Pock & i 113 cheap an.l on ai good tciini as at any other i-hop ergennc3, bv .1. 11. c . u; .. f'i a c V'-i" tedavor.Iieleg'.cacto in- S. VH-;jV3 form them he is still ut the -'-..u-rK-IJ .v,7. ,, (n,rili-slii.,.. one door xoulli of A'oble Lovely and Co'.. store, wlicrc lie per-onally attend-, to the repairing of Cliroiiome teri, l'.itcnt ixvcri, Duplex, U'pinc-, and all ether ilo.eription of Timepiece-.. He will warrant nil now worl. ulli.ed to Watclici in hi sliop lo I e a good a? the original, or as any done i n the continent. -V. II. A good aorliiiciilof A7;il' H'AVCIWS ol tliu lirst quality of woikiiinn-lnp, nnd will lcold Co., " n o. A. P, rk it Co. 1 o I'oH iiian. In .Alilton.hv HuriiLtit Hawver. In Geor gia, by I.orcno Janes. ati.2 I Ml 171 IS i .-ASIC 'I MOST. Wild If .NO IV. 1'lio-e ouU ulio kniov b I in I ii tinnipib.ilc obfiCi iiion, e.ot fui in an) iileii ofilie ..fieri., nf itie piifeel H'lief, oftlie .ilimn eli.o in. like em e. f-flVt led in eni" of llll! I'll. FS. ItlllU.MAHSM, III) iStVt. Ll.l.NOS, It IX 1 all eiieiiiiil Pas, no iiMtter boiv fCieir, In the u-e ofll.n?' I.iiihneiii. I iml imp u bo ti.i tHi'd ii' will nut I. md il alunr nil tliuign eiei ikpiI, and on will Mud Imi n.oiiini be I'miml. JtJ"! or the leiiefol mlTi'i ing lii' beinci who iim be tiftlicicd, I bei' iiti in tik .i-l of ilm-e win, know uk llic Hon. Alkiiku Conklin, U. S fur that di'lilel, ic-iiiloiu ne.u A iilno n , ii.-l; MatiiU'w J, Mvcns, P.-o. Allieii?, . V j n-k (!pii. Dukk C! n een, I. lie ol W .iIitnaion eil , e it b nf iIipp ptiileiiipii know of e.iei niieiniipiet utile h all oilier lenied rii or iiliypieiuiis, tlioiifili hied ini, li.ive bppo ctiied b I Ii e oe of I lie a.-niiiiip iray'i I.inimtnt. 'I'll hm.iihI' oIoiIipi ppiduii I ii'U" rine. e 10 ibeir mmhp of jim Iicp then limn.oi feeling.-.. jEZj1'll ii bin a dulj nn owe to iinr pnnVilni; fellow -bpinjjM to let 1lii.ipii i Pined i be known, ype.ik oT it ibpn lo all )(lil ft idol I'lii. will s.ile nnnti pioiwtieic dip newpp:tCi! me not, or where le.i'lern nip incii'diilon., bi' mm) woi ibte-4 .iniele mi p aiUei il-pd lor ilie siiiiip pnipo-p. I'o !inpr-i wc h.i, if all who n ti - ei I il do mil i..iy it i-t bewMid nil priic, tlien do nol Like it Clip propi ieinr u ill mil allow ibis .11 liele to be p'ud fm toiler 11 em e-, w lien all die ibieeihni -.iipfnll) follow ed. Will ioi one Miffei ing irfn?e nnw lo Irj il 1 Ifhe doe?, be 0114IH in bp pilieil mole bn bi4 olnliiMry 1I1.111 hi. snflVi lug, El-"3i,lr. 1 1 t p would iieipr eoii-icnl lo oflVi thia :n licit, weie he not rninpelled b lii seiiFPof ol 1 pliaiotl. . 1 m 10 do nil 01 hi powei tor tlip iciiui of dinner.' and nii-eiv. I'or ibn pnrpnso be wiui'il siiitiipi deuce .1 foi Itnip, th in weenie 11 dolhir fur .nn w.nibVf- atlirle. C3I.00K OUT. S'oine w iihIIpi f It it p ciiiiiitei fell eil lint 111 liele, it in I ('ill il np w lib t 11 inn 'let ices. Do nol bn imposed upon. One lliing mils willpioiprl ton il i (lie 11. urn' nt Com.l'oi'i 5 Co.; 1I1.11 11. line iiin-i be alw.iti on the tti.ipppr, or ton oie rlie.ocil Do not fiiiget il. 'I'.ike ihi. diiee. 1 inn ttnh tun, nnd le-i lo 1I1.1I, or never bu ; foi il i- iiiipu.siult' lor . nit oiliei tone 11 in or genuoip. SOI.DMON II Wri. Sol I lit Comstork R- Co. 71 .Maiden l.n'ic, .N. Ynik. Tlir.O. A IT.CK & Co. Wholes. lu Agcnla foi the S I. IIP of Vpi iimiiii. iii the stale. From his long experience in ihc bii-ine, nnd Ins being so many year engaged in the making ol wateli e. 111 Ilngl.ind, he Hatters linn-elf that ho is ni com petent 10 mak j ilcetion lis any in the vicinity. liiiiliiiuton, June II, 1511. Ill DA. I1RA M AX, Inn tins day recited a new nu ort of Hooks and Slalioncrv. coniiirisiti'' Addresses and Messages, of the Presidents from Washington to Harrison. Valuable and approved works, in Tin olog ical nnd Miecellaiieous Literature, do. oral liiograpliy vovages nml tiavcl. The latest editions of the most approved School Classi-nl and Mntlii'iiintical Hooks. A large supply ol Paper, tiuills, ulatik llook, I'.leni iilnrv and other Snellars, llraiuniars and Geogratiliits Ikxtotl Acadeniv (Slco Hook and Oihon. and Jutetnle nooks caret illy selected, all ttlitch ate ollercd at t! lowc-l puces, at tlio Itook htore. July 1 lll. STEAM-liOAT HOTEL, l! 1 f7 itur.Li.vaToN, vr.n.Mo.NT. DUCT. AlAHSIIAl.tS, Cainrrh and lle.i'.'.iulii' h.M I I'. '1 hi Mm 1 m h it .r 0 any Ibmg jet known, for rcntoting that inn ic-omedi',-cii-.e, the Cionrrh, and alo a ei Id 111 the 1 end, mi l tho heii'l.ielie. ll open an I purge oil all oiiti notion", stieiigiienlbcglaiiil-,aiii cite nlualihya' 1011 ti thu part a iceteJ. It is pi rltd V lice Iruin an) lli.i.go'elc terioji in it coniii'-ilii 11 J.a- a lea ant Haver, and its mum hale.' .", nfn r I n-ed, is til gnxaMc I'nceS J t ent-, per bottle. Duet. .Marsball's j.e:ab'e liulian Ulael, Pl.ASTl'll. 0- l'lnter i unrivalled lor curing -ernr.kii. sWe - HY JONATHAN IIAItT. IXiTIt. II. respectfully announces to tlio citizens of XIX llurlilletnn mid Vieillitv. ntut llm lrnv.l!tiu. 1 tin-.. S llri shik I nut.. lt.w.L . ni.,1 I.'.. ..I. V... ...l. public geueraiiy, that ho has inirchrsed, thoroughly . pain-111 the side-, Jim- ami l.iml; and ..I'luni fmU In repurcii, painted, litted up, and ruimtlied the abovo give relict 111 local Ithe .mat -. II iippbed to thu Hotel, situated on the cornir of .South and Water j nle,it will erne manv ol ibccoinmcn Liter . uinplaint; streets, opposite the head of the Sleatnbont Wharf in : ni.d 1 eip al, if not -'ti ci mt, in any iIiiiil' 111 oe for thotillageof llurlington, (funnel ly ottned and kept 1 corn 011 ihc (eel , the t n..e ot iln'-P,a ter hat e 1 een hy Captain I. It. Harrington, of tho ateamboat Phin-1 1 y tho nnd-. of indu nl' nl. in tic tatted iu.,j 111 a stylo 01 contcnience and comfort not sur-, htatc, tt im b.itvic ted it cile-ai y. told 1 vthe pro passedby any other Hotel 111 the tillage. A spacious I pricier ; tin.. IWeu, Midd.ebuij, t,, iiml 'Iiieo. A ji.irj.ur, sitting 100111, reading roum, and dining room, I'm 1; V. Co., Ili.r.inti.n, Vt. ' jd no eooiiniiiucaie wiin cacti outer, nnn ttilii tnc lrotit. t 1 .vim XJ. taut l)i-.eincr.i- m17a on the ground tloor. Tho Ihr room, bams, solos onuyarus nrcarrangwl ill Hie best poihto man Iter to accommodate tho trnvrllniL. and liiiinesi unli lie. An acre of gronnd, nearly on a let el, ndjo.ns tow 1 K.VI tilt. Dr. ht.rre, alter inncli tittii.toii Hotel, with convenient oiit-housi-i, soieious and a.ry important snloiet 01 pre-! 1 ting the hair, I. iiaii! :: ::ai,I)ni:.-.".. in.iior- (lic Cunt .".Itstei't I011111I out nt instuu sTi.imv's iiAiu i:i:(ii:.m:- to tho alter riMit: i.idN or .1 PWI-Tlie C. rtM) THU HA 1. 1-1 1 1. A I) 1. 1) V (ITIIIIUS I) 'C.. 101 kiiutv .1 neighbor or ftiend who lli. been ild, .iml whn.p be id n. notvroteied ttiili tinp I1.111? eotpied with buff, ihiiitli bui-lii'd etrit hour which b.i now tan 1 -bed f ill nelt 1 Or one wlto-o h.iii at e.ul 11 CP weie tin tin giev, who now hi. mil a eret b.111 ? Ctoldien lm.i' beul- weie cnteied wilh scinf, whupe b would not gi ow, th 11 .lie now crow ing ihe fulle.-it el op. nf ban ! fciinip c.ii-t ii mi. I be known to 11101 pci ?on Ak iIipiii ibe ciii.c, .md toil will bp told tbppf 'long- h ite bi-en dmip lw ihe 11. p nf tlip Balm of Co tambta. Of 20 tens' 1I1 1. ibn .11 liele, in deu,.init' iiuniiallt sump Inindied pei cint, 1I111112I1 ,lieo ili-i on tpit not nppo.edlit init i bins for iIip.-iuip pm pi'FP, now .is. .lib d h .iluio'l ino-hiouii ir.nll piep.ii.llliiil-tb.11 will ruin tlip I1.111 if used to .int pxtenl. f.'Oi inoie there fieis be tv.inted tefei to the 1 pi niunii'iid 11 ion. by si 1 i of 11.1 hips of 1 e.p' el 11. Inliit , tinp'i'i illed bt tint oibpi .11 liele. Look lo these ilini'. tint tbi in itele. titaj .111. 1 pi cei te t our b iii lit 1 1 oc, or if Ii ild 1 psIoi e ti. I, .lilies, uiipiii! to 1I1N InniihctN in f.i-bioii ible life arp it .1. ibp onlj ntiele ic.illt fll fnr the lnip. Liiii-' b.iii i. trit upl in fill mil L.i -ties, use 1 hp It 1I111 of Columbia 10 1 imp 111 s ite toiiisp'tc. llip of bt!ducs fit upglerl of yom tieif.iu.. Ill-, j 011 r duly, .1 m' to pip -rite tin bennies of 11 limp, willi wbii'b abotunifiil Ctciloi Im endowed too ; 11. e the IbilmJor it will do il. caution 10 un i:i:iii:wiihi:i:d. Setei il mo-t ll gr..nt -.ittptnpis It ite been mule 10 I I'.unei fen the 11 in ll.ilm of Columbia. Souip ol I Im- .1 ipuslpi - b hp gone Fo far .is 10 eniltllei fpit t tie splpil lil it 1 appris, .iml ibe Palls of .i.i'n,i, and ett'it e (ill 1 1 U i xi'ppi t tie 11 nop ol (,11111. lurk , ti Inch lbe tnc not '1 o ntoiil llieirfure, ni ts lof.k lei ilie 11 line nl ( niii.tork ti Co. or L. Coio-lork, und nrtpi Iniv llio art irlp iinlpss il litis ilantp itiou il Sold wholes. lip rntil irliiil, unit al tVo. 71 .Manlcn Lane, ,. V. 1 (1KII. A. Pl.Ll. ev Co. W Iui'phIp Aupuis fur the Staio of riiiionl le Wl.VIIOtV SASH Just reeeiveJ la. 20 an I 21 7 by Oea-cnents of -nsli,.! lirsl lato artielo al .11 and 3i cents per liihtj also all kind nndnizi., furnished to or ler. I icoiulerog.i bl.iek h i I, a In-t rate iiiiu-l,., for 1 s.i;e very tow, mgenierwiiii .1 v.iru'iv 01 oiner urn rl.iso cheap as can 1 e Mind at any other cslal lib men) 111 ihc phc c. C1.0. Pethisox. I fit in ii rpi"T nT- nOUHLli U.MUH.ICAL. CATAItltll SMUT. mf Ai:?HALI.'.S SM'l'T, is still cuiitiKtbc C.uarrh Ll a 110 1 the various tn.c.w 01 in lie 1 1, hhitiiik ore eve. In all oailol' ihe counlrv: and sii.taiiiiir-' the rep itanou which it lias long since gained, of .1 . 1 ..1.. .1. . 1 .. . . . .1... 1 "... I .1... icing uo-ui licit mo 1 t-"i .1 ri icio 01 uiu hiun 111 in.-market. Laeli boltlceoiitnius threetiine Ilie niiantitc of one of Ibo.c wlneb are ollcred al "ONLV TWH.NTV- l lI. CK.STri." And is ihercftire a iniieh cheaper, nt well as better article. I'or sale be J. & J. ll.'PKCK it Co. I IILO. A. 1T.0K A. Co. an.l In. KOIIT. MOODV. Iliirluigloii, Jan. 22, IStl. ly.MS MAUSIIAI.I.'" continues unrivalled as a strengthening PLASTL'lt : Also, for Ifheuma-li-in, Lamene-s or paiusin Ihcsidc, limbs or back: for si'riibiln i stvelloigs, scurvy sore, Kresb wonii Lj an 1 far a general Family Pliilcrors.ilti'. Pur Corns, inoreoteiiry it j pine close, persevere in Iboifc l.y oi il-log'.i new application oecu-ioiially, 11 ml in tune, yonrcoriiiwilUoe ircd. Kor -ale bv J. &, J. II. PKCIt' it C'o. TIIIOO. A. PI'.CK it, Co. and Im. 110IIT. .MOODV. llurlington, Jan. oj, 1811. Iy.f.18 Jt'ST rc"''l a suppl of Marsh's celebrated Tni of cerv le -crilitityfors-il'.' by Ihu dozen orsiu 0 t. 0,1RI0. n.'iUKO. A. PLCK .tC s JNlTFUXhV TSVLNTV-PIVP. CIIS'IH-D.M. MOKPAT'ri VLOlCl'AIILi: I.IKi: MIIDICIMX?. The-c incbcincs are in lcl till fur their name to Ibeir manifest and senil le iidion 111 purifying the priugs and channels ol lile, and enduing Ibeni with renetvc I tone aim vigor. 111 maov ii'innreii 1 eriuieii ie wlneb bave teen niaoe put ll", ami 111 nlmii-t every spi-eie oi(iic.iMii'i tt men llio nmu.iti iranic t It il Ii-, the Imppy e 'els i,l" Moitat'h l.irr. 1'll.l.s and Pnir.s'tx liiTTiT.s nave Kcn greaiiiiiiyain! put iniv

ae ,uowled'j:ed by the peroiis 1 eiielittcl niel who were prcvioii-ly'unai'ipiamlcil wt'h tbebe.iolif illy pin-lo-opbiea! priueip'es iiion which tin y iiieeoniponuj- ii.aii'l upon t nieiniu'vcon-cipii'uiiy ni'i. The Lll'T. MKDIL'IMM leeoiiinieud lliem.elt, ni lic.ies of every form nnd iV-cription. Tlieir firsi operation is to 'oocu Irom Ibe coats ol I in stomach ,1111 1 O'.t'Cl, toe v.Tlons noi 11 nu .1111 i-rti'iiijes con stantly witling uroii'i I ihem; and toreiiinve the bar dcued f.iee. which enlleei 111 the coiivobilinii- of the smallest inti-tine-. O her inedi 'ines only parliadv i'leiiieihec, nnd leave sued eolleeti' 1 I elnad a 10 prinluec ha1 itnal cotivenes., with all its train of evil-, nr sudden diarilnci, Willi its imminent i!,igcr.ii This I'.iel is well known In all regular au.ilomot, tvhoex'imine the li' bowels aftcrdeatb j and hence the iiri'iodieeof thi'so well informed men iiirnin-to'iaok medicine or mobeiiio prepared and heralded 10 tboii'ibliebv ignoianl persons. The nvnnd elli'el ol iho Life . Medicines is 10 clean-c the kidneys and ihe blal ler. an I be tin's mean-, the liter und the lung., the hc.ilihliilaeiioii of which ciitiielyilepend upon the rc "ol.irilv of Iho iirmar oriaii. Tho hloil, whidi ..I'.cs 1 s re lcolor from the agency ol Iho livcrand ihe lungs Injure ii pas-e- into the heart, being th is purified l.y them, nnd nourished by food coming from a clean stomach, eoiirc livelv ibro igh the veins, renews etcry pari oflhc system, nii'l Irrunpiianily mounts tnc naniier ( I ileum 111 111c mihuiiiii.' i ncci;. Jin ar I'clal. c Life Medicines hato lien tbor ougbly U'sitsl, iiiidprononnceiln soveicign temislvfor Dy-pcp.ia, I'latiilcney, Palpitation of iliellcarf, l.os nf Appetite, Heart-burn and llead-aebe, lelle ne-s. lll-lcinper. Anxiety, lyinguur niji .uci.inciioiy, 1:0s nvi'iie.s-. Diaribii'.i. Choltra, I-'cver. of all kinl Khe'innti-m. (io n, Dropsies ol till kind-, (.rnicl, Worm-, Asthma and Con-uniptinn, ScunV t'leers' Inveterate Nircs, heorbntic l.niptioiis aid 11 ul Uom i.'exions. I.'ruilivo complaint, sallow. Clnudv. and iiiberi i.aarccahle Cninnlexion. Salt lllionin. Lrvsin- ela, ('oiiimon Colds nnd Intbii iiz.i.und various other complaints which ullbcl llic human frame, lu 1'r.ti.n und A(.CI., particularly, the Life .Mebi iucs bate been inn.i 1 muieiillv sum t'ssful : so much o that in llic Kctcr'iuJ Ag'icdislrietF,Pbyiiciausaluioii universally pie-crilf llicm, All that Mr. Mo fat rcnoirc-of bis patient, is in le particular 111 taking the Lite Misbcun'- strictly nccor .li.,.r in (In. directions. It i. nol a newspaoer noiice or l.y anything ihct he bim-clfnny ay inlbcir favor, thai hot.'.'H'sin gaiucredil, Itisuhtiicbythc resillts of a bur trail. ... MOKKA'PS MPDlCAl, MAM'ALi .le-nrncd n a dome 'i . ildeiobealih. Thislitllc pamphlr', c.l'icd liy W.ll, Mo hit. '273 UroiidwtiY. New Vorl., has 1 een Disi:am:s or rin: i,t;..'s-.Dceidedu ittp iiiii.i ipinsilt etpr kntiwn 111 Aniriie.i "rettablt rulmonury llnlsam is ihp 1110. 1 taluablp IPiiudi now 01 top li'l ciieyll., cold., a.llllli.l 01 plltblsic, eouMluipltoil. tt hooping 1 ottgb and .ifT'rlioits ofptert kind. Im s. lie 01 sie.nblt iiicip.iiuiig. and iIip propi ipioi s nip constantly ipcpii 01 ihe iiio.i fatoi able ireoioit of i:t rffprts. I lie l.iUottui new cerlilicales n c ofli'l.'.I fur publ'C pxauinialioii. As Intkiifstino Csr. I'.xiraei of 1 Ipiici fmni Mr I! S Claj, King-ton, tll-nr co,, ,N, V, m iIip ir..pi iplin 1 inn s ol Ilie yin nisi, wa. itul) ifr u 1 em nkaolp chip tins pllt-eieil lit 1 lie t pgai.tlilp I tt I instil ni. lial-am 111 the iioiipi ttitd .pt 013 of 1S;J5. 'I lip l-pistui, Mi. Moinli, had been st( k a Innj litiu nub the eiiiis'itiiiptinn. Ilis 1 bt.ieiatis bad cnen tnui up Hp was 1 educed so low as to be ttllablp 10 help blio-f If, and was 1.11.01. a laige (ptatililv of bluod wheii lip coiilniMici il using lup, ttlmli Ii is ilscteil a Ciiuiptplp chip, and hp 1. noit as Ii lie and beaut as etei liewas. Mr. .Moodt has lemon d fioin ibis tow n, but he h is prriuUctl me a inoie tletaibd tteeotini of hiF eae, w no 11 1 u 111 101 it aril t on, ly, o i.u. Kmssoii, N. V. June 23. 1S.1S. Ilsiiaei ufiiletlei fumi Dr. Jacob .Mters The Vpael.iblp Ptilioftnai v It.ll.tiin lias bprn sohl in litis coimlt foi Inn teats, nnd the medicine has zatned tin iiiM'ninuiun eelpbtilv, bit 11 .eatrelj in imp 01. lain p filled id hatma the tlesited fffpci I aiubt no means in favnr nf llle inailt no. limns, 1110. 1 nt ttlneb aic itil piisiiiiui. npnu a ripilnlntis public, but thai u Inch I know bv up to bo pneeitt il, I ratinoi lietp tint uitc mi tl-liiobiltini llii'ielo. A lounlPlli'll iiPiailinii has been iilfried Itt'ie by .1 li.itrllin Agput, nf Cnliisiurk, in. V. and IlietP i .inoiiit r arneie tended heie that 1. troitglj Fttspecied lo befpiii iniH. Jacob Mvrns, M. D. Mlfilingion, Jioiial.i co IV1111, Maj C, 1S37 I'ltun Dr. .S.iiuucl .Moirell, 10 the Piopiietnis of ibp Wjp lalilp Pubtioniirt Hal. 1111. I .1111 satisfied that the Ve. net.iblo t Haljim i. .1 tatu ib'e mrilfriitc ll has bppii u.etl in this pl.ire with foniplei. sucress in an obsliu ne roiitplami ol Hip lutii'., aiienifed it-nil -eipip eousli, to., of totec. and ihe raising of much blood, ttlndi had P'et lv icsl.ied man) nppiuied piesi'iiiiioii.. Abel using ilm Hal. am one neck, the patient's to ire r emmctl ami lip uas-ibp to speak atuli lily, I'lits r.i.e occiirifd sunip lime sinep, and the 111 .1 11 i 8 now engacpil not mily in aciitc but lahmion bininrai. lit'.pcrllulli , Ke. h. MoKllll.l.. Ii is now hump lltaii six tears stare I was biouhl leiy In iv lit nu affcl'liou of ihe Itiiijjs, mid 1111 cuniplaiitl tva tier bit ed to lie ineinable In a eounril of 1 hire pbt- siei nt I was ibmi rc-liurd 10 aicno I lipnlih a. 1 hid enjojetlfor mail) Ijv tiding diet V egei.ible Pitt' unit. it v Ilalsinn. Sitire lily rectneiy I bate ifrnm iiipiitlpif llic llals.liu 111 a gipal iiiany cases ol 'ting rotuptatiiis, und so far as I can Irain, lis use Ii ti m, bren follinteil bv lliurli lipnclil, and in man) inii.tneis 11 bid cir.cteit cures iihirli tine it hull) uncx- periftl, SAMULL IlVEKKTT, llrtH oo. M.nrli 2. 1S37. I'or sate, ttholpsale mid retail, bv J, ?7 J, II PKCK & Co.,.inl I'llP.O. A. PECK & Co., llur- biiglnn, 1. nil') da v. no ci'iii. .no outline old Ditlcli nr ficr- inati Vegetable I'llls.--.Ilishtv reiominciulcil ly Duel alenline -Moll, .11. I). 01 iN. ., anrl ot bcr. Thc-e lire the ortlcr ! Any one that does not bud re lief liom these pills the pm e is rcbindcd lack, thc-e arc the positive orders of the Proprietor to agents and others. In (illeringlhcse pills to the public, 1 appial to their intelligence. If these pill arc not what thev rccouiiiicniicil, you are 111 il'tty oo-ind ( ut ol icncel to yourself and coniuiunl'.t' lo 1 eject tlieni, anil publish tlieui to 1110 worm as nu iuiiouion, iiiimtitig nmt mac , cry. 1 he mil 10 may 1 ens. tired Ihcv are 001 elc vegetal le, they arc compo'.od ofniiio ii.trfitlint, pari of the medicine is only found in Asia an 1 111 llic val leys of fiermany. I'or convenience the-c extracts nro ItiaJo into nil-:i nil will I c found a sore cure or re lict lor all MN1011. complain!-, yeiintv nnil lulhous fetcrs, lever mil ague, taiiudice, carlci ra-b. bil iou eholic dipcpsia. vte. ll 1 nut pretended that lln mciiieiueis a cine pir an ni-case 10 tvineii tlio liuiimn system is lial le. leu lbi.uniid oe!css edorts hate I ecu inade In draw from the regions oliinknowu f.uuy .some lotiL'-sp.ui theory of manic nn. vtluili tvoitlil cote each and etcry diseuc. (iood ineibciic is not loumliu tlie lircor umrlUMil. iicallli mm happiness hang upon chance winds tune is the herald of Irtilh. The past at le.isj is eciuc; they hate ulready rai-cJ a monument of their greatness' which will cVfy the corroding tooth of nine. i one fan I c Genuine without a wiappcr and directions on each box on which my Daniels wrtltcn at leii"th. Sold wholesale and letail by the s.ibseril er at Oicn's Fall, by A. II. it D. Sand 7!), and 100 Fulton st. and I!. M.'ilcig-, USB -iou'.h Maikct st. Albany, ll.ituu it llawley, ill!) .Sitcrst. Tiov, licniial Agent, for Ihe state ofNetv Vorl.. MKliUIlT (ildl'i'l.N. Kor ale by Win. Ilhodcs and IC. 1). Oicen, liieh- mnod; .Morton it Clark, and D. it D. S. I.athiep, Willi.-ton ; Ilasar t Coiu-toek, Shell urn J II. Stanton, I'.sse.x : t!eo. II. O.ikc-, nnd Allcrl Harney, Jtncho; .1. Ii. llinllini, vicsiiiirti! .1. 11. itariic-, UiarlMU'i I .MoiK.y and Ceo. Peterson, lluihucrlou : nnd 1 y L IlUKiOS, Hiirliir.'lon, Agent for Chiilcudcu Co., ttlicrc S'll.-Agt nt- can 1 e supihu! at wiiolesalcjiriccs. 'rj n i tf ;7mm) a k s .nl :T) Ti- MTtCra W It HOltDAK'S Jelly ofPoinc.'ramilc and Per ni-' l-'an Pills for Dysoepsy, Nertnos llcailai'he. Pal- 11 tattoo of the Heart, Internal nnd Kxtcinal Humor. nnd till impurities oflhc lllood, Icclan I Jelly for the relief and cure ol consumption. Pulmonary Jelly for couirlis, colds, spittim-oflJliMiil, lioar-cncss Vc. I'm siau Luiaincnt and Linamcu! 0:iO Icldocfor 111 e una Usui, Physical Drojt-, Cnloml 11 Drops, Salt Khciim O.nttiieni, Pi.e Ointment, Sircngihciiing Piutter, and Corn ami wart I'la-tcr. The abote iclcl.ratisl ntchcinc prciiareil entirely from vegetables by Dr. Win. tionlal,, need no (titer rceeo1mne11d.1t101rth.111 they have I ceo Icforclbe pul tic to.iriecu tears, giving -ati!.H'tii.u in all i uu have used thent,-inay I e had of Da.nm it I! tt momi, Wood-luck, V. ' (len'l Aleuts. Sold also, by.l P Strong, fJois.hei; J C Drool; , White liivcr Win. II Sit cl & Co., Wct llariloril Wor-ier Downer Sharon: Downer V Ncven. lioy- allou ; .1 Whe n. Ilethel, L C Holme-, We-i li,iiidnlih; .1 1! D.inf.irih, llranard j S Ikll.nap. Lift Haririnl; .N Snow, Ptuiifrc;; II M fi SStocker and l!ovist Shati , Ilarilan.ti Sitislil i-liainc, rorkin.vilIi; llrown it Anisdeii, I'Vb'lirillc; A t II Wiirdncr, Wind. or , A Marsh, III uleetiati r,SS & K '1' Wheclir, Plyiuniibi and nt I Limine!. , Koche-ter, Grandtdlc, .Niirlhltcld, Montpelier, Mnldiebury, Vonrcnucs, and in mos'. ol the principle town 111 iho Slate, A Supply of the abote iniiheini's iot rtvpivel and for -ale by" IIOIJKUT .MOODV, February, 1811. (Cm) Dru-'gi!, Ilurlingiiiii, Vt walks, nnd gardens! arc all uniting to travellers, many (.penimnts i in nuiul mid ijliys.i al In . 11 ablo business ineli, boarders nnil paibesof pleasure. I to uiscotu and article tibu'h is tiowollucd tt ill tho Mr. II. from long experience professes to know how ! gicalcM lonfidcnci fu tho toilet as, the hct jever to furnish a good Table and liar, and to serve up the discovered, lor, fur peiieitalmg itiality choicest eatables and must delicacies that the luathct to troduee a good In -nl of hair to picvcnt it from and season allbrtl, in a manner to suit the taste of the falling oil' tt hen Imldmssis npprelu mb d to rcstoru connoisseur; ami he confidently assures his patrons I it hen baldness mi liken place, and to pretcni it ami guests tint his utmost c.xcrliotisttill be put in re-J from turning gray. It ii is more nourishing t'tii pn (liiisinoii to .sirvc them. inattiin, antique oil, opCologtie ttatcr. It is n I.eauti- passencers ttill bo waited on. to nnd fill article for bulks curls it makes the bar toft and from the lloats-, and their bapsagu transported, nnd lively, and produces tmcotniunn brilliancy. Thotis tnken care of at this I Intel, and save their Hack luru ! amis have tested iii stipctinr tirtms and cxclIIi nee, to and fioni the Court hotifc square. nttilin etcry instrtiee it stands unnvalltd. It is on Stage passengers can be left at nnil taken from ibis infallible con in all '.Ilictinns ofthc s 111011 the head Hotel without additional fare, and tho-e taking tho as ihiudrufi; ite. ite. I'.tt rv shot Id be sup ,, ill l, .1.,. ,1...:. 1 V r 1 . .I;...l , 1 1. 1 1 ,. r 1 1 , : . . I ',1,.,. 1.,. ,1., . !...., .. of expense, and without incurring any ri-k of being icii, ny titeoarKtiess or lalein ssol I tie mailt, or nny oilier contingency incident to the precipitancy of stcaiii power, or Iho lluctiiations of wind and ittnthcr. IIorcs and Carr ages furnished 'hose who wish to transact business, or visitany part of the village, oil reasonable terms. Singleineals 23 cents, and other charges in propor tion. 3m;u llurlington, May 20, 1511. HitehcockV newly invented Kiml'ibo l,..i arit. I'!1' l"m,''forlbo nurpo.e olexplaining tnorel il y Mr. ele evf7drscpvcrc 1 by seientilio men, in Ilurnjio ,,r 't' 1'iei'ry ol, an w'lll I e loun.l Ingliiy it CO iSisnoflhe M irtar. Amcfica, forlbe -ire und absolute relief of Catarrh, Inlfre.ling lupcrsotis sieking lieatih. II treats upoi Dizzinc-s of thelleal, Weak Lyes, Nervou Head- prevalent doca-e, and ihe thereof. Price, 2 aches, l'nllcn .Sie!.ne-s, I',ts, and Infants, troubled 'cut for sale I y Air MndatVAeciils generally. j i a n 1 - . . ' - 1. .1 ' in..i iiiiui Hi 11 n.iit.ij Li. . .. ruin. iiTy tvith Bnnlllos, partial shocks 11 r.n.y, ivc. lor sale, " , V "" wholesale and re' ail, by A. linCUCOCK it Co., sole Mnuly Druggi-l, . (.cncri.l ngcit. (.. win KslTrus cs'froprietor?No. 117 i eM. I'te-a, nnd by their pl";ntns for n?cu. icsbo iM I ca-Jdiccil, : l f, ,,,.'l agents throughout the I mcii. Ill nurliuglon, J. it, H nlnialon. I. Jan. I, 1811. "I J. 11, Peek it Co, 111 Vorgciino, by .1. II. llowman In .Milton, l.y Harnett o Sawvr. In t'c 'rgia fcni" Jitjc wman.i O (( II1ILS. Pork 1,UU0 lb-. Lard-10,000 lbs r.v i.'t v s nam?, lor -iic nv l.VMAN ev t'OLf UDtVAItU ... PAY'S BOOT &. S5IO.:,STO:.VE. (Jhu rcli-Strecl. lla rlin uton. Wlir.llP. he has on hand a superior assortment of Ladiis and (ienllenieii's 1100 IS AND SIIOl'.S. of the following assortment t Hoys Calf Shoes, Latins (liitcr Hoots, Kill Slips, lo the head and heir of children, the beat. tifti t ml or namental aimeiidngc ofa fine In ail of hair, tilneh na turo ln sui)hcel us inay be pn-t.wd. Fiom tho nliineioiis cernlicates a nil rceomm, nditi'il'S rr med nf its salutaiy inline nee tin Doe tor Itrls, f inly per suaded he has sueei eth I in ,11 tick which will meet the de'li td iti-hes and tijiprobntion of tho ibiblie. For sale ttholi'-alc nnd refill bv A. HITCH COCK it Co. 117 C!rm.'cst. L'tica, V. In llur lingbm.'iy J. it .1. II. l'F.f'IC it Co. and TIIF.O. A P F.f ' IC it Co. In Yciiti lines bv J. H. Heittman. In Milton, by Hurnct ,t .Sawyer. In ficoigui, by Loren zo Janes' " rVetv spring nips it Ties, " Colorctl Slips, " ll.onzeJ " " Calf " Misses Shoes d Slips, Also, a large a .sortincnt of Children and Infanta Shoes. w Ccn t's tine calf sett il Hoots " " " peg'd do. " light " " do. " .Summer ria!itr, " " Pumps, " Calf " "Shocsixllrngans " Thick ip Kip Hoots, " " " Hrogaus Hovs Shoes it lliogans, ,: Thick it Kip Hoots, Vths " it " " " it " Hronans. T"tV: J. F. would 111 tile his customers and the nub' lie 111 general to call and t.aminc his urforttiunt of Hoots ip Siiors which he can warrant to be of good stock, thorough workmanship ami litest styles. Also, Measure Work and Itepairing done at the shortest notice, asusual. liM lliirlinglou, May 23, 111. CROCKERY, GLASS &MM WARE. I'AllUAlt si WAIT, hnporUrs and WltoLsitle dealers in Owl fry, Glass and (ina l'are, aiid .V uuij'icturtn of .SVojiL I Fore, 111 uii.M i.a jmt rcciued and now open.11 It.M., HlllMl.-i;s. M. IIitihcick'-i iiurivallcd an I niiei ailei wiift.M 1 r.A, a soveicign remc ly fur t mis. Sirun.-i' an I ineicili ble arc thee cets of the e de'e-'a1 lu term 111; fetv person-, ami i i-tho',clr, m tic arc Ii 1 c Ire 1:1 1 l.eui, par ticularly fiin.ilcs and ehiblien. .Many per-. Ms go threii. gh n di-ties-mir to'ir-cof mclii'iue w bout 11 I cnclit, when they imvht le rel.ctcd ly u m? the Worm Tin. Tlos'iuv.ilual le iiicdn int bn I ecu tc-teil by the ('.xjicricui e ofmoie than ten year-use, and ailinitiis'i reil In moio than 10,1)00 er-oiis of tarnvs ige, and not one snbtnrv eouijiknnt J ( 11 tliei-i niraty Inn Ireds bate callisl, and un .olicite.l, triveii ibeir dc-cnli-s! (ircfcrcnce 10 it. uf'cr trying the ill "crenl nrl teles sent to theiii! le, antl jiroiio'iui ed I r. -M. H tdi coe'.'s Worm Tea the nin-t sale, cleettia', and con venient remedy that 'Mil I e ol mined ; fi r in no cue ct the Ihoo-atids' of to-iam e tt here it has Iwn incd ngtccablelo the pi inled ihrctii.ti ha it eierf.u'cd. N.H. Ask fur Dr. M. Iliti-hcnc!,'. W, r..tiTKt, astbero ireiii.iiiy nttrunis nl load for theiV'-tr 'i'tn m f worms Ftii'sale'wliolc a'e and rciail 1 y A. lUT t IICOCK 6; CO., (t'cprtiprii': r-, 1 17 li'eui-ce -irect, I t n, and by their .dent- tint u.-ho :l the I toon. In Il'iilington, by J. st J. II. Peck it Co., nnd Tbeo. A. P el A'Cn., In Vcrgennes, by J. II, Howmaii. In Mtiion, by llurns'l st Sauvtr. In Ucoruia, bv Loi. iv Jams. aug20 MAfiNl-'C'i'lC ODOXTICA.--TI1I: TIILTII Till: TLl-.TII'l-Tiii: Inccmimkhiui Toohi Plil l'.ti.t Tie'N. The fact j-proted, and the mo: in- crevhiltiu- .10 ilonl'ting are fully eeuivinced, a we have beet ideine from the salenf 21 1.000 I oxes oflhc (I lon- tica, wtilim tin' pa-t tear, the Ftoti(n iliciois ol the alcbviiiist urt" reabziil, antl a rcmtsly iheotcri'd for lire-iTting Ihtt-e important '.itul ttsebtl iioiiiiida'rcs eif the human system, by Ihe n-e of the Masuctio O.lon tic.1, which by itsaltiae'tnc, anil iiciigilii mug nn.ili ties, icmovt's'.ill I'xtiatieoos substati'-i's from the teeth and trocics tbe-in in il.eirnatuial brilll.iney, and the giuiis 111 oimitnes aivl Utility. It i n.orii.niuiIlri m 'ixpericni'e, thflt when mini, the tee'h will never ec cay, but leinain till the la'csi uve ul man, with their n.iiuiai t pen I i icy arc oceayist, its progress will I c arifsieil, mid the teeth prci rvedand tui'tenlcd and iri'ciyetl lioin iiehing all llu has lit'iiitonc in luiiltt'uiic 01 lusinnci's : aiet more 111 llioiiamis of ics, iicrvous tiHitbacbc, (thai climax if pain) has al ome I ecu e: ectu tilt euicil ly potti!ar deuiriirit n 111 Allien-a. And in conclusion, wheie, or who is the voting Lily er gentleman, ate, the itidiyid"al lliat values a 1 cvtlifid et of teeth, sound gums arnl ,t wi el bicath mnie than I ft v ci-nts, t '.fill I lunger tlesti lutci.f.i box e.f Dr. M. lliti'hcock's.MajiicticO.lontiea. For sn c t In le-ale and retail, I y A. lll'1 1'IICOUK it e n., ao. 1 1 7 iicno'i e si. 1 tic.i, A, 1 ., .1111 hy their agents thru'i-'lio it the United Sio'cs. In Hurhnglou, by J. it .1. II. Peck it Co., ami 'I'heo. A. Peek it Co. In Vt ri'i'iines bv J. II. Hotvnian. Ill Milton, bv llur. nelt t Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lorenzo Janes. nng2 PRICES REDUCED!! ! ritUF. subscribers hate taken tho Store formerly L occupied hy (Jen. A. Conner as a grocery store, first door tttst of 11. Iltsbop's Hotel, which has bren rdlnl u illi u nn nl n-sorlini nt of DltV flOODS. wit and dry (iUOCF.IUMS, ite.ixc, which were bought this sjinnit in New York tit low prices, and will be fold al n very small advance from cosl for cash, pro li.ibli buv.-r limn can be mirohased nt any other stand in loitn, nscircuin?taucis tnako it necessary that the tjoods bo sold immediately. Tavern keepers and others wishing to purchase Liquors, Loaf Sugar, ite. willdo well to call, josupii 11 vrcii, 1 , TUISPAM CONM'iK. ) A 'n "' Hurlinf ton, Ui 19, ; Ut IJIJSSI'.I.I.'S STOMACH DI'I'ILKS may te I n-isl in Winenr water. ThcsoiTlel r.itcd bitters areeoiujio-t'd jiurely etf veco'abli's of tlip most iuno ccniycl spivilic virtue-. Tiny arc recommended jur ticol.irly for restoring we ik contilulious, cleansing and Mreicihcuing the snuuaeh, nn I lucrcismg the iippeltte aln 11 picifn1,tliicngaint lliecholera nior-bii-, fever nnil ague, reuniting nauoa, veiiniting, lic.irt burning, weakness in tho I rcal, p.n'u 111 ihc stiaii.iehiiiid other lyiUitoiiiKifiI.itulcn(vnnd indiges tion. One lox will liiicluieoneg.illoii. Pnce'Jjcls. a box. Itctsi.i.L's Itch Oix-TMrs'T. Thi choice and safe oimmcnl is said tol c snjicnor to any now m u,c, Kii that disagreeable, and loalliomo d.seae, the ITCH. This Oiiiliucnl is so cearlain in lis operation that no person with the above disorder ought to le without It. It is a remedy lor cutaneous eruptions, scorbutic adivtlous of the head, nrany oilier breaking nut which nri'cs from blieirp humors in Ihe blood. Price 23 els. n box. Ucs-1.1 1.'- Vi.r.r.TAClx llll.l.tovs I'll ij cr family physic, for general use, in nf J.iiiudice, morbid seii'ibiluy of the stomach and bowel, lo-s oluppitite, firltd breath, cin-ttvi ness, Piles, and nil dicaes aris ing from biliary derangement, alo fur corriviing iho slant of lliti bloo 1, and cleansing the sysiein ot foul nnd hcid humour-. Thc-e pills aro a mild ca thartic, ptodiicing nitibcr ptins nor griping, and arc llicrcloiea yaiiiauic. ami iiigmy npirovin niiniomr, an line prononneeil assitch bylnetnost distinguished physicians, ilacli box contamins 33 Pills. Price 37) ct. a l"X Kns-ellV ci'lcbrated Silt Iinri'M Ois'TMnx'r. This is unrt'ie-lional ly ihe 1 et and mfcsl rcmnly etcrvct oTcrod to the ptililie I'or thai obsiinate disorder SA L'l ItllLI'.M. Where oilicrincans hnvefaileil. it lussuc- ce'exlcd, and the fact that il has 1 1 en sxlensivcly med by eminent Practitioner spealcn voliimo 111 its praise. It is equally eil'icaeious in all ilncaes nf the skin, spnl.tlii-.iil. rimr worm. and the most inveterate In It. Ve. Numerous ccrtiilcatcs might le obtained. I ut Ihe proprilor choo-cs that a fair trial should lethc only evidence of lis siiierior ctlicaey. Price 50 cents a box. For sale by J. it J. II. Peck it Co., ' heodorc A. Peck iV Co., sign 01 ine .nortar, ami hoIki .Mortify, Hiiilmgtcint Dr. C, F- Miles, and Hull & L'ook.iliiii'ls nanielv 25 Packages Ialgcd and Common Ware, d,, iilnp li,in,.d .1,, Hoval Ho'.irbon Sprig do containing complete dinner sin tecs, Via scis and Toilet tVare. French White flranito Ware, with com plite sets throughout. Atitioie use eijinqiie l'eatl ttarc, e'on- 10 10 do do 10 laiiiin g pt t fed (limit r sets, entirely new patterns ami shape, a most beautiful ait. ele, iwih.lia and ToiUt Ware to match. CIIIX WAKF.. 10 paekeges China Ware, containing Ticnutiful Gold edge and line Tea tets niiel gold band China Nur-e Lamps. White Tea Sets, hjuig ilo do Cold band it sprig do CLASS WW nr.. 10 package-1 !hs Ware containing G, 5, nnd tl lime Ilt.ivy Cut filnss Tuinbltrs, fi, S, and l' Unto " Pressed do do 3 paeknges line plain Ti.mblcrs, wry ihtnp, Cut Class Lamps, Phin do do, a great tariety, Superb Cut Class Hall Lamp-, Astral Lamps, imomtalis, 1 nmtleiiras, Cm Class Hntt Is, Pitchers, Decanters, Cohltts, Wine and and nnd a variety of otlirrarlich Lemonade Glasses, Spjeiich I Fn iii'h Pores line Vans, tilth flutters nd. s in their line, all of which are nuwofjerctl Wholesalo nnd lie tail at .Vow Vi rk prices. F. it W. would int He the attention of Mer chants in die surrounding ton its in their stock of ware, assuring them iIihi they will sell in package a-ortcii lo order on asgood terms as can be pmclm-cd in .New York Huston or Troy, at ilnir wauhemso corner 01 of Church and College Sts. Hurhnglou, Ji tic 1. lcll. T IHMt l.lCiTO. tfiS i. 12 j 5 15 S? A !f ' ., M IF. Trustt cs oflhc llurlington Female Seminary lake pleasure in ililio'iiieing thnt the sihool will be re-oiinid on Wednesday the 2'ith inst., nt the I'tiilihiii's lately known as the i . iscuj nl Institute, under the tttptrintt ndunce of Mi Lee, late one of the pimcpal .nstiuetcrs nt tin Troy Seminary. ttill he iinleel hv competent "mid experi enced teachers in the vanous brunches of l.nottb dirc nnd elegant accomplishments uhiihIIy taught in Ihe best f inale sp'io Is in tins counlrv. The niu-ieal in struction ttill, as heretofore, be gitctt hi Mr. Moit. The terms ttill be as follows; Tm sehoo'-.tcar, cotisibting of 11 weeks, willbe ihtiiled into two" ses sions, half a session bung one ipinrler. The teennd quarter of the present session commences May 2fi. The winter term will commence on the third Wednes day of St plembcr. The chargefor hoarding, includ ing washing, fuel, lights, etc., will bcr0 per quarter, halfpivablc in advance. Tutl on 111 IlnglUh bran clns 10 1 cr session, half payable in adtancc. I xtraCiiaiiocs. Tiirion on the P.ano, Orgen or Guitar, per quarter . . . .112 00 lTsc of iustrumciit for practice, . . 2 00 Vocal instruction for Piano 'upil . . 1 RO ' " for others .... 2 00 Thoroughbass 2 00 French 0 Latin 3 00 Drnwing nnd Painting ill water cn'ours , 5 f 0 Use of patterns 1 00 Theie ttill be n charge of 2.1 els. per quirtcr, for the incidental expenses of the school. The School ttill not be sectarian. Heftrenee nny be had lo tho President and Pro fessorsof the University, 10 the Clergymen of nil the congregations in Hie village, and to the following gentlemen lli:iATU Kl.lXUl, VCLI.riU: VI I.I' lon.cly f. rei m .h nl- nt sin fro. 11 11 h.c,icJ st.iiei I ihe 1.1 I Ii .11 'it -Srie-liuns; tic fj n ti nc tnc a few of it- syi.. .ni., ticisni'ssi t the p uiaeli. Iiubuc-tit n,lu-'s 1 1 a i etilo lott'ticss eif Sjurits and Heii'i.icbe: it ti I' le f md a. sure rcit'i'dy fiir IViij. lions op the race. In eou-e-ipienie if Incir Icing many iiosiri.itis . 1 wa mir in llu-. part of tbeeo.'tiii'y, the n -e'ri! ir- tnv .1 boncd lo wariaut its teueluial c.ici't-, 'lbis.irt ! is just roceitc d, and o 'enil to the pi. I be a- one well worth the titlciitiuii I'fihn-e ti ho .ire nil! ele I ly ceiiiit!aiiil.s from ihc abote diiMe ; it I emir I'min an eminent I.hvstei.iu tie feel eenident itithus rt'eeaiinieiiding it. O'l. 11,1310. THI.O. A.PH'Ki. Co., Sin of the Mortar, e.i.eili 1 reast t.l J tt J 11 IV k ,t Co IO'l'lt'.N. I.OTIO.N.--DK. KVA.Nr' IILAril J FVINC l.lriO.N. lli--blyestumc,l f, rcuring all Fropliulls si ttess, Heehtcss and Pilnjiles 011 the Face Neck or blind-, and c.lecm.illy 1 leaning fl.Q complexion, and ri'iiiuvmir a'l ib.i-t's of' die skm -Nmlnng ciiutril'iitcs si 1 mueb to 1 ur gup nt micccs-i in lite, a an iuin;iii: lir! ap.enrnni c. '1 h.s Lotion j. admired a im-i, 111. id, safe na.h and gieai It csttcitnd fun's fiitocs 111 , ,'eaiisiiig, m ItPiime, and pur.fyitnr the sk.n nfal! erupt. 1 ii-, snip, . -s to fe male l eatttv, and lc-totunr tt 10 a tl.'iee uf pu rity. A 1 caoiiful comii'txti 11 1 ihc ju'iile t'fnPttho oossl'ss it, and tbeetity ofihu-c tt In - a rede, 1 us! of it. What is -on 'ii lurjit' a I fcnuilivn t In efaeo nature hatlis,aycl lier power, a- In bud le r'uinplex lui ilie(,lo'irisl with disgusting punp'cs, ti Ii h mar her chat ins I A sroud aitj.e'.ir 'me is Un- !c 1 rceeiiii men'tatton J and as the lleauldt ing Lntu n ptirtlie-. tin; skin, and icinovcs al' Pi'tijil. . itb ti lie , Tan, Sunburn and luslncss, an I re-lute's a 1 caul if d hue, it is tbu only coinctic a l.ii'v should o al her ttu'ei. Ocnlleincn will allal-o find ilo a di-1'i.'luf il teineily, to rcmova nil liwuline-s, Piuqtlcs, Kittti't tin-, '-puts, Hedness, Soreness 1, ftbe f.n e nnd hum', and cvciy kind of erup tion on id" the human, hesly. ' l I- parttcii lailt rii'uiiiinenilcJ tocent'. 11 en to l e u-ed il er sha ving, a it will pretcni tin 1 tl.envi.e tcr'a a c Iti-t of all ceiintnen M itti. 111 turn, ue the 10.111I prii'iumre'v grew. For a'e Who i-iile antl iclail I v A. lll l I'll I'Ot'it it Co., N . I l7Ci-.ii.- ec -met, Fi a. In llur. linglon.hyJ.itJ.lI.P.ekit Co., and! In o. t. Pick it Co. Iii Vcrgenne , In J. II, Hotiinan, In Milton, hy lluriutt st Sawyer. In Georgia, hy Lreii7n Janes ' nug 20 AT ATUKIVS 1 va't ul ic Vis H. T. F."CLF.SI1V, T. FOLLI.T'P. W. A.CIHSWtlLD, J. K. CRAV, C. 1IKNXS. A.W. HVDH, S. 11. IlOWtUP, ,T. I. Cl'TLI'.lt. C. P.MV1ML It, TOI SLI'V. J. P. WHALING, T. CIIAMliniLAlX, J.X.Pll.MFHOV, C. II. SII WV, W. LVM IX, C. ll.U F.S, L. I.OOM1S, C. HAXTFK, II. P. I1ICKOK, JOHX PIICK, S. MOKSF.,nnd C. t. ALLLX. pot'T'N, ro. .v .m:ai II rspertfiilly Inform the inhabitants of'c. V Teiv. and vieiintv. that they canle found on Ch ircli-slrecl, nearly oppo ttc tbcCiinnd llazaar, out door sf.nih of J. I'.' Whaling's stoiv, ready to do nil work in their line with iipaino and despa'ch, Tr.r.Tti nucrtisl on Gil I Plato from cue to a fib nil, winch they will wurraat to lo 11-eful in inaslica lion, and appear like natural Teeth. Trr.Tit tillisl Willi Gold nrTin Foil and tho much e-clcl rated Metallic l'lc. Tieih can le c.'is'li al ly tilled with tin Patc, that cannot leiliuicwith Gul,' or I in l oii, wan cac aim wiirranieii tor nmai ti y GUA.MI I1US'10I!AT1L, This e'al le Mo'tn me stands mir talietl for tlteti'lleni nu tomit'a'iit, viz: Dj - .-n-.n, rr Indi-i:estiou,ibc-iisl l.'iet, I dm is djst r.ler-, I'roji-v, Asth ma, Costitetie-', Wt.rms and lo-s of A'tpc'i'e, und I V lea 11 -ine tl.c -t. ! i.-li ami 1 1 up'-, core- pant- in thii side, siuma' h an 1 1 rrast, 1 1 k's and em h- ,.f I ng standuig, Hoar-e ees, hur ne-s of Irr.i'b, Nervous complaint-, ele., i bit ll are fit'-iliou'ly Ilie i 1 ''ifdli ease. Fur Fetcraml Am e, it i- a in! t 1 in 11 pre ventative as ivc'! a a soteriniii renu'i't, lis voices surpa anything liert'luforc knotin in St. Viti.s' Panic, two I op'., have 1 ern I n. v ti ti euro tlosalllictmrihtcase, after having laiilcd iviry exer tion lor four jears. It he- a tuo-t poverrul mf unco in renin ving ncrion is nijila tits. J i j-', .isnut k tako 'indsoen-y 111 Us of er.iln n,ihat ti n.ay I e a.'tu p stored to the miaul tt nh 'ntety. '1 lie a1 010 .Mid ,ue istery h'gbly rei'Oiniiieii''c'l 'I v litany teien ilie gintleiren", and n lauc n' ml er e.l tada-, who bnte pntcd the virt' C- of tl e .Mis ii ine I y 1 erst rial s.a'idihat nfibeir lamibe. A i ill oficriii 1 an- uc,-. 111 pa tees cii'hl utile, wnlidireetii'ii. It mot l e had i Imli-nlc 1 r rc'a I ot S. Hritain, llnnc, anel'J. C, Fniiiaiu, Inst V ' ninn town, I. mle pror i t. r-. Pit purixl fr. 111 tl.i 1 ngne al recipe; for sa'e ly F. II. Prentiss, .Mupijuler, am J. it J. II. Pr.cK it Co, nu 1 '1 111 u. A. PitiiCu., Ilor linir'on, and in l,e pi' i.-.;-nl tt wits in il 1 . mtt ; ilins'tions .i,-neil nube ban I ti rniiii: 1 1 1 lu proprctor VIXnt)SKl SAlslI KACTOliY. 1 I" ilia I I rtn B,Tnp-''-rt7rrf-i Light do. do. do, do, June IS, con'tant pperaiion. 111 1 prii aie I to excciitii u ..r nr WINDOWS SI I r cry iliv-. rijitie ti, and 111 be be I manner. A cpn tani supply kept on hun I and for .ale lit the store Oi ti'cur.'i: Peer in. in Hur. ra In. men, at tl.c lolloti ing n c t s : n eiiienl., 31 icnts per i i'o no 3) do do 3( (hi do 5 do do SID.NLV S.MITIL n3 do. do, do. ilo. L's-'n, no do do bur; Also, by lh" druggists and inirchmts generally h.i th' throbbing tooth acl r. hr'toh"'!! ""- "'pi og.'jto tnir net n, June t- iiirgh i S. II. llarnos, Chatlotlc : L. Janes, Georgia! One of thu two uhcril crs can I o found m their i f- Tyler, I.ssex ', I tiller t Huniinglon, llnhuiond. 1 fieo ut till limes, whirh is very ne v"i irj whin aiun StlTlt 1. TO lltfll 1)1 US. flllll 'U'sirilir ttill f'.rnt Ii 111 It'iip.'m nnil -I vu nicy, cHA.M'I 1 window np-, si , 1 nvr piillimg, '1 liii'-boid. and I iKT lep- 1 1 any do.. 'ry tion, nl ihe llr-i q airy. A I ill i.l any ti'ne 11 aiued will I o it 'enile.1 ti, tiitd ill 'iiforinani'ii I mi' hoi ly Mcsr. Fullelt it Hrail'i y, Pis'! s ,t ( c. an 1 Union y i II pie. Any in rscn can nc lbequiilny 1 1 bo tctie, by t i'.e ho 1 lor Judi-c FollcuV hi iter Prei. dent WbivlcrV luu u 111 liurLtn.-Kni.T . . iiniCtl that the quali y ami pm 1 1 f ihe e line wa' ant a general .t-e 11 I'tuldcrs tt'tl' tin e the lion' le tnrs Hnunctheitnennil price. i.LO. W OM. Sirit, Harre,i Feliuary 1811- On