Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 30, 1841, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 30, 1841 Page 3
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ty, nnd bclongm?! to tho tronsury t nnd the reason of this metaphorical sense U this, that tmcieiilly, gov ernments collected their taxes ns thopiicsis did their tvllics, nml ns iinnv landlords now eulicct their rents flint in In ... .. I..I.....I Mil...- ...1 .1. ....... , . .. ......... lunij, uiMiiu. i mis much i lie wncai, olives, crapes, &c. were ripe, the Ooveiiimcnt tax Kilhcrerii entered tho lieM witli the owner, nnd gath ered tho (lovernincnt share, whith was nlvvnys n JargcBliare, and rc-ptircil largu baskets to rre-oivo it. The farmer Irid a little basket, and tho Government n liig basket -a bumper, nr,a cmr good housewives call it, n hamper which had handle? t.i it, nnd mjuiied Mivcral men to carry it. This hie basket rceciud the tax fur tho treasury, what was pit m it,w-as put in tho Treasury t and htnee, hy in easy metnphiir, tho Treasury took the nunc nf big hiskrt. Thin we trace the word fiscal in this hill, to llichtlin IWiisand fiscalis, ami that to its 11 reck to-t plnskosnnd phas kalosj audit nil com-s to the same thing, that is to say, In-longing to the l'rcnnry." This is tin iiiiiiiiswt'faiiluitrgtiniuiit against ttiu Fiscal Il.ttik. Wu knock tiiulur. Correspondence ol" the I'rcc Press. Ni:v-Yor.i-, July 10, 1811. Tlio decision of tlto Supreme Court in the case of McLcod, excited some little feeling in the city, tint it was only temporary. In deed, this result was very generally anticipa ted and had the prisoner been discharged, the surprise would have been much creator. It was confidently said by several papers in tho case would bo immediately carried into the Court of Errors: but there is tho best reason to believe that this is u mis take. It is understood that the wishes of McLcod arc in favor of going to trial forth with ; and what is quite ns much to the pur pose, tho case cannot go into the Court of Errors until after it has been tried by a jury. I have heard on very good autliotity that strong exertions will be made by the Horder Patriots to procure the conviction of McLcod at all hazards. It is said that large sums of money have been contributed, and men procured who will swear positively to the fact of his agency in the destruction of the Caroline, and also to diprovo opposing tes timony. The truth of the case is understood to bo that his brother Angus .McLcod was enraged in the affair but that Alexander was not. In this stale of things, nnd with the full conviction that no cfibrt will be spared to convict McLcod of murder by fair means or foul, there is certainly no little well groun- cicei apprehension lor tho result. The progress of legislation at llio Capitol for the past week, has been slow, and the prospect looks dubious at best. It is rendered quite certain that the bank bill as ropoitod by Mr. Clay cannot pass tho' it is hoped that a bill will pass which will subserve the best in terests of tho country and yet satisfy all the conscientious scruples of those whose oppo sion causes the main obstruction to the pub lic business. Private advices render it prob able that the power of establishing branches will be entrusted to Congress and thus effect a compromise I etwecn those who wish the Mother Dank to have the power, nnd those who desire that it should dt pend entirely up on the wish of the State Legislature. Un less some such arrangement is brought about it is rpiite unlikely that we shall have any Bank which will bo of essential service to the country. The bill cannot pass in such shape as will give the Hank power to estab lish branches wherever it cliooes ; and if it rely emiiely upon the will of the State nine tenths of its real iiiiliience will bo lost. Suppose that two years hence, one branch of this State Louisiana o and of the Ponnsl vatiia Legislature should be Loco Foco : both these states would of course refuse to have a branch of the Hank. Tin. rrr,,,,i Metropolis then the centre of business and tho very head of commerce, would be depri ved of all advantage from the Dank, and three-fourths of all the business in tho coun try would derive no benefit from its establish ment. With such a proviso, a National In stitution would be of but little importance. We have tho best reason, however, to hope that wo shall have a Hank much belter adni)- ted to the wants ofthocominerci,il commu nity. The regulation of Exchanges, of itself is a matter of no little consequence. Mr. Clay with a fearless, uu-selfish devo tion to the interests of tho country which we should be glad to see more generally imita ted, is determined to carry forward to its completion the great business of the session. Tho opposition members are determined, however, to retard and enihairass tho pro ceedings in both branches of Congiess to tho utmost of their ability. They desire nothing more earnestly than that the session should prove nfailitrc in order that they may cast tho odium of tho measure upon the Whigs. You must hive observed with wlnt lusty voices they bellow and rago about 'gag-law,' tyranny of the majoiity, &c. whenever they nro choked off in their long-winded, p,ir-pose-less harangues by a decisive application of the previous question. They have been busily engaged, rank and file, for somo two weeks in offering amendments to the ilank bill some of them of tho most frivolous character, and all so entirely opposed to tho main features of the bill, and so liitlo calcu lated to promote the welfare of the country, that they were sine they would be ii:stantlv voted dow n. But on each of iheso amend ments they have taken occasion to make loii" tedious speeches, merely to consume the time nnd injure the cause of tho Administra tion. But there is a fair prospect that all these mancRiivres will bo fairly Unvaried and that tho great measures ofine, Extra Session will be speedily carried to their completion. There is no great change in our,Markets' The news by tho Caledonia has caused n slight advance in Cotton. Flour nnd Wheat willsoon fall very considerably. ' Tim pects of tho harvest throughout tho country, noiwiiiiM.iiiuiiig mo tears that were enter tained, nro highly promising. Vnn.Mo.vr. CT'Wb understand tho Tory Convention which met at Williston last Tuesday, nomi nated Messrs. Artemas Flugg, of liichmond, and I). A. Sniallnv. nf It ""Uiuiil us ennui dates lor tho Senate, from this county. It is . ""j-njr ;rty men present at convention. i.i ' Vim. II, Allen, NewBedfora Ma,, 1 homas n. Jiond, 0wego, N? ys'- I cleg Aborn. Pawtuxct, Rhode I.t,nri CONGRESSIONAL. WABlltVM-rv. T.,1., Ol On Wednesday n resolution was introduced in tho ............... .,,vv....mcBui1i oiunicrcc, lonppoml "", """ "uriugiiic tcccss, una in' ncs igatc farts m regard to the op ration of the exist ing J aril . It yndeliated Wednesday and Thursday. A iiaiiktuM I. ill hasbcin introduced In tho Senate) ........ ..UIIM-, u mil ny Jtr. Sergeant, sub staulially the same ns Mr. Cla) s. ,.,.. ... T,,l.. Ol 1CI1 In the Senate, petitions were pi eseiitcd from various i1""" u u.iimrupi iaw, ami two ny .ur. liatit against it. Mr. I Undersoil's resolution fur information ns lo the propriety nf iMablislumr a navy yard nnd naval depot in the Mulpli nt .Mcucn was adopted. Mr. Herrien Ihcu.moicd tn lake up tho bankrupt li.ll, which was ngrcidto, mid lho hill read by suctions. Tho period fiom which Hie lull shall take effect, was fktdnt the 1st day olNoicinber luxt. Sneral iimnipornnl niiiendineiils were made, nnd Mr. rsicholsun, desiring In Usl the sense ol llio Sen ate, with icit.nd lo including corporations, mined, ns the hour was late, that (he subject be postponed until the next day, wliii h was carried, nm! the Kinale went into execulne session, nnd nllerwards adjourned. Tho House spent the entile day ill nil ntigry dis cuss on about tho tariff. I'ridav, 23. In the lloufc the debate was resumed on the ics oliition relative to tlio raising of n special i niiiinittcr on thereufinn of the tnritl'j it was not concluded at tlie hour of adjoiirntmnt. In the Hi naie, the bill lo establish n Miiiform sjr lein of IS.immipley passed to its lliild reading. We aniii x I he d vi-ion. Veas Messrs. Archrr, I'arrnw, Hates, lierrien, Uioalc, CI iv, of Ky., Clayton, Uixon, l.ans, (ira bam, tlendeison, tluniumton, Mnngiini, Miller, helps, l'ortcr, Tallmadge, Walker, White, Williams, Woodliidce -26. IJ.ays Mcssis. Allen, Ihyaid, llcnton, tluchanan, Calhoun, Clay,of Alabama, Cutlibcrt, I'ultoii, Kins, t.iiin, Meltoberts, Mouten, Nicholson, fierce, l'ren tiss, Sevier, S-niith, of f'oniielicut, Sturgeon, Toppan, Woodbury, Wriulit, Youti The niiiendmenl of .Mr. Nicholson of Tcnesscc, to include Stato Corporation", was lcjccted by the following olo : Ve'as Messrs. Allen, Hales. Itayaid, licnton, Hu ehanan, I, inn Mclioliii Is Nicholon, 1'icrce. Smith of Conn., Sturfiion, Toppan, Walker, Williams, Woodbury, W right 16 Nays Messrs. Aiihcr, Harrow, lierrien, Calhoun, Chinle, C ay, of Al.ilmnia, Clav.uf lvrnnck, Clay ton, Cuibberl, Dixon, ICiiuis, I-'ullon, Crabahi, Hen derson, Hunliiig on, Kere, KhiL', Mnncuin, Merrick, .Miller, .Morchead, Moulon, Phelps, Porter, PrctilKs Preston, Hives, Sevier Simmons, Smith of Indiana, Soulhaid, 'Pallmndee, Wliile, Woodbudpc 31. SATe nnv nvr.Msn, duly 21, IP 11. tJ'.iiatrenri')c linnkrupl Dill in the Senate. I'olh Houses of (,'unaros nic ii'o inir sleadily on ward to the c ml of the escion, which 1 hope nnd be lieve i not further oU'lhau llu lOllior 17th of Aiigm-t. llie.iwii Ilillnntl the Wnnl.rnj't Ilitl liare'.oth vns scd fir Snmtc 1'iis trcrl;, mid llie nnk Hill, which b teirarded a lb" L-r.-at inea-iire of the session, has received n favorable roiiMdt ration. 1'rom npprnrnn eesat the hour ofniljoiunmint this cNcnmir, .Mondav wi'l send it a safe deliveinmc Hut the tiino oflimil action is bv no means certain. Of tho success of the llankrupt Hill hive had but one opinion since I came to the city, and that is, lhat it would pass upon terms of honorable coiuprom'se. A day or two, at most, will change all doubt to eertaintv. I'lieuiiLApi-cle-d pas ijonf llio Hankrupt Mill in tho Senile uiii'tpcclcd as to time gives a stioi.g ns- urancollnl the hill will be favorable consulcied in the House of I! -pre enlatiie . The strenalli of par ties upon this important measure will soon bo put to a 'est. There will ho no Committee to sit durin? the recess oft! mure", as was contemplated by the Committee nf Commerce-nnd the majoijtv in thn House. Mc K'eon's "Pi rish Cumincrie," "Peii-h Maniifaeturcs," "Pi risk Aaricullurel" speech had the tfluct of idiscut mgs.) many members fr- m their p.nts tint themoiion to consider was carried, nnd the Iteeohitions laid upon iho'able, to sleep there piohahly to the end of the session. The IIouc adjourned to-dav nt 12 o'clock, rather 1 r the want of business than for In ving too much to do. Tie: Hons . if n ci-ssiry, could adjourn in ten duvs but in ul as ou perceive, be governed in their nclfon enlui ly bv the Senate. Outof C'linirress there is but litilo news Stirling. None of il-c foreinn nomiuti lions are eonlirinnl ns y i th" Si naie bung too mueh engaged in other and nioremii ortant In pirn s. TheAii'tii-in Minister isnotibe onlv member nf th" l-'oreig-i D.pb natic Corps wbiis 1 1" leave. Mr. lieuhseol goes lo Vienna, I i.-irii. and Mr. M-irecbnl, as I have sr; I, to I.i-bnn. '1 lie 1!iif an Minister ad veit.s. all h-s finnitutefor sale. A new scene there I'oie, is to eij en to llie Aineiicnn wife of the Iluacian .Minister. ( 'o1. To !.', destm,-1 far the Court of St. Pelcr.-hiirs. and Ml. Jenifer, for tho Court of Vienna, are both in the city w.iiling the moving of tho Senale, and the iniuclionsfiom the I)i pat Inunt. It ts not yet settled who will be tho Secretaries of r.eeatum. .Mr. Itandolph Chv. however, it i- said hire, will icmiin nl Vienna. Tor St. lVtcrsbur? and I.ondout' e are alnut tlireoscor sof appl.cant's The Pic-iitenl gave a large supper any yesterday eveuimg. About liliy vveie seated at the-' table. l uhe.innd gentlemen. Tho evening parsed oil' inoM apreeably. I have seen rumors afloat lhat tbe Pres ident is not in rood health. He has never been in better Jie.ihh .''nco the inauguration ilian at present. The- White House is the scene nf pleasant nnd social parses nearly every cu inner. Tho Pre-sieb nt sees every l.odv with litllu or no ceremony, and bo'h him self ,iii-l family arc ngrccalle-and popular with nil who meet them. Mr. Linn, of Missouri, 1ms alvvavs boon in 1 1 tt I til lit of iultiii' hiniself forward ns the Loaifoco bully in llie U. States Senate A few days ago, after a preltv violent discus sion in relation to the men and measures of tho last Administration, lie men. nml ced himself the especial champion of Gen. Jackson, g-iv notice that ho would not per mit another nltack to be made upon the old chief with impunity. "Perhaps the gentle man has reference to my lemaiks," ex claimed Mr. Archer, starling to his feet. "I called Con. .loci :son :m llrhnranl nl1 .1........ (,...... viu ui i-jien, and as I consider him so, I shall continue to pronoimco linn so, whenever I please, in spite of any thing that tho gentleman from Missouri may threaten or do." AW looked lor an explosion finm Linn, hut they I iok- ed in vain. I-nun hom.r m. fii.rtr;,,.,B as 1 1 lie bail maili! bis ilinnur nf i;,,ni.,.,l.r i. . .."..-.iii.ui-,, in, Mi- ed upon red hot lava, and seasoned with gunpowder, he all of a sudden became as quiet and meek as if his whole diet were kilobaud green peas I.uusvillc Journal. A fioon I:.-ajii'li:. U'o heard .Mr. Clav clc batuifr a day or two niece, upon tho Loan "Hill, remark thru fr twenty yew. neither lie nor his wife had o.voil any man a dollar, lloth ol' them, many years gono hy, hid come to t!ic conclusion, that the best principle nf oconomv was this: "Vevor lo et itnlelit. To indulge your wants when you arc iihlo to do en, nml to r?')r0SM t!Vn ",lu" '"' !iro lll)t al,!e to indulge theui. Tho c.vaiiiplo w net onlv an excellent ono for itsnlf I lo repress a waul, isonooftljo widest, Fafft anil miict nont-t. .-:..!., . . i . mi l ji.u-.s in pouiiuai eco. noiny. It prevents not only tho dangerous practice of living beyond the means, hut en. eournens tho tlictn. If all who could, wtmhl liv.. u .ti.iti il.nir means tlio world would bo much happier and bettor than It is. I (nun ru r....i i - . j linn mi utJinu hot.f jvvifo irivo us an examiilo worthy of all Hon. .S..V. Cite,-, M. C,7r7nn (Jmicseo Co. Ins written to thn Albnm. p. i i . ...uiiiu .luuniai a detailed and careful account of the Proceedings ..f.l.. 11 . 1.. . 0 uiuiu nouso roiaiuoto the Itulcs respectiii" the reception ofPctitions. lie concluded :i loliows : I think tho following positions can be sustain. 1st. That tho aut rule of tho last House, con not. y called the flag JtuP, ifi 110t ow u' Kulo or tho present llonsoof Kenrcsentatives, nor is anv part uf it in existence L'"la""-'-' ti-illt M h0.iMcl' nJ IrPwition9 Buh"tan. hu !y the same, hue beonif ;wes reeled, ami not once ,l,lltfll, hy the present Mouse. J ,,ial "'cru is now no Unto exibtui wl itch cat, properly ho called an astlicoM one vvas called, because tho fiulj wl,,e., r,,porsedHil,,u(1,)()llcisa ruIo for t limitation o( b,m,,f!l, gClleri,i, , . lions and papers foreis,, ,0, ushwsil (j,10 session on a footu.-of equality, U diffeicnt in principle and operation, was adopted for a diff erontreasoii.andto accouiplisl.a different pur pose, a though it still j.rohihiid t15ll petiiioiih with othere.--' .u, (iAti;Si Amongthe early laws enacted in Connecticut the following h thq substance of ono : "o man shall carry to meeting for a Sabbath lunch, con, a doughnut to long that wh'.'c l.u u eutin ' it one end, ho cnntiot keep the r f-e -n cr r" at tho other- ' " The Annual Commeiiccment oftho Uni nersity of Vermont, occurs on Wednesday of iioM week, Aug. dlh. Students wishing to enter tho College nro requested to present themselves for oxanii- aliott on the day preceding, at 8 o'clock, A. M J. WIIEELEK, I'res't. liiirlingtoii, July 'M, IS 11. V. V M. The 'Society for Itcliioous 1 nmiirv.' nf the Illdver. s ty, will hold their Annual Celebration, at the Ilnicx Ciieiirit. em .MiiiuIlv 1. ..n..aic .,1 ni 1. -if past sevi 11 o clock. in iii.ircss win ho delivered by tho Ucv. Mr. Todd, of Pbiladelphli 1:. J. HAMILTON, Cor. Secretary. Ucnl.tNaTos, July '23. n7 CHITTENDEN" CO, CONVENTION, The WHIGS nf Chittenden County, will hold a Convention, on SATt'ItOAV, the Hist hist., nt 10 o'clock, A. 31., nt tho I'-aslo Hall, in Wi liston, for the purpose of nominalinc Candidates for .Statu Scnatnis. It isdesned that evirv town in llio countv slum it hn re,iresciued. lly order nf the COUNTY COMMITTER, llurhngton, 19th July, 1811. ii7 The annual, ioinl Ceb'l rnlioii ofllic "PI, I S,'..... Nil SeK"eiv." n'n. I the " t'lin-i-r.iiv lii.iliiii.. ii,'.. I'uiverKiiy of Vermont will I e befil on Tuk-dat, the diird day of Augtis-t next, ill half pat ono o'eloek 1'. The Oration will I e delivered bv Hon. fironcn A Simmon-, d hei-cville,iNrvvYoi-l., and the Pue-ui by Willi e.M II. C., l.'-q. of Avon, N. Y. Iinuieiliate-ly ufier tbe J:xeiri-e-, tho joint iiieelinj of tbeSoeiclie'-Wlll lo held lor lliun'oelimi nf 1111 fir. aler and Peel for the neet eele! ration. lioui u r s. iiai.i:, ) a J. II. UWINM.U,, vrclBru-. Yestereav inorninL'.Marv Manmrnt. infnni .)., nl, tcr of Ilira'm 1'. and Harriet (jilsvvold, need lime months. JNOTlCBfl. WL,lhu iindi-r-ixncl, elei-lineii of llurlimrlon, will im-ei it, Ibe ('(.iirl-Ho i-e. on S.iinnl.iv il... .'il-l in-t. tit a oVhii-l., P. .M. r thy miroo.f ol lienr- me llio appeal-, which ui.iv le m.ule lo llio !So!i-i on asseMiii-nl luai'e I y Ibe Liters. itLieitii.i, I..V.M-, j Keleclineii liOSTWICK "lOWSLKY, ( of A.MUi:h Mt'HOI.S. ' 11 irlintrton. MUSICAL ENTERTAINMENT. A Musical nnteitaliinieiit ill I,--iv..,, i il,,., in lliuliiieton, ou Mimuv hvt.M.sei, luu .-i-.v.u.i ui ,tni;ii.i, tcti,'v ine WOODSTOCK ItAXI), iiiu'erthe dneetiou of .Air. M. .Manx, lute f it, Una. ton Ilrigmle ami JJra&s Hands. For i'uither par- ... .....I-, -iv I.1IJOU1II-. uotirs open at cven o'clock, pcrluiiiMiie-c to t-eiiunienco at bull' oa-i ru h-im.o. r- Aiiniiiianec I vvt.ntw iv e Cents, tickets to If bad ill Ibe Hotel.-, and at ibu t rur. -23. ll3 ji:ssi: c.AitiM:sTi:it. Attorney at Law, & Solicitor in Chancery. at i:ssi:v cu.sriti:, cnirri:xiir.. co., vt. Oi iici:, near Harney's Hotel, l.'isr.r, J, ily 30, Id II. ti3 I) O O K S. rrtlli: following tbi. day received and for mc ly UllUo'-, l et:'.- PllVMo!o;y, Uil't! (.1 l-'iaiiklui, evv I iniluiiilUuzcttcer, Yo ua Uiaiur. The (i,f.. Confe-MOii- of a School Ma.ter, P.iiem't. Ptc.cnt, f-leich l!n!e, lh...i i.;.,. . , ' Il--.,. .JV IUIV.IHl-11, A-rj. ii n,.,i .r li.,..l ... 1 1 .-1 I . . ..i ... Alui-rie.iii tj'entlemen lluu ever, I y ' , , , S. HUNTINGTON. July 20, 1311. ,,y I'J E V An RX V At, X. I.()Vi;!,Y & CO. 111', r,,.... , : i .i. .i.i. i .. XX isiiij It-nnd oilier Goods, ad-iplcd to the wnntsof the inniket, which were pin chased nt New Yolk, thu last vvei k, and nro ne-woU'ercd for casli, at a small nd vnnei and greatly reduced prices anion" which aio ti.e III" a-i ui ii, oCbally-, do. do liiL'iueJ and plain Mom-line DcLnincs, Tor t!ie-.e-, .oiue as low a, S-.,50 a patlcm, Prmletl Uivviis li,rdre..'e-, plain do. ft r I oiine, l reiii-b htripttl I'r.ul-, hiish-h and American do. Satin Mnpo Ml,.,, for ilie.-.-t-, a f tucy article, llaekuiul line Had; (;, .icSiv,-.., Gio e!o ltbine c-c. i f every vuiieiy, i-ok ii-d.-ill, i f everv tirade, ) In e t. it, ilo Aiiifitnel otl.ei-ei IMnlUor hoiinel.-, l rapes nud e-i.ipo I. o e, I- illel scarf, ami h.n, , si nie vvrv superior, I l.aie-, lilcimrs uud luserui n-, Milsiiu In e-i-iioii., (iiut-iau I act-, .a.l.t- Ciubri.i eu-il nml wr ,, nn.h ollar-. 1 illo I Mil- nml, lin- ami -In n, all color-, K.l.t on-, a beauiil ,1 a.-oriiueut, t-.iiire new style' e-lbim I C it 'on , Head I am's, Puii-te-, and Poi--.'t-e h I! f., a-e-rteil ! 1 Moii.linfit-I.aiueshavvl-.aiie-vvaiid e-heap ar I.iiioii canil no lid .Is, Lawn-, c-le. I'ichIi Arilieal-, Wb.ilel oi.e and Itattan, 1 .ua 1 1 e"c t'ml n lias, ehrevil'rom ihu manufacturer 8-M.iina-l, Mil, bavvl-, ebe.iiier than ever. I ravelhn-.' nndWork I a-kei-, lie.lund Ill.u-k Merino -bawl-, at a ureal 1 argain, ItavvMll. and oilier elie-s b and shavv Is, a gredt'v, Hi bo,i Lawn-, Nan-oidc and Hool. Mii-lin-, Wnu Nun,, W.i.h IJIoud and other laces, Iri-h l.iut-n- uud i-aiul rie's, Sbe-ll -kle an I oilier e-ouili-, 1 genii. m!. and U-lo!iO!c, do do Glove-, Itolioulc, 1 ea I b.ij;- an I pur i-, .S.iliineii. ,ea.-iineie. and I roaik-leith-, cheap enough Sill. Velvet., Ii i lad e- un 1-,'e-nl-. uo for Vt.-ting', dark nnllntbt Ve tmvj-, aleueia-, clc. e-le. le rpiiud-. elo'h-, diaper', eio. Slieelins tiii.l rtiiriiiiir , I leai-bed and unbleaehe-d, Jean- un I e-azenet., lurniluiu diiuilio-, Ciiriuin friuirie-. To which may be nil-led, n large a-toninc-nt of Dry (iroccrtcs, mu-Ii as : lll.i'-.s un ll i evil Tel-, of every variety, Win e-, ll.iv.iiina and oilier brown S it'ar", M da so-, Pimento, Pepper, Ginger, Cloves, Cassia PolaiiJ Slart-h, lar.-li Ii Currant-. Crockiry and Guss llorf, I'rtneh and American I'aptr llangingi. As e-ash i- o r i h.evi, we will ivetjreat bargains. Call and c-.v.iuiiuo for yoor elvc-. II irliu'lou, J ily 30. nS SCHOOL AND CLASSICAL HOOKS. A general asiortnunt for sale at tho lowest -ii. puces ny July 30ih. C.G00U1UCH. liLANlv HOOKS, Lr.Dfjl'.KS, Journals, hay-Hooks, Ilecords, Ac t:c. An: I'or sale by C. G00MUCII. July 20ih. DISLOUltSU on the Death of William llr..Nnv IIaiiiiiso.v, Into Pre ident of llio United Sates, hyjohu Wheeler, President of the University of Ver mont, published and for sale by . , , c- GOODRICH. July 30ih. MMII5 Piivsiniot.v or Intkmi kram n, an address X before the Teiiipcinnco Society of llw Univer sity of Vciinont, Juno S3, 1811, by I.couaid Jlarsh, M. 1)., will bu published on Saturday by C. UOODKICH. Thursday, July 30tli. llowar-l 1 of the Chi-up More to Ills New-York Ai;eut. Pear Sir. Tlio satisfaction with w hich the Goods as per invoices Of 13th w ere received you will see hy tho l-'rec Press scut ; they couio most opportunely, and were heauliful and cheap beyoml comparison, with the money passed to your Credit in tho Kxcliangu oflieo eif No Wall sticel i mnku such dis position ns you mny think most fir my interest in funher purchases. You say lorriclly that my falcs nuioiso with often leiinvve-d nssortincuts. llurlinytuii was never more beautiful, wiili nil its inelnntiny Gardens, lovely Wnl1 s, and i-plendid scenery. Hotels me fllliim with eirniif ers fiuinlhe imanificent Sieaiuers nnd Staires, nnd tho town with vi-itors for llio eoiiiinj.'.Jubileu I.iinary Season, Coin mcnecmcnt of the University of Vermont an exam ination of tho ISurlimttnn I'mnnlo .Seminary nnd s'ehouls next wiek. Pariicsof rxcuiMonon llio I.aVo and lo tho Mountains daily inking plaie, which with tho evening eocinblesareull constantly ri riuirine; sonic pretty New Goods fiom llOWAHD'S July 89.1SU. DOW N fN'tiTs I.ANDSCAPI. GAItlH-NINO Just rer'd ondfnr sule hy D. A UHAMA.V. .ti 'vir larp-e quantity of DttY fiOODH, will he sold til II. Tlir.liin.. nl li.'a Ai.nlir.n 11....... .... C-. hvnext, lio3., Sale to eoiniiieiKBnl one n'c lock, P.M. irhii-,toii, July 23, J8II. ,,g M E M O I It O V M A R O A It E T I) A V 1 1) S O N . y W. IRVING. Tor sale hy n. A n RAMAN. O 1'IP.Cns 4-2 Inch llurlap -' " Superior Hapcinir. n "ii'f-'ii Drilling, !" UOIIOI1 (10, , i ' 2-1 Insli I.inncn sheelinchv ,uyifi. 13U. S. I,. IlKltniCK. I-1 Si 6-1 1 lenrlifttl nml iiiili'f:iitii pi,iit, ul..,- nne, very hue, 'lu-uinap, Drillintis apron davks. cotum yarn, latliny, wit-Kin clc. K-lIin? at re him! i ' 'V ' K. -M. WltltiHT tf- CO. Inly 23. ' "J"' w"l heavy l.inrn tlii-rlinsi, U fi-1, 8-1 nud 10-1 Daiu.-i-k Tabli; l.l,,f-n 7-1 an I 8-1 brown and bleai-luil Tnl le covers, Linen Napkins and h varietv of hinen sbirtimr, Just ruccivcil from New Yorl. nnd for i-ale l?v . , . h'. M. WRIGHT eV CO. July 23. 7 N. II. Gentlemen nnd I.adiei nre inviii-,1 in mil nml eyimine the pi ices and qualities of Goods I e-fore pur-eliasiii-,'t-.rwbcie. Ajf)f)() V.h-iIh superior, line and common brown 'JVJUU Sheeting's and Sliirlinps from to 4 to 121 cent-. Ju-t oiii-nisl l.t- i - v July 23. Ii. M. WRIGHT tf- CO. Ii7 NEW GOO I) S AT Till: XKW UAMH stTORK. lilt! Mlllisrrllif.i-u U, i .-. a- 1 orlJj with a chone selevtion ol C OO OS, aniens which may be found the follow-msr : liji. .i.ji iiiiiuu iino oiiie: oiae-k siik-, " Ki-ured llounet Mo i-line ilel. nnu". of cverv stvln ioi-I nnntiiv. l.inen eanil il ric llilkf., i Mitin Ve-tiii-r, 8-lsik,i, iawnll.,s,avv., I Ik Fillet do. 1 I" rn'' l'l!,lt' "ell bloiul, l-iu'd Lace, e.ilieen-, Italian eraval-, I-.mey plaid ll,l,. nnd eraval-, -ilk Hose-, collnii and w-or-liil do. half ho-e, cotton and -ill.-, children' llo..e and Gloves Ladies .Mohair Glove, white nndblk, " Kid it it' ent. " " colored I- rench embroidered collar', Pain-oh nnd .ml, I iirm'tiire tiiinmin.'s, Fieneh Uoinbazine., and manv oilier uniele.s loo net in.-rii.i. In in.,.. I.-.., Ch irth-st. Itjiiniijtoii. July lb'. J. P. WHALING & CO. INVALUABLE MEDICINE, DR. TAYI.OR'.S UA1.SAM OF LIVLRWORT. Tin l'ii- l'.i,,.t :..i.:i.. . , IU..L-..J i. ikiiij j;i-uviii llliilt- ami more iii ileman-l for the cures of cold-, coiuhs, pain in tb. breait, nnd di-ea-es to e-on-siiinption. Ilavimr be-en u-ed manv vears, llu. etn-lin.ieJdi-niind prove this biham liil'i-really all it i- n I ii-. ii,i:ii in oe.uuu wormy 01 use .Vtiir i ork Courier. Coughs and Cohh. Whenever we bear n nur-int r-n t.rinn.r nn.l ,...i...-, ll- s'l i.-rm" l.niii.t imi.t n. ..1.1 .....) 1 ., ......... r,(v. .t..., ., ...limn, wi thin!, w bat a pity yon will not u-u Dr. Tavli-r'- Ilal wiin nf I.i, n.. ,,.i u.. i i I . .. . ;-"-'"-'" ii.i i il av L : ISUHIII.-.I uieoii .l.!.'l tl,i. Ilia lie .'.. . I. i .... .... ... w ... ,, . , i i.iu ,i, l .Ills iiiijh ivi- OIS- ei-i-.s, thai vie Miu-erely wi-.b lo teu il ill every buuse. .Veil- York Ihrald. ' I'am in the fl'uk ami lirentt. As a remedy f.r ihe-e prevalent coiunlain!--. we can ctirell lllv reL-oiillnend Dr. Tnvlor's ll.i i.f wort. 'Phi- me bemu ce h.n'i. s i ....r,,n,- ..... t formally year-, and wu know ol a nomli-r nl ea-i- m vviiu-li it Ii is 1 1 en ofino-,1 es-eutial mtviic. Ore of our own earners is an iiisiance. .Ytir York Sun. onsumpnon and JAicr Vomplatnl. Afler wo .erin r f-A-n v-,.i. .i-'il. tl-..a,..l.' I t I cot. it'sionil to hearth by Dr. Taylor's lla'l.-aui of tin--iile, lo-s of niincllte. ilv'-oen.ia. h.u-!.-in-r I, lo.s of lle-h, dizziness ai the head, ami sometime, iiijrlrt sweat-. Most of tho lime e.( my ill, ,e-, I ba 1 a ihy.-leiau in aiien-lanee, hut a. I vvas i-ontinuallv nal.ina, I le-orled lo ibe li.ibain ol Liverwort, and thank God, nut in vain, for it has f-dlv ic-ti red inv liealtli. I,. I,. I) UKI.Il.--ON. , . No. 07 tireen-si. .N. V. iO" None Genuine I ut that pre-paied al 37."i llio-id-w-ay, N. V. Agents. N. Lovelj .J, Co. Theodore A. Ptvl; eV Co. Doe:. It. Moody, llnrliu .-ton S. II Harm' Charlotte. " 7: ,c 1 fni'Ierts Light ami Dark low priced American X KJVt Prim 50 p.ccifs lieht nnd dark l.'nilish printt -2 puces aiidtlark-1-1 rreiiehand Amer ican Punt, III p.t-ei'. lierht and dark 1-t Frenih riiuiea Lawns, for .-ale very low I v L M. WRIGHT & CO. Julv 23. ,,7 Umhrcllas ami Parasol Aprol a-soiiiuent Lf I'mbrallai and IMra-ol- just re.eiveil and for salecheap by L. HKRRICK. July 23. 1.7 .lo-lnia Isham'K INtatc. YTfllLRIlAH, tbe Adiuini-iraior of tbe INtnte of .losutia isliain, lalu ol Shelb.irn, tU-e-ea-cl, hath made application, in wriilnir, to the l'rol a'e Court, within and for the Dijiiici ufCliiiit-inli'ii. , , forth lhat the said deee-ate I, in hi- lifeiim,. had en-e-red into n contract to convey to Ann llli-s, Jl.irv lilis-, Georpe Illis.s, Manlia 1!I--, tioidiia lili-s aiid'Jo-lua i-iiaui un-., uno their heir--, certain real esiate, ima iea in ii iriingion, 111 lliueouuiy 01 ejliiiouc!cn,to wit, ipiarier acre lots No. 1QS, Ilia nud 110 and praying sail courl would grant lo .aid o-lniin i-l r.tu.r lii i.-n'-elo convey .ai.ltan Is to llie contract ofsu'dde ee-iil, niidliereakly to llie -I11I11I1; in -irli t-.-i.e ninl, and provided. Thertforu the Court nl'ore.anl, doth he. el y tinier that uotn u I e given to all perfons inter- e-te.1 in the premise. 10 appear I t-foie ai-l t-o-irl at a sf-ioninereoi 10 l e hew al llie o'licu u lie) Ile'ii-ter of saitl court in Ibirlinelon. on ih. .t-nn.1 Wi-li !.. of Ansrust next, then andlbere to make oli,ojtion, if iniy nicy nut-10 graining iiecn-e' loci nv ey .-aid lands as nlore-aid, by publi-liing the order containing the s.ii.sMil-1., s mi mioue-aiion, mine iiuriington inv Pre-., pruitol al Mild II iilui'Mon. lhree weeks siiii-,... sivcly, thehisiof which publication shall bu before Given under my eitlleial signature, and the ,eal I,. S. of sin, co in, tins twenty first day of July A. 10 I17W3 CHARLES RUSSHLL, Judge. nb w r; oods, Sl'PLKIOR namit-ls andCotlon Halting, do. Wad bug an I Wick fag, do. Padding and Canva-s, Jo.t riwive-1 nnd for m'.a very cheap at thell.irluig ton Cah Si ore, by S. h. HKRRICK. July 23. 1,7 notici:. ITROKhinto themeadow of the nibveril-er. on the JJ Ulh, or 10th, instant, 11 dark HAY I10RSK, 111 iijiiiis uin, won a uus inn 111111 a I. mil star 111 the forehead, with aliad ne-arlore fool. H.iid Ifr.r.p is jud.-eil to havobecoa celded later than is the common praetie-o: and ha famous contemner ol ience-. Tho owner isc!e'.-ire.l to take measures to leclaun his pro pcrlv, etc. n7 W. SPOONKR. Uurhngtnn, July IS, 1811. rilANIS&XNf HOUSB, M1N KRAI, SgSPRING S, Hlgligatr, A'crniont. Tile Subscriber ro-peeifully infunns llie public, lhat this new nud commotions House envied last sea-ein for theaeconiiiiotldlion tf sn-hu imy wish 10 (iirtnko of llio cclcbr.iU'J Mineral Water of I he Spring is now open lor Ibe lee-cplion of vi-ilors. Many ml dilioiis having h-en made tluring the pa-t winter, the Mibsenber ilntle-r.s bun-elf liethall be able Hi ae cominodate and give nli-l'clioii to all who may have ooca-1011 In resort lo this fountain of health. No atlentioii will be..parI lo render the umalion of the alihettsl ns eoinfor able at poiMc, Parties of A pleasure will always lin-1 the Hon-e open for their rt ti-ption, and every thins w hich the peculiar and ro 111.111110 a'lor.U, (being uluaied upon the banks of a N-.iutUil bay, and Mirinunilod by o'enive shady it -v ,) provided Icr their iiuiujemcnt and heallh. I'k. llEiNr.iirnn, ol Durliiigir-n w ill wit the springs oni-e 11 week, or oftoncr, lor the necomniodaliou of nieh as may wish hit professional ,erviees, A eon venicnt carriage will le run fiom tbe Spring- 10 meet thu Steamboaini ill. AILausenTut'.-.laysauJI'rilays of each week, "J" N. II A Salt. Hoat "I at all nines bo in readiness for plej-uruexeur. luus upon tbe llav. . W. WOOD. Hr'Mur SrniNt".'. J ' T- l"ll n7 NJ3W Gj)0)S. .oiruiiiery. AcAlmost every kind of Ameri can, I-ieiich, German and r.nRiisli PKiin.Mr.iiv, Haii, r . . i . .1 .. """'"-""i usually wniiieu can ne found at the aricly store. Aiiioiir the nrlicles wc liavoI-ariiiasbcsUJi-iniani'o'our.hy the bu.x or -u, ii-, y nave ocH.ucs thu lotiir bottles, some the lie. I nrhHi, tint I.. -I . , . ..i. .. V i,.!l. . . .i .7 ' " ' "i,i"-i"uori uoiiies lor inc . i .i ll,lla1nl.l'c,?C1111 lu depended upon ns genuine and tho bo-t lint is made. fosmellc Cold Cicnm.Fur channg or e-rup-lioni of tlio skin. It is n beautiful emollient lor rniltr IllQ nf p intin i. ..r .1.-r. . I- i cellcni muioahcVslyn,;:"" "P9 '3 i. ... r . nml it ut tipu uioi pericei j n, just fyini; their preference. fume "ti Kaiiiot, much esteemed ns a pcr- ill Ilk of It oscs, for removing tan, eruptions, rrc"?',is':',,,,'r,c- .0o!,.rt Vil" hlack nnd llosh colored! inie-i.y, lor reinovmu hair fiom llio ce, nco. and nrm-, without inj rytolho skin. I'.MSt-llt-n nl 'l'i...n ....i i.J....-'.-i .... ... , . -j..,.iim imperial iinir i;ve, lor r'ZerL,rsirTdrrfc',nyIlair'C,'a"Ki l.'vlt-w.l nl' tt J .7 . , " um uio oi Rose, i'nrtic rs r.r ddliise-s I s pleasant odor everv apartment. l-.des oweet Pairs, from 13 els. to30 cts. fur pi rfu- tllltlir ,lrn rra n ...I I.. I 1 " .""I'l'isnway tnotlis. I OllClia or '-llll Ib-nlla lun I... .!.. Viv' ,c;r-!lcaVs,()llal"1 Crease, lluiral'o, Antique 111 Wan s Hnir ll.t D...I .I ' . - soip, veroemi cream, Cacao, Urovvn nnd White Windsor and llontitnt soap, Oxygenalcd soap, Wnsh Icl nniTroVrTaTcrs' "e1"'0 Sn"'' fur tl' "urscr'' toi' i'oatli Powder's, Washes, Ac-Chlorine Tooth nsli, keeps the imuis and icelh in a heallhv condi lion and tho breath sweet. Orris Tooth Wash nnd iistc, (,'oou aniens lor llio same purpose. I ine orr C.urntX I., i...,.i.. m.t. n.. .1. of various kinds. lo.lcl I'ull'-i and Powder. Pun"s .nnd Pnu-dnr for ilm liUisery. Ohlridsc'.s liiiltn of Columbia. Tlie very best article for removinc Dnndruir from the hcidsol children or adults. It will effectually stop flair fiom comini; out, when it has become loo sened and promote the growth of hair 011 bald places, when many oilier preparations fad. This aiticlo bung extensively counterfeited, iti-t of importance to get it or those w ho ahvavs keep tlio genuine article, which is signed "COMSTOCK it CO," of whom wi-purchase it. Weintend lo get good articles, nnd will sill them nt t IP Invvpnl ririni-u Mm- l.nci n.,...n.. r .t ... .......i. tn... uuillldll UUlllllt! . 1II. raiittobelhehestllii-reis made. It is imparted hy pneof the first I1011 es in the Perfumery and Drug lino 111 New Yoik,fioin whom wo aro conalanly recci- ,ll,n, ..JI. .. . -...j, .., .. . ... .tun.uiu !.,i 11 iiiL-it'-isi-s, any aincic 1101 on hand procured at vtry short notice. P.tNUlSORN At I'RINSMAID. amy la, ldll. ,,G Aniii-i u.ieeiiciii nriicie lor c-irmg old or young . Persons of Pains and Rheumatism in the hack or side, healing up sore, curing sore throats, swellings, clc, and lor the cine of the I'll, U.S. It has not Its equal, -cldom or never failing to cure when .applied co pioiiily, and according to direction, sold at llie Yarie- ij "huh, me uocn or sinirio Dottle. , , ,. . PANGHORN et 1JU1NSMAID. July 1j, 1311. rj I'Al'mt IIANdlNfSS. Thn Subscriber hai on hand and will often he receiving raper Hangings, direct from the maniif-ic-tnrcrs, which will leohl to merchants nnd dealers al uy prices, aiming ireignt. Any pcrs m wishing par ticular patterns can bo supplied by givinsa shoit no- . - . I'uuuieie. 11. "iL.L "r' W:t(.:iiii'ioia Couiity The Pall Term of ibis In.iit'ition will eom mcuie 011 'I ni'iiiiuv, the twen'y-.iMh e.f A-igu-t ne'. TheTrMccs nre hapiyo inform the public that they have -tii'ircd,' 1 in reluming tlii-.t-rvii-es t.f CALVIN PEASE, A. ., I'rinripul, and J. D. S. TAYLOIl, A. 15., .ls,ts(;i. Tho -uidersignej are eooii.It-ut lhat the will known il ialilien'io.-i-of ibe Teacher-, and the i-xlraordui.iiv suoii'.s ihal liaallt'iu'elihe-e-liool nin't-r lla-ir super", liven li'.ice, will lit l-ieu many lo re.ori iheio I'or what they may I e s ue of obtaining thorn ,ch and .iib stan' insiriietn n. Il i- iiiipuriaut 111 it per-oiis pro. .o.iiig to euier the ehool to le pre-eut the lir-t day of llio term. !0""l'heit; will 1 e Four Terns of Flevi-n Wei-ks each, I", the eu-uing jear, commencing ns follows. 1st. Augii-l 20, 131. SI. February I7.1SIJ. 21. Noveuiler IS, 1311 1 h..Muyl2,' 1-. 1.I.CTI nr.- vt i l I e given t ivkly lhroilt-h the vmr .ioseimi Howes, J STU.UIT BltOWN, i PJ1 JOHN SIIAULDING.S Cl I f.l.. (, .r... ' utlcnl'ial Committee. .MompelieT, July 8, IS 11. nfAv-3 lew copies PICTORIAL ILLUSTRATIONS o! . I Ibe liible, at New York price-, put ie by J,,y I3- " D. A. IIRAMAN. Tust rccelvfilai the Hot.KrfToiir, all the Voya. J tes l ouutl tin: World. D. A. llll il v v. July 13. ii fi Prcsii Genesee Flour. ?UIiSH OFNliSFi: FLOUR, or superior quality X just leceive-uhy nG . IL M. GIDDINGS fi CO. lii tin.; on, July 13 1311. TUNH IlARRFt. SALT For sale hy X, , ,., , ,, 'h JI- OIDDINGS &. CO. July 13th, 1311. nrj OOMltli on theCoiistituiion of Man, pi-t iteei- ," "Y 1. A. URA.MAN. July 13. G A Memoir of thu RLV. TIILOllALD JIATIHAV, j. m. wnu nu ueeoiiiu oi llu; iti-t! and l'rogre-s ol iciiiper.iucoiii irciami. I-or .-ate nt I he boo. store. July 13. nO D. A. IIRAMAN JUST RECEIVED AT HOWARD'S. JULY 13th, 1811. II LIth ihey come, Gooel-i, Good-, Goo I., and to lie e eiie ip, t-iie.ii, eiieap, tee ajcouiji.niyini nop to lnviiii-e, viz: Mr. Howard Sir. agrooi! le lo vour reu.-csi iimm. ply llie demand fur Good, nt yo ir'stnru ut this iron money reeeiritir se.isan, I helm egoing.eve-rnlliivoii-es of .!er.,haiiiliz.;"arc duly forwarded ibro igli llie Tn y nie'aiui.oiti i.iue. ill- very lor unve, tit t lho an-t-'et hive I ecu ohinino.! so m ch lower th m wa-ever I eloiel-novvn, loi-at thu la-It Auciioih as voi will perceive ju-tnow Ihey nave eo-t eiiinpaia'ivi-ly noth ing. You will pro' ably be able to ihsno.-eofihe to.-l. very qiin-k, nu I vet t.feour-e, cheap, for all mall ney t;r vvas the-ri!.siicfi a nth, leiunfil (ot t.f Givxl. ueul trinn tin- city lor the sum til money mve-led. Any firher Mills vou may vyi-h expendel, will le iiiiiMjiioicionsiy uteu lor yo ir inueii wi-litil a.lvan lage, by Yo ir-. .vi P. S. You tent thel'nrx Piilss, vv hereby in- per eeivivl an alieiniit lo Tax your Faculty of n-liing (moils cheap to the I'eoplc m llie um oreuOl) fur the enuing j car, bit wu- ge-neroii-ly and magmiuiino i-ly reil it-til lo S 100, then leaving vim rated 2 tu per t-i nt. higher lb ill any Hi lividual iiiereh I'll in the -la c. Do in. I complain, there in ist I e some- good came lor it, al lt-ust.sosav llie a-n'ssors ol Taxcaud evenlhev ei.. eluimit is wonderful to ,ce the ran olea h cu-toin joii have, they piobal ly have the hump t.f pcr-eplioii pleM-u Lei' very caret' d nnd not let yo-irngent ho known or they nny attempt rnrenology upon linn al-o. n(j STRAY COW. STRAYl'-h fiom the .ubscril tr em Ibe O h in-t. a tlark brown CO IF, with soma red open each side an I a whi eslripuiu'ross the,aud also across the no-e, nnd is about 8 years old. Whoever will re turn aid e-ovv, or give information by letter lothe sub ber, hall be hauJ-oine'y rt'wa.til. nO TLMOI'llY .MAYN'ARI). Milton Fall-, July 1 1, ISI1. nr'U;Ci:H Muslin do Laino &J 5 " .Superior I'lk Homlmzine, 10 " " Printed Lawns 5 " " Pcngeo Justrce'tl nnd for solechcap by S. h. IlhRRICK, Julj'lMSIh AfiRF.AT Variety of Rich Sdks Just received and for Sale very chap at tho Iturlinglon Cash Store hy S. h. IIF.VRICK. July Ifi 1311 CAUTION TO THE I'UHLIC. rpHK public are herd y eaiitionnl against puri-ha. A singer re-eiviug ol John Warner, of ('ami ruhe loitnoillo eo-inty nn I fin e of Wnnon, Tun Piomls 0 ry Notes, one drawn by lho Hurlinglon Mib Com. panyl'or SiDUCO: tlatnl the I5lh day tf Aprd, llll, payable M inonlhi from dale, wu'h interest, pay nblo to Gardner Gales or order, an I by the endorse mont ol tint sHidGatee trnn-i'errei.1 to ine. The other thawii l y ine, for Ihesuni of nboLt 8120, payable in ninety dij's from d-m't In John Winner, or order, (or hearer,) with interest, Saul last Nolo mny lumnie parlieii'arlytlos ri!d, nsHgmil by John It earns, n, pr.ncipal, and 1hnund Clark, .urtiy. find War iiei has no right to co'leet salJ notes he having c.b. taintil the ,nnitifrum me, byfraud, opjlrestion and ditre. The Mill Company have teen neriuiil, not lo pay in f-iid Warnt--, or hi endorsee, the Note by ibcm drawn and 'h" payment of the no-e fc'lu-n by mcjiinl ia d Ciur' ,vill be re-iiel to the Ian. nil Hll'bO' JOHN' ftrFI(Nf-. irn, July 15. lfit i-'RIlNCI! WDIIVl'li ivi. l enu Tt'ST opencil u heautrt ,1 n OMueiit e.f Flench worked Collarf, nt iedute.1 u. e. JuIyW. H.lLCfiTT NBW (JOOI)S. H MIH. liAMMVOItTIIY AS recalled a supply ol I'niiliionaliln Goo Is for Hie season. Rich lone' and square .Shawls, ocaifn. l-riii-b p,,.t.,.r.:.lA.. .1 i .l .i. ii......' ti i t .. i. ii tv;i u- iiuu woo ii--, i 'nil- soH, Ribbons, Printed Muslins, Flowers, Luces, Per fumery, h : 0,-c. jiTonc, sou initio Courl-Houso Square. li llurhiiglon, July 2J, lflll. JUST iircr.ivr.n AT the. New Cash Slorc, n full nnitment t.f i-iiii.uig, -i eiiug nntl laiting. Also, u general a.sortmeiii ol aniil, tlroecrie', nil efwbiih will I e sold very low lor ea-.h, I y . , J. 1'. WIIALI.G if. CO. July 1C. 1 ll7 IIANGINGH. ANi:W supply, with borders, &r. just rcc' I from Ihoriianufnclurers. July 2.'. C. UOODRICH. NEW GOODS. TlIKsnbscrilers have tu.-t lei civ etl from N. York, ii larjre n-'Orilnent 1 1 F A N C Y GOODS. among winch may 1 e fimvl IlraVy I lack and I lue Llaek I'm d,. Sm S.ll:. "' " " Grot'e.Swi s '" " ' " " " Pel instnpeJ 11 " " " " Groi'oAfriqiie" " Light colored " do " " tin Pel. in stripe.. " Plaid Pol deSoi. (anew article) " Runnel silk-, bonne: t.awn-, I Ik Italian cravat'-, plnin and fia'd Frt lie h I oml nrinc. Ha' luniirniiig, plain t(' lig'd, ull wocl Mousluie deLaine, Cliiu.ce and Satin striped MomJino de-Laines very fine. Late Veil, Il'k neit thaw's nmhcnrf-, nell Milts and Gloves, ."iioenor Kid do 1 oml azine u.i.l aiin s'oi-l.-s- orl.r-l eaml rieet Mu-lin In ertings& Fjlging,, Thread F. 'gings.l.onnel fet-ap Rib! ins, new style-, ..vjiujr . ur-iiu, piamniiu rr i n silk no-e. Worsted Working Fa'ten-niid Cnnva-s, tie. July 83, 1311. n7 V.. M. WRIGHT it CO. THIS DAY RECEIVED, Josr.iuua Winus, 0 Volsgili m,, p!:im bound, KtnKIIAM's I LOCUTION, f'oMSTlCK's PllVSt. I.IOV if. MlNCRALOOT, PnnsTC.v's Hock Theabove Rooks are ilnei-i from ll.e piddMier-, III.. .11 .. . I .. ' . . ' .un win ii.--ii i, jurcum.) on uio niOfi rcasuiialtie le-im-, if you doubt call ami see S. HUNTINGTON. Pign of Ibe Red Ledger, Collejcvt. Ju'lyS, 2i 1 1, i,r, L O S T . BF. IWIII.N Mr-. Langn-unliv'-, cr the Co-rt-House and ibe A'-a'cinv, on the rtul leading ihroiiah llu; hollow, on hut inlay uf criioon, 20 h June a -mall pai-Vage eoulaiuiiig dire'e un I bt'fvar.l- Lace. The tinder will o'eae leave it al till-oilue,and a suilu able tew aril will I e given. II irlin.'lou, Juno C, 1311. n5 MiUfc (:i tljr ai oono." 1T.W I'UCns I.N AMKIIIUA CAN AFFORD lSf.T Tt:it SFF.CI.MUNS OF " LIFE IN THE WOODS," THAN CAN" DC EriJOVUO, De'RINO Tliei SCMMER MONTHS, AT T II F. "CAIiUl) ON I A . i' K I N OS." rpiir. hUlGF. "NF.W HOmi.,'' wllbeoprn on JL or beforo llie first day of June, and the proprietar britlly promises loall Ins visit irx, (besides the pure and wholcsime Waters), fVjiW Dinner?, DJiicous Il1;ir clean jams and tnmfotlublc llids, together with all lint kind nnd obliging attendance of si rvaats which is always so gratelul lo the liavelhng Public. The Amusements will be a good Hilliard Table, a Piano Forte for the Ladies, a spacious-1! ih Room tur nished Willi Music, whi-io the innocent and I calihyev crctic of D-iiiciug can lu. enjoyed uluiost every eve ning, with many other pastimes and sports usual at such places. The beneficial ellects of the Mi.'.-cnA'. W.vtee Ha-iis aio mvalu-ible to Invalid, and a luiuiy to all that take them ; they are given in a variety of ways, ami even the benefits of Scn-bat'iini' may be uioie than rca i.edfrom the Saline nu I Mu'iitn Hatiis. The subijriber hn great plca.-ure In bung able to add that he Ins made arrangeiutnts with the Agent" of the "Ounvva Company" loriin oneoflhc.r steam-er-i expressly fir during the summer months; this will enable visitors finin Montieal lo leach the Spring- coml'oitably in om- day and " vice versa." The Spring.' Sialics will unit the t(nin boats nt Point Forlune ns usual. The role fium thence to the springs is picturesque anil delightful. YesitorsfromT oiunlo. Kiii.j.toii, and other p'ace"1 above, m ty avail diems, Ive-i of lb" improved state ol travel, vi i Hytowii, nud through tint interest ng nnd nngnifictliUiueof Government Works, " theltidenu Canal," which coiiimunieation will land visitors at h' Origuiak within nine Hides of the springs, where coa ches will hem readiness to convey ihem thither at an-" hour of their arrival. Nothing within the power of the subscriber will be lefi un !nn, lho ensuing season, to make the "Cale donia Springs" an agreeable and fnvoi-te nsort. W.M. PARICLR. Caledonia Springs, May 10, 1F11. ni Daniel H. Onion, 1 Chilteuden Coanty Court, is C James Mi-.-sa, ct nl. ) Petition for partition. SI'ATh OK FRMON F I 'PO any Sheriff or Chi. ten 'en Couiitv,s-. t X Con-table in this state, ' GltFF.TTNG : in ine auinorny oi ine .-jiate oi Vermont, vou nre hereby commiiiJed M notilr an 1 summon James Mi ner, of I'.ndport, in lho county of Adihsin, in this State, Colonel Simt'i and Harriet Smith, bis vvif.-, of St. tteorg--, m, llinrv li.igley and Mary Ann I'agley, his wife-, William K. M.ner and Henjiimn Miner all of Milton, ill this eo-inty, Sally Ann Miner, and Ahhy Miner, who are under' the age of tighteeu years, and Joseph Miner their f ilht r and natural mar elnn, all of the time Milton, Smith Miner, of Jersey- ville, in the county of Jer-cyvillo and si ne of Illinois, anil Anhbcl Pnluieranil Phrbe Palmer, his wife of the territory oi lov.a, lo nppear liciore lho County Court next to ho liolden at Iiuriington, withm and for the counly nf Chmendi'ii nforcsaul, on lho last Tuesday save ono or August, A. I), llll, then and thero in an swer unto thu foregoing petition of llie s-od Dan'n I II. Oni.m, and show c-iusn it any th.-y have, why parti tion oi sain prcuii-ies saoiitu not no initio according to llieprnyer ot sani petition, rail not an. I due service and return make according lo lav. Dated at Huiluig'tiii, i i tho county of Chittenden aforesaid this first day of July, 1SI1. WM. NOI1LF., Clerl:. A. O. Hhitleniore recognized lo tbe Defendants in sixty ilollarn as surely lor costs of prosecution, as the hw direct 4. n5w3 Refjieme, W.M. NOllI.i:, Clerk. WIIF.RF.AS', Danifl II. Onion, or Mil'ou, in said coimiv, hn pn-feried his peliliou in -aid Courr, sn ling thatono Jinnes Miner, of said Milinu, de-d seiul and ioS"seil of sundry pieces nnd parcels of land and real estate in said Milton, nud tint Jaiiies Mi'ier, of Hritlport, m tbe cnuitty of Addison and state of Vermont, Colonel SnuUi, ind ll'irrnt s.iuih, Ins wife, of St. Gtiirge. in sai l eo-iiuy of Chittenden, Ilenrv tiigley, anil .Mary Ann li.igley, lus w le, William K. Miner'.antl Henjimui Miner, rill of Milton, af ires ml, Silly Aim Miner, and Ahhy Miner, ho arc under llu ago i f eighteen voars, an 1 'Joseph Min.'r, thtir father nnd nitural guardrail, all or s lid Milt n, Snuili Munr or Jerscyville, in llie enmity of Jersey v die, nnd stati of Illinois, and Ahlcl Palmer and Pliebe Palmer, ln wife, of the teintory of Iowa, aro owners of all the said hnds anil reil Cslale in common, nnd praving lint the same may be divided anils toff to each ac cording lo their icspeclivo riht and inlrrcst ibrrcin i an lit being made lo appear, tint Smilh .Miner, V Ashbel Palmer and Plicbo Palmer, his wife, in said pciition named, do not reside in lho state of Yerninnt, and they nor ci her of litem not hiving nny known agent or atlorney in ihis s'nte, therefore, it is ordered tint notice bo given Ihem of the foregoing petition by publishing lho ubsianco ihcrcof, with the foicgoing cintion, in the Ilurlingto'i Free Press, a new-spapt r printed in Hurhnglon, in tho said counlyof Chiiicnden three weeks successivelyhe lnt of which publications to he at li-nst thirty days hefnre the sitlitig or tbcfiid court, which shall bo deemed sufficient notice lo tbe Slid defendants in this order mnied lo appear nnd in me miaii et tu lilt; ,uiu rt iiimmi. . . ' ..... ...,, r s. . na . ii. .uiii.i., iieri;. T.OBT. A Red Morrnco MeiiMranduni Rook, w ith Melnlic Pencil, of little value, except tn lho owner, containing Papers c. Compensation will he paid for its return. Iiuriington, July H, 13U. HORCI. vvili;i:t,I'R. STRAY IIORSF. I.eft the enclosure of tho Subscriber on tho 10th June a Light bay Horse, with a latere while snip in llio i-.e;i., snori swiicn ijii seven venrs old whoever will return said Horse, orgnotihy informa tion shall be liberally rewarded. Hinesburgli, July 2 IStl. ANDUF.W I1URRITT. WOItSTFI) Nl- I'lH.r.S 15LACIC silk Hags, Itndircrs and F.lliom best Rnz J nts. Hankers Shears. Illicit Straus. Silk Sashes. Miuiatuie case", nnd olher Goods. Received nt PANGHORN .V U1UNSM.UD. Julv Rt .lledlclnrtl tVlnrs. SFPIvUlOR Port, Maleri.i an 1 Muscat Wme se Itvltil tor incdiWual porpo-r., e-on-ianily lor sale-. Also, I ine ncdy Winaju.t re.-civvd by n2 Juno 18, II, M. Gli'iii.K.j ,f. Co. UMHRLI.LAS and Parasols, u full atsartment of every ttj le jurt rcc bv F M Wn(OMr-,f.Co f 1 1 oitml Codec, f( r sa'c I y -f, . J. 1". WILU INO vt CO. J Iv 10. 7 ST E V II E NS T R A V E LS IV CI!.TI!.U. AMlmtf'A. A fiw nnd nluahla wotk, now fer nlo nt tho J..i DtUlC. 1). A. I.'RAMAN, July 30. M'tV ltivnt! re l!v,e had made a fi-w do, pine cold rings, nnd had some set With llF.Ah STONFS, otial, eamet. t-lm.r.ild. A- .I... i. n... .. . , fc ,- .. i -- --' -"ii iu mv iii uvy, tiou iiii.ui chnseil linger rings, nil warranted faenmls line. Ah so line new Pins, nml othtr fiouds rtc'il nl the Vti. ne v .Store. PANGHORN ,t IMHNKaIaii. July 21, 1511. A VKllY A'AMJAISl II PA It 31 FOR SALE. 'pill: subset ihe-r being elri:ous to ret.rc liom ticlivD L bUSlllPHS. llOWnfli rK In il!. .,r I.... . sitiiatrd in Co ehesti r, ore hair mile west of lho stnuij to-id. leading from lluihugton lo Si. Albmis nnd only sX mil. s from Hm lingii.u. IJnid Farm h h indsomcly situated, ronlnminy n -iC- of nsi'md land ns cm be found in Chittenden county, nnd nml r ns high stale of cultivation, havin'r hi en under the minrtne- incut or nn l.iHish AgiuulturM th.i !;-t twenty three years Tin re is on tin- Farm a a nvi nient itoiise, wnu a iicvtr Inline vvt',1 of pure w.-lir ni lho loor. Anoi inrn, Willi t-onvtnieiit fbula ntt.ic led loit. a valitabl wood lot . f Hs-n-h nnd Mm'c mid n line Orchard nf choice Finn. Arte- rrrnn i, i.1,,n purchase such a farm as above dtscribid, h-.ii i,etlcr tin' c application soon to James r-coit, Pi iihstrecef. iiuriington, or the subscriber on llu: prctni-is. ,. , WILLIAM SCOTT. Iliirhnglnn, July C, 1811. T N. I!. Terms of payment will he made verv ensy. r, RASS VIOLS ( io'encelloe., three fitiu Da-!, V, 1-. in. I r-(it..l KJ un nd fur sale ut the lowest price-, at the ar.ely store ."strings nl lower oncci siiuinciils of all hind low u-iial. Mu-ieal lu. P.vncei r.s tf. Ur.lNSMAID. Jene 23, 1311. Ii3 Dr. AmiN Ci. Hull's l.eio Al.'. iiunal .- .ppor-I":-- 'ippiy t, the alove t-t-le' rate I ln,-rii-ineni., (vv hn h have never idled ot I er! -ruling a cure) lu-t lei-eivel lor ba e and v.-id I o kept t on lantly on hand I y It. MOODY, Druggist. June 21.t, ISH. 3 1 r c m 1 u w HASSANI) DOUniiU UASS VIOLS. Urtvvr V 0,11 1 10 7fi'-' T'ils C- nil .trsjin micr. fstnl in tl.n enrcuf Music, tint he continues to manufa-lure at Couch il, New Hainii lure, IJASS AND DUL'iiLF. 11ASS Vint.S of a very supinor quality, and hav ng ol t untd ll first I'rcmiums lhat hasovcr been awnidetl loan A. ineiiean iinmifir turcr of Instrumrnts nt tha crcnt 'ufrs of ihe Anirrienn histiiuto in Now York. City, at the gnat F-i r of the .Me. hni.ic's Association in Ibston, nnd nt llie Fair of the .Alt ebamc's C'hantn. on' .vssoiiinon ui I'ornaiul, .Maine he now not only tenders hi-j llnnks to hn fiieiids nnd patron- for past favors, but ph-dgi a himself lo Religious Societies. Musical As'on mom and individuels who may wish to niircll1s. lhat Ilo tensonnblr. film la slmll l,n .,... ing on luspiit, totnable iiim to meet their orders in itiu must prompe nnu saiisinctorv manner, that ho nny still retain thiin-onfidenee. mid merit a continu. nnce'of the liberal pnlronagclie has for many vcara enioycd. lie also keeps an cxlensive assortment of -AICSICAI. INsTIIITMrVTU of the best tpnlity, which he oilers for tale on tin most rrniiniiie terms, nmongwlueb are mi i.odions and si:raphini:s, which aiciiiuch ntbniicd for sweetness of tone, cud well n 'apt-d to pirlor or church music. Music sVhools, Alilitary Hinds, or individuals, cm be supplied wnh lirassand other instruments of nny description, as ch- ap or cheaper than they can pur", chase in the city of Hoslon. Also. Violin,' liis and Double Has' Viol .Strings, Hows, Hruh'ts, Patent Head", Tuninir Forks ifc Pipes, Instruction Hooks Clarionclt Reidsnntl innutli i'j ce-i. Finhrtllas, Para-ols. Walking Cants. eVc. Orders will be ziatefidlv rrc ived, and InslimncnU sent hv Staae nt theii-k of the tii-inufacturer, and if nil atisf-ietor, may becxehaniid. Mii'ieal in-triiini iitsan-1 Fmbrt lla-,rrp-ircd ns usu al. Please call at his new Mu-uo .S'oic, a few doors nulli of ihe F.n id e Co (ft e Ho-ise. njl Coni-nrd, New Hamiishire. AInreh 2, Ull. PANGHORN ,f. HR1N.S.MA1D, Aut ins, Hurling, ton. Vt. FANS AM) CANES ! "OR ..ileal the Va.-ii'iv S . re, P.VNtlHORN sv liniNsMAID. July 1, ISII. ,i4 Aleclianlc's Tools. CAST vpFKI, saws, and CS in- In'--, Red London -pi mis col .'o, arfor.-i-.-or an.e'e, li and 1 1 inch In n I ac'. sa-.i-, Kev Iloie do, Former Chi-i-l-, Fine -net el do. DntiUo .nil 'iiilePbinu Irt n-, Hract-s and Hi'!-, II, xwihI Rule--, TVys-i-iari-.Si ur Ao-.-nr Ibu., nil tire', t ouenve rurl common Au.-nr--, Iron uud -lee s,j iare-, leimpas-e, Fiuedbie', Paper, lie I ( 'hill;, ele. lor sale at the !ovve-t pri'-es by 11. -M. HIDDING3 Sc CO. My L ISII. nl INFORMATION WANTKI). mill", s-,il,.,Tit,.r ,;L. ,r,,.,. rf oliam-n,' informa. lion cf his I rei'lier, JOHN HALL, v. ho lefi Lng lan I, ill IS:iJ, Itr ibe Foiled St.fe., I at t'-io' ee, an'erwar-lsvtent lo I pp, r Cam-la, and .snow, (ii liviiiy.l nlo-it21 year- of a'e, .Vv nif- rn.a nn on this siil-je-et, uddri'-xil In the mi! -it b 'r at lluning'tai V't. will I e Ihaiiktu'Iy receivetl, and III eral'v pi I fir. , , CHARLIE HALL. iiuriington, June CO, IE II. n (ieofic .lloorc's Kitatc. WU lho s ib-er.! er-, havinirleen npiointeiI by thn llonoriiMeibu Prt.1 ale Co.irl li.r ibe I (nee of ''hitli-ni'en, coiniiii-sifiiers lo it- e ve, exam iio and adpist ihe claims anl tleinanJi efall per oil', aaauut Ihe e-lalo cf onOROK MOORF. la'c of H iihnglon, in -aid Di-lnet, dc-en el, repre--eutnl in t-lvent, and ul-n a'l t-'auiis an I ..t i- and. ex Inliltil m o I. el ilientn and si-e nu n:h I t u I'ledaio hirei f, I euig allowt'l I y sai l Com i, f r il. " p irpo-e, we do bere' y give iioliie, tint we w.ll n'tci: I lo lho hii-ine-sif uirapptuiituiei.t, nt lho e''ne ofA'van l ome, in H Imeit. .n, in sa.,1 ib-tri.-l, oi ihefr-t Mem diysof Noveml t r and De" tin' e-r ilex', at ten oVkx-l", A. M. on each nl llu; .aid day-. nl Da:t!, this 111 h ibiy t f J ",., , I). S1. i.CTHI R LOOMI1, ) . Ah VAN FOOTh. 'j"-l""s'or.ers. 0TijAll"a I!!-- an I 1!) if ik . S. 1). SLOTT. i roi;i:s.t-m s m-t-it li.iVy-, 1L S'n.-,I!onilet S.b.s etClY'i July 21. f ttll.NA ami I 'olirei 'ed l.dibons, Cb m i S ,,r ',. and s-x a a new lot of 1 remb nriuiciuls. S. U. -I OTT. July ."l. Shaker Varn, lOR ( ?t t. bv 111 RP.ICK. n 7 S. L. July 23. Black Tea, f, r talc I v j: P. July 10. WHALING & CO. n7 (iciui.iii Silver Table Inolls. TUST received, or ihe U.t ijuahty und wdl lc sold ,J at ihe lowest price. Also, wc would cnll nl'cntion, to some ernod I'latcl Spoons, made for u-, nfior ihe silver patie.ns, all coods will be sold it the lowet prices. PANijRORN ex. IimNSMAin. July 13. n7 ' J II K a j tent ion t f the- pul lie is inv tnl I., a largo .1 stock of l'i iwIs now opening al S. II, SCOTTS. A rare-opportunity for nurcha-inir nnt n '.',. extctibnu'ly low pr.ies, July.'J fAHF. LADY'S Cabinet, devotee to science nnd JL gtncrnl literature, jut received it the Hook Store, where subscriptions nre rct-uved for this and ihe N Y Review, American Journal oftho Medical S. icrirrx and N. American Review. July 1, D. A. 1'RAMAN. 'lMSSl'F, Paper, prrrn, jellow, blur, and other col. .,L "O'P.n-silcttcr i nptr, II. II It. II. II. 11. II II II. I- nnd other drawing Pencils. JtiMrrr',1 July 21 It II. PANlSHORN . lUUNSMAlt). Ml'SlCAh Instruments vc. 11 V.& F Hat Clano, e."Ci"C!'', 1 iV c r,fcf I'laptohts, CJuhar, Violin, and lolinctl o'-trmiis, iceievei by July .1 mil. PANflllORN eV HlUN.MAin. OTONF.'S CAST STr.Fh ANF.S, Warrauled sn O pcnor to any thing in Matkei -?i) Mr. for sale hy hTRONGS .f- Co. July 1.1911 NEW GOODS. TMIJ. suhciibcr- have leeM n nevBftir'nicnl of I ll ...... , . r. r . lintett liiuslin s, , Print. cd l.iwns ill; and won -11 usselb Lit Fr v- ' Mr, ,,,DKl,.rU.,.ur"i.',oi--s,,rr, June I. Til

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