Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, August 6, 1841, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated August 6, 1841 Page 1
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WW NOT TUB GLORY OF C21SAR) DUT TUB WELFARE OF ROME. BY II. B. STACY. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, AUGUST 0, 1841. VOL. XV....N0. 9. James C. Vlerct'n llstatc. LTATK OK Vb.RMONT, J DiiKicr or rtilTTKNDr.y, s. ( Tim Hon. Iho Pro nlo Court for llio District of Chit tendon! To all persons concerned in the estate of James u. l'irrcc, late 01 iiuniingiun, m mi ui ti-Ii-l. rWryiqoil. GnF.ETINO. WIIF-RU AS, Daniel n. Tucker administrator of tho c9tatcof said decoded, proposes to render nn account of his administration, and present his account against said estate for examination anil allowance at n session tho Court of Probate, to beholden at tho Kuglo Hall, in Williston, on tho third Monday, of August next. Thcrclbro you nro hereby notified to ni penr leforo said court at the time and placo aforesaid, and shew cause, if any you have, why the account aforesaid should not 1)0 nllovvcd. . Given under my band, at said Burlington, tills eighth Jay of July, A. D. IS 11. ,, , 1 VM. WIS! ON, Register STATfToF VKKMONT, j Diirict of Chittenden, I THE Honorable the I'robale Court within and for tlie Di-triel of Chittenden. To the creditors nnd oibwi onlvrMfd in thuiMatuof James O. I'icrcc, lmr,,r TTiitiliiiETtnu. in -aid Di-trict. diwa-ed. WHF.RF.AS, Daniel 1). Tucker, administrator of the estate of said decoa'cd, has made triplication to this court, to extend the time liui'tcd for making pay ment of the debt- of mid ilwi'Ol, twelve monlbs from this elate, mid tbetbird Mon lay of Augn-t next, Icing nitnod for a hiMrnig in tho promi-e-, at llio Willi-tunniid it having leen orucred that nonce (hereof be given, by publishing this de cree three vccl.s successively m the Dirliuglon I ree Pre.., n newspaper printed at Burlington, Leforo the tinuMixed Cur hearing'. Tlicrclbre, you are hereby liolific 1, to appear 1 e fore said gourl, at the time and pl.tce nfore-uid then an! there, to make objection, if nil J- you have, to the aid time of payment I eing further extended as aforesaid. Given under my hand at llurliugton, this Sihday of July, A. u. is it. - nu WM. WKSTON, Rcgi-lcr. TVI CORK'S LSSLNCr; OK LIKi:. A V.ilualle J.YA Miihcine, winch, if rightly applied, will be the meansof savins thousands from an untimely graie. It ha been sold anil u-od for thirty years, vv'itligicut Micccx, nnd found very e:lic.icioii in the following eh-ci-i'-, viz. Consii.npl'inn, Whooping Couch-, coin jnon Couirh-, Cu'd-, difliciilt Ureal h in ir, Inllucnz.i, Quinsy, Asthma, Phlhi-ii', Spittinc of Wood, IinT," Indiee-tion, Lno-cnoss of the Dowel-, Kitsol every kin 1, Cramp-, Rickets, Colic, Catarrh, l)jen lary," Kamlinr, Hypoehondrhte Aoe'enon-, lleadn-lifs, SieUiiosat Stomach, Mo.i-lo-, n pievenu've of'Con-tagiousdi-ca-e-, (.out ami Hbe.iinall-ni. CP'I he above Mo heme Upicpaied I y Henry Sey mour, of'Hadlev, Ma-s. from the Original Recipe, ly the direction of.-.ud Moore, and .id 1 by linn and the principal Druggi-tsui tho UiiitcJSluto-.. Sold wholc-nlc and retail, hvJ. it. J. II. Peel; Co and Thco. A. Peek ec Co., Burlington, nnd by the i , . .. . i , . i . . dealers ciicrciiiv uiro-igiioui mc counirv I PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. rXlHIS articloit too well known to need common - elation md Iho evpinrnce of seven years has demonstrated to tho commercnl community, tint for accuracy, convenience nnd duinhility, they are unrivalled Coal yard scales to weigh from 3 to G tons. Dormant Warehouse do, to weigh from 1-2 lb. to 50(10 Ibn, Pottable do. to weigh from 1.2 ot. to 200 Ihs. PurlahlvGoiintcrdo a new article to weigh from 1-2 oz. to 10 lbs. J. it J. II. Peck & Co.-Agentt. Burlington, April 9 1SI1. T HATCH would inform the in- t b'lhitants of llurlinc on nnd vi- cnity, that be ha- opened a shop in Chmch street, at the siu of the Hille, Micre iii'iiuciKis 10 carry on mo tiun smith lli'sinits, in nil its vaiious branch cs. Havincbivn emplovi d for the lat six years in the shop of 'J. M. Caswell, in Laii', (uiidoubtidly the he-t Kuop in me i.'inieu .-iiaics,) lie lei H wni' ranted in n'Iring his work to tho public Curlington, June 1, 1S11. J IIA7.0US-. SVl.X Htli. f K have iut received a aru ty of Hndecrs and l.lliot's I'uieltAOU.S much likeil by persons who sliaictliems Ives. PaSODOIIS iV. HlllNSMAlD. - - "J JAVl.NO hired tho Tatcrn Stand VYf Xllatcly occupied by Mr. J. Potter, near f::f!C5L !c Coi;rtHn,j JJurlinaJou, wii at an ii 1 1 JJKtf limes, be ready lonccommodaluTravcllerH and otherH w ith Hoard, lo l.'iiiL'.horwkicp nc nnd other accommodations in nood style, and no pains m ill bo spared on his pan, to make them com fortable, and on the most reasonable Ttrme. Price of Silicic meals one Shilling. Burlington April 2 Ith, 1SI1 monies?. riltlK copartnership hcro'oluro existing under the J. firm of MAHTIN & STOW, i dissolved this day by mutual con-cut, nnd nil person, wlin nro imiewoj to the said firm, are requested lo settle their account. withC. !! Martin, who is auihorizcd to icceivc and discharge the same. Charlotte, July 2d, loll. nu C. II. MAIITIN. HANSOM STOW. ICF N. D. All persons indebted to the subscriber, On book or otherwise, nro requested to settle the nme. I' 11 MA1ITIV MIMilNAHY & DHI'.SS MAKING. By Miis S. BRAY, "T7HO has commenced vv ill the new bui'dina on tliccast side of Church street, opposite It. l.anos store, and n few rods south of thcC'hurch, where every attention will he iiiven to 'the makiiiij of IIonsets, Caps asp Drksses, in ac cordance wuh Ihoinostan procd New Voik style, which Knshions are now just received for the season. Burlington May 20, 1811. n51 Ha SUI'EKIOH KMHIH. T K. IllNSDII.I., Ar?ent forllo .1 . eheslcr and other Western Mills &e. has for inle. now ill store, and receiving K.bjit Thousand Barrels of l-ancv a uu .-juiiernno iiranim oi i nun. of ilm liinhrst rrnutatioli in the J.'cw Vorknud Boston markets. Among which nro the followinir. H. 151 v. T. Hemivhall, P. S. Clark & Co. . Davis, H. Holmes, Unioi Mills. Jackson Mills. Clifton Mills, and J. Kosher together Willi secral choice brands of Ohio and Michigan Flour, Atso, II. Uuddand N. Shick,suitallcfor tho Montreal-Mar- Let. , Ali-relinnl and dealers wil be furnished to order. at a very low rate, by lemittng Drafts. Cettificates of Deposit, or Cash, to 313 Uivr-sticct, Troy, where a lull supply win oc Kept at an times. .llay is, Itill njunj Mi USTATH l-'tW SAl-K, At a onr.AT vboAin. Thopropriror otters for sale tlie lire- mises in the filiate of Burliialon, now occupied by H. B. Sl icv. Et. as a dwellni: houc, printing olFice and rcadhiL' room. The primises arc eonvnent for a store and dwelling house rr for offices of almost any description, and are situatcdin the centre of the most onsiness part oi tuc town. Kor terms of sale anil pajment, inquire of Charles tin. -ell, Pearl st. Burlmgtoi, or A. L. Callm, of Or well Vt. CA1IIX RT WA II 13. 7hc subscriber has resum r. l tlie Cabinet business it the old shop on Church street, formerly occupied bN'ichols & Herrick, and recently by B. K. Walker, vhcre he intends to inanu faclurc and keep constantly on hand all kinds of CABINET KUKNITUKi:,ofa stylo and quality not inferior to any nmiufaclired in this vicinity. He hopes hislong experience, Hgethcr with a strict atten tion to the biisinesps, will scuro him a share of the public patronage. O'WANTICD in cxclianyfor Cabinet Work, Birch and Maple Scamlet, suitablufor bcdstcadsi basswood punk, anit Hoards Ironi 1 mm to men; w lino nne boards. Most kinds of country produce received in payment, (butcabh would iieervnceeplable.) Burlington, Jan. 1.1SI1. SAMUKI. NICHOLS. ISeware of Deception I IT has frequently come to tlie knowledge of the sub tenber that empty SnulT Jars, with his Label on ibem. Iuve been 1 oimht up. for the purpose of selling in them an inferior quality of Snull'; and, also, that his Snuil'-libcls hac in some ijslanccs hem counterfeit ed, or tho iriuicril Anicn of the same so imitated as to easily deceive the unwary he deems it, thcrtforc. bis dull lo inform purchasers of tho manner in which i ipv arc o ien n inosiii hi mm i u uiiiu iiereuv request ihem to tear oli'or deface the Labels on the ouismo oi ine .tais aiirr Having oisjioseu oi too con tents, so as to nuveiit further use of the same. A suitable reward wid he n il for such eidence as will Ictul to the detection oi conviction oi the importer. The subserilier continues lo manufacture, and offers for sale, tnolollwmg articles : FINK IlltOWN S.NUKF. licmmio Jlnccoboy, l rec Iinitntion do jlav'd Sicily do Maltese do Curacoa do American Uannec. Holland do Tuberose, Si. Omer. Slrnsburg, COARSE BROWN SNUFF. Denilgrns, Pure Virginia, Burbnn, St. Domingo, Copenhagen, ruiarV YELLOW Scotch ) and Pint. High Toast. ) SWEET-SCENTED Natchiioches, French Ilnppce, American (ientleman, Pure Spanish, L. Mixture. SNUFF. Irish illackgunrd ) or coari Iri-h High Toast ) FINE-CUT CHEWING NEW MUSIC, AND MUSICAL INSTRU MENT. -mart) XTiW j... nas jusi re ccived frcm Bos- TOBACCO. " " Oronoko do Jo. FINECUT SMOKING TOBACCO. Sponish, Kitcfoot, Canasur, Common, nnd Stems. PETER LOIULLAKD, jr. ' 42 Chatham Sired, New York, March, 2311. -17.2m J. & J. H. Peck if- Co., Agents, Burlington, Vt. Cr"IMPOIlTANT CAUTION.CHI It fsa singular fact undone much to I u regretted that valuable medicines, ns soon ns they become pop ulnr, and haie received the test and approval of a ihscriininntiiis: public, arc sure lo be counterfeited, and thus nbad and spurious article i immediately palmed upon the unsuspecting for the genuine. This has been notoriously thecase with all popular tried and truly valuable incdiciics for years past, nnd will probably continuctobe ihe for years to come. Thuba-ennd conlemptible counlerfeit In this way advantago ol all the elUirlsnnd ndver tiing used by the proprietor of the genuine article, to get their medicine intouse and dc.vored popluari ly. It i therefore not le thcdiity than it contributes to the safely of every honest individual In this com inunily to expose, frown down, and forever nfierDIS TIIULT all IIEAHTUSS INGIiATKS who thus irre-spon-iblv trifle with health nnd life. SCprilKHKFOlli: TAKE NOTlCKt There is a person by the nnme of J. 11. liOCIIE KOItT. now eniraged in m-IIiii n Pill done up in boxes in exacl and perfect imitation of the genuine INDIAN VJJGirrAHLE PILL?, with llio omi-Mon of only one word on the Boxes viz. WmnliT. The Pills sold by llii lloi'liefort are evidently intended ns a fraud nnd imposition upon the community, or they would not have leen donu up in such exact imitation of the gen uine. Thisper-on istnll Llu-tcring Willi a great the atrical swagger. Ho was recently known as a very pour player in Baltimore, under the mu-ieal eognoiueh of Jim Hi own, nnd is al o it twenty lite years nf ace It is almost leyonda doubt that lit! is supplied with tbel'ilU Irom a Druggi-t (inn in Ibis city, whohae heretofore I veil notoriously connected Willi counter leil medicine-. AsMHuiasprout isobtainiHl the foun lam head of this nefarious bu-incss will bo expo-ed, (bat the community may .-linn them as they would a serpent. IN THE MEAN TIME THf. PUBLIC ARE CAU TIONED against buying WRIGHTS Indian Vegetable Pills oI'MHoivi who does notcxhibil a certilicatoofnfen cy signed by the agent for tho New Kngland Slates and 'rearing' dale since January 1810. Al-o lake par ticular notice lliatlhc following wording i-oulhu box es Wright's Indian Voidable Pi'ls (hut. Purgatuo) of ihu North American College nf Health. The Indian Vegetable Pills mc n ceriiiin cure fur in Us every v.irieiyof form, hre.injc Ibey llm iniigbl) cleanse ihe sioiimcIi and bowel-, induce n pio pei disich.iiae In the hins, skin nnd kidiic), timltui miibite (be blood in pin ifv ilelf. In oilier notil. ib'- npeii ull die drains, mid Irate NAlUut: the Grand 1'hytician) dec lo duifi dire.ira fiom llie bud. The ubtne oiillei?, or di.iiiM, me ibe coiiiiiion 9eers ufilie bmh, lluuugli mIiicIi .ill iiuiibid.ind cor rupt litimms (ibe coup nl dieae) me c.n ited off; and so long .i. they me all kept npnn, timl di-rbarge fieel) th Ir allotted pnrltoiis nf tuiniiiiiv. Ibe bodv will eon. unite in health ; bin when fiom ealino iniiroper food, bieailnng iiiiputc air, sudden iiiin-itiuas lioiu licat lo oiei exliausliun nrtiiix oilier cpuc. I lie uonel. bci'ome enslne, i lie poles ol the skin become closed, or i lie lsilae s fail tn perform llieii fiinciiont properly, lite iinpm ilirs which slmulil be drained Itotn ilie body by lhi'-e nutl1!, i ill be rcitiined, and continue lo tie. cumulate iinltl lite bmlj becumcs lucitilly loaded uiih masc. II die fliaiinils ol nur imglil rivets tiiouiil bernmp blocked up, would nut I lie aiciimul.iir'd waters liutl new oiillels, or lite country liecoinc intimiaiP'i i Just so uiih I lie liuin.ri body : ill lie tialiiiiilihains bc- nine clufcil. tlie glaeuanl timl cm t upt iiiitiinrs win nun vonl ill llic larinns fiiitu. of ilige.i-e Fitch its Keiei , Sinnll Po, Measles, Blietitn.iiKin, Gotil, Apoplpxy, Uc, or De.tib will cud our sofTet itis. Tlieieftuc, when sirkuess til I tie stiiinarh, pains m the bjtk Hud tue, nun k pitltie, 0111111111! hKin, or ttiiv oilier iinple.i am HViniitriins. indicate thai one or mote of ihe nit. lurul ill Mins ate nut dirrltaiging ficety, mid the cuitsti Ituioit i. abmii to euniuiencp a sttiigale fur iIip reslrira lion oflieattli no lime should bp losl in titlininistprinn .ifev In tK ilnspi nf lite Indian Piiibuiivc Indian Ve elabte Pith ) By so dotna. till ihe bincitous of the iwnly will be lesioted to urder, rnd ihe bud hiiinurs (lite cause ol cwiv tnlUinalioii or pain we stiller) will be remoted in so ruy and natural a iiiantier, ihe body will Iip resldictl a if by ti eltai in. The tiboie l itis may Ue taken at ALL limes ami unilpr ALL cir- etinutnncpf , with prrtprt gaiety. I hey sun all com pfuintA.iml all ugps. and are in ihe hum iiiennstituiitin ns li.uil ; ronicqiiently tliecan iirntr irymc nen i lie innsi delicate. Like our foud, iliev ate digestible; tltpiefnre they enter into the ciictilalmti and impaii tin ptiPigy lu I lie oloiKl, w Hint eii'titips H lo now w tut nee. lutn (ittiie to dip exlipiiniies nnd cuitseqiipiiily to keep lite pines nltlip sKui o en. I hey ate line and pel iti lairtfiers nf'tlte blood : bcatue they dtaiuatl coirupt liinnots ft otii that life gHing fluid. I'ltey impaii siienuili and Vigc.r in ihe wnale Kiein, and tlieir el frets areulway- bpiirficial : because llipy tinly ipiiiup those humors whii It an' nmiosed to beallh. I'liey aid ami imnroie dinpsiioii. nnd sound sleen follows their use: because they cleanse ihe atuinnrli and bowels ol utosn siuiiy iiuiiioitrs winch not onlv trritaie ami excite tup neiioiis system, lull paialyze mill wPaken the di gestive organs, in mon iney poasps an tney good ptopcrtips that can Up claimed lor any medicine ; and what In. piv rem nklile, n is unci ly intpos.iu e lo up lupin wiiiioiti iipiipiii. Prtiii 25 cents per Box, wuh full direction.. OlTicc an ltiencral Depot for Ibe New J.ngland !atc, No, lU-j Ireiiiontt-lreeljiiear iourl strict, Ito-top. I he regular nppomicl A scuts can receive I heir sup plies of Ihe above poti. ilar Pills, as heretofore, fiom I he only mliceand general depot for the New England Stall"-, lilSTreiuont street. Boston. Pedlar- or trav- olltnsaticnlsare not allowedttuell the zcnuim.'indiaji vT'gt'Hl lu Pdlr. lliercfure never pnrcha-e Irom them for ff you do yon will be sure to obtain a dangerous .- '.. : ... ,11 and co'in-erier, urncie. i Iitr.o. A. Peck & Co, Agents in Butlingtcn, for the -aleof Iho Indian Vegetal le Pills, aNo, W. II. Hot let, illi-ion. l and A. Urin-inhid, Ibirliuglnii. Look at this. Have vcua couom 70,000 die or cN.NsrjMrrtoM every year in the United Sinte, and million su'ler feom troublesome couphs and colds, that ran ba curud by Dr. M. Hindi cock' Vegetable Virgia Cream Cougli Drops, a safe medical prescription, euitaing no poisonous drug., and u-cil in nn extensive pnettcj for evcrnl years will ino-t positively nllbrd relief, and nvc yon from thai awful, pulmonary ronvunijiiion, which uuallv sweeep, into the grave hunnrcds efthe young, the old, the air, the lovely and the gay. Have yon a cough? Do iicrstiadcd to purchaie a bottle of tho Cough Drops to-tiayi io-niorrow miy le too laie. nave you a coughl Dr. Hiicccok'.s 1'cgetable Virgin Crenm Cough Tops i- me only rcmour you siioiuu lauc lo cure you. 'or Ihisplaig reason. That in no oncoflhe ihaiisnml ases where il has leer u-od has it failed to relievo 'rice 75 cents per hotilc For sale, iv'hole.-alo nnd He- u, ny A. nrit;iii-uuv lu, no. 117 uene-co , Ulicn, N.Y. And Iv their agents throughout the uilcd Stales. In Burlimton. bv J. & J. II'. Peek ft Co., Thco. A. Peck &, Co. In Vcrgenncs, by J. II. Bowman. In Milton, by Burnet & Sawyer. In Geor gia, by Lorcn.o Janes. nu.2 &rrG''"!ri71-rs.ton, (on comiiiis on,j a supply of New Music. Mu- cal Intrumcnts, &c., which he is authorized to sell at the lowest Boston rc'ail prices. The Mut-ic for the Piino Forio consists of Songs, Glees, Duelts and Trios. Newnnd beautiful M irches, Quicksteps, fial opades, Wall7.cs, Dances, and pieces with variitionn, somo of wlii-Ii are tho hlcst publications of the Bos ton BriL'sde nnd Brass B inds. ALSO A great variety of American, German, French and English Musical Instruments, consisting Of Bugles, Trumpets, French Horns, Bats, Tenorsnd AltoTromboii'-s, B iht, Cand EtUlClarionclts, Ger man Concert Flules,) from one toninokeys,) Flayco lctts.Ocnve anil Picoln Flutes nnd Fife.'. Splendid Bass Viols nnd Violin, i legant and plain Violin and Bass Viol Bows. Superior Roman Violin, Bas Viol and Guitar Strings of every size and letter. English and French Clanonctt Reeds. Splendid French Ac cordoons, Spanish Guitars, with plain, and German Silver natnnt head. Instruction Books, with Gam uts, Lrssons, and Exercises for all Iho above, and oth er instruments, arc now for sale at Mr, Mann's rest dencea few rod north of tho Episcopal Church, in Burlington, where he respectfully invites customers to give him a call. Military Band and Music Schools, furnished with Music, Jllusical instrument, (ami InstrucUon, if de mired.) nt short notice. 33"PIANO FORTES strime, repaired and tuned ns usual. nuriinnion, ;iny i, itm. 11 NOTICE. SCpMedicinc is I est known by llio cures it performs.33 I. Newton's Panacea, or Purifier of the Blood. The unparalleled and still inereasingrepiitation which this medicine hasacqair ed throughout thcNew England Stoles, uud ilieniaiiy cures it ha. perlnrined, and Ihe great iieinaud made lor it by the advice ol physicians well ftcquuiuw. will. Us preparation, lias nu tceo me proprieior 10 exicti its cir.iul.ilion to almost every town in the eastern Males nnd ihe principal towns hi me unuisi Males, Tin- Paineeis warranieil purely vcgeial.le.aiid is nul stirpas-iii ly any oiner tntsiii'ine ever einere'i ut uie allheted as as extensive sale and great popnlari'y plainly prove. Ilhas within tho last eighteen inonths cured ns ihou'and" oft he most obstinate di-ea can le proved by cerniicJIcs, and i pronnnnce'l by einineni and respectable physicians tho I est me heme muse. U el il nilorination may ic louiid in circular euntatniup certitu-airs ol cures and inreeuons inr la sing Ihe me Heme. I ne loiifiwing appointed agents Burlington. J. & J. II. Peck and Co.. It. Moodv- St Allan-, Cmtisunt Ro-sel Millon, C, Dral e .Millou tall., Il irncl and s-.uvyer atcrvide, l ist and Brown, llinesburgh, Hull and Ciml Kiirfax Parker and Matlicld Vergenne., Adams and Murray L,aint rnlge, m. iroi imicruii), .i. L. Harnev- Norlh terrisl urg h, H. C. ii t'corgia, A. Bli itiuion, i. v..iiuicn'ien iiicuuiono, n recti cci.uo ic Johnson (. L. Warner and C 1 Monklon, Ethan WINDOW SASH Just reeei;el 15,20 and 2 17 by 9 ea-ements ol snsb.atirsl rate article at 31 and i cents per light ; nlo all kinds nndize, fimishcil to order. Tiuonderoga blat k lea I,. a lir-t rate nrlicle, for sale very low, logetncr wun great variety in ouiernrii clase cheap ns can be found at any other cstablMi. mcnt in the place. Geo. Peterson. CAUTION TO THR PUBLIC. THE p.iblienro.herohy caiitionol ncainst purcln Fi'ngor rcct'ivingol John Warncr.of Cnml ndgi i omn.ll. rniuiiv nn 1 sinic of VeNnon. Two Promls. o ry Notes, ono drawn by Iho Burlington Mill Com- pany lor ill'J ou i u.ueu ine lain u.y ajth, ioii payable U mouths from dale, with interest, pay. !l.l. in Gardner Gales or order, nnd bv ibe endorse. mcnt ol the saidfiates'tran'ferrel lo ine. The oi her drawn by mc, for tho sum of about 8120, payable in ninety days from dale, to John Warner, v order, (Or 1 Carer,) Wll'l llll1!'" ruiil lOlli.iou u,ny iuihuiu particularly describe I, assigned by John Seurn-, ai nrineinal. anil Edmund Clark, as surely. Said War- ob- v,o. ,n rihi to co'lect said notes hu havini! "e .-. i... t i i . i tained the tame irum me, yjruuu uj'yrcssiun umi duress. The Mill Company have been iioiiliiil, not lo field, Burnet and l arnsworlh. ttnuuiiii ...vsk 'inosr. who know. I hose only who knoiv bv dial or ininirdiale obser. valine, can form ntt blpa of ibe rftects. of ibe peifeel iplief, ofllip iitiuo.i rliartit-like cures efTpctcd in cases lite Piles, IIiilumatism. all SwiLLtsos, and II cxteinal Pains, no nuncr how seere, bv ihe use of llajs Liniment. I-mil one w bo has used il dial will nol bind it uboie all itiing. etpr tt-ed, Hint )uu will find what cannot be found O I or the ichefol sutlPr. ig lium.iii beings vho tna be itflVctcil, I beg rut to a?k -ask ul tlio-e who know usk the Hon. ALFUKIj CoMCLlN, U. S J ii'lgc for that district, lestdiint near Aiibiini , xsk Mattiikw J. JIyeiis, Kq. Alliens, N. V ' nsk Gen. Duff Grein, late of asliiniilon citj, each of thee genllcmpn kmw ofeases iincontiipr able b) all other letneibcs or liysictans, lliottgti liied fur tn.inv xenrs, that base bpeiictitetl by the use ofllie jnuine Hay JAnxmem. I h ihiiium ol oilier pptsons now similar elites. e npjieil to their sense nl jus.. lire lltcir htiiiian Ipeltngs. Cj II is but il Hilly jon owe lo our snAViing lellow-bptns to lei lltisgieal meiU be known, Sneak of n I net lo all tour li teads pain wheie lie uewspapciK are nol read, or where readers aie incqdiilom, lipcauseso ari wurlltlt'ss urlicles aip Hiliet'tsed for Ihe samp put pose. I o '.mjers we say, il all mio nave ttseo it do nol sav it is bf-ioiid all nrnise. lien do not lake il flip propi ictor will nol allow this irticle to bp paid for unless H cures, when nil the ilirecmna are Hilly luiiow- !. t unv one snflrring refuse low lo lr n II he does, be might In be piliid nioie I r his obstiuiicy h ssu prui2. il r'Hr. Ilais wltild neipr coiwr ni lu ffir this at tide, were lie nol conpelled by Ins senspof moral ol tensions dim lo do ul in Ins ponet lor he lioiiins of ili-iu'ss nnd misery. l or this purpose he wott'd sooner devole a fottune, llm spciiip n dollai for any worthless article. ICJIOOIC OUT.-Some swindlers h ue counterfeiled thisarlicle, nnd put it up ith larinus dettcps. Do not Ir impo'cd upon, line iiing only will proicci ou il lube n.iiui' of ComiocK ey Co.; lltal name mul be nlwns on the wioppif, or nu ore cheated. Do not forge' il. Take llm dtiec- lion with ou, nnd le-l by Ir never but, ; for il is impossible Tor nny oilier to be I tie or genuine. 1 rrl II t va iivj l'J " wl III, i Sold bv Comitock & Co. 71 Jnidcii Lane, N. York. TIIEO, A. PECK it Co. Agents lor the laic of Vpi mint i MOKF.VT'S VKGLTAIILE LIFE MEDICINES. The-e intsbeiues are indcl let I for tlieir nnme lo Mtrifying the mif them wuh CATAIIIUI SNUFF. MARSHALL'S SNCKF, is still curingthe Catarrh and tbev.irioiisilise.tsos of Ihe heal, aswcllns oreeyes. In nil parts of the country; and sustaining tho reputation which it has long sinco gained, of 1-eiug apscuuciy llio uest article ol tlie Kind in Hie market. Each bottle contnins three limes ihe quantity of one of those winch nro ottered at "ONLV TWENTY. Hh CKNTis" And is therefore a much cheaper. as well as better article. For sale by J. & J. II. PECK & Co. T11KO. A. PKCK & Co. nnd Du. ROUP. MOODY, Burlington, Jan. 23, 1811. ly.f.18 TITAHSII A 111.' eonlin'ies unrivalled n u IT I. strenglhening PLASTER: Abo, for Hlieima-ti-m, Lamene-s or pains in ibe side., limbs or baeki fur scrolnlous swelling., scurvy kores, Fresh voun J i an 1 for n general Family Piaster or alve. For Corns, moreover try it ; pain clo-e, persevere in Ihemcbv makinga new npplicalion occasionally, and in lime, yonr corns will bo cured. Forsnbi bv .1. tfc J. II. PECK rt Co, TIIEO. A. PKCK fc Co. and Dn. ROUT. MOODY. Burlington,, Jan. 22, 1811. ly.f.JS CINUFF ONLY TWENTY-ITVE CINTS.D.M to Hitchcoek'.s newly invenlol Snii'l'lho best nrli rlo ever disoovereil by scicntiliu men. in Euronu or America, for Ihe cure and nbmlute relief of Cuinrrh, Ilizzincsi of Ihe Head, Weak Eyes, Nervous Head ncho.. Fallen Sickne-s, Fits, and Infants troubled Willi Snullles, pnrnni mucus oi i-ni-y, eve. l orsaie wholesale and retail, by A. HITCHCOCK & Co., sole tint, In fcAii 1 Warner, or his endorsee, the Nole 1 Pronrielor. No. 117 G'ciie-cesl, 1'iiea. ami by their I , .n,l nnvtnMl fif ll,l nnlr. tra, on 1 ......... . .l.n,...l.n... I.A IT.tlnt, In Hi , -tin n-tm f ,C 0V ineni iirawn jo" s,,v i"-j ."s.. b. ,uci, iiiiunnuuiii mv . .,., .,, ..u.,,..,.., , UN ivw-ti-i tii.u,. J, II. 1 Kb Gt UU, III IIIUtllHU', ,'y ... II. J'l'Wii.aii. lltllV CTI'IUVC !. , , . I, f. t' rlJt .: , I their manifest and sen-iblo action springs and channels ol lile, and euduini renewed tone and vigor.. In many hundred (crlilicd ca-es which nave pcen inane pui lie, and in aimo-i every species olili-caoto vi Inch lite Human Iraine liable, the happy elecls ol .Vofeat's I.II r. I'lLI.s and Piiienix BiTTi.its have I ecu grcnttullyniid publtclv aeniiowledged by ihe persons I cuolilied, nnd who were previon-ly unacquainlisl.willi Iheiieaulilitlly phi losopluca! pnncip'es upon which they ure compound oil. and upon whii h they eon-euueutly act. The LIFE MEDRINI-S recommend them.elvc in di.e.tse, of overv foim nnd ite-erjption. I heir fir- operation is to 'oo-en from tho coats of the -toniaeh and lojwxi-, ine vurious iiiipuruivs uuu ciuuiues eon. st.tnlly seilling around them: and to remove Ihe bar dened faces which collect in the convolutions of the -malic-! intestine-. O.her medicines only parliallv clean-ethese, and leave such collected mas-cs behind a- loproibicohal iiual eotiveness, withall its train oi evil-, orsiid.icp iiiarrnivi, vvun us uiiiiiiuetii o.igers.n 'I bis fact is well known tn all regular anatomist who examine Ihe hiinan bowels after death ; and lieniq ihe pieiudiceof those well informeil men ngain-trriack medicine? or moJieniOs prepared and heralded iq thep iljieby ignuranl persons. The second elleel o ihul.ife Meb'cincs fs to clean-e ihe kidneys nnd the bladder, nnd by Ibis means, Ihe liver andllii!liings,ihe licallhlulaclum ol which entirely depends upon Ihe re cularilv of the urinary organ-. The blood, whicl takes i s red color from the agency of the liver and the lungs liejore it passe, into iho heart, I cing llm. purified ny Ihem, aim un iriheii pyiood coming irom a clean stonnch, courses freely through Iho vein', renew every pari of ibe system, and triumphantly mount ine naiiuer oi ncaiin 111 ine niuouiiug i-ueeu. Mo lat's Vegetable Life Medicines have leen I htir nughly losicd, and prono'inceil a. sovereign remedy for i'Vpepia, Matuicney, faipiiaiiniini inoiicarl, l.u of Appeliie, Heart-burn and Head-ache, Itestle-Mie-s Ill-tertiper, Anxiety, Ltngior mil Melancholy, Co liveness, Diarrhoea, Cholera, Fevers of ull kind- uiieiuii iii-in, uoin, Dropsies oi all Kind-, (navel. Worm-. Asthma and Consumotiou. Scnrvv' 1 ber, Inveterate Sore., Scorbutic Enirlions and Bad Com plexion-, Lrintive comnlaint-. sallow. Cloilv. and (iibenli-aJireeablo Complexion', Salt Itlienn,'l.'rysip el.T, ('onimon Cold- and lull ienza,and various other complaints which afllicl ibeli'iman frame. In Fr.vr.n and Aoue, particularly, the Life .Medicine have I ecu most rim nciiiiy Micce-mu : so iiiucn so that in the ret er and A gneilislricts, Physicians almost universally pre-cru e them. .vii mat .nr. .uo-iui risiuirr.ui yi pauenis is 10 lie particular in tauing ine i.ue .vnsiicmes iruily nccor dim? in ibe directions. It is not a new-nnner notice or by anything Ihel lie linn-en may my in tlieir Invor, thatbobopestogaincre.ui. iiisnioiteiiyiiie result: oi u i.iir iriui. MOFFAT'S MEDICAL MANUAL: dc-icned ns dotne-itu guide to beallh. Thislilllc pamphlet, eduixl by W. 11. Mo'l'at, 27 J Broadway, New York, bns leen mil itshdiorlho ii'irpo.-u oiexpiaming morel d v -Mr. Mo Inl's theory of ibscucs, nnd will Ic lotind highly interesting loperson. ni-king healih. It treats upon prcv.iiciu diseases, uuu uio i .inse increoi, irice, cents for sale bvMr' Agents gencrall v. ,ri.- 1M...I ltrI I iivsu uioai'iu ...cumin un: inr itm ny itoi en Moody Druggist, if. General agent, (to whom all ap plications for agencicsshnuld loaddressCd, postpaid) Burlington, Vt. Jan. I, 1811. iy me, and raid Clark, will 1U Purlin eton, Jul)" I5 1811. JOHN STEARNS. 'In Milton, by Burnett J: Sawyer. renzojanej. In Georgia, by Lo DANIEL SIMPSON. Patent Lexer Watch Maker, from Liurpnol S it is now twelve years XX since heavailod himself of, the privilege of returning hu grateful acknowledgcmenls lo hi. friends nnd the public in general, lor almost nnpreeedcu- V XiysKr iciiiavors, ne pegs leave io m-TO:"V-Si3 form tti.-m that he is still nt Iho ono door south of Noblo Lovely and Cos. store, where he pcr-onally attends loihe repairing of CliiOnoine- lers. Pntt'llt IVCr. Dllnli-v. !.,,;. nnd nil olln.s dosrription of Time pieces. He will warrant nil new won. ninxeii lo vv alelies in his shop lo 1 e ns good a? tho original, orns any done on the continent. N. B. A good assortment of A73 IF H'l TCIIES of the lir.-t quality of vvoikmnnship, nnd will besold eiit-dpunu on ns good terms as al any other shop Ihe stale. From his Innir eviirrinnrn In t1m Ixi.tnnou. nr.,1 In. . o - v..,-..... , oeing so many ve.irs cngagin in the mnWinir of wnlch- iu England, he flallcrs iim-elf that be isns com- peient m niakj selections r.s any in the vicinity. ' " inriington,Junv II, 1811. nl DA. BRASIAN, Ins this day rcciveda new assort of Books and Stationery, comprising Addresses and McssaL'Cfl. of llio Presidl-ils from Wrist ,ini,tn,l Irt Harrison, nhtablo and approved works, in Tneolog icaland Miccillaneous Literature. He era! Biography oyages and travels. I ho latest editions of the most npinovcd School Clnssral nnd Jlnlhcinaticnl Books. A largo supply of Paper, Quills, Blnnk Books, Eleni cntnry and other Spellars, Grammars and Geographies Boston Academy Glco Book and Odion, and Juvenile books caref illy selected, nil which arc offered nt tho lowest prices, at the Book Store. July 1 1311. no tiii: i!ALi).ni:ii)i i).v otim:ks 1. D .es an i know a nctsiltlur or a fiienil who has Iippu Bald, uud whose head it now coveted with fine ttr? One vtlnise coal collir was roteteil Willi ilan I ii fT. iliooali In usliecl eiervhour winch has now van islied rnliiclj ! Or one wbisc linns al early uue tteie lur iing aiev, who now h.tsnoi it gicv bail 1 Cliildien Iiosp heidstvcie cotciel wiih scuif, whose hair would not gmw, ill. 1 1 arc unv growing ihe fullesi nop if I..111 ! rsaiiiK d( inn. I lie Known lo mosl peisoiM. Atk ilipin ibe r.ui.p. and ton ill be laid iIipsp bun!- bate been done hi ihe i-o ol Ihe ltalm or Co lumbia. Of 20 vcais grnwili is this .uncle, us demand ineicasiny (niniiallt some hnndied per cent. llnuigh lien discovf red not iiiinosed bv antiluniE for Hie same pur,nsp, now iissallrd by almost numbpitpss inllshrnriu tra.ll pieparaiion-iiiai win lino tut nan n nsrii to hoj pxient. i;.iu inoic Dial tiiesciacis ne warned i r lei in ihe loni by a lisi ofnainp. of icsppcia iilnv, uiipqualled bv am oihei nrlicle. Look lo ihesp Iiing. but llii .irticli. Slav and pieserte tour b ill In us ine, or il liaid ro-iorc ii. i.aines, ttiiend lo mis liliudieils in lasliinil.blo life lire using II as IMP milt rlirle leallt hi Inr Ihe IniM. Long hair is veiv api lo fall out. l.a.he., us? the B ilm of (.oluiidn.i in I imp lo save tnuisp'tps iliedisnrace of balibies bv neglec I vour nelsons. II is tour dult , m moi alisls lopic ser'te iIip be.uilips nf n.ilure, wilh which n bniiulifiil Crcalor has endowed tun ; use I lie Ualm,lor il will do II CAUTION I'D BE ItEVlKvlBEIlKD. Spvpi.iI iiinst fl ir. nt uliPinpis h ivc been madp to lunicifed die line Bibn of Columbia. Some nf Hip ,i iposipi s hat i' gonp sr far us lo eotioici feu dip simpii b i ttiapners, iind ihr I'. ills of Nbtjuia, und ctpit e mill m.nkexcppl llciiamp nl L-oinstnt-n, wlilcll lln't Jare noi fume. To ivmd unpo-itu.ns ibeiefnre, ul tvats look for ihe name of Coin-lock c Co. or L. S (Toinsiotk, nnd nsver bin (lie arlirle unless il bus thai n.nnp upon it hold whousale nod rpl.ul, nolv nt lo 71 Maiden Lane, N. V. 'i DEO. A. PECK & Co W holes-le Agents for tbf Slain of ciniont p II IK LION OF THE DAY. NO CUKE MO PAY! The Genuine old Dutch or Ger man Vegetable Pills. Highly recommended by Doct. Valentino Mott, M. D. of N. Y., and others. Thc-c arc llm orders ! Any one that does not find re- icf from tbe-e pills the price is refunded lack, the-e are (he positive orders of ibe Proprietor lo agenls and others. In olleringlhese pills lo the public, i appeal their intelligence. If these pills ore not vt hat they recommended, yon nre in tlitly 1 ound out of re-pect yourseu aim community lo reject uiem, and pnlili-n em lo tho world as an unpo-ilion. burn ing and quackery. Thepullic may lc assured they arc purely vcseial le, Ibey are compo-ed of nine iiigrcdiiil, pan the intviieine is oim-lotinu in Asia and in tho val s of Germany. For convenience the-e extracts are made into pills and will I e found a sure cure or re lief for all billious complaint-, yellow and billions fever-, lever nnd ague, jaundice, scarlet ra-h, lillious cholie di-pep-ia. &c. It is not pretended that this medicine is n cure for all di-ea-es to which Ihe human y-tcm i liable. Icu ihou-nnd mcle-s cTorts have ecu niudu to draw from il.o regions ol unknown f.inev some long-spun theory of magic an, whieh would cine each nun every ui.eac. noon meiiieinc is not found in the fire or whirlwind. Health and happiness hang upon chance winds time j.- tlic herald of truth. I'lie past at leat is secure; they have alrerdy rai-nl i inonumciit oi their greatness which wmi tiely Ihe orrodinglooth of tunc. Monecan 1 eUcnuine without wrapper and ihrcclions on each hox on which my nameis writlen nt length, ."oiil wholesale and retail y tho suhseril cr at Glen' l ull-, bv A. Ii. & D. Sand '9. and 100 Fulton -t. audit. Al. 'Meigs, 333 South Miul.el s, Albany. Banni it Hawlev, 210 Sitersl froy, General Agenls for tho Mate of Mew iork. .MKUKIIT GRIFFIN. For sale by Win. Rhodes nnd E. B. Green. Hich mondi Morton & Clark, and D. it D. S. Laihrnp, Williston ; llagnrci Conisiock, Shell urn ; Il.Sianlun, ex : lieo. lb uikes, nnd Aiierl liarney, .lencho; It. Ilnrlbnt, We'tford; J. 11. Barne--, Cf.arlotle: 1! Moody nnd Geo. Peicr.-oit, Burlington ; and ly E IlItlG'GH, Burlington, Agent for Chittenden Co., where Sub-Agents can I e Mipplied at wholesale price. DISMASTS OF Tim I.IJMGS.-.Dpcidcill) Ihe most ponuhr iPiiuilt eterkuowii in Amr-iira Vegetable Putmonuru IialtamU i lie Inosi valuable icnii il) now in use for citmb .rj'.ds, nsiliina or idillusie, roti-iitiipiign, ttlioopingcoogli ami pitlmnii uy affietioiii ofeterj kind, lis sale is sipadil) incieasittg. and iIip propticlnrs aiP cnil.iauitv icceitiug ine ueni tatniauie arcoiint of its effects. He following new cerlificates ate nfTpird for iiubbc exiliiualion An lNTEUEsriNO U4 5E. i.xiract ol a iciier irnm Mr C S Clay, King. tut, Ulsipr co., N. Y. lo llio prwprii'lots. "I ouis ol IIip "Jill nisi, was iliilyirc u A ipoiarkabte cure wasi'lfccied by the Vegatulde Pttl, mgtiary Batsatn in the wuiter and spring of 1S33. 'Ibe person, Mr. Aloodt, hid been sick ii long iiiiip wilh the roiisiiinnlinn. Ilii plit siciatK had giten him up Me whs icilttrid so low as lo oe unaiiie in itpqi uninrii, and wis lat-iin u l.irgn ipi.intit) of blooil when be eiinimcncrd using Hie, vtiuiii lias cuccieu a complete cine, und be is now as h lie and heant as ptnt lie was. Mr. Mcod) icinotPil fiom this town, (ml lie It is pi cinl. ed tun a more detailed account of his case, which I willbu ivaril tint. U. a LU.V1. Kio!,inn. N. Y. June 23. 1833. r.snai. ofa leilrr fiinn Dr. Jacob Alters. The Ve'i'lable Piibiion.M y Balsam lias bepii sold in litis coiinti for uvoicuir', and I lie medicine his tiaincd an iiiii-nttioioo rrlriuilv. for il .r.iuelt in imp in.iaiico f nlei nl li.mii-ihe denied tiled I am in no in ftvnr nfil nosliiuns, moil ol which ate nn p.i.inoni upon a rrpilnioiis piinne, oiu in.n wuirii i know by iisp lo be, I cannot help bin giv mt at pioli ilion lliereto. t l ooinc, in, , tji.i.rt ,,, lip..., f.ll,fil npie nt it iratf nni t'r,,i, ,,, .iiiibiim n N. V. and lltcie is anolhrr ariicle vended beie thai is trough, suspected lo besput mu. Jacob Myers, M. D Miflliiigtoii, Juniata co. Pcnii. May 3, 1837. Ftnni Dr. Samuel Morrell, lo Ihe 1'iopi ipiois nl i lit V eae i. ,1,1m I'olmnnarv Balsain, I am satisfied the r spt.i i e I'ulin'in.isiv llaiinn is a vainaii e ineiierine Il has been iispiI i" dns place with complptp success in an nbstinaie rompbiiiil nl Ibe lungs, unco led with . pnuob. loss of voice, ami llm raising of itiiicl 1,1, ,,,,1 hu Iilud pretiouslv resisted nppiiitri ineirripiions. Alter using iho Balsam one urrk, ihr palient's voice remrni d and bp wasable lo spe ik and I, If I'lii. rase occiu led suinn liine sincp, nnd lb m.m is now png.iceil not only in active bin biboiioits HpsnrnfiiHv. be. S. Mokrki.i, I, ,u now mnip tliati six vfari since I was luniign vert low by mi afTeriion nfilie lungs, nnd mt complain! was in uc it ..j o.m.ut u, .,,,, .:i.. u m iIipii rp-lorrd to asgnnl IiphIiIi a I Im rninvrd for man) jears, bt using liie Vegptablp I'll' n,nn..u SinfP ij iccotcri lliave iccoin 5 - iiipiidcd iIip Bilsani in u great manv cups in lung r,t..i,ii.. and in far in 1 can leain. Us use Ii is in ' . . ' ... - , i i. I it. I Vari.llllt been lollOWCO nv innin ,r,,ri,,, ,, ,o ill t ti j Insiancisit has effected cures which wpip wholly unex. neri,d, OAMUEl, rV E n ETT, iwsion, , .... . i.'. ..Ip. wbnlrsalp anil relnil. by J. J. PECK ft Co.,and TllF.O. A. PECK & Co., Bur linglon, I. Q r"tlBLS. Pork 1,000 Ibt, Urd 10,000 lbs Harm-, for sale by LVMAN & COLP.. PRICES REDUCED! ! I THE subscribers have taken iho Store formerly occupied by f icn. A. Conner ns a grocery slore, ... nf II. Bishop's Hotel, which has been filled with n good assortment of DRY GOODS, wet and dry GHOCEIU -, cvc.ixc., wiiicn wcro g ,i.t in TSTpw nrlc at low nriees. nnil vvill n J. ..a.nnll ndvnneefrntn rnst for cash. PTO' bablv lower than can bo purrlnsed nl any other stand 111 town, as circinu-iao uiw u ntttw. i.a cnl.l linnirutintelv. Tavern keepers and others wishing tn purchase Liouors. Loaf Sugar, Ac. vvill do well to call. 1 ' JOSEPH HATCH, ) ,.,,, TR1STAM CONNlin. Uf'i:n(" Butlincton, May J9,.9ll. STEAM-BOAT HOTEL, 'If M i am m IlUtlLINOTOM VEIIMO.VT. DOCT. itlAHSllAhlS Aromatic, Catarrh and Headache SNITF. 'I In-Siniflis superior to any thing vol known, for removing lhat troublesome dis ease, tho Catarrh, and al.-o a cold in the head, nnd llm headache. Il opens nnd purge out all obstructions, .strenglhcns the gland-,and gltcs a healthy uclton to the parts nllecii'il. It is pi rfUtly Irce from nny thing dele terious m its composition has a Icn-unt flavor, anJ ilsiipiuedinleedeet, after being u'ed, Is abgrceabfe. Price 3 T cents per Lottie. Duel. Mar-haUV egelable Indian Black PLASTER. 'I his Plaster is nnrivnllitl for eiirimr scrofulous svtel- tho travelling ling., Si'urvy Soics. Lame Back, nnd Fresh Wounds ; pnius m ine side--, nip-and l.ltniif; anu seldom tans 10 give relief fn local ltheiiiiinlisins. If npphed lo lb sidiyt will cure many of I he common Liver Complaints; and is equal, if not tiipcnor, to any lltiug in use for corns on llicfeelj Ibe virtues of IhisPluslcr hnveleeu wiine-sed ly thousands of individuals ut the Foiled Slntcs, vt ho have le-leil its cflicacy. Sold by the pro prielor ,' Chat. Bowen, Middlcbury, Vt., nnd Tiieo. A Peck & Co., Burlington, Vt, Jul Il.VIlt 1.--1JAI.DN i:sjS.--Impor- Ibe Great Mi stcrv l'oimrl oiu at last. uu. bTUUIlV'K HAlll UEUEMK- V JONATHAN HART. MI;)H..rcspcctfully announces to the citizens of . .. Burlington nnif vicinity, nnd tho travelling publicgenernlly. thathc has purchrsed, thoroughly repaired, painted, filled up, and furnished the nbovo iioiu, siiunicu on the corner of South and Water strcels, opposiio Iho head of Iho Steamboat Wharf in the villagoof liurlingitn, (formerly owned and kept by Captain I. R. Hornngton.of the Steamboat Plicn nix,) in n stylo of convenience and comfort not sur pnssedby any oilier Ihlel in the village. A spacious parlor, silting rooin, reading room, and dining room, all compiumcato wilh each other, and with the front piazza.oii iho grouni,floor. Tho Bar room, barns, slicdsTind.yards aroffcanged in the best possible man ner 10 UCcdrnmodato flic travelling nnd Imsinrss nub. lie. An jtrc of grotin.t, nearly on a level, adjoins Ibis ' RATOIt. Dr. Slerry, after much attention to tin Hotel, with convenient out-houses, spacious nnd airy important subject ol preserving the hair, has, altor walks, and gardens are all inviting to travellers, i manv cipernucnts chemical and physical been abls business men, boarders and patties of pleasure. Wo discover and article which is now offered with tho Mr.'H. from long experience professes to know how creut-t confidence fur the toilet as the best tlungevor to furnish a good Table nnd Bar, and lo serve up the , discofertJ lor, for its softening and penetrating quality choicest eatables nnd rarest delicacies that the mntket ' to produce a y0od head of hair to prevent it front and season nflbrd, in a mnnncr to suit the loste of tho 1 falling off vv hen baldness is apprehended lo restota connoisseur j and lie confidently assures his patrons I it when baldness nas f.kcn place, and to preveni it and guests that his utmost exertions vvill bo putin rc-1 from-lurninggroy. Itiihmoie nourishing than po quieinon to serve ihem. matiim, antique oil, or Cologns vtnttr. It is a beauti- Steamboat passcngeis will be waited on, to nnd ' fill articlafor ladies curls it makes the hair soft and from the Boats, nnd their baggage transported, nnd ' lively, nnd produces uncommon, brilliancy. Thous- mntii vnium in una utnei, uuu save incir iiaeu uirc nuua natw icsu-ti 111 superior virtues and cxccueiicu, TTAlltl JLx tnnt I)!scoverv- to nndfroiu the Court house snuare. Singe passengers can be left nt nnd taken from this Hotelwilhout nddilionnl fare, and llioso taking the floats vviii uo sliovvn on board and their baixgnce free nnd in every instance it stands unrivalled. It is an infallible cure in all affections of ihe skin on tho head as tlandrulT etc. &c. Kvcrv family should be sup plied with n botllQof Ih'ia oil, that by its application of expense, and without incut rims nnv ristl; nfbrimr i to the head and hair of olnldren. the beautiful and or 1 1 in lie ii nil u oi ii 11 in: iiijiiu ui utuw, 111-.11 n-t lure lias supplied us may he preserved r torn ino nnnicroiis certificates n nil recommendations received of its salutary influence, the Doctor feels firmly per suaded lie lias succeeded in producing an aruciew men win meet inencsircu vvisncs auu npprooauuu ui iu .... .. . . , . . I, , . . mm,,, left, by the darkness or latciiLsso? the ni'dit. or nnv other contingency incident tolheprccipitancyofslcam power, or tno iiucntaiions oi wind and wenthcr. Horrs and Carr ages furnished those who wish to transact business, or visit any part of tho village, on reasonable terms. Single meals 23 cents, and other charges in propor tion. . 3m50 Burlington, May 20, 1SI1. EDV.AKD J. FAY'S BOOT &. SHO v! ,'STOHE. Cl U rch-St reel. Ilurlin?Lnn. TXniF.Itn he has on hand a superior assortment of ii iuuics ami itcntie mens boots A?cn snor.s. r .1. r..ll ! ' ui uiu louuwing assorimcnt SCPDIt. GOItUAK'S HIBI)IClM:s.i! UK IiU(U.iv -i jeuyoi i-omegranate nnd l'cruvi un Pill, for Dysaepsy, Ne'rvoiis Ilea liichi'. Pab p'lalion ol the Heart, Internal nnd Lx'emal Humors, and all impurities of the Blood, Iceland Jelly for Ihe relict and cure oi consitn'piion. l-iiitnonary Jcllvlnr cough-, cold-, spiittng onilorsl, I loareiie'-s -Ve Pro sian Lmniiicnt nnd Linaiuenl 0,io leldoofor Iilie una n'stn, Physical Drop-, Coloml o Diop-, Salt Itheuiu Ointment, Pile Ointment, Strengthening; Piaster, nnd Lorn and vv art rla-tcr. Tho above celebrated metbeme, prepared entirely Irom vei'lablcs I v Dr. v in.;, nenl no other receommcnilation than lint they have I ecu beforothe inline lourii'cu year-', giving -aiisiaeiion In all tthu jave u-ed tbeiii,-may Le had of Dana & Kaimcnd, Wood-toel;. VI. IGen'l Aeent Sold hIm', by .1 P Slrong, Quechec; J C Brooks, White River; V'm.HSttel& Co., We. I Harllori! rs er iiowncr anaron; I'owner oi iNeveti-. itov- allon ; J WheMl. Ilclhel, K C Holme-, Wo-l Itandolpli; j u iiauiniin, nrannrei ; a iiei .unp. i.a-i iiarnanl; ft sjiiow, I , mire;;!, .vi N A and oote iX blunt llnrlland; Shiild tv Borne-, Brown it Amsdeii, relclivillej A & II Warlner, Wind-or, J Marsh. Brt.bev.atcr.SScc F T Wheeler. Plvnio lib and nt Ilandocl., lioche-ler, Grandtille, NorlblieM, .vlontpelicr, .iiMdicury, v i-rgcnnes, and m moat ol Iho principle towns m the Slate. A Supply ol Ihe above medicine- pit received and lor aiu i.y ttuii..u I aiiajiiy, l ehniary, 1811. (Cm) Driugi-l, Hurlingion, VI Boys Cnlf Shoes, Ladies Gaiter Boots, " Kid Slips. " . New spring nips ii Ties, " Colored Slips, " Bronzed " " Calf " Jlisses Shoes if- Slips, Also, a large n-soriment of Children and Infants Shoes. dublic. For sale wholesale and retail by A.HITCH COCK .t Co. 117 Genesee Rt. Utica, N. Y. In Bur lington, by J. ct J. II. PF.CK it Co. and THEO. A PF.CKifcCo. In Bowman. In. Milton, by Burnet vt Sawyer. In Georgia, by Loren zo Janes' Gent's finecalfsewd Hoots " " peg'd do. light " " do. Summer Gaiters, " Pumps, Cnlf "Shocsitllrogans Thick f-Kii Boots, " " Brocans Boys SI1003 it Brognns, " Thick it Kip Boots, Yths " & " " ii it .r. il n. it inoiioiis. i srVn. J. F. would invite his customcrsand the pub lic in general to call and exniuinc bis arsortmcnl oi Boots if- Snor.s which he can warrant to be of irood stock, thorough workmanship and latest styles. Also, Measure Work and Repairing done at the shortest notice, asustial. n51 Burlington, May 23, 1S41. CROCKERY, GLASS & CHINA WARE. l AHIt.VU .t. WAIT, Importers and Wholesale dealers in Crockery, Class ana e-oma unrf, ana .iiinujacturers oj Slone 1 1 ore. "I rf CRATES ju3t received and now opening J.vJv' namely 23 Packages IMgcd and Common Ware, 25 do Blue Printed do 10 do Royal Bourbon Sprig do containing complete dinner services, Tea sets nnd Toilet Ware. 10 do French White Granite Ware", with com plete sets throughout. 10 do Antique Vase Pearl Ware, con taining perfect dinner sots, entirely new patterns and -nape, a most oeautiiui att.cie, vviiii.i ea ana rouet Ware to match. CHINA WARF.. 10 packeges China Ware, containing Beautiful WORMS, WOI..l!S.Dn. M. Hitchcock'! unrivalled and unequalled WORM TF.A, a sovcreicti remedy for Worm-. Strange and incredi ble are the e .ccts of llie-c detestable vermin; few person-, and it i-thought none nro free from them, par ticularly female's nnd children. Many persons go through a ilitre-Miig course of medicine without a lencfit. when thev im.-ht 1 e relieved bv usinsr tho Worm Tea. This'invaluable medicine has been tested by the experience of more than ten years use, and adimnis'erel to utoie than 10,000 per.-ons of variovt age-, and not one solitary complaint ; on the contrary hundicds have callnl, nnd unsolicited, given their de cideil prcfeience to it. iilicr trying the didercnt nrticlei ten! fonh to Ihe pubic, and pronounced Dr. M. Hitch coek'.s Worm Tea ibe mo-i -afe, etlirtual, and con venient remedy can I e ol muted i for in no one ot the Ihou-ands of in-innees where it has leen used nirrecable to the printed directions ha- it everfailcd. N.B. Ask for Dr. M. Hitchcock's Woirsi Tea, asthero nieinany nostrums al road for llieili-lnieiioiiofworing Forsnlu whole-ale and reiail 1 v A. HITCHCOCK 4 CO.. so!c proprietor, 117 Gene-ec street, Utica, and by ibe r nicnts throughout the Union. In Burlington, ny J. ec j. it. recK iv uo.. ami ineo. j. rccs at i.., In Vctgcnnrs, by J. II. Bowman. In Milton, by uurnct iv. sawyer, in ueorgia, uy L.oreuzo jumn. nusti Gold edge and line Tea Sets nnd gold band China Nurse Lamps. White Tea Sets, Sprig uo do Gold band it sprier do ijI.ass vv.uti;. 10 packages Glass Ware containing C, 9, nnd 0 flute Heavy Cut Glass Tumblers, G, 8, nnd Olltito " Pressed do do 3 packages line plain Tumblers, very cheap, Cut Glass Lamps, Pliin do i'o, n great variety, Superb Cut Glass Hall Lamps, Astral Lamps, uirondalcs, i;andlcDrns, ITACNl't'TIC ODONTICA -Till: TKIH'II itJLTHK TLLTH! ! Tun Incompakadld Tooth Pnr.rAnVTie.N. I he fact is proved, and Ihe mo-: Tiwuiuiis an iioui.iing are nuty e-ouvince.' at ve iste hocidencofrom lltuialeol 20.000 1 oxesof iheOdon- Itca, within ihe pa-l year, tha! ibe Uiopion ilivanis ol Ihe nlchyini-t nre realized, and a reinely iliscovered for pre-erving tho-e imporiant and useful nnpeudasres of the human yncm, by I he u-e of the MagneiicOilnn- lieu, wiiii ii iy us .ti 1 1 .ii i it v, niu iivii:iiiviiii iiiau-tie--, removes ull extraneous substances from ibe ti elh and prescrvo thciiitn ihcirnaltiral brilliancy, and ihe truiii in soundness and I canty. It i- asi-ertained from experience, that when ti-cd, the teelh will never de cay, inn remain tin ine iaiei nse in man, wun ineir natuial vtear. When Ibey nro t'ecayed, its progress will I e arte-leil, und the teeth pi-e.-ervislandpieieutcd and pio-civod from aching all this has 1 ceil dune in a mullilude of insianccs i nnd more m ihou-ands ol e'a-es, nervous toothache, (that climax of pain) has nt once 1 een e'.ie.iuaii) cuieM iy popular eicnlrilrice m Aincrie.a. And m conclpsiun, where, or who i- the young lady or gentleman, aje, the individual lhat value- a I eaiitiful set of teeth, sound gnnis and a wtvi brcalh more than liftycni.s,ihat wili le longer de-li-luleeifa box of Dr. M. Hitehi'iH.kVMaiiieiieOdonlien. For.newhc!-aIeandie;ail. Iv A. UITI.'HCOUK iv Cei., No. 117 Genc-ce si. Unci, N. V., and by their neents llirii.tshti'it the t'ni'ed ain'os. In llurliugton, by J. it J. II. Peck it Co., and Theo. A. Peck it Co. In Vcrgenncs by J. II. Botynnn. In Milton, by Bur nett it Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lorenzo Janes. aug2 Cut Glass Bowls. Pitchers, Decanters, Goblits, Wine and nnd s Lemonade Glasses, Splendid French Porce line Vases, with flutters lades, I J USSKI.I.'S hlll.MAL'H BriTl.ftS. may le I u-ed in Wineorwa'er. Tbeseci'lel rateilbillers iiroe'Oinpo-cd purely of vcrc'ables of Ihe most inno cent yel ipeeitii! virtues. 1 hey arc rei oinmcnde'd par ticularly 101 -rcsioiuin tteait uuiiMiiiiitoiis, eicailstng and strengthening Ihu steunaeh, and iniTcisine the uppelite also a pieventatite aeraint ihecholcra mor hu, fevr nnd ague, reinoving natnea, vomiting, heart biirninir, weakness in the breast, pain in the slomach and oilier symptoms ofllainle'neeand indiges tion. Oneboxwill linctureouegallou, Pnce2jcl. n box. ItussnbL's Itch Ointment. This choice and tafe niiilinciit ii said lole superior lo any now in uc, for thai di-acrceable nnd lonlh-ome d sea-e-, the ITCH. This Ointment ! so ccarlain in ils operation that no per-on tioublod wuh Ihe above ih-order ought to I e without it. Il is a rcmeJy for cutaneous eruptions. scorbutic afl'cctions of the head, ornny other breaking out which art-cs from sharp humors in Ihe blood. Price 2j ct. a I ox. Bus ri.i-'s Vegetable Billicps Pilis, or family physic, for general iim-, in ea-c. of Jaundice, morbid senll diiy of tho stomach and bowels, lo- of appeliie, fic'id I rcaih, e-osiivenc-s, Ptlcs, and all difcases aris ing from binary cerangeinenls, au-o lorrecting the stale of Ihu blood, nnd cleansing the system of foul and viscid humour.. These pills are a mild ca thartic, producing neither pains nor griping, and are therefore a valuable and highly approved medicine, and arc pronounced as tuch by the most distinguished physicians. Fach box containing 38 Pills. Price 371 els. a box Kiisscirs ci-ichraieisAi.T niir.UMiiiNTMr.NT. I his i nnnncslionably the I est and .nfe-i retneily etervel otleriHl lo the puLlio for thai obstinate dporder SA LT Itlll.DM. Where other means havylailiO, it h.issuc ceetlekl, and the fact that it has Ken sxtcnsively used l,y eminent fraciuioners spcaus volumes in lis prnne. Ills cnoallv cilicacions in all di,eaes of iho skin, se ald head, ring worm', and the most inveiernle licit, Sic. &c. Numerous certificate, might bo obtained, I ut tho propnior chooses that a fair trial should 1 elite only ev idenco ofits superior cdiency. Price 50 cents a hot:. For alo bv J. it J. 11. IV'k it Co.. 'I hendore A . Peck it Co., sign of ihe Mortar, and Robert Moody, Builingtont Dr. C. I-Mtles.iiid Hull & Cook, lltnc Imrehi S. II. llarnc. Charloilei L. Jane;. Gcorciai L. Tyler, Essex ; Fuller & Huntington, Richmond. Al"i by the druggists and mcrchnnts cenerally i hroughOvil the statr. ej.nro and a variety of O'.hcr fli iiclci in ihcir line, all of which arc now offered Wholesale and Retail at New York prices. t. eV vv. would invite Ihe attention ot .iter ehnntsin I he surroimdinrrtowiistn their stock of ware assuring them thai they vvill sell in package assorted to order on nsgood lerms as can ue piireuaseo in ivcw S'or1. Boston or Ttoy, nt their warehouse coiner oi of Church and Collcce Sts. Burlington, June 1. 1311. JtllltlilXG TON' mill; Trusiccs of the Burliiifflon Female Seminary X take pleasure in niinounciner thai the school vvill bo re-opeucd on Wednesday ihe '-Glh inst., at the hiiildint'S laic v known n3 ihe Kpiscopal Institute, under the superintendance of Miss Tiiirzaii Lce, laic one ol tlie principal mstiuctcrs nl ine I roy neminary. .viiss l.eo win ho aidid uy competent and cxpcri encid teachers in the various branches of knottlcdgi nnd elegant accomplishments usually taught in the best female scho. Is in this country. Tho musical in struction will, ns heretofore, bo given by Mr. Moit. The teruib will be as follows; The school-) car, eonslsiiii!' of 41 weeks, will be divided into two ses sions, half a session bcina one ouarlcr. The second uuartcr of Ihe present session cmnnicnccs May 20. I lie winicr icnil win e iiiuuienie uu me uiu u tt i-uui day of September. The charge for boarding, includ ing washing, fuel, lights, etc., will be'sSO per quarter, half payable in advance. Tuition in F.ngh.h bran chcaSlO per session, half payable in advance, Fxtr v Ciiahoes. Tuuion on ihe Pia UKPATIC ELIXIR, ACFLF.BIiATF.U remedy for complaint arising from a di-eased state of the LI VF.It and its Secre tions; ihe fo'lowuig are lew ol Us symptoms, vicaknc-si.l tbcsiiiuach, Indtccstion, loss ot appelito lottne.-s of Spirits and Headache ; it will I e found sure remedy tor Urupticns on ibe Faee. In cone qui'iice of tneir li'ing many nosiruins circulating in tin- pari of ihecounlry, ilicsttb.-crili rs nre authorized to warrant its leneficial elects. 'I his article is just nti'ivcd, and of'cresl to the public a nne well worth Ihe attention oftbo-e who are nllbVicd by complaint from the nbuto disease; it 1 em? from an eminent physician we feel conn. lent in thus recommending it. 18 10. TI1LO. A. PL'CKit Co.. Sign of I he Mortar, one door eal of J it J II Peck & Co LOTION, LOTION'. PH. I'.VANh' BICACT1 FVING LOTION. II iiihly ettcemcd for curing all Fruptions Coar-ene.-s, Reilne&s nnd Pimples on the Face Neck or hand-, and e.l'ecinally cleaning tho complexion, and iciiioving all disea-cs of the skin- Nothing contribute- so much lo our general success in lilo, a an cugugtnz lirst appenranie. Tins Lotion i- ndmiietl a mnt fta.-rant, mild, safe wah and great ly etteined for its virtue-, in clcansinsr, ofieniiig, anil purifying ihe skin of all eruptions, so injurious, to fe male loamy, nnd restoring u lo a high ele.'rec ct pu rity. A I cjuiifitl cr.inpliMon is the pride of all who posse-sit, and iheenvyofiho-cvtho are deprived ofit. Whal is soa 'cctingioa leaiilifulfcinab'pn whose faco natttrc lu iti.playcd her power, a. m find her complex ion discoloured wilh di-gu-ting pimple, which mar ber I'ltninis ! A -ood niinenrince is the 1 e.s ree'om- I .. . I n .1... I, .:,..;.. 1 r...r... ...1a iVim skin, and removes all I'unplc-, uioictn's, I an, souourn andl'eilncs-, nndprodiuesa leauii'ful hue, it i.-the only cosmetic u lady should tt- at her toilet. Gentlemen will allal-o liiui Ibis a delightful remedy, to rcmovo all Ittiiichiii'", Pimple-, Huizwoini., Spots, lteilness, Soreness of ihe f.iieand no-e, and every kind of erup tion on the surface of the human sody. It j, particu larly recommended to gentlemen to l e u-ed afier sha-vim.-, .t it will prevent Hie otherwise certain elicit of all common -oap, in turning tho reard prematurely grcv. For sale Who!e.-ole and retail bv A. HITCH COCK it Co., No. 1 17 Gcne-ev street, Utica. In Bur lington, by J. it .1.11. Peck it Co., and Thco. A. Peck it Co. In Vergcnne-, by J. II, Bowman. In Milton, by Burnett it Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lrenio Janes Bug 20 AT ATUHIi"! GRAND IN v.i iano, Organ . 614 nu or Guitar, per uuartcr Use of instrument for practice, . . 2 00 Vocal instruction for Piano pupils . . 1 50 " " for others .... 2 00 Thoroughbass 2 PO French -1 00 Lutin 3 00 Drawing nnd Painting in water colours . 5 CO Uso of patterns 1 00 There will bo a charge of 2.i cts. per quarter, for the incidental expenses of the school. The School will not be sectarian. Refercnco may be had lo ihe President and Pro- fessorsof ihe University, to the Cleigym"n of all the congregations in the village, and to the following gentlemen. RISIORA'IIVK. This ilnnLle Vece'alle Medicine stands unrivalled for thefollowins e:ompl.vnti., viz: Dyspepsia, cr Indi- scsioii,ilisca'CJ Liver, i'ilioiiiuCMcr-, urop-y, Asm ma, Ceniveiic-s, Worms and lo- e.f Appeliie. nnd by cltan-ing the slomach nnd 1 owcls, cures pain- in tho side, stoni.n h and I rcast, colds and rough of long -tainlm;, lloar'cness, shortness of breath, Nervous complaints, itc, winch arefre.iicntly the e lect of due-use. F r I'cvcranil Ag ie-, il iiink valual le pre venlaiive u well as n tovcrrign rcnicdj. lis virtum nirpa nny thing known in removing Hi. Vitus' D.inii-, two I idi!i- have lien known to cura lliis.-iflhctingdiscaso, aft-r having I allied rvtry exer tion for four vcars. It ha a most powerful inflt rnce in rriiieving nervous ei mpla.nis. It is pleasant lotaks and siieasy in its opcru!icn,that it nuiy 1 eoJmtnistf rl to the infant wiih lafcly. 'I he al ovc'Mcdicinc is very litchly rcconiincni'eil 1 y many scicnn'lie gcnllcmcn, nnd n large nnml er oflnd:e, who have provwl Ihe virp e- of ibeMesbcine I y personal t to and that rf iteir families. A I ill ofii rlifi'ealcsaccrmpaniescach bottle, wuh directions. Il may le had wholesale or retail oi S. Britain, D.trrc, mid J. C. Farnam, Fast Williams town, Vt. sole propricti rs. Prcpateil fre m the origin al ree'ipo; for sale 1 y I), II. Prentiss, Montpelicr, and J, it J. II. Pkck it Co, and Tuto. A. Pr.CK Co., Bur- liugien, .end in the principal towns m the state; oil directions signeslin I he hand wriltnii oflbcproprietof F.. T. F.NGLF.SBV, T. FOLLKTT, W.A.GltlSWOLD, J. K. GRAV, C. BKNNS, A.W. livnr, S. F. HOWARD, J.I., O. P. MARSH, II. TOUSLF.V, J. P. WHALING, T. CHAMBERLAIN, J.N.POJir.ROV, O. B. SHAW, W. LYMAN, C. IIAVNUS, L. LOOMIS, C. BAXTFR, H.P. HICKOK, JOHN PF.CK, S. MORSF., and G. A. ALLKN. UOCT'S, HAXTOX A KCAIi, Rcsjicctfully inform the inhabitants eif llrnttxo Teiy, nnd vicinity, that they cnnlc found on Ch'ireb street, nearly oiipo-ile ihcGrand Balaar, one rloor south of J. P. Whaling's store, ready to do all irnrL in ISifttrlinM tottl, nMlnr-h nn.l deslialcll. Tr.r-Tii insi-rUil on Gol f Plain rroni ono 10 a mil scll,vvhielilhcy will warrant to le useful m inaslicn iiriit.nn.l nitn.-in. liLp nsmrltl Trelh. Trr.Tll lillisl with Gold orTin Foil and the much ( Mi'talltr. l'aste. Tctlh can le ctrcctiial- ly tilled wuh this Paie, that cannot I e done wuh Gold or un r on, wun vase nnu vvariaini.i mr iiuiuiniut. One of tha two subscribers can le found in their of fice at all times, which U very ncccssnry when has Ihe tnrobiiing loom acne. Burl ngicn, June IP, ISlt WINOOSK1 SASH I'ACTORV. e TS in constant operation, t X and prepared to execute orders for WIMIOWSASH of cvi'ry de.-crilion, and ia the bc-t manner. A con-tant supply kept en hand and for sale at I be Hero ofGcori-c Peterson, in Bur lingion, al the following n c e ! ; 12 Light cnfcircuti, 3J rents per Licht, pr elO. do. dii. do. do, do. do. do. June S, co do do do do do do On MDNLY do do do e!o SMITH. tiS notigi: to in;ii.i)i:ns. Till; sulsciilir will furiii'ii in Burlington ',,d vicinity, tiRANlTF. window taps-, nils, Uglier- pinning, 'I hic-holds and Doer steps cd any ieenp tton, ol ihe first qnitliiy. A bill of any none wanio.1 will le .mended o, und ill mfonimibm hirnuhil .vieur- r niicu uruuiey, risri, v.o.,nml UrRdlcy N II j ue. Any person can ice inequality ct the stone, by those furnished for Judge Tolleti's, hi'mcrr rrest dent Wheeler's hi u,c in Burlington. Il is pre-MimM lhat the quality and prkc of these stone will warrant a fcneral use if builders will take iho trouble tour, aminolhcstoneand price. GLO.W.t'OLLAMF.R, Buirc,V, Ftl ruiiry 1SH. fl,n

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